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April 7, 2017

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27th Annual Pacific Coast Dream Machines

Page 3 Logan Johnson’s Move to South Florida

Page 4 Story Time: Lived To Write About It By Terry Denevan

Page 7 Local Photography

Page 9 Ready. Set. GO! Pacific Coast Dream Machines It’s quite simply the “Coolest Show on Earth”. This year’s spectacular 27th annual show will be held on Sunday, April 30, a one-day mega-show, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Half Moon Bay Airport, located in the picturesque seaside town of Half Moon Bay, CA about 20 miles south of San Francisco. Get ready for a world of wonder at the Pacific Coast Dream Machines Show, a uniquely spectacular showcase of motorized mechanical marvels from throughout the 20th and 21st centuries.


Page 11 National Dance Week at Santana Row

When... Where Symphony Silicon Valley Presents Program Number Six of 2016-2017 Season

SVR South Valley Review 2059 Camden Avenue Suite 299 San Jose, CA, 95124 (408) 898 - 7534 Minority Owned Business President: Richard Pugh Publisher: Brigitte Jones Executive Editor: Sonya Ruffin Operations/Accounting: Dorothy Pugh Graphic Design Director: Amanda Faris Assistant to Publisher: Kal-el R. Pugh Editor at Large: Pearl Baeni

SVR welcomes letters to the Editor Please limit content to 200 words or less. Submissions are subject to scrutiny for content and grammar but all effort will be made to retain intended meaning of such letters. Anonymous letters will not be printed. Articles so published reflect the views of the authors - not necessarily those of South Valley Review. All submissions become the property of B & R Media Group, Inc. and cannot be acknowledged.

Symphony Silicon Valley presents Bach & Mahler Saturday May 6 at 8pm and Sunday May 7 at 2:30pm at The California Theater 45 So. First Street in downtown San Jose Mahler’s Fifth is an epic journey that begins with a funeral march, endures turmoil, dances with abandon, confesses deep love, and ends finally in glory. It is a great testament to adversity surmounted, expressed in luxuriant orchestral colors and unforgettable melodies. The stage is set with an orchestral version of Bach’s Chaconne (originally for solo violin), in which a brief musical idea undergoes a series of transformations to become a statement of monumental proportion. Conductor Tatsuya Shimono Born in Kagoshima in 1969, Tatsuya Shimono cemented his international reputation as a conductor by winning First Prize at the 47th Besançon International Competition

* Gustav Mahler: Symphony No. 5

Tatsuya Shimono Photo courtesy of Symphony Silicon Valley

in 2001. Since then he has guest conducted major orchestras in Japan and abroad. He received great acclaim for his debuts in subscription concerts with the Orchestra dell’Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia and the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in 2009, and then in March 2010, made his debut with the Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra.

About Symphony Silicon Valley Founded in 2002, Symphony Silicon Valley has progressed from daring idea to exciting reality, rapidly becoming the greater South Bay’s premiere orchestra and a notable community success story. The Symphony’s artists, nationally recruited, locally

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The Program * J.S. Bach: Partita No.2 in D minor, BWV 1004: Chaconne. Arrangement for orchestra by Hideo Saito

Tickets: $45-$90 408.286.2600

resident, with an average performance tenure in San Jose of over 20 years, are recognized as among the best in the greater Bay Area. Led by an exciting roster of distinguished guest conductors on the European model, the Symphony is an anchor tenant of San Jose’s magnificently restored downtown California Theatre, one of Northern California’s most outstanding music halls. There, audiences and critics alike greet its concerts with enthusiasm.

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Sports Brief Logan Johnson’s Move to South Florida

Boyd’s Tree Service

“We’re in the moving About the Author: Nihal H. Mareedu Landscaping Maintenance Since 1984 process now,” Age: 11 Years said Senior St. Grade: 5th Grade Francis point School: Delaine Eastin Elementary, Union City guard Logan Michael W. Boyd – Owner Why do you like to write about sports: “I feel as if I am with the Johnson. Fully Insured PL & PD and Worker’s Compensation players and playing the game with them when I write articles “It’s official.” Second Generation Experience about sports and sports personalities. It also encourages me to Contractor License #665121 The Johnsons play sports”. are planning to move to Florida feel” in the Sunshine too. “It’s sad because this summer State. There, Logan you’re with them where Logan’s older Structural Pruning hopes to find a school every day for 200 brother Tyler plays Tree trimming similar to St. Francis. “St. days and you end up not shooting guard for the Stump removal Francis not only has a graduating with them.” Miami Heat. great basketball Hope still lies ahead Last season, in the team, but is a school in Florida, though, where West Catholic Athletic where students can Logan will be destined to High School Basketball develop academic skills,” play in League, Logan he says. “And that’s the NBA. “I am excited finished his junior what matters.” because it’s a new journey year as a co-player of the “The hardest part and it feels as if your life year and made it to the was telling Mike,” the has started Northern California senior said. Mike Motil, a over. We never know Division II WCAL player of what’s going championship where St. the year and one of his to happen Francis fell in overtime to coaches helped Logan and tomorrow. Moreau Catholic. This his siblings in their early Still, we year, his senior season stages. always have will be much different. Saying goodbye will be to keep “We’re worried about arduous because they’ve our heads Gabe’s future,” Logan known each other for up and hope says. The Johnsons want Best about 8 years. for the best.” Gabe, his • 1% Down * Saying goodbye to his Mortgage younger brother, to • Conventional Financing friends will be difficult get more of a “basketball


