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Volume 2 • Issue 7

April 10, 2020

Choicelunch Now in San Jose

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How Coronavirus is Affecting Esports and Gaming Events!

Justin Gagnon and Ryan Mariotti

San Jose, has just received some well stocked help with grocery shopping during this chaotic time. What has happened to those food suppliers who usually service schools and restaurants and the like? [Continued on Page 14] Ready with your order

Fine Gardener Time to plant!

Boyd’s Tree Service

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Contributor Michael Saxton

The worldwide coronavirus outbreak has caused cancellations of events across dozens of sports worldwide as well as raised questions about whether this year’s Tokyo Olympics will be

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affected. Gaming and Esports have also felt the impact of COVID-19 and cancellations of gaming events leaves players and fans wondering when this all will end. [Continued on Page 15]

April 10, 2020

Bringing the Stage to You

Minority Owned Business Publisher: Brigitte Jones Graphic Design Director: Amanda McElroy Editor at Large: Pearl Baeni Editor - public Affairs Liaison: Pamela Gustava Curry Photographer: Andy Nguyen

TBAR welcomes letters to the Editor Please limit content to 200 words or less. Submissions are subject to scrutiny for content and grammar but all effort will be made to retain intended meaning of such letters. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Articles so published reflect the views of the authors - not necessarily those of The Bay Area Review. All submissions become the property of Triple e Media Group, LLC and cannot be acknowledged.

As you know, "the show must go on" is a mantra in our business. Unfortunately, these times have made it challenging to experience live performance together as a community. Our hearts are with artists and audiences around the world who are dealing with uprooted tours, cancellations, and more—and the healthcare workers and volunteers holding our communities together. We are also so grateful for the kind notes we've received from patrons and the hard work of our staff during this unprecedented time. We can't wait to be back in action when the time is right. So—in the spirit of show-biz, we've pulled together a "digital season" that brings many of the artists who were scheduled to perform at Stanford Live straight into your homes. Pour yourself your favorite beverage—no protective lids required—and enjoy the show at https://

April 10, 2020


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Helping Hands

YMCA of Silicon Valley evolves service delivery to support coronavirus relief efforts across the Bay Area Coming together as a community during this uncertain time is more important than ever. While “Shelter-inPlace” orders given on March 17th keep us from opening our facilities and after school programs to deliver typical programs and services, YMCA of Silicon Valley is offering emergency services and programs to those who need it most through this challenging health crisis. Recognized as one of the strongest community service organizations in the area, YMCA of Silicon Valley was prepared to respond when government officials and healthcare providers called upon us to be a partner in the response to COVID-19. The Y is proud to continue to evolve to meet the everchanging needs of our community; in this case redeploying our wellness facilities and several of our school sites to be Community Response Centers.

While services are developing and growing each day, early examples include: • Critical Care for Essential Workers’ Children - We are working with hospitals, medical providers, first responders, and municipalities to repurpose our staff and facilities to provide emergency care for the children of medical providers and first responders. On March 23, two sites with the collective capacity to serve 200 children opened at our El Camino YMCA and the Morgan Hill Unified School District. A third site opened on March 30 at our Southwest YMCA. These care centers will follow strict guidelines in accordance with the Public Health Department. As the need and funding becomes available, we anticipate additional facilities and staff will be

redeployed to open even more sites. • Child Nutrition Sites -When schools closed, many children and families lost access to healthy meals. The Y quickly partnered with Child Nutrition Services, Second Harvest Food Bank, and several schools to distribute essential food to children and families in need through “driveup and pick-up” stations. Today, 20 sites are providing more than 6,000 healthy meals daily – and this number is growing every day. • Blood Donation Stations - The Red Cross is experiencing a severe shortage of lifesaving blood. We’re currently working with the Red Cross to set-up stations for individuals to donate blood. The first station is anticipated to open at our South Valley branch within the coming week. • Hot and Healthy Meals for Seniors The Y is ensuring that our most vulnerable population impacted by COVID-19, older adults, still have access to healthy meals. Staff teams are making homecooked meals, packaging them, and running them out to the cars of mobile adults and caretakers. More than 120 meals are currently being distributed daily at sites

in Gilroy and Morgan Hill.

