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Diocesan Charities Appeal Total Is Close to Half-Million .Mark


The Anniversary Catholic Charities Appeal has climbed to a total of $437,093.26. This is not the final total. Returns from Special Gift Committeemen' and Parish Committees are still arriving at Headquarters in large 'n umbers and increased amounts.. Chairman Joseph E. Fernandes this mOJ;'ning urged all solicitors, Parish and Special Gifts, to.mak6 retUl:ns to their Headquarters, with great speed.. Headquarters can then arrive at the final total quickly and

'Youth Mark

An Anohw of the SO'Ul, Sure and Fir~T. PAUL

Vol. 5, N©>. 21

© 1961 The Anchor


$4.00 por Year

Second Closs Mail Privilegou Authorized at Fall River. Mass.


Press Must Project True Image set

VANCOUVER (NC-Cathol,ie journalists must themselves the tas~ of building an "efficient empire of information and .interpretation" which can be ex~ended to the general community., This was the goal set by John A. O'Connor, editor of the MOD- must be avoided in projecting an 0;-0"; newspaper of the San image: a "narcissistic parochiaIFJrancisco archdiocese, in the 'ism,'" and "press agentry for per. ~ynote speech at the 51st sonalities." lW.nual convention of the CathQHC Press Association here. Speaking to some 300 delet!tates gathered under the theme, ....l 'Qe Image of the Church-As I'..lshioned by the Catholie l~ss," Mr. O'Connor said: "'!l'his communication with ,the «eooral commlinity must carry 'Wuth it an image of the Church that is not a caricature, is not a ' fossil, but a true image of the Mystical Body as the family of Cod toiling and winning our way foward the Parousia." The image must be presented, be ~aid, in terms the community understands-Ua community that may be pluralistic in' historical l"Oots, but is now calloused by aecl.llar conditioning." Establishment of communica€ion with secular culture is the key to the projection of' the Church's proper image, he said. uThe image must not be an Institutional image. Nor a hierarchial image. It must be a human image-heart speaking to beart," he said. Mr. O'Connor said two perils


S i ste r Teaches In Same School For 50 Years In 1958 Sister Mary Vital, SS:CC. celebrated her golden jubilee as a Sist~r of the Sacred Hearts and Perpetual

accurately. TweJ;lty-one parishes are members of the honor group that have already exceeded the)r 1960 final total. They are: Blessed Sacrament, Faq River; Holy Name, Fall River; Immaculate Conception, Fall River; St. Anthony of the' Desert, Fall River; St. Matthew, Fall River; St. Roch, Fall River;' Santo Christo, Fall Riverj Holy Rosary, New Bedford,; St. Joseph, - New Bedford; St. Lawrence, New Bedford; 81. John, Attleboro; St. Bernard, Assonet; O. L. of Victory, Centerville; St. Mary, Norton; Mt. Carmel, SeekOJ?k; St. Patrick, Somerset; St. Thomas More, Somerset; O. L. of Fa~ima, Swansea; St. Dominic, . Swansea; St. Louis de France, 'Swansea; St. Augustine, Vineyard Haven. Parish standings are: , FALL RIVER st. Mary $8,101.75 Blessed Sacrament 1,721.50 Holy Name 18,607.37 Notre Dame 4,899.00 Our Lady of the .Angels 1,544.00 Holy Rosary 1,743.00 Immaculate Conception 5,737.20 'forn to Page Thirty-two

PenteeostVigil par-

.' "Through both these extremes,· he said, "the ,Church is projected Saturday, the Vigil of Pea-, as a self-interested monolith. teeost, is a day. of ,fast and Adoration. -Now a second 56"In the first, the press 'holds up year anniversary is coming up \ tial abstinence. ,Catholics seven 'a looking glass sO that organiza- _ for the petite gray-haired nun. years of age and over may' tional Christians can admire 'S_unday May 28, the parish' of meat only once. In addition. themselves - like ,puffed up St. Joseph in Fairhaven will be those 31 to 59 years of age weightlifter_in the mirror of going "all out" to honor the remUst also fast-one' full meal. provincial publicity., 'Hgious who has ,taught in iw ,a light breakfas& and • ligh& "In the second, the Churcll's school for 50 years. lunch, and no eaiing in beTum to Page -Twelve Turn to Page Nineteen tween meal&.


WASHINGTON (NC) Kenneth B. Keating of New York said he could not understand "how anyone




vie\W; were e. .

the country this 'Sunday in observing Catholic Youth Adora~ tion Sunday. Rev. Walter A. SUllivan, Dioc~ 'eson CYO Director, has explained that observances will be on a parish rather than an area or diocesan level in keeping w~th the CYO ideal that the parish is the heart of the community and the basic unit 0& the Church. C> - Many parishes of the Diocese are f eat uri n g Communion Breakfasts, Holy Hours and oth:er ~piritual projects planned by CYO members themselves. An estimated five milliOil Catholic young people through_ out,the country will take part ia these services marking the fifth annual Youth Adoration Day. , They' will observe the day b7' attendin~ Mass, receiving Holy Commumonand spending time in 'private prayer befoPe the Bless~ ~aci·ament.

The observance is' held eaeIl year on Pentecost Sunday. " Msgr. Joseph' E. Schiedel; director of the Youth Department, National Catholic WeImre' Conference, ,which sponsors the' day, ask,ed that young people" pray :for tl~ree special intentionst +he success of the coming ecu;. menical council and the reunion of all Ch,:"isti~n churches; the dedication 01. youtlf to Christ ill the Holy Euchal'list aRd continUed growth 01. personal sanctity; and the regeneration of personai and public standards of moral 1'lesponsibility. Thousands of prayer canis and posters have been distributed to dioceses throughout the countr,r in connection with the event.

WASHINGTON (NC) , Postmaster General J. Ed.. w:ard Day has reaffirmed his intention to seek higher



Members of the CathoJie Youth Organization of the Fall River Diocese will join their counterparts all over

Insists Religious Publications Pay More Postage

'Se~ator Scores Filth Prrc~iU'eers

with a conscience can knowingly profit from the publication and sales of pornographic literature." ~he legislator told the Senate "it is imperative that steps be taken, both private and govel'mental, at aU levels, to stem the growth of this industry." He asserted there "is no nat"'nal resource so precious as the energy of our nation's youth" ~~d that if this energy "is chan~cl.ed into immoral and unpro€urctive activities" it would be tl disservice <to the nation and to


',r">" I, f'


as !he obtained permi9L ....-'--~:-.. .._' Glon for repl'inting in the ConSIX SETS ,OF TWINS: There's nothing unusual about twins making their firs,t Holy (Wessional 'Record an artk:le, tiBilth Pays Big Dividends," bV Communion. But thel'e was something unusual when six sets of twins were among those Wice Ogle, whiob appeared in ~ receiving for the first time at St. Lawrence's Church, New Bedford last Sunday. Left to V2e February issue of the vtcright, from front row to rear, are Margaret and Patricia Lowney, Deborah and Frank Gon(;Mian magazine, published by tiather Baker~ ~omes 0& ~ ~lves, Marsha ami Martha Healey, Janice and James Santos, Thomas and Barbara Hemingw~ Edward mld Berbar-a Sylvia. ~~



second and third-class mailing rates on religious, non-profit publications. This was, reported by Father Albert J. Nevins, M.M., presi. dent of the Catholic Press Association. He was among eight representatives of religious pub~ lications who met privately with Mr. Day. Father Nevins termed the hour-long session a "very disap~ pointing" meeting. The priest is editor of Maryknoll magazine. Fear Heavy Burden Mr. Day has asked Congress to raise postal rates in all categories. His request would raise by -, one-fourth of a, cent the minimum per piece rate for re.ligious publicationl sent by second-cla!/s mail. The present minimum is one-eighth of a cent. The present additional rate of on~ and one-half cents per pound would remain. In addition, MI'. Day's request would raise the minimum per piece l'ate of third-class mail sent by non-profit groups. It would go from one and onequarter of a' cent to one and three-quarters. Spokesmen for religious pub-I1.cations told a House committee recently tnat the proposed TUI'D to pag.e Twelve

'.. ' THf'ANCHO~':-Ero'cese·of'FoW'Rive~-::'lhurs. 'May '18;"f96 y'::;." 2 "':::.-_.,... ~~---":"""----..,.,-~"":""~.,...-~~ ,. " .•. ,... , '., ,":"


.' ~enW Elast~e eorp.,


/,Plastering & Tile .. Co•... ,· • , ..~ • :., . Park' 00 .Co, HathawQy Oii eo. . Don's Appliances,' Roger L. . . , . , $40 ' Currant, Harold Mo'rriss, 0.· Cloutier & Sans. . Sunset Cleansers &\Dyers. H. Scnwartz & Sons, Inc., $35 'Venturini Brothers, Catholic J. B. Lumber CompaR¥. Pharmacists Guild. $30 $18, CoK'S Candy. $25 , National William F. Staples. Ryan & Scully Inc., Brode~ $500 $15 Machine Shop, People's Market. Stop' & Shop, Inc. Downtown Parking Lots, Fall Crystal Ice Co. Inc., Jay Bee. I $100 River Radiator Works, Adams .Fillet Co. Walsh Brothers, Confirmation Book Store, Alpert -Brothers, Local No. 168 UAW AFL-ClO., Class--OtisAir Force Base, Fall American 'Wallpaper Co. Humphrey, Covill & ColemOD River Diocesan Council of CathDr. H. Stuart Seglin, ModeI,'n Ins., James F. McHugh Ins.,. olic Women. Furniture Co., Dr., Benjamin George Berniqup. & Co., AttJI" $10 Leavitt, Dr. Joseph V. Medeiros, Samuel Lipman. Domin~can Tertiaries. J. T.' Hughes. A. Friend, Brewery Workera Answering Servic.e. Local No.' 197, N. B. Catholic Fall River , $10 Guild for Blind, Philip J. Kane . $1,250 Langfieid Battery & Elec. Co:, Inc., State Road Cement' Block Fall River National.Bank. Corrigan Apothecary,. LeClair Co. Fall' River Trust Co. Construction Co.,. JanPietras~~k C. E. 'Beckman Co., Perfection $1,000 Inc" Economy Dental Laq. ' , Oil Co., Holmes Coal Co. Globe Manufacturing Co. Main Drug Inc., Eagle Finance $20 $525 , Gollis--Men's Apparel, Emol'1 Co., ,Ernest' L. Peirce, Mr Mari--' I J & J Corrugated Box Corp. . ano Pimental, Somerset Nursery. Wallace, Lincoln Stores, Andel"" , $300 Munroe Electric Supply',& son & Olson, Enos Home OxY'Union Savings Bank. . Hardware, Swan Cleansers, Val. gen. F. R.:Five Cents Savings Bank, court Hardware Co., Crawford . NEW BEDFORD PARLEY: ,73 agencies of the Chil$15 $250 Electrical Co" A~ty. Milton Epdren~s' Group Homes Association of Massachusetts met Wefer'& Pcark:r, M&&c K ClotWebb Oil Company.' I • stein. , ., ' S 'M ' H N fee House, ormsh o. nc., " $200 Alton E. Nichols, American Tuesday at Kennedy Center and ~. ary s, orne, ew Whitney J. Bent Inc. Guilherme A Friend, A Friend, Knights Papel: & Supply Co., Anodizing B~9f6rd. Shown with host Rev. John F. Hogan, Director' "M. Luiz Co. ' , of Columbus 'Council #86. Dr. Harold· F. Goulston, Po-. Co; of New EQgland, Gold,Seal Of the H~me, a:r:~, left-to ·right;'Sr. Mary of St. Alft:eda, ~ A Friend. ~ank Co., Arthur A. Plante... R.C.S.,- of the House of the Good Shepherd, Boston; Dwight thier Monument Co, St. Germaill $125 Wagner Hat Co. Inc., Frank M 'C' 11 f"'N"azare th Ch'ld Care Cen t er, B'os t on; F a th er Bros., 'i'ootell Monument Co. N 'Wheelock & Sons Atty. Mil-. . onne. 0 1 $10 Mr &: Mrs Michael·J. McMahon.' t~n A.·Westgate, Dr~. Benjamin '. Hogan: John McManus, Supervisor of the Division of Child Vogue Manufacturing Co. Oll.., $110 Kaufman, Nash Lighting Fixture, ". Guardianship, in New,Bedfprd. vel' Sportswear Co., Calvill Clover Club of Fall River. Co. " , . . ,, '" . Clothing Co., Adams & ,Adams. '$100 Paul E: McCabe, Suspiro Bros.' Woheel,Aligning'Ser'vice, A & L Club, Edmund Fitzgerald, Ad-A- Judson Cleaners. ,Norbut Manufacturing Co., Filling Sbltion, BillF~tado',s Polishing Co.,' Lin,coh\,Horse Day Co. . Lider & Lider, Roy Paper eo. Inc.,; In Memory·of Arthur J. Garage, Andrews Super Market,' Transportation, Eug~ne Gucwa. Moonbeam of Oakland, Sally New Bedford Tire Co., Pent Shea: Reise's Dairy, Inc.; D. D.- Gale Ford Inc. " " Ann's Beauty ShOp, School St. the Florist, Denmike Corp., W. Sullivan & Sons Funeral Home. - J. E. Amiot- '& ~ons, Davis Taunt~n Package Store, Dr. William 11. T. Grant Co., Wamsutta Finance Henry J. Duffy.Pharmacy, J.p; , . Motors; Mr & M~~, John B.: , S w i f t , Tom. Thumb Card ShOt>. Co. Neill Supply Co., Mr & Mrs F.'Waferman, Mr & Mrs J. T. Cot$500 Pepsi Cola,. Taunton Jewelry, Sealtest Ice Cream Co., Correia E. Sullivan, ,Mooney & Co., 'Inc.;:trell, Bartenders'.Union :Local 99'. . Reed & Barton., Silva Funeral Home, Nu-Bright & Sons, Daily News Publishing R. B. Negus Lumber Co; Faris 'Furniture Co., Lorenzo,. $100 , Chemical, Mass. Cs;tholic Order, Co., Almy & Co., Paul'Smith Ins. Thos. Walsh Moving Co., C.. P.' :E. 'Savard,A.. P. Construction James E:Miles Ins. Co., Rennie of Foresters.. Agency." Harrirtgton Funeral Home Ark- Corp'., Pacheco Brothers, :·Dr ,Mfg. Co. Daughters of Isabella, ComOtis & Co., E~ectrical Worken .wright,Corp. Finishing Co:, Ark-', 'l!:yerett'Radovsky, $'75 ,,' munity Paint Co. , . No. 224, Rex Monumental Work&, wright 'Warehouse Corp., Davis Dr Kehi;leth Shand, Gustave A; Joseph McCormick. Leddy's Variety Store,' United Atty. R. McKnight MitchelJ" Mills Corp. Hall, William Eaton, Dodsworth~ . $50 ' Electric Radio & Machine Work- Dartmouth Linguica. $75 ' .Inc., Fall Rivei' Lumber Co. Memorial Edward & Isabell ers of America, Weir P~armacy. Sam's Meat Market, D. L. Mathieu Oil Co., Pacific Oil G. M. Haffards & Co;, Atty. Murby;:', Roberston: Factories:, " H a t h a w a y & Sons, Bishop & Co., Dr& Mrs Robert S. Hackett, ,Israel Brayton, Atty. Philip S.. Bristol County, Trust Co., AI:'mor Bedford Hackett .. Architects, Sadoww Mr' & Mrs Harold S. R. BUffin- 'Brayton, ACme ·Refrigeration Co. Bronze & Silver Co. ~nc. ' $500 .Tripp & Taber-Investments. ' ton, Patrick L. McGowan. ' $35 Star 'Store, A Friend. ·Turn to Page Eight Midland Print Works. ' , Orsi Brothers., ,$i50 $70 $200 ' $30 New Bedford Five Cents SavMass Ordo D & D Sales & service. John J. :piamond Funeral League of Sacred Heart, Henry ings Ban~! J.F. St. Aubin Co Inc.' .. FRIDAY-8t. Peter Celesttine, $60 .Home. ' Crapo. $100 Pope and Confessor. III Clasil. · ~ : . LOdcge No. 118 Elks, $100' $25., Charles F. Wing Co., Dawson White. Mass Proper; Glonae II ,,' . ~esge ~50 St. Mary's Conference-St. Yin-' Taunton Beverage Co" Cape-' Brewery Inc.,' Mr G.' Vigeant,' Second Collect St. PUdentiana, , '!' cent de Paul--- So~iety, Beau- way' fackage Store, ,Societe Des Universal Roofing & Sheet'Metat' Virgin; ~ Creed; Preface of Fall River Sheet Metal Works, chaine's Inc., _. Enfants De Marie, Sol K. Berk 'Co.,. Reynolds DeWalt' Printing Ascension. Holy Rosary Women's Guild, C W'll' J H 1 J ' . : SATURDAY-Vigil of PenteeoeL Fall. Riv,er Emblem Club" Gen,$00 0., l' lam . ur ey r. Co. Inc. . I Class. Red. Mass Propel!; ,eral Scrap 'Iron Inc. Smith. TexA. R. Braise Co. Leahy's, Liquor Store, BPOE New Bedford-Acushnet CoGloria; no Creed; Prefac~' tile Co. " $50 No. 150, . William C.! Tripp ,Co., operative 'Bank, Harriet Trans' 1d A. .B rals, . Communicantes and HaRe Atty. R ona United Cotton ProductilCo., The Cotillion Rooin.' po rt C0., AIm'd . el a Bus Li nes A.Friend,· Gellick Leather C.0., InA Dartmouth Finl'shl'ng Co igitur of Pentecost. Daughters of Isabella N,0.' 74, Rome.' .' ' . ...., . , SUNDAY.,-Pentecost Sunooy. I Kaplan Furniture Co., Mrs KathBern~rd ~yrnes Real Estate. ,Williams Lumber Co;, Mulhern's Nash Realty ,Corp. Class: Red. Mass Proper; GIOl\o 4235 Phar,macy, Clifford C,'leaners.. Normandy Prm't Works Dart erine Crosson, Letendre & Boule '!' . , ia; Sequence; Creed; Prefaeec Wholesale Grocers. Mr & Mrs Joseph Levis. . Bristol County, Savings Bank. mouth Textile Co.. N. B. ReconPoole Silver Co., Boyden. Plas-' strue t'Ion C 0., Mr H' Communicantes and Hane LeComte's D a i I' y' , Somerset ' yman Kr'v 1 0 If• $25 tics, St. Paul's Catnolic 'Women's $75 igitur of Pentecost (also eada Funeral Home. . ,Bob~s TV, Frank Miller & Guild, Carpenters Union :Local day durin,g the Octave.) Holy Name Women's Guild, Son, Lavery-Irvine, Jolly Cholly, Tomlinson & O'Neil, Fairhaven William Archard & Sons, Radov- Poly Kote Inc. .'/. 1035. Institution for ·Savings. . ' . MONDAY-Pentecost Monda~ I Class. Red.. Mass Propes; sky & O'Donoghue, Cook Borden Mr & Mrs Ernest Glode,.Hotel Edward coo$peZOrstein, Babbitt .' $50 Glori,a; Sequence; Creed; Pre&; Company, Chace Mills Curtain Hixon, Mr & Mrs' Joseph Mars, U . S. Ring Binder Corp., N. B. face, etc., of Pentecost. 'ten. & Simmons, D.E. Murphy & Co. Public Market, A Friend, MarCo., Louis A. Drape, 'Inc.; A; H. L. L. Witherell & Sons. I geson .Plumbing Co. Cape Cod TUESDAY-Pentecost Tu~ Leeming & Sons, Inc. ' $20 $15' I Class. Red. Mass Props; $40 Atty. John PolHs, Mr ,& M.. Sportswear Inc. Gloria; Sequence; Creed; PMArthur'R. Driscoll. .Reginald Curran. Alfred Dukelow, Gus' Grille. Mr &, Mrs William Belanger,. :bee, etc., of Pentecost.. .'. $35 $15 $10 Morris H:' Tripp CO'. Inc., Con-, WEDNESDAY-Ember Wee:me.. . . .' Al's Radio' &. Televi'SI'on, Mayfair Cafe, Taunton Rivet R ichard 1\(. Thompson, Smith Works, Taunton Engineering, Dr. day After Pentecost. I Claa Frenchie's. Service Station, M~ftLumber Co Advance Frock . ., ....- William Bennett,. Gorham Press. Red· Mass . Pr.oper; Glori. C0J;p., Chorlton'Foundry. 'arch Machine Works. .' Farrell Ins. Agency, Louis P. FORTY. HOURS Sequence; Creed; Preface, ete. of Pentecost. $25 Ton~reault l~.~o Sales, Whl'''Conrcy, Mari~ Courcy, Armand'. ' C onnors Travel&'lns. Agency, DEVOTiON ""' Garage,' DeSouza Bros. Market. THURSDA'y - Thursday, withiB Bernard A. G. Taradash, Flynn's Birch Motel. Taunton Cash: Market, Grimthe Octave of Pentecost. I May 21-8t.. Casimir" New Package Store Inc., Sullivan' $10 ville Clapp, St. Germain & Sons, Class. Red. Mass Proper; Bedford. SI'gnS, W' W"'--lock & . Drs Lauro, Doran & Johnson Family Shoppe, Parker House. Gloria; Sequence: Creed; PreJm. N .'n::<: Villa Fatima, Taunt{)n. Sons Inc. . Mfg. Co., McKeon Dance Studio, , Royce Aluminum C,orp., C. A. BC7, etc., of Pentecost. May 28-St. Matthew, Fall P !'of esslOnaarmacy, . l' Ph J 0 bn Morel Construction'Co. . H a c k &. Son, E. Taun,.ton Social. River. . Flanagan Inc., F. R. Permanent ,Alcime Tremblay, Camille st. Kilian, New Bedford. Firemen's Assoc., Broadway' Laramee, Red Rock Hill Motor June 4--St. Teresa's Convent, Electric -Sales & Service, Al's 'Court, Boston Coat & Dress Mig. ,Fall River. Tire S h o p . . ' . Co. . THE ANCHOR lists! the death St. Joseph,. Taunton. Allen's Cut J;tate, Tioga SportsMiller's Dept. Store, The Com- .. anniversary ,dates Of priesis Holy Name, Fall River. wear Co., David Lash, Green's mercial Press, Atty, Paul· F. who served' the Fall River Sales Rentals Corpus, Christi, ~SandStorage Warehouse, -' D r a, per' Armstrong" Mr &' Mrs Michael Diocese sinc~ its' for~ation in wioh. .. We'st Sears & Company." , O'Rourke, Rose Diamond. . 1904 with the intention that Dr. Maurice MorganS,tein, . "Watchbands. Inc., Academy ROUTE 28 . June H-8S. Peter & Paul,' the faithful w\ll give them a .Tames P. Hart,' M. Joseph Box & Case' Co., Public Finance . Fall River. Harwich 4-14 prayerful' remembranee. iMadowsky, Bristol Knitting.' Co. ,:> LaSalette Shrine, At. ,MAY 19 Harwich 3-67 .. Mills Iilc. '.' , . Bead Co., Walter H. Murphy, I' ' . tleboro.c . ; Rev. Ambrose Lamarre, OJ'., .Morris Levine. Daughters of Mr & Mrs John laconnis, Thi- 1940; Dominican' Priory', I Fall ' St. Mary, Mansfiela.' Isabella~Somerset; Fali' River' baillt'Mobiie" Homes & Service River. Sacred' Heart, Nortlh '. i ' .. , Ov'ei,' 33 'Years Experience Glass Co., Joseph Borge & So.ns, Station, Gaudette Leather Goods. ,. 1Attleboro. ,~. Thomas'!1'rainor, 1941, 'MrS'Joseph sheaIs; dlbmiy's 1941" St.Louis, 'Fall River: Mass. CathOlic Order of Forest.' ers-O. L."of' Victory Oo\irt,'. ' , " ,...... , , ' ; . , MAY ,20 , , . . 'GAS Leonard Walsh.' ' S c h e d u l e of , , Rev. Antonio . L. de· Silvia, "REAL :ESTATE.-' aonlED, AND ·8ULKGM " 1952,PastOr, 'Our Lady of .Health. "GAS APPLlAN~ES' Taber Co., Feldman ", Fall~iver., " " . . . .' Brothers, Lion Autom,otive Store May 21-11:00 A.M. Cathedral, 4 S~w. R~ms ~ you . ' .... MAY 23 ,. , Inc., Hilton's Bakery: " Fall River. . " Falmouth ,HYC:U.!Ris .. " . , Rev. William' F. I Donahue, . Insurance L' Main' St. 696 E. Main SL 3:00 P.M.. ' St. Vineent's Home, 1944, Pastor, sf. Francis Xavier, () THE ANCHoR KI 8-1560' SP 5-0686 Fall River:' Hyannis; , ,AS,eney ,o;.lea.... - Provil..eto_ Second Class Postage Paid at Fall River. ,. 4:00 P.M. Our Lady of, the MAY 24 ' lIlass. Published evel}' Thursday nt 410 ,ao- 6 115 Commercial SL Apgels, Fall River. 43 PURCHASE ST. Rev. James. F; Clark, 1907, Highland Avenue, Fall River; MaIlS.. b7 ,585 ' cro 7:30 P:M. Blessed Sacmment, Founder. St. ,James, New Bed:-. the Catholic Press of the Diocese of tkJ"",lc:I1 - 'i<;W Fall River. Snbseripiton price by mail, Fall River. ford. . postpaid $4•.00 per year.

Speci@~ Gi~ts






REAL ESTATE & Hc:irwich









1 } I

t I ~


South A~r~"ca Prelate Spurs Drive

A~@~nst Segreg@~ion


PIETERMARITZBURG (NC) - "In the wake of a conference here which called for a complete reversal of South Africa's race segregation poliCies, the Archbishop of Durban has asked the nation's religious leaders to join in an aBout drive on racism. -The right to vote must be Archbishop Denis E. Hurley, granted on an equal basis withO.M.r., said he seeks the out regard to race. -Racial integration in educaformation of a council com-

tion is the ideal. posed of well-known Protestant, The report presented by ArchCatholic, Jewish and Moslem I'epresentatives. His appeal, pub": ' bishop Hurley stated: lished in the Johannesburg SunGenuine 6000 Will day Times, WBfi an elaboration '''lie Nllltal Conve~tion, meetof one he made a few days earling. at a moment of grave and ier at a multiracial meeting at urgent crisis, has nevertheless Natal Unlversi'tv. proved a most happy experience for those participating in it ..• FirS¢ M~ve '.J.'Ihat meeting, known as the The cooperative attitude of its Natal Convention, was con- members of all mces has shown ceived as the first move towards significantly the tmth that genan All-South Mrica National uine good will is met by good Convention. The three-day ses- will. "Nevertheless, it was obvious sion was convened by Dr. Edgar Brookes, head of. the to all delegates that there is a department of history and polit- desperate need for change and ical science at Natal University. adjustment to change if South Archbishop Hurley played a Africa is to avert racial and leading role in the conference. economic disaster. Acceptance Be delivered the concluding of these facts is essential if real address and presented the final racial cooperation and a truly report to the 600 delegates who prosperous and stable society are to be achieved. packed the hall of the univers'''The convention, therefore, ity. rejects apartheid (segregation) The repol't called for an about- as a policy and strongly advotace in the racial poLicies which cates a policy of true' national are a major facet of South Afunity, to be worked out by conrica's Nationalist governemnt. sultation between all South Among the points the repor.t AfricanS. irrespective of. race. JDade are these: . "The work" of consultation -Race separation as a policy begun at these meetings in must be rejected and replaced friendship must be maintained through the stirring and decis\')y a policy ai "true national ive years ahead.'" rntity."


Five Brothers to Meet as Priests For First Time on Memofl'ial Day NORFOLK (NC)-Five brothers will be reunited as priests for the first time here on May 30. The occasion will be the silver jubilee in the priesthood of Fr. Vincent Loeffler, C.M. He will offer a Solemn Mass of thanksgiving in the Sisters' Chapel at De Paul Hospital here. His priest-brothers are: Fr. Richard A. Loeffler, C.M., ordained in 1932, chaplain at Carney Hospital, Dorchester, Mass.; James D. Loeffler, S.J., ordained in 1935, Augusta, Ga.; Paul J. Loeffler, C.M., ordained in 1939, Greensboro, N.C., and CharlesM. Loeffler, S.J., ordained in 1940, of Bagdad College, Iraq. Daughter Is Nun Mrs. Oathel'line· LoeMler, of




Baltimore, their mother, was the Catholic Mother of the Year iI~ 1949. Her 10 "children also include Sister M. Therese ~ho is s~ioned at De Paul Hospital.

Building Contractor Masonry






1961 Su'mmer Session Morning and Evening Classes Credit Courses available in Business Administration Classics-Education-English-History-Mathematics Philosophy-Spanish-Theology Special non-eredit -review of Mathematics Coune for high-school graduates



THE ANCHOR..iDrEXe·i;e- of Fall. RiYer:~T:bur.s::May 1.",·J 961 '.















.~[filD~T~~·· !L@,MrmC~e$('IC~m,pa:i:g~', 'for Proper::Dre'ss:


\ FORT SMITH (NC) ~ A " Jrtent. He rememberep one time Knights -of ·Columbus offic.. when;\h~, was deni~: admission . '. .• to an elevat()r because he waslal l~. conductmg ~ one-man >'n't, wearing a/ coat, .:'." campaign to induce .~en to .. ;'A,-n,ot.her time I w:,ts,re£~~~d dress properly for Mass.· admission' to a bar: because' I By: MostlRcv. Robert J. Dwyer, ·D.D•.< Leo J. Krebs, Sta~e Master bt 'wasn't wearing a tie,'i' "he' saUl. Bishop of Reno ~he Arkansas Fdurth Degree K. "And there 'Was a timew.hen a " It is just as well that my CouSin Philomene has been of C, said men Should dress for friend and I were in New 'Xork dead these many years. She was a wonderful' woman, • Mass at least as for'mally as and, -were refused adm~ssion to they would for a, dinner engage- a' dining room until waiter quiet and deeply ,pious, but she had 'the vein of irdn and ,there were times when she was warlike. How well I recall' her onslaught on the Fuller Lvena Pax Te Cum Fi. Brush man a somewhat rabSomeone, more imaginative bity character, who thought than exact, concluded that tne to sell her, along with his reading should be: Pax Tecum' wares, a tract attacking the Filumena (Peace be to thee, Virginity of the Mother of God. - Philomena), and that a martyr's :remains had been discovered. . She was ter, There was an ampulla with rible in that the bones, and the symbols .of. hour and for anchor, palm, arrow, and ivy all I know the were discernible. The ampulla poor man may was supposed to have held the be running yet, martyp's blood, and the symbols ,though rather were appropriate for martyr-winded. SO' for "'dam. . the Sake of the Fame Spreads Sacred CongreNot too much was made of - gation of ,Rites, the finding at the .time, and ill which recently was only three years lat~r, in declared offic1805, .that the relics were given: Ially that· there to a devout priest, Canon Fran'is no' St. Philomena, it is best cesco de Lucia, for his church in that she Is in heaven where she Mugnano, in the Diocese of Nola:. may take the news more calm- where they arrived on Aug. 10 of ly. Still, one wonders; that year; the date' thereafter Between St. Philomena and' celebrated as the supposed! my Cousin Philomen2' there was Saint's feast. en admirable understanding. My But soon enough miracles be;., eousin would, do her best, but gan to multiply, many of the~ from that point on it was; up to of undoubted autli1enticity~ and! the Saint, who never failed ber. the fame of St. Philomena beThere were frequent consulta- gan to spread throughout the' tions" for. it is doubtful whether Catholic world. The relics· were' . any decision was arrived at in those of a girl, and pious im-' that household without being agination, . supplying . for the thoroughly rehearsed with. St. missing biography, wove 8 Philomeria. Her statue presided' whole texture for her life and over the kitchen, -which was' its passion. n'erve'-center, and was nev~r Needless to .say;' 'her gr~esfi without its offering of flowers. _client was the simple pastor of Somewhere in her reading my the village of Ars, St.John Vieousin had picked up the phrase" ahney, whoSe devotion to her "'The wonaer worker of the 19th as his patron was ~OJr).pletely in''. "... ' " . eentuiy'.', and' though: the 19th fectious. . century bad departed into fiist;" V@Mfre~U9w , . JIl[istorians 1lJnsa.iisfietll ory long before 'I Itnew her, it ,But alL along. the;hi~torieal w'as repeated With emphasis and purists· were. Jar from., satisfi.~dL -. unc'tion "whenever the Saint was' They pointed out that burials in m'enHoh~·. ' , .'" , the ca,taoombs, especially 'in, the, 'All: .,. Mistake' , '4th' centul'y', wel'eoften haphaz-· Fr~l:l.fl'om,my· bociksat ,the' ard, and' that' the. 'inscriptions' .. / .' . : . 8e!J1inarY . one Sum,mer,... and' were' ,often nothing, more than' brash\.;ls,.~ ajiriit.Y~ar the9';" . fragments from' other;,tombs;, pailogian'canhe, I.tooi'l it.uponmY.., gan' as' well.' as; Christian: .. '" . s.~If,.>to 'e~Hghten .my.'·co llsiri: on, .·,'The·"ampul:la. qi:l~te" definitely tlie Facts,of HistoI1i. "But Cous- was not a receptade' for martyr.'s' phllqmene, there'is no st. ·blood,~ .. and;. the .s~bols.·were Philoroena."· I should have common to the interment.o,f alII ltl:u)wIi :b¢tter,' , should' have Christians,- The, re-arrangement guagedthe distention: of, of the wor.ding: was, entirely arnbstrils, the glint 01; fi're hi'the bitrary and unjustified:. . . :', eyes~" ' . ' .'" . So all that could.- be- k;nownl But no, with the sublime oon-', as certain, they 'said, was that fidence - of a little-·learning· I. the' tomb',of, a Christian ,young launched forth' into my disquis-' woman, not necessarily' a mar-' liion. St. ·Philom'en.a was .'all a: tyr, had. been unearthed,. 'Ehe miStake, a weil-intentioned mis- name, was unknown. . take, no doubt, but still intolerWhat of' the miracles of Mug;" able in this age of'scientific' pro- nano? They prove. nothing in the ~ity. .. way of historical certitude. God , I had the facts all'right, there is perfectly free; HE!' hears the Is no gainsaying that. Primly' I prayers of .faith . no matter told her it was only on the 25th through what' intermediary they ofiMay, 1802, while F:ius vn was'· are addressed' to him, and. if He Pope and the shadow of Napo-' chooses to'perform His wonders' leon,. was longer,· every· through ,an' historical- error on day over the Eternal 'City, that, our par~, w-e:have' no r'eason' to sOnie, worKmen diggi'hg' in the'· coniplahl.·' '" , ancient catacomb of Priscilla in The Cure ot~r.s was;mistakenl tile Via Salaria; had, unearthed, .about: his little Saint; he is nOt' ·1 a tomb ~ith the. 'inscription: the' less' a' Saiht himself because' . .......,,,.. ,.",. of'that; , . ' . .' ... ( . ~." ,. ,I, '.: .... . SO' I preened' my; sCientific feathers,' and: having said :-dty" , . . . say,' was' visited' .by, the thunders- of Olympus', Bossuet' .', $Uf~II:'RIG§iT denouncing: the sins; of 'Versaines was not. 'more' eloquent, though, at least h~ kept 'to one language, rso~~; , ' where my counsi'n magnificent, t ly mangled French. and English LB' in epic conglomerate. . . '" 'But all' the sam'e' I had hurt : )~ONElE$S"BEEFdVEN ROAST her; and"whim the echoes of her tirade died away there' were teal'S in' her' eyes>" ' r have' th'ought'since' that if .....: ",' ';. .; ,there were no' original st;, Phil~ JUST HEAT AND SERVE: . omena, there ought to be whole multitudes' now in heaven bear':: ing her name:'Certainly, in ever get' tliere, I" shalfnof argue the point witlitny; C;:ousinPhilo','-' . I FRIESH: ...:.: THE PICK OF THE CATCH' " . HONORS: nag .Hammar- inene: skjold; ~;e'cretary Generarof the Bnited N:itibnj!, will, be Bishop Sfun-g:Assembly of Fan the principal-speaker, at the: River, Fourth Begree Knights of University of Not~e Dame's Columbus, will hold a dinner dance: Saturday nig"t~ ni'gbt, May H6th commencement, June' 27! at' Stevenson's:' Restaurant. 4~ and will be awarded a: honOfficers will be elected Wedneg;" orary, doetorate; NG: PhotoL day; June' 19~

1.@~@.nH~~@(hD~omJ [p[}uD~@'Wu@[f1)®O~ [Q)@W@lJO@[[\) "1{@ ~@tr&@ffi) O~@G[[\)lt





brought wi ,ea~h a white ~ to wea~."·.. . . Suoh inCIdents, Mr. Krebs ~ 1

made him realize "how mticl:l. lack:'of courtesy is given "OU]' ~rd ",in the. Blessed Sacrament' when, we, a/3, Catholics,. atte,nd ~~:r'vices' attired in loud sport shitts:wi\h no coat or tie: Somo even, cOme' dressed to go hunfi. ing or fishing."



~@f!il'i)~ q@ ~@dkmw,' ~ ': ~: $~@ f@~ w@Jlrz.~af ~{}n@t D(»'s€Jwe ., A&PI 'Ower" .".,~oo . IId~@J1" a~d,:~(7"ocery,'{:s hawe' &e@;n':··


,~ueedl,Cheek, them. _-.)foit,,· :".~Ip'to"~",,t:yo·ur ;f;~tq'foOcl.~;'" ~


waY"'d.ojyImI ·... Ii





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BlOCK, $,TYl!'

.,I'ousi' .!F'rled; :'Fisill'. S'II'c.s'~'· Had:dodIFillels' .,Sh~uider ."

S'~CSD1g' Asse~.b!y




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Prelate St...... ~o FI'Ofttien'

Ltmgtime Friend at St. Ann.e's Shrine

Observes 85th Birthday on Sunday

To Students , NEW YORK (NC)-Five ltundred students from aU, ever the world heard' a bishop appeal for "no frontiers" at the annual Interna'tional stuBent Day Mass for World Peace in. St. Patrick's Cathedral here. The Mass, sponsored by the Grail International Student Ceniller, brought representatives from 95 countries who a["e studying lin New York colleges and universities. American students Ifrom Catholic colleges in the area and members of local Newman elubs also attended the service.' In his sermon, Auxiliary Bish/M) Edward E.Swanstrom of New York, executive director of Cath-, olic Relief Services-National eatholic Welfare Conference, stressed the' solidarity of the human race in Christ. He employed PresicWnt Kenlftooy's theme of "New Frontiers" 00 enunciate a "more,radical and electrifying" Christian theme of llilil'o Frontiers." "When Christ' made aU members of the human family His brothers and coheirs in the Kingdom of God,'! Bishop Swanstrom said" "He broke down CWery barrier and frontier that ~arated man frOM man." In the struggle for world !peace, he told the students, "you have the greatest weapon ever ~rged to assure you ,of eventual victory' .. , I refer, of course, to the Cross, the weapon of jus~<:e for the world's salvation. ' "For us the ultimate weapon _ justice is, and always will be, ~ Cross-a weapon of limitless love. B~ remaining stead6lst to the Cross and the lesson • teaches, we wilt hasten the . 6ay when the peoples of the Garth can dissolve artificial bat". r s and frontiers and see tbemie.lves as tIM famii y of

A ~~kllQwn priest of Fall River will observe his 85th birthday on Sunday. For than 50 years, Father Vincent Marchildon, of the Dominican Order, has been asso-



THE ANMCHOR1-S ' 9 ' h T'urs., ay , 6

Fatima Message Must Receive Attention

ciated with Saint Anne's Church, either as a curate at the parish or as moderator of and devotions 00 Saint Anne at the Shrine. Father Marchildon arrived at St. LISBON (NC) The Anne's in October 1905. ExBishops of Portugal have cept fQl' a few years (1913warned that communist ath17), he has spent the whol~ eism is perverting the world of his priestly life, in Fall and have ul'ged the nation to ponder the Blessed Virgin's River. In 1923, he was excused warnings at Fatima. from parish duties and permit"Meditation on the message ted to devote all his time to the of Fatima and it'S fulfilment are . pilgrims 'of Saint Anne. In 1928, 'particularly opportune at this he became officially Director of time when our country calls all the Shrine when the latter was' its people to unite themselves," given a new status, independthe bishops said in a JOInt pasent of the padsh, Under his dyntoralletter. The plea for 'national amic direction, Tuesday novena unity came as Portugal was devotions in honor Of Saint Anne - struggling with Afriean nationwere started in August 1928. alists in its territory of Angola. This was an addition to the regular Sunday afternoon devotions Destruction that go back 00 1895, when St. In her apearance to children Anne's Church was built on its at Fatima in 1917, the Blessed present site. Virgin emphasized the horrors Participates of sin and damnation. She pleaded for prayer, repentance and Despite an unfortunate autoreparation, and warned of wide.Jl mobile accident in which Father spread destruction on earth unMarchildon was seriously" .inless her pleas were heeded. jured in the summer of 1955, h~ The Bishops alluded to the recovered sufficiently to be able message as "a message of salto this day to participate in all vation for a world that is rac- 0 the activities of, the Shrine and ing to its doom-e'ternal doom." 00 offer 00 hi~ belove(! pilgrims They said the call for a worldthe comfort of that spiritual wide reign of truth, holiness and ministry he has dispensed in his peace "is especially for Portuown inimitable wlY aU along gal, 'where Our Lady chose to the years. manifest her Immaculate Heart On his birthday, next Sunday, to the world, as a hope and a Father Marchildon will officiaterefuge," at the 2 and 3 o'clock devotions Predict~on: at the Shrine ,as usual. Doubt-. The Bishops recalled the preless many of his good friends diction of Fatima that the Pope will he there to-congratulate him would have much to suffer and on this happy occasion'. VERY REV. VINCENT'MARCHILDON, O.P. that several nations would disappear. They said this has come 00 pass. "Communist atheism is per. verting the world with its errors," the Bishops said. But theY' , The historic Social encyclicals of Pope Leo XIII and Pius XI have exerted considerable decared that, .the mesage of F'atima ,tells the world how to influence on the progress and direction of the American labor movement. Because Cath. reform' and find peace. olics make up ;' large part ·of the wage-earn,ng populat~n, the way was prepared for the "This message is a pledge of penetration and diffusion of Catholic' s<>cial teachings intO laoor. But the greatest op- hope for the world. Our LadY' ·promised the final triumph ol pOrtuftity f for d e'd' the Man y ,American CatholiCs !»f, an adequate sh,are of her Immaeu}ate Heart ..." . .' ... ,Coyle High School inusic' deChurch to influeilce workers ' backed intervention of the state the national wealUi for workers pariment, Taunton,. will presen~ the weakness' Of" in indusrty, aStaJ;ld ac:lopted ia, "and their families." , D of I Initiation ~ annual Spring band and glee the' early Amerieilft' labor their arixiety tQ chec~ "£oolirlbNot all Catholics agreed that '~embers of St. Patrick's Cir.- . tIub concert at, 2:30 Sunday movement.. and costly" strikes. , union membership wouidhave cle, 'Somerset ,Daughters of Isa~rnoon, May alandat 8 M0l.l'When Pope Leo Xmissued" ,State~nterve~OIl . to pe increased sUbstantialiy to bella, 'will receive corporate ..,. and Tuesday nights, May 21 «Rerum Novarum," on' May: IS; State intervention was sought secure, greater .I.>li~tne~ship· ia' Communion· at 8 o'clock Ma. ~ 23. All pel'formances wilt 1691, the prOgrams'of labor 'un", not merely £Or factory legislation ill.dtlstr,Y. . ' , this· Sunday morning at St. . . in the school auditorium. Father (later Bishop) 'Francis Thomas More Church. They will , ,Numbers from musicals and ionists-only a few hundred' and protective labor 'laws, 'but tand pieces will be inCluded ia ' thousand~were either 'misun_ also for the settlement of major J. Muench' led a small group meet at 3 Sunday afternoon at derstood or disapproved by the itidllstrial d'il>putesby judicial which argl,led that labor's)trug- , the Old Town Hall for initiation. ~ concert band's presentations, gle to wrest concessions from ceremonies, for new members. While the glee club Will offer Ift"eat 'mass ' of' <,middle-class' ,or quasijudicial processes. 'Pope Leo's 'encyclical gaw 'capitalism had embittered rela- Rev. Stephen Downey will be taJ-mns, semi-cLassical songs and Americans. Laeking Power support' to such' a position. He tions between the t~o to a de- speaker. telections from "CarouseL" The As late as the app~arance of specifically recommended forgree not conducive 00 mutual, ~ units win combine ift the 98Condbalf of the concert flo Pope Pius Xl's commemorative mation, presumably under pub- sharing of 'pro(its, ownership and encyclical, "Quadragesimo An- lie authority; of administrative management. , , , Q(fer popular selectiollB. A found'ation for a cooper,atiw Brother Joseph Roos, C.S.C. no," 40 year-s later, American agencies' as one method of ,gainwill direct the O&nd and Brother trade unionists, although several. ing by peaceful 'means adequate industria~ order, he believed, had, made been laid by the "few ideally Albertus 'Smith, C.S.C i8 glee' times more numerous and better wages for workers. 'J;'hus, during' the depressiOft constructed employee represen:' ,CANDIES otub leader. St~ management appreciated, stilliaeked effective of ~1893-1897, Catholic publicists t~tive plans," company union .. in charg.e of Brother Alben power., CHOCOLATES American workers applauded· urged reformers to include legal- plans which gave employees a eiri, C.S.C. and ,Joseph Mc_ the explanation in these doculy enforced arbitration in their' measure of control and owner::' 150 Varieties Manus, Taunton, win be master of ceremonies for the program. mEints that formation of labor plans 00 allay industrial strife. ship not ordinarily obtainable ROUTE 6 near unioils' is a, natural right, not 'However, compulsory arbitra- . through collective bargaining.. mere_expediency, and the urging, ion failed in the face of opposi'Unioni~ation ' Fairhaven Auto Theotre th~t laws too better/the condition tion both from the National AsBut, the tide after the midFAIRHAVEN, MASS. of the poor must not be consociaio'n of Manufactbrers and 1930s turned 'from company demned as class legislation, but the Ameri~an' Federation of unions to rapid unionization of· accepted as steps to further ttle' Labor. mass-production workers and the .oommon good. '. sharp DecliDe future cardinal's suggestion could For, Catholics" the social etl,During the 1920s, a time of. l1()t be put to the test. eycIicals d'id 'n'ot originate. sharp decline in the fortunes of By the end of World War H, thought and' action in the labor unionism· along with growing an attitude of. social irresponsifield. They confirmed and unemployment and the onset of" bility was found ·in' both, labor strengthened it. the Great Depression, theatten-, and management, which had .For 'at IlMst a decade befol'e ti<>n of the Catholic social move- joined in a concerted effort to ~ 189-1' appearance of "Rerum ment once more' tUrned to the increase wages and profits at Novarum," Catholic workingmen specific merits of labor organ- consumer expense. had been active in unions and, to ization. Catholic social actionists have CHARLES F. VARGAS a lesser degree, in the Henry Some Catholic social action- reacted aga,inst this by, proposing 254 ROCKDALE AVENUI George agitation for la~ social- ists believed that the economic the '~industry council plan"-a ,1lIEW BEDFORD. MASS. illlation. breakdown was caused by the version of Pope Pius 'Xl's vocaVindiee.iion inabililty of the masses to buy tional group·, system in which S-ome priests regarded these up' the enormous output of integrated occupations would be movements as morally reprehen- A~erican industry. largely self-governing' bodies, sible, but Catholics 'seeking re- . They said ,a revival of union- with authority to fix prices, de.. . forms, backed by socially liberal ism was necessary to restore termine wage scales and in genbishops and priests, vindicated prosperity by fo.rcing' ,employers eral to control iridustrial condithe right of persolls to take pal't, to enhance purchasing power tions under a minimum of govin such activities. through higher wages. • ernment supervision. Cardinal Gibbons of Baltimore, Fahter (later Bishop) ,Francis Also of immediate concern BONORP R INCIPAL: Brother Eudes Hartnett, supported by most of the U. S. J. Haas predicted in 1931 that after the War was domination of C.S.C., prineipal' of Co-yle' Hierarchy, persuaded the Vatican, there would be ,no permanent several unions by communists or flo lift its ban on the Knights of economic recovery "unless wage racketeers. Through scores of fIJI High SCQool, 'Dauntoo, fQl' Labor and not to pla'ce Henry earners are frankly accorded labor schools; some directed by past six year.s and a faculty George's ''PrQgress and Poverty":' the right to organize and bargain the militant Association of Cathmember since 1951, win be oD,the Index,of Forbidden Books. collectively for wages and work- olic Trade Unionists, Catholics Thus, when "Rerum Novarum", ing conditions." tried to prepare wOl'kel's for rehonored at a farewell banwas iSSUed, Catholic social aeEffective Method sponsible participation in union quet Thursday night, May 25. tionists wer-e ready to make po~ He and others said that intelli- affairs 00 overcome the apathy Ile will receive a new assign,. itiw use of their, newly con- gently-led union organization that had permitted the takeover lIloot. i~ J11~ _ _'. .,. , _. firmed. fr~ , , was "the only ,effecti-ve method of unions.

P~pes Have, Exerted l;onsiderable Influence

O.n Progress of Anlerican Labor Movem,ent:


Annual Concert ~t Coyl,e ·High






Dorothy Cox ,Home








" '6

THE ANCHOR,-Dlocese of Fall

~iv~~-~hurs. ,,!,ay 18,1961,.,


~your".'''l~raYers~;' "Ple~se'

, Rel'agion "Must"

';': ',.

TagoJrt=-~AJm E~~mpie~.


, ' 'Scholars 't'hroug)lOut the world are observing the cen-

:~~a~lf~c~~\~~~~~~: ~~re~~~~~~r~~:~hP~~~~~~~er,


painter , ' , Bishop Leonard Raymond of'India-a visitor to the " , ','\ Diocese of Fall River on several occasions-has called uppn t his fellow Indians to pay honor to this giant of his country. \'\ '\'<, "HIn honoring Tagore we are benefitting ourselves and the ~. '\ '", India we love.'" This is a perfect example of how the Church reac}:1es out into the culture around her to praise' and support what is good and noble. It is never a case of imposing a rigid -westernized culture upon all peoples, of forcing all into the same mold, but of giving the truths of Christ which make men free spiritually and of letting men' exercise their freedom within their own culture. , ,Indeed, a recent book on the Church in the Ea~t, entitled "East to West,", has concluded, that "'the Catholic', 'C,'burch must be proud of what it has done, and i,s doing, in Vietnam; for here it has suecessfully shaken off its transitory ,association with the Western world and has recovered its universality. Iri Vietnam, Catholicism is not an instru,ment of Western ascendancy. It has become what it is in Western Europe: part of the native spiritual heritage of the indigenous ,population.." ." . • Such a conclusion ,of a non-Catholic writer holding' no ..p~rticuhir brief for, or against the Church serves a double purpose: it shows what the Chur~h really is stdving to do, . and it points ·out to churchmen what their aims must be,~.' ~ 'spreading the Faith. I ' , ~ ~' I

P,rove Itself" in Showdown

' '


of Sacramento told 10,000 persons at the annual Mary'8





· I 0 I k "SIng 'e tit 00

' "

B~~~R=IT' M~~~~k;

Hour here that Christianity, iD its competition with communli~ "must prove that it can and will produce justiCe far the dowa. trodden and oppressed." 'Ilhe ceremony also marked U. diamond jubilee of establishment ~~~e Diocese of Sacramento ita ,StreSsing tlhe space age riv. ry between world powers" the Bishop said that while the nOOd to defend humanity is a ch» lenge which must be fac~ there also is too little attentioa paid to development of the viiitues that regulate human b&o havior. Challenge (1 , '''The challenge" he,' declared, , l'comes no longer :from the hard and rugged 'terrnin of the wilderness,... isolating men from ·tm ministrations of the Church, bull rather, from man's own cruelty and, inhumanity to, his fellow


',' - ,



~~:~l~:= ~~':' ~of~kru~

benefits of education, but froaa a class of clever planners maequerading in the roles 'of new The Holy Father has spoken recent,y of the two Ideas , , B RE'V ROB'ERT' W- 'HOADA :Cathol'l'c' U . ',saviors' of 'the laborer, the POOl' ',that ~ust fuse to, becom~ t~e single outloo~ of .the true. ' , Y " • , '~Iversity man, the downtrodden and Catholic: concern for. buIldmg up a 'well-orgamzed . and \ ' ploited : masses. highly spiritual parish life, and a broadening of outlook ''''l'he challenge 1!J.en is , , TODAY-St. Venantius, Mar- message be heard by every man Chr' u_·ty t h. beyond.:personid interests to the wOrld-wide .mission of the ' ' Is......m mus prove t at Ch . 'h . tyr In the Gospel of this Mass and woman" every color, every can and will produce justice f~ , urc, ~ - " " , ' . ' of a martyr c;iuring Easter-time, nation in the accents of love and ,the downtrodden and oppresse4 At, first glance these, might seem to 'be contradictory Jesus' teachftl that, no branch peace. ' ' or stop preaching that love of ideas,' but they are s'Unply the two-fold point of view that bearS fruit unless 'it remains in The Chureh is this society of neighbor flows from 'love of distinguish' the true Catholic in all days, and, {especially in union with the vine'; This is the love and peace because it is the God:,,' 0 " , , , ' I so<;ietY 6f t,h, s,p~rit" SO it 'is enthese' t, imes,. ' , ' _ test of all prophetic spirits in the , Clear-Cut Plans Church. Just as our wqrship betirely proper that nowhere dot's ~'C<m,im~ is" capfliv':\:ti", " Every one of the faithful can contribute ~o a healthy comes"a witness of division in- the human intrusion ~o£ Babel ,the masses,not only with prom6and full 'parish life, one centel'ing aroun!l "divine worship, stead of iove and uhity when we ': and, Petty racial prejudices ses;~; the BishOP continued, ',<baI 'frequent ,reception of the sacraments . ; . catechism' classes; separate ourselves from the bish- cause more sCandal than in' this with clear cut· plans of actlae liturgical life and chant." Such.,a parish: life has, in the words, 'ops' who guarahtee' organi~ one:': " community 'and around this which are executed with ruthof the 'Holy Father, an irresistible attraCtiori for fainilies ness , So our' witness andapos- altar.. , less vigor. Revolution is sub, ' , , '.. tolate, our, contributions of PENT~OOST,MONDAY. "On. stituted for conversion; physiC. and'individuals." ' , , ' "", thought ,and ~criticism to the, the Gentiles (translate: Russians force replaceS love; and t h e . But "the horiY<OJils muet be widened" and the Catholic - Church, can be fruitful only as Cubans, Negr,oes, PuertO Ricans' .~f ,i~ dictator supercedes the ·cannot, withdraw, \within the limited vision :of his 'own we remain lOyal children of the, Irish, Norwegians, etc.)' also th~ , la~ of God, ~ the rights GIl interests; however sacrosanct theyntay be, when he knows institution.' 'I' ,grace of the,' Holy spirit had m~. that his brothers in the Faith throughout the world h~ve TO~ORROW:'::"S~.· Pe~~: Ce- 'been pOured' forth" ,(Epistle). "Comrnumsm claims to' protheir own problems .....:... 'i>r'obably without ,the ~eans which lesUne" Pope" Confessor. That The glory of the New Testament vide "for. the material needs at , 'bierarchial authority', and power- is that it is not Ii tribal coveeveryman." But in retui'n, , . GOd, h,as granted too,ur r, egions.'~: ' , ' ' , ful' prophetic witness are, not nant ' th . a t ,1't' WI'11 I,end itself to demands that he renounce '-118 'And so this is the' sigriof the mature Catholic'~· 'd t' l' th Ch' h' ' ed 'no human ,pretensions that its !'8itb; denounce his eternal' 00. , , I en 1ca ,m, . e ,urc, IS prov ~.- dema d o,f,' ',fa,ith" ,l'S' 'on'e w'hl'ch eoncernover th~ parish family and over his role to build by, the fact that' all popes " n ,tiny:and resign, his :8reedom.,)a it 'up, combining with a trnly "catholic" outlook of co ern and' 'bishops have made great ,~y ,man can meet with God's the new world which commuaover all matter of, things that touch the Church in Jrer contrib1!tions t9 the' Churcl:t's" grace. The Jews were His chosen 'isis would bui'ld, there is no 10'tle " " " '' '" - " .. ' ' uilderstanding of its message nor people, but", chosen to prepare fO!' 'God or His commandmentll world~wide mission." ,. to its 'communicati<;n of the mesthe way. Our .elder brot-hers in" and, no :place for man's' sOul • t.:] ,, s~ge,~hile many who' were 'not the way, they. were the tirst to human righis. , .: popes"nor biships nor even clergy recognize that in Jesus the "And while communism, II , ' ha've. ' , "I'" , " F"ather,,- had. Hr,'oken every' hu- 'ri<l'bt 'in demanding a rem....u. Li,t,t,le"g.i"rl,s, d,r,eS,s,Hd, in white dancing through the streets, barrier'' " "God' so I ' the for ' . the ,," ,' ~....., " There are many 1gift'S, and "w eman ' oved injustices in the w<mla, like miniature brides ---.: young boys in extra best;' with Deed' each other': So w-hile ,the world" (.GoSlJel)., , , it exposes its own pbal'iisaism and pent-up happiness trying to esc:ipe a rate mood of s~rious- - Catholic values as, e'ssel1tialto ,PENTECOST TUESDAY. The spells'outits' own ultimate fa,i}. ness - this is a' famiIia,rscene in every parish a£thi's Hille, the Ohurch the i popes, since S~irit, celebrated in"ol,1r ,pente- 'We in the denial of the exi&as many youngsters receive their Firs.t Holy Communion. Peter and all of the bishop-de- -costalJeast' i~ no fQreign spirit, tence, of the ~ of justice." Eloquent sermons a:re preached on this occasion' ,-' sc.endan'ts of the Apostolic <;01- no spmt whose promptings run I'tl rlllC3l fl@"'ta ~;!lOft;"l2!I~ . ' lege, he also values every mariico.unter t<l the good new~' of If" l!l \S:i U UIS ~~vu \9 ill parent s are moved to em9tIon --.;friends and rell:1,tives f,eel festation 'of the Spirit in the Jesus. Tod~y's, Gospei tells ,us just a little cleaner even looking these innocent :v'oung-sters Church,whether' it appears that the Holy~piri~ is the Spirit ~@'W M®[Ji)U'@ ~ opening their, hearts to the Christ Who wills to be their' muong her le.aders,:or 'among her of .Jesus., ,;Hence '~Catholic unVANCOUVER (NC) --' ''!lito food and' drink. 'members, ' ;, " ' ," b.ehef, at" t1)e claims of various' "low moral tone" of'· movies , Perhaps the youngsters preacl). still more' eloquent SATURDAY-Vigil of lPente- , ~Imes .t~at the prophl;ltic Spirit "which figured hi the 1961 acad» sermons by' their'v'ery action. ' _, , ' 'cost. After: Easter!, Pentecost is IS, t~!t?!y~g ~gainst the Church 'emy awards was criticized hero ~ . . ~ the great .feast of II. the Church's as an 1.nstItutlon. This has, been by· 'Archbishop William' Ml8rlI They _preach of ,annl1al. cycle, th~, great" ce1e- the , • the sermon of holiness ,an,dgoodness, _, " claim of ,,~very grOUP in his-' 'Duke of V~uver. " the unspotted Bouls of those who are in St."Paul's beautiful "bration of her mysteriousvital-, ,tory' ~hat'ha's:b'roken fro~ hie-',· He spoke at a Mass in Ho'lY ~ords truly ",c~il~ren,J~ malice," 'know,~ng littl~ the on- ,ity. "He will dwell with you, r-archla~ o~lence:, ,Rosary cathedral at which new slaughts of, the world and 'the flesh and the devil.. , aI).d be in you," says the G<lspeL ,The Cath~Hc can understand members of parish CoJUlra~ ", 'They preach sermons of reproach _ echoing the stern ,,~I~: the Christ~an renews hisbap- , ..the tension, even the impatience; nity ,of Christian Doctrine UIritB d" ,', ',',. '. 'd f Ch' . "I . ' . ' . ,tJsmal,commltment at Easter. ,he kn~wsthat Ohurch leader-s have were enrolled. ' an uncompromIsmg wor so rlst. t IS ImpoSSIble that renews its completion !,n Confir-o,fteq been startingly remiss in ' Tlw! MChbishop said that b scandals should not eome; hut woe tO,him through whom mation 'tomorrow. 'And he prays rec9gnizing the accents of the movies "The AJpartm~nt," "B~ tliey, come !'It were better for him if a millstone were hung that God will clean~e and Spirit. But he believes that one terfield S" and "Elmer GantrY" ,about his neck and he were thrown into the sea, than that "purify :hi:n anda~ the members must still enter by 1:he door into bad set aside ''virginity, marital he should cause, one of these little ones ,to ,sin H " of Christ s C~~reh! that al~. may the sheepfold (Gospel). It may chastity and the teaching eiI " '" '.'".' • . ," b~ome sensitive' and Ialthful take longer. It may even be more ,Christ." 'I\he ArchbiShop as~ These are sermons that their elders had better heed.. agen~s of the Spirit. hazardous in soine.,sense 11han ed that the "C>soa!'" award m09llo PENTECOST OR WHITSUN- climbing up another way. But it' ies had been "cr-iticized even' ... DAY. The Ohurch gathers for respects the tn.rtIi, that when H<lllywood for their immO'Xtll Mass today to celebrate the ,Jesus, Ohurch and Spirit are aepecis and low moM! tone." ,coming of the Spir-it-God's andivorced only human wits 8Iftd ''PMeDtshave a mOl'al ~ swer to the human separations . politics' can be winner-s. ,', gation ~ keep well-i~r:m¢,OIl and divisions, hatreds 'and preEMBER WEDNESDAY OF wDa¢ ..i s eoming out af. H~n,.. judices, symbolized by the Tower PENTECOST. The three lessons wood, hrebbl:Shop Duk-e said. ,of Babel. The EI?istle tells us of toda,y's Mass aU proclaim the OFFICIAL NEWSC3APlER Of THE DIOCESE OF FALL RIVER ,/how men ,estranged sudd~nly obligation Qf eve,rY Christian to Heart-Lung . ,SANTA MONICA (iNO) """' Published weekly by The Catholic Pres~ of the Diocese Of Fall Ri~8r find a common faith and the cherish the spirit, to grow in St. JOOnla Hospd,1la1 here III ,Gospel stresses the themes of attentiveness to His impulses and 41 0 Hig~land' Avenue .. love ~nd peace. ' to speak. This mean,s not ~ly to developing it baby heart-iluntl Fall River, Mass. OSborne 5-715,1 machine fOr use on tn-llants needii. The Church born on the CroBS -speak in the liturgy, in our pubmg~~ is today baptized in the 'Spirit. lie worship. 'Nlere, certainjly, PUBLISHER, , . . " .... Her univel'Sa1 mission shatters' every Catholic will bring ,htfl Most Rev. 'Jamt!s L Conno~IYI D.O., PhO~ " the complacency. of a world mind and win offer his V'Oiee 'the Bread that we have receive:l'i GENERAL MANAGER ASST. GENERAL MANAGER which had made a pact with in a comRl()n praise and prayer aM not :£or ourselves, alone. ,tribal and, racial i and 'national with his brothers. But it means Rev. Daniel F. Shalloo, M.A. . Rev; John P. DriscoH i9 for the worM God loves. kad prides. Not only will the Spirit also, toM willingnesg' and ~ tw ~l!tC3 <r!l Inadequacy or MANAGING EDIT~ dwell in the Chm!ch' as',long as' cournge to be God's spolre3me::l guitl b '~ ~gh to absoh1!l "!,,ugh ,J~: ~lde,R time lasts, but He ~nsists that :ijis outside Mass. ~ '~'ll'~ ~ u:::.'3 ~"~~ l:';2!~i1»1~" .I.

