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July 14, 2017

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Page # 3 Hey Guys! Prostate Cancer is Targeting YOU! Trust me!

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Pebble Beach Anyone?

Future geeks and proud of it.

Lam Research & C.L.A.S.S. – “Community of Latinos and African Americans for Student Success!!!” hosted 120 Students and Chaperones from the Oakland HeadsUp Program, and several San Jose School Districts, for a day of Technological Adventures,

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Celebrate Good Times! Menlo Summerfest, coming up July 15-16, brings you two days of world-class fun in the sun. The sensational lineup features stellar headliner music on the new Soundwaves Stage at El Camino Real, the fresh, new Hopsland Craft Beer Tent, What’s Up Photo Booth, Cornhole Corner and Mod Mix Millennial Stage in our buzzing new Summerland in Fremont Park, Artsplash with extraordinary fine art and cool crafts by 200 professional artists, Summer Vibes Art Contest and Express Your Summerself Color Spot, Mobile Eats with fab food trucks and booths; Deelish Drink with artisan cocktails, craft beer and premium wine, Savory City with gourmet specialty foods; Super Duper Funzone with a host of awesome amusements for kids, the Summer Fun Kiddieland with an amazing array of thrill rides plus Fleet Feet Menlo Park’s Summerfest Run Happy 5K Fun Run

& Walk on Sunday, July 16! The entertainment lineup includes: Zepparella, Jambalaya, Boombox, Andre Thierry Accordion Soul Music, Sol Peligro, Sang Matiz, and The Reikestra (on the Soundwaves Stage at El Camino Real), and The Jack Mosbacher Band, MDC – Max Dance Company, comedienne Sarah Cooper, world-famous DJ Jeffrey, Summer Grooves by Stevie B, and aerial acrobat Moni Dragonfly (on the Mod Mix Millennial Stage in Summerland,

July 15-16, 2017 - 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. On Santa Cruz Avenue, Menlo Park, CA; between El Camino Real and Johnson Street. INFO-LINE: 650-325-2818

Fremont Park) plus talented street musicians John Clarke, Chaz & Co. and HeartStrings

Music. Admission is free. Presented by the Menlo Park Chamber of Commerce.

STACY SEYMOUR (408) 960-9416 Y2Z

Wellness Hey Guys! Prostate Cancer is Targeting YOU! TRUST ME! By Dave Faris

About 35% of us men WILL GET Prostate Cancer. You won’t feel a thing till it’s too late. Just a simple blood test will be needed to catch it in time (i.e. GO GET CHECKED). Men over 30 should get the blood test every couple of years. Wives: you will probably need to do a bit of nagging but IT WILL BE WORTH THE EFFORT! I sat with a man (my son’s friend’s dad about my age at the time or 73) who had stage 4 Prostate

Cancer that had spread throughout his body before it was discovered. He had no pain or warning signs. He was sitting at home waiting for his life to end. Doctors could help him, but a simple blood test 30 years before would have prevented this from ever getting this bad. Really sad. So here’s my story. It all started in 2012 with an ongoing issue. I was having more and more problems urinating. Got so bad (my wife was nagging me to get it checked but me as a man … I got this) that I totally stopped being able to go at all. Talk about painful. After about 16 hours, I went to the emergency room where she (a cute young doctor) put in a catheter to empty me out. Talk about embarrassing! My doctor referred me to a urologist. Tests and scans showed that I had blockage between

the bladder and the penis. Urine goes right through the center of the prostate and it was blocked. They did surgery to open up the channel (nicknamed a RotoRuter) and there was no pain afterwards at all, but lab tests of tissue they took during the surgery showed a high presence of Prostate Cancer. The PSA (Prostate Cancer Count) was at 57. Doctor said I was at the stage where, if it was any worse, they would have to take the prostate out completely. There would go my “Man Drive”. Gave me the option to take it out or try to go through the iffy process of saving it and me. I chose the latter. They did an implant into the prostate of 57 gold radiation seeds. Still no pain. They also gave me a max dose shot of antitestosterone (AT). Both of these were to kill the prostate cancer cells. The radioactive seeds wore off in about 2 weeks. The AT shot was good

for about 3-6 months (FYI — Testosterone feeds the cancer which is why we guys get it). I have always (until 2017) been a very high testosterone type of guy. On AT, we start getting hot flashes much like woman when in menopause. Very not fun… but as my beautiful wife reminded me — put up with it so I could live longer. At about 2 months, the doctors had me go in for 8 weeks of focused radiation. 5 days a week for about 20 minutes a day — more cancer cell killing processes. Still no pain. Retested (blood panel) at 6 months. Doctor wanted to see the PSA count at 1 or less from the original 57.

