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History of gun legislation in Boise.


New downtown sushi joint is a hit with students.



MTV’s “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” comedians preform. The Arbiter Indepen d en t

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March 17, 2014 • Issue no. 49 Volume 26

Boise, Idaho

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ASBSU Staff Writer

Four positions were up for grabs Wednesday, March 12 as candidates for the upcoming ASBSU election took the podium. The roles to be filled included: Assembly Speaker, Secretary of Student Organization Affairs, Secretary of Academic Affairs and Secretary of External Affairs. “A big issue with ASBSU is people aren't really aware,” said Megan Buxton, a candidate for Assembly Speaker. Increasing student voice and participation encompassed a majority of the conversation between the two potential nominees for Assembly Speaker. The Student Assembly can house 40-60 students at once but usual participation sits around 15. To fix this, Chase Neumann, also a candidate for this position, hopes to abolish the mandatory participation practiced already and reach out to groups who are not currently represented. He feels having people there who don't want to be is taking away from students’ motivation to participate. “You have to want to get involved,” Neumann said. Buxton hopes to use existing means such as “Broncoproblems” online to see what ails students most in order to act appropriately. Her biggest complaint is the lack of participation which creates an “apathetic” environment, which she hopes to change. Hailey Weatherby, running for Secretary of Organi-

zational Affairs, stood at the podium alone as her fellow nominee Kendra Winnick could not make it. A major issue pertaining to this position is funding. This year ASBSU funds ran out; for Weatherby, this is unacceptable. “I've got a lot to learn,” said Weatherby about her experience in these matters, but “I'm excited to lean on people with that experience.” Weatherby hopes to become a resource for students, not only allocating funds but introducing students to other organizations as well. For the position of Secretary of External Affairs the main issues focused on were higher tuition and providing a voice for students to the legislature and Idaho State Board of Education. Stephen Gustafson, a nominee for this position, hopes to advocate for better resources for students and will look at different ways to increase funding. Gustafson feels there needs to be open dialogue between organizations on campus and that his past three years spent developing connections at Boise State can do that. Also running for this position is Angel Hernandez, who believes in a far more radical approach to these issues. Hernandez feels the current assembly system at Boise State isn't working and if elected hopes to bring back the Student Senate. He feels

strongly about the issues pertaining to students and intends to fight for minority groups on campus. The two candidates running for Secretary of Academic Affairs are Christopher Bower and Rebecca Kopp. Bower boasts an impressive record which he believes “speaks for itself.” He is running for his second term in this office and hopes to build upon what he's already created. Although Bower admits he didn't come to Boise State wanting to get involved, he feels he's found his place on campus. “ASBSU has defined who I am as a person,” Bower said. Kopp, only a freshman herself, understands the importance of younger students getting involved. Her goal is to eliminate some of the misconceptions professors and students have about each other. Currently, Kopp is living in the College of Business Economics Living and Learning Community where students and teachers live together for this exact purpose. “Students don't know all the opportunities they have,” Kopp said. She plans to help freshmen and sophomores see the opportunities they have regardless of the outcome of the election. “The whole point is to be involved,” Kopp said.

A big issue with ASBSU is people aren’t really aware. —Megan

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Sean Bunce

Courtesy ASBSU

candidates debate

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Trey McIntyre dancers bid farewell to Boise Alx Stickel Isabel Corona @AlxStickel @IsabelLCorona

the project will remain when Trey McIntyre takes the company in a new direction. Although not everyone in the audience knew the history of TMP, the experience of seeing a passionate creative performance stood for itself.


The audience rose while the dancers bowed for their lengthy standing ovation as the Trey McIntyre Project con-

cluded their last Boise dance performance in the Morrison Center. Saturday’s performances signaled the end of the dancing component of Trey McIntyre Project (TMP). The dancers will disband, but the name of

The Trey McIntyre Project performs Mercury Half-Life.


The Arbiter

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“It was fantastic,” said Berna Nyirabariyanga, a former University of Idaho student. “The first part was very costume-wise artistic, like very modern. The second part was just like ‘yeah!’” The first half of the performance was somber, exploring death, which embodied the sad close to the project. “It’s a pretty melancholy moment,” McIntyre said. “You know I walk away with, if anything, tremendous gratitude for having this experience and having a community embrace what we’re doing so fully.” Meanwhile, the second half was upbeat, creatively putting Queen’s songs to dance, ending on a more optimistic note. In what some would call a fitting move, the last song of the performance was a dramatic interpretation of “We Will Rock You.” TMP may no longer be dancing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t continue to rock spectators’ expectations. “When we were first making the move to Boise, so many people in the dance world said,

‘If you do that, you’re going to disappear.’ And quite the opposite has happened,” McIntyre said. Although the ending was bittersweet for both the company and the community, many understood that it’s necessary for there to be growth. “I don’t know the history that much but I hope they have this awesome experience about growing and expanding, especially in this line of work because they’re so talented in it, so I wish them the best,” said U of I graduate Calley Duke. In 2008 Boise was selected as TMP’s home city, because McIntyre wanted the opportunity to see if it could become an integral part of a community. “Within the country, there’s such a red state-blue state divide in terms of support and access. And I kind of feel like, if we’re not providing great art to people everywhere, then why would there be appreciation,” McIntyre said. TMP had the opportunity to travel all over the world and

