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BRIAN TRACY on how to put your goals within reach

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MARCH 2014




Bernardo Moya welcomes you to the latest issue of The Best You

18 WE SUPPORT… OnePlusOne, a charity that helps families through tough times

29 BOOK REVIEWS We review some of our favourites – a small selection of what’s available

58 THE BEST YOU DIRECTORY Find the best coaches, trainers and practitioners here



Thomas Gagliano gtells you how to get closer to your partner



Leonardo DiCaprio may be a super-star, but that hasn’t made him complacent

26 GAIL’S CHARMED LIFE Behind every great motivational speaker there’s an organised woman

INNER YOU 10 THE REAL WOLF OF WALL STREET We decided to look at the wolf himself – Jordan Belfort


Alexandra Truta looks at when love becomes an illness




Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso. We look at some of the great works of art you need to see


With so much of what we read in the papers being negative, The Best You is bringing you some good news


Confidence, health and wellbeing expert Benjamin Bonetti wants you to be more self-assured

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MARCH 2014




OnePlusOne did some research to find out which celebrity couples people find the most inspiring

38 OVERCOMING ADDICTION Kristen White chats with Dr. Jean LaCour, a professional recovery coach, about letting go of substance abuse

40 WHAT DOES IT TAKE… …to be an actor? We chat with British-Nigerian actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who is chuffed with his career choice




International rugby player and founder of Bodyfire James Haskell says get back to your healthy lifestyle

45 PRODUCTS TO MAKE YOU FEEL THE BEST We feature some great products that will make you look and feel your best at the tail end of winter

46 WAR ON SUGAR These days, it seems like everything we eat has excessive sugar. Bernardo Moya and Channel 4 do an exposé

48 SWEET TALK We look at some of the facts and figures regarding our average sugar intake, and the devastating effect it has



Bernardo interviews John Lee, co-founder of Wealth Dragons and entrepreneurial expert

54 INTRO TO YOUR GOALS Best-selling author Brian Tracy says it’s time to stop contemplating your goals – go out and achieve them



The Best You looks at some historical figures who didn’t have success handed to them on a silver platter



The Best You chats with Shane Caniglia, the technology president of the Rich Dad Company

64 WEARABLE TECH Technology means more than useful gadgets. These days they double up as fashion accessories too




here are things we take for granted, assuming somehow they’ve always been that way. Adding sugar to your coffee, tea, or breakfast cereal is one of them. At home, there’s a bowl of sugar. Out and about, sachets of it are found at every café. Adding sugar to our diet is something we have only been doing for the last 150 years or so. Now, like nicotine, it’s rightly coming under scrutiny as the negative health effects of sugar become more apparent. This month, we are waging war on sugar, dedicating four pages of this issue to the crazily excessive sugar intake we’ve become accustomed to, and its devastating effects. It’s time for us to take a look at what we are putting into our bodies and make a change for the better. It’s not like we haven’t been here before. Not so long ago, concern about the impact of salt added to foods led to an agreement to slowly reduce the amount of it added. As it

happened gradually over a decade from 2001, people didn’t notice – but the effect of Consensus Action on Salt and Health was to cut average salt intake by 15%, which prevented an absolute minimum of 6,000 strokes and saved around £1.5 billion in healthcare costs. It’s clearly time to act on sugar in the same way that endemic salt use has been reduced. And that requires a lot less faffing by the government and the simple commitment to taxing sugary products and supporting moves to reduce consumption. Some people will say that we’re suggesting a restriction on freedom, but how free are you truly when you don’t know just how much sugar some companies add to products, and are ignorant about its effects? And it’s not only the obvious products that contain excess sugar, like chocolates and fizzy drinks. It’s hidden in nonsweet foods, like ready meals, so-called ‘healthy’ breakfast cereals, diet foods, and even breads. Some 3.5 million people have diabetes in the UK. This costs around £8.8 billion to deal with annually – a figure set

to rise to £15 billion by 2035. If you believe that companies make huge profits off products with excess sugar should be taxed, please sign our petition. Just 20p per can of fizzy drink could raise £1 billion per year – money that could be put towards better healthcare. b



Like alcohol, a little sugar is fine, but a lot is not. And the food industry has put us way over our limit.” – Robert Lustig


Editor-in-Chief Follow me: @Bernardo_Moya

WE WANT YOUR STORIES The Best You is all about inspiring people. If you have a tale to tell that you think will help someone become the best they can be, please tell us.

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is a licensed master practitioner of NLP. She holds a BA at York University, where she studied psychology. She grew up in Toronto and Mallorca, where she volunteered for a prestigious psychiatric clinic. She now resides in London, where she is working on a psychological novel and working as an NLP practitioner.


is one of the UK’s better-known rugby’s players. James founded the BodyFire range when he discovered a gap in the market for nutritional supplements suitable for professional athletes.



is a bestselling self-help author and hypnotherapist who helps people through fitness, wellbeing and nutrition, the three pillars of success, to become a better version of themselves. His practical advice has been regarded as refreshing and inspiring within the arena of self – development.



is a professional business, life, and media coach, author, video producer, international speaker, host of The Ripple Effect and intuitive business designer. She enjoys helping entrepreneurs succeed in business and in life.



is a motivational speaker and bestselling author. He has also made a name for himself in the world of politics, running for governor in the 2003 California gubernatorial recall election that elected Arnold Schwarzenegger. Tracy is a member of the board of trustees for the Heritage Foundation.


is a British Nigerian actor who is best known for his portrayal of Georges Rutaganda in the 2004 motion picture Hotel Rwanda. He also starred as Colonel Iké Dubaku in season 7 of the Fox television series 24 and the TV film tie-in 24: Redemption.




has been a sociologist for more than 30 years, researching what makes relationships work or fall apart. She is the director of OnePlusOne, a frequent speaker at conferences and is featured regularly in print and broadcast media.



is an entrepreneur with a proven track record in small business ventures. He has also been a high profile leader in addiction and self-help therapy, helping develop unique methods and procedures which have helped numerous institutions and individuals in the greater New York area.

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Connect with the wonderful, special and powerful inside. Learn new ways to get your mind and body in balance, bringing out the rich core of your being. Discover the secrets that will enable you to take charge of your inner life and become The Best You.

Life Without Limits


THE REAL WOLF OF WALL STREET With our cover star winning awards for his portrayal in the film, we decided to look at the wolf himself – Jordan Belfort

LOVE AND OBSESSION NLP practitioner and psychology enthusiast Alexandra Truta looks at when love becomes an illness


In January of this year The Wolf of Wall Street hit the silver screen. We were deafened with the sound of Oscar buzz around this film, but it did pique our interest in the real man – JORDAN BELFORT.


WALL STREET J ordan Belfort was born in the Bronx of New York City in 1962. From as young as he can remember, he wanted to make money. The entrepreneurial bug bit early, and by the age of eight he started earning his way in the world. In an interview with The Room Live, he said he started delivering papers at the age of eight, and by 12 he was earning

money by shovelling snow from the driveways. “I first hit it big when I was 16,” he said. “On the beach selling ices, blanket to blanket to blanket. After that I started hiring people. I had 12 year old kids selling shell necklaces, my mother was buttering bagels in the morning, and that was really the way I was moving towards life.” Of course he wasn’t going to make the fortune he craved

MAIN PICTURE Jordan Belfort has turned his life around

selling seaside snacks, so with the intention of cashing in on the medical profession, he went off to dental school. “I put myself through college with the money I made on the beach, then spent one day in dental school. And the reason I went to dental school is because my mother had inserted a belief in my head that the only way to make money is you gotta be a doctor. I didn’t want to be a doctor because that would’ve taken 10 years, but I think dentistry would be pretty good, [and I’d] make a lotta money, be a pillar of the community. So I went to dental school, and the first day I walked in, and I’ll never forget this, there were 105 kids sitting in the dental auditorium and the dean’s in the front, and he said, ‘I wanna welcome you

THE BEST YOU all to the Baltimore Center of Dental Surgery. You should be very proud to have come this far. You are gonna do great things with your life being a dentist.’ It sounded pretty good. Then he says, ‘Let me say this. The golden age of dentistry is over. If you’re here simply because you’re looking to make a lot of money, you’re in the wrong place.’ I thought ‘What the f**k, I’m in the wrong place.’ I got up and I walked away.” After giving up dentistry, he started in sales in the meat business, and from then he went on to Wall Street, where he rose to infamy. In the 1990s, he founded the brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont, which functioned as a boiler room, marketing penny stocks. Here he defrauded investors with fraudulent stock sales. Stratton Oakmont employed over 1,000 stockbrokers and was involved in stock issues totalling more than $1 billion. As well as inspiring the film The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio, who is this month’s cover star, it also inspired the 2000 film Boiler Room, starring Giovanni Ribisi and Vin Diesel. Eventually, his lavish lifestyle and criminal activities caught up with him. He was sentenced to four years in federal prison and ordered to pay restitution to his victims to the value of $110 million. He served 22 months of the four-year sentence and is still making payments to his victims.

After his release from prison, he made a new life for himself in the world of personal development, specialising in corporate training and, of course, what he is best at, sales. He even learnt NLP, training under Richard Bandler. "Our brains are immensely powerful computer and this is known by pretty much everybody in the self-development world," Belfort says. "One of the top people doctors Richard Bandler, who I trained with, one of the great mentors and a brilliant guy, the first thing he said to me was, 'You never got your owner’s manual, Jordan.' "In fact, why I went to see Bandler is because he took my book, what he did is it’s about modelling and he said to me, he broke down my success. He distilled down my success to its elements. And that’s what allows me to share it with people, whether it’s in two hours or two days or in two months, I can give people the full undiluted good and also tell them what not to do."


Stratton Oakmont employed over 1,000 stockbrokers and was involved in stock issues totalling more than $1 billion BELOW Leonardo DiCaprio plays Belfort in the story of his life

He was recently in the spotlight because he was accused of not making his required payments to his victims. However, he defended himself on Facebook saying “'I am not making any royalties off the film or the books, and I am totally content with that. My income comes from new life, which is far better than my old one. For the record, I am not turning over 50 per cent of the profits of the books and the movie, which was what the government had wanted me to do. Instead, I insisted on turning over 100 per cent of the profits of both books and the movie.” b Watch this space for upcoming seminars with Jordan Belfort DOWNLOAD


The thin line between



Love can get a bit of a bad rap. They say it’s blind, it can cloud your judgement, and it can easily turn into obsession. Alexandra Truta, NLP practitioner and psychology enthusiast, takes a critical look at love and begs the question, “Have I caught a cold, or am I in love?”


ove is one of the most attractive, best-selling, as well as challenging words found in the English dictionary, yet its conflicting connotations have also helped employ it as the perfect mental trap within society. It serves as an ambiguous justification behind the positive and negative decisions that people make,

and it is the cause of both euphoria and agony when taken to extremes. The expression “madly in love” is no joke. Love can become a form of madness, namely of obsession, mania or depression. Although psychological research goes into further scientific detail on this matter, there is a very simple explanation concerning the brain's split in between


MAIN PICTURE We need to draw the line between healthy love and obsession

OPPOSITE Watching the object of your affection is dangerous and illegal

rationality (left) and love (right). The left side of the brain is activated when we use our logic and rationality, as well as when we recount past experiences in order to make better future decisions. For example, if you have experienced a relationship where your partner has been abusive, you are likely to use the left side of your brain to logically take account of your bad experiences. The right side of the brain, is activated by creativity. It is highly associated with feelings, both good and bad. Here's the trick; the right side of our brain is stimulated by both pleasure and pain and is largely unconcerned with either the past or the present. What it is concerned with is the present. Picture a pump, which fuels either the left or the right side of our brains. The more liquid

