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Spring 2014


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Calendar of Events March 1

• Submission & postmark deadline for TBΣ Award applications & National Scholarship applications

March 14-15

• Northeast District Convention, University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT

The PODIUM is a Kappa Kappa Psi / Tau Beta Sigma joint publication issued twice per year in the spring and fall. Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma are non-profit organizations.

March 14-16

• Midwest District Convention, The University of Missouri, Columbia, MO

STAFF Publisher/Interim National Executive Director HQ Membership Services Coordinator Alumni Historical & Development Coordinator Publications Manager & Multimedia Designer Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter Field Representative Kappa Kappa Psi Chapter Field Representative

Di Spiva Debbie Morris Aaron Moore Robert Bratcher Zeb Watkins Yvonne Daye

MAILING ADDRESS The PODIUM National Headquarters Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma P.O. Box 849 Stillwater, OK 74076-0849 (405) 372-2333 e-mail:

• Southeast District Convention, Georgia Tech University, Atlanta, GA

March 28-30

• North Central District Convention, Dayton, OH • Western District Convention, Four Points Sheraton, UCLA Los Angeles, CA

April 25-27

• Southwest District Convention, Baylor University, Waco, TX

May 1

• Online deadline for articles being submitted to the Fall 2014 issue of The PODIUM


June 1

Articles must be prepared using common word processing software or submitted by e-mail. Photographs must have captions attached with all individuals identified. Detailed author’s guidelines can be found on the NHQ web site at:

• Online deadline for Chapter Summary Reports

July 1

• KKΨ Awards Deadline

July 26

DEADLINES Fall issue Spring issue

March 21-23

• Wava Memorial & Kappa Kappa Psi Caboose Dedication

May 1 November 1

September 30

• Submission & postmark deadline for KKΨ & TBΣ Chapter Personnel Reports, signed summary page and fees

The PODIUM is produced at the National Headquarters of Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma in Stillwater, Okla., and printed and mailed by Modern Litho-Print, Jefferson City, Mo.

October 15

• Submission & postmark deadline for KKΨ & TBΣ Chapter Personnel Reports, signed summary page, and fees for schools starting after September 15

November 1

• Online deadline for articles being submitted to the Spring 2014 issue of The PODIUM On the Cover:

December 1

• Online deadline for Fall Activity Reports

The cover of this issue features an illustration by Robert Bratcher, featuring elements of the proposed design for the Wava Memorial Garden and the Kappa Kappa Psi Caboose.


January 1

Memorial Garden

• KKΨ Awards Deadline No



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Spring 2014

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what'sINSIDE From the Executive Director Diana Spiva

Expansion & Membership News




Lisa Croston, Dawn Farmer, Dollie O'Neill, & Dr. Nicole Sanchez

National Articles

Student News & Articles

26 Why Kappa Kappa Psi?

I'll Have Courage. I'm Not Alone: How I Found Sisterhood

27 Answering The Call

Erin Kreeger


Shawn Watkins

Trick or Treat Cassi Dean

Christine Beason, Nat'l President - KKΨ

Tondalaya Wright, Board of Trustees Communication Committee - TBΣ

28 Building Better Chapters

Dr. Nicole Sanchez, Nat'l President - TBΣ

29 Chapter President – Do I Want That Job? Jack Lee, Nat'l VPCM - KKΨ

10 Creating An Image of Values

30 Taking Pride In Our Tau Beta Sigma Service & Membership

Relationship Between Service & Sisterhood 11 The Anthony Greer

31 A Winning Recipe For Fraternity Grant, Scholarship, & Award Applications

Omicron Introduces An Inspiring New Honorary 12 Zeta Lexi Whitehouse

Essential Reasons You Should Attend Your District Convention 32 10 Kelly Nellis, Nat'l VPSA - KKΨ

13 Notating History

To Participate In TBS National Programs 33 Planning Jonathan Markowski, Nat'l VPSP - TBΣ

14 Working With Your Director Of Bands And Sponsor

Within The Bond 34 Networking Amy Bovin Dauphinais, Nat'l VPCR - TBΣ

15 Band Olympics with Theta Phi

Does Sustainability Have To Do With College Bands? 35 What Dr. Malinda Matney, Chair, Board Of Trustees - KKΨ

Arthur Aguilera

Calle Treppiedi

Lindsay Chombok

Chantelle Holston-Woods & Zoe Hussey

17 A Place For Musicality Madelyn Lauver

19 The Fall Tour Yu Zhou



Dr. Kathryn Garrett Kelly, Nat'l VPCM - TBΣ

Adam Bates, Nat'l VPP - KKΨ


We Want You...YES! YOU!


It's Time To Dust Off The Shingle


Amanda Dickinson, Chair, Executive Council - TBΣAA

Marco Krcatovich II, Chair, Board of Directors - KKΨAA

A Lifetime of Service

Carolyn McCambridge, Board of Trustees - TΒΣ



From the

Executive Director

Writers Wanted!

The National Headquarters accepts the Podium submissions via e-mail at and online at http:// In order to make processing of articles easier please use the following format: Remember that articles must be received by May 1 for the fall issue and November 1 for the spring issue. Within the subject line include "Podium Article for (your) Chapter." Feature articles should be 1-2 pages, not including photos. You can figure 600 words per page, so a 2-page article would be about 1,200 words. Try to keep your article to a multiple of 300 words, with a 600 word/1page minimum. Fraternity/sorority-wide news items should be one-half page/300-word minimum, not including photo(s). Chapter news items should be one-quarter page/150-word minimum, not including photo(s). Articles may be submitted as an attachment to an e-mail message; save the article as either a Microsoft® Word document or in Rich Text Format. Be sure to send photos illustrating your story. Submissions containing photographs will receive priority for publication. Every photo must have a caption! Be sure to include the photo captions within the e-mail for the article you send and be sure you identify everyone in the photo. Original photos are preferred, either color or black-and-white.

Helpful Hints

- Make your article interesting and exciting to read. - Focus on one or two topics and expand upon it. - Try not to write a chapter summary report for your article. - We like to hear about extraordinary things such as successful fundraisers, unique socials, or service projects.

4 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Wow!!!! What a Fall…


s most of you know and will read later in the magazine, we lost our precious Dale. Dale was an integral part of the HQ staff and more than that, he was family. We still miss him every day. Even though we have had much turmoil, your amazing HQ staff has continued to work at a high efficiency level. Things continued to change as we went further into the year, and now, yours truly sits writing to you. I am honored to be serving as your Director at this time. I have worked at Headquarters as your National Accountant since May of 2000, the same summer that Dollie O’Neill & Derrick Mills started their terms as CFR. We grew and learned the “ropes” together. As the years have come and gone like the CFR’s, I feel as though I have added to my family with each one. I hope those of you who are eligible for the CFR positions are giving serious thought to applying. Make sure you have all of your requirements in order and have it postmarked by March 10, 2014. I look forward to seeing you during the interview process. District Convention season is almost here. I will be attending several this year and hope to be able to visit with as many of you as possible. This summer we will once again have Summer Council meetings and DLC in Stillwater, along with the Wava Memorial and Kappa Kappa Psi Caboose dedications. Keep checking the Headquarters website, as we plan to have a registration form, hotel listings, and other information up soon to assist in planning the dedication ceremonies. We hope this will be a great time of celebration for all. Your National Councils are hard at work getting the new biennium off and running. Everyone is excited to be able to serve as your leaders in this exciting time. Be sure to visit with them at every opportunity. They will be a valuable resource as you continue in your service to college bands. I hope you enjoy the Podium and the many articles included. Happy Spring! (Hope it arrives soon.)

Spring 2014





Student NEWS

I'll Have Courage. I'm Not Alone:

How I Found Sisterhood


n Beta Eta, our Membership Candidates are allowed to choose their own Big Sisters. We believe that this provides them with the opportunity to choose who they want to help guide and mentor them through their process and into the Sisterhood. Most Membership Candidates choose a Sister they met in marching band: a leader in their section, someone that they already see as a mentor and a friend, or someone they view as a role model. Having never been a member of the Mighty Sound of Maryland before I rushed Tau Beta Sigma, I knew very few of the Sisters of Beta Eta. In fact, I knew two, and neither were accepting Littles. While all of my line sisters knew almost immediately who they wanted, I had absolutely no idea. Feeling so much indecision on a choice as important as a Big Sister I felt that no matter who I chose, I would never feel the same connection that countless Sisters before me had felt. One by one, each of my line sisters asked their Bigs. There were smiles, tears and celebrations while I just stared at a list of names feeling more and more alienated from a group of fellow bandswomen who I thought I had so much in common with.

6 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

by Erin Kreeger Beta Eta - TBΣ University of Maryland

My Big Sister taught me what Sisterhood can really mean. With the deadline for Big picking (a fairly exuberant week at Maryland filled with balloons, gifts and sneaking around planning special surprises like you’re in the CIA) rapidly approaching, I did the only logical thing. I randomly chose off of my list one of the few names that I could match a face to. A Sister that I had had a brief conversation with, but barely discussed anything more meaningful than the weather and the fact that no, I am not in marching band. But for some reason still unknown to me, this sister stuck out in my mind as the one to pick. By some twist of fate, that random Sister turned out to be the most perfect match for me; a mentor to not only guide me through my process, but who has also guided my through my time at Maryland. Most importantly, I gained something else from this relationship that will forever define my view on Sisterhood. My Big Sister taught me what Sisterhood can really mean. She taught me the value of placing your trust in someone’s hands and learning to be vulnerable around someone that you trust; in my case, a Sister who, nine months ago, was a complete stranger. In the nine months that I have known Kasey John, she has literally been by my side through thick and thin. She has been there through the most joyous of moments and the times when it seemed that the situation would never get better. I am using “literally” literally here, as she has spent more than 12 hours sitting beside my bed in the emergency room during three separate medical emergencies. Two of those times I was rushed to the ER without her, but she never hesitated to immediately come (even when I practically begged her not to). When I was scared and freaking out about the uncertainty of my situation, she knew what

I needed and knew how to distract me, because she knew me so well. I always felt comfortable talking to her about the stress of process, school, work and family issues that were deeply troubling me, so she knew that I needed someone to talk through my fears. Despite the fact that I had only known her for a short time during my process, she seemed to know that I felt uncomfortable being vulnerable with BH as a group. I am thankful that this has continued even after I became a sister. Even now, she is still the person I freak out and rant to. Her method of calming me down, which involves trying to make all of my stressors magically disappear, may not be the most effective, but it helps me get out of my own mind when I take things too seriously. I have tried to thank her for being her amazing self, especially when she has gone so above and beyond what I saw as the role of a Big. But one of the things that amazed me was her reaction when I tried to repay her with kind deeds and baked goods. She refused me. I was shocked, as I felt very indebted to her and the

She is my sister, my friend, and a person that I can trust to talk to about anything and everything without judgment.

Spring 2014

sis·ter·hood (noun)

noun: sisterhood; plural noun: sisterhoods; noun: Sisterhood 1. the relationship between sisters. the feeling of kinship with and closeness to a group of women or all women. 2. an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, religion, or trade. fact that she dropped everything to stay with me, calm and comfort me, and be the support I needed when I was very scared. I thought that she felt obligated to be there, because she was my Big and my Sister and because I wanted her there. But I’ve come to realize that is definitely not true.

She knew that I needed someone with me, and she didn’t even hesitate to come to my side. She didn’t complain about the fact that it was 4 o’clock in the morning. She acted for me when I was in too much pain to speak and refused to leave, even after my mother had driven down from NJ. She needed to be there for me as much as I needed her. I once asked Kasey what Sisterhood meant to her. Her response was that it is always knowing that when it seems that no one has your back, your Sister always will. It’s having at least one person in your life that you can talk to and trust. It’s about feeling like you can act super crazy, be yourself, and still be liked and accepted.

What she described was Sisterhood means Family; she has proven this to me time and time again. During one of my ER visits, my doctors referred to my sister and mother who were waiting in my room while I was getting tests. I was confused, because my only sibling lives in Austin, Texas. But I had a sudden realization that can only come from a lot of pain killers, at 2:30 in the morning, while being wheeled to be X-rayed by an orderly that Kasey and I agreed was far too cute for me to not talk to every second that I could.

starting to feel more and more with each of my sisters, and something that I hope to begin to feel on a national level. My Sisters have traveled all the way across campus to bring me food while I was on bed rest with Mono. They decorated the door of my apartment with glittery get well cards (the glitter which I am still finding on all of my possessions). I’ve realized that they didn’t do this because our Corresponding Secretary thought it was a good idea. They didn’t do it because they had to. They did it because we are bonded by something more than just being a part of the same organization, bound by something greater than our passion for service and the bands; we truly are a family. I thank my amazing Big, as she has helped me gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a Sister of TBΣ and BH.