YMCA of Silicon Valley is honored to provide these critical services, as they embody the heart and soul of the Y organization. The Y is grateful to generous donors and to many loyal members who have opted to continue paying their monthly dues in the form of a tax-deductible donation for COVID-19 response centers and general operating expenses. Stay up to date on all the ways we are supporting our community through this health crisis at About the YMCA of Silicon Valley YMCA of Silicon Valley is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit strengthening community through youth development, healthy living, and social responsibility. Across Santa Clara and San Mateo counties, YMCA of Silicon Valley serves 250,000 members and participants — regardless of age, income or background

—by nurturing the potential of children and teens, improving health and well-being, and providing opportunities to give back and support our neighbors. The organization collaborates with 190 community partners and delivers programs and services at 10 health and wellness facilities, a resident camp and more than 300 school and community sites. Last year, YMCA of Silicon Valley leveraged more than $17 million in support from individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies to enrich the lives of children, adults and families who otherwise could not afford its services. For more information, visit: www. To donate to the Y’s COVID-19 Response Fund, go to https://www. Thank you for your support and commitment to the Y. We greatly appreciate any help you can provide to support our community response efforts.

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April 10, 2020

Self Care

Anxious Times

By Perry Clark, LMFT #110594 Untangle & Grow Counseling

The events of the last few weeks have been the source of anxiety for many. What is Anxiety? Anxiety at its core is fear. When we are afraid, we have 3 familliar ways our bodies respond. The first is to Freeze. The second is to Flee. The last is to Fight. This response is based on something we can see (has some kind of face or some kind of physical presence) at which our bodies can prime itself to respond - locking every muscle and standing still, getting some distance, or slamming a fist into it. What is the face of COVID-19? What is the physical presence we can stare down, run faster than, or kick in the ass? The face of COVID-19 is anything and everything that we may lose (people, income, security, etc.), place on hold, and/or are afraid of. This creates anxiety, which is the

energy that readies our muscles to Freeze, Flee, or Fight. Yet, it is hard to use that energy when we have to shelter in place. To deal with anxiety, we need to make use of that energy by: • Physical exercise, which is requires creative ways to do so at the time. • Mental exercise, which is turning attention to projects and hobbies that are unrelated to the current situation, or practicing mediation/ mindfulness. • Emotional exercise, which can be expressed by finding a way to connect to those around us. Right now, we have to find different ways to connect with friends and family as we are unable to do so in ways we are used to. • Spiritual exercise, which has and can be classically expressed through in a religious means. With our current situation, Spiritual

exercise can take a more introspective lens; focusing in on your connection to oneself and that self with the universe. This also includes the process of practicing mediation, mindfulness, and prayer. With that anxious energy used, it can give us a chance to look and understand our fears. The Anxiety-Fear energy can shut down our brain’s ability to think and analyze the difficulties before us. When we use the thinking and analyzing parts of our minds, we can then operate and see possibilities. Thus we are less likely to make decisions from a place of desperation, which ultimately creates a much more difficult problem in the future, and places our Anxiety-Fear on a hamster wheel. This is also part of the struggle many parents are having addressing the Anxiety/Fear that their children are feeling around this pandemic. Many children will process this experience from a body centered place vs. a mind centered place.

So to help them, Examples of body you need to first do the centered reactions that exercises YOU need to your child(ren) may be get your anxiety energy expressing: in check. Then once that • Stomach aches energy is addressed, help • Difficulty sleeping them learn the language • A stronger need to be so they can speak to their physically active own anxiety and fear. • An increase in Once this process starts, deference • Returning to behavior it will be easier to help them figure out why they from a earlier point in need the outside comfort their life All of these are ways of and what are the exercises trying to find comfort and that will best help them have some kind of control. individually just as the processes have helped This is not because they you with your anxiety. are trying to be malicious Try them all, because or make your life more what works for you may difficult. Depending on not work for them. their age, children don’t This is a skill that the have the life experience, mental health field is language or power that here to help with. So if an adult has, let alone you have questions for the understanding of yourself and for your what Germs, Bacteria, family, please seek a and Viruses are and the trained mental health dangers that accompany professional to help find them. They need to those exercises that work learn and look to you, for you. the parent, to help them understand.

