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The Arbiter


Illustration Bree Jones/THE ARBITER

Boise State vs. Air Force

October 20, 2011

Air Force Defense 4 6 32 41 44 50 95 86 51 Anthony Wooding Jr

Jon Davis

Sophomore 6-2/183

Senior 6-1/210

Jordan Waiwaiole

Brady Amack

Senior 6-3/230

Senior 6-0/227

Alex Means

Patrick Hennessey Senior 6-2/225

Junior 6-5/230

Anthony Wright


Junior 5-10/200

89 Senior 6-1/213

Harry Kehs

Ryan Gardner

Zach Payne

Senior 6-4/255

Senior 6-2/250

Senior 6-3/255

14 Senior 6-0/185

Spencer Gerke

Cory Yriarte

Chuck Hayes

Charles Leno Jr.

Kyle Efaw

Senior 6-6/295

Sophomore 6-3/289

Senior 6-1/282

Senior 6-2/291

Sophomore 6-3/294

Senior 6-4/227






Matt Miller


Freshman 6-3/213

Kellen Moore


Mitch Burroughs

20 Junior 5-9/186

Senior 6-0/191

Doug Martin

22 Bronco Offense Senior 5-9/208

No. NAME POS WT HT CLASS 2 Matt Miller WR 6-3 215 FR 3 Chris Potter WR 5-9 158 JR 4 Jerrell Gavins CB 5-9 175 SR 5 Jamar Taylor CB 5-11 194 JR 6 Dextrell Simmons NT 5-10 203 JR 7 D.J. Harper RB 5-9 210 SR 8 George Iloka S 6-3 216 SR 9 Grant Hedrick QB 6-1 191 FR 10 Jeremy Ioane S 5-10 197 FR 11 Kellen Moore QB 6-1 191 SR 13 Blake Renaud LB 6-2 235 FR 14 Trevor Harman P 6-2 203 SO 14 Jimmy Laughrea QB 6-2 197 FR 15 Tyler Jackson WR 6-1 193 JR 16 Cedric Febis S 6-3 202 SR 16 Joe Southwick QB 6-1 197 SO 17 Geraldo Boldewijn WR 6-4 200 SO 18 Aaron Burks WR 6-2 191 SO 19 Josh Borgman CB 5-7 172 JR 20 Mitch Burroughs WR 5-9 187 JR 21 Malcolm Johnson RB 5-11 198 SR 22 Doug Martin RB 5-9 215 SR 23 Eric Agbaroji CB 6-1 195 FR 24 Hazen Moss CB 5-11 197 JR 25 Hunter White NT 5-11 206 SR 26 Quaylon Ewing-Burton CB 6-1 184 SO 26 Jake Van Ginkel K 6-1 175 FR

No. NAME 27 Jay Ajayi 28 Phillip Hogan 28 Dillon Lukehart 29 Lee Hightower 30 Travis Stanaway 31 Antwon Murray 32 Jonathan Brown 32 Jake Hardee 33 Tommy Smith 34 Taylor Loffler 34 Kirby Moore 35 Zach Keiser 35 Darian Thompson 36 Aaron Tevis 37 Ebenezer Makinde 38 Corey Bell 38 Raphiel Lambert 39 Drew Wright 40 Tyrone Crawford 41 Dan Goodale 41 Kharyee Marshall 42 Jamal Wilson 42 Matt Wilson 43 Ricky Tjong-A-Tjoe 44 Chris Roberson 45 Travis Saxton 46 Bryan Douglas

POS WT RB 6-1 RB 5-6 LB 6-1 CB 6-1 S 5-11 CB 5-11 NT 5-10 TE 6-3 LB 6-1 S 6-4 WR 6-2 RB 5-9 DB 6-1 LB 6-3 CB 5-11 NT 5-11 RB 5-7 RB 5-9 DE 6-4 K 5-9 DE 6-1 FB 6-1 LB 6-1 DT 6-3 C 6-1 LB 6-1 CB 5-9

HT CLASS 208 FR 165 FR 200 FR 170 FR 203 SR 176 SR 220 SO 236 FR 227 JR 200 FR 205 SO 185 FR 180 FR 232 SR 172 SO 200 FR 210 JR 198 JR 276 SR 183 FR 216 SO 230 FR 228 SR 307 SO 232 JR 214 FR 162 FR