Arts & Entertainment

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perform in theaters like Carnegie Hall and the Hollywood Bowl, but McIntyre said the coolest experience was when the State Department sent them on a month-long tour of Asia. TMP has been fundamental to Boise with their community involvement, performing in schools, hospitals and on the streets. Mayor Dave Bieter named TMP ambassadors for the city. Although the curtain dropped on the dance component of TMP, the creativity and innovation the company stands for will still be experienced through other projects. Two documentaries are currently being developed. The first on the docket deals with their collaboration with the Preservation Hall Band, which will be told through recreations and interviews. The second is a documentary about TMP’s first decade. “Everybody should see him if they ever get the chance,” Nyirabariyanga said.

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arch 17, 2014


The Future

For Release March MARCH 17, 2014 FOR RELEASE 17, 2014

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Bambi’s mom, e.g. 4 First grade lessons 8 Father-son actors Robert and Alan 13 Essence 14 Sodium hydroxide, in chem class 15 Deserve 16 Tricky situation to deal with 18 Chicago airport 19 Smitten 20 Piper’s son of rhyme 22 Radio switch letters 23 End 24 Salon styling stuff 26 Santa’s laugh sounds 27 Victrola corp. 29 Govt. intelligence gp. 30 Dr. of rap 31 Division word 33 Taiwanese-born director Lee 35 Asked God for guidance 37 Former NFLer with a season record 23 touchdown receptions 40 JFK’s vessel 43 Soft slip-on 44 Norse trickster 48 “I got it!” 49 “Norma __” 51 Approves 53 Flying Peter 54 Flying socialite 57 Start of a fitness motto 59 Curved foot part 60 Minor league rink org. 61 “Just watch me!” 62 “Politically Incorrect” host Bill 64 Hearty meal often made with mutton, and, in a way, what the ends of 16-, 24-, 37- and 54Across comprise 66 “Not __ out of you!” 67 Casino freebie 68 Chile’s Cape __ 69 Methods: Abbr. 70 “Ghost Hunters” channel 71 Two-time loser to DDE


By Charlie Riley

DOWN 1 Talk and talk and ... 2 Show more staying power than 3 Old Montreal team 4 Poker game starter 5 Sheep’s sound 6 Terra __: pottery clay 7 Surefire winner 8 Latin “I love” 9 “The Merry Widow” composer Franz 10 Serious-andfunny show 11 Orbitz quote 12 Originated (from) 13 Oh-so-stylish 17 Finished for good 21 Logical guy with pointy ears 24 Ranch worker 25 Auto dealer’s inventory 28 Bach composition 32 Gold, to Gomez 34 Workout place 36 Communication for the deaf: Abbr.

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2014 Tribune Content Agency, LLC

38 Swiss river 39 Othello, for one 40 Pillow fight garb 41 Psychologist’s treatment 42 Cookie dough units 45 Summer shoe style 46 Former German leaders 47 Back home after traveling, say


50 Moral principles 52 For instance, with “as” 55 Piece of paper 56 “The Jetsons” boy 58 Malia Obama’s sister 61 Cosby/Culp TV series 63 Rotation meas. 65 Global currency org.


January 17, 2014


Aries (March 21- April 19): You will be stunned to learn your parents aren’t even related to you. They will explain they found you in a gutter somewhere and that you are likely the offspring of magical woodland elves. Unable to believe them, you will run crying into the local woods only to discover these so called “elves” are actually just local drug addicts.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Getting high isn’t cool. Getting high on life is. Getting high on drugs is illegal. Getting high on life is perfectly legal. Unless the strain of marijuana you are smoking is called Life. In that case, your probation officer may be upset with you. The state of Idaho is only cool with people getting high on things like the Bible and waterskiing.

Taurus (April 20-May 20): Life can be confusing. Some days you are getting plenty done and moving forward while other days you find yourself stuck in a rut. My best advice: while traveling, look for a path that has no ruts or ditches that can slow down your progress. You aren’t a pioneer traversing the continent, how about using the sidewalk.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): After many years on the force, you will retire as a police officer with honor. Everyone will throw you a surprise party at your precinct but the celebration will be interrupted by the news that the mayor has been kidnapped by terrorists. You will be forced to come out of retirement and fight alongside a rookie cop to set things straight.

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Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22): Your local bank has a bunch of silly rules including not allowing members to make deposits while wearing black ski masks. It used to be in this country that you could wear a ski mask, walk right into a bank and nobody would hassle you for anything. Ever since 9/11, these banks are all worried about “violent robberies” and “customer safety.”

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Editor’s Pic The Funnies

Sophomore Anthony Adams, right, gets his head shaved for the fourth time at the St. Baldrick’s Foundation annual fundraiser in the Taylor Hall Quad of Boise State. Proceeds, as well as the snipped locks, are used to benefit children afflicted with cancer.

