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Special Gifts Contributions Are Most Encouraging

Charities Appeal Total Is on the Rise.

Latest. Special and Parish Returns Push Sum to $227,747.66



Fall River, Mass., Thursday, May

Vol. 7, No. 18 ©

1963 The Anchor

In a special interview with "The Anchor, James F. Mooney' Jr. Chairman of the 1963 Catholic Charities Ap­

peal, stated "A legion of parish solicitors made over eight-five thousand initial contacts last Sunday. The resultF of their work give great promise. It would be premature to make a ,predicition at this point. The parish returns· made to this time are largely the first returns. There'is a fulI week of cam­ paigning left." "However," Mr. Mooney con­ tinued, "the increase noted in' the ten"dollar and up category of these first returns indicates a very generous response to the charitable needs of the Diocese. be a big help if all Spe­ 9, 1963 Itcialwill Gift and all Parish Solicitors make their returns speedily. We are poised on' the edge of a very PRICE lOe successful Appeal." The full co­ $4.00 per Year operation of all Solicitors can make it that success. Most of the contributions listed under Special Gifts are in but there are still others to be heard from. Parishes have made their first reports, the amounts raised on. Sunday afternoon Turn to Page Two hand know

Eulogist Stresses Charity Of Monsignor Lariviere

A charitable man does not let his right what his left is doing- he wants his good works known only by God. Such was the life. of Monsignor Lariviere as described in the eulogy Monday morning in St. Jean Baptiste Church, Fall River, by Rev. F. Anatole Des­ marais, pastor of St. Jacques Pari:;h, Taunton. The late Monsignor's early missionary work in So. Carolina developed • spirit in the young priest that continued for 46 years. Thc eulogist stated that "anx­ iety to scrve his people perme­ ated evcry moment of Monsignor Lar'jvicr'e's life." Officers for the Pontifical Requiem Mass were: Assistant Priest: Rt. Rev. Msgr. Humberto S. Medeiros. Deacons of Honor: Rt. Rev. Msgr·. Alfred J. Bonneau, Rt. Rev. Msgr. Raymond T. Consi­ dine. Deacon of the Mass: Rev. Maurice H. Lamontagne. Subdeacon of the Mass: Rev. Henri Charest. Acolytes: Rev. James A. Mc­ earthy, Rev. Donald A. Couza. Thurifer: Rev. Joseph OliveiI·a. Book Bearer: Rev. Rene R. Levesque. Candle Bearer: Rev. John F. AndJ·cws. Gr'emiale Bearer: Rev. Rlch~ ard R. Demers. Mitre Bearer: Rev. Robert F. Kaszynski. Mastcrs of Ceremonies: Rev. John H. Hackett, Rev. Maurice a. Jeffrey.

Prelates to Bless UMass C'enter

MONSIGNOR LARIVIERE Monsignor Lariviere, son of the late Philip E. Lariviere and Hermina Provencal, was born on Turn to Page Seven

PLEDGE FOR CHARITY: Mrs. Catherine Hicks, left, accepts a 1963 Catholic Charities Appeal pledge card from collector Mrs. Joseph H. McNeil, both of St. Pius X Parish. So. Yarmouth.

Diocesan School Convention Opens Today in Attleboro A call for more and better interaction between the theologian and the teacher was one of the telling points made this morning by Brother Bartholomew, C.F.X., Superintendent of Xavarien Brothers Schools, as he ad. dressed 1000 Sisters, Broth­ Association members of the I! ers, priests and lay teachers high schools and 50 elementary of the Diocesan Catholic schools of the Diocese are meet­ Teachers Association. The ing today and tomorrow in the

Joins Mission Staff


Fr. Clark to Aid in Latin America Work On petition of the Latin America Bureau, N.C.W.C., Was h in g ton, Most Rev. James L. Connolly, D.D.,

of a $750,000 Newman Center at the University of Massachu­ setts in Amherst Wednesday evenin~, May 15. Bishops of the other two Mas­ sachusetts dioceses will also take part in the ceremonies begin­ ning at 6 o'clock. Most Rev. Bernlu'd" J. Flanagan, bishop of. Turn to Page Five

Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River, announced today the ap­ pointment of Rev. James A. Clark, assistant at St. Mary's Church, New Bedford, as as­ sistant director of the Latin America Bureau program which includes the Papal Volunteer program. Rev. John M. Consi­ dine, M.M. a native of New Bed­ ford, is director of the Bureau, and Rt. Rev. William Quinn of the Archdiocese of Chicago, is "co-director. Father Clark will report to his new assignment during the fir'st week of June. On Aug. 27, he will start special classes at the University of Puerto Rico and take courses in Spanish and Latin American culture.

Adults from all over the Diocese will receive the Sac­ rament ·of Confirmation at Z on Sunday afternoon in St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River. Candidates are asked to pre­ sent themselves at the Cathe­ dral at 1:30 with the necessary document that they may ob­ &ain from their parish priest.

WASHINGTON (NC) ­ Diocesan directors of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine have s t ron g 1 y" backed the concept of catecheti­ cal centers near public schools, built by parishes which have no parochial school and used for religious instruction of Catholic children in public schools and adults. The directors estimated there are about 8,000 U.S. parishes without parochial schools. The 1963 Official Catholic Directory lists a total of 17,298 parishes in the country. In a resotution adopted at their recent Miami Beach con­ vention and released here by the Turn to Page Two

Bi:;hop Connolly will cele­ brate a pontifical Mass and Richard Cardinal Cushing will preside at the dedication


Asks Parishes Build Centers

The new assistant director of


the Bureau was born Aug. n, 1929, in New Bedford, the son of John J. Clark and Elizabeth M. Cheetham Clark. A graduate of Coyle High School, Taunton he attended Providence College and St. John's Seminary, Brighton. Ordained on Feb. 2, 1955 by Bishop Connolly in St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River,' Father Clark was assigned as assistant to St. Mary's Church, New Bed­ ford, and it has been his only parochial appointment. . In addition, he has served as assistant director of PAVLA and Lay Extension in the Dio­ cese to the Diocesan director, Rt. Rev. Raymond T, Considine, Diocesan Director of the Propa­ gation of the Faith. Father Clark also wrote a column on P AVLA Lay Exten­ sion work in The ANCHOR. Father Clark's address in Washington will be the Latin America Bureau, N.C.W,C., 131:& Massachusetts Avenue, N. W.

perfect convention setting of Bishop Feehan High School ill Attleboro for their Eighth Alt. nual Convention. The Annual High School Sci. ence Fair is also taking place there, and another highlight of the Convention is the display of almost 100 exhibitors. in the spacious gymnasium adjoining the auditorium. These exl1ibits give teachers the opportunity of seeing for themselves the new- . est and latest in evel')" type of school supply. Brother Bartholomew, at the keynote session presided over by the Most Reverend Bishop with Rev. Patrick J. O'Neill, Super­ intendent of Diocesan Schools, as chairman, urged the teachers to a deeper commitment to self-improvement, a necessity brought' aaout by the rapid ex­ pansion of knowledge. And facing realistically the pressing Turn to P"ge Eighteen

Ordination The Most Reverend Bishop will ordain Rev. Mr. Edmund A'. Connors and Rev. Mr. Rob­ ert J. Laughlin to the priest. hood for service" in the Diocese on Saturday morning at 10 in st. Mar,.'. Cathedral, Fall River.



Urges Parishes to Build Centers

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall Rlver-Thurs., May 9, 1963

CCA Parish Totals. Continued from Page One when a 'veritable army of soli­ citors started their door-to­ door collections. Particularly encouraging is the use of the pledge system with many persons doubling their gifts or...,giving even more -and spreading the payment out over the year. Also heart-warming is the response not only from Catho­ lics but from those of other Faiths who see and appreciate and support the work done by the 29 agencies who are as­ sisted by the Charities Appeal. Four parishes have already exceeded last year's final total. They are: St. Francis Xavier, Acushnet; Immaculate Concep­ tion, East Brewster; Our Lady of the Angels and Our Lady of Health, Fall River. Listings of Special and Parish gifts follow: FALL RIVER St. Mary $2,331.00 Blessed Sacrament -1,225.00 Holy Name 4,703.00 Notre Dame 3,404.00 Our Lady of the Angels 4,143.00 Our Lady of Health 2,068.50 Holy Rosary 1,329.00 Immaculate Conception 2,494.75 Sacred Heart 5,725.00 St. Anne 1,635.25 St. Anthony of Padua 1,081.00 St. John the Baptim 1,399.00 St. Joseph 3,647.50 St. Louis 2,099.7ti St. Matthew 995.00 st. Michael 1,110.00 St. Patrick 04,372.50 Peter & Paui 1,325.00 st.' Roch . ] ,385.65 St.·... William 3,233.50. . .


L:egion of De,cency The 'following ~ilms are to be' added to 'the '"list iii their respec-' tive Classifications: . '. . Unobjectionable for General Patronage: Cattle King; The Great Escape; Jason and the ArgonaiIts. Unobjectional for Adults:'ToyS in the Attic; The Wrong Arm of the Law. Objectionable in' Part for All: The 'Light Fantastic. (Ob­ jection: A story of seduction, this film .is developed in a morally . ambiguous' context.)' Tiine Out for Love (Objection:' The' theme of this film tends to condone and glamorize illicit sexual experiences.) 'Condemned: ·The Law. Origin­ ally released in a dubbed arid . edited 'version entitled' "Where' the Hot Wind Blows" by MGM for Joseph Levine's EmbassY Pictures, this film carried a B rating because of "low moral tone; suggestive costuming and situations." 'Mr. Levine's de­ cision to reissue the film inde­ pendently in a sub titled and "uncut" version. necessitates this change in classification to "Con­ demned" for the reason that in its uncut version the' film ex­ hibits a constant emphasis upOn ,rossly suggestive costuming and situations, and contains one . quence which is -thinly disguised pornography.




May :2-St. Pat ric k, Fal­ mouth. St. Joseph's 'Orphanage, Fall River. May le:-st. Casimir, New Bedford. Villa Fatima,. Taunton May 23--Mount St. Mary's Convent, Fall River. Convent of'. the Holy Union of the Sacred Hearts, Fall River. Convent of the Sacred Hearts, Fairhaven. May 26--8t. Mathieu, Fall River. . St. Kilian, New Bedford. June 2--St. Teresa's Convent, Fall River. St. Joseph, Taunton. Holy Name, Fall River.


Holy Name 5,638.00

Holy Rosary 195.75

Immaculate Conception 2,270.00

Mt. Carmel 5,527.55

Sacred Heart 2,362.55

St. Anthony of Padua 2,458.00

St. Boniface 221.00 .

St. Francis of Assisi 580.00 St. Hyacinth 1,068.00 St. James 6,768.50 St. Joseph 7,010.72 St. Kilian 2,263.50 St. Lawrence 7,217.75 St. Mary 3,058.00 St. Theresa 2,335.00 TAUNTON HQly Family Holy Rosary Immaculate Conception Sacred Heart ' St. Anthony St. Jacques St. Joseph St. Mary ATTLEBORO St. John ' St. Joseph St. Mary St. Theresa

796.50 510.00 3,036.00 1,174.00 2,204.00 2,086.00 3,218.00 1,858.75


7,526.00 2,286.00 3,885.50 2,139.00

Hub Club Honors StonehiU Head


Acushnet-St. Francis

Xavier 3,431.25 1}1l.000 Assonet-St. Bernard Buzzards Bay2;551,;00 St. Margaret Centr~l Village],286.00 St. John t~ Bapt~ ChathamHoly R~deenier 2,785:00 East BrewsterOur Lady of the Cape 1,1"58:00 Fairhaven-St. Joseph 3,518.50 Falmouth-St. Pa~ick 2,886.00 Mansfield-St. Mary ~,Ii)]:50 Mattapoisett. St. Anhony 2,149.50 No. DIghton-St. Joseph 781.00 North EastonImmaculate Conception 3~13.00 North Westp<>rtOur Lady of Grace ],~3.00 Norton-St. Mary . .2,157."50 ' Oak alilffs-" 'Sacred Heart ],3]1).00 Ocean Grave. 1;522.50 St. Michael"' Raynham---.:st. Ann 2,259;00 Seekonk-:Mt: Carmel 3,153.00 Somerset-':'" . St.·John of God . 2,641.65 St. Palfick . 3,548:00 SOuth Yarmouth­ St. Pius X 3,957.00 Swansea--':' Our Lady' o( Fatima . 2,738.50 St. Dominic 1,94ROO St. Louis of France 2,295.00 Warellam-St. Patrick .,539.00 West HarwichHoly Trinity 1,751.00 Woods Hole--St. .roseph ~..oo

Mass Ordo FRIDA Y~St. Antonirius, Bishop and Confessor. III Class. White. Mass Proper; Gloria; Second Collect SS. Gordian and Epi­ machus, .Martyrs; no Creed; Preface of Easter: SATURDAY :- SS. Philip and James, Apostles. II Class. Red. . Mass Proper; Gloria; Creed; preface of Apostles. SUNDAY - IV Sunday Aftel.' . Easter. II Class. White, Mass Proper; Gloria; Creed; Preface of Easter.. MONDAY - St. Robert .Bellal"­ mine, Bishop, Confessor and . Doctor of the Church. HI Class. White.. Mass Proper; Gloria;· no Creed; Preface of Easter. TUESDAY -:- Mass of previous' Sunday. IV Class.' White. Mass Proper; Gloria; Second Collect ·St. Boniface, Mar t y r; no, Creed; Preface' of Easter. WEDNESDAY-St. John Baptist. De La Salle, Confessor. III .Class. White. Mass Proper;' Gloria; no' Creed; Preface of' Easter. THURSDAY-8t. Ubaldus, Bish­ op and Confessor. III Class. White. Mass Proper; Gloria; no Creed; Preface of Easter.


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New Be4lfercl

Very Rev. Richard H. Sullivan, C.S.C., president of Stonehill College in North Easton has been chosen as Man of the Year for 1963 by the Notre Dame Club of Boston. Father Sullivan was cited for "years of devotion to the teach-. lng )f our youth, administrative contribution to a grateful Com­ munity' and extraordinary dedi-' cation to the highest ideals.'" Since 1958, Father Sullivan, who this year celebrates the 25th anniversary of his ordina­ tion, has presided over the steady growth of Stonehill Col. lege: A native of Indianapolis, he /entered the seminary of the Congregation of Holy Cross at the University of Notre Dame, He.' later studi.ed at Gregorian. Unjversity,;Rome, where he was awarded. his licentiate ill philos­ ophy; he .received his Doctorate: in Philosophy frnm LavalUni-. versityin Quebec. After. his ordination at ~j'otre Dame in 1938' he' taught at the University: .In 1942 he I;>ecame novice master at North Dart­ . mouth and later superior of the Holy Cross Fatbers Seminary at North Easton and' assistant pro­ vincial of the' Eastern ~rovinCe..

about 25 per cent of the current centers, he said. In the majority of such pro­ grams, however, the childrenre­ eeive instruction after regular school hours and on Saturday morning.

Continued from Page One National CCD Center, the direc­ tors said that while it is the ideal that every Catholic child attend a parochial school, "this is un­ realizable in the foreseeable future." Catechetical centers, they said, will aid in meeting the respon­ sibility to provide religious in­ struction and formation to the present generation of Catholic youth - "the majority of whom are attending public schools." During the convention. Bishop Charles P. Greco, chairman of the U.S. Bishops' Committee for the CCD, told the directors that there are now more than eight million Catholic children in pub­ lic schools as compared to about five and one-half million in Catholic schools. Catechetical centers are a new movement in the Church. At present, they total 81 in 16 dio­ ceses, the convention was told by Father Albert Schnacky, CCD director in the Rochester, NY;, diocese where 26 of the centers are located. Teachers at such centers are generally lay people. Father Schnacky said, and children at­ tending classes receive between Ph hours to 2 hours a week of instruction. Released time religious edu_ cation - a plan by which chil­ dren .leave· public achools for religious education - is used by

Summer Studies For Coyle Staff Ten teachers at Coyle Hlgll School, Taunton, comprising one half the faculty, will pursue special studies this Summer, continuing work for advanced degrees or concentrating in par­ ticular scholastic fields. They include Brother Patrick Oliver, to attend Spanish courses at Ibero-Americano University, Mexico City; Brother James Derrig and Brother William Babbitt, to Bridgewater State College for guidance courses; Brother Richard O'Brien and Brother Leo Legendre to Siena College for history courses.

Also Brother William Lowne7 to Vandercook School of Musie, Chicago; Brother Carl Winters to Fairfield University for guid­ ance; Brother Joseph Lovito to Fordham University for biology; Brother James Roth and Mr. Joseph Scanlon to Stonehill Col­ lege for mathematics. The latter two are recipient. of National Science Foundatioa cranta.

New Bedford Sister$ Win Summer Grants



Two members' of St. Anthony'!! High School faculty, New Bed­ ford, have been ~warqed {lr<lnt8 for Summer study.' .They are Sister Mary Yvette "of the An­ gels, 'C:S:C: "and' Sister 'Mary Angela of Brescia, C.S.C:·· ''.. ,.~. Sister Mary Yvette will at­ tend journalism.. courses at· the Catholic University of America in Washington under terms of. a grant from the .Wall Street Journal Newspaper Fund. Sister Mary Angela will. study mathematics at'Stonehill Col­ lege.

May 12-2:00 P. Cathedral, Fall River (Adults);·St. Mal"7. South Dartmouth. ":OOP.M~, SS. Peter and Pam, Fall River. .' , '1:30 P.M:, St. Anthony 'of Padua, Fall River; St. KiliaD," New Bedford.

Mie:litre/·C. .. .. . . .Austin . . . '



NEW'iEDFOR~, "MA·ss•

D. '0. Sullivan .. 'it Sons .

U;S.' Physician Aids. V~etnam Hospital



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571 Second St. Fall River, Mass. OS 9-6072



SAIGON (NC)-:Dr. Albert E .. HardngtDn; ophthalmolgist from Lincoln, Neb., has arrived here to do eye surgery for six weeks. in ,Our Lady of 'Good Counsel hospital at Honai about 20 miles­ from ,Saigl?n. Dr. Hartington, who is dona.t:­ ing his services and has fiown here at his own expense, is the fifth American' opthalomologist to 'do this since February, 1961.' His predecessors, each of whom worked for a· period of from one to .two months, were Dr. EUiott, B. Hague of Buffalo; Dr. J. S. Tchao of Lewiston, Maine; Dr. Herman A.' Iverson of EUreka, Calif., and Dr.. Alex E. ·Krill of Chicago.








• ~OUTH,!,~TH

Open Evenings

Special Gifts $15

National Our Lady's Chapel

$150 Holy Cross Mission House

$100 $50

Rumford Steel Products

$35 Swift & Company



L. Packhem Co., Inc. Benziger Bros.' Gothic Craft, Inc. United Cork Will & Baumer Candle Inc.

$15 Kirkpatrick Company

$10 Boston Lightning Rod Co. Roman Tile & Terrazzo Com. pany

Fall River $1,500 A Friend Fall River Herald News

$1,000 Gold Medal Bakery Fall River Trust Company Atty. & Mrs. John T. Farrel1

$500 Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Feitelberg Ideal Laundry 'Salvo's Golden Foods

$340 .Mr. & Mrs. James E. Bullock

Mt. Hope Grocery, Stella Anne Frocks, Dr. Samuel B. Kaufman, Dr. William L. Levy, Mrs. John B. Waterman. Miller Pontiac Company, A. ,Soloff & Son, Inc., U. S. Textile Co., T. Elias Fuel Co., Hutchin­ ,son Oil Co. O. Cloutier & Sons, Park Ram­ bler, H. Lachance's Market, Freitas & Pereira Co., Munro Electric Supply & Hardware Co. Frank N. Wheelock & Sons, Bolduc's Lumber Co., Beacon Garment Inc., Lincoln P. Holmes, Mr. & Mrs. J. T. Cottrell. Overhead Door, Spindle City Dye Works, The Pizza Oven, Hayden's Colony Shop, Ideal Liquor Store, Inc. F. R. Tool & Die Co., Anodiz­ ing Co. of New England, Arkay Pants Co., Swan Cleansers, Paul . McCabe. Bride's Shoppe, K& G Mfg. Co., Maplewood Yarn Mills, A. & A. Mfg. Co., Inc., Gustave A. Hall. . Cox Paper Co., Economy Den­ tafLab Co., Samuel T. Dubitsky -Architect, Charlmor Furniture Co., Rex Laundry Inc., Wolfe Lamp Corp. of Mass. M & G Sportswear Inc., Dr. Herbert J, S. Tallman




New Bedford

$125 The Fall River Broadcaitfng f:ompany-WSAR Mr. & Mrs. Michael I. MOo Mahon

'100 Reise's Dairy Henry J. DuffY Pharmacr, Delta Electric Co.

Clover Club of Fall River' I'rlendly Sons of St. Patrick. $75 D & D Sales' & Service Sears Roebuck Co. Fall River Lodge No. 118 B. P. O. Elks .

$60 ~hn

With the ordination this Sat­ urday of Rev. Mr. Roben Laughlin of Taunton, the total number of Coyle ,High School graduates in the priesthood will be 68. Of the total, 40 are serving the Fall' River Diocese, nine are priests in other Dioceses and 19 are order priests, representing eight different comml;lnities. In addition, 35 graduates are Brothers of the Holy Cross and another is an Xaverian Brother-. There are some 19 graduates ia seminaries at this time. 'In' June, the Taunton school will conclude' its 30th academic year.


Walsh Bros.

$1500 Hemingway Bros. $1,000 Merchants National Bank OIl I'''ew Bedford


American Press Inc.

$200 New Bedford Hotel $100 Daw.son's Brewery

A Friend


Leigh Textile

N. B. Joint Board Textile Workers Union of Am. AFL-CIO


F. McMahon &: Soo8 $50

A. H. Leeming & Sons, Inc. Fall River Sheet Metal Works In Meinory of "The Picollini's Shepherd" In Memory of Sister Marr Christina, S.U.S.C. Advance Frocks Corp. O'Neil Fisk Tire service Corcoran SUPPlY Co. , Edward Brayton J'all River Knftting Milla, In«.

Frank X. Perron $40

I. A. Boynton Co., Ine. $35 Carl N. Beetle Plastics Corp.


Mr. & Mrs. Forrest Knight $25

Union Liquors Col '

Hubert S. Kelleher Catholic, Scouts of the Cachalot Council ' , " . $10 MisiJ- Alice Kelleher, Martin SUllivan, Atty. Barney Papkin, K;~rrY .Fashipns Corp., Dr. Ed· ward Kestenbaum.. . George'L.NowelI, MCOF So. Eastern Past C,hief Rangers Assn.

North 'Attiebo,ro

$1,000 John F. Smith Agency $225 Robert V. McGowaa Ins Agency:



Many Coyle Men In Religion

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Adams Book Store

Ralph E. Loper Co.

:Modern Furniture Co.

Downtown Parking Lots

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THE ANCHOR­ Thursday, May 9, 1963

Chi'ef Rabbi Hails Pope's Defense JERUSALEM (N C) ­ The Chief Rabbi of Israel has given his amen to the human rights declaration of POPI'! John in the new encyclical, Peac~ on Earth. "Every man of faith and con­ science who believes in divine and in freedom must do AWARD WINNER: Charles Levesque, left, St. An­ 'justice all he 'can to bring about the thony's High School, New Bedford, with awards as best realization of (Pope John's) negative speaker and outstanding varsity speaker, won in 'sublime words, concerning. the

rights of man," Chief Rabbi

debate tournaments held at Stonehill College and in Fitch­ '

burg. Right, Atty. Richard Bachand, St. Anthony Debating 'Isaac Nissim said here. The Chief 'Rabbi issued a

~ Society c o a c h . ' , statement on' the encyclical let­ : ter after having been asked to ,comment by members of" the pres:; ·corps here.. He said that , . because Jews have "alw:ays" . "strNen" for world reform, ,''the Pope's call for a ban on atomic weapons and for the gradual re­ duction of arms stockpiles ,I'''EW YORK (NC)-The Vat- ' model at the World's "air Will throughout the world will, ·ican Pavilion at the 1964 New,' be 13 feet in height, in width therefore, receive the enthusi­ York World's Fair, iIi addition and in length, and it is now ~n­ ·astie .and':'active suppol't 01. the _', to "Michelangelo's Pieta, will ciis~ del' cOIlstructiOn in Vatican 'Jew:sh people." Rabbi Nisshn said he ''weI. play a full-scale replica of the : workshops under the. supervi­ excavations .surrounding St. 'sion of archeologists associated' comed" 'the papal i'proclamatioa condemning racial discrimina­ Peter's tomb. with the historic excavations. Francis Cardinal Spellman, At the briefing session, Car- tion aQd the oppression of rili!i­ Archbishop of New York, dis-' dinal Spellman said the Cathplie orities and sp.eaking out for the . t b' f" . Bishops of the country have 'equality of all human beings and CI osed thIS a a r1e ,lOg sessl0,n agreed to hold a special collec:. ·their right to political and reli. at the World's Fair grounds. in . ' Flushing Meadows that, was at- tion' in their dioceses to finance gious liberty." tended by 30 priest_repre~nta_the Vatican Pav'ilion.,',which·will , "'in tliis, one- may perhaps see tives from 24 dioceses. on the cost about three million' dcilla·rs.. ~ an attempt to. atone for what haa -been perpetrated upon the Jews Eastern seaboard. The' suggested date for the' col­ throughout their years of exile. lection ill Sunday, May 26: The Cardinal said 90 many 'Various -events of our time indi­ "fabulous" exhibits have been cate'that" the rightS of man and offered for, the Vatican Pavilion freedom of worship are still. hot' that the problem now is one of guaranteed to all individuals and selection. Included in the dis­ Fo~ grOUP!!; -:mq that hatred is still 'play, he' added,'will be early -' WASHIi-i'GTON (NC)":-FlitMr .'rampant/' Christian sculpture from the, Gustave' Weigel, S.J:, 'saidliere ·catacombs. It is, called ,the Gool! that lay Catholics· can make a 'Shepherd and depicts • 'beard­ "tremendous'· contribution'" "t;O ·less' Christ. , ' Christian unity. ' ' There' will also be" an exhibi. They can cio this, he told l;:mO tion of color transparencies of delegates to ·th~ Family Life the Sistine Chapel, and 'a collec­ Forum of the Washington arch­ tion of Vatican coins and ·stamps. diocese by friendly conversations The excavation under St. with their fellow Christians of 'Peter's tomb was started in'1940. other denominations on topics Ten years of excavation on the related to Christian unity.

'site uncovered an ancient Roman

Father Weigel, a professor at cemetery and what Pope Pius Woodstock College,. said Catho­ XII called the incontestable lics must "look at Christians' not tomb of St. Peter. of their faith with respect, Special Collection friendship and the sincere de­ Cardinal Spellman said th4t sire to enter into conversations with them."

At World/s Fair

Vatican Pavilion'to Display .Replica Of St. Peter's Tomb Excavation '


Suggests LciityRole . Christian U",ity ,

Smith Electrical Supply Co. . Franco American Social Club Chace Electric Co. $60' Mr. & Mrs. Louis Sisca Atty: Ronald A. Braia

Dr. Joseph V. Medeiros

$50 I. M. Fields, Inc. Holy Name Society-8acred Mr. Norman F. Thompson Beart Church

Dr. Benjamin Leavitt

$30 Morris Levine Albert Morawski

Darwood Mapufacturing Co.

$25 W. Irving Peirce & Son Catholic Young Adult Organ. Id&al Bias Binding Co. ization-Sacred Heart Church Allen's Cut Rate strut In<;;

Catholic Pharmacists Guild at Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gaboury

New officers of Cape and St. James

Dr. Robert J. Welch

'Islands District Five of the Di.

Smith Textile Co.

$20 ocesan Council of Catholic

Tabor Textile Co. • BUILDING MATERIALS Fetzer's Garage

. Women are Mrs. Nestor Robidou,

Troy Sheet Metal Works, IIlG. $15

president; Mrs. Frederick Eng­


Sullivan Signs Poly-Kote Inc;

lish, vice-president; Mrs. Pierre

• BUILDING SITES Ernest Floyd $10 . F. Lavedan, recording secretary; lames E. Fitzgerald Home & School Assn.-Sacred Mrs. Annie Eldridge, treasurer;' VA 2-7186

Broadway Electric Sales _ Heart Parish, Cub Scouts-Pack ,Mrs. Harold L. Hayes Jr., Dioc.­


Service 26, BPO Elks Lodge 1'0. 1011, esan vice~president.

