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Bishop Sean O'Malley OFM Cap. served as homilist for the annual pilgrimage of the Archdiocese of Washington to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. Thousands gathered there on Respect Life Surlday, October 6, for the Mass. Following is the text of the bishop's homily: n ancient Ireland. the people had the practice of making a vow to be peregrinus, to be lifelong pilgrims in perpetual exile. They neither cut their hair nor clipped their nails (they must have looked like our rock stars). They traveled from one holy well to the next. from one shrine or hermitage to another, never sleeping two nights in the same place. Their pilgrimage was a witness to the whole Church, a testimony abollt our spiritual condition as pilgrims-one that engenders a sense of solidarity. detachment, penance, and courage and forbearance in the face of hardship. St. Teresa put it very succinctly: "Esta vida no es sima una mala noche en una mala posada." "This life is like a bad night in an uncomfortable inn." oday, we are all here on pilgrimage celebrating the Patroness of the Archdiocese, Mary, Mother of God, the ancient title that goes back to the Council of Ephesus in 431, in which Mary is proclaimed Mother of God. or in Greek Theotokos. Our Pilgrimage Mass today celebrates life - on Pro-Life Sunday, and in a special way Mary's pregnancy, Mary as the temple with God inside her. A new collection of Marian Masses offers us this celebration: the Virgin Mary. the Temple of the Lord. BISHOP SEAN O'Malley, OFM, Cap., delivers the homily at the arin"ual pilgrimage of the Archdiocese he Fathers of the Church gradually realize.d that of Wasl;lington to the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. (Catholic Stanthe temple and 'dwelling place images of Scripture, indeed all the figures'of containment and dard/Michael Alexander photo) . enclosure, apply with great precision to the Mother of God. When for nine months the Virgin carries Christ in is the 'house' that Divine Wisdom built for Himself." The cret. At Fatima, the rosary had been the secret. !'S. Fatima, her womb, she is the consummate Ark and Temple of Temple was Goa's dwelling place; it was God'~ house. the rosary emerges again as a spiritual weapon against God. In a homily preached at the Council of Ephesus, The sign of God's,taking up residence in the Temple was the oppression of atheistic Communism. Today, Qur roSt. Cyril salutes Our Lady in a litany replete with meta- the cloud of incense which filled the inner shrine where . saries are needed to fight a new battle ... one of life and the Ark was enthroned. phors of habitation and sanctuary: .death. We come together on this Pro-Life Sunday, on ary, the mother of Jesus, is often called "the the eve of the Feast of the Holy Rosary, to celebrate the Hail, Ma~y Theotokos ... Imperishable Temple, Temple of God" because' she became the Mass of Mary, the Temple of God. place of Him who cannot be c9ntained in a dwelling place for God in human form. Just place, Mother and Virgin ... Hail, thou who hast ary became the new Temple, the new Ark of contained in thy holy virginal womb Him who as Solomon prepared the Temple in every detail, so God . the Covenant, when she said, "Yes" to God at cannot be contained in the heavens. prepared Mary to be the Mother of Jesus. From the first the Annunciation, the day the first 'Ave' was t. Proclus acclaims the Holy Theotokos as "the moment of her conception, she was preserved from any prayed: Hail Mary full of grace, the Lord is with thee. unsullied shell that contains the pearl of great stain of sin and guk~ed py the cloud of God's presence. When Mother Teresa opens convents in the farthest corprice, the sacred shroud of sinlessness, the costly When she conceived Jesus in her womb, she became a ners of the earth, she says she is putting a tabernacle alabaster box of spikenard, the Ark gilt within and with- true Temple, the dwelling place of God in the flesh .. there. Mary is the first tabernacle. Mer hearing from out." All these sacred places from Scripture reach their Through the death and resurrection of Mary's Son, every the angel Gabriel the news that her cousin was preg.fulfillment in Mary's womb: 0 womb in,which the Char- person has been made a Temple of God. In Baptism, nant. Mary rushed off to help her. When she arrives at ter of our freedom was composed, 0 temple in which the Spirit of God dwells in each person, making us Elizabeth's house...the Hail Mary continues ... Blessedare God became a priest, "in the words of an ancient prayer. temples. The Holy Father speaks of the vocation of the thou among woman and blessed is the fruit of.thy womb. he pregnant Mary and the 'pregnant Elizabeth ne hundred fifty years ago, the Bishops of the family to be the "sanctuary of life." Mary, the Temple, is embrace. Jot]n the Baptist, a fetus in his mother's United States consecrated this country to Mary just that. Through her intercession, our families will grow womb, leaps for jay - like David dancing before under the title of the Immaculate Conception to be "sanctuaries of life." our hundred and twenty-five years ago, St. Pope the Ark of the Covenant. ...thus the narne of this Shrine dedicated to Mary, PaPius V established October 7 as the Feast of the he Apocryphal Gospel of James describes the troness of our country. Most Holy Rosary. The feast was established in flight into Egypt ... it is said that the pagan idols his magnificent Basilica is Mary's temple, but fell at Mary's feet like Dagon crumbled in the prestoday's Mass reminds us that Mary is God's thanksgiving. By the power of prayer, Christendom was' . temple; as St. Bernard of C1airvaux stated: "Ma!y .spared a terrible invasion, The rosary had been the s~ Turn to Page Six


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Diocese of Fall River -

Fri., Oct. II, 199~.

...........,....._..PQP.e..'~.gQlde1jL...," jubilee c~l~k,:atj,on .setfor Nov~ 7-JO

~.... ~ "'"-'" n~,\;",'lI". ..".."'t:LlI";';'lfo;.;;Ir~":;:.1')o~'.~""."'_~-"li"'. ..


!',~ • • • .-.!~~\-:!-':.~''';j.\\

'VATICAN CITY(CNS)- The ·Vatican has had to rely on loc(ll bishops to do the inviting' l:O a four-day celebration of-the .:;Oth_ anniversary of Pope John Pau:! II's priestly ordination. . The plan is that every dioc(:san or religious-order priest ordained in 1946 would be invited to pa:itic. ipate in a Nov. 7-10 jubilee program of talks'and'sharing, Masses and prayer services, celebr~tions and sightseeing. But the Vatican does not have a mailing list for all the jubilarians, nor is it sure of how many men were ordained to the priesth Dod the same year as the then 26-y,~ar­ old Karol Wojtyla, the current pope. The, uncertainty has not sloiNed down the planning spearheaded by Archbishop Crescenzio S(:pe, secretary of the Congregation for Clergy. . He did reveal, however, that' Pope John Paul would make a gift to each of the participating priests ~ a simple, but elegant stole with a cross, the papal crest and the

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FATHER KUT ALA, greeting a blind woman on a road in India, illustrates the daily service of priests, sisters and lay' missionaries in dioceses around the world. In India a~one, more than 100 dioceses are aiaed t~rough funds donated by US Catholics to the Propagation' of the Fajth on World Mission Sunday, bet. 20 .

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Church around· world aided . by Mission'Sunday funds The witness of bishop, priests, religious, laity and missionaries. makes a tremendous difference among the people of Udon Thani, Thailand, says Redemptorist Bishop George Phimphisan.. To illustrate, he. tells of a Buddhist family in which tHe father, a prominent police official, was killed'. The youngest child, a girl, attended the local Catholic school. "When the sisters came to visit the' family,'· saio the bishop, "~he ran to them, telling them of her sorrow. Her mother said to the sisters, 'She did not do this with anyone else; that· is how much love she has for you,''' "That is how we evangelize," Bishop '·Phimphisan says, "by witnessing to people, showing them, through our actions of c.harity, the Gospel, the new life Jesus offers, and 'his love. People who come into contact with me or the missionaries or the sisters will ask, 'Why do you do this for us?' We 'tell them, 'Because ourf!iith teaches us to do this. You are children of God. Jesus loves you and we want you to know that,'''. . . The love of Jesus has motivated another Udon Thani missionary for 30 years. Redemptorist Father Larry Patin began .his ministry serving leprosy victims. These gays, with their' medical needs being addressed, he is involved in the day-to-day struggles of the poor farmers of his parish on theMekong River on the Thailand-Laos border. AI OS is also a big challenge to .him, as is meeting the needs of the handicapped. A diocesan program is being developed in which vol un-




. ""'"{Jrr






~ 0ir..:-.!=~~;==n-~-,-. --~ "';'::='




............:0-._...-- ....... "_ .--

teers are trained to visit the handicapped at home, working with them on rehabilitation, physical therapy and education. Father Patin observed "I work in a country where 99 percent of the people are Buddhist, and where I have the opportunity to radically change their lives,' to touch them with Christ's love. "I wake up every day with that thought;" he concludes, !'excited by and grateful for the possibility the Lord offers me to tell them about him." On Sunday Oct. 20, we will wake up knowing it is World Mission Sunday, a special day to focus on our own missionary responsibility,. our own call to touch the lives of people all over the world with the love of Christ. The prayer and financial 'help sought on World Mission Sund!ly .support the work of the diocc; of 'Udon Thani and 1,000 other mission dioceses that depend for basic daily support on the Propagation of the Faith. A portion of ttie funds gathered remains in the U.S. for the work of the home missions.


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As of Sept. 13, he said, about 1,006 priests and bishops ordained . in 1946 had written to the V;iticans's tour coordinating office accepting the invitation. . . Many of them will come ,'to Rome with family members, ::el. low priests or parishioners. The Vatican does have an up-todate count on a segment of 'the jubilarian community. Of the m,)re than 4, 100 Catholic bishops worldwide, 85 were ordained priests in 1946. .' .<linals also are m~rking their 50th anniversaries: Swiss Cardinal Gilberto Agustoni, prefect of the Apostolic Signature, a church court; Italian Cardinal Pio Laghi, prefect of the Congregation for Catholic Education; Cilrdinal James A. Hickey of Washington; Cardinal Jose T. Sanchl:z, fOfmer prefect of the Congregation for Clergy; and Italian Caniinal' Achille Silvestririi, prefect of the Congregation for Eastern Churches.. According to "professional s1atistical calculations," Archbish,)p Sepe said, there probably are about 7,000 other priests marking 50th anniversaries. The Vatican did not keep worldwide statistics in 1946, he said, :;0 their number is uncertain. Obviously, like the 76-year-old pontiff, most ofthejubilarians are well into their 70s. But, the archbishop said, "the .commemoration of 50 years is n,)t a celebration of the elderly, but ,)f youth continually renewed, becau:;e Christ is young and hispriesthocd is always rejuvenated." From the letters the congregation has received, Archbishop SeJle said he estimates that about half of the priests ordained' in 1946 are still active and he thinks the va:lt majority are still·alive. . "Priests last a long time," h.e said. Golden jubilarians interested in participating in the program should contact their diocesan bishop (J,r the bishop of the diocese where. they live. Enrollment must be made through the Vatican tour organization: Peregrinatio ad Petri Sedem, Piazza Pio XII, 9, Vaticalll City 00120 Europe. The fax n.umber is 011-396-6988-5617.



