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Serving Others in the Aftermath of a Crisis

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Local girl makes very pretty fashions! Mimi Tran wowed the crowd at her recent Fashion Show in Santana Row. Invited guests and those just strolling by got quite a glimpse of Glamour, Glitz and the lady herself - all decked out in one of her finest designs. "Such a thrill to show these wonderful designs to my friends in San Jose - my hometown"

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SB 906: Improving Mental Health and Addiction Support through Certified Peer Providers SVR Home Delivers Papers To These ZIP CODES 95119 95123 95124 95125 95032 95008 95126 95128 *COMING SOON* 95037 95051

When...Where Costa Concordia

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Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose (MCOSJ) opens its “Spotlight on America” concert season with “Costa Concordia”, on Saturday, September 22nd at the Trianon Theatre. The concert is named for the Concerto for Violin and Strings by Colorado composer Jeffrey Nytch, receiving its West Coast Premiere with Claudia Bloom as the solo violinist. The concerto was inspired by the story of Hungarian violinist Sandor Feher who was lost with the Costa Concordia cruise ship in 2012. He first helped others escape, then turned back to his cabin to retrieve his beloved violin, and never returned. “I heard this story and felt that I had to respond to it in a musical way,” says Nytch. He tells the tale from the point of view of the violin, expressing the universal moods it passes through– the joy of good times, the loneliness of separation, and finally a vision of reunion in another realm. The first performance in April this year was met with “a stomping, cheering, standing ovation” from the audience. As part of MCOSJ’s focus this season on works by American composers, the concert also features a work inspired by Northern California landscapes in local composer Nancy Bloomer Deussen’s

Trinity Alps. Along with works by Hamilton Harty, Mozart, and Beethoven, this concert continues the orchestra’s tradition of presenting new and less well-known works alongside classical favorites. About the Soloist. Violinist Claudia Bloom began her studies in Berkeley with Anne Crowden. She earned her Bachelor of Music degree at the Manhattan School of Music as a full scholarship student under Raphael Bronstein and Ariana Bronne. Upon graduation, Ms. Bloom received the Karl Kraeuter Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chamber Music. She completed her Master of Music degree as a teaching assistant at the Yale School of Music, where she studied with Syoko Aki Erle. From 1982-1990 Ms. Bloom was a member of the Ciompi Quartet in residence at Duke University and a full-time member of the faculty. From 1990 to 1992 she was co-concertmaster of the Zurich (Switzerland) Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Bloom has performed as a member of the Bloom Duo and Trio with twin sister Madeline Bloom (piano) and brother Jonathan Bloom (cello). Concert engagements as a member of the Bloom Duo have included performances in the United States, Canada,


and Colombia, and South America. Currently she plays principal second violin in Opera San Jose, is a member of the Grace Note Chamber Players, the Corina Quartet, and the Kineret Quartet, and performs as a recitalist. Ms. Bloom teaches privately and directs a chamber music program for children and adults in Palo Alto. http://www. About Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose Founded by conductor and musical director Emily Ray in 1996, Mission Chamber Orchestra of San Jose (MCOSJ) is a volunteer orchestra performing professional quality concerts in the South Bay. The 35- to 50-piece orchestra is known for its innovative programming that surprises and delights

its listeners. In May 2011, the San Francisco Classical Voice praised MCOSJ’s performance of Beethoven’s Seventh Symphony, calling it “thrilling to hear.” MCOSJ features world class artists as well as emerging professional soloists. MCOSJ has given the world premieres of more than twenty works and the West Coast or South Bay premieres of many others. Brilliant Classics recently released a disc of A.J. Fernandes’ Violin Concerto featuring violinist Carlos Damas accompanied by the orchestra. MCOSJ caters to a broad audience, featuring classical repertoire and modern works by composers from around the world. Select high school musicians are invited to join the orchestra in many of its concerts.

Saturday, Sept. 22, 2018, 7:30pm Claudia Bloom, violinist Conducted by MCOSJ Music Director Emily Ray Trianon Theatre, 72 N. 5th St., San Jose Free parking available across the street.