I realized that she is more than just my Sister. She is my sister, my friend, and a person that I can trust to talk to about anything and everything without judgment. We’ve had our minor disputes, our bouts of sassiness, and a couple of serious fights where we’ve taken out our frustrations on each other, but there has never been a time where I ever felt like I couldn’t express my true feelings. This feeling of family is something that I am HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 7


Student NEWS

Brotherhood by Shawn Watkins Eta Sigma - KKΨ University of Central Florida


his past fall, I was allowed a unique perspective of our Fraternity. I crossed 12 years ago as a member of the Alpha Class of Kappa Tau. So much has changed since then that I sometimes become confused as to why we do not do the same things. To say we had issues back then is an understatement. Being the first class of a brand new chapter was not always organized or ordered, but the experiences I had I would not give back for the world. I decided that this fall I was going to go back to school, and further that I was going to do marching band. I now live in a different city from my original university so I enrolled in a different school. With band camp starting a week before classes, you could imagine my nerves of not knowing anyone, as well as being the oldest person in the room.

Day one of band camp was hectic. Go to this table and check in, go to this location and audition, go here and pick up a parking permit, get in the line to get measured for uniforms. The chaos was huge, especially for new people. The people checking us in at the various locations were amazing, so helpful and nice, but of course I was still overwhelmed. At my last stop, uniform fitting, I noticed the girl measuring me was wearing an SED t-shirt. I asked if she was a brother and explained that I came from another chapter. She told me she was a sister but introduced me to one of the brothers as soon as we were finished. Immediately after being introduced I felt welcomed. I was rushed around by the brother I first met and introduced to every brother he could find. They all seemed genuinely excited to have a new brother among them. The most stand-out moment for me was when I was introduced to the chapter President. Finally I saw that I wasn’t the only one overwhelmed. It was refreshing to see that someone else was being ushered in so many directions at once. That first day I met almost everyone. I remembered none of them. The next day, 8 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

however, they all remembered me. Every water break we took, every lunch and dinner break, I would be approached by another brother asking me about my home chapter, my experiences, even my rituals and process. It was so much fun sharing all of these memories. That night, the music Fraternities and Sororities were going to sing for the first years and I was asked to sing with them. I didn’t, but I wore my letters as I sat with the first years with a feeling of pride for this chapter I did not know.

Fast forward to now. We are over halfway done with our marching season and our MC class is a couple weeks away from finishing their process. I reactivated my membership with the Eta Sigma chapter and have realized that it was the best decision I have ever made. I saw our MC class bond and form a line that they will carry with them always. I was adopted into a family and accepted as a brother completely. The only thing missing was my line. I don’t have several brothers who went through the same stress to collect bios or to pass tests. I don’t have brothers that I can talk to about the rituals I experienced for the first time. I don’t

have brothers that I had to work on projects with or go out to eat with or just bond with in general, and that made me sad. I was pretty sad and jealous until a week or so ago when we finished our second degree. I was thinking of the lesson of the degree and reflecting on how I felt alone. I felt alone as I went through this journey of the brotherhood and remembering all of the ideals and purposes for which we stand. I felt alone as I struggled with pressure and choices and ultimately decisions on how to vote during meetings. But this isn’t the lesson of the second degree. I am not alone. I will never be alone. This entire chapter is my line. I have had experiences and memories with every single brother and MC here and no one can take that away from me. I have laughed with them, cried with them, hated them, and loved them. They are all mine, and I am theirs forever. If you ask 100 people to define brotherhood you would receive 100 different answers all giving a good description. IF you asked me how to define brotherhood it’s easy. Eta Sigma

Spring 2014

Trick or Treat

Delta Kappa and Epsilon Pi Collect Cans for the Flint Hills Breadbasket


alloween is traditionally known as a night for ghouls, goblins and consummation of frightening amounts of candy. But for the members of Delta Kappa (ΤΒΣ), Epsilon Pi (ΚΚΨ), and the Kansas State University Pride of Wildcatland Marching Band, it is a night of service. A chapter goal this year was not only to serve the bands but also to reach out to our community with meaningful and helpful outreach projects. On October 31st we asked all 400+ members of the marching band to bring in donations to our community food network, the Flint Hills Breadbasket. In Riley County, 23.6% of the community lives at or below the poverty line. Our goal with this project was to help the Riley County community feed their citizens with plentiful donations. The Flint Hills Breadbasket provides many opportunities for the community to seek assistance such as an Emergency Food

by Cassi Dean Delta Kappa - ΤΒΣ Kansas State University

Pantry to Backpack Meal programs. Delta Kappa and Epsilon Pi were proud to sponsor such a successful event with more than 1,600 donations! We hope to continue this event in the future and continue to assist the community around us.

CONGRATULATIONS to our AEA Scholarship Recipients Benjamin Edward Hoffman Erin Kelly McLaughlin Zeta Mu Kutztown University

Kappa Delta NW Missouri State University

Issac Benjamin Frank Zeta Epsilon Michigan State University

Amanda Siwek Alpha Delta Ohio University



Student NEWS

Creating An Image of Values by Arthur Aguilera Iota Kappa - ΚΚΨ Boise State University

Although we may not agree with a music professor at times, or necessarily enjoy every minute of a music rehearsal, we must respect the work they do for the program and always be thankful for the opportunity they have provided us.

Loyalty (noun, faithfulness or devotion to a person, country, group, or cause)


eing a member of Kappa Kappa Psi allows you to the opportunity to make life-long friends, secure strong professional relations, and gives you the chance to prove yourself as a leader and as a person. But what happens to the organization when you do not practice the values that we hold dear, or hold the fraternity in a good light? Bad conduct and disrespect towards your fellow brothers and band members may have a dramatically negative impact on your chapter, as well as yourself. Although we may wish otherwise, negative feelings toward a chapter lasts longer than any period of thanks or gratitude for the work they may do. To create this bad image, it only takes one person. So how do we avoid creating a bad image and how do we head down a path that creates a good image for chapter and fraternity as a whole? The answer is simple. Our Fraternal Code of Conduct gives us the keys to success fraternally, professionally, as most importantly, personally.

Honor (noun, high respect; esteem) We must always show how proud we are to be a part of our band programs and fraternity. We must remember that we are always setting the example for other band members and what we do directly reflects what others think. In order for us to be an “honorary fraternity,” we must conduct ourselves with honor and be proud of the work that our organization does. 10 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Integrity (noun, the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness) As a member who is always in the spotlight within your band programs, your actions do not just reflect on you, but also on any organization that you are apart of. In order to ensure that Kappa Kappa Psi is seen in good light at your school, be sure to take the initiative to respect others around you. You may not always agree with the opinions of your fellow band members, but the way you handle situations determines your character.

When we committed ourselves to the fraternity, we made a promise to ensure that we stick by the organization and help in its growth. That does not mean that we have to attend every event, or attend every social, but we must not abandon the promise we made to our brothers, our bands, our schools, or to ourselves, to serve. Remember, being in Kappa Kappa Psi is a privilege, and we must show everyone that we want to be here, and work hard to be here.

Respect (noun, a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements) Pretending to always be better than someone else should not be an admired quality when it comes to the membership of Kappa Kappa Psi. We must always have respect for the dedication and love that everyone brings to their craft. Even though it may be difficult at times, our responsibility is to celebrate the achievements of your fellow band members, and help them through periods of struggle. We must treat everyone as equal and ensure that we are doing our parts to make our band programs stronger, and its musicians, better. This also extends to our band programs.

These four values, although simple to understand independently, work together to provide the perfect key to success. By striving to live by these values, you are helping your chapter build an image that others will want to be a part of. The challenge is upholding all four of them at the same time. It is very easy to live by one value, but not the other. However, each of them are important and each of them will ensure success. It all starts with you.

Spring 2014

The Relationship Between

Service & Sisterhood by Anthony Greer Zeta Alpha - ΤΒΣ Illinois State University


s a member of Tau Beta Sigma I feel extremely blessed. Serving the bands has been a passion of mine since I picked up the trumpet 11 years ago, and this organization provides the unique opportunity to continue that service. However, it also does much more than that… it allows me to serve the bands with a family that I did not know I would discover: my fellow sisters in the bond.

Frequently, I see this family come together in support of one another. This ranges from posts on Facebook that are meant to encourage an individual who is feeling down to sisters taking time out of their lives to travel, cross country, to be with someone in their time of need. I know that in my three years of being active I have repeatedly felt as though I am a part of something much larger than myself, a sensationally strong bond. However, when I speak with other sisters it occurs to me that the source of this bond is not always known. Sure, they understand that we are all members of TBΣ, but is our connection the same as those experienced in other

organizations? What sets ours apart from others? Curious about this phenomenon, I decided to look up the definition of ‘bond’. According to the Oxford English Dictionary, a ‘bond’ is “a force or feeling that unites people; a common emotion or interest.” Tau Beta Sigma is a National Honorary Band Service Sorority. This is something that we all learn when we are prospective members

completing the membership education process, and in this phrase we can see what binds us together. Firstly, it is the notion that it is an honor to have been selected to participate in this organization. Secondly, as an organization we devote our energy and existence to the service of bands (specifically collegiate bands). As sisters, we are bonded by our mutual love for bands and our need to continually serve them: “A mutual interest in the Art of Music, in its performance, and in the aesthetic qualities it can project to others.” It provides us with that “common tie” that brings us together.

What would we be without our ability to serve the bands? In essence, we would not have a bond. At least it would not be the same. Our Sorority was designed to provide “excellent service to collegiate bands.” Therefore, it can be said that our bond is created and honed through our service, our love of service to collegiate bands. Too often are people focused on improving either service or sisterhood when one stems from the other! Our Sisterhood is only as strong as the service we put into it. The stronger and more dedicated we are to our level of service, the stronger our connection to each other will be; the stronger our feeling of pride will be. There is no other way to say it. I will leave you with this. As sisters, we have an unbelievable system of unconditional love and support, but it is up to us how much of that we see and understand. It should be a goal of each and every one of us to continually improve our methods of service to collegiate bands. In this way, we are also strengthening the very bond that links us together.

Remember, “Music our common tie / Which binds us side by side…” To our purpose must we remain loyal. HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 11


Student NEWS

Zeta Omicron Introduces an Inspiring New Honorary


n the Fall of 2012, the sisters of the Zeta Omicron Chapter at Virginia Tech met a beautiful new face. Monika Monk graduated Class of 2012 from Norfolk State University, as a sister of the Epsilon Sigma Chapter of


Wanting to further education, she was accepted to the Graduate Program here at Virginia Tech and began pursuing the rigorous path to earing her Masters Degree in Computer Science. Following her instincts to seek out her fellow sisters, she discovered Zeta Omicron upon her arrival to Blacksburg. The sisters of ZO welcomed her lovingly and since she has been here, she has been a symbol of passion and sisterhood. Bringing with her a deep knowledge of the sorority, she has continued to serve the band by encouraging and participating in ZO events. She had made such a positive impact on the chapter, that the semester following her arrival, the circle nominated her for Honorary status which she graciously accepted. She was officially inducted May 2013. This past fall season, she continued her presence in ZO, and even went above and beyond by becoming a manager of the Marching Virginians despite her demanding coursework. This year she continues to be an inspiration of dedication and sisterhood.