The results came. I was in at 0.1 and the doctor went “WOW! Stay on what your doing and we will see you in three months.” Check out the second part of the PSA Battle that I had 3 years later in the next issue. Contact me if you have any questions at Photos Courtesy of Granddaughter Amanda Faris

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Helping Hands Martha’s Kitchen

The engine that runs Martha’s Kitchen, a non-profit soup kitchen in Willow Glen, is its volunteer base. The 37 year old organization prepares four thousand meals each year which are served to the homeless, low-income families in Silicon Valley, Salinas,

Merced, and Santa Cruz counties. The non-profit has a limited budget and has seen its clientele increase in numbers in these difficult times. Without Martha’s Kitchen the homeless, low-income families and working poor in the Valley would simply go hungry.

(408) 264 - 7500

Edita Cruz, executive director of Martha’s Kitchen states, “The whole community helps keep our doors open to those in need. “ Without the army of volunteers and benefactors that keep us in business we might as well close our doors. In return for their confidence and support we run a tight lean organization. The board is very much aware that it is the community that puts its trust in us that keeps us afloat”. Cruz continues, “ One of the wonderful resources

Blossom Hill Printing Company

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we have is our community of volunteers. There are a large number of volunteers in the school year. We are in need of volunteers through the summer months. In the summertime we need people to cut vegetables in the morning, and help serve the meals in the afternoon. These volunteers are expected to clean up. Volunteer gleaners will pick up food from grocery stores, restaurants, and other food sources. They would need to have pick-up trucks, vans, or SUV to deliver large food donations.” The rules for volunteering are as followed: Volunteers are needed Tuesday or

Wednesday or when prearranged by volunteers. Youth must be 16 years or older. Volunteers must have non-skid shoes (no open toes like flip flops). They must wear conservative attire. Cruz adds, “ Martha’s Kitchen is made possible by the generosity our community. People who donate goods or time to assist the neediest in their community, are greatly appreciated. Many feel they do not have the time to help the poor, but there are many ways to assist these unfortunate citizens”. For more information or to donate or volunteer please call 408-293-6111

Become a CNA (Nursing Assistant) Contact: Linda Reyes

(408) 970-5025) 1825 De La Cruz Blvd., Suite 105 Santa Clara, CA 95050


Summertime Beat The Heat By Allez Azul

These sweltering hot summer days are exhausting! It makes me want to jump in my car and ride to the beach in Monterey or Santa Cruz and get neck deep in the water. These days remind me of my summers as a child. We looked forward to running through the water hose, waiting for the ice cream truck ,or having a tall glass of fresh squeezed lemonade. Good News! We can still find ways to manage the heat in Silicon Valley. Here are a few suggestions: Eat light. Salads, fruits and raw

vegetables will fill you up and not slow you down. Run, walk or bike ride in the morning or evening. These times are best when the sun is not hot and temperatures are more moderate. This also holds true for gardening work. You will feel better and get more work done if you are not constantly battling the heat. Also, it’s good to wear a baseball cap, straw hat or other covering to project your head and face. There is no such thing as a nice sunburn, so use sunscreen. We all want to conserve water. However our plants, shrubs and gardens need the benefits of H2O.

What works for us also works for plants. Water in the early morning or evening. The sun will not evaporate your water as quickly when it’s not so hot. This saves you money, and provides relief for your plants. One other thing. Our pets also need to be secure from extreme heat, especially those animals

with long hair. You can always bring your pets inside during the hottest parts of the day. If that doesn’t work, make sure they have a shade tree or an area for a burlap tarp to crawl underneath. Animals need protection

from the sun just as we do. Additionally, make sure your pets have plenty of water to drink. Watch out for wild animals. They like water, too. Now, have that special drink of something nice and cool!