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April 10, 2020

Field Medical Station Now Open

As of Monday, the Santa Clara Convention Center is home to one of California’s first active Field Respite Centers, developed to serve people infected with COVID-19. We are preparing for the possibility of a surge, but my sincere hope is that the public will follow the stay-at-home order, flatten the curve and reduce the need for such facilities. The Center was provided to our County by the state and federal government and has been converted and outfitted with beds, supplies and

medicines delivered by the National Guard. It has the capacity to serve up to 250 people who have less-acute COVID-19 symptoms. This will enable area hospitals to maintain their capacity to treat other patients requiring hospitalization. Utilizing the Convention Center as a Field Respite Center backstops hospitals and other care providers preparing for a surge in COVID-19 cases. Patients will be admitted via referral from other facilities – there will be no walk-up services

available. The County is also working with businesses such as hotels to establish additional care locations and options for vulnerable populations, with sites secured in San Jose, Santa Clara and Gilroy to shelter and isolate homeless individuals. Health officials in seven Bay Area jurisdictions, including Santa Clara County, issued a stayat-home order with stricter social distancing guidelines. The new order runs through May 3, 2020.

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District 1 News Supervisor Mike Wasserman is the VicePresident of the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors. He represents District 1, which includes Gilroy, San Martin, Morgan Hill, Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and portions of San Jose. Office of Supervisor Mike Wasserman County of Santa Clara 70 W. Hedding St. East Wing, 10th Floor San Jose, CA 95110 United States 408-299-5010

Out of concern for public safety and the recommendations of health officials, we have cancelled the 2020 Rotary Club of Los Gatos Great Race on April 19. However, we are excited to offer an alternative safe event during the absence of any group activities in the next 3-4 weeks: The Great Social Distancing Race. In ordinary times, we have always felt virtual races have been the refuge of race directors who don’t want to put in the work. However, these are not ordinary times and we thought people would enjoy an opportunity to do something semi-organized in a safe environment. Our virtual race allows you to run 4 miles in a venue and at a time of your choice prior to May 1. Time and distance verification is encouraged through Strava, Garmin, or Asics Runkeeper for which you were all sent an email for a free download when you registered for the Great Race. However, it is not required and the honor system will be respected. More details can be found at

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April 10, 2020


Stand Together As we all continue to adapt our lives to this COVID-19 crisis we need to remember that every time our country faces a significant crisis, our Latino community is one of the hardest hit. Whether it’s the affordable housing shortage, health care costs, low wages, and benefits, etc. our community has to find new ways to sustain our families. That is so true about our current critical situation. Here at the Hispanic Foundation, we are as committed as ever to serve our students, parents, and community. Like most of you, we are making a major pivot to online services as most of our education programs took place in public school facilities. With school closures, we are excited to

announce that in the last two weeks, we have launched the following online sessions: • SAT Test prep course for high school students. • Parent Engagement Academies in San Mateo and East Palo Alto/East Menlo Park. • College Readiness Workshop for high school Juniors and Seniors titled: “Comparing Admission Offers & Getting that Cash!” • Career Coaching for the Latinos in Technology Scholarship recipients. We also continue serving over 300 Latinos in Technology Scholarship students who are studying remotely. We do not know yet if the crisis will hinder their ability to graduate on time or find summer internships. But we are supporting them as much as we can via online mentoring (i.e. Empowered Students) and through career coaching opportunities. The deadline to apply for our next scholarship is April 3rd. We will soon be evaluating close to 100 applicants and will announce this year’s scholars very soon. If you have summer internship opportunities at your company, please let us know. The silver lining is that for the first time in its 9 year history, the Latino Board Leadership Academy – Class XV is being conducted via webinar. We are taking this opportunity to try this model and hopefully reach more Latino professionals who would like to join

FINE GARDENER (408) 423 - 9488

Design • Build • Irrigate Smaller Projects Welcome! Spring is for planting: flower and veggie beds, drought tolerant/pollinator gardens, uncommon trees and shrubs. We serve the Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Saratoga, Monte Sereno, Los Gatos, Campbell, West San Jose, and Santa Clara areas.

nonprofit boards. Thank you for your support. We hope you and your families are healthy

and adapting well to this new way of living and working.

Ron Gonzales President & Chief Executive Officer Hispanic Foundation of Silicon Valley

Nurse Builders Academy

Your first step towards a career in Healthcare.

