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May 19, 2017

Better at knowing what matters to you. Technically... He’s a Barber

Page # 3 Art With Impact By Ruben Valles Jr.

Page # 5 This Day in History May 19th

Page # 8 Dave the Barber Teaching a class of students on the art of male hairstyles

Dave the Barber, of BarbersInc in downtown San Jose has life all figured out he says. According to Dave, “your success in life depends heavily in the ability to make others feel good when they are around you”. It’s that power to be an inspiration in your community, job or even family that sets you apart and creates the world you inhabit according to Dave Diggs. This young man has a great goal to make people feel good when in his presence. Let’s start a few years back in his story ...

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Yalumba Wine Tasting

Page # 11 Inauguration of SJSU 30th President: May 4th, 2017 SVR Home Delivers Papers To These ZIP CODES 95119 95123 95124 95125 95032 95008 *Coming Soon* 95037 + 95051

When... Where Calling All Anime Fans

SVR South Valley Review 2059 Camden Avenue Suite 299 San Jose, CA, 95124 (408) 898 - 7534 Minority Owned Business President: Richard Pugh Publisher: Brigitte Jones Executive Editor: Sonya Ruffin Operations/Accounting: Dorothy Pugh Graphic Design Director: Amanda Faris Assistant to Publisher: Kal-el R. Pugh

Game Room at the 2013 FanimeCon Photos courtesy of Amanda Faris

It’s that time of year again, anime fans! FanimeCon is back May 26 - 29! Held at the San Jose Convention Center in Downtown San Jose, this annual anime convention

is the largest in Northern California – put on “By Fans, For Fans.” FanimeCon celebrates Japanese art and popular culture with constant video programming, both O


ed pe



Editor at Large: Pearl Baeni



Int ern

SVR welcomes letters to the Editor -




vid pro




by t. rke


Please limit content to 200 words or less. Submissions are subject to scrutiny for content and grammar but all effort will be made to retain intended meaning of such letters. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Articles so published reflect the views of the authors - not necessarily those of South Valley Review. All submissions become the property of B & R Media Group, Inc. and cannot be acknowledged.



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started in 1994 by numerous anime clubs getting together to share their passions. Some of those original clubs are still a part of the planning and preparation for FanimeCon and along with many others who have since joined, staff create an amazing experience for anime enthusiasts and their friends. Amanda Faris & Cosplayer of This year, special Grel from Black Butler guests include Hiroyiki at 2013 FanimeCon Yamaga, Erica Mendez, Shigeto Koyama, X4, professional and amateur Hiroyasu Kobayashi, costumes, tournaments, Hideo Ishikawa, Kanae music, games, Ito, and Aicosu. international guests Tickets are available at and panels. In 2015, and on-site at FanimeCon entertained the convention. over 31,000 guests. For more information FanimeCon was first visit

25: 26: 27: 28: 29:



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Helping Hands Art With Impact By Ruben Valles Jr.

Art With Impact (AWI), which was founded in 2010 has an honorable and noble mission to help provide a safe environment where students and adults can openly talk about mental illness and PTSD without worry of facing social stigmas. It provides workshops, creative videos and discussion panels to better educate the surrounding communities and individuals about the importance of being able to openly discuss and come up with solutions to better help the community at large. AWI is partnered with The National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Prop63 (Mental Health Services

Act), California Institute of Contemporary Arts (CICA), The McQueen Family Foundation and The Rossy Family Foundation. Moreover, many other local and Government organizations provide support and resources to AWI to help make a positive impact within society. Moreover, AWI helps raise awareness with all communities across the U.S. And in Canada. I was invited by AWI to sit-in on a discussion panel that took place at De Anza Community College in Cupertino CA. Being a quest speaker for AWI, it was my goal to help inform and educate the De Anza students and school staff about the affects of war on a physiological, psychological and social

level, and how personal goals, ambitions and a huge support network can help you achieve some level of nirvana after experiencing so much death and violence in a state of war. Art With Impact reached out to me because I spoke at De Anza College on many other panels before, concerning again, the affects of war and how an individual can overcome the side effects of serving in the military during a time of war. It was my pleasure to speak at the discussion panel and I would be honored to do it again because it is about sharing the experiences and lessons learned, which will help empower and educate the next generation of young adults who may serve our beloved country in it’s time of need.