Rainbow Funding & Realty

Our Chamber is volunteering to help with the hospitality tent where we’ll serve coffee, tea, water, popcorn etc. to the walkers - contact Ron Gardner at to say you can help! The event is July 15th and 16th. Location is 1 W. Campbell Avenue, on the field of the community center (the old Campbell High School)

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SJ District 2 News Families, Community Leaders, Local Organizations, Public Safety Officers and More Kick Off Summer Fun at District 2’s 1st Annual SummerFest! It was a joy to see almost 200 neighbors of all ages come together on a beautiful day to learn about community resources, play games, enjoy entertainment and share laughs. Our 1st Annual SummerFest at Southside Community Center engaged local organizations and businesses as well as residents to promote a safe, fun summer. Attendees embraced the chance to receive endless

giveaways, sit inside a fire truck, meet local mascots and leaders, participate in laughter yoga, get a lung screening test, have their face painted, make jewelry, play bean bag toss, try snack samples, embark on a resource table scavenger hunt, win prizes and much more! The highlight of many people’s day was dunking their elected officials (or watching them get dunked) in our dunk tank! We want to thank

Walking A Mile In Her Shoes to Help End Violence

Who wore it best? As great as your Councilmembers and staff looked strutting down Santana Row, they were there for a bigger cause, of course. They put on heels to join a mission to end violence against women, children and families. Together, with about 500 brave men of Silicon

Valley, they raised funds, awareness and eyebrows to empower survivors of violence and provide lifechanging services offered by YWCA Silicon Valley. The Walk A Mile In Her Shoes event raised more than $150,000! You, too, can learn more, get help, give help or get involved.

all our vendors as well as other partners who made this event successful: Southside Community Center, the San José Fire Department, Assemblymember Ash Kalra, Supervisor Mike Wasserman, Councilmember Johnny Khamis, JustMixEat, Tchuvis, Folklorico National de Mexico, Gigante, A Rental Center, Kaiser Permanente and Vitality Bowls

Google eyes San José properties for expansive campus and R&D space

On June 20, Council voted to negotiate exclusively with Google for the sale and development of several properties in the Diridon Station area, near Downtown San José. Although we are


very early in the process, Google is proposing to build 6 to 8 million square feet of office, research and development space. Given the magnitude of the proposal and the impact it will have on the City, Councilmember

Jimenez prepared a memo suggesting several guiding principles to promote the City’s goals and interests during the negotiation process. The memo suggestions also enhanced the community engagement process to ensure that the voices of all residents and stakeholders are heard. Although Council did accept all suggestions in the memo, Councilmember Jimenez will continue to advocate for these guiding principles as the City works with Google on this transformative development proposal.

SJ District 2 News Taking a Bold Stand On Establishing Criteria For City to Make Socially Responsible Investments

In spring 2017, Councilmember Jimenez took a bold stand in advocating for our City to make socially responsible investments. At the last meeting of the fiscal year, Council unanimously approved the adoption

of socially responsible criteria in the upcoming Request for Proposals for the City’s Banking Services. This means that banking institutions that will be scored based on their commitment to corporate citizenship

and practices which promote environmental stewardship, consumer protection, human rights, diversity, and participation in activities such as charitable programs and scholarships. Read the Councilmember’s memoranda for 1. Expansion of City of San Jose’s Investment Policy, Social Responsibility Clause from March 3, 2. Banking Services RFP Process from March 7 and 3. Banking Services RFP from June 23.

Churches and Others May Provide Shelter For Homeless Year-Round

Guest Sleeping Area Photo Courtesy of Winter Faith Collaborative

Creating a permanent ordinance for year-round incidental shelter is the right thing to do as a San José community. Councilmember Jimenez is proud that his colleagues agree and unanimously approved his memorandum at the June 27 City Council meeting. Places of worship and non-religious assemblies may now houseless individuals, especially vulnerable women and families year-round.


