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September 2011

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Aerial Woes

Crash in Reno air race causes first spectator deaths in 47 years.




Obama’s American Jobs Act may save the economy.




Check out which Broncos stood out against Toledo.


photo courtesy Nick Kneer/Independent Collegian

Drew Wright (39) dives into the endzone for the Broncos’ only rushing touchdown against Toledo in Friday night’s ESPN game of the night.

‘Failure To Launch:’ Rockets run out of fuel Wyatt Martin Sports Editor


Boise State 40, Toledo 15. The Broncos began their game against Toledo in similar fashion to their game two weeks ago against Georgia: slowly. Boise’s defense allowed the Rockets to drive the length of the field and score on their opening possession, which consisted of multiple screen plays the Broncos were unable to defend. Luckily, the Broncos were able to counter-punch with their own scoring drive on the following possession. Kellen Moore’s 25-yard

touchdown pass to Tyler Shoemaker, along with a successful PAT, put Boise State ahead 7-6 in the first quarter. The Broncos added another score on the following drive, when Moore dumped a screen pass to Doug Martin, who then juked, jived and dodged his way to a 71-yard touchdown reception. Unfortunately, kicker Dan Goodale was unable to convert the PAT attempt. The Rockets came out firing on their next possession, led by quarterback Terrance Owens. The Bronco defense was able to bend without breaking, forcing the Rockets to punt the ball. The game re-

mained stagnate until the Broncos’ final possession of the first half when they drove 64 yards to the one yard line. Moore scared Boise fans when an attempted QB sneak at the goal line ended up with the ball on the ground in the endzone. Luckily, the officials called Moore down on the play. He was then able to connect on a fade route to the corner of the endzone with wide receiver Tyler Shoemaker on the next play to put Boise ahead 20-6.v The Rockets put together a nice drive of their own to finish the half and ended up with three more points off a field goal as time expired in the second quarter.

The second half consisted mainly of Kellen Moore surgically slicing through Toledo’s defense (aside from an interception late in the third quarter). Bronco fans were forced to hold their breath early in the third when Moore came up limping after rolling out to the left sideline. He appeared to tweak his knee on the play and received some attention from Boise State medical staff, while sophomore Joe Southwick finished the series. Moore was able to return the next series for the Broncos to lead them on a scoring drive. Moore finished the night completing 32 of 42 passes for 455 yards

and five touchdowns. The Bronco defense was able to hold the Rockets’ offense to 15 points, making their biggest play of the night on an interception by defensive lineman Chase Baker. Baker was able to corral a tipped ball thrown by the Rockets’ Terrance Owens. Doug Martin finished the evening with over 250 all-purpose yards and a touchdown. Tyler Shoemaker grabbed only four passes, fortunately three were for touchdowns. The Broncos will have a little more than a week to rest before their home opener against Tulsa next Saturday at 6 p.m. in Bronco Stadium.

Poundstone to tell her ‘little jokes’ Lindsey Hileman

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Lifestyles Editor

Recognized as one of Comedy Central’s 100 greatest stand-ups of all time, Paula Poundstone is one funny lady. This Friday, she will bring her microphone, a stool and a can of Diet Pepsi® to Boise, where she will perform live at the Egyptian Theatre. Poundstone is a well known stand-up comedian, author and regular panelist on NPR’s “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me,” a weekly quiz show where host Peter Sagal lobs questions at three panelists who are competing for the prestige of being the most

ONLINE Check out the full interview at

informed on current events. “It’s like being a batter in a batting cage,” Poundstone said. “And the guys I work with, I always feel like I should get a college credit just for sitting beside them because they’re very smart and very funny.” Poundstone has various other credits to her name including her book “There’s Nothing in this Book I Meant to Say,” her comedy CD “I Heart Jokes,” HBO specials and appearances on numerous “late shows” and radio programs. At her live stand-up shows, Poundstone interacts with members of the audience with the time honored, “Where are you from? What do you do?” With her spontaneity and quick wit, which gets her audience rolling with laughter, she is often asked if she uses “plants” in the audience or preps people before the show. “That would take far more energy than I could possibly muster,” Poundstone said. “I don’t even dry my hair before I arrive.” When she’s not traveling the