No. NAME 47 Dan Paul 48 J.C. Percy 49 Billy Derome 49 Brad Elkin 50 Dakota Shackleton 51 Mitchell McCarthy 53 Beau Martin 54 Michael Ames 55 Chuck Hayes 56 Dustin Kamper 58 Robert Ash 61 Joe Kellogg 62 Chris Tozer 63 Adam Sheffield 64 Brenel Myers 65 Matt Paradis 66 Thomas Byrd 67 Rees Odhiambo 68 David Cushing 69 Tyler Horn 70 Zach Waller 71 Greg Dohmen 72 Marcus Henry 73 Nate Potter 74 Cory Yriarte 75 Faraji Wright 76 Jake Broyles

POS WT FB 6-1 LB 6-1 NT 5-11 P 6-2 LS 6-1 LB 6-0 DL 6-2 OL 6-4 OL 6-2 LB 6-1 DT 6-3 G 6-2 OL 6-3 OL 6-4 G 6-2 OL 6-1 C 5-11 OL 6-4 DT 6-1 DE 6-4 OL 6-5 OL 6-2 OL 6-2 OL 6-6 OL 6-1 OT 6-3 OL 6-4

25 Senior 5-11/213

POS WT OL 6-3 OL 6-3 OL 6-3 TE 6-4 DE 6-4 WR 5-9 DE 6-5 WR 6-1 WR 6-0 K 5-5 TE 6-5 TE 6-1 TE 6-3 TE 6-2 WR 6-1 DT 6-4 DT 6-1 DE 6-3 DT 6-4 LB 6-1 DT 6-3 DL 6-3 DT 6-1 DT 6-4 DT 6-1

HT CLASS 290 SO 278 SO 260 JR 242 SR 243 SO 170 FR 210 FR 181 FR 185 FR 153 JR 203 FR 228 FR 232 SO 250 JR 213 SR 295 SR 288 JR 258 SR 269 SO 240 SR 281 JR 268 SR 296 SR 285 FR 320 JR

Senior 6-3/206

Byron Hout

Aaron Tevis

Senior 6-0/239

Senior 6-3/234


Ebenezer Makinde


Sophomore 5-11/172


Jamar Taylor

Tyrone Crawford

Billy Winn

Michael Atkinson

Shea McClellin

Senior 6-4/273

Senior 6-4/300

Junior 6-1/320

Senior 6-3/255





Junior 5-11/196


Jason Kons

Jordan Eason

Jeffrey Benson

A.J. Wallerstein

Kevin Whitt

Joshua Freeman

Junior 6-4/255

Junior 6-3/255

Senior 6-0/250

Senior 6-4/285

Senior 6-3/260

Senior 6-3/200


Senior 6-4/210

No. NAME 77 Spencer Gerke 78 Charles Leno 79 Bronson Durrant 80 Kyle Efaw 81 Nick Alexander 81 Dallas Burroughs 82 Samuel Ukwuachu 83 Troy Ware 84 Cory Brehm 84 Michael Frisina 85 Holden Huff 86 Kyle Sosnowski 87 Gabe Linehan 88 Chandler Koch 89 Tyler Shoemaker 90 Billy Winn 91 Greg Grimes 92 Shea McClellin 93 Justin Jungblut 94 Byron Hout 95 Darren Koontz 96 Jarrell Root 97 Chase Baker 98 Jeffrey Worthy 99 Michael Atkinson

Cedric Febis

Senior 6-3/213

Hunter White

Zack Kuth

HT CLASS 250 SR 222 JR 191 SO 194 SR 209 FR 210 FR 253 SO 291 JR 291 SR 212 SO 262 FR 299 JR 305 JR 300 FR 277 JR 286 SO 288 SR 296 FR 267 FR 256 FR 296 SR 270 FR 280 FR 300 SR 282 SR 291 JR 278 SO

