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Out with the old and in with the new —School Year in Review BY NATASHA JONES Assistant Editor

As the 2012-2013 school year is nearing

and the electrical wiring, as well as remod-

students could come and wait for standby

Hutton to Moss and Moss to Hutton

its end, we, the student body, look back at

eled the kitchen in the grill. All the renova-

seating. Ten minutes before the program is

February 25, 2013

how we have each changed individually over

tions were made to support Phase III of the

supposed to start, an administrator would let

At an informational housing meeting, it

the school year. Freshmen may reflect on the

overall Health and Wellness Project.

any students that were left waiting know if

was announced that, due to the excessive

there are any extra seats available.

need for housing for males, Hutton Hall and

type of character they were while in high school, compared to who they’ve become in college. Sophomores and juniors may reflect

Moss Hall would be swapped. Hutton Hall

Convocation Changes September 5, 2012

From Cumberland Idol to The Spotlight January 22, 2013

would become a male dorm and Moss Hall would become a female dorm again.

on how their career plans or passions have

Until this past fall semester, convocation

changed throughout their college years. For

had been held on Monday or Wednesday

For the past seven years, Cumberland

some seniors who are preparing to say good-

between 10-10:50 a.m. This past fall semes-

Idol had been a highly anticipated and enter-

bye, they may look back at how they have

ter there were a number of convocation

taining event to hit campus every spring

changed during their time here at UC. As us

opportunities, each varying in topic, that

semester. This year, however, the Campus

A coffee shop opened in the grill, located

students grow and change through the course

were held at different times throughout the

Activity Board decided to change things up.

on the top level of the Boswell Campus

of a year, we tend to forget that are profes-

week. These changes were made to give stu-

They renamed the program The Spotlight,

Center. The coffee shop’s hours are 10 p.m. to

sors, advisors and even our school has been

dents and professors a little more flexibility

added a new host and a new stage. The judges

12:30 a.m. and is open 7 days a week.

growing and changing too. Here’s a look at

by allowing teachers to have class during the

consisted of: Dr. Charles Pilant of the history

Though purchases will not be included in stu-

how UC has changed throughout this school

10-10:50 hour.

department, Dr. Michael Dickman of the

dent meal plans, beverages that will be sold

communication arts department, Dr. Gina

are hot chocolate, coffee, and fountain drinks.

Herring of the English department, and UC’s

This also opened up more positions on cam-

women’s basketball coach, Melissa Irvin.

pus for students in UC’s Federal Work-study

year: February 11, 2013 Reconstruction of BCC

The response from the student body about the new convocation changes had been mixed

The option of in house voting, which con-

Through the first three months of the fall

until the spring semester when many students

sists of the audience being allowed to cast a

semester, students observed the ongoing con-

were turned away from a major convocation

vote as they exit, was also new to the pro-

struction of the Boswell Campus Center. This

event that was in the Gatliff Chapel. To try


construction had started in May of 2012 as

and avoid this problem in the future, Student

online viewers can still vote online. After see-

Phase II of a III phased project. Kyle Gilbert,

Services started distributing reserved seating

ing the buzz about Spotlight on social media

vice president of operations, and his crew of

tickets for convocation events. The number

and the big crowds that came out to Gatliff

construction workers renovated and upgraded

of seats that were available for the event was

chapel on performance nights, I believe we

the student center, redid all of the plumbing

how many tickets were distributed. However,

can declare The Spotlight a success.

September 3, 2012

However, audience members and

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

UC Coffeeshop March 19, 2013




Recording, Flying Colours, and Brett Ratliff


“ you know whatever music the band makes reflects on the producer...” On UC’s campus, there are a lot of musi-


nonetheless, he does have a few bands under

with me as they threw ideas out. In the end

cally talented people, whose voices and

The journey to get the studio started three

his belt. These bands include The Sowing

we could see that some things I suggested

instrumental talents can be seen at The

years ago when Ratliff's band, The Sowing

Season, OH! Divide, and Flying Colours.

worked and some didn't; some of the ideas

Spotlight, an event sponsored by CAB. What

Season, was looking to record an album.

Tyler Bird of OH! Divide had this to say

they suggested worked and some didn't. I

people might not know is that there is now a

They had saved up money and had the choice

about his experience with Ratliff, “Guitar and

think the finished product really suits them.

recording studio close by.

of either going to a studio or buy some gear

vocals were the hardest to record. It took me

It's definantly my best project yet." To hear

Brett Ratliff, an alumnus of UC, has

to do it themselves. They chose to buy the

about three hours to record my guitar tracks.

the latest project that Ratliff has completed,

recently opened a recording studio called

gear and do it themselves. After working on

Vocals were easier to record, they took less

you can go to the Flying Colours Facebook

Sowing Season Studios at his house in

the first few songs, Ratliff realized he was

takes. Brett definitely gave some helps and

page and click the link to their Bandcamp

Jellico, Tenn. Ratliff graduated in May 2008

good at recording and mixing. Along with

suggestions because I had never recorded


with a major in biology and a minor in chem-

being skilled at this process, Ratliff was also

vocals. It was great and a lot of fun.

istry. He is currently working at Jellico

passionate about it.

So far for 2013, Ratliff has two projects

The Flying Colours is the most recent

lined up, one with Brent Foley and one with

Community Hospital as an IT Technician.

"I found I could record myself at a higher

band that he has worked with. Ratliff had this

his roommates worship team. His studio has

Although this is the job that Ratliff holds

quality than what I could afford in studio,"

to say about the process of recording with

also now been moved to part of a church that

right now he has another passion- music.

Ratliff said. Slowly over the next few years

Flying Colours, "As a producer you know

is across form the Jellico City High School.

So, Ratliff loves music, but why would he

Ratliff collected more and more gear to

whatever music the band makes reflects on

Bird says, “I wish we would’ve had more

want to open a recording studio in his house?

where he could start helping friends that did-

the producer. I trusted them and let them have

time to work with him. He’s grown a lot as a

Ratliff says, "I love making music and help-

n't have a lot of funds record. Now, his studio

free reign. Whenever they wanted to try

producer since then. We were the guinea pigs

ing others. A lot of bands don't have the funds

is at the point where he could open it up for

something crazy, we did it. I could throw out

and I felt like he did a great job with the time

to go professional and I had the space. In

bands to book and record.

my opinion and they could throw theirs back.

he had. Jordan Infield of OH! Divide said this

Nashville they have entire houses devoted to

Due to how recently Ratliff has gotten his

Sometimes I would suggest something

about his experience with Ratliff, “My expe-

it. It was something I started from the ground

studio up and running, he does not have a

and they would be on board and at other

rience working with Brett was exciting,

up so I wouldn't loose any money I sunk into

long list of bands that have recorded, but

times would not. The same thing happened

enjoyable, and professional.”

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

Faith & Ministry


Hallways with No Windows

What I Learned from Catalyst One Day BY HALEY DAVIS


Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Patience. That’s a virtue I rarely have.

know I’m not ready for the future, sometimes

Even when I get close to owning the wait-it-

I just get sick of waiting in the hall with no

out walk, I’m left in debt to my sinful, slav-

answers and no encouragement.

I sat in my seat, enthralled by what I was

at 5:30 a.m. and this was the second session

ing self, irritated that things aren’t my way

I at least want to know what I’m doing is

hearing. The church sanctuary looked more

out of four, needless to say I was enveloped.

and irritated that I’m irritated about things

going to be worth it, since I center my life

like an auditorium than the churches I had

Catalyst One Day in Lexington, Kentucky

going my way. Yeah, it doesn’t make much

around myself so much anyway. But, when

been in. The thousand-plus seats were filled

started at 9 a.m. and went until 5 p.m.

sense to me either.

you are in that hallway between your dreams

to the brim. The stage was huge and had the

There were four sessions in which the

But seriously. Anybody know anyone

and your reality, you build the best spiritual

instruments of the band set up on it. Andy

High Point Worship Band performed fol-

who has patience? Like, maybe for a split

muscles. Faith really takes place in the hall-

Stanley, the pastor of North Point church in

lowed by a message from Andy Stanley

second, but frankly, I don’t think humans are

way where there’s no windows and no eyes

Georgia, sat on his chair beside his little

and/or Craig Groeschel. For lunch, the other

very patient people in general. Why do we

watching. Where you find yourself broken,

table; any time I’ve ever seen Andy Stanley,

25 UC students, five professors, and I got to

long so much? Why are we aching at night?

hungry, tired, and lost. You come face to face

he always had that chair and table. If I was

enjoy Chick-Fil-A. In session three, Craig

Why are our emotions borderline bipolar

with your need for a glory-driven grace. Beat

going to have to teach for 45 minutes or

Groeschel talked about creating a "Culture of

when we stand in a simple line? Complicated

the wall all you want – lessons are best

more, I would too.

Self-Awareness." What he was talking about

questions, but there has to be an answer

learned through these tough challenges,

"Do not confuse giftedness with anoint-

is that it is easy to be self-deceived. In this


rough experiences, and hard circumstances.

ing," he said in his smooth voice. There is so

culture everyone claps for you and pats your

“We know that the whole creation has

much truth in that statement. What he had

back, even if you were terrible at what you

been groaning as in the pains of childbirth

waits, and in his word I put my hope.”

been talking about is how in the church we

did. They'll tell you "great job."

right up to the present time. Not only so, but

Psalm 130:5 NIV.

“I wait for the LORD, my whole being

think that there are only a few people who are

Therefore, we might think we're good at

we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the

I’m not saying the walk is outrageous, but

anointed to preach, teach, and lead "wor-

something and really aren't. A "Culture of

Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for

the walk is not alone. Even when you feel


Self-Awareness" is basically allowing your

our adoption to sonship, the redemption of

alone, you’re not. Even when you don’t know

The truth is that pastors and teachers are

working environment to be honest; this is

our bodies. For in this hope we were saved.

what you’re doing, there’s purpose. Even

just gifted at speaking and teaching.

from the perspective of a leader because it

But hope that is seen is no hope at all. Who

when you’re afraid to take a wrong step,

"Worship" leaders are gifted at playing music

was a leadership conference. Through having

hopes for what they already have?”

God’s there. Patience is a stage we all must

and leading other musicians. (The reason I

this, people can be comfortable to give cor-

Romans 8:22-24 NIV.

walk through, crawl through, and endure

put worship in quotes is that we also have the

rections and help each other get better at the

Moments like right now all I want to do is

through. With God, all things are possible…

idea that worship is just music when it is real-

things we are not good at. All in all, Catalyst

sigh. Am I content with where I am in my

and this includes those moments when some-

ly everything we do.) Anointing on the other

One Day was awesome and I learned a lot on

life? To a degree, of course; I have an amaz-

one was obviously praying patience for you.

hand is something that every Christian

that day.

ing family, gracious friends, outstanding

Whether you’re in a dry spell or a flood-

receives once they make Jesus leader of their

mentors, uplifting church families, and plen-

ed storm, God is right there, and he has not


ty more. But what about where I dwell spiri-

and never will leave or forsake you. So knit

tually? Eh, I could have more. Couldn’t we

while you wait. Sing while you sit. Learn


while you can, and just remember that God

Just like a king was anointed as king in ancient times, we are anointed sons and daughters of God. The inherent danger in this

Sometimes, I just want the door to open. I

belief is it makes the pastor, teacher, or "wor-

just want the semester to end, summer to end

ship" leader above everyone else and this is

and to be a graduate. Anyone feel me there?

not good leadership. Even though I woken up

We all get in those moods. Even though I

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

has not left you. God has not forgotten you. A window or a door will come open soon. You just keep praying, following and obeying.

6 Opinion

That funny thing:


BY TIMOTHY WYATT Assistant Editor

Time is a funny thing, but it is more of a concept than

school? Now, in college, it is almost nonexistent, right? No

ber time, but that you might

an actual thing. What is even funnier than time itself

one sped up the clocks. There is a lesson that comes with

forget it now and then for a moment, and not spend all your

though, is how different individuals treat and use it. Some

the understanding of time. And it’s that it doesn’t last for-

breath trying to conquer it.”

of us squander it. Some of us cherish it. Some of us don’t

ever. True, maybe it goes on infinitely, then again, maybe it

have enough of it. The real problem with time is that it doesn’t wait for you. It doesn’t take a break to let you figure out who you

And that is what so many of us try our best to do: conquer time. Time conquers all. It is a gift and a curse. Regardless of what it is that you want to do, just do it.

doesn’t. Who knows? One thing is for certain: our time is finite, fragile, fleeting.

