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Enjoy the BEST DINING on the beach! JANUARY SPECIALS Clam Strips Basket - $13.95

Half-pound of fried clam strips served with SidewinderTM fries, coleslaw and cocktail sauce

Boardwalk Feast - $40.00

Dungeness crab, royal red shrimp, mussels, clams, andouille sausage, corn and potatoes tossed in our signature garlic butter

Garlic Crab - $24.95

One pound of dungeness crab clusters tossed in our signature garlic butter and served with corn and coleslaw

Charbroiled Oyster - MP

Garlic, herbs and Parmesan cheese, served with crostinis

401 Meade Avenue


Cocoa Beach, FL 32931






MKTG 115037


Southeastern Honda

Proud To Be Brevard’s Premier and Longest Serving Honda Dealership

New Year. New Ride. New 2019 Honda Accord LX Lease for $209/mo*

ˆ35 Month Lease, 12,000 miles/year, excludes tax, tags, fees and freight. With approved credit. Auto #CV1F1JEW.

3125 US Highway 1, Palm Bay, FL 32905 Just 1 Mile South of 192 Causeway, 20 minutes from Patrick Air Force Base

Eau Gallie Causeway 192

Southeastern Honda A1A

US 1


321-984-4224 • SoutheasternHonda.com

Pineda Causeway

Editor’s Note Happy New Year, Fam! By this time you’ve taken stock of a long year passed and evaluations have been made. Was it a good year? What it less than a good year? The beauty of it all is it’s all over now. I hope you’ve learned some powerful lessons and some good has come from time well spent. Close the book on 2018 and keep your memories fond. Dwell not in the musings of that which you cannot change. Look forward to new opportunities and positive intentions. If self-improvement is your goal, start with manageable portions, like hanging up your clothes after you’ve decided on your outfit du jour. Life comes at you fast, but no one said you have to take it on all at once. I believe each and every one of you have the ability to make magic in your lives. If philanthropy is your bag, start in your home town. There’s an old adage which suggests: “If you can’t change the world, work to change the world around you”. I’m excited for the new year and what it will bring. I’m looking forward to the new people I’m going to meet, the friends I’m going to make, the clothes I’m going to buy, the adventures I’m going to embark on, and the food I’m going to restrict myself from eating. Just kidding on that last concept; I love food. I love adventurous food, infusions, spices and textures. I’d like to share a little secret I’ve held close to my heart. This little treasure is something I’ve pulled out to thrill and excite. Though it sounds odd, I would like to assure you, in all my years, I’ve never tasted anything as rich and luxurious. Also, if you find some, please forward on the location to your friendly Beachside Resident affiliates: truffle honey. I know, crazy. A dear friend introduced it to me a few years back and I’ve yet to find anything more delectable. Add it to a well-balanced charcuterie board and you’ll unravel the palates of you and your loved ones. Our friends at 87 Main Street Spirits has produced a proper meat and cheese tray for me on more than one occasion, may I recommend a visit? Perhaps, with enough brouhaha, we can encourage a small but divinely-tasty addition to their ensemble? January’s issue is all about food: who, what, when and why. The fine folk who help me to make it all happen at The Beachside Resident have assisted in curating a few lists of local dining spots. I would encourage you to step out into the new year with adventurous palates! Bring a friend, take on new flavors and (if you’re into that sort of thing) post on social media. Forego the chain restaurants in lieu of something unique. There is something out there for everyone! I do wish to include some “HONORABLE MENTIONS” which didn’t make the more obvious lists, starting with the au ju sub at Jonathans in Cocoa Beach. If you haven’t tried it before… well, you probably haven’t had a late night in Downtown and required a bite to survive, they’re DELISH! Also, a total solid would be the blue berry muffins at “The Blueberry Muffin” in Melbourne Beach. They’re EVERYTHING! May this year bring you new happiness, new goals, new achievements and new inspiration in your life. Wishing you a year fully loaded with happiness! Wishing every day to be filled with success and prosperity for you. Here’s to the New Year and all it brings. Cheers! Cheers!

Editors: Callie Boyer and Sharon Lacy

Photo Credit: Ann Graves • Beachmemoriesbyann1.com • 614-519-3246

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C O N T R I B U TO R S P OT L I G H T M I S T I B L U D A Y M C D E R M OT T Misti is a happily married mother of three, a busy entrepreneur and an invisible illness warrior. She shares stories of others with invisible illnesses on her blog while also directing and creating documentary to raise awareness. There are twelve million misdiagnosis per year! Many are fighting battles that are not visible and she hopes to make a change to lower that number. She is currently going back to school to obtain a nursing degree. Because of her chronic illness, she has always had to juggle multiple jobs to make ends meet. Having a 9-5 full time job is impossible when needing to see multiple doctors per month and take frequent sicks days, or recovery days when in pain. Staying busy keeps her mind occupied. One of her many endeavors, Wildling Apothecary, is a natural and toxic-free product line with CBD, soaps, skincare, spice blends, teas, perfume oils, beard oils and more. She is also in the process of writing a book, which she has found very healing and therapeutic. She has a genetic condition called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome and it has an umbrella of comorbidities, causing chronic pain and fatigue and greatly affecting her heart. She has had four cardiac operations, open heart surgery and a recent pacemaker implant. She also had a small battle with cancer in the beginning of the year and multiple surgeries throughout her life. You would never know from speaking to her, however, as she is the epitome of positivity and radiance. Misti says, “I am still here and I am not just fighting for myself anymore. I am fighting for the rest of you. I am fighting for healthcare and to make a change, no matter how small.”

ON THE COVER Don’t miss the 8th Annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival, brought to you by FL Key Lime Pie Factory, on January 19th at Veteran’s Memorial Park on Merritt Island! It’s sure to be a fun-filled day for the whole family, featuring world renowned music acts and performance artists, as well as food trucks, vendors, pie contests, and of course, key limey goodness!

COMING UP NEXT... FEBRUARY 2019 THE REAL ESTATE ISSUE Where do you live and stay beachside? From the coziest cottages to the biggest beachside retreats, we’ll tell you what to look for when buying and introduce you to the people who make it happen.


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MONEYTALK By Steve Hauser

In the spirit of the new year, let’s build an investment portfolio. Normally, this would be the in the final chapter, but we muscled through financial basics. Time to have some fun. Later, we’ll dive into more advanced trading techniques and then circle back to answer questions and clarify. You already have investments: real estate, art, jewelry, and anything else of value. We’re going to focus on the stock market. Most advisors will follow the asset allocation models that have been around for years. The theme is stable diversification. Imagine your portfolio as a pie. The primary ingredients are Large Cap, Medium Cap, Small Cap, International, and Fixed Income. In other words, big companies, medium companies, small ones and foreign stock as well as bonds and cash. Unlike a pie, which has specific amounts of each ingredient, your proportions will depend on your specific situation and risk tolerance. A well-balanced portfolio will be surprisingly stable. As some investments go up, others go down. The overall direction should be upward but they won’t all run together. Sticking with the theme of diversification, each segment listed above should have more than one or two stocks. How to pick, you ask? It’s very easy. In prior months we discussed indexes such as the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrials. The S&P 500 is a perfect example of a large cap index. There are dozens of indexes and they come in all shapes and flavors. Mutual funds and ETFs are the easiest way to invest in these indexes. If you have an online broker, you can search for them using their screening tools. Simply screen for a Large Cap Index fund. If you decide your portfolio will be equally weighted, then put 20% in that fund and do the same thing with each of the others. If you don’t want equal weights, you can make the portfolio more conservative by overloading on the Fixed Income section. If you want the portfolio to be more aggressive, overweight the stock side. The exact mix is up to you. No one can predict the future or the market. Anyone who tells you they can is trying to sell you something. Be careful if you overweight fixed income. When interest rates rise, bond prices will fall. I’ll explain why when we talk bonds. So there you go. The bottom line is diversification. It provides opportunity and stability to any portfolio. The market is emotional with wild fluctuations. Ignore the waves and the tides. Ride the current. Focusing on the long term is better than trying to time the market. Happy New Year Send questions and comments to: spacecoastmoneytalk@gmail.com. Prior columns are archived at: www.spacecoastmoneytalk.com

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Restaurant Guide to G O O D F O O D

Come to Brunch

Breakfast is called the most important meal of the day, likely due to nutritional supplementation, however we’d like to believe it’s because it’s perfectly kosher to include champagne without anyone batting an eye. Our brekkie-list curator has a thing for Britney Spears… so we went with it. You want pancakes? You want hot eggs? You want bottomless mimosas? You better brunch, b***h.

IT’S BRUNCH, B***H 1. Flavour Kitchen Not a breakfast, not yet a dinner. Every dinner, dessert, brunch, and cocktail provides an opportunity for an unforgettable experience.You can have an ordinary dining experience anywhere, just not here. Flavourkitchencb.com 2. Darci’s Bacon Blues If you seek bacon. A beachside café offering all that BACON lovers seek! Featuring menu items with a southern twist and breakfast-y goodness. This unique BACON kitchen offers Breakfast & Lunch all day with a generous helping of southern hospitality. 3. Too Cool Cafe I’m a Slave 4 (Orange) Juice. Too Cool Café only serves whole, fresh foods and - when possible - makes it a point to directly purchase from local producers. Supporting local businesses is important to their family and quality food is the most important dish they serve. Toocoolcafe.com 4. Le Crêpe de France You drive me “Crepe-y”. Offering a unique, French culinary experience for breakfast-brunch and lunch, 10

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

served up from local, fresh quality ingredients and sustainable growers. All their homemade jams are made with fresh fruits and reduced natural cane sugar. lacrepemelbourne.com 5. Backwater Flip me baby one more time. Rustic-chic breakfast & lunch outlet with in-table griddles for pancakes & all-day Southern suppers. Backwater’s business is to ensure you have an unforgettable experience. Hipster chic and brimming with all the trimmings, it’ll be a meal you’ll want to repeat. Backwaterflorida.com 6. Peace in the Garden Pieces of Brunch.Vegetarian / Vegan breakfast, brunch and lunch spot. Quaint and friendly, the food is always fresh and served with a smile. It’s a hometown favorite for anyone looking for healthy fare. Ask for Tia, she’s an angel. 7. Around the World Cafe Brunching till the World Ends. Experience a taste of authentic, European dishes that are flavorful and will tickle your taste buds. Satisfy your craving for delicious, eclectic food and a fun dining experience. aroundtheworldcb.com

8. Hemingway’s Tavern Baby, all I need is brunch. Chill eatery inspired by writer Ernest Hemingway. Get taken back to the era of the Shenanigans of Hemingway. Experience his favorite foods, his favorite libations; you will feel like you are in Key West back in the 30s. Seriously, the food is “freakin’ delicious”. hemingwaystavern.com 9. Ocean 302 Bar and Grille Me against the mimosa. A popular, easygoing haunt with many craft beers, burgers, seafood & an open kitchen. ocean302.com 10. Luna I, I’m hungry. One of a kind fine dining in a casual beach setting. Original owners of the Mango Tree, Chef Filadi’s 35 years of cooking experience brings interesting infusions and magically delicious flavors in everything he creates. They offer fine dining five nights a week, but we’re doing cheetah flips for their brunch. Outstanding food, cozy environment and white linen table cloths DELIGHTFUL! Lunafoodandwine.com

Restaurant Guide to G O O D F O O D

We don’t eat to survive any longer, we live a “treat yo self” lifestyle, and rightfully so! With so many delicious selections to choose from, there’s no surprise food addictions truly exist. This is precisely why we have created this list of consistently reliable eats for your dining pleasure; always good and just a small jaunt from home.

