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We shape dreams.

2010 Annual Report

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. And every day, the staff of The Arc Baltimore has the privilege of hearing about the dreams of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The dreams are as different as the people themselves. To work. Be independent. Have a home. Feel respected. Travel. Be an actor in community theater. Get married. Their wish lists go on. We help those dreams evolve from impossible… to improbable…to inevitable. In the following pages, you can read—in their words— about five people who dared to dream. The stories are instructive and refreshing. They reveal strength of character, joy in living as one chooses and the ability to think big. Together we forge new paths. Together we shape dreams.


My name is

Cassie Dittman.

I live with Margie, which is my caregiver, and my housemate, which is Mandy. We live in a home. I have my own room. I’ve known Mandy from the School for the Blind for quite some time. Mandy and I work together as roommates. Her memory isn’t always good, so I help her with that. I have CP, which is cerebral palsy. I manage it well, but when things are difficult for me to do with my right hand, Mandy helps me with that. I’m going to Myrtle Beach in June. Last year we went to Florida for spring training for the Orioles. Going there was the best thing ever. I thought the stadium would be so big but I was wrong. It was small. The Orioles are my favorite team. I love going to Orioles’ games. I was a nun when the Matthew Players did “The Sound of Music.” I had to speak Latin. I was the only person in the cast who was mentally challenged but it worked out very well.

One day, I’d like to volunteer more with the elderly in a nursing home. I’m good at that. We help more than 300 people like Cassie live in homes and apartments of their choice throughout Baltimore. Some live alone or with a roommate; others live with family. All of them live with dignity, receiving individualized supports that ensure their wellbeing and that respect the degree to which they want to live independently, pursue their interests, socialize and participate in community life. 2

My name is

Joseph Ryan Brown.

I’m from Baltimore, Maryland. I am 23. I live in Catonsville with roommates. We’re almost like family. During my last year of high school, I was at The Arc’s Project SEARCH. It was at University of Maryland Baltimore. I learned a lot of jobs and how to interview for a job. I worked in the law school library, the campus police station, the parking department and community services. At the library, I opened mail, I alphabetized books, I put security tape in books and I put books away. Being on the campus felt like going to college. They have dorms and stuff. Now I work in a mailroom. I like it because every morning is a fresh start. I take two MTA buses to get to work. I leave my house at 6 a.m. and get home by 7 p.m. When I’m not working, I play my video games, or if there’s a chore to be Joseph Brown is living proof that our community-

done, like shoveling snow or raking leaves, I’ll do that. I can cook.

based employment programs make it possible for

I want to have my own restaurant one day.

people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to earn a paycheck and feel the satisfaction that comes from a job well done. Project SEARCH, our innovative partnership with Baltimore

The Arc helped me learn how to do more jobs and to try to do my best. I want people to know I’m an okay guy. I can get the job done good and well.

City Public Schools, DORS and University of Maryland Baltimore, prepares high school seniors to transition from school to work. We also provide training, supervision and on-going support for individuals employed directly by companies and for contract workers who do industrial labor, landscaping and janitorial work.


My name is My

Melvin McClean. name is Ilse Deamond.

Me and Ilse met at The Arc. We were doing exercise. I guess it was love at first sight. Ilse is my fiancé. The first time we went to Ocean City, right in front of the jewelry store I got down on my hands and knees and asked her to marry me. We are a good couple.

Nothing is going to break us apart. We live in Parkville, MD. We’ve been there since July 12, 2004. On July 13, 2004, we had 35 people over for a housewarming. I am 38. Then I’ll be 39 and then 40, and then I’ll be an old man. I have been working for The Arc since 1994. I do landscape installations. I build patios, walkways and walls. I like getting my hands dirty. People like me. I love to dance. I taught all my nieces and nephews how to dance. I’m a sharp dresser.

♥ People’s choices personify who they are Melvin is wonderful to be with. He buys me presents. I like him because he is tall and handsome.

and help determine the quality of their lives. At The Arc Baltimore, the preferences, needs and goals of people with intellectual

We have lots of friends and family. We have them over our house for parties. We love to dance. We go to dances the first and third Friday of every month.

and developmental disabilities guide everything we do. We are already helping Melvin and Ilse prepare for married life,

We bowl on Saturdays.

and, when they choose a date, we’ll make I was surprised when Melvin asked me to marry him. I felt wonderful and happy that he did it.

We’re going to love each other for ever and ever. 6

sure they have the wedding of their dreams.

My name is

Ed Groszer.

When I was a little kid, I lived in Rosewood. I didn’t like it. Now I live with two roommates and a staff person in a house. It’s a single house. My neighbors like me. Listen to this! I got a job! I work at Applebee’s on Joppa Road. They like me. I’m a busboy. I work hard. I clean up chairs, tables, do the bathrooms and I mop the big floor and put everything back neat. I’m proud of myself. I ride the MTA Mobility Bus. It takes me back and forth from work. I got a bus pass. I believe in minding your own business and doing your work. Sometimes people call me names or tease me. That makes me feel upset and hurts my feelings. In my spare time I like to go shopping on my own. I just bought a new pair of shoes. Look at’em! They’re Hush Puppies! For Christmas, I bought a stereo. I got what I wanted! I like to make people laugh. It makes me happy.

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities thrive in the community, not in institutions. Throughout our history, we have created opportunities for

I went to Ocean City and slept in a hotel. We had a good time. I like to put on my bathing suit and show off my legs!

One day I’d like to go to Disney World.

inclusion, understanding, independence and

The Arc helped me get a job, keep the job, keep track of my money and

respect, and we have connected people with

have my free time. I’m doin’ good!

programs and services that promote and protect their human rights. Today, we continue to do so—with tremendous pride—for folks like Ed…and so many others.


My name is

Melissa Jones. And I’m Jamal Johnson.

Jamal is my son. He is an ex-preemie who weighed 1 lb. 15 oz. at birth. He was in the Johns Hopkins neonatal intensive care unit for 195 days, and he had 20 major operations. He had a tracheotomy tube and nurses in the home for the first four years of his life. He is hearing impaired and vision impaired. Through it all, we’ve been blessed. He’s the joy of my life. He is my miracle. They said he would never walk, talk, see, hear or speak. Now he is an honor roll student at St. Elizabeth’s School, due to graduate June 8, 2011.

I’m going to have a party! We receive services from The Arc Baltimore. My health is not tip-top, and

Providing life-changing supports to families is

The Arc gets respite care for me when I need to take a mental health break

a key part of our mission and something that

or recuperate from surgery. I don’t have to worry because I know Jamal is

parents—like Melissa—genuinely need. With

safe and that he’s eating well because The Arc finds good people to stay with him. The Arc also helped me with a BG&E bill.

