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Valdosta to choose new mayor Tuesday Amber Smith f E AT U r E S E D i T o r

This year's municipal election ballot includes a couple of hotbutton issues, like Sunday alcohol sales and school consolidation, but most items are for city officials. only residents living within a city's limits may vote in this year's election. Municipal elections, like this one, fall on odd-numbered years while state and national officials are elected in even-numbered years. Valdosta residents may vote for one of three candidates running for mayor: Brooks Bivins, John Gayle, or Gary Minchew. Each candidate told mass media department head frank Barnas about his plans for being mayor on Barnas' newsTalk 105.9 radio show, "The Morning Drive." Bivins is a Valdosta native and a graduate of Barry college. The former Valdosta High School substitute teacher, who is now a mill worker at Packing corporation of America in clyattville, considers himself "a christian, not a politician."

"What i would like to bring to the table is a working man's point of view, just an everyday person," Bivins said on the show. "What i would like to do is...have a transparent government where really the people have a voice, because i am not a politician. Your concerns are my concerns...i want to get this right with the people. We can work together and get this right. it's not me, it's us, and your voice will be heard." Gary Minchew, a Valdosta native, local real-estate broker and former chairman of the Valdosta Lowndes county industrial Authority, is also in the mayoral race. Minchew is the candidate behind the yellow "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!" signs and says he has helped bring jobs to Valdosta for many years through his involvement with bringing in commercial businesses. on Barnas' show, Minchew said that he decided to run for mayor because he has been interested in politics for a long time. He also stated that if he becomes mayor, Ashley Paulk will be the county commission chairman. "Ashley and i have been best friends since we were five years old," Minchew said.

Valdosta Mayor -Brooks D. Bivins -John W. Gayle -Gary MincheW City CounCil at large - Matt FluMerFelt - Ben h. norton City of Valdosta alCohol referenduM City of Valdosta sChool Consolidation referenduM (six-Month resiDency reqireD to vote)

hahira City CounCil distriCt 3 - sherry ParhaM BroWn - ralPh clenDenin "[i'm] not saying we haven't had disagreements, i mean, i didn't like it when he wouldn't fix my speeding ticket when he was sheriff, but...if there's an issue between the city and county, Ashley and i are going to go to a room or go to his farm or my farm and we'll work it out."

knows how to sell any product he believes in; he believes in Valdosta and knows how to Mayor sell it." - Walter k. sanDlin John Gayle was the first of - Ben Futch the three candidates to announce his intent to run for (Write-in) mayor. He said on "The City CounCil Morning Drive" that he startat large ed thinking about running - ronalD carter around christmas of 2010 and - russell h. lane cited his top priorities as spending taxpayers' money - Paul Mulkey wisely and bettering relations - eric schinDler between the city and county. - sanDy sherrill "i certainly believe that the City of lake park council and county commisalCohol referenduM sioners are at odds sometimes and i hope that we can work dasher on a better relationship with the county commissioners," City CounCil post 2 he said. - DonalD J. Bryan "i think that's very impor - Becky roDGers tant. We all live in the same community, whether we're City CounCil post 3 Lowndes countians or Val- alBert hall dostans, and we've got to get - eDWin r. sMith along. if we don't get along, that costs everybody money, in Graphic by Amber Smith most cases." Gayle moved to Valdosta According to Minchew's camwith his family in 1951 when paign website, "The job of Mayhe was about eight years old. He or is mainly a `selling job'--sell is a graduate of Valdosta High ing the city of Valdosta to and Valdosta State college (now whomever will listen. VSU). Gary has been a salesman Gayle is a local business man since he was 15 years old and

lake Park

who has assumed various leadership roles in the community including President of the Valdosta Jaycees, President of the Valdosta country club, chairman of the Board of Deacons of first Baptist church, outstanding Young Men of America, and Kappa Alpha order, according to his website. Valdosta residents may also choose one of two candidates for city council At Large: Matt flumerfelt or incumbent Ben H. norton. flumerfelt is a health-care provider who has lived in Valdosta since 1982. He is also a writer and musician interested in beautifying his city. "i think that Valdosta is growing," flumerfelt said. "i think we've got to get prepared for the next round of growth. We need to work on infrastructure. i want to work on beautification, myself, and move Valdosta more towards tourism and away from heavy industry. Tourists spend a lot of money and if they stop off here on the way to florida, we'd like them to stay, shop, eat, spend money, and then go wherever they're going." See ELECTION, Page 2

Hope for homeless Bank robbed near campus, man arrested Desiree Thompson EDiTor in cHiEf &

Stephanie Turner MAnAGinG EDiTor

The Southeastern federal credit Union bank on Baytree road was robbed by Jeffery Hargo, 35, on friday afternoon. Valdosta police responded to a dispatch call at 4:27 p.m. and arrived at the bank at 4:53 p.m. According to Lt. Aaron Kirk of the VPD, the suspect, entered the bank alone and unarmed, wearing dark clothing and a baseball cap. The suspect was later identified as Hargo. Hargo also had two unidentified men in a black sedan parked outside of the bank. Hargo walked into the lobby and walked up to the teller with a note demanding money. The teller then followed the note and gave Hargo an unknown amount of money. After taking the money, Hargo then ran out of the bank and into the sedan with the other two

men. no one was harmed in the robbery. Police began looking over surveillance tapes and talking to witnesses to get a lead on the suspect. According to the Valdosta Daily Times, Police cmdr. Brian childress said that around 6 p.m., the Lowndes county Sheriff's office received a tip about the robbery, which LcSo capt. Wanda Edwards passed along to childress. Police then left the bank and headed to the Big Seven Motel located on U.S 84. The suspect was trying to leave the motel in a vehicle when police arrived and took him into custody, childress said. childress was satisfied with the VPD's timely actions in responding to the dispatch and the capture of the suspect. "With their help, we were able to take (the suspect) into custody quickly," he said. childress also praised the work of police officers and detectives. "it was a great team effort between the two agencies," he said. Students were also shocked by the robbery but satisfied with the work of the VPD.

