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Tuesday October 16, 2012

Volume CXXXV Issue 7

A brief foray into aerobatic flying


SITTING IN A BEECHCRAFT Bonanza with the door removed, Avion photographer Richard Weakley captures this picturesque shot of the Extra-300 containing pilot John Klatt (behind) and Avion Staff Peter Tan (front) as they make a pass over Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Peter Tan

Editor-in-Chief In the days leading up to the Wings and Waves Air Show, members of the media and select ROTC cadets from EmbryRiddle were privileged to go up into the sky in a variety of airplanes. Army ROTC cadet, Paul LeCompte, went up with the Canadian Snowbirds, flying the CT-114 Tutors. I was fortunate enough to go up with Lieutenant Colonel John Klatt of the Minnesota Air National Guard (ANG) in an Extra-300 unlimited category aerobatic airplane. For those that think this is the ride of a lifetime, you might want to reconsider that notion, especially if you are susceptible to motion sickness. The aerobatics part of the flight was essentially a rollercoaster on ridiculous

amounts of performance-enhancing substances and while it is a rush of adrenaline, the adverse effects do not kick in till much later. While a typical rollercoaster ride will thrill you to no end and leave you wanting for more, a ride that involves you pulling as much as 7Gs and graying out takes quite a toll on the human body, which is not designed to deal with such loads. Dave Kicklighter, one of the aircrew, assured me that I would sleep very well that night. The seven minute aerobatic segment of the flight saw us hanging by the straps of our seats as we flew upside down for about a minute before Klatt executed a series of snap rolls, tail slides, rapid climbs and dives before an Immelmann turn. The segment continued with a centrifuge that saw the plane maxing out its roll rate of 400 degrees per second as we made over

seven complete rolls in quick succession before concluded the day with a torque roll that saw us making a straight vertical climb while the torque of the engine rolled the aircraft before flipping head over tail and diving back down. I made the mistake of eating almost nothing the whole morning, playing into the urban legend that if you do not eat anything, there is nothing to throw up. Kicklighter corrected that notion saying that you feel sicker if you have an empty stomach when you go flying. Having some food in you helps you cope with the queasiness, but it is recommended to not overeat. For the aspiring aerobatic pilots out there, Klatt had this to offer. “There are plenty of good aerobatic schools out there, so find them and get started.” Klatt started his aerobatic career 22 years ago, with his flying career starting even

Jim answers a few questions Avion News Editor Allie Iacovelli and WIKD DJ Benjamin Gayer managed to interview Mr. Hot Pockets himself, Jim Gaffigan, before his comedy show on Friday. Avion: I heard you recently had a baby. Jim: I did. Well, not personally. I watched. Everybody’s healthy, but I still have my baby weight. A: What do you use as inspiration? J: Nicorette gum. No – everyday life. Maybe whatever is annoying me. It’s just always an ongoing process of coming up with an idea and obsessing over it to make it funny.

A: Do you actually eat Hot Pockets? J: I don’t. I tried one once for an extra on a bonus track for a DVD. I didn’t finish it, and I didn’t eat the other one. WIKD: How does a day in the life of a comedian go? J: Well, there is no typical day. I should also mention that I have five children. I would say that, on the whole, comedians are more late- night people. It’s not because we’re vampires, but you have to be your sharpest between the hours of eight and midnight. It is a relatively short workday – it might only be an hour of work.

But for me, it involves a lot of travelling. That’s a big aspect of a touring comedian. A: If there were one comedian you could pick as your favorite, who would it be? J: I’m not sure. Maybe Jonathan Winters. Do you guys even know who he is? Or maybe Mark Twain. A: How does it feel to kick off an air show like Wings and Waves? J: It’s an honor as long as I don’t have to fly a plane. Mr. Universe is Jim Gaffigan’s newest 75-minute stand up special which is available on jimgaffigan. com for $5.

earlier. He initially checked out as a C-130 Hercules pilot in the ANG, before he transferred to an F-16 fighter wing. His air show career started in 2001, and for the last seven years Klatt has been sponsored by the ANG. He travels the country for about six months of the year, spreading the message of the ANG and wowing audiences everywhere. The ANG is not part of the Air Force and is managed by the State National Guards. Service personnel in the ANG are not full time airmen and many of them have civilian day jobs in their hometowns but serve at the nearest air base. However, the demands of maintaining a modern air fleet mean that many of the technical personnel work full time, while pilots and aircrew still put in as much as 100 days a year. For more information, head to

Keep an eye out for an upcoming issue as the Avion brings you the story of a day in the life of an air show team. Piecing together the various stories and anecdotes from the performers at this year’s Wings and Waves, we’ll give you the inside scoop of their lives on the road in case you ever find yourself wanting to go down that path.




