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Tuesday April 5, 2011

Volume CXXX Issue 10

Apollo astronaut shares experiences with students

Touch-N-Go Productions Big Show

Don’t miss this year’s Big Show, featuring Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish on Saturday. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. and the show starts at 8 p.m. in the ICI Center. For more information or to help with security, stop by the Touch-N-Go office or visit their website at

Richard Weakley Staff Reporter

Last Thursday evening, in the College of Aviation Atrium, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) held their AIAA ERAU Student Branch Formal Dinner with Apollo Astronaut Al Worden as the guest speaker. Worden shared with the audience his memories of the Apollo Program and offered advice for up and coming engineers and those aspiring to be astronauts. Worden served as the Apollo 15 Command Module pilot performing science experi-

SGA Town Hall Do you have questions for school administrators? Come to the SGA Town Hall to get them answered. On Monday, April 18, the SGA will host its biannual Town Hall with Dr. John Johnson, (ERAU President), Dr. Richard Heist (ERAU Executive Vice President), Aaron Clevenger (Director of Student Activities & Campus Events) and Justin Fletcher (SGA President). Food will be served and there will be a chance to win an iPad.

Sixth annual Pull-A-Plane Join aviation honor society Alpha Omicron Alpha as they host their 6th annual Pull-APlane. The event will take place on Saturday, April 9 at noon at the Daytona Beach International Airport customs area. All proceeds will be donated to Angel Flight Southeast. For more information and entry details, visit website at

Inflatable Day on the West Lawn Sponsored by Touch-N-Go productions, Inflatable Day will be held as a promotional event on the west lawn tomorrow from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more information, stop by the TouchN-Go office or visit their website at

ments in lunar orbit while fellow astronauts David Scott and James Irwin descended in the lunar lander and explored the surface of the moon. Sitting in the Apollo Command Module atop the Saturn V on July 26, 1971 before launch was described by Worden as “quiet and dark” while the vehicle was being prepared for flight. During the time when he had completed his tasks and was awaiting lift off, Worden was actually relaxed enough for a two hour nap. The ascent of the vehicle had a “smooth acceleration” and the astronauts could not tell when they cleared the tower except for mission control stating that fact and from the instruments onboard the vehicle. Upon reaching lunar orbit, Worden said that “the most unique thing about being out at the moon is going around the moon and seeing the Earth. That’s a mind blower when you see the Earth from back there. Also another thing was the first time when we saw the moon up close was really astounding. That really just blew my mind. You see a couple of scenes like that, that you are so not prepared to see, that they make a lifelong impression on you.” When asked about how humbling it is to the see the moon up close, Worden responded that “you can’t even describe how small it makes you feel.” During the part of the lunar orbit that led him to the dark side of the moon when the spacecraft was between the Earth and Sun shadows and there was

no light, Worden recollected, “that’s something I’ll never forget seeing the universe. [I] couldn’t see individual stars, just a broad brush of light.” After returning back to Earth, Worden calculated the number of stars visible to him, at that point was 106 more than what can be seen from the surface of the Earth. After recollecting his space flight experience, Worden offered advice to those students present. For whose wanting to be astronauts or space program engineers, Worden advises to “Have patience. Hope for the best. I don’t know what direction the space program is going to go. There’s always going to be opportunities in the space program, it just might not be manned space… I think with the training you get at Embry-Riddle, it doesn’t make a difference if its manned space or unmanned space, you still learn about rockets and propulsion. I think there’s always a future there [in space exploration]”. Worden explained that in the industry you may not get along with everyone you work with, however, “you don’t need to get along with people you work with if you do everything professionally.” Worden did not get along with one of his fellow crew members but through doing everything professionally, as trained and directed by Mission Control, they were able to complete the mission objectives and perform additional research. This led Apollo 15 to be known in the scientific community as the Apollo program flight that accomplished the most science. Also, Worden cautioned that doing something “Earth shaking” like going to the moon, will not come without personal sacrifices. “What you give up is a lot of family time… in fact, my marriage did not survive to my flight because I was gone so much. We all go through periods in our lives that we have to make a decision about what you do. With the space program that was a pretty big thing. It was not something I was willing to give up.”

Arts & Letters series speaker On Saturday at 7 p.m. in the IC, join David Garfinkle, Chair of Physics at Oakland University and author of Three Steps to the Universe, talk about the mysteries of black holes. He will explain that black holes are, in fact, among the “brightest objects in the universe” and connected to wormholes, dark matter, and dark energy.

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AL WORDEN SURROUNDED BY representatives from the Student Branch of the AIAA at ERAU. AIAA and SGT sponsored Worden for the evening as he shared his experiences and advice.

‘Watermelon Bust’ for nonperishable foods Megan Demmert Guest Reporter

Fruit was flying during the week of March 29, as one of Embry-Riddle’s social Greek lettered fraternities, Lambda Chi Alpha, held their annual philanthropy event, Watermelon Bust. In support of Lambda Chi Alpha all four of the sororities on campus, Alpha Xi Delta, Lambda Theta Alpha, Theta Phi Alpha and Sigma Sigma Sigma, participated in five different mini games involving watermelon to help benefit the philanthropy. Watermelon Bust is a national food drive, which each chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha participates in each year. The event has raised nationally more than 24.6 million pounds of food to benefit the North American Food Drive (NAFD). The NAFD,

started in 1993, is designed to raise food for local communities, which also works closely with the fraternity. This year’s goal for the NAFD is to raise over 3 million pounds of food. Not only has Watermelon Bust become the largest single philanthropic projects sponsored by a collegiate national organization, Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has became the first fraternity to receive the Summit Award from the American Society of Association Executives in 1995 on a national level. For this year’s event, the list of mini games for the Watermelon Bust included poster painting, watermelon carving/decorating, watermelon eating, watermelon-chunk toss and an obstacle course. While the last three events included more physical activities, the poster painting and watermelon carving

showed the more artistic side of the participants. All entries for these two event included different elements of both Lambda Chi Alpha and each of the sororities participating. Throughout the week, laughter and screaming could be heard around the SC. Later in the week, the watermelon began to fly as the sisters participated in the watermelon-chunking toss. For the watermelon-chucking contest, two sisters of each sorority had to throw chunks of watermelon into a bucket using a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha as a backboard. Going into Sunday’s event, the obstacle course, there was a three-way tie between Alpha Xi Delta, Lambda Theta Alpha and Theta Phi Alpha. At the end of the day, raising 248 pounds of food, Theta Phi Alpha was named the winners of the 2011 Watermelon Bust. Krystel Parra, a sister of Theta Phi Alpha commented on the win, “Victory in the mini games was the least of our accomplish-

SGA Election Candidates

Woodard sets new NAIA mark in hammer throw

SGA Elect. A7

Sports B2

ments, it was the joy of knowing we contributed 248 pounds of food to the North American Food Drive!” All together, the event raised over 350 pounds of food for the North American Food Drive.

