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September 13, 2013

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Tony Nolan returns to UC for Opening Convocation

Photo by Natasha Jones

BY NATASHA JONES Assistant Editor

Tony Nolan shares his testimony to the student body of UC in the O. Wayne Rollins Center on September 3, 2013. Tony Nolan, a well-known Christian

good job again.”

what others thought about him. “We start be-

me and changed me from the inside out,” said Nolan.

speaker and author, returned to campus on

Nolan encouraged students to not go

lieving what’s true about us is what every-

Sept. 3 to speak to the students for the first

down the difficult path that he had to, to

body else is saying, that we can’t quite

Samantha Vickers, a special education

convocation of the fall 2013 semester.


measure up. What’s true about you is what

major at UC said, “His story was very inspir-

God says about you,” said Nolan.

ing and it touched my heart. What he said re-

Nolan took the stage and warmed up the

“Listen to me carefully. This room is

crowd with a quick joke saying, “Turn to

filled with two types of people, those that lis-

Nolan talked about of how someone

your neighbor and tell them that they are

ten and learn and those that live and learn. Be

shared the verse John 3:16 with him, some-

blessed to be sitting beside you tonight.”

a listen and learner; I came to a haunting re-

one who wasn’t focused on going to church

Nolan’s speech was so moving to stu-

Nolan then began to reveal his testimony of

alization, that the highs from the alcohol and

but about being the church and this changed

dents that as the student body joined in

very tragic circumstances to the student body

drugs will never ever be stronger than the

his entire perspective about Christianity.

prayer, many students repeated after Nolan

and how he had been “changed by the love

hurts. You will never smoke your way out of

Nolan said, “I thought Christianity was a club

as they dedicated their lives to Christ. The

of God.”

your funk, you will never be able to drink

for the good people and I wasn’t invited.”

community of campus came together and

Mallory Harper, a psychology major at UC who heard Nolan speak at a convocation

your way out of that person that you see in the mirror. It won’t happen.” said Nolan.

event last year, said, “I went the first time and

Nolan spoke encouragingly to the audi-

he did a good job, so I knew he would do a

ence before him about listening too much to

ally made me think about my life and I’m thankful that he came and spoke to us.”

Nolan said he was stunned by the story

bonded as a different kind of family that

of how God loved him (and us) so much; he

night; it was a wonderful way to kick off the

sacrificed his only son for our sins.


“That night the love of God swallowed




The great beards of UC


In the history of man, many great men

hair,” Semmel said.

grow a beard should.

a perfectly fine life with a bare chin,” Franklin

have donned one. Chuck Norris kicked his

His wife, Marianne Worthington, empha-

“If someone can grow a beard, they ought

said. Franklin, who has kept his foot-long

way into fame while men stared at it. Walt

sized this point. Worthington, an associate

to because it’s manly. If you think about it,

beard for two years, said that last time he has

Whitman wrote poetry while it sat in front of

professor of communication arts at UC, said,

lions have a mane, horses have a mane and

shaved was in his junior year of high school.

him. Even God is commonly depicted wearing

“His mother always wanted him to shave his

those are awesome animals. Have you ever

Franklin has also earned the nickname “Wild-

one on his face. At the University of the Cum-

beard. She’d use every excuse in the world to

seen a horse with its mane shaved? I don’t

man” not only because of his wild and rugged

berlands, many men have attempted to create

try to get him to shave his beard.”

think that’s a good idea, so I don’t think that

beard, but also because of his antics outdoors.

we should shave our mane either,” Hetrick

He mentioned that he intends to join a bear-


watching event with the Patriot Adventure

it. Dr. Keith Semmel, Caleb Hetrick, Alex

Worthington said that Semmel’s mother

Franklin, and Timothy Smith, among others,

attempted to get him to shave his beard for his

have succeeded in doing so. So what have

college graduation, while he received his

Timothy Smith, the senior life assistant

these gentlemen done to be in the same ranks

Ph.D. and even for his wedding. “She always

of Robinson-Cook Hall, agrees that everyone

Beards are a beautiful thing. They are

as Norris, Whitman and perhaps even God?

thought some big occasion would make him

should grow a beard if they can. “I think that

adaptable, grow back easily and look great.

They grew an awesome beard.

shave his beard and nothing did,” Worthington

it makes men look better and it keeps your

And wherever you look, whatever the reasons,

added. Thankfully, Dr. Semmel stayed true to

face warmer,” Smith stated. Smith, a senior at

there’s no doubt beards have been making a

his beard and kept it.

UC, has been growing beards for over seven

comeback. That’s the big, hairy truth.