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Story Time Lived to Write About It By Terry Denevan Whenever I see a eucalyptus tree, I think back to my happy childhood summers in Long Beach, California. Atlantic Avenue, with two northbound and two southbound lanes, was a block away from our home. A stately grove of mature eucalyptus, fifty feet in height, lined the top of the fifteen-foot bluff paralleling the roadway. Those trees, unlike some eucalyptus, had smooth white trunks. Their gray slender leaves were five or six inches long. Seed pods, abundant and distinctive, littered the ground. My brother Dave and I, along

with neighborhood acquaintances, often sought out challenging thrills. One summer, in the mid-1950s, Dave suggested that we and neighbor Slim McCracket, climb a massive eucalyptus and attach a rope so that we might leap off the bluff and swing over Atlantic Avenue. At the time there wasn’t a second thought about wrapping our arms and legs around a tree and heading for the sky. A possibility of falling never entered our minds. The unwritten rule was hold on tight. Slim, a Morgan Hill $799,495 Hayward $519,000 Pleasanton $295,000 daredevil-of-akid, volunteered to climb the tree and attach the rope. Dave provided a 4 bed 3 bath 4 bed 2 bath 3 bed 2 bath 1900 sq feet 1800 sq feet 1,296 sq feet foot hold with interlaced More than 35 years of experience. fingers and I lent my Call the office that knows where the deals are. shoulder for Slim to start his assent. The smooth-sided tree had few branches in its NMLS 340458 BRE 206510215 lower reaches,

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but with ease, the kid scrambled upward like Tarzan. Eventually he stopped and then looked down. “A little higher!” Dave yelled. Slim, a one-time Boy Scout never progressed beyond Tenderfoot, but he so securely tied the rope that an Eagle Scout would have given his approval. High in the eucalyptus, Slim whooped, “Up here, the cars look small!” Then, our friend put his face to the limb that held him, and added, “I think I’m going to stay up here for a while and take a nap.” He closed his eyes and gave a fake snore. With a passing glance and a perfunctory pull, Slim gave the knotted-rope one last bit of inspection. In less than a minute he started his descent. Hugging the tree, he quickly shimmied down. At the ground-end of the rope, we looped it around a sixinch piece of wood securing it with several well tied knots. We now

Story Time Continued on Page 10

Valley Extra Our Corner of the Valley By Scott Taper CORRECTION: In my last article, my inaugural article, I wrote that June Riley, CEO and founder of VCTaskforce graduated from Boston University. It was Northeastern University. Also, the meetings in San Francisco take place in 4 Embarcadero, not 1 Embarcadero. Now on to new business. Back in 1980 Dr. William D. Bradford, a young assistant professor at Stanford Business School wrote a monogram, a book on one subject that explored the effects of the newly granted variable rate mortgages that could be offered by savings and loans and banks. That monogram was written by Dr. Bradford as part of a summer project he performed as Summer Scholar for the San Francisco office of the Federal Home Loan Bank Board. It was entitled

“Mortgage-Backed Bonds for Savings and Loan Associations: Management and Public Policy Issues” (Bradford, W. D., 1980). His findings were profoundly predictive of the later turmoil in the real estate housing markets slowdowns in 1989 and predicting housing market crash. In Dr. Bradford’s writings, there were predictions that that mortgaged backed bonds could be severely affected because of the use of variable rate mortgages to attract buyers into home markets when there were shortages of qualified buyers. He correctly predicted that abuse of variable rate mortgages would eventually lead to a catastrophic collapse of the real estate market in the late 1990s or early 2000s. I know these facts because he entrusted his only copy to me when I was preparing my capstone team marketing

paper for my MBA at Santa Clara University. I, unfortunately, never returned it to Dr. Bradford and later I found that it was indeed out of print. This brings me to my point, which is avoiding variable rate mortgages, when possible. They are great for some home buyers in an undervalued market with expected future growth. Past experience has proven that variable rate mortgages are abused instruments

