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, ORDINARY MAKES AD LIMINA VISIT: The Most Rever~nd Bishop is shown after his private audience' with the Holy Father last Wednesday. Left to right, Rt. Rev. Humberto S. Medeiros, Chancellor of ·the Diocese, the Holy Father; the Bishop, and !\ir. Joseph -P .. De'laney,sOn of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Delaney of 424 . . ..Linden Street, :Fall River, a ~

Announce Initial Donations' For Attleboro High School

The ANCHOR An Anchor of the




. A training session for the Special Gifts·'.workers for Attleboro's Bishop Feehan Regional High School heard praise from the Holy. Father and the announcement of a $25,000 and a $10,000. gift even before their phase of the drive begins. In a letter sent by BishopConrtolly from Rome' to Rev. William D. Thomson, episcopal chairman of the $l,225,000 drive for t h e · · ' I


Holy. Father's mterest when informed o{ the project and

Sure and Firm-ST. PAUL

Thursday, Oct. 8, Fall River, Mas~. V I 3 N 41' 8eeond CI... Mail PrlviJe..e. 'Authorl.ed .t V.II Rber. Ma...

student at the North American College. The Holy Father . .expressed his deep affection 'for the faithful of the Diocese and his thanks for the wonderful Spiri(ual Bouquet and Peter's Pence offering. He sent his . blessing to the clergy, religiou~' and faiifful of the Diocese, and special blessings to all working for. the Attleboro Regional High School.


PRICE lOc '$4.00 per Year.

Bishop Connolly Requests .Generous ·Mission Support I)IOCESE OF F ~J,J, RIVER }'ALL RIVER. l\lAssACUU~lJo:rTs


th.e cordial and special blessing sent .bY the Pontif~ to those workmg to. assure Its success. The Bishop spoke of the school to the.Holy Father. at his private aJdience with the Pope held on th~ third' of the month. . The Special GiftS phase of the Dr.ivl;! will open on Sunday in all: 12 parishes that the new school will.serve. , Robert V. McGowan a chairm:lU of the campaign a'nnounced at: the meeting that Mr. Barney Doyle, publicity chairman of the drive, and a member of St. Mary's Parish in North Attleboro, hasdo,nated $25,000 in' honor of his wife, Mary Baldyga DoyIe, for the altar in the chapel of Bishop Feehan High. Mr,. and Turn to Page' Eighteen

"A great and evident door lies open, and strong forces oppose." , 1st Corinthians 16:9 October 15, 19Q9 Dearly Beloved in Christ,These are words of a great missionary,-St. Paul the Apostle. He labored in the face of bitter opposition. He suffered persecution of the worst sort. But he persevered because he was conscious of the hunger men have always had for the true Faith. And he knew, too, that he' did not WASHINGTON (NC) work alone, but the Spirit of God was in ·and with him. More than half of the U. S. So too the missionary of our time. War and want have governors have issued procbrought· distress to many hearts' and homes. Many reach lamations for National Cathout for a,better and surer way of life than the· one renewing olic Youth Week, Oct. 25 to Nov. the passions and evils of the jungle, which seems. so . 1, the founder of the observance . . apparent to-day. So they open the door wide to the ministers said. Msgr. Joseph E, Schieder, of peace and justice, and those that hold aloft the be,acon director of the Youth Departof faith and hope in Christ. , ment of the National Catholic .But strong' forces oppose. They stir up enmities and Welfare Conference, said he has suspicions. They talk hypocritically of free.dQm the while high hopes that the remaining

Catholic Youth See. Remed ies In Religion

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Century' of. 'Growth Marks ." ""orth Amer.·c a n College .~

ROME (NC) _ The North American College's first h d d' .' "Et I C't .. th t k . ~n r~ yea~s .are, m a.n. erna I y a rec ons In mI11emums, lIke an evenmg gone. But the college that has train~d well over a thousand young Americans for the priesthood has been singled . ' .: , . t f ' ~ th' t' t b' tli . run PontIfIcal Gregorian Unf.. ou rom e s ~r ~ e versity. encouragement' gIven It by 'Today's college plant is sua the popes. The North Amer- . spanking new, a showplace on


icim is co'nege 'in the European sense not the American:' It is pr:im~rily. a ~eSi.dence, and its students go to .class at the Jesuit-

the Janiculum Hill only a haltmile from ·St. Peter's Basilica. ItR faculty is stable, its sources CIf .Turn to Page Five

World's, Problem Underproduction Rather Than Overpopulation WASHINGTON (NC)-That morally and political1~ disastrous argument of solving poverty by eliminating tlle poor has been recommended to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee by the influential Stanford Research Instituttl. The' MEmJo Park, C·alif., in- tives, abortion and sterilzastitute, one of several agen- tion. Apart from the shocking ladt cies working with the committee on a study of factors of morality Catholics and man;( that may affect U, S. foreign policy, was asked to relate what it sees as the potential impact of nonm.ilitary scientific developments." . The best the group could do iniildicating what it sees as the most promising answer science has' to meet the, challenge of an increasing world population was' to' echo. the Hne of the professional birth. controllers: greater. us.e of contracep-

others see reflected in the Stan.· ford propos,als, there are othe.r serious faults with the reCOIn·. mendations. Many feel, for example, that the report fails to mirror faith.· . fully the complexity and man.1 apparent contradictions corn.· mon to population studies. Nee does it deal with the politicll-L liability many think a government-promoted birth control Turn to Page Eichteen

-Asks Khrushche~ Proposa Is Test, For S.incerity

THE ANCHOR-Diocese.ofFall River-Thurs., Oct. 8,1959' ':


Propaga'tion of the .Faith Colle.ction ,,'

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they debase a state of abjection. They profess to be


in the forefron.t of science, while ~hey abuse it 'and seek to

make it an instrument for world domination. They declare thems~lves friends of the downtrodden, and prove the i~sincerity and deceit .of their words, by the havoc and waste and destruction of life and liberty they bring along with them. The riders of the Apocalypse are tame in comparison. And it is not only the advocates of a'so-called heaven on earth that aceomplish this ,evil, but many .devious, power-minded,. ruthless exponents of materialism' and secularism, or even blind nationalism,· that, have brought· sorrow and despair to a distracted world. '. Every follower of Christ has the' call to be an apostle, showing forth the truth by the manner of. his life, ana. the \,i, M h b h ones t concern . h e h as f or a II a b ou t 'u-tm. any ave ecome\ a source of blessings and peace to their neighbors. But the missionary priest, or sister, or brother extends .the reach of brotherhood to take in everyone that' may be lifted out . of shadow into light,' out of despondency into'faith in hi!D- . self, in humankind" but, -more important, to knowledge and

DELEGATE CALLS ON PRESIDEN.T: The Apo,stotic Delegate to. the United States, Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, formally met President Eisenhower at the White House, for the first time. They later chatted informally for 25 minutes in the Chief Executive's office. NC Photo.

Urges United Nations Cooperate W C' h L A ith hurc _in '

LIMBURG (NC)-Sovfel Pre m i e r Nikita 'Khru·sft,.· . chev's proposals for worldwide 4isarmament should no4l be rejected outright but should be put to a test to see whethel" they are sincere or simp. propaganda, a German Catho~ . Bishop has said. '. ~uxiljary B ish 0 p Wa~ther . Kampe of Limburg stressed that abolition police-state. system of of thethe communist-ruled 'countries is a precondition for diSarmament. He said that iI the communist regimes were 'abide by the principles of freedom, self-determination' and . individual human rights,aM conflicts could be solved and all weapons scrapped. ! Bishop Kampe emphasized.the possibility exknowing is t s that Khrushchev, thatMao a third world war would be . suieide for all nations, is demanding disarmament so that communism might be spread later, on by means of secret police " forces.

love of the living God: . ' These are the scientists.who do not live in ivory towers.. " These are the healers who go' out to the multitude needing meri~a a physician. These are the teachers who get down .to the DENVER (NC) -; The United tellectual life draw upon their ' S . I . t "t 1 d 1" Ed ucatlonal, level of all that would learn the lessons of peace and brother- Nations OCla ancien spll'l ua an re IglOUS hood. Over the centuries they have never ceased to build. and Cultural . Organization heritage." P t R· H (UNESCO) should cooperate· ·Mr. " Grace· cited UNESCO's Our own dear land owes 'a tremendous debt to the valiant 'more closely with the Church in collaboration' with Accion Culuer 4)' Icans onor men who left' all comforts of home and family to come here Latin America to coul1teract tural'Popular of Colombia as a . St. Vincent de Paul from France and Spain, from Germany, Austria, Ireland communism's "massive cultural' classic example of' fruitful coSAN JUAN,' (NC) - Bishop and England, to set deeply and firmly the foundations that and intellectual offensive" there, operation between the UN body James P. Davis of San Juaa J, Peter Grace, president. of the and a Church ,organization..' opened diocesan observances at uphold our whole demOCratic and spcial system.," w. R. Grace steamship liIie, said·"I~ is a fact," he 'said, '''that . the 300th anniversary year of We never repay those th~tsacrificed themselves in an, ;lddress to the United the communist world; particu-" the death of St. Vincent de Paul .in the distant past. But we can sustain and give courage States National Commission for larlySoviet Russia and "Red by offering Pontifical Mass • · to those that work to-day against tremendous odds; in the UNESCO. Chin!!, are today 'mounting- a St. Vincent de Paul Church. face of brutal persecution. We can and should support the Mr. Grace, a well known Cath- maSsi~e c~lt\iral ~nd intell.ectual Bishop James E. McMan~ . olic layman, pointed out that "a offenSive In Latin America to C:SS.R. of San Juan Puerto constancy of missionaries that carryon theI'r errands' of program, of ,education and cul- galD '. 'th' , ell'''ol't' I Ica1 en d s. . Rico's 'other diocese, officiated ·mercy at the fringe of the .iron curtain,--of those that min-, ture in Latin America. which Christian TraditiCMl at ceremonies in San Juan openister to physical and spiritual needs in Africa, Oceanica~ and failed to work with and take '"But the~ -have no spiritual . ing the tercentenary obsen'even in 'our own hemisphere North as well as South,' advantage of the rich traditions message to present to ,these ances t~ere. America. . ,~. ." , , ,of Latin' America'~ spiritual life people and we have. The" Latin St. V1l'~cent ~e Paul, foun~eI' . . would be an arrId and barren Americans. are co-inheritors of· the V1Dcent~an Fathers, ~ied · I urge you to be generous In your prayers and In your ,program indeed." .. with us of the western Christian on Sept. 27, 166~. VincedtIaDll alms, on Sunday next! when the collection will be taken up" Religious Heritage, tradition. If we will live by' have b~n working in Puerto for the work of Propagating the Faith. The needs are great. .Emphasizing that UNESCO', that code there can be no Rico for the past 86 ye~rs. III The. whole world looks to us for men 'and women to see the. must adapt itself to Latin Amer- stronger bond." ' 1 9 5 5 . they were formed mt~ • open door of opportunity 'to spelld and be spent for the cause : icans' religi~us t~aditio~s, he Referring to the birth control pro~m~ of .the comm~~lt)l, f Ch . t d h b stated' "Their ancient uDlversi- ,propaganda which, he said, some which .:mcludes the Domlm~8Il o r I S , an uman etter~ent, even though a:nd despite' . ties a,;e' based on religious foun- "international agencies 'are trying Repub~lc as well as Puerto Rico. t~e strong forces that are raIsed hatefully,-but In the long dations and their culture'and in- . to circulate in Latin America, run, futilely, against them. '. ' M,r. Grace called attention to the Invoking God's,Blessings on you an, and with heartfelt " Mass' Ordo 'potentilll food producing capathanks for all you do to give courage ,to our missionaries ~ FRIDAY-St. J 0 h n Leonard,' l;>ilities of underdeveloped areas and hope to the afflicte!l, I remain Confessor. Double White. Mass in Peru, Chile and, Brazil. Proper; . Second ColleCt Ss.· '. "With the application of scienFaithfully' yours in Chiist . Denis, Bishop, Rusticus and tific advances," he 'declared, ~leutherius, Martyrs; Common "these lands alone can, within Commercial • Industrial Preface., the span of· people now living,' Institutional SATURDAY - Mass of the produce·fo.od in such abundance . ,,' •• Pa~nting and Decorating Blessed Virgin for Saturday., that current talk of over-pOpuIaSimple. White. Mass Proper; tion will, seem sheer folly. InGloria;' Second Collect St. fact, it is my belief that Latin 135 Franklin Street Bishop of Fan River . Francis Borgia, Confessor; America's., healthy population fall River OSborne 2·1911 Preface of Blessed Virgin. growth, coupled with advances SuNDAY-'!'he Maternity of the in the science of land use, it Blessed Virgin Mary and XXI truly a key to the survival of the Hold~ng JEFFREY' E. ; Sunday After Pentecost. Dou- West." ble of II Class. White. Mass S~LLIVAN Proper; Gloria; Second Collect QUEBEC (NC) - The 300th Alfredo Cardinal Ottaviani Puneral BOtne . of Sunday; Creed; Preface 01.' anniversary of the establishment. Pro-Secretary of the Sacred Blessed Virgin. 550 LOCuR St. of ,.the ,Catholic hierarchy in Congregation of the Holy Office, Fall River. Mass. Canada is being observed from will be papallegate'to the cere- MONDAY-Mass of the previous Sunday.· Simple. Green. MasS Oct. 5 to 9, by religious and . monies. OS 2-2391 Ihlen Aubertine Brough Proper; No Gioria; Common civil ceremonies in which high Rose E. Sullivan Owner' and Director Preface. 'Legion of 'Decency TUESDAY· dignitaries of Church and State. Jeffrey E. Sullivan - St. Edward King Spacious Parking Area will take part. The following films are to be and Confessor. Simple. White: Over 65 Canadian bishops, as add~d to the lists in thejr respee- ' WY 2-2957 Mass Proper; Gloria; Common tive class'ifications: . well'as a number of bishops from 129 Allen St. New Bedford ..Preface. ' -Unobjectionable for' general the United States, France and Funeral Home Belgium, are expected to gather patronage: Warrior and the WEDNESDAY-St. Callistus 1, Pope and Martyr. Double. Red. Slave Girl. . . in Quebec for the observance. 571 Second St. Mass Proper; Gloria; Common Unobjectionable for aduItsc Ceremonies will commemorate Preface. foil River, Mass. the appointment in 1659 of Career. THURSDAY-St. Teresa, Virgin. . Objectionable in part for alk OS 9-6072 Bishop Francois, de Laval de Double. White. Mass Proper; Girls' Town (s.uggestive costumMICHAEL J.' McMAHON Montmo~ency as Vicar .Apostolic Gloria; Common PrefaCe. of New F~ance, witb,headquar- ing and' 'ijituations); Inside the licensed Funeral D'irector · ters at Quebec. Quebec thus be- --Mafia (exce~s.ive brutality; sugRegistered Embalmer -. MAILING came the mother See of much Of g~stive costiuning)~ present-day. North "America.. C9nfi,"mation: .987 CO~NTY STREET




~t-ri~~~ -~.rr~·


Tercentenary Observance Of Canadian Catholic -Hierarchy '_


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Shrine in Nation's Capital Is Uniq~e Says Arc'hitect

THE ANCHOR-Diocese ofFan River-Thurs., Oct. 8, 1959

Mons·ignor Gilligan Suggests Goals For Catholics in !:-egal ~rofession

The National Shrine of The Immaculate Conception which will be dedicated in Washington on Friday, Nov. 20, is "unique." While its design may owe allegiance to a traditional style of architecture, it is "reminiscent of no other build,ing in" Shrine will. withstand the ravThis opinion has been ex-' ages of time as well as the pressed by Eugene F. Ken- Cathedral of St. Mark. in Vennedy Jr. of the firm of ice, built in 1063 and Santa Maginnis and Walsh and Kennedy of Boston, architects of the ' Shrine in the nation's capital city. Designs for the National Shrine were begun shortly after. World War 1. The Shrine is principally. the work of Charles D. Maginnis Sr., who was noted for his sympathetic understanding of the Romanesque-Byzantine style of architecture. It was his thorough grasp of this' style that permitted him to design in its spirit and, at the same time, avoid the slavish copying of any existing ancient building.. Final Decision Many different .schemes and possibilities were explored before the present design was even roughly established. Some of the earliest schemes were conceived in the classic idiom in 'view of· the prevalence' of this architect",ral tradition in the 'nation's capital. .None of these, however, elearly expressed the religious or spiritual quality desired for the Shrine to the Blessed Vil'gin Mary. .A modified Romanesque- . Byzantine style finally. ~as deeided upon, which. seemed to have the desired spiritual qualIty and, at the same ti~e, harmonized with the architecture of Washington. Moreover, it permitted the exterior shell to be built at one time and the interior to be completed at another. As It Seems A building dedicated to so lofty a purpose should be "scrupulously honest iIi. its design and construction," Mr. Kennedy asserted. Everything in .the National Shrine is what it seems to be, he added. "The vaults and arches are an purposeful, and th~ir inherent thrusts are buttressed by the masonry walls and piers," Mr. Kennedy explained. "The' great vaults and domes not only' SUppOl·t themselves, but also the roofs above, and each depends' for stability upon the blocks of masonry of which the domes and vaults are constructed." Some Changes It can be anticipated "with' reasonable certainty." the architeCt said, "that the National

Sophia in Constantinople,built in 532, sInce they all follow identical structural principles." .Since the first plans were drawn in the 1920s, and the Crypt was laid out and the foundations installed, no major modifications to the original designs could have been made without . seriously upsetting the capacity of the footings which had been designed for certain maximum future loads, Mr. Kennedy said.· Nevertheless, over the course of the years new studies have brought about ·certain changes, modifications and refinements to ,the super-structure. The imposing building is, therefore, the result of many years of study. Aids Carry On Mr. Maginnis did not live to see the fruition of his work. He died in 1955 at the age of 88; The .project has been carried forward by Eugene F. Kennedy, Sherburne J: Watts, Harry H. Quarmy and Hampton F.· Shirer, a,ll of whom worked closely with Mr. Maginl)is for many years.

.Carillon-Type Bells At 'National Shrine


Announce Cemetery Sunday Observance

DES PLAINES (NC) - The National Catholic Cemetery Conference has ask e d that Brother Gerard Lemieux, "Cemet~ry Sunday" be observed by all Catholics on the Sunday C.S,V., who. left Sunday for Formosa from Montreal. was . preceding or following the'feast of All SOUls, Nov, 1. honored a t a departure cereIn a statement issued from its mony by his home parish, St. national office here in Illinois, .Theresa's, New Bedford. the conference urged parish The first such event in the history of the parish, the cerepriests to bring to the attention mony included High Mass. the of the faithful the Church's blessing and presenting of 'a teaching on Christian burial and cemeterjes.. crucifix to Brother Lemieux and the renewal by the missionary 'The conference is ciI:culating of his consecration and vows. its 1959 model sermon, "The A dinner for 100 relatives and Other Sacred Place," and its parish bulletin,' "Altars to Eterfriends followed, at which Rev. William Collard, pastor of St. nity," to all of its members and Theresa's,' spoke on behalf of to the bishops of the U. S. to the parish, Broher' Lemiux is use as they wish. the son of Mr, and Mrs, Antonio _Lemieux, 2287 Acushnet AveSays Modern Jurists

New Bedford Man Formosa Bound


Note Natural Law . NEW YORK (NC) The world today is "witnessing a defi'nite revival of the natural law theory," according to Father Robert W. Gleason, S,J. He says "our modern jurists are beginning to see natural law, not as the sworn enemy of positive law; but as its only ultimate justifica:. tion." Father Gleason, head of the - theology department at Fordham University, told the New York Guild of Catholic Lawyers. "modern jurists are beginning to see that ~he natural law, in sound Catholic tradition, was never intended as a substitute' for positive law, but only as its foundation. Natural law is to positive law as roots are to a



ST. PAUL (NC)-The Catholic lawyer should be the "protector yer should try to induce local of the w!=!ak, public teacher and and state bar associations to the leaven to help restore civil re~ommend to the state legjslalaw to its parent root,," a' ture, a bill that. would impo~e .a coolmg-off perIod before a dl. preacher at a Red Mass here decllired. vorce action starts. M F . J G'll'g To help restore civil law to sgr.· ranClS . 1 1 an, a · 1 h 'd "'t t Fall River native, pastor of St. 1ts proper 9 ace, e ·sal , 1 mus Mark's church and former moral b~ talked about among lawyers; . ,discussed among lawyers and .theo~ogy professor at St. Paul s written about in legal publicaSemmary here, deplored the t." . "1arges t ream 0 fd'lVorce ac tIons '" IOns. He la' d th t "th ill civil courts which "is weak,exp me a e pro, f 'I l'f d 'h t' " fesSlOn offers 'every lawyer ~me enmg amI y 1 e an .. e na IOn. t 't' to t . '. oppor um les pro ec t th e To the congr.egatlOn of lawfriendless" since "honor and yers, jurists and public officials reverence" has been accorded gathered for the 11th annual to the legal profession because Red Mass at st. Thomas .College, it produced men who established he said: "This is made possible reputations as protectors of the only by the actions of. men.' It weak, can be 'restricted. Th'e 1awyer . IS " a pu bl'IC t each . , The , finger of accusa t IOn IS prlmarlly upon the e" h .d h h "I b l'e t b t 't' I th 1 1', e sal , w en e a ors c In, u 1 IS a so on e awnot only to instruct but strives yer and the court, for they conto mold ubI' p'n'o . th t 'b t t th '1" P lC 0 l i n m e rl u e 0 e eVl . , interest of public good and A lawyer might decline a di:.. toward the elimination of public vorce case, the Monsignor said. injustices," but better still, he might try to . reconcile the parties. This would Education Course constitute "a patriotic' service to Set at Sto'neh.·11 the nation and if' successfur would give a consolation that At 'the request 'of several relino monetary factor can ·supply.... gious communities of women, .he added. Stonehill College will offer a' In cases where' a reconcili~three credit course on teacher' tion is impossible and property and school organization. First rights are involved, Msgr. Gilli-. class meeting and registratioQ gan said, it is' permissible will be held' Friday afternoon, restore to civil law but only witlt Oct; 16 at 3;15 in Holy Cross. Hall. the understanding ·that a civil Dr, John P. Sullivan. who will status has been changed. teach the course, has had 30 years' experience as teacher, Protectors 01, Weak headmaster, supervisor and ad. Msgr. Gilligan suggested that ministrative head~ besides discouraging specific di-' . Topics to be treated include vorce actions, the Catholic law~ determination of educational policies and their implications sch091 organization and manNew Bedford' Legion for agement; "lace of school in s0Prepare~ Book List ' ciety; orgarization of the school New Bedford members of the unit; school managem,e.nt as it Legion of Mary have issued pertains to teachers and stu_ the Fall edition of their pedents; rela'~ion of the school and riodical, Worthwhile ·Books. s.chool personnel to the comListing 20 current Catholic volmunity. umes, it includes novels, biographies, mysteries, histories and Kof'C Social spiritual reading. . Bishop Cassidy C 0 u n c i 1, "., Knights of Columbus. will hold Copies of the list are obtaina potluck supper and dance Satable at all branches of the New urday night,' ·Oct. 10 at K of C Bedford public library ana may Home, Swansea. Mrs. Manuel be obtafned by mail from the Silvestre ':u.d Mrs. Arthur MonLegion of :'Iary at 233 County teiro are co-chairmen, Street.



WASHINGTON (NC)-A set of carillonic bells of the most advanced design will soon be in-' stalled at the ,National Shrine of. the Immaculate: Conception here. The shrine is to be solemnly dedicated on November 20. 'I;'he Electro-Mechanical bells will be placed in the stone cupola atop the dome of the shrine. The dome, situated at the meeting point of the nave ~nd the transept of' the huge church, dominates much of the skyline of the national capital. The campanile, or bell tower, of the shrine, called the Knights' Tower in honor of the Knights of Columbus, who donated one .million dollars for its construction, will eventually house set of cast bells. The tower is still under construction. The carillon-type bells were given to the National Shrine by the late Cardinal Samuel Stritch of Chicago.


CAMPANILE: The magJ}ificent bell-tower of the National Shrine of the Immaculate' Conception in Washington is the gift of the Knights of Columbus. NC Photo. .



.. ~'~




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. worry-free . . . GAS heat. In good weath-

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Lufhe,ran :Pfilsto r Adm~ire's [Pdles' ,'L·oye ~o_If [[F'0:1'·th :,

V~mICA!N ,ClITW (NC)'-' ::RQpe John 'has 'hailed 'the' ';convo!cingwf,diocesan 'sy:noda as :sole!lln affin~a'tions ,01..