Ryan Thorne, Christian Spencer/THE ARBITER


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March 17, 2014


Hairless for humanity Students raise money and shave their heads to support children with cancer John Ollivier St. Baldrick’s Foundation held their third annual head shaving event in the Taylor Hall quad Friday, March 14. The event began with speakers giving their stories about their experiences with cancer, elaborating on why this event was so important for the research of childhood cancer. Hosting the event was the radio station 103.5 Kiss FM, which provided the emcee for the afternoon. At 2:30 p.m., the first groups of six volunteers sat down in the chairs while the emcee interviewed the volunteers. After the initial shave on stage, the volunteers were taken aside to another barber to give the finishing touches. All of the volunteers took a before and after picture where, instead of the usual “Say Cheese!” they used the more appropriate “Baaa!” One of the first students to shave their head was freshman Abdul Rahman, a civil engineering major, who said that this was his first time shaving his head for St. Baldrick’s. “I’ve lost two people to cancer, so I want the kids to feel that they’re not alone in this—I think that this is a great place to do it,” Rahman said. Naomi Plummer, a stu-

Devin ferrell/the arbiter

Staff Writer

Creed Feigt (left) and Derek Turlay (right) get their heads shaved during the St. Baldrick’s Foundation fundraiser. dent at Oliver Finley’s Academy of Cosmetology, volunteered to shave participants’ heads. “This was my first time doing this kind of thing, and I

When I found out about St. Baldrick’s Foundation I found out that every three minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 5 of those children will eventually die—they can’t fight cancer alone, so that’s why I got involved. —Aubry Gribble

lost my grandmother to cancer, so I was really nervous that it would be too emotional,” Plummer said. “I met a lot of people that were particular about their beards—I could shave their head but not the beard.” The event was moved inside due to the rain, but it did nothing to hamper the enthusiasm of the crowd. Aubry Gribble, a senior elementary special education major, planned and coordi-

nated Friday’s event, as well as the previous two St. Baldrick’s events at Boise State. “When I found out about St. Baldrick’s Foundation I found out that every three minutes, a child is diagnosed with cancer, and 1 in 5 of those children will eventually die. They can’t fight cancer alone so that’s why I got involved, to bring awareness of childhood cancer to the community,” Gribble said. Last year, the event had the

goal of raising $5,000, eventually surpassing that, raising $10,000. This year, the organization had a goal of raising $15,000, with $8,000 raised before the event. Betty Clark, a junior elementary education major, expects this year will be another success for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. “It was definitely a success this year,” Clark said. “We had a lot of people shave (their heads), without hav-

ing signed up before hand.” According to their Facebook page, the St. Baldrick’s foundation shaved 46 heads at the event. Before the official count is completed, Clark expects the money raised will reach their goal of $15,000. “The motivation and hard work of the volunteers involved definitely changed the way it went this year,” Clark said.

“ I love being in debt. ” — said no one ever

DISH is a Fortune 200 company and is hiring for this summer.

At 19, I was managing a team and earned over $100,000. If you’re looking for a summer job that will pay off all year, this is it! —Tyler Colbert

Email your resume and contact info to: ©2014 DISH Network L.L.C. All rights reserved.

The Arbiter


March 17, 2014

The Haps with the Apps The Arbiter looks at current apps gaining attention and popularity, this week: Ingress in the real world, Ingress incorporates landmarks, Staff Writer buildings, sculptures or Bad news. We are living historic areas as portals to in the Matrix. But fear not­ XM. Users can access por— you can help shape the tals, hack them, collect exnew world, capture exotic perience and either defend matter (XM) and fight for the Shapers’ entry to the the Enlightened and help world or fight for the purity the Shapers infiltrate Earth. of humanity. Or you can join the ResisCurrently, downtown tance and protect humanity Boise and Boise State is from the Shapers ingres- controlled by the Enlightsion. ened, or the green team, Ingress is a game…or is whereas downtown Nampa it? is controlled by the ResisIngress is an app any An- tance, the blue team. droid platform user can “(Ingress) is like a real download from the Google world version of capture Play store; ios7 will be avail- the flag,” said Erik Larson, able later this year. Players junior mechanical engiare prompted to join a side, neering major. “Each team’s or faction, as an agent upon goal is to capture a portal, downloading the game. connect them together and After joining a faction, create controlled areas.” the missions begin: users User created portals are capture portals and build a located around the world, base for their team. Based and the number of portals

Eryn Johnson

is constantly growing. Larson has been playing since the game was in its beta stage­­ —nearly a year and a half ago. He is a member of the Enlightened and is finishing level six. Considering the highest level an agent can be is eight, Larson is doing pretty well. When he first started, the game was almost nonexistent but now he estimates the number of participants has doubled or even tripled. The game was developed by Niantic Labs and published by Google. It was awarded the Top Game of 2013 at Google Play Player’s Choice Awards. Fortunately, if we are in the Matrix, picking between the blue and red pill isn’t something to worry about. Download the game and explore the truth yourself.