Coffee Sam Industrial CatereN Liggett Drug Co. Inc. Lamport Co. Bunny Bonin's Motel &: Cabins, Carpenters' Union No_130S Jarvis Taps Inc., Public Finance William Eaton Company, Ratfey's, Red Rock AI's Tire Shop Hill Motor Court. Draper Sears & Co,


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Disputes Over ff~, Land Shrines 'Major Scandal,' Priest Says

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May, 9, 1963

The Parish Par~de ST. FRANCIS XAvmR, HYANNIS The Women's Guild will hold a banquet Thursday night, May 16 at Rico's restaurant. Next reg­ ular meeting is set for tonight. ST. ELIZABETH GUILD, EDGARTOWN Members will attend St. Au­ gustine's guild meeting Thurs­ day, May 23 at Vineyard Haven. They will sponsor a mother­ daughter Communion breakfast following 8:30' Mass Sunday morning, May 26. Mrs. Frank C. Mello is in charge of arrange­ ments. Next regular meeting is planned for Monday, May 27. OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION, OSTERVILLE A Communion breakfast for members of the Women"s Guild will follow 8:30 Mass Sunday morning May 12 at Wimpy's restaura~t. Speaker will be Rev. Charles Rodday of St. Colu~­ ban's Mission Society. He wIll show a film on Japan in addition to addressing the guild. ST. AUGUSTINE, VINEYARD HAVEN

Judge Beatrice Hancock Mul­ laney will address Wo~en's ,Guild members at a dmner meeting Tuesday night, June 11, following a 6:30 Mass. Guilds from Oak Bluffs and Edgar­ town will be guests at the event. A card party is planned' in the

parish hall Wednesday, May 15.

"HOLY TRINITY, . WEST HARWICH The Association of the Sacred Hearts will install incoming offi­ cers Thursday night, May 16. A banquet is planned for, Thurs­ ;day, May 23 at Pelham House, Dennis Port. ' 'ST. MATHmU, FALL RIVER New officers ~or the Council of Catholic ,Women will, be elected at a Communion break­ fast Sunday morning, May 19. Mrs. Gerard Deslauriers is in ,charge of breakfast arran~emen~s and Mrs. Raymond POIsson IS chairman of the committee to, present a slate of officers. Rev. Robsrt Sevigny will be featured speaker. , , The unit also announces a rummage sale Thursday, May 23 at 308 East Main Street. Items for the sale may be left at the :parish hall after 7 Thursday and Friday night, May 16 and 17 ST. ANNE. FALL RIVER Parish Cub Scouts will visit Newport Naval Station Sunday, May 19. Cubmaster Rene J. Tremblay will be in charge of arrangements. , ST. STANISLAUS ,FALL RIVER Parent-Teacher and Alumni 'Association members will aid , graduating student~ fr~m t~e 'parochial school WIth fmancial arrangements for a trrp to New York next month. Mrs. Joseph 'Cichon is in charge of a break­ , fast for the graduates, A picnic, also on the agenda for the fu.. ,ture, will benefit a fund for im.­ 'provements to the school yard. Next regular meeting will be Wednesday, June 5 and will have mothers of eighth grade students as ho~tesses. ST. JOSEPH, 'FALL RIVER The Men's Club announces its , annual Communion breakfast to ,fellow 9:30 Mass Sunday morn­ ing May 19, in the school hall. Tickets are now available. The Women's Guild will hold election of officers and a Silent 'Auction at 8 tonight in the Ilchool hall. Installation cere­ 'monies are scheduled for,June. ' CYO junior girll!', ba~ketball team will receive trophies at' a ceremony -scheduled for 2 Sun­ 'day afternoon, May 12 in the school hall. Cub Scouts will hold a paper drive next month., BOLY REDEEMER. CHATHAM . The Association of the Sacred Hearts will hold a "closet clear­ ance sale" saturday, Ma~ 18. Summer events will include a .upper and- square dance in Jul7 and a penny ,sale in AugusL

BRAIr-..""TREE (NC) -The,di­ vided administration of shrines in the Holy Land is "one of the major scandals of Christendom," according to a Franciscan priest who spent five years in the Holy Land. Father Theophane Carroll, O.F.M., of St. Anthony's shrine, Boston called fo.r more sharing of th~ sacred places among Christians. If no other plan seems work­ able, he suggested, all the shrines could be put under the super­ vision of the World Council of Churches.

ST. JEAN BAPTISTE, FALL RIVER To be seated at a June blllll­ quet are new officers of ~e Council of Catholic Women, m­ cluding Mrs. Omer Martineau, president; Mrs. Edward Ouel­ lette, vice-president; Mrs. Ray­ mond Melanson, secretary; Mrs. Paul Peloquin, treasurer. Mem­ bers' mothers will be guests at a Maybasket party set !or Mon­ day, May 20. An installation banquet will be held at 7:30 Monday night, June 3 by,the Council of Catho­ lic Women. Mrs. Matthew La­ becki chairman, ann 0 U n c e s members may bring their bus­ bands and other guests. Dancing will follow the dinner. SACRED I1EART, NORTH ATTLEBORO Pre-meeting prayers of St. Anne Sodality will be held in the church at 7:45 Tuesday night, May 14, followed at 8 by a gathering in the parish hall. A May basket party will be fea­

tured and 12 new members will

be welcomed. Mrs. William'

Davis will be chairman of the social hour. The unit announces a 'cake sale to follow Masses Sunday, May 19'. Mrs. Adrian Courtemanche is chairman. Holy Name Society officers, all re-elected, to office, are Ed­ ward Surprenant, president; Gerard Desilets, vice-president; Leo Meunier, secretary; Joseph G. N. Bonneau, treasurer. New members will be received Sunday, June 9 and a meeting of membership, program and, re­ ligious committees is set, for 8:15 Monday night, May 20 in the school cafeteria. Also planned for Sunday, June 9 is a father­ son Communion breakfast. Announced for July is !l trip to a baseball game in Boston. The Boy Scouts will meet at '7 o'clock this evening in the hall and the Girl Scouts, will gather at the same time in the cafeteria.

ELECTED: A Dallas, Tex., banker and industria­ list, Mr. Frank Heller, was elected president of the Na­ tional Council of Catholic Men at its biennial conven_ tion in Atlantic City. NC Photo. ST. ANTHONY, MATTAPOISETT New officers of, the Rosary Altar Society include MrS. Jdlin

L. Carlos,' president; Mrs. Ed­ ward T. Palardy, vice-president; Mrs Alfred E. Faria, treasurer; Mrs: Timothy Howrihan, s,ecre­ tary. ST'. JOHN BAPTIST CENTRAL VILLAGE The Women's Guild will hold a meeting at 8 tonight in the church hall. Members are re­ quested to bring an apron and participate in an apron parade. 'Prizes will be awarded. On Sun­ day there will be a mother and daughter Communion breakfast in the hall after the 7:30 Mass. The guest speaker will be a Holy Cross Father.


ST. THERESA,' NEW BEDFORD Plans are being made for the Officers of, the newly-organ­ annual festival to be held on the ized Couples Club are Mr. 'and school grounds Saturday, June Mrs. Armand Dupont, presi­ 15. Mrs. Richard Beaupre will be dents; Mr. and l.\>~rs. Joseph R. chairman of the event. WitkQs, vice-presidents; Mr. and Mrs. Leo Arsenault, secretaries; SACRED HEART, Mr. and Mrs. Roger Robitaille, NEW BEDFORD

tr.easurers. Mr. Robitaille is also The Ladies of St. Ann will re­ publicity director. ceive Communion in a body at The officers will be seated at the 8' o'clock Mass on SUnday a d:lllce planned for June. Busi­ and have a meeting Monday ness meetings will be held at 'night at 7:30 in the church hall. 7:30 the :first Monday night of /' Mrs. Norm;utd Barrette" chair­ each month in the parish hall. 'man, has announced that Mrs. Social events will be scheduled Emmett P. Almond' will, speak for Saturday nights. on retreat movement in tp.e



S8. PETEIl AND PAUL, ST. PATRICK, FALL RIVER FALMOUTH, Junior CYO members plan, AlU members of the Holy hike treasure hunt and cookout Names Society will assemhle toda; at St. Vincent's Camp. A outside' Church Sunday morning dance in the church hall, for at 8:30 and march in a body into memberS, will be held Friday, the Church to receive corporate May 24. ' , Communion on: their Sunday. A Senior CYO members announee meeting will be held and a a treasUre and scavenger hmj,t lighf breakfast served in: the followed by ]~efreshments and Church basement after Mass. outdoor dancing Friday, May 17, Election of _officers for the also' at 'St. Vincent's ,Camp. Wed­ coming year will' be held at this nesday night, May 29, a hayride meeting. in Westport and cookout at St. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION" Vincent's Camp Beach" West­ FALL RIVER port Harbor" are scheduled. The new slate of officers for Bluebirds and' Campfire Girls the coming year for th!=!' Women's have been organized 'in the par­ Guild is: President, Mrs. Henry ish. Two Bluebir ~ units are di­ rected by Mrs', Helen Ozug and Gillet; Vice President, Mr$., Mrs. Mary Guerrettaz, aided by George Charbonneau; Secretary, Mrs. James Leandro;' Treasurer, Mrs. Lucy Dunlea and Mrs. Wil­ liam SotniCk.., The Campfire Mrs. Andre Latessa. The instal­ lation banquet will be held art Girls are headed by Mrs. Lor­ raine Charette and Mrs. Betty 'White's restaurant on June 5 at 6:00 P.M.. Tickets ar,e available , Charette. from the' registrars. Knights of the Alta,r will at­ tend a Cinerama production in Boston this month. June plans BEFORE YOU include attendance at a baseball: BUY - TIll!' game in Fenway pa~k and holt'to ing of an installation ceremony. Regular whist party ,will be held Monday, May la, at 8 P.M. in the church hall sponsored by OtDSMO~ILE the Women's Club. Mts. Ray­ mond DOoley is chairman aad Cfdsmobil..Peugot-Renault Mrs. Wa1W Cabucio. co-chaa­ ,87 Middle Street., r.lrhaveJ'l

Un-Chrstian Rivalry "When, you enter the Holy Sepulchre," Father Carroll tCtld men's and women's groups at St. Thomas More parish here, "You find the nave occupied by the Greeks, and the Catholics may not use it., The tomb itself in the middle of the rotunda is more Greek property than Latin, and at Calvary we cannot say 'Mass at the 12th Station' nor can the Greeks officiate in our ,chapel of the 11th station~nor, ,for that matter, at the shrines


HUNGER IN: 'THE 'HOLY LAND we give YOU from time: to time bits of

HOLY LA:ND:' the Dowers, arcJreolon, Biblical stories . . • all to draw your " 'attention to the bem, 01 our' ",era. For the HOLY LAND and its mission ,,needs is our central' work • .' . W. "are in 18 countries where the East. 'ern Rites are celebI:at'ed~ These coun­ tries radiate out from .Jerusalem like, 'circles of light • . • ,And In the midst 01: the HOLY LAND lies one of o'ur ' chief 'problems - seeJ1JiDily withmrt solution~ the: 1.4 litiBion refugees from the Arab-IsI:aeI War' of 1948. Tht Holy Fathm Mission Aid 'they stilI live In refugee centers ... for thl Orimtal Chum, Among them are over' • 'hundred' thousand Catholics. Life goes on almost hopelessly in these centers except for the fact that ,help comes from. outside . . . We have been entrusted' with. 'these refugees by Our Holy Father himself. And in the month of May we make a special plea for them, an urgent call upon your help . • • It was in the Temple In: JERUSALEM that Christ said: "I was hungry and

you g,aVe me to ,eat, thirsty and yOU gave me to drink, naked

and yOU clothed me • • ." He was describing the- Last Judg.

ment •••

THESE ARE OUR NEEDS I. We must educate native priests to serve these people. We' must train sisters to minister to them. The education of a

seminarian costs $100 a yeai' .for six. years. 'The training of a sister c,osts: $150 a year for two years. 2. We' must give homes to the orphans.




A. child,

can be fed..

clothed' and boused for $10 'a month.

3. We'must feed families. ' $10 a ~onth, will IP-ve them a most' needed. FOOD PACKAGE.

-t. A STRINGLESS GIFT,wm help us do what ls;'most needed, at the time. S. C<>vel" al ewild with a blanket"

It Ill' win eost $2

CIi PrlWfde' a: home- for an ag~ pei'SOn. It cos. $1.50 a day to look afte!' an elderly person.,



which we hold exclusively, sucli as the Church. of the Agony ill the Garden of Gethsemani." Protestants, he said, "may not worship in anY' of the shrinet except by silent prayer as ther visit them." "Where there should be peace there is un-Christian rivalry. A: solution must be found," he de­ clared. In seeking this SOlution, Father Carroll said. "we cannot com­ promise on e~entials," Deters Reconciliation "But," he added, "I have not read, anywhere in the Gosper. that a Christian must hold on to old church buildings, no matter how venerable they are, if that holding on forments and fosters irritation and unpleasant feel­ ings among Christians. Rather it seems to me that our Lord would 'ask us to, walk out of such a sit­ 'uation and leave it to the judg.. ment of God. "It is too late to allow rivalry over property rights to hold back for one minute, or in any slight degree, the reconciliatiO.ll of all Christians.~'



YOUR, MEMBERSHIP WILL HEf,P' $Ia yea!!' fOr • single person and $5 for a famil3l' will, make you, .; member' of our asseeiation participlriiil&" iD t!ie' crues of. . the Holy Father's daily Mass and those: of' 15;880 priests In .lie 18\ counbies: In Our' care. '$20 for a .single perslJll; ccmen • lite­ membersJilp~ 5100., for .' family;' '

YOUR ~SS OFFERINGS These are: a great source' of help fIciIr' the, mlssioll3llY who, ill' able to support himself in, his daily work. Please, lend, them IreguIarlYf

OUR SPECIAL CARE : THE BLIND Last, yeaii' the blind of GAZA were' especiallY given Into our eare. We' &VolI: over the mnnlng of a SCHOOL, FOR, '.f.HE: BLIND In GAZA, the very town phere the ' lamed SamS8n lived., His, tomb Is near the aehool. The- BLIND are the most helpless among these troubled' people. Helping them lIDI'ely merits; a special blellsing. We give elementaq school- training' to children be­ tween the' il&'es of, 8 aad 15 aad vocational ti'alning for those over 40 and others who woOlCl' not benefit from the scllooli cla:mes. A speeialist maJies; , home viSits. Could yOU don~te something towards tbIa areat worll:, of mercy?' KINDLE. REMEMBER 11S ,IN YOUR WILL: OCR 'IlITLIl: THE' CATHOLIC NEAR EAST WELFARE ASSc:Ja'MlroN'.


~ --


U•. .IoHpIl


Ii.' 'Mai'I ....,.

SMel'" _ .......... to, .


48G toIntJOII A".~ at 46th St. . . . YOrk 1'7;1\1", Y.



nn: ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall

Special- Gifts Taunton

$12 Donald Smith Anthony P. Litos

$100 Wm. P. Crowley & Sons $11 St. Mary's Women's Guild James M. A. Dolan $'75 Society St. Vincent de Paul­ $10 Edward F. Hyland, Fisher St. Jacques Parish First Machinist National Bank Ames, Joseph Camara, Michael Norton, Edward J. Almeida. $50 Bistol County Trust Louis Secatore, Schuyler J.' Kittell, Barbara R. O'Brien, Wil. Emco Electrieal Supply Co. Atty. Talbot Tweedy liam H. Tobin, Richard Mastria, Sowiecki Funeral Home Mrs. Emil T. Cobb, Arthur A. Allan M. Walker & Co., Inc. Court, Antone Braga, Alfred' J. Roberston Factories Inc. McConnell, Theodore Januse. Nason Oil Co. B~rnice Fountain, Michael J. St. Vincent de Paul Society- Connors, Francis B. Welch Jr., St. Paul's Joseph Rogue Jr., Richard R. $35 Adams. . St. Anne's Society St. Mrs. Doris Connors, Mary Jacques Parish McGrath, Joseph F. Ventura, $30 Arthur E. Rohl, David W. O'Con­ League of Sacred Heart - St. nor III. .Jacques Edward M. Tokarz,·Joseph E . $25 Leahy's Liquor Store, BPOE Keough, Raymond L. Grand­ No. 150, Hanson & Co. Taunton. mont, E. Joseph Laliberte, EI. Printing Co., O'Hearne Insur- wood F. Clark. Mrs. Esther Keith, Joan Bu­ ance Co. , Mass. Catholic Order of For. mila, Manuel Perry, George A. esters, Taunton Guild Catholic Maynard, Emanuel Stavrou. Arthur F. Rose, Roland Le. Nurses, Richmond Granite & cuyer, Maurice A. Gamache, Marble Works, Hodgeman Man­ ; Joseph R. MUlhern, Andrew ufacturing Co., Mason Box. Plentus. St. Paul's Women's Guild, Tre­ Joseph L. Scanlon, Thomas R. mont Super Market, Pooles Sil­ ver Company, Boyden Plastics Bettencourt, Joseph M. Varao, Wilfred Bourget, Joseph E. Co., Dr. William E. Barnes. 'Bristol County Savings Bank Downing. Roger W. Howlett, Francis X. Plank & Hansen, Bristol Ath­ ietic Club, Mozzone Bros., D. J. Curry, 'John J. McMahon, John· Corr, George E. O'Brien. Sullivan, Taunton News Co. Doris Morrisey, Lincoln J. $20 Corr, Elmer Fuller, C. James DonIe Tire & Appliance, Weir Walsh, John Martin. Pharmacy, Beneficial Finance , John E. Smith, Matthew H. Co. Ohamberlain, Donald L. McKin. D. E. Murphy & Co. 'non, Joseph Ouellette, Charles E. Curry. $15 Harvey W. Wilson, John A .. Cleary Funeral Home, Samuel Miseph, Arthur J. Murphy Jr.. Wentworth, Manuel Aranjo, Mrs. Octogan Service Station, Sally Earle F. Parker, William Russell. Albert Ribeiro, Mrs. Eugene Ann Beauty Shop, Abreau's 011 Heinig, Mrs. Dorothy Walford, Service. James J. Voller, Mrs. Clarence $13 C. Caswell. . Mehegan's Gas Station John P. Zucco & Family, Louis $10 J. D. Furniture Co., Grenville Cabana, Joseph J. Ferreira, John L. Jones, John J. Ward. Clapp, Gorham Press, Foster & Francis P. Saracco, Richard eo., W. H. Riley & Sons, Inc. Taunton Stove Co., Taunton. M. Lewis, John Welch, Matthew Letter Carriers Assoc., Milot Grzywacz. Antone Costa, James W. Lem_ TV; Arthur J. DeChamplain, mis, Edward Rogan, Mark A. Edgar Dechamplain. Riendeau Funeral Service, Sheehan, Lawrence A. Burke. Charles W. Babson, Frank A. Taunton Venetian Blind, Wilfred· ' Saint, St. Germaine & Son, M. Bedford, Robert Reilly, Roger Theroux, Mrs. Brenton C. Young. J. Flanagan & Sons. Robert J. Driscoll, Henry R. Lamoureaux Oil Co., Taunton. Jewelry Co., Silva Funeral Costa, Arthur Lima, Amos D. Home, Church Fuel Co., Inc., Mr. Bousquet, Manuel Silvia. Charles Bousquin, Wallace D. &; Mrs. Howard B. Carroll. Dagen Funeral Home, Leddy's Bousquet, Mrs. Helen Young, Variety, DeSouza Bros. Market, Donald V. O'Brien, John W. Con­ C.O.F. No. 1178--St. JacqUJeJJ nelly. WiUiam G. Wynn, Richard Parish, Edward J. Machnik. . Manny's News, Dr. Stanley Ferry, Russell K. Ellis, James P. R. Parker, Jr., Perry's Jenny Sullivan, Donald F. Kelly. Philip A. Bernard, Anthony Station, King AVia~ion Service, Salvo, Richard J. O'Brien, Frank Inc. O'Connell DaIry. G~rge F. Riley Oil Co., Inc., C. Marino, Leon J. Marchand. Bruce G. Howard, Frank Toung's Motor Truck Service, Doran, Robert Whittemore, Ar­ Inc. thur HUbert, Edward J. Sears. Baron Bros. Furniture Com­ Leo A. Champagne, Joseph T. pany, Beautyland Inc.,'s Dairy Farm, H & H Machme, Martyniak, Antone M. DaCosta, Joseph Morrissey, Catherine M. White Front Market. Ross. ' Moonbeam of Oakland, Arthur Mrs. Raymond E. .Chappell, J. Murphy, Ward 5 Athletic Club Oliver's Market, Powers Pontiac, Earl E. Hoban,. Manuel Foster, Mrs. Merrill Viles, Cyril Tucker. Inc., Taunton Ten Pin. Edward Emsley, Mrs. Joan An­ derson, John W. Scully, William E. Rodgers, Everett A. Williams. John Roche, Mrs. Mae L. Plante, John Richard Manning, Raynham Richard Mills, Robert Magner•.

Pa rish Gifts STANN

$200 Rev. Leo T. Sullivan $100 Manuel S. Gomes $'75 Rev. Thomas F. Neilan Thomas Ross $30 Dominic Cirino John R. Ruddick $25 Almon L. Turner Richard J. Souza William R. Navin $20 Paul J. Fountain Robert Gilmore Ronald C. Cooke John Dooley $15 William A. Kelley David Perry Dr. Frederick G. Doran. James J. Hauck


"Home of Flowers" 26 Broadway TAUNTON. ' VA 2-0431

On Saturdays, practtcal 1 "ear courSi!S starting June 15. Efficient placement Si!rvice.

New England Tech. 184 Early St., Provo 46'7-'7'744.


Norton ST. MARY'S

YOUNG ORATOR: Janice sophomore at Jesus­ . Mary Academy, Fall River, will compete in grand tour­ nament of National Catholic Forensic League at end of this month in Pittsburgh. She was regional contest 'winner in April. Fus~o,

UMass Center Continued :£rom Page One Worcester, will bless the build­ ing and grounds. Most Rev. Christopher J. Weldon, bishop of Springfield, will be host at the ceremonies, and will erect the crucifix in the new building. Bishop Weldon announced two years ago that a Newman Cen. tel" would be built on land the Diocese had purchased adjacent to the campus. The center has actually been in use since April when Rev. David J. Power, Dioc­ esan director of Newman ClUbs, and chaplain to approximately 3,000 Catholic students at the university, was delegated by Bishop Weldon to consecrate the chapel altars. Mass and other services are held in the chapel daily. The chapel seats 485 and 250 more may be accommodated in two adjoining classrooms. The centp.r alsO has a library, offices for priests and Newman Club officers, a lounge, social hall, recreation area, and snack bar. There are living accommod1l­ tions for Father Power, his as­ sistant, Rev. J. Joseph Quigley, for visiting priests, and a house. keeper.

Altar Boy, 102 , CLEVELAND (NC) - Paul Klasbonda, who served as all altar boy at daily Mass almost every morning until he was 100 years old, died in the Little Sisters of the Poor Home for the Aged here. He was 102.


OIL eo. I·Ne.

Adianne Leroux, Mr. & Mrs. Cardona Lori. $200 Mr. & Mrs. William J. Lynch, o Rev, William D. Thomson Mr. & Mrs. Adolphus Mahar, Mr. $100 &Mrs. Walter Mallon, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mts. Thomas Manning Albert Marien, Mr. & Mrs. John St. Vincent de Paul Society Marston. James McKenna, Mr. & Mrs. $25 Mrs. Joseph Bartley, Mr. & Antone Medeiros; Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. John Blottman, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mell!), Richard Michaud, Joseph Fernandes, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Medeiros. Mrs. Peter Mondor, Margue­ William V. Flaherty, Mr. & Mrs. rite Mondor, Dorothy Mondor, Joseph Fonseca. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Murphy, Mr. & Mrs'. Howard MUlcahey, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pires, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Murphy. & Mrs. David L. Rocha Jr., Mrs. Sandra Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Shea, Gertrude Valen­ George E. Norton, Dr. & Mrs. tine, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Vota. John J. O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Homer Paulus, Hilaire Pelchat. $20 Philbert Pelchat, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Frank DeCosta, Mr. & Mrs. William Peach & family, Charles Pino, V. James Ponto. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. Thibeault, lilo, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Precourt, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wichland Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Roberge. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Robbins, $15 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bryant, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Robitaille, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rochford, Camara Family, Dr. & Mrs. Wil­ Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Roy, Mr. & liam Fountain, Mrs. Rose Pelle­ tier, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Russell, Mrs. George Sabourin. Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Teixeira Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Schreiver, $12 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Shaw, Mr. &

Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gallagher Mrs. Leonard Silvia, Mr. 8i Mrs.

$10 Gilbert Simas, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­

Mrs. William Adair, John J. ward J. Smith. Adams, Mr & Mrs Samuel Arena, . Mr. & Mrs. Edward Smith, Mr. Eleanor Bauza,Mr & Mrs George & Mrs. George Souza, Mr. & Bauza. . Mrs. Judson Stafford, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Bisio, Mr & Mrs James Philip Stepanek, Mrs. Perry Sui. livan. Blount, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Boi­ vin, Origene Boulay, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Gertrude Sutcliffe, Mrs. Harry Bullock. Thedore Tausek, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cabral, Mrs Teixeira, Mr. & Mrs. John Teix. Florence Carmichael, Kathleen eira, Florence Thibeault. Carmichael, Mr & Mrs Lawrence. Mrs. Fred, Thornton, Mr. & Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. John Car­ Mrs. Clifford Titus, Mrs. Harvey valho. C. 'Walker Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Champagne, Charles Wichland Jr., Mrs. Anna. Mr..& Mrs. Henry Chaput, Mr. & belle Witherell. Mrs. George Charette Jr, Richard , Mr. & Mrs. Felix Yarusites, Mr. Charette, Mr. & Mrs. Robert &Mrs. Benedict Yelle, Mr. " Mrs. Leo Yelle. . Charron. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Clegg, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphe Collette, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Couturier, Mrs., NO JOB TOO BIO Thomas Curran, Mr. & Mrs. Alden Dadmun. NONE TOO SMALL Ann ,Louise DeCosta, Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Dion, Philip Dion, .Mr. & Mrs. Albert Drew, Mrs. Mary Ferreira. Mary Ferreira, Mrs. Irving PRINTERS Fillmore, Mr. & Mrs. James Fitzgibbons, Loretta Flanagan, Main Office and Plant Mr. & Mrs. Exdras Fontneau. Donald Garrity, John Gomes, LOWELL, MASS. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gouveia Jr., Telephone Lowen Edward Guertin, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Harrison. 458-6333 and 457-7500 Mr. & Mrs. George Hemond, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Hind, Mrs. Auxiliary Plants Wesley Honey, Mr. & Mrs. Ar. BOSTON thur Houde, Damon Hope. Mrs. James Johnson, Mr. & OCEANPORT, N. J. Mrs. Frederick Kelley Jr., Mr. PAWTUCKET, R. I. & Mrs. Raymond Lemieux, Mrs.


nom's the Word


A Very Happy

Mother's Day!






River-Thurs., May 9,'1963


Sal.s & Service


'. WY 3-1751





THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963

EII.nsion PAVU

Emphasis on the Person Bishop John Wright of Pittsburgh has praised Pope John's encyclical Pacem in Terris for the stress placed on the person and personality. . The Church, in all her actions, emphasizes always the person. In the administration of the Sacraments, it is the Person of Christ touching the human person and trans­ forming the soul. In the workings of charity, it is likewise the Person of Christ appealing to other persons to help those who are in need. It would be both unfortunate and untrue if a Catholic Charities Appeal would project such an image of buildings 'and services and organization that the persons were for­ p~. , The Appeal is a personal invitation from Christ to His brothers and sisters who may possess a little of the world's goods to share t~ese with those who lack even the little. The Appeal is the invitation of the devoted men and women' who give their lives and energies to those in need to other:s' who may want to help. The person, however, is always kept in the forefront: the Person of Christ Who sounds the c.all of c.harity; the person. of the one working in His Name; the person of him who is ~ecipient of needed services; the person who can help. by .l}.is gift. These are the delineations of the Catholic 'Charities Appeal.~ these the, terms in which it must be seen. The:emphasis is on the person..


