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Volume 2 • Issue 13

June 30, 2020

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Fall Rebuilding Days

We are tentatively planning to host our amazing volunteers safely on two Rebuilding Days in October, contingent upon thorough monitoring and assessment of the risks of COVID-19 and how those risks continue to change in our community. As of today, we aim to have smaller groups of volunteers help to repair and rehab homes on Saturday, October 17 and Saturday, October 24, so please mark those dates. Between now and then, we will be working to develop an even more comprehensive safety

protocol for volunteers that focuses specifically on COVID-19. Questions? Contact Sam via email, sam@rtsv. org. Or, go to https:// rebuildingtogethersv. org/programs/ rebuilding-day/ in late August for volunteer sign up information. Volunteers help our community to thrive and we thank you for your time, talent and efforts! Reach out to info@rtrsv. org or 408-578-9519 with any questions or just to chat! We miss seeing you all and hope everyone is safe and healthy.

We’ve looking for a full time Office and Client Services Associate to work out of our main office at 1701 South 7th Street, #10. Office staff are currently working from home during the County’s shelter in place order, but once that is lifted, we will be back in the office/warehouse in staggered shifts. [Continued on Page 14]

What to do?

With the 2020 4th of July All-City Picnic & Fireworks Extravaganza canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Santa Clara Fire and Police departments remind residents that personal fireworks are inherently dangerous and are illegal

Fine Gardener Time to plant!

Boyd’s Tree Service

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in the City of Santa Clara. Instead of the traditional “in person” July 4th event, transform your day into a memory that will last for years. Be creative, and have fun with members of your family. [Continued on Page 2]

June 30, 2020

When and Where

What to do?

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Minority Owned Business Publisher: Brigitte Jones Graphic Design Director: Amanda McElroy Editor at Large: Pearl Baeni Editor - public Affairs Liaison: Pamela Gustava Curry Photographer: Andy Nguyen

TBAR welcomes letters to the Editor -

This year, many things are changing due to the COVID-19 pandemic and traditional ways of celebrating the 4th of July will have to wait until next year. That doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate with your family in a new and exciting way that the whole crew will enjoy. Creative ideas for having fun with members of your household include but are not limited to: • Setting up a video party via Facebook or Zoom • Camping in your

backyard • Competing in lawn games (e.g. cornhole, horseshoes, croquet, etc.) • Relaxing by your backyard pool • Having a water balloon fight • Making homemade ice cream • Creating an outdoor theater to watch a movie, concert or fireworks show on TV • Entertaining one another with a family talent show; extended family can participate via video conference • Fling a kite • Family game night

Please limit content to 200 words or less. Submissions are subject to scrutiny for content and grammar but all effort will be made to retain intended meaning of such letters. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Articles so published reflect the views of the authors - not necessarily those of The Bay Area Review. All submissions become the property of Triple e Media Group, LLC and cannot be acknowledged.

Happy Fourth of July! We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone worldwide in a variety of different ways. We wish that you and your family have a fun and healthy day as we celebrate the birth of our country and remember the freedoms that come with it. We would love to hear how you celebrate this year! Send us your stories and/or photos from this year’s July 4th celebrations for our next issue! Send submissions to Stay Safe Sincerely, The Bay Area Review Team

June 30, 2020

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June 30, 2020

Mind Over Matter

To Wear or Not to Wear: Guilt, Blame, and Shame By Perry Clark LMFT #110594

With so many challenging events happening lately, there is a great struggle with change for many people. One of the common ways we see this manifest now is the struggle we see around people having to wear protective masks. Many of the responses to this new question of “wear it or not wear it?” center around the three emotions of guilt, blame, and shame. Whether it is the situation of wearing a mask, someone cheating in a relationship, or accidentally letting the dog out, the most prevalently used response is to guilt, to blame, or to shame individuals as a way to encourage change, but also to express a reaction to the actions that they have taken. One thing to be more aware of is that this is a tool that is very specialized and highly overused. While guilt, blame, and shame (GBS) collectively represent a mechanism that does result in change, it doesn’t really resolve the problem. Its use offers a temporary fix because often when we really look at the outcome of using GBS, it is just a shift in behavior that results in fear, going to greater lengths to hide the behavior, and/or generating distance in the

