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Appeal Total Climbs to $613,461

The ANCHOR An Anchor of the Soul, Sure and Firm-St. Paul

Fall Riverl Mass., Thursday, May 15, 1975 Vol. 19, No. 20 © 1975 The·Anchor $5.D:~~~E~;~

St.. Dominic1s Center' Blessing on Saturday Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, S.T.D. will offer Mass at 4 o'clock and 'bless the new St. Dominic's Center, Swansea on Saturday, May 17. Rev.. Daniel E. Carey, pastor of St. Dominic's since January, 1970 .directed the development of the new facility for the Swansea parishioners. The new St. Dominic's Center in Swansea is loca,ted to the rear of the Church and Rectory. It was constructed as an allpurpose building to meet the needs of a growing congrega-

tion. In the past three years, over three hundred new families have h~~:1 <:\.~dp.d to the parish rolls, and the great majorJty of them have beer: recently married. Thus, the need for a facility to accommodate larger congregations at some of the Masses and for special occasions was evident. The Center also provides an area for the conduct of the catechetical program, and also it is suitable for dances and social purposes. The building is constructed of Turn to Page Three

Msgr. Broderick Retiring From Cape Cod Parish After 48 years in the aotive' ministry, Rev. Msgr. Christopher L. Broderick, pastol: of St. Pius X Parish, So. Yarmouth, has made use of the directives of the Second Vatican Coundl and nas requested retirement from the active minis~ry. The Most Reverend Bishop has acceeded ito the wishes of Msgr. Broderick. Born ,in Fall River on October 7, 1899, Monsignor Broderick studied at St. Paltrick Parish School and BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, and St.


ChaiIes College in Catonsville, Md. After preparation at St. Mary's Seminary in Baltimore, he was ordained a priest on May 26, 1927 at St. Mary's Cathedral, FaN River, by Most Reverend -Daniel Feehan, Second Bishop of Fall River. During his First Mass, celebrated on May 29th at St. Patrick's Church, Fall River, he was assisted by Rev. James E. Cassidy (later to be the Third Bishop of FaH River) as Archpriest and Rev. James J. Gerrard (later to be the Auxiliary Bishop of Fall River) as homHist. The Monsignor',s first assignment was to Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, Wellfleet, for the summer of 1927. He was then assigned to Immaculate Conception PariS'h, Fall River, where he was to remain as assiSitant pastor for 22 years. . During his assignment in Fa-ll River, he temporar-ily helped his brother, Rev. John F. Broderick, pastor of St. Mary Parish, 'So. Dartmouth, during a serious illness that ended in his death in 1941. . In November 1949, he was named administrator of St. Patrick Parish, Somerset. Two years later he took up the pastorate of St. Mary Parish, Norton. Turn to Page Four

Reports of special gift donations and parish contributions have raised the total to $613,461.24 in the 34th annual Charities Appeal. Edward F. Kennedy of Taunton, this year's App.eal lay chairman, ..said: "Many people are responding most genetously. I hope that every special gift and pariSh solicitor will contact every potential donor in all areas of the diocese. Special gift contacts are -stilI outstanding and many parishes have returns .to report." Many parishes are close to surpassing their 1974 final toItals-. The present number of parIshes enrolled in the 1975 Honor RoB for exceeding last year's final total is 13. They are: St. Mary, North Attleboro; Our Lady of the Isle, Nantucket (the first parish to reaoh Honor Roll status for two years .in a row); St. John, Pocasset; Our Lady of the Angels, St. John the BapHst, St. Ma·thieu, St. Patrick, St. Roeh, Fall River; St. Thomas More, Somerset; St. Louis de France, Swansea; St. Anthony of Padua, St. Boniface, New

Bedford; Holy Cross, South Easton. A final report of the 1975 Appeal will be issued five days a~ter the closing of the books. Parish chairmen, priest directors and special gift solicitors of the Appeal should make _their rePOI'ts in person at Headquarters beginning Wednesday, May 21 to the closing on Friday noon,' May 23 in order to receive proper cred~t for this year's Appeal. Leading area parishes are:

Fall River Area Holy Name, Fall River Our Lady of Angels, Fall River Cathedral, Fall River St. Thomas More, Somerset St. Patrick, Faill River

24,336.50 14,235.00 11,879.45 11,664.50 8,672.00

New Bedford Area

Mt. Carmel, New Bedford 13,873.11 St. Lawrence, New Bedford 11,890.80 Attleboro Area St. James, st. Mary, New Bedford 10,963.25 $11,014.25 St. Joseph, Fairhaven 9,432.85 North At,Ueboro 10,723.00 . Holy Name, St. John, Attleboro Mt. Carmel, Seekonk 10,299.00 New Bedford 8,995.00 St. Mary, Mansfield 9,840.•0 9,186.00 St. Mary, Seekonk Taunton Area St. Mary, Taunton Cape Islands Area Sacred Heart, Taunton 8,248.00 7,721.50 Holy Family, St. Francis Xavier, Hyannis . 14,554.00 5,662.00 East Taunton 4,482.00 St. Patrick, Fa:l.mouth 9,556.00 St. J,096ph, Taunton Ho'ly Cross, St. Pius X, 9,401.00 4,435.00 South Yarmouth South Easton Holy Trinity, * * * PARISH TOTALS 7,418.00 West Harwich PAGE TWO Assumption, Osterville 7,406.25


Clergy Appointments Most Rev. Daniel A. Cro:1in, S.T.D., Bishop of Fall River, has announced the acceptance of the resignation of Rev. Msgr. Christopher L. Broderick from the pastorate of St. Pius X Church in South Yarmouth. The Bishop also has announced an appointment to the Diocesan Tribunal and six clergy appointments. Rev. Daniel F. Hoye, who has just received his Licentiate in Canon Law from the School of Canon Law of the Catholic University of America, has been appointed Vice Officia-lis of the Diooes'an Tribunal. Rev. Msgr. Henry T. Munroe, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Attleboro, succeeds Msgr. Broderick as pastor of St. Pius X Church in South Yarmouth. He is also Episcopal Vicar for the Vicariate of Cape Cod and the Islands. Rev. John J. Murphy, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Taunton, becomes pastor of Holy Name Church, New Bedford, succeeding the late Rev. Leo T. Sullivan who. died in January.

Adult Confirmation Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, S.T.D., Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River, wiU celebrate a Pentecost Mass and administer the Sacrament of Confirma-tio{l to adults in St. Mary's Cathedral on Sunday afternoon, May 18 at 3 o'clock in the afternoon. Adult parishioneI's who for some .reason have had to delay their recew:ion of the Sacrament 'are urged to-contact their parJsh priests to make arrangements for the Pentecost cathedral ceremony. A hrief catechesis should be undertaken between .the adult candidate and the parish priest.

Rev. William E. Farland, pastor of St. Joseph's Church in Woods Hole, becomes pastor of St. Jose"h's Church in Taunton. Rev. Joseoh L. Powers, pastor of St. Mark's Church in Attleboro, becomes pastor of St. J 0seph's Church in Woods Hole. Rev. Roper L. Gagne, pastor of St. Mathieu Church in Fall River, becomes pastor of St. Mark's Church in Attleboro. Rev. Adrien E. Bernier, assistant pastor of St. Anne's Church in New Be-tford, be"omes administrator of S1. Mathieu Church in Fall River.. All aprointments are effective Wednesday, June 11, 1975. Msgr. Munroe Rev. Msgr. He'lry T. Munroe is the son of the late Henry T. and the late Kathryn C. (Burns) Munroe. Born in Fall River on Nov. 21, 1928, he attended St. Joseph Parish School, Msgr. Coyle Hiph School and Providence College. Following preparation at St. John's Seminary in Brighton, he was ordained to the priesthood by Most Rev. James L. Connolly, Fourth Bishop of Fall River, on Nov. 30, 1953. Officialis of the Diocesan Tribunal, Msgr. Munroe has served as assistant pastor at Holy Name Parish, New Bedford, for 19 years and as pastor of St. John the Evangelist Parish, Attleboro, since June 1972. Father Murphy The son of the late Michael and the late Mary (Sarsfield) Murphy, Rev. John J. Murphy was born in Fall River on Aug. 26, 1913. He prepared for the p~iesthood at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, after years of study at St. Patrick Parish School and' BMC Durfee High School in Fall River, and St. Charles College in Catonsville, Md. Ordained a priest in June 1939, he has served in Holy Name and

St. Lawrence Parishes in New Bedford; St. Peter the Apostle Parish, Provincetown; Holy Name Parish, Fall River; and as pastor of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Parish, Seekonk, and St. Joseph Parish, Taunton. Father Farland Rev. William E. Farland was born in Fall River on Jan. 11, 1924, the son of Mabel (Phelan) Farland and the late Donat Farland. He attended St. Patrick Parish School, Fall 'River, and Msgr. Turn to Page Five

Fr. Hoye Expert In Canon Law Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, S.T.D., Bishop of Fall River, has appointed Rev. Daniel F. Hoye, J.C.L., as the Vice-Officialis of the Diocesan Tribunal. Recently returned from the School of Canon Law of the Catholic University of America, Washington, D.C., Father Hoye . was awarded a Licentiate Degree in Canon Law. Tum to Page Four



THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975




RETIREMENT The Most Reverend Bishop has accepted the retirement' of Rev. Christopher L. Brooerick as pastor of St. Pius X Parish, South Yarmouth. Effective date Wednesday, June II, 1975.




Rev. Daniel F. Hoye, J.C .L., as Vice-Officialis of the Diocesan Tribunal. Effective date Thursday, May 15, 1975. ASSIGNMENTS

Rev. Msgr. Henry T. Munroe, from pastor of St. John the Evangelist Parish, Attleboro, to St. Pius X Parish, So. Yarmouth, as pastor. He will also serve as Episcopal Vicar of the Vicariate of Cape Coo and the Islands. Rev. John J. Murphy, from pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Taunton, to Holy Name Parish, New Bedford, as pastor.

..........-NEW PRIESTS: Bishop Cronin is shown with the five deacons whom he. ordained priests last Saturday for service in the Fall River Diocese. Left to right, Rev. William L. Boffa, Rev. Kevin J. Harrington, Rev. Arnold R. Medeiros, Bishop Cronin, Rev. Bruce M. Neylon and Rev. Richard M. Roy.

Rev. William E. Farland, from pastor of St. Joseph Parish, Woods Hole, to St. Joseph Parish, Taunton, as pastor. Rev. Joseph L. Powers, from pastor of St. Mark Parish, Attleboro Falls, to St. Joseph Parish, Woods Hole, as pastor. Rev. George L. Gagne, from administrator of St. Mathieu Parish, ,Fall River, to St. Mark Parish, Attleboro Falls, as pastor. Rev. Adrien E. Bernier, from assistant pastor of St. Anne Parish, New Bedford, to St. Mathieu Parish, Fall River, as administrator. All assignments are effective Wednesday, June 11, 1975.

Bishop of Fall River

PARISH TOTALS Attleboro Area AtteboroHoly Ghost $7,328.00 St. John 10,723.00 St. Joseph 3,153.00 St. 'Mark 6,157.00 St. Mary (Seekonk) 9,186.00 St. Stephen , 6,104.00 St. Theresa 6,680.00 Mansfield-St. Mary 9,840.10 North Attleboro2,433.00 Sacred Heart 11,014.25 St. Mary 5,216.00 Norton-St. Mary Seekonk-Mt. Carmel 10,289.00

Cape & Islands Area

Bishop Testifies Against Guns DETROIT (NC) - Auxiliary Bishop Walter Schoenherr of Detroit testified against the widespread ownership of guns at a hearing here by the Michigan Commission of Criminal Justice's task force on gun control. "Anyone can obtain guns today," the bishop said. "I stand

for the preservation of life. We don't stop making guns. . . . We don't stop purchasing them. ... When will be have enough?" Most of the speakers and crowd of more ,than -200 at the hearing were opposed to gun control. Some argued that existing Michigan legislation would be sufficient if it were enforced. Others argued that gun control would take weapons out of the Necrology hands of honest citizens and leave only the criminals with MAY 23 guns. One person, citing ScripRev. William F. Donahue, ture, argued that owning a gun 1944, Assistant, St. Francis is part of our "sacred, God-given right to sel.f-defense." Xavier, Hyannis Of the few pro-control speakers, one, a professor in behaviorMAY 24 al sciences, suggested that "anyRev. James F. Clark, 1907, one who desires a handgun is ' Founder: St. James, New Bedford slightly neurotic .. '. and should undergo testing before he can MAY 25 receive a permit to carry or own Rev. Michael P. Kirby, 1925, a handgun." Another argued from statistics St. Mary's, North Attleboro . that handguns bought for proRev. James V. Mendes, 1961, tection are "six times" more likeAdministrator, Our Lady of ly to be used to settle an arguAngels, Fall River ment than to be used for their original purpose. The only solu~-'."".""""""""''''''''''''''''~'''''''''''''''''''''.''''''''''''''''''''''••.tion, he said, is a "total ban" on THE ANCHOIl handguns. Second Class Postage Paid at f111 Iliver, Bishop Schoenherr spoke of Mass. Published every ThulSday at 410 the human tragedy when handHlghltnd Avenue, Fall Rliver, Mass. 02722 guns are used. "I have seen my by the Catholic Pren of the Diocese of Fall I d I t k'lI d" h 1 River. Subscription price, by l)1a.U! ._~o.~P~ld pe~p e mugge , IUr, 1 e, ,.e ·s OQ per •.


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' -said. ••..... -

" .. ,. ~;' (. "'. -'J." A·'" I.'A,. ·".. A'.~A. '




BrewsterOur Lady of the Cape 3,968.00 Buzzards Bay6,482.00 'St. Margaret CenterviHeOur Lady of Victory 7,040.00 Chatham4,442.00 Holy Redeemer EdgartownSt. Elizabeth 740.00 Falmou,th9,556.50 St. Patrick HyannisSt. Francis Xavier 14,554.00 NantucketOur Lady of the Isle 5,949.00 Oak Bluf~sSacred Heart 1,238.00 Osterville-Assumption 7,406.25 4,823.00 Pocasset-St. John ProvincetownSt. Peter 1,788.00 South YarmouthSt. Pius X 9,401.00 Vineyard HavenSt. Augustine 1,602.00 West Harw,ichHoly Trinity 7,418.00 Woods Hol.eSt. Joseph 3,655.00

Immaculate Concep. 5,554.00 Sacred Heart 8,116.50 St. Anne 2,827.00 St. Anthony of Padua 2,209.70 St. E-lizabeth 1,200.00 St. John the Baptist 4,123.00 I 5,841.50 St. Joseph 2,888.00 St. -Loui,s St. Mathieu 2,282.00 'St. Michael 5,615.00 . St. Patrick 8,672.00 SS. Peter and Paul 5,474.00 St. Roch 3,131.00 St. Stanislaus 5,811.83 St. William 5,138.00 Santo Christo 1,719.75 AssonetSt. Bernard 2,987.00 Central VillageSt. John Baptist 3,042.00 North WestportOur Lady of Grace 6,710.00 Ocean GroveSt. Michael 2,143.00 SomersetSt. John of God 5,076.50 St. Patrick 5,519.00 'St. Thomas More 11,664.50 S....lansea-Our Lady of Fatima 5,736.00 St. Dominic " 5,617.00 St. Louis Ide France 7,468.00

St. Joseph St. Mary Sacred Hearts Marion-St. Rita Ma'ttapoisettSt. Anthony . North DartmouthSt. Julie South oDartmouthSt. Mary Wareham-St. Patrick WestportSt. George

9,432.85 2,595.50 1,200.00 1,842.00 6,142.00 5,358.50 7,030.00 6,204.00 3,231.00

Taunton Area TauntonHoly Family Holy Rosary Immacula'~e Concep. Our Lady of Lourdes Sacred Heart St. Anthony St. James St. Joseph St. Mary . St. Paul Dighton-St. Peter North DightonSt. Joseph Raynham-St. Ann South Easton Holy Cross

5,662.00 2,054.00 4,321.00 2,831.60 7,721.50 3,504.10 4,131.00 4,482.00 8,248.00 4,304.00 1,118.50 2,431.00 4,197.00 4,435.00

New Bedford Area

New Bedford'Holy Name 8,995.00 Assumption 592.40 Imm.aculate Concep. 4,535.00 13-,873.11 Mt. Carmel Our Lady of Fatima 4,486.00 O. L. of Perpet. Help 1,928.00 Sacred Heart, 3,080.00 , St. Anne 1,642.50 St. Anthony of Padua 4,439.00 St. Boniface 555.50 St. Casimir 1,370.00 St. Francis of Assisi 959.50' St. Hedwig 1,387.00 Fall River Area St. Hyacinth 845.25 Fall RiverSt. James 10,963.25 St. John the Baptist 5,382.50 St. Mary's Cathedral'l1,879.45 1,188:00 St. Joseph 3,817.00 Blessed Sacrament Espirito Santo 2,535.00 St. Kilian 2,276.00 Holy Cross 1,870.50 St. Lawrence 11,890.80 Holy Name 24,336.50 St. Mary 7,853.25 Notre Dame 6,168.00 St. Theresa 3,585.00 Our Lady of Angels 14,235.00 AcushnetOur Lady of Health 3,150.00, St. Fr,ancis Xavier 2,66~.00 Holy Rosary.,- .' ·,;~295.00';.'Faithtvlfut:L.' ,."r 1.",<" . .'i',

COUGHLIN Funeral Home Inc. 308 Locust Street Fall River, Mass. John J. Coughlin Michael




Manuel Rogers Be Sons FUNERAL HOME 1521 North Main Street Fall River, Mass. Raymond R. Machado Arthur R. Machado

Tel. Office 672-3101 . Res. 673·3894 c,67;J~0447

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall Riv::r-Thur., May IS, 1975


St. Dominic' of Swansea Continued from Page One cinder block, fifty feet wide and one hundred and twenty feet in length. When it is set up for Mass, it will accommodate five hundred. The sanctuary. furnishings can be readily stored in the sacristy when not in use. To the rear of the sanctuary is a large storage area for banquet tables, card tables and 'chairs not in use. Equipped with a portable speaking system, the acoustics are excellent. Social Center Just off the foyer are the rest rooms and the kitchen. The kitchen was furnished through the efforts of St. Domi!1ic's Women's Guild and it provides all the latest equipment. The serving windows can be closed when the building is used for Mass, and ,the kitchen hidden from view. The tile flooring makes it ideal for dances and other social functions. A newly formed Men's Club has already arranged several dances, and they are popularly received by many of the new couples in the parish. A combination heating and ,air-conditioning unit has been installed in the. rear of the building, and it will provide comfort whatever the weather may be. The building is protected by a

P'ope Paul Thanks Pilgrims for Hymn's VATICAN CITY (NC) - With the simple phrase "thanks, it is beautiful," Pope Paul VI praised Holy Year pilgrims for the hymns he bas heard them singing during their visits to the Vatican. In a Sunday noontime talk, the Pope told about 100,000 people gathered in St. Peter's. Square that "during' the Holy Year, voices of community prayer, of church singing, of people praising and supplicating have often risen from the square up ,to us here and it bas deeply moved. us." Standing at the study window, the Pope continued, "We are taken by the charm of this spontaneous and unusual exhibition. It makes us think of the Church's renewed exhortations to communal prayer, as well as of the hoped for rebirth of sacred music. . .. Each voice has its own accent-that of a child, of a youth, of a young girl of an adult, of old person," Before reciting the noontime prayer to Our Lady, the Regina Coeli, the Pope said simply: "Brothers, thanks, it is ,beautiful,"

heat and smoke detection system and it is linked up to the local fire Department. The exterior of the Center is painted tan, with broad bands of w~ite.