ROCK STEADY, SCRUMPTIOUS! 1. Sunrise Diner Owned and operated by a sweet, tight-knit Greek family, you can feel it’s hominess as soon as you walk in. No frills, not trying to jazz things up to be something they’re not. From traditional pancake breakfast to Spanakotiroptia, no matter the time of day, good service & good food is all you’ll ever get. sunrisedinercocoabeach.com 2. The Tiny Turtle Though it may be missing the waterfront views of the island, The Tiny Turtle has every bit of good vibe Caribbean feel in every way imaginable. From the beachy music playing in the background, to the delicious fusion of flavors, this lively island spot will have you addicted in no time. thetinyturtlecocoabeach.com 3. Sun On The Beach The perfect beach setting for a home cooked meal. The menu is as diverse as the characters who fill the seats. The staff is fun and friendly and the location couldn’t be more choice, right smack on the coast line! Go for the food, stay for the food. Find Them On FB

4. Papa Vito’s A neighborhood fave among the locals, Papa Vito’s serves up tasty Italian style fare. They put pride into every pie dough, homemade sauce, and fresh made cannolis to finish it all off. Whether it be your lunch break go-to or your midnight snack, this is the pizza place of choice. Always. papavitositalianrestaraunt.com 5. Preacher Bar Though “bar” may be in its title, this swanky little place is so much more than that. It’s fun and eclectic atmosphere, with jazzy music, tons of art on every wall, and a fresh and mouth-watering menu, makes for a great experience every time. preacherbar.com 6. Simply Delicious Cafe & Bakery Truthfully, the name itself is enough. Every pastry, sauce, and origami aluminum folded figure is made by hand all day everyday. With enormous portion sizes and a staff that loves to serve, this local’s go to spot is worth any wait you’ll often see out it’s door. Find Them On FB

7. Long Doggers The amazing laid back atmosphere brings all weiner lovers of every kind together, time and time again. Whether your four legged friends love to surf like their mascot, hot dogs on a burger make you drool, or the kids prefer it wrapped in corn and fried, Long Doggers family friendly staff and beachy menu will quickly turn into one of your favorites. longdogger.com 8. Fiesta Jalisco Whether you come in with 20 hungry bellies, or just a few for the bar, Fiesta Jalisco’s bright and open atmosphere goes hand in hand with their traditional Mexican dishes. Large portions, great margaritas, and quick and friendly service make for a fiesta todo el tiempo! fiestajalisco.com 9. Old Florida Grill & Oyster House If you’re wanting a beautiful sunset view on the east coast, Old Florida Grill is the place to eat. They have every view you could want from inside seating, outdoor deck, and even a tiki bar on the river add a tasty seafood menu and what more could you need? Find Them On FB




Restaurant Guide to G O O D F O O D

The new year is here! Whether your resolution be to lose those holiday pounds, that guy that’s bringing you down or to keep from losing the flame, food is the fastest way to both the heart and soul. These new “ribbon cutting” restaurants are the sure way to start that change for the brand new year.

NEW EATS 1. Barkada Bowl Known as a hidden gem in Cape Canaveral, this small shop has every bit of colorful Filipino flavor. From their poke bowls, which are made traditionally with raw seafood, to a variety of other bowls, they have found a way to please every palate from sea to sky; definitely worth trying. barkadabowlpokeandfilipinofood. business.site 2. Luna Looking for that fine dining experience with a casual beach setting? Luna is the place to try! With over 30 years of combined chef experience, from many places all over the world, this new eat will be sure to leave an impression on your palate. lunafoodandwine.com 3. Crescent Coffee Company While there may be no shortage of coffee shops to choose from, Crescent Coffee Co will be sure to increase your addiction to not only caffeinated creations, but a great-tasting drink you can take pride in. A small, family owned business whose only goal is to grow by connecting the community through a satisfying sip and tasty treat to start, or perhaps end, your day. crescentcoffeeco.com 4. Metro Diner True diners are that one place you can go to any time of the day, any day of the year, and feel right at home. From the warm and friendly staff to the hot and 12

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

fresh made-from-scratch meals, Metro Diner brings a distinctive mix of both to any and all who stop by. metrodiner.com 5. Fresh Scratch Bistro & Lounge If you’re looking for a place to stop all fights and guessing games of where to go for your indecisive taste buds, Fresh Scratch Bistro is the winner. Not only is every ingredient, from the proteins to the daily picked herbs, as fresh as possible, but there are no shortage of flavor options. Italian? Asian? Caribbean? Thai? Maybe a good cooked steak? Rest assured, the flavors are as bold as your selection. Honestly, it’s OUTSTANDING and worth the visit. freshscratchbistro.com 6. Blaze Pizza Enough is enough, pineapple does indeed go on pizza! Along with any other “exotic” topping you might want to add. With hand-made dough, fresh, quality ingredients, and the ability to make your own pie in any which way your imagination can conjure, the team at Blaze Pizza not only takes pride in every slice, they will warmly welcome you and your glorious creation in a “judgement free” dining environment. blazepizza.com 7. The Shark Viva Latin America! From Mexican to Puerto Rican and beyond, this newly opened “cantina” has perfected every flavor under southern hemisphere. Not only is it a must try, but a must try something new every time,

type of place. Delicioso! the-shark-latin-food.negocio.site 8. Bar Refuge Bar Refuge calls itself an “oasis for eating”, and we couldn’t agree more! It’s bohemian theme, selection of craft beers and no shortage of delicious bar foods makes for a hip atmosphere and a plethora of flavors to choose from for both the carnivorous lion and veggie loving rabbits alike. So gather your friends and family, and go get lost! barrefugerocks.com 9. Flying Fish Cafe Who among us doesn’t get a little homesick? Craving that smell of waking up to a home cooked Sunday morning breakfast, or that soup your mom always made when your not feelings well. Flying Fish Cafe has brought home sweet home a little closer with great tasting homey foods that any age could enjoy. flying-fish-cafe.business.site 9. That Cozy Restaurant It would not be a wise decision to go if you’re on a diet, you simply won’t be able to control yourself. There are literally 10 different types of mac & cheese creations! Cozy in the way you’d like your home to be, but with servers. The ingredients are wholesome and (mostly) harvested from local suppliers. Grab a non-judgemental friend and head over to fill your bellies.You’ll thank us for this recommendation! thatcozyrestaurant.com

Restaurant Guide to G O O D F O O D

Distinctly Delectable. Delightfully Refined. These fine dining experiences will take epicurean palates on a scrumptious journey of wonder and mirth. Though it may cost a pretty penny, every bite will be worth your dime. If you’re trying to seal the deal, take them on an odyssey with delicious appeal.

HAUTE CUISINE 1. Fat Kahunas Interrupt your average dining experience with Fat Kahunas elegant, cozy, ocean-front view and mindblowing, pacific-rim infused cuisine. Signature creations featuring seafood, steak, chicken and vegetables, cleverly interwoven with Hawaiian flare, will launch your tastebuds on a mini tropical vacation. Homemadefresh, exciting and unique - just go, you won’t be disappointed. 2. Heidelberg LECKER! Authentic German cuisine highlighted with all the fine dining pomp and circumstance you’d hope to experience in an elegant dining experience. Every meal is prepared with care and special attention to detail. Teutonic food cooked to perfection with flavorful piquancy and finished with well-crafted presentations. 3. Trend Kitchen Intimate, upmarket spot in a swanky space with seasonal, high-concept dishes & a boutique wine list. Serving up fresh ingredients refined into sophisticated Americana. Be sure to reserve your table and wear undergarments, the flavors will blow your fancy skirt up. 4. CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge If you’re looking for style and mood, look no further, CuiZine Restaurant & Lounge brings it hard. Featuring a unique and delicious selection of small plates and dinner entrees, as well an eclectic offering of specialty

wines and signature martinis, just one meal and you’ll understand why it’s such a big deal. 5. Crush XI Mom and Pop shops are about as bountiful as bars in downtown Cocoa Beach, but there are a few that raise their drinks — and their dishes — to an art form. Don’t settle for average when this crowd-pleasing gastropub, where the scene is chill and the food is four stars, offers anything but ordinary. Rustic and casually refined, Crush XI was designed to encourage guests to sample a variety of dishes and share amongst friends. Seriously, what else could you possibly want in a night out? 6. Scott’s on 5th An award winning, elegant-yet-relaxed beachside American restaurant, featuring a seasonal menu that changes daily. Owned and operated by celebrity chef Scott Earick, the vibe is elegant and charismatic. The staff offers flawless service and the cuisine is as visually stimulating as it is mouthwatering. An epicurean’s delight! 7. Yellow Dog Café Spectacular, riverside views and sophisticated American comfort food,Yellow Dog Café is simply a fantastic restaurant. It embodies an elegant/rustic atmosphere where sophistication comes from the panorama of it all. Classically understated and polished,Yellow Dog Café is comfortable and unpretentious fine dining.

8. Cuban Island Restaurant Okay, so it’s not entirely fine dining, but it’s cuban dining so swanky and delicious it deserves to be amongst the best of the best. Serving traditional Cuban and Spanish dishes, offering fresh seafood delivered daily and exceptional service in one of the area’s most magnificent locations; they’re an instant beachside classic! Quality is found in every aspect of this family owned and operated Indialantic restaurant. 9. Matt’s Casbah Stylish décore, spacious seating featuring an eclectic global menu, vast wine list, a sushi bar & outdoor patio, Matt’s Casbah is a whole lotta fun and sexy. The diverse menu offers the selective diner many options. The “private”, curtained table screams bougie. 10/10 would recommend. 10. Estampa Gaucha Meat lovers rejoice! If beef is what’s for dinner, there’s no better grill technique than the Brazilian-style churrasco, the tradition of cooking meat on skewers or over hot coals and embers. Mouthwatering, freshly cooked meat options, fresh vegetables, salads, beans, fried bananas, and the list goes on… We’ve heard absolutely nothing but stellar reviews on the joint from our local foodies. Gather and celebrate the Brazilian way! Perfect for intimate dinners, celebrations & everything in between. Important foodie note: Estampa Gaucha offers a PROPER brunch!





OPINIONS Jonathan Gauthier

Chef Larry’s in Titusville. BYOB and the menu is 5-star for a fraction of the price. Honestly don’t know how he does it.

Wendy Byrum Vess

North by South Bistro in Satellite.

Eric Krull

Rising Tide!!!! Best food by FAR!!!!


Michelle Scappace Mack

We went to Pompano Grill for the 1st time last night. Small, quaint, nice ambiance. Service was e actly as you’d expect. Dinner was delicious - the escargot is not typical and bursting with flavor served with a nice loaf of perfectly crusty bread to soak up all the yummy sauce.


Gina Koch

Randy N Annette

Teri Staten

Bill Welychko

Brian Creel

Jessica Haines

Jimmy’s Gyros (Food Truck) at 750 E. Eau Gallie Blvd.

Sunny Side Cafe in Mel Beach. Great breakfast and lunch with a super staff.

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

If I told you, I’d have to kill you. It’s already hard enough to get in there. No advertising necessary! (We got the scoop: it’s Barrier Jack’s… shh!)

Villa Palma at the Village in Cocoa Village and Villa Palma in Indialantic. The best scratch Italian food around!

Crackers Island Grill, Cape Canaveral. Great burgers, home cut fries. Also, Sage Bistro for more upscale dining. Scratch kitchen, their food is amazing!

Fiesta Jalisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiesta Jalisco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fiesta Jalisco!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Indian Harbour Beach in front of Lowe’s.


The Bounty of Central Florida Valerie Hart Winner Cookbooks www.cookingandtips.com 9780974867601, $22.00

For so long people around the world would only think of Florida as the home of Disney World. But the state has so much more to offer and author Valerie Hart shows in her cookbook The Bounty of Central Florida so many tasty recipes that anyone can enjoy anytime. A delicacy is alligator tail that when cooked properly has the taste of chicken, or different uses for citrus like lemons, limes, oranges, and tangerines. She shows that many of them can be used in jams or jellies along with grapes and berries. She also shows many uses for bananas that people have not thought to do. The Bounty of Central Florida reveals a very different side of the state of Florida that anyone in the world can enjoy.

The Homesick Texan Cookbook Lisa Fain Hachette www.HatchetteBookGroupUSA.com 9781401324261, $29.99

Texas is famous for The Dallas Cowboys, Texas Rangers, three modern day Presidents of the United States, and The Homesick Texan Cookbook . The author, who moved to New York, began the book as a love of her native state of Texas because she missed the food of the state that she was fond of. She has collected recipes and dishes she has known and discovered while she lived in Texas. For each section she gives a little background and tells about some of the items needed to prepare some of the concoctions. Of course, there are Tex-Mex entrees but there are also foods for all occasions that sound scrumptious. The Homesick Texan is a food lover’s paradise of flavorful tastes that anyone can enjoy.

ProActive Nutrition With A Brazilian Twist Lucia Camara JHIC, AADP www.wellnessandnnutritioninstitute.com 97812937183226, $24.95

Unlike many cookbooks that preach about health issues, ProActive Nutrition With A Brazilian Twist is filled with many different wonderful tasty recipes. Camara explains the importance of using vegetables, fruits, herbs, nuts, seeds, and other things in the preparation of meals. There are all kinds of delicious recipes starting with appetizers and ending with breakfast items that are wonderful ways to try something totally different and eat a healthy balanced meal for all different times of the day or night. ProActive Nutrition With A Brazilian Twist is a surefire cookbook that has a lot of new items to try.

