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Image: Moominland Midwinter - 6 Dec 2013 - 12 Jan 2014

sEPTEmBER 2013 fEBRUaRY 2014

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the egg: 01225 823409

Theatre Royal Bath Box Office: 01225 448844

Wed 21 - Sun 25 Aug

Age 12+

Storm on the Lawn 2013 presents


by Oliver Birch after Bram Stoker Directed by Amy Leach

With the Twilight series, The Vampire Diaries and True Blood, vampires have never been more popular! Now we breathe new life into the one that began it all - Bram Stoker’s 1897 Gothic horror, reawoken just as the sun goes down among the eerie ramparts of the 18th century Ball Court at Prior Park College. Dark, scary and beautiful, this macabre fantasy is guaranteed to send a rush of blood to your pounding heart. Sixty young people will be directed by Amy Leach from the acclaimed En Masse Theatre, and the egg’s professional team, to create this thrilling, chilling piece of outdoor theatre. Please wear warm clothing - it can get nippy - and bring a cushion! There is a licensed bar and you are welcome to picnic in the magically-transformed grounds of Prior Park from 90 minutes before the performance. (Make sure your picnic includes garlic sandwiches and holy water - just to be on the safe side.) Times: Wed, Thurs & Sun 8pm, Fri & Sat 6pm & 10pm Fri 10pm - Fancy dress if you like Tickets: £13/£9 children & students Venue: Ball Court, Prior Park College, Bath Storm on the Lawn is kindly supported by Prior Park College 2

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 6+

Age 6Mths-2yrs & 3-11 For PMLD

Sat 21 Sep

Thurs 26 - Fri 27 Sep



Nicholas White presents

Zummerzet a maike I zowdy! E be full o’ carriter and be atop o th’ Wordle. YER TIZ be a dird-the-needle about theaze volk therence and how we’m inspire thic future. [TRANSLATION: Somerset makes me swoon! It’s full of character and sits on top of the World. YER TIZ is a play about how Somerset has shaped its people and how we all have a role in inspiring the future.] Yer Tiz follows Nick on a reluctant quest to find the perfect place to live in Somerset as he travels from Bath to Chard. He plays ten different characters and uses puppetry, song and gentle audience participation as he meets some of the county’s most unlikely inhabitants along the way. The egg auditorium becomes an exciting theatre-inthe-round to present this locally-based new play. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Oily Cart presents

In a wonderland conjured up from a fabulous variety of tubes – tubes filled with sound, tubes glistening with kaleidoscopic colours, tubes that puff out gentle breezes and the scents of the natural world – young participants will bounce, swing, spin and sway in luxurious leaf chairs. Tube is a highly interactive experience, with performers adapting to the specific requirements of each individual in the audience. Thursday’s performances are for babies and their carers. Friday’s performances are for a group of young people with PMLD (maximum 6) and their carers, rather than for individuals. For the latter, please contact Creative Learning on 01225 823421. Times: 10.30am and 1pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 3

The Positively Last Performance Geraldine McCaughrean’s new book is a chilling ghost story about memories. “I’ve invited ghosts along,” she says. “Bring memories of your own. It may be possible to create one more story...” Supported by Oxford University Press

Time: 11.30am Tickets: £5 Age 10+

Osbert the Avenger

Olivia’s First Term

Join the award-winning playwright, Christopher William Hill, as he chats about his gruesomely funny new book in the Tales from Schwartzgarten series. Find out why he loves dark humour and carries some extremely weird and wonderful smells with him and do some silly story building…

Join the Guardian’s theatre critic, Lyn Gardner, as she raises the curtain on her best-selling Olivia series. Set at The Swan Academy – a stage school where the drama isn’t confined to the stage – this series will have all budding performers shouting ‘Encore!’ Supported by Nosy Crow

Time: 4pm Tickets: £5

Supported by Hachette

Age 9+

Time: 1pm Tickets: £5 Age 10+

Sat 28 Sept Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844 4

Age 2-4 AND 4+

Age 6mths - 3yrs

Sat 5 - Mon 7 Oct

Fri 11 - Sat 12 Oct



Tell Tale Hearts presents

Birdsnest Theatre presents

Seating the audience at a dinner table, this dance theatre show celebrates all that is messy at meal times!