, '.

' , 'Thnotloh -,- :thf, ,Wuk<t1lith th,<!p£.








S': Chi,lUren"S.. ,errmons,(,









Deolen At. s i i S.t Smut Cleanup In Newark NEWARK (NC ( - More than one third of the news dealers in the Newark archdiocese are cooperating with parish campaigns to eliminate the sale of obscene and objectionable publications. This was repor1ed by Father Edward J. Hayes of the archdiocesan Legion of Decency office. In a newsletter, he said that of 1,865 stores in the archdiocese which sell magazines and paperback books, 662 - or 36 per cent are cooperating with parish decency groups. He also said that decency committees have been organized in 79 parishes. Reporting on the results of a survey among teenagel'S, he said that 29 per cent of those questioned think that the ave1'8ge adolescent reads lewd magazines at least once a month. In the poll, 6,380 teenagers from New Jersey, New York, Illinois, Massachusetts and Ohio were asked about their attitudes toward movies, television a!1d reading matter. While 79 per cent of the teenagers attend the movies at least once a month, only a little more than a third check the Legion of Decency Jist regularly, the survey revealed. Jt also showed that more than half of the teenagers are spending as much time watching television as they spend in school.

Bishop Checks World Iy' Side . ANGRA (NC)-The Bishop of Angra has clamped down on worldly amusements that have sprung up around the islanders' traditional celebrations in honor ()f the Holy Ghost. Bishop Manuel de Carvalho, whose see includes. all the' Azores, ordered that every parish have a confiraternity of the Holy Spirit· to organize theee celebrations. Only member-s of the confraternity are to take a leadi-ng part in them. Bishop de Carvalho also ordered that girls over the age of 12 al'e not to take pa'l't in the processions. He said toot the hours of Sunday Masses may not be altered to make place for festivals in honor of the Holy Ghost. The blessing of cattle" distdbution of food to the poor and other festive customs hallowed by time are still allowed, he said.

CatholicHourHas Broadway Cast NEW YORK (NC) - The National Council of Catholic Men's third program in the Catholic Hour-TV series on "Theatre: Past and Present" wiU feature an all-Broadway cast .. Edward Mulhare will play a principal role in the May 2i program caBed "The Theatre orf. Love," a continuation of the series' exploration - of theme6 that recur in drama. The program is broadcast on the ABC-TV network at 1:30 p.m., EDT. Viewers are advised to check local listings for the time of broadcast in their area

Holy Cross Family Sets Ham Supper A "baby penny sale" will feature a ham and bean supper to be held this Saturday night in Dartmouth High School caf~­ teria by the Associate Family of the Holy Cross Fathers. A cake sale is set for Thursday, June 1 at the Star Store. New officers for the Family include Ml's. Carl .Pitta, first woman to serve as president; Frank Mello, vice president; Miss Alice Fagan, treasurer; Ml'S. Mar,garet Kulas, secretary.

K of C Plans Bishop Cassidy Council, Swansea Knights of Columbus, will hold ,a potluck supper and dance this Saturday night. First degree will be exemplified Sunday, May 22 and major degrees will be awarded Sunday. June 11.

St. Peter's in Dighton Serves Farm 'Area Of Diocese, Has Congregation of 1,100

THE M·ICHon-: Thurs., May 18, 1961


Stress. Vo~untary Relief Ageri1c~es ..

By Marion Unsworth . At the turn of the 'century, approximately 50 families living in Dighton were served by priests of Sacred Heart parish in Taunton, and Portuguese speaking priests from St. Michael's, Fall River, and Our Lady of Lourdes and St. Anthony's, Taunton. As early as 1901, although the parish was not officially form~d ~or' many years after that, Rev. James Smith of Sacred Heart Church erected St. Peter's Church on Main Street, Dighton. Part of the church was

WASHINGTON (NC)-Catholic and Protestant overseas relief leaders agree that more foreign aid should be filtered through U. S. voluntal·y relief agencies.

Auxiliary Bishop Edward E. Swa,nstrom of New York has told originally an old carriage shed, U. S. House sub-committee that and the sacristy was later built when the_government refuses to by Father de Mello from St.' cooperate with a voluntary Joseph's Church, North Dighton. agency simply because of its Parishioners in the Dighton religious affiliation, "we carry community became part of a this idea of separation of Church mission of the North Dighton and State .to a ridiculous exParish in 1913, and were served treme." by its pri~sts until 1925, when Rev. G.eorge H. Flanagan was Frank L. Hutchinson of the named first pastor of St. Peter's Protestant Church World Service. Church. declared that Protestants would His successor, Rev. Thomas P. have "not the slightest objection" Doherty who was appointed to .to incI'eased cooperation between St. Peter's in 1926, built St. the government and the private Peter's rectory. relief agencies in strictly non-' . religious activities. Wide Area· The church agency officials St. Peter's parish, which covers a wide area bordered by appeared before the sub-committee in connection with its inSeekonk, Swansea, Somerset, quiry into ways in which U. S. Rehoboth and' North Dighton, foreign aid can be made more has been administered by seveffective in the new nations of eral pastors, many of whom reAfrica. mained at the Dighton church for only a short time. The present pastor, Rev. William O'Reilly, describes it as "a farming com-. nlunity for the most part, with honest, hard-worki,ng people." Father Doherty remained I I Dighton until February of 1930, when Rev. Francis J. Maloney I. was .... appointed pastor for the L ~_ • I remainder of the year. In November, 1930,·Rev. Joseph Sullivan arrived to administer to the community until 1934, when ST. PETER'S, SOUTH DiGHTON he was succeeded by Rev.' Felix S. Childs. Rev. William Dolan, who came When Father Childs left in came pastor for the foUowinf.( to Dighton in 1941 and. remained 1938, Rev. John H. McC'ann re- three years. until 1949, when Rev. John F. placed him for a few months The longest pastorate in the Laughlin became pastor, for the until Rev. John E. Connors be- .history of St. Peter's was that of . I 'following three years. . Next Pastor The next pastor was Rev'l/A McCarthy, from 1952 ~1A Continued from Page One In the years since the jubila- Francis until 1956. After his departure, W. Events will. begin with a Sol- rian has 'been in the United Rev. Bernard H. Unsworth was C::" . emn High Mass at 11 o'clock, bo States, she has received visits named administrator for a 'fe·w.. T CHI! NS be followed at 2 by a reception from a priest-brother and ,from months, followed by Rev. James ·Am.rlc.·.· moat envl.d kltch.n•• in the parish hall for friends, her mother, both of whom travF: McDermott in the same year. parents 'and present and past eled from Belgium ror the re- Rev. John J. Galvin, appointed pupils. It will be a day for a . unions. to St. Peter's in 1958, was sucfond backward glance over the In 1958 Sister commented'that ceeded by Rev. Alfred J. Gen-. years for Sister Mary Vital. in education this is the age of dreau in 1959, and then Father She has lived at the Sacred the "switch-on." "You can O'Reilly, who arrived' at the Hearts Convent in Fairhaven switch on machines to do your Dighton parish in February of 'Middleboro Road. Route 18. throughout her service at St. work at home, but you can't this year. Joseph's. On the occasion of her· switch on learning," she said. Recently the Presentation SisEAST fREETOWN religious jubilee she recalled "Today's children don't seem to ters of Charity established 8 nothat for 35 years the Sisters realize this and they resent havPlease send literature vitiate on Elm Street in Dighton, walked from the convent to the ing to work at school." and this has become part of the Have salesmafl co" CIt no sChool daily, a half hour journey She also deplores the invasion parish of some 1100 souls.· each way. "Maybe that's what 'St. Peter's has an active Holy of television into time that cttilobligation. kept us healthy," she said.' dren should spenq studying at Name Society, St. Vincent de Paul Society, Women's Guild Nome _ Sister Mary Vital' WIl6 born home. ill Kortryk; Belgium and enand Adult Discussion Club. CateThird on her list of "bugaAddress .. tered religion at Tongres. She boos" is the. trend toward work- ·chetical instruction 1'5 provided made . profession at Sacred ing mothers. "If mothers would by Sisters of the Holy Union of C~ _ the Sacred Hearts from Fall .. T Hearts Motherhouse in Paris, only stay home!" she lamented. then studied-in Spain for a·year, River. Her opinions in these matters following which' she ,was as- haven't changed in the past three signed to -the Fairhaven convent. years! She arrived in Fairhaven only a year aftet' the convent's opening . New Bedford D of I .there. Junior Circle 71, New Bedford Sister has for years beef! in Daughters of Isabella, will hold char·ge of school music at St. its annual mothers' tea at 2 this Oil BURNERS Joseph's and she also plays the Sunday afternoon at Isabella A.IM eomple&e Boiler-Burael' organ at Sacred Hearts Convent Home, Robeson Street. Crown- . or Furnace Vni.... Efficient low cost beatinc. Burner and for many functions. For 35 years ing of Our Lady and naming (Jf fuel 011 sales and serviCfl. she played at St. Joseph's for the Number One Junior Member funerals, in addition to het" will be features of the occasion. Stanley Oil Co., Inc. teaching duties. 480 Mt. Pleasant StrCflt Worcester Over Top New Bedf"rd WY 1-2M1 Fall River Officers WORCESTER (NC) The Heading the Fall River Carh- first Bishop's Fund for charity oHc Woman's Club for the comand education in the diocese of ing season will be Miss 'Lorena Worcester was over-subscribed L. Pacheco. With her will serve by almost one-third. Bishop Miss Julia M. Harrington, vice Bernard J. Flanagan said final SHARON, MASSACHUSETTS' president;' Mrs. George P. Hur- :!ligures showed $684,490.71 had ley, secretary; Miss Bal"bara A. been contributed to the $500,- ~ Spacious Fireproof. Sleeping Quarters Dagata, treasurer. 000 campaign goal. ,.. . For Boys 7 to 14 years old ~






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n:E f.' ~C' ~0"'·-D:ocese of Fall Riyet-Thurs. May 18, 19~ 1

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Westport ST. GEORGE $200 George Considine. $100 Mr, & Mrs Emmett Almond. $75 . Rev. Edmond R. Levesque. $50 Mr & Mrs John F. 'Ward. $35 T. Hudner Kennedy. $30 ,St. Isidore Council No. 4373, K of C., St. Vincent de Paul Conference. $25 Oscar Lariviere, George Paradise. ' William Bessette & Florence, Roland P McGee, Mary & Veronica Newett, Potter Funeral_ Service, Stevenson's Restaurant, Faida Carrier . $2Q, Albert & Rene Blais, Hugh MacDonald, Donald Sylvain. Arthur Magnant, Edwin' J. Smith. $17

Manchester, Normand Marceau, Henri F. M~rtel, Joseph Medeiros. Richard W.. Medeiros, Manuel Mello, Harold Miller, Lucienne Morais, Joseph Muscarella, Charles Navin; Abel Novo, Raymond Peck, Mr & Mrs Donald Pittman, Eugene Poitras. . Charles H. Purcell, Mrs. Clara Rego, John J. Reilly, Thomas Richards, Misses Roy. ' St. 'George. W;omen's. Guild, Rene & Gladys SaVoie, James W. Sherrington, Joseph R. Silv,a, Adolph Sivik. ~ Mrs Cecil Smith, Jr., Alfred Souza, Thomas P. Sullivan, Hen.. ri Tetreilult, Alphonse M. Ther-:= ien. Hermes F. Touchette, Peter Travers, Edmond V.aillancourt, Honore Vaillancourt, John Ves~ cuso. Marcy Victoria, Mrs .Margaret Vieira, Leonard J. Vincent, Kenneth' Walker, Thaddeus Wicherski. ' ~

Ce.ll'ilh'al Vi~~age.

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST $120 Mr & Mrs Charles A. Yocum. $50 Mr & Mrs Casimire M. Bartkiewicz, Mr & Ml's; William Forrest, S1. John's Ladies Guild. $20 Mr & Mrs Bernard Kelly & John, Mr & Mrs John A. Murley, Mrs Mary Brady Shea. , $15 Mr & Mrs John Cos~a, Char'lotte Madeiros. $13 Mr & Mrs Frank Costa. $12

Aurele Ledoux. '$15 David H. Butler. - Michael O'Grady, Daniel Ring. $12 Raymond Bernier; Gideon DesRoches. Mr & Mrs Eugene Laplante, Mr & Mrs Daniel Slattery. $11 Mrs John Murphy. $10 Mr & Mrs John C. Avila, Mrs Mrs Isa15elle Sandberg. Wilhelmina Baptiste, Charles $11 Barboza, Alipio Bartholo, George - Mr & Mrs Anthony F. FerW. Beaudoin. '. reira, Mrs .Esther Samson. Joseph Benoit, David Black, $10 Joseph Bono, .Armand Boutin, Mr & Mrs Manuel Amaral, Lester T. Brightman. Mr & Mrs Henry Arruda, Mr & Raymond Brito~ Charles~ Cal- Mrs Joseph' Audet, Mr & Mrs laghan, Louis B. Castilloux, Augustine Botelho, Mr & Mrs Ernest' Clattenburg, Arthur F. David L. Buckley Jr. Colwell. Mr & Mrs Antone S. Cabral, Wilburn Correia, James M. Mr & Mrs' Charles 'Costa, Carl ' Craig, Edward Cusick, Alfred Deschene" Mr & Mrs 'Armand J. Desmarais, Leo Romeo Du-' Desjardins, Mr & Mrs Milton E. breuiI. ' Earle. Adi'ien Durand, John EconoMrs Antonio Ferreira, Mr & mos; Mr & Mrs Oliver Fitzger- Mrs Tobias 'Flemming, Ann ForaId Mrs Ernest Frjtze, Chauncey rest, Mrs Mary Hendricks, Mr & Ge~r Jr. ' .' Mrs Clare~ce Kirby. ',.... Mrs Torleiv Haaland; Joseph Capt & Mrs George Leach Jr., P. Halloran, Lewis J. Hamer, Mrs Agnes C. 'Leonard, Mr & Thomas Heron Jr., Almedor Mrs Ernest Martin, Mr & .Mrs Houle. George Medeiros, Mary L. Me. Karol Kawa, Jeanne Kennedy, deiros. Mrs James King, Walter Lennon, Mrs Alida Messier & Family, Levesque Family. Mrs Messier & Bowden',' Mr & Lionel J. Levesque, Leo J. Mrs Arthur Munro, Mr & Mrs Loranger, John A.' Medeiros, William M. MUl1phy, Mr & Mrs Joseph Co, Mello, Manuel Moin- Alfred Oliviera. heiro. , ' Family of John S. Partington, Kenneth Moore,_ Robert' J. Louis Perini, Mr & Mrs Andrew Neville, Lawrence O'Connor, Perry, Mr & Mrs Joseph Perry Mrs Ronald Perrier, Henry' J: Sr., Mr & Mrs Thomas K. Porter. Picard. Thomas }S:.Porter Jr.; Mrs William F. Rebone Jr., Roland Lauretta Potter, Mr lit Mrs Man:Robillard, Mrs Katherine Rusin uel Rezendes, Mrs Thomas & Soris, Thomas Ryan, George Rogers, Lorraine Rose. St~ Martin. Mr & Mrs David Rosinha, 'LilRene St. Martin, Gustave Han F. Sekonda, Manuel P. Senechal, Joaquim Silva, Peter' Silva,' Daniel Souza, Mr & Mrs Sroczynski, .Robert Steele. Ralph Souza Jr. _ William P. Sylvia, ~ Tardi, Mary Taggart, Mrs Mary TooGeorge J. Thomas, Mrs Dorothy' mey, Mr & Mrs George A. Vera, Thompson, Roger Tougas. Mr & Mrs Antone C. Vieira, Mrs Howard Tripp, Albert Ethel Vieira. Walmsley, Major ,Wheelock,' Manuel Vincent, Mrs Edwapd Edward Wojnar. P. Whitty, Mr & Mrs Joseph Florence Allen, August F. Ar-, Willette, Friend. I ' ruda, Henry Bacon, Thomas BarMr' & Mrs Joseph P, Cabral, rett, John Barros. Mr & Mrs Arthur Denault, Mrs Homer Beauparlant, Dr. John Eva Lawrence, MJ: & Mrs TerW. Bermingham, Alked M. renee McGlynn, Mr & Mrs ManBorges, Joseph A. Bouchard, AI- uel, Raposa Jr. phonse Bourbeau. Mrs Rosalina Cabral, William Dightpn T. Carignan, Mrs Alice Carter" ST. PETER John W. Casey, Louis Caton. $150 Raymond Cogswell" Norbert Rev. William O'Reilly. Crothers, George' J. Crowther; $50 Daniel Cunha, Joaquim Cunha. Arnold Hoffman & Co:, Inc. Gilbert· R. Dutilly, Armand $30 . Fauteux, Manuel Ferry, WaItei' Mr & Mrs Joseph Brady. Filipex, Francis X. Flynn. _ $20 Herbert Foisy, John Fontes, Mr & Mrs Norman K. Smith, Samuel B Ford, John Frechette, Mr & Mrs William Fleming, Mrs Henry J. Gautreau. Mrs Dorothy GiMord, Stephen Paul Horton. $10 D. Grace, Joseph A: Grenier, Mr & Mrs Frank Cash, Mr & James Hanrahan, John J. Hayes. Warren Healy, Mrs 'Beatrice Mrs Donald Morrison, Mrs Emily Hebert, F. Goddard Kennedy, Cordeiro & Family, Mr & Mrs Francis L. Kennedy, Stephen D. Vincent - Hebert, . Mrs Frank Torres. Kovar. George Lavigne, Mr & Mrs Roland R. Lamarre, Romeo La- ' montagne, Albert Langlois, Mae George Dutra, Mr ,~ Mrs AnLecuyer, Philias Leduc.. thony Rose, 'Mr & Mrs _Francis Donald Lemos, Mrs Elizabeth Rose, Mrs James Bacon.

Honey, Mr & Mrs WHliam Kummer. The J:.amothe family, Mr & Mrs Raymond Lemieux, Mrs Adrianne LerouJ!:, Mr & Mrs Turner Litchfield, Mr & Mrs Peter Lizotte. Mr & Mrs Randolph Lodico, Mr & Mrs Walter Mallon, Mr & Mrs James Marcure, Mr & Mrs John Martins, Edward Marvel. Mr & Mrs Frank McGrath, Ronald McGrath, Mr & Mrs Anto~e Medeiros" Joseph Mello, Mrs Donald Moehle. Mr & Mrs Francis Molitor, Dorothy Mondor. Marguerite Mondor Mrs Peter Mondor, Aime Morin. Mr & 'Mrs Daniel Murphy, Michael J. Murphy Jr., Mi- & Mrs Robert J. M1irphy, Mrs' Alan' Nelson, Raymond Patenaude. Mr & Mrs Homer Paulus, Mr & Mrs Edward Paradis, Mr & Mrs Edgar' Pelletier, Mrs Rose Pelletier" Mrs Doris Pendergast. Mr & Mrs Henry ,J: Poudrier, Mr & Mrs Frank ProskY,Mr & Mrs Andrew Radnor, Mr & Mrs Lawrence Rappaneau, Mr & Mrs Leonard Roberge. George R. Robillard, Mr & Mrs Thomas Rochford, Mr & Mrs Ernest Roy, Mrs Joseph Russell, Mr & Mrs Leo R. Schleicher. Mr & Mrs Leonard Silvia, John OUR LADY OF' RETURN: A new shrine, recently dedicated to Our Lady of Return by Bishop Thomas K. , J. Smith, Mr & Mrs Albert Soisson, Mr: & Mrs Judson Stafford, Gorman of .Dallas-Ft. Worth in St. P~trick's Co-cathedral, Mr & Mrs David Stentiford, . Fort Wor-th, has as its central object of devotion an icon ,Mrs Perry Sullivan. (above) of the Blessed Virgin with the Infant Jesus, which Mr & Mrs William Sullivan, was brought to this country from Russia in 1917. NC ~hoto. Mrs Gertrude Sutcliffe, Florence Thibeault, Mrs' Harvey C. . Mr & Mrs Albert Enos, Mrs Pelchat, Mr & Mrs Albert Rob- Walker., Henri Yelle. Alice Costa & FamilY,iMr & Mrs 'bi'ns, Mr & Mrs David L. Rocha. Mr & Mrs George Zachorne, Allan Corkum, Mr &' Mrs Earl Mr & Mrs William Ross, Mr & Mrs Leo Yelle, Mr & Mrs Rose, Mr & Mrs AI~n Fanjoy. Eugene' Roy, Mr & Mrs Anthony Herbert Schriever. Mr & Mrs John Alves, Mr & .Ruskey, Mrs John Silvia, M"i' & John J. Adams, Mr & Mrs Mrs Joseph Carei, ~r & Mrs Mrs Jose Teixeira, Frank W. Clinton E. Rose, Anonymous, Whittemore, Mr & Mrs Woodrow Richard Berg, Mr & Mrs James Blount, Mr & Mrs Henry Borden, Anonymous. , Wilson. Mr and Mrs Thomas Bryant. Mrs joh~ B. 'Auger Mr &' Mrs Mr & Mrs John Alves, Mr & Mr & Mrs Joseph Cabral, Mr Edward Linhares, Mr & Mrs Mrs Frank Aievedo, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Americo Camara, Philip Henry Magan, Mr & Mts William John Bartley, Mrs Margaret Dion, Mr & Mrs Robert Ford, F. Benevides, Mr & Mrs J. Leo Bartley, Mr & Mrs Rodney Dr & Mrs W-illiam, Fountain. Abrain. 1 Berube.: Mr & Mrs John Gomes, Mr & Mr & Mrs Leo J. D~slauriers, Mr &, Mrs Donald Branagan, Mrs Gerard Hind, Damon Hope, Mr & Mrs Russsell McDermott, Frederick Briggs, Mr & Mrs George Jackson, Mr & Mrs FredMr & Mrs Raymortd Navarro,. Harry Bullock, John Camara, erick Kelley, Jr. Joseph A. Allie, Mrs Paul B. Mr & Mrs Jordan Camara. M,r & Mrs Roger Lamoureux, Lassen. Mary Camara, Mr & Mrs John Mr & Mrs Henry LeClaire, Mr & Mr & Mrs Edwal'd F. Goulart, Carvalho, Mr & Mrs George Mrs Eugene Lehr, Mr & Mrs Louis Mendoza.' Charette Jr., Mr & Mrs Ralph. Cardoni Lori, Georgette Massie. Clegg, Mr & Mrs Donald Dion. Dr &; Mrs Robert Melanson, Mr & Mrs Paul D{on, John Frank Melsbach, M!' & Mrs Norto" I Drane, Elizabeth Drane, Mr & ST. MARY'S Frank Mendes, Beatrice PaMrs Jose Fernandes, Mrs Irving quette, Odette A. Paquette. $250 , Fillmore. Rev. William D, Thomson. Roland O. Paquette, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs James Fitzgibbons, James Pontolilo, Mr & Mrs Paul $100 I Mr & Mrs Exdras Fontneau, Mr Shaw, Ferdinand Souza, Mrs Mr & Mrs Thomas Manning. Glass to Metals, Inc."J. R. Kil- & Mrs Francis Gallagher, Mar- Theodore Tausek. , 'burn Glass Co., Inc., S~. Vincent .. guerite garrity, Mi & Mrs John, Mr & Mrs John Teixeira, Mr & Gross. de Paul~Society'. Mrs Joseph Teixeira, Mr & Mrs , '$75 Mrs Cecile Harris, Mr & Mrs Donald J. T·hibeault, Mrs AnnaErnest Harrison, Mr & Mrs belle Witherell. Rev. Bernard ·F,Sullivan. I Thomas Healey, ~rs Wesley Turn to Page Ten $30 Mr &' Mrs Donald E. Letour- , neau. $25 - Mr & Mrs James F1. Carney, Mr & Mrs William V. Flaherty, Loretta Flanagan,' Mr' &' Mrs Joseph Fonseca, Mr; & Mrs Mjchael Mu~phy. Mr & Mrs Anthony Pires, Mrs Raymond Shea" Mr"& Mrs Homer Simmons. S1. Mary's Holy Name Society. -$20 . Mr & Mrs Charles Drane, Charles Drane Jr., Harry Kearns, Mrs Ernest Precourt, Mr & Mrs James Russell. Mr & Mrs, George ,Sabourin, Mr & Mrs Joseph Thipeault, Mr, & Mrs Chester Vota, Mr & Mrs Charles' Wichland, Mr & Mrs Thomas J. O'Brien. George A. Yelle, Mr & Mrs Adlore Killg. $15 • Manuel D'Aguiar. Bristol Farms. '


$10 . Mi & Mrs William Adair, Mr &

Mrs Custodio Amaral, Mr & Mrs Henry Brochu, Norman, Brochu,' Mr & Mrs -Louis Champagne. ' Mrs Thomas Curran, Mr & Mrs Henry J. Dion, Carlene Davis, Mr& Mrs Francis Eames, Mr & Mrs John Fonseca. ,Mr & Mrs Cyril Gagne, Mr & Mrs Edward Gaudreau, Mr & Mrs ,Walter Gay, Mrs Peter Gendron, Mary Gouveia. Mr & Mrs John Hall,ihall, Mr & Mrs George Hemond, Mr & Mrs. Simon LaRosee, M,r & Mrs WalterC. LaRosee, Mr & Mrs Francis McEndy. Mr & Mrs Francescq Monte-




N®\0~ 3~by's Co~~frdown R@[flks

THE A"lr, "'''':;Thurs., May 18, 1961

I MlJ S(VJ$p~ru~e Wgfr~' A$~WO[[\)~OJJfr9 s

Seven Receive

By Mary Tinney Daly "Any news?" This is the first question that's 'been asked by any member of our house upon arrival home for the past two weeks. It "is the first question asked as family members greet one another in the morning. "No news," is still the answer. "No news?" When? We- recite the oldie: Any unitiated visitor to our "Monday's child is fair of face, house would be aghast to Tuesday's child is fulfof grace, Wedilesday's'child is born for hear such an answer during

woe, T'hursday's child has far to go, Friday!s child is loving and giving. Saturday's child must work for a living. But the child who is born on the Sabbath day" (we can't quite remember the words but it is "something and something," then "loving and gay." ,It doesn't really matter what day, what name the parents choose. We just wait, saying morning prayers, evening prayers, short sna,tches in between. Ninth grandchild, but it might· as well be the first. Perhaps the ,anxi~ty arises because we're far away. Still no news-no' Brennan news--day after day. Almost Waiting 1\01' Phone like waiting for 'the take-off into space. . . . Still there is "no news." Finally, the phone rings and it Provincial? is not for'Ginny: Provincial! "Hi, Grandpa and Grandma! The news we await is from a ' . small town in Virginia, news Congratulations? Michael Leonthat is duplicated hundreds of ard Brennan arrived safely, weighed in at 7-3. All fine ansi thousands of tinies every day: announcement of a birth. This send love!" News-and gratitude. one is to our daughter Eileen and her husband Tony':"'-new sister or brother for little Mary and Tony Brennan, Jr. The telephone rings while we The Religious of the Holy are at dinner. Everybody jumps up. "Take it easy," says the Head Union of the Sacred Hearts announce the release of a new of the Hou,se, pretending he didn't jump. "It's probably for Gin- record of vocal and instrumental solos a'nd ensemhles by the comny." munity's Sister-musicians. It probabiy, almost Inevitably, The record, Musical - Miniais: "The geometry is pages 178 tures,' featu\-es Sister Barbara and· 179 and that problem five will slay you! Now look, did ,Thomas, soprano, in two, solos and Sister James Alberta, trumY<lU do it this way? Does your peter, in three solos. It may be angle a,b,c, equal angle d,e,f? No? Well, how do you figure it ordered from Holy Union'Records, 466 Prospect Street,' Fall il)ut? No kidding! He finally River, and ,proc~eds will benefit called Y<lU up? What are you going to: wear? I haven't got the high school building fund. anything either and (sotto voce) Mom said I could have a new Daughters of Mary Have one if we could find' it 'in our Japanese Postulant price range.' Yeah, I hope 9heCRAGSMOOR (NC) The 11 go up too ...... f'lrst candidate from the Far "Get off that phon~!" East to Join the Daugh1ers of' "Sorry, Ellen, I gotta go. Keep Mary, Health of the Sick has started training at Vista Maria the line open,' you know." convent here in 'New York. Th~ line is kept open, or semiShe is¥uriko Matayoshi who open, ·with business and social was employed as a bank clerk in calls cut to the minimum. As we pretend not to be on the qui Na'ha, Okinawa when she devive, we try to be nonchalant Cided upon a career in religious life.. She was persuaded to join about the whole thing: the U.S. sisterhood as a res,ult Grandchild of watching the work conducted "Wonder what they'll call ~he by members of the community new baby? 'They've talked of at a medical clinic in Okinawa' and traveled the 8,000 miles by everything from Agnes to XavIer." , , plane to begin her training. Miss Matayoshi was born in Tokyo, Japan, but lived most of her life in Okinawa.

Ciub Awards , Seven students are recipients of scholarsp.ip awards from New Bedford Catholic Women's Club, including from Holy Family High School;' two from New Bedford High School; one from St. Anthony's High School; and one· from Dartmouth High School. Top awards ·of $200 and $150 respectively, go to Holy Family seniors Cathryn Brower and Mary Ann Marcotte. Awards of $100 each were made to Carlton Pimental, New Bedford High; Norma Rivet, St. Anthony's; and Helen Tomkiewicz, Dartmouth High. Elizabeth M. Quinn, Holy Family, and Cheryl Alexander, New Bedford High, received $75 each. Chairman of the awards committee was Mrs. Timothy P. Keating.

this time of world crisis. Family members may be reading newspapers packed full of; vital news having to do with the survival of' the wodd, 'listening to the radio in the kitchen, watching the' television ,i n the living room -all giving out with accounts of world-shaking events. We listen avidly, watch with interest, discuss the touch-and-go situations in Cuba, in Laos, around the globe, even in outer space.

Nurses Alumnae Names Officers New officers for the Alumna~ Association of St. Anne's Hospi·tal School of Nursing include Mrs. Margaret Goslin, 9residerit; Miss Ann Marie Murray, vicepresident; Sister George Eymard, recording secretary; Mil'S Lorraine Landry, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Jacqueline Fortin, treasurer. The annual senior prom, cosponsored by the alumnae and junior class students of the school of nursing, wiU be August and a NUMe-a-Rola is scheduled for Tuesday, May 23 in the school auditorium, Fo:est Street, Fall River.

Sister-Musicians . Release Disc

~ :


!.:~ L p




LIBRARY HEAD: Father Francis 'X. Canfield, librarian at Sacred Heart Seminary, Detroit, has been mimed president of the National Catholic Library Association at its 37th annual ~onference in St. Louis. NC Photo. ' •

College for Women Plans New Campus

THE MONTH OF MARY: The Blessed Virgin-is an example for all women. She combines in one woman every aspect of virtue. Martha and' Mary, pictured above as sculptured at the main entrance to the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Washington, were the sisters of Lazarus. Martha, "busy about many, things" is a symbol of the active life, expressing charity in eternal deeds of mercy and service. Mary, sitting at the, feet of Christ, is a symbol of the contemplative life, expressing charity in loving attention to God and in secret appeals to His power. The Blessed Virgin Mary was both active' and contemplative-Martha aDd Mary in one ,person.

, "None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm. H

Nut;1, -Woman, Jewish Merchants Befriend' Puerto Rican Brides UPPER MONTCLAIR (NC)Thanks to a missionary nun, a Catholic woman and two Jewish merchants, untold numbers of girls in Puerto Rico will be' able to get married in the traditional white wedding !{?wn. The nun is Sister Mary Vincent of Newark, N.J., a Missionary Servant of the Blessed Trinity serving in Puerto Rico. Writing to Mrs. Edward M. de Castro she .told this story: Girls from the parish were not being married in tli~ parish church. They would be embarrased to have a church wedding without the traditional gown. Could Mrs. de Castro help? Mrs. de Castro went to the Helen Holladay Bridal Shop here to buy some old gowns. The transaction was almost completed wheri the owners, Alex

KANSAS CITY (NC) - The College of St. Teresa for women conducted by the Sisters of· St. Joseph of Carondolet has purchased a 48-acre tract as the site of a new multi':mllHon, 'dollar college campus. Sister' Mary Dani.el, president, said construction will begin in the fall and it is 'expected the, new ,college will be opened dur- .AAUW Awards· $2500 ing the 1963-64 school term. Fellqwship to Nun . The present college will' be WASHINGTON-5ister Mary 'renovated and use'd to expand St. Theresa's Academy to ac- Theresa, a doctoral candidate at commodate an enrollmen:t of 800 the University of Notre Dame, students. The college now is lim- has been awarded a $2,500 felited to 500 students but is ex- lowship by the American Assopected to expand to 1,000 stu- ciation of University Women. dents in the next ten years, Sister's award is, one of 93 Sister Mary Daniel ~ ,given to women scholars for research and advanced work dur.,. Spring Dance ing 1961 and 1962. Forty-nil"ie of Elks Hall., North Attleboro, the fellowships went to U.S. will be the scene this Saturday women and 44 were given t<l night of the third annual Spring women from 29, other countries. dance co-sponsored by Knights Sister Theresa, a member of of Columbus and Benedict fue Institute of the Sisters of Circle, North Attleboro Daugh- the Third Order of St. Francis, ters of Isabella, Co-chairmen Glen Riddle, Pa., will be assistare Miss BreiJ.da Quinn and. ed in preparing her dissert~tion Thomas O'Donnell. on a literary topic.



Kantor and Sidney Spitz, found out why Mrs. de Castro was-buying more than oile gown. They then arranged for the shipment of 14 gowns to Sister Mary Vincent - compliments of Holladay . Shop. Now any girl who can't afford a white gown will be able to borrow one discreetly from the Sisters so she can have her church wedding without embarrassment.

Assumption Circle Assumption Oircle, Fall Riv'er ' Daughters of Isabella, wiU serve a supper at 6:30 Monday night, June 12 at Catholic Community Center. Mrs. Irene Leary is' ohairman. A meeting wiU follow.

The sign 01 Quality.


*' *


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Fall River Savings Bank




No. Easton E. BridgewCllter Randolph Plainville cmd the new Brockton East Shopping Plaza ALSO VISIT OUR NEW STORE 'IN INIIEW BIE[ll~O~"



••y•.yyy.•. vvv~~~


10 ."TI:~,1' ._ .. :-~_. ~Yocese of Foil River...:.Thurs. M9y'18, 1961

Haskell, Mr & Mrs' Joseph Beecher, 'Joseph B. Kelly.. . Thomas Kelly.






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Ocean Grove II



$400 Rev. Joseph A. Cournoyer.

$175 . Mr & Mrs Joseph A. Faria.

$75 Rev Maurice E. Parent.

$50 Mr & Mrs Lawrence Borge, Mr & Mrs Edward .Creamer.

$30 Mr & Mrs Leonard Brophy, Mr & Mrs R~ymond Pettine.

$25 Mr & Mrs Rudolph Bis.son, Mr , Amadeo Dittami, Mr & Mrs John Farias, Mrs Lillian Valcourt. Mrs Annette Lacroix.

$20 . Mr & Mrs Edward Martin, Mr & Mrs Charles WHliams Jr.

'$15 Mr & Mrs William Furtado, Mr & Mrs Francis Remy. A F'riend: $12 Mr & Mrs Raoul Desruisseaux..

Mr & Mrs J. Edward Lajoie.



Mr & Mrs Rich1rd'1\. Riley.

$60 Mr & Mrs Bernard Swales, Mr & Mrs Raymond F, Sweeney.

Fair Acres Day Camp, Mr & Mrs Henry C. LaB ute, Mr & Mrs Victor Adams, Mr & Mrs Anthony Campana: Mr & Mrs Milton Salazar.

Mr & Mrs Patrick H. Callahan, 'Dr. & Mrs Raphael P. Fox, Dr. & Mrs William Freeman, Mr & Mrs Hugh J. Maguire

$40 $30

Mr & Mrs Carl Brodt, Mr & Mrs Norbert J. McKenna.



Mr & Mrs Herve, S. Robert. $25 Mr & Mrs William T. Rogers, Mr & Mrs Ma(on Cleveland, Mr & Mrs Joseph T. Drury, Mr & Mrs Harold F. Dusoe ,& Family, Mr & Mrs William R Flynn. Mr & Mrs Arthur J. McLear, Mr & Mrs Paul V. Stevens, Mr & Mrs George W. Welsh, Mr &.Mrs Robert P. Laflamme.



Mr & Mrs Irving Angers, Mr & Mrs Milton Bednarz, Mr & Mrs Albert Belanger, Mr & MI's AIfred Blais, Mr & Mrs Alfred Bolduc. .

Mr & Mrs James Crosson, Mr & Mrs Frank B. Greene, Mr & Mrs Clarence R. Wamboldt, Mr & Mrs Leon RBrodeur. ' $18.50 Mr & Mrs Leonard E. Boardman & Family.

Mi: & Mrs Adrille Boucher, Mr & Mrs Daniel Britcliffe, Mrs Margaret Butler & Family, Mr & $15 \ Mrs Norman Butler, Mr & Mrs. Mr &'Mrp Russell B. Cochrane, Orner' Cabral.' Mr & Mrs Donald L. MacDonald, Mr & Mrs Malcolm R Melvin, Mr & Mrs Dominic Casilli; Mr Mr & Mrs Alexander Stevenson. & Mrs Thomas J. Clancy, Mr & . , $12 Mrs Eugene Comeau, Mr & Mrs Francis W . .Farley, Mr & Mrs Edmond Courchaine, Mr & Mrs William E. "Nugent. Frank Crane. $10 • Mr' & 'Mrs Arthur Curt, Mr & Mr & Mrs Leonard J. Albert Mrs Arthur Dallaire, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Walter Armburg, Mr Robert Desrosiers, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Joseph A. Banville, Mr & 'Henry Dion, Mr & Mrs .Felixe Mrs Arthur Bartlett, Mr & Mrs Dupras.' •. Charles Borge. Mr & Mrs Frank Gallery, Mr Mr & Mrs Henry Botelho, Mr & Mrs Raymond Gaudreau, Mr & Mrs Raymond ·W. Boule, Mr & & Mrs John Goddu, Mr' & Mrs MrsJohn A. Brickhill, Mr & Mrs Leo Grenier, Mr Louis HefferManuel Brilliant, Mr & Mrs nan. James Britland. Mr & Mrs James Johnson, Mr & Mrs Albert H. BrbsniMisses Blanche & Yvonne Joli- han, Mr & Mrs Er.r;,est T. Cabral, vet, Mr & Mrs Joseph F. Mr& Mrs Herbert E. Chase, Mr Kirkman, Mr & Mrs Gerard & Mrs George Chapman, ,Mr & Lamontagne, Mr & Mrs Eusebe Mrs George A. Collins. Levesque. Mr & Mrs William F. Cripps, Mr & Mrs John Lindo, .Mrs Mr & Mrs Raoul Desruis~aux, Aime Lizotte, Mr & Mrs Fernand Mr & Mrs Howard F. Eaton, Lizotte, Mr & Mrs William Mary E. Eaton, Mr & Mrs Frederick B. Fazzina.. . Mahoney Jr., Mr & Mrs Robert Mailloux. Mrs Charles A. Foley, Mr & Mrs Conrad P. Fortier, Mr & Mr' & Mrs Perry Maki, Mr & Mrs Fernand Fournier, Mrs Mrs~ Walter Malone, Mr & Mrs Louise Fox, Mrs Gertrude FraArthur Morin, Mr & Mrs Edgar goza. M0l::in, Mr & Mrs John MulMr & Mrs LeoneLV. Garganta, rooney. Mr & Mrs Vincent J. Giannola; Mr & Mrs James B. Murphy, Mrs' Patience -Gray, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Thomas Murphy, Mr James W. Griffin, Mr'& 'Mrs & Mrs Oscar Nadeau, Mr & Mrs. Louis F. Harrington. John Norton, Mr & Mrs LawMr & 1141'S Henry A. Harrison, rence Oliveira. Mr & Mr,S .Joseph E. HarJ;ison, Mr & Mrs Caesar Paiva, Mr & Mr & Mrs Frank Kenney, Mr & Mrs Roland Patenauqe,. Mr & Mrs Edward F. Kret, Mr, Joseph Mrs Edward Perrault, Mr & Mrs Labounty. '.. ..'., Armand Petrogso, Mr & .Mrs Leo Mr & Mrs Albert' J. 'Lafleur ' Pineault. .' lYIrs Francois E .. Lapointe, Mr& Mr & Mrs Theo Picard, Mr &: Mrs Joseph··A. Ledu'c Jr., Mr· & Mrs Adelard Pineau, Mr '& Mrs Mrs Dennis F. ,Longshaw; Mr &' Albert Pontifice, Mr & Mrs Mrs James E. 'McCormack. , Louis Read; Mr & Mrs Virgilio Mr & Mrs Edward S. McNerRisi. ney, Mr & Mrs Ernest M. Medei~ Mr & Mrs Robert Rushton, Mr ros, Mr & Mrs John J. Medeiros, & Mrs Andrew Rusnock. Mr & Mr' & Mrs John V" Medeiros, Mrs John Seguin, Mr & Mrs Ger- ,Miss Ruth l,\/lercer. alq Sevigny" Mr. & Mrs, Thomas Mr & Mrs Thomas H. Mercer; Smith. . Mr & Mrs ~oger 'Michaud, Mr & Mr & Mrs John Szuba" Mr & Mrs Paul Monahan, Mr &. Mrs Mrs Charles Viens. John J. Monte, Mrs Estelle' Mr Earl Bolton, Mr Clemente 'Moran. Brandao, Jr." Mr & Mrs Manuel Virginia T. Morrissette, Joseph Corga, Mr & Mrs' Gerald Dalton, L. ~Morrissette, John J. Mullen, Mr & Mrs Charles Drake. Mr & Mrs John Nestor, Anna M. Mr & Mrs Albert Dube, Mr & Noble. ' Mrs John Duclos, Mr & Mrs Ar-' Mr & Mrs Edward J. O'Brien, mand Farias, ·Mr & Mrs Arthur Mr & Mars Leonard J. 'O'Neil, Gardella, Mr & Mrs Joseph HarMr &. Mrs Raymond L. Parent, graves. . Mr &; Mrs ,George C. Penrose, 'Mr & Mrs Harold Hodkinson, Mr & Mrs Horace A. Pelletier. Mrs Hubert Laurendeau, Mr & Mr & Mras William T. Perry, Mrs John Lafrance, Mr & Mrs. Mr & Mrs Walter J. Pitera,Mr John Lavoie, Mr & Mrs Milton & Mrs Ambrose A. Powers, John .Machado. M. Powers, Mr & Mrs Robert Mr '& Mrs Thomas McGovern, Quinlan. Mr & Mrs Philip McHugh, Mr Mr & Mrs Christian Ramstedt, & Mrs Francis Mellon, Misses Mr & Mrs Edward F. St. John Lillian & Claire Morissette, Mr. Mr & Mrs John E ..Scanlon, Mr & Mrs Normand Neveu. .' Mrs AugustusJ. Simcoe, Mr &; Mr & Mrs Michael Onorato, Mr Mrs Albert G. Souza. -' , & Mrs Elisee Pineault, Mr & Mrs Mr &. Mrs Oliver S. Souza, Mrs James 'Reid, Mr & Mrs Rotert Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Helen M. Smith, .Mr & Mrs Edwar.d .Whel- .. Sullivan, Mr & ·,'MrS. Henry R. an, Mr' & Mrs ~cl~rd;Wright.:" .:Sullivan, John F. Sweeney•.• \I' .





'.. . ·,·,··t


$15 '


Mr & Mrs Louis F. Fayan, Mr & Mrs Edward Heffernan.


Mr & Mrs Charles Cammett, Mr & Mrs Matthew B-irtwistle, Mr & Mrs Charles Cassidy, Mr & Mrs Richard Caifl, Mr & Mrs Edward Barry., Mr & Mrs Sherwood Tondorf, Mr & Mrs John Murphy, Mrs Robert and Mary Cross, Mrs R. M. Roloson.

$12 Mrs Roland Ashley. $1" Mr & Mrs John R. Souza, Mr & Mr's Robert F. Lebel, Mr & Mrs Michael Shields, Mr & Mrs Donald Coombs, Mr & Mrs William P. McEvoy. . Mr & Mrs Thomas Mason, Mr & Mrs Charles Stavrades, Mr & Mrs Thomas Aylmer, Mr & Mrs Edwin Pina, Mr & Mrs J. Dexter Swift. Mr & Mrs Amos W. Buck, Mr & Mrs Daniel Flynn, Mr & Mrs Wilson Perry, Mr & Mrs Manuel Moniz, Mr & Mrs Victor Cormier. Mr & Mrs John C. Linehan, Mr & Mrs Patrick Murray, Mr & FIRST NATIVE ORDER: Brother Luke Kakombo, one' Mrs WHliam Adams, Mr & Mrs of the first seven New Guinea natives to enter the Brothers JohnJ. Bowes, Mr & Mrs John of the Sacred Heart of Wewak, receives the book of rules G. Lewis. Mr & Mrs O.S. Garofalo, Mr & at the beginning 'of his novitiate training from Bishop Walter H. Butler, Mr & Mrs Leo C. Arkfield, S.V.D., Vicar Apostolic of Wewak. NC Photo Mrs William Wright, Mr & Mrs Benjamin Yanchuck, Mr & Mrs John Mr & Mrs John W. Thompson; $15 Mr & Mrs Pasquale W. Varanese, 'Mr & Mrs Fletcher Lo~g, Am'brogne. Mr & Mrs Albert Adams famMr & Mrs Charles West, Mr & Sarah McLaughlin, Mr & Mrs Mrs John R. Wood, Mr & Mrs ,Manuel Sylvia, Mr & Mrs ily, Mr & Mrs Francis ,Po Butler, Mr & Mrs James Shields, Mr & .Alfred Zervis. Charles Ernest, Precourt. Mrs Joseph P. Ro~e, Mr & Mrs $12 WHliam O'Brien, Mr & Mrs JoJohn Gonsalves, Mary Mi!RlClylJ'j) irncm~ seph Daniel, Mr & Mrs W. Leo randa, Mrs Jennie ·Miranda. ST. ANN Shields, Mr & Mrs George Mc$10 Goff, Mr· & Mrs John Lahteine, $150 Mr & Mrs John Reinhardt, Mr Mr & Mrs James Mullan. , Rev. Leo T. SUlliv;an. & Mrs James Nelson, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Redmond J. Fitz$25' oIohn Rodriques, Mr & Mrs Leo gerald, Dr & Mrs' Burton Trask, St. Ann's Women's, Guild. St John, Mr & Mrs GlOorge WilMr & Mrs James O'Neill, Mr & $20 son. Mrs James Hansberry, Mr & Mrs Emanuel Stavrou. Mr & Mrs John ~aloney, Mr, Myles Powloski. Mr & Mrs John Dooley, James & Mrs Donald Perr~, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Joseph Mello, Mr & Hauck, Edward Ma160f, William Francis Walsh, Anne Smith, Mrs Mrs Harold Hanewich, Mr & Mrs R. Navin, John R RJddick. Isabella Lopes. Alvaro Mattos, Mr & Mrs Peter Mr & Mrs- Manuel Roderick, I Cyril R Tucker, Almon TurFermino, Mrs Mena Barrows. Mr & Mrs Albert Andrews Sr., ner, Harvey Wilson. ! Mrs Frank Dick, Mrs Mary Mr & Mrs. Albert Andrews Jr., $15 McPherson, Mrs David Crosby, Charles E. S;urrr, John J. )Vlr & Mrs. William Fairing Jr., Mrs ,Frederick Whieley, Mrs \ Mr & Mrs William Begley & McMahon. Teresa Wright. fainily. $10 Mrs Dorothy Sanborn, Mrs Mr & Mrs Edward Ryba, ClauMrs Marie Bobet, Mrs Flor'lee Howard Sears, Mrs C. H. 'Holdia Ellis, Mr &. Mrs Joseph Dolhain, Robert J. Driscoll, lidge, Mrs Lemuel G ..Fish, Mrs Savastano, Mr & Mrs Bernard E. Lester Carroll. , Joseph E. Keough,.' Frank MaRogers, 'Mr & Mrs George Philrino. Mrs Thomas O'Connor, Mrs Richard Mastria, 1\1rs Florence lips. John H. Johnson, Mrs J. L. Cal. " O'Brien, David W. ()'Connor III, Mr & Mrs D. Warren Nickerlahan 3rd, Mrs. Edward Crosi:>y, Mrs Merril H. Field. Arthur E. Rohl Jr., Edward j: son & son, Mr & Mrs Frank Al. Mrs Julia Nunes, Mrs Joseph Sears, John F. Smit~i,' . meida, Mr & Mrs Edmond McLouis C. Andersen, C. V{. BabPerry, Mrs Anne Madde~, Mrs Carthy, Mr & Mrs Anthony son Jr., Frank A. Bedford, Philip Mattos, Amy Brewer, George Manning, Mrs Ellen Bernard, Thomas R. :Bettencourt. Agnes Francis" Mf .& Mrs Hobson. . Lawrence A. Burke, Louis R. Angelo Giberti,. Mr & 'Mrs. RoMarie J. Bruton, Helen Lee, . Cabana, John J. 'Carpenter; main Poyant, Mr & Mrs Francis Margaret' Hansberry, Hilda Aimeida, Zilpha Wright: Francis Casey, John Charles. Monahan, Alice E. Monahan. Josephine Hartnett, Mrs WilLeonard'Chickering, Mrs Emil Mrs Ellen Buffington, Mrs T. Cobb, John Corr, Cote Family, Alice Beauchemin Hurley, Mr &. liam Kelly, Mrs Shirley Crosby, Mrs Edwin Rose, Mr & Mrs' Mrs Andrew O'Brien, John Rosa. Francis X. Curry. I Robert .Dohjlrty,Fernando George Santos, Mr' & Mrs Arthur, Robert Souza, Earl R Batson, Baptiste. ' . William F. Childs, Theobald Frates, Mailrice A. Gamache, 'Mr & Mrs Joseph ,F. GomeSj Manuel 'Gomes, Edward F. HyLynch, William H. Carpenter. Bernice Federici' Mr & Mrs land.. : Joseph Barry, Edward E. O'. Theodore Januse, ~oseph MasDante Fava, Mr & Mrs Francis Neill, Seward Reid Jr" OstervHle terson, Donald Mengersen, Al- Farrell Jr., Mrs Beldina 'llamaNews Stand. . fred J. McConnell,t Agnes Me-' gini. Turn to Page Eleven Grath: . . '.. .


.. Marion '.McGrath,! Ruth' Mc"6:rath, Morrissey' F~milY"'James S:' Moura, Joseph' R. Mulhern: ,"Andrew Plentus," James . J: Powers, Anthony Rigillo, Francis Saracco, Joseph ,Scanlon. , JohnE. Smith, Robert Smith, George Tubman, Mrs Florence Viles, John J. Ward. , Marion F. Webster,' John E. Welch, John Wentworth Richard White, WHlia~ iWyn~.

Wareham !'T,


$350 Mr & Mrs Charles ·Myers.







Rev. John T. Higgins.

$100 . S. -Vincent de Paul Society.

$50 Mr& Mrs.J.ohn F. Shields, Mrs Walter T .. Hall, Mrs llobert Blodgett.



Famous for our Prime Aged Charcoal Broile~ Steaks - also Roast Beef - Sea Food

Catherine Tenney.

. $35 Catherine's Apparel. $25 . The ~cKeon Family, The Cotter Family, Dr. & Mrs ~harles

$50 Mr & Mrs Joseph Card, Isabella Cummings. I

$30 ; Mr & Mrs Anthony ·Monteiro.


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Mr & Mrs Claud~ Ellis, Mr & Mrs Frank, Kryst!>folski, Wareham· Lodge of Elks 1548, Hiller Oil Co., J. W. Hurley Co. $20 ' John '1\ Galligan, Mr & Mrs Elwood Hiller, 'Sarhuel Francis, Mr & Mrs Robert Bruce, Mrs ,Lillian Lopes' Chantr~ .'.::1 ,'. .,' =",.,;===:=::."""'

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Thurs., May 18, 1961 C;:onUnued from Page Ten

No. Easton IMMACVLA'l'E CONCEPTION $250 " Rev. John j. Casey. $100 Mr & Mrs Charles McCarlhy er., A Friend. Mr & Mrs Francis D. Mone. $50 Harvey's Market, No. Easton K. of C. Dr & Mrs Gerald Gray. $30 Mr & Mrs Thomas Gallagher. $25 Edward L. Coughlin, Mra George Craig, Dr. Michael DelColliano, Mr & Mrs Leo Harlow, Cornelius Harvey III. . Margaret E. Harvey, Mr"& Mrs Michael Hegarty, Mitrano Chevrolet, Immaculate Conception :Women's Guild, Mr & Mrs John lParkes. Mr & Mrs Frank Ready, Mr & lMrs Vincent' Wright, Mr & Mrs Frederick Murphy Sr., Frederick Murphy Jr. . $20 Mr & Mrs Robert Clifford, Kathryn Healey Mary Nolan. mr & Mrs Stephen Noian Sr.. Christopher Brophy. $16 MI' & Mrs Robert DeBesse. $15 Mr & Mrs Ross Bridge, Alice Harvey, Grace Harvey, .Mr & Mrs Arthur Heath\ Mr & Mrs lrhomas Higgins. Mr & Mrs Lawrence Lyons, IIII' & Mrs Lee Schleicher, Mr & Mrs Harold Bergeron, Mr & Mrs ~es Fitzgibbons. Easton Auto Body, Stedfast Rubber Co. $12 Mr & Mrs Daniel Desmond, Vincent Galvin, Eugene Cunniff. Mr & Mrs J. Vincent Hickey. $10 Mr & Mrs James Barrett, Mr It Mrs Thomas Barrett, Mr & Mrs Severiano Barretto, Mr & IMrs Edgar Biechele, Abraham Brooks Insurance. Abbie Buckley, Josephine Buckley, Mary Buckley, Mary B. Buckley, William Cahill. Marietta Canan, Mr & Mrs 8eorge Carter, Charles Coelho, IlIr & Mrs Francis Coleman, IRizabeth Conceison. " Mr' & Mrs Joseph Conceison, Mr & Mrs James Connor, Bart Conroy, Mr & Mrs Joseph Corasia, Clement ·Coughlin. . Elizabeth Coughlin, Mr & Mrs Henry Couture, Anna Craig, Bose Cunningham, Winifred Cunningham. Mildred Deady, Mr & Mrs ~n DeCoste, Mr & Mrs Lester f)elaney, Mr &. Mrs Thomas Denesha, Mr & Mh :rrank ·Deveney. Cafherine Q. Dineen, Mr & IIrs James Doherty, Mr & Mrs Ralph Dorgan, :Mr & Mrs Dominic Falzone, "Mary-Jo Far:

8ell. William Farrell, Her man "'ckeisen, Phyllis Fickeisen, Hilda FI'anco, Thomas Fran'co Jr. RitaF~rlong, William Furlon:g Sr., Joseph Galvin,. Mr & Mrs Albert Giordano, Mr & Mrs 'John &omes. ' Mr & Mrs Kenneth Gornam, & Mrs Raymond Gosselin, Mr It Mrs Raymond Hailey, Anna Harvey, Catherine Harvey. Mr & Mrs Cornelius Flai'vey k., Mary V. Harney, Margaret Bealey, Mr & Mrs Daniel Hesselberg, Mrs Man 'Hilliard. Mr & Mrs Harold Holmes, Wro. N. Howard & Son, Alfred lermolovich,' Mr & Mrs James Iohnsdn, Mr & Mrs Joseph ltairys. loll' & Mrs Charles J. Kelly, Mr It Mrs Joseph Kelley, Mr &' Mrs Carl Kempf III, Mr & Mrs Daniel Kent, Mr & Mrs Richard Kent. Mr & Mrs Charles King, Mrs Walter Klein, Mr & Mrs George Itnapp, William Knapp, William Ioahey. Mr & Mrs Leo LaMontagne, A. LaRosse, Mr & Mrs Francis LeRoy, Mr. & Mrs Martyn Lineoln, Mr & Mrs Daniel Linehari. Mary Linehan, Edward Lomer ~., Mr & Mrs Francis Lordan, Mary. & ~ileen Lordan, William


Mdkm. '


lBdward Lyons, Mary C. Lyons, ciohn Lowndes, Harriet MacDonl!Iid, Mr & Mrs David Magner. MIl' & Mrs Charles Malcosk" .cCarthy Coal Compan7, Bertha IkGaffigan. J4r • ~ CharJee

CONTINUING A TRADITION: In line with a 121-year-old custom, Auxiliary Bishop John M. F~arns of New !ork and pastor of St. Francis de' Sales Church, New York dons a .whIte ,apron and serves Anne McNichols, 78, in a residence for the elderly operated by the Little Sisters of the Poor.The custom dates back to 1839 and involves serving men arid women in the Sisters' three New York homes. NC Photo.