Do something. Do anything. Start right now. This moment

I’m reminded of an excerpt from William Faulkner’s

is the one that could define the rest of your life. Not to be

“The Sound and the Fury.” A father is going through the

cliché, but time really is of the essence. Make the most of

Remember how long summer break felt in elementary

generational rite of handing down a watch to his son. As he


school? Remember how it wasn’t quite as long in high

does so, he says, “I give it to you not that you may remem-

want to be or what you want to do with your life. Even worse is that it only moves faster as you get older.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


The Chromebook – The Laptop Takes to the Skies

Google Drive – Never Forget to Bring Your Homework Again



Staff Writer

Staff Writer

A substantial trend in computing over the

store, which features thousands of apps –

past several years is the introduction of the

both free apps and paid apps, many of which

ominous “Cloud.” Not the big, puffy, sheep-

are similar to common tablet and smartphone

like objects in the sky that are most definite-




a presentation on your desktop from your

halfway to class when you realize that you

tablet or laptop, all you need is an internet

We have all had it happen.

ly made of cotton candy; rather, it is the term

These include the various Google apps

left your 24-page paper back on your desk.

connection. I personally use all three of the

attached to data stored and streamed via the

such as Google Docs, calendar, and more.

Not only that, but your flash drive is in your

programs mentioned above, but typically use

Internet. Some basic examples of cloud-

The browser itself can be kept in sync with all

other jeans. Oops. Thankfully, new technol-

Google Drive as I run everything else through

based services are: Internet-based email

of your other devices that run Chrome, such

ogy has made it possible for your precious

my Google account anyway. It is also a good

applications, video streaming sites, social

as desktops, other laptops, and smartphones.

hard work to be never more than a click away.

idea to download the folder application to all

media, and music streaming sites. All of these

Thus, whatever apps and bookmarks you

The wide-spread adoption of Cloud-

of your devices. In my case, I have folders on

services utilize data that is stored remotely on

have on your Chromebook will be synced

based technology has given rise to a slew of

both my laptop and desktop so that both

across all of your devices. Each of the four

Internet storage programs designed to make

devices have physical copies of my docu-

As Internet speeds have grown exponen-

models offered comes with a free 2-year sub-

your work accessible from any computer,

ments and other files.

tially over the past decade, so have offerings

scription to Google Drive with 100 GB of


Offerings such as Microsoft’s

Try it for yourself! Google offers 5 GB of

of cloud-based applications. Since speeds are

storage space. This allows you to access any

Skydrive, Google Drive, and Dropbox offer

free space, Microsoft offers 7 GB (plus more

higher, larger files and commands can be

of your documents or photos stored on your

free entry-level storage that is perfect for

if you buy Office 2013), Dropbox offers 2

transported with greater ease and efficiency.

Chromebook from any other device in the

storing all of your documents and presenta-

GB, but you can refer friends to Dropbox and

The opportunities brought on by this rapid

world with an Internet connection (for more


pick up an additional .5 GB for each one that

increase in technology are virtually limitless.

on Google Drive, see the corresponding arti-

a server far, far away.

One such opportunity is the rise of Google’s

Each of these programs allows you to download an application that exists as a fold-


Chrome Operating System; it transforms the

Obviously, the Chromebook relies on an

er on your computer. Anything you save to

way operating systems handle data. This

Internet connection for the best experience.

that folder will automatically be uploaded to

operating system is the core of Google’s first

However, it also is able to work offline with

the Internet, where you can access it from any


most of its apps. Any work you do on docu-

device with an Internet connection; all you

ments or photos offline will be automatically

have to do is go to the website of whichever

The fundamental premise behind the

synced with the online versions once the

program you’re using, sign in, and voila! All

Chromebook is integration with the cloud.

device is reconnected to the Internet.

of your files in that folder are within reach.

The system runs everything from the Chrome

Chromebooks are available at many retailers,

You can also create subfolders to better man-

Internet browser. It is simple, minimalistic,

and start at $199. For the price, it is a well-

age your files as well.

and quick – startup times clock in at less than

rounded and solid machine, provided you can

10 seconds. All applications and programs

do everything you want through an Internet







The benefits of signing up for one of the aforementioned programs are immense. If

are run through the Chrome browser. They

your computer dies, your work is safely

are distributed through the Chrome web

backed up in the cloud. If you need to access

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

signs up.




Previously in The Experimental War...

into one of their buildings he discovered that

trigger, breath out." Prockar pulled the trigger

Ashaan, the leader of the human colony on

they had built a “bio bomb� to destroy the

and breathed out, the laser blast shot out and

Planet 20, and Shinzar, the leader of the alien

aliens and were releasing it the next day. The

nailed the creature.

colony on Planet 20, led their troops into a

hero was caught and chained on a platform

"Wow dad, did you see that, I can't

battle against each other. Ashaan had a mem-

under the building by the evil Dr. Kingard,

believe I just did that," Prockar exclaimed.

ory of an interrogation in which he learned

who had helped in his mind wipe. Ashaan

Shinzar smiled down at his son.

ing when laser blasts were heard. Since they

that both colonies were warring pawns in a

was left to die.

"He's got a great teacher. He'll survive if the time ever comes," she replied. Shinzar felt confidence rise up in his heart again. "Hey dad, here's the..." Prockar was say-

"Yes Prockar, that was a great shot. Now, go

were on the southern edge of their colony, the

plan of genocide for the aliens, for they could

Shinzar stood perfectly still behind the

bring it in and we'll get to eating," replied

family quickly made their way into the center

not remember anything before a week earlier.

green foliage, his eye on a furred, pig-like

Shinzar with a very proud voice. Shinzana,

of the colony, where they found many of the

Soon, Ashaan found himself no longer the

creature not ten yards in front of him.

Shinzar's wife, looked up out of the water

other Lizards hiding behind objects, rifles up

leader of the troop and questioning the lead-

Bending down on his legs, he whispered into

pool and smiled at her husband. "He's learn-

and firing at a troop of humans that were hid-

ers of the colony, the white coats. Later that

the ear of a smaller, green, lizard-like crea-

ing quick. I just hope he don't have to face the

ing behind the trees and foliage.

night, Ashaan found out that the white coats

ture, his son Prockar. "Bring the rifle firm

humans anytime soon," remarked Shinzar,

were involved in the plan, and after breaking

against your shoulder, breath in, pull back the

knowing the statement behind Shinzana's

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



"Quickly, get back to the hut," yelled

replied Shane in exasperation. He went over

exclaimed Ashaan as he put his hand on

"So, you've come to take vengeance for

Shinzar to his family, quickly getting the rifle

to Ashaan, pulled out a laser pistol, shot off

Shane's shoulder. They quickly turned

those creatures, how touching," sneered Dr.

from his son. His family quickly made their

the restraints, and helped him up.

towards the exit door and made their way to

Kingard and then he took a run towards

the second metal building where the white

Ashaan. Shane raised up his pistol but was

coats lived.

blocked by a guard who tried to take the laser

way back and Shinzar took his place on the

"Why does everyone keep saying that?

backside of an abandoned hut, firing at will

Now, I know it must be a shock seeing me

into the trees.

like this, but what exactly is going on here. I

At the Lizards camp the battle was still

pistol from him. As Dr. Kingard hit Ashaan,

In the trees, the humans kept the laser

know that I've been mind wiped, something's

going on intensely. Shinzar looked around to

they both went flying back into a glass table

blasts flying. Every now and then an alien

going on with Planet 17, and they're wanting

see only a few Lizards still standing. They

that shattered. Dr. Kingard was on top and he

Lizard would be hit, but that was not the

to wipe out the Lizards, but what does this

were not made for this kind of fighting. All

started beating Ashaan's face.

focus of this attack. It was a distraction to

have to do with me?" asked Ashaan, the feel-

that mattered to him was that his family was

keep the Lizards occupied while the bio

ing of finally getting the full picture flooding

kept safe, so he kept firing into the trees.

bomb was being assembled, the men in front

through his body. Shane's face turned down-

protection for it; the bio bomb came in pieces


"This is the end of the road for you," Dr. Kingard sneered in triumph.

Hidden in the foliage of the jungle, the

Having gotten satisfaction from beating

humans continued the onslaught. "I hope that

Ashaan's face, Dr. Kingard put his hands

because once it was fully assembled it would

"Well, I see not everything has returned.

bomb is almost complete because we're los-

around Ashaan's throat to finish the job.

detonate in ten seconds. The end to this war

Your name is Rick Towers and you were in

ing men up here," yelled Bachee, the leader

Shane, although in a chokehold, saw his laser

was near and with every piece assembled,

the Marines. The invention of Hyper Drive

of the troop, in a frustrated tone. One of the

pistol on the floor and kicked it to Ashaan.

that end drew nearer.

has given us the ability to travel galaxies at

two men assembling the bomb put in the final

Ashaan grabbed the laser pistol and shot Dr.

Ashaan sat with his knees under him and

very quick speeds. It came at the right time,

piece and the top of the metal orb glowed

Kingard in the heart. He quickly slumped off

his arms held up by the restraints. It had been

because Earth's population was overrunning

blue. It was activated.

of Ashaan. As Ashaan looked around at the

hours since Dr. Kingard had walked away, his

and we needed somewhere to start a new

"It's ready sir, do want me to deploy it now,"

other white coats, whom quickkly surren-

plans to wipe out the Lizards on Planet 20

colony. So, all of the nations sent ships out to

retorted the man who put in the last piece.

dered; a humming sound and voice came

close to fruition. Ashaan couldn't believe this

find a planet identical to Earth. Planet 17 is

Bachee looked back and gave him a death

from the communications device across the

was going to happen and all he could do was

that planet; the only problem is that the plan-



sit here. A creaking noise echoed through the

et is home to over one million of the aliens

"Yes, you idiot, activate it," yelled back

The voice said, "Captain Mills to Dr.

underground chamber and he saw the door on

we call Lizards. So our leaders, in their arro-

Bachee. The man pushed the blue button and

Kingard, I hope that bio bomb of yours has

the opposite side of the room slowly starting

gance, have decided that we are more impor-

a green gas was forced into a mile radius

killed those aliens because if not I'm going to

to open. The figure of a man started walking

tant than that species.

through an explosion. The humans watched

replace you." Ashaan ran over to the device

toward Ashaan and all he could think was this

So, they developed a plan to ‘mind wipe’

in victory as the Lizards tumbled to the

and picked up the transmitter piece, pushing

was Dr. Kingard coming to tell him that all

a group of physically fit humans and pit them

ground. The gas was designed to only kill the

the talk button as he did.

the Lizards on Planet 20 were wiped out.

against a group of the Lizards, like it was an

Lizards and not harm humans. After a few

"Dr. Kingard will not be replying to your

As the man got into the light, Ashaan

experiment. We were against this action, but

seconds, the human troops went and checked

message, Captain Mills. This is Major Rick

immediately saw that this was not the case,

we knew we had to act quietly, but they came

the Lizard colony.

Towers, one of the people you mind wiped

for a man dressed in camouflage stood in

to you and wanted you to lead the operation.

There were no survivors.

for your purposes. You are guilty of the mur-

front of him. His face had recently been

You resisted, so they gave you the mind wipe

As Ashaan and Shane sneakily made it to

der of both aliens and humans, along with

clean-shaven, but the hair had been growing,

and fabricated a new existence for your mind.

the entrance to the second metal building,

being involved in the process of genocide

so he knew he wasn't one of the white coats.

This planet, Planet 20, is where they decided

there was an explosion to the south. They

against a sentient race. If this is what we've

"Major Towers, is that you," he asked.

to carry out the plan of pitting the two sides

quickly turned to see a gas cloud in the sky.

become, I want out. If you want a war, you've

Immediately, Ashaan started to remember

against each other. I snuck onto the delivery

They've done it," whispered Shane.

got one," replied Ashaan to the voice. He

this man.

ship that brought you here and have been

Ashaan's heart sank and with a quick turn he

dropped the transmitter piece and went to


shot the handle off the door, kicking it open.

find his wife and son.

"Shane, Shane Hibird, what are you doing here," replied Ashaan with another question.





explained Shane.

They both walked in, made it to the main

The man looked stunned at hearing his name.

"Thank you my friend, you have given

quarters where the white coats lived, and

"So you are remembering, I couldn't tell, but

me my name back and given me hope that we

pointed their guns at them. They all stared in

something in my gut told me you were,"

could actually win. Now, let's finish this,"

shock at their intruders.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

The End?