ALEXANDRA TRUTA (blood) is pumped into one side, stimulating it, the less active the other side becomes. When it comes to being in love, it’s understandable why pleasure easily becomes pain, and love easily turns into hate. They are both connected and easily activated on the same side, so the switch is fast and easy. It is also understandable why countless people “lose their minds” (rationality) when they experience emotional intensity. When people are passionately arguing, or recklessly throwing tantrums in public places, their rational activity is so diminished in that particular moment, that they fail to realize the crowds of bystanders watching or the damage they are inflicting upon others. Furthermore, it is easy to confuse love with hate. When we are experiencing rejection, being ignored, a breakup, or a bad fight, the right side of our brain is very active. Our increased suffering is reinforced each time, making it easier to fall into the same unhealthy behavioural patterns. This intense feeling and the distraction which comes along with it (our inability to concentrate on our careers or anything else in our lives) can trick us into believing that it is due to 'true love', when in fact it has now likely turned into an obsessivecompulsive disorder (OCD). OCD symptoms are evident in people who stalk their partners either over social media websites, such as Facebook, or physically following them. Checking your phone or email repeatedly, calling or texting inexhaustibly, or constantly thinking about the same issue are all signs of compulsive behaviour, whether mild

or extreme. Mania, another diagnosed mental illness, is recognised in people with highly elevated moods. Its symptoms are recognised once one becomes so emotionally vulnerable, that a simple text or email can make them feel “butterflies in the stomach”. Sounds familiar? Depression, by contrast to mania, is experienced by people whose mood and activity is rather decreased and melancholy. However, unlike diagnosed clinical depression, feelings of sadness or unhappiness come and go, and are not too serious. Finally, here are some tips to help regain rational control once you lose it. l Count: Whether you count sheep, or you add/multiply, counting helps engage the left side of your brain, making you more focused and less emotional. l Exercise: This will help you release tension, and will help your brain release endorphins, which will make you happier and less likely to lose control. l Meditation/Hypnosis: Self-help techniques will help you to find inner peace and to be in touch with your subconscious needs. We have the capacity and tools built within each one of us, to live the life we want, with or without a partner. Love is both an overestimated,


Depression, by contrast to mania, is experienced by people whose mood and activity is rather decreased and melancholy

and an underestimated emotion, and our feelings can be deceptive and difficult to handle. However, if you want to experience love, and life at their best, and if you want different results, you must change the way you think, and thus change the way in which you do things. The results will follow.




with RICHARD BANDLER Co-Creator of NLP



8th May 2014


An evening with Richard Bandler 9th May 2014



PRACTITIONER OF NLP 11th – 19th October 2014

Book today on +44(0)207 927 6500 www.nlplifetraining.com info@nlplifetraining.com 14 | WWW.THEBESTYOUMAGAZINE.CO





Laughter, humour, travel, love - these add the sparkle that make life worth living. Climb a mountain, give to others, start a family, embrace life. What are the things you wish you had done but haven’t yet? Life is no rehearsal - find ways to enjoy it, whenever you can!

Life Without Limits



Leonardo Di Vinci, Michelangelo, Picasso. We look at some of the great works of art you need to see


With so much of what we read in the papers being negative, The Best You is bringing you some good news


Confidence, health and wellbeing expert Benjamin Bonetti wants you to be more self-assured





f course art is a matter of taste. What is considered true art by one person might seem like nothing more than a pre-schooler’s scribbles to another. But there are a great number of artworks out there that are widely

considered to be masterpieces in their execution. We chose eight of our favourites. We’ve no doubt that your list will look a bit different from ours. If your favourite artwork was left off the list, why don’t you email us and tell us about it? Then we could put together a “reader’s selection”.

MONA LISA BY LEONARDO DA VINCI A bit obvious? Sure. But there is so much fuss made over this painting that it couldn’t not be on the list. Easy to get to for people in Europe, but difficult to get a close look at It is roped off so you can’t get near it, encased in glass. But worth the trip just to say you’ve done it.

SEE IT AT: Le Louvre, Paris


Part of enjoying life is living for the moment, so don’t wait until you’re on your deathbed before you make a list of what you should’ve done. Life is happening now, so start ticking things off that bucket list.

GUERNICA BY PABLO PICASSO It portrays haunting caricatures of those killed or injured during the Spanish Civil War. After Picasso finished the painting, it travelled from country to country, bringing the Spanish Civil War to the world’s attention. It was Picasso’s wish that the painting not travel to Spain until after peace had been restored in his homeland.

SEE IT AT: The Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid





Working primarily with steel, Serra wanted to explore the way an artist could shape space rather than the medium at hand. He created his most wellknown Torqued Ellipses series, which was inspired by the architecture of the San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. The massive sculptures are immersive and interactive.

Adorning the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, this work of art took four years to complete and was done between 1508 and 1512. The ceiling’s various painted elements form part of a larger scheme of decoration within the Chapel, which includes the large fresco, The Last Judgment.

SEE IT AT: Dia:Beacon, Beacon, New York

SEE IT AT: Sistine Chapel, Vatican City

BALLOON DOG BY JEFF KOONS Jeff Koons has garnered so much attention for his controversial artworks that it simply wouldn’t be right to pass through life without glimpsing one of his famous balloon dogs. These shiny metal sculptures mimic a clown’s balloon animals and, like Warhol’s soup cans, they are an embodiment of everything that the artist represents.

SEE IT AT: The Whitney Museum, New York


WOMEN ARE HEROES BY JR JR installed this art project in Morra da Providencia, one of the most crime- and drug-ridden favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Instead of critiquing Brazil’s corrupt justice system, JR decided to focus on the favela’s true heroes: the women. The result? The diverse faces of Brazilian women plastered on the hills of the favela watching over Rio de Janeiro.

SEE IT AT: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Sol LeWitt became a pioneer of American Conceptual and Minimal art, claiming that “no one should be intelligent enough to know when not to be too intellectual.” His work ranges from simple to more complicated isometric forms that vary in energy depending the wall you were viewing.

Basquiat’s Neo-Expressionist work blew up the art market in 2013, beginning with a blow-out show at Gagosian Gallery. His work accurately critiques racism and class struggles while encompassing the grit of New York in the ‘80s. His work remains relevant for many contemporary artists. This artwork sold at a record-breaking price of $48.8 million.



WE SUPPORT OnePlusOne OnePlusOne is a leading research charity that has been investigating what makes couple relationships work or fall apart for more than 40 years. Penny Mansfield, director of OnePlusOne, tells us a bit more


elationships matter and investing in them is investing in families, children and the employees of tomorrow. It’s fundamental to building a thriving society and resilient economy. Good relationships keep families strong, healthy and productive. Poor relationships can damage mental health and physical wellbeing. After four decades of academic research, OnePlusOne‘s case for strengthening and supporting relationships is being accepted by the government as important, with MPs admitting in a parliamentary debate in January (2014) that it is ‘a public health issue.’ When the charity started in 1971, the relational landscape

was changing. Divorce was increasing, and the questions that drove us were why was this happening and how should we, as a nation, manage the consequences. Our goal is to promote a culture where it’s perfectly normal to seek relationship help. There is clear evidence that relationship problems cause profound stress for adults and children leading to poorer parenting and worse outcomes for the whole family. Our work involves rigorous research into the science behind relationships. We study all aspects of relationships, including sex and intimacy, marriage, splitting up, becoming a parent and what makes committed relationships thrive. We’re passionate about getting to the heart of what makes people tick so that we can support people to form happier partnerships in which they can thrive. The most exciting aspect of OnePlusOne’s last decade

We study all aspects of relationships including, sex and intimacy, marriage, splitting up, becoming a parent and what makes committed relationships thrive.

of work has been our ability through digital technology to reach more than 800,000 men and women directly, not just with information, but with online services that offer real support 24/7. In January (2014) we launched a new service, Splitting Up? Put Kids First, that helps parting parents organise childcare arrangements. It’s a round-the-clock online service that guides each parent through a series of steps to help them decide what each of them would like, while helping them reconcile any differences to reduce any negative impact on the couple’s child or children. Nothing like it has been done before, and our hope when developing it was that it would remove much of the bitterness involved in a break-up. b


Katie Piper Foundation

Children Of The Night




SMA Trust

War Child

The Children’s Trust








The news we read in the newspapers and see on the television is so negative that it can often feel like the media is conspiring to get you down in the dumps. That’s why The Best You is bringing you snippets of good news.

Kindness of strangers


n January 2008, Jonny Benjamin was standing on Waterloo Bridge, ready to take his own life. He had just been diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, a combination of schizophrenia and depression, and he did not know how to cope with it. Luckily for Jonny, a stranger walked past before he had the chance to jump. He got Jonny talking, and managed to talk him down off the ledge, literally. As soon as Jonny stepped onto the street, he was ushered into a police vehicle, street before he had a chance to thank the stranger.

Thinking his saviour’s name was Mike, Jonny launched a Twitter campaign called #findmike. Despite his name actually being Neil Laybourn, as soon as Neil was made aware of the campaign by his fiancée, he knew that it was about him. The two reunited in January, exactly six years after the incident, and Jonny finally got a chance to thank his saviour. “It was incredible [meeting Jonny], really nice, very emotional for both of us and really nice to have a conclusion to it and to hear Johnny’s side of things that day.” Neil told the BBC. b



wenty-oneyear-old Boe Kirner, an Australian, was in New York working as a paramedic. One of her call-outs was a homeless single mother of a teenage boy. She had been shot and was going to need a long stay in hospital. To Boe’s shock, the hospital would not provide a bed for the

teenage son, and he was facing living on the streets alone during his mother’s stay. “I put the boy into a taxi and gave him my front door key and paid the cabbie,” Kirner remembers. “That boy could’ve ransacked my home. After a long night of dealing with some eye-popping incidences, I got home to find a meal wrapped up on

my kitchen counter. It was scrambled eggs on toast with a ‘Thank you So Much’ note. “13-year-old Nathanial and his mother Natalia stayed with me for the duration of my stay. Natalia got a job as an emergency response dispatcher and Nathanial is studying to become an mechanical engineer at the Navy.” b

HAVING A WHALE OF A TIME According to a report in the LA Times, the number of grey whales spotted migrating south off the Southern California coast in December was double what it was compared with the same period last year, reflecting a possible population boom for the once endangered species.