Monkey needs a wash but Anna doesn’t want to let him go! She hides him but somehow he gets pulled into the laundry…there’s only one thing for Anna to do, she must go and find him!

Yummm! is a celebration of the pleasures of food and eating together, using dance, live music, quirky design and some amusing eating utensils. A highly imaginative production in which tables can dance and plates spin before a climatic pudding finale!

Join Anna and Monkey as they discover a world of water, bubbles and spinning. With live music created from the paraphernalia of a washing world, Birdsnest creates a gentle adventure, a game of hide and seek with rhythm and song to carry you along the way.

There is time for a play session after the show where the children serve the adults for once – with plenty of food-inspired props!

At the end of the show the audience is invited to play in the set with all the elements of the show.

Crunchy, sweet, tart, gooey, runny, sour, thick, yummmy! Times: Sat & Sun11.30am and 3pm, Mon 1pm all performances are for age 4+ Mon 10.30am performance is for age 2-4 Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Times: Fri 10.30am and 1pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Tues 15 - Wed 16 Oct

Phizzical Productions presents


Prepare to be thrilled by the story of a princess who is torn between the love for her father, a king, and her husband, a man below her status. It is a time of upheaval as the armies of a legendary emperor are overthrowing the ancient kingdoms and old traditions are being challenged and changed. The rebellious Princess Imogen risks her reputation and family honour by marrying without her father’s permission but when her husband falls prey to the manipulations of a smooth-talking womaniser, her loyalty is tarnished and Imogen is forced to swap her sari for breeches and flee from court. Based on Shakespeare’s play, Cymbeline is re-imagined as a rich, grandiose and vibrant tale of love, deception and warfare inspired by the historical events from the sub continent. Times: Tues 7.30pm, Wed 10.30am and 7.30pm Running time: 2hours 20 minutes, including interval Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Not suitable for anyone under 13 6

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

18 Oct - 3 Nov A national festival of family arts events

Fri 18 - Sun 20 Oct half TERm Theatre Alibi presents

I BElIEvE In UnIcoRns

Adapted by Daniel Jamieson from the book by Michael Morpurgo Eight year old Tomas didn’t like books or stories. Stories were for “Little Snotties”. He was happier clambering in the mountains like a goat or tobogganing with his Dad. That was until the Unicorn Lady came to town and reeled him in with her irresistible magic tales. But then disaster struck and put everything that mattered most in Tomas’s life in terrible danger…

««««‘This is not just a great piece of

children’s theatre, it is a great piece of theatre full stop’ Daily Telegraph on Why The Whales Came Times: Fri 1.30pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm, Sun 11.30am and 3pm Post Show Discussion: Sat 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students multi award-winning author and former children’s laureate, michael morpurgo is one of Britain’s best-loved writers for children.

A spellbinding and moving story by one of our greatest storytellers. Theatre Alibi last worked with Michal Morpurgo on Why The Whales Came which ran in the West End to great critical acclaim.

Age 5+


Age 8+ Mon 21 - Tues 22 Oct HALF TERM Salisbury Playhouse presents


From the creators of the 5 star Private Peaceful. Gary Turner stars in this powerful story, adapted by Simon Reade from Michael Morpurgo’s novel. Young Antonito lives an idyllic life on his parents’ cattle farm in southern Spain. But the peace is shattered when he realises that his favourite bull-calf, brave Paco, is destined to fight in the bullring. Taking both their destinies into his own hands, and risking the lives and love of his family, Antonito hatches a daring plan. But it will take enormous courage - because this is 1936, and the drums of civil war are echoing across the Spanish plains. Originally produced by Salisbury Playhouse and nominated for the TMA Award for Best Show for Young People, Featuring an authentic Flamenco soundtrack, Toro! Toro! captures the passion and drama of what it’s like to grow up in the heat of war.