'SPRINGFl®lID :(NC) The blood of niodern,Poland's martyrs -has ,nourished the people's' :,Ohnisthin .faith, a

"the unchangeable ,v.alue (of l'&vealedtr-uth ,and I,of :pontifical, teaching as 'the sure norm' <Ii truth'and'of'cettainty" . The Pope 'sam <that lthe 'sy,nod was ;a '~joy'ful :r-esponse, ·not·i1l' wordsblit :in 'Beeds, ito those people who are in the habit (ol claimingitha't'spiritual and moral values ,are lbecoming .darkened and \who 'pessimistically n-!frain from contIiibliting 'to lthe wor.Ia'. impllovemerit:"

Lutheran :minister :told this congregation there lin l0hio. , lRev. JK. JM. lGlaesner, ·,whotoured 'Poland ,aqd ~Soviet ,Rus. sia in the past Summer, saiii:that despite JNazi .and Communist mass 'atrocities, '''ever.y man, woman and lchild .goes 'to church." ~nd:on '~everyreasonable'fac-'


simile of.n wall" :the 'Lutheran pastor said he lfound :a ,crucifix, with candles .and ·flowers. ·On closer inspection he discovered 'bulletmaFks ,on· one 'of the walls, "maybe":three or four hundred." , A .young man ,told him: ".This ,is .where ,our 'mothers,andfathers:and brothers and sisters ,and 'our ·children ,were shot to death by the Nazis," "The fury of'destruction which I saw tin 'Polana is ,beyond' comprehension;" said Pastor G laes-


. -HON.OR tlT;ALItAN LLE<A'DERS 'i.<m' .(~'ORGEmOWN: At:~ \spe¢ial ,~oi1V6ca:tion in be \added, set tthestage 1for' - Geoligeto.wm 'Uni.versity, tWashington,;an IhonorRJ;\Y ili>octor of ~Laws deg~~:;was comeueU ~somethingthatIwas,' even '.'Illudb ,on Italian 'Prime ·Minister ~ntoriio $tmrii "ano .ItaHan $oreignMiriister (Giuse.ppe ;BelJa.

wo:~tthan;~l~lthe:~ssaults:Oftth~Left ~to ,tight ·are .Mariilo 'Brosio; maly~s fAnibassailor ito ·the United$tateB:; iAu:chbisho;p 'T·T "t ':.:I '8t '~, l\&: "8 fA' ~h \u,meu., a&e,s, .n:.rr., ~gnl"'rM,-T., mAJI" 'r~' a, ,:fiTC·dam~agreement. ,bl-shQp .'BatI:Iok iA. \OillQyJe 1of WashIngton !'ana lEatlher fE,award B. Bunn, :S.1J., 'PreSident, :8utijugathni thy meils NC pBhoto. ' NaZi 'army~the llmposihon ~fjf , , '. 'A. "J' ,""" J" 't It 'thO Reii,tyrannyfolloviingtthe Ro~ 'E,gdho :Vag~ozzl, h'POStO,lC ':a;e ilga e. 0 l e

·'t'After .all It he tUestruction" ''''ftet:all the [pity ;anli ,horror.antl terrorism tthat ·were ~brought . down (upon tthese ,people" ,came $A:N lERANCISC0 •. ~NC) , - -Roing 'the [hartiest>kind lof their subjugation lby 'the ,Gom'T~ade .is .notthe ,path Ito .peace ',willingly ,anii,well. mheY:l;IDpear -munists, Dr,:Glaesner,·saii:i. 'with 'Soviet~Russia..But ;mOFe '·to ibe Ithe iPace:'setters" "lI "wouldn't "wish 'You ,to '~go -'-'IRussian lliving"'st8nd31rds 'American 'tourists could ',be. bito \the rhome 'of cany ,Role ttoi:iay, , This was' the iIlJpression .at- ,a-re :lower ,tthan ::Spain~s. '11hey because,you,'woultllleave lheant'W'amlt ~ami\:i lnfe,erd consumer broken; II'wouliin~t ,wish ,any (Elf' , .t~ney ~anli .businessman Jose):lh L. Alioto kbrought (back tfrom Ihis ,gooiis, rbut tthey :show ~a ~Spar.tan you \to -seethe rhungry childl'en ileiiication lin ':their '.willingness recent ,kip .to 'Moscow. ':With on lthe <streets (of 'Roland; tI other .local .business -leader-s, \the 'to.ilo\wWtout."1Fhis!isrnot:alpoint wouldri!t 'wish ,any (of 'you 1to(63t Catholic l1ayman ~spent :,seven ,of \weaknessw.i:ith ttheJll., <as $ome the :garbage ·they ··to -eat, . 'daYs .in .the 'Soviet ~capitaJ, :and thirik,;It~s(Qne,of:thEHr>strengths:" or<e~n Ito see it;" ~tbe lLutheran -'-'~St.lI!.;ouis,tthemrilyCCatholic 'sevel:al ,hours ,in ',conver-sation pastor .said.. church, 'is attenaea :-mainly 'by with Soviet economics chief; ·Amember ,of 4l ,group of 19 Poles. It was the ,one place to 'Anastas ;, ;their ,host. Americans' 'who ttOUired tRussia Said ~ .~. Alioto' ".We .must 'which my {guide 'Would 'not :8C,ana 'Roland, Dr. ,Glaesner 'said .maintain communication with .. 8 'coJllpanY me." he \visiteii <plaees lin }Polanii .that -'-"'AI1tPWestern cartoons are . regime ,tluit controls·sO .many sinee lbeen :aeclared "tdff 'oLthe ,wor1d~s.people';:Ifwe'have ,heav.y lon ,:;lHIre, anC:!. 'so ·cFuiie limits" tto,ltouJ:ists. communication, there's 11 chance !96 'Rer (Cent .Catholic of 'keeping the cold war colii. , ""lDe,spite 'the (Campaign tof lthe Ana above all there's thepossiSoviet Union," lhe ~told his con'bility .of reaching the 'Russian gregation, "you cart't keep the people <out {of Ithe 'churches .rin "people." , Hope for 'Peace Poland. They now have decided . "mhere1s .wheJ:e .our .hope .for . that the only' way they can show peace lies. From ',what 'I ,~w ,their resistance to the Soviet and heard in Mosc;ow. 'the 'Rus'movement in their country· is by sians are still COJllplEHely 'in ·.the .gOing to church. Ninety-six, per .dark 'about what's "going 'on lin Ilent of the pe'ople in Poland:are the free' worlCl'." , Roman Catholic; .the other four ·"Our Iprofessional.guides 'were per cent ;are .either 'I:.utheran ,or 'young ',Women, .around '{l0, <aU (of 'Reformed:" \ q , (them "JIlother-s{of three ;and 'four-' '''The people would line. up :,yeaN6ld children. TheY/d (been ;outside the .church anii wait for thorougHly ttrained, spoke 'Eng. the next 'Mass to begin," the iish',weU, knew .al~the,party-line minister declared, "It would answer-s 'for 'our questions:" thrill your heart ·to ·see these AlHbut'one:'Fhey hemmediand tlowntroddenpeople, with ·haweii w'hen .1'fsked 'about their scarcely enough clothes on their children. Turned 'out the y.oung;backs, ,waiting .in .line ,to get into sters Iwere .in ,'state .nurseries, llhurch .to 'wol'shjp 'the God tthat with mamm'a allowed 'one wisit .the Reds 'say does not exist." .per \week." "'Natasha,' I<asked one,"oon't . you think~you'kno·" more about raising your chilii tthan Khrushchev' does? In America, children CHAPEL "POINT, (NC) ,are .the . parents' ,responsibilit>y. :More than: 300 i contiilUous years '.Wotiliin't,you rrather' have it Ithat .OUR$').VINGS rAllE.SAFE (of 'service tby :the \Jesuit 'Fathers ,way, itoO?' ~ (Qur \accourit is' insured ,in southern Maryland ·were comTouchell tHorne [ ,in ~full ,as .proviaed by Imemorated in'Q· ceremony ,at the "'She':mUlrlIHeii ,s:o m e trh,j'lllg { fMass. $tate ,laws. (parish said to Ibe1the,oldest;con- labout· sacrffices for~the state,lBut ttinuously active ;.paJ:iSh ;in ahe it llacked ~conviction. I thirik.rr 'S'AVINGIIS CONVENIENT lU. S. touched :home." 'Weqpened our account ,A Manylana lSt&te .historical.--'Mr, ~lioto <offered 'these qjther :by mciil ana mdke 'pay1mar.ker was erected .at 'St. .Ig:: (comments ,on ,the Soviet.scene: 'merlts \by ilmiil. 1Datius church, ~founi:ied in 'f641 ~Dori~t underestimate 'what (by Father 'Andrew 'White,:8.J,., ilRussian \women are(corltIiibuting "Open 'Friday evenings ·tlll • !the "Apostle of Maryland." The ,to .the "working force.' They!re .t (church has 'haa 'a resident 'pasThe itor since .1662. ll!J;rges tM:i9he~ The marker 'was unveiled :by Wather A. Robert Thoman, S.J.,· ~Ouban ~pastor of St. Ignatius' parish 'HAVANA (NC)--rA .group 'of 'since 1953. . Cuban priests has cailed for the Father Michael J. ,Farrell, ,eStablishment of.a family 'wage lTepresen.ting 'the WasHington and. has urged workers' to .ac;archdiocese, at 'the ceremony, . quire a.·sharelin the/management >said in an address: "The spir- of the ffirms they,wotk for. litual ,accomplishments of the Fall ,Rivel' .Sav:ings .Bank '.The .recommendations \were, ~ .'Jesuits' in 'southern Maryland ~ maiieat Ithe £seeonii 'Social$tudy ,\ 114'1 NO. M~IN ~T. lfor more than three centuries \Week ffor 'the'CleFgy, sponsored 'FALL'RIVER ;are unique and unsurpassed in by the 'Young Christian Workers/ IAmerican Church history, and a organization and presided over Tel. OS 5-7868 fgreat source of inspiration ;for <by IAuxiliar.y ~Bishop iEveJioDiaz lall American Catholics." y Cia of Havana. •

[Mark? Serv'ice, IBy Jesuits


that ourcollege.;ttrainetl !gids :got .embarrassed.when 'we :askeil for 'an (e~plamition, ,They 'have two main lUmgets: ..!Religion land 'capitalism;"

l~ 'RaUMOS


Sure Guidance ,.. -' "Your gesture confirms and strengthens ,d i sc,j:pl.i,ne :and, whenever there ;is ,need, lit reestablishes order which • sometimes 'weakened by crnistallien .habits," ,he ,added. "In this .way .there 1s brought into ,play ,a ,stz:ong tplan <ofmm:al consolidatiOn, demanding .from each ,one ,and bom <all ,together~ , .cleJ;gyl8Ild Jfaithful, ·clanity iCl., idea~, .& ,resolute ,will :and sure. 'guidance. , .Ai <Orraer lana !Sfl!eritty - ",," "%, 'synoo 'also "JIleans 'ferv.ol' for 'Ilew 'ana 'fruitftilactivitielJ in 'all ffields 'of Catholic 'life (frOID the ',pariSh ~ -'the 'care 'of "Yocations;'from <the 'schoollto'Clfth01ic Action! from the ,pr-ess to social action; {from :charitatile 'actiou to -leisurely 'recreation... All this ,is .the .magnificent .aHirmationcifthe .Catholic 'world ,ana ,of 'its ,alWaYs reneweil e'ffott :10 ,give lthose ;answers:ancl those 'deciSionS .w.hich .alone ,CaD return ,or(ler ,ani:! .security ' . ,pri!llent .~~ ,society:"


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~mRITHE [~I1i.ce U

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Wages Workers




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,I ,: -low !pri""';I'

I Lesser {quanli'i...





THE ANCHOROct. 8, 1959 Continued', from. Page One revenue apparently secure, and it appears destined to build ao. ever greater tradition of 'supply;.. tng, the' American Church with priests' imbued' with the Roman spirit. ' But often.during'the first hun.. dred' years it· was in jeopardy,>. The' college' was one of the- pet proiects of Pope 'Plus IX, and; it 'was he wl\o'bougfit and provided· ·tl\e'. college's first" headquarters; lit. was. on December, 7, 1859;, the eve' of; the' feast. of: the; Iinmacu;· ,late' Conceptionl-the- title> under. whiah- Mary ,hadi 6een~designatedi Patroness- of' the' United; States, only! 1'3, years earlier-that- 1CJ, Americans sfudying for the priesthood, in Rome marched, down. the Via' dell'Umilta in dOwntown ROme to take posses... siom They were,already w~aring the ganb that has made the ,American, seminarian in Rome easily; distinguishable ever since .-black cassocks. trimmed with blue;. white collars, and broad red sashes at their' waists. Auspicious Opening The college opening was auspicious. PiuS-. IX, himself visited .the' building the following, JaO'. 29: and> offered', Mass there. It, was the feast of: St. Francis de Sales, wlio, had also, celebrated Mass there. The first decade,. however, was. an uncertain one. The .Civil War drew ofLto armsman~ boy;s .who, mighthav:e. studied for the .priesthood" and. at times there , was: even a question mark as. to wl\ethen the "Uilited" States would. survive. . Tlien- came 1870, and the faU ofi Rome. The Italian government tl\niatened: seizure'ot'such eccle', .iastical property' from the be.. ginning; In January, the highest court. of the kingdom ruled that the' government was entitled, to seize' the property. Cardinal John· Mccr:loskey" Archbishop, of New York, and, the first American' cardinal,wrote to Presidi'mt Chester A. Arthur requesting' him to "ask the King of Italy' for a .stay of proceedings, if it be , not possible fUl'thermore to- exempt, the institution as virtually Amedcan property' from' the operation of :he'law." As a· result, the- Secretary, of State called! on the' American, minister to Italy, William. Waldorf Astor,' to intervene. Mr. Astor's appeal saved the college; it was exempted\ In "recognition of its success, and. in time for its. 25th anniversary; that. Decemben, Pope Leo XIII raised, the.. institution to. the rank; of pontificaL college on October 25j 1884. Golden TubiJee, On DecemBer, 8; 1909,. the gplden jubilee.' of' the college, St: Plus X received; alumni' and students of: the' North' American in. a, special: audience: The sainted Pontiff told tHe Americans tHar lie could find' no words to' express "tlie good that this seminary has done, is doing, and will do for your nation.'" The college' had lean years during World War I, but was able to stay' afloat; World' War II, however, forced' its complete closure. It was not reopened un:til 1948. The old building on "Humility Street" had been bmlt as a conven\: for Dominican nuns at the opening' of the 17th- century. 'Dbe nuns were ousted, during: the Na'poleonic occupation, and! the

building turned into barracks for the French arplY. It was taken over by Visitat,ion nuns in 1814, and then by French soldiers again-this time defending· the pope-in 1848. Renovated for the Americans, it was designed for a capacity of 160 students. After World, War I, the roster shot up close to 200:, Building, sites in Rome were well nigh! impossible to comelDY; but. Pius. XI bought 25 acres. of: land: on. the Janiculum-usingmart of'an', unprecedented $1,500;000 credit; arranged' throughl New· York ba'nlters--and 'offered half>' of, the' site:to the Alnericans. : New Quarters. Plans were' drafted immedtately for construction ofthe new quamers for the American na" tional seminary; Bu\:' the depression' intel'vened. Then came World .War II.. When Italy entered the war in 1940, the- stu., dents returned, nome' and. the , college' was. closed completely,. The building was a home for Italian. refugee' children after the wal', and' the':college was not -reopen'ed until' tHe' Eai~' of 19481 Plans to, erect.. tlie! new' quarters on the JaniculUm, were made definite the same y;ear,and.. drew from Pope Pius xn 8 letter, to the American Hierarchy expressing his "warmest. commendation'" andl "padicu.lar. joy." Pius XII . himself came' to, Rome.. froin his, Summer' home in Castelgandolfo. to dedicate the. new $3,500,000building on October 14; 1953; Completion of the plant, he sa,id, represented'the lighting of' "a' stronger flame' Ofi hope> fOlt the' Church; in' the) Unifed States, and the world." Rresent atl the 1953'; dedication were hundreds, of. alumni: of, the college, including. three' of' the major contributors) to. the' new building - Cardinals, Samuel . Stritch of Chicago and Edward Mooney of Detroit~ both of whom died in 1958, and His Eminence F 1" a 0. cis Cardinal Spell.lrlan, Archbishop, of New'York, who is taking part'in Uie centenary celebration. The Nonth Amer.ican College is the only one of the two'-score national. and regional seminaries and' l\'ouses of: studies whose rectnr- is a bisHop: He' is Archbishop. Martin J(.OlConnor, formel' Auxiliary Bishop of' Scranton' who: was. named. rector in November, 1946, and whom His H'oliness Pope' John XXIII raised to~the'rank;of'Archbishop UUs. September; just. before' the centennial celebration; While the big college: on. the Janiculum Hill is. the focal point of the American.. seminarian's life in Rome, the old. house on "HUmility Slreef.' remains an' American training: ground. In' 19118;.in recognition for the halfmillion dollar postwar renova'tion, of the. Drop.erty' and' or the American Church's generosity to the needy overseas, Pius XII. gave permanent title to the old building to the American Hier-, archy. Since tHe completion of the new building, it has. served as a residence for American priests taking gl'aduate studies in Rome.

Prelate Urges; Study Of Catholic- Press

BILOXI (NC)-Setting, aside a period once a week in Catholic schools for readIng and discusof the' Catholic' press' has Augustinians Choose . sion been proposed' by· Bishop Albert Superior' General Iv.Zuroweste of1BeIlevme; Ill: ROME (NC) - A 50-year.:::01d, "Ih' this way~ a' child' would Spanish authOl::itY on Ara~ l>ecome acquainted with the philosophy 'and: language, lias Catholic press and' acquire the been elected new superior genhabit of' reading g~od literaeral' of: the Augustinian Fathers.. . ture:" said' the IllInois prelate, Chosen to head the Bennits episcopal chainnan' of' the Press of. St. Augustine was Father Lu- Department, of the National ciano Rubio, O:S:A. He was Catholic' Welfare Conference: elected by... 8, general chapter of Bishop Zurowes~e!s, proposal We' 700:"y.ear-old' community, came during apar.t oran address, which is devoted to educationin, which he urged emphasis, on ali, missionary a.?d parochialc Uie. positive. approach to, the work. problem of questionable literaAmerican Augustinians taking, ture. part in the. election included'·not enough,to protest offFathers James B: Gallagher, color reading material, he s~id, O.S:A., and James A. DonnelIon, but "our educators_ must' train O.S.A.; of the Province of St- youth. and we. of' the press must Thomas of Villanova, and Fa- encourage them, to read good tilel'S Francis ,G. Cavanaugh, newspapers, magazines, articles O~S:A., and John L. Seary., and: faction that will. assist them O.S'A., of the communit¥!. Chi,- in tiie pursuit; of· tlie good, the ·.-go pruvince. beautiful and tlie virtuous.,,-




Dedicate~ Largest

House: of: Cl1arity


VANCOUVER, (NC) - The third a-nd what is believed to be the largest house of charity on the North American .continent has' been dedicated in' Vancouv·er. Brother "e Paul, founder of tHe' F'ranciscan.Tertiaries' houses of' charity, in Minneapolis, Minn., and' Spokane;, Wash. said the new, home will, provide 25,000 square' feet of fioor space, 110 beds, two dining' halls and a chapel. A recreation room' and private quarters for the' Brothers will be included,



- c

OLDEST GOLDEN CROSS,: Regarded as' the oldest.


golden cross extant, this sixth1.century treasure on exhibit in the'Vatican was the' gift of' By·zantine Emperor Justin' II:: to Queen Radegunda of the Franks when she retired; to a, convent.' Encrusted. with, precious; jewels,. mostly' of ancient, square cut, it stands about a foothigh~ NC Photo.

Cathe:lic Youth,We-ek Gains B:le'ssing' of Holy Father,

, ,


His Holiness Pope John XXIII has given his apostolie blessing to organizers and directors of the 1959 National Catholic Youth Week andt all Catholic youths taking part, in the observance. The' Pope has called on U.S. Catholic young people to participate' 'Theme of the observance- is "enthusiasticaUy and, zeal- "Spiritualize Youth _ Vitalize ously" in the Youth. Week, Nations!' which will be obser.ved· this - Noting, this theme, the Holy year from Sunday, Oct; 25> to Father stated he "cannot but Sunday, Nov: 1. approve so praiseworthy' a Pope' John made- his Y'outh pro,gram,'" adding: Week comments in a special "Only when man is at pea'ce message'to' ArcHbishop' Leo' Binz with himself and in himself of'Dubuque, episcopal' chainnan can he hope to pacify! and, reof; the Youth Department, Na- vitalize the world;; and· that intional Catholic Welfare' Confer- terior personal peace the world ence; whic,h' sponsors the' wee!k cannot give; but' only the' Ptince of Peace, by whose' grace' many:' This' year marks> the' ninth may/ live' a'; rich, intense' and, annual National Catholic Youth fruitful- spiritual life;'" Week. It. will be observed in all archdioceses' and dioceses. in the United' Slates. and in U. S: territories; and~ throughout tHe wodd in areas where U. S: armed forces are; stationed. LINCOLN, (NC) - Mrs. Joha' Scott said that the other day 2'5~OD:O: Me,n M'arch she was on her way to the' goods store to buy her In H'OIY1N'ame Parade church husband a missal. PONCE' (NC)-Thousands of A non-Catholic friend joined men paraded through the main e streets in the closing event of her, and asked what she was' TECHNICOLOR the 16th national Holy Name going to buy. "I'm going to buy a, missal i From I Society convention in Puerto for my husband." Plus The Fabulous Rico: THe other party wisecracked, Technicolor Featurette BIsHop James E. McManus, with' a smile: Uk missile! You-' C.SS:R, of' Ponce presided at mean you're ,hoping t!>: send· him' WALT DISNEY'S FAMOUS the convention Mass and "EYES IN OUTeRSPACE" info outer space." preached'the sermon at St. Mary Mrs. Scott said, she couldn't Children Always 25c the Q'ueen's Church. Bishop resist answering yes; James P: Davis of San Juan was unable to atten!!' because of" illness; Tlie t~o-hour parade started' at. the Catholic University;' and ended, at tne church. An estimated,25;000 Catholic men, from (Mac Gregor Brand) 90' HNS units participated..

The most

. exciting

'114:y':;~':' , on the,

screen!> .'


Missal Puts, Mon. I'n' Outer Sp'oce


Electrical Contractors









Mac Gregor nnAND


at Food Stores In 'South Eastern Massachusetts


, THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., Oct. 8, 1959 '.

"Real'iJr Counterfeit?


'Against Great Odds'-

.; , "



Weekly Calendar: Of FeastDays~

, It is 'no secret that thinking .Jllen throughout the world regard South America as the target of stepped-up communist activity. In, the poverty of the many there as con.., trasted with the great wealth of the few, communist .ideas of class struggle and the 'economic 'betterment of the workingman will find many eager ears. . From the very beginning of his p~n'tificate, Pope John has been making the faithful aware of these dangers- jn the mission lands of the world. He has consistently pointed" out in letters and- in addresses that the missions are a riCh soil in whiCh.Christianity may be planted.or from which will spring a dangerous harvest. And the sowers of COInIllunism are never idle. . As alw'ays when, confronted by a terrible danger, the 'Chu'rch, turns to Mary. In his latest and third encyclical letter, Pope John asks that the Rosary be said with renewed prayerfulness by the faithful and -that one of the intentions, be for the mission countries. Such a powerful prayer as Our Lady's Rosary should be directed with p'owerful intentions. And the work of the Church in mil?sion lands and especially in South America is a powerful work against powerful odds. . Just the'kind of project that ()ui:- L~dy excells at.