12 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

“Monika came to Zeta Omicron with a completely different perspective on Tau Beta Sigma. Her input was crucial to the chapter's pursuit of an active role in the district. Without Monika's ideas, advice, and experience, we would have been far less successful. I'm very grateful that she chose to plug in to Zeta Omicron during her time at Virginia Tech; she is a passionate sister with a heart for service, and she has become a vital part of our sisterhood.” –Taylor Light (ZO President, F10) “She's been a great addition to the chapter. She brings a new perspective and is always willing to help.” –Katie Gardner (ZO VP of Membership, F11) “So I am glad Monika is an honorary because it makes her a part of our chapter. Unlike most of our honoraries, Monika is there as like a guiding light, using her experiences in TBS to help our chapter... Also having her as a sorta "chapter" sister, even though she did not cross here, makes me feel closer to her. It is a well-known fact that I consider Monika the older sister I never had but always wanted. She has helped me through so many situations that I did not think I could bounce back from. She helped me find my confidence. She helped me feel beautiful. She helped me in more ways than I can ever imagine… She is the definition a true friend. I love her so!” -Brittney Dodson (ZO member, S12)

by Lexi Whitehouse Zeta Omicron - TBΣ Virginia Tech

Spring 2014

Notating History

Dr. Michael Sullivan & 'Cloudline'


he Gamma Kappa chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi and the Alpha Chi chapter of Tau Beta Sigma have always honored and acknowledged not only outstanding bands men but also the people who help us to become those great band members. We as joint chapters took this idea to the next level by helping to fund a piece in honor of the late Dr. Michael Sullivan. Michael Sullivan passed away in 2007 from complications of bone cancer in his home state of Florida. Dr. Sullivan received a Bachelors and Doctorate degree in Music Education from

by Calle Treppiedi Gamma Kappa - ΚΚΨ Northern Arizona University

Florida State University and a Masters in Clarinet Performance from the University of Michigan. After his post-baccalaureate education, Dr. Sullivan traveled across Europe to study and perform in various places including Munich, Germany and Salzburg, Austria. In 1994, he became the Associate Professor of Clarinet here at Northern Arizona University. He received the Teacher of the Year for the College of Arts and Letters for the 2005-2006 academic year. So in the honor of remembering this great man, Gamma Kappa and Alpha Chi raised money




for several years to commission a piece in his honor. Cloudline by Ola Gjeilo was more than anything we could have expected. The piece is soft and beautiful with moments of pure joy and playfulness; much like Dr. Sullivan’s personality.

"Michael Sullivan exuded a musical passion, love of teaching young musicians, and zest for life matched by few people." - Dr. Todd Sullivan, Dean of NAU School of Music As a member of the NAU Wind Symphony and Gamma Kappa, it was truly an honor to recognize this great man in front of a full audience; comprised of his former students and past Brothers and Sisters on October 14th, 2013. Also, as a performer, to take pride in the fact that his spirit will always be with us here at Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona.



Student NEWS

Working With Your

Director of Bands and Sponsor


appa Kappa Psi relies on three main pillars: service, music, and Brotherhood. Within the pillar of Brotherhood lies the skill of building and maintaining relationships. One of the least obvious relationships that may also be the most important one within the organization is the one between the Brothers and their Director of Bands and/or Sponsor. In my time at college, Eta Rho has gone through a lot with both our DOB and Sponsor and I am proud to say that we are finally in a good standing with both of them. We have found a way to work together to do what is best for the bands and enjoy ourselves in the process. We are lucky enough to have a DOB that cares deeply about the band program and the students involved, and a Sponsor who cares about the perception and quality of our Chapter and the individuals in it. We have found what works for us, which is something that every Chapter must do if they want to uphold the ideals of the fraternity.

Open Communication It is vital that the Chapter keeps all lines of communication with the DOB and Sponsor open and healthy. When dealing with so many people, it is easy for messages to get muddled and information to be warped. Having one messenger between the DOB and the Chapter on important subjects is a good idea. That way, the Brothers and the DOB are always on the same page. Having open communication with your DOB and Sponsor leads to so many great things, such as more effective service, better musicianship, and better relationships. It’s always good to have check-ins with your DOB to see what else your Chapter can do to help the bands, and how the service that you are doing currently is going. It is also good to keep a very open line of communication between your Chapter and your Sponsor. Their job is to be there and support you, so it is good to use them to your advantage. Eta Rho frequently uses our Sponsor as a guide, sounding board, and advocate just to name a few things. 14 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

by Lindsay Chombok Eta Rho - KKΨ West Chester University

hear, but it’s true. Your DOB and Sponsor have probably had many years of experience in their fields and didn’t get where they are without hard work and skill. While it’s easy to think that all of the answers are in Ritual, they aren’t. Many times things come up that can’t be dealt with by looking back into the history and manuals. At times like these, it may be a good idea to suck up your pride and look to the guidance of your superiors. After the situation is over, you may realize that they were right all along. Either way, it is up to the Brothers to respect the DOB and Sponsor and their decisions. One option is to have frequent check-ins with your Sponsor, while another is to have them come to meetings every once in a while to see what the Chapter is up to and to keep the Brothers updated.

Perception Something that we have learned recently is that it doesn’t matter what you do or how you act, but rather what others think you do or how they think you act. On top of everything you do for the bands, it is also important for the Brothers to always be thinking about what the band, the DOB, and the Sponsor thinks that you’re doing for them. As Brothers, we take on so much, and taking on the responsibility of changing people’s opinions of us may seem overwhelming. In the long run though, it makes all situations much less stressful. You can be doing all of the good in the world, but if the people around you don’t see it, it doesn’t matter. If you read all five of our purposes, you will see that they all have to do with our effect on others and how the bands and faculty sees us.

Respect Anyone in a high position deserves respect whether they reciprocate it or not. It’s not easy to

Support It is important to not only respect your DOB and Sponsor but to also support them. We should be the support system of the band. The best way to do this is to show your support for your DOB and Sponsor. Our fifth purpose prods us to make the band’s experience pleasant. If the band is forced into an unpleasant situation that the DOB supports, it is the Brother’s job to support it as well and to stay cheerful. Our positive attitude can be make it or break it. The band members need to trust the DOB, and both practice and performances are better when everyone is having a good time. The DOB and Sponsor need our help in that, and it is just another small way we can serve the bands. College is a time when many people are getting their first tastes of freedom. It is often easy to forget that we are still young and naïve. Our DOB and Sponsors are there to help guide us as we transition from receiving constant orders to making all of our decisions on our own. As Brothers, we shouldn’t take for granted their wisdom by fighting them every step of the way. Rather, we should take their advice and use it to create a better and stronger chapter.

Spring 2014

Band Olympics

with Theta Phi

by Chantelle Holston-Woods

Zoe Hussey

Theta Phi - TBΣ Hampton University


and camp can be a sweltering hot time of year. It is that time of year where you are challenged as an individual, and even more importantly as a section. There are many different students both old and new who come from all over the country and it can be a vexing experience trying to get to know your fellow band mates as well as your new home away from home. However, it is also a period where you learn how to march, learn how perfect your techniques, and learn how to play as a band. Everyone’s experience is rewarding in their own personal way. In celebration of finishing band camp, the Ladies of the Theta Phi Chapter of Tau Beta Sigma hosts an annual Band Olympics event, to uplift the spirits of the band and bring the bandsmen closer together.

Band members enjoy popular games like “Steal the Bacon,” “Three Legged Race,” “Don’t Drop the Egg,” “Tug-of-War,” relay races, water balloon fights, and double dutch. We also play original games that are known within our band like the “March Off,” “Swagger Contest”, for the dancers and non-dancers, and the “Push-Up Contest.” Each member of Theta Phi hosts their own game and is in charge of making sure that the games are running smoothly. The Band Olympics is enjoyed by all, but especially by the freshmen. This gives them an opportunity to interact with upperclassmen in a setting other than rehearsal. It brings the band

first years will have someone to go to with their questions and be able to talk to someone who has had that experience. After completion of the games, band members go to a cookout hosted by our director, Mr. Rasan Holmes with the help of our chapter. We help serve a plethora amount of food including hamburgers, hotdogs, and potato chips and have an area where everyone can wind down and socialize.

closer together and helps establish a relationship and bond between different classes and sections. In conjunction with this event, the Theta Phi Chapter also created a Big-Little program where we pair up the first year band students with an upperclassman in the band who has a similar major. This is so that when the semester starts, the

This event is special to the Theta Phi Chapter as well as to the HU FORCE, as it signifies the end of band camp and the start of a new season. But most importantly; it signifies our unity.



Established in 1985, the Tau Beta Sigma Trust Fund supports valuable, long term programs of our Sorority, including the National Intercollegiate Band, Commissioning Program, Women in Music Speaker Series, scholarships and leadership development, and most recently our Wava Memorial Garden campaign. Many thanks go to these members who have donated currently for the 2013-2015 biennium and for these efforts. Wava Banes Henry Founder: $5,000+ Blue & White Benefactor: $2,500 - $4,999 2013 National Delegation of Tau Beta Sigma Pearl Patron: $1,000 - $2,499 North Central District Officers & Alumni 1994-2014 Theta Xi Chapter, Iowa State University Zeta Delta Chapter & Alumni, University of Kansas Lisa Croston, In Memory of Dale Croston John, Wendy & Ariel McCann Cathy & Melvin Miles Rick & Debbie Kaplan Red Rose Contributor: $500 - $999 North Central District Sky Buffington Kim Hamilton

Century Club: $100 - $249 Trevor Angood Neil Bleiweiss Sue Carr in Honor of the Delta Delta Chapter Chris Foster Kathy Godwin Christina & Christopher Gordon Carol Kruse Jonathan Markowski Carolyn & Scott McCambridge Dollie & David O'Neill Amanda Preno Carla Robinson Dr. Nicole Sanchez Jessica Smith

Friend Supporter: Up to $99 Trudy Adler Anthony Barbir Justin Brady Marie Burleigh Sisterhood Supporter: $250 - $499 Nick Cohen Jen DiBenendetto Jen Costello Kevin & Lisa Earnest Sarah Cox Kelly & Bill Eidson Eric & Shelly Degenhardt Dawn Farmer Kimberly DeLatte Dr. Kathryn Kelly Latisha Fields Melanie Meehan Cinthia Graham Christopher Miller

16 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Theresa Graves Anthony Greer Lois Gribler Catherine Hann Jenny Hirt William Humphries IV Karah Jones Wendy Kirker Jane Koch Jennifer Lang Kylie Leicht Taylor Light Cheryl Louden Christopher Lukasik Carrie Lund Marisa Lunde Jennie Malone Danielle Manley Patrick McAdoo Caitlin McKenney Nico Morales Jacqueline Nemeth Colin Peters Erika Pope Alex Price Amanda Pursel Leanne Riley Sarah Shirk Alicia Simpson Zara Simpson Stacey Stenerson Elizabeth Tarrant Stacey Ward Stephanie Wolvington Kris Wright

Spring 2014

Student NEWS

A Place for Musicality by Madelyn Lauver Zeta Upsilon - TBΣ West Chester University


never knew how much of an impact joining the West Chester University Incomparable Golden Rams Marching Band color guard would have on me, but being a member of this band and subsequently Tau Beta Sigma has completely changed my life.

Vice President of Membership of the Northeast District, was the idea that musicality is a fluid and ever changing concept. We need to embrace in its entirety. TBS is a musical organization and its members should have some sort of purpose or role in a musical group. Whether it is shown by an instrumentalist in the band or an auxiliary member who brings the visual of a show to life; there is always a place for musicality. Most people think of ‘musical achievement’ as being able to play an instrument, or many instruments, very well; achieving while playing music. And this is definitely a key factor of this organization, as music is our backbone and foundation.

As one of 55 members in the color guard my first year, I was intimidated. But getting the opportunity to join Tau Beta Sigma my first semester helped immensely. One of the major things that I’ve learned over the years, through acting as chapter Vice President of Membership and President within Zeta Upsilon and as the

However, don’t forget about those who take the beautiful music being played, and bring it to life with movement, dance, or equipment. These are two parts of a whole, and neither would be as amazing without the other. It would be entirely possible for a marching band to simply play music and march around a field, just as it would be possible for an auxiliary unit to dance or spin to prerecorded music, or even to silence. Both of these actions would be pleasing to the viewer, but it is the combination of the two that truly bring the music alive and projects those ‘aesthetic qualities’ to viewers everywhere.



EVER STRIVING WITH YOUR SUPPORT! The Kappa Kappa Psi National Honorary Band Fraternity recognizes the significant support and commitment our alumni and friends make on behalf of our 6,000 plus undergraduate Brothers. The costs associated with the operation and services of the Fraternity are provided entirely by member dues and donations from undergraduates, alumni members and friends of Kappa Kappa Psi. The Kappa Kappa Psi Board of Trustees, National Officers and National Staff sincerely thank every loyal donor. The support of these loyal brothers directly benefits the young men and women of Kappa Kappa Psi.

