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t eanc 0 fAll RIVER, MASS., FRIDAY, MAY 25, 1984

VOl. 28, NO. 21

$8 Per Yeo'r

Appeal total now at $1,380,584.20

The Catholic Charities Appeal total now stands at $1,380,584.20, with many parish returns, priests' donations and special gifts yet to be reported. Msgr. Anthony M. Gomes, dio­ cesan appeal director, said that such donations must 'reach Ap­ peal headquarters in Fall River by today for inclusion in this year's total. "These reports should be made in person to insure credit," he

said. "The final total of the 1984 St. Mary, M~nsfield; Mt. Carmel, Appeal will be published in next Seekonk; St. Mary, Seekonk; St. week's Anchor. I hope that every Mary, No. A'ttIeboro. one of our 113 parishes will be St. Margaret, Buzzards Bay; 'over the top' today." .Our Lady of Victory, CenterviHe; Holy Redeemer, Chatham. Honor Roll St. Elizabeth, Edgartown; Sa­ 75 parishes have thus far sur­ passed their 1983 final tota'1s. cred Heart, Oak Bluffs; Assump­ tion, Osterville; St. John, Po­ The following parishes were add­ ed to the Honor Roll since last casset. St. Peter, ,Provincetown; St. week's Anchor report. Pius X,' So. Yarmouth; Holy Holy Ghost, St. John, Attle­ boro; St. Mark, Attleboro Fans; Trinity, West Harwich; St. Jo­

seph, Woods Hole. Espirito Santo, Holy Name, Our Lady of Health, Immaculate Conception, Sacred Heart, St. Anne, St. Peter & Paul, St. Stan­ islaus, Fall River. St. Bernard, Assonet; Our Lady of Grace, Westport; St. John of God, St. Thomas More, Somerset. Our Lady of Fatima, S1. Louis de France, St. Michael, Swan­ sea.

New bishop "




, :.. .<

Bishop Kaniecki prepares to leave foil' work.


bush pilot

FAIRBANKS, Alaska (NC) to fly into the bush to supple­ Wings and propellers have been ment his food supplies with fish more a part of Michael J. Kan­ and game. iecki's life than miters and cro­ In ,the fall he hunts moose to ziers, but that will change now fHl his freezer for the winter. , that the priest-pilot is Alaska's But it's a lot of work, he says. newest bishop. "You find yourself with any­ Ordained as the new coadjutor where from 1,000 to 1,600 bishop of Fairbanks May.1, the pounds of animal to dress, skin, day befor~ Pope John Paul II's quarter and pack out." stopover there on his way to Once on a caribou hunt the Asia, Bishop Kaniecki, 48, is one hunter almost became the vic­ of four U.S. bishops licensed to tim when the priest tried to fly his own plane. "prop start" his plane on a Bush pilots in Alaska are a frozen lake. As he pulled down notoriously hearty breed, and on the propeller, the engine back­ the new bishop is no exception. fired and the plane began mov­ Tall and rugged, with mutton- <c ing. Bishop Kaniecki dove out chop sideburns, he is most como, of the propeller's way and grab­ fortable in, jeans, flannel shirts bed a cable on the plane's skis. His dragging body kept the and boots. Standard bush pilot survival plane going in circles, but he gear includes a fishing pole and couldn't stop it or pull himself rifle along with extra food, aboard. "Finally I could hold on no longer and dropped off." clothing, first-aid supplies, sleep­ The plane made another circle ing bag and mukluks (Eskimo snow boots). The new bishop has and hit a snow drift that turned had occasion to use most of that it back toward him. Miles from gear, especially the fishing pole any hope of help, his parka and rifle. shredded an pants torn, Bishop ,Particularly during eight years Kaniecki, said he had no choice as pastor in Kotzebue, Alaska, but to jump on the heel of the and nearby missions around the ski as the plane went past. As Arctic Circle, he used days off it careened across the frozen

304,000. more NEW YORK (NC)-The num­ ber of U.S. Catholics rose more than 304,000 in the past year but there were only 21 addition­ al priests to serve them, accord­ ing to the 1984 Official Cath­ olic Directory. Figures from the directory, published annually by P. J. Ken­ edy and Sons, were released in New York May 23•. The 1984 figures showed 52,392,934 U.S. Catholics, up 304, 190 from 1983, and repre­

senting 22.31 percent of the total U.S. population. The total number of priests in the country rose for, the first time since 1980, but only by 21, from 57,870 to 57,891. There were 193 fewer diocesan priests but 214 more priests in'religious orders. The new data showed signifi­ cant increases in the number of U.S. bishops, up 22 (nearly 6 percent) to 392, and permanent deacons, 'up 636 (10.5 percent)

. Holy Name, Assumption, Im­ maculate Conception, M1. Car­ mel, St. Anthony of Padua, S1. Casimir, S1. Hedwng, St. Mary, New Bedford. St. Francis Xavier, Acushnet; St. Anthony, Mattapoisett; St. Mary, So. Dartmouth. Holy Family, Immaculate Con­ ception, Our Lady of Lourdes, St Anthony, Taunton. St. Peter, Dighton; Immacu­ ,late Conception, North Easton.

')!lke, it took him several min­ utes to get to the cockpit and cut back the throttle. By the time he stopped the plane, "I felt as though a Sher­ man tank had roBed over me a couple of times. Both ears were frostbitten, my arm and Jeft side felt like jelly, but I was alive," he said. The Detroit native first dream­ ed of being a missionary in Alaska when he was in high school. In 1960, as a Jesuit scholastic, he taught at Copper Valley School in Glenallen, Alaska and in 1965 was ordained a priest of the Jesuits' Oregon province, which administers the' Alaskan missions. From 1967 to 1975 he was pastor of St. Francis Xavier Church . in Kotzebue, near the ATCtiC Circle, flying out to serve 10 other native villages in the region. In 1982 he was ,named su­ perior of all Jesuits in Alaska. Piloting his own Cessna 180, he flew -to villages throughout northern and central Alaska and often. transported Bishop Robert Turn to Page Two

mo,re priests to' 6,702. But they also showed 232 from 1ast year. The com­

a continuing drop in the number bined total of 11,262 represents

of sisters, down 2,672 to 118,027, , a drop of more than 8,000 in the

past decade. and a slight decline in the num­ While 279 more parishes were ber of brothers, down 62 to recorded, bringing the 1984 total 7,596. The new data showed further to 19,118, t~ere was a continuing drops in seminarians. The figures, trend towards parishes without representing those in novitiates resident priests - up 7 percent, or. in the 1ast six years of study from 919 last year to 983 this for the priesthood, showed 7,486 year. For the first time in recent diocesan cand'idates, 560 fewer decades, more than one parish in 20 in the, l,Jnited States is than last year, and 8,776 reli­ gious order candidates, down without a resident priest.

The number of nuns teaching fulltime in Catholic schools drop­ ped by 1,789, to 31,521. This is 69.8 percent fewer than there were 20 years ago when the number of teaching sisters peak­ ed at 104,441. There were also slightly fewer priests, brothers and scholastics teaching in Cath­ olic schools. The total number of teachers in Catholic schools increased by 2,332, however, as the number Turn to Page Six

21,908.64 St. Mark St. Stephen ' 6,990.00 13,586.50 51. Theresa A1TLEBORO AREA 20,561.00 Mansfield-St. Mary $28,426.00 ' North Attleboro St. John, Attleboro 21,908.64 , St. Mark; Attleboro FaHs Sacred Heart 5,n9.15 20,561.00 12,747.00 St. Mary, Mansfield St. Mary 19,269.00 9,062.00 St. Mary, Seekonk Norton.....:St. Mary 17,591.00 Seekonk Mt. Carmel, Seekonk 17,591.00 Mt. Cannel CAPE COD &: THE ISLANDS AREA 19,269.00 St. Mary 47,182.00 S1. .Francis Xavier, Hyannis ,45,186.00 St. PJus X, So. Yarmouth CAPE COD AND THE ISLANDS AREA 28,826.00 Corpus Christi,' Sandwich Brewster-C. L. of the Cape 17,591.07 27,857.60 Buzzards Bay-St. Margaret Holy Trirfity, West Harwich 11,035.16 24,072.50 Centerville-'-Holy Redeemer, Chatham Our Lady of Victory 21,881.00 FALL RIVER AREA 24,072.50 Chatham-Holy Redeemer Holy Name, F8!M River 31,536.00 East ,Falmouth-St. Anthony 16,060.0Q Our Lady of Angels, 3,380.00 Edgartown-St. Elizabeth Fall River 19,085.00 17,832.00 Falmouth-St. ,Patrick St. Thomas More, Hyannis-St. ,Francis Xavier 47,182.00 Somerset 17,183.00 NantucketSt. M!uy Cathedral, Our ,Lady of the Isle 10,250.00 Fall River 15,840.00 North Falmouth- 51. Stanislaus, Fall River 14,999.00 12,473.00 St. Elizabeth Seton NEW BEDFORD AREA, 3,922.00 Oak Bluffs-Sacred Heart 17,614.00 Mt. Carmel, New Bedford 33,809.25 Ol"leans-St. Joan of Arc 19,455.00 Osterville-'--Assumption Immaculwte Conception, New BedfOl"d 30,222.88 16,938.00 Pocasset-St. John St. Mary, New Bedford 17,116.00 Provincetown-S1. Peter 5,565.00 St. Mary, So. Dartmouth 15,921.00 28,826.00 Sandwich~orpus Christi Holy Name, New ,Bedford 13,700.50 South Yannouth-St. Pius X 45,186.00 Vineyard HavenTAUNTON AREA St. -Augustine 6;865.70 St. Ann Raynham 17,029.00 WellfleetOur Lady of -Lourdes 4;143.00 St. Mary, Taunton 14,895.00 'West Harwich- Immacwate Conception, Holy Trinity 27,857.60 !'forth Easton 13,199.00 Woods Hole-'--St. Joseph 4,970.00 St. Anthony, Taunton 12,510.10 St. 'Paul, Taunton 12,005.00 FALL RIVER AREA

Leading Parishes

Parish Totals ATTLEBORO AREA Attleboro Holy Ghost St. John St. Joseph

14,594.00 28,426.00 6,431.00

Fall River S1. Mary's Cathedral Blessed Sacrament Espirito Santo Holy Cross Holy Name Notre Dame Our Lady of AI!gels


if·························· 5 ESPIRITO SANTO CHURCH

15,840.00 3,002.00 11;997.00 3,077.00 31,536.00 8,170.75 19,085.00

6,155.00 Our Lady of Health 10,455.00 Holy Rosary 5,694.00 Immaculate Conception ,9,309.00 Sacred Heart 9,645.00 St. Anne St. Anthony of ,Padua 9,027.00 2,700.00 St.Elizabeth ,4,890.50 51. Jean Baptiste 7,562.00 St. Joseph 6,000.00 St. Louis 2,042.00 St. Mathieu 9,156.00 St. Michael 9,143.00 St. Patrick . 9,212.50 5S. Peter & Paul 14,999.00 St. Stanislaus 7,296.50 St. William 14,007.60 Santo Christo 7,203.00

Assonet-St. Bernard 10,413.75 N~. Westport-C.L. of Grace S·omerset 12,195.50 St. John 'of God 9,IOB.00 St. Patrick 17,183.00 St. Thomas More Swansea 12,860.00 Our Lady of Fatima St. ~Dominic ' '9,562.00 St. Louis de France 11,610.00 St. Michael 8,931.00 Westpol"t St. George 7,460.00 St. John the Baptist 6,193.00





Holy Family Holy Rosary Immaculate Conception Our' Lady of ,Lourdes Sacred Heart St. Anthony St. Jacques St. Joseph ,St. Mary St. ,Paul Dighton-St. Peter North Dighton-St. Joseph North EastonImmaculate Conception Raynham-St. ,Ann South Easton-Holy Cross



MAY i6 i7 is






13,199.00 17,029.00 10,253.00'

Bush pilot


Continued from page one

Because of its shortage of priests and religious, Fairbanks Fairbanks, also a, has one of the oldest permanent • Coadjutor Bishop Kaniecki's deacon programs in the country, :' diocese of Fairbanks is the dating back to 1970.

i ~~~il~n ~f ·

largest in the U.S. and one of the iargest in the world. Pope Pius XI once also called it the '. SATU RDAY - PROCESSION OF GIFTS - 6:30P.M. : world's most difficult mission. It • NCERT TO FOLLOW • has 45 priests, six brothers and : .BAND CO ~. 42 sisters to serve its 14,000 •' SU NDAY - MASS AT 11 :30 A.M. : Catholics. : CELEBRANT - REV. LutZ A. CARDOSO • It includes some of the highest • PREACHER - REV. JOSE Dos SANTOS : mountains, widest rivers and • PROCESSION 3:00 P . M . , • largest lakes in the nation and' • • stretches from the Canadian : BAND CONCERT UNTIL MIDNIGHT • border on the east to Russian • MONDAY BAND CON'CERT 2:00' - 10:00 P.M. : waters on the west and up to • • Barrow, the northernmost U.S. city. . •• Holiday Weekend Fun For The ~nt.,·re Fam,'ly!, :• cannot Even using planes, the diocese bring Mass and the 'sac:' EVE R YON EWE LeO ME, ' • raments to everyone every week. I ! ' , ' : Many missions see a priest only :AI • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ii: ' every secon~ or third week: • :

10,039.00 3,617.00 9,283.00 4,456.00 9,769.00 12,510.10 7,171.00 10,664.00 14,895.00, 12,005.00 3,904.00 7,402.00

New Bedford Holy Name 13,700.50 Assumption 3,835.20 Immaculate Conception ' 30,222.88 Mt. Carmel 33,809.25 Our Lady of Fatima 5,350.00 Our Lady of Perpetuall Help 4,086.00 ' Sacred Heart 4,114.00 St. Anne 2,~34.50 St. Anthony of Padua 7,110.00 St. Boniface 2,208.72 51. Casimir 3,022.00

St. Francis of Assisi 6,008.00

St. Hedwig 2,071.00 St. James 11,170.00 51. John the Baptist 12,902.00 St. Joseph 9,942.50 St. Kilian 1,887.00

i ••••••••••••••••••••••••••• :


13,966.00 St. Lawrence 17,116.00 St; Mary 5,839.00 St. Theresa Acushnet-St. Francis Xavier 6,121.00 'East FreetownSt. John Neumann 7,669.00 Fairhaven St: Joseph 7,092.00 St. Mary 5,691.0b Sacred Hearts 1,886.00 Marion-S1. Rita 4,150.00 Mattapoisett-St. Anthony 11,144.00 North Dartmouth-St. Julie 13,163.00 South Dartmouth-St. Mary 15,921.00 Wareham-:-St. Patrick 12,075.00


• •

In Nome, on the edge of the Bering'Sea, the diocese's KNOM !radio station broadcasts 18.5 hours a day to about 90 viHages and fishing camps in a 150,000­ square-mile area. Its 10,000­ watt signal goes into the S'oviet Union, a scant 150 miles away. Mixing public service and reli­ gious messages with several' styles of music, it is one of the most popular stations in the bush.

Better than Megabucks "Precious beyond all treasure is good repute; not gold or silver so worth the winning." - Provo 22:1

THE ANCHOR:....Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 25, 1984

Diplomas ,for

753 seniors

753 young men and women' will graduate from the high schools of the diocese in cere­ monies to be held at three schools Sunday, June 3, and at two schools Tuesday, June 5. 405 girls and 348 boys are graduating. Bishop Daniel A. Cronin will officiate at all ceremonies ex­ , cept that at Holy Family High , :' School, New Bedford, the only r parochial secondary school in the diocese. There Very Rev. John P. Driscoll, VF, pastor of St. Lawrence Church, will pre­ side at ceremonies held in the church and the speaker will be Msgr. John J. Oliveira, episcopal I ' secretary, chancellor and an I episcopal vicar. Msgr. Oliveira is a 1959 graduate of Holy Family. At Coyle and Cassidy High School, Taunton, graduates will MAYBE THEY'LL MOONLIGHT: Construction work­ be addressed by Bishop Joseph ers at the Notre Dame church site in Fall River may get P. Delaney of Ft. Worth, Texas, a 1952 graduate of toyle ltigh some assistance, judging from the enthusiasm with which School who returned to his alma Father Ernest E. Blais, pastor, and Bishop Daniel A. Cronin mater as chaplain and a teacher made the dirt fly at last Sunday's groundbreaking.' Also of religion from 1961 until 1967, wielding shovels ,Were first communicants, newlywed when he left the Fan River dio­ couple and two elderly parishioners. (Torchia Photo) cese tet. serve in Brownsville, Tex. He was named to the Ft. Worth see from Brownsville. Also speaking at the C-C cere- _ monies will be Catherine Gutier­ rez, valedictorian, and Jane Fo­ 'NEW YORK (NC) - Arch­ air. It's coming because of what ley, salutatorian. bishop John J. O'Connor of New Cardinal Cooke did for so many 'Father Richard M. Roy, school York is taking steps toward the years - he built up good will chaplain, will celebrate a bacca­ that is unbelievable." possible canonization of his pre­ laureate Mass for graduates at decessor, A spokesman for the archdio­ Cardinal Terence 11 a.m. June 5. Both the Mass Cooke. cese said that the archbishop 'and the following 4 p.m. gradua­ planned no 'further' public state­ At a recent' meeting with peo­ tion will take place at St Mary's ple from parishes of the Man­ ment for the time being. A five­ Church, Taunton, which offers ~ hattan East Vicariate, Arch­ year waiting period is required more space than the school's bishop O'Connor said he was before the beatification process auditorium. preparing to introduce a petition can be formally initiated, he said. At Bishop Connolly High for the oardinal's beatification, Cardinal Cooke died of cancer the first step toward sainthood. last October at age 62. Arch­ School, Fall River, Father Wil­ liam J. O'Malley, SJ, will be the Speaking of the vitality he had bishop O'Connor served under graduation speaker. A teacher found in the New York archdio­ him from 1979 to 1983 as auxi­ of religion and drama at Mc­ cese, Archbishop O'Connor said, liary bishop in the Military Vica­ Quaid Jesuit High School, Ro­ "There is an electricity in the riate, the cardinal headed. chester, NY, he is the author of several high school religion texts and biographies. He is also re­ membered as the priest in "The Exorcist," a popular film of sev­ eral years ago. The Connolly valedictorian will ge topranking senior Ed­ ward Ramsden and the saluth­ torian will be student body president Michael Mancieri. At Bishop Feehan High School, Attleboro, the valedictorian will be Michael Holmes and the salu­ tatorian will be Cathy Zern., At Bishop Stang High School, North Dartmouth, senior class president ~obert Bourgeois will address his classmates. A summary of program details follows: • Sunday, June 3, 3 p.m.: Bishop Stang, 114 girls, 63 boys. • Sunday, June 3, 7:30 p.m.: Holy Family at St. Lawrence Church, 44 girls, 21 boys. • Sunday, JUllte 3, 7:30 p.m.: Bishop Connolly, 70 girls, 88 boys. SISTER MARY MONICE of St. Vincent's Home, Fall • Tuesday, June 5, 4 p.m.: River, recently marked 50 years of religious life at a Mass Coyle and Cassidy at St. Mary's of thanksgiving celebrated by Rev: Thomas L. Rita, home Church, 59 girls, 66 boys. • Tuesday, June 5, 8 p.m.: director. A dinner for family -and friends followed. Sister Bishop Feehan, 118 girls, 11 0 Monice has spent the past 45" years at St. Vincent's caring for special needs youngsters. (Torchia Photo) boys. {






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MOBYDICK WHARF RESTAURANT Overlooking Historical Westport Point (1st Right Over Rt. 88 Bridge)

All Lobsters and Clams Cooked to Order ­ Natural Sweetness and Tenderness are best Preserved by our own Sea Water Steam Process, Scallops, Fish, Steaks~ LUNCHEON MENU Mon. - Sat. 11:30 - 3:30 P.M. .Early Bird Specials Every Day 4 - 6 P.M. Except Sat. and Sun. DINNER MENU Mon. - Thurs. 5 - 9 P.M. Fri. - Sat. 5 - 10 P.M. SUNDAY & HOLlDA"S 12 - 9 SUNDAY SPECIALS 12 - 3 CLOSED TUESDAY Fa, Rese,Yat;ons~'




DAVE NADIEN at tbe Piano... WED. 7:30 P.M. & SUN. '! P.M.

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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of fall River-Fri., Ma'y 2,5, 19&a





A Sense of Time and Space


Much has been written recently on the generally poo~

quality of education offered in our elementary and second­ ary schools. ,

For the most part, the criticism is justified. Not only

are students unable"to read or write, except at the most

rudimentary level, but they also lack a sense of time and


Indeed, our functional illiterates have very little sense

of anything that exists ol,ltside themselves. Because essen­

tially they cannot read or write, their communication level

is severely limited. To many, all that matters is the here

and now. Living is for the moment; instant gratification is

what counts.

Currently the computer is the magic s<?lution to all our

problems. If we could only find a way to plug. the stuc,lents

into a machine all our difficulties would be solved. Some-£?

how it seems that if we could get the youngsters to sit still

for a moment, w~ could administer some sort of intellec­

tual intravenous feeding which would restore to the educa­

tion process some measure of credibility.

In short, in their attempt to solve the schools crisis,

too f!1any educators are relying on gimmicks and machines

to do a job that requires old-fashioned good teaching and.

patient understanding.

Our young people have many educational advantages

at their disposal. They also have some grave disadvantages

that are becoming more and more evident.

Perhaps the most serious area of neglect has to do

with history and' geography. Many students just do not

know where places ar~, who lives in them and why "the

inhabitants act as they do. Thefr world view is narrow,

bordering on total ignorance.

