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Fall River, Mass., Friday, May 27, 1983

$8 Per Year

Coyle-Cassidy drive

For athletic facility

OVER THE TOP AGAIN: Once more the diocese of Fall River has broken its own Catholic Charities Appeal record. Bishop Daniel A. Cronin and Msgr. Anthony M. Gomes smile over total receipts of $1,465,178.30.

Appeal hits $1,465,178


The Most Reverend Daniel A. Cronin, Bishop of Fall River, has announced that the 1983 dioce· san Catholic Charities Appeal has attained a record sum, $1,465,178.30. The amount is an increase of $91,406.27 over the 1982 total. Appeal contributions aid in maintaining diocesan aposto­ lates and institutions which en­ gage in social service, child care, education, pastoral ministry to the sick, apostolic and pastoral programs for special groups and related endeavors. Bishop Cronin was delighted to note that 1983 contributions established an unprecedented new level of generosity. "Our slogan for the 1983 Ap· peal was, 'Someone in need ... needs you," the Bishop observed, "and obviously, many people in every area of the diocese recog­ nized the plea of those less for­ tunate by contributing." The Bishop expressed his joy at the final report, with its un­ precedented success. "Our dioce­ san apostolates will be operating

The office of development of Coyle and Cassidy High School has announced Campaign for Coyle and Cassidy, a million­ dollar drive to fund major capi­ tal improvements and a new athletic facility addition to the Taunton school. A campaign steering com­ mittee is headed by Joseph Quinn, general chairman; Coach James Burns, honorary chair­ man; and Joseph McCarty, special gifts chairman. Other committee members are Rev. Richard W. Beaulieu, Mi­ chael J. Donly, Dr. Charles Hoye, Attorney Frank M. O'Boy, Sr., Virginia O'Hare, S.U.S.C., The­ resa Palazesi, Joan Ross, At· torney Edward Roster, Very Rev. Gerald R. Shovel ton, Michael J. Tabak, Frank Tosti, and Thomas J. Whalen. A campaign kickoff dinner for committee members, class chair-

persons, captains and volunteers will be held at Coyle and Cassi­ dy on Sunday, June 5. An information booklet issued in connection with the driv(~ notes that when the school was opened as a coeducational in­ stitution in 1971 its facilities were hastily renovated from those designed for what was originally an all-girl school. "Temporary" arrangements for boys' locker rooms and showers in use since that time are in great need of replace­ ment. The renovations will also include adequate locker space and showers for Coyle and Cassi­ dy students and visiting teams as well as coaches' rooms, an athletic conference room and equipment storage space. There will be handicapped access to the gymnasium and cafeteria as well as from the gymnasium to the parking area.

Expansion of the sports facili­ ties will release space in the Coyle and Cassidy academic wing now used for athletic stor­ age ard meetings. Specifically, the administration projects that three additional classrooms, new study areas and a computer in­ struction workshop will becomtl available. 0" Also planned is an expansion of the school parking area and resurfacing of the existing park­ ing lot. Building heating and ventilation systems will be up· dated and various general re· pairs will be undertaken. Asked if expansion plans are demanded by current school needs, administration officials pointed out that Coyle and Cassidy has grown from an en­ rollment of 400 ~o 600 students. It was also noted that in grant­ ing the institution its last 10Turn to Page Five

on a sound basis in the coming year," he remarked. "In times of economic difficulty, it is the source of great consolation to know that, because of the gener­ osity of the friends of our Cath­ olic Charities Appeal, we shall be maintaining and improving· our outreach to the thousands of folks who benefit from our endeavors." The Bishop expressed sincere thanks to Monsignor Anthony M. Gomes, diocesan director of t.he Appeal, and to Mr. Joseph Gromada of Fall River, lay chairman of the 1983 campaign. St. Francis Xavier Parish of Hyannis recorded the largest parish total, $43.241. Father Ed­ ward C. Duffy, pastor commend­ ed his parochial committee for diligent efforts in conducting a total canvass of parishioners. He attributed the unparalleled success of the parish effort to careful planning. "The Catholic Charities Appeal is a priority here," _he said. "We're making Turn to Page Five

STUDYING ARCHITECT'S DRAWING for proposed Coyle and Cassidy High School addition are, from left, Michael Tabak, CC director of development; James Burns, honor­ ary campaign chairman; Joseph Quinn, general chairman; Michael Donly, principal.



I THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 27, 1983 I


HONORING MARY on a rainy May Sunday, Bishop Daniei A. Cronin " I helps members of St.. Mary's parish, New Bedford; dedicate their neVi Mary Garden (left); SSt Peter and Paul parishioners, Fall River, after the I


weather scrubbed plans for a Holy Year pilgrimage on foot from their church to St. Mary's Cathedral, carry a giant rosary down the cathedral aisle. (Gaudette Photos) "


Leading Parishes ATILEBORO AREA

St. John "."."""" "."." """.. St. Mark-Attleboro Falls ""...". St. Mary-Mansfield "" "".......... St. Mary-Seekonk "" " " Mt. Carmel-Seekonk .."."".." "

$28,021.00 21,605.00 20,527.00 17,967.00 16,480.00


St. Francis Xavier-Hyannis . $43,241.00 St. Pius X-So. Yarmouth " " 42,936.50 Corpus Christi-Sandwich "" 31,250.00 Holy Trinity:....W. Harwich ,""'" 27,853.00 Holy Redeemer-ehatham ....... 21,891.00 FALL RIVER AREA

Holy Name "".."""" """" " Our Lady of Angels " "".".......... St. Thomas More-Somerset. St. Mary's Cathedral .."".""......"." Santo Christo .""".""..""....."."".""..".

$31,534.00 18,564.00 17,072.00 16,948.00 15,494.00


Mt. Carmel ".."." " " $33,505.95 Immaculate Conception 28,691.05 St. Mary " " " "........... 15,590.00 St. Patrick-Wareham _ 15,535.50 St. Mary-So; Dartmouth "..... 15,010.00 TAUNTON AREA

St. Mary .".." "..".." "..""" $15,476.00 St. Ann-Raynham " ""........ 13,453.00 Immaculate Conception· ·N. E.aston ,.13,086.00 .~t. Joseph " , " "" . 10,860.00 St. A.nthony " : . 10,836.20

\.::.:::::A .. :\.~:. ","

Espirito Santo 11,614.50 3,060.00 Holy Cross ATILEBORO AREA 31,534.00 Holy Name 10,345.25 Notre Dame Attleboro I 18,564.00 Our Lady of the Angels Holy Ghost ! 14,271.00 6,040.10 Our Lady of Health St. John 28,021.00 9,503.00 Holy Rosary St. Joseph 7,061.00 5,640.00 Immaculate Conception St. Mark 21,605.00 9,291.00 Sacred Heart St. Stephen 6,790.00 8,976.00 St. Anne St. Theresa 15,038.00 8,1'l1.40 St. Anthony of Padua Mansfield-St. 'Mary 20,527.00 2,658.00 St. Elizabeth North Attleboro i 5,077.00 St. Jean Baptiste Sacred Heart I 5,868.70 I 8,147.00 St. Joseph St. Mary I 12,658.00 4,104.00 St. Louis Norton-St. Mary 10,324.00 2,532.00 St. Mathieu Seekonk-Mt. Carmel 16,480.00 . 10,414.00 St. Michael Seekonk-St. Mary 17,967.00 11,128.00 St. Patrick CAPE COD and THE ISLANDs... 9,211.00 SS. Peter & Paul Brewster~ur L~dy of the Cape 17,748.00 14,732.00 , St. Stanislaus Buzzards Bay-St. Margaret 10,965.16 7,069.50 St. William Centerville-O. L. of Victory 20,729.00 15,494.00 Santo Christo Chatham-Holy Redeemer 21,891.00 6,872.00 Assonet-St. Bernard East Falmouth-St. Anthony 17,164.58 5,667.00 Central Village-,...St. John Edgartown-St. Elizabeth 3,287.00 North WestportFalmouth-St. Patrick 19,381.00 10,055.00 Our Lady of Grace Hyannis-St. Frapcis Xavier 43,241.00 Nantucket-our lJady of the Isle 11,100.00 Somerset North Falmouthi 10,881.00 St. John of God 9,024.00 St. Elizabeth Seton 11,405.00 St. Patrick Oak Bluffs-Sacr~d Heart 17,072.00 3,880.00 St. Thomas More ,Orleans-St. Joan of Arc:· 17,212.00 Swansea Osterville-Assumption 18,377.00 12,614.00 Our Lady of Fatima Pocasset­ ~ 10,525.00 St. Dominic . . St. John the Evangelist 16,124.00 11,546.00 St. Louis of France Provincetown-Stl Peter 5,272.00 8,116.25, St. Michael Sandwich-Corpu~ Christi '' ' 3I,2!i0.00 10,080.20 I Westport-St. George South Yarmouth:-tSt., .Pius X 42,9:J6.50 NEW' BEDFORD AREA Vineyard Haven-St. Augustine 6,839.25 . Wellfleet-our La~y of Lourdes 4,080.01) New Bedford West Harwich~~oly Tril'Jity 27,853.00 Holy Name 13,265.00 Woods Hole-,...St.. ~oseph . 4,955.00 Assumption 3,476.50 FALL" RIVER AREA Immaculate Conception 28,691.05 I FaH River 'Mt; Carmel 33,505.95 Our Lady of Fatima $16,948.00 St. Mary's Cathedral 8,836.00 Blessed Sacrament 3,174.00 Our Lady of Perpetual Help 3.896.00 • • . , •• "."' ,.. • >~." \.' '•••• \:: .,. ',;: i.:. :~. 'f. ~ '·.r" ~~ ...->..'1,,; ' '1" t.•••• i,',' . -

Parish Totals




Sacred Heart St. Anne St. Anthony of Padua . St. Boniface St. Casimir St. Francis of Assisi St. Hedwig St. James . St. John the Baptist St. Joseph St. Kilian St. Lawrence St. Mary St. Theresa Acushnet-St. Francis Xavier Fairhaven St. Joseph St. Mary Sacred Hearts Marion-St. Rita Mattapoise,tt-St. Anthony North DartmouthSt. Julie Billiart South Dartmouth-St. Mary Wareham-St. Patrick

5,394.00 :J,OI1.75 7,099.00 2,032.00 2,817.00 5,501.00 2,044.50 11,802.00 11,938.50 10,566.00 1,857.00 14,816.00 15,590.00 6,063.00 6,007.00 14,113.00 6,028.00 1,764.50 5,093.95 10,767.00 13,261.00 I5,0 1O.Oll 15,535.50


Taunton Holy Family Holy Rosary Immaculate Conception Our Lady of Lourdes Sacred Heart St. Anthony St. Jacques St. Joseph St. Mary St. Paul Dighton'-:St. Peter North Dighton-St. Joseph North EastonImmaculate Conception Raynham-St. Ann South Easton-Holy Cross

9,468.00 3,417.00 9,011.00 4,225.00 9,934.00 10,836.20 5,983.00 10,860.00 15,476.00 10,616.00 3,747.00 7,426.00 13,086.00 13,453.00 10.905.50


Diplomas go

to 762

Seven hundred and sixty-two students, 344 young men and 418 young women, will graduate from the high schools of the dio· , cese this year. The figure is up by 27 from last year. Although the number of male graduates is down by 26 from 1982, females have taken up the slack with an increase of 53 over last year. Ceremonies begin Tuesday at Bishop Feehan High School, At· t1eboro, and all will conclude Sunday, June 5, when both Bish­ op Connolly High School, FaU River, and Holy FamDly High School, New Bedford, have scheduled graduation. Bishop Daniel A. Cronin will officiate at all ceremonies ex­ cept that of Holy Family, oper· ated by St. Lawrence parish, where Very Rev. John P. Dris· coli, VF, will preside'and speak. At Coyle and Cassidy High School, Taunton, graduates' will be addressed by Msgr. Daniel Hoye, general secretary of the U.S. Catholic Conference and a 1964 graduate of Msgr. Coyle High School; and by Toni Jane Silveira, Valedictorian. Bishop Connolly seniors will hear Massachusetts Lieutenant Gov­ ernor John F. Kerry. At Bishop Stang, North Dart­ mouth, class president Patrick Horan will speak; and at Bishop Feehan Michael E. Amirault will be valedictorian. Other program details follow: • Tuesday, May 31, 8 p.m.: Bishop Feehan, 92 boys, 142 girls. • Wednesday, June I, 7:30 p.m.: Bishop Stang, 82 boys, 129 girls. • Thursday, June 2, 4 p.m.: Coyle and Cassidy, 52 boys, 65 girls. • Sunday, June 5, 7:30 p.m.: Holy Family, 17 boys, 42 girls•. • Sunday, June 5, 7:30 p.m.: Bishop Connolly, 101 boys, 40 girls.

Sr. Dolores A funeral Mass was offered Wednesday afternoon lilt Sacred Heart Church, Fall River, for Sister Dolores, SUSC, 79, who died last Sunday. The former Lauretta Coutan· che, a native of Providence, she was the daughter of the late Clement and Anna (Early) Cou­ tanche. After graduation from the former Sacred Hearts Acad­ emy, Fall River, she entered the Religious of the Holy Union of the Sacred Hearts in 1921, later receiving bachelor's and master's degrees in education at the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C;;. Before her retirement in 1970 she taught mathematics at Sa­ cred Hearts Academy and was principal and religious superior at schools and houses of her community in the Fall River dio­ cese and in New York and Rhode Island. She also served as an assistant at the former Holy Union motherhouse in Bel­ gium. Her survivors include a niece and a cousin. Interment was in St. Patrick's Cemetery, Fall River.


Friday, May 27. 1983


•. .....




,. ...

-.", .



May 30 Rev. Jordan Harpin, O.P., 1929, Dominican Priory, Fall River Rev. Edmond J. Potvin, Paslor, 1937, St. John Baptist, Fall River Rev. James M. Quinn, Pastor, 1950, St. John Evangelist, Attle­ boro May 31 Rev. Vincent A. Wolski, OFM Conv., Pastor, ) 964, Holy Cross, Fall River

(t',..,,,?,,,, ~ 4-,A.-





1-238-3232 BISHOP DAMEL A. CRONIN and Father John P. Cronin, assisted by Msgr. John J. Oliveira, triumphantly burn the mortgage of Our Lady of Fatima parish, Swansea.