Assis'ant, St. Mary's Church

New Bedford


North Americans are dis­ covering South Americans. For the first time we in the United States are learning

about South America - the names of the countries which were once names as remote as those of Af­ 'rica or Asia; the titles of the rulers of the n.a t ion s; and F, ~ )methingof the .'.' type of people who dwell in the other half • 4>f our hemi­ sphere. To sat­ isfy this awak. ~ ing interest in Latin America the National. Council of Cath<llie Women has set up a discussion club folder which. enables dis­ cussion groupS to study the" By REV. ROBERT W. HOVDA, Catholic University problems, ··needs and nature of South' ·America. This information kit discusses TODAY-St. Gregory Nazian­ appropriating to itself the abso­ MeXico, the Indians and their zen. Bishop, Confessor, Doctor. lute "claims which belong ulti­ 400 year lag, the landtess p'eas­ It- isa sad day, indeed, when America' a:ndthe .world A ooctor ("teacher") of tl~e mately and only to God's saving' ants and the urban explosion, Word... Church is more than a "relay­ are trea:ted to the sight of.mere children being marched to the Communist menace, the help station'\ though there is nothing the United States is giving, the Jail because they want to be accepted as first~class human insignific~J;lt about relaying or M:ONDA,y-St:Rober,t Bellar- crop's of 'coffee, bananas and beings:': ; siJ;llply pas!>ing on the good news mine, Bishop, Confessor,Do~tor. ," the tin mining, and ·..the chal.': And yet this is what is happening in Birminii'"ham, once announced to the, Church of The First Reading tnis.Mass lengz that all of this' offers' to the Apostles. '. ' of a great teacher. of the Church Catholics: . Alabam~. The First Reading teaches that is appropriately (after yester­ of c.ourse, oversimpiifying the situation to'put God fills the just man with. un­ day's Gospel) a hymn to wisdom. Destinies Enmeshed it in' such bald terms these. And the 'flat statement itself dershlnding, directs his counsel. Wisdom, in the Christian .view, These kits are $1.50 for two or isa loaded one, bursting with emotional overtones and deep The Gospel tells us that such is a gift of the Spirit-not with. more arid can'be ordered from' men are truly lights. The great out its human components of ex- National Counci~ of' 'Catholic , feeling>: teacher hands something of ·him. perience and intelligence, but Women; 1312 Mass Ave. NW, But, in the last analysis, the statement must stand as self· on with the tradition, con­ imposillg on these things an ori- . Washingfon5, D, C. If you can true. ]for it expresses the crux of the matter. ' ,'. tributes some small bit of him. entation, an order, a breath" start a group you will be follow­ A good argument could undoubtedly be made tha1.ihe self, of what God has 'given him which is of God. The Father ing' the exhortation of Cardinal and no other, with the great gift pleads with Us today to prize Cushing who says: Negroes, are acting immoderatE;ly, that they are asking'for whose steward he is. . this gift, to value it beypnd "No citizen of the United trouble and should not be surprised when it comes to them, wealth or health or beaut.y. States can afford to remain un­ that they are trying to gain too much too soon. mfght concerned 'about conditions iii TOMORROW - St. Antoninus, be all too true that Negro leaders are imprudent in trying Bishop, Confessor. The Gospel TUESDAY-Mass as on Sun. Latin America today. The desti­ to change, in a handful of years, what has heen abuilding of the talents again stresses the day. "Come, you worshipers of nies of the countries of the personal commitment and th~ God, and listen while I tell you American continents' are too for generations. . ' personal nature of' our mission the marvels he has done for closely enmeshed for us to be But when all such arguments are exhausted, the main as Christians, The sacrifice God of me" (Offertory Hymn). This is able to ignore the gigantic strug­ issue still remains to confront the consciences of thinking asks of us is the sacrifice of a the theme of Easter time. the glt!s which take place daily. ' men - what the'Negro wants, and what he has a right to "humble and contrite heart", a great high season of the Chris­ "But . this common bond of expect, is to be accepted as a human being with a dignity "spiritual sacrifice", the sacrifice tian year. And it is why the Eu­ concern must be stronger for of ourselves and of all that is us. charist (Thanksgiving), isa more North American Catholics be­ and a personal worth no less than that of every other per­ vivid and descriptive name for cause we share a religious heri. son, no matter what color of skin. And, fundamentally, tage with the people cif Ute SATURDAY - SS. Philip and our chief service of public wor­ this is' what all too many white persons are unwilling to James, Apostles, Martyrs. Man is ship, though less common, than South and Central American re­

concede to .him, in theory and in practice. in some sense a prisoner of what the "Mass." The glory of Jesus' publics. I strongly urge Ameri.

can Catholics to participate in

he sees. If he sees· only greed, rising again, since we are bap­ 'The citizens of northern states cannot speak of the in­ tized "into him," can never be the study program FOCUS: lust, br~tality, his horizons close justices involved with any smug sense of pietistic supe­ in. 'We Christians are freemen absent from the consciousness ,af LATIN AMERICA, to 'learn of riority. Many of them would stand condemned by their own because we see in Jesus Christ the Christian. . . current conditions and problems, to 'study'altermitives for the words if a Negro family were to move next', door to them . the' Father, His love, His saving future;" .. and their Christianity were put to a test.' But that is not­ wil( (Gospel). And we see in the WEDNESDAY-St. John Rap" lives, and. deaths of the martyrs tist De La Salle, ConfeSSOI'. W-e precisely the point at issue here and ,now.. Meet Informally (First Reading) a perennial r~. "confess the faith"· in deeds a1!l . The s.ham~>th~t ,is America's" at this' moment is the buke to human -shortsightedness, 'well There's' nothing" to join, DO as in words. The deeds 6f sight oCa:. little girl, dressed in her 'Sunday best,. waiting to human satisfaction with the our worship--,our l}ymns, >our cdues to'pay. You simply meet in. to be taken~to'jaiL It :i.s the spectacle "of 'Negro woman immediate arid the apparent. "Amens/' our presentation ·of formally once a week for nine weeks' with five to 15 friends at being wres(led"tj} .tl1e:·grQund by three whit~ policemen. "Have I been so long a time' bread-wine gifts, our offering. of a tini"e and place of yo'ur own with' you and you 'have not the Saviour's Body-Blood, our, It is the' s'ce;n~, s.h()\vi~g Negroes being'driven along the kn9wn me?" (Alleluia, Gospel, taking and our eating-these are choosing. 'You need no teacher or trained discussion leader.. street by 'snarling dogs 'and cattle sticks. Perhaps these Co.mi1;union Hymn). the ,divinizing and' ritual· con­ To get discussion' under .."iaY'· Negroes have pI:ov,oked the police to anger. But the con­ firrpations of all our deeds, the all yJu nee<l is 'one kit per Pel'- ' dition impelling them to such provocation is' America'cg FOURTH SUNDAY AFT E It deeds of our lives ~'who eould son or couple. It is easy, it is' in•. have transgressed, and luis· not llhame. ' EASTER. Ascension and, Pente­ transgressed"-First Reading) .. formative, it is essential for us ' cost ("He who 'is to befriend to learn about Latin Ari'leridi you"-Gospel) are in the air. from the Catholic viewpoint.' And supreme confidence - for This way we can discern the • the Spirit comes with a message Magaz,ine Announces true' frhm' the distorted in tele- " from on high to make things vision programs and newspaper·" Poetry Competition plain t{)· us, and with the Father, articles about Latin ~ricll; ,whose gift of redemption we now SAN FRANCISCO (NC) - A The Church is calling-will you' celebrate, ("there can be no $4,000 ,competition for original answer? ' change, ,no swerving from his short;; stories and poetry has been course"-First .Reading). Maryl~nd Hol4s Up arranged here by Ramparts; na­ OFFICJAL NEWSPAPER OF, THE DIOCESE OF FALL RIVER In this changing worid (Col­ tional Catholic journal devoted Sterilization Bill lect), our public worship plants Published w~,i<ly by The Catholic Press oHheDiocese of faU Rive, our feet firmly on the' bedrock to promotion of literature. ANNAPOLIS (NC)':-A 9teri':' of His everlasting covenant, His lization bill was refer:red by 'the 410 Highland Avenue Edward M. Keating, publisher lo've which in Jesus' Resurrec­ Mlu'yland .House Judicial'7 ~­ fall Rive" Mass. OSborne s-7fsl tion all the world can see (En­ of the five-times-a-year period­ mittee to the legislative council h·ance Hymn). And the Spirit ical, 'said there are no restric­ for further study, thus putting who will come to us (Gospel, tions on entry topics. Deadlines off' action on the measure 101:,' PUBLISHER Communion . Hymn) confirms for the short stories entries .is about a year. , Mo,t Rev. James.l. Connolly, D.O., PhD. that b'anscendent reference, Oct. 1, 1963" and for poetry Jan. The bill provided for' voluntal'7 makes it impossible for the 1, 1964. ster·ilization of men anc;l women: GENERAl.MANAGER ASST. GENERAL MANAGER Christian to be merely a victim Entries must be sent to Ram­ It also' specified compuleOry tev. Daniel f. Shallaa, M.A. Rev. John '.·0,~t1 of' worldly flux dnd flow. "It' parts, 1182 Chestnut Street, operations on 'perSoDS with will . be for him to, prove tke Menlo Park, Calif., where con­ hereditary mental iIloe. ... MANAGING EDITOR world wrong" (Gospel) .. Not in test rules will be furnished 0J1 der certain court JIledklai .:' everything certainly. Only in request. Hugh J~ Golde" restriclMms.

'ClhhO'UCfh tJu. <wEek <With the' Chunch


Amelica's Shame









Acushnet ST. FRANCIS XAVIER $25.00 Mr. & Mrs. John Santos, Mr. &; Mrs. John McHugh. Country Casuals $20.00 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sylvia, Mrs. Stella Lanzoni, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice J. Gosselin. $15.00 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Schiel_, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J. LeBlanc, Mr. & Mrs. Adolph O'Gara, Misses Hilda & Mary Vincent. $12.00 Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Girard, Mr. & Mrs. Lucien U. Letendre. $11.00 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Silveira.

Mr. & Mrs. Armand Dandu. rand, John Antone Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lyonnais, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Saucier, Alfred E. Metivier. Mr. & Mrs. Russell C. Adams, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston N. Suprenant, Albert Hubert, Mr. & Mrs. John Gwozdz Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Henry ·J.Otocki. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lavoie, Leo P. Larocque, Mr. & Mrs. William Laferriere, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hesketh, Mr. & Mrs. Rob­ ert J. Berche. Miss Alice Gautreau, Mrs. Laura M. Martel, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeCosta, Mrs. Kathryn L. Philla, Mr.· & Mrs. Claude A. Gingras. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph C. Millette, Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand L. Du­ Breuil, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Desjar­ din, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Dube, Mr. & Mrs. Albert L. Cyr. Mr. &' Mrs. Abel (Jpnsalves, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ca'6ral, Mrs. Mary Ann Toussaint, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Gratton, Edwin Church. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gaudreau, Mr. dl; Mrs. Joseph Cormier, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Breault, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Guillette, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Costa. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Olivier, Mr. & Mrs. Romeo A. Pepin, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Rosario, Mr. & Mrs. George H. Blouin, Roger Beau­ lieu. Mr. & Mrs. Frank P. Dutra, Mr.'& Mrs. Lawrence H. Power, Mr.' Gerard A. Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. Mitchell Smola. . Mr. &,Mrs. Roger Masson, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gronlund, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Neagus, Mr. & Mrs. George Fagundes. . Mr. & Mrs. James Haworth, . Mi:. & Mrs. Charles' Bellefeuille, Mr. & Mrs. E4wardMoraux, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Plante, Mr. & Mrs. William Joerres. Mr. & Mrs. Adelard Jacques, Rob,ert M. Varley, Mr., & Mrs. NorJlland L. Guillotte, Mr~ & Mrs. Albert .Bastarache, Mr. & Mrs. Hervey G. Fredette. Mr. & Mrs. Emil R. Olifierko, Mr.. & Mrs. Homer E. Bergeron Mr. & Mrs. Rudolf G. Gaudette, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred N. Avery, Mr.. & Mrs. Emile R. Houle. Mr. & Mrs. John C. Nickowal, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Borges, Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Furtado, Jeannine Suprenant, Claudette Gautreau. Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Wynne, Mr. & Mrs. Francis L. Gauthier.


$10.00 James R. White, Raymond J. Brodeur, Major & Mrs. Ray­ mond M. McDermott, Joseph R. Olivier, John Latham. Amedee Gautreau, Donald J. Mayer, William C. Westgate Jr., Arthur L. Blais, Leonard Par­ ker. Manuel Jardin, Henry T. Turek, Girard St. Amarid, Napo­ leon G. Poisson, Mr. Noel Goulet. SPELLING C HAM P: Leo J. Brasseur, Amos Souza, Arthur Verville, e i g h t h Mrs. Catherine Raymond, George grade student at St. An­ Amaral, Joseph P. Laughlin Jr. thony's School, New Bed­ . John Tetrault, William H. S. Oehrle, Manuel Cambra Jr., Ro­ ford,' is among winners land LeBlanc, Richard J. Lang­ French spelling bee held in lais: Marlboro. Students from 37 Frederick E. Tomkiewicz, Mr. New England schools CQm­ Pierre Longpre Jr., Martin J. Connor, William :Morel, Elzear peted. Lapalme Jr. pilUl Szwaja, Roger Martel, George F. Liarikos Jr., Miss Bella LePage, L.ionel Tetrault. Continued from. Page One Dieudonne Brouillette, Leo O. 1'''ov. 17, 1887, in St. Jean, P. Q.. € u s'son, Gerard E. Ledoux Mr. Canada. Arsene Cusson, Mr. Ed Cusson. He was educated at St. Mich. Lawrence Mulvey, Antoine ael's College,Winooski, Vt., and Belleveau, Thaddeus J. H. Zajac, St. Mary's Seminary in Balti­ William E. Mainville, Curtis S. more. Hardy. , The Fall River prelate was' or­ Leo Ricard, George W. Fahey, dained by the late Bishop Fee­ Mrs. Laura Nunes, Nathan han in St. Mary's Cathedral 'on Gomes, Romeo Beaulieu. . , Dec. 30, 1916.' Mr. Joseph C. Fontes, Octave Monsignor Lariviere served J. Beaulieu, Francis D. O'Leary, the Diocese of Charleston, SOuth Leo J. Heroux, Arthur Brazil. Carolina, until 1922, when he Alfred R. Braley, Roland Be­ returned to this Diocese arid be­ noit, Conrad .Ledoux, George came assistant at St. Mary's Beaulieu, Emile Belliveau Jr. Church, North Attleboro. Jean M. Pepin, Mrs. Pierre He served as assistant at St. Boucher & family, Joseph A. Paul's Church, Taunton, Notre Bergeron, Emile Gonneville, Dame Church and St. John the Conrad H. Gauttier. Baptist Church, Fall River, and, Albert P. LeBlanc, Alden R.

in 1932, became pastor of Holy Taber, Fred Borisoff, Alfred Re.

Rosary Church in New Bedford.. zendes, Omer L. Laflamme. Central Village

He then served as pastor of St. Richard S. Janson, Diana & ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST Michael's Church in Ocean Donald Tanguay, Mrs. Wanda

Grove, a,nd, on April 23, 1945, Anuszezyk, Roland Bourgeois,

$250.00 returned to St. 'John the Baptist Joseph .H. Rostocki. Rev. John G. Carroll. Church in Fall River as pastor. Mr. Louis Gaudette, Mr. Bel'. $120.00 nard Gaudette, Isadore Caston­ Mr. & Mrs. Charles Yocum. guay, Gerard Charest, Wilfred $'75.00 R. Coderre. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Betten­ Mr. & Mrs. William Forrest & court, Mr. & Mrs. George Costa, Raymond Sleight, Roland Cas­ tonguay, Robert Macek, Mrs. Family. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Rezendes, $50.00 Marie Rose Harbeck, Anthony Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Munro, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Casimire Bartkie- & Mrs. Joseph Willette. S. Sylvia. Raymond E. Lague, Mr. Henry wicz. Mr. & Mrs. E. Marshall Perry, $25.00 Allain, David Considine, Joseph Manuel P. Silvia, Capt. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. David Machell, George Leach Jr., Mr. & 'Mrs. Jason, Albert Nessler. Mrs. Mary Brady Shea. Henry Guilbeault, George Pi­ Richard Trecida, ·Mr. & Mrs. mental, Mr. Raymond Bergeron, Ralph Souza Jr. $20.00 Roger Allain, Richard H. Barry. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Fred R. Best, Mr. Lucien St. Arnand, Wm. J. & Mrs. John A. Murley, Mrs. Yvonne Samson, Mr. & Mrs. Crombleholme Jr., William A. Isabelle Sandberg, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Keefe, Mr. Abel Plaud, Mrs. John P. Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Ber­ Charles Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Dan. Oliver Giguere. iel Souza. nard Kelly. Mr. & Mrs. Antone Vieira, Everett Booker, Mr. & Mrs. $16.00 lohn J. O'Toole, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Ferreira.' Mrs. Harold Wood, Joseph Raymond Prachniak, Mr. & Mrs. Frezza, Mary Taggart, Al].tone $15.00

Normand J. Robert, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Kirby, S. Cabral. Mrs. Edward P. Whitty, Louis Wilfred Lafleur. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Martin, Mar­

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew C. Gou­ Perini, John B. Kelly, Mr. & garet M. Shay, Mr. & Mrs. Rob­ let; . Mrs. Bertha Ashley, Mr. & ert Albanese.

Mrs. Henry Schelter. Mrs. Ovila H. Hebert, Mrs. Alice $10.00

Braga, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Desro. Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Ferreira, Georgetown Medical .iers. Mr. & Mrs. David L. Buckley Jr.,

Mr. & Mrs. Maurice H. Allain, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Audet, John Gets Federal Grant WASHINGTON (NC) - The Ronald A. Lagasse, Mr. & Mrs. Doherty Sr., Mary Medeiros. Anthony L. Sylvia, Mrs. Victoria Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Oliveira, Georgetown University medical St. Pierre, Mr. & Mrs. Louis 1. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Medeiros Jr., school here has received a $127, LaRue. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Turner Jr., 960 Federal grant for studies re­ lated to neurological and sensory Mr. & Mrs. Antonio A. Se­ Mrs. Rose Querido, Lillian Se­ imp?\rments of children. queira, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph R. konda. The grant to the Jesuit uni­ Magnant, Mr. & Mrs. Maryan, J. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Porter versity's medical school was the Midurski, Mr. & Mrs. William Sr. & Family, Mrs. Alice Car­ largest among 16 grants totaling A.' Longworth, Mr. & Mrs. John reiro, Mr. & Mrs. William Mur­ $593,744 awarded by the Public Carvalho. phy, Mrs. Esther Samson, Mr. & Health Service's Neurological Mr. & Mrs. Gerard E. Tardif, Mrs. Antone De Mello. ' Mr. '& Mrs. Richa'rd A. Stanley, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Cabral, Program, The grant to Georgetown Uni­ Mr.' & Mrs. James C. Poirier, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Vera, Mr. versity will be used for a com. & Mrs. Oscar H. Lapalme, Oscar & Mrs. John M. Cabral, Mr. & munity service project to develop Cormier. Mrs. George Medeiros, Mr. & methods and expand services for Mr. & Mrs. Leo N. Coons, Mr. Mrs. Henry Arruda. early detection of children with & Mrs. Robert B. Dupre, Mr. & Ethel Vieira, Mr. & Mrs. Man­ Mrs. Rene LeMaire, Mr. & Mrs. uel Amaral, Mrs. Irene Caswell, neurological and sensory im­ Russell Lawton, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mr. & Mrs. Antone DeCosta, Mr. pairments. inclUding metal r·e­ tardation . Michon. & Mrs. Lynwood Potter.


of Fall River-Thur~., AA ...."








Short Cut 3rd to 6th Rib (Sirloin Tip First 2 Rib. Ib 79 C)






Msgr. Lariviere

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WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMn QUANlTltiI PrlclS shown II this ad ouarantHd thru Sat., Mil It

• fffeoU,. at At L A&P Suw Martell I. till. eommunlty • ,'e'o'lt. Tobacco products & It.m, prohibited b, law ."empt froM Plalel SUimp. of".

"-_.~~-" s~=~ ~~_ FINE GIFTSI






THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963

Mr. & Mrs. James Devine, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Devlin, -Mr. & ST. MARY Mrs. Louis Diamond, A Friend, Arthur Dupree. $700 A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Conley

Rev. Edward L. O'Brien Eagan, Mrs. Marjorie Engler,

$150 St. Mary's Conference - St. Mrs. Malcolm Fales, Mr. & Mrs.

David Falotico. Vincent de Paul Society. - $100 Mr. & Mrs. John Falotico, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Faria, Miss Mary A Friend Faria, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Catholic Womens Club Federici, Mrs. F. Fenstermacher. $75 'Mr. & Mrs. Edward Finn, Mrs. Rev. James F. Kelley Mary Finn, Mr. & Mrs. Salva­ $50 tore Fiore, Miss Kathleen Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Babine Mr. & Mrs. Francis Fox. Mr. & Mrs. John Dunn Mr. & Mrs. James Gallo, Mr. In memory of Rev. Thomas P .. & Mrs. James Garland, Mr. & Elliott Mr. & Mrs. Edward Guillette Mrs. Salvatore Garland, Mr. & In memory of Rev. Hugh B. Mrs. Octavio Geminiani, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Giovino. Harrold Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gleason, A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Merle Griswold, A $45 Friend, Mr. & _ Mrs. James The Garofano Family Hickey, Dr. & Mrs. William $35 Hogan. Mr. & Mrs. William Morton Mrs. Sally H0rne, Mr. & Mrs. $30 Cornelius Houghton, John F. The Donoghue Family Ienello, Mr. & Mrs. Albert In­ The Miss O'Malleys Mr. & ·Mrs. Frank Prohodsky glese, Simon & Theresa Johnson. Mrs. Margaret Jordan, Mr. & A Friend Mrs. Arthur Keane, Mrs. Barbara $29 Keast, Mr. & Mrs. Spencer Kel. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Britton ley Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kim­ $25 ball. Mr. Primo Mei Family Mr. & Mrs. John King, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Frank Clifford, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mrs. Stephen Kovich, Mr. & Mrs. Conroy, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred .Kuplas:t, Mr. & Mrs. Jo­ seph Kuzdzol, A Friend. Robert Lovely. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leanues, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mr. & Mrs. Alphy Lemieux, Mr. Medeiros, Mr & Mrs David Jack­ & Mrs Henry Lemiem<. Mr & Mrs son, Dr. & Mrs. Philip Sibilia. Clarence Leonard, Mr. & Mrs. $20 John MacLeod. Mr. Edward Beatty, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. -Iohn Magro, Miss Mrs. Charles Bellavanee, Cath­ olic Womens Club Bowling Margaret Mahoney, Mrs. Vir­ League, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore ginia Main, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Marcheselli, Mr. & Mrs. William Combis, Mr. & Mrs. John Con­ Markt. nor. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Martin, Anna DePillo, Mr. & Mrs. Jo­ seph Falotico, Mr. & Mrs. George Mr. & Mrs. Virgile Martin, Mr. Farnam, Mr. & Mrs. William & Mrs. Edward McCalsky, Mr. John McIntyre, A Friend. Haynes, A Friend. Mr. & Mrs. Edward McNa­ ·A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rouillard, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph mara, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Mc­ Sarro & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Rae, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Melfie, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Metrano, Mr. & Orlando Souza. $15 Mrs. Claude Miller. Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. John Mitchell, Edward Moriarty, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Antosca, Mr. & Mrs. John Beatty, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Morin, Mr. & Mrs. Sil­ Lawrence Bryan, Mr. & Mrs. vio Morini, Dolores Montville. Mrs. Beatrice ·Mugford, Mr. & '.John Casey. Mr. & Mrs. Nicola Columbo, Mrs. Joseph Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Jaekson, A Stanley Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Friend, Mrs. Vincenzo Paioni & John Musto, Mrs. Anne Nord­ Nicolas & M. Lattino, A Friend. berg. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Remillard, Mr. & Mrs. Harold O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Sarro, Mrs. Mrs. Maude O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Mary Shields & Mildred, Mr. & Laurentino Oliveira, Mrs. Or­ Mrs. Frank Vasanelli & Rose pheo Pagnini, Mr. & Mrs. Enrico Vasanelli, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Paioni. Albert Zaffini. A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Francis $12 Pascucci, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Fred Cook Paulson, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur $10 Pedini, Mr. & Mrs. C. Picciandra. Mr. & Mrs. Pietro Alessandri, Mr. John Picinisco, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. D. Leo Annese, Mr. Mrs. Vincent Poirier, Mrs. A. & Mrs. Antonio Antosca, Mr. & Ragno, Miss Grace Ragno, Mr. Mrs. Francis Antosca, Mr. & &: Mrs. John Ramondetta. Mrs. Joseph Arayas. . Mr. & Mrs. Frank Regula, Mrs. Mrs. Annette Atwell, Mr. & Josephine Repucci, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Francis Baldini, Mr. & Frank Scott, A Friend, Miss Mrs. Italo Baldini, A Friend, Mr. Edna Shields. & Mrs. Primo Baravella. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sliney, Mrs. Marie Barnes, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sliney, Mr. Paul Bedard, Mr. & Mrs. AI. Louis Soldani, Mr. Louis Soldani phonse Bielan, Mrs. Marie .Blan­ Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souza Jr. dori, Mr. & Mrs. Albert &1­ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sparrow, drighini. Mr. & Mrs. Modesto Spiezio, Mr. Mrs. Peter Bolio, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Ralph Tartaglia, Mr. & James Breen, Mr. & Mrs. James Mrs. Patsy Tartufo, Mr. & Mrs. Breen Jr., A Friend, Mrs. Agnes Arthur Terenzi & Albina Ter­ Britton. enzi. A Friend, Mrs. Mary Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Titus, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. S. Bruno & Carmella, & Mrs. Edward Torrance, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Fred Brutcher, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Unger, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Vincenzo Capone & Family. James Vaughan, Miss Margaret Mr. & Mrs. Frank Candela, Welch. . Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Carpeno, Mrs. Maude Welch,. Mrs; Mrs. Rochina Cavallo & Rose & KatJ:1erine Whaley, Mr. & Mrs. Ben, Miss Ida G. Certuse, Miss W. White, Mrs. Mary Whittier, Lucy Chafe. Mr. & Mrs. Eleo Zaffini. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Chandler, Mr. & Mrs. Gucr:no Zaffini, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Chilli, Mr. & Mrs. Mario Zaffini. Mr. & Mrs. Nugent Chilli, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Cin­ West Harwich elli. HOLY TRINITY Mr. & Mrs. Roland Clement, A $100 Friend, Mrs. Florence Collette, A Mr. & Mrs. William C. Welch. Friend, Mrs. Mary Conley. $50

A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. William Mr. & Mrs; Russell Collinge.

Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cor­ $25

liss, Mr. & Mrs. John Coyle, A Mrs. Everett C. Bacon, Joel M. Friend. A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cloud, James Connor, Dr. & Mrs. Dalton, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Arthur D'Elia, Mrs. Charles Damato, Mr. & Mrs.' Bradley Geoghegan. Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Hawkins, Dauphinee, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Arthur LaFrenier, Davis. Dr. & Mrs. John Sheehan, Mr. & Mrs. Louise Davison, Mr. & Mrs. Carl DeClemente, A Friend, Mrs. Richard T. Wales. $20 Miss Carrie DePrizio, Dr. & Jl4r. ~ Mrs. .John Ormond, Mrs. Franc~ DeStefano.


SILVER ANNIVERSARY: Ocean Grove Catholic Women's Club marks its 25th anniversary with supper and installation of new officers. From left, Rev. Joseph A. Cournoyer, pastor of St.. Michael's Church, Ocean Grove; Mrs. George Ferreira, club president; Mrs. Hector Bel­ levance" oldest living past president; Rev. Maurice E. Parent, moderator. Charles Eastman, Mrs. Mary Grant, Betty Halbritter, Marion Halbritter. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Long, Mrs. Edith Rice & Beverly Rice.

$15 Mr. & Mrs. Clifton Adams, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Carbomi.e"au, Mr. & Mrs. LeRoy Long.

$12 Carroll Gift Shop.