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Ruben Valles Jr. 2020 Presidential Candidate Y3Z

Breaking Boundaries Leading technology innovators discuss new approaches to addressing homelessness brother and the homeless in affluent Silicon Valley, that she leveraged her real estate, tech and business skills to help homeless get internet training, apply for jobs/find affordable housing, connect to resources and break the cycle of homelessness. She’s kitted out old RV’s with computers and wifi; and along with dedicated volunteers, visits Karen Addato, Founder homeless encampments of, to offer computer/internet was invited to speak at training, practical help the Smart Cities Week and more to aid them in - Session: “Leading transitioning off of the technology innovators streets on a fast track. discuss new approaches to At her Smart Cities addressing homelessness.” Week presentation, Karen was so moved she proposed a techby the plight of her lost enabled 3-Part plan

(currently in the concept development phase) that integrates the existing Hi Tech Rover programs: • Mobile APP Network ROVA • E Center ELI Housing – High Density Micro Lofts/Upward Mobility Campus (UMC) • Hi Tech Rover Outreach Vehicles “Any solution to homelessness in the 21st century requires the integration of digital technology. From mobile applications to customized Rovers, At Breakthrough Outreach, we innovate/

A Help Button Should Go Where You Go!

At Home

crisis.” Karen and her team are looking to secure Corporate Sponsors and other support for the mobile App ROVA. Contact them for more information @

Blossom Hill

Printing Company

To be truly independent your personal emergency device needs to work on the go. Traditional Help Buttons

adapt technologies for the purpose of ending homelessness and saving lives. The power of technology coupled with compassion and communal collaboration is an invaluable tool in solving the homelessness

(408) 264 - 7500

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This Day In History: May 19th Special Assignment - Amanda Faris, Graphic Design Director

Birthdays: 1611 - Innocent XI, Benedetto Odescalchi, Italy, 240th Pope 1700 - José de Escandón, Spanish colonial governor (d. 1770) 1795 - John Hopkins, philanthropist, founded Johns Hopkins University 1797 - Maria Isabel of Portugal, queen of Spain (d. 1818) 1857 - John Jacob Abel, American Pharmacologist (endocrine glands) 1864 - Carl Ethan Akeley, US, Naturalist, developed animal mount process 1870 - Albert Fish, American serial killer (d. 1956) 1881 - Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Founder and 1st President of the Republic of Turkey 1890- Ho Chi Minh, Vietnamese communist revolutionary and President of North Vietnam (d. 1969) 1891 - Oswald Boelcke, German World War 1 pilot (d. 1916) 1918 - Florence Chadwick, first swimmer to swim the English Channel both ways 1925 - Malcolm X, African American human rights activist and muslim minister 1928 - Colin Chapman, English automotive engineer and founder of Lotus Cars 1928 - Dolph Schayes, American Basketball Hall of Famer 1937 - Pat Roach, English Actor and Wrestler (d. 2004) 1942 - Gary Kildall, American computer scientist that created the CP/M operating system 1946 - André the Giant, French professional wrestler, Fezzik in The Princess Bride 1957 - Sophia Crawford, Actress (Pink Ranger - Power Rangers) 1963 - Filippo Galli, Italian footballer 1969 - David Wharton, US Olympic Swimmer (silver - 88) 1986 - Eric Lloyd, American actor 1992 - Sam Smith, English singersongwriter