The Avion, October 16, 2012

Technology focus: Diesel aircraft engines Reginald Mitteldorf Guest Reporter

The reciprocating engines in all our beloved Cessnas, Diamonds and Pipers all burn 100 Low Lead (100LL) aviation gasoline, a fuel which is fast becoming unavailable throughout the globe due to harmful Tetra-Ethyl Lead emissions. In fact, the FAA has plans to totally phase out 100LL gasoline in America. Enter the Austro AE300 diesel engine, manufactured by Austro Engine GmbH, an Austrian company. The AE300 is an inline 4 cylinder, 120 displacement, liquid cooled, turbocharged, geared, fuel injected engine designed to swing a constant speed propeller. What a mouthful! It runs on clean, readily available diesel fuel, and boasts a .33 lb/hp hr fuel economy compared to the typical .44 consumption of a Lycoming or Continental engine developing similar horsepower. Features such as fuel injection and turbocharging are usually reserved for higher performance engines, but the AE300 manages all these features with two separate and independent Electronic Engine Control Systems (EECS). Electronic engine control was previously unheard of in small reciprocating engine aircraft, but the AE300 brings the benefits of electronic systems to general aviation and flight instruction aircraft. The EECS has a single power lever that eliminates the need for separate throttle, mixture and propeller pitch levers in the cockpit. The pilot merely sets a single lever, and the EECS determines the best throttle, mixture and propeller pitch settings for that desired power. Since the parameters are all monitored and recorded over the entire life of the engine, troubleshooting the AE300 is a snap with a specifically developed troubleshooting wizard that can be run off a laptop. Presently, this exciting powerplant is offered on the newest Diamond Aircraft DA42 NG, and Embry-Riddle is proud to be the only maintenance school to have a diesel engine test stand in the United


Chancellor Heist and President Johnson unveil the AE300 Test stand with Christian Dries and Bernard Gruber of Diamond Aircraft, Peter Lietz of Austro Engine and Juergen Zahner and Sarah Denton of MT propellers in an event on Friday evening, Oct. 12. States. This Austro Engine AE300 diesel engine test stand was made possible by almost a quarter million in equipment donation from MT Props, Austro Engine and Diamond Aircraft. Since the projects’ inception in Oct

2011, about 400 man hours of engineering, fabrication, painting and testing by AMS Professors Jay Lacy, Marshall Tetterton, Travis Billette and Richard Beckwith, and also student assistants Cole Muehlfelder, Cody Hopp, Chen Yifan and Christopher Piccone have brought

the project to completion. ERAU Aviation Maintenance Science students will have the unique opportunity to become familiar with diesel engine operations and troubleshooting in AMS271 Aircraft Reciprocating Powerplants and AMS376 Powerplant Line Maintenance.

Spooky Sigma Spectacular Halloween Fashion Show Abby Diekmann

Sigma Sigma Sigma It’s that time of year again! The annual Sigma Sigma Sigma Halloween Fashion show on Oct. 31, 2012 at 8:00 p.m. in the Student Center is coming up fast. Tickets will be $3 in advance and $5 at the door. There is a group rate available: buy 20 tickets, at $3 each, and get 5 tickets free. Tickets will be sold a w e e k prior t o the

event. All proceeds benefit Robbie Page Memorial Foundations which provides play therapy to terminally ill children. The theme is Spooky Sigma Spectacular and everyone is encouraged to walk! There will be prizes for each of the walks: singles, couples, and group walk. If you would like to participate in the show please email Mallory Rodriquez at with your costume plan. This is also a Bonus Bucks event! It will be lots of fun and the Sigmas hope to see you all there!


PHOTOS FROM LAST YEAR’S Halloween fashion show show a wide variety of couture, costumes, and very long legs, giving and indicator of what can be expected from this year’s show.


The Avion,

October 16, 2012



SpaceX: First commercial cargo flight to the ISS Andy Lichtenstein Staff Reporter

On Sunday, Oct. 7, 2012 at 8:35 p.m. ET, the unmanned SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket left Earth, en route to the International Space Station. This is the first commercialized cargo flight to the ISS in history. Its half-ton payload, designated “Dragon,” included lab materials, clothing, food, and Bluebonnet chocolate/vanilla swirl ice cream! The two-stage Falcon 9 rocket is propelled by 1.32 million pounds of thrust, fueled by liquid oxygen and rocket grade kerosene (RP-1). Standing at a towering 227 feet, the Falcon 9 seems surprisingly short from afar. Make no mistake though. This vehicle means business. Minutes into the flight, Falcon 9 lost its #9 engine in an apparent explosion or flame out. However, there is safety in redundancy. Falcon 9 finished out the first stage of flight on its 8 remaining engines without incident. Despite the unlucky event, the rocket entered a “picture perfect orbit,” according to wSpaceX Presi-

dent Gwynne Shotwell. Dragon successfully berthed with the Station at 9:03 a.m. ET on Oct. 10. With Japanese astronaut Akihiko Hoshide at the controls, the ISS “tamed the dragon,” said NASA’s Sunita Williams, commander of the current ISS mission. Dragon will remain in orbit through Oct. 28. At that point, the capsule will return to Earth with used station hardware and scientific samples. The estimated return weight is over a ton. Recovery operations will commence the same day. Congressional budget cuts have led to government contracts, awarded to the lowest bidders. NASA has partnered with a number of different companies, in an effort to privatize space. SpaceX was awarded a 1.6 billion dollar contract for 12 commercial resupply missions to the ISS. With the first mission already underway, the future of SpaceX is bright indeed.



Cirrus SR22

Aircraft Name

Cessna 310


Year Introduced


Cirrus Aircraft



219 knots

Max Speed

191 knots

3,400 lbs (1,542 kg)

Gross Weight

4,600 lbs (2,087 kg)

17,500 ft

Service Ceiling

20,000 ft

92 gallons

Fuel Capacity

180 gallon

Has a parachute

Other Facts

6,321 produced

No winner! It was a tie! Go to to vote. Polls close 5 pm Friday.