relationship. So we have to start looking at how and why we are using GBS as a tool, and how it changes the relationship, not just for the individuals involved, but for the situation that led to it. For the most part, the effect GBS has is dependent on the relationship(s) between the individuals involved. If there is only a weak or non-existent relationship, the use of GBS is not necessarily effective, as we see right now, with the struggle to either encourage or discourage the wearing of masks. Looking at many of the social media or news reports about mask usage, we see people not wearing masks or reacting badly when they are asked to. In many of these cases, they are reacting from a place of anger and fear. Ultimately, this builds resentment, which makes it harder for the social pressure of GBS to be as effective. The individual receiving GBS has even more reason not to have any connection, let alone seek support from those around them. This makes it even more likely that, as this crisis continues with COVID-19, they are going to be unwilling to wear masks.        When we look at the individual relationships we have in our own families,

and especially with our children who are still learning how to be in the world and don’t really understand the words guilt, blame, or shame, they first learn the emotional energy that comes with the connection to those words. That emotional relationship will also translate to how they deal with it as adults. So the usage of GBS, especially when dealing with our children, has a long-term effect on their ability to function as adults. GBS can be useful in a specific moment to call attention to a situation. After that moment has passed, there is a need for discussion and deeper awareness about why this situation occurred so that the focus can be based on responding and love. This is when we actually have lasting, positive change. When we have the opposite of this, with a response based on reaction and fear, we have situations similar to what

we are seeing now with battlegrounds about the usage of masks. There is a need to be more aware of when we’re using GBS beyond just the moment and also of our own pain that prompts us to use it. Many of the new choices that we seek to deal with as we move forward in life come from the issues that are created by the use of guilt, blame, and shame, and are part of the avenues we explore in the healing process in

mental health. Unpacking and finding the alternate meanings of the situations that prompted the use of GBS are all part of what we offer in the mental health profession. For aid in understanding how this tool has potentially been overused in your own life and how you can use it more skillfully in the future, please consider seeking the guidance of a professional who has experience in navigating the emotions involved.

Perry Clark LMFT #110594

Untangle & Grow Counseling 25 N. 14th, Ste. 505, San Jose , Ca 95112 (408) 890-7554 (Google voice) (408)503- 0026 (Fax)

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June 30, 2020

Moving Forward

After the Protest... Now What? Courtesy of Carl Davies, JR President, Silicon Valley Black Chamber

In the wake of George Floyd’s death and burial, America is at an inflection point. Will it continue to spouse the social rhetoric that 400 hundred years has left us (people of color) the instruments that society can build “on” but NOT Build “with”. I’m only sorry I use this example of the SF 49ers because many people in that organization are fine people, but it’s the organization’s actions that shows systemic racism at its core. Were they oblivious to the fact that zero… none… no African American prime or subcontractors helped build their new $1.3 Billion dollar football stadium? Were they oblivious to the fact that nearly 70% of the team’s players are black players and that they were building their franchise “on” these players yet this same blackness was not allow to participate or build

“with” other contractors in sharing parts of the $1.3 Billion? I went to S. Africa after the apartheid and I notice that my brothers were politically free but NOT economically free. What’s the different here in America? The economic injustices we experience here is tied very closely to the “social injustices” we are also experiencing. When opportunities (and that’s a big word) are NOT imparted to people and they are unable to participate in the American Dream, be prepared for civil unrest, riots and other mayhem. The only way to stop this is if we all strive to build a more just society. We need to move to work together to create an ecosystem of designing programs with services that reach for meaningful and lasting change. Change has to come and change will come. Will it be positive change or more of what we’ve experience in the last 400 years? The latter is unacceptable! If you’d like to be a part of positive change for all of our communities to benefit, contact our chamber at (408) 2888806 or go to www. We’re looking for Chamber Champions!

Carl Davies Jr

President & Executive Director Silicon Valley Black Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley Center for Entrepreneurial Development 25 N. 14th St, Suite 505 San Jose, CA 95112 (408) 288-8806 Office (408) 509-2886 Mobile

June 30, 2020

Change is a Movement... And a Process By Assemblymember Dr. Shirley Weber Chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus

One thing is clear this Juneteenth: change cannot wait. Today, not only do we commemorate Black liberation from slavery, we also commemorate victims of police brutality and the lives lost at their hands. Our nation is witnessing an uprising of righteous selfexpression onto our streets, onto our newsfeeds, and into our discourse. This includes expressions of anger, grief, exhaustion, but most importantly a desire to create real change. And change that is immediate. The average Black family is financially 10 times worse off than the average white family. We protest economic injustices bolstered by systemic racism.   We protest the underinvestment in Black neighborhoods, the disparity in health

outcomes, and the criminalization of Black bodies. We protest the killings of unarmed Black people and the systemic inequities legally written into this country’s fabric. If I have one message for the inspirational people who have taken to the streets to manifest our demands, it is this: change is a movement and a process. And change will happen and is happening because we are making it happen. So yes, we must voice our anger, and seize this moment to make our demands clear. We must also be conscious that change requires the continued participation of every single one of us. Some of that energy must come from lawmakers. That’s the reason why I’ve put forward proposals to repeal Proposition 209 and study reparations

to Black Californians. Across the country, we are seeing a wave of reforms to address police brutality, whose victims are overwhelmingly Black. Those are crucial legislative steps we must march to combat the impacts of racism and inequality. And we’ve still got work to do. To create true change, our civic and political culture needs to reflect and represent this movement’s gravity. Anyone who values justice and equality must be ready to organize, to advocate, to run for office – to vote. Participating in the 2020 Census is one immediate action every Californian can take right now. Filling out a simple, nine-question form that only asks for basic information like your name, address, age, and race might not feel revolutionary. But, like filling out a ballot, participating in the Census is just as essential as protesting to the health of our democracy and the fight for justice and equity. An accurate Census

Page 7

Every Bit Counts is foundational to our democracy and our communities’ growth because the data helps determine how much federal funding and political representation each community receives. Its influence on how dollars are spent in communities around the country means it can help reverse some of the structural inequities by bringing back to our neighborhoods what rightfully belongs to us. For Black Californians, this is one small step toward equality that only comes around every 10 years. Black communities have been historically undercounted in the Census, dating back to the very first one in 1790. In the 2010 Census, more than 800,000 African Americans were undercounted in the U.S. Totaling billions of dollars for

programs for our children and seniors, ranging from health care to education, food programs to housing grants. Participating in the Census alone may not be enough to bring the change our society needs – yet it is still an absolutely necessary component.  We can’t afford to wait another 10 years. We cannot deny the history of this country. We know this. We also know we must face it and fight it. And because there’s no one solution, we must be a united front and combat systemic injustice from all angles. Protest, act, organize, vote – and count. Count now.

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June 30, 2020


Broadway Will Remain Closed Through 2020 By Rebecca Rubin

Broadway will remain dark through the rest of the year, and it’s unclear when shows will be able to return to the stage. This marks the fourth extension for Broadway, prolonging the shutdowns that began in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. It’s the longest period of time that theaters have been closed. The Broadway League announced Monday that theater owners will refund or exchange all tickets purchased for musicals and plays through Jan. 3. But there’s a chance that some shows might not return until even later. For shows that will resume on the Great White Way, tickets for performances for next winter and spring are expected to go on sale in the coming weeks. “The Broadway experience can be deeply personal but it is also, crucially, communal,” said Broadway League board chairman Thomas Schumacher. “The alchemy of 1,000 strangers bonding into a single audience fueling each performer on stage and behind the scenes will be possible again when Broadway theatres can safely host full houses. Every single member of our community is eager to get back to work sharing stories that inspire our

audience through the transformative power of a shared live experience. The safety of our cast, crew, orchestra and audience is our highest priority and we look forward to returning to our stages only when it’s safe to do so. One thing is for sure, when we return we will be stronger and more needed than ever.” When Broadway shut down on March 12, 31 musicals and plays were running, while eight new shows were in preview and another eight were preparing to debut in the spring. Already, three shows — Disney’s musical “Frozen,” Martin McDonagh’s play “Hangmen” and Edward Albee’s revival of “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf ” with Laurie Metcalf — have announced they won’t return when Broadway reopens. Other shows, such as Neil Simon’s revival of “Plaza Suite” starring Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, have delayed their openings until 2021. The Broadway League said it continues to work with city and state officials to find the safest way to reopen, including screening and testing for audience members and employees, enhanced cleaning and sanitizing measures, and revamping backstage protocols.