country telling her “little jokes" as she likes to call them, Poundstone stays busy caring for her three children, 16 cats, dog, bearded dragon lizard, bunny and the single ant left from her ant farm. Poundstone is also a spokesperson for the Association of Library Trustees Advocates Friends and Foundations (ALTFF)—or Friends of the Library as they were once, more simply known—a network of enthusiastic library supporters. “The library is the best deal in town,” Poundstone said. “It’s full of sex and crime and how-to and Henry VIII and Pippi Longstocking. I’m never sure what’s not to love in a library.” Paula Poundstone in Boise Egyptian Theatre Friday, Sept. 23, 2011 8 p.m. For Tickets: Call 208-442-3232 Price: $29-$44

photo courtesy poundstonePress Release

Paula Poundstone makes fans’ faces hurt from laughter.


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ASBSU strives to continue moving forward Cheyenne Perry Journalist


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The new 2011-2012 year brings a fresh outlook to the Associate Students of Boise State University (ASBSU). With an executive council comprised of a president, a vice president, a secretary of clubs and organizations, a secretary of academic affairs, a secretary of external communications, an assembly speaker, a budget director and delegates, ASBSU attempts to cover every basis to improve proficiency. ASBSU works behind the scenes at Boise State and many students do not recognize the implications of its involvement. The student-led organization focuses on facilitation, “such as providing funding for clubs, but it also means helping students

get involved,” Vice President Eric Schuler said. “We’ve kind of taken a more personal approach to it.” The major change in the construction of ASBSU this year is the Student Assembly. Instead of having representatives from each academic college, the Student Assembly seeks to provide more specification by compiling one representative from each academic department. Members of the executive council have high hopes for the Student Assembly. "By switching to the assembly you have more confidence that you’re going to have equal representation,” Schuler said. Another noteworthy transformation from recent years is the replacement of the judiciary with the single position of Student Ethics Officer. This station manages a commit-

tee that translates the constitution and performs the services of the previous judiciary. One item, President Brandie VanOrder is excited about is the “Get Involved with ASBSU” form. It allows direct contact for students with questions to ASBSU members. “It’s like the best part of our job,” Schuler said. “When we get to talk to individual students.” ASBSU also emphasizes advocating for the students. This means representing the entire student body and helping students represent themselves. Students serving on committees and making decisions allows for more involvement and student voice, something Schuler and the rest of the executive council try to assist. “It’s less about us having our ideas … but allowing the students to give

feedback into those decisions so that what they want actually comes out,” Schuler said. Finances present daunting tasks as well. In the past clubs have had to submit applications months ahead of planned events through the Financial Advisory Board. Changes have been made so that clubs can put in applications to the Student Funding Board two to three weeks prior to the activities. “If I have an idea now, I can see it happen this semester, not next year when I remember to put it in my annual budget,” Schuler said of the benefits of this alteration. Council members focus their efforts on making allocated funds open to clubs this year. Having only used a fraction of the funds set aside for clubs and organizations last year,

ASBSU looks to increase campus involvement and activities. “We’ve just seen a lot more student interest and I think it has a lot to do with the different approach ... more students have been in here in these first four weeks than came in all last year,” Ryan Gregg, ASBSU Assembly Speaker, said. Freshman and sophomore representation existed in the early years when Boise State was known as Boise Junior College. In 1967, the student government adapted the presidential, vice presidential, secretarial, treasurer and class presidential positions. The Senate model, based upon the U.S. government, commenced in 1997. This model lasted until last year’s ASBSU decided to implement new structure changes to be fulfilled this year.


News Briefs

September 19, 2011



Libya support mission gets go-ahead TRIPOLI, LIBYA --- The United Nations Security Council recently passed a declaration to start a support mission in Libya. The purposes of this support mission are restoring law and order, helping set up a constitution and elections and assisting in the process of assimilating newly unfrozen assets.

The sanctions against Libyan Leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime no longer apply, so asset freezes enacted against Libya will gradually be undone. This resolution came through shortly after the United Nations decided to welcome the National Transitional Council as Libya’s representation to next weeks General Assembly meeting.