Student Life



The Avion, October 16, 2012

Larsen says interns are a grand slam Chirs Larsen

Co-Owner, Larsen Motorsports The second round of internships at the Larsen Motorsports Research & Development Center has come to an end. Fifteen weeks of hard work in a professional race team atmosphere resulted in a “grand slam” according to Chris Larsen co-owner of Larsen Motorsports. Safety interns had to create a fully functional Safety Program that was realistic and user-friendly. Engineers and technicians worked together with fabricators and

spent their share of time at race tracks, trade shows and completing day to day operations whether it’s changing afterburners or emptying trash cans. All of this was supported by business interns promoting and managing the team. The first few rounds of internships were critical. Chris Larsen said, “I told the students from the beginning that they were the ones that would set the pace for all of the others that followed. They literally created training programs, checklists, and systems that we will use for years to come. It is important to have the students

be involved with all of these processes so that we could see what was required to get them quickly up to speed through their eyes, not ours.” “I guess the person that learned the most though was me”, said Chris Larsen. “It was interesting to try to keep up with around fifteen students that were always ready for next thing. A lot of times I found myself wishing I could give more attention to students working on a project, but towards the end natural leaders took over and completed tasks really well. I would love to get another round of interns to fill lead

THE INTERNS AT LARSEN Motorsports R&D Center recieved high marks from the administration.

Twisted Thursday

4-pack as low as

positions in a management project.” Larsen Motorsports is heading to Orlando for their next race in November. You can follow the Larsen Motorsports Teams and their latest videos at Larsen Motorsports is a multi-team national professional racing organization specializing in turbine-powered high-performance vehicles based at the EmbryRiddle Research and Technology Park in Daytona Beach, FL. Specialized appointments or tour arrangements for large groups can be coordinated by contacting the facility at

Photo Courtesy Larsen Motorsports


per person with online advance purchase

Buy early online and save at or call 1-888-800-544 7.

Valid for 4 or more admissions on Thursdays only (September 27, October 4 and 25 at $24.99, October 11 and 18 at $29.99). Thursday four-pack walk-up admission price is $39.99. Howl-O-Scream is a separate-ticketed night event. Savings based on advance purchase. Prices per person, plus tax. Some restrictions apply. Event dates and times are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Parking is not included. No costumes allowed. © 2012 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved.


The Avion,

October 16, 2012



Copyright infringement and the web Barbara Chearney

Information Technology Every day, Internet users like you perform billions of searches online. But what are you doing with your search results? Are you downloading music or video files without much consideration? Perhaps you are copying and pasting data into a report, or maybe you are posting a picture to your social media page. The truth is that many people use what they find online in ways that are prohibited – or even illegal – and oftentimes, without even realizing it; these types of violations relate to the topic of copyright infringement. Copyright, in its simplest form, means, “the right to copy.” Copyright laws were enacted by our federal government to protect the rights of creators of original work. These laws have been in place for decades, and are designed to ensure that proper credit is given to a person for his creative efforts. Works covered include, but are not limited to, books, articles, computer programs, sound recordings, song lyrics, works of art, films, videos and databases. Federal copyright provisions in their entirety can be found at Because October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month, I wanted to highlight copyright laws and copyright infringement as they relate to cyberspace, specifically with regards to file sharing

services. Under copyright law, in its most broad sense, it is illegal to download or share copyrighted materials such as music, movies or software, without the express permission of the copyright owner. Currently, a significant number of online services enable you to copy, download, or e v e n distribute ill-gotten

materials. Just because the technology exists, however, it does not make it legal or proper to use it. Did you know that you are responsible for activity that takes place through your computing account here at the university? For example, if you are sharing files using a file-sharing service and are connected

Dear Abby Dear Abby, As a transfer junior at Riddle, I was incredibly shocked that Riddle girls have quite the negative reputation! Urban Dictionary defines us as “an ugly, snobby, bitchy girl attending Embry-Riddle that believes she is the most beautiful and desirable woman in the universe due to Riddle Vision.” Wow! This is obviously not the reputation any of us want. Of all the ladies I have met on campus, very rarely have I been disgusted by women’s personalities. However, after reading your advice in the last edition of the Avion, I was completely disappointed with your treatment of “Love Machine.” To assume a young man is drooling over a fellow classmate is insulting and degrading to whatever self-esteem he had. Your insensitivity doesn’t yield and you

insinuate that Riddle men are so socially repugnant that they stalk women and will instantly frighten the girl. First, it is completely unfair to lump all men into this stereotype. By doing so publicly, by having a voice as a Riddle woman, you have cemented the reputation of all of us as the “snobby, bitchy girl.” My advice to anyone reading this: please to not judge all Riddle girls as belittling snobs, and don’t view the men here as slobbering dogs as Abby would make them out to be. To all young ladies: be careful of the bitterness you portray – it’ll only segregate you from the joy offered by college friendships and relationships. ~ A concerned student [In response to the Oct. 2 dear Abby column]

to a computer that is violating copyright laws, you could be held liable for the infringement. Pleading ignorance is not a viable defense, and punishments could be steep – ranging from the denial of access to university computing resources to disciplinary actions and/or criminal and civil penalties. Be sure to read our Information