The implications are obvious. The majority of young people could not care less what happens outside their

own line of vision. Their understanding of their fellow man

borders on nonexistence. Because they do not understand planet Earth, they abuse the .order of nature. We are al­ ready paying for this neglect. . If we sincerely wish to 'create a world in which man tries to know who and where he is, then we have no choice but to make a serious attempt to bring our children to a sense .of historical reality and an appreciation of geographi­ cal relationships. Unfortunately, we have over the·years relegated history and geography to second-rate status. They are not practical; they' do not teach one how to make money; there is little demand for them in the marketplace. In their place we have introduced courses known as social studies. Often such courses are a mere melange of fillers relegated to a teacher who cannot handle math or a science. If audiovisuals can take up class time, all the better. But if we are to help our children enter th~ adult wQrld with objectivity, breadth of vision aqd understanding, serious efforts should be made to imbue them with a sense of history and an appreciation of man's long Itfe on planet Earth, If we can do this, our future may prove less fore­ boding and insecure. We cannot understand where we are going unless we know where we have been. The result of our ciJrrent lack of knowledge is painfully obvious.


Published weekly by The Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River 410 Highland Avenue fall River Mass. 02722 675-7151 PUBLISHER ~

Mosl RllV. Daniel A. Cronin, D.O., S.T.D.



Rev. John F. Moore . . . , . leary


River -

NC/UPI Photo


All the days in which I am now in warfare, I expect my change come~

Job 1'4:14


Useful or 'useless'? Father Kevin J. Haa:rington

provide his grace even through sacraments administerj:!d by a priest who is misdirected or caught up in evil. This objectivity of sacramental grace is an impor­ tant truth; however, it 'is also true that the priest's life' can be a barrier to or a channel of grace.

a strong parish spiritual life. Those who see prayer as some­ thing to fit into leisure time or as something filling certain emotional needs must not be permitted to set' the tone of par­ ish worship. The temptation to judge the success of a parish by whether it meets the standards of one's peers can be devasta­ ting. ·Prayer can help defend us from the unholy temptation of seeking legitimacy by conform­ ing to the ways of this world.

One of our most challenging tasks today is that of providing adequate training for lay people active in the church's ministry. A' prudent pastor would not think of painting a church with a leaky roof, but too many pastors have entrusted improperly To be truly' an overseer, a prepared laity with key roles in priest must not seek to impose the parish. Our patterns of wor­ ship and our methods of impart- a design upon a, parish th~t re­ flecting his own power, wishes ing doctrinal instructions de­ serve better attention than that. or hopes. He is called to point In every parish there is a core the parish toward Christ, hence As always, there is the choice of faithful identified with cer- his first task is to give himself wnether to please God or man. tain ministries. Since the Second to Christ. He cannot accomplish U we are to be Christ's priests, Vatican Council the role of the this unless he faces his own all our illusions must be broken laity has expanded and many demons and idols. before we can face the way of This is as true for priests as the cross. serve in roles of relative prominence. for the laity as the, latter collab­ But although lectors, eucharis- orate with their clergy. To . Out of our' slaying, we may tic ministers and catechists are achieve this giving of self to be blessed to know that we are totally useless. We, as priests or highly "isible in the life of the Christ, one must discover a bal­ parish, members continue to ance between prayer and action'. as lay disciples, must accept our look to the clergy for direction Even with the best of training, . holy uselessness or let the world in their journey toward Christian priests and laity will experience give us some value. maturity. . frustration in their best efforts. Priests who seek recognition This responsibility' should not A people grounded in' the me of' as counselors, therapists, social be seen as an extra burden laid the church will always be in a workers, institutional managers upon already overworked priests. struggle between holding on to The Holy Spirit is the primary or letting go of its demons or or political activists may con­ spiritual director of any parish idols. The temptation to seek sider themselves useful in the and the priest should never control, achievement and. affec­ eyes of their fellowmen; but ulti­ underestimate the subtle ways tion will always be presept. It mately, our usefulness is in the in which a balanced, disciplined is part of one's growth to Chris­

hands of God.

and structured spiritual life. in- tian maturity to let Christ re­ fluences the parish. deem one's desires, harness them' Priests and laity may well Parishioners are at different for his purposes and bring them need less professional training levels of Christian maturity, but under his authority. most people can sense authen-.· It takes both humility and and more training in the. disc~rn­ courage to hold firm to the pat- ment of their gifts and vocations ticity or the lack of it. Mature Christians know the tern and nurture the climate' to be better'stewards, evangel­ wonderful doctrine that God will that allows for and encourages ists and servants of the Lord.


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri.. May 25, 1984




lit:. weekly at-home program for families

sponsored. by the Diocesan Office of Family Ministry

OPENING PRAYER Our Heavenly Father, bless this evening as our family gathers in your presence to share, to love, to listen and to learn from one another. Thank you, Lord, for our family ­ unique and important in your eyes. Keep -us ever open to your message of .}ove and help us .to spread your presence to all we meet this coming week. Thank you, Father, for our Family Nigh!. Amen.



Memorial Day has for a 10ng time served as a cue to our na­ tion to welcome summer and by tradition has been a day for re­ membering the past. Often it is a day that families visit cem­ eteries and leave flowers at the graves of loved ones. Memorial Day a.}so reminds our families of the men who died for our country in wars and speaks to us of the ideals that are worth dying for. It's a time to reflect on the lives of our loved ones who have died. What were their dreams, hopes, struggles? How do they influence us today? Let's share tonight.

ACTIVITY TIME Young Family Heroes Worth Remembering. Materials: paper, crayons, string, pencils. Each make a small booklet about his or her favorite hero, living or dead. Plan to take some time talking about what kinds of people can be heroes. Through pictures and writing share about the hero. Lastly, each explain why he chose that parti<:ular hero. Use the })ook­ lets as a centerpiece at mealtime during the coming week.

Middle Years Family To Remember is Important. Find some old pictures and keepsakes of family members who have died. Share what was important to .him or her. Share a funny story about them and then.. make a list of 5 positive ways they influenc'e our family . today.

Share thoughts on what they say to us about Memorial Day. .

SNACK Try a baked blueberry pie or grandma's or great-grandma's family recipe treat.

ENTERTAINMENT "We Remember Who?" As a group take turns guessing in 20 questions or less the name' of a famous person one family mem­ ber has chosen from the past. Be sure each person has a chance to be "it."

SHARING 1. Each share a favorite mem­

ory about a dead relative or friend. . 2. Shar.e what each is most looking forward to next week. , 3. Someone share a moment he felt especially important last week.

Adult Family Scripture Time. Read aloud from the Bible Micah 4:3-4 or John 6:47-58 or Lamentations 5.


­ -=r-W­ -r- -7


CLOSING PRAYER -Suggested Prayer: Holy Spirit of God, we praise you and honor you in our family. God the Father, we pray for all those who have died in our family and those who have died in war. Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for becoming mlln and teaching us the way to the Father, through the Spirit. Amen.

The gift of life

When death takes a child, it is always sad but when death strikes suddenly as in an accident it is doubly tragic. The family isn't prepared . for the wrenching loss and fami­ lies who have experienced the sudden death of a child, in retro­ spect liken it to a suspended state of feeling. They may seem to operate rationally and respond predictably but their minds and psyches are numbed in a surreal­ istic limbo. It is into this atmosphere that tiptoes a most desperate yet delicate intrusion: will they con­ sider an organ donation from their suddenly-deceased child to help save the life of another dying child? It's a situation calling for days of rationa1 and sensitive counseling at a time which de­ mands an immediate decision. To illustrate the point, livers must be retrieved from donors and transplanted in recipients within an optimum 'period of 10 hours, . often including a long plane flight and all the coordina­ tion re~uired to bring patient, organ, surgical team and hospi­ tal pers~nnel together. There are children and adults allover America wa·iting for transplant organs. They are not vultures waiting for others to

die, They are living under a death sentence with maybe a week or a month the likely limit to .the usefulness of their own liver or kidneys. They are dy­ ing. They know it and their loved ones know it. At the same time, others with healthy organs have their lives snuffed out by auto accident, fire or drowning. Their deaths can save others' lives if, and it's a heroic if, their families are able to make a rational decision at the time. A few years ago, a desperate young father went on television to make a poignant plea for an organ for his dying daughter. He shared his pain and his dra­ matic gesture brought national attention and an organ for his daughter. She and a' few others Hve to­ day because of him. The re­ sponse revealed that people were willing, even eager, to donate organs of their loved ones but they didn't know there such a crucial need. When a personal request was made, they respond­ ed. I have talked with many par­ ents on this ·issue - parents who lost a child suddenly, parents who have a child dying slowly, and parents who haye donated part of their child so ~at another may live.





son out

of nest

Dear Mary: How can my husband and IT help our son, age 25, living at home, who is depressed and has no close friends? He graduated from . college four years ago anell hat. a difficult time finding a job, due to low seif~esteem and to economic conditions. He worked where his father is employed for one year before being laid off. After one year he found another job and is now a trainee, but I worry he might blow a great opportunity. He constantly complains and says everyone else gets the breaks. He does not make friends easily, especially with girls. He blames me for most of his prob­ lems, claiming that as a child he never could please me. I am worried about my son and my husband, who is Illot In good health and constantly wor­ ries about our son. (KentUCky) A rabbit was hopping along a road when he came upon a frog stuck in a deep rut. "Please help me out," the frog begged. The rabbit tried to extend his paw, but the frog could not grasp it. He tried to kick dirt into the rut, but it was still too deep. Sadly, after doing all he could, the rabbit moved on, leaving the frog. A short while later the rabbit was surprised to see the frog hopping along. "I thought you couldn't get out of the rut," said the rabbit. "I couldn't," replied the frog, "but a truck came along and I had to."


Your son appears to be in a rut and won't get out until he has to. You can help by insisting he take charge of his life.

Their message is universal ­ let others know hOW many dying children and adults are waiting for a kidney or a Hver and en­ courage people to talk about the what-if's on sudden loss and organ donation before possible. tragedy. Then put the agreed-up-on donation on record - in a wal­ let, on a driver's license, with other family members and with the family doctor so that the trauma of decision ds removed at a time of shock and grief. For adults, there is a place on one's driver's license to record donation. For children, adults must make the decision. I am not saying that parents must donate the organs of a child suddenly taken from them or feel forever guilty. Rather, I want to alert readers to the desperate need for donations and the procedure to follow' in making them. I also want to en­ courage them to" consider the matter ,before a time when sud­ den tragedy might strike their family.

Since he has worked only one year, he must have lived on your support the rest of his life. Your first step is to insist he begin to pay you room and board or move to his own apartment. Adult children are not dependents.


Adult children can be wel­ comed as guests, but guests do not move in indefinitely. Two weeks is a good rule of thumb for supporting an adult child. After that, an adult child should pay room and board or move. This will be difficult for you. Your son may say you don't care. You may worry that he will become worse off. I think you must take that risk. As' things' stand, you are contribu­ ting to his downslide.



should help his self-esteem and ultimately his friendships. You can encourage him. If he chooses to move out you might visit his new apartment, offer extra furniture of yours and generally be enthusiastic and supportive. Your. son blames you for his problems. Undoubtedly, in rais­ ing your child you made mis­ takes in some areas and did other things admirably - just like ol:her parents. You are re­ sponsible for his failure to hold a job. Perhaps you and your husband can talk out this mat­ ter and help each other to rid yourselves of this guilt. Your son has stayed in the nest far too long. Insisting~ he become an adult may be hard, but it is the kindest thing you can do for him. Reader questions on family living and chUd care to be answered in print are invited. Address questions to, The Ken­ nys, Box 872, 81. Joseph:s Col­ lege, Rensselaer, Inel 47978.


May 30 Jordan Harpin, O.P., 1929, Dom:nican Priory, Fall River Rev. Edmond J. Potvin, Pastor, 1937, St. John Baptist, Fall River Rev. James M. Quinn, Pastor, 1950, St. John Evangelist, Attle­ boro . Rev.

May 31 Rev. Vincent A. Wolski, OFM Conv., Pastor, 1964, Holy Cross, Fall River .._ ...'..........1'''··....",....,.,...._



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He is less likely to blow a job opportunity if he needs the job. Forcing him out of the nest should lessen your worries on that score. There is little you can do to improve his skills at making friends. Taking charge of his life

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THE POSTER beside her evidences parish sfipport for Mrs. Kathryn Damon of Stow, Ohio. Her daughter Mary and son':-in-Iaw Stanley Allen were kidnapped May 10 by ter­ rorists in Sri Lanka where Allen was working on tJ.S. Agency for International Develop­ ment water projects. They were rel~ased May ]5 at the home of Sri Lankan Bishop Ja­ cob Deogupillai. (NC/UPI.Photo)

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Continued from page one of lay teachers grew by 4,365 to 131,673. When the directory ,began recording figures for lay teachers 40 years ago, they made up only 8.25 percent of fuHtime teachers in Catholic schools. Now they are 77 percent of the teachers. There were nine fewer p.arish and diocesan high schopls but 39 more parish elementary schools. However, the number' of stu­ dents in parish elementary schools dropped 45,240, to 2,156, 187. The total number of stu­ dents in Catholic primary and secondary schools - diocesan, parish and private - decreased by 60,177, to 3,022,404. ,Public school students enroll­ ed in the religious education pro­ grams total.ed 4,067,477, a de· crease of 137,836 from 1983. Catholic coHeges and univer­ sities, .however, showed .an in­ crease of nearly 17,000 enrQll­ ments for a 1984 total of 560,835. Botti infant baptisms and con· / versions during 1983 increased by more than 10 percent over the previous year. Infant bap­ tisms were up 9,968, to 975,017. The number of converts admit· ted to the church' rose 1,095, to 95,346. According to the new statis­ tics, Los Angeles' remains the largest archdiocese in the coun­ try with 2,373,021 Catholics, followed by Chicago with 2,368, 316 Los Angeles moved ahead of Chicago for the first time last year. Among the nation's 33 arch· dioceses, five others have million- . plus .Catholic populations: Bos­ ton, New York, Detroit, Newark and Philadelphia. . Of the 1~5 U.S. dioceses, only two ...,.. Brooklyn and Rockville Centre, both in New York ­

have Catholic populations .of more than a million. The UoS'. " MHitary Vicariate, a . non-territorial jurisdiction similar to a diocese, serves 2,125,000 Catholics in the armed ,forces and U.S. posts overseas.

Muggeridge ..

.' on radio Malcolm Muggeridge, former editor of Punch magazine, one Of Britain's leading television per­ sonalities and a recent convert to Catholicism, is cohost of a new syndicated radio' program, "Where Catholics Meet" which is broadcast weekly in nine ma­ jor U.S. cities, under auspices of Drama of Truth, a lay Catholic organization based in New York. Muggeridge, 80, whose TV documentaries on Mother Teresa of Calcutta. SveUana Stalin and Alexander Solzhenitsyn won in· ternational acclaim, will discuss :various topics in his new series, .including his conversion and the current crisis in .the Catholic Church, which he Hnks to the decluie of Western civilization. "Where Catholics Meet" airs on New York's WOR-AM follow· ing Billy Graham on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. It also airs in Boston on WROL-AM at 1:30 p.m. each Sunday. .

Vatican art' NEW ORLEANS (NC) Vatican art treasures exhibited at the 1984 Louisiana World Exposition include masterpieces by Raphael, Caravaggio and EI Greco. They are on loan to the exposition's Vatican Pavilion, sponsored by the Archdiocese of, New Orleans.

Memorial Day

to be cherished

WASHINGTON (NC) - Cath,­ olics should celebrate Memorial Day by watching or joining in-a parade, placing a flag on a grave or by participating at a Mass at a parish or cemetery, said the president of the National Cath­ olic Cemetery Conference.


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Fri., May 25, 1984


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By making plans to celebrate Memorial Day, he said, Cath­ olics "can help insure that the day will never arrive when there will not be a Memorial Day."

Soul's Food "Sweet to thy palate is honey from the comb; but wise teach­ ing is no less ,thy ~oul's food, to­ morrow's resource and a resource unfailing." - Provo 24:13-14

South Yarmouth, Mass.

Tel. 398-2285


"If we were to visit our ceme­

He said also lost would be "the haunting beautiful melody of Taps" and the "gathering. of people about an altar to remem­ ber those brave dead, the for­ gotten dead."

283 Station Avenue


Father Joseph ,P. Minturn, in a Memorial Day statement, urged Catholics to thirik what would happen if there were no Memorial Day. teries," he said, "there would te, of course, rOw upon row of headstones and memorials but gone would be the small Ameri­ can flags fluttering in the breeze, placed in memory of a loved one or a patriotic organization."

HALLETT Funeral Home Inc:




TAUNTON AREA Catholic Charities Appeal workers shown with Bishop Daniel A. Cronin are Ruth McCarthy and Very Rev. Gerald T. Shovelton, both of St. Ann's' parish, Raynham.




30 CRAWFORD ST. (Runs parallel to South Main behind Ray's Flowers)



Howard C. Doane Sr.

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Howard C. Doane Jr.

Robert L. Studley

HYAHIlIS 775.....


Sout" Tlrm~ut"· .1·2201

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N'CCB rethinks stance on ERA WASHINGTON (NC) - The National Conference of Catholic Bishops has announced it will. "have no alternative but to op­ pose" the Equal Rights Amend­ ment if a clause is not added. ex­ cluding abortion and abortion funding from its scope.

the inclusion of an anti-abortion clause. The NCCB also announced es­ tablishment of an ad hoc inter­ disciplinary committee to study ERA implications. The committee is' chaired by St. Louis Arch­ bishop John L. May, NCCB vice­ president.


In a news release the 'NCCB said its Administrative Com­ mittee in March approved a reso- ' One Lord lution stating the new position "The rich and poor have met on ERA "because of the serious one another: the Lord is the moral problems" that would be maker of them both." - Provo presented by an ERA without 22:2'


• FUEL OIL·. FOI "O/lllP1 24 Hou, S....OCY Chari•• V.lolo, Pr••.




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Mass for all high school grad­ uates: 9:30 a.m. June 3. Appreciation and acquaint­ ance potluck supper and d3nce for parish wor15ers: 7 p.m. May 26,school gym. Information at rectory. Rise and Shine musical group meeting: 3:30 p.m. today, school. God Squad liturgical group: meeting 5 p.m. today, school.­ Open to those in fifth grade and above. Members will aid at Masses and in decorating for special events. CCD teachers needed for next year to teach' small groups in the teacher's own home. ST. MARY, SEEKONK

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Parish Pro-Life Group meet­ ing: 7:30 'p.m. June 3, rectory. Ladies' Guild Msgr. Gallagher Scholarship: available to parish eighth grader entering Catholic h~gh school. Applications: rec­ . tory or at St. James-St. John School.


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for every occasion . .. Saptisms First Communions Birthdays Confirmations Weddihgs Anniversaries Ordinations


Patronal !east celebration: procession 6:30 p.m. May 26, .fol­ lowed by concert and other en­ tertainment until midnight; Mass 1:30 a.m. May 27 wHh music by men's choir and ser- ,_ mon by Father Jose dos Santos of Immaculate Conception par­ ish in New Bedford; procession 3 p.m., followed by Benediction, then concert and' other enter­ 'tainment until midnight; May 28, continuation of celebration, 2 to 10 p.m. HOLY NAME. FR

Youth Group general meet­ ing: 7 p.m. June 10, including pizza party to parishioners en­ tering 9th grade. CATHEDRAL. FR

Confirmation for adult candi­ dates: 3 p.m. June 10, preceded by instructional session in the school hall for Cathedral par­ ishi.oners at 7:30 p.m. June 6. Women's Guild installation Mass: 5:45' p.m. Ascension Thursday, May 31. Following banquet . at Eileen Darling's restaurant, Seekonk. BL. SACRAMENT ADORERS

Exposition of Blessed Sacra­ ment: 8 a.m. to 8:45 p.m. every Friday, Sacred Hearts Church,' Fairhaven; Holy Hour 7 to 8 p.m. May 29, directed by Father Harold Johnson of St. Rose of Lima Church, Rochester. ST. JOHN EVANGELIST, ATTLEBORO

Coffee hour: Youth Center, following morning Masses May 27. Parish booklet prepared by parish council Apostolic Com­ mittee: available at church doors.

24-hour prayer vigil for peace': from 5 p.m. May 27 through 5 p.m. May 28, Memorial Day. Participants welcome at 'Bny hour.

Parish road race: 1 p.m. June 3.

Sixth Holy Ghost Dominga: home of Michael Oliveira, 41 Kay St., Somerset, 8 p.m. night­ ly. Crowning 11 a.m. Mass May 27. Sixth anniversary, church dedication: 7, p.m. Mass May 29.


(~t. .S SoutII· Airport lilt)

Volunteers still needed to es­ tablish 24-hour perpetual adora­ tion of the Blessed Sacrament. Non-parishioners mos't wel­ come. Information: rectory, 759­ 4621.





'Healing Service: 2 p.m. May 27, led by Rev. Andre Paten­ aude, MS, who will speak on the , healing power of the sacra­ ments. Feast of O.L. of Cenacle: 11 a.m. May 30,. "Mar.y, Teach Us .To Pray," talk by Father Paul Dalbec, MS, followed by 12:10 p.m. Mass. All welcome to both events.

May crowning ceremony: 11 :30 a.m. Mass May 27.


Member FDIC

Holy Hour:. 7 p.m. May 31 for forthcoming women's Cursillo.


G, Dept. A, Shore Street, Falmouth, MA 02541 (6171 540-3000 or call free (800) 352-7100 (in Mass.)




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Annual Mass and Anointing of Sick: 2 p.m. June 3.



Espirito Santo celebration: June I, 2 and 3 with crowning at 11 a.m. Mass June 3 and pro­ cession following at 2 p.m. the same day. All organizations and dominga holders will meet at 1:30 p.m. at parish hall to form ranks. Three marching bands will participate. SACF,ED HEART SEMINARY, WAREHAM

Memorial Day Mass: 9 a.m. May 28. No 12:05 p.m. Mass tliat day.

Retreat and workshop on Sacred Heart spirituality: May 25 to 27 for men and women at seminary / retreat house, ,Great Neck Road, Wareham, directed by, Father Alphonsus Mitchell, SS.CC., Mitch Martin and Gloria Anson. Information: Carol Du­ cey, 295-922J or 295-0100.




