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INSIDE WIN WINE & CHOCOLATE, BOOKS AND MORE!! Prairie Homestead Senior Living - a warm, caring community of neighbors nestled on 26 landscaped acres, with picturesque scenery, walkways, and a pond with soothing waterfalls for that small town feel. Conveniently located near shopping, banking, restaurants, entertainment, and medical services, Prairie ơ choose. From tw0 or three bedroom twin homes with attached garages to one or two bedroom patio homes with carports or our assisted living facility... your new home is waiting for you!

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the active age Transition Guide

By Leslie Chaffin The Wichita area has always taken pride in its skilled workers, and an organization called MakeICT shows that talent isn’t limited to employees performing their regular jobs. The “maker community� – a group of people who like to make things – is expanding for the third time in its eight-year history. The former Booth Elementary School at 5920 E. Mt. Vernon will provide MakeICT with about 22,000 square feet of workspace filled with equipment for wood and metal working, jewelry making, ceramics, textiles, an art gallery, print shop and more. “It gives members access to equipment that many could not afford or have the space for at home,� David Springs, the group’s current president, said. “But it’s the access to others who may have expertise or advice to share that I think our members value most.� Springs, 60, notes that the organization’s membership “is very diverse, not only in what

“Maker community� growing into new space they like to make, but we have all ages. I would estimate that about 30 percent of our membership is 50-plus. Some even bring their grandchildren with them when they come in to work.� A 92-year-old wood worker is MakeICT’s senior member. Springs’ own passion is creating unique clocks and the occasional

handcrafted pen. Just under 400 people belong to the group. MakeICT got its start in a backroom of what was then the Bluebird Arthouse in the Delano neighborhood as simply a place where people could gather over coffee to talk about things they were making, or wanted to make. That evolved into a rudimentary workspace and eventually a non-profit organization with a membership fee of $25 was

April 2020

formed. In 2015, with the help of a Wichita Community Foundation grant, MakeICT moved into the 8,700-square-foot L.J. Pracht building on East Douglas. That gave it visibility and a spot in the burgeoning Douglas Avenue Design District. A laser cutter/etcher, 3D printer and more specialized equipment were added, but the group ran out of space. “We reached our saturation point for the Douglas space about two years ago,� Springs said. “We were in the process of looking for another space when the church that had this building decided they would merge with another congregation.� The building was purchased in October. “It’s already set up with separate rooms which suits our needs, and we’ve been very fortunate to have Spirit (Aerosystems) loan us several of their employees to help design the electrical and help us with the work,� Springs said. Other local companies are encouraging their employees to get involved, and some are even helping See next page OMPANIONSHIP


10600 E 13th St N Wichita, KS 67206 A Residence of Legend Senior LivingÂŽ

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employees pay the $25 a month membership because they want their employees to be well-rounded in their skills. While there are expenses for materials, all of the work on the new building has been done by volunteers. MakeICT obtained a certificate of occupancy in midMarch and hopes to be using the building this month. Upgrades include more pottery wheels, a new letter press, equipment for book binding, more classroom space and a kids’ learning area. A security system will allow members to be in the building any time of the day or night. The building’s huge boilers are being replaced by three instant heating units. Lines running through each room from the old boiler system that will enable heating of the building using water from a creek that runs along the back of the property. “We’re excited that we will have a very environmentally friendly HVAC system,� Springs said. Members took care to court the

the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

MakeICT is moving into the former Booth Elementary School, above. At left, members get the space ready for opening this month.