The Arc Baltimore family support program is a blessing. I want Jamal to be independent, to live on his own, to be successful. I feel that I’ve raised a positive young man. He is my blessing.

funding from Maryland’s Developmental Disabilities Administration, we buy families necessities—from diapers and eyeglasses to toys and adaptive equipment—and provide financial assistance and short-term respite care. We also offer parenting workshops, foster care and community-based camp and recreational activities.


The Shape of Things to Come Dreams can come true if people have the courage to pursue them. We see it every day at The Arc Baltimore. As the previous pages reveal, our interviewees have a lot to teach us about patience, persistence and pluck. They also remind us that dreams can open doors to personal opportunity and change. In the process, we learn as much from them as they do from us…and they help shape our dreams even as we help shape theirs. So what are The Arc Baltimore’s dreams? We want to create a world that offers more and more opportunities for understanding, inclusion, independence and respect for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. And we want to do everything we can to protect and promote human rights for children, young adults and families in all stages of life.


To put it simply, we are working to build a community in which people with intellectual and developmental disabilities— and their families— can thrive. As we begin our 7th decade, The Arc Baltimore is fortunate beyond measure to have by our side a dream team made up of talented staff, volunteers, donors, the families we support and people like those you read about in this report. Together, we have a strong voice. Together, we have the power to shape dreams. Respectfully,

Mark T. Paré President

Stephen H. Morgan Executive Director


2010 Programs & Services



Employment and Day Services


Total — 997 People


Family & Children Services Division

Vocational Training Centers

4 centers

473 people

Foster Care

Adult Medical Day Care

2 centers

63 people

Respite Care/Family Support

283 contract sites

110 workers

In-home Family Supports

Janitorial Employment Services

41 contract sites

99 workers

Parent Education Programs

Supported Employment Services

151 employer sites

252 workers

Landscape Employment Services

Community Living Division

Total — 182 Sites



Total — 3994 Children/Adults 45 foster homes

42 children


583 adults & children

varied living situations

51 children

various locations

284 people

Parent’s Day Out

1 site

23 children

Parent Support Groups

1 site

84 adults

Summer Camp Children

2 sites

100 children


800-plus individuals

Total — 305 People

Licensed Alternative Living Units/ Group Homes


184 people

Individual Family Care


8 people

Special Education Advocacy

various schools

27 children

Family Homes


35 people

Information and Referral

phone contacts

2000 contacts

Owned or Leased by Individual


78 people



Recreational Newsletter Circulation

Quality Support Services Outreach and Community Access (intake, information and referral, etc.)



Statement of Financial Position

Statement of Activities

JUNE 30,2010

yEAR ENDED JUNE 30, 2010

(in thousands)

(in thousands)

ASSETS Current assets........................................................................................

$ 13,763.7

Property and equipment —net ..............................................................


Government agencies ...........................................................................

$ 31,747.5

Other assets...........................................................................................


Contracts and other revenue .................................................................


Total assets......................................................................................

$ 29,888.3

Public support.......................................................................................


Total support and revenue..............................................................




Liabilities Current liabilities .............................................................................

$ 16,309.7

Program services ...................................................................................


Long-term liabilities.........................................................................


Management and general .....................................................................


Total liabilities ...........................................................................




Total expenses ................................................................................


Net assets Unrestricted ....................................................................................


Temporarily restricted .....................................................................


Total net assets .........................................................................


SFAS 158 regarding pension expense ....................................................


Total liabilities and net assets ....................................................

$ 29,888.3

Effect of adoption of SFAS 158 ...............................................................


Change in net assets before effect of

Change in net assets..............................................................................



Where the money goes Employment and day services


Community living services


Family and children services


Admnistration and general


Each year the board of directors engages an independent certified public accountant to audit The Arc’s annual financial statements. An unqualified report for fiscal year 2010 was issued by the auditor. A complete copy of the auditor’s report can be obtained by contacting the advancement office at 410.296.2272 x5206.



The Arc Baltimore Board of Directors—FY11

The Arc Baltimore Administration



Directors Emeritus

STEPHEN H. MORGAN Executive Director

AARON ATKINSON Director of Community Living

MICHAEL G. MARSHALL Director of Quality Enhancement

President MARK T. PARÉ Finix Business Solutions

VIVIAN bANKS Service Coordination (retired)


KATHLEEN MCNALLy DURKIN, Deputy Executive Director

SyLVESTER (SLy) bIELER Director of Day Services

LORI J. MILLER Administrator of Community Living

DONALD W. bILES Chief Financial Officer

HILARy CHRISTIAN Director of Outreach and Community Access

MICHAEL POLLUTRA Director of Facilities

Vice-President JAMES A. LIST, ESQ. Attorney at Law Secretary CARLA N. MURPHy, ESQ. Ober/Kaler Treasurer MICHAEL J. yOUNG SC&H Immediate Past President GILbERT F. KENNEDy, III Essex Bank

TONIA FERGUSON The Arc – National Office DANIELLE FORD U.S. Department of Treasury LORETTA LETKE Unisys Corporation CHRISTOPHER LEVESQUE KEYW Corporation JANET R. MAyER Parent Advocate NEIL A. MACDONALD Union Memorial Hospital LIZ MACSHERRy MOAG Family Advocate EDMOND b. NOLLEy, JR. FIS Corporation

GREGORy M. DERWART Chief Operating Officer KATE MCGUIRE Chief Advancement Officer JERRy bULLINGER Assistant Executive Director Employment & Day Services RONALD C. CHRISTIAN Assistant Executive Director Community Living KARyN HARVEy, PH.D. Assistant Executive Director Quality Supports

JANE CONRAD Director of Training PATRICIA L. DREISCH Director of Community Employment MONIQUE DUbOIS Director of Community Living PETE DWyER Director of Foster Care CHRISTIAN EHRHARDT Director of Information Technology JOANNA FALCONE Director of Project SEARCH JK FERRELL Director of Safety


LINDA GERMANO Director of Psychological Services

JEFFREy REVER Self-Advocate

ALLIS KENSING Director of Supported Employment

PATRICIA ROSNER Parent Advocate TOM SAND Ernst & Young, LLP MARy E. SCOTT Baltimore County Public Schools THOMAS SESSOMES Self-Advocate MICHAEL SULLIVAN CB Richard Ellis JOSEPH P. WARD, ESQ. Miles & Stockbridge P.C.



