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We build your sales by building your brand We do it in the most creative and cost-effective way possible’s as simple as that

About Us Our strength is in identifying what your business needs to grow, and delivering it with no dramas along the way. We are a highly creative and talented brand, marketing and communications agency. We attack every project from the same angle – our start point is ensuring that everything we do will deliver genuine results for you.

Our team has worked on some of the largest brands in the world across virtually every type of project, so nothing ever fazes us. Our clients are large and small, but whatever your size, you get the same attention, creativity, exceptional work and hopefully a few laughs along the way. Finally, and most importantly we pride ourselves on our integrity. We are always honest and straightforward when we deal with you, so we’re sure that you’ll enjoy working with us – hopefully for a very long time!

Our Approach Unlike plenty of people in our industry who like to wrap up what we do in a veil of mystery, buzzwords and smoke and mirrors, at The Agency we like to keep things simple. It helps us to be consistent and build long-term relationships with our clients, because everybody involved understands what’s going on, so there’s no nasty shocks along the way, just great work. We enjoy what we’re doing, but we don’t do things for fun. We always get under the skin of your brand, and only then do we decide what’s going to work for you. We start with a blank piece of paper and a pen, and always involve you in the process so that what we are trying to portray about your brand, you really believe in. We love to challenge your perceptions though, and hope that when we work with you we can create ideas that are unusual, interesting, arresting, and different from the mediocrity that some agencies think is acceptable.

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Philosophy We’re here to build your business, not our egos. When you deal with the Agency we’re here to get the job done with the minimum of fuss and faffing about. This doesn’t mean though that we are laid back about what we want to achieve for you – far from it. Our aim is always to push you on to achieve your full potential, and be as successful as you can. We want to shout how good you are from the rooftops – the time for our traditional British reserve has long gone, you need to be upfront and ballsy about your strengths. If you don’t say it, your competitors certainly will, and win the business. We find out how good you are, and make damn sure everyone who needs to know both inside your organisation and in the outside world gets to know it!

Process At The Agency, our objective is always to identify and

Every project we work on with you starts with discovering

achieve the goal for any project whether that be – to get

what you need to achieve by identifying the goals that we have

the phone ringing more, build sales or gain more recognition

defined together. We then plan how we are going do it, estimate

for your brand. Although every project is totally different

timescales and how much it will cost, and finally deliver it to you.

and needs a tailored approach, every one benefits from us

And if that sounds simple, it’s meant to be – it allows everyone

adopting a simple process to help us achieve the results

involved to know where we are at in the process, and makes

you need in the most efficient way possible.

it as seamless and hopefully enjoyable as possible.

Who We Are At The Agency we consciously took the crucial decision to make sure that we had the perfect blend of skills and experience that would really offer clients the complete service from concept to production. One of our many strengths lies in the fact that we can see a job through from strategy to delivery – online and off. Our core people have the skills needed to manage any project. We have the knowledge and experience to avoid the pitfalls and maximise the potential of any strategy. Our black book of like-minded partners provide creative services such as photography and illustration that help turn ideas into the exceptional finished pieces that make your brand stand out from the competition.

Experience People make an agency, and we’ve got the people with the experience to tackle any project your brand needs. Over

Senior Agency team

the years, our people have tackled every type brand and

Tony McGowan Creative Director

communications project from TV ads to branded calculators

Tony’s specialism is in advertising and

Andy is a production specialist, and deals

strategic brand development. He has over 20

with printers and suppliers to deliver the

for the biggest brands on the planet, so you can rest assured nothing will ever faze us. Also because we have worked across such a diverse range of brands

Andy Clark Production Director

years experience in the industry, and has held

exceptional end product our clients have

a variety of senior posts both in publishing,

come to expect from The Agency. His in-

design and advertising. Over the years he

depth knowledge of reproduction techniques,

has worked on virtually every type of

print quality, finishes and paper stocks ensure

communications project from packaging for

that not only does the project run smoothly,

Cadburys, to consumer magazine launches,

it is produced as cost-effectively as possible,

to television advertising.

without compromising on quality.