Dr. Keith Semmel, the chair of the communication arts department at UC, has had a beard for over 26 years. “Almost immediately

Caleb Hetrick, a graduate assistant at UC,

years also thinks that beards make a man look

after I started college, I grew my beard and I

also keeps a trimmed beard. “I like beards. I

more masculine and distinguished. However,

kept it,” Semmel said. Although his beard is a

think they’re manly,” Hetrick said. He has had

Smith’s longtime girlfriend likes his beard, but

staple of the professor, his beard and his fam-

a beard on-and-off since 2009 and created the

doesn’t like it too long.

ily have been at odds for a long time. “One of

UC Bearded Men’s Club on Facebook in

Alex “Wildman” Franklin, a sophomore

the battles I used to have with my parents was

2011, although it has been inactive for a while.

at UC, disagrees with Hetrick and Smith.

about hair length, Beatle haircuts and facial

Hetrick has a firm belief that everyone that can

“Some men just don’t need a beard. They have

Club later in the week.




How to survive freshman year (from someone who did)


Okay. You’ve made it this far. The cap

ment can be scary, but you’re not alone!

room with at least one other person, so your

think you own the place. However, just be-

and gown are happily collecting dust in the

There’s a ton of other freshmen around you

whole room can’t go with you. When you go

cause your newfound freedom allows you to

back of your closet at home while you pack

that don’t know what they’re doing either, so

to pack everything, take out about half of it,

sleep whenever you want, eat whatever you

your bags for bigger and better adventures.

join the club. Speaking of which, there are

because that’s how much you’ll actually use.

want, and clean your dorm room whenever

Are you ready for the real world? (You’ve got

many extracurricular activities that you can

For my freshman year, I chose to bring lots of

you want (for the most part), you’ll find that

four more years to prepare for it!)

get involved in – there’s the Activities Fair in

DVDs but forgot to bring my laptop charger

it’s easy to overload and, like the tip #3, get

the first week of school telling you all about

and an extension cord. Hence, pack the bare

out of balance with the sync of collegiate suc-

the clubs on campus.

necessities first. It’s better to get things mailed

cess. Don’t sweat it. Just set some rules for

to you from home than for you to be over-

yourself so that you don’t fall off the edge of

whelmed with piles of stuff!

glory. I made Saturday mornings my “Catch-

Back when I was a freshman, (approximately a year ago), I was pumped. Equal amounts of excitement and terror were rushing

Whatever you do, don’t avoid people and

through my veins, and I just want to let you

sit in your dorm room all weekend long –

know… college can be hard, especially the

there will be plenty of things going on around

first few months. Luckily, there are plenty of

campus for you to enjoy, but not unless you

Tip #3: Prioritize: “The Bermuda Triangle”

time, so that I could hang out with my friends

things you can do to prepare yourself for the

open your door! So don’t be hermit or a home-

of College Life

for the rest of the day. In the words of Peter’s

quest of secondary education.

body. If you live eight hundred miles away,


Uncle from the best Spiderman movie ever:

this is easier than if you’re just ten miles down

There will always be things to do, places

the street. Either way, it will be really hard to

to go, and people to see, so plan your week-

Tip #1: Don’t Be a Hermit (Or a Home-

get the full college experience if you are con-

ends and weeknights wisely. You’ll need some


stantly going home and missing out on cam-

time for homework, believe it or not, but

Freshmen year is important. It’s the year

pus-wide events.

you’ll also need to get out and have fun. The

you decide where to settle into for the next

problem we students run into is finding room

four or more years, and while college has tons

for sleeping and eating. Social life, academic

of fun lurking around every corner, it really

life, and physical life make up the college ver-

should be taken seriously. You’re becoming an

College can be a little nerve-racking and some students (like me) might be introverts

Tip #2: Pack Lightly, but Not Too Lightly

who don’t easily mesh into new friendships

“With great power comes great responsibility.” Use your amazing freedom for good.

and new places. And when you’re all by your

How you pack will depend on where you

sion of the Bermuda Triangle, and if those

adult! You’re going to influence the world!

lonesome, it’s easy to just go into default-

live. Unless home for you is within fifteen

three portions of your life aren’t balanced, you

Call it cheesy all you want, but Dr. Seuss was

mode and head home every weekend. While

minutes, I would bring the most necessary and

won’t be. So be prepared to say no to some fun

totally right: “You’re off to great places!

home is where the heart is, college needs to be

obvious items, including bed covers, books,

events and yes to some studying and/or sleep-

You’re off and away!”

your new home, and no matter how much you

toiletries, and microwaves. (Popcorn and hot

ing, and vice versa. On occasion, your grades

love your family, you need to experience life

pockets make the perfect study snack!) Re-

will thank you for it.

semi-on your own, so try to stay on campus

garding clothes, it’s best to just bring the

for the first whole month of classes. Try to not

clothes you need for the current season. You’ll

Tip #4: Use Your Freedom for Good (Not

staff on board for your success. We don’t just

call your best friends that aren’t at college

always need an umbrella and rain jacket, but


want to survive in life… we want you to thrive

with you every single day. Sit at some random

you won’t always need a winter coat. The

tables in the cafeteria and chat with the person

most important thing to remember when

Finally, you’re a college undergrad. Sud-

next to you in your Bio lab. A new environ-

you’re packing is that you’ll be sharing your

denly you are liberated from your parents and

People – like you – can make a difference. U of Cumberlands is here to help with that, so take advantage of the highly trained

in life. Courtesy of



Making enemies in your dorm


Photo by Whitley West


We’ve all been there. That brand new experience of a lifetime where you don’t really

the skin of the people you’re living with.

the way to be a bad roommate is to “take my

The Bathrooms

Butterfingers and mess with my things.”

