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November 8, 2013


November 8, 2013

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Climbing the peak: UC Football seniors want it all

BY TIMOTHY W YATT Assistant Editor

Photo by Timothy Wyatt

Football is more than just a game. Football is a feeling—the

that final spark are better than ever. Currently sitting at 8-0 and

in the athlete’s mindset. Success in a sport like football depends

crowd after an unbelievable play, the camaraderie between

its greatest seasons of all-time.

has the right mindset. Defensive lineman Nick Smith said, “I

year. Football is an experience, a state of mind, a journey.

gamut and go undefeated, the seniors are more focused on one

We’re some fighters. We’ll do anything we can to get to that

said, “Honestly, I didn’t really come into the season with any

Even considering that Kentucky Christian University and

quaint smell of grass on a cool fall evening, the swell of a

teammates who have battled alongside one another year after

ranked #2 in all the NAIA-land, UC is in the midst of one of While fans and students would like to see the team run the

Above all though, football is a lifestyle.

thing: the national championship. Running back Terrance Cobb

gladiator, there is no rest. When they aren’t participating in

personal goals because we’ve done a lot of things together and

studying film and mentally preparing for the next game. Col-

could be proud of. I just really wanted to win a national cham-

For those who decide to bear the armor of the modern-day

grueling two-a-days or putting in long hours at the gym they’re

lege players endure all of the above while juggling classes and


But college eventually comes to an end. And for the over-

know everybody else on this team wants it just as bad as I do.

next step and overcome any challenges that are in front of us.”

Bluefield College’s combined overall records are 3-15 for the

I’ve done a lot of things over the course of my career that I

season, the obstacles that lie ahead of them may seem daunting.

pionship. That was my main goal.”

title game. And while the last two conference wins aren’t nec-

A national title is what every player plays for and every

Only five games stand between the Patriots and the national

essary to reach that summit, to be able to force opponents’

coach coaches for. There is only one national champion. They

playoff runs through Williamsburg, Ky., they are vital.

landscape knowing they are the best there is. UC has yet to

is on the horizon. Cobb summed up the senior perspective in a

whelming majority of college-athletes, that ending coincides

get to stand on high while they gleam down across the football

had carefully followed for most of their lives goes with it, too.

find its place atop that mountain. In fact, they’ve yet to even

with an end to their football careers as well. The routines they

on a positive attitude and a common team mentality. This squad

Win or lose, ultimately, the end of their collegiate careers

very notable manner, saying, “It’s a nerve-wrecking thing be-

Yet, there is one redeeming factor: the senior season.

have their chance to ascend its heights. If this were to be the

land head football coach John Bland, “You always want to say

Patriots have ever been in the championship game.

for last.’ You’ve heard all the clichés. And it’s neat to do that

proach needed for rising over that slump, saying, “You take it

to an end. I just want it to come to a good end.”

plish anything.”

Kentucky Christian University in James H. Taylor II stadium,

“There’s nothing like it,” said University of the Cumber-

‘my senior year was my best.’ You say you ‘saved your best

with a bunch that you’ve been with for four or five years.”

Essentially, this is the apex; this is what they’ve put their

work in for—to go out with a bang. The Patriots’ football roster

holds the names of 19 seniors, whose chances of setting off

team to make a run for the title, it would be the first time the However, running back D’Angelo Jordan has the ideal ap-

one game at a time—not looking ahead—and you can accomMaybe not a ground-breaking philosophy, but in compe-

tition whatever doesn’t amount to skill or luck is usually found

cause you want everything to be special. You want every game you go into to be special because it’s the last time you’re going

to play against that team. But I’ve been a senior before in high

school, so I know the process. I know everything must come The Patriots take the field again Nov. 9 at noon against

where UC will be honoring its senior players.



Giving hope in the midst of disaster


Photo by Chloe Gu

BY A BBEY CHER RY Staff Writer

Cooking the first warm meal a family has

had in days. Reading a book to a child to dis-

tract them from chaos. Sawing down trees that have been completely uprooted. Washing the

are all called to go. We are called to give.

Whatever he calls us to do, he will equip us.

get involved. Webb stated, “If you have a will-

ergy, or simply prayer, God will provide,"

with disaster relief.”

Whether it be giving of money, strength, en-

one set of clothes that a family has. Every little

stated Webb.

ter strikes.

“This is how we know what love is: Jesus

the Kentucky Baptist Convention led convo-

to lay down our lives for our brothers and sis-

act of service makes a difference when disasOn Thursday, October 24, Coy Webb of

cation speaking on behalf of Kentucky Disas-

ter Relief. There are currently 4,500 volunteers across the state of Kentucky. How-

Webb quoted 1 John 3:16-18 saying,

Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought

ters. If anyone has material possessions and sees a brother or sister in need but has no pity

"Our mission is to be the hands and feet

of Jesus. Just as Jesus did in his ministry, we are meeting the needs of the people first," said Webb.

Campus Minister Dean Whitaker com-

mented, “I don’t know much money you have

or what talents you possess, but don’t let that

stop you from serving and being obedient to

words or speech but with actions and in truth.”

BCM intern Leann Wright said, “For me,

person? Dear children, let us not love with

be vessels of help in times of disaster. Seeing

For the first time on a college campus in

the unrivaled potential, Webb urged those in

the state, there was a Kentucky Disaster Relief

"Not all are called to disaster relief but we

The session, held in the Boswell Campus Cen-

attendance to get involved in the ministry.

ing heart, we can find a way for you to serve

on them, how can the love of God be in that

ever, Webb sees the untouched potential that

college students have that could allow them to

ter, was especially for UC students looking to

training session held on Friday. October 25.

God’s call.”

I want to help people who are hurting and feel

like they’ve lost everything. I want to show

them that they can find hope in Christ.” She went on to say, “I was impressed and excited

about the number of students that attended,

and it was really neat to see various UC offices represented at the training.”

Around 40 UC students and faculty mem-

bers attended the training and are now

equipped to answer the call by being the hope

of Christ when disaster strikes.




No Shave November: More than meets the beard?