Mitch Hoerle, a brother of Lambda Chi Alpha and coordinator of Watermelon Bust stated, “Based on the amount of food raised, this year’s event was a lot more successful than last year.”


THETA PHI ALPHA WAS named the 2011 Watermelon Bust winners after raising 248 pounds of nonperishable food items.

‘Limitless’ has its limitations

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Ent. Inside C2




The Avion, April 5, 2011

African Student Association gather to celebrate Julliet Okeke

Staff Reporter The African Student Association (ASA) at EmbryRiddle Aeronautical University held the 2nd Annual African Students’ Association conference. African students and lovers of Africa from all over the country convened at the campus premises on March 18. The theme of the conference was “the Rebirth of Africa towards Empowerment, Unity and Progress”. The conference had about 300 attendees and various dignitaries and alumni as well. The opening ceremony was held the same evening at the University Center. Master of Ceremonies, ‘Doyin Adewumi (ERAU) and Yvette Kibwika (Miss UNAA) kept the audience entertained all through the show. Two keynote speakers addressed and admonished the students on how to empower themselves towards the development of their nations. Counsel for Congressman Bobby L. Rush and the founder and president of Congressional African Staff Association (CASA), Ms. Angelle Kwemo spoke on “HR 656 the African Investment and Diaspora Act (AIDA).” She spoke extensively on Africa and politics. She said that Africa is a partnership and has its key to development which is to be harnessed

by the upcoming youths. She also encouraged to pursue the noble cause for their countries’ development saying that Africa is not poor but rich, the students using the words of the president, Barrack Obama, “in politics, you have to convince and pressure.” Kwemo also said that “she was impressed and inspired by the commitment exhibited by the African Students and that we should pursue this commitment so as to attain greater heights.” She also advised the students to keep the fire burning about the right objectives and that they represent the future of Africa and Democracy. Second keynote speaker, Mr. Justin Jones-Fosu, CEO of Justin Inspires spoke on “becoming an action hero for the continent of Africa through unity, progress and empowerment.” The inspirational speaker kept the audience lively and interactive for an hour. He said “that the greatest investment you can give is yourself and that we should spend time being our worth instead of proving our worth; keep to our vision and run the race towards a successful completion.” He also spoke on the H.E.R.O. attitude which consists of Humility, Empowering, Respect/ Relation and Optimism/Open. He advised the students to have a professional accountability partner (PRAP) to help us apply action and the HERO attitude

to our lives. African Student Association from University of South Florida, Bethune Cookman University, the University of West Georgia and other colleges added fun to the show with their dance performances on stage. Gad Wavomba, ERAU alumni and Arik Air sales Account Manager gave out a round trip ticket to the essay competition winner, Christina Lisa Marie of USF, Tampa. Awards were also presented to Ms. Angelle Kwemo, Gad Wavomba and the planning committee members of ERAU. The show came to an end with more entertainment and dinner. The second day of the conference started with breakfast at various hotels. Workshops were held next. There were five different sessions with speakers like Ms. Sylvie Bello, Mr. Gad Wavomba, Ms. Adele Doctor, Mrs. Nurse Mary Koroma and Mrs. Michele Berg, the Executive Director, Embry –Riddle Alumni Relations. They spoke on health, business and politics related issue. The African Union (AU) permanent representative to the United States of America, Her Excellency, Ambassador Amina Salum Ali said that “the conference is great and that it’s important for the African continent. She said this is the right time for the program to be supported so as to attract more Africans.” She also advised the African Students’ Association to form

Campaign trail entered Student Center

an organization named Friends Of Africa club. Various speakers and other panel members like Mr. Jean-Claude Nzamba and Mr. Elhadji Abdoul Aziz Gueye also gave motivational talks on the investments and improvement of Africa. It was a whole afternoon of fun as the students played beach games. After the beach activities, dinner was held. Various African dishes like jollof rice, Efo riro, Eba, Chapatti, Puff puff, Biryani rice and others were served. Two more Arik air tickets were given out as well. The night ended with a party at Wise Guys club on Main Street. This was a fun time for the students to relax after the day’s hassle. Various songs from different countries were played. Sunday marked the last day of the conference. An interfaith service was held for all students at the interfaith chapel. A closing ceremony was held afterwards at the Gale Lemerand auditorium accompanied by picture taking. The conference attendees decided to give back to the community through community service at the beach. They walked across the shores cleaning and picking up debris from the beach sand. The president of the African Students Association of ERAU stated, “African Students Association has marked its 20th anniversary as an organization on campus by working to increase diversity information and knowledge amongst students. Bringing

Staff Reporter

IN PREPARATION OF STUDENT Government Elections, SGA held Meet-theCandidates in the SC on Thursday, March 31. During the event, the general student population was able to ask the candidates questions about different topics.

Advice from industry leaders Hannah Longhorn Staff Reporter

The Student Government Association will be hosting a College of Aviation forum on Wednesday, April 6 at 5 p.m., in the College of Aviation Atrium. The Dean’s office of the College of Aviation will be co-sponsoring the event alongside the Student Government. This event will include speakers from the Industry Advisory Council from many industry organizations. The docket of speakers includes the Director

of Operations at the Kennedy Space Center, Chief Pilot from the Boeing Corporation and the Facility Manager from the Daytona Beach Air Traffic Control Tower, along with many other industry advisors. Students will get a chance to speak with all of the industry advisors and ask questions about current topics. This will be a great chance to learn about upcoming job opportunities, where the future of aviation is headed and the changes that are occurring in the aviation community. Food will be provided at no

Executive Board Editor-in-Chief ....................... Tim Kramer Managing Editor ................... Aaron Craig News Editor ...................... Costas Sivyllis Business Manager ............... Matt Stevens Photography Editor .............. Austin Coffey Advertising Manager ...... Alena Thompson Editorial Staff Front Editor ............................ Tim Kramer Campus Editor ................. Ainsley Robson SGA Editor ............................. Bhakti Patel Student Life Editor ......... Alena Thompson Opinions Editor.............. Lanie Wagenblast SGA Elections .........................Tim Kramer Sports Editor ........................ Austin Coffey Peter Tan

cost to students during the event and there will be chances to win a number of different prizes. These prizes include two iPod touches, an Air Traffic Control headset, a Jeppesen flight bag, $100 worth of Sloppy Joe’s gift cards and an Xbox Kinect system. This will be a great opportunity to meet individuals with years of aviation industry related experience and to learn about the future of aviation. The Student Government Association and the Dean’s office highly encourage all students to attend this important event.