Dear neighbors, Happy Summer! Children are out of school and the days are getting warmer and longer. During this time of year, the City becomes vibrant with festivals, outdoor activities and neighborhood events! Please take part in all our city has to offer and stay safe during 4th of July celebrations! Our office is taking this summer break to reflect on what we have been able to accomplish and to evaluate our goals and aspirations for the months ahead. We consistently strive to get better so please know that we are just starting to hit our stride! Should you have concerns during the month of July, our staff remains committed to assisting you in any way we can. Please enjoy this newsletter filled with good times, important information, and both District and City achievements that would not have been possible without active community members like you. Have a wonderful summer! I look forward to seeing you and your family at events around our lively City. In community, Sergio Jimenez District 2 Counsilmember

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Community TECHNOLOGY TOURS 2.017!!! Cont.

LAM Research Heroes

Information, Food, & Fun, at “TECHNOLOGY TOURS 2.017!!!” The Youth left knowing they have “RevvedUp, becoming a Better Version of themselves,

the 2.017 Version”, after their S.T.E.M. learning experience, with Lam Research Colleagues of Latino and African American Heritage. The forming of

Lam Research’s new community group, “C.L.A.S.S. – Community of Latinos & African Americans for Student Success” was formed mainly to

Rainbow Funding and Realty Morgan Hill $799,495

Hayward $519,000

Pleasanton $295,000

4 bed 3 bath 1900 sq feet

4 bed 2 bath 1800 sq feet

3 bed 2 bath 1,296 sq feet

More than 35 years of experience. Call the office that knows where the deals are.

1 (800) 782 - LOAN NMLS 340458 BRE 206510215


be a collaboration of our colleagues of Latino & African American Heritage, to “Brainstorm and introduce the Youth of our communities to the STEM – Science

Technology Engineering & Mathematics, that are required to produce the Electronic Gadgets that we enjoy daily. Meet our communities’ needs, with informative guest speakers from various community organizations, that we may consider partnering with, at local events. “We’re 100… ABOUT THE FUTURE OF CHILDREN… & COMMUNITIES!!!”

Community Covered by Medicare and suffering from Back or Knee Pain?

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Kingdom Family Resources is a community based Mental Health service that is dedicated to the education, healing, growth and preservation of all families. “Our vision is to restore a heart, restore a family and transform lives for a lifetime. In order for families to be strong and healthy -families need to be strong and healthy.” Silvia Aguilar - Mechanical Engineer 3, Platform Products Albert S. Wright - Engineering Technician Master, Product Group CTO Keith Thorn - Dir, Product Support, CSBG Service Product Support (CIP) John Parks - Managing Dir, Engineering, Flex Team



August 11-20 2017

Quiet Time Living with Uncertainty - Teaching Mindfulness & Meditation in the Bay Area We live in a world full of ambiguity and uncertainty! Anxiety is widespread: We worry about our safety, our environment, job, finances, and politics, ultimately the future of our humanity and our planet. Our immediate reactions to these issues often result in tremendous stress and fear. Instinctively, we are trying to create safety and security by attempting to control the outcome: we accumulate money, insurances, alarm systems, etc. These activities can be very time and energy consuming. They reduce the presence of uncertainty only to some extent. As a result, we

often feel overwhelmed or even helpless. In these situations, the practice of mindfulness and meditation can be very effective. Take an Active Role in the management of your Health and Wellbeing. Mindfulness and meditation help us to stay in the present moment in the midst of life’s uncertainty. With different techniques, we learn to develop emotional stability and patience. We notice that uncertainty has a multi-faceted potential and change does not always lead to an adverse outcome. Many techniques of mindfulness and meditation can be taught

within a relatively short period of time. However, the most important part is the regular and continued practice. If you want to learn more about mindfulness and meditation, contact Sylvia Nobbmann. Her services include Customized Workshops, Personal 1:1 Meditation Coaching (available in German & English), Guided Labyrinth Walks, Corporate Wellness addressing Mindfulness & Stress Reduction at work, and MBSR 8-week Program. For more information and upcoming events, please visit Sylvia’s website: and follow her blog.