Mrs Edwin F. Payton; Mr & Mit Richard Ward. $20 Robert McDonald, Mr & Mrs Ralph M. Biagiotti. $15 Mr & 'Mrs Kenneth Luce, Mr & Mrs Reginald Stark, Mr & Mrs A. Kennedy Jr., Mrs Annie Eldridge, Mrs Katherine Kenny. Mrs George Gibson, Mr & Mrs John Riha, Mrs Charles Fuller, 2\. Friend. $10 Mr & Mrs John Karl, Mrs Joseph Bickley, Mr & Mrs Howard Lynch, Comm, & Mrs William Connors, Mrs Albert Pye. Mr & Mrs Donald MacCormack, Mr & Mrs Frederick Bilodeau, Mr & Mrs Arthur Parrott, Mr. & Mrs William J. Larkin, Mr & Mrs Robert Stevenson. Mr & Mrs Thomas Masterson Sr., Mrs Louise McLaughlin; Francis Grant, Elizabeth H. McLaughlin, Mr & Mrs Armand Bedard. Caldara's Bait & Boat Shop, Mr & Mrs Albert Landry, Mary Owens, Bolles Package Store; White Rabbit Restaurant. Mr & Mrs Eugene Sassoni, Mr & Mrs Wilfred Fortier, Mr & Mrs Frank Rocchi, Mr & Mrs John Bourne, Charles F. Tucy Jr. Tucy Bros., Ursula Wing, Redwood Motel, Mr.& Mrs A. Clayson Tucy, Mr & Mrs Earl Reynolds. Capt, & MI's Raymond R. Fisher, Paul Ashnault, Ma's Donut Shop, Baker's Gift Shop, In Memory Margaret C. Cook. William Delaney, Mr & Mrs Thomas Wenzel, Mr & Mrs John Delsie, Mr & Mrs Paul Govoni, Mrs Cristofori & Family. Mr & Mrs John Cook, Mr & Mrs Arthur Wills, Mrs Susan Corcoran, Mr & Mrs James Duggan, Mr & Mrs John Gray. William P. Sweeney, Eugene G. Sweeney, M/Sgt & Mrs Thiro Zanis, Mr & Mrs Harry J. Robbins, Mrs William Webb; Mr & Mrs Gordon 'Oliosi, Mr & Mrs Warren Whitehouse, Mr & Mrs Vincent Maxwell, Mr & Mrs Peter Andrews, Nicholas Fernandes. Benjamin Fernandes, Dorothy Pina, Francis Silvia, William McCoy, Mr & Mrs Ernest Per-ry. , Mr & Mrs Frank Lopes, Mary Baptiste, John M. Correia & Family, Mr & Mrs Antone Baptiste, Irene Andrews, Mr & Mrs Julio Lopes, August Lopes, Mr & Mrs, Charles Cahoon, Mr & Mrs Albert R. Sacht, Mr & Mrs Joseph V. Zlogar. ,Mr & Mrs Ronald Coghlan, Robert Wolfe, George Caron, Mr & Mrs Carl Borman, Mrs Laura Correia. . Kathryn Fernan.des, Mrs Audrey Hoole; Mr & Mrs Robert Hurley, Joseph Goryl, Mr & Mr. Norman Soucy. Mr ,& Mrs Robert Kolbert. Mrs Olivia Gomes, Mrs Charles Gates, Mary Fortes, Mr & Mnil "A1cide Cormier. Joseph Pina, James Amado, Ida Moriterio, Mr & Mrs Amos Fernandes, Mr' & Mrs Richard ,Rogers. • Mr', _&t' ,Mrs Thomas Leonard. Mr & Mrs Joseph Sculley, A Friend, ,A Friend, A 'Friend. A Friend, A Friend, A Friend, A Friend, A Friend. ',Tur,n to Page Thirteen.

McMenamy, Mr & Mrs Andrew Burke, Mr & Mrs James Burns, Lynch, Mr ~ Mrs Ignatius McMcNamara. Mr & Mrs John Cadegan, Mar- Cann, Margaret McEntee. Mr & Mrs Frank Maliff, Mr & guerite Carter. Mr & Mrs Edward McGee, Mrs Richard Malifi;, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs R. Chassey, Mr & Mr & Mrs Francis McNamara, Thomas Maliff, Mr !!i Mrs Vin- Mrs Patrick Coffey, Mrs Joseph Joseph Malloy, Mr & Mrs Melcent Mathers, Frank Milan. . Connolly, Mr & Mrs Albert ,vin McLain, Mrs Mary Norrman. Horace H. Mitchell Real Estate,- Corte, Mrs RalpH Crai~. ' Mr & Mrs'Richard Oakley, Mrs Leslie Mitton, Mr & Mrs William John L. DailY,Mr & Mrs John Gloria Olson;- Mr & Mrs Albert Murphy, Mr & Mrs William Nel- DePaul, Mr & Mrs Albert Dacey, Orlandi, Mr & Mrs Lawrence ligan, Mr & Mrs Joseph Nievera. Mr & Mrs Robert Davies, Mrs Pasalacqua, Mr & Mrs Norman Mr & Mrs George Niland, Mr Alice Eastman.' Poitras. & Mrs Stephen.Nolan Jr., WilMrs John Foley, Mr & Mrs Mary Reed, Mr &: Mrs Paul liam O'Connell' Jr., Mr '& Mrs Russell Fox, Mary Gildea, Mr & Regan, Mrs Teresa Silva, Mr & William O'Connell Sr., OCon- Mrs Antonio' Gomes, Mrs Mary Mrs, Alvaro Souza', Mr & Mrs nors News Store. Hanlon. ' ~oseph Stone. Gail O'Neil, Mr & Mrs Charles Mr & ''''rs Jame S H ea Iey, ' M rs In Mr &.'- Mrs Robert Stone" Mr & Peterson, Mr & Mrs 'Richard Katherl'ne Healey , Mr & Mr s L eo Mrs George Tracey, Mr & Mrs Regan, Mr & Mrs John Rear-don, Kent, NO,', I'm,and Lev. esque~ Mary .James Tully, Mrs Helen Tyra, Mr & Mrs Frank Reynolds. , Long . . Rosemary Wesley. Hugh Riordan, LeRoy Robert Thomas Long, Mr &, Mrs Sam- ;. Mr' & Mrs Howard' Ross, Mr & uel' Lombardi, 'Mr & Mrs, S; Mrs Ellery Willis, Mr & Mrs Mrs Leo Savard, Barbara'Schlie'" George Lowndes, Louis·A. Lyne, Philip Wilde, Mr & Mrs William cher. '. . Mr & Mrs James Marchand. ... ' Lupica. . John Schliecher, Mrs Benedict " Mr':& Mrs Archbiald McCann; . "B' , ~cully, Ana Sheehan, Emily Sil- Mr & Mrs Edward Milano M r u z z a r d s -Bay va, Isabelle SilVi!o & Mrs' 'Arthur Nolan, Mr &' Mrs S~. MARGARET . Mr & 'Mrs John Smith, Mrs David - Nolan,Mr& . Mrs ' John' Paul Smith, Mr &'- Mrs Maurice O'Connell. $'700 . Spillane, Leona. Stanton; Mr &, Elizabeth O'Conno!.', Mrs John Rev~' David A. O'Brien. Mrs James Sullivan.' F. O'Connor, John O'Keefe, Mr n $100 ' Dr. & 'Mrs, John ,Sullivan & Mrs Frank Panciocco, Irene St. Margaret's Conference St. Agnes Sweeney, Mary Sweeney;' P o i r i e r . ' , Vincent de' Paul. Mr & Mrs Joseph Techiera Mrs: Shady Acres Trailer Park & , $85 William Totty; , ., Sales, Mr' &, Mrs John Silva Sq Rev. Francis L. Mahoney. ,PAINTIt-J~ Mr & Mrs John Travers, Mr'& John Silva Jr., Mr & Mrs Manuel $'75 Mrs Manuel Travers, Rosella Silva" Mr & Mrs Joseph Tracey. Oyster Bar. Travers, William Walsh, MarMr & Mrs John Wallent, Mr '& garet Watt. Mrs Raymond Webber, Mr & Mrs Commercial • Industrial A Friend. $30 $25 Institutional Mary Watt; Mr & Mrs Edward Robert Wooster. Welch Jr., Edward Welch 'Sr., Mr & Mrs John BOyle, Mr& Tiny Jim~s Town Club, Mr &: Painting and Decorating Mr & Mrs J~hn Wesley, Mr & Mrs Francis Brophy, Mr & Mrs Mrs R. iC, Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Mrs Francis White. ' S . C. Brugnetti, Mr & Mrs Wil- Robert Fugere, A Friend, Mr & ' 135 Franklin Street Mr & Mrs Francis Wilde, Mr liam Buchtman, Mr & Mrs Sam, ~all River OSborne 2.19l1 & Mrs Walter Yurkins. tiel Cabana. Mr &, Mrs Alan Blackwell, Mr & Mrs Walter B. Casey, Harold.T. Darling-400 Club, Mr Mrs Natalie Caswell, Mrs Daniel & Mrs James Friesen, Mr & Mrs 'cosgrove, Mr & Mrs James DeIN NEW BEDFORD Michael Harkins. Wro. Ladd Couto, Mrs Helen Doherty. DIAL 3·1431 Hardware. . Mr & "Mrs John Freitas, Mrs Joseph W. Linehan, Mark Edward Ganocki. Mr & Mrs Linehan, Mr & Mrs John Mar- Thomas Gentile, Mr & Mrs Gershall, Mr ~ Mrs Bernard PietaId Groom, Mr & Mrs John Hall. rowski, Mrs Edward Tracey. Mrs Carl Hanson, Mr & Mrs. Mr & Mrs Rokeo' Amorin, Walter Healey, Mr & Mrs Harold '-365 NORTH FRONT STREET~ IN FALL RIVER Mary T. Amorin, Daniel Amorin, Hill, Mr & Mrs Arthur Hovasse, ~ NEW BEDFORD ~ .Charles Arnorin, Mr & Mrs Ray- Mr & Mrs, Roy Howard. DIAL 2-1 ~?'2 or S~7620 mond .B~rgeron. Mr & Mrs. Robert Jacoby, AnPRINTING JIIlariaret lkopbJ. .l0LJ e lfl A drew Knapp, Mr & Mrs Jamea





) Heatin~ Oils C


and Burners






of Fall River-Thurs. May 18, 1961

'Win Yourselves frieRell'

Says M(OJ!)$' Most Important

God Love You

Everri i~ T empofa! Order

By Most Rev. Pulton J. SIteen, D.D.

By Msgr. George G. Higgins


lis this not true? 'lbe closer we to one another throu~ rapid coinmunicatlon, the fariher aPart we become as 10viBi neighbors? We are in contact with everyone in the world, bu.6., do we love? You live on the same floor in an apartment buildiDli' with thirty-odd people. Yet you know less about them than about some singer whose image' ap~aD'S Oill your television screen. YOIG sit in a movie hoUSe with hWlldreds of humans, laugh at the same comedy, 'weep at the same tragedy. yet you ~ver sPeak. your neighbor because he is :II "total strangell'." ,

Director. NCWC Social Action Department

Last" week, in rounding out a, series of columns on the forthcoming ,anniversary of the socia;l 'encyclicals Quadragesimo Anno and Rerum Novarum, reference was made to the importance of the liturgy of 'the Church in effecting a "reform of morals," with- fare is, primarily the responsi. out which all, our efforts in bility of government and only the' field of social reform secondarily, if at all, the rewill be superficial."J pointed sponsibility of free associations

The answer is n-ot "1J()getherneSs," because the crowd is a pllWle in which to lose ourselves, n-ot to find our true natures. Nor is • out that a"ctive participation in of workers and employers. to make contact with others, f()1' others m~ the liturgy should develop a This has led to various types not want to be contacted. The remedy is ... sense of fellowship in the ecoriand vl\ring degrees of. statism, make ourselves disposable for others . . omic and political order, whicQ, none of them desirable from the "emptying ourselves," as Out' Lore emptie4 in turn, will help us strike the" point of' Christian social teachHimself of His Glory to take on the burQe3 proper balance, between the in- ing. the sins ood tile ills of humanity. We m Need Leadership dividual and society.' make a prairie of ourselves, and we will fi NEW POST:, Father RobIf we in the United States' This problem that others will come there to dwell; WI can succed in ushering in a new ert' S. Toulman, pastor o-f of striking a must make an inner silence in our hea", er.a 'of labor-management-gov- St. Francis De ,Sales parish, proper balance and the wounded will' whisper to us. ~Il'. ernment cooperation which will has never been word, we must become "expendable" ~ N.Y.," has been combine the values of planning Buffalo perfectly resolthe sake of others. with the values of freedom, we named assist~nt national vea at any will have the satisfulction of,' director and national secrestage in human Our Lord told us to "make friends," an4ll knowing that, by our example of tary of the Society for the history. At prein the strangest of all ways - He told 111I Christian brotherhood in action, sent the scales, to do so with our money. Listen to HiS 'Propagation o~ the Faith. we will have benefited the rest seem to be words: "And my counsel to,you is, make use of your base wealt~ NC Photo. ~: of the world as well as our own weighe,d in fato win yourselves friends, who, when you leave it behind, will country. vor of collectwelcome you into eternal habitations." He did 'not mean we America will not be able to' ivism. should use money to make earthly friends :bY dining them on the meet this challenge unless, in , This is not Continued from Page One company's expense account. He, did mean we should use monetV true, of course, in the United' the words of Maritain, it is pre- image is projected as some sort to make heavenly friends, namely, tbose whose prayer-s will helll States" which is one of the most pared "to raise up the religious, of ritualistic tribe, with the us'save our souls. successful political experiments and spiritual pot~mtial.of its de- chieftain wapped in the rainment mocracy to the height of the history. We have probably of pomp and behaving s()mewhat Just suppose you decide to build a chapel, a church or • come ,closer to striking a happy cross." And it cannot do this un· as a stuffy landlorll ..." ~_ cathedral in a par~ of Africe ()1' Asia where one. never befOllt less the Catholics of the United" balance' than any o,ther people.• Mr. O'Connor said that "when existed! Suppose you gave money to the extent of $2,500 .States provide the leadership you 'emphasize the structure, But we have yet to formulate $250,000 in the name of the Sacred Heart Who loved us un*which can rightly pe expected of Gl completely satisfactory theory rather than the life, you project death. Think of the'thousands ()f converts that would be made ill of democracy. One political the; them. the course of a few years'. I know of one place 'in Africa whe~ the image of a ~corpse, not a Our 1.()rd said, "And I, if I be Mystical orist recently pointed out 'that, B()dy, living and there were no Catholics only 66 years ago when the first straw-hu6 we still concentrate upon the in- lifted up .. 'will draw a1'l things breathing." , chapel was buil~ for the people. Today there are a minion Cathol~ dividual as the sole unit of to myself" (John 12:32)-all Missionary society and upon the state as things, political life included. The Catholic pr,ess, he added, If a dr-ink of cold water given in the name of Our Lord ill the sole source of legitimate The Collect of the Mass for must act as a missionary to the not without l'eward, then what a' vast army Of heavenly inteFChrist the King says, He is "the power. modern world, not as a soldier cessors you will have in heaven if you build a chapel or a King of the whole world through Liturgy of Mass fighting it. cathedral.. Make friends in this way - you will need them 011 whom God has willed to restore "It must share in the'world's Judgment, Day. It is nice to know the Judge when you appea6' To be sure, we do not officially aU thing,s anew"-all things, needs and anxieties," he said. "It before Him on trial. And tile Divine Judge is easily moved .. prohibit the formation of vol- political' life included. must act to bring I about a just, mercy. , . untary associations midway beIt is our inestimable privilege Send your sacrifices, to The Society for the Propagtation CJI!. tbIi tween the isolated individual as members of His Mystical Body' fraternal and human state of and the state. We have an abun- to cooperate with Him in this affairs in collaboration with aM Faith, and we will send them to the Holy Father, Allow him • men." decide where' the chapel will be erected - if it is a cathedral we dance of such organizations. holy' work of universal restorThe CPA convention here, the wiH ask the Holy Father to let you know the exact place. Please Nevertheless, we have not yet ation, and' redempti()n. first ever held inl Ca'nada, was let us hear from you. ' formulated a theory o,f demoLiturgy, Political Action under the patronage of Archcracy'that includes these organGOD LOVE YOU to D.O'C. for $1 "I am sending this for the izations, that makes them indis'Our fellow citizens are some- bishop William M. Duke ofVan:poor of the world. I got it from the fairy last night for my tooth pensible to free, representative times more proficient, than. we couver and Coadjut,o~ Arcl:ibishop that came out yesterday." ••• to J.L.W. for $1,250 "This is IDJ' government. , are in the art of politics. This Martin M. ,Johnson; of Vancouver. offering for half a mission chapel. I hope you have better luck At a general session, the reliThe liturgy will not supply is an unfortunate situation' and in' finding the other half than n bad." • • • to A:V. for $5 ''I such a theory, 'but it can spir- should be corrected as rapidly gion editor of the New York promised that if I were accepted in nursing school 1 would senll itually prepare the Catholics ()f as Ilossible, .for grace builds on Heraltl Tribune said that the image of the Catholic Church this donation. The very next day I received the letter of accept.. the United States to take the nahi,re. G' ance." , . lead in developing such a theory A missal is no substitute for has come to depehd~ largely on , OUR LADY OF'TELEVISION statues. 'are back in stock, newl;r as one more step forward in Roberts Rules of Order dur,ing Catholic laymen.' mankind's quest for a more pera parliamentary debate, nor is, . Jo-Ann Price 'said every Cath. "constructed of unbreakable white plastic with gold-colored croSs fect community in the political a well-trained schola cantorum a olic layman, from President and halos. This ll-inch figure of Madonna, and Child reminds \WI that as Mary brought forth the Divine Word, television project&i and economic order; substitute for a well-trained "Kennedy on down, is being exThe liturgy,especially the political caucus. Both, of courSe, amined by his I non-Catholic ,the human word. Send an offering of $3 with your request f_ \ Mass-liturgy, is the great source are necessary-the liturgy and neighbors, largely 'as a result ,of Our Lady of Televisi-on so that the words of men may make k,no-. the 1960 presidential campaign. the Word of God. of those virtues of justice and political action. She said there are signs from charity necessary in the quest But we, the Catholics of the eut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to the for communit~. United States, are in a favored which Catholics can take comMost Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director' of ,the Society fciIr position to exercise sound poli- fort. "Non-Catholics understand the Propagation«>f the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N, Y" . U.S. Best Prepared or your Diocesan Director, RT. REV. RAYMOND T. CONSIDI~ No other country is better pre- tical and economic leadership, the Church better today than 368 North Main Street, Fall River, Mass. pared or more obligated than for it is still the Mass that mat- they ever did. They hqve seen ters most-even in the temporal their Catholic neighbors climb our own to direct this quest for the economic ladder, move to order. a community in the right direc.:. suburbia, perhaps, ~nd sit beside iion. Never before in modern them on local city councils and AVAILABLE IN FAIRHAVEN AT: times has a country as import- State College C'redits library' boards. And they are ant as the United States been COUill'se Yl1i Religion ' ,DUMAS MARKET sympathetic." in such a favorable position to MANKATO (NC) - Mankato Curiosities FADIlUilAVEN PiONlElER STORE combine the values of prudent State Teachers College here in "Many persons' outside the and sound economic planning Minnesota is accepting credits Church sometimes view CathfOODYOWN with the value of freedom under for religion courses taught by n.mrn.IEBAY MARKleY olics as curiosities, but also think, a system of private entcrpl,'ise. the Newman Center here and they aren't bad fellows," 'she INlVE'S STORE In many other parts of the' accredited by S,t. Mary's Colle/f:e said. ' world it lias been too readily in Winona. ' '\ "Catholics seem 'to take their taken for granted that economic . The courses are in apologetics planning for the general wel- and the Old Testament. A course religion as naturally as breathing, They put up all kinds of ob;' in New Testament ,will be stacles to· others; joining the PO$tCgj<e offered in the Fall. The courses Church. They display 'a kind of are given in a Mankato parochial ecclesiastical one-upmanship in Continued from Page One the ml\tter of religion. They aN rate increases would' inflict a school. .., Teaching the courses is Father stubborn ab'o'ut sending their heavy burden on most of their publications and 'either. destroy Paul F. Halloran, chaplain of the children to their somewhat my~ Newman center at Mankato terious Catholic schools. But or curtail others. ' State Teacher.s college. Students they' aren't bad fellows. They are Other Representatives Others who attended the meet- taking the courses will receive generous. And ~ey have a ing with, Mr. Day were William . six credits from St. Mary's Col- wonderful Pope," she said. Buy - We Supply On the other hahd, said Miss "Holub, chairman of' the CPA's lege. These credits then may be ,Price, there lingers~the image Olf postai rates committee and gen- transferred to Mankato State. COMPLETE the Church· as "authoritarian, eral manager of America press, RENTAL WORK UNI~~MS dictatorial and clergy-ridden." Area Federation New York; and James A. Doyle, Miss Price urged Catholic executive secretary of the CPA. Area councils of Uni-on of st. Also Dr. Daniel A. Poling, Jean Baptiste SOCieties have or- journalists t-o devote more coverage to' activities, of. laymen. Also Reclaim Industrial Gloves editor, and Ford Stewart, pub- ganized into an association covlisher of the Cliristian Herald, ering southeastern° Massachu- "This is the age of the layman. a Protestant magazine; Russell setts. Romeo ViIlemaire, North Where are all those stories I T. Hitt, representing the Evan- Attleboro, is president of the keep looking for about Catholics gelical Press Association;' Frank new fed'eration and 'Msgr~ Albert on the secular scene, -Catholics schools, G, Rhody, of the United Luth- Berube, pastor' of St.. Anthony battling' ,segregated eran Publishing House, who, rep- of Padua Church, New Bedford, guest.articles by Protestants and Successor to resented the Protestant Churchis spiritual director. The group's Jews about interfaith dialogue. New England Overall & Supply Co. Owned Publishers' Association; next meeting will be held in St. Surely laymen do more than 20 Howard Ave., New 8edford and Edward R. Grusd, editor of Jean's Hall, North Attleboro. raise funds and 'attend Holy Phone W" '7-0'78'7 or WY''l-0'788 the National Jewish Mo~thly. Sunday, Oct. 1. Name breakfasts."


Catholic Press


,MacLean's CDam Chowder







.1li£ ANCHOR...

13 '

Thurs., May 18, 1961

1l"@(1!Hfil V'@(ffi OUR LADlY OIF ILOUJRDIE§ , ~350 Rev. li:. S. de Mello.

$100 Rev. Edward O. Oliveira, Rev. Evaristo Tavares.



Mary A. Mattos.

$20 Roderick Latour.




James Sylvia.

$12 Joseph B. Machado. ..

$10 .

1:I· '"


Asks All To Visit Air Sose Sunday

); ",-"

ARMED FORCES DA Y': Armed F6rcesDay will be observed at Otis Air Forc~ Ease from 10 to 5 next Sunday. Members of the Dioce$e. ~r.e invited to visit the base by Col. John D. St. John, base chaplain. Left, Col. St.John ,with aides A/3C Jack Shriver (left) 'and A/2C< Robert T. , Barrett. Right, airman communicates "ll:t Sunday Mass. I






Donald Enos,' Mary Fenton, Mr & Mrs William Fitzpatrick, Mary Foley. " C. Louise Gaffney, Mi- & Mrs Continued from Page Eleven, William Gaffney, Mrs Robert (,n~ lRl tOI!1 Gea,ry, Rene Gilbert, Ella L. Gilroy. ~ACVLATE CONCE~TnON' Mr & Mrs John Goggin, Mary $olIOO Gomes,' The Goodwin Family, Rev. Thomas H. Taylor. Donald Gorey, Mr & Mrs Walter $75 · Gorey. ' Rev. James F. Lyons. James Goslin. Genevieve . ' $50 · Gough, Lillian Gough, Mr & Mrs lVIr & Mrs George Carey, Mr & John Gregg, Walter Handy. Mrs Roger Champagne. , Mr & Mrs John Hayes, Mr & • lilollO "Mrs John E. Hickey Jr.~ Mrs The Flangheddy Family. Ralph Hill, Mrs Q. W. Howard, $25 Mr & Mrs William Fagan, Dr 'Mr & Mrs Joseph Hoye. . Mary Hoye, Mary F. Hurley, Clement Ma~well, lVlr &, Mrs Mr & Mrs Andrew Isaacseri, Mr James Tynan. & Mrs George lsaacsen, Anthony $20 Johnson. Joseph Casey, Mr & Mrs, Mrs Rose' Johnliton, Mr & Mro ,George Ducharme, Mrs E., Friary William JOJ;les, Mr & Mrs Frank ,and family., · Jonls,' Mae Keliher, Marjorie A. $15 'Kelly. Dr & Mrs A. V Bolino, Le~n Mr & Mrs Cornelius Kiley, Guillemette, 1,\1:rs John Q'Boy., Maureen 'KiJey, Mr' & Mrs Leo $12 LaMarche, JOlloph & Elizabeh Catherine Fagan, 'Mrs Geor'Lellhy, The' Lemieux Family. glan'na Sigllor. ' Mr & Mrs Alfred Leonard, $11 ' ,Wilma Leonard, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Raymond Riva. Charles Lopes, John Lopes, S10 ' Stanley Lukas. Mr & Mrs William Alger; lVlrs Mr & Mrs William McAloon. Maurice Alix, Mr & Mrs JOlleph Mr & Mrs· Charles McCarthy, ~ndrade, Mr & Mrs Orton Andrews, Mr & Mrs Frederick, Mr & Mrli Owen McCartl1y, Mr & Mrs P. McPermott, Mt & Mrs Beacienski. . Mr & Mrs George Be'H~1ieu, James McGrath.' . - . Mr & Mrs Charles 'McManus, Mr & Mrs James Blount, Mr & Mrs Manuel Borges, Mr & Mrs lVIr & Mrs Joseph McManus, Mrs John Botellio, Mr & Mrs Francis Theresa McManus, lVIr & Mrs Joseph McNulty, Mr & Mrs EdBoucher Sr. ward Mador: ' , Mr & Mrs Alfred Briggs, Mr Mr & 1,\1:1'$ James Mahoney, & Mrs James Byr'ne, Mr & Mrs Charles & Mary Masterllon, William Bullock, Peter Burns, Lawrence Maliterson, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Thoma:! Butler. Mr & Mrs Henry Bzdula, lYIr William Murtiy, Robert F. Murray. & Mrs Harold ,Callahan, Mr & lVlr & ~rs John Nellis, lVIr & Mrs George Campbell, Mrs Campbell, Mr & Mrs' John Car- Mrs Robert No1;)erini, Mr & Mro Francis Norton, Mr & Mrs Danreaux. Mrs Caroline Chatbonneau, iel O'Connell, Mr & Mrs Joseph Mrs Elizabeth Coleman, Mr & 'O'ConnelL Maurice O'Dea, Edward . Mrs Francis Connors, Mr & Mrs ,Raymond Courcy, James CUIl-- O'Hearne, Mr & Mrs George ningham. ' ,, O'Hearne, Leonard 'Oliver, Mr /J& Mr & Mrs Allan Curley & Mrs ;Roland Ouellette. .' Mrs Richard Paul/1on, Mr & family, Mrs Robert Currie, Mr & Mrs Thomas Curry, Mr & Mrs Mrs Malcolm, Perra, Mr & Mrs George Deslisle, Mrs Anita Des- Charles Piesco; Mtu"ie Power, John Power;' . ~siers, , Mary Power, Mr &, Mrs ,Adam Mr & Mrs William Desrosiers, Ralko, Mrs Mary Rallsch, Eliz,Effie Deveney, Mr & Mrs' Edabeth Regan, Mr & Mrs Joseph I ward Devlin, James pinneen" Rogers.. _ : Mary Dinneen. Mr & Mrs P. H. Roy, Mr & , William Dinneen, ROBe Marie Mrs Williaql'RusseU, Mr & Mrs I Dixon,' Francis Doherty, Mr & Mrs 'John' Doherty, Mathew ,H!1rold Schindelwig, Mrs Kirby Sessums, Margaret Shel;hy. Doherty. ' _ Mr & Mrs Alfred Silvy, Fred Mr & Mrs Edward Donnelly & Family, Mr & Mrs QeQrge Smith, Orville C. Smith, Mr &; Mrs Raymond Souza, Mr & Mre Dooley, Kavin Dowd, Etqel Durpin, Mr & Mrs Thomas Dwyer. Ronald W. Stairs. Mr & Mrs Stephen J. ~tepaMrs L. Eiehke.rn. Mr & Mrs


Col. John D. St. John, base chaplain at, Otis Air Force Base on Cape Cod, has cordially invited Catholics of the Diocese to visit the \)ase from 10 A.M.·to 5 P.M. next Sunday to partJcipate in the observance of Armed Forces Day. President Kennedy's proclamation urges base headquarters to "invite participation from the representatives of all religious faiths . . . in order that the interdependence of the deep and abiding religious faith of Ameri.;. 'cans and our security may be recogni:i:ed." Col. Ernest j. White, commander of the base, has encour~ged military . personn~l 'to attend civilian churches in uniform on this special day.' ', Col. Spohn, in extending the invitation, promises that there will be much to see of interest naitis, Mr & Mrs Rene Theriault, Mr & Mrs ThomilS Theriault, Mr & Mrs T.,Thomas, Mrs Elizabetb Van Nostrand. George. Walczak, Mrs Billy .Wallace, 'Mrs James Wallace, Joseph Walsh, Leo Walsh. , Mary Walsh, Mrs Edward Wooley, lVlr & Mrs Frederick Yelle. S'F.PAlUlL

$550 Rev. John J. Griffin. $200 ' Rev. Joseph F. O'Donnea

$50 John Cunningham.

$30 Mr & Mrs Matthew McCarthy.

, $25 M;r & Mrs Paul Michney, Mr &: Mrs Waldo WitherelL 'Clayt~)O B. Rennie. $20 Mr & Mrs Gerald E. Caron, Mrs Sl).eldon Simmons & iVIrs Anna Wood, Mr & Mrs Jo~pb. Tremblay. Mr & Mrs John Connol\'l, MOBuel Martin. $15 Eva Brunelle, Olivia Giannini, Mr & Mrs Henry Menard, Mr & Mr$ Richard' E. Silva, Mrs Francis J. Tummon.

$12 Mr & Mr$ John Dickinson. Mr & Mrli Wesley Grandmont. $11 . Joseph O. Lincourt.

$10 Mr & Mrs James Almeida, Mr & Mrs Albert AUdet, Mrs Nor-man Benson, LeRoy Bernard, Mr & 'Mrli Ernest Botellio. Mr', &: Mrs Richard Bresnahan., Mr & Mrs Frederick Brezinsld., :K:athleen Caq'oll, Rita Carron. Anna Casella.' Carolin~ CaSeUa. Domente CaSel~a', Casella, Timothy Casella, M:.r & Mrn Lucien Cazeault ' Rala'nd C/lZeault, Mrs Wiiliam' .Colem!ln; ,Mr~ Mary' Conway. Alyre Cormier, Mr & Mrs Fran.~js Cottrell. 0 Mr & Mrs Frl;\nci§ Demers, Mr & Mrll Ha~old Diori, Jame$ priseo 11, Mrs JamCl! Driscoll, l\fr & Mrs Paul Driscoll. Mr & Mrs E~i Ducharme, Mr & 'Mrs Hc;mri :Oucharme, James Duffy, El~anor Dwyer, Philip Foley. ' Mrs Philip Foley, Mr & l\'Inl Wilfred Foucault, Mr & NIl'S Montcalm Fournier, Mrs James Gallant, joseph Giannini. ' Mr & Mrs ~eonard Goslin. Andrew Gravel, M.f & Mrs JlWleB

to all ages and urges civilians to help celebrate Aero~pace Power of Peace. K. Hackett, Mr & Mrs John Hall Sr., Mr~ Della Harrica. F. Vernon Harriea, Mrs Joseph . Harwood, Mr & Mrs Joseph Johnson" Mr & Mrs Charles Kelly, Catherine T, Kelley. Mr & MrsWiUiam Kelley, Mr & Mrs Russell ~elley, Mr & Mrs Roger Kingsbury, Mr & Mrs Alfred Lacombe Sr., Mrs Mary . Lazarek; Mrs Ulric Lepage; Mrs Maurice Lemieux, Mrs Napolen Lemieux, Mr & Mrs John Lima, Mrs Daniel Machnik. James Maguire, Mr & Mrs Stephen Martin, Mr & Mrs Ed'ward McCarthy, Mr & Mr.s William McKenna, Barbara McMann. Mr & Mrs Thomas McMann, ,Mr & Mrs John G. Medas Jr.. George Menard, Mr & Mra Roland Menard, Mr & Mrs Wilfred Menard. , Mr & Mrs Gerald Mitton; Mr & Mrs John Morris, Mr & Mrs Thomas J. Murray, Mr & Mrs Richard Neville, Mrs James O'Connor. Mildred V. O'Connor, Mt & Mrs Manuel Oliver, Mr & Mrs R.oland Paquette, Mr & Mrs Stephen Parisi, Mrs Charles Perry. Mr & Mrs George Perry, Ernest Prado, Mr & Mrs James Ramsay, Mrs Rita Robert, Corila 'Roelier. Mrs Joseph Roster, Mr & Mrs John ROllntree, Mr & Mrs George Sheldon, Maurice Simoneau, Mr & Mrs Albert Solari. Manuel Souza, Mr & Mrs Joh'n Steen, Robert Stratton, Mr & 'Mrs John Sullivan, Mrs ,Myron Sweet. Mr & Mrs Edmoncl Thadeu, Mr & Mrs Glen Tiberiis, Mrs Alphonse'Trucchi, Mr & Mrs Alexander Veradt,' LeRoy Whittle, Mrs LeRoy Whittle. ' Mr & Mrs Raymond Auclair Mr & Mrs Stephen Beaulieu: James A. Brady, Mrs James A. Brady, Mr & Mrs Antoni<> Brandao.' , Mr & Mrs Marcel Casavant Mr & Mrs Edward Ca.stle, Mr Mrs Harold Cole, Mr & Mrs John T. Donahue, Mr & M1'l3 WiUiam Driscoll. Mr & Mrs Everett Grady, Mrs Eugene Heinig, Mri Leo Kennedy, Mr & Mrs James H. Lamb, Mr & Mq Manuel Lopes. Mary McCarthy, Mr & Mrs Aimee SkPierre, Harriet Strong, William Trahan, Mrs. Ponald Tweedy, , Lillian White, Mr & Mrs Jorr eph McCarty.


Edward S. Franco, John R. Fitta, Maria Machado, Tiago Rodrigues, J phn Mendonca. Andrew Marshall Jr., Adeline P. Paulo, Jame$ Enos, John Fernandes, Edward Simmons. Adeline Pauio, Alfred Souza, Louis Nunes, Manuel Pinto, Charles S. Rose. Manuel Enos, Antonio Va%, Mary Goulart, Joseph P. Andrilde Jr., John Rego. George Cambra" Manuel Julio, . George DeMoura, Henry L. Silva, Antonio V. Vieira. Abel F., de Souza, Thomas S. Santos; M~ria Ferreira, Joseph ;Bettencourt, James O'Neill. , ' Gilb~rt. E; Furtado, Ensenclo G. Coelho, Anthony Mattos. Cecelia Mattos, Rose Mattos. Mary G. Mattos, William Cal'tel', Edward Costa, John Correia, Joseph Silva. Gabriella' Mendes, AntonJe . Mendes, Joseph Silva, A,lfred Pimental, George Costa. John R. Dupont. Napoleon J. Rabideau, Augustus F. Carlos. Antonio Grey, Fi'ar,cis Cutner Jr. Arthur Sylvia, Harold Woods, Angelo Medeiros, Joseph EnoS.

No,;' Westport OUR LADY OF GRACE

$100 , Alexander Walsh.

$30 Our Lady of Grace Catholkl Women's Guild. .


Norman St. Amour, Vincen~ Nanni, Our Lady of Gra'ce Holy Name Soc.

$20 James Barboza.

$10 John Ferreira, Edward Lapre, Elzear P. Emond, Adelard L. :aeauregard, Theobald, Canuel. Russell Fontaine, Roland Greenhalgh, Charles Donnelly, The Lekom Family, Joseph C. Carvalho. Michael Rusin, James Walsh, Roger Plamondon, Edmond ,Pavis, William DeNadnl, Georga Morango. Turn te Page Fourteen

Presents Stamps WESTON (NC)-FrancIS Cal'dinal Spellman, •Archbishop of New York, has given a 23-volume collection of Papal State. stamps and covers to the Cardinal Spellman Philatelic Museum Jne., at Weston Coll~ge here.




Every Sunday.,.... $2.95 including '- A Live Lobster' THE ,

CASA BLANCA Coggshall Bridge, Fairhaven

The Family Favorite



MILK .Grade A ~ Homogenized V ita".in D - Homogeni~ed and Other 'QufJ/ity .Dai,y P,.OdMCfs



llfiE ANCHOR-Dicx:ege of Fall River~'Jlhlifl's. M01f 1>8, 196'1

C@tho~i(6 ,AM~~@~ A~p'frG~$e

,M@r@~~t~g A~~' ©J~



By lItt. Rev. Msgr. John S. Kennedy An introductory, note to Movies, Morals, and Art by Frank Getlein and Father Harold C. Gardiner, S.J. (Sheed and Ward. $3.50) identifies it as an attempt to satisfy the pope's request 'that motion pictures be given a serious positi've study by Catholics. s~t1onalism_with a cynical show Too often Catholic attention of religiosity, get short shrift 1lo the films (at least in from him, and he is hard also America) has taken the form on the ''jolly priest" type of .....

of 'condemning certain productions as' moraUy objeo:tionable. 'Phe nature' of ~~~~

~.i b i 1 Wes for

good; and the , reasons for its , 'seldom fulfilltng these have li'eCeived far too

production which seeks to prove that religion can be'fun. By endorsing ,these, and even becoming enthusiastic about . M them, Catholics, accordmg to r. Getlein, have been 'bought) off cheap by Hollywood. His part of the book wiil introduce the reader to' general, ' . and particular considerations concerning the film art which most of us, very likely, have never entertained.


'little 'attention llD Cat h 0 lie HONOR ST~ PAUL AT EASTERN RITE MAsS: Amleto ,Cardinal bicognani, Secrequarters. , The 'two auIt indicates tile potefttiallties' tary of the Sacred Oriental Congregation and former Apostolic Delegate to the U.s., 'thors wOrked and limitations of the medium, takes part in a' Byzantine Rite Mass offered in St. Paul's Outs-ide-the-Walls in Rome in. 'separately. Mr. and enables one to judge films l1000r of the 19th centenary of the Apostle's arrival in Rome. NC Photo. Getlein Was assignro the task of more precisely in terms of art. Conkling, Mr & Mrs Frank jamin Muse, Mr .& IvlFs PhilJp discussing the art of the motion Seldom has there been a treatise Motha, Mr & Mrs Joseph Brown, Collyer. picture, Father Gardin~r that of on the subject so well informed, ' Mr & Mrs John Donovan, Mr 'defining norms ror it6 moral 'penetrating and, illuminating. Mr & Mrs Armand Borges. evaluation. . Excellent Thoughts Mr & Mrs H. J, Messier, Miss & Mrs Norman McGill, Mr' & ~lI1tinued from Page Thirteen Margaret Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Mrs Joseph Manning, Mr & Mrs We are toM tlNtt "each wi'll Father Gardiner's portion of Joseph Glennon, Mr & Mrs Jo- J. Harry Long, Mr & Mrs Clyde lOOt have seen his colleague's the book is not/ so strictly 01'-" S~. D«Irtnre@QJlt~ seph D. Medeiros, Mr & Mrs' Jo- A. Kelley. work until he has read this dered and pointed. It is more ' Mr & Mrs John Donlay, Mrs bOok," although Jrnther Gardiner Loosely written and more per' ST. MARY, seph F. Baptiste. £Elveral times refers to the thor-, sonal. Whereas Mr. Getlein never $500 , ' Clara Vieira, Rosemary K. Benjamin Chase, Mr & Mrs 'ough treatment which Mr. Get- intrudes himself into the ddsRev. Arthur G. <l:onsidine. Quinn, Mr, & Mrs Thomas' 'M. Joseph Hegarty, Mr & Mrs " $100 1ein has given the latter's pOr-' cussion his colleague is overQuinn 'Jr., Mr & Mrs Carl 'Gior- ' George H. Knight, Mrs. Glenn ~ ~n' of the subject. , - much given to use of the word' Mr & Mrs Francis J. Mahoney.. dano, Mr & Mrs Michael Bobro- Miller. Mr ,& Mrs John McEvo~ Critic of First' Rank "I." But if his: several' chapters Aubertine Funeral Home. wiecki. ' The movies as art? Many:wil'l could stand some 'chastening, $75, Mr & Mrs Joseph Moniz, Mrs Charles Eastman, Mrs Wallace esk this question immediately ,they give evidence of delibera-, 'Mr & Mrs Philip Hemingway Ann DeMello" Mr & Mrs Rosaire Bassett, Mr & Mrs John G. Murend incredulously. That there tion oand ,.ieklsome excellent Jr. Surprenatlt, Mr & Mrs Albert phy; Mr & Mrs Thomas Lovinsky Mr & Mrs John Willia,ms, Gen. ,Js an art of the cinema, Mr. Getthoughts. ' Rev. John Jao Magnani, Mr & Sylvia, Mr & Mrs Belmiro Marks. ' leinendeav0I:s to egtabiish, and The mom! dimension of art Mrs Edwin,Brady, : Hilda King, Mr & Mrs LeItine' & Mrs. Vincent Jacobs, Mrs this he does conviricingl~·.' figures prominently i~ what Fr. ,$50. , G<lnsalves, Mr & Mrs David Bol- Frank Pardee, 'Frances & MarHe ranges over the whole field Gardiner is saying. It is his conMr & Mrs Thomas M. Quinn, ton, Mr & Mrs Earle k. Rogers, guerite Doherty, Mr & Mrs Edward Corr. GI. ,art, the various ,media, and tention that bad art will in- Dr. & Mrs Thomas Flynn, Mrs Mr & Mrs 'Narcizo Cordeiro. Mr & Mrs Arthur LaFrenler.. demonstrates that a surprising evitably have a bad moral effect, William Loughlin,' Mr & Mrs , Mr &,Mrs Louis Spencer, ~r & number of them are somehow and this he applies to the movies. Joseph Donaghy. Mrs JoSeph Medeiros, Mr & Mrs Dr & Mrs Edward Sullivan, Mr included in the motion l~icture.· He argues that the proper subMr & Mrs John J. Hayes, MI' ,Frank Avilla, :Mrs Agnes Del- & Mrs Richard Cummings, Mrs ,Grace Chase, Mr & Mrs Gene He shows himself unusually ject of the films is human acts, & Mrs Joseph R. Gle"nnon Jr. aney, Mr &' Mrs N, A. Barrett. knowledgeable as ,to th~ arts, i.e., acts deliberately willed, that $40 Mrs ;William Rogers, Edward Texeira, Mr & Mrb George Mi~ and he writes of them with crisp none of these is wholly excluded Mr & Mrs John J. Smith., Mr Moorhouse, Helen Collopy, Mr-& chie. 'J!orn to Page Fifteen and easy author-ity. :k6m treatment on the screen, 8£ Mrs :Charles Murtay. Mrs Raymond A., Robichaud, He also writes strikingly' w~n, that the mode and tone' of the Frank H. Parsons Jr. " with precision 'and dispatch, It, presen~tion are C'l'ucially imMr '& Mrs ~:n~ei DeMello, Mr & Mrs Calistus Sylvia Jr., ts evident that he draws on a portant.· Miss Kathleen Herort, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs David McDonald, Mr OUR NEW HIGH wealth of experience and r~In this CQnnection, be exam& Mrs Richard Barry, Mr & Mrs flection, has formulated prin- ines the matter of the portrayal Angelo DeMello,-Mrs Mary Dias, Frank J. Mello, Mary B. Gracia. ciples carefully and intelVgently, of sin, laying it' down that it Mr & Mrs Frank' Coleman. Mr & Mrs Louis Cormier, Mr INTEREST OF d d 1 h Mr & Mrs ,Gerald Murphy, Dr. en can express an app Y t em is, inartistic to represent sin as .' & Mrs John Dias, William Lundy, & Mrs Manuel Botelho Sr. Richincisively. He is a critjc of the morally nonnal or in a way calard Hawkins, Mr & Mrs Louis first rank, learned but not' pe_ culated to make it a proxImate Mr & Mrs Francis Travers, Mrs D. Viera. Helen Broughton. ' Mr & Mrs Lionel Polycarpo, dantic, positive but not apodic- occasion of sin ror the normally Mr & Mrs John J. ,Quigley, Mr Mr & Mrs Robert Langley, Mr & tic. . ' . ' , '" adjusted.' & Mrs Vincent J. Hayes. In a fascll1'atmg . sectI~n, he 'Catholic's Responsibility $20 I Mrs Manuel Brillo, Mr' & Mrs Manuel Morgado. proc~~s from cons~de:a~lOn of Borrowing from a French ReOS' NOW PAID, a pamtmg of the pomtIllIst ar!- demptorist's book 'on the subMr & Mrs William F~ Hartman, ist Georges Seurat, .to the ~I- 'je'Ct, he dwells on deleterious ,Mr & Mrs Michael Smith, DJ. & «:belangelo frescoes m th~ SI~- moral effects not so much' ,of Mrs George Gendfon,., Violet tine Chapel, to t~e mosa'1c~ In particular films as 'of ~e whole Holton. ' , Ravenna, . developIng th~ Idea 'Hollywood approach to the art $15 I of th: prn~acy of matenal and (e.g., the deification of stars, the Mr & Mrs Douglas Wyatt, Mi' EACH YEAR! ,techmque 1ft the char~cter of a stress on sheerly physical allure, & Mrs Norm.anMe~ard, Mr & work of ~rt ~nd l~admg up to the cuit of violence, etc.). ' Mrs Joseph Smgleton, Mr & Mrs ,~e peculIar mat~nal and tech-, He conclUdes W1ith an excel-' Russell Leyden, Mr & MrD You ean take liuque of the,movies. lent explicationot, Pius ,XII's Thomas L. Maher. , advantage of these Techiques Studied 'suggestions as, to the ideal film Miss Joan, Delane-y, Dennis Bowen.' ,.I high earnings by ,.. The evolution of the material :and tQe .responsibility of' the Illnd technique of'the movies' and ,Cat~olic to be discrimineting'ahd " ' $10, " using our easy ,tile uses' to which they have ,to work for aesllheticand even Mr & Mrs Joseph, Pacheco,'lWr ; ~een put, he traces succinctly. spiritual growth ,1I)lroug~bis at- &; Mrs Ed~ard ArrOda, Mr &: 'BANK MAIL~':I ". This is an historical review ,'es- titude'1;oward the cinema.', Mrs JOhn Brooks, Bertha Johntablishing the vital relationships v:' son, Mrs Mary Johnson'. "SERVICE :. • • wr,j~e between successive phases in the 'POpe. Says Holiness Mr & Mrs ,Vernon Avellar,Mr developmental the movies, :,' t, " , k ' M r s Frank Moniz;' Mr &, Mrs for getails and cC?r~: right down to tHe film with,' egl()S q, om,e Julius Alexander,' 'Mr '& Mrs' , SQund,: in"~i:olor, and using ~be VATICAN CITY..,.. Christian Manuel Perri, Mr & Mrs Manuel . 'education in the home' is be- Cr WIde screen: ' ' avo. , His' particular hero is D. W. ginning of sanctity, Pope' John ,Mr& Mrs A':ltone Braga, Mr &; Griffith, who, as he makes clear, said in declaring a,2Oth century 'Mrs William Martin,'Mr & Mrs did more to forward the cinenun a saint., Pope ,Jobri canon- - Rene ,Normandin, '!4r ,&; Mrs CAPE COD'S matic art by introducing devices ' ized Sister' Bertilla Boscardin ,Arthur l\.'Iartin, Mrs ~~len Andre. LARGEST BANK of 'all sorts, from those of com- 'm the presence' of 27 cardinais ' Mr & Mrs FilliamNeary, Mr ,plex story-telling to those of and a greai crowd of Catholics ,& Mrs Richard Perry,; Mr & Mrs South Yarmouth, Mass.o • strictly technical sort, than in st. Peter's bliS!lice., ' Manuel Sylvia Jr., Mr & Mrs . anyone else who has worked in The Pope noted the new saint's' : Edmund Cadarette, Mr & Mrs the movie medium. life taught that ''today's glorifi- Sylvester Gracia. ' , He singles out, as well, feacation had its beginnings in the ", Mr &; Mrs A. L. Giusti, Mr &; tures of Hollywood movie-mak- Chris~ian family: in the stlldy Mrs Joseph Lyonnaise,' Mary / ,ing which adversely affect arof thEt' catechism and, in the Donovan, Mr & Mts Eugene tistic production, such ~ the ready acquiescence to the sUm- ,Caron, Mr & Mrs Manuel -J. sii-, '&tar system, which means that ,mons of the' divine will.'! Tohe via: ' ,,_ films become vehicles "to show €hrist!im family, he said, is the Mr ,& Mrs JoseP:tI Bolton, :' off personalities and subordi- ',first environment, in which the 'Kathleen Neville, Mr & Mrs " Rate I ,the naturally paramount life of grace is nurtured. "Ja!Des E. Gleason, Mr &: Mrs E~RER'S , i'oles of director and editor. . The newly dec'klred saint was ,Marcelino P. Mello, Mr &: Mn He takes up,' too; movie ,born 'iTi BrendQla,' a town near Levi Christie. . 'I as a mass daydream, which sub~ Venice in the north of Italy, on Mr'&'Mts,James BarreU;"llIIr ~ • BANQUETS, ,,• - WEDDINGS ' ' . PARTIES , '8titutes an unreal and largely' October' 6, 1888. Her parents Mrs Louis Vieira, Mr & Mrs IIEmtimental world for the ·ac- were Poor. Although her father Walter Janiak, Mr &,Mrs Ernest • COMMUNION BREAKFASTS ,tuality in which human beings was irreligious', her'mother su~- Kerwin, Morton Howard.' , are involved. I I ceeded in creating a deeply Mr& Mrs Owen F. Hackett 1343 PLEASAlCir ST. fALL, RIVER Religion in Films Christian home. She was hap- J,r., Mr 8i: Mrs Joseph Pedro, He has some very, 'trenchant tized Anna Francesca but ra- Georgianna, Pedro, Mr & Mrs OSborne 3-7780' thil)gs to say about' religion' in' celved the name Bertilla ,upon Donald Carreiro, Mr & Mrs Althe movies. The De Mille spec- entering the Teaching ,Sisters of exander Jones. ,Ulc~lars, combining crude senSt. DorotbJt. David SimmOBS, :MFa Hazid.

'4'TIMES .




B ". , ,"









tn.', MT & Mrs Robert Michaud,

Because He Cared • • • [G.ontinued from Page FOUAeeo


1'H£ ANCHOR..,

D1' & Mrs Ar~hur La Salle, Ml' &: Mrs Gerald Driscoll. Mr & Mrs John R. Williamson, Mr Chester J. GQodwin, Mr Frank Leary, Atty. Cbarles J. Hague, Mr & Mrs Raymond Heinig. Mrs Manuel R. Carreiro, Mrs Elizabeth C. Haggerty, Mr & Mrs Edward' Kaylor, Mr & Mrs Joseph W. Duffy, Mr & Mrs John Sullivan. • Mr & Mrs Raymond J. Fitzsimmons, '. Mr & Mrs James L. Doyle, Mr & -Mrs John A. Carreiro, ,Mr & Mrs James F. McIntyre, Mr & Mrs Antone Vargas. Mr & Mrs Leo Hoctor, Mr & ' Mrs John Kearns, Mr Carl H. Ducap, Mr & Mrs Joseph F. Foley' Jr., Mr & Mrs Raymond W. Wilding, Mr & Mrs Linwood Wordell, Mrs Edward Panara, Mr & Mrs Louis F. Fayan, Mr & Mrs Wilfred Talbot, Mr & ·Mrs Frederick Wilding. . Mr & Mrs Joseph E. Clarkson, Mr & Mrs John L. Mahon, Mr & Mrs Augustus Kennedy, Miss Sally A. Benson, Mr & Mrs Richard J. McNally. Mr & Mrs John Gibson, Mr & Mrs Michael Mcinnis, Mr & Mrs Gordon Haggerty, Mr' & Mrs Leonard J. Shea, Mr & Mrs Harold Creamer. Mr & Mrs John P. Grondin, Mr & Mrs Jam~s Biltcliffe, Mr & Mrs John A. Campbell, Mr & Mrs Thomas Dorgan Jr., Mr & Mrs ·Mario Saravo. I Mr & Mrs Raymond V. Wilbur, Mr & Mrs Joseph D.'ladicola, Mr & Mrs Phillip Collins, Mrs Jo..seph L. Marcille, Mr & Mrs William A. Leaver. Mr & Mrs Charles Russell, Mr

Thurs., May 18, 1961


Mr & Mrs John Rassmussen, Ml' & Mrs John Moniz-Ferreira, Arthur Milot, George Milot M1l' & Mrs Ernest Rodier.