Silver jubilee for Swansea parish The happy coincidence of the feast of Pentecost, the birthday of the church, with the 25th birthday of Our Lady of Fatima parish, Swansea, was noted by Bishop Daniel A. Cronin at a sil­ ver anniversary Mass and mort­ gage-burning ceremony last Sun­ day. The bishop added that the month was also marked by oh­ servance of the feast of Our Lady of Fatima, who called for peace during her World War I appear­ ances to the children of Fatima, and by publication of the peace pastoral of the U.S. bishops. With regard to the parish he said, "No event occurs without its preceding history. Bishop Cassidy and Bishop Connolly recognized the wonderful faith of this area and the need for a new parish. Finally, 25 years ago, that need was met. "No event occurs without a view to the future. I think it is important to recognize that the same Holy Spirit who came upon the Church on the first Pente­ cost was with the Church during the Second Vatican Council. It was under .the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that Council Fathers

recognized the need for making the ancient unchangeable deposit of faith acceptable to the peuple of God of our day. "As we joyfullycelelJrate ~the wonderful accomplishments of the, life of faith that. has been lived in this parish for 25 years, we should not forget that the challenges of the coming years could indeed be formidable. "Yet we must preach and live the teachings of Jesus Christ. We must bear witness to our faith in Jesus Christ in our day, even as the Apostles began to do _,on the first Pentecost be­ cause it's that same Holy Spirit t.hat helps us. We make ours today the prayer: Lord, send out your spirit and renew t6e (ace of the earth." Following the Mass the bishop and Father John P. Cronin, Our Lady of Fatima pastol'; burned the church mortgage, an event made possible by a series of

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MAY' 28 • 29 • 30


















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START IMMEDIATELY! Your weekly paycheck mailed every Friday for the work you have done that week. NO EXPERIENCE All ages. Paychecks fully guaranteed. Complete details, pay scale and application form sent on request. Write to: L.M., IP.D. BOl 1283 Westfield, MA 01086





fundraising' events held by pa­ rishioners over the past year. Concelebran'ts of the Mass in­ cluded Very Rev. John P. Dris­ coll, a former pastor of Our Lady of Fatima, now pastor of Sl. Lawrence Church, New Bedford. Father Driscoll was the principal speaker at a banquet after the Mass. Also among concelebrants was Father James F. Greene, a native of the parish area, now pastor of Sacred Heart Church, Oak Bluffs. Town and state officials ex­ tended congratulatiQns at the banquet, at- which Atty. Leo J. F. Donovan was master of cere· monies. Mr. and Mrs. Andre Michaud, assisted by Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. McConnell headed the large committee planning the silver jubilee celebration. Mrs. Carlton Boardman was chairman of the subcommittee in charge of pre­ paring a parish history booklet.


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.. '"

i THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 27, 11983

the living

the moorinL.,


Some Reflections on Priesthood I

Last week the Fall River diocese ~ponsored a ~fress workshop for priests. Many people might be astoDl,shed that such meetings would even be thought of in the chl:lrch. Somehow over' the years myths and fables have sur­ rounded priests. They are viewed as removed fro~ the cares and anxieties of ordinary men. Even if they have problems remotely like those of other humans, they are t~ken care of by mystic and divine solutions. In short, miscon­ ceptions have shrouded the reality of priest and priest~~. Coping iii the real world with such preconceived iatti­ tudes has had a tragic fallout in many a priest's life. Thus it has become necessary for American Catholics to ma~e an honest appraisal of the priest in today's church. . For this to be achieved we must put aside the romantic idea of him as a character from "Going My Way" or j'The I Bells of St. Mary's." For the vast majority of senior citizens, memories of the pre-World War II church provide the standard for today's judgments or gossip. Sentimental recall of the good old days when a pastor was surrounded by three or :four curates fuels the wistfuJ..hope of what yet might come again. But the so-called good old days were not very good for

many priests who suffered under often dehumanized disci­

pline. Past procedures would in any case cope poorly ~ith

the facts of today. I

Just as the church does not exist in a vacuum, neither . does 'the priest live in magical isolation. The problems .that permeate the social fabric are his problems too. In fact, the stress that is. such a hallmark oftoday's life has: had -in some cases a devastating effect on the priesthood, espe­ cially in the lives of men who never thought their lives ~ would be touched by such matters. If these tensions w~re not in themselves sufficient! the

acceptance or rejection oi new responsibility flowing ~rom

the changes of Vatican II became to many priests an added

burden which they could not handle. Many felt they lpust

leave the active priesthood just to get their lives in o~der.

NC Photo


'Remember the darksome'time.' Eccles. 11:8

Thoughts· on the p3:8toral


Such departures, combined with today's lack of voca­ tions, have often placed a burdensome workload on shoul­ ders already bent. Some men cannot take this and just break. . .

By Father Kevin Harrington

The U.S. bishops have genera­ ted more than their share of Considering all this, it is imperative for the Cat~olic criticism for their historic letter faithful to begin understanding the daily problems and 4iffi­

on war and peace. The secular press has highlighted the areas cuities of their priests and to be aware that, like themselves,

I their shepherds are fragile human beings. Yet, because they where they and the president are believe in and have responded to what they think is dOd'S furthest apart. Yet in th.epast the bishops will 'for them, they are following a life style that Ican have constantly condemned endanger their health and well being. : abortion, euthanasia and 'capital To serve as a priest in active ministry in our times is punishment . as violent "solu­ tions" to problems without simi­ a upique challenge. Because of priesthood's singularity in lar controversy. all dimensions of human response, it offers unequ~lled . The' timeliness of the present opportunities for personal affirmation or rejection. This issue is highlighted by the de· can, of course, be for many priests a stressful dilemma. bates in Congress 'and the Geneva negotiations. I person­ Thus, even as we .seek new ways of following in I the ally feel that President Reagan Master's footsteps, let us do everything we can to help tl)ose is doing all he can to further the priests who are trying, some painfully, to minister, serve cause of peace through meas­ and pray in a world where often t~ey. are strangers, ~ven ured negotiations and that the bishops' pastoral letter will not among their own. :~hange his course of action. The real purpose of the' letter, after all, is not to shape govern­ ment policy but to give guidance to the American Catholic citizen on . the crucial question of war OFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE DIOCESE OF FALL RIVER:

and peace in our nuclear age. Published weekly by The Catholic Press of the. Diocese of Fall Ri~er

Perhaps Detroit Auxiliary 410 Highland Avenue I Bishop Thomas J. Gumbleton ex­ Fall River, Mass. 02722· 675-7151 pressed it best in an address to PUBLISHER his fellow bishops in College­ · I A. Cronm, . DDS T0 ville, Minnesota last year: "Reli­ Mos t Rev. Dame .., ... I FINANCIAL ADMINISTRATOR gious j~!lders do have a respon­ EDITOR Rev.' Msgr. John J. Reg~n sibility' to learn the -complexity Rev. John F. Moore ~ I.eary, pr~s~:-~a!1 .~J~~.r... ,.,'> .•.... of social ~~~bl.:ms,. ~hey must ,

listen to experts and learn from leaders taking stances diametri­ them, but ultimately their role cally opposed to those of their elected civil leaders. is not to design the right poli­ The ultimate persuasiveness tical action or the most effective economic order. They are called of the war and peace document to challenge policies and actions will depend upon how it is pre· in the public order that are un­ sented on the parish level. Adult just and demand policies that discussion groups should be en· couraged to study its entire text will lead toward more just sys­ tems in the public order,". he because unless the faithful know . how the bishops arrived at their said. The bishops' letter does not prophetic position there will be imply that the church possesses little hope of their accepting special competence in interpre­ their shepherds' conclusions. ting the political and military The letter· resulted. from realities of our day. It does not months of intense dialogue. ge involved with the nitty-gritty There was heated debate and of specific defense policies. even open conflict. after it was The letter is meant to have a voted upon. prophetic force that would be The issue of war and peace, lost if it were to become asso­ even that of nuclear war, has ciated with a single issue. It been around for many years and should be seen as a part of an many people already have their advocacy for human rights and minds made up. If such people . as compatible with all the bi~h­ see the pastoral as something ops' pro-life statements. handed down from above, they While war and the threat of will be sure to reject it. But if it war have. been with us since can be presented with appropri· Cain slew Abel, the threat of ate humility, its prophetic mess­ nuclear war is vastly different age can provide food for serious from any preceding it. Clear thought. moral guidelines are neeeded and the bishops' pastoral is clearly an attempt to provide such guid­ THE ANCHOR (USPS·545·020). Second Class Postage Paid at Fall River, Mass. Published ance. weekly except the week of July 4 and the week after Christmas at 410 Highland Aven· United States ·Catholics are ue. Fall River, Mass. 02720 by the Cath· not easily' swayed by the power olic Press of the Diocese of Fall River. Subscription price by· mail, postpaid $8.00 of the bishops' office, nor are per year. Postmasters send address changel to The Anchor, P.O" Box 7, Fill Rlv." lilA . they accustomed to their church 02722.

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of fall River-fri., May 27, 1983


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. / : B . . ~."


RECIPIENTS of Fall River Catholic Woman's Club scholarships, center, Christopher. Sullivan and Ann O'Neill, both graduating from Durfee High School. Left, Betty Conboy, club president; right, Juliette Almeida, scholarship committee chairperson. (Torchia Photo)



6 7 8 •8 2 2 4

Test your own

blood sugar at home ...

Continued from Page Two preparations for the work right through the year." • Last year's leading parish, St. Pius Tenth of South Yarmouth, reported returns of $42,936.50, finishing a close second to its Hyannis neighbor. St. Pius was the first parish in the 43-year history of the Appeal to eclipse. the $40,000 level in contribu­ tions, registering this significant goal early in this year's cam­ paign, to be joined later in the same week by 51. Francis. Other leading parishes in­ cluded Mount Carmel, New Bed­ ford, with returns of $33,505.95,

Facility Continued from page one year accreditation the New Eng­ land Association of Schools and Colleges strongly urged that athletic facilities be strengthen­ ed. Tabak, director of develop­ ment for the school, said that volunteer assistance in the cam­ paign is most welcome. He may be reached at 823-6164. He add­ ed that the school is also in tl:ie process of updating its alumni list and that he will be grateful for notification of any names not previously included.




Since the actual place of residence of EDWARD MANZER is unknown. We cite EDWARD MANZER to appear personally before the Tribunal of the Diocese of Fall River on May 31, 1983 at 10:30 a.m. at 344 Highland Avenue, Fall River, Massachusetts, to give testi­ mony to establish: Whether the nullity of the marri­ age exists in the NELSON- MAN­ ZER case? Ordinaries of the place or other pas­ tors having the knowledge of the resi­ dence of the above person, Edward Manzer, must see to it that he is properly lIdvised in regard to this edictal cit~tion. Henry T. Munroe Officialis Given at t~e Tribunal, Fall River, Massachusetts. on this, the 19th day of May,


Holy Name, Fall River, which reported gifts totalling $31,534, and Corpus Christi, Sandwich, where contributions were listed at $31,250. In the Appeal, parish totals, which this year set a record of $1,233,000, are supplemented by "special, gifts" from friends of the Catholic Charities Appeal in business, industry and the pro­ fessions throughout southeastern Massachusetts. Diocesan Appeal headquarters reported that such gifts were received at a record level, totalling $172,503. Of the 112 parish units within the Diocese, 107 were accorded "honor roll" status by reporting returns in excess of amounts given in 1982. Several parishes exhibited significant gains; in this category, St. Francis Xavier of Hyannis was the leading par-

A for effort WASHINGTON (NC) -Nes­ tle S.A. may have violated World Health Organization guidelines in marketing infant formula overseas, but it is trying to correct the problems, says the chairman of the company-ini­ tiated Nestle Infant Formula Audit Commission April 21. Ed­ mund S. Muskie, former secre­ tary of state and Democratic senator from Maine, said at a Washington press conference that the nine-member commis­ sion, most of whose members serve without pay, had received 78 complaints about Nestle prac­ tices in the Third World between February and October 1982. Muskie said the company is sin­ cerely attempting to correct its deficiencies. A worldwide coalition has been boycotting the Switzerland­ based Nestle company because of its violations of WHO guide­ lines. Chairwoman of the Inter­ national Nestle Boycott Com­ mittee is Sister of Charity Re­ gina Murphy.

,Humility "It is always the secure who are humble." - G. K. Chester­ ton

ish, with an increase of $7,916 in the final tally over'last year's returns.

~ ~L.._...;b_C_;:....:


Direction of

Rev. J. Joseph Kierce

Author and Producer of

The New England Passion Play


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LONDON (NC) - The U.S. bishops' war and peace pastoral has given the British bishops "u spectacular example" of how to come to grips with the morality of nuclear weapons, said the English Jesuit periodical, The Month. Commenting on the case of Msgr. Bruce Kent, a London priest recently warned that he may have to quit his post as general secretary of the Com­ paign for Nuclear Disarmament if the organization becomes more political, The Month suggested that the issue might have been avoided if the bishops of Eng­ land and Wales had taken clear­ er moral leadership on the nu­ clear question. "The U.S. bishops, whether one wholly agrees with them or not, have given a spectacular ex­ ample of how the discussion should go." The magazine urged that the British bishops "get down to specifics, as they did so admira­ bly in relation to the National­ ity Act," when the bishops' racial proposals and their criti­ cism was endorsed by other British chur!=hes.




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The Patronesses Of The Sacred Heart HomeI







Sacred Heart Ho~e of New Bedford I -WEDNESDAY, JUNE 1, 1983 -:- 1:30 P.M. i WHITE'S RESTAURANT -






Mrs. leslie Rase - 850 Pleasant st. - New Bedford, Mass. - 993-6788 Mrs. Roland laPlante - 320 'Hersom St. - Ne w Bedford - 995·3335


EARLY BIRD: ~ P E C I A L S, I 5:00 - 6:00 P.M-.I



Pope honors



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Lunch 11 :30 • 2:3D - DInner 9:00 • ':00

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l\lother Cope

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HAPPY BHRTHDAY TO" IL PAPA: The pope kisses a little boy after receiving flowers from him during a general audience 'that took place on the pontiff's 63rd birthday. The audience crowd of 40,000 multinational pilgrims also took part in the celebration, serenading the pope with "Happy Birthday To You" in Italian. (NC/l!PI photo)


32 Mill Street (Route 79) , Assonet. MA 02702 644-2221

St. Vincent de Paul Camp


7 Perry


lOur Heating:, ~'ili~ Oils Make I AMERICAN Taunton Mass. ~III. Warm Friends: 822-2282 i Avenue





Dio~esan camps

Together i





Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

through any Vincentian confer­ ence. Completed forms should reach Edouard 'A. Lacroix by June 8. Camp physical examinations will be conducted at 10 a.m. July 1 at Cya Hall, 403 Anawan Street, Fall' River. Father William L. Boffa, as­ sociate 'pastor at Immaculate Conceptiol'! Church, North Eas­ ton, has succeeded Rev. Edmond R.' Levesque as camp director.


Better Durfee AttIeboro~

Activities at St. Vincent de Paul Camp, Westport, will begin July 4, with Fall River boys at­ tending the camp's first two­ week overnight session. Also in operation will be the St. Vincent de Paul and Nazareth day camp operations, both serving all areas of the diocese. Registration of Fall River youngsters for the overnight camp is now in progress, with application forms available

. Open house programs featur­ ing free motorboat rides for 5 to 14-year-old children will be held from I to 4 p.m. Sunday June 5 'at Cathedral and Our Lady of the Lake Camps on Route 18, East Freetown. Leonard, Mullaney, Father camps' 'director, said the open house will give parents and chil­ dren thc opportunity to inspect

set open house facilities and meet staff mem­ bers. The adjoining diocesan day camps, one for girls and one for boys, will open July 4 for an eight-week season. Enrollments will be accepted at the open house. Further information is available from the camp office, Box 428, East Freetown, 02717, tclephonc 763-8R74 . . ., '\-



VATICAN CITY (NC) - Pope John Paul II last week celebrated an early morning Mass in his private chapel to m.ark the 100th anniversary of the beginning' of Mother Marianne Cope's work among the lepers of Hawaii, A nine-member delegation from Honolulu and the lepro­ sarium on, Molokai Island where Mother Cope worked attended the Mass. . Conventual Franciscan Father Ernesto Piacentini, postulator of the cause for the beatification of Mother Cope, headed the dele· gation and concelebrated the Mass. The pope told the delegation , that he hoped his travels would , one day take him to the Molokai , leprosarium. Mohter Cope spent 33 years amqng the lepers of Hawaii be· fore her death in 1918. After the death in 1889 of Blessed Damien de Veuster, who was known internationally as a missionary to the lepers of Molokai, she was the leading Catholic religious figure in the apostolate to the lepers at Molo­ kai. The cause for her beatification was introduced in 1974. She was born in Germany and emigrated to the United States with her parents at the age of two. She entered the Sisters of St. Francis of Syracuse in Syra­ cuse, N.Y., and became mother superior of the order in 18i7. She left the post to lead six other members of her order to the Hawaiian Islands, where she remained until her death. After the Vatican Mass thl' pope met Richard Mark, a for­ mer leper now the heaej of police and civil services at the Molokai leprosarium.