Sacrament of the Sick: will Santo Christo festival: May 26. be administered at 10:30 a.m. procession leaves school hall at Mass June 2. All welcome. 4 p.m.; May 27, Mass at 12:15 Religious 'books needed for p.m., followed at 3 p.m. by pro­ parish library. Donations may. cession frol11 church. All parish be left at the CCD Center or the organizations will participate, as parish office~ well as three bands. ST. PATRllCK. SOMERSET


Parish intercessors are pray­ ing this month for parents, troubled families, the aged, in­ firm and alienated. All are in­ vited to join the intercessors in their prayer.

Home and School Association meetings: 7 p.m. May 29 and June 5, school hall. Help' is needed in the school lunchroom. Information: Paul McNiff, principal, 678-2152.






OPEN DAILY 10:00 A.M, to 7:30 P,M,

Lectors needed for 5:30 p:m, Mary Margarida has donated Mass Saturday and 5 p.m. Mass vestments to the parish in mem­ Sunday. Information: rectory ory of her husband Manuel. or Janet Barbelle, lector chair­ Annual CYO family picnic: 1 person. to 7 p.m. May 27, St. Vincent de Women's Guild installation Paul Camp, Westport. Rain banquet: at Sportsman II fol:' ' date May 28. lowing 6:30 p.m. Mass June 18.

La Salette Shrine


Park Street - Route 118 Attleboro. Massachusetts

Adoration of Blessed Sacra­ ment: noon to 3 p.m. June 3; St. Sharbel chapel.

"True knowledge has the Lord's smile for its protection." - Provo 22:12

Fr. Ritter approves anti-porn law WASHINGTON (NC) A new anti-pornography law sign­ ed by President Reagan May 21 will have a "chilling impact" on . the child pornography' industry, Franciscan Father Bruce Ritter said after the White House Rose' Garden signing ceremonies. During the ceremony Reagan, saying "there's no one lower or more vicious" than a porno­ grapher exploiting children, also announced formation of a new commission to study porno­ graphy. Congress approved the .new law earlier in May. Father Ritter,' founder of Covenant House, a shelter for runaways and victims of child pornography and other exploita­ tion, said in an impromptu inter­ view on the White House lawn that the new law will give prose­ cutors more clout against 'the pornography industry. "It will be a very, very ef­ fective tool in the hands of prosecutors," he said. Among its provisions, the law: - Extends coverage to child­ ren protected under the act from age 16 to 18; - Allows prosecutors, with court permission, to wiretap the telephones of suspected porno­ graphers using children; - Permits the government to seize the profits, pictures and. equipment of such porno­ graphers; - Makes reproduct'ion, not just distribution, or pornographic materials involving children a crime; - Increases the fine for first-time offenders from $10,000 to $100,000, and - Eliminates the need for prosecutors to prove that porno­ graphy involving children is obscene. Father Ritter said the latter provision is particularly impor­ tant because it has been ex­ tremely difficult for prosecutors to prove that pornographic ma­ terials involving children are ob­ scene. "This law says 'look, it doesn't matter''' if such porno­ graphy is obscene or not because "kids shouldn't be used in this way," he said. He said extending the age of children protected under the act is also important because with­ out that safeguard pornographic exploitation of 16-year-olds has been permissable. Father Ritter predicted the law. would "force child porno­ graphy even more deeply u~der­ ground" and serve as a way of "making anybody in the (porno­ graphy) industry think twice." Reagan said the new anti­ pornography commission would be established by Attorney Gen-' eral William French Smith and would "study rthe dimensions of the problem and what we can do about it." "This pornography is ugly and dangerous," the president said. "If we do not move against it and protect our children, then we as a sl)ciety just aren't worth­ much."

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soring its second annual Strong­ est Man Contest today. ... ... ... '" An awards banquet for Na- , C-C Mother's Club has cin­ tional Honor Society members tributed $3,700 for a new IBM will be held May 30. Parents and computer 'used in the guidance friends are invited. office and has, also pledged $1,500 to tqe school's building fund. Upcoming events: sports award Timothy Stearns has been named student council president banquet May 30; senior prom for the coming year. With him May 31; and the Big Day of baccalaureate Mass and gradua­ will serve Maura Toole, vice­ president; Michelle Gardner and tion June 5. Freshmen and sopho­ mores will have a semiformal Susan Martins, secretaries; Den­ on June 2 and exams for under­ ise Cave, treasurer. classmen begin June 11.

Holy Family

Bishop Feehan


Summer '84


June 17 - 22

A Theological Colloquium


.A highlight of the forthcoming said rehearsals will be held from 6 1:0 9:30 p.m. June 1, 8 and 22 New England regional conven­ tion of the National Association . at a location to be announced. of Pastoral Musicians, to be held Further information is available in Providence June 25 through at 992-7055 or 252-4304. 28, will be "Blessed Are the . NAPM convention headquar­ Peacemakers,'~ an interpretation ters will be at the Marriott Inn of the U.S. bishops' peace in Providence, with some sessions pastoral in music, song, dance, held at SS. Peter and 'Paul Ca· mime and the spoken word. thedral and adjoining halls.. Directed by Glenn Giuttari, in The 1984 theme will be "The charge of music at St. Mary"s Challenge of Competence" and Cathedral, Fall River, the pre­ sessions win stress the attributes sentation will combine the tal­ of competent musicians and ents of over 100 singers, the musical units. Boston Liturgical Dance En­ Among presenters wiU be Dr. semble, 'readers, cantors and mime artists. To be staged in Fred Moleck of Seton Hill Col­ SS. Peter and Paul Cathedral lege; Rev. Aidan Kavanagh, OSB, Providence, at 8 p.m, June 27, it professor of liturgy at Yale Uni-· will be enhanced by the music of versity; Rev. Lawrence Madden, both the cathedral's Casavant SJ, director of the Georgetown organ and a chamber orchestra. Center for' Uturgy, Spirituality Giuttari, who also directed the and the Arts; Rev. Bob Dufford closing liturgy for the 1982 and Rev. Dan Schutte of the St. Providence meeting of the Pas· Louis Jesuits; and C. Alexander toral Musicians, has called on Peloquin, Boston College com­ diocesan singers with "good poser·in-residence and SS. Peter reading and blending. skills" to and Paul Cathedral director of participate in the program. He music.

of Southern New England's Finest Facilities


ro "dii~ect~'peace pasi6~at


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Honored at Elks Achievement Night were seniors Michael Holmes and Kathy Zero and sophomores Louise Moon and Erin Treen.

CoyIe-Cassidy' . Elizabeth Medeiros, Janna Murphy and Patricia: Platt have scored in the top 50,000 or' over one minion participants in the 1983 PSAT merit program and will know by September if they have 'qualified as semifinalists.


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Surgical & Orthopedic Appliances

Oxygen - ' Oxygen Masks Tents & Regulators· Approved For Medicare "

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Idyllic Campus

Full Recreational Facilities

Planned Recreational Excursions

Elastic Stockings

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At the annwlI Honors Night, awards went to over 136 stu­ dents, with John-Michael Rogers and Mary Figlock named Man and Woman of the Year. Each will receive a $250 scholarship grant. Speaker for the program was Atty. Lori Caron' Silveira, C-C '75. Recipients of the C-C Outstanding Service and Dedica­ tion Award were Frank L. Tosti, Coyle '49, and Mrs. JoAnne Perry. Named Outstanding Fresh­ . man was Michael Rafferty, Out­ standing Sophomore Mary Eliza­ beth Rogers, Junior Janna Mur­ phy.


For further information write:

Department ot Religious Studies

Summer Programs

Providence College

Providence, RI 02918

673 Main St., Dennisport - 398·2219


McArthur BlVd., Rte. 28, Pocasset -


30 Main St.,Orleans -'255-0132


~co ....oo"

509 Kempton St., 'New Bedford'-, 993-0492 (PARAMOUNT PHARMACY)

, .

Providence College admits studants 0' any raca, sex, color, creed and national or ethnic origin. Handicapped persons ara encouragad to apply.

. MAN AND WOMAN of the Year at Coyle~Cassidy High School are John-Michael Rogers (left) and Mary Fig­ lock, shown with C-C principal , Mike Donly.

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Cape Cod

Special gifts National $400 LaSalette Fathers & Brothers $300 Dominican Fathers $200 . Rev. Laureano C. Dos Reis $175 Permanent Diaconate Com­ munity of the Fall River Diocese $100 Rev. William J. McMahon $40 In Honor of F'lorence ~ousin­ eau

Attleboro' $300 McGowan Insurance Agency, Inc., North Attleboro $125 James A. Murphy & Son, South Attleboro $100 E. G. Lambert Insurance Agency, North Attleboro Thomas R. Leedham, Esquire Conlon & DonneHy Company Butler Tire Sales, North Attleboro St. Mary Conference, North Attleboro' Goditt & Boyer, Attleboro $75 Capandanno's Package Store, Inc., North Attleboro Leedham Hardware, South Attleboro $50 State Line Scrap Company, South Attleboro Harry J. Boardman Insurance, South Attleboro Crown Yam & Dye Company, South Attleboro W. 'R. Sharples Company, South Attleboro Fireside Motors, Inc., North Attleboro Mandeville Chevrolet, Inc., North Attleboro $25 Rojack's Fruitland, South Attleboro Attleboro Wood Works, Inc.; South Attleboro Andy's Bay State Auto Body, South Attleboro Walter B. Edwards, North Attleboro ' Evergreen Gardens

Portuguese American Club In Honor of Very Rev. John J. Smith

New Bedford $2000 John H. FeHouris, Inc. $350 American Press $200 Lemieux Plumbing & Heating Debross Services $100 Morris Glaser Glass Co. Cross Insurance Agency, Ware­ ham Wareham Dr. George F. Riley Norris H. Tripp Company, Inc. Guido's Plate Glass ' $75 Isotronics Edward D. Hicks, Esquire $50 Coater's, Inc. LaFrance Jewelers Clinton N. Levin, M.D. Stott Funeral Home, Wareham $30 St. Isidore Council of K of C $25

Bellenoit's Duff Plumbing & Heating Fibre Leather Manufacturing Corp. John F. Folan, Esquire Harary Jewelers Paragon Travel Agency Antone G. Quintal Investments State Road Cement Block Compa~y, North Dartmouth Jay's Drug Store, Wareham Hyacinth Circle No. 71, Daughters of Isabella Miss Germaine Hair and Wig Stylist Risdon Corporation

Fall River $1000 Duro Finishing Corporation $750 Fall River Gas Company $875 Residents, Catholic Memorial Home

$500 Amy Lynn Drapery In Memory of the Lynch Family St. Anne's Credit Union




• • • • • • • • • • •

e •••


$2500 St. ,Pius X Bingo, South 'Yar­ mouth $2,000 St. Pius X Conference, South Yarmouth Peckham & Sons Electrical, Inc., Hyannis $1,000 St. Pius X Guild, South Yar­ mouth' $800 Knights, of Columbus, Nan­ tucket $580 Anonymous, Edgartown

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

e ••

Please note that due to time constraints and mechanl- , cal considerations, parishes and individual contribu­ tions are not always listed In the exact order In which they art:' received at Appeal headquarters. Be assured that listings will be published weekly until all donors have been acknOWledged.

$500 Holy Trinity Thrift Shop, West Harwich The John F. Martin's, South Yarmouth $400

$25 Americana Travel Atty. James P. Killoran Portuguese Vincentiar:t Fathers Craig Byron Dress Company Wm. Stang Assembly, Fourth Degree Knights of Columbus Mathieu Auto Body, Somerset Lawson Gramte & Marble Works, Inc.

Taunton $200 St. Mary Women's Guild St. Yves Datsun Sales, Berkley $100 O'Keefe Funeral Home Eastern Knights of Columbus, No. Easton Alan M. Walker & Co. St. Joseph Women's Guild, Taunton Msgr. James Coyle No. 82 Knights of Columbus Taunton Stove Company, No. Dighton

$50 Taunton Lodge No. 150 BPOE $25 Dermody Oleaners Stetson's Agway Sales, My­ ricks-Berkley Taunton Venetian Blind Daniel F. McNearney Insur­ ance Co.

Sacred Hearts Community, West Harwich $315 Friends of' Our Lady of the Isle, Nantucket $300 Hall Oil Company, South Dennis Bank of Boston, Barnstable St. Anthony's Bingo, E. Fal­ mouth $250 Ladies Association of the Sacred Hearts, West Harwich $200 Attorney Joseph H. Beecher, • Hyannis

$100 Cape Carrier Corporation, South Yarmouth Surette Realty, West Dennis Merchants Bank, Hyannis A Friend, Oak Bluffs Lawrence Ready Mixed Concrete Company, Falmouth Martin's Warehouse Liquors, South Yarmouth Barrett Real Estate, Inc., E Falmouth Fisherman's Village, Dennis· port $90 Jim Dooley Realty, South Yar­ mouth $50 Linhares Precast, Inc., South Yarmouth Ray & Sons Barber Shop, South Yarmouth South Yarmouth Hardware James G. Marceline, Harwich Mitchell's Steak & Rib House, Hyannis Manny's Upholstering, Nan­ tucket


St. Mary $350 Rev. Arthur K. Wingate; $250 M-M' Joseph E. Fernandes; $100 Mrs. Ernest J. Precourt, M-M Vincent Rakauskas, M-M George A. Yelle; $7-5' M-M Everett Downing; $60 M-M Samuel Arena; $50 Mary I. Camara, M-M Robert J. Devlin, V-angie Fonseca, M-M Richard A. Pearee, M-M Santiago M. Perez, Frances M. Sullivan; $40 M-M Herber.t Allen, 'M-M John Drane, M-M Charles P. Wichland. $35 M-M Christopher Belmonte, M-M Neal F. Biron, M-M Joseph S. Jolly, M-M Henri Yelle; $30 M-M Thomas Y. Kelly, -M-M William Marvel, M-M John J. Ribeiro; $25 M-M Alex Bertone, M-M Charles H. Blomer, M-M Albert E. Brunelle, Gordon A. Buckley, ' M-M Joseph S. Calabro, Kenneth A.' Carr, Richard J. Charette, M-M Andre J. Charpentier, Ruth Y. Charrop. $25 M-M Norman H. Cookson, M-M Joseph F. Cummings, M-M Joseph R. Daley, M-M Earl H. Dion

Holy Ghost Association, Vine­ yard Haven Knights of Columbus, Fourth Degree Bishop Tyler Assembly, Hyannis Cape Bowl, South Yarmouth Charlie Cacciola, E. Falmouth

$25 Doane, Beal & Ames, Inc., Harw-ichport Sword & Shield of York Res­ taurant, Harwichport Bank of New Eng-land, Barn­ stable County, N.A., Dennisport Bass River Auto Sales, South Yarmouth Walker Oil Company, Harwich Port World Travel Center, Harwich Maco's Inc., Buzzards Bay Doane, Beal & Ames, Inc., Hyannis Bass River Pharmacy, Sooth Yarmouth Bass River Motel, South Yar­ mouth Christmas Tree Shops, South Yarmouth Doane, Beal & Ames, Inc., S~)Uth Yarmouth Gullhouse Needlecraft, Inc., West Dennis Longfellow's Pub, South Yare mouth J. F. MurphY's Restauranto South Yarmouth' Silver Cloud Towing, South Yarmouth The Skipper Restaurant, South Yarmouth Southeastern Detective Agen­ cy, West Yarmouth Yarmouth Furniture Company, South Yarmouth Yarmouth Glass & Mirror, South Yarmouth i? Bass River Exxon, South Yar­ mouth 'I)1e Smith's Point Way Inn, Edgartown ,poet's Comer Gift Shop, Nantucket Coffin's Gift Shop, Nantucket Sundae School, Dennisport Brunette Real Estate, Fal· mouth Golden Swan, Falmouth Jenkins, Cole & Gleason, Inc., Falmouth . McDonald's Paint Store, Fal· mouth The Nimrod, Falmouth Jerome J. SuUivan, Insurance Agency, South Yarmouth Paul E. Sullivan Realtor, South Yarmouth - Jenkins, Cole & Gleason, Inc., E. Falmouth Bass River Sunoco, So. Yar­ mouth

Jr., M-M Jo'hn F. Doherty, M-M John Fernandes, M-M Robert Lacasse, Louise LaChapelle, M-M Joseph Materia, M-M Antonio Medeiros, Mary Nunes, M-M Francis A. O'Ooin, M-M Robert H. Ouellette, M-M Ricltard A. Phillips, M-M Michael F. Power, M-M David Precourt, Mrs. Arthur Puscheek, Clarence P. Rich Jr., M-M William J. Rocchio, Mrs. Theresa Rushlow, M-M Ernest S. Tashio, In memory of Herbert F. Schriever. St. Mary $500 Rev. John Y. Magnani; $100 M-M Winston M. Morgan; $60 M-M Francis O. Gallagher; $50 M-M Donald Butts, In memory of Peter, Helen & Dorothy Mondor, Mrs. James C. Watson, M-M Joseph N. Kuzdzol; $30 M-M John J. Camara. $25 Denise A. Fortin, M-M Lawrence Larocque, M-M John D. Marvelle, M-M Walter Messenger, M-M David J. Moitiza, Marguerite Mondor, In memory of Clarence P. Rich, Paul Rich, M-M Philip Stepanek, M-M Law­ rence Taylor. ", ..

ATTLEBORO St. John the Evangellst $500 In memory of de­ ceased of Henry Family, Very Rev. John J. Smit-h; $250 M-M Harry J. Flynn, M-M Luca Fanta'ccione; $200 M-M' Thorn'as H. Cuddy Jr.; $1'50 M-M Robert Kenny, Patricia Carella, M-M Paul Rockett, M-M J,ames J. Coogan, William Flynn; $140 M-M John Reardon, M-M John McIntyre. . $100 Diana 0& Charles Striemer, R. Fantaccione, Mrs. F. Joseph Doyle, In memory of John & Theresa Mahon, M-M George Cummings, M-M James H. Lee, M-M Andrew Charron, M-M Robert Sweeney, M-M Robert Marra'h, Mrs. Mary Bibeault, Pauline M. Allen, M-M Thomas Castro, Mrs. Leland Smith, M-M Douglas Reed, M-M Armand Roy, M-M Gerard LeF'rancois, M-M Daniel Nolin. $75 Mrs. Arthur Mulligan, M-M Daniel Gilroy, M-M Michael O'Hara, M-M David Foley, M-M Henry Flynn; $70 M-M Donald Lange; $60 Helen Sheehan; $50 M-M Robert Edwards, Mrs. Adela Dudovicz, M-M Paul Silvia, M-M Anthony Magina, Roland Frechette, M-M S. A. Gulino, M-M Richard Foster, Mrs. Lucille Felix, Mrs. Philip Rounds, M-M Emil Brodeur, M-M Roland Courtois, M-M Carlton Redding, M-M Harold Sumner, M-M Albert Perry, M-M Ralph Sears, Dr.-Mrs. David Ison. $50 M-M Willi·am F. Crowley, M-M John Dolan, Walter B. Ambler, M-M George Largess, 'M-M Richard Doherty, Mrs. William Goff, Frank & Marilyn Car­ roccia, M-M Richard Hanlon, Michael Holmes, M-M Joseph Bono, M-M Charles W. Dean. M-M Edward Bayly, Nabby Coffey, M-M John White, Frederick Conrad, M..M Gilbert DaCosta, M-M C. Guillette, Mrs. Joseph King, Mrs. Francis Kelley, M-M R. Giannitelli. M~M James Martins, M-M George Burdette, M-M Robert Coughlin, M-M Gilbert Rea, M-M George Gay, M-M Garry Wheelock, M-M James P. Fitton $40 M-M Mario Araujo, M-M John Logan, M-M Joseph Pedro, M-M Frank Rose, Mrs. Thornas Blake; $35 M-M Edward Raposa, M-M Ernani Vergano, M-M Frederick Wall, M-M Arthur Nunes, Mrs. Robert W. Sharkey, M-M Donald Trainor, M-M Robert Ill{, M-M Albert Pion, Sandra Kelley, Russell Fontneau, Dr.-Mrs. Vincent O'Donnell, M-M Richard Wagle, M-M Robert MacDonald, M-M Alfred Paille, Helen Bruen. $30 Evelyn M. Lonergan, M-M Eugene Martin, M-M Roland Grenier, M-M J,oseph Collins, M-M Eugene Hunt, M-M Thomas Bolton, In memory of Norm Gil, M-M Francis Birch, M-M Howard Quimby, M-M Edward Perry, Margaret Dennis, M-M Joseph Mahon, M-M Robert Rohman, Gertrude McBrien, Mrs. Irene Bolton, Mrs. Delphine Dowdall, M-M Edward Maher. $25 M-M Douglas Pouliot, M-M Leo Lemaistre, M-M Thomas LeBlanc; M-M Robert Fife, M-M Joseoh Mar­ tinelli, M-M George Kohler, Ronald Churchill, Mrs. Paul Bullock, Mr·s. JoAnn 'Rousseau, Mrs. Basil Mulli­ • gan, Mrs. Rose Percy, M-M Norman Boudreau, Mrs. George Farrington, Simonne Romero, M-M Charles O'Brien, M-M Gerald Precourt, M-M Paul' Precourt, M-M Michael McGahan, M-M Thomas Haggar. $25 M-M Richard Connors, Mrs. Arthur Anc~erson, Mary Martin, M-M Harry Loew, M-M Francis Kelley, M-M John Costello, Mrs. Jeannett Gifford, M-M Skivington, M-M Harold Cassidy, M-M C. McLaughlin, Mrs. PhIlip Davignon, M-M Ralph M. Castro, M-M Paul Garon, M-M Armand Azavedo, M-M Edward O'Donnell, Mrs. Kathleen Walsh, Mrs. Theresa Wade, M-M Wesley Ridlon, Margaret O'Keefe, Mrs. Eileen , Hill, Mrs. Varnonic Sciolto, Mrs. Mary Kelley. $25 Mrs. Angela Lewis, William Saint, M-M Lawrence Habershaw, M-M George Matros, Mrs. Paul Cooper, Mrs. Elizabeth Hold-gate, Bernard Beatty, Mrs. John Lepper, M-M John Gagne, In memory of Mrs. Mary Hart, M-M Paul Lorincz, In memory of William Hafey & Beatrice, Horan Hafey, M-M James Dulude, M-M Alfred McNally, M-M John Porter, M-M Walter Kozuch, M-M Robert 9riswold, M-M L. Fitzpa,trick Jr. $25 M-M William Ma.guire, Kevin Myles, Patrick McKearney, Mary McKearney, Major & Mrs. J. T. Murphy, M-M Joseph Bolton, M-M Robert S. Cassidy, Virginia Dwyer, M-M O. Geminiani, M-M Michael Keane, M-M Normand Cloutier, In memory of Vincent M. McGinn, M-M Raymond Mayer; M-M Peter Lynch, M-M Gerard Kenton, M-M ,Leo Rushlow, M-M George Bussiere, Dorothy Nolin, M-M Maurice Goulet. $25 Mrs. Cecile Schneider, Philip A. Dorrance, M-M Norman J. Morin, M-M ~evin G. Turley, Delv.ina A. Perreault, M-M George lJu·ssiere, M-M F. Boschert, Paul Anderson, M-M John J. Robinson, M-M WUliam Brennan, M-M Edward Maher, M-M Ernest Anderson, M-M Vincent Pedro, Mrs. Richard Zern, Raymcmd Welch, M-M Charles Falugo, M-M Victor Tavares, M-M John Bessette, M-M Thomas Carroll. $25 Mrs. David A. Adams, M-M WilUam Hannigan, M-M Stephen Fontneau, M-M Brian Graveline, M-M Frank Fanning, M-M Henry Beaulacg, Mrs. Catherine Baxter, Mrs. Anne L. Hyland, M-M Robert Macdonald, Mrs. Helen Shanley, M-M Neil Jacques, M-M Robert RolJiehaud, M-M John Hamel, Mrs. John Witherell, Helen Madden, Mrs. Edgar, Pelletier, M-M Joseph Megan, Mrs. Herbert Clegg, Fred McCracken, Thomas Keane, Mrs. Angeline Shepherd, M-M R. Schwensfeir Jr., M-M H. Batchelder, M-M Fredrickson, Mrs; Mar­ garet Cassels, M-M John Carty. . St. John the EvangeUst $250 M-M Frederick I Murphy Jr.; $200 Mrs. Harry Condon; $135 M-M Paul Scanlan; $100 M-M 'Frederick Bartek, M-M Peter Armirotto, M-M Thomas Gavin, Mrs. Joseph Camara; $75 M-M John Braun, M-M George CassidY;-$50 M-M Donald Price, M-M Robert Martin, M-M Gerard Lacombe, Vincent and Ruth Nihan, M-M Edward Kelley; $40 M-M Wayne Garriepy, M-M' Charles Bowen. $35 M·M Thomas Bellavance, M-M Ernest Jost, M-M Richard McCormick; $30 M-M Donald Corbeil, M-M Harry Pike, M-M William Murphy, M-M Joseph Graney; $25 M-M Edward Healey, M-M Kenneth Brough,M-M Norman Hilsman, M-M Alfred Lortie, Mrs. GeOrgette Nelson, M-M John Byrnes, Edward Healey Jr., Mrs. Walter Love, M-M David Te~eira.