ST. THOMAS MOR-B $500 B~v. Joseph K. Welsh. $125 ST. PATRICK'S Mrs Joseph Foley. $100 $100 lames Smith. Rev. Stephen J. Downey, Rev. $85 Patrick J. O'Neill, Mr & Mrs ,Wood Lumber Companyo Charles W. Latham, Mr & Mrs· l'felson P. Doyle. $75 $72 St. Vincent de Paul. Mr & Mrs John F Murphy Jr. $,50 . Mr & Mrs William J. Gibney, Mr & Mrs EdWard Ha,zeltollo $50 , Dr. Bernard Mangione, Mr & $30 . Mrs Thomas E. Matthews. Mr & Mrs Manuel Emerald. Mr & Mrs H. Earl Heron. $25 $35 . Dr & Mrs George DeMello, Mr & Mrs John O'Brien. Fay's, Mr & Mrs Patrick McDonEdwin Doolan. nell, Robert McFadden, New . $30 . Bedford Bargain Store. 1YlT & Mrs Zigmund Jacklm. Mr & Mrs Paul F. Olenick, ME' $25 & Mrs Joseph A. Robbins, RichMr & Mrs Cletus J. Monahan, ard Tobin. Mr & Mrs Edward Kelly, Mr & Mrs William Marland, Mr & Mrs $20 Gerard A. Laliberte, Mr George Edward·Perry, Mr & Mrs MarW.Hopkins. tin Sullivan, Harold L. Baker Mr & Mrs John Clorite, Mr & Company, . Mrs Alice Creemer, Mrs Austin J. O'Toole" Mrs DanMr. & Mrs J'oseph B.. Miskell Jr. iel F. Shalloo, Mr & Mrs John F. $15 POPE'S TELEPHONE MAN: A member of the Fathers Fitzgerald, Mr & Mrs George R. Eugene Van Houten, Mr & Mrs Harrison. ... qnd Brothers of St. Paul, a congregation founded to spread Ivan Amaral, Dr Edward Fitch. Mr & Mrs James W. Killoran, Mr & Mrs James CassidY. Catholic doctrine through modern communications, makes Mr & Mrs Roger W. Fortier, Mr a routine check of the automatic telephone equipment in $12 & Mrs Paul Daley, William E. Mr &. Mrs Leonard Martin. the Vatican telephone center. In 1948 the late Pope Pius l?owers. $10 XII called upon the society to, assume technical direction $20 Mrs John Augusta Jr., Sher~ Mr & 'Mrs Thomas F. Healy, of the Vatican telephone system, which has a capacity_'of, man Baker, Mr & Mrs Norman Mr & Mrs Joseph Kenny; The 1,300 telephone connect~ons. NC Photo. Benoit, Mrs Yvonne Boucher, Dunn Family, Mr Michael J. Biggins. &. Mrs E. Raymond Ready, Mr & ,Mr'& Mrs Charles Rousseau, Mrs Alfred Belanger, Miss Mr & Mrs James Boff. Frances Boulton, William CalMr & Mrs Valmore J. Archam- Mrs Joseph Borges, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs John F. Kineavy, Louise Ouellette, Mr & Mrs bault,' Mr & Mrs Peter P. Pepka, John J. Flynn, Mr & Mrs Francis Sheila Doyle, Mr. & Mrs Paul Adjutor Ouellette & Family, Mr lahan, Mr & Mrs Joseph Cardeira, Mary Q. Cobb, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Joseph H. Feitelberg, ' ~atota. Lowe, Mr & Mrs' Francis J. & Mrs William Dickinson. Mr & .Mrs Earl W. Williams, Roliert Corcoran. Mr & Mrs John Mercer, Mr & Mr & Mrs William Aguiar, Dr. I Gardella. Mr & Mrs Albert Lincourt, Mr Mr & Mrs Edna Coyne, Daugh_ Mrs John Boynton, Mr & Mrs G:. Richard Moore, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Raymond J. Mur-· & Mrs Alfred Parent.. Mr & Mrs ters of Isabella, Mr & Mrs John Thomas Burns. John J. Doonan, Mr & Mrs Vin- ray, Mr & Mrs Edward Farrell; Owen Griffin, Mr & Mrs Roland $15 Normandin, Mr &: ·Mrs Julien DeMell() Jr., Manuel J. DeMello, M l' & M rs H enry C oas t a. ,A. ·Coady. Mr & Mrs Thomas Desmond. Mr & M.rv Stanley Sieczhow- cent Mr & Mrs Alphonse E.' BerMr & Mrs Joseph F. Felag-& 'Desjardins, Henri Thibault. Mrs Dorothy Douthart, Mrll sid Jr., Mr & Mrs Leo D. SulliST. DOMINIC Timothy Driscoll, Robert Eldvan, Mr & Mrs Leo Guertin Jr., ube Jr., Mrs Harvey Tripp, Mr Family, In Memory of Henry F. redge, ,Falmouth Electric ComMr & Mrs Roger Sherman,' Mr & . Joseph Kerrigan, Mr & Mrs Jo- O'Neil, Mr & Mrs Robert Conseph L. Clement, Mr. &,; Mrs nors, Mr & Mrs 'George J. $400 pany, Falmouth Jewelry Shop. Mrs Joseph D Hopkins. Rev..George E. Sullivan. M l' & M rs'A n thony C • Charles McDermott. Brough, Falmouth Firemen's AssociaMr & Mrs William Whalen, Mr & Mrs John B. Driscoll, Mr Martin. $20 1Wk & Mrs Robert Lopes, Mr & '. Mr & Mrs James J. McDer- tion, Falmouth Photo Supply, Mrs Catherine Barlow, Mr & motto John Fish, Frank's Diner, Mr & Mrs Peter Paskowski, Mr & Mrs .& Mrs Paul Butler, Mrs Nich9las . $10 . Mrs Anthony Glista. Henry J. McGowan, Mr & Mrs Padams, Mrs Bridget M. Lynch, Mrs Peter M. Ber..evides, 'Mr & Mr & Mrs Edward Kenney. Mrs Frank Misiorski, Mr & Mrs .llIk & Mrs T .. Bourne.. Mr & Mrs Joseph Grey, DorFrank H. Johnson. Mr -& Mrs James Wilson, The Albert Blanchette, Mr &. Mrs othy Gywn, Mrs James HazelMr & Mrs Reginald C. Marton, Mr & Mrs George M. Ingos, eband, Mr & Mrs Frederic' Bar- McNulty Family~ Mr & .Ml-s Albert Desrosiers. Ass~net Mrs Joanne Irving. Mr' & Mrs Ed~ard D. Perry, tek, Dr. & Mrs Donald Peters, George McNamara, Miss Sarah ST. BERNARD~S' Cmdr. & Mrs John M. Joseph, The Timothy Toomey Family, B. White, ~r & Mrs Daniel F. Miss· Margaret A. Nash, Mr & $250 John's Liquor Store, H. V. LawLynch. Mrs Raymond S.· Moquin, Mrs ' IMr & Mrs Joshua H. Mayall. Mr.& Mrs Anthony Terpak. Mr &. Mrs Gerard Poitras, Mr Virginia B. Daley, Mr & Mrs rence, Inc., F. V. Lawrence, Inc., Mr & Mrs Carlin Lynch, Mr· & $20 Mrs L~wis Lawrence. . ~ Mrs William H, Kirkman, Mr. Francis Rog~rs. ,Mrs Loddy Kadlec. Abresch. Richal'd. Mr & Mrs Edward Lumbert, _ & Mrs Shirley Smith, Mr & Mrs Mr' & Mrs Ronald Mandville, , Mr & Mrs John J. Joyce, Mr & $10 MacGregor's, James McCabe, Mr Mrs Thomas Griffin, Mrs. Dor- Francis C. Charrette, Mr .&- Mrs .Mr & Mrs Louis J. Simeone, .Mr Mr & Mrs Ephrim Pilotte, & Mrs Harold McCormack, Mrs othy F. Finucane, Mr & Mrs Francis X. Lexesque. & Mrs Nor~an W. Chace, Mr & Georgiana Cambra, Mrs Edward ,Rodney Macauley. . .J()seph Therrien, Mr & Mrs John Mr & Mrs Vincent P. Smith, Mrs James J. Hamilton, Dr & Adams, Mr & Mrs James BlackMr & Mrs John Malone, Mr & Babcock. Mrs. Samuel Clarke, Mr ,& Mrs Mrs. ,Francis Buckley. more, Mr & Mrs William Borges. Mrs Frank Makeley, Martinizing. $12. Anthony J. Zablocka, Abbie C. Mr & Mrs Jack Arnould, Mr Orpen, Mr & Mrs. Jeremillh . Mr & Mrs Stanley J. Godek, , Dr R. C. Bullock, Mr. & Mrs Inc., Mr. & Mrs Arthur Medeiros. 6: Mrs John A. Mitchell, Mr & ° Luongo. Mr & Mrs Walter Diebold, The Julio Cabral, Mrs' Margaret Ne- George Midgeley. M O'Neil Family, Mrs Arthur Ald- ' ville; Mr & Mrs Albert· Roberts, Nobska Furniture Inc., Paull Mrs William A. Potter, Mr & Mrs "' r & Mrs Maurice King ~r., rich, Mr & Mrs Edward Dacey. A Parishioner. }Jeter.'s Agency, Mrs Lewis H. losepl'i Gondela. Mr & Mrs Thomas Mellor, Mrs Mr & Mrs James Crivaro. . Kat~erine, Pierce, Mr Richard Mr & Mrs Joseph ,St. 'Onge, Pratt, Mr ~ Mrs Arthur QueUe 'No. Dighton $11 Batchelder, Mrs Frances Ryding. Mr & :Mrs Charles Bean,Mr & ,Jr., Savery Chevrolet, Inc. ST. JOSEPH'S :Mt: James Bo~er" Mr ..& Mrs Mr & Mrs Thomll6 Wiese, Miss Mrs Oliver Barrett, Mr & Mr; Joseph A. Sheehan 'Mr & Mrs , $~5 Robert H. O'Neil, Mrs Catherine Dolores Burns, Mr & Mrs John Robert Mosher, James McPart": Milton, R. Steele, Mr & Mrs David and John Perry.. S. SYIHm, Mr & Mrs CheSter· J. Simko, Mr & MrS Daniel E. land. . Philip Stone, Mr & Mrs Austin $~O Stokes, Mrs Carol Strout. Creene, The O'Gara Family. Gannon Jr., Mr & Mrs John A. Mr & Mrs· George R. ReinThe Pivirotto Family, The . Mr & Mrs John Panara 11/11' Bt '·Buote.' hagen, Clifton . Herndon, Mr &; .Charles E. Williams, William. WilliamK. McCarthy Famil.v JIks Joseph F; Wilkinsori:' , . Mrs Herbert 'Tickle, Mr & Mrs ;Mrs Andrew A. DiGiammo, Mr & S. ,Worsnop, Ten Acre, Inc., Dr & $15 Mr & Mrs Norman Perron" Mr' Fred Cichon, Mr & Mrs' ~oseph Mrs' Francis' W·. Carroll; .Mr '&; Mrs E,dwin Tripp Jr., Vera'• Miss Mildred' Harrigan; .Ii: Mrs Francis Maher.' M. Quinn, Mr lIe Mrs William Mrs Edward Halpin. .' . Beauty 'Shop, Mr' & Mrs Joha . ',' $11 . White, White Ford. Inc. $10 ,Marland Jr" Mr & Mrs George S. . Mr &.MrsJ~seph.Jet~,·~&. Waitei' Scanlon. , Mr & Mrs Alfred Ahern Mr & .' P h i l l i p s . ' Mrs Raymond McGee,.Mrs Frank TUrn to Pac:e Sixteen $10 . s Wal~er Mardulla, Mr '& Mrs .' Mr & Mrs John Turcotte, :Mr ," Largen.t~ Mr & Mrs ,Jolm. Ha~lIl­ The George McGlynn Family ¥eaop. cote',' James L. Collins, ,& Mrs James Hadad, Mr .& ski, Mr & Mrs Ralph F. EvasWalter E. Smith Jr., Mr & Mr~ . . & Mrs Robert Profio. Armand G. Bernard, Mr & Mrs. chuk. ." . -. ", : 'Milt~n Bo-.;ven, ¥r & . Mi'll WHMe & Mrs Alfred Alves Mr & ·Jean Levesque, Mr &' Mrs 'EuM & ~:r:" E'd -- d K' .. . ....._ A . ,. dore Le e r lnrs war enney, . __s 19nd G. Stukas, Mr & Mrs v sque. Arthur M Kelly Mr & Mrs Ham Fleming, Mr & Mrs Edmund Torres. .. Prederick Kozak, Miss KathJ:yn Mr & Mrs Joseph Sheppard, Edward ·B·· Toulan Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs. Frederick Bo~den e.. O'Connell, Mr & Mrs Henry . Mr &. Mrs' Samuel' Santoro, Mr D . I Sh' M M Rob rt 11' & Mrs Richard J. Loftus, Mr & ~me. ea, r rs e Mr & Mrs William' .Callahan; A. Coms. BOYS WANTED for tho . TIerney Mr & Mrs Richard Barra.r Mr Mrs Paul Corcoran,' Mrs Francis .. M &'M G'lb rt FL' d . Mr & Mrs Matthew Amaral, Mr Priesthood and Brotherhood. L M H b rt L 'Th E Burgess r rs I e . eonar, & Mrs Henry Conaty, Mr & Mrs .... - rs urn e opes, e . . . .' . . Mr & Mrs Francis J Silvia Mr John ",Beynart. Lack ot fundll NO iml)Eldi. Daley Family, Mr Joseph P. SulMr WIlham J. Lee, Mrs Len& M' 'J h'B . M &'M" d J W'll' ., . rs 0 n ranco r r" ·ment• _Mr & Mrs: Edwa~d Berube . Ji'Van, Mrs Helen Wolstencroft, -woo . I lamson, Mr & Mrs· Edward T Sullivan' Mr &'Mrs . Miss MinnJeMoran, Mr. &' M:r~ Mr & Mrs, Louis C. Curt Jr.., ,Mrs Joseph Ryan, Mr & Mrs William Frank R Borges ., Write to: AngeloLatini, Mr & Mrs Gilbert. j~rpcy, Mr & Mrs Georgt,'l King Mr & 'Mrs Da~ielJ. Salmon, Frank O'Connell; Mr & Mrs Filbert'Torres, Mrs Ralph Sim. P O. Box 5742 Lowney, Mr & Mrs Joseph~. " , Mr &: Mrs George A. Santerre, mons. Mulrooney, Mr & Mrs C. DaVId Mr & Mrs Walter Curt, Mr Mr & Mrs' William J L"'ee Jr Baltimore 8. Md. . Mr & 'Mrs Robert McGtfirk. F K eavy,. M r & Mrs W'l ' . . ..Mr , Suillvan. . ' . 'John .' . I - . Mr ..&.M1'll.WalterPrayzner, Mr & Mrs William MooneY,Mr liam Webb, Mr &. Mrs Clare~ce & Mrs Charles H. Pomfret., A: Mrs Alexander Marshall,' The Parker, Mr & Mrs Donald Sul- . ": COME IN '~' S~E-' and' DRIVE Smalley Family, Mr & Mrs JQhn livan. . .' . hsio!', Mrs John Werwatz. Mr & Mrs Robert Vachon, Mrs , l!lk & Mrs Loui,; H. Cadorette,' John E. ~awton, Mr &: Mrs ~.eo ,. ST, ~OUI~$'2PO'oE Fli~.ell: 1IIr & Mrs Mark Cleaves, Mr & Langfield, 'Mr & Mrs William F. ~"WOrld:' Beautifully Proportioned C...... Mrs William O'Brien, Mr & Mrs Croke, Mrs Margaret Dignan; Rev. Arthur G:Dupuis. at . William S. Coombell, Mr & Mrs.' Mt & Mr's George A. Crombie, . . .. $100'.' .' . ,Baymond Gerraughty. Mr & -Mrs Gerald Curt, Mr & Dr. & Mrs Raymond A. Dian·De. Mrs Bertha Clarkson, Mr & Mrs .William Bilrrar Jr., Mr '& .. ' - $50. .. Mrs Ed'rard Moore, Miss Doro- Mrs Joseph Tavares, Mr & Mrs ,Ladies of St. Anne Society, formerly MOta.. Sales Company tb¥ ·Patterson, Mr & Mrs George William C: ,Hickey. League of the Sacred Heart. l'I'edenburg, Mr & Mrs Paul E. Mr & Mrs Ernest Fitta, M r s ' $20 FORD DEALERS FOR OVER 38 YEARS Darcy. Peter Trainor, Miss Rita Grant, Mr & Mrs Edward J. Plante. Mr & Mrs Thomas F. O'Con- . Miss Barbara E. Dunnigan. Mrs - $10 1344-86 Purchase St~ New Bedford. Mass. ~ l\Ilr & Mrs Edward ~ring- Tllomas Hartley" "Mr,~, ~





trinitatian Fathers


Swansea ,-'

,THE'61 FORDS Moei.






ORDINATION GLASS: Very Rev. George DePrizio, C.S.C., Provincial of the Holy Cross Fathers, has aimounced the ordination of seven deacons to the priesthood Oft June 1 in St. Augustine's Cathedral, Bridgeport, by Most Rev. Lawrence J. Shehan,D.D. Those to be ordained


- all gl~aduates of Stonehill College in the class of '57 - are, left to() right, Rev. Mr. Joseph Skaff, Rev. Mr. Walter Reilly, Rev. Mr. James Donohue, Rev. Mr. Richard Segreve, Rev. Mr. William Condon, Rev. Mr. Joseph Sellar~, Rev. Mr. Anthony Rotunno, aU of the Congregation of Holy Cross..

Mr & Mrs Robert E. Lee, Mr & Mrs W. A, Maloney, Rose ConMrs George Levis, Mr & Mrs lan, Jean Galligan, ' Edward Maher, Mr & Mrs RichRegiriald Gervais, Constant ard Mahoney, Mrs Everett Mal- Poholek, Charles Le,wis, Dom{)ontinued from, Page Fifteen loy. inic Braemonte, Mabel Lewis. Mr & Mrs Peter Manickas, Manuel' Pedro, AI, Bell.on, Atll'~~b@ll'c Mr & Mrs Peter Marron, Mr & Oscar Ahlquist, Jolin Cloud, ST. JOHN Mrs Eugene Martin, Rose Mc- Clifford Homer. ' Brien, Henry McDermott. Joseph Kelley, Mariano Cas$1,000 Mrs Frances Miller, Dr & Mrs tro, , Philip De Laur~, Ec;lward Very Rev. Thomas F. Walsh. Raymond Millian, Mr & Mrs Griffin, Boris Le Clair. I $200 Joseph Morin, Edward Murphy, Joseph Lojeck, Ed1"'a~d GilMr & Mrs James A. Carey. Ellen Nitso. '/ roy, Leo Charette, Russell Sel$100 Mr & Iy.Irs Charles Nolan, . lars, Robert Erwin. , In Memory of Rt. Rev~ John Hel~n Nolan, Mr & Mrs Andrew Dorothy, McManus Florence .J. Shay, 'Mr & Mrs Arthur Ciolfi.' NyzlO"Mr & Mrs Joseph O'Don-' Audette, Loretta McC~hn, Taylor $85 nell, Alyce O'Keefe. Reese, Manuel Raposa, ,'Rev. James F. McCarthy. Albert OusleY"Mr & Mrs Wil'John. Reynolds, ,Raymond $50 , Ham Perry, Donat Pion, Mr &, Brousseau, Joseph C~sta, HerIn Memory of Rt. Rev. Joh~ Mrs Robert Poirier, John Pow.-' bert Carlon & Gerrit ,Brouwer, ~. Shay, Mr & Mrs John W. ers.· John Ahearn, Sarah Boday. McIntyre, Mr & Mrs' William , Mr & ~rs Joseph O. Precourt, : Eva Gamache, Frarlcis MulParker.' Mr & Mrs Robert Ray, Mr & Mrs; laney, Francis Fiske,! Edward $40 William Reilly, Mr & Mrs Glenn Raposa, 'James ltane. , Myles Daly. Reynolds" Mr &, Mrs Albert George Moquin,' , Antonio , $25 Robistow. Perry, Richard Ada~s, Chas,' Mr & Mrs Horace BeTlson, ;Mt', 'Mrs Frederick', Rodell,Mr '& Hutchinson, Chas:'Fox~' &"MrsEdwar!i Casey, Louis.G~I-, Mr~ Ropert Rohman, Mr & ,Mrs ,'Robert' Walsh, Joseph Rocha;' ligaTl, Leo Galligan, Mr, & Mrs' J~seph·~ Ryan"Mrs .., ,Theresa:' Warren Watson, Joseph, Menard,' ~aymo,nd Gazzola. , • Ryder, Salvatore: Salvaggio. Gerard Labrie. ',' ' '\ ~- , ,.Mr & Mrs John P,, I;:rnes:,Mrs WilliamJ. Servant,Ismay Howard 'Ralph, Joh~ Basul, ti'rie & J!'lorence :Moran~ ,JVlr':&, Sharkey, Mr, & Mrs· Henry King, Fred Battersby, I Gordon M~s Earl Niquette Jr., Mr & Mp,j, ~Smith,Mr' & 'Mrs Owen Smith, Barrett, Robert Blais" Edward J:;Howard ~ync~. , '.,,' Edward Tatro. Schulze, Earl Foss, $20 Roger La' Rue, An~p.e Dias, : Mr &. Mrs Raymond Taylor, ,Dr Frederick V.,Murphy, Mrs Mr & Mrs Robert Turcotte, Mrs Stephen Sullivan, Wallace Baker, 'Margaret L. O'Keefe, and Miss' Harold Walker, Mr & Mrs Pat- William Naylor. Margaret O'Keefe. Mr & Mrs' , rick Walsh, Mrs, Bertha Wells, Lawrence McNally; Norman' Alfred Paille, Kenneth Stone., Mr & Mrs John White. ' Marshall, Frederick Ell~s, Mar$15 garet O'Leary, Helen Garrick. Mr & Mrs 'George ,Driscoll, Mrs ,Alfred Travers, Leo' Greve, HOLY GHOST Roy Nelson, Dr & Mrs Edward John J. Conroy, Clarence Fisc$250 Fontneau. back, Edward Howe. Rev. 'John F. Laughlin. $10 $150 Mrs Marie Adams, Miss Annie So. Yarmouth Libitin Arius. Adel, Mr & Mrs Ernest AnderST. PlIUS TENTH , , $100 son, :Mrs Delia Babineau, Mr & $1,000 Mrs 'Donald Bannon. Manuel Castro. Rev. Christopher L. Broderick. Mr ,& Mrs' Robert Barradas, $50 Mrs Winston Berg, Mr & ,Mrs Raymond Kelliher. , ,$100 I Robert Bibeault, iVlr & Mrs Rob$30 Mr & Mrs Frederick E, King, ert Booth" Mr & Mrs Francis Mr & Mrs Thomas Hague'Jr., Mr. Francis Zenie. Bowen. ' $25 &' }\frs Arthur L. Mo~owski, Mr & Mrs George Branaghan, The Lavalee Family, Raymond I Anonymous,' Anonymous. , '$75 .' ; Helen Bruen, Mr &' Mrs Gebrge Guillette, J. Edward Turley., $20' , Bussiere, 'Mr & Mrs George john Coyle. ' John Caponigro, Paul Nerney, Caldwell, M~o& Mrs O. Ed' Cam. $60 , , eron. . ", David Foley, Rosalind' Martelli, Ml' & Mrs Peter LeSage. . , " $50' " Mr & Mrs Fred Carpertter Jr.. Howard Bristow. Mr & Mrs' Alvin Cassidy, Mr & The Martins Family, Arthur Harry J. Doherty, Mr.s' CI8l'a Mrs William Clin~on, Miss Nabbv Lorden, In Memory Father Dow- Fitzgerald. . Coffey, Lawrence Coffey. ney. $35 ~ 'Mr & Mrs William Coiomb, Beatrice MOllic'a. $15 Mr & Mrs Richard Cronan, Mr & ; James· K. Nerney, John ,Ma- .. $30 , Mrs FrankCronan,"Miss Mar-, guire, Mrs Rober.tNelson, Man- ' .Mf ~ Mrs' Robert GlydQp; Mr, jorie Crowley, Mrs-John Dean. , u~l Carvalho, Irene' R,ichardSon, . & M~ Frank Conroy:. ' " .' '. " '$25:-': , , , '' , Mrs Elva Deavellar, Mrs Brad- Alice"MCDermott. '. .', " ,I . ". ""$18, I , :lord Dornince, :Mr &: Mrs Jamep ,Mr' & ;Mrs.Jametl BessO, Mrs' :Doyle, Mrs Timothy' Driscoll, Mr . StevenCehelsky;:Gabriel De' Franklin T. Greene, Mr & Mrs, ~ Mrs Peter. Duffy. CoSta; Roland Tremblay, Merle' Maurice A. Lynch, Mr &, Mrs , : Mr:s 'Edward Ehrlick, ,Mr' & Raymond Mello, Mr & Mrs ',DenHolmes, Richard Delagi. ' .' '~rs Herbert Fisher, Mr & Mrs Bernard Hewitt; Antonio nis 'O'Connor.', Elmer Fitton, Mr & Mrs Richard' Mello, Charles Boucher, Richard Mrs' Bernard F. Shea,: 'Mrs'· Eveline Sullivan, _ Mr, '& Mrs ,Fitzgerald, Mrs Henry _Felix. , ,Healey, John Kupstas. : ' , Mr & Mrs George Fre<:Iette, Walter Kosinski, Joseph Fel.'- Richard Terrio. Mr & Mrs Joseph Fredette, Mrs nandes, Mary Mullaney, Eliz:.. $24 > Mary Green, Mr & 'Mrs John abeth !\fullaney, George Ryan. Mr & Mn Joseph Cipkowskl•. Hamel, Mr & Mrs Donald Healy. $20: Ray'mona Lyons, Martin Gill, 'Mr & Mrs Edward Healy, Mrs Douglas Rheaume, FranciS Mrs William Baker,Mr &, Mrs William J.Bennett, Mr & Mrs John Hodge, Mrs Joseph Hughes Hynes, Joseph Brodeur. ' Sr., Mr & MiS Raymond Jacques, John R. O'Neill, Ernest Miguel, Frederick P. Bogar, Mr &' Mrs Mrs 'Shirley Jarosz . Roger Forget, Elzear Sicard, John Crawford, Mrs Herman. G; Curtis. Clement Jeffers, Mr & Mrs Louis' La Belle. Orner Jette, Mr & Mrs John . Joseph Furtado, Charles RaAndrew J. Doherty', John ·H. Keane, Mr & M~s Francis posa, Joseph Freitas, ~ntonio Gill, Mrs Fred Hatch, Mr & 'Mrs Frank ,H. McGuerty., Mr & :Mrs Kelley, Mr & Mrs Raymond La- Lima, George Fredette. -Plwne. Francis Rego, Alfred Carvalho. Louis R. Parks. '0


Mr & Mrs Thomas M. McDon.- ~ ough, Mr & Mrs John McEachran, Lawrence McGrath, Mr &_ Mrs Peter McNamara, Mr & , Mrs Joseph H, McNeil. $16 Mr & Mrs Leo Mercurio, Mr &,' Mr & Mrs Charles E., Tourjee. Mrs Leo Morgan, Mr & Mrs $15 Joseph Mullan, Edward Muellell" Mr & ,Mrs Stephen Crowley, Mr & Mrs Frank Murphy. ' Mr & Mrs James Kennedy, Mr &1 Mr & Mrs Joseph ~orton, Mll' . Mrs Michael J. Lahiff, Mr & Mrs & . Mrs H. L. Nickerson, Mr & Gerald L. MacCauley, Mr & Mrs Mrs Bernard O'Neil, 'Mr & Mrs George Magurn. . Frank S. OJ;mon Jr., Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs John B. McKenney, Gerard Ouelette. Mr & Mrs Charles O'Neill, Mr & Edmund Pelletier, Martin Mrs Joseph J. Panek, Mr. & Mrs Powers, Mr & Mrs R..R. Quale, Charles E; Still. Mr & Mrs A. W. Relm, Mr & Mrs A. A.' Ristau. ' $10 Mr & Mrs Paul Baker, Mr & - ~ Mr & Mrs William Robinson, . Mrs William Bannon, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Gerald Roderick, Mr . & Mrs John B. Roderick, Mr & Lester Bishop, Raymond L. Bois, Mr & Mrs Howard T. 'Branagan. Mrs George Schule,' Mrs Eldo- ~ Mr & Mrs James Brown, Mr & redge F. Shaw. Mi' & Mrs John C. Simpson. ' Mrs Joseph Brown, Mrs Jerome T. Canning, Mr & Mrs William . Anna Sheehy, Mr & Mz:s Frank Casey, Mr, & Mrs Joseph ~., Sheehy, Hervey, L. f?mallj NeD H.-,Smith.' ", Chaisson. ,' -Mr & Mrs James Speirs, Mr & ' ',Mr & Mrs Frank Chase, Mrs Robert Childs, Francis ,B. Clorim', " Mrs Matthew Steele, Mr & M~.' E. I Wilson' Conlon, Mrs w. ' 's. 'Charle's H. Sullivan, Mr & Mrs. John Sullivan, Ernest L. ThompConnors., ' '; " Mr & Mrs Thomas Conway" son. Mrs Rosamond G. Tolley, Mr & Mrs: Coleman J. Coyne" Mrs Richard Cox, Ottis Creel, 'Ed- Mrs Edward Tripp, Mr & Mrs Russell Tufts, Mr & Mrs Wile, ward L. Ctlmmings. Mr & Mrs' Joseph Curran, Mrs liam Turner, Mrs Ella Vanier. Mrs Elizabeth Walsh, John '.L ' Edward' F. Cloran, George DiWiggin, Mr & Mrs Walter E. B09a, Mr & Mrs Raymond J. ,Wright. Duffy, Mr & Mrs Philip Egan. o Mrs Ernest Eastman Jr., Mr & Fall River Mrs Richard Fellows, Mr & Mrs' ST. ROCH Richard E. Ferguson, Mr & Mrs \ $10 . Donald Flibotte, Mr & Mrs Mal.Miss Millie Pierce, Mr & Mrs colm Fuller. ' Ernest Violette. Mr &, Mrs Martin Geraghty, l'urn to Page Seventeen Mr & Mrs Treffle G,ervais, Mr & Mrs A. A. Gioiosa, Walter J. Glynn, Mr & Mrs John Gray.. Mr & Mrs Joseph P. Greelish, DNSURANCE AG'ENCY Mrs Thomas' Grew, Mr & Mrs William F. Griffith, Mr & Mrs All Kinds Of Insurance Joh!} J. Hayes, Mr &, Mrs W., o 96 WILLIAM STREET Harry Heptonstall. " ' Mrs. Arthur Hicks, Mr & ,Mrs "NEW BEDFORD. MASS. Thomas Houghton, Mrs Robert DUAL WY 8-5153 Johnson, Mrs Thomas'" Jones, Persanal Service Madalyn T.'Kelly. 'Mi' & Mrs John Kelly; Mrs Earl A .. Kittell, ,Mr & Mrs Angelo Lanza, Mrs Thomas Larkin, John T. Lascha. ' ' Mr & Mrs John Leahy, Mary 'Leary" Mrs William i..etteney, Arthur Janson,' Reg. Pharm. Mr, & . Mrs Lawrence' Lippard, . DIABETIC AND SICK ROOM Mr &"!\irsGeorge P. Lucier. . , SUPPLIES' ", Mr' & Mrs WilliainF. MaeDonald, Mr & ~rs 'F: C. Maher, ASHLEY BOUlEVARD ': Mr ,& Mrs Guy ,, Mr~', , New Bedford, ~rs WilliamT.. Marnell, Mz: """ WY 3-8045 Mrs Richard Maxwell. ' ' " ,' Mrs John P. Perkins, Mr & Mrs James F. Ruhan, Mr,& Mrs Paul T. Webber, Mr & Mrs Wil, liam Williams.


JANSON'S Pharmacy


BISAILLON'S GARAGE 24..Hcur Wrecker Service 653 WashUrtlgtofi $tB'eetu Fairhaven

WYman / j


ifiiif ~-[)ioaese of F~ River-Thurs. May 1'8, 1961

Because He Cared • •.• Continued from Page S~teeD'

Mansfield ST. MARY $600 Rev. Edward L. O'Brien. $100 Mr & Mrs Napoleon Cabana, Mr Robert Currivan, In Memory of Thomas' P. Elliott & Rev. Hugh Harrold, Mansfield Catholic Woman's Club. Conference of St. Vincent de PauL $50. Darmedy Family, Dr & Mrs Anthony Gasson, Mr & Mrs Thomas Haven, Mansfield K of C-420, Mr & Mrs Robert Welch.' Mr & Mrs Arthur Babine, A Friend, A Friend, A Friend. $40 A Friend. $35 Dion Family, Edward A. Guillette Family. ' $30 The Misses O'Malley. $26 Mrs Olive Prohodsky.

C~THOLIC N.URSES: Area presidents meet at Spring Plenary Meeting of Fall River CouncIl of Cathohe Nurses at St. Anne's Hospital. Left to right, Dorothy Koczera, New Bedford; ~ary McCal>~, Taunton; Margaret McAvoy, Attleboro; Ann Fleming, Fall River., BIshop ConRolly. with Catherine McCarthy, Diocesan Council president. Right; conventIOn delegates Gen,evieve Gough Taunton; Carlotta Robinson, Attleboro; Harriet H. Hart, New Bedford; Ella G. Hanrahan, Fall River.

$25 Mr & Mrs Boleslaw NickowaJ. Mr & Mrs Frederick Thifault. 'A Friend, St. Augustine's st. Vincent de Paul Society. $20 .Mr '& Mrs Michael Fontes J1'.,. Mrs Jane Humphries. / Martha's Vineyard National Bank, Western Auto Associate OUR LADY OF VICTORY Co. $175 $15 Rev. Howard ,A, Waldron. Slip Cover Shop, Mrs Jamelll $60 Boyle, Mr & Mrs Anthony CosThe Misses Fawcett, Hon. ta, Mr & Mrs Charles Conroy Jr. Henry L. Murphy. Smith Brothers. $50 $11 ,John J. ,Penderg,ast Sr., Dr Mr & Mrs Edward Whalen. Alfred J. Sheehy. $10 $25 Bert's Barber Shop, Mr & Mrs James J. Cannon, Stephen B. August B. Campos, Mr Francim O'Brien, Mrs Peter G. Shaeffer. Coutinho, Mrs Marie DeCosta, Mr & Mrs Francis Duart, ~20 Harold Bragle, Mrs Anna B. Mr & Mrs Manuel S. Duarte. Hannan, Henry A. Kelley, Wil- Mrs Winifred K. Eggers, Mrn liam Hetterman. William Ennis, Dr Joseph Fri~ $15 Mr & Mrs Richard Furtado. Raymond Pendergast. Mrs Mary Gordon, Mr & Mro $10 Edmund Hickey, Mr & Mrs Don. Armand Belisle. Thomas Fel- a~d King, Mr & Mrs Walter lows, Robert Ferreira, Richard Kszystyniak, Mr & Mrs Conrad Kurth. W. Post Jr., Rowland Shaw. John Aylmer Jr., Hon. Raoul Miss Alveda Lopes, Miss Mary Beaudreau, Norman Boucher, Lopes, M. V. Funeral Home Mil' Harold Boyne, Joseph Childs. & Mrs Marshall McDonough', Mr Emerson Cloutier, Miss Hazel & Mrs Herbert Metell. Connor, Robert Cross Jr., EdMorrice Florist Shop, Mr & ward Dean, Laura Dean. Mrs Harold Morris, Mrs Frank "Anthony DeCrosta, Robert Oliveira, Richard Oliver, MiMI Elliott, Matthew C Finn, Wilfred ~HY C. Reilly. ,,, Gauthier, Thomas Gay. Mr & Mrs George Sears, Mar,., Leo' Gregoire; Mary Harmon; Seiberlich, 'Mr & Mrs A,ntone 1.. Irving' Harrison, Dr JackA. Silva,Antone Swartz, Mr & MNJ Manuel R. Veira.' ' Jaxtimerj,Julia F, Kivelle. 'Mrs Earl & Mary Kurra,' Paul Mr& Mrs Stuart AiIen,j;Mr H. Lavalle, John Lebel, Wilfred Mrs Joseph Borges, Mrs Antone .Cruz,' Mr & Mrs Albert. 0. J. Lescarbeau,' Edgar "Levesque. Virginia MacEacheron, Arthur, Fischer Jr., Mr & Mrs James K. D. Maddalena Sr., Nelson Mar-. Silva. Mr & Mrs Dominges Maserla. chant, Mary McDevitt, Michael McDonough.' Mr & Mrs Benjamin Mayhew Jr" Stanley McLean, Frank Mello, Manuel Silva Jr., Mr' & Mr; William Murzic, Normand Nault, Louis Paiva. Ubaldo Nugnes. . Mr & Mrs Joseph Bettencourt, S. C. Luce & Co:, Mr & Mrs Austin O'Blenis, Stephen B. William Pachico" Sears Roebuck O'Brien Jr., Joseph B., O'Brien, Joseph B. Orlando, Arthur & Co" Mrs Edward F. Sylvia, Jr., ATSCO Oil Co. Ormsby. Bradley R. Parker, Peter Pen~Orleans dergast, Joseph Perkins, RegiST. JOAN OF ARC nald Sawyer, Albert Scaramelli. . $125 Joseph J. Silvia, Franklin Rev. James E. Lynch. Simmons, Joseph Stefens, Joseph $75. Terry, Francis Walsh. Rev. Francis M, Coady. Martin Walsh, Edward Welch. $20 Mr ,& Mrs Kenneth M. Bailey, Di" Leonard Worth. Wilton L. Childs, Mrs Harry' $10 Davidson, .Joseph Davis, The . Leo Miller, John Hamilton, Dunes Club, Inc. Capt. John F. Harding, John Leonard Francis, Mary Souza, Ceil Remillard. ' J. 'Pendergast Jr., Robert PowJames Ilkovich, Robert Clark, ers; 'Margaret Rouke, John E. Leroy A. Babbitt, Leo BarrJI. VanTassel Sr. Cornelius Spillane. John E. VanTassel Jr., Col. Turn to Page Eighteen James H. Hagan. Mr & Mrs Chester Buck, Mrs 'Frank Yokola.

Carpeno Family, Cavallo Family, Mr & Mrs Edward McNamara, Mr & Mrs Gene Ceccarelli, Aldo Mr & Mrs Paul McNamara, & Ida Certuse. Primo Mei & Family, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Frank Cervelli, Anthony Melchiorri, Mr & Mrs ' Lucy Chafe, Mr & Mrs Leonard Nando Melchiorri. Chartier, Mr & Mrs Nugent Mr & Mrs Arthur Michaud, Chilli, Mr & Mrs John Chris- Mrs Lorraine Moody, Mr & Mrs topulos. Edward Moriarty, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Roland Clement, Normand Morin, A Friend.. David Cody, Mary Cody, Dr. & Mr & Mrs Alex Motyka, Mr & Mrs' Charles Colella, Mr & Mrs Mrs Joseph Murphy, Mr & Mrs J ames Collins. ' John Musto, A Friend, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Fred Cook, Mr' & John Norton. Mrs Daniel Creeden, Creeden Thomas O'Leary, Eleanor OtFamily, William 'currivan, A taviani; Mr & Mrs Henry. Paioni, Friend. Mrs Mary Palanza & Fam,ily" Mr & Mrs Edward Dalton, Mr Palladino Family, ,/ & Mrs Robert Davis, Mr & Mrs Mrs Emma Pascucci, Joseph Amerlco Day, A Friend, Mr & Pascucci, Mr & Mrs Robert PaulMrs,Vincenzo DeClemente. son, A Friend, Mr & Mrs Arthur Carrie DePrizio, Margaret L. Pedini. DePrizio, Mr & Mrs Joseph DevMr & Mrs Joseph Pernock, Mr : lin, Raymond DeWald, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Guido Petrillo, Mr & Mrs Orlando DiGiampietro. C. Elliott Phillips. Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Joseph DiLazzaro, Claude Picciandra; Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Armand Dion, A Matthew Piccolomini. $25 Bruno Family, Capone Family, Friend, Arthur Dupree. Mr, & Mrs George Pierce, Mr Mr & Mrs Ralph Dupree, East- & Mrs Vincent Poirier, Mahlon Mr & Mrs Antonio Caponigro Jr., ,A Friend, The Donoghue man Family, Mr & Mrs William Pomfret, Mr & Mrs Gerard PreEastman Jr., Mr & Mrs' Joseph court, Mr & M~ Anthony PorFamily. ,'Garofano Family, Mr & Mrs Falotico, Mr ~ Mrs Francis' fido. ' Kuzdzol, Mr & Mrs Robert Love- ; Faria: ' A Friend, Mr, & Mrs John ly, Mr & Mrs Thomas,.McCrane, & Mrs James Gallo, Mr &'.Mrs Ramondetta, ,Mr ,& Mrs Leslie Mr & Mrs William Morton Jr. " " Octavio Geminiani; Gibbo'ns Rathbun, Mr & Mrs Arthur ,Mrs .Raymond Ockert, Mr &: Family, Mr & 'Mrs Ginesio Remillard, Mr & Mrs Gelino . Mrs.Leo Parente, Mr &: Mrs An-;' Ginesi.' Repucci. ." Mr & Mrs Armando Giovino, drew Pazsit, A Friend. ,Madalena Romano, Mr & Mrs . Catholic· Youth Organizat·i$l. .Mr & Mrs Anthonio Giovino, Arthur Ronhock, John ROtella, Giovino Family, Mary Gonya, $20 Wallace Gordon. ' Mr & Mrs Joseph Rotella, Mr &., Mr & Mrs Eugene Briton, Mr, G' Id F '1 A F' d A· Mrs James Russell. &; Mrs John Connor, Fales FamF " n~w~'ld amdl ~' rleMn. " & ¥:J Eva Salachi, Mr & Mrs Angelo ily, Flynn Family, Mr & Mrs nen, I re . annon, r Santucci A Friend M & M Mrs Gordon Hardie. " r rs Robert Green. M' & M J H' M Alfred Sarro, Mr & Mrs Ralph Mr & Mrs Andrew Grieve, La'" r ,rs ames arngan, T Sarro ' Plante Family, Mr & Mrs James & Mrs Daryl Hatfield, Mr & Mrs Mr' & M rs G'd H M UI 0 S carpe11"Inl, McDermott, Mr & Mrs Howard W'll' aynes, rs Helen Mr & Mrs John Senna, Mr & Mrs' I 'McRae & Family, Mr & Mrs Hewms, Mr & Mrs Robert Horne.. Robert Shaw, Mr & Mrs James Chester Okuniewicz. Carol Houghton, Mr & Mrs Shea A Friend. Mr & Mrs George 'Pomfret, Mr John Houghton, Mr & Mrs Al' . bert Jackson Lawrence Jackson Harriet Shields, Dr & Mrs &: Mrs William Watterson. Charles Jon~s. ' ' Philip SibHia, Frank Signorello, Mr & Ml'Is Victor Turinese. Robert Jones, Mrs Margaret Mr Joh~ Silva, Mr & Mrs Ed$15 ward Slmey. ' A friend, Mr & Mrs Charles Jordan 'Mr & Mrs Henry Kane Mr & Mrs Francis Sliney, Mr Bellevance, Mr & Mrs John Mr & 'Mrs Arthur Keane Mr~ ~ , &, 'M~s Vinc~nt Smith, Gloria Casey, Mr & Mrs Bartholomew· Barbara Keast. Mr & Mrs Howard Keith, Mr D ItalIan Society, Mr & Mrs C~neo, Mr & Mrs John Currivan. Gleason Family, Mr & Mrs Al- & Mrs James Kelley, Mr & Mrs ~oseph ~parrow, Mr & Mrs Dan-: Spencer Kelley Sr:, Mr & Mrs leI SullIvan. " Dert Lewis, A Friend. Mrs Helen Sullivan, Mr & Mrs : Lord's Pharmacy, A Friend, James Kinder, Mr & Mrs Joseph John Sweeney, ¥r & Mrs James JjCathryn M. O'Brien, Mr & Mrs Kirby. / ' , Walter Stanfurd & Family. '" 'Thoma,s Konen, Mr & Mrs E. Tarte, Mr ~ Mrs Joseph Tar~ufo, ,.$12 Laliberte Mr & Mrs Edward Mrs Madelme Taylor. Mr & Mrs Lawrence Bryan, Landers, Lane Family, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Arthur Teren~i, Mr Mr & Mrs Edward Chace, Mr & Joseph'Leanues. & MI:s Douglas Titus, Mr & Mrs Mrs Robert Tighe, Mr & Mrs Frank Farinella Mr Joseph Todesco & Family, Mr & • $10 & Mrs 'GeOrge Farnam, M~ & M~ Edward Torrance" RoseLoroe Adrian, Mrs Lena Mrs Francis Fenstermacher Mr mary Uva. . Alden, Mr & Mrs Pietro Ales- & Mrs Edward Fernandes JOhn Mr & Mrs Walter Vallett, Mrs sandri, Mr Shierino Amici, Mr & . Fernandes; :'" '," ' Flor~n:ce Ward, Mr & Mrs Mario Viney~rd Mrs ·Lloyd Anderson. ;Mr & 'Mrs jo~ph' Fer'na~des,' 0 Zaff~n~,_ :Mr ,&" Mrs. ,Albert ~T. AUGUS1INE \ . , ' , , ' , Zaffml.' Mr & Mrs, Joseph Arayas, Mr ~,,& Mrs Edward Fmn, ,Dr• . 'Boy'Scouts'l)f Am'· T' , $250 & Mrs Elwyn Atweli, Kenneth 'Finn, Mrs- Mary Finn, Mi'r 14- Mr &' Mrs HugO~CrI<:a'~ rOOPtti Rev. Leo M. ·Curr'!f. Atwell; Mr '& Mrs, Alph'onse John &:M Sal t F' . /.,,' ' ,,,one, . $50 M rs& ~a ;~iioreF'" Mr Mt: & -l'4rs "M, ,Connolly, Mr & Avallone, Mr & Mrs Raldo BalSt. Augustiile's Women's Guild, r F rs . IFamMr,,,.n&ft'M Mrs, Fred, 'DeLutis, Footanini ~ini. &:. M rs ra~cls. ox, rs Family., . . , .st. Augustine's Holy Name So-' Mr & Mrs Pr'imo Baravella, Mr Pietro .Fulvl, ;Mr & Mrs Robert Mrs A'lbert~ 'Fox, Mr' & Mrs dety, Mr &: Mrs Cyril Black-' & Mrs John Baroncelli, Mr &: . ;Michael Frisoli, Mary Hyatt, Mr wood. Mrs James Beatty, Mary Beatty., , Galanti, A Fnend. $30 Mr & Mrs John Gallivan, Mr & Mrs Arthur Kane, Mr & Mrs Harold Bell. R. ~. Packer Co., 1m:. Mr & Mrs Angelo Linari, John Joseph Kimball. , Bellavance Family, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs F. McDonald, Mr & William Bellew, Mrs, Helen Bir- & Antonio Lombardi, Mr '& mingham, Mr & Mrs Paul Boy- Ml"S Rudolph Lombardi, Patrick Mrs' ~illiam McLaughlin Mr & den, Mr & Mrs Roy Boyden. Lonergan Family, Margaret Ma- Mrs Joseph Mei, Mr & Ml"S AlMr & Mrs Clarence Brazil, Mr honey. bert Niemi, Mrs Maude O'Brien. &: Mrs James Breen, Mrs Elaine' Mrs James Maloney, Leo Mrs Michael Plccolomini Mrs Briggs, Mrs Agnes Britton, Mr & Markt, Mr & Mrs William Markt, Gilda Smith, Lavina G. Su~pre­ ROUTE 6, HUTILESON AVE. Mrs Edward Brown. Mr & Mrs William Matto, Mr & nant, Mr & Mrs Clifford Titus Mr & Mrs Armand Brunelle,' Mrs David May. Mrs Philomena DiGiovaimi. ' Near Fairhaven Drive-In Brutcher Family, Brutcher FamMr & Mrs Edward McCalsky, Mr & Mrs Roger Baldelli, Mrs Italian Dinners Our Specialty ily, 'Mr & Mrs James Callahan, Mr & Mrs Cornelius McCarthy, Carmela Giovino, Mr & Mrs Service On Patio lVIr & Mrs Alfred Carbonetti. A Friend, McGoldrick Jfamily~ Guido Cutillo, Mr & Mrs Wi10 llam Fioretti. Mr & Mrs Carmen Cardinu~D McIntyre Family"






CORREIA & SONS ONE STOP ,INOPPING Cc:NTII • 'hhviidoll ' . 1'urni&uPe , • A:pp11aDeea • Groeery

, ,~ AIleD st.. New Bedford WYman 7-9354






FALL 'RIVER OS 9-6712 WY 2-0682 E. J. McGINN. Prop.




At:::;: ~~·~··-i:roc~.~e of FaH-:River-Thurs.May18, $25 '

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$400 ~rard



$350 $100

Walter Downarowiez, Raymond .avel.

$15 Rev. Roger £. Gagne: $30


Miss Agnes Blake, Mr & Mrs Armand Gibeault, Mr & Mrs Avila Grenier, Mr & Mrs Rudolph Lapalme, Mr & Mrs John Marshall. , Dr & Mrs Alex. McIssac, Mr. .& Mrs George McCarthy, Mrs Leland Smith, Mr & Mrs Laurent Thibert. , Mr & Mrs Wm. Blake, Mr '& Mrs Arthur C. ~uI'phy.

. Mr &




1k<a: PaI'Bdt

" Gloria Siekeira. ' M!' & Mrs"Bomeo Hebert, Theresa Danue, Angeline .BrochU. Mr& Mril. Rene H~bert, Mr & Mrs Achille Hebert. , Mr & Mrs Armand Aussant, Mr & Mrs Delphis Paradis, Mr &; Mrs Norman Hebert, Mr & Mrs J. Bte. Lajoie, Mr & Mrs Joseph Boilard. . RoselYB Charron, Mr 8& Mrs Theodore Charron Jr. Mr & Mrs Theodore Lacourse, Mr & Mrs Henry Tremblay, <Joseph Clou-

$20 '.

Paul Bradley.


mD"8 . ~ <'hBgROl!l.,


Mr & Mrs Lucien Leblanc, Mr & Mrs Luc Pelletier, Mr & .Mrs Theodore Bousquet, Mr & Mrs Martie Rossiter, Mr & Mrs Benjamin Livesey, Mr & Mrs William Stubler, Mr &; Mrs Raymond Aussant, Mr & Mrs Edouard Bergevine, Mr &: Mrs John Boyd, Abraham Remillard. ' Ernest Doucette, Mr & Mrs Frederick, Sherbert, Mr &.Mrs . Henri Frenier, Mr &, Mrs Joseph ,Arnold, Joseph Ratte. Mr ~,. ,Mrs Raoul Lacasse,. Mr .& Mrs Henri Martin, Yolande Murphy, Mr, & Mrs Eric Maslen, Sophie Lamoureux. . Mr & Mrs Lorenzo Daneau, Mr & Mrs Leo Denis, Mr & Mrs Roger G, Des oVergnes,' Edward Roy, Mr & Mrs Joseph Theriault. Peter·F. Gagne, Pierre Gagne, Mr' & Mrs Leo Comtois, Mr & Mrs Wilfrid Lefebvre, Mrs Emile Beaudoin. Mr & Mrs Roland Trahan, Mr & Mrs" Donald Levesque, Doris Cointois, Mr & Mrs Benjamin Soucy, Mr & Mrs Armand Dub.e. Mr & Mrs Gerard Daneau, '1\fr &:Mrs Henri D..a vignon, Mr'& Mrs George Russell, Mr & Mrs Alfred Karol,Mr & Mrs Walter ~linas, Mr & Mrs Charles '.Landrr, Mr &. Mrs John Rogers•



Mr '& Mrs .James J. Coogan, Dr. LillO Tiberi. Mrs Mary E. CQyle, Mr & Mrs $25., . John S.Francis, Mr & Mrs Har': Manlio Frova, Louis Desma- old McCormick.. lIais. Mr & Mrs J ~elsky, Mr & $20 Mrs Cyril K. Brennan, Mr & Mrs John .Plath, Mrs Margaret Geo·. Casey, Mr & Mrs John Whitaker, Mrs Mary Grady,.Paul Kenney, Mr & .~rs Lewis .Jack-· ~arr, Walter Delude. .. son. $15 'Mr & MrsThomasF. Maguire, Earl Henry. George 'D. McNiff, Mr & Mrs_ $12 'Roland Smith, Mr_& Mrs -Joseph Charles' Boyle, J:ames Leed- Trojan. bam. $12 $10.', .Mt & Mrs. George LaBelle. Anthony: Moskalski, .Elmer $11 Edwards, Jose'ph, Gawlik, Bar. Mr & Mrs Robert Biron. thelemi Ayotte, ·Roland Cote. . $10' 'Paul Beausoleil, James Mann, Mr & Mrs Joseph Velardo,.Mr. . Mrs Valmore Lafontaine, Ida & Mrs Henry Nesbitt, Mr & Mrs Gavlik, Anna Gavlik. James Brackett Jr., Mr &. Mrs , 'Philip Morris, Mrs William Lucien Lemonde. Wall, 'Joseph Armour, ~homas Martin Aimanovich, Mr & Mrs McLoughlin, Robert Cournoyer. Edward Argue, Mr & Mrs John Lionel Paquin', Armand" La- F. Ballard; Mr & Mrs Walter, lliberte, Ernest Major, Mrs Ar- Barton, Mr & Mrs ~alph BauD)CUBAN SPECIAL DELIVERY:' Two Cuban' nuns of ~ur Bouchard, Leo Courtois. gartel. . the PioUj; Schobl Sisters of Havana take turns carrying ~orge Oldham, Cleme(tt Mr & Mrs Daniel Bevilaqua, littletwo-year-9Id ~iguel Puente, because there was no Duclos, Edward Duclos, Willia~ Mr & Mrs Jos. Bielagus, Mr & . Howland, John Roderic:k. .' . Mrs John Buben, Mr.& Mrs Jos.. more room on the plane and delivered him to' his mother .who fled the. Cuiban communist regime several months ago. . .Ralph· Williams, Patrick .F. Bien:v:epue, J:ohn Blake. . I ' . Byrnes~ Alice Letourneau, Rerie Mr & Mrs Joseph Bradshaw & NC Photo.;. :. ' . Gingras; Albert Boutin. Fam.; Mr & Mrs Gaetan' ,Brochu, \ . , $15 Thomas O'Rourke, 'Mr & Mrs :Thomas Fimton, Armand' Mo- Arthur Brousseau, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Felicien Brochu. .reau"Raymond .Tanguay; Yvonne Gerald Carroll, John &, Mary Joseph Os~iguy, Mr &. Mrs Raymond Ouellette. I ., . . $10 ' 'Monast, Raymond Vachon...' Cazemiro, . . .. :Mrs' Bridget Corbett," Fotra .Mr & Mrs Kenneth Charest, ... 'Mr & Mrs Elio Pardini, Mr & 'Rita 'Brochu,Mr & Mrs·Fred-. Bonin, . William' Lynch,·:Peter . Mr. & Mrs Everett 'Claflin; Fred Mrs Robert Parker, Mr & Mrs erick Fortin, Mr & Mrs Arthur HOLYREDEEMEIt . McAweeney, Mrs Rosalie Bilo- Connolly, Mr & Mrs John Con- Russell Partridge', Mrs Ernest' Desorcy, Mr ~> Mrs Armand $100 <Ileau. . . nolly, Mr & Mrs ;Tames. Correia. Perry" Mr & Mrs Thomas Poole. Gendreau, . Mr & Mrs ~rard Daniel Shanahan. Marguerite Bilodeau, Alfred -Mr & Mrs Wm. E. Coyle Sr., Mrs Mary Poirier, Mr. & Mrs Raymond. , , $50 Strack, Dominique Bera.rdi, Ed- Mr & Mrs Wm. J,'Cr-owley Jr., Kendall, Porter,' Mrs' Robert Mr & Mrs Albert Gingras, Mr Mary· Byrne, Holy Name ,Soc. ward Mis, ~orge Senno. Mr & Mrs Harold Cummings Jr.. Pritchard,' Mr & Mrs Jeremiah & Mrs' Orner Lacombe,' Mr & iety, Association of the Sacred Wiiliam Habershaw Jr" .Law- Mi' & Mrs.Wm. Curtis, Mr & lVIrs: Raposa, Mrs Mary. B.. Raposa. Mrs George Lacroix, Mr & Mrs Hearts. , . . ~ !ll'ence Gtlisti, Ernest Fiola, Louis Louis Durant. Mr & Mrs Alderic Richards, James Cunha, Mr & Mrs Walter $25 Thibodeau, Oscar Bourgette, 'Mr & Mrs Donald Tra.il1, Mr & - Mr & ·Mrs James'Rosa, Mr_ & Laliberte. 'Marie Doelger, Catherine Elmer Butler, Robert Lali- Mrs Michael Tansey, Mr & Mrs Mrs George Ryder, Mrs Stella Mr & Mrs Jose~h Zabek, Mr Shanahan, Cecile Doelger, Gerberte,. Thomas· Higgins,' John James Tomlinson, Mr & Mrs Wm. Savary,' Mr. & Mrs John. P. & Mrs Alfred Peloquin, Mr & trude Shanahan, Mr & Mrs AlexKenny, Francis Burns, . Tansey, JamesP. Elliott. Searles. . Mrs Charles Gaudet, Mr &; Mrs ander Shaw, Mary Shanahan, Mrs Alice Marcus, Harold Mr & Mrs Ralph Estes, Mr & Mr &. Mrs Fred. Sedach, Mr & Maurice Gauvin, Armand Poulin. Chatham Trust Co. . Laushway, William Rec, Hubert Mrs Frank Far-rell, Mr & Mrs. Mrs Edmund Sequin, Mr & ·Mrs 'Mrs Oliver Poulin, Mr & Mrs $15' Dussault, Sigmond Kaczowka. Robert Farrell, Mr,& Mrs Walter Arthur Sheldon, Mr & Mrs AI-'" Leon Cayer, Mr & Mrs 'Lucien' p Mr & Mrs John Cavanaugh, Henry Lamontagne, ,tticharq.· Ferguson, Mr. & Mrs Roger F~r:' bert Smith' Jr., Mt,& Mrs Hugh Provost, Mr & Mrs Augustine Clrook, Johp Keane, James' Han': .. land. '. Mr & Mrs R. R. Lally,. Thomson Raposa, Mr & .Mrs Normand E. Smith. . I. . Oil Co., Mr & Mrs Allred Bowles ley, Gerald Brogan. Miss Catherine Fisk, Mrs EdMr &. Mrs' Chas', Stewart, Mrs Berard. Mr & Mrs Frank Gilman. ,Mrs Beaupre McEleney, Lut. ward Fisk Sr., Miss MlI;rilyn Mr &; Mrs John Andrews, Mr Mr & Mrs Joseph Casey. cien . Viens, Eugene :Lavallee, Fisk; Mr 8i Mrs Fogarty, Mr & Joseph Strycharz', Mr..&; Mrs George St. Germain, Mr &: Mrs & Mrs John April, Mr· & Mrs Michael Hanewich, ,William Mrs Frank Foley; $10 Oscar St. John,· Mr & Mrs Ed- Herbert St. George, Mr & Mrs ·O~Brien. . Mr & Mrs.George Foley, Mr & George Kenely, Mabel Craig, Alfred St. ~orge, Mary Char-', ·Robert Hannaway, Louis Mrs Wm. Foley, Mrs Thomas mond St. LaurentlJr. Mr & Mrs Clinton Taylor, Mr. Roach, Marc~l Bourque, Norbert Freeman, Mrs Sophie Gagnon, - Mr & Mrs Bertrand Sullivan, ron. & Mrs Leo Concannon, ~'r &; Mr &; Mrs Arthur Rock, Mr &: Mrs Eva Sweeney, Raymond McKeima, Confraternity· of Mr & Mrs Theodore Gagnon.' " Mrs Miller Jones. . 0hristian ?Moth~rs. Mi.- & Mrs Joseph Galvin, Mr &; Upham, Mr & Mrs: Albert Vaslet, .Mrs· Leo Dekkers, Aldora Tur- . Mr & Mrs John Hallinan, Mary cotte, Irene Langlois, Mr &; Mrs , - 'Ludg'er' Ouellette, George Mrs '. Thos. Gannon" Mr &; Mrs .George Vaslet. Smith, Mr & Mrs Leo Eldredge, ( Mr & Mrs Milton Vaslet, Mr &; Roland Roy. Boyd, Andrew BradJ·,.Emile Leo Gaudet, Mr. & Mrs Rheal . Mr &, Mrs Chester Eldridge, Mr & Mrs Oscar Desjardins, Clara Cushing. Boivin; Edward Connolly. . . Gaudreau, Mr, & Mrs Robert MTS .Francis Whalen,Mr & Mrs . Frazer White, Mr i& Mrs ArthUr Mr &; Mrs Roland ,Lebeau, Mr & Paul Hurley, Arthur Glade, Gendreau'.' . Mrs Roy Meservey, 'Mr &:. Mrs ..Louis LaCivita, Nelson Roy,' Mr' & Mrs Francis Giblin, Mr Wise, Mr & Mrlf SterlingD~lton. ' Mrs Raymond Theroux, .. Mr &; Paul Healy, Mr & Mrs Arthur Mr &; Mrs Frank Diasl Mr &; Mrs ~opge Laliberte, Mr &: Mrs Ellis, James Sulli;van, Chatham Benry Boulanger. . &;' Mrs Thoe.Giblin Jr.; Mr &; Furniture'StOre: ' ' . - '. Delia Cole, William' Healy, , Mrs Salvatore Gulino, Mr & Mrs Mrs 'Peter DonatO, Mr & Mrs Henri· Lanoue. Mr &;. Mrs Leopold Marquis, Philippe Barrette. Linuo Gignac. John Harrington, Mr &;, Mrs James Drew, Mr& Mrs P. DePuritan Clothing Co., Mr ~ Ralph ·R·oberge:.· .' Pietro, . Mr &:'. Mrs John. De- . Mr& Ml'S Albert Richard, Jean- Mrs Frank Love.' . .,.. .'Joseph Hearn. '.,' . nette Lizotte; Mr '&:Mrs Ar~ur ' . .. Jasper Lumbra,:Francis McMiss Helene Hart, Mr &; Mrs You~,. T1Irii ''0 rage NlIle&eea Boudreau, Mr"&;. Mrs· 'Julien Ifterney;' . Albert GingraS, Mrs' Norman·Hearn; Mr &; Mrt'Alfred Marquis.·. '" " ;., OUIt LADY ()lI' Mary Shackleton, Walter Kloc.·· 'Hebert, 'Mr &' Mri;. GeOrge J. , Mr &; Mt"s Donald Jutras, Mr.&; Thomas 'Kelley,'MnImelda Henry, ~Mr &'Mrs .TosephHodge. 'Sewing Machines-AN' MakeS "MOUNT'C~L' Mrs· Eugene. Doucette, Mr &: Mr. :Boardman, Robert· Foss, ' Robert . MiSs Arlene; Holcomb;:Mr . & AT'WHOLESALE PRI<:ES:; $100. ':.', Gerard Laferriere, Eugene' Dou,. ·Poley, 'Michael Walsh.' :Mrs Walter Holcomb, Mr & Mrs .'~ .' ')., . Mrs Mary Boyle, Chester Josep,hHoude, Mr &; Mrs Bar~ .. JUBtin' E. S'rnit~~ eette Jr., Mr &; Mrs Fran RaPOIi~l. . ... '!'hatcher, Wilbrod Gravel. Huilt;Mr' & Mrs J. Hyland. FALL' iUVER-OS.· i5719 " , $iii; . Mr & Mrs Treffle ,.Caron,· .Joseph' Robichaud, Richard ThiMiss Mary Arin Kirouac, Mr & TAUNTON":"'vA:': 4"865(: Mildred Wrigh~, M,r & -Mrs A~bert .Goudreau, Mr &, Mrs bert." , Mrs Harold, King, 'Mr' -&. Mrs . Attleboro-CA. 2:6300Kenneth Read, Moun~Carniel Edou.w.:d :Goudreau, Bernadette William Galligan, William Louis Laliberte, Mr & Mrs Goudrea\l, Paul, Goudreau. New -~edforq-WY. 7-0682' Glennon, Jean Blanchard, Phil... Jacques Leduc, Mr: & Mrs Cle- Women's Guild.. I ~ . lippe Dubuc; Lawrence Wilbur. ment Lesage.' . '$10 I ' . , " • ,Mr &; Mrs Albert Bessette, Maurice Laliberte, J~sep~ Mr & Mrs Pliilip Lockwood Sr;, . Mr & Mrs· Joskph Machado, Henry Plante, Mr & Mrs Richard Sirois, Vincent Keane, Clifford . Mr & Mrs Philip 'Lockwood Jr., Mic.hael George, ~r & Mrs A.. T. Goyette, Julia Perry" Mr &; Duclos, Charles Paul. Mr & Mrs John Lukasie'wicz, Nazarath Jr."Mr & Mrs Wilfred 'Mrs Leopold Proulx. 1823" Acushil~t Avenue Mrs Mary' Laliberte, Helen John Lynch, Vincent I...ynch. 'Blanchette, 'Mrs 'Lillian Read)' Mr & Mr~ Paul ~ndroI\, Mr New Bedford, Mass. ' ..... ", ' ..&Mrs Alphonse Gingras, Mr: & Wall, Patricia Wall, Jc:an Les. George' MarchahdJ 'Miss June &.Family. · ,Mr & Mrs John Silva, Mr & . cault, .Mrs Norman Houston. Marchand, Mr & Mrs Paul Mar. Emile· Goss~lin, Albert Dorr- tin, . Mr & Mrs' Ralph Mathieu, :Mrs Edward, Gorman, John. C. t----.--..;;.--,~ wachter, Mrs Sophie Carter,.. Mr &. Mrs Emery Michaud.' \ Vincent, RichardDionne.<: SHELL··II.Premium~1 Francis King, Mrs Rita Mulgtew. .Mr & Mrs .Fred.¥orancy. Mr George Busby, Daniel. Sulli:: & Mrs Edward McCann, Mr -& van, Stanley Nyzio, :WJUiain Mrs 'Cornelius J. McCarthy, Mr ST. STEPHEN'S Foley, Francesco Princiotta. & Mrs Kenneth McCart.hy, Miss :. DADSON. Ott: BURNERS . Theodore. Ethier, : Raymond Catherine MCCusker. ... " HI -, ~ !Duclos. . " , Mr &. Mrs Fred McGarrity, .... 2~~~ Bu.r~~ica #..~ ~Me.L-" ~v. :~~'~$:~~U~ i.·~ Mary"Mcike,'l\h- &; Mrs Joseph , C~rcool 8ri~'; ~~'Y~ : "." . 'McGrath; Mr & Mrs John J. McMr &; Mrs Leo ST. MARY'S ." , '. .Nally, Mr &; Mrs Manuel Mello. .: . Bag C~ - Charcoal ~".......~, ",.. . .$. " . $60. $150 ' . ~r &' 1\',[r8 WaIter Morris, :Mr Rev. Bernard AJ. -Lavoie. Rev. ~orn~lius J Keliher~' & Mrs Leonard Mournighan, . $25, . $100 Mrs John Murray; Mrs CeCil Mr & Mrs Lionel Paradis; Hob' Attleboro Dyeing & lrinishingNeison;'Mr& Mrs William . Successors , to DAVID DUFF (;, SON , . Name Sodality. l. Corp,,' Mr & Mrs Harry COleman. O~Brien. ' $28 1 " . . $30 . . Frank O'Donnell, Mi- &; Mrs New Bedford' Mil' & Mrs' GedeoB La~' . ME' & Mrs David E. Bla~e. . Richard Oliver. Ml' ~ 8& Mr-s. '.: ,·1<, ..... ,..... ', •..-~.,,~..~o."'!l.'"!"'"!'!'~~~~'!""'!!_~-------------_


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. . .-._.----..,.;,;,-----. . . ---.. . . :Heating .Oils·

Dodgeyille . I,'



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._~am~;'R;~~~~~A.·~o;~ ': !is:? ~i~.I'.:~~.· '. -_..;::.