Palestinian statehood bid goes forward JERUSALEM --- Palestinian negotiators have accused the United States of failing to offer measures that might have headed off the confrontation over the coming United Nations’ decision regarding the creation of a Palestinian State. According to Palestinian ambassadors, the proposal presented to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas avoided many key issues, including the fate of Jerusalem and refugees.

Abbas will submit a request for Palestine to be introduced to the U.N. as an independent state with East Jerusalem as its capitol. This is in face of heavy opposition from the United States, the European Union and Israel itself. Many were prepared to take another look at proposals for peaceful negotiations, but even after two weeks have yielded no results. Palestinian leaders have announced that they will proceed with their application for statehood.

Judiciary slows hiker’s release TEHRAN, IRAN --- The lawyer for American hikers Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer says that their release will probably be delayed mct campus until Tuesday since the judge who needs to sign the release order is The Reno air races have multiple categories of flying and aircraft. This is the first on vacation. time spectators have been killed since the races started 47 years ago. Last week President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that the two hikers would soon be freed on bail in a humanitarian gesture, but the judiciary has so far failed to sign RENO, NEVADA --- A pilot to 60 people were injured during trim tab, which was filmed breakthe release forms. lost control of his vintage aircraft the crash. ing before the crash, was a factor and crashed into spectators durThe cause of the crash is un- in the nose dive. ing the annual Reno air races Fri- known and members of the The pilot, 74-year-old Jimmy day afternoon. National Transportation Safety Leeward, is reported to have According to Reno police, sev- Board, three of which were in pulled his plane away from the en people died on the tarmac, in- attendance at the races, are cur- stands as much as he could before cluding the pilot. Two more have rently investigating possibilities. the crash, which could have possince died in the hospital. Close One theory is that the elevator sibly saved hundreds of lives.

Death toll at 9 for Reno air races

Action neeeded for Violent American Jobs Act crime rate WASHINGTON, D.C. --- President Obama recently announced the American Jobs Act and the plan to fund his $447 million proposal will be presented today. He asked that Americans call their congresspeople and tell them the importance of this bill. On his weekly radio address, Obama said, “Everything in the American Jobs Act is the kind of idea that’s been supported by Democrats and Republicans before. And if they’re ideas you agree with too, every one of you can help make it happen by telling your congressperson to pass this jobs bill right away.� Similar sentiments were expressed during the Republican address by Congressman Peter Roskam of Illinois. He also recommended changes to improve the bill’s effectiveness, including lessening certain regulations on businesses which he says slows hiring.

falls 13%

WASHINGTON, D.C. --- New statistics released by the Justice Department indicate that violent crime fell 13 percent in 2010. This drop is about three times larger than the annual declines for the past nine years. This survey, done over telephone, does not include murder. It includes rape, robbery, aggravated assault and simple assault. Almost two-thirds of the crimes counted were assaults where the victim was not injured.


Suspect arrested for aggravated battery BOISE, IDAHO — Carl Streeter, 54, was arrested Saturday at noon on charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon. It is a felony that carries a sentence of up to life in prison, should he be convicted. Officers had been called to an apartment near Idaho and Bannock streets around midnight Friday, and was declared armed

and very dangerous by the Boise Police Department. Streeter was arrested without incident in an alley near Bannock, Idaho, 18th and 19th streets hours later. He alledgedly stabbed an unidentified woman multiple times in the upper body Friday night. Streeter was an acquaintance of the victim and lived close to her.

Carl Streeter

MCT Campus

Her injuries were serious, but apparently not life-threatening.

W TF Search for A.D. begins Unlike kittens, helicopBOISE, IDAHO --- President Kustra has announced the members of a 14 person team that is to recommend candidates that can fill former Athletic Director Gene Bleymaier’s shoes. Members include respected local community, business and campus leaders representing the Bronco Athletic Association, Boise State University Foundation, alumni, university faculty and administrators and the athletic department. Jed Hughes, senior partner of search firm Spencer Stuart, has been hired as a consultant.   

ters don’t like lasers

BOISE, IDAHO -- Sept. 14--Boise Police and the Transportation Safety Administration are asking for the public’s help in identifying the person who pointed a green laser light at a LifeFlight helicopter last Monday night. The LifeFlight crew had a patient in the helicopter when the laser incident occurred at 8:53 p.m. A nurse on the LifeFlight helicopter could see the green laser coming from a vehicle in or near the intersection of