TODAY - St. Bridget of Sweden, Widow. She was a, m'ember of the Swedish royal· family born in 1034. She married Prince Ulpho of Sweden and they had eight children. Man;F years later she and her husband separated by mutual consent. He joined, the Cistercians. and she founded' the community of st., Saviour in the Abbey of Wastei.. TOMORROW-St. John Leonard, Confessor. The founder of the Congregation of Clerks Reg:' ular' of the Mother of God, he was born in the 16th century ill Luni, Tuscany. He coo'perated with St. Philip Neri, St. Joseph , '. Calasancius and other famous holy men of the time' in restol'ing ¢hurch discipline ,and converting sinners. He is looked upon as one of the founders 01. the Roman College of the Propaganda for Foreign Missions. He died at the age of 60 in 1609. and 'was canonized in the tweDtieth century., SATURDAY-St. Francis B.~ One year ago, tomorrow,. Pope Pius XII died. '\ , 'gia, Confessor. Son of, .the DU,k. He'was hailed all during his pontificate and at his deat~ ." of Gandia,. a Grandee of Spain, as a '~pii'itual leader of great holiness and unparalleled he was born I in 1510. While insight into modern problems and their causes and cure~ ~~ , serving at +he court of Emperor Charles V, he determined upOll , spOke with authority on an astounding range of, topics a religious vocation and entered land applied principles to cases wit~ -perspicacity and "QlJESTIONS the Society of.Jesus. He deciined scholarship. , .' , a Cardinalate and became the The passage of a year has not di~medthat judg:ement, third General of the Jesuits. He 'ANSWERS of him. '. .., , ' ' ,'. died at Ferrara in 1572, fatigued , from a mission he had been sent Just after his elevation to the Chair of Peter, Pope on by the Pope to enlist 'aid 01. John stated that Pope Pius was of a stature that' one sees By Rev, James A, ·McCarthy · Christian princes when th. "r .. in Doctors of'the Churc}l-men of holiness and .learning" ,TUrks' menaced Christendom. Holy NameChureh-Fall itiver whose works are guides for Hying happily in this world He was C'anol)ized in 1671. I Christ the family name other exampies in: the pages of and attaining to the life of Heaven. For Pope Pius never ' of Was · . SUNDAY - Maternity of the Jesus? World History. ' lost sight the t~o great focal points of life-God and the, In short, after all the preced-' ,Blessed Virgin Mary. This feaSt individtlal on his journey to God. Complex that journey, No. Christ is the English trans- ing, Jesus had no family name commemorates ,the d i v i n e might be, but Pius never hesitated to. point out ,the' sure lation of the- Latin '''':Christus" as we know it today, nor.did any motherhood of MarYi her dig'which was derived from the nity as Mother of God and her way and to unweave some of the complicated problems that , Greek "Christos". It means "the of his contemporaries., , spiritual TTlotherhood of men. K could rise up to confuse men. anointed one". To refer to one • was observed first in Portugal, God blessed His Church in the choice of Pius, and .He as "anointed" indicated "that the What is the attitude 01 the Brazil and Algeria. It is the Church $owards plastie surpatronal feast of the Trinitarians. eontinues to guide His people through the sure hand of person had, been designated for gery? . h t P J h . • particular task. We have a Polan'd celebrates the day as the another "pastoral Pope." For that IS ope, 0 n, In.' ,remnant of: this today, in the F:east of Mary, Quee'1 ",<, poland. If there is no, particular risk )lis earliest papal address, pointed out the' Pope to, b~ 'Church in our sacramental SYS- involved, plastic surgery .is ,MONDAY-'-SS. Evagrius, Pri.. neither a diplomatic Pope nor any other kind of Pope, but, ~m; principally in the sacra- allowed, even though there be 'ci~n and Companions. Martyra. limply. "the Pope," the Father of ·the faithful, the pastor m,ents of Confirmation and Holy no other reason than merely The date of their martyrdom ~ improving our appearance; We ., unknown, but. they probabl'y of souls with the world for his parish." . ' . Orders. " . , Outside of the, Sacraments, are not allowed to risk our 'lives Perhaps that the great appeal bo~h Pope JoJ1'n.~P9 ,there, are other instances of or even an equivalent good for · were put to death in Syria. . TUESDAY - St. Edward Of Pius before him have had f9r, men of.. all nati,ons and every ; anointing with oil in our present · vain reasons. ,Should, there be creed-in ·the midst of so much. organization \ these . day' civilization, notably in real danger inVolved then the England; King-Confessor. Unexraised' to the throne. of Pontiffs have reminded men that the.iridividmil is still arid \ co'!ntries where roya.lty still · end result must be examined in '. pectedly' El1g1and at the' age of 40, he 'A' 'd th,e Ill. . d'IVI'd ua., '1 ,.exIsts. At ,the coronatIOn of '. ' I d ~ways the target 0 f G0,d s ove an grace. king or que'en, an important part light' of the means taken to ac- · ruled ·for 24 years.' During th. ,complish it. A' proportionate .]8 the concern of the ~upreme Pastor~the,Fathe.r ,f!l of th~ ceremony is the anointing value must be established before ,time ,the country prospered. · ruined ,churches were rebuilt, Christendom. . i . of the ruler;usually by a reli,such 'an' operation should be the weak lived in security, and allowed. In particu~arly grave · for years afterward men spoke Qu=: cases, the advice ,of a confess9r · 01. the "laws of the good St. EdThe chief of police, of . Tiverton has mall'C 'everaJ. . anomted by, th~ Arc~blshop 01. · should be sought. ward." He.1ied in 1066 and , . th ea t ers th,at h ave. pu, t mto . , ...J 'l>Canterbury. remains' were enshrined in WeA, statements a bou t d' rIVe-In,· wor-us The name Jesus means Saviour What Is attrition! minster A,bbey. . ' .'the suspicions and ,thoughts of many persons... " " a n d , i t was'for the salvation of' ATTRITION is another way of" WESDNESDAY':"-St. Callist. The chief is quoted as saying that .th~' drive:-ins the w6rld that he .was' , the saying imperfect contrition. Per- I, Pope-Martyr. A Roman' ~ places for teenagers to hold ·"loving parties and beer ,anointed one. parties H ' Family names are of compara- feet contrition, as you know, is biI1h, he succeeded St. Zeph)l'. f h '1" f Ti ~' h ' t k th tively recent origin. People were a sorrow for sin because it is 'an, rinus. as Pope in 217. His five~o 0 t e COU~CI men 0 • venon ave a e!l up e known by their first names and offense against God who is so' year pontificate was marked by questIon oft censorshIp, ~f the pIctures often shown at these by their, occupation, place of' good so lovable'in Himself. 1m.., moderating rigors of penitential outdoor theaters. abode, lineage,- perfections or perfect contrition or attrition is' discipline; repression of' the It is to be presumed ,that these men know what is imperfectio?s, etc. As examples a sorrow for sin springing from Patripassians, Sabellians and sublime motive: becaw;e other heretiCs,a'nd the fixing Of going on and that--to their credit--they are concerned over of .0ccupatIons: Cooper would asinless" is so hateful in itself; or bethe Ember' :!:lay fasts. During all , . . . ' " indICate a barrelmaker; Fuller the moral health of theIr commumty. It IS good' to see was' the nlan who worked on cause by sin we can be punished anti-Christian riot in' 222 he wa. _ such concern in men holding offices of responsibility in a pottery; Smith could refer to a for eternity in hell. Attrition is thrown headlong from the .win.,. eommunity. ...... silversmith, coppersmith, black- sufficient for forgiveness of dow of a high building and The owners of all drive-in theaters should pay attention smith.. etc.-hence the prevalence sins in the Sacrament of Pen- . killed.. He 'was buried in 'tI~ 'ance (or in Baptism' when re~ Catacombs. to th I 't' t f h 'bl P bI'· of thIS name. ' ~ legI Idma ·etconbcedrn 0 , sutc h,resI>°b!lsl : PII~rsonst"t u" lC Our prime exam'ple of place ,ceived by an adult guilty of off lCla s an dIS ur e paren save een ca mg a en t Ion of abode-Jesus was called the actual sin). Father Praises: to some of the pictures shown and some of the "goings-on" 'Nazarene because, he lived in Benedictine Order in these outdoor theaters. But the lure of the dollar seems Nazareth; Mary Magdalene was ROME, (NC) - Pope John What is the mea,ning of ,too' great, and only strong public pressure can bring~out from .'~agd~~a. ~erman names' "ex,claustration"? XXIII praised the BenedictiOn a change ' , contammg von and French Order for its 'contribution, to Exclaustratlon is the permis. '. ' , , n a m e s with "de" usually are European civilization and for Outspoken complamts must be' made-long and loud' followed by the locality of the sion ,granted to a 'professed remaining faithful' to the idealtl religious, for a very grave reaand without ceasing-before some of the drive-ins change individual's forebears. of St. Benedict. . son, to live in the world tem. tlI~ir tactics. As it is ,now-.:....many of these are a sad . In regards to lineage, we have porarily while still retaining ,The Pope spoke at, St. A. . reflection on, their owners and the taste of acomriIunity 'the biblical' reference: Simon, the obligation of the vow.s. One selm~s abbey here where he Wall that allows them to function 'without protest. bar Jona (l?imon son of, Jona); to whom this permission' is greeted by ,the newly elected , and Jesus was referred to as "son granted is not allowed to wear "Benedictine Abbot Primate Ben. of David". The Nordic races the religious garb. ,tJil DO Gut, O.S.B., who has betm have the suffix-son and-totter, abbot of the independent abbey v.g: Ericson would be the son of of Maria Einsiendeln, Switze.. Education Principal land.' . \ , Eric, Ericstoter would be the daughter of Eric. The Irish and Problem in Africa In his talk at St. Anselm" Scots have 'their Mc, Mac and 0' DAKAR (NC) -.:. The centrat' the Pope recalled the Benedicsuffixes, v.g. McCarthy means problem in almost all the Afritine Order's principal activiti~ OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE DIOCESE OF FAll RIVER son of t::arth. (Incidentally, can, countries' below the &..d1arao --study, education, prea~h.i,ft' Published we~kly by The CQtholic Press of theDioces~ of Fall River Blarney 'Castle, home of the is education, an American JellUit and mission work - and urged Blarney stone, is really officially expert on education says; 410' Highland Avenue its members to strengthen uni4~'. the Castle of Carth, but' please Fall 'River, Mass. OSborne 5-7151 within their confederation coDFather' Neil G. McCluskey, take no inference as far as this ' S.J., associate editor of America, ' stantly and to retain a ser~ PUBLISHER column's editor is con~~rned). national Catholic weekly review and calm ,:pirit. , ., Most Rev. James L Connolly, D.O.,' PhD. Regarding c1).aracteristics of He' urged the monks to tab pubiished in New York, Jllade GENERAL MANAGER ASST. GENERAL MANAGER ,the individual we have Richard the statement on his arrival in ' advantage of the good aspecta • . Rev. Danielf. Shalloo, M.A. Rev. John P. Driscoll of modern' life but 'always ... ", the lionhearted; Kevin the bold, Senegal for a three-month study , MANAGING EDITOR .' Henry 'the Conqueror, Alex-, of education in equatorial and, remain loyal to their ancieDt Hugh J. Golde.. traditions. ander the Great and innumerable southern Africa.

In a Year's' Time

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' ~il~~:b~t~ign~;rY'En;i~~~'

Let the Community Speak'


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Peace Head See'

Church BeUs Sym.bolize Voiee of God Calling All Faithful to Worship

LOS ANGELES (NC) No .true pea c e can be· achieved by delivering monf people into Soviet captivity,"

By Rev. Roland Bousquet . St. Joseph's Church, New Bedford The "Good News" of our salvation was first announced to Our Blessed Mother by the Archangel Gabriel. This heavenly messenger revealed to Mary that she would be the Mother of the Redeemer. Our church bells seem to continue the archangels' mission~ Each Sunday, they remind us to receive thebenefi ts of Our Lord's sacrifice by attending Mass. .The first bells used to call structed a tower next' to St. .the faithful to the sacred Peter's basilica to house three functions made their appearlarge bells. By the ninth century, ance SoOD after the end of every church in the Frankish

Berlin 'Impa~se '. In Red Talks

the president of the Catholic Association for International Peace has warned. Harry W. Flannery, CAIP. head, also affirmed that peaCe can not be built by conceding to Russia the permanent cap-. tivity of satellite nations. "Stand firm" is Mr. Flannery's recommendation In regard' to foreign policy and the Berlin question in particular. Reds Dangerous "I don't know where we are going to make concessions/' he, he said, "I see no point in it. We have made them since World· War II without results." Discussing Nikita Khrushchev he warned: .:, "He is a dangerous man. When' he speaks disarmament he means': our disarmament. I think people know enough about communism:. now not to be misled. . Mr. Flannery said he sees nci chance of a solution in Berlin. "unless the Russians decide to reient." He added tl~at the Berlin issue is' a phony crisis created by the Russians. "They bring. it up, relent, and then theY'r~ heroes," he observed. "I can't,. see how we can get our troops out of Berlin. This would be the worst thing we could do." .. Captive Nations Mr. Flannery said it would be· unjust to abandon West Berliners to the Soviets. He added. that of all the West Germans,' people of Berlin best know the.' nature of communism as he con..; tended "we have falled in out· past responsibilities with regard to the captive nations." .: He said the West has failed to see the enforcement of the' provisions--such as free ele~ tions in these nations--signed with the Soviets during World. War'II. The U. S.labor movement hal DO . intention' ()f taking part in trade and cultural exchanges . with the Soviets by sending delegations to the Soviet Union or inviting Russian labor. reP~ sentatives to. this country, he declared. ' To, do so, he said, would "give, recognition and dignity~' to Russian unions. "They aren't free' trade unions," the AFL-CIO official explained. "We'd be talking only to representative. of. the ,Russian state." .

the Roman persecutions. They were a far cry from the gigantic bells gracing our large city churches. The first missionaries who spread the Gospel in Northern Europe gathered their congregationsby ringing a small handbell. The tolling of· the bell meant one thing to the inhabitants of these small villages. The missionary was among them once again to celebrate ·Mass, to administer the sacraments and to preach the Word of God. :The . most famous of.,theSe b~ll:s was : used bySt. Ratrick. It· is preserved, today..In the' Museum of the Royal Irish' Academy in D'ublin. . Bell Tower - . The hand-bell; however, became inadequate to meet· the needs of the' growing Christian popuIation.The various parishes soon extenc'ed over large areas. Larger instruments were necessary' to call the faithful to the religious functions. . Pope Stephen II, in 757, con"

HAND BELL St. Mary's-Soutb Dartmouth

NEWARK (NC)-Where state those students who fall to meet "funds are used to support higher them. ed':lcati~~, private college.s and If state colleges were' the only umversltles s~~uld s~are In the existing colleges, they would program, Auxll18ry Bishop Wal"easily fall victim to pressures terW. Curtis of Newark ~ld ?OO of mass education and college alumni of Seton ~all Umv~rslty. standards universally would' be Although he did not directly I ' " h . 'd . observers. pom . . t·e d outower, e sal .. ' mentiQn It, Bishop Curtis declared that theri.eed lor private colleges and universities is being recognized more and more today.

-He pointed to· the .increasing help they are getting from industry.' "Business is notoriously. tion. hard-headed," the Bishop said. The: bond issue has' the' strong "It does not· throw good money l)acking of the administration of after bad. If it is now persuaded Gov.' Robert B. Meyner of New that· it should. support, private .1e'rsey. The referendum was 'au- colleges, we may be sure that thorized by the State Legisla- there is a solid judgment behind ture, which also passed' a' schol- . that decision that private colarship bill under 'which state';; leges provide service to Amerfinanced scholarships for the ica." first time can be used at .private as well as public schools. , .' Poor Economy Bishop Curtis 'said it "is poor political economy and unfair competition" to "support certain schools by tax money and thus enable the state schools to afford • OIL BURNERS. at least lower fees to attract Also complete Boil~r·Burner stu'dents." or Furnace Units. Efficient Bishop Curtis urged his audi:tow cost heating. Burner and . ence "to think out this matter· fuel oil' sales and service. of state support of higher education, so that unfail' programs 480 Mt; Pleasant Street of state support may not place New Bedford Wi' 3-2667 private colleges in an economically impossible position through the misuse of taxes." .' He pointed out that the current policy of giving as much education as possible to as many people as possible has created a mass movement to college camJOSEPH M. F. DONAGHY puses, This, hc;! said, lias raised owner/mgr. the problem of creating special 142 . Campbell St. courses to fit all tastes, includNew Bedford, Mass. ing those of the dabbler as well as of the serious student. WYman 9-6792 But on the other hand, the HEADQUARTERS FOR Bishop ,said, private schools can,COLONIAL AND establish and enforce high acaTRADITIONAL FURNITURE demic standards, and elimina~


Stanley Oil Co., Inc.


Furniture Store

ANNIVERSARIES: Cath... olics of England are mark.:. ing the 800th anniversary' of the death o~ Pope AdriaJi IV, upper photo, the only Englishman ever to become Pope. In The Netherlands, Catholics observe the 5,OOt;h anniversary of the only Dutch pontiff, Pope Adrian VI, lower photo. NC Photo.

Ceylon Prelate Hits' Birth Control Plan COLOMBO (NC) -A Ceylon Archbishop has indicated Cath(mCS going to government health institutions are being "inveigled" into resorting to birth controL . . Archbishop Thomas B. Cooray,' O.M.I., of Colombo has called for Urgent measures to preserve the integrity of the Catholic family hi Ceylon. He said' the "anti-God, anti-religious . and anti-social" campaign for birth con~ol ... challenging this integritT. . I.

Od. 8, 1959

SAN ANTONIO (NC)An authority on labor-management relations blamed Catholics and other Christians for being negligent of the "little people" and 'attributed such negligence to present world tensions. The "little people," said Father L. J. Twomey, S.J., director 01. the institute 'of industrial relations at Loyola University, New Orleans, are found particularly in the small countries in the Far East and in Africa. He spoke to a convention of the Archdiocesan Council of Catholic Youth. "We Catholics have forgotten that God belonged to the little people," Father Twomey said. "These people are now reacting. They are reacting because nations which claim to be Christians want to destroy and exploit them.". He said that the same thine was happening in this country, where Negroes are "our little people.". Even some priests and nuns have acted as if God mad. the world only for white people, the Jesuit said. "We continue to exploit the Negro religio~sly, economically, educationally and culturally. Do we really believe that all mea. are created equal?" he asked. Father Twomey said there also are the "little people" who came from other countries such as braceros-to labor under intolerable conditions and for very low wages. "And this is happening among us people '",ho claim to be good Christians," he charged. "The older generation has failed you young men and women. It is up to you to go among the little 'people - you know who they are in your ow. environm~nt-andhelp them."

dominions had at least one bell. was r~garded as essential equipment for every church. Some of these bells took tremendous proportions. A bell weighing twenty-seven tons, made from captured French cannons, can still be found in the CathedraL of Cologne. The Church, throughout the centuries, has enriched the consecration of these bells with one of her most impressive ceremonials. A specially constructed platform, decorated with £lowers, supports the bell to be consecrated by the bishop. . The ceremony is popularly referred to as the "baptism of the bell". It is not a sacrament. Yet this sacramental does have cer'tain similarities with haptism. The high point of the blessing is the washing of the bell with blessC!d water after whic;h it .is anointed with Oil of the Sick and Holy Chrism. Campanile Since the thirteenth century the campaniles or bell-towers . often support a great number of beUS. In order to distinguish them it became customary to name each one. This custom still prevails. Each church bell is dedicated to a saint. The patron saint o.f the church, Our Blessed Mother, the archangel Gabriel and St. Peter are the most popuuU- names inscribed on church bells. The church bells symbolize the voice of Our Lord calling to adore Heavenly' Father by' offering with Him and through Him the sacrifice of the Mass. (-N~x~ week-the !UDioe)

, Me...c.


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New Bedford & Acushnet Co-operative Banks. 115 WILLIAM ST.


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Jesuit Deplores Catholic Neglect Of Little People


Prelate Says Private Colleges Have Right to Share in State Funds. . . .

that . Bishop Curtis' remarks would apply to a proposed state bond issue of $66;8 million to expand facilities at Rutgers·Uni:. versity and the state teacheri colleges. A state-Wide' refer:endum' on the bond iSSUe will be held in the Nov. 3 general elec:'





Sunbeanz'f .







Pere .Me rquetfe:

THE ANCHOR~Diocese of Fo"·~River....",Jhurs.••Oct 8. ,1.959,; :.




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"~'~', ,.~:. '.

'Subject of 'Play:

paint, C~·rpehlry,..Acc~ssor.ies' . ·Can Make Old'-Kitchens New ,,~

Pere Marquette, famous, Jes~it explorer and missionary, will, be the subject 'of'a 'radio play to be presented 'at' 6:30 Sunday night, Oct. 11 by the Catholic Theater · Guild of New Bedford. The script, 'by Manuel Almada, details the West of the 17th celi· tury and' describes the life of Pere Marquette, patterned after that of St, Francis Xavier. The · presentation is directed by Christopher Best, with Florence Mello at the organ. .

By Alice Bo,ughCa~ilI

. If YQu're one of those lucky 'gals with a ,brand :new,. , house, .or if you've had the good fortune of a recent updating job, you probably have one of those wonderful ultra, ultra kitchens with' built-in ovens, garbage disposals, dish' washers and· loads of cabinet , ,a.n attractive flower arrangement space. If so,' chances are you : which· will later decorate, ihe won't be "interested in what dining, table. we have to say here. But Seems as if some old kitchens

maybe you're in the category of ' were deliberately planned to be Taunton Council Names a wife with a: good case of unhandy and unbeautiful. ReFive C,ommitt¢e. Heads kitchen blues.' , member those clumsy sinks' that It's not t h 'e.. ' were often too low and tied up Committee heads were named planning Ii n d ~ precious cabinet I space?, You at the first Fall meeting of the might replace such a 'sink with Taunton Council of Catholie eooking meals , ' with , Women. ,They' wI'11 be respollsl'bl'e • a new double unit toge~her that's. down,' getting' " for pr'o]'ec"you Ws ' f ormlcacounters and b'lrch ca b.... fOl."·the c.omin" .. the kitchen it' : inets. '. year. , llelf - a room . Built-in ovens and counter 'top Included are Mrs.' Edward that is often the. ' - .toves take little space. Don't Castle" . youth cOmmittee; Mrs. Ilegh~cted. part , o v e r l o o k ' a ventHaiing fan,ahove . Joaquim Bernardino, spiritual , 01 a honie be;. the range to whisk odors away. development; Mrs. John Kelly., , cause it: is not By' arranging cabinets beiow. the. Family and parent' ed~cation. : part 0 f the ,sink for yo~r bakin:; needs slid" , ' . . '.' ,. . Also Miss Nellie Leary, orga_ "grand. t 0 ~ J;" . ing pull-out shelves are wonrlerAT WO~EN S RETREAT:; Pausmg to pray at the ization and development· MrL when guests are shown througb . ful) you can prepare· a.whole. shrine of .Our Lady while attending Our Lad~ of G-ood Coun- -: Alfred Leonard, district 'cha'i.... tb.e hou~. . . ' ' .... ,meal without all those stePII one sel ,retreat for laywomen at Cathedral Camp are, left to man for the Bishop's Ball. . ne.·edsm. a . 'poorly Planned' . Many of WI whq have an 0 Id , right, Mrs. Walter F. Glowaki, Nantucket; Mrs. Arthur'F. · poorIy - planned kitchen haye kitchen. . f M'" EI" . b 'th C h N th Jesus Mary Alumnae . ·come to'think'of its a's s<tm~th.i9g Peninsula Tab..'" Buckley, New ,Bed ord; ISS lZa:"~,, " . avanag, or' ~ : to gripe,~bout but to put ~p with. For eat spot,' a A~tlebor(), and ~rs.,Lawrenc~;r. Scanlon;.East Tau~ton. : To Hear Speaker .