Broadway, as an industry, is particularly at risk because theaters are often small and tightly packed with patrons. “Our membership is working closely with the theatrical unions and in concert with key experts and some of the greatest minds inside and outside of the industry to explore protocols for all aspects of reopening. We are

focused on identifying and implementing necessary measures that will enable us to resume performances safely for Broadway audiences and employees,” said Broadway League president Charlotte St. Martin. “We are determined to bring back the people who rely on this industry for their livelihood, and to welcome back all those


who love this vital part of New York City, as soon as it is safe to do so. As so many of us in the Broadway community have been saying during this time — We’ll be back, and we have so many more stories to tell.”

ATTENTION COMMUNITY! Is anyone in the Bay Area looking for a very practical way to help others during this time? I work at Cristo Rey San Jose Jesuit High School in East San Jose. We serve all low income - primarily Latino- students. Since the shelter-in-place started, we have been distributing food to our families every Tuesday. As this shelter-in-place continues, our families have indicated growing food insecurities as many have lost their jobs. The ask...if you would like to help us make sure our families have enough food on their tables, we could use more food to supplement our current program. Next time you go to the grocery store or order online, would you consider buying a second bag of potatoes or another jar of peanut butter for our families? I would be happy to arrange a physically distant pick-up and make sure the food makes it directly to our families! I would be happy to answer more questions if you have any! -Linda Nguyen Ed.D. Educational Leadership for Social Justice, Student | LMU M.A. Theological Studies, 2017 | LMU B.A. Business Administration, 2013 | LMU 310 619 8647

What we need - Loaves of sliced bread - Peanut Butter - Jelly - Butter - Pasta - Pasta Sauce - Bags of potatoes - Bags of oranges - Bags of apples - Flour - Laundry Detergent - Clorox/Lysol Wipes - Clorox/Lysol Cleaner - HOT CHEETOS and ARIZONA ICED TEAS lol

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June 30, 2020

District 4 News Dear D4 residents, As we close in on our 15th week of Sheltering in Place, and pass the 100day mark, I think about how we are going to move beyond the current Shelter in Place mode, what needs to be accomplished in order to do that and what safety nets need to be stood up in order to do so safely. My office responds to dozens of calls and emails from all of you, our District 4 residents, daily. We have heard from those who want to remain at home to stay safe. We have heard from those who are afraid of being forced back to work before they feel ready to do so. We have heard from those who want to reopen to be able to get back to work to generate money to pay for their family’s home, food, and daily necessities. We have heard from our elderly population wanting hair salons to

reopen so that they can have their hair washed in order to avoid having to step into their showers and potentially fall, leading a simple desire for personal hygiene to end in a trip to the hospital. We’ve heard from small business owners who are at risk of losing it all – their business and subsequently their homes and livelihoods. We have heard from parents who are concerned about the upcoming school year, childcare needs and how to balance risk there. And we have heard from our residents who want us to reopen so they can fulfill their spiritual needs. And all are real concerns and fair asks. So as I work with my team on how to get us there, I push. I push for transparency around the process. I push for accountability from our County administration, your public servants. I take every opportunity, at board meetings, on

70 West Hedding East Wing, 10th Floor San Jose, CA 95110

Phone: (408) 299-5040 Fax: (408) 299-2038 Email: supervisor.ellenberg@​​​​​​​ 70 calls, during committee meetings, and every day from my home office, to take what I hear from all of you, and amplify those concerns, questions and opinions to those in charge of executing Dr. Cody’s order, our administration. To be clear: I am not pushing for a premature re-opening. I am not pushing for an override of the orders of the Public Health Officer. I am pushing for a transparent, fully accountable system that directs every available resource to putting into place the

tools we need to safely re-open and to manage the spread of the virus through a community that is yearning for vibrancy, productivity and connection. Getting through and out of this pandemic safely and responsibly is my number one priority today and every day. But I need your help. While I work to get us reopened, I need every one of you, my D4 residents, doing your part: wearing your masks when out in public, socially distancing yourselves – at least six feet – from

others, getting tested every two weeks if you are an essential worker, washing your hands, and, most importantly, staying home if you feel sick or are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. If you need support in any of these areas, please reach out to my office. We are here for you. There may be no vaccine yet, or a cure, but we have the power to slow the spread. Together. -District 4 Supervisor Susan Ellenberg

Supervisor Ellenberg is hosting three virtual countywide conversations asking residents and community-based organizations to share their personal experiences and answer questions about public safety and justice (and disparities in those systems) for the purpose of improving the quality of life for residents of the county. Read more about these conversations here.