Being Catholic

WASHINGTON (NC) - An array of national Catholic organ­ izations is co-sponsoring a three· day conference this summer aim­ ed at exploring what it means to be Catholic and American in the 1980s. The conference, "Voices for Justice," will be held July 21-23 at the College of Notre Dame in Baltimore. According to conference of­ ficials, the gathering is co-spon­ sored by an unprecedented group of more than 30 Catholic organ­ izations ranging from leaders of the charismatic renewal to dio· cesan social justice offices to the Holy Name Society. Major sponsors include several depart­ ments of the U.S. Catholic Con­ ference, public policy arm of the U.S. bishops, the National. Con­ ference of Catholic Charities. and the Association of Catholic Col­ leges and Universities. The conference will include reflections on the racial, ethnic, gender and ideological diversity of American Catholicism, a dia­ logue among participants hold­ ing different views of Catholic social teaching, and presenta­ tions from Catholic political leaders with different perspec­ tives on the relationship be­ tween faith ·and public life. Speakers will include Msgr. George Higgins, long-time staff member of the U.S. Catholic Conference and now lecturer at The Catholic University of Am­ erica; and Michael Novak, resi­ dent scholar at the American Enterprise Institute.

THE ANCHOR Friday, May 27, 1983


Cornwell Memorial

Chapel, Inc.






THE COMMUNITY LIFE COMMISSION of the Dominicans of St. Catherine of Si­ ena, planners of a recent celebration day marking completion by the community of "Fully Alive," a year-long tape program: from left, Sisters Joanne Bonville, Anita Pauline Du­ rocher, Linda Rivers, Ann Mildred Brown, M adelein~ Tacy. The tapes, by John Powell, SJ, and Loretta Brady, aid hearers in shaping ·life-giving attitudes. The celebration day em­ phasized insights gained by program participants. It included a Eucharistic liturgy; a fes­ tive meal; a slide presentation, "Tracing Our Roots;" and a sharing session featuring song, poetry, music, slides and art work. (Gaudette Photo)

Eileen Egan' named to Hall of Fame

NEW YORK (NC) - Eileen Egan, a founding member of Pax Christi USA, former Cath­ olic Relief Services project di­ rector and associate editor of the Catholic Worker, has been named to the 1983 Hall of Fame of Hunter College of the City University of New York.. Miss Egan, an alumna of Hun­ ter College, is currently writing

the history of Catholic Relief Services, the overseas aid agency of U.S. Catholics. She joined CRS during World War II and for 35 years traveled the world as a project director. In India, she met Mother Te­ resa of Calcutta and arranged for her to address the National Conference of Catholic Women,

thus bringing the work of Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity to the attention of the American public. Miss Egan helped found Pax Christi USA, a Catholic peace organization, in 1973. She was a close associate of Dorothy Day, a founder of the Catholic Worker movement.

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Holy Communion "'ill Be Given At These TIVO Masses


For the birds

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of fall River-fri., May 2~, 1983


Ileering pOintl


Norris H. Tr;pp



Funeral Home


123 Broadway


153 Cedar St., New Betlford 993-3222 I




Leading Garden Center



South Main



Wall Sts.

Daily Mass now celebrated at

9 a.m. Monday through Satur­




day. Hymnal memorial offer­ ings being accepted. Youth group meeting 10:30 a.m. June 4 with .sign-up for Rocky Point trip. Women's Guild annual Mass and supper 6 p.m. June 14.

222-0234 Howard C. Doane Sr. Howard C, Doane Jr,



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"WE BEAUTIFY OUTDOORS" £vergreens, Flowering Shrubs. Trees Lawn Fertilizer· Loam . Annuals Landscape Design 958 MAIN ST. - RYE. 28 ' EAST FALMOUTH

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Women's Guild installation banquet June 20, Venus de'Milo; reservations 675-7206,' or 379­ 9651.


Reconsecration 'of parish to . rmmaculate Heart: 9 a.m. Mass Tuesday. Sheryl Harrington is the re­ cilpient of the' Rev. Howard A. Waldron Scholarship. \'"INCENTIANS, FR

Religious Gifts & Books for every occasion . . tl Baptisms I , First Communion~ Birthdays I Confirmations : .I Weddings . f'nniversaries I Ordinations '

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Coffee hour following' morn­ ing Masses Sunday. Youth group E!lections June 5. Worship com­ rnitee meeting 7:30 p.m. June l.


Member F.T.D.A.

OPEN DAILY I 10:00 A.M, to 7:30 P"M,

448 BROADWAY, TAUNTON Attleboro - No. Attleboro

Patronal feast celebration to­ morrow through Monday: out­ door procession 6:30 p.m. tomor­ row, followed by band concert lit church; sung Mass 11:30 a.m. Sunday; religious procession 3 p.m. Sunday, followed by con­ t:ertand entertainment; enter­ tainment 2 to 10 p.m. Monday..


"Serving the Community Since 1873"

New Women's Guild officers: Mrs. James Melvin,president; Mrs. Joseph Kennedy, vice-pres­ ident; Miss Claire O'Toole, Miss Mary T. Hurley, secreta­ ries; Miss Ruth Hurley, treas­ urer. . Installation ceremonies took place at a rathedTfll Mass, followed by a banquet and en" tertainment. '







Stang Assembly: elections, meeting, beginning 6 p.m. June 18, council home.


428 Main 51.; HyannIS


K of C"FR Council 86: elections, meeting, beginning 6 p.m. June 13, coun­ cil home; awards night 6 to 12 June 18; officers' meeting, so­ cial, beginning' 7:30 p.m. June 27.

Holy hour Tuesday, 7 to 8 p.m.; First Friday exposition: 8:30 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. June 3, Sacred Hearts Church, Fair­ haven. .

OHice Furniture OHice & Schooll Supplies ' Paper Goods ! _(617) 675·7838 i


PUBLICITY CHAIRMEN are asked to ~ubmit news Items for this column to The Anchor, P.O: Box 7, Fall River, 02722. Name of city or town should be included, as well as full dates of all activities, Please send news of future rather thin past events. Note: We do not carry news of fundraising activities such as bingos, whists. dances. suppers and bazaars. We are happy to carry notices of spiritual programs, club meetings, youth projects and similar nonprofit activities. Fundraising pro­ jects may be advertised at our regular rates, obtainable from The Anchor business office, telephone 675·7151. ' On Steering Points items FR Indicates Fall River. NB indicates New Bedford.


M~eting: 7 p.m. June 7 St. Bernard's Church, Assonet. De­ p;~rture for Queens, N.Y., con­ v,en~ion: 8:30 a.m. June 3 'by van; 10 a.m. June 3 by bus, the latter leaving from Immaculate Con­ c(~ption Church, Fall River.


New school board members: Mrs. Ellie Fontaine, Mrs. Elsa Vicente.

La Salette Shrine j


Park Street - Route t 18 Attleboro, Massachusetts

Prospective cheerleaders may contact Celeste Marciszyn, 675-'



Commemorating the parish , golden jubilee a bell 'service will follow 11 :15 a.m. Mass Sun­ day and a concert will be of­ fered from 2 to 4 pm., also Sun­ day. All welcome.


Among species to be seen is the Tristram's grackle (Onycog­ nathus tristramii), a gregarious and jocular bird named for Canon H. B. Tristram, a British clergy­ man and naturalist who explored' the Holy Land last century.


Class trips: Grade 8, Moodus, Conn., Tuesday; Grade 4, Fall River Historical Society and Marine Museum; early June. New Women's Club officers: Barbara Lee, president; Eva Souza, vice-president; Evelyn Sunderland, treasurer; Betty Ayers, Connie Stankiewicz, sec­ retaries. Installation June 9.

, Birdwatchers have become familiar with the grackles alight­ ing on camels. mountain ibex and other animals to feast on the plentiful insects they find there. But now there's a new ST. MARY, NB When visitors Memorial Day Mass: 9 a.m. development. Monday with parish Scouts, park. the grackles descend on forming a fla~ honor guard. their cars like vultures, picking Women's Gtiild installation Mass 6:30 p.m. June 14 followed at the insects caught, in the by dinner and entertainment. radiator screens. Reservations: 995-1434. Meanwhile, 20 kilometers to ST. JOHN OF GOD, SOMERSET the north, at a parking lot at Fifth anniversary celebration, En Gedi, the grackles haven't dedication of new church: 11 a.m. Mass Sunday, followed, by yet learned that a feast of in­ social hour. Prayer meeting sects arrives with every vehicle. Thursday, beginning with 7 p.m. Birdwatchers, who often pack a Mass. Bible beside their bird, books, DCCW, NB are anxious to see if the Masada Installation of New Bedford grackles will teach their En Gedi distri'ct officers, Diocesan Coun­ cil of Catholic Women, 7 p.m. counterparts about the mobile Tuesday, St. Francis of Assisi banquets. Most believe the lesson Church. Mass at which council will come soon. Is it not written: moderators are invited to con­ "But ask how the . . . birds of celebrate, followed by installa­ the air, and they shal1 tell thee." tion and refreshments. All coun­ (Job 12:7) cil members welcome. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, FR

Women's Guild installation and dinner theatre: June 8, Cpachmen restaurant, Tiverton. NOTRE DAME, FR

Parochial school graduation: noon Mass, Mt. St. Joseph School, June 5. STONEHILL COLLEGE, N. EASTON

Support group for cancer pa­ tients and families: meetings 7 p.m. alternate Tuesdays, faculty lounge. Information: Paul Pen­ nini, 238-2980. ST. STANISLAUS, FR

Consecration of parish to Im­ maculate Heart at all Masses this weekend. BL.SACRAMENT, FR

Ecumenical way NEW YORK (NC) - An ecu­ menical approach should be stressed in the follOW-Up pro­ cess to the U.S. Catholic bish­ ops' pastoral letter on war and peace. said Bishop Kenneth Un­ tener of Saginaw, Mich., a mem­ ber of the three-bishop follow­ up committee. Catholics and Protestants alike, he said, are "realizing that to be a Christian in today's world is to be in a minority and out of step, even in a nominally Christian country." Bishop Utener is on the pastor­ al's follow-up committee.

The Act of Consecration of a Parh:h to the Immaculate Heart of Mary will be recited follow­ ing all Masses this weekend.

EDWARD WPES has been named director· of housekeeping at St. Anne's Hospital, FalI River. He will be responsible for manage­ ment' and staffing of jani­ torial personnel.


Sacred Heart devotions will follow 7 p.m. Mass June 6 through June 10, the feast of the Sacred Heart.' . ST. JOSEPH, FAIRHAVEN· ~ First communion pictures are available at the school. ST. ANNE HOSPITAL, FR

An oncology lecture at 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in Clemence Hall will deal with breast can­ cer and will be delivered by Dr. Peter J. Deckers of Boston University Medical Center. HOLY NAME, FR

Parishioners wishing to lJe­ come special ministers of holy communion at nursing homes within the parish are invited to call the rectory. also those inter­ ested in teaching in the CCD program for next year.


Large and jumbo print vol­ umes of five seasonal and f-lve votive Masses are available for priests With vision problems. Information: Xavier Society, 154 E. 23 St., New York, N.Y. 10010.

MASADA, Israel (RNS) Many pilgrims and tourists visit this towering desert fortress to explore the last stronghold of Jewish Zealots who fought the' conquering Roman legions two thousand years ago. But some come simply to watch the birds.

Both Helped "We must love both those whose opinions we share and those whose opinions we reject. For both have labored in the search for truth and both have helped us in finding it." - St. Thoma's Aquinas

I. I, I


.. , .

\: i/ ,

( .-1

It's OLD but new

THE ANCHOR ­ Friday, May 27, 1983

NEW YORK (RNS) - The first Latin-English dictionary to be composed entirely from orig­ inal sources has been pubished by Oxford University Press.



i"l':;' . .


Known as the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD), the one-vol· ume work has 2,150 pages and is priced at $145. According to the publisher, it contains "every word that is known of classical Latin." Each definition is illus­ trated with several quotations from Latin sources, and every nuance of every word is set forth. The entry for the word habeo, for instance, extends through three pages and covers 27 definitions, with several sub­ division of particular ones. Oxford says that previous Latin dictionaries "have been translated or adapted from con· tinental dictionaries, whkh were themselves often derivative works." The new work is the re­ suIt of 50 years of scholarship and contains entries for more than 40,000 Latin words. It treats classical Latin through the end of the second century A.D., but does not include pa­ tristic writings, because, the publisher says, "they belong more properly to the vast field of Christian Latin which extends into the Middle Ages."

9 '\,,







.. , ' """'.",' . ...; .4tlt . ,. MSGR. JOHN J. REGAN, diocesan health facilities director and Anchor financial admin­ istrator, looks over Mass booklet at surprise celebration of his 30th anniversary of ordina­ tion arranged by Catholic Memorial Home, Fall River. With him are his sisters, Mrs. Robert Ohnesorge (left) and Mrs. Richard Martin. (Rosa Photo)



(Ilt. IS 111III· Airport lilt,)


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Over 35 Years ! of Satisfied Service . Reg. Master Plumber 7023 JOSEPH RAPOSA, JR.! 432 JEFFERSON STREET Fall River 675-7496

Designers and Manufacturers of : World's Finest Religious Master~ pieces, Jewelry and Gifts. I Ash for Creed at your favorite Jeweler's,:


Religious Shop or Gift Store.


CLOSED SUNDAYS Daily Deliveries to Otis, Barnstable County Hospital,

Tobey HospitaY, Falmouth Hospital


Tel. 759-4211 and 759-2669



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CITIZENS 'SAVINGS BANK 4 So. Main Sl/335 Stallord Rd.l570 Robeson SI./Somersel Plaza (Rte. 61

Letters are welcomed, but shOUld be no rMre than 200 words. The editor reserves tile right to condense or edit. All letters must be signed and include a home or business address and telephone number for tt.e purpose of veriflallon If deemed nucessary. .