Gary Roen is the author of Journey, Slotski’s World, The Forgotten Father, Look at Me World, and the co-author of Cats, Cats, and More Cats . He can be reached at gsroen@aol.com or his pages on Facebook and LinkedIn. He is also a publishing consultant to authors and publishers in all genres. JANUARY 2019



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Performances and Events You Don’t Want To Miss Ted Yoder - Hammered Dulcimer Artist

Patrick Air Force Base Elite Color Guard

His cover of Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” became one of the most-watched Facebook Live posts in 2016 when the song received more than 101 million views from music fans around the world.

Provide military funeral honors for active duty members, retirees and veterans who served in the Air Force, Army Air Force and Army Air Corps.

Richard Barker - The Incredible Hypnotist Orlando-based, world-renowned professional hypnotist, television personality, author and keynote speaker. He has spent the last 20 years entertaining audiences all over the world with his dazzling hypnosis show in 38 countries, and has been featured on numerous media outlets and publications, such as The Today Show, and The Late Late Show With James Corden.

Marc Dobson - One Man Band One-of-a-kind music show with comedy, playing instruments Marc has created. Marc’s repertoire aims at songs every age should recognize covering the 60’s through to today with a mix of rock, country, pop and more.

Mackenzie Carey A contemporary country/pop vocalist who is a Palm Bay native and began as a second grade Girl Scout Troop Leader who aspired to one day debut on American Idol… and she will, this upcoming March 11, on ABC!

Gina Clowes A dynamic and stylish banjo player, she performed with several regional outfits prior to taking a national role as the banjo player for Chris Jones and the Night Drivers. She is also In ternational Bluegrass Association Banjo Player of the Year Finalist.

The Dallas & Nick Show An amazing blend of comedy, juggling, strength and balance, “Dallas the Fire Guy” and his step-son “Nicktorious” will enchant and captivate anyone, both young and old.The show is a very high energy production involving danger and mixing it with up beat humor, sure to make everyone laugh.

Chelsea the Piper A solo act from the ‘Dame of Drones’, a badass female bagpiper of the ensemble Goddesses of Bagpipes. She has been performing with her the Great Highland bagpipes for the past nine years and is known for her hardcore, rock ‘n roll style.

Starr St. Julien

Jungle Adventures Alligator and Wildlife Show

Landlocked mermaid based out of Fredericksburg,VA. Classicist, violinist, model, and part-time mermaid.

A Real Florida Animal Park - natural habitat jungle home of our rare Florida panthers, black bears, wolves, white-tailed deer, tropical birds, reptiles, mammals, and other critters, offering a unique wildlife show for the public.


8th Annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival


Saturday, January 19th, 2019


The Florida Key Lime Pie Company


Veterans Memorial Park located at 400 Sykes Creek Parkway Merritt Island, Florida


$10.00 Adult Admission $5.00 Child Admission (12 and under) Children Under 4 (FREE) Active and Retired Military with Proper Identification (FREE)

Schedule of Events 10:00 a.m. • 98.5 The Beach Broadcasts Live Remote • Wildlife Show 10:30 a.m. • Invocation and National Anthem (PAFB Honor Guard and Brevard County Sheriff Color Guard) • Live Music Performance – Gina Clowes • Live Music Performance - Mackenzie Carey 11:00 a.m. • BCSO Bomb Squad Demonstration • Florida Key Lime Pie Jump Rope Competition (Main Stage) • Live Music Performance - One Man Band • Live Music Performance - Ted Yoder

In their 8th annual celebration, the Florida Key Lime Pie Company will be offering their World-Famous Key Lime Pie as “Key Lime Pie in a Cup”, “Key Lime Pie by the Slice” and whole Key Lime pies!

11:30 a.m. • Live Music Performance - Chelsea the Piper

Highlights of the event will include a “Key Lime Pie Hula Hoop Challenge”, “Key Lime Pie Toss Competition”, “Jump Rope Competition”, and ever popular “Key Lime Pie Eating Contest”.

12:00 noon • BCSO K-9 Unit Demonstration • Wildlife Show

There will be ongoing, outstanding live music, spectacular nationally featured street performers and local Florida vendors throughout the festival as well as an inclusive Kids Zone and Wildlife Show. This year’s Festival will feature an array of some of the Space and Treasure Coast’s best food trucks, and an outstanding selection of Florida Hand Crafted Beers and Key Lime Libations starting at 10:30am. The main feature of this year’s Festival will be the “Show No Mercy for the Sheriff” where Key Lime Pie Lovers will challenge Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey the “Pie Expert” in a Key Lime Pie Key Lime Pie Chow Down Show Down - DON’T MISS IT AT 5PM!

Steel Drum Music All Day!

12:30 p.m. • Live Music Performance - Gina Clowes • Live Music Performance - Mackenzie Carey • Richard Barker The Incredible Hypnotist (Festival Tent) 1:00 p.m. • BCSO Bomb Squad Demonstration • Key Lime Pie Toss Contest (Main Stage) • Live Music Performance - One Man Band • Live Music Performance - Ted Yoder 1:30 p.m. • Live Music Performance - Chelsea the Piper 2:00 p.m. • BCSO K-9 Unit Demonstration • Wildlife Show

2:30 p.m. • Live Music Performance - Gina Clowes • Live Music Performance - Mackenzie Carey • Richard Barker The Incredible Hypnotist (Main Stage) 3:00 p.m. • BCSO Bomb Squad Demonstration • Live Music Performance - One Man Band • Live Music Performance - Ted Yoder 3:30 p.m. • Live Music Performance - Chelsea the Piper 4:00 p.m. • BCSO K-9 Unit Demonstration • Florida Key Lime Pie Eating Contest Sponsored by The Florida Key Lime Pie Company (Main Stage) • Wildlife Show 4:30 p.m. • Live Music Performance - Gina Clowes • Live Music Performance - Mackenzie Carey • Richard Barker The Incredible Hypnotist (Festival Tent) 5:00 p.m. • BCSO Bomb Squad Demonstration • Live Music Performance - One Man Band • Live Music Performance - Ted Yoder • SHOW NO MERCY FOR THE SHERIFF KEY LIME PIE CHOWDOWN SHOWDOWN 5:30 p.m. • Florida Handcrafted Beer “Chuggers” Contest • Live Music Performance - Chelsea the Piper • Meet and Greet Brevard County Sheriff Wayne Ivey 6:00 p.m. • Festival Closes for the Day


Fresh Scratch Bistro

By Samantha Gallo

In the small but lively seaside town of Indian Harbor Beach sits a seemingly simple restaurant named Fresh Scratch Bistro. Facing A1A and sharing the area with a popular local gym, it seems to be a perfect location for a restaurant offering a menu with such fresh and healthy ingredients. After trying one of their entrees I can assure you that simple is an understatement when describing this restaurant. As I walked through the front door I first noticed the dim lighting, beautifully stained seating areas and the immediate attention of the host. Wanting to get the vibe of the outside seating area I followed the host out to the patio. Although the atmosphere inside was very nice and sophisticated the patio gives a more casual vibe while still staying elegant. I first noticed the nice setup of a lounge area that flowed nicely into the tables, which sat parallel to the bar. Behind the bar hangs three flat screen televisions, perfect for watching the game while enjoying one of their amazing margaritas, which I definitely ordered as soon as I sat down. Upon receiving the menu I was excited to see a variety of bowls offered with your option of the type of meat along with a handful of Italian dishes and a very nice children’s menu, which included grilled shrimp and tortellini. I ordered the Asian Bowl but vetoed the meat option and my lunch date, my four-year-old daughter, ordered the grilled shrimp with veggies. I was very happy with the timing from order to delivery. It took long enough for my daughter and I to have conversation and to enjoy the light sea breeze coming over the dunes. Each meal is prepared from scratch so we were prepared by our waiter that we might have to wait for excellence. Our food presentation was beautiful and the flavors were spectacular. In the Asian Bowl there is a surprising herb used that, in my opinion, made the dish what it is. Every flavor worked together in culinary harmony and I truly enjoyed my meal (and that delicious margarita!)

I was able to steal a few moments of the owner, Brano, time while there. The restaurant is formerly known as Brano’s Italian Grill with the main focus on, you guessed it, Italian cuisine. When asked what his inspiration was to change the type of menu offered he says he simply wanted the opportunity to expand the menu beyond only Italian cuisine and wanted to have various entrees full of color and flavor. Brano has lived in the Cape Canaveral and Cocoa Beach area for ten years now and when he is not being a culinary genius he enjoys golfing. He says the most ordered entrée is also his favorite on the menu - the Risotto Bowl. It was honestly very hard for me to choose between their variety of delicious bowl options! As we discussed his plans for the future of this newly reopened establishment I see so much passion in his wanting to offer locals a place to bring friends and family where you can enjoy yourself and eat well. Live music is currently offered on the patio five nights a week and you can keep up with who is playing live when on their Facebook page. Fresh Scratch Bistro also offers on-site catering, large group reservations and can even cater weddings. Grab the family and stop in this weekend to have a delicious lunch or dinner that you’ll definitely want to tell your friends about!


Pita Paradise

Tell us about how Pita Paradise got started. When and how? The owners were long-time friends, prior to moving to the USA, in Lebanon. Both men’s ambitions were to come to the USA for other business ventures, however, given their experience in cooking this fine food, they decided to go with what they knew, which was Lebanese food.The doors officially opened in 2015, September. The original location was the Merritt Square Food Court.   What has changed about your store? Recently the menu was expanded, adding to it a large selection of new dishes and Lebanese creations. The Lebanese-style wings have been a big hit! Also, as of December, a second dining area was constructed to increase space and add additional seating. It’s beautiful; accented with two, enormous barn doors and a spacious hall. The designers really put special efforts to give it a middle-eastern aesthetic.   What might people be surprised you serve? We have some incredible specials! The traditional dishes such as falafel, kibbeh, baba ghanoush, lentil soup, lamb shank, kabobs and chops can easily be found, in addition to chicken shawarma, Mediterranean style grouper and salmon and a Lebanese style burger. The menu is growing, so stay tuned for even more great dishes! 18

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

What’s one of the most popular dish you serve? Definitely the lamb gyro, if you haven’t tried it, the gyro should be your first taste of Pita Paradise. What’s the most dramatic way you’ve seen your restaurant change over the years? Definitely the expansion! What started smaller, in a different location has since grown larger and larger. Expanding the doors was one of the most dramatic changes we’re happy have been made. Describe one of the biggest challenges you face in running this business? Appealing to different cultures and tastebuds. We appeal to gluten free and vegetarians. Any food restriction we can accommodate and it’s far healthier, overall. What does the future hold for Pita Paradise? We’re not looking to franchise.We’d like to stay a family-owned and operated enterprise. We want to feed everyone and ensure the very best quality of Lebanese food we can offer!