BY CA R LEEN FLETCHER Staff Photographer

It’s now November, and with this month comes the

falling of leaves, the really big paper deadlines looming in the near distance, the countdown to Thanksgiving break, and yes,


No Shave November actually serves as awareness for

prostate and testicular cancer, according to the American Can-

training is as important as proper training in ethics.” Beard

growth was viewed as a way for young men to imitate their

leaders, since they all had beards, and a period of time of 30

cer Society. They view it as a unique way to raise awareness,

days was set aside for this purpose.

ing full beardom, following this golden rule, as stated by


all hopping on the bandwagon to grow their grizzly beards,

which you don't shave any hair of your body but instead you

No Shave November and Movember, both serve to raise

you guessed it, the ever-popular No Shave November.

Beards everywhere tingle with the anticipation of achiev-

Urban Dictionary: “The month of November is the month in

grow more bestial, brutish, and manly.”

Men everywhere participate in this widely known tradi-

tion of masculinity, but why? Where did it come from? That

is the question UC student Katie Thomas proposed on Face-

book on November 2, 2013, asking ten males to inform her of

the real meaning behind the craze; if any men knew the truth

behind this or if they simply did it because it seemed cool.

With a deeper look into the mechanics behind No Shave

November, it could be considered that in this month of papers

and the final stretch to the end of the semester, not shaving

saves men time. They can sleep longer, take more time for

homework, and ultimately keep their faces warmer.

That isn’t the reason for the phenomena, however.

saying “what better way to grow awareness than with some While the question of which came first is questionable,

So, how do people feel about the craze? While men are

women typically have a different outlook on the tradition.

Shannon Whittenburg, a UC junior, shared her opinion

awareness for men’s health. Movember, which originated in

saying “I’d be mad if my boyfriend grew out his facial hair.”

ber, but in this event, men only grow out their mustaches.

feels it should be well kept and trimmed short. “I like the

Melbourne, Australia in 1999, is similar to No Shave Novem-

While Whittenburg is definitely a fan of facial hair, she

Movember sports the clever slogan of “changing the face of

shadow,” she said. While she would prefer her guy to have fa-

grow out their mustaches in the month of November to raise

doesn’t appreciate the tradition of No Shave November.

official Movember site, in 2011, there were actually 854,000

at UC, on the other hand supports No Shave November, rec-

men’s health” and men actually sign up online agreeing to

awareness for testicular and prostate cancer. According to the

participants, including women, raising more than $126 million

dollars. The popular college tradition of No Shave November

is actually supposed to parallel this event.

Again, however, No Shave November could be traced

back further in time to Plato and ancient Greece. It wasn’t the

cial hair over being clean shaven, she, like many women,

Brian Johnson, a senior communication arts major here

ognizing the noble cause that Katie Thomas was inquiring

about with her Facebook experiment. While Johnson also just

favors the bearded-man look, he said “I know that it is for a

good cause; I know that it is for men’s health, and as man, I

am for men’s health.” Like many other men, however, he too

Another look brings you to competitive swimming.

No Shave November we are all familiar with today, especially

has other, more personal reasons for rocking the bearded say-

resistance in training and even at some meets to make them

did propose the idea that men should take a period of time to

Plus, many great men in history have donned the beard.”

agreed upon even by Aristotle, who wrote, “No man can be

it, maybe women can be a little more open and men will sup-

Swimmers have been known to stop shaving to build water

since the month of November didn’t even exist then, but Plato

stronger and more easily glide through the water when they

develop their beards and not be allowed to shave. This was

is not the real reason for all of the Zach Galifianakis looka-

trusted if he is without a beard. For that reason, beard growth

finally do shave for an important swim meet. Still though, this

ing, “It also gives me an excuse to be lazy and just not shave.

Overall, with a look into the history and the cause behind

port a better reason to grow those manly locks.



Dawn of Doyle’s undead: BY CA R LEEN FLETCHER Staff Photographer An eerie smoke wandered low over the

Zombie show leaves UC dying for more


with laughter during the whole performance.

Maddie Osborne, a junior criminal justice and

floor of the Kohn Theatre, lit dully with ghoulish greens and grays on October 31, 2013 as

human services double major, was one of the

dragging drifted in the air from…zombies?

ment and praise of how well it went over.

for that moment when you stand surrounded

I loved our characters and Rachel did a fantas-

star performers and even joined in the excite-

low moans and the muffled sounds of feet

Osborne said, “The play was a lot of fun.

Yes, zombies. And if you have been planning

tic job directing. Not to mention being

by hordes of the undead and you missed “10

dragged off stage by zombies was pretty ex-

Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse,” di-

citing.” Osborne was more than willing to

rected by UC student Rachel Doyle, you not

praise her director, saying the play choice was

only missed out on a spectacular show, but

excellent. She was drawn to the auditions by

also some great strategy and comedic tips.

the content of the play, saying, “I just knew a

So what does one do when faced with a

play about zombies had to be awesome.”

gaggle of ghouls with a hunger only brains can

satisfy? Doyle’s cast of post-apocalypse sur-

vivors provided advice for scenarios as well as some not so realistic options; ranging from

sacrificing the weak; kung fu fights with the undead; running really fast and not falling

down; or even reasoning with brainless and at-

tempting to romance them. Doyle, a sopho-

more theater major, expressed a number of

reasons for wishing to direct the play.

Doyle said, “When I read the play for ‘10

Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse’ I

though this was a good show. It’s funny. This

is gonna meet all the needs that I want and the

vision that I was going after.” Doyle wished

to direct the play of her own accord, but the

most astounding aspect is that the play was ac-

tually also done for a class—her senior collo-

quium. Doyle is one of the first students at UC

to direct a play on campus and not be of senior status. “That is a very big deal,” she said.