East Mt. Vernon Neighborhood Association. “We attended a neighborhood meeting to introduce ourselves and talk to our future neighbors,� Springs said. “We were warned there would be one neighbor who would be against our moving into the building. By the end of the meeting, she told her husband he needed to be a member. They really warmed up to us.� Learning is also a big part of MakeICT. Last year it offered 360

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classes. The cost of remodeling the building is expected to run $118,000, but members hope energy savings and the end of a lease payment will help offset that. They plan to pursue grants and have started a GoFundMe page. “We’re not raising our membership fee with this move,� Springs said. “We’ve had other maker spaces ask how we can continue to keep membership at $25, and some of that is that we are all volunteer. We don’t have any

paid staff.� It’s probably not finished growing either. MakeICT offers tours at 7 p.m. on the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month to prospective members and anybody else who’s interested. “It’s foreseeable that within a year, there may be no time that there isn’t someone in the building,� Springs said. “I’m really looking forward to being able to work in this building.� Contact Leslie Chaffin at

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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

Artist ‘feels like a child in a candy store’ The active age Give Anthony Dozier a box of old decals or expired gift cards and you might get a work of art back in return. “Some people take things for granted,” Dozier said. “I don’t.” That goes for life in general. Dozier grew up with a severe stutter, an affliction that got him bullied and that he didn’t fully overcome until his mid ‘20s. “I got punched, slapped and paddled,” he said. “Education was not fun.” But in a way, it also led to his initial interest in art. “I would make things to convey my message.” A Wichita native and part of the first class of black teens to be bussed in the early 1970s, Dozier served a stint in the U.S. Air Force before returning home. He and his wife, LaDonna, have two grown daughters. One daughter also suffered from a speech impediment. While she was being helped by a speech therapist, he said, “I sat with her through the sessions and it helped me.”

Anthony Dozier with one of his pieces of art. More of his work can be found on his facebook page, and Dozier can be reached at At right, decorative walking sticks made by Dozier. After studying business administration, Dozier worked as an efficiency expert and also in security at the Wichita Art Museum, where he

says he once “saved Mr. and Mrs. Otis” – a reference to two paintings by famed artist John Singleton Copley that are part of the museum’s permanent collection. “I wrote a damage report so scathing that (the museum) took them off the wall the next day to be restored in Italy.”

Taking an art class from Mary Werner, professor at Newman University, gave him the confidence to pursue his own art. Dozier says his talent lies not in drawing, but rather in the imaginative way he combines colors and geometric shapes, often incorporating items that others are ready to discard. “She said, ‘Anthony, you’ve been a tiger caged up too long. I’m going to open the gate. Get out there.” And so he has. Dozier’s work has been exhibited at Wichita State University, high schools, businesses and offices around town, including that of City Councilman Brandon Johnson. Dozier calls his style “abstract art of a different kind.” Without the “immense joy” making art brings, he said, “I would have been ignoring a part of myself.” “I may be 64 but we’ve only just begun. I feel like a child in a candy store.”


of Mind Memory Care and Assisted Living in West Wichita

Rest assured knowing your loved one is in our care. Our memory care is designed for safety and comfort with outstanding amentities.

Since 1968, Senior Services has provided nutrition services, employment opportunities, and recreational programs that keep seniors safe in their own homes and connected to the community.

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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

RETIREMENT PUZZLE CONTEST Retirement gives us more time to do the things we enjoy – like solve puzzles, eat chocolate and drink wine! We’re giving away a bottle of wine and a box of fine chocolate to one lucky reader who solves this puzzle involving popular retirement activities. To qualify, identify the activities using the clues below, then circle them in the word search puzzle. Answers in the puzzle may appear in any direction, including diagonally and backwards. When you have completed the puzzle, mail or bring it to us at The Active Age, 125 S. West St., Suite 105, Wichita, KS, 67213. Or, email a photo of the completed puzzle (please make sure it’s legible) it to Good luck! Can you dig it? _ a _ _ _ _ “A good walk ruined”: _ _ _ _ Tracing a tree: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ y Spoiling encouraged: _ _ _ _ _ p _ _ _ _ _ ing A catchy pastime: _ i _ _ing Not in it for the money: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Between the covers: _ _ _ ding Like no one’s watching: _ _ _ _ _ Suits you: _ _ r _ s Get a paddling: _ i _ _ _ _ _ _ l l Wheelies not recommended: _ _ c _ _ _ ing Hit the road: _ _ _ v _ _ Five across: _ _ _ _ o Fa-la-la-la-la: _ _ _ _ Pen to paper: _ _ _ t _

WillowCreek Manor Apartments

Answers will appear in the next issue of the active age.