RECIPES By Misti Blu Day


Pineapple Fried Rice Ingredients: Fresh pineapple Rice Edamame Chopped onion Turmeric Ginger Gluten Free Soy Sauce Coconut oil Scallions Garlic salt Egg Sriracha Shredded carrots Cashews Shrimp (can substitute chicken or tofu) Directions: I always make enough to feed an army, so I will share the instructions for a large portion. There will be plenty for a dinner party and lunch the next day. Cut the measurements in half if you don’t want to make a large amount. Boil two cups of rice in four cups of water. In a sauté pan, sauté chopped 1/3 of a white onion and one pound of shrimp with turmeric and garlic seasoning in coconut oil. Steam the

edamame; I usually just get the microwavable bag. As I cook my ingredients, I pour them into a large bowl or casserole dish to mix at the end. When the shrimp and onions are cooked, pour in the large bowl and start sautéing the pineapple and carrots. After the pineapple and carrots are cooked or warmed up, toss them into the bowl and add more coconut oil to the pan to toast the cashews. The last step with the sauté pan is to fry the rice after it is done cooking. Toss in gluten-free soy sauce and two eggs and fry until the eggs are fully cooked. Mix everything in the large bowl, then top with green onions and sriracha. I cook some of the ingredients separately because they won’t all fit in a pan (unless you cook a smaller amount). Everything cooks quickly, so why not break it up instead of having all of the burners going at once. You can also add broccoli, red peppers and other fresh veggies to this dish. I added quinoa in my last batch. You can serve this dish inside the pineapple for a fun presentation. Best wishes, Misti Blu Day McDermott www.mistibludream.com








Wednesday Game Night 7:30pm

SAT: 5 Cracker, Camper Van Beethoven 6pm

Friday Happy Hour 4-7pm HOGAN’S Sunday Open Mic Night 8:30-11:30pm NOLAN’S

THU: 10 Mineral, Tancred ypm TUE: 15 Gnash, MallRat, Guardin 7pm

Tuesday Trivia 7pm

WED: 16 Tyler Carter 6pm

Thursday Tradition Irish Music 5:30pm

MON: 21 Amen Dunes 7pm

THU: 3 Jason Domulot 7:30pm

WED: 23 Pete Yorn: You and Me Solo Acoustic Tour 7pm

OPEN MIKE’S Monday Acoustic Open Mic 7-10pm

THU: 24 El Ten Eleven, Joan of Arc 8pm

Tuesday TBA 7-10pm

THU: 31 Magic Giant 7pm

Wednesday Comedy Night (18+) 8-10pm


Thursday Blues Jam 7-10pm

Every Monday Adam v 5-9pm

Friday Jazz Jam 7-10pm

Every Tuesday Jon Parrot or Jake Salter 5-9pm

Saturday Music Showcase & Events 7-10pm BEACHAM

Every Wednesday Jim Mitchell 5-9pm

THU: 17 Noname, Elton Aura 6pm

Every Thursday Jake Salter 5-9pm

FRI: 18 Southern Culture on the Skids 8pm


TUE: 29 Joyce Manor, Jeff Rosenstock 7pm


TUE: 1 Alex Rodriguez 6:3010:30pm WED: 2 Steve Fredrick’s 6:3010:30pm

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

THU: 3 Marvin parish 7-11pm

SAT: 19 The Bed Heads 1-5pm

WED: 2 Jam Bad 9pm-12am

FRI: 4 Dallas Reese - dueling pianos 7-11pm

TBA 7-11pm

THU: 3 Karaoke 8pm-12am

SAT: 5 Johnny danger 1-5pm TBA 7-11pm SUN: 6 Jimmy Mazz 2-6pm MON: 7 Sean Manvell 6:3010:30pm TUE: 8 Alex Rodriguez 6:3010:30pm WED: 9 Jason Domulot 6:3010:30pm THU: 10 Jimmy Mazz 7-11pm FRI: 11 Tripp Tide 7-11pm SAT: 12 Alex Rodriguez 1-5pm the yesterday’s 7-11pm

SUN: 20 Jason Domulot band 2-6pm MON: 21 Sean Manvell 6:3010:30pm TUE: 22 Alex Rodriguez 6:3010:30pm WED: 23 Steve Fredrick’s 6:3010:30pm THU: 24 Jimmy Mazz 7-11pm FR: 25 Tripp Tide 7-11pm SAT: 26 Dallas Reese 1-5pm Josh Whittaker & friends 7-11pm SUN: 27 Love Valley 2-6pm

FRI: 4 Jah Steve and the Counteract crew 9pm-1am SAT: 5 Scott Baker Band 9pm1am MON: 7 TBA WED: 9 Jam Bad 9pm-12am THU: 10 Karaoke 8pm-12am FRI: 11 Natty Common Roots 9pm-1am SAT: 12 LOVE VALLEY 9pm-1am MON: 14 TBA WED: 16 Jam Bad 9pm-12am

SUN: 13 El Dub 2-6pm

MON: 28 Sean Manvell 6:3010:30pm

MON: 14 Sean Manvell 6:3010:30pm

TUE: 29 Alex Rodriguez 6:3010:30pm

TUE: 15 Alex Rodriguez 6:3010:30pm

WED: 30 TBA 6:30-10:30pm

SAT: 19 Kathleen Turner Overdrive 9pm-1am

THU: 31 Jimmy Mazz 7-11pm



WED: 23 Jam Bad 9pm-12am

WED:16 Josh Whittaker 6:3010:30pm THU: 17 Josh keels 7-11pm FRI: 18 Natty’s common roots 7-11pm

THU: 17 Karaoke 8pm-12am FRI: 18 Dub Masters 9pm-1am

EVERY TUESDAY DJ GOLD FINGA 9pm-1am THU: 24 Karaoke 8pm-12am EVERY SUNDAY Sandbooze Sunday with DJ FRI: 25 Cerino and special guest 506 CREW 9pm-1am DJ’s

Simone and the Supercats

Love Valley

FRI: 25 506 CREW 9pm-1am

Sunday: 13 Teddy Henderson 2-6pm

Saturday: 19 Kris Brocato 1- 4pm

Wednesday: 9 Josh Whitaker 5-8pm

Thursday: 24 Johnny Danger 5-9pm


Friday: 18 Rocktown 6-10pm

Thursday: 24 Teddy Henderson 4-7pm

Thursday: 10 Jersey Mike 5-9pm

Friday: 25 Just Us 730-1130pm


Saturday:19 Patrick Smith 1-4pm Kings County 6- 10pm

Saturday: 26 Brad Taylor 1-4pm

Friday: 11 TBA 730-1130pm

Thursday: 31 Jeff Marquis 4-7pm

Saturday: 12 Johnny Danger 2-6pm Hypersona 730-1130pm

Saturday: 26 Krazy Ivan 2-6pm Fabulous CTS 730-1130pm

WED: 30 Jam Bad 9pm-12am THU: 31 Karaoke 8pm-12am WESTGATE CB PIER: KEITH’S OYSTER BAR Tuesday: 1 John Nugent 1 -5pm Friday: 4 The James Brocato Band 6-10pm

Sunday: 6 Sean Manvell 2-6pm Friday: 11 Simone & the Supercats 6- 10pm Saturday: 12 Scotty Jordan 1-4pm Changes 6-10pm

Friday: 25 Bro Code 6 -10pm

GRILLS Monday: 31 Fabulous CTS

Sunday: 13 Derek & the Slammers 2-6pm

Tuesday: 1 Love Valley 2-6pm

Wednesday: 16 Jake Salter 2-6pm

Sunday: 27 Fes Up 2- 6pm

Wednesday: 2 Everette Stephens 5-8pm

Thursday: 17 Jason Domulot 5-9pm


Thursday: 3 Jeff Marquis 5-9pm

Thursday: 3 Brad Taylor 4-7pm

Friday: 4 Red Truck Love- 7301130pm

Friday: 18 Banjoman Franklin 7301130pm

Saturday: 26 Jeff Marquis 1-4pm Love Valley 6-10pm

Saturday: 5 Teddy Henderson 1-4pm Thursday: 10 John Nugent 4- 7pm Saturday: 12 Kris Brocato 1-4pm Thursday: 17 Jeremy Hagen 4-7pm

Saturday: 5 Derek 2-6pm Call of The Wolf 730-1130pm Sunday:6 The Kore 2-6pm

Saturday: 19 Derek 2-6pm Occasional Astronauts 730-1130pm Sunday: 20 Rocket City 2pm Monday: 21 Jeff Marquis 1-4pm Wednesday: 23 Chase Harvey 5-8pm JANUARY 2019

Sunday: 27 Hypersona 2-6pm Wednesday: 30 Johnny Danger 2-6pm Thursday: 31 Jason Domulot 5-9pm Simone and the Supercats Love Valley


Saturday: 5 Patrick Smith 1-4pm The Matt Shenk Trio 6-10pm

Sunday: 20 Dana & Sharon 2-6pm




By Jamie Mackenzie @jmackimagery

Cory Redwine From a successful graphic design company to owning a fleet of charter boats, Cory Redwine’s talents and interests are as diverse and eclectic as our little beach town itself. Although I am looking forward to booking a fishing charter in the near future, it is Cory’s unique way of giving back to our community that truly inspires me. While many of us participate in monthly “beach cleanups”, Cory creates awe inspiring sculptures from trash she collects on our local beaches every day. “My husband surfs and we are constantly on the beach, so I started walking around picking up trash to pass time,” she explained. Armed with her bucket and fanny pack, she gathers debris of all kinds from the sand and seaweed, much of which captures her eye because of its unique characteristics. I could hear the giddiness in her voice as she recalled the excitement of finding a doll’s foot that was just too special to place in the trash bucket. After a short time of collecting, sterilizing, and sorting her treasures, she found herself looking around thinking, “What am I going to do with all of this stuff?” The old shed out back soon received a makeover into a new art studio, with trinkets stored in glass jars and colorful plastic sandcastle buckets (which were no doubt also found during her beachcombing excursions). The question was, “What now?” Her husband, who specializes in marine art suggested, “Make a fish,”... so, she did. “I made a dolphin and people went nuts when I posted it online,” she said, still sounding shocked that people were so taken by her


thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

labor of love. Then came a wahoo, sailfish, and numerous other crafty earth-saving creations; including a tarpon, for which she was commissioned by The Rising Tide Tap & Table to create a unique piece for their hip restaurant in Port Canaveral. It’s no surprise Cory has been invited to participate in special events that support our environment and to speak to our local youth at elementary schools around Brevard County, as her art is literally SAVING OUR OCEANS. “That’s where it starts, we need to teach our kids to pick up after themselves and others,” she stated, placing emphasis on “and others”. “The whole point [of her art] is to start conversations that inspire others to NOT walk over it, but to pick up the trash.” With January being “Food Month”, I encourage you to take advantage of the amenities at Port Canaveral, enjoy a meal at The Rising Tide and take a gander at the stunning example of Cory’s craft. While there, take a stroll and stop by to visit Cory and her husband Derek at All Water Adventures. And if you see any trash along your path, pick it up. You may be inspired to create your own work of art. Learn more about Cory’s artwork @SeaRedwine on Instagram.

BEACHSIDE @ YOUR SERVICE! Owning a home (or any property) takes a lot of upkeep. Here is a sampling of some of beachside’s best maintenance and service professionals that are at your service to keep your property in tip-top shape.

1. INSURANCE | Carl Coddington Insurance “Our family protecting yours” Charles Coddington Homeowners • Flood • Auto • General • Liability O: (321) 784-5705 • charliecoddington@gmail.com 2. HANDYMAN | Gabe McTavey LLC. “Get your to-do list done!” Licensed • Insured • Commercial • Residential (914) 420-6095 Gman454457@aol.com 3. PLUMBING | Tom Walker Plumbing Serving Brevard County for Over 30 Years Sales • Service • Installation • 24 Hour Service 102 Columbia Dr, Unit 101, Cape Canaveral 32920 321-799-0508

6. CLEANING | East Coast Gleam Team Inc. Licensed • Insured • Bonded “We outSHINE the Best, MOP up the Rest” Residential • RealEstate • Construction • Commercial 321-480-5425 • ivyb29@ymail.com 7. POOL | Sea Clear Pool Service “Keeping your pool clean so you don’t have to.” Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance Leak Detection • Green Pool Restoration 321-759-6824 • customerservice@seaclearpoolservice.com

4. COOLING | I.C. Air LLC Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Balancing Comfort and Cost Service • Repair • Replacement 10% Senior and Military Discount 321-890-7904

8. MOBILE BOAT REPAIR | Tom’s Mobile Marine Inc. In Business for 30 Years Marine Engines • Sales and Service 4880 Cangro St, Cocoa 32926 • 321-636-5758

5. WINDOW & DOORS | Fountain Window & Door Licensed & Insured Certified master installer of windows and doors. 73 West Bay Drive, Cocoa Beach, FL (321) 783-0126 • www.fountaingc.com

9. CONTRACTOR | Alron Construction LLC State Certified General and Roofing Contractors New Roofs, Repairs, Maintenance, Residential, Commercial, Insurance Claims, Manufacturer Warranty, Free Inspections 321-639-0911 • 467 Forrest Ave, Suite 115 Cocoa CCC1328819 CGC1515789





Blizzy Coupet

My name is Blizzy Coupet. I have dark brown eyes that suck you in to doing anything I want, and my ears are so big you can use them like umbrellas when I perk them up. I’m 180 pounds of pure love, taller than most people, and have


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Z e r on a Z 6

Non-invasive Fat Loss Laser Zerona Z6 is the world’s most advanced fat loss laser on the market. Zerona has been FDA cleared for overall body circumference reduction.