Reactions to her work left her nearly

speechless, struggling to grasp the words to

communicate how she felt beyond the smile

stretched from ear to ear on her face. Doyle

was astounded that students not only took a

Photo by Carleen Fletcher

risk on a student director, especially since the

play was not free. Tickets were sold for two dollars with the proceeds going to Alpha Psi,

the theatre honor society. “Not only did I live

“It wasn’t written in the play at all. I ultimately decided to go with that because throughout re-

hearsal I felt like the play was missing some-

thing—the spooky factor almost.” Doyle

up to that, but I went beyond their expecta-

thought that it needed something that not only

thought that I did so well,” Doyle said.

ence to feel to feel like they were a part of the

shoulders; while the play itself, dealing with

the cast. The actors and actresses Doyle chose

tions. I am absolutely blown away by the The success of the show falls on Doyle’s

a popular theme especially around Halloween,

was sure to be appealing, her directing choices

made it a hit. Apart from just choosing the ex-

cellent cast of actors and actresses that Doyle

is extremely proud. Doyle said, “My actors

were the ones that made it one of the best shows on campus and I couldn’t have done it

went with the play, but would cause the audi-

show, putting them up close and personal with did justice for the play. Not only was their

zombie act convincing, but they also were

very professional, staying in character even

during a power outage during the perform-

ance. The act was so convincing and creepy,

the audience believed the unplanned power

outage to be a part of the play itself, relieving

without them.” She also made executive

stress from the nerve-racked director.

tactful being taking advantage of the whole

lypse” was a success to say the least. Audience

Zombies from the play prowled not only

said, “It was different than any other play I’ve

choices that made the play her own, the most

space, including the audience.

after our apocalypse survivors, but the audi-

ence as well, growling in members’ ears and

getting up close and personal. Doyle added,

“10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apoca-

member Jessie Eldridge, a senior music major, seen here. It was fun and creative. I giggled

the whole time and I really enjoyed the jokes

that were in the play.” The audience was filled

Osborne said the success had a lot to do with

Doyle, saying, “Rachel did a great job keeping

us focused, but at the same time she kept the

environment very low stress. She had really

high expectations for us and I think, as a cast,

we wanted to live up to those expectations.”

Doyle was flattered at all of the positive

feedback, and while she felt she could be per-

suaded into another performance, it would

take a lot of convincing. She knew the deci-

sion didn’t just lie with her, and while she

thought that her cast would love to do another

performance, she also knew part of the magic

was in the “one night only” experience.

“It was a unique experience and honestly

I think that’s why it went so well, because they only had one chance to get it right, and so they

gave it their all. I’m so proud of them.” Doyle hopes that the students will take advantage of

other opportunities in the future to see her

work, saying she hopes to show her work, in

some form or another, again in the next year.




Night of the Living Tread Photo by Jillian Carpenter

BY JILLI A N CA R PENTER Staff Photographer

Whimsical bicycles and their spooky rid-

ers filled the Whitley County Public Library's

parking lot on October 26, 2013, for an

evening out on the town known as as Night Of The Living Tread. Night Of The Living Tread

was a five-mile community bicycle ride, open

As enjoyable as the experience was for

the driving residents of Williamsburg aware of

Tread was not simply all about fun. Melissa

clists first came to the event, they believed it

becomes a yearly event,� said Cope.

fore the cyclists left for the ride, Clayton made

Tread was a complete success. Residents

all of the participants, Night Of The Living

Bond, the local University of Kentucky fine

arts agent, along with the rest of the local Fine

Arts Center, organized the bike ride to create

to residents of all ages. The event opened with

awareness of cyclists on the roads here in

with awards given for best costume and best

refrain from riding them on the road because

registration beginning at 5 p.m. and continued bicycle decoration. Afterward, a brief bicycle

Williamsburg. Many people who ride bikes

it can be dangerous on the streets. Most local

cyclists on the streets. When many of the cy-

to be a race instead of just a group ride. Be-

it clear in his safety lecture that everyone

needed to stay close to one another while on

the road.

Several UC students were found partici-

pating in the bike ride, while others were

drivers simply aren't used to people cycling on

found volunteering. UC alumni Caleb Hetrick

lined up on Third Street, were given the go,

miss a cyclist.

participants how to ride a bike, while Maegan

streets of Williamsburg. Anyone too young to

of developing the Williamsburg Bicycle Coali-

through a small obstacle course created with

perfect opportunity to have our first event.�

learned how to ride a bike for the first time.

cycles in a group was the safest way to make

great turn out, considering the weather and it

safety lecture was given by UC alumnus Ben

Clayton to educate riders. Finally, the riders

and began their five-mile trek throughout the

make the ride stayed in the park and rode sponges and small traffic cones on Third Street.

the road, so it is very easy for the drivers to Bond said, "We had been in the process

tion for the past year, and felt like this was the

Having a large group of people riding their bi-

and Ben Clayton taught many of the younger

Cope, a UC sophomore, helped watch children

who were going through the obstacle course.

In fact, by the end of the day, Cope herself

"It was so much fun. I thought it was a

was the first time the event was held. It would

be a great experience for college students if it According to Bond, Night Of The Living

learned more about cycling on the streets of

Williamsburg, Kentucky. Plus, even those

who did not participate still had the chance to

become more aware of local cyclists.




Photo by Solomon Whitaker

Q & A with Dr. Semmel


in basically the history of rock and roll. I mean

class are now part of the Contemporary Chris-

arts department. Recently, I got to have a con-

sound recording up to the nineties. While I en-

enjoy the most about the class is the fact that

room full of varied toys, VHS tapes, movie

I mean there was so much information and

that Dr. Bob Dunston and I share responsibil-

things I particularly enjoy about the Contem-

lectures together and selecting topics. So, in

tle period, the “All Things Must Pass.”

presentations, I end up learning a whole lot

Dylan sort of flirts with Christianity along the

Dr. Keith Semmel is the department chair

of the communication, journalism, and theatre

versation with him in his office, a glorious

we went all the way back to the origins of

joyed that class, it was sort of overwhelming,

posters, and a large black and white John

things that I couldn't cover. So, one of the

Examining Contemporary Christian Music

porary Christian Class is that it allows me to

Lennon wall hanging. We got to talk about his

course, his favorite bands that are talked about

sort of focus specifically about artists who

the new “Star Wars” movie, his favorite super-

topics, but that still allows me to talk about

bilia in his much decorated office.

Whitaker: So, what do enjoy most about

in that course, films with religious contexts, hero, and even his favorite piece of memora-

teaching the Examining Contemporary Christian Music class?

