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issue #43: random XD

hey friends! thanks for picking up this issue of THE BEAT! the weather is getting nicer by the day (so far), and we’re gearing up for more fun in the sun. for “random XD”, we created a big mish mosh of stuff that’s meant to parallel the unpredictability of April and the seasonal changes in the air. hope you enjoy


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the beat

PLAYLIST: “Get Slept”................Dios Trio “Licorice”..................Einstein “Cinnamon”.................Palehound “Lilies”......................Bedbug “Shine Sprite”.................Cheem “Feel Better”.............Littlefoot “June Bug”..................The Blue

<3 maggie leone

random XD






MARCH 31 carol / dirt buyer / leng bian @ the cloud club 8pm


7 spencer radcliffe / skirts / wished bone / dimitri giannopoulos @ trixie’s palace 8pm

8 9 remember sports / joey nebulous / lost dog @ once somerville 8pm

14 carinae / mother tongues @ o’brien’s 8pm

15 16 night nurses / dee-parts / tuft / little musket @ o’brien’s 8pm



23 girlpool / hatchie / claud @ the royale 7pm

24 camp cope @ once ballroom 7pm







shy boys / bong wish / alexander @ o’brien’s 8pm

* = 21+



the beat




5 4 mini dresses / squirrel flower / puppy problems @ lilypad inman 10pm lady pills / kindling / earthquake party @ lilypad inman 7pm 11 12 low dose / leopard print taser / labor hex @ o’brien’s 8pm *

SATURDAY 6 washer / banana / squitch / blue ray @ teacher’s lounge 8pm butch baby / ecce shnak / jymmy kafka / betsy circle @ the democracy center 7pm 13 pandemix / crisis actors / crimps / cancer season / crawler @ the democracy center 7pm shred night w/ colleen green / degreaser / bong wish @ lilypad inman 7pm 20 impulso / video filth / drought / austerity @ the democracy center 7pm



25 toothbrush / seed / patty melt @ great scott 8:30pm

26 valley maker / tomberlin / squirrel flower @ lilypad inman 7pm




4 ultra deluxe / edge petal burn / seed / scrunchies @ the democracy center 8pm

random XD



album hor

<3 audrey

You’re in the process of an extreme self-reinvention, Aries. It’s the beginning of your season, and you’re bound to happen upon new opportunities that will show off your fire. Make Karen O and Danger Mouse’s Lux Prima the soundtrack of your self-reflection.

taurus This month is PIVOTAL, Taurus, mark my words. The events taking place are no joke. This could shape the rest of your life. Pick up that old project from last year. Explore the full spectrum of emotions with Boston superstar Amanda Palmer’s new release, There Will Be No Intermission.

gemini The theme of this month is money and success, Gemini. It’s time to build your network and concentrate on your marketable qualities. Give Hozier’s Wasteland, Baby! a listen and remember your ambition.

cancer You’re heaven sent, baby. The stars have you in mind this month, so don’t be afraid to take a few risks. Let the ethereal sounds of Mini Dresses’ Heaven Sent soothe your worries. Play around with new ideas, have a little fun and don’t stress too much. You’ve got time.

leo Refocus your queen bee energy on goals that make sense this month, Leo. You’ve been really scattered lately, and it’s time to get back on track and prioritize the things that really matter. It’s not going to be easy, but try to get some traction with Solange’s When I Get Home.

virgo This month is all about finding the value in your closest relationships, Virgo. Be prepared for some important conversations with possible significant others. Listen to Foals’ Part 1 Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost, and take that title to heart.


the beat


y sutter


We’re tired of hearing about how lonely you are, Libra. You have everyone at your beck and call, but you still wallow in your smallest defeats. Get over it, dude. Drift away with The Japanese House’s Good At Falling, and remember how many people love you.

scorpio ‘Tis the season for new relationships, Scorpio. Someone wonderful is coming your way. Don’t fall into excessive people-pleasing or caretaking patterns, but do be prepared to make room in your life for another person. Listen heavily to Flume’s new album, Hi This Is Flume, especially the song “How To Build A Relationship.”

sagittarius You’re feeling rather nostalgic, Sag. Stay home and curl up with a good book and some old music. Throw it way way back with Weezer’s Black Album and enjoy some good, old-fashioned alternative rock.

capricorn Keep busy and social, Cap! I know it’s not in your nature to be particularly social, but this month, you can combine work with play. Hit up someone you haven’t seen in a while, maybe something will come from it. Check out Panda Bear’s Buoys for some new and interesting sounds.