Broncos Defense 8 16 George Iloka


Josh Hall

Nate Poter


Tyler Shoemaker

Bosie State Roster


Asher Clark

17 Senior 5-8/190

63 7




Tim Jefferson

Jonathan Warzeka

Junior 6-0/205

Senior 5-10/180


Wes Cobb

35 Air Force Offense Air Force Roster

Junior 5-9/196

No. NAME 2 Atrice, Stephan 3 Miller, Chris 4 Wooding, Jr., Anthony 5 Wright, Jr., Anthony 6 Davis, Jon 7 Jefferson, Jr., Tim 8 Watkins, Bobby 10 Hunter, Mikel 11 Dietz, Connor 14 Hall, Josh 15 Warzeka, Jonathan 16 Coleman, Drew 17 Clark, Asher 18 Herrington, Parker 18 Tipton, Tucker 19 Baska, David 20 Strickland, Dontae 21 Jones, Darius 23 Batts, Steffon

POS WT HT CLASS LB 6-1 200 JR DB 5-8 185 SO DB 6-2 183 SO DB 5-10 200 SR DB 6-1 210 SR QB 6-0 205 SR DB 6-1 190 FR WR 5-9 170 JR QB 6-0 190 SR DB 6-0 185 SR WR 5-9 180 SR WR 5-9 175 JR RB 5-8 190 SR SPC 6-0.5 185 JR QB 5-10 188 JR SPC 6-0 182 SO WR 5-10 175 JR RB 5-9 160 JR DB 6-0 180 SO

No. NAME 24 Adeji-Paul, P.J. 25 DeWitt, Mike 26 Jablonsky, Kevin 27 MacArthur, Ty 28 Getz, Cody 29 Briehl, Austin 31 Lindsay, Brian 32 Waiwaiole, Jordan 33 McWilliams, Harrison 34 Lee, Jon 35 Cobb, Wes 37 LaCoste, Anthony 38 Day, Scott 41 Amack, Brady 42 Niklas, Austin 44 Hennessey, Patrick 45 Chambers, James 46 Cooks, Jamil 47 Lamendola, Ken

POS WT HT CLASS DB 6-0 185 SR FB 6-1 220 JR DB 6-2 195 SR WR 5-9 170 SO RB 5-7 170 JR TE 6-5 240 JR DB 6-1 220 JR LB 6-3 230 SR LB 6-1 215 SR RB 5-10 190 FR RB 5-9 196 JR RB 5-10 190 SO RB 6-0 220 JR LB 6-0 227 SR LB 6-2 230 JR LB 6-2 225 SR LB 5-11 220 JR LB 6-4 210 SO LB 6-2 235 SR

No. NAME 50 Means, Alex 51 Payne, Zach 52 Kusan, Josh 53 Fleming, Ross 54 Hester, Michael 56 Reid, Colton 59 Adeniji, Moshood 62 Badger, Nathan 63 Benson, Jeff 65 Husar, Jr., Michael 67 Eason, Jordan 68 Kerber, Drew 70 Whitt, Kevin 73 Wallerstein, A.J. 74 Huskisson, Alex 75 Kons, Jason 76 Kaufman, Evan 77 Henry, Jerry 78 Lovett, Ross

POS WT HT CLASS LB 6-5 230 JR DL 6-3 255 SR LB 6-0 210 JR DL 6-3 250 SR OL 6-3 240 SR OL 6-0 220 SR OL 6-2 240 SO OL 6-2 250 JR OL 6-0 250 SR OL 6-0 250 SO OL 6-3 255 JR OL 6-3 265 SO OL 6-3 260 SR OL 6-4 285 SR OL 6-6 235 SO OL 6-4 255 JR OL 6-4 255 JR OL 6-6 260 SO OL 6-4 240 SO

No. NAME 80 Hirneise, Brandon 81 Freeman, Joshua 82 Ariguzo, Ike 84 Pickett, Daniel 85 Kauth, Zack 86 Gardner, Ryan 87 Durden, Devin 88 Kopacka, Ben 89 DeJulio, Nick 90 Turner, Dylan 91 Heard, Andrew 92 Vinson, Daniel 94 Miller, Cody 95 Kehs, Harry 97 Fitzgerald, Nick 97 Schweiss, Erik 99 Soderberg, Erik

POS WT HT CLASS WR 6-1 190 JR TE 6-3 200 SR WR 6-5 215 SO TE 6-4 225 SR WR 6-5 210 SR DL 6-3 260 SR TE 6-4 235 SO DL 6-5 250 SR DL 6-2 230 JR DL 6-3 250 SO SPC 6-3 210 JR DL 6-3 245 SO DL 6-2 260 JR DL 6-4 255 SR DL 6-4 255 FR SPC 6-0 185 SO SPC 6-1 190 SR

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Boise State vs. Air Force

October 20, 2011

Coach Pete will have his hands full trying to stop AFA’s high-powered option attack.