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Bishop writes to sponsors of senatorial debate Fall River Bishop Sean P. O'Malley, OFM, Cap., has written to sponsors of an upcoming senatorial debate at Stonehill College to express his disappointment that the only candidate who is opposed to abortion has been excluded from participation. "I am extremely disappointed," the bishop wrote, "that the only candidate whose position on abortion coincides with that of the Catholic community has been excluded from the debate." Susan Gallagher, an independent running for U.S. Senate, is opposed to abortion. Debate sponsors have decided to limit the debate series to the candidates of the two major parties. In his letter the bishop asked th~ Boston-based debate sponsors (the Boston Ol~be, the Boston Herald, TV channels WBZ, WCVB, WHDH and New EngHmd Cable News) to reconsider their decision and allowthe candi- , date to participate. To have a fair debate, Bishop O'Malley stated, it is important to offer Massachusetts voters, a chance "to hear articulated a position on abortion that is contrary to that of the Democratic and Republican candidates." In this way the bishop feels that the electorate can become better info.rmed ~f the issue and of a wider range of candidates' positions on it. . Stonehill College in North Easton, the site of the October 15 debate, is run by the Congregation of Holy Cross 'Fathers and is located within the Fall River Diocese. Bishop O'Malley commended the media for their sponsorship of the debate and reminded them of their important role of ensuring that all issues receive thorough examination and discussion. He added that exclusion from the debate of the only candidate opposed to abortion weakens the democratic process and can be perceived as a pro- ' abortion bias.

Daily Readings Oct. 14: Gal 4:22-24,2627,31-5:1; Ps 113:1-7; lk 11:29-32 Oct. 15: Gal 5:1-6; Ps 119:41,43-45,47-48; lk 11:3741 Oct. 16: Gal 5:18-25; Ps 1:1-4,6; lk 11:42-46 Oct. 17: Eph 1:1-10; Ps 98:1-6; lk 11:47-54 Oct. 18: 2Tm4:10-17b; Ps 145:10-13,17-18; lk 10:1-9 Oct. 19: Eph 1:15-23; Ps 8:2-7; lk 12:8-12 OCt. 20: Is 45:1,4-6; Ps 96:1,3-5,7-10; 1Thes 1:1-5b

:':.'! .,~ ./} .. ~." ,l,.,.',' Ii",·, h) ·':~·}·J:'·I - (·'\\.~!-\t"·." I ' THE ANCHOR - Diocese of Fall 'River - Fri., Oct. 11, 1996 1111111111111111111111111111111111111 THE ANCHOR (USPS-545-020). Periodical Postage Paid at Fall River, Mass. Published weekly except for the first two weeks in July and the week after Chrisbnas at 887 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Mass. 02720 by the Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River. Subscription price by mail, postpaid $13.00


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Interfaith Council announces events The Interfaith Council of Greater ,-Fall River has announced its 20th annual dinner, to lake place at I p.m. Oct. 20 at White's of Westport. Information on tickets is avaihible from Anne Pacheco, tel. 673-9605. Entertainment will be offered by Teja Arboleda, writer, producer, actor, comedian and

New teacher, domain name at Coyle-Cassidy . At Taunton's Coyle and Cassidy High School Barbara Quill has been named a member of the English Department, teaching' English and journalism. She was the school's receptionist last year. . Coyle and Cassidy has been assigned a new domain name for its new site on the Internet's World Wide Web. It can ~e found at:

. October 14 1918, Rev. Dennis M. Lowney, Assistant, Sacred Heart, Taunton 1972, Rev. Msgr. Edward B. Booth, Pastor Emeritus, St. Mary, North Attleboro . October 16 1987, Rev. Ra'ymond M. Drouin, OP, Former Pastor, St. Anne, FaIl River October 17 1984, Rev. Gerald Lachance, Missionary Father

visual artist for a one-man show, "Ethnic Man," Which addresses his own multi-ethnic, multi-racial and multi-cultural heritage. The Council is also planning to form an .Interfaith Choir whose repertoire would include ethnic music and folk songs frilm around the world. The group would be available for in'terfaith functions and community events throughout the.·area. Those interested in, participation as vocalists o.r pia~o accompanists may contact Barbara, Shore, Council co-president, at .(401) 624-7857. .,



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The Diocese of Portland is looking for a Stewardship Director. The Diocese serves 250,000 Catholics statewide and has 139 par•ishes, 55 missions and 19 schools. .The director will be responsible for the overall Stewardshipand Development <rfforts of the Diocese. These efforts include working with pastors and parish leaders by implementing first time or renewal stewardship programs and directing both the Annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal and Planned Giving. The successful candidate must have a thorough conceptual understanding of stewardship in a Catholic setting. The candidate must also demonstrate leadership and superb organizational skills. The Roman Catholic Diocese ofPortland offers a rewarding work environment as well as cOII).petitive compensation and benefits. Please respond with resume, salary history and requirements by October 25 to:

Roman Catholic Diocese of Portland.

510 Ocean Ave., P.O. Box 11559 Portland, ME 04104-7559 ATTN: Stewardship Director

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Pro~ise . , " Noone has suffered more at the hands of this past Congres$ than have legal immigrants to this country. Amid the man~, horrendous debates it was hard to discern if our elected off~i " cials even kn~w the definition of "legal." The muddled terms Of their discussion made one think that immigration to Americl\ is illegal. It really is ironic to think that this could happen' in ~ Congress whose roots, save for those of any Native Americaq member, are in the immigrant status of their own ancestors.! How quickly one forgets one's origins when political correct1 ness is at stake. ' It is important to put the facts in right order. Undocu~ -mented, i.e. illegal immigrants, constitute less than two percen~ of the total United States population and only about 9.~ percent ofthe U.S. population consists oflegal impligrants. In; fact, the foreign-born population of America is declining.U .S.\ Census Bureau records show that only 2 percent of workingl age immigrants, ,excluding refugees, receive welfare, comparedj with 3.9 percent working-age native-born Americans. Some, how Congress ignored the fact that legal immigrants pay over: $64 billion in taxes to support government services. ' . While we do of course control immigration to the Unitedl States, it is imperative that we do not jeopardize legal immigra-, tion policies. The challenge of developing effective rules and regulations for control of megal immigration is great. As a sovereign nation we have the right and obligation to control our borders, but what we are losing in this process is ourl ' . '\ respect for civil rights. . , To safeguard the budget and reduce tax rates, we deny ba~ic human s~rvices to.. . newcomers to the nation. Such tactics arel not far removed from bias and discrimination. Too many of! our present policies flow from fear rather than acceptance. ~ eNs/Callawa)' photo More and more we see judgments being made on the basis of a; person's appearance, slirn,!-me or accent. This is not only; DAVE LENART SPRAYS RED PAINT ON SOME OF THE 4,000 WHITE CROSSES . '1' wrong, it is un-American., OUTSIDE ST. MARGARET MERCY H'EALTHCARE CENTER IN DYER, IND. It would be well to call to min~ that y, liKe THE CROSSES MARK RESPECT LIFE MONTH AND THE NUMEROUS immigrants of the past, playa Vital role to Amenca s demoABORTIONS TAKING PLACE IN AMERICA. LENART SAID HE PAINTED cratic process. Recent research shows~at immigrants who SOME RED TO REPRESENT PARTIAL-BIRTH ABORTIONS. become citizens are more likely to register and to vote than "See that you despise not one of these little ones: for I say to you, nativ~-born Americans. Those seeking election should keep that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father this in mind. . We should also heed the words of the prophet Isaiah who who is in heaven." Mt 28:10 'cried out "woe to those who enact unjust statutes and who write oppressive decrees, depriving the needy ofjudgment and, ., robbing my people's poor of their. rights." In our own time,' Rope John Paul II has written, "Justice will never fully be By Father Kevin J. Harrington· denses on the steel, touch the blade' storm starts moving westward from attained unless people see in the poor person, who is asking for Africa, this force deflects it ~.way The last·two hurricane seasons and notice how quickly it heats. In help in order to survive, not an annoyance or a burden but an have produced close to a record your imagination multiply that from the equator and toward tJ:te opportunity for showing kindness arid a chance for greater, number of -tropical storms. The blade by the thousands of square ·pole. The Coriolis force is stronglife cycle of a hurricane provides. miles of a'ir and water that make est at the poles and vanishes c:omenrichment." living witness to many striking fea: up a hurricane and you can see pletely at the equator. When this There was little kindness expressed in the halls of Congress tures.of our planet, from its daily' .how enough energy is derived from drift carries the hurricane ollt" of during this past legislative session when the subject of immi- rotation to the state of its ocean.s. this. source to power the storm. the region of the trade winds, . .gration ~ade its way to the front. And some of our statehouses As dreaded as hurricanes are, they The rotation of Earth is 'responwhich blow to the east, it is suhject are not far behind Congress in their lack of care for the are a physicist's dream because sible for the curved path that char- to the westerly winds that dominate the weather in the temperate they illustrate so many interesting acterizes a hurricane. This is clearly immigrant.' . ' As we try to. survive the last days before the presidential and principles of physics. They occur evident from the perspective of a latitudes. Northern hemisphere in a!~ of Earth's oceans except the s~tellite viewing Earth from afar' storms move counterclockwise, congressionil1.elections, may we hope that right and just immi- South Atlantic. In the Orient they but is by no means evident from while southern hemisphere sto,rms' gration laws are enacted and that each of us may.str:ive for are called typhoons; in the Atlan- .' Earth itself. There is a simple move clockwise. When hurricanes more empathy toward those who yearn to share,in the promise tic area, hurricanes; and.everywhere experiment set up in the Smithson- approach the equator, they simply· ian Institution in Washington that .run out of steam as if the wind!: are America holds out to the world family. Let us remember the else, tropical.cyclones.. They are characterized by a 'shows us that Earth is rotating on at a loss without help from the words of Emma' Lazarus engraved on the' pedestal of the' corkscrewlike flow of air and clouds its axis· without us ever leaving the ·Coriolis force. Statue of Liberty: "Send these, the homeless, temp~st-tost to into a region of low pressure. Ask" . ground~ A set of little red blocks is Armed Forces meteorologists me. I lift my lamp beside the go}den door!" ing the right questions about hur- arranged. in a circle under a huge started the practice of assigl\i~g