Isabel Corona @IsabelLCorona

For the Fall 2013 football season the Boise Police Department (BPD) decided to mandate a new ordinance for tailgating. This new ordinance was called the 10 to 10 Zone, because it was in effect from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on game days. It also extended the areas where tailgaters could legally consume alcohol. The ordinance was instituted partially so officers could attend to other matters, such as public safety and underage drinking. Although many students understood this was the case, they still found it frustrating.

“As a college student it’s kind of annoying. But it’s probably better that they use their resources on that kind of stuff than on tailgating,” said freshman biology major Megan Kelly-Slatten. The result of the new procedure was a decrease in open container citations. There was, however, an increase in the number of underage drinking citations. According to a press release from the BPD, this rose from 28 in 2012 to 72 in 2013. Lynn Hightower, communications director for BPD, said this statistic doesn’t insinuate there was more underage drinking than usual last year.

Education is an important component to any ordinance, but (enforcement) is always up to the officer’s discretion.

—Lynn Hightower

courtesy/boise police deprartment

Underage drinking harder to hide on campus

The new 10 to 10 Zone has allowed BPD to focus on underage drinking citations. “Underage drinking was no more prevalent last year; there were just more resources to monitor it,” Hightower said. Kelly-Slatten said she noticed only a minor influx of underage drinking on game days compared to non-game days. “Maybe (some people) are more prone to drink at football games,” Kelly-Slatten said. Eduardo Magana, a freshman graphic design major,

also sees more students drink on campus. Education about the borders and rules of the new ordinance was especially emphasized in the inaugural year, but will continue in the coming years. “Education will always be an important component,” Hightower said. Hightower also explained the violator’s intention was taken into consideration by officers when they enforced the parameters.

“Education is an important component to any ordinance, but (enforcement) is always up to the officer’s discretion. Officers, if it’s the first time they’ve run into you and they think that you are sincerely unaware, then they will continue to educate you,” Hightower said. Hightower said a major reason why the ordinance was so successful was its consistency from game to game. Regardless of whether the game was in the morn-

ing or evening, the hours for legal tailgating and public consumption remained the same, so there was less room for confusion by the public. “People understood that on late games when they had to pull in the alcohol at half-time. Nobody complained, nobody was confused and it worked quite well,” Hightower explained. The ordinance expires on June 1, but BPD is requesting that aspect of the ordinance be amended.

YOU DON’T HAVE TO LEAVE BOISE TO GET A LAW DEGREE Only Concordia University School of Law gives you tuition that’s $10,000 below the national average for private law schools. Merit scholarships range from $3,000 to $14,000 and students receive a service grant of $5,000 per year – guaranteed. Full- and part-time schedules are available. Plus a mentor program that pairs you with a local attorney or judge to extend your education to the real world.

All right here in your own backyard.


LEARN MORE AT WWW.CONCORDIALAW.COM The Dean is fully informed as to the Standards and Rules of Procedure for the Approval of Law Schools by the American Bar Association. The Administration and the Dean are determined to devote all necessary resources and take all necessary steps to present a program of legal education that will qualify for approval by the American Bar Association. The Law School makes no representation to any applicant that it will be approved by the American Bar Association prior to the graduation of any matriculating student. ABA Standard 102, Interpretation 102-7. For additional information about the accreditation process, visit or contact our Office of Admission.

the arbiter The Arbiter

March 17, 2014


Staff Writer

On Tuesday March 11, the “Politics and Lunch” event at the Andrus Center for Public Policy featured Idaho’s 32nd and longest standing attorney general, Lawrence Wasden. Wasden’s speech, titled “Balls and Strikes,” focused on the rule of law and how it has applied to his office throughout his administration. “The rule of law binds us together as a society,” Wasden said. “It’s the source of our freedom and security.” The rule of law states that all people and institutions are bound to law if it is impartially imposed. Wasden insists upon this principle,

using the phrase “fair and square,” as the punch line to many of his statements throughout the speech. As Attorney General, Wasden has been involved in many controversial issues during his term such as the Affordable Care Act and defending Idaho’s stance on same-sex marriage. He maintains that these topics, although morally questionable, present no legal foundation for him to take a stance because they are state and federal laws. In 2003, Wasden made five promises upon taking office: To conduct firm and fair criminal prosecutions, protect Idaho’s water and sovereignty, protect Idaho’s consumers from fraud, pur-

Sean Bunce

I am obligated to defend the constitution. Whether I agree, or disagree is irrelevant. —Lawrence Wasden

sue rights of stewardship of state endowed lands and ensure justice for all Idahoans. Since then, he has done just that. His office has successfully implemented an Internet task force designed to catch online predators targeting teens. They’ve also returned millions of dollars from consumer related fraud and continue to enforce the Idaho Competition Act, which mandates that a business can’t have market power in a way that is anti-competitive. Wasden insists upon the rule of law, going as far as sending a letter to the current administration expressing his concern that lawmakers were choosing what laws to follow. This he feels is “inconsistent” with how the law must be. “I am obligated to defend the Constitution,” Wasden said. “Whether I agree or disagree is irrelevant.” The attorney general briefly commented on the

Secretary of External Affairs

Courtesy Idaho Legeslature

Wasden hosts “Politics and Lunch”

Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden hosted Politics and Lunch.

