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March 15, 2020

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Hit By Coronavirus Crisis, School Districts Call Time-out: Still Providing Meals Governor Newsom Places National Guard Personnel on Alert to Support COVID-19 Community Readiness Following through on his commitment to mobilize state personnel and assets to protect local communities and fight the spread of COVID-19, Governor Gavin Newsom today announced that he has placed the California National Guard on alert. The National Guard has been directed by the Governor to be prepared to perform humanitarian missions across the

state including food distribution, ensuring resiliency of supply lines, as well as supporting public safety as required. “As Californians make sacrifices over the coming weeks and stay home, we are immensely grateful for medical providers, first-responders and National Guard personnel who are assisting those who are most vulnerable to COVID-19,” said

Governor Newsom. Today’s announcement, made in the Governor’s capacity as the Commander-in-Chief of the California National Guard, is consistent with duties routinely performed by the California National Guard during natural disasters and other emergencies within the state.

Fine Gardener Time to plant!

Boyd’s Tree Service

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By Joe W. Bowers Jr. California Black Media

By Sunday evening, more than 720 of the state’s 1,000 school districts announced they were closing beginning Monday. They made the decision out of an abundance of caution for the health and safety of students, parents and staff and with the intent of sharing responsibility with the broader community in an effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Then, on Monday, county health officials put more than 6.7 million Californians in six Bay

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Area counties under a “shelter in place” order that instructed residents to stay isolated in their homes and away from public places and human interaction as much as possible. The directive, which took effect Tuesday at 12:01 am and lasts at least through April 7, affects San Francisco, Santa Clara, San Mateo, Marin, Contra Costa and Alameda counties. The closures are scheduled to last between two to four weeks. [Continued on Page 10]

March 15, 2020

Go to for more information, events, and to purchase Tickets. Minority Owned Business

Sounds of Cuba: Bobi CĂŠspedes

Publisher: Brigitte Jones

Mar 21 @ 7:00 pm Mar 21 @ 9:00 pm Bing Studio

Graphic Design Director: Amanda McElroy

Editor - public Affairs Liaison: Pamela Gustava Curry

Film Screening: Birth of a Movement

Photographer: Andy Nguyen

n a

Post-screening discussion with Professor Richard Ford

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Editor at Large: Pearl Baeni

d e Fly Higher

Charlie Parker @ 100

Mar 28 @ 7:30 pm Bing Concert Hall

Margaret Atwood in Conversation Apr 8 @ 7:30 pm Bing Concert Hall

Maria Schneider Orchestra

Malpaso Dance Company

Apr 18 @ 7:30 pm Bing Concert Hall

May 1 @ 7:30 pm May 2 @ 7:30 pm Memorial Auditorium

March 15, 2020

County of Santa Clara Public Health Department Announces One New Death from COVID-19 in Santa Clara County The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department is announcing one new death from COVID-19, bringing the total number of deaths to five in Santa Clara County. An adult man in his 50s, was hospitalized on Saturday, March 9 and passed away on Tuesday, March 17. The Public Health Department expresses our condolences to the family and friends of the deceased. The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department continues to work closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of California Department of Public Health, and other partners as the new coronavirus situation continues to change. Additional information about COVID-19 in the county is available at coronavirus

Follow our Twitter for updates: @HealthySCC​ ​Public Health Website:​ Public Health Facebook:​

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Our Health The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department is announcing the second death from COVID-19 in the county. The person who passed away was an adult woman in her 80s, was hospitalized March 9, and was among the COVID-19 cases reported by the County Public Health Department on March 13, 2020. The Public Health Department is saddened to share this news and expresses its condolences to her family. The County of Santa Clara Public Health Department continues to work closely with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the State of California Department of Public Health, and other partners as the new coronavirus situation continues to change. Additional information about COVID-19 in the county is available at coronavirus.