Semmel: Well, many, many years ago when I

first came to the university, I taught a course

have dealt with religious themes, religious

tian Music course as well. The other thing I

it is one of the team taught courses and the fact

ities in designing the course and putting the

the process of doing that and having student

myself and just advances my own personal

So I would rank very highly a group like U2,

for example, although they're not a traditional

Contemporary Christian band, it's hard to

place them, but they do deal with those sort of

topics. George Harrison's music in particular,

especially the stuff that he did in the post-Bea-

So, those and Bob Dylan's music. Again,

way; he converts to Christianity for a short pe-

knowledge of the history of popular music in

riod of time, and then sort of drifts away again.

the generic rock and roll course.


that I most enjoy listening to because they're

cause of the whole idea that rock music and

Whitaker: What is your favorite Contem-

many of the same people that I talked about in So, we still talk about Robert Johnson be-

the blues are the devil's music, so that all orig-

inates with the Robert Johnson story. Obvi-

ously we can still talk about Dylan, we can still talk about The Beatles, so it's sort of the

greatest hits that were part of that rock and roll

general and Contemporary Christian music

porary Christian music band?

Semmel: Well, most of the music I enjoy in

that direction really has to do more with the

secular artists who deal with Christian themes.

So those are the artists I'm most interested in,

artists that I grew up with in the first place

who I find particularly enjoyable, but they just

happen to be dealing with themes about reli-

gion and Christianity.




Whitaker: You talked about how you're co-

teaching this with Dr. Bob and you went into that, but you guys also co-teach an-

other class, Religion and Film. What is your

favorite movie with religious contexts,

maybe even one you talk about in there?

Semmel: I tend to be interested in the films

that stir up a great deal of controversy, because I think they're the most interesting. (Laughs.)

Whitaker: (Laughs.) Semmel: Right off the top of my head the first

films that come to mind that we talk about in

that class would be “Monty Python's Life of Brian,” Martin Scorsese's “The Last Tempta-

that irritates me more than anything, a couple


father is in a hardware store, like a Lowes, a

working a million hours, I don't care, I'm still

of weeks ago I saw a TV commercial where a

Home Depot kind of place with his children.

He puts on a welded helmet and he grabs a flu-

orescent light bulb and he turns to his kids and

says "I am your father," and the punch line is

that everybody has their Disney side. It's like,

that they're going to continue with the fran-

chise. I think that could be a good thing.

There were some moments in the pre-

quels. As far as I'm concerned, I'm sort of old fashioned, my James Bond is always going to

be Sean Connery. I loved “Skyfall,” but part

encing all the old Bond jokes, the Aston Mar-

stirred up such a hornet’s nest of controversy

they're going to continue the franchise, but as

“Star Wars.” I'm not particularly upset that

far as I'm concerned, those first three films are

look back on them and reevaluate them.

always going to be the best films of the series.

it's an epic film, but everyone sort of agrees

nology has advanced so much now that Yoda

ested in the guys that are struggling for recog-

think that Scorsese's film and the Python film

fall into that category. Those are the films that

continue to intrigue me. “The Truman Show”

bad guys, but to me the defining moment in

the “Star Wars” films, for me personally, is in

“Empire Strikes Back.”

It's the battle on Hoth with the ATAT's,

Semmel: (Laughs.) I have mixed feelings about it to tell you the truth. One of the things

was here at University of the Cumberlands, for

ing “Empire Strikes Back.”

ment of the Library.

they're sending me to the desert island I'm takWhitaker: Who is your favorite superhero? Semmel: I'm going to go with Batman because

I'm sort of intrigued right now by the fact that

there's this resurgence of interest in the original TV “Batman,” the 1966 series. A whole se-

Lennon print and then I build the rest of the

office around it, cause it has to have a place of importance. So, that's probably my favorite

piece. A lot of the stuff that I have here are du-

plicates of toys that I have at home that I had

to buy an extra one to get the one that I

placeable. That's one of my favorites.

collect that and part of the reason is because

it's straight off the TV series. I loved the TV

series when I was a kid. There's this set of the

little bobble heads that are coming out of the

I love “The Dark Knight.” I think it's one

but the Batman that I learned Batman from

was the Adam West Batman. As campy and

more fascinating to look at, greater detail, but

silly and unrealistic as that show was, that's

school animation. The fact that Lucas was able

version of “Batman” and the Jack Nicholson

more interesting to look at than whoever takes

The first thing I put up is my John

and I haven't collected a comic book in ages.

of my favorite superhero movies of all time,

to do all those things, literally by hand, that to

many years my office was over in the base-

wanted. A lot of these are not as valuable to

human hands had to move all those things. I'm

me is what makes those first three films far

in two schools in that time, but even when I

ries of comic books, which Bob Dunston

1966 Batman version.

to me that's still it. I'm a big fan of that old

That's the first thing I put up since 1980,

fine film. It completes the narrative, but if

the big walking machines. The fact that it was

be brilliant, it would be better, it would be

of Lennon is from the “White Album” period

whenever I move somewhere, I've only taught

That’s the “Batman ‘66” series, I've started to

sure if they did that sequence today, it would


they had this wall hanging that's up in my of-

they're okay. I thought that the third one, the

one that predates “A New Hope,” that was a

can jump around and do the twist and battle

very interesting to study.

“Star Wars” movie? What are your

prequels have done that. They're out there;

introduced me to and now I'm collecting them

still done with stop action animation, that

Whitaker: Do you think about the new

the stature, the sort of mythic qualities that

Part of that is because I understand the tech-

is another film that i think has sort of a

metaphor for religion that I continue to find

happens next with Star Wars. I'll probably go

that's where I was teaching at the time and

and the song “Imagine” came a little bit later.

musical themes. So, I'm sort of that way about

nition and long term influence. I defiantly

Otherwise, I'm sort of ambivalent about what

John Lennon was assassinated in 1980, there

was a record store up in Muncie, Indiana,

those first three had. I don't even think that the

talk about in that class, but those are the ones

on it for the most part. I'm always more inter-

puppet, I'm still more intrigued by those “Star

Wars” films than anything to come along.

creeps me out to begin with, but I'm not upset

tin car and all those kinds of things and all the

“The Ten Commandments” is what it is,

Semmel: Hmm, that's a tough one. Right after

fice, with the lyrics to “Imagine.” The image

interesting. I mean, I love all the movies we

when they came out. I think we continue to

going with that Hoth battle. When Yoda was a

see it, but I don't think they're going to achieve

on me, Disney now owns it. So that kind of

of the reason I loved it is because it was refer-

that for me rise to the front because they

memorabilia that you have in your office?