Idaho gun bill that recently passed, which will allow for enhanced concealed firearms on college campuses. “The issue is not whether it is good or bad legislation,” Wasden said. “But does it fit within the confines of the law?” Wasden believes it does. He also commented on

the lack of public defenders in Idaho. “We need to be serious about having a proper public defense system,” Wasden said. Wasden believes larger counties have far better resources and are better equipped to have a wellfunctioning justice system.

Wasden feels there should be more resources allocated to smaller counties and that the public defense prosecution system in all counties should be “fair and square.” For a podcast of this speech, visit the Andrus Center for Public Policy website.


Q&A Stephen Gustafson

Angel Hernandez

Secretary of Academic Affairs

From the ASBSU presidential election forum


What potential policies or bills in legislature do you see impacting campus and how will you respond to them as student body president?


The gun bill has been an interesting one. It is something I really didn’t know before. The gun bill is something that was hard for all of us because I think the majority of our students, I know the majority of our students, opposed that bill. We went and we fought and did what we could. —Bryan Vlok

Q. How do you represent students who have opposing views from your own? A

Christopher Bower

Rebecca Kopp

Secretary of Student Organizational Affairs

. I feel like we would just represent. We would get the statistics of everyone what they believe; it’s a student voice. So, everything needs to be heard. We would get everything out back to transparency, make sure that everyone knows the amount of people who believe what and why they believe. —Lauren Albright

Q. What makes you unique for this position? A. We truly do love Boise State. We want to see this as an institution, that you know, we’re proud of in 20 years. We want to come back and know we were a part of wherever this institution is going to go down the road. And so, I think just having the love for Boise State, having the love for our peers and aware kind of where they go and what we’re doing. —Bryan Vlok

Hailey Weatherby

Kendra Winnick

Assembly Speaker

The national average for college students who vote in their student governement elections is only 8 percent. Make sure your voice is heard. Vote March 18 & 19. An email will be sent to your Boise State email with a direct link to the polling website. 1/8 Arbiter ad


STUDENT FINE Chase Neumann

President and VP


Mar. 20

Megan Buxton

Treefort Kick Off

Vikesh Kapoor, Saintseneca, Sallie Ford

12:00 - 4:00 P.M. SUB Patio (inside if raining)

Bryan Vlok & Lauren Albright

Through Apr. 17

Apr. 9

Maria in the Shower Special Events Center 7:00 - 9:00 P.M. FREE with ticket from

Accepting Exhibition Proposals Student Union Galleries 208. 426. 1242

the arbiter The Arbiter

Gun Laws 6

March 17, 2014

A history of Idaho’s firearm legislation 1909- First mention of concealed weapons in Idaho laws barring them from areas like cities, mines and logging sites. (Unless you could prove your life, family or property were threatened)

Mallory Barker Ryan Thorne Arbiter Staff

Gov. Butch Otter recently signed Senate Bill 1254 into law, allowing Idaho citizens with concealed weapons permits to carry concealed firearms on Idaho college campuses. The bill drew flocks of critics and demonstrators to the Capitol Building as well as universal scorn from Boise Police chief Mike Masterson

1917- Personal defense clause allowing concealed weapons dropped. Concealed weapon permits are created and distributed solely at the discretion of Idaho’s individual county sheriffs.

and Idaho’s university presidents. This isn’t the first time law enforcement and legislators have clashed over guns laws in Idaho. Back in 1990 when concealed gun laws were drastically rewritten, Idaho sheriffs universally opposed legislation that took away their right to subjectively hand out concealed permits. “I am opposed to the major change in the concealed weapon,” then Ada County


1990- Concealed gun law scrapped and completely rewritten to guarantee those who legally qualify to own guns can also obtain concealed permits through application process. Idaho sheriffs unanimously opposed legislation saying complete authority to distribute permits should remain in their hands.

Sheriff Vaughn Killeen wrote to legislators. Vaughn claimed changing Idaho’s concealed weapons law would allow “known dope dealers who have never been arrested and other types of known criminals who law enforcement has unfortunately never been able to arrest or convict for various reasons.” Here’s a look at the history of concealed weapons laws in the Gem State.

of murders

Firearms caused by

1991- Exemptions for concealed weapon law added to include: -Elected Officials -Retired police with 10 years of service


-Hunters in designated sporting areas


1994- Fingerprint background checks using state and national databases added to list of requirements to obtain concealed carry permit.


has the highest number

of murders by guns



1995- Concealed carry permit restrictions added for those with with restraining and protection orders levied against them.


1996- Amendment added allowing those with valid concealed permits to skip background checks when legally purchasing firearms.