BEING A CONFDENT YOU Do you ever wonder why some people are shy and others overtly confident? Perhaps you want to emulate the latter, the type that walks head held high, smiling, selfassured, and charismatic. Benjamin Bonetti has three tips that can change your life.




ho are you? Knowing who you are is the key to being the most confident you. In knowing yourself, you align your psyche and your central nervous system, which, in turn, produces little or no conflict with your deeper responsive system. Such alignment is crucial if you want to start acting in more selfassured ways. For me, confidence is about standing on your own; it’s about having enough self-respect to constantly allow yourself to be true and purposeful in all ways and at all times. If you’ve always been shy, it’s important to understand that overcoming this is an easier process than it sounds. Nobody’s expecting the normally reserved introvert to become the strutting extrovert overnight. Remember, extroversion isn’t always a sign of confidence; sometimes it’s the opposite. With a little bit of time and effort, you can start being honest and purposeful in a way that will make you, simply put, the best version of yourself. Here are three steps that’ll help you. Step 1 – Start Doing Internal conversations (those we have with ourselves) can be both positive and negative; their effect depends largely upon the kind of language and intention we use when we talk to ourselves. If such talk focuses on the negative—only on what we cannot do—this gives strength to your fear, which you need to overcome in order to start feeling confident and acting confidently. Those who lack confidence are most often plagued by this kind of negative self-talk. When you change those internal conversations, you change the internal behaviours related to your thought process. Changes the way we

perceive both ourselves and others, in turn, changes our behaviours. As soon as we stop that negative chatter, we can project—inwardly and outwardly—a more confident version of ourselves. Step 2 – Stop Shying Away Rather than avoiding the awkward social or professional situations you might be avoiding, immerse yourself in them. You’ve probably made a mountain out of a molehill, misrepresenting small challenges as large ones. Even the most insuperable-seeming obstacles begin to seem more manageable when viewed up close, so don’t limit yourself by keeping confidence-building opportunities at arm’s length. As long as you are true to yourself and purposeful, no one will care about a flubbed word here or there, shaking hands, or a nervous twitch. People have their own issues, and they’re often more understanding of others’ faults than you might think. Yes, this even applies to the overtly confident. Think of each nervewracking social situation, meeting, or presentation as a chance to test and improve your confidence skills. Even if you have spent a lifetime shying away from any situation that demands a confident approach, there’s no time like the present to change that behaviour. Becoming the confident person you’ve always wanted to be will not just happen overnight; your first steps will almost certainly be tentative, but the sooner you take them the better. Step 3 – Be the True You So many of those who suffer from crises of confidence have convinced themselves that who they are deep down is simply not good enough. When you start to honour your true self, when you start recognizing your talents rather than your faults, everything will

’I can’t do this. What happens if things go wrong? What will they think of me? I will be made to look like a fool. I failed at that before’ Sound familiar?”

begin to change. For some, this means a change in mindset and attitude; for others, a change of posture or gesture; some even find themselves dressing differently as a reflection of their newly honoured true self. By honouring who you are and what you truly prefer in life, you’re creating an environment in which your new-found confidence can expand to cover almost every are of your life. You’ll find that you begin to feel comfortable in almost any social or professional setting. What’s more, you’ll almost certainly begin to attract new people into your life, drawn to your confidence like a moth to a flame. These people will bring with them the opportunities that drop—as if by luck— into the laps of the overtly confident. These opportunities are waiting for you; all you need to do is start supporting— indeed, start being—the true you. b


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As his most recent movie, The Wolf Of Wall Street, shocking and impressing in cinemas worldwide, The Best You looks at the titanic phenomenon that is





erhaps Leonardo DiCaprio was always destined to be involved with the arts. The first time his mother, Irmelin DiCaprio, felt him kick in her womb, she was looking at a painting by Leonardo Da Vinci. She was in Italy at the time, in a last ditch attempt to save her marriage to George DiCaprio. George was a member of the New York counterculture hippy scene. A comic book artist, he had produced a comic with his ex-girlfriend Laurie Anderson, who was to go on to become a world-renowned performance artist. He was friends with Velvet Underground guitarist Sterling Morrison, LSD guru Dr Timothy Leary (once described by President Nixon as "the most dangerous man in America"), Beat poet Allen Ginsberg, and cartoonist Robert Crumb. His unconventional influence was to have a lasting effect on his son. Before Leonardo was born, his parents moved to Hollywood seeking success, but they landed in one of its poorest districts, living next to a store called Le Sex Shoppe. Just as Leonardo came into the world in 1974, their marriage finally fell apart. Determined to keep the paternal connection despite their personal estrangement, the ex-couple moved into houses next to each other with a shared garden. Soon George DiCaprio's new love interest, Peggy Farrar, moved in with him, too. This non-standard living arrangement worked with surprisingly little friction, and Leonardo grew up thinking of Peggy's son Adam as his older brother. Growing up in "Syringe Alley", an area notorious for drugtaking and prostitution, was tough for Leonardo. Between meeting syringe-carrying junkies in the park and seeing men having homosexual sex in the street, DiCaprio's early life was far from sheltered. He recalls seeing his dad and friends smoking marijuana as regularly as others drank beer. But it had a lasting positive effect. From early on Leonardo questioned the standard, "normal" way of doing things and realised it wasn't necessarily best. Perhaps some of Dicaprio's unconventional search for challenging, unusual films in later life comes from his dad's counterculture upbringing. His mother's support for him was strongly practical. Keen to get Leonardo away from the local "Scumsville" schools, she would drive three hours a day to deliver him to the Centre for Enriched Studies, where he loved to act. He'd discovered a joy in entertaining others at the age of two, when he climbed unasked onstage at a show and danced for a delighted audience. Inspired by his stepbrother’s decision to act in TV commercials, Leonardo followed suit, doing a series of adverts and educational films from the age of 14. Realising he was being paid to do something he really enjoyed was a major turning point for him, and he dedicated himself to acting to escape his impoverished background. Things weren't easy, though. After some initial success, he couldn't find work for a year and a half. In response to his frustration, his dad stepped in to reassure him,for him. "One day", he said, "it will happen for you. Just relax." He was right. Eventually, DiCaprio managed to impress, landing a part in a straight-to-video movie, Critters 3. His breakthrough came when he auditioned in front of Robert De Niro, hoping to play the lead in This Boy's Life, a film that would star De Niro and Ellen Barkin. With 400 rivals auditioning for the part, DiCaprio realised he had to impress. He walked into the audition and unexpectedly

His mother's support for him was strongly practical. Keen to get Leonardo away from the local "Scumsville" schools, she would drive three hours a day to deliver him to the Centre for Enriched Studies, where he loved to act


screamed "Noooo" at DeNiro, who burst out laughing at his gutsiness. So, DiCaprio's first "real" movie had him co-starring with screen legend Robert De Niro. If that audition showed his willingness to be unconventional, his next film revealed his dedication and close observational skills in his role as the autistic Arnie Grape in the 1993 movie What's Eating Gilbert Grape? "I had to really research and get into the mind of somebody with a disability like that", he recalls. "So I spent a few days at a home for mentally retarded teens. We just talked and I watched their mannerisms. People have these expectations that mentally retarded children are really crazy, but it's not so. It's refreshing to see them because everything's so new to them." His performance was extraordinary. He was just 18 years old when he received his first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor. A slew of reasonably successful movies followed, which cemented DiCaprio's reputation as a powerful newcomer. But inevitably a flop came, in the form of the biopic Total Eclipse about the life of French poet Arthur Rimbaud. His response revealed a mindset that was able to look at the bigger picture and not be crushed by the critics: "I'm proud of my work in all the movies I've done", he said in interview. "In a few years' time no one will remember the bad reviews; those films will be seen as part of the body of my work." This glitch in his career aside, soon two movies were to change his life forever - Romeo & Juliet and Titanic, films which transformed him into a screen heart-throb and sex symbol of stellar proportions.



LEONARDO DICAPRIO AT A GLANCE  First Oscar nomination at the age of 19  Has been nominated for four Academy Awards, 10 Golden Globes  Won 2 Golden Globes  His lifechanging movie, Titanic, grossed more than US $1.843 billion, the first to earn more that US $1 billion  Was Hollywood's highest paid actor in 2011, earning $77 million that year  A committed environmentalist, alongside Al Gore he persuaded the Academy Awards ceremony to go green  Created the Leonardo DiCaprio Computer Center at the Los Feliz branch of Los Angeles Public Library  Personally donated $1,000,000 to Haiti earthquake relief and $1,000,000 to the Wildlife Conservation Society  A committed activist for Gay Rights  Formed the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation (LDF) which regularly gives millions of dollars to environmental causes  The LDF raised over $38 million at one Christie's auction fo environmental causes  Recently bought an entire racing team to compete in Formula E electric car races  Starred in a long string of box-office successes: Romeo & Juliet, Titanic, The Man In The Iron Mask,The Beach, Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can, The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Body of Lies, Revolutionary Road, Inception, J Edgar, Djano Unchained, The Great Gatsby and The Wolf of Wall Street among many others  His latest movie, The Wolf of Wall Street has been nominated for five Oscars

Romeo & Juliet established DiCaprio as a romantic and tragic lead, and the public (especially the female teen public) was hungry to fall in love with DiCaprio all over again. Titanic provided that chance. A massive hit, it was the first film in history to gross over US $1 billion, a success to which there is no doubt DiCaprio contributed hugely. What followed was a phenomenon dubbed "Leomania" by the Press. Girls interviewed outside cinemas claimed to have watched Titanic "40 times". He was mobbed in the streets, he had to cancel engagements for fear of public order problems and – while waiting in Charles De Gaulle airport, Paris – a 14-year-old fan attached herself to his leg and clung on for dear life, weeping and screaming before being gently prised off. So what contributed to DiCaprio's extraordinary rise to fame? His looks? Great films that suited his acting? Yes, these are true. But at the centre of his success is his brilliance and dedication as an actor. As Randall Wallace, director of The Man In The Iron Mask, his next film after Titanic was to say: "He's a tremendously instinctive actor and also an intelligent actor, which is a fantastic combination. And he's also smart enough not to let his intelligence overwhelm his instincts. Whatever he decides to do, he will do well." DiCaprio also likes to keep his public guessing. After Titanic, he could have made a series of romantic movies that cashed in on his


He likes to keep his public guessing. After Titanic, he could have made a series of romantic movies that cashed in on his reputation as a heartthrob BELOW LEFT Leo with Kate Winslet in his breakout role in Titanic

BELOW CENTRE Leo playing a white Zimbabwean in Blood Diamond

BELOW RIGHT Again in Blood Diamond, Leo trained for ages on his accent

reputation as a heartthrob, but he deliberately avoided the obvious choices. The Man In The Iron Mask is a world away from the romantic leads of Romeo and Titanic. The movies that followed are each uniquely different. His own production, The Aviator, telling the story of multimillionaire recluse Howard Hughes, differs completely from works such as Catch Me If You Can, Blood Diamond and his latest, The Wolf of Wall Street. Yet all show him

mastering the roles he plays - each with dedication, depth and brilliance. His ability to surprise, to change and never grow stale has kept DiCaprio at the top of his profession for the last 15 years. It's also true that Leonardo thinks long and hard about his films, and he likes to provoke. When asked about Blood Diamond, he once said: "It's important for me to do movies that spark a debate. But they're hard to find and they don't always have a director I would love to work with. I love doing movies like Body of Lies or Blood Diamond because when you are dealing with issues the world is facing, you get that much more excited." As a professional, DiCaprio is to be greatly admired. He is also deeply private, rarely giving interviews. Some reports say he has tried to keep himself grounded while others say he was the wild man about town in his twenties and early thirties. His romantic life has been chaotic and unsettled, and though his name has been connected with some of the world's most beautiful women, including Naomi Campbell, Gisele Bundchen and Kristen Zang, he hasn't as yet settled down, though he has talked about family often in interviews. Perhaps this uncertainty is another legacy of his unconventional upbringing. As time goes by, his other interests have become more prominent. He is regarded as being responsible for the "greening" of Hollywood and has given impassioned speeches for environmental causes. He started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation "dedicated to protecting Earth’s last wild places and fostering a harmonious relationship between humanity and the natural world", and has raised tens of millions of dollars for global conservation. In environmental terms he has a sense of what his legacy will be: "The one thing that I would love is to never become cynical about the things I think are really important, like family, like the environment. What I want is to be known as someone who stood for something." Of his acting, the great actress Meryl Streep says: "Leo is possessed of the wild gene – unpredictability – which makes his career seem to defy categorisation, his life careers along the cliff edge, and his work is vivid and bright and exciting." It is a compelling combination that looks set to go on for many years to come.





with pleasure

MAIN PICTURE Gail Kingsbury is as organised as she is connected

Single mother and business powerhouse Gail Kingsbury, living proof that women can have it all. She has a family who she dotes on, a career that’s just going up and up, and the drive to make it all happen. We wanted to know how she does is, so The Best You caught up with her between a business trip and a school run.


ail is an inspiration everybody who knows her story. Her life and career show that success is a mixture of hard work, tenacity and destiny. However, it is also about keeping your heart and mind open for opportunities that want to knock on your door, use your instincts and not try to over-plan how you think success should look. Gail didn’t even try to get into the profession where she is now an industry leader– it just sort of happened. But it happened because she was open to an opportunity, fell in love with it, and turned her experience and new talents into a business that would propel her clients and herself to success. “It wasn’t a conscious decision to get into the personal development industry or to help self-help authors and speakers create revenue from their events. I grew up with great parents who believed in me and always gave me every opportunity to learn things for myself and were always there when I needed them, so I started out with a frame of mind that I could do anything – a mindset that many in the personal development industry share.”


