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CHRISTUS Spohn Health System’s first da Vinci Xi robotic surgical system is pictured with Dr. Laura Shelton at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-South. A second da Vinci Xi system is now available at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-Shoreline for thoracic, colorectal and general surgery procedures.

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CHRISTUS Spohn Expands Surgical Robotic Program New da Vinci Xi Robotic Surgical System Debuts at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-Shoreline The technology of tomorrow is here today providing new horizons for thoracic, urologic and colorectal surgery candidates in South Texas. CHRISTUS Spohn Health System debuts its second da Vinci Xi, a revolutionary robotic surgical system at CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital Corpus Christi – Shoreline. Just last year CHRISTUS Spohn Health System invested in its minimally invasive robotic surgical program by obtaining the da Vinci Xi for its South campus. The minimally-invasive da Vinci Xi offers three dimensional, high-definition visualization allowing for greater precision and control for surgeons. It is cutting-edge technology with a range of applications for thoracic, colorectal and urologic procedures at CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline. “We are excited to continue to bring state-ofthe-art technology and equipment to our hospital campus and further enhance the programs and services that we offer as the region’s Tertiary Referral Center,” said CHRISTUS Spohn Shoreline President Kelly Elkins.

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The da Vinci System is operated by a surgeon sitting a few feet away from the patient at a console. Using a high-powered camera, the surgeon guides the robot’s four arms - which hold surgical tools that are inserted into the patient through small, keyhole-sized incisions.  The da Vinci’s highly-accurate instruments allow the surgeon to move her or his own hands - and the robot’s – to conduct precise movements with extraordinary control and precision.  In addition, the da Vinci’s video monitoring system provides a three-dimensional view of the surgery with magnification ten times that of the naked eye. Eight years ago, CHRISTUS Spohn became the first hospital in South Texas to offer the original da Vinci computer-enhanced surgical system. This is the second da Vinci Xi to join the health system; CHRISTUS Spohn Hospital-South debuted the enhanced system last fall for OBGYN and Colorectal procedures. “The da Vinci Xi system allows our physicians to perform procedures and operations unlike ever before.” Elkins added. “It’s an exciting addition

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to the level of care we can provide our patients.” For physicians, the benefits of the Xi include improved vision, improved mechanics, and the ability to place the camera into any of the robotic port sites, providing a different look at the operative field. For patients, the da Vinci’s smaller incisions mean a shorter hospital stay, quicker recovery time, minimal scarring, fewer complications and less of a need for pain medication. For more information, patients should inquire with their primary physician whether they are a candidate for this breakthrough technology.

For more information, please visit: CHRISTUS Spohn Health System is the region’s largest hospital system in South Texas, consisting of six hospital campuses throughout the Coastal bend. The health system is consistently ranked as a healthcare leader in the area and has received national recognition for several pioneering programs, including trauma, cardiac care, clinical excellence and oncology. For 110 years, CHRISTUS Spohn has been distinguished by its high caliber staff and affiliated physicians, its comprehensive and innovative services, and its long history of responding to the needs of the community it serves. For additional information, visit our website at

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