. . i.,

$25 Mrs. Mary Grimes, M-M Joseph Pacheco, M-M Charles Clarke, M-M Bernard Stephens, M-M William Morrisey, M-M Armand Beauregard, M-M Norman Bekher, Judy McKnight, M-M Robert Cabral, M-M David Proulx, Mrs. Manuel Cavaco, Edward O'Neil, M-M Thomas Turgeon, M-M Patrick Gorman, M-M David Craige, M-M John Hannan, M-M Louis Aracri. $25 Mrs. Earl Baumgartel, M-M John White Jr., Michael Graney, M-M Joseph Graney Jr., Mrs. Mildred Bellavance, M-M Daniel Cronin, M-M .William Stone, Stanley Koska, M-M Emil Paquin, M-M Ralph Smith, , M-M Harry Condon, Jr., M-M F. Kenneth Callahan, M-M George Gosselin, M-M Robert Keirn, M-M Alan Blaha, Mary Sheehan, Mrs. James Foley, M-M Paul Morin. $100 Peter M. Silvia; $75 M-M Donald DesVergnes; $50 William Martin, M-M Victor Gulino; $30 M-M Clifford Bodge; $25 M-M Reid Braga, M-M Malte Ebeling, Ellen Loew, M-M Andrew Figuerado, M-M James. Carney, M-M Joao Pequeneza, M-M Edward Shea, M-M John Fleming, Helen Schriever, Beatrice Paquette, Mary Noble, John McCarron, Bridget Nolin. ATTLEBORO Holy Ghost $500.M-M Kenneth Murphy Sr.; $80 M-M Robert Bishop; $50 M-M John Bergeron; $25 M-M Joseph Machado, M-M Anthony Martin. $150 M-M John A. Caponigro; $100 M-M Elzear Sicard, Constant Poholek; $60 M-M Miguel Garcia; $25 M-M John P. 'Cloud, M-M George A. Chalifoux Jr., M-M George, Fredette Jr. St. Joseph $200 St. Vincent de Paul; $60 M-M Vito Montaruli; $50. M-M Armand Boucher, M-M Clarence Gurn; $35 Mrs. Joseph Benonzi; $30 M-M Robert E. Boulay, Jeannette Dupuis; $25 Mrs. Joseph , Nadeau, M-M Joseph Carreiro, M-M Alfred Pelissey, M-M Ronald Briand, Mrs. Alexina Laferrire, M-M John Fougere, Lucien Salvas, M-M Alfred Frederick, Mrs. Warren MacKinley. - . st. Stephen $100 M-M Charles Dumont; $50 M-M Alfred Karol, M-M Maloney, Prata Funeral Home; $25 Arthur Baril, M-M James Cassidy, Oscar DesJardin, Robin Gauvin, M-M Steven Gousie,M-M John S. Lazarz, Lucille Levesque, M-M St.ephen . Quaglia, M-M Francis Parisenu Sr. ATTLEBORO FALLS St. Mark $250 M-M Ernest Glode & Miss Kay Glode; $100 M-M Alber·t Ferns Jr., Dr.-Mrs. John Killion; $60 Mrs. Marie O'Connell; $50 M-M Robert Paquin, Mary McDonough" M-M Francis Martin; $35 M-M Arthur 'Barry; $30 M-M Charles Nolan, M-M John Ross; $25 M-M James Ganci, M-M Walter Johnson, M-M Earl Logan, Charles Renoni, M-M Clyde Nunes, Mrs. Lillian Duncan. $450 William Parker; $150 M-M James Brennan; $100 Roland Maloney; $50 M-M Joseph Ryan, M-M Daniel Noreck, M-M James Meegan, Albert Gingras. $4'5 M-M Raymond Aubin; $40 M-M T'homas Bannon; $35 M-M Daniel Del Vecchio; $30 M-M Richard . Kurrle, M-M Robert Guillette; $26 M-M George Siddall. $25 M~M James Barry~ M-M Raymonl Tharl, Mrs. Janet Lefort, John E. Murray, M-M Gary Lowenstein, M-M David Lucia Jr., M-M Donald Perkoski, Mrs. John. Murray, M-MRobert 5t. Martin, M-M Maurice Berard, M-M Leo Devlin, Mrs Mary Curran, M-M John Prest. $100 'M-M Plilul Jutras, M-M Thomas Gruppioni, M-M James Curtis, M-M J. William Conneny, M-M Thomas Parris; $50 M-M Raymond Larocque, M-M James LaFratta, M-M Robert Kearney, Walter Rowe, M-M John Kin, M-M Dan Powell, Mrs. John Gaffney, M-M J. M. Callahan Jr., Dr.-Mrs. Jean Marcellot. $35 M-M Arthur Foley, Dominick LaFratta; $30 M-M Brook MacLean; $25 M-M Alfred Hopkins. M-M John McMahon, M-M Robert King, M.:M Mark Fisher, M-M Jerome Pepi, M-M Peter Leddy, M-M John I Soulliere, M-M Frederick Connolly, M-M Francis Petrillo, M-M Ronald Bishop. . $25 M-M Joseph Sajewlcz, M-M Ronald Gonsalves, M-M Michael, Arminio, M-M Margaret Waterhouse, M-M Peter Cragan, M-M Robert Sullivan, Mrs. John ,Risser, M-M Edward Armon, M-M Joseph Grigelevich, Mrs. George Johnson, Grace Feid, J.' W. Gaultieri, M-M Michael Poissant. SOUTH ATTLEBORO st. Theresa $600 Rev. Edmond R. Levesque; $300 South Attleboro K. of C. Council, M-M Raymond Gravel; $175 M-M Frank Gillan; $150 M-M David Grady; $125 M-M Dom Berardi, M-M Ronald Bouchard, In memory of Phil Morris; $110 M-M Louis Lacivita; $100 Mrs. Nelson Roy, M-M Ronald Oliveira, M-M Charles O'Malley, Mrs. Esther Desmarais, Confra,ter­ nity of Christian Mothers,- M-M Leo Lachance; In memory of Arma~d Levesque, M-M Michael Lewis, M-M Oscar Morel, M-M Anthony Moskalski, M-M Normand Carrier, Anonymous (2). $75 M-M Joseph Hebert, M-M James Sweeney, M-M Ernest Major, M-M Leonard Stasiukiewicz;. $50 M-M ,John McDermott, M-M Charles Calkins, M-M William

Sharples, M-M Aime Turgeon, Anonymous (3), M-M

Oscar Bourgette,' M-M John. Case, M-M Harold

Hanewich, M-M Joseph Iwuc, M-M James Mann, Mrs.

George ,O'Connell, M-M John Plath, M-M Thomas

Reil'ly, M-M Henry Auclair. '

$40 M-M John Casserly, Anonymous, M-M Robert Belanger, M-M Paul Metilly, Mrs. Dorothy Boisse; $35 M-M Charles Rozak, M-M Joseph Soares, M-M Ernest St. Pierre, M-M Elmer Edwards, Anonymous, . M-M Rodolphe Bergeron, M-M Rodolphe Bruneau,

Mrs. Robert Coelho, Edward Duclos, Ann Gavlick,

Ropert Hannaway, M-M William Labree. .

'$30 M-M Kevin MeSally, Anonymous, M-M Claude

Labossiere, M-M Stephen Wujcik, M-M Elmer Butler. M-M Joseph Cotter, M-M George Duquette, M-M Richard Murray, M-M Leon Tougas, Mrs. John ,Trini­ dad & Sons; $25 M-M Edward Angiolillo, M-M Robert' Brothers, M-M George Busby, Mrs. Joseph Dufour & Lisa, M-M Richard Enright, Charles Farrell. $25 M-M Leo Fontain~, M-M Alfred Gelinas, M-M Donald Harkins, M-M Philip Hood, M-M Omer Letellier, M-M Francis McInerney, M-M Kenneth McLean, Robert Milik, Arthur Mondor, M,;,M William Niquette, M-M George Pollitt, M-M Norman St. Germain, M-M Allan Tompson, M-M Gerard Vachon. $25 M-M Joseph Lunderville, M-M Edward" Tedesco, Mrs. Marilyn Bazinet, M-M Robert Berard, M-M Ray­ mond Brogan, M-M Gerald Brillon Sr., M-M Thomas Blais, M-M John Case III, M-M Vincent Keane, M-M Gerald Keane, M-M Joseph Ledger, Mrs. Rita Metivier, M-M Michael Osienski, Mrs. Adrien Piette, M-M Roger Provost, M-M Roland Satti, Wilfred St. Jean. $25 M-M Albano Silva, M-M Roger Turcotte, M-M Edward Zuba, Anonymous (13), M-M Robert Andrews, Mrs. Paul Beausoleil, M-M Ernest Benschneider, Rheal Berger, M-M William Bergeron, M-M Roger Bussiere, M-M William Coughlin, M-M Roland Cote, M-M Rob­ ert Foley, Mrs. Minnie Forest, M-M Robert Foss, M-M Rene Gingras, M-M Arthur Glode, M-M James Henry. ,$25 Mrs. Barbara Kelly, M-M Raymond Kelly, M-M John Kenny, M-M Robert Laliber-te, M-M Robert LaUberte, M-M Richard Lareau, M-M Marcel Lari­ viere, M-M Albert Lefebvre, M-M John Lunder, M-M William Lynch, M-M Leo Lyons, M-M Francis O'Con­ nell, M-M Charles O'Connor, M-M Thomas Piggott. $25 M-M Antonio Pinto, M-M Edward Pion,; M-M Boleslaw Rec, M-M Ralph Roberge, M-M Norman, Standring, M-M Emil Sztaga, M-M George Tedino, M-M Rene Therrien, M-M O. Neil Turenne, M-M Morris. Vieira, M-M Stephen Vincent. SEEKONK. St. Mary $300 M-M Stanley. Stutz; $100 M-M Roger Farren, M-M Andrew P. Harney, Dr.-Mrs. Raymon S. Riley, M-M Louis Laliberte; $75 Michael Tansey, M-M Thomas J. Brady Jr.; $50 M-M Herbert Leddy, M-M Joseph Palana, Mrs. Karen Stevens; $45 M-M Charles Greggerson; $30 M-M Roger LaFrance. $25 M-M W. Cushman, Mrs. Guy Eklind, M-M Wil­ liam Fletcher, M-M Cha.rles M. Haley, M-M Edward Harrop, Muriel. & Nora Hunt, M-M Robert Jacobs, M-M Robert Kenneally, M-M Thomas A. Klang, Donald Langlois, M-M Sylva Langlois, M-M William O'Brien. Mrs. Joseph Strycharz, Mrs. Joseph Ventu~a, M-M Cliff Wallace. ' MANSFIELD St. Mary $120 M-M Kenneth Megan; $75 M-M Giles Dognazzi; $60 M-M Thomas Lavery, $50 M-M Alvert Fasulo, M-l.\I Neal Herrick, Joan Shaw, M-M Clifford Titus; $40 M-M James Harackiewicz, M-M Guido Leonelli; $35 M-M Michael DiGioia, M-M Rocco Grasso Jr.; $30 Dr.-Mrs. Charles Colella, Mrs. George F.arnam, M-M C. M. Fillmore, Dr.-Mrs. Chas. Meszoely, M-M Thomas L. Masson. $25 M-M Leo Annese, M-M John Brunelli, Clarence M. Dacy, M-M Stephen Conroy, M-M Celestino DiGio­ vanni, M-M Ralph Dupree, M-M John King, M-M George Knight, M-M John H. McNair, Mrs. Beatrice Mugford, Mrs. Alphonse Musto, M-M William Palanza, Ri,ta A. Pascale, M-M Anthony Pellegrini; Irene Peterson, Judith Precour-t, Eleanor Piccolomini, M-M William Reynolds. . $300 The Darmedy Family; $150 M-M Eugene Britton; $100 Napoleon Cabana, M-M Edward Jameson Sr.; $75 M-M A. Boldrighini; $60 M-M ThomlU! Graney Jr., M-M William Lawrence; $50 M-M Conley Eagan, Mary Faria, M-M Philip' Genatossilo, Thomas P. Haven, M-M Dominic Poilluccj, Lester McGoldrick, Arthur Remillard, Adam Spilewski, William Sullivan , Jr. $40 M-M Francis Faria, M-M Lawrence Jackson, . Winifred Marcussen, M-M Mark Mitchell, M-M Joseph Mullin, M-M Lincoln Musto; $35 M-M E. Atwell, M-M John L. Craven, M-M Edward Driscoll, M-M Raymond Pelrine, M-M Guy Tomase; $30 M-M Brian Egan, M-M R. Galanti, Jean Mygan, M-M Victor Narciso. . $25 M-M Gino Bacchiocchi, M-M Tom Balboni, M-M George. J. Barlow, Mrs James Bu!ion, M-M John Campbell, M-M N. Coggeshall, M-M Frederick Conlon, M-M Victor, DaCosta, M-M William DeBaggis, AI'bert H. Decele, M-M Ralph DePillo, M-M Michael Eagan, M-M Donald Genoa, M-M David Houghton. $25 M-M James Kinder, M-M Kevin King, M-M Robert Mei, M-M Joseph O'Malley, Mrs. Emma Pascucci, M-M James Peters, M-M Joseph Piscatelli, M-M Frank Regula, M-M William Rose, M-M Russell Luby, Mrs. Wm. A. Schmidt, M-M Vincent Tighe. NORTH ATTLEBORO Sacre'd Heart $100 Rev. Roger D. LeDuc; $75 Fernand J. Goulet; $50 M-M Paul Dion, M-M Norman Cloutier, Ann Hill, M-M Maurice Roberts,' M-M Nelson Duphiney; $25 M-M Roger Bourassa, M-M Walter Harris, M-M Ray­ mond Alger, M-M Michael Metcalf Sr. $25 M-M Charles Meunier, M-M Henry LaRocque, M-M Donald Kirby, Yvette Hamel, M-M Joseph 'DeFina, M-M William Kummer, Edmond Couturier & Family, Doris Gagne, M-M Roger Condon, M-M Leo Lacasse. $50 M-M Emile Seymour, M-M Albert Desilets, M-M Paul Sauve, M-M Richard Vacher; $40 M-M Normand Achin; $35 Louis Bardier; $32 M-M Wilbur Weldon; $30 M-M Rene Pinsonnault; $27 Paul Cal­ derone. $25 Mrs. Marlelle Martineau, Mrs. Flora Destrampe, M-M Rodolphe Morel, M-M Albert Davignon, M-M Charles Griffin, M-M Edward Lacasse, M-M Michael Kirby, M-M Ovila Ouellette, Denise Pinsonnault, M-M Stanley Posiadlo, M-M Alfred Weldon, M-M Arthur Cloutier, M-M Wayne Pearson, Mrs. ~l,ai:e Deschenes.



St. Mary $125 Mrs. Elmer Ralston; $100 M-M Joseph Doran, St. Mary's Women's Guild; $60 Peter J. AntonovHch; $50 Mrs. Julie Hammond, Anthony Velletrl; $35 Mary Kennedy, Lynda Lambert & Frances Vandal, Edward Noland; $30 M-M Richard Gaulin; $25 M-M Louis Abdou, ,¥-M Joseph Arruda, M-M John Billington, M-M John Chaplow, M-M Wil­ liam Conroy, M-M Francis Conshidine, Laura Conti. $25 M-M William Corrigan, 'Ms. Shirley Dunham: M-M Louis Gagnon, M-M Howard Gaudette, M-M John Gaumond, M-M Albert J. Hindle, In memory of William Jackson, Mrs. Thomas Johnson, M-M Edward Joyce, M-M T. F. McCarthy Sr., Mrs. Clement Sharon, Mrs. Dorothy Szewczykowski, Mrs. Eileen Taylor, M-M Dennis Vandete, Mrs. Edmund Welch. $200 Mary and Margaret Kinton, M-M Paul J. Roche; $100 Mrs. Bernard Byrnes, Mrs. Raymond Vandette; $60 M-M Austen Butler; $50 Anne Marie Vandette; $25 M-M Roland Cloutier, M-M Elmo Finocchi M-M Arthur Gaboury, M-M William Precopio, M-M Roland Provost Sr., M-M Lester Ralph, M-M Robert Scarlatelli, M-M Arthur Spencer. .

St. Patrick $1500 Rev. Francis X. Wallace; $1000 Rev. James A. McCarthy; $200 Anonymous (2), M-M Charles L. Bardelis; $125 Anonymous, M-M Lionel Cure; $100 Mary Ames, Anonymous (8), Judith Ca.puzzo, Dr.-Mrs. Edward Fitch, Edward Kampton, M-M Manuel Lopes, Paul Navin, M-M Frank Oliver, Katherine Robbins, M-M Louis Tessier, M-M Edward C. Weil Jr., Mrs. Edmund N. Sherman, $500 Anony­ mous. ,

$50 John Flaherty, Frances T. Barry, Mrs. Everett Finnell, Anonymous (16), M-M Howard Battee, M-M John Maloy, M-M John F. Durant, Robert McDonald, M-M John Jones, Mrs. Darn-el Geronimo, M-M Terrence McKenna, M-M Jesse Miller, M-M Ernest Keating, M-~ Melvin Dol'an, M-M Michael J. Call-ahan, Ms. Margaret Cassidy & Mrs. James Cassidy, M-M Joseph Hill, John J. Walsh, M-M Thomas L. Matthews Jr., Loretta McKeon, M-M Richard Lopes, M-M John Adams, M-M Edwin Medeiros, M-M David Carr. $40 In memory of Margaret M. & John P. Sylvia Jr.,

Mrs. Clarence Anderson, M-M Theodore Tavares; $35

Mrs. John Donovan, Anonymous (2), M-M Joseph

Armbruster, M-M John Ciummei, Mrs. Reed Hamilton,

M-M Adam Kaspar; $30 M-M Chester Frazier, M-M

Arthur Robichaud, Mrs. J'ames Forman, Anonymous;

$25 M-M Edward Ca1'roll, Atty. & Mrs. Leo F. Delaney,

Mrs. James Griffin, M-M Richard Dionne, Mrs.

Elizabeth DeMello, M-M Robert Leavens, Anonymous

(25), M-M Leooard Barr, M-M Joseph Blaquiere.

$25 Mrs. Charles Boles, Mrs. John J. Burke, Mrs.

Geo'rge Cahoon, M-M Bernard Cassidy, M-M Gail

Cavanau,lth, M-M J·ames Conley, Rita Conlon, Agnes

M. Dardis, M-M George Ferris, M-M Paul Gilmart,in,

M-M Anthony GUsta, M-M Edward Godlewski, Mrs.