:~;:o~~~:.e~~i~~eU~~~:;~:J.:-~ :;;:~su~~/a~: ~:,.e:ra~& li~~~, Senator' Declares W6ri1eriCan' Make, fa~e:r~:~~~::r~ni~c~~~:; If,every m~al me.ans a .hil~e to three people. It can also Serve " Alumnae Association will be let it re'ady, 'perhaps you. thiI)k as a space to line up plate meals ImportantJ, Pol itico 1'·'.CQrl:tri butions'. held folio wing 8:30 Mass Sunday

· your kitchen is too big. But the en route to 'the dining room. la . . . morning, Oct. 18 in the conveRt ul't I'S I'n lack' of' planning, n.ot . ' . WATERLOO (NC)~"It is no officials in the United States hal , a very small kitchen one do-it' , ," , f '1 chapel,Fall River. longer possible for women to been disgrace u. >-,sl'ze, If you pla.n your k.itchen ' " HI - yourself man built .an'. "eating '" I ~., Tickets are available frollll . ,"Women. who are. themselvel , 'with worksaving in mind and shelf" between the kitchen door . ayoid . politics; ol',' ,to iso ate decorate it to. ina,ke 'your wor,k . themselves from 'public issues morally',: r.esp' on~ible and polit-" Mrs. Concorde Lachance, chair. . , . and a ,window. Breakf.ast. fO,.r,_ a,nd public problEirris," U. S. Sen-' "l man; Miss inimche Lambert, cOfun, you'll have the-kitchen you' t ed d ed ically aware could make a ,sig" . wo prepar. an ,serv 18. ator Eugene J: McCarthy of Min- . , chairman, and committee, 1 tim th t t kes to tell nificant contribution to Amer-. ' . 'G B ' t '. ess. ~ a~ I a ., nesota has told Dubuque' Archican life by assuming a special. bers. Rev.'" erard Olsver, curA'vold Kltehenit'... in thIS tmy kItchen.. '. diocesan Council' of Catholic . 'ate at Notre Dame Church, Fall The average homemaker 'Another thing he planned that Women ,resppnsibility. for raising· 'the' River, w.ill speak. . . _ moral lev·el. of govern'ment aDd .' · 8pends the best part of her work- . we like very much: he i n s t a l l e d · . ing day iiI the kitchen so it a sliding rod' in one cupboard "The growing importance of politi~i,nthe United States. '.' SoCiety Plans Flying: - . mould be revitalized, if needed, sect~on, on which rod the pots the home 'as a political forum,;"It is;. not enough merely. to spare her the miseries of-. and' pans were hung, All his due to mass 'communications undertake to perfect our own in-' Pilgrimage to Lourqes ' ~itchenitis." 'The problem may . wife does is to pull out the rod . media-has in' turn '. fostered a dividual" lives. Neither. is it BALTIMORE (NC) _ PlaM . be "no eat spot," "too many and she easily finds "the))8R more' important .roleand a enough t6 Perfect the institution· have been announced fora ,8ydoors/' "no storage space," or, a she's 'looking for - a l l within, IJ:'eater:measure ,of i~fluence for . of the family alone. Over arid' ing pilgrimage to Lourdes la't, Nom that is "just too 'smalL" . arm'l reach of the. stove. . wo~en voters of: our coun;' , ' , " to perin Octo'ber, to be' ,'sp'oris,'ored bY , the . above t h'is, it is essential J If mother' has to tote three ' To perk up 'your kitcheii,'. "try," the lowa'w9men heard ,the feet soCial 'institu'tions' such ae the Reparation SocietY"of ~ meals to. the dining ~oom, she')l maybe you'll need to paint cab- : ;'SenatoJ; 'say. ", .' (" Immaculate Head' of Mary. ' bless the' day 'a few feet are inets. If the .kitchen . is sman ' ' .....', , the neighborhood, the. ·business added from here imd there to c'abinets shouid - be' painted' 'th~ :~. ,'milere . is ~t' thltl' cbe°un~ , a arid' ~rofession.~l community, The 'Reparation Society'ol the popu ar d ISPOSI Ion 0 cymca l Immacu'late .Heart of Mary' waa ::e f~:ify,r~a~~Chae:dea:a:~~ ts:m~llc:o~or a~ the wauS toJi~' ': about "politics,' and 'government. "leisure time activities; the means' founded' in '1946 to promote deentertaining \ la e I u~on. 0 , mo~,s~a~ . . 'There is 00' disputing the fact of. commUl;lic/!-tion and. political votion to the Immaculate Head '-Maybt! like many other fam- . rlge, S e~ Clan a m, anyI . ,that the conduct of some public, institutions.Of Mary. , '. co or. eml-g oss or g l oss ename I Dies, you have a kItchen that is considered 'best' for kitchen. 8~ves you a h~d time. Most ?ld as it may be washed easily, and kItchens contrIve II: never-endmg will not show finger marks. cOurse of travel to· scattered .Th . . '. ." T 'f ' .ere are many gay accell.!!O:w?rk centers. hey con use you i ries that· will brighten' your WIth a maze of doors-those' . " . , " '", kItchen.. Camster sets are now 'robbers of precIous wall space. . 'd th f' h What a relief. to have cabinets 80 vane ey, can urms. a where' there 'are' d06rs! ' complete color sc~eme and p~g. ,. board walls permIt you ~ hang ~eIl-eng~neered placement, of copper 'pots or ceramic ~kiDg eabl.n~ts WIll cut out fumbhng ware on hooks. for the pan you ,need, give you ' lots cif counter room. A passPope B,I'ess,es, Marriage through from your 'kitc.hen to your' dining ,rom' saves many Of Friend's Daughter steps and .often can be cut VATICAN CITY, (NC)-Pope through a cabinet .above the. John ,XXIII has. carried out a counter top. When not in lise, promise to' an old friend' by , ,,' this open, space {can 'be used for" 'officiating at the marriage, OIl ; ", , . his friend's daughter.' , . In a' private ceremony.: ill tIM . . l ' .. Vatican's' Pauline chapel, .the'. .. : . : ; "Pope blessed'. the . marriage .• . , Countess Albalisa, Roncalli di, ·Montor-'io· to· ,Count .Eugenio. ',' . ",;':¥ou:toowin·ra'diate-gooclhealth on~ you make Guimond. Faina. . His holiness' alsO celc!-" 'For~s ,'A Quality' Milk.' ci ,:regu'la~part 'of youri, dJet~ ,. . brated the' nuptial Mass.' . ' .\~. Ill, 19p3: the ,Pope,·~heD,,·.ArCb-\ milk is I.oaded calcium, bishop' Roncalll, .beeame', Patri"':' .. arch of :Venice and promised his v)ta.mi~s ,and minerals necessary, for strong, ~ealthy' old friend and 'distantreiative, .: ''''Count Guido Roncalli 'd'iMon'-" ......... bodies. Try Guimond Far~s .at your door .or" at Qur store's. lOrio; iha~ he' wouldbl~ss the:' .marriage 01. the Count's :daugb·




.His Nose ',Is Shiny!






GUi'~o.~dFarms. iA QuaHty~


..._ .



. ' w



Even Gals on Solomons Use Peroxide Bohle SACRAMEN':'O (NC) - Gentlemen must prefer blondes, even in the Solomon Islands, according to Sister Mary .Hui Humila, C.S.J: The nun related that native;' women on the Island of Buka in the Solomons, frequently resort to bottles of peroxide ·.to give a golden quality to their norHEADS RETREATANTS: mally black, bUShy hair. In their Miss Clementine M. Stein of .. ,eyes, ihis is a matk of beauty. ' Bremen ,Ind.· is the new . Sister Humili'a, who has been preside~t 'of ' the' National doing mi~sionary work the last, . ","', 11 years m the Solomons f for. the' Laywomen s Retreat Move- Sisters of St, Joseph of Orangej mente ·NC P h o t o . » visitina in the u~· So ;:1: . ,








..A QuJih;,




Neophyte Now.: Fin~s C~oking. Relatively Sim'ple, Chore," , .. By Mary Tinley Daly .


Slovak Women Elect Officers

Now, two weeks and one column later, I see that substitute colunin, genero~sly written by the Head of the House, 80 that I'd be free of deadline dold,rums during a sizzling Summer session. Had I seen it before publication, there would. have been a d~finite stuffed with sweet potatoes, "kill"-a newspaper expres- jello salad, and pineapple uplion meaning "don't pri~t side-down cake. A quarter;' this", which has nothing to century later, we dare not serve do with homicide. El;iitorial comment preceding aid col umn: "'She (t hat's M.T.D.) , would blush if she knew the content" sent my eyes scurrying down the lines. Whatever had the Head of the ~ouse said? (N9te to editor: You were, .ight. The blush burned rig h t through the sunta~ acquired ~. • carefree, columnless vacation.) , ' Matter of fact, prior to timeOff, 'the column was turned ove~ -tossed over'-':in abandonment" to anyone who would catch it. I was tiredl ,. The Head Qf the House, everIleady at the typewriter, pick~ tIP the challenge. "I just tapped off 650..words and mailed ·'em in," he assured. IRe nonchalantly while' 1 was packing. "Forget it and let's get lOing. Got the bathing suits in?" Like Obit Home again and.ready for au':' tu~n duties, I read that column, encomnia totally undeserved.. Why, it was like reading OIIIVn obitual'7' notice! "A cook on a par with tbe treat Eseoffier of Paris." Me? Apologift to M. Eacoffier. Per h a r a mY disillusioned husband thinks all those· cakes and pies originate in our ,own kitche~, the soups are concOcted. with thriftily saved s~raps, enhanced by herbs known to· his spouse alone, the, h?t ~olls the products of hours of yea. watcQing, Kneading and shapinC before l?*ing.•• A neophyte in the kitchen, the Head of the House does,n't realize that my cooking has beeome better largely bY enlistment of the scientific knoy.'-how iD this free enterprise country. Anybody who can open packages, read, and mix can cook. Possibly his exalted opinion of the table set at our houSe now':' .days iii' !=olored by subconscioua recollection of the early, days when my' cu~nary ability was lirDited to baked ham, apple.


Mattapoisett Girl Enters Daughters of St. Paul Alicia Marie Sullivan, a mem_ ber of St. Anttiony's par~h trod daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel SUl1ivali, Ma~ Street, Mattal)Oieett, has en,tered the Daughters of 51. Paul, S,isters of the Catholic Press, in Jamaica Plain. : A gradua~e of Fairhaven ~igh School, Miss' Sullivan also 'at-' tended Confraternity ofChr.isttan Doctrine ciasses atSt. An-

this menu very often. Purely 'Coincidental . As to the rest of the contents of that guest column-any, resemblance to a person, living or dead, is purely coincidental. Just chalk it uJil to authorship by a man who has the God-given gift of seeing only the best in those he loves. It does, however, bring to the fore a column-subject long "Contemplated but hitherto post~ poned: What to Say When You Receive a Compliment. There is the automatic, "Anii 90 do' you," when the comment is that one look!! well. This would hardly apply in the pres, ent instance, for cooking is not the strong point of the guest columnist. Then there is the self-conscious and awkwardly cop, "Oh, no, that's not true," which puts the complimenter on ,the spot and makes him wish he hadn't spoken up in the firSt p'ace. . And the utterly candid response our Tommy used to make when he was small: !'You look mighty liimd!!ome in that new suit, .Tommy," we'd say. "Yes, sir!'" he would puff out his chest and strut, ~'I think 90, too!" None of. these provides ~ adequate .nswer to my guest columnist and his fulsome', if ever~enthusiastic praise. _ AU I' can offer is a humbly grateful, "Thank you-for everything." .

2,300 SEE OPERA: Staged within the sanctuary of Holy ,Cross Cathedral,' Boston, Pizzetti's opera "Murder in the- Cathedral'" was presented under the sponsorship Of " Richard Cardinal Cushing. The Archbishop of Boston meets Plinio Clabassi who played the part of. Archbishop Thomas Becket and Frank Forest, general manager' of the Empire State Music Festival, ,Inc. NC Photo.

Study ,Fails to Link BLidgefDefeats With Private School Enroll ments

Male Quartet Will Sing At, Fall. River Meeting 'The Cavaliers male quartet will entertain at the Tuesday night, Octo,ber 13, meetirig of the 'Fall River Catholic Women's' Club, scheduled for a at Sacred. Heart auditorium. Their program. will include classic' and' popular. selectio'ns under the direction' of Earl Weidner. Miss Barbara' Dunn and Miss Elizabeth Shay are hospitality chairmen for the evening.

Religious Program Is On 54 Stations Now



,I· _.:..-.'_ .

Gene's Lobster Shack'

Texas, K ofC Plans Pilgri"1age to, Shrine


ALBANY (NC) - State-spon- , the reasons, for the budget de90red studies into the circumstances of defeats by feats. The purpose, he added, . some communities of their pub- was to make an objective survey' lic school budgets do not indicate of all relevant factors iD. the a relatiQnship b'etween the de- . hope the'findings will be helpful feats and the proportio,n of stu- to those, districts and the state ' in. assuring "the sound developdents in non-public schools. ment of education." This was made known b,uQurstudY . of such districts James E. Allen Jr., Commissioner of Education, who said the result last year and the preliminary he .announced is from studie. , study this year did not indicate ' made last year and from a pre- a relationship .between budget llmit,"ary study this year of pub':' defeats and the proportion of students attending non-public lie school districts where budge" IChools," he said. were ,voted down. The studies, he said, were unThe study being made. by the dertaken to insure proper devel- state department of education i.I opment of education ia New concentrated on about ;JO public York state. school districts in which budgets Mr. Allen said the actioa have been voted dowll at least taken was not motivated by any once this year: "particular assumptions" 88 to The study win investigate a number of factors that it 'n North Attleboro Wome~ thought might have a bearing OD. Plan Fail Schedule the defeats. In July the departTh,e Catholic Women's Club ment detailed. some common' Of North Attleboro opens its characteristics it had found ia Fall season at 6:30 tonight with areas where budgets were dea banquet at Lafayette House, feated. TheY' were said to be Foxboro. Miss Margaret' Lahey, mostly suburban, to have large' 'Fall River;. will speak on "Ex- numbers of school-age children, to behighiy-taxed and someceptional ·Children." .times beset by local controverMrs_ Thomas Hoey and Miss ai~ unrelated to school matters. Jennie Angus are co-chairmen. _ Also planned for October is an entertainment at the, Hotel NE¥fENGLAND Hixon on Thursday afternoon, CLAM the 15th. A Christmas sale will be held Thursday, Nov. 19, alBo at -the Hotel Hixon.

ST. LOUIS (NC) - Less than a year after its start, a five... minute daily radio program, "Moments with the Sacre~ Heart," is carried on. 54 radio itations throughout the nation: This was announced by Father Eugene P. Murphy, S.J.~ ,L M X director of the Sacred Heart PWM~ ;. HEA~IN~, INC.· broadcasting oganization, which also produr:es a weekly 15-mili"' \ ~.;' ~ DomeaUc .': . & Indulitrilll ute television program and daily Sales:;~ and 15-minute 'adio 'programs. 'The "Moments with the Sacred ' Oil Burnears" ,_ '. Serviee WY 2-9447 Heart" began October 22, 1958.. Programs 'in the series' consist 1283 ACUSHNET Ava. , of .- brief, talksop a religious NEW IEDFORD topic by members of a board of priests from all over tite United States.

SAN ANTONIO; (NC) - The fourth annual pilgrimage from San Antonio to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico City is being arr!lnged by the sponsors, Knights of Columbus, General Assembly fourth Degree .and Council 786 here. Auxiliary Bishop Stephen A. Leven of San Antonio, who has 'made the pilgrimage each year, will be among the. pilgrims. The pilgrims. will v,isit various places of interest, in and around Mexico City, and will attend Mass and visit the famous Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe, which honors Our Lady who appeared to an Indian, . Juan Diego, on Dec. 8, 1531 and on two successive occasions, to ask that a temple be built ill her honoD.

' I ' I I I · J J; t I J f!.l f.L11 ) r l ' ~II,I J I ' l l r l , l ' I·t~.rt I I I



8, 1959

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A Live Lobster THE

Charcoal Briquek Bag Coal - Charcoal


WASHINGTON (NC) - A: Catholic high school located . : a SI'te once owned b y the Sov_ ..... Union will be dedicated on Suo. day, Nov. 1. Presiding at the dedication of the new St. John's CollegeHigil School will be Archbishop Egidio Vagnozzi, Apostolic Delegate to the United States, and Archbishop Patrick A. O'Boyle at Washington. During World War D the sit. of the new two million dollalr !!Chool was occupied by a school conducted by -the Soviet UniOla for children of Soviet personnel aerving in WashingtolL,

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Locate Catholic School On Former Soviet Site




ATLANTIC CITY, (NC) _ Mrs. Helen Kocan of Whiting, Ind. was reelected supreme pres- ' ident at the 27th national First Catholic Slovak Ladies Union convention here. She has headed the organization since 1933. It was reported at the convention that 1,400 new members had been enrolled withi. the past year. , In a message to the convention; U. S. Sen. Frank J. Lausch. of Ohio, recalled that the Catholic women's organization wu founded in 1892 in Cleveland by 12 women. Reports at the convention disclosed there are noW' 88,794 members of the organization, .which has assets of $27.,. 778,234. The organization will open a modern home for the aged at Beachwood, near Cleveland, late in November, the conventiOll" was told. The ,delegates voted to distribute $10,000 to educational. andcharitableorganizations and also $1,000 each to the Slovak League of America and the Slovak Catholic FederatioR of, America to be used in behalf of' efforts" to liberate Slovakia' from communism. , •

Successors to DAVID DUFF & SON New Bedford Tel. WY 6·8271 "

640 Pleasant Street

;,J .. , ••







t,::' JjPl


, ,10


THE ANCHOR-Diocese FanRiver,...Thurs.;·Oct.,8; 1959. . ... . .. .- .. of . '.. ,. . .. ., ~,




Mrs. Homer L. Simmons, /34 South Mrs. James' Wi ,Maddock,. 267 South . Daniel J. Sullivan, Grand Knight, Miss Ann Murphy, 33 Bucklin Street, Worcester Street, Chartley, President, Main Street, President,' Mansfield Cath" Mansfield Council' No. '420, K of C-~'As, President; North' Attleboro Catholic Norton Catholic Woman's Club-"The' olic Woman'sClub-"I:am exceptionally grand· knight ·of Mansfield Council N~.· . Woman's' Club-"The' announcement of pleased, .as the mother' of,. five children,. announcement that a regional Catholic 420, Knights of Columbus, I was happy to thebuilding'of"thenew 'Bishop Feeha'n high school will be erected in Attleboro: iearn that plans are 'now underway for a .. High School fulfills'a dream that, many , at the coming of the new Catholic high is welcomed ne·ws. It is ·something which school to our area. I am· delighted that Catholic regional high: school in Attle- ' of, us have cherished :for more than 50 has been,· sorely needed for a long time. boro. I Illan to ·have my children attend years. I well remember how eloquently it will be a coeducational school, so that The children of this area are now asthe girls as well as the boys will have the this school,. and many. members of our our late beloved pastor, Monsignor. Mcsured of sound .religious instruction at a opportunity for a Catholic education. I ·Council have told me they are looking Gee, spoke of the, need' of a· Catholic time in their lives when it is most imnow have three boys at the Dominican · ' enrolling their childrenJn the high school in.our area to complete the portant. As a former teacher, in both Academy in Plainville, and am planning school." . work of our parochial ·schools. There is the' public and parochial schools, I can' to send then:). t'o our new ,school w~en . "The Bishop Feehan High School can no question' that our area will benefit .appreciate·the advantages afforded pupil. they enter high school. This school is an I.erve as a great source in the developfrom this new school, and it is. the realanswer to a Catholic mother's prayer." . in a Catholic high school." , ment of vocations in our Diocese." izatioh o~ a wonderful drea!O." 0

Lawyer Stresses Serious . .e·c·ts' of Bro'ken Hom' es Eff 'SAN' FRANCISCO (NC) Urgently needed in

Notre Dame Relieves Fr. J. J. Cavanaugh


Indiana Judge Bids Zoning Board R k Beth 1 p h . evo e anon a Luke's 0 Ie aras INDIANAPOLIS (NC)":-Cathparish, Judge Bell said, 0


NOTRE DAME (NC)-Father John J. Cavanaugh, C.S.C., has ~ the, • been granted an indefinite leave olics have won their fight to 10- was a "discriminatory applica. of absence from ,his post as di- cate a new parish in suburban tion" of,the town's zoning ordi-: eourts today are more 'qualified domestic relations specialists rector of tlie Notre Dame Foun-' Meridian 'Hills.' . nance and, ·in effect, a violation who are convinced that the break-up of a home has eternal . dation and head of the Univer':' Superior Court Judge Walter of th~ Federal and Indiana State rep·ercussions. .The opinion has. been expressed by J. Steve sity's $66,600,000 program. He is Bell' has ordered the to'Wn's Constitutions. Williams, a Catholic lawyer' 't~ 'd'. k - 'h' h' '1' t. suffering from a chronic vascular Board of Zoning Appeals' to reIn his decision Judge Bell re· -- 'd' "rt' . ' '. .' . f ' o rm away, IS uml lao Ion, ailment.' .. , v o k e ' its ban on the construc-' peaied a statement made' in conan COU,_ ',COmmISSIOner. o. and there begins .. a fascina,ting J h . 1 C S . . ne.ction, w.ith the' 1953 Hebrew' . C t f S' . Father .0 n H.,.Wi son,. . .C.; tion, of an' $850,000 parish plant· th _. e S uperIO;r.. our 0: an friendship with any pigeon he has 'been named ,acting director a 'tract owned 'by the Arch-" Temple case that "the presence, Bernardino. -Mr. Williams ,. ~~~?s.wh.O ~iIl'u~de~stal},d', him.. of .the FOundation,:·the :univer- dioceSe 'of : i:n4ian'ai>~lis."'since of a ch,urcli anywhere in Meridispends mosf of his waking hours :; ~,ex~,t~mg h.e s_a full fledged, 'sity's'fund-raisin"g organization.: ' ~948:,~rhe "Boai<l was/giVen 30' .an . lUlls, will· ordinari~y serv~ liStening .to domestic' problems a<!ulter-er. B~t, he 'didn't· s,tar.t, '. ,T~e university .,has also. an- : daYs·to·' :approve - the> building' the public convenience' and wel:" , trotted into the ,'courts by ,oyt: th!s ",w~y,",He jusL:tr~e~::~o nounced:"appointment~of . :Father.' .pian:s br'fjl~' for 'Ii-' rieW 'tr!aj:: " .. ,: j~,re.'" .';' .. '. . .... ".. : estranged couples. He'·is 'firmly,·: escape~n apPareqtlY intolerable., . Thomas' J. O'Donnell".. C.S:C~ 'to .:, ',':' :'. "':.' :. , " ,,:,.;.": - ,'. '. . , -- This is.sO,he added, "because convinced that both 'ttie cour.ts, ' home,situat.ion.~··o ; " , . ' a ' newly created',ahlrrini'liais~n' ,,':'-'.he·~~se. was tak~n:t~ S~'"' a churchser-ves·.every·acknowl~ where meri' of the law are' in a : Th~~tl~ird ,big reasp~ sQ marii . post; He will travel widely''in'his .pen~rC.ou~t.bYA~~hblsh?-p Pau~ "edged facet of .the 'power'o( , hurry ahd disinier~iJt'ed;';and:.the':' ~ivorce!! ',·ar¢<;, o~~.:.~h~ .~co~rt. 'newassignmertt; meetiQg,at.reg.'·· (::,. ~c.h~~t~:.of Jndla~ap~lis ~ft~~ .' government to preserve its safe-: ,. homes, where' selfishness is al"; Menda.,t,ogay, ~ccordmg, :to. Mr; ..,'ular ,intervals with ,Notre <Dame's ' lh.e :/;<?111!1~, boar,d oJ t!'Ie.)~xclu\;, .. ty 'and,'Yellbeing-;-i.e, the pUb~ lowed to rule, 'are ·th blame Williams, ~sthat '~~Y0!lp.gpeople" 175, local: 'alumni"clIibs 'in this"" siy,~ ~!!~iQ.e!lH!,1b,yr~ ,r~efus,!,!~. ~ic health, safety,. morals ',and , the mounting mimberof divorces, are. not".t~~gPt:·respoQsibility. i.n. country" and" abroadt" , ' • ~ :l.~,s.~ ¥E!b.J:'l,l,~X:*.;.t'?, allpw l?ops!r~<:-: . t.he. general -.welfare.. The con~ :~ in this country. .f·.· the-home." The.·~xample 9f·tl1elt .. '. ',' ;".:'.' '.' : -.' .' ·1.j.J~; tl~Il;~9f... _b}l!1~1~ngs fQl"... the.. p~rl~h,,-. science of all civilized society i 'Why do so many families come parents: ~s. .. selfish. Tbe father. Vince.n tici"s t9 ·:Sta ft; .y.bicJ1:i,~·,t<?'1?~: call~d~ St. ~u~e'.s; ., dic~tes that wherever the souls ,. :' 11oto 'court? Mi". Williams" names and.. m~ther,: c.has~. ~ro~c?<i ill:,'. S· .• . ,..• ', 'M' . '. m: I•._- ..., In, ;~i~: ,decision· 'Judge' Bell 9-£ mc~ are found. the house of '( .. , three reasons: '. stead of, spendmg tlmewlth ·th.e .. ,.e,~ln~ry I~:,., . " ".', cited,; the 'fact 'that" zoning, per" ...God belongs.". .. : 1) ,Economic pressure. . ki~s. . . ~: t :' ; l·.HA~~. (NC~ ---:.Pla,n,s . t~r .~~. ·;,inissiond~ad been· granted earli- , . · ~ 2) 'The changing role of men ~'Pa':wa~ts a .hunting rifll;! an4 ~~~maJors~~ma~y.an4~n a~;: -f6r.:H~l,constructiori of He';' ~ and women,in t.lle.home.. . ' ?fa ,wants. a new mangle and ,tQ ~l~~on,tc> t~e r"ec,en~~y ,c.~mJ?le~e4·; b~eW;t~ple' imi;I,twoProte'starit , 3) . The' .. irresponsibility· of ,heck with ·he,family. ,Too many puno: s~ml~,ary. i,n th: I>}(~cese ,churches 'withiri the towri's' cor';' young people eg,tering'marriage chil<iren have, los~ resp~ct, for <?f M.laml h~ve. been ~nl1011nc~~ , . p<>rate l~mits: (Permission. for ~oday. ' . . ' .. - ".,. . theIr pare'nts.. Toooften parents b! I::l1s~op .Co e!J1an, F. C~rroll. the Hebrew temple as, a't ,first , ; Flight to Drink " fail ~o: t~a~h t?e~i; childrell of. tbe An mVlta~l<?n to. buIld and . denied, .but the ban was later , By economic pressure sacrifices and the trials that . staff the maJor semmary on an revoked'upon'a'court order.) '. r 'lll'ams' sal'd' he "mdans Mom, or Dad ·may. be. going 80,..acre tract west of Boynton D . . l' . f' 'th t f 'S" · Wl th e through." " , Beach in Palm Beach County ema 0 e reques 0 .. ~onthio month. discouragement has ,been accepted by the 'Conat not being able to meet 'bl'lls', Follow Bad Example ' of' the .Mission of St. . gregation the overspending for luxuries· no Mr. 'Williams insists that the.Vincent de. Paul,populari y 'onereally needs; the yammering domestic relations courts prove Vincentian Fathers.. SEE THESE and nagging·that most often ac~' that, children must have love,' :companies the 'inability to pro-: affection, aAd firm discipline.. , OIL' COMPANY . ATTENTION: 'vide all that the Jones' have '''The child Dll,iSt be given standdown the street and the flight to ards-and he must see the parIRISH-AMERICANS drink "or .adultery when the ents living up to standards too,'" Read America/~ Foremost bickering gets' too much to bear." he said.' '.. of' friendly wood IRISH MAGAZINE . As for tlie changing roles of "When two young people who men and women; Mr. Williams have never learned at home that Yea'dy subscription $1.50 . Warm and companio~able, with says the courts are full of fath- they must think of others besides IRISH-AMERICAN RECORD South, • SeaSts. many work-saving convenience. ers who 'have' abdicated their -thems,'elves get marr.'ied, what . 1.170 Broadway ••• in new NATURAL FINISH, ,Tel:/HY 81 responsibilities for. managing can you expeCt but a perpetlHi-' ~ya_nnis, .' New York/N. Y.. , or choice of ll;ve!y colors. family affairs' to the mother 'or tion of a 'selfish house arid even:". who hav:e refused to accept 'the tual 4isintegratio~? .• ~,,' Send coUpon for colorful book,.' price of being, boss: control and ":Yet, for all the misery ·and' let showing, new model kitchen&. '·responsibility; , - sorrow of the divorce c'ourts ,you' Mail Coupon 'Today' "Once' the wife 'begins to work ' should see how the c~ildren act;' outside the' home she is tempted they, are forgiving and, full of ,to think the old man is some- charity, putting their·parents· to. thing less than desirable" as a 'shame. They 'want' you ·toove'rprovider, so she begins to-needle look, the parents faults and, help, ·him and his self-respect goes out them, but 1'00 often humlm pride the window while he goes otit'the 'and a ,hasty court com'bine .to: door," he s a i d . , break up' the home forever. n _ •. .Middleboro Road. Route 18 "What often happens is. that . He added: "Today we urgently' • ,BANQUETS • 'WEDDINGS • PARTIES. the aggressive working woman ne~d. more 'qualified marriage EAST FREETOWN : becomes no longer the delicate counsellors and, Catholic 'social • COMMUNION· BR~AKFASTS · femi~ineperson to be loved, and' workers· who 'are' trained along l343 ·P.LEASANT .ST. .: .: 'FALL RIVER' :' \: / . the . ego~deflated: .male ··shrinks: thes·& lines but who ov'ercome' from interest in her." , self - conscious .professionalism· "To prove to himseU 'that he and bring ,-understandingoo and: can .still light a fire in a wom- patience to cases of 'familiesiin '.1,;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;'.O.$b.O;:;';;/'.3.-7.7.80.,:.";;;;;';;;''• .•.•";;;;;;;;;;;;'.';;;J J , ~. an~s' :eyesh.e, hikes off' to a, bar" trouble.", . ' ,. , , '. ' , -' "0-


for' ..