Scott Taper VP, Business Development, VCTaskforce SciTech Commercialization and Licensing Consultants and must be used cautiously and only in a rapidly growing real estate market. Today’s fixed interest rates are historically low, enabling very low payments for higher value properties. When you buy, think long term. NOTE: After not receiving tenure at Stanford, Dr. Bradford went on be associate Dean

of the Business School at University of Maryland and later Dean at the University of Washington, where he now enjoys the status of dean emeritus, still teaching and writing. Reference: Bradford, W. D., 1980, “MortgageBacked Bonds for Savings and Loan Associations: Management and Public Policy Issues”

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Reader’s Nook BEDTIME BOOK’S ADVENTURES MAKE GOING TO SLEEP EASY AND FUN Local Author’s New Book Sparks Children’s Imaginations

Many parents struggle with getting their children to sleep, but one method is always a good go-to: reading a story before bed. With so many children’s books out there, it can be tough to pick the best one to say goodnight with. Author Ursula Taylor makes this decision easy with her

new book, DreamO-Doodle, which is designed to help children activate their imaginations so they might experience more colorful and creative dreams, and a happier sleep. Ursula Taylor’s DreamO-Doodle helps children get excited about going to bed. Encouraging youngsters to explore the wonderful, imagine the impossible, and dive into fantasy, DreamO-Doodle creates a nighttime atmosphere that holds children’s interest while setting the perfect mood to ease into sleep. The book invites children to become explorers,

heroes, princesses, astronauts, and more, while encountering magical creatures, dinosaurs, robots, and a variety of other characters, before finally returning to the familiar faces of their loved ones. My 2yr old son loves this book, he loves picking out all the different animals, robots etc on each page & says the rhymes along with me. The books illustration is so colorful it keeps him engaged the whole time. Every night when he goes to bed I ask ‘what story do you want’ and his reply is always Dream o Doodle. - Pamela Maguire, Amazon Customer An enchanting book! The rhymes and images

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If you would like a signed copy, her next book

signing and reading is on 4/29/2017

@ 11am at Barnes and Noble, 5353 Almaden Expressway, San Jose, CA 95118

captivate the imagination of our daughter. Every page is a different dream, on themes such as magic, space, dinosaurs and cars, providing plenty of opportunity to explore a topic. The rhymes are fun and it is colorfully illustrated. I bought them for my daughter’s friends at her birthday party and they all loved them! - Paula Novio Mallon, Amazon Customer We just love this book! (… ) My boys choose it out of the entire library. Thanks so much! - Kristen Wallace, Amazon Customer “(…)Roberts’ vivid illustrations provide engaging details without becoming too busy. Taylor’s choice of dream subjects covers many areas of perennial interest to children. (…) And the idea of sending children off to sleep with an upbeat

suggestion of the vast possibilities of the dream world is original and empowering (…). Most of the dreams give both boys and girls active roles, and the overall effect remains captivating and fun. A short, charming bedtime book for children that stresses the positive power of dreams”. - Kirkus Review Dream-O-Doodle by Ursula Taylor is available for order from most major online book retailers, including Barnes and Noble and Amazon. The eBook is available for Amazon Kindle, iTunes Bookstore, Chapters/ Indigo Kobo, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, and GooglePlay Ursula Taylor lives in San Jose, California with her family. This is her first book. She is currently working on more books for the younger audience.

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We Take Everything! We Do All The Loading!

Morality By Amanda Faris

#USSRANCH Motor Through The Grill By Mike Afshari

Saturday Morning By Dimitri Miller Y7Z

Sadly Beautiful By Vicky Manibusan

A New Purr-spective By Amanda Faris











ION $4 T A R T S I G E R END |

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We invite you to visit Holy Spirit School where our students, teachers, parents and staff discover faith, seek knowledge and experience community.