Bertram Haddon, Mrs. Frank Harrison, M-M 'Herbert

Hart, Cmdr. & Mrs. John M. Joseph, Mrs. Thomas

Keenan, M-M Joseph Kynch, M-M Norman LaForest.

, 'C' $25 M-M Joseph Lynch, M-M Raymond Maguire, M-M Aldo Milanes.~, Mrs. David Miller, George Morin, M-M Frederick Morris, M-M John O'Connell, Mrs. Wallace Pierce, M-M Paul Rich, Charles Rogers, Jennie Rosenquist, Harriet Strong, M-M Clifford Wolski, M-M Robert S. Allen, M-M Daniel Bartolomei, Mrs. Henry Brown, Mrs. Laurence M. Burdo, M-M, Chester Christie, M-M Leonard L. Costa, Dr.-Mrs. Arthur Cra.go, M-M Joseph L. R. Dumais. $25 M-M Frank Emmel, Mrs. Robert E. Flynn, M-M Joseph A. Lamont, M-M George LaPointe, Lowe F,amily, M-M Joseph McCormack, M-M John Mur·ray, James Nidositko Sr., M-M Edward Peterson, Elizabeth Phelps, M-M John Pimental, Frank A. Wildes, Ray­ mond J. Williams, M-M Edmund Zmuda, M-M Marcel Albert, Margaret A. Burke, Josephine Doyle, Mrs. George Fonseca. M-M Joseph McLeish, M-M Michael E. Procek Sr. $150 M-M Richard L. Kinchla; $100 Anonymous (3), William Brennan, Mrs. Patrick J. McDonnell, Dr.-Mrs. Paul Bouche; $50 M-M James Crook, Mrs. Joseph B. Miskell, M-M Edward Studley; $35 Howard Lannon; $30 M-M Edward F. Adlum; $25 Mrs. Raymond Ba.chand, Sherman Baker, M-M Frank A. Castles, Anonymous (2), M-M John Flynn, M-M Michael Grady, M-M Raymond Laliberte, M-M Richard Lewis, Donald Moitozo, Mrs. Joseph T. Murphy, M-M Edward Paszek, M-M Victor S. Pozerycki, Mrs. Robert Swan­ son.

SEEKONK Our Lady of Mount Carmel $200 St~, Vincent de Poul Society; $150 M-M John Ghiorse, Holy Name Society, Women's Gui'ld; $100 Anita Cavallaro, Dr.-Mrs. Richard Murphy, Dr.-Mrs. Ronald Ricco, M-M Leo Tasca, M-M Fritz Ulmschneider; $75 M-M John Raposa; $65 M-M Ralph Turner; $60 Mrs. Louise Oakland; $52 M-M Frank Gamboa, $50 M-M Ronald Derr, M-M Gerald Fol,ey, Mrs. Martha Gorman, M-M Charles S. Grossman, M-M John T. Kelleher, M-M Peter Matonia, M-M Sarkis Najarian Jr., Mrs. W. Gordon Partington, Dr.-Mrs. P. A. Pizzarello, M-M Eugene Rebello, M-M Bruce Saunders, M-M Robert Sloane; $40 M-M A. J. Lemieux. $35 M-M Anthony Andrews, M-M Harald G. Devine, M-M Raymond F. Silva; $30 M-M Winifred Callahan, Mrs. Manuel DeMattos, Mrs. Jeane M. Lyons, M-M Joseph Mullen, M-M Raymond Naughton, M-M Antonio Perri, M-M George Roderick, M-M James Wollish. $25 M-M Antone Alexander, M-M David Avila, M-M Donald Baker, M-M Ernest Beauregard, Mrs. Sarah L. Blackledge, M-M Robert A. Candido, Mrs. Regina Canning, M-M Rene Charpentier, M-M Wm. J. Curtis Jr. M-M Harry P. DeAngelis, Mary DeSilva, M-M Robert J. Desrochers Jr., M-M Joseph DriscoU, M-M John H. Ellis, Dr.-Mrs. John Erhardt, Mrs. JOlleph S. Ferreira, M-M Norman Galimberti Sr. $25 M-M Paul Given, M-M James Handrigan, M-M Francis Harrington, Mrs. Manuel Hendricks Jr., M-M Walter J. Kelly, M-M Gerald J. Lima, M-M Armalld Lussier, M-M Thomas McGovern, Joseph Medeiros Jr., M-M William H. O'Brien Jr., Rita H. O'Neill, M-M John Pontific'e, M-M Donald Robillard, M-M Clovis Roux, M-M Fernando M. Silva, M-M Alfred St. Loius, M-M Raymond Tomlinson, M-M John J. Tretton, Mrs. Madeline S. Vartanian, M-M Anthony Vendetti, M-M ' George Vergilis, M-"M Thomas Walker. BUZZARDS BAY st. Margaret $50 Edward O~Melia. M-M Gary Maloney, M-M William MacKenzie, M-M Edwin Payton; $40 James Murphy; $35 In memory of James J. Tamagini, M-M John Burns; $25 Walter Morse, Edward Lynch, M-M Aarne Ikkela, Lee K. Stephens, Joseph Comeau, G. Edward Garceau, John R. Diede Sr., Joseph Butler. $25 James A. Mulvey, M-M William Reagan,Lucy Leone, Ida Monteiro, M-M John P. King, Raymond Fitzgerald, M-M Richard C. Coughlin, Rose Marie Umanzio, Barbara A. DeCicco, M-M Anthony P. Andrade, M-M Nicholas Fernandes. CHATHAM Holy Redeemer $100 Paul G. O'Friel, M-M Charles V. Reydel; $75 M-M James Griffin; $60 M-M Robert Cook; $50 Helen Andrews, M-M George O'Malley, M-M Ralph C. RewcasUe, Harold N. Scheurer; $50 M-M Mark Sylva, $40 M-M Paul L. Dowd, Mrs. James Greer; $35 M-M James J. Keane, M-M Albert Kolodzik. $30 M-M Robert Ericson, M-M Donald J. White; .$25 M-M Gerard Barry, Mrs. Arthur J. Brent, Wilham Calarese M-M James Enright, Ida Galligan, M-M Daniel L-avache, M-M V. Michael Onnembo, M-M Thomas M. Philpott, M-M Donald Shea, Catherine Woodward. $700 Holy Redeemer Bingo; $500 John Brogan; $200 St. Vincent de Paul Society; $100 Association of the Sacred Hearts, M-M Albert McEntee; $75 M-M Eugene Kissel; $60 M-M Edward Forgeron; $50 M-M Robert Benziger, William Wilz Carroll, M-M Richard Mitchell, Carmela Pencikowski; $30 Mrs. John Gallpp; $25 M-M James E. Fichett, ,M-M John F. Hogan, Walter F. Lynch. EDGARTOWN

EAST FALMOUTH St. Anthony $400 Rev. Msgr. Maurice Souza; $180 M-M Albert Gramm; $150 M-M Melvin Gonsalves; $100 M-M Thomas A. Brown, ·M-M John L. Lopes, M-M Patrick Lewis; $60 M-M WaIter Fitzgerald; $50 M-M John A. Reine, M-M Frank Teixeira, Mrs. Geral­ dine Robbins, M-M Patrick P. Bishop Sr., M-M Guy W. Nickerson, Antonio Mello Sr., $40 Mrs. Beatrice Emerald; $35 Mrs. Lena G. Soares, Manuel L. Tavares. $30 M-M Theophilus Oliveira, M-M John Dias, Mrs. Gracieta Martins; '$25 M-M William Pearson; Mrs. Mary Needham, M-M Frank Figuerido, Mrs. Hilda D. Cabral in memory of George Cabral, M-M Daniel L. Lopes,. M-M Adolph P. Bishop, M-M Herminio Lopes, . M-M Frank Almeida, M-M Salvator Sagese, M-M Joseph Rose, M-M Richard G. Hirtle, M-M Joseph Farland, M-M Cur,tis E. Hill, ~-M Lawrence Costa. $25 M-M John Araujo, M-M Francis J. Bradley, M-M James F. McNamara, M-M William E. Richardson Jr. M-M Arthur Ciambelli, Mary V. Cabral, M-M G~gory P. Bertrand, M-M Alfred DePrizio, M-M Ernest P. Cabral, M-M Robert W. Sylvia, Adlein Moniz; M-M Roge~ J. Seyer, M-M Louis A. Marks Jr. BREWSTER Our Lady of the Cape $200 Mary F. Bond; $50 John K. Kane; $30 Wilfred Trahan, Edward L. Cayton; $25 Francis Crimmins, Dorothy M. Pendergast. $100 Paul E. Bartsch, Leonard W. McHugh; $50 Charles Malone; $40 Ann & Maray Hickel; $25 Geor,ge T. Johnson, Helen Brandon.


St. Elizabeth $225 Rev. George F. Almeida; $200 The Chadwick House; $100 Shiretown Meats, St. Elizabeth Guild, St. Elizabeth' Conference; $75 Berube Electric Inc.; $50 Roland Authier, George Goulart, Elizabeth Doyle, Albert Kent, Edgartown Hardware; $40 M-M Donald Maguire; $35 M-M Herbert Mercier Jr.; $30 M-M Ronald Muc~le. $25 Arthur Gazaille, Carroll & Vincent Realty, M-M John }Jathaway, Charlotte Madeiros, M-M George Willoughby, M-M Antone Bettencour,t Jr., Marion Higgins;' M-M Arnold Kheary, T'akemmy Laundry, Mrs. Walter Smith Jr., M-M Alfred Noyes, Mrs. Philip Norton, M-M Walter Knapp, M-M Stephen Rose M-M Edward Prada, Arthur Hartog, M-M Her­ man' Gazaille, M-M Freeman Willoughby, A Frie~d, ,M-M Ec;twin Bettencourt, Mrs. Albert Prada, Ronald Chambers, LaBell Plumbing & Heating.

HYANNIS St. Francis Xavier $800 Very Rev. Edward C. Duffy' $300 Rev. Joseph Caplice, O.M.I.; $250 Rev. Robert C. Donovan, M-M Edward J. Murphy; $200 Rev. M. Leo Buttim-er, S.J.; Mary M. Gregg, M-M Char1es W. Riley, Irene and Mary Shea; $135 M-M Thomas Golden; $100 M-M John Barrows, M-M Daniel Callahan, M-M J·ames Carson, M-M Angelo Cataldo. $100 Robert Chadwick, M-M Raymond Chasse, Karl Christianson, M-M William Conlon, Robert Jameson, M-M Nicholas Karukas, Mary Lovett, M-M William Marnell, M. Martins, Margaret and Josephine McLe·an, Mrs. Margaref Raymond, Mrs. John Rose, John Vetorino, Clifford White, M-M Edmond W. Dery Jr., M-M Ernest J. Landry, M-M Lionell O'Keefe. $80 M-M John Curley Jr.; $75 M-M Thomas Carroll,

M-M Earl C. Fratus, Edmund Daly, M-M James Hobart, M-M Thomas Loughlin, Kathleen Maddison, M-M John Medeiros, M-M Michael Santos, Mrs. Anna Vetorino;'$60 M-M Donald Kane, M-M John McConnell, Patrick O'Connor, M-M Asa Stanley; $55 M-M Thomas C. McGarry; $50 Ralph E. Berling, M-M Theodore

Bouthillier, Dr.-Mrs. Dante Capra, Mrs. Katherine C.

Chase, Dorothy M. Clark.

$50 M-M William Carmody, M-M John T. McKenna

Jr., Mrs. Valerie Richer, Ann P. Corcoran, Mary P.

Courtnell, M-M Joseph Crimmins, M-M Robert

Crockett, M-M Edward P. Deveney, M-M Frank Dolan,

M-M John Flaherty Jr., 'M-M Joseph Flynn, M-M

Dani-el Francisco, M-M William Geick, M-M Edgar

G1'e·eney, Mrs. Mildred 'Joslyn, M-M Thomas Kenneally.

$50 Mrs. Harry Laird, Samuel A. Lowry, M-M A.

MacIsaac, Mrs. Ronald Mansbach, Margaret C.

McCarthy, James E. and Elizabeth F. Murley, M-M

John F. Murray, M-M Shane Peros, M-M Gerhard

Robichaud, Mary Ryan, M-M Robert Ryan, St. Francis

Xavier Holy Name Society, M-M Frederick Sampson,

Mrs. Dorothy Shannahan, Marjorie Sordillo, Violette

Thomas, M-M Robert \\Fhite.

$40 M-M William T. Corey, M-M Richard Dres.ser,

Mrs. Daniel Dunn, M-M Victor Enright, Marguerite M.

Fallon, M-M Robert A. Flinn, M-M Charles Harkins,

M-M Andrew Kelleher, M-M Joseph McManus, M-M

Richard Mitchell, M-M Mozart Moniz, Mrs. Lillian

O'Donnell, M-M William Fillion, M-M Raymond F.

Roberts, M-M John D. Sheehan, M-M Leo Skaparas,

Mary Trocchli, M-MThomas McEllig,ott, Gerald Richard.

" $35 M-M Frederick Barr, Virginia Campion, Alice Degnan, John F. Dempsey, M-M Edard G. Eaton, Mrs. Katherine Garvey, M-M John Gillen, Mrs. Richard Lucius, Florence A. Maher, M-M William Ma,ther, Mary M. McAdoo, M-M Edward J. Berg, Mrs. Gerald Lyons, M-M James F. McGrath, Bertrand L. Plante Sr., M-M William F. McTague, M-M Ralph Noonan, St. Francis Xavier Prayer Group, M-M Ronald R. Tefft, M-M Frederick J. Thome. $30 Virgil Casey" M-M Ardito, M-M Joseph Cairns,

M-M Robert Devlin, M-M Frank Marshall, Mrs:

Rosanna Mitchell, Mary C. Murphy; $25 Dorothy

Beupchler, M-M James Bonner, Manuel J. Coute, M-M

Charles Gallivan, Beverly Landry, Mrs. Esther

Murchison, Norman Nault, James Pelletier, Andrew

and Phyllis Tannone, Paul F. Young, M-M Adamo

Agostinelli, Mrs. James Ahearn, Mrs. E. -G. Andreoli.

$25 Addison Baker, M-M Edward J. Bennett, W. E.

Bennet, Lilli-an Bernard, M-M John Best, M-M John

Broussard, M-M John J. Carty, M-M Louis Cataldo,

M-M Francis J. Cavanaugh, M-M James Clarke, M-M

Daniel J. Coffey, Katherine Connolly, William J.

Creighton, M-M Richard Cronin, M-M Gordon De

Martin, Mrs. Edna Demoranville, M-M Oliva Denon­

court, M-M James H. Doherty Jr., Jeannette Donoghue.

$25 M-M Joseph S. Donohue, M-M Harold Dore, M-M Francis Dorey, Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzpatrick, Mrs. George Fleming, Mrs. Gabrielle Foley, M-M· E. H. Galligan, Mrs. Marie T. Gelinas, M-M Giardino, M-M Ronald B. Gibby, M-M Frederick H. Gr.assie, M-M Thomas Hannon, M-M John P. Herlihy, M-M Lawrence B. Holmes, Stephen M. Holmes, M-M Theodore Holmes, $25 M-M Charles H. Hurley, John W. Johnson, James P. Jordan, Thomas-A. Kane, Barbara KlImm, M-M Ed Larioiere, M-M Thomas Lazour, M-M Norman Le Fr·ancois, Guy Lentini, Virginia Long, Claire Mahoney, Arthur Manaselian, M-M James P. McCor­ mick, M-M Francis McGee, John McGowan, Mrs. Mary McKenna, M-M John It'. Meehan, M-M Thomas Messier, M. Arlene Morin, M-M John R. Mullin. $25 M-M Russell D. Ockerbloom, M-M William F. O'Meara, M-M John Patriqiun, Richard E. Powers, M-M Edward J. Purcell, Ruth Ricciardi, M-M George Robbin, M-M Melvin F. Rugg, M-M George J. Silva, Dorothy Smith, M-M Philip Smith, M-M W. H. Smith, M-M Edmund Souza, M-M Harry Sylvester, Mrs. Charles Szymanski, Jennie T'avares, M-M Robert S. Taylor, Katharine J. Tierney, Harold Wells, M-M Harold West, M-M John Weston, Mrs. Ruth Williams. $500 Rev. Albert J. Ryan, Josephoine P. Zambon; $100 Lydia B. Bonih, Henry Chamberlain, M-M Harry Ferullo, M-M Bernard F. Kelley, Robert C. Kelley, James Pendergast, M-M G. M. Shannon; $60 M-M Ralph Rocheteau, James B. and Christina M. Schwager. $50 M-M Alan E. Cavanaugh, M-M George E. Conley, Margaret Fitzpatrick, M-M Arthur Giorgantas, M-M William J. Hedrington, M-M Everett B. Horn Jr., M-M Edward, Kelly Jr., Mary Lynch, Thomas E. O'Rourke, Lillian A. and Marian F. Purdy, In memory of Mary R. (Mame) Sullivan, Catherine D. Towey. $40 M-M Austin Bell, M-M Donald Chase, M-M John H. Donovan, Mrs. Guilford Mudgett, M-M Joseph Ryan, Donna Sayadoff-Flaherty, M-M Cedric Sears; $35 Jam'es F. Barry, Harriet Butler, Mrs. Edith E. Growe and Rosemary L. Eldracher, M-M Edward J. Kelley, Thomas F. Murphy; $30 Mrs. Kathleen Aikens, Carl and Aida Ferdens!. $25 Virginia Belanger, M-M George Blakely, Edward Bonney, Mrs. Winifred Bopp, M-M Joseph Boucher, Julia Bowen, M-M James T. Carney, Irene Chamber- . lain, Richard Cressy, M-M Leo Decoteau, M-M -lohn F. Donovan, Mrs. Beatrice Duffy, Mrs. Norah Duffy, Dr. James F. Dunne, Wallace and Pauline Fin!. $25 M-M William P. Ford, M-M Thomas George, M-M Alfred Giangrade, Mrs. Louise E. McKenna, M-M Joseph Mendes, M-M William J. Miller Jr., M-M John E. Mitchell Jr., Mrs. Rita Moda, M-M W. F. Mullane, Frederick J. Murphy, Robert O'Rourke. Marguerite A. Riley, Joseph. and Kathryn Walker II, M-M Edward A. Zink. . $100 M-M Edward J. McCarty; $75 Margaret Lucht, Lillian Senteio; $50 M-M Charles Cogan, In memory of John and Ann Fehr and Louise Earle, M-M Thomas J. Gorman, M-M Vincent Simeone; $40 M-M Claude Domenichelli; $35 M-M George A. Linthwaite, M-M Joseph J. Madden; $25 M-M Roger Brown, M-M James D. Shea.