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Why a Hurricane' Kevin is un,likely

ricanes yields many insights 'into pendulum swinging from a ceiling. girls' names .to hurricanes at random after the Second World War, the nature of our world. Where Every 10 minutes or so a cheer which is why the 1938 hurricane' does a storm's energy come from? goes up from the spectators as the . Wtiy does the wind flow into the pendulum. knocks over another had no name. In 1953, girls' names central low-pressure area along red block. To an observer in space began to be assigned in alphabeticurved paths instead of in straight of this Smithsonian phenomenon, cal order. A truly devastating storm causes its name to be retired. In . ' lines? Why do storm tracks curve it would be obvious that this FFICIAL NEWSP'APER OF' THE DIOC.,ESE OF FAll RIVER up away from the equator instead apparent sideways niotioI) arises 1979 the politically correct custom O offollowing the trade winds straight b . of alternating boys' and girls' names ' h e d wee kl y b y The a C th 0 I'Ie P It . ' ? Wh y can" Earth ,IS ~nder for h ' . duc~. ' d In P u bl IS ress 0 h e O'locese 0 I Fa II R'Iver' across.t h e ocean. tah ur- . .the pendulum'. urncanes was .I~tro . 887 Highland Avenue P.O. BOX ~ " ric,lin'e cross'th~' e,quator? Why can ,. . . . . ·theeven more polttlcallycorrect ' Fall River. MA 02720 Fall River. MA 02722-0007 there never be a Hurricane Zelda The Frenc~· ,mathematiCian . 90s culturally diverse names such o r Z e k e ? , G.ustave d.e Co.riolis is c.redited as Edouard, Fran, Gustav, HorTelephone508-675-71 5 1 h h f h h , " F A X (508)'675-7048 '" ;, Xou,,'canget"an,idea ·of. the w~t n~~tng t. IS orce, ~ IC. acts . 'tense and Isidore were chosen. • ' ' , ,amount of- eneJ:gy involved in a per~en(hcularly.t0 the ~Irecuon of, ' Thankfully, out ofmor.e than-a f;;:' ~;<.-: '. ~:>~·;Send addreu ch&nges,toP.O:::80x'7:~r,·,eaJI;~'nl, .'tiuiriciirie~y il:siinple expennlent ~'motlon'of.~he;obJe:ct·.~ng:watche~.' hundred weather- situations aniilu~:;~':':. "::. '.::"', ;.~;', .. :~. "\: .•.::, , , : .:: .7... , .' '. " , ,:'>,:;, ;~'.' . 'i~,' .,,;;-' ''':, "":, 'in"youf'9wllki,tcheii: 'Hold-a' cold ' .~n~,he!,cec:a!1s<~s.I,~,.t~deV;l~te f[o~.,., ally·that might develop into Atbn~ .,': ";'. :'.'. ".-,. ," "~'EDlTOR'" ... : ~ .,., -",:~' ·7>:-:"Q£N£RAL.ANAGER·:, ';:' ;kiiife'bl&de inihisteamtluit comes ,-.the t~peofmotlonlt.~ul!J,ha~elf; ; ticburriCanes•.orily 'between five /1 " ...;,', . ..Rev,";JQhn-F :'Moore' . '. . ' "" ' ';'RosemaryDussault ,~ut; of:, a'.,k1:ule'on ·:yout"stov,e. .no ,SUCh force: were, p~nt.. ,~and ·1 S do so.-which mates ,it not '.<:~._,~_. ~,,~ :~.~.::: .",.i:_~_~.~~.'-~"""'" "', '::", :.:' ~". :>While"LYOu)watclt ·~the "beads"of ... '. . This Corious effect'1:xplaius1he .. ··impoilsiblebut highlYllnlikelytl~at ' (~~ ,... ~ • , . > , . . ,~., , . . . . , ~, . ~ .. -- :'~'~'.;~~:,~~ ': ~ ", ~'~~~;~~~~~,~~~~~~-;.\";:.~ti~.e.JiJ~~.Uir~~!i:at~~Whe~:a::;:':':::~WjU·li,ve.rosee1lJi.~~lf~~~~iPl;~





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Doctors remove pope's appendix, rule out serious disorders

THE ANCHOR -:.. Diocese of Fall River - Fri" Oct. 11, 1996


ROME (CNS) _. Doctors suc"He was always serene," he said. It said the pope's personal phycessfully removed Pope John Paul Papal spokesman Joaquin Navarsician, Dr. Renato Buzzonetti, also to II's inflamed appendix and ruled ro-Valis, speaking at a separate was present for the operation. out any more serious intestinal briefing at the Vatican, said the Another doctor from the Gemelli disorder for the 76-year-old pontiff. operation's success was expected hospital helped prepare a prevenFOR CANCER VICTIMS AND The pope regained conscious- at the Vatican - and it left people tative treatment againSt cytomeganess almost immediately after the relieved. . . lovirus, a blood virus that affected THEIR LOVED ONES 50-minute surgery Oct. 8 and "I think there's relief whenever a the- pope in 198 I. "greeted and thanked everyone" surgical operation confirms a preIn his briefing, for reporters, Every Thursday • 9:30 A.M. on the medical staff, said Dr. vious diagnosis. But the Vatican Crucitti was also asked about the Francesco Crucitti, who performed had every trust in what the doctors pope's nervous system disorder, ST. LOUIS CHURCH the operation at Rome's Gemelli had diagnosed. Thete was no sur: which the Vatican has described as 420 Bradford Avenue • Fall River hospital. prise," he said. an "extrapyramidal" disturbance, Crucitti said all of the pope's The Vatican spokesman said t.he a term that could include Parkinvital signs were normal during and pope awoke at 3 a.m. the morning son's diseasle. following the surgery. He said the of surgery and spent some two Crucitti said that disorder was a pope might get out of bed the next hours alone in prayer in a private separate one being followed by day and could be dismissed from chapel next to his hospital room. other medic:al experts. He said it the hospital in a week or so. At 5 a.m., he concelebrated Mass posed no problems for the pope's "It might be eVI~n sooner. But with his personal secretary. • Prompt 24 Hour Service • Automatic Deliveries let's not forget the pope is in his The pope began the ,pre-opera- surgery or recovery, but did not elaborate. • Call In Deliveries • Budget Terms Availlblt 77th year," he said. tion routine at about 7 a.m., and The pope entered the hospital • Free EstImetes Crucitti said the operation c.on- surgery was completed by 8:40 firmed what he and other doctors a.m. The pope had awakened by late Oct. 6 and spent the next day undergoing a series of routine preYou Never Had Service had diagnosed earlier this .year: the time he reached his room and operation exams, al1 of which Until You Tried Charlie's that the pope was suffering from asked doctors how the surgery reassured doctors that he was recurrent episodes of appendix went, Navarro-Valls said. We~re located at . .. ready for surgery. It was his sixth inflammation, which produced The doctors then handed the operation at the Gemelli hospital, 46 Oak Grove Ave., Fall River symptoms of fever and nausea. pope the medical report they hac! llrranged a special suite which has oreall . . : "The regional examination al- . just drawn up for public release; of rooms for the pope's exclusive 508-675-7426·674·0709 lowed us to exclude, once again, the pope asked a nun standing use. the presence of other pathologies," nearby to read it. he said. He said he could "categorAccording to the medical bulically" rule out.a tumor as a cause letin, Cruciui was assisted by three of the pope's recent flare-ups. other surgeons, along with a carCrucitti expressed irritation with diologist and three members of an . Est 1962 recent Italian newspaper reports anesthesia team. suggesting that the pope had a Two other doctors performed Religious more serious disease, such as an immediate microscopic tissue Articles cancer, which doctors were either examination of the removed appenconcealing or failing to diagnose. dix which showed fibrosis caused Books • Gifts "It's time to put an end to all by previous inflammations, it said. these fantasies we've read," he said. The bulletin said additionaJ rouChurch Supplies "There is' no secret. I'm here to tell tine microscopic examinations you what the situation really is, would also be carried out. . 428 Main St. • Hyannis, MAo260l and it's exactly as we described it" 508-775-4180 Mon.-Sat. 9-5 in previous medical statements. Crucitti said a textbook appendectomy was performed on the Start of schOOl activities at St. SHARP. COPIERS pontiff. Doctors found exactly what Mary's, Nf:W Bedford, inCluded a they expected to find: that the Welcoming Committee reception Long & Short Tenn Rentals pope's appendix had been inflamed for new families which followed a and had developed scar tissue. The liturgy celebrated by Msgr. John starting 'at $49/mth, doctors also removed some "ad- J. Oliveira. Fac~lty gathered for a herences" in the area, scar tissue day of prayer and fellowship modHIGH & LOW VOLUME MACHINES, that sometimes.develops following erated by F;ather Charles A. Jodoin, FULL DUPLEX, ADF & SORTER surgery. The pope has been oper- parochial vicar, and new teachers Expen ReplJir of SHARP" brlJnd office equipment ated 'upon twice in the intestinal Nicole Bedard (Grade 3) and Jefarea, after a 1981 shooting and in frey Cormier (Grade 7) offered the ~ CALL SC. OTT SMITH rUTHORllEDI ~ SHARP 1992'to remove a benign tumor. gifts at the opening of school CO ...... UNICATIONS. INC. OEALER The pope went through the opera- liturgy. tion well, and .all his circulatory, Parents were welcomed at an INDIAN SPRINGS PLAZA· 3021 COUNTY ST. -SO'MERSfT. MA 02726 respirat(>ry, blOCld and metabolic opening of school meeting at which function's remaim:dwithin the norm Principal Angela L: .Stankiewicz during surgery, said Crucitti said. outlined the schoolgoals and new :i Th'e pontiff had about 10 stitches. activit.ies·,for the year. "Parent He was being treated with antibio- Advisory Committee representative tics and was receiving the normal Stephen Paiva" discussed· that therapy for appendectomy patients,. group's objectives and announc'ed he said. fundraising effort's fo~ the year. He'added that the pope's spirits Following the general meeting, were'good before and after surgery. teachers held class meetings in their homeroom where classroom plans and policies were discussed. 'EDICTAL CITATION Celebration ofstlident birthdays DIOCESAN TRIBUNAL will be highlighted this year with FALL RIVER, M~SSACHUSmS Since the actual place of residence of "Happy Birthday" announcements, ribbons, llnd "no uniform" passes DANIEL P. O'CONNELL, JR. is unknown. marking the day for the celebrants. We cite DANIEL P. O'CONNELL, JR. to Students in Grades 3 to 6 and appear personally before the Tribunal of the their teachers enjoyed a trip to the Diocese of Fall River on Tuesday, October 22, 1996 at 2:30 p.m. at 887 Highland Avenue, Traveling Smithsonian Exhibit at 'Fall River, Massachusetts, to give testimony to the Providence Convention Cenestablish: ter. Dorothy's ruby slippers were voted the favorite exhibit. .Whether the nullity of the marriage The Walkathon Committee has exists in the Siegfriedt· O'Connell case? Tickets or Donations Please Call:' Ordinaries of the place· or other pastors finalized plans'forthe event ,.", . having the knowledl~e of the residence of the .to be held Saturday, Oct. 19. Msgr. above person, Daniel P. O'Connell, Jr., must Oliveira.willbe·setting the pace as Sister M. Lourdette Harrold , 31~ see to il.lhat he is properly advised in regard school families and faculty ,put S·. M R A I M L II to this edictal citation. their best feet forward beginning Ister . ose nge ace a . • I Jay T. Maddp,ck ·.at,9a,m. Alumni and friends are : . Sister Mary Nora Smith, f •. t.' .' , .Judicial.Yi~ar, l invited to'join:.the.walk-oFto sponsol' a walker.' For information, - 'In Ue'u ofPLlrchasing a Ticket, DONATIONS are AppreCiate . Given at-the Tribunal, .


Charlie's Oil Co., Inc.


St. Mary's, NB




Sunday, November 3, 1996


$50.00 Per Person Social Hour-12:00-1 :00 Dinner - 1:00 Dancing

(508).679-8511 Ext. n (508) 226-4608 (508) 992-3694



. Fall ~iV~IJJI1}.~S.~~~~setts. . .. on this, 4th day of October, 1996,- ..

