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Downtown Streets Team: Summer of Love

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For a late summer adrenaline rush take a leap out of the ordinary and help a worthy cause by joining the” Downtown Streets Team Over the Edge DST Drop Down” fund raiser by rappelling off the Adobe Building Headquarters September 8th and 9th in downtown San Jose. Downtown

Streets Team is a nonprofit organization assisting the Bay Area homeless learn valuable work skills by allowing them to volunteer cleaning the streets in our towns. The first brave soul to join the event will be San Jose’s Mayor Sam Licardo, who will rappel off the Adobe Building,

which is the 7th tallest structure in San Jose, September 8th for the fund raiser expected to raise $270k for the homeless employment -driven program.

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California Latino Wineries

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The Flamenco Society of San Jose The Flamenco Society of San Jose will host “Juerga” (Flamenco Jam Session). Feel the emotion during an unforgettable night of flamenco, where the power of the singers, the skill of the musicians and the emotive talent of the dancers will captivate you. Feel the stamping of the heels, the depth of the emotion and their overwhelming devotion to the art of flamenco.

Showcasing a great cast of flamenco artists Special guest appearance by “Matiz Flamenco” dance troupe, featuring Yuli Sayuri, singer – David Paez guitarist, Damien Alvarez, dance - Yukie Takahashi, dance - Wakana Iversen, dance, and various other flamenco artists. Great performance, full of excitement and passion.

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Historic Hoover Theatre 1635 Park Avenue San Jose, CA 95126

Admission General: $25 Students/Seniors: $20 Children: $15 For tickets

SVR welcomes letters to the Editor -

Submissions are subject to scrutiny for content and grammar but all effort will be made to retain intended meaning of such letters.

Saturday August 19 at 7:00 PM.

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Good Eats Siena Bistro’s 6th Annual Paeila Fiesta: August 19th 5pm-10pm

Silicon Valley foodies everywhere, take note! Siena Bistro, the awardwinning restaurant in downtown Willow Glen, will be having their 6th Annual Paeila Fiesta on August 19th from 5pm to 10pm, prepared by the Owner/Head Chef David Wiesner. The event, will be held at the Bistro which will be converted into a Spanish Villa and it has been an ongoing fundraiser to benefit Martha’s Kitchen’s efforts to serve 3 million meals since its conception to the homeless, lowincome families, and senior citizens who have little access to a hot meal. The fest will feature two types of paeila, a wide range of appetizing tapas, and all-you-can drink white and red sangria. Chef David Wiesner is excited to be putting on his Paeila Fiesta for yet another summer. Last year, the patio was rocking all night long

and he’s anticipating an even better turnout this time around. “We’re presenting an incredible meal of all-you-can eat paeila again this year and we’re also going to create some wonderful seasonal Spanish-influenced dishes”, Chef David Wiesner explained. “A few years back I took a culinary vacation to Spain and learned so much about paeila, tapas and everything Spanish. I integrated much of what I discovered on that vacation into many dishes I serve at the Paeila Fiesta”. Chef Wiesner is also happy to support a cause like Martha’s Kitchen, an organization he has been helping for over 10 years. “We’ve been working

with Edita Cruz, their Executive Director, and we’re really pleased to be donating to Martha’s Kitchen. Hunger is a problem everywhere and San Jose is surely no exception, so we want to help whenever we can”. From day one, MK has had a simple mantra: “Feed the hungry with dignity, no questions asked, no judgment made”. The majority of all the meals served by this organization are hot and complete with soup, salad, rolls, starch, a main dish, fruit and dessert. In addition, MK distributed approximately 360,000 hot and cold meals annually to more


than 25 other non-profit organizations in Northern California to support the hungry. People are astonished when they see this “little soup kitchen that could”. They serve almost 400,000 meals annually with a lean staff of 9 employees. How do they do it? Their passion shines through and

explains why their clients say “Martha’s has the best grub in town”. Space is limited. For reservations to the Paeila Fiesta 2017, call Siena Bistro at (408) 271-0837. The cost per person is $75 and includes all-you-can eat paeila, beverages, and dessert. Please call the restaurant for reservations.