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April 10, 2020

The BEST way to give back, to DO something, is to STAY HOME. Let's DO THIS ... TOGETHER. Food Resources

District 4 News

Parent Resources The Santa Clara County Office of Education has prepared resources for parents, including:

Sacred Heart Community Service Pre-packaged food boxes. (408) 278-2160

• WarmLine,(408) 453-6651​. Answering questions 16 hours a day • At Home Learning resources by grade level • How to talking to your child about COVID-19 • Accessibility Tools for Students with Special Needs

Second Harvest of Silicon Valley 1(800) 984-3663, 8AM-5PM Text GETFOOD to (408) 455-5181 Meals on Wheels Meal deliveries and to-go meals for seniors ages 60+ Leave a message at (408) 350-3246 CalFresh Financial assistance for food purchases 1 (800) 984-3663 Santa Clara County Office of Education Free meals to students For plans and distribution sites

Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors 70 W Hedding St., San Jose, CA 95110

Touch of London Wellness Retreat 1275 Lincoln Ave Suite 8 A&B San Jose, CA 95125 408-297-4899 Violet Johnson is a retired nurse, midwife, and psychologist from England. She has numerous credentials in cosmetology, aromatherapy, and infant massage. She is a public speaker and specialist in multinational skin care and has worked in Willow Glen for 20+ years.

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April 10, 2020 Dear Constituent,

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District 15 News

I know this is a challenging time as we come together to help slow the spread of coronavirus COVID-19. But as we shelter in place, right now is an opportune time to take a few minutes to fill out the Census. Now more than ever, it’s vital that every household gets counted. The Census takes place every 10 years with the goal of getting an accurate count of everyone who lives, not only here in California but, throughout the country. Completing the Census is a quick, easy action you can do right now to care for the people you love. An accurate Census count in each of our communities will ensure that our communities receive their fair share of government funding for health care, affordable housing, schools, job training and placement programs, and many other vital services. You can complete the Census right now online at or by phone at 844-330-2020.

While California acted quickly to set aside $1.1 billion in state funds to help Californians respond to the spread of the coronavirus, Census data will determine whether California gets its share of the billions of federal dollars that will be distributed across the U.S. for the next 10 years. By completing the Census, in just 10 minutes, you can bring $10,000 back to your community for 10 years. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Census: Is it Safe? Yes. When completing the Census you won’t be asked to share any sensitive information, like immigration status or social security number. Everyone’s personal Census data is protected by law, and your identity will be kept anonymous. By federal law, the Census Bureau cannot share your name or responses with anyone, including law enforcement, your landlord, Homeland Security, ICE or any other government agency, and your responses can never be used against you. Is it Hard to Complete? Will it take a lot of time? No, completing the Census is quick and easy. And this year’s 2020 Census is the first to allow folks to fill it out online at You can also complete the Census by phone by calling 844-330-2020 (for non-English language hotlines, click here). And you can, if you prefer, complete your Census on a paper form and mail it in. Households that have not completed the online Census by April 1 will begin to receive paper surveys in the mail starting April 8. Who do I include in my household’s response? EVERYONE. Everyone living in your household should be counted no matter whether or not they are related to you, and no matter what their immigration status, age, or criminal history is. Make sure to count any roommates, babies and young children, renters, extended relatives, friends, or workmates who live in your home most of the time. College students who typically live away from home for school should get counted at their college address, even if they are currently home due to the coronavirus. If they did not get their Census letter in the mail due to moving, they can still fill out the survey online or by phone. If you haven’t done so yet, complete the Census right now online at or by phone at 844-330-2020. If your household does not submit a completed Census survey by late May 2020, you can expect a follow-up visit to your home from a U.S. Census Bureau worker. Completing the Census will prevent an in-person visit. Thanks for doing your part! It is an honor to serve you in the state Senate. Senator Jim Beall Website: Email:


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We care deeply about your health, wellness, and safety. In these unnerving times we want to express our appreciation to our community as we work together to safely navigate the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19). For members wondering if it is safe and or legal to come to SVBC the answer is YES. After reviewing the Order Of The Health Officer and discussing with the Dave Cortese we have concluded that we are EXEMPT from the shut down. We are an essential business as we house Mail Service for all members and small business operations. We are to continue working to assist our members during the crisis. Here are some of the things we are doing in response to the coronavirus: • We have intensified cleaning procedures and are working more deeply to disinfect the entire facility daily to prevent germs from spreading and to ensure your safety. • We are closely monitoring the guidance of local health officials and the CDC and are following all recommendations to provide for our guests safety and comfort in our facilty. • Given the uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus, if you have a reservation and feel sick or otherwise do not feel up to coming in, please reach out to us and we will provide you with a credit, cancelling, rescheduling and or assist you with any questions you may have. • If you plan on coming to the office, please practice social distancing in our facility. Lets try to stay 6ft apart and please remember to wash your hands frequently.

Please know we are here for you! You can reach us at 408-518-9284 or email Gregg, Tina or Nelia. Hours of operation are to remain the same, Monday-Thursday 8:30-6pm and Friday 8:30-5pm. Be well, and stay safe! SVBC STAFF

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April 10, 2020

Dear District 2 neighbors, Keeping our community safe and healthy is a priority for my District 2 Team, and the best way we can do that right now is by providing you with important information and resources. Our nation finds itself in very trying times as we navigate the unprecedented Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Our local government resources are being dedicated to the well-being and public health of all San Joseans. During this difficult moment in our nation’s history, it is important to remain calm, stay informed, and follow all precautionary measures mandated by health experts. As we stay safe we must also remain a strong community. Now is the time to lend a hand to a neighbor, check in on the seniors and those who are physically challenged in your community, and be patient and caring towards one another. Let us not forget the sacrifices others are making to keep us healthy: the first responders, medical professionals, and those working to keep essential services running. We must unite together to not exacerbate this crisis, but rather to ease it by each playing our part. We will get through this and be better for it. My team and I are working remotely to keep you informed and updated. Below my opening message, Please join me in welcoming our new please find the remainder of my April 2020 Newsletter dedicated to providing you with the resources and Southern Division Police Captain, Elle information you need to help navigate all aspects and changes in life during this time. Washburn! Have questions for my office? Email me and I will answer them during Virtual Office Hours! To stay connected to my District 2 neighbors during this time of social distancing, I will be conducting Virtual Office Hours. I welcome you to ask questions or share concerns / suggestions for your neighborhood. Please send your questions and comments to, and I will address them during a Facebook Live video on Wednesday, April 8, 2020. Welcome to South San Jose, Captain Washburn! Captain Elle Washburn #3538 is a 25+ year veteran of the San Jose Police Department. She was born in San Jose and raised in nearby Milpitas where her family still resides. Elle started with the SJPD in May 1994 as a Police Dispatcher. After 4 years, she became a police officer and attended the San Jose Police Academy at Evergreen College. As an officer, Elle worked Patrol, the Metro Unit, and Narcotic Covert Investigations. Promoted to Sergeant in 2008, Elle worked Patrol, the Administrative Unit, and Research and Development where she implemented and deployed the Body Worn Camera Project for the SJPD. Promoted to Lieutenant in 2015, Elle worked Patrol and Special Operations where she oversaw the Metro Unit, Violent Crime Enforcement Team (VCET), the Street Crimes Unit, and the DEA Taskforce. Elle was recently promoted to Captain and assigned to the Southern Division where she is looking forward to community engagement and continuing effective deployment strategies. Elle participated in SVO’s Leadership San Jose Program, Class of 2017, and is a Graduate of Saint Mary’s College of California. She is currently enrolled in Graduate School at Saint Mary’s and working toward her master’s degree in Leadership. She is a native to the Bay Area, enjoys adventure sports, and is enthusiastic about her chosen profession of law enforcement. Captain Elle Washburn #3538, Southern Division, Bureau of Field Operations (408) 277-4631 San Jose Police Department, 201 West Mission Street, San Jose CA 95110 Learn more about our City and neighborhoods in my past monthly newsletters from 2017, 2018, 2019, and this year, which include resources and information, policy and community updates, upcoming events, and a visual, in-depth recap of the work we’ve done together. My goal has always been to empower the community and make City Hall accessible to you -- to give you a voice in local government. I invite you to join me as I advocate for a more equitable San José and make our home a better place to live, work, and play. Let’s connect through my website, Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor! In community, Sergio Jimenez