General Living Areas The





have a clue at what you’re doing. So you wing

Let’s get real. Nobody likes sharing one

One virtue a bad roommate lacks is respect.

it. You say a little prayer under your breath

bathroom with 20 other people. Yet that still

Be sure communication lines are open and you

kitchens, and lobby areas are places where you

that you don’t come out looking like a moron

doesn’t give you the right to trash the place.

talk to your roommate before borrowing, or

will actually have to interact with your peers

and let out a huge sigh of relief when you

Maybe you’re OK with it being messy and

eating, anything that is theirs. And remember,

as scary or mind-blowing as that may sound.

don’t get a “what the heck are you doing?”

smelly, but I’m going to go out on a limb and

if you break it, you buy it.

These are also the areas to really prove how

look from the person closest to you.

say that 99 percent of those around you are

Perhaps one of the most nerve-wrecking


However, what is perhaps even more frustrating is breaking your roommate’s con-

tolerable, or annoying, you are. Lucky for you though it all comes down

experiences I’ve ever had was that first month

University of the Cumberlands student

centration when they’re writing that 15 page

to what we’ve already discussed: respect.

or two of dorm life. I mean, hasn’t everyone

Jordan Johnson says that guys shouldn’t

paper that’s due tomorrow that they procrasti-

University of Kentucky student Claire Robb

seen some Lifetime movie about a crazy

“shave their head and then just leave their hair

nated on.

says it’s a major foul when “people take my

roommate? My greatest fear was that I would

everywhere in the bathroom” for instance.

make the wrong person mad over a silly

The dorms have hard-working staff to

rookie mistake and wake up one night with

keep these areas clean. Don’t make life more

somebody hovering over my shoulder.

UC student Shannon Whittenberg asks that roommates don’t “play loud music when I’m trying to read or write a paper.”

things out of the dryer before it’s finished and replace it with their things.” Western Kentucky University alumnus Daniel Richardson reminds everyone that “it’s

difficult on them just because you’re too lazy

The same goes for when your roommate

OK, maybe my imagination is a little

to clean up after yourselves. Not only are you

is sleeping. Nap times are more valuable than

overactive. But there’s no way I was the only

being a nuisance to the cleaning staff but also

gold to college students. Interrupt that and

Other things that it’s not cool to do at

freshman with those types of fears.

to everyone who comes into the bathroom

you’ve followed the one step process to a

three in the morning? “Stop with the ridicu-

cranky roommate.

lously loud noises,” pleads UC student Jannica

This year will make my third year living

after you. Your neighbors will remember you

in the dorms and I can confidently say I have

as a slob. It will be a frustrating situation for

done almost everything to aggravate those living around me. (Sorry!) However, I’ve also

“Nothings more annoying than having

Brady. “We live in a dorm, not a zoo.” Lastly,

all those involved. Just don’t do it.

your roommates Shakira alarm clock going off

UC professor Jeremiah Massengale encour-

Oh, and one more thing: flush.

at 6 a.m.” says UC student Rhyana Barker.

ages everyone, “don’t burn food.”

experienced my fair share of frustrations with dorm life. Combine these two experiences and I’ve got a great list of how to really get under

not funny to set off fire alarms at 3 a.m.”

By the way, odds are your neighbors can hear Your Room UC student Debbie Walters believes that

that loud music…and Shakira alarm clock, too.




Oh, The Places You’ll Go!

BY CARLEEN FLETCHER Staff Photographer

“You're off to Great Places! Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting, So... get on your way!” - Dr. Seuss, Oh, the Places You'll Go! Dr. Seuss had it right. Today is your day. While you find yourself in the small town of Williamsburg, Kentucky there is still a lot to get out there and see, find, do, and explore. So before you get the small town blues, here are some places to check out this month.

Milly’s On Main

In photo: Liz Guillermo If you are looking for a change of pace from the Caf or the Grill for lunch, take a short walk downtown to Milly’s—a local sandwich shop with a charming feel. Liz Guillermo says, “I love it because it’s local and the people are fantastic. They really care about the community and they interact in such a friendly way with each customer. The atmosphere alone is worth the trip, but the food is so good.” Milly’s menu features a wide variety of sandwiches made right in front of you as well as fresh salads and soups. “It’s a taste of home every time you go .” -Liz

Cumberland Falls

In photo: Nicholas Morris Cumberland Falls is a local tourist hotspot—many people come to enjoy the outdoors and see the falls. If you have a grander sense of adventure however, there are a variety of other trails to explore. Eagle Falls is a must see; anyone can hike the trail, but it still presents enough challenge to be fun and a good workout. Don’t pass up the chance make a pit stop up to the lookout on the way. The view is spectacular.

