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February 14, 2013

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OnE BIllIOn RISInG - Front lawn, noon - 5 p.m. Women’s and gender studies invites the VsU community to “walk out, dance, rise up and demand an end to violence against women. there will be a dJ, raffle and refreshments.

Four finalists fight tooth and nail to be YOUR next provost and VP for Academic Affairs.

ISEP InFORMATIOn Center for International Programs, 10 - 11 a.m. and 3 - 4 p.m. Faculty and advisrs are welcome to isEP for study abroad opportunities. SURPRISE yOUR VAlEnTInE Pedestrian Mall, noon 4 p.m.

Dr. Nat Frazer, Utah State University

society for international students are selling cookies, flowers, cupcakes and cards.

Dr. Bradford Sims, Indiana State University

Contributed by Valdosta Planning and Zoning Committee Eleven houses on the corner block of Brookwood Drive and Oak Street will be demolished to make room for this multilevel development that will include residential and commercial facilities.

REAl TAlk -Powell Hall Auditorium, 8:15 p.m. study the Bible with Xchange Ministries. the topic of conversation: relationships.

MOVIE nIGHT - Odum library Auditorium, 8 p.m. Movie: “the Five Year Engagment.” snacks provided. sponsored by natural High.

VAlEnTInE’S COnCERT Whitehead Auditorium, 7:30 p.m.

Residential corner block approved for demolition Will Lewis A s s t. M A n A g i n g Editor

dr. Kristen Johns performs. For more information, contact dr. Johns at or by calling 293-6195.

Weather Today Cloudy 63 H 38 L

Friday Sunny 69 H 42 L

Saturday Partly Cloudy 59 H 33 L

Question of the week How do you feel about Valentine’s Day? A. My favorite holiday! B. You mean Singles Awareness Day? C. I hate it D. It’s too commercial. E. It’s so romantic! Vote online at!

Last Week’s Poll Results What Black History figure do you feel is most influential? MLK Jr.


Jackie Robinson




Medgar Evers


Frederick Douglas


Rosa Parks


the final countdown has begun for the demolition of 11 houses located across the street from the Fine Arts Building to make room for a four-story apartment with retail space. south Carolina developer McAlister proposed the plan last year for the residential and commercial facility that will be aimed at students. the Valdosta City Council approved the immediate demolition of six of the houses on the corner of Brookwood drive and oak street in a meeting on Feb. 4. the destruction of the remaining five homes has been postponed until March 15 after the City Council decided that the homes held enough historical merit to warrant their preservation. in the Feb. 4 meeting minutes, Emily Foster, Valdosta historical preservation planner, said that the five remaining houses were architecturally unique and should be preserved, and their demolition


would adversely affect the historical district in Valdosta. McAlister only owns five of the 11 houses, although all the properties are under contract. dr. saeger asked if any home owners were declining to sell their property to McAlister. Bill nijem, Langdale Vallotton, LLP and McAlister representative declined, saying that McAlister would prefer to have bought all of the properties at once but was unable to do so. dr. richard saeger, vice chairman of the Historical Preservation Committee and political science professor, said that McAlister development must continue the good faith efforts specified in the previous meeting regarding the 11 houses with the remaining five properties. in order to maintain good faith efforts, McAlister must continue to advertise the relocation of the five remaining historic properties. McAlister is also prohibited from clear cutting on the properties until the beginning of construction, unless it is necessary in order to remove the houses. nijem said that the major

concern for McAlister was timeliness. the complex is set to be aimed at student residents, although it will be open to other demographics. Construction would need to start in March or early April of this year in order to open the complex by fall 2014. McAlister development applied for the residential/commercial complex to be listed as a project of special merit. this listing would allow the immediate demolition of all 11 houses on the block. A project of special merit must significantly benefit the city through its aesthetic presence, or provide significant social benefits for Valdosta. nijem said that the complex will have an immense economic impact on the community by creating hundreds of jobs and aiding VsU—by providing housing and retail services within walking distance of the university—according to the minutes from city council meeting on Feb. 4. Celine gladwin, Valdosta historic preservation member, denied the request saying that it did not meet the Project of special Merit provision.

things to know from Obama’s SOTU address

Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo, University of Houston-Victoria

Dr. Karla Hull, VSU

What is the Provost and VP for Academic Affairs, anyway? - Oversees all five of VSU’s colleges as well as Auxilliary Services and other divisions All decisions the provost makes directly affect all students as well as most faculty and staff.

- Chairs Univeristy Planning and Budget Council the provost has a hand in all University spending decisions.

- Actively involved in development of VSU’s new Strategic and Master Plans Future developments and programs will be created under the new provost’s guidance.

- Chairs VSU’s Complete College Ga. implementation committee the new provost will be responsible for the way gov. nathan deal’s CCg plan works on our campus.

Half of the finalists have made their vists. Dr. Jeffrey Di Leo will present Feb. 26 Scan this code to see each and Dr. Karla Hull candidate’s visit schedule will present Feb. 28. and qualifications.

On minimum wage President Obama recommended raising the federal minimum wage to $9 per hour. He also suggested that the minimum wage be tied to cost of living, and thus become “a wage you can actually live on.”

compiled by Amber Smith/THE SPECTATOR

On jobs

Obama said that making America “a magnet for new jobs and manufacturing” is a priority. Many companies that have outsourced jobs are bringing them back to the US this year.

On energy More oil is being produced in the US now than in the past 15 years, and more natural gas is being produced here than ever. If Congress doesn’t pass legislation on climate change, Obama says he will use executive action.

On gun reform Obama wants to see Congress vote on gun reform and he wants to see it soon, even if the vote is against new legislation.

On education Obama asked Congress to modify the Higher Education Act and factors that dictate which colleges receive federal aid. The White House also released a College Scorecard to show how much “bang for your buck” you get from your education.


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FeBruarY 14, 2013

Upcoming Events Feb. 15, 3 p.m. Banner will be down for an upgrade. During the downtime, Banner and Degree Works will not be available. Banner will be available again Monday, Feb. 18 at 7:30 a.m. BlazeView, email, Active Directory and the website will not be affected. Feb. 15, 7 p.m. Ani-Romance Night with Anime@VSU Centennial Hall, Room 138 Shows to be watched: Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Wedding Peach, Kimagure Orange

Road and Romeo x Juliet. Feb. 15; 7, 8 and 9 p.m. VSU Planetarium presents ‘In 1913: A Procession of Meteors.’ Nevins Hall, room 3004 Feb. 15, 10 p.m. “Late Night Bowling: Each 1 Reach 1” is part of Xchange week with Xchange Ministries. The first 25 students bowl for free all night, all students have to do is pay for shoes. Jac’s Bowling Lanes Feb. 16, 9 p.m. to 1 a.m. “Club Elevate: The Light Club”

is part of Xchange week with Xchange Ministries. Student Union Ballrooms B & C Free dancing, refreshments and music. Feb. 17, 3 p.m. “The Place” is part of Xchange week with Xchange Ministries. Powell Hall Auditorium Come for a worship service. Feb. 19, 6:30 p.m. “The Particle that Changed Everything” Bailey Science Auditorium College of Arts and Sciences Spring Lecture Series presents

Police Briefs Harrison Prosper, professor of physics at FSU. Prosper will discuss the Higgs boson, also known as “the God particle.” Feb. 19, 7 p.m. Blazin’ Beauties Dance Team presents “The Good, the Bad and The Ugly” fashion show. Student Union Ballrooms A & B Blazin’ Beauties is currently looking for couples for the beginning of the show. For more information, email

Feb. 12 A bicycle was stolen from in front Reade Hall. Feb. 9 A bicycle was stolen from in front Centennial Hall. Drugs were found in a silver Saturn on level 6 of the Sustella parking deck. Feb. 8 A cell phone was stolen from the Recreation Center.

An UC Chick-Fil-A was harrassed while on the clock. A bicycle was stolen from the east side of Bailey Science Center. Feb. 6 A Centennial Hall resident reported that a note was left on the door inside her room, from her roommates, saying they were going to kill her. A cell phone was stolen from Hopper Dining.

Feb. 7 An iPhone 5 was stolen from the front desk of Georgia Hall.

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For Sale Brand new in box, never out of the box! HTC REZOUND for Verizon. Comes with wall charger, USB cord, holster, memory card, instructions, Dr. Dre ear buds. $300

For Rent

Services Pregnancy Wasn’t Part of the Plan

Services MEA Federal Credit Union cashes Pell Grant, Financial Aid and Scholarship Checks for all VSU Students with ID. 308 East Ann Street…229-333-5751... Join MEA online at Like us on Facebook


february 14, 2013 | page 3

Our point of view...

Society defines meaning of love


alentine’s Day is typically associated with red carnations, multi-colored candies, sappy cards, stuffed animals and caramel chocolates. But all of this is only for one day. Valentine’s Day is essentially about love, right? So, what happens to love the other 364 days a year? Does it leave and wait till the next Feb. 14? It’s not supposed to. Genuine and true love proves itself every day, not just on Valentine’s Day when society says it is. Two people who are deeply in love don’t need one holiday to celebrate something that should be year round. The buzz circling around Valentine’s Day stems from the excitement of gifts and expensive date nights. Here’s the thing that many people don’t understand: gifts can be given every day and date nights can be had every night. A recent article in the Orlando Sentinel estimates that 60 percent of Americans will not

celebrate Valentine’s Day this year because they feel it has become overrated. Being single and a lack of money are also important factors for those who choose to abstain from Valentine’s Day. An important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is highly commercialized. Stores have begun capitalizing based on the idea that people expect lavish gifts. That’s why Wal-Mart is foolishly selling $55 gift baskets and $17 teddy bears on their website. If someone really wants to give the person that they admire a gift, they should extend a “just because” present to that person, just because it’s Monday or just because he or she is great, not because it’s Valentine’s Day and society says that it’s time to give one. There’s one gift that’s free and can be given every day: love. It can be shown when people open their eyes every morning and see the one that they can’t

live without. It can be displayed through that sweet “I miss you” text message that a man sends his girlfriend. The problem with commercializing Valentine’s Day is that it heightens feelings of loneliness and depression. Those who have no one to spend it with may wonder why this holiday exists to begin with. What would this nation do every year on Feb. 14 if there was no Valentine’s Day? Would they still go to the stores and buy candy and chocolates that they can buy any other day? They should, not because the Valentine’s Day “book of etiquette” says so, but because love’s “book of Etiquette” does. Society has helped to contribute to people feeling morally obligated to do something drastic and special for someone else. It shouldn’t be that way. While it’s nice to feel special and get a gift, there should be no obligation. Every day is the day for love. Jennifer Gleason / THE SPECTATOR

This editorial was written by Amanda Usher ( and it expresses the general opinion of the editorial staff.

Students seek life beyond earth People Poll: Rebecka McAleer WEB DESIGNER

Scientists, geeks, and average Joes of all kinds have always been intrigued by the idea of life on other planets. Science fiction movies present possibilities galore. Perhaps there is a massive series of terraformed galaxies in our post-apocalyptic future, as presented by Joss Whedon’s “Firefly,” or an evil Empire and a mystical Force a la Star Wars. Perhaps the aliens that do exist just want to ‘phone home’ like E.T. and leave us alone. The search for extraterrestrial life isn’t all nerds in basements with conspiracy theories. Just recently, meteorites supposedly featuring living microorganisms from beyond Earth’s atmosphere have been discovered in both Sri Lanka and Canada. As usual, rumors abound that these discoveries might join the endless ranks of failed hoaxes and fakes from years gone by, but we can at least retain some hope. VSU students certainly seem to agree. “Oh they’re out there, alright,” Lewis Ritenour , senior and former physics/astronomy major, said. “We just haven’t

found them yet.” Surprisingly, students are much more willing to believe in intelligent life beyond our atmosphere from a logical perspective than from a fantastic one. “The mathematical chances are way too high to not believe that there’s life out there. It’s just logic; there are too many galaxies and star systems for there not to be any other planet capable of sustaining life,” Will English, graduate history major, said. English’s reasoning was echoed and approved by a

Issue of the Week number of surrounding students, and not a single conspiracy theory was heard. This attachment to logic may be the result of the informative teaching here on campus. An enlightening interview with astronomy professor Dr. Martha Leake

What are your plans for Valentines Day? De’miah Greene Junior psychology major “I’m not sure but I hope I get surprised.”


revealed just how right these students are. “They’ve found 27,000 planets that might possibly have life-sustaining conditions, and over 800 of them have been confirmed,” She said. “It’s extremely likely that there’s life out there. I’d love to think that there is, but we haven’t found any proof yet.” She also went into surprising detail on exactly how much interest there is in the field of the extraterrestrial search. “Searching for other planets with the

ability to sustain life is a very busy field right now. Right now the Kepler telescope is using views of planets’ atmospheres in the light of eclipses to determine more about whether our surrounding planets can host life. We’re also looking into the moons of Jupiter and Saturn like Europa, Enceladus, and maybe Titan.” Students who are interested in the hunt for life should look into the Kepler telescope and its mission at

Chelsea Belcher sophomore undeclared major “I have a test, but if I don’t work that night, I’m going out.”

France occupies Mali Will Lewis A S S I S TA N T- M A N A G I N G EDITOR

The French have recently become involved in the African nation of Mali. They appear to be responding to an insurgence of religious extremists who, with the help of gun-running Tuaregs, seek to accomplish the very original goal of killing people and breaking things, a goal both sides seem to be accomplishing remarkably well. In the Malian city of Gao, Malian forces spent their weekend exchanging fire with the insurgents. Fighting became so intense that the French were compelled to call in air support. Prompting France to consider initiating the proverbial tap-out, withdrawing as 60,000 UN peacekeepers prepare to enter the country. The argument for this mass response to the upswing in violent behavior comes from the, not entirely illegitimate, fear that if Mali were to fall into the hands of the deadly Tuareg/al-

Qaeda combo, it would provide extremists with a solid foothold in the area. It is true that establishment of another state ruled by overly zealous religious despots would prove detrimental to the well-being of global affairs, but it is rare that nations are spurred to cross oceans into strange lands without some form of economic benefit. France is easy to explain. The European power has interests in Niger, the Central African Republic, Guinea, Mauritania, Burkina Faso and Chad. If you were to pull out a map and look at these countries you might notice the gap named “Mali” between them. The French firm Areva is one of these interests. Areva is currently working on a site in Falea at the southwestern border of Mali, near Guinea. According to an article published by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, this area may have up to 10,000 tons of Uranium resources. The French company also has heavy interest in the Sahel region of Africa, a strip of arid land that stretches from east-to-

west across the continent. Areva has been active in neighboring Niger for decades, mining oil and uranium. The German broadcaster DW even hinted that Areva is staring at re-

With the help of gun-running Tuaregs, seek to accomplish the very original goal of killing people and breaking things, a goal both sides seem to be accomplishing remarkably well sources in Mali like Sandusky at, well, you know. Areva has been the target of insurgent attacks that focus mainly on kidnapping its employees. Four of the employees have been taken hostage since

2010. In a decade where hostages are remarkably common and publicized, we might simply write it off as not too terribly bad, but take your commute and day at work and then add desert bandits. It might help with the perspective on another reason why the country has decided to throw caution to the wind and engage in what Canadian officials are calling a second Afghanistan. Speaking of America’s favorite middle-eastern news fixture, France’s president Francois Hollande has recently decided that it would do well to take the American lead, and slowly inch his way out of the international block party also known as the War on Terror. For the ironically named Hollande to decide to risk chances at reelection in favor of another war with insurgents reads as more than simply protecting the allies. A keen reader may exclaim, “Aha! But, this is just another example of France’s fondness Francafrique, a post-cold war effort at neo-colonialism.” Perhaps, but I am leaning toward Areva.

Sports Editor: Eric Jackson Photo Editor: Cody Hicks Multimedia Editor: Von Kennedy Web Designer: Rebecka McAleer Copy Editor: Shambree Wartel Cartoonist: Garrison Muelhausen Social Media Editor: Joe Adgie Faculty Advisers: Dr. Pat Miller, Dr. Ted Geltner, Keith Warburg

“I don’t have any plans, but maybe someone else has plans for me.”

Walker Gallman senior marking major “I’m buying wine and cooking a steak dinner for me and my incredibly hot girlfriend who doesn’t exist.”

Marcus Hill sophomore mass media major “Working, that’s about it.”

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February 14, 2013

VSU softball catching fire early D.J. Davis S P O rT S W r I T E r

Only a two-hour rain delay was able to slow the Blazers’ bats as they ran up 20 runs and earned two gutsy wins in Valdosta State’s home-opening doubleheader against Georgia Southwestern on Tuesday, 8-2, 12-6. On a day where the Blazers homefield was officially christened as Steel’s diamond at Blazer Park, the constant ping off of Valdosta State’s bats kept them ahead on the scoreboard at a time where their defense was inconsistent bringing the Blazers to 6-0 this season. Valdosta State head coach Thomas Macera wasn’t concerned about his team’s ability to keep up the scoring. “They can hit,” Macera said. “Are they going to hit like that every single game? No. They’re al-

ways going to hit more in some games than others, but they can hit. They have a hitter’s chance, there are several girls on this team that every time they get into the box they have a chance to hit the ball out, you just gotta hope that carries you.” The Blazers certainly showed that power early on in the day. Shelby Attman poked the ball over the fence in the bottom of the first inning with a runner on to put VSU up 2-0. Valdosta State didn’t let up either, scoring in five out of the seven innings, including a mammoth homerun by Courtney Albritton to lead off the sixth inning. Albritton shook off three errors in the second game to jack another shot over the fence, giving her four homeruns in just six games this season (28 homeruns is the division 2 record) and Valdosta State four homeruns on the day. While some of the Blazers struggled on defense in the home opener,

Hannah Strickland made some eyepopping plays at third base to keep some runs off the board. “In my opinion, she is the best third baseman in the country,” Macera said. “She is a phenomenal third baseman. She is just a great infielder. She’ll wear it before she lets it go by her, there is no fear there. That position is very, very difficult to play because you’re so close to home plate, but she just had a great outing. The thing is with Hannah, that was routine for her, she makes those plays all the time. She’s just an exceptional player.” Possibly the most impressive part of VSU’s victories are that not one of the 20 runs were driven in by Morgan Johnson. Johnson was awarded the Gulf South Conference’s player of the week last week after going 6 for 12 with three homeruns and five runs batted in, however, Johnson will be crucial to Valdosta State’s success as they face a tough slate ahead

A message from Blaze  Blazer Nation, How bout dem Blazers?!?! Last semester was an incredible time to be a Blazer. The soccer team made the playoffs in only their second season. The volleyball team kicked around the rest of the conference. The cross-country teams, once again, were players in the south regionals. Not to mention that the football team won its third national championship in only eight years. Needless to say I was quite the happy flame. Spring semester is no exception. The softball team has started the defense of their national championship. The baseball team already has pitched a perfect game. The tennis teams are stacked once again and are favorites to be in the national championship hunt. The golf team is getting all the balls in the holes. Our Blazerball (basketball) teams are in full swing and approaching the end of the conference schedule. In my current persona, I’ve seen three national championships and two na-

tional runner ups. Some of the most electric atmospheres I’ve been a part of were back in the ’09-’10 basketball season. The men’s team advanced all the way to the Elite Eight in Massachusetts. The journey to get there was something special. I will never forget the night the No.1 ranked Augusta State came to the Complex and was sent home with their tails between their legs. Everyone in the stands was wearing red, the Complex Crazies section was in full swing and overflowing from their section. The entire BlazerNation was on their feet for the entire game, and when the clock struck zero, we rushed the floor in victory. Tonight our in-state rivals, the Wolves of West Georgia, come to the Complex to take on our beloved Blazers. Earlier this year when we traveled to Carrolton, West Georgia set a new attendance record for the Gulf South Conference in a hard fought game that came down to the final seconds. I challenge you to come to the game tonight as we

White Out the Wolves. Whether you paint your entire body white or just wear a white t-shirt, I challenge you to be there. Join the Complex Crazies behind the western goal to taunt the Wolves or sit in the upper bowl for a better view. Just be there wearing white and cheering on your Blazers. This challenge isn’t limited to the game tonight against West Georgia, but to all sporting events for the remainder of your time at Valdosta State. Enjoy a double header at the ballparks, go out to Kinderlou and cheer the boys on. Just. Be. There. I hope to see you all tonight and at all the other Blazer games. Never forget, it’s always a great day to be a Blazer!!! (And yes, this was very hard to type with only eight oversized fingers.) Sincerely your mascot, Blaze P.S. Follow me on Twitter! @BlazeVSU

The never-ending battle surrounding Title IX Ace Espenshied A S S T. S P O rT S E d I T O r

Ladies, make your way to the starting line! The next VSU sport is about four or five years away, and it is likely to be a women’s sport. Part of the reason for that is title 9 which was created to provide equal opportunity and equality of experience for men and women athletes. “Because of the fact that we have football we are constantly reviewing our title 9 compliance,” VSU athletic direct Herb reinhart said. “With that in mind there would be a good chance that our next sport would be a women’s sport.” Since VSU has a football team, it skews the total number of scholarships in favor of male athletes. Title 9 mandates that the total amount of scholarships must be considerably proportionate to the ratio of male and female athletes. Therefore if another female sport is added the ratio between male and female athletes would go down and there would be more funding towards women athletes. Track and field, in my

opinion, should be the next varsity sport added to Title Town over golf or possibly swimming. The decision on the next sport would likely have to come sooner than later, especially if track was chosen. right now there is no VSU facility available for track unless Valdosta High School was willing to provide a facility much like football.

Commentary Currently there are five GSC schools that have a women’s outdoor track team and six schools if you include Lee University being added to the conference in the 2014-15 season. Hopefully GSC schools can find success in track persuading reinhart to consider track even more so. “We watch what other schools might add and if a sport becomes a championship sport, that’s something we take note of,” reinhart said. In the GSC there must be six schools participating in a sport for there to be a conference championship. right now the GSC only has women’s golf and men’s soccer championships that VSU doesn’t

have a team to compete in. “Once a championship is offered in the conference it makes the sport more attractive to us,” reinhart said. In state conference rival West Georgia has both a women’s track team and a women’s golf team. Currently UWG has 20 girls participating in track while they have only 5 competing in golf. Track is a much more diverse sport than golf. Athletes in track don’t have to be good at one certain thing like they do in golf. There are sprinters, jumpers, hurdlers, throwers, and distance runners. That makes track more appealing to a variety of athletes and more appealing to VSU. “I’ve seen schools do it different ways, survey the students to see what their interest would be in,” assistant women’s basketball coach Jennifer Grubbs said. “Also paying attention to what is going on around us in local high schools and around the state.” Through a petition, a survey, or the creation of a club sport, the next VSU sport can be influenced by the student body more than they think.

VSU club soccer team update Shane Thomas S P O rT S W r I T E r

The Valdosta State men’s club soccer team is gearing up for their spring tournament schedule, which begins on March 1. Though their official season ended in the fall, the team will be participat-

ing in various tournaments during the spring. “[March 1] we’re going down to Florida State to play a tournament,” Alec Kronitz, vice president of Valdosta State men’s club soccer, said. “And, later, Florida State will probably come here for a scrimmage.” To keep themselves

sharp, the team will be holding scrimmages against the Blazers’ women’s soccer team as well as many other schools in the region. “We’re trying to get a scrimmage along with Berry College,” center back Kyle Stewart said. See Soccer on Page 5

with five games in four days. The Blazers will play four tough games in the Charger Chill Out this weekend in decatur, Ala. perhaps the toughest of them against the University of Indianapolis, who went 50-9 last season. Valdosta State will then travel to Albany, Ga. on Tuesday to make up a rainedpostponed game against the Albany State rams. Keeping the team rested, yet ready to go is essential throughout a long season. “You just gotta play,” Macera said. “Softball is in season now until May. You’re playing 60 games over three months. You have to stay focused, you have to make sure you get the rest when you can and take advantage of those down periods and just make sure we’re in shape.” Valdosta State returns to Steel’s diamond at Blazer’s Park for the Holiday Inn Classic Tournament hosted by VSU.

Follow @BlazerSports on Twitter!

Upcoming Games *vs. Indianaplis (2/16) *vs. Lander (2/16) *vs. Palm Beach Atlantic (2/17) *vs. Wayne State (2/17) *Charger Chill Out Tourney in Decatur, Ala. -at Albany State (makeup) (2/19) ^Northwood (2/23) 11 a.m. ^Lander (2/23) 5 p.m. ^Lander (2/24) 1 p.m. ^Northwood (2/24) 3 p.m. ^Union (3/2) 1 p.m. ^North Alabama (3/3) 1 p.m. ^Holiday Inn Classic in Valdosta,Ga.


FEBRUARY 14, 2013 | pAgE 5

When dreams finally turn to realities

VSU offensive lineman Edmund Kugbila prepares for NFL scouting combine Eric Jackson

S p O rT S E D I TO r

Growing up in the tropical climate of Ghana in West Africa, he always was fond of soccer; his eventual love for football seemed unfathomable at the time. This adoration for the game now is only obvious as his lifelong dream is finally becoming a reality. Edmund Kugbila everyday receives praise from his supporters all over including family members overseas to hometown fans in Valdosta as he gears up for a very substantial business-trip. Still high from a national championship victory, he makes no bones that he must dwindle these emotions to be ready not only physically but emotionally to be compeletely prepared for his upcoming job interview. This interview is the NFL scouting combine held at Lucas Oil Stadium Indianapolis, Ind. “I really didn’t think things would pan out like this but at the same time I’ve wanted to go to the NFL since I was fifth grade. I’ve said I wanted to be a pro football player since I was a little kid. It’s a dream coming true right now. I got one shot and I got to take full advantage of it,” he said.

SOCCER “Their club team has contacted us and wants to work out a scrimmage for the semester. We’re trying to work up a couple more games for us to play in for our spring season.” In addition to club soccer, the intramural soccer season is set to kick off on Sunday. Many of the players on the men’s club team will be participating in the seven-on-seven intramural season as well. “The club team is so diverse,” Alec Kronitz, vice president of Valdosta State men’s club soccer said. “Everyone kind of has their own different teams. One [intramural] team may have five or six club players on it.”

The annual event gives standout college football players the opportunity to showcase their skills in front of coaches, general managers, personnel directors and scouts. Though the official combine invite list came out last week, Kugbila was expected to be on it after he pulled in the first invitation on Nov. 28.

VSU Athletics

He told the exciting news to his agent prior to informing his mother and the rest of the family face-to-face. He admits the blissful feelings that day were similar to winning the national championship in the remark that he “couldn’t believe it’s true.” “It was emotional, so surreal. It was a great feeling, a lot of excitement. My mom knows how much I want to do this so she was very happy for me. Dream come true, God just answering my prayers.” Kugbila hopes to be the next Blazer in the NFL since undrafted Minnesota Viking linebacker Kronitz, who also plays center mid-fielder for the team, and Stewart are looking for their team to be strong in the Spring season after failing to make the regional tournament in the fall. “Spring is an opportunity to work on some things that we didn’t feel we did well in our [fall] season,” Stewart said. “Getting these spring games in helps us decide positions, formations, and what we need to work on in practice.” “These games against [Division I] college players give us a chance to play against really competitive teams with lots of skilled players,” Stewart added. “It brings experience to the other kids, so that’s where we think we

AP Photo/Dave Martin Kugbila celebrates his final game in a Blazer uniform with a national championship victory Dec. 15 in Florence,Ala.

Larry Dean in 2011. “Larry Dean is like my big brother,” he said. “If I need any questions answers, I can call him. I look up to Larry a lot; his mentality and how he works it’s crazy. Larry is Larry. He’s a great guy to look up to. I want to be able to represent Valdosta in the NFL one day.” The right guard’s football dreams didn’t begin developing till Edmund and his family moved from The Motherland to the metro-Atlanta city, Lawrenceville when he was 10 years old. The prospect admits he had a few discouraging moments on the gridiron when he started playing organized football in middle school, nevertheless support from close ones helped him refrain from quitting. Soon he enrolled into nearby Central Gwinnett High to begin his trek to the NFL.

Largely due to his bulldogged work ethic, Kugbila was a model player during his four years as a Black Knight. Former Central Gwinnett Head Coach and current Athletic Director & Head Football Coach at Dade County Bradley Warren is less than surprised that Edmund is in contention to play at the next level. “I always enjoyed coaching him and he was pleasant to coach,” Warren said. “He was huge and had good size. He was real young and worked hard, just a great offensive lineman. He seemed to enjoy his work too. I’m excited for him, proud of him.” The storied tradition that VSU garners grabbed Kugbila’s attention coming out of high school, then following an official visit to the Azalea city, it was a done deal from there. He was going to be Blazer.

can get better.” Currently, Valdosta State does not have an official men’s soccer team, in accordance with the Title IX rule, which keeps the number of men’s and women’s sports equal. Kronitz understands that he and Stewart will likely be gone by the time Valdosta State features a men’s soccer team. “We’ll probably be graduated before they get a real men’s team,” Kronitz said. “It’s hard to get a team—you can’t just push for it and get it. It definitely takes a few years and a lot of working out to do it.” While the men’s club soccer team would welcome being an official program for VSU athlet-

ics, that does not stop them from cheering on their female counterparts, who will be entering their third season of competition on Feb 24. “Coach [Mel] Heinz is a very good coach,” Stewart said. “They made it to the NCAA tournament. They’re gonna be strong—they had a few players that were All-Americans so it should be a good game when we play them.” Valdosta State men’s club soccer travels to Tallahassee, Fla., as they kick off their spring tournament schedule at Florida State University on March 1. Starting times for the tournament have not yet been announced.


new U Even

He credits magnetic connections with then current Blazers and comforting vibes is a main component to his final decision. His commitment would soon help reel in fellow Central Gwinnett grads defensive end Trokon Gaye and safety Lance Holder to join the “Black Swarm”. Kugbila, a three-year starter, was able to make an impact as early as his freshman season as a reserve until his final game that ended in triumph and coined him a champion. This past season, Kugbila was one of the five starting seniors on the offensive line who have moved on. One of those five were NFL prospect ryan Schraeder who failed to get inked on the official combine list but good friend Edmund believes that it won’t hinder him on his same pursuit to pros. “I think he should have been on the list,” Kugbila said. “I don’t know what happen[ed] with the invite process in all that but ryan is up here working. We’re both getting after it, trying to put VSU on the map. ryan is a great athlete. He is probably one of the top in college football. I know ryan is going to get a fair shot.” Greg reid, along with Schraeder and Kugbila, are forgoing this spring semester to solely focus




new U Odd

their attention to their craft. reid still recovering from a torn ACL that happened during the final preseason scrimmage, will link up with his former teammate during combine weekend on Feb. 20-23. “It’s great just to see him overcome from his injury he had. When Greg came we just took him into our family so I’m happy to see what he’s doing. I can’t wait to see him at the combine so I can’t talk to him again,” Kugbila said. “I know he’s going to do great, it’s Greg reid.” reid is listed under Florida State on the invite list; The 2010 Chick-Fil-A defensive MVp has been stationed in North Miami getting ready for the combine with his management group, Worldwide Career Management. Kugbila is currently in Atlanta honing his skills six days-a-week with his management group, Goldin Athletics Training Association. He also has been training with other offensive linemen prospect University of Alabama’s D.J. Fluker. “I was nervous at first,” he said. “I’m not really nervous, just anxious to get over there to show these guys what I can do.” Kugbila will make his way back to Titletown for VSU’s pro Day on March 18.

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february 14, 2013

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Happy Valentine’s Day The Spectator |

February 14, 2013

Page 1

Fashion Do’s, Don’ts of Valentine’s Day EDITOR’S NOTE: Here, Taylor Stone is introducing her brand new column, “Taylor’s Take,” which she will keep up on her online blog



he most romantic day of the year is here again. Whether you’ve got a hot date or you’re just kicking back with your sweetheart, the right outfit can make the memory last much longer than chocolate and roses. Ladies, today is one of the rare occasions when a themed outfit can work. So go ahead! Nothing says Valentine’s Day more than a flirty little red frock or, if you prefer a more feminine look—go with pink. Keep it light and whimsical and you’ll be sure to make hearts flutter everywhere you go. Here are just a few ideas.

for you handsome boys, tonight is the night to step it up with your wardrobe! i promise that your lady friend will be impressed with the extra effort. No, you don’t have to wear pink and heart boxers (but, if that’s your thing then go for it), but trying out a more festive look won’t hurt for just one night! Planning a great outfit may seem more complex than calculus, but trust me, with just a few pointers you will be in runway mode in no time!

Opening in 1955, McDonalds serves its community with hamburgers, nuggets, chicken sandwiches and more.

Ladies, for a more formal look, try a red bandage dress with nude patent leather pumps. if the whole “red and pink theme” isn’t your cup of tea try a loose white blouse tucked into a highwaist black skirt, black booties and pink accessories! if you have a more casual evening planned, try the black and white androgynous tuxedo look—it’s foolproof. Go with dark wash skinny jeans, black heels or flats, a pink or red blazer and a leopard print clutch-- there’s nothing wrong with showing a little animal instinct on your date.

Gentlemen, venture a tiny bit out of your comfort zone and try a pair of dark wash jeans, white buttoned-down shirt with a beige or black sports coat and (in a perfect world) a pink striped bow tie. if that’s too much of a stretch you can make it simpler with jeans and a casual buttoned-down shirt – try a gingham or paisley print.

Here at the Spectator, we would like to send our love to all of VSU. We hope that everyone enjoys their Valentine’s Day and end it with lots of smiles and joy.

Rebecka McAleer/THE SPECTATOR Ashley Cinemas is located on 2812 N. Ashley Street, and gives Valdosta a place to go when they have nothing to do.

Go the cheap route with your V-Day date Jamal Tull S ta f f W r i t e r

Picnic there is nothing like a picnic that screams romance on Valentine’s Day. a perfect candlelight picnic can be created with a few food items and supplies from Wal-Mart and a book on astronomy. eating dinner by candlelight and gazing off into the heavens is the perfect way to spend tonight. McDonalds Can you say dollar menu? the food is very affordable for anyone whose pockets are looking slim this Valentine’s Day. also, some McDonalds locations are offering a candlelight dinner with table service and flowers. if you’re budget conscious, this might come in handy. Planetarium the Valdosta State Planetarium will bring the romance of stars to you this Valentine’s Day. the planetarium offers a wonderful ride across our galaxy for a cheap price. it is located on the third floor of

Nevins Hall and will feature a show tomorrow. Basketball Game today VSU is having a white out at the P.e Complex to show school spirit. Come support our fellow Blazers against top rivals, the West Georgia Wolves. Bringing your valentine to the game can not only take a load off your wallet, but can actually be enjoyable. Ashley Cinemas the good ole-fashioned movie date is never a misfire, especially when all movie tickets are $2 per ticket. With cheap popcorn, drinks and candy, dates can be kept $10 and under. Netflix/Redbox this date is popular with stay-at-home couples. Couples can rent DVDs for $1 plus tax a night from redbox kiosks located in most grocery stores, or go on Netflix on their computer from the comfort of their home and make a romantic night out of it. Walk in the Park there’s nothing more romantic than taking a long walk and spending time with your loved one. Scenic walks

in a park or by the lake allow you and your valentine to get more acquainted or reacquainted. the park always seems to bring a sense of closeness. Home Cooked Meal Get quality ingredients from any supermarket and make a romantic homecooked meal for your mate. Whoever does the cooking normally should be able to sit back and enjoy a gourmet dinner. if you both tend to cook an equal amount, you can spend time cooking together. Explore Valdosta a lot of college students have lived in Valdosta for years and never take the time out to explore it. Leave the comfort of campus. You might discover something new to do at an affordable price. T.V Marathons as holidays usually have tV specials dedicated to the particular celebration, Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to cuddle up and watch marathons with a loved one.

The Spectator |

Page 2

February 14, 2013

Don’t use clichés for dates

Watch top ten love movies of all-time

Erin Ellis S P e c T AT O R MCT Campus

Erin Ellis S P e c T AT O R cORReSPOnDenT Warm Bodies Warm Bodies is the perfect blend of horror and romance. A zombie undergoes a huge transformation after meeting Julie (a human survivor) during a zombie epidemic. Beautiful Creatures Beautiful creatures tells the story of a young woman’s fight for love and the power to decide her destiny. Identity Thief Identity theft is only funny in Identity Thief.

Dance to top ten love songs

Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters presents a great twist to an old tale.

1. If you were a booger, I’d pick you first. 2.If I told you that you have a great body, would you hold it against me? 3. If I could rearrange the alphabet, I’d put U and I together. 4. Are you from Tennessee, because you’re the only ten I see.

Erin Ellis S P e c T AT O R cORReSPOnDenT “Love & War”- Tamar Braxton “I Believe In A Thing called Love”- The Darkness

Mama Mama is a horror movie that shows how a mother’s love is forever. This movie will scare couples into each other’s arms.


“Wanted” - Hunter Hayes “Ho Hey”- The Lumineers “Love You Like A Love Song”- Selena Gomez & the Scene

5. Your name must be campbell’s ‘because you’re mmm mm good. 6. I lost my phone number, may I borrow yours? 7. Do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes. 8. Is it hot in here or is it just you? 9. If I received a nickel for every time I saw someone as hot as you, I’d have five cents. 10. Do you believe in love at first sight or should I walk by again?

“The Way I Am”- Ingrid Michaelson Les Misérables Les Misérables is full of great acting and amazing singing. It is a must see. Silver Linings Playbook Silver Linings Playbook tells the story of how an unexpected bond forms between Pat (Bradley cooper) and Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence) that leads to silver linings appearing in both of their lives.

“Our Song”- Taylor Swift “My Love”- We came As Romans “Sometimes”- Britney Spears “I Like It”- Sevyn Streeter

Pitch Perfect Pitch Perfect is a comedy filled with amazing a cappella renditions of popular songs. Wreck-It Ralph Wreck-it Ralph is a great movie for those that love animations. Safe Haven Safe Haven tells the story of a young woman’s fight to overcome her troubled past in order to find love again.

Tonight, the Women’s and Gender’s Studies Program will host “One Billion Rising” from 12-5 p.m. According to a press release, this event will be held to promote awareness for violence against women. There will be a D.J., raffles and refreshments.


The Spectator |

February 14, 2013

Page 3


AKA is Pretty in Pink Brian Hickey, Jr. S ta f f W r i t e r

Come Monday, VSU will be chanting “all Pink everything” as they attend the events the ladies of alpha Kappa alpha Sorority, inc. have planned. With it being their Greek week, the VSU chapter of Kappa Upsilon plans to host a different event for students every day from Sunday through Saturday. they will begin their week on Sunday with a day of worship as they attend service at Crossing Jordan Baptist Church. following that, they will be hosting a “Soul food” social on Monday in the UC Ballrooms. the entry fee will be three canned goods. “it’s like a family reunion,” said Stacy Brewer, current member and senior communication sciences and disorders major. On tuesday, Kappa Upsilon will host “On the tLC tip,” a sexual awareness forum which will take place in Odum Library room 1160, followed by “Clueless,” their

NOTE : Devin Crudup has discontinued his “Be Healthy” column. We apologize for the inconvenience.

WE WANT YOU! Team Spectator is always looking for new talent! No matter where your interests lie, we can use you! Contact Amber at:

trivia game night, on Wednesday in Jeanette Hall room 1111. Students will be able to come out and participate while interacting with each other. thursday will be “Living Single,” an auction where students will get to place bids for dates with people being auctioned off. “Some [sisters] will be getting auctioned off,” Brewer explained. “there will also be males from other Greeks.” Upon winning their bid, on friday night students and the person they won in the auction will be treated to a movie night, which is another Kappa Upsilon event located in the UC theater. this event will also be open to the rest of the student body. “Love Jones is being shown, and there will be refreshments after.” Brewer said. “[the auction] is a really fun event that we do every year, and it goes to great cause,” ariane Griffin, current member and senior mass media major, said. “the money goes to relay for Life

and LaMP.” their week will finally conclude on Saturday with their “Sister Sister: Big Hat tea Social” in the UC Cypress room which will be opened only to girls on campus. there will be a $10 fee to attend, but all proceeds will go toward a scholarship fund. “the Big Hat tea Social is a fundraiser for our scholarship,” Kelsey Garner, president of Kappa Upsilon, said. the scholarship is dedicated to Deidra Miller, one of their sisters who passed away due to domestic violence. “You can purchase your ticket from any of the women of aKa on campus,” Garner said. the scholarship will go to two deserving females who attend schools in Lowndes County. the sisters of the sorority are greatly looking forward to the week as well as the support and attendance by VSU students. for more information, find the ladies of Kappa Upsilon on twitter at@19KU_aKaS08.

Here’s some features!

Photo courtesy of Alpha Phi Alpha Members of Alpha Kappa Alpha pose for a group photo in the Student Union. The AKA sorority will be planning a series of events as part of “Greek Week” from Sunday through Saturday.

The Spectator |

Page 4

February 14, 2013

Valdosta new home to Dance Motion Studio Ritsuki Miyazaki S TA f f W r i T e r

Isaiah Smart/THE SPECTATOR Monday, the members of Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc. holds the “Nacho Average Cookout” at 6:22 p.m. in Student Union Ballrooms B and C as part of their Greek Week. The event is open to the public, and features the Blazing Beauties.

Poodles to continue hosting Greek Week Olivia McLean S TA f f W r i T e r

This week, the VSU campus has been seeing a bit more navy blue and gold than usual. Sigma Gamma rho Sorority, inc. was chartered at VSU on Oct. 22, 1988 and since then, the organization has been making an impact in the Valdosta community. “Our aim is to enhance the quality of life within the community with public service, leadership development and education to the youth,” Priscilla Peay, president of the Lambda Beta chapter, said. According to their website,, Sigma Gamma rho also aims to address concerns that impact society educationally, civically, and economically. “On campus, we do community service and we have done different philanthropic events,” Peay said. “for example, we've had a brother and sister stroll-off and whoever won [received] $100.” The $100 prize was for the

winning team to donate to a philanthropic organization of their choosing. Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity, inc. won, and they donated their prize to relay for Life. “We do a lot of community service, and we host different events,” Peay said. “We've done Habitat for Humanity, The Haven, Second Harvest food Bank and [volunteered at] different nursing homes.” The dedication and service isn't only given to the city of Valdosta. it is given to the VSU campus also. Sigma Gamma rho also participates in the annual relay for Life event that is held campus. “We also have joined forces with VSU HerOS for AiDS awareness, and we've also raised money for St. Judes Children's research Hospital, which is one of the national programs that we partner with,” Peay said. This week, Sigma Gamma rho is hosting SGrho Spring Week 2k13. “[The purpose of our week is to] keep our name out there [throughout] the VSU campus,” vice president Maria Phelps said. “So that greeks can come together and we can be Greek-unified.”

Monday, they held “Nacho Average Cookout” in the Student Union and had free nachos for anyone who stopped by. “it's for people to interact,” Peay said. “Greeks will be strolling and freshmen can get the campus feel and interact with us.” Wednesday was the “Creative expressions” talent showcase. Students were able to recite poetry/spoken word, sing or play an instrument. Today, they will be handing out their Valentines Day cupcake-grams which helped raise money for their organization so they can continue to hold events. On friday, they are hosting the “rHOllin' Through The Decades” stroll-off in Student Union Ballrooms B&C at 6 p.m. NPHC organizations will be teaming up and strolling to songs from the 70s, 80s and 90s. Admission is $2 and all proceeds will be given to St. Jude Children's research Hospital. Saturday, the members of the Lambda Beta chapter will be staying true to the spirit of their organization and participating in a community service project.

Check out the Web Spectator at to read Anthony Pope’s “Pop Addict,” Steven Setser’s “Spec Tech” and more.


ance with your heart and feel the music at Motion Dance Studios in Valdosta. Motion Dance Studios offers a wide variety of dances including Latin, ballroom, fitness, and hip hop. Alvaro Leyva, studio owner and instructor, and Hannah Moore, instructor, have more than five years of experience as professional dancers. According to Moore, Motion Dance Studios was named after their expression of dance. Moore believes that everyone likes to express themselves through motion and movement. “Dance is the way for me to put my feeling into movement,” Moore said. Motion Dance Studios was originally opened in 2010 as a

Latin dance studio. The studio has given internship programs to VSU students for the past three years. The program is offered to anyone, and even provides free training for those who want to become dance instructors. The program usually takes about two to three years depends on

“Dance is the way for me to put my feeling into movement. ”

- HannaH moore

students’ pace. There are hundreds of members from all ages on the roster. As the studio operates on a pay-as-you-go system, students can easily participate in classes without breaking their bank. Amanda Crossley, an employee at Medical equipment Company, has been

a student at the studio for a year. She started without any dance experience and made her way up to an advanced class in Latin dancing. “i really love the interns,” Crossley said. “i would have given up my first month of dancing if it wouldn’t have been for how encouraging they were.” There is no qualification to become a dance instructor, but the studio is willing to intern someone who is teachable, has a good personality and able to stay in Valdosta for at least two years. Gloriana rivera, a VSU student, has been in the internship program for two years. rivera is not a dance major, but her passion for dancing inspired her to sign up for the program. “Teaching is what i enjoy the most,” rivera said. information about their class schedules and fees can be found on

Car show to raise money for leukemia treatment Ben Skender S TA f f W r i T e r

Saturday “Lights for Leukemia,” a car and fundraiser, is happening from 10AM-6PM in the rock N rodeo parking lot to help pay for a little girl’s leukemia treatment. The people who are hosting this event are The Street Sweepers of Valdosta, a car club that donates all the money from its shows to a charity of their choice or a community member in need. Sterling Shiver, VSU student and member of the car club says, “The little girl’s name is

Addie and she is five years old. She actually came to one of our events earlier this year.” The event he mentioned was held at Basic Audio, a car modification and speaker shop, which is owned by Wally Moore Jr. the president of the Street Sweepers club. When talkin about the event he said, “When Addie came into the shop she really reached out to everyone and we felt she was special. She was happy, smiling, and acting like every day might not be her last. When it came to figuring out what the proceeds from our next event would go to she immediately came into mind.” rock N rodeo says that whenever the Street Sweepers hold a fundraiser they are

happy to lend them their lot. They are also hosting the after party, which they are waving the night’s cover charge to people who have entered into the show. for car fanatics this is a definite event of choice to go to, as well as enter into if you think your wheels are nice enough. The charge to enter a vehicle into the show is $20 and the show will be displaying cars of all shapes and sizes from SUVs to antiques, imports to trucks and many other categories. So come out this weekend and help make a little girl feel loved and help donate to the fight against cancer.

The Spectator Print Edition, 2-14-13  

The print edition of the Spectator, February 14, 2013. Includes the Valentine's Day Tab.

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