$10 Mrs. Nellie Raneo, Richard McCarmick, Mr. & Mrs. Clement Desaulniers, Mr. & Mrs. George Mitchie, Mr. & Mrs. Bemis Boies. Benjamin O. Eldredge" Mr. & Mrs. Robert Snow, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Egan, Mr. & Mrs. Rob­ ert Bouvier, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald O'Neill. . Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McGuire, Mrs. Harry McCormick, Mr. & Mrs. William E. Derwin, Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. John Mulligan. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Fowler,

Joseph Sousa, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Briggs, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bacon, Mrs. Helen Knight. Mr. & Mrs. John Levine, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Farrow, Mr. & Mrs. John O'Donnell, Mrs. Charles S. Cook, Mr. & Mrs. William Sheerin. Mr. & Mrs. J. Harry Long, Wendell Ellis & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Ritchie, Mr. & Mrs. George Gardner, Mrs. Lillian Dowd. Dr. & Mrs. E. Eagle, Mr: & Mrs. Charles Duffy, Mrs. Peter Roderick, Edmund Roderick, Mr. & Mrs. W. Dougherty. Mr. & Mrs. Wallace Raneo, Mrs. Lillie Roderick, Dr. & Mrs. Edward Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Emile Bourgeois, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Kelley. John Donlay, Mr. & Mrs. Dol­ phin Gonsalves, Mr. & Mrs. Ben­ jamin Chase, Mr. & Mrs. Valen­ tine Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. H. Souza, Charles Reid, James P. Egan.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Hegarty, Mary M. A. Cummings, Mrs. Grace Chase. Mr. & Mrs. George Gomes Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Bernard McGovern, General & Mrs. Vincent Jacobs, Charles Bosworth, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gomes. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barber, Mr. & Mrs. John O'Hara, Theodore F. Berghaus, Joseph Monteiro, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Mu·se. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Roderick, Mr. & Mrs. John Anderson, Cap. tain William House, Mr,s. John Zinkers, Mrs. Wallace Bassett. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Healy, Mr. & Mrs. Roger 1'unes Jr., Mrs. Theophilus Leyton, Mr. & Mrs. Amos Leyton, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Grace. Mr. & Mrs. George McKim, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gilmette, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Alves, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Boyle. Jack Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ chie Bullock, Mr. ~ Mrs. Joseph Connell, Mrs. Glen Miller, Mrs. Christine S. Wood. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Donovan, Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Pena, Mr. & Mrs. Julio Barrows, Mrs. Elvira Baptiste, Mr. & Mrs. John Rose Jr.

Dames Patronesses Mrs. Frank Chartier will head Dames Patronnesses of Sacred Heart Home, New Bedford, for a fourth term as president, aided by Mrs. Bruno Charbonneau, Mrs. A. Edmond Allain, Mrs.

Gaston DeBrosse and Miss Alice

Marchesseault, vice - presidents;

Mrs. Louis Poirier, treasurer;

Miss Vivianne Suprenant and

Mrs. Jean Boutin, secretaries.

The unit announces its annual

benefit card party for 1:30 Wed­

nesday afternoon, June 5 at Stevenson's restaurant, North Dartmouth.

Plan Better Education LOS ANGELES (NC)-U. S. and Peruvians nuns are cooper­ ating in a new program designed to provide improved education for Sisters in Peru.

Perfect for School






$250 Mr.' & Mrs. Charles Myers. $100 Father Callahan CouncR, ltnights of Columbus. $75 Rev. John J. S)l1ith. $50 Mr. & Mrs. John MacNen Isabelle Cummings Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Beauche­ min Mr. & Mrs. James Conroy Mr. & Mrs. Chester Bumpus $40 Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Baptiste $25 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krystofol­ ski, Mrs. Mary Stott, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pappi, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rhodes, J. W. Hurley Co. Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Moore, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Card, Mr. & Mrs. Claude Ellis, Mrs. Georgianna Wing, Mr. & Mrs. William Henry. Mr. & Mrs. William Le Favor, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia, Amy Brewer. $20 Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Valley, Mr. & Mrs. William McLean. Mr. &: Mrs. Samuel Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Washburn, Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Vose. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kiernan, Mr. & Mrs. Medio Pederzani, Mr. & Mrs. C. Ernest Precourt, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Skinder, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mayn~rd, Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Billotte. $18 Mr. & Mrs. Miquel Campinha. $15 Mr. & Mrs. John Alves, Mrs. C. Joseph Nowak, Mr. &: Mrs. Leo St. John, Mr. & Mrs. Fletcher Long, Mr. & Mrs. Ger­ ard Cusick. Mr. &: Mrs. George St. John, James T. Moran, Mr. & Mrs. Richard R. Sullivan Sr., Mr. &: Mrs. Elliott Macomber, Mr. & Mrs. William Nolan. Mr. & Mrs. Filenio Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hinckley,' Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pezzoli, Sarah Me. Laughlin, Mrs. Agnes Francis. $12 Mr. & Mrs. John Maloney. $10 Achille Govoni, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Hagen, Mr. & Mrs. David Alves, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tama­ gini, Laura Vecchio Mr. & Mrs. Harold Lynch, Mr. &: Mrs. James Doherty, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Tobey, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Archi­ bald Reedy. Michael Melloni, Mrs. Grace Russell, Mrs. Esther Kiernan, Mr. &: Mrs. Herman Galavotti, John Coyne. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Donahue, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Westgate, Mr. &: Mrs. Fred Pulsifer, Mr. &: Mrs. Jeldino Melloni, Mr. &: Mrs. Ellsworth Atwood. Philip Yeager, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yeager, Mr. & Mrs. Rob­ ert Coyne, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Russell, Kathleen Barrett. Annie Creney, Mr. & Mrs. Hector Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. An­ tone Gomes, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gomes, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Silva. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Smith, Mrs. Alice Barthlomew, Mr. & Mrs. Damon Hatch, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Cerkowitz, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rogers. Mr. & Mrs. John Carrpll, Mrs. Dominga Silva, Alice Joia, Mr. &: Mrs. Fred Houdellette, Millard Monteiro. Mrs. Ellen Buffington, Mrs. Gra-:e 'Cleveland, Mr. & Mrs. George Conroy, Frances Mur. phy, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Tama­ ginL Mrs. Norman Fraser, Mr. & Mrs. Francis McWilliams Jr., Mrs. Elizabeth and June Beau. lieu, Mr. &: Mrs. John Grenda, Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Klocker. Mrs. Margaret Reed, Mr. & Jill's. Robert Reed, Mr. &: Mrs. John Amaral, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zora Sr., Francis J. Butler. Anna Gaffney, Mary Gaffney, Mr. &: Mrs. Christopher Sempos, Mr. &: Mrs. Paul McDermott, Mr. A Mrs. Bartlett Cushing. Gilbert Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Burns, Mr. & Mrs. Don­ ald Perry, Mr. &: Mrs. James Ingham, Mr. & Mrs. George Oli. fierko. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Walsh, Mr. • Mrs. William Fairing Sr., Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Marini, Mr. & Mrs. Irvine Matthews, Mr. •

Mrs. DomIngo Nunes. Mr. & Mrs. Edmond McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. William Begley & family, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Von­ Mello, Mrs. Armanda Dupont, Mr. & Mrs. Julius Luchini. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Galvin, Mr. & Mrs. Walters, Mr. & Mrs. An­ thony Matoes, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ mond Nault, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McGovern. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Farrell Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Tavares, Mrs. Beatrice Bent, Mr. & Mrs. Carl­ ton Eldridge, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Fernandes. Mr. & Mrs. George Faust, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Viera, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Smith, Mr. & Mrs. James Maglio, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ ward Ryba. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walsh, Mrs. John King & family, Mrs. Charles Brown John Peelo, Mr: & Mrs. David F. Barry. Mr. & Mrs. William Flaherty, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bump, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Fernandes, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Alves, Mr. & Mrs. Adolph Vieria. Mrs. Manuel Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Colin Gordon, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Schifino, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Atwood, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ mond Bourne.· Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Antell, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Melloni, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Franklin, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Silva, Mrs. Kena Jesus'. . Mr. & Mrs. Delmo Pezzoli, Mr. & Mrs. John Andrade, Mr. & Mrs. John Savastano, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Cockrell, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Mattos. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Joia, Mr. &: Mrs. Edwin Ashley, Harold Galligan, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Rocha, Mr. & Mrs. John Galli­ gan. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Cardoza, Mrs. Jennie Miranda, Mary Mi­ randa, Mr. &: Mrs. Victor Valle, Manuel Oliveira. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Goldstein, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Dickson, Mr. & Mrs. Tobey Griffin, Mr. & 'Mrs. Oliver Lawson, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Yurkus. Mr. & Mrs. John Piepiora, Mr. & Mrs. John Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Canute, Mr. & Mrs. Rob­ ert Mott, Mr. & Mrs. Agneus _Veiga. Mr. & Mrs. William Rogers Jr., Mr. & Mrs. D. Warren Nicker­ son, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Mendes Jr., Mrs. Hulia & John Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Rose. Mrs. Eva Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Baptiste, Mr. & Mrs. John Cardoza, Claire Colleret.

Falmouth ST. PATRICK

$250 Rev. James E. Gleason.

$150 St. Vincent DePaul Conl.

$100 Anonymous Mr. & Mrs. Lawren'ce C. An­ tonellis

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Noonan

$50 Rev. Wm. G. Campbell Mr. & Mrs. Michael Ames Mrs. Frederick English Ortin's Photo Supply St. Patrick's Guild Stone's Barber & Beauty Shop Loretta Doucette

$40 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Sylvia Jr. $30 Dr. Edwin Fitch Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Miskell Jr.

Anne Viera

Irene Viera

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hazelton, Paul Kelleher, Raymond Knis_ pel, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maguire, Dr. & Mrs. John Mitchell. Wallace T. Pierce, Mrs. Joseph RObbins, Dr. Norman M. Sta­ rosta.


Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Comolli"


Edward Augustyniak, Mr. & Mrs. Terrence L. Kineen, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald L. Doherty, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hill, Cmdr. & Mrs. John M. Joseph. Alice Kopy, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Eid~nt, Ramona Gay, Martin Suillvan.

$15 Yvonne Boucher, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Cardeira, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Costa, Carl Dole, Mr. & Mrs. William G. Goss. Jolin J. Farrell, Mrs. Bertram

THE ANCHORThursday, May 9, 1963


Catholic Schools Enroll Record Numbers Publication. of P. J. K~n· edy's 1963 Official Catholic Directory reveals the upward trend in Catholic school en­

LIVING ROSARY BY DCCW: Participating in the Living Rosary conducted at Notre Dame Church, Fall River, were left to right: Very Rev. Thomas F. Walsh, Diocesan Director of DCCW; Mrs. Adrien Piette of So. Attleboro, national chairman of the Family-Parents department; Miss Helen Chace, president of the Fall River District; Mrs. Wlifrid E. Garand, president of the host Council; Rev. Roger P. Poirier, moderator of the Notre Dame unit. K. Haddon, Gertrude Handley, & John T. Jones, Adam A. Kaspar. Mr. & Mrs. Winthrop Lum­ b.ert, John Malloy, Leonard Mar­ t~n, Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Mor­ rl~on, In Memory of Raymond OLeary. . Mr. & Mrs. AntOnIa Scacca, Dr. & Mrs. Art:1~ J. Wagner.

Mrs. Charles Stratton, MI"!.. Ralph Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Ed. ward Studley, Gilbert Studley. Mrs. Kenneth Sanders, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Swallow, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tavares, Mr. M. Tavares Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Louis Tessier, Mr. & Mrs. William Walsh, Thommy Waite.


Mrs. Lewis Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. John Lauzonis, Madeline Marden, William McCann, Mrs. Joanne Irving. Mrs. John McGilvray, James McCabe, Mr. &: Mrs. Edward Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. William Motta, Mrs. James H. Miskell. Mrs. Michael Malone, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert McAdams Sr., John Mondeau Sr., Mrs. Joseph B. Miskell Sr., Mr. &: Mrs. David Maseda. Mr. &: Mrs. Arthur Medeiros, Appel's Pharmacy, Mr. & Mrs. Onofrio Papsodora, Mr. & Mrs. Allen Peters, Mrs. Carl Paige. Mrs. Joseph S. Pine Sr., Joseph Pardi, Col. &. Mrs. Vincent Ricci, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rose Jr., Capt. & Mrs. Robert Rossitto. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Ra.besa Jr., Alfred Rappazzo, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Rogers. Mr. & Mrs. Ar. thur Robichaud, George Sharpe. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Swain. Mr.






for Bristol County

~6 "A" ' 75

Bristol County

Trust Company









Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wasierskl Sr. Mr. & Mrs. John Adams, Amoco Station, Mr. &: Mrs. Wil­ liam Armstrong, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Allietta, Lawrence An­ tonellis Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Benoit, Antone Burgess, Sherman Baker, Mrs. George Blake, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Boulton. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bennett, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bourgoin, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Buguey, Louise Cook, John CiummeL Kenneth Capel, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Cronin, Mr. & Mrs. Ber­ nard Cassidy, Capt. & Mrs. Mor­ gan Childs, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Corcoran. Mr. & Mrs. Augstine Car- • rioulo, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph K. Corey, Donald Deloria, Thomas Dorsey, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Dris. coli. Margaret Dunn, Mrs. John De­ Mello Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Manuel DeMello, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Enos, Mrs. Henry Elichalt. Daniel Drummond, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Densmore, William Cal. lahan, Mr. & Mrs. James Flynn, Falmouth Auto Sales. Mr. & Mrs. Felicio M. Franco Jr., Mrs. Myron Gaddis, Mrs. R. E. Gordon, Sheila Hendrickson, Lt. Stephen Hamer. Irene Hamer, Sheila Hamer, Mr. & Mrs. James Hacelton, Dr. & Mrs. Charles L. Holland, Ber­ nard O'Hayre. Mr. & Mrs. George Ignos, Elea­ nore Kirtley, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Kearin, Mrs. Florence E. Kee­ nan, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Law­ rence.

rollment continues again for the 10th consecutive year. In Catholic colleges and uni­ versities .there is an increase of 21,160 college students during 1962. The current enrollment of 357,764 is 79.8 per. cent larger than 10 years ago - an increase of 158,834 over the 198,930 in 1953. The number of fulltime pupils in Catholic elementary and high schools reflects an increase of 216,278 or four per cent during the past year. The 1,537 parish and diocesan high schools re­ port 623,879 pupils, an inc) ~ase of 34,911 above 1962. The, 895 private high schools wi!h 381,­ 048 students show an incroose of 24,231 in one year. Pupib in 10,322 partsh elementary schp..,ls now number 4,524,393, or 157,317 more, while students in the 454 private elementary schools now total 84,636. In addition, 15,449 students are accommodated in the 134 protective institutions.




For Restaurants • Institutions

Roadside Stands

Large ,or Sm.all Clambakes


We can su'pply Lobsters, Oysters

Shrimps; ScalloPs in Season

Seaweed for Clambakes also



• •mber ., Feder•• Depnft .....r.lle. C.jopor.tloll

. wiiHiN....:



OSborne 4-5693



../I Qualt.ty -AlLII<




THE ANr'HOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Julio Lopes, Mary T. Rose. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Silva, Mr. & Mrs.. Peter Andrews, Amos Fernandes, Tony Viera, Mrs. Olivia Gomes. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lopes, Caroline Dias', Mr. & Mrs. Carl Borman. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Marston, Napoleon Papineau, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cahoon, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ mond Pinault, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Johnson. James Moore, Mrs. Jeannette Cleveland, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kenney, Mrs. Audrey Hoole, Mrs David Smith. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ohman, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pasquini, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Lehner, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Severino Nappi. Mr. & Mrs. Riehard Beers, Mrs. Doris Robbins Margaret E. Sanford,'Mr. & Mrs. Frank Yaca­ praro, Joseph Goryl. Marcel Poyant, Mr. ~ Mrs. Robert Ope:' shaw, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hurley, Mr. & Mrs. Mario Lister, Mr. & Mrs. Alcide Cormier. Mr. & Mrs. Uaymond A. Le­ Brun, Crosby, Family, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ehmann Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Richard Davis, Mrs. Ron­ ald Bassett. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sullivan, Edna Quinn, Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Bouley, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Har­ kins, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McCar­ thy. Mary H. Pacala, Mrs. Ronald Coats, Mrs., Sarah Schroeder, Mrs. Alan Milligan, Mrs. John Duke. Mr. & Mrs. James Walsh, Mrs. Donald Littlewood, Mrs. Fred­ erick Besse. Mrs. John Ribeiro.


$200 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Guida

$120 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McHale

$50 Mary Byrne, Marie Doelger, Cecile Doelger, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Corkery" St. Vincent de­ Paul Society, Priscilla Gleason, Christine Douglas.

$40 Catherine Shanhan

$30 Gertrude Shanahan, Mrs. John Speight.



$29 Alice Dobbyn

$25 , Joseph Nickerson, Mr. & Mrs. George Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. George Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Orick Young, Mr. &'Mrs. Gerard Mars­ chessault. Chatham Trust Co., Mr. & Mrs. George Killen, Mr. & Mrs. James Gormley, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Sullivan, Dr. & Mrs. Robert Harned.

$22 Dr. & Mrs. May

$20, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Eldredge, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas DeFriend, Pearl diLorenzo, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Nickerson, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Southwick. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gilman, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Fougere, Isabel Ringheim, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Fowler, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Wheeler. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Concannon, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Kolodzik, Mr. & Mrs. Godfrey Forgeron, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zibrat, J.B. Loftus. , Mr. & Mrs. John Roy, Thomas McCallum & Lillian, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bowles, Kathleen A. Ryan, Yvonne Danz. Mr. & Mrs. John Moye, Mr. & Mrs. David Lane, J. Thomas Haley.

$15 Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Saint, Mr. & Mrs. Merritt Wright, Eleanor Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Freeman Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Court­ nell. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Eldredge, Michael LeBar, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ellis, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Parsons, Mrs. M. Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Powell, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bladen. Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Surette, Tennance Burns, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Geser, Thomson Oil Co., Mr. & Mrs. R.R. Lally. $lZ,


Mr. A: Mrs. Manuel DeMattos, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Demers, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeSilva, Mal'7 G. DeSilva, Mr. &; Mrs. John Drohan. , Mr.. & Mrs. William Drohan, Mrs. Dorothy Downes, J ame. I)rapeau, Mr. & Mrs. C. Arthur Feeley, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Filu­ minia.

NAZI TERROR MEMORIAL: The streets surrounding the new Queen of Martyrs Church in Berlin, located near the Nazi prison and execution place Plotzensee, have been' named for the victims of the Nazi terror. A memorial area (to the left and behind the steeple) is surrounded by a 13­ foot high gray wall symbolizing the walls of the concentra­ tion camp and is decorated with the Stations of the Cross. NC Photo. . Mr. & Mrs. Robert Atwood, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Farrenkopf.

$10 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morley, Jennie Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. Charles White, John F. Ohlson, Mr. & Mrs. Edward\Forgeron. Mr. & Mrs. 'Clinton Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. John' Wagner, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McAllister, Mr. &; James Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. Donat Barabe. Mrs. Beatrice McVay, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Schwartz, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Dresser, Marie Oh­ man, Mr. & Mrs. Parker Whittle. Mr. & Mrs. Erickson, Marque­ rite Shea, Jean Gillis, Mr. & Mrs. James King, James Sulli­ van. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Clark, Mary Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Roy Meser­ vey, Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Gemino, Marie Brent. A Friend, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tuttle, Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Baldus, Theresa McDer­ mott. Claire Eldredge, Flo l' e nee Riley; Mr. & Mrs. C.J. Brennann, Lawrence Hunter, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Eldridge. Jeannette Fontaine, Mr. & Mrs. William Miller-Jones, Mr. & Mrs. W.F. Pumphert, Michael Pumphert, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Sankus. 'Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Riley, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Skipper, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Corriglln, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Hanlon, Mr. & Mrs. Eli Rogers. , Captain & Mrs. Casey, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Ferreira, Mr. & Mrs. Malcom MacDonald, G e 0 l' g e Eaton, John McGrath. Everett Kink, Mr. & Mrs. John Breault, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Zibrat, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Griffin, Richard Griffin. 'Merle Ames, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Grise, Wilfred Berube, Elizabeth' Hickey. Elvira Greer, Dr. & Mrs. Ropoulewis, Mr. ,& Mrs. Kenneth Proctor, Mr. & Mrs. Pasquale Confalone, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Capriccio. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Doyle, Ann Cunningham, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Baumlin, Mr. & Mrs. William Madden. Mr. & Mrs. Burton Storey, Mr. & Mrs. William Dallak, Maria Ireland, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sparks, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sylva, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Marini.

Seekonk MT. CARMEL


_}lev. John. J. Murphy

$100 L. William Tasca Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weyker

$50 Mr. & Mrs. E. McCrystal Jr. Anonymous Anonymous

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Jack Hendricks

$25 John Hendricks, Anonymous, Mr: & Mrs. James H. Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. John Unsworth, Mr. & Mrs. Fred J. Beauchaine, Mr. & Mrs. Clovis' Roux.

$20 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sloane, Mrs. Fred L. Stonely.


Richard Dionne, Mr. & Mrs. James Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Rebello, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Rufful, Mildred Wright, Palmeda Amaral.

$10 Joseph O. Amaral, William Amaral, Joseph C. Amaral, Mr. & Mrs. A. Andrews Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Antunes. Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester Amaral, Donald R. Azulay, Mr. & Mrs. John Ballard, Mrs. Evelyn Banna, Jane Barker. Mrs. Reuben Barker, Mrs. Herbert Barnett, Mary Benson & Frances Mayet, Mr. & Mrs. Man­ uel Bettencourt, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bilodeau. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Blan­ chette, Mr. ~ Mrs.' Fredrick Blythe, Mr. & Mrs. George Borges, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Bras­ s~rd, Mr. & Mrs. John Burke. , Mr. & Mrs. Frank Butera, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Bain, Frank Ba­ 'rao, Mr. & Mrs., John Betten­ court, Mr. & Mrs. John Botelho Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Capello, Leo Cardin, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carvalho, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Castro 'Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Frank Coelho: Mr. & Mrs. John Conti, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Couto, Mr. & Mrs. John Crane, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cunha, Mr. & Mrs. Frank De Mattos.


Mr. &; Mrs. Marshall Fisher Jr., Robert Flynn, James L. Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Fur­ tado, Mr. & Mrs. William Gahall. , Mr. & Mrs. Norman Calim­ berti, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gam­ boa, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony George, George J. George, Mr. & Mrs. John George. John George, Mr. & Mrs. Raoul Gouneia, Mr; & Mrs. Herve Goyette, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Guer­ tin, A. P. Gagnon Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hannon, Mr. & Mrs. Frederic Harriso~ Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Hendricks, Manuel Hendricks Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Christian Hendricks. Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Hendricks, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Hendricks Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Hennes­ sey, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Hen.; nesscy, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hill. Mrs. R. Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Don­ ald C. Joost, Robert Kaveny. Lester A. Keim, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kelly., Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Klek, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Koehler. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Korkuc, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kropis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kusiak. ' Mr. & Mrs. John LangweJl, Albert Lanoie Jr., Richard Le­ mieux, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Little, Mr. & Mrs. James Lovely. Henry Lemieux, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Lima, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph ,F. Lyons, ,Mr. & Mrs. John Mc­ Aloon, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen McCarron. , Melvina MacDonald,. Fran~ McMahon Mrs. Howard McMur­ 'ray, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McMur­ ray, Mr. & Mrs. E. L. Mcl-hillips. Harriet Mann, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Mansolillo, Mr. & Mrs; Anthony Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. John Mellen. , Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Mello, Helen Mur..; ray, Mr. & Mrs. H. J. Macrae, Mr. '& Mrs. Manuel Macedo. Emily Medeiros, Angela Me­ deiros, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Nonnen. macher, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oliveira, Manuel Ormonde. , Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Onde­ rick, Mrs. Frank Oliver, Oscar Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Pes­ tana. Mr. & Mrs. Theodore R. Pet­ rin, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Piquette, Florence Potts, Mrs. Frances Pray, Mr. & Mrs. Annunzio Pro­ vazza. Mr. & Mrs. John Pontifice, Mrs. Louis Propatier, Mrs. James Quinn, Mr. & Mrs. William Quirk, Mr. & lV':rs. 'John Rapoza. Mrs. Pat Rendine, John Rezen­ des Mr. & Mrs. John P. Riley, Mr: & Mrs. Robert Rabson, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Renne. Mr. &. Mrs. Frank Santos, Olive Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Santos, Mr. & Mrs. John P. Searles, Mr. & Mrs. John Silva. Mr. & Mrs.•"-oseph Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Souza, Mr. & Mrs'. Man­ uel Souza Mr. & Mrs. Robert Stellmach.' Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. -William Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Swift, Mr. & Mrs. John Trainor, Mr. & Mrs. S. Freeman Treacy. ' Joseph Trinkwald, Mr. & Mrs. Ulmschnider, Jane E. Unsworth, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Veader. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ventura. Mr. & Mrs. A. Ronald Vincent, Mrs. ,Edgar Vincent, John C. Vincent, Mr. & Mrs. David Voo­ hees, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Vea­ del', Fred Whelan, Virginia Whelan.




•.. ,


Grace McMa'nus; Mr. & Mrs.

·John F. McNamara,' Mary .Mc­

ST. JOSEPH Nulty, Mr. & Mrs. Fernand

$100 Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. James

Holy Name Society Medeiros.

St. Vincent de Paul Soc'iety · Mrs. Anna Mello, Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Martin Manuel Mello Jr., Mr. & Mrs.

George Menoche, William Moniz, '

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Frank Monteiro.

Rev. James F. Greene · Mrs, Hugh A. Moran & Jay, Assumpta Guild Julia Moran, Mary Moran, . Mr. Walter G. Powers Frederick Moulding, Mr. & Mrs. $30 Edmund Mulcahy. Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Ken­ David F. Mullen, Mr. & Mrs. ,nedy ·Vincent Nieviera, Mr. & Mrs. $25 Charles O'Brien, Mr, & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Francis T. Cough­ Walter E. O'Hearne, Mr. & lin, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Frazier, Mrs. Joseph Orsi. Patricia Frazier, Helen Smith, Mr. & Mrs. John Pacheco, Ed­

Margaret Smith. ward J. Peterson, Mrs. Frank

Mr. & Mrs. Michael· Welch, Peterson, Kathleen Peterson,

The Wrenn Family. Martha Peterson.

$20 Mrs. Rayford ~eterson, Dennis Herbert A. Anderson, Mr. & Phillipe, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph "Mrs, Alfred Coute, Helen Dahill, . Phillipe, Mrs. Josephine Phillip­ F IL E S CIlAR9ES: Fr. Maribeth Dahill, The Garvin pino; Mrs. Silvia Pina. Frank Ecimovich" S. V. D., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pirozzi, Family. pastor of Our' Lady of Per­ The Kervick Family, 'Mr. & ,"Mr. & Mrs. Richard Plante, Mr. IIIrs. Edward ,J.Lapre, ,Peter 2&; Mrs. J.oseph Pryer, Mr. & Mrs. petual Help Church, Be,lle prank Quegan, Mr. & Mrs. .. Shea" Dr. & Mrs. George Chase, La., ~asfiled charges " .lames Raposa. ' Schloemer, Mr. & Mrs., James " -M.r~& Mt/i.Joseph Raposa, .Mr. ~agains~.a, whitep~rent who .Tonry, Mr. & Mrs. George Wil­ '&" Mrs. Manuel RebellQ; Mr~. assaulted him 'during.a Rro­ liams. ';james Reed; William Reed, Mr.' ··testoVt'lr .joint religious "in­ $15 &. 'Mrs. Joseph F. RickettS. ." · struction -;for:. wh i t e' ~nd Ralph Cutillo, MarY Donahue, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ritchie; Irene- Frazier, ,Charles A. Law­ Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Roache, Mr:. ,Negro 'children. NC :Photo. lor, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rodier. &: Mrs. George A. Ryan, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. St. Pierre, · & Mrs. David St. Germain, Ed­ - Dias. . Margaret L. Walsh. Adelard Dion, Mr. & Mrs. John ward F. St. Pierre. $10 Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Saladyga, Enos, Manuel Farias, Mr. & Mrs. " Mr. & Mrs. Antone Alvarnaz, Mr. & Mrs. John Santos, John Joseph Ferreira, Serafim Fer­ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Amado, Mr. & Shea, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Shea, reira. Mrs. Amalio Annunziato,'Mrs. .Mr. & Mrs. John W. Shea. Mr. & Mrs. Serafim Ferreira, Angelina Annunziato, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Antone. Silva, Mr. Lawrence Fontes, Charles Fos­ Mrs. John Annunziato. & Mrs. Anthony Silveira, Mr. & . tin, Mrs. Emilia Furtado, Mr. Mrs. Charles Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Gasper. , Mr. & Mrs. Salvatore'Arieta, William Silvia, Mr, & Mrs. Gil- . Joseph George,' Ant 0 n e . Mr. & Mrs. Richard Arikian, bert Simmons. Gomes, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio 'Mr. & Mrs. William AviUa, Mr. Mr. .& Mrs. Charles Smith, Goulart, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel & NJ;rs. Raymond :Babeu, 'Mr. & Mr. & Mrs, Fred Smith, Patricia Goula'rt, Mr. & Mrs. John Mrs. Rudolph Bartone. M. Smith, Ruth E. Smith; Mr. & Gouveia.