“Disney, since when is…,” and then it dawned

tion of Christ,” and also the movie “Dogma.” Those are the three films, to me, are the most

Whitaker: What is your favorite piece of

All the digital technology in the world

still my favorite. So, I love the Tim Burton

Joker, all great stuff, but still, my heart goes

out to the original TV series.

me, but that John Lennon print, that's irre-



The Patriot’s 2013 Halloween Costume Contest Winners Winner - Rebecca Watkins, as Richard Simmons


t s 1

2nd Place - Sonya Meadors, as a scarecrow 3rd Place - Russell Ridenour, as Bray Wyatt, WWE superstar

d n 2

d r 3




What did you think about the international student conference, Engage? “I can share my traditional culture with them, and I can also learn some different cultures. This time I showed my traditional dance and people really like it, some people even want to learn it.” -Mayíre Mahmut, China

“The weekend was so short but very attractive. It was a pretty good experience and I will go back next year.” -Yasséma Staw, France

“It was very exciting for me, because I never thought I would know them. They are all friendly people, and they were not denied to make friends with me.” -Jay Sanksakulchai, Thailand

“I loved learning about all the different cultures; I think it's truly amazing to see how differently God created all the people of the world.” -LeAnn Wright, United States of America




10 Tips for successful thrifting BY WHITLEY WEST Staff Photographer


he college years generally consist of

balancing the ability to pass your classes, have a social life, and feed yourself without going

totally broke. Throwing in the expenses of

keeping a fashionable wardrobe into all of that

buy a rad sweater and then realize it has a huge hole in the armpit when you get home.

4. Try it on!

It might look like it fits, but you never know

is tough. Why spend $40 on that new Forever

for sure. Or, it may appear to be the most hor-

seemingly identical for a couple bucks at your

could pleasantly surprise you when you try it

21 cardigan when you can find something

local thrift shop? Here is a handful of thrifting

tips that could help you save quite a bit.


Go often!

Some stores update their selection daily.

Goodwill, for example, adds new merchandise by the hour. They are constantly selling and

restocking items. The more you go, the better shot you have at scoring big.

2. Quality over quantity.

People often get caught up in the how cheap

the prices are in stores that they completely

overlook the quality of the items. Don’t buy torn, stretched, or stained items, unless that’s

the look you’re going for. It is better to leave

the store with a few awesome finds than with

a bunch of junk that won’t last you very long.

3. Inspect. Inspect. Inspect.

Thoroughly check the pieces that you’re pos-

itive you will buy. It really stinks when you

rendous heap of fabric while on the hanger. It


5. Make separate piles.

Give yourself a little “time out” to sort through

your finds and establish your absolutely not’s, maybe’s and real keepers.

6. Bring cash.

A lot of times thrift stores don’t have a credit

or debit card reader so always go prepared!


Think of ways to repurpose.

Slap on those creative glasses. A pair of your

typical high wasted grandma pants could eas-

ily be turned into some trendy high wasted shorts.

8. If there is no dressing room, improvise.

It is as good idea to wear tight clothes when

you go. If there isn’t a dressing room, there’s

no shame in sliding a top on overtop of your

clothes to see if it fits.

Photo by Whitley West

9. Don’t make a list.


Swap clothing with friends.

Don’t get me wrong here; it’s good to keep a

If the idea of shopping for second-hand cloth-

for. However, when you start writing down a

a clothing exchange with your friends in the

mental note of what you’re generally looking

list of specifics, you might get so wrapped up

in searching for those ideal items and wind up

missing out on a random find you weren’t ex-


ing gives you the creepy crawlies, then set up




UC Volleyball team defeats Georgetown

BY BR A NDY NOR MA N Staff Writer

After 22 years and 34 matches, the UC

UC volleyball head coach, Kathryn Hart. “I

Georgetown Tigers on Oct. 17, making school

body on any given day. The team’s defense

Volleyball Patriots finally defeated the

history and setting the tone for the rest of the


It’s no secret that Georgetown College is

one of UC’s biggest rivalries in athletics, so

with such a big win, the team is still on cloud

am a big believer of any team can beat any-



which caused an absence of the student fan

able to really put everything together that The team showed great chemistry on the

court with an impressive amount of teamwork

and control. The leadership alone proved to be

win over the Tigers.

captains, Eastham and Samantha Stuckwisch,

“We played our hearts out and left every-

thing on the court. I am so proud of these girls

for pulling this off and I cannot wait to see

what the rest of season has in store for us,”

“Megan Schulte had the best game I think

all year both offensively and blocking,” said

found their way to the bleachers to cheer on

stands pulling for them as finally beat George-

emotion, skill, and consistency to the game,”


However there were several students who still

the only ones to shine, as UC freshman Syd-

along with Kelsey Eastham and Abby Dun-

don, who all bring different abilities to the

Hart says she is very proud of the girls

senior Ryan Northcutt. “The volleyball team

a total of 16 digs.

“Both Sam and Kelsey bring a lot of

said Hart about the captains. “Sydney Beck’s

defense was also solid all day and her serving

was fantastic, especially the fifth set. Abby has

also been a great mentor to the freshman on

knowing that we could win it. I am so excited

base that usually crowds the intramural gym.

a UC sophomore, led their team during a very

ney Beck contributed greatly to the win with

proud of these girls for not giving up and

to see what the rest of the season holds with

the Volleyball Patriots.

nerve-racking game. Upperclassmen were not

“Our team played with every ounce of

heart and determination that we had. I'm very

The game took place over fall break

a huge factor in the winning of the game. Both

said UC senior Megan Schulte.