‘Excellent...powerful storytelling’ The Stage

Times: Mon 1.30pm, Tue 10am and 7.30pm Running time 80 minutes Post Show Discussion: Mon 1.30pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 4+

Age 6+

Sat 26 Oct HALF TERM

Mon 28 Oct HALF TERM

oncE UPon a TImE In a WEsTERn

comEDY clUB 4 kIDs

La Navet Bete presents

This cowboy-themed comedy extravaganza features live music and buckets full of ridiculousness. Tumbleweed rolls across the dusty stage…The saloon door opens with a dramatic creak…The piano player hits a bum note and pauses…The short, dark stranger lifts the rim of his hat and shoots a steely stare out across the audience…Welcome… to Kidneystone. Le Navet Bete’s high-energy, spectacular and hilarious shows have wowed audiences globally. But where clowns tread, every floorboard has a deadly spring... ’These guys are just nuts. Brilliantly, terribly, incredibly nuts’ BBC, 2011

Makin Projects presents

Like the name says - it’s a Comedy Club 4 Kids! Cracking entertainment for everyone over six years old and under 400 years old (no vampires or Highlanders). Featuring the best comedians from the UK and world circuit doing what they do best… but without the rude bits!

‘A highlight for them a taste of some of the biggest names in comedy with the fun, rowdy feel of a real comedy club’ Guardian Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Age 4+ Wed 30 Oct - Sat 2 Nov HALF TERM Peut-être Theatre presents


Live music, dance and Hans Christian Andersen’s classic story combine in this enchanting show. A newly-minted tin soldier stands on a single leg, having been the last one cast from an old tin spoon. Nearby, he spies a paper ballerina, also standing on one leg, and the soldier falls in love. But the course of true love cannot run smooth and the soldier finds himself involved in an adventure which will test and melt the bravest of hearts.

Peut-être Theatre has previously visited the egg with Draw Me A Bird, This is a That and The Bug and the Butterfly. See the video clip on:

Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Mon 4 - Tues 5 Nov

Scene Productions presents


A new adaptation based on the play by Georg Büchner

Set against the backdrop of World War 1, Woyzeck is a startling depiction of the lowly soldier plagued by visions of the apocalypse and plunged into homicidal lunacy by the world around him. As we approach the centenary of The Great War, the agonizing effects of war trauma resonate through the centuries, 200 years after Büchner’s play was first written. Presented as a visual jigsaw, exploding from one scene to the next, Scene Productions uses intense physicality, a haunting soundtrack and beautiful imagery to transport the audience into a world that is disturbingly atmospheric, darkly comic and heartbreakingly poignant.

‘Immaculately slick, highly imaginative physical theatre’ The Stage on Metamorphosis

Times: Mon 7.30pm, Tues 1.30pm Running time 65 minutes Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Not suitable for anyone under 10


Age 5+

Age 2-5

Fri 8 - Sat 9 Nov

Thurs 14 - Sat 16 Nov



Action Transport Theatre presents

Orwell’s 1984 meets Laurel and Hardy in this energetic, hilarious and highly entertaining show about the chaos caused when one person can’t or won’t fit in. It’s Mikey’s first day at work, wearing his brand new uniform he joins the signal-fixers, preparing radio transmitters and tuning them in. But when a rogue signal, the voice of a child, is mysteriously picked up, it begins the hilarious destruction of the factory regime. Statik tells a wordless story, filled to the brim with visual comedy, which uses children’s voices in a compelling soundtrack. A theatrical delight!

‘Wisdom, playfulness...real quality’ John Hegley Times: Fri 10.30am and 1pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 12

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Theatre Hullabaloo & Theatr Iolo present

An enchanting theatrical experience about friendship, the moon and being brave in the dark. Luna is bored up in the sky by herself with nobody to play with. Although she is surrounded by stars, they never quite understand her - it’s certainly lonely being the only moon. One night, as she’s racing among the stars, she spots a young boy hiding from shadows which move like monsters on his bedroom walls. Luna decides to slide down from the sky to make friends with the boy. Together they go on an adventure of light and dark to help him overcome his fear. Times: Thurs 1pm Fri 10.30am and 1pm Sat 11.30 am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Thurs 21 - Sat 23 Nov TRB YPT presents