:ROJr. '. ;, ,


i I






New (YO Unit

tb.~'b~"'1 May 18, W6-1

lhe Parish Parade ST. MARll'~ TAUNTON Some 75. teen-agers are members of the newly organized parish CYO unit. Fit:st officers are Michael Hickey, president; Irene Megan, vice president; Rosemary Orsi, secretary; George Tyson, treasurer. Rev. Norm'cln J. Ferris will be moderator. SANTO CHRISTO, FALL RiVER . The Feast oi the Holy Ghost will be observed Saturday and Sunday, with crownings M Sunday Masses and a procesIlion at 2 Sunday afternoon, folrowed by entertainment in the church hall. ST. MATHIEU, FALL RIVER Mrs. Grace Parenteau is in charge of arrangements for a Women's Guild Communion breakfast' planned. to follow '1:30 Mass thds Sunday morning. Rev. Lucien O. Bouchard, O.M.I., missionary fmm Laos, ~ll speak. OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL, NEW BEDFORD The Women's Club will hold a ~mes party in ~he school basement Wednesday, May 24, with Mrs. Mary Botelho as chairman. MembeI"6 will participate in a day 'of recollection at Mt. St. Joseph, Bristol, Sunday, June 4, Miss Hilda Mathews, chairman, announces that box lunches will be taken and transportation arrangements will be made mt a later date. VISITATION GUILD, EASTHAM, . Mrs. John ConIlOl"s, Camp Ground Road, North Eastham, will be hostess for a social tomorrow night and MI"6. Helen Conlin and Miss May Hogan will entertain at their East Orleans home Thursday, June 1. ST. M.l).RY'S, NEW BEDFORD A rummage sale is planned for today and tomorrow at 1761 Acushnet Avenue by the Women's Gu'ild. June plans include a dance Saturday, June 17 at the Fireside, Westport and install,ation ceremonies Monday, June 19 at White's, North Westport. IMMACULATE CONCEP'l'mN, FALL RIVER' Sunday will mark the annupl corporate Communion for the Women',s Guild. To be held at 8 o'clock Mass, it will be followed in the afternoon by a three hour period, of recollection from 2 to 5 and a social hour. Women and high school girls of the parish Bre invited to attend. Rev. Robert L. Stanton, guild moderator, is' in clUirge of the conferences, which wi'll indude a questiun period. ' SACRED HEART, NORTH ATTLEBORO A pre-primary graduatiOl1 party features June plans of !J1e Ladies of St. Anne. To be held at 1:30 Friday afternoon, June 9, it wiH be in charge of Mrs. Richard Deschenes. A pot luck supper under chairmanship of MM. Gerard Desilets is scheduled ror ~:30 Tuesday night, June 13 in the parish hall. ST'. MI()HAEL'S, FALL RIVER , Members of the Rosary Sodality will be hostesses to 137 First Communicants Sunday morning, May 28, following 8:30 Mass; They' will serve breakfast to the children in the SChool auditorium unde~ the chairmanship 'of Miss Evelyn Almeida'. Remembrances will also be pre~n~d. \ The First Communicants will also participate in the May procession Sunday afternoon, followed by crowning of Our Lady and investiture with the' brown llCapular. ' SACRED HEART, NORTH ATTLEBORO Religious of the Holy Uoion of the Sacred Hearts who staff 1lhe parish school will shortly receive a new automobile £tom Duvernay Council, St. Jean de Baptiste Society. Adelard Canuel, Bruno Lalancette and Albert Pinsonnault are in charge Qf tbe project.

,. .:


ST. JOSEPH, FAIRHAVEN 'I1he new parish school fund will benefit from proCeP.Qs of a May Basket whist to be held at 7:30 Sunday night, May 2] in the church hall by the Association of the Sacred Hearts. Mrs. Alfred Lodge and Mrs. Luci"n E. Fortin are co:"chairmen. NOTRE DAME, F AlLL RIVER The Council of Catholic Women will hold its last meeting of the season at 7:45 Monday night, May 22 in Jesus~Mary auditorium. Mrs. Rene, Cadrin and Mrs. William Sloan are co-chairmen. Members will meet at the convent grotto at 7:30 for recitation of the rosary. ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL, FALL RIVER Awards, dinner and dancing featured the first annual parish CYO bowling league banquet. John Byron and Joan Fallon received High "3" awards; Phyllis Baicchi and William Boulay, high average; Margaret Goulet" and James Zembo, high single. Good spOl:tsmanship awards went to Geraldine Pereira and William Sylvia. ST. JOAN OF AIt(J. ORLEANS The Parent-Teacher Guild will hold a supper and entertainment Wednesday, May 24 at Hennessey Steak House, Dennis Port. Annual penny sale is set for Tue~­ day, June 13. ST. JEAN BAPTISTE, FALL RIVER The Council of Catholic Women will install new officers at a dinner Sunday, May 21. Mrs. Lawrence Sevigny 'and Mrs. Normand Levesque are co-chair-' men. SACRED HEART, FALL RIVER . The Women's Guild will hold a dessert bridge and whist party tonight with Mrs. Henry E. Boulds and Mrs. John J. Harrington as cQ,ochairmen. ST. ANTHONY, MATTAPOISETT Mrs. Timothy J. Manning is in charge of plans for the annual banquet of the Rosary Altar Society, set for 7 Tuesday night, June 6. New officers include Miss Emily C. Perry, president; Mrs. Warren J. Ryan, vice president; Mrs. Donald K. Marvin, secretary; Mrs. Robert A..Gin'gras, treasurer. The unit sponsors monthly parties each ~cond Tuesday in the Youth Center, Tobey Lane. A contemporary fashion show is planned for 8 Wednesday night, \ May 24: in K of C Hall. Mrs. Jennie Silveira is in charge. ST. PATRICK, FALMOUTH The Women's Guild plans its fifth annual Communion breakfast to follow 8:45 Mass this Sunday morning. It will be held at . Coonamessett Inn, and ,Sister Mary 'Joel, R.S.M., superior ,of 'Nazareth-on-the-0ape", Hyannis, will speak. Mrs. BertramK. Hadden and Mrs. Harold E. MacFadden are inchai'ge'of reserva;., , tions~. ST. KILIAN'S," . NEW BEDFORD The CYO recently· held nome inations lor next year's' officerS. ~The CYO bowling teams will ·hold their annual banquet on May 2.5. at Copicut, Restaurant, Dartmouth. Trophies will be presented for the first time-boy's high, triple; girl's high triple; boy's high single; girl's high single; boy's high average; girl's high average. Individual plaques will be givell to' the highest scorillg team of the past season;'

Mr & lVII's James Hawo~ Me & MIls Lucien Letendre.



Says Patience Necessary To Acttieve Racial Integration' NEW ORLEANS (NC) - The Apostolic Delegate to the U. S. said here that patience is neces-· 'sary for progress in racial integration but there should be no backpedaling in working to achieve integration.' Archbishop E&,id~o Vlagnozzi commented on the racial quese 1Iion during a visit to the residence of Archbishop Joseph F. Rummel of New Orleans. The day before he had ordained seven Divine Word missionaries, including five Negroes, to the priesthood. This was the largest g,rollJp of Negroes ever ordained together in the U. S. The ordinations took place in St. Augustine Seminary, Bay St. Louis, Miss. Holy See's' Concern Archbishop Vagnozzi said dUiring his visit with Arohbishop Rummel that he had ordained the group in Bay St. Louis speciftically "to show the concern of the Holy See and the Church fur the welfare of all people, regardless of rolor or race." "Within the walls of' the Church," the Apostolic Delegate stated" "lot is the soul that counts . . . and the soul has no color. 'The 'only important 'difference ST. GEORGE, WESTPORT . . Sen. Mary Fonseca will' be commentator for a'style show to be presented at 8 Monday night, May 22, in Steven'son's Restau:" rant, North Dartmouth, by the Women's Guild. Miss Lena Bev", Hacqua will pro,vide background music and there will be entertainment. by the Mis~s Sandra and Jo-Ann Balestracci. There wilt' be refreshments and' d.oor prizes. Mrs. Robert R. Long and Mrs. Thaddeus J. -Fronczek are ift ,charge of reservation,s, which clOse tomorrow. Mrs. Robert R. Long is general chairman, aided by Mrs. Fronczek.

Cape. Cod Retirement Homes 2·3·4 BlDROOMS_1GARAGE ,

among souls is wU1ether one Is with the grace of God or without His g,race." "It is gratifying to realize," Archbishop Vagnozzi continued, "that in the United States, which had only seven Neg,ro priests 20 years ago, there are now 112. There should be many more, but tlhis increase shows the proper trend. "On the question of integration, the Bishops of the United States in 1958 issued a statement, 'Discrimination and the Christian Conscience,' that is the position of the Ohurch, a position to which every good, right-thinking Catholic must subscribe. "Of course, changes cannot be made too suddenly," Archbishop Vagnozzi cautioned, "and if patience is a virtue on every occassion, it is particularly importallit on this question. However, it is essential to progress in -the Bne of integration without 'ever going back." He asserted that "the Holy See bas full confidence in the American Bishops, and each bishop in his own diocese will hElve to decide what measures to take and what changes' (are) to be adopted." .

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$100 White's Farm Dairy. $25 . Acushnet Saw Mills Co., Attoraey Ayres A. Sequeira. $20 Mr & Mrs Michael LanzOIlIi, Mr & Mrs John P."'Santos. $15 . Hilda & Mary Vincent, M!leked E.Shaw.




104 ~ Wi0w A'lI'6. ~ Bass River

MAKES YOUR - CAR RUN BiTTER ", New Car Dealers GIld Service StatiOfll Everywh...


SLADE'S 'FERRY TRUST CO. SOMERSET, MASS. - Next 10 Stop & Shop • •.• invites your participation in the growth of a new Banking Institution

PRICED" $8,000 Up· EXETER 8-8041


Francis G. Harkins.



Mr & MI's Fred J. Borisofi, Mr & Mrs Oscar J. Martin, Mr & Mrs William C. Westgate, Joseph Normand, Mr & Mrs Tl).eodore Schick. Mr & Mrs Norman Robert, Mr & Mrs Paul Szwaja, Mr & Mrs Amedee Gautreau, Mrs Alida Boucher & Family, Mr & Mrs Bertrand Pelletier. Mr & Mrs Lionel Tetreault, Mr & Mrs Anthony Sylvia, Mr & Mrs Nathan Gomes, Mr & MrD John Aiello, Mr & Mrs JacQueo Pepin. Mr & Mrs Eugene Monllou, Mr & Mrs Wilfred LaFleur, Mr & Mrs Arthur Blais, Mr & Mrs Richafd Robinson, Me & M!;Q Emil Qlifierko. . Mr & Mrs Roger Allain, Mr & Mrs Joseph Rostocki, Mr & Mr. Francis O'Leary, Emile Belliveau Jr. Alph0!1sine St. Amand, Pierre 0; Longpre, Mr & Mrs Edmond Cusson, Mr & Mrs Roland Case tanguay, Mr '& Mrs Lucien St. Amand, Mr & Mrs Henry Allain. Mr & Mrs Martin Connor, Mr & Mrs Lucien Landry, Mr & Mrs Leo Ricard, Mr & Mrs Thaddeus Zajac, ,Mr & Mrs Orner Lae Flamme. Mr & Mrs Raymond Bergeron, Mr & Mrs John Engel, Mr & Mra Joseph Ferreira Jr., J. Eugeno Demers, Simone Y. Hunt. Mr & Mrs Paul Boucher, Ml" & Mrs Henry Turek, Mr & Mr61 Emile Gonneville, Mr & Mrs Raymond Lague, Mr & Mrs Raymond J. LeBlanc. Mr & Mrs Edward Ouellette, Mr & Mrs Roger Payant, Mr & Mrs Roland Benoit, Mr & Mrs Gerard Charest, Me & Mrs Alden R. Taber. Mr &. Mrs Raymond J. Brodeur, ~ & Mrs Gerard Ledoux, Mr & Mrs George F. Liarikos Jr.. Mr & Mrs Richard H. Bar~ ....Louis Gaudette. Laura Martel, Alice Gautreau, Di~e Tanguay, Mr & Mr" . George Fagundes, Mr & Mq Nelson Girard. Mr & MI:s Raymond Bosse, Mr & Mrs Charles E. BellefeUille, Mr & Mrs Ovila Hebert, Mr & Mrs Adelard Jacques, Mr & Mus Lawrence Power. Mr & Mrs John Nickowal, My & Mrs Arnold Machado, Mr &. Mrs Robert J. Berche, Mr & Mrs Alfred J. Plante, Mr & MPt;J Gerard Belanger. Mr & Mrs William Richarde Jr., Mr & Mrs Leonard Meredith, Mr & Mrs Walter Swiatynski, Mr & Mrs Joseph DeCosta, Mr 83 Mrs Raymond Veary. . Mr & Mrs Henry Hesketh Jli'.., Mr & Mrs Robert M. Murph~ Mr & Mrs Louis LaRue, Mr 8& Mrs Anthony L. Sylvia, 'Clai'& Szwaja. Mr & Mrs Henry L. Lague, Mrs Dieudonne Harbeck, Mr ,.& Mrs Leo Olivier. Mr & Mrs George Pimental, Bella LePage. Mr & Mrs Arthur Gronlund, Mr & Mrs Russell Adams, Mr & ;Mrs Henry Breault, Mr & MlIs 'Oscar Cormier, Mr & Mrs He.nI'Y .L. Guilbeault. ' Mr & Mrs Joseph G. O'Brien, ',Mr & Mrs John O'Toole, Mr '& Mrs William Joerres, Bernard Gaudette. ~ to Page Twenty

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COMMERCIAL and. SAVINGS SERVICE MORTGAGES - AUTO and APPLIANCE LOANS Accounts Insured Up To $10,000 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Co. Harold J. Regan, ,Presiden'

:'(..20 't ,''''' ()

Ai"chia Family, Ernest Aehtn, .' ,Donald' Chabot, J~ Cha~ . Charles Clavette. Normand Cloutier,', Brian Coyle, Edward Dargis, Mrs Lauro , Desautels, Mrs Melina,Dion. Donald Jurdak, ¥rs Joqn, Kay & Family, Albani Labrie, Eu, genie Labrie, Alfred Lacasse. Wilfrid Lacasse, Joseph LaRochelle, Robert, McCall, John Mona, Alfred Ouellette. \ Roger Pinsonnault, Philippe Rainville, Arthur Roy, Peter · VanBeaver, Mrs Angelina Vandal.


. 'thurs" Mat 18;' 1'9'61;';': .

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S3r... iiiAC~TijI .>'

~ev.., Henry


R., Canuel

,$251' " . ' . A Frie:nd" Mrs Dora LaFra,nce,' .Mr,& Mrs Albeit, Lamoureux: ./ . '$20,' .. The Emi~e- Berthiaume> Familr, Dr. J: B .., W. Rober.t" A . Frie.n<L ,Attlelhlero . $1,5 .'. S1;. JQSEPH Mr & Mrs. Nal?ole-on Co~~or,er, $400 Mr & Mrs Carl Fan tes, Mr & Mrs Rev. Ubalde J. Denault. Gaspard Lafleur" a Friend. $10 $6G ,Miss Lucille R. Benjamin, Mr - Jo,!epb Del!Vergnes. , $25 ,& Ml's Norman :E!enjamio, Mr & Mrs George Blais, Mr, Mrs' , , Samuel Pino. , $~() 'Walter BoLton, Mr &.'. Mrs ZoelI . ." ' Warren Curran, 'Boucher.. $10 ! Mr & Mrs' Norman' Brassard, 'Mil' &. Mrs' George BUl!ke, Mr '~oFonrouge, Alb~rt PrefonCar ~ Caroti, Mr' & Mrs, Jloseph . · t.ahw, Megpolc}. TurcoHe, ' Rose' :eaIlon,Mr' &. MI's Jules CayeIl' · P\lt~u .. Fran~ & ~un\~ lIutcb. Dr & Mrs Philip E. Chal!Her, :~n~ol\:' , :Ml's, Beatrice, Cormier, Misses , 'PioJ\' FaITli}y, ~oland' Provost, "¥,\I0IiHle & Jem~ie, IDamm, Mr Ali.. , Pl.'. Eugene ROY, JosePh. Nadeau Family,' Eva Toupin. . ·.eide D.esjardins; Mr Artl~ur Des-' ,jar d1ns; .' , RiCQ;:lrd C;:lstro, .t\rthur MUl,&. Ml!s George D.upuis, Mr & MI.'ll ' lins, George Fonti:!ine, Fre<lerick :Mr & Mrs, Hector Dumas; Mr ASSQCIATIQN MEMBERS: Among the members of the Massachusetts Children's :WncOln, John Tremblay. , Clarepce G\.irn, RaYrnoPQ ~a­ Seoja Dutra, Mr & airs Leo Group Homes A~~iatio.pIileeting Tuesday a t Kennedy Center and St. Mary's lfom.e, fontaine, Alfred' P~llissey~ Ar,Fj:>.ulrnier; Mr & Mrs Lucien Ne~ Bedford, ,are shown: left photo, Charles C: Gentile. Child W~lfare ,Sp,pervi::;Qr, tbyr Tr~mQlay, Nor\lland PrQu~. .~~~e. William Gamaclle, The Wo.rceate.J,'" Dis,triC.t, Office;' Mrs. 'Jo~n &llnlQI\. Supervi8,Or,' Sharon Child Guardianship; Adelard L,ePige. O:us,tave Gaudreau FamilY', Mr &. and ,Mrs. LQuis Stone. Social Worker -Qf the New:Bedford Division of Child ,GuardianOscar SO\llard, F-",ancy/ Gu.nMrs. Wmliam"Gemme, Miss Cora' : Ship;' right photo, Rev. John E. Boyd, Pirec.tor 'of St. Vincent's Home, Fall River; and lette, Charles D~vaney, andrew ,fig\aElrado, Gaetall Collette. 'Guilmette, Mr & Mrs Gerard." '' F.ta.'.n.c,e.·.s Mar-lev, Treasurer' ,the., A8s~iatiori. . Hotte. ' , . .' ~ , ;. :~r & Mrs, Ray,mond, L~chaST. F-RANCIS OF ASsist &. Mrs Hugh L. Donnelly, 'Mr & fred' Achln. Mr Be Mrs Armand' Richard. :;p~lle, Miss Macrine Land~" ", ,." ""$~3.Q,, ,: .... ; ,,'. ~.rr!1 F.J:,e.d:,ReMa.l(cQ,'&""Fli\11lily. BLESSED SAC~ENT :~isses.'Alice &.,'Msl.'gtierite'LM,.' Rev: Alfre:d R. ForDl . Mrs .fohn Nea,r,y; ,Joseph Jr. Walter R,ipleY, Mr &: M.'fs'J Mr &, Mrs Manuel Lima" . ':,$20 .. 'Nolan,M~ & Mrs Ray,mond Touward J. McCue,Mr ~ ¥!'ll Val;, $lOG 114r & Mrs Albert Lepage. Ghilardi Family, signant, Mr & Mrs Ambrose more, LerQu~, Mr &: M;rl! Freel Rev. Roland Bou~ , ,Mr & Mrs FranciSco Machado, . $15 Favali,'Mrs Mary,.McGivney. Havey, Mr~ Al,ice Wettiel,"bee. $40 ' ':Mrs Alb.~na Maddocks, The AFLeage of st. Frands ~f ~sSt!!L M~ & :'Mr!! ."'a~es Piamond. Mrs Donald Perk.il1S; Mr &: Mr & Mrs."'. Richard Hamel. ,t~ur Parent FamUY, Mr. & 'Mrs $1Z ' Joseph Cerreta, Mr, & Mrs panie! . Mrs GoNon liiel~c~i, lV{r ~ Mrs $25 ,~oul Pelletier, Mrs Alice Perry. Mr & Mrsp:erdiiland Baccelij, Kiley, Mr &' Mrs Jo~eph Stimton, Jolin Pevli~, :Mrs Ctia.fles ]#gg, ~n. Memory of Rev. Eugene Mrs Lillian Dillon. ,. " ,Miss Rita Powers, MJI & Mrs Emma Lima. ,. ~I Mr .&., Mrs Joseph ,Mkoni Sr. ,Dion, Mr & Mrs Romeo E. Cham~o, Mr & Mrs·Nor. '$10 'David R. McQu1\id, Ml' &. M:ro 'Mr Charlel! Gagne, Erne~ pagne, Mr ArthlH' Marcou~, Mr ~and: Sauv'e, Mrs Eva Silva, Mr I Mr & Mrs John Saccelli, Mr & Edward RQgers, M~s Laura Hen- 'Y:elle, J. wni. Conn~lIy, Mr & &; ;Mrs WilbrOd 'flame!. &., Mrs Charles. Tarpey: . Mrs' Emilio aalestracci, Maria" shaw; Mr &. ,Mrl1 Leonard J. Mrs P~ter Picchi, Mr & Mrs An'$15 ~MF Charles Tarpey Jr., Mr & Bianco Mr & Mrs Roland :E!ou- Quinn, Mrs' Elizabeth Sm,ith. drew Robillard. " Eugene Roussin, Antonia ~rs Richard Zerbonne, Mrs cher, Mr '&Mr9 Dominic F:Cat- . Mrs Annie Smith1 Miss Cather- , Mr & l\ifrs R\ldolph Th,ibeaUlt, , Bourque. • Orila Boucher, Mr & Mrs Roland . ala no. me Brady, Mrs CIl\ra lIowe, Mrs _1\1;r & Mrs Edgar Plante, M r & $10 Dumas, Miss Eva Saulnier.', EqI\Ua GipriaIli" Mr. &.. M.-"'ll 'Sarah Wiliersinn,: 1\011.' &' Mrn Mrs bo.nal~ o-ut~rie 1.r., Mr & Albert Sorel, Bertha Brault & Mr & 'Mrs John O'Malley Jr.. Frank F'igazola, Mr & Mrs Julius ·,Ernest L. Buckley~ Mrs Kevin P. Cahill, Mr & MI's -family, Joseph Beaulieu, Emile Mr Armur Grenier. M Galusk~; Jennie- LincouJ:,t, ~r ~" . r &' .M ' rs W i ll'11am , K . D'111I- Louis Lambert. Laferriere, YvonnE' Michel. John FoIster, . Charles Bacon. QURlLAlJ.JlY OlF lWll'. CARMElL' Mrs Leonel Neron, - , , ' ,ffiQnd, MarY:E!rid~'~ Mr & Mrs SACRED IHlIEAR'll' , $100 ' '. Mr & Mrs Robert Ohnesorge, Joseph. Witl1ingtpn, F~anceo Henri St. Pierre, MallricePf,.. , $350 'Mr&,Mrs William R: Freitas: :' :Ml' & M,rS' ,Vkto-", Re~le;- M~r-,,' 'ReillY,l\iary V .. ~eilly.· chette, Louis L'Heureux. Rev..Jose~h. S. Larue. , $60 .gh~ri,taRegis,.Mr ~ Mrs Ni,cQQThomas Mon§l4an, Thomas Marie-Ange & Leda Desro$.100 :Mary T., LutZ. ' 1 ~as L. SClilrpitti, Rose ,SPll.9\lro;. Lynch, Mr & Mr~' R. Berthold, ~bel,"s, L,ionel :E!!laudoin, Freq$ 5 0 ' I .' r'Mr &, Mr~' WiI{req, '.l'etreau1t,· Mr & Mrs Erne!jt Faulus, Mr & Rev. Edmgnd L. Dic,ldQ!lQo, erick Poirier. ,Rev. Luciano J. Pereira. Mr & Mrs Vincent Vancini, M,rs. Mrs E, F. M<irtha ~r. . .TylJette & .l\pt()in~tte Lilndry, $75 Mt. Carmel Women's Club.. Emil Ver<;ellone. Mr.&; MrsRob.e~t Gallant, Mr Yvonne 'rreml?lilY, Edg!lrq ,reupRev. Roger p. Le<!U;Q, , $25 ' & Mrs Edga" C. McGowan, :!WI.' &es~, Emel!t B~odellr, Wilfrid $50 llo..l O AII..!!.njflllL""'ll'..... NQrmalld,Mr Joseph ''J. C . D e M ello. I'll,. . uID"",ll)lv IW. ' . ,.Mrs George , • , . Mrs Irene Boule ~ Th~ 1\~1S8e81 LeveU1~. $20 ST. MARY' ' P e t r o n e , M!" & Mrs John Araujo. . BQu.ra~$a . :NQrml!Pd GarQ'" Eli?-:!lbe~}l . fVIr &Mts H~IU"ique Roujinol, $900 Mrs.w. Sl1ea,'Mr~ Lea Lee, Mr WilffedJ\.. ~er, ~r~, DQr~ 1()!:I.~, DoHal.'g . ~/1re~!eni Alfred In. Memoriam Charles P. Rose. Rev. Edward B. Booth.. &; Mrs Geo-",ge Vandal, Mr & Mrs Pag~. Levesque, l\'Iaur!ce Br!l~lt. The Antone LuisFlpllily; $120 Thoma!l ffoeY,Mr &;, M~'~ 'f~rg 10. p.l'&,~ l'we~~y-two, $15 , $15 Willia~ St. John. Fe4er.· . RlIllmd Fregault. '!'Ir <\ Mps Robert Doyle. $15 Grace l!£' G\!rtrude Bride,'Mr • ,. '12 ; $1Z Rev. Ja'mesR.· Porter, Rev. lVIrs George :E!ul.lQC~, Louil!t' COlI'. WINONA (NC)-There are 16,Robert Kirby Sr.' Francisco A. Bald4. Al"I~anoo Annunziato. ' _ . .dgan, Mr '" Mrs :Walter Bela337 Christian Brothers engaged $10 :. '$10' ' $ 5 0 vance; Mr & Mrs Thom~a Me>in teaching 648,427 pupils in 77 Anon)'W.QIJIJ, AnonyMous, 1141.' ;l\frs Isabel Andrade, M1' Be Mrs Joseph C. Condon, Mr &: Morrow., '.' . . , countries, according to statistics &: Mrs John Badger, Wi-lfrid Mrs Antonio Barrao, M-", & Mrs ,Mrs Raymond McCarthy, Mr & Mr & Mrs Charles Masterson. . revealed here in Minne,loti:!. Beliveau, Aqelard A.. Chabot. Arth'ur ,caetano, Mr & Mrs Mrs Edward J. Coogan; Mr.& Mr & Mrs Davi<;l. Gilmore, Mr & ~ Lorette Champagne, ,Michael Cordeiro. 'M!" &: Mrs Mrs Aima Grenier.' . Mrs Edwin Zaleskey, Mr & Mrs Antone Correia. $40 Robert Seguin, Mr & Mrs Ge-orge Marie Collette, Horace Darg~ \ Family, Leo De;Bloill, Rodolpb.e George' Correia, Mr & Mrs Eva Morawski. R. Fisher. . Deschenes. George.Correia, Mr & Mrs'John $35 ." Mr& Mrs~ FI-ec;lerick Fisler. Philibert De~am~ ae~rd Correia, Mr & Mrs Frank I>eMr & Mrs' Francis Murphy, ~ Joseph McKenna, Mrs George Mello, Mr & Mrs Arthur· Eugenio. Mr & Mrs James Coogan. . Roessler, Mr & Mrs' Alfred Dupuis, Mrs Cedelie Gagn<m. JOSEPH M. F. DONAGHY Edouard 'Guertin, llIIrs A~rore Lilley .Gomes" Mary GQmes, ' ' $25· 'Grimaldi; Mr" W. S.Gates. C?wner!mgr. Walter Hand, EVE)lyn Hendricks, Mrs Frances Morse: Mr & Mrt, Mrs Ellen Hagah, Mr & Mrm Labrie ~ Family. 142 C;gmp~~11 St. Mariana V. Hendricks. Paul Raftery, Pr. &. Mrs Domenie ,Joseph 'King, Mr & Mrs. Louill t: Edouard Lamontagne, !I'homas Mary Hendricks,' Mr& ' Mf.s Basile: Mr.~.'~lVIrl! George' G. -Dubowici, Mr & I Mrs' Thomas D. LeBlanc, Jeremiah Meegan. N."" ledford, M9!S. Leo J. Meunier. Francis OuelRichard A. King, Manuei M~... Bergh, Mr & Mrs Edward Cze- McCarthy, Marjorie Shea. Wy mq" 9,,679~ lette. 'deiros, .Mr & Mrs Ernest Paiv~ kanskL " . '.. . Genevieve Riley, Julia' Ril~, . Maurice P~qutn, Mrs Virgl~ HEADQUARTERS foR Mrs Gilda, Perez. ..' JosephR.·.~erland, Mr,& Mra Mr. & Mrs J~hn iBevilaqua ok Mr & Mrs Mario Rodrigues,' William Kiehri,Mr & Mrs Clar- ·John Jr., Margaret: Roessler, Mr ,PoirIer, M~ Ludov'ique PreCOLONIAL AND . COl,ll'lit, Mrs Marie D. Ringuette, Mr & Mrs John Silva Jr., Geno- ·ence'·!f:: Gra~am, M~s Alice aiun-' . &; Mrs Alfred Vanbever. TRADITIONAL F,U~NiTURE . veva,Silvester, Mr & Mrs Man- hill, Mr, & ·Mrs· William Martin.' Mr & Mrs Josepli Doran, A1ic3 Dr Georges : uel Sousa; Hilda Varella, AnoJ;l.y~ . . . ': $20 - .Milot, ,Mr& Mi's Robert Croteau" mpus..,. ; : James ~McDonaid,M!" &; MI.'ll Alphonse Heon, Mr & ~s Job,ia IIMac" ,says ,:..: Christine Aguiar, Joseph s.Albert LeveSque,' Mr &" Mft, , Kiern~n. • ,. I '., '~,TJ1rifty'Wis~ Cardoza, Mr & Mrs Joseph Jiunes Cullen; ': . I Mrs, Mildred lVI. McE~rOe; :MIre As~ yQ"" Megtrnc;m fQf l.1' Caton, Mr ,&; Mrll LOt, Correira" . " ' T ' $115 .... . Marion, Johnson, Mr,& Mrs. Jc.. DAVIDSON'S Mr & Mrs John DeBarros:' ,,' ,,' Mrs Leo c'. Stevens,"ir:: ~.'&,. .'Seph Cabral, Dr. & Mrs Romeo (Ma~Gregor. Bra~d) Manuel DeMello, 'Mr & Mra Mrs Cornelius T. Ly~ns, ~.& Ouellette; 'Mr & Mrs F. BellaManuel.Estrella, ....Antone. Felix Mrs Maxcey 'Lewis.' . ' .', ,. vapce., , : ' . ' ~,~' , SW~ET~ Jr., Mary F.erreira, Noe ll'erro. ' .... '$10 ,. Mr ~ l\'ff~Rayri,:loIi4'Cl,lsoew. 8ak~ in the Bag-No Ba!iting ·Mr & Mrs George Frias, ¥r & Mrs Michael .'Nolan, Mrs HeJ;- Mr & Mn Pa~l l;Ie.r~ult,.CharleD Real Scotch' Ham Flo"Yorll l:\I~s Georg~ Furatdo, ~J: & Mrs,' b~rt, Follet~,'~i' & .Mrs Frank"W. McCartQY, Mr, ~' MrS' :~oseph "'WINNING FAVOR Nl~holas G\gante, Ari!ltirle~ Me.F'Jsl~r,., Mrs EPf.Ilund Vl(e!ch, l\tr ' Mela,!lson, :Har~y, K. 1V1cc;~rthy.,. deJrOIl,. Mr and Mrs lUlymond & Mrs JOhn Higgins. . Mr & Mrs Raymond"Landry WITH ITS flAVOR" Medeiros.. :,'. Charles \Yill;lee' Elizabeth' F. Mrs ,Matilcta D~iley; Mr & ~ . 'Mt. Carmel P,T.A~, Mr' '& Mrs' McKeon, Mr' & Mrs 'James Swan- Edward. Velletri,:Mr & 'MrsWilPinho, Mr,& Mrs Dule Querim." ezy, Mr & Mrs·Ronald Mollinl1, 'liam Joyce, Mr &'M-"'{J ,EdmolllCl Mr & Mr~. Henrique Ragen, Mr & Mrs Francis Fitzpatrick. , Chabot. ' , - ". Margaret Sheffield. 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Fall Rivet'

,Christian Brothers


F'Irnitu,e Store



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lME AlMCMOtt-~ of FGM ItWer-T-hurs. May 18, 1'961

Urges Widow Let Children Share Family C;oncerns By Father JohR L. Thomas, S.J.

Ass't Sociology Prot.-St. Louis University

"Can a woman raise a family singlehanded? I'm a widow with four children, ranging 'from five\ to sixteen. Financially we're doing all right, though I work part time. Our children are very good, and yet I'm worded about the future. Will I know how to contend with the perverted but deai with their problems a'8 common belief that widows are they grow older? Maybe I "fair game." You can handle depended too much on my chance acquaintances in this

regard. It's truly disheartening husband. He used to say I was wfien the husbands of your best a wonderful mother, but that friends try to play at being was easy when "wolves", and you sense the' disI had him to trust and suspicion of their rely on. Now I wives. get a little panNew Self-Image icky at the. Perhaps one of the most negthought of lected aspects of widowhood is running the the need to develop a new selffamily alone." image. In 08 happy marriage, Well, in one husband and wife come to see sen s e , Ethel, themselves as reflected in each you're not other, that is, their self-image alone! The r e tends to be shaped by their are ar 0 und view of themselves as the 4,000,000 other complementary halves of a vital women in the United States currently raising unity. As a widow, your feeling of children alone, that is, without a father as a member of the value, your self-esteem, is no family.· Some of these women longer built up by your partare widows, like yourself; many ner. In a sense, you have to reothers are divorced or separated. discover yourself as an indepenTo some extent they all face dent person again-just as you s i mil a r parental problems,. were before marriage. Hence you must redefine yourthough it might well be argued that widoWs have a somewhat self, building up a sense of inner easier role to play in this' regard security and on the con':: since they and their families viction that you have ·an imcherish an image of the father portant job to do and are now haloed by the dignity of 'death wholly responsible for it alone. Parental Problems rather than clouded by the bitThis brings us up to your terness of voluntary separation. question concerning your role Personal Problems First as p!lrent. If you have made the Before you can adjust to your personal adjustments required new parental position, Ethel, in widowhood, you're well preyou must first work out satis- pared to tackle your parental factory solutions to the per-' problems. sonal problems y-ou face as a First, .face up to the fact yOll widow. . are now head of the family and One of the major challenges must confidently" assume that you face is the necessity of position fully, that is, with its planning, working and just being responsibilities, but also with its alone. Formerly, you did things authority. . as a couple, or at least with the In guiding your children, don't assurance that you could rely try to be both father and 'mother on each other' should ther<! be to them. Be yourself! As the need for support. As a widow, chi.ldren move into adolescence, you are bound to feel dreaddraw up a set of norms and fully alone. I standards that you intend to Relatives or friends can and follow, and let the children / may help, but they have their know your position clearly beown lives to lead. Your family fore situations likely to cause must remain a separatE!' unit, - disagreement arise.' and from now on you alone are Don't grant your children chiefly responsible "for its well- special privileges, and so on, to being. compensate for the loss of their ·Feeling of Emptiness father. You have all suffered 8 Learning to deal with the serious loss, but the demands of loneliness is not easy, particu- living and growing up have not larly in a society' like our own changed. that tends to be so completely Your children will try your couple-centered. Friends may patience, quarrel, test your kindly invite you out, but it's rules, and seek your love, not not very enjoyable to be the because they are fatherless but "extra woman," and there is because they are normal chilalways an added feeling . of dren. You should treat them acemptiness when you return cordingly. • home. Retain Father's Image At the same time, you have to pon't be afraid to have your children share some of your family concerns, plans and responsibilities. This sense of sharing in a common challenge will bind all of you closely together in a truly maturing experience. Some widows make the mistake of trying to "shield" .their children from the realities of their situation'. As a result, the children fail to understand some of the necessary sacrifices or restric.tion, they must endure and become resentful or critical of all that is done for them. Remember, you are not entirely alol).e as a parent. Your children retain or construct an image of their father that is very real. This can exert 8 powerful influence on their conduct and desire to su~ceed. Why not put it to good use?

Pope to Consecrate Connecticut Native

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, 0I&penceJ.' Cfi!lmremont,' ,~. 'John li'olSt0l'. $5{) William ,Beauregard Family". A.urele Cormier, Anna Poitras. , $35 . Mr & Mrs Orner, Tardio. , $~5 ' Edgar Trudeau, Henri L. Glina peau. $20 'Germaine D. Chadwick, Ira Perry, Jules Lamothe, Frederie Lussier, Augustine Gautreau. . $16 Anna Esa BtFamily. $15 Lucien Belanger, Octave Pi'mental, Laura Lemaire.

,~arashio. ~r &' ~rs

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New Be«l1fc)'Il'd

" Joseph Marco, ~r & ~rs ~anuel ~edeiros, ~r & ' ~rs James ~ello,' NIl' &: ~rs Lucien- '~ichaud, '~r & ~rs William ~oniz.. ' ~r & ~rs Raymond ~orris,' Mr & ~rs James ~oyer, Mr & Ml'S Joseph ~ullen, Mr & ~rs Enich Newsham, ~r & ~rs Robert Newsham. Mr & Mrs John Nuttall, William 'Ochab, Francis O'Grady; Stephen O'«radY., ~r & Mrs ~ichael O'Hara .. ~r & ~rs Thomas O'Leary, Mr & Mrs Theodore Pageotte, ~r & ~rs'Arthur Parent, ~r & ~rs Kazimierz Pelczars~i, ~r & Mrs Robert Penler. ~r & ~rs Albert Pepin, Mr & Mrs Stanley Pielech, Anna Pittle, Mr & ~rs Roger Poineau" ~r & Mrs ~anuel Ponte. ~rs Edwin Popielnicki, ~r & Mrs Albert Poulin, Mr & ~rs Leonard Reddy, ~abel Rezendes, Mr & ~rs Louis Richard. ~r & M1'S Henry Rivet, ~r & Mrs Leopold Rodeillat, ~r & ~rs Aurelio Rodriques, Mr '& ~rs Pau~ Rodriques, Roger Rogers. ~r & ~rs George Rothmyer, ~rs Raymond Roussea~, Mr & Mrs Albert Saull(~ers, ~r & Mrs Frank Silva, Mr. & Mrs Jayme Silva. . Manuel Simmons, Mr & Mrs Arthur Souza, Mr & Mrs Frederick Souza, Anna Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Joseph Surgento. ~r & Mrs Edward W. "Sylvia, ~r & Mrs Francis Sylvia, ~r & ~rs William Sylvia. Jr., Mr & 'Mrs Roland _Tavano, Mr & Mrs Joaquim Teixeira. ' Hector Tetreault, Mr &, Mrs Joseph Travers, Mr & ~rs ~an­ uel Travers, Mr & Mrs Leo Tremblay Mr & Mrs' Antone Turgeon. Mr & Mrs Walter Valles, Mr & Mrs Louis' Vicente, Mr & Mrs Raymond Vien, Mr & ~rs Har'old Ward, Mr & Mrs Frederick Wheeler. Mr & Mrs Clarence Whitaker, Mr & Mrs William Wilson, John Zaretto.,

ST. MARY $500 l!lev. Bernard H. Uneworth. $75 Rev. James A. Clark. ' , $50 JS)r. &'~rs Wilfred Ro'usseau. , $25 !Ilr &. ~rs Gerard Guillotte, Mrs Richard Hawes, Mr & ~rs I!ohn Nicolaci, The Shea Family, , $13 Mrs Umbelina Smith. . Mr & Mrs Lionel Brassard & Mr & Mrs William Toolin, ~r Fam,ily. &; ~rs John Vickers,~r &; Mrs $12 '?Jheodore Ziemba. Paul Lemaire, Mr & Mrs Er$20 nest Leblanc. Mr & ~rs David Costa, ~r _ $10 .' etem.ent Damicone, ~r &: ~rs Henry Spoor, Alice B. Rymut, &slon Debrosse, ~r Joseph F. Jacques Morency, Paul Trem'Mullen Jr., Mrs Charlotte Simpblay, Albert Forcier. gon. , Mrs. Adelard Doyon, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Donald Su1liivan, Albert Morris, Roger Pelletier, mr & ~rs Benjamin Wegrzyniak: Alfred Gauthier, Roland Duval. $15 Mr & ~rs Manuel Rapoz~ Miss ~argaret Jackson, NIl' & Irene Messier, Omer Messier, Mrs James Kelley ~r & Mrs GOOD WRK1'ERS: ·Karen Lundy, SS Peter and, Paul Alice St.'Pierre, Albert Pelletier. ~alph 'King, Mr Edward ~ac­ ]bean, Dr. Augustus ~cKenna. ' School, FaJI River, and Jeffrey Leonard, St: Louis School, , Ludina A"ery, Mr & Mrs RayA. Drolet, Joseph Bessette, M.r: & ~rs Charles Mcl,(innon" also Fall River, both eighth graders, are winners in annual 'mond Albert Paradi,s, Joheph RainIMrs Joseph Penler, Mrs Peter Palmer Method penmanship contest. Karen placed second 'v:ille. Quirk, Mr & ~rs Roland Racine, in senior girls' division and Jeffrey: placed third in senior 'Romeo, ~arlow, L~cille King, Mrs' Anine' Sylvia. 'Mrs Yvonne Lafrance & son boys' ,group. . , Mr c'!t ~rs ·John D. Sylvia, ~r Louis, Mr & ~rs Robert James, Ie Mrs Joseph Walsh. Mrs Edgar Gravel. $20 Roger Berche. $12 ' Mr & Mrs Raoul LeBlanc, Mr' Attorney Antone L. Silva, Armlind Cote, Norman Hebert, Mr & Mrs Alber.t Decotis, ~r '<% Mrs Gaston Loranger, ~r & Madeleine A. Souto. Donat Letendre, Arthur Caron, It ~rs John E .. Sullivan. ' Mrs Joseph A. Langis, Mr & ~rs $i5 Mr & Mrs John Gaudet. $10 Ludovic Giard, Emile Bea&eAlexina Chausse, Leo Gelinas, & Mrs, Bertrand Allaire, d Mr & Mrs Joseph Ferreira,. 'gar. Mr & Mrs John Gracia, In 'Joseph Hebert, Eva Mailhot, Anlftr & ~rs David-Amaral, Mr &' Margaret -Beauregard, Mr & . drew Daigle. Mrs Gordon Baker; Mr & -Mrs Mrs' Ernest Berube, Mr & M,.s t Memo.,.y of Mrs ~se. V. Sylvia. ' Albert Paqu~n, Mr~' Henri lobn Barry, Mr & ~rs ]rrank Edouard Leblanc,' Mr & ·.Mrs $14 Petitpas, ~r & ~rs Wilfred MailBarton. Armand Dupont, Mr & Mrs Mr & ~rs Joseph Machado. loux, Lena & Imelda Mailloux, Mr & Mrs Romeo BeaUdoin, 'Adrien Angers: $ 1 2 ' ,'Mrs Jean-Art'hur Savoie. '_ 11k & ,~rs Gerard Beaulieu, Mr Mr & Mrs William ,Audette, Milton Richmond. Bernadette Boucher, Valeda lk Mrs Louis Begin, Mr Edward Mr & ~rs Paul-Bedard, Mr & $10 Jackson, Adelard ~arois, Mr & Bell, Mr & Mrs Emil Bellotti. Mrs Joseph Blartchette Mr & Mrs Gera'rd Tardif, Alice Fec, Mr &, ~rs Vincent 'Bertalotlo, Mrs Paul Carrier, Mr & Mrs Mr ~ Mrs Jose N. Alcobia, Mr teau. . IIIr & Mrs Edward Bettencourt, ' & Mrs Albert Anselmo, Mr & I Ch aron. au Fridolin Blanchard,. Victor P Mil'S Myrtle Billington, Mr & ~rs Mrs Dfilnnis Amaral,' Gil Amaral; Belanger, Mrs Walter Lafrance, ~ r & ".. mrs L'lOne1 De M ars, M r ~land Blais, Mr & Mrs Ray. Fleury, Mr. & M rs Mr & ~rs Antone Almeida Jr. & Mrs L OUIS Mr & Mrs Joseph Z Boucher, Mr JnOnd Bombardier. . · ' It M r & Mrs,W a 1AIda Alves, In ~emory of & Mrs George Lafrance & FamF R oger rlgllu, Mi.' & ~rs Louis Boulet, Mr & ter G'audette, ~r & ~rs Paul . Mary C. Arruda, Mrs Lena Ar- ily . lIlIrs William Bo"urbo, ~r & Mrs " r u d a , Dr Ernesto ~. Balla, Mr & Goddu. Arthur Rousseau, Mr & Mrs Donat Bourgeois, Mr & Mrs Mr & M/rs' Abel Jorge, Mr & Mrs Joseph Baptista & Family. Felix ,Savoie, Mr & Mrs Roland Richard Brown, Mr &, ~rs ST. THERESA, Mrs George Lavoie, 'Mr & Mrs' Albert Braga, Mr & Mrs Jose Giard, Mr & Mrs George Charles, Ralph Bucafusco. ' $300 Armand Lavallee" Mr & Mrs Cabral, Mr & ~rs Martin Cairns, Ephrem Gauttier. . Mr & Mrs John Cayer, M,r & 'Rev~ William E. Collard. . -Arthur Lussier, Mr Mrs John' Mr & Mrs Arthur Carreiro,~~r Mr & Mrs Augustin Perry, Mr lIIIrs Lawrence qhandler, Mr & $100 ·ros.. &: ~rs Christian Carreiro. & Mrs Joseph Lacroix, Merilda Medel Mrs Albert Charpentier, MiSll Mr & Mrs Pa!JI ,Duchaine. - Mr & Mrs Richard ~ulcahy,Rosalina Carreiro & Sisters, Land~y, Conrad Lavallee, Emile Beatrice Coleman, Mr & Mrs $60 Mr &, Mrs Robert Poulin, ~r & Mr & Mrs Ernest Correira, ~rs Trahan. Alb'ilio Condez. , I . Rev. Clement F. Dufour. 'Mrs' Andre Poyant,Mr & ~rs Victorina Cotnoir, ~r & Mrs Mrs David Begnoche, Romeo Mr &, ~rs William COD st;w t, , Ronald Silveria', Herve Allain. Fernando' P. Cruz, Mr & ~rs Poirier, Roland Benoit, Emile & Mrs Alfred Cormier, Mr & $25, ' Labbe.. Henry Johnson. ' Mrs William Cortnier, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Eugene Lemieux, ' .. Alphonse Dubois, Arthur Fren- Robert Cryer. ,ette;Frank Richard, Patricia ~r & Mrs' J~seph Darmofal" Yvonne Charpentier, Arthur Silbert Costa, .Mr &, Mrs Ai~rt Mr & ~rs Roland Gaouette. Anne" Thackeray. Mrs Robert Mr & Mrs AntOne De~ello, Mr Galipeau, Euclide Fisette, Cecile fJoucci. . ", $15 , & Mrs ,Edward DeMello, Mr & Boucher, Roger Racicot. Dr . & Mrs.Hector Roy, Family Gurney. Mr & Mrs Alden Counsell, Mr Mr J Be h Rock Mr . La'se Mrs Joseph R. DeMello, Mr & Emile Goyette, Antoinette st.' It Mrs James Dawson, Mr'.& Mrs 'of Arthur ,Dages~e, Mrs 'Cecile ,sa ~ iS Mrs Frank. Edwards. V nPa s st e . ' ,Ul Pierre, Jeannette Carrier, Mr &: Kenry Desruisseau, Mrs Bernar<~ 'Boudreau. Mr' & Mrs Alfred Loranger, ~r & Mrs Manuel Encarnacao, Mrs William Burns, Lucie Fon':' Devlin & Betty, Mr &. Mrs Owen Mr '& Mrs Edgar Lang is, Mr Mr & Mrs Edgar LaFrance, Mrs Margaret Faria,.Mr & Mrs CarlQs taine. Devlin. , " , Oliver Giguere.. Resed!! Giguere,' M~s Corinne Fernandes, Mr & Mrs John FerMr &: Mrs Fernand KirouaC, Mr & Mrs Robert Donth, ~r & $20' _ =i~:~S' Mr & Mrs Joseph Fer- Dolores Masse, Amedee RQbi1W&s Joseph Faria, Mrs Margaret Mr & Mrs Joseph Leo Arsen:- , Burgess, Marcel ,J~ Mas~.o . . cha~d, Orner Guilbert, Henri J'ar;relly, Miss Catherine ,Gorman, ,ault.. , M r & MrI Rola n d Lemaire" William Ferreira, Miss Hilda Nolin. ' Mr &; Mrs George Fernandes. $12 RaYRIonQ. Harbeck, Mr &, Mrs ,Florio, Mr& Mrs Richard Fraga, Alcide Genard, Eugene Parent. M '& M'J;s AlP h onse Mr & ~rs Frank Freitas & FamMr & Mrs John Figuerido, William Savoie & Family. E ugene R oY,r ' \ Henry FMortier&, Mr, & ¥Ersl -PhauI" $10, ~:~~;.e: ',' Mr & ~rs Roland Uy, Miss ,Marion Freitas. ST. KILIA'N ..rey', Mrs r p ege, Mr '&' Mrs Roland 'Lemieux, Mr & Mr$ Leo L. C,loutiE;'r, Ai- . Mr & Mrs George Furtado, Mr $85' &mache, Mr ,&, Mrs Raymond Mr & Mrs Antonio Lemieux, ~r , & : Mrs Richard Gonsalves, An:Rev: William J. McMahon. Gamache. ',." . ' . & ~rs Alfred Lemieux, Mr ~ ber ~agesse, Mr & Mrs Charles .tbony'V. Gracia, Mr & Mrs ~an, Mr & Mrs Michael Gatheral, ~rs Francois Henner; ~rs Odette Gaudette, Mr ,& Mrs George 'Gil'';' uel Gracia; Mr Be Mrs"John Hen.,. $75 , . , & ~rs Alfred 'Gauthier, ,~r Spadafora. .. ' aa-d, Mr & ~s jam~~Hickey. , ,riqueso" ..' "Re;V. 'Edwar~ 0 .. Paquette., Mr & ~rs. Stanley Zal(i!nski, $25 ' &: Mrs James' Gawthrope; ":Mt" &; , Mrs. Armand Charbonneau, Mr Dr. &. Mrs Al!>ert S. L\.liz, Mr ·St. KllianC':y.O. Mr~' Ernest Girouard, DOl1al~,& Mrs A~toine Rac,infil, Mr & Mrs Mr & 1'4rll Mederic Vigeant, Mr ,.", $10 ' SosseUn:' , , . " 'Normand Lajoie, Robert Chap.,. & Mrs Joseph. G. Charbonneau, ' ,&; ~rs -llobert, ~arsha~l', Mr & • Mr & ~rs Thomas, Griffiths, delaine, ~rs Ernest Chapdelaine. ~rs Yvonne Desrosiers, Mr &: M~ . Jose M~r.tms". Mr & Mrs.. Beyerly Barriteau, "Mr &; Mrs: , ":Wl1ha~' Martin, M;,:. & Mrs '"William ""Barriteau, ., EvelYJi Mr & ~rs Henry dud:Mr & ~rs Mr & ~rs RQland p~be, Mr & .Mrs Donat ,F. Fortin. j,' ' , _ 'Chieppa, Mr & Mrs Ml,lnuel DiaS, Mr, &, ~s Roger I,ieBla~c, Mr ' An,tomo Me~lo.' ". ' .Joseph Hannon, Mr& ~rs Fran-' Mrs Theodule BQlduc, ~r & Mrs l'4r & Mrs Serafini Mello, Mrs" ,~r & Mrs Leo Doyon. ' Gis Hanrahan, Mr & Mrs Thomas ,Robert Richards, ~r &. Mrs Rog~r . & ~rs .Albert,J. Bap~iste, Mr ~ Mr & Mrs Albert Fentoll, Mr Hart. Desrosiers, Mr&'MrS Wilfrid ,Mrs James Price, Mr & Mrs Eva Mellody, Mr & Mrs Nestor, Arthur :Munr~! Mr Mrs Vito' ',Mesquita, ~e~uit3 I,"harmacy, "&: l\{rs Leopold Galonska, Mr ~ IYIr '& Mrs 'Leon "Hebel't, Mr & Boutin. I ' Manuel F. Motta & Family. Mrs Donat Gauthier, Mr & Mrs Mrs Normand Hebert, Mr& ~rs Mrs Joseph Therien, Mr & Mrs ,Morra;"', Patricias Beauty Shop, ~ &; Alfred Languirand, Mr' & Mrs John Her'rlOn, ~r ,& Mrs John E. Leo Guillotte, Mr & Mrs :Romeo - Mr & MX;s Josep~ Perei:ra, )mr', Hughes Jr., Mr ,& ~rs. John E. ,Jodoin, Mr & Mrs Robert Boulet, & M~s Arth~ Lui&, IMr & M:&'8 Mrs Gilbert Perry, Mr &'Mrs Donald Matthews. Wilfrid Hotte.. I Richard PerJ;y, Perry the Florist, Mr & Mrs Ernest Medeiros, Hughes. ,Mr & Mrs Theodore Langevin. I Mr & Mrs Candida poente. Mr & Mrs James Mello, Mrs Rosa Mr & Mrs John Hunt, Mr ~ ~r & Mrs Ovila Therrien, Mr ST.' JOHN THE ~APTIWI' . Mr'& :Mrs Americo RamalhO, Myers, Mr &'Mrs Manuel Pim'en':' Mrs Herbert Isherwood" Mrs' &: Mrs, Aime Goyette, ,Mr & Mrs $1: CharL..:Mr & ~rs Joseph Rogers, AntOne tal, Mr & Mrs Manuel Pires. Horace Jackson, ~r & Mrs Rene Charles H. ,Franklin Jr., Mr & In Memory _ J:. &: Francis .Santos" .Mr& Mis , Mr& Mrs Charles Nunes, Mr '4r; Jerry, Mr ~ ~rs ~anuel Jorge. Mrs' Charles Tanguay, Mr & Mrs Vargas. Manuel" Santos, Miss Mary Mrs Theodore Steliga, Mr & Mrs Mrs Irene Kauffman, In Mem- Maurice Bonneau. , $100 i 'Schusner.· LoUis Texeira, Mrs Lillian Veil. • y of ~rs Marg~i~~ Kenn~y, Mr , Mr & ~rs Joseph Labine, 'Mrs de Paul"Society, Tarn & Mrs Dewoey Lacroix, ~r,& ~rs Arzelia Roy, Mi & Mrs William MrS.& Vincent Mrs Manuel J.' Soarel " Alice _Silva, ,Joseph Silveira, to, Page Twenty-three Alfred' La,fleur, Mr & ~rs Man- LeBlanc, Paul Langlois, Mr & ", $55 ' Mr & Mrs FIC?riap Souza, Heruel Laronda. ~rs Gerard Richard. ' . Rev. Luiz Cardosa.! man Souza, MiSll x.sura Souza. A FAMILY TREAT Mr & Mrs Frank Lawrence, Mr & Mrs Henri Picard, ~r & Mr & Mrs Manuel Souza, Mr & lliIr & ~rs Norman, Leech, 'Mr & Mrs Anhony Silvia, Mr & Mrs, ' $50 . . . . . ,Mrs Herbert Tayares, Mr & Mrs BAR-B-Q' CHICKENS ' Rev. George E. Amaral, Attor- Daniel Vieira, Mr & Mrs Vasco Mrs Morris· Leonard, '~r & ~rs Rodolph Richer, ~r & Mrs Jo- ' JoSeph P. Villela, Albert M. Williams Jr. John Losert,. ~r & Mrs Rod' seph Rousseau,~r & Mrs John ney Edmund Dinis, Lussier. ' Texeira. Ponte, Mr & Mrs Joseph Vera.; " Mr& Mril ~land Williams, Mr ~r & Mrs Jeremiah ~cDonald, '~r & ~rs AimEi Bourassa Mr $35 , & Mrs Charles Xavier. FARMS Mr & Mrs Joseph C. Motta, ' '", '" ' eharlotte &, Grace ~«:Goff, .& Mrs Clovis Fecteau, ~r &'Mrs 145 Washington St., Fairhaven ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA.' :.:r i:orella McKenna, \ Genevieve Eddy Bellefeuille, Mr & Mrs Attorney George P. Ponte. Juat off Route 6 McKenna, Mr & ~rs Sidney Mc- Antonio Lyonnais, Mr & Mrs $25 , ,$600 Mullen. Armand Chagnon: WY 7-9336 St~, John's Couples' Club, Dr .Rt.Rev. Albert Bel'1:lbe. , Mr & Mrs William ~aguire, Mr. & Mrs Edward S. Roder- , Marcio Bu~no, John; F; Gracia, $100 Watch tor Signs . r & Mrs Joseph Maillet, Mr & ick, Mr &. Mrs Wilfrid Belanger, Mr & Mr;; Gilbert Ferro, Mr &:' LioilGI mlobitaille.' While out _ a Drive ,Mrs Sylvester Maloney, Mrs Mr & Mrs Wilfrid Leclair, Mr & Mrs Payl Rezendes,'J'rank' Silva fR Stop ,,' uu. Delightful Spot ~tor ,Manny, ~r & ~rs PaulMlW Marcel Demancbe, Mr " R. hJ. ,~aocI C'ltiUot. ..... ~