The Spillway

In photo: Mark Baker The spillway down at the Holly Bay Marina is definitely the place to go for a relaxing time—cool breeze, lake, and soaking up some rays with friends—what more could you need, right? If you find yourself craving adrenaline over relaxation though, make sure to check out some of the cliff jumping spots. It’s definitely a good way to let go of some class anxiety and worthy of a bucket list check.

You & Me Coffee & Tea

In photo: Whitney Johnson, Jordan A llen and the Bellwethers (Jordan A llen, Caleb Blair, and Justin Riley) If you are looking for a relaxed place to just hang out, You & Me is the place to be. This locally-owned coffee shop has a funky and eclectic style, featuring local artists’ works hanging on the walls, a wide variety of old furniture, and even a bicycle. It makes for a great place to study or to have some fun. Grab some friends and head over—they have a ton of great board games on hand and bring in local bands, like Jordan Allen and the Bellwethers. Many people are devoted to the place, like Caleb Blair, who goes for the “great coffee, creative atmosphere and unique style, and the effort and service shown by the staff.”

8 Photo by Chloe Gu

Photo by Jillian Carpenter

9 Photo by Chloe Gu

Photo by Chloe Gu

Photo by Chloe Gu



How I see it:

Inside UC Cheerleading

What Johnny “Football” can teach us




Assistant Editor

Cheerleading catches a lot of flak on

five days a week and sometimes more when

whether or not it’s a “real” sport. UC students

competitive season strikes. It’s not all lipstick

come to the football games to watch the boys

and skirts and it’s not all about being a girly

of fall but they aren’t the only ones out there

girl; just ask the guys on the team. From hit-

in uniform. As a fan, you see the big bows and

ting the weight room, to 6 a.m. practices, the

dances but rarely ever do you get to see the

squad goes hard to ensure that they are doing

hard work and sweat that the UC cheerleading

everything they can to bring home another tro-

squad puts in when they aren’t on the sidelines.

phy. A new member of the squad, and a fairly new member to the sport, Michael McKamey

for five hours is tiring, it’s understandable how

talks about UC cheerleading saying, “The

one could think that yelling involves zero ath-

workouts are pretty rough. Everyone thinks

leticism. However, competitive cheerleading

we just stand around and yell at people but I’d

definitely does and once competition season

love to see half the athletes here do a ‘Coach

rolls around, practice is more important than

Beth workout.’ It’s not fun. People think just because they can bench press 300 pounds,

“Most people don't even realize that

they can toss around a 120-pound girl but they

there's a competitive side to cheerleading.

are dead wrong. There is so much technique

They only see what we do on the sidelines and

involved and having chemistry with your flyer

even then we have rules that don't allow us to do some of the more difficult and ‘cooler’ stuff,” said UC junior Hannah Johnson.

is a must.” Cheerleading is just like any other sport and team on campus. It takes time, dedication

Between cheering football and basketball

and hard work on and off the field. Forming a

games and attending gymnastics, UC cheer is

relationship with teammates also helps make

also practicing all season for the Mid-South

college a great experience and is something

Conference title. From experience I will tell

that the UC cheerleading squad values most.

you that while cheerleading is a whole lot of

“Cheerleading in college has been one of the

practice and a little bit of fun, the team’s con-

best experiences for me while here at UC. I

nection with one another has this cheerleading

believe God lead me to cheer here to make the

season off to a great start.

relationships with the amazing friends I have

“I feel that the team will go far this year. The team unity that they have built alongside

made over the years,” said UC senior Karen Latham.

their dedication during preseason is impres-

The UC cheerleading squad is off to a

sive. They have a long year ahead but if they

great start and they have high hopes for the

can keep this mentality that they have right

season. The hard work and dedication will

now, they will be awesome,” said UC cheer-

continue as the year progresses and they hope

leading coach Beth Wooley.

to gain support and a fan base for the Mid-

The athletic side of cheerleading takes place off the field and out of sight. Practice is

most polarizing. Take LeBron James, for example. Who can honestly argue against him being the most dominant, physically-gifted player currently in the NBA? OK, scratch “honest.” Who can make an effective argument? The short answer is “no one.” And there are just as few people riding the fence when it comes to their opinion of LeBron. You love him. You hate him. Period. While LeBron has far and away ruled the media’s teeter-totter of praise and scrutiny the past several years, his large shadow has finally been eclipsed. In his place stands a very

Although standing in 90 degree weather

anything else to the squad.

