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Weekend Finale Filled with Fun

All Photos Credit: Richard Weakley, Trey Henderson, Khaled Saeed/The Avion Newspaper

Elizabeth Worsham & Tayler Vest Managing Editor & Staff Reporter On Nov. 9, the Armstrong parking lot transformed into a spectacle of music, rides and glittering lights as a finale to ERAU’s Homecoming Week 2013. Thirty people put in a total of 1200 hours over the weekend to make sure that Homecoming finished with a bang. After a long week of activities, students and the general public were welcomed to Friday’s

comedy show featuring Demetri Martin. 1800 people attended the event, with nearly 100 students staffing the show. During the show, Demetri showed his unique style of comedy, using stage props such as the “Large Pad,” and accompanied some jokes with his harmonica and guitar as a final performance. His performance on Friday was very much

a throwback to his show “Important Things with Demetri Martin”, which aired on Comedy Central for two seasons in 2009. Demetri Martin wasn’t always a comedian. He went to law school before choosing to pursue his goal of being a comedian. Not only a comedian, Dimitri also writes and acts. He wrote for Late Night with Conan O’Brien, and some of his books include “This is a Book,” as well as “Point Your Face at This.” He appeared in the Daily

Show as the Senior Youth Correspondent. He has also appeared in the season finale of Flight of the Conchords, an HBO series. His comedian career has been on-going since 1997. Yet his performance was just an appetizer for Saturday night’s festivities, as Touch-N-Go hosted a closed-to-thepublic carnival and concert for ERAU students. Over three thousand students attending the carnival participated in a range of activities from

rides and face painting to vendors and fun houses. The carnival featured a concert headlining Gloriana with Erick Baker performing as the opening act. Gloriana is a country music group hailing from Nashville, Tenn. Their hit songs include “Wild at Heart,” “How Far Do You Wanna Go?” and “(Kissed You) Good Night.” In 2009, they were recipients of the American Music Awards Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award, and in 2010,

they won the Academy of Country Music’s Top New Vocal Group Award. Erick Baker is a singer-songwriter from Knoxsville, Tenn. In addition to his own headlining performances, he has performed with artists including James Blundt, Gavin DeGraw, John Legend and Goo Goo Dolls. Did you enjoy showing your ERAU spirit during this week’s festivities? Do not worry, next year’s Homecoming is only 356 days away!



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12 2013


The OS Wars Continue: Which Side Will You Choose? Barbara Chearney Information Technology The brand war between Windows and Mac operating systems will, unquestionably, continue to be a heated one. Microsoft loyalists will defend Windows - a powerful, tried-andtrue giant, while ardent Apple adopters will support Mac - the innovative, fun-yet-strong opponent. For those of you who have not yet decided who you would like to support, here is some information that may help shape your opinion. According to Net Applications (netmarketshare. com), as of Oct. 31, Windows owns 90.66 percent of the worldwide operating system market share, while Mac owns 7.73 percent, and Linux owns 1.61 percent. Net Applications breaks down the Windows

market share even further: with 46.42 percent of its share using Windows 7, 31.24 percent using Windows XP, 7.53 percent using Windows 8, 3.63 percent using Vista, and 1.72 percent using Windows 8.1, Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Data shows that Windows has lost market share every month this year except for March and July.


Speaking of new operating systems, October was quite a busy month for Microsoft and Apple. In an attempt to outmaneuver the opponent, both companies unveiled newer versions of their operating systems; Microsoft released

Windows 8.1, and Apple released OSX 10.9. According to Net Applications, Microsoft lost The Battle of October, losing some of its market share to Apple. Data shows that Windows has lost market share every month this year except for March and July. Between September and October, Windows lost 0.15 percentage points (down from 90.81 percent to 90.66 percent). While Windows was losing market share, Mac gained that 0.15 percent, increasing its overall rate to 7.73 percent. How large of an impact is a loss of 0.15 of a percentage point for Windows – and corresponding gain of 0.15 of a percentage point for Mac – when you own over 90 percent of the worldwide market share? You can decide. Perhaps these perpetual, albeit nominal, losses for

Microsoft indicate a shift in users’ thinking. Maybe they are moving toward the preference of another OS, or maybe what we’re seeing is a few anomalies, a few outliers in statistical data. Net Applications does claim to utilize data from 160 million unique users by monitoring over 40,000 websites per month in order to form its market share conclusions, but how can we really know for sure as to how this data is collected? Again, you can decide. Whatever your decision, the answers will never be clear cut, and the brand war will likely continue. Can you say, “Coke or Pepsi?” If you have questions about your operating system, contact IT Support @ 386-226-6990 or email Don’t forget to like us on Facebook: EmbryRiddleIT.

Staff Advisor Wesley Lewis, Asst. Director, Media & Marketing

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12 2013


Homeland Security Introduces New Department on Campus Jennifer Blanco Public Relations, HSSA

In a recent interview with Homeland Security Program Coordinator Dr. James Ramsay, details on the transfer of the Homeland Security Program to the new College of Arts and Sciences (COAS) building were clarified. The B.S. in Homeland Security will remain just as it is, save for the fact that it will be located in the COAS in a brand new department, which the Homeland Security faculty is enthusiastically calling the department of “Security Studies and International Affairs (SSIA)” beginning in January 2014. The B.S. in Homeland Security program began in 2006 at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Daytona Beach campus. It remains the fastest growing program on campus and continues to expand in order to accommodate the emerging demand for homeland security and emergency management professionals. Minors are offered in Cyber-

security, Forensic Accounting, and Terrorism Studies. The new SSIA Department, chaired by Dr. Ramsay, will continue to expand in the coming year with the addition of two new Master’s Degrees to the program: Human Security and Resilience, and Cybersecurity Management and Policy. Both degrees will be offered online and will be research and project based. Human Security and Resilience will explore human-based security challenges that are concerns for both U.S. homeland and national security. These challenges include population, climate change, and how to improve the resilience of critical infrastructures. Cybersecurity Management and Policy will take a non-engineering, social science approach to Cybersecurity and will educate students on “how to USE cyber tools, rather than build them,” in order to secure data, protect organizational assets, learn how to manage cyberse-