~ ~~J~ w.eb·~itq?i.~i '??~:?§?~. ~1~_~__"-~••iI!I Ramdate will, e Oct. .t6. -








Diocese of Fall River -

:B-ishop ._Q 'Malley's' homily

Fri., Oct. II, 199,6

. Continued from Page One the great-sttl,lggle between good offer~d to divide the child ill two. ence of the Ark of.Covenant, like and evil, between',light aQd dark-' One mother accepted this plan, ness. The dragon wishes "to dey_~ur but the true mother prefer::ed to . the walls of Jericho came tumbling down as the trumpets blew and the the Child brought forth." That Child giye her child away rather than kill Ark of the Covenant was carried is also a symbol of every child, it. Adoption rather than abortion. around the walled city. Mary is the especially every helpless baby whose When we say "yes" to life, we are I new Ark of the Covenant - she is life is threatened. The Holy Father saying "yes" to God, as Mary did. like a portable temple, a taberna- says that the rejection of a human O.nce I was talkin~ to a ~~nfir~ .................................................................................................................................... c1e. The letter to the Hebrews tells life is really a rejection of Christ. matlOnclass. I mentIOned ary's l us that the Ark of the Covenant Jl.'SUS states clearly: "Whoever '~fiat." One youngster immediately j' containedthreethings-thegolden 'receivesonesuchchildinmyname raised his hand and, with great, jar with manna, the staff of Aaron, receives me," and "truly, I say to exciterpent, asked if Mary drove 'j! the tablets of the law. Mary car- you, as, you did it to one of these 'an Italian car. I explained to him that "fiat" is the Latin word for " ried the Word of God, carved not little 'ones, you did it to me." in stone, but pondered in her heart. • The Holy Father has described "let it be done," or in other words, ~ She carried not the priestly staff, our modern society as a culture of the word for "yes." Christianity but the .priesthood itself; not the death. There is something radi- begins when Mary says, "fiat," Are you interested in education for profeSSional manna from tne Qesert, but Christ, cally wrong in our world. says '>es" ~o God. T~d~Y's Gospel the bread of life. • There is something wrong when descnbes t at power u scem:., ministry in LOday's Catholic Church7, Our story, the story of ChrisWe are taught that' after receiv- the laws forbid painful procedures Programs Include:' ing communion, the Eucharistic in slaughterhouses where animals tianity, begins in the Year I, in presence of Christ remains with us are killed and then allow similarly Mary's house ~t Nazar~th. St. Master of Divihity I for' a few minutes. These are painful procedures to be employed Augustine places the day as eight Master of Theology 'I, moments of intimacy with the Lord. in the clinic. . days before the Kalends of April, ,Mary's ·first Holy Communion • Thereissomethingwrongwhen in other words, March 25th. He Master of Theological Studies lasted nine months. Christ's heart your teenage daughter needs your also places Good Friday on that Licentiate in Sacred Theology beat next to hers, her blood flowed ,written consent to have her ears same date, 33 years later. There is into his veins. He heard her voice pie'rced: but an abortionist can certainly a connection betwee [l the Continuing Education Programs including when she spoke. Mary felt his perforin life-threatening procedures Annunciation (today's Gospel) and the Sabbatical Program. kicking inside her whenever Jesus upon her without yO,ur consent, the Crucifixion. and e~en without your knowledge. At the Annunciation, Mary, a , moved., Open House Visiting Days In 1980, when I was still at the • There is something wrong when frightened maiden, says "ye!," to 9:00am-2:00pm on the following days: Centro Catolico Hispano, we par- "choice" for the abortionists means. God in faith. Jesus becomes llesh Wednesday, October 16,1996 ticipated in an effort to register coercion of conscience for everyone in her womb. 33 years later, on the Wednesday, December 1\,1996 p'eople for the census. The local . else. Taxpayers have been com- same date, Mary is still sll:ying government ~as very concerned pelled to pay for the killing of the "yes" to God's plan. 'Her "yes" on A National Wednesday, February 5, !997 about an undercount, especially in unborn. Hospitals founded to save Calvary is a' sirent scream in her Theological For infonnation please contact: the Hispanic community. Much-to lives have been pressured to join pierced heart. She'says "yes" to the Center my surprise, we, were the agency. the killing, and those who refuse Cross, "yes" to the birth of the Mary Pat St. lean that far surpassed every other are threatened with liability for, Church that is born of Christ's DireC/o" of Admissions open Eve, born of Adal!l's agency, whether private or govern- damages. , WesliJp]esuit School or'Theology mental, in gathering names. Mayor • Something is wrong when the rib. She says ':yes" to Christ's offer 3 Phillips Place. Dept. Q2 Barry called to congratulate us quality of life, the right to privacy, to make her mother of his disciples. Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138-3495 and ask the secret of our success. I emotional health and,almost every How much we can learn f!:Om said, "I know this is going to sound conceivable reason are alleged to Mary who says "yes" to life - with .Phone: (617) 492-1960 • Fax: (617)492-5833 strange, but I cannot take any justify sn.uffing out a huma'n life all its uncertainties, all its potencredit for our success - we have -unborn, aged, abnormal, sick tial. She s~ys "yes" to the Crosn, to done the same thing as all the but always an innocent and defen- the, painful death of an inno(:ent ' Christ on the hard wood of the agen.cies...the posters, flyers, an- seless 'human ,life. TilE DO:\II:'\I(,":'; SISTEBS OF 1-!,\\\,TIIOBi\;E nouncements, etc. The only thing In Nuremberg, Germany, at the Cross. It:!'s world, peQple are we, did differently was quite by famous Nuremberg trials, one of struggling to say "yes" to life in the chance. We had a very pregnant the Nazi defendants said, when womb, and "yes" to the Cross, the lady in a maternity dress seated in faced with the undeniable holo- bed of pain of our elderly and the lobby of our office inviting caust In which millions of Jews infirm. The history of civilization everyone who came in to fill out were murdered, "I never thought it depends on our response to life, to the census form...and nobody could would come to this." The judge the Cross. say 'No' to her." The Mayor said said: "It was inevitable, bnce you In these two "fiats" of Mary, we that he was going to send materkilled the' first innocent, defense- too are born., Mary conceived us, nity dresses to all the agencies. I less person." Killing" gets easier that is, when she said said, "Some of the gentlemen tak- and easier. Ask the proponents of "yes". to Jesus' incarnation, when ing the' census are going to look partial-birth abortion, ask Dr. she consented to be the mother of , pretty silly." Still, there is someKervorkiari. In America, we are Christ, "the first born among many , I thing about a pregnant woman beco!Jling desensitized. We are brethren." Mary sa~ Jesus' misi that still evokes tenderness, respect, moving from the slippery slope to sion grow and new followers corne, Sr. M. Barbara' wonderll}elJ.t. ' free-fall. acommunity formed. These newly,~1\\' Native' o.f: Minnesota, B.S. - Business , In this beau~iful Shrine, we have The violence in our streets, the arrived people were called brothEducation/E nglish. Before entering, worked in Minnesota State GOl'enzor's Office, Senate, and Treasurer's' Offic.e. two images of Mary in a maternity pervasive drug culture, th~ harsh- ers, sisters, and mothers by Chn:st. dress-one is a photograph from' , dealing with the poor, 'the All of this began with Mary's "I became aware of God's call through prayer, an openlless to God's heaven Mary inthe Aztec matersick and the homeless are n'ot unre"yes" to God at the An~unciation. will and bv,experiencing His love in the Sisters and patients. My !' nity dress of COlO,'nial Mexico.. ~~c- lated to the a, bortion statistics: in That was the beginning" the convocation, {iJre every grace, is a gift from God, which 1 seek to " ~ tually, the black belt she wears 'one year, more babies died by ception of the Church; but Mary, " remain faithfttl to." 'I doe's neit i!ldicate :profi.ciency in a, bortion than all the me,n killed in beneath the Cross, is at the momt:nt karate, but rather the fact thl't she American wars since 1776, the of travail, when the Church is born I, is with child. A mosaic iil the time of George Washington. out of the side of Christ. : vaulted ceiling n~xt to the' high It is a spiritual problem. We' are Mary is still saying "yes" in· We seek women who are groWing in their love of,' altar on the ,west side of the church, not here to condemn or to "cast heart when Jesus entrusts us to God, and desire to join u· community with a strong also depicts' Mary, in a, ma;ternity" the first stone," but to ask pardon her: "Woman, behold thy son." $piritual, apostolic and community life. " " dress, very obviously pregnant. It of Qod and of those children Having witnessed the death of her Living our vows and participati'ng in the life of the Church I is ,~ary of the ,-:\pocalypse, the who never saw the light of day. We only son,Mary received a new and by prayer and sacraments, gives us the ability to serve Godin' great portent of the woman is have to ask M1fry, our Mother, to more numerous family from God, this apostolate. ..' , , act;ompanied !'yanother portent help us find the pathsthat will lead born not ,of the flesh, but of tile We nurse incurable cancer patients in our seven free, m6d, which appeared in/the sky, "a huge to repentance, reconciliation, and Spi,:if. As the psalm says: "Of Zion ern nursing homes, located in New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, , red dragon" - also depicted in the a society committed to the protec- it shall be' said: 'this one and that, Massachusetts, Georgia and Minnespta.. , same mosaic. The dragon repretion of human life at every stage one, were born to her·... Behold sents Satan, the personal power of, and in the face of every challenge. Philistia and Tyre, with Ethiopia Many who enter our community have no prior nursing "evil, as well as all the powers of evil We ask Mary to intercedefor all -'This o'ne was born there.... We experience, but we all share a great compassion for the sufferat work'in history. and 'opposing those mothers and fathers who were all born there when Mary ing,poor ·a~d.delight at being able to help ,them. ' . tbe mission of Christ and His have aborted their children to said "yes" to God: We are all ht:r , Church. He walts' 'to devour 'the touch their hearts and :bring them children. With her help, :-ve to 0 FOR " PLEASE SEND ME MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR CONGREGATION Child, .' , b a c k to God's ways. ' shall say"~fia( - "yes" to life, "yen" MORE'" ,', ' . , , Iii his powerful encyclical; The We ,ask Mary to bless those to th,e Cross, ','yes" to love. INFORMATION: NAME":' ',_'_ _'_' --'-'_______ Gospel ofLife (Evangelium Vitae)" mothers who have generously given Sr. !I'll/rie Edlloard ope Johl) Paul II remi,nds us that up their 'child in :adoption and to • Dominical/ Sisters ADDRESS he forces of evil were first direCted bless those mothers' who, with love ' Turn to page 9 forthe text of HlI1l'tllOme gainst Mary, who had to flee with and determination, make other of the prayer with which 600 LiI/(/aAFeIllIC CITY STATE_._ ,lIP__ h' d h' Ch'ld' ' E ' I' h'ld h '. . /'/all;tllOme. NY 10532 ,!sep .an t e l IOtO gypt, peop e s'c 1 ren t elr own. " Bishop O'Malley concluded '(9/-1) 769 -179-1 . est:.Herod kill' the Child. 'Mary When Solomon 'in his wisdom h' h 'I , PHONE! ,! ---,-,_--------.A hus helps the Church to realize' was confronted by tw~ ,women: ,.Is, ,OI!.ll y. I,.,-------::",~~, ...;....-------:------:~....:.-----'O:"'O-~111 h~.t_~i~~' is ~l~,~,'~.s.~t.,'~~~,I,l~~,~,t~~ o(!. wh9 cl~j:!}l.e,g\\t-'~~\\~~l.~\x:,~\19\\9~:i~~l, '.'" ....... -...\ I' ~~\'.:X \~:~',~~:.'\~::\\.~:..,..~ ::~. \.~\I:\.~~_~ ');j"~\.'~ .... ~:.~~ ...._=_...___:..ut:.ft~~~Cl.~ l".:.·-=~::;':.::::=..::.:":"- --:.:.~:-::-~:.--.::---:-..:::;.:.:::-..:.::~::::...:..::...-=;:=-= ..:::::.._::---~:=--:.-:--..:=..-:::::::.=:::.='J


Weston Jesuit

Sc h001 0 f Theo1og'y




l ,I,



! I

Weston Jesuit

School of Theology

Share' a Great Compassion f' ,'..