District 2 News

SiliconValleyStrong. org is the Bay Area’s resource hub & community response to COVID-19 As the response to this public health emergency escalates, many residents will feel direct economic impacts from business closures, event cancellations, and layoffs. We’re doubling down

on mitigation to protect our community–slowing the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and reducing the number of people infected. Silicon Valley Strong calls on the community to stay informed and look out for each other. This landing page serves as a hub with critical updates and resources for

vulnerable neighbors– accepting tips for additional information at mayoremail@sanjoseca. gov. Visit to get information about: • How to volunteer • How to donate • Employment opportunities • Resources for schools

and businesses • Resources for workers • Financial resources • Community organization resources • Digital resources • Faith-based resources • Mental health resources • Bay Area free meal pickups at school sites • Senior meal sites

•Changes to public transportation, meetings, facilities, and programs • How to keep yourself and your neighbors healthy and safe • COVID-19 testing and more!

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April 10, 2020

Making A Difference

Choicelunch Now in San Jose

[Continued From Page 1] Because the food is still there in the pipeline - just not getting to its original customers - so what to do with it, has been addressed. The team of Justin Gagnon, Ryan Mariotti and Keith Crosby thought now was a perfect time to be the means by which they could help their employees keep their jobs, while also helping our California community of food suppliers get their product to those of us in need of groceries. “The idea was to help us all experience a little less stress during this time by providing our services. It’s a 2-day advance order process that guarantees your grocery order - no warehousing of products. Our food service partners can provide fresh; dairy, meat, produce and local Roma Bakery is available per on demand orders -NO MINIMUM ORDER” sag

Contactless grocery service

Based on our model for providing 25,000 school lunches a day to California kids, and by offering those parents a choice of 16 menu entrees daily, that were prepared in any of our 5 kitchens across the state, and distributed by any of our 50 trucks; has given ChoiceLunch the procedures in place to make this adjustment.” Ryan says, “the team is so proud to start the service in San Jose for people who might have a tough time dealing with the lines and chaos of shopping in stores right now. You stay in your car and we load everything for you. We hope this proves to benefit a lot of people who otherwise would be discouraged about their food selection. Choicelunch is happy to guarantee high quality and healthy grocery selections.” THEIR STORY Not every family business is perfectly suited for the next generation. But when Justin Gagnon, Keith Cosbey and Ryan Mariotti first met in college, it just so happened to coincide with a transformative time in America’s history, when people were starting to think more seriously about the culture of food. The three friends already knew they would work well together. At

the University of Notre Dame, they formed an a cappella group called The Undertones that ranked as one of the top 10 collegiate groups nationally. Combining an entrepreneurial spirit with a passion for cooking, kids and nutrition, Justin, Keith and Ryan started in the kitchen and have since worked in every job in the company, learning the ins and outs of every facet of school lunch. They have transformed Mary and Larry’s simple catering business into a healthy school lunch pioneer, with a passionate group of school lunch experts dedicated to the same ideal - feeding our kids as if the future depended on it. It wasn’t easy. In the beginning, the trio lived with Mary and Larry and set up their own version of “David Packard’s garage” in Keith’s bedroom to save money. But delivering honest food kids love and parents feel good about quickly found an audience. Today, Choicelunch operates four kitchens with 30 trucks delivering food to more than 250 schools across Northern and Southern California. Choicelunch is making parents’ lives easier, empowering kids to make healthy choices, and preparing our next generation of leaders for academic and life success. Having first embarked on the journey in their early twenties, the mission of improving food for kids has become even more personal as they have become parents and customers themselves. What started as a bond between friends who love to sing together has transformed into a promise to create a healthier future for California’s kids. COVID-19 SHUT DOWN CHOICELUNCH OVERNIGHT. TO SAVE THEIR EMPLOYEES’ JOBS IN SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, THEY SIGNED A CONTRACT WITH ORANGE COUNTY TO PREPARE MEALS FOR THE HOMELESS IN THEIR ANAHEIM KITCHEN IN NORTHERN CALIFORNIA THEY DECIDED TO TEAM UP WITH ROMA BAKERY AND OTHER FOOD DISTRIBUTORS TO SERVE CONTACTLESS GROCERIES. WITH MORE AND MORE CASES OF