10 Feature

Job Days of Summer


working in a unique summer position.

never know when a reporter is going to be

Summer is approaching quickly, and with

ing the summers of ’67, ’68, and ’69. I made

it comes a fresh set of opportunities for col-

minimum wage at the time, which was $1.65

“In the summer of 2010, I was hired to be

lege students. Some of us will be looking to

an hour.” Frazier said that he was working to

a part-time field representative on the reelec-

Summer means different things to differ-

spend the time between May and August on

have money to spend throughout his semes-

tion campaign of United States Congressman

ent people. Some of us will be working typi-

vacation, with our feet planted firmly in the

ters at Cumberland. He often got “threatened

Fred Upton,” he said. “I oversaw ground

cal, nothing-out-of-the-ordinary jobs, some

contours of sand around the ocean or our bod-

to be fired,” he said, for trying to make the

operations for five counties along with a team

of us will be working exciting or unique jobs,

ies positioned comfortably in a lounger

job more fun by doing things like cranking

of four other staff members.”

and others of us will be working hard to avoid

between two trees with an easy-to-read book.

the bottling machinery far past its intended

For others, though, the downtime that

threshold to see how fast they could bottle.

Vander Ark worked in this position for

working at all. But no matter the case, sum-

two summers – in 2010 and again in 2012 –

mer is a break from college life – it’s a chance

and it provided him some interesting oppor-

for students to rest and recharge for their


remaining semesters, and that’s true for

comes after finals week in May will serve

“That job is the reason I’ll never drink a

only as a transition period into a different

Coke out of a glass bottle anymore,” Frazier

kind of work. But there, we’re not looking to

said. “The bottles that got recycled were

“One of my favorite roles was acting as

earn good grades or other academic acco-

nasty. And the soap we used on ‘em would eat

support staff at fundraisers,” said Vander Ark.

lades – we’re laboring for cold, hard cash.

through the leather on your boot if you

“I got to smile and wave at people who were

Dollar bills. Cheddar. And we’re willing to

dropped any.” Coke bottling is done almost

paying $200 each to be there while I was get-

do some pretty odd things to earn it.

exclusively by machine now, so it’s a good

ting paid to eat fine food. It was a good life.”

thing Frazier has since found a new way to

But his job wasn’t without struggles. “It's

occupy his summers.

very stressful work, as I was required to

“I spent three summers in college bottling Coke products by hand,” said Dr. Tom


Frazier, English department chair at the

Caleb Vander Ark, a junior political sci-

always keep my composure and speak tact-

University of the Cumberlands. “It was dur-

ence major at UC, also spent some time

fully around constituents,” he said. “You

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

everyone, whether they’re on the beach, in the woods, or in the workplace.

Feature 11

WEIGHT a minute, a Pinterest obsession Photo courtesy of Flickr’s Edson Hong. Used with permission.


If you’re a female, you know the pains of

same time. It's seems like the harder I work at

“It was so bad in my school that if you

Pinterest can cause unrealistic goals and

trying to maintain a certain body image for

looking that way the further away I am,” said

were overweight, people made fun of the way

dreams for normal women and is consuming

the American eye. Even if you aren’t willing

UC senior Jaimie Bengie.

you looked every day,” said UC junior

females everywhere. And it’s not just about

to admit it, you diet and you work out to feel

She’s not the only one who feels that way

Corrine Jackson.

fitness. Pinterest has caused this epidemic in

a sense of accomplishment and to build your

and, in fact, you’re surrounded by girls at UC

confidence. Not always to be “perfect” but to

who feel the same way you do.

It’s true. Women are starting to care more

America where women want to get married

and more about the way they look and some

more than ever, paint their nails every day,

be healthy. Even if you don’t do those things,

“I will admit that I have never had that

will do just about anything to become what

cook on a daily basis and then go workout. It

you’ve probably struggled with self-esteem

perfect body that Pinterest throws around. It

they are surrounded by in society. Many web-

is discouraging when society expects average

at some point. Why? Because you’re a

does affect me, however. Just looking at a

sites have banned accounts who promote eat-

people to be super models.

woman and Victoria’s Secret makes you feel

couple of photos makes me feel guilty for not

ing disorders such as anorexia, bulimia and

ashamed of your curves! The media, fashion,

eating lettuce for 354 days in a row. Maybe if

the use of laxatives to lose weight.

and websites create an expected body image

I was more active they would encourage

However, there are still many websites

beauty or does the media? What came first?

and one of those sites is Pinterest.

rather than make me feel guilty. Whoops!”

that we visit on a daily basis that are still

Honestly, it’s hard to say but if Photoshop

said UC junior Joy Coleman.

enabling people to promote this idea of

and makeup were never created, would it

Pinterest is one website that women are

Who is to blame for this? Do we hold each other to certain standards of weight and

crazy about right now. Besides the fact that

It’s not just always college girls though

obsessing over your body. Pinterest included.

matter what we looked like anymore?

most females are obsessed with “pinning”

and it’s not always high school either. Body

So the question is, is the Pinterest “fitspira-

Pinterest is great for planning your wedding

new clothes onto their boards and creating

image affects everyone, every gender and

tion” just as bad as pro anorexia and pro

but not so great for confidence if you expect

their perfect virtual wedding, there is also

every age.

bulimia sites? Maybe, because regardless of

to look like the women on the site.

another category that gets a lot of attention:

“I was with my middle school group at

what you’re doing in life, you should never

“To me, a perfect body image is overall

the fitness and health category. If you are

my church last Christmas break and they

obsess. It doesn’t matter if it’s an eating dis-

feeling happy and confident in how I look. It,

familiar with Pinterest, you know what I’m

were singing and dancing. One girl, who is

order or exercising, excessive amounts of it

of course, also includes trying my best to take

talking about. If you aren’t familiar, then just

easily less than 100 pounds, wasn’t partici-

can cause health issues. So, why do so many

care of my body. I realize that I will never

know that the site is plastered with beautiful

pating. One sponsor embarrassed her by mak-

users on Pinterest insist on promoting this

have a perfect body but as long as I ensure I

women with amazing bodies-most likely per-

ing her join in. She was still so angry and


am healthy and happy, everything else will

fected by Photoshop. What does that say

asked through gritted teeth, “Did you see

“I think Pinterest is not really unhealthy

take care of itself. I think the worst thing a

about America and what does that do to the

what she wanted me to do? Clap my hands!

unless you make it that way. For me and some

person could do for their body image is com-

average female?

What if everyone saw my arms jiggling! Why

of my friends it is a good way to motivate us

pare themselves to someone else because as

“I do actually look at Pinterest especially

would she do that to me?” Tears filled her

to work out, but to others it can make them

cliché as it sounds: you aren’t them, you’re

when I need some extra motivation. I see the

eyes and that is when I realized we had a big-

hate their body so much that they become

you and your own unique person,” said UC

women on there and think if they can look

ger problem in our society than people care to

desperate to look like the girls in the photos,”

junior Katelynn Hardin.

like that so can I. But it is discouraging at the

admit,’ said Coleman.

said Jackson.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

12 Sports Let’s face it, sports are a big deal in American culture. Sure, not everyone cares about them (if that’s you, then go ahead and skip to the article about Justin Timberlake on page 17), but just as many as those who don’t, if not more, do. Myself? I fall into the latter category. Some may even say that I fall into the category of people that care too much; but who is really listening to those people anyway? Usually, I’m quite the optimistic sports fan. The refs make a bad call? They will make up for it later. My team falls short in a close game? Eh, we will win the next one. But, with this being The Patriot’s last issue of the semester, I’ve decided to spill my last ounce of pent-up, wintery, acrimonious belligerence onto this page before we all leave to bask in the glorious warmth of the sun.

Welcome to “the Cynical Sports Guy.” BY TIMOTHY WYATT Assistant Editor

• Alabama wins the BCS What’s new, right? •

Ravens win the Super Bowl

(See my article on page 15.) •

The Miami Heat’s “almost” historic

win-streak Now, I may be the only person left in America who can still find the energy to hate on the Heat – and that’s cool – but I just can’t find it in me to like them. I fondly refer to this team as “the Yankees of basketball.” If you can just buy up talent, then you’re going to dominate. Considering the Heat’s roster, steamrolling through 27-straight opponents isn’t very impressive to me. •

Baylor wins the NIT The National Invitational Tournament is

Photo courtesy of

set aside for the “better” teams that just miss the NCAA tourney. So congratulations, Baylor, for being the best-worst team in the country. •

FGCU makes it to the Sweet Sixteen The first 15-seed to ever make it to the

Sweet Sixteen! I have nothing bad to say here, I just wanted to include it. It’s a shame that “dunk city” couldn’t keep winning.






that “Loserville” actually won it all, I refuse

Those were the two “best” teams in college

to look over how weak the college basketball

hoops? Puh-lease.

You’ll have to excuse me for a moment

spectrum was this year. And that “jump ball”

while I gain some composure for this

in the waning minutes of the Final Four

one…well, it was worth a shot. This is the

matchup against Wichita State was a crock.

most undeniably grotesque thing to happen to

But… moving on, did anybody see that

sports in a long time, and let me remind you

championship game? It looked like a couple

that the Heat won the NBA Finals last year.

of good — not great — high school teams

Even if I could somehow get past the fact

battling it out.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



Women’s swimming team makes a splash in Oklahoma City


Oklahoma City, Okla. was arecent desti-

but for her that wasn’t enough reassurance.

honors at the National Championships. “It

that many people at school recognizing what

nation for University of the Cumberlands’

Parent said, “It was a race that I wasn’t

was a complete shock. I didn’t expect it.

I did is one of the most amazing things from

men’s and women’sswimming teams as they

expecting to win. I mean, I came in as the

We’re allowed to vote for ourselves and I did-

this,” Parent said.

traveled to compete in the 2012-13 NAIA

first seed, but I knew that other people were

n’t even vote for me, but I recognize that the

National Championships on Feb. 27 through

going to be faster than me because, in season,

coaches in the NAIA recognize what we’re

March 2.

you don’t always give your best, so I was

doing here at Cumberland,” said Skelly.

The men’s team, overall, did well, bring-

really surprised.”

Recognition was received from more than

ing home a sixth place finish, the highest in

Head swimming coach Eric Skelly

just the other coaches in the conference.

seven years. But it was the women’s team

thought Parent’s win really rallied the team,

Parent said she surprisingly received plenty

who stole the show, placing third—tying the

saying, “It was a big win for us because it was

of her own when she returned to campus.

highest ranking ever by the UC women—and

only the second event for the women, so it

“The thing that makes me the most happy

landing five swimmers on the All-American

really helped set up the points for us and we

is that I got recognition from a lot of people

list, including Charlotte Parent, who won the

were able to hold off a lot of teams later on.

that I wasn’t expecting. A lot of people, when

National Championship in the women’s 200

It was very important for us to get that win on

I came back to school, were like, ‘Wow.

IM with a time of 2:05.30.

day one and just establish some momentum.”

Congratulations. Good job.’ I always knew

Skelly also received Coach of the Year

my family would be proud of me, but having

Parent went into the race as the favorite,

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


Running for the




For most college players, their athletic

two 40-yard dashes in an impressive time. It

be making their way to Williamsburg to eval-

Willie Gibson, FaQuan Calloun, Weston

career ends on senior day. Getting to partici-

also impressed the scouts who came all the

uate some more during the season,” said

Hazlehurst, Adrian Hightower, Kel McCarter,

pate in an intercollegiate sport is a blessing

way from other states to the small town of

Coach Bland.

Reggie Murray, Ryan Northcut, Nick Smith,

within itself for aspiring athletes and for a

Williamsburg, Kentucky to get a look at these

few football players at UC, they are working

young men.

Cobb, a leader on the football field, is

Shane Turnipseed, Terrell Wlison and

from Knoxville, Tennessee where he attended

Mitchel Mascaro, whom according to Bland, all did an outstanding job.

on making their dreams a reality. UC junior

According to UC’s head football coach,

Fulton High School. Cobb started his football

Terrance Cobb has high hopes for the future

John Bland, almost all of the juniors or soon-

career as a child and has chased his dream

and plans on doing whatever it takes to make

to-be seniors got the chance to run for NFL

through adulthood, as this time next year; he


scouts. For this team, the scout day was very

will be a senior with high hopes of making it

Many weeks ago, two NFL scouts came

important as this evaluation of the athletes is

to the NFL.

to UC’s campus to interview Cobb and sever-

for the 2014 NFL draft. With a total of 12 jun-

“It was a starting process of a long to

al other players. They had Cobb do an evalu-

iors who got the opportunity to try out in

journey to the NFL,” said Cobb. “This means

ation of his college career up until the point

front of the scouts, Cobb did an outstanding

a lot to me because I think it’s an honor to be

he’s at right now as a junior.

job in comparison.

able to get an opportunity to play pro foot-

“They all ran well for the conditions of

ball. I feel as if it’s something big for me but

that day. It was 45 degrees and drizzling rain

also something big for the school as well. It’s

On another day, the players ran for the

outside. Terrance Cobb and Willie Gibson ran

big for the kids coming up and the players

scouts from the Detroit Lions and the

exceptionally well and the scouts pretty much

that before me.”