,Lumber Co. Inc.





Mrs. Harold. Davey, 100 Tyler Street, President, Attleboro Catholic Woman's Club-"Naturally, we in the Attleboros are doubly proud and pleased that· the proposed Catholic regional high'school is to 'be located in our .midst and we reel this is another great step forward in bringing Catholic education to our young people. ;1 "It will be a credit not only, to our .church and our Diocese' but also to our community. We will all be looking forward to its opening and I personally since I have a daughter now in second grade."

Mrs. Thomas Charron, 160 Elmwood Street, Regent, Benedict. Circle. No. 61, Daughters' of Isabella, North Attleboro"The new Catholic regional high school for thil Attleboro area is a most·wonderful idea. "I personally am very happy because I have a son who will be entering high school next year and if the school is ready, it will be very convenient for him and our worries about his commuting to a Catholic high school will be over. "The children will be under the guidance of nuns dedicated to God."

Mrs. Alfred 3. McNally, 30 Tanager Road, Regent of Alcazaba Circle, D of I, Attleboro-"Having a Catholic re'gional high school in this area is ideal. "Spiritual guidance, as well as a' good scholastic program, is very important for teenagers. "My son Gerald is a graduate of LaSalle Academy and Boston Cpllege. I am happy he received a Catholic education. "I have four· grandchildren. Although the oldest is only in kindergarten, we are looking forward to a Catholic high school education for them:."

Roger M.. Sarazin, 92 Spruce Stre~" Grand Knight, Thomas P. McDonough Council No. 330, K of C, North Attle~ boro-"The new Catholic regional high school will provide the necessary religious training that every child needs. Proper guidance is most important through the difficult years of adolescence and combined with family efforts, it will supply the young mind with education under the will of God. I have an eightyear-old' son whose scholastic training will be obtained in the regional high school."

SEOUL (~C)-The worldwide relief organization of the AmerUNIONTOWN (NC) - The ican Catholic bishops have joined Apostolic Delegate to the U. S. other' relief groups in rushing has tQld thousands of Byzantine aid to victims of typhoon Sarah, Rite Catholics that only with the the. worst storm to hit the Koraid of prayer and charity can ean 'mainland 'in 50 years. efforts to reunify 'Christianity Government·sources indicate succeed. . , 563 persons lost· their lives and ; ~rchbishop. Egidio Vagnozzi 3,268 were. missing 'or . injured. A I m 0 s t 30;000 houses. were spoke at a Pontifical Divine'Liturgy '(Mass) which' climaxed' a wrecked. and 5,000 bOats .de12-day 'pilgrimage 'of' .J:astern stroyed and· a, total of. 780,000 persons affected by the storm.' '. ."Rite',' Catholics. Church unity;'" said ,:the . Archbishop,is needed· today more thaD' ever,' "be·cause·

CHICAGO (NC)-A former co-editor of a Berlin Catholic nE:!wspaper has labeled as "untrue" charges made by a Catholic university sociologist that Germany's Catholic clergy and press supported Hitler's war efforts in the 'period up to 1941. The denial came and Freising; the sermons in the from Hein.z Kuehn, a post- . Munenster cathedral by Bishop war' editor of Pettusblaat· (later. Cardinal Clemens August (St.. Peter~s .paper) , ~ffi~ial, von Galen ,denouncing Gestapo


Delegate Says Prayer and Charity Only'Way to Unite Christianity

American Hierarchy Aid Korea Victims

Editor ·RefutesCharges Papers Aided Hitler

of Fall River-Thurs., Oct. 8, 1959

never before has belief in God been attacked all over the world as today. The outdoor Mass at which he spoke extemporaneously marked the el').d of a pilgrimage during which an estimated 100,000 per'" sons visited a shrine to Our Lady of Perpetual Help o'n the grounds of .the Mount" St, Macrina'. mother' house' ,of. tQe Eastern Rite Sisters of ·St. BasU the .Great. .

. Catholic newspaper of the;Berli!1, 'Jllethoos; a.nd. ~he 1938 pastoral, diocese, who came to the u; S.-in letters hythe hierarchy oppOsing 1951 and is now in the'public government: treatnlent'-of :the . inform'at'l'on bur'eau of the' Amer'- ,. Jev;.;s and 6th~rdvil and moral ope ,'0 n .pproves' ican Dental 'Association' here. " matters.· " ·'The charge had been made by Catbolic.Hieriuchy, Armeni Cl " Archbishop 'T:':'f; ~ Y: :T: ~ .~'~ :T: ~ :T: :T:':T: :T: T-4 Gordon C. Zahn;'·As,for 'cooperation 'on the ,. '- VATICAN CITY (NC)-':"Pope . ..: ~,~ d&:> dlIh dlIhdllh dlIh,.dlIh. dIlh dlIh dI1h 'dlIh ~ dlIh. dlIh~" .lessor' of sociology' at Loyola ~ parish-priest'-level;· Mr. 'Kuehn· ' John has confirmed .the'election" ~.~. .., Look. what you,: c~' an do 'with a ~1 University' here 'who read a" said ·the Americim' 'de"nazifica-: of' Father' George< Layek as ...-:: E;" paper. at -the re~entmeetlngof tion,·board;highest U. S. 3uthor- Archbishop of Aleppo, for the ,~ . tliti American Catholic Sociologi~ .' ity·· in Germany~" immediately ',Arm·enians. ., ~ ~I cal Society convention at Mun... · after the war, "ruled that"less" :'.'ArchbishOp·Layek was elected' ",-=' ~'jE~.T· delein' College. ' . ' :, . ' tha.n one-fourth of one p,er cent by" members' of the· Armeni'liri' ~., '. . . . ' . IYl .~. .~'. ~I Mr. Zahn charged that his re- of theCath.olic. clergy coH~bo,:, Rite hierarchy . in . accordance . . . : ' " :.. Search showed that the German, rated or sy,mpathized' with. the . with thEitraditioris of the 'Orien- • ~ ~t Catholic hierar~hy.·and" the' nazis." ". . ' tal Church: "His election, . hOW'""': :.. "Catholic" press" which the' . Mr. ~uehn said that Hitler in" eVei:-.. did not \lalid until ~ ~l nazis did not s~ppress, rallied' official ,communications always approyed oy' the Po·pe. . , ...: :.. Catholic support for llitler and referred to -the Catholic hier-' He' su'cceeds Archbishop Louis ~. -'. ~Jr abandoned their roles as 'instruc-' archy as "traitors." . Batlinlan; who is now AuxilJary ...: ~ .tors and ~uides. , In regard to. the Ca.t.holic press, to Gregorio Pietro xv Cardinal . ~ ~ Oversimplification Mr. Kuehn said that In the Ber:- 'Agagiimian, Patriarch of 'CiHcia ...: ~ In an interview with' the New ljn diocese alone, there were 16 of the Armenians. .~ ~ World Chicago archidoces3{l, publications that could b e / c a l l e d " ' : e:!' paper,' Mr. KUehn said the so- Catholic, plus the official di~ ciologist- oversimplified a' com- ocesan newspaper. BOYHAVE~ ....:. ~I plex situation, ,distorted facts and "All wit~out. exception h~d to , West Newbury, ·Mass. ,~ ~ generalized in a form not per- cease pubhcabon under Hitler,' Conducted by .~ • ~I missible. some sooner, some later. By 1807 Brothers of Charity 1959 '-a ~ The former German editor '1941, none of the 16 'was in exi~t. . ....:. eo. , cited instances of German ence," he said. / P~ivate Boarding School .~ ~. bishops individually and as a for Boys Grades 5-6·7·8 ....:..:~. Make those needed REPAIR,S ~ group attacking nazism. These Write. Call or come' for '-a ="'" included the 1933 Advent serInformation ~ IMPROVE - .REMODEL ~I mons' of Cardinal Michael von Tel. HOm~stead 2-4663 ....-: ' • th :.. Faulhaber, Archbishop of Munich ~ WI an ~I


J h





HOM,E 'IM'" R"'O"' V"E' LOA.....·' p'

:.. . :-4



LA'RRIVEE'S F'I ying 'A . On the C l i m b " ' : SEOUL (NC)-The'Catholic Service Station .~ population of Korea now totals W • 5&HG 5 • .CAT.ERER· .~ 417,079. This is an increase of e give reen tamps ~ 62,236 over 1958 when Catholics numbered 354,843. .


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:~....W .W.W.W.W.'lW.W.'lW...W.W4..I@'.Aqw.Aqw.'lWJ.tW.J


of Fall River-Thurs'., Oct. 8, 1959

~oope~ation in

Advises 'M'()d'~r~<'Dictators ~ Read Pop~''~ius ,'VII ,Story

Missionary WorkUr9~

God Love 'you By Most . Rev. ·Fulton J. Sheen, D~D.·;:

By Most Re\'.. Robert J. Dwyer, D.D. '

The Holy Father sPeaks on behalf of his miSsionS:'." God has chosen uS to represent on earib the .Divine Savlo.... and has kindled in our souUhe throb of universal fatherhood ."the ~licitude for all churches".' . . '

Bishop of Rim!»

Swaying and· jolting over the rough roads the eoach atrained up the pass of Mont-Cenis;' making the frontier of Italy and France. There was urgency in every flick of the eoachman's lash laid, on the heaving flanks of the horses. Napoleon had commanded' Where Napoleon blundered, that the prisoner of SaVOll8., and blundered fatally, was in POPe Pius vn, be 'brought misjudging the character of 110 Fontainebleau for a final Gregory Chiaramonti, Pope Pius

.Of coUrse; the, progress made lately by the mls'sions is oonsol.; lng, but we must not' forget that cooperation in missionary work has perhaps never been more urgent and imperative than now. It is 'enouih to reflect how the picture of the missionary world bas -. ohanged tit' recent yearS.' . . .

" Even. where "the fields are already. white for the harvest", show-down between the Eagle VII. One of the gentlest and (John 4, 35), and in those 'where the se)'the airead,.· is reapmc. and' the Dove. Enow-" of this humblest men who ever sat on . how often the suffering .due to lack of .' Donsense; if the ' ". tbe Chair of Peter, this former laborers and of resources. is the alnios& Holy Fat her Benedictine monk 'had neverth& daily lot of the apostle ofChJ:ist! meant to perless a vein of iron. llist ,iii his ma,e" . M¥Qudges Pope MEDALIST: Dr. John L.. Wba~ we, appreci~te ~ost is to see how· course of with- . Because the Holy Father was standing the manifestly delighted with ·'the Madden, chief of staff and . dear, to your hean is sPiritual co-operation Imperial will Concordat .and willing to go as director of surgery at St. .' for the eauseof the miSsionS. We' lnsist upon this point of major importance! '. t be r e ·was a far as possible in order to restore Clare's Hospital,' New' York: way of . bringpeace to a troubled world, the City, is the 26th recipient of What triumphs would "result 'for . the tng him to his Eagle concluded ,that he had a the annual Catholic 'Action Church If it. ws:e, poss.ib!e enroll under knees. Dove in his talons. As his ambiI h sid e the' tions grew with the blazing of Medal, given to an outstand~ . the_ banner of the miSSion apostol!lte all Eh Christ.lans who suffer 1n' holipitals,bi sani- '- i]; muttered coach . his'star, he made his decision to ing 'laynial'!'by St. Bomiven..·; toriums and in hOsPices; iUt were possible ·[2 the aged Pontiff 'bind the Church hand and foot ture University: NC Photo.' to make these plaees centers of sPirituality <~ moaned' in agony. Three years to the service of his House. for the miSsionary army; If it were poSsible ' .' aL close confinement iil Savona But while he could seize Rome ~ pe~s~de'the ~fii-m to offer thelr'pain-.ccepiect with love b7 bad undermined his con-stitution, and imprison the Pope at Sa- _ the hands of GocI-;-:-tor the' missions! . . ., .' Dever robust at best, and they'. vona. he found that he could .not bad been years of constant presbreak the Pontiff's will. It was Remember that aure, ,with il sOlitary oid man, not ;that Pius VII cared for tem. . 1) The, Holy Father aidS all- missionary' iIOeiettee in all' fighting single-handed against· 'poral power hiJ:nself;biit the CINCINNATI (NC) ~ mission lands' . . ' the most' powerful dictator' the' Patrimony was not his to' abdiScollting . is ·not, a reforDl 2) Regathers aid for H.imself ~ the Society 'f« the modern world had known. , cate,and without the advice of school for potential juvenile Propagation of the, Faith ' Ever since tht: Holy Father his'Cardinals, scattered by 1m':' delinquents but a. "blue ribs~ Whenever you give to the Society for the PropagaUOIl I bad dared to· pass sentence of.··· perial decree he refused to· bon program for 'boys of merit of the Faith, you give to the Holy Fathee. excommunication on those who' b u d g e . ' who can meet its standards..··' bad. confiscated the Patrimony . P 'W"thsta d Pr . of St: Peter. disperSed his col-.· .ope I n s essure Father Robert KirUand, To~OD YOU to A.C.F. for $2 "I am In my seventy-seventh . lege of Cardinals, and broken, As to the ~ints of Napoleon's: ledo area Boy Scout, chaplaiD, faith with the spiritual auton- . pro~ram w~lch touched .more emphasizing the "idealistic" na- . ·year and will try to 'make a regular offering, Small though it is, for' those marty who suffer whom you describe so vividly" ... to J.F. for omy guaranteed by the Concor-. closely the',' spiritual author~ty ture of the. Scouting, says "It'a $I "This' ~ equivalent of my: weekly'desserts'; ... to G.M. 'for $5 "1 dat of 1802, it had been a strug.,. and, th~ rights of the HolY 'See, ,not only idealistic but it is aD was reading your, column while I was working overtime: I could lie to the death. . the. Dove was magnificently, active program, too, and one that flot go home until I sent you, some litUedonation. Wish -it could be' Now, in 1812; Napoleon's adamant. Tfioughfailing. ·in appeals to boys." more"~ .. to J.W-:B. tor $22:85 "Since last I wrote I received tenns were clear. Pius VII must bealt~ and beset by torturing As far as Father Kirtland· is . many grea~ .blessings, anll I know that your prayers On my behalf renounce forever all cI8ims to scruples, be withstood the CODconcerned,. Scouting· offers "the ' being anSwered. I am able to walk without pain,"and I have " temporal sovereignty over the stant pressure. '.' most effective program'.to 'deel successfully passed the trial' period ~ my new' Work; I am sure, Papal States; he must take up , It bi appalling to read the. with the cea of a boy's life'bewith your. con~inuous prayers, that I will be' able to keep this up~ reSidence in Paris 'as a sort of story of the Pope'aimpriso.n~tween.homeand schoo!." This is . • .. to J.F. fol" $60.. "I deserVe no credit or thanks for this as this ill alorified gr8nd chaplain of the ment;l;1ot a soul who'm.· be coul~, the area, he said, where "the an act· ~f restitution for an act of cheating in my p8st lif~. While it Imperial Court; he must recog-' trust was allowed neai' him, and ideals he learns at home and iR isn't much, but it represents the money my sister, J; and I have saved nize the Gallican Articles of so ,strict was the surveillance aehool are put to the test... ' it pays the debt inju~i~,I hope it also helPs the needy"... to C. and 1682, plainly asserting the subthat he"was fiJUilly denied Pell ' . Fazz,.Thlnken I.W. lor $6 "Please accept this little ·offerlDg fOr' the Missions. -It jection of the'Vicar of Christ to and·paper. . . '. isn't much. but it represents the money' my sister J. and I have saved the will of a General Council· Through it all he- maintained Father Kirtland aBSerted and he' must accept the Imperiaian admirable calm, even a cerScouting is "remarkably 'prone . from oUr alloWances andbabr-sitting"... to twr's. H.A.B. .for $10 "I nomination of bishops without tain natural-gaiety which doubtto fuzzy thinldng," and this ufrio' found this while in a railwBT station this summ~l' and forward lit 6irther ado: ' less sustained him in hiS lone- leSs true among Catholics thilll . • you for the Missions"• . 'And, as a last straw, the only linesa.. others." For example, he said. f:ardinals he would be free to BrokeD M,an there is the theo~" that ScOut::. Why n~t place a. 'statue: ,of Our Lad,. of .Tetevisioo atop 70ur ciQnsult would be those wbo.had When the summonS to Fon- iog under Catholic auspices is T.V. set. 'Iben. as you sit comfortably watching Ute news, 'cast a proved themselves first of all tainebleau came, Pius VII was a useful to ,"keep the'kids close'tO quick look at ~e statue. That glanee will remind 700 that tar iDo~ important news is being reported daily, Ute I'oocl news of lOyal. partisans of the crown. -desperately sick man:' The the ChurCh." . the GOsPel, by· Bolr F,aUter's MissioDaries to the' pagans of Ute ,While this idea is "not bad In l::There is' no more :instructive gruelling journey over tbe Alps world: Send 70ur 'sacriflce with $3 with the request for 011a Itudy of tbe ways of'a 'transgresbrought on uremic poisoning, itself," ~d Father' Kirtland,"it' S!?r than the history. of Napo- .. and at the hospice of Montcan lead~- a· ghetto. mentality, _. LADY 'OF TELEVISION statue. ~n's dealing$ with the Church. Cenis he hovered for two days and to the defensive theory: 'clf following the Concordat. There at the' point of death. . w~ 'don't sponsor 'a~oop; son-ie. is little doubt that at the moment Yet on he, must go because', one else will.''' He also scored Cut out ~s column, pin yoUr sacrillceto it and mail it to the ,his motives . were not entirely. the Emperor willed it. That he the "pietistic ,theory" .that Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of The Society· for eelfisp. or tainted. ~rvived ~he trip was hardly Scouting' in' Catholic units should . the Propagation of the Faith,; 366 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N. Y.. : . He. was persuaded that a re- short of a miracle, but be 'reached . be Cia~ arm of religion, a means' or your DIOCESAN DIRECTOR REV. RAYMOND T. CONSIDINE, eonciliation of Cburch and State its end a broken man, burning of teaching' boys more about 368 NQ:th Main Street, Fall River, Mass. . . . .ould serve the best interests·of with fever. There Napoleon religiop, or a' program of a~ 'both, and if his own religious . awaited hiDi. " tolj.c works, junior 'grade." " DAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUl beliefs were a strange amalgam . It was a scene of ~itigated ' Pointe ' o~i; :Need Invi.. young girts (140ft) .. lobor .. viHyot'd ~ _ Apostfe of the of skepti~ and superstition,. violence. Insults were flung in "Soouting is not ~n expli~itb-, Editi_,: It , ladie.·· Mo¥ies 'amt f . . he was wise enough to s~ that tbe face of the PontiH that he religious ~rganization," Father ',vision. Witlt 1Itact... _OtIi . . . ~.': gesture of friendship toward ". was an ignorant old m'an, unfit' KirUand went on~ Its contribu.. Missionary It.... ' Chritt'. Doctrille. ~e Church would win him the to rule the Church of God tha(\ tion in this' area is that "it is. Ie aH...... rdltl~.of" _ . "* ., cr"-, ~thusias~esl:1pp~>rt ()f .111iIli~Pl!. ..' .!le was an lngrate, unniindful 01.;' way. of' showing that religion .'. Few iMormatiotl writt to: .. ~ the faithful, clergy arid laity the' welfare of souls.' •i, must perIJ;leate our "e'ritire life. . ..IEY. MOTHElI SUPERIOR . ~ke. . In an agony of· despair the·, 'Boys have the tendency just as • ft. PAUL'S, AYE. 8OSTot:"~. MAn. .,' . Pope yielded so far as to agr~;:; much as" adults to be secuiaristo ,the institution of bishops by' ti·c. ,in their thinking," he said. the Imperial Government, a con":,' "They fali' to retate religion to cession which 'he almost imme-,:' ihe playing field.' the camping diately repented and rejected. " trip.'" . Dove Conq~ers ' Obligation to God . Beyond that he would not go;:' The Eagle had met the Dove and: But with the ideals of Scoutthe J;>ove had conquered. 'ing before them, boys recognize , A, year later and the contest';' ."these activities are a' matter of ' was over; Napoleon had abdi~'!' concern' to God and to the cated and Pius VII was on his' Church." .. b ac k to R.o~e.. Th'ere, wi~, 'Even" the daily ."goo,d, t,urn". way"". ,extraordinary. resiliency, he' required: of the Scout, Father 'would reign another'decade deKirtland pointed out, helps him votihg himself ,to the restoration to see that there is an obligation .of the Church. to do such things because it is It Is a cautionary story which God's win, and not because of . might be re6iewed .with profit payor penalty. .' by others who aspire t6 world;' conquest and who affect to. de':" spise the "legions 01. the -Pope.'". '/ COLUMBAN SUPERIOR: . ' VATICAN CITY (NC) ':"'Hia father Cornelius Boyle has HolinesS Pope John XXIII has ~en appointed 'Regional Su~perior of ·the Columban Fa. UTRECHT, (NC)- The By... sent $10,000 to the ,apostolic '. zantine Rite Choir of Utrecht intern\mciattire in Tokyo' to aid thers .in Korea. He narrowly, ,will give a. concert for Pope, victims of the typhoon whicb ~scaped capture' by the· ComJohn XXIII on' Oct. 15, it was, struck Japan ·on ~ept. 26. munists in June, 1950, when announced here.. The 43-voice The typhoon, k now ,8. as -, grolip from.TheNetherlands is' "Deadly . Vera," left" nearly t h e N 0 rth K orean R-.Jt:wt cap- d' t d b Ukrai' . UNION WHARf. 'A.IRHAV~.N, MA$S.· 't d S . 1. NC . ' , lrec e y. . man-born D&-.' 2,000 dead and mOM tho • ure eouPhoto.·, Miroslaw Antonowy~h. . ,million homelesa. ~..~}~,- ~-p':-,~;l·~~$~bl~:~...s.;:t~-A~~~~.:!!~1o:-": ." :h.,~ 4.. . ) i: .. '~'~_~_~;.~cl-_:~,gji . l· "':,.t:.-t.-J,." ..:' • !..



