The Arabian Racehorse - Spring Supplement 2023

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Supplement 2023
Equine Art Special Edition

The Arabian Racing Organisation Limited (ARO) is the sole Arabian racing authority in the UK, operating under the rules and regulations of the British Horseracing Authority.

Racing with ARO allows owners and breeders to participate at all levels, proving their bloodlines through competition, from the spring through to autumn.

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This special supplement edition of The Arabian Racehorse features two important equine art exhibitions taking place this spring - Art and Horse Racing, at racing's headquarter's in Newmarket, and 25 Years on Motcomb Street for one of London's leading sporting art galleries - The Osborne Studio Gallery.

Produced by equine creative media

Stable Cottage, Fosse Cross, Cheltenham, Glos, GL54 4NP

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Unless otherwise stated, all features, reports and photographs are by Debbie Burt (copyright) All rights reserved. Print copies may be ordered. Photographs may be viewed and purchased at

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Front cover: 'Expression' Benedicte Gele



T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E ' E l e g a n c e ' - B r o n z e - A r t i s t ' s P r o o f A w a r d W i n n i n g S c u l p t o r i n B r o n z e - C o m m i s s i o n s W e l c o m e w w w . d e b o r a h b u r t s c u l p t o r . c o m T e l : 0 0 4 4 ( 0 ) 7 7 8 2 3 4 9 0 4 7 E m a i l : e q u i n e c r e a t i v e m e d i a @ g m a i l . c o m

Newmarket racehorse trainer Ilka Gansera-Leveque will be adding a splash of colour to May’s Guineas weekend with an unusual art exhibition in her own Newmarket racing yard.

Ilka will be displaying work from 14 artists, including international names, alongside the thoroughbred racehorses in her Hamilton Road stables

The ‘Art & Horse Racing’ exhibition will be open to the public free of charge at her picturesque Saint Wendred’s yard from 10am-6pm on Sunday 7 May, 1,000

Guineas Day

It follows private viewings for racehorse owners, Vantage Point Racing Club members and invited guests following the 2023 running of the world famous 2,000 Guineas race on Saturday 6 May

Emily Johnson, artist in residence at Cheltenham racecourse, is one of the

exhibitors and can be seen painting during the exhibition – plus she is donating a sketch for visitors / social media followers to win

For Ilka, it’s a natural move. “I love art and I want to exhibit some of my favourite artists alongside the real thing, the horses we have here,” she said “This will be art that makes you feel good!

“Our artists have never exhibited together before. Staging it here in the stables will bring to life all that’s beautiful about the horses that we are lucky enough to handle on a daily basis

“There will be a range of art on display and for sale from horses to dogs, nature, seascapes and cycling.

“I would like to think that this might become a regular feature on big racing days.”

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 5
A r t & H o r s e R a c i n g N e w m a r k e t , 6 t h - 7 t h M a y
Gotta Fly - Diana Cook

Gansera-Leveque's name maybe familiar to the Arabian racing fraternity having trained Storm Troupour to win at Royal Windsor for US based owner-breeders Kathy and Paul Smoke. The American connection continues in this exhibition with a number of US artists exhibiting in the UK for the first time through Gansera-Leveque's initiative.

Saint Wendred’s will host artists in residence from many of the UK’s most popular racecourses alongside international names, including;

French artist Benedicte Gele’s awardwinning abstract pieces have a worldwide following for expression and emotion from horses, dogs and even hens!

Emily Johnson is a fine art equestrian artist specialising in oil portraits and is resident artist at Cheltenham racecourse.

American artist Peggy Judy brings the iconic Wild West to life with her cow ponies, cowboys, cattle and wildlife.

Terry Lindsey is another artist from the States, whose Tilting at Windmills Gallery in Vermont is one of the premier fine art galleries in New England. Her own artwork showcases her eclectic interests.

Cambridge artist Clive Dawson will contribute some of his popular paintings of the city and textural palette knife work.