Bishop to Bless N'ew I( of C Home In Fall River Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, S.T.D., Bishop of the Diocese of F~l River, will bless the new Knights of Columbus Home of Fall River Council No. 86 at 7 o'clock on Thursday night, May 29 and then be principal concelebrant and homilist at Mass. Grand Knight Raymond R. Cousineau stated that the new home located at 1492 Columbus' Drive, off -Meridian St., will be the scene of a large gathering of civic leaders and knights from nearby councils. ' Rev. Roger L. Gagne, pastor of St. Mathieu's Parish, Fall River and chaplain to Council No. 86 is in charge of arrangements for the Mass and Blessing Ceremony. He also announcedthat Rev. William G. Campbell, assistant at Holy Name Church, Fall River will direct the music and choir for the occasion. A. Roger Lafleur, PGK is serving as chairman of hall arrangements, while Roland H. Pelletier, president of the Home Cor'poration 'and Ftlrmer District Deputy John T. Trainor are in charge of the speaking program and reception committee, respec• tively.

·Plan' Hyannis Lupus Chapter The public is invited to attend a meeting of the newly organized Cape Cod Lupus Chapter, to be held at 7 p.m. Sunday May 18 at VFW Hall, Ivanough Road, Hyannis. Affiliated with the Massachu~ sett Lupus Foundation, the organization is open ttl lupus patients, their families and friends. Mrs. Mary E. Cote, president, explains that lupus is a disease of unkntlwn origin, affecting connective tissues and producing sometimes fatal changes in skin, joints and internal organs: Research is attempting to discover causes and cures of this condition, which primarily attacks women in the childbearing years .'and kills over 5000 Americans annually. The Cape Cod organization has as its goal education of the public concerning lupus, and further information' is available from Mrs. Cote, telephone 617-759-5602.

A Mill Hill Franciscan Sisler Lives a • • • •

NEW SWANSEA PARISH CENTER: Bishop Cronin will bless the new St. Dominic's Center, Swansea at 4 o'c~ock o,n ,~~turday afternoon, May 17. Top photo: Exterior of ,the ,new center., Middlep.hoto:· Sanctuary. Bottom photo;· Kitchen in· parish activities center.

Send for free brochure:

meaningful faithful hopeful prayerful community Iifewith lasting job satisfaction Vocation Directress, FMJS Franciscan House 19 South Main Ave. ,. Albany, N.Y. 12208


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975

Bishop Speaks To Senators

Charity and Economy The American Association of Fund-R-aising Counsel, Inc. has reported that despite the troubled economy Americans gave a record amount last year to charitable organizations. A spokesman for the Greater New York United Jewish Appeal said, "There's always somebody worse off than us. Unless you're out of work or yo.ur business failed, most people's standard of living has not changed too greatly and it's not too difficult to make them understand." A spokesman for Catholic Charities of New York has suggested that people tended to give more in troubled times because feeling the pinch themselvs they become more aware than ever of the needs of other people. It is good that a troubled economy has a bright side. And this seems to be that the more conscious people are of the economy, of money, of things, of the material side of life, the more they grow to realize that while these things are important they are not the most important aspects of life; and while they themselves may begin to feel the strictures of the economic times there are other persons whose needs are magnified in these times and who still must depend on their neighbors for answers to their cries for help. This is true on a national level. It-is surely true on an area basis as well. This Fall River Diocese is in a region where unemployment is the highest in the Commonwealth. At the same time, there has been a magnificent tradition of charity and concern, people for people. ··Many arc called, few follow." This tradition of .caring has made itself felt in many various ways and among these is the tradition of the Annual Charities Appeal. For thirty-three years people have been caring to the degree that they share what they have with those who have even less. "oIt is obvious that Monsignor Continued from Page One In this, the thirty-fourth Appeal, the need is great and, lIn May, 1954, Pope Pius X Broderick has had a very busy given the economy of the area, even more pressing than was proclaimed a saint and in and productive prfesthood. Howhis real service to God and usual. This means that the charity of people must, and hope- his honor Bishop James L. Con- ever, the Church cannot be measured. nolly announced the formation fully, will expand to meet the needs and to allow for the of a new parish - St. Pius X The quality of his priesthood is many more persons needing to be helped and the inflated Parish, So. Yarmouth. The reflected in the lives of thoucosts of helping them. -founding pastor 'was Rev. sands of people who have been enriched by his dedication and It has been shown that difficult economic times do not Christ-opher L. Broderick. When Father Broderick ar- holiness." automatically mean a lessening of charity but, rather, a rived on the Cape to assume greater measure of consciousness on the part of people that his new duties, he found a vast the needs of charity are greater than ever before. amount of territory; a partially Doctor to Speak .And when the need is great, the response of charity finished rectory in So. Yarmouth; a small Our Lady of the On Emergency measures up t!> the need.

Msgr. Broderick Retiring

Peace and Serenity People seek peace and serenity. What they really want is inner peace and serenity of the spirit: They want that tranquility of soul that comes from inner balance and happiness. It comes about when a person is at peace with himself, at peace with his neighbor, and at peace with God. While a person lives he is necessarily involved with people and circumstances and situations around himself. This is the price one pays for being a member of the human race. To drop out from these is to drop out of humanity, to shirk the responsibilities that every mature person must shoulder. , But in the midst of all sorts of involvements and strife and turmoil there can be peace. Indeed, there must be peace. This is achieved when a person lives a life of integrity so that he is true to himself, to his inner values. It is achieved, finally and above all, when a person is at peace with God-when his inner values correspond to the Will of God, when his love of neighbor is a reflection of his love of God and God's love of him.


Published weekly by The Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River 410 Highland Avenue Fall River Mass. 02722 675-7151 PUBLISHER Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, D.O., S.T.D.



Rev. Msgr. Daniel F. Shalloo, M.A. Rev. John P. Driscoll

ASSISTANT MANAGERS . . . . leuy Press-r." .River

Rev. John R. Foister

Highway Chapel in Bass River (formerly a mission of St. Francis Xavier Parish, Hyannis); a· new St. Pius X Church under construction. The new pastor's greatest asset was a group of eager parishioners ready to help in any way. Masses were held in the chapel and in other places until .the new church was' ready for occupancy. The dedication of the new St. Pius X Church took place on Aug. 18, 1954 and from that moment a great growth took place in the parish. In 1958, it was necessary to double the size of the summer chapel and in 1961 a new rectory had to be built near the church. By 1967, it became clear that the church could not accommodate the year-round parishioners who had gradually moved to the Cape. Plans were then set in motion for a new St. Pius X, erected adjacent to the old church. On January 19, 1969, the new - St. Pius X Church with a seating capacity of 1,300 was dedi~ cated, croyvning the years of labor and justifiable pride of Father Broderick. In October of that same year, Pope Paul VI honored the Cape pastor with his elevation to the rank of a Domestic Prelate with the title Monsignor. The program for the parish testimonial for Monsignor Broderick states:

Techniques The public is invited to attend a lecture on emergency lifesaving to be sponsored at 7:45 p.m. Wednesday, May 21 by the Men's Club of St. Stanislaus parish, Fall River. To speak in the parish school hall at 37 Rockland St., is Dr. Barry Stein" berg, anesthesiologist at St. Anne's Hospital, Fall River. The speaker, a Somerset resident, received his medical degree from Dalhousie Medical School of the University of Halifax, N.S. He has served as chief of anesthesia and operating room at the U.S. Army hospital in Verdun, France. A member of numerous medical societies, Dr: Steinberg is also active in the Massachusetts Heart Assn. and is an instructor in cardio-pulmonary resuscita-tion. He was recently heard on a local radio station answering listeners' questions with regard to heart problems.

Marriage Encounter "How to Make -a Good Marriage Better" will be the topic of it speakers' night to be sponsored by the Marriage Encounter movement at 8 p.m. Sunday, May 18 in Notre Dame Church basement, Fall River. Admission and refreshments will be free and all married couples in the Greater Fall River area are invited :to attend.•.,; .0'" :: ' ..,

The May meeting of the Senate of Priests of the Diocese of Pall River was held on Friday, May 9, at the Catholic Memorial .. Home. Most Rev. Daniel A. Cronin, Bishop of Fall River, addressed the Senate relative to its role in ,the diocese. Citing their importance as the only elected body of priests who represent all the priests of the diocese, Bishop Cronin asked for the Senate's continued assistance. In a lively discussion that followed many ways of accomplishing this were explored. Rev. Msgr. Thomas Harrington, Chancellor of the diocese, presented to the Senate a report on the priests' pension plan that is under study by his office. The minutes of the April meeting were then accepted and correspondence was read relative' to Selection of Bishop's Process, Priest's Retreats and counselling cancer patients and their families. Resolutions Following the Treasurer's report, reports were presented from the Senate's liaisons with NFCP and NECOPS. Plans are being made for the Fall River Sente to host the annual Fall Convocation of NECOPS. Two resolutions were passed relative to the war in Vietnam: Be it resolved that the Priest's Senate of the Fall River Diocese urges that all the clergy and laity of the Diocese remember in a prayerful way those missing in action in Vietnam. It urges that meaningful and thoughtful means be taken to secure more information about them and eventually to bring them home. ·Be it resolved that the Priest's Senate of the Fall River Diocese welcomes with Christi-an hospitality and -compassion those Vietnamese people who are presently or will in the future settle in our diocese. A third resolution was passed supporting the Bishop's recent letter to Senator Edward Kennedy deploring the leadership role the Senator assumed regarding the Bartlett Amendment attached to Senate Bill 66, which would have prevented the spending of government funds for payment for 'abortions. Other Senate business centered around constitutional and procedural changes. The meeting ad-. journed at 2:42 p.m. The Senate will meet in an informal session at Catholic Memorial Home on Friday, June 13, 1975 at 11 a.m.

Fr. Hoye Continued from Page One Son of Virginia (Cleary) Hoye and the late Dr. Charles E. Hoye, Father Hoye was born in Taunton and educated at St. Mary Parish School and Msgr. Coyle High School in that city. Following studies at St. Thomas Seminary, Bloomfield, Conn. and St. John's Seminary, Brighton, he was ordained to .the priesthood on May 13, 1972.During his diaconate he served at St. Patrick Parish, Wareham, and Our Lady of the Rosary Parish, Stoughton. Since his ordination to the priesthood, he has served at St. ohn the Evangelist Parish, Attleboro, and St. Mary Parish, Norton. .',


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975

_. .¥¢'"







Bishop Makes Pastoral Assignments Continued from Page One Coyle High School, Taunton. He prepared for the priesthood at St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, and St. John's Seminary, Brighton. Ordained a priest on June 11, 1949, he has served at St. Mary Parish, Norton; Corpus Christi Parish, Sandwich; St. Lawrence and St. Kilian Parishes, New Bedford; St. Patrick Parish, Falmouth; and as pastor of St. Ann Parish, Raynham, and St. Joseph Parish, Woods Hole. Father Powers Rev. Joseph L. Powers, the son of the late James E. and the late Elizabeth (Halliwell) Powers, was born in Providence, R.I. on May 21, 1922. Educated at St. -Patrick Parish School, Fall River; Msgr. Coyle High School, Taunton; Provi-

dence College and St. Mary's Seminary, Baltimore, he was ordained a priest on June 15, 1946. Diocesan Director of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine for 13 years, he has also served at St. Patr-ick Parish, FalmoutJh; St. Joseph Parish, Taunton; Bishop Stang High School, No. Dartmouth; Bishop Feehan High School, AUleboro; and as pastor of St. Mark Parish, Attleboro Falls. Father Gagne Born in No. Attleboro on Nov. 3, 1926, Rev. Roger L. Gagne is the son of Jeannette (Guindon) and the late Arthur Gagne. He attended Sacred Heart Parish School, No. Attleboro; No. Attleboro High School; Maryknoll Seminary and St. John's Seminary in Brighton. Ordained a priest on Feb. 2,

1955, he served as assistant pastor at St. Theresa Parish, Attleboro, for 17 years, and as pastor of St. Mathieu Parish, Fall River since November, 1972. Father Bernier Rev. Adrien E. Bernier, the son of the late Oscar and the late Eva (Boucher) Bernier, was born in Fall River on June 26, 1919. ' Educated at Blessed Sacrament Parish School, Fall River; College St. Alexandre, Canada; St. Philip Neri Seminary, Boston, and St. John's Seminary, Brighton, he was ordained a priest on Feb. 2, ' 1957. Father Bernier has served at St. Michael Parish, Ocean Grove; Notre Dame and St. Mathieu Parishes in Fall River; Sacred Heart and St. Anne Parishes in New Bedford.





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Fall River Area $1,500 F; -L. Collins & Sons, Inc. $1,200 White's Family Restaurant $600 Fall River Gas Company $500 Mooney & Co., Inc. Ideal Laundry Mr. & Mrs. Henry·J. Feitelberg Society of St. Vincent de Paul, Particular Council $400 Dr. & Mrs. Francis M. James Duro Finishing Corp. $300 Gerald Zide $200 Jackson Company, Inc. Catholic Women's Club $189 Residents of Highl'and Heights $120 White Spa Caterers $110 D & D Sales & Service

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Only $8.50 gives our priests and Sisters in Shertallay, south India, enough Dapsone 'miracle' tablets for 43 lepers for a year!


For only $14 a month, $168 a year, you can make sure that an abandoned baby has food, clothing, a blanket and love. We'll send you a photo of the baby you 'adopt', tell you something about him (or her), and ask the Sister·incharge to keep you informed.




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This column's happiest readers are the men, women and children who know they're needed. The days we're busiest helping others are the happiest days of our lives.... Who needs you most? Surprisingly, God needs you - for instance, to help an abandoned orphan become a God-loving, responsible adult. Lepers need you (there are still 15-million lepers in the world), blind children need you, and so do we. ... Here in New York we are your agents, telling 'you where the Holy Father says your help is needed, and channeling your help promptly and safely to the people in need. . . . Want to feel good right now? Do without something you want but do not need, and .send the money instead for. one of the needs below. You'll feel good, especially if your gift is big enough -to mean a sacrifice to you. This is your chance to do something meaningful for the world-it's God's world-while you're still alive.

Our Holy Father has proclaimed 1975 as a Holy Year. H-e encourages more Pilgrimages to Rome and the Holy Land during this time of reconcilia· tion. In keeping with his wishes, Catholic Near East is sponsoring two-week tours for just $978 per person. Write for information.


Dear Monsignor Nolan: Please return coupon with your offering



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_ _

Please send me Holy Year tour information





NEAR EAST MISSIONS TERENCE CARDINAL COOKE, President MSGR. JOHN G. NOLAN, National Secretary Write: CATHOLIC NEAR EAST WELFARE Assoc. 1011 First Avenue • New York, N.Y. 10022 Telephone: 212/826-1480


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River:-Thur., May 15, 1975

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ALUMNAE HONOR GOLDEN JUBILARIAN: Graduates of Sacred Hearts Academy; Fall River sponsored a testimonial on May 6 in honor of the 50 years given by Sr. John Elizabeth, SUSC, as a religious. Left to right: Mrs. Katherine Conlon, the. jubilarian's sister; Bishop Gerrard, Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese and former chaplain at the academy, principal concelebrant of the Mass; Sr. John Elizabeth; Sr. Marilyn Spellman, SUSC, provincial of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Province; Rev. Msgr. Patrick J. O'Neill, D.Ed., Diocesan Director of Education and homilist at the Mass.

Religious Influence Low in America WASHINGTON (NC)-Organ· ized religion has little influence on decisions or actions affecting the United States, according to 1,000 national leaders polled by U.S. News and World Report. The leaders placed religion 23rd of a list of 24 "most powerful institutions," just ahead of cinema and just below the Republican Party. Among 20 individuals the se· lect group considered most influential in American life, only one was a religious leader-the Rev. Billy Graham, who ranked 18th. The results of the survey were published April 21 in U.S. News. For its poll the magazine asked the opinions of 1,000 leaders in a broad spectrum of professions, including law, politics, hanking, business, labor, education, reli-' gion and communications fields. It asked the leaders to' rate each of 24 institutions on a scale of one to 10 for the degree of influence they exert "on deci-

Names Hong Kong Mexican Bishops VATICAN CITY (NC)-Pope Paul has named Father John Baptist Cheng-chung Wu to the vacant diocese of Hong Kong. Bishop-designate Wu is pastor of St. Ann's parish in Hsin Miaoli, Diocese of Hsinchu, Taiwan. He studied in Rome and then visited chancery offices' in the New York, Boston and Chi· cagQ archdioceses to learn juridical and administrative practices before taking up parish work in Taiwan. The newly named Hong Kong bishop speaks the Mandarin, Cantonese and Hakka dialects of Chinese, as well as Engl'ish, :Italian and Latin. The Pope named Father Pedro Aranda Diaz Munoz, episcopal vicar for social ministries of . Leon, Mexico, Bishop of Tulancingo, Mexico.

sions or actions affecting the nation as a whole." The White House received the highest average rating, 8. H3. Next were the Supreme Court (7.84), television (7.81), the U.S. Senate (7.59), labor unions (7.57), and the House of Representatives (7.30). Also considered more influen-

Trial Confuses Radio Announcer WASHINGTON ~NC) - Ecclesiastical names and titles can confuse even those radio news ·announcers who peel off long, complicated names of federal agencies, corporate giants or high officials without the slight· est hesitation. A case in point otcurred during the church trial here of Episcopal Father William Wendt, accused of having disobeyed his bishop last year when he aJlowed a wom:tn priest to celebrate Holy Communion in his church, St. Stephen and the Incarnation. "-

On the second day of the trial an announcer on one of the local radio stations referred to Father Wendt as pastor of "St. Stefan and the Incarceration."

tial than organized religion were (in order from 7th to 22nd): Newspapers, government bureaucracy, industry, lobb\es and pressure groups, financial institutions, state and local governments, magazines, the Democratic Party, radio, the Cabinet, the family, educational institutions, minority organizations, advertising agencies, the military, and the Republican Party. Organized religion got an avo erage rating of 3.74, only three hundredths of a point ahead of last-ranked cinema (3.71). Asked to list 10 most powerful individuals in the country, the leaders voted President Ger· aId Ford as the leading individual by' a wide margin. He received 599 first-place votes, while second -Tanked Secretary of State Henry Kissinger got 136.