Tennessee Titans. Cobb, a running back, ran

guaranteed that teams from the NFL would

“It was kind of like a job interview,” said Cobb.

The other juniors that tried out included:

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



In my opinion: Flacco’s payday spells mayday for Baltimore

BY TIMOTHY WYATT Assistant Editor

Remember last offseason when Joe

MVP of the game. So, it seems as if my pre-

it. Yeah, he has had some great games. Yeah,

from the team’s roster this offseason. A move

Flacco said he was an “elite” quarterback?

cognition skills are pretty poor at times, but

he has helped his team get to the playoffs all

that—aside from wide receiver Anquan

OK, to be fair, it was his agent that said that.

don’t think that is going to stop me jumping

of his five years as a starter. Yeah, Baltimore

Boldin (Flacco’s “go-to guy”)—devastated

Instead, Flacco went on Baltimore’s WNST

the gun again.

has had plenty of good, solid wins with him

the defensive side of this team. By the time

1570 and said, “I assume everybody thinks

More recently, Flacco signed a deal with

at the helm, but it has also consistently had a

this editorial runs, the situation will probably

they're a top-five quarterback. I mean, I think

the Ravens that made him not only the high-

good, solid defense to bail him out; which,

be even worse.

I'm the best. I don't think I'm top five, I think

est-paid QB in the league, but the highest-

speaking of, they just lost.

I'm the best.”

paid player…period. According to,

Maybe I wouldn’t go as far to say that the

The NFL free-agency-bonanza is always

Ravens won’t make the playoffs next season

Joe Flacco? Elite? Bah. I scoffed at that

Flacco’s signature raked him in a little over



(though, I wouldn’t be surprised), but I will

comment for weeks. I scoffed at that com-

$120 million over the next six years. All I can

Baltimore, it was even more so this year. We

guarantee we won’t see them in the Super

ment for most of the season. To be honest, I

say is I hope his big paycheck with all those

already knew this past season was legendary

Bowl next year…or anytime in the foresee-

scoffed at that comment all the way up to the

numbers on it makes him happy next season,

linebacker Ray Lewis’ last hoorah before

able future. Thanks, “Fluke-O.”

Super Bowl. Then, of course, when the final

because he sure won’t be finding that same

retirement—which was probably a bigger

seconds ticked off the clock in the Mercedes-

solace in the win column. Sorry, Ravens fans.

component to the Ravens’ Super Bowl run

Benz Superdome, it was the Ravens who

Let’s explore this for a minute. Prior to

hoisted the Lombardi Trophy at midfield. The

this year, Flacco’s nickname was “Fluke-O.”

What we didn’t know was the amount of

worst part of it though: Flacco was named the

That isn’t a name you’re just given, you earn

Super Bowl starters that would be purged




than Flacco.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



Life of Pi Review

BY CHLOE GU Staff Writer

the adult Pi who relates the tale to a Canadian

why, could be important themes of “Life of

most. When you get to the twist ending, it is

and most thought-provoking movie of the

writer who wants to use Pi’s tale for a book.


up to you to make a decision as to what to

year. It is a 3D live-action and computer-ani-

In the story, Pi and Richard encountered

The music in this movie by Mychael

believe. The surprising ending shocked me

mated adventure drama film based on Yann

many marvels — a sky full of flying fish, an

Danna is amazing. It has about 30 different

and kept me in deep thinking even after I

Martel's 2001 novel of the same name.

ocean swimming with iridescent jellyfish,

pieces music. At the beginning, audiences

went out the theatre.

Directed by Ang Lee, the film is based on an

and a carnivorous island. All these wonders

can feel a strong atmosphere by some

People have rights to doubt all the beauti-

adapted screenplay by David Magee, starring

and more are brought to the screen with

smoothing Indian songs. Then, the melody

ful things, or receive a cruel truth, but life is


beautiful, and faith is great.

“Life of Pi” must be the most beautiful


dreamlike intensity. The lyricism and visual

become up and down when the fight scenes

Depardieu, Tabu and Adil Hussain. “Life of

magnificence makes “Life of Pi” an experi-

appear. Sometimes, some sad and quiet music

Pi” won four Oscars in 2013 for Best

ence you don’t want to miss, especially in

makes the audience process the thought-pro-

Cinematography, Best Visual Effects, Best


voking material.




The dialogue in this movie gives some

When I was watching this movie, my

It tells the story of a 16-year-old Indian

clues to pave the way for the following. Like

mood was nervous all the time. It was undu-

boy named Pi, who survived a shipwreck that

Young Pi said, “Animals have souls, I have

lating by the developing of the magical plots.

his family did not, and who finds himself

seen it in their eyes.” Pi’s father warned, “If

However, Pi’s perseverance and the relation-

stranded in the Pacific Ocean on a lifeboat

you believe in everything, you will end up

ship between Pi and the tiger have touched

with a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker.

not believing in anything at all.” What is and

me deeply.

Direction and Best Original Score.

The story is told in a flashback style by

isn’t real, what stories can be believed and

In the end, it is the story that matters

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands




Timberlake brings music back with ‘The 20/20 Experience’

BY TIMOTHY WYATT Assistant Editor

After a seven-year hiatus, ’N Sync

up doesn’t do this album justice, and not

JT’s vocal delivery just as pure and refined.

influenced by rock with more than a hand-

front-man turned solo-artist turned actor

just because there is only one track that falls

“20/20” is also very dynamic. Tracks

ful of forgettable songs—and 2006s’



under the five-minute mark. Each track is a

like “Mirrors” and “Tunnel Vision” are

“FutureSex/LoveSounds”—just as many, if

Timberlake, has returned to the music

world of its own—a journey. Make sure you

powerful, edgy; they get your heart rac-

not more, forgettable tracks coupled with a

scene. Well, it’s less of a return than it is a

can devote ample time to it before embark-

ing—not to mention your subwoofer bounc-

contrived feeling of overindulgence. This

buzzing of the tower in an extraterrestrial


ing. “Spaceship Coupe” and “That Girl” are

record feels far more organic, more cathar-

But the extended length of “20/20,”

more lounge like, with the latter being so


Just think: the last time Timberlake

occasionally, borders on self-indulgent.

smooth that you just want to lie back and

Another thing is clear in this album: it

released a full-length album, there wasn’t

Most of the songs on this album could easi-

wade in the wave of the horns, bass, and

doesn’t matter what JT is saying, just as

even such a thing as an iPhone. JT’s “The

ly be cut at four or five minutes and be just

jazz guitar while being carried away in a

long as he is the one saying it. I mean, what

20/20 Experience” successfully explores

as effective. Instead, several of them blow

blissful trance by Timberlake’s voice. Then,

does “with your hand in my hand and a

pop, rhythm and blues and soul music in

well past seven with repetitious, if not out-

there’s “Let the Groove Get In” that is sure

pocket full of soul, I can tell you there’s no

such a way that is almost Prince-like at

played, rhythms and melodies. The upside

to make many appearances on club’s loud-

place we couldn’t go…” mean anyway?

times and has generated almost as much

though: at least they’re catchy.

speakers, because you just can’t sit still

Who cares? It sounds good.




vehicle that only seats two people.

when it comes on.

hype as the yearly release of each new, but-

It is obvious that Timberlake put a lot of

not-so-different, version of the aforemen-

time into this record (no pun intended). The

JT’s musical progression over the past

tioned phone.

production quality of the work, as a whole,

decade is pretty obvious with “20/20” when

is so polished that it’s nearly flawless with

compared to 2002’s “Justified”—heavily

A quick skim through the 10-song-line-

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands




Photo by Chloe Gu

Photo by Abbey Cherry

Photo by Erin McMullen

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


Photo by Chloe Gu

Photo by Abbey Cherry

Photo by Timothy Wyatt

Photo by Erin McMullen

Photo by Chloe Gu

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands




Two years in the spotlight have changed his starry-eyes.

Playing Oz: Fake it until you make it


Audiences across the nation will be rav-

fourths of the film. Still yet, the good news is

ing about “The Great and Powerful Oz” for

that those slight falters in acting are about as

the next few months – and then it will disap-

bad as the movie gets.

pear into film history. Worth the two hours

Opening in a crisp black and white shot

and money spent, this Sam Raimi film cap-

with a shortened frame area, the film later

tures both children and adults alike into the

turns into an explosion of color that engulfs


magical world of Oz where it seems truly

the full movie screen. The animations and

Staff Writer

anything (except high quality acting) can

picture quality rivals that of “The Hobbit”


which was so renowned for its clarity earlier


“When I Was Your Man,” we might get a hint

“Unorthodox Jukebox,” is not for the roman-

as to why he is singing to a different tune

tic at heart. Unlike his freshman release

now. He outlines all of his wrongs in a rela-

“Doo-Wops and Hooligans,” there is bitter

tionship with an ex where he was “too young

chill underlining his bad boy lyrics. His sweet

and too dumb to realize…all the things [he]

melodies from his debut have gone sour. In

should have done.”




2010, hits like “Grenade” and “Just The Way

Whether his lyrics are charming or icy,

You Are” gave the album a gushy, romantic

one thing is certain – Mars’ lyrics are always

quality. Mars’ lyrics could have swept even

honest. You can feel the changes that have

the evil stepmother off her feet with songs

occurred in his life through songs like

like “Marry You”. This time around, he is

“Young Girls,” which talks about how fame

trading his fedora for a bad boy persona. In

and fortune have taken a toll on him, saying,

songs like “Gorilla” and “Money Make Her

“All these roads steer me wrong, but I still

Smile,” it is safe to say Mars’ lyrics are of

drive them all night long.” The authenticity

less than a classy taste. The album is appro-

of Bruno Mars’ music is what keeps people

priately named “Unorthodox Jukebox”

wanting more and this album is no excep-

because he is venturing from his traditional


charismatic identity. Despite his turn from endearing themes, the album still brings together the solid, well thought-out lyrics fans have come to love. In

James Franco plays the role of Oz – a

in the year. I imagine that “Oz” would be

small-time magician with big-time ambitions

wonderfully mind-numbing in IMAX the-

and absurdly repetitive pick-up lines. After a


brief suspenseful show run with the circus,

The film also has some nice modified tie-

Oz finds himself humorously fleeing for his

ins from the classic “Wizard of Oz”. There’s

life and through a twist and turn of events

a hilarious monkey with wings in a bell hop

lands in the eye-catching area promptly

uniform that follows Oz everywhere he goes.

labeled as Oz. From there, the film turns into

Finley the monkey looks strikingly like the

an intriguing battle of emotions for Oz in

old minion monkeys from “Wizard of Oz”

which viewers are left wondering if he will

but he is a lot nicer than they ever were. Of

leave his corrupt ways behind for a life as a

course “The Great and Powerful Oz” also

“good man” in this mystical world.

couldn’t make it without a replication of the

The character of Oz is aptly developed

“Wizard of Oz” Emerald City. It’s just a lit-

and more than exceeds expectations for the

tle more believable and a little less sparkly

film. However, the same cannot be said for

than we’re all used to.

Franco’s supporting actors. Mila Kunis plays

Overall, “The Great and Powerful Oz” is

the “Shrek” reminiscent, naïve, witch-mon-

a fine and enjoyable way to pass a couple

ster Theodora whose performance was at

hours. By no means though is it worthy of an

times painful to watch. Michelle Williams

Oscar. “Oz” is pleasant, not remarkable. But

looks stunning as the good witch Glinda who

that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t join Oz and

is awkwardly kind and smiling through three-

leave Kansas for a while.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



Review: Best Out of Three


Foals, the rising Oxford indie/math rock

heavy and lacking sound variety. They

protest against the progressive sounds that

out. Be sure to check out Holy Fire and

band, released their newest album Holy Fire

stepped up their game entirely with the

were popular in Oxford at the time, so I’m


on February 13, 2013. “I can’t get enough…

release of Total Life Forever and even more

impressed that they have successfully created

SPACE!” yells Yannis Philippakis beginning

successfully done in Holy Fire.

a more diverse song selection in the two most recent albums without jeopardizing their sig-

the chorus of their song “Inhaler”. Well I

Holy Fire is a more balanced album that

can’t get enough… of this album!Out of the

definitely shows the group’s versatility, with

three albums they have released (Antidotes

the dance rock track "My Number", the

It is safe to say this new variety will sig-

2008, Total Life Forever 2010, and Holy Fire

heavy and almost grunge-y track "Inhaler",

nificantly increase their fan base, and maybe

2013) the latest definitely takes the cake.

nature funky sound and tight interplay.

and the slower and more personal track“Bad

even spark the same interest in American pop

Foals provides their listeners with lyrics

Habit” continuing the musical variety seen in

culture as they undoubtedly did overseas, as

that sometimes lack considerable importance,

their earlier album Total Life Forever. The

Holy Fire reached the number one album spot

but make up for that with songs that progress

ominous cover art for the album indicates

in Australia.

with incredible momentum and loads intrigu-

darker and heavier music than seen in their

ing undertones.

previous albums.