Annual Benefit Crab Feed for Crimestoppers was overflowing with supporters A Good time for a Good Cause

Melanie Damrel, Carmen Montano, Bud LoMonaco

Otto Lee and daughters

Showing Support for our Law Enforcement Community

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March 15, 2020

Cinequest Returns in August

Cinequest: Interview with Alex Bretow My interview with Alex, was to highlight what a unique set of circumstances to make the film. It is the first Iranian/ US film production and it has quite a local connection, as well, because SJSU Alumni Kourosh Ahari is making his directorial debut. Alex, “we are thrilled to be celebrating our film at Cinequest this year, The Night, features actor Shahab Hosseini, who won Best Actor at Cannes 2016 for The Salesman and A Separation, in 2011 Best Actor in Berlin IFF. Both of these films are Academy Award Winners.

Considering our recent political climate, it was an incredible accomplishment to pull this production together, at all. The U.S. travel sanctions were put into effect as we were in preproduction. So we were under a lot of pressure; it was necessary to recast a role because one of our actresses was denied a Visa to travel. And yet we have secured a deal for Theatrical Release of our film in Iran! We never sacrificed the creative integrity of our project as we worked to meet the censorship limitations, set by Iran,

County of Santa Clara Public Health Department: Statement Regarding COVID-19 and Airports As many public health officials have noted, airports present an elevated risk of exposure to COVID-19 given the number of people passing through from different locations. The risk is likely greater for airport workers, who spend long periods of time in that environment. While the Public Health Department is not currently recommending closure of the airport given the significant societal harms lack of access to travel would cause, we continue to recommend that persons at higher risk of severe illness from COVID-19 avoid all air travel, and that businesses cancel nonessential travel.

Brigitte Jones with Alex Bretow, a producer on The Night, A film chosen to be a Spotlight film for CINEQUEST 2020.

and still have the film be entertaining for all viewers. Everyone involved is very proud of this film, one of our Producers was Jeffrey Allard, known for executive producing THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE. Another creative force was Terry

Georg, writer/director of Academy Award nominated and Golden Globe winning HOTEL RWANDA”. The Night, tells the story of an Iranian couple and their one-year-old daughter who check into an old hotel for the night. But they come to find

themselves imprisoned and forced to face dark secrets they have kept from each other. How, and if, they check out depends on just how carefully they question everything and everyone they encounter. And though the clock moves forward, “the night” may never end.

March 15, 2020

Cinequest: Interview with Mike Mossallam This is a romantic story that takes place during Ramadan in Los Angeles, and those involved are seemingly very different than each other -- and yet not so far apart. Mo is a practicing Muslim dealing with a recent break up. When he meets Kal, the quintessential, AllAmerican guy who offers to join Mo in observing his nightly Iftars (the traditional meal eaten by Muslims during Ramadan). Well, meal after meal, these two discover that what seems

like such a big deal -your differences -- aren’t important. Mike, “This film came from a friend’s question, had I ever seen myself reflected on screen? Of course, the answer was NO. Everyone deserves to have their voice heard and story told, by a true representation of that narrative. As a Muslim gay man of Faith, where was I depicted in the media as an individual who lives these complexities out everyday - to the best of my ability? So I could

do only one-thing, write/ make this movie. Because so much of the aspects of my life have been depicted to me/of me; my friends, my culture, my gay identity - reduced to a one dimensional stereotype. It’s empowering to tell a different narrative for people to know, there is more to the people you share this world with than appears at first glance. It all comes down to who is telling the story.”

Out of concern for public safety and the recommendations of health officials, we have cancelled the 2020 Rotary Club of Los Gatos Great Race on April 19. However, we are excited to offer an alternative safe event during the absence of any group activities in the next 3-4 weeks: The Great Social Distancing Race. In ordinary times, we have always felt virtual races have been the refuge of race directors who don’t want to put in the work. However, these are not ordinary times and we thought people would enjoy an opportunity to do something semi-organized in a safe environment. Our virtual race allows you to run 4 miles in a venue and at a time of your choice prior to May 1. Time and distance verification is encouraged through Strava, Garmin, or Asics Runkeeper for which you were all sent an email for a free download when you registered for the Great Race. However, it is not required and the honor system will be respected. More details can be found at