Casey-Sexton, Inc. . •• Cleansers ••• 94 TREMONT STREET TAUNTON, MASS. Tel. 822-0621 ----~

Attention School Groups



Special A'rrangements for School Groups FOR DETAILS, CALL MANAGER-636-2744 or 999-6984


You,ng Ga,rdeners N,eed Aid If They ,Are to Persist


By Joseph and Marilyn Roderick The resurgence, of interest in gardening, especially among young people, is quite heartening. Partially motivated by the economy and the return to some consideration of ecological balance, the young are involving themselves as never before in planting and The trees that were bare maintaining gardens. Those sticks only a week or so ago are of us who have been around decked in glorious fresh green. a little while know that Yesterday I picked just enough

many of these enthusiasts will drop by the wayside, but a small minority may get through the initial difficult period and maintain their interest. A friend of mine put it very well when he said, "The young are great for blooming, but you have to excuse them from the weeding." Melissa has a section of our garden. which she has maintained very well. She began last year and although she has not been able to grow all the plants of her choice, she has been pa'tient and kept her plot clean. General Rules Advice is easy to give, but a few simple do's and don'ts might be worthwhile for young gardeners. These are the general rules we set for Melissa which might be helpful for other beginners: 1) Don't plant more than you can take care of comfortably. Gardens must be weeded, watered and kept free from insects. 2) Spend some time in the garden every day, even if it is minimal. 3) Visit other gardens and listen to other people. You will find them very helpful and willing to share ,their ideas as well as their plants with you. 4) Don't spray or use insecticides of any kind until you know what their limitations and ill effects are. , 5) Study each plant and its characteristic while it is in the garden. You can learn a great deal by observ,ing the plant as it grows. 6) And, the most important don't, don't anticipa'te more from the garden than it can produce. And of course, if the kids are going to become gardeners, the . more mature and experienced among us are going to have to pitch in and encourage them. Great strides have been made in varieties and quality of plants and great str,ides are yet to be made, hopefully by the present generation of young people. . In The Kitchen Anyone who wants proof of God's closeness needs only to survive a New England winter and then watch the miracle of life - spring. The lone pansy that suddenly took root in the crevice of the flagstone steps', the single tulip bulb that has managed to push its leaves up and blooms in a portion of the garden long abandoned are mute testimony to God's work.

Resettle Refugees AGANA (NC)---American Catholics will be asked to help in the resettlement of 'thousands of Vietnamese refugees here on Guam through the services of the U.S. Catholic Conference. Frank Pavis, a representative of the USCC Migration and Refugee Services here, estimated that number could be about 20:000.

rhubarb to manage a very small pudding but by tomorrow there should be enough for a fair-sized pie. Another Miracle It will be so' good to cook with fresh vegetables again and ,to pick them from the garden. My basil is 'almost ready to plant outdoors, as is my coriander. Both were started from seeds under lights in the basement and that's another miracle I have a difficuH time getting used to. Joe and his dad have already planted cabbage in the yard and WOMEN'S LEADER: Mrs. G. Sam Zilly of Grosse ,the strawberry plants look as if we might have 'a nice little crop Pointe Farms, Mich., president of the Natiopal Council of by the end of June. . Catholic Women, addresses a meeting in New York city. We have been buying some Speaking in Galveston, Tex., she said that her goal is vegetables fwm ,the open air market in Boston on those week- the promotion of leadership among women in the Church ends when we have been in the . and in the community. NC Photo. area, and their quality, variety and prke really do spoil one. $100 Nantucket Eggplant, asparagus, mushrooms, Grace Henry avocados, artiohokes and every Mr. & Mrs. Robert Haley OUR LADY OF THE ISLE other variety of vegetables imag$60 $300 inable may be found there on Commander John Dooley, USN Friday and Saturday, but now $50 In Memory of Julia Ayers, that spring is here I am looking Alice Deacon & Helen Hull Rev. William T. Babbitt forward to the picking and In Memory of Alice C. Decon Rev. Msgr. Lester L. Hull cooking of our own. This is a delicious recipe for artichokes that I made recently and three out of our five family members approved, so we'll give it three stars. Artichokes a la Niceise 4 large artichokes Y2 lemon7 Tablespoons butter softened 1 Clove garlic, finely minced 1 Tablespoon minced parsley 1 large shallot, finely diced 1 onion sliced salt and pepper juice of one lemon 2 cups chicken stock (fresh, canned, or 'a cube) 1) Cut off the stems of the artichokes and with a sharp Packaged knife cut off the coarse tips of the leaves'. Rub ,immediately Portable Gas Grill with the cut side of a lemon. Drop the artichokes into boiling sa'lted water and cook for 10 .Assembled and Ready for Use minutes. Drain upside down on paper towels and as soon as they are cool enough to handle, gently spread the leav,es apart with a sman, sharp knife, scoop out the chokes. (This is a small furry part, deep in the center Includes These Deluxe Features: of the vegetable.) • Deluxe Cast Aluminum Grill • Portable Cart • Porcelain Enameled 'Cast Iron Cooking Racks 2) In a small mixing bowl • Heat Indicator • Potato Rack combine 6 tablespoons of butter, • Two Redwood Shelves garlic, parsley and shaHots. Sea• 20 lb. L.P. Cylinder and Regulator . . . Just son with salt and pepper and have it filled and you're ready to cook! fill the 'artichokes with the herb butter. 3) In an oval casserole, large enough to hold the artichokes upright, close together, melt the remaining bUbler. Add the chickBUDGET TERMS AVAILABLE en stock, onion and artichokes. Cover. 4) The original of this redpe called for them to simmer on the top of the stove for 30 minutes. I baked ,them in a 325 oven for 40 minutes and they were tender.

Be Ready For The Fun of Outdoor

Cooking With Gas ... in Minutes




May 15, 1975


Mr. & Mrs. James Glidden Mr. & Mrs. John Mendonca Mrs. William H. Hays 3rd In Memory of Mary E. Bailey Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mack & Family Paul McNamara $40 Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGrath Mrs. Rolf Sjolund Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy Mrs. William Reith Mr. &. Mrs. Robert Ruley $35 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Ramos $30 Margaret Pope Edward Pollard Patrick Newport $25 Mr. & Mrs.' Francis Santos, Mr. & Mrs. John Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Jerimiah Towh ill, Mrs. Joseph Swain, Mr. & Mrs. George O'Neil Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dennis, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis J. Looney, Ethel Dunham, Josephine Deacon, Richard Congdon, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lavoie, Frank Dinsmore, Mrs. Kath,:rine Barr & Mrs. Noreen Shea, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Strojny, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Brock, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Landry, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Flanagan, Mrs. Lester Simmons, Island Motors Inc., Myles Reis Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Flanagan, Mr. & Mrs.Thomas McAuley, Mrs. Ursula Holdgate, Joe Lennon, Herman Lehman Mr. & Mrs. Richard L. Coffin, Frank Sylvia Inc., Ryders Market, Green Coffee Pot, Congdon & Colem~n Inc. Cape & Island Construction Co. Inc.


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975

Falmouth ST. PATRICK

$100 Mr. & Mrs. William Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Paul Harney $90 Paul Champagne $50 . Dr. & Mrs George W. DeMello James 1. Lyons " Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Rebello Mr. & Mrs. John Collins Mr. & Mrs Micha'el F. Sullivan $30 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel P. Lopes Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bazycki Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lopes Eileen G. DeLang Mrs. Gerald Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Edward Godlewski Mr. & Mrs. David Peterson $25' Mrs. Max Cohen Mr. & Mrs. John Fabry Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Montie Mr. & Mrs. James F. Murphy, Jr. Mrs. J. Arthur Powers Mrs. Katherine J. Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Charles C. Russell .or. & Mrs. Norman Starosta Harold C. Wilson


$250 Rev. Paul G. $100 In Mtemory of Manuel, Margaret & Mary I. Madeiros $75 Mrs. Corinne Fournier $50 Mr. & Mrs. EHsworth Fisher Marion Higgins . Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Morgan Mrs.· Margaret O'Neil $35 Mr. & Mrs. Herbert· Mercier Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George T. Silva $30 Mrs. Tess Brown & Patricia Brown $25 Jean Britcher Mr. & Mrs. Laurence Mercier Mrs. Isaac .Norton Mr. & MrS'. Albert K. Sylvia Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Authier, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Baird, Mrs. Donald Berube, Mr. & Mrs Alfred Doyle, Mrs. Anna Flynn Mr. & Mrs. George Goulart, Mr. & Mrs. G. Albert Kent; In Memory of Capt. Joshua W. Murphy Jr., Mrs. Philip J. Norton ST. ANTHONY

$200 Rev. Thomas 1. Rita $100 Rev. George E. Amaral Mr. & Mrs. Philip F. Tripp $50 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick W. Lewis $40

Arthur Pimental & Albert Souza P. S. Fuel Oil Co. $30 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick E. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Julio Santos $25 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel P. Rose, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Myron C. Medeiros, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Antone B. Couto, Jr., Harold 1. Baker Co., Inc. Mr. & Mrs. David F. Correllus, Lt. Col. & Mrs. W. Joyce, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marshall,. Mr. & Mrs. Antone Carreia, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Bishop,' Teaticket Hard-

Asserts Ethnics

Have Vita I Role

ware Co. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Figuerido, Mr. & Mrs. George Pinto, Mr. &. Mrs. Joseph L. Tavares

In America PITTSBURGH (NC) - Ethnic Americans will play a vital role in the future of the Unite,d States, Dr. Michael Novak told the 48th annual convention of the Slovak Catholic .Federation here. Novak said that the make·up of the cities in the northern United States is mainly black 'an.d Catholic ethnics, and added that it seems to him that " the destiny of the United States will be affected and decided by what our people do in the cities." Each community, he said, must keep in touch with its government to assure proper representation. He declared that ethnic make-up is rarely a factor in many areas such as institutions, universities, media and boards of directors. He urged people to take an active role in helping to redesign curricula in schools throughout the country, making them reflect the values of the home.


$200 Rev. Jude F. Morgan, SS.CC. In memory of Rev. Msgr. Francis P. Connelly, & (Mr. & Mrs.) George & Loretta Morgan $150 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Rose $100 Ernest F. Rose Charles Frazier, Jr. $75 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rose $50 The Downs Insurance Agency, Inc. $45 John J. KeIly, Jr. Edward & Lucille Roza $40 Rita M. Rose Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Duarte, Jr. $35 Mr. & Mrs. George Dutra, Mr. & Mrs.. Robert Dutra $25 Mr. & Mrs. Laurence E. Cardinal, Alfred M. Rose, John & Emilie Doucette, Arthur Silva, Anthony Duart' Austin 1. Rose, Jr., Mrs. Arthur .....S. Joseph, George M. Mooney, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Doucette, Ernest & Mildred Silva John & Ruth Thomas, Flora Peters


$125 Mr. & Mrs. Bemis Boies' $100 Rev William Davis SSCC Raymond' Rioux Mrs. Francis Riordan $60 Mr. & Mrs. Alan O'Farrell $50 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Flintoft Rev. Bernard O'Rourke $40 Mrs. Alice Carmain Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Foley $35 Dr. Mrs. William Falla $30 Hester & Margaret Griffin $25 Patricia Bennett, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Carron, Grace Chase, Mrs. Joseph Connell, Dorothy Collins Mr. & Mrs. George Cravenho, Mr. & Mrs. William Doherty Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Donald Geary, Margaret Geohegan, Mr. & Mrs John, Gonsalves Jr. Mary Kinch & Kay Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Louis LaFlamme, Mrs. Adelaide Messenger, Anna Raftery, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Reid Gel'ltrude Rogers, WillJam Sheehy, Mrs. Walter 'Tr,ainer Mr. & MI'$. James Charles Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Frost Mr. & Mrs. John J. Donohue

Youth Power WAS H I N G TON (NC)"Church leadership must recognize the energy, sincerity and joy which are typical of youth and apply these assets to the task of evangelization," said Raquel Gonzalez, a youth leader from Uruguay, in an interview here. Her job is to win such recognition, she said.

Supervise Curricula

HOME 'FROM VIETNAM: Sister Kateri Koverman, who was in charge of the Catholic Relief Services adoption program in Vietnam, helps Phan Tan Le, 8, get used to American life. The 32-year-old nun was visiting her family home in payton, Ohio, with the boy and his aunt. She said that the notion of adoption is a difficult concept for Vietnamese to understand. NC Photo.

Cites Aid to Schools C.u.

Dean Criticizes Court Decisions Not Based on Principles

OINCINNATI (NC) - Courts University of San Francisco, are making bad decisions be- became the association's new cause they pay too much atten- president, after· serving as vice tion to "ideological pres'sure,," president and president-elect for and not enough to "time-hon- the past year. ored principles," a schol~r sug- _ Dr. FitzGerald, whose chief gested here. study has been the philosophy of Dr. Jude P. Dougherty, out- man, commented in a'll interview going president of the American that when members of the assoCatholic Philosophical Associa- ciation turn their attention to tion (ACPA), went on to charge political and social questions, "it that decisions against aid to turns out most of the time that nonpublic schools are "bu: an their response relates to the naexample." ture of man." He expressed the conviction In his presidential addres::: Cit the association's 49t1h annual that "philosophy is in good meeting Dr. Dougherty, who is health" and that "Thomism redean of the school of philosophy mains the core of American at the' CathoHc University of Catholic philosophy." America in Washington, D.C., The new' ACPA president said said: there is no' question as to the "It is the interpretatiom of· the courts and not the United "relevance" of philosophy in the States Constitution itself which lives of people. "Members of our association," he said, "deal with have resulted in the religiou~- substantive questions relating to .minded being deprived of equal . law, morality, euthanasia, aboreducational opportunity." tion, and so on." About 250 members of the ACPA took part in the meeting (March 31-April 2), whose theme Bolivia Hardens was "Philosophy and Civil Law." Highlights of the meeting also Anti-Church Stand LA PAZ (NC)-The military included: Presentation of the associa- government of Bolivia has told tion's Aquinas Medal to Dr. An- Churchauthor·ities that it will ton Pegis, professor at the In- not reconsider the expulsion of stitute of Medieval Studies, To- two Belgian missionaries it ronto, and a former president of cha,rged with subversion, nor it the ACPA. - will allow a Catholic radio staElection of Sister Mary T. tion to operate if it airs stateClark, a Religious of the Sacred ments by pro~esting miners. Heart of Jesus, chairman of tht! Radio station Pius XII, run by philosophy department of Mar.- Canadian Oblate missionaries, hattanville College, as vice presi· was raided by soldiers in J andent and president-elect of the uary and its equipment deassociation. Sister Clark is the stroyed or confiscated during a first woman to be named to the government clampdown on striKposition. ing miners at Siglo :xx and CaDr. Desmond J. FitzGerald, tavi, key tin mine centers of professor of philosophy at the BQIivia.

"It's crazy to learn values in the home; different ones in school and on television. We can't go on that way." Novak said that 'ethn1c commU!llities, with government support, should "supervise curricula in schools in every city." Novak, executive director of Ethnic Millions Political Action Committee (EMPAC), questioned how "young people can maintain their morality, religion or their own sense of identity unless they have a literature, stories, rituals in the home to act out for them what they're feeling inside." Many of the people who "came over" here from other countries never could express these inner feelings, he said. "W.e must learn to give voice to those things we're feeling. Much of what is on television and in best sellers doesn't cover how we feel about things. "Archie Bunker doesn't represent us. He's the college-educated people's idea of how work· ing people think and act." Novak said we "do not encourage the young to write po· etry, or encourage the elderly to leave memoirs" of their experiences and feelings. All of those things make up history, he said.






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944 County Street NEW BEDFORD, MASS. 9Q'l-6618

THE ANCHORThurs., May 15, 1975

The Parish Parade Publicity chairmen of oarish organizations are asked to submit news items for this column to The Anchor, P. O. Box 7, Fall River, 02722. Name of city or town should be included, as well as full dates of all ~ctivities. Please send news of future rather than past events.

ST. DOMINIC, SWANSEA The Men's Club will hold a parish dance from 8 to midnight Saturday night, May 31. Portuguese and American foods will be available and a "basket of cheer and cheese" will be raffled, with chances available now from any cluo member ur at the rectory. Tickets to the dance are also:lVaiJable. Door priz~s will be awarded in addition to the raffle basket and music will be by the Imports. HOLY REDEEMER, CHATHAM Rev. Leo P. O'Keefe, S.J., professor of theology at Boston College, will speak at a family communion breakfast at the Wayside Inn on Main Street, planned by the Association of the Sacred Hearts to follow 9:30 a.m. Mass Sunday, May 18. The speaker, a former chaplain in the U.·S. Air Force, and a retreat master and lecturer widely known in the New England area, has been on' the Boston College faculty since 1960. Miss Elizabeth I. Norton is chairman for the breakfast. In other activities, the association presented $1000 to Holy Redeemer to mark the parish's 20th anniversary. The gift was made at t-he annual parish dinner by Anne Raleigh McCarthy, association president. OUR LADY OF ANGELS, FALL RIVER The Council of Catholic Women is sponsoring a cake sale at all Masses this weekend. A similar sale the weekend of May 31 and ,June 1 will benefit parish altar boys. Holy Rosary Soda lists will hold a breakfast meeting following 8 a.m. Mass Sunday, May 25. The annual blessing of autos will take place ,at 1 p.m. Sunday, June 1 in the church parking lot. The feast of Espirito Santo will be celebrated the weekend of June 6. The summer schedule of Masses will begin Sunday, June 8, continuing through Sunday, Aug. 31. Saturday MaSSes will be at 4 and 5:15 p.m. and Sunday Masses will be celebr'ated on .the hour from 7 a.m. through noon. There will be no 5 p.m. Sunday Mass. ST. WILLIAM, FALL RIVER A card party will take place at 1:30 p.m. Sunday, May 18 in the parish center on Stafford Road. Hostesses will be Mrs. Raymond Dooley and Mrs. William O'Neil, and the event will be sponsored by the Women's Guild. The org.anization's installation banquet will be held .at Oak Manor at 7 p.m. Monday, June 2. Members may bring guests. The featured speaker will be Anchor columnist Mrs. Marilyn Roderick. In charge of arrangements are Mrs. Raymond Gagnon and Mrs. John Frain. ST. JOSEPH, NEW BEDFORD The Pilgrim Virgin statue will be at St. Joseph Church through Saturday, May 17, and special devotions are being held each evening following 7 p.m. Mass.

Pope Stresses Inner Peace

ST. PAUL, TAUNTON The annual ,Installation Mass for the Women's Guild took plaee last night, followed by ,L dinner in the church hall to which all women of the parish were invited. Lorraine Place and Rosalie Connors were co-chairmen for the evening. OUR LADY OF LOURDES, TAUNTON The parish Holy Ghost Scciety will celebrate the annual Holv Ghost feast Saturday and Su;day, June 7 and 8, on the church grounds on First Street. A "procession of offerings" at 7 p.m. Saturday night will begin the program. It will be followed by a Battle of Music between the Taunton City Band and Debe's Orchestra. Booths and games will be open and Portuguese and American refreshments will be served until 11 p.m. Sunday's schedule' will begin at 1 p.m. with a procession from the church, aftet which an auction and band concert wi!! he featurcd until 10 p.m. Proce~(1.. :)f the two-day event will bcr.efit the parish. Those at'tending may bring lawn chairs, and in case of rain the feast will be held in the parish school auditorium. OUR LADY OF THE ISLE, NANTUCKET The parish council will host a farewell reception for Rev. William T. Babbitt 6n Sunday, May 25 at Legion Hall. All parishioners and other friends of Father Babbitt are invited to attend. ST. LOUIS DE FRANCE, SWANSEA Ladies of 'St. Anne will hold May devotions at 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 21 in 'the church, followed by installation of new offi.cers, including Mrs. Mary Sawejko, vice-president Lor.etta Messier, and Mrs. treasurer. A meeting will then take place in the church hall, highlighted by a lecture, "Theatrical Pot Pourri," by· John J. McAvoy of Fall River. ST. THERESA, NEW BEDFORD A May Basket Whist will be held in the -church hall at 2693 Acushnet Ave. at 7::30 p.m. Wednesday, May 28. Refreshments will be served. Tickets will be available at the door, announces Gerald A. Despres, chairman. ST. STANISLAUS, FALL RIVER A flea market will take place in the schoolyard from noon to 6 p.m. Sunday, May 25. Polish and American food will be available. Those having donations of. arts and crafts items, furniture, antiques or other articles may call Walter Wi9l1iewski, telephone 679-6130, to make pick-up arrangements, or may leave contributions at the rectory or school. The Men's Club will meet at 7 p.m. Sunday, May 18 in the school. A seminar is planned for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, May 21, also in the school. Dr. Barry Steinberg w.ill dis,cuss emergency lifesaving methods. The Men's Club will sponsor a bicentennial show featuring the Rays of Sunshine at 8:15 p.m. Saturday, June 14. Tickets are now available.