Sat., July 11, 10 - 11:30 AM Thurs., July 16, 11:30 AM - 1 PM Tues., July 21, 6:30-8 PM RSVP at

June 30, 2020

Latest Santa Clara County Public Health Department Update

Page 11

District 4 News

4,162 Cases (81 in Campbell, 198 in Santa Clara, 101 in Willow Glen [95125], 80 in Rose Garden [95126], 50 in Cambrian [95124], 78 in West San Jose [95128])| 82 Hospitalized | 155 Deaths | 180,134 tested | 4,846 tested positive | 2.69% positivity rate* as of 6/29/2020

Community Resources Food Resources • Sacred Heart Community Service: Pre-packaged food boxes. (408) 278-2160 • Second Harvest of Silicon Valley: 1(800) 984-3663, 8AM-5PM Text GETFOOD to (408) 4555181 • Meals on Wheels: Meal deliveries and to-go meals for seniors ages 60+ - Leave a message at (408) 350-3246 • CalFresh: Financial assistance for food purchases 1 (800) 984-3663 • Santa Clara County Office of Education: School District Distribution meals - Free meals to students and families Parent Resources The Santa Clara County Office of Education has prepared resources for parents, including: •Weekly Family Resource Chat forum where parents can learn and practice education techniques with an Inclusion Training Specialist, exchange information, and connect with each other.

• FIRST 5 Community Resource Directory for families, parents, and caregivers. • WarmLine,(408) 453-6651​. Answering questions 16 hours a day • At Home Learning resources by grade level • How to talking to your child about COVID-19 • Accessibility Tools for Students with Special Needs These resources can be found at for-parents.aspx. Mental Health Resources The following resources are available to help people who may be experiencing distress or heightened anxiety right now: • 24/7 Behavioral Health Services Department Call Center: (800) 704-0900 • Crisis Text Line: Text RENEW to 741741 • Suicide and Crisis Hotline 24/7: (855) 278-4204 • If you are experiencing an emergency please call 911 immediately.

Stay Informed Information is changing frequently. Follow the Santa Clara County Public Health Department for the latest updates and news.

Dear Neighbor: As your state Assemblymember, I am excited to hold my community office hours to hear directly from you in a one-on-one virtual meeting!

Thursday, July 9, 2020 3 p.m. - 5 p.m. Via Zoom Login information provided upon RSVP. I hope to connect with you one-onone on topics of importance, provide assistance with state or local issues, as well as give you an update of my priorities for our community. Your feedback helps me better serve our community in Sacramento. To reserve your appointment, please contact my district office at (408) 262-2501 or register online event/upcoming-event.

Public Health Website: covid19/Pages/home.aspx Public Health Facebook: @sccpublichealth Public Health Instagram: @scc_publichealth Public Health Twitter: @HealthySCC

KANSEN CHU Assemblymember, 25th District

Page 12

June 30, 2020

District 17 News I would like to provide a few updates about recent developments in Congress and share some important information.

George Floyd, Policing, and Race in America

Like so many of you, I am horrified by George Floyd’s death, the lack of police accountability, and the long legacy of racial discrimination in our country. Police killings of unarmed Black people are evidence that systemic racism in America is pervasive and necessitates bold, transformative reform. I joined over 200 of my colleagues in cosponsoring the Justice in Policing Act, which includes my bill, the PEACE Act, to change the standard for the use of force for every federal officer so that deadly force is only ever used as a last resort. I was proud to vote with a majority of my colleagues to pass this bill in the House last week. The Justice in Policing Act would also lower the criminal standard to convict law enforcement officers for misconduct in federal prosecutions, end qualified immunity, authorize the Department of Justice to issue subpoenas in investigations of police departments for a pattern or practice of discrimination, and create a national registry of complaints and records of police misconduct. We must always remember the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Wait has almost always meant never. We must come to see that justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

Updates in the District

Our district office staff continues to focus on casework related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact. We are also helping constituents in response to the Trump Administration’s restrictions on worker visas that undermine Silicon Valley’s innovation economy. Please contact my office if you need help or have questions about this. I am pleased with two positive developments that affect our district: the opening of two new South Bay BART stations and the Supreme Court decision on DACA. After months of delays, new BART stations in Milpitas and Berryessa/North San Jose opened for business on June 13th. Secondly, while not a permanent solution, thousands of Dreamers in our community can breathe a sigh of relief and rest easy in their own country. Their desire to pursue the American dream despite the hardships they have faced should be an inspiration to us all in these difficult times.