The Avion

NBAA Panel Draws in Business Aviation Experts Christopher Chabot Director of Events, NBAA OSG

Dr. James Ramsay, Homeland Security Program Coordinator

curity processes and projects, and use digital forensics tools to facilitate criminal investigations. The graduate programs are natural extensions of the learning outcomes in the B.S. in H.S. Given the types of hazards and threats in today’s environment, there is a growing demand from mid-career working professionals in the field for not only online degrees, but precisely the sorts of degrees offered. Disciplines such as the FBI, law enforcement, Secret Service, First Responder community, Diplomats, larger multinational organizations in the private sector, and even higher education expect to benefit from the skills and knowledge in the two new master’s degrees. In addition, there are emerging markets for doctorates in these two areas, as they are increasingly “in-demand” academic disciplines. Looking a bit further into the future, two years from now the SSIA department

will be introducing yet another Bachelor’s Degree in Conflict Studies. The new degree will be developed and led by the Social Sciences faculty at ERAU. In addition, SSIA aims to add a language capacity to the campus that will likely include Spanish and at least one strategic language such as Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, or Pashtun. For students interested in Emergency Management, the program will be looking forward to creating a major or minor in the discipline to broaden career opportunities for students at ERAU. The Homeland Security Program will continue to be the primary curriculum for the establishment of the first ever department in this particular field of study. The ERAU Eagles are proud of this growing program and welcome the Security Studies and International Affairs Department to the new College of Arts and Sciences, which will be opening in January.

On Nov. 14, the NBAA Official student group will be hosting industry professionals from the business and corporate aviation world for an open panel discussion. The event will begin at 5:30 p.m. with an informal social in the College of Aviation Atrium, where students can interact with our panel members. Pizza and refreshments will be served. Shortly thereafter, we will begin our formal panel discussion followed by a Q&A session. Our distinguished guests are as follows. James Huntoon is a 1993 graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, where he focused on Aeronautical Studies and Aviation Business Administration. He earned his Master’s degree for Aeronautical Science in 2010. He has gained over 19 years of Corporate Aviation experience from his employment at major corporations all around the United States. Some of his other positions include Regional Engine Manager for Dallas Airmotive, Senior Regional Sales Manager at Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Ga. and Regional Sales Manager for G.E. Capital SimuFlite in Dallas, Texas. Currently, he works at AIRCELL in Broomfield, Colo. as a Regional Sales Manager. He is also a member of the Alumni Advisory Council for Embry-Riddle and a part of the leadership group for the National Business Aviation Association. Joshua Satlow earned his Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Systems Maintenance from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) in 2006. While a student, Satlow was employed on campus as an aircraft technician in the fleet maintenance department, and an assistant instructor in the avionics line maintenance program.

He received the Chairman Award from ERAU in 2006 for his exceptional work in the Aeronautical Science Department. From 2006 to 2009, Satlow was employed at Flightstar Aircraft Services Inc. in Jacksonville, Fla. as a technician, and he was promoted to be the Lead Avionics Technician in 2007. Currently, he has been working for Gulfstream Aerospace in Savannah, Ga. for four years. He is the Lead Avionics Tech in the Corporate Flight Department, where he plans and carries out common aircraft maintenance and avionics tasks. Lisa Musante joined Signature Flight Support in 2010 as Marketing Specialist. Prior to that, she worked at NetJets Inc. and held various positions including Sales Consultant and Corporate Communications Manager. Lisa has 20 years of sales and marketing experience and 14 years in the aviation industry. She holds a Master’s Degree in Strategic Communications from Seton Hall University, and is currently pursuing her Certified Trade Show Marketer (CTSM) certification. Current job duties include planning, oversight and budget compliance for trade shows and customer events, managing marketing projects, international and external communications, social media, and collaborating with base managers on marketing for their facilities. Each expert will be giving a short presentation on their responsibilities and position in the corporate aviation industry and the current state of business aviation. They will also be fielding questions from students and attendees. This is a great opportunity to interact and network with individuals from the industry and satisfy any curiosity one might have about aviation as a tool for business. We invite all Embry-Riddle students, staff and faculty to attend this unique opportunity.



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12 2013


September Scholar of the Month

Keith Ball COAS Representative

Nathalie Vazquez is one of the recipients of the September Academic Scholar of the Month. She is currently a graduate student in Electrical and Computer Engineering. She has been a Graduate Teaching Assistant for the Math Department since Fall 2012, teaching two math classes a semester. Nathalie is a great candidate for this award because not only does she keep up with her academics, but she tries to inspire the same excellence in her students. Nathalie is also very involved on campus and has dedicated a lot of her time in giving back to the community. Currently she serves

on the executive board for the Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers, while being the Principal Investigator for an IGNITE funded research project. This project entails microcontroller prototyping and creating lesson plans to teach electronics to local K-12 students. She is also the president of STEM Outreach. The club has done a lot of outreach with local schools, such as presentations and long-term projects. Last semester, Nathalie and her members helped kids from Campbell Middle School build a hexacopter over the duration of six weeks. One of her many achievements is a project she worked on in grad school.

She was the team lead for an innovative design that won first place in the national FAA Design Competition. Her team had the opportunity to present this project at FAA headquarters in Washington, D.C. This past summer, Nathalie had an internship at Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, where she was an avionics systems engineer working on international Black Hawk programs. Through her leadership, campus involvement and academic integrity, the SGA Academic Committee would like to congratulate Ms. Nathalie Vazquez on her selection as Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Student Government Association’s Academic Scholar Award selection.