VATICAN CITY (NC)-Pope Paul VI stressed the need for "interior peace" during three general audiences for different language ,groups here recently. A total of more than 25,000 . Holy Year pilgrims and visitors heard him speak. In one of the audiences he also greeted several groups of Americans.

NEW SIGN: From left, Holy Union Sisters Evelyn Blanchette, Virginia Sampson and Frances Dwyer of Sacred Hearts Academy, Fall River, show new insignia worn by members of their community throughout world. Designed by a Belgian liturgical artist, the simple crosses bear the inscription "Sancta Unio," Latin for Holy Union, chosen becau~e the universal tongue of Latin is appropriate for an international sisterhood. Sisters also have smaller lapel pins of same design. The crosses were conferred on religious at special prayer services held in each Holy Union convent.

The Parish Parade NOTRE DAME, FALL RIVER New officers of the Council of Catholic Women will be installed at a communion breakfast ,in Jesus-Mary auditorium following 9 a.m. Mass Sunday, May 18. They include Mrs. Joseph Springer, president; Mrs. Claudebte Richard,' first vicepresident; Miss Connie Perry, second vice-president; Mrs. Joseph Moquin and Mrs. Joseph, Gagnon, secretaries; and Mrs. Gerard Roussel, treasurer. Mrs. Gerard Dextraze is chairman for the breakfast. ST. FRANCIS XAVIER, HYANNIS The Children's Choir will pre- . sent a bicentennial family fashion show "Fashions 76," at 2 p.m. Sunday, May 18 in the Princess Ballroom of the Sheraton-Regal Inn on Route 132, Hyannis. Styles for adults, boys, girls and tots will be shown, with many choir members among the models. Prizes will include clothing gift certificates and awards of mirrors, supermarkp.t items and a restaurant dinner for two. Commentary will be by . television personality Julie Dane. Tickets are now available and proceeds will aid in the purchase of robes for choir members. HOLY NAME, FALL RIVER Parish children will receive Firs~ Communion at 9 a.m. Mass Saturday, May 17. Also on May 17, a Spring Festival Dance will take place from 8 p.m. to midnight ,in the school hall, under sponsorship of the parish school board. Music will be by the New Corporation. An evening of Marian devotion, followed by a Latin celebration of Benediction will take place Sunday, May 25. District Fire Chief Louis A. Shea, Jr., will address the Leisure GrQup at 2 o'clock on Thursday, May 22 in the schaal auditorium. His topic will be "Emergency Medical Care" and t1}e new type ambulance will be on display and explained by the speaker. A coffee hour will conclude the final meeting of the year.

ST. JOSEPH, ATTLEBORO Members of Boy Scout Troop 37 will depart at 6 p.m. tomorrow from the parish yard to attend a camporee at Mansfield Conservation Area, returning at 1 p.m. Sunday. . The Cubs of Pack 37 will meet at 8:30 a.m. Saturday, May 17 to clean the church grounds and participate in a kite flying contest. Also on Saturday, Kr.ights of the Altar participating in First Communion ceremonies will pra,ctice at 12:30 p.m. Filrst Communicants will receive the sacrament at noon Mass Sunday, May 18. May crowning ceremonies will be held at 7:30 p.m. Monday, May 19. OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL, SEEKONK The Women's Guild met last night in the church center with a social hour following a business session. Mrs. Donna Motta was program chairman and refreshments were served by Mrs. Emma Macedo and Mrs. Angie Stanzione.

Pope Paul told the pilgrims: "Innermost peace is the pr,!mary authentic happiness. it helps one to be strong in the face of adversity. It preserves the nobiHty and liberty of the human person under the worst conditions in which men may find themselves. , "Moreover, innermost peace remains the means of salvation, the hope of regaining one's own rehabilitation, one's own respect and one's own' moral rebirth when desperation threatens to overcome one." The Pope noted that it is impossible to regain a true and not illusory internal peace through one's own moral resources. instituted a sacrament for this purpose, he said, the sacrament of Penance "which can give peace, interior peace."

Approves Theme Of Congress VATICAN CITY (NC) - The Vatican has announced that Pope Paul VI has approved the theme "The Eucharist and the Hungers of the Human Family," proposed for next year's Eucharistic Congress in Philadelphia. The 41 st Intern!jtional Eucharistic Congress, to be held in Philadelphia Aug. 1-8, 1976, will be the first to take place in the United States since the Chicago Congress of 1926. The Pope had already used the phrase, "hungers of the human family," in speaking of the coming eucharistic congress. "To all the hungers of the human family the Eucharistic Congress will offer, with confidence and loving faith, the only - the perfect - solution: Jesus Himself, who said, 'I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never be hungry and he who believes in Me will never thirst. ' "

take Rfe 2 west off 495 to Rte 13luMnbutg,Ma·.


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May IS, 1975

Farm Workers Legislation Is Half Century Overdue In my April 21 release of this column, I strongly recommended Ronald B. Taylor's new book, "Chaver and the Farm Workers," as the best available study of the California farm labor dispute. In doing so, I inadvertently jumped the gun. Taylor's Brown, concemed legbook (I had read advance Governor islators and w~th the parties digalley proofs some weeks rectly involved. Confer,ence ago) was not yet available spokesmen have already testifor purchase in bookstores. But by .the time this column appears, copies will be in circulation. If your local bookstore does not:


have it, you may order it from Beacon Press, 25 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 02108. The list price is $10. Again 1 recommend it as r.equired reading for anyone who is seriously interested in sorting out the pros and cons of the farm labor dispute. Mr. Taylor, an experienccd California reporter who has been covering the farm labor problems for many years, points out at the end of his book that we turning point in have reached the history of .the farm labor movement. He says that the time -has come for aU concerned to make farm labor legislation their top priority. "It is time," he insists, "the Liberals in the State and federal legislatures stop talking about migrants as the forgotten people and start passing laws that will truly help these seasonal workers .. , Without law protecting the workers' right to strike and 'boycott, the growers will continue to dominate the paW-::lr strugg:·~."

fied in support of the .amended bilL The Conference pushed for two amendments in particular. The first would allow for only ·industrial coUective bargaining units in agrkulture. The California bishops feel that if all farm workers are to be afforded ·the fullest employment opportunities, there should not be any craft units established on California farms and ranches. The upward employment mobility of the seasonal farm workers must be_ protected and encouraged. History has demonstrated that any type of craft designation on a farm leads to the da'nger of job discrimination. The bishops want that danger eliminated. by adapting the language of the bill to allow for only industrial units in agriculture. Presumably this matter has been taken care of. by an appropriate amendment to the original bill.

AWARDING OF ST. GEORGE MEDAL: Bishop Cronin bestows the St. George Medal of Scouting on Michael Ramos of Our Lady of the Assumption Parish, New Bedford following the Mass on Friday night in St. John the Baptist Church, New Bedford at which the Ordinary of the Diocese was principal concelebrant and homilist.·

Vineyard Haven

ST. AUGUSTINE $250 Rev. Paul G. Connolly $200 In Memory of deceased relotives, by Ernest Swartz & Laura Th~ second amendment the CSCC advocated would open all Bunker $150 prior collective bargaining conMrs. Dean Swift tracts to decertification proce$50 dures if this be the desire of the Leonard Martm workers. Francis A. Coutinho Supports Bishops Beatrice Phillips $40 The amended Brown bill is Mr. & Mrs. Francis Metell Sr, similar to the National Labor $35 Relations Act, modified to reMr. & Mrs. William Figueiredo flect problems unique to agricul$30 ture. It provides for certification Mrs. Laura S. Sherwood of a union only through secre.t $25 ballot. elections. Petitions for Cdr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Burgo union certification elections may Mr. & Mrs. Marshall Cook be filed only when the employMr. & Mrs. Ernest Duarte ers' work force reflects at least Mr. & Mrs. Francis Duart 50 per cent of peak seasonal . Reasonable Bill Mrs. James T. Hughes employment. The bill provides Two or three years ago, Tay-· for a union certification election Mr. & Mrs. Bradford Sylvia lor's advocacy of farm ·labor within 48 hours if a majority of legislation might have sounded petitioning workers are on strike. Woods' Hol~ Jike wishful thinking on his part, Otherwise, the election would ST. JOSEPH for at that time there was little have to be held within seven or no reason to believe that the days. It also permits consumer $175 enactment of such legislation boycotts but restricts the use of Dr. & Mrs. Donald Delinks was in the cards. But now it is secondary boycotts in certain re$100 safe to predict that the Califor- spects. In addition, it requires Francis Fewore nia legislature will enact a rea- good faith bargaining by both Kenneth Battles sonably satisfactory bill within management and labor, and pro$50 a matter of weeks. Ra1ph Hunt hibits unfair labor practices. The Daniel F. O'Grady Of the several bills pending provisions of the bill would be Rev. Joseph F. Wiseman, C.Sc. before the legislature, the one administered by a five-member $35 board to be appointed by the thal Governor Edmund (Jerry) St. Joseph's Women's Guild Brown is personally sponsoring Governor. $30 and promoting seems to have I think the amendments advoChester Harris Jr. the best chance of being adopted. cated by the CSCC and other $25 In the original draft of the Gov- changes in the orig,inal bill recJohn Valois, Ruth Pyne, ernor's bill there were certain ommended by the United Farm Ralph Pellegrini, Henry Dion, weaknesses and ambiguities Workers and the California State Robert Noonan which were pointed out by the Federation of Labor are entirely Mrs. Robert Leonard, Judith United Farm Workers, the Cali- reasonable. For this reason, I Leonard, Robert Klein fornia State Federation of Labor strongly support the position pr. & Mrs. E. Arthur Robinson and the CalifoI"nia State Cath- taken by the California bishops olic Conference (CSCC). in favor of the bill. If adopted, South Yarmouth The bill has since been it will not completely satisfy amended, however, and may be any or all of the parties involved ST. PIUS TENTH subject to further changes in in the farm labor dispute. In my $500 committee. Once the dust is set- '()pinion, however, it represents tled, the _amended Br,own bill a constructive step in the right Rev. Msgr" Christopher L. will probably carry the day, with direction and one which, as Ron- Broderick $150 a strong assist from the CSCC. ald Taylor' emphasizes in his Mr. & Mrs. James S. of ~he Confer- new book, is long overdue-a agle ence have met recently with half century overdue.


$125 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Geraghty Mr. & Mrs. Donald Thompson $100 Mr. & Mrs. John G. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. David L. Hautanen Mrs. Malcolm Slayter Joseph Tuscher Mr. & Mrs. William J. O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. O'Neil James W. Kelly Virginia B. Mitchell $75 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond LuddEm Mr. & Mrs. Francis Conroy $50 Clarence F. King Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beatty Rita Swenson _ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Evers Mrs. Louise Lawler Joseph P. Staniunas Mr. & Mrs. Elliott V. Martin Philip J. Hart $40 Mr. & Mrs. John M. Osterman Harry J. Doherty Henry J. Healy $35 Mr. & Mrs. George Wefers Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Donovan Alice G. Thorn $30 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice A. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Walsh The Lanigan's $25 Helen A. O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Jasper, Mrs. Dorothy Schoonmaker, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Norton, Catherine M. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Francis P. Tiche, Mr. & Mrs. James B. Coffey, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Wheeler, John J. Gill Barbara Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. WilHam Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Knox, Esther M. Turnbull Mr. & Mrs. Peter McMamara, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Toner, Dr. & Mrs. Wm. Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Paul St. Onge, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Martino Gertrude F. Whelan, Mrs. Lawrence P. Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gregory, Ann Conley, Maj. Ret. Mgt. J, Conley Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Aanastasia,

Mr. & Mrs. Edeard J. McGrath, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McGrath, Mr. & Mrs. William O'ReiHy, Mary J. Moriarty Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Parent, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Healy, Mr. & Mrs. George F. Milligan, Mrs. Florence Hatch, Richard McCormack Mr. & Mrs. Alpha Lagacy, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Eaton, Margaret D. Grimes, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. McCrane, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Streile Mr. & Mrs. John McKenney, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Robinson, Mrs. Mary Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence McGrath, Mary L. Doppman Mr. & Mrs. Thomils Hannan, Mr. & Mrs. John Manwar,ing, Mr. & Mrs. William T. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. O'Neill, Mr. & Mrs. Cad A. Baker,: Mary E. McDonough, Mr. & Mrs. William Erisman, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Carney, Mr. & Mrs. P.aul V. Traverse, Mr. & Mrs. James L. McGeary, Mr. & Mrs. James F. Feeney, Mr. & ·Mrs. John J. Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Gorman, Anna G. Tighe, Margaret H. Padden

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THE ANCHORThurs., May 15, 1975


Edward J. Souza



Lillian J" Senteio Mr. & Mrs. J. Craig MedeiroS' Dr. &. Mrs. James F. Dunne, Mrs. Roger E. Brown, Mrs. Florence 1. Lysault, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphe O. Richards Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gelinas, Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Coyle, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Mullane, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Holmes, Arthur Poirier

Rev. William F. Morriss

$300 Mr. & Mrs. William Shea

$250 Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Maleady

$150 Mr. & Mrs. John Higby Mr. & Mrs. John Jorce MacDonald's Sandwich Hard· ware Dr. & Mrs. Leo Monaghan



Mr. & Mrs. Fred O. E'arlc

Mr. & Mrs. H. William Geick, Mrs. Ellen McVay, Mr. & Mrs. Avelino J. Dutra, Mr. & Mrs Edward Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph J. Grenache Elizabeth Walsh, Cecelia M. Haskins, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur W. Snow, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Aikens, Mr. & Mrs. E. Thomas Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Timothy F. Linehan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. McManus, Joseph Kelly

$100 Rev. Denis Sughrue, C.S.C. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Cooke III Mr. & Mrs. John Clinton Dr. & Mrs. Richard Cote Mr. & Mrs. Leo Diotalevi William Doran The Misses Dorothy & Mary Gallant Mr. & Mrs. Dante Gallerani Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Hamlen Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Walter K. Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mannion Mr. & Mrs. John McDonald Mr. & Mrs. James Militello Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A. Dam, Sr.

$75 Mr. & Mrs. George Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Michael McNamara

$65 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jacinto

$60 Mr. & Mrs. J. F. Sullivan Henry Werner

$50 Agnes Bixby Mr. & Mrs. John Bernard Mrs. James Bazzinotti Lt. Col. & Mrs. Charles Brower III Wilfred Burbine Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Caron Mr. & Mrs. Alex Consoni Mr. & Mrs. William Crane Mr. & Mrs. Robert Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fagnant, Mr. & Mrs. George Fernandes Mr. & Mrs. Frank Kohn Mrs. James Mahoney Col. & Mrs. Walter McCone Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Milroy Mr. & Mrs. Mark Mooney Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Olson George & Mary Ortalani Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Savery Frances Silva Mr. & Mrs. William Ward Mr. & Mrs. John Wilson Mr. & Mrs. John Bulla

_$40 Mr. Mr. Mr. Mr.

& Mrs. John Mendonza & Mrs. William F. O'Neil & Mrs. Eral Rich & Mrs. Harold Shurtleff

$35 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Earle Mr. & Mrs. Ralph DeCubellis Mr. & Mrs. William F. O'Connell Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Rigazio Mrs. Charles Whitmore & Family Mr. & Mrs. John Ross Mr. & Mrs. James P. Walsh

$33 James Q. Clemmey




Mr. & Mrs. Walter Alvezi Laurence Balboni Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baltusis Mr. & Mrs. Bernard DiPietro Renato Ferraioli Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fleming Mr. & Mrs. William Marganella Mr. & Mrs. James Megley Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Milliken Mr. & Mrs. Charles Parks Mr. & Mrs. Luigi Pasquale Mr. & Mrs. Edward Poore Mrs. Charles Russell


$100 John D. Sheehan, M. D.

SCOUTING AWARD RECIPIENTS: Recipients of the Pelican Award, Donald Cousineau of Immaculate Conception Parish, Fall River and Mrs. Carolyne Corliss of Sacred Heart Parish, Taunton admire the St. George Medal bestowed on James Daughters of St. Patrick's Parish, Somerset.