Antidotes was criticized for being too top

Foals was originally formed as a way to

If you listen to music that’ll make you dance until you drop or even slower, more serious tunes, then you’ll wear this album

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


Entertainment 22

The Spotlight Finalists: a Q-and-A BY RYAN POYNTER Photo by Natasha Jones

The first season of Spotlight here at the

and stuff – I guess the most challenging

how I still make it a priority to find songs,

saying, “just praying to the one god I

University of the Cumberlands has ended.

thing was the judge’s pick day – I had to

learn them – at least one song a week – and

believe in.” and that was the most reward-

The final votes have been cast, the last

learn a song that I wasn’t familiar with and

practice it and try to get it down as best I

ing, knowing I got challenged on a song and

songs have been sung, and the winner, Jake

that was just challenging. But it’s been a

can. I’ve also learned that the world isn’t

I still got to be a witness through this thing.

McPheron, has been chosen. But let’s go

great experience just meeting a lot of guys

exactly fair… because there were a couple

I just want to be recognized by my talents

back for a moment, if we may. Earlier this

that I’ve never talked to before and just

people on the show who I think should have

for God, so that was just a good opportuni-

month, I sat down with our three finalists,

being recognized for it, you know? It’s just

made it into the finale who are at least bet-


Jake McPheron, Tyler Bird, and Hannah

cool to know that I almost didn’t even do it

ter than me… I know the system has

Tyler Bird: Oh man, there have been a lot

Roehrborn, before the Spotlight finale to

and here I am in the top three.

changed a lot since last year, but I don’t

of things that have stood out that were just

ask them a few questions. Here are their

Tyler Bird: I feel like it’s been challenging

think it’s completely fair… but, what are

really exciting and satisfying and enjoyable.

comments about how they have struggled

in the sense that – coming up with an

you going to do? And I’ve learned that I

Then like the friendships – I’m competing

throughout the season and what they’ve

arrangement, and finding a song that fit.

shouldn’t dance on purpose. If I just start

against two amazing artists and that’s been

learned from this experience.

Spiritually, just remaining humble and real-

dancing, that’s one thing, but if I force stage

cool. Just the sense that, you know, the

izing that it isn’t about me [has been chal-

presence and start dancing, I find that I look

sense that God has given me a gift and

Q: It’s been a long season. In what ways

lenging]. It’s like… “Okay, you didn’t get

like a fool…

allowed me to use it and people actually

has participating in the Spotlight chal-

this far because of your ability. God has

lenged you, and what have you learned

allowed you to go this far.” It’s just been a

Q: What has been the most rewarding or

Hannah Roehrborn: Financially, obvious-

from it?

humbling experience that way. And I’d say

your favorite part of participating?

ly, getting top three… because at least now

enjoy it somewhat.

I’m getting a little bit of money from it. And

musically, it’s been challenging just trying Jake McPheron: Well, honestly it’s been

to learn a new song, trying to learn all the

Jake McPheron: The most rewarding part

getting to know all of the people has been

interesting more than anything. I didn’t

lyrics, and find an interesting arrange-

was that, when I went into this, I just talked

really great. I’ve gotten to know a bunch of

want to do it originally. I like to write my

ment… This group was so awesome to work

to God to myself, you know, and just said, “I

new people in different groups. All the peo-

own music more than anything; it’s hard for

with and I think that’s what has made it such

want to glorify you.” And so I auditioned

ple that I’m friends with in Spotlight I met

me to get my songs chosen for me some-

a good experience. Everybody was phenom-

with a Christian song – I didn’t have the

through Spotlight – I didn’t know them

times. Brad Pearce actually convinced me to

enal and it was a really fun time.

opportunity to do a Christian song in any of

before, so that’s been great. And then, kind

do it. He had asked me a couple times and

Hannah Roehrborn: Okay, I think that…

the shows, but the judge’s pick song actual-

of just becoming a better performer. It just

actually called me the last day of audi-

Challenge-wise, it has forced me to organ-

ly had some lyrics in it that were challeng-

gives me the opportunity to perform all the

tions… so, I went and made it and that is

ize my time. This is my last semester on

ing on purpose. They said, “just praying to a

time and get better at it.

what made me do it. But yeah, it has been

campus, I’m taking all of my capstone

god that I don’t believe in.” So, I got to actu-

challenging… as far as working with duets

courses, and I’m extremely busy, but some-

ally be a witness by changing the lyrics and

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



Red Dawn Review

BY ABBEY CHERRY We’ve all heard it before – “Why fix

With potential to hit the bull’s-eye for a great

he could of the plot.

moment in time.

something that isn’t broken?” Running paral-

The action/adventure film stars up-and-

TV action/drama show, the writers missed the

Killer explosions may have been what

lel with that statement is this one: “If some-

coming actors Chris Hemsworth (“Thor”),

mark by trying to overload the script. The

dodged the bullet from turning “Red Dawn”

thing is broken, then it will be fixed.” At

Josh Peck (“Drake and Josh”), and Josh

viewers get to know four of the characters

into a “Bed Yawn.”

least, that was the intention of Dan Bradley’s



while all the others on-screen are in the back-

2012 remake of the 1984 teen-cult classic,

Hemsworth and Peck portray the Eckert

ground; the writers barely nicked the surface

“Red Dawn.”

brothers, who lead what would appear to be –

of developing those characters.

In the clichéd plot line of rebel teens rising up to overcome a colossal adversary,



in reality – a bunch of meddling kids who should be riding around in the mystery van.

While the script may be poorly written, the fight scenes made up for the lack of char-

Bradley holds true to good portion of the

The brothers battle one another’s inner

acter development. The cinematography in

original film. However, viewers will be

wars amongst the outer conflict of the inva-

this film allows the audience to get in on the

blindsided as he shoots to resolveas much as

sion of North Korean soldiers.

action, or at least believe they are for a

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands




Katie Osborne: the Comedic Swimmer BY BRANDY NORMAN Staff Writer

science and history and plans on attending

someone who can make you laugh. With her

I never knew anything about swimming until

law school after taking the LSAT this summer

big, golden-brown eyes and wide smile, she’s

I met her.”

and spending a year off from the hustle and

always the life of the party in any situation.

Everyone seems to have a mutual agree-

bustle to enjoy time as a post graduate. The

When asking UC junior Jessica Speake to

ment that Osborne is somewhat of the class

political science and history department have

explain their relationship she says while

clown among their group of friends but what

influenced Osborne’s decision a lot in deter-

laughing, “My first impression of her is that

is her take on it? Conveniently enough, she

At 1 a.m. in a suite lobby inside Harth

mining her future, as she admits that although

she was really loud and open minded which I

answers that question without even being

Hall, there’s a blaring sound of a TV but

it might be corny, she loves her professors

really love about her. We met my freshman


there’s no TV in sight. While walking toward

and department.

year and she was in the suite next to me. We

“I know people will probably think the

became close friends and lived together the

things I have said are stupid but hopefully

next year.”

they just think I’m funny and get a good

the door of the first room, you can hear that

Osborne is also a swimmer at UC and has

she is watching “Friends” and softly giggling

dedicated all four years to a sport she loves

by herself as Ross rambles about something

and will miss dearly as well as being a sena-

Osborne’s greatest quality, perhaps, is

no one understands. With a knock on her dec-

tor for Student Government Association and

that she is an all-around nice and funny per-

orated door, Katie Osborne swings it open

confesses that she will miss helping out the

son, making her an awesome friend. Not only

After she finally mutes the blasting TV

and shouts out at me in a very serious tone,

school and community through the organiza-

is she amusing, she’s also honest, dependable

and we regain our hearing, we discuss this

“What if I was asleep?”


and kind. And if you don’t believe the hon-

profile over laughter and Dove milk choco-

esty part, follow her on Twitter.


laugh out of it,” she says while checking her phone.

For most people, 1 a.m. is late so the

When asking Osborne how she felt about

shouting is understandable; but it’s not late

graduating in May, her face revealed sadness

“Katie is always full of energy and is sure

“I can’t believe you’re really writing

for Katie Osborne and everyone knows that

as she replied, “I’m actually kind of scared,

to make you laugh,” said UC senior Jaimie

about me. I’m going to send that article home

because she stays on Twitter until all hours of

honestly. I think a lot of people in this posi-

Bengie. “We lived together in a suite my jun-

to my mom and she’ll be like ‘Why would

the night. As she laughs at my reaction, she

tion are because it’s a month away and every-

ior year and she’s very honest and hilarious.”

someone write about you?’ and I’ll say

plops on the bed while unraveling a piece of

thing is just kind of coming down to it and

While continuing to talk to Speake, she

‘Because mom, I have friends. Well, not real-

chocolate and stares at me.

I’m going to miss everybody.”

boasted about how great her friendship with

ly but I have one friend and she wrote about

“This is it, this is my room; this is where

As she grabs her Mason jar to take a sip

Osborne is and how sad she’ll be when she’s

me so don’t worry about it!” as she laughs at

all the magic happens. And by magic, I mean

of water she adds, “And after I graduate, I

gone. When asking Speake what three words

herself hysterically. “I’m going to be famous

this is where I put on my leggings before I go

can’t walk into my friend’s room and ask if I

came to her mind when she thought of

after this, except not really.”

to class every morning,” she says with a seri-

look stupid. So next year, I’m going to have


ous face.

to go out in public looking stupid and then

“Mountain Dew, which only she would

have someone tell me.”

understand, naps, because we take one at the

Osborne is a senior from Lexington, Kentucky. She is a double major in political

Osborne is known around campus as





same time every day and swimming because

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



SENIOR PROFILE: Kristen Keller


things I’m never going to be able to do again,

the most important things in my life; it’s

Thursday, there is an introduction ceremony

like I’m never going to be able to ride in the

always been a part of me,” Keller says of her

and a concert that night. On Friday morning,

back of a car with a derby hat on during a

involvement in church. “Ever since I knew

there is a training session, a picnic, a tea, and

parade,” she states.

what it actually meant, a personal relation-

a parade. On Saturday, the queen, chosen by

ship with Christ has always been number one

secret judges, will be crowned. Finally, on

to me,” she adds.

Sunday, there will be a brunch to celebrate

The annual festival will start on May 23 Naturally clad with a smile, she walks me

in Pineville, Kentucky. The festival has a

to her suite’s lobby. Everything about her

coronation of a queen each year, chosen from

The psychology major hopes to one-day

seems down to earth and easy going – right

a group of representatives from colleges all

work in pediatric therapy. This past summer

While her preparations for the festival are

down to her fuzzy, purple slippers. While

over Kentucky. The 20-year-old student was

Keller had the opportunity to work with

in full swing, she is getting a little taste of the

sporting a t-shirt and gym shorts, every hair

nominated along with other representatives to

Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville.

newness of the experience. Her latest venture

still looks in place.

attend a reception held by a committee that

Through Kosair’s, she was able to help with

of curtsey lessons was definitely something

Kristen Keller seems to be everywhere on

would make the final choice. This committee

a handwriting camp for kids. Her love for

fresh and exciting for Keller. “It’s something

campus. She is a resident director in Asher

included Linda Carter, UC dean of student

kids will come in use during the festival when

incredibly new for me,” she adds. She smiles

Hall and a student life assistant in Archer. She

life and Lisa Bartram, director of student

the representatives help with the Little Miss

the biggest grin when she shares that she will

still finds time for extracurricular activities


Kentucky Mountain Laurel Pageant.

be shopping for her dresses for the festival

the queen.

this weekend.

such as Chamber Choir. She attends Main

“She will make a great representative for

Fellow chamber choir member Bethany

Street Baptist Church where she also sings. It

our school,” close friend Auburn Debruler

Sturdivant says, “She is really easy to be

There is no doubt that Kristin Keller will

is no surprise that someone so involved at the

says. “She is a classy girl,” Debruler adds.

around and easy to talk to. Kristin comes

be a fabulous representative for the

University of the Cumberlands was chosen as

Class is not all Keller will need for the festi-

from a beautiful supportive Christian home

University of the Cumberlands for the

the representative for this year’s Kentucky

val. Each representative is chosen based on

with fabulous morals and she has just been

Kentucky Mountain Laurel Festival. She is

Mountain Laurel Festival.

merit, involvement, and certain academic

raised really well. She will represent our

classy and elegant, yet somehow manages to

“I am not a pageant girl,” says Keller

requirements. Keller easily fulfills all of these

school in an elegant way.”

be down to earth and make everyone around

about herself. “I was like, ‘Oh it will be fun

and more. Not only does she look good on

to do the interview and stuff,’ but I never

paper, but she also has a good heart.