Some of the best and most interesting athletes of the day are also the

South Conference cheerleading competition.

different figure. His name: Johnny “Football” Manziel. (Just to be clear, in no way am I saying Manziel’s talent is comparable to that of LeBron’s.) Being the first freshman to ever win the Heisman has its perks. Many of which we won’t discuss for obvious reasons. But, as with most things in life, it comes with just as many negatives. A big one being the blinding spotlight Manziel has found himself in. Especially when you live the type of life he does. An overwhelming portion of student-athletes come from broken homes or povertystricken areas. Not, Johnny “Football.” In fact, if he were to have any other nickname it would be “Money.” Speaking of which, one of the many reasons he’s become so vilified is due to all those dead presidents burning a hole in his pockets. Within weeks of being donned the title of “best college football player of the year” he was sitting courtside of Miami Heat games and taking photos with the man whose place he took—LeBron. He was throwing parties, going to parties and getting kicked out of parties. And, man, did he sign a lot of autographs. So much so that even though the NCAA couldn’t pin any actual wrongdoing on him for allegedly selling his signature, he was slapped on the wrist for virtually being guilty by association and ruled ineligible for the first half of Texas A&M’s Aug. 31 season opener against Rice University. Did anyone happen to catch his touchdown “celebrations” during that game? He mimed the motion of signing his name and then later held up his hands and rubbed his fingers together, mimicking the universal sign for money. That alone should’ve parted the waters of those who were indifferent of Manziel. It sure did for me. I mean, I went full-blown Icona Pop during that moment: “I don’t care, I love it.” Yet, just as many people hated it and thought it was despicable and that he was just being immature. And he’s not even changed what he was doing. All that’s changed is the amount of eyes that are on him. Being literally referred to as “Football” is kind of connotative anyway. You would expect someone with that moniker to exude confidence and bravado, right? Manziel is just giving you what you paid for—entertainment. Not to even mention the fact that he’s doing it well, too. Among the shuffle though, there is a lesson to be learned from all of this. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you do. Yeah, some people are going to hate you for being you, but other people are also going to love you just as much for it.



UC Bowling Coach Kevin Reigle


Photo by Timothy Wyatt

Assistant Editor

While the phrase “all great things have

pretty soon and they won’t play until spring,

rivalry because nobody else in the conference

rituals to pump themselves up. Do you do

small beginnings” may seem like a stretch

not this one but the following spring. So,

has really stepped up.

anything like that?

when it comes to describing University of the

they’re going to have basically three semesters

Cumberlands’ foray into the world of bowling,

plus the summer to bring in players. You

What would you say is one of your more

it has never been truer for head bowling coach

know, I had February, March, April and then

lofty goals for this first year?

Kevin Reigle.

the summer. I had one player sign just days be-

Well, winning the conference would obviously

So, no music or anything?

fore classes started.

be the loftiest goal and getting into the na-

No, not really. I just try to get into the mindset

Manning the helm for the Patriots’ inau-

Like, in league? No. When I bowl tournaments I’m always pretty focused though.

tional tournament. But, I guess that’s every-

of not worrying about the score and just taking

cially with the University of Pikeville in the

From just the one week of practice that

body’s goal in every sport. If we can get to the

each shot at a time and focusing on the quality

same conference, one of the premiere bowling

you’ve been through with your team, what

title matches then anything can happen, so

of each shot. You know, in football if you

schools in the entire country. Aside from that,

is your biggest concern at the moment?

that’s really our goal.

throw an incomplete pass or in basketball if

it is Reigle’s alma mater, where he was a part

Focusing on the spare shooting and lane pat-

of the 2004 national tournament team and later

terns will be the biggest transition for players

What about one of your smaller goals?

there. You look at it later. In bowling, you miss

served as UPike’s women’s coach during two

in the first couple of tournaments. I think we’ll

To win one of the regular season tournaments

a four pin and there it on the scoreboard for

of their national title runs.

do really well at Campbellsville because it’s a

or something like that would be great. And

the world to see.

real hooking surface and it’s a shorter pattern.

we’ll definitely have some chances. That and

gural season will be anything but easy, espe-

With UC’s bowling debut set for Sept. 28 at the Green River Classic in Campbellsville,

you drop a pass it’s not like that stat is up

if we could get a couple bowlers onto the

If you hadn’t been a bowler, what could you

Ky., Reigle is hoping to see his team come out

What do you foresee being your biggest

all-tournament teams. Both of those would be

see yourself doing?

strong. But before all those competitive juices

hurdle this year?


Probably a writer. Like, a playwright or a

start flowing, he took a break to sit down with

I think both teams will do really well, so I be-

me and talk about how his team is shaping up

lieve our biggest hurdle will be Pikeville.

so far, some of his big and small goals for the

screenwriter, maybe. Something creative like Make a prediction: what do you think Pa-


triots fans can expect out of this season?

season and even his thoughts on M. Night

Speaking of UPike, what are your thoughts

Oh, like, realistically? [laughs] I honestly be-

OK, then what would be your genre? If you


on facing your alma mater?

lieve that they can expect a second or third

turn on the TV, what are you watching?

I’m excited. I think we have the potential here,

place finish in the regular season for both

Oh, I love M. Night Shyamalan. I like the

TW: Do you feel more pressured now that

certainly in a couple of years, to go by them. I


thriller. I like the big twist ending. “Alfred

practices have started than you did last se-

think we’ll be competitive right off the bat.

mester when you were just recruiting?

The biggest issue is that they have a team of

What’s your average?

