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April 26, 2012

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New SGA executives take office Joe Adgie S ta f f W r i t e r

for the most part, it was a good day to be a part of the united Leaders ticket, scoring three of the four executive seats up for grabs in this year’s SGa elections. Sophomore ryan Baerwalde beat out junior Junior Jackson in the race for president, scoring 65.2-percent of the vote. understandably, Baerwalde was thrilled about winning the seat. “i’m honestly just so excited,” Baerwalde said. “i am really pumped about being able to step into this position. i’ve got a ton of great ideas for the student body, i know i’m going to make a fantastic president, and i’m really going to be able to bring the pride back to VSu.” Baerwalde also pointed out what he intends to do first as the new SGa president. “Probably the first thing would be the transition,” Baerwalde said. “i really want to be able to carry on a lot of what Graham [davis, outgoing SGa president] has been doing, and i really look forward to working closely with him to carry on a lot of policies that we have been building up, and definitely work towards taking care of recent issues that have popped up, such as sheet signs being banned from pine trees. So really just want to hit the ground running with my big ideas as far as taking care of the big issues on campus, with parking and the internet, and

“ I’ve got a ton of


those things.” His running mate for vice president, sophomore Jordan Lee, was not as fortunate in his race, getting narrowly beaten out by junior amber Worthy, who scored 52.1-percent of the vote. it turned out to be the only blemish in the united Leaders ticket’s record. “it feels pretty good, and i’m ready for this semester to be over,” Worthy said. “then i’m getting ready to work for the fall.” Worthy also had plans for what she intended to do first as SGa vice president. “(i plan to) do more Pr with the senators and the student body, so we’re going to do a lot including the students,” Worthy said. the race for secretary went down to a runoff between junior Kieya Smith and united Leaders candidate Kelly Hessler, another junior, who was declared the winner with 69.9 percent of the vote Wednesday morning. the race went to a runoff after none of the candidates scored a majority of the vote during the

S ta f f W r i t e r &

Ariel Felton f e at u r e S e d i t o r

VSu has chosen to participate with the Slut Walk Valdosta today on the Palms Quad beginning at 5 p.m. for Sexual assault awareness month the Slut Walk will proceed around the campus, and end at the starting point where there will be tables set up with information. there will be speakers present at the event from the police department and counselors from the community to speak on sexual assault and consent. a Slut Walk is a march in which participants protest against excuses for rape or sexu-



Graphic by Joe Adgie/THE SPECTATOR The data in this infographic comes from VSU SGA’s webpage and from SGA election commissioner, Rob Thrower. Voting took place via an online ballot on April 19 and 20.

first round of elections, so Hessler and Smith, being the top two vote getters, went to a runoff. “i am honored and thrilled to have been selected by my peers to represent VSu,” Hessler said in an email on Wednesday. “i don’t think it will really hit me until i see the previous executive board move out of their offices and the new executive board move in.” Hessler also expressed worry when the runoff was announced. “i got a little worried because Kieya Smith and i are very similar with our involvement on campus and i needed to make sure that i got the word out to everyone i knew at VSu,” Hessler said. “it's hard to find out where you stand in a runoff

because you only have a limited amount of time to do all the campaigning that took weeks in just a 24 hour period.” Hessler, too, also had plans for her first action as secretary. “the first thing i plan to do as SGa's new secretary is let the students know that i am going to create an open communication environment, keeping them in the know on what is going on within our student body,” Hessler said. in the race for comptroller, junior Hassanat oshodi scored a decisive victory over freshman Christopher Hawkins, with 60.5 percent of the vote. oshodi was also excited about her victory, and expressed such. “it feels great, and i’m just speechless,” oshodi said. “i’m

just really excited. i can’t wait for the year to start.” in addition, she also pointed out her individual plans. “the first thing i plan to do is to change the flex [accounts], because the [maximum] amount is supposed to be $25, and i just really want to change that, so before i do anything, i just want to make sure that’s changed first.” When the results were announced, SGa elections commissioner rob thrower praised the candidates of the executive positions for what was a very civil campaign. “i appreciate everybody participating this year not causing any havoc,” thrower said. “this is one of the smoothest elections we’ve been a part of.”

tyler Barker reginald Merritt Leah Parker erica adams Stacie Linton Cody french Micah Howell Breanna Lawrence Sarah Smart omotayo ikuesan desiray Ward Jamaica Hill Jonathan Marotto Kara Buescher Kaysie Williams ololade fagbohun Micah Leon Brandon Gilbert Bevon Williams ieshia Lilly Julius Carrafa amber Martin alex Bell Leandra Vasquez derek Blanchard alexander Barrickman taylor Malone rachel Martin Lorraine dawkins Jordan Waverly

Odum Library lends books Interim digitally to e-reader users president bids farewell

Megan Harris a S S t. M a n a G i n G editor

Slut Walk seeks to change norms


- Ryan BaeRwalde

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Autumn Sullivan

New SGA Senators

Number of votes for SGA President, 2011 to 2012

great ideas for the student body, I know I’m going to make a fantastic president... ”

al assault because of the way a woman acts or dresses. the idea stemmed from a comment made by a toronto police officer after dealing with a rape case, suggesting that women should “avoid dressing like sluts” to stay safe. dorothy Sumner, administrative assistant for the Women and Gender Studies department, elaborated on the subject. the Slut Walk has been brought to VSu to bring awareness about sexual assault and to let people know that this can occur anywhere, regardless of how a person is dressed. “Most college students who have been assaulted feel guilty,” Sumner said. “a lot of times they feel [like] they blame themselves.” the movement hopes to eliminate victims blaming themselves for being sexually assaulted, and S e e WA L K , P a g e 3

despite increased availability of electronic reading applications and devices, library circulation numbers are still on the rise at odum Library. When asked how many books have been checked out this year compared to previous years, interim Librarian dr. alan Bernstein said, “as many as ever.” “i know it bucks the system right now for most academic institutions but the numbers don’t lie,” dr. Berstein said. according to dr. Bernstein, circulation numbers for the last fiscal year concluded at 27,800 books. this year the number is already at 25,300 with three more months to go. Bernstein suggests a number of reasons that could explain why the circulation numbers have remained so steady for VSu. “there are still a lot of books that have not been digitalized yet,” dr. Bernstein said. “another reason could be that professors might be assigning projects that require checking out books which might account for it.” although odum library has not experienced a downfall in its circulation numbers since the rise and demand of e-readers, the library is doing all it can to stay

Amanda Usher a S S t. o P i n i o n S editor

Odum Library

File photo

above the power curve by getting on board with the e-book movement . according to Sherrida Crawford, automated systems coordinator at odum, the library has approximately 32,000 digitalized books available for download to your desktop, iPhone, kindles, nook, or any other e-reader devices that support the Pdf format. “the e-book content we have has been available on desktop for years and has recently in the last six months been made available for download,” Crawford said. “14,400 Galileo books were added in 2001. a later collection of 12,000 was acquired in 2003 and another was added just last year.” downloading e-books from odum library is a fairly simple process and instructional guides are available to students in the central library on the second floor.

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although there are several benefits to the e-book format, including a definite and timely book return, and the convenience of storing multiple books in one device, Crawford said she believes physical books still have a valuable place in the library. “in my experience one format does not generally replace another,” Crawford said. “our users want both, they use both and we will provide both.” according to Crawford, although the e-books cover all disciplines of academia, there is an underrepresentation of books for pleasure reading. “the e-books were developed for college libraries or academia and occasionally nonfiction or fiction that has been labeled classics,” Crawford said. Student-views pertaining to odum’s release of e-reader friendly texts are varied. See ODUM, Page 2

VSu will say goodbye to dr. Louis Levy, interim president, as it will welcome a new president soon. “i’ll miss it,” dr. Levy said, referring to his position. “i’ll miss the people, but i’m very pleased with the new leadership.” dr. Levy has been interim president since last July. He felt honored when he was asked to temporarily fill the presidential spot and said that many excellent things have happened this past year. He said that he wasn’t scared at all about coming back to VSu to take over a new position. “i knew the quality of the team here at VSu and the integrity of the faculty,” he said. He’s thankful for all of the feedback and constructive criticism that he has been getting See LEVY, Page 2

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april 26, 2012

Gas prices hurt VSU wallets Faculty honored J. Daniel Young PHoto editor

& Joscelin Beacham S ta f f W r i t e r

as world leaders struggle to understanding rising gas prices, the VSu student population is heavily impacted by costs. the rollercoaster ride associated with gas prices began its ascendancy prior to april of 2009. at the onset, the price per gallon was close to $2 per gallon. However, a peak of $4 per gallon, on average nationally, hit the pumps two years later in May 2011. Prices never hit the low seen in 2009, only hitting a national average low of $3.19 per gallon at Christmas 2011. now that gas prices have almost reached the May 2011 alltime high, students have begun to feel its impact on their wallets. as a result, many students are making spending choices around their need for gasoline, and the subsequent influence on other aspects of their budget. ashley Jacobs, a junior Spanish major, is transferring to VSu in the fall 2012. Jacobs had been taking classes online, but when the online classes were no longer a viable option, she elected to move from Baxley, Ga. to Valdosta. Her new apartment will be about one mile from the campus, so that she can walk to classes.

“it’s close to campus and gas prices suck,” Jacobs said. Jacobs said that perhaps she may pay more in rent, but it will save her gas money as a result. With an average of about 5,300 commuter parking-permit sales for the last three years, VSu’s commuter population is nearing an all-time high. More students driving to campus means that the students’ wallets will be squeezed by the influx of gas prices. Many other students mirrored Jacob’s comments. Michael Pate, a junior communications major, explains how he spends, on average, $65 a week in gas. “Sometimes i wish i had a bike,” Pate said.

“ One of the reasons that I don’t drive is that gas is expensive. ” - FRank viskeR

frank Visker, a senior finance and accounting major, is a commuter-student who doesn’t drive. Visker lives one mile from the business campus and utilizes the school’s busing system to navigate to campus. Visker was in the military and is using the Gi Bill for college tuition. “one of the reasons that i don’t drive is that gas is expensive,” Visker said. “When i do drive, i try to multitask when i

at Rose Awards

Music department faculty received superlative awards Wednesday Quasha Ross S ta f f W r i t e r

Graphic by: J. Daniel Young/ THE SPECTATOR

The average miles students from listed counties travel by vehicle. go out, [because] the money i get is very limited.” VSu tracks which county students hail from. those from the surrounding five Georgia counties (Berrien, Brooks, Cook, echols, and Lanier) and Lowndes county are only a fraction of the total number of students that attend VSu. Students from the surrounding five counties may drive, on average, in excess of 20 miles oneway daily. Still, there are some students who, while concerned about gas prices, don’t let it hold them hostage to the immediate area. Hassanat oshodi, a junior psychology and philosophy major, realizes that gas is a necessity. as a result, she doesn’t let it stop her from visiting her family in atlanta. “i [sometimes] have to decide whether i want to eat out or make a sandwich at home,” oshodi said. “at the end of the day, i wouldn’t want it to alter me go-

ing to see my family.” Logan Pierce, a senior biology major, walks everywhere or rides his bike. as a result, he has filled up his gas tank only twice, since the beginning of the semester. “it cost me close to $50 to fill up,” Pierce said. “i could use that on other things, like food.” Commuters aren’t the only ones impacted by gas prices. Jasmine Hawkins, a freshman psychology major, lives on campus and uses a bicycle for commuting. “Biking is a lot easier,” Hawkins said. a car is on Hawkins’ wish list, but she is concerned with the cost of having one. “i want one though, but not with gas prices right now,” Hawkins said. Gas prices have a stranglehold on the collective national wallet and students who are generally on a limited income feel that grip as strongly as the rest of the nation.

Grahpic by: Joscelin Beacham/ THE SPECTATOR

on Wednesday, the ladies of Sigma alpha iota hosted their very first rose awards event to honor the music department. “in the past we’ve done faculty appreciation and our whole purpose is to further the advancement of music. it’s a good way to honor faculty,” President of Sigma alpha iota, Mary Sheeley, said. the event was a celebration of music educators. it involved presenting superlative awards to faculty in the department and also recognizing department head of music, dr. James Shrader. there were also musical selections of songs by George Gershwin, Bob dylan, Brian McKnight, Carrie underwood and many more. “it’s just an award show to show how much we appreciate what the faculty does for us,” Ja’nae Shelton, a junior nursing major, said. Shelton also presented the audience with a musical selection, singing, “Can’t Help falling in Love” by elvis Presley. Sounds of laughter and soft melodies flooded Jeanette Hall as the ladies of Sigma alpha iota conducted their final music rehearsal. Member esther Maloof made her way around the auditorium, giggling and chatting with friends. She was suddenly put on the spot by friends insisting that she sing “You Make Me feel” by aretha franklin. fearless, esther opened her mouth and the sound was lovely. She later sang the song “Make You feel My Love” by Bob dylan.

The number of VSU students--both undergraduates and graduates--from surrounding counties from Fall 2009 to 2011.

Odum Continued from Page 1 Some students believe the library has not publicized the availability of e-books well enough for students to benefit from them. “they haven’t even made it known to us that we can get actual books, so how am i supposed to know that there are ebooks?” tiara Schinnery, a sophomore nursing major, said. “they do not notify you of anything. if there was more information about these books i think students would use them more.” other students are appreciative of odum’s efforts to remain current in the technology scene. “it sure takes away the hassle of carrying around a lot of books,” ranesha Jackson, a senior early childhood education

major, said. other students are less interested in the e-books and continue to use the library to check out physical books. azimah Caines, a sophomore sports medicine major, said she still enjoys checking out books but recognizes the benefit of ereader devices. “i actually just returned a book this morning,” Caines said. “i would love to have a Kindle or any other e-reader because they are so convenient and you can access all of your books and magazines from that one device, but i can’t afford to pay for one of those now.” the library has yet to detect a circulation trend. numbers are reviewed at the close of the fiscal year, and odum has only had e-books available for approximately six months.

Levy Continued from Page 1 from the faculty. Building relationships among the VSu community is important to him. “We’ve tried to be a great colleague to faculty and staff and a great friend to the students,” he said. Levy believes that VSu has prevailed through the hard, financial times that have been occurring and said that there will be a good budget coming for VSu in fY 2013. He said that some of the best moments here consist of him renewing friendships, meeting new people and creating opportunities. Levy plans to spend more time with both his children and his grandchildren and travel

“ We’ve tried to be a

“ In the past we’ve done faculty appreciation and our whole purpose is to further the advancement of music. It’s a good way to honor faculty. ” - MaRy sheeley

the students of the music department voted for their favorite professors. Superlatives included: best dressed, most talented, most swag, most professional, etc. although my professors could not attend the event due to hectic schedules and approaching finals, certificates were presented for each professor’s outstanding efforts and contributions to the music department. “We want to thank the music department for giving Sigma alpha iota a purpose. Without it, we wouldn’t exist,” Sheeley said. the ladies of Sai closed the event by singing their Sigma alpha iota Chorale and they wowed the audience with their voices, leaving them wondering how they’ll top this event next year.

winners: Best Dressed: Dr. Kenneth Kirk Most Talented: Dr. Joren Cain Most Professional: Dr. Kenneth Kirk Most Swag: Mr. Eric Bradshaw Funniest Professor: Dr. Lyle Indergaard Most Congenial: Dr. Shannon Lowe

Spectator Sudoku

great colleague to faculty and staff and a great friend to the students. ” - dR. louis levy

more after he leaves VSu. Levy has been V.P. of academic affairs and Provost, as well as, an instructor in sociology for VSu. His final words to the faculty, staff and students: “i will continue to support programs in the arts, athletics and academics-the triple a’s-and active in the community,” dr. Levy said. “i love this place.”

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029, 1* 287 "

The Classifieds The Spectator prints free classifieds for students of valdosta state university only. these must be no more than 40 words, or an $8.00 charge will apply. Classifieds for faculty, staff, student organizations,studentowned businesses and the general public cost $8.00 for up to 40 words. ads should be sent to The Spectator or delivered to our office in 1238 Hopper Hall. the deadline is Monday at 5 p.m. if payment applies, it should be submitted in a sealed envelope at the time the ad is placed. ads must be accompanied by the

name and phone number of the person submitting the ad. ads must be resubmitted each week, as necessary. The Spectator address is: 1500 n. Patterson st.,valdosta, Ga 31698 The Spectator reserves the right to reject any classified ad. all ads are subject to standard editing procedures.The Spectator is not responsible for ads submitted under false pretenses or for mistakes due to a submitted error. the categories for classifieds include: for Sale, Wanted, roommates and Help Wanted.


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Bartenders wanted: up to $250 per day. no experience necessary. training provided. age 18+ oK. Call 1-800-9656520 ext. 233



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LooK House for Lease upgraded Like new 3 Bedrooms/2 full Baths deck & Spacious Parking Bicycle / Walk to Campus Washer / dryer only $365 each 770-887-8488


Services Check us out at

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Maine camp needs fun loving counselors to teach All land, adventure, & water sports. Great Summer! Call 888-844-8080, apply:


Communityassistance Program (CaP) Helping the uninsured and the underinsured in Your neighborhood the CaP card saves on average 15% on brand-name drugs and 55% on generics. a free copy of the card can be found at

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NewS Upcoming events and Announcements Hungry students learn about ill-fed community

VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm | Page 3

aPrIl 26, 2O12

Xxxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005


Taylor Kelly S ta f f W r i t e r

on Wednesday night the Hunger awareness dinner was held to shed light on the issue of hunger and food waste around the community. Speakers from various organizations such as: LaMP, Student action Council, Haven, Peanut Butter and Jesus, Blazer Pantry and Hungry at Home were present to speak against the negative issue of hunger. the event began as tables were set up with each seat containing a different color card in front of them. each seat either had a yellow, blue or red colored card. at the start of the event, speaker allison Mitchell asked that the individuals with a red color card move to the front of the room and sit on the floor. the event continued as people walked out wearing nice clothing and carrying fine china dishes. the elaborate meal was served to the individuals with the yellow card, representing the upper class, in front of their seat, and the speaker insisted that they go ahead and eat. as the individuals with the

yellow card continued to eat, people in more casual attire came with plastic silverware and plates, and presented the food to the people that had the blue card, representing the middle class, in front of their seat. as the yellow and blue card seats were served with their meal, the people that had a red color card, representing the lower class, still had not been served. Mitchell, a senior marketing major, reminded the red colored cards that their meal was going to be served, but they would not receive dessert as the other cards would. Mitchell then proceeded to tell the red color card individuals that their meals were in the empty trash cans at the front of the room. the meals were placed in individual wrapped boxes, and the food was thrown into the box. “the food was thrown into the box in an unpresentable way,”Cierra davis, a sophomore exercise physiology major, said. “the box had fried chicken and potato wedges, but the way that it was in the box looked very unappetizing.” Last week alone, over 700 pounds of food was wasted in Palms dining Hall. the event

was held to inspire students and citizens of Valdosta to make a difference and help change the issues of hunger that occur within the community. “one in six adults suffer from hunger consistently and one in five children suffer from hunger consistently,” Mitchell said. “one of the points of this dinner is to be grateful for what we have, and not to take advantage of what we have. i am glad that the turnout was great. i hope that students got the point and are more aware of the issues of hunger. i am glad that we were able to host the event locally.” others were also excited about the message of the event. “We really appreciate being able to be a part of the event,” teala McMurtry, a volunteer at the Haven, said. “i hope that students are more aware, and i encourage they get involved in any way they can. Some students felt it would leave a lasting impression on others. “i really enjoyed it,” Kristen Brown, a senior communication and science and disorders major, said. “it was an eye opening event. i think that people often take advantage of what they have. it made me more aware of the issue.”

New House bill could help alleviate student loan debt Meaghan Bitters S ta f f W r i t e r

H.r. 4170 is a bill that, if passed, will forgive student loan debt for millions of hardworking americans through a 10/10 program. representative Hansen Clarke of Michigan introduced H.r. 4170, the Student Loan forgiveness act of 2012, in the House of representatives on March 8. “this bill provides that if a student loan borrower makes payments equal to 10-percent of their discretionary income for 10 years the balance of their federal student loans will be forgiven,” Clarke said, in a Youtube video explaining the bill. Citizens who have already been making payments for their student loans over the past decade will be credited toward meeting the requirement for forgiveness. “By cutting this debt this frees

up their money to invest on their own,” Clarke said. “that will create new jobs throughout this country.” the key objective of this bill is to speed up economy recovery, increase purchasing power, create new job opportunities and make student loan repayments fair so that more citizens will acquire a higher education. Statistics by Mark Kantrowitz, publisher for finaid, states on the finaid website that federal student loan debt outstanding reached approximately $665-billion and private student loan debt reached approximately $168-billion in June 2010, for a total student loan debt outstanding of $833-billion. total student loan debt is increasing at a rate of about $2,853.88 per second. the debt will reach $1-trillion by May 8. H.r. 4170 will allow existing borrowers, whose educational loan debt exceeds their income, to convert their private loan debt into federal direct Loans which can be enrolled in the 10/10 pro-

gram. it will ensure low interest rates on federal student loans. H.r. 4170 will also reward graduates for entering public service professions and provide incentives for medical professionals to work in underserved communities which would reduce the Public Service Loan forgiveness requirement from 10 years to five. Some students are reluctant about how the bill will benefit graduates. “i feel like there has to be a catch,” taylor anastasio, a freshman undecided major, said. “People who have a higher income would probably benefit more from the 10/10 program.” others feel like the bill is a great opportunity to get student loans paid off more quickly. “i’d take advantage of the whole situation,” Shelby Blair, a freshman mass communications major, said. “Having my student loans paid off within 10 years is pretty good.”

student opinion of instruction (soi) surveys are open now through May 1. vsu students may access their sois by logging into Banner and selecting “answer and survey”

Blazefest will take place on saturday, apr. 28 after being postponed due to rain.

chestra will feature 'Musical Pictures' as part of the 2011-2012 Youth Concert Series. to reserve seats, please contact the Coa outreach office at or at 229-3332150. april 28

spring senior exhibition Mon.-thurs. 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m., fri. 9 a.m. - 3 a.m. - fine arts Gallery april 26 education Career day 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. - uC Magnolia & Cypress rooms - the education Career day will begin with an open forum from 10 – 11:30 a.m. for participants to meet informally with school system representatives to discuss opportunities within their system. siFe Team Presentation 9:30 a.m. - Pound Hall, north Campus april 27 youth Concert series Presents 'Musical Pictures' 10 a.m. - Whitehead auditorium - the Valdosta Symphony or-

Walk Continued from Page 1 it hopes to build up community awareness to ensure the safety of others. Because the word “slut” has been used with malicious intent, members of this movement hope to re-appropriate the word and its negative connotation. according to the mission statement for the movement, the enjoyment of sex should not mean a person is fair-game for an attack: “We are tired of being oppressed by slut-shaming; of being judged by our sexuality and

valdosta symphony orchestra Presents 'Musical Pictures' 8 p.m. - Whitehead auditorium as part of the VSo's Subscription Series Concerts, noted violinist and VSu concertmaster nina Lutz makes her solo debut in Vivaldi's evocative four Seasons. tickets are $25 each, and reservations are required. Call 229-333-2150 for more information. april 29 valdosta symphony orchestra Presents 'Family Concert' 3 p.m. - Whitehead auditorium Students are invited to enter the VSo art Contest and create art inspired by the works in "Musical Pictures." entries will be projected above the VSo during the concert. tickets are $15, and two free child tickets come with every adult ticket. reservations are required. Call 229-333-2150 for more information. feeling unsafe as a result,” the mission statement said. “Being in charge of our sexual lives should not mean that we are opening ourselves to an expectation of violence, regardless if we participate in sex for pleasure or work. no one should equate enjoying sex with attracting sexual assault.” Support for the movement among faculty and students has been well received. “We sent out a mass-email and we only had about two negative replies concerning the name of the event,” Sumner said. “We’ve been asked to change the name, move the location and to just

Fri., april 20 a radio and speakers were reported stolen from a car in the oak Street parking lot. a bookbag containing a laptop and laptop accessories was reported stolen from odum Library.

Mon., april 23 Graffiti was found on a chiller in odum Library. red pouch with credit cards and id’s reported stolen.

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! $

new U Even

Middle school Mathematics Tournament 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. - VSu Magnolia rooms - the department of Mathematics & Computer Science and the department of Middle, Secondary, reading, and deaf education will host the 12th annual Middle School Mathematics tournament on May 1, at VSu in the Magnolia rooms from 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. interested middle schools or individuals should contact dr. andreas Lazari at 229-333-7154 or dr. ellice Martin at 229-3335657. May 3 eleventh annual Multicultural sankofa 7 p.m. - Student union theater

plain out not do it.” for more information on the Slut Walk, visit the facebook page: Slut Walk Valdosta. only about five percent of rape incidents are reported to the police, but most women on campus will tell you they’ve been in a threatening situation. Students can find out how safe their campuses are by creating an account and logging on to the website of Students active for ending rape. Students can also organize their own campaigns to make their campus a safer place for both women and men, just like the women of VSu.

sun., april 22 a computer and laptop were reported stolen from odum Library. Some things were reported stolen from odum Library.

sat., april 21 a student reported a debit card stolen.

annual Campus Recreation Faculty and staff Golf Tournament 8 a.m. - Stone Creek Golf Club this 4-person scramble is $60 a person, which includes 18 holes, cart, bucket of balls, lunch, refreshments and prizes. registration deadline is april 27 at 3 p.m.

Check out the web Spectator for more news including coverage of VSU’s On Tap release event.

Police Briefs Thurs., april 19 a red Mongoose moutain bike was reported missing from in bike racks in front of the Campus recreation Center. a bike was reported stolen from Lowndes residence Hall. a laptop was reported stolen from the fine arts Building.

May 1

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aPrIl 26, 2O12

Our point of view...

Scream it loud and proud t

he first amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.” Within the past year especially, americans have taken advantage of this right. Much of the public was outraged at rick Perry’s campaign commercial in which he boasts about his Christian values. the occupy Wall Street movement addressed the last two provisions of the first amendment by inspiring people across the country to come together in solidarity.

a more recent incident took place on april 13 in British Columbia. though Canada doesn’t fall under the u.S. Constitution, we include it here because this situation could happen anywhere., a Canadian news website, reported on a controversy started by a student’s photography class project. the photo was of a woman in traditional islamic dress folding laundry. the controversial aspect was that the woman was holding a bra. Sooraya Graham, the MuslimCanadian student who took the photo, told, “You often see the stereotype of the veiled woman being oppressed,” she said. “We all wear the same undergarments, do laun-

dry, go shopping. i was leaving it open-ended for others to interpret the photo in their own way.” What’s more ironic is that Graham wears the niqab herself. a faculty member felt that the photo was offensive and removed it. the dean of the university came to her aid, defending her right to freedom of expression. We hope that VSu stands by students in such a situation. By what we’ve observed, VSu works to ensure freedoms of speech and expression. it’s policy. on page 70 of the student handbook is VSu’s General Public forum Venue Policy which states, “[VSu] embraces the value of free speech and provides numerous opportunities for free speech.

examples of free speech opportunities include, but are not limited to uncensored: plays, lectures, entertainment, classroom discussions, concerts, art exhibitions and student sponsored programs and activities, which take place at various venues including classrooms, auditoria, and the campus green.” the university cannot regulate what is said, which means we have freedom of expression. We can wear t-shirts with sayings. We can hang sheet signs. We can talk to anybody, regardless of sex, color or creed. We have the freedom, and the right, to express ourselves. use it wisely, but most importantly, just use it.

Garrison Muelhausen/The Spectator

This editorial was written by Amber Smith( and it expresses the general opinion of the editorial staff.

Driving has distractions Joe Adgie S ta f f W r i t e r

as you prepare for final exams, summer, graduation, or whatever else is on your mind, the last thing you are probably thinking about is traffic safety. as you leave Valdosta State for the summer (or maybe for good), you might not even be worrying about those around you. Speaking from experience, this is a mistake. i was coming back to VSu early because i needed to work on a group project, when i got distracted. i looked to the left and saw a huge crowd of people outside a school, and when i got my

eyes back on the road, i was six inches from piling into the back of a ford explorer. i still recall the impact, and i remember it as if it happened just a few minutes ago. the memory of you smashing into a parked SuV at 45 mph probably wouldn’t leave the mind very easily. i recall my glasses being knocked off, and the bruises from where the seatbelt was, and the pain. But i was lucky. damn lucky. a lot of people aren’t quite so lucky. the national Highway traffic Safety administration reported that in 2010, over 3,000 people were killed in accident when the driver was distracted, and that’s far too many. of course, it doesn’t just involve just moving your eyes

from the road. as someone who has survived an accident caused by distracted driving, i cringe whenever i see someone on their cell phone talking, or worse, texting. there are few phone calls in this world that are worth the trouble of risking your own life, and there are a hell of a lot less texts – none, i would say – that are worth the risk. You and you alone can stop yourself from this. Keep your eyes on the road. Put away the cell phone – or better yet, unless you have to take a phone call that is life threatening or urgent to those close to you, turn the damn thing off. You can talk to people later. You can respond to your texts later.

People Poll:

Besides, you are behind the wheel of a lethal weapon. nothing more, nothing less. You are not superman, and you are not invincible. one moment of distraction, one moment of reading a text from your friend and responding “oMG LoL”, one moment of having to calm down the kids in the back seat, one moment of looking elsewhere from the road, and you could wind up in the back of another car, or around a tree, or worse- dead. don’t let that happen to you as you head home and enjoy your summer. don’t become another statistic, and if you are indeed returning to Valdosta State in august, be able to make it back in one piece.

What are you excited about doing during the summer break? Tekeyah Martin sophomore speech pathology major “Going home. Getting the chance to be with my family for a little while.”

Letters to the Editor i am writing to rebuke several claims of an opinions article, entitled “VSu events running on empty”, within the april 19th edition of the Spectator. as reservations Coordinator of the Student union, i was surprised by the claims of the writer, as many were grossly overstated. i am concerned with the facts behind the opinions article as no one from the Student union reservation office, Student Life or event Services were contacted to check facts for the article. Student organizations are given ample opportunities within the Student union and event Services to successfully plan their event. as both reserving offices understand student organizations, and even faculty and staff at times, believe our policies to be erroneous, those policies are set in place to ensure all student organizations have ample opportunity to be successful on campus. Student organizations are encouraged to begin planning their event well in advance to guarantee their event is successful, but while the Student organizations can plan their events in the Student union at least one semester in advance, Student organizations fail to comprehend that class schedules take time to set, and must be completely verified before Student organiza-

tions can begin reserving classroom spaces on campus; this is completely out of event Services’ hands. all Student organizations are given the same opportunities when it comes to reserving spaces on campus; each reserving office has a set date in which Student organizations may begin requesting for the following semester. While the author claims “simple student interest groups get run over by those with more power, or those with a pitiable cause”, this claim is completely invalid. all Student organizations are treated with the same respect, regardless of their type, platform, member number, etc. While the larger groups tend to submit their requests farther in advance, it is not a testament of the treatment of the reserving offices in terms of these Student organizations, but simply an instance in which they tend to plan farther in advance than other Student organizations. With regards to the campus advertisement opinions, i believe the Student Life office has been more than accommodating to Student organizations when approving their flyers and campus marketing tools. a Student organization can simply visit the Student Life office for five minutes and have a sheet sign, fliers and

anything else approved. trish taylor in the Student Life office, has seen it as her duty to ensure the process is clean and simple for Student organizations seeking to market their events. at this point, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the Student organization to begin marketing their event in advance to ensure a successful turn out for their event. Lastly, in regards to the reserving offices and the other parties involved in “loosening the leash”, policies are set in place not to control Student organizations, as the author would believe, but to ensure all Student organizations are able to be successful at VSu. i believe the Student union and event Services has been more than accommodating to the needs of Student organizations, and understand where those needs stem from, as many of us have been involved in Student organizations at VSu or are continuing to advise several Student organizations. We allow Student organizations to submit their event requests online, email us revisions or cancellations, call us with concerns, at the point of signing the contract, is the only time the student has to visit our offices, but it is in no way the only time we want students to visit our offices.

We encourage feedback from students and Student organizations. if there is a more efficient way in which our offices can provide services to the Student organizations of VSu, we all would be more than happy to listen and engage in conversation with any student. But the simple request of getting rid of a policy in which a Student organizations does not like, is not a viable solution. in response to the author, while i can see they have spoken to a fellow student regarding the issues they may be facing when reserving locations on campus, it would be appreciated if they would validate their facts with either the Student union or event Services before they attack our policies and procedures. feeding fuel to the flame with unwarranted or false accusations is not a professional or accurate procedure to writing an article of opinion within any type of publication. i hope to hear from a writer in the future and would be more than willing to answer any questions regarding reserving policies or procedures at VSu. thank you for your time, alisha stabler Program Coordinator-student life, vsu

Raves of the week

Rant of Rants of the the Week Week

“the events and activities are great. they are diverse and there’s a variety.”-T’khira smith, junior, communication science and disorders major

“We should be able to park closer to the school, since we live on campus.” -khiry veney, freshman, theatre major

“the rec Center has a lot of fun stuff, like Zumba.” -Reneida Parker, second bachelor’s, communication science and disorders major

“Palms dining should not close at 8 p.m. Hunger does not stop at eight. We don’t have leisure money to just go grocery shopping.” -stafford addison, freshman, undeclared major

“Some of the community service work has improved this semester. We need to make a decent effort.” -spencer van horn, junior, sociology major

“i don’t like the sand in the dirt. When i got here it wasn’t what i thought. it’s just dead lawn.” -david hawthorne, freshman, mass media/dance major

sports editor: eric Jackson Photo editor: J. daniel Young Multimediaeditor: Jacob McWhorter web designer: rebecka Mcaleer Copy editor: Shambree Wartel Cartoonist: Garrison Muelhausen Faculty advisers: dr. Pat Miller, dr. ted Geltner Reporters/Photographers: trevor Smith, Maya Kellam, d,

“relaxing, seeing my mom, spending more time with my family.”

James Bassford senior general studies major “Studying abroad in Germany. the new culture and different environment will be great.”

Rachel Flickinger graduate marriage and family therapymajor “i’m going to new York in June. other than that i have classes full time.”

Marlon Tiller junior biology major “Summer school and volunteering at the hospital off campus.”

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Xxxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005

Xxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005


Disney arrives at production crossroads an entertainment writer analyzes disney’s decision to drop its studio head after a $200 million loss Patrick Goldstein M C t a rt i C L e Los Angeles Times

i'd be lying if i said i knew exactly why rich ross got the ax as head of disney Studios on friday after barely two years in the job. But like a lot of people in Hollywood, i'd also be lying if i said i knew why he got the job in the first place. ross was a pure-blooded tV guy. He had a long, successful stint running the disney Channel, which is a huge profit center in the disney universe. then, in fall 2009, disney chief Bob iger unceremoniously showed studio head dick Cook the door, ending his four-decade career at the company. People in showbiz were amazed when iger plucked

ross from relative obscurity to take over the studio. But the message from iger was clear: disney needs new blood. actors, directors and other talent may move between tV and film with ease these days. But showbiz executives tend to become specialists at an early age; tV is tV and film is film. and in a business where relationships make the world go 'round, ross had no real juice with any top Hollywood talent. iger, however, believed it was time to shake up the cobwebby confines of disney. it's been clear for years that iger, a onetime tV guy himself, is impatient with all of the old ways of doing business in Hollywood, which is why he was the first studio chief to butt heads with theater owners over moving up the release dates of dVds. unlike a host of top executives who have lost their jobs because they made bad movies, ross, i'd argue, is out on the street largely because he's the fall guy for a series of questionable executive hirings at the studio. after all, ross was only doing iger's bidding by shaking up the studio. all sorts of executives have come and gone, leaving the place in the hands of people who

had no real experience doing the jobs they were asked to do. People who did business at disney often came away asking the same question--who actually had the institutional memory to know what they were doing? ross was head of the studio, but had no experience running a movie studio. He hired (and then fired) Mt Carney as the studio's head of marketing, even though Carney, who'd run a small marketing boutique in new York, had no experience running a big studio marketing machine. Still on board is Sean Bailey, the studio's head of production, who has earned mixed reviews. a former producer, he has had no experience overseeing a studio slate. Having a bunch of rookies running a studio has stymied disney's reinvention efforts. this was especially evident in the handling of "John Carter," the costly live-action adventure film directed by andrew Stanton that was greenlighted under Cook and released this March to a chorus of bad buzz and lousy reviews. it quickly ended up as the studio's biggest flop in years. Stanton had unparalleled success as a Pixar writer-director,

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with films including "finding nemo" and "Wall-e." But he'd never made a live-action film before, and seemed miscast as a director of a $200 million-plus epic adventure. if "John Carter" had been made at a studio with experienced studio executives, Stanton might have gotten some push back before he plunged off the cliff. But no one in the disney hierarchy, certainly not ross, had the credibility to tell the filmmaker that he was running off the rails. disney made things worse when Carney

“In a business where relationships make the world go ‘round, ross had no real juice with any top Hollywood talent.” - PaTRiCk GoldsTein

decided to shorten the film's title to "John Carter" from "John Carter of Mars," making it feel less magical and more mundane. i suspect there are a lot of other

issues that helped bring ross' brief tenure to a close. When he got around to greenlighting a film, the result was "Prom," a forgettable piece of teen fluff that barely grossed $10 million. He has a few tent-pole movies in the works, notably "the Lone ranger" and "oz: the Great and Powerful," but he hasn't appeared especially decisive when it came to stepping up to the plate and pushing product through the system. "alice in Wonderland," started during the Cook administration, was a huge hit, but it took ross and Co. nearly a year to move ahead with a sequel, something that should've been a nobrainer. it would be silly to claim that ross' departure portends the downfall of disney. the studio is poised to enjoy what may be its biggest hit in years with the arrival of "the avengers" in May. of course, it's a Marvel film, not a disney project, but give iger the credit for bringing Marvel into the disney fold, a deal that looks like a long-term winner. disney's aBC network is also in the midst of a turnaround, and its eSPn is easily the most valuable brand in sports. it says a lot about the shrinking importance of movie studios that

Sudoku Answers

every week, the opinions section of the Spectator is willing to print any letter that a reader might send to our paper. We reserve the right to edit the letters, but we welcome opinions on any subjects. Send an email to our opinions editor next semester. While we try our best to print the most interesting, relevant, and accurate stories possible, we acknowledge that there is the possibility that one of our writers could make a mistake. if you notice inaccuracies, have additional information about a subject in one of our article, or just want to share another point of view, send us your thoughts and we’ll print them. thank you.


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the $200 million write-off for "John Carter" made hardly a blip on the stock market radar screen. disney has the kind of deep pockets that will allow it to survive and flourish for years. But now that iger has another bite at the apple, what will he do to bring some new life to the movie studio? is it time to put an old hand at the tiller, someone with decades of experience and finely tuned creative instincts? or will iger double down on another newcomer? if you study the history of Hollywood, the track record for outsiders isn't especially good, especially ones like ross who had a touch of arrogance about their own gifts. it was hard to find anyone in the business who was rooting for him to succeed, in part because he made it so clear when he arrived that he didn't think running a studio was really that hard. as it turns out, he was wrong. it is a brutally tough job, which is why so few people have done it well. if i were Bob iger, i'd be very wary of making another bad choice. if his next pick doesn't pan out, the person getting the blame will be iger himself.

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YELLOW BLACK aPrIl 26, 2012 Xxxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005

Handler disses Jolie for Team Aninston H

ello guys and dolls! i’ve got my remote ready. are you ready to surf some channels? Click. Ladies, r&B singer Brian McKnight wants to show you how your lady parts work. McKnight is doing an adult mixtape. He has previewed a new track called “if you’re ready to learn.” Here is the chorus: “Let me show you how your (lady parts work) since you didn’t bring it to me first”. i cannot quote anymore due to the craziness of the song. We all know McKnight for his timeless ballads. this song sounds like a bad Youtube cover of a Gucci Mane song. My advice to Mr. McKnight: stick to Bet plays and love songs. one Last Cry will never be the same. Click. football Legend deion Sanders and his wife Pilar are going through a nasty divorce with both refusing to move out of their dallas mansion. Both have been spotted on the red carpet with other celebrities.

deion attended the Broadway revival of “a Streetcar named desire” with tracey edmonds, ex-wife of Babyface and ex-girlfriend of eddie Murphy. Pilar attended the “think Like a Man” premiere Click. Monday night on twitter, deion tweeted that his wife and her cousin dee came and jumped him in front of his sons. He also tweeted a photo of him and his sons filling out police reports. Pilar was arrested and her step-daughter deiondra Sanders posted her mug shot on twitter. Pilar has a busted lip in the mug shot. Let’s hope these two can work it out. on to the next. Click. Jennifer Williams of Basketball Wives: Miami wants you to know that she doesn’t fight with her hands; she fights with the judicil system. Williams’ is suing nia Crooks, assistant to William’s former Bff, evelyn Lozada, for assault and battery. i can’t say i’m mad at Jenn for

hitting her purse and not her face. nia might want to ask evelyn for a raise. Click. rosie o’donnell is not supporting Lindsay Lohan’s decision to play elizabeth taylor in a Lifetime biopic.

Pop Addict Maya Kellam tuesday on the today Show, in an interview with Matt Lauer and donny deutsch, deutsch alluded to Lohan being the Liz of this generation. rosie replied: “You're out of your mind! You're a crackhead! the last thing she did good she was sixteen. i don't think she's right for the role and i don't think she's capable at this point

Don’t forget--the Spec Tech video review contest ends on May 1st! Submit a video of you reviewing an electronic device, video game, or any other form of tech to YouTube.

to portray that character.” i guess we know who will not be watching the biopic. Click. Chelsea Handler believes that angelina Jolie can’t be trusted. Handler, who is very close with Jennifer aniston, is clearly “team aniston”. in a recent interview with More Magazine, Handler said this about Jolie: “She doesn’t strike me as someone i would have a close friendship with. You just know as a woman, when you see another woman, if that’s a woman you can trust.” this isn’t the first time Handler has something to say about Jolie. She has called her a homewrecker in the past. this feud doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. Click. nicki Minaj wants all you Kenz and Barbz to know that she deleted her twitter because a voice in her head told her to. dear old nicki, where art thou? Click. dick Clark passed on april 18 at the age of 82 after suffering a

massive stroke. Clark was known as the world’s oldest teenager. Click. Speaking of dick Clark, his mini me, ryan Seacrest, has just signed a $30 million deal with american idol to continue to host the show. i wonder if he could use a co-host. Click. Steve Harvey has something to celebrate. His film “think Like a Man” has knocked off Hunger Games as the #1 movie in america. the movie reached $33 million at the box office. Congratulations to Mr. Harvey and his moustache. Click. Megan fox is pregnant with her first child by her hubby Brian austin Green. Green has son Kassius, 10, with his former girlfriend actress Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo. Congrats to fox on her first pregnancy. Click. ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis were spotted together in a small beach town called Carpin-

teria, Ca. Could this be more than a “that’s 70’s Show” reunion? Click. Keeping up the Kardashians is going to be on your tube for three more years. the Kardashian family signed a $40 million dollar deal with e! do you guys still want to keep up with the Kardashians? Click. on tuesday, Glee did an episode dedicated to the late and great Whitney Houston. the highlight was an acapella version of “How Will i Know.” to be honest they should have allowed amber riley’s character Mercedes to sing every song. i love Glee, but this episode did not live up to the hype. this tweet perfectly describes a lot of the “gleeks” opinion: “why doesn’t @MsamberPriley have any solos??? i was banking on her opening the floodgates of my soul.” it has been a fun ride with you my guys and dolls. now make sure you come out to 1.5 minutes of fame today.

Tech Day Challenge Course:

Spec Tech

with Steven Setser Once it is on YouTube, email me the URL link at The winner’s video will be shown on the Spec Tech blog at next week. Good luck to everyone!


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Photo by Denise Pleasant / THE SPECTATOR CORE hosted a free Tech Day Challenge course Tuesday. The course consisted of climbing a 40 ft. cargo net, balancing on boards of wood while hanging onto rope, balancing on a wire (like a tightrope) while hanging onto rope and then ziplining down. Here, Ashley Hamilton tries her own hand at climbing the cargo net!

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aPrIl 26, 2012

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Guns for Hire: punk with a ‘twang’ Amanda Usher a S S t. o P i n i o n S editor

two VSu students have aimed to make a name for themselves with their band “Guns for Hire.” the band consists of four members. Lead singer Cody Gibson, a junior mass media major, plays guitar and writes some of the band’s songs along with Hunter Gregg, a sophomore biology major. Johnathon Miller is the lead guitarist, and Luke Morgan plays as drummer. Morgan and Gregg both played in two other bands together prior to Guns for Hire. Gibson formed the band in January on his own. He got the idea for the group name from a song by Bruce Springsteen titled “dancing in the dark.”

in the song, there’s a line that says, “this gun’s for hire even if we’re just dancing in the dark.” the band has performed at places such as Blue Pub, 6 Shooters Saloon and Mellow. they also play at private parties

the band’s influences vary depending on the member. Some like Machine Head, Pantera and

Primus, and some like Hank Williams. Guns for Hire has a mixture of

songs with topics ranging from relationship issues to violence. the band said that their lyrics

“ music is like having sex. It’s personal.” - Cody GiBson GunS for Hire Lead SinGer

and biker rallies. Gregg and Gibson described their sound as being “cowpunk.” this is punk music with a “twang.” according to them, famous bands that also fall under this category are Social distortion, flat tires, Lucero and drive-By truckers.

Photo Courtesy of Guns for Hire From left: Cody Gibson, Luke Morgan, Johnathon Miller, Hunter Gregg make up the band Guns for Hire. The band has been together since January, performing at places such as the Blue Pub and Shooters Saloon. Here the band is pictured at local sports bar, Mellow.

are more like stories than typical song lyrics. one of their favorite parts about performing is the fact that people actually know some of their songs. “it’s fun to have people singing along,” Gibson said. Gregg agreed that one of the benefits was fame. “We like to show off,” he said. “We’re a super group.” they hope to one day begin touring and get their music out to more of the public. Guns for Hire isn’t just a band; they’re a family of brothers,” Gregg said. “We’re all pretty close.” these four brothers feel passionately about what they do as they love the rebellious nature of their music. Gibson has one thing to say about it. “Music is like having sex,” he said. “it’s personal.”

Do’s and don’ts of breaking up B

reaking up is hard to do. this is a cliché that finds its way around town quite

a lot. it’s natural for a person’s emotions to diminish, but that person has to handle it with the proper care. if you approach breaking up with a partner carefully and maturely, you’ll lessen the chances for fighting and a broken heart. it’s hard for people to hear that their partners want to end the relationship. With these few easy steps, you can make it not only easier on the other person, but yourself, as well. 1.know why you are breaking up. People like answers—especially people who are hurting. they want to know why you want to end the relationship—no matter how long or how short it is. in order to end the relationship, you have to know how to

explain why you don’t want to be in it anymore. Knowing why benefits both of you; that way you can both learn from the experience. a person can use your break-up reasons to help them know what and what not to do in his or her next relationship. the best way to understand your reasons, if you are still debating whether breaking up is worth the trouble or not, is to make a pros and cons list. develop a list that examines everything that is good in the relationship as well as everything that is bad. 2.Make sure the break-up is done FaCe-To-FaCe. Sending text messages or leaving voicemails is childish, immature and should be frowned

upon. You’re already risking hurting that person by breaking up with him or her, so at least have the courage to do it in person. in our eyes, being a coward is equivalent to breaking up with

lame.” Keep in mind that any form of written or recorded communication may come back to haunt you as text messages can be showed to other people and voicemails can be played again. 3. don’t be cruel while telling that person that you want to break up. now that you know why you want to break up, figure out how you want to tell With Amanda Usher that person. & Jennifer Gleason Being cruel and thoughtless in your break-up has that person any other way but in the potential to damage that perperson. son severely. remember that you You have to do it face-to-face once cared, or you still care if you're in a serious relationabout, this person. He or she is a ship,” rich Santos, dating bloghuman and has feelings that may ger for Marie Claire, said. “takbe a little sensitive at this point. ing the easy way out is pretty Being ruthless is not a good


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trait to have. You wouldn’t want someone to be harsh to you, so don’t be harsh to someone else. 4. Get rid of evidence of the relationship. anything and everything that reminds you of your partner should be hidden, or thrown away, if you choose. it will be harder to get through the pain and shock of that person not being in your life anymore if you still have pictures of them and gifts from them strewn around the room. if you make the decision to keep things from the relationship, keep it out-of-sight. don’t look at it again until you feel you have gotten over the breakup. Keep in mind that memories are memories—lessons learned and all that jazz. 5. Remember, the pain doesn’t last forever and you will get over it, eventually. Well, that’s self-explanatory.


relationships come, relationships go that’s just the way of life and how it flows no one expects a breakup to show its ugly face it comes in at its own pace it can creep and sneak up on you or it can quickly pop up into view it needs to be handled with care Since all kinds of emotions will fly around in air a break-up is not much to worry about, though from experience, this is what we know



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YELLOW BLACK aPrIl 26, 2012

MPAA gives ‘Bully’ PG-13 rating CONNIE OGLE MCt for a film that understandably only scratches the surface of its topic, "Bully" carries a devastating emotional punch. a powerful examination of aggressive behavior in american schools--much of it unchecked by administrators, law enforcement, parents or any adult in authority--the movie focuses on a handful of families affected by bullying, some to a devastating extent. the film will leave you spent, disturbed and sorrowful--and all too aware of ugly truths about human tendencies. But buckle up. With its desired rating now official --the MPaa ordered an r at first for a

couple of barely discernible f bombs but has since acquiesced to director Lee Hirsch's refusal to cut a pivotal scene and agreed to a PG-13--"Bully" is mandatory viewing for kids, parents, teachers, administrators, school liaison officers --anyone connected with education as well as anyone who believes today's kids are just too coddled. Hirsch, known for the antiapartheid documentary "amandla! a revolution in four Part Harmony," chose families in oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia and iowa for the project, and he opens the film with david Long, a Murray County, Ga., father with a haunted air, talking about his son tyler, who had a form of asperger's syndrome and suffered years of teasing at school-until he hanged himself in a clos-

et at 17. from there, Hirsch introduces us to other kids, notably 12-yearold alex from Sioux City, iowa, oldest in a family of five children. alex also has asperger's and endures physical and psychological torture aboard his school bus. other kids threaten to kill him, stab him with pencils. alex, though, doesn't let on to his parents what's happening; he calls the boys who pick on him his friends. "People call me fish face," he tells the camera matter of factly. "i don't mind." You will mind, though. Hirsch obtained surprising access to alex's school and bus, and what happens to alex there is the stuff of every child's nightmares.

When pressed by alex's worried parents, school officials prove shockingly clueless or inept. if you wonder why east Middle allowed such access and then behaved so cavalierly: a Sioux City superintendent recently told the Washington Post that the filmmaking was approved because of a school system partnership with the Waitt institute for Violence Prevention and that administrators hoped the movie would showcase the school's successes. instead, its staff comes off as villains or imbeciles. Hirsch also introduces Kelby, a teenage lesbian who had to quit her oklahoma high school basketball team because no one would play with her, and Ja'Maya, a baby-faced 14-year-old stuck in the juvenile justice sys-

tem because she brought her mother's gun on the bus and threatened the students who were picking on her. (Yes, parents: Your fed-up teenager knows where you keep that gun.) Hirsch had no access to Kelby's school, but her father's admission that discovering he had a gay child "has made me completely re-evaluate who and what i am" resonates deeply. Ja'Maya's story is the least effective dramatically; despite some grainy footage of what happened on her bus, there's no real, immediate narrative. Hirsch uses her as a cautionary tale of what might happen when a child is pushed too far, but purely from a audience's viewpoint, her segments feel dragged out and repetitive. as probing as it is, "Bully"

Valdosta Orchestra hosts April’s ‘Musical Pictures’ Kyara Thompson S ta f f W r i t e r

Valdosta Symphony orchestra will present the “Musical Pictures” concert this month, which will be held in the Whitehead auditorium in the fine arts building. the Valdosta Symphony is comprised of professional musicians and VSu students that will play a variety of instruments including violins, cellos, flutes, trumpets, and trombones. “there will also be a wide array of percussion instruments including tympani, bass drum and castanets,” dr. Howard Hsu, assistant professor of music, and director of orchestra studies, said. the concerts consist of a Youth Concert and a family Concert. the Youth Concert will be held tomorrow at 10 a.m. “this concert is specially designed to be a musical and edu-

cational experience for younger students ranging from elementary school through high school,” Hsu said.

“for example, in the Vivaldi four Seasons (featuring VSo Concertmaster nina Lutz and violin soloist), you can hear birdcalls, a bubbling stream and thunder and lightning.” Youth concerts are ...this vivid music held four times per year by will evoke images in VSo. “every year, the VSo the minds of the invites music educators audience. can throughout South Georgia to bring their students to athear birdcalls, a tend,” he said. “this free bubbling stream and youth concert will be a delight for all in attendance.” thunder and the family Concert will be performed on Sunday lightning. at 3 p.m. and is free to all - dR. howaRd hsu VSu students. direCtor of orCHeStra StudieS “this concert is a performance for families,” Hsu the program will include said. “our audience is primarily many different types of music from the Valdosta area, though that will be played by the orwe do draw from throughout chestra. Southern Georgia and northern “feature selections include florida as well.” classical music composed by also one of the main features, rossini, Wagner, debussy, Vithe concert will showcase artvaldi and ravel, and this vivid work by local children projected music will evoke images in the in video during the performance. minds of the audience,” he said.

An Editor’s Daring Departure:

Ready to leave the school’s safety net Mikayla Beyer oPinionS

i’m ready to move on.


My time at the Spectator is drawing to a conclusion. i’m heading into a new world as a writer, an actor, and an adult. in California, no less. Score! a lot of graduating students i’ve known have spoken of their overwhelming sense of sadness at leaving college. they expressed how un-adult they felt, and how fearful they were of taking care of themselves without the safety net of school. i don’t share their sadness.

“ ...I’m looking forward to finding new outlets for my creativity and energy.” - Mikayla BeyeR oPinionS editor

the Spectator has been a learning experience, one full of kind people and grueling schedules. it taught me about team-

work, resilience, and working on a deadline. But i’m looking forward to finding new outlets for my creativity and energy. i liked being a college student. But i love being an adventurer so much more. if i stayed in Valdosta, my growth as an artist and a person would be more stunted than the economy. Be happy for me when you read this. Leonard Cohen once sang, “there’s a blaze of light in every word/it doesn’t matter which you heard.” i took what i could from this college, this town, and its people. i’ll miss you. Peace.

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raises disquieting questions it doesn't attempt to answer. are kids who live in urban areas equally as susceptible to bullying?What about the parents of the bullies? are they uncaring, overprotective, ignorant? is there any hope that a society that rewards aggressive male behavior can change to become more compassionate? Can an openly gay teenager ever be safe from ridicule when religious figures and politicians continue to demonize homosexuality publically? there's no way to come up with solid conclusions in one small documentary. But at least Hirsch, who tries hard to end on a hopeful note, has insisted on a vital discussion.



aPrIl26, 2012

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Page9 |VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm

The Blazers come back to earth heading into the post-season Eric Jackson S P o rt S e d i to r

the no.1 Valdosta State Blazer softball team is very capable of winning a national championship as long as they remember to keep their “eye on the prize.” a familiar phrase said by senior ace alanna Hadley was used to describe her team trying to achieve their ultimate goal. the regular season is over and the post-season begins with the 2012 Gulf South Conference tournament. despite delta State snapping their 36 game-winning streak during last Sunday’s finale, the Blazers plan to rejuvenate from the loss bringing them back to earth. Senior Marti Littlefield agrees that her team will use the defeat to benefit them entering the climax of the season. “We needed it,” Littlefield said. “it was an eye opener. We just felt unstoppable and to lose like that it showed us you never know what can happen.” the Blazers will travel to Mississippi as they attempt to claim their 4th GSC title straight. the three-time defending champs face West Georgia first in the quarterfinals of the GSC tournament. this season the Blazers have outscored the Wolves 39-8 and

Mac ingram/ The Spectator Courtney Albritton takes batting practice with her teammates Wednesday. The freshman earned both conference honors of Freshman of the Year and Player of the Year.

won all four meetings. Head Coach thomas Macera, who recently was named GSC Coach of the Year, is a fond believer that statistics doesn’t mean much when tournament time comes around.

“We can’t look past anybody. anybody can beat anybody on any given day in baseball or softball. You have to show up. as good as a hitting team that we are, if we don’t hit we lose,” Macera said.

if the Blazers manage to win another consecutive conference title, there is no doubt that they’ll have enough momentum to win the national tournament. following the GSC tournament, the nCaa South regional

VSU’s Nate Anderson wins GSC golf title Junior nate anderson defeated north alabama's ty Chandler, the second ranked player in nCaa division ii, after he parred the first play off hole on his way to earning medalist honors at the 2012 Gulf South Conference Championships tuesday at the par 71, 6,745 yard timberline Golf Club.

games will begin. uGa transfer Hadley, who was 22-2 in the regular season, was a key addition to this year’s squad and the Blazers will need her to continue to have great outings if they want to make a run.

Interested in being a sports writer next fall? Email:

(TMT Staff Photo/ Christopher R. Vinn)


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“We have to come to play every game and perform with pitching, defense, and hitting. We can’t look down the road to the championship,” the GSC pitcher of the year, Hadley said. “if we do that, i feel confident in myself and the girls that can win.” freshman phenom Courtney albritton led the conference in runs scored this season and her firepower will make a difference. Luckily, the Blazers return seven players who were apart of the 2010 team that made it to the Big dance. VSu has been ranked no.1 the past five weeks and players especially the seniors know how important gaining momentum is heading in the postseason. “We had a hot streak all year but if we don’t have a hot streak at the tournament, we don’t stand a chance,” Littlefield said. VSu now finishes the regular season (42-3) (26-1) and is prepared for their next opponents they’ll compete against on their path to their ultimate goal which isn’t winning another conference title. “this team has enough ability to win a national championship,” Coach Macera said. “it’s a great group of girls, it’s been a great year, it’s been a lot of fun, and hopefully it’s not over yet.”



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SPorTS xxxxx

Xxxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005 THE VALDOSTA DAILY TIMES XX

MCT campus NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant lead their teams into the playoffs in hopes of winning a world championship. Both players rank among top of the league in scoring and efficiency.

Students make predictions on NBA playoffs, MVP candidates Maya Kellam S ta f f


as the regular season concludes, a hot topic amongst nBa fans these days is who going to win the regular season’s most valuable player award and what team could potentially take it all. the debate about the MVP award has become a two man race between Kevin durant and LeBron James. Both guys are very important to their teams and are having great statistical seasons. durant is on his way to scoring his third straight scoring title. While durant is averaging 27.9 points, 8.0 rebounds, and 3.5 assist, James is averaging 27.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 6.2 assist. their numbers are so similar making this race very interesting. durant seems to think that James deserves the honor. durant told the oklahoman, “He deserves all the love (for MVP).He's playing phenomenal basketball. i'm just trying to get better every

single game and trying to help my team as much as i can. i'm just blessed to be in that conversation.” Several Valdosta State university students don’t seem to agree with durant. “i think durant is going to be the MVP because the thunder wouldn’t be where they are without him,” Samson adeboye, senior philosophy major said.. “i feel the Heat can without LeBron even though his numbers are better.” the debate between who deserves the award most can go on forever and unlike most seasons there isnt anyone who is a definite winner. Chad ross, a sophomore biology major, although a LeBron fan thinks Kevin durant will be MVP. “durant will be MVP because america already gave one to Lebron and he didn’t complete the MVP status with a championship so america will give durant the chance this time”, ross said. Sabir Muhammad, a junior mass media major feels that James will win but that is not his

first choice. “i think the regular season MVP to me should be tony Parker, but they might give it to LeBron anyways. i don’t think he (LeBron James) deserves it more than tony, but with the type of spotlight LeBron and Miami have its easy to overlook less entertaining teams like the Spurs,” Muhammad said. the San antonio Spurs have the no.1 seed in the West and have been playing spectacular basketball. under Coach Greg Popovich, a candidate for Coach of the Year, it’s a wonder why the Spurs being overlooked. Let’s not forget the last time that there was a condensed season the Spurs beat the aging new York Knicks. San antonio has been under the radar all season long winning games with unpopular players. abedoye like Muhammad doesn’t count the Spurs out. “i pick the Spurs to win it all because they are my favorite team and they are hot right now,”abedoye said. “i see a Heat-Spurs final. i pick the Heat


because they are the best team in the east. i say it will be a seven game series with Spurs taking it all and tony Parker as the finals MVP.” the Spurs are 1-0 in finals against LeBron James. “i say Miami wins a 4-2 series to the thunder,”ross said. “they (Miami Heat) have the experience and LeBron will win the MVP because american loves to hate you and love you”. the young oKC team, the aging Spurs, or the showtime Lakers will compete to represent the West in the nBa finals. “i predict a thunderBulls final with oKC winning in six games and K.d. winning MVP”, Muhammad said. Predictions are nice, but be prepared for a shocking post season. never count the underdog out and never doubt the power that veteran teams have. So buckle and enjoy the ride that is going to be the 2012 nBa playoffs.

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Photos contributed by Tammy Greenway Autistic kids like Cade Greenway through the “Big Brother” program, have the oppourtunity to make a new friend. Blazer offensive linemen Cameron Short loves giving back and being a mentor in the community. .

VSU football players give back Amanda Usher a S S t. o P i n i o n S


two offensive linemen from the Valdosta State Blazer football team gave a helping hand at raising autism awareness as they volunteered their time to help autistic kids in the community. autism is a brain disorder that causes social awkwardness, the inability to communicate and odd behavior patterns, according to the national institute of neurological disorders and Stroke. Cameron Short, senior speech communications major, and Mesh Wokomaty, senior speech communications major, participate in the “Big Brother” program that began with Lance Helton and Kyle fox, two former offensive linemen for VSu. the program has existed for two years, but Short and Wokomaty have only been participating for one year.

they were asked by Helton and fox to keep the program going after they graduated. each had to go through a background check. they mentor the son of physical education teacher, tammy Greenway and she has connected them with other parents and children. the two seniors are instructed to meet with the children in pairs and the children can’t be away from their parents due to their autism. though they receive community hours for it, Short says that those hours don’t matter. “the more involved we get, the more personal it becomes,” Short said. they both agree that this experience is one that is humbling and Short agrees that it helps a person realize the possibilities of parenting a child with special needs. they’ve developed a relationship and a bond with these kids.

“You get a connection with them,” Wokomaty said. these football players believe that more could be done to raise awareness. Wokomaty suggested maybe starting a small organization at VSu and then expanding it to the Valdosta community. early symptoms of autism include no babbling or pointing by one-years-old, no response to name, loss of language or social skills, poor eye contact and no smiling or social responsiveness. Later indicators comprise of impaired ability to make friends with peers, impaired ability to initiate or sustain a conversation with others and absence or impairment of imaginative and social play. according to WebMd, for every 88 children, one will be diagnosed with autism. WebMd has also said that autism has increased by 23 percent since 2006.

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