1997 - Hong Kong Avian Flu The first Victim of the Avian Flu A (H5N1), a three-year-old boy, has died in Hong Kong. By the end of the year, there were 18 recorded cases with six of the victims dying. Authorities slaughter 1.6 million chickens and other domestic fowl in Hong Kong hoping to prevent further spread of the disease. The world Health Organization and other interested parties are still concerned that the Avian Flu Virus could mature further causing a similar pandemic to the 1918/1919 Spanish Flu pandemic which killed anywhere from 20 to 100 million worldwide – between 2.5 to 5% of the world’s human population. 1921 - U.S.A. Emergency Quota Act The Emergency Quota Act was passed into law which limits the number of immigrants admitted into the US. 1967 - Soviet Union Nuclear Space Weapons Treaty The Soviet Union joins most of the world’s major powers by ratifying the treaty banning nuclear weapons from outer space. 1975 - Switzerland SALT Talks Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and the Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, spent the last day of talks on a new treaty about limiting strategic nuclear weapons and both sides have stated the discussion was constructive and friendly and it is hoped that this will help to revive the Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) in Geneva. 1986 - South Africa Zambia South African troops launch multiple raids on Zambia, Zimbabwe and Botswana in an effort to destroy bases purportedly used by the anti-apartheid organization the African National Congress (ANC). The Nations of Angola, Mozambique, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Tanzania form the so-called “frontline states” that support the ANC in their struggle against white minority rule. During the Mid to Late 1980s sanctions imposed by the US, most Commonwealth nations and the European Community forced South Africa to end it’s anti-apartheid policies and in 1994 the ANC formed South Africa’s first democratically elected government with Mr. Mandela as the country’s first black president. 1994 - U.S.A. Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis The Former First Lady (President Kennedy’s Wife) Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis died today of lymphoma at the age of 64. 2005 - The final chapter of Star Wars “Revenge of the Sith” opens in movie theaters with movie goes queuing all night. 2007 - Record Ship Found Off Cornish Coast United States treasure hunters discovered a shipwreck off the coast of Cornwall in the UK. The ship had a record haul of over $500 million estimated worth of gold and silver. A shipwreck expert guessed that the wreck was that of the Merchant Royal that sank in 1642 off the Islands of Scilly. The wreck was found in the Atlantic Ocean just outside the English Channel. 2012 - United States SpaceX Launch Aborted The Launch of the SpaceX company’s cargo craft was aborted after data readings indicated unusual pressure in one of the engine combustion chambers. The company was attempting to become the first private company to launch a cargo craft to be sent to the International Space Station. The craft was later successfully launched and crashed back to each on May 31st. 2013 - Iran Hangs Spies The Country of Iran has hung two men accused and convicted of spying for Israel and the United States. The execution of the alleged spies only contributed to the tension between Iran and the West over the country’s nuclear program.

Made The Cut Technically... He’s a Barber (Con’t) can be the change he wants to see in his environment is quite honestly an understatement. Dave says that he is not a creative person by nature - a curious statement for a guy so embedded in the areas of creative expression through his various business ventures.

Dave in action Exclusive By Brigitte Jones

Dave grew up in San Jose and attended San Jose State University as an engineering student but somehow ended up with a degree from the San Francisco Barber College. A change in course is something Dave has been subject to at various points in his life, a few years spent in prison for some not so petty crimes being a detour he feels put him on the path of success where he resides currently. Five years ago Dave opened his barber shop with 6 chairs and 4 barbers - well today his businesses are flourishing, to say the least. I met him at the recent Silicon Valley NAACP Awards where he received the Madame CJ Walker Entrepreneur Award. And that is just his most recent recognition for a young

man in his community that represents true personal and professional success. Dave really never left his interest in his engineering background and has separate business ownership in a Digital Media Production company; where he produced several well received educational DVD series. He is a published author, producer of an award-winning documentary and most importantly father to his 7-year old son. Dave travels 3 out of the 4 weekends in a month on behalf of ANDIS Clipper Company, as part of their International Education and Style team. All the while staying in touch with his 30,000 Social Media followers on Instagram and adding to his over 10 million views on YouTube. So to say that Dave is driven to prove that a man