Keller will be trading in her purple slippers for a pair of high heels for the festival.

expected to actually get it,” she adds. The

Back home in Greenville, Ind. Keller

On Memorial Day weekend, women from all

Indiana native says that she is most excited

attends Graceland Baptist Church where she

different universities from across Kentucky

for the overall experience. “There are a lot of

is involved in a worship group. “It’s one of

will arrive in Pineville for the festival. On

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

her feel at ease.




BY TMOTHY WYATT Assistant Editor

A brunette woman sits in a lounge chair toying at the keys of her laptop. The room

close friend Jamie Wolfe. But it is undeniable that Elise’s forte isn’t

seemed very comfortable—and began to

and trying to teach her new things.” she says

open up more.

with a smile, “I love all kids. If you brought

around her is quiet and cramped, with the

talking about herself. She spends much of the

“I have an obsession with reality-TV,”

some in here right now I would just try to

only sounds being the faint voices of children

interview playing with the lid of her coffee

says Elise when asked to share something

color with them or play with them. I think

coming from outside the room and the subtle

cup, clicking the flap opening in and out of

most people wouldn’t know about her, “I love

they’re fascinating. They’re whole learning

tapping of her keyboard as she types. She

a little notch on the top. Finally, she thinks of

the ‘Real Housewives’ series. I could tell you

process and the way they think is so interest-

looks content in her surroundings—comfort-

a word that she feels best describes herself:

what is happening in every single season


able. Her black, thick-rimmed glasses show-


because I watch it so much.” Wolfe speaks to

After graduation, Elise plans to be doing

that, teasingly saying, “‘Toddlers and Tiaras’

an internship with the Boys and Girls Club in

is probably one of her top-five shows.”

Tempe, Ariz. working with at-risk children in

case her brown-eyed gaze as they reflect the

Why? Because Elise truly has a melting

soft light of the computer screen. In an

pot heritage, with roots that lie here in

instant, she closes the laptop lid and reaches

Appalachia and others that are anchored

“Oh, something else no one really knows:

to the floor for a McCafé cup. “Are you ready

south of the border. “I’m related to Cesar

I love playing badminton,” states Elise with a

“Instead of going home after school and

to get this over with?” she says to me laugh-

Chavez,” she

coy smirk, “Seriously, if they had a bad-

taking care of themselves, these children can


states in a very off-the-cuff manner. My

minton team here I would be on it.”

come to a program like the Boys and Girls

Elise Brewer, originally from Holtville,

laughter arouses her defense. “No, really. We

What sets her apart though, isn’t her sup-

Club and do activities and other stuff that

Calif., is a human services major in her final

get invitations to the family reunion.” A very

posed relation to a famous civil rights activist

helps their learning, social skills and stuff

semester at University of the Cumberlands.

comical, light-hearted debate soon ensues.

or her badminton fetish or even her question-

like that. I will be doing after-school pro-

To those who don’t know her, she may come

One that is only ended by her phoning her

able obsession with reality-TV, it is her pas-

grams and day camps and working with stu-

off as reserved, but then again, those people

mother to confirm the story. Apparently, they

sion to help children.

dents from Arizona State University.”

don’t know her. Actually, she is far more out-

have t-shirts to prove it.

going. “She’s very happy and comforting. She can put me in the best mood so easily,” says


“I’ve always liked kids, but I really knew

With a sense of humility, Elise says, “I

that I wanted to work with them after my

think if I can make a difference in any kid’s

to look more and more like the person

niece was born because I really enjoyed

life, as far as, like, helping them in any way,

she was before it started—the one who

spending time with her and working with her

I will really enjoy it.”

As the interview furthered, Elise started

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



A missionary in Uganda BY KRISTINA SMITH Staff Writer

Elephants may have chased University of

Uganda would be no laughing matter for her.

Uganda, but she knew that winning people

ministry made her an excellent asset to the

the Cumberlands senior Abbey Cherry

Cherry also had to face a giant that none of

for the Kingdom was more than worth it. It’s

team,” Paris said.

through the Ugandan savannah, but Cherry is

her fellow missionaries had to deal with: dia-

so hot there and there isn’t much electricity.

Most of all, Cherry is a firm believer in

in pursuit of something much larger.


To keep insulin cool is a hard thing to do,”

the idea of putting others before yourself.

Pratt said.

Constantly active on campus, it’s not unusual

“I actually got caught in a herd of ele-

According to the American Diabetes

phants. I was within twenty feet of five or six

Association, approximately 25.8 million peo-

Despite the difficulties, Cherry knew that

to hear of her taking a moment to help the

elephants and they started stampeding

ple in the United States have diabetes as of

traveling to Uganda was the right thing for

Campus Activity Board with an event or of

towards our van. Our driver, Andrew, told us

2011. Still yet, it is possible for most of that

her to do. Bright eyed with rosy cheeks,

her assisting youth camps with Appalachian

that when elephants start to warn you they

8.3 percent of the population to access the

Cherry beams with excitement when speak-


will flap their ears at you and they will lift

healthcare and education needed to maintain

ing of doing missionary work.

their trunks and kick up dust at you. When

their diabetes. In Uganda, that’s a different

they started doing all of that, Andrew said we


“I’ve been involved in church my whole

“I had thought about going to Uganda for

life. If you look at Jesus and his life, his call

years. One of my best friends here at school,

here to earth, then you see he was a servant,”

“I had packed more medical supplies with

Julie, had talked to me about her family doing

Cherry said, “so I definitely believe I need to

then came chasing after us,” Cherry said.

me than a whole village in Uganda might

it all the time and it just sounded awesome. I

have a servant’s heart. Giving back to people

In the summer of 2012, Cherry left her home

even have. They had some needles at their

had to just really pray about it, and then some

and being able to share about Jesus is so awe-

in Cincinnati, Ohio, to live among the people

hospital, but not much. While in Uganda my

missionaries who came to campus for wor-

some. Also, being able to give back to kids is

of Uganda, Africa. For two weeks Cherry

insulin also had to stay cold. So, we even had

ship started talking about going to Uganda. I

an amazing feeling. I still have pictures up in

roamed Uganda with a carefully selected

to rent a generator just to keep my insulin

found it really random that they would speak

my room of all the kids I met while in

group of missionaries. However, the trip was-

cold because for a whole week we were with-

about the place that I had been thinking about


n’t without its fair share of trials and tribula-

out electricity. I had to really learn how to

so I took it as God talking to me. As soon as

Cherry dreams of going back to Uganda


deal with my diabetes in a general sense,”

we left worship that night I called my mom

some day with an agenda bigger than the herd

Cherry said while squinting behind her dark

and told her I knew I had to go,” Cherry said.

of elephants that tried to run her down during

rimmed glasses.

For Cherry’s friend of three years, Julie Paris,

her first visit. A topic close to her heart,

the question of Cherry’s fit into the mission-

Cherry knows the importance of proper med-

ary team was a no-brainer.

ical care when sickness arrives. She hopes to

had to get out of there. We gunned it and they

Since she was in middle school Cherry has participated in local missionary work through her church, but until her trip to

Cherry’s courage to continue on with the

Uganda she had never been involved in a

mission trip despite possible danger to her

project so large. It would take her months of

health proved to be an inspiration to those

“One of the reasons I knew that she’d be

bring a medical team to the villages she once

preparation before she could even go.

around her. Michelle Pratt traveled to Uganda

great for the trip is because she is a natural

visited in order to provide them with the care

with Cherry and was one of those people

leader. She has had experience with

they desperately need. Even now, the ram-

awed by Cherry’s work.

Appalachian Ministries and leading things

bunctious college student has that plan in the

“Abbey sacrifices and gives up so much

like Vacation Bible Schools. While she was in

works with the aid of her parents and hometown church.

Funds had to be gathered, paperwork had to be filed, shots had to be administered, and prayers had to be spoken. Despite having a laugh that would loudly

for God. She has Type 1 diabetes and going to

Africa, I knew she would be working with

resonate through a room, Cherry acknowl-

Africa and having Type 1 diabetes is not the

children and could implement those same

edges the fact that picking up and traveling to

best mix. So she risked a lot traveling to

strategies. Her experience and her passion for

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


Senior Profiles

Kathleen Edwards: ‘A Great Teacher’ BY CHLOE GU Staff Writer

As an education major, she has worked as

going on for me without her help. Kathleen

hours with a student, explaining a concept

a tutor in the Academic Resource Center

helps me a lot with my English, she also

one-thousand-and-one ways so that they

since she was a freshman. When asked why

teaches me how to accommodate myself to

could understand, and be fulfilled by the

she has decided to work in the ARC for so

new circumstances,” says international stu-

challenge every moment. That is the part of

long, she responds by saying: “It is gratifying

dent Maria Mahmut, with a look of gratitude.

teaching I live for.”

to see a student’s improvement in different

She goes on to say that it was the ARC which

“I have been friends with her almost four

subjects,” confessing that she had never real-

kept her at UC. “During my sophomore year

years,” says Hu, “She wants to be a teacher in

ly thought about it. She seems to be thinking

I was at a point in my life where I thought

the future and I have 100 percent confidence

very seriously when she says, “I don’t neces-

God might be telling me to transfer. When I

that she will be a good teacher.”

sarily do it because I feel like ‘I play a role’

thought about what was most important to me

“She is still a teacher even in daily life,” says

or am ‘partly responsible’ for my peers’ suc-

about UC, academically, it was the ARC. I

Hetrick. “Her life is not limited to teaching,

cess. I don’t do it because I ‘want to make a

thought about how much I loved the ARC,

though. She is just as great as a friend”

difference,’ but because it is a fascinating

even with the busyness of it, and I knew there

Hetrick adds.

blessing to be able to witness a person’s

would not be an opportunity for me to teach

Edwards is always busy, but when she

growth as a human being.”

like that in another school,” she says with a

finally has her own time she enjoys learning


new languages, reading and researching dif-

“I have worked with Kathleen in the ARC for the last four years. In those four years, she

After finishing this statement, she takes a

ferent cultures. She likes to listen to music

has tutored more people than anyone else,

bite of an apple. This hard worker doesn’t

from many countries and watch movies in

She drags her feet with a heavy pace and

and been more willing and happy to help a

always have time to eat meals.

other languages. Indian movies and Korean

comes into the room with her schoolbag, lap-

student who needed it than anyone else. I

Edwards is also in the Student Teaching

dramas are her favorite. “There are several

top, and a sheaf of files held in her hands.

have never seen her turn away a student, even

program, which is something she must com-

ways to learn about another culture, but aside

After she drops all of her stuff on her desk,

when she was busy or sick,” Edwards’ col-

plete as an Education major before she grad-

from jumping a plane and immersing your-

she topples over on her bed, sighing wearily.

league Caleb Hetrick says, with a very

uates. She has completed her experience in

self in the culture, the best way is to watch

She looks worn out. Turning on her bed, she

respectful voice, “and she was not just being

both primary school and high school at

their media: listen to their music, watch their

hugs a pillow tightly, and says “Oh! I miss

nice. The quality of her teaching exceeded

Whitley County. She likes being with her stu-

movies and television, and read their news

my bed so much.” There are no less than 10

the quality of most, if not all, of the other

dents, and she treats them as her own kids.

reports,” say Edwards. When she concen-

pillows on her bed. She likes to sleep and

tutors’ teaching.”

When asked about what kind of experi-

trates on a movie or show, taking her mind off

“She is a very kind and patient person,

ence it has been for her, she considers for a

things can occasionally make this busy girl

and never refuses to offer her help to others,”

moment before answering, “Jumping into

feel relaxed.

Edwards is a UC senior from Calhoun,

says international student Xiaoyu Hu with

teaching in a school the first time is both

Just as we finish the interview, Edwards

Georgia. Well, Edwards is not in fact from

sincerity, “Kathleen grew up outside of the

thrilling and intimidating,” says Edwards,

receives a text message: someone wants to

Georgia. She was born in Guadalajara,

United States and was influenced a lot by

“and understanding how children think is

know if she can proofread a paper for them.

Mexico and grew up in the Arab Republic of

international cultures, which makes her feel

sometimes an enigma; however, I find noth-

Edwards takes a quite look at the clock, and

Yemen. These special experiences give her a

comfortable and happy to participate in inter-

ing more exhilarating than the moment when

replies “What time?”

different perspective on life. She communi-

national students' different experiences in the

a person’s eyes brighten, their eyebrows

cates with a lot of people from different coun-


raise, and their mouths form the words, ‘I get

watch movies in this soft and crowed bed when she can, which is not very often.

tries and has learned much about different cultures as a result.