Steve Talbot Design Director

Louise Hampton New Business Development

and industries, we bring ideas that are fresh to your sector, not just the same tired old ideas that are trotted out because “that’s what’s always worked in the past”. One simple advantage of working with The Agency though, is when you call us, you won’t be greeted on the phone by a rude receptionist, or a junior who doesn’t know his CMYK from WBA. You’ll talk straight to a senior member of staff who can help you there and then, so we all don’t waste our valuable time.

Steve specialises in corporate literature and

Louise has over ten years of experience in

brand identity, and has created exceptional

creating opportunities for business growth

designs for many household consumer brands

as well as project management. Louise has

and blue chip industrials. During his career,

a particular specialism in online and digital

Steve has been involved with many prestigious

marketing. Her exceptional communication

projects such as Europe wide advertising for

and interpersonal skills help build and develop

Jeep, a complete revision of all Tarmac

our long term relationships with our clients.

corporate literature and product branding for Harman/Kardon.

Why We're Different Although we’re consultants and strategists, we don’t

We firmly believe that talk is cheap (unless you’re with O2),

just talk a good game. Unlike so many in the industry

and our aim is to do work that really delivers results for you

you may have met, once the chat about the ‘way forward’

in a practical sense, not just an idea that gets no further than

for your company subsides, we don’t disappear as quick

a meeting. In short we just want to do a great job for you,

as a MP in an expenses enquiry. We are doers - we

because that’s what makes us tick – doing a job that makes

complete the job and deliver the physical products as

us proud. On the service front, we want to treat you right, and

well as tangible benefits, not just talk about them.

be honest with you at all times. Sometimes that might not be what you want to hear, but we’d rather tell you if we feel a budget or deadline is unrealistic.

The Agency brand DNA

Only before you truly know what your brand is and what it represents both within your organisation and to the outside world can you maximise it’s potential – it is fundamental to the future growth of your organisation. At The Agency we have a unique method to get under the skin of your brand and what discover makes you tick. We analyse and investigate the key aspects of your brand to discover your key strengths and differences in the market. This information can then be used to formulate a strategy to connect with your targets in the most powerful way possible.

Services We have all the weapons you need to beat the hell out of

• brand strategy

your competition – we give you an unfair advantage – and

• marketing

it’s definitely what you need at the minute. Business certainly

• website design • graphic design

has taken a right battering over the last few years and things have never been tougher.

• corporate identity • advertising • print

So now’s the time to fight back, and use everything at your

• packaging design

disposal that can help you build your business. We’ve got all

• exhibition design

the expertise and skills you’ll ever need – if we can’t do it

• email marketing

in-house we certainly know a man who can. We use all the

• SEO and online marketing • social media

tried and tested techniques and tricks we’ve learnt over

• web content creation

the years to help you – no holds barred!

• direct mail

Just some of our clients

Global technology brand

HARMAN is the parent company behind an array of legendary brands that includes AKG®, Harman Kardon®, JBL®, Mark Levinson®. Lexicon®, Infinity® and more. We are a leading global provider of premium audio and infotainment solutions, engaging customers around the home, in the car and on the go. We have created numerous brand communications across the HARMAN portfolio. That includes: global brand development for the collaboration with Lotus Engineering to create realistic engine sounds for electric cars – we branded HaloSonic. Launch collateral for the latest North American Land Rover models and advertising for the HARMAN range at the prestigious Geneva Motor Show.

North American launch brochure



Electrolux professional deliver the most innovative solutions to the most demanding customers globally. We work with Electrolux on a wide range of their marketing requirements, from brand positioning and advertising

Product brochure production

campaigns to product launch literature and sales support. The UK marketing manager has this to say about The Agency: “It is always a pleasure to deal with the guys at The Agency. Nothing is too much trouble and the work they produce is top quality. The Agency provide excellent advice and support throughout projects large or small. Thier mix of creative and production capabilities are exactly what we need to support our marketing activity”.