$75 Margaret Rasmusen

$50 Annette Hailer William Taylor


Mr. & Mrs. John W. SmRh Mr. & Mrs. Gerald A. Tobin

Macoratti, Mr. & Mrs. Lino MaiPaul Sullivan Hyannis olini $30 ST. FRANCIS XAVIER Katherine Maley, Rose Maley, $25 Henry A. Callahan $100 Margare!. Dickey Chief & Mrs. Ferdinand AI-. Mr. & Mrs. John A. McArdle, John F.' Vetorino B. McConn, Mr. & Mrs. Francis vezi, Mrs. James R. Barber, Mr. Margaret Welch $50 John F:' McHugh & Mrs. William Bettley, Mrs. Fred Welch Peggy Moran Virginia McLaughlin, Mr. & Antonio Bianchi, Katherine Roy Kendal Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kelley Mrs. Frank C. Miller, Mr. & Bizby $25 Dr. K. Leland Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Bromley, Mrs. George Mooney, Mrs. R. Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. RutherLouis Carrier, Raymond CarBryden Insurance Agency, Mr. Sherman Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. ford rier, H. A. Graneli, Hugh Sul& Mrs. Robert Oahoon, Mr. & Americo MuIa $40 livan, Felix Julian & Mrs. Frank Murphy, Mr. Mrs. Howard J. Carlson, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Francisco James R. Julian, Roy Smith Jr. Mr. & Mrs. George Murray, Mr. Mrs. George S. Cary $35 James McNamara, Elizabeth & Mrs. Ronald Nurse, Mr. & Mr. & Mr~. George Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Mc- Caldwell, Mary Neal, William Mrs. Francis C. O'Brien, Mrs. Eleanor H. Cleare, Mr. & Mrs. Garry Kenney, Thomas Croke Francis Conway, David Consoni, Edward O'Brien & Mrs. Richard J. O'Brien, Mr. Mrs. Sophia Cook Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corradi, Mr. & Mrs. Paul O'Connell, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. George V. Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel O'Gorman, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pagani, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Thomas Cox, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. L. Crocker, William Louis Papi Edward Parent, Jr., Mrs. Wil& Miriam Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Pietro Cugno, Mr. liam Parks, Mr. & Mrs. Columbo Pasteris, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Pel& Mrs. Claude DaCosta,' Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Danti, Mr. & Mrs. letier, Mr. & Mrs. Donafd Phl"lRichard Donnellan, Mr. & Mrs. brick Leon Pizzotti, Mr. & Mrs. Rob· Raymond Doucette . ert Quinn, Mrs. Chester Rich, Joseph Dvorski & Mrs. John . Chimes, Mr. & Mrs. William K. Mr. & Mrs. J. Louis Roberti, Earle, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fer- Mr. & Mrs. Edward Rondelli Mr. & Mrs. John H. Williams, rick, Mrs. Lawrence Fitzgerald, & Mrs. Joseph Roque, Mr. Mr. Mrs. Earl Flinker & Mrs. John Sawyer, Mrs. John Alexander Forni, Mrs. Edward Scanlon, Mrs. Francis J. Silva Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Francis GalMr. & Mrs. Joseph Sorenti, lagher, Mr. & Mrs. Lou Gallerani, & Mrs. John Sullivan & Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Milton Garvin Jean, Mr. & Mrs. James Sutton, Mr. & Mrs. Justin George, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Tello Tontoni, Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Giampietro, Rob& Mrs. Rodney Valentini. ert Gianferante, Mr. & Mrs. John Mr. & Mrs. William WaterGibbons, Mr. & Mrs. Amedio house, Mr. & Mrs. Robert D. Gonella Wentworth, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Mrs. Albert Govoni, Mrs, Ray F. White Granger, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph GraMr. & Mrs. Edward A. Eppich, zulis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles R. Mr. & Mrs. James P. Harrington, Griffin, Bar-bara Hadley Mr. & Mrs James Hamlen, Mr. Grace Morrill & Mrs. Anthony Harrison.. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Hilliard, Mr. & Mrs. Offers Aid Rudolph Howes, Mr. & Mrs. DaNEW YORK (NC) - Catholic vid Kann Relief Services, the overseas reo Mr. & Mrs. Edward Keohan, !i.ef agency of American CathoMr. & Mrs. Joseph Kudera, Mrs. lics, has reconfirmed its offer Marie F. Lastih, Mr. & Mrs. Rich- of assistance to the new governard Latimer, Mr. & Mrs. Henry ment of South Vietnam. CRS reo, 10 CONVENIENT BANKS LOCATED IN • FALL RIVER. SOMERSET. SWANSEA. WESTPORT. ASSONET T. Lawrence opened negotiations with that MEMBER. Federal DepOSit Insurance Corporation. Federal Re,l:'rve 'SY~lem Paul E. Lewis, Mrs. John T. government through the CRS ofLiberty, Mr. & Mrs. A.' John fices in Geneva, headed by Jean Macquade.. Mr. & Mrs. Gino Chenard.

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THE ANCHOR.:..Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975

Reviews 'Novels, Bible Key, 'St. Francis Anthology There are three principal characters in Tove Jansson's work of fiction "The Summer Book" (Pantheon Books. 201 E. 50th St., New York, N.Y. 10022. 166 pages. $6.95): a child named Sophia, her grandmother, and her father. The father is mentioned last because, as far as I recall, he never says what you have. It's what you live by. I don't like it parcelled a word. But Sophia and her out and fooled with." grandmother more than The gross materialism, greed"

make up for that. The scene is an isl,and in the Gulf of Finland. The trio come to it in the spring, stay there





throughout the summer, and leave as the autumn cold arrives. How they spend that interval is the subject of the book. The grandmother is 85, and beginning to feel all of that. But she is still a good companion to Sophia. She tries to answer the child's endless questions, to share her roaming a!1d her fantasies, to deal with her moods. Theirs is a loving relationship, but Sophi'a can become impatient, and sometimes quarrels with her grandmother.. The old lady seeks to impart some of the wisdom she' hac; gleaned in a long life, but th,is 13 generally received with doubt and even derision. The chHd will have to learn for herself through the chastening of the years. Their conversations are both comic 'and moving. But a cutesy element keeps creeping in, especially When religious matters are being discussed. Sophia's occasional profanity is annoying because it seems to be a deliberate device on the author's part. This reder, at least, had had more than enough of the pair before reaching -the end of the book. But what was impressive and enjoyable was the ,description of the island and the way of life there. A Small Hotel An entirely different setting and style of living is found in Christina Stead's novel "The Little Hotel'; (Holt, Rinehard and Winston, 383 Madison Ave., New York, N. Y. 10017. 191 pages. $6.95. The setting is Lausanne in Switzerland. The little hotel of the title is the Swiss-Touring, a small establishment far down on the luxury scale. Its proprietors are Roger Bonnard and his wife, 'and Mme. Bonnard is the narrator. The characters are the guests and the servants. Most of the guests are foreign, chiefly English. They are people of means who spend the off-season at the Swiss-Touring in order to save money. They are mean where money is concerned, and, for the most part, mean in their dea!'ings with one another. Their talk is chiefly of money. One of them say~, "Mon~y is

and cruelty of people who pride themselves on being cultiva'ted and sensitive are pilloried in this book. It can be very funny, but the single theme does not permit of enough variations to hold one's interest (and by .that I don't mean increment on money.) " Brother Francis What a relief to turn from such unpleasantness to the refreshment offered by "Brother Francis," edited by Lawrence Cunningham (Our Sunday Visitor, Noll . 'Plaza, Huntington, Ind. 46750. 223 pages. $1.25 paperback). Mr. Cunningham has brought together writings by and about St. Francis of Assisi, with a view to showing Francis' relevance to OUi own times, arid yet he is frequently misunderstood. . Now, for example, he is' regarded as a kind of foreruner and patron of the hippies. As Mr. Cunningham points out, there are some resembJ.ances. But ,there are also radical differences. Francis' importance for our age, says Mr. Cunningham, "is to be found in his' seriousness." He was "totally dedicated, unbending, searching for the ultimate meaning of love and service, a God-haunted man who gave up all to obtain aiL" Mr. Cunningham goes on to estab!'ish the pertinence of this seriousness to the people of our era. The splendid anthology which Mr. Cunningham has ,assembled is divided into six sections: Interpretations of St. Francis; St. Francis and Nature; Francis on Poverty and Solitude; Francis and Women; Francis the Mystic; the Prayers of St. Francis. 'fhe Little Flowers of St. Francis ore represented here by many . . excerpts. There is a selection of his letters. The modern writers included are, among others, Chesterton, Paul Sabatier, Robert Payne, Nikos Kazantzakis, and Johannes Joergensen. Refreshment, delight, and valuable instruction await the reader who· picks up this fine book. Three Volumes Now available in paperback are the three voluesof "Key to the Bible" by the Irish Dominican scholar Wilfrid J. Harrington. This edition, published by Alba Books, 2187 Victory Blvd., Staten Iseland, N. Y. 10314. comprises "Record of Revelation" (186 pages. $1.45), which treats of the origins, forms, inspiration, and interpretation of the B'ible and provides a synopsis of the. sacred history presented by the Old and New Testaments; "Record of the Promise'" (189 pages. $1.65), which deals with the Old Testament, over-all and book 'by book; and "Record of the Fulfillment" (206 pages. $1.75), devoted to the New Testament, over-all and book by book. The reader who lacks any

ECUMENICAL PHASE IN AWARDS: Alex Manson, Jr., St. Mark's .Episcopal Church, Foxboro, Pelican Award; Mrs. Bernatd Burns, St. Margaret's, Buzzards Bay, St. Anne Award; Mrs. Rollene Ridlon, St. John the Evangelist, Attleboro, St. George Award; and Mrs. Adeline Alves of Our Lady of the Assumption, New Bedford, St. Anne Award, gather following Friday night's ceremonies.

Oak Bluffs




$75 Mr. & Mrs. William D. Norton $25 Mr. & Mrs. James Rego Jr. Karpet Care Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Metell Mr. & Mrs. Roonuald Maher Mrs. Allart Harrison Dr. & Mrs. William Wilcox

Buzzards Bay ST. MARGARET

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Otto P. Becker Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Perrault Sr. $30 Joseph Whalen In Memory of Francis C. Mahoney Mr. & Mrs. Antho~y Fortucci $25 Grayce R. Felmann, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dauphin, Mr. & Mr. ,John Burns, Mrs. Michael Fitzgerald, Lucille T. O'Neil

Provincetown ST. PETER $400 In Memory of Rev. Msgr. Leo J. Duart $150 Benson & Young Ins. Agency $125 In Memory of Rev. Msgr. Leo J. Duart . $100 'Blessing of the Fleet $50 James E. Burke Charles & Elizabeth DeRiggs $30 Mrs. John B. Ferreira $25 Adam's Pharmacy, Cape Cod Oil Co., Mr. & Mrs. Warren Costa, Margaret Cunningham Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Francis in Memory of Selina S. Cross Mrs. Daniel Hiebert, Dorothy Linskey, Margaret Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Silva, Warren Silva Arnold's Inc., Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Dalpe, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Days, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Macara, Mary Rowe Mr. & Mrs. Emmanuel Souza

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Payton Betty Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Julie Roderick Mr. & Mrs.' Robert Horsman, ~ertha M. Lawson Mr. & Mrs. Russell Burns, Vin$35 cent Weismann, Angelo J. 01Mary M. McDevitt . Modica, Richard Hopwood Catherine E. Morrison Mrs. William McLaughlin, Mr. $30 & Mrs. Fred Comings, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Victor E. LindMrs. Robert Kennedy, Charles blom B. Henry Mr. & Mrs. James Lopes _ $28 Mr. & Mrs G. Stanley Johnson In Memory of James J. Ta· Mr.. & Mrs. George Hendkus magini Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Bertrand $25 In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. E. DeSanctis, Katherine Degan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Labrette, Mr: & Mrs. Gerald F. Hough, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Andrews Mr. & Mrs. Bernard C. Burns, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Nickerson, Mrs. George H. Gibson, Oliver There's a lotto like about Fernandes Super Markets Garneau, George Vogel Ida Monterio, Margaret F. SanServiced Fish and Deli, Serviced In. store Bake Shops, ford,_Mr. & Mrs. William P. GelLuncheonettes, Convenient Customer Rest Rooms. Try us ... son, Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. M. Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Loonie You'll like us, too! Mr. & Mrs. Tony Vieira, Mr. & Mrs Gordon Landry, Mrs. Francis V. Lips, Mrs. Mary Matthews, Katherine Fernandes John J. Bartley, Mr. & Mrs.' Peter Duffy, In Memory of James & Rose 'Chantre

Food is our product ... Service is our pride!


specIal preparation, but who wishes to make a study which will give him a grasp of what the Bible is and what it contains, should welcome this work. He will find it ideal for his purpose.

32 Stores in Southeastern Massachusetts OPEN DAILY 8 a.m .• 9 p.m. MONDAY thru SATURDAY

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975

Visiting Blessed Sacrament Might Even Be Relevant Remember visits to the Blessed Sacraments? They went down the drain with a lot of other things in the quest for relevance and experience and self-fulfillment. How could you be "with it" and "involved" and "honest" and "relating" if you were in church praying? a guitar mass, or man:hing on a picket line-no matter how nec"Visits" were a way of "hid- essary or worthy or laudable ing behind the altar," a cop- such activities may be.

out from the challenge and demands of the secular world. Now in such unexpected places as the "Village Voice" and Erica


Jong's "Fear of Flying" (an undisciplined but not uninsightful novel), we find that the modern secular world is looking for an explanation of the meaning of life and death. We have a lot of answers (most of them superficial and potentially harmful) to complex social problems, but we can't seem to remember what answer we gave to the question of what is the meaning of human life. So Long Ago My colleague Nancy McCready, in a poem from a recent issue of "Jesus Lives," remembers those "visits" and wonders about whether we gave them up too quickly: Was it so long ago That a vigil light cost a penny or two And r would set the church aglow With all the copper' coins I'd stolen from Esther's dresser. (Remember the lady who lived with us, I loved her so.) And you, God, and' I would sit together And amidst candles' laugh at a little child's jokes Which now I know even held some wisdom. We were a secret pair, because with you I could shed my cares What feelings there were inside Who I loved at school and why And how afraid and glad I was to think of dying How I would sigh there, at home with you. And wish never to be anywhere But held in the quiet church A restless child, wondering, perched in the pew Staring at the mystery, listening, nurtured, And in the grace of God I grew. Indeed we cannot grow if we tum our backs on the social and political problems of our day. But neither can we grow or respond to social challenge without a strong, clear view of the meaning of life and the purpose of the cosmos. Is there, as Mrs. McCready put it, "a kingdom of mystery, a world of divine promIse"? Is there indeed? It's a tough question and requires deep thought, long reflection, and then intense commitment. You don't do any of ,these things by speaking with tongues, attending a prayer meeting, singing at

'Old Church' As I have argued in, the last several- columns, ,there is no point in trying to recapture the past in some sick sentimental nostalgia. It can't be done. The pertinent question is whether we can learn from the past. If we can't then we're in pretty bad shape. Mrs. McCready, who is neither a romantic nor a sentimentalist, observes that, ".. , we must take a look :at the ways of the 'old chun:h,' and see if there isn't something that was too precious to be tossed aside in our efforts to dive into total communal response." God will not be rediscovered by fundamentalist enthusiasm any more than he will be found again by literalistic nostalgia. We must look respectfully at the past-not to deny the pres路 en,t,but to improve the quality of our response to the present. Mrs. McCready says it well: "In a day :when people are present or absent from chun:h rather casually, when penance is a forgotten sacrament, when friendships 'are more and more difficult to sustain, and intimacy almost impossible, where do we find the trust, the forgivenes, the transcendency and the comfort of a sacred place? Locked Doors "We might find among the. smell of beeswax and incense some hints about where we should be focu~ing our energies within the church Our hearts still cry out with the same needs ~to trust, to love, to be forgiven, to belong to a .faithful God." Does that mean we should begin once again to drop in for a few minutes at church? Well, it might. But don't try it. The church doors are locked.


$200 Thomas Powers

$100 John Shields John P. Curran Paul Sny{ier

$60 Warren J. Volk.

$50 Eugene Sullivan Jerome Doyle $25 Guy Tedesco Pauline Shea Benjamin Yanchuck Thomas O'Donnell, Thomas Driscoll, Albert Mitchell, Roy Smith

Attleboro HOLY GHOST

$50 Mary Sullivan

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Sullivan $35 Mrs; Rosalind Martelli




Nazareth Sister Receives Gra nt Sister Ellen Marie O'Connell, RSM, a teacher at Nazareth Hall, Attleboro, has been awarded a supplementary $250 scholarship by the Order of United Commercial Travelers of America. The grant is in addition to $480 in scholarship funds which she pre路 viously received from the fraternal organization. Sister Ellen Marie Js a graduate of Catholic Teachers' College Providence, and Marywood College, Scranton, Pa. She holds a master of science degree in special education and is current路 ly pursuing graduate studies at Boston College to further her training in the education of the mentaUy retarded. The United Commercial Travelers of America is a fraternal benefit service society, founded at Columbus, O. in 1888. Its members provide civic service through programs such as aid to retarded children, safety, cancer education and youth enrichment.

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lavallee

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Bramante, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Almeida, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ambers, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lojeck ST. JOHN THE EVANGELIST

$375 Rev. Msgr. Henry T. 'Munroe

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rockett Mr. & Mrs. John W. McIntyre Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bartek Mr. & Mrs. Fred Murphy, Jr. Mrs. Mary G. Foley Peters Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Giannitelli

$75 Robert J. Kenney $60 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Flynn $50 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard LeFrancois Mr. & Mrs. Rona'ld Caponigro Mr & Mrs Herbert J. Clegg Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew I. Charron Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Rea $35 'Mr. & Mrs. David J. Foley Mr. & Mrs. Manuel R. Vital Edward Scott $30 Kevin E. Perry Mr. & Mrs'. Frederick WoH Ruth Nihan & Vincent Nihan Mr. & Mrs. George E. Fredette $27 Mr. & Mrs. John Spellman $25 Mr. & Mrs. John Braun, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Silvia, Mrs. James Mr. &


Barnett, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Creeden, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred McNally Mr. & Mrs. Victor Gulino, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pion, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gaynor, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pelletier, Mr & Mrs Charles GuiUette Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rohman, Dr. & Mrs. Fred E. Woll Mr. & Mrs. Leo Cloutier, Mrs. Paul Bellavance, Mr. & Mrs. Robert V. Fredette,' Mr. & Mrs. John B. Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Peter F. Lynch Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James Foley, Mrs. Edwin Libby, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Goff, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roca ST. JOSEPH

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Harrison Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mellon, Mrs. Edwin Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Paradis, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Smith ST. MARK

$60 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard D. Gamache

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Stuart O'Hara Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Charles O'Neill - Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Gautieri, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Tausek Mae McDonough John C. Gaffney Mrs'. Elizabeth Croke

$30 Robert SegUin Frederick Paine

$25 Edward Maselbas, John Falvey Charles Mauer, Frederick Connolly, John "McCann John Rioux, Joseph B. Furtado James Meegan, WiHiam T. Whelan, John C. Grimes Mr. & Mrs. Russell Carr, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Coogan, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel DelVecchio, Mr. & Mrs. Richard T. Gariepy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Guillette Mr. & Mrs. George Jung

$34 Edward Duclos

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Rodolphe Bruneau_ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cotter Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Keane Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Major Robert Whitaker Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Butler

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Arata, Marie Arundel, Mr. & Mrs. Hector Benoit, Marguerite Bilodeau, Mr. & Mrs. John Case Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coelho, Mr. & Mrs. George Duquette, Mr. & Mrs. Ederito Fachada, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hanewich, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Harkins Mr. & Mrs. James Henry, Mr. & Mrs. John Keane & Fomily, Mr. & Mrs. John Kenny, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lareau, Mrs. Joseph Lunderville Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. James Mann, Mr. ,& Mrs. Omer Martel, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Moreau, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Murray Mr. & Mrs. William O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Poirier, Mrs. Nelson Roy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rozak William Standring Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Rene Therrien, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tomlinson, Mr. & Mrs'. Lucien Viens, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Vincent, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Wujcik Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Bourgette Mr. & Mrs. Louis Desmarais Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Glode Mr. & Mrs. James Lafrancois Mr. & Mrs. Francis O'Connell Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Roberge Mr. & Mrs. Aime Turgeon Mr. & Mrs. Paul Beausoleil, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Dery, Mr. & Mrs 'Wilfred Goulet, Mr. & Mrs. Francis McInerney, Mr. & Mrs. George O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. George Tedino

$400 $250 Rev. Roger J. Levesque

$200 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Gravel

$110 Mr. & M Phillip Morris & Family

$100 Confraternity of Christian Mothers Holy Name Society Mr. & Mrs. Donald Boardman Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Beradi Mr.' & Mrs. Raymond Vachon

$75 Mr. Q Mrs. Francis Gillan $55 Helen Green $50 So. Attleboro Council No. 5876 Knights of Columbus Katheri'lle F. Bradley I Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Iwuc Mr. & Mrs. Louis LaCivita Mr. & Mrs. Edward McGoran Mr. & Mrs. Morris Vieiera & Family Linus C. Gignac Mr. & Mrs. David Grady Mr. & Mrs. George LeBeau Mr. & Mrs. George Boyd Mr. & Mrs. Armand Choiniere $40 Mr. & Mrs. John Plath $35 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Delude Mr. & Mrs Anthony Moskalski


North Attleboro ST. MARY

$250 Fl'ances Morse

ST. THERESA Rev. Msgr. Gerard J. Chabot'


$150 Mr. & Mrs. John Donley

$50 Mr. & Mrs. James Rhilinger "$35 Mr. & Mrs. August Funke $25 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Butterworth, Rita Dunham Mr. & Mrs. Henry Dupras Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Feeney Anthony Nadeem



H. RILEY & SON, Inc.

"Serving the Community Since 1873"

(ities Service Petroleum Products Gasolene & Diesel Fuels Fuel Oils liquified Petroleuln Gas Stewart-Warner Winkler Heating & Cooling , Installations 24-Hour Burner Service 448 BROADWAY, TAUNTON Attleboro - No. Attleboro Taunton


tHE ANCHORThurs., May 15, 1975

North Attleboro SACRED HEART

$100 Mrs. Edmond Precourt $50 Mrs. Armand H. Dyon $25 Mrs. Aldea Brais Mr. & Mrs. Paul Sauve

Mansfield ST. MARY

$100 Rev. Philip A. Davignon

$50 Mrs. William Shaw Lillian Dion Thomas P. Haven Jr. $45 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kane $35 Mr. & Mrs. John Houghton





Connolly Grads Named to Phi Beta Kappa

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Zaffini, Mr. Nasser is the son of Mr. and The College of the Holy Cross & Mrs. Joseph Taylor, Mr. & ,has announced that hoth Carl Mrs. Francis E. Nasser of 956 MrS'. John Capra, Clarence Leon- J. Ferreira and Francis E. Nasser Robeson St., Fall River. He is ard, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Del- have been incU'ted into Phi Beta also going to study Dentistry tano Kappa, ,the National Honor Soci- next year. Mr. & Mrs. R. Pietrafetta, Mr. ety. They join their former classMitchelUs the son of Mr. and & Mrs. P. McPherson, Louise mate, John R. Mitchell who was Mrs. John S. Mitchell of 590 Soldani, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph named to Phi Beta Kappa last Dwelly St., Fall River. He will Phillips, Mi. & Mrs. Thomas spring while in his Junior year study Law. Graney While at Connol!Y,all three at the University of MassachuMr. & Mrs. Alfred Sarro, Mrs. ,setts at Amherst. All three of &tudents were outstanding ath-' Margaret Jordan, Mr. & Mrs. these young men graduated from letes as well as scholars. MitchBernard O'Malley, Mr. & Mrs. Bishop Connoly High ~hool in ell played center on the basketRaymond Cassidy, Fred Mindlen June 1971. ball team while both Ferreira Ferreira is ,the son of Mr. and and Nasser played baseball. Norton Father Gibbons and the facMrs. Charles Ferreira of 88 Evergreen Ave., Tiverton. He will ulty at Bishop Connolly High ST. MARY School are pleased that three study Dentistry next year. $1600 Fernandes Super Markets $250 $25 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pires Taunton Mr. & Mrs. Everett McPhillips, Joseph Fernandes HOLY FAMILY Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ellis, Angela Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murphy & Mrs. Wilfred Medeiros, Mr. Defiance Bleachery $100 Blanchette, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley $100 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Raposa F. Young Mr. & Mrs: Cadora Lori $60 Mr. & Mrs. Robel't Kaveny, $50 Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gomes & Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stellmack, Mr. & Mrs'. George Maciel Dr. & Mrs. Peter A. Pizzarello Son, Manuel Mrs. Rosa Fernandes $50 Mr. & Mrs: Joseph Mullen Mrs. Charles Drain Mr. & Mrs. Russell ChamberMr. & Mrs. Joseph Motta Jr. $36 land . Mr. &. Mrs. John Furtado Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. P. Deniz Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. O'Con$30 $35 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wickland nell Cynthia Crosby Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Micheletti Mr. &. Mrs. Victor Waz Mr. & Mrs. E. St. Yves Mrs. Jeanne A. Rose Mr. & Mrs. John R. Norton Mr. & Mrs. E. Davis Mr. & Mrs. Maurice HoIland Mr. & Mrs. James H. Powers Antonio Oliveira Mr. & Mrs. Paul Given Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kelly $30 Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Toole $25 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Brassard Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sawyer Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Precourt Charles Kenyon MrS'. Charles Schultz Mrs. Herbert Schriever & FamMrs. N. Murphy.& Family Dr. & Mrs. David Quigley ily Mr. & Mrs. D. Cardoza Mr. & Mrs. William Flaherty ST. MARY $25 Marguerite & Dorothy A. MonS. Slavick, M. Galuski, Fran$150 dor .ces Robertson, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Mr: & Mrs. George Agestini Roland & Beatrice Paquette Cooke '$100 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Brown Mr. & Mrs. R. Coveney, E. Mr. & Mrs. John Marshall Mr. & Mrs. James Carney Lecuyer, B. Mozzone Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy Mr. & Mr~. Joseph R. Dacey Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Riley Mrs. Vangie Fonseca, Mr. & ST. JOSEPH Mrs. Joseph Murphy, Mary Hy$75 att, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. De$60 Mr. &. Mrs. Edmund Murray scheneau, Samuel Arena Dr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Figlock $50 Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. BlomeI', $25 Holy Name Society Mr. & Mrs. Charles Oteri Mrs. Rose Costova & John Mr. & Mrs. James Egan Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGovern IMMACULATE CONCEPTION... Seekonk Mr. & Mrs. David Pankratz $100 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Padykula OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL Anne 'Schil'ler Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wojtkunski $100 $35 $75 Mr. & Mrs'. Ralph Rose Mr. & Mrs. Robert Voyer Flangheddy Fa'mily Mr. & Mrs. Augustine Ferreira $30 $50 $52 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Young The O'Keefe Family 'In memory of Thomas Tansey (Mr. & Mrs. Frank Costa) $25 $40 . $50 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bliss Mr. & Mrs. Charles Colton Mr. & Mrs. Louis Dupere Mr. & Mrs. Hector Carufel $35 $40 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Landry Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kingsbury Mr. & Mrs. Giacomo Catucci Mrs. Jeanette Maloney. $30 $34 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mello Mr. & Mrs Patrick McDermott Mr. & Mrs Stanley Strycharze Antonio Ribeiro Jr.

of 路the members of the second graduating class have been nominated to the ranlts of Phi Beta Kappa.

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Thrasher Mr. & Mrs. Walter Fitzgerald $25 Mr. & Mrs. R. Arquin Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Armand Mello Mrs. John Meunier Mr. & Mrs. SHvio Piesco 1m. Con. Bingo 1m. Con. Kitchen Account Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Bird, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Enos, Mr. & Mrs. John Haggerty, Philip Paulson, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Power, Marie Power SACRED HEART

$300 Rev. Walter A. Sullivan $150 Rev. Edward J. Byington $100 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Belanger . Katherine McMahon Joseph LaNinfa $75 The Reilly Family $60 Mrs. Mary O'Keefe $50 Helen M. Brady Elizabeth A. Brady Mrs. John Boudreau & Family Mary Kennedy John Brady Mr. & Mrs. Coy. Folcik Rose O'Donnell Rita O'Donnell Mr. & Mrs. Edward Trucci Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Whalen Mr. & Mrs. William P. MacLean $45 Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reams $40 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Feeney Mr. & MrS'. John Mahoney . Joseph Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ferreira John E. Reilly

$35 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Harrison Mr. & Mrs. John J. Kelly Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dewey Mr. & Mrs. William C. Leger Mr. & Mrs. Gera~d J. Doiron Eileen MacCarthy $30 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Knott Mr. & Mrs. Chester Dewhurst Matthew Kuczek Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Prairie Gertrude McBreen Cornelius Fields Mr. & MrS'. Michael Strojny Mr. & ~rs. Francis Souza $25 Mr. & Mrs. Galen Rheaume, Mr. & Mrs. Bruno Alegi, Mr. & Mrs. Emmett Wellwood, Mr. & Mrs. James Corliss, Phyllis McClellan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burke,' Richard Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. WilHam J. Campbell, Marguerite Cronan Mr. & Mrs. John Curley, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cunniff, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Flannery, Anne & Kathleen Flannery, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McClellan 'Dr. & Mrs. Michael McCarty, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mazzoleni, Mr. oS!: Mrs. Stanley J. Roberts, Roberta Smith, Edward J. Smith Margaret M. Slattery, In Memory of Leo E. & Ethel V. VaHett, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Varden, Mary Nichols, Sarah Nichols Gladys McIsaac, Helen U. Cronan, The Welch Family, Mr. & Mrs'. Francis Unsworth Helen F. Murray, Ruth M. Brady, Mrs. Emma Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Leonel Ventura, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Maynard, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mary Lou Laine, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley J. Brezinskil, Mr. & Mrs. George White Mr. & Mrs. James Cooke, Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Andrade, Elizabeth Dennen, Eugene Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tavares, Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. William Andrade, Mr. &--Mrs. Francis Soitos Mr. & Mrs. Lidoino Severino, Mr. & Mrs. John Vest, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Pigeo"l David Ferreira, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Berard, Mr & Mrs Richard Flannery, Elizabeth Doran, Mrs. William Gallagher Mrs. Irma Cook, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Quigley, James Kevican, Mrs. Eileen Scully, Mr. & Mrs. Patr.ick Murphy

AnLEBORO'S Leading Garden Center

CONLON & DONNELLY South Main & Wall Sts.







$50 Mr. & Mrs. Marcellus Lemaire

$35 Mr. & Mrs. John Dubena

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Russell Woodward

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Peter Guresh, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Kalacznik, Mr. & Mrs. John Kokoszka & FamHy Mr. & Mrs. Walter Plonka & Family, Mrs. Anita Maciejowski, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Tokarz Mr. & Mrs. Richard Januse ST. ANTHONY

$350 Rev. Msgr. Maurice Souza

$100 Rev. Joao Martins Mary E. Enos

$50 Rev. Americo Moreira Mr. & Mrs. Peter Nolan Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Rocha

$40 Mr. & Mrs'. Andrew Marshall, Jr.

$30 Mr. Mr. The Mr.

& Mrs. Anibal Antunes & Mrs. John Coelho

Nunes Family & Mrs. James Thomas

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Abreau, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Amaral, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Barker. Manuel Camara, Mrs. Alexandrina Correia Mr. & Mrs. John Correia, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Dansereau, Mr. & Mrs. Antone De Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gula, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Linhares Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pata, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Semas Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Benoit, Victoria Carew, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Gomes, Maria Macedo Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Vaz ST. MARY

$300 Rev. James F. Lyons

$100 Mary O'Brien

$75 Mrs. Matthew McCarthy

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Baker Mr. & Mrs. John Keating Mary E. McNamara Josephine McNamara Denis J. Sullivan J.B. Grant


Mr. & Mrs. John O'Hearne, Mr. & Mrs. Lini Palazesi, Mr. & Mrs. Manny Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. R. Smerdon, Mr. & Mrs, William Smith Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Tripp, Morino M. Turinese Mrs. Ruth E. Eliza, Mrs. Geo. H. Foley, Thomas Grandfield, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hoye, Mr. & Mrs. John Moore Worn. Reagan, D.B. Sullivan

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thur., May 15, 1975


$800 Rev. Msgr. Joseph C. Canty

$150 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McCarthy

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Rennie Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Grandmont

$75 Lillian White

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond F. Wheeler Mr. & Mrs. John Connors Frank Casella Dominic Casella Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Leroux Mr. & Mrs. Paul A. Silva Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore Spinelli

$35 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Griffin Joseph Giannini

AT SPECIAL OLYMPICS: Students from Nazareth Hall, Fall River, display awards merited at Massachusetts Special Olympics Swim Meet held at Springfield College. From F. Vernon Harrica left, standing, Chris BYIJles, first place in 25 yard backstroke and 50 yard free style; $30 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Di Resto Kathy Leary, third place in 25 yard free style and 25 yard backstroke; Paul Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. John Botellio second place in 25 yard free style and 25 yard backstroke; Carmel Rosa, second place in Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reilly 50 yard free style and 25 yard backstroke; Sandra Kryla, second place in 50 yard free style Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Lemieux and first place in 25 yard backstroke; Mary Garro, third place in 25 yard free style; Priscilla Mr. & Mrs. Harold Olson Shea, first place in 25 yard free style and 25 yard backstroke; Christine Jupin, third place Olivia Giannini Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Mastro- in 25 yard free style and first place' in 50 yard free style; Deborah Davis, third place in 25 marino yard free style and second place in 25 yard backstroke. Front, Robert Petrin, first place in $25 25 yard backstroke and second place in 50 yard free style; Linda Carreiro, third place in . Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Goslin, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Castle, Mr. 25 yard free style' and 25 yard backstroke; Steve Vieira, third place in 25 yard free style & Mrs. John W. Steen, Mr. & and 50 yard free style; Mike Cadieux, second place in 25 yard backstroke. Not pictured, Mrs. Albert Nunes, Jr., Mr. & Jessica Pozzi, first place in 50 yard free style and 25 yard backstroke. Girls' relay team Mrs. Waldo Witherell also placed third in state competition. fylembers were Linda Carreiro, Carmel Rosa, Kathy Mr. & Mrs. Timothy GaUagher, Leary, Jessica Pozzi. Awards were gold, silver and bronze medals. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ryan, Mr. & $34

Mrs'. Robert Fielding, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Place, Mr. & Mrs. James Ramsay Mr. & Mrs. Richard Dooley, Jr., Philip Farley, Eileen Henchy, Anna OaseIla, Eva Brunelle In Memory of John & Mary Orugan, Mrs. Francis J. Tummon, Eleanor Dwyer Mr. & Mrs. Rock Des Vergnes Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mogan, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Tosti, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bartel, Mr. & Mrs. William Boardman Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silva, Helen Fielding

put you IN CLOVER

all year J long


$30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Scarano Ruth Dias Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. Flood & FamHy Patricia McSweeney Margaret M. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Sousa Mr. & Mrs. James Avila

$25 Rita I. Baker, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Butler, Mrs. R. Drake, Francis Flynn, R,ita Gauthier William T. Grant, Mrs. Francis P. McCabe, Mr. & Mrs. James McMorrow, Dennis McSweeney Mr. & Mrs. Emory Malo Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mosley, F. Mulholland, James Mulholland John MulhoHand, Mary Mulholland


\ 5:0:. ii:F:.... I ~...... .."....



No. Dighton


We do it with our



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$150 Henry W'areing Mr. & Mrs. Henry Conaty


:::.~ c:=~~



W. Clifford W.J. Casey


............._ I t means TOTALLY FREE checking for you... ...............

$25 John Egan, Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Murphy, Leo Pivirotto, Mrs. Philip路R. Layne Mr. & Mrs. David P. Schnopp, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Scott, Mr. & "Mrs. Arthur A. Ennes


$80 Mr. & Mrs. John Smith

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Walsh

$25 Mr. & Mrs. J. Laurence Phelan Fernandes Lumber Co. Matt Welch Electric Co. George Glynn Real Estate

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Thurs., May 15, 1975

Raynham ST. ANN

$350 Rev. Gerald T. Shovelton $100 Mrs. Dominic Cirino Theodore Kapala $75 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ross $60 Leon Marchand $50 Mr. & Mrs. John R. Johnstone Mrs. Dorothy Walford Robert Gray Mr. & Mrs. Louis Secatore Mr. & Mrs. James Mulvey Almon L. Turner Thomas J. Whaten

Acushnet ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI $30 Mr. & Mrs. Rene Racine $25 Mr. & Mrs. George H. Blouin Leo, Yvonne & Vi B()Ucher Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Charpentier Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Pimental Lionel Tetreault

Fairhaven ST.


$100 Mr. & Mrs. James Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Nicolaci $35 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia $32 FIRST GIRL: Anna L. Mr. & Mrs. August Gonsalves $30 Hrycin, senior at Bishop $40 Mr. & Mrs. Henry FOI"tin Gerrard High School, Fall James J. Hauch, Sr. $25 River, is the first girl from Paul J. Fountain Mr. & Mrs. Earl C. Chandler, Richard Souza Mr. & Mrs. Charles Lubker, Mr. New England chosen to at$30 & Mrs. Norman J. Robinson, Mr. tend a National· Science Joseph Bettencourt & Mrs. Joseph Ste. Marie, Mr. Camp program to be held David Hutchinson & Mrs. Nicholas F. Tangney June 29 to July 21 in George Dion, Jr. Ernest Gould, Mr. & Mrs. Den- . Charleston, W.Va. The John L. Dooley nis Hogan, Mr. & Mrs. Casimir daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. Barry Jarosik, Mr. & Mrs. James LanFrank Hrycin, 488 E. Main Timothy Taylor agan, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lopes Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marques, St., Fall River, was selected $27 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGreavy after winning first place and Bemire Fountain Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Medei- a special trophy in an area $25 res, Mr. & Mrs. Edwaro MedeiWilliam Rodgers, Mr. & Mrs. ros, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Moquin science fair for her work R'Obert Merrick, John Welch, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murray, MI'. on scientific photographic Elizabeth Larkin, James Mulvi- & Mrs. Manuel Olivera, Mr. & techniques. She has also won hill Mrs. Alcide Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. a $2,500 Bausch and Lomb Theodore Januse, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Picard, Beatrice Quinn' Scholarship to the University Elmer R. Sargent, Donald MorAurore Silva, Manuel Soares, rison, John Moulais'on, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Spooner, of Rochester. Emil Cobb Ralph Souza, Mrs.· Edward Mary McGrath, Raymond Tucker $34 Pa'ine, Arthur D. Howell, 'Robert Cross Ins. Agency ST. MARY McCormack, E. Joseph Laliberte' $30 Joseph G. Manganaro Sr., $150 Mr. & Mrs.Miguel Campinha John Trucchi, Mrs. Doris ConMr. & Mrs. Roland Bourgault Mr. & Mrs. Philip McEntee nors,. Mrs. Mary Caswell, Adolph $100 Mr. & Mrs. Wrn. Nolan F. Rozenas iDr. & Mrs. Robert Gaudreau Mr. & Mrs. Herman E. Prada Mr. & Mrs J.W. Leroy Latimer $50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tassinari Mr. & Mrs. Albert Ribeiro Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Laurendeau Mr. & Mrs. James Vicino, Jr. Josephine Kapala St. Mary's Couples Club Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia Thomas W. Whalen, Mrs. $34 $25 Kathleen Roberts, Alfred Braga, Nancy AHua & Manuel Alleua Barbara O'Brien, J. Spalding & Mr. & Mrs. George Barrett, , $25 Family, Robert Gilmore Mrs. Homer Bates, Mr. & Mrs. Associatinon of rthe Sacred Joseph Campanella, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel DeMello, Lynn R. Vivica, Mr & Mrs Richard White, Hearts, Mr. & Mrs. Leo R. Joseph Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. Grenon, IVir. & Mrs. Frank Antonio Gomes Robert Smith Marujo Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Gregory, Mr. & Mrs. Hulot Haden, Mrs. Marion Edward Keane, j. Friend A Wareham Friend ST. RITA ST. PATRICK ,Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mon, $100 trond, Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. $550 ,Paul F. Masterson Parece, Mr. & Mrs. Melvin St. Vincent De Paul Society prada, Mrs. Ethel Rowe, Mr. & $60 $500 Mrs. Adolphe L. Billotte Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Weber Mr. & Mrs. 'WiUiam L. BrackRev. Msgr. John E. Boyd $50 man, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cahoon, $225 Dr. & Mrs. A. Hickey Paul English, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mrs. Mary Stott $25 Greene, John Grenda $150 Margaret Jac~son, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Long, Dr. Alfred Pappi Everett Morgan, Mrs. Medio & Mrs. Robert Trembly, Mr.· & Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Matheson Pederz,ani, Mr. & Mrs. Delmo P. Mrs. Edward Gallini, Margaret Pezzoli, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Coakley, Sippican Corp. $100 Sempos Francis A. Breagy Mr. & Mrs. George St. John, Fr. Callahan K of C Mattapoisett Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Yurkos, JoMary E. Makela Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krystofol- seph Yeager, Mr. & Mrs. Filenio ST. ANTHONY Carooza, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred ski Langdon $150 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Moore Mrs. Clara Stanley Mrs. TimAtty. & Mrs. M. Downey Edward V. Sullivan othy Walsh $35 $75 C. W. Morse A Friend North Dartmouth $30 $50 F. F. Cooper Mr. & Mrs. Wm. LeFavor & ST. JULIE BILLIART Family $25 $~OO Charles McClahan & Helen L. Syadek, Her-bert Goeden. Dr. & Mrs. E. Deane Freitas McClashan Sue McGowan, John Gannon, Geraldine Chapman $150 Bernard Talty, Agnes Pelczar Mr. & Mrs. John Hobbs Atty & Mrs. Edward J. HarMr. & Mrs. H. Chaldwick, Diane & Thomas Mitchell rington Miquel Brito, Mr. & Mrs. R. $35 Flood, Kenneth T. Titla, John Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Weaver Gibbons, P. T. Pimental Jr. Frances Murphy

$100 Rev. John J. Steakem $80 Mary C. Halloran In Memory of Mrs. Mary F. Mahoney T. Hudner Kennedy $50 Emmet P. Almond Thomas J. Beedem Atty. & Mrs. Thomas F. Burke Barbara Coonan Michael Cordeira, Jr. Marion S. Freitas Mary & Gertrude Gleason Manuel Gonsalves Dr. & Mrs. James Hayden Roy Mason John T. Ward Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Ennis Marion Keane $40 EUen M. Gaughan Westgate Family $35 Paul E. Lambert Lewellyn Roberts Dennis Sherman . $30 Winifred F. Keneally John Morris Manuel Nunes $25 - Angelica's House, Wilhelmina C. Baptiste, Michael Bobrowiecki Oharles OaUaghan, Richard Cleveland William Coonan, Roberta K. Dutra, Beatrice B. Freitas, Joseph Harding, Edward V. Hill Mary A. Keneally, Dr. & Mrs. PaulO. LaBelle, Dr. & Mrs. Daniel J. O'Neill, Donald Pittman, Ronald Ponte Albert S. Rose, Albert A. Silva, Dr. & Mrs. F. A. Silveira, Mrs. Joseph Tomlinson, Roger ~. Tougas Reginald Williams, Mrs. A. C. Wobecky, Robert Zukowski Edgar Boyer, John F. Chase, Raymond Paiva, Leonard Stone, Robert J. Sullivan Mr. & M):~. O. M. Canto, Manuel Morro

So. Dartmouth ST. MARY

$200 Mr. & Mrs. George Saint Aubin $100 Mr. & Mrs. 'Owen F. Hackett,' Jr. Mr. & Mrs. James F. McHugh Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Brady $75 ' Mary T. Luiz Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hicks $50 Mr. & Mrs. Neil Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Frank' W. Martin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. DeMello Dr. & Mrs. John Dias Mr. & Mrs. Harry O'Neill $40

Margaret & Helen Gamble In Memory of Aborted Babies $35 Mr. & Mrs. James Madigan $30 Olivia M. Luiz Mr. & Mrs. Walter O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Hayes ·Mr. & Mrs. Francis Travers Mr. &: Mrs. Frederick Corbeil Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Maher $25 Mrs. Luke McCrohan, In Memoriam For Hugh J. Carney, Mary Kennly, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Rearoon, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sebastiao Mrs. Francis S. Winsper, Mrs. Isaac Dawson, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Nunes, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G.. Sylvia

Mr. & Mrs. Ed. J. Anuszczyk, Mr. & Mrs. Paul G. Caron, Mrs Frank Coleman, Mrs. Joyce A. Dias, Mrs. WHbert Divia Mr. & Mrs. William J. Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Lague, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Rheaume, Alice Sheerin, Mary E. Sheerin

New Bedford ST. MARY

$1,000 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Duchaine $300 Rev. Bernard H. Unsworth $200 In Loving Memory of Madeline W. Norton Mr. & Mrs. John Nicoclaci , '$100 Henry Gurl ·Mr. & Mrs. Richard Brown St. Vincent de Paul Society $75 Mr. & Mrs. John E. Sullivan $60 Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Telesmanick $50" Mr. & Mrs. Rene Carroll Mr. & Mrs. Robert Penler Valmore Dubrieul Mr. & Mrs. Walter Arsenault Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Costa St. Mary's Couples Club Mr. & Mrs. John Dexter Mr. & Mrs. William Camara $40 Dr. & Mrs. David Costa Mr. & Mrs. Normand Boutin $35


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McKenna Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souza Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fredette $34 Mr. & Mrs. Rodrigue Lussier $30 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Mainville Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Loranger Mr. & Mrs. John Hughes Mr. & Mrs. Thadeus Ziemba Mr. & Mrs. Francis Bowen $25 Mrs. & Mrs. Robert Newsham, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LeBlanc, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Larond-a, Mr. & Mrs. Aruthur Hart, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pepin Mr. & Mrs. William Whalen, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bernier, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Ostiguy, Henry Fortier, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Begin Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Pacheco, Mr. & Mrs. Whitaker, Alice & Hazel Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Horace Coupe, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston DeBrosse Mr. & Mrs. Gabriel Folco, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Coucci, Mr. & Mrs. William Bourbo, Mr. & Mrs. William Constant Mr. & Mrs. William Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald WaIsh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Towers Edward MaClean Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Allain Mr. & Mrs. Leo Pelletier, Mrs. Mary Rezendes, Mabel Rezendes Mr. & Mrs. John Freitas Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Caron ELECTRICAL





944 County St. New Bedford


i?t.~ . ~.

New Bedford ST. KILIAN

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bernardo $50

Mr. & Mrs. Hervey Caron $30

Mr. & Mrs Raymond Mahoney Allen Bentley $25 Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Baron Mr. & Mrs. John C. Gobeil Jr: Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lang , Janet Hardman Mr. & Mrs. Norman Berube Carolyn Pimental Sr. JOSEPH

$150 Mr. & Mrs. Conrad E. Seguin $125 In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Zoel H. Roy Mr. & Mrs. G. Albert Roy $100 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Matheiu $60 Mr. & Mrs. Leo Fredette & Armand $35 Mr. & MrS'. Frank Braga $30 Robert Lafrance $25 Mr. & Mrs'. Paul Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. Ray St. Gelais Mr. & Mrs. Wilbrod Dufour Mr. & Mrs. Armand Gendron Mr. & Mrs. Orval Langelier, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph LeBlanc, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Marchand, Mr. & Mrs. Theo. Girard, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Desrosiers Mr. & Mrs. P. Letourneau, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Masse, Mrs. A. Collard, Louise Seguin, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Barber ST. THERESA

$250 Rev. Rene G. Gauthier $100 Lemieux' Plumbing & Heating, Inc. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lemiex $50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Coutu Tohad's Mr. & Mrs. Albert Caron Mr. & Mrs'. Aldege Cote Roland & Gerald LeComte $35 Mr. & Char-les J. Barton, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Laurier Marcoux $30 Mr. & Mrs. Henry LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Roland Dumas $25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Boulet, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Lemieux, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs. John Fabian, Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Fleury Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Lemieux, Mr. & Mrs, Marcel Lareau, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Jodoin, Mrs. Leo Langlois & Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Louis A. Roy, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Henri Valois, Maurice Bonneau, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Frechette, Mr. & Mrs. George Manny Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Ovila Rock Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Silv~ira, Mr. &' Mrs. Raymond Bourassa, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Guerette Mr. & Mrs. J. Gerard Richard Mr. & Mrs. Paul Fontaine ST. LAWRENCE Mr. stone, Dr. Mr. Dr.

$200 & Mrs. Edward LivingJr. $135 & Mrs. William Muldoon $125 & Mrs John Dunn $100 lk.JYlrs. Rob~rt ,P,u.t:'ant ,

Dr. & Mrs. George Riley Dr. & Mrs. William Walsh $60 Mr. & Mrs'. John Tierney Mr. & Mrs. John D. Kenney Mr. & Mrs. Edward McIntyre Mrs. Mary B. Wheaton $50 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Kirkwood Fmncis E. McCarthy Mrs. John B. O'Rourke Margaret Austin Dr. & Mrs. James Bolton Doherty Family Mr. & Mrs. James Dee Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Long Mrs. Thomas Mahoney $40 Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Marshall Mrs. William Downey $35 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Loveridge Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Makin Mrs. Mary Winterson Mr. & Mrs. Charles Phelan $34 Rita Limerick Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rivet $30 . Mrs. Florence Brower Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burl<e Mr. & Mrs. Delpha Lavallee Mary Downey Mr. & Mrs. John Lowney Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Phillips $25 Mr. & Mrs. Leo St. Aubin, Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. Barney, Mr. & Mrs. James McCahn, Helen Moore, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Smith Mr. & Mrs. John Whalen, Mr. & Mrs. John Zygiel Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bolton, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Calnan, Francis Carney, Mary E. Carroll, Mrs. Edward J. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ferreira, James H. Gaughan, Mrs. Roland Mathieu, Mrs. Hazel McCrohan, Mr. & Mrs. Jack Nobrega Mr. & Mrs. Elmer Page, Mr. & Mrs. James Pallatroni, Anna Riley, Madeline Riley, Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan Mrs. Edith Thathecr, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tweedie, Mr. & Mrs.. Raymond Weber, Ann Whelan, Mrs. Leonard Whitehead ST. ANNA

$50 St. Vincent de Paul Society, St. Anne's Conference $35 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Constant $25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Almeida Mr. & Mrs. Aldei LaFrance ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA

$35 Chausse-Dumont Funeral Home $25 Mr. & Mrs. Henri Labadie Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Laferriere Mr. & Mrs. Amedee Lestage ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI

$50 Mrs. Pasquale Nicolacci $25 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bono, Rose M.· Funaro, Emma S. Lima St. Fnncis of Assisi Men'S' League St. Vincent de Paul Society St. FranciS' of Assisi Women's League ST. JAMES

$500 Rev. Thomas F. Daley $100 Rev. Horace J. Travassos $60 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dwyer $50 Mr. & Mrs. George Young Mr. & MrS'. Francis Roach

Mrs. Madeline Estrella THE ANCHORJames Perry Thurs:, May 15, 1975 Mr. & Mrs. Antone B. Santos dona, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Con$40 Mr. & Mrs. Jose Evaristo Melo lan, Mr. & Mrs. Bernardino CosMr. Hilda Des Roches, Mr. & $37 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Gregorio Mrs. Robert Doyle Mr. & Mrs. James Dufficy, In Martins Memory of Adams & Whitmer $35 Family Joao P. Amaral, Jr. Carolina Goulart OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION Mr. & Mrs. Lauran Silva $100 $30 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Garrison Mr. & Mrs. Jose Francisco . $40' Rosa Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Ramos Mr. & Mrs. Edmund J. Sylvia $35 Mr. & Mrs. Antone· Correia, Antons S. Monteiro Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rogers Mr. & Mrs.' Antone Botelho . $25 Falcao Mr. & Mrs. Thomas LopeS', Evelyn Hendricks Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gomes, Mr. Mary Hendricks & Mrs. Aguinel Rose, Mrs. Nellie Mr. & Mrs. Joao Tomasia Duarte Mr. & Mrs. Louis G. Torres St. Martin de Porres Guild Edward Joseph Our Lady of Assumption Club Rose & Hilda Mathews Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Rapoza, :fr. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Silveira, $400 Jr. Rev. A. Castelo Branco Mr. & Mrs. Jose dos Reis $100 Vasconcelos $26 Abel D. Fidalgo Mr. & Mrs. EHas Costa, Jr. $60 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Rodr,igues Antone Felix, Jr. Mariana Carvalho $25 Elsie Bettencour.t, Mr. & Mrs. . $50 Mr. & Mrs. John A. Farro . Laurenio Moniz Soares, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth King, Belmira C. Dr. Manuel Camacho Branco, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lewis $38 Terese & Andre Tanguay Mary Aguiar, Mrs. Clara Brista, Mr. & Mrs. John S. Cabral, $34 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Correia, William & Dorothy McCarthy Rosemary L.Ferro $30 Mr. Mrs. Antonio Pacheco Isabel Goulart, Aristides MeMr. & Mrs. Euclides Cabral deiros. Mr. & Mrc;. Donald Mor· The Batalha Family ris, Florinda de Jesus Nunes Gilber Coelho Maria Carmelo Vieira Nunes, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Perry, Mr. & $25 Mrs. Joao Rocha, Carma Santos, Mrs. Manuel Freitas', Mr. &' Mr. & Mrs.' Delfin Sousa . Mrs. John A. Medeiros, Manuel Mr. & Mrs. Peter Vincent, Mr. daSilva, Augustus Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Gonsalves, George & Mrs. Joao Cordeiro Moniz, Mr. & Mrs. Nicolau JaAlbertino Barros, Mrs. Manuel cinto Bolarinho Bettencourt, Mary M. Pereira, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Vieira, Joaquim S. Mello . Emidio Conde, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Victor Rebello Julio do Rego, Mr. & Mrs. ArArtllur Correia mando D. Alves, Mrs. Evelyn Joseph M. Cabral Raposa Joseph Branco, Mr. & Mrs. SACRED HEART Richard King, Mr. & Mrs. Anibal $50 Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mr. & Mrs. Normand Seguin Soares de Melo, John C. Branco Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. DesHOLY NAME chenes Mr. & Mrs. Gerald LaFrance $120 St. Vincent de Paul Society Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Beauregard Ladies of St. Anne's Soc,iety $100 Joseph Scammons Mr. & Mrs. John Gibbons Mr. & Mrs. Roger Menard Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marshall $40 Dr. & Mrs. Frank Leary Mr. & Mrs. Omer Tardi $75 $30 Mr. & Mrs. Guido Coucci Mr. & Mrs. Paul Letourneau $60 $25 George Rogers Mr. & Mrs J. R. Arthur Forgue $55 Charles Bouchard Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Gun· Mr. & Mrs. Donald Desautels ning Mr. & Mrs. John E. Hughes Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Henri Daigle $50 Mr. & Mrs. Pierre C. Seguin Mr. & Mrs. Norris Walecka Mr. & Mrs. Paul Soucy Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Flanagan Mr. & MrS'. Alfred J. Deneault Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore GiamBertha M. Bedard malvo , Laurette D. Kutis Mr. & Mrs. G. Harold Morse Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Souza Mr. & Mrs. JameS' Wilson, Jr. $35 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel P. Mello Mrs. John O'Neil 102 Shawomet Avenue $30 Somenet, Mau. Mr. & Mrs. John Flood Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kennedy Tel. 674-4881 $25 3'12 room Apartment Mrs. Thomas Conlan, Gerald 4'12 room Apartment Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. E. SladewIncludes heat, hot water, stove, reski, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Snell frigerator and maintenance service. Mr. & Mrs. Emile Caman-



NAMED: Rev. David Conroy, former family life director of the Greensburg, Pa., diocese, has been named representative for family life in the Department of Education of the U.S. Catholic Conference. NC Photo. The Mahoney Family John G. Leva Catherine Swansey $34 Mr. & Mrs. John Britto $30 Mr. & Mrs. Edward R. Sousa John Quinn Mrs. Evie P€Try Dorothy 'Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. James Cawley Mr. & Mrs. John T. Regan & family $25 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Baptiste, Henry O'Brien, Mrs. Alexander Whelan, Mrs. Vincent Shea, Mr. & Mrs. Adam Zych, Mr. & Mrs. John C. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Connulty, Mary Whelan, Frances Whelan, Mary T. Winsper Helen Crowley, Mrs. James Bolton, Mr. & Mrs. Perry Coholan, Mr. & Mrs. Alphone Chenette, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Jupin Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Baker, Mary Marshall, Mr. & Mrs. Leon Bellavance, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Saunders, Mr. & Mrs. Benedict Harrison Clifton M. Southworth Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kenney, Helen A. Ross, Freq Kelley, Felipe Ramos ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Eva L In Memory

$25 James Gaffney Celestino Macedo Ralph Medeiros Manuel Soares Sylvia of John Martin


$500 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Fernandes $250 Mt. Carmel Holy Name Society $110 In memory of William R. Freitas $100 Mrs. Maria C. Ferro, Mr. & Mrs. Virginio Macedo, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Oliveira $60 Mrs. Beatriz Lopes $50 Mr. Carmel Boy Scouts, Troop 11 and Parents Association Mr. & Mrs. Mario da Graca Oliveira Mr. & Mrs. Manuel G. Souza, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Hemiterio Souza




Thurs., May 15, 1975


$250 Rev. Arthur C. Levesque $100 Mr. ~ Mrs. Willliam Belanger $50 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Franklin Jr. Mr. & Mrs. John Rita $40


Mr. & Mrs. Francis Frey Mr. & Mrs. Paul Frey $35 'Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Motta Mr. & Mrs. Normand Parent Mr. & Mrs Raymond Rousseau $34 Mary T. Burns $25 Therese Bonneau, Mr. & Mr:;;, Alfred Bouchard, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. Bourbeau, Mr. & Mrs. Hernado Cabral, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Charbonnea'<l Mr. & Mrs. Emile Cormier, Mr. & Mrs. William Corrado, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond DeCosta, Mrs. Eugene Desaulniers, Mr. & Mrs. George ,Desrosiers Mr. & Mrs. Peter Duff, Mr. & Mrs. Clovis Fecteau, Mrs. Lean & Pauline Forand, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fournier, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Geneste Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lacroix, Lucille Lequin, Mr. & Mrs. Austin Manning, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ouimet, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ruane Mr. & Mrs. Francis Schellenberger ST~


$25 Mrs. Lillian Corre

Westport ST. GEORGE

$150 Rev. Rene R. Levesque $100 Thomas J. Wilcock $60 John F. Ward $50 Eveline Magnant St. George St. Vincent de Paul $40 Mr. & Mrs. David Buckley Mr. & Mrs. Peter Twark Jr. $35 Mr. & Mrs. Joel D. Sunderland $30 Oscar Stebenne Friends Mr. & Mrs. Adrien Durand Friends Leo Romeo Dubreuil $26 Major Wheelock $25 Adelard Bruneau, Mrs. Beatrice LaPlante, Friends, Mr. & Mrs. A. Stevenson, Mrs. Herbert Sellers, St. George Holy Name Society Mrs. Ronald Perrier Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Moore, William Rodgers, Alford Dyson OUR LADY OF GRACE

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Aime Barnaby $25 lcdI' & Mrs. Ranald Arntz, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Belanger, Mr. & Mrs. George Carpenter, Couples Club Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Emond, Mr. & Mrs M.anue). R." Ji:aria, Holy Name Socie,ty,' Mt:" "&' \:Mrs.