Donations to Kappa Kappa Psi

President's Club ($1,000+)

Andy Mullin Chris Haughee David Justin James Alexander Ken Corbett

First Chair Club ($250-$499)

Adam D. Cantley & Joe Panzer William Sandy

Friend of Kappa Kappa Psi (up to $99)

Christine Beason Christopher Alsip Larry Fort

Thank You! 18 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Donations Through Alumni Giving Program President ($100 Monthly) Veronica Graves Council ($75 Monthly) Jason Mlady Rebecca Tenbrook Sarah Casias Governor ($50 Monthly) Marco A. Krcatovich II Noah Leininger John A. Finnocchiaro District ($40 Monthly) Michelle E. Turenne John Finnocchiaro Chapter ($25 Monthly) Morgan Mirtes Amy & Doug Heavilin Craig P. McClure Erik T. Oliva Nathan Pickett Michael Napolitano

Tammi J. Rice Eric Morson Ed Savoy Daniel A. George Jacque V. Alston Founders ($19 Monthly) Christopher Pratt Matthew J Cotton Jack & Jessica Lee Dan Reisinger Alison M. S. Beidler Nicholas A. Rorrer Joshua K. Ratliff Michael L. Henderson Malinda Matney Kirk Randazzo Rod Chesnutt Laura Pike

Spring 2014

Student NEWS

The Fall Tour by Yu Zhou Eta Gamma - TBΣ Boston University


eptember turned out to be more or less exactly as our band director described it to be: “an organized cram session.” With only 2 or 3 rehearsals a week, every minute of it was precious in order to finish the show on time. The show this year included several different elements, and some of them quite foreign to a lot of us, new or veteran. The design of the show strived to include some very technical and corps style element while not neglecting the fun and college humor side of a collegiate band. The two distinct forms of marching styles are reflected in the second and third movement of the show, with Bourne Identity and Austin Powers. Bourne Identity is intense and fast-paced, featuring the percussion section; Austin Powers, on the other hand, is much more light-hearted. Each section had a lot of fun coming up with dance moves for Austin Powers. Because of time constraints, we decided not to include the “surprise encore” at the end that was supposed to properly close out the show. It was the right decision, and it allowed us more time to perfect what we already have on the field.

The band came back from an amazing weekend of Fall Tour exhausted and sick, but we all know that we are ready to do it over again in a heartbeat. It’s been a long month of finishing the show, and even though we were not able to put our entire production on the field this past weekend, the band gave two incredible performances. The 2013 band had the first experience of marching on a real football field just a few hours before the first show. It was also the first time that we brought the show from the echo chamber in the Track and Tennis Center to wide open space. A lot of changes at a short notice, but the band’s dedication and talent prevailed. The Saturday night performance at Toms River High School was definitely the best one up till that point. Many things that we were concerned about just easily fell into place. On the next day, performing in front of such a large crowd was unbelievably intimidating, but the adrenaline pushed us through the show. It was wonderful to finally have an audience to cheer us on, and all of our hard work was in the end, totally worth it. To say the least, I do not regret all those sleepless bus rides and cafetorium night;

it all culminates to the best performance of the season as well as the rare opportunity to see so many great college bands in one stadium. Coming out of the Fall Tour prep mode, the staff was able to isolate several spots that need fixing and rehearsing. With the entire month of October left, we began with adding the last movement, Skyfall Reprise, which puts a great ending to the show. Since our show included some theatrical elements, our wonderful guard instructor, Sarah Zello, spent a good amount of time teach the band how to be more dramatic at those moments as well as performing to the audience.

As strange as that rehearsal was, we all got out of our comfort zones and the result was incredible. We spent a lot of time tightening down spots that the staff thought was weaker at times, and tweaked at some details such as horn moves and body movements. By this time of the season, the band finally felt that the show belongs to us. As the season comes to a wrap, we are savoring every chance we have to bring excitement and joy to the audience.




DALEBEINGDALE by Steve Nelson Alpha - KKΨ Life Member Oklahoma State University


ast September 27th, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma lost a real friend. Dale Croston, an alumnus of the Alpha Chapters at Oklahoma State University and a member of the National Headquarters staff, passed away due to complications associated with colon cancer surgery. His wife, Lisa Croston, who is well known to everyone in the organizations, gave me the great privilege of speaking at Dale’s memorial service. Several people who attended that celebration of Dale’s life asked me to share my thoughts from that day with the readers of the PODIUM. I’ve edited them a bit for readability, but they represent what it means to me to have known Dale and to be his brother.

20 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma 20 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Spring 2014 Spring 2014

He was a unique man, with a calm easy going demeanor. If anyone can be described as the best example of a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma, my vote would be for


My name is Steve Nelson and I’ve been friends with Dale and Lisa for over 27 years, since they both came to OSU as freshmen. I know them first as members of the OSU bands and then through Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. Dale came to OSU as a freshman in the fall of 1984 and joined KKPsi the next year, in the fall of 1985. Over the next almost 30 years, Dale became one of the most respected and most awarded members of the Fraternity. I said that Dale joined Kappa Kappa Psi in 1985. Dale liked to say that he “accidentally” joined Kappa Kappa Psi in 1985. As he told the story, one day during marching band practice, he heard an announcement that the final information session for that year’s membership education class would be held that night. Dale, wanting to know more about the fraternity, convinced his friend John Anderson to go check out the meeting. He told John that Kappa Kappa Psi might be something they’d be interested in. Well, it turns out that this was not just an information session. Walking into the meeting, they found themselves actually lining up for First Degree. Going with the flow, they found themselves becoming part of an organization that they knew nothing about. It could not have worked out better. Dale was a perfect fit for our fraternity. For as long as I can remember, Dale was one of those guys that you just always wanted around. When he joined the fraternity, he already had all the qualities that made him a perfect brother. His dedication, his loyalty, his preparation, his ability to problem solve, and especially his honesty are all traits that made him an ideal brother. Dale is an Eagle Scout and I think those experiences in scouting are what made him so ready to just plug into what the fraternity is intended to be. He was also just a great people person. During the week after Dale passed, I spent quite a bit of time reading the things that others wrote about him on Facebook. As word started to get out, literally hundreds of people wrote in

or made comments. And there were a lot of common themes to what they wrote. Everyone who knew Dale, saw him as one of the friendliest people they knew. They talked about his dedication to the fraternity, how hard working he was, and how he could always be counted on to be there when his help was sorely needed. They also talked about his generous nature.

At the 1996 summer District Leadership Conference, a time capsule commemorating the 75th Anniversary of the Fraternity was being buried at the National Headquarters. The morning of the ceremony the headquarters staff was running around crazy trying to get everything ready for that afternoon’s event. Gwen Wilburn, others, and myself kept remembering little things that needed to be done. As we would say that something needed to be done, Dale would walk by slowly pushing his hand truck and say, “Already done.” This happened more then a couple times that morning. In that moment, I realized that his calm easy going demeanor was just a front for a true deep thinker that saw beyond the problems at hand and could do what was needed before anyone knew it needed to be done. That is the Dale I will always remember.

How when they were a scared and lonely freshman, he was the first to welcome them in. If they were socially awkward, Dale would make sure that they were included in whatever was going on. One person called him a gentleman’s gentleman. Dale had this knack of knowing what needed to be done, often before anyone else had a clue about it. There were a lot of things that Dale just took care of that no one really knows about. As I mentioned before, Dale, without being ambitious about it, has become one of the most highly respected and most awarded members of the Fraternity. He’s received almost every national award that he is eligible for. He was made an honorary member of Tau Beta Sigma and was recognized by both organizations with the Stanley G. Finck Memorial Award, which is given to someone who has worked to advance cooperation between the two organizations. Over the last almost 30 years, Dale was somehow involved in every major activity or event of the fraternity. If he wasn’t supporting something that Lisa was doing for Tau Beta Sigma, he was attending meetings and conventions, moving equipment, repairing or building something at the headquarters, welcoming visitors, housing guests, helping somebody move, or just spending time with some brother or sister that came around. Dale loved the band and loved being in the band. When you look at pictures of him in uniform, or in concert, or riding on a band trip bus, or at some other band function, you can tell that Dale was completely in his element. He always seemed at ease. I can only remember a few times when Dale was upset or really frustrated. Most of the time, things would just roll off his back. My favorite memories of being with Dale and Lisa are on football game days. If I needed

- Brian Parker, a past KKPsi CFR HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 21 HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 21




to find them, all I had to do was go to wherever the band was. They would always be in the stands for pregame, halftime and postgame. Because we all know that football games are just excuses for marching band performances. Most of all though, I think Dale liked being of service to people. His last job was working at the Kappa Kappa Psi / Tau Beta Sigma Headquarters. His position was the Colony and Chapter Education Coordinator, an important position that helps chapters around the country to properly teach new members what it is to be a brother or sister. I can’t think of a better legacy for him.

“Dale was, well, Dale.” He was a unique man, with a calm easy going demeanor. If anyone can be described as the best example of a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi or Tau Beta Sigma, my vote would be for Dale.

We have a motto in Kappa Kappa Psi – “Strive for the Highest”.

Over the weeks that have Dale not only did that passed, I’ve talked with a lot himself, but he wanted of Dale’s family and friends. that for everyone else too. We always seemed to come back to one particular phrase: 22 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma 22 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

ale Earnest Croston left us in late September. Our hearts and thoughts are with his wife Lisa, member of the ΤΒΣ Board of Trustees, his son Jared, and the rest of the Croston family. For the past couple of years, Dale served KKΨ and ΤΒΣ as the National Chapter and Colony Education Coordinator, but has taken care of the maintenance and grounds at NHQ since we moved to Stillwater Station in the early 1990s. He was a life member of the Alpha Chapter of KKΨ at Oklahoma State University, and an Honorary Member of KKΨ Southwest District, TBΣ National Chapter, and the TBΣ Alpha Chapter. Dale served on the National Alumni Association Board of Directors, including serving as Chair. His work on the NAA Board established the foundation that TBSAA & KKPsiAA were built upon. Dale was a true brother and friend to all, and is greatly missed. His legacy is one of service and dedication to the brotherhood and sisterhood. He wasn't the guy in the photos, because he was in the background getting the job done. He received many of the highest awards of Kappa Kappa Psi, and is one of their most recognized brothers. Dale never sought to win awards, but was recognized precisely because he didn't. He simply anticipated what needed to be done, and did it without being asked. Isn't that what we all strive to do? At Dale's memorial service, we were asked to get MADD: Make a Difference for Dale. So I ask: “what have you done lately for KKΨ and ΤΒΣ? What can you do today, tomorrow, and beyond?” I'm certain that Dale is smiling down on us now, waiting to see who will step up and serve in his absence. He had the heart of a Cowboy, "Loyal and True." Let his service inspire you to Strive for the Highest and create Greater Bands! We miss you, Dale. Forever and always. Memorial contributions may be made to the Jared Croston Scholarship Fund (contact National Headquarters for details), the Boy Scouts of America, or the KKΨ and ΤΒΣ National Headquarters Landscape Project.

Wendy McCann MWD Counselor 2003-2010 TBS SWD NAA Director 1995-2001 Sister, Brother, Friend

Spring 2014 Spring 2014



Memorial Garden







–The Creation of the Wava Memorial Gardens-

By: Lisa Croston, Dawn Farmer, Dollie O’Neill, and dr. Nicole Sanchez


n the wake of the loss of our Founder, Tau Beta Sigma set our sights on creating a memorial to honor the late Wava Banes Turner Henry. Headed by Immediate Past National President Dawn Farmer, and with the help of Board of Trustee Members Lisa Croston and Kris Wright, the National Leadership developed a plan to create a memorial gardens on the grounds of National Headquarters in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

Through many hours of research and planning, a vision was developed. This vision includes a black granite pedestal with a bronze relief portrait dedicated to Wava, a marble ground foundation of our crest and other symbolic items, benches for reflection and meditation, a rose garden, and other garden flowers and shrubs. It will provide a quiet place for those who visit to reflect on Wava and the impact that she had on Tau Beta Sigma.

24 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

This vision does not come without a cost, and the Board of Trustees volunteered to take on the task of raising the necessary funds to make this vision a reality. Beginning in March 2013, with the celebration of 13 days of Wava and a $5,000 donation from the Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association (TBSAA), donations and pledges have been collected to help create the Wava Memorial Gardens. In addition, the National Leadership sold pins in honor of Wava, which were created as a gift from our National Jeweler, Kent Tracey. As of January 2014, we are within 90% of our goal. All those who make a donation of $25 or more will be recognized at National Headquarters, and donations of $1,000 or more will be recognized within the gardens. The donation campaign will conclude in March 2014 for recognition purposes; however, donations will always be accepted for general grounds keeping and maintenance of the gardens.

Groundbreaking for the Wava Memorial Gardens is planned for late March 2014. A formal dedication of the Gardens will occur in conjunction with the National Leaderships Summer Council Meetings and District Leadership Conference on Saturday, July 26th at 5:30 pm. More information will be made available soon to those interested in attending the dedication. However, initial plans include a barbeque dinner. Please check, the Tau Beta Sigma Facebook group page, and Twitter for additional information. The TBSAA is also planning additional activities for the weekend of

the Wava Memorial Dedication (please see www. for more information). Reflecting on Wava’s life, we are encouraged to live with the courage and vivacity that she lived. Wava’s legacy will live on in each and every Sister, as we continue to serve bands to the best of our abilities, and promote the Ideals of our illustrious organization. The creation of this garden gives us an opportunity to reflect on her legacy, and build upon the future of an organization that she helped to build.