Glenwood and State streets. Pointing a laser into an aircraft is a federal crime. Fines can reach up to $25,000. A conviction on federal criminal charges of interfering with a flight crew or acts of violence against public transportation systems may carry a 20-year prison sentence.Anyone with information should call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

Information for this page from MCT Campus



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September 19, 2011


Obama’s American Jobs Act a chance at history A lisha Graefe Journalist

The debt ceiling and national budget are hot-button issues, both political parties hate each other, elections are coming up soon and, in the middle of all of this mess, President Barack Obama is throwing a whole new pitch into the ballgame called the American Jobs Act. But this “new” jobs act isn’t really all that new. In 2009, Congress passed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act or the Stimulus Bill. Obama signed it into law four days later. This new proposed bill is just a spin-off of the previous one. Even though this bill is almost exactly the same as previous incarnations, Obama is trying it again.

In the American Jobs Act, Obama plans on putting people to work by rebuilding America. He wants the American people to rebuild roads and bridges, renovate and modernize at least 35,000 schools and houses. Putting teachers back to work is just another part of Obama’s plan. Obama also plans on giving small and large businesses initiatives to better themselves. This bill will provide a tax break for companies that hire new workers, especially unemplyed and veteran citizens. “(The tax breaks will) cut payroll taxes in half for every working American and every small business. It will provide a jolt to an economy that has stalled,” Obama said in an address to a Joint Session of Congress Sept. 8. “Pass this jobs bill and the

typical working family will get a fifteen hundred dollar tax cut next year. Fifteen hundred dollars that would have been taken out of your paycheck will go right into your pocket.” The president also said that this expands on tax cuts Republicans and Democrats already passed earlier this year. But as in the first Stimulus Bill, there are differing views as to whether or not the American people will benefit. Boise State Adjunct Professor Jared Hoskins said he believes most Americans will like this bill. “It will provide income tax breaks and increase overall pay,” Hoskins said. “It’s going to give incentives for businesses to hire veterans, so vets will be happy with this. Republicans won’t like it but (Obama’s) telling Americans

David Wuerth/THE ARBITER

With the American Jobs Act, Idaho Department of Labor will see fewer job-seekers. what this will cost. He’s appealing to Americans. This is a populist cry.” A different view comes from Idaho Senator Jim Risch. “The last stimulus bill cost almost $1 trillion and we still lost 1.7 million jobs,” Risch said in a press release. “We cannot afford to keep doing the same thing.” Yet, Hoskins believes the jobs act will help many lower-

and middle-class Americans. “This bill is aimed for the majority,” he said. “It’s here to help out everyday Americans and not the rich. President Obama makes that clear.” Obama definitely makes that clear when he says the government will pay for this bill by reducing the deficit by, “reforming our tax code in a way that asks the wealthiest Americans and biggest corporations to pay

their fair share.” If this bill goes through and the changes are more noticeable, this could be a huge break in the economic downturn that has lasted since October 2008. President Franklin Roosevelt is famous for the same kind of act Obama is trying to pass. If he can pull this off, Obama could go down in history as one of the most famous presidents as well.

Freshman retention rates on the rise Tony Madonna Journalist

College is all about getting to know people and networking within your discipline. Without those aspects, one question is whether or not to transfer to another university. The steps that Boise State has taken to retain first-year students definitely encourages people to remain. Boise State retained 69 percent of their full-time first-year students in the fall of 2010, a six percent increase since 2006. This put their retention rate above the national average. Starting in 2006, the Freshman Success Task Force Action Plan implemented first-year programs (such as living-learning communities) and increased employment opportunities on campus. The plan improved other areas as well, but the first-year programs and increased job opportunities focus more on basic student needs to improve student life on campus.