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fleering pOintf SAMARITANS YOU are needed to help operate a 24-hour crisis hotline. The Samaritans are ordinary people who care for the desperate, lonely and suicidal. Information: 548-8900. HEALTHCARE WORKERS MASS· On Oct. 15.8t 7 p.m., Bishop Sean O' Malley will celebrate Mass to honor and affirm the contributions of Catholic healthcare workers. A reception and social will follow at Christ the King parish in Mashpee. All arc wa~mly welcome. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, HYANNIS The Spirit of Jesus Charismatic

Prayer Group meets at St. Francis Xavier Church, South St. in Hyannis, every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m. in the

church basement. Come and praise the Lord. St. ANIHONl', EAST FALMOUTH "A Time for Healing" wiJI be presented by Rev. Edward J, McDonough. Father McDonough will give two teaching sessions on Spiritual Healings at 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. in the CCD building on Oct. 12. The healing service will be Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. CATHEDRAL CAMP, E.FREETOWN Cathedral Camp happenin~: Dominican Academy Class of '71 reunion,O<:t. 12; St. James, New Bedford, Youth Group Day of I!-ecollection, Oct. la; priestly day of renewal, Oct. 15; and Permanent Diaconate retreat, Oct. 18-20. LaSALETTE SHRINE, ATTLEBORO All are invited each Wednesday for LaSalette and Divine Mercy Devotions at 7: 15 p.m. Tony J. Ferry will be the guest performex a~ this week's Co(fee House presehUitioft Ott. i2 at 6:30 p.m. A healing service, led by the members of the LaSalette Prayer Group Healing Ministry, will be held Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. "Come Home, We Miss You," a series for anyone who feels separated from the Church, will be held Oct. 13, 20and 27 at 7 p.m. No registration is required and one need not commit to all three sessions. On Oct. 19, LaSalette will offer a Day of Recollection on Divine Mercy entitled "How to be an Apostle of Divine Mercy like Blessed Faustina" from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with Father George Kosicki, CSB. He is the country's most popular speaker about the Divine Mercy devotion. The day will include celebration of Eucharist, conferences and a Holy Hout at 3 p.m. Registrations are requested by Oct. 14. . For information on any LaSalette ha"pening, please call 222-5410.

HUNDREDS PACKED into the auditorium of Coyle and Cassidy High School, Taunton, for an Oct. 5 day of prayer, reflection and workshops sponsored by the diocese offices of Adult Education and Divine Worship. (bottom photo); at top, from left, Mark Bradford, director of Liturgical Music and professor of Pastoral Theology at St. Charles Seminary, Philadelphia; Rev. Jon-Paul Gallant, director of the Offie,e of Divine Worship; Bishop Sean O'Malley, OFM Cap., principal celebrant of the day's Mass; Lisa Gulino, director of the Office of Adult Education; and Msgr. John J. Oliveira, Diocesan Secretary of Education. (Anchorj Mills photos)

II in hi; message for POPEJOHN PAUL

ULTREYA The lower Cape Ultreya meets on the second Friday of the month at Our Lady of the Cape Church in Brewster at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome. ST. FRANCIS OF PEACE FRATERNITY The group will meet Oct. 13 at 2 p.m. at Holy Trinity Church, Harwich. Mass celebrant will be Father Remi Goudreau, OFM. A business meeting, discussion and refreshments will follow. Contact Mae Hall, tel. 432-5772, for information. EMMAUS . Emmaus is a cowed Catholic! Christian weekend retreat for people

aged 20 to 30. The next weekend wiU be Nov. 1-3. For information, contact your pastor.

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Cctober 20, nmindsus: "The I-oly Spirit sends every 'aptized person to wociaim and bear uitness to Christ tmIl nations. TodJy Christ asks each bptized person: 'Will yo£be my witness?'"



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Diocese well represented at 10th annual Walk For Life in Boston By Dave Jolivet Anchor ~taff Among the estimated 10,000 people who took pait in the 10th annual Walk For Life in Boston last Sunday, was a large group from the Diocese of Fall River. The walk, sponsored by Massachusetts Citizens For Life(MCFL) annually raises needed hinds for a variety" ~f Pro-Life services and programs, including the Pro-Life Apostolate of the Diocese of FalJ River. Father Stephen A. Fernandes, diocesan director of the Pro-Life Apostolate, was pleased by the support shown by_ members of the diocese. "I was very encouraged by the number of people from our diocese here today,'" he said. Father Fernandes' assistant, Marian Desrosiers, echoed his statements. "It was very nice to see an increase in the number of youths and youth groups attending from ou'r diocese," she said. "They should he applauded for being here and giving us such hope." Students and youth group members from Bishop Stang High School, No. Dartmouth; St. Paul's, Tadnton; Our Lady.of Mt. Carmel; New Bedford; Santo Christo. Fall River; and Corpus Christi, East Sandwich, walked to aid mothers and children. The youths, many of whom carried pro-life signs and banners, walked side by side with adult and younger pari-

shioners, teachers and friends in a sign of unity and support for all life. Prior to the walk, the participants heard songs of praise and hgpe from a Black gospel group, the Bullock Brothers. Master of ceremonies was radio personalIty Jeannine Oraf. Cardinal Bernard F. La w--OL Boston, chairman of the U.S. bishops' Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, addressed the large~ crowd shortly before the walk. He told them, "We walk and we speak and we pray and we work on behalf of life every human being, from the first moment of conception, until the last moment of natura) death." The cardinal spoke of the battles that have to be fought against abortion, physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia.. He added that we also have to "fight the battle on behalf of poor children." After the talks were talked came the time to walk the walk. A line<>f thousands of pro-life supporters. led by the cardinal, peacefully and joyfully journeyed 3.1 miles under a sun-splashed, autumn sky. The mood was upbeat and bright-as the strains of young voiGes ,~hanting

Concluding prayer o/Bishop O'Malley's Oct. 6 h([)mily (] Mary,





means to me," filled'the stoical streets and 'boulevards of old Boston town. There were no confrontations or voices raised in anger, just people walking out of love for life.

FA THER STEPHEN A. Fernandes, director of the diocesan Pro-Life Apostolate, carries a sleeping Brenna Riley during the 10th annual Walk For Life in Boston last week. Brenna is the daughter of Ana and Kyle Riley ofSS. Peter & Paul parish, Fall River. (Anchor/ Jolivet photo)


Boston walk had' a' therapeutic effect By Dave Jolivet Anchor staff When the U.S. Senate failed to override President Clinton's veto of a partial-birth abortion ban, many pro-life advocates felt the pain of that defeat deep within the

heart. Many peop~ 1 spoke with after the vote felt a deep sense of loss, even though each person knew an override was unlikely. "-I knew the override wouldn't happen, but when the news came in of the failure to obtain the necessary twothirds majority, 1 felt very saddened. 1 had to go to Mass that day for some consoiation," said Marian Desrosiers, assistant director of the Pro-Life Office in the diocese. Father Stephen A. Fernandes, director of the a"postolate, said he too knew what the outcome would be, but felt very disappointed when the final tally was announced. The annual Walk For Life in Boston, sponsored by Massachusetts Citizens For Life (MCFL), has taken place nine times previously, but the timing of this year's event was a blessing. On Oct. 6, Respect Life Sunday throughout the country, at least 10,000 pro-life people gathered on the Boston Common to begin a walk for life, for mothers and children; but fresh in the minds of many there was the Senate's failure to override the veto. As participants gathered at the Boston Common prior to the walk, the mood appeared somewhat subdued. It was Cardinal Bernard F. Law's comments shortly before the walk began that buoyed the 85 BROWN AVENUE TEL. (617) 325-9901 crowd and put things in perspecBOSTON, MASSACHUSEm 02131 FAX (617) 325-9902 tive. Saying that the fight against partial-birth abortions is not over, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .~~,ge compli~ented the residents of




Massachusetts for their overwhelm-' ing response to the postcard campaign against partial-birth abortions held earlier this year. Despite Semite failure to override the veto, the Cardinal said, "While they voted the wrong way [those who voted against the override], 1 want to say that I am convinced that we got through to them, and I am convinced that people who voted the wrong way know they voted the wrong way -and if we get the message across as to what partial-birth abortion is, I have no doubt in my mind whatsoever that _we are going to effect that ban, and effect it quickly. We have to work together."

The Cardinal also asked that we love those who don't hold a prolife position. He said the Walk for Life was a march of love, not of hate, a march of unity, not division. Speaking about the pro':life movement itself, he said, "I know of no other movement that includes everyone in its love and concern as does the pro-life movement, and I'm proud to be here with you." Following his comments, the walkers appeared upbeat and ready to roll. "We need to gather, 10 support one another, especially at this time, after the Senate vote,'" said Mrs. Desrosiers. At about the same time that the marchers were on the streets of

MEMBERS OF the Diocese of Fall River gather behind the Pro-Life Apostolate banner in Boston Common, preparing for the 3.I-mile walk. (Anchor/ Jolivet photo) Boston, Bishop Sean O'Malley, have embraced the shameful. We OFM, Cap., was uplifting the have defoliated the vineyard: How congregation at the Basilica of the can we bemoan daily news reports _ National Shrine of the Immacu- ·of spouses stabbing spouses and late Conception, nearly 500 miles children shooting parents and away in W~Shingto.n. D.G., \.5- ._ p~re_nts .suffoc~ttng chiWren .. ~ homilist for tb.e"anniild j\fIgriMl!'e" - llhif alJOw-parfial'birth aboitKin~~ of the Washington archdiocese to he asked. the Basilica. Hi~ messa~e too (see Later in his homily, he spoke of page one of thiS ~eek s Anchor) a day of reparation for partialwas str.on~ly pro-lIfe. birth abortion established by the EarlIer 10 the day, on the TV . . . M WLNE Ch I 6 F _ Nallonal Conference of Cathohc ass on . anne , a Bishops-U.S. Catholic Conference. ther Fer?-andes dehyered a power- "There will be another vote to ful homlly·condemmg h f t" he . the Senate . overn·d e t h e same u ive 0, vote. "Much more than a lesson ID d i d .. or poI·· ecare. CIVICS Illes, we h ave h ere a profound cultural statement. We "Our efforts will not end with

the l04th Congress. In the meantime, a day of reparation for partial-birth abortion has been set aside, Friday, the 18th of October. When you hear your church bells toll. offer reparation for the actions olpi>i1ticlan~,a&ivisi' arid 'physicians who promote and defend such inhumane acts and mourn for the country that allows the killing of children during the process of being born:' Clearly the Senate vote was disappointing, but equally clear is the fact that the pro-life movement will not go away, not until life in all stages is respected as the Lord respects it.