“Honestly, I don’t feel that I am creative but overly technical about everything. People see what I do as ART, but the hair designs, photography, graphic design and video productions are just part of my being able to compartmentalize all these areas of my life. I call it ‘external inspiration’ – my surroundings give me the encouragement to go that

extra effort to be the best at what I work at. I used to get headaches in my first barber job because if someone got on the job before me, it meant they wanted it more than me. What is beautiful about my life now is that I am in charge of my own success - the level all depends on how much I am willing to work for it. As I said, I am far from the best at what I do but I’ll be darned if you are going to out work me. My objective through using my various areas of business is to be an example of what is possible. I have an outward responsibility due to my public platform to be the type of man all in my community can be proud of. Be an asset to people in your community; who are in fact your family, your

clients, your staff, other business leaders and even your public officials. I chose to put myself on a public platform through Social Media, which gave me a sense of responsibility to lead by example in all areas of life. If I had just stayed a barber on my mat, my life certainly wouldn’t be as full as it is now. My son is so incredibly proud of me and of that I am the most proud out of all my accomplishments. Until he watched the Barbershop Diaries documentary, he didn’t know that I had been in prison. He was so surprised. But I told him ‘life is about 2 things - the habits you have and the decisions you make’. People do make mistakes but you must be smart about your decisions and the habits

Dave the Barber (Upper left Corner) and his team


that get you to your choices. More people can help in their communities than actually do. That means they are just not aware of the opportunities available to be a positive impact in so many ways. I found that if you do good things and the universe will reciprocate that good and you will experience a great deal of success which in turn is a the positive impact we all benefit from. The good you can affect can be any forms; coach little league, mentor someone or volunteer at a church (doesn’t have to be your own) – try to be an asset where it is needed. I am so proud of our clientele. They jump right in when we announce a back-pack drive or at Christmas when we have a toy drive - it’s amazing how people like to do good when they can. Maybe for some it is with money and for others it through time and just being there When I arrived at the BarbersInc location, I was awestruck by the 30 X 90 foot murals on the building. And then you enter the space and among all the activity you notice more incredible art on the interior walls done by another one of the barbers and very talented artist, Ian Young.” Bravo Dave and team for representing all that San Jose, especially downtown San Jose, now is doing right.

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Dave teaching a class


Happy Hour Yalumba Wine Tasting Exclusive By Brigitte Jones

The Silicon Valley Capital Club hosted a World Wide Release of Yalumba vineyards Cabernet Shiraz “The Caley”. Yalumba has a strong San Jose connection to the date of May 12th that was chosen for the release of “The Caley”. The grandson of the founder, Samuel Smith, was traveling through this part of the world on an 18 month expedition in the early 1890s as part of his mission to see what areas of the world would yield the best crops. The pride of Australian Wine, Yalumba, has chosen San Jose and the Capital Club for its world inaugural release of their new Cabernet Shiraz, “The Caley”. A moonlit


planting five generations ago has made Yalumba Australia’s oldest family owned winery–168 years in the making. I had the great honor and fun to interview winemaker at Yalumba, Jane Ferrari, who was in town for a North American visit to bring this newest release for Silicon Valley Capital Club members to experience at a special tasting of 6 wines specially selected with gorgeous food pairings. Yalumba is the old Aboriginal word for “all the land around this place”. And since 1849 the Smith family has cultivated and produced wines that now are considered a treasure trove due to the number of varieties the Barossa Valley produces. Yalumba has a coveted place in the Australia’s wine scene and they are regarded as a maker of wines that can hold up to– dare I say –a variety of cuisines; spicy, salty or whatever is the latest in fusion. Jane says, “our view in Australia is to come over, open some bottles and make some friends. The wines are so approachable for

Happy Hour the California wine lover. We share so much in common as to how adventurous the palates are with respect to our cuisines– both being coastal in influence. And yet things like short ribs are matched well with our Cabs”. Already in America for about 35 years and with this visit to our shores, Yalumba “opens the glass” to a wonderful tasting experience with a simultaneous release of “The Caley” in London

and Shanghai as well. “Recognizing the wine scene in California as certainly well established, so we say. Next time you have seafood try a Vigioner, 100% Grenache old vines with lamb, and a Cab Shiraz with short ribs.” What an enjoyable evening over a great glass of wine, delicious food, and fun new friends. For more information visit