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Cinequest Returns in August

Brigitte Jones with Mike Mossallam, writer/director of film, BREAKING FAST

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March 15, 2020

Community Update

Dear Friends, In the midst of these uncertain times, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your tireless support of my campaign. Now, more than ever, values, ethics, integrity and transparency in government and politics are essential. Because of you - friends, supporters, donors and hardworking volunteers, and family who stood by me every step of the way - our campaign succeeded and will be in the November Election. We earned over 51,000 votes and have a clear to path victory. I can win in November. My opponent is a longtime politician who outspent us by 3:1, including over $500,000 from independent groups. In stark contrast, my campaign has been a grassroots effort. I received over 5,000 individual contributions, 80% of which were $100 or less. Only one small contribution was made by an independent group on my behalf - $6,000 in Twitter ads from Fund Her, a statewide organization that supports progressive women candidates. I am proud to have support from Fund Her and other women’s organizations. There are currently no women in the California Legislature in all of Silicon Valley, which includes 12 seats from San Francisco to San Jose. Ten women ran in the primary from this area, and I am the only female candidate to make it through to the General Election in November. We must have greater women’s representation. Everyone, please take care of yourselves and your health. And let’s continue the fight to the General Election - at every level of government. All the best, Ann Ann Ravel for Senate 2020 FPPC# 1415828 1787 Tribute Road, Suite K Sacramento, CA 95815 United States

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Design • Build • Irrigate Smaller Projects Welcome! Spring is for planting: flower and veggie beds, drought tolerant/pollinator gardens, uncommon trees and shrubs. We serve the Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Campbell, West San Jose, and Santa Clara areas.

Call for Contractors! Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley is hiring local contractors to repair roofs, perform plumbing and electrical work, carpentry, flooring and other special projects in homes throughout Santa Clara County. If you are you a licensed contractor looking to expand your client base, please contact us! Minority and women-owned contractors are encouraged to apply. Learn more at: Qualifications: • Licensed General Contractor, HVAC, Electrician, Plumber, or Roofer • General Liability Insurance and Worker's Comp (if applicable)

Contact: Kevin McCarthy 408.578.9519 ext. 1007, 1701 South 7th St., #10 San Jose, CA 95112

March 15, 2020

ODOS Women’s Conference Lisa Riley, CEO and Founder of One Degree of Separation, ODOS recently held a conference to encourage a group of women to topple barriers and open access to services that build and grow their businesses, careers, physical and mental health, as well as financial intelligence -- but most especially emotional intelligence. Lisa believes female entrepreneurs often lack the vital information needed to succeed, due to the reality of being

far too busy with the work at hand to make the necessary connections that lead to securing securing knowledge. Speakers and Panelists were brought in to reveal their expertise in such fields/topics as Legal Protection, Financing your Startup, Social Media Branding, Bitcoin Investing for Beginners, Selling Products and Services locally, regionally and globally, Cyber Security, Government Contracts and many more resources.

Making a Difference

The ladies show support

For Lisa, it’s about women reaching out to each other to with the intent of driving up each others social and business value in the marketplace. She is on a mission to showcase sustainable business models with the use of proven technology such as training through Podcasting. There is opportunity in providing new solutions and a safe space to organically network. Nikki Thomas keeps it moving

Lisa Riley (center) with attendees

Celebrity News Announcement

Nurse Builders Academy

Your first step towards a career in Healthcare.

Become a CNA (Nursing Assistant) (408) 972-5025

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Test Positive for Coronavirus


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We care deeply about your health, wellness, and safety. In these unnerving times we want to express our appreciation to our community as we work together to safely navigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For members wondering if it is safe and or legal to come to SVBC the answer is YES. After reviewing the Order Of The Health Officer and discussing with the Dave Cortese we have concluded that we are EXEMPT from the shut down. We are an essential business as we house Mail Service for all members and small business operations. We are to continue working to assist our members during the crisis. Here are some of the things we are doing in response to the coronavirus: • We have intensified cleaning procedures and are working more deeply to disinfect the entire facility daily to prevent germs from spreading and to ensure your safety. • We are closely monitoring the guidance of local health officials and the CDC and are following all recommendations to provide for our guests safety and comfort in our facilty. • Given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, if you have a reservation and feel sick or otherwise do not feel up to coming in, please reach out to us and we will provide you with a credit, cancelling, rescheduling and or assist you with any questions you may have. • If you plan on coming to the office, please practice social distancing in our facility. Lets try to stay 6ft apart and please remember to wash your hands frequently.