Spring 2014

Wava Memorial Contributors

We would like to thank those who have graciously given to this very special project! [$5,000+] Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association 2013 All District Convention active members, alumni & friends

Jordan Blackledge Neil Bleiweiss Alan Bonner Joanna Bonner Jason Borden Shane Bowles Justin Brady Meredith Brazzell Elyse Bronson [$1,000-$2,499] Batini Brown 2013 National Delegation Catherine Brown 2011-2013 Tau Beta Sigma National Lucianna Brown Council: Dawn Farmer, Nicole Marie Burleigh Sanchez, Kevin Earnest, & Jonathan Stephen Burt Markowski Kevin Calvin Sue Carr 2011 -2013 Kappa Kappa Psi Nick Cohen National Leadership Ken Corbett North Central District Officers & Jen Costello Alumni 1994-2014 Sarah Cox Theta Xi Chapter, Iowa State Amy Dauphinais University Jason Dawdy Zeta Delta Chapter & Alumni, Eric & Shelly Degenhardt University of Kansas Kim Delatte Debbie, Glenn & Belinda Baker Jennifer DiBenedetto Lisa & Dale Croston Kelly & Bill Eidson Robin Ellison Lisa Croston in Memory of Dale Kristin Enzor Croston Latisha Fields Kathy Godwin John FitzGibbon Patsy & James Hejl Chris Foster Debbie & Rick Kaplan Julie Foster Marc Martinez Daniel A. George John, Wendy & Ariel McCann Christina & Christopher Gordon Cathy & Melvin Miles Cinthia Graham Melanie Meehan Theresa Graves Jean Newman Staci Gray Tim Greenwell Kris Wright Sandra & Rod Weese – in honor of Anthony Greer Lois Gribler Harper & Tucker Holmes Lisa Grogan Taryn Hailstock [Up to $1,000] Meaghan Hall Trudy Adler Kim Hamilton Nikole Alford Catherine Hann Kia Anderson Rachel Harmon Trevor Angood Becky Hartman Nicole Baker Holli Hartman Anthony Barbir Chris Haughee Kwinton Baylor Jameela Hendricks

Jenny Hirt Kathleen Hong Vanessa Houseman Ladine Housholder William Humphries IV Wendy Jacques Erika Jennings Karah Jones Jennifer Khasilev Peter Kleysteuber Carol Kruse Karrie Lawson Kari Lechlitner Marla Lewiski Taylor Light Kimberly Littlejohn Cheryl Louden Christopher Lukasik Carrie Lund Marisa Lunde Danielle Manley Rene Mark Jonathan Markowski Paula Mathews Lisa Matich Patrick McAdoo Carolyn & Scott McCambridge Leslie Ain McClure Michael McFall Anna McGeehee Anekia McGhee Caitlin McKenney Melanie Meehan Cathy Miles Nico Morales Tasha Mulewski Jacqueline Nemeth Marlee Newman Michelle O’Connor Dollie & David O’Neill Maisha Paggett Tawana Parker-Bellamy Norma Parrish Jacob & Stefanie Pena Colin Peters Marina Pena Erika Pope Amanda Pursel Amanda Preno Alex Price

Justina Riddick Leanne Riley Jennifer Roberts Carla Robinson Kathy Rodeffer Nicholas Rorrer Dr. Nicole Sanchez William Sandy Jennifer Scott Kathleen Segura Stephanie Shealey Sarah Shirk Victoria Shumate Kimbi Sigle Jaclyn Smith Jessica Smith Meghan Smith Anne Spieth Zachary Steele Albert Tang Elizabeth Tarrant Barbara Trautwein Kathryn Tribulski Meghan Truax Christina Uili Brianna Upton Stacey Ward Pamella White Jordan Williams Stephanie Wolvington


Memorial Garden

Midwest District of Tau Beta Sigma North Central District of Tau Beta Sigma Southwest District of Tau Beta Sigma Delta Kappa Chapter of TBS Zeta Rho Chapter of TBS Ashley Furman – in honor of Nikki Kerlin Sue Stuart – in honor of Lillie & Kelsie O’Neill Kylie Leicht – in memory of Ryan Matthews



National Articles


Kappa Kappa Psi?


he school where I teach happens to have a very high population of students that transfer in after two or more years at another institution. Last semester, one of these students came to Texas Wesleyan as a music major and future band director, but he came from a small college with no Kappa Kappa Psi chapter. He immediately proved to be an outstanding student with strong musical skills, natural leadership ability, and an easy going nature. All the existing students liked him, and the Brothers of Nu Beta began to talk to him about Kappa Kappa Psi. His response surprised me: “Why would I want to pay to do the things I can do for free? I don’t need to buy my friends!” So, I began a series of conversations with this student, trying to explain to him what Kappa Kappa Psi can offer.


Kappa Kappa Psi is an organization that recognizes outstanding musicians and honors them with membership. To be a Brother of this organization automatically sets an individual apart as more musically accomplished than others around him or her.


KKPsi provides a network of likeminded people. We all gain strength from surrounding ourselves with people that think and believe as we do. This network is useful on our own campuses or across Districts. Not only can we gain comfort and strength in our own band from our close Brothers, but we can reach out to other campuses across the country to lean on, or learn from, Brothers far away. It is often 26 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

helpful to learn from Brothers with similar experiences or challenges. This network also proves useful as alumni!

Leadership Opportunities

Leadership is more than a title. True leaders do the hard, dirty work behind the scenes. They are the first ones to arrive and the last to leave. They organize many small but important tasks. They see all the planning and implementation that goes into every event or task. Leadership is what our Brothers experience every single day.

Life Skills

Every chapter plans and implements projects and events, requiring Brothers to learn to plan, organize, and work as a team. The planning requires goal setting and attention to fine details. The organization requires forethought and sequential thinking. Team work requires clear communication skills and sometimes conflict management. These are all skills required in the majority of jobs or careers today. Our Brothers will have real life skill experience applicable to anything they choose to do after graduation.

Service Support

One of the most common requests from chapters is for new ways to serve the bands. Through the KKPsi network and conventions, chapters can take ideas from others and apply them to their own program. In addition, the National Council has various awards and grants that can be applied to support the band program.

Musical Opportunities

There are multiple musical enrichment

by Christine Beason National President - KKΨ

opportunities on every level of KKPsi. On the National Level, and shared with Tau Beta Sigma, is the National Intercollegiate Band, and truly top-level ensemble! National Convention also hosts a number of high quality band performances. On the district level, each district convention hosts some kind of reading band and/or jazz band. There is almost always a musical performance of some sort, and many district conventions also have musicianship workshops. The chapter level provides any number of musical growth opportunities, including chapter recitals, master classes, sectionals and practice sessions, and group concert attendance.


There is a very special, indescribable feeling when we are among Brothers. I will never forget the first time I heard 500+ Brothers sing the hymn together at a district convention. In that moment, you get a tiny glimpse of the magnitude of this Fraternity, and realize how many thousands of Brothers before have sung those exact words. I get the same feeling every single time I attend the ritual. There is a deep pride and love that comes from being a Brother, and I am incredibly honored to be part of it. This particular student and I have had a series of conversations about the benefits of Kappa Kappa Psi. The Nu Beta chapter is just about to issue bids for the Spring semester, and he will most certainly receive a bid. The question remains if he will accept, but at least he has agreed to consider. I will continue to actively recruit him and other outstanding band members so that our Brotherhood continues to strive for the highest.

Spring 2014

Answering The Call


arching Band Season is over, you’ve graduated and on the road to beginning your career, yet you still have the desire to serve. You’re left with those friendships and bonds created while in college, which have all become memories that will forever remain. Now you’re asking yourself, “What’s next?” “How can I stay involved?” “How can I continue to serve?” Well you are not alone. My story includes these same questions, which is why I made the decision to respond to the call…the call for alumni brothers and sisters to give back. I receive The Podium and I’m connected with Tau Beta Sigma on Facebook, so “staying connected” has never been an issue. What did become the issue was the unsettling feeling of still wanting to “SERVE”. The National Board of Trustees posted opportunities for all eager and

by Tondalaya Wright ΤΒΣ, Eta Eta, Life Member Board of Trustees Communication Committee Member

willing alumni to become involved, share ideas and promote excellence within our organization. We would like to recognize and thank those who responded to serve on various committees as our organization continues to grow and flourish.

Capital Development Committee Justin Brady - Epsilon Chris Gordon - Psi Alan Harriet - Gamma Epsilon Lee Commander - Alpha Omega Cathy Miles - Epsilon Omega Aaron Moore - National Chapter

Scholarship Committee

Finance Committee Alan Harriet - Gamma Epsilon Debbie Kaplan - Beta Xi Jean Newman - Zeta Xi

Communication Committee Kristy Lukaszewski - Lambda Alison Webeler - Zeta Nu Tondalaya Wright - Eta Eta

Legacy Committee Jessica Carswell - Epsilon Chi Chelsea Cohen - Omega Jake Thompson - Omega Chris Foster - Tau

Ed Elsea - National Chapter Meghan Olswanger - Epsilon Kappa Randy Kitchens - Alpha Anne (Gardner) Speith - Omega



National Articles

Building Better Chapters


’m sure we all have those members. They don’t attend all activities. They sit in the back of the room during meetings. They just don’t seem motivated at all to participate. Maybe this is just a couple members, or maybe it is most of your chapter. Regardless, there are ways that you can help improve motivation and retention in your chapter.

Chapter Meetings

Start and end your meetings on time. As students, Sisters have other responsibilities outside of Tau Beta Sigma. Remember, you are not majoring in Tau Beta Sigma, and school responsibilities must come first. As a chapter, determine the ideal length of time for your chapter meetings. If you need ways to reduce chapter meeting length, consider utilizing your standing committees more. Members do not want to attend meetings that last for 2 hours each week. The purpose of chapter meetings is not to plan events – this should be done in committee meetings. Also, consider whether or not you chapter needs to meet every week. Perhaps have your chapter meetings and committee meetings on alternating weeks. Make sure meeting agendas are made available to your members prior to the meeting. This allows members to come prepared to the chapter meeting with discussion points for the topics listed on the agenda.


Place non-officers as committee chairs or appointed offices. This helps give members leadership experience. Also, have members choose which committee they would like to participate in. If members 28 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

submit their top 3 choices, the President can then place members based on this list.

Member Expectations

What are the minimum expectations of chapter members? Make sure this information is included in your chapter’s Operation Handbook or By-Laws. By doing so you must also be willing to take the necessary disciplinary action against members who fail to meet these expectations.

Be a Good Role Model

Embody the ideals and principles you wish to see in all your members. Members learn expected and appropriate behavior from active members. Do not teach them behavior that you do not think is appropriate.

Increase Morale

If you feel chapter members do not know each other, or if you feel other issues may be causing issues within the chapters, plan Sisterhood events. These activities will help each member to get to know one another and will help renew the sense of pride in their chapter. Sisterhood events can help remind members why they joined Tau Beta Sigma, and can create a sense of belonging. If you need ideas for new Sisterhood events, check out the Chapter Operations Handbook found on the website.

Reassess ‘Mandatory’

Rethink making activities mandatory. If not all members in the chapter are needed, have a sign-up sheet for the positions needed. If you are concerned that members

by Dr. Nicole Sanchez National President - TBΣ

will never show up to events or activities, give options or set a chapter standard. For example, members must attend 75% of all chapter activities each year, and members that fail to do so will be placed on Probation.

Try Something New

Make sure you are doing activities members enjoy. Conduct an annual review of your chapter activities. What works? What does not work? A great time to review your chapter’s activities is while you are preparing your Chapter Summary Report. Also, consider trying or adding new social, service or fundraising activities.

Appreciation & Recognition

Appreciate the members in your chapter for what they do. Examples include recognizing members for their personal accomplishments, creating a Recognition Chair or Recognition Committee, having a Member of the Week, or making efforts to cheer up members that are having a rough week. These are just a few suggestions that you can implement in your chapter to increase chapter retention and motivation. Remember that all chapters are different, and these may not all work for your chapter. Additionally, trying to make too many changes at once can also cause resistance within your chapter. Try introducing new ideas one at a time. It may only take small changes to make a big difference in your chapter.