Susan, David, and Jane at the Silicon Valley Capital Club “The Caley” Yalumba wine release

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Community Berryessa Art & Wine Festival On behalf of the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival, Berryessa Business Association, the Bay Area Community Development Services and myself, thank you to all the Sponsors, Artists, food vendors, businesses and –most of all– the community members who came out to help and support the festival by purchasing drinks, food, and gifts from the Artists. Also, I would like to thank Congressman Ro Khanna, Assembly member Kansen Chu, and Senator Bob Wieckowski for the resolutions presented to the Berryessa Art & Wine Festival acknowledging the team for organizing the Festival and continuing the tradition for the Berryessa Community and the continued support of the Berryessa Union school District, Students School programs for 40 years Thank you in advance for your support. To register for the 40th Annual BAWF send me an email. Frank Cancilla Executive Director: Berryessa Art & Wine Festival President: Berryessa Business Association C: 408-821-1291 / E-fax: 408-519-6763

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Andy Nguyen Special Assignment Inauguration of SJSU 30th President: May 4th, 2017

Dr. Mary A. Papazian 30th President of San Jose State University

CSU Chancellor Dr. Timothy P. White investiture of Dr. Mary Papazian to become the 30th President of SJSU

joined San Jose State University as its 30th president on July 1, 2016. As the leader of the founding campus of the California State University and Silicon Valley’s only public City of San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo university, and President of SJSU Mary Papazian Papazian—a Dr. Mary A. Papazian, Southern a seasoned leader with California native—is nearly 30 years of firmly committed to experience as a university student success; open, professor, academic and transparent and inclusive administrative leader, leadership; fostering a

culture of curiosity and discovery; and building enduring campus and community partnerships. Papazian holds bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in English from the University of California, Los Angeles. She and husband Dr. Dennis R. Papazian, founding director of the Armenian Research Center at the University of Michigan, Dearborn, have two adult daughters. Papazian is actively engaged in national and regional volunteer leadership, serving on the boards of Higher Education Resource Services, Association of

Y 11 Z

Supervisor of Santa Clara County Cindy Chavez and the 30th President of SJSU Mary Papazian

The Inauguration of Dr. Mary Papazian as the 30th President of San Jose State University on May 4th 2017 at the Tower Lawn campus

American Colleges and Universities, Bay Area Council, Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Joint Venture Silicon Valley. She and Dennis both remain actively

involved in Armenian historical and cultural efforts. Information taken directly from Dr. Mary A. Papazian’s Biography on the SJSU website.

Laughing Stock The World of Comedy Comes to San Jose

Finding Senior Housing can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Call A Place for Mom. Our Advisors are trusted, local experts who can help you understand your options. Since 2000, we’ve helped over one million families

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WHO: 30th Annual ComedySportz World Championships WHAT: 22 ComedySportz teams from the United States and England will come together to battle for laughs. (See list of participating cities below) WHEN: Wednesday, June 28 7:30pm Opening Ceremonies and First Match. Thursday, June 29 Championship Matches at 7:00pm and 9:30pm Friday, June 30 Championship Matches at 7:00pm and 9:30pm Saturday, July 1 SemiFinal Matches at 4:00pm and 7:00pm. FINAL CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH at 9:30pm followed by Awards Ceremony with presentation of the “Meaningless Cup” and

Y 12 Z

Closing Party. WHERE: Hammer Theater, 101 Paseo de San Antonio, San Jose, CA 95113 WHY: This 30th annual event is fun, fastpaced, family-friendly improvisational comedy played as a sport. Two teams take turns making up scenes, playing games and singing songs – and the audience votes on which team they like best. This is serious funny business. Sponsored by San Jose State University. PRICES: Single Tickets $10 to $20. All Access Pass available for $90. (All four days; all events) TICKETS: 408.924.8501 or https:// pr/971732 Hammer Theatre Center Box Office is open weekdays 12-5pm and 2 hours prior to performance for both phone and walk-up sales. Located on Paseo de San Antonio between Second and Third Streets. CITIES PARTICIPATING: Boise, Boston, Buffalo, Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Manchester (England), Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Portland, Provo, Quad Cities, Richmond, Sacramento, San Antonio, San Jose, Seattle, Twin Cities and Washington DC.