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Therapy for Every Patient A behavioral health hospital for seniors ages 65+, with a goal of returning to their community in a short period of time.

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the active age Transition Guide

The choices are yours The right foods can impact overall health and reduce risk of disease By Monica Cissell Food choices at the local grocery stores are more abundant than ever. However, Americans eat fewer vegetables, fruits, whole grains, dairy products and oils than recommended. They are consuming more calories daily than needed and as a result obesity and chronic disease are at dangerous rates and projected to increase. Eating nutritiously isn’t always easy but healthy food choices can impact overall health and reduce the risk of disease to enhance the quality of the years ahead. The link between eating habits and health is real. Healthy eating is not just weight management or salt intake. Healthy eating is about choosing the right food to nourish the body so it can perform physically, fight disease and maintain health. If the wrong food choices are made either due to time, stress or those pesky cravings, the body doesn’t function as it is meant to. At least that’s the simple explanation that the University of Minnesota’s Center for Spirituality and Healing offers

( Food provides bodies “information and materials they need to function properly.” Wrong information can make the body “become overweight, undernourished, and at risk for the development of chronic disease and conditions such as arthritis, diabetes

Ready for Stress-Free Living?


Come join our vibrant independent campus & see ǁŚĂƚ ƌĞƟƌĞŵĞŶƚ ŚĂƐ ƚŽ ŽīĞƌ͊


and heart disease. Mindful eating is also another step individuals can take to improve eating habits and food intake. This technique is focused on paying closer attention to the food, how it is eaten and that food choice impacts the body. According to the President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition ( about one third of U.S. adults and 17 percent of kids ages 2-19 are obese. “Even for people at a healthy weight, a poor diet is associated with major health risks that can cause illness and even death.” There are eight healthy eating goals suggested to guide individuals toward routine healthy eating. Try focusing on one goal each week until the goals have been accomplished. It is best to take small steps to avoid feeling overwhelmed with the change. 8 Healthy Goals % Fill half of your plate with colorful fruits and vegetables. % Make half of the grains in your diet, whole grains. % Drink fat free or low fat (1%) milk. % Choose a variety of lean proteins. % Compare sodium in foods – choose lower sodium options. % Drink water instead of sugary drinks.

April 2020

% Eat some seafood or a mega 3 fish. % Cut back on solid fats. Healthy eating may not always be easy but Central Plains Area Agency on Aging (CPAAA) offers programs to support older adults working toward this goal. CPAAA’s Medicare Diabetes Prevention Program, called Prevent T2, guides Medicare beneficiaries through steps to improved nutrition and increased physical activity to help those prediabetic or at risk for diabetes avoid a future diagnosis of diabetes. Classes are provided by the Registered Dietitian at CPAAA and begin throughout the

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1035 SE 3rd | Newton

cilit y


316-283-6600 ŬƐĐŚƌŝƐƟĂŶŚŽŵĞ͘ŽƌŐ

Main Office 2145 N. Topeka Wichita, KS 67214 Telephone: 316-942-4848

Mennonite housing is a Non-Profit Community Development Company that has been serving Wichita & surrounding communities since 1975. We have 13 Senior apartment communities that we own or manage, serving Andover, Benton, Clearwater, Derby, Valley Center & Wichita. All the complexes have income guidelines to qualify, in addition to ages of either 55+ or 62+. The properties for age 62- are HUD subsidized.