M-M Milson R. Cook Jr., M-M Emiliano Gavazza, M-M Amedio Gonella, M-M Frank Mangan; $30 M-M Walter Our Lady of the Isle $100 M-M Robert McGrath, R. Alvezi, Mrs. Francis P. Heddy, Mrs. Marie E. Lasith, Peter Martin, M-M William Hays III, M-M David M-M Albert E. Patnaude, M-M Americo Mula, M-M Lussier; $75. Mrs. Rolf Sjolund, Maxwell Deacon, M-M Robert E. Swift; $'25 M-M Anthony Basile" M-M Edmund McNally, M-M Job Lippincott; $65 Donald Kingsley M. Berg, Mrs. Antonio Bianchi, M-M Terence Terry; $50 M~M Edward Strojny, Beverly Hilts,. Mary Brown, M-M Gerald F. Brown, M-M Donald Brun. Grimes, Myles Reis, M-M Alan Ben, Josephine $25 M-M John Oahalane, M-M Bruno E. Oarlonl, Deacop, M-M Howard Laundry, Margaret Pope, M-M M-M George W. Chapman, M-M Roland E. Chevrefils C. C. Coffin, M-M Richard Berthelette, M-M James Jr., Stephanie A. Comick, Mrs. Alexander Consoni, Crecca, M-M John Mendonca, M-M Robert Sjolund, M-.M Eugene CorradI, M-~ Gary Della Posta, M-M M-M Francis McGarvey. Domenic Di Gregorio, Mrs. Frank Di ~aria, "M-M $35M-M Ralph Hardy; $30 M-M 'Donald Gillies, Richard T. Donnellon, M-M Louis C. Emond, M-M M-M Richard Donnellan, M-M Michael Lamb, M-M Fred Everett, M-M Robert M. Ferrick, M-M William Richard Kotalac; '$25 M-M Robert Grant, M-M Ronald M. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Paul Flick" Mrs. Katherine I . . DaSj,lva, 'M-M John J. Fee' Sr., .Heathie, Pykosz, M-M · FUnker, Alex'ander Forni, M-M Eugene Frieh, , M-M Melvin Cardos, M~M Wesley Simmons, Ethel.Dunham, Roland F. De Couto, M-M Ralp1) De Cubellls.:' .M~M Josep!:l Senec~l, M';M Antorte Sylvi:a.,M-~ Robert $25 :M~M StanIey F. Gra'bowski" Mrs. KatIiIeen, B. Flannery, ,ltelen Levins; M-MPeteJ;' E. Sylvia,;M-M G,ranger;' M-M' Charle!! R. Griffin, M-M Richard E. ',Robert Frame, M':¥ Philip' Sullivan, Jill Eva!}s, M-M ·Harris, ,Mrs. Wa~ter Hilliard;' M-M, Joseph E. Jacinto, 'William Burdick, M-M Philip, Marks Sr., M-M"pennis . M-M ,William C. Jones" Mrs. Melvin :Kent, Mrs. Paul Caron, Eleanor 'Ferreira, Carol CroWell: ., " Kiinball, M-M Francis J. Kohn, M-M Ronald K~n, $25 M-M H. Flint Ranney, M-M 'R~bert'Malavase, M-M Robert.LaBrie"Margare~J. La):lg~ll, Mrs. V'almore M-M Kenneth McAuley,. M:.M Robert Campben, .Lesper~nce, Mrs. ,JoJ,:n T. Liberty, Mrl!. Mary'LeGw,in, Robert F. Mooney" M-M Josep)l Lennon,.M-M Richard .Inmeniory of, Russell McAuliffe Sr.,. M-:M 1YI-i~a,er E. ·Starr, ' Erwly, AnQis, M-~ H~nry. Huy,ser, !d~M Frank McCarthy, M-M William P. Meehan, .June H. ~ill~r. Psaradl!liS' Jr., M:..M .(\tthur Butler, ,M"~ Joseph SwaiJ:}, '.: $25. M-M ,Thaddeus MoglInlcki, Mrs. George,' H. Annette' Stackp()le~ M;-M Anthony Sylv~a,: 4gnes Mooney, M-M Paul Moussally, M-MJohn T. Mulcahy, Sylvia:.. M..:M· James Worth. Sr., ,?4-M Malcolm E. M-M Thop}as ~urray,M~MBruce NichoJ;l, M-M. Paul , Crosby, 'M-M D9nald Holdgate' Sr.; M-M LarJ;'y" Man­ J. O'Connell, M-~ William F: O'Connell, Mrs., Yone ·<;heste.... M,,:M' Robert·, Ruley, ) ,~ucille:' Pe~\ I;lOO'Othy B. Oliver,. ~aymorid A. Oliver, ..Roberto,L. O'Mall,ey, !Lochtefeld, M-M' Barry Thurston.• , , : George Or-tolan-i, Mary 'Ortolani" B~rtram ·Page, M-M '$'200' 'M-M 'J~rome 'Waiker;' $100 :,'Anthony ,Cahill, '" Anthony Paltrineri, Edward Parent Jr.; Miles·' ,P. 'M-M' John' O'Neill; '$50 ~ary" Mahoney" Thomas Patro, M':'M Jeremiah. Perry, Charles Powers, M-M '~cAuley, MarY.lI,olmes, M-M Albert ~ Brock, M-M Lloyd Raymond, Mrs.' Chester S. Rich: M:"M Robert ',Francis San~os; $40 ,Capt. and ',Mr~.. W~ Folger; .$30 ~Rogers;.M-M Walter Sullivan, ,M-~'"Jari1es B: Sutton, M-M .Edmund pollard,' M-M Wendell Howes, "Esther M-M Dimte Tassinari, M-M' Tell,o 'Tontini, M-M Fred

,Swain, John. Santos,. M-M;, lIenry" Fee, M-M Sidney ,TWiney, Mrs. Robert D.' Wenrworth, 'The Whitmore

Conway, M-M Normand Chale~.i; M-lVI V~to ·Capizzo. · Family; M-M Lawrence J. Wuethrich. , "

· '$30 Armette Gardner,: M-M Jeremiah Towhill, Jean . '$240 Emilio R: Cerci; $200 'M-M Dante F. Gallerani, Coffiii; M-M Norman. Gauvin, St. Mary Guild, M..;M M-M Herbert, A. Hamlen, M':M Raymond A. Palumbo, Arthur Desrocher, M-M Francis Lynch, M-M Robert Mrs. Lawrence H. Ryan; $150 M-M Michael De ,Nofrio, Bretschneider, M-M Thomas Devine, Catherine Cronin, . M-M Eugene L. Maleady; $120 M-M James J. Bondarek Mary Louise Con~ay,M-M Lawrence Dalton, Therese Jr.; M-M William E. Booth,"M-M Donald Gazeault. Wood'ward, M-M W. Fantom; Albert Lavoie, ~-M . $lOOPet~r P. Fortuna, Edw~rcl L. Gor~rin, M-M Roy' Albert Bond, M-,M Harold Boehm, M:'M· Paul Bix~y, ,E. ,Lindgren, M-M Paul. C. Morrisey, M-M·' Edward .M-M James ~gan. Poore; $90 M-M Ernest Olson; $65 Mrs. Carl Leino; $60 M-M, Alfred DflleY,· ;M-M Victor ,L>evine, ·M-M OSTERVILLE Robert, Leahy." " Our' Lady 'of the 'Assumption $250 Anonymous; . '$50,M-M Edward Brennal1, M-M Peter Colgan, M-M $200 M-M David Wroe; $100 Mrs. Frank Shea, Mrs. Bernard. C. Di Pietr:o; M-:M James O. Earle, M-M William ~one, M-~ Robert Grady; Anonymous (4); ,'Adolph J. Gelson, M-M John Gillis, M-M Henry T. $80 Anonymous; $75 M-M, James Lyons;' $50:Helen Lawren~e, M-M Joseph'Sciacca, Edward Walsh,Louis McCarthy, M-M Frederick Lough, Mrs. John Kava­ Wilson'; $48 M-:M -Kevin P. MELaughlin; $40. M-M nagh, M-M Walter Carlson Jr., Martha Rubado, M-M Donald V. Cianciolo, :M-M .'Donald Fougere, M-M William McKay Sr., Mrs. Boyd Watson, M-M Ax:mand, William F. O'Neil. Mathis, 4nonymous' (5). $35 M-M WiiUam K. Earl~: Norbert F. Eishelii, Julia $30M-M'Sherman ):iush;- 'Anonymous (2); $25 M-M A. Kane" M:-M Colbmbus Pasteris; $~O. M-M Leo James Harrington; ~ope ,BUrke, M-M Louis McKnight, Deegan, Mrs. Marie Hervey, Daniel and Rita. Mc­ M-M Rolanc!- Ashley, Cathex:ine,M()ri~rty, M-M F.Jiancis ponough, The Mon,~ague Family,. Mrs. Ann SqIlivan; McQuillan, Dr. Robert O'Doherty, H-M Thomas Coch­ $25 Mrs. Claire E. Allen, .George Bragan, M-M Thomas ran, M-M Daniel. Leary,~-M, Richard Shaughnessy Dowd, M-M Lou Gallerimi, M:-M Justin George, Mrs. & Nina, M-M Lawrence Bjork, M-M John Murdock, 'John T.. Gibbons,. Dr.-Mrs: Ludgero Go'mez, M-M M-M Arthur 'Lapalme" David Cocl1ran, M-M Robert Joseph' P. Greene, Mrs. Channing Hoixe, Frank Condon, Dr. Philip Laype, Anonymous (10). Kelleher, Mrs. Richard' J. Knowles, Ca1therine Male·y. . $25 Rose Maley, ·Mrs.' A. John MacQuade, Virginia :.. ORLEANS McLaughlin, M-M John W. Maher, M-M John W. Nicholso, M-M Thomas Mirabito, M-M' Ronald W. st. Joan of Arc'$100 Bryan Wilson; $50 David ,Nurse, M-M Charles H. Parks, M:-M-Donald Philbrick, Collins, Mrs. John A. Reeves, EvereWSmith; $35 M-M M-M Charles G. ,Pizzotti, Mrs. Gustavo Pola, M-M Edward Smith; $25 M.;M,'Paul Brewer, Mrs. ~onald ' Vytautus Rastonis, .M-M Charles R. Stutzman,. M-M Corrigan, Helene Dawson, M-M Frank Dugan, Mrs. Frank White. Herbert Reckards, M-M William Whittemore, M-M Peter Francke, Carl Hartung, Mrs. W. ·A. Hazelton, SOUTH YARMOUTH Henry Lind, Dr. Ernest McKenna, Helen Pettit.. . St. Pius X '$1,200 Rev. Msgr. Henry T. Munroe; .. SANDWICH $300 Mrs. Gouveia, M-M David Hautanen, M-M William Corpus Christi $250 Madeleine J: Maguire; $240 • Hogan, Mrs. Dorothy Ewing, M-M Joseph Neely; $200 M-MJohn J. McDonald; $200 Helen·F. Howard, M-M M-M Charles Eager" M-M .Henry Fitzgerald, Arthur James W. Megley; Marcella' Shaughnessy, Rev. J. O'Brien, M-MGeorge Wefers; $130 M-M Frederick Horace J. Travassos; $192 M-M' Harold B. Aekerman; Mullen; $125 M-M George Cravanho; $110 M-M James $150 M-M Leo J. Kelly, Mrs. Walter K. Lynch, M-M Dooley, M-M Emerson Snow;, $100 Anonymous, M-M Willi-am MitChell, Mrs: Charles A., Peterson; . $125 Eugene Duquette, Mrs. Ernest Eastman, M-M John Romeo Ferretti; $120 M-M William' Chisholm, 'M-M Flynn, Edward J. Gleespn, M-M 'Joseph Grady, Mrs. Charles E. Fears, M-MRichard T. Mannion, M-M J9hn T. Hagan,M-MArthur LaFrenier, H. M. Leen. Al'bert Skirius;. Richard G. Vinvens, M-M Carl Waters. $100 M-M Robert Lynch, Margaret MCCready, M-M $100 M-M George Crawford, Peter Donahue; . M-M . Richard J. Misset, M-M Edward Morrow, M-MWilliam :Joseph Keenan, M-M Paul Lynch, M-l\f John A. T. Moynihan, M-M Edward F. O'Neil Jr., M-M David Maroney, M-M Edward L. Meade, Dr.-Mrs. Robert F. Pearson, M-M F. W. 'Cronin, M-M James' H. Quirk, Mealy; M-M George' E. Murray; Patrick L. Murray, Mary G. Hamilton, M-M James H. Quirk Jr., M-M M-M Francis C. O'Brien, M-M Martin' T. Putnam, ·Thomas Rafferty, Evelyn L. Rhodes, Winifred Stenson, M-M Rober.t Reynolds, Daniel C. Ryan, M-M Robert Barbara A. Sullivan,M-M Eugene R. Tilley, M-M Sheehan, M-MHarold R. Shurtleff, Richard E. Tava'res, John ,Zack, Mary Jane & Mary A. Falla, M-M James M-M Francis W. Van Nostrand, M-M WilUani J. L. Keany, Mrs. Joseph F. Mitchell, Russell- 'Janet Whamond', M-M Robert Whearty, M-M, John' A. Murphy, Capt. & Mrs. Edward J. Quinn, Grace Reilly. Wegman. $75 Mrs. Francis Conroy, M-M Joseph D. Evers, $75 M-M Francis' J. Fleming, Dorothy E.. Gallant, M-M Lawrence Grady, Tegid C. Kesler; M-M Raymond Ludden, ,M-M John Mitchell, M-M T,homas Williamson Mary E. Gallant, M-M Joseph Grazul:is, M-M, Norman F. Kelley,: M-M Frank MacDonald, M-M Michael A. ,Jr., M-M WiUram Yoo, M-M Arthur Beatty; $60 M-M McNamara, M-M Willi-am E. Murphy Jr., M..;M· R,aouls J-oseph A. Glebauskas, M-M Philip E. Holland, M-M Francis Martin, M-M Joseph'M. Tierney, M-M Thomas Santos; $60 M-M J. William Bettley, M-M John . MacQuade, Mrs. John C. Pessa; $50 M-M Joseph Sheehan; $50 M-M John J. Berry, M-M James G. Baltusis, M.;M Albert Bazzinotti, Mrs. James Bazzinotti, Carroll, Mrs. Harold W. Beach; M-M Herben J. Evans, M-M' John F. Bern'ard, M-M Alexander W:, Boldyga, M-M 'James' Healy, M-M Carmen Izzo, M-M Laurence M-M Bertrand F. Bpula»:, M-M A.rthur F. Cardin'. ' Morse, Mrs. Denise J., O'Connor, W. A. -Portley.. $50 Mrs. Edgar E. Caron, M-M Raymond J. Cormier, $50 M-M Ralph W. Oartwri-ght, Anne Conley, Maj.

M-M George V. Cox;, M-M Fred Fay, M-M' Henry Ret. Mgt. J. ConIey, M.M Patrick Cox, M-M Francis

Graebener, M-M Rudolph Howes, M-M Richard 'H. Cronin, G. A. Czyoske, M-M Edward F. Doherty,

Latimer, M-M John' A. McArdle, Francis B. McConn, M-M Douglas Donovan, Ms. Mary J. Donovan, Ruth

M-M Francis J. McCusker, Cecilia A. McDermott, P. !?onovan, M-M John Fitzgerald, M-M John William & Catherine McIntyre, James A. MUitello, Gallagher, M-M Thomas 'Gallagher, M-M John" B. Grace F. Morrill, M-M Arthur Pagani, M-M C. Michael Giorgio, M-M Willi-am Harney, M~M Edward Hayes, Peluso, ~obert S. O'Brien, M-M Eugen,e B. O'Keefe Jr., M-M Joseph Hayes, John - Grace Howland, M-M M-M Antonio Rigazo, M-M J. Louis Roberti, M-M Joseph H. Jasper, M-M Lawrence Kane, M-M John Edward ;Rondelli, Mrs. John F. Scanlon, Mrs. Michael J. Kelly, M-M George Kent, Mrs. Ferdinand F. KilUan. F. Shea, M-M John R. Wilson, Mrs. Lilli'an M. Tully. $50 M-M Clarence King, M-M John Lally, M-M $45 M..M Gerald A. Tobin; $40 M-M F. Dow Clark, Joseph Lewis, M-M Ar.thur J. Lynch, Mrs. John M-M Robert E. Corradi, Charles R. Kiley, Mrs. Jahn Manwaring, M-M John Marquest, Dr. Edward Ross, M-M Henry J. Roux; $35 M-M Mario Baratta, McDonough, Ms. Anne McGivney, M-M Peter NANTUCKET



McNamara, M-M George O'Brien: Mrs. Emily Piekos, M-M George Roberts, Joseph, William J. Scalley, ' M-M R. G. Sibley, Mrs. Paul V. Traverse, M-M Thomas J. Walsh, Mrs. Joseph Whitehead; $40' M-M Gino Azzola, M-M Daniel J. Casey, Generosa Hagan, Sally F. Silver. $35 Mrs. Joseph E. Colgan, Marie Duffy, Mary Sheehy, M-M Joseph GuerrIeri, Mrs. Yvonne. Broadcorens, M-M James' Doherty, M-M' Thomas Eaton, Margaret Grimes, M-M Daniel L. Healy, Mrs. Sylvester Maloney, M-M Bernard McCabe, Mrs. Mary C.. Ormi.ton, M-M Richard Sullivan; $30 Edward & Eleanor Cle'ary, Dr.-Mrs'. Peter Amorosi, M-M Charles M. Cronin, Richard Croteau, Mrs. John, Gut'hrie, Margaret ,M. Lariiganand Mrs. Claire U. Lingenfelter, M-M John J. Nprris Jr., M-M ,Hi,chard Quirk, M-M Wesley R~chardson, M-M Edward R.opinson,: Mary R. ROwell, Mrs. Russell Weymouth, M-~ 'Vincent Fowler, M-M William Griffith. ., ' " . $25 M-M Joseph F. Anastasia; ~.-M 'J. p:;arennan, 'M-M Donald J. Burns,: Rosemary .Byrhe, M-M John Cauley, Mrs. Joseph". Chaisson, M.;.M Willla~ ,Conley, M-M James Dacey, M-M Gilbert DillQn, M-M Vincent D'Olimpfo, Mrs. Alice Donohue, .. M-MMatthew Donovan, Mrs. Mary Downes, Mrs. Charles P. Driscoll, M-M William Esposito, M-M Wm. Finnerty, Dr.-Mrs. W. M. Gagnon, Eleanor. 0'. Gallagher, Mrs.J..Frank J.

Gallagher, ,Mary ·D. Graves;'M-M Albert E. 'Guiseppe,

'M-M Will~am Hefler,M-M George oR. Hofmann, M-M

'J·ohn Hou9t; :-M-M John J. Jackmauh"'M-M James ,Kea,ry, M-M DonalCl F,'Kolb, M-M John Kozlicak. $25 Mary E.- Lachins~y; .~-M ~dward M~dden, Mrs. . Joseph Mannering, M-M Richard E. Maxwell, Mgt ­ Katherine McDermott; Mrs: Thomas','P. :McDonough, M-M·'Frederick· C. Miller, M-M Valerio Montilio, H. C. O'Neil, Eugene Oberlander; 'M-M J'. F. 'O'Donnell, Mrs. Eileen Pi Paine, M-M 'Joseph Panek; M-M Leonard Pinlo, RaYmond V. ReillY"Jr., M-M J. J. ,'Roberts, Mrs. Mary Ryan, M-M Louis St. Pierre, M.;M, Sheehan, M-M ROdney L. Simone, :M':'M Richard' Terrio, Helen Williams, Mrs. Edward Ahern, The Andersons, Mrs. Roy Anderson; M-M Norman Babineau, M-M Harold Baker, M-M George Blazin'j Mrs: ·Nella A. Bosworth. $25 Mrs. 'James F. Brennan, M-M Richard Brenner, M-M Gerald E. ~iuim, M-M Carl Bucella, M-M William Bullock, M-M George Caggiano, M-M John Oalla'han, John P. Campbell, M-MEdward Carbone, Jose Cardoza F,amily, M-M Thomas Carey, M-M Fran'k Chamberland, M-M ·James B. Coffey; M-M Louis Colombo, M-M AndreW Comeau, Mrs.' ·Edward It Condon, Kathleen Condon, M-M J'ames 'J. Connell, Edmund ConnoIl~, M-M Harry 'Connelly,' Mrs. Mary' R. Corcoran, Mrs. .Frances Crawford, M-M Joseph' GUllen,' M-M Thomas .Cunniff, Ms. Helen C. C,unningham, M-M Robert Cunningham; M-MWilliam J. Cunnipgham, M_M John Curley, M-M W. J. Cusick, Mrs. FranCis Daley. ~25 M-M John Dl!riforth, 'Josep~ine G. Davern, Mrs. J'ames Desmond, M-M Joseph Deveney; Andrew Doherty, M~. Gail Doyle; Francis Driscoll, M-M Edward M. Duggl!n, Pr.-lVIrs. Ralph J:I. pumas, M.-vM, T'homas Earley, M-M'Russell T. Eckel, M-M Wallace Emerson, John J. Fahey, M-M John Farrell, Francis X. Finnegan, Mrs. J,ames ,F. Finnegan, Elaine Fitzgerald, M-M Louis A. Florio,;Lorraine Flynn, M-M Michael' J. Frucci, M-M Armand L. Galdi, M-M William' Garrity, RobertI V.irginia Ginivan, M-M Alpert Gioiosa, Mrs. Mitchell J. Goodhue, Dr:-Mrs. Arthur J. Gorman, M-~ Richard E. Halloran, M~ry' Healy, M-M ~8Illes Hennessey. $'25 M-M Joseph Higgins, M-M John F. Hopkins, M-M Stephen Hunter, Mrs. George H. James, Mrs. Raymond Jones, M-M Alphonse Kabisaitis, M-M Hugh Kilmartin, Thure Kjllberg, Anna Kvicala, Evelyn M. Kvicala, Mary Lavers, ,Jane M. Logan, Mrs. Daniel Lynch, Mrs. Catherine. MacLeIland,. Marguerite A. Ma,guire, M-M Richard Maguire, M-M George Magurn, Mrs. JamesL. Mahon, Theresa Mahoney, M-M James Maneely, Mrs. John C. Manning, M-M George Martin. $25 M-M Frank W. Martinelli, M-M Robert Masiello, M-M Joseph Mullivan, M-M PaulF. Murray, M-M Francis R. Murphy, M-M David Murray, Joseph C. McColgan, Mrs. Ralph E. McCoy, Mrs. James McGeary, Mrs. William' McGowan, M-M James J. McKay, M-M William McKenney, Ms. Esther McKim, Anne McLaughlin, Mrs. John McLean, M-M Francis O'Brien, M-M Charles J. O'Connor, Mrs. Richard O'Neill, Madeleine Paradis, M-M Michael Patkoske, M-M Joseph Perna, M-M C~rl E. Peterson, Mrs. Clara V. Porter, M-M Roland Quayle, Nancy and Frank Radula. $25 M-M'Raymond Rafferty,M-M William Redmond, M-M Peter Rizzeri, M-M Albert Robbins, Mrs. Joanne Romatsky, Harold Shaughnessy, John Sheehan, Mrs. George H. Smith, M-M Neil H. Smith, M-M William J. Snell Jr., Mrs. John ,W. Spence, Mrs. Eleanor Stallsmith, M-M James H. Stephens, M-M Edward Streile, M-M John Sullivan, Mrs. John R. Sullivan. $25 M-M Robert Sutherland, Rita Swenson, M-M George Thompson, M-M Edward Tierney, Mrs. Harriet Tighe, M-M Donald Tuers, Esther M. Turnbull, Mary Turnbull,. M-M Josf!ph Walker, M-M Basil B. Walsh, M-M 'Ilhomas J. Walsh, Catherine Welch, Marie Welch, Mary White, M-M James Winkler, M-M Thomas Wood. , $1,000 Kurt Risteau; $500 John and Laura Baroni; $300 Dorothy A. Black; $150 M-M William J. O'Brien, Mrs. William T. Smith, M-M Richard DeLorey; $100 M-M William F. Allen, M-M Paul Cameron, Lillian Holtzman, Helen M. McNulty. . $50 Mary Phyllis Brine, M-M Harold Hed-bel"g, M-M Lawrence Kenney, Nancy A. Pinto, M-M Edward F. ,Pytka, Eveline L. Sullivan, M-M Ricahrd Ward; $37 M-M J. W. Barnes; $35 Emile and Ruoth Camandona. $25 Margaret E. Carson, James F: O'Connell, Helen Gill, John J. Gill, Mrs. Henry H. Hamlet, M-M Edward B. Hall, M-M Edward MC1'Julty, Wal,ter W.and Mabel M. Millett, M-M Donald Morrison, Mrs. D. J. O'Donnell, M-M Norbert Parent, James A. Rennie, Charles O. Samuelson, G. W. Sears, Corinne H. Shea, M-M Lloyd Shipley, Albert and Anne Theroux, M-M Alphonse Wallen.