REVEAL THE TRUE YOU! CocoaBeachChiropractic.com Chiropractic • Massage MM45375

big teeth and a scary bark - but don’t let that fool you, for I wouldn’t hurt a fly... maybe just some lizards. Sometimes I forget how big I am; I think I’m a lap dog, and love to smother anyone who lets me. Luckily I’m so tall that we are face to face when you sit down. My family always tells me people need “space” but I don’t think I know what that means. So I get closer and breathe into your face until you love me. My favorite things in life are food, adventures with Mom and Dad... and of course lots of love and butt rubs. I LOVE being outside and exploring! Some of my favorite memories are taking a canoe to the island and running around like a crazy pup... or those times I went camping with my family. Once a raccoon tried to eat our food; he didn’t know I was there until I let out a big “ruff!” And the raccoon jumped and ran as fast as he could - that was funny! I’m always up for an adventure. Oh! And my pup friends are the best! Sometimes they join my adventures with me. I make friends very easily. I’m outgoing, sweet, and

Please call the office to set an appointment


Ocean Landings Resort MM24975 900 N. Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort MM14723 1000 Shorewood Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

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1 hour massage

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very playful... My humans say I make everyone feel special and loved. The truth is I get a lot of love, so I have plenty to give. The most important thing to know about me is that I live life like I play fetch - no matter what life throws at me, I catch it and run with it. Nothing can take the smile off this face!

“Design is thinking made visual ” - Saul Bass

Creative, Unique Design call the office to set anneeds. appointment for yourPlease business and personal


Competitive pricing • Quick Turn-around • Excellent References Ocean Landings Resort MM24975 rebeccasnowdenportfolio.com $20 off 900 N. Atlantic Ave Cocoa Beach, FL 32931

Holiday Inn Club Vacation Resort MM14723 1000 Shorewood Dr. Cape Canaveral, FL 32920

1 hour massage

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Top Ad Sales Representative


thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

The Beachside Resident is looking for a commissioned ad sales rep to follow up with existing accounts and solicit new ones. Communication skills, imagination and good work ethic are all it really takes. Call Amanda at 321.613.2158 or email staff@thebeachsideresident.com

FISHING REPORT @allwateradventures @AllWaterAdventures


CAPTAIN GREG RAPP December’s cold fronts kept us shut down from offshore fishing a good part of the month but in between fronts, we did have few Hailey Marie with a great days. Enough already with huge blackfin tuna 2018 - let’s focus on all the cool stuff we will catch in 2019. You red snappers until your arms fall may be saying to yourself by now, off. Most of the time you can find “This guy is going to tell us live amberjacks on big deep strucbait trolling is where it is at!” You tures that will pull and pull. Now would be correct! Slow trolling or that groupers are closed till May, live bait trolling is where it is at! they will also be ready to yank The kings will remain strong. The your arms off and beat you over only downtime will be immedi- the head with them. This is where ately after fronts that bring large making the best of it comes in to sea conditions. If January 2019 is play. We have to realize we are like 2018, we will all just sit on our out fishing to have fun and make couch, drink discounted spiked memories. If our only GOAL is to eggnog to stay warm and watch FILL a freezer, the money spent the wind blow. Let’s hope that on a charter or to take your own doesn’t happen. Even if this is the boat is better spent at the grocase, the kings will be there - we cery store. All of these fish make will just have to find water clear beautiful pictures and are a blast enough for them to bite or wait to catch. We can’t keep most until Mother Ocean cleans up of them, but the action is great her act. I always say and will al- and it’s just plain fun to test your ways believe that other good fish muscle against some of the most are often mixed in with the huge powerful fish in the ocean. You schools of kings. Expect to find may get lucky and find a couple a few jumbo-sized blackfin tuna, keeper seabass, triggerfish, lane sailfish, wahoo, cobia and occa- and vermilion snapper for those sional mahi amongst the macker- willing to weed through the red el. Big sandbar and hammerhead snapper using a chicken rig or sharks are in these big schools ev- a High Low Rig as Captain Grilery time, so if you want a fight just lo & Richard Sergent like to call let your captain know or prepare it. If you love to bottom fish and yourself a heavy rod and drop a want to have a better shot at getbig chunk of bait and wait. If you ting some keeper mangrove and want to increase your odds at the mutton snappers, give the Ocean other species of pelagics, pick Obsession party boat a try. One up the pace and troll strip baits advantage they have is a bunch and ballyhoo starting just outside of bait in the water and people of the king fish. I really think the fishing to help weed through the best bet is sticking tight to the red snappers. If fishing your own schools with the slow trolling but boat, try natural bottom in 90-feet if you get tired of releasing kings and when you find a lively spot then move just offshore. I suggest camp out for the day. Enough bait moving deeper in 20 foot incre- and drops you will also get a few ments and give each area 30 min- mutton and mangrove snappers. utes before making another jump. Happy New Year and Tight January can have phenomenal Lines! action bottom-fishing in 140 to 220 feet. You can usually catch Captain Greg Rapp


CAPTAIN ALEX HUGHEY Changing things up a bit! What a great month of fishing! From tripletail and bull redfish nearshore, to skinny-water tailing redfish and trout in the flats, we have seen some good variety this month! The weather is finally starting to get into a wintertime pattern; cool temperatures with breezy north and westerly winds. With this being said, the next month or so at least I’ll be focusing more of my fishing inshore! The snook bite has slowed consistently but there are still some to be caught around our inlets and passes all the way from Ponce to Sebastian. Smaller live baits have been the ticket; anything from greenies and pogies when available to pins and pigfish - the smaller the better! I’ll be focusing more of my fishing towards the Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon. The cooler weather has really turned the trout bite on as expected! Some days average 20 to 30 fish of all sizes from 15- to 25-inches. Most fish are being caught around deeper troughs and grass flats in the 3- to 5-foot range! Live shrimp on a popping cork or an 1/8 oz Mission Fish’n jig-head with a Gulp

Redfish caught with Captain Alex Shrimp is a deadly combo this time of year. Subsequently, the redfish bite has picked up as well! Most fish have been chewing a bit better with the cooler weather a little later in the day. I’m starting my trips around 9 o’clock, if not a little later, and really taking advantage of the afternoon bite. These fish have been responding well to small Gulp Shrimp and weedless jerk-baits, in pearl white, bounced slowly off the bottom. The north end of Mosquito Lagoon has been the best bet - most fish are between 15- and 30-inches. As usual with the river, try to catch and release for future generations! Captain Alex Hughey

All Water Adventures, located at Sunrise Marina behind Grills in Port Canaveral, offers the full spectrum of on-the-water activities. Each trip is run by full time guides of our family owned businesses. They have a love and passion for the area and what they do. If you want to get on the water for some fishing or just relaxing, then give them a shout. 321-222-7511 www.AllWaterAdventures.com JANUARY 2019



BARISTA OF THE MONTH This month’s Bartender of the Month has been upgraded to

BARISTA of the Month, featuring

Talitha Silvers .

We give great recognition to the brave men and women who tend our adult beverage needs, however we believe there’s a special place in heaven saved just for baristas. Has a hot cup of bean juice ever saved your life? Does the smell of roasting coffee beans turn you up? Do you rely on a cup of high-octane, caffeine-infused go-juice to get your motor started in the morning? If so, we’d recommend you head over to Wahoo Coffee to visit this month’s Barista of the Month, TALITHA SILVERS, and order up your morning cup of sunshine!

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Closing would be cleaning. I think that’s with any job. Opening, that would be getting up early. But I actually like opening… I just like to start the day fresh, the morning coffee smell, the customers - I just really like it.

I like to spend my time at many of the local establishments around town. I like to support my people and be on the other side of the bar.

New England whole belly fried clams with homemade tartar sauce made with fresh dill and dill pickles.You can take the girl out of New England, but you can’t take New England out of the girl.

To travel the world on a cruise ship. A big one. I want to travel to all the great coffee growing regions like Kona, Jamaica, Bali and Jamaica,

You can find Talitha manning her modest coffee shop at Wahoo Coffee 247 Minutemen Causeway Suite 5, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931, right in the heart of downtown Cocoa Beach. Wahoo Coffee has the largest selection of Fair Trade and Organic gourmet coffee beans on the Space Coast of Florida. All coffee beans are 100% Arabica and are fresh roasted to order, using the air roasting method.  Wahoo Coffee can also accommodate all your wholesale or retail needs. wahoocoffee.com Do you know of a great bartender, or barista, and would like to nominate them for Bartender/Barista of the Month? Email staff@thebeachsideresident.com and tell us all about them.


Every First Saturday, Downtown Melbourne Farmers Market, 10am-3pm, Riverview Park, Farmers Market featuring local fresh produce, handcrafted soaps, gourmet olives, oils & infused vinegars, fresh pesto, hummus, cheese spreads, local honey, vegan foods, bruschetta, local art, handcrafted items and much more. Jan 1, First Day Hike, 8-10am, Sebastian Inlet State Park, Start the New Year off with a “First Day Hike” at Sebastian Inlet State Park. We will meet at the T-Dock on the south side of Sebastian Inlet, at 8 AM. The ranger led moderate paced inlet/beach walk is two miles in length. The interpretive park ranger will talk about plants, birds, history, sea beans, fish, sea turtles and many other topics while leading the walk. Please no pets and no smoking. Bring a water bottle, comfortable walking shoes, bug spray, hat and sun protection. Jan 12, Health First Fight Child Hunger 5K Run/Walk, 8am-12pm, Viera High School, HealthFirst.org,FightChildHunger5k.org, Join In this 5K TO FIGHT CHILD HUNGER! Our Community is teaming up so kids don’t go hungry! Jan 12, Hawaiian Luau to Help Haiti’s Children, 6-10pm, Ascension Catholic Church, Join us for a Hawaiian luau to help Haiti’s children. Enjoy a delicious dinner, 50/50 raffles, gift baskets and professional hula dancers! Jan 18, Cocoa Beach Main Street Festival, 6-10pm, Minutemen Causeway, Downtown Cocoa Beach, Join the locals in Downtown Cocoa Beach on the third Friday of every month. There will be live music, food, vendors and family fun! Jan 19, 8th Annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival, 10am-6pm, Brevard Veterans Memorial Park, FloridaKeyLimePieCompany.com, The Florida Key Lime Pie Company will be presenting the 8th Annual Florida Key Lime Pie Festival on Saturday, January 19. This year’s festival theme is Florida Family Fun, and the event will feature a diversity of some of the Space and Treasure Coast’s most savored food trucks and restaurants. Adults: $10, Kids: $5, Children under 4 and Active or Retired Military: FREE Jan 19-20, 2nd Annual Viera Art Festival, 9am-5pm, The Avenue Viera, Join us for the 2nd Annual Viera Art Festival. Jan 20, Brides and Blooms - Brevard’s Largest Bridal Show, 1-4:30pm, A Sophisticated Showcase, ABridalShow.com, Over 75 professional wedding vendors, complimentary hors d’oeuvres, cakes and pastries. Live entertainment provided by Sophisticated Gents Entertainment/DJs. Preview the hottest wedding trends. High-energy runway fashion show provided exclusively by Aurora Bridal Grand prize is a honeymoon stay for 2, courtesy of All About Travel. Jan 23-28, 22nd Annual Space Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival, EFSC Titusville, Brevard Nature Alliance, BrevardNatureAlliance.org, This premier event offers opportunities for participants to explore world-renowned natural areas of Florida’s Space Coast. Field trips and outdoor workshops; offshore boat trip; naturebased exhibits, art show and competition, classroom presentations, informal opportunities to meet national authorities on birds, plants, photography, optics and technology.