The Patriots’ seniors include Schulte

ent roles this year, and she has embraced them

had been improving all season and we were

9. The final score of the game was (25-22, 13-

25, 25-22, 18-25, 15-9) making it a three set

the team this year, and has really been a team

player. I have asked her to play a lot of differ-

“It was a great game to watch,” said UC

this amazing team,” Eastham said.

and how hard they have worked this season,

adding that it was so exciting to see how good

the volleyball team can really be. Hart also

mentioned that the she is especially proud of

the seniors for doing such a good job of being

balled out and it was so nice being in the

leaders to a young team.


and all the hard work we have put in this year.

“I'm really proud of this group of girls

The win over Georgetown has been im-

It is fun to be a part of a team that works hard

ple who support them, as well as Coach Hart.

lenge. We never give up no matter the score,

portant for the team’s confidence and the peo-

The win has received a lot of recognition from the school and has the fans and players

pumped for the Mid-South Conference tour-


every day and that never backs down to a chaland I think that is the key to our success and

will be the key to future successes,” said Dun-




Finishing the season strong BY CODY ELLIS Staff Writer

The University of the Cumberland’s

men’s golf team finished their fall season with

solid fall. Bring on the spring.”

UC was led by Pospisil and Viktor Mad-

a strong close. The team made the trip down

sen, who both finished with a solid score of

where they came out with a win. The Patriots

place individually. Head golf coach Chris

to Georgia to the Reinhardt University Invite

conquered the tournament as a team as well as

having several top 10 finishes by some of the


142 (-2), which put them both tying for second Kraftick said, “It was a great way to finish off

the season and finish strong. We were suc-

cessful this fall and played a lot of good golf.

The team’s overall score for the two days

I look forward to next year and seeing what

of the tournament host. With UC getting this

Despite being a very young team—the

was a total of 574—11 strokes better than that

win at one of the biggest tournaments in the fall season, it gave the men a total of three

team wins out of five possible.

Michael Pospisil, who led the team the

whole year with some great play, ended up fin-

we can accomplish in the spring.”

roster sports seven freshmen—the Patriots

have a lot of talent within the team and they

have seemed to prove that so far this year.

With the fall season coming to an end for the

Patriots, they will now start to focus on the

ishing the fall season out with a top 10 finish

spring season where they will look to continue

landing on three all tournament teams.

time they tee it up. The team will return to the

in all five tournaments, one individual win and

Pospisil said, “Struggled here and there, but

to be successful and get more victories every

greens in February.

Patriots’ Scoreboard Season Records



Vo l l ey b a l l


M e n ’ s S o c c e r Wo me n ’s Soc cer






Pride and a Silver Saucer

The Star-Crossed Field



Staff Writer

Staff Writer

Rodrigo Ortiz exited the see-through,

speeding out of his drive way. He knew he had

glass door of the newspaper office for Care-

to find someone who could help.

hand and was dressed in the professional, grey

alized that Rodrigo had escaped they started

free Times. He held a briefcase in his right

suit his job called for. Rodrigo was the pub-

The pilots of the silver saucer quickly re-

to pursue him. The aliens inside were looking

lisher of the local newspaper in the town of

for a male and female to examine because they

not far away, a silver 2011 Mercedes Benz SL-

drigo saw the saucer in the rearview mirror

Carefree, Arizona. His car was in a parking lot Class. Sliding into the red leather seat, he

turned the metallic key, and the engine started

with a growl. The slick vehicle carried him to

his desert penthouse.

Pulling into the drive way, Rodrigo saw

his wife greeting him from the door, clothed

had never encountered humans before. Ro-

and pushed the gas pedal down. The car sped

away into the middle of the town. He opened

the door and quickly jumped out and headed

for the house of someone he knew. His fist

pounded the door and a man quickly came to

after the star-crossed lovers as they tried to

households, like that of a rose on a hot sum-

make their escape.

was star crossed from the beginning. Being

Orleans they finally ended up in a field on the

mer’s day. Romeo and Juliet’s love for another

torn apart by their families’ hatred for one an-

other, they decided to leave the worlds in

which they were born. But their plan went

amiss. They believed in eternal love and as

they both took their last breaths they believed

Running throughout the streets of New

northern outskirts of the city. Unable to run

anymore the couple stopped in the center of

the field and tried to catch their breath. The

sounds of running and yelling men were

heard, moving closer towards them. Garett,

shut the door. Rodrigo realized that he had

true? What if love lasts beyond life? Well,

He would leave Maria so that she would be

pushed everyone away and that hoping for

and everyone hated him for it as he rubbed it

someone to hide him was a lost cause. The sil-

afternoon, he did not know what would await

himself be taken. The couple was officially de-

Rolling over in the bed, Rodrigo saw his

hated, but the love bloomed from the rival

streets. Maria’s father and his men followed

knowing they would never be able to escape

everything that he thought he would ever want

him at night.

Their love for one another was forbidden and

France, Garett ran onto the ship took her hand

and started running through the crowded

their love would last beyond life itself.

As soon as the man saw who it was, he quickly

in their faces. Kissing his wife on the lips that

of love that is formed between star-crossed

lovers. Take Romeo and Juliet for example.

fired. On the day of Maria’s departure to

the door.

in a white dress. Her beauty surpassed all oth-

ers and he was proud that she was his. He had

Some of the greatest love stories every told are

ver saucer quickly caught up and Rodrigo let

clared missing on next front page of the edi-

tion of the Carefree Times.

But what if this idea of eternal love is

there’s a story that takes place in the heart of

or be free together knew what he had to do.

safe. Taking Maria into his arms Garett sa-

New Orleans that shows just that: love that

vored the last moment he would share with the

told throughout the streets of New Orleans

being fired could be heard across the sky. The

shall last through eternity. The story that is

took place in the middle of the seventeenth

century, the era of social classes at their finest.

woman he loved. Suddenly the sound of a gun

star-crossed lovers collapsed to the ground, finally escaping the world that rejected their

A love formed between two social classes was

love for one another.

n’t matter, and it wasn’t his problem. The gift

was born again. Maria De’Torey was born into

De’Torey is one of many stories told within

of a sudden there was a boom and bright lights

percent of the factories within Louisiana’s

wife and all he could do was stare at her face.