Huckabee visits Ga. for benefit dinner Mikayla Beyer ASST. oPinion EDiTor

Jeffery Hargro "i think it's bad that its gotten to the point where people are robbing in the middle of the day like that," said junior psychology major Schalon Dyce. "i think the cops did a good job about apprehending the robber in the same day." other students also questioned the actions of Hargo, since there were no weapons involved. "i think that if he went as far as robbing a bank that he must have really needed the money," said senior nursing major Andy Doster. "The fact that he didn't have any weapons kind of makes me thinks that this was like his final option. i'm not justifying at all but times must have been hard."

Shambree Wartel THESPECTATOR The Mission Point Baptist church, located on North Ashley Street,provide meals and bible studies to the homeless. See page 3 for the full story by Mikayla Beyer and Shambree Wartel.

College students use dating website to help pay for school tuition Alvieann Chandler STAff WriTEr

Daylight Savings ends Sunday at 2 a.m! Phones and Laptops are set to go back one hour! Set analog clocks back one hour! 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 1 2 3 4

Graphic by Desiree Thompson

A new website is causing controversy by offering students a chance to meet men and women willing to pay the students' college tuition, otherwise known as Sugar Daddies or Sugar Mommies. A number of VSU students are registered on the website to receive financial help from Sugar Daddies or Mommies. The website,, was founded by dating expert Brandon Wade and became available in year 2006. The website, featured in the new York Times, ABc news, Dr. Phil and even Playboy, offers what Wade describes as "mutual-

ly beneficial relationships." According to a story ran in the Huffington Post, "of the site's approximately 800,000 members, Wade estimates that 35 percent are students." The website lists the top colleges with sugar babies. University of california ranks in 13th place with 193 sugar babies, Harvard University in 8th place with 231, and new York University is number one with 498. The website is completely free and does not reveal names. Each member is given a user name instead. Students must first create a profile, listing their location, age, and any other information about themselves. After the profile is activated, the search for a sugar daddy begins. See SUGAR, Page 2

former presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, will be coming to the VSU campus Tuesday at 7 p.m. for a benefit dinner hosted by the Georgia christian School. Huckabee is going to be speaking to about 485 guests in the Student Union auditorium, which GcS has rented out for the event. "He will give a speech," ryan Warren, the Vice chairman of the Board of Directors at GcS, said. "We were so pleased with VSU the first year--the facility and the catering," Warren. "We love having the university as the location for the dinner." The event is open to the public, but tickets, which run for $125 per person, were nearly sold out at the time of print. Some attendees are VSU students who are alumni of GcS. "We're excited," Warren said. "it's a big deal for us, and a big deal for our students, and a big deal for VSU." The benefit is an opportunity for the school to raise money for its budget, which helps cover the cost of tuition for students who want to attend GcS, but are not able to afford it. The dinner has raised about $140,000 annually since its inception. Huckabee is a republican, and has served as Governor of Arkansas before he ran for president in the 2008 election. He was one of the frontrunners of the republican Party for the upcoming 2012 election, but dropped out in May. He is also an ordained Baptist minister who hosts a regular radio show.

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Page 2 | VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm Announcements Benefits and Wellness Fair VSU campus Wellness and Human resources and Employee Development will host over 45 exhibitors at its sixth annual Benefits and Wellness fair Thursday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., in the Student Union Ballrooms. free screens for glucose, cholesterol, blood pressure will start at 9 a.m., and free screens for hearing, vision, skin scan, bone density and body mass index will start at 10 a.m. There will also be free food and massages as well as exercise demonstrations. Students will be able to get their flu shots for $10, faculty and staff for $20. Relay for Life kickoff for VSU's relay for Life kickoff, there will be events such as a bounce house obstacle, potato sack races and 90's music dance off on the front Lawn Thursday at 1 p.m., to 4 p.m. The theme for this year is "cancer is wack...let's fight back." relay for Life will be held in April 2012. Coffee is a Hot Commodity Symposium four panelists will come speak about world coffee market issues, while students will be able to sample coffee from different global coffee-producing areas, on friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the Student Union Ballroom. The speakers will be Andrew Blythe, a royal coffee new York's senior coffee trader; Terry Davis, cofounder of Ambex, inc., a manufacturer of coffee roasters and roast control systems; felipe croce, whose family owns a coffee plantation in Brazil; and ricardo Pereira, Greenville's BrASc coffee importers owner. `Genetic Privacy and the Constitution: Do You Know Where Your DNA Is?' lecture University of new Hampshire School of Law professor Albert E. Scherr will speak about genetic privacy Tuesday at 7 p.m. in the University center Magnolia room.

News consolidation referendum which would repeal Valdosta's independent charter for the Valdosta city School System, incorporating it into the Lowndes county School System if passed. current legislation allows city councils and county commissions to call for referendums to vote on Sunday alcohol sales in retail stores, such as package stores and gas stations. The Valdosta and Lake Park ballots both include Sunday alcohol sale referendums. The cities of Dasher, Hahira, and Lake Park also have seats open for various positions. Dasher citizens may vote for city council Posts 2 and 3 and Hahira citizens may vote for city council District 3. Lake Park has an open mayoral position for which Ben futch is a certified write-in candidate. There are also open positions for Lake Park city council At Large and citizens may vote for four candidates. cathi Brown has officially withdrawn from this race and, in accordance with the official code of Georgia, "all votes cast for such withdrawn candidate will be void and shall not be counted." The Democratic and republican parties are offering rides to the polls for registered party members that may need them. The Democrats ask that they be contacted at 241-1694. if no one is available at this number, 6308486 can be used as an alternate number. The republicans can be reached at 247-4111 or 5483748. Voting hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the Elections office located at 2808 n. oak St. through friday. There are no voting hours for Monday, as voting is not allowed on the Monday before an election. The last day to vote is nov. 8. on this day those wishing to vote must report to their polling places which are determined by the address they have registered with the Voter registration office and indicated on the voter registration card mailed to that address. Hours for all polling places are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Voters can check out a sample ballot online to see what elections they are eligible for before going to the polls using "My Voter Page" (MVP) at mvp. By inputting their first initial, last name, county, and birthdate, voters can not only check their sample ballot, but also their elected officials, early voting locations and hours, mail ballot status and poll locations. To be eligible to vote in any election, voters must register by the Voter registration Deadline. The deadline for this election was oct. 11. for more information, call the Elections office at 671-2850 or email

November 3, 2011 TOdAy On IN

ELECTION Continued from Page 1 Ben norton, the incumbent, has lived in Valdosta since age three. He spent 24 years teaching in the Valdosta city School System before running for city council to fill the unexpired term left open when John Eunice left Valdosta to attend law school. norton is now seeking reelection to serve a full term. "He was a lead supporter in the changing of the way city council's expense reports are handled," according to "With other candidates running for the same position his support of changing the way things were done by the city council should help his bid for reelection." one item on the Valdosta ballot has stirred up heated debates on both sides of the issue. registered voters who have at least a six-month residency in Valdosta are eligible to vote on the school

HISTORy 1976,

this day in






-washington d.C., residents voted for the first time in a presidential election in 1964, which was made possible by the 23rd amendment.

Police Briefs Nov. 2 A set of keys was reported stolen by two males but was found later. Nov. 1 The entry arm to the nevins Hall east side parking lot was broken. A threatening email was received by a student. Valdosta Police Department was notified as well. Oct. 31 A bike was stolen from Georgia Hall. Oct. 30 A professor's bike was reported stolen by a student. The owner was notified. Oct. 29 A wallet from a concession stand worker's purse was stolen while she was working during the VSU football game. Oct. 27 A Valdosta city worker was notified about people writing their first and last names into the wet concrete of the sidewalk the worker just laid down. A threatening note was found on a student's car. A car stereo was stolen from a vehicle over fall Break. Oct. 26 A bike was stolen from Patterson Hall. The entry arm to the nevins Hall east side parking lot was broken.

November is also Movember. The"Where We Stand Debate"is Thursday at 7 p.m., in Jennett Hall 1111. See the WebSpectator for more!

Student died Monday of heart attack Kersha Odom S TA f f W r i T E r

SUGAR Continued from Page 1 once a student has a sugar daddy, the pair negotiates the amount of money the student will receive. The article in the Huffington Post included information about a certain sugar baby using the pseudonym Taylor. According to the article, Taylor's profile indicates preferences for an "arrangement" in the range of $1,000 to $3,000 a month. Taylor says she was led to the site after being faced with about $15,000 in unpaid tuition and overdue bills. The pair must also negotiate the boundaries of their relationship. Sugar babies can agree to date and even have a physical relationship with their sugar daddies

or agree on a platonic relationship. Traraya Perkins, freshman mass media major believes that since the man is giving the student money, the relationship could never be platonic. During the date, Taylor rubbed sunscreen on her sugar daddy's back and braced herself to "endure an afternoon of sex with someone she suspected was actually about 30 years her senior," according to the Huffington Post. Angera Bolton, sophomore psychology major, thinks that the situation is immoral and not sending out a good message. Taylor received $350 for her "date." "i just wanted to get out of that situation as safely as possible, pay off my debt, and move on," Taylor said.

A VSU student and naval reservist died of a massive heart attack while jogging Monday morning. Ben Herron, age 22, was found around 9:30 a.m., on old Pine road by county workers. Herron was part of the fraternity Phi Sigma Kappa Psi and was a criminal Justice major who was taking this fall semester off. He was born in Seoul, South Korea, but grew up in Valdosta. He was raised in the military lifestyle. "He was an easygoing guy, always happy and a perfect boyfriend," said Sabrina Dale, Herron's girlfriend and senior early childhood education major. "We spent every day together." Dale and Herron has been

friends since they were 12 years old, and they had planned to get married at the end of next year. He attended Wiregrass Georgia Technical college's Paramedic technology program to become a certified paramedic. Herron wanted to become part of the Valdosta Police Department, but his long term goal was to be a U.S. Marshall. Herron was a Georgia Bulldogs football fan and enjoyed playing baseball and wrestling. He was also into karate. After finding his body, emergency workers attempted to resuscitate him, but the hospital pronounced him dead around 10:20 a.m. Monday. Ben Herron's viewing will be friday at 6 p.m. at carson McLane funeral Home, and his funeral will be Saturday at 11 a.m. at St. John's catholic church located on Gornto road.

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NOVember 3, 2O11

Organizations lend helping hand to homeless ness in the United States could increase by five percent, or 74,000 people. A S S i S TA n T The homeless population in f E AT U r E S E D i T o r Valdosta currently ranges from about 150 to 200 people and in& creased slightly in September. Mikayla Beyer Gayle Moreen, the day center A S S i S TA n T o P i n i o n S coordinator at Lowndes AssociatEDiTor ed Ministries to People, has a theory as to why Valdosta experienced the recent increase. "There are a lot of families," Earl Williams, a 51 year old Moreen said. "Most of them are formerly homeless man from just having a hard time right new Jersey, is one of the many now. Lack of education, laid off, people who have benefitted from they've gotten far behind." Valdosta's charitable efforts, and The economy also factors into now he is opening his doors to the number of people who flock spread his own goodwill. to the shelter and the day center "Wednesday of last week, i in- throughout the year. Moreen vited three homeless men to my claims to personally service house to get them out of the about 80 to 90 a month. cold," Williams said. "When i According to Lt. Aaron Kirk was homeless and in the street, i from the Valdosta Police Departdidn't have anybody to help me, ment, the problem of homelessso if someone needs a place to ness in Valdosta is nothing new. crash for the night, my house is "There are a lot of them open and welcome." around the mall and business arWilliams, a current welder, has eas," Kirk said. "They are also been able to rebuild heavily popuhis life effectively lated around with the charitable efthe interstate forts of Mission Point and downBaptist church locattown areas ed in downtown Valwhere there dosta. are hotels and "When i first startmotels." - MIKE NELLIGAN ed coming down here, officer two of the brothers in the Vernotis Williams, church found out that i was a VPD community policing officer, welder; they helped me get my agrees that these areas are heavitools, one gave me about $600 ly populated. worth of tools, the other gave me "i see them mostly around the about $300 worth of tools," East and West Hill areas," Williams said. "i got back on the Williams said. "it's close to the job and started working using the interstate, so when cars are comtools they gave me, and it was ing into Valdosta, they can stop such a blessing." them right there and get their Statistics show that homelessfunds." ness is not only a local problem, "They solicit food and money but a national one as well. which can cause traffic problems The nation's homeless populabecause it gets backed up," Kirk tion increased by approximately said. "Businesses have created 20,000 people from 2008 to ordinances to try to prevent this." 2009. The total number of homeKirk feels the ordinances have less people in America is approx- made a slight difference. imately 670,000, according to a "i've seen a slight decrease since report by the national Alliance to the businesses passed their ordiEnd Homelessness. nance law," Kirk said. The Alliance estimates that in Williams agrees that the probthe next three years homelesslems with the homeless not only


VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm | Page 3

Shambree Wartel

" We try to give

them a new support system and a new family"

seem to be ongoing, but a nuisance to residents. "Most people, from a civilian point of aspect complain about the campsites that homeless people have; most people call it tent city," Williams said. "it's usually in a wooden area not too far from a residential area, and a lot of people complain about the site itself being an eye sore." Williams also expressed several other inconveniences that seem to be a result of the homeless. "People have also complained about sometimes when the homeless get food or something from people just passing by, they'll take the containers, boxes bags, etc., and because they don't have a trash resource, they may just throw it on the curb, or leave it where they are." According to Kirk, the VPD conducts field interviews in order better identify the homeless. "What happens is an officer is out and they see them, possibly on the side of the road or walking the street so we talk to them and get their information, " Lieutenant Kirk said. " it's a consensual encounter and it makes them easily identifiable." officer Williams also agreed that the background checks are useful. "for some of them who want to go to places like the Salvation Army, like when it's extremely cold or extremely hot, or if they try to stay for a few days, they have to come here and get a background check," Williams said. According to Kirk, the VPD attempts not to be confrontational with them. "As long as they're not causing citizens problems, we try not to harass them too much," Kirk said. "The majority of them are down on their luck so we try not to compound them." Those that are down on their luck can turn to pastor Mike nelligan. "We try to give them a new support system and a new family," said nelligan. The support found at Mission

point includes PowerPoint bible studies, contemporary music, and hot meals after services. "What we attempt to do here is on Wednesday and Sunday night, as well as Sunday morning, we provide a hot meal and operate a clothes closet in the back," nelligan said. The clothes closet in the back is designed for the homeless to come get clothes, blankets, sleeping bags, and other necessities. "it's a pretty simple operation," nelligan said. "What we do it make things available to people that couldn't get it otherwise." nelligan feels the clothes closet serves as a special purpose. "it's especially helpful in the winter time when the weather is dangerously cold, we let them come inside and let them use the church building as a survival shelter," nelligan said. nelligan believes that Mission point offers beneficial services. "i'm a certified addictions counselor, and i work at behavioral health services, and we try to link some of them up with that when they're ready," nelligan said. "Typically we try to build long terms relationships with them and encourage them to make spiritual connections. According to nelligan, Mission point serves more men than families with small children. "on any given Sunday we'll see somewhere from around 80 to 100 people," nelligan said. "Probably 80-90 percent of that group is men who are homeless from criminal activity, addiction, etc." nelligan believes though there aren't many families that come in, Mission Point does see them from time to time. "We are starting to see more families with small children show up lately, not in great numbers yet ,about five or six of them," nelligan said. According to nelligan, Mission Point yields many success stories. once such success story is Henry Moore, a 67 year old Valdosta man formerly addicted to crack cocaine for 22 years. "one day i happened to be

Shambree Wartel /THE SPECTATOR A line of people comes to get a decent meal at the Mission Point Baptist Church.

walking up and down Ashley Street where Mission Point is located and i just saw people in here eating and i was hungry and homeless," Moore said. "i just came in to get some food, but when i got the food, i didn't just get ushered out like so many other places, i got fellowship from the congregation of people that were here. Moore, who has been attending the church now for four years, believes that the church is open to anybody in need, no matter their situation. "Despite the condition i was in, they put their arms around me and showed me love and heard my story," Moore said. "it was just the love of christ i saw these people exemplify that made me want to be a part of that love." Moore is no longer homeless,

and has now gone on to stay at the Ashley house, federally subsidized housing apartments for low income elderly people located across the street from Mission Point. Moore feels his housing is a blessing from his previous life. "i have a one bedroom apartment that i have been staying at for four years now, with my own kitchen and a living room," Moore said. "You just pay 30 percent of your income; i'm retired now so i get a check." Moore has now gone on to be one of the leaders at Mission point. "i've came a long way from active cocaine addiction to one of the leaders here at this church, and now it's been blessing after blessing. " i've gone on with my life and put my life and trust in

Theft rising problem on campus J.J. Wortham S TA f f W r i T E r

An increasing number of students are finding themselves victims of theft, one of the most common crimes on campus. Burglary and dorm room theft have been popular crimes reported during the semester by students. items such wallets, bags, iPods, shoes and other various possessions have been stolen from various locations on campus. Sgt. Matthew Maestas of criminal investigations acknowledges dorm room theft as a big issue on campus. "it mainly comes from students leaving their doors unlocked, even if it's for the simple task of going to the bathroom for 30 seconds," said Maestas. not only have burglary and dorm room theft been a major issue on campus, a number of students on campus have experienced computers and bike thefts. VSU campus Security sug-

gests that students take affirmative and proactive steps to protect themselves against this type of college crime. Students should try to be aware of their surroundings, especially in areas where thieves are most likely to commit theft. This is a crucial factor in crime prevention. There are also a variety of products available that can very useful in combating this type of student crime. Maestas suggests that students get software to track the whereabouts of their computers if they get stolen. "We have been pushing for students to use programs such as LoJack programs that can be found on," he said. "i use it on my personal computer-phenomenal software." in an attempt to try to prevent bike theft, Maestas recommends that students follow proper procedures when locking their bikes. "Make sure bikes are locked up on a designated bike rack," he said. "i would recommend the UBolt locks because they are the hardest to break into."

Maestas also encourages students to enroll in the Bicycle Anti-Theft program or the B.A.T. program. The B.A.T. program allows students who own bikes to sign a form and receive a decal with their i.D. number to place on the crossbar of the frame between the seat and the handlebars of their bikes. That information is then put into the University Police computer system for tracking in case of theft. "it helps us find the bike or if another agency finds the bike, we can recover it," Maestas said. Maestas encourages students to write down the serial numbers of anything of value to them or make distinct descriptions of their personal belongings to make it easier for their possessions to be found. Victims of theft should call VSU police department at their emergency number at 229-2595555 or file a report in the police department on the 2nd floor of the oak Street Parking Deck.

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NOVember 3, 2O11

Shorter bans gay employees We live in a time in which one would like to think that we have rid ourselves of all prejudices, especially prejudices related to sexual orientation. The vast majority or our society has evolved with the times and almost everywhere a person looks, people live, work, and co-exist with each other, regardless of differences in sexuality Unfortunately, there are some dark exceptions to this widely accepted standard. There are still remote corners of our American civilization that adhere to certain antiquated and backward ways of thinking, deeming it necessary to enforce such ridiculous rules that ban homosexuals from certain rights and privileges that other homosexuals are free to enjoy elsewhere. Shorter college in rome, Ga., is a fine example of an establishment that has let itself fall behind the times by officially banning all gay employees from working at their university. This may come as a shock to many, as this seems borderline illegal, but the fact of the matter is, Shorter college is a private institution, not receiving any governmental assistance; therefore, retaining the right to enforce policies on its own--not necessarily morally correct-- way. According to an article from the Huffington Post, all Shorter college employees were required to sign a "personal lifestyle pledge," proclaiming that they reject homosexuality and premarital sex, among other policies in the pledge. When the WSBTV network interviewed Shorter college President Don Dowless, he maintained that "their goal is not to offend people, but to declare who we are." Though Dowless claims that Shorter's goal is not to offend people, this is exactly what they very well may do. never in any public university, or any kind of public establishment period, would this ban of gay employees be tolerated. it is a simple violation of a person's rights, not to mention an extremely distasteful and narrow-minded standard to hold university employees to. Despite the outrageous rules enforced at places like Shorter college, VSU and the rest of our nation will hopefully continue to grow and prosper as a kind, tolerant and tasteful place, and unfortunately leave places like Shorter college behind.

Photo Illustration by Garrison Muelhausen/THE SPECTATOR

This editorial was written by Trevor Smith ( and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

Obama eases student debt Kyle Berry S TA f f W r i T E r

People Poll: Will you graduate in debt from school loans? Corey Jones freshman nursing major "Yeah, about $35,000."

Everybody wants an education, but paying for a good one has become harder and harder. According to USA Today, this year will be the first time loans will exceed 1 trillion dollars. reports from the federal reserve Bank of new York show Americans now owe more on student loans than on credit cards. When it comes to student loans, debt has definitely become a problem. There should be more outlets for students to pay for school that don't automatically place them under a great amount of debt when they graduate, which they will undoubtedly be paying off for years to come. reports from the college Board indicate that students are borrowing twice as much as they did a decade ago after they had adjusted for inflation. The total outstanding debt has also doubled in the last five years. for those who have the HoPE scholarship, the changes in the regulations makes affording school even harder as HoPE will no longer pay the total amount of a student's tuition, but only 90 percent of it, and books and

mandatory fees are no longer inHis new plan will allow stucluded. dents who have taken out both This, in combination with the direct government loans and fact that many students and their loans from the federal family families most likely do not have Education Loan Program to comthe funds bine their to comdebt into pletely one single pay for government college, loan, which puts even would end more up reducing pressure their interest on people rates. and leads it will them to also lower take out the maxiloans. mum reBorrowquired paying monment of a ey for student loan school affrom 15 perfects stuPhoto by MCTCampus cent to 10 dents not percent of the only in the present, but it also borrower's annual income. Andictates what they are able to do other change in his plan will inin their future. Aside from havclude amnesty for remaining ing the burden of debt and mondebt after 20 years instead of 25. ey that needs to be paid off, stuobama's plan will go into efdents may have to put off trips or fect next year, instead of 2014. other important milestones such This plan could potentially as buying a house or car. save borrowers hundreds of dolPresident obama has recently lars in payments. announced a way to alleviate Students who choose the opsome of the strain that students tion to consolidate their loans face trying to pay back their will also have the additional loan loans. forgiveness benefit and other re-

payment options. Unfortunately, this plan will not affect borrowers who are already in default. According to the Education Department, it only applies to students taking out loans in 2012 or later and those who also took out loans between 2008 and 2012--around 1.6 million borrowers. i think this would greatly benefit most, if not all college students, because it would give them an easier way to figure out when and how long they will be able to pay off their loans. People coming to college will already be starting out with an advantage, because their interest rates will be lower than those who have already taken out loans. "This is for someone who has a job, but it doesn t pay enough and is struggling to make loan payments," said Phyllis furman of new York Daily news. "This will provide them with financial relief by reducing their loan payments to an affordable level." The measures of obama's new plan may sound insignificant, but some sort of help is better than none.

Ebony Bowles sophomore early childhood education major "Probably around $10,000."

Protestors meet police brutality Stephanie Turner MAnAGinG EDiTor

Police attack occupy protests in Denver. Police fire tear gas at anti-Wall Street protesters. These two headlights glimpse into the various violent police attacks on the occupy groups. in Denver this past weekend, police pepper sprayed, fired rubber bullets at and arrested protesters. A total of 77 people have been arrested since the start of occupy Denver; this past weekend, a man was pepper sprayed and then shot in the face with a rubber bullet. one of the more violent encounters happened in oakland on oct. 25, where police used tear gas and bean bag rounds to disperse the 170 protesters in front of the city hall's frank ogawa Plaza. Police claimed it was defense against the protesters throwing various objects like bottles at them; one protester claimed the police came out swinging batons. iraq War veteran Scott olsen was severely injured when a projectile hit him in the head. "To hurt the citizens you swear to protect, is, you know, a contradiction to the oath that you take as a police officer to be courteous and professional," Sgt. Shamar Thomas, Marine iraq War veteran, said to an rT America reporter. Sgt. Thomas' video gained much attention as viewers see him yelling at the police for attacking peacefully protesting protesters. Thomas comes from a

Photo Illustration by Garrison Muelhausen/THE SPECTATOR

long military background and has recently returned from iraq himself. Under the first Amendment, American citizens can peacefully assemble. While a permit is needed to march in some zones, traditional public forums such as sidewalks, street corners, public parks, city hall plazas--areas where oakland, Denver and thousands of other occupy protesters demonstrate at, are freedom of expression safety zones. Police are not allowed to hurt or restrict people as long as they follow these laws. it should go without saying that police should serve to protect the people. History and recent events have shown that police officers often distort this basic purpose and use their power to their advantage. Various videos show and articles read that people were simply practicing their rights; when police counteract with such forceful methods, such as throwing peo-

ple to the ground and macing a group of blocked-in protestors. All these incidences make you wonder what the police really represent. We need the police. We need government. Tensions have risen as the occupy movement grows and lengthens. citizens have complained about the protesters urinating in the streets, being noisy at all hours of the day, blocking streets and defacing city property. Police are there to make sure the protesters stay within their legal rights. A Valdosta city police officer biked along the occupy Valdosta protest march on oct. 14. The protesters were reminded to stay on the sidewalks, since they could not get a permit to march in the streets in time, and to not litter or deface property at any of their stops. The police officer was not forceful in the slightest, and i think i saw him talk casually to some of the protesters. This models the ideal protest

situation--peace between law abiding citizens and cops. The problem is, cops have not been sticking to their end of the deal. A driving point of the movement is governmental power corruption and misuse; the cops are feeding into that. When people are obeying their constitutional rights, you should not use any of the means at your disposal, namely grenades, guns and pepper sprays. Movements as massive as this will bring disruption and arrests. it happened before with the antiVietnam War protests of the sixties, with the civil rights Movement of the fifties and sixties and with countries such as Egypt and Tunisia at the end of last and beginning of this year. cities get anxious and antsy with these long-standing groups marching through their streets. Police are called in to monitor and keep things in line; however, they are not called to unnecessarily harm and maim innocent people. The occupy movement will not be going anywhere anytime soon. citizens should respect public property and other citizens' rights, while police should respect the citizens'. in the meantime, keep fighting marchers. You have come this far with your cause; don't give up now. As Pam Mccausland, a retired Virginia third grade teacher who was a recent college graduate during the anti-Vietnam War protests, said, "it brought change then, and it will bring change again."

Riley Stuart freshman business major "i don't have any school loans."

Erica Adams sophomore nursing major "i haven't even reached $5,000, so not over $20,000."

Deante Lumpkin freshman criminal justice major "i really don't know; an impressive amount."

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NOVember 3, 2011

Features Bieber baby, Kardashian Classical concert to feature divorce, more `surprises' award-winning solo cellist Kardashian eyes former flame, Madonna to take Super Bowl stage, Pee-Wee Herman to grace "Dancing" cast Wendy Warner visits VSU to play in the Classical Masters concert with the Valdosta Symphony Orchestra Megan Harris S TA f f W r i T E r

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Happy belated Halloween! i bet there were plenty of tricks and treats out Monday night, and i know there's still someone out there throwing back left over candy corn and tootsie rolls. As if this Halloween didn't bring on a bunch of wild and freaky events--and boy, did the freaks come out--Jimmy Kimmel brought out Pee-Wee Herman to celebrate some trick-ortreating mania on his show. There's just something about a grown man expertly playing the character of an overgrown kid that screams creepers! Anyway, he's supposed to prolong the freakiness and show his face on "Dancing with the Stars" soon. i shudder when i picture him following the waltz with that ridiculous Pee-Wee Herman dance. While Jimmy plays playhouse with Pee-Wee for Halloween, Amber rose looked super cute for Halloween dressed as powerrocker Slash. i thought her costume was, by far, the best! if you didn't look hard, you would have sworn it was him-- until you got behind her, perhaps. Amber may be rocking it out, but somebody says that Bieber might really be having a "baby, baby, baby!" on the way. Usher's little apprentice, Justin Bieber, has knocked somebody up, ladies, and she isn't Selena Gomez. rumor has it that Bieber's 20 year-old baby mom's name is Mariah Yeater and he's definitely trying to "beat it"--well, the lawsuits that is. Yeater put out a lawsuit de-

manding Bieber take a paternity test to prove that he is not the father of her 36 weeks and 2 day old baby boy. i can't wait to find out who's the pappy! Who knew that Bieber was sowing his royal oats already? Poor Selena didn't even get a chance to make it past a year--or did she?

Pop Addict Lavisa Darling no matter, because even if they didn't, Gomez and Bieber's relationship definitely lasted longer than Kris and Kim Kardashian, oops! i mean Humphries. That's right--the wedding is over and so is the 72day marriage. Supposedly Kimmy cakes couldn't take it anymore, so along with pushing their new line of purses on interviews and her mom, Kris Jenner, taking up for her on "The Today Show" (and introducing her new book as well), she didn't waste a minute blaming the whole divorce on her ol' ogre. Guess Humphries could have learned a thing or two from Shrek--at the end he keeps fiona, not ditches her! So, that was no big surprise. The surprise is the reason; get a load of this. Word on the street is that Kimmy cakes divorced Hump-de-dump for a good rea-

son--and a fine reason at that: reggie Bush. Kimmy cakes thinks she's slick. Little Miss fast met up with fine-behind reggie Bush the same weekend poor Kris was locked out and went to go stay with his family in Minnesota-- because it isn't like he has practice to go to. Anyway, shortly after her little rendezvous with reggie, right before she left to go to her interview in Australia, she gave her ogre the boot. Karma is going to tag that ho-cake in the future. Even though the media is eating up Kimmy cakes and her drama, Madonna will be stealing the show during the Super Bowl this year with her half time performance! i can't wait to see what my favorite cougar has in store for us. Supposedly she will have a performance with nicki Minaj and the European firecracker MiA. Talk about hot, exciting, and freak-fest all in one! i just hope Madonna doesn't make out with them on stage, because it didn't go so well with Janet and Justin Timberlake's boob mishap. Well, peeps that's all i have for you all this week! The cooler part of the fall is setting in and i don't know how to act. Apparently y'all don't either because i'm seeing snow boots, tights and short shorts and letterman jackets already. Stop it folks! You're killin' me! Just remember to stay tuned in every Thursday for the latest gossip and entertaining news. See ya!

The Valdosta Symphony orchestra (VSo) will present a classical Masters concert Saturday at 8 p.m. in Whitehead Auditorium, conducted by Dr. Howard Hsu. Dr. Hsu is the Music Director of the Symphony orchestra, Director of orchestra Studies and an assistant professor of music. The program features pieces from two of the greatest composers of the classical era, Mozart's bubbly Symphony no. 36 (Linz), Schnittke's entertaining Moz-Art � la Haydn and Mozart's lively overture to cos� fan tutte. The program will also feature the solo performance of the award winning cellist, Wendy Warner, performing Haydn's sunny cello concerto no. 2. "Wendy Warner is an American cellist who is one of the leading musicians in the world today," Dr. Hsu said. "She was a student and prot�g� of the leg-

endary cellist, Mstislav rostropovich, and by her 20's she had made her debut with many of the greatest orchestras all over the world." According to Dr. Hsu, Warner has also appeared as a soloist with the chicago, Boston, London, San francisco and national Symphonies, as well as the Philadelphia and Minnesota orchestras. The VSo is made up of VSU faculty, professionals from as far away as florida, Atlanta and Alabama as well as VSU music students who have put in many hours of individual practice and group rehearsal in order to prepare for the classical Masters. "The weekend of the concert we have three full rehearsals and two concerts over the span of three days," Dr. Hsu said. "So we will have worked very hard, but it's an incredibly rewarding experience to perform this incredible music." chelsea Slagor, a sophomore and a member of the VSo said she is very comfortable performing on stage with the orchestra and is excited about performing

in the classical Masters. "i love being surrounded by such incredible musicians," Slagor said. "i performed with the Valdosta Symphony last year and really enjoyed my experiences on stage. Dr. Howard Hsu is phenomenal and the fact that i get to play alongside my professors is simply amazing." Dr. Hsu and his orchestra aspire to provide Valdosta with the highest level performances of the masterpieces of the classical repertory. "We are extremely fortunate to have an orchestra of this quality in Valdosta - many larger cities don't have orchestras at all," Dr. Hsu said. "Hearing live music in the concert hall can be such an amazing experience, so different from listening at home on an iPod." Tickets for the show are $25 and can be purchased by calling the music department's outreach office before friday at 229-3332150. Students with a valid VSU iD may purchase tickets at the door for $10.

In this week's Web Spectator: "Paranormal Activity 3" review; Deaf, Deaf, World offers unique perspective; Guest speaker travels for female empowerment Check out! Correction: Last week's page 4 article, "Students experience history" was written by Assistant Opinions Editor Mikayla Beyer. Her email address is

Sudoku Answers

Trick-or-Treat: VSU style

Photos by J. Daniel Young/THE SPECTATOR Halloween brought students dressed in all kinds of festive attire, from extravagant makeup to elaborate costumes. Natalie Eustace (L), junior art major, and Sam Herrin (R), freshman political science major, stand outside West Hall between classes. See more Halloween photos online at!

Gamestop to sell Android, iPhone 4S troubles surface Nokia and Samsung develop bendable screens, Barnes & Noble may launch competition for Amazon's Kindle Fire in this issue of the Spec Tech: a new nook, bendable phones, and 4G LTE phones are coming, Apple troubles, and GameStop sells Android tablets. nokia and Samsung both announce that they are creating phones with bendable screens. Samsung has not demonstrated their phone, but nokia showed that bending the phone zooms in and out of pictures. This may seem like an odd gimmick, but this may mean that the screens will be harder to crack if dropped. These phones are reported to be available in 2012. Google TV got a huge update that users have been waiting for. The user interface is much simpler and now built on the Honeycomb operating system. This allows users to access the Android Market. Google says that 30 apps will be playable at launch. The update is available now on Sony nSZ-GT1 and Sony nSX-GT1 TV's (who comes up with these names?). Logitech devices will receive the update at a later date. The Post-smartphone era is upon us. A chinese technology group has created a phone called XPPhone 2 which can run Windows 7 as well as the upcoming Windows 8 operating system. The phone contains a 1.6GHz processor and 2GB of rAM. This company is definitely aiming at replacing computers with phones. The launch date is expected to be in Jan. 2012 running Windows 7. it will be able to run Windows 8 when that comes out. Samsung has announced the Samsung Galaxy nexus, the first phone to run Android 4.0: ice cream Sandwich, will be available on nov. 17 in Europe--the rest of the world shortly thereafter. it could be released on Black friday. nov. 6 is a huge day for AT&T and its customers. The Samsung Galaxy S ii Skyrocket and HTc Vivid are AT&T's first 4G LTE phones. not only that, but 4G will be available in Boston, Washington D.c., Baltimore, and Athens, GA on this day too! You folks from you can turn off location-based reminders and it will save you some battery. Apple is looking into this issue. Speaking of Apple, the Mac Pro devices may be leaving store shelves. Apple may finally pull the plug on this desktop and focus more on the MacBook Pro and Air devices. i wouldn't be surprised if iPods soon disappeared, or at least all but the iPod Touch. Barnes & noble is holding an event on nov. 7 about the nook color. Sources are reporting that it is either a nook color 2, or a tablet rival for the Amazon Kindle fire. There will be more information after the event. GameStop has had an interesting stab at portable gaming lately by selling refurbished iPods. As of friday, GameStop will sell three refurbished Android tablets with free games. The tablets are the Acer iconia Tab, the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer, and the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. They will be pre-loaded will 6 games: Dead Space, cordy, riptide GP, Monster Madness, reload, and Sonic the Hedgehog cD. four of the games are playable with select blue-tooth controllers. When i visited the GameStop at the Valdosta Mall, i did not notice any tablets. only 200 stores in the US are taking part in this. i hope registration went well for everyone! Look forward to next week when i review a very special game. Sources: and

spec tech with Steven Setser Athens or Atlanta can now have 4G AT&T phones. The iPhone 4S may have a huge hiccup after all. Many customers have been complaining of draining battery life in hours with minimal use. A newspaper in the U.K. thinks that the culprit is the "Setting Time Zone" feature. When traveling between time zones a signal is sent from the phone tower, to the phone, and that is the end of it. in this case, that communication between the tower and phone is not turning off and kills the phone in a few hours. if this is happening to you,

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NOVember 3, 2011 Games of the Week Women's Soccer vs. West Fla. in GSC Tournament Pensacola, Fla. Fri. 1:30 p.m. Women's Volleyball at New Orleans New Orleans, La. Fri. 7 p.m. Men's and Women's Cross Country at NCAA South Regional Championship Tuscaloosa, Ala. 8 a.m. Women's Volleyball at West Fla. Pensacola, Fla. Sat. 3 p.m. J. Daniel Young /THE SPECTATOR

Women's soccer No. 3 seed in first GSC tourney Blazers look to redeem themselves against No. 2 seed West Fla. after 5-0 loss earlier in season Eric Jackson A S S i S TA n T S P o rT S EDiTor

The VSU women's soccer team continues its historical inaugural season friday taking on powerhouse West florida in its first ever GSc tournament game at Brosnaham Park in Pensacola, fla. The Blazers missed the chance to share the GSc regular season title, but tied 1-1 with West Georgia last week. As a result, VSU took the no. 3 seed and will compete against the no. 2 Argonauts in the semifinals. Despite not earning the no. 1 seed in the tourney, Head coach Mel Heinz is satisfied with the way the regular season ended finishing in the top four. "i'm pleased with the effort and hard work," Heinz said. "The bar is set high for us. This is what we worked to achieve."

The last time these teams met up was last month when the Blazers were shut out 5-0. She agrees that her team's inexperience showed all game long against such a tough squad. "You could tell we were nervous, we just didn't play our way. We are going to change our system a little bit," Heinz said. VSU goalkeeper olivia Mills, led GSc this season with eight shutouts, will look to redeem herself from their last meeting. Heinz says she plans to keep the same starting 11 from last time however will make minor adjustments to the sub players. VSU middle fielder Lauren ingram disregards the previous loss from their last matchup. "We've seen how they play," ingram said. "i think just knowing that we loss that much will just make us play harder." West florida is led by senior Tina Murray, who finished the regular season with a staggering 14 goals. UWf has won the last three

"Meet the Blazers" Basketball Day Come out to The Complex on Sunday at 6 p.m. Red vs. white scrimmage games, autographs, and lots of food.

Emily Cooper, sophomore midfielder, takes a shot during a match earlier in the season. Cooper was awarded a spot on the All-GSCsecond team after scoring one goal and two assists on the season.

GSc championships in a row and has made the tourney every year since it started in 1996. The Blazers claim they are ready and not intimidated in the slightest.

"They put 11 on the field, we put 11 on the field," Heinz said. Heinz heads into this big game after recently being awarded this year's GSc coach of the year honors.

"i think West florida is going to face a different team and if they want to overlook us cause we lost to them so badly, that's good too."

Blazers lose heartbreaker against west Ga. 23-20

Club team spotlight: Women's lacrosse D.J. Davis S P o rT S W r i T E r

J. Daniel Young /THE SPECTATOR In the important game against conference rivals West Georgia, the Wolves were able to score the winning touchdown with 4.9 seconds left on the clock. Despite putting up 414 total yards of offense, including 188 rushing yards by freshman running back Troy Braswell, VSUwas unable to stop UWG during key drives. The Blazers have a bye week before returning to play their season finale against North Alabama on Sat. Nov. 12 at 2 p.m.

VSU had a new sport join the school in the fall of 2010 when the women's lacrosse team was founded. And since then they have attempted to further VSU's winning tradition in the athletic department. The lacrosse team has recruited girls from many different sports and sprinkled in a few veteran players to build one of the bigger club teams on campus. Players were brought into the team in a variety of fashions from former lacrosse players that wanted to continue playing a sport they love, to new players looking to get a little bit of a workout. "coming in freshman year i didn't really know anyone; i went to The Happening and saw there was a lacrosse team," Jeena

Yohannan, junior exercise physiology major, said. "it is something i liked in high school and it seemed like a good way to meet people." This past february the team travelled to rome, Ga. to compete against colleges such as: reinhardt, Tennessee Wesleyan, Shorter, and Aquinas in a tournament. Although the team ended the tournament without a win, they played extremely competitively against colleges that actually recruit lacrosse players. To make the close nature in which games were played even more impressive, take into account that nearly half of the team had never played in an actual lacrosse game before. "We definitely have a lot of new players to lacrosse, but luckily, most of the girls that join have played other team sports and pick up the game very quickly," Lacey Turner, the VSU

women lacrosse captain, said. Lacrosse is a game that is a lot more popular in the north than in southern states but look for a spike in the game in the near future. Turner's words for the students of VSU and the city of Valdosta are clear. "Just keep an eye out for's such a fun sport and is growing like wildfire, especially as it's moving through Georgia. i can't wait to see it really grow in Valdosta in the next few years!" she said. Practices for the team are held on north campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9 p.m. Anyone who is interested in playing on the team or just wants to get some exercise is welcome to attend team practices.

The Spectator - 11/3/11  

The print edition of the student newspaper for VSU, The Spectator Published: 11/3/11

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