Facebook Live Town Halls

Thank you to all who participated in this month’s Facebook Live town halls. In July, I will host Facebook Live town halls on July 7th and July 23rd at 12:00 pm Pacific. Please be sure to follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @RepRoKhanna. Best, Congressman Ro Khanna California’s 17th Congressional District

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June 30, 2020

Rebuilding Together News

Fall Rebuilding Days [Continued From Page 1]

This position is an integral part of our team and is responsible for answering the phone, client support, maintaining the database and other office duties. You can see the full job description at https:// rebuildingtogethersv. org/about-us/careers/. We are also looking for an Office Volunteer to help keep us organized! This volunteer will assist our Client Services Manager with administrative work in our office at 1701 South 7th

St. #10, San Jose. We’re looking for someone who is comfortable with office equipment and technology (i.e., copier/ scanner/printer, Microsoft Office, data entry) and be willing to come into the office, following strict safety protocol, at least once a week. We ask that a potential volunteer be able to commit at least 2 months of support. If interested, please contact for more information.

We’d like to remember Patrick (Pat) Hamm, who died peacefully in his sleep the morning of June 18, 2020. A longtime Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley volunteer, Patrick was greatly admired by his peers, the “Dream Team,” who considered him a compassionate team member and embraced him as a leader. His influence spread far beyond RTSV, as he cultivated durable relationships built on the foundation of a good day’s work, wherever he went. His presence on an RTSV project meant that volunteers would have


a great experience, and homeowners would be well-taken-care-of. Here are some fondly recalled quotes and memories from his close friends: • “Better get back to work before all the good jobs are gone” • “BREAK TIME! Tools down, compressors off, coffee all around.” • When I accidentally tripped on site one day and Patrick saw it, he said “No unauthorized trips allowed. Next thing you know, you will be using that as an excuse not to come work.” • And when asking Patrick’s opinion

on which way to do something or how to solve a problem, it was always “Well, if it was me, I would ...” • “I was saving this job for myself but I’ll let you do it.” • “if you had a good job before the break, you better get back to work if you want to keep it!” “Patrick set the bar high as a volunteer leader and inspired those around him to do their best, and have fun doing it! He will be greatly missed.” - Deanne Everton,

Executive Director, Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley

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June 30, 2020

You’re Invited!

We’re excited to announce that in 2020, Paint the Town will be an online event! Watch this space for details on how to join us for a fast-paced get-together! Our annual fundraiser, Paint the Town, is

typically held in our warehouse, the heart of where our life-changing work takes place. But this year we’re trying something new so that we can all join together safely. Proceeds from this event go directly to providing home repairs for our neighbors in need. We put the FUN in fundraising at this event! #supportRTSV Can’t make it to Paint the Town? You can still donate!

Any amount will make a BIG difference to the families, older adults, and people with disabilities who need our services more than ever. To learn the different ways you can help your community through donation, go to https:// rebuildingtogethersv. org/support-us/ways-todonate/

Individual donations support our mission of providing a safe and healthy home for those in need. Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley is a 501(c) (3) charitable organization, Tax ID: 77-0289381.

We Are Looking for Contractors Last year Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley impacted over 400 homes in our community. Assisting seniors and persons of all ages with disabilities, the repairs we address improve the daily lives of our neighbors-in-need and their families. As we grow to meet the needs of our community, it is important for us to find partner contractors that understand our business and clients…or at least willing to learn. This is where you come in! Rebuilding Together Silicon Valley is currently seeking contractors that possess CA contractor specialty (Class C only) license designations in Plumbing (C36), HVAC (C20), Electrical services (C10), and Roofing (C39). CA Contractor General B license holders with one of these specialty designations are welcome to apply too. If you are, know, or have worked with a specialty contractor that is communityminded, we want to meet them. Our workload is growing and we need partners to help grow with us. These are paid projects, and our workload is growing! For those interested, please take a moment to download, print and fill out our Prequalified Contractor Application in its entirety. Applications can be found at Completed applications can be faxed to 408-578-9359, or emailed to Deanne Everton at If you have any questions, Deanne can be reached at 408-578-9519.

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Rebuilding Together News

Profile for The Bay Area Review

The Bay Area Review, June 30, 2020  

ISSUU Verbiage: The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 13

The Bay Area Review, June 30, 2020  

ISSUU Verbiage: The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 13

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