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C at h e d r a l C h u r c h of the Advent ( E p i s c o pa l )

I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me. G A L AT I A N S 2 : 2 0

From our Affirmation of Purpose, we move to the ideas of our visioning plan. These ideas will animate our life together, as we continue to affirm the work of the gospel in each of our lives, drawing us outward into the tenets of Discipleship, Ministry Development, Outreach, Shepherding, Worship, and Communication. The Advent has a living, daring confidence in the grace of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is not in self-confidence that we live. It is in Christ-confidence. We exist to proclaim the freeing power of the gospel of Jesus Christ and to make disciples wherever God has placed us. Nineteen ideas scattered among our six tenets follow. Built on the foundation described in our Affirmation of Purpose, these ideas provide a road map. They do not tell us every instance or thing we will encounter along the way together, but they do give us guidance on how to move forward. What is being affirmed? The faithfulness of the Lord’s gracious work in this church for decades. From the gratitude experienced as we look backwards, we sense the excitement of what lies ahead in our life and ministry together.


We will hold the gospel at the center, rooting our worship in the English Reformation, making it always accessible and hospitable. 1 Establish a strong culture of welcoming and hospitality in our Sunday worship services with a leadership team drawn from clergy, staff, and lay leaders. 2 Work with the Children’s Ministry to explore providing nursery and Christian Education resources for younger children so that families with those children can easily worship at either the 9:00 a.m. or the 11:00 a.m. services. 3 Prayerfully discuss options and develop plans for an additional (fourth) Sunday morning service, in keeping with the Advent’s identity accompanied by modern instrumentation, offering another option to our present services with traditional instrumentation. 4 Explore expanding our facilities to provide space for both an additional morning service and more robust fellowship, possibly partnering with the Advent Episcopal School.


We will communicate in ways that effectively enhance and further the ministry and purpose of the Advent. 1

Evaluate our existing communication structure and recommend an optimal communication strategy supporting the Advent’s ministry and purpose.


We will focus on the reconciling word and work of Jesus Christ as they propel us in the way we care for and live with one another. 1 Build and train a large team of volunteers to improve the experience of visitors, newcomers, and members on Sundays. 2 Develop and implement ideas that deepen the spiritual experience of members, particularly in areas related to prayer, pastoral care, community, and service. 3 Explore moving the nursery to a larger, more convenient location, possibly partnering with the Advent Episcopal School. 4 Apart from the intervention of the Holy Spirit of God, we can do nothing. The entirety of the ministry given to the Cathedral Church of the Advent must be committed to prayer.


We will serve the Lord Jesus Christ by engaging in His spiritual and material restoration of our city and world. 1 Foster and develop a culture where Adventers, through the work of Holy Spirit, take part in evangelism, doing justice, and loving mercy. 2 Create and deepen engagement with the Advent’s ministry partners.


We will equip every member of the Advent for the work of discipleship by creating and nurturing a culture that responds to the grace we have received from Jesus Christ. 1 Invest in this culture by designating a Director of Christian Education and Discipleship to facilitate and assist the growth of discipleship. 2 Foster this culture in Sunday morning worship through sermons, announcements, and testimonials from members focused on the gospel. 3 Educate this culture through a world-class Christian Education curriculum that engages, educates, and draws us nearer to Jesus and then propels us out into the world to proclaim the gospel. 4 Promote this culture through targeted, intentional training and mentoring throughout our congregation.


We will identify, develop, and equip leaders for full-time, professional ministry at the Advent, in the Episcopal Church, and in the Anglican Communion. 1 Develop partnerships and network with other churches, seminaries, dioceses, international provinces, and parachurch ministries. 2 Develop an intentional apprenticeship/internship program, which could include but is not limited to pre-seminary, seminarian, curacy, and musical/liturgical professionals. 3 Create a resource center or institute for professional ministers. 4 Create an intentional structure to identify and mentor high school and college-aged students who demonstrate ministry gifts or a calling.


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Cathedral Church of the Advent Priorities & Planning Overview  

Part of a series of publications for Cathedral Church of the Advent Visioning Plan.

Cathedral Church of the Advent Priorities & Planning Overview  

Part of a series of publications for Cathedral Church of the Advent Visioning Plan.

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