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Story Time Cont... had a secure handhold. Those misguided, Nathan Flynn Dave and Slim were younger daredevil exploits Local Scout than me. I informed them that usually lasted until Philanthropist as the eldest I would be the sunset. The warm first to test our swing. With my summers never Due to overwhelming community interest, we at hands tightly clenched above seemed long enough. the South Valley Review just the knots, I picked up speed as I School resumed and had to put a name to the ran in a 180-degree arc around fall soon followed. face! the eucalyptus and launched Chilly weather kept myself from the bluff. Grinning us inside as the days and yelling, I hung on for dear shortened. The rope, According to neighborhood life. Almost instantly, as my body almost forgotten, stayed bunched gossip, the injuries to the ropeswung outward in the circling arc, up, tied high in the eucalyptus. swinger were minor. We were my momentum thrust my legs high Winter took its toll on the rope’s sobered by the story and by the over the highway. The view was integrity. The following spring the fact that our exciting summer majestic. Filled with glee, I rapidly rope, our rope, was nowhere to be activity was really dangerous. sailed back to my starting point. seen. Nearly 60 years have passed. We took turns. Laughing, A story circulated that someone The eucalyptus still stands on the we gave scant thought to the unknown to our group had found bluff. Today Dave and I, older and perspective of the motorists the rope and like us, swung out perhaps a little wiser, smile at below, as our shoe bottoms came over the highway. The weathered the memory of swinging out over into view above the windshields rope had given up and abruptly Atlantic Avenue, glad that we did it of passing cars. Only in my separated from the tree. before we learned to know better. imagination can I now envision the Finding Senior Housing can be occupants, eyes complex, but it doesn’t have to be. bulging and maybe thinking, Holy #*^! Call A Place for Mom. Our But we always Advisors are trusted, local experts “You can trust circled safely back A Place for Mom who can help you understand to help you.” to our edge of the your options. Since 2000, we’ve – Joan Lunden helped over one million families bluff. find senior living solutions that Unsupervised meet their unique needs. and tempting fate, we found swinging wildly through the air to be the next best thing A Free Service for Families. to flying. For us, Call: (855) 407-7851 the activity had no down side. As youngsters, we CALL NOW 1-844-232-0636 A Place for Mom is the nation’s largest senior living referral information service. had no concept We do not own, operate, endorse or recommend any senior living community. We are paid by partner communities, so our services are completely free to families. of pain or death. Y 10 Z

Shake It Up National Dance Week at Santana Row

sjDANCEco presents sjDANCEco Festival Sunday, April 23, 2017 from 10:00am to 5:00pm (non-stop performances). The event will be held at Santana Row Park, 368 Santana Row, Stevens Creek Boulevard, San Jose, CA 95128. The outdoor festival stage is located on the main street of Santana Row in front of Lark Creek Kitchen between the wine bar and tequila bar. Celebrating National Dance Week - a cornerstone Bay Area Dance Week event - this free festival is also the kickoff to sjDANCEco’s 15th Season. Admission and parking is FREE The Coalition for

National Dance Week was formed in 1981 by a group of dance related organizations to bring greater recognition to dance as an art form. NDW volunteers host more than a thousand events nationwide during the observation. Sixty Bay Area dance organizations (from young children to professional companies and everything in between) present many styles of dance on Santana Row’s outdoor festival stage during a 7-hour program. The professional dance portion of the show is from 12:00 noon to 1:00pm. The celebration is part of National Dance Week and showcases the diversity of the Bay Area dance community. sjDANCEco is a yearround contemporary dance company based in San Jose, California that produces world

premieres by its core and guest choreographers, and presents the very best of Contemporary and Classic Modern Dance and Masterpieces of the American Modern Dance Repertory. In addition to a full season of dance concerts, sjDANCEco also is a major participant each Spring in free outdoor dance presentations during National Dance Week, international dance festivals, and has a full schedule of contemporary dance classes for the

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6167 Heathercreek Way, Blossom Valley


This fabulous Blossom Valley home is located close to the Santa Teresa foothills and features 4 bedrooms; 2.5 baths; 1,937 SF of living space; remodeled kitchen with granite counters, tile backsplash, breakfast bar & stainless steel appliances; living room/dining room combo; separate family room with fireplace; upstairs master suite with double door entry & dual closets; hardwood flooring; double pane windows; central forced air heating & A/C; ceiling fans; recessed lighting; 2 car garage; nicely landscaped with built-in pool & hot tub. Offered At $975,000

9620 Blue Heron Court, Gilroy


Located on a large cul-de-sac lot, features of this fabulous Gilroy home include 6 bedrooms; 3.5 baths; 2,562 Square feet of living space; beautiful kitchen with granite counters, glass tile backsplash, loads of cabinets, breakfast bar, stainless steel appliances & recessed lighting; living room/dining room combo; separate family room withAfireplace; L M A D E N upstairs N A T I V Emaster suite with B R O K Edownstairs R A S S O C I Abedroom T E , M B Asuite with walk-in closet & vaulted ceiling; 4 0 8 6 8 5 5 9 9 0 full bath; hardwood flooring; double pane windows; central BFBYNUM@GMAIL.COM forced air heating & air conditioning; ceiling fans; recessed BYNUMREALESTATE.COM lighting; 2 car garage; nicely landscaped with huge rear yard. C aAt l B$779,900 RE #01728689 Offered



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2352 La Terrace Circle, Blossom Valley

21292 Bertram Road, Almaden Valley

2014 Admiral Place, San Jose

2 Bedrooms | 2 Baths | 1,138 SF | $525,000

Beautiful 2.02 Acre Lot | $699,000

5 Bedrooms | 3 Baths | 2,533 SF | $1,075,000