ThE laRamIE PRoJEcT The Theatre Royal’s Young People’s Theatre performs this powerful play based on a real American tragedy. In October 1998 Matthew Shepard was kidnapped, severely beaten and left to die, tied to a fence on the outskirts of Laramie, Wyoming. Five weeks later, Moisés Kaufman and fellow members of the Tectonic Theater Project went to Laramie, and conducted more than 200 interviews with people of the town about their experience with one of the country’s most notorious hate crimes and its explosive aftermath, and how this affected the small western town. From these interviews they wrote the play The Laramie Project, a chronicle of the life of the town of Laramie in the year after the murder. The result is a beautifully assembled, searing and compelling play that offers rare insight into the emotional lives of those immediately affected by a tragedy. The Laramie Project is one of the most performed plays in America today.

‘A terrific piece of theater, history and life’ New York Magazine

Times: Evenings 7.30pm, Sat Matinee 2.30pm Tickets: £8/£7 children & students

Not suitable for anyone under 14


fri 6 Dec - sun 12 Jan the egg and Horse + Bamboo present a magical Christmas show…

Tove Jansson’s

Moominland Midwinter

Translated by Thomas Warburton Adapted by hattie naylor for puppets Directed by lee lyford and alison Duddle Designed by Tom Rogers Puppets and Animations designed by horse + Bamboo


© Moomin Characters ™

The egg is going to sweep you off to one of the most magical places you could ever dream of this Christmas… with some of children’s literature’s most captivating and curious creatures … Join us in Moominland where a talented group of actors with beautiful puppets will perform a brand new adaptation of one of the best-loved of the original stories, accompanied by a specially-written soundtrack. Waking early from his winter hibernation, Moomintroll sets off to explore a snowy Moominland, but the places which he knows so well in summer have all changed. He finds Too-Ticky and her invisible shrews living in his summer bathing house and Little My is wearing Moominmamma’s tray and tea-cosy! Following a runin with the Lady of the Cold and a certain forgetful Squirrel, Moomintroll is forced to make some very grown-up decisions… Heart-warming, humourous and spell-binding, this is a wondrous Christmas fantasy for all the family to enjoy together. Tove Jansson’s Moomin stories are loved all over the world, crossing barriers of language, age and culture. The books have been translated into 43 different languages and have also been animated and turned into a feature film. This will be the first time ever that The Moomins have appeared on stage in the UK.

Hattie Naylor is an Olivier Award-nominated writer whose hugely-enjoyable Christmas shows in the egg have included the world premiere of The French Detective and the Blue Dog, and adaptations of The Nutcracker and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

£15 adults / £10 students & children all tickets £10 schools discounts apply - £8 plus one free teacher for every 10 tickets booked Mon





10 2.00 7.00 17 2.00 7.00 24 1.00 5.00 31 11.30 3.00 7 2.00 7.00

11 2.00 7.00 18 2.00 7.00 25

12 2.00 7.00 19


2 2.00 7.00 9 2.00 7.00

16 23 2.00 7.00 30 2.00 7.00 6

8 2.00 7.00


Fri 6

Sat 7

7.00 13 2.00 7.00 20 2.00 7.00 27 2.00 7.00 3 2.00 7.00 10 2.00 7.00

7.00 14 2.00 7.00 21 2.00 7.00 28 2.00 7.00 4 2.00 7.00 11 2.00 7.00

Sun 8 1.00 5.00 15 1.00 5.00 22 1.00 5.00 29 1.00 5.00 5 1.00 5.00 12 1.00 5.00


moomintroll, little my, Too-Ticky, The hemulen, snork maiden and moominmamma

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

For ALL the FAMILy


Age 6mths - 3yrs

Age 5+

Sat 18 Jan

Sat 25 Jan



Half Moon presents a Tam Tam Theatre production

Journey into a world where kitchen meets garden and where pots and pans get mischievously mixed up with planters and pails. A story without words, Curious is a spirited play for the very, very young. A perfect giggle-making introductory experience to theatre that explores everyday objects in an interactive environment. The performance concludes by inviting the children to venture onto the stage to dig, delve and rummage in the soft, moist soil.