The King Center, Melbourne, 321-242-2219, KingCenter.com

Jan 4, Jay Leno Jan 11, 3 Redneck Tenors Jan 13, Pilobolus: Shadowland: The New Adventure Jan 18, Arlo Guthrie “Alice’s Restaurant” Back by Popular Demand Tour Jan 19, Brevard Symphony Orchestra: Tchaikovsky and Friends Jan 22, Erth’s Prehistoric Aquarium Adventure Jan 27, Air Supply Jan 29, Michel Lauziere: Science of Sound Jan 29, Glenn Miller Orchestra Jan 31, Black Jacket Symphony: An Evening with Queen- A Night at the Opera

Cocoa Village Playhouse, Cocoa Village, 321-636-5050, CocoaVillagePlayhouse.com

Jan 5-6, Hot Pink: The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Show Jan 13, Florida Magician of the Year Contest Jan 25, Feb 13, Anything Goes

Surfside Playhouse, Cocoa Beach, 321- 783-3127, SurfsidePlayhouse.com Jan 11-27, The Crucible

Titusville Playhouse,

Titusville, 321-268-1125, TitusvillePlayhouse. com Jan 11 - Feb 3, La Cage aux Folle

Jan 26, The Mayors Ball, 7-11pm, Hilton Melbourne Rialto Place, PalmBayMayorsBall.org, Please join Mayor William Capote and other corporate and community leaders on Saturday, January 26th, at the Mayor’s Ball benefiting the Palm Bay Disaster Relief Committee. Jan 27, Driving Out Childhood Cancer Gul Tournament, 8:30am-5pm, Duran Golf Club, Driving Out Childhood Cancer is a golf tournament hosted by No Kid should Know Cancer, a foundation based out of Brevard County dedicated. JANUARY 2019





¿ DÓNDE ESTÁ EL NIÑO? Written by Callie Boyer @supercalliefragillistic

Meteorologists have been speculating since the beginning of the year about whether or not we’ll see an El Niño event this winter, which is a naturally occurring phenomenon that happens about every two to seven years. This year, there’s around an 80% chance that we’ll experience the effects of El Niño by February, although it’s forecasted to be less powerful than in years past. The last time we saw El Niño was in 2016 and it was concurrently the hottest year in recorded history. It’s important to keep an eye on the development of this event, since it can have widespread, global impacts due to the atmospheric changes caused by warming oceanic temperatures driven by the movement of eastto-west tradewinds in the Pacific. El Niño occurs when the tradewinds are halted or reversed and the warmed water begins to spread back eastwards, which changes temperature and rainfall patterns globally. Scientists call this chain reaction teleconnection ( tele-meaning transmission over a distance) and it can affect any region in the entire world. As the water temperature rises in the eastern Pacific, it creates a high pressure system that moves north and east towards Canada, and pushes a low pressure system towards the Southeast United States. This causes the Pacific Northwest, parts of the Rocky Mountains, and the Ohio River Valley to be unusually warm and dry, which sets up conditions for droughts, forest fires, and flash flooding in these areas. In the Southeast, it’s more likely to see wetter conditions and severe weather, such as tornadoes and flooding. There’s good and bad effects of such an extreme weather pattern. On one hand, besides meteorological changes, there could be socio-economic effects such as dealing with natural disasters and water scarcity. On the other hand, the warmer water temperatures in the Pacific create a greater variance in the cold air blowing down from the Arctic, causing the Jet Stream to drop even further south. This pushes energy from the Gulf towards the east coast, creating above average, short period swell along the eastern Atlantic coast and Caribbean. However, with a weak El Niñow still currently being forecasted, it may be time to start saving up for a surf trip. 28

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By Juliet Pomodoro

dearly but our love life is My SO and I love each other long t. We’ve been together for so struggling, if not non-existen How re. mo any left y any myster that there doesn’t seem to be trap of being roommates? the in ing fall from p kee do we -Travis, Disney Land Dear Mouse Trap,

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I’m ridiculously attracted to handsome and mysterio unavailable men. They’re us and they know all the things to say to lure me right into their barren man-c ave do I keep from falling in the trap of emotionall s. How y distant men who have commitm ent issues? -Katrina, Russia Dear Knock-Knock, Just because someone knocks at your door, it isn’t always opportunity. You don’t have to answer, in fact you could be as unavailable as the men you seem to love en yourself in. Maybe the issue is you enjoy wastin gulfing g you time. By consistently da ting the same type of me r n, your life will become as barren as those man-c aves you frequent. Darling, emoti onally unavailable me n surround themselves with thems elves. If a man is hyperfocuse on a particular time-con suming ego driven activit d y, you can be assured they are em first meeting a man, ask otionally unavailable. When him what his passions are. If he says cycling, a band, an y adult sports league, or fantasy football, it’s time to exc use yourself, as politely (or not) as you want to. Ain’t no body got time for that - especially you.

I’m a nice guy who’s looking for love in all the wrong places, apparently. I keep falling for -whores. They act like they want to be in a relationship; they’re not looking for the right man, they’re looking for a man… right now. What are your tips for identifying the right man? -Desperately Seeking Snuggles Dear Hoping to Find A Friend and a Lover, Welcome to the world of fast-food dating. People are so available, and available everywhere. Blame the internet. Internet dating is the devil and dating apps are his henchmen. I fully believe it is the readiness and quickness of finding someone online that leads to this idea of unlimited buffets of potential dating partners. If someone is a relatively decent looking individual with minimal charm, they can continue to date and never have to commit. Finding the right person isn’t an easy feat. If it were so easy, we would all be happy now, wouldn’t we? The “right man” is a broad statement. I feel what you’re really looking for are tips for identifying a man who wants a relationship. That’s something easier to define. The man looking for a relationship will most likely not have sex with you the first night you hang out together. A man looking for a relationship will not typically pick you up at the bar. A man looking for a relationship will take the time to woo you, show off his mane and bring you food. He wants to impress, not just mate. Most importantly, a person interested in a relationship, will ask questions about you. They will want to get to know you beyond what turns you on or what drink you’re having for the night. Keep an eye out and be diligent. They are out there, and wondering the same thing you are. JANUARY 2019




Chef Moises of Tiny Turtle, Cocoa Beach

Tell us Chef, who are you and where do you hail from? Moises Correa from Maya Guez, Puerto Rico

Where can we find you? Tiny Turtle, 249 Minutemen Causeway, Cocoa Beach 32931 thetinyturtlecocoabeach.com

Tell us a little about your professional background. In this area I’ve been a chef in a couple different restaurants: Silvestro’s, Tuscany Grill and D.I.G. Bistro. None of them really have anything to do with what I do now. I learned to cook my cuisine in my grandma’s kitchen when I was 9 years old. A pinch of this, a dash of that. You create your own thing.

How did you come up with the concept for your restaurant? Living in Cocoa Beach I recognized what was needed here. I wanted to bring the same flavor and love for food, but on a different scale, so locals can come more than once a month; something they’d want to return to multiple times a week. It’s fine food made with love and care - not the standard, junk-for-food you find these days.

How long did it take you to perfect it? All my life. If you look at my spice rack, it’s a whole wall. So this is something I’ve been developing all my life.

What inspired you to open up a restaurant? There’s plenty of breakfast, Italian and other little restaurants around town. Tiny Turtle was originally supposed to be a food truck, but life gave me an opportunity to make something more permanent, so we took a chance. We wanted something local to feed our friends and families. 30

Which dish or recipe are you most proud of? The sofrito bowl is the staple. That’s the dish I opened with; it brings a little of everything. You’ve got the rice and black beans, then you can add the protein. The Island Pork is a Peurto Rican staple; it’s cooked 10 hours. If you don’t like pork, you can chose the braised chicken, which is a combination of turmeric, jerk and curry with a dash and splash of other (secret) spices - it’s the Jamaican side of the Caribbean without the big heat. Or you could choose the beef picadillo, a sautéed ground beef finished up with white wine or beer. That last part is Chef’s choice.

Tell us what it is about your restaurant that sets you apart from the rest. When you visit the Tiny Turtle, even though you’re in a beachy atmosphere, you can be sure the food we cook doesn’t come out of a can or a microwave. It’s fine dining, but we keep it street. We’re also one of the only restaurants that doesn’t offer plastic. We make it a point to keep plastics off the beach.

What’s your favorite perk of being a chef? Creating something new, on the fly. We all do it, we just don’t realize it. You open the fridge and you see what you have because you don’t want to go out - you just want to be lazy, so you create something. We all have a little chef in us.

What would you order for your last meal? Oooooo… wow. When it comes down to it, I’m a meat and potato guy. There’s nothing like a nicely cooked steak. Grilled well on the outside so it’s got that crunch but it’s tender in the center. Steak and potato, simple. That’s what I always eat. Why, after 43 years, would I change it?

Where do you spend your time when you’re not running one of the most exciting restaurants on the Space Coast? Home. I love home.

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Feed Your Soul at Bula Cocoa Beach Kava Bar & Coffeehouse

Bula Cocoa Beach is a downtown gem still undiscovered by some locals while others consider it their safe-haven. Bula, Fijian for “long life and good health,” is a family-friendly, upscale yet relaxed environment that caters to a diverse crowd and offers a positive community space for art and music, workshops and mindfulness, or just to hang and watch our endless playlist of surf videos. Earlier this year Bula won the coveted title of 2018 Start-Up Business Champion of the Year through the Cocoa Beach Chamber of Commerce. Bula specializes in plant-based medicine, offering kava, kombucha, and botanical teas that serve a range of needs, and Cocoa Beach’s own Wahoo Coffee. Bula is built on the kava tradition of community and everyone is considered family when they walk in the door. Each newbie is warmly welcomed, thoroughly informed about our products, and offered a free ‘shell’ of kava, shared with others during a “shell ceremony.” Bula provides a sober environment and judgment-free zone for all walks of life, while promoting the healing benefits of plant-based medicine, creating a safe space for human-connection, and encouraging a healthy lifestyle. The ‘Bulagans’ philosophy is “choose happiness” and sums up what Bula represents. Their good vibe is contagious and provides food for the soul. Next door to Bula is their newest addition, Botanica, featuring five individual meditative spaces for oxygen and aromatherapy, an array of natural, holistic

healing plant medicine, CBD and crystals, and fresh herbs and spices. Additionally, Botanica will offer workshops and education around plant medicine and natural healing. Featuring a tree that grows from the inside of the building out, Botanica is a modern-day take on an Apothecary, and builds on Bula’s vibe, emphasizing the power of not only plant medicine but pure oxygen to feed the mind and every cell of the body. If you haven’t checked it out yet, go grab a shell, sing some karaoke, paddle out with the regulars, discover your new favorite drink, and see what it’s all about. You’ll leave feeling like family. After you explore the many great restaurants that Cocoa Beach has to offer, come feed your soul at Bula. Bula Cocoa Beach is located at 124 N. Orlando Ave, Cocoa Beach, FL 32931. For a chill time, check them out and enjoy some surf videos or live music while you enjoy a shell of kava!




GET FIT TIPS By Suzanne S. Elliott, M.A., Ed. @Suzanne Elliott

Be Good to Yourself: Restore and Renew! Get FIT throughout the year and give yourself balance, wisdom, serenity, spirit and FUN! There is truth in the art of balancing life. Food, fitness, rest, work, play, are but a few of the many ingredients to the soup of our existence. The magic is in the careful blending of the right amount of each. Taking the time to find our truth and consciously choosing to live in it is perhaps the greatest gift we can give ourselves. This New Year resolve to give yourself YOU time to keep you moving in time. Health is wealth. Exercise and Be Wise. Put FUN in your New Year recipe to make the most out of coastal living. Food is Fuel. Restore your youthful zest for life by choosing living foods that help your cells celebrate and feel great! Defeating bad eating starts with creating! Create a menu of more fruits, veggies and water to give your body what it’s made mostly of… water! Fuel your hydration and nutrition with a cleanse or fast. We love to start our new year by cleansing and boosting a change to detox after the holiday knocks. Understand You! The hardest part isn’t exercise or nutrition. It’s your mind. “Your body is your temple, keep it pure and clean for the soul to reside in,” - B.K.S. Iyengar. A healthy outside starts from the inside. The way you think, the way you behave, the way you eat can influence your life for the next 30-50 years. One of the reasons I love doing therapeutic yoga is its focus on the inside out, train the brain to train the body. It’s all interconnected.


thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

Nutrition is 80% and exercise is 20% of self-care. Respect your body with the right fuel for your body. Move to improve

the FUNction of the whole body in every way! Every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it. Until you get your nutrition right, nothing is going to change. You are what you eat. Every 35 days your skin replaces itself and your body makes new cells from the food you eat. What you eat becomes you! You have a choice in what you’re made of. Nutrition is far more responsible for your health and your shape more than you ever could imagine. One must eat to live, not live to eat. GET FIT TIPS from Suzanne Elliott, MA, Ed. Suzanne has been involved in elderly, kid & teen fitness and Team Training since 1972. She is a Master Yoga Teacher, Health Minister and Life Coach. She and her husband, Joe, live in Cape Canaveral, involved in their city, sponsor Keep Brevard Beautiful Beach Yoga, Walks and Clean-ups, and together, own H.O.T. YOGA on the Island, Healing. Original. Therapeutic. YOGA. Join their HOTY Team of wellness advocates on Saturday, January 26 from 12-2 PM and sample local healthy food options, yoga demos, live music, blood drive and more for their 13th annual Open House anniversary celebration.