Technology Acceptable Use of University Computing Resources Policy, located at: ERNIE> Policies and Procedures>APPM 7.5 for more details. Take note of another caution about file sharing: when you are connected to some file sharing services/systems, you may unknowingly allow others to copy private

files that you never intended to share. Once pictures, documents and other files are out in the public domain, they are there for good. Giving hundreds, or even thousands of strangers free reign to your hard drive could have far-reaching consequences, from simple embarrassment to identity theft. File sharing services also increase the odds that you will become infected with a virus or malware. The reason for this is that many computers are already compromised with viruses, and when you openly connect to them, you are providing an open invitation for their virus to take up residence in your system. In other cases, hackers can intentionally spread malware to gain access to your personal information and use it for illegal purposes. In the end, not all file sharing sites are bad. The explosion of the cloud environment is opening up a great deal of file sharing possibilities that will undoubtedly expand over time. Because of this, we all need to be cognizant of the university’s policies as they relate to acceptable use of other people’s materials. We also need to remember that there are copyright laws and license restrictions that need to be taken into consideration. Last, we need to be aware that there are a host of potential negative consequences every time we click on, or connect to, an unknown source.





The Avion,

October 16, 2012

Kick-off Parade

2 Spirit Signs


Chalk Art

Homecoming Court King and Queen

FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Deejay Ismail (Fall 2011 Homecoming King), Adriana Albanes, and Kaloki Nabutola (Fall 2012 Homecoming King) pose for a picture after the crowning ceremony.

The Avion,

October 16, 2012




4 Jim Gaffigan 5

Homecoming Carnival



SGA Ways to get money for your clubs Page


The Avion, October 16, 2012

Poonam Barad

Student Finance Board

A fundraising workshop was held on Wednesday, Sept. 26. This workshop was co-sponsored by Embry-Riddle’s Office of Development, the Student Finance Board and the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP), FL First Coast Chapter. Over 40 students attended this workshop representing a variety of clubs and organizations on this campus. Two members of the ERAU Development team, Lyndse Costabile, Associate Director of Development, and Yoon Choi, Associate Director of Annual Giving, facilitated the workshop. In the workshop, attendees were made aware of the IRS guidelines that affect student organizations and their fundraising initiatives. Treasurers from various clubs got an opportunity to learn about new ways to secure funds for their club events and how to gather appropriate materials and knowledge required to carry out such a task. The presenters talked about why fundraising is important to any career field and that there are steps to success. The students were asked to fill out a three step worksheet for their club fundraising strategy and all the ideas and issues were discussed that benefited everyone present. The students were introduced to new ways of getting funds for their

clubs in a very interactive way. Workshop attendees can also receive information packets as well as signed documentation for completing this workshop, benefiting their career portfolios. Towards the end of the workshop, everyone was divided into two sections. One section was a non-profit organization asking for funds from the other section, which was the potential supporting company. One spokesperson was selected from each section and before their peers, were able to create a ‘face-to-face’ solicitation environment, setting the tone for a live demonstration of a nonprofit organization seeking funds for their cause. Both did a brilliant job and implemented the tips they had learned throughout the workshop. A lot of prizes from supporting companies such as Neubert Aero Corporation, Cessna, MultiCorp Aviation and Sheltair Aviation were given away during this event and pizzas, drinks and cookies were served at the beginning of the event. Overall the event was successful and proved to be very beneficial to everyone who attended. The goal is to continue providing these educational opportunities for the student body. For more information about giving to Embry-Riddle and to learn about fundraising, visit or email

Get to know your SGA


OVER 40 STUDENTS ATTENDED a workshop conducted by the Association of Fundraising Professionals and learned a variety of ways to raise funds for their respective organizations and clubs.

Get to know your SGA

Katy Iverson

Samantha Gillespie


Senior Aerospace Eng.

Finance Board

Finance Board App. Meteorology Katy Iverson is a senior majoring in Applied Meteorology with an Area of Concentration in Research. She is from small town Meridian, Mississippi. She has been a Resident Advisor for the last two years and a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority. Last semester she served as the Vice President of her sorority and currently holds the Education Director position. Over the summer, Katy studied abroad in Siena, Italy with several students and professors from Embry-Riddle. Katy is also a member of the Crew Team and will be starting her third semester rowing. After Graduation, Katy plans on attending graduate school and furthering her studies in Research Meteorology. Her ultimate goal is to do research for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and fly into hurricanes. She first became interested in getting involved with student government as a way to become more

connected with the student body and the whole campus. During her freshmen year she was a member of Task Force One, where she was first exposed to the world of the Student Government Association. Katy served as Secretary and constitution committee chair and was a part of promoting Task Force One in Fall 2010. During her second semester as a freshman she was able to apply for a vacancy on the Student Finance Board and was selected. For the two semesters that she served on the Finance Board, Katy had the chance to help many clubs and organizations on campus receive funds from SGA. This will be Katy’s second year serving on the Student Finance Board. Katy plans to utilize her leadership skills that she has developed from all of her extracurricular activities and her experience on the Student Finance Board to justly and efficiently provide funding for student clubs and organizations.