Mrs. Joseph Belanger, Mr. & Mrs. William Smith. Mr. & Mrs. John Gouveia,

·Mrs. Charles Benjamin; ·Mr.. & Mr. & Mrs. Arthur G. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P., Gouveia" Mrs. ItaloBernacchio, Mr. & IyLr. & Mrs, Manuel.Souza, Mr. Joseph Jacinto, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. 'Rudolph Bessette,' Mr. & & Mrs. Thomas J. Spillane, ,Arthur Joubert, Francis King. Mrs. Jesse ·Bettencourt. ­ Christine Sullivan, Mrs. Edward George King, Manuel ,Lewis, ,: Laura Bisio, Mrs.' Herbert Sweeney. J 0 h n Lima, Jesse Linhares, Bliss, Mr. & Mrs. C: Emmett Nora Sweeney, Mr. & " Mrs. Robert Linhares. Calvey, Caesar Campi,' Mr. & Raymond Taylor, James Tigano, Oscar' Lizotte, Mr. & Mrs. An­ Mrs. James F. Carmody'. ' John Tigano, James Traverse. "tone Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel ". Mr. & Mrs. James Carvalho, Mrs. James' Traverse, Mr" & Lopes, Mr. . & Mrs. Josep\J, ,Mr. & Mrs. Louis Carvalho, Mrs. Gerald Tripp, Mr. & Mrs. Macedo" 'Mr; & Mrs. Wilfred Mary L. Carvalho, Mr. '& Mrs. Edward Trl,lcchi,Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chamberlain, Mrs. Mary Peter Trucchi, Mr. & Mrs. Leo- ·Mador. Louis J. Martin, William Mar­ Chapman'. ' nel Ventura: ' ·tin, Andrew Marshall Jr., James Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Chassey, Mr. &: Mrs, Alexander Veradt, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Chaves, J., Mr. &: Mrs. Richard 1. Vincent, Mattos, Will~am McClarren.

Mr'. & Mrs. Roy McGreevy, Russell Cleary, Mr. &. Mrs. Mr. & Mrs, Glenn Walker, Mr. Arthur' Medeiros, Horace Medei­ ~oseph Coelho, Louise Connelly. & Mrs. Stephen Wapenski, ros Sr., Anthony Mello, Manuel Mr. & Mrs. George Cordeiro, Elizabeth White. Morris. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Cormier Mr. & Mrs. Theodore ,Wojcik, Charles Nascimento, Mary Susan Cosgrove, Eleana Coyle; Mr. & Mrs.. John Wright Jr., Mr. NUnes, Mr. & Mrs. ·Harold Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corcoran. .& Mrs. Harold Yelle, Mr. & Mrs. O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Marion N. Mr. & Mrs~ Richard Cunning­ Joseph Zrebiec. · Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. James ham, Mr. & Mrs. James M. Pacheco. ' Curley, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mr, &' Mrs. Joseph Pacheco, ST. ANTHONY Dahill, Albert Dion, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pacheco, $75 John Doherty. Manuel Pacheco, Mr. & Mrs. R~v-. Evaristo Tavares . Mr. & Mrs. Wilrose Doucette Ric h a r d Pacheco, Mary L. $50 Anna Drinkwater, Jennie F: Patenaude. Manuel Fontinha Driscoll, Mr. & Mrs. Roland A Friend . Edward Perry, John Pinto, .'Ducharme, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Hose ,:gurshek, Joseph Raphael, \ $25 Dumont: ' Charles Raposa. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mendes & Elizabeth Dunn, Manuel Dutra, ~r. & Mrs. Manuel Rapoza, Robert Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ennes Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ventura Sr. Maria Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. An­ Mr. & Mrs. Raymond -Ferreira tonio L. Rezendes, Mr. & ·Mrs. $20 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Fierra. ' , Leonard Rocha, Frank Ros~. Charles Ferreira Mr. & Mrs. William Floor , Mr. & Mrs. Frank ~. 'Rose, $16 Alice May Flynn, Mr. & Mrs: Miss Mary Rose, Ronald Rose Manuel Camara .. Omer Frappier, Joan Frazier, :Joseph Sa, Charles Saritos. ' $15 Mrs. Louis Frazier. Lu'iza Santos, Mr, & Mrs. John Joseph R.' Amaral Mrs. Thaddeus Frederick, Mrs. Semas, A9ueto Sil;'a, Mr. & Mrs. Mr'.& l\-irs. John Coelho Ethel Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Silva, Mr.. ,& MrS.. Gilbert Mr. & Mrs. Frank Vaz , Roland Goff, Mr. & Mrs. James. . $10' .Silva. . Goldrick, Walter Gorczyca. .Anthony Silvia, Robert Silvia, , Louise Agrella, Mr. & Mrs. .' Mr. & Mrs.' Norman Gravel Mrs. Filomena Sousa, :{Ien,ry B. Antone Almeida, Mr. & Mrs. 'Mr. & Mr~: Stephen Gregory, Mr: &i Mrs. Harry J. Gurney, Mrs. .Jesse Almeida, Arthur Alves, Souza, JQj1l)~ouza & Family. , ~oseph Souza,. Joseph So.uza, Alfred Amaral. Helen' M, Harrigan, Mr. & Mrs. Miss Mary L. Souza Mrs. Leo­ Mr.. & Mrs. Domingos Amaral, Edward Hoye. poldina'Souza, George Sylvia. Fernando Amaral, J 0 s e p h John E:. Kelly; Mr. & Mrs. AI­ Mr.. & Mrs. Alfred Teixeira Ar:naral, Mr. & .Mrs. Jose P. b.'ed Kenney, James Kenyon, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. James, Thomas' Andrade. Angelo ,G. Arista. & Mrs. Roger Kingsley Sr., Mr. Wilfred Benoit, Mr. & Mrs. 'Joseph Travis, .John Vargas: & Mrs. Charles Laffan. Joseph Vaz. Bernardino. An.ibal , Janice Lawlor, joseph Lema, .Joaquim Miss Mary Vaz, Mr..& Mrs. Bernardo, Mr. & Mrs. John Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Lema, Mrs. Arthur P. Ventura, Christiano Bettencourt, Joseph Butler & Veronica Lema,. Mr. & Mrs. Leo , Victoria, Joseph Victprino, Mr. Family. A. Lemieux.

& Mrs. John Viera. Mr. & Mrs. 'Joseph Cabral, Mr. , Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lewis, Mr.

Hilda Vincent, Joseph T. Vin­ & Mrs. Melvin Lewis, Mr. & & Mrs. Joaquim Camara, Joseph Mrs. Charles MacFarlane, Mr. Cardoza. Victoria Carew, George cent.


& Mrs. George MacLean, Arthur Carvalho Jr. $200


Henrieta Car val h 0, John Franciscan Fathers

Mrs. George Manning, Beverly Coelbo, Ant 0 n i 0 Cordeiro

$25 .

Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Martin Manuel Cordeiro, Mr. & Mrs. AI~ Holy Rosary Sodality

Robert Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Paui bert Correia. St. Vincent de Paul Maynard.

Ceasar Correia, Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. John Dube~a Manuel Correia, Francisco Costa Edward McAloon, Mr. & Mrs. $20 Jacinto Costa, Eva Coute. ' James H. McCaffrey Jr., Mr. & MI'. & Mrs. John Dubena Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Craveiro Mrs. Vincent McCaffrey, Mr. & $15 . Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Cruz, Gd

Mrs. James H. McCarthy, Os­ Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bentley borne McClellan. Dacosta, Jeal BeCosta, LOUis

. $10 Samuel McClellan, William Dansereau.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Biedrzyn­ MfS. Mary DeCouta, Manuel

McEvoy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles DeMello, Mr. Manuel DeRosa, ski, John Bobola,'Frank Dziubek, McGr~th, E I e a nor McGrath, Antone DeSouza, Mr. Edward. Fra1l51S McManus.


Mr. & Mrs. John Fornal, Linek .THE ANt:'HORFamily. Thursday, May 9, 1963 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Pelczarski, Kazimierz Polak, Bronislaw Coy Folcik, Mr. & Mrs. Lester Sienko, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Crowninshield, Mr. & Mrs. Sienko, Mrs. Jadwiga Ulak and Patrick J. Murphy. Son, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Zagol. Mr. & Mrs. Francis O'Neill,

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Neill, The

Barker Family, ·Eileen Mac­

SACRED HEART Carthy, Alice Carney. $75 Mrs. Louise Kelliher, Eliza­ Rev. Francis B. Connors beth Marion, Mr. & Mrs. John Rev. Joseph P.Delaney Boudreau, Elizabeth Doyle, Mr. $25 & Mrs. J. Frank Doyle.

Mr. & Mrs Albert Howland, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dray, Mr. &

Mrs. James H, Lynch, Anna

Maguire, The Welch Family.

Mr. & Mrs. Louis V. Cook, Mr.


& Mrs. Real Samson.

$300 $20 Rev. Leo M, Curry Edward Boudreau $75 Mr & Mrs B. Lewis McDermott Mr. & Mrs. Richard K. Martin $15 $30 Mr. & Mrs. Alan Fitzgerald ·John & David Perry Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Roberts $20 $10 Madeline Carter, George Milot Virginia Wade, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Theordore Devine Joseph Quigley, Laura Lane, . : $'15 '. , Mr. &,·Mrs. Edward Koss, Mrs. Mildred Harrigan,Leo Plvi­ Bernice Sousa. rotto,. Mr. & Mrs. William Calla­ Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Court.e­ han. maTIche, Mr. & Mrs. George $10. . Mason, John W .. Maguire, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. M. Morris,. John P. Mrs. William Lane, Mr. & Mrs. Hutson, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Charl­ Arthur Duarte. wood, Mr. & Mrs. Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Bartholomew Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Amaral. Cruz, Mr. & Mrs. Francis W. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gardner, Kenney, Mr. & Mrs. . Peter Mr. & Mrs. Robert McGuirk, Mr. --Guresh, Mrs. Mary Bullock, Mr. & Mrs. William K. McCarthy, & Mrs. Vincent Webster. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Rogers, Robert Margaret McCarthy, Mr. & Hebert. Mrs.- Walter Yurkins, Mrs. Har­ Mr. & Mrs..Forest Paige, Mr. riet Hanford', Mr: & Mrs. Charles & Mrs. Donald Corr, Mr. & Mrs. Boffetti, Mr; & 'Mrs: John Antone Rose, Mary Pivirotto, Lavigne. Lillian Pivirotto.

North Dighton

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas, Bowen,

Mrs. B. Frank Leddy, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Rheaume, Mr. & Mrs. 'Joseph L. Burke, Mrs. Anne MacHaffie. Mr. & ,Mrs. Edmund' Nadeau, Mary Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Cabral, Mrs. Lucy Berry, Mr. & Mrs. George White.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Knott, Mrs. Andrew Boylen, Mrs. Eli­ zabeth Dowd, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Soitos, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Coe Sr. . Mrs: Isabeile Dolan, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Fortin, Mary E. Nichols,' Sarah Nichols, Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Westgate Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Clinton Westgate Jr., Mr. & Mrs., ,Albert Scully, Mr. & Mrs.' Peter Mazzoleni,.

John F. Vargus, Mr. & Mrs.

M'aurice Garceau. ..

Mr. &'Mrs.,W. Wallace Smith,

Mr. & Mrs. Herbert A; Lee,

G er t r u d e Carey, Galen .Rheaume, Harold Rheaume. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent McAloon, Alice Carey, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph

Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene

Braga, Nellie, Smith & Family.

Mr. & Mrs. Armand A. Audet,

Phyllis McClellan, Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. Philbert Torres, Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Donahue, , Mr. & Mrs. George McCoombs, Mr. & Mrs. Thom,as Rose, Mr. & Mrs. Russell McD~rmott.. , Dr. John Doyle, Claudia Milot, , Arthur Milot, Emma Milot, Mrs. :Ralph .. SimmOns.

Mr. & Mrs'. Glenn Burgmann, Mr. & Mrs. William Rasn:lUssen, Mr. & Mrs. William DUilrte, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Viera, Mr. & Mrs. Charles. Perry. Mr. & Mrs. George, RebellO"Mr & Mrs. Humbert Costa, Mr. & ,Mrs: Richard Donahue, Mrs. Ann McCaffrey.

Building Contractor Masonry




WY 4-7321



KING SIZE lb.. ' . ,C Native. Live Chicken

LOBSTER lb. 59(:


~,##.,#####~##,#,#. ."".~#~########,~###~~~~

St. 'Mary's. Camp:





.. ,



6 - '·15 JUNE 23 - CLOSES AUG. 4

Operated and supported I:?y experienced Si~ters .of Mercy and counselors. Superb' living conditions. Excellent food. Swimming instruction given by qualified Red Cross' Instructors. All sports and horse back riding. Beautiful, large swimming pool. Weekly fee $40.00. Registration $5.00 Phone Valley 1-4239 or write, to:' SISTER. ~ARY RAYMUNDA, R.S.M. 1272 MAIN ST., WEST WARWICK, R. I.

THE ANCHOR-Diocese 01 Fall .River-Thurs.; May 9, 1963


Mrs. Everett McGovern, Mr. & Mrs. Chester McGuire, The Mc­ Laughlin Family, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McManus. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McNulty, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Morin, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Morrison, Mr. & Mrs. Sydney Mros, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Neto. ' Mr. & Mrs. George Nicholds, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Norton, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Edward O'Hearne. Mrs. Richard Paulson, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Perreault, Marie Power, Mary Power, Richard Power. The Misses Rafter, The Rapoza Famjly, Mrs. Wayne Reid, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. James Reilly. , Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Renaud, Mr. & Mrs. Hugo Riva, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rogers, Mrs. Kirby Sessums, Margaret Sheehy. The Sherry Family, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Silva, Mr. & Mrs. William Slater, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Souza. Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Stephan­ aitis, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Susol, Mr. & Mrs. Lyman Ta'ylor, Mr. & Mr.s J. Arnold Tetlow, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Theriault. MT. & Mrs. Donald Thomas, Thaddeus Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Dominic Tigano, Mr. & Mrs. George Tkach, Mr.' & Mrs. Adolph Ulak. Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Vogt, Mrs. James Wallace, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ mond Welch, Mr. & Mrs. Edward White, Mr. & Mrs. William White, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Yelle.

$400 Rev. Thomas H. Taylor $50 Mr. & Mrs. Roger B. Cham­ pagne. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mulhern $30 The Flangheddy Family $25 Dr. & Mrs. Armand V. BoHno, James Cunningham, Cornelius Kelly, Dr. & Mrs. Andrew J. Leddy, Dr. Clement Maxwell. $20 A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. John Doyle, The Friary Family, Mr. & Mrs. S. C. Piesco. , $15 The Allan Curley Family, The Fagan Family, Mary Foley, Mrs. Donald MacLean, The O'Boy Family, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Heap. $13 Mr. & Mrs. Leon Guillemette. $12 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick McDer­ mott, Mr. & Mrs. George Mc­ Laughlin, Mrs. Georgianna Sig­ nor. $10 Dorothy Abbott, Mr. & Mrs. William Alger, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Andrade, Mr. & Mrs.' Orton V. Andrews, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Beacienski. Mr. & Mrs. George Beaulieu, Mr. & Mrs. James Blount, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Brennan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Briand, 1141'.'& Mrs. Alfred Briggs. Mr. & Mrs. James Britton, Mr. &: Mrs. James Brown, Florence Butler, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Butler, Mr. & Mrs. William T. ST. MARY Q1bana. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Callahan, Mr. & Mrs. John Carlow, Mr. &: , Rt.Rev. Ja~~~O~olan Mrs. James Carr, Joseph Casey, Mrs. Elizabeth Coleman. $50 Mr. & Mrs. John Conaty, Mr. Rev. Gerald T. Shovelton & Mrs. Francis Connors, Mr. & Richard Bentley Mrs. James Conway, Mr. & Mrs. William'McCormack Edward Curley, Mr. & Mrs. $25 Thomas Curry. Lelia Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. :Ed­ Matilda Cutner, Mr. & Mrs. ward Lehan, Mary & Josephine William Deane, Mr. & Mrs. McNamara, Charles J. Murphy, George DeLisle, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Tokarz. Roland Desrosiers, Mr. & Mrs. $20 Raymond Desrosiers. Dr. Charles Grady, Jr., Eliza­ Effie Deveney, James Dinneen, beth & Josephine Long, Mary Mary Dinneen, William Din­ McLear, James E. .McGovern, neen, Alice Doherty. Mrs. Frederick Tripp. ' James Doherty, F I' a n e i s , $15 Doherty, Mr. & Mrs. George Mrs. Daniel Doyle, Edward Doherty Jr., Mr. & Mrs. George Duffy, Marguerite Hoye, Mary Dohherty Sr., Mr. & Mrs. John McManus, G!i!Orge 'J. Patrick, Do ert y. . Harold T. Sheehan. Mr. '& Mrs. John Pondero, , Alice Donnelly, Kavin Dowd, , $10 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond, Drapeau,. Ovila Adams; Gilbert Alegl, Roland DuBois. Mrs. , David ,Arieta, Kenneth Eugene Dufour, Mr. & Mrs., Austin, Lillian Bannon. Thomas Dwyer,Mr~ ;& Mrs. Mrs. Marie Bannon, Leo Lester Ellis, Richard Enos,Mary' Berube, Helen Bird, Mrs. Myrtle' Fenton. Blake, Raymond Boffetti. Mr. & Mrs. William Fitzpat­ J 0 s e p h Bourgeois, Helen rick ,Sr., Mr. & Mrs.' Manuel Brennan, Mrs. Mary Callahan, Fontes, C. Louise Gaffney, Mr. David Chadwick, Mrs. Eleanor & Mrs. William Gaffney, Mr. & Clement. Mrs. Edmond Garceau. Mrs. Dora Carey, William Mr. & Mrs. Jopn Gaydasz, Mr. Carney, William, J. Q1sey, & Mrs. Rene Gilbert, Mr. & Mrs. A del a I' d Chalifoux, Louis John Goggin, The Goodwin Chiesa. Family, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Grace Clinton, Donald Cole, Grasso. Mrs. Robert Cole, Marguerite Mr. & Mrs. Edward Gray, Mr. Claffy, John Connors. & Mrs. John Gregg, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Corr, Peter Corr, Harold Haskins, The Hathaway Catherine Coyle, Leo Cronan, Family, Mr. & Mrs. John Hayes. Peter B. Curran. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Helms, Mr. Robert Daly, Donahue Family, & Mrs. George Horan, Mrs. O. W. Anna Donovan, Mrs. Robert Howard, Mary Hoye,' Mary F. Drake, Joseph Duffy. Hurley. ' Matilda Esc 0 bar, Homer Mr. & Mrs. George Isaacsen, Fagan, Charles Fitzsimons, John Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hoy~, Mr. & T. Heffren Jr.,Rita Gauthier. Mrs. Andrew Isaacsen, Mrs. Louis Gilchrist, Mrs. Louis Anthony Johnston, Mr.' & Mrs. Gilchrist, William Grant, Wil­ William Jones. : liam Gregg, Mrs. Clara Ken­ The Keliher Family, Mrs. yon. Margaret King, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ Edward Kullas, Joseph Lane, liam King, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Mary & Nellie Leary, Donald Kingsbury, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lizotte, Mae Lovell. Klette. Mary Lynch, James H. :Mc­ Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lade­ C a I' thy, Catherine McKeon, bauche, Mr. & Mrs. Rene La­ Madeline McKeon, Mary Mc­ France, Mr. & Mrs. Roger La­ Keon. gace, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lan­ Winifred McKeon, Catherine gille, Mr. & Mrs. :ijaymond McNamara, William Mallette, Laurie. Mrs. Mildred Maxwell, George Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Leonard, Megan. George Lovely, Mr. ,& Mrs. Irene & Francis Morrison, Francis J. Lucey, Mr.. & Mrs. Lawrence Munise, Bruno Negra, Edward Mador, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Jane Noon, Harold New­ James Mahoney. . hall. Mr. & Mrs. George Mansfield, Mrs. Theresa O'Brien, Patrick Mr. & Mrs. Eaward Martin, Mr. O'Donnell, Elaine O'Keefe, Vin­ & Mrs. Edward Masterson, Mary cent O'Neill, Joseph Orsi. & Charles P. Masterson, Mr. & Gerald Peterson, Leo Perry, Mrs. Charles F. McCarthy. Francis Pinto, Arthur Pouliot, Mr. & Mrs. Richard McGinn, Blanche Pouliot.

AT NCCM CONVENTION: Romeo Maione, left, of the Social Action Department, Canadian Catholic Conference, chats with Martin Work, executive director of the National Council of Catholic Men, during the NCCM biennial con­ vention at Atlantic City. Mr. Maione was the speaker at the opening dinner meeting of the convention. NC Photo. Helen Pouliot, Edward D. Powers, Robert Quigley, James Reid, Robert Richardson. Joseph Rihbany, Janice Rus­ sell, Thomas Russell Jr., Mrs. Catherine Schein, James Sheer­ in. Anne Silvia, Earl C. Simmons, Mary Simmons, William Smith, Marguerite C. Smith. John Thomas, Edward Tokarz, Catherine Tonry, Edward Tonry, James Tormey. _ Kathleen Tormey, Mrs. Joseph Walsh, Barbara Williams, Arm­ and Yelle.

South Yarmouth ST. PIUS X

$1,000 Rev. Christopher L. Broderklk $200 Anonymous, $150 'Anonymous $U5 Mr. & Mrs. John 1'. Martin $100 Anonymous' Mr. & Mrs. John G. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Dennis O'Connor Mr. & Mrs. John F. Santry $75 Rev. Philip A. Davignon $60 Mr. &: Mrs. Harold L. H~es k. $55 Mr.. &: Mrs. Donald Souza $50 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick P. Bopi' Mr. & Mrs. Francis Conroy Mrs. John J. Fitzgerald' Anonymous ~rs. Bernard F. Shea Mr. & Mrs. Paul E. Sullivan $40

Mr. & Mrs. Richard J. Terrio


Beatrice Mollica $29

Mr. & Mrs. RaymOnd Mello


Mrs. Anna Baker & Family, I Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bennett, Mr. & Mrs. W. J. Bennett, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cipkowski,' Mr. & Mrs. StephenCrowley. Mr. & Mrs. James Deering, Mrs. Mary Geist, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Glydon, Margaret & Hes­ ter Griffin, Mrs. FrederIck A. Hatch. Mr. & Mrs. George Lucier, Mr. &: M,rs. Francis Mesmer,Ann Moore, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. James Ruhan. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sheehy, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Steele, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Trinque. $20 John J. Gill, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. James Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. William F. MacDonald, Mr. & Mrs. Francis McGuerty. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Panek, Mr. & Mrs. Louis R. Parks, Mr. &: Mrs. Paul Webber. $16 , Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tourjee. $15 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chaisson, Mrs. Herman G. Curtis, Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Lahiff, Mr. &:

Mrs. Donald Lake, Mr. & Mrs. George Magurn. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Mulcahy, Mr. & Mrs. William Robinson, Anna Tighe. $1% Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McNeil, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mueller. $10 Mrs. Joan Altavilla, Mr. & Mrs. Raphael Altavilla, Mr. &: Mrs. W. P. Baker, Mary Ballan­ tine, Mr. & Mrs. William Ban­ non. \. Bass RIver Pharmacy, Mr. & Mrs. Hollis Batcheld,or, Mrs. Warren S. Bateman, Mrs. Alfred Baty, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Bernier. Mr. & Mrs. Lester Bishop, Mrs. Louise' Blake, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ mond Bois, Mr. & Mrs. James Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Brown. Mrs. Jerome T. Canning, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carapezza, Mr. 6: Mrs. William Casey, Mr. & Mrs. George Cassel, Mr. & Mrs. Fran­ cis Chase. ' Mrs. Robert Childs, Mr. &: Mrs. Earle Clarke Jr., Mrs. Edward F. Cloran, Francis Cloran, E. Wil­ son Conlon; , Mrs. Richard Constantineau, RoseCotell, 1141': & Mrs. Richard Cox, Mrs.' Coleman Coyne, Mr. &: Mrs. Ottis Creel. Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Curran, Mrs. Isabel Daly, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Delilga, Mr. & Mrs. John Dineen, Andrew Doherty. Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Dolan, ' Mr. & Mrs., Michael Driscoll, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Eastman, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Egan. Robert Eldredge, Mrs. Anne English, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fel­ ,lows, Mr.' & Mrs. Joseph Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gardner.' Mr. & Mrs. Loren Geoffrion, Mr. & Mrs. Martin G,eraghty, Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Norris Gladding, John Glynn. Walter J. Glynn, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gough, Mrs. Russell Grander, Mary Griffin" Mr. 6: Mrs. William F. Griffith. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Greelish, Mr. & Mrs~ William Heptonstall, Mrs. Arthur E. Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. John Hines, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Hodziewich. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hohmann, .John Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Law­ rence Kenney, Mr. & Mrs. Fr8B­ eis Kirwan, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Lagasse.

Mr. &: Mrs. Angelo Lanza, Mrs. Thomas J. Larkin, Mr. & MrS. John Lascha, Mr. & Mrs. JOM Leahy, Mary Leary. Mrs.- AHc,e LeDuc, Mrs. PaWl T. Leger, tMr. & Mrs. William Letteney, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence W. Lippard, Mr. & Mrs. William. Lopez. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Ludden, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald MacCauleJl'. Mr. & Mrs. Charles MacKenney.. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Maher, :Ms. & Mrs. William Marnell. Mr. & Mrs. James MarteR, Gertrude McCormack, Mr. " Mrs. Thomas McDonough, Law­ rence McGrath, Mr. & Mrs. Petew McNamara. Mrs. Grace Miller, Mr. & Mra. Leo Morgan, Mr. & Mrs. Fred­ erick Moylan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Mullan, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Murphy. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel O'ConneD, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard O'Neil, :MIt. & Mrs. Charles O'Neill, Mr. &; Mrs. William O'ReillY, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Ormon. Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Oul~ Bruno Particelli, Edmund Pelle­ 'tier, Mr. & Mrs. John P. P50 kins, J OM Peters. Clara V. Porter, Mr. & Ma Anton Reim, Mrs. Arthur .Rista., Mr. & Mrs. George Roberts, MI!. & Mrs. Vincent Roberts. Mr. & Mrs. Frederick RobiD­ son, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Roderick, Mr. & Mrs. John Roderick, Me. & Mrs. Joseph Rowell, Mr. II Mrs. Leslie Ryder. , Mrs. Charles H. Sullivan, Mq, Eveline Sullivan, Mr. & Mr.. Charles H. Sullivan Jr., Mr. Ie Mrs. John Sullivan, Mr. &_ MY& Chester Savery. Mr. & Mrs. George Schule,_ & Mrs. Robert Shea, Anna Sheehy, Mr. & Mrs. Eldred. .

Shaw, Mr. & Mrs. John S~pSOD.

Mrs. Malcolm Slayter, Mr. II

Mrs. James Smith, Mr. & Mu.

James Speirs, Mr. & Mrs. EdwlU4

Starr, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Tap.

lor. '

Mrs. Richard Thomas, M-.

Richard V. Thomson, Mr. & Mra.

Donald Thompson, Mr. & Mn.

Edward Tripp, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­

liam Turner.

Gertrude Tynan, Mrs. EIII

,Vanier,Mr. & Mrs. Roy, VaDo

Amringe, Mrs. Catherine Waldtt

Mr. & Mrs. Donald Walsh. -.

Mrs. Elizabeth Walsh,' 114":

Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Valentine

Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. John Wig.

Mrs. Elizabeth Williamson. '

Mr. & Mrs. joseph Woods, MIl.

. & Mrs. Walter E. Wright, M-. Arthur Young. '



253. Cedar S•• New Bed.o",

WY 3~3222




Thomas F. Monaghan Jr. 'Trealurer


OSborne 5-7856


SHELL HPremiuml1 Famoul Reading HARD COAL



2.4-Hour 011 Burne' Servi.. Charcoal Briquetl Bag Coal -


GLEN COAL & OIL CO., Inc. 640 PI.alall' SIrMt


'el. WY U271

New ......rtI


Ma'y Activities tat Diocesan Highs Increase Tempo .'Cls Year. End Whirl Begins, .Juniors Step 'Up

THE ANCHOR­ Thurs., May 2, 1963


. sweatshirts are on the bargain counter, with hooded and zip­ pered models offered at cut-rate With the merry month 'of ·May wen under way, end­ prices. Just right for camping and beach trips, says star sales­ of-school-year activities at Diocesan h~gh schools are woman Celeste Gariepy. claiming more and more attention. Senior hearts .are beating Also at DA, girls especially en­ faster in anticipation of graduation's whirl of events, while joyed a talk on beauty care be­ underclassmen .are enjoying . cause it was by one of their own the prospect of climbing a dents will undergo Catholic Uni­ graduates, Una Raymond Mi. rung on the academic ladder. vensity Aifiliation Testing Pro­ chaud of the class of '59. gram examinations next week.