LIBRARY TOURS Discover the hidden treasures of the

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Library

Level Babel - Lower


tion - First Floor

Owl of Minerva - Seventh Floor

FREE DROP-IN TOURS AVAILABLE Thursdays • 11:30 a.m. Groups of 10+ should register in advance by visiting: Become a Library Tour Guide:

Togetherness The Flamenco Society of San Jose Presents

“Juerga Flamenca” Community Flamenco Performance Saturday ,September 15, 2018 at 7:00 PM @ Historic Hoover Theatre 1635 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126


$25 general admission $20 for students/senior citizens $15 for Children

Kris Vallotton

Feel the passion, power and emotion of flamenco with a flamenco intimate setting. Come see and hear the wonderful singing and beautiful dance of great artists. For tickets: On line: Phone: 1-800-838-3006

Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin

Ed & Ruth Silvoso Dave Gibbons Pastor Po-Ling Wong

Apostle Daniel Wilson


Poncho Murguia

Derek Johnson with Jesus Culture

ALSO FEATURING Barbara Chan Michael Brown Clifford Daugherty

Loren Cunningham


Serving Others in the Aftermath of a Crisis

"Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep." Romans 12:15 By Keith Crosby

Over the years, as a pastor, we have helped parishioners through illness, the deaths of loved ones, children, and even murders. I remember meeting with families after the San Bernardino Terrorist attack when I ministered there. Often family and community crises are overwhelming. I remember our church then was slated to meet with at least three families who were victims of

the terrorist attack. I remember feeling overwhelmed. What do I tell them? What does one say? As always, the Word of God has something to say about every inch of thread that makes up the fabric of our existence. Maybe you are reading this and facing a similar meeting or discussion. We believe the wisdom and instruction found here in God’s Word applies to all who grieve and all who would help

them. Let’s take a closer look at what the Word of God says. There are principles here anyone can apply in order to minister in this situation (and others). Verse 15 tells us if anything that we are not called to be eloquent or profound. ‘Rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep’ requires presence not profundity. You don’t have to be profound. You do have to be present.


You don’t have to be a special-trained ‘grief counselor.’ You just have to be a believer. As believers we are called, whatever the situation, to be there for them. What might this look like? They may wish to share memories or recollections with you---and that might bring some comfort, or even a smile, to them. Rejoice with them. Listen. Just listen, you don’t have to say anything. They may be nearly inconsolable. Verse 15 tells us to weep alongside them. Before Job’s friends blew it with him, they just sat with him and shared his grief. That’s part of weeping with those who weep. In the early days of a tragedy,

people aren’t necessarily ready, willing, or able to receive instruction. Don’t give them much or any, at this point. Don’t tell them to snap out of it. Just seek to console them. Assure them of your concern and God’s love. Listen to them. Your presence is important. Presence speaks to availability. Whether you rejoice with them over fond memories or weep with them over the pain of their permanent or temporary loss, you’ve got to be available to them and for them. This also means making yourself vulnerable. How? If you get too close or become too distant or timid they may lash out at you. This is wrong but under the

circumstances it should not be unexpected. Naturally, being available may mean doing the laundry, arranging for meals, viewing the body with them. You get the picture. Don’t think that you can subcontract this to others who are ‘professionals.’ Let me let you in on a secret. Psychologists, grief counselors, and even pastors are just as clueless as you to one extent or the other because each person is a little bit different and two situations are seldom alike. God has equipped all of us to help others through our life experiences and most importantly by His Spirit working through His Word. Be there for them. Remember, Christianity (we are writing to Christians) is not a spectator sport. A big part of the Christian faith is ‘doing life together’ and that includes ‘doing death.’ This is where presence comes in. We need to be present for them in the immediate sense and beyond. Presence also speaks to being there for them over the coming year. Presence goes beyond days, weeks, and months. There will be holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and just dark days that they hit like a brick wall. Too often people melt away from those who grieve within weeks after a loss. We can’t do that. Even an occasional phone call, email, text, or meeting for coffee will suffice. Our


goal is to never let them believe that they have to face this alone. There are some things we cannot do for them. And then again there ARE somethings we can do for them AND with them. Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep speaks to sympathy, empathy, and encouragement. We can all express our sympathy. Few can empathize as empathy comes from having experienced a similar tragedy. However, we can encourage. Encouragement entails wise words, softly delivered. What do we say to them? How do we speak to them? “Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths, but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion, that it may give grace to those who hear.” (Ephesians 4:29) Don’t pollute the situation with foolish or impulsive speech (Ephesians 4:29a): Let no corrupting talk come out of your mouths. You are there for others. Proverbs tells us even a fool seems wise until he speaks. Don’t pollute the situation with foolish or impulsive speech. Sometimes it’s just better to remain quietly by their side and weep with them. Say things that are constructive, positive, biblical, and, therefore, true (Ephesians 4:29b): but only such as is good for building up. Say things to build up not tear down. Tell them you love them and care for them. Remind