This was all he needed, the outside world did-

of life was his, so he lived it to the fullest. All

shone outside. Then, the sound of stones being

pulled apart could be heard and Rodrigo looked to his left to see his house disappearing

into a blue light. Self-preservation quickly

kicked in and he jumped out of the bed and

hurried quickly out the door. He looked up to

find a giant, silver saucer in the sky. “These things don’t exist, I must be in a dream,” he

brought to life and thus the romantic tragedy

a wealthy household that owned at least fifty

the streets of New Orleans, but just like many

State. Garett McShire was a factory worker for

Though the story has changed throughout

Maria’s father’s industries. They instantly fell

in love even though they knew they came

of the others, the story continues to this day.

time. The field that they took their breaths is

known as The Star-Crossed Field. It is said

from two different worlds. Maria was sup-

that the field at night is bare but when a couple

tycoon, but she couldn’t bear the thought of

of fireflies, and on the day of their death sto-

posed to be married to the son of a business

not being with Garett. Telling her parents that

walks through it, it is blessed with a blanket ries have been told about shadows embracing

she would never marry anyone but Garett, she

one another in the light of the moon. Could it

father planned to send her to France were she

longer part of our world that their love still

thought to himself. Yet, as he saw his wife

tried to leave her family’s household. Maria’s

Rodrigo quickly ran to his car and jumped in,

would live with her Aunt, while Garett was

sucked into the beam, the dream didn’t end.

The story of Garett McShire and Maria

be that even though Maria and Garett are no





Nexus 5 BY CA LEB VA NDER A R K Staff Writer

Google unveiled the latest addition to the ven-

on any carrier you want.

31st of October. Granted, every last little detail

Nexus 5 with a $30/month plan from T-Mobile

but who cares? The Nexus 5 smartphone is

(seriously, who talks on the phone anymore

erable line of Nexus-branded devices on the

had already leaked out in the preceding weeks,

For example, you could combine the

Nexus 5.

Basically, imagine a Samsung

Galaxy S4, except better. Much better. For

starters, it comes with the stock Android 4.4

with unlimited texting/data and 100 minutes

operating system. Everything was specifically

truly a product to be excited about why? Be-

anyway?). Total price for two years? $710 in-

ufacturer like Samsung or HTC. Thus, the

iPhone 5s for only $200!”

on AT&T with only 2GB of data, unlimited

cause it starts at only $350. “But I can buy an

Well, yes. Yes, you can. However, there

cluding the phone. In contrast, an iPhone 5s

texting and unlimited data would cost over

overall experience is cleaner and faster. It

that’s the same resolution as your TV on a 5-

inch screen), an 8-megapixel camera with op-

no expensive 2-year contracts with limited


are less blurry), and a 2.3Ghz processor (it’s

phone upgrade options. You buy it and put it

I guess I could tell you a bit about the

with the money you save.

sports a 5inch 1080p display (for reference,

$2,400 for two years. So…is that extra $1,700 worth it to get a phone for $200? Not in my

one. And buy thousands of packs of Ramen

designed by Google and not a third-party man-

is a fundamental difference: The Nexus 5 is

$350 with no contract required. That’s right,

Bottom line: It’s good. You should get

tical image stabilization (translation: pictures

quite fast).

Christmas, technology, & big deals BY CA LEB VA NDER A R K Staff Writer

The Christmas season is usually an excellent

growth in recent months. Asus, the company

any type, this is the category for you.

that really started the convertible trend, re-


egories that you may be able to score a good

with keyboard docking station starting at only

counts on smartphones during the Christmas


market this season.

the price of the iPhone 5s to a mere $120 (with

time to shop around for great prices on new

tech stuff for your arsenal. Here are some cat-

deal in:

Tablet prices are falling quite rapidly.

Intel has promised decent tablets in the $99

range before Christmas; we’ll see if that promise holds up.

Convertible Laptops

This category has seen exponential

cently released their entry-level T100 tablet

$350. Look for great deals on an inundated


Don’t neglect the potential of the tradi-

tional laptop. Though they seem outdated

Retailers generally offer substantial dis-

shopping season. Last year, Wal-Mart reduced

2-year contract). Be on the lookout!


TVs are plummeting in price. In the last

today, traditional laptops usually feature better

week, I’ve seen 32-inch Samsung and Pana-

convertible counterparts. If you’re a gamer of

a few dollars more, Amazon has been selling

specifications at lower prices than their fancier

sonic LED TVs for as little at $199. For only

LG 1080p panels for as little as $249. Look

for great deals on Black Friday!

J Entertainment


American Horror Story review:

The wicked witches of New Orleans BY NATASHA JONES Assistant Editor

We’re four episodes into season three of

“American Horror Story.” The story is set in

New Orleans where there is a secret coven of

Salem-descendant witches.

In this season, the lead character, Fiona

Goode (Jessica Lange), is the supreme witch

of the coven, meaning she possesses up to

seven different powers including healing,

mind control and the power of telekinesis.

ful as Fiona. The two are mortal enemies; the

coven. While giving insight, there’s still much

but appear to have a truce to stop fighting

The performances from the cast were also

coven and voodoo queen have tense history

against one another, at least for the time being. The fourth episode in the series “Ameri-

can Horror Story: Coven,” “Fearful Pranks

“American Horry Story” is known for its

When she learns of the burning of a witch

in Louisiana, Fiona, who had been away par-

tying and searching for the fountain of youth,

returns to Miss Robichaux’s to take control

Pranks Ensue” gave such an eerie vibe; you

are recurring from earlier seasons and we’ve

out their new characters in “Coven.”

terrified expressions of the characters, scenes

thought we already knew, the supreme is cer-

shocker to audiences that Lange won a Golden

helping audiences know which scenes oc-

tainly deliver. With each season being its own

portal of character Constance Langdon in sea-

watch a little more leniency knowing they

Spoiler alert: Fiona is a lot more cold and

creators Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuck cer-

miniseries, it gives audiences the ability to

haven’t missed seasons upon seasons of info

Globe and a Primetime Emmy Award for her

manipulated than we thought; she stood her

pick up with part two of what some are calling

how can Hank, Cordelia’s husband, think he

few characters, revealing sides and personali-

to a witch, who’s the mother is the supreme?

child-like vulnerability and monstrous secrets.

the episode, but there’s no doubt his actions

crets and hostility between members of the

with all the dark magic in her life, who could

episode. This episode peeled the layers of a

Fiona is not the only notorious powerful

ties that we haven’t seen before; Intentions of

ical powers, and is considered equally power-

continued keep her story straight. It’s as if

Best episode yet, but I say that every

life force and powers are weakening and

Flashbacks occurred frequently, revealing se-

curred in the past and which were in the pres-

ent, which can be a tricky thing.