ERNEST SMITH Director of Nursing DEbbIE STAIGERWALD Director of Volunteers and Interns DONALD WATTS Director of Contract Services DIANE WESTGATE Director of Finance

Annual Giving January 1–December 31, 2010 Major Gift ($10,000 and above) The Thomas W. Bradley Foundation, Inc. A.C. Buhler Family  Ms. Lynn Buhler  Kelly & Associates Insurance Group, Inc  Scientific Plant Service, Inc.  Ellen W.P. Wasserman Foundation

Special Gift ($5,000 to $9,999) AAI Corporation Allegis Group Foundation, Inc.  Battelle Foundation  Blades & Rosenfeld, P. A.  The Campbell Foundation, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. James P. Daly, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Hook, IV The John J. Leidy Foundation  Ms. Loretta Letke  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan Ms. Sharon A. Reuwer  SC&H, P.A.  Venable Foundation  The Wachovia Foundation 

Founder’s Circle ($2,500 to $4,999) CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield Classic Food Service, Inc.  Expressway Office Solutions  Mr. James A. List, Esq. and Mrs. Kimberly S. List Microsoft Matching Gifts Program  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Moag  Oak Contracting, LLC  Mr. and Mrs. William H. Oliver  RCM&D RSM McGladrey, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Sand Dr. David R. Shortle  Texas Liquids Commercial Motor Fuels  Margaret Black Ulle Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young

Leadership ($1,000 to $2,499) Abilita The Adelbert W. Mears Trust  Alban Tractor  Allstate Leasing  Austin Pharmacy & Medical Supplies  The Jerome & Sonia Baum Charitable Fdn.  Mr. Sylvester G. Bieler 

Blue Dot Services of Maryland Ms. Amy Bullinger  Jerry & Carol Bullinger Cares Foundation  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carter  Mr. and Mrs. George F. Carter  Ron and Hilary Christian Mr. William F. Cochran, Jr. Ms. Shirley Craig  CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison  Mr. Michael DiBartolomeo  Mr. and Mrs. William F. Dooley  Ms. Mildred Dreier  The Chet and Dottie Duke Family Foundation Mr. Christian Ehrhardt  Mr. Stuart Epstein  Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans Fidelity Information Services  Finch Services, Inc.  Fireline Corporation  Mr. Jerome Geraghty Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartnett  Mr. Barry D. Hecht  Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hudak  Mr. and Mrs. Earle P. Hurley  Irwin Siegel Agency  Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Katz  L. H. Cranston & Sons, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel D. Leonard  Mr. Christopher Levesque Dr. and Mrs. Philip Levinson  The Louis J. and Ruth G. Herr Foundation  Mr. Neil A. MacDonald  Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr.  Mrs. Martha Marshall  Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mayer  Ms. Kate McGuire  Kathleen and Brian Durkin Ms. Gloria Ewers Ms. Isabel C. McCullough  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Merriken  Miles & Stockbridge P.C.  Mutual of America  Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr. Ober/Kaler  Mr. and Mrs. Mark Paré Mrs. Maureen Pecora  Mr. James M. Pontier  The Propeller Club of Baltimore  Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rohde  Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq.  Mr. Mike Rosner  Mrs. Raquel Schuster-Herr Mr. Thomas J. Shearin  UBS Financial Services  Donna M. Sills and J. Michael Sloneker The T. Rowe Price Foundation  Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey W. Valentine  Waste Management of Maryland  Mr. Alvin Wilson  Ms. Kathleen R. Worthington  Mr. and Mrs. Matthew G. Yancisin


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Mr. and Mrs. John B. Althoff, Jr.  The Baltimore Community Foundation  Mr. and Mrs. Claude E. Barbour  Mrs. Evelyn Barnett  Mr. and Mrs. Edward F. Benecewicz  Berkadia Commercial Mortgage, LLC  Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Bonham  Libby and Chris Bryant  Ms. Mary Catherine Bunting  Chason, Rosner, Leary & Marshall, LLC  Constellation New Energy  Corporate Office Properties LP  Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Derwart Mrs. Rebecca Dietz  Ms. Patricia L. Dreisch  Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ellis, Sr.  Essex Bank  Mr. Jonathan K. Ferrell  Fleming Transportation Corporation  Four Star Company  Fred’s Tag & Title Service  Mrs. Linda Germano  Mr. Thomas Goeb  Dr. and Mrs. David M. Hasson  Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hudak  Leonard Paper Company  Ms. Ruth P. Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Randall F. W. Mayer  McEnroe Voice and Data  Mr. and Mrs. Steven L. Meckel  Medi-rents & Sales, Inc  Ms. Dianna Morgan  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Morgan  NEU-ION, Inc.  The Perennial Farm  Mr. and Mrs. David L. Plaut  Ms. Susan Plitt  PMI Baltimore Chapter Inc  Mr. and Mrs. Daniele Rigamonti  Mr. and Mrs. Jordan Russell  Ms. Sharon K. Russell  Savage Transport Services, LLC  Mrs. Elizabeth L. Shearin  Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Singer  Ms. Teresa Spurrier  Ms. Debbie Staigerwald  Mr. David Stauffer  Ms. Mary Stemler  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Trout  Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tucker  Joseph and Laura Ward Mr. and Mrs. Donald G. Watts Mr. Richard Watts  Weiss PR Associates  Ms. Diane Westgate  Mr. and Mrs. Gary Yeldezian  Ms. Lynne Campbell Young 

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Mr. Stephen Driscoll  Ms. Monique Dubois  Mr and Mrs. Ken Ducker  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Ducker  Mr. Duane Durns  Ms. Esther Dutton  Eldorado Hair Replacement Center  Ms. Greta Engle  Mr. Jeffrey Erwin  Ms. Meredith B. Fagan  Mrs. Rita E. Feher  Finix Business Strategies, LLC  Ms. Mary Ann Flanary  Mr. Weng Kin Fok  Ms. Danielle Ford  Foster Business Forms  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen O. Fowose  Mr. Thomas J. French  Ms. Kelly Fritz  Dot & Kim Gabrels  Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gerard  Ms. Mary Gintling  Mrs. Jennie Giza  Mr. Tad Glenn  Baroness Ghislaine D. Godenne, M.D.  Mr. Kenneth Greene  Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Greenland, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Tom Grogan  Ms. Marian J. Gunther  Mr. Edward C. Hammerberg  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Handley  Ms. Polly A. Harding  Mr. Charles Harlan  Ms. Karyn Harvey  Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hayden III  Mrs. Rosemary Heiger  Mr. and Mrs. Curt Heinfelden  Mrs. Doris T. Hendricks  Mr. Michael Hilferty  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Hilton  Ms. Camille Hinmon  Rev. Patricia Roop Hollinger  Mr. John Holman  Mr. Roy Holmes, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Holt  The Home Health Care Escort Services, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hough  Mr. Joseph Hutchinson  Intercon Truck Equipment of Baltimore, Inc.  Mr. Ronald D. Jasion  Dr. Jeffery Jensen  Ms. Alleene Johnson  Joseph Smelkinson Foundation  Ms. Susan Justice  K & G Enterprises, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kalski  Mr. William Kelleher  Mr. Leonard Kellum  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Kenney  Kimball Construction Company, Inc.  Mr. Carroll Klingelhofer III  Mr. Greg Knauf  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Knoerlein 

Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Knoerlein  Mr. and Mrs. Norman Knoerlein  Mrs. Joan Kolobielski  Mr. Robert Koos  Mr. John Kos  Mr. and Mrs. John Kuhar  Ms. Allison Kurtz  Mrs. Ashley Lavin  Mr. E. Ray Leppo, Jr.  Linhard’s Towing  Mrs. Mazel Linowitz  Mr. and Mrs. John S. Linz  Mr. and Mrs. Bill List Ms. Diane Lochte  Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Lumsden  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Macsherry  Mr. Rolando Magsino  Mainline  Mr. and Mrs. James Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Martin E. Marvel  Maryland State Numismatic Assoc.  Ms. Katherine Mathias  Ms. Lisa Mazzaferro  Mr. and Mrs. Connor F. McBryde  Mrs. Leslie McCasker  Ms. Patricia A. McCloskey  McLean, Koehler, Sparks & Hammond  Ms. Barbara McMahon  MD Truck Tire  Ms. Virginia W. Makumi  Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Meros  Milford Auto Servicenter, Inc.  Mr. and Mrs. Virgil W. Miller  Ms. Allison Miser  Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Mitchell  Ms. Catherine Moazzam  Ms. Beverly Mobley  Morgan Carlo Downs & Everton, P.A.  Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Murray  Ms. Margaret Mutungi  Ms. Ruby Naas  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Natividad  Ms. Ori S. Natividad Ms. Noel Novak  Ms. Shannon Ogg  Ohio State University  PAETEC Communications  Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Patten  Mr. and Mrs. Philip J. Patten, Jr.  Ms. Teresa Perrera  Ms. Joanna Pierson  Mr. and Mrs.  Austin C. Platz, Jr.  Mr. Jose Plaza  Mr. and Mrs. Harry Pollock  Ms. Patricia Pontier  Mr. Robert F. Price  Professional Press, Inc.  QOS, Inc.  Mr. Mac Ramsey  Mr. and Mrs. S. Dick Reider  Ms. Donna Reihl  Mrs. Constance C. Reisig  Ms. Dianne Reynolds 


Ms. Yvonne D. Richards  Mr. Robert Rosner  Mr. Thomas Russell  Mr. Melvin Ruzicka  S J Elsner’s Lawnmower  Mr. and Mrs. David Salkever  Mr. Marc Salkin  Ms. Jesse Salley  Mrs. Bonnie Saul  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scherrer  Mr. and Mrs. Joe Schmitz Mrs. Elise T. Scott  Ms. Lauren Seabolt  Mr. Scott Shane  Ms. Pamela Sharp  Mr. Boleslav Shklyar  Dr. Allan C. Sidle  Mr. and Mrs. Merrill I. Skolnik  Mr.  Clay Smith  Ms. Marga Smolin  Ms. Jackie Spelman  Ms. Mary Lee St. John  Mr. and Mrs. Judson Stark  Steam Communications  Ms. Dana Stein  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Stine  Mr. Chris Stolze  Mr. David G. Strappelli  Mr. and Mrs. John Strom  Mr. Thomas Sweeney  Mr. and Mrs. James Szymanik  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Taylor  Ms. Sharen Thomas  Mr. Edward F. Tolzman, Jr.  Towson Elks Lodge #469  Mrs. Agnes Treadaway  Mr. Johnny Tsang  Ms. Muriel S. Turner  Dr. Peter J. Valletutti  Mr. William J. Walker  Mr. and Mrs. Dale A. Waters, Jr.  Ms. E. Yvonne Waters  Mr. and Mrs. John Weakland  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Weber  Mr. William Webster  Mr. and Mrs. Sandy Weeks  Mr. and Mrs. Barry Weiskopf  White House Nursery  Mr. and Mrs. Wendell W. Wichmann  Ms. Gloria R. Wicks  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Williams  Mr. and Mrs. Anthony C. Winnick  Bob and Gail Winterling Mr. George E. Wirth  Ms. Lois A. Witte  Ms. Vanessa Wright  Ms. Jessica Xander  Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Yancisin

Benefactor ($50 to $99) Mr. and Mrs. John P. Abosch  Mrs. Ida Alcarese  Mr. Dave Alexander  Ms. J. Joy Alford  Ms. Amanda Allison  Ms. Dani Allison  Mr. Samuel J. Amato  Mr. Carmine Anastasio  Ms. Shahidah Anderson  Anonymous  Ms. Dee Arrington  Mr. Aaron J. Atkinson  Mr. Melvin Augustyniak  Mr. and Mrs. William Baber  Baltimore County Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #4  Bank of America Matching Gifts  Mr. Kevin N. Baynes  Ms. Jean V. Beal  Mrs. Kimberly Becker  Mr. and Mrs. Lee H. Benedict  Mr. Richard Bennett  Mr. and Mrs. Steve Berger  Mr. Don Biles Mr. Bill and Diane Bilo  Ms. Amy Blank  Ms. Brenda Bodian  Mr. Edward Brady  Mr. and Mrs. Brian Briggs  Mr. Dennis D. Brogan  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Brown  Ms. Barbara M. Bryl  Ms. Mary Burrier  Ms. Colleen Rae Calhoon  Mrs. Marie Campanaro  Ms. Rebecca Canning  Mr. Adolphus Carr  Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Carter  Ms. Joanne Castello  Ms. Kathlyn Cathell  Chardon, Inc. T/A Signs by Tomorrow  Mrs. Deanna Chemelli  Mr. William Clark  Mr. and Mrs. Martin Clarke  Mrs. Shirley Cleverly  Ms. Laura Cohen  Ms. Joyce Cole  Ms. Maureen Connors  Corkscrew LLC T/A The Wine Bin  Mr. Thomas J. Cosgrove  Ms. Sue Cox  Ms. Mary Ellen Crowley  Mr. Bill Cullen  Mrs. Joan M. Cutson  Mr. Gislin Dagnelie  Ms. Beverly Davis  Ms. Amy Decker  Mr. L. Patrick Deering  Mr. and Mrs. John Dendrinos  Mr. and Mrs. Paul D. Denton 