PHOTOS: Photos by PJ Heller courtesy of ComedySportz San Jose. Comedy as a sport! Two teams battle each other in an improvised comedy competition based entirely on audience suggestions. A referee calls penalties for boring or crude humor. If a player (or fan) uses crude humor the referee can call the “Brown Bag Foul” and place a paper bag over the offenders head. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Representative teams from 22 improvisational comedy groups from across the United States and England will descend on San Jose June 28 through July 1 for the 2017 ComedySportz World Championships. ComedySportz isn’t a comedy about sports, it’s comedy played AS a sport. It’s a competition between two teams competing for laughs and for points by making up scenes based on the audience suggestions. There are penalties, there are fouls, there’s a uniformed referee. This is serious funny business. The four-day event, featuring workshops, public performances and impromptu improvisation sessions stretching into the early morning hours, kicks off on Wednesday June 28th at 7:30pm. San Jose’s own venerable ComedySportz team,

Laughing Stock

CALL NOW 1-844-232-0636 founded in 1987, will participate in the opening match. On Saturday, July 1st, after that evening’s 9:30pm championship match, one team will emerge victorious and be awarded the “Meaningless Cup.” The ComedySportz concept, created by Dick Chudnow in Milwaukee in 1984, was inspired by the Canadian-born Theatersports enterprise. Chudnow gave it a sportsthemed look and feel, incorporating uniformed referees and devising time limits and a point system that seemed to place the event somewhere between the WWE and Second City-style improv comedy. Chudnow has described the ComedySportz ethos as family friendly, relatively foolproof and pretty much guaranteed to be goofy.

ABOUT US: CSz San Jose, the producer of ComedySportz was founded in 1987 and is licensed by CSz Worldwide, one of 25 teams in cities across the United States and two in Europe (Manchester England and Berlin Germany.) In addition to a year-round schedule of matches at their Arena in San Jose, they participate in programs and road shows for corporate, college, church, school and association clients each year, coach high school leagues, and lead corporate team-building and Applied Improv workshops. 2017 will be the second time that ComedySportz San Jose has hosted the World Championships and they won the title in 2006.

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Milestones Save The Date: Center for Employment Training turns 50!

To purchase tickets or for sponsorship details please visit:

A historical event is underway and the Center for Employment Training (CET) National Headquarters in San José, Silicon Valley, California cordially invites you to be a guest of our 50th Golden Anniversary Gala on August 26 2017 This Golden Gala will bring together hundreds of leaders from industry, the public sector and philanthropy to recognize and celebrate the history and accomplishments of CET. Our humble story started here in San José,

CA in 1967. We witnessed the explosion of the technology revolution and saw many hard working, low income community members being displaced and left behind, unable to take part in these new opportunities. Farmlands were being cleared to make way for this industrial growth and many were losing their only source of income. Our founders had a solution: partner with industry to identify workforce needs and train farmworkers for those emerging high-tech jobs

in what was to become Silicon Valley. Our mission was to get people trained while focusing on the whole person and helping them get placed back in the workforce. We are proud of the astounding success of the over 200,000 individuals served across the country. Through skill training and human development, we have helped generations achieve the jobs needed to become self-sufficient. Sponsoring our 50th Anniversary Gala or being a guest as this historical event will enable our organization to continue to live that simple

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mission–a mission that is as important now as it was back then. Help us ensure that today’s hardworking, low income communities are not left behind and unable to take part in the American dream. It is our sincere hope that you will join us as we celebrate this amazing milestone. This not-tobe-missed event will be held on Saturday, August

26, 2017 at our Sobrato Center located at 701 Vine Street, San José, California 95110. To help us celebrate we will have Luis Valdez, the Founding Artistic Director of El Teatro Campesino, Playwright and Director as our keynote speaker for the evening along with a performance from the legendary, Grammy winning band Los Lobos.