them that God loves them. They may not feel that way. But we broke the world that God made. These evil acts are symptoms of that brokenness and sin. God sent His Son to save, redeem, and restore. Keep this in mind as you encourage them. Speak words that edify. Speak gently. This is not the time for a theological lecture (although theology, sound biblical principles, should inform your speech). Choose your words carefully (Ephesians 4:29c): but only such as is good for building up, as fits the occasion. Speak in a way that is fitting for the occasion. Before you open your mouth to say something, ask and answer two questions in your heart. First, ‘is now the time to say what I’m about to say?’ Do you really need to say this right now? Second, ‘is what I’m about to say going to bring pleasure to God?’ If God is your focus, then you will love your neighbor appropriately and properly as you choose your timely words carefully. These two questions posed to your soul may keep you from mixed or corrupt motives. Speak to bless (Ephesians 4:29d): “that it may give grace to those who hear.” You want to


speak in a way that gives grace and blesses all who hear or overhear. This is about God and them---not you. People say we live in a surveillance culture where the government monitors our emails, phone calls, and texts. This is nothing new: Christians have always lived in a surveillance culture. With all the hypocrisy in this world and hardship, people listen to us to see if we really believe what we profess to believe. God has put you where you are in this place at this time to minister. Speak in a way that brings glory to God and good to others (and growth to you). And be present. Again, just be there for them. Rejoice or weep with them as appropriate. This may be new ground for you. Yet, we are reminded that this is not new ground for God. Paul writes, “No temptation has overtaken you that is not common to man. God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond your ability, but with the temptation he will also provide the way of escape, that you may be able to

endure it (1Corinthians 10:13 ESV).” God is faithful. Our uncommon God will do uncommon things through common, inept, and everyday people like us if we cooperate with Him and make ourselves available. One more thing: get help to help them (and you). In Romans 12:15 the near context implies that Paul is writing to numbers of people (i.e. a church, a faith community). Don’t try to be a one person ‘crisis team.’ Earlier we noted that Christianity is not a spectator sport. It is, however, (humanly speaking) very much a team sport. The body of Christ is made up of many people with many gifts. They can be present with you, in person or in spirit, as you are present with those who grieve so that you can, we can, as a body of believers “Rejoice with those who rejoice, weep with those who weep.” We don’t have all the answers but we know the One who does. The needs (our needs) are great indeed. Mercifully, the One True God is greater. His grace is sufficient for those who trust in Him.

Sports Brief Outstanding IAAF Diamond League Final Performances at Weltklasse Zürich 25 000 spectators celebrated athletics in a night full of atmosphere and highlights at Letzigrund Stadium yesterday. Among many stellar performances at the first of two IAAF Diamond League was a new meeting record: New Zealander Thomas Walsh’s shot flew to a Letzigrund Stadium record of 22.60. In 16 IAAF Diamond League final events, as many as ten 2017 champions were able to defend their title. Just two of the newly crowned European champions – Russian high jumper Mariya Lasitskene and Greece’s pole vault star – Ekaterina Stefanidi managed to prevail again last night. Other athletics highlights included the 91m flight of Andreas Hofmann’s javelin, the 200m show led by the young Noah Lyles (USA), as well as the spectacular duels in the women’s 5000m (Obiri v. Hassan) and in the men’s 3000m SC, where Conseslus Kipruto triumphed despite the fact that he was running most of the race “half-barefoot” Fred Kerley Mens 400 meters ...Winner USA Nathan Strother Mens 400 meters....second USA Nathan Smith Mens 400 meters.....Third USA


Sports Brief

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Mimi Tran Marks 5th Anniversary in Style Bay Area bridal and couture eveningwear designer, MIMI TRAN, celebrated her latest collection and studio’s fifth year in business with a special evening-long fashion experience this past Saturday, September 25. The glamorous evening took place outside the Mimi Tran Design retail showroom on San Jose’s Santana Row Park. Hundreds of guests— including San Francisco

socialite Elisabeth Thieriot; television host Sharon Carpenter; and, a cast member of the Real Housewives of New York—walked the red carpet and were greeted with cocktails from Beau Joie champagne and passed appetizers from nearby LB Steak. Guests were then treated to a fashion show featuring looks from Mimi Tran’s latest “Snowflake” collection that had debuted at

London Fashion Week. Tran, best known for her eye-catchingly feminine cocktail dresses and red carpet-ready evening gowns, once again delivered the goods. Her pieces were shown to the accompaniment of music culled from her last five years’ runway shows. The festivities were capped off at a special after party with live music at nearby LB Steak. Elizabeth Theriot with Mimi Tran