Celebrate International Student Week Jovita Pinto Intl. Representative This week, from Nov. 11 to Nov. 16, will comprise of lots of fun filled activities to strengthen the diversity on our campus. Every student, whether national or international, will get an

opportunity to taste foods from different nations and explore traditions of different countries around the world. All events, with the exception of Mr. and Ms. Distinguished and the International Soccer Tournament, will be providing plenty of free food to those

who attend, so be sure to come hungry! Please come out with all your friends and support this experience of diversity. If you have any questions about any of these events, please feel free to contact Jovita Pinto at

Schedule of Events Tuesday - Nov 12th 6 PM to 9 PM - Multicultural Fashion and Food Tasting Day in the Student Centre.

Friday - Nov 15th 5 PM to 9 PM - International Soccer Tournament on the Richard Petty Fields.

Wednesday - Nov 13th 10 AM to 2 PM - Caribbean Student Association Jerk Wednesday’s on the West Lawn. 5 PM to 7 PM - International Student Career Seminar in the Welcome Centre. 7:30 PM - Mr. & Ms. Distinguished in the Student Centre.

Saturday - Nov 16th 7 PM to 9 PM - Coming to Africa in the Student Centre.


12 2013


Student Life



The Avion

Halloween Fashion Show is SPOOKY Success

Kayla Holsinger Sigma Sigma Sigma

On Oct. 30, Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority hosted their annual Halloween Fashion Show in order to raise money for their philanthropy project. The show featured singles, couples, and groups of creative costume wearers. The participants’ costumes ranged from Despicable Me’s minions to the Spice Girls. Various awards were handed out for the most impressive costumes, and the Tri-Sigma Sisters performed a spectacular dance. The money raised went directly to Tri-Sigma’s philanthropy group, the Sigma Sigma Sigma Foundation, which provides scholarship opportunities for sisters and play therapy for terminally ill children. The monetary proceeds far exceeded expectations, making the event a huge success. Tri-Sigma would like to thank all of those who donated their time to attend or participate in the Fashion Show. We hope to see you again next year for another evening of spooky, clever, and goofy costumes!

Ramkumar Subramanian/The Avion Newspaper

Ramkumar Subramanian/The Avion Newspaper

Ramkumar Subramanian/The Avion Newspaper

Ramkumar Subramanian/The Avion Newspaper

Sigma Sigma Sigma Welcomes New Member Class

Photo Courtesy: Sigma Sigma Sigma (Picture from left to right: Logan Turco, Jansyn Johnston, Carissa Kleinsmith, Jessica Lamppert, Lindsey Krebs, Deana Reilly, Jessica Ortega, Pamela Garcia (Vice President), Jordan Hilgers, Natalie Jimenez, Andreia Brown, Danielle Rosales, Carly Shoemake, Morgan Latten, Corinne Meyer.) Sigma Sigma Sigma proudly announces their fourteen newly initiated sisters. The Eta Tau chapter welcomed their Fall 2013 class into their bonds of sisterhood during the initiation ceremony that was held on Sunday, Nov. 3, at the campus chapel. Tri-Sigma is excited to see the positive impact that these dedicated women will make on Embry-Riddle’s campus, and in our community.


12 2013






The Avion


Dolapo Awofiranye/The Avion Newspaper


Dolapo Awofiranye/The Avion Newspaper


Dolapo Awofiranye/The Avion Newspaper


Dolapo Awofiranye/The Avion Newspaper


Austin Coffey/The Avion Newspaper

Austin Coffey/The Avion Newspaper



Austin Coffey/The Avion Newspaper

Dolapo Awofiranye/The Avion Newspaper

1. Tailgate Party 2. Homecoming parade 3. Air Jam 4. Homecoming Parade 5. Homecoming Queen, Jori Walen getting crowned. 6. Homecoming King, Andres Martinez getting crowned. 7. Homecoming Court poses with last year’s Homecoming King and Queen. 8. Basketball game

Photo Credit: Trey Henderson/The Avion Newspaper




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Airshow Center


12 2013


UAVs Find Civilian Use

ICAS Convention Las Vegas, NV December 2-5, 2013

The International Council of Airshows will hold their annual industry convention in early December. The purpose of this event is to bring all the pilots, sponsors and venues under one roof to solidify schedules and sponsorships for the upcoming 2014 season. “Airshow Center” will return once pilots and venues begin to publicize their schedules. Until next time, fly safe!

This Week in Aviation History Nov 12, 1980

Delta Airlines ordered 60 Boeing 757 aircraft, which set the industry record for the largest order of a single type up to this point.

Nov 13, 2011

Dubai-based Emirates Airlines placed an order for 50 Boeing 777 aircraft, valued at 18B USD. This has been the largest order by sale value in the history of Boeing Commercial airplanes.

Nov 15, 2005

Boeing formally launched the stretched 747-8 Intercontinental with orders from Cargolux and Nippon Cargo Airlines.

Nov 16, 1920

Qantas Airlines was formed in Longreach, Queensland, Austrailia.

Nov 16, 1970

The Lockheed L-1011 Tristar took to the skies for the first time.

Nov 16, 1946

The Saab 90 Scandia took to the skies for the first time.

Nov 17, 1956

The Dassault Mirage III took to the skies for the first time.

Nov 17, 1954

A B-47 was forced by bad weather to remain aloft for 47 hours 35 min, requiring the aircraft to perform air-to-air refueling nine times before successfully landing.

Nov 18, 1985

Cessna was purchased by General Dynamics, prior to being purchased by the Textron Corporation.

Nov 18, 1978

The McDonnell-Douglas F/A18 Hornet makes its first flight.

Nov 18, 1964

The Grumman C-2 Greyhound makes its first flight.