Editorial Staff Cont. Comics Editor ................. Tilford Mansfield Entertainment .................... Nick Candrella Copy Editor....................... Priyanka Kumar Staff Advisor Aaron Clevenger, Director of Student Activities and Campus Events Contact Information Main Phone........................(386) 226-6049 Advertising Manager..........(386) 226-7697 Fax Number.......................(386) 226-6727

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North America. We appreciate the school administration’s support and urge more students to get involved in cultures not their own. The world is indeed our playing field.”


THE ASA SPONSORED CONFERENCE brought close to 300 individuals to Embry-Riddle. The focus of this year’s conference was empowerment, unity and progress.

SAA dinner big success Alan Larsen


close to 300 students on campus of African descent or interest was a great way to showcase African cultures to Embry –Riddle as well as showcase Embry- Riddle to African Students all over

The ERAU Student Alumni Association (SAA) hosted its seventh annual Etiquette Dinner on Wednesday, March 9. The student-run organization invited the entire student body and hosted 96 students and faculty. The event required formal business or interview attire and was free to those who attended. The evening began in the College of Aviation Atrium where SAA Ambassadors greeted guests and invited them to take part in the networking social or cocktail hour. Guests were served sparkling grape juice as cocktail and bruschetta as the hors d’oeuvre. Etiquette professionals from the Academy of Etiquette and Protocol lead the hour with proper socializing techniques. They opened with teaching how to properly wear your nametag, shake hands and initiate a live-

ly conversation. In closing of the social, they discussed how to properly obtain business cards and how to approach the dining area. Upon being seated Michele Berg, Alumni Association Executive Director, greeted everyone followed by a greeting from Alan Larsen Student Alumni Association President. A thank you was also extended to the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity for their continued sponsorship of the event. Each table in the dining area had one SAA Ambassador, a faculty host and six students. Guests were assigned tables at random in order to promote meeting new people. The night was also to simulate a dining interview. The menu consisted of lobster bisque soup, salad, a chicken picatta entrée, and tiramisu and coffee for dessert. A vegetarian meal was available if requested in the RSVP. During each course, guests were taught various styles of dining,

from American, to Continental, to Oriental. Etiquette professionals discussed how to navigate the place setting and described each glass, dish and utensil’s purpose. At the end of the evening, guests were thanked for their attendance and given a little book of dining etiquette, courtesy of the Alumni Association, for quick reference in the future. Business card holders were also offered and students were asked to stop by the alumni office to pick them up. The ERAU Student Alumni Association (SAA) is a studentrun organization, residing under the Alumni Association, fostering school spirit, tradition, and pride throughout the university. Accepted members become Student Ambassadors to the Alumni Association and attend exciting social and professional events throughout the year. Interested students should inquire online at saa or stop by the alumni office for more information.

Muscle Car Club brings out big guns


THE FIRST ANNUAL CAR show was held on Sunday, April 3, in the ICI parking lot. The event, sponsored by the Muscle Car Club, contained over 70 different cars from Embry-Riddle and the Daytona Beach area. They hope to involve the Import Car Club, European Car Club and Riddle Riders for next years show.

Student Government A3 COA Forum Campus Bookstore update Page

The Avion, April 5. 2011

Curtis Dodge

College of Aviation The Student Government Association will be hosting a College of Aviation forum on Wednesday, April 6 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., in the College of Aviation atrium. The Dean’s office of the College of Aviation will be cosponsoring the event alongside the Student Government. This event will include speakers from the Industry Advisory Council from many industry organizations. The docket of speakers includes the director of operations at the Kennedy Space center, Chief Pilot from the Boeing Corporation and the Facility Manager from the Daytona Beach Air Traffic Control Tower, along with many other industry advisors. Students will get a chance

to speak with all of the industry advisors and ask questions about current industry topics. This is a great chance to learn about upcoming job opportunities, where the future of aviation is headed and changes that are occurring in the aviation community. Food will be provided at no cost to students during the event as well as a chance to win a number of different prizes. These prizes include two iPod touches, an Air Traffic Control headset, a Jeppesen flight bag, 100 dollars worth of Sloppy Joe’s gift cards, and an Xbox Kinect system. This is a great opportunity to meet individuals with years of aviation industry related experience and learn about the future of aviation. The Student Government Association along with the Dean’s office encourages all students to attend this important event.

Brittnee Branham

College of Aviation As your SGA’s Bookstore Liaison, I have lots of information to share with you. I was invited to join the bi-yearly ERAU Bookstore Advisory Committee Meeting this past March and wanted to relay with the student body everything I learned. To begin, the University Bookstore is working on making Embry-Riddle’s required flight charts available for purchase on their website at www.embryriddle.bkstr. com before the start of the Fall 2011 term. Now you can purchase your flight charts for the upcoming term before anyone else. Also, as many of you have requested, the University Bookstore is working on creating a Diamond cockpit poster

specifically for the Daytona Beach, Florida campus; be on the lookout for that during the Fall 2011 term. Beyond the new arrivals, the University Bookstore is excited to announce that Under Armour is back in-store and they have a full line of apparel for you to select from. Prices range from 30 to 75 dollars depending upon the type of apparel. As you know, the University Bookstore is always looking for ways to save you money, which is why the University Bookstore now offers a new line of apparel known as Value Priced. Apparel within this collection ranges from EmbryRiddle full-zip hooded sweatshirts to rolled t-shirts all for under 25 dollars. Another change to help students save money is that the University Bookstore switched from carrying Dell laptops to

HP laptops. Two HP models are currently available for in-store purchase; the HP Pavilion 3230 for 699 dollars and the HP Pavilion 3240 for 799 dollars. As of February 2011, the University Bookstore’s Rent-A-Text program has saved our students an estimated 115,000 dollars! The University Bookstore currently has 150 rental textbooks available. Rent eligible textbooks include Transportation, Climatology, Fundamentals of Aerodynamics, Aircraft Design, and Systems Engineering and Analysis (all of which have a rental savings of over 50 percent). If you have not participated in the Rent-A-Text program yet, now would be a perfect time to start saving money! Finally, in addition to the University Bookstore’s RentA-Text program, CafeScribe

is also available to students. CafeScribe is the University Bookstore’s digital textbook program which allows students to purchase an eBook that can be accessed from any computer, not just a Nook or Kindle! Once purchased, students will see an instant savings of roughly 30-50 percent and will have access to their eBook for the rest of their life. The University Bookstore currently has 38 eBooks available including “Meteorology Today,” “College Algebra and Trigonometry,” “Aircraft Safety,” “Basic Flight Physiology,” “College Physics,” “Engineering Computation” and “Fundamentals of Aviation Law” (listed titles sell for under 100 dollars). Remember to stop by the University Bookstore today and pick up an Embry-Riddle gift for your favorite graduating senior this semester!