I grew up with great parents who believed in me and always gave me every chance to learn

Gail was introduced to Brian Tracy, the world–famous personal development coach, by a mutual friend. She immediately fell in love with the industry. “Even though I was pursuing a different career, my instincts told me that this was my home. At the time I didn’t know how it was going to happen, I just knew I would figure it out along the way. I've been involved ever since and that was in 1988.” When Gail was in her twenties, she moved to Hawaii and got a job running a polo



It's nice to come home to the peace and quiet. That’s what grounds me. I don’t fall prey to the gossip or drama of my career

TOP LEFT Gail with Sir Richard Branson, founder of Virgin

club. “There I learned event planning by running big polo events every Sunday. It was like putting on a wedding every week. Polo has a very specific crowd; the players and audience have discerning tastes. People were really nice, but I knew there were very high profile business people, and even Princes, who I had to impress.” Today she is known for creating high calibre events, taking care of all the back-end details that no one sees that end up making a fabulous event for Personal and Professional Development Speakers. “My definition of that is where the audience sees a seamless event that wows them”, she says. “My clients don’t worry about the possible drama backstage, or the vendor issues I might be dealing with or any of that. They just get to focus on teaching, and the magic happens with me and my team.” Since working for Brian Tracy, Gail has helped coordinate events from small high end retreats with CEOs to stadium sized events with 20,000+ people in the audience. Her contacts read like a Hollywood Rolodex. She has worked with the likes of Tony Robbins, Jay Abraham, and Deepak Chopra. She has walked on fire with Tony

LEFT Gail with motivational speaker and politcian, Les Brown

ABOVE Gail with Brendan Burchard, who she is great friends with

Robbins, bent rebar with her throat with T. Harv Eker and so much more. Most recently she co-founded Real Wisdom TV – a new TV channel to showcase the talent in the personal development field. She’s done so much that she is proud of, but one event stands out. “The event I’m most proud of would be an event we did called Seminar of the Century, near Aspen, Colorado. It took a year to put that together and bring a dream to life for T. Harv Eker. We brought in Legends like Buzz Aldrin, Art Linkletter, Jack Canfield and John Gray for three days of events on an outdoor concert stage with a concert every night. It was such an exhilarating program for everyone involved.” Nobody gets into the area of personal development and stays this long without the idea of being able to make a difference in the world firmly visualised. For Gail, that’s the thing she’d like to be her legacy.



“I have the coolest job in the world. I get to work with so many remarkable people. No two events are ever the same. But, I'm putting them on stage, marketing their books, creating their events, and a way for them to get their message to the world. I play my little part in making a bigger difference in other people’s lives. That's what I'd like to be remembered for.” She may travel the world – with more than a hundred flights in a year, but to keep grounded, Gail likes to come home to her country life and her greatest success is her three kids. “I'd rather be able to come home, sit on the grass and not be in traffic or ballrooms,” she says. “It's nice to come home to the peace and quiet and have that part of my life. That’s what grounds me. I don’t fall prey to the gossip or drama of my career. Success should be on your own terms. If you feel best in a big city, go there. If you love and feel charged with energy with a mobile device going off, then that’s where you belong. But it’s not for me, and I wanted my kids to have the experience I had growing up. I deliberately chose to live in a place where I can raise my kids outdoors in the country, have picnics, go tubing down the creek and be with nature. “A typical day is getting up early and feeding the animals; right now we've got baby, miniature pigs I have to take care of,” she says fondly. “Then getting the kids off to school. I have calls at god-

GAIL KINGSBURY AT A GLANCE  Grew up in a small town in Colorado and had a very ‘normal’ childhood  In 1988 got introduced to Brian Tracy, which sparked her career in personal development  In 1990 she did what many think is impossible and walked on fire with Tony Robbins  Has worked with people such as Tony Robbins, Robert Allen, Jay Abraham, Harry Pickens and Deepak Chopra  Her company, Business Events International, was listed by the NY Times as one of the top 5 conference planning sites on the Internet  From there the business expanded with a partner and became the outside marketing arm for The Success Tour  Moved to a farm in Oregon where she lives with her three daughters, 40 chickens, three ducks that think they are chickens, three cats, two Golden doodle dogs, three rabbits, and a goat named Oreo that thinks it’s a dog


FROM LEFT TO RIGHT Gail with Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul; Stephen King, whose books Gail adores; and Buzz Aldrin, who was featured in Gail's favourite event

awful times in the morning, usually with the UK or with Slovenia or different places around the world,” she laughs. “I get as much done as I possibly can before I have to go pick up the kids from school, take them to some kind of sporting event. I'm on a lot of phone calls then it's time to figure out, if I’m going to a basketball game or a volleyball game or a soccer game, then I'm fixing dinner for the family and a lot of times it's grandma and all her friends too. They come around once or twice a week when I'm home for dinner. Clean up and pack my suitcase for the next event.” With all that action in any given day, it’s not surprising that her favourite time of the day is when she gets a little peace and quiet. “One of my favourite parts of the day is getting up early and getting out feeding the animals or just taking that early time, the quiet time, before the chaos starts.” With this charmed life, she must have some advice for people who want to follow in her footsteps: “In this business the key is flexibility. Things change and being able to change with the ebb and flow of that tide is key for me. Really, being a single mum and entrepreneur, you have to be flexible because things change all the time. I’m not saying that you need to sit around with no plan and manifest your life – you have to do the work, it’s just good to understand that things change.” b

As of next month, Gail will be partnering up with The Best You as a contributing editor on the editorial team. And in turn, we will be part of her adventure on Wisdom TV, working together to make the world a better and more balanced place.





Life Without Limits


To read a book for the first time is to make an acquaintance with a new friend; to read it for a second time is to meet an old one.�

– Chinese Saying

Great reading, viewing and listening to empower, entertain, enrich, delight and enhance. The Best You rounds up classics and new books and media products that will make a positive difference in your life.





Sugar is toxic, addictive and everywhere. So what chance do you have of living sugar-free? With busy lives and little time left for cooking, we find ourselves relying on a diet of processed food. But this is what’s responsible for our chronically expanding waistlines, soaring levels of diabetes and a catalogue of diseases. Dr Robert Lustig reveals the truth about our sugar-laden food: l Why conventional low-fat weight loss advice won’t work: not every calorie is the same, and skipping lunch doesn’t mean it’s okay to eat dessert l Why too much sugar can cause serious illness, even if you are not overweight l How the food industry is filling our diets with hidden sugars – and which foods you must cut out to avoid them l How governments are complacent about, and even complicit in, exacerbating our food debacle He will radically change the way you see your food and give you more than a fat chance of a healthier, happier and smarter life!

His lucid and well-informed analysis should help inform the debate on this everexpanding problem.” – Sunday Times





‘I’m the king of the world!’ That was the cry from Leonardo DiCaprio as he stood astride the bow in Titanic – the movie that would go on to smash all records, raking in a whopping £1.1 billion worldwide. Now, few Hollywood movers and shakers would dispute that statement as Leo has rocketed to become one of the highest paid actors in the world. And his position looks set to be secure after an incredible 2013 which saw Hollywood’s hottest talent appearing as the eponymous Jay Gatsy in the Great Gatsby, following swiftly on the heels of the great success of Quentin Tarantino’s blockbuster, Django Unchained. Yet, although he’s spent over 15 years at the top of his profession, Leonardo remains something of an enigma – his often daring movie choices suggest an actor still striving for perfection.

A page turner of a book, I was totally gripped and couldn’t put it down.” – Mike Lowry





By day he made thousands of dollars a minute. By night he spent it as fast as he could, on drugs, sex, and international globe-trotting. In the 1990s Jordan Belfort, former kingpin of the notorious investment firm Stratton Oakmont, became one of the most infamous names in American finance: a brilliant, conniving stock-chopper who led his merry mob on a wild ride out of the canyons of Wall Street and into a massive office on Long Island. In this astounding and hilarious tell-all autobiography, Belfort narrates a story of greed, power, and excess no one could invent – the story of an ordinary guy who went from hustling Italian ices at sixteen to making hundreds of millions. Until it all came crashing down.

What separates Jordan’s story from others like it, is the brutal honesty.” – Leonardo DiCaprio





Personal finance author and lecturer Robert Kiyosaki developed his unique economic perspective through exposure to a pair of disparate influences: his own highly educated, but fiscally unstable father, and the multimillionaire eighthgrade dropout father of his closest friend. The lifelong monetary problems experienced by his “poor dad” (whose weekly paychecks, while respectable, were never quite sufficient to meet family needs) pounded home the counterpoint communicated by his “rich dad” (that “the poor and the middle class work for money,” but “the rich have money work for them”). Taking that message to heart, Kiyosaki was able to retire at 47. Rich Dad, Poor Dad, written with consultant and CPA Sharon L. Lechter, lays out his the philosophy behind his relationship with money.

Robert Kiyosaki’s work in education is powerful and life changing. I salute his efforts and recommend him highly.“ – Anthony Robbins





What is modern art? Why do we either love it or loathe it? And why is it worth so much damn money? Join Will Gompertz on a dazzling tour that will change the way you look at modern art forever. From Monet’s water lilies to Van Gogh’s sunflowers, from Warhol’s soup cans to Hirst’s pickled shark, hear the stories behind the masterpieces, meet the artists as they really were, and discover the real point of modern art. You will learn: not all conceptual art is bollocks; Picasso is king (but Cézanne is better); Pollock is no drip; Dali painted with his moustache; a urinal changed the course of art, why your 5-year-old really couldn’t do it. Refreshing, irreverent and always straightforward, this book is essential reading for sceptics, art lovers, and the millions of us who visit galleries every year – especially the confused.

Will Gompertz is the best teacher you never had.” – The Guardian




What do you want to be remembered for? What are your relationships like with those around you? How does life treat you - and how do you treat your life? There is so much good in you. Enrich your life with the passion you feel and the connections you make.

Life Without Limits



OnePlusOne did some research to find out which celebrity couples people find the most inspiring


Kristen White chats with Dr. Jean LaCour, a professional recovery coach, about letting go of substance abuse


...to be an actor? We chat with British-Nigerian actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim, who is chuffed with his career choice


FAIRY TALE ROMANCES Move over Cinderella and Prince Charming – Kate and Wills top the polls when it comes to relationships to aspire to. One Plus One, a UK charity that aims to strengthen relationships, conducted the survey that found that royal love is the best love.


rince William and Kate Middleton have come out on top in a survey of celebrity relationships most young people (27 per cent) would like to have. A One Plus One poll of 1,000 young people (499 male, 501 female) suggested that traditional values are important for many who rated the Royal couple as having their ideal relationship.

The couple also presented an image for the emotions young people said they experienced that made them feel like they were starring in their own fairy tale at the start of a relationship. One respondent, Jamie, 17, said: “We felt it was like a typical prince-and-princess, match-made partnership, and we were meant for each other.” Another respondent, Kath, 18, added: “I really did feel like a princess when I got with my first serious boyfriend at the age of 14.” Showbiz couple Beyonce and Jay Z came out second in the list (26 per cent) followed by former footballer David Beckham and ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham (18 per cent).