Photo Courtesy: Julain Herzog, Wiki Commons A civilian drone performs a demonstration at the Berlin Airshow in 2012. This aircraft was developed by Mobile Systems Research Laboratories and the Institute of Computing Science at the Poznan University of Technology.

Anthony Carpeneti Staff Reporter The Drones are coming! The Drones are coming! However, instead of their usual complement of Hellfire missiles, they will be armed with something less deadly. Their armament this time will consist of a variety of food products, cameras, research tools, and other interesting cargo. Drones – the popular term for a wide range of unmanned aerial vehicles that are autonomous, semi-autonomous, or totally remote controlled vehicles – are not just limited to military use anymore. Drones are still viewed as robotic killing machines, even as some are being transferred from the military to the commercial market. Some of the ideas being thought of on the

commercial side are just plain odd and downright bizarre. Of all the bizarre concepts that a UAV will be used for, the most interesting of them all is something called a Burrito Bomber. The Burrito Bomber is the brainchild of two engineers from the ever popular review and recommendations website, Yelp. Their ultimate goal, once the FAA approves the usage of these drones in 2015, will be to send the Burrito Bomber into the wild, blue yonder; wait for a customer to place an order through a mobile app, and have the tortilla toting plane do a fly-by delivery based on GPS coordinates. Another bizarre use is the DomiCopter, which is already being used in the United Kingdom. This octocopter drone is able to haul two

large pizzas over a distance of six kilometers in less than 10 minutes. While drones like these aren’t going to be the mindless killing machines that they descended from, the majority of the public still holds a negative opinion about them. Some base this opinion without much knowledge on the subject. Due to all of this loathing, it is very likely that commercial use will be slow to catch on, even though most of these innovative new uses are compelling and state of the art. Once the public sees the positive aspects of these revolutionary pieces of machinery, chances are that they will stop viewing them as mindless killing machines and will begin to view them as commercial, game-changing pieces of technology. We will just have to wait and see.

Photo Courtesy: Kelly Schinder/United States Navy

A US Navy Firescout UAV hovers during a demonstration. This aircraft is an unmanned and unarmed reconnaissance helicopter.

e-Go Light-Sport Aircraft Takes Flight Tayler Vest Staff Reporter On Oct. 24, the e-Go took its first test flight, which lasted 30 minutes. During that time, Keith Dennison, Chief Test Pilot, took the plane to a speed of 80 knots and an altitude of 4,000 feet, performing the initial handling trials. It began its flight trials early in October at an airfield in Norfolk, U.K. The plane has been in development for about 10 years. The e-Go came in part due to deregulation

of ultra light aircraft in the U.K. In order to fly this plane you would need a light-sport aircraft license in the U.S., or a micro light license in the U.K. The medical requirements for both the U.S. and U.K. are significantly less. Note that the light sport aircraft in the U.S. have a max speed of 55 knots. The e-Go costs fifty thousand Euros, or $67,100, and it comes with a full glass cockpit and a 30 horsepower Wankel reciprocating engine. The plane weighs less than

115 kilograms due to its high amount of composite materials. The plane has a range of 330 nautical miles at cruising speed, which is 100 nautical miles per

hour. The parts on the plane are easily removed, and there is an option for a trailer. The plane’s max speed is 135 nautical miles per hour. At full throttle,

the planes fuel consumption is less than 3 gallons per hour. For more information on the e-Go, visit

Photo Courtesy: Above is a rendering of the E-go light sport aircraft (LSA). The new LSA first took to the skies on Oct. 24.



12 2013




The Avion

First Indian Mars-Bound Spacecraft Launches Successfully Hunter Johnson Guest Reporter Nov. 5 marks the day that India extends its horizons beyond the hold of our planet Earth. The MOM (Mars Orbiter Mission) launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre without any known issues. The probe’s mission is to join orbit with Mars by 2014, putting India in the number fourth spot among countries achieving this same accomplishment. Indian scientists wish to show the world that their country has the ability to make their craft suitable for experiments and tests in the Martian air. The progress of India has given them a huge advantage in what many call the ‘Asian Space Race’. Much similar to the Soviet-American fight to land a man on the moon, the independent nations of South Korea, China, and Japan are attempting to become the explorers of the galaxy. This Mars probe will bring

a broader development and understanding of space travel to the Indian scientific community and will also give them an edge against the ever expanding Chinese space program which plans to launch its own space station by the year 2020. The “Mangalyaan” (Mars-craft in Hindi) is carrying instrumentation to search for traces of methane in the Red Planet’s atmosphere. Researchers believe that this gas can’t last for an extended period of time in the harsh environment, and that there may be a continuous source somewhere on the distant and mysterious planet. The probe will also be checking for loss of atmospheric gas in the hopes of learning of the planets past. Whether we learn more about the Red Planet or discover a means for a continuous fuel source, there is another 300 days until the probe reaches its destination. Until then, we can only wait and wonder.

Launch Control Center MAVEN - Atlas V

Nov 18 @ 1328 -1528 EST Cape Canaveral AFS SLC - 41

SES 8 - Falcon 9

Nov 22 @ 1736 - 1841 EST Cape Canaveral AFS SLC - 40

Thaicom - Falcon 9 Dec @ TBD Cape Canaveral AFS SLC - 40

TDRS L - Atlas V

Jan 23 @ 2111-2151 EST Cape Canaveral AFS SLC - 41

CRS 3 - Falcon 9

Feb 11 @ TBD Cape Canaveral AFS SLC - 40 Photo Courtesy: Indian Space Research Organization The PSLV - C25 vehicle with MOM lauches on Nov. 5, 2013 at 9:08 UTC

ISS Sightings Nov 12

4:23 AM - Visible for 1 minute, max height of 11 degrees, appears 11 degrees above ENE, disappears 11 degrees above ENE.