By Summer Cowhig, Community Herbalist @passiflorareincarnata

We’ve all had our ups and downs when it comes to fad diets and New Year’s resolutions to take better care of ourselves. Ultimately what we really want is to eat sustainably, boost our nutrient intake and feel more VITAL! One of the main areas of concern when cultivating a strong vital force is gut health. We have all dealt with our share of digestive problems - which can ripple into so many other bodily system dis-eases we treat. Our gut lining is a physical and immune system barrier which simultaneously absorbs nutrients and secretes digestive hormones, enzymes, etc. The epithelial layer is the second fastest reproducing tissue in the body; the whole thing regenerates every 5-6 days. Interference with the regeneration of these intestinal cells can cause a weakening in your gut lining. It is quite common and can be caused by multiple factors including but not limited to: poor diet, nutrient and protein deficiencies, chronic ingestion of food antigens, stress - the list goes on. The gut lining will show deficits in nutrition or environmental stressors more dramatically and more quickly than any other tissue. The weakening of your gut lining can cause inflammation, hyperactive immune responses, pain, acid reflux, ulcers, and more. Normally this barrier is protected by a layer of friendly, non-invasive bacteria which, including the rest of the bacterial population, is like it’s own organ. But with antibiotics being fed to promote growth in

conventional meat industries and our casual antibiotic use, we are dealing with a broad spectrum of antibiotics that have a catastrophic effect on our microbiome. These bacterias feed off of otherwise indigestible fibers such as inulin, pectin and various polysaccharides. The right bacteria is necessary to stimulate the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients. Quick tip: to increase selected bacterial populations, you can find an array of those indigestible fibers in 8-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day. (Not as big of a challenge as you would think!) Add abundant protein, fruits and vegetables, a gut healing tea, and the necessary vitamins, minerals and probiotics, and you have yourself a protocol! However, if you have all of this in place and still do not feel any relief, more than likely you are having an inflammatory response to food peptides. Often these are the foods that we “crave” (false hunger) in moments when we are stressed or rushed or plain old dealing with life. Besides sometimes imperfect lab testing, there is really only one technique to determine specific food triggers. I was specially trained to ‘nourish before purge’ and use highly supportive, vitalist practices to coach someone through this process. When you approach nutrition from a holistic, vitalist tradition, you use encouraging methods to nourish your body and mind before removing anything in your everyday food routines. By using these methods, you can be sure to set yourself up on a well grounded path of health and wellness to last a lifetime. JANUARY 2019



Need a Primary Care Physician? Call 321.978.0168 At Health First Medical Group, we believe in putting our patients first. That’s why we have: ° Offices located throughout the county to make it easy for you to choose a place convenient for you ° One number, 321.978.0168, to help answer all your questions and schedule your appointment for you ° Great physicians who will care for you like family

Call us today, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., excluding major holidays, to schedule an appointment.


Recharging Yourself for the New Year By Misti Blu Day McDermott @mistibluday Congratulations! You survived the holidays! The post-holiday apocalyptic New Year is filled with crumpled wrapping paper, lights still glimmering throughout the streets and sparkling on homes, all while our bank accounts have seen better days. The truth is, not everyone is filled with joy this time of year. For some, they may be missing a loved one or are financially burdened. Many people live paycheck-to-paycheck and having to spend your month’s income on gifts that add up to the same price of your bills is beyond stressful. Here are a few ways to lighten the load and help you recover from this past year’s holiday battle of the blues: Create Memories or Homemade Goods: If you are on a budget and still have birthdays, or even Valentine’s Day coming up, surely you can afford memories or to make something. You can prevent your bank account from causing you financial grief, which can allow you to relax and enjoy life a little more. For example, gift your parents a homemade dinner and game night that you host. They can choose the date and come over and be spoiled. Or, gift your significant other a coupon book for massages, dinner, cleaning and some X-rated fun. Gift your friend or sister a night of babysitting. These are all thoughtful, free and memorable. Another option is making homemade gifts like candles, body scrubs, art or even baked goods. This is a great option all year long and for the next holiday season. Self Care: During times of stress we forget to take care of ourselves. Maybe skip a night out and listen to music or read a book instead. Decompress with a bath and wine. Hell, a bath in wine! Call old friends or family and catch up on the phone. Treat yourself to a massage. Drinking plenty of fluids and making sure your nutrition is not suffering is also important. Vitamin D and folate deficiencies can cause depression and anxiety. Just like the saying, “you can’t pour from an empty cup,” you have to take care of yourself. Herbal teas are a good way to maintain your stress levels. Kava, valerian root, lemon balm and ashwagandha root are great relaxing teas. CBD oil is a natural option for managing stress, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. Stress management starts with taking care of yourself.


thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9

Volunteer: If you still feel like you are in a funk, volunteering is an excellent way to bring you back to reality. Sometimes helping others in unfortunate situations can help change our perspective, humble us or make us more grateful. You can volunteer at a shelter and serve food to those in need or donate your time to an organization. My favorite is the Humane Society. Walking dogs and petting cats is so therapeutic and the animals are so grateful. It gives you a sense of purpose. Get a Hobby: I’ll admit that life can get stagnant sometimes, even if everything is great. Shake things up and challenge yourself to do something new like yoga, painting, jogging, martial arts, baking, blogging, flying paper airplanes... anything! Hobbies are outlets and we all need to do something other than work, poop, shower, eat, repeat. Find your passion and spark in life. Save up for a road trip. Plan fun adventures - even if it is by yourself. You don’t need a copilot. Sometimes it is great to just let your mind wander and enjoy the journey. Waiting to live and have fun until you find someone to do these things with is a sad excuse that is holding you back. Learn to love yourself and your company. Make new friends and be open to possibilities. Don’t Be Afraid To Get Help: There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a therapist. Honestly, everyone should see a therapist. We live in a time where we are trained to smile and be positive. We are human. We feel things! It is okay to feel. Sometimes our friends are not always the best person to vent to. A professional can help you find the tools to cope and manage stress. It is literally their job and they aren’t waiting for their turn to speak. The suicide prevention lifeline number is 1-800-273-8255. You never know what is around the corner, no matter how dark this chapter seems. Your next chapter could be the best times of your life. Giving up hope robs you of that and spreads your pain to those who love you.


DOUGHNUT FIX A man was awarded a $37,500 cash settlement after police arrested him for possession of what they thought was meth. Turns out it was doughnut glaze, even though a field test read positive for meth. Only after a second test, done by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, was the substance proven to be sugar. Perhaps it was an innocent mistake, or perhaps the temptation just proved to be too much for those poor officers.

WANT A COOKIE? A 70-year-old man was arrested after giving an acquaintance a cookie without telling her that it was laced with marijuana. He was charged with three felonies, booked into jail, and released on his own recognizance. The woman who ate the cookie said she began to feel “woozy” and was taken to the hospital for evaluation. When asked why he didn’t tell her about the marijuana, he said the amount was so small he didn’t think it would affect her. He should’ve just called me, instead!

NO FREE PIZZA A man grabbed a handful of rocks and threw them through a pizza display case after employees told him they did not have any free food. The employees said he yelled at a waitress when she said she couldn’t give him a free slice of pizza. He was escorted outside by employees, and then started to throw rocks back inside, breaking the case. He was arrested, charged, and ordered never to go back to the pizzaria. Guess he will have to order delivery next time.

An employee at a McDonald’s was allegedly assaulted due to a broken ice cream machine. The employee informed a group of customers ordering in the drive through that the ice cream machine was down for maintenance.After three of the customers entered the McDonald’s and saw another customer with ice cream, they approached the counter, allegedly grabbed the employee by the hair and struck her. The employee was not injured, the suspects got away, and the ice cream machine is alleged to still be broken.


A man was charged after sitting in a chair and eating in the middle of a street. Police received a call about a man sitting in a crosswalk with a small table in front of him, eating pancakes. The man was gone when police arrived, but they found out that he lived about 100 yards from where it happened. He was interviewed and admitted he did it as a prank. Police say the man’s actions prevented vehicles from moving and created an obstruction. Fortunately, no cars hit him and turned him into a pancake.


Police arrested a woman on child neglect charges for letting a 14-year-old boy drive while she was drinking.When she was pulled over the woman said she had five drinks and was too drunk to drive. Police also said there was an open beer in the cup holder of the car. She told officers the teen is her boyfriend’s son, and that she wanted him to drive to Waffle House. Although the call of the waffle is hard to resist, maybe next time she should try Uber.




Food For Thought


Dec 22- Jan 19



Jun 21 - Jul 20

This is your month! You’ve spent the last 11 months waiting for it, you have every right to order what you want and NOT feel obligated to share your large fry. Because as your sign sigil the Goat implies, you are the Greatest Of All Time!

Some people love to eat crab; others think it’s just too much work with not enough reward. Don’t waste your energy pinching at those people focus on those who not only want you around, but go out of their way to have you.



Jan 20 - Feb 18

There’s going to be a lot of fires this month that people will need your help putting out... Thank the stars for the water sign! Use your excellent sense of tact and grace this month to avoid any pitfalls in your personal life, and be prepared to mediate.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

No one seems to like a critic, but everyone loves to read the reviews; don’t stop being you. People are going to talk no matter what, so why not give them something to talk about? As the saying goes, “no publicity is bad publicity”.


Mar 21 - Apr 19

Aries, we get it, you’re not afraid to try new things. But sooner or later you will find yourself eating alone. Step back a bit; let others have a say. Being headstrong definitely has its virtues, but it is only through self-discipline that we can allow our talents to truly flourish.


Apr 20 - May 20

It’s a new year, Taurus, the time to let go of the past and allow new beginnings flourish. Don’t get your rocky mountain oysters in a bind; change is inevitable and can bring some sweet to your saltiness. Embrace the change and go with the flow. After all, “change is the only constant.”


May 21 - Jun 20

You are that special spice everyone is looking for this month, and your ability to adapt makes you fit for any meal. You’re going to be in high demand, and you deserve to let loose a little. Let others take control, and see where it takes you. Don’t be afraid of trying something new.


Created by the brilliant mind of Fursey O'Veebee. This puzzle references food and businesses local to the Cocoa Beach area. Good luck! Created by the brilliant mind of Fursey O’Veebee. This puzzle references food and businesses local to the Cocoa Beach area. Good luck! 1




8 9 10




14 16

Take pride in your ability to take care of yourself and those you hold dear. You don’t simply get food - you hunt for it, and there are many animals out there looking to eat your leftovers. Let them; it’s what keeps you on top.



18 19 20 21


Aug 23 - Sep 22

You’re like gas station sushi - some hungry, reckless soul thought you looked good from afar, but is now suffering the lingering effects of your emotional botulism. You’re a master of facades but you’re not fooling anyone, anymore; you’re just as toxic as that leftover sushi. Get your act together; denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, baby.




Jul 23 - Aug 22



Sep 23 - Oct 22

You are anyone’s sweet tooth fulfillment, Libra; you make it difficult to take just one bite. The “new year, new me” season is upon you, and you’re tired of the same-old-sameold. Everyone wants a piece - don’t even think about settling for less. Even if Virgo is out there looking like a snack.


Oct 23 - Nov 21

You’re on fire, Scorpio, and rightly so. There is a passion stirring deep within you that wants to get out, so bring closure to any areas of your life that are holding you back and get down to the nitty gritty once and for all. You know what you have to do - now go do it!


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Your soul is hangry, Sag - you’ve waited until the point of starvation to get up to eat. You’re not finding satisfaction in the same things anymore, and maybe it’s because you’ve outgrown them. Take some time to get in touch with what is going to really feed your soul, and stop being so hard on yourself. You’ve come a long way.

thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9



25 26


28 29


31 32


34 35 36


1 German Sausage 3 Crudely built house for Lobster 5 Japanese iron plate cuisine 6 Migratory pelagic fish 9 Gabagool 11 Preacher 14 “Little Tongue” Noodle 19 Philadelphia


1 Portuguese dried, salted cod 2 Kansas City BBQ 3 Greek pie 4 Men go out and drink these when they do manly things 7 Meat rolled in a corn tortilla, pairs well with margaritas 8 Served grilled at Flavour Kitchen & Wine Bar,


21 German filet 23 Rockfish 24 Sunrise hometown goodness 26 El Greco 28 Sports Grill with lots of flare 29 Puerto Rican deliciousness 32 Old, moldy cheese, probably smells

33 Backwater frying saucers 34 Kelsey’s finest fare 35 Verde buttered and deeply Southern 36 Smoked breast of a beastly nature 37 Smoth ered Cajun goodness

eight limbs of deliciousness 10 The heart of the home 12 Stinky 13 Rusty’s aquarian fare 15 Men claim domain on this apparatus 16 Odoriferous cabbage 17 Dry-cured ham 18 Pita Paradise makes it best. We reco mmend the CHICKEN SHAWARMA.