Student Life


The Avion, April 5, 2011





The Avion, April 5, 2011

Studies show sleep to improve brain function Although students will often sacrifice sleep for study time, at some point the trade-off can have a negative impact on grades. You think pushing yourself to stay awake a few extra hours and cram will lift your test scores, but spending that time snoozing can be the key to retaining the information you need to know. Assessments by the American College Health Association have consistently shown that sleep problems are one of the top impediments to academic success. A 2010 study conducted by the department of psychology at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis titled “The Link Between Sleep Quantity and Academic Performance for the College Student” found that as the average number of days a student slept fewer than five hours a night increased, his or her GPA decreased. The study defined partial sleep deprivation as less than five hours a night. Research from the University of California in San Diego also

indicated that sleep-deprived participants performed poorly on high-level thinking tasks. Proper sleep can improve your ability to study and your performance in class. Improving Brain Power: Sleep is essential to learning and memory functions, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Individuals with healthy sleeping habits are able to concentrate and focus better than the sleep-deprived. “If you consistently get a good night’s rest, you’re going to be the student that’s actually processing and taking notes in real time, instead of writing stuff down and then looking at your notes a couple days later and having no idea what they mean,” says Tina Long, a health promotion specialist with GatorWell Health Promotion Services at the University of Florida in Gainesville. Collecting, reinforcing, and recalling information is easier for the well-rested. Sleep gives the brain a chance to

properly download what is learned in class or during study sessions and create more permanent memories. Long describes sleep as a complete rejuvenating process, where the brain consolidates and organizes information. Research from Luebeck University in Germany found that a good night’s sleep can actually help students crack complex puzzles. The A, B, Zzz’s of a Good Night’s Rest: To sleep better at night and reduce sleepiness during the day, the National Sleep Foundation suggests practicing good sleep hygiene. Start by maintaining a regular bed- and wake-time schedule throughout the week and weekend. Developing a bedtime routine, like taking a warm shower before bed or listening to soft music, can help induce sleep. “Try to do some type of wind down,” suggests Lisa Winn, a case manager and community liaison at the Counseling

and Wellness Center at the University of Florida. “Don’t do goal-oriented things right before bed, like studying or activities that will rev you up.” Sleep quality is just as important as sleep quantity, so try to make your bedroom sleepconducive. For many students, a comfy bed, good pillows, and a dark, cool room make for a good night’s rest. “My ideal sleeping conditions are a freezing cold room and lots of covers and pillows,” says Camille Jackson, a graduate student at the University of Florida. Also, finish eating 2 to 3 hours before going to bed. The University of Maryland Sleep Disorders Center in Baltimore recommends avoiding caffeine or alcohol 4 to 6 hours before going to sleep. Alcohol or caffeine consumption can disturb the normal sleep cycle and cause you to wake up during the night and have difficulties falling asleep. And while a short nap during the

day can recharge you, excessive napping or early evening napping can prevent you from getting a proper night’s rest. Regular exercise also aids in sleep, but it should be completed at least 4 to 6 hours before bedtime to prevent possible insomnia. “I try to go to the gym four times a week,” says Austen Bowman, a graduate student at the University of Florida. “After a good workout, sleep is always better.” If you are having issues with sleep, visit the National Sleep Foundation at or your local student healthcare services. Maria Isabel Thomas is a senior journalism major at the University of Florida in Gainesville. More Brain Boosters: In addition to getting proper sleep, students may find that they can improve their brain functions by doing the following: • Eating a well-balanced diet and keeping hydrated by

drinking plenty of water. • Exercising regularly. • Thinking positively. • Finding positive stimulation, like listening to music. • Playing word games or puzzles. • Watching a trivia game show, like Jeopardy, and actively participating. • Trying a new hobby or learning something new. • Doing something familiar in a new, or slightly different, way. For example, if you play soccer and normally kick using your right foot, try using your left foot instead. • Playing some video games may help with your multi-tasking skills. Studies by Daphne Bavelier, a professor of brain and cognitive sciences at the University of Rochester in New York, found that video game play can enhance vision, attention, and certain aspects of cognition. But don’t let game play interfere with your studies. ~ Maria Isabel Thomas University of Florida

Student Forum “In a zombie apocalypse, who would survive better: Pirates or Ninjas?”

- Compiled by James Holt

Dan Levine Junior Aerospace Engineering

Charlie Luger Freshman Aeronautical Science

Meidi Leung Sophomore Aeronautical Science

Hyo Joon Kim Junior Aeronautical Science

Brian Tocci Freshman Aerospace Engineering

Wei Mi Senior Civil Engineering

“Ninjas, you can’t even see them”

“Pirates, the zombies couldn’t get them at sea”

“Pirates, they have more money and guns”

“Ninjas, they move around quickly”

“Ninjas, they’re more skilled”

“Ninjas, they are trained to kill people”


SGA Elections



The Avion, April 7, 2011

Executive Ticket

Justin Fletcher

Remember to Vote April 4-8!

Abdulhalim Twahir Christopher Dalbora

Andrew Bellini

Amber Macchia

Christian Schirra

Stacey Ward

Ashok (Georgia) Annamalai

John Christian

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Justin Solomon

Steven Swei

Zach Tejral


Alton (Joe) Anderson

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Matthew Falkler

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Jerry Zollo

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Dijia Peng

Jay Palicha


Yosvany Alonso





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Huzaifa Teedee

Brandon Jones


Track and field breaks eight school records B2

Six Eagles listed in ITA men’s national rankings B3 AUSTIN COFFEY/AVION




The Avion, April 5, 2011

Track and field breaks eight school records Michael Pierce

ERAU Athletics The Embry-Riddle track and field team put on an impressive performance on Friday, breaking a total of eight school records and hitting 10 standards on the day. Sam Vazquez and Evans Kirwa participated in the Pepsi Florida Relays in Gainesville, while the rest of the team was in Tampa for the South Florida Invitational. Reta Woodard got the day off to a great start by tossing an “A” standard distance of 53.01m in the women’s hammer throw, winning the event. The distance also sets a new high mark in the NAIA this season as the longest hammer throw in the nation in the 2011 outdoor season. Crystal Bardge performed well in her outdoor debut, recording a “B” standard time of 57.16 in the women’s 400m, finishing third in the event. In the men’s 400m, Marquis Glenn established a new personal best time with a 49.79. The 1500m events saw four Eagles set new personal records, including Baleigh Hyatt (4:46.44, sixth) and Ellie Staker (4:49.18, 10th) for the women, and Zach Kraus (4:06.59, seventh) Bruce Federico (4:09.06,