Nov 12

5:56 AM - Visible for 3 minutes, max height of 18 degrees, appears 16 degrees above WNW, disappears 10 degrees above N.

Nov 13 Photo Courtesy: Indian Space Research Organization

A cutaway view of the Mars Orbiter Mission Spacecraft.

5:11 AM - Visible for 1 minutes, max height of 17 degrees, appears 17 degrees above NNE, disappears 10 degrees above NNE.

Shuttle Spinoff of the Week Lifesaving Light

NASA developed a special lighting technology to experiment with plant growth on space shuttle missions. This technology is currently being used in the study of treatment of brain tumors in children.

Photo Courtesy: Indian Space Research Organization MOM being fitted on the spacecraft mating adapter.

Mars Orbiter Misson Details • • • • • • • •

Launch Vehicle: PSLV - C25 Launch Vehicle Height: 144 ft Thrust at Lift Off: 1.1 million lb Dry Spacecraft Mass: 1,100 lb Spacecraft Fuel Mass:1,878 lb Dimensions: 4 ft 11in (cube shaped) Power generation: 840 watts Atmosphereic Study Instruments - Lyman-Alpha Photmeter - Methane Sensor For Mars • Particle Environment Study Instruments - Mars Exospheric Neutral Composition Analyzer • Surface Imaging Study Instruments - Thermal Infrared Imaging Spectrometer - Mars Color Camera

This Week in Space History

Photo Courtesy: Indian Space Research Organization

PSLV C25 awaits launch on the First Launch Pad at Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

Nov 13, 1971 NASA’s Mariner 9 becomes first spacecraft to orbit Mars. Nov 14, 1969 Apollo 12 launches aboard a Saturn V from KSC begining the second lunar landing mission.


Jay Stevenson Gibson Spencer Wilson Brashears


Christopher James Dubrock Christopher John Sendra David Levi Cawthon Delando Clive Powell Brandon Ciuseppe Daniele

COMMERCIAL PILOT CERTIFICATE: Luay Sami S Tayeb Malik Saeed G Othman Nicole Lee Faulkner Hester

GRADUATE PROGRAMS � � � � � � � � � � � � � � �

Applied Physics, MS Biomedical Engineering, MS, PhD Biotechnology, MS Chemical Engineering, MS, PhD Civil Engineering, MS, PhD Computer Science, MS, PhD Computer Engineering, MS Construction Management, MS Electrical Engineering, MS, PhD Environmental Engineering, MS Financial Engineering, MS Integrated Digital Media, MS Management of Technology, MS, PhD Manufacturing Engineering, MS Mechanical Engineering, MS, PhD and more…

COMMERCIAL MULTIENGINE ADD-ON RATING Patrick Michael Madden Jordan Dale Heuerman Meshal A J M Albanoun Sean Patrick Mullen

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR AIRPLANE CERTIFICATE: Amy Chaffee Doolittle John Francis Hayes Benjamin Derek Eve

FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR INSTRUMENT CERTIFICATE: Jacob Josiah Schindler Tanner Logan Ruschman

The NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering offers graduate programs in engineering, science and technology management that empower students to put ideas into action. Take, for example, manufacturing engineering graduate student Joe O’Connor who was inspired to find better ways to produce renewable energy. He put his knowledge to work in our business incubators and eventually started OCON Energy Consulting, providing solutions in sustainable development. Learn how the NYU Engineering culture of invention, innovation and entrepreneurship (i2e) can help bring your ideas to life.

TO LEARn MORE AnD APPLy viSiT Avion-Embry-Riddle_11-1-13-v1.indd 1

11/5/13 2:42 PM

Photo Courtesy: Photographer Name/Organization Ben Joel, Ramkumar Subramanian, Austin Coffey, ERAU Athletics/The Avion Newspaper



The Avion

Upcoming Games: Tuesday Basketball vs Johnson Daytona Beach, Fla. 7 p.m.


No Games

Thursday No Games

Friday Basketball vs Point Thomasville, Ga. 5 p.m. WSOC vs St. Thomas Daytona Beach, Fla. 5 p.m. MSOC vs SCAD Savannah Daytona Beach, Fla. 7:30 p.m. VB vs Semifinals TBA

Embry-Riddle: 4

Florida Memorial: 0

Ryan Mosher ERAU Athletics Top-seeded and NAIA No. 13 Embry-Riddle had little trouble with eighth-seeded Florida Memorial on Saturday night in Daytona Beach, earning a 4-0 decision, a drastic difference from the regular season meeting in which the Eagles won 3-2 in overtime. Embry-Riddle (13-2) advances to the conference tournament semifinals with the win, and they will host the semifinals and finals next Friday and Saturday. The Lions end their 2013 season at 4-11 overall.

vs Embry-Riddle: 3 Ryan Mosher ERAU Athletics

Sunday No Games

Monday No Games

The match was a rough one as 40 fouls (27 FMU, 13 ERAU) and five yellow cards were issued in the contest. The two teams combined for four corner kicks and just one shot in the first 15 minutes of play until Martin Irusta Magni's try went wide left at the 15:24 mark. The Eagles possessed the ball for the majority of the match and in the 22nd minute took advantage, pushing forward and senior Ally MacDonald tried his luck from distance and while his shot hit off the crossbar, fellow senior Nicklas Petersson was the only player

around and headed the rebound into the goal for a 1-0 Embry-Riddle lead. The teams only managed four more shots in the half, as the fouls piled up and the match went to the break with ERAU in front by a goal. It took 10 minutes for the Blue and Gold to double its lead in the second period when a corner kick from Petersson found MacDonald at the near post and the Eagles' captain headed home his ninth score of the year for a 2-0 lead. FMU earned three consecutive corners in the 62nd through 63rd mintues of play, but time after time Eagle goalkeeper Nils Carlson and his defense were up to the task. A Lion foul in their half of the field at the 66:10 mark allowed the Eagles to start a semi-fast break as Petersson took the free kick and found a streaking

MacDonald down the left side of the pitch before the Inverness, Scotland native crossed the ball to freshman Magnus Magnusson who's header shot marked the third header goal for the Eagles in the match. Substitutions and fouls scattered the final 25 minutes of play, and Viktor Gudnason concluded the scoring with an 81st minute goal when Veit Couturier wisely played the senior forward as the FMU keeper was out of position and Gudnason did the rest to account for the 4-0 final. Florida Memorial managed 14 shots, including six on goal, but Carlson made five saves en route to his eighth shutout of 2013 and the 20th of his career. Petersson, who ended with a goal and two assists, broke the Embry-Riddle program record with his 20th assist of the year.