Please know we are here for you! You can reach us at 408-518-9284 or email Gregg, Tina or Nelia. Hours of operation are to remain the same, Monday-Thursday 8:30-6pm and Friday 8:30-5pm. Be well, and stay safe! SVBC STAFF

March 15, 2020

Helping Hands

Hit By Coronavirus Crisis, School Districts Call Time-out: Still Providing Meals [Continued From Page 1] In all, more than 95 percent of public school students in 41 of 58 counties will be impacted. Many of the school districts that California’s 334,652 AfricanAmerican students attend have announced they will be closed. Outside California, more than 33 states, plus the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico, have announced plans to close schools for two or three weeks. Most of the announcements of school district closings happened on Friday, closely following the closure announcement by the two largest school districts in the state - Los Angeles Unified and San Diego Unified.

Los Angeles superintendent Austin Buetner and Cindy Marten, San Diego superintendent, issued a joint statement that read, “California has now entered a critical new phase in the fight to stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. There is evidence the virus is already present in the communities we serve, and our efforts now must be aimed at preventing its spread. We believe closing the state’s two largest school districts will make an important contribution to this effort.” Before deciding to close their schools, the districts consulted with their county offices of education and their public health departments. Many school leaders were concerned about interrupting student learning and the negative effect closures would have on the families that depend on schools to provide meals and other essential social services. Inglewood Unified was

one of the school districts making the decision to close on Friday. With a student body that is 40 percent African American, among districts with over 2,000 students, Inglewood has the largest percentage of Black students in the state. Los Angeles Unified with 8.4 percent and Oakland Unified with 24 percent respectively have the largest number of African-American students. Dr. Erika Torres, Inglewood’s County Administrator, said she decided to close the district’s schools because, “We are concerned about the health, safety and well being of our students and families.” “I wanted to make sure that we were very proactive in this decision,” she said. Like many of the school districts that are closing, Inglewood has no reported cases of coronavirus among students or staff. Even as California banned large public gatherings, Governor Newsom resisted taking steps at the state level to close schools. On Sunday, Newsom defended his approach saying, “I know for a fact that not all these districts have planned for the needs of these kids next week, and I’m deeply concerned about their health and I’m deeply concerned about their safety and I’m deeply concerned about their parents’ inability to go to work and many of those parents work in hospitals, work as firefighters, work as paramedics, work as

the people that would get in gear to help us advance the mobile testing (for the virus) throughout the state.” While school leaders were deciding to close schools Mayor London Breed, last Friday, San Francisco the U.S. Department of Education said it budget issues, the would consider waiving governor’s action relieves requirements for statewide some of the fiscal strain of tests that are mandated closing schools. for grades 3-8 and high Given the rapidly school. With testing set changing nature of the to start during the spring, coronavirus outbreak and it may not be feasible for CDC’s guidance, what districts to administer the school districts decide to tests if school closures are do after closing for two to extended. four weeks is in flux. It is On Friday, Newsom important for all parents signed an executive order and students to check announcing that California their District websites for schools that close due to updated information and the coronavirus outbreak follow directives from the will continue to receive California Department of funding, on condition that Public Health. dollars are directed toward remote learning opportunities and childcare options during workday hours. For school districts like Inglewood Unified and Oakland Unified that are paying off state loans and Los Angeles Unified, which is experiencing

March 15, 2020

Special Covid-19 Update

Town of Los Gatos website The Town of Los Gatos has compiled a very comprehensive page of Covid-19 messages and resources. It outlines how all the Town departments are functioning throughout this crisis. In addition, it has resources for businesses and individuals, as well as ways you can volunteer.

Patronize your local businesses! The impact of this virus is devastating on our local economy. While you are home sheltering in place, please patronize your local businesses: • Get takeout or delivery at our local restaurants. • Support our amazing merchants by going to their online stores. Call or email the owner, many are doing virtual tours through their stores!