The living-learning communities help students connect with other people with the same major. Not only do living-learning communities make friends, but the friends made in these communities can also act as a study group throughout the four years spent at Boise State, addressing the social and academic needs of students. “I really enjoyed the livinglearning community,” Arrianna Montgomery, a sophomore business major, said. “It helped me meet professors as well as students with the same major. It also introduced me to a job on campus, which has given me a chance to improve my résumé as well as feel a little more financially stable.” Having a job on campus gets students more involved with campus life and makes them more comfortable financially. Boise State has created more job opportunities on campus in an attempt to keep students coming back. In addition to first-year programs

and increased job opportunities, another aspect of the Freshman Success Task Force Action Plan is increased student-teacher interaction. “I do plan to come back because the classes are amazing and the teachers are great,” Laura George, freshman human resources major, said. “They make themselves available to their students inside and outside of class.” It’s difficult to retain students at a commuter campus. On-campus student life isn’t quite the same when only 10 percent of students live on campus and students have to be happy with their surroundings to consider coming back. Boise State has made efforts to give first-year students the means to enjoy their surroundings and those efforts have, and will continue to, increase the number of students that return.

Since 2006, Boise State’s freshman retention rates have risen six percent.


As history beckons, the time for Palestinian statehood is now Ben Mack

Opinion Editor For the Zionist movement seeking an independent state of Israel, desire became reality in November 1947, when the United Nations

General Assembly passed Resolution 181 supporting the establishment of a Jewish state in the former British colony of Palestine. That state was declared on May 14, 1948 by David Ben-Gurion and the Jewish People’s Council in a Tel Aviv museum. The state of Israel was

recognized that evening by thenPresident Harry Truman and by the Soviet Union a few days later. More than six decades later, Palestinians are seeking similar recognition, firstly in front of the Security Council, asking for their own state based on the 1967 borders and free

mct campus

Israelis pour concrete for the construction of new settlements in the Palestiniancontrolled territory of the West Bank in 2010. Granting statehood would give Palestinians greater autonomy and allow them to pursue legal claims against Israel.

from occupation and settlement of half a million Israelis. More importantly, the Palestinians want to be able to determine their own affairs. The idea of a Palestinian state should be uncontroversial. The United States at one time supported the notion, as did other nations such as the United Kingdom. Indeed, in his 2009 Cairo speech aimed at mending ties with the Arab world, President Barack Obama insisted: “Israelis must acknowledge that just as Israel’s right to exist cannot be denied, neither can Palestine’s.” Yet now, Obama appears determined to veto the move towards Palestinian statehood. Should the Palestinian request fail at the Security Council, it will then go to the U.N. General Assembly, where it seems likely that close to 130 member states will vote to support a Palestinian resolution, but will be able only to grant an enhanced status for Palestine to become the equivalent of the Vatican — an “observer state.” It would, however, be a deeply symbolic moment providing a political, moral and diplomatic victory for the Palestinian cause that the world will find difficult to ignore. Further, observer status would also allow Palestine to become a signatory to the International Criminal Court, permitting it to pursue legal claims against Israel for human rights abuses and territorial claims relating

to the construction of thousands of settlements in the West Bank. The objections to a Palestinian state are dangerous and transparently self-serving ones, not least in the midst of an Arab Spring sweeping the Middle East and North Africa where the U.S. and European Union have tried to present themselves as being supporters of democracy, freedom and justice. Equally contentious is the claim by some supporters of Israel that, in seeking their own state through the declaration of the international community rather than direct talks, the Palestinian government is seeking to “delegitimize” the very existence of Israel. The reality is that what those opposing Palestinian statehood are demanding is that Palestinians “make peace” with Israel, as if they are the sole aggressors in the decades-long struggle between the two entities. This is not true. Unfortunately, violence in the region is common and widespread. The actions of the Israeli army in the occupied territories, as numerous reports and books, such as “Breaking the Silence” — a recent nonfiction account of Israeli soldiers’ experiences in Palestine — have demonstrated, there remains embedded in the Israeli government a desire to control Palestine and “put down” what is viewed as an insurgency. There are risks, inevitably, in tak-