L U.S. average

but is


88 100

in firearm ownership guns per of

with an

2005- Idaho attorney general creates reciprocal agreement to ensure Idaho concealed weapons law recognized by other participating states. (Currently 40 states recognize Idaho concealed law, Oregon and California fall among those that don’t)

eads the world



gun related murders

2013- Enhanced concealed permit created to allow recognition of Idaho’s concealed law among most other states. Sheriff also required to release results of background checks to concealed carry applicants.

page Design Christian Spencer/THE ARBITER

32 17 27

courtesy/mct campus

2006- Concealed carry exemption extended to include detention deputies with 10 years of service.

Students erect a makeshift memorial at the sight of the shooting. Statistics derived from the FBI crime database and the guardian

0 23 20

Virginia Tech Massacre: Sandybrook Elementary: Kileen Texas Massacre:







Apr. 16, 2007 Dec. 14, 2012 Oct 16, 1991

the arbiter The Arbiter

March 17, 2014


Penis jokes: Still funny Comedians from MTV entertained students



Ashley Stout Staff Writer

Family Life

kalee hinkle/the arbiter

On Thursday, March 13, the Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) hosted Comedy Night in the SPEC. Students lined the halls of the SUB waiting for the event to start. Three comedians from the MTV shows “Girl Code” and “Guy Code,” Nicole Byer, Alice Wetterlund and Jermaine Fowler kept the crowd chuckling the entire night. They cracked jokes left and right about sex, cats, relationships and personal life stories that were just too funny not to share. Nicole Byer’s explicit sex jokes left the whole crowd Jermaine Fowler closed the show for Boise State Comedy Night March 14. grabbing their stomachs from your fellow students know,” pends on who we can get.” laughing so hard, especially family and relationships. All three of the comedians “I liked Jermaine the best; said Programming Assistant when it came to her hilarious Molly Valceschini. threw their own twist into the he was hilarious and I loved penis song and her opening This was the first time that night and made for one hell of how he was really involved Snickers joke. Alice Wetterlund showed with the crowd, his stories SILC hosted the comedians a funny time. Students ranging from her quirky and slightly cat-ob- were hilarious. I loved them from “Girl Code” and “Guy freshmen to seniors filled the Code” but it has hosted Comall, ” said Raven Boyer, a freshsessed side by doing animal edy Night in past years with entire SPEC to show their impressions and helping the man communication major. “This is one of those events comedians such as Streeter love for Byer, Wetterlund and crowd admit to their secret Fowler. that brings a lot of students Seidell. love for cats. Valceschini also stated that, And the comedy didn’t just Jermaine Fowler connected together; it’s a shared experiwith the crowd by sharing life ence so when you leave you’ll “We would hope to have end after the show; students experiences about his friends, know the same jokes that all comedy every year, it just de- had the opportunity to meet

Steam sells video games for charity Justin Kirkham Staff Writer

If customers pay over the average price that others are paying for the pack, they receive exclusive games along with their purchase. “This helps drive up the price people are paying for the games,” said sophomore microbiology major Kara Grant said. She continued to explain that buyers can choose where their money is donated, whether to the game developers themselves, the charity

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Hosting weekly sales and offering several periodically acclaimed grab bags of games, Humble Bundle lets gamers buy up a handful of games for low prices. And, to top it off, a portion of the proceeds goes to charity, further encouraging gamers who are pondering or even remotely thinking about buying a bundle to go ahead and invest in

their own entertainment, the success of often under-recognized developers and the well-being of those who may not be as well off. Humble Bundle offers weekly “bundles” for which gamers can “pay what you want” for a group of games, starting at a dollar. From time to time, these bundles are themed, sporting Android system game packs, PopCap developer packs or their famous Humble Indie Bundle.

Bundles allow people to buy video games to donate to charity.

the arbiter The Arbiter

in question or the Humble Bundle organization. Often times, these games are redeemable on Steam, a PC gaming platform through which gamers can buy, download and play games within their Steam library. “I certainly don’t purchase every single bundle, but I’ve bought four or five. If you are new to PC gaming, check it out. It’s a great way to build up your gaming library in between the summer and winter sales,” Grant said. Maxwell Jahner, sophomore elementary education major, said he has enjoyed having access to all of his games online without the worry of scratching up old discs or losing games, as Steam stores all of his games within his Steam profile’s library. “I went ahead and picked up even though I already owned seven of the nine titles,” Jahner said, noting his purchase of the most recent Humble Indie Bundle 11. Being a big fan of the Humble Bundle program and the games that were featured within it, he ended up getting all of the games and passing on his extra titles to a friend.

and take pictures with the comedians along with receiving autographs. Comedy Night had a huge turn out, filling every seat available. For more comedy from Byer, Wetterlund, and Fowler check out “Girl Code” and “Guy Code” on MTV. Also keep your eyes open for more comedy nights hosted by SILC. “I would love to see more support going to independent gaming developers. Those people put in a huge amount of effort into something that they love,” Grant said. She suggested that more gamers check out Kickstarter to see new game developers and their potential projects, as well as sign up for Humble Bundle emails to see just what games are being bundled each week. “I initially used to allocate the entirety of my purchase to charity because I’m a big fan of Child’s Play, a charity that supplies games to children fighting for their lives in children’s hospitals across the country,” Jahner said, enjoying taking part in the charity side of the bundle. Child’s Play is often one of the charities that bundle buyers have the option of donating their purchase money to. Grant highly recommended participating in Humble Bundle sales, explaining that it is a great way for one to build up and flesh out their Steam game library and support the developers that make the games being featured. “Plus, you’ll feel good that you are contributing something more to the community,” Grant said.