Edwards also sets up sessions specifically


for international students to help them learn

Her own eyes seem to become bright as

English. “It’s hard to imagine what would be

she thinks about it, “I would sit for three

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

Profiles 29

Growth Spurt: Christin Miller BY NATASHA JONES Assistant Editor

“Growth Spurt,” a word Christin Miller, a

ing her junior year decided to swap the two.

tions of photo editor, design editor, managing

most of her time with at UC, they would tell

senior at University at the Cumberlands, used

This set her back a semester from graduating

editor and now editor-in-chief as since

you Miller has grown just as much as a stu-

when asked to sum up her college experience

but her advisor, Dr. Eric Stephens, professor

January 2013.

dent as she has a performer and person. Dr.

in just one word.

of psychology, said, ”She’s handled switch-

Her position at the campus newspaper is

Stephens described Miller as a, ”model stu-

ing majors very well. She’s had to take a lot

just the start of Miller’s extracurricular

dent, in the sense that she works very hard

chair in a small cramped room, the student

of upper level classes but she’s handled it

activities. She also is heavily involved in the

and is always in class participating, doing her

newspaper office, in Grace Crum Rollins

very well.”

Jazz Ensemble on campus. Along with that

assignments. I think many students would benefit following her ethics.”

She comfortably lounges in an office

Center where Miller has spent a great deal of

She had been terrified of moving away to

she was in band for the first time last semes-

time in over the past four years doing design

school but shortly after arriving she had

ter and has been in UC’s Chorale since her

on the campus newspaper, her attention

found that many of the horror stories of harsh

sophomore year and she has also kept a part-

past year also said, “She’s hardworking and

being divided between the Mac computer in

professors and impossible to pass exams in a

time job back home where she works on the

loyal, which is one of her strongest traits.” I

front of her and her close friend beside her

land of new faces had been false.


asked Stephens where he sees Miller after


“I really was blessed; I was randomly

When asked what her biggest obstacle to

Joanah Renner, Miller’s roommate for the

graduating college, Stephens said,” I think

As she brushes a strand of her red hair

placed with upper classmen suitemates in my

overcome in college has been, Miller said,

Christin will be successful doing whatever

behind her ear and looks ahead. I can tell she

dorm, I didn’t know any of them and we all

“Getting out of my comfort zone, I was a

she chooses to do, due to her pleasant attitude

isn’t looking at me or the wall behind me, but

got along great. I had one that actually took

piano major and I always hated performing, I

and her work ethics.”

looking to the past. Miller tells me her first

me under her wing and showed me around”,

didn’t want to be in the center of anything. I

Her roommate, Reener, said, “I can see

memories of UC, was the tour she took when

says Miller. The atmosphere in Miller’s class-

trusted myself to do that and I found out I

her working with both design and psycholo-

she was a high school senior. “My response

es only continued to calm her worked up

loved it.”

gy, the stuff she’s doing now.”

was, I don’t want to go here, I hate it,” says

nerves, she says,” The majority of my profes-

With all her responsibilities Miller has

When asked how she feels about gradua-


sors were amazing, nice and just genuinely

become no stranger to being in front of a

tion Miller says, ”Excited but terrified.

caring as a person.”

crowd. Being the center of attention was

Exciting to know I’ve accomplished it but the

Being homeschooled Miller was very intimated by the thought of moving to UC,

After arriving and surviving it didn’t take

something she greatly feared before coming

unknown is scary, knowing that nothing is set

away from her family and everything she had

long for Miller to being her striving. Her first

to college but she now says performing is

in stone after I leave here.”

ever known. She lived in Knoxville,

year of college she had been so terrified of

probably one of her favorite things about col-

Tennessee till the age of seven and then

performing in front of large crowds, she had


moved to the small town of Lafollette,

almost considered changing her major. Like

Though she began enjoying school soon

found success, growth, new experiences, con-

Tennessee. From the first grade on, Miller

many of the other things she had herself so

after arriving, Miller told me, “It wasn’t till

fidence and a lot of friends. Though she’s

was homeschooled; she met with a small

worked up about, Miller also learned she

my second semester of my sophomore year

nervous about leaving what has become her

group of homeschooled children once a week

could handle the pressure. For her work-

that I really warmed up to people. I started

home for the past four years, those around her

and then had class at home the rest of the time

study job she was also randomly placed at the

playing games in the music building after

and myself have no doubt Miller will conquer

so she was typically around very few

campus newspaper where she today is the

practice and that’s when it became more fun

the world, just as she has this campus


editor-in-chief of The Patriot.

because I learned to come out of my shell a

throughout her college years.

Miller started college majoring in music

She has worked at The Patriot during all

with a minor in psychology, but decided dur-

four years of college and has had the posi-

little.” If you were to ask those she has spent

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

The place she most feared has become a home and a stage for Miller where she’s



Caleb Hetrick: No Worries


But rarely would anything that he does be

House Council, a life group leader for BCM,

everywhere, but there are people here at

door’s open, walks in and sits down on the

considered “conventional.” Let’s review:

and he’s written for the school newspaper.

home to help. Plenty of them. We’re here in

couch across from me. It looks like he’s been

He smiles more than any person I know. He

And he stopped listing things there only

America getting tired of the Christmas story,

hurrying. His T-shirt and blue jeans sag just a

likes to juggle, but only when someone is on

because he ran out of breath.

and there are people out there who haven’t

little from the moisture that comes from run-

his shoulders. He considers playing chess to

Which of these activities does he find

ning. Strands of hair have swooped down and

be “one of his hobbies.” He sleeps in a sleep-

most satisfying to be a part of? He smiles

Hetrick breaks eye contact with me for

fastened tight with sweat to his forehead in a

ing bag in his dorm room. And when most

again and reaches back with a long arm to

the first time to look down at his feet. I can’t

way that looks like he meant it to happen. His

folks are looking for something with four

scratch his neck.

see it – not physically – but there’s something

breath is heavy. He swallows once and grins

wheels to get them around, he’s most com-

so big you can tell it from the nose up.

fortable pedaling on one.

He knocks only twice before realizing the

heard it once.”

“Tutoring,” he says. “It’s satisfying to be

heavy on him, and it’s making him sweat. His

helping someone who might not pass a

brow bends out of shape as he wipes his face with his hands. He looks afraid.

“Sorry if I’m late,” he says. But he was-

If unique people are cut from a different

class… They’re still here at college because

n’t, and, honestly, it wouldn’t have made a

cloth, Caleb’s made out of cardboard. “The

they passed that class.” He talks to me about

“I worry I can’t do it,” he says. He paus-

difference even if he were. Caleb Hetrick, a

first time I saw the guy… he took off down

how fulfilling it is to enable others to suc-

es for a moment, looks back to me and pos-

senior business communications major at the

the road on his unicycle,” said Dave Baker,

ceed. Helping people is just in his nature.

tures his back. He’s sitting up again. He takes

University of the Cumberlands, is not the

Hetrick’s good friend of four years, about the

“He just wants to make others feel good

a deep breath. “But even the people in the

kind of person you get mad at.

first time they met. “It was just the most

about themselves,” said Raul Maya, Hetrick’s

field think they can’t do it… People with

It isn’t because he’s tall, though, or

oddly inspiring sight I had ever seen.”

former roommate, when asked about what

master’s degrees who have been doing it for

because he’s got a deep, earth-toned voice.

Clearly, he’s great at making first impres-

makes him different from other people. “He

so long – every day, they think, ‘I can’t do it.’

It’s got nothing to do with the way he looks.


is always teaching me new ways to become a

They have to rely on God.” He channels a

better person.”

kind of supernatural strength.

It’s just because he’s the nicest and most gen-

But for all the things he does that separate

uine person you’ll likely ever meet. It’s hard

him from the crowd, Hetrick has never had

And, for Hetrick, his time at UC is only a

“I feel like I might not be the best at it. I

to be mad at a guy like that. He’s 22 years

much difficulty finding his place in it. When

small portion in a lifetime of helping people.

might fail in many ways. But somebody has

old, and he’s from Richmond, Ky., where he

asked about the number of things he’s been

“I want to go to grad school for linguistics

to go,” he tells me. “I’ve got to go and at least

grew up with his two siblings in a family full

involved in during his time here at UC, he

and become a Bible translator,” he says. He

put my hand to the plow and see what I can

of people just as good-hearted as he is.

simply responded with, “too many.”

tells me there are almost 2,000 languages in

do. And if I fail, I mean… A lot of people fail,

the world without a translated Bible. Hetrick

so… no worries.” With that kind of attitude,

has done his research.

it’s hard to do much else but succeed.

Hetrick starts our interview by telling me

In four years’ time, Hetrick has been a

what to do. “Ask me some questions,” he

STAR, an RA, a tutorial assistant, he’s been

says playfully. I’m still not mad at him, even

on the radio, he’s started an on-campus min-

“Need constitutes a call…” is what he

after that, though I will admit that it’s an

istry called “Coffee House,” he’s worked in a

says to me when I ask him why he wants to

unconventional way to begin an interview.

real coffee shop, he’s been the president of

do that with his future. “Need is the same

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



UC’s Drama Queen: Mary Beth Lee BY ABBEY CHERRY Staff Writer

Lounged back on the couch with her feet

a resident assistant, student life assistant, and

very young age of 12, on top of being the pas-

stacked up, she sits with her iPad and two

now as a residence hall director in Asher. She

tor’s daughter, she had no other option then to

iPhones. She scrolls through work emails as

has been active in Baptist Campus Ministries

step into this leadership role.

her phone whistles with floods of incoming

and began her own ministry on this campus.

one word to describe Lee is passion. “Everything she does, she does with passion,” Paris states with a grin of confidence,

After making this very blunt statement,

“The reason the drama team has been so suc-

texts and the occasional phone call. Covered

“Eleven years,” she says as she counts off

Blankenship adds, “Saying that, it has been

cessful is because she is passionate about

in a “Little Mermaid” blanket, Mary Beth

on her fingers in a low mumble, “I was in

great to see her growing experience. It has

what she does. The joy and excitement she

Lee delicately balances her director job, stu-

sixth grade and it all started with a lady from

been a very humbling to know everything

gets when working with drama can’t be con-

dent teaching, and plans meeting times for

my church. The lady who was over our drama

going on behind the scenes, in her personal

tained; it’s infectious.”

her ministry team. Within a handful of min-

team really poured into me the passion she

life, on the team and then to see how she has

As if it isn’t enough to see passion

utes, she sets all forms of technology aside,

had for worship. Then God just really took it

developed in learning how to handle this

spilling from Lee while working and per-

looks up with a smile, and innocently says,

and it grew from there.” She has danced her

leadership role.”

forming with the drama team at UC, Lee can-

“Ask away.”

way over the years from the background of

To the outside eye, many would agree

didly says, “If I could do anything, I honestly

the stage, to performing leads, to now leading

that Lee handled being thrown into these

would join the Chosen dance team. I would

her own drama team.

roles with grace. While leading 20 students in

go to school to get an understanding of how

Lee is a senior from Harlan, Kentucky. As an only child, with her parents actively involved in the Pentecostal church, she grew

“In January my freshman year, I started

ministry, continuing to help with her drama

to run a drama team and get a youth ministry

up walking a narrower path than most. With a

the drama team,” she says with a quirky grin,

team in her home church, having a semester

degree from the ministry school of Ramp.”

blushed face, Lee’s best friend, Roxie

going on to say, “We started with seven peo-

of student teaching, and being a director of a

Ramp is a ministry whose mission is to

Blankenship laughs as she reminisces on first

ple and then the following year we jumped to

dorm, Lee would be the first to say that she

awaken a generation, equip them, and then

meeting her. “I always thought she was dif-

around 20 people. Since then, we have fluctu-

herself couldn’t have done it all; rather it was

send them out to start a spiritual revival.

ferent and weird, but really friendly. You

ated from 20 to 30.” She pauses for a brief

the work of God through her in her obedi-

Chosen is Ramp’s ministry team, who

could tell she was really organized and pre-

moment choosing her words with diligence,


through dance, drama, preaching and teach-

pared for school.”

“It’s been a major transition for me learning

“It was difficult learning how to do deal

ing, and worshiping, has been called and call

how to lead that many people and then to

with different types of people because where

their generation to live out radical lifestyles

choreograph for that number.”

my age is the same as theirs,” says Lee. “I

of holiness.

Blankenship breaks the light-hearted spirit by transitioning into a serious state and says with sincerity, “But the first thing I did notice

Leading this drama team hasn’t always

had to learn to lead in a way where I kept

Smiling in agreement at these high aspi-

about her was that she wore a purity ring and

been an easy task. While shaking her head

myself separated enough to where they

rations Blankenship says, “I see God calling

I knew she was different.”

side to side, with wide eyes, Blankenship

respect me, but be enough of a friend so that

her to a ministry with teenagers. I have seen

It wasn’t the purity ring or her over-zeal-

says, “Believe me, she has had to grow with

when we’re not in the practice or perform-

the compassion and genuine affection she has

ous school efforts that would set Lee apart.

the team. She has always been in leadership

ance zone we can still be friends.”

on that age group. Regardless of if her min-

She was destined to step up to a bigger plat-

roles, but this was overwhelming at times.”