Scouts Present













Pontiff .Con'trib·utes· To.Typhoon Victims


to Hear Choir,


Ib•. 59~




Says Dating" Minorlntere'st· During H.igh 'School Years'

THE ANCHO.R ~ Oct. 8, 1959

Delegate Named Fourth Prelate In Franciscans

By Father John L. Thomas, S.J. Assistanl Professor of Sociology Sainl Louis University

What do you think about dating 'during high school? rm a junior this year and most of the boys and' girls in my class go on dates because that's about the only way one can go any pl~ce. Since I intend to go on to college, I've no intention of taking dates to discover that you have the seriously now, though I same defects you dislike in don't think it's good to cut others. Haven't you had the expermyself off from the others

TEUTOPOLIS (NC) Archbishop Edigio Vagnozzi, the Apostolic Delegate to the, United States, was affiliated with 'the Franciscan Order Friars Minor in ceremonies ia this Illinois community, closing the centenary year of the Franciscans in ~he Middle West. Father ,Pius Barth, O.F.M.. head of the Franciscan midwestern province of the Sacred Heart, conferred the affiliation on the Archbishop, the Pope's personal representative to the U. S. Church. . Archbishop Vagnozzi was presented with the Franciscan habit and breviary to signify ,his tie with the community. The Delegate offered a Mass in this city where, a century ago, nine Franciscans from Germany established the pioneer foundation of what is now the' community's midwest province; ~ , Today the province is reprellented in 13 midwestern states and has some 800 members. It il also in' charge of missions in Brazil, Bolivia, Japan arid the Philippines. Three members of the U:s. hierarchy have been affiliated with the Franciscans. They are Their Eminences Francis Cardinal Spellman, Archbishop of New York,. and Richard Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, and Bishop James L,., Conriolly of Fall River.

ience of hearing others talking either. What do you recommend? about some defect in another I quite agree with you. Dating and found yourself thinking, has come to be "They should talk!". . one of the comUnless you cultivate sincere ,monest means insight onto. your own personavailable for ality, you'll probably fall into sharing ill sothe same error. Now is the time , cial affairs with to 'see to it that- your increasing your own ageknowledge of others goes hand ENROUTE TO NEW GUINEA MISSION : Leaving for group. Hence, and hand with an ever deepenunles you have' their one-year old mission in New Guin'ea are these members , ing understanding of yourself. other forms 01. of the 'Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross. They Novelty Wears Off entertaina,re, left to right, Father Henry Miller, Father John Smit ment or other Although this ear'ly dating exBrother Paul and Brother Matthew. Father Benn'o Mischke: ',interests t hat perience is not to be considered. provincial, is in rear. NC Photo. a b s 0 r 'b your, 'a direct ::Jreparation for martime and enerriage, it should' make you better' , gy, you'll find· dating one of. the prepared tO,size up the 'qualities: , 'Orthod~x easiest ways of . enjoying 100M to look for in a future mate. . tocial life. As you acquire experience jft, Although I Bee little justificadating, the novelty of' friendly WASHINGTON (NC) A 0 association with tJ:1e opposite n rthodox Christian leader tion for more than very occasex gradually wears off, and you 'has declared the Catholic Church and the separated Eastern sional dating during the first two years, of high- school, the are in a better positmnto view churches will be .reunited. Archbishop Antony Bashir of practice may serve some useful future partners, objectively. ,'New York, spiritual leader of all Syrian Antiochan Christian. purpose in the junio~ and senior Because men and 'women are in North 'America, made the years. However, since dating at m u t ua 11 y complementary statement in an address at of Catholic and Orthodox representatives. this time il! primarily for enterphysically, psychologically, and spiritually-they are' normally . a regional meeting of :'the tainment, it would show lack of Second, that leaders of both balance to allow it to absorb attracted 'to each other as mas- - 'Syrian Orthodox Youth Or- 'groups share the same generous much of. your time and energy. culine 'and feminine i>ersonal- . ganization. Archbishop Bashir spirit that Pope John himself ities.Young people sometimes said reunion depends on two has shown. Chiet Aim confuse this general attraction factors: Throughout the highschool "Pope John's recent suggestion between the sexes with,love. First,' that His Holiness Pope that leaders on both' sides of the years your chief. aim is to pre'. John XXIII ask an Orthodox' East-West church schism should . Find Compatible Traits pare yourself. for life. Wouldn't PASSAIC (NC) - Father it be really childish to allow Hence the first time they ex- - leader, "such as,the Patriar,ch of get. together to find ways to reJoseph 'Nemshak, curate at St. " Constantinople," .to join him in unite, the Church is a Godyour desire for entertainment peri~nce it, they may think they Mary's church, will never forget inspireq idea," Archbishop Bato' interfere with the achieveare in love, though' they are, . ~ss_uing invitations to a meeting hill most recent day off. He had shir said. . ',' ment of. this important goal? really only being carried away the kind of a day all bowlen What purposes can dating by. the novelty of intimate. assoHesa!d the Pope's efforts aD. . dream about, 11 perfect 300 game. lerve at this period? Obviously ciation with the other sex. behalf of the reunion of. Christit offers you one 'way-there, ar~ Dating experience. s h ,0 u I d endom make him '''one. of. the others""':" of associating on a ,show you that th,ere i!l m'orete " TURIN (NC)-The stimulUs greatest and most' Chri~ti_ . giv.~n by religion is. vital to 'the friendly basis with a iarge numlove -than U~~s gener'alat.traction. popes of all time." When it's tim. ber of people, both' boys and . You 'discover tl)attypes of mas- , advanc;:e of human' knowledge, girls.' . culine and feminine personalities - e s'p I; i a 11 y because the sci:to retire • • • Buy differ' considerably, '~o . tpat 'in ." ence~ 'are predominant lin the These contracts can broaden .' uniy~rsi~ies. of. today, Giovanni and deepen your knQwledge of. selecting a future mate, you people and of social life. Moremust find one with the $pecial Cardinal ,Montini has d~lared. over, besides the opportunity to traits that are fairly compatible The Archbishop of Milan told 1,500 'delegates to the 35th naassociate in '8 group where you : with your own. tional congress of the Italian are one among several others, Prepiuation tor Lit~ Catholic University Federation dating offers yO}! the experience These Qbservations are not that religion is the beacon' that of dealirig with just' one other meant to promote dating .during _ lights mankind's entire store of on the basis of·a couple. high school. They' are offered as knowledge. He said this is beYou soon learn that this situhelpful suggestions,' w.hen, if. 'cause 'knowiedgeof 'things deation calls for conside'rable poise and/ to the extent you date. rives from the Divine Thought and balance. You're now appearThomas. F'. Monaghan Jr. Remember, your high school which is reflected in them. ingsocially as a couple, together years are the years . when you Treasurer with other couples, an;d you have Stressing the need for contact are preparing for life. They are to learn the norms and customs so important' because much ~ between Catholic life and the 'that socially regulate your be- what you will be able to do and 'univers'ities, the Milan Cardinal 142 SECOND STREET baylor under such circumstances. to be as an adult will depend said that-the Church is not at all OSborne 5-7856; obscurantist: "~She readily introExperience in Adjustment upon how well you have made 276 Central St., Fall Rtv... .... duces intellectual and scientifle More important, you are, in a use of this time. FAll RIVER nlues into Christian spirituality sense, responsible : for each Dating should represent' but a OSbOrne 6-8279 . other's entertainment and be-. minor, secondary, interest 'at itself." havior as a 'couple. What should present. .'Only if it is kept in, its " you do?" Where should you go? place can: it .serve a useful purpOse. . What can you talk about? G~ACIA BROS~ In working out the, answers to wch questions, you discover. that " Exc~vating '.. , ;, dating can give you experience Pe~ce in adjusting to other.s, in lear,nContractors' VIENNA (NC) -Franziskui , ing cooperation, and in ,sizing up .•... c;ardinlll: Koel)ig:)QI~ !lelegates the character, of: another. ' , ··~OS5· '$T... FAIRHAVEN All friendly., contacts with _~ the,: ~i.rd.• g~n.~I:al ~onf.erence , WYma~, 2-4862 ' others tend to accomplish this, of the Intetna.tion~J ~to~ic but since dating involves, only- ..Energy ~gency their meeting , '.' . ".NEW' 8EDFORD . you an-d Yout'paI'tne~, it greaUy.ju~tif.ies ~o '~ope' ,that- lo~e of ' MASSACHUSETTS intensifies. the experIence, ~elghbor Will be<;ome 'a bl!81s for Dating may also 'help you de:.., understanding and' peace .in the 'Yelop your own ~rsonalitY. . world. . , . ; When. Y.Ol,1 discover '! traits that .The ~dlnal A,rc~b.lsbop, you dislike in others; .ask yourVienna told t~e pa.rtl~lp~nts .HI self honestly whether you. do not the..conference of the .U.N.-affllbave the·same·defects. ' ,fated ag~ncy, ~'Mankind expects ~ Sometimes we find it so easy ,that a~ ~,~esult of your, work, to discover certain "weaknesses . fear wl1Ldlsappear,and tl,e posNEW BEDfORD in others because we have the sibility ,fflr 'peace aJ:l~ ~curity .. same short-comings ourselves. will increase." ': INDUSTRIAL OilS You know the old saying, "It , . . - - - - - - - - - - - - . , takes a thief to catch a thief!" 0



Syrian Archbishop, See,.s' Eastern Churches Joining Fold

Perfect Game

-' Religion ·Stimu lates :. Human ,Knowledge






(ORP. ,


Atomic' E,~er9Y Unit .Sp' Hope ','




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.,HATHAWAY OIL' . (0., IN(~


Sole, Is 'On!

..... 8I




Sincere 1Dsi1'~ , If you are sincere, you'H examine your own' attitudes and actions. It may come M a shock

Aviation Guild LONDON (NC) - A Catholk Aviation Guild for workers lit, London Airport, has been Ilet up under the patronage 01: Our Lady. It hy the ~pproval et. William Cardinal ,G 0 d f r e Jlo Archb.iabop 8& Wea~~_ .

~orothy C~X Home made CANDIES CHOCOLATES ~

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OCTOBER ·15 ANNIVERARY "MONTH' AT THE ,STORE Specials in 'all Departments "




Italians .Discuss Leisure Problem

THE ANCHOR-Di6cese'of' Fall River.....Thurs., Oct. 8,'1959 /


Lay Apostolate Work Links C.hurch, Tempora'l Order...


PADUA, (NC) - Discussiol18 of increased leisure time as tM result of automation have beell sponSored :)y ':atholics because the "problem is becoming aA' ever increasing one," Giuseppe Cardinal. Sirl, ArchbishOp at Genoa, told Italian journalists. While Ttaly todaY has 1M great problem in the automatiOll of industry, the Cirdinal said. · the discussions held during the 32nd national Social Week here · are preparing the groundwork , foi- meeting it when it becomea reality. Cardinal Siri who has beea · moderating the discussions ill this northern Italian university town said that if' "the Social Week, of Italian Catbolics sue, ceeds in attracting the attentioa of public ,opinion and of, competent people ~o the subject, the studies will be ready to determine how it will be solved when the problem becomes a reality."

. By Msgr. GeorgeG. Higgins Director. NCWC Social Action Department

A distinguished Lutheran theologian, Dr; Jaroslav Pelikan of Chicago University's Federated Theological 'Faculty, maIntains in a recent book entiled "The Riddle of. , Roman Catholicism" that. whiI~ the Catholic Church "has recognized the need of relat- Pelikan might have had a point ing itself to the' vital in- when he wrote that the Catholic terests of modern _society, Church lacks "both the 'ideo~ it has lacked both the logiCal and - the organizational 0'


apparatus" to bridge the gap be-' ideological and' the organizatween itself and the temporal tional apparatus to do so," To society. ' illustrate this The fact is, however, that acconclusion, Dr.' cording to Catholic theology the Pelikan cit e s laity do participate in the priestthe record of. hood. t h' e so - called "By the waters of baptism, as "priest - workby common right" the late Pope ers'.' 'of' France' . Pius XII pointed out in his en(he calls them cyclical on the Sacred Liturgy, "lahor priests"). "Christians are made members Tnese. men, , POPE VISITS OBSERVATORY: Pope John displayed ,of the Mystical Body of.. Christ he, says,' have , 'the Priest, and by the 'character; mach interest in viewing the Vatican's astronomical obGolden ,Jubilee made an adwhich is imprinted' on 'their KANSAS CITY (NC)-Rockservatory on the upper floor of the papal summer residence mirable effort souls, they are appointed to give to b u il d a in Castelgandolfo: He was guided on, his tour. by Australian hurst College here, in Missouri worship to God. Thus. they par.,. has ,begun the' commemoratioll' bridge between Father Daniel. O'Connell, S.J., observatory director (near of ticipate, according to their conthe 50th, anniversary of the· . ' the church and labor, but "The dition, in the _' priesthood of pope) who explained the various projects under study. NC, granting of its charter. The coldefinition of the priest which the . Christ." .' '" . Photo. : ' lege is conducted by the Jesuits. church has inherited from its .Social Implications tradition," :1e hastens to 'add" ,','is The social implications of this e· irreconcilable 'with the way·oflife adopted by the labor priests,' teaching have been spelled out .- . and the church was right· when' repeatedly not only inofficial. it pointed this. out." .' . papal documents and in' numer- . THIS ANGUISHED CRY .of the six-)'ear old who hasn't IlIlJ' ,In· summary, he concludes,. ous pastoral Ietiers by individual, . LONDON, (NC)-The Church desire to go 'to school will be more than oompensated for b)' "'the history of Roman Catholic bishops and national hierarchies 'of England, Wl1ile it has some 'st I'h ., the DEEP,PRIDE'OF HIS PARENTS dealings with modern society, bilt also in the writings of pro- , 10 mi-llion confiqned members, fessional as well as "pOpular" has reported that' only' 2,500,000 4;~ when .)'o~ gifts make available the symbolized by the record of the ., Easter l:ominunicants, , that' .c.. 54,008 neceBS81')' to build and furnish labor priests (priest-workers) in theologians. .The gist of all these docunients is, fully practicing adherents. ~; ~o • school In DECCHI ZERU In ERIFrance, illumines the tragedy' of, An official publication issued ~ ~ TREA. So VERY MUCH for so comthe Reformation. Roman .Cath- is that the laity; as participants· ~ 'A paratlvely LITTLE; .Can )'ou give olicism has, had the will to build in the priesthood of Christ, have by. the Church' of England'. e n t'r a 1 Board of FinanCe + t generousl7· so that the Divine Teach.such a bridge, and Protestantism an indispensable rO'\9 to play in er will hear the lDllDY-voioed dire. bas had the freedom to build it; bridging the gap between -the showed that ·Easter communiChurch and temporal society. . cimts. in '1956 totaled 2,348,35~ , -"IDEWANNA"1 but neither has had bOth." An Am:erican theologian; Msgr.: or .only 24 per 'cent of the peo,A goodly number of Palestinian , Narrow 'Definition William O'Connor of the Arch;'; pie who had been confirmed and DON'T WANT TO'S". will eive wllJ" Subject to correction, I inter..: of 'New ~ork, pointS'out six per cent of the'general pop,1ix Holy Fathtn MisWI Ail to "BUT TffiTHTER. THAm" whell pret this to mean thilt, in :Dr. diocese in tqis coimection that the laity ulation. ... fw tht 0ritIItiJI Churrll . SISTER ALINE' and SISTER ViC.' Pelikan's opinion, the Roman are called in'il peculiar' way"to· . '. TORIA are. read)' to te~h In ,Jer.... Catholic defiriition of the priest'.. take the' initiative iii effecting : The number· of marriages sol-. ~le~ $150 • )'ear. ~ pa)" the expenses of, novlUate for eacll hood is so narrow as to maktt it necessary ~cial reforrris~' ., e~nited in the Anglican Church 'of them and It. wW' rladdea 111I Hean to know that "SI8* al,lTiost impossible for the Church Such reforms, he says, "if'theY' felI.from583' per 1,000, marri.. ..Sa.ld"· what 'HeuI4L 0" ' - , ,. .• ~tO relate '.tself to the v'ital in~ are to _be effective and lasting. ages in 1910 to 496 in 1957; .while ·terests of modern 'societY"'of; must come from below:. they bap~isms ~~. 600 per 1;000 ,were "GIVE ME SOULSI" Thli 18 'the more ·sp·ecificaHY,.to bridge the. Cannot be imposect. from 'abJv~':' tl!:~ lowest at any' time since burning dj!sire' of. ~ye.rY n~wiy~ordained , .,:' ." ".. ,', 1~90. , '.. ~"" " . • ~ap between itself' and labor. i" priest. Thotisan!ls .of ~Quls wlil i~ine-. . Dir~ctiv'e Inevitable" -. of' . :; MorePfecisely, Dr: Pelikan: diately' fulfill the desires of ALEXAN.seems to be saying here that;,· :'In view··'9faiI this'itlS,not' Church ,of" -England schools had: 932;988, pupils in ,1957 .or DER and THOMAS' if they become according to Catholic theology;' sl:l~prising hi~t the.. Holy, . prieSts> in ALWAYE:' in India. Thes. the laity _,d9" noLparticipate i~. should have directed.the French 14.7 per cent of the totai school ~.letter dat~d July.3. population, w hill e Catho,1ic , two boys need $100 for 'each year of th.e priesthood of Christ, whereas' bishops---'in btl 1 d . schools with 478,833 children their six-year' seminary .course, Cali you ~e priestho,od" as defined in; .. ,u _on y rece!1 t Y rna e publIc,-..; made' up 7.6 'per cent 'of the to.:think of a BETTER NOVEMBER. ME'~rotestant theology,'·is. shared,_ to, wind up;- ·the priest~w.qrker experim~nt! and . have, ,laymen tal. ·The Anglican percentage had MORIAL' for a'priest· friend-who hai :~ually by ~ll those Wh9 hav~, take over the job of bringing fallen·' from 17.2 per .cent "in died or for a deceased relative? -been baptized;.laymen as well as: Christ to the factories and homes . 1950, whereas' the'Catholic' per"" , , 'ordained clerics.. .' .'. ~ , i A bequest In )'our Win for the NEAR EAST 'MISSIONS wDI ::: If'this'weretrulythec~se, Dr~' of the de-Christianized working' centage had risen from 7;2.·' ,,' . . .. -'.' • ! 'lte • COMFORTING THOUGHT when )'00 prepare to meet God. was almost, Godparents" ,:Ex-Red' Do~glas\. Hyde; ~able thatit the . "IT' IS- THEREFORE A HOLY AND A WHOLESOMB Church should F" .C ' t . F" d' THOUGHT TO 'PRAYFOR THE DEAD." No one has said it StonehiU"Lecturer , have iss:ued such' a directive or onver rlen sooner or later. . 'BOSTON (NC)-0n their sU~etter than Judas Machabeus. Our missioners will offer Mass f Dougl~s HYd.e, one time com'; Apparently Dr. Pelikan sensed' ~er'wedding anniversary, Joseph for your'deceased relatives 'and friends· and your offerings will munist aildfortner editor the make possible a holy anehl wholesome life for our refugee chilLondon Daily Worker, will ad': as much when he said, with ref": E. Cronin, American League dren. If 'you send in your Mass' offerings NOW we can arrange 'dress the -st'lde:lt body at Stone"; erence 'to an e~rlier and less de..; president, and Mrs. Cronin acted cisive instruction from the Holy as godparents at .the baptism of to have the. Masses offered in November, THE MONTH OF THIl ..... ihill Colleg'e,.' Friday, Oct: 28 HOLY SOULS. iunder the. sponsorship ,of the See, that "the definition of the Mrs~ Hester Hayes, convert wife Saxon Society, college-. honor priest which the church has in- of John I1ayes, a Boston Catholic WHEN A STRIKE affects )'our food storetl 'group, Now a free lance writer heri.ted from its tradition is irre": attorney who serves as counSel )'00 ma)' suffer a SLIGHT INCONVENJ;ENCE. :and columnist of the Catholic concilable.with the way for 'the Boston American League Without )'our giftS some of our refugee fammetl adopted by the labor priests baseball club. ~Herald in Eng~and" his automa)' find It TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE to obtaill Mrs. ,Hayes took instructi~ns biography, "I Believe" has been (priest-workers), and the church enough food SIMPLY TO LIVE. Twent;r-fiv. the choice of one American and was right when it pointed thi.I in the Faith from Father Joseph doY.ars will help the Hoi)' Father feed lUI eDScannell, C,SS.R; Before he' besix EngliSh "ook clubs and, has o u t . " · tire family for MORE THAN two weeks. came American League prellibeen translated into seven lan-" Church Means guages. " ,This is' partially tr·ue. But Dr, dent earlier this year, Mr.'Cronin was' general .manager of the Our SUSPENSE CARD Insures the offering of Gregorian . Pelikan should have added, for Masses for your soul after death. Write for complete informathe sake of ,theological accuracy, ~oston Red Sox. Uo~ , that the Church, in abandoning Immediately after the baptism I . the priest-worker experiment, is ceremon,y,Richard Cardinal In MARY'S BANK the Interest )'00 receive Is all of pronot left without an' effective Cushing, Archbishop of Boston, portion to the deposit )'ou make. THE DEPOSIT - A daD)' means of bridging the gap be.. offered a Mass of thanksgiving' prayer for mission vocations and a DOLLAR-A-MONTH for the · ,: tween itself and the temporal ,in celebration of the _Cronins' support of mission-minded novices. THE INTEREST .:- FOR · ':. order. . " ~nniv~rsary in the oratory of the GOD:, a harvest of souls: FOR YOU: a child's thailks•• nun'. ' ,': ,'That means is the apostolic ~ardinal's, residence in neari)y , prayer, Mar;r's blessings, and God's grace. " , w6rJ(: 9f the laity, who, 'to· repeat . Brighton. Members of the' im':' , .- th~ words of Pope Pius;' XII, mediate families were in attend~NO ONE EVER ASKED MIl: BEFORE."-was the reactloll ,'~'participate, according to their ance and rec~ived the ,apostolic of a woman who recently became a CHRYSOSTOM by'her gift . condition, in the priesthood of blessing of Pope John XXiII, to our,DOLLAR-A-MONTH CLUB for the,education of'seminaChrist.',!. ." '. which was imparted by the Car- . rians. HAVE YOU- BEEN ASKED? . " . ' • r . •In; other wordS; the Church ~inaL r ::does not lack. "the ideological 1.' CHRIST THE KING (His Feast Is Sunda)', October 25th.) wiD . and ,the organizational apparaNew, Post' hav~ a more extended Kingdom If )'00 make a stringless gift ",'tus" to relate itself to the::temi ALBANY· (NC) Father: to M~nsignor ·R)'an te help him lessen the suffering. of 011I' poral 9rder. God willing, 'the .,John J: Murphy, C.S.C;, who: .Palestinian' refogees. '. . , " laity of France will' makeAhis has been' 'associate director of' abundanUy, clear in the 'not1oo the Family Rosary Crusade i distant future. ' . :', ' . headquarters here for the last • . ~'O years, will take up new dutiea' .': Enlarge Seminary , , . FR~NCIS CARDINAL SPELLMAN, P'••ld....: . I as provincial .councHor for the . . MIll" 'ete,.'; Tuoh" Nilt'! sec',i- . " . I GLENDALE (NCj-Construc- .Eastern PJ,"ovince of the Congre. ". . Send all communication, toi . ' , : tion of' additions, costing' about' gation of Holy Cross, with head$750,000, at the. Glenmary-Home quarters 'in' Bridgeport. The , CATHOUC ':NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSOCIATION Missioners seminal')" here' in Family Rosary Crusade waa 480 Lexin~n Ave. at46t~ St.' New)'ork17, N: Y. Ohio will get underway" Dext founded' ahd is' ditected by F.- ' Spring., .... , DOUGLAS IIfDK; ther Patrick Peyton, C.S.c.

.Ang·I.• c a" n ,C'hu' rc' h' Reports D· ., are


"'d' .. '





iiteVi-~ Croni~s






THE, ANCHOR-Diocese of Fan River-thurs., Oct. S, 1959·

LAY PARTICIPANTS: Parishio.ners at St. Stephen's, Dodgeville, participate almost 100 per cent in giving responses at Sunday Masses. Left, Mrs. Lorraine Livesey, Miss Th~rese Derorcy, Patrick McKinney and Lorraine Brochu recite the Confiteor with the celebrating priest. At left

,center, Rev. J. Orner Lussier, pastor, assists parishioners with responses. Right center, Robert Cloutier, lay reader, reads Epistle. Right, a family group joins in responses. Left to right, Alcide Caty with daughters Elaine, Lucille and Janice.