Mountain West comes to Bronco Country ROBBY MILO/THE ARBITER

Wyatt Martin Sports Editor

No. 5 Boise State will return to Bronco Stadium this Saturday to face off against Mountain West foe Air Force Academy (3-3, 0-2 MWC) at 1:30 p.m. The Broncos head into the game after defeating the Colorado State Rams last weekend in their opening game of conference play. The 63-13 win over CSU marked the first time Boise State has beaten back-to-back opponents by 50 points. Boise also broke a school record for total offense against the Rams, with an impressive 742 yards of offense. The Air Force Academy Falcons come into this battle on a two game skid, losing last week’s game

against San Diego State, 41-27 and dropping a non-conference game at Notre Dame, 59-33. The Falcons are sitting at the bottom of the Mountain West at 0-2, while the Broncos are tied for second with Wyoming at 1-0, trailing conference leader Texas Christian 2-0. Boise State came in at number five in this week’s newly released Bowl Championship Series poll, trailing Louisiana State, Alabama, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. This marks the third straight season the Broncos have been in the top five of the initial BCS standings. The Broncos and Falcons have each received unofficial footballonly invites to join the Big East Conference this week, in the Big East’s effort to maintain control of their automatic-qualifier BCS

bid. Though the move would not seem to make geographical sense to the teams, the dollar signs that would accompany the deal might. It would also give Boise a chance to play in a major conference and would bring them one step closer to the opportunity to play for a national title. Conference change or not, there’s still football that needs to be played. Here are some keys to Saturday’s game.

Bronco Offense:

Boise’s high-powered offense (499 ypg, 12 FBS, 2 MW) will be licking its chops at the chance to face an Air Force defense that has been ravaged by opponents this year. The Falcons give up an average of 35.5 points (111 FBS) and 435 yards (103) per contest and have yet to face competition like


Boise State this season. If the Broncos manage to beat the Falcons, senior quarterback Kellen Moore will have a chance to tie Texas QB Colt McCoy for all-time wins in FBS history at 45. Moore is coming off stellar back-to-back performances at Fresno State and Colorado State. The Prosser, Wash. native is also currently tied for second in the nation in touchdown passes with 21. The Broncos should have little trouble putting up big numbers again this week, in their first conference home game in the Mountain West.

Bronco Defense:

The Falcons operate out of a wing-T option formation that currently has them at third in the nation in rushing yards per game

(336). Supplemented with a mediocre passing attack, Air Force is leading the Mountain West in total offense (506 ypg). While these numbers may be a little daunting to some fans, the truth is the AFA has not seen a defense that stops the run as well as the Broncos, who’ve held three of their six opponents under 100 yards rushing. Boise has been able to start games strong, keeping their last four opponents from crossing the 50-yard line before the second quarter. Additionally, the Broncos have managed to force an average of 7.3 three-and-outs per game, keeping their defense off the field and their offense scoring points. As long as Boise State can control Air Force’s option attack, they should have another dominant performance.



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Boise State vs. Air Force

October 20, 2011

A few Falcons soaring high

Who to watch for as the Air Force Academy Falcons fly into town John Garretson

Online Sports Editor

Junior placekicker Parker Herrington

Bird of prey versus blue-turfed mammal. The Boise State Broncos (6-0, 1-0 in Mountain West) host the Air Force Academy (3-3, 0-2 in MWC) for the first time this Saturday in Bronco Stadium. Coming off a home loss against the San Diego State Spartans, the Falcons are looking to redeem themselves, especially with the help of these key players.

One definite advantage the Falcons have over the Broncos is placekicking, which is held in the hands of Parker Herrington, a junior from Clearfield, Penn. Making seven of eight attempts on the year with an 87.5 percent success rate, Herrington is 4-4 from the 30-39 yard range, and 2-3 from the 40-49 yard range, with a season high field goal of 45 yards. If the Falcons make any headway toward the opposite end of the field, expect Air Force to bring out Herrington for points on the board. He could be the Falcon’s main scoring threat Saturday.