Valley Extra Our Corner of the Valley By Scott Taper

Why is the stock market increasing despite the unstable pronouncements of Donald Trump? One answer might be that the stability of the American government and the checks and balances incorporated in the US constitution prevents one man or any branch of the government to unilaterally create chaos in the Great American Experiment. China has ridden on the United States coattails to the number 2 economy in the world with 6.7% growth in its GDP. China and the US are so closely linked that our economy might fail if theirs slows down. Many US citizens own several computers, on several mobile phones, and boast large flat screen TVs that are well within reach of a single weekly paycheck. But dollars are not flowing out of the US to China because they are flowing to US companies who have contracted with

Chinese manufacturers to make and assemble these products. The profit margin on the these large TVs is only 10-20% for retailers because they have become a commodity. However, they are purchased more readily as each model is made with new features annually. Americans enjoy such lo prices at a cost of manufacturing jobs for middle income workers. In the early 1990s, I was asked by a good friend to help him identify any part of a computer that could be manufactured in China, regardless of whether it was a screw or some

other non electronic part. I was not comfortable with exporting such low tech manufacturing to another country at the time, so I wasn’t very proactive in identifying such components. But I had witnessed that such export of jobs was inevitable because unions had gained more power to preserve jobs than to help workers to improve their skills and productivity. Wildcat strikes over small grievances caused more and more manufacturing companies to seek other venues, first in other states, then eventually to other countries as US policy on taxes and tariffs as modified by

the General Agreement on Taxes and Tariffs (GATT) allowed importation of foreign manufactured goods to escape excessive tariffs. GATT is now called the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Outsourcing of manufactured parts became the norm. American democracy works not only for its citizens, but also for other countries as well. Because we have been much more willing to share the wealth; immigration has reversed from countries such as Mexico. They are able to stay home and find employment. Building walls does not help the US in its efforts to show other democratic governments

that freedom also means sharing wealth, not only through socialistic programs, but increasing opportunities for jobs and entrepreneurship for all. It means greater security and respect for America as the leader of the Free World. But at the same time, we must protect our workers at home to assure their ability to be able to survive, pay local taxes that improve their schools and educate the next generation to participate in the new economy. Is it easier said than done? Perhaps a policy of equal investment requirements in US manufacturing for every company that exports manufacturing jobs or face penalties. Just a thought.

Scott Taper is a biweekly contributor who consults in the field of commercialization and licensing of patented technologies/consumer products. Send inquiries to with subject line ”Our Corner of the Valley”

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Making A Difference As you purchase Back To School items for your children, consider purchasing an extra item or two for children in need. Donation Hours: Monday - Thursday 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Friday 8 A.M. - 4 P.M.

Sacred Heart Community Center 1381 South First Street/Alma Contact Jill Mitsch (408) 278 - 2196

Sacred Heart Community Service is dedicated to bringing our community together to address poverty in Silicon Valley. Through a comprehensive involvement initiatives, SHCS is making a REAL impact in the lives of working poor families.

Downtown Streets Team: Summer of Love “This will be a first for me! Rappeling off the side of a building, but all for a worthy cause. DST has been an instrumental partnership in our communities effort to our homeless neighbors to put them back to work. They’ve helped countless homeless people to secure jobs in San Jose in the past year alone.” Said Mayor Licardo. He continued, “Come out on September and support this fundraiser with me”. 40 rappelers have already signed up. DST would like the public know there are several more slots still available. DST believes that treating people with dignity and empowering them to become the solution to their situation is a major factor in their ultimate success. DST’s approach is unique in that they not


only challenge Team Members to take an active role in their recovery but also empower them to create long-term solutions for their peers. By telling their stories to schools, social organizations, and business associations, Team Members are changing the perceptions about homelessness in their community. There are countless success stories throughout the DST’s web-site. One that sticks out is about

Holly. Holly is a recent graduate of DST who is now housed, employed, and is one year sober. Holly states, “I was sitting in jail thinking ‘I will give it one year and see what happens’”. Holly continues, “I can’t believe it will be one year sober from three addictions”. For more information, to donate or join the drop go to downtowndropdown.