~"········l ROSELAWN




Mr &. Mrs Wayne Gagnon, Mr $10 Mr &. Mrs Kalevi Porkka, Mr &: Mrs Louis Rivard, The Nutley Because He Cared . . . &. Mrs Howard Fahey, Mr & Mrs Family, Mr &. 'Mrs Joseph Chi,Paul T. Lebel, Mr &. Mrs Henry coine Mrs Beatrice Leite. Coot. from Page TweD~Y-two Mr' &. Mrs' Warren Tripp, Lambert, Mr & Mrs Leo~ard George Sawyer, Mr & Mrs WilLangevin. Hyannis, Mr & Mrs Walter Gomes, liam Flanagan, Mrs Jeannette ST. FRANCIS X.AVIER Francis K.' Dwyer, Mr & Mrs Otto, Mrs Theresa Fenn. Thomas Kenneally, Mrs Joseph Mr 8i Mrs 'Thomas Butler Jr., $1,000 Very Rev. Leonard J. Daley. Dextradeur, Mrs Imelda Galle- Margaret C. Smith, Mr & ~rs Daniel Hughes, Emerson Elgee, rani & Vincent Balboni. $100 Mr & Mrs Reginald J. Harron, Robert Cary. Mr &. Mrs Adolph Richards, Mr & M'ts Donald H. Lang, Mr &. Mrs Joseph Martin, Mrs Mr & Mrs John D. Cannon, Mrs Bruce Raymond, ,Mrs Albert Mr & Mrs Burnham Carcherie, Randolph Payson" Perkins, Helen Hurley. Raymond P. Paine Jr., Mr & Mrs $75 Mr & Mrs Manuel Coute, Mrs Ralph Amado, Mrs Paul Bishop. Rev. John Pegnam. , Joseph T. Boyle, Mrs Margaret Joanna C. Allain, James C. $50 M. Linnell, John F. Vetorino, 'Mendes Mr & Mrs John Mullin, Hobart L. Morin, Mary L. Mr & Mrs Felix Poire. Mr & Mrs William F. Sullivan, Morriss, Marion Martin & ColMr & Mrs Joseph Gerrior,. Mr Mrs Theresa Bergen. letta Sprague, Mary M. & & Mrs George Connell, Mrs Carl Leonardi Fanfily, Mr & Mrs Bridget T. Gregg. Hallgren, Mr & Mrs Thomas C. E. Farrell, Mr & Mrs H. J. Ellen O'Neill, Mrs Joseph J. Burke, Mr & Mrs Anthony J. Fellows Mr & Mrs Castenzio ~eane, Mr & Mrs John Hart, Fiorenz~, Mr & Mrs Arthur Pro-' Casella. Mr & Mrs Ralph Ames, Mr &. Mr & Mrs Joseph Rosbrough, vencher. Mrs John R. Reyburn. Mr & Mrs Joseph F, Finn, Mr & Willard Ellis, Mrs John HoldsSt. Francis Xavier Guild, 'Mrs Anthony Turco, Mr & Mrs worth Mr & Mrs Augustus L. Father McSwiney No. 252~, A. A., LaFrance Sr., Mr & Mrs Ramo~ Mr & Mrs Alfred Houle. of C .. Mr & Mrs Arthur Morash, Mr Anthony Perry. $40 Mr & Mrs Michael Caffrey, Mr & Mrs George J. Murray, Mr & Mr '& Mrs David A. Stevens. &. Mrs Edward Meusse, Mrs Mrs Daniel Hatton, Mr & Mrs $30 Catherine White, Mrs Amelia Joseph Cabral, Mr & Mrs NorMr &. Mrs Albert Barabe. Richard, Mr &. Mrs Reinbold. man R. Merritt. $26 Mrs Kathleen Aikens, Mrs Mr & Mrs Robert Crockett, Mr Mrs Charles Swift. Edgar Gould, Mrs Leo Fondini, & Mrs Everett Bisbee, M. Louise $25 Mr & Mrs Anthony Alosi, Patri- Hayden, Mrs John J. McGinn, Eleanore Resmini, Mr & Mrs cia Kenneally. ' Mrs Jean Duff. Richard Powers, Mr &. Mrs' Mr & Mrs A. Gauthier, Mr &. Mr & Mrs John F. O'Brien, Ernest L. Drott, John Sheehan, Mrs John McKeon, Mr & Mrs Mrs Laura Shaughnessy,' Mr &. Mr & Mrs Robert Ryan. David H. Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Mrs Leon Sprague, Mr & Mrs Mr & 'Mrs James Crawford, Patrick Tobin" Mr &. Mrs WilWilliam Boyq, Mr & Mrs'S. A. Richard O'Neil, Mr & Mrs liam J. Patterson: Reed.. " • Charles A. Coyle, Guertin Bros. Mrs Helen J. Allbee; Mr &. Mr & Mrs Norman McLean Jewelers, William J. O'Neil Jr. Mrs Frank Robbins, Mr & Mrs Sr., Mr & Mrs Durwafd StebJoseph Cairns Family, Mrs Robert O'Neil, Mr & Mrs Joseph bins, ,Mr & Mrs ;Henry Johnson, Celine Martin, Mr & Mrs Eugene McManus, Stewart Hamblin. JO,seph Medeiros, Lt & Mrs Rioux, Mr & Mrs Charles P. Mrs D. C. Hanawalt, Mrs Gor- Francis Derby. Flynn, Mr: &. Mrs Harold Ellis. don Homer, Capt & Mrs J6hn L. Mr & Mrs Arthur Ayer, A Mr & Mrs Robert Cotell, Mr Field, J, Lincoln MacDonald, Mr Friend Mr & Mrs Joseph T. & Mrs Leon Chaussee, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Richard F. Slavin. , Gelina~ Mrs Carl Sheppard,' Mr Edward G. Goodes, Mr & Mrs Mrs Graham Scudder, Kay & Mrs 'James F. Driscoll. Arthur C. Goode, Mr & Mrs John Lyons; Mrs Arthur Fisher, Mr & Mary, Hunt, Antone Rezendes, Vetorino. Mrs William O. Bill, David Mr & Mrs Martin McNulty, Mr & Mr & 'Mrs Harry Varnum, Mr Parker. Mrs Thomas Corrigan, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Roger Allen, Mr & Mrs James Muldowney, Mrs Flor- Frank Marshall. Francis Morin, Mr & Mrs Ray- ence Meuse, Mr & Mrs Edmund Mrs Bertha Halloran, Louis mond Bednark, Catherine & Mossey, Cape Cod Furniture Savino Robert Murphy, Mr & Helen Lowney. Store, Hyannis Hardware. Mrs E~gene Tavares, Mrs Mary Mr & Mrs Edward W. Maher, ' Acme 'Pharmacy, Mr &. Mrs Santos. Mr & Mrs Robert E. Tobin, Leon Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Louis Baxter. Transport, Inc.; Sears Mr & Mrs John McBarron, Puri- Cataldo, Mr & Mrs John Balda-, Package Store, Inc.; Cape Oil tan Clothing, Company, Mitchell saro, James Powers. Company, Emerson Cleaners, Mr Motors, Warren Buick. Mr &. Mrs Edmund Babineau, & Mrs George E. Archibald Jr. $20 Mr & Mrs Luke Leonnovich, Mrs Earl Crowell, Mr & Mrs SamMr & Mrs John Mitchell, Mr & William F. Collins, Webster uel Miller, Mr &. Mrs Roi:>ert Mrs Richard Peckham, Mr &. Copithorn, Paul Hallagan. Manning, Alyce LaCrosse, Mrs Mrs John MacLean, Mr &. Mrs Mr & Mrs George Tryder, Mr Marshall Piper. Frank J. Dolan, Mr .& Mrs Rob& Mrs Kelly Sr., Mr &. Mrs Meric Mr & Mrs Clarence Larivee, ert Starck. Gennaco, Mr & Mrs Thomas F. Mr & Mrs Edward Kelly Jr., Mrs Mr & Mrs John McConnell, Geilear, Mr & Mrs James Clark. Stephen Clarke, Mr & Mrs EdWilliam Murphy, Mr & Mrs EdRichard C. Chappell, Mr & ward Bonney, Mr & Mrs Leonard ward Halloran, Mr & Mrs Mrs Lester W. Jones, Mrs Alice J. Bell. , Thomas Moore, E. Thomas Mur- Fisher,'Mr & Mrs Gerhard Robi" Mr & Mrs Donald Driscoll, Mr phy. chaud, Mr & Mrs James P. Mur- &. Mrs John T. 'Levangie, Mr & Mr & Mrs Laurence _Holmes, phy. Mrs Nathan Perry, Constance Mr & Mrs Robert Campbell, Mr & Mrs Kevin Reagan, Mr: Bearse, Mrs Anne Gomes. Mr & Mrs Gerard Richard, Mr &. & Mrs George McNulty,'Mrs Eva The Godley Family, Mrs HarMrs Walter J. Piknick, Edward Chase, Mr & Mrs Eugene O'Sul-: old Bruflelle, Hasckel's, Mr &. L. Bennett. ' livan, ,Elwinna Nickerson. Mrs Henry Houle, Mrs Hollis Mr & Mrs Louis Clement, Mr 'Mr & Mrs J. F. O'Malley, Mr'&. Lovejoy:, , & Mrs Arthur Cloutier & FamMrs Charles Kelley, Mrs Herbert , Margaret Morin, Leo Webber, ily, Mr & Mrs Henry F. ,Burns, Peterson, Mr &. Mrs George Mr & Mrs Charles Aguiar, Mr &. Mr & Mrs John J, Barrows, Mr Leonnovich, Mr & Mrs Manuel Mrs Arthur G. Manaselian, Dr &. Mrs Francis Aylmer. Machado. Harry Sobel. Mrs Fannie Mendes, Mr &.' , Mi & Mrs William Quirk, Mr Mr & Mrs Gilbert Martin, Paul Mrs Henry Bouchard, Mrs 'John &. Priscilla McBride, Mr & Mrs & Mrs Edmund Daley, Mr & Mrs Lycett, Mrs Timothy Santry &. Raphael Perry, Mr & Mrs Lion~l William E.Robinson, Mr &. Mrs Family, Joseph Kelly. T. Landry, Mr &.Mrs Ferdinand Arthur. Emerson, Mr &. Mrs Mrs ~hadea Normandin, Miss Gallant. Richard 'Cronin. Lorraine Normandin, Mr '& .Mrs Charles R. Boyle, Austin Bell; ,'Margaret Riordan, Mrs Elsie William Mather, Mr &. Mrs Irene A. Fondini, Mr· &. '. Mrs M. Smith, William F. Sullivan Thomas Bennett, Mr &. Mrs Harold Casey, Mr &. Mrs James Jr., Mrs Valerie Richer, M~ Nicholas Karukas., )lurray: ' Anna Lacey. ' Mr &. Mrs Victor Woodruff, Mr &. Mrs F. Golenski, Mr &. William ,J. Watson, Francis R. Mr &. Mrs Wayland P. Morse. Mrs John McCaul, 'Mr &. Mr~ Dorey; Mr ,& Mrs 'Charles 'SeneMr & Mrs Alfred A. Junior, Rego Sablone, Mr &. Mrs William sac; Mr &. Mrs-Bernard F. EverAnthony White, Mr &. Mrs 'MacDonald, Mrs Erdeane, Lynch: ett, Mr &. Mrs 'John Quealey. George A. Lysaght. , Mr '&. Mrs William Fohey, Mr Mr &. Mrs Robert· C. Joslyn; Mr &. Mrs Joseph St: Peter-, Mr, &. &. Mrs Richard Kosinski, Mr &. $15 Mr &. Mrs Edmund Gobin, Mr Mrs Wilfred CO-sta, Mr &. Mrs Mrs Louis Silvia, Francis Burns, &. Mrs Joseph C. Kelley, Mr &. WilliaPl White, Mr &. Mrs Ralph Mr & 'Mrs William Murphy. , Mr &. Mrs Charles Harrington, Mrs Louis Frangione, Marcia Rocheteau. Mr &. Mrs GeOrge Ronnell, Mr '& Mrs Roger A. Cregg, Mrs Vieira, Mrs Catherine D. Towey. Mr &. Mrs Joseph Medeiros, Mr & Mrs James E. Lynch~ Jennie Schwab, Mr &. Mrs EdMrs Edith O'Connell, Mrs Leo Edward Gulachenski, Mr &. Mrs ward A. Cunningham, Mrs Mary " Lewis, Myers Company, Inc., Mr Richard Anderson, Mr &. Mrs Cordeiro. Alfred Vieira. ' Earl Kempton, ,Mr &. Mrs &. Mrs William Fratus. Mrs Theresa Mudgett, Mr & ,James Brownlie, Charles A. McMrs Rita Swenson, Mrs Violette Thomas, Mr & Mrs Stephen Mrs Joseph' Roderick, Mr'&. Mrs Lean, Mr & Mrs Harold WilBray, Mr & Mrs Albert Trocchi, John Flaherty, Mrs Mary Green- liams, Marie Taveau. law, James Quinlan. May, C. Fay, Mrs Rene Taveau, Robert H, Jameson. Mr &.' Mrs Clarence Christen- Mr &: Mrs Simon Miller, Mrs Mr & Mrs Roland Auger, Harriet Butler & Mother, Mr & Mrs sen, Mr & Mrs Donald ~assett, Winthrop Quinlan, Mr &. Mrs William Mullane. Robert Flinn, Mr & Mrs Anthony Mr & Mrs Thomas Mazzei, Mr & Mr & Mrs Edward Beucler, Mrs' Samuel Hull, Mr &. Mrs George, Mr &. Mrs George Igo. Mr &. Mrs Henry D. Chambers, Mr & Mrs Virgil Casey, Mrs Leonard Scimemi. George Garoufes. Mary Fairclough, Joseph FairDAUGHTERS OF ST. PAUL clough. : Invito young girls (14-23) to labor Ia $12 C;hrist's vast vinoyard as an Apostle of tho Mr &. Mrs Frank J. Fraher Jr., Editions: Proas, Radic, Movios and Tol... 'Mr & Mrs Pierce Connair, Mr & visian. With thosl!l modorn moans, thoso Mrs Rasmus Klimm, Mr &. Mrs Missionary. Sistor. .bring Christ's Dodrlne Alfred McKenna, Mrs Mary E. to aU. rogardlons o~ "aco, color or crGeei. Rogean, Mrs Maurice Killen. ~o. Eilgo,rnation writo' t o : ' ' I

$11 .,MarY" E. Murd?,,~ ",,~

• :' REV:


IJ0 131. i"AcUlIS AVU;":1l0SJON<'~;



THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs. May 18, 1961

Mr & Mrs Bernard G. Fratus, Mrs Leo Hogan, Mr &. ,Mrs Sally Wilt Clifton, Joseph Michael F. Burns, Mr & Mrs Albert Bourgeois, Mr & Mrs Dwight. Mr & Mrs Marshall Field, Mr Joseph Borowick. Mrs Frederick L. Chicoine, & Mrs James Hobert, Mr & Mrs Roger E. Brown, Mrs Esther Jean Gagnon, Lillian E. Shea, Hearn, Mr & Mrs William Irene,E. Shea, Mary G. Shea. M. Constance Fortune, LawOrmsby. Agnes O'Neil, Mr & Mrs rence H. Rivers, Mr & Mrll James T. Richer, Mr & Mrs Gre- Michael Pinto, Mr &. Mrs Elmer gory Senteio, Mrs C.' Hallissey, W. Nixon, Arthur Porier. Mrs Lena H. McGlamery, Mary Mr & Mrs H. Hardy. P. B. Kelly, Mrs V. D. Rodgers,· Costelle, Mr & Mrs Victor J. Misiewicz, Mrs. Alice Nie4zMr & Mrs William Covell, Mr & Mrs George Wallace, Mr & Mrs wecki, "Barbara Madden. Elizabeth Madden, Mr & Mrs Robert Klimm. Mr & Mrs. Harry Sylvester, Edward Doudican. Mr & Mrs Michael D. O'Neill, J\1r ,& Mrs Milton Howard, Mr & Mrs Paul Edmund Souza, Mr' & Mrs Wil-· Dore, Roland Hochu. liam Cotter, Mr & Mrs 'John Somerset Dantos. Mr & Mrs CloV'is Poyant, ST. PATRICK'S Ann McCormack, Mr & Mrs $250 John Threlfall, Mr & Mrs Robert Rev. Edward J. Gorman. J. McCarthy, Earl Fratus:' $50 Mr ,& Mrs Clifford B. White, Doris LaFrance. Mr & Mrs Robert P. Nelson, Mr $25 & Mrs John Madden, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Gilbert Perry. E. J. Bennett, Sigmond Bednark. Dr & Mrs Albert E. Roy. Mr & Mrs Vernon Powers, . $20 , Mrs Florence Foster, Mr & Mrs Mr &. Mrs John Ferry Cosmo Montagne, J. P. Morin, $15 Mr & Mrs John Connelly. Cassie Opromallo, Mr &. Mrs . Mrs Albert Pino, Mr &. Mrs Vincent Dorsey. Ovide Dumas, Anthony Santo$10 spirito, Mary A. Ellis, Mr & Mr &. Mrs Joseph Lopes, Mr Mrs Frank'DeBella. & Mrs Frank Miguel, Mr &. Mrs Mr & Mrs Harry B. Ryder, Edward O'Brien, Mr & Mrs James P. Avila; Richard C. LaGeorge Coleman, Mr & Mrs brie, Mr & Mrs Donald Chase, ,Manu,el Ferreira. ' Mr & Mrs John Terry. Mrs Gurnard C. Cummings, _, Mrs Regina Fusselle, Mrs May E. Lynch, Mr & Mrs ThomDella Prada, Mr & Mrs John as J. Gracia, Mr & Mrs Joseph Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Maurice W. Benevides, Mr & Mrs Victor Doherty, Charles F. Doherty. Moquin. Mrs Ludwiga S'taffen, Mrs Mr & Mrs Roger Thibault, Mr Francis King, William Wahtola, & Mrs Dennis Pereira. Francis B. Brogan, Cecelia K. Margaret Bearden, Joseph E. Leonard, Mr & Mrs James J. O'Rourke. Mr & Mrs Norman R. LaFran- Robinson, Daniel Correira, Mr & cois, Mrs Elsie Archer, Mr & Mrs Mrs Edward C. Suspiro. Roland Gibby, Mr & Mrs James Mr & Mrs Joseph F. Mitchell, Mary E. Doherty Mr & Mrs Pelletier, Marion Bennett. Mr & Mrs Louis Vanderloop, Frank J. Monarch. Mrs William Mr & Mrs Joaquim Rosa'ry, Mrs E. Potter. Turn to Page Twenty-four Beatrice Silver, George T. ,Durkin, Mr & Mrs John Moda. ·Mr &. Mrs Daniel Francisco, Approves Loan. Mr & Mrs David Pierce, Mr & WASHINGTON (NC) A Mrs Milan O'Neil, Mr & Mrs '$1,140,000 loan to Mount St. Amaral, Mr & Mrs Harold West. Mary's, College, Emmitsburg, Mrs Alma & Jane Alberghini, Md.; to be used to build a dorMrs F. H .. Hurley, Mr & Mrs mitory for 208 men students and George T. Lampert, Craig Medining facilities for 350, was deiros, Mrs Leonard Bacon. announc.ed by Community FacMrs Edna DeMoranviUe, Mr &. ilities Administration. Mrs Walter Zamites, Monica Gordon, Mrs Raymo,nd Paine, Mrs Delia Boisvert. 'Mr &. Mrs Eugene Roy, KathPWMBING & HEATING, INC, erine Nehubian, Mr & Mrs Rob{()r Domestic ert _O'Rourke, Mrs Geraldine &. Industrial , Medeiros, Mr & Mrs Theodore Sales aM I Bastien. Oil Burners ,Service Mr & Mrs William Naylor, Mr WY 5-1631 &. Mrs Francis T. Buckley, Mr &. 2283 ACUSHNET AVE. Mrs Cedric T. Sears, Mr & Mrs, NEW BEDFORD John Gonsalves, Mr & ,Mrs Nerie Allain. Mr ,& Mrs Patrick Kelly, Mr ~ Mrs Raymond St. Germaine; Mr &. Mrs John F. Keveney, Mr &. Mrs Raymond Wheeler, Adelard Benoit. ' Mr &. Mrs Jerry Robe~t, Mr ~





, Complete Line Building 'Materials




PRINTERS Main Office and Plant LOWELL, MASS. •


Telephone Lowell GL 8-6333 and GL 7-7500 Auxiliary Plants




Th'e KEYSTONE Warehouse Salesroom New and Used OFFICE' EQUIPMENT We show a large assortment of used and new desks, chairs, filing cab· inets, tables, etc., in wood and steel. Also metal storage cabinets, safes, shelving lockers, etc. 108 James near Union NewBedforc

"WY 3.2783.


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',' .,.f.~n.~ :~~V[E~/~ASS.,





Hugh Carney, Mr & Mrs Richard Carroll, Mr & Mrs Raymond Carter, Mr & Mr.g E. Cipriani. Malone, Miss Alice Mu'rphy, Mr ". ~~~1.;~'·'~{fi~~,:"~i -~ ;~~1;"::'~;:;,~ ;..~~~ . l.Vl."r & Mrs James Connors, Jr., & Mrs William A. Murphy. Mr & Mrs Jo)m Cooper, Mr & jI~ ~X~'5~1,~\i,oo, Mrs Joseph Phelan, Mr & Mrs Mrs John J: Costa, Mr & Mrs W. Herbert Wall, N;ellie Bedard, Cont. from lPa:;e Twenty-three C. 'Davis~ Mr & Mrs James F. AnonymoiIs, Mr & ,Mrs John Dee. ' . . Duxbury.' N~w ~~tdJfCfd" Mr & Mrs E. Desrosiers, Mrs The Misses Goulding, Mr & ST. LAWRlENCE John Donnelly, Mrs. Agnes EssMrs George ,Kates, Mrs Ernest $250 linger, John Finnell, Mr & Mrs "King, Mr & Mrs Francis C. Dr & Mrs A. Buckley. Albert W Fisher. Mahoney, Hope, F. McFadden. $150 Mrs Josephine ~itzgerald. Ellen A. Sullivan, Mr &' Mrs Dr & Mrs J. E. Cameron Joseph Foley, Mr & Mrs Frank Victor Turpin" Agnes White, Durarit. Fonseca, Mr & Mrs Leo Galla~ Daniel F. Downey, Dr. Robert, $135 gober, Louise Galvin: W. Horan. , Rev. John J. Murphy. ". Mr & Mrs John Gardiner, Mr William Mcllmail, Helen ,Mor, $120 & Mrs Hugh Gillis, Mr & Mrs A. rison, Mr & Mrs E. & Nora H. Mrs Theodore Ambadgis. Gordon Goodfellow, John HarTreadup, Mr & Mrs Peter ,Ward. $100 ney, Ruth Harney. .' Mr & Mrs Fergus, Bolton, -Rev. Arthur K. Wingate, ~L' & Mr.& Mrs Edmund HarringAnna M. Brady, Ida Finnen, Mr Mrs William Conroy, Mr & Mrs ton', Mr & Mrs Edward Harring& Mrs Owen Fleming & Son, Thomas Mahoney, Anonymous, ton, George Harrington,. Mr & Mrs Catherine Hayes. Mr & Mrs Timothy Keating. . Mrs Arthur Hart, Anonymous. Mr & Mrs Emile Marchessault, Dr & Mrs James J. McKenna, <:Mrs Gladys V. Hawes, Mr- &: Mr '& Mrs Francis J. O'Brien, ' Dr Joseph ,Baldwin, Anonymous. Mrs Edward Hayes, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs A. S. Pedersen, Anna Mr & Mrs Michael Austin. , Charles Hinkley, Mrs Anne & Margaret Sullivan. Dr & Mrs Joseph Buekley, A Hooper, Mr & Mrs R. Horne. $12 Friend, Mrs Nora E. Kenney, \, Mr & Mrs Jacob Janusz, Mrs Mr & Mrs Charles Burke, Dora. Dr & Mrs Robert Small. Ralph Johnson, Evelyn. Kelly, McCarthy, lVIr &. Mrs Joseph $75 Mr & Mrs Thomas Kelley, Mr & Dr &, Mr.s Jean Webster, In Pierce, Mr & Mrs E. T. Balboni, Mrs Arthur Kirkwood. memory of Walter E. Coilopy by Mr & Mrs George Carignan. NCCM PRESIDENT: William F. Johnson of Pat~rson, Mr.& Mrs William Kruger, Misses Ida & Louise Hoye. Mrs Walter E. Collopy.. Mr.g Francis Lafferty, Mr & Mrs N.J., newly elected president of the nine million-member Margaret Austin, Mrs James $55 J.Lally, Nora Leary, Mr & Mrs Goldrick, Angela J.' Hayes, National, Council of Catholic Men, is congrattilated by Rev. Justin J. Quinn. , $50 . 'Step,hen Hayes, Mr & Mrs T. ij:. Bishop John J. Wright of Pittsburgh at the NCCM con- Thomas Long. , Mr & Mrs Leo Lyonnais, Dan, Victor T. Kindi, Anonymous, Myette, Mr & Mrs W. Silva. vention. NC Photo:.. iel S. Macedo, Mr & Mrs Joseph Mr &_ Mrs Arthur Buckley, , Misses Gertrude & Mary GleaMr & Mrs J. Devlin, Mr E. MahoI1ey, Louise Mahoney, Mrs son, Mr. & Mrs John D. Kenney, , Mrs -Mary B. Foster, Mr & Mrs ,Kelley. , James A. Galligan, Mr & Mrs M. Lillian Killigrew,' Mr &' Mrs - Dion, Mr & Mrs Matthew Don- Margaret Mahoney. Mr & Mrs Maurice I;.yons. Dr. & Mrs Miskell, Louis Macedo. J. Trefor Lewis, Mr,& Mrs Chris. ovan, Mr & Mrs Thomas Dono-: . Mary Manning, Mr & Mrs R. Miskell, Dr. & Mrs W. Muldoon,'. Mrs Mab~l Weeks. Limerick, Mrs Edward Lyons, van & Margaret" Mrs Elizabeth Manning, Jennie McAuley, Mr Dooley., & Mrs E. McCann, Helen Mc.John L. Powell, Dr. & Mrs. Geo. Mrs Alice Lynch. . $il Mar,tha Douglas" Mr & Mrs Carthy. F. Riley. Mr & Mrs F. Peccini. Mr &; Mrs Robert Makin, Mr Daniei Doyle, Patricia Duce, Mr Kathryn T. McCarthy, James Mr & Mrs Joseph St. Aubin, & Mrs Frank Manning, Mr & $10 & Mrs W. Duce, Catherin~ R. McCoy, Hazel McCrohan, Anna Anonymous, Anonymous, The Mr & Mrs James Barron, Mrs E. L. Manley, Mr & Mrs T. McGlynn, Mrs Harriet McMisses Downey, Edward J. Har- Amedee Blanchet. Mr & Mrs Roy Mason, Mr & Mrs Charles Duffy. Mary Duffy, ,Mr & Mrs ,An- Glynn. rington Jr. , Felix Bruce, Joseph Burke, Mrs Mattos. thony Folger, Dr. & Mrs Nor_ Patricia McGlynn, Mr & Mrs Anna & Helen Meade, Dr. John W, Calnan. Mr &: Mrs William McMahon, mand Gamache, Mr & Mrs Paul Martin l\([cGrath, Mr & Mrs Robert Moura. Mr '& Mrs Vincent ,Carter, Mr & Mrs Albert McMullen, Gelinas, :;t'1r & Mrs D. Gioiosa. George McLellan,' Florence E. Mr & Mrs Paul McCabe. Kathleen Clark, Mr & Mrs James Jean ;Mevis, Mr & Mrs John Mi' & Mrs M. Qonsalves, Gen- Menard, ·Anonymous. Mr & Mrs J. J. Dunn, Misses. Corbett, Mr & Mrs .Jorge Cor- , Midura, Edward & Mary MurAlice and Mary Sheerin, Mr & , evieve Grace, Joseph Harrington, Mr & Mrs ,Maurice Monty, reia, Mr & Mrs Edmund Des- phy.' Mrs Philip Tripp. James Murray, Murdock, T. Mr & Mrs T.Healy, Mr & Mrs Amos J. Morris, Mr & Mrs Anrosier. ' thony Nobrega, Mr & Mrs P. $45 Mr & Mrs' Thomas Donahue, Myette,Ann & Bridget Nor- Harold' Herlihy. Mary & Winifred Keneally. ' Barbara Higgins, Mr & Mrs Noonan, Mr: & Mrs Anthony Eileen Driscoll, Mr & Mrs Ed- moyle, Mr _& Mrs William R . L. C. Higgins, Mr & Mrs 'Harold Nunes. . " $40 ward Duggan, lVIr & Mrs Ronald Norris, Raymond J' O'Connor. Mr & ,Mrs F. O'Leary, Mary & Holmes, Mr, & Mrs. J.ames D. Genevieve O'Connor, Mr & Anonymous, Ruth' B. McFad- Dupont, Mrs Katha'rine Edwards. Mrs James C. Fanning, 'Mr & Stephen Osborne, Mrs John Pat- Hunt, Mr & Mrs Raymond Hunt. Mrs William O'Donnell, Mr & den. Eleanor Jennings,. Mrs. Mar- Mrs Charles Oliver, Mr & Mrs Ml' & Mrs George F. Mc- Mrs William Fortier, Mrs Sum- ten, Mary, Peckham,' Mrs Hannah ~illy. .' °garet Johnson, Susan Kane, Clarence Oliver, Mr'& Mrs John ner Gersin, Mrs Mary Grenier, Govern: O'Malley. Anna Riley, Dr ,& Mrs Fredric Chester Kaszynski, Janet Kas- Miss, Ann Hayes. $35 Riley, Susan Shannon, Mark' zynski. Mr'& Mrs James Hayes, Mr & Dr. &; Mrs Robert Durant. Maybelle Keefe, Mr & Mrs ,Mr & Mrs Thomas Parker J1'.. Mrs William Hayes, Mr & Mrs Sullivan, Mr & Mrs G. SwariSeY $30 ~ Tpomas Keeping, Anonymous, Mr & Mrs Richard Perry, Mr & Mrs WiUiam FOster & Family. Milton Healy; Mr & Mrs Paul IlL & Mrs Andrew Keimedy, M1' Mrs Gerard Rivet, Mr & Mrs Healy, Mr & Mrs ,Robert Hitchen , MJ; & Mrs L. Sylvia, Mr & Mrs Mr '$25 & Mrs Leo Kenny. _, \ Llewelyn Roberts, Mrs Annie Gerald'Tache, Mr & Mrs Antonio Roderick. ' Mr & Mrs A.J. Campbell, 'Mr ' & family. Elizabeth Killigrew, Mrs AnMr &' Mrs Francis LeBoeul, .. Vasques, Mr & 'Mrs A. L. Whit. Ie: Mrs J. J. Connor, Philip Kane, thony, S. King, Mrs Aloyse Koch, L. Rooney, Clayton B. ,Russeli, Willliam E. King, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs,R. LeValley, Mr & Mrs tey, Mr &. Mrs James Wooler. Mr & Mrs' Romeo Langlois, Mr Mr & Mrs John Ryan, Mr & Mrs Mrs Harriet Bessette, Mr & T. P. Maguire, Mr & Mrs Rol,and Elmer Page. Oswald SeneSae, Mr & Mrs Mrs Eric Besso, Edward Carney, & Mrs Donald Leaver. , Mr & Mrs Leo St. Aubin,-Wil- Mathieu, George McCarthy. . Paul ' < \II; Mrs Albert LeBoeuf, 'Jemes Shea. Mr & Mrs James J. Carr Jr., Byron McCullough, Mr & Mrs Bam H. Taylor, Dr & Mrs W.' Mrs Harold' J. Leonl;lrd, Mr & Mr & Mrs Robert Shea, Mr & Balderson, Mr & Mrs Thomas Emile Monfils, Helen Moore, Mrs John Clauretie. , Joseph Connolly, Mr & Mrs J. Mrs W. Loveridge, Mrs Annette Mrs George Shinas, Mr & Mrs f\gnes Moriarty, Mrs' Daniel Beedem, Dr & Mrs 'G. Foster. ' Lowrie, Mr & Mrs Joseph MacEdwin Silveira, Anonymous, Dixon, 'Katherine Doyle, Mr & Murphy. William E. King, Mr &; Mrs " Mr & Mrs John Starkie.. Mr & Mrs Owen Murphy, Mr - Mrs Ned M. Emmons, Mrs John Farlane. Edward Lopes, Dr & Mrs James Mrs Raymond Markey, Mr & Mrs Mary Stening, Mrs Sarah . Mahoney, Rosemary Moore Mr & Mrs J. Neitsch, Mrs Wilfred FinnL , Mr & 'Mrs Francis Foley Fam- Mrs Eugene McCoy, Mr ,& Mrs Stroud, Mr & Mrs John J. Sulli- ' Newton, Mr & Mrs John O'Brien, & Mrs J. Pennington. . ' . ' ily, Mr & Mrs Ambrose Furey, Martin McCoy, & Helen Mrs van, Mr & :Mrs John Sullivan, Mr & Mrs John J. Walsh, Mr Mr & Mrs Francis O'Donnell. _ Mr & Mrs. Cy'ril' O'Leary, Mrs Mrs Genevieve Gallagher, Mrs Hazel McCroh~n, Mary' Mc- Mr & Mrs R. Sullivan. &; MrsA. C. Wobecky, Elizbaeth . Mrs Estella Sylvia; Mr '& Mrs Callahan, Mrs Marion Crowe Mr Isabel & Miss Helena Paine, Mrs Ursula Galligan, Mr & Mrs, O. Cusker. _. Mr & Mrs Leonard McDonnell. Bradley Taber, Mr & Mrs JosAnne Porter, Mr & Mrs W. Quin- Hackett. &; Mrs R. Isabel. ' , Mrs .Francis Harrington, Mr & lan, Mr & Mrs James Quinn. Helen F. McGurk, Mr & Mrs C. eph Theodore, Mr & Mrs A. ToEliz. & Helen O'Connor. Mr & Mrs Manuel Rapoza, Mr Mrs Arthur Harwood, Mrs' Mar- McKenna, Mildred McMullen, biassen, Mrs Patricia Tracey. Elizabeth Cassidy, Mr & Mrs Mr& Mrs J. Tweedie, Mr & Wm. Kearney, Mr & Mrs Peter William Rapoza, Mrs'. Mary garet Jackson, Mr & Mrs Donald Mr &, Mrs Michael Harrington. Rosen, Mr & Mrs Ralph Royer, LaFavor, Mr & Mrs P. LaForrest. Mr & Mr~ Charles Morse, Mr Mrs Edward Tynan, Mr & Mrs K'uszycki, George Law,Mr & Mr'& Mrs Antone Rutkowski. Mr & Mrs Raoul'Langevin, Mr & Mrs P. Moore, Mr & Mrs R. Russell Vanni. Mr & Mrs M. Mrs John O'Rourke. Mr & Mrs EdI1)und Savoie,Mr & Mrs D. LaVallee, Mr & Mrs Morris, Mr & Mrs James T, Walker, Mr & Mrs JohnD. ZyMr' & Mrs ,Charles Phelan, Mr giel. & Mrs J. Rivet, Mr & Mrs Albert & Mrs J. Sheerin, Mr & Mrs R. PauI,Lowney, Mrs Mary Mahon, Mosher, William Mosher. , Mr ,& Mrs Joseph Mun'dorf, . Tum to ~age Twenty.~ive Silva, Mr & Mrs Joseph V: D. Smith, Mrs Judith Sykes, Mr & Mrs J. A. McAvoy. Elizabeth Taylor. Mr & Mrs James McCarthy, Helen Nelson. Elizabeth F. Smith, Mr & Mrs Robert Taber ,Mario Joseph Vercellone, Mr Helen McGrath, Mr & Mrs B. O'Brien, Helen O'Brien, Mary T; • ' c> $23 " & Mrs Sylvestor Vercellone"Mrs 'Murp~y, Mrs Hazel E. Murphy, O'Brien. Mr & Mrs B. DePiro. FAIRFIELD (NC) ~ The' Mary Wa'rr, Mr & Mrs George Mr &,Mrs F. Murray. Mrs Elizabeth O'Malley, Mr & $20 New York Giants of the NationWezniak, Mr & Mrs William Mrs S. PariSi, Mr & Mrs George Mr & Mrs A. 'Nunes, Mr & Mr & Mrs J. W. Durant, Mr & Whelan', Mrs J. Whelan & Ann. Mrs' Ernest Olhrer, Mary O'Mal- Ponte, Peter Ricardo; Mr & Mrs al ,Football' League .again will' Mrs Robert Ford Anonymous train. this, Summer on the camAnn~ ' ley, Anonymous, Mr & Mrs R. Levis Roby. M;arie T. Mahone/ Mr & Mrs A: pus of the' Jesujts' Fairfield Theresa, Beehan, Mr &' Mrs Mr & Mrs George D. Rogers, Porter. Medeiros. University here in Connecticut. William Beehan, William J. Rosemary Porter, Mr & Mrs K;athleen Rogers, Mr & Mrs Rose, Catherine '& Agnes O'Malley Beehan Jr., Mr & Mrs Cecil Irene Sadler, Mr & Mrs J'oseph John F. Robinson" Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs J. Peters, Mary &' Black, Mr & Mrs Raymond Bos..: Eugene Sheerin, Mr & Mrs H. P. Santos. . Clara Smith, Judge & Mrs Auwell. LynwoOd Silvia, Mrs Cecelia Silveira, Mr & Mrs Francis Su~­ gustus Taveira, Joseph 'Amaral. Mr & Mrs james Buckley, Mr livan. Slocumb, Mr J. F. Southworth Mr & Mrs Elmer Cunningham, & Mrs W. J. Buckley, Mrs Ada Grace Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Anonymous, Mr & Mrs ' Jos~ Mr & Mrs Patrick S. Davis, Alice Doherty, Mr & Mrs J. J. Murphy, Callaghan, • Mr & Mrs Louis , Thomas Sullivan, Helen T. Syl- Taber. Carideo, Mr & Mrs E. Clark: Mrs Frances Thomas, Mr & via, Joseph Toomey, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Wm: Souza., Mrs Alice Collins, Miss M. Herbert Travers. _Mrs A. Tiernan, Mr & Mrs DonDr. & Mrs Emil Suchnicki ald VanCleft, Suzanne VanCleft, Mr & Mrs Allan Wall, Mr & NEW- BEDFORD A~o.pymous, Mr & Mrs Myro~ Considine, Mrs Manuel Correia, TrIPP, Mr & Mrs James Com- Mr & Mrs E. <;:ote, Mr & Mrs Mrs Arthur Walsh, Mrs Ann F. Mr & Mrs Lawrence Weaver. Stan~ey Danzell'. Antoinette, Joseph, Catherine Young. ,iskey, Anva Driscoll. INDUSTRIAL OILS Mr & Mrs Thomas kllen, Mr &' & CharIes Wessiack, Mr & Mrs , Mr & Mrs E'.'J. Harrington Mr Mr & Mrs R. Da Rocha, Mr & & Mrs William Humphrey Mr & Mrs James Doyle, Mr & Mrs T. Mrs Joseph Audette, Julia Barry, ,'fohn Whelan,. Miss M. T. 'WinHEATING OILS M,rs Francis McCarthy, J~hn N. Driscoll, Mr & Mrs E. Ennis, Mr & Mrs Wm. 'A. Barter" Mr & spero Mrs Wilson Bonneau. OBrien, Mr ,& Mrs Leo Shea. Mrs Wm. Ferguson. . Mr S. F. Winsper, Mrs' W. TIMKEN James Carr Sr. Almyra Brennan, Dorothea Yates" Mr & Mrs Peter Ziemba. Mr & Mrs Wm. Ferguson Jr., Mr_& Mrs James C. Hesford Brennan, Mabelle ,A. Brunelle, Mrs Ral-ph Andrews, Mr & Francis Fish, Mr' & Mrs Julio Ol~ BURNERS Richard P., Regan &, Helen. . Fornachiari, Mrs Theresa Fraw- Frances A. Burke, T. Harold Mrs A'lbert Attridge, Mrs Jean Mr & Mrs John Gero Mr & ley, Robert Gellette. ~urke. Bennett, Mr & Mrs Norman Mrs E. Mitchell, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Thomas Carney, M1' Bellgeron, ~ & Mrs Charles , Edith Gifford, Mr'& Mrs Willis Charles Pelczar, Mr & Mrs A. J. ' Goodwin, Mr & Mrs Manuel & Mrs Wm. Canado, Alice Berry. Pothier, ~rs Mary Wheaton.. Mr & MDs EmiHen Bessette, Guerreiro, Mr & Mrs Donald Cashman, Mrs Frederick, Cho..: 501 COUNTY ST. $16 Mrs Helen Bowcock & Margaret, Harrington, Mr & Mrs P.' Hayes. quette, Mr & Mrs C. Connors. Mr & Mrs Paul Malone. Mr & Mrs John Boyle, Mr & MQ 'Cornelius Hur'ley, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Adrien Cote, Mr & NEW BEDFORD Wm. Jeffries, Margaret & Cath- Mrs G. Cronin, Mary Ellen Cur- Mrs Norman Brittain, Mr & Mrs , $15 u ' Theodore Calnan. Mr & Mrs E. Delisle. Mrs John erine Judge, Mr & Mrs James. ry, Mr & Mrs Paul Curry, Mr & WY 3-1751 F,rancis Carney;. Mr &; M§ 'W. Glenn, Mr & Ml:S 'John 'J. Kearney, ' Mr &0 Mrs Frederick Mrs Emery Cusson. ~ Ail' £~l,



-:;':cese of Fall River-Thurs. May 18, 196'1 ..-...-_-.-_

, ."


Giants At College


OIL (0. INC.


Sales & Service


$400 . Rev. FFaBcis McKeon. $75 Rev. Edward J. Mitchell, Re". Francis B. Connors. $26 Anna Maguire, Dr Anthony Elias, J. Howard O'Keefe, Thomas Whalen, Mr & Mrs'Robert Dray, Mrs Angela Chambers. $20 John Welch & Family, Edward Boudreau, Kathryn Donahue, Mr .& Mrs Leo Caron, Mr' & . Mrs Jt I Lynch, Mr & Mrs John J. L.udy. $15 Mr & Mrs John Boudreau,. Roo:e O'Donnell, Rita O'Donnell, Mr & Mrs B. Lewis McDermott. " $10 Mr & Mrs Edward Nadeau, Mr & Mrs Henry Sullivan, Mr & Mrs John W. Maguire, Mr & Mrs Robert Dennen, 'Mr & Mrs Edward Koss. Mr & Mrs Francis W. Kenney, Mr & Mrs Edward Feeney, Mr & Mrs William Geisler, Mr & Mrs Howard Donnelly, Mrs Ethel Alwardt. Mr & Mrs James McCarthy, Mr & Mrs Antone Silva, Galen Rheaume, Mr & Mrs William Lane, Mr & Mrs Lafayette Nolet. William McCaffrey, Mr & Mrs Albert Scully, Mr & Mrs' Leo Farrell, Mr & Mrs Charles Delano, Frank Curran. Mr & Mrs Leo Landgraf, Mr & Mrs John O'Donnell, Mr & Mrs Arthur McDermott, Sarah Nichols, Mary E. Nichols. The Barker Family, Alice Carney, Mrs John Souza, Mr & Mrs Thomas J. O'Neill, Mr & Mrs Edward Quegan. Mr & Mrs Raymond Corey, Mr & Mrs Patrick J. Murphy, Mr & Mrs Thomas Bowen, Mr & Mrs Joseph Martin, Mr & Mrs B. Frank Leddy. Mr & Mrs Eugene Braga, Mr & Mrs L,ester Crowninsh~eld, Mynette Briody, Mr & .Mrs Arthur Mello, Gertrude Carey. Mr & Mrs Vincent McAloon, Harold Rheaume, Alice Carey, Mr & Mrs Joseph Torres, Mr & Mrs Thomas Varden.. Mr & Mrs AMato Biondi.. Mr & Mrs Harold Wood. Mr & Mrs Herbert A. Lee, Mr & Mrs Roger Prairie, Mr & Mrs Ernest Prairie, Mary K. Nichols, Laura' Lane, Donald McDonald M.D. and daughters. ~ Gilbert'Cunha, Mr & Mrs John Byrne, Mr & Mrs Dennis Martin, Mr & Mrs John LaCombe, Mr & Mrs George White Mr & Mrs Joseph Brennan, Mr & Mrs John Provost, Mrs Louise Kelliher, Mr & Mrs John J. Kelly, Mr & Mrs Philip Lemieux. Mr,& Mrs Walter Strojny, Mr &; Mrs W. Wallace Smith, Mr & Mrs Frank Mello, Mr & Mrs John R. Martin, Mr & Mrs Leon Landry. Mary Kennedy, In Memory of William D. Fitzgerald, Raymond P. Whalen, Mrs John 'Keppler, Mr & Mrs Thomas Whalen. Mr & Mrs Clarence O'Neill, Mr & Mrs Thomas Perry, Mr & Alan Fitzgerald, Mrs Francis Fisher, Edward S. Brown. Mrs Ellen Brennan, Mr & Mrs Real Samson, Mr & Mrs Eino Silvan, Mary & Margaret M. McCarthy, Mr & .Mrs Henry Milko. . Mr & Mrs James A: Cooke, Mr & Mrs William J. Coe Sr.. Mrs Isabelle Dolan, A Friend, Mr & Mrs John J. Niehols. Carolyn Johnson, Mrs Mary Baptiste, Mr & Mrs Walter Ziajor, Mr & Mrs Donald Webster, Mr &: Mrs Kenneth Delano. Mr '& Mrs George Silva, Mr & Mrs' Clifton Pierce, Mr & Mrs Paul Silva, Matteson Family, Mr & Mrs Stanley Roberts. HOLY FAMILY

$550 Rev. William H Dolan. $100 Holy Family Women's Guild. $55 Rev. James F. Kenney. $50 Adolph Bombardier, Joseph lMIozzone. $25 c1hNIeph D. Raposa.

Joseph Fournier, Louis Gilc1?-rist, Mrs Louis Gilchrist, Mary Gorman, Mabel Harrington. Mar-tha Hayes, David Higgins, Louise Higgins, Marg'uerite Hoye,.Mr & Mrs James Lunney: Wifiiams Lyons, Theresa Kennedy, Mary L. McGrath, Monica McGuire, Catherine McKeon. , • Madeline McKeon, Mary McKeon, Mary McManus, Dennis McSweeney, Winifred McKeon. John Mrocka, John Murphy, Joseph O'Hearne,' George J. Patrick Jr., Mr & Mrs Robert Perry. . Francis Pinto, Ann. Pivorotto, Lawrence Pivorotto, Edward F. Powers, Edward D. Powers. f Robert Quigley, George Reilly, Robert Richardson. Janice Russell, Thomas Russell. . Joseph Rihbany, Albert E. Ryan, Andrew Scherben, Mr & WINS AWARD: Miss Ber- Mrs ArthurJ. Shaw, Helen nice Barnaby, 124 Forest Shove. Clifford Smith, Esther SulliStreet, Fall River, is ,the reWINNER: Miss Janice Daniel Sullivan, Nellie Sulcipient of a scholarship from van, daught~r of Mr. Lapointe, livan, Kathleen Tormey'. ,Assumption Circle, DaughAgnes Vaillancourt, Olivia and Mrs. Lionel Lapointe of ters of Isabella.' A senior at. Vrattos, Mrs Kenneth Waine' 232 Anthony St., Fall River, Durfee High School, she will Mrs John E. Welch, Edward and a Mt. St. Mary Academy attend Annhurst College, Bayle. senior, nas won a partial tuiMichael Brady. Esther BuckWoodstock" Conn. ley, Mrs Robert Cole, Dorothy tion scholarship to Boston Donahue Family, Howard Dona- University, ,where she will $20' maj or in Physical Therapy at _ Edward F. Caineron, Charles hue. Charles Ducharme, Mrs Cece- Sargent College. Geer. lia Healey, James Holmes, Wm. $15 .'Thomas Coughlin, Francis' Holmes, Mr & Mrs Ed. Lehan. Alfred Marotte, Armand MarMartha Leonard. Mary Lynch, rotte, Clement Marrotte, Joseph Dutra. Emma T. McAloon, Helen Mc$12 Masse, Louis MathIeu. Carthy, Elizabeth McMorrow. Fred Patrick. Edmond Menard, Frederic Lawrence Munise, Thomas Menard, Alfred Meunier, Wilfrid $10 John Alvilhiera, Amaral Fam- Murphy, Dr Thomas O'Brien, Meunier, Edmond Morin. ily, John Amaral, James Ambro- John Seekell, Cecelia Sheerin . Louis Morin, Ronald Morin, ' zio, William Araujo, St'anley Mary C" Sheerin. Rose Morin Family, Gilbert Baran.'. Morris, Richard Morris. ST. JACQUES Benjamin Berthao, Arthur Arthur Nadeau Family, Omer $250 Collins, Manuel Correia, Joseph Nadeau, Eva Nolin, Sarah Oliver, In Memory of Rev. William DeMoura, Richard DeMoura. Arthur Patenaude Smith. Mr & Mrs Camille Dietlin, Henri Perra, Henry & Rose $220 George Dorsey; John Dorsey, .Perra, Albert Perreault, Elmer Rev. F. Anatole Desmarais. Joseph Dupont, Charles Eugenio. Perreault, Marie Perreault. " $100 Manuel Frates, Edmund Gagne, Edmond Perry, Antonia Piche, Rev. Daniel Gamache. Lawrence Gagnon, Thomas J." Emile C. Poirier, Paul Racine, $50 Gleghorn, Laura' Glidden. In memory of' Rev. William John Ramsay. Mrs Roger Hall, John Hayes, Maurice Riendeau, Paul RodMrs Alfred Judge; Michael Lar- Smith. rigue Family, Louis Soucy, Ray$30 kin, John MachadQ. ' mond Starvish, Joseph TremLazare Tremblay. Edward Marshall, Matthew . blay. $25 Masterson, William McAloon, Robert Tremblay, Lazarre Matthew Bury, Raymond William F. McGrath, Lydia MeTremblay, Emile Vaillancourt" Nolin. deiros. Henri Vaillancourt $20 Joseph Mendes, Mrs Evelyn Miss Christina Lehoux. Mitchell, Gilbert Morey, Sadie .. $15 Motta, Bruno Mozzone;· Roland Auclair, Euclide BoiJames A. Pacheco, George M. ST. JOHN OF, GOD Powers Jr., Mr & Mrs William vin Sr. $200 $10 R. Powers, Anne Perry, Francis Rev. Augusto L. Furtado. Charles Almeida, Frederie Perry. , $25 Joseph Perry, Stephen Punda, Andrade, Joseph Arguin, Adeline Joseph P. Costa Jr. Mr & Mrs William A. 'Neilan, Ars!!nault, Wilfrid Baril. Anne ,Marie Beaulieu" Ernest $15 John J. Quinn, Mrs Adeline Beaulieu, Wilfrid Beaulieu &; Dr Manuel C. P~reira, Alfred' . Roberson. Naura Beauvais J. Souza. Nelson Robitaille, Ellen Ryan, Antoinette, ' Lawrence J. Scanlon, Charles F. Donald' Beauvais. $11 Alfred Begnoche, Napoleon Sheehan, John C. Sienko. John King. ~ohn Silva, William Silva, Begnoche, Eugene. Benoit, G~ $10 Ernest Silvia, Stanley Slavick,' rard Benoit, Albina Bernier. Manuel E. Rapoza, Armand Armand Berube, 'Napoleon Mrs Henrietta Szargowicz. Lebel, George M. <;:astanho, ZygBerube, Mrs Thomas Bilodeau Elliot Westcoat, Alfred Wilmunt Ziobro, Victor Pavao, lette, John Zeiba, Mr & Mrs 'Family, Euclid' Boivin, Eugene Joseph Borges. J. Boivin. • . George Zinnell. Anthony S. Gaspar, Louis FrancisJ. Boivin, Joseph BoiST. MARY'S vin,. Gerard Bonenfant, Vitale Habib, Manuel Arruda, Arthur $1,100 Bourgeois Family, Alban Feno, Antone S. Feno, Joseph Coray. Rt. Rev. James Dolan. Bourque. Thomas McKane, John Ber$75 Stanley Brezinski Family, GilRev. William O. Morris. bert Brouillette, Adelard Car- nard, John DeSouto, John Coffey" Joseph Mendoza. $55 bonneau, Napoleon Carbonneau John G. Nc;>prega, Manuel SanRev. Norman J. Ferris. Theolinde Champagne. . ' son, James Costa. Manuel Mo$50 Ar.t~ur Charette, Joseph Cote Arthur Murphy.' FamIly, Roland A, Cote, Emilia raes, Luperce Silvia. Francis MUllaley, Joseph $25 & Gerard Courcy, Therese Perry, lVil,liam Raposa. Dr &. Mrs John E. Fenton, Courcy. James P. Galligan, Mr &; Mrs Th~rese, Bertha & Cora Charles J. Murphy, Jpseph F. Courcy, Germain Cyr, Hermeline Wade. Daniel, Mrs AIda Deniger CaOUR. LADY 'OF THE ANGELS mille Denis. ' $20 $200 Mrs Catherine Carr, James Albert Desrosiers, Bruno DesRev. James V. Mendes. Judge, Catherine McCarthy, rosiers, Robert Dion, Thomas $55 James E. McGovern, Mary Mc- Donnelly, Roland A. Dubois. Rev. Manuel Andrade. Lear. William Dubois Marie Louise $25· .Joseph C. Megan, Richard Dumont, William Dumoulin, RuHoly Name' Society of Our Strachan, Dorothy A. Clark, dolphe Dusseault, Albert FourLady of the Angels Church nier. Marguerite Claffy. Ladies Guild of Our Lady of th~ $18.75 Paul Gagnon. Alma Gamelin Jeane.tte Whipple. Miss Roseabla Garant, Theodor~ Angels Church, Conference of St. Vincent de Paul of Our Lady Gazda, Felix Girard. $15 Ethyl Buckley, Ralph Buckley Mrs Napoleon Giroux, Edward of the Angels Church Jiilia Simas. ' Alice ·McCusker, Michael' Mc~ Goguen Family, Francis Guay Cusker, Mrs Michael McCusker Laureat Guay, Dr & Mrs Fer~ Clotilde Nason, Joseph Duffy. ' nand Hamel. . A. D. McMULLEN Regina Hebert, William He$12 Inc. Alice Correa. bert, Rita Labonte Albert Laliberte, Frank Lam~rche. M OV E R S $10 Eva Lamoureux, Henri LaGertru~e Baker, Joseph C. SERVING Bettencourt, Joseph Bettencourt, moureux, Andre LeBlanc, NorFall River, New 'Bedford Josephine Bettencourt, Carlton. mand Levuyer, Frank LehouilArea Cape Cod lier. Caron. Agen~: Oscar Lemieux. Armand LeThe Casey Family, Eleanor AERO MAYFLOWER Clement, Catherine Cody, Mary vesque, Honore Levesque Paul Machnik, Georges Madar. ' Connors, T. Howard Corr. TRANSIT CO. INC. Therese Mansfield, Alphonse Mrs Charles F. Faber, William' Nation-wide Movers Fitzgerald, Ann Fitzsimmons Mr Marcotte, Clothilda Marcotte WYman 3-0904 & Mrs John J. _ Fitzsimm'ons, . Clovis Marcoux, Mrs Alfred Mar~ 304 Kempton St. New Bedford rotte. Mary Fitzsimmons. ,


Fall River

THE ANCJ.JC'~-'" Thurs., May lB, 1961 \ $20 Mariano Thomas and Manuel Sousa. $15 Joseph Theodore. $10 C.Y.O. of Our Lady of the Angels, Nicolau Teixeira, Ernest Barreiro, Edward Alves, Mariano Martins. Louis Rego, Deodato Ricaro'O, Manuel Rego, Carl Dionezio. Manuel Hilario. Joaquim Costa, Edw~rd Teves, Manuel Correia, Rosa Furtado, John Costa. ' Maria C. Mello, Francis Fitta, Albertina Mello, Joseph Ferreira; Maria Allsop. Julio Rodrigues, Antonio Spencer. '

Woods Hole ST. JOSEPH'S

$275 Rev. Edwin J. Loew. $100 Paul T.. McCusker. $35 Mr & Mrs Thomas Turner. <:I $30 Frances B. Goffin. $25 . Mr & Mrs' Paul Archambault, Mr & Mrs Thomas Lawrence, Claudia PendeIigast, Mr & Mrs Ralph Simonea'u.. . $20 Elizabeth V. Collins, Friend. $10 Edward Antonellis, Mr & Mrs Robert Bett!?, Mr & Mrs Joseph Caissie, Mr & Mrs James P. Clarke, Charles Clarkin. Mrs John Clarkin, Lawrence Clarkin, Robert Clarkin, Mr & Mrs Anthony Dangelo, Daughters of Isabella. Margaret Fagan, Mr & Mrs Dana Freeman, Mr & Mrs Thos. Gleason, John Grant, Lt. Cdr. & Mrs Joseph Hall. Mrs Owen Halsta.d, Mr & Mrs Herbert Hart, Martha McLaughlin, Mr & Mrs Charles McNeece, .Mr & Mrs William McNeece. Dr & Mrs Paul Nace, Mr &I Mrs George Nickelson, Elizabeth Riley, Helen Scott, Mr &I Mrs Anthony Silvia. Mrs Willard H. Smith, Mr &I Mrs David Soule, Mr & Mra Arthur Tavares, Thursday Club, William Turner. Mr & Mrs Ralph Vaccaro, Mr & Mrs Dominic' Vadala Mrs Mary Wixon. '. Turn to Page T»venty-six

Study Other Beliefs ST. LOUIS (NC) ..:... A quiet, systematic investigation into' Protestant and Jewish religious beliefs is under way at three Catholic colleges for women here. Aim of ·the program at Maryville, Fontbonne and. Webster colleges is to acquaint students with the religious belie" of non-Catholics.