The poll put together by relationship charity One Plus One also placed Hollywood royalty Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt (15 per cent) in fourth place with Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel coming in at a close fifth (12 per cent). When asked to explain what made these couples so attractive, it appeared that personalities appealed as much as their relationship, which made the chosen couples popular role models for the ideal romantic partnership. Respondent Chris, 23, said: “Angelina and Brad have done lots of positive things. They are known for their adopting of disadvantaged children from third world countries, which I class as very admirable and

ONE PLUS ONE good role models for the rest of society.” Not so happily ever after…? Of course, not all relationship have fairy tale endings. Many of the young people surveyed reported feeling unprepared for the particularly distressing shock that can come with a breakup. Many of the young people who found their relationship had come to an unexpected end described is as a “dark and depressing” time where they felt lost and alone and a mixture of sadness, relief, freedom, and regret. Most young people will experience a breakup at least once. It is a natural, and, for so many of us, inevitable part of the transition from adolescence to adulthood. There is now One Plus One’s do-it-yourself relationship support service, Couple’s Connection www.thecoupleconnection.net. One Plus One Director Penny Mansfield, CBE, said, “The cult of celebrity is hugely important to young people today, who will often keep abreast of the relationship ups and downs of their favourite stars.

BELOW LEFT Prince William & Kate BELOW CENTRE Jay-Z &Beyonce BELOW RIGHT Ellen DeGeneres & Potia de Rossi

“While this may lead some to question whether it’s unhealthy to have seemingly unrealistic role models, our research suggests the way young people look to celebrities for inspiration can be positive as well as negative.”


We felt it was like a typical prince-andprincess-match-made partnership TOP 10 CELEBRITY COUPLES Prince William & Kate Middleton Beyonce & Jay Z David & Victoria Beckham Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel Daniel Craig & Rachel Weisz Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne Eva Mendes & Ryan Gosling Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi James McAvoy & Anne-Marie Duff


l One Plus One is a UK charity that aims to strengthen relationships, helping couples and parents through a range of online resources. l Provides online training for frontline family workers to equip them with the skills to offer timely relationship support in a face-to face setting. l Based on latest research evidence, it promotes early action to equip couples to deal with relationship issues before they become entrenched. l Recently commissioned by the Department for Education to lead a high-profile campaign to encourage couples to see seeking support as normal in strengthening their relationship. The charity will be working with expert partners, such as Working Families, Contact a Family, DAD.info, Netmums, The Student Room and YouthNet, to create online spaces where couples can find tools to help them. l For more information, visit the website www.oneplusone.org.uk





It’s time to rise up and help others overcome addiction. Kristen White chats with Dr. Jean LaCour and finds out how to find prosperity and peace as a professional recovery coach.


ddiction and loss are often terrifying and chaotic experiences that can wipe out people’s health, success and financial stability. “It is very shaming and stigmatizing to not be able to control your behaviour around a substance or activity that has negative consequences”, says Dr. Jean. For the past 15 years, Dr.

Jean LaCour has helped others impacted by addiction find pathways to recovery and success. Through her company, Net Institute, she has educated and empowered thousands of certified professional recovery coaches to help clients gain freedom from addiction and co-dependency. In her tenure at Net Institute, Dr. Jean LaCour has touched the lives of over 250,000 clients, and they are only the beginning.


Addiction and loss are often terrifying and chaotic experiences that can wipe out people’s health, success and financial stability.

“I was looking for something new. I’ve really been searching for a better way to help people, and that’s when I created this new approach that we call Rise. Through Rise, I am bringing together the proven protocols around professional coaching or professional life coaching with the best practices that we’ve been using in drug and alcohol addiction recovery. It’s a way to join the clinical with the non-clinical, and it’s a much wider ability to equip people to be very effective in non-clinical ways.” Those things that almost kill you sometimes create the doorway to your destiny, according to Dr. Jean. Through coaching, the Net Institute has an opportunity to offer a service that does not have the stigma that counselling has. Coaching is future-centric; it helps clients realise they have a life, a plan, and a solution to their problems. Many of the Net Institute’s clients move through the experience of recovery to see that it’s part of who they are. It makes them stronger, more compassionate, and more able to fulfil the destiny that is theirs uniquely. Such is the case with Dr.

KRISTEN WHITE Jean herself. “None of this is academic for me. I come from a family of multi-generational alcoholism, and so does my husband, Charles”, says Dr. Jean. And she has dealt with addiction herself. Charles and Jean’s experience in the counterculture era of the 1960s made it difficult for them to transition to a sober lifestyle in dominant culture. In the corporate world, Charles’ alcoholism became more and more severe. “I was a five-star codependent”, says Jean. “I kept everything working so well that my husband could continue to drink.” It was during this time that Jean and Charles began looking for other options. As Dr. Jean personally began to search out solutions for her own family, she ended up going to a local treatment centre and learning the dynamics around co-dependency and addiction. That led to Dr. Jean’s personal recovery, then Charles’ recovery, and eventually their combined passion to teach others. After years of being a drug and alcohol counsellor, Charles began moving into a coaching relationship with his clients, and he saw very


Charles and Jean’s experience in the counterculture era of the 1960s made it difficult for them to transition to a sober lifestyle in dominant culture. promising reseults. Dr. Jean began searching out the best professional coaching skills to match up with the recovery skills that she and Charles brought. That’s how Jean discovered Berry Fowler, the founder of the Sylvan Learning Centre and expert professional coach. He is now an integral member of the Rise Recovery programme. Traditionally, addiction has been treated in centres by overloaded therapists. This is a new model that allows more freedom and results in lasting results for the clients. Both the recovery coach and the person fighting addiction end up

MAIN PICTURE Dr. Jean LaCour has dedicated her life to helping others

ABOVE Seeking help is often the first step to overcoming addiction

BELOW Substance abuse can lead to a downward spiral

feeling empowered. What makes the Rise Recovery program different is a true understanding of the power of the joyful connections between clients and coaches. “We want to move from mere survival, to sobriety, to a place where clients can truly taste the success of living a life free from the compulsion of addiction.” Rise Recovery will emphasise the power of connection between the client and the coach, which will increase the incremental time that the client will stay with that coach. “How we create the coaching bond is unique with what were doing”, says Dr. Jean. This is the key to making the life-altering changes that take clients from addiction to lifelong success.

To learn more about the difference between therapy and coaching you can access: Discover How Caring Professionals Can Rise to New Levels of Success in Challenging Times. Download our FREE Report: 10 Reasons Coaches, Counsellors and Therapists
Find Joy and Prosperity as Professional Recovery Coaches:




TO BE AN Actor? Part of being the best you can be is focussing on what it takes to get there. We’re continuing the “What does it take…?” column, which looks at this aspect of being the best. This month we chat with renowned British-Nigerian actor Hakeem Kae-Kazim of Hotel Rwanda fame.

ON A SCALE OF ONE TO 10, HOW HAPPY ARE YOU RIGHT NOW? 100. 100, THAT’S A GOOD ANSWER. WHY ARE YOU SO HAPPY? Why not? FAIR ENOUGH. HOW DID YOU BECOME AN ACTOR? I just did, really. I just sort of partly fell into it. I trained. That’s a weird question, how did I become an actor. I just did. WHAT’S THE BEST THING ABOUT BEING AN ACTOR? I love it all, everything. I love it all. I love everything about it. I especially like being pampered. WHAT IS THE MOST CHALLENGING THING ABOUT FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM? Yeah, that is the most challenging thing; following your dream. There are lots of obstacles that get in the way. WHICH LIVING PERSON DO YOU MOST ADMIRE AND WHY? At the moment, Sidney Poitier I really admire. Why? Because I




love the fact that he – he and Harry Belafonte, actually – I love what they did in terms of their work as artists, but also as activists. IF YOU COULD HAVE DINNER WITH ONE HISTORICAL PERSON, WHO WOULD IT BE? Kwame Nkrumah. WHAT HAS YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT BEEN? My proudest moments will probably be the birth of all my children. HOW MANY CHILDREN DO YOU HAVE? 100. No, three. WHAT DID YOU WANT TO BE WHEN YOU WERE LITTLE? Big. It’s true. You know, when you’re little you always want to be big, right? THAT’S VERY TRUE. NOW THAT YOU’RE BIG DO YOU WANT TO BE LITTLE? Yes, exactly. Exactly that. WHEN LAST DID YOU SEE THE SUNRISE? I wouldn’t know, actually. When did I last see the sunrise? Oh, it’s, oh… You know, I can’t remember. It’s probably, I don’t know. It must’ve been a month or so ago, maybe more. See I’m getting old, you see. In my youth I used to see the sunrise every other day. HOW DO YOU RELAX? I’ll tell you what I do, really, which is the most relaxing thing is getting a fantastic Thai massage and having a steam.. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE REMEMBERED FOR? I think I’d like to be remembered for making great change in Africa. In some small way. Positive change, that is. WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO BECOME AN ACTOR? I was inspired, actually. I had this wonderful English teacher who did Julius Caesar for English class, and he would play every single character, but he would play with such gusto and verve and it was such a fascinating English class to be in that, you know, it prompted me to sort of look in, get into it. At least take a look. Then he cast me in the school play, so maybe it was him. Mr Guy Williams, his name was. WHAT IS THE MAIN CHALLENGE YOU FACE WHEN GETTING INTO A NEW ROLE? Trying to really get into a space where you believe completely where you’re coming from as that character. That’s always a challenge, trying to really, really delve into the depths of understanding where a character’s coming from.

great actors. I’m loving Michael Fassbender. I love Denzel Washington’s work. I love Johnny Depp; Christian Bale I love – I love his work. Meryl Streep, Angela Bassett, you know, a bunch of actors and actresses whose work I really enjoy. WHAT ARE YOU WORKING ON AT THE MOMENT? I’m doing a TV series called Black Sails. We’re shooting in Cape Town, actually, at the Cape Town Film Studios. It’s a Michael Bay production. We had episode one last weekend, which seems to have gone down well. Some stars in the United States, and it’s been a great ride. It’s been a wonderful thing to be part of. WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS FOR THE FUTURE? Carry on doing what I’m doing and hopefully get in a space where I’m doing some fantastic work, nominated for some wonderful awards, and life-wise, you know, it’s just really to watch my children grow and be in a really wonderful space with the family.

WHAT SORTS OF PEOPLE DO YOU LIKE TO WORK WITH? Good people, and people that are really passionate about the work and don’t have big egos, who really just enjoy being on set and enjoy being with other actors.

WHAT WILL PEOPLE BE SURPRISED TO LEARN ABOUT YOU? That I was the one who delivered my second child on my own. On my living room couch. I didn’t know what I was doing, it just all happened and it happened very quickly, so… I’m very lucky.

WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE ACTOR AND WHY? I don’t really have one favourite. There are several actors who I really enjoy. You know, that I really enjoy watching. I think they’re

DO YOU HAVE ANY TIPS FOR ASPIRING ACTORS? Yeah, just work hard and be passionate about what you do. That’s the most important thing.







Feeling good about yourself makes the joy shine from your eyes and your skin. It makes others respond to you in new ways and it gives you a whole new outlook on life. Looking good draws others to you and enhances your life in ways you haven’t yet imagined. It’s great to find new ways to feel and look good now!

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If you’ve slipped up on your New Year’s resolution diet, UK rugby player James Haskell has some tips to get back on track


We feature some great products that will make you look and feel your best at the tail end of winter

WAR ON SUGAR T hese days it seems like everything we eat has excessive sugar. Bernardo Moya teams up with Channel 4 to do an exposé





n the Northern Hemisphere, jetting through January and February is something that should be rewarded, and we often reward ourselves with donuts and biscuits. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t stick to new year’s resolutions, youmight have lost track of your goals already. It's not too late to get back on the proverbial horse.

In the New Year we have grand diet plans and exercise regimes. But by this time of the year, many of us have started to slip up – skipping gym and indulging in a few too many cupcakes at office birthday celebrations. BodyFire’s founder and professional rugby player James Haskell shares his top tips to keep you on track.

Juicing is a huge craze for 2014, it’s simple, yet effective. Juicing is a great way to get the greens you need without having to eat them with every meal. Juicing will also give you the vitamins and minerals you need to keep your body and your mind happy. Juices are great as main meals or as meal replacements.