SJ D2 Temporary Bridge Housing Communities Dear District 2 Neighbors, Temporary Bridge Housing Communities (BHC) have been the topic of conversation in San Jose for the last several weeks. I have heard directly from concerned constituents and received multiple phone calls and emails both in favor and opposed to the proposals developed by the City’s Housing Department. Many of the concerns have been based on incomplete or erroneous information that has circulated through our neighborhoods, causing fear and panic. I am writing this letter to

clarify the misinformation and share my position on BHC. First, I am unequivocally supportive of helping our unhoused residents. I believe that we bear a moral and civic responsibility in making certain that as our City thrives, no one gets left behind. I am dissatisfied with the way the BHC sites have been presented to our community. It is evident that a more structured process is necessary. We need sufficient community outreach to adequately reach and engage our diverse district. In an effort to demystify the

BHC selection process, provide you with a clear understanding of the project’s purpose and schedule, and listen to your concerns, I will be hosting a community meeting on Monday, August 21, 2017 (see flyer attached below for details). Before any decision is made, I hope that we can come together as a community and respectfully discuss how to house our most vulnerable residents. Secondly, the Housing Department released a memo on July 28, 2017 outlining new criteria for the BHC sites. The new criteria considerably

It seems like just yesterday summer was set to begin, and now it’s August with the new school year upon us. Schools in the Oak Grove School District and East Side Union High School District start in just a short time. Here at the office, my team is ending summer with several family friendly movie nights around District 2, and I hope you can join us at these community events (food, games and movies... who could say no?)! We just had our first Council meeting of the fiscal year this week and although I expected we would ease into the second half of the year, it’s gotten busy

two BHC sites. My office will work closely with the Housing Department to ensure that any plan that moves forward is fair, equitable, and informed by substantial community input. The needs of our homeless population are diverse and complicated, and the issue is too important to ignore. I will make certain all proposals are thoroughly vetted by residents before a Council decision is made. Sincerely, Councilmember Sergio Jimenez San Jose District 2

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Get Involved, District 2 Dear neighbors,

reduce the number of viable sites to four across the entire City. This memo is troubling to me because two of the four sites are either in or adjacent to District 2. I cannot support the memo as written because it places the brunt of helping our unhoused residents on our District 2 community. The original intent of BHC was to disperse the locations throughout all 10 City districts to mitigate impacts and share the burden. Though I am supportive of BHC, I cannot allow our district to disproportionately bear the responsibility of effectively being home to

very quickly. I am working on many important issues that directly affect residents of District 2 and folks across this city. From fireworks to housing our homeless, there are many issues that need to be addressed. I encourage you get involved -- follow updates on our website, interact with us on social media, engage in conversation at community meetings -- and join me in finding solutions to our city’s most pressing issues. In community, Councilmember Sergio Jimenez San Jose District 2

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College Campus Tips for You College Students By Amanda Faris

When people think of the whole “back-toschool” thing, they tend to picture parents dropping off their grade school child at their elementary, middle, or high schools. These parents have to supply everything for their child and get them to their respective schools. Unfortunately, people tend to forget that, at the same time of year, we college students are gearing up for our next semester or even our first semester of college. I keep reading about what parents need to consider and prepare for as they get their children ready to go back

to school. All of this information for/by parents is so readily available for them, but the information for getting ready for college classes are hard to come by (or any useful information that is). So here’s to all my fellow college students whether it’s your first semester, seventh semester, or you are going back after some time off. Tip #1: Get to campus early! The first couple of weeks, in my experience, are always the worst parking wise. I’m talking no parking what-so-ever starting at least a half an hour prior to the start of class, if not more. You want to get there super early in order to find a spot and make it to class

Kingdom Family Resources is a community based Mental Health service that is dedicated to the education, healing, growth and preservation of all families. “Our vision is to restore a heart, restore a family and transform lives for a lifetime. In order for families to be strong and healthy -- each member need to be strong and healthy.”