All the World Needs' a Creed. • • ,CREED


Pastoral letter

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 27, 1983


: ,

Dear Editor: ,May is Better Speech and Hearing Month. and a good time to point out that more than 20 mlillion Americans have speech, language and hearing problems. The tragedy is that many are un· aware of available help. With early detection and treatment, permanent hearing dElficits' may be a.voided. Hear­ ing aids' or special training can hE!lp the deaf to -communicate effectively. Misarticulations may be cute at 4, but are a source of ridicule for an adolesce~t. Poor intelligi­ biHty in a 3 year-old may be a clue that language is not de­ Parents veloping normally. should pay close attention to a chil.d's speech, language and hearing development. A stutterer may be the butt of jokes and suffer frustration and embarr~ssment when speak· ing. A reverse swallow, often cor­ reetable, can result in misalign­ ed teeth: Voice disorders, once medical cai.,Ises have been eliminated, can be helped. Laryngectomees can be taught to speak again. The devastating effects of ap· hasia - disruption of communi· cation abilities due to stroke or other brai'n trauma - can be reo dw:ed. Communication skills can be retaught. But. early detection and treat· ment of communication probe lems is essential. If you or some· one you know is affected, or if you want more information about spEiech, language oi " hearing pmblems, please contact the S.E.M.S.P.A. member nearest . you. South Eastern Massachusetts Speech Pathologists' and Audiologists Fall River, 644-5307 New Bedford, 758-6924 Taunton, 823-702'4

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We have an indoor pool, saunas, color TV and an unforgetta~le dining experience that sets us apart. From 3 egg omelettes to succulent, blushing prime rib, our 8 COMPLETE meals per couple and our unique, private B.Y.O.B. lounge with live entertainment and dancing, make Shoreway Acres The Ultimate Value. Package now available at Green Harbor Motor Lodge. FA~OUTH'S


Per 'erlOn 'er Nlte 0111, Dcc. (FrI•• Sit, Nllhtel Only) Min. 2 Nit.. Rite Eff. Jln. 28 thru June! 25 Holldly 'erlod. - a NIt... Lilt pq. IlIlIItly. hlaher.


.SllorewayeAcres BOI G, Dept. A, Shore Street, Falmouth, MA 02541 16171 540·3000

Dr call free 18001 352·7100 lin Mass.!

j' I



Dear Editor:' Thank .you for publishing my lett,~r concerning the need for more mission rosary makers. The response has been the largest eve:r received, More responses havle been receiyed so far this than in any previous two full full years and .is a reflection, not only of the reading power of your newspaper, but also of the increasing interest in the rosary. You will be pleased to know that 568,000 new mission rosary sets were sent out during the first two months of '1983, well ahead of last year at that time. Some of the responses showed a need for more rosaries for hos­ pita:!s in our own country and the great spiritual good/that the rosary has among the sick. It is fitting that this great in-

crease in devotion to the rosary came during the period when Pope John Paul II inaugurated the 1983 Holy Year of Redemp­ tion and the Holy Season of Lent and will bring blessings upon individuals, families, par· ishes and the diocese. Lawrence .a. Severson P.D.Box 132 Albany, N.Y.

Dear Editor: United States Catholic bishops have approved the pastoral let­ ter condemning the initiation of nuclear war and retaliatory nu­ clear counter-attack. Catholics everywhere should be pleased that the bishops took this very important and controversial stand on the most significant social-political' issue ever to face mankind. It is now up to in­ dividual parishes throughout the land to explain and teach the meaning behind the bishops' pastoral letter. ,James G. Borden New Bedford

The Real Presence Dear Editor: Perhaps it is because Pope John Paul U is a highly public figure and quoted often in the secular press that the subject of relig'ion is cOming up more frequently in my own conver­ sations. Both 'Catholic and non-Catholic friends seem to have a new interest in our Catholic doctrine. Certain questions keep surfacing concerning Christ in the Eucharist. Many are con­ fused, or hesitate to say that the Eucharist is Christ. pre­ ferring the more comfortable phrase "symbol of Christ." While I am not trying to convert anyone, I am tired of people arguing that I do not have a basis for believing that after the consecration, ·Christ is really present in the Eucharist. It would help to have some current written support. Can you give it to me? Nancy Boardman Swansea, Mass. At the Last Supper Christ, said "This Is my body • • • this is my' blood." He did not ~ay "This is a symbol of my· body ••• this is a symbol of my blood." The following quotation from '''Christ Among Us: A Modem Presentation of the Catholic Faith" by Anthony Wil­ helm (2nd Revised Edition, copyright 1975 by The Missionary Society of St. Paul the Apostle iJ\ the State of New York. Used by permission of Paulist Press.) summarizes Catholic be· lief as to the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist: ·'The Holy Eucharist is Jesus Christ living among us under the appearance of bread and wine. When the priest at Mass says over the bread and wine Christ's words, 'This is my body ••• This is the chalice of my blood •••' the bread and wine are changed into the body and blood of Christ. By the power- of Christ working through the priest the bread and wine; though still appearing to be bread and wine, become Christ. "We are aware that this sounds strange indeed to some and is open to misunderstanding. When we say the bread and wine "become Chris't" we are not saying that bread and wine are Christ, nor are we practicing some sort of cannibalism when we take this in communion. What we mean is that the bread and wine are a sign of Christ present, here, in a special way, not i~ a mere physical way, as if condensed int,o a wafer; somehow his presence has 'taken over' the bread and ';ine, so that, for Ius who believe, it is no longer merely bread that is present, but Christ himself. And Christ is here present, not just eaten as if in a cannibalistic sense, but rather pre­ sent and doing something for us, putting us in touch with and causing us to share in his death and resurrection. ... "By the words, "This is my body. This cup is the new covenant· in my blood,' Christ changed the bread and wine into his living body and blood - this is the sacrament of the holy eucharist. The bread and wine, though still appearing to be bread and wine, were now Christ himself. Christ was now present in a new way, under the' appearance of bread and wine. And it was the whole living Christ present under the appearance of bread, not only his body, and the whole living Christ p~esent under the appearance of wine. "Then Chrt,st gave hIs apostles. the power to do what he had done, to make present his death and resurrection after changing the bread and wine Into himself - 'Do this in reo membranc~ af me,' he said. By 'this he gave his apostles the power to prolong his sacrifice, to extend it, to somehow con· tinue it down through history. Each time this took place, his passover, his covenant would be renewed again. Every other action of history is bound by limitations of time and space except this. "Every priest by his ordination receives the power of making Christ present and re-presenting his death and resur­ rection. rhis power has been passed on in the Church from the apostles by the.' sacrament of ordination, holy orders." The Editor

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 27, 1983


LINCOLN PARK BALLROOM ROUTE 6-between, Fall River and New Bedford

One of Southern New England's Finest Facilities

Now Available for BANQUETS, FASHION SHOWS, ETC. FOR DETAILS, CALL MANAGER.- 636·2744 or 999·6984

~)~, _,c .. ,

NORMAND GINGRAS plays organ of S t. Anne's Church, Fall River, during .Solemn Evensong honoring him on completion of 25 years as parish organist arid choir director. The event was sponsored by the Brockton chapter of the American Guild of Organists. (Gaudette Photo)

CIiA~LIE·S "110M( tlA11I6 (0UIK1l MEMlIR"



Sunday, May 29, (NBC) "Guideline" - The first of two reports on the U.S. Catholic bish­ ops' pastoral letter on war and peace is featured, with Jesuit . Father Thomas Reese of Ameri­ ca magazine.


HaUl Sr",,~ ChQrI~, V~IQZQ. P,~,.

tv, mOVIe news

NOTE Please check dates and times of television and radio programs against local list­ ings, which may differ from the New York network sched­ ules supplied to The Anchor. Symbols following film reviews indicate both general and Catholic Film Office ratings, which do not always coincide. General ratings: G-suitable for gen· eral viewing; PG-parental guidance sug· gested; R-restricted, unsuitable for children or younger teens. Catholic ratings: AI-approved for children and adults; A2-approved for adults and adolescents; A3-approved for adults only; A4-separate classification (given to films not morally offensive which, however, require some analysis and explanation!; O-morally offensive.

New Films "Blue Thunder" (Columbia) A dedicated policeman and heli­ copter pilot (Roy Schneider) and his callow but brainy sidekick (Daniel Stern) thwart efforts of some sinister government types to test out on real people a superhelicopter designed to put down urban riots. The plot is merely a pretext for some slam­ bang aerial action but things move at so furious a pace that the glaring implausibilities of the script never intrude too much. Unfortunately, there's a nude sequence, a cynical and extreme­ ly offensive bit of exploitation. 0, R "Breathless" (Orion) This re­ make of an overpraised film of two decades ago about a petty criminal betrayed by love is a self-indulgent exercise in graphic sex and sentimentality. Neither of the two lovers (Richard Gere and French actress Valerie Kap­ risky) shows sufficient human­ ity to be of interest and both are constantly upstaged by a blaring rock score and the slick and flashy direction of Jim Mc­ Bride. 0, R Religious Broadcasting - TV Sunday, May 29, 10:30 a.m.

Diocesan Television Mass. "Confluence," 8 a.m. each Sunday on Channel 6, is a panel program moderated by Truman Taylor and having as permanent participants Father Peter N. Gra­ ziano, diocesan director of social services; Right Rev. George..> Hunt, Episcop~1 Bishop of Rhode Island; and Rabbi Baruch Korff. This Week's topic: Truth: How Close Can We Get to It: Part 11. "The Glory of God," with Father John Bertolucci, 7:30 a.m. each Sunday, Channel 27.. "MarySon," a family puppet show with moral and spiritual perspective 6 p~m. each Thurs­ day, Fall River and New Bed­ ford cable channel 13. "Spirit and the Bride," a talk show with William Larkin, 6 p.m. each Monday, cable chan­ nel 35. Sunday, May 29, (ABC) "Di­ rections" - The Catholic laity's reaction to the U.S. bishops' pastoral letter on war and peace is the topic. Sunday, May 29, (CBS) "For Our Times" - A report on the 40th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising is featured. On Radio Charismatic programs are heard from Monday through Fr.i­ day on station WICE 1210'AM; Father John Randall, 9 to 10 a.m. and I I to 12 p.m.; Father Edward McDonough, 8:15 a.m.; Father Real Bourque, 8:45 a.m. Father McDonough is also on WMYD from I :30 to 2 p.m. each Sunday.



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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 2!, 1983


····i\1o'i3Y"['"Ick·.. . WHARf RISTAURAN·T


Overlooking Historical Westport Point (1 st Right Over Rt. 88 Bridge)

AT SOCIAL AWARENESS DAY at Bishop Stang High School, North Dartmouth, Sister Kathleen Murphy, OP, of the Diocesan Apostolate to the Dea~ explains sign lang­ uage to Jennifer Markey, Judy Duarte, Ji~ Santos and Michael CorreIa. (Gaudette Photo)

Questions . By Cecilia Belanger



All Lobsters and Clams Cooked to Order 1 Natural Sweetness and Tenderness ar~ best Preserved by our own Sea, Wate~ Steam Process, Scallops, Fish, Steaks. LUNCHEON MENU Mon. - Sat. 11 :30 - 3:30 P.M. Early Bird' Specials Every Day 4 - 6 P.M. Except Sat: and Sun. DINNER MENU

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Is located adjacent to Charlton Memorial -Hospital call 675-7583 for Information

Aren't you proud' when you see young people on programs such as "Why in the World?" in which they ask probing questions of guests from all walks of life. And what about 7th and 8th graders at science fairs, able to explain their complex projects; and young people who reach out to other youth in need. Recently I was talking to a 17­ . year-Old who was studying the Renaissance period, for herself, not for an assignment. She said her research helped her under-' stand our own age better and its debt to those who first per­ ceived the dignity of man as a rational human being. I don't run into many adults willing to spend time talking about the classics,the casting off of old ideas and the dis­ coveries of the Renaissance! We were glad to hear that the pope has again stated that Gali­ leo Galilei got a bad deal. Most of the youth I meet like the pope and feel he likes them. Another interest of today's youth is astronomy. We owe a ,lot to Nicholas Copernicus, Jo­ hann Kepler and Tycho Brahe. ­ Those young students at science fairs seem almost on speaking

·terms ,with those astronomers of a bygone era. Recently I dug out an old physics notebook and poured over it all evening. It said among other things: "Kepler believed that God created the world in accordance with the principle of perfect numbers." I kept on read­ ,ing and of course I couldn't


sleep. Who could after the mind has been stimulated and mathe-\ matical harmonies are playing' a tune on one's brain! I think the last thing I remember before finally dozing off was Galileo's ,question: "How do bodies fall?" What a book this world is, lying before our very eyes! I can see why science and math are needed. This book is indeed written in mathematical lang­ ·uage and its symbols are etrical figures without wbose help it is impossible to comprehend much that lieS before us.. Thanks to mathematicians and astronomers we no longer wander through a dark labyrinth. But although more math and science are needed in our schools, I· hope the liberal arts will not fall by the wayside. We must educate the whole person. We still ask: What is goo!l? What is right? What is valid? And at some point each of us must take responsibility for our answers. No one can do it for us.

CoyIe-Cassidy For the second consecutive week algebra I Team III has taken first place in the scJ:1ool's weekly math contest, with Ji~1 Marsden as top scorer. .

New officers for the French Club are JUdy Ennis, president; Carol Silveira, vice-president; Jane Mador, secretary; Mary Figlock, treasurer.

Bishop Stang Patricia Ann Rodriques, an

Horan, Cathleen John, Darlene LaFrancois, Susan Menard, Tim­ othy O'Toole and Christien Per­ eira. Junior Isabel Albuquerque; sophomores Judy Duarte and Mark Lewis; freshmen Holly Bessette, Mary McGowan, Deir­ dre Meredith and Anne Marie Treadup. , Among recent year-end events was the annual fine arts festival presented by the music and art departments, featuring blown-up slides of students and perform­ ances by the mixed and girls' choruses and the Stang wind ensemble.

Bishop Connolly Senior Week activities this week at the Fall River high school included a trip and day outing to Nantucket, a cruise to Newpor,t on the "Bay Queen" for students and faculty, com­ plete with a buffet dinner and music by an on-board band, and a junior-senior prom held in Providence. Sister Joanna recently led a group of juniors to Trinity Theatre for a showing of "Pyg­ malion," and Father Philip Geo­ gan directed a retreat on Mar­ tha's Vineyard. The latest art show in Con­ nolly's Wolf Gallery included works by Jen Burrows, Chris Endenbach, Rene Desrosiers, Steve Roberts, Brian Prehn, and Henry Conley. Brad Hibbert and Mike Cavan­ agh recently spoke to junior ethics classes on their experi­ ences in Kingston, Jamaica, last summer.

'81 alumna, enrolled in a special

seven-year medical program at Brown University, has been in­ vited to apply for Rhodes, Full­ bright and Churchill scholar­ ships. She will be joined in the Brown program by Darlene La­ Francois and Elise Bilodeau, both· '83 graduates. Principal's list students for the last marking period at the North Dartmouth school are seniors Sharon Amaral, Danielle _Bessette, Elise Bilodeau, 'Patrick .',

Bishop Feehan Vocal and piano students of Elaine Saulnier, director of the Feehan student and adult chor­ uses, were recently heard in a "parlor performance" at the Fee­ han religious education center. Popular and classic vocal selec­ tions were in English, French, Italian and German and piano presentations included works of Mozart and Debussy.