Let’s Clean Those Gutters! Storm Preparation / Cleaning Front / Backyard Clean ups Shed / Deck Removal

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Valley Extra Steinway Society 2017 - 2018 Season TICKETS/INFO: or (408) 990-0872 Full Season Subscriptions (8 concerts) range from $225 to $360 Mini-Series Subscription (4 concerts) range from $125 to $200 Single Tickets: $40-$60. Senior/Student Discounts Available San Jose, CA – It’s a season of winners for the 23rd Season of Steinway Society - The Bay Area. The season launches on September 9 with 2013 Cliburn Competition Silver Medalist Sean Chen. The newest Cliburn Gold Medalist will be named on June 10, and on October 9 this new superstar will be the guest artist. The 201718 season continues for six additional concerts, concluding in May with Yeol Eum Son, a medalist at the two leading international piano competitions: the Tchaikovsky Competition and the Cliburn Competition. “This season’s artists are all winners at top international competitions, and we’re especially proud that on October 8, we will bring the newest international star to Silicon Valley,” said

Sandra Wales, President of the Board for Steinway Society – The Bay Area. “We’re thrilled to be a presenter organization for the Cliburn and, in that capacity, we are proud to announce that in October we’re bringing this year’s Gold Medalist.” All the artists performing in the 2017-18 season have been widely recognized for both their artistry and their mastery of the keyboard. PERFORMANCE VENUES: All performances in the 2017-18 season with the exception of the October 8 Cliburn Gold Medalist will be held at San Jose’s Trianon Theatre, 72 North 5th Street in downtown San Jose, CA. The October 8 concert is at McAfee Performing Arts Center, 20300 Herriman Avenue in Saratoga. Both venues offer free parking during concert hours.

Spin-A-yarn Steakhouse 510-656-9141 45915 Warm Springs Blvd Fremont, CA, 94539

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18693 Carriage Hill Drive, Almaden Valley Stunning Almaden Country Estate on a rare flat, beautifully landscaped acre. With a total of 4,273 SF feet of living space & extensively remodeled, this home is ideal for entertaining. There 5 large bedrooms, 4 full bathrooms, a library/office, and an upstairs game room with a pool table. Retreat to the 1200 SF master suite with fireplace, walk-in closet, sitting area/exercise room, marble bathroom, and a private balcony with gorgeous mountain views. The park-like backyard features an abundance of fruit trees, a sparkling pool/spa and lighted tennis/sport court. Offered At $2,750,000

15488 Via La Gitana, Carmel Valley


This Gorgeous French Villa in the heart of Carmel Valley is nestled among hundreds of olive trees on over 2.5 acres with panoramic views of the valley and hills. Features of this 3,209 SF home include 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms accompanied by 2 guest A L Mpool, A D E Nhot N Atub T I Vand E a private pond. suites, 5 car garage, salt water B R O K E R A S S O C I A E, M B Aappliances This house has a gourmet kitchen with top ofTthe line 408-685-5990 and a large pantry. ArtfullyBdesigned this is F B Y N U Mby @ Jan G Mde A I LLuz, .COM BYNUMREALESTATE.COM California dream living!


Offered C aAt l B R$3,750,000 E #01728689



883 Furlong Avenue, Blossom Valley 4 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,426 SF | $849,000 FOR SALE



1112 Pine Avenue, Willow Glen

1840 Dry Creek Road, Willow Glen

21292 Bertram Road, Almaden Valley

2 Bedrooms | 1.5 Baths | 1,273 SF | $995,000

4 Bedrooms | 5 Baths | 3,690 SF | $1,998,000

Beautiful 2.02 Acre Lot | $699,000





5671 SANTA TERESA BLVD., SUITE 103 SAN JOSE, CA 95123 CalBRE #01526679

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