Senior wide receiver Johnathan Warzeka

The 5-9, 180-pound speedster receiver creates various options for senior quarterback Tim Jefferson. A resemblance of a poor man’s Steve Smith, he can either post up a skinny go-route to the end zone or provide as a slot receiver for a quick, efficient gain. His 19 receptions for 254 yards and three touchdowns are nothing to undervalue.

Senior running back Asher Clark The senior out of Lawrenceville, Ga., has 68 attempts for 556 yards, averaging 8.2 a carry with three touchdowns and rushing for over 90 yards a game, becoming a figurehead for this Falcon offense. With 72 yards (with an average of 4.5 yds a carry) against San Diego State and a season high 0f 148 yards against Tennessee State, Clark poses a threat to the Boise State defense. The way to contain Clark for Boise State is running a box defense to prevent any outside runs and closing the gaps in the middle.

Sophomore linebacker Jamil Cooks On the other side of the ball, Kellen Moore and Co. should be aware of sophomore Jamil Cooks, the 6-foot4-inch, 210-pound linebacker out of Colorado Springs, Colo. Cooks already has 26 total tackles, 1.5 sacks, 3.5 tackles for a loss, a pass deflection and an interception, touching on all corners of defensive statistics. The Falcons run a 3-4 defensive scheme, meaning there are three on the

defensive front (usually two ends and a tackle) and four linebackers. In that scheme, Cooks is usually the rushing linebacker, creating pressure for the offensive line as a pass rusher, but also has the ability to drop back in coverage to protect against the pass. A versatile player indeed. In order to prevent any distraction for Moore from Cooks, senior offensive lineman Nate Potter will have to personally keep his eye on him. Photos mct campus

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Boise State vs. Air Force

Beast from the East Crawford continues to improve

Ty Hawkins Journalist

From Canada to Bakersfield and now to Boise, the last three years for senior defensive lineman Tyrone Crawford have been a lot about learning. Crawford, a communication major originally from Windsor, Ontario, Canada, has made his presence known for the Broncos after transferring from Bakersfield College in California, where he was a standout for Head Coach Jeff Chudy. In three short months his football world changed as he found himself in front of a national audience being thrown from the frying pan into the fire against Virginia Tech while having little time to learn the Broncos defensive scheme. “I got here in the summer, so it was nerve wracking going in there,” Crawford said. At 6-foot-4 and 270 pounds, his imposing figure stood out, rushing hard off the edge chasing quarterbacks with his ears pinned back, making Bronco fans wonder: Who is this guy? Although he wasn’t a starter his junior

year, he was able to earn honorable mention All-American accolades as a reliable substitute for All-WAC performer Ryan Winterswyk. “He’d sit down and teach me the plays I didn’t know, techniques and different moves,” Crawford said of the former senior leader. “I owe a lot to Winterswyk. I could use him again this year.” Fast forward to this season and Crawford is now a starter with a team leading 4.5 sacks and is fifth on the team in tackles with 23. Developing into a player that continues to progress and impress, paying more attention to detail and assignment football. Last week he was awarded Mountain West Defensive Player of the Week for his two sacks, five tackles and fumble recovery in the 63-13 win over Colorado State. “He’s gone from being pure strength and athletic ability, to being a defensive lineman that can notice formations (offensive) and play the ball that much better,” senior defensive end Jarrell Root said. “Technically he’s gotten so much better, it’s phenomenal.” Prior to the CSU win, sack productiv-

October 20, 2011

ity hadn’t quite been what many had expected so far this season, but the Broncos are taking care of business up front in other ways. “We always want more sacks, but teams have been scheming for us and quarterbacks have been getting rid of the ball quicker,” Crawford said. “We’ve done a good job and we want to continue holding down the line of scrimmage.” Crawford said his tenure as a Bronco has been great, and added that it helped to have fellow Canadian and long-time friend Mike Atkinson, a junior defensive tackle, help him make the transition smoother early on in his career. “I’ve known Mike since high school,” he said. “As soon as I got here I had a spot at his house to be roommates, it was all good.” Louisiana State and Alabama seem to be the class of the defensive lines in college football, garnering most of the praise from the national media, but Boise State has a group that could be thrown into that category as well. “We want to play well and be known as the best defensive line in the nation and we have the guys to do it.”

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October 20, 2011



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