Hey everybody! My name is Samantha Gillespie and I am a senior in Aerospace Engineering with a concentration in Astronautics. Ever since high school, I have wanted to be an astronaut and when I found EmbryRiddle I knew this was the school for me. Coming to school here has opened up so many doors and I am proud to be a part of this Institution. I am currently the President of the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) and we are looking for new members, so if anyone is interested you can generally find me in The Avion office or The Touch’N’Go office! I strongly encourage students to get involved and try out different organizations to see what their passion is. Whenever I was new to college I joined everything I could. I was in Women’s Rugby, National Society of Black Engineers, Swing Dance Club, Strike Eagle, and

Crew. I obviously didn’t stick with all of them, but I checked them out and found where I fit in the best; which turned out to be SWE, Swing Dance, and Crew. My life can get pretty hectic but when I have free time I enjoy reading, hiking, swimming, the gym, watching movies, and going to the beach. I love meeting new people, talking with people and listening to generally anything anyone has to say. After being a treasurer for two years, I am excited to be a part of the Student Finance Board. We are looking forward to serving the student body to the best of our ability and making good use of the SGA budget. The SGA is a great place to meet new people and everyone there is more than willing to help out if there is a problem. We also have FREE coffee and candy, so stop by and see us!!

A9 SGA Where have the Get to know your SGA umbrellas gone? Lauren Page

The Avion,

October 16, 2012

Christoffer Laulund

Student Rep. Board Like last semester, the SGA has been supplying umbrellas for use between buildings and to parking lots. However, there seem to be no more umbrellas! The theory goes that students, that would include me, keep them and forget to bring them back. Unfortunately, that defeats the purpose of the whole program. In an effort to keep the program running, and to have the SGA keep resupplying umbrellas to the student body, I urge you to put the umbrellas back. Leave it in a

Fun First Friday Dwyane Facho

Student Rep. Board The Environmental Awareness Committee is glad to announce that we had 36 students volunteer their time to help the environment. The number of volunteers doubled since the last First Friday and the EAC wishes to continue this success by giving out awesome free First Friday T-shirts to any first time volunteers. First Friday is a great opportunity for students to do their part to help the environment and get a free meal plan from Sodexo for all their hard work. The purpose of First Friday is to help keep our campus beautiful and promote recycling.


bin once you reach a new building, or by a main entrance if there is no bin, and please bring it back the following day if you happen to need to take it home. The idea of the program is that there will be umbrellas available on campus to help you stay dry once the rain kicks in. I know I keep forgetting my own umbrella in the car, simply because I have nowhere to put it once I leave the car. With the yellow ones though, I no longer have that excuse. I for one like to stay dry and really miss the umbrellas. I would love to see us all bring them back so the SGA can supply us with even more bright yellow umbrellas.

First Friday is one of the many projects handled by the Environmental Awareness Committee. Other projects include AdoptA-Bed, Adopt-A-Road, a Dorm Recycling Competition and much more. If you or your organization would be interested in adopting a flower bed or limiting our carbon footprint by reducing, reusing, and recycling? Come join the EAC! We have our weekly meetings on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. in the Endeavor Conference Room, come by to share your ideas and be a part of the movement that is taking this school on a greener path. Once again thank you to all the volunteers and make sure you wear your shirts next First Friday.

Get to know your SGA

Associate Justice

Graduate Human Factors

I am from a town south of Houston, Texas called Texas City. This is my fourth year at Embry – Riddle and I am an accelerated Masters student in Human Factors and Systems. I serve as an associate justice for the Student Court. My specific job is the office coordinator which means that I keep the office orderly and maintain files on the computer concerning appeals. Currently, I teach swim lessons for the ERAU community at the pool on campus.

Get to know your SGA

Christoffer Laulund

Poonam Barad

Student Rep. Board Senior Aerospace Eng. Christoffer was born and raised in the town of Asker, Norway. His family has a history of employment with the airline SAS, sparking an interest in airplanes from an early age. Christoffer decided early on that he wanted to work with aircraft. As a native Norwegian, he is obligated to like skiing, polar bears, snowboarding, and other things that pertain to winter. Luckily, he does like these things, and even enjoys an ice bath every now and again. Originally joining Embry-Riddle as an Aeronautical Science major, he changed to Aerospace Engineering before the end of the first semester after realizing how much of a nerd he was. Outside of school, Christoffer finds time to practice several watersports, including wakeboarding and windsurfing. He also enjoys good food and music. On campus, TEDxEmbryRiddle and

the SGA take up the most time. Alongside running this year’s TEDx conference, Christoffer is the International Student Representative on the SRB and Progress Committee Chair. Additionally, he is the International Student Services Liaison. Apart from these organizations, Christoffer has been inducted into Sigma Gamma Tau, National Society of Collegiate Scholars, and Tau Beta Pi honor societies. In the progress committee, his team is in the final stages of restarting the Blue Bike program, which is available to students, and evaluating the Yellow Umbrella program. As a big fan of the umbrella program, he hopes that everyone that use the umbrellas will help keep the program running by returning them. By making the most of these two programs and starting new ones, Christoffer aims to improve the on campus experience for the student body.

I enjoy being able to build myself as a leader and help to better my community. Therefore, I am involved in many organizations on campus and within most of the organizations I have a leadership role; my organizations include Theta Phi Alpha(Treasurer) , Alpha Phi Omega (Sargent – At – Arms), AcaBellas (Secretary), and Silver Wings. In my free time I enjoy swimming laps, singing with the AcaBellas, and trying to attempt different types of arts and crafts.