Women’s Soccer Moves on to Conference Tournament Title Match with Shutout of Bees

Saturday Basketball vs Truett McConnell Thomasville, Ga. 2 p.m. VB vs Final TBA

12 2013


Men’s Soccer Advances in Sun Conference Tournament with Victory Against Lions vs



The fourth-ranked Embry-Riddle women's soccer team advanced to The Sun Conference Tournament title match for the fifth consecutive season with a 3-0 win over visiting SCAD Savannah on Saturday evening. The Eagles (14-3-1) controlled the game from the start, and despite a fairly even stat line for both teams, never faced real danger from the Bees (10-8) in winning their fifth straight against SCAD. The Blue and Gold will host the tournament's No. 2 seed and 12th-ranked St. Thomas next Friday, Nov. 15 at 5 p.m. at the ERAU Soccer Stadium. SCAD ends their 2013 season at 10-8 overall. The game began quietly as neither team could find

SCAD: 0 much rhythm with the ball, but the Eagles were able to get some solid shots off beginning at the 10-minute mark. Martine Olsen was able to get a header on frame that Ande Eich saved, and a few moments later Valerie Obita's header was similarly saved by Eich to keep the match knotted at 0-0. SCAD's Nikki Wittak got a shot off at the 23:25 mark that was blocked by Olivia Lynch, and that would mark the last shot in the game for more than 10 minutes as the majority of play ran through the middle of the pitch. Another header shot from Olsen opened a solid three-minute span for the Blue and Gold, and although her shot was saved by Eich, the Eagles capitalized a few minutes later.

Eich came out of her box to clear a ball that no SCAD defender could get to, but her clerance was gathered up by Kristin Sverrisdottir just past midfield and the sophomore took a few dribbles into space and drilled a 35-yard shot into the upperright corner of the Bees' goal as Eich was racing back to protect her net. The goal was the final play of importance in the half and the Eagles took their 1-0 lead into the lockerroom. Embry-Riddle wasted no time coming out of the break to go up 2-0 when Sverrisdottir tried a cross about five yards from the SCAD touch line that no Eagle or Bee could get to until it crossed the length of the goal where Isabelle Haaranen was waiting to put the ball away for her eighth score of the year. SCAD's best chance of the contest came in the 67th minute when Meadhbh Deeney hit the crossbar from 25 yards out that led to a corner, but the Eagles were able to clear the ball from danger. The Eagles put the game away in the 89th minute when Sverrisdottir and Haaranen teamed up for the

second time in the match as Sverrisdottir's cross traveled 40 yards across the field to a sprinting Haaranen who beat Eich for the 3-0 Embry-Riddle advantage. "Today was a huge win for us," Eagle Head Coach Samantha Bohon said. "It's always hard to turn around from such an emotional effort in the regular season championship game and play a few days later. We knew SCAD would be a handful, Andy and Rebecca always have their team well-prepared anytime we match up with them. The first half showed that both teams wanted it badly and came out flying. We didn't do a great job of settling the ball and knocked it around. But a quality finish from Kristin gave us a much-needed goal going into halftime." "We continue to grow each game and that's what we need. We will need strong, collective effort in the finale against St. Thomas next week. St. Thomas has been outstanding this season and I'm just happy to have the opportunity to play in the title match again." Bohon summarized.



12 2013




The Avion

No. 3 Men’s Basketball Downs Coastal Georgia vs Embry-Riddle: 81 Michael Pierce ERAU Athletics The third-ranked Embry-Riddle men's basketball team celebrated homecoming on Saturday night with an 81-50 victory over Coastal Georgia. The Eagles improved to 2-0 with the win, while the Mariners dropped to 3-1. Reed Ridder led all players with 17 points on 6-of10 shooting, including 4-of6 from beyond the arc. Rico Saldana chipped in 14 points (6-of-7) and a game-high

Coastal Georgia: 50 nine rebounds, while Dalton Barnes (12 points) and Brandon Serle (11 points) also reached double-figures in scoring. DeForest Carter racked up a game-high 10 assists to go along with six points and four boards. P.J. Reason led the Mariners with 15 points on 5-of-13 shooting and Kentorey Johnson tallied a team-best 12 rebounds to go along with nine points and three steals. Reggie Burke recorded a team-leading six assists while scoring eight points.

Embry-Riddle used an 11-0 run that started with back-to-back jumpers from Barnes to take a 13-5 lead in the first six minutes. A layup by Jason Powell built the lead to 20-8 with 11 minutes to play in the first half and a Brandon Serle layup increased the margin to 16 points (33-17) with 2:51 to go until halftime. The Eagles scored the last seven points of the half to take a 40-19 lead into the locker room. The Blue and Gold kept the momentum going, scoring the first five points in the second half to take a 45-19 lead with 18:32 left in the game. The lead remained comfortably above 20 points, ballooning to as large as 27 points (62-35) with just over 10 minutes remaining. ERAU closed out the game on a 10-2 run to wrap up the 81-50 victory.