Serling: I like that stuff. Things that challenge

KR: No, I feel less because we have a team

juniors and seniors who have bowled 60 to 70

Right now, my league average is 207. But

the viewer are great. You don’t know what’s

now. [laughs] I thought there was a lot of pres-

college tournaments. We have just as much

that’s after just one week of league. [laughs]

coming but you know something’s coming,

sure because we got started so late and I got

talent but just not the same level of experi-

hired so late. Because a lot of times, like with

ence. We’ll make them show up to the tourna-

I know especially with sports like football

the lacrosse team, they’re bringing in a coach

ments and play well. It’ll be a pretty good

and basketball, players have before-game

Hitchcock Presents,” “Twilight Zone,” Rod


Faith and Ministry


He is all we need



or even a little old school, but Leviticus still

vides. God brought the Hebrew people out of

to heed His warning had to face many brutal

Staff Writer

has just as much value today as it did the day

oppressive slavery after about 400 years spent

consequences. Jesus created us to follow Him

when God inspired Moses to write the book.

serving the Pharaohs of Egypt. When they had

and to have a relationship with Him; He loved

Sure, Leviticus is full laws and command-

been delivered, they wanted to go back be-

you so much that He died for You.

Leviticus 18:1-5 (HCSB)

ments that may seem very inhuman and al-

cause they thought that following a God they

God did not want His people to disobey,

Yahweh spoke to Moses: “Speak to the

most bloodthirsty, but the main point of the

could not physically see was too difficult. The

but they made a choice to. He is a God of jus-

Israelites and tell them: I am Yahweh your

book is to prompt the reader to obey the Voice

Old Testament tells many tales of when the Is-

tice and since they did wrong, He had to pun-

God. Do not follow the practices of the land

of God.

raelites grew tired of following God and they

ish them. You too have a choice. He does not

went off and did their own thing, even though

want you to have to pay the eternal conse-

there were dire consequences.

quences in hell, but He desires to set you free.

of Egypt, where you used to live, or follow the

As Leviticus 18: 1-5 states, we are to fol-

practices of the land of Canaan, where I am

low God and to live the way He has instructed.

bringing you. You must not follow their cus-

In verse 3, the Lord told Moses to warn the

Leviticus applies to us today because

toms. You are to practice My ordinances and

people not to return to the lifestyle that they

everyone on the planet is called to make a de-

you are to keep My statutes by following

had once been a part of and to not seek a

cision about following God. We are to make a

them; I am Yahweh your God. Keep My

“new” way of living that is similar to that of

choice this day and decide whom we will

statutes and ordinances; a person will live if

their slavery.

serve. My reason for writing this is to urge you

he does them. I am Yahweh.”

I would say that the same warning that Is-

to really take a look at where you stand with

I love the book of Leviticus, because

raelites were issued by God still applies to us

Christ’s fingerprints are all over it. Most peo-

today. You and I must make a choice to live in

In chapters 25 and 26 of Leviticus, God

ple do not like the book due to its “harsh” or

slavery to sin or to follow God with all that we

promises blessings and providence for those

“out of date” content. I guess I may be weird

are and experience the freedom that He pro-

who follow Him, but for those who choose not

Jesus Christ.

He is all we need!




A guide to essential college tech

BY CALEB VANDER ARK Staff Writer In our modern world, the use of technol-


price tends to be a bit of an issue. If you are a

need to. Google Drive is one of the simplest

ogy in education is widespread and growing

Every college student should have a mo-

student, buy the University edition. For only

solutions, Microsoft’s Skydrive is pretty good

at an increasingly fast rate. Technology that

bile phone simply for the sake of safety.

$80, you get the Microsoft Office suite for

as well.

used to be expensive and inaccessible for most

Whether it be a basic prepaid phone, a slick

four years. Not only that, but you can install


people has become cheap and common. Tech

iPhone, or a top-rated Android phone, every

it on two different devices as well as your

devices ranging from laptops and tablets to

student should have something. Contrary to

tablet and smartphone!

Still too much?

for antivirus software. Many free and effective

Playstations and smartphones have all carved

what many people say, a smartphone is not es-

Check out or

solutions exist. The first thing you should do

out their own roles in a college student’s life.

sential. Handy? Yes. Essential? No. For any-

Both sites offer free alternatives that are not

when you get a new laptop is uninstall the pre-

However, a few tech products stand out as es-

one on an AT&T or Verizon contract, having

quite as powerful, but they are fully compati-

loaded antivirus software (usually Norton or

sential for a new (or returning) college stu-

a smartphone can cost up to $360 more each

ble with Microsoft Word.