Finance Board

Senior Aerospace Eng. Hello Everyone! My name is Poonam Barad and I am from INDIA:) This is my third semester serving as a Finance Board member. I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering. I graduated in May 2010 with my Bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with concentration in Astronautics and a minor in Mathematics. I started my graduate school in spring 2011. I love this school because it gives you great opportunity to chase your dreams; it molds you to face the real world with the help of awesome faculty members/staff and fellow students. I joined Student Government Association (SGA) because I wanted to be a part of the organization that makes

a remarkable difference to the student body. Whatever we do is for the betterment of the students which I like the most. I decided to be a part of Student Finance Board (SFB) mainly because I like managing budgets and I know that it is something I will enjoy the most. I would like to thank you all for reelecting me as a SFB member and I promise to put all my effort in to serve you all the best! Contact me if you have any questions regarding SGA or SFB and I will be happy to help you. Something about me: Besides being a part of SGA, I work as a Graduate Assistant at the Career Services office. I like meeting new people and making new friends. I enjoy traveling, watching movies and horse riding.

“I get to work with the most amazing people and do my best to represent 700,000 airmen.” - Major J.R. Williams, USAF Thunderbirds Lead Solo

“Daytona Be much more Beach, NY, w airshows.”

“It’s beautiful. This is the neatest air show all year long, and we go to the giants; Oshkosh, Sun n’ fun, but this is a unique experience and I think it is just a great representation of Embry-Riddle.” - Chris Larsen, Larsen Motorsports

“I had no concept of w and I wanted to find o what it was like to go 1

- Cheryl Stea and parach

“It’s just an awesome experience, seeing the community get together. What the pilots do is incredible.” - John Christian, SGA Vice-President

“Have fun. Enjoy it, because [a solo] is a flight you will never forget. - Matt Chapman, Eagle 580 pilot

each is sweet. This beach is so e compact compared to Jones where we’ve done other beach -Steve Nicholas, John Klatt Airshow Team

what was above me out. I wanted to feel 120 mph.”

arns, champion skydiver huter

Photos by Richard Weakley

“Wings and waves is a beautiful spot. We love performing for them.” - Corkey Fornoff, flown 287 different aircraft

It’s been crazy, it’s been fun. - Kevin McBrayer, Phi Delta Theta



PiYo ™


ERAU Athletics celebrate grand opening B2

Marova, Huang take third at ITA Nationals B3 Besch crowned ITA/NAIA National Singles Championship B2 KHALED SAEED/GUEST PHOTOGRAPHER




Upcoming Sporting Events CROSS COUNTRY

Saturday, Oct. 20 vs Sand Shark Invite, S.C.

ERAU Atletics celebrates softball grand opening Alison Smalling

ERAU Athletics


Thursday-Sunday, Oct. 18-21 @ All Day vs Mission Inn Invitational, Fla.


Wednesday, Oct. 17 @ 7:00 p.m. vs SCAD Savannah, Fla.

Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 7:00 p.m. vs Thomas, Fla.


Friday-Sunday, Oct. 19-21 @ All Day vs St. John’s Mission Inn Invitel, Fla.


Friday, Oct. 19 @ 6:00 p.m. vs SCAD Savannah, Fla.

Sunday, Oct. 21 @ 1:00 p.m. vs South Carolina Beaufort, Fla

The Avion, October 16, 2012

The Embry-Riddle Softball Stadium was officially opened to the public on Saturday with grand opening festivities that featured an exhibition game against NCAA I Florida State. One of only two sporting events on Embry-Riddle's 2012 Homecoming calendar, Saturday's softball event drew close to 700 fans. The evening activities began with a few words from Embry-Riddle University President Dr. John P. Johnson and Athletic Director Steve Ridder. Following the ribbon cutting ceremony, featuring Dr. Johnson's wife Maurie, a strong advocate of programming for women at EmbryRiddle, Dr. Johnson threw out the ceremonial first pitch to freshman catcher and ERAU's first softball recruit Dee Espinosa. “I thought the Grand Opening went really well,” ERAU Head Coach Sarah Lockett said. “To have that many students, faculty and staff at the event was very exciting for us as coaches and for the players. We're very appreciative of the support we've received from Dr. and Mrs. Johnson, as well as Coach Ridder and the rest of the university.” The Eagles faced a tough test in their first ever game against outside competition, taking on a Florida State team that

advanced to the NCAA I regional tournament in 2012 and finished ranked No. 22 in the final Softball Collegiate Top 25 Poll last season. Second team All-Atlantic Coast Conference pitcher Lacey Waldrop combined with Jessica Nori to hold the Eagles to just three hits, while Stephanie Hartness and Briana Hamilton drove in three runs each in the 14-0 FSU win. Alexis Estrada was the Eagles' starting pitcher and surrendered just three runs in the first four innings. She also got some help from her defense in the early stages of the game, including a play by Alex Wood who, after making a diving catch in center field, laid down a bunt single to register Embry-Riddle's first ever hit in softball. “I'm very happy about how we executed some of the things we've been working on in our four weeks of practice,” Lockett observed. “I was very happy with our pitchers; we gave up 12 infield hits against a very good hitting team. We fielded a brand new team with nine freshman against a Division I team that's ranked 22nd in the country and although we were down, we didn't quit. I'm very proud of the way the girls handled the moment.” Both teams will be back in action on Sunday with FSU taking on Florida Tech at 1 p.m. and Embry-Riddle taking on Florida Tech and Bethune-Cookman at 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. respectively.


Wednesday, Oct. 17 @ 6:00 p.m. at Flagler (DH), Fla.

Friday, Oct. 19 @ 3:00 p.m. vs St. Johns River State College, Fla.

Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 1:00 p.m. vs Daytona State (DH), Fla.


Friday, Oct. 19 @ 3:30 p.m. vs Trinity International, Mich.

Friday, Oct. 19 @ 7:30 p.m. at Madonna, Mich.

Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 9:30 a.m. vs Siena Heights, Mich.

Saturday, Oct. 20 @ 1:30 p.m. vs Daemen, Mich. JAYARAJ SOMARAJAN/THE AVION

The Avion,

October 16, 2012




Marova, Huang take third at ITA Nationals Alison Smalling

ERAU Athletics The Embry-Riddle women's tennis duo of Kristina Marova and Hui-I Huang concluded their unusual run at the USTA/ITA National Small College Championships with a third-place finish, Friday at the Mobile Tennis Center.

The day before the tournament began, Marova and Huang were informed that, as the first alternate, they would be playing in the NAIA division of the national tournament due to the top-seeded team from Auburn Montgomery having to withdraw. After winning their first round match on Thursday, the ERAU tandem drew Olivet

Nazarene's Seraphine Buchmann and Aurelie Hascoet in the semifinal round. Marova and Huang dropped the first set 7-5, but rebounded to take the second 6-3, forcing a decisive third frame. The third set was tightly contested and in the end it was the ONU team that was able to pull out a 10-7 win to advance to the title match. Depsite the loss, Marova and Huang

were still able to compete in the tournament, playing in the third-place match. Their opponents were the third-seeded pair of Lilian Ferreira and Mariana Rosa who lost their semifinal match to No. 2 Theresa Schmaus and Maja Plavsic. The unseeded Eagles registered a straight set upset of the OBU team, winning 6-4, 6-3 to finish third overall in the tournament.


Besch crowned ITA/ NAIA Nationals Singles Champion Alsion Smalling

ERAU Athletics Embry-Riddle junior Patrick Besch etched his name in the Embry-Riddle record books on Saturday, winning the men's singles ITA/NAIA national title at the USTA/ITA National Small College Championships at the Mobile Tennis Center. For Besch, Saturday's victory marked the second national title of his Embry-Riddle career as he was part of the team that won the doubles crown in 2012. The tournament's No. 2 seed, Besch faced top-seeded Nicholas Pinones of Auburn Montgomery in the championship match. Pinones, who comprised half of the doubles team that bested Besch and Simon Felix in the doubles title match on Friday, breezed through the preliminary rounds of the tournament, dropping just three games in two matches. But the AUM sophomore had a much tougher battle against Besch in the finals. In the first set Besch was down 5-4, but with Pinones serving for the set, Besch broke Pinones, held serve and then broke again to win the first frame 7-5. Besch

surged out a 5-2 lead, but Pinones registered two break points of his own and battled back to win the second 7-5. In the third set, Besch grabbed the early lead again, but once again Pinones came back to knot the score at 5-5. Down 0-40 in his service game, Besch registered back-to-back aces to help him hold serve, but then his opponent also held to make the score 6-6 and force a tie-breaker. Besch was at an early disadvantage in the tie-breaker as an official overrule of an out call gave him a point penalty. Despite the setback, Besch moved out to a 5-1 lead, but continuing with the day's theme, Pinones rallied to make the score 5-4. The battle for the next point featured a 20-ball rally that ended with an overhead slam by Besch to make the score 6-4. With Besch at match point, Pinones double faulted on his next serve to give Besch the championship. “Today was a good win for Patrick,” ERAU Head Coach Dave Paschal said following the match. “He didn't play really well in doubles yesterday, so it was really good to see him battle for the win." Besch's tournament play will continued

on Saturday afternoon as he competed in the ITA “Super Bowl”, which included the singles and doubles champions at each divisional level. His 3.5 match earlier in the day took its toll on Besch and he was

forced to retire in the "Super Bowl" final. Besch's national singles title brings the overall number of ITA National titles won by Embry-Riddle me n's tennis to seven, including five singles and two doubles crowns.

Reta Woodard Position: Age: Height: Hometown: Major:


Track and Field/Thrower 21 5’9” Land O’ Lakes, Florida Air Traffic Control

Future Ambition: I’d like to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials, with multiple National Championships, but mostly I want to do those honors with honor and do them the right way with hard practice. ANTOINE DAUGNY/THE AVION

Entertainment Pitch Perfect hits the right note Page


The Avion, October 16, 2012

Pitch Perfect

Alex Pearce

Guest Reporter When I heard about Pitch Perfect, I was a little apprehensive since it was advertising to the Glee fan community. However, I was wrong: Pitch Perfect is an entertaining comedy for both guys and girls and will keep the viewer laughing and wanting to see more. It starts with two rival a capella groups from Barden College, the Trebelmakers and the Bellas. The Trebelmakers were the reigning champions, but the Bellas were looking to steal the championship from them. The plot begins with the Barden Bellas looking for new talent, which is when the protagonist, Beca is introduced. Beca, played by Anna Kendrick (50/50, Twilight) is an angsty freshman, who would rather produce music than sing, but does have a very nice voice. She wants