12th) for the men. Another personal best was recorded by Kristina Kendrick in the women’s 200m, where she finished sixth in a time of 25.40. In the women’s 100m hurdles, Breanna Goring set a new school record and qualified for nationals with an “A” standard time of 14.86, good for fourth place in the event. The men’s 110m hurdles saw Embry-Riddle sweep the podium, led by Chance Finstad in a “B” standard time of 15.09. Craig Milliard finished second in 15.51, while Bryan Ray recorded a personal best time of 15.71 in third place. Ray also posted personal best times in the 100m (11.00, 11th) and the 200m (21.88, sixth). Leon Robinson had a great day in the sprints, posting “A” standard times in both the 100m and 200m events. The sophomore won the 200m with a time of 21.23 and finished third in 100m in 10.62. Russell Snyder set a new ERAU record in the men’s 3000m Steeplechase when he crossed the line in 9:34.64, finishing in second place. In the men’s pole vault, Harcourt Russell earned a mark of 4.30m to , establishing a new personal best and place him in a tie for seventh. The relay events saw two

more school records fall and two more “B” standards achieved. The men’s 4x100m team of Robinson, Ray, Glenn and Reagan Beal finished third with a time of 41.78, and the women’s 4x400m team of Bardge, Kendrick, Hyatt and Beatrice Enckell crossed the line in second with a time of 3:55.17. At the Pepsi Florida Relays in Gainesville, Fla., Evans Kirwa and Sam Vazquez took part in a pair of events, with both runners faring quite well against top-flight NCAA Division I competition. Vazquez earned a ninth-place finish in the men’s 1500m with a time of 3:47.14, while Kirwa placed third in the men’s 5000m in 14:08.98. Both times easily qualified as “A” standards, and both are also the fastest recorded times in the NAIA this season. In fact, Kirwa’s time in the 5000m is almost 10 seconds faster than the second-fastest time this year. The Eagles next meet is the B-CU Invitational, held at Bethune-Cookman University on Saturday, April 9. That will be ERAU’s final meet before hosting The Sun Conference Championships at the ERAU Track Complex on April 17-18, where the Blue and Gold will look to defend both the men’s and women’s crowns.


RETA WOODARD SETS A new high mark of 53.01 meters in the NAIA as the longest hammer throw in the nation in the 2011 outdoor season.

Eagles defeat Northwood in doubleheader sweep Ryan Mosher

ERAU Athletics Embry-Riddle got their first two run-rule victories of the year in a doubleheader sweep of Northwood on Saturday at Arthur W. Sylvester Field, 10-0 and 15-3, both games went just seven innings. ERAU improves to 31-8 on the season and 21-3 in Sun Conference play, Northwood falls to 24-16 overall and 8-10 in TSC.


Kline home run to left center that made the score 5-0 in favor of the Eagles. Jensen again stranded a pair of runners with no outs in the third by striking out two Seahawks and unducing a shallow ground ball to right field to end the threat. ERAU put the game out of reach in the fifth and sixth innings, doubling their score from five runs to 10. Aaron Glaum picked up a pair of RBIs in the fifth, singling to center

field to bring in Jentry Yost and Ian MacGeorge. Sabins scored on a wild pitch in the sixth before a slew of walks and singles made the score 10-0. Jensen gave up a double in the seventh, but an outstanding diving catch by Glaum in center field accounted for the final out of the inning and gave ERAU the mercy-shortened victory. Kline went 2-for-4 with four RBIs, Stroud finished 3-for-4 with an RBI and a run scored

10 0

Tucker Jensen picked up his third complete game victory of 2011 in the early game, tossing seven scoreless frames en route to a 10-0 win. Jensen surrendered just four hits and three walks while fanning five Seahawk batters. The Eagles got on the board early, plating a trio of runs in their first at-bat, including two on a Ben Kline double to left field. Kline would score the third run of the frame on a Keaton Stroud single to left field. Jensen stranded NU runners on second and third in the second inning with a ground ball to Steve Sabins at third base, getting the Eagles back into the dugout for the visitor-half of the third. Chris Page led off the inning with a walk, followed by a


AARON GLAUM STARTED OFF the 15-3 victory over Northwood with a single. The Eagles got their first two “runrule” victories in their doubleheader sweep over Northwood. ERAU improves to 21-3 in Sun Conference play.

and Glaum also added two RBIs for Embry-Riddle.


15 3

ERAU continued their offensive output with a 15-run outing in the series finale with the Seahawks, while sophomore Kevin Maloney pitched six strong innings of work for the Eagles on the mound. The Blue and Gold sprinted out to an 8-0 lead after three innings, scoring at least two runs in each of those frames. Glaum started the contest off with a single to the shortstop before Tyler Robbins placed a perfect bunt down the third base line to reach base safely. Sabins picked up his fourth triple of the year in the next at-bat, bringing home both Glaum and Robbins. Kline singled to left field after Page was intentionally walked, scoring Sabins from third. In the second inning, ERAU picked up an additional three runs on one hit and a Seahawks error, bringing the tally to 6-0. Nick Godfrey picked up a one-out single in the third to start the Eagle rally in that frame. Sabins picked up two more RBIs on a double down the left field line and pushing the score to 8-0. Maloney allowed one run in the NU fifth, but ERAU responded with seven runs in the sixth on just two hits, accounting for their 15 runs in