The mysterious Orient is in Especially in the spotUght . Subjects will include algebra,

center stage at Mt. St. Mary are juniorS,from whom are be- sciences, Latin, geometry, biol­ Academy, where it'll provide the ing chosen class and society ogy, religion, English and busi­ theme for the junior prom, leaders fur next year. . ness.

"Some Enchanted Evening." To 'In the meantime, students - At Dominican Academy, Fall be held Wednesday night, May have the opportunity to relax River,. Colette Boyer, a junior, 15, the annual event will have today and tomorrow (or hope:' will be the girl to watch at music by Tommy Masso. Some ;fullY to get .in some extra licks sports events next year. She's 90 couples are expected to at final exam material?). Reason been elected head cheerleader, attend and the four class officers is the annual teachers' 'conven- a ttraditionally pep-filled posi­ of the junior homerooms are in tion, being held at Bishop Fee- tion. Her school record would charge of hospitality, with Jo­ han High School. ManyF.eehan- seem to indicate that she's equal Anne Sullivan heading the dec­ i'tes are aiding in convention 'ar- to it. Pursuing a 'general course, SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS . """ th h I : Winners of scholarships orations committee and Gayle rangements ,w!.UJ.e 0 er sc 00 s she's active in the orchestra, so­ are represented at the ~oncur- dalityand -athletics association. to ,Sacred Hearts Academy, Fairhaven are, rear, Diane Greeley being responsible for rently heldiDiocesan :Science She has participated in intra- Cormier and Rosalind Bosse,both of St. Francis Xavier the all-important refreshments. Kimona-clad sopbomores will F,air. mural volleyball and basketball parish, Acushnet, partial scholarships; Estelle Smith, St. be hostesses. Amen,gPrevost boys Who'll tourneys. ' Joseph Fairhaven, full scholarship. Front, 'Cynthia Moniz, And still at the· Mount, Judith journey £ram Fall River 'to AtFeehan students are inviting' St. J,o.sep.h, Fairbaven and Mary .Jane Sweene.y, Holy Name, Bedaarz, president of the Van. Uebaro today .-and tomorrow to their parents to a' special meet­ guard Science Club, has an­

eXhibit their top ranking science 'iug next week. It will be con- New Bedford, both full scholarships. nounced a photography contest, 'displa.ys are.Paul Moreau, Gor- ductedby Rev. 'Father Reddy, becoming nurses and both list open to all students. Prizes will don Bienvenue, Dennis Chouin- a.M.L, who was retreat master from both schools met at Jesus­ . reading amon,g iavorite occupa­ be provided by a small registra­ ard, Paul Garant, Ma'urice f, or the student body in March. Mary auditorium. Prevost offi­ The tions. Pet peeves: school on rainy Levesque and Robert Potvin. ' students were much im- cers installed included Ronald . days and people who worry too tion fee for contestants. Top. SC"-'-rs Father at the time of Fusco, Marc .Mancini, Gaston' much. And 10 make both girls A uxiliumLatinum Awards tr At newly-dedicated Bishop re eat,,'" ~.:s. campus ,spokes- Plante and Richard .st. Pierre. h appy,you need on)y present 1 t" . ._Cassidy ' gh School in Ta.unton" .·men,· :and It lS hoped .that 1he More honors for Sacred Hearts them with large helpings of Latin exam . n a.. naA10nwIde I .attention is centill"ing on. the"" .good ~un .then will ,continue Academy students in Fall River pizza. glven mpri, 432 Stang stu­ junior,seniorprom :scheduled for through the ,efforts of parents include honorable mention and dents ,took this exam'. Fourteen ·tomorxownight. ,Students and and their ,sons and d-aughters." a medal for superior speed and .Memory· books have been we're Gold Medal winners, nine iIlheir .escorts·will sway to South' M~ Mixer accuracy, both awarded to Mar-. holding the spotlight at Holy . received .certificates, 67 attained Sea rhythms as the theme At .Holy F:amilylfigh, New' guerite Zembo in a New England F:a~ly as seniors engage -in the ..superior merit, and 117 got hon­ "Hawaiian Sunset" is .carried Bedford, girls :axe discussing a" regio!il.a1· typing contest spon- favorite pastime of exchanging - arable mention. Gold medal win­ out. , £4m strip and tape -concerned sored for high school students at autographs and assurances of ners had a score between 115-120 . S~ed Hearts AcademY i'Q. wJ,th the .steps necessary for be- . Cardinal' Cushing High School deathless remembrance of each andcertificat-e winners attained Fall River is proud this week of .coming a Sister of Mercy. En- . in Boston. other. Also at Holy Family, soph- . a scor.e between 110-115. juniors Margaret Donnelly and, . }itled "The Path of Mercy: Sister Also at SHA, Paula Powers omores Joel Regula and Eliza'Gold medal winners were:: Mary Beth Furze, among top Foundation Program," the film .. ',and Anna· Faria tied .for top beth McQuillan .and junior Linda Teresa Bourgault, Marcel Bou­ acorers in h""ational Merit Exam-. ~e from 1heCineinnati prov- place in Educational Develop- Ferreira ar.e represented today' chard, Richard .Constant, Carol ..... ti ons. A n d of the reUgiouscommuni'f.",. ment Tests..T en ot h andotomorrow at the Diocesan . Eth'Jer,' Kathleen Keighley. ,,~J.1a tOcU\ya ..snOOal as- 'mce er ' s o p h -' "" . o J S c i e n c e Fair. . sembly was beld at which :Was Also lear~g about ihe w.ay mores scored in the top quarter Walter ,Janick, Robert Zukow­ .presented "Antic Spring;" ~m-of .Mercy were ~o'phomol'es from of the state's participants in the Slate Begistration .- ski, Mary Kopaczewski, Kath­ ..plete with.a .co-ed .cast. BiShop F.eehan who visited '1!he quizzes; . .1een o 'Donald, George Nieslu­ , Faculty members at Jesus- Cumberland .tlGvitiate .of the Observance of Mayas Mary's Of interest to parents as well chowski. .~ry Academy, Fall.River,·have ,community ihisw~. Novices month continues apace at'Dioc-. 'as teachers and students is a Doris Prefontaine, William ·.nn~unced the honor r.oll for 'flht:!. . .·and postulants welcomed girls esan schools. Elementary and "sm9kin g ~rvey" taken at Pre- ,-Rousseau;, Owen Murphy and 1ast marking period. . :lirom ,area Mercy h.igh·,schools 10' high .school dirisions of Sacred vost· High. Average percentage .·Michael Ronan. .. Freslmian Anne Marie Grillo .. the beautiful grounds at .Mt. St. Hearts, Fall River. joined in an 'of smokers among the students is Certificate winners: Geraldine tops all with a 95.per centsch~_ ~itaandexplained;l.spects.ofthe outdoor procession 'Tuesday af- a whopping:44 per cent. Seniors Perry, Doreen Carney, Barbara ·.Iastic average, while 22 students .religious life to them. !f;ernoon, climaxed with benedic- lead.,with 53 per cent of the class .·Alfonso, .RobertCacr, .Susan :attai ned an :average of90pu" 'Following a v:ery- 'successful tion offered by, Rev. John H.admitted smOKerS; sophOmores Walsh. 'eent or better•.Averages of ;85 . Mt. St. Mary Acaclemy Ii)ebate Hackett, chaplain. 'are next with 48 per cent; junKatherine Deans, James Ta· .. per cent and , were listed .Club mixer, sponsored by t h e . Students .of Month, iors claim :47 -per cent; while vares, ·Genev·ieve Gomes, Fran­ 'for an additional 50 girls.. . Fall River ·school ,at the 'Catholic At Bishop Feehan, activities freshmen as yet list but 33 per cis Pr~ybyla.· ..Seven boys from St., Anthony ,.,Communio/ Center, Franklin have ;varied. lnclividual class .cent. . ~===:::::=:;:::=====~ HIgh, New Bedford, members of . Street, .a follow-up mfair is crowning of. Our Lady'sstatue····Bishop Cassidy High School,', . . . the Junipero Club l junior branch planned for tomorrow night.·.was the 'oeremonial chosen by ···"ari.n6unces registration for' inoi the Serra Club, will attend a' ··Students. from area schools are one, .. sophomore home' room, coming freshmEm' for Sunday,. . closed retreat this weekend at"invitedto attend. . while personal ·sacrifices have May 26. At this time new stuCathedraJ. CamP. ·Five'.other boys At 'Bishop Stang Higl). School been, made by all students in dents will be informed of school from the school will attend as .in North Dartmouth, work is honot:' of the',Blessed Virgin. regulations and ~ill receive a guests of' the Juniperansand '~' :rap~dly progressing on a special :..,:..Until· .Monday, .May 20, the listing,ot. their courses for Sep-. . .' . Serrans. Aim of both organiza-' "issue of "Stangsaript," the school perpetual rosary will be recited, tember. tions is the promotion of reli':' ,. paper; "vhich will be dedicated by freshmen, while sophomores :Richar.d . Beaulieu, Richard - '. . .. gious vocations. to the graduating class. Roving will participate in a living ros- Methria, and Rpland Bedard all Ne.w Cheel'Ieaderreporters have receivedpermis- ary ceremony. All students will ..of St. An,thony's High, ha~e a with "Due to circumstances beyond sion to interview seniors at any . unite in a May procession .and dinner date for Monday, May. 20, Mr. Formula 7 the control of this author," -as the thneof daY regarding their high public crownin.g of the campus when they'll attend a banquet at editor of the Prevost Maple Leaf school careers. statue of Our Lady at the end New Bedford hotel sponsored . High .Energy sadl~" expresses it, Diocesan stu:Ne~ Look of the month. by the Eng:Iish-speaking Union Fuel Oil Booster , Mental health has been ,·the At Bishop stang, May crown- of the city. The bOYlii are.contest­ topic of lively di~cussion at ingceremonies have already a,nts in an essay competition on No.5 and No.6 Oil Bishop Feehan, following an ad- been held, with senior Joanne "The Origin and Growth of the dress by Donald Emond social .Gracia receiving the honor of Constitutions of the United . worker at Veterans' ivc~morial crowning the chapel statue .of States and Great Britain." WinC Hospital in Brockton. Students Our Lady. Other classes partici- ners will be announced at the o. left no doubt as to their interest pated in their homerooms, hold- banquet. Brockton, Mass. ir. the topic ,at a question period i;ngJ.ngividual crowning rites. At Dominican Academy, sc;hool that followed the speech. More than half the seniors at .',fhere'll be a new look at Holy St. Anthony's High have entered Family.High School in Septem- . 'tl1,e . annual essaY ccontest spon­ bel'. For the first time, the girls 'sored by the Massachusetts Com­ will w.ear uri±£orms, blossoming mittee for Industrial E~pansion. .'forth In them on Wednesday, This year's topic is 'The Impor­ Sept. 4, ii,rstc;Iay of school. Right tance of an Industrial Job now measurements and fittings 'in Massachusetts." Prizewinners PORTSMOUTH - NEWPORT :COUNTY, RHODE ISLAND arethe orderof the day. . be announced Friday, May' . An inteJ,"esting article in ,the . 17., and cash awards will range . current Prevost High School .from a first prize of $500 to four .Boarding. and Country Day School for Girls Maple' Leaf ex;plains how the .i!rizesof $50 each. under the direction of the weekly news sheet is produced. Students ,of .tl1e month at Po­ Religious of the Sacred Heart. Activities begin around 8 each '.mi.nican Academy, are Madeleine College Preparatory Cou~se. .Monday mol'1li1:\g when editor Brodeur and Suzanne Vallee. Richard. Jusseaume .and the fac- .Both agree on the ambition of 'ulty moderator "exchange a few Announces the Opening of a ideas." Richard assigns .articles White"sFarm Da'ir.y STON~HILL B·OUND: to· various staff members, who , Pauline A~ Gagnon, St. Jean turn them in. to <'headquarters" "SPECIAl ,MILK Baptiste parisb,FallRiver,. by Wednesd~y,.fox typing, proof- . from Our Own JUNE 24-AUGUST 3 is winner of a four year tui­ reading and stencil cutting. Ar,t Tested Herd" :wark is· thenadded,.and the tion scholarship to Stonehill paper is :mirneographed,ready Acushnet, Mass. WY 3-4457 Review-Preview-

College. A seJiiorat Domini­ for distribution the following

Advanced work in high school subjects

can Academy, F.all River, she Monday.

• .special Milk May Observances

• Homogenized Vito D Milk, is a highest honor student .Combining a balanced program of study and recreation.

Jesus-Mary Academy and Pre­

.. Buttermilk and active in extra-curricu­ collaborated this year on • Tropicana Orange Juice Further information concerning either Boarding lar organizations. She is also vost Sodality officer installation cer­

'. Coffee and Choc. Milk . School or Vacation School sent upon request. the academy's Anchor re­ emonies. With Rev. Robert Kas­

• Eggs - Butter porter. zynski as guest speaker, students



Brokslon Cheml·cal



C'onventof the Sacred Heart



THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963


'In Christ'

God Love You


Alice Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Silveira, Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Silva. ST. JOSEPH Mr. & Mrs.Arthur S. Richards, Mr. & Mrs. Frank L. Burns, Mr. By Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, D. D. $200 & Mrs. Raymond L. Roderiques, Bisaillon's Garage Have you ever noticed in a conversation with a non-bellever, Mr. & Mrs. Roland G. Vanasse, $100 or' a so-called Christian, or perhaps even a fellow Catholic that Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia Jr. Mr.'& Mrs. Joseph G. McGann, you express a judgment or a set of values which seem quite in­ Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dion, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Domenick Nicolaci, ~ Mrs. Stanley A. Wojcik, Dor­ comprehensible to them? It is like talking color to a blind man. Mr. & Mrs. G. Garrett Schuler You sit at table with a fellow countryman, and yet your ideas on othy A. Bisaillon, Mr. & Mrs. life, death, birth, education and pain are as different from his as $50 Frederick Schonheinz Mr. & Mrs. night and day. What is the reason for this? It is that you are "in Mr. & Mrs. George A. Brodeur Albert C. Dubois. ' $30 ' Christ" and the other person is not. This means that you have Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Couineau,

Christ's values, Christ's Judgments and Christ's loves while the The Alfred O. Raymond Family Mr. & Mrs. Antone G. Tavares,

other has the world's values and judgments. $25 Mr. & Mrs: Henry Fleurent, Mr.

Mr. & Mrs. James T. Dunn, & Mrs. Victor N. Fleurent, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. John B. Davidson, & Mrs. Tobias S. Laronda, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Smith, Mrs. Richard Stevenson. To be a Catholic is to be "in Chi-ist." Aquilla and Priscilla, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Muldoon Miss Dorothy Stevenson, Mr. & husband and wife and two of the early Church's great apologists. Miss Mary Goggin. Mrs. John Rogers, Mr. & Mrs. were called "helpers in Christ." Apollos, Mr. Joseph p. Collins, Joseph Paul Gosselin; Mr. & Mr. Jean another catechist, is approved '~in Christ"; , P. Blouin & Family, Mr. & Mrs. C, DuCharme. with a holy envy he sends greetings to Joseph J. Kovic, Emile L. Barbe Mrs.'Joseph Dawes, Mr. & Mrs. some who "were in christ before bim," Mr. & Mrs. Earle M. Larkin. John E. Keary, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ 'that is, Christians of even longer standing. Mr. & Mrs; Alfred Vincent, senio Carreiro, Linda Dias, Mr. Mrs. Marie E. Bisaillon. & Mrs. Arlindo Dias Sr. PREFECT: Msgr. Edwin What this means may be illustrated by

Mr. & Mrs. ArIindo Dias Jr., M. Kinch, O.S.M., native of $20' a deep friendship,. such as that between

Mr. & Mrs. J. J. Walsh, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. James' Farias, Mrs. Portland, are., .has been David' and Jonathan, for Scripture says that

Mrs. Donald G. LeBlanc, Mr. Cecil C. Bolton, Mr. & Mrs. Jos­ the soul of Jonathan ,was "knit" unto· the

Edmund J. Folger, Miss Louise eph R. Rezendes, Mr. & Mrs. named the first Apostolic soul of David. The true Catholic is not a

Prefect of Ingwavuma, Zulu­ James B. Lanagan. . LaRoche, Mr. Edward Connor. self-eontained unit; he .is '''knit'; to Christ.

Mr. & Mrs. August J. Gonsalves land, in South' Africa. Or­ $15 There isa community of interests, of joys,

Albert, Gonsalves, Mr. & Mrs. dained in 1945, he was a of sufferings, ,or points of, view, because

Mr. & Mrs. John L. Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Benac, Mr. Mr. &: Mrs. Manuel Almeida, Mr. member of the first Ameri­ there is a cominunity.of Life. .

& Mrs. John Dwyer, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Casimir C. Jarosik, Miss can Servite Fathers' group to Alice M. O'Leary, Mrs. Lester Charles E: Souza. serve among Zulu people of Wbat is it that makes some. interested in sacrificing to brln« Edwards. .

the Ingwavuma prefectllre. Christ to the Missions? It is because &hey' are "in Christ." Un. $10 Ea,st Brewster bappy people are "in themseives," living only for tbemselves. NC Photo. ' Mr. & Mrs. John Bartlett, .Jos­ OUR LADY OF TIlE CAPE \ We bardly ever 'receive a letter at our National Office, regard. eph L. McCarthy', Mr. Robert less of how small the offering, in wbicb we do Dot sense ,tbe L.McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Anthony $200 Taunton Spirit of Christ in the sender: The alms are g·enerally sman Fernandes, Daniel C. Mello. LaSalet'te Fathers materially, but rich spiritually. ·This is because these who love Mr. & Mrs. John Jarvis Jr., , ST. JACQUES $50 the Lord and His Missions mucb are generally not rich. But their James V. Mulroy, Mr. & Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. G. Wilson Smith, love! Their spirit of sacrifice! Their deep love of th.e Holy Father! Seraphine Moniz, Jarvis Medei­

$500 Mr. Walter T. Tuffy We thank God for them and read Mass for them every Sunday. ros, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Char­

Rev. F. Anatole Desmarais Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Perkins, You will, be included, too, if yoU pray for The Society for the bonneau. '

$100 Propagation of the Faith and make a sacrifice-offering for &he Mrs. Abbi Minezzi, Mr. & Mrs. Jr. Rev. Daniel A. Gamache Holy Father's Missions. . Pasquale Nicolaci, Miss Rose$40 Rev. Andre P. Jussaume mary Williams, Raymond HardMr.' &: Mrs. Arthur Norris $35

lng, Mrs. Eryk Szalek. . $25 Matthew Bury

GOD LOVE' YOU to E.A.C.· for $10 "To thank St. Franck Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. McKenMr. & Mrs. Philip, Collyer $30 . Xavier, Patron of the Missions, for my recovery from a serioUll zie, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E. DeMr. & Mrs. Arthur Baronousky Miss Christina Lehoux DOse ,ailment. I wimt the Holy Father to use this for his Missions." Wolfe, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Mr. & Mrs. James Coogan $25

. * * *to J.W. for $22.89 "I, saved this by doing my own maintenance Souza, Mr., & Mrs. James F. Mr..&' Mrs.' Joseph Craffey Raymond Nolin

work on my car." '" * * to M.M. for $2 "I am fourteen years old . Jones, Mr. ,& Mrs. Anthony R. Mr. &: Mrs. Henry Callahan


Fernandez. $20

Euclide Boivin Sr., Maurice and .get $1 a week for bus fare. Now I've decided to be physically fit by walking instead * * * and spiritually fit by sending m:, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas R. Thomas, ' Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kinder

Larocque, John TripP. savings to the Missions." * to J.P. for $10 "I am having one of Leo Veilleux; Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Mr. &: Mrs. Theodore Ellis

$15 L. Lopes, Mr. &: Mrs. Oscar F. Mr. & Mrs. J. Parke O'Connor Roland Auclair, The Bilodeau those bad days todar. He~e i" an offering for those who have M Morency, In Memory of Rose Jr. Family, Andre Leblanc, Ludger , worse.", Ann Emin. ' $15 Lenney, Miss Eva Nolin, Henry ,Mr. G. Carlton Clark Mr. & Mrs. Donald, Sullivan, Perra Jr. Send us your old gold and Jewelry - tbe valuables yo. Mr. & Mrs. Laurian T. Clement, $14

$12 no longer use .but which are too good to throwaway. We will Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Packett'

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel J. Furtado, Mrs; Yvonne Giroux resell'the earrings, gold' eyeglass frames, flatware, ,etc., and use Mr. & Mrs. Antone Morris, 'Misses $10

$10 the money to' relieve the suffering in mission lands. Our addreS8: Anne & Margaret Egan.

Arthur Anctil, Joseph Anctil, The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Rockwood, Mr. & Mrs.' William Bohlin, , Frederick Andrade, Wilfred Bar­ New York 1, ,New York. ' Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Taber, Mr. & Mrs. William Durham, il, David Barreiros. Henry T. ,Olden, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Manning, Col. Roger Beaudoin, Gerard Be­ Joseph A. Furtado, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Ralph Ames, Mr. & Mrs. noit, Henri Benoit, Mrs. Virginie ~ Kenneth O. Grace.' George Linehan. Bilodeau Family, Euclide Boivin Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Mr. & Mrs. John Mahaney, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lodge, Miss , Family. tbe Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society Catherine M. Crossley, Mr. & Helena Brooks, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Francois Boivin, Miss Helene for the Propagation of the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York Mrs. Anson Paine, Enos Days Jr.. McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Boivin, Gerard Bonenfant, Fam­ 1, - N.Y., or your Diocesan Director, RT. REV. RAYMOND To Mr. & Mrs. Frank Foster. Walker, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas King ille Vital Bourgeois, Charles CONSIDINE, 368 North Main Street, Fall River, Mass. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sequira, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McAleney, Bousquet. Mr. & Mrs. Louis D. Costa, Mr. !\fr. & Mrs. Timothy Moore, Mr. Gilbert Brouillette, Miss Alice & Mrs. Antone H. DeTerra, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Walker, Edward Carbonneau, Napoleon Carbon­ ~ & Mrs. John B. Sweeney, Mr. Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Avard Craig neau Jr., Raymond Carreaux, ~ & Mrs. Inguvald Torkelson. Mr. & Mrs. George Holland, Wilfrid Carreaux. Dr. & Mrs. Paul C. Sicard, Mr. & Mrs. David Hodsdon, Mr. Edmond Casey, Miss Theolinde Mrs. Eugene Waldon, Mr. & SHARON, MASSACHUSETTS "'IIIIIIIIIII D r. & Mr s. Ed ward C . V ogt, & M J h D

Champagne, Arthur Charette, ,.. rs. 0 n onovan, Mr. & Mrs. 'Roland Cote, Miss Emilia Couey. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew O'Malley, .... SPACIOUS FIREPROOF SLEEPING QUARTERS 41l1li Mr. & Mrs. Anthony M. Sylvia Ross Simpson.

. Clement Cyr, Rene Dagenais, ,.. For Boys 7 to 14 Years Old ~ Jr., Mr. & Mrs. A. Frederick Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid· Gallant, Mrs. AIda Deniger, Camille Jackson. Mt:s. Frances Frotten, Mrs. Louis Denis, Ernest Dube, William Du­ .... Six w~ek season: June 30 to ~ugust 10 ~ Mr. Freddie Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dickey bois. ,.. Regis~er for 2, or 4, or 6 weeks , James P. Honohan, Mr. & Mrs. .Miss Helen McMahon. Rodolphe Dusseault, Henri ~ Free Tutoring if Desired ~ 'George Mendes, Miss Martha Mr., & Mrs. Roger Bassett,Mr. 'Galipeau, Miss Irene Gaouette, THE BROTHERS OF THE SACRED HEART , Bisaillon, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph W. & Mrs. Paul LaBrecque, Miss Felix Girard, Edward Gag'uen & Labee. Sophie Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Jeanne. Mr. & Mrs. George E. Breault, Ernest Normandin, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Guay, Laureat Guay, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph G. Marques, Thomas Fox. Miss Annette Guillette, Dr. & SHARON, MASSACHUSmS .... Mrs. James W. Greenway, Mr. & Col. & Mrs. Warren Combes, ,Mrs. Fernand Hamel, Richard '1IIlr... Mrs. Edward Galligan, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs..Walter Linowski, Mr. Harnois. ,.. A RESIDENT SCHOOL FOR BOYS "'IIIIIIII Mrs. Henry· E. Fortin. & Mrs. Herbert Montgomery, Jr. Mrs. Eleanor Hazel" Richard Mr. & Mrs. Paul C. Hudon, Mrs. Mary Healy Clark, Mr. & Labonte, Mrs. Rita Labonte, Grammar Grades 4-5-6-7-8 Mr. & Mrs. Gerard A. Gagne, Mrs. Frank Gallant. Irene & Leda LaFrance, Mrs. Eva ~._ " THE BROTHERS OF THE SACRED HEART ~ Mr. & Mrs. Maurice F. Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Warren Doe, Mr. Lamoureaux. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Silvia, Mr. & & Mrs. Paul Finlay, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Lamaureux, Miss Lina Mrs. Armand Breault. Raymond Ertel, Mr. & Mrs. Rob- Lebrun, Oscar Lemieux, Norm­ Miss Marguerite Carroll, Mr. ert Crowell, Mrs. Cora Taber. and L'Etoile, Armand Levesque. & Mrs. Grover C. Johnson, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. James White, Mr. Paul Machnik, Arthur Madden, & Mrs. Albert. A. Catetti, Mr. & . & Mrs. Joseph Atkins, Mr. & Mrs Alfred Marotte, Frederick Men­ Mrs. Edward W. Soares, Mr. & Arthur Keefe, Mr. & Mrs. Rich­ ard, Edmond Morin. Mrs. John E. Lima. ard Hi,nes, Mr. & Mrs. James Louis Morin, Gilbert Morris, FOR BOYS, 7·15 LAKE OSSIPEE, N. H. Miss Anna Hendricks, Mr, Marceline, Mr. Thomas Lyons. Miss Madeleine Nadeau, Miss Season: Julx, 1 to A~g. 25 Rates: $400 per seaSOn Charles Roberts,·Mr & Mrs John - '. Helene Neveux, Clive Olson" The 310 acres of camp Marlst are situated 011 beautiful lake Ossipee hi Correia, Mr. Gabriel Barboza, Manuel Pacheco Jr., Roland New Hampshire. All bungalows are equipped with ,screellS. hot, aod cold Fall River K of C Mrs. Elaine Cromwell. Pariseault, Miss L1Jcille Pat­ water, showers and toilet facIlities. The 1963 senon will mark the four· Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Dulude, neaude, Raymond Pelletier, Ro­ Fall River Council, Knights of teenth season that Camp Marist is In operation. The camp Is conducted and • c0lI)pletely stafred by.. . Mr. & Mrs. Al'thur Boudreau, Columbus, will hold its annual land Pelletier. Henri Perra, Emile Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. John Alves Jr., Mr. corporate Communion at St.' 70 MAR 1ST BROTHERS & Mrs. Frank S. Folger, Mr. & Mary's Cathedral at 9 o'clock Robert Powell, Francis Rezendes, An land and water activities ore o¥oiloble ....dueSing. hon.back riding, riflery., Mrs. Joseph L. Andrade. Mass Sunday morning, May 12. Miss Blanche Richard. o,ch.ry. wol., .kiing. conoe t,lp. ond Oll.mlght hik... Indivlduol ow.lmming Joseph Riendeau, Maurice Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. Fada,' Breakfast will follow. at Sacred b,,'rudion i, g i v e n . . ' . .. Miss Violet Williams, Mr. & Mrs. Heart School Hall. Deadline for Riendeau, Charles Rocheleau, For further information: Phone fA 4-5884 (Area 212) or write Joseph E. Williams, Mr. & Mrs. reservations is tomorrow, and Mrs. Georgianna Simard, Ray­ Brother JosePh .Abel, mond Starvish: Gerard C. Benoit, Mr. &, Mrs. Stephen T. Moore, ticket chair­ man, announces that Rev. John Emile Vaillancourt, Henri Vai­ Manuel Gomes. ST. HELENA HIGH SCHOOL Mr. & Mrs. Mariano Moniz, Connors of St. John's Seminary, llancourt, Wilfrid Vincent AlbIon Box·F.l0 945 Hutchinson River Pkwy., Bronx 65, N,Y, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Pires, Miss Brighton, will be guest speaker. Wilford, ,Richard Wilford.













c;:amp marist

George Moniz, Manuel &:, Marla Monte, Mr. &: Mrs. Donald 'Mor­ · ris, Frank Motta. . . MT.CARMEL Joao Moniz Neto, Mr. &: Mrs. • t.OOO.OO

· Joseph V. Nunes, Mr. &: Mrs. In. Rev. AntonioP. Vieira. . Jose Oliveira, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph $215.00 . Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. Jacinto P. Santo Christo Club. Penho, Raul Pereira. $100.00 . Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pacheco, Rev. Manuel P. Ferreira. Mr. & Mrs. Antone Pacheco, Mr. Mt. Carmel CYO.• . & Mrs. Donald Pacheco, Mr. & $15.00 Mrs. William Paiva. Rev. Luciano J. Pereira. Maria Liliana Perry, Mr. &; Leonor Luiz. Mrs. Gilbert Pimental, Mr. & $60.00 Mrs. Mariano Pimental, Mary Mary T. Luiz. · Pimental, Mr. & Mrs. John $50.00 Ponte. Holy Name Society. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ramos, Mr. & Mrs. Albert P. Lopes. Manuel Ramos, Antone Rapoza, Mt. Carmel Woman's Club. Helen Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. Man­ Mr. & Mrs. George Ponte. uel Rapoza Jr. . Mr. & Mrs. Alvaro L. Rode­ Mary Rebeiro, Mr. & Mrs. riques. Manuel Ricardo, Pedro & Es­ $30.00

trella Ricardo, Mr. & Mrs. John Mr. & Mrs. Albino Sylvia.

