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60 Second Interview November 2016 NAME: Aneesha Sherman CURRENTLY: Intercontinental Hotels Group TITLE: Senior Director, Strategy

Studied: University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School, Kellogg School of Management Eating: Almost anything, I love trying new cuisines and dishes Drinking: California and Oregon Pinots and Chardonnays, but now trying to expand my palate to European wines Reading: Non-fiction, biographies, social science Favourite business book: The Paradox of Choice (Barry Schwartz) First ambition: To fly planes Motto: Life is a journey, not a destination (Ralph Waldo Emerson) How do you know The Barton Partnership? I was connected to Nick through the BCG network when I moved to London a few months ago Why did you first get into strategy having started your career at BCG? It’s an excellent training ground for young professionals just starting their careers. You get about 5 years worth of experience in the first 2 years What was the most significant frustration during your time as a strategy consultant? The lack of predictability in my work, lifestyle, team and location What advice would you give a consultant who is about to move into an internal strategy role for the first time? Don’t expect to have the answers right away. Take the time to learn the business in great detail, before trying to deliver solutions and recommendations What was the biggest adjustment you had to undergo when moving from Consulting to Corporate Strategy? Learning how to lead longer-term projects as a true partner of the business for several months/years, with a much leaner team and slower timeline What are the greatest obstacles facing those who wish to pursue a career in consulting? Many people come into consulting without knowing what they want to get out of it. There are many options e.g. a long-term career as a partner, a short-term training stint before moving into corporate, a focus on developing expertise in one particular industry/sector? Knowing what your goals are will help shape the choices you make during your consulting career Do you have a favourite interview question? If you owned this company, what would you do differently?

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60 Second Interview Aneesha Sherman  

60 Second Interview Aneesha Sherman