Rebecca De León

M ANAGING E DITOR Haley Robinson


Zach Ganschow


O NLINE E DITOR Jessica Swider


Ryan Morgan

E DITORIAL A DVISER James Kelly Seth Ashley

Cody Finney


N EWS E DITOR Tasha Adams


Suzanne Craig



Katie Johnson


Lindsey Hileman

S PORTS E DITOR Wyatt Martin

A ST . O NLINE E DITOR Troy Hatfield




Breann Jones

Brad Arendt

Bryan Talbot Holly Shyrer Cassie Harris

Matthew Summers


Ben Mack


ing the issue of Palestinian statehood to the U.N. Moves on statehood threaten the long-fractious relationship between Fatah and Hamas, the latter of which opposes the statehood moves — particularly in its stronghold of Gaza — raising the risk of more political violence between the rival Palestinian factions. There is the danger, too, that the tactic will feel like a waste of time the day after when Palestinians wake up to see nothing in their lives has changed. But already the strategy has shed important light on a Middle East peace process in which the U.S. has long cast itself as an impartial broker between Israel and Palestine (although it has vetoed every U.N. resolution criticizing Israel). But now, America’s influence in the region has diminished. That new reality was dramatized last week when Saudi Arabia threatened that relations with the U.S. would suffer should America choose to veto Palestinian statehood. Such a move would be disastrous for the U.S., which receives more oil from Saudi Arabia than anywhere else. Israel was founded amid risk and uncertainty, which those who supported it fully recognized. They did not argue that a Jewish homeland was possible only in the most ideal and secure conditions. That argument should not be used to further delay Palestinian statehood.


Ashley Ackers


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September 19, 2011




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FOR RELEASE SEPTEMBER 17, 2011 Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

DOWN 1 Makes shake 2 Fonda role

The Arbiter


By Tom Heilman

Friday’s Puzzle Solved

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34 Droid downloads 35 Chain letters? 37 NYSE deals 38 Cites 43 Flipped 46 Vandalized, in a way 47 “Chestnuts roasting ...” cowriter 48 Like some forest ground

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Today is a 9 -- Today requires patience when it comes to work and your significant relationships. You may be rewarded with a bonus. More work comes in. Keep it organized, one task at a time. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) -Today is an 8 -- You’re in the middle of a busy phase. Structure provides support. Take new responsibilities. Put more energy than money into your projects. Do it for love. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Today is a 6 -- Romantic intensity could present challenges in the morning. Resist any urge to flee, and accept what you get.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle

3 Ranch brush 4 Long-odds bet 5 Amalgamate 6 Character flaw 7 Meas. of some field losses or gains 8 Sailing maneuvers 9 Code word? 10 “Psych!” 11 Eat at, as one’s conscience 12 Classroom response, at times 13 Pulitzer-winning writers Timothy and Jennifer 14 Times of prayer in the Divine Office 20 Tried to buy at auction 23 She played Elle in “Kill Bill” 24 Online convenience 25 Pulp figure 26 Tiny paper clip, e.g. 27 Settings for “Junkyard Wars” 29 Loyal to a fault 32 Zola portraitist

little help from your friends. Your thorough attention to detail unjams something that was stuck. Let go of a preconception. Keep trying, until you get it right.

Do what’s required to restore harmony. Talk about nest eggs later. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) Today is an 8 -- Today may bring reversals in love and in communications. You could avoid this and bury yourself in your work. Call in reinforcements if needed. Contemplation rewards more than action. Aquarius ( Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Today is a 6 -- There’s much to learn from young people now. Surround yourself by the creative spirit of the youngest generation. You can’t bottle youth, but it’s communicable. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Today is a 7 -- Choose family over romance. Focus on cleaning and organizing your nest and on hanging out at home. Compromise to avoid silly arguments that waste time.


Crossword ACROSS 1 Make even, in a way 8 Key rings? 15 More than concerned 16 When forging started 17 Juntas, e.g. 18 Discarded storage technology 19 Consider necessary 20 Round seed 21 Blew, so to speak 22 Moving experience? 24 Fine-grained soil 25 Othello game piece 28 Corpulent 29 Unfavorably influence 30 PIN holder’s record 31 Make fit 33 Suffix with nanny 36 Beyond unethical 39 “Bambi” character 40 Wire function 41 Man cave channel of choice 42 Wile 44 __ vindice: Confederacy motto 45 Parker who played Daniel Boone 46 Underlying values 48 Like protozoa 50 Has a turn 51 Improved one’s record 52 Akkadian king who conquered Mesopotamia 56 Kitchen tools 58 “Olly olly oxen free!” 59 Dominions 60 Mess up, as a punch line 61 Lot 62 Slid (over)