SPECIAL GIFTS NATIONAL $300 Our Lady's Chapel, New Bed­ ford LaSalette Fathers & Brothers

$200 In Memory of Rev. Msgr. Ed­ mund J. Ward Rev. Herve Jalbert

$175 Permanent Diaconate munity of the Diocese

London's Daughters of Isabella Alca­ zaba Circle Quick Stop Shop, Inc., Norton Village Package & Variety Store, Norton 61, Benedict Circle No. Daughters of Isabella, No. Attle­ boro Portuguese American Club



$100 F. S. Payne, Cambridge


$250 Bank of Boston, Yarmouth­ port



Morse Sand & Gravel

Roncap Company

$75 MandeviJIe Chevrolet, North Attleboro

$50 Briggs Nursery, Inc., North Attleboro St. Mary Confe~nce, Norton Compo Chemical Company, Mansfield Lee Burial Vault, North Digh­ ton The Sun Chronicle, Attleboro

F. A. Eaton Funeral Service, Inc., Harwich St. Augustine Conference, Vineyard Haven Anthony's Restaurant, Oak Bluffs

Paul E. Sullivan, Realtor, South Yarmouth Robert's One Hour Cleaners, West Yarmouth Barnstable County National Bank, Dennisport Yarmouth Glass & Mirror, South Yarmouth

West Dennis Public Market

McCormack's Apothecary,

Inc., South Yarmouth Carpet Barn, Inc., Falmouth Sophisticated Junk & Antique Shop, Falmouth Sisters of the Holy Ghost Society, East Falmouth De Ponte Sand & Gravel, East Falmouth Anthony Faria, Incorporated Builder, HatchviJIe Bradford Hardware, Harwich­ port Angelo's S'uper Market, Har­ .wichport Shawmut Bank, Orleans

FALL RIVER St. Anne's Credit Union


In Memory of Father Mc­ Namiee, Father Coyle and Msgr. Harrington



Falls Shopping Center, North Attleboro

St. Augustine Holy Name So­ ciety, Vineyard Haven New Sword & Shield Restau­ rant, Harwichport

Pediatric Associates of Fall River, Inc. Zayre Department Store T. E. Lynch, lnc.




Ernest J. Precourt, Inc. Elec­ trical Contractor, Norton

Cape Cod Cooperative Bank, Yarmouthport



EAST TAUNTON Holy Family $100 Patriot Oil Company; $60 M-M Harold Lindskog; $50 M-M Edward Booth, Gerard Ducharme Family, M-M Henry Sullivan; $40 M-M William Emsley, Mrs. Alice White; $35 Mrs. Denise Shea, Dr.-Mrs. Hugh Boyle; $30 Antone Gomes Fam-' By, M-M Everett McGovern. $25 M-M Albert Adams, M-M Joaquin Bernadino, Ted Brassard, M-M Ingram Byrne, Mrs. Mary Casey, M-M Russell Chamberland, M-M Wm. Charbonneau, M-M Arthur Collins, M-M Raymond Cranmer, John Cwiekowski, M-M Jose DaRosa, Mrs. Mary Galuski, M-M Lorenzo Grosso, Louise Homen. $25 M-M Charles Kalaher, Henry Kaminski, M-M Roger Lagace, M-M Richard Lei,te, Mrs. Mary McArdle, Mrs. Ellz. MacHary, M-M Armand Moreira, Peter Murphy, M-M George Pacheco, M-M Frank Paoheco, M-M Fred Patrick, M-M ehas. Perry Jr. $25 M-M Frank Perry, Manuel Perry, M-M Michael Perry, Mrs. Adeline Roberson, Mrs. Barbara Ruther­ ford, M-M Robert Schweitzer, Mrs. Mary Silvia, Stephanie Turkalo, M-M Lloyd Beer.

TAUNTON Holy Rosary $30 M-M Matthew Stelmach & Joseph; $25 M-M John C. Holland, Mrs. Anita Macie­ jowski, M-M Elwin Nickerson, M-M Franciszek Tabak, Michael J. Tabak, M-M Paul Zaczkiewicz. Holy Rosary $25 M-M John E, Kearns. Immaculate Conception $1,000 Immaculate Con­ ception Bingo; $30 Patrick McDermott; $25 Mrs. Ralph Handren, May B. Power, William Chaus~ee, Eileen Haggerty, Mrs. Rober,t Briand, Walter Krockta, Doris I. Nunes, M-M Thomas Leonard, Elizabeth Leahy, ' , M&M M. J. Haggerty. Immaculate Conception $100 M-M Henry Wojt­ kunski; $50 M-M Sheldon Ehrenzweig, M-M Edward

Martin, .(\nne Waterman; $30 Mary Dineen, George De Moul:"a, Carl Chace, M-M Dominic Tigano; $25 M-M Charles Colton, Mary O'Dea, William Dineen, Fred Beacinski. M-M Allen Campbell. $25 M-M Stanley O'Bara, M-M Paul Fitzpatrick, Nancy Reed, M-M Manuel Fontes, M-M Roger Perreault, M-M Roland Arquin, M-M Wm. McGowan, M-M Frank Vaz. M-M Raymond Riva.



Desmarais & Desmarais, Inc.

$35 Irish Specialty Shoppe

$33 Residents, Catholic Memorial Home

$25 Furtado's North End Provision Company Jet Gas Corporation, Swansea Mrs. Marilyn O. Ferreira Wm. Stang Assembly Fourth Degree K of C Sarama Lighting Co., Inc.

NEW BEDFORD $2000 The Standard Times

$1000 Shawmut County




$150 Atty. Paul J. McCawley



$50 Linhares Precast Inc., South Yarmouth Riverway Lobster· House, South Yarmouth Mello Cleaners

Attorneys Fred and George M. Thomas

Gamache Trucking Michael F. Fitzgerald


Smith Office Equipment Com­ pany

Fairhaven Lumber Company Mr. & Mrs. Thomas David Knights of Columbus

$75 McKenna Business Machines

$65 A Friend

$60 The Daher Family



Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Roda Mr. & Mrs. Josseph D. Roda & Sons

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TAUNTON $100 Immaculate Conception Con­ ference, North Easton J. Frank Conley Funeral Home, Brockton Gallagher News· Agencies, Inc. d/b/a Taunton News Com· pany, Aleixo Insurance Agency, Inc. Our Lady of Lourdes Confer­ ence Orlando F. De Abreu, At· torney-At-Law Mechanics Co-operative Bank $50 Mulhern's Pharmacy Octagon Service Station, Rayn· ham

_$25 Sacred Hemrt Women's Club Abreau's Oil Service Edward St. Pierre, Inc. J. D. Furniture Company We The Parish Association, Immaculate Conception, North Easton



Our Lady of Lourdes $50 Dr.-Mrs. David Gouveia, Our Lady of Lourdes School Children; $25 M-M Joseph Ferreira, M-M Adelino Paulo, M-M Frederick Reams, M-M Alfred Rogers.

St. Jacques $300 Rev. Andre P. Jusseaume; $50 Robert Bouchar, Colonial Estates Inc.; $40 Wesley Schondek; $35 Charles Geer;$30 Clairina Hamel' $25 Theodore Benjamin ,Clement Clark, Richard H~mel, Thomas Luz, George Miller, Alma Pelletier, Roland Pelletier, Edmond Perry, Roger Renaud, L'Union St. Jean-Baltiste Council No. 53.

Sacred Heart $50 Marguerite Cronan, Sarah Niohols; $35 M-M Hector Quintana, Eileen MacCarthy; $30 Margaret Rose, M-M L. Severino, M-M Robert McClellan; $25 Francis Baudreau, Lawrence Carroll, M-M Joseph Martin, Richard Marth'l, M-M Peter Maynard, M-M Thomas McMorrow, Mrs. Ernest Prairie, M-M Antone Piechota, M-M Lionel Ventura. $25 M-M Gerard Pigeon, Irene M. Vieira, Carol Mills, M-M Joseph Tavares, John J. Nichols, MaryE. Cronan, Helen U. Cronan, M-M Robert D. Ferreira, M-M Robert Vierra, Lorraine Poole, Alice B. Hayes, Mary Knott, M-M Edward Feeney, M-M Edward Callahan, M-M Claude Cornalgia. Sacred Heart $500 Rev. Cornelius J. O'Neill; $50 Mrs. Lydia Moore, M-M James A. Cooke, M-M Thomas Belanger; $30 M-M Arthur Crosby, Mrs. Rosemary Allison; $25 M-M R. W. Johnson, Mrs. Howard Paling, M-M James L. Rusconi, Mrs. Louis V. Cook, M-M Robert Ross, M-M Robert E. McDonald, Mary Mc­ Donald, Mrs. Maria Plummer, Mrs. Lois Hill, M-M Andrew/J. Mulhern. St. Anthony $100 St. Anthony's Charismatic Com­ munity, A friend (2); $60 The Nunes Family; $50 In Thanksgiving, A Friend; $30 M-M John Coelho, A Friend; $25 M-M.Joseph Gula, M-M Joseph Rico, M-M Laurentino Costa, M-M James Sweir, M-M Francisco Aguiar, M-M John Camara, Anna Lee Nystrom, M-M Joseph R. Amaral, Elsie Abreu, Adelaide Marshall. $25 Antone'de Souza, Hilda Veloze, M-M Frank G. Lewis, Virginia R. Rodrigues, Henrietta Carvalho, M-M Thomas' J. Souza, M-M Adelino Torres, Victoria Carew, Peter Nolan, Joseph Sousa, Manuel Costa, Emma Andrade, M-M Manuel King, M-M Ilidio Nunes, M-M Manuel S. Machado, Leonard Rodrigues, M-M Joseph Vaz, M-M Joseph T. Vincent, Hilda Wyatt. $25 M-M Alfred Silva, Frank Rose, Louise & Evelyn Agrella, M-M Jesse M. Linhares, Edward Cabral,

Herculano Costa, M-M Louis Dansereau, M-M John Andrade, Jacquelyn Rogers, M-M John Rego, Edward Garrido, A Friend (2). St. Anthony $100 Atty. Theodore J. Aleixo Jr.;

$25 M-M John Lopes, A friend (2), Anonymous (2).

st. Joseph'$100 M-M Elton Buckley, M-M Edward Kennedy. Joseph A. Medeiros, M-M William Scully, M-M David Dennis; $80 M-M Edward LaPre; $50 Theodore Wojcik Jr., Jeanne Linhares, Pauline Cleary, M-M Donald Rounds, Mrs. Edward Correia; $40 M-M Joseph Santos; $35 M-M Stanley Pawlowski, M-M Ai. Cravenho, Grace McManus, M-M William Moniz; $30 M-M Lawrence Masterson, Ambl'osina Martin, Ray­ mond Scully, M-M Donald Lewis. $25 M-M Joseph Yorkoski, Theresa Siivia, In mem­ ory of Father TOm McMorrow, Mrs. Francis Kelley, Jennie Driscoll, M-M James Goidrick, M-M Robert Martin, Mrs. Theodore Wojcik, Mrs. Roger Hathaway, James Leahy, M-M Charles Pirozzi, M-M John Annun­ ziato, Mrs. James McCarthy, Mrs. Bernard Cleary. $25 M-M Joseph Ricketts, M-M Philip Medeiros. M-M Raymond Taylor, M-M Charles Benjamin, M-M James Medeiros, Paul Blain, M-M Edward Harraghy, M-M Daniel Reilly, M-M Robert Thomas, M-M Rich­ ard Travis. St. Joseph $50 M-M Richard Handren; $25 John Latham St. Paul $75 Joseph Reilly; $50 Olivia Giannini. Charles Paul; $40 Joseph Giannini; $35 Thomas Boiros. Shirley Dickenson; $30 Francis Almeida, George Rose; $25 Vivian & Robert Couto, Jerome Gedrites, Thomas McDonald, Gerald Mitton, Thomas Moxley, Richard

Neville, Robert Stratton, Timothy Gallagher, Peter

Higgins Jr., John Dubena, Thomils J. Heisll"r, Mrs.

Manuel Oliver, Michael Phillippino, Raymond Roger.;.

St. Paul $25 Mrs. Richard Bresnahan, John Don~­

hue, Paul Driscoll Jr., Wesley Grandmont.

NORTH DIGHTON St. Joseph $50 M-M Thomas Kelley; $35 M-M David Schnopp; $25 M-M Donald Emond. M-M William Johnson, Walter Scanlon.

. l.



st, Mary $l,UOO In '!nemory of Msgr. James Dolan; $5/l11 In memory of Re,v. Walter Buckley; $aOO M-M Arthur Bourgault; $250·"Dr. Joseph Nates; $200 Fred George; $125 Richard Bentley; $100 T. Russell, M-M R. Smerdon; $75 Harold Galligan; $60 Janice Russell, John B. Grant. ' $50 Ralph Buckley, J~mes Burns, Mary E. McNamara, M-M ,John R. Moore, Antone Pontes, J. Sheerin, Catherine Winston, Carlton Caron, F. Mulholland" John Mulholland, J. Mulholland, Mary Mulholland, Joseph Quinn; $45 Mrs, Robert Drake, M-M Edward Tonry, Joseph O'Boy; $40 J, E. McGovern. $35 Lena Palazesi, Harry Sullivan; $30 Catherine Brady, William Clifford; $25 Helen Chaisty, Margaret Chaisty, Terrence Dorsey, Mrs. L, Gilbert, Leo Gilchrist. Thomas Granfield, M-M Francis Griffin, Mrs. William Holmes, Marguerite Hoye, John Keating, M-M Edward T. McGaughran, Dorothy McGlynn. $25 Grace McGlynn, Mrs, Susanne McGlynn, M-M William McGlynn, Josephine F. McNamara, Ernest Medeiros, Arthur Murphy, Mrs. Edward O'Keefe, Mrs. Francis J. O'Boy, George Powers, Robert Quigley, Mrs. George Raymond, Joseph S1. Laurent, Dennis J. Sullivan, Mrs. Margaret Vacca, James Vacca, Mrs. James Vernazza, Ronald Wilkins, Armand Yelle. $25 Mary Balanos, Richard Barrington, Ruth Dias, David Fernandes, Edmund Finnegan, M-M Wm. Hansen, Mrs. Helen Lynds, Mrs. Mary G. Mahon, Alice McKenna, Ruth McKenna, Susan McKenna, Robert E. Perry, M-M F. Powers, David & Judith Silvia, M-M John W. Stuhre. . St. Mary $200 Dr.-Mrs. John Fenton; $50 M-M Robert Doherty, Alice McCusker, Anna O'Keefe, M-M ~obert Sullivan, J. Coutl', Cecelia Sheerin, M-M Edward Tokarz; $40 Peter Corr, Margaret Murphy; $30 David Leonard; $25 Katherine McKeon, Winifred McKeon, Mrs. C. R. Auger, Margaret Dorsey. $25 Maria Gosson, James Holmes, Mrs. Lawrence Laughlin & Luanne Laughlin, M-M John S. Lawson, M-M David H. Martin, M-M Henry Murray,' Denis McSweeney, Patricia McSweeney, Mrs. F. Norton, M-M James H. Parwer, Louis Raposa, Mrs. John Sullivan, Alice M. Thigpen. . St. Mary $145 Mrs. Anthony Elias. DIGHTON St. Peter $50 M-M Leo J .. Deslauriers; $25 M-M Francesco Alves, M-M Henry Bennett, M-M William Grover, M-M Clinton Rose. St. Peter $50 D.r.-Mrs. Charles Souza; $25 Michael Rose. NORTH EASTON Immaculate Conception $150 M-M Robert Weller; $100 The Buckley Family, M-M Anthony Cerce, William J. Lahey; $75 Dr.-Mrs. J. F. McCourt; $60 M-M Albert Corte; $50 M-M George Carter Jr., Mary Dalgado, M-M Walter Gallagher, M..M William Griffiths, M-M . Frank E. Jardin, M-M Frances X.' Mahoney, M-M William McAndrews, M-M Leo D. McEvoy, Dr.-Mrs. Richard Regnante. $35 Mrs. August Arns Jr., M-M W.nIiam O'Connell; $30 Marguerite Carter,. Timothy Downs; $25 M-M Lewis Aries, M-M James Doherty, Robert Breen, M-M John Graca ,Jr., M-M John F. Hall, M-M Charles F. King, M-M William Lupica, Mrs. Laurence Lyons, M-M J. McAuliffe, M-M Robert McLaughlin. M-M David Nolan, Arlene M. Noon, M-M P. O'Connell, Mrs. MacKenzie Smith. $50 M-M Edward LaBelle; $35 M-M James R. Fahey. RAYNHAM