‘A charmingly observed celebration...presented with engaging warmth and integrity’ Jo Belloli of Polka Theatre on Circles in the Sand Times: 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students 16

Multi Story Theatre Company presents

Be careful what you wish for. That’s what the Queen discovers when, after having 12 sons, she wishes for a daughter. For at the very moment her beautiful daughter is born, her sons are transformed into wild ducks. Having discovered her brothers’ fate, the princess sets out to try to release them from their enchantment. This traditional Norwegian tale is full to the brim with cliff-hanging moments and is also a fabulous fable of determination in the face of great adversity. Multi Story create their customary magic with a blend of live music, magical word-weaving and the engaging physicality that has become their hallmark. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 3-7

Thurs 30 Jan - Sat 1 Feb

Freehand Theatre presents

Who’s BEEn sITTInG In mY chaIR?

A delightful and playful version of a well-known tale – with porridge and bears and one-two-three chairs. A tale that’s not too BIG and not too small but just right. Mind you, telling this story is not so easy when it’s wintertime and the bears won’t wake up – Zzzzzzzzz – what do bears dream about? But spring in the air puts a spring in all our steps and one little girl with golden hair is always a step ahead. And when Small Bear gets lost, we all have to go on a bear hunt! With original music, this play is for everyone who can count to three.

‘Freehand Theatre’s superb creations are a joy to see. They provide real and effective theatre’ Times Educational Supplement Times: Thurs 1pm, Fri10.30am and 1pm, Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Age 3+ Wed 5 - Fri 7 Feb

insight theatre Students from City of Bath College present


The company presents a programme of original works, written and directed by second year learners on the BTEC Extended Diploma in Performing Arts and presented by first year performers. This is the first time insight theatre will showcase young writers and directors at the egg and we hope you will join us for these premieres of brand new works that will delight and surprise you. Time: 7pm Tickets: £7.50/£5 students Not suitable for anyone under 12


Sat 8 Feb

Cscape: Dance Company presents


When Emily pays a visit to Nicefits Shoe Emporium, she soon realises it is no ordinary shop. Hidden inside every box is a shoe with a story to tell, from slippers that speed up time to the cowboy boots of Dustbowl Bill. But the question is, which shoes should Emily choose? The performers bring the shoes and their stories to life using physical theatre, dance, story-telling and music, creating a delightful visual world that engages children in tales of new shoes, old shoes, shoes with laces and velcro, and even a re-telling of the Emperor’s new…shoes! Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Age 3+ Thur 13 - Sun 16 Feb HALF TERM Maas Theater/Dans presents


Three police officers go looking for a bunny who has broken out of jail. Rabbits, as you may have noticed, do not play by the rules. They dig holes without applying for a permit, eat carrots that they haven’t paid for, leave droppings in the street, and, in spite of their big ears, never listen. A police hunt ensues and the fugitive starts popping up as a finger puppet in every corner of the miniature city. It eventually becomes apparent that the city has been taken over by rabbits. Even the police chief starts to grow rabbit ears! Will you help us to solve this case?

‘A hilarious performance… with splendid slapstick acting from three skilful actors’ TM, Netherlands

Times: Thur and Sun: 11.30am and 3pm Fri and Sat: 11.30am, 1pm and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students


Age 5+

Age 5+

Mon 17 Feb HALF TERM

Wed 19 - Sat 22 Feb HALF TERM


Grandpa’s Railway

Wild Words presents

The familiar tale about the innocent boy and girl who were left in the forest by their nasty parents to starve and die, found a house made of cake and ate the windows that belonged to a witch, who tried to gobble them up, got pushed into a fire, and didn’t see the children escape to live happily ever after. Well that was only the beginning of the story… Storyteller Michael Loader will be spinning spells of good and evil, and musicians Liz Purnell and Martin Solomon will be bubbling away with a wicked brew of haunting melodies and devilish song on harp, accordion, dulcimer, trumpet and trombone. Times: 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students The 3pm performance is followed by a puppet-making workshop. Free: but places must be pre-booked. 20