Mandy Dearsley, whose work is owned in America, New Zealand, the Falkland Islands and Spain, will exhibit sculptures of hares and a cockerel

Liz Armstrong, artist-in-residence at Windsor racecourse works with mixed media, her contemporary, abstract images makes her one of favourite artists of the national hunt fraternity

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 6
Storm Troupour with Ilka Gansera Leveque, Stephane Leveque and Stephen Harrison
A selection of pieces by Liz Armstrong
T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 8
The Lookout - Peggy Judy

Jackie Hardman was formerly Beverley racecourse artist in residence and her detailed work covers racing, dressage and show jumping, with hunting hounds and seascapes another speciality

Garth Bayley’s contemporary pieces capture a bold moment in time ranging from cycling and horse racing to nature

Diana Cook , a retired decorative painter, now devotes her times to painting narrative scenes, most often involving dogs. Her subject matter is influenced by childhood memories, a love of English interiors and years of living in the country with her beloved dogs and horses

Deborah Burt’s love of horses and dogs in particular shows greatly in the skilful bronze sculptures that she creates, however alongside her equine an canine sculptures she will also be showing a baby Afircan elephant, one of her most popular small pieces.

Rachel Constantine is a classical – realist oil painter, who is a graduate of The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

Amanda Grace Markel from Montana specializes in modern equine and wildlife

art with expressive personality and pizzazz

Phyllis Floyd is a New York City based artist. She studied at Stamford University and the Sorbonne, Paris before gaining an MFA from Pratt Institute. She formed Zeuxis in 1994 – an association of still life artists Two watercolours of plants are on show Born in 1931, she continues to paint and exhibit her work regularly

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 9
Racing Dreams - Terry Lindsay Still Life - Rachel Constantine
T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 10
Hounds - Jackie Hardman Tour de France - Garth Bayley
T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 11
Various works by Mandy Dearsley Equine Nude - Benedicte Gele

Exhibition location : Saint Wendred’s, Hamilton Road, Newmarket CB8 7JQ

Public Opening: Sunday 7th May. 10am-6pm

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 12
Aria - Amanda Markel

Art & Horse Racing

May 6th/7th 2023 Saint Wendred’s

We hope that you enjoy the Vernissage libations from Copperscroft Vineyard and the delicious cheese from Fen Farm Dairy

• Liz Armstrong

Altior (collage on board) £450

Bravemansgame (mixed media) £450

Cowboy (ink water colour) £950

Refuse to Give (charcoal on paper) £550

Shishkin (collage and water colour) £450

Sunset Racing (oil pigment on canvas) £3,500

• Garth Bayley

Angle of the North Stand (oil on canvas) £120

Looking Back (oil on specialist oil paper) £600

The Final Sprint (oil on specialist oil paper) £600

Sprint to Victory – Tour of Britain

(pen and ink on watercolour paper) £250

And They’re Off! (oil on board) £600

Bums Up (oil on canvas) £900

Rainbow Racers (oil on specialist oil paper) £500

Silver Sands (oil on specialist oil paper) £500

Tour de France – stage one (oil on canvas) £800

Barnaby in the Heather (oil on canvas) £1,500

• Debbie Burt

Elegance (bronze, wooden plinth with gilt edging)1 of 3 £4,750

Strength (Bronze on plinth) 1 of 9 £2,300

On the Scent (Bronze) 5of 25 £850

Baby Elephant Sketch (Bronze) 28 of 50 £650

• Rachel Constantine

Peony Duo (oil on panel) £850

Lavender Rose Stem (oil on panel) £450

Lavender Rose in Antique bottle £450

Sky 1 (oil on birch panel) £375

Sky 2 (oil on birch panel) £375

Sky 3 (oil on birch panel) £375

Sky 4 (oil on birch panel ) £375

*multi buy £350 two or more of Sky series

Hollyhocks (oil on prepared paper) £375

Magnolia Study (oil on panel) £400

Roses and Hydrangea Sketch (oil on linen) £400

Peonies in Victorian Jar (oil on mounted paper) £475

• Diana Cook:

Gotta Fly! (oil on canvas and board ) £3,500

The Hunt Meet (mixed media shadowbox) £850

A Well Earned Break (oil on board) £750

*stable staff discount speak to Ilka*

Shear Bonding (oil on board) £750

Rupert (oil on board) £700

Sheep of a Different Color (oil on board) £850

• Clive Dawson

Wakey Wakey! (acrylics on canvas) £125

Rise & Shine! (acrylics on canvas) £125

Town & Country Fair (acrylics on canvas) £150

The Bumps (acrylics on canvas) £150

Bridge of Sighs (acrylics on canvas) £150

Kings College (acrylics on canvas) £225

The GOAT (acrylics on canvas) £100

The Polo Match (acrylics on canvas) £125

Fuchsia (acrylics on canvas) £150

Oriental Lily (acrylics on canvas) £150

Pepper The Highland (acrylics on canvas) £150

Cambridge Quayside (acrylics on canvas) £175

• Mandy Dearsley

Hare’ing Along (bronze resin) £650

Mad March Hare (bronze resin) £650

Cook A Doodle Do (cold cast iron) £450

Leaping Hare (bronze resin) £395

Running Hare (bronze resin) £395

Black Lab (pastel) £595

Hare’ing (pastel) £475

Hare and There (watercolour) £350

Wild Hare (charcoal) £250

Catkins and Snowdrops (pastel) £295

Mr. Greenleaf’s Girls (oil on board) £295

• Phyllis Floyd

Potted Plant #25 (watercolour) £900

Hydrangea #15 (watercolour) £900

• Bénédicte Gélé

Equine Nude 140t (Acrylics, black chalk, pencils and embroidery on canvas) £630

Face to Face 55t (Acrylics, black chalk, pencil on canvas) £630

Face to Face 58t (Pastels, charcoal, acrylics, Black chalk and pencil on canvas) £2,700

Expression 24t (Acrylics, black chalk, pencils on canvas) £1,270

Face à Face 52t (Acrylics, black chalk, pencils on canvas) £1,270

Face à Face 48t (Acrylics, black chalk, on canvas) £1,630

Expression 4p (Pastels, graphite, black chalk on canvas) £420

Equine Nude 142t (Acrylics, black chalk, pencils on canvas) £420

Horse Memory 7t (Acrylics, black chalk on Canvas) £420

Look XXV (Acrylics, black chalk on canvas) £210

• Jackie Hardman

The Bay (oil on canvas) £450

His Masters Hand (oil on canvas) £450

Friends (oil on linen) £450

The Chestnut (oil on canvas) £400

The Polo Player (oil on canvas) £400

Hounds Trilogy £200 each or £500 all three

Down at the Stalls (oil on canvas) £400

Hermanus Sunrise (oil on canvas) £450

Dogs on the beach (oil on canvas) £450

Getting Ready (oil on linen) £200

Jasmine (oil on linen) £400

• Emily Johnson

Race Ready (charcoal on panel) £1,100

Best Turned Out (oil on canvas) £995

The Lead Up (oil on canvas panel) £850

Blowing (oil on canvas panel) £1,200

Down to the First (oil on canvas) £1,650

And They’re Off! (oil on canvas) £1,950

Racing Saddle Oil Sketch (oil on panel) £695

• Peggy Judy

Balance (oil on canvas) £650

Look Out (oil on canvas) £650

Happy Place (oil on canvas) £500

• Terry Lindsey

The Travers Winner (oil on linen) £1,200

Time to Rest (oil on panel) £750

Waiting (oil on panel) £650

Winner’s Circle (oil on linen) £3,500

Window Watching (oil on linen) £1,150

• Amanda Markel

Mountain Heart Mini bronze wine stopper £375

Aria (bronze limited edition run of 19) £5,900

Ilka Gansera Leveque  07855 532072  13
T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E ' S t r e n g t h ' - B r o n z e - E d i t i o n 1 o f 9 A w a r d W i n n i n g S c u l p t o r i n B r o n z e - C o m m i s s i o n s W e l c o m e w w w . d e b o r a h b u r t s c u l p t o r . c o m T e l : 0 0 4 4 ( 0 ) 7 7 8 2 3 4 9 0 4 7 E m a i l : e q u i n e c r e a t i v e m e d i a @ g m a i l . c o m D E B O R A H B