More information is available about our Apartment Communities on our website at

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the active age Transition Guide

year. Another option available are the local congregate meal programs in Butler, Harvey and Sedgwick counties funded by Central Plains Area Agency on Aging’s Older Americans Act grant and managed by Aging Projects, Inc., along with The CHAMPSS program offered by Susan B. Allen Hospital; both offer a daily nutritious meal to adults 60+. The meal at all locations is available for a suggested donation. To find out more about these and other programs available call 1-855-2002372 or visit To help kick-start this healthy eating challenge below is a tasty recipe perfect for a light lunch, appetizer or

April 2020

Why I choose Heart & Soul Hospice.

fun get together with friends. Monica Cissell is director of information and community services for Central Plains Area Agency on Aging. For more information on CPAAA programs and services available visit or call 855-200-2372.

“I’m so blessed to be a part of such a caring and compassionate team. It’s an honor and a privilege that families have chosen us to care for their loved one at the end of life. I am so proud to be working for an organization that is guided by Christian values.”

Fresh Lemon, Basil and Tomato Bruschetta Recipes like this one are a great reason to plant a few herbs this spring 12 oz plum tomatoes, small dice 1/4 cup red onions, small dice 1 teaspoon fresh garlic, minced 1/4 cup sundried tomato, minced (optional) 1/4 cup parsley, chopped 1 tablespoon fresh basil, chopped 1 ½ tablespoons olive oil 1 tablespoon fresh lemon juice 16 slices of whole wheat French loaf 3 tablespoons parmesan cheese Directions: Sprinkle bread slices with parmesan. then place bread on a sheet pan and toast at 350 degrees for five minutes. Remove from the oven and let it cool down completely. Combine all the ingredients for the bruschetta. Place two tablespoons of the tomato mixture on each piece of toast and serve.

Jennie Johnson Hospice Administrator, RN

At Heart & Soul Hospice, our patient-focused teams develop close, intimate relationships with those we serve to deliver the best, most-personalized care imaginable.

Choose Heart & Soul Hospice. For more information, call 316.652.6212 or email

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the active age Transition Guide

Win iconic prints in history contest Masonic Home. What purpose did this tree serve on the Chisholm Trail? Dockum Sit In Statues, 205 E. Douglas. What does this sculpture commemorate? Nomar District, 21st and Broadway. What kind of food is one likely to find in this neighborhood? Old Cowtown Museum, 1865 Museum Blvd. What dance troupe, inspired by a real-ife madam, preforms here? Eaton Hotel, 517 E. Douglas. What famous abolitionist busted up a saloon here? Wichita Aviation Museum, 3350 George Washington Blvd. What was the original use of this building? Spice Merchant, 1300 E. Douglas. What was the original use of this building? Allen-Lambe House, 255 N. Roosevelt. What famous architect designed this College Hill house? Union Station, 701 E. Douglas.

How much do you know about Wichita’s history? Pictured on these pages are 18 sites designated as histroic by a committee helping plan the city’s 150th birthday, which takes place in November. Correctly answer the questions below about each site we’ll enter your name in a drawing for six prints by artist Hugh Greer, known for his paintings of iconic local buildings. Mail or bring your answers to The Active Age, 125 S. West St., Suite 105, Wichita, KS, 67213; or email them to Delano neighborhood, on Douglas west of Arkansas River. What infamous gunfight took place here in 1872? Munger House, Old Cowtown Museum. What was this the first example of in Wichita? B-29 “Doc,� Eisenhower National Airport. Where was this plane built? Mulberry tree, grounds of Kansas

Live Here!

What president was supposed to make a speech here (but fell ill and did not?) Orpheum Theatre, 2nd and Broadway. What famous burlesque performer allegedly made her debut here? Keeper of the Plains, Riverside Park. Who designed this towering sculpture? Pizza Hut Museum, Wichita State University campus. What was the original use of this building? Horizontes mural, 519 E. 20th. What is this considered the biggest example of in the world? Kansas African American Museum, 601 N. Water St. What was the original use of this building? Wichita-Sedgwick County

April 2020 Historical Museum, 204 S. Main. What was the original use of this building? Note: Answers will appear in the May issue of the active age.