M6 Theatre presents

Imagine a railway that fits in one room But travels the world in just one afternoon. A toot of the whistle, a hiss of the steam A tale of adventures, surprises and dreams! From the team behind the highly-acclaimed Sunflowers and Sheds and Mavis Sparkle, comes M6’s brand new original production for children and families. Featuring live music, a working model railway and a coachload of surprises, our playful characters embark on an evocative journey that explores the past, illuminates the present and lays new tracks for the future. Times: Wed 3pm, Thurs - Sat 11.30am and 3pm Tickets: £7.50/£6.50 children & students

Box Office: 01225 823409 / 448844

Out-of-School g g Activities




Autumn Term 2013 All sessions take place between the weeks of 23 Sep - 2 Dec (except 28 Oct - Half-Term week) Bursary places available for 25%, 50% & 75% reductions


5 - 9yrs


18mths - 4yrs

£65 per term

An interactive morning session of drama, craft, music and movement for pre-schoolers and their carers. Age 18 mths - 2 ½ yrs: Fridays 10am - 10.45am Age 2 ½ - 4 yrs: Fridays 11.15am-12pm Saturdays 10.30-11.15am

£75 per term

An opportunity to develop communication skills and creativity in a fun and relaxed environment.

Dinkies Story Time

Age 5 - 6: Wednesdays 4pm - 5.30pm Saturdays 11.30am -1pm Age 7 - 9: Thursdays 4pm - 5.30pm Saturdays 1.30pm - 3pm

Join Jackie and Pooja from our ever-popular Dinkies group as they bring your favourite books to life in this fun storytelling session for pre-schoolers and their parents.

19 Sep - What the Ladybird Heard 17 Oct - Dogs Don’t Do Ballet 19 Dec - Festive Special 6 Feb - The Smartest Giant in Town Times: 10am and 11am


8 - 11yrs

£75 per term

Learn new moves and create some of your own in our fun and funky dance session. Age 8 -11: Mondays 4pm - 5.30pm

All Tickets: £2.50

NB: All audience members require a ticket

Dinkies is kindly supported by Monkton Combe School


aRTIsT DEvEloPmEnT @ egg/Engage Sun 16 Feb

Greg Shewring in


This show was an instant hit when it first appeared in 2012. Performed in a wheelie bin, the show takes us from the night before to the morning after. This reworked version is fresh, but just as rotten.


‘Shewring is captivating’ Public Reviews Time: 8pm Tickets: £10/£7 discounts

Mon 17 Feb ToBY ThomPson Be sure to catch this performance poetry showcase of new material from RSC commissioned, Glastonbury regular Toby, before he enters the stratosphere. He’s hard to define, easy to admire, impossible to forget.

‘Toby Thompson is the future’

Kate Tempest (Poet, Rapper and Playwright)

‘Easily one of the most gifted young wordsmiths I have ever had the pleasure to encounter’

Akala (Rapper, Playwright and Hip Hop Shakespeare Co. Founder) Time: 8pm Tickets: £8/£5 discounts 22

Venue for all events: Ustinov Studio

Tues 18 - Wed 19 Feb

Hepzibah Theatre Company


A sensational, sell-out spoken word/dance fusion piece celebrating the power of radical grace. You’ll want to reach out to those you love once you’ve seen this show.

BRanD nEW shoW

A showcase for Hepzibah’s next project – make sure you catch it here first! Caught: Tues 18 - 8pm New Show: Wed 19 - 8pm Tickets: £6 Programme supported by the Trustees of the estate of Margot Boyd, via TRB Engage.

lEvERhUlmE aRTs scholaRshIPs The egg theatre has received funding from The Leverhulme Trust to develop a specialist Arts Scholarship programme over the next three years. From 2013 - 2015 the egg will offer five annual Arts Scholarships to talented artists and theatre-makers, providing space and time for ideas to flourish as well as a strategy for developing skills in making work for young audiences. For more details please contact:

YoUnG PEoPlE’s ThEaTRE Ongoing participatory workshops that explore the breadth and depth of theatre practice. For further information contact the egg Reception 01225 823409.