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St. 1\-lark $100 M-M J. W. Connelly; $40 M-M William Lott; $25 M-M John Murray Jr., M-M Philias Lallier, Frederick Paine. I $25 M-M Robert Dobson.

st. Anthony $120 Barbara Thompson; $lOU M-!.VI Thomas A. Brown, M-M John R. Martin, M-M John G. Clinch: $60 M-M Lawrence Peters; $50 Mrs. EllCi May Hayes, Carol Gilchrist, M-M Francis Kohout. M-M Daniel L. Pacheco, Mrs. Clara B. Pacheco. ; ATTLEBORO $45 M-M Abel Mello; $40 M-M Bela Kiss, Mrs. Kathleen Heywood, Mrs. William Carson, M-M Guy St. Stephen $100 M-M Roland Gagne; $35 M-M Nickerson; $35 M-M Manuel S. White Jr., Janina Archie W. Hebert; $25 Lucille Levesque. Sikora, M-M George Barboza; $30 M-M Theophilu.~ I Oliveira, Mrs. Beatrice Emerald. SOUTH ATTLEBORO i $25 M-M Joseph Pierce, Debbie Aguiar, Mrs. Lor­ I St. Theresa $300 South Attleboro, K. of C. 5876

raine Santos, M-M Richard E. Geggatt,. M-M Manuel in memory of Msgr. Gerard Chabot; $100 Hazel E. ~ L. Tavares, Mrs. Maria Rebello, M-M Antone Medeiros, . ijoy, M-M Oscar Morel, Anonymous; $80 M-M Norman' M-M John Araujo, John Barrett, M-M Lawrence S. Carrier; li52 M-M Richard Butler; $50 M-M James

Silva, M-M Cecil Costa, M-M Milton R. Soares, John Sweeney; $40 M-M Hepry Auclair; $35 M-M Rodolphc'

B. Pacheco, M-1Y1 William A. Burke, M-M Joseph Bergeron; $30 M-M William O'Brien. Teixeira. ! $25 M-M Richard Enright, M-M William Niquette, $200 Falmouth Columbiette Auxiliary; $100 M-M r.,-M David Paine, M-M Stephen Vincent, Frank Charles Mahoney: $50 M-M Frank DeSanto, M-M Severance, M-M Kenneth Auclair, M:M Robert Belan­ Tony Andrews, M-M William Buckley:; $25 M-M g~r, M-M Hobert Foley, M-M Robert Foss, M-M Edward Frank Simmons, M-M Manuel R. Lopes, M-M Clifford McGoran, Mrs. Rita Metivier, M-M Richard Murray, ,Cruz. M-M Ger:ird Vachon, M-M Walter Drezek, Mrs. Rita F.DGARTOWN Vachon, A.nonymous (3). . MANSFIELD I St. MlLry $200 M-M Vincent Botti; $lOO Dr.-Mrs. Philip Sibilia; $60 M-M Philip Genatossio; $40 Willi F,ehervari; $25 M-M James Musto, Mary G. Ross, Joyce Wong, Thomas Leonard, M-M Raymond Goddard, M-M Robert .Barbarisi, .Jean Mygan, M-M James C'ronin, F:torence Ward, M-M John L. Craven, M-M James Fontes, Judith Precourt. I$50 Rita McQueeney, M-M F. SignorieUo; $25 Vir­ ginia Titu.;;, Mary Ann Ross. ! NORTH ATTLEBORO


• Sacre~ Heart $30 M-M Richarci Deschenes; $25 . M;rs. Madeleine Tattrie, M-M Stanley Podsiadlo. -1




I St. Mal~Y $100 M-M Winston M. Morgan; $50 M-M .


Allen, M-M Felix Yarusites; $40 M-M Cadorna J.ILori; $:10 M-M William C. Curran; $25 M-M James H., Buckley, M-M Oavid P. DeCosta, M-M Francis EI~ard, M-:M John Fernandes, M-M John M. Gomes, Hazel V. Hope, M-M Leo S. Jancyowski, Chris Lori, M-M Richa,rd Marino, Edna Messenger, M-M Michael F.I Power, :M-M William J. Rocchio, Robert P. Smith,

MtM William Vallee.

$50 Anne Marie Nadeau; $40 M-M Thomas J. Cahill

Jr;; $30 Harm Brouwer, M-M David Schriever; $25

M.,.M Walter Ambrose, M-M Thomas Bryant Jr., M-M

La,wrence E:. Larocque, M-M Miohael A. Macedo, M-M

Norman J. Marshall, M-M Philip R. Tracy, M-M Carl

wJ, Siegel, Rosemary Williams.





: Our Lady of Mount Carmel $100 Hendricks Pools,

$50 M-M Stephen Clegg; $35 M-M W. Gordon

Partington; $30 M-M Frank Mooney, M-M Robert

Stelmack, IVI-M Manuel Abilaheira; $25 M-M Rene

Ch'arpentier, Robert F. Kaveny, Mrs. A. Donald

Le}llies, M-M James Risko, M-M John P. Searles,

M-:M Philip Price.




lOur Lady of the Cape $100 M-M Stanley Fowler

John J. O'Connor; $50 John & Joan Abbott; $35 M:-M

Os\>orne Bearse HI, M-M R. T. Shakour; $30 M-M

Douglas E. McIsaac; $25 M-M Raymond Carrier

Depo'rah Moylan, Fred. Mahlstedt, M-M George J:

Mc~usker, J'oseph Cummings, M-M Edward L. Cayton,

M-M Michael Pluto, M-M Francis J. Hogan .





,St. Margaret $50 Albel·t Leonard; $25 Mary E. Crowley, Pauline Dechene, Richard White, Amos Bo~squet, Maurice Savage.



. lOur Lady of V.ictory $150 Mrs. Raymond Wynko~~; $100 M-M .franclS Green, M-M James Timlin' $80 Edward Acton; $75 M-M Joseph Reardon; $60 'M-M Leo: Barksd,91e; $50 M-M Lawrence Colwell M-M Ed\yard Nelson, M-M Paul Shannon; $35 M-M Lo~is DeRosa. 1 . . , $~5 M-M Austin Boyle, M-M Merrill Davis, M.,M Lou,is Galgani, M-M Clarel1l:e Hanson, M-M Thomas Hersey, Mrs. DaVid Holden, Dr.-Mrs. William Johnston, M-tyt William.Kenney, M-M Stephen O'Brien Sr., M-M Charles Paltslos, M-M Edward Perry, Mrs. William Rob'ie, Mrs. Karl Schumacher, M-M George Smith, Mrs, Mary Sullivan, Mrs. Thomas. Vages.



!Holy Redeemer $150 M-M John Ca~a~augh; $100 M-r., Richard Griffin, Francis X .. Bova;. $50 ~-M Michael J. Wilsh,' M-M Richard L. Mitchell' $25 M-M Joh!) Dominic, M-M George L. McConville: Madeline White.. I ' $1 00 John Nichols; $31 A. Patricia Speight.


FALMOUTH St. Patrick $500 Anonymous; $250 M-M Terrence Dineen, Anonynmous; $150 M-M Ernest Foley; $50 Shirley M. Pecue, Anonymous; $30 M-M John Farrell; $25 M-M Thomas Deechan, M-M James Ridley, Ray­ mond J. Williams, M-M Francis J. Shea, M-M Hugh McCartney, M-M Raymond LaLiberte, M-M Victor S. Pozerycki, M-M Edwin Zylinski, Anonymous (3). HYANNIS


, St, Mary $250 Nelson Gulskl; $150 M-M Stephen Linfield; $100 St. Mary's Guild, Mrs. Elmer Ralston, Dr.-Mrs. Domenic Basile; $75 M-M Francis Murphy; $30 M-M Robert Goyette; $25 M-M .Thomas Clark, M!..M Arthur Gaboury, M-M William White.


Et. Elizabeth $150 Chadwick House; $100 St. Vin­ cent de Paul Society; $50 Mrs. Margaret O'Neill; $25 M-M Antone Bettencourt Jr., Mrs. Walter Smith Jr., M-M Arnold Kheary, M-M Stephen Rose, M-M Joseph Mello, M-M David Gazaille, Marion Higgins, M-1\1 Ronald Muckle, M-M Edwin Gentle Jr., Mrs. Ernest Campos, Martha's Restaurant Inc.

St.•'rancis Xavier' $100 Dunfey's Hyannis Resort, Bernard Pender; $60 M-M Robert Guertin; $50 Robert O'Rourke, M-M Vincent Simeone; $35 M-M James McGrail; $30 Madeline Hughes, Dennis & Joe Ann Ki~ly; $25 Mrs. Frances Hayes, M-M Theodore Holmes, Margaret Cunningham, M-M Richard McNulty, M-M David Bisbee. , $800 In memory of the Grant Family; $300 Rev. Joseph M. Caplice, O.M.I:, Josephine P. Zambon; $100 Robert Chadwick; $35 William Casey; $30 John Conley. OAK BLUFFS Sacred Heart $150 M-M Henry Corey. ORLEANS St. Joan of Arc $50 Mrs. Eugene .Spellman; $40 M-M John B. Brennan; $25 Mrs. Ronald Corrigan. Mrs. Rita Dohn, Carl E. Johnson, M-M Anthony ~ulig, M-M John F. Sheridan. OSTERVILLE Our Lady of the Assumption $150 ABonymous; $100 M-M Edward Grant, Marilyn McCarthy, M-M Dan Lancellotti, Anonymous; $50 M-M John Donovan Jr., M-M John Harvey, Anonymous; $25 M-M Andrew Carmichael, M-M Seth Zarum, M-M Brendan Toolin. Anonymous (4). PROVINCETOWN St. Peter the Apostle $200 A Friend; $100 Blessing of the Fleet, A Friend; $50 James - E. Burke, M-M Robert Studley; $~5 Mrs. Ralph Carpenter, M-M Bernard Cowing, M-M Warren Costa, M-M Edward 'Dalpe, Mary Hackett, Mrs. Daniel Heibert, Dorothy Linskey, M-M Leo Morirs, Margaret Roberts, Fred & Theresa Salvador, M-M Francis Silva, Joan Snow, M-M Emmanuel Souza, A Friend. SANDWICH Corpus Christi $150 M-M Fred O. Earle Jr:; $100 Mary B. Kinney, Dr.-Mrs. Robert F. Mealy; $50 M-M Robert Crowley, Mrs. James Mahoney, M-M J. David Crawford, Lawrence Balboni; $40 Mrs. Philip Bangs: $25 Frances Jameson. SOUTH YARMOUTH St. Pius X $50 Mrs. Thomas Grew, M-M Norman J. Reilly; $25 Mrs. Mary R. Corcoran, M-M William J. Cunnin~ham, M-M Hugh Kilmartin, Arigo & Mary B. LaTanzl, In memory of John L. Manwaring Helen O'Connell, John & Honore Osterman. ' $50 M-M Roland Boucher; $25 Mr~. Barbara Fitz­ patrick, M-M Vincent Fowler, Mrs. Ernest W. Geddes, M-M Paul Long, H. C. O'Neil, M-M Frederick Wyckoff. $25 M-M Joseph Norton. WELLFLEET Our Lady of Lourdes $50 Helen i Beck, J. & P. Tetrault; $35 Mary E. Gray; $25 M-M John Monahan. M-M Richard Stocker, M-M Norman Rose. WEST HARWICH Holy Trinity $1,000 M-M Richard Kline; $J()n M-M Paul McKenna, Mrs. Donald Miller, M-M Bernard Welky; $75 Francis Recks; $50 Mrs. Walter Trainer: $25 Mary Kennedy, M-MLawrence Henningsen, M-M David Conlin, Mrs. Henry Hanelt, Mrs. Frank S. Welch, Alice Whalen.


pur Lad), of the Isle $60 Donald Terry: $50 M-M Myl~s Reis Sr.; $25 Richard Coffin, Inez Eustache. M-!\1 Donald Holdgatc Sr. \


}'ALL RIVER St. Louis S:ifi M-M Thomas Carreiro; $:m M-M ,John W. Maher.



St. Mary's Cathedral $100 M-M James Coyne, A Friend; $liO Claire O'Toole, M-M John R. McGinn; $50 Mary Foley & Angela Foley, M-M August Mello; $40 A Friend; $30 In memory of Russell Schneider, Mrs. Stephen O'Toole; $25 William M. Cleaves, M-M Edward C. Rapoza, M-M Frank Dl'Paola, M-M Charles Adams, Eva Levesque. . St. Mary's Cathedral $100 M-M Charles Magriby, Louise Carpenter; $50 Dr.-Mrs. Richard J. Grace, A Friend; $25 A Friend.

Our Lady of the Holy Rosary $IOU M-M I!:milio Dispirito, From Devoted Parishioners, In memory of .John J. McGuire Sr. & Concetta Margaletta; $75 Dr.-Mrs. John A. Gagliardi; $5U Mrs. Acquilino Dispirito, Mrs. Edward C. Gi'bbons, M-M Joseph Graci, Peter Lanzisera, Mrs. Frank Mazzoni, M-M Kiah O'Brien III, Katherine Patr.i~e.lli" Family. $42 M-M Lawrence Talbot; $40 M".M Edward Iwanski; $30 Lydia Sotomayor, Mrs. Owen Lllde; $25 Kathleen Barr & Noreen Shea, M-M Frank Bertoncini, M-M A. Bert Caron, M-M Frank Cronin, M-M.Angelo Cuzzone, M-M Albert D'Ambrosio. M-M Edward Fitzgibbons. $25 M-M John Iodice, Urginia B. Lima, M-M Roland Marcoux, M-M Albert Ragonesi, M-M Joseph Ribeiro. Mrs. Lena Ricci, Ana J. Rivera, M-M Lawrence Romeo, M-M Vincent Schiere, Mrs. Dennis Toomey, M-M Ern­ est T. D·Ambrosio. Our Lady of the Holy Rosary $500 In Gratitude to Almighty God; $100 Devoted Parishioners; $30 M-M Edward J. Oliveira; $25 Angelo Ferraro. $75 McKenna Business Machines; $35 In memory of Rita & Robert Ponte.