on time. There’s nothing worse than being on a waitlist and getting to your class too late to be added. As the semester goes on, you will figure out timing and parking does get less crowded once everyone gets the swing of things. But believe me, those first couple of weeks can be hectic in the parking lots. Tip #2: Don’t buy your books from the bookstore. Lets be realistic here. The bookstore at your campus, no matter how much they deny it, is just out for a profit just like every other business out there. When in college, how you spend your money plays a big part in what your experience will be. There are plenty of sites online that has your book for a hell of a lot cheaper than your campus bookstore. I personally use or amazon for my book purchases. Don’t be afraid to check multiple sources prior to actually buying/ renting your books for the best possible price. Tip #3: Bring your own lunch if you don’t have a lot of time between classes. Most students think that they will just buy their lunch on campus or at one of the many cafes near campus. That’s all well and good, but like I said “most students think that”. The lines at these places get extremely long, especially around noon. You thought high school lunch lines were


bad.. man. Unless you leave class early or have at least an hour between classes, bring your own lunch. Tip #4: Don’t stress out. College is hard yes, but it doesn’t have to be detrimental to your health. Don’t overload yourself by trying to take on more than you can handle. Don’t be afraid to set your work aside for an hour or two to hang out with friends or just relax. I’m not saying put it off until the last minute (that’s just dumb), just take a break in the middle to ease your mind a little. You can’t learn when your stressed and exhausted. Tip #5: Ask questions. This isn’t high school. Your teacher isn’t going to wait for you to finish writing something down or give you the answers word for word. There will be times when they will scoot right on by something that you don’t understand without a second thought. It’s their job to give you the information; its your job to understand it. Just as in the real world, no one will hold your hand and you need to take responsibility for your own education. You are paying for it so you might as well get the most out of it. It’s not a crime to need help from time to time and odds are someone else has the same question but doesn’t

have the courage to ask about it. There are a lot more tips I could share but these are a good to start. For you first timers, don’t sweat the small things and take your time. No one expects you to be a perfect student in your first semester. For seasoned students, your doing great. Don’t be afraid to pick up some new tricks as you go along and take your time. It’s okay to enjoy your college life because you won’t be getting that time back. For you returnees, young and old, good for you. I, personally, am proud that you are continuing your education. No matter what age or level you are, we are all equals and are just trying to get through this together. It’s sometimes hard to get back in the swing of things, but I’m sure you have the ability to do so. Good luck to all of us college students. Have a great semester/quarter at whatever school you happen to attend.

Meet & Greet Floyd Abrams: The Soul of the First Amendment

Author and attorney Floyd Abrams and Dean of UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Journalism Edward Wasserman will elaborate on the importance of the First Amendment. From college campuses to cable news, the First Amendment has been at the center of many conflicts on both sides of the political spectrum. First Amendment rights,

irresponsibility that can threaten the most valuable rights to which we are entitled. Floyd Abrams is an attorney who specializes in First Amendment and Media Litigation. and the controversy Currently, he is senior surrounding these counsel at Cahill Gordon seemingly dry issues, & Reindel. He is also have even captured the the author of three attention of President books: The Soul of Trump on Twitter. The the First Amendment, United States is unique Friend of the Court and in its protection of Speaking Freely. He has free speech, even for been involved in many those with whom we important court cases vehemently disagree —at over the years. He has least for now. Though defended a corporation’s things have certainly been right to political speech in worse, Abrams warns Citizens United v. Federal we should not fall into Election Commission, he the complacency and has defended The New York Times in the NMLS 340458 BRE 206510215 Pentagon

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Papers case and has defended CNN in its report accusing the United States of using nerve gas on a military mission in Laos. He has received numerous awards during his career including Award of Merit from Yale Law School, Walter Cronkite Freedom of Information Award, CUNY Graduate School of Journalism’s Lifetime Achievement Award, the William J. Brennan, Jr. Award for outstanding contribution to public discourse and the Ross Essay Prize of the American Bar Association for his study of the Ninth Amendment of the United States Constitution. He has a bachelor’s degree from Cornell University and has a law degree from Yale Law School.

Edward Wasserman is the dean of the Graduate School of Journalism at UC Berkeley. Previously, Wasserman wrote a biweekly column for The Miami Herald from 2001 - 2016. Edward also taught courses on journalism ethics, media ownership and control, and the relationships between the media and the poor at Washington and Lee University. Wasserman graduated with a BA in politics and economics from Yale University in 1970, a license in philosophy from University of Paris in 1972, and a Ph.D. from the London School of Economics, where he studied media politics and economics.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Commonwealth Club

555 Post Street, San Francisco 5:45 p.m. check-in, 6:30 p.m. program, 7:30 p.m. Book Signing 8 Bedroom 6 Bath Magnificent newly refurbished home with hardwood floor and lots of natural lighting. $1,234, 492

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Member $15 Non-Members $25 Premium + Book: Members $35, Premium +Book: Non-Members $45 Students $8 (with valid student ID). To buy tickets call (415) 597-6705. Prices subject to change.