Delano Neighborhood

Munger House

Elizabeth (Betsy) Lea Henry Henry & Mathewson, P.A. : &HQWUDO 6WH ‡ :LFKLWD 1 0F/HDQ %OYG ‡ :LFKLWD

316-201-6868 316-263-7770


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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

Wichita Historic Sites

B-29 “Doc�

Mulberry Tree, KMH

Dockum Sit-in Statues

Nomar District

Old Cowtown Museum

Eaton Hotel

Wichita Aviation Museum

Spice Merchant

Allen-Lambe House

Union Station

Orpheum Theatre

Keeper of the Plains •„—”› ƒ”Â? ‹• ‘ƥ‡”‹Â?‰ Â?†‡’‡Â?†‡Â?– ‹˜‹Â?‰ ‡Â?–ƒŽ Â‘Â–Â–ÂƒÂ‰Â‡Â•ÇĄ ƒ–‹‘ ‘Â?‡•ǥ ••‹•–‡† ‹˜‹Â?‰ǥ Â?‹ŽŽ‡† —”•‹Â?‰ Č€ ‘Â?‰nj–‡”Â? ÂƒÂ”Â‡ÇĄ

”‡‡Â? ‘—•‡ ‘Â?‡•ǥ ƒ’‹† ‡Šƒ„‹Ž‹–ƒ–‹‘Â?ÇĄ Š‡ƒ” ‡Â?‡”ƒ–‹‘Â?•ǥ ƒ‹” ƒŽ‘Â?ÇĄ ƒÂ?† ‘ —…Š More!

Pizza Hut Museum

Horizontes Mural Come and experince Asbury Park for yourself. Be prepared to be impressed!

For more information or to schedule a personalized tour, please call today! 200 SW 14th St. Newton KS (316) 283-4770

Kansas African American Museum

Wichita-Sedgwick Historic Museum

Find us on O f fe r i n g a s s i s t e d l iv i n g w i t h t h e h i g h e s t q u a l i t y o f p e rs o n a l c a re i n a s a fe a n d c o m fo r t abl e h o m e s e t t i n g.

Private Rooms 24/7 Care Active Lifestyle Housekeeping 300 E. Chicago Colwic h, KS 67030 316-260-1034 www.colwic

Planned Activities Home Cooked Meals

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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

How to prevent the epidemic of kidney disease, Dear Savvy Senior, Do kidney problems run in families? My mother died from kidney failure 10 years ago at age 74 but didn’t know she had a kidney problem until it was too late. Just Turned 60 Dear 60, Anyone who has a family history of kidney disease, or who has high blood pressure or diabetes is at increased risk and needs to have their kidneys tested. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, around 37 million U.S adults have chronic kidney disease (when the kidneys can’t properly do their job of cleaning toxins and wastes from the blood), and millions more are at risk of developing it, yet most people don’t realize it. That’s because kidney disease develops very slowly over many years before any symptoms arise. But left untreated, the disease can eventually require people to spend hours hooked up to a dialysis machine or get a kidney transplant. Even mild kidney problems can double a person’s risk of heart attack and stroke, as well as cause

anemia and bone disease. The reason kidney disease has become so widespread today is because of the rise of obesity, type-2 diabetes and high blood pressure which all strain the kidneys. Another factor is the increasing number of people who take multiple medications, which can overtax the organs. Get Tested Because kidney disease has no early symptoms, the only way to catch it before it advances is to have a simple blood and urine test by your doctor. So, anyone that has diabetes, high blood pressure or heart disease, a family history of kidney disease, or is age 60 or older needs to get tested. African, Hispanic, Asian and Indian Americans along with Pacific Islanders are also at increased risk. If you’re diagnosed with kidney disease, there are steps you can take to