Ramkumar Subramanian/Guest Photographer

Men’s Cross Country Wins Ninth Straight Conference Title Brianne Wigley ERAU Athletics The NAIA No. 15 Embry-Riddle men's cross country team continues it's dominance of The Sun Conference on Saturday morning winning their ninth straight conference title in Hardeeville, S.C. Junior Vincent Bett garnered his first Runner of the Year honor, winning the meet. Bett led the entire race finishing on top in 24:57.67. The rest of the Eagles ran in a

tight pack all finishing in the top four. Alec Hernandez set a personal-record running a 25:08.08 to finish in second place overall. Freshman Paul McKenna placed third in 25:12.58. Senior Zachary Kraus set a personal-record with a fourth place finish in 25:14.68. Jamin Mays rounded out the Eagle scorers with an 18th place finish in 26:33.22. The Blue and Gold finished in first place with 28 total points. Webber International finished in second

with 61 points and SCAD Savannah placed in third with 69 total points. Southeastern (119) and Warner (158) placed fourth and fifth respectively. Bett, Hernandez, McKenna and Kraus all earned All-Conference first team selections after finishing in spots one through four of the race. In addition to Bett winning Runner of the Year; McKenna was honored as Newcomer of the Year for having the top finish out of all newcomers.

Also competing for the Eagles was Jacob Dordick who finished 20th (26:38.20), Ryan Larson finished 22nd (26:43.69), Jose Diaz Jr. finished 27th (27:08.42), Matt Graves finished 39th (28:02.64) and Andrew Carosi finished 43rd (28:18.07). The Blue and Gold now earns an automatic berth to the NAIA Cross Country National Championships in Lawrence, Kan. The 32-team event takes place on Nov. 23, 2013.

Following the completion of the meet, Academic All-Conference award winners were announced, with six Eagles earning the honor. Hernandez, Kraus, Larson, Dalton L'Heureux and Palmer Lintz were all named to the Academic All-Conference team. Kraus, a senior from New Milford, Conn., was named as the 2013 Cross Country Champion of Character award. He holds an above 3.8 GPA and serves as the teams captain.

ERAU Head Coach Mike Rosolino says of the senior, "Zach is the proto-type for a student-athlete. As an athlete, he works hard to be the very best that he can be. Where he excels though is as a person. He is true servant-leader who leads by example. As our team captain he has kept the team tight knit and motivated all season. Zach truly cares about his team, campus and community. He is the engine that drives our team."

Staker Shines as Eagles Take Second at Conference Championships Brianne Wigley ERAU Athletics The Embry-Riddle women's cross country team finished the season as The Sun Conference Runner-Up today at The Sun Conference Championship meet in Hardeeville, S.C. Senior

Ellie Staker paced the Eagles earning her second straight Runner of the Year accolade. Staker won the meet finishing in 17:55.38. Aleiyah Ross ran a personal-best time of 19:16.84 finishing in seventh while Martina Tafoya was right behind her in eighth place with a time

of 19:22.85. Marina LeVine finished in 12th place (19:45.28) and Rebecca Love finished in 16th overall (19:57.33) to round out the Eagle scorers. The Blue and Gold finished in second place with 44 total points. SCAD Savannah won the confer-

ence title with 33 points, ending ERAU's conference title streak at seven. The home team South Carolina Beaufort finished in third (83), while Southeastern (111) and Webber International (115) placed fourth and fifth respectively. Staker and Ross garnered

first-team All-Conference selections, while teammates Tafoya and LeVine garnered second-team honors. Also competing for Embry-Riddle was Jaena Smith who finished in 20th (20:31.06), Annabel Steiner finished in 22nd (20:33.31), Lauren Eschbach finished

in 24th (20:42.67) and Brittany King finished in 36th (21:32.29). Staker, Ross and Tafoya qualified as individuals and will represent the Blue and Gold at the NAIA Cross Country National Championships in Lawrence, Kan. on Nov. 23, 2013.




The Avion


12 2013


Experiencing Vince Carter’s Exquisite Taste Matt Michlowitz News Editor Looking for a nice venue to take someone out on a “casual,” yet romantic date, all while being on the “college budget?” Then look no further: Vince Carter’s of Daytona Beach, located on LPGA Blvd. just west of Williamson Blvd., is the place to be! Whether you are going with friends to eat a delicious burger and

watch your favorite sports game, or indeed you are trying to impress a lady, Vince Carter’s can set the mood for any occasion. You can be sitting in the sports lounge with multiple TVs in any direction, or you could be at the casual dining area where any size party can sit and converse together. However, either spot of the restaurant shows its high class of elegance without the super high cost.

Vince Carter’s has a variety of choices on the menu to satisfy almost any possible craving. From a vast variety of steak to endless pasta choices, you will not only leave the table full and satisfied, but you will not have to count every dime you have to pay for the bill. With reasonably priced menu options, there is no need to try to find the cheapest item on the menu. Though it does not stop

with the fantastic food to choose from, the service was phenomenal throughout the entire dining experience. Not once was it necessary to ask for a refill, and the food came out within ten minutes of ordering it. So whether you are enjoying time with friends or going on a romantic date, I recommend Vince Carter’s of Daytona Beach. No matter the occasion, they won’t disappoint.






Photo Courtesy:

Photo Courtesy:


Delivery Man

Catching Fire


November 22, 2013

November 22, 2013

November 15, 2013

Vince Vaugh loses his job as a delivery man, and his life is turned upsidedown in a comedic quest for his place in the world.

The games have left the arena in the second installment of the Hunger Games series.

A man’s journey from Montana to Nebraska is coloured by chance meetings with people from his life.