Greens are king! Swap those carbs on the side of your plate for greens. Vegetables give you a shot of vitamins and nutrients. Imagine your plate as a pie chart, you want to see a large share of the chart made-up of protein, a large share featuring vegetables and the remainder of the chart, the smallest element by far, comprising your choice of carbs.

When I juice I am sure to add Tagaloa. Tagaloa organic coconut oil is an essential food product for anyone serious about nutrition. It has a superb combination of fatty acids, which help with energy metabolism. Coconut oil is a great source of the once demonised saturated fat in the diet. The fats provide medium chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are a great and accessible form of energy.


Sometimes the main reason we fail at our new year’s resolutions is lack of motivation, sometimes we just need that extra kick to make us get up and go! If you’ve invested in that gym membership, make the most of it! Hades (for men) and Hella (for women) are pre-trainer and fat burning food supplements designed to help you take fitness training to the next level and maximise results.


James has teamed up with ex London Wasps Rugby Club chef, Omar Meziane to create a variety of great tasting Tagaloa meals and smoothies.



1. ARGAN OIL Hair feeling a little dry from the winter? Argan Oil is great for giving your hair extra moisture and creating a protective layer. And it stops those fly-away bits too!

2. BE REEM Nothing like a bit of TOWIE for a guilty pleasure. Well, now they have released their own fragrance, and we think it's well reem



Getting those thighs summer ready? How about trying this fantastic new product from The Beauty Parlour – Anti Cellulite Gel.


4. BATH SOAK May as well make the most of the chilly months while they are still here and indulge in a hot bath. This bath soak from Ooh Spa will make it super luxurious.

5. DKNY SUMMER HER Looking for a new fragrance for the summer? Well, you've found it. Fresh and summery.


6. NO. 7 LIPSTICK Quality, affordibility, and a wide variety of shades. Whatever your lipstick needs, No. 7 will meet them.

7. BODY BUTTER Winter doesn't only dry out your hair, but your skin too. Give it a moisture boost.

8. NO. 7 NAIL VARNISH Looking to add a little sparkle to your ensemble? Look no further.



7 8



WAR ON SUGAR It seems like all the food and drinks we buy these days have hidden sugar in them – even foods and drinks we think of as healthy. Sugar leads to type 2 diabetes and obesity, so our editor, Bernaro Moya, teamed up with Channel 4 Dispatches to investigate.




ugar is on everybody’s lips – it’s in almost everything we eat and drink, and giving it up is hard. According to an article in The Guardian, “In the UK we eat and drink around 70 per cent more sugar than the government says we should.” A growing number of health experts are calling for the government to act to cut down the hidden sugar in our diets, claiming it’s associated with a host of chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, which are costing the NHS billions of pounds a year. An investigation by Channel 4 Dispatches called ‘Are We Addicted to Sugar?’ reveals that scientists advising health ministers on how much sugar should be in our diet are being funded by chocolate, ice-cream and fizzy drink companies as well as a lobby group for the sugar industry. It has been suggested that we tax food and drink with excessive sugar, as they do in many European countries. The Americans have been trying to get some traction with this effort as well, and in 2009, 33 US states had a sales tax on soft drinks. There have

been proposals to get other states on board, but it seems their addiction to sugar keeps getting in the way and it keeps getting rejected by the voters. Professor David Colquhoun of University College London told The Guardian: “Bugger all is known with certainty about the effects of diet on health. That's why so much is written about it. The whole problem is that it's all correlational stuff – there's no causality proven. Nevertheless the best current guess is that sugar is a much bigger problem than fat. And it's addictive, which is why manufacturers do it (I'll happily eat a whole bag of jelly babies). That can't be good – so, yes, I'd say let's tax it.” The suggested 20p tax per bottle of soft drink would raise £1 billion a year – money that could go to good causes, such as children’s healthcare and nutritious school dinners. But, by now, the fact that Coca-Cola is loaded with sugar isn’t news. What’s more surprising is foods and drinks we previously thought of as healthy are now being criticised by health experts. Robert

FEEL & LOOK GOOD Lustig, an American paediatric endocrinologist at the University of California, counts fructose as our latest enemy. In an article for The Guardian he wrote: “Fructose causes seven times as much cell damage as does glucose, because it binds to cellular proteins seven times faster; and it releases 100 times the number of oxygen radicals (such as hydrogen peroxide, which kills everything in sight).” Staying away from sugary and fructose enriched drinks is one thing, but surely our meat is okay. Apparently not. He also blames insulin for obesity, saying that we are producing too much owing to our unnatural diets, and the meat we eat is unnaturally reared. Insulin is the hormone that causes energy to be stored in fat cells. Lustig told The Guardian in an interview: “In grass-fed beef, like in Argentina, there are no problems, and that's why the Argentinians are doing fine. The Argentinians have a meatbased diet. I love their meat. It is red, it's not marbled, it's a little tougher to cut but it's very tasty. And it's grass-fed. That's what cows are supposed to eat – grass. We [in the US] feed them corn and the reason is twofold – one, we don't have enough land and, two, when you feed them corn they fatten up. It usually takes 18 months to get a cow from birth to slaughter. Today it takes six weeks and you get all that marbling in the meat. That's muscle insulin resistance. That animal has the same disease we do, it's just that we slaughter them before they get sick.” So much of what we put into our bodies is poison, and it is killing us. Read the ingredients and be aware of what is going into your body. If you can’t pronounce an ingredient, it’s probably not okay. b




Not only is there hidden sugar in pretty much everything we eat, but the sugar levels in these products are constantly on the rise. The Best You has put together some key facts and figures to really drive home what an important issue this is.

The British are now the fattest people in Europe and we are getting fatter. In the UK, more than 60 per cent of adults and 30 per cent of children are either obese or overweight. Being overweight or obese can lead to a myriad of health problems, including heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

40% Non-obese people in the UKa

60% Obese people in the UK


There is absolutely no need for added (refined) sugar in the human diet, yet the average UK adult consumes 36kg of it per year. The vast majority of this is hidden in prepared food, such as ready meals, ketchup and even bread.


By now, it’s known that Coca-Cola is one of the most sugary drinks with a staggering nine teaspoons of refined sugar in just one can. But what isn’t as known is that Coca-Cola has been increasing the amount of sugar included in the drink steadily since the launch of the infamous soft drink, and our sugar consumption has increased by 40 per cent. According to an article in The Guardian, “In 1822 American adults consumed the amount of sugar contained in one can of soft drink every five days. Now on average every adult consumes that much every seven hours.”


In the UK alone, more than 3.5 million of us are thought to have type 2 diabetes – and the numbers are growing fast. Money spent by the NHS on type 2 diabetes treatments is costing £8.8 billion a year, and it is set to rise to £15 billion by 2035. In fact, type 2 diabetes and other obesity related diseases could bankrupt the NHS.




Action on Sugar, a group of specialists concerned with sugar and its effects on health, is successfully working to reach a consensus with the food industry and Government over the harmful effects of a high-sugar diet. They say that cutting the amount of sugar in our foods and drinks will significantly curb obesity and its related illnesses, saving the NHS up to £50 billion a year.



Sugar has been controversially likened by some academics to addictive drugs such as tobacco and cocaine. According to an article in Nature magazine, nutritionist, author and sugar warrior, Robert Lustig, said, “Take, for instance bans on smoking in public places and the use of designated drivers, not to mention airbags in cars and condom dispensers in public bathrooms. These simple measures – which have all been on the battleground of American politics – are now taken for granted as essential tools for our public health and well-being. It's time to turn our attention to sugar."



Every day, we eat things that are packed with sugar, going way beyond the NHS’s Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA). For a man it is recommended that he have no more than 70g (seven teaspoons) of sugar per day, while women are recommended no more than 50g (5 teaspoons) per day. To give you an idea of the amount of sugar we are taking in on a daily basis, a tall Starbucks caramel Frappuccino contains 11 teaspoons of sugar, while a bowl of Kellogg’s Frosties contains four teaspoons of sugar. If you are a woman who consumes both of those things on the same day, that is three times your sugar RDA without any nutrition.

Action is required to tackle obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke and cancer. These obesityrelated diseases are costing the NHS so much that they could go bankrupt in a few years. Added sugar in our diet is a relatively recent phenomenon (c150 years). It only started when sugar – obtained from sugar cane, beet and corn – became very cheap to produce. No other mammal eats added sugar and there is no requirement for added sugar in the human diet. This sugar is a totally unnecessary source of calories, gives no feeling of fullness, and is acknowledged to be a leading factor in rising levels of obesity and diabetes both in the UK and worldwide. It's not just the well-known brands, such as Coca-Cola, which has a staggering nine teaspoons of added sugar per can. Flavoured water, sports drinks, yogurts, ketchup, ready meals and even bread are just a few everyday foods that contain large amounts of hidden sugars. Researchers say that if governments take action, such as putting an end to the clustering of fast food outlets on high streets or taxing fizzy drinks, they can help turn the tide against obesity.






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Wealth [n] “happiness,” also “prosperity in abundance of possessions or riches” from Middle English “wele”, meaning “well-being”. Riches [n] “valued possessions, money, property,” Making money and bringing greater wealth to EVERY area of your life...

ENTER THE DRAGON Bernardo interviews John Lee, co-founder of Wealth Dragons and entrepreneurial expert

INTRO TO YOUR GOALS Best-selling author Brian Tracy says it’s time to stop contemplating your goals – go out and achieve them




When John Lee was at school, he was teased that he was famous martial artist Bruce Lee. Now a property entrepreneur and public speaker, he admits that Bruce Lee's dedication and hard work have actually been an inspiration to him. The Best You finds out his hands-on approach to making money.


HEN it came to schooling, John Lee was never the leader in the class. "In fact", the multi-millionaire property entrepreneur admits, "I was dyslexic. Something I didn’t find out until I was 30." But his dyslexia had its compensations, and his experience of school in Burnley and Manchester led him to see the truth in the Jim Roos adage: "Formal education makes you a living and selfeducation makes you a fortune." What does he mean by that? He explains what was missing at school: "They didn’t teach me about money, they didn’t teach me about relationships, they taught me a little bit about sex education, but that was as far as it went. I think what’s missing right now is that people are taught to make other people rich, rather than start a business.” This mindset is passed on from parents to children and John thinks it would be better if schools "started introducing money management and entrepreneurialism." He goes on, "My business partner, Vincent, his daughter has a business—she’s nine years old! Her business is called Hearts Eggs. She buys eggs for a pound, right? Goes to the farmers, these big organic eggs, goes to the offices and sells them for £1.50. So she makes £40 a week. She’s nine years old! Wouldn’t it be great if all our kids, and our kids’ kids, and the next generation had that mentality of 'Hey, you know what? I can make money even though I’m not working!' We want to teach people the value of passive income, the value of getting in business for yourself."


BELOW Bernardo Moya interviews John Lee in this video

That's what John Lee teaches with his Wealth Dragons seminars. For him, it's a skill he started to learn after he realised he was about to be laid off from work as a computer animator in London. He remembers how it all started – by being given a copy of Robert Kiyosaki's "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" by a friend while he was in café. "I read the book and it taught me a concept called ‘passive income’. You know, you can actually earn money without having to work for money." Whereas most people trade time for money, passive income is about teaching you ways to make money without giving your time, which is the starting



Reading The Sunday Times Top 100 Rich List, he realised that most wealthy people were involved in property point of financial freedom. On the back of this, Lee took himself on a learning journey. Reading The Sunday Times Top 100 Rich List, he realised that most wealthy people were involved in property. He started to find out how they did, asking questions and going to seminars. With one mentor, he paid £10,000 for the equivalent of two days of training, selling his car to pay for the course. But during that training he did his first property deal. "I bought it for £85,000 and I sold it for £185,000 and I was like, ‘This is unbelievable, I just made like three years’ worth of my salary in three months!’" John says one of the things his mentor taught him was, "There’s never a lack of money, it’s only a lack of resources and creativity." From this early success John has gone on to teach others how to do the same. He admits that after you've acquired wealth, life can become boring, and he finds great fulfillment in helping others achieve wealth and success. His seminars are

regularly packed and he frequently receives notifications from students that they have done their first property deal. And if he could pass on some advice in just a few words? "If you don’t have anything right now, go to the right places, surround yourself with people who are successful. Surround yourself with people who have got the things that you want." Getting education from people who know what they're talking about is vital, not just school education, but useful attitudes from people who have walked the walk. And a few final words of inspiration? "Eucation and surrounding yourself with successful people doesn’t require money, alright? It’s all out there. It’s available out there."