• •


bright dawn of the new world, Mother of the living, tt you do we entrust the cause wf life: lookdown, 0 Mother, upon the vast numbers 0' babies not allowed to be borm, 0' the poor whose lives are madle difficult, 0' men and women ",ho are victims of brutal violemce, 0' the elderly and the sick kille<d by indifference or out of misguided mercy. (rant that all who believe in ymur Son nay proclaim the Gospel oflife ",ith honesty and love tt the people of our time. (]btain for them the grace b fl£cept thai Gospel III a gift ever new, tie joy of celebrating it with gnatitude tl.roughout their lives ... md the courage to bear wi/nelS' to it r.solutely, in order to build, bgether \Vith all people of good will, tIe Civilizhdon of truth and lov1e, tI the praise and glory of God, tie Creator and lover of life. • Amen. Fiat. Yes.

There is no doubt whatSoever tha: in the present cl:imate all other issues must take second plaee to the overriding issue of tIe right to life. This is, in the words of the u.s. bishops, "thefundamental human rights issue ofour day." - Cardinal Bernard Law, April 13, 1996


His Holiness, Pope John Paul II Denver, Colorado August 12, 1993

CARDINAL BERNARD F, Law leads the Walk For Life procession on Oct, 6. (Anchor/Jolive$ photo) .".J'''~'

ST. PAUL'S parish. Taunton, had a young. enthusiastic representation at the Walk For Life. (Anchor/ Jolivet photo) ,;i·,',

1"'"l."!!I~l\,"'·~{l·'tr~",:-=':;"'~··','.~'4:·Ir~';·<···. ...,~

..._•.•" ',' •. '~'.',"" .,."..... ~ ~". ~&' u.». ....-_ ..'<'li.:..... ~'_'-" ... ~ ,,"'~-,''''''', .. ."< , . . <&.?-'!>_,;~J'.Jt .. )))~1i:>-,l,'f.,_~./) Y~;'f,;J';l'J_/t.'_'~ 10 THE AN<::HOR-Dioc~seof rail RIver-Fri., Oct.·lI, I~ pie, mc!uding 75 drmelitesisters.





.". '"

- .•





He gavelhe newly elected mother

Carmelitei nuns receive pro-life award named for Cardinal Cooke NEW YORK (CNS) - The Carmelite Sisr.ersfor the Aged and Infirm have received the 1996 Car~ dinal Cooke Right to Life Award, given by the guild that supports the cause of the late Cardinal Terence Cooke for canonization.

Cardinal JohnJ. O·Connor. who succeededCardinal Cooke as archbishop of New York. made the presentation at the annual luncheon of the Cadinal Cooke Guild Sept. 24. The bncheon drew a record attendance: of more than 700 peo-

.gellera I of the onkt",,~Other Mary

Suzanne, a framed citation recognizing the sisters for "their dedication to the value, beauty and dignity of life. especially when touched by infirmity' and old age.""

The Carmelite Sisters for the Aged and Infirm was found~i in New York by Mother Angeline Terese. McCrory. Its motherhouse is in Germantown, in the Diocese of Albany, NY. It operates 24




'. $.,;"

., .. .J.•

~., •..

Amy Welborn ]had By made a routine stop at the

local Right to Life office where I was a volunteer. The director greeted meand gestured toward a ~ closed door. A college student had L.-A been referred to the office -by a ~ local church. She was pregnant tlrr---t-----------1I--;ll~OD-al>ortim'-"'asJlCb&ilu!ll~ed for ~ the next afternoon. This happened a few years ago. The church counselors had sent her to thi5 office after failirrg to discourage her from canceling the appointment. Now her parents were with her inside the offic~, offering their support to her and her child. How does it look? I asked. The director shook her head. liefl. sadness overwhelmed me. Here was a desperate young , woman with a tiny life suspended within her. That Hfe would be extinguished tomorrow. Several people knew exactly wh.ere arid when it would happen, and we were doing everything we could humanly <10 to save that baby and its mother from a tragic choice. but ultimately we were helpless. Th h' I f d b ere was not mg e t to 0 ut pray. .' W~en .IOU. ~or~ With ~nd gIrlS In ensls pregt:.tancy sltuatlOns, yrouseeha lot of~OY. ]~ eb~anates· r~Pl t e new orn a les brought lito the office by proud . . t' th moms. W.10 JUs a le'Y mOD s e a or l(]":. But grief comes with the territory as well, sadness and tragedy and closed doors and hearts once beating that are silenced for ever. There might be someone in your life right t~is moment whois in tl}.e same sit~tion as the girl at th~ pro-life office. It might be your