St. Augustine $50 M-M John Larson, Mrs. Laura Sherwood, M-M Joseph K. Tierney; $30 Michael Carroll; $25 Dora Beauchemin, Viola Lopes, M-M Bradford Sylvia.

St. Elizabeth Seton $200 Rev. Joseph E. Wisem'an, C.S.C.; $125 Mrs. Al'thur Miller; $75 M-M Chester Harris Jr.; $50 M--M James H. O'Connell, M-M Keith Sonna'bend, M-M Chester Warner; $35 Mrs. John Russell; $30 M-M· Fred S. Eggleston 3rd. $25 M-M Gerard E. Daly, M-M Eugene Donovan, Mrs. Ann L. Downs, Mrs. Arthur A. Ebenfield, M-M ·Raymond Garafano, M-M C. Keefe Hurley, Jenkins, Cole & Gleason; Henry Joyal, May Kenny, M-M Rich­ ard Mc9a-be, Robert McGuire, M-M Martin Millane, M-M Herbert Semino, M-M John Sullivan, M-M Rich­ ard P. Tracy, M-M Kenneth M. Vokey.

OAK BLUFFS Sacred Heart $3'25 Rev. James F. Greene; $50 Mrs. Paul A. Green; $25 Thomas Demont, In memory of Humberto Cardinal Medeiros, In memory of Rev. Msgr. Patrick H. Hurley, V.F. PROVINCETOWN St. Peter the Apostle $150 Seamen's. SavIngs Bank; $100 BlessIng of the Fleet; $50 A Friend (2); $35 M-M John Downey; $30 M-M Phlllp Cabral, Land's End Marine Supply Inc.; $'25 A Friend, M-M Walter Harding, M-M Manuel Lewis. . $100 Snow & Snow, Attorneys at Law; $50 In mem­ ory of F IV Victory II, Catholic Daughters of America; $35 Knights of Columbus; $25 Mrs. Daniel Heibert, M-M Michael Janopolis, M-M Manuel Phillips, M-M . F,;mmanuel Souza. . POCASSET St. John the EvangeUstl $1,000 Rev.' James W. Clark; $500 M-M Raymond Lambert Sr.; $300 A Friendi. $200 A Friendi.~100 Mrs. Louis J. MacArthur, M-M ~. Minihan, M-m Daniel W. Dunn; $75 M-M Lawrence Brennan, A Friend (2); $50 M-M James Ma'rzelli, Marlo T. Vlllantl, M-M Paul M-edeiros, William O. Duane, Mrs. Paul S. Carlson, M-M John F. Nelson, Catherine Connelly, M-M Edward Cassidy. $50 M-M Gerald Keenan, M-M John M. Quinn, Marie T. Johnson, M-M Charles Resevick, M-M Lawrence J. Perrault, M-M John McCoy, M-M John Mi·gliacclo, M-M Keith E. Songer, Bernadette Mercon, M-M Hubert Thomas, Mrs. Manuel Britto, A Friend, M-M Walter'G. Haas; $35 M-M Richard Sassone; $30 M-M Edmund S. Burke, John Murray, Mrs. Arlene Sparrow, M-M Charles Lindberg, El:izabeth Maginnis; $26 Mrs. Michael Fitzgerald. $25 'M-M Benjamin LizIewskI, M-M Bernard Rogan, MIM Joseph T. Mul'tha, Mrs. Helen Borman, M-M Ronald O'Leary, M-M Frank Flanagan, Francis Mackedon, George F. Hennrikus, Mrs. Herbert J. Schaefer, M-M Fr1lnk Todesca, Eleanor C. BlaIne, M-M ,Raymond LeBrun, M-M Joseph P. Sullivan Jr., M-M Robert Starck, M-M Leo Jacobs, M-M Donald Ward, M-M John L. LaFlamme, M-M Robert J. Perchard, M-M Thomas O'Reilly, M-M Harry Walker. $25 M-M Henry J; Goff, Mrs. Earl Bailey, M-M Robert Corey, M-M John O'Brien, Dr.-Mrs. James Blunt, M-M Antony Decarolis, William J. Benninghof, M-M Vincent Corsano, Mrs. Robert E. McKenna, Robert Collyer, M-M S'tephen Bertrand, M-M Thomas E. Hanley, Kathleen Waters, M-M J. William Henry, M-M Thomas Dunlavey, Mrs Alice Walsh, Dr.-Mrs. William R. Fountain, Donald DeLuca, M-M MIchael J. ~1lrrington, Mrs. Raymond Lucier, Elizabeth C. Morti­ mer, Mrs. Charles Emmons,M-M Robert Cavicchi. M-M Angelo J. DiModica, David Lawrence, M-M Michael Halatyn, M-M Fred Dunbury, M-M' Robert Skriclds, Mrs. Peter J. Mackin, M-M Martin Henry,' Eleanor G. Sherid·an, M-M Clarence Tracy, Lynne T. Jensen, M-M Ralph Brown, M-M Daniel AsquIno, M-M Gordon Wixon, M-M Raymond Morin, Mary R. Nivllng, Gloria S. Price. $1000 M-M Joseph B. McCarty; $100 Pocasset Gol~ Club, NIckerson-Bourne Funeral Home, Agnes R. Woods; $50 Phyllis Becker, M-M Walter Haas, M-M Stanley Bergeron, M-M Henry F. Madden, M-M Richard McMorrow; $30 M-M Russell Burns. $25 M-M Henry Madden, M-M George Delaney, M-M, Edward Grant" Mary Boyle, John Wright, M-M Thomas Foley, M-M FrederIck Comings, M-M William Kurtz, M-M Ralph Whitcomb, M-M William Desmarais, Linda Gasson, Gloria Price, Dr.-Mrs. John Minihan. $25 Mary E. Ellis, Dr.-Mrs. Grover Baxley, M-M Roger Hall, M-M Benjamin DimlIoh, M-M David Judge, M-M Pa,trick McDonough, M-M John L. Lynch, M-M Arthur Hallam, M-M John Cou'ghlin, M-M How­ ard Robinson, Mrs. J·ane Tobin, Mary D. Lawrence, M-M Harold CzarnetskI. WELLFLEET Our Lady of Lourdes $200 In memory of Mar­ guerite Rose; $100 Benson, Youn.g, Downs; Charles E. Frazier; $50 Albert and Phyllis Rose, M-M Thureson, Richard J. Filliman, Francis & Mary Ueberwasser; $40 James J. Fegan; $35 Mrs. Raymond Kane; $25 M-M Robert BrUmer, Rachel & Elizabeth Ficco, M-M Law­ rence J. Rose, M-M Guenther. C. Back. WEST HARWICH Holy Trinity $100 M-M Francis Coyle, Mrs. William Dean; $50 Natalie Conway; $36.50 M-M Robert Roche; $30 Chas. W. Schreiber; $25 Judge Robert A. Welsh, M-M Joseph GavIn, S. A. Donahue, M-M Robert West. $200 M-M William Sweeney; $160 CatherIne White; $100 M-M James Blackmore, Fernand Fournier, John Heffernan, M-M Robert Kelly, M-M Joseph Pina, M-M Albert Tessier; $60 Joan FrederIci; $52 M-M Albert Marchal; $50 Elizabeth Brox, M-M William Doherty Jr., Eileen Fallon, Helen Farrelly, M-M Ronald Ferioli, M-M Robert Lowrie, M-M Henry McKee, M-M Salva­ tore Miceli, M-M Ronald Murphy, M-M Thomas O'Connor, Bernard & Mary White. $40 A,:nos Leyton; $35 M-M Russel Hamlyn; $30 M-M ThQt11as Fuci; $25 M-M John Barry, M-M Edward Blute, Francis ChilinskI, M-M Steven Esons, Eleanor Feeney, 'M-oM Joseph Fernandes, Katherine Hadge, M-M Jo/ln Halliday, Eleanor Higgins, Helen Kelly, Edith lI([cCarthy, Mrs. John Morriseey,' Anthony O'DonneJI, M-M Edward Perpall, M-M Rufus Pina, Anna Faftery, John Roche, Mary Stevens, M-M Louis Totino, Margaret Valencia, Veronica Watkinson.

FALL RIVER Holy 'Name $500 Dr.-Mrs. John Dunn; $300 Dr.-Mrs. John Delaney; $250 Mrs. George T. Bolger; $225 In memory of Dr. Thomas F. Higgins; $200 Atty. -& Mrs. Frederic Torphy, Dr.-Mrs. H. T. Powers, M-M Gerard Fol'tin; $150 Claire Mullins, M-M Herve Bernier, In memory of Raymond J. Clancy; $120 M-M John F. Fanning. $100 In memory of Bernard F. Sweeney Jr., Mrs. John B. Cummin·gs, M-M John Mitchell, M-M Robert B. Reid, M-M Thomas 'McGuire, Dr.-Mrs. Rene Nasser, .Mary Carvalho, In memory of Miguel & Mari\t1na Franco and Napoleon & Helen Romar, Leonard H. Phelan, Elizabeth Neilan. $100 M-M Alexander Vezina, Dr.-Mrs. Michael Wallingford, M-M William Hargraves, In memory of John & Margaret McDermott, M-M Thomas Burke & Thomas Jr., M-M James Collins, M-M Alcide Morrell, Atty. & Mrs. William. F. Long Jr., Mrs. William A. Torphy, M-M Nicholas Mitchell. $80 M-M Frederick B. McDonald; $75 M-M Fred Zebrasky, In memory of M-M Louis B. Devine; $60 M-M Matthew Sullivan, Loretta & Rita V. Kenny, Mrs. Edmund Sunderland, Katherine Hogan, M-M Wilfred Salois, M-M Joseph Keefe; $52 M-M Norman J. Roy. $50 M-M Thomas Conlon, Mrs. Anthony Geary, M-M Jan Pietraszek, M-M J·ohn Carr, M-M Hugh F. Reilly, M-M Edward C. Berube, Catherine P. Harrington, Julia T. Harrington, M-M Joseph Callahan, M-M ,Thomas Morrell, M-M James K. Marum, Helena Kelley, M-M Richard Charland, In memory of Thomas & Elise Guay, In memory of James Bradshw, M-M P. Henry Desmond, Mrs. Thomas Cullen, Rudolph LaVault. $50 Michael Fitzgerald, Vincent M. Fi'tzgerald, Dr.-Mrs. AI1lred J. Roy, Mrs. George P. Hurley, Catharine Furze, M-M Augustine Flanagan, In memory of Sr. Mary Cecella & Kathleen Qillespie, M-M Rene Lavoie, M-M Joseph Vieira, In memory of Dennis F. Sullivan, Mrs..Eleanore Howard, M-M Fred Czer­ wonka, Collette Fortin, M-M Francis L. Collins III, M-M James Murphy, Mrs. Edward B. Downs, M-M William Renaud. $40 M-M DavId T. Sullivan, In memory of Esther McArdle, Raymond R. Beausoleil, M-M Joseph Pin­ sonneault, M-M Stanley Mikolazyk, M-M James Johnson; $36 M-M Arthur Gladu; $35 M-M Edward Grace, Grace Taylor, Helen V. Lomax, Mary C. Casey, Madeline Casey, Katherine V. Whalen, Margaret M. Whalen, Mary Ann Dillon, M-M Henry J. Lemerise, M-M Wilfred C. Driscoll, M-M Lionel Braz, Nash Family, M-M Robel't Rebello, Mrs. Margaret Mercier. $30 Laurette Boulet, M-M Antone Fernandes, M-M Roger Dufour II, M-M Owen McGowan, Dolores Rego, M-M Theodore Gagliardi, Gertrude L. Mercier, M-M Robert Kitchen, M-M Leo J. Flynn, M-M Henry Kitchen Jr., M-M Roland L. Boulay, Benevides Family, M-M Warren Wood, M-M James Murray, Daniel T. Foley, Marion Foley. $25 M-M Thomas McNeeley, Mrs. Everett G. Crowley, Mrs. Edward Murphy, John Reder, M-M Lawrence Knlveton, M-M Joseph Malvey, Barbara Schroeder, In' memory of Mary S. Pietruska, M-M John Hart, M-M Thomas Dunn, M-M Anthony LaCava, M-M Kenneth Reinerio, M-M Paul Arnoe, Mrs. Thomas Sheehan,- M-M Michael T. Walsh, M-M Ade­ lino Flores, M-M Dennis Griffin, Cecile Dube. $25 Mrs. Francis Regan, M-M 'Raymond Chippendale, M-M Thomas L. Stanton, Mrs. William Higgins, M-M Arthur Donovan, M-M Lawrence' Sousa, Joyce Hicks, Jane Wright, M-M Nadilio Almeida, M-M Robert Guimond, Mrs. T. H. McMahon, M-M Ellwood Rounds, M-M Michael Leary, Johq Keating, Mrs. Forrest Kni,ght, M-M Normand Coutu, M-M Thomas E. Lemay, Mrs. Ma·ry Roche. ' $25 M-M William Henry, Mrs. John F. McMahon, M-M Roger Souza, Marie A. Murphy, M-M William J. Paul, M-M Ra.ymond Medeiros, M-M Santi DiRuzza, Mrs. James Cullen, M-M James J. Quinn, Margaret · Riots Sullivan, M-M Edmund 'Geary, Mrs. Anna K. McDowell, In memory of Katherine McNaboe, Mrs. Thomas Charette Jr., Dorothy Polin, A Friend. $25 Sisters of Providence, Edna J. Murray, Ruth A. Cutting, Mrs. Walter Fallon, M-M Norman Levesque, M-M Wal:ter Neves, M-M John Kamp, M-M James Hoyle, Mrs. Francis Crosson, Mrs. John Harding, M-M Edward Witkowicz, M-M Robert Reynolds, M-M Antero Monte, M-M Everett Smith, M-M William G. Grady, M-M William Kilroy, Mrs. Same~l Hacking. $25 M-M John White, M-M Charles Mulcahy, M-M Roland Gagnon, Mrs. Joseph Carvalho, Mrs. MartIn J. McDonald, Anna Malone, Mrs. Annette Harrington, M-M Gaston Plante, M-M Wilfred P. Desruisseaux, Mrs. Elizabeth Zalenski, Kathleen Smyth, Emma Connors, Honor Toohey, M-M James Gibney, M-M Patrick Leonard, M-M Henry Ferland, Stephen J. Nawrocki. Mrs. Hilary White, Mrs. James Eastwood. $25 M-M Robert Parent, 'M-M Peter Sarantakis, Mrs. Francis Tansey, Mrs. Nicholas Hurst, Dr.-Mrs. Joseph · Rockett Jr., Marguerite Bonner, M-M Raymond Monahan, In memory of Frank & Maria Medeiros, Mrs. James Sullivan, M-M Timothy Sullivan, M-M Howard Melker, M-M Everett Martin, M-M Manuel Aguiar, Mrs. Edward Nicoletti, M-M Edmund Hussey.


$25 M-M John A. Burke, M-M David Bishop, M-M Henry Sullivan, M-M Charles Wills, M-M Rene Garant, Helen G. Law, M-M George Kelly, Mrs. Alice C. Harrington, William Nuttall, Chester Nuttall, M-M Joseph Rodrigues, M-M William Kaylor, M-M Richard Wood, M-M Hugo V. Violette, M-M John Burns, M-M Tadeusz Dielawski, M-M Marvin Pochon, Deborah L. . Souza, M-M Pierre Brouns, M-M Joseph ~. Doran. $25 Margaret Lahey, Margaret Parmelee, M-M John Donnelly Jr., M-M Joseph McGuill, M-M Richard Masse, Mrs. James Mor.rissette, Mrs. Elizabeth Peck M-M Stephen Fernandes, M-M George Clark, M-M Joseph Morais, M-M Elmer R. Stafford Jr., M-M Angelo Stavros, M-M John P. Harrington, M-M Ed­ ward L. Quirk, M-M Armand Nadeau, M-M William H,acking, M-M George' Biltcliffe, Mrs. Thomas A. ODonnell, M-M Paul R. Dunn, M-M J. E. Cruger. $25 In memory of Steven Frascatore, M-M John Tavares, M-M Robert J. Accettullo, M-M Joseph Delaney, M-M Francis Crowe, 'M-M John Medeiros, Mrs. William Shea, M-M Arnold Martin, Cecilia Medeiros, M-M John Azevedo, M-M Thomas P. Sousa, M-M Stephen Terceira. St, Joseph $500 Rev. Paul F. McCarrick, The Misses Valerie, Bernadette, Alma Foley; $400 In mem­ ory of Cecelia M. Moloney, Mary L. Harrington, Catherine T. Harrington; $'225 Hon. B. H. Mullaney; $100 Mrs. Leroy Borden, Eunice E. Dion, Francis L. Harrington, James Blackburn, M-M John DeNadal, Mrs. Wallace Fairbanks, Mrs. Daniel W. O'Connell. , $75 James Salv,o; $50 Jose Borges, Julia Harrington, M-M John Kiley, James Perkins, M-M James Rebello, Bernard Tomlinsonn, Mrs. Bernard Tomlinson; $40 M-M John Mulrooney, M-M Daniel Netto, Mildred L. Powers;' $35 Paul Boulay, Honora Foley; $30 M-M Robert Gagnon, Hillard Nagle, M-M William Nugent. $25 Anne Borden, M-M Arthur E. Buckley, John Burns, M-M Ra.ymond A. Campeau Sr., Thomas Corey M-M Joseph Cyr, Emily Downey, M-M Daniel R: Foley, Peter Hodnett, Juliette Kott, John F. Mahoney, Helen McAvoy. . $25 M-M Forest F. Mills, M-M James S. Moriiz, Eileen Murphy, Louise Murphy, Agnes O'Brien, Mrs. Eileen Rego, Mary D. Sullivan, Mary Rose Sullivan, M-M Dale F. Tommer Sr., Joyce Beauchesne, Arthur Hancock, Mrs. Alfred Jones, Marie M. McDonald, M-M Edward J. Ponte. St. Joseph $50 M-M Russell Pichette, Joseph M. Cayton; $40 Charles Wills; $35 M-M Leo J. Caine' $30 M-M Walter Nichipor, Mrs. Edward Kelly; $25 Mrs. Henry Bernardo, Leo' .Griffin, M-M Wililam Lomax, Mrs. Henry Mercer. SS. Peter & Paul $100 In memory of J. Edward Glynn, ,SS. Peter & Paul St. Vincent de Paul, M-M Edward Tyrrell, Mildred Shannon, Mary Tyrrell, SS. Peter & Paul Woman's Club; $62 M-M Edward Kelly; $50 Mary P. Glynn, John Tyrrell, M-M William O'Neil Florence Taylor, M-M William Tansey; $45 Janet Dupont; .$40 Mrs. Nicholas Tyrrell, Earl Cory, M-M Frank Sullivan. $35 M-M John Force; Theresa Nientimp, M-M Joseph StankIewicz; $30 Louise Tyrrell, Mrs. James Rogers, M-M William Hyland, M-M Raymond Polak, Clarence & Barbara Lee; $25 In memory of Mary Rodri·gues Carreira, Ramona Meagher, Mrs. Jerome Foley, Carol Dutton, Mary Dutton, Francis Sweeney, M-M John Wilding, In memory of the Farren Family, M-M Thomas Farren, M-M Manuel Moniz, M-M Gilbert Leduc, Dorothy Hathaway, M-M Nicholas Tyrrell. $25 Joachim Baptista, M-M Norman Corneau, M-M Alfredo Sousa, M-M Francis Ryan, Maureen Ryan, Vincent DiMartino, M-M Pasqual DiMartino, Charles Mahoney, M-M Richard Raposa, M-M Stanley Janick, Michael Sweeney, Deborah Harding, M-M Raymond Dooley, M-M John Luebke, Lillian Cabucio, M-M Frederick Vitullo, John Dolan, Kathleen Gagne, M-M Richard Gagne, Angela MaI·tland, Agnes Heffernan, Helen Ozug, M-M Wilfred Lavoie. St. Peter & Paul $25 M-M James A. Donnelly, M-M James Sunderland. NEW BEDFORD St. Lawrence $150 M-M William Kearney; $110 Dr.-Mrs. William Walsh; $100 Dr.-Mrs. James Bolton' $75' Dr.-Mrs. William Muldoon; $55 Robert Tessier; $50 Almyra & Dorothea Brennan, M-M John Fletcher, Mrs. Anne E. Hooper, Mrs. Frances Koch, James F. McGlynn, M-M Joseph Pierce, Albert P. Porter, An­ tone M. Souza, Stephen W. Doherty, M-M Walter Loveridge, M-M Robert A. Makin, Madeline Riley. $43 M-M Edmund Harrington; $40 Mrs. William Downey, M-M Edward McIntyre, Mrs. Mary Winter­ son; $35 Mary Downey, Mrs. Thomas Foye, Francis Carney, Mrs. Michael Harrington; $30 M-M Paul E. Marshall, M-M Henry Parkin, M-M Theodore J. Calnan, Mrs. Francis Smith, M-M Alfred M. Fra,tes, M-M John Sullivan. $25 M-M Raymond Bolton, M-M Felix Bruce, James W. Connulty, The F. H. DeTerra. Family, Anne Downey, Mrs. Lewis Dutra ,M-M 'Ned Emmons, M-M Manuel Lima, Mrs. 'Manuel P. S. Macedo, M-M Arthur Martin, Mrs. James E. Murphy, James F. Murray, Esther & Thelma Paine, M-M Thomas F. Parker Jr., .Richard Riley, M-M Richard Sanders, M-M Albert Smith. $25 Mrs. Edward Varsel, M-M Kenneth Andrews, M-M Albert Broadland, M-M James Corbett, Odena DeCosta, Katherine Fay, M-M Anthony Ferreira, Mrs. Helen Green, M-M Manuel Guerreiro, M-M' William Kasper, Mrs. John D. Kenney, Mrs. Ernest King. $25 M-M Peter Lemos, M-M Edward Lopes, James Loughran, Maurice Mahon, M-M Hugh McKenna, Mrs. Bernard Murphy, Rosemary Porter, Mrs. August San­ tos, Mrs. Edith Thatcher, Mrs. Aslak Tobiassen, M-M Henrique Vicente, M-M Gordon J. Vieira, M-M John R. Whalen, Mrs. Arthur F. Walsh.