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April 10, 2020

How Coronavirus is Affecting Esports and Gaming Events! [Continued From Page 1] Championship (scheduled for June 2628 in Columbus, Ohio) Here’s a list of the and Pokémon World events postponed, Championship (Aug. canceled or otherwise 14-16 in London) are affected by the canceled, and with them, coronavirus, with all sanctioned Play! the most recent announcements listed first. Pokémon events for the year “until further notice.” Friday, April 3 Combo Breaker, a League of Legends May 20-22 fighting The League of game major in Illinois, Legends Pro League has been canceled. “We took take Saturday, recognize the significant April 4, off to join China impact this decision in its national day of has on our attendees, mourning for victims of partners, sponsors, staff, the coronavirus. “To our venue, and community, fans, please join us in but believe it is currently mourning the lives that the only move to make,” have been impacted by the Combo Breaker team the outbreak, recognizing said in a statement. “May the medical staff who we collectively make it were crucial to the effort, through this difficult time and raising awareness as passionately as when of best practices such as social distancing to follow we all began.” Wednesday, March 25 during these difficult - Dota 2 and League of times,” the LPL said in a Legends statement. The ESL One Los Tuesday, March 31 Angeles major and ESL Overwatch, Pokemon, One Birmingham will Fighter Games The Overwatch League take place online, with qualification time running announced that it would short for The International be playing out the entire 2020, ESL announced. 2020 season online. The The League of Legends league had previously Championship Series cancelled its April and (LCS) commissioner March homestands and Chris Greeley confirmed moved play for those via the LCS’ official months online. The Twitter handle that the league also announced LCS would move forward its schedule for Week 9 with online play for the (April 4-5) and Week 10 remainder of the spring (April 11-12) and that split, playoffs and finals future match schedules would be revealed as they amid the coronavirus pandemic. become available. League Champions The Play! Pokémon Korea, following a hiatus team announced that due to the coronavirus its North American outbreak in South Korea, International

returned to online play Wednesday and will continue the second half of its regular season in a non-LAN setting for the foreseeable future. Monday, March 23 Counter-Strike The ESL One Rio 2020 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Major, originally scheduled for May 11-24 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, has been postponed to November, due to concerns around the novel coronavirus, ESL announced on Monday. Friday, March 20 NBA 2K League and Apex Legends Starting on Friday, March 27, the NBA 2K League will host The NBA 2KL Three for All Showdown, a 3-on-3 tournament that will pit top fans, influencers and top female 2K players playing in the NBA 2K20 MyPark game mode for the opportunity to challenge NBA 2K league teams. The tournament will be held completely

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Gamer’s Lounge online. Thursday, March 19 Overwatch League Blizzard Entertainment will postpone the weekend’s online Overwatch League matches on March 21-22 due to California’s recent statewide “stay at home” order. Wednesday. March 18 - Evolution Championship Series The Evolution Championship Series, the largest fighting game tournament in the world announced Wednesday the event is still on course to take place July 31 - Aug. 2 in Las Vegas, but they would continue to monitor the coronavirus situation. Tuesday, March 17 League of Legends Europe and North America’s premier League of Legends leagues, the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) and the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS), will return as fully online competitions, Riot Games announced today.

All LEC teams will be playing from their training facilities in Berlin, with the exception of Origen, who will be competing from their Copenhagen training center. Monday, March 16 Counter-Strike After a successful first weekend, the newlycreated Flashpoint will be moving to online matches due to the coronavirus. The league hopes to have a new schedule soon after the teams are set up for online play from their homes. Sunday, March 15 Dota 2 EPICENTER, a Valve-run Dota 2 major, has been canceled, the tournament organizer announced. The event was scheduled to run May 2-10 in Moscow. The cancellation also means the Dota PIT minor, a qualifier for EPICENTER, has been shut down. Friend Michael on Facebook: Michael Saxton (Shinobi Samurai).

Crowds like this one for the NYXL’s Week 1 homestand will have to wait until next year as the Overwatch League announced the rest of the 2020 season would be played online due to the coronavirus. Photo by Ben Pursell for Blizzard Entertainment

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The Bay Area Review, April 10, 2020  

The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 7

The Bay Area Review, April 10, 2020  

The Bay Area Review Encourage - Enlighten - Enrich The San Francisco Bay Area Volume 2, Issue 7

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