This episode ended in a cliffhanger which can

she’s so bad, that she’s almost good. Plus,

the pieces together as they fall throughout

They showrunners also did a great job of

son one.

each episode.

Queen is also a character known for her mag-

alerting them that something interesting was

disturbing, morbid yet intriguing plots and its

tough, vain, ruthless and clever portrait, it’s no

group of young witches there, Fiona is aware

leader in this town. Marie Laveau, the Voodoo

urged viewers to look a little deeper while about to happen.

ground in front of the council of the coven and

strengthening whoever the new supreme is.

pen. With camera shots that focused in on the

tainly no witch to be messed with. Showing a

“American Horror Story.”

about these characters, and letting them put

that a new prospering supreme is near, as her

were waiting on the edge of your seat for some

misfortune to happen, which certainly did hap-

over guidance of the rising witches and warns

Cordelia there is a storm coming. Among the

The camera work throughout “Fearful

seen them a couple different roles previously

As Fiona, Lange proved to us what we

young ladies, who are learning how to control natural world.

riveting and phenomenal. Most of these actors

Halloween, which definitely gave the show

the right to show off and put the “horror” in

their powers and hide them from the rest of the

whole new shade of darkness to the canvas.

in this series, yet they do a great job of playing

Fiona’s daughter Cordelia is running Miss Ro-

bichaux's Academy, a school for exceptional

to be revealed.

Ensue,” revealed many dark twists and turns.

The episode premiered during the week of

have predicted her husband,would bring a

can get away with adultery when he’s married

Definitely didn’t see that one coming in

will go unnoticed for long. Poor Cordelia,

only lead viewers to assume next week’s will “Walking Dead” meets “American Horror Story.”

At just four episodes in, this story has re-

ceived great feedback from its audience mem-

bers. They aren’t quite sure what to expect next, but will definitely be watching.



PhD Comics


J Entertainment


Were we on fire?

BY EMILY HEMPHILL Staff Writer Remember the ‘90s? Remember the tidal wave of cool

that was flooding our churches, our youth groups, our prayers?

be a super-Christian, you had to be a missionary. You had to

be willing to leave it all and go live somewhere else. Because

backsliding in her relationship with Christ, but as a disillusion-

ment with evangelicalism. It was too stifling, too pigeon-holed,

Most of us do, in a vague, foggy kind of way. In the beautiful

that's what Jesus did for us, right?

and too legalistic.

this era of Christianity with a candidness and a clarity that not

simply confesses in an honest and non-judgmental way that

after her marriage, as for many years she was unable to find

memoir “When We Were on Fire,” Addie Zierman writes about

only reminds us of what was going on, but puts into words the

Zierman's book certainly doesn't bash missionaries. She

the reason she wanted to be a missionary during high school

questions many have had, in hindsight, about what was really

was not because of God, but because of Christianity. When she

Starting off each chapter with a piece of "Christianese"

sionary. She still spent a year in China with her husband, but

going on.

realized this, she decided to be a Christian instead of a mis-

(words Christians use that need to be explained to everyone

she was teaching English, not Bible stories, and it was hard,

things I haven't thought about in years - things like AWANA,

After painting a picture of how clearly "on fire" for Jesus

else) and a corresponding definition, Zierman talks about

See You At the Pole, Teen Mania, and WWJD bracelets. Back

telling God how great he was and what you were feeling, who

decorating, listening to non-Christian music and going on late

how it is - for some people. At home she was the Bible study

dilemma with WWJD? Anyone can learn from this book, and

gotten everything right judged her for not having their taste in

sumed by, or are struggling to recover from the Christian sub-

night walks with a boy. She described this experience not as a

Pusha T – My Name Is My Name

Arcade Fire – Reflektor

PATD has attempted to refuel the

has it all—head-bobbing beats, hard

musical journey of up’s and down’s

mature and consistent

of truth. T need have no regrets on

manner than 2005’s “A Fever You Can’t Sweat Out.”

wore enough Jesus t-shirts, sang enough songs and met every

everyone can respond to it, whether they grew up in, were conculture that led everyone to believe that fires could never go


Top five albums of October


nostalgic sound fans loved in a more

This story of Zieman's is not just hers. It belongs to a gen-

Twitter-sized reviews:

Assistant Editor

To Live, Too Rare To Die!

toward things that happened back when she was on fire. But eration that was duped into believing they were holy if they

leader, the righteous one. At school, the Christians who had

Panic! At The Disco – Too Weird

lot of counseling to make it back - a lot of forgiveness directed

she was in high school, Zierman describes the experience of

day of the week), be active at church (short-term mission trips, you liked, why you wanted God to make you a missionary. To

and friendship that she craved. She slid into depression, mild

alcoholism and emotional adultery. It took a long time and a

she did make it, and this book is her beautiful story.

going to a small Christian college in a way that shows exactly

Bible study, etc.), and pray (fill journals with your cursive

within evangelicalism the community and deep understanding

and they came back.

then, it seemed like in order to be a good Christian, all you had

to do was dress modestly (a Jesus promoting t-shirt for every

From there, she describes the loneliness she felt, even

One word: solid. A record that truly rhymes and plenty

this one.

An absolute auditory experience. A

and everywhere in

between. “Reflektor” offers some-

thing for everyone.

Cage the Elephant – Melophobia

This album ranges from calm and

laid-back to downright groovy at

times. Every track is

intriguing and leaves you wanting

more…in a good way.

Hellogoodbye – Everything Is De-


A few of the songs fall flat, but over-

all, a surprisingly good album full of

catchy hooks and

melodies sure to linger in your head

for a while.

The Patriot - November 8, 2013  
The Patriot - November 8, 2013  

The November 8, 2013 edition of The Patriot.