49 Neck line? 51 Cactus __: state bird of Arizona 53 Canter, for one 54 “Memories __”: Billy Crystal film 55 Requisite 57 “__ tu che macchiavi quell’anima”: Verdi lyric 58 Uses Trillian, briefly

5:00 PM - 7:00 PM Graduate School: Your Next Step?The Boise State University Graduate College, in partnership with the Honors College and Women’s Center, is hosting a graduate school information session featuring faculty and current graduate students in the Student Union Building, Hatch Ballrooms A & B. This information session will help to demystify the process of applying to graduate school and provide insight into what graduate school is like for students. This session will feature a presentation from the Associate Dean of the Graduate College on the benefits and costs of attending graduate school, as well as the process of finding, applying, and paying for your next level of education. Breakout sessions give attendees the opportunity to speak with faculty and current graduates from the College of Arts and Sciences, College

of Business and Economics, College of Education, College of Engineering, College of Health Science, and the College of Social Sciences and Public Affairs. Representatives from Financial Aid, Graduate Admissions, and the Boise State Writing Center will provide additional resources for attendees interested in applying for and attending graduate school. Presented by: Boise State Graduate College, Honor’s College, Women’s Center. Location: Hatch Ballrooms A & B Cost: Free Contact: Kali Furman For Invisible Children Phi Eta Sigma and Invisible Children have teamed up with Better World Books to run a book drive through fall semester. College textbooks are priority, however all books in re-sellable condition will be appreciated. Look for collection bins around campus. Stay up to date idahobookdrive. com. Presented by Boise State University Contact: Mary Hogan

Email Matthew Summers at

For more information contact MIGUEL VARELA

Contact Nick Rolison (President) Davy Karkason (Instructor)

All dedicated persons welcome!

Civilian Self-Defense & Paramilitary CQC




September 19, 2011


The wrap is coming. 9/22/2011 photo courtesy Nick Kneer/Independent Collegian

Grant Hendrick (9) hands the ball to running back D.J. Harper (7) Friday.

No rocket science needed in Toledo Who stood out Friday in Boise State’s win John Garretson

Online Sports Editor After a convincing 40-15 victory over the Toledo Rockets at the Glass Bowl stadium, it is evident that Boise State is on a path to bust through the BCS once again and have their eyes set on New Orleans for the championship game. Even though the first half was a bit mediocre, a few key players for the Broncos came in the clutch to help Boise State to their landslide win. Kellen Moore, senior quarterback: The senior quarterback had a career night in Ohio, setting personal highs in completions with 32, and tying his career-high mark of five touchdown passes. Racking up over 455 passing yards, there was no chance the Rockets defense was going to break down the Heisman hopeful’s aerial attack. Connecting with nine different receivers, a new trend for Moore, he filled the voids from Austin Pettis and Titus Young nicely. There was an injury scare in the third quarter when Moore threw a pass from across his body and tweaked his leg, but he was able to play the rest of the game. Doug Martin, senior running back: It wasn’t the running game that left Bronco Nation in awe of the Muscle Hamster, as he carried the ball 19 times for 70 yards. Martin wowed the crowd with

his team high 122 receiving yards, breaking ankles left and right of the Rockets’ defensive backs. Moore’s 71 yard pass to Martin opened up the flood gates for Boise State, a pass that was originally a quick screen, but Martin’s elusiveness and lightning speed allowed him to go coast to coast and enter the end-zone for six. Tyler Shoemaker, senior wide receiever With his four catches, three of them touchdowns, for 52 yards, we saw glimpses of Austin Pettis in Shoemaker, especially in the red zone. His strong presence as an inside target as well as solid hands gives Moore a new go-to option. The other great quality from the Meridian, Idaho native is his ability to draw double coverage because of his incumbency and let the younger, lesser known receivers get open. While those three Broncos provided the perennial offense for Boise State, there was one negative about the game. Boise State’s kicking: It was obvious that Head Coach Chris Petersen did not feel comfortable with the kicking game against Georgia, but it seemed like it had gotten even worse when they played against Toledo. Both Dan Goodale and Michael Frisina each missed PAT kicks and when it was fourth down, Boise State had typically always gone for it, which even included a fake 51 yard field goal run by Joe Southwick that came up short. We can only hope the kickers gain some confidence against Tulsa this Saturday.