YPT Backstage 12-18 yrs:

For everything you ever wanted to know about working backstage in professional theatre: set, costume, props, lighting, sound, and more. Gain direct hands-on experience with ambitious productions. Spaces available – aPPlY anD Book noW

@ the egg

YPT acting 9 -18 yrs:

Share your passion for making theatre with like-minded young people. The YPT provides training in performance skills and techniques. Under the leadership of professional directors, members can expect to work on: voice, text, character, devising, improvisation, physical theatre, storytelling, developing new writing, and more. Throughout your membership you will gain confidence in performing and a strong understanding of stage disciplines. You will put your training into practice by taking part in spellbinding productions. There is a waiting list but it’s not as long as you think – aPPlY noW!

...A fun and relaxed opportunity to hang out in a creative space. Play games, discuss projects or just meet up with friends. There will be programmed workshops as well as events produced by our team of young people. You can help us decide what else happens – so follow us on Facebook and Twitter and send us your ideas!




foR schools

Mon 25 - Fri 29 Nov 2013

Fri 10 Jan 2014

Stage your school’s Nativity or Christmas Production at the egg with support from our team of theatre professionals.

Immerse your students in the history and traditions of the Great British Pantomime with our Schools Panto Workshop Package. Take advantage of an in-school workshop in the lead up to Christmas that gives a hands-on chance to explore the origins and traditions of Pantomime with dressing-up and slapstick a-plenty!


This series of in-school workshops with a theatre director during the autumn term will help prepare the children for their performance and support the staff team to rehearse and polish up the play. During Nativity week at the egg each participating school has a full on-stage rehearsal with our inhouse technical team to add sound and light before welcoming friends and family to see your fantastic festive performance in our auditorium. Availability is limited so book early to avoid disappointment! Details - Nativity performance week at the egg: 25 - 29 November 2013 nativity Package includes: 3 x 1.5 hr and 1 x full day workshops in school, technical & dress rehearsal on the performance day at the egg. Performance slots: Monday-Friday at 1pm & 6pm. cost: £350 24


Then join all the participating schools on Friday 10 January at the Theatre Royal Bath for a whistlestop backstage tour of the Main House, an on-stage workshop with the panto stars and a ticket to see the matinee of Peter Pan. Details - In-school workshops 9 - 20 December 2013, maximum of 30 students per session. Panto Day at the Theatre Royal: 10 January 2014 cost: £12 per child (including show ticket) with 1 free teacher place per 10 children. A magical pantomime awash with swash and buckle, Peter Pan runs from 12 December - 12 January and stars Cliff Parisi, Chris Harris, Jon Monie and The Nitwits. Theatre Sponsor

EGG Resources and Workshops

Specially devised to support the curriculum

Post-Show Online Resource Pack Available to download from September and bursting with ways that teachers in KS1 & KS2 can maximise a visit to the egg: Part one helps the children reflect on what they have experienced and part two contains lots of suggestions for linking their responses into specific areas of learning. Download from relevant show pages:

Enrich your learning Literacy Enrichment Workshop KS 1 & KS 2 Link this active workshop to a production at the egg or a book you are reading in class. With a specific focus on extending vocabulary and enjoying language the session will explore the use of descriptive text, dialogue and character voice.

Creative Writing Skills KS 2 Learn about how a play uses narrative, settings, characters, atmosphere and dialogue to create its own unique world and story. This workshop will help children to appreciate the richness of descriptive language and begin a journey towards writing play scripts, prose and poetry.

Curriculum Topic Workshops Work with an egg practitioner for a one-off session or a series of workshops: Myths & Fables KS1 Explore traditional tales using a cross-curricular approach through drama, music, art and literacy.

The Ancient Greeks KS2 Through the use of masks and choral work, learn about the importance of theatre in Ancient Greek culture and explore the classical themes of comedy, tragedy and satire.