Andy Nguyen

Special Assignment

“This was an epic red carpet event! Mimi Tran and I are so overwhelmed with the amount of love and support we received. This epic fashion show was not only to showcase Mimi Tran’s latest collection, it was also meant to empower, inspire, and motivate women to achieve their dreams” - MINA PALIVAN, FASHION SHOW EMCEE (Left)


Worship Directory First Congregational Church of San Jose United Church of Christ 1980 Hamilton Ave., San Jose, CA 95125 (At the corner of Hamilton and Leigh) (408) 377-7121

We are a progressive, Open and Affirming, welcoming congregation of faithful people who seek to wrestle with scripture, and live out our faith, in the real world. We are far from perfect, but we try to offer as wide a welcome as possible, and invite you to join us on the community path, wherever it takes us. We offer lively, multi-generational worship on Sunday mornings at 10:00 AM (nursery care provided). We have regular educational programs for all ages, children through adults, and a variety of groups and offerings for spiritual development and service. Come check us out and find a community for the journey.

Santa Teresa Hills Presbyterian Church 5370 Snell Ave, San Jose, CA 95123 (2 blocks north of Blossom Hill Rd on Snell) (408) 629-5906 Email:

We are a friendly, progressive, multicultural church striving to understand and apply the teachings of Jesus Christ. All are welcome!! Come visit us and participate in opportunities for spiritual growth, fellowship, and community outreach. We can pursue our faith journeys together! Sunday services are at 10:00AM with children’s Sunday school and nursery care available on site. Handicapped and hearing impaired services available. Visit our website for sample sermons, photos and a lot more information We look forward to meeting you!!

Hillside Church San Jose 545 Hillsdale Avenue San Jose, CA 95136 (408) 269-4782

At Hillside Church, we take God and His Word seriously. We are a growing congregation of friendly people who are taking the hope of the Gospel to a world that desperately needs it. Join us in our mission to change this world one soul at a time. Our Sunday services are at 9:00 AM (acoustic/quiet) and 10:45 AM (more high energy). Make a difference in the live of people in our community. Help us as we point others to Jesus Christ, teaching them to live for Him. Visit our website, listen online, or join us this Sunday!

Sunrise Valley Baptist Church

5860 Blossom Avenue (at Blossom & Calero) San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 225 - 0200 “Rejoice in the Lord always! And again I say rejoice!” Come join us in a traditional worship service that is steeped in the old hymns of our faith and rooted in expository Bible preaching. A friendly congregation will encourage your heart. Our Wonderful Savior, Jesus Christ, offers peace, love & joy. On Sunday we have Sunday School at 9:30 am; Sunday Morning Worship at 10:45 am; and Sunday Evening Worship at 6:00 pm. On Wednesday Evening we have Awana at 7:00 pm (Children’s Bible Clubs K-6; Sept May) and Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting at 7:00 pm.

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Small Business Profile Neal Traylor - Winchester Pest Control

Neal Traylor is a nice guy, but there is more to it when you get to know him. He is a killer for hire and, by all accounts, a pretty good one at that. Neal owns Winchester Pest Control and has built that business into a success over 30 years of eliminating all those icky and creepy-crawly things we mere mortals can’t deal with. This man is a professional at what he does and has the

credentials to back this up. Neal is singularly unique in that he holds 4 separate state licenses in: Structural Pest Control, Department of Pesticide Regulation, EPA, Renovator Certification, Department of Fish & Wildlife. “I am very proud of this achievement, because I have worked hard to learn my business over the years.” As of May 2018, Neal has officially been a Small Business Owner for 30 years.

Work for Neal started early in life, because he “had to, we were very poor as a family.” He grew up in New Jersey and found there was no future in his grandfather’s farm or father’s Gas Station business. So he joined the ARMY which brought him to Fort Ord in 1973. Neal was a member of the 101st Airborne for 8 years and fought in 2 Wars during his military service. Neal Graduated USF in 1982 with a BA in Business Administration. He met Linda in 1975, his soon to be wife, and they raised two sons; Robert and Joey. They lived in the South Bay for 27 years and 4 months until her passing. Neal speaks warmly of their life together, “we were a team and that relationship is an important part of who I am today.” Thus, Neal has cultivated a small likeminded group of men as genuine friends. Men of similar “up by your bootstraps” backgrounds