Newark Prelate St. St~phen"s Parish of Attleboro Points Wa,y Asserts Complex . . . at Mass Hurts Writers Says Holy Name ,In Lay P . a,rttctpatton NEW ORLEANS (NC)-Amei" icans are learning to 'read an'd Official Society , _ By Marion' Unsworth ' . ' soon they will learn to write-

NEWARK (NC) - "The The last major directive of the late Pope Pius XIns being carried out actively and/ jf only they' can get rid of • Holy Name Society is the of- enthusiastically by clergy and parishioners .of St. Stephen's Qhurch, in the Dodgeville sec- national 'iriferiority complex oa ficial ecclesiastical" society' , tion of Attleboro. In accordance with the Pontiff's directive, later issued by the Congre- . the subject. ~f literacy'. for all Catho'ic men, and t ·· f S . h'lOners . 0 f St.' Steph en ' s. h ave b ' part"IClpat'mg m . 7'.' 8 9 an . d pressed These OpInIOns have been exIOn 0 acred R't I es, parIS een by Father Michael P. membership in other societies 10 o'clock l\fasses each Sun. . a~c:I French on the other, as . Kammer S.J. author who has should not be considered a subeffect is that ot constant partici-, three Masses each Sunday are ' . . d 'h f' It f L I stitute for joining the Holy day. f or a Imos t a yea~. I m- pation in the sacrifice of the French. . JOIJ?e .t e acu y 0 oyo. Name Society," Archbishop medIately after the Most - .Mass. AI . d f th _ . Umverslty of the, .South, New " . .. so rea y or e congrega Orleans after servIng for five Thomas A. Boland of Newark Reverend BIShop mstructed "We have 80 per cent partici- tion are large cards containing years a; principal of Jesuit Higb says in a pastoral letter read at all churches in the archdiocese Sunday as he announced approval of the statewide HNS membership campaign being conducted. The campaign, he said, "has my cordial approval and my earnest prayers for complete success." The four New Jersey Sees are cooperating in the twomonth drive. ' "We 'cannot overstress the point that the Holy Name Society is for every man Who professes the Faith and w\1o is not ashamed or afraid to defend and practice it," the Archbi~hop said. He pointed out that~the, society was founded almost 700 years ago "so that Catholic men could give organized. and publiC:. 'profession of faith in Jesus' Christ as God." . The society, he declar~, "cal~ upon'its members to give living expression of that faith, and to aupport the Church publicly in its never-ending 'crusade to have mankind recognize, accept,' live and defend what is pleasing to the Heart of Our Sayior, His Divinity, His Sacred Name and His Divine teaching."

Name Senior Officers

pastors iff the Diocese to intro- pation at the first three Masses,. music for the entire Mass. They School Dallas duce lay participation in the and 100 per' cent at the 10 will be put into use when the "Th~re is a 'lot of incompetent Mass by having congregations ,?'clock Mass," ~ather said. "It lai!y start singing high Masses. teaching by teachers of English respond to .celebrants,_ Rev. J. IS. really a thrill to sa~ Mass The people ne~ enco~rage- who themselves don't control Orner LUSSIer, pa~tor .at St. ":'It~ the wh"ole congregation asment to ~eep gOIng," said Fa- the language very well," Father Stephen's began tellIng hIS flock Slstmg you. ther LUSSier, "but they are won-Kammer said "One is a national of the dir~c~ives and how 'hey There is a lealier for each Mass derful and very willing: They feeling of inferiority by Amer. could partiCipate. who stands at the altar rail or ,have done almost all of It them-, icans about the way they talk Four weeks later, led by six walks Up and down the cen~er selves,. and I am very proud of and write they are so self-conaltar boys who knelt at tlJe al- aisle aiding the congregation bl them." . scious, sure that they can'\ ,tar rail and. a lay leader who the responses.. ''They are formPope PlUS ,XII would be proud write well, that instead of writread the Epistle and ?ospel of er al!ar. bo~s and know. the pro- 01. them too. ing as they talk they take a dun. the ~ay, t?e congr~gatJon ~taTt- nunClatJon, the pastor added. worried, incoherent style." ed right In, ~~armng Latm as Pamphlets on "The People'. _ - - - ' - - - - - - - - -.. 'they went along. "In three Mass" are placed in every pew, WINNIPEG (NC)--:The CanaI ded th dian edition of Our Sunday VisiA Delicious wee k s we ~o on,ger n e e . e 'as are hymn cards. The organist altar boys, Fattier LUSSier re- is compiling a hymn card which tor has been expanded to 20 Treat porta. will have English on one side pages. The national Catholic newspaper has a weekly circuh~Speedy Progress tion of m'ore than 55,000. EdiThat was last November, and tors of the publication said its .ince that time the laity have increas\!d size ~ould permit· it answered . all of the responses to carry more national and inLONDON (NC) - The new and recited the Confiteor, Gloria,· ternational news and more feaschool year begins ·with the fiCredo, and Pater Noster with tures.' the priest during the four Sun- nancial outlook for the Catholic schools' of Engl.and and Wales day Masses.' , better than it has been for a "The laSt Mass, at 11, is a . high Mass, and we hope by long time. Christmas to have the whole Government grants toward congregation singing it,".said the the cost of building arid moderpastor. nizing Ca tho 1 i C: - secondary In addition, parishioners sing schools in England and Wales hymns in English during the Of- will be increased by about $61,24-HOUR WRECKER fertory and Communion. The 600,000 over the next 15 or 20 years !Is a result of the new SERVICE Education Act, which 'passed through its final lltages in Parlia653 Washington Street ment just before the Summer Fairhaven WYman 4-5058 recess and has now received the Ask For Them Today royal assent. ceive medals at St. Mary's When account is taken of the Cathedral on the feast of Christ interest which the Catholic diothe King. cese would have had to pay if they had borrowed that money, PREVOST HIGH SCHOOL. the total saving ·to the Church. FALL RIVER may be put at nearer $84,00,0,000. Senior class officers are, for Senior A, Paul Martin, president; Paul Bolanger, vice president; Ray Hetu, secretary; Bob Comtois, treasurer. Senior B: Roland Levesque, president; Rene TrerI1blay, vice ROUTE 6, HUTTLESON AVE. president; Ed Caron, secretary; Near Fairhaven Drive-In Bob Silva, treasurer. Paul Martin heads the school Italian Dinners Our Specialty honor roll and is president of . Service On Patio the National Honor Society, as well as a top football player and active debater.


Increase Size

British School Act Benefits Catholics


Made Rite Chips

Spotlighting O~r Schools HOLY FAMILY, NEW BEDFORD The high school will serve as president of Narragansett Debating League this season, with Katherine Kelleher as representative. Msgr. McKeon Debating Club enrolled 25 new members to participate in league activities. Susan Koch, senior. has been named a semi-finalist in merit scholarship exami~ations. BISHOP STANG, NORTH DARTMOUTH Girl students will wear a uniform consisting of plaid skirts, matching hats, grey blazers and white blouses. Devotion to the Infant of Prague has been inaugurated as is the custom in schools staffed by the Sisters of Notre Dame. Student Government counsel.,. ors have been elected to represent each freshman homeroom. Plans for an October social are under way, and rehearsals are in progress for the November dedication of ~e school at which Cardinal Cushing will be present. James Gajewski, John Holland and Anthony Kapaczewski have passed examinations for Ad Altare Dei awards in the Boy Scout orianization and w~ll I'e-




ST. MAlty'S, TAUNTON, , Library aides are accessioning books acquired in a 'recent book drive. Nineteen students are 'assisting in the job. .Seniors are beginning a series of trips to nursing institutes, schools-and other places of employment to assist them in planning for their futures, while juniors and freshmen are taking intelligence and aptitude tests in preparation fOl' future decilions.

Ma~y Folks do not ~now we

have moved I lOur

New Location IS Pleasant & Union Streets New Bedford '



..:.w \1\8 SlIPiA'lsiOll




01 the TRAPpIST - " A of _. G~ ' - - - . 01 tile Abbey ....

• Trappists have been famous for their home-made bread for centuries ••• Monks' Bread brings back a long lost satisfactionthe simple joy of eating sub, stantial hearty bread. Rich, in~.. skiJJfu.l kneading, ~".:"


a~ great ca~e in bafdftg give"

thIS bread 'ItS. rare, super!» . flavor•. M~nks: Bread, tall .and . slender"f,rm IRte~ture, brlO~" an' exciting new discovery. IA honest good eating to yow famil¥ table.



'THE ANCHOR-Diocese C?f Fall River-Thurs., Oct. 8, 1959

Cape Rummage Sal~ .



VISITATION GUILD. EASTHAM \ Guild members will hold a rummage sale Friday and Saturday, Oct. 16 and 17 at St. Joan of Arc School, Orleans. A social is set for 8 ThW"sday evening, Oct; 22 at the home of ¥rS. John ,F. Connors" camp Ground Road~ North Eastham, and a ,business meeting at' 8 Monday evening. Oct. 26 at t~e home Of Mrs. Robert Hathaway. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER HYANNIS

Maureen Aylmer has been named of a scholarship awarded by the Women's Guild. She is using it to study nursing at St. Erizabeth's Hospital, ,Brighton.



Parish 'youth will attend- a Communion breakfast Sunday, Nov. 1 in the school auditorium. Boys and girls from 14 to 20 are eligib~e. John Perry, Holy Name Society, is chaiJ:man, assisted by · representatives. of other parish organizati'on~


SACREDIiEART" NORTH AT'D..EBORO St. Anne"s Sodality will hold 'its annual Christmas' sale Thurs· day, Nov. 19 iin the church' hall. Mrs. Paul '''aquette is chairman. 'The day-long event will include a, noon lunch and a bean supper. There win be many tables, ineluding foods, novelties, whIte elephant, jewelry and toys.. A washer dryer will be"" awarded during the sale., ST. GIlORGE~s.. . WESTPORT. The Women's Guild will sponsor a Halloween dance Saturday, Oct. 24 at Stevenson's, North Dartmouth. Next regular meeting is Monday night, Oct. 26. The program. will start with , rosa ry and benediction in the ~ church at 7:30. ' ST. ANTHONiy'S, TAUNTON The parish is planning a turkey supper and social at 6:30 Saturday :light; Nov. 21. Mrs. Frank G. 3.i'co' is chairman. New Officers of Holy Rosary Sodality are Mrs. Peter Nolan, president;' Mrs. Edmund Vieira, vice presid'enll; Miss Henrietta 'Carvalh\>, seaetary; Mrs~ Joseph Ferreira, treasurer. Twenty-one new 'members' were inducted at ceremonies: Em the· churclL ST. MARG'ABE'E'S, BUZZARDS BAY, ONSET - A Cana. Oanfetence will be held Tuesd'ay; Oct. 13. During the week of: Oet. 12, members of St. Margaret Mary ·Guild will provide cakes and pies for 'Tobey HospItal; Wareham. The Guild has alsO' adopted Keln Mi!ision hi. Mississippi and will send it toys, clothing' and financial assistance. .

Parade' OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL, SEEKONK Newly scheduled' Masses are at 7:15, 8:15" 10 ana l!l in the morning. Four Sisters of Mercy from St. Therese's Church, Pawtucket, headed by Sister M. Evarard, R.S'.M., will be at the' 8:15 children's Mass each week ' and will conduct catechism classes immediately fonowing. ST. ELIZABETH'S, FALL: RIVER Manuel Silvia heads a committee planning an old-fashioned auction in' .the church hall at 7:30 Friday night, Oct. 23. . SACRED HEART, FALL RIVER A harvest supper will be sponsored at 6 Thursday night, Oct. 29 in the school hall by the W'omen's Guild. Mrs. Raymond Connors, chairman, announces that tickets will not be available at the door, but must be' pur, chased p'rior to the event from guild officers or executive·board' members. An all-day rummage 'sale will be held in the school haIl Friday, 'Oct. t6 from 9 to 5. Mrs, Helen Silva, Mrs. Helen Duffy and 'Mrs., Peg Ccmnors; may be, con-: ,tacted to- pick. up d,onations. ' Eleven new members joined, , the group at the annual member:' ship tea. Hours of rummage sale: 9 to ~. HOLY NAME, FALL RIVER The Women's Guild program for the forthcoming year has ,been announced by Mrs. William King, president. It includes a ,telephone bridge, Wednesday, Nov. 4, a Mass~ for dec,eased members at 7 Saturday morning, Nov. 14, and a regular meeting ,Tuesday, Dec. 1 at the Catholic Community'- Center, Franklin Street. , Events for 1960 will be a March rummage sale and a May banquet and installation of new officers~ A cake sale and sale for the benefit of the blind are yet to be arranged. ST. ANTHONY OF THE DESERT, FALL RIVER Marking the 29th anniversary , of th~ dedication of the church, a women:'s' organization, the Blessed Mother Guild.' will be inaugurated at '1 Sunday night,' . Oct. 11. The group; primarily spiritual, will hold monthly corporate Communions and attend. a social meeting, preceded DY devotiong, to the Blessed Mother. Mrs. John, A. Monsour, president, and other' officers will be installed! at, Sunday night's ceremonies. Approximately 80 members, will be enrolled ,and receive guifd' badges. Rev~' Nor.:. ' man Ferris will preach for the occasion and "parishioners are urged to rec:eive Communion at morning Masses that day. The religious observance will be followed by a social and open house for new memberS. , -

• 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

'L tJI


, Mgat is,thQ brgg~ itgm ill mg: bud!laf~, Ii warn fila: f)gd( in moom'.· of coursg. at 'owm:f pO~ibrQ prfCQg'. Trhat"sj,un what' Ii g,m at'

, First Nationar:-qualifyi p'us'casht savlngs:-andithalA:har:dito, boot'l tONG: WEEK"END 'AI+fEAD'·" All Fifs,:Ni3tionali, Mass'... Rhode ISland~, Southern' toI( H( !!!~~', Closed! Mond~y; Odol)er 1~~ . ColumDus Day:, - SHOP' EARL.Y .

I.IA'M\. \ \5:\ H -. tean,. Mild(. Sugall Cured: -

Who) was' the saint beheaded at the request of Salome?:(a) St.. James the Less? (b) St.John the Baptist? (c) St. Bartholomew? (d) St. P h i l i p ? , , WhichiS'the oldest order of Catholic laymen?:-(a) The Knights Templar? (bo) The' Knights of Peter Claver? (e) The Knights of Malta! Cd}, The Knights of Columbus? The onIy Englishman ever to become Pope (Adrian IV) was:(li) The Venerable Bede? (c), Cardinal'Wolsey? (e) Cardinal Newman? (d) Nicholas Brakespeare? Our lLady revealed herSelf to Bernadette at, Lourdes' as:(a) 'li'he Virgin of the Poor? (b) The'Immaculate Conception! (c) 'li'he Lady of.the Rosary? Cd) Our Lady of the Scapular? The Ordo is; another name' for:_(a} Sacred MusIc? (b) The ecclesiastical calendar? (c) A Papal encyclical?, (d) A religious order?: The smallest sovereign state in the world is:-(a) TheVatican1 (b) Monaco? (c) Panama? (d)' Switzerland?' , Gaspar, Melchior and Balthazar are generally regard~d as having been::-(a) The three Magi? (b)' Angels of the Old Testament? (c) The first Christian Martyrs? (d) The criminall crucified with Christ? Superstition is consldered:-(a) One of the Seven Deadly Sins'!' (b'). A sin against the First Commandment? (c) A harmless. human trait? ' Give yourself J:O marks. for each correct answer on page 18. ' Rating: SO-Excenent. 7fJ:-Very Good; ~ ; 5O--Fair.'

R'eady.· tOI Eat





Hianl:' Cen,'er Slices: l

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Lean, Mild, Sugar ,Cured



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P.,I:lsbu:ry··. Golden~Choc.F~ge", '2,lLB2:OZ\5.9c'. Figl "Ba,rsi. . FARM\ CRES1!' SAtE: L.el ' COOKIES' N:a:U'.'sco 5illloniz 1319, Vduet m ..


White. "Orange" PlOeapple;, SPlat






Lornal Doone' Shortbread


WAX, ViGal'$-1.49 Self-Polishing Floor Wax


Green' - large Heads

Grape'ruil Florida Juicy, Size Y e' '1·1'O:W 0·· nlons -Apples: COrtland' t!I~Si toIo.l-. 2'n,H Good;

Native - For

Boiling 01' 'Baking








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Same.LowSelf,.ServiceP.ricesln,A1I S1or... ii1,nm VicinitY. =lWe Re..... ,tfIe Righi 10 Limit Ouantitielt' i t


,H:ow Do You Rate 0'0: Facts of Fa ith-'. 1.


finast -

New Lower Price,




THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fan Riv..-Thurs., Oct. 8, 1'959


PRQSP,ECTIVE 'TEACHERS: Men ,and women from all parts 'of, St. Anne's. Center, Sister Marie Charles, of the Mission Helpers of the Greater Fall River 'attended the first of a 15-week senesof .lectures -on Sacred Heart, addresses group. Right, representatives of St. Michael's techniques of teaching catechism at St. Louis Church. Left,Mrs. Bradley parish, largest group attending c()urs~, listen intently; front row, Marie McI)ermott,seated,ofSt. Joseph"sparish, ,registers, left to ·ijghtM'I's. Farias, J'ames Medeiros; second row, Patricia Carreia., Gerald Silvia, prinWilliam H. Connelly, Holy .Name; Mr~ Thomas iT. Fleming, Immaoula'te 'c-ipalof pariosh ~ligi(i)uS instruction 'School. Seventy-one members of the OoncepiJion; Mrs. 'Vincent IA.· Coady, St. Thomas More'; Miss ])QrisiBeaulieu, . ~aity were present from twenty-one parishes of the distric•.

Gange in tprQyer Cathechists Must Combat Lure ,of. Pleases Jew,s NEW YORK .(NC) T!h~ American Jewish Committee ;has praised His Holiness Pope ..John XXIII for taking '~anothersig­ nificant step toward 'improving interreligious understanding "by deletil1g reference to Jews and Moslems from a Catholic prayer. The 'committee, founded 'to .protect the ;civil land .-religious rights of ..Tews, said the ,Pope's action ·set ·".anew standllrd (of achievement fforreligiolis leaders and educators:' The Jewish (organiZation ,said. it was referring to a recent directive 'bY PQpe .J'dhn eliminating direct re'ference to Jews and Moslems !from ·the rAct of Oonsecrati~n of the Human Race :to the ~Saclled Heart. :S~nd Prayer The 'Pope's 'action 'was made ·public in ·mid-September. !t-'was announced six months .after .~ earlier order of the ,ponti1;f that the word "unt>elieV:ing"~usedto descrioe the Jews-be dllopped . from the ,prayer for 'the Jewish people in the liturgy of Good Friday. . The prayer most recently changed ,by .the P~e 'was prescribed in 1899 by Pope Leo XIII, ·.when 'he <consecra:teii .all men to the Sacred Heart. It is recited on 'the 'feast cif 'Chr\st 'the King, the ,last ~Sunda"y .in (0ctober.

Ambassador .Speaker At Youth 'Oon'vention WASHINGTON (oNC) - The Irish Ambassador to the U.· S. and an Air Force chaplain will giveml\jor 'addresses ,at rfi'fth national convention of the National Council of 'Catholic ~outh, Diocesan Sectjon, to 'be held Nov. 12 'to 15 in Kansas 'City, Mo. . ·Msgr. ,Joseph E. 'Schieiier, director ·of ,the 'Youth ,D@artment, National Catholic Welfare Conference, announced 'that Ambassador John J. Hearne .and Father (.Gol..) 'W.miam ,rr. ,ClaSby, chief ,of the professional ,division of the office of the Chief of U. S.\ir. 'F-orce ,Chaplains, will speak 'on "Nov. T2. Some 251000 Catholic '\Youths are expected to attend :the convention in 'Kansas ,City, -whose theme is "Personal SanctityModern (Challenge," 'Workshops and panel ,a'nd [business ,gessions. BishQP John .P. 'Cody <cd Kansas City-St. Joseph .will :preside at the opening plenary session.



'NEW ORLEANS (NC)-Father Joseph H. Fidhter, S.J., chairman, of the Department of Sociology at Loyola University 'of the South, has been named 'the winner of the American Catholic Sociological Society's annual award.

In. Preciou's Hour


Terevi,swn W-eek of InStruction

Ceylon Premier Fo'rmer Teacher COLOMBO, (NC) - Wijayanamia Dahanayake, Ceylon". new Prime Minister, is a fonnerCatholic 'school teacher.

Seventy-one prospective teachers ,of Christian dootJrine representing 21 Greater Fan Ri:ver ,parishes found ''tumediin't-o ;eager :little fourth graders last Saturday afternoon 'by 'a slim 'Young "Sister 'from Boston. "SisterM'arie :Charles of t'heMission Helpers 'of the 'Sacred Heart, initiating a l:5-week 'course in too'hni(Iues far lay teachers of 'Catechism, waved ,~ome ,their ,heads. Woe ·w.arit -8 ,child 10 Anwngthem were the use of sort of mag"ic wand over .her memorize a: .:iie'flinition 'only after flashcards and ;pocket charts, hearers as she demonstrated 'he !truly \knows 'whatit 'means. which students will be taught how to -tell 'Bible stories in Many .catechism. an~wers need how to make during the course.

A Buddhist, the Premier be.gan his career as an instructor at St. Aloysius in Galle. While teaching 'he got Into trouble with school autborJtie.s for agitating against "British rule.

L. • t ,never \be 'meJllOl'lIzed.Sister Marie Charles has been a• :manuel' ,calculated to ;grlP i 'he .attention of the day-tlreamiest R~ee Boo'k .:giving similar courses for 12 years. The techniques 'she four-th :gt:ader. "Sister· ·erPlained 'that there 'When,she finisbedxelatingibe were 'no .catedbisms :in tne oeat~\Y ,teaches, 'Were first developed 'by tbeMission HelperS,then tDials ;of :Sidr.ach, Misach:and days ~f the 'Church, "yet :people adopted 'by the Confraternity of .Abdenago dn ,the fiet:ytfurnaae 'Of li:veil :and died -,for the 'faith." ChrislJianiDoctiinelf!)r nation'Nabuchodo!1 o s or" cleveI'ly'and 'Catechisms 'came Mo ,being durwide use.. She 'and 'fe"llpw-mem.painlessly 'weaving into.:the ing the time of the reformation, 'berS of her community travel narrative basic doctrine concern- she :said, ;wh~ ICatho1ics ,needed thr-ollg,hout tne New Eng'land ing the v'iI':tues <of faith, :hope a refeJ:lence book of answers to area giving 'courses in 'addition and charity, iher 'audience 'came objections 'and questions hurled to doing par!s'hvisitation work. to-with :a start. at \1lhem, "The ca'te<ih:ism is 'still 'They!d dhorused replies to 'SisjuSt :that," 1sbe emphasized, "a Finds Enthusiasm ter',s -questions throughout 'her refeIlenoe .book." "Sister was impressed .by the talk, 't:aisedhands 'obediently, Mil) r<e iim,pontant, said the enthusiasm shown ''by enrollees and .acted for all the world like teaoher, is ltheiBible as a text for last Saturday, Particularly notethe fourth ,gJ;aders they 'weIte childl'en, illustD;ttingoy 'her use wOrthy the turnout bymemmaking believe :to be. of :a iBibile .stor::Y 'to 'teach docbel's' of St. Michael's parish, ,Back Reality tr.ine. "The !Bible shows us ,how which is .shortly putting into Wh S· t 'd "y God stEWped into ,time and operation a full-fledged parish . .en IS e~, .S8l ,.o~ ,can_p1aoe,,"she .said. school of religion. Twenty-two grow up mow, ·everyone Jolted 1"1 from 81. Mlc'hael's will attend 'Vasses mus t 'h o'ld c hildl'en's b ck h · 'd It Olf 'N 11 ~d·to dIS a u ;St , tOh onhgeiir interest, Ibecause teachers have Sister 'Marie Charles's instrucWl e-eye . youngs er~, ~y a so ipitifullyllttleof their .time, tions. to become grown-ups who would av:erredSisterMarie Charles. themselves ilearnhow ito work "y,' h ' bli hool hildren Sisterlsmagic. .au, aNe .pu .,. c .sc ,C , . one ,h{)Ul' a week, an average of The course won ,tbe a snap. 30 ek ,; he al'a "Mul" 15 S t d . 'ft we s a .year,:Ss . " M ee t 109 'BALTIMORE lNC) - Conseu.qr ; a ~r <lY ,a e~~ ti;plied by eight years, you see cr.ation of the new Cathedral of noons at 2 0 clock lO. St. LOU1S how ilitUe ,time they have to Mary Our 'Queenwill begin next Chu.rch h~ll, Fal~ Rlver, each lear,n ,the .truths .that may mean Tuesday when Auxiliary Bishop se~slOn _wl~l ,conslst 01 t,,:o .50 their ,eternal ,sal:v:ation;" Jerome D. 'Sebastian of Balti~lOute. ip:l'!lods ,broken by a ,bnef "In one short hour, ,sh.,e emphamore will consecrate the main mtermlsslon. There -are 1:extsized iurther, teachers' must altar. book~, two. per student, and com'bat the lure of the television 'The ceremonies will reach a t~ere 11 be homeworK, warned shows children are missing by cIimax on Thursday, Nov. 1'5, Sister. . . '. attendingca'techism, and their w.hen Al'chbishopEgidio VagBut the :stakes, she 'slud, are d d s about 'School and lii~h. The mew teachers will be hay, reamt: l"n'es 'That's why it's nozzi, :Apostolic 'Delegate to the . th G d lif' h h'l omeac lV . United States, will "Offer a Solf ormmg. : ,0 - e'm t e.'d 1 important 'to learn up 10 1ia'te emn Pontifical Ma'Ss in the dren they mstr~ct, t~~y w~ll ~e teaChing'techniques. 'Cathedral, 'open'ing a week's celso many extenslOns of Chnst 10 ' ebra'tion for the new 'Cathedral. today!s 1W0rld. "We 'don't teach .catechism," . SUDBURY, .(NC) _ .EditOI:s said the Mission <Helper.. "We 01 English language Catholic don't teach Sunday school-usunewspapers :and ;magazines from ally 'classes 'a1'en't 'held on 'Sun~wfoundland' to British Col'day 'at :a1I-and 'when 'they :are umbia will meet here 'today and it's a very~~difficult situation, t{)morrow to ·study. problems CO,MPLETE ~yingto crowd them 'between ooncerned with the Catholic LAUNDRY SERVICE Masses. What we ;teacn are press. 'The' 'Canadian Register 64 IHICKSSTREET people-little people ,with hearts host ,to the .gathering, NEW BEDFORD :arid wills of their ·own. Wcewant heid in conjunction with the to form Christ in' ,them." Social .Life ConferencP which WYman ,34777 Sister Marie Chcn'les 'decried 'opens ,tomonrpw '.old-fashioned "memorize the :bodk" 'methods .of teaching catechIsm. "We don't want memor- . izedcatechism :answers meaning nothing to children, nor do we want to stuff a ·measured amount of Catholic information into


Hestart.ed :in polities in tbe 1930sasanextreme leftist, but later abandOliled that position .andis now known .an an anticommunist. In !I.956 ne joined the 'Sri Lanka Ftreedom party which won ; 'year'!) -electioft <Bod'was ;then :appointed Education Minister. Last year 'he led ~ su~ ful-campaign ito ·oust~eftist ministers from the cabinet. He "SUcceeds the late Prime Minister'S. W. R. D. Bandw,anaike, 'wh"O ''Was assassinated bya Buddhist monk.