Golden Acre Dairy Foods is the home of an exciting range of the finest range of dairy products from across Europe. They are continually bringing new products to the market, Packaging for leading supermarkets Tesco and Asda

and we have helped them to successfully launch them into major supermarkets and successfully take on the leading brands in the sector, and this has lead to a huge growth in sales. GA Sales Director had these positive words about working with The Agency: “We have worked with The Agency on everything from packaging to exhibitions over the years, and they have

Brand development

consistently delivered work of the highest standard. The positive feedback, our ingress into new markets and increased product sales are testament to their creative skills”



Radbournes were established over 35 years ago, and have


Range packaging

grown into one of the largest building supply merchants in the region. Having built up a very successful business, the forward looking directors realised that to take the business to next level, the brand needed to reflect their present market position. We undertook a complete brand overhaul encompassing all aspects of their marketing from their website through to local advertising. The Director of Radbournes said this about The Agency: “We have seen really positive results from the new website and marketing campaigns. Our new site has streamlined enquiries as customers are now much better informed about our product range and aware of the services we offer. The advice and creative work we have received is always of the highest quality”

Online solution



accounting today for all our tomorrows

Sustainability IQ is a piece of software that measures the environmental impact a business has through logging everything from paper usage to energy efficency, it thereby allows users to create and implement an effective

Bespoke Interface design

CSR policy. Having conceived the original name, strap line and identity, our focus was on creating a brand that sat comfortably in the software market but also visualised its ‘green’ credentials. We created several strap lines to accompany the brand with the core message being ‘Accounting today for all out tomorrows’ which was a powerful headline, summing up the importance of sustainabilty in business. The Director of Radbournes said this about The Agency: “The Agency really stood out during the pitch process, not only for their strategic and creative work, but also for their down to earth approach. I can’t recommend working with The Agency highly enough”.

Website design



Servicom approached us as a ‘two way radio specialist’ struggling to stand out in the industry. We repositioned them by creating a sharper, more powerful identity with a supporting line that would elevate them from the competition: ‘The Power to communicate’. The work we did re-energised the brand both internally and externally by ensuring that people involved realised the importance of the work Servicom conducts and how they make a difference to peoples lives. The supporting marketing and literature featured organisations where communications are a matter of life and death, that Servicom support such as the fire service, The Red Cross and military with the line ‘Thank you Servicom’. The UK Business Development Manager had this to say:

Brand positioning

“The Agency have really helped us to reposition how our brand is perceived both internally and externally. This revitalisation has elevated our reputation with customers and suppliers and certainly played a major part in us winning new work, with our turnover doubling over three

Service icons

years. Keep up the great work!”



It’s how IT should be

EveryCloud Solutions are an innovative IT company that offer cloud based Windows software to businesses. From the outset we had a dual task of educating about cloud technology as well as promoting EveryCloud as the

Brand Guidelines

authority on it. We created an identity that was simple and friendly while familiar using the Microsoft style through colour and graphic design. The strapline ‘It’s how IT should be’ refers to the simplicity, low running cost and hassle free nature of cloud based computing services – in-fact, the complete opposite of localised solutions!

Web design



Contact We know what you’re thinking right now. You’re thinking if I contact these guys, they’re never going to leave me alone, I’m busy and I don’t want to deal with sales calls from them. the agency brand consultancy limited

Don't worry we won’t hassle you, that’s not our style. If you’d just

Studio 20, Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street,

like a chat to see how we approach things or you have a specific


project in mind, just call or email us. All you’ll get is one of the

B5 5SL

partners contacting you for a chat about what your business needs to grow – after all, that’s what we’re all here for.

tel: 0121 224 8300

the agency brand consultancy limited Studio 20, Fazeley Studios, 191 Fazeley Street, Birmingham B5 5SL tel: 0121 224 8300 | |

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