McAfee). Next, activate or download Mi-

dent. Here are my top five tech products every

year on top of your regular phone bill. If you


Cloud Storage

crosoft Security Essentials for free. Then, go

student should own (or have access to).

have a prepaid device the additional cost for a

As computing takes to the proverbial

to and download Malware-



smartphone is generally miniscule, though you

skies, several companies have started offering

Bytes, another free security program. If you

Owning a laptop should be the corner-

generally have to settle for a less than impres-

free cloud storage. The best solutions let you

have an Apple computer, download “Avast!”

stone for any college student’s arsenal of tech-

sive phone. Need a cheap prepaid smartphone

actually specify a folder on your computer to

antivirus software (also free). It is important

nology. Desktops are not portable, tablets are

that still beats most of the crowd? Pick up

automatically sync with your online account.

to note that, contrary to popular belief, Apple

not productive. Owning a good laptop is in-

Google’s Nexus 4 for only $199 without a

Basically, anything you put in that folder will

computers are susceptible to viruses.

valuable to staying effective in a very mobile


be accessible from any computer with an in-

If you have any questions about technol-

environment. Look for laptops with Intel Core



Anti-Virus Software Let me get one thing straight: Never pay

Microsoft Office

ternet connection. This is incredibly useful for

ogy, send your questions for Caleb to thepa-

series processors from Asus, Sony, Samsung,

Whether or not you like Microsoft, the

school papers. By default, I save all my doc- Your question (and

Lenovo, and Toshiba. Stay away from less re-

Office suite of products remains the number

uments to my cloud folder. That way, I can

answer) could appear in the next edition of

liable brands like HP, Acer, and Dell.

one choice in academics today. However, the

print them off on the other side of campus if I

The Patriot.

The Google Chromecast – what smart TV should be BY CALEB VANDER ARK

nected mine to a TV, I couldn’t even tell it was

now, it can only play Netflix, Youtube, and

smartphone is that any Chromecast App (like

Staff Writer

there. The basic idea behind the Chromecast

Google Play videos and music. However, it

Netflix or YouTube) actually uses the

Back in July, Google announced a slew

is to turn any device (be it laptop, desktop,

can also stream tabs from any device running

Chromecast to run, rather than relying on your

of new products and services. Most of the an-

smartphone, tablet, etc.) of any brand (Win-

Google’s Chrome web browser. Streaming

laptop’s power. Thus, the video signal is sent

nouncements were expected, run of the mill

dows, iOS, Android) and turn it into a remote

tabs from Chrome to mirror on your TV is

directly to the Chromecast from Netflix, rather

sort of things. However, the reveal of the

for your TV. Most smart TV applications, as

cool, but may not have much practical appli-

than going to your laptop first. Most tradi-

Google Chromecast took nearly everyone by

well as the Apple TV, use a small, keyboard-

cation for many people.

tional devices that stream video and applica-

surprise. Google ventured into the smart TV

less remote for navigation. This makes typing

For only $35, it really is a good deal.

tions from laptops experience heavy amounts

market with Google TV a few years ago. The

in movie names on Netflix or spelling out

Being able to use your laptop or smartphone

of stuttering and input lag, much like most

platform really never caught on, and suffered

YouTube searches an incredibly tedious task.

to control Netflix is extremely useful, and you

smart TVs.

from poor manufacturer implementation and

On top of the poor navigation, the interfaces

can even run games or other applications

All in all, the Chromecast is an excellent

high prices. In contrast, Apple TV provided a

are usually unbearably slow and full of input

while controlling Netflix. Google is working

device for anyone who likes to roam around

simplistic, refined, and cheap solution.

lag. By having the Chromecast rely on de-

on expanding the apps that can be used with

and watch Netflix on different TVs. Even if

Google needed an answer.

vices with keyboards already present, Google

Chromecast, and the next app scheduled to

you just use it for your own TV, the ability to

automatically overcame one of the biggest

launch is Pandora Radio.

just walk into the room and already have your

flaws in most smart TVs.

One thing that is important to note about the

device connected to the TV via Chromecast is pretty nifty.

The result?

Chromecast. The Chromecast is an incredibly simple product. It consists of an HDMI-dongle and

So what does the Chromecast actually

Chromecast that sets it apart from other de-

a USB power cord. That’s it. When I con-

do? Unfortunately, not much. As of right

vices that stream content from your laptop or




thing to thick darkness. The cuffs were clasped

and handed me a scalpel. I slowly walked to

Staff Writer

on my hands and I was led to a vehicle.

the table and bent over the body.


Want your piece of fiction to appear in a future issue of The Patriot? Send your re-

The trip seemed to last forever and then

“There seems to be lacerations in the

sponse to the following prompt to thepa-

Prompt: You had planned to attend a

we finally stopped. The bag was lifted off my

mouth, the marks are typical of a … of a ten- Entries (500 words

friend’s birthday party and plugged her ad-

face and I was staring at three men, the one in

tacle,” I stated, my confusion turning to puz-

or fewer) must be received by September

dress into your GPS system, but the system

the middle was the man I had seen earlier, the

zlement. I opened up the cadaver’s chest only


guided you to somewhere else. Oddly enough,

one who had seemingly rigged my GPS.

to find no heart, nor kidney, nor lungs. “All of his organs are missing,” I ex-

Prompt: You are walking to your car

plained. Just then, I felt something slither up

when you pass a boy selling newspapers on

“I am,” I replied with fervent confusion.

the back of my shoulder. I turned my head to

the street. You buy a copy, only to discover

I stared at the man profoundly. He was

“Good, we need you to cut open this man

see a purple tentacle, which was attached to a

that it’s dated a week from today. And one par-

dressed in a black suit and wore slick, black

and find out what killed him,” the pointed to

purple head with black eyes, coming toward

ticular story makes you realize you need to

sunglasses, handcuffs clinging in his hands. A

a table and a light came on, showing the dull

my mouth. In that moment I knew we as a sen-

take action—now.

black sack came over my face, turning every-

paleness of a dead body. The man uncuffed me

tient species were not alone, nor safe.

there was a man waiting for you at this mysterious place. “Sorry I had to rig your GPS, but this is urgent,” said the person.