12 2013




The Avion

Get Ready for Solo Season

The fall season is here and we’re about to enter my favorite time of year for flight training: solo season! As a private student, the first solo is the crowning achievement of your flight course. Right about now is when the major portion of the incoming fall students, who began the Part 141 course, are approaching the Pre-Solo Checkride. Ask one of them and they likely know just how many activities are left until solo. Here are a few points of advice to take with you through these next few weeks, and on through your entire time as a student of the skies. It’s important to avoid getting discouraged or sidetracked by seeing others solo before you. Every student works at their own pace, and an earlier solo does not indicate that the other flyer is a better pilot. They may be a faster learner, or they could have a more weather-favorable flight block. Also, your instructor will not solo you until you have the proper mindset to be alone in an aircraft. It’s far more than just knowledge or stick and rudder skills. A soloing student is a safe student, above all else. Furthermore, be mindful of the common slowdowns, which are simply out of your (and everyone else’s)

control: Weather cancellations, your IP’s being hired elsewhere, or aircraft down for maintenance. These are unforeseeable and inevitable. Do note that a flight block day lost is only a problem if you allow it to be. Upon cancellation, you are likely at flightline with your Instructor. Why not ask your IP to change it to an oral activity and spend the time brushing up on knowledge? You have the time open and so does your instructor, don’t let it go to waste. An instructor can even switch the activity and complete a later module all together. Better yet, when you cancel your flight, you are nevertheless prepared to fly and holding your flight bag in your hand. Why not observe another student’s flight? A good way to learn is to observe the learning of others; you will get a whole new perspective on cockpit operations and may notice common student errors, which you can study and learn to avoid them yourself. I say all of this to prepare you. I was once a Private student who got very frustrated and discouraged by external and uncontrollable circumstances of my flight training. This frustration led to an internal struggle with confidence through the latter half of my course of operating in the airplane. Let’s just say it also led to the

cost of my course soaring into the flight levels. I don’t want the same to happen to anyone else. The greatest joys await you in the air, as well as some of the greatest struggles. It’s very important to talk about what’s hindering you as quickly as possible. Don’t rule out that it could even be the person sitting in the right seat. You have the right as a student to pay an instructor who you can truly learn from. Sometimes, personalities just don’t mix. Don’t hesitate to talk to your training manager about how your course is going. For example, many students who have been here for a while are familiar with the famous pep-talks from Dan Thompson. I can attest that they were crucial to me passing my 121 course. If you haven’t met him or your assigned TM, make it a point to introduce yourself this week. It is their job to assist you, so help them accomplish that. I wish you all the best of success in each season of life and flight training. If you’re about to solo, stay focused and don’t let the finer details of safe flight fade away amongst the angst in having to fly alone. In flying and life, always keep a proper attitude. I would love to answer any questions you have, so feel free to contact me at wilkinsz@my.erau. edu.

Zack Wilkinson/The Avion Newspaper

Last Week’s Crossword Solutions

Only you can prevent wildfires. -Smokey the Bear

Zack Wilkinson Staff Reporter

Whatzit? Solution: Stand-up Comedian


Zack Wilkinson/The Avion Newspaper Zack Wilkinson poses in his plane during his first solo flight.


Comics and Games

Sudoku on D3

Crossword ACROSS 1. Stapleton of “All in the Family” 5. “J’Accuse” author Zola 10. Woodwind lower than a piccolo 14. Type of tangelo 15. “Are you a ___ a mouse?” 16. Pay attention to 17. Sunrise or sunset, e.g. 20. EPA-banned bug killer 21. Hexagonal state 22. Bygone, like days 23. Large indefinite amount 24. You’re reading one 26. Made after expenses 29. Awful 32. A bit of this and a bit of that 33. Oozy stuff 34. Caught off base 36. Structure’s ability to sustain defects 40. Baltimore-to-Philadelphia dir. 41. Model of perfection 42. Min. segments 43. Det. Joe Friday’s show 45. Flesh of coconuts 47. Bar in a dish 48. They’re still intact after they’re broken 49. Even a little bit

52. Abraded 53. Disney secret agent ___Possible 56. Epoch, e.g. 60. Tissue softener 61. They may be in grocery store aisles 62. Tooth or hair part 63. Ratchet (up) 64. The mating game 65. Sicilian volcano DOWN 1. Actor Nelson 2. “Good heavens!” 3. Came in for a landing 4. Not a whit 5. Acted 6. Colorful parrot 7. Rainfall measure 8. Rock great Reed 9. Commit a faux pas 10. Western or Spanish breakfast item 11. Tough situation 12. Second word of many limericks 13. Biblical paradise 18. Christmas season 19. Alarm clock, ideally 23. Promenade for Plato

24. Put in the fridge 25. Word with “duck” or “excuse” 26. Lymph ___ (immune system part) 27. Dik-dik’s big cousin 28. Hourglass or stopwatch, e.g. 29. Act self-satisfied 30. Company dodger 31. State flower of New Mexico 33. Awfully high, as a price 35. Hardy heroine 37. “American ___” (Richard Gere movie) 38. “Giant” writer Ferber 39. Egyptian cobras 44. In dreamland 45. Gentle stroke 46. One with debts 48. Artists’ studios, often 49. Purim’s month 50. Currency of Samoa 51. Wee bit of physics 52. Word with “number one” 53. Windsor or sheepshank 54. It’s between you and an open window? 55. Prefix with “carpal” or “tarsal” 57. Broadcast watchdog letters 58. Old college cheer 59. Old preposition

Nobody Turned in a Correctly Completed Crossword this week! Will Nobody Please stop by The Avion office to collect their prize! Before Next Issue: Enter The Avion Crossword contest! Submit your completed Crossword to The Avion office in SC 110 before Friday, November 15th, at 5 p.m. to be considered. Only students can enter, please bring the completed Crossword and your Student ID.

Avion Issue 10 Fall 2013  
Avion Issue 10 Fall 2013