Introduction to Shakespeare KS2&3 This workshop for children in years 6-9 introduces Shakespeare in a fun and interactive environment. Using either Romeo & Juliet, A Midsummer Night’s Dream or Macbeth, you will explore the themes of the play and how Shakespeare’s use of language translates into stage action.

To book

For more information or to book for any of our schools projects contact: Creative Learning on 01225 823487 or email: 25


A unique shakespeare performance opportunity for Primary schools Stage your very own Shakespeare at the egg as part of our shakespeare Unplugged festival 2014. Work with theatre professionals on building skills and knowledge culminating in staging a version of a Shakespeare play during Schools Shakespeare Week - 17-21 March 2014. We will twin you with another school to create a brilliant performance at which you will perform one act each. Explore and develop your pupils’ understanding of the language, characters and themes and have something wonderful to show for it at the end!

‘I know that the children have benefited beyond conventional measure from this experience’ Teacher of participating school 2012 ‘So well explored...a wonderful experience’ Parent of participant 2012 ‘Brilliantly wonderful!’ Participant 2012 Details: Includes teachers inset sessions with Shakespeare experts; in-school sessions devising the play; performances at the egg. cost: £400

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In the egg

In the main house

cymbeline - see page 6 I Believe in Unicorns - see page 7 Toro! Toro! - see page 8 Woyceck - see page 11

henry vI - 24 Sep - 28 Sep Dunsinane - 8 Oct - 12 Oct a midsummer night’s Dream - 19 Nov - 23 Nov The Woman in Black - 2 Dec - 7 Dec

Please contact Creative Learning: for more information on main house productions visit: 26

Box Office hours: Main Box Office Monday – Saturday 10am – 8pm Sunday 12 noon – 8pm – only when there is a show Bank Holidays 12noon – 8pm egg reception 9am – 6pm (including Bank Holidays when there is a show) Where is the egg? the egg theatre is attached to the Theatre Royal Bath and Ustinov Studio. The entrance to the egg is between Stage Door and the Ustinov entrance, on the corner of Monmouth Street and St John’s Place. Payment: Transaction charges: £3.25 will be added to all credit and debit card purchases as a contribution to costs. Credit Cards: Payment not accepted for transactions of less than £5. By Post: The Theatre will adjust the total figure if your calculations are incorrect. A postage charge of £1 will be addded to all bookings sent without a SAE. Please do not transmit credit/debit card through email system, as internet connections are not neccesarily secure. Information: All plays are performed in English and take place in the egg auditorium unless otherwise stated. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. The recommended age ranges for shows are for your guide only. We suggest you stick as closely to them as possible for the benefit of the audience

members. Lap seats £1 for infants aged 0 -2 years - available for certain performances only. All patrons including infants must have a valid ticket. Access to the egg: • Nearby parking space for Blue Badge Holders • Level access into building • Lift to all levels • Adapted toilets • Sennheiser Infra-Red Audio System in auditorium • Hearing & Guide Dogs allowed • Wheelchair spaces in the Stalls only Accompanying persons pay discounted price • Breast Feeding Friendly • Tickets and Information available on 01225 823409/ 448844 and on the Minicom: 01225 329689 • Signed Performances available on request. Must be booked one month in advance Email:

the egg: 01225 823409 Theatre Royal Bath Box Office: 01225 448844 Online Booking: Theatre Royal Bath, Sawclose, Bath BA1 1ET

The egg is a registered charity and just like any charity, we rely on gifts and donations to fund our work. Each year we need to raise over

donate by cheque Please make cheques payable to The Egg @ Theatre Royal Bath and return to: Development, Theatre Royal Bath, Sawclose, Bath, BA1 1ET. Please contact Tom Baughan:

and we’ll receive your entire donation straight away!


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the egg café Plenty of pushchair space and a play area at the ultimate family-friendly venue - perfect for a light lunch, a snack, cake or the best coffee in town! Open daily (except Sundays). Private hires The egg auditorium and The Roper Room are available for hire to private and voluntary sector organisations, for meetings, corporate hospitality and private parties, for further information email:

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