Seoul Shocker is staff writer Danielle Davidson’s firsthand experience with living abroad in Seoul, South Korea. When an ad comes on the big-screen at the movie theater, telling fathers to stop working so much and go play with their children, questions begin to rise. Why do Korean fathers need to be told to spend time at home? The pressure for a husband and father to provide the best possible life for his family is intense here, and leads to the stereotypical view of Korean fathers being stern, unmoving, emotionless machines. My Korean friend went for weeks at a time without seeing her father, and she grew to hate him for his absence and his stone-like demeanor. But, pressure to provide for his wife and daughters drove him to work long hours. Another friend, after overhearing a conversation between my father and I on the phone, expressed she was envious of the carefree, friendly way we talked. I didn’t understand at first, because I didn’t know anything different, and in my ignorance I asked her why. Her eyes widened and she laughed as she said she couldn’t imagine ever being friends with her father who simply gave orders, making things more like the army than a fatherdaughter relationship. Family dynamics between parents and children are different in general, because if a child works or goes to school in the same city as their parents, then they live at home. Moving out after marriage is the social norm here, and living with mom and dad until 30 or later is expected. The only exceptions I’ve seen, and the ones my Korean language professor confirmed, are work and school. Though in some cases I’ve seen, the kids who live away from home still go home on the weekends. It depends on the family and the situation, and Korea is constantly changing at a rapid pace, so who knows what the next generations will hold.


arch 17, 2014


Let me see that sushi roll Dharma Sushi & Thai provides late-night alternative meals

Patty Bowen Since opening in October 2013, Dharma Sushi & Thai offers a variety of Sushi and Thai cuisine at an affordable price. Walking into the restaurant, you’re offered free samples, friendly service and the overwhelming wafting smell of fresh cooking food. The restaurant itself has a beautiful minimalist feel to it with comfy but classy seating and a beautiful view of the Egyptian Theatre and skyline. Unlike the majority of sushi offering restaurants, your food is served to you quickly, and with no strange food making devices. With a deep creamy coconut flavor, each one of the daily Thai curries is a steaming bath of vegetables, rice and spicy robust meat or tofu that has been sautéed in a medley of strong spices. Similar in taste to sweet and sour pork, the fried tofu twists savory tofu into a private party with carrots, green onions and rice. Sprinkled with spices, the fried tofu has an outer layer

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Staff Writer

Dharma Sushi & Thai is open until 3 a.m. Friday and Saturday night. of fried crunchy perfection while still being soft and delicate in the center. For an inexpensive dessert that floods your mouth with crunchy soft bliss, try the banana bomb, a fried banana wrapped in a crispy, sweet outer breading, sprinkled in powdered sugar and drizzled in either caramel or chocolate caramel. The Thai cucumber salad is crunchy, with a strong vinegar, pickled taste. The bits

of carrot mixed in give the salad a fresh sweet pop that pairs perfectly with rest of the dish. With fresh vegetables and meat or tofu topping a layer of greens, the Thai lap bowls offer a variety of traditional tastes. The tofu has a crunchy outer layer with a soft center and the greens are topped in a layer of vinaigrette that mixes well with the jasmine rice. Dharma Sushi & Thai

is open from 11 a.m. until midnight on weekdays and until 3 a.m. on Friday and Saturday so if you’re tired of Boise’s bed time leaving you with only Pie Hole and Pita Pit, this might give a good change of pace. Location: 624 West Idaho Street Hours: Sunday- Thursday11 a.m. - midnight Fr iday- Saturday-11 a.m.- 3 a.m.

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With a sweet government subsidy,





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*Assumption: 28-year-old male with a $27,000 annual income, receiving a monthly subsidy of $26.96 who purchased the Blue Cross of Idaho Bronze Connect plan. Prices may vary. the arbiter The Arbiter

March 17,2014


Golf off to Fresno Nate Lowery Staff Writer

A young team is one way to describe this year’s Boise State women’s golf team. The young team, most of which consists of underclassmen, will be sending two freshmen and three sophomores to Fresno, Calif. to compete in the Fresno State Lexus Classic on March 17-18. This tournament will be a two-day, 54-hole tournament at the par-72, 6,212 yard Cooper River Country Club. It will consist of two rounds on Monday and the final round on Tuesday, starting at 10 a.m. each day. The Broncos missed the

tournament last year due to conflict with the dates, but have been in this tournament the last 10 years. Head coach Nicole Bird is excited and optimistic that even though she has a young team, they will come out and play hard at the tournament. “I’m excited about this line-up because this is the line-up that won in the fall in South Carolina. I’m excited that we have the same group going to this event; there are only going to be seven teams there,” Bird said. There will be six other schools joining the Broncos on Monday. Those schools are CSU Northridge, Ne-

vada, Sacramento State, San Francisco and San Jose State. “I think it will be interesting; San Jose State is really strong and so is San Francisco. If we can play our best golf at that point, I know that we can get a win against them. It will just take everybody playing a good round,” Bird said. During the fall the team has been playing hard and competitively against other teams and one another to prepare for this upcoming tournament in Fresno. Sophomore Samantha Martin is anticipating the course to be hard and the weather to be unpredictable.