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Y 11 Z

Independence Editor-at-Large: Pearl Baeni Images by: Pearl Baeni New Jersey faced a government shutdown which lasted for three days. They were suppose to reach a new budget for the new fiscal year by the 1st of July 2017. However approaching Independence day 2017, all state parks and beaches were still closed. Despite the closure, Governor Christie was spotted taking in some sun at the very same beach that he had ordered closed. He was seen on Island Beach State park with his family. Public anger reached a boiling point. The show must go on. So, all events were moved to the waterfront at Jersey City Exchange Place. Food vendors, a performance by Kool and Gang (Mega Concert) and Ferris Wheels. A massive amount of people were crammed into downtown Jersey City. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I met a woman who came all the way from California to celebrate the 4th with us here in New Jersey. We won’t go into the politics and reasons why all of this took place.. there’s enough publicity on the issue… The goal here is that a state government shutdown was not going to stand in the way of the people of Jersey having their celebration of Independence Day. After the performance of Kool and Gang the crowd dispersed to take their place on the waterfront to enjoy the highlight of the evening… fireworks with the World Trade Center on the New York side of the river in the background..


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by t. rke


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Valley Extra Our Corner of the Valley By Scott Taper

In the past few days, we have been consumed with the revelations that Don Trump, Jr., has freely revealed his intent to seek the assistance of a foreign government to assist in the discrediting of a political opponent so that their preferred candidate would win. The law is explicit on that instance where accepting of foreign interference in an election for receiving something of value is a treasonable offense. And within the communication with the between the lawyer and Don, Jr., he suggests that any such useful information would be nice to have “later in the summer”. Yet, despite

the clear and ringing evidence that there was an attempt to collude with the Russian Government and the statement of asking for such evidence to be released “later in the summer”, the debate is being directed if he was just stupid, that he didn’t know what he was doing. Isn’t this the same type of circumstantial evidence that has gotten so many other Americans convicted or coerced into admitting to crimes they didn’t commit because the consequences of fighting might result in stiffer penalties? Here we are, watching endless debate of what is finally the confession by obvious guilty part(ies), that there was solicited

Russian interference in the US election. Yet only two brave senators have filed a motion for impeachment of Trump. They are both democrats, one from Southern California and the other is from Texas. Trump has lied more than a few times publically that no one had met with anybody from Russia and yet, not one Republican is appalled at his lack of integrity and disrespect of his office. Bill Clinton was impeached because he tried to hide his sexual behavior from the public! He wasn’t compromised by foreign government known to be engaged in a cold war with the US. Could it be that Trump is just a puppet of Congressional

Republicans? They have the opportunity to implement laws and issue executive orders because they may now have the unprecedented opportunity to control the presidency, stack the Supreme Court, and both houses of the Congress. Never has our way of democratic rule by the people, for the people been threatened more than is today from within. So, let’s do more than cry in our drinks. Write your representative, especially your republican representative, and let them know they are not

doing what is best for all of us, not just themselves, their rich funding sources, or other special interests. Remind them it is a government of the people, by the people and you will hold them accountable. How to find your congressman: https:// Type in who is my congressman and the same for Senator. You can also find out how they voted, if at all. If you do write, send me a copy. The best ones will be reprinted here, though edited for space.

Scott Taper is a biweekly contributor who consults in the field of commercialization and licensing of patented technologies/consumer products. Send inquiries to staper@ with subject line ”Our Corner of the Valley”

The award-winning A Theatre Near U partners with the Pear Theatre to present William Golding’s raw and terrifying classic story, Lord of the Flies. Literally translated, the title refers to the demonic winged god of the Philistines —Beelzebub. The play follows a group of boys, marooned on an idyllic tropical island, as they shed their cultured, highly educated upbringings and descend rapidly into brutal savagery. Lord of the Flies is a stark examination of the tenuous thread our civilization hangs by. This haunting show is an experience you won’t soon forget. PEAR THEATRE, 1110 La Avenida St Mountain View, CA 94043 SHOW DATES & TIMES: Fri. & Sat. July 28 & 29 at 7:30pm Sun. July 30 at 2pm Thurs. – Fri. August 3, 4 & 5 at 7:30pm.