aquarius Keep a close eye on your affairs on the home front, Aquarius. A female relative could offer some guidance in these trying times. Keep progress up and laziness down. The world needs more from you right now. Keep an eye out for Show Me The Body’s new album, Dog Whistle, but in the meantime, check out their single, “Madonna Rocket.”

pisces You’re ready to blossom, Pisces. But beware! Communication will not be in your favor this month. Be sure to plan accordingly if things fall through. A small communication mishap ain’t got nothin’ on you. Give Jessica Pratt’s February release Quiet Signs a listen.

random XD



the beat

An Ode to Boba

The sweet drinks of the west coast Bleeding thru hidden corners of chinatown Steeping through historic streets, Catching me when Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m sinking down Bright orange, purple, and green liquid Under red and yellow neon signs A rush of Thai, Tapioca, and Mango People try and like you to keep with the times In milk or fruit you wear your pearls In the middle of the night you haunt me Walking in the commons with him at 3am Thinking how I miss you, boba tea <3 monica sucic

random XD


BANDCAMP REVIEW: Heaven Sent by Mini Dresses

Local favorite Mini Dresses has done it again. The group’s new 10-song release features dreamy singles “The One Who Heard You” and “Heaven Sent,” the album’s title track. The album in its entirety is charming and a bit awkward, two things we’ve come to expect from the trio. It has a retro feel, with reverb-y and watery guitar licks scattered throughout the tracks. Lira Mondal’s timid vocals ring unusually clear, framed by beautiful, lush harmonies. Will Henriksen’s light violin embellishments on “Shadow Play” make the otherwise dull track glisten. The jangly guitar and tambourine on “Lady Running” secure it as the album’s most captivating track. The album is a tense and rickety ride, but it’s one worth taking. Fantastic cuddle music.

<3 audrey sutter 10

the beat

<3 abby lebet

random XD


Have A Laugh! <3 melissa ngai

Can february March? No. But April May. I wouldn’t buy anything with velcro. It’s a total rip-off. Yesterday, a clown held the door for me. It was such a nice jester! If we shouldn’t eat at night, why do they put a light in the fridge? How many seconds are there in a year? Twelve—January 2nd, February 2nd, March 2nd…

What do you call an old snowman? What’s the Easter Bunny’s favorite restaurant? What do you call a bee that can’t make up its mind? IHOP.

A Maybe the beat



What kind of music are balloons afraid of? Pop Music! Why did the pianist keep banging his head against the keys? He was playing by ear. What sport are eggs good at? Running. Whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the difference between a good joke and a bad joke? Timing.

Quality jokes for Every BU Fool ----------

Warren Dining Hall Food Having Free Time in the Dual Degree Program Time Management Skills Finding True Love on Tindr Quiet Hours on Friday Good Weather Healthy College Eating Habits Having Clear Skin My GPA

random XD


you will not believe the day i’ve had. i woke up and my bed was full of __________. after getting up and washing myself off, my noun __________ admitted to the prank, but that’s nothing compared to relation what my __________ had in store for the rest of my april fool’s relation day. i made it to __________ unscathed, but when i got back home location i discovered that my backpack had been filled with __________ when noun i wasn’t paying attention! it took me __________ to get it all # of time cleaned up. i’ve never been more __________ in my life! i had to adjective retaliate. with some help from their __________, i __________ relation verb into their empty room and filled it entirely with __________. you noun should’ve seen the look on their face when they opened the door. they were so __________! that’ll show them to trick me on april adjective fool’s day!


the beat

<3 julia bertelli

<3 sloane miller

<3 alisha amado

random XD


London Haikus the sky is always a bit hazy from the smog it looks like early morning drive me home, stick shift the river thames looks like charles in the lashing rain “remember : it’s a flower made out of clay” said lou reed in my ear ducks and geese, black birds sandy dogs, off leash, wrestle the grass is greener listening to the smiths feels like such a cliche but I can’t resist


the beat

(though maybe it’s worse that it took me this long to get “into” bowie) bus four fifty two instant coffee, broken glass the same striped duvet everywhere you go there’s bound to be a forty year old man vaping knowing that you’ll miss a place when you haven’t left busy keeping busy <3 sophie sachar

random XD



interview with a

Stephen Higdon is a junior in Questrom at Boston University. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Phi, the fraternity that now lives where the ER used to be (rest in peace). Stephen DJs in the basement of what used to be the ER every weekend. Here’s how he got started.