Baseball falls to Northwood 6-4 EMBRY-RIDDLE NORTHWOOD

4 6

Ryan Mosher

ERAU Athletics The third-ranked Eagles of Embry-Riddle stranded 10 baserunners and gave up nine hits against the Northwood Seahawks on Friday afternoon at Arthur W. Sylvester Field in a 6-4 loss to the Seahawks. ERAU dropped to 29-8 overall and suffered their third loss in conference play, 19-3. NU improves to 25-14 and 8-8 in league play. The Eagles had a 2-0 lead heading into the bottom of the third frame thanks to a Ian MacGeorge sacrifice fly that scored Keaton Stroud and an RBI walk from Stroud, scoring Frankie Arias. ERAU’s starting pitcher, Ryan Vigue, surrendered a run in the third off Ryan Osenton’s double down the right field

line to bring home Kevin Sides, cutting the ERAU lead to 2-1. The Seahawks grabbed an unearned run in the bottom of the fourth to knot the score at two runs apiece. ERAU took their final lead in the visitor-half of the fifth inning when Chris Page scored a two-out run off a Seahawk error. Page doubled with two outs to put himself in scoring position. Vigue held NU scoreless in the fifth, but the Northwood leadoff man Osenton began the sixth with a single to right field. A sacrifice bunt moved Osenton to second base before Vigue struck out Joshua Leo for the second out of the frame. Alden Wassenaar took a 1-2 pitch from Vigue down the right field line to plate Osenton and tie the score once more at 3-3. Northwood tacked on one more run to take a 4-3 lead into the seventh. The Blue and Gold answered in their next at-bat with a run thanks to Stroud’s two-out single to left center, scoring Steve Sabins. NU scored two runs in their half of the seventh, one each off of Vigue and reliever Robbie Ratliff, taking a 6-4 lead they

would never give up. Kyle Chavez closed the game out for the Seahawks in the ninth, going three-up, threedown through the heart of ERAU’s lineup to end the game in Northwood’s favor.

Vigue received the loss, dropping to 9-2 on the year. Ratliff and Phillip Reamy each pitched in relief. Stroud finished the afternoon 2-for-3 with a pair of RBIs and a run scored for the visitors.

the game. R. Alexander Rodriguez pitched the final three outs in the seventh, including a 4-6-3 double play that ended the game. Maloney moved to 6-0 with the win, throwing six innings of work, giving up four hits and three runs with two strikeouts. Glaum was 3-for-5 with an RBI and three runs scored while

Sabins plated six runs on two hits, his second six-RBI performance of the season. ERAU plays NCAA II Flagler on Tuesday, April 5 at Sliwa Stadium at 7 p.m. before taking on the Daytona Cubs in an exhibition game on Wednesday, April 6 starting at 7:05 p.m. The Eagles and Cubs will play at historic Jackie Robinson Ballpark in Daytona Beach.

Upcoming Sporting Events MEN’S BASEBALL

Wednesday, April 6: vs Daytona Clubs Daytona Beach, Fla. 7:05 p.m.

Saturday, April 9: vs Thomas (DH) Thomasville, Ga. 2 p.m. Sunday, April 10: vs Thomas Thomasville, Ga. 12 p.m.


Wednesday, April 6: vs Webber International * Daytona Beach, Fla. 3:30 p.m.


Saturday, April 9: B-CU Invite Daytona Beach, Fla. TBA


Friday-Sunday, April 8-10: LPGA International Bash Daytona Beach, Fla. TBA


Wednesday, April 6: vs Webber International * Daytona Beach, Fla. 3:30 p.m


Saturday, April 9: B-CU Invite Daytona Beach, Fla. TBA


CHRIS PAGE SCORED A two-out run off a Seahawk error to give the Eagles their final lead in the visitor-half of the fifth inning. The Eagles fell to 29-8 over-all in conference play.

*-TSC Opponents

The Avion, April 5, 2011




Six Eagles listed in ITA men’s national rankings Alison Smalling

ERAU Athletics The Embry-Riddle men’s tennis team fared well in the singles and doubles national rankings released by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association on Thursday. The Eagles, ranked second in the latest NAIA national poll, had five players ranked among the top 30 in the singles listing and three doubles teams in the doubles poll. Sophomore Chris Freeman began competing for the Eagles this spring and has an 11-3 record on the year. Freeman has worked his way into the top spot in the Eagle lineup and is ranked fifth in the national poll. Senior Jan Hoekzema, who has battled injury all season, is 4-2 on the year at No. 3 singles and is ranked 13th. Hoekzema’s fellow countryman Patrick Besch, also joined the ERAU team this spring and is ranked 16th with a 5-5 record.

Junior Peter Francis is 19-7 on the year, including a 5-2 ledger at No. 4 singles. Francis, who became the first Embry-Riddle tennis player to earn NAIA National Player of the Week honors on Mar. 23, is ranked 25th. Francis’ doubles partner, Simon Felix also garnered national Player of the Week honors on Mar. 30 and leads all Eagle players with 22 wins on the year. Felix has played most of his matches at No. 5 singles where he is 6-0 on the year, and is currently ranked 29th. Freeman and Hoekzema are ranked fourth in doubles, while Besch and Adrian Bayh, who are undefeated at 5-0 on the year, are ranked eighth. Francis and Felix have partnered for a 5-1 record and are ranked No. 16. As a result of a cancellation to Saturday’s match against Barry, the Eagles won’t play their next match until Wednesday when they close out conference play against Webber International. Match time is slated for 3:30 p.m..


THE LATEST NAIA NATIONAL has five players ranked in the top 30 in the singles listing and three doubles teams in the doubles poll. From left to right are Chris Freeman, Jan Hoekzema, Adrian Bayth, Simon Felix, Peter Francis, and Patrick Besch.

Women’s tennis team places six in ITA top 50 Alison Smalling

ERAU Athletics


THE EMBRY-RIDDLE TENNIS team has six players in the top 50 according to the Intercollegiate Tennis Association. The Eagles are ranked second in the NAIA national team rankings. The women’s tennis team remains unbeaten in conference play at 5-0 and are 10-5 overall.

After vaulting to the No. 2 spot in the NAIA national team rankings last week, individual members of the Embry-Riddle women’s tennis team were also featured in the latest singles and doubles polls released by the Intercollegiate Tennis Association on Wednesday. Leading the way is junior Yi Ching Chen who is ranked third in the singles listing. The junior from Kaohsiung, Taiwan is 23-5 on the year and is 14-3 in dual matches playing at the No. 1 singles position for the Eagles. Ekaterina Kamendova transferred to ERAU at the beginning of the spring semester and immediately impacted

the lineup. She has a 14-5 record playing at No. 2 singles, which has afforded her a No. 8 spot in the national rankings. Kamendova’s doubles partner Rocío Frej Vitallé is ranked 33rd, while freshman Kristina Márová is ranked 36th and Chen’s doubles partner, Josefine Strom, comes in at No. 40. Frej Vitallé is second on the team in wins with a 20-8 record and is 11-6 at the third position in the lineup. The Eagles’ No. 4 player, Márová is 14-5 on the year, including a 5-0 record in The Sun Conference, while Strom is 14-7 on the year, including a 9-5 mark at No. 5 singles and a 4-0 tally in league play. The Eagles also fare well in the doubles poll as each of the Eagles’ top three tan-

dems are ranked among the top 25. After capturing the ITA/NAIA national doubles title last November, Chen and Strom were ranked No. 1 in the preseason poll and the duo continues to maintain its hold on the top spot with a 26-4 overall ledger. Frej Vitallé and Kamendova have proven to be a formidable opponent at No. 2 doubles and their 17-1 record has them at No. 14 in the rankings. Márová and Paola Montero began their partnership this spring and since then, they have posted a 13-3 record, which is good for No. 22 in the poll. The Eagles’ next match will be at 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday when they put their 15-3 record on the line against NCAA II No. 11 Florida Southern.