JOHN LEE AT A GLANCE l Born in Burnley, Lancashire, UK l Dyslexic at school l Studied creative arts degree l Worked as an computer animator l Life changed when he was laid off l Started his journey of money-making l Bought and sold property using "other people's money" l Now teaches his techniques of success in his Wealth Dragons courses

Life Without Limits

Last We're month still trying we saw The to decide Wolf of which Wall Street amazingly grace the inspirational silver screen,person so we to thought put onthat the cover now was of the a good Apriltime issue. to have There an are in-depth so many look inspirational at its leadingfigures man, Leonardo to choose DiCaprio. from. Let Sous heknow is March's who you cover find inspiring, star! and maybe you'll see your We've favourite also got on next some great month's tips from cover. bestselling author Thomas Rising Gagliano debt is about a huge recapturing problem, inintimacy the UK and in your in the relationship. rest of the world. And we We've get got back some to profiling great advice sportsfrom greats. John Fairhurst, the All director this and of PayPlan, so much to get more. youLooking out of that forward rut. to it. www.thebestyoumagazine.co WWW.THEBESTYOUMAGAZINE.CO | 53


INTRODUCTION TO YOUR GOALS Brian Tracy says this is a wonderful time to be alive. There have never been more opportunities for creative and determined people to achieve more of their goals than they ever could before.


egardless of short-term ups and downs in the economy and in your life, we are entering into an age of peace and prosperity superior to any previous era in human history. In the year 1900, there were five thousand millionaires in America. By the year 2000,

there were more than five million, most of them selfmade, in one generation. Experts predict that there will be another ten to twenty million millionaires created in the next two decades. Your goal should be to become one of them. I left high school without graduating. My first job was as


MAIN PICTURE Go for it! Put your mind to it and acheive your goals!

OPPOSITE BELOW Tracy started out working in construction

a dishwasher in the back of a small hotel. From there, I moved on to washing cars, and then washing floors with a janitorial service. For the next few years, I drifted and worked at various labouring jobs, earning my living by the sweat of my brow. Often I slept in my car, or in cheap rooming houses. When I could no longer find a labouring job, I got a job in straight commission sales, cold calling from office-to-office and from door-to-door. I would often work all day long to make a single sale so that I could pay for my rooming house and have a place to sleep that night. Then one day, I took out a piece of paper and wrote down an outrageous goal for myself. It was to earn $1,000 per month in door-to-door and office-tooffice selling. Thirty days later, my entire life had changed. I discovered a technique for closing sales that tripled my income. Exactly thirty days after I had written down my goal, my boss took me aside and offered me $1,000 per month to head up the sales force and teach the other people what it was that I was did. I accepted his offer and from that day forward, my life was never the same. I went from personal selling to becoming a sales manager with people selling for me. I recruited and built a 95 person sales force. I went literally from worrying about my next meal to walking around with a pocket full of $20 dollar bills. I began teaching my salespeople how to write out their goals, and how to sell more effectively. In almost

no time at all, they doubled and tripled and increased their incomes as much as ten times. Many of them are today millionaires and multimillionaires. It’s important to note that, since those days in my mid-20s, my life has not been a smooth series of upward steps. It has included many ups and downs, marked by occasional successes and temporary failures. As the result of inexperience, and sometimes sheer stupidity, I have spent or lost everything I made and had to start over again – several times. In every case when this happened, I would begin by sitting down with a piece of paper and laying out a new set of goals

for myself. After several years of hit and miss goal setting and goal achieving, I finally decided to collect everything I had learned into a single system. By assembling these ideas and strategies in one place, I developed a goal setting methodology and process, with a beginning, middle and end, and began to follow it every day. I began teaching my system in workshops and seminars that have now reached more than two million people in 35 countries. I began audiotaping and video taping my courses so that others could use them. We have now trained hundreds of thousands of people in these principles, in multiple languages, all over the world.

I began teaching my system in workshops and seminars that have now reached more than two million people in 35 countries

ABOVE Be the best at what you do, no matter what it is

What I found was that these ideas work everywhere, for everyone, in virtually every country, no matter what your education, experience or background may be when you begin. Most of all, these ideas have made it possible for me, and many thousands of others, to take complete control over our lives. The regular and systematic practice of goal setting has taken us from poverty to prosperity, from frustration to fulfilment, from underachievement to success and satisfaction. This system will do the same for you. What I learned early on is that any plan is better than no plan at all. And it is not necessary to reinvent the wheel. All the answers have already been found. You will find that there are no limits to what you can accomplish except for the limits you place on your own imagination. And since there are no limits to what you can imagine, there are no limits to what you can achieve. This is one of the greatest discoveries of all. Let us begin. b








Getting a degree, being on Sesame Street, those were like real accomplishments to me.” In 1953, Chaka Khan came into the world in Chicago under the name Yvette Marie Stevens. She had four brothers and sisters, and was the oldest of her siblings. The kids were raised on the south side of Chicago, an area known for its rough and tough way of life. Khan began performing and singing early on in life and formed her first musical group when she was eleven, The Crystalettes. Chaka Khan came by her stage name when in 1973 she married Hassan Khan, her long-time boyfriend. She began to attract real notoriety when she joined the group Rufus. It was here that Stevie Wonder approached the group about collaborating on what would become their legendary hit, ‘Tell Me Something Good,’ written specifically for Khan. Khan began her solo career with a monster hit in ‘I’m Every Woman.’ From there she was off and running, having cemented a platinum recording career. With several hit singles released throughout the 1980s and ‘90s, including the number one smash ‘Higher Love,’ with Steve Winwood. In 2011, Khan was awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She has kept busy as the music industry has seen and felt many shifts, but Chaka Khan has embraced those shifts, preferring to look to the consistently focus on the future and new material.



I've gotten some pretty nice awards. I'm having trouble finding places to put them all.” Craig Venter began his journey in Salt Lake City, Utah in 1946. For all he would become later in life, he was, admittedly, not a very bright student in school. Earning only passable grades to get by, his thoughts always lay beyond the scope of the rest of the class. It was after he was forced into the Vietnam War, by way of the draft, that Venter found his true calling. Interacting daily with afflicted soldiers returning from the battle, he began his study of medicine. Upon completing studies in biochemistry and physiology, for which he earned a PhD, Venter joined the National Institute of Health in the United States. During his work at this organization, Venter was able to finesse techniques of genome sequencing, perfecting processes that ultimately led to his being one of the first to map the human genome. Venter went on to create a synthetic genome, putting this system to work in creating modified microorganisms capable of producing clean fuels and biochemicals. His firm, Synthetic Genomics, has since partnered with ExxonMobil to found new methods for generating clean energy. Craig Venter did not begin his life with a solid map to success, but he was able to turn adverse experiences into opportunities for learning, and discovered a route to his own potential.









I always feel like the art's there and I just see it, so it's not really a lot of work.” In 1965, Damien Hirst began his art assault on the world. This was the year of this birth, however it wasn’t long after that he began making lasting impressions. Hirst has said of his mother that she would not tolerate any form of defiance, and that she was heavy-handed with her punishments. Yet he does credit her with encouraging his earliest artistic sensibilities in the form of drawing. During his formative years, Hirst was denied admission to multiple esteemed art programs. He at last was able to find placement at Goldsmiths, University of London. He spent his off school-hours labouring at a mortuary. Ironically, it was this particular extracurricular activity that would influence his strongest work and catapult him to the heights of the art world. Hirst quickly went on to display his stark, polarizing pieces at showrooms the world over. He would even garner the attention and resources of Charles Saatchi, the legendary adman and one of the world’s preeminent art collectors. His continuing explorations on the themes of life and how it relates to death receive worldwide attention to this day, with Hirst remaining consistently active. His work was even recognized on a global scale when he contributed the centrepiece to the closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympic Summer Games.



“For this race, I knew it was going to take strength and endurance and power.” Tatyana McFadden began life seemingly at a standstill. Born in 1989 in St. Petersburg, Russia, doctors quickly diagnosed the new-born with Spina Bifida, a disorder that left her paralysed from the waist down. Abandoned to an orphanage by the woman who gave birth to her, McFadden was adopted by an American who happened to be visiting on behalf of the United States Department of Health. Encouraged and wholly supported by her adoptive mother, Tatyana began racing when she was eight years old, throwing herself into action in many sports. She constantly trained to strengthen her body. In 2004, she contended in the Paralympics Games that mirrored the Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. Conquering short and long distance races, she has amassed an uncanny amount of medals to date. In 2013, she earned six gold medals in separate events at the IPC Athletic World Championships. McFadden and her mother are widely considered responsible for facilitating the passage of the Maryland Fitness and Athletics Equity for Students with Disabilities Act, which called for schools with disabled students to provide an opportunity for those students to compete in school athletics. Never one to view any obstacle as a roadblock, Tatyana McFadden prefers instead to move fast enough to break right through them.



THE BEST YOU DIRECTORY The Best Professionals in Personal Development



Dr Stephen Simpson: NLP, Hypnotherapy, and Havening Email: doc@drstephensimpson.com Website: www.drstephensimpson.com clients include leading names from the world of sport, business, and the entertainment industries.

Shayna Schulman: Attitude adjuster and flexibility enhancer Email: Shayna.s@virgin.net Phone: +44 (0) 208 960 7715 Licensed trainer, coaching, consulting, yoga, nutrition

NLP TRAINERS Tina Taylor: Licensed Master Trainer and Practitioner Email: kay@the-me-group.com Phone: +44 (0) 7946 351640 Website: tina@tina-taylor.com Tina’s experience allows her to create and provide some very unique coaching services from stopping addictions to pregnancy and pain control.

Ulrika Shaw: Coach, Thrive consultant, hypnotherapist and NLP trainer Email: enquiry@shawmind.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)7810 556029 Website: www.shawmind.co.uk Are you suffering from anxieties or depression? Maybe you’re struggling with bad habits such as overeating or smoking? I help people overcome anything that holds them back!

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LIFE COACHES Dr Andrew A Parsons: Mindfulness, Resilience and Finding Clear Purpose Email: aaparsons@reciprocalminds.com Phone: +44 (0)7854 029 268 I am Neuroscientist, Executive Leader and Credentialed Coach. I support people build awareness and make changes for success

Dustin Vice: Personal and Business Development Coaching Email: dustin@alliancecoachingsystem.com Website: www.alliancecoachingsystem.com Professional Coaching, Coaching Business system for professional coaches

Gail Cherry: Torchlight Coaching Email: gail@torchlightcoaching.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)1143 489 161 Website: www.torchlightcoaching.co.uk I help people at a profound level with their personal and professional development. Together, we work on your ‘self’ to be the best you.

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Those Life Consultant Guys: Coaching, Seminars. Business, goal setting and more. Website: www.thoselifeconsultantguys.com A coaching company who pride ourselves in helping you live your best life; every day, through one on one sessions and seminar programmes.