love and wncompromisiDg moral clarity. Wfe need to remind them that this is an 3<:t that can never be undone. Giving Hife may be difficult. but it is a posiitive act that ultimately brings joy.. The deeiision is one Yf,lu·re going to live witth the rest of your life.







~~~;;ar~t~;::es~~.::.~~:~e:o:!:~ in::~::~1~~~~\~~::e~~~~~:~:


"It is the right of every pregnant woman to give birth• •. •and . the Tight of etleTy child to, be born."

'IRTH RIGHT· An Emergency Pregnancy $enice

Attleboro Cape Cod Fall River Falmouth New lIedford ,




Martha's Vineyard

~ • ~ ;.., .~ ~ .. Jo.- ....

daughter, ymur sister, your grandchild. Or it Imight be you. What cam be done when life appears andl we don't'i:xpect it. we didn't meam to create it and we caq't imagime the changes it will bring? What cam you say to the young .}Yom.l!n in yzo!!r life who is as~ing those questiions?-Often.- wlhen a girl is in an unexpected preg\nancy. she spends a lot of time wislhing. Wishing that she weren't prcegnant. Wishing that she'd never met the guy in the first place.. Wishing.. most of alI, that it would all jjust go away and life would retulrn to the way it was a week or momth ago before she was pregnant. . T~e hardl bu.t necessary truth IS that l~ nev.e~r wIll. No matter what she .decide:s to do, ~he will be changed byy her expenence. There is no goj~g; b~ck. . ~bort)Qrn IS such a tempt~ng 0p!lon b~ciause-. they teU:us~~~ a qUick procredure that transforms a potentially'lifeiong proble.p1 into a tiny bump on life's highway that can rapidlyt be put behind you. - ;Byt-a"'~rrt~mv; iA fact, is-dettTuctive and vitolent, and like all violent acts iUs fruits are guilt, grief and pain. 'B"ry associating positive words witlh the act of abortion: ••' fl.. .. ...h · es fl"'l e·" JOY, pea«;e, apptn s, ov. It can't be. !done:

()" _ ...."


l'. "

FranciscaJD Father Benedict J. Groeschel, dliocesan postulator for the cause of Ca~dina.lCoole. noted that when tlue cardinal's cause got under way nhe Carmelite Sisters had taken 'the unusual step of releasing one of their members, Sis~ ter M. Aloyrsius. to serve as ~oor~ dinator of the Cardinal Cooke Guild. The priest reported thai the guild had five re~ports of miraculous cures aftribwted to the intercession of Cardinal Cooke,

An agonizing de1cision




nursing hornes in 10 states, including the Catholic Memorial Home in F:all Ri:ver. aJU! .o~ in fteland. Cardinal O'Connor praised members of the order for rejecting the philosophy of'·death with dignity" and· dedicating themselves to "life with dignit~." Accepting the award, Mother Mary Suzanne said Mother Angeline and Cardi"nal Cooke. who died of cancer in 1983, were "kindred spirits" as "true champions for life in all its stages,"

226-2220 771·1102 675·1561 457-G680 ·996-6744 822·2921 693-4137


Pro-life athletes to appear in ar.ea The Pr...LifeApo~tolate for thc 2. J willi pve myself o~ to tit.. .Diocese of FaIl River is'sponsOr- speeIaI penoR that l ~... my ing appeorances of Life AthIetes, partner lOll' Bl.. . Inc. at Bi,hop Stang High School, 3. • wiIII _peel _....cJIy";.ef.. dti,. No. Dartll1outh, and Bishop Con-. ~ nolly H;,b Scbool, Fall River, ~~pedl.u, tile . . . . . . . . . tile . Oct. It\. Scheduled to appear at ..,,thc schools "'" Chris Godfrey and '~. 1 will _. qW-.... cT'1 e ellMark Bavaro, both members of .........Ilelll 1 fall, J wlIIllT...... tbe SuPer Bowl.XXI cluimpion .. . . New Yorl Giants. G<MIfre)v is .....i4ent of the Life .Life Atbletes, Inc. is a fellow- Atbletcs, 1Inc;. and a member ofthe ship of p,ofeasiollliI and Olympic Indiatlli·BIa,•. Prior to gr• .ting a~es dedicated to riJSterinc-vir- frOm theUJni~ ....Notrel>a1Ite tue, abstioen~and respectfor1ilc, Law Sc:boool, be PlaYed nine yean . The athletes accomplish tbil!Jli&- ofprofeuiicHalfootll8U. He resides . ot~4 thr.ulb ..puhlic lljgeakiil$, • in~~IJ~";~tb Iais:wife spOrlscampJ';andyoUth raIIies.'; oomlUlllt. . r ~ ~ Life AtblCtca was founded as an ·Ba~ ""'~·'1lt~'WO.;<liants' .' . in~,!",,~ athlete-d~rected or- .. champiQiiililP_~~ltowb . ga~ m 1m. XXJ Ud ~.In l~a!!!l 1"1, .: Futuro ph.1lS for the fellowship be ,!,as,,1II0~'''Aninclude expanding membersbipbe- •NFL· I!Y" ,be "!'iiR ,,lItrvicei and yond the professional imdQIY..... major tielloao~", pic rank! to incImIe~'tllose W!UWbeIIiar in ~ Iimea:;or bad. ins to "live' where we nve," by the ccme:rof life ba& making 1he Life AihleieCommit- always _it hulaith"and his lamment: ily:Todayrhe re.ides-in the Boston I. I wiD try to do ..... Is rIpt, area with hi. wife and three chiln ........0 it is diftleuIt. drcn.



Cardinal vows to educate about partial-birth abortions WASHINGTON (CNS) - The head of the U.S. bishops' Committee on Pro-Life Activities pledged to "intensify our educational efforts" about partial-birth abortions Sept. 26 after the U.S. Senate failed to override Presidept Clihton's veto of legislation banning the procedure. Cardinal Bernard F. Law of Boston, who chairs the committee, said in a statement that he was "saddened and disturbed" at the 57-41 Senate vote, which was short of the two-thirds majority needed for an override. But he said he also was "heartened that 57 senators, a majority, voted to overturn the veto and stop this inhumane procedure." The House of Representatives had voted a week earlier to override the veto, 285-137. In an unprecedented campaign to override the Clinton veto, eight U.S. cardinals and hundreds of others had joined Sept. 12 in an interfaith prayer rally on the steps oft·he U.S. Capitol. Tens of thousands of Catholics also had participated in a postcard campaign to Congress urging the veto overrid~. "Pro-life pt;ople throughout the country have our heartfelt gratitude for their untiring efforts to put an end to partial-birth abortions, despite the terrible odds and the curtain of silence maintained by many med.ia outlets," Cardinal Law said.


(te famiCy

is t(re first (uwen wfrere t(wse w(w are aepem{ent6y '6ein!J too young or too o[d: too aisa6fea or too siclijo care for tfremserves-filuf t(reir efosest ana surest support. ... J1.t t(re (reart of t(tis sanctuary ,:~ fMefity -umvaveri,'IJ roya{ty 60tfi to t(wse we cfwose ana to tliose . who (t.ave 6eengiven to /IS. 'lfre tWraVea,'IJ of thatfMeaty in our time feaves aepenaents to 6ecome {awful vic/:ims of tlieir . gum·aians.

-u.s. Catholic Bishops. Faithfulfor Lift: A Moral Rifltttioll

The Senate effort, however, came up eight votes shy of. the twothirds majority, with 98 members voting. The Senate had approved the measure last December by a 54-44 margin. ' Cardinal Law said the Senate's action "flies in the face of medical evidence, public sentiment, common sense and human decency. Furthermore, it ma.kes a mockery of our nation's human rights tradition of protecting those who cannot protect themselves." The legislation vetoed by Clinton in April would have banned a procedure used in late-term abortions in which the unborn child is partially delivered before surgical scissors are stabb.ed into the base of the infant's head. The child's brain is tht:n removed by suction, allowing for easier delivery of the rest of the body. "Where any support for this' proced ure exists, it is generally the CORPUS CHRISTI, East Sandwich, parishioners wait to walk in Boston. (Anchor/ Joresult of ignorance, fed by the livet photo) relenttess stream of misinformation issued by abortion advocacy groups and repeated in 'the public made absolutely clear by the med- makes a mockery of our nation s groups and repeated in the public square as fact," Cardinal Law said. ical community that it is never human rights tradition ofprotect- square as fact. I pledge. on behalf He said the pro-life committee necessary to perform this proce- ing those who cannot protect of our Committee for Pro-Life would work to ed ucate' the Ameridure to protect a woman s health themselves. Activities. to intensify our educacan public "until there is no one or her fertility. . "Where any support for this tional efforts until there is no one left in this nation who does not "The Senates action flies in the procedure exists. it is generally the left in this nation who does not know what a partial-birth abortion face of medical evidence. public result of ignorance, fed by the know what a partial-birth aboris and why it ought never to be sentiment. common sense and relentless stream of misinforma- tion is and why it ought never to be human decency. Furthermore. it tion issued by abortion advocacy allowed in any humane society. " allowed in any humane society." Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott of Mississippi predicted that the veto override vote "will immediately become one of the powerful issues of the fall election." Here is the text of Cardinal Law's statement after the Senate vote: "/ am saddened and disturbed. as all the Catholic bishops in the United States are, by the Senate '.I' refusal to override President Clinton '.I' veto of the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban Act. At the same time. / am heartened that 57 senators, a majority, voted to overturn the veto and stop this inhumane procedwe. Pro-life people throughout the country have our heartfelt gratitude for their untiring efforts to put an end to partial-birth abortions. despite the terrible odds and the curtain of silence maintained by many media outlets. ..From the beginning ofthe pub.lie debate. the sheer inhumanity of partial-birth abortions was apparent to all who would see. During the course of the debate, it was






Pas'toral care ofthe sick brings Christ's life to people who

are hospital~ed, living in nursing homes or.homebound. •

Sa"Ving men and women in the fullowing hospital and nursing home ~ Snardy Memorial Hospital, Attleboro Tobey Hospital, Wareham Cape' Cod Hospital, Hyannis Rehabilitation Hospital ofthe Cape Owlton Memorial HospiciJ., and Islands, Sandwich. Fall River Catholic Memorial Home, Feill. River Morton I1.ospital, TaWlton Madonna Manor, North Attleboro St. LIke's Hospital, New Bedfurd Marian Manor, Taunton St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River Our lady's Haven, Fairhaven Diocesan Department of Pastoral Care to the Sick Rev. George Bellenoit, Director Sr. Shirley Agnew, RS.M., Assistant Director 330 Pratt St., Mansfield, MA 02048 508-339-2981 Fax 508-339-0612 .. DIOCESAN.PRO-LIFE advocates take to the streets of Boston last week. (Anchor / J olivet photo) .J.':~',~~.i...;.;

{;'... ?

i'.,~~,~:r': \.....J'f ..:

'.' p ....... " "

THE SANTO Christo, Fall River,. youth group poses on Boston Common, prior to the Walk For Life Oct. 6. (Anchor/ Jolivet photo)

Anencephalic child deserves care,' baptism' WASHINGTON (CNS) When an anencephalic child is born, it should receive baptism and "the comfort and palliative care appropriate to all the dying," said a statement of the U.S. Catholic bishops' Committee on Doctrine. The statement said abortion because of an~ncephaly is not morally' acceptable, nor ca.n the organs of an anencephalic infant be taken for transpla!1ts "before

the donor child is certainly'dead." It called for Christian burial as a witness of the church's respect for all human life. . "Most infants who have anen'cephaly do not survive for more than a few days after birth," it said. It described anencephaly as "a congenital anomaly characterized by failure of development of the cerebral hemispheres and overlying skull and scalp, exposing the brain-stem." . .




J J .' .'


' : . ' . ' ,) ~.-


score' the value of ~il life' in the present climate." Last year the Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs of the American Medical Association, following sharp criticisms, suspended its controversial 1994 policy decision that would permit transplant of organs of anencephalic newborns "even before the neonates die, as long as there is parental consent and certain other safeguards are followed." It reinstated a 1988 policy which said removing such organs was ethically acceptable only after the donor infant died. The statement from the Committee on Doctrine defended the right to life of the anencephalic child, before and after birth. It rejected "the opinion that because of their apparent lack of cognitive function, and in view of the probable brevity of their lives, these infants are not the subject of, human rights, or at least have lives of less meaning or purpose than others." "Doubts about tht; human dignity of the anencephalic infant ... have no.' solid ground, and the benefit of any doubt must be in the child's favor," the statement said. "As a general rule, conditions of the human body, regardless of severity, in no way compromise human dignity or human rights." Against doctors who counsel abortion or inducing premature birth, the committee said the child's probable shortness of life after b'irth "cannot excuse directly causing death before 'viability' or gravely endangering the child's life after 'viability' as a result of the complications of prematurity." While steps cannot be taken to kill the child or hasten death, the statement said, there is also no

The two-page statement was titled "Moral Principles Concerning Infants With Anencephaly." , It was sent to all U.S. bishops Sept. 20, following approval of its 'distribution by the Administrative Committee of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops. In a cover memorandum Archbishop Daniel E. Pilarczyk ofCincinnati, chairman of the Committee on Doctrine, said the committee developed the statement "to under-


.• '




need 'to use "extraord'inary means to prolong" life. ' "It is most commendable for parents to wish to don2.te the organs of an anencephalic child forltransplants that may assist other children, but this may neve:r be permitted before the donor child is certainly dead," it said. "The profound and personal s,uffering of the parents of an anencephalic child gives us cause for concern and calls for compassionate pastoral and mt:dical care," toe statement said. "The mother who carries to term a child who will soon G,ie deserves our every possible support," it added. "The baptism of the child assures the parents of the child's eternal happiness, and the provision of Christian burial of thl: deceased infant gives witness to the church's unconditional respect for hu'man life and the recognition that in the face of every human being is an encounter with God," it said.

To b~ CP.J:IwIk· u to . b~ ~Kdi:tib~1y

fYo,lifr.. To aiJOYtU;I'V)




t/te; Yijht to cJwOf,~ alt/ aiJOYtU;1'V (:.ttI1/ in, 1(,0

wt1.f b~ cOfuiderea', ~ eatlUJtiv optibl'V. -Cardinal Bernard ::"aw, January 22, 1996



: . .•





:. • 01


, "

,Rev. Horace J. Travassos


, ~. ,:


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_.. .,.,.,. .. .... ,... • • ~.



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...... •







.. ---.... -..-.... _ ---

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r • • ' .......


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., Oct. II, 1996

ti U.

.1 ), ,"

What.a beautll"u/ CHOICE

-~ tH ... , ••


./ 'II ".111" \., ..







OUR LADY of Mt. Carmel, New Bedford, made its message known in Boston last Sunday. (Anchor/Jolivet photo) . .


quality of life: who's to judge?

By Richard M. DOl:rflinger No ethical questions are more timely or controversial than those. involving human .Iife. So'metimes they bring surprising answers. In, December, 1994 the director of the National Institutes of Health met with his advisers to decide the answer to one such question: should federal funds be used for experiments on live human embryos?

. One experiment of interest was a testing technique known as preimplantation genetic (Iiagnosis. A couple at risk· of hav,ing a child with cystic fibrosis or other genetic defect could have their sperm and egg combined to produce an embryo in the laboratory -so the embryo could be tested before implantation in the womb and discarded iffound "defective." The NIH advisers saw this as a breakthrough in preventing' the

birth of handicapped offspring. One of them, an expert" in cystic fibrosis, was surprised to .learn that families with a child wh'o has this illness were not thrilled to learn about the new procedure. One parent told. her that using the technique to eliminate 'future offspring with cystic fibrosis would be "like saying l wish that little Johnny didn't exist, and I don't wish that." Some judges try to improve the


human condition by eliminating recent rulings on assisted suicide certain hum·ans. In 1993, in a case in two federal courts. In March tht: involving "suicide doctor" Jack Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in Kevorkian, Michigan Judge RichSan Francisco ruled that seriously ard Kaufman asked whether a ill patients have a constitutional constitutional right to assisted sui- "right" to receive lethal drugs so cide could be found. He finally they can commit suicide. In April, turned up Buck v. Bell. a long- the Second Circuit Court of Apdiscredited U.S. Supreme Court peals in New York ruled that laws ruling influenced by the American against assisted suicide for such eugenics movement of the 1920s. patients "are not rationally related Buck v. Bell upheld the involun- to any legitimate state interest." tary sterilization of women considThrowbacks to eugenics, dismisered "feeble-minded...· When the sive views of people with disabiliNazis established their own eugen- ties, even Nazi ideas '- are all ics laws in 1937, they quoted Jusbeing presented as the "cutting tice Oliver Wendell Holmes' ma- edge" of ll;gal and ethical thought. jority opinion in Buck v. Bell. ' Some Americans have comHolm'es authorized the steriliza- plained that Pope John Paul n has tion of Carrie Buck with the state- a pessimistic view of the modern ment: "Three generations of imbe- world, speaking as he does in ciles are enough." Evangelium Vitae (EV) of a growSome professors of ethics have ing "culture of death" that threatasked whether humanity can be ens the weakest and most vulneradivided into two groups: the valu- ble members of the human family. able and the valueless. In his new But with the evidence recounted book Rethinking Life and Death: above, can anyone doubt that the The Collapse of Our Traditional culture of death is real and growEthics, Australian ethicist Peter ing? Singer proposed letting newborn The Holy Father sets out a powinfants with Down syndrome starve erful intellectual case on the need to death. "If we compare a severely to respect all human life, regarddefective human infant wi~h a non- less of its age or condition. He human animal, a dog or a pig, for points out that life is our first and example, we will often find the' greatest gift from God, on which nonhuman to have superior capac- every other right and gift depend. ities, both actual and potential, for If we fail to respect and protect rationality, self-consciuusness, this gift for everyone, we will decommunication, and anything else scendinto a bottomless abyss of that can plausibly be considered discrimination, in which the strong morally significant," he wrote. His make self-serving decisions about book replaces the old "incoherent" whether the weak deserve to live. Judeo-Christian sanctity of life Ethicist Singer and his ally Ronald ethic with a new set of "command- Green, who adviser. the NIH on ments," one of which is "All hu- the human embryo experiments, man life is not of equal worth." speak of a "Copernican revoluThe culmination of these "quality of life" ideas can be found in Turn to Page 15

CHURCH OF THE HOIX NAME FALL RIVER We are. facing an emir· 10US and dramatic clash

. ~etween goad and eVil, death lad life, the "I:unurl' of death" and the "cultore of life." Ie find ourselves.nat.· only "faced with" but neces· sarily "in the midst of" this' conllict: we are all involved and we all share in it,with th. inescapable responsibility of choosing to be unconditionally pro-lile. -dlbo 'aullI, fulll/ill rJtI',.RD. 28





. .










". '" ~


:·.. ·~'VERY.REY:'









. _~~ .~.;:;;~~e:E;;::;;:e;;:;e=~====;;;:===:::::==e===i=Se=e:=:::===e==i====:;:====;:;=e=;s:======:=;====s==========;e,~ !",


. • • • .. .. • .. • .. .. .. .. • • . • • ~ .."o. • .. •


'* ...


.;;. ;.

14 ,TH.E ANCHOR-Diocese of FaJl River-Fri., Oct. II, ·1996

(y" '.;.)C":;.:,.'~",,";'!".'~~l-~".'. ·'I'~":f(',}:'(.':\·'t;:~',~',·vrrt:~I!:~';""f""":<:-:f- a;: :t'~ ..•~ '-t"'--:- ~··':.'f.'t,1' ~.' T": ~~-~ '; ~~r"(~('"l'7'O'~~e't'-t-'c,'~~:'--:"("e' /", ~i ·I.~~i 'l'{ ! 'f '~' t.X.(,I".. <:(~' .~<-'.,t:(~l~(./·_/:l?..:~·.l:( l. /.:.':.~!:~.,~l:·l:t;t.~.t<:,,\~·..t . ..,/ ,~ ......' ~ .' "'/,,16." .r-,/'.$(ll,~~~f'~~t '~}I.t ,"O,:t}:;: .",~~

yOU. ,f:le thinks only about 'Yhat h~:.:, selfish as:Chuck, ,reveryone could his law in our h~~!.S, so' we can _ know what to Qo··by examining wants and. doesn't' seem-to care~' ·de'cide·what's right and wrong our conscience. The Ten Commandwhat is right and wrong. He doesn't . depepding on what they felt like listen to ~hat God teaches or fol-' doing. Imagine if the laws to proments, the Gospels, the teachings low your parents; rules, either. - tect'people were changed so that it of our Church all help to form our -Imagine how your life would be mom that you did it. He'd make' Chuck thinks it's okay for him to was okay to kill some people, like conscience properly so we won'" be confused by selfish arguments. if you had a big brother·-Iet's call- fun of you in front of your friends decide what's right and wrong just babies who are almost born, or him Chuck - who is a rotten at the' bus stop, and threaten to because he's bigger and stronger" elderly people who are tired and How can kids help build a world . bully. Chuck would never let you pun~h youifYou.tol~ your parents. than you are and he can get away weak, or people with disabilities. where people love and'respect each have a turn at Nintendo or watch Living with Chuck would.reaJly. with it. What an awful world that would. other? Treat everyone with kindness and respect. You'll make lots what you want on TV. He'd eat a stink. And why is that? Because-...... Now imagine what the world' be! Nobody would feel safe and whole bag of cookies aruj tell your Chuck doesn't love you or respect wo'uld'beJike,'if everybody 'were as happy.. . . • . offriends and be an example other ..... ~ .Fortunately, the world is filled kids will want t~ folio",. Ask your ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~i'~~~~with good people who try to obey parenh about lmportaM human ......... ~od's teachings, who try to always life issues today, like abor.tion, love-an<trespect their family and assisted suicide, care of the elderly neighbors,and-who assist people and persons with disabilities:Find who need their hel~These~p-eople out what you can do in your famknow that God loves each oneOfus, neighborhood or parish comin a special way and that he wants miihit· a friend to someone us to love one another as he does. in need. Respectillg can change the world, o'ne'p;~fSQn at a How do we know what's 'right - -. and wrong? God promised to put time.

·'80W,8 C'hild can respect life

Fall River Diocesan Council


Catholic Nurses

Catholic Nurses Answer the Church's Voice!

We Respect .... -·Life~. -'. _.__. by 'Caring for.

,the Young, .. and the 'Old

"Caring With Christ"

-Sr. Theresa Bergero~, SCQ President

Rev. Mark Hession Moderator

Nos a'credit;imos"no:

R·ESP'EITO PELA VI~D.A':·' o aborto ·de qualquer forma esempre um mal. ~E' a dest~i1i~ao 'de vida ·h~man~."·,:·~ .',', "






·Respeita·a Vida. Protege a Vida.-daquele


. .


que nao se pode. defender. •

. . '


Clero 'da Igreja de' 'S·.Migu~1 Fall :River

MANY YOUNG people from throughout the diocese . walked for all life in Boston last week. Fr'om top, the young group at Santo Christo parish, Fall River; studen,ts from Bishop Stang High School, No. Dartmouth; and the youth community from Our Lady .of Mt. Carmel, New Bedford. (Ancho~/Jolivet photos) . . .

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., Oct. II, 1996



hoever welcomes one such child for 'my sake welcomes me: ..'. See that- you never despise one of these little ones.... It is no part of my Father's plan that a single one of these little ones shall ever come to grief: -Mt 18:5, 10, 14


THE LINE seemed to go on forever at the Walk For Life (Anchor/ Jolivet photo)


Boston last Sunday.

The quality of life: , Continued from Page 13 tion" in thinking about life and death, in which the intelligent and articulate members of a society should vote, on the basis of their own self-interest, on whether other members of the species deserve "personhood." Green says Qpenly that his theory should be applied to humans after as well as before birth - yet his theory was accepted by a 19-member NIH panel without one dissenting voice. It is clear that more individuals and families with disabled members are needed to expose ideas about "quality of life" for what they really are: either misplaced compassion or arrogant attacks. on people who need help and support. The theme of fidelity is at the heart of the Bishops' pastoral statement released in September, 1995,' "Faithful for Life: A Moral Reflection." It deals with abortion and euthanasia in a new way: not only as violations of an individual's right to life, bu't as the aband.onment of the very young, very Sick and very old who depend on us: "It is for good reason that many find the roots of this disdain for life in the breakdown of the family. The family has a special role to play throughout the life of its members....The family is the first haven where those who are dependent...find their closest and surest support.. .. At the heart of this sanctuary is fidelity - unwavering lC?yalty both to those we choose and to those who have been given to us. The unraveling of that fidelity in our time leaves dependents to become lawful victims of their guardians." The bishops note that the same shift toward individualism and away from faithfulness has affected marriage and divorce: "Men and women find it increasingly difficult to make permanent commitments to each other." And they see in this shift an enormous danger to helpless members of society: "When a people lose confidence in fidelity between husbands and wiv(:s, it 'is an easy leap to imagine that other fidelities - of parents to children, and of adult children to their elder parents - no longer need to be permanent, forbetter-or-for-worse obliga-

tions. When a family lives in fidelity it is a place of refuge and dignity, a place where each member is accepted, respected, and honored precisely because he or she is a person; and if any member is in greater need, the care which he or she receives is all the more intense.... If it becomes each one only for himself or herself, then instead of being. the source, school, and standard for fidelity to neighbor, the family can become the scene ofits harshest violations:" . I ÂŁI contrast to a life of selfindulgence, we are called to more demanding but richer lives of community and solidarity: "To live in fidelity we have to rearrange our lives, yield con7 trol, and forfeit some choices. . To evade the full burden of putting ourselves at the disposal of those to whom we belong, to allot them only the slack in our own agendas and not what they require, is to practice desertion by other means." In a land of unlimited "freedom ,of choice," nothing is more offensive than the 'idea that some realities and some obligations - like obligations to, our children, our parents and other loved ones -are simply given to us, to cope with as best we can. This is the ultimate reminder that we are not God. But recognizing such bonds is also the way for us to become fully human - for we grow and flourish when we give ourselves to those who need us most. When we violently break these bonds offidelity, thinking that it will make us more free, we really make ourselves shrivel up and die as persons. . As Christians, we must promote this fierce fidelity 'to the helpless throughout our society. All men and women are our brothers and sisters; anyone in need who comes

~~o~su~u;e:i~t~i~~ ~~~ ;~i;~:~r~

~i~~i:t~d ~~ee~;~~~f~; ~~isr~~~t~~ fulness in our own lives. Doerflinger is associate director for policy dev~lopment, NCCD Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities, and editor of Life at Risk: A Chronicle ojEuthanasia Trends in A merica. He has a master's degree in divinity from the University of

Four generations offamirY...Our La(l , company oflIer Shirley ~ at the nursing home~ Christopher Messier

11 t(!$i~~lItDoris Desmarais erjoys the ~r{l",dtlatlRhter Diane Messier, both LPNs res .~. ellai; witll his great-gr~nd';'other. . '.


"'" Memorial Home\ Catholic 2446 Highland Avenue Fal! River Telephone 679-0011



~j,ecf(llized. fro~~q"J:

,e~~riatriC CareMalJ:lgtf~:rr~gtam ,.

Spo~~or~d by~ur~adY's~aycm eGonsidineUnitfor ~lzbeimer's:olisease R 8;.;' elated Dementias Care at Ca.tholic Memorial Home eBethany House Adult Day Health Care ~t 72 Church Green, Taunton

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Chkagoand~anexpertonend-' I~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ of-life issues. .......

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"'-'--;\' .

-- ......

"Your bishops will -not rest .


until -eV'ery person in this country understands that 01'lr government, in approvin.'g. , partial-birth abortion, has ,


crossed the'line to infanticide: the killing of children clearly ,.


ali ve .and, but for a ,

fe~1 .

inches, completely born." Bernard Cardinal Law




(5()8) 997-2290 . 'REV. STEPHEN A. FERNANDES, Diocesan Director

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