Spring 2014

Chapter President Do I Want That Job?


t may only be the beginning of the spring semester, but I am willing to bet that there are several of you reading this article that have already had the hallway conversations about who will be your next chapter president. It is impossible to think of the direction of your chapter next year without giving the consideration to who is going to lead the charge; who is going to run the meetings; who is going to be the one that stands in front of everyone else and says: “Let’s do it!” Yet, why do we consider it as a one person job? Why is it that we put all the pressure and stress on one individual to ensure that the chapter follows through with the obligations that it has committed itself to? Maybe the even better question – why aren’t you the chapter president? Maybe you are, and you have not yet realized it. Serving as a Kappa Kappa Psi chapter president can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your entire collegiate career. Think about. You have the ability to shape the direction of your chapter, and the support of your college and university band program, for not just that single year, but years and years to come. That is exciting! But, think back to your experience as an active member. Have there been times that you criticized your chapter, district, or national leadership? Were there times that you knew you could do a better job? Sure there were, I have been just as guilty as half of the active membership of our Fraternity. Why do we do this? Are we committed to the same goals of supporting and bettering our college and university band program? Are we committed to our brothers and ensuring that they are successful? I believe that we are!!

by Jack Lee National Vice President for Colonization & Membership - KKΨ

What can you expect from being a chapter president? A few things. First off, you are going to be challenged with real leadership experiences. You will build a team. You will be the facilitator to ensuring that all the brothers within your chapter are willing to do what it takes to get the mission accomplished. That may take a few difficult conversations. You may be challenged with confronting a brother about their accountability within your band program or Kappa Kappa Psi. You are going to set agendas which ultimately set the priorities of the chapter. Will you do this alone, or will you share that leadership with the entire chapter? Remember, you will be challenged on some of these at one point throughout your year long experience as the chapter president of Kappa Kappa Psi. Are you up to it? How do you overcome these? What do you do? First, be honest with the chapter; with your brothers. As the elected leader of your chapter you have committed to only the best, and that is all that you will accept. If they are committed to the same thing, they will listen to what you have to say. Second, utilize the strengths of your chapter membership. There will be those brothers that you trust fully; ask them for their opinions. Share your thoughts with them and actually consider the feedback that they give you. Finally, be certain that you do not turn the presidency into a term or isolation. You still have the ability to hang out with friends. A chapter meeting should not be something that dictates what you can, or even want, to do following the closing gavel. Now I want to address some things that are directly related to Kappa Kappa Psi. I view each and every member of each and every

chapter as a chapter president. You have an obligation to ensure that you chapter is as success as it possible can. Just as an example, consider yearly reports that must be submitted. Is this the chapter president’s responsibility only? Absolutely not! You, as a chapter member, should verify that these things are taken care of. You should take an active part in getting these requirements completed. You need to take the active approach of gathering the information that is needed for these reports to be completed. You could easily compile this information and work as a full chapter to get these done. Remember, these are chapter reports….not the chapter president report. If you are considering a run for chapter president, my advice to you is this: Do it! Take the opportunity to show your leadership capabilities. Use the experiences that you have seen, or have been a part of, to positively impact your chapter and ultimately your band program. Ask your current chapter president what it is like to be in the office. Ask your district president what it is like to be in that position. Reach out to a national officer and see what that is like.

You never know, your first run for chapter president could be the first step in your fraternal journey to become the National President of Kappa Kappa Psi.




National Articles

Quality Driven Purpose:

Taking Pride in our Tau Beta Sigma Service Dr. Kathryn Garrett Kelly and Membership

by National Vice President for Colonization and Membership - TBΣ


veryday we are bombarded with reminders of our daily obligations and tasks to be completed. However, many times we simply do enough to get by or figure out what is the "bare minimum" that will deem the task "completed". Our obligations in Tau Beta Sigma can be viewed the same way especially when we take on numerous tasks that result in overextension of our time and energy.

But what if we took a quality driven approach and prioritized our participation based on quality of the service we complete versus the number of tasks we take on? Looking at the topics of membership, service, and recruitment (which are intertwined and inseparable in their relationship to one another), we as members of the organizations should work towards quality driven purpose in our Tau Beta Sigma roles. Gaining membership to our amazing organization is based on exemplification of the qualities we value and the ideals we cherish: Pride in our musical performances, leadership, unselfish service, and sisterhood. Having pride in the things we do equates to wanting to produce a quality project and band program. I would argue that this should also motivate us to want the things that we do in the name of the organization to be held to the same "prideful standards". We should strive to complete our service punctually and always go above and beyond the

30 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

"expectation". We should complete our reports due to National Headquarters in a timely manner and thoroughly answering the questions in a quests for the "A" submission and not the "C-". This philosophy also holds true when we talk about the way we recruit. Ninetyfive percent of our recruitment is done without announcing that we are holding a membership class. The way we serve our band, perform on our instruments, our workethic when no one is looking (someone is ALWAYS looking!), and the way we treat others on a daily basis speak to the pride and quality of our members. Ultimately, by increasing your personal quality of work, you will attract similarminded individuals and further increase the quality of work that comes from your chapter.

However, if you are doing all this "quality" work, how do you get it all done?

There must be prioritization in the number of service projects and activities that chapter does. Doing 10 phenomenal projects and recruitment activities in a year will do just as much if not more in attracting membership as doing 25 mediocre ones. Quality driven purpose also is a very personal philosophy. As we, your National Officers, look to the future, we focus on building a solid foundation. If that foundation is not well established and thoughtfully produced there can only be 2 outcomes: the structure on top of it will falter, or others coming after will have to repeat our work, wasting time and resources. The Five Qualities and the Eight Essential Factors ask for nothing less then our best efforts in giving vision and stability to our organization, our Sisterhood. Take the time out to realistically and honestly consider if you too are putting your best effort forward in all your endeavors and living by quality driven purposes.

The “Five Qualities” to be observed by Tau Beta Sigma members at all times: 1. Knowledge and development of your physical powers in the quest for good health and bodily perfection; 2. Recognition and development of your intellectual potential; 3. Appreciation for and the maintenance of the highest moral standards; 4. Achievement of and the personification within you of lofty spiritual ideals; 5. Cultivation and maintenance of your emotional poise under all conditions.

The “Eight Essential Factors” which promote friendship and respect among members: 1. Physical and mental qualities of an attractive nature; 2. Demonstrated loyalty and dependability to those persons and institutions deserving of it; 3. A truthfulness and honesty which instills a sense of trust in others; 4. A cheerfulness at all times and under all circumstances, even in the face of great trial; 5. A mutual interest in the Art of Music in its performance and in the aesthetic qualities it can project to others; 6. Generosity of mind, heart, and hand; 7. Tolerance, tempered with kindness and a consideration for the needs of others; 8. Fortitude and courage to see an ideal, to seize upon it, and follow it wherever it may lead you in Tau Beta Sigma.

Spring 2014

A Winning Recipe for Fraternity Grant, Scholarship, & Award Applications

by Adam Bates National Vice President for Programs - KKΨ


appa Kappa Psi’s national application-based programs play a vital role in the Fraternity’s mission. Through our awards, we recognize excellence both internally and in the band community at large. Through our scholarships and funding opportunities, we provide recognition and support to chapters and individual active members. For each of Kappa Kappa Psi’s purposes, there’s a way that your chapter could make use of National Programs to advance that purpose! In spite of this, many chapters are still reluctant to apply. With funding opportunities and national recognition at stake, how could this be? One reason may be that we as National Leaders are not doing enough to explain the application process. As part of my pledge to make the applications process simpler and more transparent, in this article I will be guiding you through the components of an outstanding application. These insights are based on actual applications that were submitted to the National Council in January of 2014. By the end of this article, I hope you will see that a little bit of preparation is all that is necessary to submit a highly competitive application. Recommendation Letters are vitally important to award and scholarship applications. Finding good letter writers should be one of the first things you do when planning an application. But what makes a good letter writer? It is always good to include your Director of Bands or Chapter President, when applicable, but from there the answer varies depending upon the award. For the AEA Scholarship application, your referrers should be able to speak to your academic abilities, your work in the band, and to the breadth of your

contributions on your campus. You might consider seeking out professors from courses in which you excelled, or other faculty with whom you have a close working relationship. Similarly, J. Lee Burke Student Achievement or W. Francis McBeth Student Musicianship recommendations should speak to the nominee’s breadth and depth of accomplishments in that particular area. Professional award applications, such as those for the A. Frank Martin or Distinguished Service to Music Medal (DSMM), should feature strong letters from other professionals. As the A. Frank Martin is a regional award, you might consider reaching out to other directors in the area. For the DSMM, one of our most prestigious professional awards, including recommendations from other prestigious musicians is critical. Consider seeking out the help of other music faculty on your campus for suggestions. AEA Scholarship Essays are supposed to explain how the applicant exemplifies the purposes of Kappa Kappa Psi. They are also an opportunity to expand and reinforce the other parts of your application. As an applicant regardless of what aspects of yourself you choose to share, make sure that you support your claims with concrete examples of your accomplishments. Broader Impact is an important consideration when applying for Matching Grants or Leadership Development Funds, by which I mean that the best applications for these programs will describe events that benefit many people. As an applicant, can you boost the impact of an event to make your program more competitive? Absolutely, you can! If you are trying to bring in a guest clinician via Matching Grant, see if you can get the clinician to work

with multiple ensembles, or participate in a concert that is open to the community. Or, perhaps you are attempting to bring in a speaker for Leadership Development for your chapter. In this case, you could boost impact by describing the ways that you will promote this event to other chapters in your area. Alternately, you could make the event more general so that you can open it up to other band members on your campus. Asking for help is one of the best things you can do to ensure a successful application for Matching Grants or Leadership Development Funds. Please contact me or another member of the National Council; we will help you to target your application, and should be able to give you a sense of whether the event you have in mind is in the spirit of the program. Contact me if you have any questions! You can find more information about Kappa Kappa Psi’s National Programs, including full requirements and links to online application forms, at National Vice President for Programs Adam Bates can be reached at adambates@kkpsi. org.



National Articles

10 Essential Reasons

You Should Attend Your District Convention by Kelly Nellis National Vice President for Student Affairs - KKΨ


Interactive & Informative Workshops. Your district president has set up programming that is tailored to YOU! At each convention there are a variety of knowledgeable individuals who come to give presentations aimed to help to better your chapter and yourself as a brother. The range of topics varies across districts but can include: Ritual, membership education, chapter functions, team building, and more! 2. You have a say in district business. Every chapter within a district the opportunity to have delegate represent their chapter. Each chapter has one vote in all district business. Additional brothers from your chapter who come may have the opportunity to serve on district committees that assess and discuss important aspects of the district that are essential to its function. Why not have a say in your district functions? They want your insight! Important note: If your chapter is unable to attend, don’t forget to still fill out and send in a delegate/proxy form or a written note. By sending this form or note you will give permission to chapters of your choice to vote on your chapter’s behalf. 3. Face Time with Fraternity representatives. Each district convention has at least two National Officers, one Board of Trustee member, your District Governors and Officers, and a National Headquarters staff member present. You selected us to represent you, so come chat with us! As representatives, we share a passion for the Fraternity and want to help you and your chapters continue to strive for the highest. Don’t be shy- come say hi! 4. Alumni. Beyond the attendance of Board Members of the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association, there are even more alumni that come back to partake in the

32 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

activities and festivities for the weekend. These individuals are also there to serve and help you! Networking with your alumni opens doors for future endeavors. Whether it is an individual’s area of personal expertise, job-related advice, or opportunities in their job fields. They all share a unique perspective of the Fraternity and each has a snapshot of its history. If you’re curious, just ask! 5. Fraternity News and Updates. Throughout the year you hear from the National Council about what’s new with the Fraternity through a variety of media channels. During conventions, we bring this news directly to you. Each convention has at least an hour of time dedicated to a town hall meeting. This is a chance for us, your national representatives, to tell you in person some of the exciting things going on and what to look forward to in the future. It’s your opportunity to ask us any and all questions you have about what’s going on. 6. Idea Exchange. With over 300 active Kappa Kappa Psi chapters across the nation, there are many differences between them. Each chapter has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, which is great! Convention is the perfect time to get a peer’s perspective on different things your chapter may be looking to do or improve on. By talking to other brothers or sisters, you can get new ideas for service, brotherhood, leadership, and musicianship. Learning about the uniqueness of other chapters can also help you with ways to help your chapter continue to strive for the highest. 7. Music. Music is a cornerstone of Kappa Kappa Psi. There will always be numerous ways your convention will incorporate musicianship. Many have concerts featuring talented local ensembles and individuals specifically to perform for convention. Additionally, there is usually

an opportunity for you to get to play your instrument with brothers and sisters! There are also workshops and clinics throughout the weekend to provide you with tools to improve your musicianship, better your band, and interact with music professionals. 8. Traveling. Being an involved and academically successful student takes a lot of time. District Convention is a great opportunity to go to places you have never been to before (or want to visit again!). It’s a short weekend that gets you off campus without taking a large chunk of time out of your busy schedule. 9. Connecting with brothers and sisters. Be sure to take time at convention to meet and make connections with individuals from other chapters. These connections can help you take convention back home year round. They give you a group of individuals that you can contact at any time for anything. This is something I highly encourage, as I have met some of my closest friends this way! 10. Fun! With so many brothers and sisters gathered in one place, it would be hard for no fun to occur. The convention atmosphere is a natural place for brotherhood and sisterhood to be built. The phrase “don’t knock it until you try it!” comes to mind when I think about conventions. Almost every time I ask someone about their convention experience they respond that it was nothing like they imagined it would be and they loved every second. If you’re on the fence, just do it!