Promote Your business with Us! Email The Bay Area Review at or call (408) 898 - 7534

March 15, 2020

#FeedTheNeedBayArea #FEEDTHENEED is an emergency fund to provide immediate economic relief to employees working in Los Gatos businesses and the most vulnerable citizens in the town of Los Gatos and surrounding neighborhoods. The economic impact from the COVID-19 virus will be devastating to many workers, food insecure families and seniors in our community. The goal of this community fundraising effort has a dual economic purpose:

1. Provides FREE hot meals to local non-profit agencies, food banks, shut-in senior citizens and low income families in Los Gatos who are most vulnerable. 2. Allows Los Gatos restaurants to prepare meals at a flat rate in order to keep some of their staff employed. Provides emergency resources to displaced Los Gatos hourly workers who find themselves without employment during the crisis. DONATE NOW: Every $10 donation = 1 hot meal

Special Covid-19 Update

for someone in need. Donations can also be mailed to Los Gatos Chamber Hospitality Fund, 10 Station Way, Los Gatos, CA 95030 Thank you for helping us #FeedTheNeed.

House of Hope Needs Your Help

House of Hope NEEDS YOUR HELP with grocery donations! House of Hope provides food and groceries to families and seniors who do not have access to resources. The Calvary Church campus, including House of Hope, is closed, due to Santa

Clara County Public Health mandates, so House of Hope is offering delivery services to their families so they can continue to have access to basic food and supplies. Grocery & Gift Card Donations - drop donations at House of Hope, Thursdays, 1:30-

Curbside Grocery Pickup Flights & Asa Los Gatos

Both Flights and Asa Los Gatos are offering grocery curbside pick up. Items include fresh produce, meat, dairy, hard to find items and more. To find out more details and to order click the links below: • Flights • Asa Los Gatos

4:00pm and Saturdays, 8am-noon. 16330 Los Gatos Blvd, Los Gatos.

Our website is updated with all the restaurants (members & non-members) available for takeout & delivery, as well as member merchants to interact with remotely. And a list of our member that are "essential services" who are open. businesses-open

Announcements NBA Suspends 2019 - 2020 Season After Player Tests Positive For Coronavirus, Players Quarantined Golden State Warriors Is The First Team To Ban Fans From Attending Due To Coronavirus: Fans With Tickets Will Receive A Refund

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March 15, 2020

San Jose Strong Dear Community, In this time of concern about the coronavirus and the health of our community, I want to keep you informed about the health emergency and what you can do to stay healthy. In Santa Clara County, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the coronavirus, climbed rapidly from one case on January 31, to 43 today. One person has recovered while, sadly, another has passed away. Of the 43, 21 are hospitalized and 10 are in the intensive care unit. The cases are expected to keep rising. Because of the rapid spread of COVID-19, the County’s Health Officer, Dr. Sara Cody, issued an order that beginning on March 11, gatherings of 1,000 or more people must be canceled for at least the next three weeks. These include such events as sports games, concerts, conferences and meetings where people are in close proximity to each other in a confined space. It doesn’t include airports, shopping malls or grocery stores where people can be within arm’s length of each other. Earlier, Dr. Cody recommended that smaller events and meetings also be canceled as a precaution to keeping the virus from spreading. At the Board meeting on March 10, I called for measures that would focus on helping our most vulnerable populations, including medically fragile adults, seniors and homeless individuals who live on the streets or in camps. I also want to strengthen our communication systems with the public. I asked for the end to sweeps of homeless camps so we can keep unhoused communities together in order to provide testing and care if a resident should be confirmed with COVID-1, the use of video cameras for court arraignments, a closer attention to helping seniors through our meals program and the launch of a series of town hall meeting using the Internet so that you could ask questions and receive answers from experts in real time. In the meantime, the County’s Public Health Department has dedicated a webpage, that will provide you with updated information and specific guidelines for individuals, employers, schools, community organizations and health care providers. You can listen to the March 10 presentation and Board discussion by visiting the County’s meeting portal, and clicking on Item 7. As always, you can call my office at 408-299-5030 or email me at We will also keep the District 3 webpage updated. Sincerely, Dave Cortese County Supervisor, Third District

Touch of London Wellness Retreat 1275 Lincoln Ave Suite 8 A&B San Jose, CA 95125 408-297-4899 Violet Johnson is a retired nurse, midwife, and psychologist from England. She has numerous credentials in cosmetology, aromatherapy, and infant massage. She is a public speaker and specialist in multinational skin care and has worked in Willow Glen for 20+ years.