George Jacques, Mr. & Mrs. William King, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Maurer Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Maynard, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mendes, Marjorie Mor,in, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Motta, Vin's Motor Sales , Mrs. Lena, Mr. & Mrs, Herbert Pearsall, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Quinn, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Raposo '


$60 Dr. & Mrs. Adelard A. Demers, Jr. $25 In Memory of Delia Bowers Mr. & Mrs. Henri Durette Mr. & MrS'. Roger Fournier Eugene Hubert . Mr. & Mrs. Roger Richard ESPIRITO SANTO


$25 Mr. & Mrs. John Raposa Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hubert


$100 Holy Name Society $30 In Memory of Arthur C. Leite $25 Louis Rosa

OUR LADY OF THE HOLY ROSARY $300 Gerald Zide $40 Mrs. James Patricelli & Fam-


$300 Rev James F~ McDermott $250 Dr. & Mrs. Roger E. Cadieux $200 Dr. & Mrs. Roland E. Chabot $100 Mary E. Quirk Mrs. Charles E. Sevigny Harold J. Regan $65 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Matthews $50 William F. Ready Mr. & Mrs. David Dunne Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Mello Carlton D. Boardman $45 Mrs. Helen McGann $40 Mr., & Mrs. Gordon VanBrunt $30 Fernand C. E. & Robt. Auclair Louise Coleman . Mrs. Vincent R. Dorsey Edward' J. Leonard Arthur F. Cassidy Mr. & Mrs. John M. Canto $25 Harold Meehan, Francis J. Kilgrew, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Smith, In Memory of Francis L. Shea, Maurice A. Quirk Mrs. Benjamin laForce, Thomas J. Daley, Mr. & Mrs. John Pires, Jr., Mrs. Frank Souza, George Coleman Mr. & Mrs. James C. Noonan, Mr. & Mrs. William Gilbert, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund F. Bagley, Theresa, & Helen Archard, Mr. & Mrs. - Valentino Pallotta Armand Forand, Mr. & Mrs. H. Leo Creamer,' Mary E. Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cox Mr. & Mrs. William V. Mahoney Jr., Joseph F. Biastoff, Mr. & Mrs. Sol Streim, Mary E. Judge ST. THOMAS MORE

$200 Rev. Martin L. Buote $100 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Gibney, St. Thomas More Women's Guild St. Thomas More Conference, St. Vincent de Paul Society $50 In Memory of Susan Hall Higginson The Daley Family Frederick J. Wilding $30 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Shea $25 John Clorite Sr. Mrs. John E. Connolly Mr. & Mrs. William J. Holland Mr. & Mrs. Leonard E. Burgmyer Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Victor Robillard, Mary H. Skammels ~,~ ,Mrs. .Robert :rrafka, Mr. & Mrsl'.ÂŁrnestl:R<ogers.


BACK FROM KOREA: Backers of Maryknoll Father James Sinnott hold up signs welcoming him to New York from Korea and criticizing conditions which forced him out of that country. On the missionary's knee is his nephew, Greg. NC Photo.


$50 Mr. & Mrs. J. David Connell $35 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Morris $30 . Mr. & Mrs. Leonard E. Boardman $25 Mr. & Mrs. Junior C. Erickson, James' J. McDermott Charles Chorlton ST. DOMINIC

$40 Mr. & Mrs, Thomas E. Ryan $30 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Rousseau $25 St Dominic's Women's Guild, Gerald Vaudreui, Mary Doyle Mrs. Edward Perreault Irene Letourneau ST. LOUIS DE FRANCE

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ward, Mr. & Mrs. Emile Boiland, Mr. & Mrs. John Romanovitch, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Casper . Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mathieu, Auguste Dionne & Family

Ocean Grove ST. MICHAEL

$100 Rev. Joseph A. Martineau $50 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Gardiner $40

Mr. & Mrs. John Farias $30 Mr. & Mrs. Ceasar Paiva Mr. & Mrs: Alfred Bolduc Jr. $25 Mr. & Mrs'. Edward Conforti Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hargraves Mr. & Mrs. John C. Lindo. Mr. & Mrs. J. E. Beauregard Mr. & Mrs. John Szuba


$200 In Memory of Paul Kleiner $100 St. Vincent de Paul Society $25 Mr. & .. Mrs.. Paul Ouimet Mrs. Mary Bean

Fall River ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL $500 Rev. Msgr. John J. Regan $100 Rev. Barry W. Wall $60 Catherine Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Magriby $50 Mr. & Mrs. Laurence A, Coyle $40 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hay-es, & Family . $35 Dorothy Kirby Angela Wingate James W'ingate $30 Mary Arruda Mr. & Mrs. Chester Kulpa $25 Robert F. Coggeshall, Kathryn Dailey, Mary Lee, Mr. & Mrs. George Sutherland, Bridget Thornton_ BLESSED SACRAMENT

$30 The A & W Root Beer Stand Mr. & Mrs.. Louis Ste. Marie The Eugene Roussin Family $25 . The Joseph Levasseur Family, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid Dumont, Mr. & 'Mrs. Richard Hamel, Paul Langlais', Mrs. Rose Tonelli OUR LADY OF HEALTH

$250 A Friend

$150 Holy Spirit Society $50 In Memory of Rose Freitas Mr. & Mrs. William Sylvia $35 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Alme~da $25 Joao BorgeS' Jr., In Memory of Antone Ferreira, Lucille LeVasseur, Seraphim Machado, Mr. & Mrs. Jose P. Melo Mr. & Mrs. Jeremias Rego, Mr. & Mrs. Francisco C. Silvia, Mrs. Deolinda Viera

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Graci $25 Holy Rosary CYO Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Marcucci Mr. & Mrs. George Rhoad;; In Memory of Rev. John J. Sullivan Mr. & Mrs. Frank Stetkiewicz The Furgiuele Family IMMACULATE


$50 Henry Lajeunesse $25 Mrs. Adam Brooks, John G. Burgess, Rosmary Dussault, Mr. & Mrs. David R. Faria, In Memory of Everett Lafleur Paul Lafrance, Mrs. William MitcheIl, Mrs. Jeannette O'Brien ST. ANNE

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Roland G. Bileau Mr. & Mrs. Philip R. Thibault $40

Cecile Sutton $30 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hamel The Nadeau Family Mr. & Mrs. Andre Plante $26 Mr. & Mrs. Benoit Canuel Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dupre $25 Dr. & Mrs. Alphone Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Romanowicz Mr. & Mrs. Normand Chapdelaine The Misses Dupre ST. WILLIIAM

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gauthier SS. PETER & PAUL

$100 St. Vincent de Paul Society of Ss. Peter & Paul Parish William J. Lowney & Helen Lowney $45

John J. Tyrrell $35 Mr. & Mrs. Michael DuPont & Janet A. Dupont $25 Mr. & Mrs. George' Moniz, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Stankiewicz, John C. Mahoney

Named Coordinator WASHINGTON (N,c) - Dominican Sister Maria Riley has been appointed a coordinator for the bicentennial program being l!ponsored by the Catholic Church nationwide

The Falmouth National Bank FALMOUTH. MASS, By !he Village Green Since 1821

Fall River ST. PATRICK

$100 Bread of Life Prayer Community $50 Mr. & Mrs. Edward DeCiccio Joseph M. Morrison Mr. & Mrs. Charles Veloza $35 Mrs. Eugene LeClair $30 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Haponik $25 'Elizabeth Barlow, Mr. & Mrs. George Biltcliffe, Mr. & Mrs~ Joseph Biszco, Leonard Bolger, Edward Healey Mr. & Mrs. John Morgan Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Francis E. Powell, Mr. & Mrs. Clovis Saucier, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Silvia Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Cabucio, Mrs. James Coyle, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel DelPiano, Mrs. Alton King, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuszay Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Leary, Mrs. Edmond Peladeau . OUR LADY OF THE ANGELS

$100 Holy Name Society $30 Gerald Cardelli $25 Jesse Barreira, Pernando Martins, Alma Macedo, Lionel Rodrigues, In Memory of Maria Ernestina Alves ST. STANISLAUS

$275 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Galkowski $85 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Goseiminski $70 Mrs. Alice Kret $56.83 St. Stanislaus School Children $50 St. Stanislaus Women's Gu'ild Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Pasternak $35 Aniela Kruczek Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zbabosz & David Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wojnar $30 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ernst Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cichon $25 Mrs. Frances Winiarski, Joan Winiarski,' Mr. & Mrs. Robert Rioux, Mr. & Mrs. John Zukowski, Rita O'Loughlin Mr. & Mrs. Paul Machado, A Friend, Eleanor Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Costa, Felecian' Sisters ST. ROCH

$100 St. Vincent de Paul $50 Antonio Coutu . SACRED HEART

$200 - Dr. naniel T. Harrington $180' Rev. Arthur K. Wingate $150 In Memory of Mary C. Connor $100 In Memory of Mary H. C. Flynn Mr. & Mrs. Quinlan F. Leary Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy In Meinory of H. Frank Reilly Sacred Heart Women's Guild Frances C. Shaughnessey Margaret M. Sullivan Adelaide C. Trainor Elizabeth M. Trainor In Memory ,of John J., Tuite

In Memory of Marion C. Tuite Margaret Morriss $50 Mr. & Mrs. Antone S. Feno Jr. 'f.he Grace Family Frederick J. Harrington Mildred G. & Gerald I. Harrington Catherine, Flurence & James Kennedy M. & Mrs. T. Arthur McCann Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Soares Walter H. White Edward J. & John E. Delaney Grace L. Martin Mr. & Mrs. James H. Sullivan Sr.

THE ANCHORThurs., May 15, 1975 HOLY NAME


Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nedderman $49 In memory of Horace Hall and Mr. & Mrs. Orner Paquin $35 Ann & Elizabetht Downey & Catp.erifi() Flynn Catherine O'Neill John T. O'Neil In memory of Herman J. Springer $30 Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Bliffins Catherine I. Trainor . $25 Mr. & Mrs. Orner Boucher, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burke, Mary H. Chippendale, Mrs. John P. Fleming, Margaret F. Lenaghan In Memory of Thomas F. McCabe, Sr. & Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. 'McGrady, Mrs. Jean Mizak, In Memory of the Mitchell Family, Loretta Norton Mr. & Mrs. Jdhn Shay, In Memory of MIchael F. Sullivan, Sr., M. Doris Sullivan, In Memory of Harold K. Sutcliffe, Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Waring J. Joseph Welch, Kathryn V. & Margaret M. Whalen Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose Maynard Arthur Beland Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Connors Manuel S. Crovello Evelyn & Madeline Curtis Mrs. Ruth Cutting Helen F. Leary Mr. & Mrs. George McComb Mrs. John L. Morgan Mr. & Mrs. Jobn H. Springer ST. LOUIS

$250 St. Louis Conference, St. Vincent de Paul Society $100 Mr. & Mrs WiHiam Whalen Jr. $50 Margaret Doran Rita Doran Thoma.:: Doran Heiman F. Mello William Lynch Irene Reynolds Hilda Miles In Memory of Thomas Britland Jr. & Joseph Camara Robert C. White Mary Connerton Elizabeth Connerton Anne Conner-ton :In Memory of John & F-Iorence Philbin $40

Anne Tuttle $31 John Whitty $30 In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tobin Mrs. James J. Whalon John Maher $25 Marion E. Fahey, Anthony & Mary DeMeo, Andrew Rebello, Agnes Murphy, Mrs. James A. Benson Daniel Vincent, William O'Neil, Lawrence Hussey, Gertrude O'Neil, Elsie Cambra, "Margar~t Kehoe :.: " .... " ,',.


l'I REFUGEE ON GUAM: A South Vietnam evacuee carries a bandaged statue of Christ while disemb~rking from the refugee ship Pioneer Commander at Agana, Guam. More than 40 per cent of the 45,000 evacuees on Guam are Catholic, according to Bishop Feli~berto Flores. NC Photo. ST. JOSEPH

$150 Joseph O'Connell $100 Joseph O'Connell $60 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cayton $50 Mrs. Richard Lown Daniel O'Connell Mary Cullen Mr. & Mrs. John Mercer $35 James D. Salvo $30 Mr. & Mrs. William A. Nugent Mr. & Mrs. James Perkins. $25 Mrs. Wallace Fairbanks, Mr. & Mrs. Marcellus Feeney, Margaret R. Feeney, Robert Gagnon, Mrs'. Leonard Greenhalgh Peter Hodnett, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Monarch, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Morin, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Pichette, Mrs. Charles Ross Ann G. Doyle, Joseph F. Dumais, Mrs. John Markland, James McMillan & Son, Nicholas Rodriques, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Thompson Charles Wills, Patricia M Leary ST. ELIZABETH

$175 Rev. George Dej. Sousa $50 St. Elizabeth's Ladies Guild St. Elizabeth's Holy Name Society $25 Laura Nobrega S1. Elizabeth's Children of Mary St. Elizabeth's' St.' 'Paul Society


$200 Rev. Lucien Jusseaume $100 St. Vincent de Paul Store $55

Edward OueJ.lette $28 Orner Harrison $25 John Farrell, St. Vincent de Paul Conference HOLY CROSS

$250· Conventual Franciscan Fathers $50 St. Vincent de Paul Conference Holy Rosary Sodality $35 ,In Memory of John A. Pietruszka $30 Mr. & Mrs. Stanley W. Nowak $25 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Gancarski Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Piro~, Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Krupa, Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Ciosek, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Canuel Mr.. & Mrs. Bronislaw Kozack, Mrs. Etta Walmsley, Mr. & Mrs'. Walter Witengier

$125 Dr. & Mrs. John Carvalho $100 Rev Hugh J. Munro Atty. Kenneth L. SulLivan Mrs. William Connelly Alice & Gertrude Lynch Mr. & Mrs. Gustave Mattos 'In Memory of Alice B. Norton Rose E. McDonald Aty. & Mrs. Frederic J. Torphy Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nagle $75 Mona M. Shea $50 Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Mitchell Mr. & Mrs: Pierre Picard Elinor & Alice Lenaghan Mr. & Mrs. Charles Franco Mr. & Mrs. George Flanagan Mrs. William A. Torphy Katherine Lomax Mrs. Michael Regan Dorothy C. Sullivan In Memory of Kathleen & Sister Cecilia Gillespie, RSM Mr. & Mrs. Herve Bernier $40 Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Dusoe McArdle Family Mr. & Mrs...- Romeo McCallum $35 Mrs. !Anthony Geary $30 Mr. & Mrs. Armand D. Cote Margaret J. Turner Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McMullen & Family Helen V. Lomax Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Mannion Mr. & Mrs. John Keating Mr. & Mrs. Charles Leonard $25 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Roy, Mrs. Anna K. McDowell, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Banville, In Memory of Kather·ine McNaboe, Mr. & Mrs. John E. Cruger Mr. & Mrs. William CoIlins, Eleanore Howard, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Patten, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Nawrocki Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Berube Mr. &. Mrs. Joseph Delaney, Mr. & Mrs. John Hart, Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh Sr., Agnes Murtagh, Mr. & Mrs. Jean Louis Beaupre Mr. & Mrs. Roland Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Mikolazyk, Mr. & Mrs. Rouel Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Johnson Mr. & Mrs. William O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Czerwonka, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lyons, Mrs. Frank McAuley, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Keating Jr. Marion Kane, Mrs. Edward Murphy.. Mr. & Mrs. John Medeiros, Mrs. Eugene R. Ponton, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Donovan Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Chippendale, Nancy L. Nagle, In Memory of Andrew & Helen Creear, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Monahan, Mary C. Casey Madeline Casey, Mr. & Mrs. James Considine, Mr. & Mrs. Owen L.· Eagan, Mrs. Francis Reagan


~'SICK OF LOUD MUSIC - ROUGH CROWDS:1 ~ WINDSOR SENIOR DANCE CLUB :~ ~ Couple, Single, Escorted, Stag, Over 30 ~ t~ IT'S BACK - DANCING - LIVE MUSIC ~ ~ Socialze with Friends :'i ~ Nostalgia Atmosphere ~ ~ Eyery Wed., Sun. - 12:30-5:00 Lincoln Pk. ~ Spacious Floor • Line - Ballroom Dance ~ ~ No Intermission - Continuous Music} ~ TONY RAPP--ART PERRY ORCHESTRA ~ International· Dances - Music ~ $1.35.Adm. Members & Sr. Citizens-- $1. ~

Bath Tub Ruined ?




t..::~,~:::~~""~~/; ;~~~1






We Can RESURFACE IT! Like New oj"



Guaranteed - No Remoyal WHITE· OR· COLOR .. ' .

,1:.111 ClIllecl.l,£CTROGLAZ 1-385-9-3011


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.. "



t...LtJ u""

'·;L l~· T

I ~(l r


All 9 Pieces Complete ONLY

$199 You get 2 Foam Mattresses .•. 2 Box Springs .• ,the Corner Table ... 2 Wedge Bolsters ... Fr~me with Casters ... Fitted Quilted Bedspreads. Handsome, practical, Day Or Night Space· Planner Units that fit into a minimum space while producing maximum comfort.




With Full 39" Twin Size Quilted Mattresses

Posts that easily convert into

2 Twin Beds if desired. Guard Rail and Ladder are included


Versatile, comfortable - it will solve all of your space problems, Use them end to end; side-by-side; use them together for a big, oversize bed or in a corner for a speciol arrangement, It's the most practical bedding you can buy at a price you can't ignore.

Colonial Maple ar Pine Bunk Beds with big, rugged 5 inch

at this low price.


ALL 4 PI ECES $199

2 SEALY MATTRESSES plus 2 BOX SPRINGS ON LEGS Think of it! This luxurious 4 Piece Sealy Bedding Grouping for less tha'n $50 per ~nit. Famous Sealy quality throughout with smooth top mattresses. Deluxe construction; twin sizes only - quantities limited!



The Mate's Bunk provides a com-

fortable bed with 76 inches of storage space. Available in hand-

some Maple, Pine or Oak finishes with authentic Colonial drawer


New Shipment Just Arrived! No More To Be Had At This Low Price When Our Present Supply Is Gone - Hurry!

These authentic Colonial Bunk Bed Units are making Bicentennial history. They literally walked off our floors the last time they were advertised. Ideal for your Summer or Year 'Round Home - Hurry for choice selections.

FULL SIZE BROOKWOOD SLEEPER A handsome Sofa by day - a comfort· able bed at night. Has a full size foam mattress. upholstered in glove soft vinyl.


Twin Bunk Beds with Guard Rail. Ladder and IO-Drawer Chest is beautifully finished in Maple, Pine or Oak,


, asons

No Banks or Finance Companies To Pay



See More, ,', Get More,., Save More! No Warehouse Showroom anywhere has the vast display of Name Brand Furniture Ihal you'll find al Mason's in Fall River. And wilh our everyday low warehouse prices you,can selecllhe furnilure of your dreams al savings you never dreamed possIble.



t AT

"New England's Largest Furniture Showroom"







Cape &amp; IslandsArea Vol. 19, No. 20 © 1975 The·Anchor $5.D:~~~E~;~ Mt. Carmel, New Bedford 13,873.11 St. Lawrence, NewBedford 11,890.80 S...

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