ERAU to take on Cubs Felix, Frej Vitallé R Alexander Rodriguez ERAU Athletics

The No. 3 Embry Riddle baseball team will take on the Daytona Beach Cubs under the lights at 7 p.m. at Jackie Robinson Stadium. The game will be a seven inning match up to end spring training for the Cubs and start off their 2011 season. “For most of our players, this will be their only chance to play against professional athletes,” said head coach Randy Stegall. While playing against a professional team is a once in a life time opportunity, the Cubs game

is only a preview for a select few Eagles that make the progression to professional baseball. Three of last year’s Eagles actually went on to play at the next level: Austin Goolsby to the Orioles, Jonathan Kountis to the New York Mets, and Austin Quinn to the Pensacola Pelicans. The opponents that the Eagles are playing only make up half of the atmosphere; the other ingredient that makes the exhibition game special is the beautiful field that is the Jackie Robinson Stadium. Jackie Robinson Stadium is one of the nicest fields that the Eagles will walk onto all season long. Playing on a field that is

so rich in history and a large part of the community is a treat for any college player. This event is great for the community because two of the city’s baseball teams go head to head in a friendly game that brings great numbers to the ball park. It’s a great game because it’s the only game we have that we don’t need to worry about the end result,” said Stegall. “But I don’t like losing, so we will go out there and try to get a win.” Student tickets will be sold from 11 to 1 in the Student Center. The student tickets will be sold for $5 on campus and $8 at the gate.

garner National Honors


ROCIO FREJ AND SIMON FLEIX gained top honors as being named women’s and men’s National Tennis Player of the week. This marks the second straight week that an EmbryRiddle men’s tennis player received the national recognition. Alison Smalling

ERAU Athletics Just two days after sweeping the conference tennis Player of the Week honors, EmbryRiddle’s Simon Felix and Rocio Frej Vitallé were recognized again on Wednesday. Felix was named the NAIA National Men’s Tennis Player of the Week, while Frej Vitallé was tabbed as the NAIA National Women’s Tennis Player of the Week. Felix and Frej Vitallé were selected based on their performances from March 21-27 and were chosen out of a pool of conference/independent/unaffiliated group player of the week selections. Wednesday’s honor marked the second straight week that an Embry-Riddle men’s tennis player received national recognition as Peter Francis earned the national Player of the Week distinction on Mar. 23. A freshman from Geneva, Switzerland, Felix improved to a team-best 22-3 singles record and a 21-7 ledger in doubles.

Felix began the week with a 6-2, 6-1 win in singles and an 8-3 win in doubles with Peter Francis as his partner as the Eagles blanked Northwestern Ohio 9-0. Later that day, he earned a shutout (6-0, 6-0) in singles and an 8-1 win in doubles in an exhibition match against Coastal Georgia. Felix scored the clincher in each of the Eagles’ next two matches. He bested Ave Maria’s Matthew Vicinanzo 6-0, 6-0 in singles and teamed up with Francis for an 8-0 win in doubles as the Eagles blanked the Gyrenes 9-0. Felix pulled out a 7-6 (8-6), 6-1 win against Northwood’s Mihkel Kruusmagi at No. 3 singles and an 8-3 doubles win as the Eagles topped the Seahawks 7-2. Frej Vitallé, now 20-8 on the year in singles and 22-3 in doubles, dropped just four games in singles play and two in doubles to help the Eagles to three shutouts last week. Against Northwestern Ohio on Monday, the junior earned a 6-0, 6-1 win over Andrea Arauyo in her first match of the

year at No. 2 singles. Frej Vitallé also teamed up with Ekaterina Kamendova for an 8-0 win at No. 2 doubles. Later that day, the Zaragoza, Spain native earned an 8-0 win in doubles and a 6-1, 6-1 win in singles in an exhibition match against Coastal Georgia. Frej Vitallé registered a shutout of conference foe Ave Maria’s Eileen Lee at the No. 3 singles spot and partnered with Kamendova for an 8-2 win at No. 2 doubles. The ERAU tandem also blanked Northwood’s Priscela Duarte and Christine Novakovic and Frej Vitallé closed out the win with a 6-0, 6-1 defeat of Novakovic at the third singles position. The Embry-Riddle men’s team will be back in action at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday when they travel to Lakeland, Fla. to take on NCAA II No. 7 Florida Southern. The women’s team’s next match will be at 3:30 p.m. on Apr. 5 when they host Florida Southern, ranked 11th in the latest ITA rankings, at the Crotty Tennis Complex



PARAMOUNT PICTURES Photo courtsey Sony Pictures




The Avion, April 5, 2011

Electronic Eagles ‘Limitless’ falls short in expectations electrify Friday nights


Zane Pratt

Guest Reporter If Limitless is taken for what it is, a popcorn flick, the film is enjoyable. However, if at any point you stop and try to rationalize the story

line, it slumps. Protagonist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper of The Hangover fame) is a struggling writer whose life is falling apart until he discovers a special pill called NZT that allows him to access 100 percent of his brain. With his expanded brainpower, Eddie’s possibilities become “limitless.” It is bad strategy when screenwriters focus more on making a character “cool” (as they have done with Morra) than on making him complex or “real.” Morra is the poster child for Hollywood’s cool man, but he’s all surface. He looks suave in his open-collared shirts, he has plenty of money to blow, he has access to beautiful babes, and with his amped-up brain, he can do no wrong. While initially amusing, Morra’s super-cool, king-of-the- world lifestyle quickly becomes boring for viewers. The action does not intensify until his stockpile of NZT begins to run low, and

others want to get their hands on the drug. Director Neil Burger attempts to add his own touch on Limitless with tricky camera work. This trick is clever the first time, but Burger uses the technique a dozen more times throughout the film, and the effect grows quite exhausting. Surprisingly, another weak link in the movie is Robert DeNiro. He shows up out of nowhere, makes the “DeNiro face” we’ve seen a million times and tries to strong-arm Morrow into working for him. Maybe the director only needed DeNiro’s name in the movie; he certainly didn’t make use of his acting talent. Limitless is a fun movie, but it fails to realize its full potential. Where was the NZT when the writers were developing the script? The bottom line, is that Limitless is neither remarkable nor awful. It offers a good time at the movies, but trust me; it is not in any way memorable.