Laura Spicer: Improve your public speaking skills and gain confidence Email: laura.spicer@gmail.com Phone: 01752 361 576 Website: www.laura-spicer.com The only accredited Sound Practice Trainer for the Society of NLP

Edson Williams: Life Coaching Email: edson@leadbyexample.com Phone: +44(0)7867517777 Website: www.leadbyexample.com skype: leadbyexample I specialise in leadership development and mastery and sport coaching

David Owen: Life Coach & NLP Trainer Email: bestyou@excel-yourself.com Phone: 07900 243494 Website: www.excel-yourself.com NLP Master Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Alexander Teacher with 23 years experience. Stop smoking, slimming, phobias, relationships, stress, confidence, self-esteem.

PHOBIA SPECIALISTS John Vincent: Public speaking without fear Email: John@JohnVincent.tv Website: www.johnvincent.tv

Phone: +44 (0)7808 545 421

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Debbie Williams: Birmingham NLP Practice Group Website: www.debbiewilliams.co.uk Phone: +44 (0)121 241 0728 Life coaching, public speaking, sports coaching, all eating disorders, emotional mastery, OCD, stopping blushing, cocaine addiction, binge drinking.


Pasquale Acampora (Italy): Master Trainer and Mental Coach, NLP, Team building Website: www.blackship.it Phone: +39 (0)335 70 99 000 Pasquale’s key areas are sport and business, he has worked with top athletes and multinational companies.

Alessandro Mora (Italy): Sport Coaching Email: a.mora@ekis.it Phone: +39 (0)522 337 611 Website: www.pnlekis.com NLP, coaching and team building applied to sport and business all over Italy

Xavier Pirla (Spain): NLP Master Trainer and NLP Coach Email: kay@the-me-group.com Phone: 91 002 84 44 (Madrid) Website: www.the-me-group.com 93 193 6449 (Barcelona) NLP, NLP Business Applications, Coaching workshops and Consultancy

Aleksander Sinigoj (Slovenia): Mastermind Academy Email: info@itnlp.com Website: www.aleksandersinigoj.com Leadership, Motivation, Sales, Business NLP

If you’d like to be featured on this list, please contact Bianca Crown on 0203 011 0866 or email advertising@thebestyou.co Visit www.thebestyoudirectory.co for more personal development professionals.


CREATE A SAFE PLACE In a healthy relationship, both parties need to discuss the ways they can communicate with each other in a safe way. If not, they will become victims to each other and neither party will be able to hear the other’s concerns. The rule may be that neither party will rage at the other or withdraw emotionally. The challenges on these rules will be negotiated. Safe communications is the foundation by which relationships are built.


RELATIONSHIPS ARE NOT ALWAYS 50/50 In a healthy relationship, both parties understand there are times where one partner needs to contribute more to the relationship than the other. What may come easy to one may not be easy to the other and this is okay. Just try to be patient with your partner when you feel you aren't getting enough from them. It will swing back to you soon enough.


Know when to relinquish the need to be right in your conversations with your partner. Instead, choose closeness by listening.. Also, be aware of your inner critic. If you have an inner voice criticising yourself, then you may sabotage intimacy when it comes your way, feeling that you don’t deserve the love of others. You need to fix what is broken inside of you in order to let the love of others in.

Many of us are so afraid of intimacy that we sabotage the happiness in our lives. We push loved ones away, yet deep inside there’s a voice screaming for closeness. Thomas Gagliano has been quite successful helping folks understand why.

RECALL CHILDHOOD INTIMACY I ask people what intimacy looked like for them when they were children. Were their parents warm and close with each other, or was intimacy something to avoid? We may be very sensitive to criticism from our partner because we were judged harshly in our childhood. Criticism may awaken old feelings and messages that distort our ability to hear our partner and our ability to share our feelings as well.





The pace of change can sometimes bewilder, but it can also give amazing opportunities to meet new people, discover new things and thrive. Bring out the best in you by discovering the latest innovations that will put you ahead of the pack.

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The Best You chats with Shane Caniglia, the technology president of the Rich Dad Company


Technology means more than useful gadgets. These days they double up as fashion accessories too




The Rich Dad company asked Shane Caniglia to take on the president position and to spearhead technology initiatives the financial-education company had never tackled before. The Best You caught up with him to chat about his projects.


obert and Kim Kiyosaki realised early on that serving financial literacy to the masses took an application of technology that did not exist in their company. When they met Shane Caniglia through their mutual business lawyer, it seemed like a natural fit. “Before I came to Rich Dad, my business partner and I had

just sold PFI, our small package delivery company, to FedEx”, Shane says. “In addition, we closed down our Phoenix based business due to complications with a bad partner and market conditions.” With that chapter of his life over, it was perfect timing for Shane to become a part of the Rich Dad family. When one thinks of the Rich Dad Poor


MAIN PICTURE Shane Caniglia has brought finance education and technology together

OPPOSITE PAGE Shane is very proud of the apps he has developed for Rich Dad

Dad franchise, technology isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, but in the 21st century, all businesses have to have a technological aspect, which is where Shane’s expertise comes in. “At PFI, my old shipping company”, he explains, “I used my training as a certified database programmer to lead the team that created the proprietary software that ran the company and created the highest level of efficiency and profitability.” The way he has transferred these skills to Rich Dad is impressive. “When I came to Rich Dad, the entrepreneur in me realised that Rich Dad needed to transition from just physical products to the digital world. With that in mind, we wanted to do more than just create ebooks and websites; we wanted to lead the company into the world of apps, both iOS and Android. In doing so we have created whole new ways to learn and created the ground breaking app, Rich Dad Poor Dad powered by Clutch.” Developing a successful app these days is no mean feat. There seems to be an app for everything, on all platforms, from maps to plan your journey across town to games with candies to keep you occupied on your travels. What makes an app stand out above the rest in this saturated market?

THE BEST YOU “One word: Quality. You simply make the best app you can with the best user experience. To succeed that you must constantly push yourself and your team to be better.” For Shane, the best app he has created at Rich Dad has been Rich Dad Poor Dad powered by Clutch; “This app takes all the lessons from the book Rich Dad Poor Dad and recreates them through games, videos, animations, simulations, and so much more. We took the boring topic of finance and made it fun. Now that is an achievement!” However, Shane isn’t just a geeky tech guy. He has many other interests, the main one being entrepreneurship, which he applies to various projects. In 2010 he founded Plush Creative Agency, a business that works with the largest brands in the business, specialising in liquor brand promotion marketing. This year he opened Krayvings Restaurant. According to Shane, going into the restaurant business was a natural progression from Plush. “As owner in Plush, a marketing and promotional planning company, I worked with bars and restaurants regularly. It was through Plush that we saw the need for Fuduzu, our restaurant management system. After learning the restaurant business to make those business stronger, opening a restaurant was just a natural fit.” This adventure into the restaurant industry opened the door to Fuduzu, a proprietary software management system designed to revolutionise the food and beverage industry. Shane says

that it was this business that taught him the most about entrepreneurship. “All my skills as an entrepreneur were required such as raising-capital, creating a ground breaking product from the ground up, sales as I have to open the eyes of the industry to this need, and execution as I am asking an entire industry to start over”, he explains. “The biggest lesson I learned or skill I had to acquire was people. You have to have great people surrounding you. You have to have a great team and you have to develop the personal skills to lead that team.” Clearly a rock star of the world of entrepreneurship, Shane reckons that if he wasn’t doing this, he would be a genuine rock star. “I’ve been playing drums my whole life. I’d be rocking and rolling. I spent my youth in a rock band. Just like my life as an entrepreneur, being the drummer for a rock band satisfied my creative


You simply make the best app you can with the best user experience. To succeed that you must constantly push yourself

needs, and as the band manager I fulfilled my business instincts.” Entrepreneurial rock star or musical rock star, Shane is having a great time. “Being an entrepreneur is awesome. There are ups and downs, but I love it. I have no regrets and would not change a thing." b

IT'S APP TO YOU! The Rich Dad Company has, with Shane's help, created some wonderful apps. Click here to find out more information on how these apps can help you and your financial future.

The Best You website is packed with loads of great books, DVDs, CDs, downloads, free articles and reports. Check it out now: www.thebestyou.co

Intro to Financial Tech By Roy Freedman

Cashflow Quadrant

Covers the broad range of topics involved in this industry




Civilization By Niall Ferguson

By Robert Kiyosaki

This book delivers tools for great success

The six killer apps of western power l






Fashion accessories don’t just mean shoes, handbags and scarves anymore. These days technical gadgets are as wearable as they are useful. We look at some of the more popular ones that are making waves.


FITBIT FLEX Fitness gadgets are increasingly popular. The Fitbit Flex tracks steps, distance, and calories burned and shows you how you’re stacking up against your daily goals. LED lights show how your day is stacking up against your goal. At night, it tracks your sleep cycle, helps you learn how to sleep better, and wakes you silently in the morning. Access your stats anytime on your computer, tablet, or from smartphones – both iPhone and Android. It comes with a rechargeable battery, and you can even take it in the shower. Fitbit Flex is slim, comfortable and easy to wear (sold with both large and small wristbands included).

Very specific kinds of people dream of a fully playable guitar built into a t-shirt. These are obviously the same kind of people who developed The Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt. Each button on the neck of the guitar design represents a major chord recorded from a real electric guitar, allowing you to strum just like you would a real guitar. The included mini amp clips to your belt and gets plenty loud with great sounding amplification circuitry. The tone knob on the amp lets you adjust the sound just like a real guitar. Rock on.



USB NECKLACES Of the many out-of-the-ordinary flash drives, the Swarovski USB necklaces gives off a positive, almost classy vibe. Part of a line of crystal-studded USB drives, this 4GB USB necklace is proof that tech can be sophisticated and elegant at the same time. The heart-shaped pendants actually conceal miniature flash drives, allowing users to carry their documents or PDF files on the go. An attached stainless steel chain makes the product all the more appealing. The attached computer key pieces are covered in classic Swarovski crystals.


PEBBLE WATCH The Pebble Smart Watch puts critical apps and notifications on your wrist. It connects to Android and iPhone smartphones using Bluetooth, alerting you with a silent vibration to incoming calls, emails and messages. See who is calling, or get the most important emails and texts without having to pull your phone out in the middle of a meeting. It's compatible with select Apple and Android devices and is infinitely customizable, with beautiful downloadable watchfaces and useful internetconnected apps. It’s also pretty darn stylish.

Whether it is because you don’t like having to change wallets once they are worn down, or if you don’t like the feel of leather on your skin, iWallet is a game-changer youll want to take a look at. With a strong, hard casing, biometric access, and bluetooth technology to act as a deterrent against thieves, the iWallet is out to prove that it takes your security very seriously. If the iWallet or your phone is too far apart from one another (more than 10-15 ft), your phone will sound, warning you of a pickpocket’s foiled attempt or if you have misplaced either of these important personal effects. Prices are in the $459 to $599 range and the wallets are available in carbon fibre and aluminium shell.

GOOGLE GLASS Google Glass is about as fancy as it gets in technology at the moment. The display has a 640x360 pixel resolution, providing the equivalent picture to that of a 25-inch HD display when viewed from eight feet away. The built-in camera is a 5-megapixel unit with 720p video capture, while audio is handled via a bone conduction transducer. Onboard storage is 16GB and the device is fully synced with Google’s cloud storage. Google claims the Glass frame will fit ‘any face’ and it comes with three sets of adjustable nose pads to help you get a comfortable experience.


To advertise here, please contact Bianca Crown on +44 (0) 203 011 0866 or email advertising@thebestyou.co

To advertise here, please contact Bianca Crown on +44 (0) 203 011 0866 or email advertising@thebestyou.co

Live your life without limitsTM



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With The Wolf of Wall Street hitting the silver screen a few months back and garnering all sorts of buzz in the award world, we profile the...

The Best You March 2014  

With The Wolf of Wall Street hitting the silver screen a few months back and garnering all sorts of buzz in the award world, we profile the...