R. A. WILCOX CO. OFFICE FURNITURE III S....,. fer Immediau Dell.."


R. A. WILCOX CO. 22 BEDFORD 51. FAll RIVER 5.7838

A Delicious Treat

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'..... ......os..... Roland C8t'OR,' Mils 'M~l'y, ,Car roll. Thurs., May 18, -1961 $300 Mr & Mrs John F. Cashman, ~ Joseph's ChurCh Societies. Mr & Mrs Leonard Clarkson, Mr ,& lYIrs James Collins, Edward $20 Connelly, Margaret Connelly. Miss Alma Piche. Mary Connelly, Louis 'Cotnoir; Cont. from Page l'wenty-five, $10 Mr & Mrs Vincent S. Cotnoir, Dr &, Mrs Clarence Leblanc, Mr & Mrs William Craig, Marian Mrs Archille Coderre, AnnonCrosby. ' ST. JAMES ciade Robillard,Mr & Mrs ArMr & Mrs Henry Cummiskey,' $1,000 thur, Powell, Mr & Mrs Armand Mr & Mrs Alfred DeSouza, Carol Rt Rev Hugh' A. Gallagher. Lafond, Mr & Mrs Roland' BerDeSouza, James Devlin, Mr & $300 ' geron, Mr & Mrs Normand BerMrs Timothy Downey. Mr & Mrs Philip Hemingway. nier. $100 Mr & Mrs Norman lFaucher; Yvonne's Dress Shop,. Mr & ,Dr. & Mrs James Quinn. Mr & Mrs James Ferry, Mrs Mrs Rene Dupont, Mr & Mrs . $75 Bridget J. Finch, Mr & Mrs WilRoland Dupont, Mr & Mrs Rev Edward C'. Duffy. liam R. Flood, Mrs Mabel Foster. Roland Salvail, Mr &' Mrs LauMr & Mrs Mario Fraga, Mr & . Rev Albert F, Shovelton. rent Antaya. $50 . Mrs Gilbert Francis, Mr & Mrs Paui Clark, Mrs :reremiah Mitchell Gaj, Mr & Mrs James Mr &. Mrs Lucien Beaulieu, Mr Coholan" Mr & Mrs Micnael Galligan. & Mrs Adelard Farland, Mr & • Crowley, Dr. Daniel Harrington; Anne Garside, Patrick Gibson, Mrs Roland' Lamarre, Mr & Mrs Mary Gibson, Mr & Mrs Milton Mr & Mrs William Hendricks. Eugene Pelletier, Mrs Jeanne Mr & Mrs Edward Kirwin, Griffin, Mr & Mrs John Groton. Levesque. ,Mr & Mrs Joseph Hampson, 'Elizabeth M. Phaneuf, lVIr & Mrs . Mr &. Mrs Adrien Coderre Jr., ,Mr& Mrs Walter' Harney, Raymond Tschaen Sr. Mr & Mrs Normand 'Faucher, M; Dr & Mrs Aloysius Harney, Mr & Mrs Louis Hecner, James & Mrs Raymond Lapointe, Mr & Holden, Thomas A. Holden. ' The Hurley Famiiy. Mrs Laurence Fortin;o?Mr & Mrs $40 Mrs Robert Johnson, Mr & Edgar Pineault. Mary M. Walsh. Mrs Bradford Jones" Mr & Mrs Mr & 'Mrs, Arthur Rioux, Mr '& , $35 qeorge Joseph .& Fam}ly, 'Mrs ,Mrs Daniel. Gautreau, Mr & Harriet Perry. Stella KaHevik, Mr & Mrs -Adam Mrs Joseph Tremblay, Mr & Mrs $30 tI Lacala. ' Antone Fournier, Miss Armande Mr & Mrs, Frederick E. Cor- - Mr &Ml's Roland Lepire, Mrs, Gamache. beil. Charles Little, Mr & Mrs Haroid VOCATION EXHIBIT: Students at St. Mathieu's & Mrs Nelson Audette Mr $%6 Livesey, Mr & Mrs Elmo McSchool, Fall River; stage annual vocational exhibit. Left & Mr Mrs Francis' Roberge, Mr & Mrs Th~odore Gladu. Auliffe, Major and Mrs Ray-, to 'right; Richard Charland, Pa!1l Garant, Vivianne Prevost, Mrs Joseph Jussaume, Mr & Mrs $25 mond McDermott. visit Paul's display, featuring the Diocesan, priesthood. Stanislas Legere, Mr & Mrs Ray- . Mr & Mrs Wiliam Best, Anne Minnie McDonald, Anna Mcmond Methot. Dawber, Mr & Mrs Raymond Gurk, Mr & Mrs Robert J. Mc- Mrs Roland Fay, Mr & Mrs, erett J. O'Brien, Mr,& Mrs FranFontaine, Dr. & Mrs Byron Ford, Hugh, Mr & Mrs .Tames'McKen- Alfred Feno, Mr & Mrs John ,cis O'Brien, Mr & Mrs Henry Mr & Mrs Normand Robitaille The Frank T. Francis Family. O'Brien, Mr/ & Mrs 'Leonard Mr & Mrs Roger Tetreault, Mr & na, Mr &. Mrs Samuel·Madruga. Fernaudes,Mr & Mrs Albert A Friend, Mr & Mrs .James L. O'Brien. / ,', Mrs Walter 'Midura, Mr & Mrs 'Mr & Mrs Thomas Moss, Mr Fields, John E. Foster. Giblin, Mrs Delia', Harr:ington, Lionel Silva, Mr & Mrs jerome &Mrs John Murphy, Mr ThomWilliam, Foster, Mr & Mrs 'Katherine Oesting, Mrs Edith Doyon. Mr & Mrs James P. ~Ullin Jr., as Murty, Mr & Mrs'Alfred Nor": pq.ilias J. Fournier, Mr-&; Mrs Oliveira, Mr & Mrs Leopold 'OliMr & Mrs Edward O'Rourke. mandin, Mr' & Mrs Henry Oui- ,Lawrence Foy, Mr& Mr:s Paul ,veira, Mr & Mrs Andrew O'Neil, Mr '& Mrs Roger Fortin, Mr & Mr & Mrs Francis Roach, Mr met. Francis;. Mr & Mrs William Agnes O'Rourke, Mr & Mrs 'Mrs Olivier Robillard, 'Mr & Mrs & Mrs Thomas Rogere, In MemThomas O'Rourke.' Armand .Fredette, Mr & Mrs ,Mr & Mrs' Stanley Palys, Joan Freitas. ory of Mr& Mrs Timothy J;. Sul-:Dieudonne Brouillette,' Mr,: & M. Park, Mr's Kathleen Perkins, Mr & Mrs Arthur Furtado, Mr Eileen O'Rourke, Elizabeth livan & Agnes, Mr & MtsHenry O'Rourke, fMr . & Mrs Charles Mrs Ronald Lan%is. . Tavares; ,In Memory of Catherine Mr & Mrs ,William Powers, Mr and Mrs Domingo Furtado, Mary &'Mrs Edward Ramshead. .' Gallagher, Mary, A. Gallagher, Ouimet, Mr & Mrs Albert PacheMr & Mrs George Vezina Mr & I.Wal;;h., .' Mrs Laurier Cormier, Mr &: Mrs co. Margaret T. Walsh, Mary, E. . Mr & Mrs Thomas Reaga~, Mr Mrs Laura Galligl). , Joseph' Hebert, Mr & Mrs Nor,Ellen Gaughan, Esther Gelder, , Wheian, Mr:. & Mrs.'Jaines A. & Mrs lfrankliri Robbins, TerMr & Mr:s Armand Pereira, Mr mand Dumas, Mr & Mrs Paul 'A. ence J. Rogers, Mr, & Mrs HarMr & Mrs Joseph Goley; Lillian Worden. & Mrs Joseph 'pl;!rcival,Carol, Leroux. . old Sherblrio, Mr,&M:rs Bernard Gomes, Mr & .. ~rsJoseph GonPerry, Mr ,& Mrs Gerald Perry,' . '. : $25 ..' , salves.' "" ',' ' . Mrs Roberta Ashley, Mr ..& Sullivan. ' L.ouisPerry. , ,'Mrs Corinne Maranda Mr & ' , Mr &. Mrs Anth~.~,y SYlvi~,:, Mr: , 'Mrs David Cardoza, Mr' & Mrs' ,Mrs Hugh Barry,' Mrs Margery. ; Mr & Mrs, Samuel Greene, 'Mr 'Mr ,& Mrs. Gilbe~t T. Perry', Mrs Manuel' Sylvia, John Mr & Mrs Kulas, Mr: &,.l\fr:s' Charl~s. & S~ulik" Charles 'Tarpey, Mr,; & & Mrs William. E. ;Hall, Mary Mr & Mrs Thomas Perry, Mr & Warren Bessette; ' ' Palm,er, Mr & M~ Francis 0. ,Mrs William Trought Jr. '. Halloran, Joseph Hampson, Mr ~rs Edward, Peters, Loretta E. Albert Vigeant, Mr' & Mrs Mare Quin'n. • , '"arl M '1"yn T' owers,"Mr '. ,& Mrs & Mrs William Harrington. Phaneuf,' Mary E. Phaneuf: Demanche... , ,$20 ." Mr & Mrs 'John Phoiar, ·M.'r & Mr & Mrs Arthur Bastarache Francis Tuite, Mar~ Walsh, Mrs Me.. & Mrs Benedict J. Harri; Mrs ,Carl ,Al).derson, Robert Q; .William P. 'Walsh, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Henri Brouillette, Mr~ _ son,' Robert Hayes, Mrs Fiorence, Bancroft, Mr .& Mrs He.q.ry Fre-" samuel WeedaU. ' Hendric~son,. ,A/tty '& Mrs, Ed- ~rs .Joaquim' Piria, ,Mr~ )Mary, Louise Souliere, Mr & Mrs GorPItta, Mr, & Mrs Antho~y Piva,' don Barber, Mr & Mrs Roland' nette" Mr, & Mrs Arnold Pa'rsA Friend. ;""~', warn Hicks, Mr & MI'S Milton Mr& o'ns, Mr- & Mrs 'Leonard 'Storer, "Mrs John Polycarpo. "Laplante. I Mr & Mrs Eugene Alfonso, Mr :ijincheliffe. ' , Mr & Mrs Louis G. Sylvia, Mr '· -Mr .& Mrs Roland Pomfret, Mr & Mrs Maurice Nault Mr & Mrs Arthur Amaral, Mr& Mrs ' Mr & Mrs Doriald Hoaghirid,' H &: Mrs Joseph Towers. annah T. P.ower, Mary Power,&: Mr Arm dB d M' & JS h anA ernMar '& r ,Mr & Mrs John' Callanan; ,Mr Thomas Archer; Mr &' Mrs Wil~ ,Mr.& Mrs Charles Houbre, Mrs Margaret Quail, Mr & Mrs Rene o' 'M M rs rs 0 nny nsay, r &:'Mrs James W. Clark, Charles 'liam Aspden,Mrs Agnes Bald- Stella Howlahd,' Mrs Ernest Racine:. ' Napoleon Poirier, Mr, & Mrs win. '" .' "Humphrey, Mr '& Mrs' Stanley B. Clavin, Nellie Fay, !VIr & Mrs : ¥rs R,ita Ramos, M~ & Mrs Arthur Saulnier. Joseph E. Baldwin,. Mrs. Can- Jadlowe. Joseph Gerrard. ~r & Mrs Leo N. Hebert, Mr Helen Jarusik, Mrs Margaret Edward Riley, Mrs Harry RobDr. Joseph Gleason, Mr & Mrs dida Barrows, Mr & :Mrs Kenerts, 'Paul Roberts, Ellen Rob& Mrs -Leopold Roy, Mr & Mrs neth Barrows; Mrs Clifford J~ffries, Mr &-Mrs Leo KavanJohn Gomes, Mr &. Mrs .. Joseph Antonio Grenier, Mr & Mrs RobBates, Mr & Mrs Harold F. Bayaugh Jr., Sarah A.' 'Keighley, , inson.' Harrison, 1\1:1' '& Mrs, Michael lies. "Mr & ,Mrs 'Charles 'Rose, Mr & 'ert Arguin, Mr & Mrs Robert James Kilbride. ' . '. ' ' Hummel, Anna L. Kennedy. ' Mrs Margaret A. King, Mar- / Mrs Jame.s F. Ryan Jr., Me & Letendre. 'Mrs Julia Kennedy, ~lr & Mrs . Mr & Mrs Fred Bergeron BarMr & Mrs'Robe'rt Buba i Mr & bara Best, Mr & Mrs Ra~mond garet Kinniery, Mr & Mrs John ,Mrs' ,John H. ,Ryan, Mrs Knut :Edward Mackay, Mr & Mrs Salhus, ,Mr &; Mrs Manuel SanMrs Romeo Dugas, Mr & Mrs Joseph S. Maziarz, Dr Patrick J. Bolger, Mr Earl Bonneau, Mrs. Kostrz~wa, Mrs Mildred Kristos.' , " Jeremie Chiasson. Mr & Mrs Florence Booth. ~iansen, Mrs John Kruczek & O'Connor, William O'Malley. Mr & Mrs Pa'tJ1 Bourgault, Mr James. ' . ' ,Mary. ,G. Santos, Margaret Normand Deschenes, Mr & Mrs : Mr & Mrs Raymond Smith, Scott, Mr & Mrs J. Arthur Shee- ,Roger Dupuis. Mr &. Mrs John LaBrode Mr Mr &' Mrs Richard Sparrow, Clif- & Mrs J:ohn D. Bowen, Mr & han, ,Mrs Loretta Sheehan Lor-' Mr & Mrs Alfred Lemaire Mr' ton Sullivan, Helen F. Walsh, Mrs Joseph Brady, Mr & Mrs & Mrs' Georg~ Laliberte, .Mr ,&:. etta SiUery. '' , & Mrs George 'Desrosiers, Mr & Braga, Mary A. Brimley. Mr,S Arthur, Lamoureux, Mr & Georg!'! Sylvester Walsh. ' Mr &.-.Mrs Manuel S. Silva, Mrs Eloi Caron; Mr & Mrs James ¥r & Mrs John' Britto Mr &: Mrs L. Joseph, Langlois, Mr &' Frances Whelan, Mi & Ml'll Rose 'Silva, Mr & Mrs 'Arthur Coggeshall, Mr & Mrs Paul BonMrs Leoriard Brock, 'Mr '&. 'Mrs ... Mrs Charles Lamoureux. William Wing. eau. Harold Brown,Mr & Mrs Ed.Mr'& Mrs 'Joseph Lapointe, '. Soares, Donald Souza, 'Mr ,&n $15 Mrs Mr ,& Mrs Theophl'le Georg·e S o u z a , . ' Arguin, ward Bruce, Ma;y Brunette~ , EIleen Lardner, Mr's Grace LardMr & ,Mrs Joseph Baptiste, Mr Levasseur Family, Mr & Mrs M~ &,Mrs Joseph Buchkowski ner, Mr & Mrs Lucien Lareau &: Mrs\James A. Cawlel', Janice George Souza, Mr & Mrs 'Jo- Maurice Galipeau, Mr & Mrs DeSouza; August Dutra, Jr. &' Mrs John ,Burns, 'Margaret Mr& Mrs Normand Lavigne. ' 'seph Souza, Mr & Mrs Manuel Alfred Petit, Mr & Mrs Roland Cairns, Mrs John' Cambra Mrs ;Mr & Mrs Andrew Leonardo' ~oberta Dutra, Mr & Mrs NaSouza, Mr' & Mrs Joseph Ste- Fortin. Eulalia Campos.' ' Joh n G . L eva,'M rs H I' e en Lewis thaniel Gifford. " pherison, Bernhard Stoll. Mr & Mrs Donald McCardell ,Hele~ Cardoza, Lucy Cardoza" Mr & Mrs William Lewis Agne~' Mr & Mrs Manuel Simmons,' Jean Storer, Mr & Mrs Harry Mr' & Mrs Abel Hebert Mr Arnold Carney; Adeline M. Car- & Catherine Lister. ' Mr & Mrs Julius Sottak:. ' P. SWl\in, Mr & Mrs Alfred F. Mrs Ovila Leblanc; Mr' & Mrs ' Mr & Mrs Richard Lister Mrs Mr,&, Mrs Charles Gobeil, Mrs valho, Isapel Carvalho. Virginia ,Carvalho,' Mrs Clar- Alice Lowney, Mrs Margaret Sylvia, James Sylvia, Mr & Mrs Domina'Bedard;'Mr & Mrs ConArmand Langis& Jane & Jerry, John -I. Silvia. rad Letendre. .' ence Casey, Mr & Mrs Ollie Cay- ' ,Lyons, Mrs Mary Macey, Mr & Mr & Mrs HEmry Luckraft. Rose Sylvia, Mr & Mrs Ray'Mr & Mrs Emile Saulnier Mr Mrs Edward Maguire, , Mr & Mrs Manuel NUn,es; John' ton; Mr & Mrs Ernest Chicoine ' Mr & Mrs Francis J. Maguire, ,mond Szulik, Mrs. M. Josephine &: Mrs Alfred Patenaude; Mr & O'Connor, Dr. William O'Connor, Mr <%, Mrs Louis Chmiel. Talford, Mr & Mrs Anthony Mrs Philip Bastille, Mr & Mrs Charles A. Christie, John F Mr & Mrs John Maguire, Mr & Mr & Mr~ Richard Pinnington, Ernest Chevalier, Mr & MI'S Clark, Mary Clark, Mr &, Mr~ , Mrs John' H., Mahoney Mrs Theodore, Mr & Mrs Henry L. Mr & Mrs Joseph R. Smith. Therrien, Mr, & Mrs Samuel Ernest Menard. Mr & ,Mrs Milton Taylor; Roger Chouinard, Francis Coffey. Michael Mahoney, Sheil~ MaThompson. ,'Mrs Albertine Boucher, Mr & honey. Agnes Tiernan; Joseph F. Wal- , Mary A. Coholan,. Janet R. Mr & Mrs Walter Thorn, Jo'Mrs Henri Fredette, Mrs Alice Connelly, Thomas Connelly, Mr " Mr & Mrs James Maitland, Mr dron, Mr & Mrs Alexander seph Towers Sr.. Mr & Mrs Tetreault, Mr & Mrs Fianin Thi& Ml:S ,Lawrence F. Maloney Whelan, Mr & Mrs Adam Zych. & Mrs James F. Connor Mr & bault, Mrs Elise Belanger. Mrs Willial11 CO,onan.' Mr &~Mrs Francis Manning, M; George Vavrik, Mr & Mrs John $12 Vieira. . . Mr & Mrs Paul Desjardins; ~r & Mrs Donjild Cordeiro, & Mrs Charles Marinelli Mr & Mrs Mary F. Barabe, Mr & Mrs Laura Vieira, Mrs KathM'r & Mrs Andre Marcotte, Mrs Mrs Louis, A. Cordeiro, Mr & Mrs John J. ,Mayall. Mrs John Ferro; Mr & Mrs AI... leen Walden, William F. Wal- Richard Backman, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Edward McGuire bert Gonzales, Mr & MI's Fran- Mrs....Albert Correia, Mr & Mrs Raymond Gagnier, Mr & Mrs Jules P. Correia, Mr & Mrs ManKathleen McLaughlin, Mrs Es~ dron, Richard Ward, Mr & Mrs 'cis J. Quinn. / • " Gerard Gonneville. telle McLeav:y, Mr, & Mrs , William Whalen. Mr & Mrs Wilfred Gill, Mr & uel O. Correia. .' Mr &: Mrs Gl;!orge Wheeler; Mr &, Mrs George Lelievre, John Costello, Mr & Mrs Ed- Thomas McNeeley Mr & Mrs Mrs'Paul T. Hart, Mr & Mrs ArMrs Elizabeth Whelan, Paul Mr & Mrs George Gamache, Mr Michael J. McNu1f~. mand Pariseau, Mr & Mrs Wil- mund Coyne, Elizabeth Crane & Mrs L.· Romeo Daigle, Mr & Mr & ,Mrs Edward Mee, james Whelan, Margaret Welsh, Mr & liam H. Stephenson,. Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs Daniel Crowe Richard Mrs George Michaud, Mrs CathCrowe. ' Y ~eehan, Mr & Mrs Rocert Meg- Mrs Charles F .. White. Raymond Tschaen Jr. Mr & Mrs Thomas E. Whittle erine Paquette. Mr & Mrs James Curry, Alice gison, Mr & Mrs Lucien Mello '$10 Mr & Mrs Gaston CharbonDahoney, Edward Dahoney, John Mr &' Mrs John'Mendoza.' , Mrs & Mrs William \yolfgang: Mr & Mrs Frank Almcewicz Mrs Violet Middleton Flor- Mr & Mrs William Wood, Mrs neau, Mr & Mrs Lucien Arguin, Mr & Mrs Manuel AlfoIlS~, Mr~ Dahoney, Mr & Mrs William' Me & Mrs Wilfrid Cote, Mr & Damos. ence Mitchell, Mr & Mrs SYlves- Joseph Woolam, Leo M. Worden. James W, Aspden,Richard L. Mr & Mrs Vincent Worden Mr Mrs Thomas Weaver, Mr.& Mrs .Mr & Mrs Manuel Daniels, Mrs' t;r A. Mitchell, Mr & Mrs GilBall, Mr & Mrs Romeo Barabe. & Mrs George Young, Mr & 'Mrs Theodore Benjamin. . Eileen Backus, Mr & lVII's John Richard Darling, Mi'- & Mrs Earl oert Modesto, Mr & Mrs Harold Mr & Mrs Raymond Patnaude, Delacy, Mr & Mrs James Delano M.oore, Mr& Ml"s John Morris' Henry Zajac. J. Barry, Mrs Samuel Baty, Jr., ,Mr & Mrs William Leahey, Mr & 'Frederick Munroe. ' " Mr & Mrs ~obert Beaudoin, Mrs Mr & Mrs William deBem. Mrs Manuel Alves, Mr & Mrs HOLY ROSARY Lillian Bowen. ' John Devine, Alice T. DonMr & Mrs August Naegeie,'Mr Luigi Fiano, Mr & Mrs Wilfrid Mr ,& Mrs John Brennan, Mr nelly, Mrs Lois Doninger 'Mr & & Mrs William Nelson, Mr & $10 Constant. and Mrs Joseph Camara Mr & ,Mrs John Downey, Me '& Mrs 'Mrs Michael Nicholas. Mrs Henry Camillo, Mr' & Mrs Antonio Estrella. Mr & Mrs Joseph, Nunes, Ev, B. Ti,sdellf

26 - 'HiE, 'AI'lCHOR-

New Bedford







. T+tf' ANCHOR-bioc~se"df F~lI River-Thurs. May '1'8,'1961

Because He Cared • .',• • . ~~. ~

Mrs Rose Burns/ Mr & Mrs Roland Pain, Mr & Mrs William Zokie, Paul Ridge, Stephen R. Crawford. Mr & Mrs Antone Martin, MIlS Glen Hopkins, Mr & Mrs Cle-' ment Paquette, Mr & Mrs Charles Cafferty, Mr & M-l'S Arthur Deschenes. Clinton Baker, Mr & Mrs Ben Galford, Mr &: Mrs Edward MeWhinnie, Mr .& Mrs Arthur Caouette, Mr & M-rs Louis Br'osseau. Mr & Mrs Hormidas Beland, John Cahill, Margaret Cahill, MarY' M: Quinn, James A. Quinn. Mr & Mrs Herbert Boff, Mr &: Mrs Thomas Comiskey, StanJey Cote, Mr & Mrs Edward 'Peckham, Mr & Mrs John Bates. James McKenna, Mr & Mrs Michael O'Connell, Mr & Mrs R. Gallant, Mr & Mrs Thomas McHenry, .Mr & Mrs George Neville. Claire Neville, Mr & Mrs Raymond Fisette, Mr & Mrs Michael . Ta.mborella, Mr & Mrs Henry Depin, Rose Lopes. Mrs Margaret Borden, Gottwald Family, Mr & Mrs·Edward Bronhard, C.hristoph~r Lake Jr., Mr &.Mrs John Cantwell. Mr& Mrs .George Manchester, Mr & Mrs John Bushell, Mr & Mrs Daniel Carvalho, Mr & Mrs James Nichols, Mr & Mrs Jesse Souza. Mr & Mrs Antone Costa, Mr &: Mrs Joseph Martini, Mr & MI'S

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Fait Riyet'_ ST. JOSEPH $15 Rev. William J. Sbovelton, Rev. James W. Clark.' $52 In Memory of William S. " Maud A. Conroy. $50

The Misses Foley, Mr & M1'S William Hurll, Mr & Mrs Cyril Marcille, Mrs Mary Walker. $35 ' Misses Catherine T. & Mar.v L. Harrington. $25 Mrs Frank D. V. & Eleanor Brady, Margaret Connors, Slaine's Flower Shop, Mr & Mrs Raymond Fletcher, Jane Haran. The Misses McArdle, Agnes & Louise O'Brien, Mary R. & FranSTUDENT NURSES' RETREAT: This quartet was ces P. Shay, Mrs Annette & among the large group attending the Student Nurses ReKatherine M;·Sullivan. ' treat at Cathedral Camp. Left to ri!tht are Joanne Perry of $20 . . Fall River, Margaret Donov'an of New Bedford, Barbara Mr & Mrs Leroy Borden, Mr & ,Cupak of Taunton and Barbara Viveiros6f$omerset. Mrs James Curtis, Mary R & Margaret Dwyer, Edward D. Fitzgerald, Mr' & Mrs Francis Mrs Albert Shovelton, Mr & Mrs & Mrs'Arthur Smith, Alice Stan: John Smith, Mr & Mrs Joseph - ton, Anna Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Geary. Mrs Ellen & Julia' Mahoney, . Studniarz, Mr·& Mrs Dennis Franlt SUllivan, Mr & Mrs Raymond Vasquez.'· Mr & Mrs Henry T. Munroe, Sullivan. Mr & Mrs Leo Sullivan, Mary. Mr & Mrs Michae~ Brett; Mr Mary O'Neil, Mr & Mrs Fred Sherry, Mr & Mrs John T. Smith. R. Sullivan, Patricia Sullivan, & Mrs Thomas Callahan,. Mr & Mr &. Mrs Richard Synnott, Mr & Mrs Thomas Sullivan; Mr Mrs James Humphreys, Mr &. & Mrs Leverett Teague. . Mrs Wiliiam Jackson, Mr & Mrs Mr & Mrs J9seph S. Thomas. Mrs Ida Terry, Mr & Mrs Ricb- Frederick l\'IcCarty. . $15 John & Mary M~Crosson, Mr & Mr & Mrs John Connors, :Mr ard Thompson, MJ:' & Mrs TimIt Mrs William Doran, Mr & Mr. othy Thompson, Mr & Mrs Ber- Mrs Gerald Sullivan, Mr.& Mrs John J. Moloney, Mildred Pow- nard Tomlinson, Marion L. Tor- Thomas Walsh Sr., Mrs Dorothy phy. Cory, Mr & Mrs Frank Galvin. ers. Mr & Mrs Charles E. Trainor, Mr & Mrs George Gregory, $12 The. Travis Family, Mrs Victor Mr & Mrs George Guerin, Mr & In Mem<>ry of James F. Gray, Tremmel, Mr & Mrs Alban Mrs Wm. Lambert Sr., In Mr & Mrs Robert Griffin, Mr & Vezina, Chas. Wallace. Memory of James H. McAndrew.. Mrs John Maher & family, Mr & Mr & Mrs John Ward, Joseph A &: Mrs Paul Reagan. Mrs Henry Mercer. S. Welch Sr., Mr & Mr!l James ST WILLIAM'S $10 . • $100 Mr & Mrs Louis Archambault; Wilcox, Joseph Wrobleski. Francis Austin, Mrs Gerald 88. PETER &; PAUL Rev. James A. McCarthy. Beekman,' Mr & Mrs Henry Ber$50 $1,000 'John Connelly. 'Dardo, Mrs.' Evelyn Bogan. Rt. Rev. John J. Kelly. . $40 Mr & Mrs Russell Booth, Fran$100 Mrs Margaret Boodry and 'ees Brough, Mr & Mrs William St. Vineent de Paul Sc>ciety. Family. Brownell, Mrs Anita Carrolton; $100 $35 Mr & Mrs Thomas Corey. Rev. John P. Driscoll. • Mr &: Mrs Arthur Cote, CathSt.. William's Women's Guild. . .. .$60 '. erine M. & Anne Coughlin, Wil$30 Mr &: Mrs CharleS Hodki~son. The Donovan F;lmily., liam J. Coughlin, Mr & Mrs Ed$50 ' , . $25 ward Cullen, Mary -Cullen. Rev. 'Willia~n 'F. O'Connell; John E. Murphy, Mr & Mrs I Francis Delaney' & Family, . ,Eunice Dion, Mr & Mrs' Fra'ok The Lynch Family. Al;thur Doucet, Mr & Mrs· Fran. $30 cis Gauthier, Mr & Mrs Harry Doherty, Mr & Mrs· Michael .The Foster Family, Marion &: Wood, Katherine Sullivan,. Mae Dolan, Mr & Mrs Francis Dorsey. Riley. . . Mr & 'Mrs Clement Dowling, Anne O'Hearn.$25 . John J.. Honan, Mr &: MI'Ii ·Mrs Thomas Duffy, Mrs FrankThe Cahill Family, . Peter Thomas Smith.' lin Fairhurst, Mr & Mrs William . . $20 Fay, Mr & Mrs Marcellus Garity, Winifred M. Hasprey, Mr & Mrs Charles McCloskey' & Mr & ¥rs Bernard D~me:rs, ,FeeneY. . Mi:' & Mrs John Kane, Mrs Louis Mr & Mrs Arthur Ferreira, Maureen. Margaret Constantine,Mr & Greenberg, Eileen Nestor, .Mr ,&: Evelyn Finglis, Mr & Mrs John F. Fitzgerald Jr., Mrs John Fitz- Mrs Andrew Harney, .D.r & 'Mrs Mrs Roland Talbot•. T. Shannon, The gerald Sr., Mr & Ml'S Daniel· Edward . $17 Sweeney Family. Martha Hobbs. Foley. $16 Mr Be- Mrs Robert Gagnon, '.' $20 Mr & Mrs George Morgan, Mr M-r & Mrs John Maitoza.. Mrs Walter Gand,er, Catherine $15 Garside· & Nellie O'Brien, Wil;- & Mrs Thomas Farren, Edward liam Gaudreau, Mary Giblin. & Anna Murphy, Anna .Sullivan. Mrs Aloysius Eccles and Son, $15 ' Genevieve Connelly, Mr &. Mrs Mrs Augusta Goodman, WilDaley Family, Mrs Mar- 'Horace Hall, Mr .&Mrs William nam Greany, Mr & Mrs Thomas garet Daly, Mary F. G'arity, :Mr McPartland, Mr & Mrs Roland Griffin, . Regina Guilfoy, Mr & & Mrs Ernest H.asptey. Mrs Arthur Hannafin. Thibault, Mrs Lillian Reardon. Mr & Mrs Cornelius HarringMr & Mrs· 'Stanley Janick. ,Mr & Mrs Louis Viveiros. I $11 ton, Julia M. Harrington, Mr &;' . $12 Mr & Mrs Francis Souza. Mrs ·Charles Hemingway, Mrs -Ermine Merola, Henry Raposa. $10 . .' $10 Ed. Hinchey & Jean, Mrs Henry Susanna Ahearn, Ida & John Kay. Mr & Mrs Leo Caine Jr., Mrs Mr & Mrs Edw. Kelly Sr., Mr .Bagnall, Mark Bell; Edward Mary Larrivee, Mr & Mrs Albert Bowden, Mr &. Mrs Dennis Bro- Williams, Mr & Mrs Armand & Mrs William Kelley, Douglao . Law, Mr & Mrs William Leblanc., ~u. Desiauriers, Mr & Mrs Fred Joseph 8,tMary Campbell, . Chlebek. . . M.r & Mrs James Lenaghan. 'Mr & Mrs Joseph C. Murphy, Mrs Jos. Lenehan, Mr & Ml's Mr &MI'S~:Daniel Carey, The Louis Lopes, Mr & Mrs Alfred Cunningham Family, Mr & Mrs Theresa Murphy, Mi:' & Mrs , Machado, .Mr &. Mrs Raymond James Cyr, Mary E. Daly. . George Joseph, Mr & Mrs James. John Dolan, Mr & Mrs,James Stevens, Mr & Mrs John McMartin, Mr & Mrs Henl"Y MeDonnelly,Mrs John Driscoll, Mr Mahon. deiros..' & Mrs Roger Dube,. Mr & Mrs Walter Krupa, Mr & Mrs EdMrs. Thos. ·Monaghan, Mr & . ward Bl'eault, Mrs Nora Reddy, Mrs Edward Monarch, Mr .& Michael Dupont. Mr . & Mrs Patrick Dupont, Mr & Mrs Aldei Picard, Mr & .Mrs Harvey Montigoy, Tile Montle Famil5r, Mr & Mrs Edw. William J. Farren, Mr & Mrs Mrs Albert Gagnon. Timothy Foley, Mr &: Mrs F. Moran. Claire Sampson, Mrs Roben Mr & Mrs Leo Morin, Charles Eugene Frechette, Jeanne C. Partridge, The Malloy Family, John _E. Kane Jr., Mr & Mrs " Mary Morris, Mrs Stanley Frechette. Mr & Mrs James Harrington, Jeremiah Kehoe. Mroz, Francis L. Mullaly, l\fr & Mr & Mrs John King, Mr & Mrs Mrs Chas. Murphy & family. Mr & Mrs David Doyle, Mr & Lauzon, Constance Mrs John Maig!eri, Gertrude V•. Mr & Mrs Francis !\Jurray, Mr William Lynch, Mr & Mrs James Lynch. Kennedy, Mr & Mrs James & Mrs James Murray, John MUFMr & Mrs Frank Machado, Campbell,' Mr & Mrs Joseph ll3Y, ~ &: Mrs Francis MacDonald, M;r & MIlS Arthur McAn- Agnes Mason, Mr & Mrs Manuel Martineau, Mr & Mrs Frank Mattos, Mrs Thomas McNally, Imbriglio. drew. Helen :McAvoy, Margaret Mc- Mr & Mrs Joseph McGuill; Mr & Mrs John Golden, Mr & Mr & Mrs William Molloy, Mrs Paul H. Martin, Mr & Mrs" Closkey, Mr & Mrs Owen Mo-Gowan, Misses Gertrude &: eo Mr & Mrs Manuel Moniz, James Robert Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Heloise McMullen, Mary l\fQ- Moran, Mr) &,Mrs William Mur- Roger Perreault, Mr & Mrs RayNally. . phy, Norman Oliveira. mond Murphy, Mr & Mrs WilMr & Mrs Frank O'Hearn, A. liam Hurley. Mr &: Mnr Michael '1lIIeNe~ :Mrs Thos. Nugent, Ml' & Mrs Loretta O'Neil, Mr & Mrs WilMr & Mrs Laurent Boudreau, John O'~ Mr &: Mrs John liam Patten, Mr & Mrs George Mrs' John Smith. Mr & Mrs Peckham,Mrs Manuel Pimental JamesA. McKan'e, Mr & M1'8 Pav~ Artlmr Pires. Mrs Mary Quirk, Mr & Mrs ·John Zajac, Mrs Emile Viens. :Mr &: Mnl Francis Powell, 'l'he Powers Family, Mr &: l\m Leo Rioux, Mr & Mrs 'Francis Mr & Mrs Joseph Barabe, Mrs Fred F. Ralph, Mr &: Mr$ Wilfred Ryan, MJr & l'Ma Daniel Shee- Raymond Fisher, M1' & Mrs AnSalois, Mr &: M:ra John L. Shea. han, Mr & lliWa Manuel Silvia. thony Viveiros, Mr & Mra Leo Mil' & E..-..:J ~~~ S3at~-Q r.::::r Rayes, William Ryd0l'. Mrs M'3t'3lJ~J>.$hel'm~ !»


.: .




Patrick McElroy. Mr & MnJ Walter· AubreY, Mrs" William Moss. , Mr & Mrs John Hodnett, Wi1-liam D. Crowley, Nora H. Sullivan, John J. Sullivan, Mr & Mrs' Fred Malone. Elizabeth & Caroline Korzenski, Mr & Mrs Randall Thurston, ,Mr & Mrs Stanley Michalewich, James Doucet, Mr & MI'-$ A. Levesque Jr. Mr & Mrs James SullivaD, EHz;lbeth Fitzgerald, Sus a n F.itzgerald, Mrs Malcolm J Ratte, Mr & Mrs Wilfred L. Lavoie. Mr & Mrs Michael Biszko, Mary Nunes, Mr & Mrs Manuel Albernaz, Mr & Mrs Norman Thran, Mr & Mrs John Michonski. Mrs Paul Heywood, Mrs Stanley Mis, Mr & Mrs Francis Beissel, Mr· & Mrs Antone Almeida, John Reddy. • Mr & Mrs Clarence Harne)£, Mr & Mrs Stanley Prezalar. Mr & Mrs Franklin Manning. Mr & ¥rs Frank .,1. & Mary E. Harrington, Mrs Harold Robinson, Mr & Mrs Walter Janick, Henry F. Lord. Mrs Howard Worthington, Mr & Mrs Joseph Sullivan, Mr & Mrs Frank Perez, Mr & Mrs LeonaI'd Smith, Mrs Leo Gibbons. Mr & Mrs Thomas Boyes, M1'6 John· Potts, M1;' & Mrs Edward Shaw, .Charles H. Wilson, &: Mrs J~es McKnight. Turn to Page TwentF-eight


THE' QUESTIONS. PEOPLE ASK WHA'.f DQ ~04J DO? We aN'l'epe 101m's mission aiel

org~ for tbe Middle IUld Near East. The CATHOLIC NEAR

BAST WELPARE ASSOCIATION baek5 up miglona.., Priesta, Bl'otbers, SiIIteI'S aad 1Q helpers III INDIA. JORDAN, EGYPT, SYRIA, LEBA.::. NON, IRAN, IRAQ, TURKEY, INDIA ..... ETHIOPIA. ('l'bis kemeDdou area ~en close 10' 2-mlHioD 'lIICIUU'e aaiIes,"is pOp1IIate4!'m08Uy by pagans.)

RiCin _




Dr M+ lWI/Iri Missitm Ait/ WHO ARE TIlE P ALESTINIAIf BIWl- • .om.J CJM6 UGBB8? I"" . . . .. . '1'beJ' an . . pi&iable f.&hen, motben lUI4l yOUDC. . . . (Ofti' 1,000,000) who 108&, ever)'thlq· ill &be

ThQ·1Ift ill mi8e1'7 III GA.ZA. ~ORDAN,' LEBANON, SYRIA. They aeed hod, 1IHldIelDe, clotbIDtr, &be"..•• ·desperateb'.· , " . Ar.b-la'aeII.war.

WHAT DO YOUR PRIESTS ~D SISTERS. N-E'IIDf Jost abo'" evemhiDc. Tbey Deed. aD:-al'lll7 of people like _ ... offering 'dall~' Mass 'for them, the Rosary, hourl7 sacrifices.. They need the "tools" to work with~bapels, sebools, medical clinics, and they: need priests Bel Sisters. ROW CAN 1 HELP? 1: JOIN THE CATHOLIC NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSOCIATION. ~ou also help yo_ll:'-you share In' the beDefits of 15,000 Masses each. year, you are eligible for a Plenal')' IndUl~ gence H the moment, of death, . lind on' 54 dayS during tile yeM. (IFill in the f.orm .below.) 2. DO WITHOUT SOMETHING .•. FOB THE PALESTINI~ A.N REFUGEES. (As our "Thank You" for eve.., $10 gift for Refugees; we'D send YOU an Olive Wood R4lsa1l'. from fuEl Holy. IL.IlDd.)

' .



'WILL, mell1troa the CA'll'llllOLllC.

NlEAR EAST 'WELlFAIRE ASSOmA'Il'ION. . 4\. EDUCATlE A NA'Jl'IVJ:!: II'IRHJES'll' ($6116) OLl SnSTlEllt (!il3Ge)' ~oJr mission won illl the Midd!e an«1l NeEll!' lElilse. (MalIia tllne pa:v-

mmell1ts at your convenielllce.) 5~ JOHN A OOnSSnON CJLllJIlJ. (The 1B1IlIes Me only $1.00 0 mon(;fu -an ellsy, imlllorta!llt way for you 00 ilIeHp in t~e missUoilS reg1!ll-' Darly.)

o .IliAMiEN .0

lLEl?lEllt JF:Ul\l1l) 0a~es ioo ne~1I'S OIRll'HAlIJ'S. IRIREAD ..•••••••••••••. , .. .feeds C!i'liP~omn .

o PALACE OF GOLD' ••••• ; ••. ;, IlIll'ovndes .~or ~e cged . 0 THE BASlllLnANS· ...•••••••. Sl.!IIlIPOrts Cat!lloUe Sll~OOnS THE MO~JIC~ GUllLD calblinices,: olears, 800. 'f1oo'



o o

CBRYSOSTOMS edocates native nmellbJ MARY'S BANK tJraios native Sistem 6. BUILD A MISSION CHAPEL ($2,000) or FURNIISH 4. CHAPEL ($I,009)-8s a permanent memorial to Y0t!lI' motber, rather, wife, hU~baDd, Priest 01' Sister. Dear C8l"dinal Spellman: Please enroll me as an 0 annUal, 0 perpeCual member. ~ame

• • • • • • -• • • • • . • •-._• • • • e·• • • • • • •

0 0 0 • • • 'C! • • • • 0 • • • • • • • • • '


Please Print Address

• • • • '• •'

0 ••• 0.0.·.,


.. State .••• Ck, ..••••••••••••••••••••••.. ZOne Annual Membership-Individual, $l.OO-Family, $5.00. Perpetual Membership-Individual, $20.06--Family, $1-60.

00 00 • • • •

~'l2ear &stom$a~ns~ CAICOI~ $K>lIJ\ilAN, t'roeWont ~. ~ T. ilVa, '~'I b','



cU ClOmIl::!Ii3~ ~

CA'11fOUC N5AR EAST WmlfARi ~5\·TIOM 4aO LeXt~ ~ve. at ~ 5:•. New V~ 17;'". Y.












, I I

CQuture; Romeo ,Desautels." ... , .. fit, ' , Armand ,Deslim,riers" ,~aro.{iY,,' - " . & MM TbOmM . . . Louise Desrochers, Normand $U Desrosiers, ' Philip Desrosiees, MiN MeIry Serkee.. Emile Dozois. . $10 ,'Arthur Drapeau, Albert, ' & . . & M-r.s GeOl'ge Howayeck, Marie Dube, 'Aurore Dumont, Mr & Mrs Louis Howayeck, Mr & . . . from PafJ~ Twenty-seven' No~niand' Dumont, Gerard Du':' Mrs Michael Nasser, Mr & Mrs quette. Vincent Shea, Mr & M1"~ Thomatl , Wilfrid Duquette, Aime Du,.. Ackley. rette, Augustin D!!rette, Albina MJ:: & Mrs Edward Ameen, M", -.NOTRE DAME .< . , $600 Durkin, Leo Ferland. & Mrs Edward Massoud, Mr & , Wilfrid Fourniel" John Fusco, 'Mrs Nasib Shaker, Mr & Mrs Bt. Rev. Alfred J. Bonneau. Oscar Gagne, Ro~ario Gagnon, . Fred Saheed, Mrs Tanous Faris. $100 Antoine Garand. , Mr & Mrs 'John Monsour, Mr lDr. Joseph Fournier. & Mrs James T. Khoury, Mr & $75 ,Ernest Glludreau, ,Norman Rev. Gerard Boisvert, Rev. ,Gaudreau, Joseph Gauthier, Ar,Mrs Albert Faris, Mr & Mrs ROger P. Poirier, Rev. J. Adrien mand Geri'dreau, Bernard GenJoseph Salih, Samuel Nagem &' family. Bernier. dreau. $50 Mr & Mrs Chas. Howaleck, Mr Mrs Joseph N. Gendreau, AlDr & Mrs Adelarq A. Demers, & Mrs Joseph R. Assad, Mr & bert Guerette, Rene GUilmette, $35 Mrs Tofe Joseph, Mr & Mrs Joseph Guimond,Raymond ~ar­ gctave O. Desmarais. George Shaker, Mr & Mrs rison. '$30 Joseph Shaker. Erne~t ,Haslam, Daniel ,HuM. A. Clement & Helena Mr & Mrs Alfred P. Massoud, bert, Family 'X'vonne Janson, ~ace, Dr & Mrs Maurice DeMr & Mrs Louis Badwey, Mrs An!!elina Jean, Thomas Jolivet: mers, Robert Phenix. August Badwey, Mr & Mrs Edouard Lacroix, Normand $25 ,Saleem Assad, Mr & Mrs Peter Lafrance. Joseph A:, Laliberte. Georges Antaya, Dr & Mrs Alberta ~amarre, Edouard Lam~ Attar. W.illiam Boudreau. Atty & Mrs bert. Mr & Mrs'Tabit S. Tabit, Mr Roland Desmarais, Hormidas & Mrs Mitchell Sweet, Mr & Robert Landry. Edmour La·. Dupuis Family, Normand L. pierre, Onesime Lapointe, Albert , Mrs Shahdan Abraham. D\lrette. Laprise. Leo Larocque, S'lI.'. ANN'E' Antonio H.' Lagasse, Romeo Charles Larrivee, Fernand La$300 Levesque, Henri Ouellette, Hervoie Sr" Leon O. Lavoie"Albert DominIcan Fathers. menegilde Tremblay, Family Lecomte, Charles Levesque, . $25 Mathilda Lussier, Notre -Dame Donald R. LeveSQue, Joseph Anonymous. ~uncil of Catholic Women. Levesque. Family Joseoh 'Le$20 .~, $22 yesque, Louis Levesque, Richard Blanche Lapointe, Mr & Mrs ,Family Anne-Marie Masse. Levesque. RECEIVES ITALIAN AWARD: Archbishop' Thomas Arthur A. Plante. . $20 , Armand L'Italien, Albert Lu$15 LJ%ger Chouinard, Ferdinand signan, Charles Lussier, Gerard J. ·Tooleri, ~ishop of Mobile~BirmingJ!a~,receives the ,Med~l ' Pauline Sorel. Francoeur, Wilfrid Jolicoeur, Lussier, Alma & Alice Masse. of the Commander of the Order of MEmt from the RepublIc $12 Diane Marchand, E~mond 'Maurice Mathieu, Romeo May- of Italy' from the Italian Cons';"l General in New Orleans, Mr & Mrs Adelard Larue. Rheaume. . nard, John McMman, Edouaed , $11 Donat Roussel, Paul Cour- Meecier Family, Joseph E. Mer- Dr. Roberto Cerchione in recognition of his concern for the Italian-American community in his diocese. NC Photo. Mr & Mrs Joseph O. St. Denis. ehaine, Irene &. :elanche' Bou- cier, $10 0hard. , Adelard Michaud, Leo Michel Hennessey, Mr. & Mrs Thomas Manuel Ventura, John De Costa, -Anonymous, Mr '&; Mrs An$18 Sr., Napoleon MoriH, M, ILuce W. Doyle, Mary Nogueira, Donald Grogan. ! tonin Bedard, Rose Bernier, Mr Diana Jusseaume Family. Morrissette, Normand MorrisLomer Lapointe, Jeannette ~ngel Stavros, Manuel Silvia, & Mrs Wilfrid Boulanger, Flor$15 sette. Desrosiers, Theodore Mercier., Manuel Troia, Manuel Paiva, ida Carrier. Armand Dallaire, Paul Duma'is, Joseph Desautels, Misses Raymond Morrissette, Francois Aime Turgeon, Johl). Sparks. ' : John Camara. Maria <;:ourchesne, Albert , Napert, Agnes, Nicolau, Adelard Jean LeBerge, Edward SheeManuel C. Medeiros, Antonio COUlombe, Gauthier Family, Mr C., M-A. '& P. Huard, Agathe Ouellette, 'Romeo Parent. han, Mr & Mrs Manuel Leitao, Oliveira, Joseph Correia, Man- & Mrs Arthur Gendreau, Mr &: Menard. , Albert Petit, Roger Pineault, ',Felix Paul, Joseph Pelletier; , Albert Guim9nd, John Viveir9S., uel Mello, Antone Rego. Mrs Jean C. Gendreau. Leo Peloquin, Adrius ,Perron, ,Emile Pineault, Joan Beaupre, AdelinoTorres, John Andrade, ' Eva Letendre, Eugen~ Morin, Pouliot &, Frascatore Family, Philippe Phenix. " George Heriair~ &; Famil~ Cecilia C; Oliveira, Antone Frei- Mr & Mrs Eugene,. Fabien .t\I'mand Raiche, Cecil Anctil, Edmour Poirier, Le~nidas Remeo Potvin, Rene J. Bernard. . ~s, Manuel Silvestre. ' Prenix, Wilfrid Poulin, Mr &: Jlamily Annie Lussier. : Poitras, .Annie Raiche, Maurice .' Raymond O'Toole & Family, Manuel Cardoza; Gilbert Mello, -Mrs Alexandre M9rin. '. F "1 L'd' 'G 'd Raiche,Henry Ramunno. ' John Coelho, DoloresCarvalhd. Antonio Cabral de Sousa, Manuel ., Mr& Mrs st. Pierre, • ,ar~llY, y ~a aVlgne, .e~~r.. '," A.lfred: Renaud" Camille Rich- 'Henry S. Giilet,Philip Girard; ',' Latway, Joseph M9tta Jr. ' Martha st. Laurent, Rosa Smith, Roussel, LUCien Roy, Llbolle , Ed dR' d M" Mildred' C~rry. MrsWillialll :t\fanuel Raymorld, Leo Schenck, Mr' &: Mrs Roland Sorel, Mr ok '-'etreault " , .' ,'., ard ,.;' QuaJ: '.' lyar, , ISses 'Ed6uard Bouchard Misses G.' Rio,ux" M., Rioux & H. 'La~iviere. ,Rigson, Gr~ver S~urtleff.. GeOrge Richard :Jloderick, Emidio Ta- M.:rs Edwanl P ..Tremblay, Mr " ,.., " , , , ,Bernadette Robert, Adrlen Ro: C hr ~s top h:e.r vetes, :Alice Weems•. Mrs' Gerard Tremblay. ' fc D...Coutu,re, "CecIle Gelldl'eau!: billard;;, • Blanche: &E~nestine .Charbonneau; I(.~~ne. '. ",. . ,.',' , Arthur' &: Philomena Souza; :Tam to Pawe. . TweniF-Dt. , "" B· <?~ca,r "Lev:esq~e, La.ur~(~t ,Rousseau ~LucienRousseau' Ai:.. Normand Rapoza; Mr '& 'Mal 'Francis Lennoli,Josepl\ ·S.Cor. ", '" ," . , ' lllIaynard. William LedQ,Mr:, &; Mrs' Hector l"eia; Tobias, Furtado" LauN' ,,' Orner, Paquette, Loo; Phen'~;.~af~9~~Y·Ro~:· Rol~ndROY, H;eroux, Oscar' i\isena.ult., Al~I.age.,. .' " Hervey Turgeon,Yvonne Va,nee, L" n-1 St p.' Ad'i d S · iOhn ,ventura: ' .., , " .1,9. e ."; l~rre, , e at' am.. , fred Tavares, Mr ,& Mrs .Eugefte Ro~': . Greenhalgh,Silvino ,:89,£\, ~mand SauI~Ier. $11 "ic,~ Boudron.· , D'ArrUda, , "Michael' Erickson; , if ' d Cl t " ~No['mand SeVIgny, .r~pti. Gregoris & Gilbert, ea~ara" Paul Archambault" Isabef P. ,orman $~:n . ' Sti~a'; "Cha~les'Silvia, Family., Grace Holden, John E; Petti,De. Vieira~ .," Le All d All dB' ' .." ,AcJlille S.oucy, Ronald T~rceira. H~nry J.' Ki.tchen, .Mr' &- MN Gilbert Feij-o, Elias Farnham, ona . aI', re ,er.gel"; '. Walter Theriault, Gabriel Thi- ' Mary 'T.Carvalho, Rene PateM TREMONT STREET ~n~.B~rme~~ Ernest Boas, Ana:-,: 't.'_' 'tot' D 1" 'V lli . Doriat .NQrmand. Lamontagne. Frank LOftus, ElizabetJiMitcll- naude. • Ie BOlssonneau., . ~u , . e la. . ¥' ere, . TAUNTON, MASS. . Napoleon Bolduc, Edgar. Bou-, VIJlandre, Eulahe Wheaton. ell, Anna M. Simpson,· Mrs EdJoseph Silva; Maria C. &; EsTel. VAndyke 2~2"1 6ber,' Roland Boudria, Le9ntine IMMACULAn\ CONCEPTION' ward Doucette, Goncalo Family... ilelle, Machado, -Lquise and. Man-, Mrs Samuel Lay, The Nich91- nel Carreiro, Arthur Pimen~ Brodeur, Merilda Caron. son ,Family, Henri Tessier, J900 Clarice Castro. Omer Caron, Oscar Casault, ' , $100 Anibal Arruda, 'James Travas,Romuald Chasse, Leopold nesro.:. . Rev. Paul G. COJlnolly, Leon- ,Flanagan, Jane H; Sullivan. JEFFREY E. oTohn Long, Mr .& Mrs John 90S, Jacintho Carvalho, Manuel siers, J. C. Roland Diomie, Maria ard Guay.' Burgess, Joseph Medeiros, Dan- A:' Cordeiro Family, Delores Dowling '& Bernadette Thibault.,· $50 ,Oscar J. Dube, Albert Dufault, ,Immaculate Conception Wom- iel -Hickey Sr.;' Elizabeth Stone. ,Veiga. Botne' Daniel Hickey, William H. Cristoven 'Nery, Antone Cal'iIue '. Dumont, ,Alban Dupuis, en~6 Guild. > Stanton, Wilfred, Ouellette, Rene l'eiro, Frederic Cordeir9, Ailton~o 550 Locust st. Lorenzo Durette. _ $35 Fall River. Mass. Salvas; James McCarthy. Benevides Family, Carlos Moniz. " Yvonne Emopd, Robert Forand, MN. H~nry'. J. Duffy: . ,Philip Stazzone, Mr & Mrs Jose' Ferreira Jr., Ralph +, loseph Froment, Loretta Fuller, ,$25 \ , OS 2-2391 loseph A. Gagnon. Ely Barnaby, Mr & Mrs Homer- . Roland 'AUbrey, Arthur J. 'Be- Machado, Maria Pereira, Mrs Rose E. Sullivan langer, Mrs Annie Taylor, Mr& Joseph Ml;Ichado, Joseph W. Gagnon'- Champagne ,Family. ~ddu, Holy Name Society. ' JetfreyE.· Sullivan Buckley .Jr.· Mrs, Gilbert ,Lafleur. , Wilfr,id .Garimd, Donat G o y e t t e , ' $ 2 4 :, ,James }>ruitt, .'fohn Kershura, Nicolau Viveiros, Joseph V. ~t'mel Guay, 'Family David LaJean Sperduti.° Mt:s, Ernest S;:lmways. Mr & Mrs Medeiros, Dorothy Araujo, Ida DOcque. $:!O Theodore Cabral. Gomes, Mary Perreira, Max Irene LedUC, Leo Levesque;'" :Nk' & Mrs James E. DonnelLy.. Tavares. ' IIM.<mel Levesque, Armand Lus- ' $15, ST.' MlCHi\Eli FUNERAL HOME Bier, William H. '1VIaynard. ' . ,Rosemary· Dussault, Mrs ClarST. ANTHONY OFTIfE $600. Alma Mt:Padden,' Elie Mes-, ence P. Sullivan, Mrs Clara 986 Plymouth AvenW , DESERT Rt. Rev. Humberto S. Medeiros. Bier, Robert Messier, Jean-B. Whitehead, Mary Whitehead. Fait River, Mass• .$200 . $150 Morrissette, Eudore Ouellette. 'In Memory 'of P. F. C. Daniel Tel. OS 3,2271' .ChOr-Bisbop ,Joseph Eid. St. 'Michael's ConfirmatiOn Aime Paul, Normand Paul, R.' Pimental and Manuel R. ~NI6l c. H'dl.i~, , . $25 Class. Doris Pineault,George6 POUllio~, Pimental, Dominick Sperduti. Ucenlec. Funeral D'lrllCfor ,$100 , Dr & Mrs James J. Sabl'a, Edward Quinn ok. $13 . Mr & Mrs Victor Badwey. ' , iand Registered ~bal_ Dr. Gilbert/Vincent Jules Raiche, Andre Roy.. 'l"be Hindle Family.$58 ' Orner Thibault, Joseph VaH$12 C1uette." MQrion MacMurray.. Rev. Henry Sbrogi9; O.P.. Ademord Allard. Edmond An':', Walter Cosgrove, Gerald Clou- Evelyn Almeida, Beatrice Ca-' flaya, Raymond Arsenault, Hal'- tier Sr. . ' peto. H()nJe FUNERAL HOME, INC•. old Ballard" William Baraby-. ' $10 . $40 It. Marcel Bov C. Lorrsiae Barr , '511 Sec~ St. Clarilda Barnaby, TheOdore Roland Tierney, -Everett La,Dr & Mrs Joseph Carvalb9. a....... L.aFrallae " .. Faft River, Mass. $30 ' Beaulieu, ' .Den.i~,., .Belanger;. , ,fle¥l', John.Latulippe"Carol Ann (Ie~orge A. Benoit, Albert Bel·ger. McCormick, Mrs Lawrence Mc.. ·Belmira· Tavares. FUNiRAl DIRECTORS 'OS 9-6072 Eugenie Bernier,' Nathalias ' Cormick.' $25 1~ IRVINGTON ()lI'. .. MtCHAB. J. McMAH9H' Bernier, Rose ~isaillon, Roland Charles Ney, Mary Ney" Napo.,. ·Gilbert Coroa, Virginia SOU6&. -Wy 7~7830 . .. Licensed Funeral Director O. Bisson; ,Anselme·Boucher.'····, 'leon Paul,. James 'E~ Power-s, Mrs $20 NEW BEDFORD Registered Embalmer Armand Boudria, Adelard' J. Earland Brailey. Antone Souza. . $15 BrOdeur, Normand Brodeur, Leo "Benjamin" McBride,' ·William " Chdieux, ,Eugene Cad9ret.' Guilmette, Lawrevce Larson, Ml' ·ManueIS, Medekos. I Adelard Canuel, Anna & Vir- &: Mrs Ovila Rousseau, Frank _$10 ginie Canuel, Amedee, Caston- Morang-o. Cyril Amarello, Ronald Ban.. guay, OsCar Caya, Arthur Chabot. Thomas Knowles, Mrs Hector ville, August, Botelho, Roch Roland Chabot, Oscar Chaunt, Sav9ie, John.F"Hickey, Edward Choquette, Walter Byl.' , ~arles Cholette, Alcide ChouiFitzmaurice, Mr &' Mrs Jose ·John Cabeceiras, George Go469 IOCU5T SIRES' H~II.n Aubemne BrGugh . .' nard, Joseph Chouinard. BorgeS'./ . verno, Henry Letendre, Joseph Owner and Director FAlt.. RtVR, MASS• . C. Emile Chretien, HectQl' CleMario LaCava. Agnes Whittle, . S~lvia, August Curt. ,SpaciOus Parking, Area ment, Antonio Cloutier, Achille Estelle Roach, Albert Gagnon, OS·2-3381 Manuel Perry, Manuel Caeomeau, Leopold Corrive!lu. Mrs Irving Goss., mara, GeorgIana Almeida, Idaw~o~ @, WY 2·~951· James I. Adrien Cote, Family J-B emfSamuel Pullen, Me &; Mrs.. lina Mello, Albert Oliver. ',' wml3~ Sullivan, Jr. 129' Allen st. New Be~ -LoUis' Rosa, Maria' MedeWos, tuc-e,' Roland CoUtllN. Arihm' Desrosiers, Edwar<i F. , .

Fall River'


$li .




':' ,CaSeY·S~xtdn, .

•• •.C/eansers ••• ,











.Fu,n8rct:1 Home.

O'ROURKE Funeral,





B~~a~se H'e',:Cared




THE ANCI40R~ nlo"rs., ,May l8, 1'961

• • '.'