P. Rita, Mrs. Thomas Rocha & $25.00

'Family. . Antone Felix, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Roderick, Charles Frates, Mr. & Mrs. Enos Mr. & Mrs. George Roderiques, Lopes, Olivia M. Luiz" Jesse Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Rodriques, Mello, Augustus Silva. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel E. RodriClues, $20.00 Januaria Rogers. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Borges, John, Olive & .Lucille Rose, Mr. & Mrs. August Fernandes, Mr. & Mrs. HenrJque Rouxin'ol, Maria C. Ferro, Mr. & Mrs. Ste. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Santos, Mr. ~hen Macedo, Antone C. Math­ & Mrs. Manuel Santos, Mr~ & ew.s Mrs. John Saraiva. Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Mathews, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Silva Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Pedras, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. George Silva, Mr. & &; John Perry, Louis L. Mrs. Joao Silva, Mr. .& Mrs. Rita. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Silveira, John Silva, Maria da C. !,.opes Mr. & Mrs. Hemiterio Souza. Silva. , , $15.00 Marie Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cecelia Bettencourt; Mr.' &: Sivveira, Genoveva Silvestre, Mr Mrs. Joseph ·Cruz Jr., Mr. & Mrs.. & Mrs. James Edw. Soltis, Mr. John Martins.' & Mrs. Deolinda Souza. $12.00 Mr. &; Mrs. Edward C. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Guilhermf; M. Mr. & Mrs. George Souza, Mr. & Luiz. Mrs. James Souza, Mr. & Mrs. $10.00. Manuel Souza, Mary O. So.uza. Mr. &; Mrs. Nelson A. Souza, . Elsie Almeida, Mr. & Mrs. Francisco' Almeida,. Isabel An-· Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Sylvia,. Mr. drade, Mr. &; Mrs. Antonio ~I- & Mrs. Frank Sylvia, Mr. &; Mrs. borio, Mr. &; Mrs. Amerlco George Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. ManAraujo. uel Souza. . Mr. & Mrs. Antone Arruda,' Philomena Sylvia, Mr. &; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arruda, Mrs. Raymond Sylvia, Mr. &; Maria de Lourdes Arruda, Mrs. Mrs. Manuel Tavares, Thomas Manuel Barboza, Mr. &; MFs.· Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Antone Baroa. Travassos. , Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Batacao, Anna Varao, Mr. &; Mrs. GilMaria de Jesus Benevides, ·Mr. ~rt M. Varao, Sophie Va.rao, &: Mrs. James Borges, Mr. - &: , Mr. &; Mrs. Arthur R. Vascon. Mrs. .,Mf;\nueL Brune Jr. Mr., &;. cellos, Mr. &; Mrs. William Mrs. Frank Cabral. Veary. ' Mr. & Mrs. Joao Soares CabBelmira Vieira; Mr. &; Mrs. ral, MI'. & Mrs. Raymond Cam- Dionesio Viera, Mr. & Mrs. John bra, MI'. & Mrs. Ernest Cardoza, .. · Viveiros, Mr. &; Mrs. .ThoW a • Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caton,·Mr. &;. Winn. Mrs. Antonio Correia Jr. ' Charles Correia, Francisco Correia, Mr. &: Mrs~ John Cor-·· ­ reia, Mr. &: Mrs. Jose S. Cesta, HOLY FAMILY Ifr. & Mrs. Joseph Couto. Cove View, Inc., Mr. &: Mrs. '$500

Jose Cruz, Mr. & Mrs. M~nuet .Rev. William Dolan

DaSilva, Agnes DeMello & $50 mother, Mr. " Mrs. James De­ Joseph Mozzone Mello. $25 Jose Felix Deoliveira, Ma­ Sylvano Farias, Russell Cham­ ranna & Edwina Dias, Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Doyle, Mr. &: MFS. berland, Joseph Raposa. Joseph Encarnacao, Mr. &: Mrs. $20 Ernest Silvia, Joseph Perry, Manuel Estrella. Mr. &; Mrs. Jose Felix, Mr. &: Edward F. Cameron.. Mrs. Jose Ferreira, Mr. &; Mrs. $15 Manuel Ferreira, Natalie Fe­ Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caiouo, reira. Mr. &; Mrs. Joseph Ferro.. Stanley Markowski. Bill Francis, Julia Francisco, $10 Hoe Ferro, Mr. & Mrs. Silvester .Mr. Ie Mrs. John Furtado, Furtado, Maria &; Ernest Francie Mary &: Elsie Linhares, Alfred Garcia. Amaral, Mary Raposa, John L. Mr. & Mrs. Tobias Gasp.., Mr. Souza Sr. 'It Mrs. t'.:icbolas Gigante, Mr. &: ·Mrs. Russell Jones, ThODlH -Mrs. Joseph Gomes, Lily Gomes, White, Louise Homen, T. Leo Mr. & Mrs. Custodio Gonsalve•. McCarron, ·Mary Joan Costa. Manuel Gonsalves, Mr. &: Mrs. Vincent W. Muir, Anne Perry, William Gonsalves, Maria T0ma­ Joseph Coelho, Edward MeBia Guerreiro, Evelyn Hendricks, Garry, William Silva. . Mariana Hendricks. - Frank Brum, William Mc­ Mary Hendricks, Mr. & Mrs. Aloon, John Gonsalves, Mr. Ie John Jakusik, Margaret Jardin, . Mrs. Robert Coveney, MI'. &: Mr. & Mr.s. Richard King. :Mr. Mrs. William R. Powers. &: Mrs. Edward Kocor. George M. Powerll Jr., Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Le­ Mrs. Manuel Rose Jr., Mr. & Comte, Mr. &; Mrs. Edward Lima, Mrs. Daniel Nunes, Mr. &: MrS. Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Lopes, Ray m 0 n d Cooke, Benjamin Maria Lopes, Peter Lopes. Berthao. . Jose Lou1'O, Alexandrina Ma­ . 'Alfred Willette, Daniel Cab­ eedo, Mr. &; Mrs. James S. Ma­ ral, Mr.&; Mrs. Alfred Mattos, cedo, Mr. &; Mrs. Louis .Macedo, Rob e l' t Mattos, Mrs. Esther Mr. &; Mrs. Manuel Macedo. · Silvia. Mr. & .Mrs. Manuel S. Maeedo, . John Ludovina, R~d Gor­ Maria Macedo, Mary J. Macedo, !ion, Mrs. Adelln, BobersoD, Stella Macedo, Anna L. Maciel: · Marlo Marques, 'Franci, Perry. John Maciel; Mr. & Mrs. ROg~ Maririho, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Mar.ks, Mr. &: Mrs. :Matthew Martin, Elaine Medeiroa. . Mr. & Mrs. John Medeiros, Mr. • Mrs. Ronald Medeiros,'Theo­ pbilio Medeiros, Ann Mello, rlorence Mello. JOhR C. Mello, Mr. 6: JlIft. Ioae Mello, Mr. 6: Mrs. IIaaueI Mello, Mr. 6: lin. Jew. . . . . . . _ .......... Sp.~.

New Bedford

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Faft River-Thurs., May 9, 1963

Top & Bottom


Choice, Lean, Mouth·Wafering -

... .........



M ellis•

Rene Poya-.t 'Hyanni,

An Good ·Eating

FACE RUMP ROAST Tender, Wesfern'Steer Beef

ROUND TIP ROAST Rich in Robust Goodness

EYE ROUND ROAST Choice Grade - Lean and Luscious


LB75c L879c L899c L8 '1.09 95c. L8

. Same Low S.lf·s.rvi~ Pri~s in AU Stores in Thi, Vicinity - (We R_ve tfie Right to limit Quantitie,'


Real ·Estate:


First National'l Famous 'Quality, Choice

Grade, Heavy Weste,," Steer 8eef



LARGE -: CALIFORNIA - Sweet, Firm, Red Ripe

.Strawberries Potatoes NEW - FLORIDA -. Washed and dean





WeD·BaIanced Diet

8 $1~OO JELLY Calo 'C:;Food Treat 37c Chuckles CANDIES 2 49c

f five Mom's Cookies 2 49c I FINAST - Cling Rich Tropical Flavcr ,i Dole PINEAPPLI JUICE 2'~~sz49c .PEACHES

, Adds Zest and Flavor·to Your Meals 29c .Mushrooms.. 5=:.& 5 95c /.i .Red Ripe, VIM Matured ", , FlNAST " TOIDa'oes RICHMOND 4 ·69c , . Golden, Sweet, Whole Kernel lOMAIO :Sweet ·Cora 'RNASY 4 59c JUICE

Fresh Flavor 2 lOTS 49c Apple Sauce ANAST. 1l~oz 29c


'Sweet, Spring

1L18-C)& JAR

.1 La CellOS

Detteiou5 Vari",tios





tI ,

























stf 1)'


CARDINAL SPELLMAN BLESSES THE NEW BISHOP CASSIDY HIGH SCHOOL FOR GIRLS IN TAUNTON AT IMPRESSIVE RITES Paul Bellavance, Hon. & Mrs. Edward Lee, Mr. & Mrs. John Picchi. ST. JOHN $12 $1,000 Mrs. Mary Barnett Very Rev. Thomas F. Walsh Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Jost: $500 $10 Mr. & Mrs. Harry Condon Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Alimenti, $200 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Allard, Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Kerrins Mrs. Yvonne Allgrove, Mr. & $150 Mrs. Ernest Amiro, Mrs. Arthur Dr. & Mrs. John Lonergan G. Anderson. $100 Mrs. John Anderson, Mr. &: Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Brennan Mrs. Tobia Anelunde, Mr. & . John Mahon & Family Mrs. Manuel Arruda, Mr. & Benjamin Nolin Mrs. Lawrence Auger,' Mr. & Dr. Anthony Terranova Mrs. Alvin Barney. $80·' Margaret B a l' r y, Bernard Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ciolfi , Beatty, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest $75 Belanger, Mrs. Alice Bellavance, Rev. James F. McCarthy Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bellavance. Mr. & Mrs. Russell Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Belt, Mr. & George Janson Mrs.. Robert Bibeault, Mr. & William Walton Mrs. Benjamin Bilello, Mr. & $50 Mrs. Francis Birch, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bowen Mr. & Mrs. Luca Fantaccione James Birch. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bolton, Edmund Henry Mr. & Mrs. James K. Murphy Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bolton, Mr. & Mrs.' George Bonner, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. F. Stelter Jr. Kathryn Stokes Mrs. Robert Booth, Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Bosh. $40 Mr. & Mrs. Haymond Boucher, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Boudreau, Mary J. Boyle, John Bowen, Mrs; William Bowen. Mrs. Susan Breen, Kaye Bren­ nan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bry-' son, Lena Buchanan, Mr. & Mrs. James Burch. Mr. & Mrs.· Charles C.' Cain Jr., George Caldwell, Robert Callahan, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Campbell, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Canavan. Mr, & Mrs. Francis Canary, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Cardin, Violet Carey, In memory of Ed­ ward & Catherine Carey, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Carpenter. John Carroll, Mic:hael Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Cartier, Mr. & Mrs. John Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. David Carreiro, Evelyn Car­ valho. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Cassidy, Mr. & Mrs. Charron, Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Charron, Mr. & Mrs. 'E~rl Cochran, Geraldine Condon, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Collins. William Conlan, Mr. & Mrs. Hobert Conley, Ray Cooney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Conroy, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Allen Corkum, Mr. & Mrs. James Corcoran, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cosgrove, Mr. & Mrs. Hel;lry Creeden,' James Croke Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Cronin, Mr~ & Mrs. John Cronin, Mr. &: Mrs. Earl Cruff, James Currie & Mary Currie, Emma Davey. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Davey, Elva Deavellar, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Davignon, Mr. & Mrs. Ian Davis, Mrs. Edward Deegan. Jacqueline Deegan, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Delsolio, Mr. &: Mrs., Ernest Demers, Mr. & Mrs. Rus­ sell Dennen, Dorothy Dennis; Edward Den n i S, Margaret Dennis, Mr. & Mrs'. ;Toseph Dero­ sier, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Des­ Jardins, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Des-' rosier. Mr. & Mrs. Rock DesVergenes, Mr. & Mrs; Harry Diegel, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph . Donaghy,' Mr. 8;


Mrs. William Donahue, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Doraz. Mr. & Mrs. James Doyle, John J. Doyle, Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Dudo,vicz, Mr. & Mrs. William Dumoulin, Mrs. David Dupee. Mrs. John Dwyer, Mrs. Leon­ ard Dwyer, Mr. & Mrs. Paul El­ liott, Mr. & Mrs. Milton Elsbree, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Endler Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Fanning, Mrs. George Farrington Jr;, Mr. & Mrs. John Ferrara, Mr. & Mrs. George F.iske, Owen Flanagan. Anna Fleming, Agnes Foley, Mr. & Mrs. James Foley, Mr. & Mrs. Russell Fontneau, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Forbes. Fred Franz, Mr. & Mrs. An­ gelo Fratoni, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Gagne, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Gag­ non, Mrs. Amelia Galligan. Angela Galligan, Elizabeth

Galligan, Mary Galligan, Mr. & Mrs. John Galvin, Mr. & Mrs. Haymond Garafano. Joan Garriepy, Thomas Gariepy, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Caron, Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Gautieri, Mr. & Mrs. George Gay. Margaret Gaynor, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Gazzola, Mr. & Mrs. Ber­ nard Gibbons, Ruth Gibbons, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gilbert. Margaret Gifford, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Gifford, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel E. Gilroy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gobin, Mr. & Mrs. An­ thony Gonsalves. Louis Gorman, Mr. & Mrs. L y ford W. Gorman, Agnes Gormley, Mrs. John Gourlay, Mr. & Mrs. Frank J. Grammel. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Greve, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Guimond, Wil­ liam Hall, Philip Hallein, Mr. & Mrs. William Hanlon. Lillian Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. , Roland Harrison, Bessie Heather Mary Heather, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ liam Heussler. David Hicks, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Higginbotham, Mr. & Mrs. Leon Halbrook, Helen Holt, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Houde. Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Ina, Alma Janson, Beatrice Janson, Ida Janson, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Janson. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Jewett, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Johnson, John Judge, Kevin Judge, Sarah Johnson. Mr. & Mrs. Alex Karol, Mr. & Mrs. John Keane Sr., Mrs. Leslie Keefe, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Kelley, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kennedy. Mr. & Mrs. Robert J. Kenney, Mr. & Mrs. James Kenworthy, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Kinney, Mary Kilburn, Joseph Kracz­ kowski. Phil Kraczkowdki; Mr. & Mrs. Augustus Kudrnac, Jqhn Kup­ stas, Mr. & Mrs. George Kohler, Bridget Lee. Mr. & Mrs. Earl LaMarche, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Lamereaux, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Lange, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Larocque, Mr. & Mrs. Coleman Lee. Mr. & Mrs. John Lee, Mary Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Roger F. Lee, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lehane, Mr. & Mrs. George Levis. Mr. & ·Mrs. Joseph W. Lewis,

Mr. & Mrs.. Harry'Loew, M. John chaud, Mr. & Mrs. Robert B. Loew, Mary Levis, Mr. & Mrs. Robichaud. Peter F. Lynch Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Roca, M.,. Helen Madden, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Paul Rockett, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Magina, James Maher, Robert Rohman, Mr. & Mrs.' Mrs. John Maher, Oscar Maher. Joseph Romagnoli, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Mahew, Robert Romero. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Rounds, Mr: Mr. & Mrs. James Malloy, Sheila & Mrs. Robert Rovzar,Mr.. &. Malloy, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Mar­ Mrs. Joseph Roy, Mr. & Mrs. ron. Joseph Rushlow, Mr. & Mr.. John Masterson, Mr. & Mrs. John Santos. George Matros, Mr. & Mrs. May­ Mr. & Mrs. Carl Sauer, Mr.. nard, Mr. & Mrs. John Meegan, & Mrs. Matthew Savastano, Mr.' Ronald Menard. . Mr. & Mrs. William Menard, . & Mrs. Ralph Sears, Donald· Mrs. Fred Metters, Mrs. Frances Shanley, Mr. &' Mrs. Philip '. Miller, Mr. Edward Millet, Dr. Shanlay. Mrs. William Sheehan, James &. Mrs. Raymond Millia·n. Sheehan, Thomas Sheehan, M.i". Mrs. Arthur Cordle. Mr. & Mrs. Ronald McAvoy, & Mrs. Richard Silva, Mrs. ' Jennie MacDonald, Mr. & Mrs. Eileen Skelley. R. E. MacDonald, Gertrude Mc­ Mr. & Mrs. William Skiving­

Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Mc- ton, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Slain,

Brien. . Mr. & Mrs. Henry Smith, Mr. & A. Henry McCracken, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Soares, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Henry McCracken, Mr. & Arthur Spadoni. Mrs. James McCracken, Elsie Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Sqillante, McDonald, Susan McGinn. Hen'ry Stanton, Richard Stanton, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent McGinn, Mrs. Mary Stanton, Mr. & Mrs. George McGovern, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Stanhope. John McIsaac, Mrs. Dominic Mr. & Mrs. Francis Stelter, McKenna, Mr. & Mrs. Franklin Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Stelmack, McKay Jr. Kenneth Stone, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McLaug­ Frederick Strong, Mr. & Mrs. lin, Mr. & Mrs. Charles McLear, James Sullivan. Mr. & Mrs. Mathew McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald McNally, Mr. Thomas Tan-nock, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Alfred MeNally. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McNamara, Arthur Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. George Tunnicliff, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Mondor, Mr. Henry Ty. & Mrs. Arthur Mondor, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Uriot, Mrs. Eugene Mondor, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. James Wadick, Mr. Mrs. Arthur Morin. & Mrs. Richard Wagle, Mr. & Bernice Morrissey, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Morrissey, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Alexander Weldon, Mrs.. Thomas Mulleady, Ed ward Bertha Wells. Mrs. Irmah White, Mr. & Mrs. Murphy, Helen Murphy. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Mulligan, John T. White Jr., Mrs. Doris Wilkinson, Mr. & Mrs. John Mr. & 'Mrs. James F. Murphy Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murphy, Use Wojciechowski, Mrs. Charles Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kilch. Mr. & Mrs.. Michael Zi~ Murphy. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Nardini, Thomas Janson, Mr. & Mrs. Helen Nolan, Bridgit Nolin, Mr. Herbert Wilbur. & Mrs. Philip Norton, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nunes. R. A. WILCOX CO.

Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Nyzio, Mr. & Mrs. Donald O'Brien, Mr. & OFFICE FURNITURE

Mrs. James O'Connor, Mr. & ID Stoek for ImmedIate Delh'e~ Mrs. Edward J. L'Donnell, Mrs. Thomas O'Ke'efe, Mr. & Mrs. • DESKS • CHAIRS Robert O'Brien. FILING CABINETS Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O'Donnell, • FIRE FILES • SAFES Mr. & Mrs. John O'Neil, Albert FOLDING TABLES Ousley, Mrs. Thomas O'Keefe, AND CHAIRS Miss Margaret O'Keefe.. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Powers, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G.Perry, 22 BEDFORD S1.

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Paille, Mr. FALL RIVER 5-7838

& Mrs. Arthur Paille, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Perry. Miss Bertha Pelletier, Edward PatenaUde, Mr. & Mrs. George Electrical Pion, Miss Malvina Pelletier, Edward J. Pucko.. Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Perry, Dr. & Mrs. Edward Paolino, Mr. & Mrs." Roxy' Picchi,' Mr. & Mrs. Rocco Proia, Mrs. James Percy. .Mr.·& Mrs. Albert Pion, Mr. & Mrs. John Pacheco, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O. Precort, Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Pelletier, Harold Quinn. . 944 County St. Mrs. Joseph Quinn, Marion New Bedford Raposa, . Mr.. & Mrs. Francis Reso,·Mr. & "Mrs. Robert Robi-



"Itf! ANCHOR-Diocese of'~" Itiver-l'hu;s., May" 1·'63


BISHOP CASSIDY HIGH DEDICATION: Left photo, Francis Car­ dinal Spellman of New York is shown entering the new Taunton school to bless it in honor of his late friend and third Bishop of the Diocese of Fall River. Center photo~ Cardinal Spellman is shown at dedication rites McAvoy. Mr. '& Mrs. Timothy F. Mc­ ST. JAMES Crohan, Everett J. O'Brien, John O'Connor, Dr. Patrick O'Connor, $300 Dr. William O'Connor. Rt. Rev. Hugh A. Gallagher. Margaret Quail, Mr. & ,Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hemingway. Leonard Storer, Clifton Sullivari, $200

Francis Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. A Friend.

Milton Taylor. Sylvester Walsh, In Memory $100 of Bernard Warren.. A Friend. Mr. & Mrs. Francis '0. Quinn.' $15 Dr. & Mrs. James Quinn. . Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Baptiste, Agnes Bazata & Alice Murphy, $75

Mr. & ,Mrs. John Britto, Mr. & Rev. Edward C. Duffy.

Mrs. Eugene Connors, Mr. & $60

Mrs. Donald Cordeiro. Hurley Family.

Mr. & Mrs. William R. Flood, $50 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Gobeil, Mr. Rev. Albert F. Shovelton. & Mrs. David Kane, Minnie Mc­ Rev. Thomas E. O'Dea. Donald, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Robert C. Brancroft. Pedro. Paul Clark. Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Quinn, Mrs. Jeremiah Coholan. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Szulik, Dr. Daniel Harrington. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tschaen Mr. & Mrs. William Whalen. Sr. $12 Mr. & Mrs. Edward Theodore. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Akucewicz, Mr. & Mrs. Alexander Gon­ Mary M. Walsh. salves, Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Hart, $45

In Memory of Mrs. Mary L. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kenney, Mr. & Mrs. William Stephenson, Mr. Foley.

& Mrs. Raymond Tschaen Jr. $40

$10 ' Mr. & Mrs. Luke Smith.

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Alfonso, $35

Mrs. Herbert Ainsworth, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Harrison.

Mrs. Arthur Amaral, Mr. & Mrs. $30 Thomas Archer, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Roberta Ashley. Anna Meehan. George Avila. Eileen BackUS, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Rogers. Humbert Baldo, Mrs. Agnes $25 . Mr. & Mrs. William Best, Mrs. ' Baldwin, Mrs. Candida Barros, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Barrows. Wright Bolton III, Anne Daw­ bel', Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fon­ Mrs. Clifford Bates, Mr. & taine, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Fre­ Mrs. William E. G. Batty Jr., nette. Mrs. Mary Bauer and John Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James L. Giblin, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bettencourt, Mr. & Mrs. John Borges. Mrs. Delia Harrington, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Borges, Mrs. Henry Luckraft, Mrs. Mary Mr. & Mrs. William J. Boyle, E. Madden & William F. Wal­ dron, Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Brady, Mr. & Maguire. Mrs George Braga, Edwin Brock. Mr. & Mrs. James P. Mullin Leonard S. Brock, Margaret Cairns, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph' Ca­ Jr., Genevieve Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Edward O'Rourke, Mr. & mara, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Ca­ Mrs. Charles Palmer, Mr. & Mrs. millo, Mrs. Eulalia Campos. Arthur Carney, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Pimental. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Roach, Mr. Paul Caron, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carr, Mrs. Mary ,Carroll, Mr. & & Mrs. George Sheehan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carter. Mrs. Bernard Sullivan, In Mem­ ,Adeline M. Carvalho, Isabel ory of Timothy J., Mary A., and Agnes G. Sullivan from Kath. Carvalho, Virginia Carvalho, Mrs. Clarence J. Casey, Mrs. erine and Margaret Sul­ van, George Swansey and Miss Dorothy Chapman. Catherine Swansey. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Charron, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Tavares, Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Chenette, John F. Clark, Mary Clark, Helen Walsh, Margaret Walsh. Francis Coffery. $20 Mr. & Mrs. James Collins, Ed­ Mr. & Mrs. Francis Baptiste, Mr. & Mrs. Callanan, Mr. & Mrs. ward Connelly, Janet R.Con­ Ernest Chicoine, Mr. & Mrs. nelly, Margaret Connelly, Mary James W. Clark, Antonio. Connelly.. Estrella. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Marlo Fraga; A Evelina Constantine, Mr. & Mrs. Friend, Dorothy M. Baldwin; Albert Correia, Mr. & Mrs. AI­ Joseph E. Baldwin, Mr. & ~rs. ,bert Correia, Helen Correia. Romeo Barabe. Mr. & Mrs. 'Jules P. Correia, Mr. & Mrs. John Gomes, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Temple Corson, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hummel, Anna & Mrs, Edmund Coyne, Richard L. Kennedy, Julia Kennedy, Mrs. Crowe, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Cum­ . miskey.. MarY,Lapointe. Mrs. Evelyn Levesque, ·Mrs. . Alice Dahoney, Edward Da. Mary Macey, Mr. & Mrs..Edward . .honey, ,John Dahoney; Mr. & Mackay, Mr. & Mrs: J;oltn ·H. Mrs,"John: DaLuz, Mrs. Richard , Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Darlina

New Bedford

with Bishop Connolly. Right photo, Most Rev. James J. Gerrard D.D Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese, is shown at blessing with Rev. Mauric; Souza, left, and Rev. Callistus Szpara, O.F.M. Conv. The Student body totals 290.