On July 6th The SCCAOR, Santa Clara County Association of Realtors, held their annual BBQ with members and friends. Y 14 Z

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Berkley Kite Festival enjoy the free kite making and there is a designated area for families to fly kites. Each area of the festival will give you a different taste of what kiting has to offer. At the center of everything is the Berkeley Kite Wranglers’ trademark “Octopile.” With nearly 35,000 square feet of giant show kites in their collection, the Wranglers are the premier giant creature kite team on the planet. Upon seeing their Octopile, you’ll become a believer. The Octopile flies in perfect formation, as if it knew it were part of the team. With all those tentacles floating rhythmically in the air, the Octopile takes on a life of its own. One or two giant Octopi kites are a sight, but when the Wranglers assemble an Octopile of 12, 14 or even more, it becomes a wondrously vibrant spectacle you have to see to believe. And once you see it, you will never forget it.

x This is a free event for all ages, 510-235-KITE or


At the Berkeley Kite Festival, July 29 & 30 in Cesar Chavez Park at the Berkeley Marina from 10AM-6PM, a fresh surprise awaits around every corner. In the Kids’ Zone you’ll find pony rides, a petting zoo, a bungy jump, and bounce houses galore! In one amphitheater you’ll find multi-line competitions of the Bay Area Sport Kite League. In another you’ll find more events and competitions, such as candy drops and rokkaku battles. Look to the north and you will see the traditional kites from the Sode-cho Kite-Flying Society of Hamamatsu, Japan. In the upper field you’ll find the giant creature kite show of the Berkeley Kite Wranglers. Visitors can get hands-on demonstrations of all the latest products from Revolution Kites and Prism Designs. Backing up the demo fields is the giant tent, where you can get the best kites. Kids

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Excellent centrally located 4/2 home on quiet street! Curb and walkway areas just redone with stunning Brick Planters. New Lennox AC and Heater!! Copper repipe. New kitchen LOTS of Granite and SS Appliances. Beautiful backyard for entertaining!!

Tom Merigan Realtor/Altas Realty

Office: (408) 559 - 1069 Cell: (408) 329 - 3150 Email: BRE# 01319061

for vendor info. Parking is $15 in the marina or at Golden Gate Fields. Free shuttles from both areas. Free bike parking.



Y 15 Z

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1112 Pine Avenue, Willow Glen This charming Tudor style home is close to downtown Willow Glen and features 2 bedrooms; 1.5 baths; living room with coved ceiling, fireplace and large bay windows for natural light; separate dining room; updated light & bright kitchen with breakfast nook area; partial basement with utilities; finished attic area with loads of storage and usable space; refinished hardwood floors; new carpet & interior paint; back yard with patio & trellis and detached garage. Must see! Offered At $995,000

1915 Coastland Avenue, Willow Glen


Gorgeous 3 bedroom/2 bath Willow Glen home with spacious living areas perfect inside and out for entertaining. Relax in your own private English garden or spend time with family and friends out on the deck. Features include remodeled kitchen with granite counters & stainless steel appliances, living room with vaulted ceiling & fireplace, Adining doors leading L M A Darea E N with N A T IFrench VE B R spacious O K E R A Smaster S O C I A Tsuite, E, MB A out to the private side patio, parquet 4 0 8room/office - 6 8 5 - 5 9 9 0 in the backyard shade wood floors & separate craft B F B under a large magnolia tree. Y N U M @ G M A I L . C O M


Offered At $1,250,000

CalBRE #01728689


COMING SOON - 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1,209 SF single story townhome in the popular Pepper Tree complex in the Cambrian area: $725,000! THINKING OF SELLING YOUR HOME? Call me today at (408) 234-0417 or go online to for a quick, no hassle online home valuation! PENDING



1118 Abbott Avenue, Campbell

495 Suisse Drive, Blossom Valley

1382 Pierce Ranch Road, Almaden Valley

4 Bedrooms | 3 Baths | 3,826 SF | $2,350,000

4 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,826 SF | $930,000

4 Bedrooms | 2.5 Baths | 2,233 SF | $1,440,000







CalBRE #01526679