F4i]~a.Riyer 'mIOlLYN~ , '$300' " l\I.lrs Charles Bonner. $150 Dr ' & Mrs Richard Donovan, Dr & Mrs John ~C. Corrigan. '$125 Mr & Mrs Hugh' Golden. $100 . Mrs Michael E. O'Rourke, Mr & Mrs Joseph F. Phelan, Patrick Phelan, Mrs Charles Hurley, Mr &: Mrs Williaql. A. Torphy, Mr & Mrs Hector Mongeau. . Mr & Mrs Edward J. Delaney.. $80 Dr & Mrs Paul Dunn. , $75 Rev. Donald A. Couza, Rev. John F. Moore, Maureen O'Rourke, Margaret G. D'illon. Dr & Mrs Thomas F. Higgins, Dr. & Mrs Thomas Shea. $60 ' Mrs. Albert E. Davis & Mark Connelly, May E, Leary. , $50 Mr & Mrs Henry F'- Shea, I , . McDonald Family. Mr &: Mrs KEEPING -A WEATHER EYE OUT: Sister Mary Donna inspects a 'Weather obserMichael Foley, Dr & Mrs Carroll Gettings, Dr Margaret So vation entry made by Robert Barbuto and Patricia Mullen in the "Beehive", the forecasting s-tation on the grounds of St. Mary's School, N.ew Monmouth, N.J., believed to Doherty. Mr & Mrs John E. Connolly, be the only U.S. Weather Bureau' at any elementary school in the Nation. NC Photo. The Misses Connors, Mrs ,AnMr & Mrs James E. Mullins & thony Keramis, Dr &: Mrs Flanagan, Mary Smy~, Julia T. Higgins, Hannah C. Higgins, Mrs Family, Mr & Mrs Robert Nagle, Charles E: Brady. Harrington. Eugene F. O'Riordan. Mr& Mrs Frank M. Coffey, Mr & Mrs Thomas Norton, John Mona M. Shea, Mary Lysaght, , Dr & Mrs John Carvalho, M'l' John, W, Cummings; Mr & Mrs I &: Kathryn F. SUllivan, Mrs & Mrs Joseh 'P. Phelan, Mr &:. Catherine A. Lysaght 'Francis Doolan, Mr & Mrs Wil- ,James Kearns. William Ready. Mrs Michael H. Sullivan liam Sullivan, Mr & Mrs James Mr & Mrs Arthur Lavoie, Mr Anna E. Shay and Helen Shay. $12 & Mrs Thomas Henry, 1\1r & Mrs Mr & Mrs Emilio Disirito. . Warren Messier, Mrs Daniel Kepple~ Mr & Mrs Francis Urban, Mrs Simon SUllivan, Mr &: Mrs .An, $40 Shaughnessy, Mr & Mrs Thomas John Neilan, Elizabeth A. Neilan, drew Duffy,- Mr &: Mrs' William Frances Shaughnessy, Mrs W. F. Powers. Mr & Mrs ' Henry Leary, Fred Hacking Jr. Arthur Leary. $10 Woodcoc;k. . $35 Mr & l,VIrs Peter Sullivan, '!'he Dr & Mrs Anthony Bernardo,_ ,Mr &" Mrs William C. Furze, ,Mildred V. Carroll. Kathleen Pearson, Mr & Mrs Mt &", Mr~ ,Herman R.Mello, F'inglas Family, Edna J.Murray. Mr. ~ Mrs Joseph Tavares, Rita $30 Thomas H. Sears, Mr & Mrs Mr' & Mrs ,Leo Keigher &: Henry Holtham;' In Memory of Kathleen' Smyth""Marcella V. 'Kenny. Regan, Mr & Mrs Leo V..Gaffney. Robert Keigher, Mr & Mrs Wal":' Henry' Bunting. . . I io~etta P. Kenny, Mr &: Mrs _, Mrs, . T homas ,J" Harrington, ter E. Conrad, Mr & Mrs Everett Mt & Mrs Thomas J. Logan, James E. Burke, Mr &: Mrs John Mr &. Mrs George Nugent, Mr &: CrowleY,Mr & Mrs' John T. Mr & Mrs Luke Urban, Mr & Mrs Lionel. Braz & Family,. Mr & C\ln.lo,n,. Mr & Mrs Patrick ArkiCrowley" The Madden Family. Mrs Russell' Racette, 'Mr '& Mrs Mrs Vincen.t Johnson, Clara L. son, Mrs Winston ~nkarstran. George Driscoll. Thomas'Cullen, Mr & Mrs'Fran- Halpin.. Mr' & ,Mrs Louis Couto, Wil$ 2 5 . , 'cis Nasser. liam F. Murphy, Mr &: Mrs John Margal'et Powers;, Nora SulliFrancis Devine, Lillian Hart, Mr' & Mrs' 'thoma/'Nasser, Mullaly" Mrs -Honora Sullivan,Mary, Hart, Margaret" B, "Shea; .WUliaJii' F.' O'Neil" Mr &: Mrs , van",The ,Warrener ,Family, Mr, A,Friend.' .. &., Mrs :Bernard Sullivan,Mr & Mr & Mrs John, Keating,; . ,- Donal~ Ryan:; ''l'1je'Leonatd's, Mrs Raoul T. Gagnon. -, The' Doherty' 'Farillly, Mni . Dr. & Mrs' Be1'nard. ' Cronan, FrlmCis J; 'McDOIiald.· " ,Mary- Ellen "Higgins, ."Harold Thomas-E. Burke-"& Ahge-la Mr & MrsM. Fitzgerald, Mr &: Yolande LaLiberte,_ Mr &; Mrs T. Sheehan, Mr &: Mrs NillholasBurke, Mrs Algernon D. Sullivan Mrs He1've Be1'fiie1', Helena y._ FranCis . Ci'o~son; , '.. Raymond Hurst;Mts .Catherine :.Hoefling; &' ,.' Rita'; Emm:a McDerinMt, Sullivan, Erilest Floyd;" • Beausoleil; Mr &: Mrs' Edward' M1' ~,Mts,Edward Logan'. Kathryn Ft. Pdwer. ' . , Mr & Mrs Joseph W. Cum- Doherty, Mi' &'M1'll'J'ohfi'Jbhns.. Mrll Mary M. Tavares;, Mrs , ,Mr & Mr~' philip DiBbri, Dr,&:' ton:" " . . ' mings, Genevieve A:. Harriflgtoii, Maty:l'aylor., Mr &: MtllAnth()hY C:stlierine P. Harrington, ,Alice Mt &:"Mrs D31'ltel'·J.;O'Connor, Neves" Mrs William· 'Hacking.: ¥rs" J:bsep~" .Rockett. ,;Jr., .M~_ Peter Donnelly, Mr & Mrs Wil.:. and Gertr~de ;Lynch, Mr & Mrs, Mr & Mrs John S!lllivQn III, Mt Bernard F.; Sw-eeneyJr.' Higgins,Mr & Mrs Arttim: JOSeph Hanify Jr, & Mrs' Thomas Leonard,.Mr & Mr & Mrs J:ohn P, McAndrew; Do~m~an. .' ,; . , _ , ' " , Mr & Mrs J. Burke SJiay, lIAt &: Mrs' Robert· E.Lyohs"- Mr&: Mrs' Helena, Kelley, Mr &..Mrs,Angus . 1\:'Irs 'Joseph ,Latessa, M1' &: Mrs .Walter French. Mr~, Mrs,: Jrones F.,.. ~urke, Bailey, ,.Mr ,& . Mrs Thomas. Col+.J,ohn Byington, Vincent M.FitzMr & Mrs,John E Cruger, Mr Genevieve C'~ D'uffy, NanCy lins, Mrs Mary W. Higgins. gerald." ' & ,Mrs 'F1rank McGuigIDl, Mar:' Cartoll; Mr & M:rs James Flan-' Everett C. E'arrell ' Jr., Dr. garet Lahey, Mr & Mrs Michael Mr &: Mrs Clyde A. Murphy, nery; Daniel"'Foley;Mary v: Robert Sulli\?"an, Mr, ~.Mrs Wil-, Hanley. , Mr & Mrs William Mannion 'the Murphy. fred ",Morrissette, ,Mr,&' Mrs Nash Family, Dr & Mrs 'John' Vincent ,'J. -Murphy, Mr' & Mrs EdtnundGea'ry, Mr& 'Mrs J. J. M~ &M~s j~hn J: Mitcheli, M;r Partridge, In MemOrY of John Plltrick:Shea,Mr-& Mrs Thomas & Mrs Matthe~' Sullivan, RuSullivan. ", ' '.' W. Roche. McNally, Mrs Mary E. Touhey, dolph, L(lVal,llt, Mr & Mrs RayMrs Andrew Renaud '& Helen, Mr & Mrs Nicholas W. Mitch- Gertrude M. HurleY. mond Conboy, Mr & Mrs.Elmer ell, Mr &: Mrs Thomas F. Burke. . ,. Charles Malone, Mr &: Mrs Mrs A:mbrose F. Keeley, Mr & Stafford Sr. Mrs'Armand Gendreau, Mr &: Mrs John Welch, Mr & Mrs James K. Marum. Florence MaMrs Valada, Riedel;_Mr & Mrs -Mrs James R. Medeiros, Mr & Daniel Mahoney, Mrs.- Joseph lone, 'Mr & Mrs Mario Antonelli, Elmer Stafford, Jr., Mr & Mrs Mrs' James Owen. Lacroix, Mt &: Mrs John Halli-· Mr & Mrs, Edward Shea. Paul :r,anziset;a,Noel Giard Jr.. Anna Mae Owen, Mf & MrS gan. Mr & Mrs"John J: Shea, Ed-. Anonymous. ' T: Comiskey, Mrs 'Warren FarMarguerite Bomier, M:r &: Mrs wa1'd F. Fitzgerald,' In Memory rell, Janice -Farrell, Mr & Mrs Clai~e Y. Th~berge, Mr &Mr~ James B. Keliey Jr., Mr & Mrs of Michael E. O'Rourke,' In Joseph E, Theberge, Mr &,Mrs William P. Grant, Mr &: Mrs Memory of'Rev. Thomas F. Fitz- Anthony Amaral. . Michael'Lowney, Mrs Theresa George W. Rigby, Mr & Mrs Howard Melker, _' . gerald, MaybelO'Mara. Mrs. William 'H. Connelly, Mr Sullivan, Mr &: Mrs Bennett J. James:J: Sullivan, Mr-s James $20 I Loreto Daley, Mr &: Mrs Ken& Mrs WiIUam Costa, Mr & Mrs ~oWd, Mr "Sr.. Mrs John Bailey, T. Kane &: family Mr &: Mrs Fred Brissette, Mr neth Reih~rio; Marloh Foley, Robe!;,'t MattheWs, Hilda Phillips, Mt &: Mrs Edmond J. Metras. Mr &. Mrs Raym.bnd Monahan, & Mrs Barney ,Levesctue, Shir. Mrs Thomas F.& Eileen Higgins, Josephine M.. Greeley., Mr & Mrs James Collins; Dr & Mrs Joseph J. Shea; Mr Alice 'Condon; Mr & Mrs' Ar- ley Cates" M,rs Irene Lavoie, " , Byrne Family, Mr & Mrs J. & Mrs James H. Martin, Mr & mllhdo Andrade, Mr & Mrs John Catherine C. Shea." Anna L: Sullivan, Mr, & Mrs Kirkmani' Mr &: Mrs' Walter T. C. .l\'IcGuire, .Chester, Nuttall Mrs Edward B. Downs, Mr & Eugene .J,. Ivers, Mrs Eileen V. Jr., Mr ~ M1's c;hester ~uttall, Mrs James Lawlor, Margaret E. Neves. Morgan. . Robert & Philip Pelletier, Mr Fournier & Hat Rack Mr & , Mr & Mrs William Aylwarc;l. . Thomas . Sullivan, Margaret &: Mrs J. Philip Pelletier~ JoSeph , Mrs Alfred, Beaulieu, 'Ann ,K. The Lenaghan Family, Mr &:-, Mrs James J. Higgins, Clarence Skehan, Helen O'Neil,' Mary Carey, Mr & Mrs Francis Carey, Curt. Mrs John SimpsOn,' Mr· &' Mrs Mr & Mrs Herbert Sennett. O'Neil, Gertrude L. Mercier. , Bonner, Mrs Frank Kingsley. Clyde Wordell, Harold Higgins, Sunderland & Mr & Mrs Armel Audet, Mr &: ' Mr &. M1's 'thomas Brindley, Mr & Mrs Thomas Norton :Ir:,Mr &, Mrs Thaddeus Golitz & Mrs William H" Moran, Mrs McQuillan Family, Mr & Mrs James A. Boynton, Mary C: Ftancis McHenry. Mrs Mary Mr & Mrs Francis Tansey, Mr & family. Henne'ssey,;,- Mr & M1's ' Fred Mrs William Ready; Mr '-& Mrs Casey, Madeline Casey. $15 Joseph Shelley, Mr & Mrs John' Mr & Mrs' Frederick Zebrasky, Czerwonka. Elinore' Kennedy, MI' & MrS Mr & Mr:s William Cleare, Mrs- F. McMahon. Henry J. Lemerise, Francis W. Mr & Mrs James Conlin; ,Mr &. Mrs JohnOrpen. Mr & Mrs A~ Kenny, Mr. & Mrs, Charles F. Mrs Patril:k C. Murphy, Mr & James Nolan, Mr & Mrs Frank Leonard, Lawrence J .. Hussey Mrs Joseph Bu,trows, Mr & Mrs J.,McGrnth; Mr & Mrs'Ernest D'Ambrosio, Mr & Mrs James Creamer;Mr & Mrs Thortl:as D.' Roger~, Mr & Mrs Romeo McP. Henry Desmond" Jr., Mr &i Mrs Frank Plichta: • ," . Conlon, Nfr & Mrs Howard' Mar~ Mr& Mrs Alfred Dube, Mrs Callum. . Lena Doran, Ahnli bevine, Mr "', ¥rs Julius Cohe'n, Mrs Daniel coux:; William J. Webb, Andrade Fam& Mrs John Hogan & Katherine, Mr ,'& Mrs Thomas McGuire;' Murphy, The ,Mahoney . Family, ily, Mr & ,Mrs ~enry 'Z: Horn" Mrs Walter Falloh, Mr & Mrs Mrs Daniel J. Crotty, Mary M. Mr&"Mrs'R. F. McConnell, Mr Anna Ma~one. '.' 'Yill,iam J. Aylward. " & Mrs Thomas Reitano,''Mr &: Michael Tucker, Mr & lVIrs" Crotty. ',' , ",' , ; Mr & Mrs Raymond Holen &: Mrs Arthur Barnaby, Gertrude 'E: CrottY,William E. ,,Helen Robe,rt.~. Reid, Mary ,C" Ward" Family" Mr &' Mrll.A,.nthonY Geary,. Gertrude Kelly, Misses Mrs. James E. Sullivan,' Mr & Crotty, Mr & Mrs GeOrge Flana"- & PatridaKeating'. 'Mrs RamsH; Elias, Grace Cutgan, Ann' A. O'Neill, Mr- &: Mrs Mary & Anne Kelly, Mr' & Mrs Mrs Frank Harrison. tIe, Mr &: Mrs Roderick Hart, Kathleen McIntyre, Grace Sul- William Grace. William Renaud. . Mr &: Mrs J. J. Drislan;Mr & Mr & Mrs John J. Gallagher, . Bernadette Walsh, Mary k. & livan, Barrett Family, Mrs Mary Elizabeth P. GUiMy, Ella Demp- Murphy &: fam'ny, Mr & Mrs -Mrs George Duffy, Edward J. Margaret A. Mullaney. Mr & Mrs Thomas A. O'DonDolan, 1\8:r & Mrs Matthew s~y, Mrs Beat1'ice Santos, Mr & " J. J. Harrington. Mr & ~rs William King, Mr & Golen, RiChard B. O'Connor &: nell, Mr & Mrs Luiz V. Miranda, Mrs Martifi J. McDonald. -. Mr & Mrs William C. Grady..' T. GertrUde & Mrs joseph B.' Mrs William Walsh, Mary J. F~ly.·


BOLT ROSARY· $20 Marietta Colucci & Family. 'Mr' & Mrs Ernest DeLalla. $;12 The Furgiuele Family. . $10 An'ne' Ciarpella, Mr' & Mrs Fred Dagata & Daughter FerioU Family, Charles Finucane., Joseph Guidotti. Mr & Mrs Raymond McGuire James McKnight, Mr & Mrs Cari Mello, Clement Occhiuti, Mr -& Mrs Joseph Pine. Mr & Mrs Joseph Ribeiro Richard Sperdl1ti, Mr & Mr~ Frank Stetkiewicz, Mr & Mrs Joseph Vieira. Josephine Bernard, Mr & Mrs Antone L. Campos, Mr & Mr~ Acquilino DiSpirito, Mr & Mr9 P. A. Emile Durand, Mr & Mr~ Edward Gibbons. Mrs Francis Joseph, The Sone of Italy-Loggia Veneto Mr &: Mrs Anthony Paiva, Jam~s Patri.. celli, Mr & Mrs Frank Perry. ' Mr & Mrs COl'lrad Pineault" Mrs Albert J. Roy, Mr & ,MUJ John S. Sousa. ST. MATHIEU $200 Rev. Henri J. Charest. (" $50 Rev. Thomas E. Morrissey" In Memory ot Rev. Aurelian L, Moreau.

$30 Ida and Valeda Leboeuf. $25 In' Memory of Rev. Aurelian L. Moreau, Dr &: Mrs Eugene' Di~nlle, Gracia Parenteau, Edg8l? POIsson; $24 Mr &: Mrs Rosar~o JMartel.


. Aurore Amarantes. $10 'Marie' Auclair,Mr & MI'8 OctaveBerube, Mr & Mrs ArthUr" Bienvenue, Mrs George Bolusk:v. " Mr & Mrs John Cabeceiras. " . lVlr & Mrs Theodore Carrier" Mr&" Mrs Normand Charland" Mr & 'Mrs 'Stepheh Clynes, Mr' ai' Mrs Roger Coulombe, Mr & Mri" Gedeon'Dufour. . Mr'& ,Mrs Roger" Dufour,,: Yvette"Dufour, Mr &.Mrs Leo' Fisette, Joseph Lamoureux Fa:m.:. I ily, -Mr"& Mrs HerVe Lavoie. "Mi-,& Mrs Laurent Lussier, Mr" & Mrs Harold McNerney, Mr'&' Mrs William Nade'au, Mr & Mnl ,Aime Paquet, Mr &; Mrs Wilfrla Pelleti'er. Arthur Pigeon, 1\'IIr & Mrs Ra~ mond Poisson, Edmond St. Lau;'; I rent, Alexandrine Sallar, Mr & Mrs Fernand 'tarte. , 'Mr'& Mrs EdmourThibaul(, Mr, & Mrs Albert Vannier. . "l I

,ST.,ANTIEIl6NiT OF l?AITb1IJA ,: $330 ." ~ev. Laureano C. dos Reis.

$15 :A,ngie's Fashions, .Tohn 'Maiib' tin. '$10

. f,,;

SophIe :F:e1'ry, John Vincen:~. Frank ~. SlIva, 'tiargo B. Silva" Robert Sousa. .Isabel. . Medeiros, Manuel Gomes, 'Evangeline Leite, Council of Catholic Women, JoseplA' Cotreita'. ' , Emery Gome, Antonio Cabra( Manuel' Camara Jr.; Francisooi Cabral, 'Orlando -Conforti. , .' Frank Seringa, Gilbert Cabrat· Antonio Viveiros, Norbert Bal-" da'i~, "William Mello Jr. Arthur' Medeiros, JosepFA Cunha, Daniel Medeiros. , Torn to Page Thirty


Henry ·Tei~~olra· .Johnny Lemos., Florist . ,




' ·Sp.5-2.336

GEORGE M. MO'NTlE: ',PJumbing - HeatoVig Over 35 Years ,of Satisfied Service

806 NO. MAIN STREET Fall River OS 5-7497 I



Ttil AN(:HOR30 Thurs., MaY_,18,

,. JlloaDeis I. MoguiN, Ada ~ . Mrs Bemar'd Harrington, MarY Borkman, Mr & Mrs Alton E. Louis Lopes, Helen King; 1961 . Ferris, Mr & Mrs John Viera. . . Richard & Alice ·M. Butler, Ml' Mr & Mrs Joseph F. McGrady, '& Mrs· John A. Powers, Edward James D. Holleran, Rosalie Rogan. & Family, John Lynch, Felizberto, Mr & Mrs Daniel Mr & Mrs Anthony Camuso. Netto, Mr & ·Mrs ,Thomas F. Mr & Mrs James Reardon, Gont.from lP'age Twen4r-nme·. Carroll. Joseph R. Hathaway, John HalliMary O'Brien, Mr & Mrs Fransey, Mr & Mrs William A. FOIO'Q liUvefi' cis Fennessey, Elizabeth 'Hall Healey, Mrs James H. and Nancy Mr & Mrs Robert Hall, Mr &. 'ST. MARY'S CATIll.lEDRAL Walsh. Mrs. Henry F. Thomas. , Sara Anderson, Mr & Mrs Wil,$400 Mrs Arthur Keating, .:M:r & liam Hussey, Mr- & Mrs.'Alban Rev. Arthur W. Tansei~ Mrs C. E. Cavanagh; Mr & Mrs '$100 . Correia, WilfrE;d A. Hamel Jr.. Roger LeBrun. Dr & Mrs Fred Sullivan, J;ohn Phelan, Mr & Mrs Samuel Taylor Jr., Mr & Mrs James A. Mr & Mrs Joseph Swage, DenStanley Kret. 0'Brien Jr. , nis Delaney, Mr & Mrs Thomas $'75 Donated in Memory of Helena Bowler, Jose M. Silva Jr., Mr &' Rev. Walter A: Sullivan, Mr & Mrs E, Casper. Mrs George Hurley. ' • Wallace, Mr & Mrs Patrick Smith, Eugene D'- Lamarre Thomas Vanasse, Laura Sulli$50 van, Mr & Mrs John Dean, RichRev, James F. Buckley, Ernest James W. Curran, Thomas SUl1i~ van. ' ard Nizolowski, Mary Mello. Kilroy, James F. Diskin. Louise Ponton, Mr & Mrs SANTO CHRISTO Mr & Mrs Lawrence A. Coyle.. $35 ." Bruno Baiocchi, Mr & Mrs Henry $1,200 HOL~ NAME. SPEAKER: Michael J. Welch, Holy Hawthorne, Mary Sullivan' Mr Rev; Arthur !p. dos Reis. The Lavagnino Family. Name SOCIety preSIdent of ,St: Joseph's parish, Taunton ' & Mrs' Laurent Dufour. ' $125 Gertrude O'Loughlin. Mrs Lillian Turcotte & Daugh- welcomes Rev. John P. Reid, Rev. Anthony M. Gomes; , $30 of Providence College' . $100 ...... The Dunn Family, Mary ter, Edward Dempsey, Mr & Mrs who piscussed communism at society's annual communio~ Warren Dwelly, Mr & Mrs Fran- breakfast. In memory of Rt. Rev. ,FreDO'Dwyer, Rose Dowling. . . cis O'Neil, John Kelly. cisco C. Bettencourt. ' $25 Catherine. Butler, Carolyn Gibney, Mr & Mrs Edward'P. Anna, Sullivan, Ruth Henry, $'75 lVir" & Mrs Edward Sullivan, Thomas Loftus, Loretta Norton, . Rev. Daniel L. Freitas, 1ft ' , Mr & Mrs Edward Levesque, Mr Walsh, Mr & Mrs Joseph Desro- Grace. sier, Francis A~ & Lena Moran. Memory of Rt. Rev. Francisco & Mrs Joseph Ryan, William Thomas Riley, Michael Sulli- Mr & Mrs Frank Sanders. Mr & Mrs Thomas Carroll. , Mr & Mrs Robert Rowe, John C. Bettencourt. van, Mr & Mrs Francis M. PowO'Brien. . Mr. & Mrs George W. Booth, ers, Virginia Sullivan, Mary Desmond, Mrs George Beaulieu, $50 Helen Joy, William J & Cecilia' John Manning, Delhi J. & Cath·In Memory of Rt. Rev. FranSheahan, Josephine Hurley,' Rosella Tuite, Mary Nelligan Maleady. Leo M. O'Brien, Mr& ,Mrs Le~ erine Kelly. ' cisco C. Bettencourt,In MemoMary· & Rose Hurley. SACRED HEART . Stella. McCarthY,_,Mr & Mrs ry of Bit; Rev. Francisco C. BetIn Memory of John H. and Martin & Family.· $200 ~Joseph Dunse, Mrs Stephen Daniel Donnelly, Edward Zygiel, tencourt, Rep. Manuel C. Faria, oBridget D. Butler, Mr & Mrs Edward Corbett. , Mr & Mrs, Roland BOUlay', Mr & Dr. Raymond R. Costa. . Anthony 'Perry, Mr &. Mrs 'John O'Toole, Mr & Mrs Raymond $125 Mrs Henry E. Boulds. Dr Jesse Baptista. . Vogel, Mr & Mrs John' McGinn, Reyn.olds, Mr & Mrs William Adelaide C. Trainor. White,.:\VIr & Mrs Alfred Costa.' Louis Donovan, Patrick MurChildren' of Mal'Y Sod!llitY9' Mrs Margaret 'A. Powers. - ' $iOO . " Mr & Mrs George Dussault, phy, Michael Geary, Mary F. & Holy N~me Society. Mary, MaI'garetand KathrYn 'Catherine 1., Trllinor, In Mem- Rose C. Riley, Robert Doherty. ~r illf Mrs Donald Manning, Mr $35 Dai,ley. ' ory of Mr & Mrs Thomas McNer& Mrs Thomas Manning Mr & 'Mr & Mrs Daniel Sullivan John Brilhante. $20 ,ney & Mr & Mrs William J. Fair, Edward Fay, Arthur Pavao' $12 Mr &, Mrs Terrance Lomax, Mrs Arthur Hanley, Mr '& Mrs clough. Charles, O'Coimor, Owen Mc~ Mtone Sousa. Helen Kenney, Eileen A. Sulli- Edward Baldwin. . . . . . $'75 ,·;Mr & Mrs William J. Blythe Donald. . , $10 vap, Gertrude Sullivan, In Dr. John E. Manning. Dorothy McLachlan, John Clara Simas, John Moniz AlMemory of Daniel & Mary Simp- Sr &. Son, Mr &' Mrs, Thomas MargaretM.· Sullivan. Wilkinson, Catherine McGreavy Simas, Mr &' Mrs 'Joseph Golden, fred L. Campos, Alfred Car:eiro son. $60 Mary J. Murphy, Mr & 'Mrs J. Ellen Kenney, Mr & Mrs Edward ~r, '&. Mrs Frank LaBossiere; Francelina Costa & Family. ' 'Elizabeth Trainor, James·Hey- . Madeline Connors. Betty. " .. ',Manuel Arruda, Dr. Nelson Frank Whelly. , Anna Connerton, M~y Adam, wood, Quillian Leary. 'Mr & Mrs Frank Halligan, Pinto, Jose Soares, Mariano F. Mr & Mrs' Gerald Holleran, . $50 WIr & Mrs Michael Hayes &' Mr & Mrs -William Collins, Mr Mr & Mr~ Edward Harrington, Mendonza, Arthur Flores Sr. In Memory of John and Mar- Margaret Kilroy, Mrs Catherine & Mrs. William Bradbury' Jr Fontes' Family, Antone CavallO Family, John Rogan and ~ .Lillian O'Hearn. . " garet McDermott. Rogan. " . Wallace, Hannah McDermott. & Family, Victor S:Aguiar' John $50 Mr & Mrs William HoWarth Joh~ .Deyeney . and Family, Sardinha Sr., Manuel Furt~do. $15 Daniel Cooney. Thornton" 'Winifred Ernest 'Mello,' Be.r nard Shaw, Joseph Sousa, Arthur Placida . Mr & Mrs Jerome Foley II, Bridget , $40 Mr & Mrs' Kendrick Reynolds, Frodyma;. Mr & Mf's Gerald Anthony Rogers, ·Everett Ferris. James BOl'.ges,. Manuel Borg,e~ Mr &; Mrs James steele Jr.' . Dorothy Kirb~,Angela Wingate, Eagan! Rose Mooney. ------" Mrs Paul F. Hackett, Mr & John J. Silva. $35 . Mr & Mrs JEdward Gahan, Mrs ,Robert Sowden; Mrs Robert Beatrice & Anibal Sousa Silva ~atherine Lynch. ' Misses' Ma'ry v,. & Anna . G. Higgins, Louise Higgins, William ,Family, Jose Silva Family' Flora The Harringtop Family, Cath- James Kea.ting, Mr & Mrs BerMcCarty. . Viveiros. ." Moniz, Hermina Pacheco.' erine Brahy, Margaret Barrett, nard Ryan, Mr &' Mrs James $25 Ryan, Irene Murphy. Orner Petit, Milford Mitchell, Anthony ,Pacheco, Jacintho Mr & Mrs George Boitano. James Con~or"MaryV & Alice Mr & Mrs Everett Silva, John . Cabral & Family Mr & Mrs Chester E. Kulpa, Margaret Kelliher, Margaret Edmond ,C. Harrington, Lodivine LeDomingos, Patrick Delaney Jr. Chouinard, . David' Rezendes, A. Kennedy & Thomas F. Ken- Mary J.- Crawford, Mr & Mrs Moyne, Mr & Mrs Fred R~ Dolan. nedy, Mr & Mrs Robert Mitchell. J?sephMagriby, Mr & Mrs PatCatherine Kirkman, William Joseph Bealieu. Mr & Mrs Joseph McManus. In Memory'of Charles E. Con- rICk Kelly, Mr & Mrs Stanley Kirkman, Vincent Canole, James :Manuel Marques, Manuel FiMr & Mrs Ovila Brabant, Mr Sikora. . Mulrooney; Mrs Catherine Ro- dalgo, Manuel Silva, John Silva, nors, In Memory of John S. and &. Mrs Edward F. Hughes & Margaret Duffy, .Mr & Mrs Alice Moran, In Memory of John den, Shirley Martin, Mr & Mrs Arthur Cabral. GildaS. Pavao, Manuel RaS. and Alice V. ,Moran, Mr & Frank E. Duffy, Richard Sulli- Margaret A., Mr & Mrs John L. Dwight Miller. Mr & Mrs Charles Santos posa, georgina' Rebello, Joseph Mrs. Mark A. Sullivan,. Mrs van, Agnes Fisher, Mr & Mrs J. Morgan, Mrs George C. King,' Hannah Connors. lames O'Connel and Catherine. Louis Clemmey. . James Medeiros, Raymond AU~ Cabral. . John Coyle, Elorence Burns & det, Mariel Audet', Loretta Audet. . Ed~und Sousa, M. L. Sousa, ,John Sullivan, Margaret DeAnn Standish, Rose and Emma Sens. Sousa, . Catherine McFad- Alice C. Costello. Dorothy' Audet, Mildred Au-' AdelaIde Soares & SOli, George Worsley. $22 $12.50 den, Mr & Mrs Jeremiah Lowdet, Doris Audet Winifred Furtado, John Mello. , Mr & Mrs James H.Fitzpatrick . Mr & Mrs Joseph O'Connen. ney, Helen Simpson: Switzer, Mrs Albert Carpenter. ~ .Pacheco Family, Manuel· S. Jr. ' . . , ' $12 Mr & Mrs Manuel Estrella Joseph Kitchen, Raymond Mo- DlOgeneS, ..;\ntone Rezendes, $20 Mr & Mrs James Frank. Lenora Estrella, Mr & Mrs Joh~, quin, Mr & Mrs Thomas Kitchen, Joseph MedeIros. Mr &, Mrs Arthur, Andresen, Raymond Peloquin, Mr & Mrs $10 ~'Connor, James D,acey, JosephJose Pacheco, Mario Pereira, . Mr & Mrs William Davis. Catherine O'Donnell, Williani me Cyrkiel.. " NormanJ. Meyer. Andrew Rebello, Antone CabeLillian Madden, Miss Eleanor '-O'Donnell, Margaret Hickey, Mr :Rose Senechal; .Mr . & Mrs Mr &; Mrs John Harding, Paul ceira.s, Aldina Quintal,' Edward & Mrs Eugene LeClair, R~ E.ugene ~ertr~nd, John Fitzpat- R. Mullaney, In Memory of MauCullen; Raymond Sutcliffe, Miss Perelra.Kidd. rIck, Allce FItzpatrick,' Joseph rice F. Byington, Miss Jennie Florence Sullivan,' Ellen L. Turn to Page Thirty-one. Griffin, . Mr & Mrs James R. Robert F. Coggeshall, Nancy Lynch. Coughlin. . Sullivan, Mr & Mrs John CaMr & Mrs A1fre~ Depin; Hele~ M~tchell. William -Chippendale, Mary' ' ena, 0 your .Mr & Mrs Patrick'Hurley, Walsh" A Friend, Ursula Riley. \ Hi~lt"R MdaryNs CBhudrch,. Ta.rkiln et.mara , Mr & Mrs Norbert Car- Burns, Catherine Moffet, Mrs' Joseph, DaRocha, Mrs Mary & Martin Mitchell '. oa, ew e ford, WIll be ~ valho, Mr & Mrs John J; Cox Jr. Frank Morrissey, Mr' & Mrs Margaret Morriss, 'Mr & Mrs Grace PhelariStanley Ows- the scene of the last Serra Club Madeline Dussault, Mr & Mrs J\bsalom Sutcliffe. Catherine' F Coughlin Holy Hour for the season: It will Frederick Morrissey, Mr & Mrs ~ Mary T. HurleY,Margaret A. R~ger Lachapelle, \James P. ney Murpq.y. .John Duggan, Gertrude Harring- ......Hurley. . Ma~y J. Coughlin, F~ailcis BigOS: be held ~t 3 this Sunday after, Vivian Lebrun, William White.Catherine Lomax,'Helen La- noon. Th,ts monthly devotion will ton, Lena' Reilly.~~.&Mrs Raymond'J. HayeS; head. Mr & Mrs HenrYT.Rocha, Wmlfred & Margaret Britlartd max, Helen Cox, Murt & Leo resume 10 September. lohn J. Hearne, William Lyneh, . Mr & 'Mrs Daniel Grace Mr~ $15 Fox. . . ' . Mr & Mrs Bennis Lynch, Mr & William Gastall, The Loughman 'Margaret Dunn, Grace' Dunn Robert Jackson, ,Mrs Elmer Mrs Edward Regan. Family. Mr & Mrs John J. Moynagh, Mis~ Learned,. Alice Bailey, Martha Mr & Mrs Rosario Marchese, ,Mrs Bridget. McNulty,:Angela Ethel Halligan, Mr & Mrs Ray- E. Martin & Louise M. Rioux. Mr & Mrs James. A. Robinson, Cyr, Ellen O'Brien . Loretta mond Nestor, James Sullivan. In Memory of Wilfred J. . Mr & Mrs William Wyrick, Eliz- Ha_nnigan,. Mr &' ~s ,Everett.' Nancy Swit?=er. Margaret E. Baker, Kathryn Drogue, Mr & abeth F. Whalen, Mr & Mrs John . Smith. . .' . Coleman, Julietta Delahanty, Mrs Michael Murphy, John Gorman. " Mr & Mrs Arthur ·V. Ferreira Josephine Louette. . Malloy, Elizabeth Owens. 273 CENTRAL AVE. Claire O'Toole, James Win:' Mr & Mrs John McTague, Mr &.. . Mr & Mrs George McCoomb, Marie Sardinha, Julia. Sulli) gate, Ida Callahan, Mr & Mrs M;rs John Dutra, Grace Martin &. Mr & Mrs James J .. McMahon van, Manuel Grovello, Thomas Leo Levesque, Margaret Riley. Family, Mr & Mrs Harold. C. Kathleen Gallery, Mrs Kathry~ Beaulieu, Hartnett Family. Lil. NEW BEDFORD .Julia Ring, Clara Just, Claire Nagle. ' Doherty, Sarah Halligan. . lian Guthrie, Mrs Mary Leary, Just, Mr & Mrs Manuel Ferreira, Amelia Standish, Annie Tuite,' Mr & Mrs JOseph Donnelly.. Margaret Tolan, Agnes Fogarty. WY 2-6216 Mr & Mrs Patrick McCann. Bertha Manning Mr & Mrs Kenneth Sutcliffe.·' Leo Fogarty. Mr & Mrs James Soares, Miss Frank Cavanagh, Mr' & M r s . $12 Frank DuVaUey, Mr & Mrs Patricia Sullivan, Edward Darcy Hc~nry Cottrell. . Mrs Hugh Lennon, Alfred DuCharlotte Kiley, Mary A. Shea &. . Sarah Booth, The Grondin pras, Mr'& Mrs -!ames Hoyle Jr,,' . Belen D. Goff. '. Family, Mr & Mrs James Coyne James Roberts. '. . Helen Peterson, Patrick Gib- Mr & Mrs, Raymond Deiners, M; '$10 . ney, Mr & Mrs Alfred Biltcliffe, & Mrs Jonathan Monroe. ' ·Mr & Mrs John J. Harrington +VIr & Mrs Frank R. Sullivan, Margo Brabant, Mr &. Mrs Gra~e ,James, Gertrude Jame~ Raymond.Kilroy. ~yles Standish, Mr & Mrs Louis Damel Kelly, Edmund RezenMr & Mrs James ,Sweeney, Proux, ,Laura M. Crosby John des. ' Matthew C. Kilroy, Margaret G. Loftus· Jr. '. , . Diskin, Mrs Henry' J. Gauthier, 'John Ryan, .Mr & M" Frank AnLEBoRo'S· . Helen Shea, Mr & Mrs James DePaola, Mr & Mrs Joseph W. Leading' Garden Center Robinson. Kennedy, Mr & Mrs Howard Mary Hurley, Janice Hurley, Moriarty, Irene L. Murphy. Ruth Hurley, Eleanor Shea' Mrs ' Helen Murphy, Margaret Mur.... Daniel F. Shea. ..' phy, Mr & Mrs Charles Pevide Daniel Shea, Mr & Mrs Henry Thomas Harrington, Mr & Mr~ South Main & Wall Sts. Messier, Mrs'Daniel P. Driscoll, James Comiskey. -' Mrs Frank Hanley, Nellie SulliMr & Mrs Edward Doolan, van. Margaret Sullivan, Henry McCA '2-0234' Mr & Mrs, Francis Murphy.. Partland Jr., Mr & Mrs Edward




H I 'H







Because He Cared ..•

New Bedford Continued &010 Page 'llhlfty SACRED HEART $500

Rev., Alphonse E. Gautbie.j. $60 Rev. Lucien Jusseaume, ReV. Rene G. Gauthier. ' $25 ll& lie ~-8 J. Herve Bedard. $20 Mr & Mrs Robert Begnoche. $15 Mrs Jules Moquin & Family, Mr & Mrs Louis Rousseau'& Leo. $12 Mr& Mrs Cyprien Grenier & Elphege. $1~

Charles Mousette, John Mulli- , gan, Roderick Murray, Mrs Eileen McCann, Joseph McCo!/'mick. Laurence McGrath, John J. O'Neil, Mrs Mildred Paiva, Mrs Doris Palmeiri, John Pender-


THE ANCHOR-Diocese ofFaU 'RiveT-Thtm. May 18, 1961



Willi8D\ Pendergast, Mr &', Mrs Thomas F. Quinlan, Mr & Mrs Emile J. Reale, Mr & Mrs John H. Riley, Joseph Rita. Mr & Mrs Louis Robert, Mrs Maurice H. Ronan & Marguerite A. Ronan, Charles Setteducati, Mark Sevigney, Mr & Mrs Daniel S. Sullivan. Louis A. Sylvia, Robert Tessier, Herbert Thornton; Edward Tighe & Family, Laurant Trahan. Mrs Knut Vikre. Mrs William Walsh, Charles Westgate, James Wilson, Matthew Wilson, Mr & Mrs Raymond' F. Williams.

Romeo Gagne. Mr, & Mrs ~CUL&TE CONCEPTION Roland Auger, 'The Servais Family, Mr '& Mrs Louis Cor~ $300 mier, Mrs Thomas Gendron. ' Rev. A. A.' Costello Branco. $20 ' . Mr '& ,Mrs Donat Brousseau, . . Mr & Mrs Rene LaFrance, MJ;' & ~rnest M. Pereira. Mrs Ernest Gibsop, Mr & Mrs '\ $10 Romeo 0, Bergeron, Mr & Mrs Joseph Silva, Arnold VasconRoger Camire. celos, Antonio Resendes, Ivo Mr & Mrs Armand Lavoie, Mr Almeida, Joaquim Marques. & Mrs Joseph Tanguay, Mr & Manuel Medeiros, John Pombo, Mrs Fenelon Bastille, Mr & M~'II Alvaro Costa, David Correia, Roland Seguin, Mr & Mrs Ed- Antone Soares. . mond Larocque, Mr & Mrs ],Il'orGilbert Oliveira, Manuel G. da Silva, Eugenios Camara, George mand Lebeau. Fonseca, The Macedo ,Family. HOLY NAME TEACHERS LOOK SPACEWARD: Two members of the teaching staff of Immac"," Manuel L. Correia Jr., Anto$500 ' nio F. Gomas, Joseph Ponte, late Heart College, Los Angeles, get a first hand report on, a full-scale model of an i~ Rev. John' J. Hayes.. Manuel Rodrigues, Louis Makuch. strum~mted spacecraft. at the Space Technology Laboratori~s, Ine. Receiving the science $50 Maria Furtado, Joseph Balta- briefing from Eugene R. Spangler, left, of STL are Sister Gilmary and Dr. Eugene SpaiD, Anonymous. zar, Edmond Arruda, Manuel scien'ce instructors. NC Photo.. ' . . .. '., , $40 Rego. Mr & Mrs Frank McLaughlin, , ST. HEDWIG Richard Porter. $30 $130 Mr & Mrs Gerald Moriarty. Franciscan Fathers. $25 $25 SEATTLE (NC) - Notes on, As they, discussed the book Grace, Anne & Thomas BanCHICAGO (NC-The basketMr & Mrs Frank Kulesza. his projeated a·U!tobiography phest~rton snatched a piece of ball team, of DeMatha High croft, Gertrude & Loretta Daley, $15 made 35 years ago by Gilbert C()py paper from his ·desk, and School, Hyattsville, Md., heads Mr & Mrs Leonard J. Entwistle, Mr &' Mrs Michael Zajac & KeithChestertol). were present- scribbled his ideas for chapter the Hst. of 20 top Catholic teamtl Mr &, Mrs James McCarthy & Daughter Micheline. ed to' Seattle University by a 'headings.' ' in the nation in the 11th annual! Frances. $10 He. wrote six, of them: "Why All-American, All-Catholic high Miss Rita T. McGlynn & Mrs' Edward Przybyla, Dr Walter Methodist educator. . In giving the n<>tes to the the Child Is Right,'" "How I school basketball selections ~ Theresa Blossom, In Memory of , Adamowicz, John Barylski, The Robert L. Speeter. . John J. Powers Jr., Beatrice Misses Buba, Mr & Mrs Frank Jesuit school's journalism de- Nearly LOst Myself," "How I partment, Professor Vernon Mc- Missed Saving the World," "My \ Sassi. DeMa1llla's 9tar, six-'foot John Strzepek. Kenzie also recalled some rich Heresy," "How I Discovered Austin, was named on the fil'Bt $24 Nellie Kucharski, Mr & Mrs Malcolm Pires. team selected by Speeter; AleG Stanley Szulik, Mr & Mrs Joseph anecdates about GKC, :f<uned Humility" and "My Questions Are Answered." $20 named on the team were BryeD Szaro, Mr &. Mrs Ted Szelag, British convert-autho.r. Arthur D. Bancroft, Mr & MrS Bert?a Cournoyer. Will i a m s , Sohlarman High Professor McKenzie, professor Bad Firm Ideas ..... George H. Brightman, Fr:ancis School, Danv1lle, TIl.; John VarElIzabeth PaUa, Mr & Mrs emeritus of journalism at the As it turned out, Chesterton's Byers, Stephen Cavanaugh, Stanley Loss, Magdalene Kur- University of Washington and autobiography ino, st. Mathews', Monroe, La..; was not published Anonymous. Mike Silliman. St. XavieE, kowski, Mary Perry, Mr & Mrs now a faculty member at SeatUe until after his death 10 years John Gordan Jr., Mr & Mrs Bronislaus' Gacek.. LoUisville, Ky., and Richard Dee, University, acquired, the .notes later. When Professor· McKenzie William P. Powers, Nathaniel B. Seton Hall, South Orange, N.J. when he visited Chesterton in Mr & Mrs John Robak, Mr & talked to the author, «he had Stewart, Mrs Lois Sullivan. Speeter picked 30 top stars CIa Mrs Leroy Ambrose, A. Dawicki, London in 1926. some firm ideas about not maksix teams. . $15 Mr & Mrs Peter Remillard, Mr & 'Most Impressive' ing ,it a 'conventional autobiogMr & Mrs Prior Basset, James Mrs Arthur Sylvia. ,. A.Minneapolis attorney, Spee.. "Ohesterton then was owner; l'8phy.' " J. Clark, Mr & Mrs Francis ter is an avid high school OOS<> Mr & Mrs Michael Mularczyk, editor, publisher and most of the Crowley, Grace Donnelly, Mr & The finished work seemed to ketbaH fan. Each year he reMr & Mrs Antone Sylvia; Mr & staff of G.K.'s Weekly . . . He Mrs Hugh T. Early, achieve this goal. ChestertOn ceives reports on Catholic high , Mrs Bernard Cook, Bronislaus smoked vile cigars but he was a Eric Erickson, ,Albert Hill, Mr Gacek. told little about himself in the school tealllfl in all parts oi In()st impressive man," recalled &: Mrs Stephen Markey, J. book but it is considered a good the CO\Hltry. His annualseleeProfessor McKenzie. ST. ANNE'S Joseph Marshall & Family, Mrs tions are published in the New "He puffed at hiB inevitable source of stories about hill . John O'Brien, Dr Edward Welch. $175 World, Chkago archdiocese cigar-emphatically not a Cor- friends. $12 Rev. Armand J. Levasseur. Professor McKenzie has passed newspaper; ona-":while he peered at me Maurice Bourque, James J. $100 . from behind his pince-nez, and the now-fading notes on chapBreaks' Stith's Records Gleason, Mr & Mrs Arthur Hunt. Sodalities of !;;t. Anne's Par- we discussed the book which he ter headings to Father Francis $10 DeMatha is located in a s\1b.o lah, St. Vincent de Paul Society hoped 9hortly to write--the Greene, S.J., director of Seattle Einar Anderson. Gerald AD- of st. Anne's Parish. story of his life." University's journaLism depart- uri> of Washington, D.C., and thony Jr., Anne Aylward, Fran$75 . conducted by the Ttinitariaa ment. cis Aylward, John Barlow. Fathers. Its basketball team, Rev. Roger J. Levesq~e. let, Mr & Mrs Raymond Gu~ Carmen Basilio ·Joins coached by Morgan Wootten, Mrs Amelia Barriteau, Jere$50 rette, Mrs Bertha Hamel, Edwon the Washington Catholie miah Barry, Eric Besso, Joseph Mr & Mrs Adrien DeSl'osiers. ward Houle. League championship, the K of c: BirtwisUe, Ralph Booker. , $25 College StaH . Invitational tournament and finMr & Mrs· Rodolphe Huette. Frank Botellio, Edgar BoudMrs, Cordelie Langlois, St. SYRACUSE (NC) -.: Carmen Mr & Mrs Joseph Jusseaume, ished with a 26-1 season record. reau, Mr & Mrs James Bryan, Anne's Credit Union. Basilio, former world welterIn Uhe K of C tournament, Mrs Mattie & Yvonne Lafleur, weight and middleweight boxGordan Burt, Mr & Mrs Charles . $20 , Cafferty. ' Aust-in ,was voted the outstandMr & Mrs Leo ~lduc,Theo­ Paul ,Lafleur, Mr & Mrs Aldei ing champion, has accepted a ing player. lie broke four tolDJames J. Cafl'et:ty, Jeremiah dore Lariviere, Lemlin's Hard-, Lafrance. position iii. the physical fitness Mr & Mrs 'Leopold Laperriere, program of Le Moyne College nament records which had beea Carey, Sadie Casey, Mrs Mary ware. set in 1957' by Tom Stith, st. Mr & Mrs Wilfrid Larocque, Mr here, the college has announced. Cheadle, John L. Coholan. $16 Bonaventure U. All-America, & Mrs Joseph Lavoie Sr., Mr & Kathleen Coholan, Louise CoMr &: Mrs Arthur Fontaine. '11he college is' constructing an Mrs Joseph Lavoie Jr., Mr & Athletic and Recreation Center whose sports career now hall holan, Patrick Conlan, William $12 been interrupted by a siege oi Mrs Charles Lebeau. . Connell, M. Francis Considine. Mr & Mrs Armand Bolduc. which is expected to be ready by $10 '\ Lucille Lebeau, Marie Lebeau. February, 1962, w hen Mr. tu~u1osilll. Mr & Mrs Charles H. Couza, Mr & Mrs Pierre Lussier, Mr Basilio, a one time U.S., Marine, Mrs Helen Cowell & James, Mrs Mr & Mrs Ulysse Auger, Mr & Work Party Russel Crawford, Clifford Crow- Mrs Albert ,Avery, Mr &, Mrs & Mrs Thomas McKenna, Mr & will become active at the school. ley, In Memory of John F. " Wilfrid Benjamin. Mr & Mrs Mrs Alfred Mailhot. The Newman Club of BradThomas J ..Niland, director of Mr. & Mrs Joseph Moniz, Mr athletics, said Mr. Basilio wilJ ford Durfee College of TechnolCatherine Daley. Arthur Blain, Herve Boisdair. Edmund De Coffe, Gregory Mr & Mrs Lucien Brunelle, & Mrs Marcel Morency, Mr & center the attention of students ogy, Fall River, will hold a work Derby, Alice & Elizabetli Dono- Mr & Mrs Mahl()n Burdge, Mr & Mrs Roger Ouimet, Mr & Mrs on physical fitness, which the party at St. Vincent de Paul van" Albert Duchaineau, James ,Mrs Ernest CarDn, Mr & Mrs Charles Payette, Dr & Mrs Louis President of the United States Camp, Westport, Wednesday. H. Dunphy. ' Normand Cayer, Mr & Mrs Phil- Perras. May 24, beginning at 9 o'clock. has stressed time and again. ' Mrs James Petty, Beatrice Romeo W. Dupont, Harold ippe Carignan. Dupuis, Mr & Mrs Charles EcoHelene I;>enault, Mr &' Mrs Poirier, Damase Raymond, 'St. nomos, Richard Gero, Anthony Ernest Deschenes, Suzanne Des- Anne's Sodality, Mr· & Mrs" Giannetto. chenes, Mr & Mrs Cesaire De- Harry Sears. Mr & ,Mrs .Thomas' Sharples; Stanley Gorczyca, Anthony sorey, 'Mr & Mrs 4xthur, Des,INC. Mr &. Mrs'Alfred Sicard, Mr & Govoni, Frederick Greer, Leo r()ches.' ..' "', .. Griffith, Emile Guilbert. . Mr & Mrs' Willia'in, Duclos, Mrs Leon: Steiblin, Mr & Mrs . '. . . Edward Hamer, Mr & Mrs Claire Dumont, Mr & Mrs Ray- John Sylvia Jr., Mr &' Mrs John Lawrence' A. Harney Jr., Mary- mond Dupont, Mr & Mrs Alfred Townley. Jo Harney, Miss Marie Harring- , Ferland, Mrs Lorina Fontaine. Armand Vermette, Mr & Mrs ton, Wiluam Howard. ' Laurier Frenette, Jeanne Gou- John Vessella. Rose 'Jones, Frank 'Kalish, Margaret Kenney, Robert A. Kramer, Frank E. Leahey. WANTED:. OTHER SHEPHERDESSES Edward C. Leahey, Louise Might not Christ, the Good Shepherd. be calling you to His service? Mackay, George MahOn, Josepp , The Sisters Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary F. Marshall, Leonard Mason. serve the divine Shephet-d of souls in the following fields: ARTH!J~ J. DOUCET FRANCI$ J. DEVINE ,Teaching, Social Work, Nursing, Foreign Missiono. Domestie Albert Mayall, Mr & Mrs EdWork. For details write: mand Melanson, Leonard C. Reverend Mother Provincial, Provincial e - ~ the MASS. Good Shepherd, Bay View, Saco, Maine. 363 SECON D ST. Miranda, James Moriarty, Gerald, Morrissey. , ,


Methodist Gives Chesterton 'Notes Selects' 20 Top To Jesuits' Seattle University Catholic Teams

D' & D Sales and Service,





, )



THE ANCHORThurs., M~y18, 1961

Gifts , Continued from Page On'e

Hackett - Architects, Sadow's, H. V. Sowle Florist, Bristo~ Acceptance Co., Massachusetts Gas & Electric Co., Dr. William W. Nelson, Johnis Auto Body & ' Radiator Shop, National Wholesale Co. ' Kroudvird'sBakery, Mrs Etta Kroudvird, Hawthorn Shop.

Att~elDoro $125

First Nationa'i Bank. - $iOO Fourth Degree K of C-Edward Douglas White Council, Bella~ vance Inc., 'St. Vincent de PaulSt: John's, Swank, Inc. $60 Conlon & Donnelly Co., Ste~ phen H. Foley Funeral Home~ .


St. John's Mother's Club. $50 •


Sadler Brothers: Mr &, MrS Patrick J. Duffy, Carey Brothers, Alcazaba Circle'· #65-D of I; Anson Motors, Inc. $25 , Charles Thomae & Sons Inc., 'Attleboro Sun, State Line Gen~ eral Scrap Co., Demers Bros., Pelletier's Automotive Service. Better Homes Products, W. E. Richards, Reardon & Lynch Co., ' Inc., Mr & .Mrs JosephE. Gagnon, M. J. Wall Co. $20

John G. Walsh Contracting, The Robbins Co., Wm. R. Dunlap ~., Inc. . ' ,: .. $15 Athertol1 Furniture Co. $12 "', L. H. Cooper. . . "$10

Polish Catholics . Begin 'Fifth Year of 'Great Novena of Prayer

,B~~LI-N (NC) ,-'-

Polish 'Catholics are entering' the fifth' year of the nine-year prograin, of prayer 'which

they vowed in order to· prepare for the 1,000th anniversary 01. Poland's conversion. This year' af· the ',"G~eat Novena," the 'nine-year pro;gram is called, is dedicated ,to the "Rebirth of the Family." It will officially open Sunday. Stefan Cardinal Wysiinski; Primate 'of 'Poland, has asked aU Catholics to listen '. carefully to sermons tha,t will be prea'ched throughout t~e year in thecom~ 'munist-controlled country oil the' nature and tasks of the Catholic family. ' '\ . . ST. MARY-OF-THE;WOODS , . 'Renew voWS _ . (NC)-William Oliver MartIn, He began' his pastoral le,tter chairman of Rhode Island University's philosophy department,., with mention of vows taken in wiU give the commencement ad" 1956 by a miliion PoH~h pilgrims dress at Saint' Mary-,of-the- at Jasna Gora, the shrine of Our Lady of Cze~tochowa. The Great Woods College, Lod., June 5. Larson Tool & Stamping Co.; Ripley 'Bi Gowen Co.,lnc., Attle-' bol'o 'Ice Co., The Artcraft Co.. inc., Sillinap,'!l' Shoe Store. , I Clegg 'Manufacturing & Tool Co., Inc., M. F{Ashley Co" Con"; ~eily Gold' ,Stamping, Cottag~ Bakery, Herbert C. Lavigeur. .: Attleboro 'Bowladrom; Bowen Bros. Elec; Co.,' O>E: Cameron & ' Son" Inc., :Alfred's Beauty Salon,' Chal'1es. E. WilliS;' Inc~ Brow.n's.·: '



Appeal Total Climbs to Ha~f·MalidOU'a Continued from Page One Sacred Heart ll,747.50 St. Anne 1,512.00 St. Anthony of Padua 1,474.50 St. Anthony , of the Desert 1,174.00 St. John the Baptist 2,524.00 St. Louis . 1,974.00 St. Matthew 1,801.50 St. Michael '2,709.55 St. Patrick a,468.0Q ~S. Peter & Paul ~-l,1l9.00 St. Roch 2,530.50 St. William 3,413.50 Santo Christo 3,709.91 NEW BEDFORD Holy Name 8,070.00 Holy Rosary 420.00 Immaculate C()nception 2,230.25 Mt. Carmel 7,786.75 Sacred Heal't 3,482.75 St. Anne 2,081.25 St. Anthony of Padua 2,803.50 St. Casimir !}29.75 St. Francis of Assisi 892.00 st. Hyacinth 1,106.00 St. James 9,967.80 St. John the Baptist 4,039.50 St. Joseph 8,792.55 St. Kilian 2,558.00 St. Lawrenee 18,224.26 St. Mary 3,871.95 St. Theresa '; 2,559.00 TAUNTON Holy' Family 2,336.5Q' Immaculate Conception 3,728.00 . 1,837.00 O. L. of Lourdes 2,613.25 Sacred Heal't 3,410.50 St., Jacques 2,516.00 St. Joseph 3,933.25 St. Mary 3,040.00 st. Paul A'lrTLEBOBO Holy GhO&1;· Z,880.00 St. John 12,228.00

St. Joseph St. Mary St. Stephen st. Theresa

2,432.25 3,232.50 2,378.00 3,943.00


Sacred Heart St. Mary TOWNS Acushnet Assonet Buzzards Bay Centerville Central Village Chatham' Dighton Falmouth Hyannis Mansfield Nantucket No. Dighton No. Easton No. Westport Norton Ocean Grove Orleans OstervIlle Raynham Sandwich Seekonk'

2,233.50 6,176.50 2,209.00 1,297.00 2,722.75 1,631.25 1,5~5.00

-"755.00 764.00 3,561.00 . 8,964:50 6,311.00 2,590.00 918.00 5,538.00 1,667.50 4,307.50 2,848.00 1,240.50 2,107.00. 1,417.00 2,998.75 2,947.00


St. John of God 2,606.50 St. Patrick 3,659.00 st. Thomas MOM 11,067.50 So. Dartmouth 4,627.50 So. Yarmouth 3,995.00 SwanseaOur Lady of Fatima 4,789.50 St. Dominie ~,655.50 St. Louis of Franee 3,296.00 Vineyard Haven 1,756.00 Wareham 5,913.00 West Harw4eh 945.00 Westport 4,472.00 Woods HolIt 864.00

Novena, grew o,ut of that pilgrim- ~f our Bapti~. In, this fifth year age. ,. , we will,conduct the work under . "In a moment you .will be re- the .motto: ,The FamilY Strong' . newing ,iii your parish church inGod~"' the Jasna Gora vows," he said. The pilgrims at Jasna Gora ~'This will take place simul~ ("Bright Mountain") put Poland taneo~sly all over ,Poland. With under, the protection' .of th~ this solemn. act we start tl;1e fifth .Bless~ Virgin laS Queen of year, af work of the. Crl'eat Poland., They vowed to prepare Novena preceding the milleniuni' .for the 'i,OOOth anniverSary of ,

.. - .


, Chaplain, Jesuit.Assigned To ~;~rway Since End of. ~an .


Poland's conversion, known as 'the Sacred Millenium, 'by nin~ years of prayer and work for .. Christian life. , The Polish government is eeloebrating ,the· l,i>ooth anniversary. of Poland's consolidation into' statehood during the years 'from 1960 to 1963.' . . "'. . The first year of. the .Great Novena, 1957-58, w~ the year' of loyalty to God; Jesus , Christ and the Church. The seCond was. , the year of grace and -the third. the yellr ot ~e. . . *,a~t year, the fourtJi, the year of Catholic marr:iage. Next year, the sixth, wIn be the year of Christian education. Then come . the year 01. social justice and love, the year of ,correction of' national defects, and finally the year of devotion to the heavenly Queen of Poland. Each Novena year begins OIl the first Sunday after May a, feast of Our Lady Queen of Poland. IIII• • • • • MJ!jit!i!W

OSLO ,(NC) The fIrst In 1956 the Norwegian Pat'Jesuit priest to be per':'lanently ~anientvoted'll1 to 31 to end a'ssigned ~ Norway. since the the prohibition on Jesuits. Jes~ country' lifted its 142-'year-old uits from abroad had long been ban on Jesuits is working as a admitted 'as. tourists, but not chaplain to lIungarian refugee~ ,those seeking formal permissiOll He is ,Father Kalman Horvath, to enter as residents, S.J. Father Horvath, who is 40, '. Jesuits and members of other' was rector of the Hungarian orders were ban"ed from Nor-' College ~the University of way under Article 2 of the 181~ Louvain, Belgium, from 1958 to ConsWution. It read: 1960. Before this he had been a "The· Evangelical Lutheran teacher in Leopoldville, in what religion shall be maintained and was then the Belgian Congo, con s tit ute the established i •IDIBl11 ' mm• Church of the Kingdom. The inM M.,. habitants who profess said religion shall be bound to educat~ 'W IIIQ U ·their children in the same. The Jesuit ~nd other monkishord'erg Shall not be tolerated. Jews furthermore are excluded from the country." , Teacher in Congo The prohibition against Jews was lifted' in i85!. In 1857 the first effor- was made to end the ban ,on Jesuits and members of three' religious orders. The clause "other, monkish orders" was removed from the constitution but the ban on the Jesuits remained. ' '


The, Frl- aMl..J"y Store I ,That' Saves'You More '_

GRACBA BROS. Excavating ContractoD's 9 CROSS Sl., FAIRHAVEN WYman 2-4862

J:B LUMBER CO. .So. Dartmouth Gftd Hyannis . So. Dartmouth WY 7·9384 2921


Tel OS 7-9663 99 Rodman·St.. Neat' Second St. lkIJlRivef? at Cathedral Square WI' 'lM8I;.,4t.'


informationand.interpretation"whichcanbe ex~ended to Members of the CathoJie Youth Organization of the Fall RiverDiocese will join their cou...

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