Despite the stress, Lee has remained root-

istry focus is drama team, I see her being obe-

Lee’s leadership training ground began long

ed to the path that God made on her life here

dient to His call by going on to be very influ-

In her four years at the University of the

before she ever began this ministry. With

at Cumberlands. Drama team member Julie

ential in the lives of others for God’s pur-

Cumberlands she has worked in the dorms as

leading drama at her home church from the

Paris did not blink once before saying that the


The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

32 Profiles

Audrey Springer: Dedicated, hard working, and fun


As she rushes into her messy dorm room

story has always been her motivation.

while slamming the door behind her, she is

I asked if she had any cool or unusual sto-

relieved to finally relax and escape from her

ries to share about being in the Emergency

crazy, hectic day. As she throws her tired

Room, she gave a quirky smile and replied,

body on her zebra print bed she brushes her

“too many to name.”

and hanging out with friends. “I typically

She looked like a nervous high school

feel like I’m moving 100 miles per hour,” she

graduate receiving an acceptance letter, quite


nervous to hear my opinion. This shows the

Springer has almost perfected her time

way Audrey never takes herself too seriously.

management skills this semester.

During the interview it was also rather

long, blonde hair out of her face and shoots

Springer gives a cautious look and says,

“I don’t know how Audrey does it; I know

impressive to hear about her gigantic and

me a smile asking if I’m ready to begin the

“One of the days I spent in the birthing cen-

she has so much on her plate but she seems to

interesting family. Audrey is actually one of

interview. She immediately puts me at ease

ter I was able to see a live birth. It was one

handle it so well, says close friend and UC

nine children.

with her friendly disposition and relaxed

of the most influential experiences I have

student, Kayla Johnson.


ever witnessed. Most think that it would be

Springer enjoys constantly being on the

but at the same time, she always manages to

With her carefree, spontaneous nature, no

gross or painful to watch, and trust me it was

go, “I feel like I’m actually doing something

have fun with her friends,” said Casey

one would ever be able to guess that she is

somewhere along those lines; but it was more

productive with my day plus, I love helping

Anderson, a friend and UC student.

balancing a full time internship to complete

of a happy moment.

“Audrey is so dedicated and hardworking

people,” says Springer in a sweet but deter-

As long as Springer remembers what

her major, competing in her senior year track

The 17 hours of labor, eight stitches,

mined tone. It’s easy to see that she will go

motivated her to get involved with the med-

and field season while trying to find a job

blood, and pain was all worth it when the

far in the medical field; she has plenty of pas-

ical field, her strong work ethic, and time

after graduation.

mother heard that first cry from her baby.

sion and drive.

management skills, she should have no prob-

Audrey Springer is a senior at the

Although it was only the first birth I had ever

When asking Springer an interesting fact

lem being successful. She is concentrating

University of the Cumberlands and interns at

seen, it made everyone in the room want to

about herself, she gave me a sheepish smile

now to find a full time position in Knoxville

St. Joseph London Hospital to go along with

cry to be a part of a new life entering the

and told me how she enjoyed playing the gui-

at one of the local hospitals.

her public health major.


tar. I asked her to play a few chords for me

She came to UC

originally as biology major but soon changed

This has definitely been chaotic semester

and she was rather timid at first. Once she

to public health. When asked what inspired

for Springer. In the little spare time she does

brushed off her guitar and built up enough

her to enter the healthcare field, she replied

have, she says she does whatever she can to

courage, I got to hear a true talent. “Stairway

that her sister was diagnosed with a serious

not stress about graduation or school work.

to Heaven” had never sounded better. After

life-changing disease that branched from an

She mentioned the easiest ways for her to

she finished she looked up at me with a nerv-

athletic injury about five years ago and her

relax are going for a run, watching movies

ous expression and held her breath.

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands



Jered Medina: Refusing to Fold BY KRISTINA SMITH Staff Writer

He has a good poker face – well, some-

metatarsal in my left foot playing missionary

ability. I remember one time at work we were

at the University of the Cumberlands. With

times. Jered Medina’s dark eyes dart back

soccer,” says Medina. After a brief sidetrack

short staffed in the kitchen and I asked him to

the completion of three online classes Jered

and forth – analyzing each player. Eventually

explaining how he grew up in Las Vegas,

come back there with us to help us out and he

had the opportunity to travel to Ky. with his

it’s dwindled down to just two. Medina’s still

Nev., playing missionary soccer, which is

was more than happy to. He didn’t know a

brother to further his education and return to

in the game despite my doubts with his low

soccer where the goal is just a piece of wood

thing about what he was doing but despite the

wrestling while he was at it.

cards. He’s trying to pull the bluff, but his

constructed into a platform, Medina contin-

pressure he did well. He helped us out a lot

competition doesn’t know that.

ues on.

that day.”

After this explanation, Medina remarks that for him it was a straight forward “Why

There’s no real money on the line here,

“Since I broke my foot I went out for golf

Medina just shrugs off this praise by sim-

not?” moment and jumped at the opportunity.

although any bystander would think they

so that I could letter in another sport. To be

ply stating, “I just feel like there’s always

Five years of classes at UC and a Mid-

were witnessing a minor-league version of

honest with you, that’s probably the best

something that can be done or that you can be

South Conference Wrestler of the Week

the World Poker Tour. Tension. Lots of ten-

thing I ever did because in Vegas they have a

doing at the workplace.”

Award later, Medina is graduating with a

sion. Betting. Lots of betting, and Medina is

lot of 5-star golf courses that are around $200

Most people don’t realize though that

leading the way.

to $500 to play on and I got to play for free,”

Medina’s refusal to give in goes beyond high

he says. He refused to fold.

school sports and the workplace.

One final raise and I can’t help but look at

bachelor’s degree in exercise sport science. When asked where he goes from here, Medina lets out an anxious round of half-

Medina like he’s lost his mind. He responds

Eldest brother Andre Medina explains,

Graduating in May from the University of

hearted laughter, throws out some potential

with a simple cocked eyebrow and a quizzi-

“Jered was the youngest of five boys who

Cumberlands at age 28, Medina admits there

job possibilities which includes coaching

cally calm, “What?”. The competition called

most of which had tons of success in the sport

have been setbacks when it came to receiving

wrestling and teaching special education, but

his raise and the showdown soon ended.

of wrestling. He had a lot to live up to.”

a college degree.

ultimately he ends with a “I guess we’ll see.”

Medina lost. He was just bluffing after

Andre then goes on to enthusiastically

“Nobody here believes how old I am. I

A few rounds of poker later, with a

all. A quick shrug of the shoulders and a

explain the story of how his youngest brother

went to a junior college in Tuscon, Ariz., for

depleting stock of chips, Medina’s ever so

weary smirk then he says, “Anybody else

lost to a wrestler in district tournaments and a

two years after high school until I decided to

slightly nervously-shaking hands pushes his

would have folded.”

week later came back to beat the same

go back home and get a job there for the next

stack all in.

wrestler in the state tournament.

five years. Looking back, I wish I would

His eyes once again are darting back and

Medina throughout his life however. As a

“When he is challenged his hard work

have stayed in school because I would have

forth – this time from his vulnerable stack of

high school star-wrestler, cross country and

ethic kicks in,” says Andre. Co-worker Cody

been graduating a long time ago,” Medina

chips to his competitor. Once again, tension.

track competitor, and golf player he admits he

Mason agrees to this statement.



That seems to be a common theme for

stayed pretty busy during those years. Reflecting upon his athletic feats which includes wresting state championships and

“Jered is one of the hardest working peo-

Still yet, always an optimist, Medina

His opponent doesn’t fold, but instead

ple I know. He is always there to help any-

remarks, “But I did find a really good job

flips his cards to reveal a worthless hand.

one out if they need it too,” Mason says.

while I was working. I worked my way up

Medina had won.

setting school records for track and field,

Currently employed at the Patriot

into a management position. I regret coming

I’m bewildered but Medina just looks and

Medina rather nonchalantly says “I was one

Steakhouse as a server, Medina is well-

back home but I definitely learned a lot of

gives that same curt shrug of the shoulders, a

of the best in my high school.”However, that

known to rise above expectations in difficult

things and got experience in a lot of different

sly smirk, and gathers up his valueless win-

was a bumpy road paved with obstacles.

situations in order to help his work team.



“My sophomore year, two weeks after

Mason says, “Jered does what he’s asked

However, in 2008 brother Josh Medina

track season started, I broke the fifth

of work and tries to do it to the best of his

had the chance to pursue his master’s degree

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

“I win sometimes,” he says.



SENIOR PROFILE: Steven Jeffries


Inside the door of a red candy cane-

Kentucky, University of Pikeville, or Lincoln

mind to do whatever he could in order to help

striped bungalow, Steven Jeffries is lounging

Memorial University. He has had a passion

who needed it. Here are few of the many he

on the couch with his music blasting - sur-

from the medical field ever since his child-


rounded by Jimmy Buffet posters, Penguins

hood. Family influence also played a huge

“I guess it was about three years ago that

Hockey team merchandise, and classic rock

role in helping him decide his career path, as

I built a fence around my sister’s yard. I also

posters hanging from the walls leaving little

his father is a dentist and his brother Aaron is

went and painted her deck and porch around

white to show behind them. He turns the

currently in medical school at Lincoln

the same time, and I just fixed her toilet about

music down creating a long, awkward silence

Memorial University.

two or three weeks ago. I fix my brother’s

when he struggles to think of an answer to the

“Medicine’s just something I’ve wanted

gutters about once a year. Here in the next

question, “What is something unusual about

to do since I was little. I remember being like

few weeks I’m going to be building an end-



7 or 8 and reading the encyclopedia about

table for my sister, a blue-bird box for my

guessed?” With much thought, he finally

cardiology and the heart, as dorky as that

mom, a platform for the computer at my

responds, “Hmm. Maybe not what you’re

sounds. I wasn’t able to understand hardly

dad’s office, and lay tile in my Mamaw’s and

looking for, but I’m a huge Taylor Swift fan.”

any of it but I learned enough to know the

aunt’s bathrooms. I’m also about to start

Jeffries, a senior biology major at UC,

four chambers of the heart by memory and

mowing and weed eating for my dad and

chose to begin his journey at University of

where they were. I basically have wanted to

grandmother here in a few days, although I

the Cumberlands because of the convenience

go into cardiology ever since then, although I

do that every summer.”

in having a school practically at his doorstep.

called it ‘heart doctor’ at the time,” Jeffries

He has always been very family-oriented, and





He’s a regular handyman. Steven can repair practically anything you throw his

has enjoyed having the opportunity to go to

His brother Aaron Jeffries said, “He is

way. When I asked him how he acquired

school in his hometown of Williamsburg, KY

very selfless and is always willing to drop

these many skills he earnestly said, “Pap. I

surrounded by his family, quite literally. He is

what he is doing and help you out in any way

learned so much from working with him. All

next-door neighbors with his brother, grand-

that he can.”

of it. The first summer I worked for him I

mother, parents, and aunt, as they all have

"Steve is selfless, kind, hard-working and

built a pool house. Over the years, I gained

homes on a large hill that the family jokingly

endearingly awkward," said his longtime best

experience in plumbing by putting in my sink

calls “The Jeffries Compound.”

friend, Kenley Bidwell.

and replacing my apartment pipes. I also

After graduating from UC, he plans to

“Selfless” is the word that always comes

learned electrical work, roofing, flooring, and

finally leave Williamsburg in hopes of attend-

to mind when asked about Steven. He shared

building furniture too, among other things.”

ing medical school at University of

with me countless times where he didn’t

He went on to say that his grandfather had to

The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

be the biggest influence in his life because of the never-ending list of valuable things he taught him before he passed away last December. When he isn’t running, working out or helping someone out Jeffries is an assistant coach for Williamsburg Middle School’s football team where he has been in charge of the offense and calling plays for the past four years. With his help, the team became state champions a few years ago. I asked Steven how he would describe himself in three words and he responded, “Quiet. Laid back. Easy going.” Three words that perfectly describe this guy. He is just going with the flow of life, excited to see where it will take him. In ten years, Steven Jeffries sees himself becoming a doctor and staying in the area, taking his passion for people to the next step, into his career.

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The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands


The official student publication of the University of the Cumberlands

The Patriot - May 2013  

The May 2013 edition of The Patriot. This special graduation issue was produced, as always, by students at the University of the Cumberlands...

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