Interested in attending? Be sure to check our your district’s website for more information about the event and how to register!

Spring 2014

Planning to Participate in TBS National Programs

by Jonathan Markowski National Vice President for Special Projects - TBΣ


hear from a lot of students that their Chapter wants to do more with National Programs, but they don’t know where to start. I talked a bit in my last article about the type of planning your Chapter should be doing for events, including your service projects and participation in National Programs. Now I’d like to discuss some more practical pieces of advice to get your Chapter participating. First off, let’s be specific about which programs we’re talking about. While we strongly encourage you to apply for awards and scholarships, to attend events outside your Chapter, and to donate to our largescale national fundraisers such as the Wava Memorial and Save Our Station, when we talk about participating in National Programs, we’re really looking for three biggies: Women in Music Speakers, Scouting for Music, and Composing Our Future. You’ll notice I didn’t mention the National Intercollegiate Band. Of course we want you to audition! And make it! And go! But honestly, there are only a certain number of seats, so it’s not physically possible for every Chapter to actually have someone in the NIB. We CAN have every Chapter host a local Women in Music Speaker for their Chapter, band, or campus. We CAN have every Chapter participate in the Scouting for Music Program, whether that is with the Girl Scouts or some other group of youth. We CAN have every Chapter submit a video for the Composing Our Future Contest this biennium – and the way the contest is constructed, this biennium, we CAN have every chapter win! You have many resources you can tap when you want to start work on a National Program. Alumni, friends in other Chapters

who have participated, as well as District and National Officers are all here to help you. Also, I would strongly urge you to consult for the latest Program Guides – these publications exist to provide support, so take advantage of your resources! I want to address some common misconceptions about our National Programs:

Myth: Women in Music Speakers are women on our school’s music faculty that come talk to our Chapter. Truth: Women in Music Speakers do not have to be faculty members – they may be women in the community, alumni from your college or university, or local business owners. Also, they don’t need to speak to just your Chapter – consider hosting a speaker for your band, or even sponsoring a speaker for your entire campus.

Myth: In order to submit to the Composing Our Future contest, I have to be a composer. Truth: In the past, the Composing Our Future Competition has sought out composers of new works. This biennium we are asking for submissions demonstrating how your chapter uses music as part of its membership education process. Therefore, all chapters are capable of participating in this biennium’s Composing Our Future project. I hope that I have clarified some of the National Programs for you, and removed some of the imagined obstacles to participation. The National Programs are the heart of how we exhibit the Ideals of Tau Beta Sigma. As always, if I can be of service, please contact me with any questions, and I wish you well as you work For Greater Bands!

Myth: Scouting for Music is when a Chapter helps a Girl Scout troop get their music badge. Truth: Scouting for Music is when members of your Chapter interact with a group of young people in a musical education experience. While we encourage you to contact the Girl Scouts, there are other groups of young people who would welcome what our Chapters can offer through this program. HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 33


National Articles

Networking Within The Bond: How the Relationships You Make Now Will Help You Later

by Amy Bovin Dauphinais National Vice President for Communication & Recognition - TBΣ


hether this is your last year of college, your first, or somewhere in between, you are most likely thinking about the future.

What will happen after you get your degree? Where will you be? Will you continue with your education and work towards a graduate degree, or will you jump right into the work force? Will you get married and start a family, or will take some time off to focus on yourself? It is normal to feel stress, anxiety or even worry when thinking about the future as well as the answers to the above questions because the thought of the unknown can be scary. One of the greatest parts about being a member of Tau Beta Sigma is that regardless of what happens after college, your sisters and brothers will always be there for you no matter what you decide to do.

34 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

Professionally speaking, those that you have met and will meet in the bond can one day turn into references, mentors and other crucial relationships you might need in the job world. After all, who knows your personality, work ethic and leadership ability better than your director of bands, sponsor, and/or district counselor? Before you leave college, ask for recommendations from those people. Those letters will probably be some of the best and most honest feedback you will ever receive. Band is a place where you can show your true self, so use that towards your advantage when looking for someone to speak about your qualities and abilities.

In our organizations, we have members who are involved in numerous occupations. Just as we helped each other in band and school as active members, those alumni members already in the field that you wish to go into are more than likely eager to help you in the job market if you reach out to them. Use their experience for advice, and you instantly have a mentor who can help you get started. Like I said before, thinking about the “real world” can be scary, so having a mentor or someone to talk to can help you ease into your first job and take a little stress out of your life.

Start talking to those that you know who are all ready in your job field. If you can’t find someone who is, ask around to other sisters and brothers. Put out messages on social media and/or send emails out on the various listservs. With the amount of members in our organization you are bound to find someone who knows someone that will help you out. As you go through life, continue any connections that you might make at a conference, work event, dinner party, alumni event or anything else that you will do in the future. Just by being a member of the organization, the relationship between strangers soon becomes something more. By meeting a new person and finding out that you both share a common bond, that person quickly turns from stranger into something more similar to a long lost family member. As you pursue in your career and life goals, keep an eye out for other past members. You never know whom you might run into.

Spring 2014

What Does Sustainability Have To Do With Dr. Malinda M. Matney College Bands? by


ou may be hearing the word “sustainability” in the news more and more. For many years, this referred to how we use environmental resources – how we use paper, water, plastic, fuel, and any other way in which we consider how our actions affect the environment. You may also be hearing the word “sustainability” in other ways from universities, governments, and businesses. Sustainability is a central part of the work of Trustees, so let’s describe what it means, and how members can do Trustee-level work at chapter and district levels. Sustainability describes work that ensures we will have our Fraternity tomorrow. This requires thinking about all the resources we will need, and how we can ensure resource availability. Money is an obvious example of a necessary resource. Trustees consider how to develop resources other than student dues or a small group of alumni donors. Might more alumni give? Might others who are our friends want to become our donors? Might we find revenue opportunities such as grants, or from businesses who believe in what we do? When we consider these questions in times of financial strength, we can firmly prepare for times when our Fraternity may be struggling and unable to gain new supporters. Addressing sustainability is the opposite of the old cliché “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Instead, the sustainability approach believes people want to join and support an organization that is strong, rather than weak. The Trustees are considering questions of sustainability in every area of the Fraternity. What funds our long term projects? Who are the next leaders who might help shape the

Fraternity, whether in official positions or through their informal work with us? What changes might we make to our staffing and practices today that could help our Fraternity advance to the next level? What do we believe IS “the next level”?

How is Kappa Kappa Psi delivering value to college bands today, and what additional value we can add to support college bands over the next decade? While the Trustees consider these questions about the National Fraternity, members should ask how chapters support themselves and their band programs, and how districts can support chapters and members. For chapters, the questions might include: • Is all of our money coming from one source, or do we have other people and places helping fund our work? (Do we only do fundraising that asks for money from band members, or do we look to a broader target audience to support us?) • Is the quality of our service to our band program high? Are there services that the bands may not need anymore? Are there new needs developing on the horizon? • Is our members’ musicianship high and improving? Do band directors see us as a positive contribution to the musical quality and effort that band members give? • How are we making sure our members have every opportunity to learn about leadership skills, so they can become future officers? • What are we doing to promote our college band across the entire campus? Are

Chair, Board of Trustees - KKΨ

we missing out on great performers who haven’t joined yet, but could? Districts likewise can ask themselves these questions: • How do our programs contribute positively to the variety of bands in our district? Does each band program see a positive, tangible benefit from engaging in district activities? • Does the wide diversity of members feel welcome at district events? Do we embrace new members and seniors equally? Do we embrace music majors as well as the multitude of other majors? • How do we create an encouraging and motivated environment for many students to run for district office? • How do we empower students to create great experiences at their own campuses? These are not just questions and thoughts for officers. These are conversations for larger groups of members to embrace. These are great ways to involve future leaders and encourage their development, which itself creates sustainability of leadership. It makes little difference whether you are thinking about chapter or district level concerns. The overall concern is how each entity is adding value to college bands, and creating value that encourages others’ support. Sustainability conversations allow us to talk about what is, or could be, excellent about Kappa Kappa Psi. Make time to have these conversations. Share your thoughts and ideas. We stumble upon some of the most profound and powerful ideas when we least expect it, so give yourselves the opportunity to strike gold!



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re you about to graduate? Or has “life happened” and you find yourself not as involved with Tau Beta Sigma as you once were? Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association is the perfect group for you! We are unrolling several exciting new programs for TBSAA members this biennium. The TBSAA Special Projects Committee is working towards a grants program that will be offered to current TBSAA members. The first of these grants will be given to projects involving music programs including music performance, education, composition / arranging, conducting, therapy, music technology or arts management as its main component. Application and criteria will be released in September of this year, with the application and proposal postmarked by April 1, 2015. Entries will be judged by the TBSAA Special Projects Committee and the winner will be announced at the 2015 Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma National Convention in Lexington, Kentucky. The Special Projects Committee will be sending out more information as the submission deadline grows nearer. This past National Convention held in Springfield, Massachusetts, Leslie Twite and Jason Dornbush on behalf of the TBSAA Executive Council unveiled the Mentorship program. This program pairs recent college graduates with “seasoned veterans" in their career field, for guidance, and support. This is a 36 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

by Amanda Dickson Executive Council, Chair - TBΣ Alumni Association

wonderful program to take part in to get help and give help where need be. Mentors and mentees are expected to give one hour a month for collaboration, with 10-guided topics. The mentee will be responsible for setting up the times with their mentor, the talks will be confidential, and may cover topics that the mentor and mentee feel fit to discuss. Now I know what you’re thinking...I totally want to take advantage of these great programs but I’m not a TBSAA member. Well you’re in luck! The TBSAA membership year now runs from June 1st to May 31st, which means we are getting ready for our annual TBSAA membership drive. Not only with your TBSAA membership do you get to take advantage of these great programs but we also have several other benefits:

• 2014 Alumni trip to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma in conjunction with the Wava Memorial Unveiling. • Participation at District Conventions • Rhapsody newsletter to keep you current on the latest TBSAA happenings

• Member-only LinkedIn group to connect professionally with other members • Member dues help financially support the Wava Memorial Garden, National Intercollegiate Band and the Women In Music speaker series. Keep the bonds of sisterhood alive with your TBSAA membership. Join now and your membership will last through May 2015! Visit for more information and download a membership form. Feel free to email me with any questions about staying involved as an alumnus at amandad@

Spring 2014

It’s Time To Dust Off The Shingle


It took me an hour to dig through my files and find my membership shingle. Even longer to find a set of fraternity letters I could fit into. And don’t ask me to find the mouthpiece to my instrument. As a fellow alumnus, I still feel a connection with Kappa Kappa Psi, but when it comes to staying connected as a brother, it is easy to fall by the wayside. As alumni brothers, it is easy to put Kappa Kappa Psi in the back of our minds until that Podium comes in the mail and reminds us of our history and our passion for bands and music. But if we remember the oath we swore as brothers (even if it was years ago), we have an obligation and duty to reconnect with our brotherhood. But how? Especially if it has been years since we last thought about our fraternity.

Hang up your shingle, Wear your membership pin again, Find your set of letters or buy new ones. We hang our diplomas on our wall and put up pictures of the people and places that make us happy and remind of us the best of times. Look through that old filing cabinet, dust off your shingle and add it to your wall. Try wearing a membership pin again at formal events. When someone asks, you have a chance to talk about the experience band had on your life. If you can’t find a set of letters, go online and order a t-shirt or sweatshirt with those big bold letters: Kappa Kappa Psi. You don’t have to wear it every day, but show the world your pride in our fraternity. When I travel, I try to wear fraternity shirts or band trip sweatshirts and each time I run into a brother or another band member and get an

by Marco Krcatovich II Chair, Board of Directors - KKΨ Alumni Association

opportunity to share with another person my continued support for Kappa Kappa Psi.

going on in your life by clicking on the “Send us your news” tab.

It’s time to clean up the instrument and join a community band.

Join your Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association.

I can remember the intense joy of playing my instrument, but today that is only a memory since my trombone sits in a closet gathering dust. If you believe that band is an important and special experience, then it needs to be a part of your life again. If you don’t know where a community band exists close to you, go to the Association of Community Bands ( Just make sure before you go, clean out that mouthpiece first. Everyone will appreciate it.

We are expanding resources for our alumni every day, including more benefits for membership, creating networking opportunities and communication resources, and offering social events and resources for bringing Kappa Kappa Psi back into your life. It doesn’t cost much and you get back so much more! Our membership information and form are located under the Alumni tab on the Kappa Kappa Psi website. If you have questions, contact your Alumni Association at

Join your alma mater’s band alumni association. Usually the cost is low and there are great opportunities to connect with friends you haven’t seen in years. If their work and programming doesn’t sound interesting, get involved. If your band doesn’t have an alumni association, contact the Kappa Kappa Psi Alumni Association and we will put you in touch with resources to help start one.

No matter what you do (and I suggest doing all of the above!), take time this spring to connect with your brotherhood again and strengthen that connection. Band and Kappa Kappa Psi did so much for us as students, now is the time to get involved and ensure that future generations get to experience music and college bands and you get to enjoy the love of bands, service, and musicianship again.

Update your contact information with Kappa Kappa Psi. We want to hear from you! It only takes a few seconds and ensures you have access to the latest news and events. Just make sure to update that email address too! You can update your information by navigating to the Kappa Kappa Psi website and looking under the “Alumni” menu. While you are updating your information, tell us what is HTTP://PODIUM.KKYTBS.ORG - 37


National Articles

A Lifetime of Service


aise your hand if you were told as a membership candidate that joining the sorority was a lifelong commitment. Lifelong. Anyone? You may be thinking it is tough enough to make a four year…okay two year(?)…commitment to a major let alone commit to something for life. Many of us are proud to be treading in Wava’s magnanimous footsteps but did you know that Wava’s feet strayed from the sorority for a good number of years? She helped set the wheels in motion to form Tau Beta Sigma, but then graduated from college, lived her life and raised her family. It wasn’t until the 25th anniversary that Wava was sought out and brought back into the organization… and then she never left. The bonds of sisterhood you create as an undergraduate will remain with you long after graduation. The organization itself will remain long after graduation and will always be here for you. As a collegiate member, Tau Beta Sigma affords you with a values based philosophy, leadership opportunities, academic support, encouragement, opportunities for personal growth, and a social outlet. In addition, it gives you hands on experience with communication, public speaking, event planning, collaboration and leading others. If you take full advantage of everything the sorority has to offer, you will graduate prepared to enter the workforce

and/or tackle whatever comes next in life. Regardless of where that takes you, Tau Beta Sigma will still be there, NEEDS YOU and has opportunities to make your commitment to our organization worth your time. Through the use of committees, the Board of Trustees and Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association rely on the talents and knowledge of our alumni to help make these branches of the organization work. The Board of Trustees committees include capital development, finance, scholarship, legacy and communications. Do you have a passion for fundraising or familiar with grant writing? Love history and want to make a connection with our past presidents? The Board would love to have you on their committee team. The Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association is where our members can find a place of belonging post graduation and answers the question of, “what’s next”. It strives to provide its members with professional development, networking avenues, social opportunities and service. Leadership in the TBSAA is available as a member of the Executive Council but also through the membership, communications, special projects, service and finance committees. The TBSAA is dependent upon its membership to create an organization that will be of value. It requires the time, talents and feedback of its members to help

Don't forget to go online for more content. The Podium is an ever-changing publication, and we are constantly striving to put out more information and good quality articles each month during the academic year. 38 - Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma

by Carolyn McCambridge TBΣ Board of Trustees

grow and shape the organization. Without an active alumni roster, the association would cease to exist and the sorority would see many excellent sisters slip away. To the current actives of our organization: The Board of Trustees and Tau Beta Sigma Alumni Association encourage you to take full advantage of every opportunity that you can while in our organization and hope that somewhere along the way something ignites a desire to stay informed and involved after graduation. To our many alumni: Life happens. Through it all Tau Beta Sigma will always be here for you. Whether you have been away for 5 minutes, 5 years or 25 years, we want you back. The sorority often calls upon individuals because of a specialized skill and the more people we have to tap, the better our organization will be. We can find a place where your talents and expertise will be well utilized. Let’s set in motion a flourish of leadership interest, volunteerism, and a passion for an organization that has impacted our lives on the highest of levels. Together, as a team, now and in the future, we can all do our part to ensure Tau Beta Sigma will forever be For Greater Bands!

Spring 2014

The official publication of Kappa Kappa Psi & Tau Beta Sigma



President Christine F. Beason, 1308 Anglican Dr., Arlington, TX 76002; Phone: 817.876.3990;

President Nicole C. Sanchez, Ph.D., 1608 79th Street, Lubbock, TX 79423; Phone: 361.945.1315;

Vice President for Colonization & Membership Jack D. Lee, 88 Delmore Lane, Hillsboro, TX 76645; Phone: 817.729.5841;

Vice President for Colonization & Membership Kathryn G. Kelly, M.D., 5901 Montrose Road Apt N308, North Bethesda , MD 20852; Phone: 301.946.6623;

Vice President for Programs Adam M. Bates, 451 W. Broadway, Apt 7, Eugene, OR 97401; Phone: 405.564.3624;

Vice President for Special Projects Jonathan L. Markowski, 98 Colonial Rd., Abington, MA 02351-1618; Phone: 339.793.0003;

Vice President for Student Affairs Kelly L. Nellis, 1150 Cushing Circle Apt 341 Saint Paul, MN 55108; Phone: 952.943.6302;

Vice President for Communications & Recognition Amy J. Dauphinais, 184 Robindale Drive, Berlin, CT 06037; Phone: 203.240.4735;

Vice President for Professional Relations Dr. Travis J. Cross, 2431 Schoenberg Music Building, Los Angeles, CA 90095; Phone: 310.206.1085;

Vice President for Professional Relations Beth Bronk, 1000 W. Court St., Seguin, TX 78155; Phone: 830.372.6028;

KKΨ Alumni Association Chair Marco A. Krcatovich, II, 25 Buick Street, 3rd Floor, Boston, MA 02215; Phone: 617.353.2256;

TBΣ Alumni Association Chair Amanda L. Dickson, 1822 Barker Cypress Rd. Apt. 119, Houston, TX 77084; Phone: 817.247.3680;

Immediate Past President Adam D. Cantley, 218 Trabant University Center, Newark, DE 19716; Phone: 302.831.0456;

Immediate Past President Dawn M. Farmer, 3000 Chautauqua #106, Norman, OK 72073; Phone: 310.801.3110;

Board of Trustees Malinda M. Matney, Ph.D., Chair; Rod M. Chesnutt, Ph.D., Vice Chair; Eric B. Morson; Michael K. Osborn ; Danny A. George; Adam Cantley, Immediate Past President

Board of Trustees Kelly A. Eidson, Chair; Dollie A. O’Neill, Vice Chair; Kathy Godwin; Lisa R. Croston; Carolyn McCambridge; Kris Wright; Dawn Farmer, Immediate Past President; Janet West Miller (Life)

KAPPA KAPPA PSI DISTRICT GOVERNORS Midwest Denali D. Pearce-Alt, 177 Lee Dr. Liberty, MO 64068-2222; Phone: 816.308.9418; Anthony M. Falcone, 220 Westbrook Music Bldg, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE 68588-0102; Phone: 402.472.1643;

TAU BETA SIGMA DISTRICT COUNSELORS Midwest Andrienne Rall, 3703 14th Ave., Kearney, NE 68845; Phone: 308.708.0737; North Central Trudy Adler, 959 Sheridan Street, Ypsilanti, MI 48197-2769; Phone: 734.717.2123;

North Central Rodney Whiteman, 1312 Old Town South Dr. #6, Indianapolis, IN 46260; Phone: 317.733.6420 ext. 6141; Dr. James C. Batcheller, 619 S Fancher, Mount Pleasant, MI 48858; Phone: 989.774.3317;

Northeast Anthony B. Barbir, 2310 9th St N Apt 204, Arlington, VA 22201; Phone: 925.765.4061;

Northeast Marie Burleigh, 1807 N. 23rd St, Clarksburg, WV 26301-1530; Phone: 304.669.9280; Casey M. Goodwin, UNH Dept. of Music PCAC 30 Academic Way, Durham, NH 03824; Phone: 603.781.4259;

Southeast Renee A. Cartee, 235 Stallworth Court, Oviedo, FL 32765; Phone: 407-721-5363; Crystal R. Wright, 2110 Sullivan Road, Huntsville, AL 35810; Phone: 256.852.1474;

Southeast Evan L. Thompson, 16 Hilliard Drive, Sumter, SC 29150; Phone: 803.840.4418; Dr. Craig Aarhus, Mississippi State University, PO Box 6162, Mississippi State, MS 39762; Phone: 662.325.2713;

Southwest Erika Pope, 53 Point West Circle, Little Rock, AR 72211; Phone: 501.416.1191;

Southwest Toni Castle, 2121 Spring Ct., Harlingen, TX 78550; Phone: 361.549.0035; John Graham, Music Dept-Bands UAPB, PO Box 4809, Pine Bluff, AR 71601; Phone: 870.575.8919; Western James Llamas, 13875 Via Boltana, San Diego, CA 92129; Phone: 858.735.5285; James G. Hudson, 1014 West Windhaven Avenue, Gilbert, AZ 85233; Phone: 480.965.2298;

Western Trevor Angood, 4136 Manzanita Dr., Apt. A, San Diego, CA 92105; Phone: 619.920.9184;

This directory information is provided for the convenience of Brothers and Sisters so that they may establish contact with a Fraternity or Sorority volunteer for the sole purpose of conducting Fraternity and Sorority business; it may not be used for commercial or other non-Fraternity/Sorority related purposes. For complete contact information for all National and District officials, please visit our online Chapter Directory from our National Headquarters website, All information is current as of September 2013.



Don’t forget to notify the PODIUM of your new address

National Headquarters Kappa Kappa Psi Tau Beta Sigma National Honorary Fraternity/Sorority P.O. Box 849 Stillwater, OK 74076-0849

Non-Profit Org. U.S. POSTAGE PAID Jefferson City, MO PERMIT NO. 210

Change Service Requested

Name Address City



Complete above and return with old address label to: Kappa Kappa Psi/Tau Beta Sigma P.O. Box 849, Stillwater, OK 74076-0849

PODIUM & BATON INDEXING PROJECT Kappa Kappa Psi is looking for talented and dedicated brothers to serve as the next National Chapter Field Representatives (CFRs). This job gives you the ultimate opportunity to give back to our organization as the official representative of the Fraternity. CFRs travel around the country visiting dozens of chapters, thousands of brothers, and working with students to benefit the Fraternity and college bands across the nation. The Fraternity is looking for brothers available to start in the summer of 2014. Please note that if you are graduating in the Spring of 2014 and are interested in applying you should do so now - the new CFRs will begin their duties in June of 2014.


Be an Alumni or Life Member Hold a Bachelors Degree Have a good driving record Able to obtain an Oklahoma driver’s license For full details see Questions? E-mail Jack Lee, National Vice President for Colonization and Membership at TO APPLY: Send a letter of intent, resume, official transcript, and three (3) letters of recommendation postmarked no later than March 10th, 2014. One letter of recommendation must be from your Director of Bands. Send applications to:

KAPPA KAPPA PSI NATIONAL HEADQUARTERS ATTN: Chapter Field Representative Application P.O. Box 849 Stillwater, OK 74076-0849

The Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma history and archives teams are excited to announce a project to index the joint publication of our organizations, The Podium. The Baton is the early year’s publication for Kappa Kappa Psi and is included in this indexing project. The history of our organizations comes alive when you look back at older editions of the publications. As part of the process to document the history of Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma, we are embarking on this project now so that by 2019 we will be in the position to provide a documented history of our organizations. If you would like to assist in this project, please contact Aaron Moore at You will be able to do this indexing on your on time and schedule. You will be asked what edition of the Podium or Baton you would like to index (possibly the years you were an active member). We will send you that edition as a PDF document, along with an Excel file to document the issue, instructions, and an example issue. Thank you for supporting Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. We hope you will see the value in this project and commit to indexing one or more issues.

The Podium Spring 2014  

The official publication of the two National Honorary Band service organizations, Kappa Kappa Psi and Tau Beta Sigma. Dale Being Dale / Memo...