Q: Tell me about yourself. A: My name is Stephen Higdon and I’m 21. I’m from Concord, California, and I like to DJ and play some music sometimes. Q: How did you get started DJing? A: I got started DJing because my frat was gonna pay $500 to a guy to DJ for our formal, and the guy asked for a list of songs that we wanted him to play, and I was like, “I can do that for $500.” So I went and bought a deck and learned over the course of summer 2018, and here we are now. I’m doing some other formals this semester and being paid roughly the equivalent, so that’s fantastic. Q: What’s life like in Alpha Sig? A: I actually haven’t been to any other frat so I can’t really compare, but it’s relatively chilled out. Everyone’s relaxed, and it’s a nice place to be, and sometimes when I don’t want to be around, I don’t have to be around. It’s not a forced thing, so it’s kind of cool that I can just kind of show up when I want to. 18

the beat

Q: What kind of gear do you use? A: The board I use is called a Pioneer DDJ SR2, and it came packaged with Serato DJ Pro. The headphones are Audio-Technica something or other. I run it all on a MacBook Pro. I use Mixed In Key 7 to find the different keys for the songs and to premix a little bit. I also use a couple other programs to download songs. Q: How do you protect your gear at parties? A: I protect my gear with plastic storage boxes. I have two of them: one for the laptop, one for the board. When I do formals I don’t actually take them. I just keep people away from the table. At a frat, it’s a little more difficult to keep people away. Q: What are the mechanics of DJing a party? A: I specifically really enjoy house and EDM type stuff, but for frats it’s a cycle. You start off with mumble rap and popular, pop type stuff. Then, you move up the BPMs into faster rap and hip-hop type stuff. And then around 11:30 p.m. or so, you move it into EDM, trap, “Mo Bamba”-esque things – uh, the hits. And then 12:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., you start slowing it down into the throwbacks. Then you just move it down into slower, chill-hop type stuff. Q: How do you get into the DJing headspace? A: The human energy aspect of it, right? I kinda picked up on going to concerts. It was super cool getting to be around people who were so excited about the music. And I was like, “Wow, it would be really cool to like, not control people but just be able to dictate what happens and bring people up and down however I want,” you know? The specific thing that I was really excited for was dropping the music and hearing everyone scream. At concerts, they would do that all the time, and I was like, “I really wanna be able to do that.” Like I said, that raw human energy that you get to feel within the room makes it pretty electric. <3 audrey sutter random XD



the beat

FUNNY APRIL FOOLS PRANKS! + Have a healthy romantic relationship at Boston University (extremely difficult)

+ Catfish your brother (dangerous, could end badly)

+ Have a playful homo-erotic relationship with your roommate that over the course of a few years develops into a genuine, loving relationship

+ Get hit by the BU bus for money (not even a prank this is a genuine suggestion)

+ Wear a Patriots Super Bowl LIII Champions hoodie to a house show (could actually work if done “ironically”)

+ Text that one other person from your high school who also goes to BU that you haven’t seen since September 2016 that you “really wanna catch up” and “should totally get dinner sometime!”

+ Watch gay porn “as a joke” for like nine years

+ Plagarize april fools pranks from the internet

<3 sebastian themelis + dane persky

random XD


Local restaurants recommended by local musicians reviewed by local punx Restaurant: Cafe 472, 472 Commonwealth Avenue Recommended by: Steve Knecht of The Burning Lights

Kristen: West campus might be more of a hot-spot for on-campus restaurants, but you definitely shouldn’t dismiss Cafe 472 and it’s East campus location. At least not Audrey: If you’re when you can get 2 mega slices looking for an afof pizza and a can of Dr. Pepper fordable hideout with wonderfully greasy for just $7. While I wouldn’t say comfort food, Cafe their pizza beats a good New York 472 might be the slice, it still satisfies the deep place for you. Nestled hole in my stomach and has a nice in Kenmore Square, doughy crust. I am disappointed that I didn’t get to try this little nook is their frozen yogurt, but filled with comfortable it’s so conveniently locouches and tables where cated that I’m sure you can sit and chill f o r I’ll be back. hours. While I know they’re famous for their massive pizza slices, I opted for a plate of cheese ravioli and a loaf of garlic bread. The tomato sauce was sweet and tangy, reminiscent of the ravioli my mom used to make when I was a kid. The ravioli itself was bursting at its seams with cheese. Quite gooey and chewy, but overall, it was just what I needed. Basically, if you’re gonna order the pasta at Cafe 472, be prepared to have a Ratatouille nostalgia moment.

<3 kristen lay + audrey sutter 22

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