Happy Hour 2015 Ancient Vine Angelica $155 - Gypsy Canyon Winery

California Latino Wineries By Darlene Tenes

California has a long history of wine making starting with the Spanish Jesuit Missionary Eusebio Francisco Kino who planted the first known vineyard in 1683 at Misión San Bruno in Baja, California. These first grapes were simply called Mission grapes and were used primarily for religious purposes at Catholic mass. After the Jesuits established 18 Missions in Baja, California, there were forcibly expelled from the Americas in 1768 by King Carlos of Spain and replaced by the Franciscans. Franciscan missionaries, under the direction of the Father Juníper Serra, founded eight more missions in Alta, California which

2012 “El Rey” Cabernet Sauvignon $45 - Robledo Family Winery 2012 Carneros Pinot Noir $55 - Ceja Vineyards 2013 St. Peter’s Church Zinfandel $45 - Valdez Family Winery

meant they needed a lot more wine! This is how Fr. Serra earned the moniker “Father of Californian Wine”. The mission grapes produced red and white wine, sweet and dry wine, brandy, and a more note-worthy fortified wine called Angelica. Scholars determined that the Mission grape’s DNA matched a little-known Spanish variety called Listan Prieto. Nowadays,

Mission grapes are virtually extinct but there are some ancient vines still producing around Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. That being said, since I’m from California where some of the finest wines in the world are cultivated, here’s a list of wine picks from modern-day Latinoowned vineyards and an Angelica made from ancient vines.

Sonoma Mountain Chardonnay $55 - Mi Sueño Winery 2010 Grenache Mendocino $16 - Cesar Toxqui Cellars 2013 Brut Rosé $50 - Gloria Ferrer Caves & Vineyards Estate Fumé Blanc $50 - Madrigal Family Winery 2010 Alma Sauvignon Blanc $18 - Alex Sotelo Cellars

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Back To School The New School Year is Fast Approaching: Are You Ready? By Allez Azul

It seems almost lightyears away when I was kid enjoying the summer, then suddenly being reminded that vacation was soon to end. School would start in September. In those days, Labor Day was a day of happiness and expectation. Labor Day meant fun, barbecue, family, and marked the end of summer break, and the beginning of the new school year. Today, school starts in August and seems to get earlier each year. So let’s wrap our minds around what we should do for the start of the 2017-18 school year. 1) Get your children

back on schedule. Summer means staying up late and sleeping in. Now is a good time to get the routine of “early to bed and early to rise,” back in motion. 2) Have school supplies ready. School provides most of the basic supplies. Sometimes, donated backpacks are available. You can always add to what your child will need. Paper, pencils, and a notebook with a calendar are always a plus. Your child’s teacher may also provide a list of supplies for parents to donate. This list is usually available on-line or on the first day of school. 3) Return to a good reading habit. Reading

Become a CNA (Nursing Assistant)

is fun, enjoyable, and essential for learning. School may not have officially started yet, but your child can get back into good habits of reading each day. For those that read voraciously over the summer, Great Job! 4) Engage your children. School is more than dropping your child off at the beginning of the school day and picking them up at the

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field trips. You may also want to seek elected office. Run for School Site Council or other committees at your child’s school. The key is to be active and engaged. Wishing you and yours a wonderful rest of the summer and a fruitful school year!

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end. Find ways to be involved with school and connect in a different way with your child. You are always your child’s first teacher and best school advocate. Ways you can support your child and the school are: joining the PTA, volunteering in the classroom or on student

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Team Meeting Business Walk How’s Business? What do you like about doing business in Santa Clara? What can be done to improve business? These three questions allow the Chamber to get the pulse of the business community along the El Camino which is an important part of the Chamber’s Economic Development Plan to help local businesses grow. We will meet at the Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce and be separated into teams each taking a section of the El Camino to canvas. Come join us for our first quarterly Business Walk where we will be canvasing the El Camino, meeting local businesses and asking the three valuable questions. Event Timeline: Team registration at Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce 9:30am. Commute to El Camino Real 10:00-10:30 Walk begins 10:30-12pm We are looking for Volunteer Walkers and Team Captains.

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