“You are Dr. Logan Dundon, the cardiovascular specialist, are you not?”

PhD Comics

J Entertainment


The Dystopia obsession

ting swept off their feet by normal-looking

looking for more to read in the same vein,

good fit, there are plenty of other options. “Di-

boys who turned out to be vampires, were-

there are a multitude of options available.

vergent” by Veronica Roth, “Delirium” by

wolves, ghosts, or any number of other non-

Michael Grant’s “Gone” series was com-

Lauren Oliver, Legend by Marie Lu, and

human entities. Now that the times have

pleted this year with the publication of the

“Matched” by Ally Condie are just a few ex-

finally changed with fading of “Twilight,”

sixth book, so this is a good option for some-

amples of dystopia series, and some of them

what is taking its place in the hearts and on the

one looking for a long story who doesn’t like

are yet to be finished.

bookshelves of today’s readers? A clear an-

to wait for books to come out. Set in a small

The best news of all, however, is that

swer has articulated itself, and it is the fan-

town on the coast of California, “Gone” fo-

when these books become boring or finished

tasy/science fiction realm of the dystopia.

cuses on many important characters struggling

or have too much romance, there’s always a

The opposite of the sought-after utopia –

to survive when an impenetrable opaque globe

phenomenal list of dystopian classics to go

or perfect world – a dystopia is a universe in

appears around their beach town, and they dis-

back to! Books like Lois Lowry’s “The Giver”

which everything has gone about as bad as it

cover that they cannot climb, fly, or dig their

and its sequels, the “Ender’s Game” sequence,

can go. This subgenre includes everything

way out. Simultaneously, everyone inside the

and single books such as ”Brave New World,”

from the post-apocalyptic settings in popular

area of this globe who was older than fifteen

“1984,” “Fahrenheit 451,” Ayn Rand’s “An-

TV shows like “The Walking Dead” and

years of age disappears, leaving the children

them,” and “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Mar-

“Revolution” to the plots and themes of the

fourteen and younger to fend for themselves

garet Atwood remain excellent reading.

few movies that interrupt comic-book hero cy-

for food, medicine, and other essentials. A sort

Although the genre is becoming hugely


cles, such as “World War Z” and “The Hunger

of blend between the 1990s “Left Behind”

popular, these books show that dystopian fic-

Staff Writer

Games.” The later of these is, of course, based

books and an “X-Men” movie, some of the

tion is not a new invention. Why is it coming

A few years ago, it was easy to see that

on the book trilogy that pushed the dystopian

children begin to develop unusual abilities that

back around? What makes today’s dystopian

the number one hit subgenre of young adult

craze in young adult fiction to the forefront.

make them powerful and frightening, often

novels different from those written in the

fiction was what became known as “paranor-

For anyone who has read “The Hunger

when they are only attempting to help.

twentieth century? I guess the only way to find

mal romance” – books about normal girls get-

Games” and watched these shows and is still

The good news is, if this doesn’t sound like a

out is to read a little bit (or a lot) of both.


Around UC: What did you do over summer break?

Theatre major Liz Guillermo spent 10 weeks

Communications major Junior DeVaux's ap-

Public Health major Coleton Terry took his

Public Health majors Alyssa Parrott and

of her summer in Santa Cruz, California with

pendix ruptured just two days after UC's

first trip out of the country this summer on a

Alaina Jackson spent their summer contribut-

CRU, along with 58 people from 10 different

spring game. He spent most of his summer re-

cruise to the Bahamas. While there he visited

ing to the work study program. They also went

states. While in California, Liz strengthened

covering and in physical therapy, but once he

Atlantis, beautiful beaches, saw dancing

on a week long vacation to Gulf Shores, Ala.

her relationship with God and the people she

became well, he got to enjoy the rest of his

lizards, and rode a water slide that took him

During their stay they spent the majority of

stayed with, and also worked at what she con-

summer in Orlando visiting his brother.

through a shark tank in Atlantis' water park.

their time relaxing on the beach and eating

sidered to be the world's best seaside amuse-

The rest of the summer he spent working and

way too much seafood. They also went put-

ment park.


putting and dolphin watching.


onFacebook facebook. com/patri otnewspaper

* A ki t t e np u rrs wi t he ve r yl i ke

* No ty e tp ro ve n

The Patriot - September 13, 2013  

The September 13, 2013 edition of The Patriot. The Patriot is the official biweekly student newspaper of the University of the Cumberlands.

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