20 Moruga pepper from Trinidad 22 Fermented cabbage 25 Slow & Low 26 One of the four primal cuts of a hog 27 Bambi 30 Italian salad 31 Red and gnarled Carolina pepper


Reviews by Fursey O'veebee.



First off, I would like to say thanks to Pati deVries over at Devious Planet for hooking us up with some great blues CDs to review. They have a lot of great artists on their team so check ‘em out! One such great is seasoned blues veteran Tas Cru, who puts out another winner in Memphis Song. Starting off with “Heal My Soul”, this jam has a little Dire Straits-circa-1978 feel to it, but this guy is way more than a Sultan of Swing. Nice harp work accompanies Tas’ unique vocals. The title cut is a little slower, with a mystical eeriness reminiscent of something you would imagine hearing if you were broken down over by the side of Bloody 520 in the middle of a dark night with a full moon. “Fool For The Blues” is a great cut with rocking guitars as Tas tells how people think he is crazy for sticking with the genre, but he ain’t going anywhere! “Bad love, hard luck, tough times and bad bad news / That’s how it’s always been, they call it paying dues / Willie got it right, he comes to spread the news / He comes to testify, he’s a fool for the blues.” It’s like Tas is talking to me on that one! In “Give a Little Up” he laments about the inability of humans to compromise, and how if we’d all give a little up, we might get along much better. It’s a nice, groovy slow jam that exudes visions of a smoke-filled, dimly lit bar as the harp wails. Kinda like Fun-Time used to be but without the holes in the ceiling and the rain coming through. Another mellow rocker, “Daddy Didn’t Give You Much (But He Sure Gave You the Blues)” he wails about how he screwed up some girls head in a really bad way. He picks it up with “Have a Drink” with good keyboards and proposes a toast to everyone! A great jam to sing the next time you are at Straw Hat and want to keep that guy from fighting you.You know, that one over there who’s giving you the stink eye. “That Look” is a come-on jam where he’s telling a woman how fine she is, but he knows he is headed for trouble. Two card-related jams follow, “One Eyed Jack” and “Queen of Hearts”. In the former, he sings how he can’t win because the devil has stacked the deck. Funky grooves accompany this cut as well as more nice harp work. In the latter, not to be confused with Juice Newton, he slows it down again, singing for his woman that he lost and now wants back. In “Don’t Lie to That Woman” he tells the tale about how his woman will put up with anything except a lack of honesty. Sounds like a good deal to me! The next cut, “Feels So Good” (not to be confused with Chuck Mangione) he says he feels so good he wants to play the blues the whole day through, which sounds like a great day to me. He winds it up with “Can’t Get Over The Blues”, another solid hit with great guitars and harp. Tas’ latest release is sure to please even the toughest music critic, so go out and grab one of these before they are all gone like the Bernard’s Surf sign.

Hard-hitting blues rocker Anthony Gomes belts out another great CD with his latest: Peace, Love, & Loud Guitars. From the opening cut to the end, this CD rocks. Gomes’ guitar work is incredible as he rocks the frets off of the Flying V. He starts wout asking B.B. King to come down from heaven and bring back the King of the Blues. He then hits the raunchy side with “White Trash Princess”, the trailer park dream. His description of her is classic, as he says she was wearing a “husband beater” and wants him to rock her trailer. He slows it down claiming to have “Blues in the First Degree”, a song that would make Blues Boy Willie proud (RIP). “Nasty Good” has some more good lyrics, “She’s not head over heels / She’s heels over head”. This guy could actually stand toe-to-toe with the majority of today’s “rockers” and blow them off the stage.That’s one of the great things about the blues, there are so many styles to choose from. Some slow, some country, some rocking, some mellow, some hard. There is an unlimited variety, just like the variety of bars when doing the walk-of-pain down A1A in Cocoa Beach but without the subsequent headache.“The Whiskey Made Me Do It” is another good jam, blaming all of his actions on the booze, “Drinking triples, and seeing double / Acting single, now I’m in trouble”. Sounds like me after a night out with Carolina Billy. Hopefully he is out of Cocoa Beach Jail by the time this comes out. Anthony slows it down in “You Are Amazing” where he delivers a romantic love song to his true love. We should all be so lucky to love someone as much as Anthony expresses in this lovely ballad. In the title track (who remembah title tracks), he rocks out another barn-burner that could probably be a new rock anthem. This song is worth the price of admission alone. Excellent guitar work. In “Stealin’ From the Devil”, he sings a spooky song about blues legend Robert Johnson, where he says he is going down to hell to get Robert’s soul back. Back to the dirty side of town he goes next with “Your Mama Wants to Do Me (And Your Daddy Wants To Do Me In)” saying good girls go to heaven but bad girls go backstage. He slows it up a bit with “The Only Woman I’ve Ever Loved” as he laments a lost love, and pleads with the listener to not make the mistakes he did. Pretty funny considering he just sang about doing your momma and trailer love. In “Hard Road Easy” he rocks it out again, singing about life on the road and how you can’t stop him if you try.With the power in this CD, I believe him. He ends with “Take Me Back Home”, a slow ballad, showing his musical diversity once again proving hard or soft, this guy is the real deal.


anthonygomes.com Local Musicians: Are you are musician? Do you know a rad local artist who should be featured? Submit your music for review to staff@thebeachsideresident.com . JANUARY 2019



9 5 2

7 9 5 2


Level Easy



3 2


1 7 9 3

9 5

3 4 9 5 2 1 7

4 8

Level Easy

Solutions MEDIUM:


2 13 7 5 6 486 9 2 2 3 8 4 54 1 4 1 9 99 3 8 7 44 2 5 9 14 3 3 1 98 6 93 8 66 22 5 3 2 6 17 5 9 8 6 5 3 4 71 6 75 9 5 25 7 4 8 3 4 2 7 Level Medium

3 67 25 6 51 4 78 32 9

4 2 1 7 99 8 53 6 25

9 4 3 1 8 67 6 5 2

Level Medium

Level Easy




7 5 2


2 4

4 6 24 3 68 9 2 8 1 9 2 4 2 4 9 6 2 53 9 1 1 3 23 9 6 77 5 TBR1901 8 SUDOKU 6 4 TBR1901 SUDOKU 9 47 78 7 3




6 Level 6Medium 7 7 1 6 1 3 7 7 3 7 2 9 1 2 9 3 7 39 2 3

4 4 3 3 1 4 1 3 1 6 6

1 7 5 5 1 7 5 5 7 4 8 1 7 5 8 7 4 9 5 9 8 7 34 3 39 2 6 3 9 2 5 6 7 3 7 8 9 5 4 3 2 6 3 4 8 3 7 9 5 4 8 3

77 55 28 3 9 5 1 8 9 5 4 33 26 7 2 9 2 57 4 23 1 5 2 41 96 Solutions : 9 Solutions 776 838: 4 96 2 41 7 95 82 5 3 1

Level Hard

5 5 1 1 5 1 7 7


9 7 8


9 53 26 9 5 2


2 2 4 42


84 8

9 5 2

Level Easy


8 8 6 3 3 6 1 98 2 13 4 9 26 61 4 29 52 6 4 2 5 9 96 2 75 7 3 9 37


2 3 1 8 4 59 5


Level Easy


Level Easy

4 4

9 9 6 59 6 5 6

25 3 2 2

9 4 9 3 1 19 3 81 8 4 48

63 6 7 76

4 7

Level Medium

Level Medium

Level Hard

Level Medium

8 8 8 3 3

73 7


thebeachsideresident.com J A N U A R Y 2 0 1 9


4 6 6 9 4 2 9 24 26 49 2 2 4 12 4 1

7 5 2 7 5 2

7 5 2 3 3 2 2 53 2 2 5 2 95 4 1 9 7 8 42 9 9 7 8 4 9

97 6 9 6 9 36 1 3 1 3 1

9 7 8

Level Hard

Level Hard

Solutions 6 7 3 8 8 5 7 9 6 3 9 6 5 3 8 7 3 1 6 2 9 5 2 4 1 5 3 6 5 8 4 1 2 1 1 2 8 7 5 4 7 9 2 4 1 8 4 9 7 2 4 9

1 2 8 66 92462 6 31412 84 4381 38 9 7593 5 57795

:4 2 2 14 1 72 7 91 9 87 8 39 3 68 6 53 5 6 5

3 5 9 775 7 5 3 498 37 9 1 5 13 8 5 49 8 51 4 6 78 6567 9 24 96 2 4 37 4923 2 12 24 1 8 63 82161

9 4 4 3 9 3 1 4 1 8 3 8 7 1 7 6 8 6 5 7 5 2 6 2 5 2

2 5 5 8 2 8 9 5 9 6 8 6 3 9 3 7 6 7 4 3 4 1 7 1 4 1

1 6 6 7 1 7 5 6 5 4 7 4 2 5 2 9 4 9 8 2 8 3 9 3 8 3

7 9 9 4 7 4 2 9 2 3 4 3 6 2 6 5 3 5 1 6 1 8 5 8 1 8

Level Hard

6 8 4 6 7 2 2 4 53 8 8 5 4 5 662 33117 5 9 8 4 3 9 7 3 8 6 5 2 6 4 1 1 3 2 5 9 9 8 2 6 7 2 9 7 1 4 8 3 5 8 9 6 7 1 7 5 2 1 5 4 9 3 1 1 6 3 8 7 7 1 5 4 6 4 9 2 1 3 7 8 9 758 4 6 9 3 2

5 1 1 2 5 2 8 1 8 7 2 7 9 8 9 4 7 4 3 9 3 6 4 6 3 6

8 3 3 6 8 6 4 3 4 5 6 5 1 4 1 2 5 2 9 1 9 7 2 7 9 7

7 5 3 9 4 1 12 98 1EASY 1 8 2 276 94457 8 3 1 7 2 9 3 6 7 9 2 89 7 5 46 7 4 1 3 3 9 6 2 5 4 1 6 5 8 75 9 3 22 6 2 8 6 4 5 1 8 3 2 8 9 4 7 66 5 6 84 9 5 3 1 2 4 8 7 84 1673 5 9 3

Level Easy Level Easy

Level Easy

Level Medium

7 8 6 4 9 MEDIUM 2 5 3 1 Level Medium

Level Medium

7 7

Level Hard

Level Easy

1 3 6 8 7 42 35 14 26 93 68719 87 72 44 26 77 32 65 51 89964 75 93 22 653 98 41 14 39 14 46 68 59 85 377152 23 81 66 35 81 99 47 78

76 4 62 39 924 62 1 54 8 31 1 3 9 9


7 5 2

4 6 8 9 2 2 4 2 3 1

6 7 5 8 4 22 13 79 55 86 54461 98 19 32 81 75 44 23 68 998 56 27 82 45 163349 32 77 51 39 24 63 91 17 875692 51 46 23 447788 16 34 99 1 3 8 6 7

1 1 2 21 8 82 6 68 9 96 3 39 4 43 7 74 5 57

3 3 5 53 9 95 7 79 4 47 8 84 6 68 2 26 1 12

6 6 4 4 76 7 24 2 57 5 12 1 85 8 31 3 98 93

8 8 6 6 2 8 2 5 6 5 3 2 3 4 5 4 9 3 9 1 4 1 7 9 71

7 7 3 3 4 7 4 1 3 1 2 4 2 9 1 9 5 2 5 6 9 6 8 5 8 6

5 5 9 9 1 5 1 8 9 8 7 1 7 6 8 6 2 7 2 4 6 4 3 2 3 4

2 2 8 8 6 2 6 3 8 3 1 6 1 5 3 5 7 1 7 9 5 9 4 7 4 9

9 9 1 1 5 9 5 4 1 4 6 5 6 7 4 7 3 6 3 8 7 8 2 3 2 8

4 4 7 7 3 4 3 9 7 9 8 3 8 2 9 2 1 8 1 5 2 5 6 1 6 5

5 1 9 7 8 3 HARD 4 2 6 Level Hard

Level Hard

Level Hard

Level Medium

2 8 6 3 1 5 7 9 4

9 1 5 4 6 7 3 8 2

Level Hard

4 7 3 9 8 2 1 5 6





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