Hannah Langhorn Staff Reporter

Every Friday night from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m. the Eagles FM studio is taken over with the sounds of electronic music, hence the name of the show, “The Rave”. Host

show and how to do a set.” Electronic dance music, which is most commonly associated with techno, also includes genres such as, Acid, Ambient, Club, Dub, Electro, Eurodance, Euro-rave, Hardcore, House, Progressive House, Rave, Trance and many more

Drum and Bass” says Kelley. Talk of a second annual event for the Spring Semester titled Nuclear Wasteland is in the works and will include hardstyle, hard trance, house, dark drum and bass and gorestep. Thankfully though, as long as The Rave is on air, listeners will


photo courtesey of relavivity media

Back to the beginning

Definitely Maybe Oasis

Peter Tan

Staff Reporter Noel and Liam Gallagher, the pair of brothers with a thoroughly bad-boy reputation became famous in the mid-90s as Oasis. With the fairly recent breakup of this famous British band, there is no better time to take a look and see what set them down that path. Released in 1994, this album spearheaded the British Rock movement and up till 2006, held the record for fastest selling album in UK history. It is regarded as one of the most important debut albums of all time, opening up a new genre and remains on many “best

albums of all time” lists. Oasis defined a generation of youth, forging a new direction in music W This is one of those rare albums where almost a majority of the songs on it were released as singles. More were supposed to be released but the band refused to have too many singles as “You don’t have five singles off a debut album.” At its release, it was not immediately taken to by the American audience very well as they were still preoccupied with Grunge and Metal music of the likes of Nirvana and Metallica. It still went on to do successfully in the States, selling over a million albums. From start to finish, this album is well crafted and every song is memorable in its own right. Radio stations all over the world still play any and all songs from this album, The opening song, “Rock n’ Roll Star” explains the bands intentions perfectly and the song hits you hard and fast and doesn’t stop. The wail of electric guitars is followed swiftly with the rapid drum line and fills you up with energy. It fades off, easing into the next track gracefully. “Shakermaker” is a more bluesy song, with simple guitar riffs, a relaxed drum line and more emphasis on the vocals and lyrics. The lyrics however, would not make sense to any-

one not of that era, as it talks about songs and toys of the late 80s. Possibly the most famous song on the album, “Live Forever” is a true British rock anthem and is frequently a closing song for an Oasis concert. A well-placed guitar solo kicks in at about 1:40 and carries the song, leaving the lyrics of “Maybe I will never be, all the things I want to be” lingering in your head. Track eight, “Cigarettes & Alcohol” would definitely be the next best song on the album. The lyrics talk not just about smoking and drinking, but drugs as well as “You might as well do the white line.” It’s another song that is blues influenced and aptly defined a generation of experimentation, of days when drug and drinking laws were not as strict and closely enforced. The last track, “Married with Children” is a little of an anomaly, being an acoustic song in a whole album of rocking beats. Bearing in mind that this is a debut album, the song seems like a disclaimer, telling listeners that Oasis can do different sounds. Overall, this is a legendary album, one that defined a generation and crafted a new genre. If you have no idea what British Rock is, or you are unclear in your definition, this album is definitely a must listen to.

PHOTO COURTEsY myspace oasis

Kendrick Rice (DJ K-Rice) and co-host Sean Kelley (DJ New Dynasty) jointly run the Friday night show that was originally created by DJ Alex G in 2005. Kelley, who has been a DJ for almost 8 years, originally had a separate show, Club 99.1, and was a recurring guest DJ on “The Rave” when it was still hosted by Alex G. After “The Rave” was given over to Rice, the two came to the mutual decision to work together therefore canceling Kelley’s show, making “The Rave” into what it is today. Rice, who has been spinning disks since his sophomore year in high school, was confident in taking over “The Rave” after Alex G’s departure saying, “I shadowed him and was pretty well adjusted to the

derivations of these. The duo wish for the show to be passed on to someone else once both have graduated; however, the two DJs offered a few words of advice to aspiring DJs. “Learn how to actually DJ,” says Rice, “Don’t rely on a computer program to DJ for you.” “If you want to ‘scratch,’ start off learning vinyl. Not vinyl linked to a computer such as Serato or Traktor, but actual vinyl. Hone your skills before moving to CDs and Serato” suggested Kelley. Rice and Kelley both bring their unique styles to complement each other, and create a show that is sure to hold your interest whether it is on a Friday night in the studio, or an external event, such as Euphoria. Electro, Liquid styles of Dubstep and

have the opportunity to get their EDM fix. With more events on schedule, you will have more opportunities to listen to DJ K-Rice and DJ new Dynasty along with all the other DJ’s of WIKD. Events such as the “WIKD DJ Battle Royale” will have DJs battling it out on the West Lawn to prove who’s the top DJ of the station for 2011. The competition will be held on April 16, 2010 from 3:30 p.m. onwards and will bring the competing DJs: K-Rice, Alex G, New Dynasty, NoGo, Pure, Costa, Zero and Syndrome to battle it out for the win. For more information concerning The Rave and/or WIKD (Eagles FM) you can visit:, or go to the SC 111 Eagles FM station.


The Avion, April 5, 2011



HOUSING/ ROOMMATES Serene Gated Community Pelican Bay lakefront condo: 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths, large living room, eat-in kitchen, den, spacious lanai. Beautiful views. Pool weekends in season. Fully equipped and furnished for 2011-2012 academic year. A vacation paradise, minutes from campus: $875/mo plus electric includes hi-speed DSL, basic cable, and local telephone. No smoking, no pets. For more information and pictures call (203) 372-3927 or Email

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Classic Peanuts



Mystery strength Sudoku! Can you solve them all?

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Sudoku Easy



Congratulations to Scott Parker for submitting a correctly completed crossword puzzle for last week’s crossword puzzle contest. Please stop by The Avion office to collect you prize! Before Next Issue: Enter The Avion crossword contest! Submit your completed crossword to The Avion office in SC 110 before Friday, April 8 at 5 p.m. to be considered. Only students can enter, please bring the completed crossword and your Student ID.

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