Mr. & Mrs. Earl Delacy, Mr. Mrs. James Delano, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Dessert, John De­ Vine, Robert Devlin. Mr. & Mrs. William Donaghy, Anna Donovan, Joseph Doyle, Mr. & Mrs. Miles L. Fay, Nellie Fay. . Mr. & Mrs. John Fernandes, Mr. & Mrs. John E. Ferro, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Fields, Mrs. Bridget Finch" Mrs. 'Mary Fo­ garty. . John E. Foster, Mr. & Mrs. P.hilias J. Fournier, Mr. & Mrs. Frank T. Francis, Mr. & Mrs.' Gilbert Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles, Frates. Mr. & Mrs. Herman Freeman, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Furtado, Mr. & Mrs. Omer Gagnon and Joyce Gagnon, Mary Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. Neal Galligan. Ellen Gaughan, John and Ray­ mond Gifford, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ fred Gill, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Goley, Lillian Gomes. Mary and Margaret Gordon, Joffre Gracia, Mr. & Mrs. Sam­ uel Greene, Mr. & Mrs. John Groton, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Har­ ney. Mr. & Mrs.' Benedict J. Hal'. rison, Mr. & Mrs. William Har­ rison, Mr. & Mrs. William Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph W. Hathaway, Mrs. Inez Hayes and Son. . Mrs. Mary Hayes, ~obert Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Hecner, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hoaglund, John Hodgin Jr. Thomas A. Holden, Mr. & Mrs. Arsene HOUle, Mrs. Ernest Hum­ phrey, Helen Jarusik, Mr. & Mrs. John F.Jesus. 'Mr. & Mrs. Leo Kavanaugh Jr., Eileen Kennedy, Sarah A. Keighley, James Kilbride, Mrs. Mildred Kristiansen. Mrs. John Kruczek, Mr. & Mrs. Adam Lacala, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lamoureux, Mr. & Mrs. Oharles Lamoureux, Mrs. Ar. mand Langis and Family. Mr, & Mrs. Norman Langlois, Mrs. Grace Lardner, Mary E.' Lardner, Mr. & Mrs. Lucien Lareau, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Law­ rence. , Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Leonardo, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Lepire, Mr. & Mrs. Armand VEtoile, Mr. & Mrs. George Leva, John G. Leva. Mrs. Helen Lewis, Agnes -Lis­ ter, Catherine Lister, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Lister, Joan A. Lopes. Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Lopes, M~s. Alice Lowney, Mr. '& Mrs. Edward Maguire, Mr. & Mrs. John Maguire, Mr. & Mrs. Fran. cis J. Manning. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Martin Jr., ,Mr. ,& Mrs. Delor Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Diego Martino, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Matros, Mr. ,& Mrs. John J. Mayall. , Mr. & Mrs. Joseph S. Maziarz, Henry McAvoy, William T. Mc­ Avoy, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mc­ Cann, Christine McCarthy. ' Mr. & Mrs. Francis McCarthy, ~r. & Mrs. Edward Mcquire, &


Mrs. Estelle McLeavy, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McNeeley, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Medeiros. James Meehan, Stephen Mee­ kin, Mr. & Mrs.. Robert Meggi­ son, John Mello, Margaret T. Mellody. Mr. & Mrs. John Mendoza, Mrs. Violet Middleton, Florence Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester A. Mitchell, Catherine Moda. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Mo'iliz, Mr. & Mrs. John Morris, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Moss, ·Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Mulcairns, Frederick Munro. Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Neary, Mr. & Mrs. William Nelson, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Nicholas, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Normandin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nunes, Henry O'Brien, Eileen O'Rourke, Elizabeth O'Rourke, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Rourke. . Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ouimet, Mary Ouimet, Mrs. Mary L. Parr, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Perci­ val, Mrs. Kathleen Perkins. Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Perry, Mrs. Evie M. Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert T. Perry. Mr. & Mrs. Hary Perry, Mr. & Mrs. William Perry and Ann, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Peters, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Pettey, Alice Pimental. Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Pina, Mrs. Johri Polycarpo, Joseph Rams­ head, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rich­ ard, Paul Roberts. Mrs. D. J. Robinson, Ellen Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Roderiques, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Ross, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Ros­ tron. .- Mr. & Mrs. James F. Ryan Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John H. Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert St. Pierre, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Santos, Mr. & Mrs. Karl Schenk. Mrs. George D. Scott, Margaret Scott, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Seve­ rino, Mr. & Mrs. George Silva, Rose Silva. Mr. & Mrs. J. Arthur Sheehan, Mr. & Mrs. Gustavus Slater, Mrs.. Martha Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Soares, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Soares. Mr. Donald Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Man­ uel Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Paul M. Souza.

Mr. & Mrs. William J. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sparrow, Mrs. Ann Splaine, Bernhard Stoll, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Stone, Mrs. Alfred Sylvia, James Syl­ via, Mr. & Mrs. John Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Jo.\1n Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. John Sylvia. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond G. Syl­ via, Mr. & ,Mrs. Richard Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. ,Henry Swain, Charles Tarpey, Mr. & Mrs. Man_ uel Tavares. ' John Terry, Mrs. Henry L. Therrien, Mr. & Mrs. John Thomlinson, Mr. & Mrs. Pau'­ Tripanier, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Turner. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Vanasse, William Veary, Mr. & Mrs. John Vieira, Mrs. Laura Vieira, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Violette. John J. Waldron, Margaret Welsh, Mr. & Mrs. George Wheeler, Mrs. Elizabeth Whelan, Celia White. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Whit­ tle, Mary Wilkinson, Mr. & Mrs. William Wing, Mr. & Mrs. Wil_ liam Wolfgang, Mr. & Mrs. George Young.



ctlH ~'-;


,.,flliclt dellHlY"



"Save With Safety" at



,115 ..WILLIAM ST.






THE ANCHOR-"; Thursday, May 9, 19.63

Continued flrom Page One

New Bedford

problem of. ,more leisuie· Je present-day society, he presented the teachers with the challenge of training the youngsters under their care so that these will be motivated to continue their self­ learning in their leisure. As Brother Bartholomew s a I d "Children must be taught b; their teachers to make 'life as well as a living."


$500 Rev. Bernard .t. Unsworth . $'75 Rev. Kenneth J. Delano Rev. James A. Clark $.0 Mr. & Mrs. John Nicolaci $30 Mr. & Mrs. Clement Damicone $25 Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Baker, Margaret Jackson Corella & Genevieve McKenna Shea Family Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Ziemba $21 ' Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan &; Mark $20 Mr. & Mrs. David Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Gaston Debrosse, Dr. Augustus McKenna, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Ponte. $15 . " Mr. & Mrs. Alden Counsel, If'/:r. & Mrs. Wiliam Camara, Mr. 8. Mrs. William Constant, Mr. & Mrs. James Kelley, Edward MacLean. '. Mr. & Mrs. Charles McKinnon, Mr. &; Mrs. John D. 'Sylvia, Teix­ eira Family, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph, Walsh. $13

.Rezendes Family'


Leaver Family


Abramczyk Family, Mr. &: Mrs. Charles Amaral, Mr. &: Mrs. Harry Batty, ·Mr. &; Mrs. Fred­ erick Beals, Mr. &; Mrs. Romeo 'Beaudoin. . Mr. & Mrs. Louis Begin, Mr. S Mrs. Emil Bellotti, Mr. &: Mrs. Albert Benja~in, Mr. &: Mrs. Albert Bel'geroIi, Mr. at Mrs. Vincent Bertalotto. Mr. &; Mrs. Edward Betten. court, Mrs. Myrtle Billington, Mr. &; Mrs. Emile Bisson, M.r.&; Mrs. James Botelho, Mr.. &; M;rs. Paul Boutin. Charles Brennan, Mr. &; Mrs. ~rnold Brown, Mr. &: Mrs. Ralph 'Brown, Mr. &: Mrs. Richard Bl'own, Mr. & Mrs. LeG Bruri. , Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bucafu8CO, . Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Burke. Mr. • Mrs. Joseph Cassey, Mr. &; Mrs. Joseph Chaplin, Mr. &; Mrs. Alfred Charpentier. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cleveland, ~atrice Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. Abilio Condez, Mr. &: Mrs. Emile Corm.ier, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Costa. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Coueci. Mr. • Mrs. Alden Counsell. Mr. &: Mrs. Francis Cox, Mrs. Maurice Dean, Mr. & Mrs. Albert DeCoUs. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Denault, Mr. • Mrs. Roger Desautels, Mr. &; Mrs. Arthur Desroches, Devlin Family, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dias. Mr. & Mrs. Quinton Duquette, Mr. &:Mrs. James Emerson. Mr. .: It Mrs. Francis Fitzgerald. Mr. &: Mrs. Mario Fogaren, Mr. & IIrs. Gabriel Folco. Mr. ,k 'Mr.. Paul Forgue, Henry Fortier, Mr. & Mrs. Mau­ rice Foster, Mr. & Mrs. Pcaul Frey, Mr. & Mrs. John Furtado-. Mr. & Mrs. Elphege Gamache, Mr. &; Mrs. Raymond Gamache, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gauthier:: Mr. &: Mrs. Alfred Gauthier, Mr.: & Mrs. Conrad Gendreon. MI'. & 'Mrs. Joseph Gendron, , Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Gifford, Mr. ••: Mrs. Edward Giguerre, Mrs. Margaret Farrelly &: Catherine Gorman, Donald Gosselin. Mr. &; Mrs. Thomas Griffiths, , Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hannon,Mr. a: Mrs. Francis Hanrahan. Mr. · Ir; Mrs. Thomas Hart, Mr. &; III'S. Henry Hathaway. Mr. & Mrs. John Hernon, M'r. I: Mrs. John Hogan, Mr, &; Mrs. Gabriel Holmes .Jr., Mr. &; MlIS. lames Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. John , Hughes. Mr. & Mrs. Rene .larry, Mr. & , IIrs. Lowell Johnson, Mr. & :Mrs. : Ralph King, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Ittsla, Memwy 01. Mrs. George ·I:leim. · Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Koczera, : Mr. & Mrs. Harry Kummer. :Mr. · • Mrs. Dewe7 Lacroix, Mr; • Mrs. Alfred Lafleur. Kr. It Mrs. 1i Klchard LallJr. Mr. & MT8. Cbaclea LaRagan, , Ill'. &: Mrs. Walter Lawless, Mr. • Mrs. FnnkLawroeoee,Kr. lk III'S.!k Lebbnc. Mr. &-.s. , IkNDeo LemaiRt.

Curriculum Brother reviewed for the As­ sociation members the curricu­ lum committee recommendations made by the National Catholic Educational Association, giving reasons for discarding certain elements of the curriculum and for accepting new proposals, as 'well as some cautions in the use of the new changes.

SCHOOL CONVENTION SPEAKERS: Leaders in the eighth annual school conven­ tion of the Catholic Teachers Association of the Diocese now in sessi'on at Feehan High, In a strong and well-received Attleboro, are, left to right: Mr. William Reedy; Sister Francille, S.S.J. of Regis; Dr. ·presenhition, the keynoter called fI;Jr .cooperation, between theo­ Gilbert Kahn. logians and teachers,especially Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Loranger, Mrs. May Loughlin, ,Mr. & Mrs. Albert Luckraft, Mr. and Mrs. Rod Lussier, Macedo-Desrosiers Family. Mr. & Mrs. William Maguire, Mrs. Hector Manny, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Marco, Mr. & Mis. Leo Marois, William McAndrews. Mrs. Thomas McCann, Mr. &; Mrs. James McDermott, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah McDonald, Mc­ Goff Family, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Medeiros. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mello., Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Menezes, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Metcalf, Mr. & Mrs. William Moniz, Mr. &; Ml'Il. Carl Moriarty. Mr. & Mrs. Robert ~ewsham, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Newsham, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Nobrega, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nunes,. William Ochab. Mr. &: Mrs. Michael O'Hara, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Leary, Mr. ~ Mrs. John Oliveira, Mr. &; Mrs. Fred Q'N~il, Mr. & Mrs. Carlos Pacheco. . ' Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Pageotee, ~r. & Mrs. ~Il)and Paquin; Mr. ,& Mrs. Arthur Parent, Mr. k Mrs. Leo Patnode, Mr. &; Mrs. Jerome Pedro. Mr. & Mrs. Silvio Peitavino, Mr. & Mrs. James PenlElr, Mr. &: Mrs. Robert Penler, Mr. &: Mrs. John Pequita, Mrs. Edwin Popielnicki. Mrs. Peter Quirk, Richarlh Family, Mr. & Mrs. John Rod­ riques, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Roman­ owicz, Mr. &c: Mrs. Henry Roza. Mr. &; Mrs. Roy St. Germain, Mr. &; Mrs. Rene Secour, Mrs. Charlotte Simpson, Anna Sul­ livan, Mr. &; Mrs. Francia SuI. livan. ' Mr. &: Mrs. James, Mrs. Anne, Sylvia, Mr. &; Mrs. Anthony Sylvia, Mr. &c: Mrs. Ed­ war'i Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Ed. ward W. Sylvia. Mr. .& Mn. Francis Sylvia. Mr. & Mrs. Joaquim Sylvia, Mt". &; Mrs. Roland Tavano, Mr. • Mrs. C0sme Tavarea, Mr. & "Mrs. Roland Thibeault. Mr. -& Mrs. Antj)Re Turgeoll, Mr. & Mrs. Raymolui Vien, Mrs.. Nonnan Walsh" Mr. " Mrs. Harold Ward, Mr. &; Mrs. John . Ward. ' . Mrs. Benjamin Wegrzyniak, Mr. Ie Mrs. Charles Wellington, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Whitaker, Mr. & Mrs. Josept Winsper, Mr. &; Mrs. Ellis' Young. ST. ANTHONY OF PADUA $61

Raymond Laliberte

$!5 . Octave Pimentel Aurele Cormier Lionel Robitaille.

$ZO Leo Robida, Adrienne Casten­ euay &: Odina Sassevil1.e, Rob. ert Lagasse, Rose Anna Ross, Jules Lamothe. $15 AlfTed Gauthier, Yvonne La­ france &: Louis, Andre Daigle. $1% Adelard Marois, Family of. El'­ nest Leblanc, Famil; ot.LiOllel Brassard.


Lauretta Saboul'ill, AHre4. e.t­ ipeH. p~tdiDe Duane, 1II. . . . .

Hebert, Absolom Langevin. Normand .Masse, Rene Lacoste, Elzear Cormier, Pierre Mochon, Mrs. Adelard Doyon. Alexander Wyzga, Mr. & 'Mrs. Emilien Dupont, Paul Breton, Rene Varieur, Mr. & Mrs; AI'. mand Bonneau. Ernest Bernier, Godelive Sou­ cy, Lucille Brassard, Roger'Le­ 'blanc, Hormidas Boucher. Yvonne Bedard, Roger Berche, Noel Hebert, William ScheU, Normand Parent. Joseph Frates, Juliette Co­ meau, Alfred Beauregard, And're Aucoin, Irene Messier. . Oscar Brissette, Albert Mor~is, Donat Ledoux, Joseph Charbon­ neau, Joseph Rainville. George Cote, Josephine Hubert Arline Daignault, Ovila Pont­ briand, Normand Despres. Warren Fuller, Talsop Lee, Gilbert Mainville, Henri Dube, Armand Martin. Raymond Tetreault, Alphonse Goguen, Julien Menard, Ernest Thiry, Eugene· Boisvert. Edouard St. Germain, Ernest Payett~, Roger Caron, Mrs. Al­ fred Caron, Mr. & Mrs~ Leo Gelinas. Alphege Prince; Eugene La­ plante, Irene Frigault, Henry Joh.lIOn, Roger Quintin. " Irene Poulin, Aurore ,Poulin, George Lemieux, Damase Jaft­ vier, Antoinette Gelinas. Arthur Laferriere, AlphOlYe L. Robitaille, Joseph Arsenault, Henri Desrosiers, Mr. &; Mn. Frank Pepin. ' George Florent, Joseph Caron Family, Aurelia Lacerda, Jo­ seph St. Pierre, Allrert Paquin. Wilfrid Mailloux, Lena • ImeldaMailloux, Eugene Boia­ vert, Roland Giard, Arthur Bu­ teau. Raymond Girard, J o. e p,1l .H ebert,Mr. &:Mr.. Paul Le­ maire, Maurice Richard, Romeo Charpentier. Mr. &: Mn. Theophile Dell­ Roches, Cecile Boucher, Prill­ ci1le Bonneau, Carrier Funeral Home,Roger Barthelemy. Marie Belliveau, Gerald La­ ferriere, Thaddeua GumienQ. Mr.·'" Mrs. Frank, Connier,Bo­ meo Poirier. Valida Jackson, Lueieo BeJ,.. anger, Mr.. &; Mrs. Henri· Brule, Mrs. David ·Begnoche, AugultiJl Perry. Mrs. Joseph sebastian, Roler Desroches, Mr•. Alexina Chausse. Arthur Allain, Mra. Joseph Z. Boucher. Maurice Cote, Charle. Gelioal, Mrs. Henri Petitpas, Alfreda Poirier, Antone Andrade. ' Mrs. Romeo Lemire, Rotter Rioux, Joseph Nadeau. Bp:hreua Gau,ttier, Adrien Bachand. ., Honore Mercier, :MeriWa II Anna Lapointe. "



Pho~o SU.PP" 245 MAIN STREET· FAIMOU'fH.....tCI ..1••• " AWANO 0UtNS, . . . .

North Westport OUR LADY OF GRACE

$250 Rev. Maurice H. Lamontagne $110 Norman F. Gamache Sr.

on the high school level. The teachers in the Catholic school must be properly orientated to teach such things as the modern novel and the new ,biology. For this, the teacher needs the, proper theological reference, and, as Brother pointed out, the theo­ logian has let the teacher down iIi this regard. .

$100 Alexander Walsh


$50 Adrien Picard Dr. Roger Violette $25

Holy Name Society, Lena St. Pierre $20 James. Barbozl;l, Arthur Ber­ geron, William Maynard, Vin­ cent Nanni $15 Manual Faria, Norman Sas­ seville. $I!

Henry J. SamPson $11 . Lorrlane Amaral, Charles Baker, Gedeon Banville, John Barboza, Aime Barnaby~ Edmond Beaulieu, Adetard Beauregard, Eddie Beru'be Ar­ mand Boudria, Joseph Boudria. Charles Bradbury, Homer Bri­ and, Adelard Brodeur, Florian Brodeur, Joseph Cadime. Joseph A. Campbell, The0­ bald Canuel, Manuel Carvalho, Auguste Chouinard, Nicholas Ciarlone. Jean-Louis Clapin, Dr. Maurice Clement, Joseph Correira, Jesse Costa, Donald Danis. Henry Danis, Jerome T. De­ Sormier, Ronald Desrosiers, George Duclos, Elzeard Emond. Gerald Emond, Lucien Emond, John J!'eijo, John S. Ferria,Ro­ meo J!'ortin. Normand T. Gamache Jr., 10­ seph Goslin, Emile Gendreau, George Graham, Alice Hampson. Thomas Hampson, William !P., Lucien Lacroix. Roger q. Lajoie, The Lekom. "ami1)-, John McDonald, GeOrp Machado, Joseph Machado, LeG­ pold Martel, Henry Mereler. Walet Michaud, Marjorie Moria Carol Nunes, Edward Peckham, Octave Pelletier. Roger Plamondon, Allee Ponte Alfred Robillard, Edward R0us­ seau, Ludger Rousseau. Michael Rusin, Frank snvta, George Simmons. Laura &: Irene Simonm. Francisco Souza. Bernard Stantord, David Tbc­ eira, Emile P. Vaillaneourl, Joha Vivebw, Jamel Venuttf.,



While it istr.ue that the Cath­ olic teacher can always find' ·in theological journals· .the back­ gr:ound sought and the principles involved, these journals are not always easily available to the ordinary teacher and are often written in 'a style not conducive to interest or understanding: The theologian must understand the problems facing the present-day teacher ,and must apply the tbeo!ogical principles of the Church to these problems and present his conclusions in a man­ ner, and language that will be easily understood by him. , The whole emp'h~sis of the present~day is on .the Church's confrontation 'of, the modern viorM. This is the challenge that Catholic education ,must also face and the Catholic teacher does this every day in the clasS­ room by. mowing that tbe Church does consider the .vital problems of today and does provide an answer.' . Such answers are had when the Scripture scholar and the 'biologist work together to rec­ oncile the teachings of Genesis and evolution, when the theo­ logian and the English teacher discuss moral principles and the novels of Salinger, when Catholic doctrine and every other branch of scholarship are seen to be in harmony-:.:as they are and must be since all tl'uth is of God. This afternoon, elementary teachers will hear a discussion OIl "Geography Turns Space­ ward". while highschool teach­ ers will assemble at open meet­ ings to hear reports. by the Dioc­ esan curriculum committees oa English, Mathematica, }"oreign Language8 lllld An.

Sturtevant & Hook Eat. 1897

Builde,. ,$upp,li.. 2J4J Purcha•• Str..t New Bedford W'f 6-5661





TAUNTON SAVINGS BANK . . . . CIC*M' . . . . . . . . . . . . .~

Attleboro ST. MARY'S

man Hearn, Mr. &.. l'4rs. Thomas Hennick, Mr. & Mrs. George


Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Hebert, Mrs. James Hoddie, Mr. & Mrs. , Bart Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Jackson, Mr. & Mrs. Lester Ken­ nedy. Mr. & Mrs. William Laferriere, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Leary, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Leddy, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Lefebvre, Mrs. Lucien Le­ monde. Mrs. Helen Lindberg, Mr. & Mrs. J. M. Livsey, Mrs. Nora Longbottom, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Lortie, Mr. & Mrs. J. Lukasie­ wicz. John Lynch, Vincent Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Alvarez Mariean, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Maguire, George Marchand. June Marchand, Edna Masgay, Mildred Masgay, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Masse, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Mathieu. Mr. & Mrs. Edward McCann, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh McDade, Mr. & Mrs. Fred McGarrity, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGrath. Manuel Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Menard, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ thur Mendes, Mr. & Mrs. Law­ rence Michaud, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ ward Miniee. R. G. Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Morancy, NOl'bett Mc"'­ Kenna, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Mor­ ris, Mr. & Mrs. Wendell Nerney. Mr. & Mrs. Wm. O'Brien, Mr. Frank O'Donnell, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas O'Rourke, Mr. & Mrs. Max Ortelt, Joseph Ostiguy. Mr. '& Mrs. Raymond Ouel­ lette" Mrs. Mary Ousley, Mrs. Mary Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. Elio Pardini, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Par­ ker. Mrs. Ernest Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Har­ old Perry, Mr. & Mrs.· Robert Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pi­ mental. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Poole, Mr. & Mrs. Kendall Porter, Mr. &; Mrs. Julio Pugliese, Mr. & Mrs. Alderic Richard, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Rocha Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Remi Roy, Miss Anne Schiller, Mrs. Eunice Schiller, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Se­ quin, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Shea. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Sirois, Mrs. Dor­ othy Steele, Mr. &, Mrs. George St. Germain, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar St. John. Mr. & Mrs. Bertrand Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Leodore 'Sylva, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tansey, Mr. & Mrs. A. Temudo, Mr. & Mrs. John Tobin. Mr. & Mrs. James Tomlinson, Michael Tracey, Mrs. Rose Tra­ cey, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Traill, Mr. & Mrs. Lewis Trucchi. Mr. & Mrs. George Vaslet, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Vaslet, Mr. & Mrs. Milton Vaslet, Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Warren. Mrs. Charles Welden, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Whalen, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Yeretsky.

$500 Attleboro Dyeing & Finishing Corp. $100 Rev. Cornelius J. Keliher Mr. & Mrs. Henry Messier. $60 Dr. & Mrs. Francis Curran $50 Ferland Twins Const. Co. Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy Mrs. Leland Smith $40 Mr. & Mrs. David Blake $30 Dr. & Mrs. John Belsky Mr. & Mrs. George Casey Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Dzija $25 Agnes Blake, Mr. & Mrs. Rich­ ard BIllke, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Blake, Mr. & Mrs. James J. Coogan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Durant. Mr. & Mrs. Orner Ferland, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Gibeault, Mr. & Mrs. George McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Patenaude, Helen Reilly. ' Mrs. Arthur Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Thibert, Mr. &. Mrs. Leo Tracey. $20 Mrs. W. J. Amos, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Bellavance, Mr. & Mrs. Cyril K. Brennan, Mr. &: Mrs. Charles Dauray, Miss Kathryn Donahue. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gannon, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Lockwood Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Roland Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Toppin. $15 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Baumgartel, Mr. & Mrs. J. Gerard Burns, Mrs. John DeYoung, Mr. & Mrs. . Eugene Ferland, Mr. & Mrs. , Thomas P.' Giblin. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Lanoue, , Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Leduc, Mr. & Mrs. Norbert Lombardi, Mr. & Mrs. Harold McCormick, Mr. & Mrs. John McNally. Mr. & Mrs. George McNiff, ,Mrs. Robert Pritchard, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Richard, Mr. & Mrs. ,Joseph Trojan. $12 Mr. & Mrs. George LaBelle. $10 Mrs. Alicia Ainsworth, Mr. &; Mrs. Edward Argue, Mrs. Keram Arabian, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Araujo, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Bar­ ton. Mr. & Mrs. John Bielagus, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Bienvenue, Elaine Blake, John Blake, Mr. '& Mrs. Joseph Blake. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bliss, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bliss, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Boisse, Mr. & ,Mrs. James Brackett Jr., Mr. & ,Mrs. Joseph Bradshaw & Family-, Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Braga, Mr. & Mrs. Gaetan Brochu, Ar­ thur Brousseau, Mr. & Mrs. John Buben, Mr. & Mrs. David Carr. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Hector Carufel, John Cazemiro, Mary Cazemiro, Ste­ phen Chalpin. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Charest, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Charlonne, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ciavola, Charles L. Connolly, Frederick J. Connolly. Mr. & Mrs. John Connolly, Mr.

& Mrs. Raymond Cosgrove, Mr.

& Mrs. Harold Cummings Jr., Mr. & Mrs. 'Wm. Curtis, Mr. & Mrs. Sterling Dalton. ' Mr. & Mrs. Leo Delaney, Mr.

& Mrs: Peter Donato, Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Francis Dubois, Mr. & Mrs. John Duffy, Mr. &' Mrs. Wm. Duffy. ' Mr. & Mrs. James Elliott, Fisk

Family, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Far­ rell, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Fer­

land, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ferland. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Finn, Catherine Fisk, Mrs.. Catherine Fisk, Marilyn Fisk, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fogarty. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Foley, Mr. & Mrs. George Foley, Mr. &: Mrs. Wm. Foley, ~lJ:r. & Mrs. John S. Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur, For­ tin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Gallacher, Mr. & Mrs. Norman 'Gamache~ William Garrity, Mr. & Mrs. Gaudreau. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Giblin, Thomas Gildea, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Gravel, Mr. &, MJ;s. "Charles Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. John Harrington.' , Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harrop;,' Mrs. Ida Hearn. Mr. & Mrs. Nor-


North Easton IMMACULATE CONCEPTION $250 Rev. John J. Casey $100 Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCarthy St. Vincent DePaul Society $75 Rev. John J. Steakem $50 A Friend Cornelius Harvey,III Harvey's Market Mrs. Frances Mone Mr. & Mrs. John B. Parkes $35 Mr. & Mrs. Harold Bergeron $30 Mr. & Mrs. John Boyle Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Gallagher $29 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Wright $25' Mr. & Mrs. James Antosca, Mrs. Roger Blake, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Brophy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Burke, Copeland Funeral Home. Edward Coughlin, Mrs. George Craig, Dr. Michael DelColliano, George H. DeWitt & Son, Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Downey. A Friend; A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Heath, Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hegarty, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Higgins. Immaculate Conception Guild, ,Mr. & Mrs. Frank Maliff, Mr. & Mrs. J. D. Mullen Sr., Mr. & Mrs.. F.' Murphy Sr.. Mr. F. Murphy Jr.

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs.~ May 9, 1963


Mrs. John Mara. ward Doyle. Mr. & Mrs. John Marshall, Mr. Mrs. Alice Eastman, Mrs. Wal­ & Mrs. F. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. ter Endriunas, Mr. & Mrs. Dom­ inic Falzone, Mr. & Mrs. William Vincent Mathers, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Meade, Mr. & Mrs. Flynn, Mrs. John Foley. Thomas Franco Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John Meehan. Mr. & Mrs. Edmund A. James Freisen, Mr. & Mrs. Sal­ Mooney, Mr. & Mrs. Douglas vatore Gaziano, Mr. & Mrs. Eu­ gene Geldart, Geldart Colonial Mullin, Mr. & ,Mrs. John E. Mur­ phy Jr., Margaret Murphy, Mr. Reproductions. Sheila Geldart, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. V. Muscato. Mr. & Mr-s. George Niland, Mr. Thomas Gentile,' Mr. & Mrs. Clement Gill, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred & Mrs. S. Nolan Jr., Mr. & Mrs. John O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Gomes, Mr. & Mrs. A. Gomes. Phillip O'Connell. . Mr. & Mrs. John Gomes, Mr. &, Mr. & Mrs. William O'Connell, Mrs. L. Gosselin, Mr. & Mrs. John William O'Connell Jr., Mrs. John Gouveia, Robert Govey, Mr. & F. O'Connor, Mrs. Lucey C. Pet­ Mrs. Raymond Hailey. tipaw, Irene Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. John F. Hall, Mr. Harry Purcell. & Mrs. Charles Hallahan, Mrs. Mrs. Margaret Rafuse, Mrs. Carl Hanson, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Harkins, Mrs Frederick Harnden. Emil Ratzin, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Readdy, Mr. & Mrs. John Anne Harvey, Catherine Har­ Reardon, Mary Reed. FELLOW: John Pick, pro­ vey, Mr. & Mrs. C. J. Harvey Jr., Isabelle Regan, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey, Robert Heg­ Frank J. Reynolds, Mrs. James fessor of English at Mar­ Margaret arty. E, Roach, Leroy Robert, William quette University, Milwau­ MI< & Mrs. Daniel Hesselberg, Robinson. kee, and a director of the Mr. & Mrs. J. Vincent Hickey, J. Mr. & Mrs. C. Chester Roden­ ~holic Renaissance Society, Mrs. Alan Hilliard, Mr. & Mrs. bush, Mrs. David Rollins, Mr. & James Johnson, Mr & Mrs Joseph has been elected as Fellow of Mrs. Edward Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. Loreto Salvucci, Mr. & Mrs. the Royal Society of Arts, Kairys. Mr. & Mrs. Walter Kates, Mr. Joseph Santos. London. NC Photo. & Mrs. Charles J. Kelly, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Leo Savard, Bar­ Mrs. Joseph Kelly. bara Schleicher, Anna Sheehan.-­ Mr. & