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Thursday November 10, 2011

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Blazers must beat UNA to save season Blazers to play North Alabama Saturday at 2 p.m in Bazemore-Hyder stadium Chris Natch s ta f f


following two tough conference losses the Blazers football team is faced with a must win situation against the University of North alabama saturday. against west Georgia and for the second game in a row, VsU took a lead late into the fourth quarter, only to give up a goahead touchdown with little time remaining. the loss dropped VsU to 6-3 on the season and 1-2 in conference. “it was disappointing,” Head Coach David Dean said. “we basically had everything in our hands. we held our own destiny. if we won that game, as it turns out, it wouldn’t matter what we would have done against North alabama, and i think we would have been in the playoffs. it hurt because we basically lost it the same way as we did the week before, on the last drive of the game.”

Obama offers loan relief to students

the loss turned an already son. huge game into a must-win for “it’s a playoff mentality,” said the Blazers, if they intend on Dean.“we got to win, there’s no participating in postseason play. doubt about it. if we don’t our the good news for VsU is season is over. we got twelve they are coming off a bye week guys who do not want to play while North alabama is coming their last football game this satoff an impressive 28-3 victory urday.” over the same west Georgia team that defeated VsU the week before. “We got 12 guys who do not there’s no doubt VsU is using the bye week as want to play their last footan advantage heading into ball game this Saturday.” this saturday’s game. “when i first looked at the schedule, i thought, ‘Gosh, i hate having the off week so late in the season,’ but it turned out to be a blessing,” Dean said.“Coming off two straight losses, it gave us an opportunity to heal up, it gave us an opportunity to sit back, refocus, regroup and recharge our batteries. we’ve been able to kind of sit on it and let it build here for a couple weeks.” the bye week has also given Dean and his team a chance to reassess their mentality heading into the biggest game of the sea-

s ta f f w r i t e r

a new plan has been put into effect to help reduce the $1 trillion debt of student loans held by college graduates. the plan, currently known as the Loan forgiveness Program, was supposed to go into effect in 2014. However recent studies published by the College Board put pressure on the government to make this program go into effect next year. according to the College Board, the total student loan debt has passed $1 trillion, more than the nation’s credit card debt. the Board also estimated that the average college student will graduate with $22,000 worth of debt under his or her name. “i think it is ridiculous that trying educating yourself and making a decent living comes with such a huge finaical burden,” Michelle smith, a junior education major, said. a lot of students feel that student loans are a burden. the Loan forgiveness program is expected to help out 6 million college graduates. the program is also lowering the maximum required payment on student loans from 15 percent of discretionary income annually to 10 percent for eligible borrowers. Under the student Loan forgiveness program, the loan period is reduced from 25 years to 20 years.this indicates that if you have been paying your monthly installments on time and without

J. Daniel Young/THE SPECTATOR Sophomore quarterback Cayden Cochran hands the ball off to freshman running back Troy Braswell during the game against West Georgia Oct. 29 where Braswell rushed for 188 yards. The Blazers are in a must win situation going into Saturdays game.

Forum raises awareness about sex trafficking Morgan McFarland s ta f f w r i t e r

William Garrett

season last year, we were not able to in the playoffs and they scored a lot more points on us,” Dean said. “Our front four has to get in there and make sure we get around the quarterback a lot. when they make catches, which they are going to do, we have to hit them. we can’t let them turn those 5, 6, 7 yard catches into 14, 15 yard gains.” On a defense that includes 7 former Division-i players, there’s no doubt that North al- COaCH DaViD DeaN abama may have the most talented defense the Blazers will have the Blazers defense will once faced this year. However, Dean again face a very stout offense. believes his team can have sucNorth alabama ranks a top the cess against them if they do one Gulf south Conference in passthing: limit mistakes. ing offense, averaging 302 yards “we’ve got to be able to mix per game also averaging over 30 throws and runs. we can’t be points a game. one dimensional and we force it’s going to be important for them to make us one dimensionthe Blazers to put pressure on the al. we can’t make a lot of misquarterback in order to aid their takes. we can’t have penalties, defensive backs against this poturnovers, drops, missed blocks, tent pass attack. we have to perform,” said Dean. “we have to be able to put “they take advantage of a lot pressure on the quarterback and mistakes that you make and we that’s what we did in the regular don’t want to do that.”

it was the untold stories that struck the interest of students. Quintella Bohannon and shalita Dickson brought those stories to VsU. Bohannon and Dickson, both members of Delta sigma theta, presented a forum on female genital mutilation (fGM) and sex trafficking wednesday in the student Union. the purpose of the forum was to bring acknowledgement and awareness of the international issues of fGM and sex trafficking being brought to the United states, and surprisingly enough

the audience soon learned that those residencies were in fact some familiar places. the disposition of the forum fell heavy when the speakers presented the location of the 13th largest sex trafficking place in the world—atlanta, Ga. about 42 percent of the sex trafficking events happen in North Metro atlanta with young children that are around the average age of 12-14. another place familiar to all the students was Valdosta, Ga. “it takes place in some of the country areas in Valdosta,” Jillian thomas, 20, a junior nursing major said. “i’ve heard about the massage parlors and how they are really brothels.” Bohannon, an accounting major, and Dickson, an exercise

Sex Trafficking Facts and Statistics •Sex trafficking include, pornography, prostitution, sex tourism, stripping, and promises •About 1 million children are trafficked a year. •The Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 prevents the main ways most children are trafficked, which include being sold by parents, being kidnapped, false marriages, and empty promises. Graphic by Desiree Thompson

physiology major, expressed the importance of embracing other women and letting not only women know, but men as well

Zumba instructor gets special surprise from fiance s ta f f w r i t e r

Zumba instructor Deanna webb, a freshmen pre-nursing major, was surprised by her fiance, sr amn eric Dahmer during her Zumba dance class on tuesday night at the Campus recreational Center. “as soon as i stepped in there and seen her, it took a lot for me to not run up there and grab her.” said Dahmer. read the full story at m.


Question of the Week How do you feel about Joe Paterno getting fired? A. They should have let him resign. B. i don’t think he deserved it. C. Who’s Joe Paterno? Vote online at!


being the chipper excited young girl that she is.” the speakers also struck a particular emotion on the future of the students present, and some think it was because they could relate to the speakers passion on their subjects. “they were both very passionate about the message,” Bianca white, 20, a junior mass communications major said. “i think they did touch more people because they were our age.” if you are or know anyone with similar situations, Bohannon and Dickson provided the following contact information for those seeking guidance or help: to contact the National Human trafficking resource Center (NHtrC) call 1-888-373-7888.

Tuition increases 8.3 percent in Georgia Kyle Berry

See LOAN, Page 2

in last week’s issue, the spectator should have reported that Jeffery Hargo was arrested in connection with the robbery, but not convicted .

that people are all different. No matter the culture they want others to know when you judge someone you are unaware of anything they may be going through, whether it is extreme or not. the speakers shared some graphic clips and scenes to support both aspects of the presentation to help the audience truly empathize with their point of views. Bohannon and Dickson both left an impression on not only the audience, but the thought of close loved ones. “My sister is 11 so it really impacted me because the ages for the statistics were 12-14,” Dezsarae Gill, a junior said. “i couldn’t imagine seeing her change in a snap of a finger from

tuition increases, most dramatically at research institutions, are happening nationwide due to budget cuts by the state. according to the associated Press, average in-state tuition and fees at four- year public colleges rose 8.3 percent this semester, or $631 in comparison to last year. the cost of a full tuition load totals to more than $8,000.the government helps families through federal grants and tax credits.the Director of financial aid, Doug tanner, provided more in depth information about the tuition increases here at VsU. “Our tuition and fees have been going up on average of about 5 percent a year over the last few years,” tanner said. “that doesn’t include additional charges like the institutional fee that’s been added over the last three years. that started at $200 a semester and is

now up to $295 per semester.” in the past, according to tanner, most public schools like VsU have received their funding from the state, but now we are receiving less than half of our funding from the state. He said there was no way to cut fees unless the funds from the state get reinstated. “it’s difficult to do away with a fee or for tuition to go down,” tanner said. “some private school tuitions have been going down, but they had large tuitions to start with and some of them could afford to cut fees.” according to tanner tuition increased by a little lower than four percent this past year. the increases for next year won’t be calculated until the spring. Despite this, tuition increaseswill not affect rising juniors and seniors, who are protected under the state’s fixed-for-four program. this program guaranteed See TuiTiON, Page 2

Last week’s question Weather at VSU Will you take part in the upcoming election? 57 % 21% 22%

Today Friday Saturday

Yes, local government matters

No, I'm leaving the country Who cares?


Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny

Mostly Sunny

67 H 56 L 65H 33 L 72 H 40 L

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Page 2 | VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm LOAN TUITION Continued from Page 1

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defaulting for the duration of 20 years then the remainder of the student loan will be forgiven by the federal government. “i guess it’s good to hear that the time to pay it off has been reduced from 25 years to 20,” ashley smith, a sophomore business major, said. “it’s still too long in my opinion though.” the big question now is who will benefit from the student loan forgiveness program. to be eligible for the student loan forgiveness program, you must be employed full-time in an occupation which would benefit the general public such as nurses, teachers, school counselors, doctors, child welfare workers. “i will be affected by this program so it is great to know i will have help paying off my debt,” Brittany smith, a senior early childhood education major, said. “But i believe this program should help everyone because in my opinion graduating from college is serving your community.” if you are affected by this program, it is said that you will save hundreds of dollars a month that you would be using to pay off your student loans.

students the same tuition for four years. Unfortunately, this program was ended last spring by the Board of regents. in addition to tuition increases, HOPe scholarship underwent changes as well. in april, the HOPe scholarship received cuts in funding from both the state budget and lack of revenue to cover demands. with the latest HOPe bill, a student must still maintain a 3.0 GPa, but the scholarship will pay only 90 percent of tuition. the award amount for HOPe is determined using the previous academic year’s tuition payments. “we are already struggling to pay what we are now,” Maya Kellam, a senior journalism major and the spectator reporter, said. “so how do they expect us to pay this increase?” a new scholarship also came into effect with the changes made to HOPe. Named the Zell Miller scholarship after the former governor who was the founder of the program, the scholarship will pay the difference between what is paid for by the HOPe scholarship and the full tuition for a semester.

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YELLOW BLACK November 10, 2011

Huckabee visits VSU


Police Briefs

New Financial Trading Center Dedication Ceremony

Nov. 8 two females and one male ran from a taxi without paying by the fine arts building. One of the females was later seen entering Georgia Hall. a purse was reported missing from a Bailey science Center cubby hole. a female entered with the found purse, and the victim was notified. the victim claimed there was $220 missing from her purse.

the southeastern federal Credit Union will present a $50,000 check to the Langdale College of Business administration during a dedication ceremony honoring the new financial trading center on friday at 9:30 a.m., at rea and Lillian steele North Campus in thaxton Hall 102. the new ftC will assist in hands-on trading experience to business administration students.

J. Daniel Young /THE SPECTATOR

Former Arkansas governor, 2008 presidential candidate and Fox News show host Mike Huckabee spoke to over 400 people at the Georgia Christian School Benefit dinner Tuesday at 8 p.m., in the Student union Ballroom. The dinner is designed to help raise money for student tuition costs for those who wish to attend GCS but can not afford it.

VSU honors the fallen with National Roll Call on Veterans Day all Valdosta and Lowndes County residents are invited to the remembrance Day National roll Call event at 8 a.m. on friday on the front Lawn. to honor those who lost their lives in the Operation enduring freedom and Operation iraqi freedom in the past decade interim President, Dr. Louis H. Levy along with VsU faculty, staff and students will read the names of over 6,200 men and women. VsU’s adult Degree Completion & Military Programs is also helping to coordinate the event. VSU Visitation Day VsU will host Visitation Day saturday morning in the P.e Complex. High school juniors and seniors, transfer students, parents, teachers and counselors are invited to attend this event to learn more about VsU and its admission procedures. Greeks versus Gangs Kappa alpha Psi will host Greeks vs. Gangs on tuesday at 7:11 p.m., at the University Center Cypress room to compare and contrast Greek life and gang life. Members of Divine Nine, the National PanHellenic Council nine historically black Greek organizations, will be speaking about topics such as stereotypes and misconceptions.

Comic by Garrison Muelhausen/THE SPECTATOR

Nov. 7 Books and a calculator found missing from Patterson Hall dorm room. Nov. 4 a laptop was suspected to be stolen from a room in Langdale Hall. a burglary occurred in Powell Hall. Nov. 3 a bike was stolen from Centennial Hall. a laptop was stolen from room in Langdale Hall. Nov. 2 a laptop was stolen from Nevins Hall.

TOdAy On



this day in


THe cHILdreN’s

“sesAme sTreeT” debUTed. sHOw


ON THIs dAy:

-continental congress and future U.S. president John Adams established the United States Marine Corps was established in 1775. -University of maryland’s backup quarterback Frank Reich made a comeback for his team during the second half of the Orange Bowl when he brought the score from 310 to 42-40 in 1984.

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Xxxxxday, Xxxxxxxx, 2005


NOVember 10, 2O11



VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm | Page 3


Veterans deserve appreciation

Listen. Listen for the 6,200 names. it could have been you; but because it wasn’t, listen and pay respect. in honor of Veteran’s Day, VsU’s chapter of student Veterans of america will sponsor a remembrance Day roll Call beginning at 8 a.m. on friday. VsU faculty, staff and students will read the names of the 6,200 plus men and women who lost their lives in service to america in Operation enduring freedom and Operation iraqi freedom in the past decade. Veteran’s Day, once known as armistice Day, was declared at the end of wwi—the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. the day is set aside in remembrance of the men and women who serve in a branch of the military. in the long list of all the holidays americans celebrate, Veterans’ Day always seems to fall by the wayside—funny, considering how much pride we’re all supposed to have as americans. if federal employees didn’t have the day off, some of us might not

even recognize Veteran’s Day as a real holiday. why do we let this important day go without actually stopping to appreciate these brave men and women? i once overheard a group of people discussing their opinions on the war in iraq. Most of them disagreed with continuously sending troops overseas to fight in a war they felt should have ended a long time ago. then one of the guys in the group said something his friends didn’t agree with. “why should i pay respect to people in the military?” he asked. “i did not ask them to do what they are doing and i don’t respect the decision to go to war.” i was happy to see that he was the only person in the group to feel this way. You can disagree with the decision to send troops overseas and you can protest the government who sent them there. But you can’t ignore the fact that these are extremely brave men and women working to maintain the american freedoms we all enjoy.

the remembrance Day roll Call is expected to last about six hours. while walking from class to class, or sitting with friends on the Pedestrian Mall, take a second to stop talking—and just listen for the names. each name called is a person. each person had a family, friends, hobbies —a life. You may not have asked them to join, but regardless, they did. they put a stop to their hobbies so you could continue yours. they left their family and friends so you could enjoy spending time with yours. and they died fighting for what they believed in. some people, especially recently, see joining the military as a last option for people who don’t want—or can’t—go to college, start a family, etc. entering the military is just as noble a choice as other options. and joining does not mean the end of all other choices. Many people serve active duty for years, then return home and work on base or return to college. Both of my parents served sev-

eral years in the military. in fact, that is where they met. they both received enormous amounts of love and support from their own parents. after serving active duty, they married, moved to Georgia and began working at robins air force base as civilians with government jobs. During summers out of school, i spent the days with my mother on base, watching airplanes land and take off through her office window. My father used to enjoy showing me pictures of what he calls “the good old days”—my dad standing with his arm around my mother, both grinning and wearing uniforms. My grandparents were proud of my parents and so am i.

Photo Illustration by Garrison Muelhausen/THE SPECTATOR

i was obviously raised to have great respect for those who made the conscious choice to risk their lives for others—active duty or not. You never know when that call is going to come. to me, they are no different from the law enforcement we expect to protect us every day and they deserve no less respect. Veteran’s Day is not a cam-

paign to convince anyone to join the military. instead, it’s a day to say thanks. On friday, as VsU faculty, staff and students gather in front of west Hall on the lawn to read the names of men and women who have lost lives in service, make an effort to catch at least one name—just one, out of 6,200—and say “thank you.”

This editorial was written by Ariel Felton ( and it expresses the opinion of the entire editorial staff.

Protests change our world Stephanie Turner MaNaGiNG


they marched. they fought. they shouted, protested and prayed. and they won. tuesday marked the final day of Valdosta voting. along with the new mayor (congratulations John Gayle), sunday alcohol referendum (alcohol is now sold on sundays in Valdosta, awesome) and Valdosta Council at Large, the no school consolidation movement succeeded. while a few, the 1 percent if you will, favored school consolidation (Chamber of Commerce, i'm talking to you), the majority of the city and county residents, the 99 percent, opposed it very strongly. for those of you who are unaware of the issue, Valdosta has two school systems: the Valdosta City system and the Lowndes County system. Community Unification for educational excellence, inc. (CUee) helped kickoff the idea of taking the old way

and transforming it. they spoke. several forums CUee wanted to combine the were held such as the one held traditional school systems into a by Valdosta City schools on Oct. "unified" system: school consoli- 25 at J.L. Lomax elementary dation. school and by this Lowndes County means the schools tuesday Protest and effort city system at Lowndes High would school. does bring change. have had they marched. to get It brought revolution More than 200 sucked up marched from around the globe in by the the front of the county and Chamber of places such as give up its Commerce to the egypt and Libya. It charter. Martin Luther CUee King Jr. Park on brought us wanted Oct. 22. desegregation in the this to supsigns were posedly posted in yards; fifties and sixties. help diverwebsites on both sify the sides were made. schools and improve the stuthey fought to the end. On elecdents' education, among other tion Day, i saw people holding reasons. it looked to other the "No school Consolidation" schools as guides and pushed to signs on N. Patterson street and make Valdosta one of the consol- one person out of a car, and i am idated statistics. sure there were others. well, county and city residents Protest and effort does bring stood up for their children and change. it brought revolution teachers, and said no. around the globe in places such

People Poll:

as egypt and Libya. it brought us desegregation in the fifties and sixties. People around the globe, in the United states, in London, in australia, in rome, are angry. they see corporate greed, among other issues, and revolt passionately against it. even if you don't follow the news, you have heard about the Occupy movements in some degree. that's how long they have existed and how impactful these groups are. speak up. if you have a problem, say something. Nothing will happen if you sit back and let it go by. Don't be a spectator or commentator, shaking your head at or wiping your hands of the groups. Be one of the Lowndes County citizens who fought school consolidation. Be one of the people who marched down streets with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Be one of the citizens who rose up against their unfair governments. Be one of the 99 percent.

Unthink launches social network Organization competes with Facebook and Google to convert users Amanda usher s ta f f w r i t e r

everybody, these days, wants to be famous. the stars of “Jersey shore” are tremendously famous for fighting with each other and portraying negativity on national television. every so-called “wife” on the “Basketball wives” and “Basketball wives: La” shows are famous for not being actual basketball wives. Upstart Unthink is no different. this is an organization that focuses all of its attention on rising concerns about facebook’s and Google’s lack of privacy for its users. they’ve launched an online video, which stars a young woman expressing her emotions about how she feels “controlled” by facebook. also in the video is a man who resembles the creator of facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, as well as another man acting as a representative for Google. Now, we all know that facebook has a reputation for exposing one’s business in statuses, newsfeeds, notifications, etcetera. But, here’s the thing that many do not understand. facebook only shares on its

Photo Courtesy of Unthink

website what one allows it to share. this means that if you log in to your account and voluntarily post your private business right before clicking the share button, there is no way that you can get mad at the social website. You made that decision to go in and share with the entire world of facebook what happened with your relationship breakup, what happened during that day, or whatever. No one held a gun to your head. You typed those words; therefore, you should get mad only at yourself. i greatly understand the concept that people don’t want websites to give out their account in-

formation to advertisers. there’s nothing wrong with feeling that way. On the contrary, when one signs up for websites such as facebook, there isn’t going to be 100 percent account privacy— not when the website sees an opportunity to make more money. One could simply ignore all of the advertising on both facebook and Google pages. i’m not saying that it’s fully right. i’m just highlighting the fact that the members know this before they sign up. every social network does this. that’s why people should read the terms of Use and Privacy information before clicking “accept” during the registration

process. Here’s another thing. Unthink says that it will provide an “antisocial” website where people could go and enjoy their privacy. Users would be able to take their pictures and other information straight from facebook and add them to the Unthink website. in my head, i imagine that other users would be able to go into the website and look at the photos while possibly commenting on them. i hope that the pictures wouldn’t be up there for nothing. i mean, who wants to log in and look at only pictures of themselves every day, besides conceited people? so, call me crazy, but Unthink pretty much sounds like a social network that is attempting to get all of the fame that facebook and Google have. i just have one thing to say about that. if it wants to be the new social network in town, then it shouldn’t try to blatantly steal a major social website’s users. “Unthink” should really start “thinking” of other ways to get its shot at 15 minutes of fame that don’t include attacking successful websites. Unthink, please don’t be a hater.

Photo Editor: trevor smith MultimediaEditor: Jacob Mcwhorter Web Designer: rebecka Mcaleer Copy Editor: ariel felton Cartoonist: Garrison Muelhausen Faculty Advisers: Dr. Pat Miller, Dr. ted Geltner Reporters/Photographers: trevor smith, Hannah Bessinger, sam Bryant, Jessica

Ash-Lee Brown sophomore biology major “they should have kept the law the way it was. they shouldn’t sell drinks on sundays.”

Isaiah Smart sophomore journalism major “seeing that i don’t drink, it really doesn’t affect me. it will be good for state taxes since it provides extra revenue.”

Jazz Williams sophomore mass media major “i don’t really drink so the passing of the law doesn’t affect me, but i’m sure some people will love this.”

Micah Howell sophomore mass media major “there was no need for that law in the first place.”

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What do you think about the Sunday ban on alcohol sales ending?

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VSUSPecTaTOr.cOm | Page 4

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NOVember 10, 2O11

From service to student:

Drake’s sophomore album Veteran credits success to Corps leaked early over internet Stephanie Turner MaNaGiNG eDitOr

Nov. 10 marks the 236th birthday of the United states Marine Corps. sunday, one VsU student will celebrate his ninth anniversary of joining the branch. On Nov. 13, 2002, Chuck stanton, a 27-year-old junior marketing major from Beaumont, texas, joined the Marines when he was 18 because the branch offered him recon. recon, or reconnaissance, is the section that would infiltrate enemy positions and overcome or destroy them if directed to. starting out at Camp Pendleton in southern California, stanton became a Private, moved up to Private first Class in school of infantry and then to Lance Corporal, when he started training for the Basic recon Course and, five years later, rose to Corporal. His older sister, 30-year-old, Lori stanton, thought her brother was nuts for joining the military so soon after 9/11, but knew he was looking for something more to “give him discipline and focus.” the Marines did just that. During his final years with the Corps, Chuck was a weapons instructor, and trainer in Close Quarter Battle, urban and jungle patrolling, recon patrolling, convoy operations, call for artillery and mortars fire and combat medicine. Chuck ended his time in the service as a team Leader at the e Company 4th anti-terrorism Battalion. when Chuck told his family about his decision to join, Lori knew he would be shipped to iraq. “Charlie and i were best friends growing up,” she said. “i couldn’t imagine being without him.” He toured in iraq twice and also visited italy, Hungary, turkey, Greece, Kuwait, iceland, Canada and Mexico.

His stay overseas put strain on Chuck and his family. they wouldn’t talk for months at a time, and Chuck feels that was the hardest emotional thing he ever experienced. Being in the military for an extended amount of time is bound to cause some injuries. to name a few, he injured his right knee, had a metal washer piece fall into his eye and experienced massive head trauma from six improvised explosive Devices and one double-stack mine. after about seven years of service, Chuck was discharged to the inactive ready reserve on July 4, 2009, meaning he was basically on-call. “it’s a big joke in my family that i gained my independence on independence Day,” he said. returning to his Chugiak, ak. home, he had to readjust to civilian life. One move he made was to come to VsU in pursuit of a business degree in 2009. although he was now back to the states and a student, his experiences never left him. He references them in his papers for class, uses them in class discussions and is friends with other student veterans. the Marines disciplined him and opened his eyes, helping him make it through and appreciate college in a way he might not have before. On Nov. 12, 2010, one day after Veterans Day, he received his honorable discharge. He celebrated that night with his friends at senior geology major ivey roubique’s house. Meeting her was one of the highlights of his years here so far. they met outside of Nevins Hall about two years ago. roubique was attracted to him and thought he was handsome because of his tattoos. During their conversation, she noted how adjusted he was. this stunned her later when she discovered that he had only returned from active duty about six

Chuck Stanton

months prior. they started dating a couple of months after they met and got engaged this past July. Chuck had the ultimate proposal planned out. Lori said Chuck knew exactly what he wanted to do and shipped the ring to his sister. His family was excited about having roubique join the family. roubique was taken outside in her pajamas one night and was surprised when he popped the question. “we were in alaska visiting his family, and he took me to one of the places he really enjoyed as a teenager called Mt. Baldy,” she said. “the area he took me to, we were looking straight on, and the sun was setting…over Mt. McKinley, and he proposed to me, and it was beautiful.” the two plan on getting married after roubique graduates with her Master’s Degree from Colorado state University. the couple will move there at the end of next summer, and Chuck will transfer to the same university to receive his Bachelor’s Degree. Chuck plans to one day open a long-distance firing range that will feature a pistol, rifle, longrifle, archery and skeet shooting range. this weekend marks a significant time for the Marines and for Chuck. what is he going to do to mark the occasion? “Call all the Marines i know, and celebrate our birthday the right way.”


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it’s No-shave-November and ladies while you’re busy trying to hide your hairy legs under those leggings and cute boots, sit back and listen to some juicy detail on the scoop i have for you this week! Now, let’s start off with our favorite emo rapper, Drake, who can’t get the game of love right to save his life. so earlier this week, Drake’s sophomore CD “take Care” leaked over the net and remember last time he had that same problem with “thank Me Later” which leaked like a month be-

fore it dropped. well, the rapper took to twitter last night with his comments about the leak—which i had the

Pop Addict Lavisa darling

pleasure of witnessing after hours of watching for links to the leak.

Dreezy didn’t put up as much attitude as you would have thought and actually had a positive, nonchalant way of putting it, “i am not sure if the album leaked but if it did, thank God it doesn’t happen a month early like anymore.” He also went on and encouraged people to listen to it and, if they liked it, to show support.

Check out Pop Addict online for more on Drake’s new album, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and Bad Girls Club.

in this week’s web spectator: Stephen Setser’s review of Sonic Generations, More Pop Addict, Kat Grigoriadis reviews Wale’s “Ambition,” Maya Kellam’s take on “A Very Harold and Kumar 3D Christmas,” what to expect from Divided by Zero, Jennifer Gleason’s “Orestia” preview, a special surprise for a local Zumba instructor and more!

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NOVember 10, 2011

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Blazers basketball is back


women’s soccer team celebrates first year success

Men’s and women’s squads hit the hardwood J.J. Wortham s P O rt s w r i t e r

Having lost 68 percent of their offense since last season, the men’s basketball squad is looking for new talent to step up. Despite losing so much scoring, the Blazers were still voted to finish second in the conference by the GsC coach’s rankings. VsU returns just five players from last year’s squad—second leading scorer tristan steele, sidney Harris, Josh sparks, will alston, and Brandon Klunder. “if they step up in a leadership role as well as a performance role, we won’t have much of a drop off from last year,” Head Coach Mike Helfer said. some of the other new players that Helfer believes will make an impact this season include guards Michael Panaggio and Jacquan Nobles along with forwards Chris rozier and Oakland University transfer Drew Maynard. “Drew is a proven player coming from Oakland University,” Helfer said. “at his size and position he will be a tough matchup for teams in our conference.” with all the new talent added to the Blazer’s roster, chemistry between the new and longer

Football not your thing?

tenured players is important to the success of the Blazers this year. “what we try to do is recruit similar people and players and hope that they mix on their own and that’s what they have done,” Helfer said. “they spend as much time off the court as they do on the court.” the VsU Lady Blazers are very eager to return to the hardwood to avenge last season’s tough loss against Delta state in semifinals of the GsC tournament. Due to players lost from last year, the Blazers have revamped their way of playing and hope that this year’s team can improve from last year. One aspect that does remain the same from last year is the return of their two top scorers from last year in GsC all-Conference first-team selection sczeny Hartry and second team all-Conference player Brittany ferguson. senior forward Courtney Mitchell will join them as a key post presence. Hartry, who is considered to be one of the best players in the conference, was a pre-season selection for the GsC all-Conference team; the only Blazer to be selected. “My leadership this year will

be very important considering that i’m one of the few returning players along with seniors Courtney Mitchell and Brittany,” said Hartry. “with the leadership from the seniors and newcomers to the team, i think this will probably be one of the better teams i’ve played on.” the Lady Blazers also have an array of young talent that is expected to assist the senior leaders and have an immediate impact on the court. “Maylissa Johnson, a transfer from Cowley County Community College, can make an immediate impact, along with freshmen Kourtnee williams and Brooke satterfield will get a chance to play some quality minutes,” Head Coach Kiley Hill said. “those kids have really made some impact with us so far.” Both teams have a number of talented players that are ready get on the court and bring the GsC Conference title along with a National title. with new and returning talent, both teams will look for success as they start their 2011-12 season next week. the Blazers will host their home opener on tuesday night starting with the women’s squad at 6 p.m.

J. Daniel Young /THE SPECTATOR The team, including GSC freshman of the year Abbi Edwards (3), celebrates its inaugural goal of the season in their first game against Ga. Southwestern on Sept. 1.

The Blazers fell short of completing their inaugarual season with a championship, losing to West Florida 53 in the GSC championships last weekend. The loss leaves the Blazers out of the Division II NCAA tournament field. Despite the tough ending, the Blazers finished the season 11-6-1. Head Coach Mel Heinz was awarded GSC coach of the year while three of her players Arielle Sabrina, Abbi Edwards, Emily Cooper were awarded All-GSC honors. Edwards was awarded GSC freshman of the year. All 27 players from this year’s roster will return next season.

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Sudoku Answers

Come out to the Complex Tuesday night for the basketball home openers. Women vs. Georgia Southwestern 6 p.m. Men vs. Saint Leo 8 p.m.


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Show Up & Show Out

BEAT UNA Saturday 2:00PM Bazemore-Hyder Stadium


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The Spectator - 11-10-11  

The print edition of The Spectator published 11-10-11

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