Courtesy/Boise State Athletics

The women’s golf team will compete on March 17, 18

The women’s golf team has just two tournaments until the MW Championships. “This course is going to be difficult and I’m not sure how the weather is going to be, but I think that if we play good golf it will turn out well,” Martin said. For freshman Oceane

Pelloille, the Fresno State Lexus Classic will be her fourth tournament as a Bronco. “The field is harder this semester than last semester. The field at this tour-

nament is hard, but we have been doing well so far and we will still improve,” Pelloille said. To follow the tournament for live scoring you can visit

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New Boise State head football coach Bryan Harsin had his first spring football conference of the year on Thursday, March 13. In the press conference, Harsin talked about a variety of different issues, from his reactions to his team’s first practices of the season to Boise State’s upcoming Pro Day. The Broncos officially started spring practices last week. They practiced in just helmets to start, but beginning this week they will be in full pads as they prepare for their first scrimmage on Thursday. “It’s good to see those guys out there work-

ing,” Harsin said. “They are working hard and playing fast.” Harsin has been pleased from what he has been seeing out of not only his players, but his staff as well. “The urgency, energy, effort of the team has all been good,” Harsin said. “I also like what the coaches are doing as well.” Harsin has been incorporating a few new philosophies in practice, as well as giving incentives to his players for performing well in practice by rewarding players of the day on offense, defense, special teams, and a group of the day. In addition, the team does a play-maker of the practice which goes to the player who has the best

plays in practice, as well as a “ballhawk” on the defensive side of the ball who causes the most turnovers or causes the biggest turnover in practice. Harsin addressed a few areas of his team starting with the special teams. “It was a big deal for me at Texas and Arkansas State and it won’t change here,” Harsin said. “In the past we have done some really good things and we need to continue that.” Harsin then moved into talking about his skill positions, running backs and wide receivers and how they have been developing. “We have got some guys at that position and we need to get better with

those guys and we will,” Harsin said. “We need to utilize them a little bit differently and we will. I like what they’re doing and they’re a good group.” Finally, Harsin talked about what he expects for returning quarterback Grant Hedrick. “Grant fundamentally has good technique, throws the ball well, his arm is strong, and runs well,” Harsin said. “It all comes down to execution and I want to see him execute.” Harsin also addressed the importance of walk-ons and he is excited to see that continue. “We have a good group of guys we know and recruited,” Harsin said. “A lot of these guys have been


Harsin excited for spring ball

Head coach Bryan Harsin addresses the media. very productive for us in the past and have earned scholarships and we want to continue that.” Finally he addressed Boise State’s Pro Day on Monday, March 17 and how important it is for the players involved. “That’s a big day,” Harsin said. “We got guys here now that have been training and these are our guys who have worked extreme-

ly hard for our program.” The Broncos will continue to practice and gear up for the spring game next month. “This one is going to be an evaluation,” Harsin said. “I fully expect it to be just as intense as our first and second scrimmage. Our guys need the reps, we need to see the reps, and take advantage of it as much as we can.”

Broncos season ends in Vegas @MichaelSteen2

Looking to make the NCAA Tournament for the second year in a row, the Boise State men’s basketball team went to Las Vegas last week for the Mountain West conference tournament. A pair of bad losses at the end of the season to Nevada and Air Force took the Broncos out of the bubble talk and forced them to win the conference tournament to go to the Big Dance. Entering the tournament as the 6-seed and having to win four games in as many days, the Broncos opened up tournament play with a matchup with last place San Jose State. The Broncos had the

the arbiter The Arbiter

game in hand from the beginning, jumping out to a 25-0 lead to open the game, as they cruised to an 83-52 victory. Thursday’s matchup with Nevada was a back and forth battle as the Broncos gave up a 13 point lead in the first half and an 11 point lead in the second half. The Broncos were able to pull away in the end from a 75-62 win. The MW semifinals pitted the Broncos against New Mexico, a team they split with in the regular season. Going up against All-MW first team members senior guard Kendall Williams and senior forward Cameron Bairstow, the game was an up and down battle defined by controversial

calls, the Broncos came up just short, 70-67, eliminating their bid to return to the NCAA Tournament in 2014.

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Michael Steen

services. ONLINE For more coverage and photo galleries from the basketball season, visit

520 S. Eagle Road, Suite 2110 Meridian (208) 706-3220

Nurse-Midwives and Women’s Health


March 17,2014

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The March 17 2014 issue of the Boise State student run newspaper, The Arbiter.

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