help contain the damage, including: Control your blood pressure: If you have high blood pressure, get it under 130/80. If you need medication to do it, ACE inhibitors and ARBs are good choices because of their proven ability to protect the kidneys. Control your diabetes: If you have diabetes, keep your blood sugar as close to normal as possible. Change your diet: This usually means reducing the amount of protein and phosphorus you eat and cutting back on sodium and possibly potassium. Your doctor can help you determine an appropriate eating plan, or you may want to talk to a dietitian. Watch your meds: Dozens of commonly used drugs can damage the kidneys, especially when taken in high doses over long periods – most notably NSAIDs like ibuprofen and naproxen. Herbal supplements can also be very dangerous. Talk to your doctor about all the prescription, over the counter and herbal products you take to identify potential problems and find

alternatives. Exercise and lose weight: If you’re overweight and inactive, start an aerobic fitness routine (walk, swim, cycle, etc.) that gets your heart pumping. This will help lower blood pressure, control diabetes and help you lose excess weight all of which will help your kidneys. Quit smoking and limit alcohol intake: If you smoke, quit. Drinking too much alcohol can worsen kidney disease too, so talk to your doctor to see if it’s safe for you to drink, and if so, limit yourself to no more than one drink per day. Dear Savvy Senior, Is there a good rule of thumb on when dementia patients should stop driving? My 82-year-old mom has early stage Alzheimer’s disease but still drives herself around town just fine. Inquiring Daughter Dear Inquiring, Most doctors agree that people with moderate to severe dementia should never get behind the wheel, but in the early stages of Alzheimer’s, driv-

+20( +($/7+ +263,&( 3$//,$7,9(

New beginnings are wonderful ge. at any age. DONNA Bluestem Communities Resident


Home Health and Hospice of Kansas ¨ £ Ŵ ¡ “We started with Home Health Services with Home Health & Hospice of Kansas thinking mom would get stronger..until she almost went down on me and it was time for Hospice which was a smooth transition. I couldn’t believe how they provided the bed, meds and everything she needed for her comfort. Anytime day or night they were ready to instruct me what to do or came out and helped me. The last night when mom was struggling the nurse came out and stayed past her shift to take care of her. I can never thank them enough for their kindness and helpfulness with her.” ~Janice Schroeder, daughter of Laneta Alderson

¨ ¡® ­ ¦¡ ¡ ¡ ¤® ¡ ­ ¦¡ ¨ နနန



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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

and when should dementia patients stop driving? ing performance should be the determining factor of when to stop driving, not the disease itself. Watch for Warning Signs The best way to keep tabs on your mom’s driving is to take frequent rides with her watching out for key warning signs. For example: Does she have trouble remembering routes to familiar places? Does she drive at inappropriate speeds, tailgate, drift between lanes or fail to observe traffic signs? Does she react slowly or make poor driving decisions? Also, has your mom had any fender benders or tickets lately, or have you noticed any dents or scrapes on her vehicle? All of these are red flags. Transition Tips Through your assessments, if you

believe it’s still safe for your mom to drive, you should start recommending some simple adjustments to ensure her safety, like driving only in daylight and on familiar routes, and avoiding busy roads and bad weather. You may also want to consider getting a GPS car tracking device (like or to help you keep an eye on her. Time to Quit When your mom’s driving gets to the point that she can no longer drive safely, you’ll need to talk to her. It’s actually best to start having these conversations in the early stages of the disease, before she needs to quit driving, so she can prepare herself. You also need to have a plan for

alternative transportation (including a list of family, friends and local transportation options) that will help your mom get around after she stops driving. For tips on how to talk to your mom, the Hartford Center for Mature Market Excellence offers a helpful guide called “At the Crossroads: Family Conversations About Alzheimer’s Disease, Dementia and Driving� that you can get at Publications-on-Aging. Refuses to Quit If your mom refuses to quit, you have several options. First, suggest a visit to her doctor who can give her a medical evaluation, and prescribe that she stops driving. Older people will

often listen to their doctor before they will listen to their own family. If she still refuses, contact your local Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to see if they can help. Some states require doctors to report new dementia cases to the DMV, who can revoke the person’s license. If these fail, consider hiding her keys or just take them away. You could also disable her vehicle by disconnecting the battery, park it in another location so she can’t see it or have access to it or sell it. Send your senior questions to: Savvy Senior, P.O. Box 5443, Norman, OK 73070, or visit Jim Miller is a contributor to the NBC Today show .


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CALL 33.2662 .7 6 1 3 TODAY TO EA SCHEDUL . TOUR

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ed blish a t s E 99 in 19

“The Nursing Home Alternative�

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% $)' )& )!( & $" ' # ' #( ! $& $$ ' ' &* # ($ ' #('

' # ! ' & " ! ! # ! ' " & ' " ! ! ! * ! ) " # & " ' " & $ ! # ! "! ' " ! & ( % " ' & " % ' # ! ' % ! ! ) ! ! ! ' ! ! & Check out our “new� website!

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the active age Transition Guide

April 2020

7DNH RXU ¿WQHVV VXUYH\ IRU FKDQFH WR ZLQ ERRNV What’s your favorite way to stay fit? Is it a nightly walk around the neighborhood, a Silver Sneakers class at your local YMCA, a regular round of golf ? Or is it a brisk game of pickleball, hopping on your bicycle or the stretching and reaching that goes with gardening? The active age invites you to fill out and send in this short survey about fitness. In return, we’ll enter your name in a drawing for three new books that extol the virtues of an active life: “In Praise of Walking,” “America’s Best Day Hikes,” and “The Athlete Inside.” Don’t worry, we’re not sharing your answers with telemarketers! Our goal is to learn more about what works for you in order to keep our readers better informed about all the possibilities and benefits that go along with staying active. To submit a survey, mail or bring it to The Active Age, 125 S. West St., Suite 105, Wichita, KS, 67213; or email your answers to joe@ What is your favorite way to exercise or otherwise stay physically active? (Provide as many answers as desired) ____________

How often do you take part in this activity? _____________ What benefit(s) do you derive from this activity? ____________ That’s it, and good luck in the drawing!

“In Praise of Walking: A New Scientific Exploration” by Shane O’Mara (W.W. Norton & Company, 2020, $25.95 hardcover) “Neuroscientist Shane O’Mara invites us to marvel at the benefits walking confers on our bodies and brains. From walking’s evolutionary origins, traced back millions of years to life forms on the ocean floor, to new

findings from cutting-edge research, he reveals how the brain and nervous system gives us the ability to balance, weave through a crowded city, and run our inner “GPS” system. In Praise of Walking … reminds us to get out of our chairs and discover a happier, healthier, more creative self.”

mailbox to finishing sixth at the World Triathlon Championship, Reynolds discovered the joy of conquering fear and pride to find that the best version of herself had been there all along.”

“America’s Best Day Hikes: Spectacular Single-Day Hikes Across the States” by Derek Dellinger (The Countryman Press, $29.95, 2019) “Discover the 50 greatest hikes across the United States. Celebrating “The Athlete Inside: The Transforming Power of Hope, Tenacity, the grandeur and variety of the American landscape, America’s Best and Faith” by Sue Reynolds (Fortress Day Hikes takes you on a journey Press, 2020, $24.99 hardcover) across the country’s most scenic hiking “Four years ago, Sue Reynolds destinations. With a focus on singlewas morbidly obese. Now she’s a day hikes for adventurers of all skill 135-pound triathlete who competes levels, this curated tour of can’t-miss at world championships. The Athlete trails in every region will help you Inside follows Reynolds’s journey prepare for your next expedition with as she lost 200 pounds and found turn-by-turn trail notes, safety and an athlete hiding inside her body. planning tips and vibrant photography.” From her first walk to her neighbor’s


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