Y 12 Z

and a no-nonsense candor. Neal says each member looks for ways to contribute to their community as they identify a need or opportunity to make a difference. Neal has even purchased prescription glasses for the homeless over the years. It’s not unusual for him or his friends to donate 25 turkeys and hams to a chosen Non-Profit during the Holidays. But Neal says its time to think about retirement. He looks forward to the day of “cashing out while still young enough to enjoy life. My business may not be glamorous but it’s very lucrative so I can look forward to having a pretty

good quality of retired lifestyle.” So there is your profile of a local small businessman who believes success in life comes through lessons well learned and the ability to handle what life will Fly, Creep or Crawl your way. Neal Traylor is a man with a good attitude and determination to “if you know what’s right, do what’s right.” All you creepycrawly things out there, BEWARE... at least for the next couple of years while this guy is around.

Winchester Pest Control 408-559-7124

SB 906: Improving Mental Health and Addiction Support through Certified Peer Providers People struggling with addiction and mental health disorders may soon have a new important source of support and counseling from certified peer providers who have real-life experience from forging their own paths to recovery. Senate Bill 906, introduced by Senator Jim Beall, D-San Jose, approved by a 39-0 concurrence vote in the Senate, now moves to the Governor’s office for consideration. “No one can speak with greater truth and understanding to someone who is grappling with mental illness or an addiction than a person who has actually fought that battle,” Beall said. “To people in this distress, a qualified peer provider embodies the hope and proof that they are not alone in their fight in a way that no one else can. Clients listen because they know the providers can talk the talk because they’ve walked the walk.”

“Programs in most states, along with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, show peer providers have a profound effect because of their unique shared experience. It’s time for California to use this untapped source of experience to help others.” SB 906 calls for the state to establish certification standards for peer support specialists, who share lived experiences, neighborhoods, language and culture of the people they serve. Peers can be family members or caretakers of individuals living with mental illness. “The state certification of qualified peer providers will increase the number of mental health peer counselors who will help connect more Californians to the mental health services they need in real time,” Beall said. The need for counseling cuts across all ages. Data compiled by the UCLA Center for

Health Policy Research show 75 percent of California adults with mental health needs do not receive the treatment they require. Of California children aged 4 to 11 with mental health needs, only 25 percent get mental health care. The federal government has urged states to adopt certification

Y 13 Z

programs to standardize best practices. Medicaid reimburses 50 percent of cost of peer services in states with such programs, reducing costs on county providers. All but two states, California and South Dakota, have implemented peer certification programs with clear standards for peer training. SB 906 also has

drawn support from the California Association of Local Behavioral Health Boards and Commissions, the California Association of Public Hospitals and Health Systems, the California Coalition for Mental Health, the Association of Community Human Service Agencies, and many other organizations.

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655 Distel Drive

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San Jose Offered at $1,898,000 Nicki Banucci | 408.515.7247 DRE# 01405054

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Benjamin Grosvenor and Charlie Albright Highlight Steinway Society Season 24 A line-up of international piano stars awaits classical music lovers in the 24th season of Steinway Society - The Bay Area. The season launches on September 15 and includes a concert each month through May 11, 2019. “This season’s artists are all top international performers who are widely praised for their depth of artistry as well as their audience appeal,” said Lorrin Koran, MD, President of the Board for Steinway Society — The Bay Area. “They are artists that add greatly to the luster of the classical music coming to Silicon

Valley next season.” THE CONCERT LINE-UP: • September 15 (Saturday) - Zlata Chochieva • October 13 (Saturday) - Vladimir Ovhinnikov • November 11 (Sunday) - Henry Kramer • December 8 (Saturday) – Sandra Wright Shen • January 12, 2019 (Saturday) - Kate Liu • February 10 (Sunday) – Vyacheslav Gryaznov • March 12 (Tuesday) – Benjamin Grosvenor • April 6 (Saturday) – Nikolay Khozyainov • May 11 (Saturday) – Charlie Albright

PERFORMANCE LOCATIONS: All performances in the 2018-19 season will be held at the Trianon Theatre, 72 North 5th Street in downtown San Jose, with the exception of the October 13 and March 12 concerts which will be held at McAfee Performing Arts Center at 20300 Herriman Avenue (just off Saratoga Sunnyvale Road) in Saratoga.

International piano star Benjamin Grosvenor

TICKETS/INFO: or (408) 990-0872 Season Subscriptions (8 concerts) range from $225 to $360 Mini-Series Subscription (4 concerts) range from $125 to $200 Single Tickets: $40-$60. Senior/Student Discounts Available Y 15 Z

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