Consec,rate BaJtimore Cathedral Next Wee.k/

DIAL WY8·S153 Personal ,Service

~ ~

Canadian P",ess



Bowling & Skating . Million Dollar8aUroom I

AVAHABU • • • • •

iFor Your TESTIMONIAL OiNNERS 8ANQUEfS ,fASHION SHOWS ANNUAL D~Na: P·AllTT ,CHRISTMAS PARll~S fer lin~ormation call Roland Gamadhe or fran'kCollins WYman 9-6984


Provincia'. A'9Q:in LORETTQ) (NC) - ' F-ather Adrian J. M. Vefgle, T;O.R., has been Teelected for his third consecutive term as Provincial of the Sacred Heart Province of the Third Order Regular of St. Franc'is of "Penance.







THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., Oct; 8,195,9

" -, "




Ref,utes D.octr",fneDenyirig' ' -,5, Responslebelet , an • I Y f or S·' In


Continued from Pagechildren. One Mrs. Doyle have seven five boys and two girls. The oldes(boy is associated with hili

MCINCINNATI (NC)-C,om,munist ag'gressors were try-


father in' Company.' " Doyle, 1 , ':.. Carpet A gift of $10,000 has been given by Mr. Joseph E. Fernandes, Jr., a parishioner of St. Mary's parish in Norton, in honor of his mother and .father, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Fernandes, Sr., who also reside in, ,Norton. The junior ~ernandes, that "no human being should' sacrifices, is too alluring to be chairman of the Special Gifts ever be blamed for anything he counteracted by mere reason," Committee,. is founder and does." Nevertheless, he' continued, treasurer of Staff Super Market Dr. Albert Ellis of. New York '''ti:Ie unassailable, brute fact 'is', Associates, a group representing contended "there is no place for that personality ,disorder is the some 85 stores. He is a special the concept of sin in psycho- ,most pervasive and' baffling censultant ,to Rockefeller's Intertherapy" and even to talk about' problem of our time; and if it national Basic Economy Corporsin in, this coimection is "highly should ttirn out that persons so atioIi which operates super pernicious." afflicted regularly display (or markets in ,Latin America and Dr. Ellis, who described himrather hide) a life of, too little, Europe. self as "an agnostic," got an rather than too much,' moral reParish Chairmen answer, however, from Presstraint and self-discipline, the "The general parish chairmen byterian psychologist who is a problem would take on an emfor the 12 parishes participating former APA president, Dr. O. pirical urgency thatwol,lld rein the Drive are: Attleboro: St. Hobart Mowrer of the University" quire no fine-spun argument." John's, 'Harry J. Condon; St. of Illinois. / What about people who lead Joseph's, Adelard (Pat) PelleDr. Mowrer immoral lives but do not. break tier; St. Mary's, John L. Mar"Is there no such thing," asked down emotionally? Some, ,acMASS, AT' McGEE MEMORIAL: The Most Reverend shall.Jr.; S1: ,Stephen's, Richard Dr. Mowrer, "as moral responsi-, cordil)g to' Dr. Mowrer, have, Bishop' ,celebtates Mass, assisted 'by Mr. Joseph P. Delaney, Goyette.. bility and social acco,untability neither the conscience nor the a seminarian of, the Diocese, at the altar in, the North " Also serving in the Attleboro Is, eV,e.ry, m,ean,or vicious" ' character to ' be disturbed' by 'A . C0,II! R'orne, wh'IC h th e B' ~ in m'e'mory, , parishes are Holy Ghost, Howard _.•_c,at~,al:l? ,. d' . ~,merIcan , IS h op gave . __ (actIOn) not sm but rather an exwrong o m g . ' C. Bristow and St. Theresa's, Dr. pression of 'ilInes?' Who would ,,-But most,' he, said, ,have mad~ , of ,MoI}sign~r ~atrick McGee; late, b.~love~ pastor of 'St. Lino Tiberi. seriously hOld that' a society' a therapeutic kind of. restitution ,Mary's, Church, ~ orth Attleboro, and ~an, all,lmnus, of' the ..Representi,ng the' parishes 'in Could long endure which consistfor wrongdoing ·Some may have , Colleg:e~ I No. Attleboro are: St. Mary's, ently subscribed to this flaccid been 'caught and' punished, othRaymond E. Lambert and,Sacred dOctrine?" ers may have, made their peace '~' HeaFt" Roland Fregault. Speakirut on "Some Constructhrough confession and p!!nimce, .. ~a 0 I~ Mansfieid, S,t. Mary's, Stephen tive Features of the Concept of'. and others, may, have madE?' tip , " Continued from Page One to findings, that ,religion 'is almost J: ,Conroy; North Easton , ImSin,!', Dr. Mowrer attacked the' for past wrongdoing by, later' 'goverrtors will take- similar unknown to many of today's m'aculate Conception, Edward Freudian doctrine that human, lives of integrity and goodness. actions. " teen'-age criminals. Coughlin; . Norton, St. Mary's, bei,ngs become emotionally dis"In the light of the total situa- ' William V.; Flaherty; Seekonk, turbed "not because of their havtion," declared' Dr. ' Mowrer; 'i'I Contrasting the tension caused ,"The yout'hs'themselves," he Mt: Carmel, John Bettencourt. " se n 'lte t" b t t t ' ',by" teen-age crim,e 'i~ various sal'd" "reall'ze' ,I'ts I'nvalu'able iog , done anything palpably , e 0 a rna Ive U 0 urn wrong; but because .they instead' ,again to the ,old, painful, also' parts 'of the country, with the, help, in remedyin'g the, sordid Facts, On Faith " lack insight." ' promis i l1g possibility that man is "purpose of the atmual week~long cqndit~O!1, existing among a small , ANSWERS: 1 (b);2 (c);3 (d); , pree' .' ntl ." t ' ,observance, Msgr. Sc~ieder said percentage. of the;· ' fe'llo'w "And what is this understand- , mme, y a;SOCNlL crea ure-" ' ' ~ 4 (b); 5 (b); 6 (a); 7 (a); 8 (b). , , or l' th I . I' h 'h'ld ',that "governors, ·U. S. senators 'yo',u'ths.',', ' ":' ' ing, ',or insight which we so ,n eo"oglCa p rase, a c I ar:ui others, of high civic rank highly prize? It is the discovery 0 f G0 d ... ' Communion Sunda,. 'have 'found this year's theme, 50th ANNIVERSARY that the patient or client has "Spir:itualize Youth - Vitalize ,..-'-The week, he explained, opens' been, in effect, too good; that Natiops/very attractive'!' on the Feast of Christ the King. SPECIAL he has within ,him irp.pulses, esIt has been designated National pecially those of lust and hos,'NEW DELHI' (NC)-India's ' Religion Unknown, VIGRAN VITAMINS .' tility, which he has beeri quite Parliament has refused cdnsent ,'He said that this year there Catholic Youth Communion Sunday, a day on wh1chall Catholic 30, Day Supply FREE with unnecessarily inhibiting. - , for the introduction of 'a co~.;,' 'has' been . "an overwhelming youths are urged to receive Holy , BOttle of1 00 "But there are how 'widemunist bill seeking to' outlaw so:" interest" in the youth week. He Cqmmunion at Masses in their spread and iiIdeed' ominous called political activities' by the speculated that much of it is due parish churches. / signs," added Dr.,.Mowrer, "that' Catholic Church. this logic and the practical stra':' "Parliament's, upper, house, He said that a master kit and tegies it seems to demand are illRajya, Sabha, voted down a re, all other materials for' the pro~f Uni~ersities found~d, The situation is in fact, quest for permission to move the Cor. Cove Rd. & Water, St. motion of youth week is 'availWASHINGTON. (NC) - Uniso grave that •.• we are even bi'lI, which was sponsored. by 'a New Bedford WY 4-2465' al>le from the National Council versities 'play ,a basic role 'in willing to consider that miscon- ' communist member~ , , of Catholic Youth, 1312 Massa'" preserving western hiw'-and morduct may, afte):' a~l, h~ve some-' 'The'draft of the bill states its chusetts Ave:, N.W.. Washington. thing to do with the matter and attempt is to restrict' the "use' ali(y, now challenged by a lawD'-C. • ' less, oppressive concept of life, that the doctrines of repression of the Catholic Church for polit,. Italian Prime Minister. Antonio and insight a,~e more misleading' ical purposes" ~nd the "particiSegni has told a Georgetown MEN 11- 25 than, h~lpful. - pation of the ecclesiatical perUniversity convocation, , To diSCUSS the problem among sonnel of the Ca'tholic Church iIi. JOIN THE NEW Joseph A. Charpentier 'The 68-year-old leader was PSychologi~ts is diffi~ult, Dr. political ~ctivity." Comment ip Reg, Pharm , Sodetyof Brothers '9f. pr~sented by the Jesuit' univerMowrer said, because we have communist newspapers showed TEL, WY 6-0172 sity with an honorary doctor of y~ry largely abandoned belief in this was meant to include direcOur Ladyof Pro~idence P~ESCRIPTIONS laws degree. Mr. Segni, a 'law rIght and wrong, virtue and sin.", ' tions by the' hierarchy to 'CathFor information write to: professor before entering poli1902 ACUSHNET AVE. He referred to the "spectacle olie voters at time of elections. NEW BEDFORD of. grown men and women insisttics, said he sees the c;iuty. of FATHER MASTER ing ,that,- in effect, they cannot university professors as that of St. Joseph the Worker tell right from wrong, and that preparing "the younger generaNovitiate DO one else can." tions for the challenge of the Warwick Neck, R. I. BASKET.BALLS ALBUQUERQUE (NC) A Dr. Mowrer confessed that future so that the principles .!. . UNIFORMS ban on Catholic attendance' at upon which our millennial civili, two drive-in movie theaters here SCORE BOOKS zation is based will be preserved .... e WHISTlES has been lifted by Archbishop and ,handed -down enriched by R; A. WILCOX CO. Continued from Page One Edwin V. Byrne of Santa Fe", new, experience." e SHOES-KNEE PADS OFFICE FURNITURE program could be to the United N.M. . \ "It ,is in this scholarly ardoi," I'; Stock for Immediate Deli...., 'States, cer:ainly an important ,The bim, was placed on "the All Other Athletic Equipment he said, "whicl. unites the old point in such a study. theaters earlier this year because • DESKS ., CHAIRS and new worlds under the sign , FUDliamental , SPECIAL TEAM PRICES they persistently showed films FILING CABINETS of mankind's· intellectual and Some also think the report condemned by the National Leeconomic progress, that I see the • FIRE FILES • SAFES open Thurs.,,& Fri. Nights doesn't deal squarely with one gion of Decency. surest ,guarantee that the civili... FOLDING TABLES fundamental. Namely, what is It was lifted following receipt zation nurtured .by law and AND CHAIRS overpopulation? How is it de01 a written statement ,by the morality will be preserved." " fined? Isn't what, we are talking president of a firm which operabout underproduction, rather ates the - theaters that such 1501 ACUSHNET AVENUE than overpopulation? films would not in the future' 22 BEDFORD ST. & , North America's plains were New Bedford WY 6-8725 "knowingly" be shown at the FALL RIVER 5-1838 _, overpopulated when the notheaters. ONE STOP madic Indians roamed them if SHOPPING C:::NTER ' ~"you look at it .the way sdme , people do. Yet, of course these • Television • Furniture ,:',> same plans are' being ~etired • Appliances ~ Groc~ry : : into soil banks tqday 'because Do You Work a Factory, ': they produce' too much food. 104 Allen St•• New Bedford Garage, Machine Shop or Challenge WYman 7-9354, ,', Gasoline Station? There is no denying of the challenge in many parts of the ' ,We pick up and deliver, clea" • world in trying to balance the ,and repair overalls. Also. we have -: production of' food and other a complete line ot, Coveralls, Pants RIBBON~ " goods with the number of pe~~. . .:' and Shirts tor, sale. , pie. Gaps that exists today wili . , We, reclaim and wash any oily, ;'. widen unless' help is:' 'given , quickly. , . dirty or grea~y rags. " " But, more stress on the conWhy Buy When W. Supply ;- eept that, the chanenge' is one 273, CENTRAL AVE. 464 Seeoftcf St. ~.. of underproduCtion, rather than • overpopulation, might very well 'FALL RIVER NEW BEDFORD encourage more responsible recommendations and point ,up the OSborne 2-2143 viciousness that lies behind the WY 2-6216 concept of birth control advo, 2 r Howard Ave.. New Bedford 1II bone yn 9-6424 01' ,Wl: 9-6~5, • cates.

ing to take over another segment of Asia, teenage headlines were spreading terror in New York city, and immorality merchants were putting printed obscenity into the mails, and onto newsstands. But in: ' "the subversive doctrine that we Cincinnati a 'can,have the benefits of orderly was' telling the American social life without paying for it, PsychologicalAssociation through 'certain restraints and


th', 'I· 'y' '. " ',' '9U'th W,ee'k':W· ',' Ins'S uPPQrt:

Parliam,ent ReJ·ects Anti-Catholic Bill


Italian Official Lauds Role






Theatres Pledge Ban On Condemned Films

• •






',Attention Mechanics!



!ELECTRIC -co. Electrical Contractors






Attleboro Area Grid 'Teams This Year's Powerh"ouses


High. School Girl Broadway Bound

By Jack Kineavy

Somerset High School Coach

Greater Attleboro domination of footbaTI in Southeastern Mass. continued unabated over the weekend as each of the three area schools registered impressive second victories. North Attleboro overwhelmed Durfee by a 48-6 count; Attleboro shut out Alumni Field.' The Little Green, Taunton, 20-0 and neighoor also in a building year, have Mansfield clobbered Frank- foqnd the going rough. Another leading County clash lin, 32-6. Add Coyle which

has Fairhaven at Attleboro for what proposes to be a good test for coach Bill Madden's' fine, undefeated-unscored upon Jeweler eleven. Both teams have ~all aggressive lines and the outcome will hinge largeiy on which has the initiative on Saturday. Blue Co-captain Joe Canto was a tower of strength in Fairhaven's goal line stand Saturday, while' tackle Ed Miner is the lad about ""hom the Attleboro club rallies. This should be another top-flight game. Tn-County SchedUle The only contest of the day OIl the Tri-County agenda has Somerset, 1 and 1 on the season, going against Bourne, 1-0-1, in the second league contest for both. The defending Class D Raiders hit their offensive stride against Barnstable last week grinding New Bedford SWoDl' out better than 400 yards on the The Fairhaven-Vocational tilt ground. Fullback Joe DiGiammo lived up to pre-game expecta- had a terrific day lugging for tions with both teams failing to 205 yards in 20 tries and scoring capitalize on scoring opportunionce. ties before setUing for a scoreThis appears to be another test less tie. Dighton launched its 01. offense' against defense in '59 campaign on an auspicious that Bourne has yet to be scored note, . low-bridging Hanover, upon. Falmouth came close but 22-0. Dartmouth, on the other was unable to capitalize., End hand, showed little in its inaug- Joe . Cardoza, quarterback Bob ural bowing to Marshfield, 32-0. Carradiand halfback Charley New Bedford, playing a strong Tipkins were immense for independent schedule, made it :a 0 urn e. End Ken Andrade, two straight with a decisive, 30-0 tackle Norm Benoit and guard vict~ry over Rindge Tech, at Gary Anderson were line mainCambridge. stays for Falmouth. The Crimson go after a tarter Coach Mike Gaddis' Lawrence this week when they engage un- High gridders will take a breathbeaten Saugus on the latter's er from Tri-County competition home field. The North Shore this weekend when they will be eleven belted Lynn Classical, visited by the Islanders of Nan20'-0, last Saturday. Fullback tucket. Yarmouth at Barnstable Stan Tenters, 2 T.D.s and 4 is another traditional, but nonpoints-after, paced the Crimson league tilt, on Saturday's schetlattack against Rindge, while ule. Moving off the Cape will be halfbacks Bob Lyonnais and Joe Provincetown ~hich treks, to Pelazar each scored once. Dighton and into the Lion's den. North Attleboro at Vocational . Coyle Idle shapes up as the County's No. Elsewhere in non-league play, 1 tilt this weekend. Both are un- Oliver Ames is at Mansfield beaten, though Voke has been this is usually a real good one; tied.' The Trade hasn~t beeR Canton is 't Taunton, Franklin scored upon yet this season but travels to Case and Stoughton its defense will be hard put to " lsi t s Wareham. Monsignor contain the versatile Rocketeers Coyle High is not scheduled Satwho have run up a total of 72 urday. The Warriors pulled the points in two outings thus hr. Hard running John Perkoski' -cl1estnuts out of the fire against registered twice against Durfee, Stoughton in a familiar pattern: his third and fourth touchdowns Hoye to Fitzsimmons for a T .D. of the season: End Jeff :I'aylor Coyle will be at home to Attlealso scored twice on pitches from boro on Oct. 17. The collegiate substitution quarterback Jerry Dargis. . rule is almost certain to be alMaebado's Highlight tered again next year. The curThe most electrifying play of rent system imposes a' terrific the game was Bob Machado's 85- bookkeeping burden on game yard scamper. with a kickoff re- officials and student managers turn late in the fourth qyarter. alike. The recording of subs reThe Durfee speed mefchant sults in delay of the game and simply outran all in pursuit. The yet the rule is liberal enough to Hilltoppers hope to get Into the permit platooning. This is wluit victory column this week when the larger schools Vvere doing they entertain Dartmouth at anyway under free substitution. fashioned a late game tie with powerlu1 Stoughton and you have the early season s tan douts in these environs. The nascent Tr i-County Conference has already experienced a major upset. Unheralded Case High of Swansea upended Wareham, 8-6,. in the circuit's main attraction last Saturday. Other Tri-County action found Bourne and Falmouth battling to' a scoreless deadlock, while Somerset chalked up a comfortable, 30-14, victory over Barnstable in a league first for both.

The Anchor

HASBROUCK HE I G H T S(NC) - A freshman from Immaculate Con c e p t i on Higb · School in Ladi, New Jersey, hall WOJ:l an important role in the .. new Rodgers and Hammerstei. . musical based on the TraPI' ,: .Family Singers. She is Kathy Dunn, a parishioner at Corpus Christi Pilrisb. she is in rehearsal with the troupe at the Coronet Theate. in New York. When the preBroadway tour opened in New Haven, Conn., on October 3 she was seen as" Lou i s aVo. · Trapp, one of the Trapp children. . The day was also hel' 12th birthday. While the show is on its si. . week tour, -Kathy will have a tutor to help her keep up with her. studies. The show will open on Broadway with Mary Marti. in the starring role on Novenr ber 12.

NEW OFFICERS: CYO:Youllg Adults at Kennedy

Center, New Bedford, have elected Laurent Dghamel, seated, president; and left to right, standing, Marcel La Vesque, vice-president; Theresa Moz:r"is, corresponding secretary., and "Rita Guilmette, recording ,secretary.

Cincinnati Deleg~tesPrepareNoW .For Youth Conference in March



Mossi, Tigers (17-~ pitcher Sanford, Giants (15-12t .:.:._ Ditmar, .Yankees (IS-~ pitcher Sawatsld, Phllll (.293) Berra, Y~ees (.28+) catcher Hodge., DodgeN (.278.) " Power, IndillDl (.28~ first base TaylOr; ~btI (.~ . Bolling, Tigers (~ second base . ' LogaR, Bra~ (.»1) ~ Aparicio, White Sox (.2511» . . . v .' . ' . shortstop..' . Cepeda, GIaaU (.Slt) ~ Malzone,RedSox (.~ third base . A~ Brave. (.35&) . ,. Colavito, IndiaM (.2fi.'It outfield Clemente,' Pirate. (.206) ~ Yankees (.288t outfield BeB, ~ (.29It - - - _._ _ Minoeo, IndlaDll (.lJOIt outfield Lopez, White Sox Manager 01. the Yeer Casa1e, Bed SoK U3-1ij _.,....;. Rookie of tile Yeai'


Open Second Catholic Hostel at Oxford '.

OXFORD (NC) - A Cath~tJt Oxford University where white and Negro student. lodge tQgether has been so, sUcCessful that a second is no~ .. · be opened. Father Michael Hollings, new , chapla~n to· the university·, stu· cre~ts, said that the prime mover in the original plan was significantly a white South Africa... Students staying at the first l)ostel are almost equally .. cH· vidl'ld into white and Negro undergraduates, mostly from. the British Commonwealth. Its suo,eess has favorably impressed . visitors and led to the COIlVeJI'~n of at least one student, a Swede. " The first hostel is named Itttereontinental House. It is' by an undergraduate grou. called Ad Lucem (To the Ligh~ 'ho~tel . at

CINCINNATI (NC) - Little "White House Conferences" on It is a matter of belief with Cathproblems of children and youth . olics that the entirety of man'. 11 b experience is involVed with his will be staged th is Fa· ypar- relationship to the Creatc>r. . • ish societies and inter-parochial groupS throughout the Cincin"We do not see social ex~rinati archdiocese. ences, or recreational opportuniPurpose of the conference' win ties,'or behavior problems as be to spell out for the members isolated phenomena. As a result, of the groups and for the publie we do not attempt to deal with in general a ''Catholic philosany of these experiences in a ophyof youth." detached way ~rwith detached Announcement of the program standards." came from the Archdiocesan "As Catholics," Magr. Kramer Committee for the 1960 White added, "we have a point of view House < Conference on Children in . which the world will' be inand Youth, to be held nextterested. We have something March in Washington, D. C. that children: and youth need, In addition to working out a and if we i,ave kept silent in the clear philosophy of youth, the .'past and so have contributed to archdiocesan committee expects" .the weakening of youth, it now the parish ~onferences to "indibecomes important for us to concate our concern for positive tribute to jhe solution of the courses of action based on the problems Of the nation's youth moral and natural law in dealing . 'by expressing, thoughtfully a"nd with so-called youth problems." respectfully, the -philosophy which is ours." . Valuable Opportunity Msgr. A. J. Kramer, chairman _ of the archdiocesan committee, pointed out that similar conf-erences will take place in all the high schools of the archdiocese in October. "For ~atholics," decliu-ed COMPANY Msgr. Kramer, "the 1960 White House Conference offers a parComplete line ticularly valuable opportunity.





202-206 Rock Street Fall River




Building Materials


GEORGE M. MONTlE Plumbing - Heating Over 35 Years

.Assumptionist Pilgrimage

of Satisfied Service 806 NO. MAIN STREET. Fall River OS 5-7497


1959 MaiO' leagUe Catholic· All-Stars JllfATlONAL LEAGUE Antonelli, Giants (19-10) . Conley, Pbillies (12-7)


Oct. 8, 1959



Under the Pakonage and Leadenhip of

CARDINAL CUSHING OF BOSTON OHiciai dedication 01 the Shrine, Nov. 20 NO¥. 18-22; two nights in New York and .. Washingtotl WriM to: ASSUMPTIONIST PILGRIMAGES 670 West Boytston Street, Worcester 6, Mass.

ELECTRICAL. CONTRACTORS ResldenUal - Commerebll IndnstrlaJ 633 Broadway, Fall Riv.

D & D Sales. and Service,

OS 3·1691







FARMS 146 Washington St., Fail'baven









............. (week-ends)









THE ANCHOR'-Oiocese路of 'Fal~ River-Thurs.,Od. 8, .,959' .',,' , .


















Stang High Students Enjoy Educatio'nin' ,New S,chool









. A training session for the Special Gifts·'.workers for Attleboro's Bishop Feehan Regional High School heard praise from theHoly.Fatherand...

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