Photo Courtesy

PITCH PERFECT IS A funny, wholesome film with a few raunchy scenes, and an excellent up-and-coming cast featuring the hilarious Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), who calls herself “Fat Amy,” Brittany Snow (Prom Night), who nakedly barges in on Beca in the shower and Utkarsh Ambudkar, the flashy Indian rapper of the Trebelmakers. to drop out of college, but makes a deal with her dad to commit to a student organization on campus. She auditions for the Bellas, who are very uptight and strict, but are desperately looking for any talent. At the auditions, she meets her love interest, Jesse, played by Skylar Astin, who is auditioning for the Trebelmakers. The story then unravels as it follows both a capella groups as they compete against each other at competitions. The movie features an A-List soundtrack of past and

present hits from artists like: B.o.B, Bruno Mars, Kelly Clarkson, Nelly, Rihanna, Ace of Base and Simple Minds. The performances keep the audience wanting more because it is so interesting and entertaining to watch and hear the groups sing and make the music themselves. Pitch Perfect is a funny, wholesome film with a few raunchy scenes, and an excellent up-andcoming cast featuring the hilarious Rebel Wilson (Bridesmaids), who calls herself “Fat Amy,” Brittany Snow (Prom Night),

who nakedly barges in on Beca in the shower and Utkarsh Ambudkar, the flashy Indian rapper of the Trebelmakers. The plot may sound slightly cheesy, but it is a thoughtful and quality film; and, although the movie made just over 5 million dollars opening weekend, I would recommend this movie to anyone and advise people who have low expectations to give it a chance, and they will be pleasantly surprised. If you don’t want to spend money in the theatres, definitely rent it!

Sinister conjures a frightful night


Alex Pearce

Guest Reporter Finally! After several years, and I literally mean years, I have failed to be impressed by a horror movie. However, all that changed last night when I went to the midnight release of the new movie, “Sinister.” It all begins with a mysterious disappearance of a young girl after her family was hung in their backyard. Ellison Oswalt, played by Ethan Hawke (Training Day, Lord of War), is an author who makes a living writing about unsolved murders the police couldn’t quite figure out. After years of no success, Ellison decides to delve into this case and even goes as far as to move into the house

Photo Courtesy

THE MOVIE HAS SUPERNATURAL, as well as occult and shocking murder scenes, which comfortably fits all horror fans’ tastes. Sinister grabs your attention immediately and keeps you glued to the seat throughout. where the hangings occurred. He quickly realizes things are not as they seem when he discovers a mysterious box of antique super 8 tapes. The tapes unravel a string of other family murders that all share a similar occult resemblance. Ellison scrambles to figure out what is really going on, until things at home begin to go array.

The movie has supernatural, as well as occult and shocking murder scenes, which comfortably fits all horror fans’ tastes. Sinister grabs your attention immediately and keeps you glued to the seat throughout. The movie delivers not only suspense and anticipation, but also the “fear factor” horror movie goers long for. While the ending was somewhat pre-

dictable, it did not take away from the movie in the least. As an avid horror movie fan, I am not scared by many movies, but Sinister was bone chilling. After watching this one, it would be safe to say that some of you may have trouble falling asleep. If you thought Paranormal was scary, you haven’t seen anything yet!

The Avion,

October 16, 2012 HOUSING/ ROOMMATES

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The Avion, October 16, 2012

By Wes Oleszewski


We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don’t like?


b e






Mystery Strength

Congratulations to

Daniel Pacheco for submitting a correctly completed crossword puzzle! Please stop by The Avion office to collect your prize! Before Next Issue: Enter The Avion crossword contest! Submit your completed crossword to The Avion office in SC 110 before Friday, October 12, at 5 p.m. to be considered. Only students can enter, please bring the completed crossword and your Student ID. Last week’s solutions

ACROSS 1 Drum major’s stick 6 Chanel fragrance 10 Wood or iron 14 Humble place to live 15 Egg 16 Engage one’s services 17 Quip for those tired of waiting 19 Gymnastics legend Korbut 20 Wifey (with “the”) 21 Yemeni seaport 22 Butt of many jokes 24 With resolve 26 Gnus group 27 Maiden name intro 28 Quip for those tired of waiting 32 Caustic 35 Tenth anniversary gift 36 Await in terror 37 Mob enforcer 38 ... at the ___ ball game! 39 High on the Mohs scale 40 Great ruckus 42 CTRL, e.g. 43 Email command 44 Quip for those tired of waiting 46 It can be feathery or scaly 47 Niven’s “Casino Royale” role 48 Elate 52 Morning prayer 55 Stepped heavily 56 Vein contents 57 Touch on 58 Quip for those tired of waiting 61 Rose that had spikes 62 Saintly 63 Ripley’s Believe It ___ 64 It may be found behind a wall 65 Court partitions 66 Shot in the dark DOWN 1 Healing ointments 2 Call off, at Cape Canaveral 3 Trunk of the human body 4 Unusual 5 Vetoed 6 Partridge flock


7 8 9 10 11 12 13 18 23 25 26 28 29 30 31 32 33

It may clean itself Magna ___ laude Breakfast or brunch order Numbskull Funny Tomlin Egg on Den denizen Out of action Lacking water Unrestrained Useful In a stack Tide type A Wilson of The Beach Boys Bathtub swirl Turkish title (Var.) Masked mammal, informally

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Original cross word Tipped at the casino Many a lit. author One who won’t let you pass Pulver’s rank E-musing? Components of crosswords No man is an island poet Switch followers? Red-spotted, semi-aquatic critters Props for TV weathermen Assist in wrongdoing Bishop Desmond Horse pace Nursery “piggy” Play about Capote

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Issue 7 Fall 12  

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