• Natural Skin Care Products • Luxuary Facials • Massage Therapy • Custom Nutritional Plans

Three New Cases of COVID-19 Have Been Identified in Santa Clara County Three new cases of COVID-19 have been identified in Santa Clara County. The case count is now 48. We expect numbers to grow and urge everyone to follow Public Health recommendations.

Follow our Twitter for updates: @HealthySCC​ ​ ublic Health Website: P​

March 15, 2020

City Manager’s Weekly Report: March 13, 2020 COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update: The City of San José continues its efforts to mitigate and respond to COVID-19. This week, the City confirmed six sworn San Jose Fire Department (SJFD) personnel have tested positive and we are tracking the status of 70 who may have been exposed. The Fire Department has been able to successfully backfill all temporarily vacant positions and expects to maintain normal resource levels indefinitely. The situation is very fluid, and we are working at the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control, the California Department of Health, and Human Services and the Santa Clara Public Health Department. The City of San Jose officially formed a Pandemic Management Team on January 24, and remains at the Stage 4 (High Risk) Response Level, and with a virtually active Emergency Operations

Center. City Manager Dave Sykes signed a Proclamation of Local Emergency on March 6 which was later ratified by City Council on Mar. 10. This also prompted the Pandemic Response Team to be active throughout the weekend. For more information on the City’s response to COVID-19, contact Rosario Neaves, Director of Communications/ Emergency Public Information Officer (EPIO), at 408-535-7777. Take the 2020 Census Today: This week, the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2020 Census online survey portal ( went live allowing residents the option to take the survey from a computer or mobile device. The online survey is nine questions and available in 13 languages, including English, Spanish, and Vietnamese. View this video for assistance in completing the Census online. Residents also have the option to

complete the Census via telephone by calling 844-330-2020. Everyone living in the United States must be counted — regardless of age, gender, or citizenship/ immigration status. The 2020 Census does not include questions about citizenship or immigration status. Participation in the 2020 Census helps to direct over $675 billion in federal funding annually to local communities for schools, roads, emergency preparedness, public safety, and other public services. Results from the 2020 Census will also be used to determine the number of seats each state has in Congress as well as political representation at all levels of government. For more information about the 2020 Census, visit For questions about the City’s Census community outreach efforts, contact Vilcia Rodriguez, Project Manager, at 408-5355602. San José Fire Department Hosts Women’s Boot Camp: SJFD hosted its Second Annual Women’s Boot Camp on Mar. 7. Nearly


San Jose News José,” a citywide public 60 women participated in the boot camp to learn outreach effort focused on increasing awareness more about a career in and boosting electric fire service. The femalevehicle sales. Beginning staffed boot camp Apr. 1, five local car included a 90-minute dealerships are offering circuit training workout extra discounts of up to and hands-on experience with firefighting tools and $3,200 on all-electric equipment. Several female vehicles and plug-in firefighters, including the hybrids. These dealership discounts can be stacked first woman firefighter hired with the department, on top of existing state, federal, and local rebates shared their personal for significant savings on stories of how they a new electric vehicle— became interested in the up to $13,500. By driving profession, some of the electric, you’ll benefit challenges and rewards from lower fueling and they have experienced, maintenance costs and and why they love be helping to reduce working for SJFD. carbon emissions and air For more information, pollution. Learn more at contact Erica Ray, Public Information Manager, at drive-electric. For more 408-794-7045. information, contact Take Advantage Colin Heyne, Public of Extra Discounts Information Manager, at on Electric Vehicles 408-975-3705. April Through June 2020 – The City of San José wants to get more drivers behind the wheels of emission-free electric vehicles (EVs). The City has launched a new program called “Drive Electric San

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The Bay Area Review, March 15, 2020  

ISSUU Verbiage: The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 5

The Bay Area Review, March 15, 2020  

ISSUU Verbiage: The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 5

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