Mr. Woodrow Dils  Mrs. Nancy DiPaola  Ms. Ruth Dolle  Dr. and Mrs. Kevin Doyle  Ms. Ammie Ducker  Mrs. Mary Dunnock  Ms. Erika Edwards  Mr. Purcell Edwards  Ms. Patricia Emerson  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ennis  Bilou Enterprises  Mr. Morton Esterson  Mr. Lee Eudy  Dr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Feehley  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Feldman  Ms. Tonia Ferguson  Ms. Susan Ferraracci  Mr. Jim Fitzpatrick  Ms. Eileen Fleck  Ms. Brooke Frank  Ms. Shirley L. Garrett  Mr. Herbert Garten  Mr. Joshua Gervais  Mr. Buddy Gibbs  Mr. William L. Glenn Jr.; Ph.D.  Sister Vincentia Goeb  Mr. and Ms. Irwin L. Gold  Mr. Robert Goldstick  Don and Renee Gorman Ms. Cathy Goucher  Ms. Desney Green  Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Greif, Jr.  Ms. G. Dorothy Hall  Mr. Michael Harling  Mr. and Mrs. Lewis N. Harrison  Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hartman  Ms. Rebecca Hartnett  Mr. and Mrs. Neal Hasson  Ms. Karyn Harvey Mr. Benjamin Hayden, Ph. D.  Mr. Joseph E. Hazel, Jr.  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Heiger  Mr. Robert F. Hemler  Ms. Donna Hill  Mr. David E. Hines  Mr. Jeffrey Hitt  Mr. Craig Horner  Ms. Sharonda Huffman  Mr. and Mrs. Monte J. Hullinger  Hua Jiang  Ms. Michelle Jones-Price  Kathleen Andrigo Family Trust  Mr. John Kavanaugh  Mr. Richard Kelly  Mr. Barton Kenney  Ms. Kathleen Kenney  Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kernan  Ms. Nancy Kirchner  Ms. Andrea Kolp  Ms. Judith Korn  Ms. Betty Krause  Mrs. Debra Kupfer  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lagas 


Mr. and Mrs. Richard Lamond  Mr. Jeffrey LaRocque  Mr. and Mrs. Ric Lastner  Mr. Maurice Lazenby III  Mr. Todd Lehman  Mr. Jimi Lethbridge  Ms. Rhoda P. Levin  Mr. Theodore J. Lingelbach  Mr. Evan List Ms. Jennifer List Mr. Jon List Ms. Karen Mack  Ms. Elizabeth Mackey  Ms. Cynthia Macsherry  Ms. Dolly J. Magsino  Ms. Anna B. Manrique  Ms. Cristy Marchand  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Marlowe  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Marshall Mrs. Gloria Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martin  Mr. and Mrs. Edwin H. Matthai  Mr. Christopher Mayer  Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Mayers  Mrs. Dolores Mazan  Mr. & Ms. Jim & Diane McComb  Ms. Carol McDaniel  Mr. William McLennan  Ms. Rashida McPhaul  Ms. Earline K. Meredith  Mr. Calvin Miller  Mr. Paul Mitchell  Mr. and Mrs. George Mojzisek  Ms. Janet H. Morgan  Mr. Martin Morgan  Ms. Pat Morgan  Ms. Barbara L. Morris  Ms. Lauri Morrison  Mr. Brian Mueller  Mr. and Mrs. Vincent C. Munchel  Mr. Brian Mund  Mrs. Cynthia Naylor  Mr. and Mrs. Alvin F. Nehrenz  Ms. Kelli Nelson  Mr. Andre Nkokwo  Ms. Marjorie A. Noll  Ms. Denise Noon  Mr. Cornnel Norman  Mr. and Mrs. Sean O’Conor Ms. Marjorie J. Oakey  Ms. Lydia Obeng  Ms. Jolynn Osmeyer  Ms. Mary Anne Petrik  Ms. Mary Jo Poppek  Ms. Deborah Pratt  Ms. Jacqueline Pritchett  Ms. Lorraine Pritts  Ms. Carol E. Rabin  K and P Rabins  Ms. Catherine Raggio  Ms. Barbara Raine  Mr. Tom Rasmussen  Ms. Mary Reece 

Ms. Teresa Reider  Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Robinson  Ms. Leslie Robson  Ms. Jean Rochevot  Mr. and Mrs. Dan Rosner  Ms. Catherine Rouhana  Ms. Pam L. Runk  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Schaffer  Mr. and Mrs. G. Lewis Schaffner  Mr. Michael Schatzow  Mr. and Mrs. Tim Schickner  Mr. Jacob Schmulowitz  Ms. Jean Schnurr  Mr. Harry Schwartz  Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Scott  Mrs. Dawn Scherrer  Mr. and Mrs. Erwin M. Sekulow  Ms. Joanne Selinski  Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Shifflett, Jr.  Ms. Patricia P. Shriver  Ms. Clare Siegel  Mr. Nickolas Skinner  Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Smith  Ms. Willie Mae Smith  Ms. Fiona Snoddy  Ms. Shlethia Speight  Mr. Donald L. Spritzer  Mr. Jack Stakem  Mr. Kenneth Stanton  Ms. Norma Stumpp  Mr. and Mrs. Vernon L. Sturgill  Ms. Klubo Subah  Ms. Rebecca Sullivan  Mrs. Linda Sundquist  Mr. Robert Sutton  Mr. Joseph F. Tassone  Mr. Richard Travia  Mr. and Mrs. Daniel True  Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Trump, Jr.  Mr. Reggie Tunstall  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Turano  Mr. and Mrs. George F. Vaeth, Jr.  Mr. Philip Valle  Mr. and Mrs. Mitch Vandiver  Ms. Patricia D. Vane  Mr. and Mrs. John Vanin  Ms. Dimitra Vega  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Volk  Ms. Judith R. Volkman  Mr. and Mrs. William Walker, IV  Ms. Yvonne Wall  Mr. Virgil Wallace  Ms. Mary Warfield  Ms. Kay F. Watts  Mr. George Weigel  Mr. Ray Weiss  Mr. and Mrs. Bennett B. Wethered  Ms. Lisa Wiederlight-Gibson  Ms. Sandra Wilkerson  Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur J. Williams  Ms. Carol Wirth  Mr. Dion Wright  Mr. Dorsey Yearley 

Mr. Tesfa Yohannes  Mr. Gerald Zaboski  Mrs. Matilda D. Zeller  Ms. Nicole Zentgraf  Ms. Donna Zimmerman 

Friend (Up to $49) Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Christina Abbene  Ms. Lisa Alden Boswell  Mr. Robert G. Allen  Mr. and Mrs. John Allison  Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Alperin  Mr. Bernie Anderson  Ms. Ann Marie Angarita  Mr. Edward Angevine  ARC Water Treatment Company  Mr. Joseph R. Armstead  Ms. Lisa Arnquist  Mr. Owen Arrieta  Ms. Joanne Augustyniak  Ms. Jenny Austin  Mr. Jay Ayd  Mr. and Mrs. Paul Ayd  Mr. Charlie Bacon  Mr. Kevin Barham  Ms. Darlene Baumgartner  Ms. Carol Beatty  Ms. Julia Beavers-Schiendelman  Mr. David Beck  Mr. Paul Benesch  Mr. and Mrs. Edmond K. Bennett  Ms. Jennifer Bishop  Ms. Shakiera Black  Ms. Patricia Blakeley  Mr. Tom Bonderenko  Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bongart  Ms. Gloria Boone  Ms. Kristal Boulware  Ms. Darlene Brady  Mr. Troy Branch  Ms. Sue Breen  Ms. Jane Brodhead  Mr. John Brooks  Mrs. Claire Brown  Ms. Diane Brown  Mrs. Margaret Brown  Ms. Lisa Broznowicz  Ms. Colleen Brunjes  Ms. Helen Bryan  Ms. Evelyn Bryant-Green  Ms. Ethel Buggs  Ms. Kristin Bull  Mr. Mark Bullinger  Ms. Shannel Burton  Mr. Edwin Bustard  Ms. Katie Button  Mr. Matthew Byars  Jung Byun  Mrs. Ruth G. Byus  Ms. Laura Cantler  Mr. Robert Carhart, Jr. 


Ms. Kelly Carneal  Mrs. Judith Carney  Carney Chiropractic Center  Mr. and Mrs. Jon Carter  Mr. Robert Chafey  Ms. Lorig Charkoudian  Ms. Jeanie M. Clark  Mrs. Jane B. Clemmens  Ms. Stacey Coblentz  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Cohen  Mr. and Mrs. Lester Cohen  Ms. Laura Coleson-Schreur  Ms. Helen Collins  Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Connelly  Ms. Veronica Cool  Ms. Dana Costello  Ms. Kara Cotsalas  Ms. Laurie Cox  Mr. Eric Crabb  Ms. Sharon Crain  Ms. Danita Crawley  Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Creutzer  Ms. Barbara A. Crosby  Ms. Darlene Crosson  Ms. Susan Culp  Ms. Nancy Currens  Ms. Christine Cush  Mrs. Helen B. Dance  Ms. Hillary Davis  Ms. Ilse Deamond  Mr. and Mrs. Scott Deamond  Ms. Deborah DeCarlo  Ms. Laura Dias de Oliveira  Mr. and Mrs. Frank Disney  Ms. Evelyn DiTosto  Ms. Cassandra Dittmann  Ms. Hilda Dopkin  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dubel  Mr. John Duberg  Ms. Nellie DuBois  Ms. Angela Dudley  Ms. Anne Durkin  Mr. J. Scott Duty  Mr. and Mrs. Rich DuVal  Ms. Teaira Duvall  Ms. Carol Eberhardt  Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Eberhardt  Ms. Christine Eberle  Mr. Steve Eddinger  Ms. Lavinia Edmunds  Ms. Michelle Edwards-Longway  Mrs. Esther Elkin  Mrs. Patricia Elza  Ms. Allison Embro  Mr. and Mrs. Fred Engesser  Mr. Carlton Epps, Sr.  Essex Co-Op Apartments  Ms. Kerensa Estes  Mrs. Pearl Etelson  Ms. Pat Evans  Ms. Lisa Fagan  Ms. Lisa Ann Fagan  Ms. Mary Fallon 

Ms. Nancy Ferrone  Mr. William S. Finlayson, Jr.  Mr. Joseph Flaherty  Mr. Patrick Fleming  Ms. Rosemary Fleming  Mr. Joseph Forrester  Ms. Kathleen France  Mr. and Mrs. Richard Frediani  Ms. Peggy Fussell  Ms. Lorrie Geiss  Ms. Christine Gellert  Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Germano  Ms. Barbara Gewirtz-Israel  Ms. Carmen Gilmore  Ms. Kim Glab  Ms. Mary Grablick  Ms. Joan Graboski  Ms. Sandy Graham  Mr. and Mrs. Michael Griffin  Ms. Pauline Guffey  Ms. Christina Hall  Ms. Lena Harris  Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harvey  Ms. Emily Heinlein  Ms. Rosemary Hendricks  Mr. and Mrs. William L. Henn, Jr.  Mr. Tom Herpel  Mr. and Mrs. William Hildebrand  Mr. and Mrs. John Hixenbaugh  Mr. Kerry Hochstein  Ms. Ann Hochwarth  Mr. Craig Hoffman  Ms. Erin Hoodlet  Mr. and Mrs. W. Carl Hossfeld, Jr.  Mr. Dwayne Howard  Ms. Bettye Insley  Mrs. Crystal M. Isaacs  Ms. Donna Jacobucci  Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Jenkins  Mr. David Johnson  Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jones  Ms. Dorothea Jordan  Ms. Katrina Kamantauskas-Holder  Ms. Margaret Kane  Mr. and Mrs. Nelson E. Kane  Mr. and Mrs. Louis Karko  Mr. Russell D. Karpook  Ms. Barbara Katz  Ms. Mandy Kemp  Mr. Bertram Kestenbaum  Mr. Charles Keyser  Mr. and Mrs. David Kieffer  Mr. and Mrs. Victor Kilkowski  Ms. Susan Killian  Ms. Erica King  Ms. Susan King  Mr. Lee Kingham  Mr. Robert Kirkendall  Mr. Kent Kisenbauer  Mr. Neal Kitt  Mr. and Mrs. Norman I. Klein  Mr. Norman Knoerlein 

Ms. May Koch  Mr. Gordon E. Krabbe  Ms. Joyce Kramer  Ms. Joanne Krause  Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand E. Kresment, Jr.  Mr. Gerald Krieger  Mrs. Mary A. Kutcher  Ms. Mary Anne Lacour  Mr. Joseph Lamantia  Mr. and Mrs. Dean Landers  Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lanham  Ms. Susan Larson  Ms. Tina Lazar  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Leake  Ms. Mary Lehmann  Mr. Ivrving Lerner  Mr. and Mrs. Maurice F. Levie  Mr. Lee Levinson  Ms. KC Lim  Ms. Marian Lipinski  Mrs. Gilda Litrenta  Mr. Frank Locke  Ms.  Kristina Logan  Mr. Matthew Luisi  Ms. Edyth Lulie  Mr. and Mrs. Richard B. Lynch  Ms. Michele MacKenzie  Mrs. Marian Macsherry  Ms. Carol Madeja  Zakauddin and Schoene Mahmood  Ms. Tammie Malinowski  Ms. Ruth Massimini  Mrs. Diana Mattingly  Mr. Denise Maurer  Ms. Beth Mayers  Mr. and Mrs. Don McCulloh  Ms. Lorraine A. McFaul  Mr. and Mrs. Mike McGregor  Mrs. Melissa McGuire  Mr. D. Melvin McLean  Ms. Catherine McNally  Ms. Lindsay McNamara  Ms. Daphni McRann  Ms. Nancy Mears  Mr. Craig Medlyn  Ms. Kimberly Meekins  Mr. and Mrs. David Miceli  Mr. Dennis Miller  Mr. and Mrs. Howard L. Miller  Ms. Lori Miller  Mr. Gary P. Mingleton  Ms. Cheryl M. Mitnick  Mr. Brian Mohler  Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Mohler, Jr.  Ms. Ellen Montgomery  Ms. Mindy Morrell  Mr. John Muchunu  Ms. Martha Mugamba  Ms. Jacqueline Mulherin  Ms. Cory Myers  Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Nagle  Mr. Buzz Nasdor 


Ms. Ruth Nash  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Nayden  Mr. Charles Neverdon  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. Newman  Ms. Demetria L. Newsome  Mr. James M. Nichols  Mr. and Mrs. Keith Niemeyer  Ms. Comfort Nwokeuku  Mr. Bart O’Reilly  Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Ossakow  Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pack  Mrs. Jean K. Parks  Mr. Carmine Pasquale  Mrs. Grace L. Patterson  Mr. Michael D. Patton  Ms. Elizabeth Peery  Ms. Anne Phillips  Mrs. Elizabeth Polek  Mr. Albert Polovoy  Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Price, Jr.  Mrs. Gilbert L. Pritchett  Ms. Carol F. Puro  Ms. Dolores Quandt  Ron and Sharon Rebbel & Family Mr. and Mrs. Henry Reches  Mrs. Nancy Reiff  Mr. and Mrs. William C. Reisinger  Mr. Jeffrey Rever  Mr. and Mrs. Louis S. Richards  Ms. Kim Riddle  Mr. Samuel P. Ritch  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Roberts  Ms. Jacqueline Roberts  Mr. John Rogers  Mr. Kent Rohrbach  Ms. Kathleen Rollason  Mrs. Elizabeth Romanowski Mr. Robert Romanowski  Ms. Geraldine Rosenbaum  Ms. Doreen B. Rosenthal  Ms. Carmen Rosentreter  Ms. Ginger Rosetta  Ms. Sophia Ross  Dr. and Mrs. Allan I. Rubin  Mr. and Mrs. Marc Rudolph  Ms. Kristen Rudolph  Ms. Joan M. Rumenap  Ms. Kay Ruppersberger  Ms. Alida P. Ryerson  Mr. David Saenz  Ms. Tamara Salkever  Mr. Dele Sangodeyi  Mr. Carlos Santillan  Mr. and Mrs. Felix Santillan  Mr. Stephen Santillan  Mrs. Reynell Saxon  Mr. and Mrs. Chas Schafer  Ms. Natalie Schaffer O’Neill  Ms. Rachel Schatz  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Scheller  Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Scherrer  Ms. Kathy Scheulen 

Mr. and Mrs. H. Donald Schott  Ms. Deborah Schulkin  Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schultz  Mr. John Scott  Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Scruggs  Mr. Anthony Sekulow  Mr. Cory Sekulow  Mr. Thomas Sessomes  Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sgroi, Jr.  Pamela and Richard Shaw Ms. Kim Sheely  Mr. Preston G. Shelton  Mr. Norman Shillman  Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Shorter  Ms. Brandi Simmons  Ms. Anna M. Simms  Mr. Luther J. Simms  Ms. Marjorie Simon  Mr. Kenneth Sims  Ms. Patricia Sims  Mr. Robert Sinton  Dr. William A. Sinton, Jr.  Ms. Kiara Skipwith  Mr. and Mrs. Steven Sklar  Ms. Erin Sloneker  Mr. Reynaud G. Smith  Ms. Lucille Snair  Mr. Michael Soliman  Mr. Bernard J. Staab  Mr. Mark Stafford  Ms. Janice Steffin  Mrs. Patricia E. Stevenson  Mr. Lamont Stewart  Mr. and Mrs. James D. Stiff  Ms. Angela Stoddard  Mr. and Mrs. James Stogoski  Ms,. Kenisha Stone  Mr. and Mrs. James Street  Ms. Sonya Sugarman  Ms. Joy Sushinsky   Ms. Hazel Talbott  Mr. Melvin Tansill, Sr.  Ms. Kim Taylor  Ms. Juanita Teed  Mr. Hal Thomas  Ms. Eleanor Tilley  Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Tober  Mr. Andrew Topps III  Ms. Normina L. Torres  Ms. Diana Trout  Ms. Mary Tyler  Mr. Wilbur Ulle  Mrs. Kathy Vecchioni  Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Vonasek  Mr. Andrew J. Wagner  Ms. Joan Walen  Ms. Kathleen Wales  Ms. Charisse A. Walker  Mr. and Mrs. Alan Waller  Ms. Christine Walz  Mr. Paul Watkins  Dr. and Mrs. Moody D. Wharam, Jr.  Ms. Nancy Whitaker 

Ms. Janet Williams  Ms. Jenny Williams  Ms. Robin Williams  Mr. Vernon Williams  Mr. and Mrs. Foster Wilson  Dr. and Mrs. Henry B. Wilson  Ms. Emily Wolf  Mrs. Doris Woods  Ms. Dionne Wright  Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Wu  Ms. Carolyn Wyche  Mr. James R. Young  Ms. Anita Zellner  Ms. Phyllis Zollicoffer 

In-Kind Contributors Ms. Kathy Alexander American Turners Senior Citizens Club Baltimore County Revenue Authority Baltimore Marriott Hunt Valley Ms. Jennifer Balzano Bill Bateman’s Bistro Beltway Fine Wine Bob Davidson Ford Lincoln Mercury A. Aubrey Bodine Ms. Elizabeth Butler Calvert Wholesale Florist, Inc. Carefirst BlueCross BlueShield Ms. Kathy Carlock Ms. Charline Chambers Chestnut Ridge Country Club Christopher Daniel Clean Bee Cleaning The Country Club of Maryland Mr. Brian Covington Ms. Gloria Ewers Expressway Office Solutions Exxon Mobil Mr. David Gately Glory Days Grill Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hartnett Henderson’s Wharf Hilton Pikesville Ms. Tracey Howland Hunt Valley Courtyard by Marriott Hunt Valley Golf Club Hunter’s Oak Golf Club Irwin Siegel Agency Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Educational Foundation Ms. Claudia Kairoff Mr. and Mrs. Norman Knoerlein Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Lambert Leonard Paper Company Linens & Lingerie Loyola University MD Athletics Richard & Janet Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mays


Mrs. Kathleen McNally Durkin Michael’s Cafe Ms. Ellen Montgomery Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr. Obrycki’s P. F. Chang’s China Bistro Padonia Station Panera Bread Mr. Mark Paré Patrick’s Restaurant Mrs. Susan Plitt Professional Press, Inc. Prospect Bay Golf Club Ms. Diana Roberts Mrs. Patricia Rosner Salon Grace Mr. Chuck Shettle Souris’ Saloon Steam Communications The Rec Room Mr. John Thomas III The Towson Golf and Country Club Turf Valley Resort & Conference Center Ms. Joyce Valentine Westminster’s Island Green Driving Range Captain Barry Wilmore The Zenith

Tributes Honorarium Recipients Danielle Bailer Jimmy Carter Brigid Cushing Joshua Cushner Dianna DiLeonardi Peter Hawkins Annie Heinlein Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr. Chris B. Mayer Steve Morgan Drs. Karen & Daniele Rigamonti Dan Rosner and Maria Hudak Rosner Mary Scott Dorothy and George Strohecker Dawn Sutton Andrew Szymanik Drew Weber Matt Yancisin

Memorial Recipients Donald Brown Billy Cochran Thomas D. Dawes Elizabeta M. Delea Larry Dietz Marre Fanning Marie Hall

James Donald Hand Brian Michael Hecht William J. Heiger Stanley S. Herr Mary Leake Andrew List Carolee List Adelbert W. Mears Sharon Miller Virgil W. Miller Nicholas A. Nizer Natalie Platz Nigel Robinson James L. Rosner William H. Shearin, Jr. Stanley Sidle Dorothy Stein Guy Thompson Nancy Margaret Waterman Gilmour Webster

Named Funds Macsherry Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Macsherry Mrs. Marian Macsherry Ms. Cynthia Macsherry Mr. and Mrs. John H. Macsherry, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony G. Moag Mr. and Mrs. Kevin L. Patten Ms. Patricia Pontier Mr. and Mrs. Eugene E. Turano

Chris B. Mayer Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Denicoff Ms. Juliana Mayer Mr. Christopher B. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. Randall F. W. Mayer Dr. and Mrs. Richard F. Mayer

Nigel Robinson Endowment Fund Ms. Sue Berg Mr. John Burke Ms. Colleen Rae Calhoon Mr. and Mrs. James E. Harvey Mr. Joseph E. Hazel and Ms. Nancy M. Evans Mr. Robert F. Hemler and Ms. Patricia Walker Hemler Mr. and Mrs. Michael M. Jenkins Dr. Jeffery Jensen Mr. and Mrs. Connor F. McBryde Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Price Ms. Doreen B. Rosenthal Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Schaffer Ms. Natalie Schaffer O’Neill

Mr. Todd Ray Mr. Anthony Sekulow Mr. Cory Sekulow Mr. and Mrs. Erwin M. Sekulow Studio 27 Architecture

Dan Rosner and Maria Hudak Rosner Endowment Fund Mr. and Mrs. Martin Clarke Ms. Mary Ann Flanary Mr. and Mrs. Jon Gerard Mr. and Mrs. James Hudak Mr. and Mrs. John J. Hudak Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Hudak Mr. Joseph Lamantia Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Martin Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq. Mr. Robert Rosner Mr. Mike Rosner Mr. and Mrs. Chas Schafer Ms. Jackie Spelman Joseph and Laura Ward

Ms. Lori Miller Mrs. Marie L. Moore* Mr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Morgan Ms. Jeannette Myers* Mr. and Mrs. Edmond B. Nolley, Jr. Ms. Margaret Palmere* Mr. and Mrs. Mark T. Paré Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Pritchett Mr. Murry Reiter and Mrs. Alyce D. Reiter* Mr. and Mrs. James F. Rosner, Esq. Ms. Mary E. Scott Mr. Chris Serio Mr. Harry R. Shriver, Jr.* Donna M. Sills and J. Michael Sloneker Ms. Kathleen Sweeney Mr. Robert Sweeney* Mrs. Margaret Black Ulle Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Winterling, Jr. Mr. Eugene H. Wood, Jr.* Earnest & Cynthia Woodard Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Young *Indicates deceased

Legacy Society The Legacy Society is comprised of individuals who have included The Arc of Baltimore in their estate plans. To date, they include: Mr. Sly Bieler Gen. and Mrs. William C. Bilo Ms. Kathleen Bormuth Mr. Marvin G. Burris* Mr. and Mrs. David J. Butler Mr. & Mrs. George F. Carter Mr. Philip W. Chase, Jr.* Mrs. Susan Critzman Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Davison Mr. and Mrs. Gregory M. Derwart Mr. and Mrs.* Chester A. Duke, Jr., CLU Mrs. Kathleen McNally Durkin and Mr. Brian J. Durkin Mr. and Mrs. George W. Ellis, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. David L. Evans Ms. Marre F. Fanning* Mr. Thomas Goeb Sister Vincentia Goeb Ms. Katherine Lambert Hays Taber and Rick Hook Mr. and Mrs. Jerome G. Katz Mr. Donald E. Kauffman* Mrs. Helen M. Kauffman Mr. Steven L. Lessner* Mr. James A. List, Esq. and Mrs. Kimberly S. List Mrs. Edith M. Lowry Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. John H. Machserry, Sr. Richard and Janet Mayer Ms. M. Kathleen McGuire


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this list. If you feel there is an error, please contact our Development Office 410-296-2272 ext. 5208

MISSION STATEMENT The Arc Baltimore provides advocacy and high quality, life-changing supports to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families.



copy/concept/design • photography Howard Korn

People with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families THRIVE in the community.

7215 York Road Baltimore, MD 21212 410-296-2272 Maryland Relay 800-735-2258 30

Annual Report - FY10  

The Arc Baltimore's FY10 Annual Report

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