Blessed Sacrament $30 M-M Henry Daigle; $25 M-M Roland Lavoil', Dr.-Mrs. George Rorigues, A Pa rishioner. Blessed Sacrament $25 M-M Denarti DeSousa, M-M Daniel Paquette, A Parishioner. Holy Cross $100 Valerie Winiarski; $25 Holy Cross Church Arts & Crafts, .. M-M Joseph Barek, M-M Edmund Boronski, M-M Arthur Caron, Charlotte Swanton. Holy Cross $25 M-M Stanley Mazlarski, M-M Stanley Pietruszka. Holy Name $1,000 Dr.-Mrs. Andre Nasller; $200 Dr.-Mrs. Harry T. Powers, Atty.-Mrs. Frederic Torphy; $125 Peerless Laundry. Inc.. M-M Walter Nev~s; $100 Mrs. John B. Cummings, M-M John F. Mitchell, M-M William Hargraves, M-M Thomas F. Burke & Thomas Burke Jr., Atty.-Mrs. William F. Long Jr., Mrs. Raymond Gallagher, M-M William C. Furze, M-M Nloholas Mitchell. $75 M-M Fred Zebrasky, M-M Frank A. Connolly Jr., $60 Kathryn & Margaret M. Whalen; $52 M-M Norman J. Roy; $50 M-M George Flanagan, M-M Edward C. Berube, M-M Joseph Callahan, M-M P. Henry Desmond, Joyce Hic~s, Rita Conroy, Mrs. Eleanore Howard, M-M Thomas M. Morrell; $40 M-M James J. Quinn, M-M Joseph Pinsonneault; $36 M-M Arthur Gladu. $35 M-M Robert Rebello, M-M Angelo Stavros. M-M Gaston Plant, M-M Louis Shea, M-M Raymond Mc­ Mullen, Grace Taylor; $30 M-M Antone Fernandes, The McArdle Family, Daniel T. Foley, Marlon Foley, M-M James Murray, M-M Patrick Leonard. $25 M-M Kevin A. Fitzpatrick, M-M Walter T. Nizalowski, M-M Frederick D'Adamo, M-M Edward J. Dolan Jr., M-M Henry Ferland, Mrs. Edward Murphy, Mrs. Francis Regan, M-M Elwood Rounds, Mrs. T. H. McMahon, Mrs. Everett G. Crowley, M-M Thomas Norton ,Jr., Marion C. Hargraves, M-M Ar­ mand Nadeau, M-M John Tavares. $25 M-M Robert J. Accettullo, M-M Edward Grace, M-M Anthony Lacava, M-M John Grant, M-M Law­ rence Sousa, M-M John Kirkman, M-M Paul Lyons, John Reder, Mary Louise Walsh, M-M William Chip­ pendale, M-M Albert E. Davis, Mrs. Thomas Charette Jr., M-M John Walsh Sr., Mrs. James Eastwood, M-M James Hoyle, M-M Edward Witkowicz, M-M William Harrington, M-M Robert Parent, Joseph Doran, M-M Robert Moniz, M-M Albert J. Roy 2nd, A Friend. Holy Name $500 Atty. Kenneth L. Sullivan; $150 Atty.-Mrs. William F. Patten; $100 M-M John F. Kemp, Dr.-Mrs. Omer E. Boivin; $75 The Dwyer Family, M-M Romeo McCallum; $50 M-M Fred Czerwonka, M-M Joseph Vieira, M-M Tadeusz Bielawski, M-M Harold J. Dusoe, M-M William Renaud; $35 M-M Herve Lagasse, M-M 1. Paul Lanzisera, Margaret McCallum, Gertrude L. Mercier. $25 Attys. Steven P. & Bernadette L. Sabra, Mrs. Dennis Sullivan, Dr.-Mrs. Joseph Rockett Jr., Dorothy Fitzgerald, M-M Lawrence Kniveton, Mrs. Annette L. Harrington, M-M John Rego, Mrs. James Morrissette, M-M Richard Masse, In memory of George R. Cha­ dlnha, M-M John White, M-M Armel Audet. M-M Abram G. Caswell, M-M Richard Duddy, M-M Maurice, Ouellette, M-M Arnold Martin, M-M George Soares. Holy Name $200 Dr. Daniel T. Harrin~ton; $100 M-M Daniel Viveiros; $60 M-M Henry J. Pleiss Jr.; $50 M-M Albert E. Mobouck; $35 M-M William O'Brien, Mrs. Diane Pacheco; $30 Kathryn M. Drogue, M-M John Azavedo. $25 M-M George Lavoie, Margaret J. Turner, .J. Robert Turner, M-M William Henry, Mrs. John F. McMahon, M-M Manuel Aguiar, M-M Victor Ferrarini, M-M William Keating Jr., M-M Nadilio Almeida, Mrs. Donald .J. Hackett, M-M William F. Lyons Jr., M-M Edmund Geary, In memory of Edward T. Teixeira. $200 M-M Daniel E. Bogan; $35 M-M Wilfred Dris­ coll; $25 M-M Dennis Griffin. Notre Dame de Lourdes $100 M-M Alfred W. Dupras; $65 Dr.-Mrs. Adelaid A. Demers Jr.; $50 M-M Gerard Duquette; $25 M-M Robert Landry. Our Lady or the Angels $75 Gardelli Family; $35 Joseph Costa; $30 Sylvester Da Silva; $25 Manuel Velho. Jesse Barrelra, Joseph Cambra, William Rackowski. Our Lady or Health $50 Memory of the Deceased Members of the Council of Catholic Women; $30 Mrs. Mary R. Gonsalves in memory of Joseph Gonsalves; $25 M-M Manuel Carreiro, James Freitas in memory of Manuel & Rose Freitas, M-M Antone Pacheco. St. Patrick $50 M-M Julius E. Edgell; $25 In memory of Elizabet.h H. Kennedy: M-M J. Mlsh, M-M E. Fltzg~rald.

Immaculate Conception $200 Immaculate Concep­ tion St. Vincent de Paul; $50 Immaculate Conception. Woman's Guild, Immaculate Conception Men's Club; $40 Gilbert Cyr; $30 M-M Leonel Paiva; $25 Gino DiNucci, Roger Messier, In memory of John & Mary Murrer, M-M William Letendre. $125 In memory of M-M Thomas W. Newbury Sr. lind Robert E. Newbury. Immaculate Conception $25 Edward P. Ferreira.

St. l\'1athieu $50 Marie AuclaL.. ; $3U Mrs. Haymond

Whalon; $25 Mrs. Harold McNer:tey, Mrs. Philip


St. Mathieu $35 Mrs. Eugene J. Dionne; $25 III

memory of Antoinette BOl/lanser, Mrs. Pauline Jarabek

& Family.

$25 M-M Normand Chouinard. SS. Peter &, Paul $30 M-M John W. Murphy J.'.;

$25 M-M Edward Quirk.

St. Stanislaus $200 51. Stanislaus 19B3 Confirma­

tion Class; $120 A Friend; $100 Mary F. Joy: $50

Alyssa M. Lyons, M-M Ward Barlow.

Santo Christo $100 In memory of The Medeiros

and Furtado Family; $50 M-M Antonio Sousa Cavaco;

$30 M-M Jose Barbosa & Son, M-M Francisco Carvalho

-& Family; $25 M-M Antonio Arruda, M-M Aurelio

Botelho, Mrs. Teresa Oliveira & F'amily, The Struba

Family, A Friend. .

ASSONET St. Bernard $25 St. Vincent de Paul Society, M-M

James Dooley.

CENTRAL VILLAGE St. John the Baptist $100 C.E.H.; $50 St. John the

Baptist Ladies Guild; $25 William A. Healy, M-M

Robert Vieira.


Sa.cred Heart $35U Rev. Barry W. Wall, Margaret Morris: $25U James L. Connor: $100 Sacred Heart Women's Guild, M-M John J. Harrington, Margaret. F. Tolan; $60 M-M Robert Nedderman; $50 George Driscoll,· Mrs. Manuel S. Crovello, M-M T. Arthur McCann, Edmund Mitchell, M-M John Shay, In memory of James & Lila White, In memory of Herman J. Springer: . . $30 Thomas J. Dolan, M-M George Trainor; $25 Mrs. Arthur Beland, Mrs. Charles F. Bliffins, Jeanne Brown, Leonard E. Burgmyer, Robert Carey, Thomas F. Connors, Mrs. Edward M. Dillon, The Grace Family, Thomas Kitchen, Letitia A. Lynch, Bernard J. Mc­ Donald, Mrs. John F. McGraw, Charles H. Mitchell, Harold O'Hearn. Paul Pelton, Mrs. John M. Regan, John H. Springer, Gilbert Stone. Mrs. Dorothy B. Wright. Sacred Heart $100 James & Florence Kennedy; $60 In memory of Horace N. Hall & Family and Omer Paquin & Family; $50 Catherine O'Hare, John O'Neill, John J. Patota, Dr. Edward J. Steinhof; $35 James F. Darcy; $3U Marguerite A. Ciullo, In memory of James W. Hennessy Jr.; $25 Joseph R. Dufault. William Fitzler, Jeanne Gagne, Margaret G. McCarthy.

Our Lady of Grace $400 Rev. Roland Bousquet;

$125 M-M John Sparks; $100 Our Lady of Grace St.

Vincent de Paul Society, M-M Joseph Pavao, M-M

John J. Marnik; $75 M-M MichElel J. Martin; $60

M-M Raymond Cambra; $50 Dr.-Mrs. B. Cronon, M-M

Joseph A. Cambell.

$35 M-M Gerald Emond; $30 M-M Frank Montesonti;

$25 M-M Manuel Vale,' M-M Jose Medeiros, M-M

Joseph L. Cabral, M-M Manuel R. Faria, M-M George

. Carpenter, Mrs. Virginia King, M-M Edward Novak. M-M William Maynard. WESTPORT St. George $100 Rev. Edward J. Byington, M-M

John Couto; $25 M-M John Azevedo, M-M John Caron,

Alice Harrison, M-M Aurele Ledoux, M-M Stanley

Moore, Joel Sunderland, Howard Tripp.

St. George $150 Rev. Maurice R. Jeffrey; $100

M-M Robert B. Davis; $25 Benjamin Barandas; M-M

David Estrella, Raymond Lamontsgne.

$25 M-M .Jean-Paul Desrosiers.

$100 M-M GiI~ert Nogueira.


st, Anne $200 M-M Edgal' Ross; $100 Imelda & Alice Gauthier; $50 M-M Andre Plante, M-M Normand Boule, Loretta Fillion, Paul Hamel; $45 Alice & Anna Lalanne; $35 M-M Honore Gauthier; $30 Tohomas A. Crump. M-M Ernest Dupre; $25 M-M J. Calixte Gauthier, M-M Joseph E. Toole, M-M Roger Richards. $25 Lauretta Gauthier, Germaine Gauthier, M-M Honore H. Goddu, M-M Robert Raymond. Irene Thedoux, M-M Joseph St. George, M-M Alfred Bedard, M-M Loridas Jolivet, M-M Lucien Dion, M-M Louis' Beaulieu. St. Anne $100 Lauretta Tetrault; $50 Normand Gagnon; $40 Jean-Henri Turgeon; $25 M-M Robert Charest, M-M James Martin. $400 Rev. John R. FoIster; $100 St. Vincent de Paul Society; $25 M-M .Gilbert Lafleur. St. Jean Baptiste $250 M-M Donald Vezina; $100 St. Vincent de Paul Store, Ladies' Guild; $50 M-M Charles Grinnell; $35 Friend of the Catholic Charities; $25 M-M Manuel Correa, Juliette Casavant. M-M Arthur Gauthier, M-M Ronald Cote, Armand Cote, M-M Daryl Gonyon, M-M Lucien Laroche, M-M Donat Lapointe. St. Joseph $100 M-M John R. Correiro; $50 M-M John L. Mercer, M-M James H. Rebello, Bernard Tomlinson, Mrs. Bernard Tomlinson; $40 Joseph M. Cayton, M-M William Worsley; $35 M-M Dale F. Tommer Sr.; $30 Paul Boulay, M-M Walter Nichipor. $25 M-M Leonard Alves, Mrs. Henry Bernardo, M-M Jean Berube, M-M James Boulay, M-M Carlton Gagnon, M-M Arthur E. Buckley, M-M Vincent Codega, Raymond Gink, Leo Griffin, Mrs. Edward Kelly, Helen McAvoy, M-M James S. Moniz. M-M Leonard PatrIcio. St. Joseph $50 M-M.Russell Pichette, Mrs. Patricia Lown; $25 M-M Ernest Howarth, M-M Bruce Kullan­ del'. James Lenaghan, M-M William Lomax, M-M Forest F. Mills, William Perkins.

$40 M-M John Mulrooney; $30 Arthur Hannafin.

st. Michael $50 M-M Manuel Ferreira; $40 A Parishioner; $30 M-M Raul O. Medeiros, A Friend; $25 M-M Belisario A. Almeida, In memory of Edward Costa, M-M Anthony Cordeiro, In memory of Guil­ hermina Viveiros, T.he Misses Dorothy & Edith Machado, In memory of James Viveiros, A Friend, A Parishioner (2). St, Michael $500 A .Friend; $120 Anonymous; $50 Atty.-Mrs. Manuel M. Rezendes; $35 John & Evelyn Castanho; $30 The Weems Family: $25 M-M Francisco Mal/risso. Anonymous.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel $750 Rev. Msgr. Luiz G.

Mendonca; $200 In memory of M-M Guilherme M.

Luiz; $150 Friend; $125 Rev. Stephen J. Avila; $100

Mt. Carmel Women's Club, Manuel A. Gomes, Friend

(2); $50 M-M I1deberto J. P. Sousa, Aileen F. Cabral,

M-M Arthur Caetano, M-M Albino da Silva, Anna

Maciel, Mrs. Mary J. Freitas, M-M Joseph Gouveia Jr.,

M-M Ronald S. Medeiros, M-M Antonio A. Santos.

Friend (5).

$40 M-M Joseph Alves, M-M Octavio M. Gonsalves,

M-M Jose do Rego, M-M Jose Souza, M-M Manuel T.

Costa Jr.; $35 Carolina Goulart, M-M Anibal Pacheco,

Joseph Amaral, M-M Louis Vasconcellos, M-M Helder

,J. Nascimento; $30M-M Edward Sylvia, M-M Manuel

Correia, M-M Jose de Jesus, M-M Manuel C. Rego,

M-M Carlos B. Lima, M-M Jose dos Reis Vasconcellos,

M-M Luiz Reis, Mrs. Maria E .Pacheco, M-M Manuel

Matos, M-M Edmund J. Sylvia, M-M Fernando Oliveira,

M-M David Tavares, Friend (8).

$25 M-M Paul J. Mecedo, Connie de Jesus, M-M

Manuel Soares de Melo, Isabel Goulart, M-M John P.

Simas, Michael T. Rebello, M-M Fernando M. Correia,

Hortense Ribeiro, M-M Delfin Sousa, Mrs. Evelyn

Raposa, M-M Gil C. Amaral, Mrs. Maria da Silva

Lemos, Mary Resendes.

$25 M-M Manuel da S. Cabral, Natalina d.s. Ventura,

M-M Andre Ferreira, M-M James Macahdo, Mrs.

Matilda Britto, M-M John V. Resendes, M-M Mario

Sousa, Claire Sousa, Mrs. Grace Robbins. M-M Manuel

G. Souza Jr., Mrs. Mary M. Rocha, Maria S. Ventura,

Mrs. Mary Aguiar, M-M Antonio B. Sousa, M-M

Charles Santos, M-M Gabriel da Rosa, Friend (10).

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel $500 M-M Vincent

Fernandes: $300 Mt. Carmel Conference-St. Vincent

de Paul; $200 Confirmation Class; $120 Our Lady of

M1. Carmel Prayer Group; $100 M-M Virginio Macedo,

M-M Duarte M. Raposo, M-M Hemiterio Sousa; $75

Rev. Antonio F. Pinto; $50 M-M Mario P. Santos,

M-M Ernesto Dinis. M-M Gabriel Moura, M-M Joao


$40 M-M Louis Roderick; $30 M-M Joseph P. Veira.

Mariano Pimentel, M-M Angelo Rego, Friend (2):

$25 M-M Antonio Monteiro, M-M John Costa, M-M

Thomas Horta, M-M Francisco Vieira, Friend (2).