System Endorsed by Arabian Racing Organisation


A Great System to Ensure Your Compliance to Regulations


Ensures Compliance to Medication Recording and Vaccinations Regulations

Approved by Racing Regulators in Europe, USA and Saudi Arabia

Available all Phones, Tablets, Computers System used by Saudi Cup 2022

This Exhibition celebrates 25 years of the Osborne Studio Gallery in Motcomb St. It has been a fascinating period in our 37 year history. I won’t deny that it has been something of a rollercoaster, but the point of this show is not to emphasise the ups and downs of gallery life, but to celebrate the fabulous, fantastic and unbelievably talented artists that we have had the privilege to work with

It is easy to forget that, whilst we gallery people are often swanning around, artists work day, and in many cases night, in what can be a very solitary existence and without them, we are quite obviously nothing! I consider every one of our esteemed artists to be a friend and I hope that they feel the same. Whilst this is a

serious business, life is short; laughter and fun are therefore essential prerequisites, which I think we have had in spades!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank the remarkably impressive Gallery Managers who have been with us over the past twenty-five years I cannot believe any other Gallery Director could possibly have been as lucky as I. I hope you will all enjoy the wonderful paintings and sculptures in this celebratory exhibition that showcases, not just the area of Sporting Art in which we specialise, but also the wider field of artistic endeavour that fits perfectly to make up the jigsaw that is the Osborne Studio Gallery.

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 16
O s b o r n e S t u d i o G a l l e r y 2 5 y e a r s o n M o t c o m b S t r e e t L o n d o n - 1 9 t h A p r i l - 1 3 t h M a y
The Maison du Roi - Freddy Paske

One of the Osborne Studio Gallery’s most successful artists, Hubert de Watrigant will take a prominent part in the 25th anniversary show. Born 1954, he lives in South West France, where he was raised in a horse racing family. His father bred and trained racehorses and he is uncle to current trainer and bloodstock agent, Damien and Nicholas de Watrigant.

Self-taught, sketching in his fathers’ stables from early childhood, he decided to follow the life of a professional artist after completing the French National Service In 1976 he held his first exhibition in Maisons-Lafitte and the following year, he entered the prestigious Les Sept Collines de Rome exhibition, winning first prize.

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 17
Au Marche De St Louis - Hubert de Watrigant
T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 18 Finish The Unsaddling Enclosure

Using a wide range of materials including charcoal, pastels, watercolour and oils, de Watrigant works on a variety of surfaces. His draughtsmanship is outstanding, possessing a remarkable ability to capture both the atmosphere and the drama of a fleeting moment. He is considered a true descendant of Lautrec, Degas and


Though his greatest passion is for the Horse, his work also includes vivid impressions of people observed on his travels in North America, Africa, Spain and Japan.

T H E A R A B I A N R A C E H O R S E 19
Mr and Mrs

De Watrigant was described by the late Sir Peter O’Sullevan, former chairman of the Osborne Studio Gallery, revered Voice of Racing for the BBC, as “an artist of breath taking flair, each painting fearless, passionate and unexpected.”

Since 1976 there have been over sixty de Watrigant exhibitions, from Paris to Tokyo, Hong Kong to Madrid, and New York to Palm Beach. His most recent solo show at the Osborne was called ‘Straight From The Studio’ and was his first for four years. He has written about his ‘painter’s block’ and new creative energy after reading a new book about Claude Monet.

De Watrigant painted several portraits of his hero Monet, as well as making charcoal sketches. A romantic person, his

strong feelings inform his work and his favourite character in fiction is Cyrano de Bergerac. For many years he has designed silk scarves for Hermes, most of them on equestrian themes

In Watrigant’s own words he says, “I don’t focus on the main event and principal actions, I prefer to linger on details I am more interested in the jockey adjusting a stirrup or the lad waiting for his horse.”

Horses with blanket covers
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