Our Lady of Fatima $300 Rev. Arthur C. Levesque; $100 Mrs. Pauline Hamel, In memory of Armand Le­ vesque, St. Vincent de Paul, A Friend (3), Anonymous (2); $80 A Friend; $75 M-M Paul Pelletier; $60 A Friend, Anonymous. . . ' $50 M-M Normand Ma,thieu, M-M J. Louis LeBlanc, M-M Robert Berche, M-M Jose deMedeiros, Knights o~ Columbus-Stang Council, Dr.-Mrs. Arthur Motta, A Friend (3), Anonymous. $45 M-M Antonio Rijo; $40 M-M Paul Frey; $35 M-M Gordon Goodfellow; $30 M-M Clovis Fecteau, Aime Goyette, M-M Edgar E. Langis, M-M Joseph Leger, M-M Joseph Montour, A Friend, M-M Joseph R. Vezina. $25 M-M Alfred Bouchard, M-M Gerald Bruce, M-M Bernado Cabral, M-M Jorge Correia, M-M George Desrosiers, Mrs. Lena & Pauline Forand, M-M Joseph R: A. Forgue, M-M Joseph Fournier, Mrs. Roger Four­ mer, Mrs. R0lter Fournier, In memory of Theodore Fredette, M-M Donald Gaudette, M-M Anibal Medeiros M-M Edwin Oliveira, M-M Gilbert Rebello, St. Ann'~ Sodality, M-M Manuel Santos, M-M Donald Sarelle, $25 M-M William Teixeira, Mrs. Joseph Cabral, Lorraine Cote, M-M Robert Danielsen, M-M Joseph G. Jusseaume, A !!'riend (12), M-M Pierre Paquin, M-M Conrad Pelletier, M-M Joseph Pereira, M-M Paul TetreaJ,llt. .

St. Joseph $500 Manuel Sylvia Jr.; $100 Georgette Clark, Earl Dias, John Negri, Gwendlyn Trask, Joseph Saladeno, Raymond Starvish, Mrs. Joseph Sulllvan, Alfred Vincent; $75 James Buckley, Margaret F. Soares; $60 Donald Sullivan. $50 Jeffrey, Allinsen, Joseph Begnoche, William Carey, Edward J. Doyle, John Dwyer, Manuel Garcia, Robert Hession, Mrs. Edmund Joseph, Jeffrey Osuch Olive Rioux, Mrs. R. Steveneson, Edward Welek; $43 Henry Fortin, Antone Perry; $40 Ernest Pare, Thomas Rielly; $35 Kevin Henebury, Mrs. Charles Joseph, Margaret Manghan, Roger Peloquin, Walter Silveira Jr.;. $30 Boleslaw Galary, Theresa Gold, Mrs. Walter Sml,th, Mrs. Harold A. Nickerson. $25, Jose Anibar,' Robert Bach, Sharon Bedwell Geard C. Benoit, Anthony Blanchard Louis Braga' Benjamin Bowcock, Mrs. Bernard Ca;ter, Fred Car~ valho, Mrs. Joseph Chaude, Laurian Clement Alfred Correia, Robert D'Anjou, Mrs. Joseph Dawes: Joseph Desautels, Roland Despres, Antone De Terra Jr., John Dias Jr., Lionil J. Dulude, Dorin Flecher, Steven Foster Jr., Margaret Goggin, Louis (;ovoni, Ida Gracia. $25 Patrick Hunt, John Kubiski, Lizandre Lopes, John J. Lo:wney, James Macedo, Daryl Manchester, Eleanor McCartney, Joseph McKenzie, Mary Ca,ton Medeiros, Daniel Mello, Joseph Mello, Nicholas Tangney, Pasquale Nicolaci, Roseria Nicolaci, Jose Nobrega, Mrs. Kenneth Noyes, Charles Oliveira Manuel Oliveira, Anson Paine, Stanley Palys. ' $25 Mrs. Aaron Parr, Steven Paulson, Andrew Pifko, Mrs. Charles Pattle, Joseph Porte, Mrs. Carlos Ribeiro Anthony Rose, Mrs. Grace Rose', Daniel Ryan Anton~ Simas, Thomas Smith .Jr., John Staffon, Mary Sullivan Joseph Sylvia, Robert Sylvia, Robert Wood Jr., Dian~ Taber, James Curran.

. St. Mary $700 Rev. John F. Moore; '$350 Mrs. RIchard Ha.wes; $200 St. Mary's Women's Guild, St. Vincent de Paul Society; $100 M-M Ronald Walsh' $50 Charles Mello, Mrs. Lillian Gracia; $30 M-M Wil~ liam Constant, M-M John Hernon. . $25 M-M Emile Brugger, Mrs. William Donlan M-M Martin Flinn, M-M Raymond Gamache, M-M Arthur Greene, M-M Ronald Hubert, M-M Clarence Marshall M-M Adrien M~ssier, M-M Gabriel Pacheco, Mrs: Alphonse Pelletier, Steven Perry, M-M Ronald Si}:veira. $25 M-M Richard J. Lally, M-M Phillip Chasse M-M Joseph Gendron, M-M' Barry Trahan, M-M Thomas Walsh, Mrs. Vincent 'Peternel, M-M James Casey, Mona Provencher, M-M Albert Pepin, M-M William Whelan Jr., M-M Roland Leblanc.

Our Lady of Mount Carmel $750 Rev. Msgr. Luiz G. Mendonca; $450 Confirmation Class - 84' $300 Holy Name Society, St. ~incent de Paul; $150 Friend; $125 Rev. Stephen J. AVila; $100 M-M Joaquem Fernandes Lourenco, Mt. Carmel Woman's Club, James Perry Friend (3). ' $60 M-M John R. Perry; $50 M-M Ernest Medeiros Maria Louise Medeiros, Raul M. Pereira Jr., Friend (2); $~5 In memory of M-M I. P. Lopes, M-M Manuel Silva Viera; $30 M-M Luis V. deAlmeida, M-M Manuel Correia, M-M Joao Costa, M-M Jose S. Costa, M-M Jose de Jeus, M-M Helder Nascimento, M-M Emidio Raposo, M-M Edward Sylvia, M-M Jose dos R. Vas­ concelos. $25 ~-M Armando D. 'Alves, M-M Joseph Alves, M-M Gil Amaral, ·Alfred Cabral, M-M Richard Cabral M-M Fernando M. Correia, M-M Gabriel DaRosa, M-M Andre Ferreira, M-M Norman Ferreira, M-M George M. Ferro, .Fernando Gaspar, M-M Antone Gomes M-M Joseph Lewis, Juliet Lopes. ' $25 M-M'Manuel de F. Martins, M-M Eduardo Mello, Mt. Carmel Church Boy Scout Troop 11, M-M Fran­ cisco do Rego Pereira, Mary J. Pimental, M-M Joseph Lima Rego, Hortense Ribeiro, ·Michael T. Ribeiro, M-M Edmund Salvador, M-M Delfin Sousa M-M Humberto B. Sousa, M-M Mario .souza, M-M'Robert A. Vermette, M-M Ludgero Xavier, Friend (4). $225 In memory of M-M Guilherme M. Luiz· $100 M-M Francis Ferreira, In thanksgiving of Our ~dY of Lourdes; $50' Aileen Florio Cabral, M-M Arthur Caetano, M-M Albino Da Silva, M-M Gabriel Moura M-M Joao Tomasia, Friend; $40 M-M Louis Roderick: $35 Carolina Goulart, M-M Edwin Goulart ' $31 M-M Elias Costa Jr.; $30 Mary Branco, M-M John S. Cabral, M-M Jose J. de Medeiros M-M Jose Souza, Friend (4); $25 Joseph Amaral M~M Horacio Baptista, Friend,. M-M John Costa, isabel Goulart, Evelyn Rapo~a, M-M John P. Simas, Friend (7). . Holy Name $100 M-M Salvatore Giammalvo Anonymous; $75 Helen McIntyre; $50 M-M Charle~ Ca~ral Jr., Deacon Thomas McGlynn, M-M Francis S. Smith, M-M Charles Xavier; $40 Anonymous' $35 Edith McIntyre, M-M Mark Sevigney Sr. Anony:nous .. M-M William T. Murphy. ' , $25 M-M Antone L. Costa, Albert Hill, M:-M Joseph Marshall, M-M John Flood Jr., M-M Michael Masse M-M Joseph Brunette, Mrs. Elsie Aiman, Mrs. Eugen~ Sladewski, Mrs. Henry Collard, M-M Lawrence Harney Jr., Mrs. Thomas & Marie Tighe. . $50. M-M Norris Walecka; $160 M-M Charles A. Gunn~ng; $35 M-M Maurice Bourque; $30 M-M Gilbert Medelrso; $25 M-M David Carter, Kathleen Finnerty Holy Name Women'e~ Guild, Anonymous. '

. Immaculate Conception $500 I.C. Conference St. Vincent de Paul Society' $400 Rev. Jose A. F. dos Santos; $175 A Friend; $125 Club s. S. Sacrame!1to; $100 I.C. Holy Ghost Society, I.C. Holy Name SocIety, I.C. Holy Rosary Society, I.C. Youth vroup, David P. Rezendes; $50 Gabriel M. Tavares, Bernadette Costa, Paul Vultao Ester V Pereira, ~ames Silveira; $30 Manuel & Otili~ Rodrigues; $26 Adelmo & Irene Lavado; $25 M-M Antonio Bar­ bosa, Hildeberto Tavares, M':M Manuel Delgado .M-M Victor Rodrigues, A Friend (3). '


St. Patr~ck $200 M-MJohn Texeira; $150 M-M Manuel SylVia; $120 George Frazier; $100 M-M Henry Goncalves, M-M Frank' Krystofolski, M-M Robert T. Reynolds, M-M Albert Tocci; $60 M-M Henry Horne, Ann K. Nolan. . $50 Adelaide Beckett, In memory of Procopio and Mary Borges, M-M Albert Carreirol Dr.-Mrs. Thomas Geagan, M-M 'William McCusker, Mrs. Medio Peder­ zani, M-M Melvin Prada, M-M Anthony Rollo, Anne M. Tottle; $40 Mrs. William Nolan, M-M Robert Parece; $37 Deborah Rose. ' $35 M-M James Cunningham, Dennis J .. Filkins, M-M George F. Ladd, M-M Alfred Langdon; $30 M-M Jeldino Melloni, Mrs. Herman E. Prada, M-M Albert Santos; $25 Mrs. Ellsworth Atwood, Tony Bacchleri 'M-l\~ David Barry, Mrs. Edward Beattie, Mrs. Howard Belliveau, M-M Henry Borghi, M-M Joseph Cappello.' $25 Mrs. Filenio Cardoza, M-M Charles Cassidy Dr.-Mrs. Robert Cooney, M-M Charles Crocker M-M Carleton Eldridge, M:-M John Filkins, M-M Gu~rreno Govoni, M-M Hulot Haden, M-M Richard Kiernan Mrs. William LeFavor, Mrs. Philip Lukey Roland Masse, M-M Francis Murphy, Kathleen O'Sha~ghnessy, M-M George Santos, M-M. ChesterA. Smith Jr., M-M Joseph S. Stec, Mrs. Gertrude Sullivan M-M Robert Ta~sinari, M-M .Harold Tomkinson, Mrs. Frederick TrIpp, Mrs. Marion Ulson. ~R.lION

St.· Rita $200 'Robert Shanley; $100 M-M Richard Arthur Edmund & Mary McCarthy, Francis & Mary Mead: Ernest & Bernadette Weber; $50 Dr. William & Anne Dawson, M-M Stephen Hayes, Stonebridge Builders Supply, John Sullivan, Frances Weber; $30 John & Day Lowney, Alber,t & Irene Muren, M-M Richard ZenL \ $25 E~ward & Sarah Bal"tholomew, Henry & Mar­ garet BrIggs, Jean Champigny, M. S. Delaney, M-M John. DePina, Harold & Mary Frye, William & Judith HarrIson III, Dennis & Debbie Kenney, Ronald & Mary Lab~e, Harold & Marian LeBlanc, M-M Fletcher Long, Jeannette Monty, Mrs. C. Joseph Nowak Bar­ bara Peckham, Willia~ & Terese Walsh. \' MATTAPOISETT St. A~thony $200 M-M Norman Gingrass, Mrs. Frank SullIvan; $170 Dr.-Mrs. Lawrence Oliveira' $100 ~-M, Joseph Hassey, M-M Charles Rodrigues, 'M-M Richard SIlva; $50 M-M Real Breton M-M George Liberty, Mrs. Rosalie Nicolaci, M-M john Rego' $35 Mrs. Ada Ha~kell; $30 M-M Ronald Sylvia. ' $25 M-M James Arruda, M-M Howard C. Chadwick, M-M John Costa, M-M Alden Counsell M-M Victor Demski, Charles Finn, Gerald Fi,tzgerald M-M James Hubbard Jr., M-M Michael Jennings, Mrs. Winifred Leary, M-M Arthur Mello, M-M John Murray, Mrs. Isabelle Nunes, M-M Gene Pursley, M-M John Sea­ berg, M-M Eugene Sheets, M-M Joseph Zychowicz. TAUNTON S1. Mary $1,000 In memory of Msgr. Jame's Dolan, In memory of Micha!!l G. Connolly; $500 In memory of Rev. Walter J. Buckley; $300 M-M Arthur Bourgault; $200 M-M Fred George; $125 M-M Richard Bentl.ey; $100 Dr.-Mrs. Howard. B. Carroll, Gerard Gohrmg, .M-M Robert J. Sullivan, Dr.-Mrs. Joseph Nates, .Rlchard Donahue, Ca,therine L. McCarthy, M-M Richard Smerdon. $75 Joseph Wade; $60" Dr.-Mrs. William J. Casey; $55 M-M Edward Tokarz; $50 M-M Kenneth Baker, Ralph Buckley, James Bu.rns, Pe,ter Corr; M-M R. Drake, M-M Harold Galligan, JO'hn Mulholland M-M Robe~t P. Murphy, Anna O'Keefe, Mrs. Lucille S~necal, CecelIa Sherri.n,. M-M Armand Yelle, M-M John Connors, Patricia McSweeney Margaret Murphy Catherine W i n s t o n . ' , $43 Mrs. James Vernazza; $40 M-M James E. McGovern, Mrs. John Sheridan; $35 Mrs. Francis

Nort~n,' M-M George Powers, M-M John Coute, M-M Louis Rapoza; $30 Ruth nias, David Leonard, J. Mulholland, Dennis J. Sullivan, M-M Antonio Pina Leonard N. Sousa. . ' $25 Mrs. Hazel Chandler, M..;M James Cohn, M-M Edward J. Corr, Mrs. Joseph Cote, M-M Howard Donahue, M-M Terrence Dorsey, M-M Edmund Finnegan, William & Charlotte Fisher, M-M Leo Gilchrist, M-M Thomas Granfield, Mrs. William Holmes, Mrs. Louise Hutchins, Mrs. Susanne McGlynn. $25 Mary Lynch, M-M William McGlynn, Alice McKenna, Ruth McKenna, Susan McKenna Margue­ rIte McManus, M-M William Martin M-M Ernest Medeiros, J. J. Mrocka, Francis Muiholland, Mary Mulholland, M-M John Murphy, M-M Henry Murphy, Mrs. George Raymond, St. Mary's Prayer Group. $25 M-M David Silvia, M-M Gerald Tripp John Viveiros, Richard Barrington, M-M Earle Bla~kwell' Mario~ Campbell, Margaret Chaisty, Helen Chaisty: Catherme Donahue, Dorothy Donahue, Louise Downey, Gladys Duarte, Jo~eph E. Flood, M-M Alvin Gosson, M-M John Keating, M-M James Kelliher. $25 M-M J<?hn S. La.wson, M-M ,Edward McGaugh­ ran Sr., Denms McSweeney, Hildred Nickerson Helen C. Pouliot, M-M Francis Powers, Mrs. Ralph Reckard Mrs. Francis Reilly, M-M Mark Reilly, Mrs. Anni~ Salisbury, Lillian I'Theroux, James ·Vacca, Bertha Lopes.

St. Joseph $350 Dr.-Mrs. Thaddeus Figlock' $200 Estella Margarido; $125 Joseph A. Medeiros;' $100 Francis Rogers. Theodore Wojcik Jr., M-M Edward Kennedy; $75 Garvin Family, Catherine Kervick. $50 M-M A. Cravenho, Patricia Frazier M-M Donald Rounds, Mrs. Robert Gilmore, Mrs. Theodore Wojcik Joan Frazier, M-M Manuel Garcia, Maribeth D8hlll: Grace McManus, M-M Robert Hartung, M-M Joseph Santos, M-M Edward Nixon, M-M Elton'Buckley. $45 M-M Louis Chaves; $40 M-M James Medeiros M-M Lawrence Masterson, M-M Robert Silveira' $35 M-M Edward Aleixo, M-M Stanley Pawlowc;ki M-M William Moniz, Anna Champney; $30 M-M Harold Rose Jr., M-M Raymond Taylor, Helen Dahill M-M · Roger Kingsley Jr., M-M James McCaffrey; , $25 M-M Joseph Ferrazza, M-M Emile Veradt Mrs John Knapinski, Mrs. Edward Correia M-M Philip Med.eiros, Dr.-Mrs. Michael Broutsas, 'M-M Charles Benjamin, M,"M Theodore Peters, Mrs. Eva Gomez M-M Raymond Ducharme, M-M Peter B. Gay, M-M James Doyle, Osborne McClellan, M-M Robert Forgue. $25 P~uI frazier, Mary Ann O'Connell, Mrs. Joseph · Yorkoskl, M-M Joseph McMorrow, M-M Stephen Callahan, Mrs. James McCa.rthy, M-M Francis Guay M-M Mark Chase, Lynette Tarvis, M-M Joseph McKenna, James Goldrick, M-M Raymond Harnois ¥-M Richard Simmons, M-M Peter Bisio, M-M Wil~ lIam McGann, M-M Joseph Oliveira, M-M Edward Mocka, M-M John Sheehy, M-M Richard Travis. NORTH EASTON Imma.culate Conception $100 M-M Anthony Cerce William J. Lahey, M-M Robert Moul-ton' $50 Mary T' Campbell, M-M Walter Gallagher, M-M Edward LaBelle, M-M Francis Mahoney, M-M William J. McAndrews, M-M Patrick E. White' $40 Helen Doherty; $35 M-M William O'Connell; $30 Marguerite Carter, M-M John Crowe, Frank E. Delano Arlene M. Noon. ' $'25 M-M WilHam A. Beaupre, M-M Robert Breen M-M John Ca:roll, M-M Walter Chojnacki, Mrs: Charles Clay, MIldred Delaney, M-M Francis Freeman Sr., M-M Jo·hn F. Hall, M-M Thomas Joy, M-M Th01'!1as F. Kent Jr., M-M Charles F. King, M-M John C. Lmdstrom, M-M John Linehan, M-M Carl Luciano. $25 M-M William Lupica, M-M James McAuliffe M-M Robert McLaughlin, M-M Dennis McMenamy: M-M John Mowatt, Mrs. Geor'ge Newman, M-M David Nolan, M-M Edward Olsen, Kathleen Shyne M-M Frederick Wilde. ' RAYNHAM St. Ann $250 M-M Francis Campbell; $100 M-M Edmund Goodhue; $50 Dr.-Mrs. Carmine Carucci, Dr.-Mrs. John D. Murphy, M-M George Dion Jr M-M Michael' Conrad, M-M Henry Crombie Stell~ Treani, M-~ Richard Ouimet, M-M Edward' Roster, .John Spauldmg; $40 M-M Anthony Ennis M-M John Sheehan, Louis Lepine. ' $35 Bal'bara O'Brien, William Wade Arthur Howell' · $30 Bernice Fountain, M-M Robert' Gay; $27 M-M Alfred Mailloux; $25 M-M Thomas Zaks, M-M Paul Dooley, Mrs. Thec;xi0re Sargent, M-M Timothy Slattery, Mrs. Assunta FlOnigan, M-M Frank Marino, M-M Robert F. Murphy, M-M Molyneaux Mathews. $25 M-M Albert Ribeiro, M-M R. Sheldon Estabrook, M-M Paul FUlm.ore; M-M Steven Strojny, lola M. Flaher,ty, M-M Richard Tardiff, M-M Gerald Brewer M-M Michael Carroll, Mrs. Robert Hill, M-M John G: Manganaro I, M-M George Phillips, M-M Manuel Gomes, M-M Terrence Bradshaw, M-M John M. Silvia, Joyce Wallace, M-M Robe!'t Smith, M-M Edward Bachand, M-M Michael Monaghan, M-M Lewis Oliver. SOUTH EASTON Holy Cross $150 Robert. J. HUddy; $125 Joseph Kairys; $100 George Baldwl~, Aobert Hughes, Whitney Shannon; $75 Laurence 0 Connor; $60 Josep~ Cady; $50 Thomas Gallagher, Thomas J. Murray, Joseph Walton; $40 Mary E. Nathan, $30 John Devlin. $2~ James ~arey, Robert M. Downey, Patricia Anne G~nt~le, D~vld Gerety, Robert Hegarity, William J. Hlggms, Rlcha,rd Lawless, Stephen Le Clair Michael L?ng, W~lter McDonald,. Thomas O'Connor: Thomas o LoughlIn, Lucy PettIpaw, William Richardson Warren Stedman, David Tolwinski, Francis White. '


St. Mary, M~nsfield; Mt. Carmel, Seekonk; St. Mary, Seekonk; St. Mary, No. A'ttIeboro. St. Margaret, Buzzards Bay; .Our Lady of Victory, Cen...