$50 Lawrence de Cunha, Mrs. Almerinda Venturil,

Holy Spirit Society of Mt. Carmel; $30 M-M Joseph

V. Nunes, M-M Alsuino B. Cordeiro; $25 M-M JOSl! S. Costa. M-M Dinis L. Matos, M-M Edmund Salvador.

St. Anthony of Padua. $100 St. Anthony Bingo; $50 Knights of Columbus Bishop Stang Council 4532: $26 Eva Benoit: $25 Florian Verrier, Henry Dube. Zoella Dufour, Ernestine Duval & Fami Iy. LnwrC'IlC'l! Gnlln,::hcr. Exilda Lizotte. A {riC'II<!.


St:\\, UEDF'ORD '.

St. Lawrence $200 Judge & Mrs. Edwin Livingstone Jr.; $100 Dr.-Mrs. J'ames Bolton, Dr.-Mrs. William Walsh, M-M Joseph'. Harrington; $75 Ruth B. McFadden; $60, .Joseph V. Smith; $50 Margaret Austin, Almyra & Drothea Brennan, M-M John Fletcher, Mrs., Frances Koch, Hope McFadden, Dr.-Mrs. William Muldoon. ­ $40 M-M William Souza Jr., M-M Edmund Harring­ ton; 535 M-M Edward' F. Carney; $33 Mrs. Florence Brower; $30 M-M Alfred Beaure~ard, M-M Malcolm J. Delaney, M-M Willis Goodwin, Veronica O'Brien; M-M Henry Parkin; $25 M-M Albert Broadland, M-M Anthony Ferreira, M-M William T. Hart. $25 Mrs. John D. Kenney, M-M George B. Lavoie. M-M Frederick Santos, Mrs. Aslak Tobiassen, M-M Leonard Baillargeon, M-M Howard Currin, Katherine Foye, Mrs. Helen Green, M-M William Kasper, Mrs. Bernard Murphy, Rosemary Porter, Mrs. August Santos. $100 Mrs. Thomas Mahoney, Dr.-Mrs. Robert W. Small, St. Vincent de Paul Society-St. Lawrence Conference; $50 M-M Robert A. Makin, Madeline Riley; $45 ClaytonB. Russell; $35 James F. McGlynn; $3U M-M George Swansey; $25 M-M Martin A. Conceicao, M-M Edward Mello.


Boniface $25 M-M John Shaw.

St, Casimir $100 Atty. Ferdinand Sowa; $25 M-M John Gonet. St. Francis of Assisi $25 M-M Leo A. Bergeron, M-M John B. Figuerido. Sacred Heart $50 M-M Normand A. Seguin: $40 In memory of LeComte & Denault Families 'by M-M Roger Denault; $25 Norman Landreville, M-M Roland Pion, M-M Raymond Ratnville, M-M Henry St. Pierre, M-M Arthur Trahan. Sacred Heart $25 M-M Arthur H. Desohe'nes.

, !

Imma(:ulate Conception $500 Immaculate CUIlCep­ tihn Conference of St. Vincent de Paul; $3UU Charis­ m,atic COIJ'imunity of the Immaculate Conception Church; $IUU A Friend; $50 Holy Ghost Society, Ber­ nadette Costa, Maria L. Pimentel, Holy Rosary Sodal­ ity; $40 Raul Vultao, MiguEH Pimentel. $:iO Ernes't M. Pereira, Mary M. Pereira, M-M Ezequiel Oliveira, M-M Jose P. Noia; $25 M-M Francisco Roque, George Ott, M-M Joaquim· Santos, Maria G. Tavares, Holy NamE: Society, Gabriel M. Tavares, M-M Adelino Lavado, Jose A. Pires, M-M Arthur Correia, A Friend, : Immaculate Conception $400 Rev. Jose A. F. dos S'lntos; $300 1983 'Confirmation Class; $50 Dr.-Mrs. Manuel G. Camacho, M-M Manuel J. Bettencourt; $40 MLM Jose Medeiros; ,$30 M-M Alfred Camara; $25 Mf-M Manl;lel P. Rodigues, M-M Vietor, Rodrigues. $25 Bettencourt Pharmacy.

i lOur Lady of Fatima. $300 Rev. Arthur C. Levesque; $250 A Friend; $100 M-M Thomas L. Wilcock, M-M 'John Rita, A Friend; $50 M-M David Pelletier, Arthur Le:aver, St. Ann's Sodality, Anonymous, A 'Friend (3); $35 M-M William Collins, Anonymous, A Friend; $25 MJM Steven Charron, M-M Robert Danielsen; M-M Jo~eph R. A. Forgue, In memory of Ted Fredette. $25 M-M Ednard Geneste. Dr.-Mrs. Fernand Hamel, M"M Peter Lope, M-M Anibal Medeiros, M-M William Pendergast, Deborah Perry, Mrs. Agnes & Carolyn Pimental; M-M Gilbert Rebello, M-M Antonio Rijo, M-,M David Severs, ,M-M William Tatro, M-M Donald Thompson, Anonymous (3). A Friend (9). ! Our Lady of Fatima $75 A Friend; $50 SI. Ann's Sodality, A Friend (2); $30 M-M Edgar Langis, A Fri'end; $25 Mrs. Lillian Arruda, M-M William Corrado, Mrr;. Lena.& Pauline Forand, M-M Donald Messier, M-M Robert Munroe, M-M Conrad Pelletier, M-M Donald Sondle, M-M Paul Tetreault, Doris Thibault, , A Friend (Ii).



I ~ur Lady of Perpetual Help

St. James $300 Norman Murphy; $25 Kevin M. Harris, Donald Hoaglund, Mrs. William Wood; Henry Frenette, Dr.-Mrs. Leonard J. Roche, Clifton M. Southworth.

St. Mary $100 Association of the Sacred Hearts. Sacred Hearts Fathers-Fairhaven; $25 M-M SilvilHl A. Rezendes, M-M Lyles Bourgault.

Sacred Hearts $50 St. Vincent de P<lul Society, S<lcred Hearts' Conference. ;\IATTAPOISETT St. Anthony $50 M-M Thomas J<lckivicz, M-M John Gannon, M-M Real Breton, Charles' Ruel; $3U Dr.-Mrs. William Muldoon; $25 Mary Flood, M-M Philip Silveira, M-M David Todd, M-M Bernarri Talty, M-M Adrien Thibault, M-M A. W. Counsell. • SOUTH DARTMOUTH St. Mary $100 M-M Edward Barros; $50 In mem­ ory of M-M Thomas Baldwin, M-M Harry C. Hunt, Dugdale's Towne House, Inc., Dr.-Mrs. Thomas Flynn, M-M Paul Gelineau Sr.; $35 Judge & Mrs. August C. Taveira; Francis O. Travers; $30 M-M Stephen Borowica; $25 M-M Manuel Dupont, M-M George O. Galipeau, M-M Antone Macedo, David S. Macedo, Mrs. Mary Silvia, Mrs. Philip Tracey, M-M Walter F. Martin. $25 Mrs. James Kavanaugh.




~t. Joseph $25 M-M Gordon Barber, M-M ma,:!d Perry,


St. Anne $40 M-M Henri Constant; $25 M-M Ernest Deschaine, M-M John Walsh; M-M Manuel Almeida, M-M Edmont Clermont, A friend (5). \ St. Anne $25 In memory of Philip & Phyllis Carignan. '

$50 Eugene Niko­

St. Joseph $25U 51. Joscph's Confirmation CI<ls,;. SL Joseph's BinglJ Committee; $200 Rev. William McClenahan; $15U St. Vincent de Paul Conference; $60 M-M Donald Sullivan; $50 M-M Arthur Govoni. Mrs. Helen Sullivan, Mrs. R. Stevenson; $35 M-M Walter Silveira Jr.; $30 Mrs. Lester Edwards. $25 M-M Joseph O'Neil, W<llter Silveira, M-M Don Fletcher, M-M Stephen Pierce, M-M Albert Reichers, lVI-M Joseph De Mello, M-M John Lima Jr., M-M Frank Jarvis, M-M Manuel Ventura, M-M Joseph M. Lemos, M-M Joseph Camacho, l\1-M Albert Demers, M-M Robert Sylvia, Ms. Jean Cyr, Martha Bisaillon. M-M Charles Barnett. Sconticut Neck Pharmacy. Inc.



-----.­ ~St. John the Baptist $100' SI. Vincent de Paul Society, 198;1 Confirmation Class, Portuguese Prayer Gropp; $50 :M-M Antone Almeida, In memory of Joseph Estrrella, Ken Correia, M-M Joseph Motta, A Friend; $25 ,M-M Norman Sunderland, M-M .John Gonsalves, M-¥ Jose Martins, M·M Edmund Perry, A Friend (2). , 1St. J~hll the' Baptist $30 M-M .Joseph R. Garcia; $26 A Friend; $25 M-M Walter Amaral, Mrs. Maria Am~ral. A Friend (2),

i ACUSHNET St. Mary $250 Arnold Weaver; $100 M-M Ronald 'St. Frands Xavier $50 Acushnet Men's Catholic Walsh; $50 Marilyn Collins,; Alice.& Hazel Davis;, M-M Assqciation, A Friend; $30 M-M Wm. Veary; $25 M-M Gaston, DeBrose; $30 M-M Francis Kwiatkowski, M-M Raymond Rondeau. Francis D. Sullivan; $25 M-M John Bissonnette, M-M Phillip Chasse, M-M Leonard Cotter, Mrs. William MARION I Donlan, Henry Fortie'r. $25 M-M Paul Gelinas, M-M Joseph Gendreau, M-1\1 • St. Rita $50 Catherine Roche; $30 M-M John Gabriel Holmes Jr., M-M Michael J. Knowles, Evelyn Lownev. I • Loranger, Miss Germaine Hair & Wig Stylist, M-M NORTH DARTMOUTH Robert Mogilnicki, M-M William Ochab, M-M Albel:t I Pepin, M-M William Whelan Jr. St. Julie $50 M-M Anibal Medeiros; $25 Carol , St. Mary $100 St. Mary's Women's Guild; $40 M:'M Leduc, M-M Rene L. Bouchard, Dr.-Mrs. Albert S. John Higham; $30 M-M Frank Condez, M-M John Luiz; Atty.-Mrs, Thomas F. Burke. Hernon, M-M Normand Savoie; $25 M-M Joseph Boldiga III, Diane Charbonneau, Yvette Clerc, M-M Anthony Denault, Agnes Griffiths, M-M Roger Masson, Mary Murphy, M-M Robert Petitjean, M-M Michael Rapoza, M-M Donald Swain, M-M Dennis Wilkinson, M-M Joseph Winsper.


St. Theresa $100 Rev. Raymond Robida, M-M Lawrence A. St. Onge.

st. Patrick $500 St. Patrick Conference, Society of St. Vincent de Paul; $150 M-M Leonard Savignano; $100 M-M George Barrett, M-M Albert Tocci, M-M Walter Muchowski; $50 Mary' A. Fitzgerald, M-M Colin Gordon, M-M Robert KlockeI', St. Patrick's Circle, M-M Robert Sylvester, Desmond Murphy. $40 M-M Agneus Veiga, Mrs. William Nolan; $:i5 M-M Glen E. Leonard; $30 Mrs. Medio Pederzani, Mrs. Herman E. Prada; $25 Tony Bacchieri, Mrs. Theodore Baptiste, M-M Edward R. Bouley, M-M Joseph Car­ doza, M-M James A. Clougherty, M-M James Doyle, M-M Edward F. Gaspa, M-M John Grenda. $25 M-M William Jones, M-M Richard Kiernan, M-M. Dennis Mattos, M-M Francis McWilliams Jr., M-M Melvin Prada, Mrs. William Rogers Jr., :\\'1-M Chester A. Smith Jr., M-M Joseph S. Stec, M-M Robert Tassinari, M-M Robert J. Vicino, Joan L. Woodward. SOMERSET St. John of God $400 Rev. Daniel L. Freitas; $300 SI. Vincent de Paul Conference; $150 Holy Name So­ ciety, Holy Rosary Sodality; $50 Joseph Coray; $35 In memory of Arthur Leite, Manuel C. Motta; $25 Edward Saraiva.

St. Patrick $50 Peter Bartek, .James $25 Douglas Chapman.


St. Thomas More $100 Atty. Charles J. Hague: $50 Karolina Trimborn; $35 M-M Ben E. Paskavitch; $30 M-M Alfred Gadbois & Daughter Elaine; $25 M-M Frank J. Boyko Jr., Mrs. Francis J. Gardella, M-M Elbert Mavel, Major Mary L. Murphy, Ret., M-M Albert Remy, M-M Douglas T. Sorem. SWANSEA

Holy Name $100 M-M Eric Erickson; $30 Mrs. Thomas Poulos; $25 Albert Hill, Julia Viera, Joseph Rita, Ann Texton, Mrs. Eugene Sladewski, Mrs, Charles Bramwell, M-M John Dias Jr. I Holy Name $75 Helen McIntyrc; $60 In memory IIf Maria DoRosario Medeiros; $50 David Silva; $40 M-M Ch<lrlcs A. Gunning; $35 M-M William T. Murphy, Edith McIntyre; $30 Dorine Guiney, Mrs. Francis Sullivan, M-M Robert Doyle; $25 M-M Albert E. Frates Sr., Mrs. Mary Downey, Helen Quinlan, M-M John Agrelo, Mrs. Joseph J. Mikina, Kathleen 'Finnerty, M-M Lester Chase, .Joseph Mullarkcy, Eileen Marshall. Holy Name $100 M-M Salvatore Giammalvo; $50 M-M .John H Martin, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Joseph Folcy: $25 M-M John Fernandes, M-M Mark Sevigney, Ethcl Reid. M-M William Storer.

, Our Lady of Assumption $100 M-M Robt. Garrison. M-M Edw. Cruz: $50 M-M Thomas Lopcs; $35 Mrs. Palmir<l Silva: $30 Julia Bennett; $25 M-M Aquinel Rose. St. Martin DePorres Guild. Joseph W. DePina. Rosa Baptista, M-M .Ios. Baptista, M-M Walter Galvin, M-M Manuel lo'iguerido. OLOA Cluh, M-M .Jose F. Cruz, ' Our Lady or Assumption $~O Mrs. Pauline Gar­ l:c101l.

Our Lady of Assumption $55 M-M .Joseph Ramos; $50' Mrs. .J. Robert Smith; $~O M-M Joseph Silv:J: $25 M-M Albert HoutrTwn, M-M Manucl DeCruz. $2;) M-M Antonio M. daCruz.

Our Lady of Fatima $200 Anonymous; $100 Classic Lawn Ornamets; $60 M-M' Charles West; $50 M-M Ernest J. R. Robinson; $35 M-M Joseph F. Kirkman; $25 M-M .Jeffrey Kirkman, Mrs. Stanley E. Senechal. M-M Ernest Torchia, Anonymous (3). $100 Mrs. Lilian Cullen.

st. Dominic $150 Richard Mello; $100 Manuel Travers: $25 Edward Myles, Joseph Medeiro~, Rolanrt Martelly, Ruth Santos. .J. Hinchcliffe, Matthew Kochan. Thomas Reynolds.

St. Louis de France $50 M-l\l Albert Michaud: $25 M-M William Kenney, M-M Conrad Rousseau. $200 Binge; Committee; $2:i Arnold P. Labrechc,

St. Michael $50 Friend; $25 M-M Alphonse Cetola. Livinl! Waters of SI:. Michael's, M-M Robert McMahon.




Parish listings will continue to be ,Iuhlished cach in su,Iplemental form until all names rtlceived by The r\nchor from Catholic Charities lIeadquarters ha\'t' bet'n printed. w'~"k


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