Broncos push No. 22 Sooners Justin Dalme Journalist

The women’s volleyball team (8-4) entered the final game of the Sooner Legends Nike Invitational with a four-match win streak. The Broncos hadn’t dropped a game, sweeping every team in the tournament. Only the University of Oklahoma (13-3) remained in their path to complete the sweep. The Broncos started the match firing on all cylinders, taking the early lead 6-5. The girls never looked back, winning the first set 25-22. The Sooners rebounded by taking the second set 25-19. With the game tied at a set apiece, the Broncos were able to get back on top with a win in the third, 25-17. Boise State had the Sooners with their backs against the wall

The Arbiter

facing elimination, but Oklahoma clawed back in the fourth set (25-16) to tie the match back up 2-2 and force a fifth and final set. One more set for all the marbles. One more set to upset a ranked Oklahoma. But, it wasn’t to be. After being down 2-1, Oklahoma put the Broncos away in the fifth (15-4) to take the match 3-2. Boise State finished the weekend 3-1 to improve their record to 8-4 on the season. The Broncos started the tournament with a sweep over Texas Southern University (25-8, 2515, 25-4). The girls set a new record for match hitting percentage during the game, hitting 58.5 percent. During the match, redshirt freshman Brittany Reardon recorded a 84.6 hitting percentage, good for second best in the Boise State record books during a match. Against the University of Ar-

kansas-Pine Bluff, the Broncos again went into the utility closet to bring out the brooms and sweep up the competition (25-9, 25-13, 25-14) to finish day one of the tournament unbeaten. On Saturday, it was much of the same when Boise State took on the University of ArkansasLittle Rock. The Broncos took down Arkansas-Little Rock in three (25-19, 25-16, 25-15) to extend their win streak to four. Starting on Tuesday night against Weber State University, the Broncos hadn’t dropped a set, winning 12 in a row. The Broncos made it 13 sets in a row against Oklahoma before having their consecutive win streak snapped. Boise State will now start conference play when they take on the University of Wyoming this Thursday. The Broncos beat the Cowboys 3-0 in Laramie last year.



September 19, 2011

Hey, batter batter

Broncos defeat Cal Poly in double OT Women’s soccer wins 1-0 in Omaha, Friday Nikki Hanson

Assistant Sports Editor Many of us watch soccer on TV and let’s face it, the action in the game is generally limited to the ball going back and forth across the field for the entire 90 minutes. Then, to the joy of the spectators there will be a heated moment where a ball goes in the net. However, when a team scores three goals in a game, it’s an assault on the opposing team. The women’s soccer team lost 0-3 to Cal Poly in the final game of the Viking Soccer Classic in Hillsboro, Ore. last

weekend. After the difficult loss, the ladies learned from their mistakes and picked themselves up — going on to win this weekend. The Broncos won the game in their second double overtime game of the season, against South Dakota on Friday with a 1-0 victory. The game winning goal was made by freshman Shannon Schueren in the 102nd minute off an assist from sophomore Katy Oehring. Oehring dodged a Coyote defender, then served a cross to the center of the field to Schueren, who slammed the ball to the back of the net. Schueren has proved to be

an asset for the Broncos this season, this being her second game-winning goal of the season. She leads the team in three goals and seven points this season, impressive statistics thus far. Senior goalkeeper Liz Ruiz earned the win for the Broncos in a shut out. She has had a remarkable career as a Bronco, this match marking the 26th career win. She is now tied with Kim Parker as the winningest goalie in Boise State history. Boise State will hit the road again this weekend, going to Omaha, Neb. to take on Creighton on Sunday at 1 p.m. Central.




Junior Lela Work pitches to the College of Southern Idaho during the double header Saturday at Mountain Cove. The Broncos dominated the Eagles.

The Arbiter


Arbiter 9-19-11  

The September 19th, 2011 issue of the Boise State student newspaper, The Arbiter

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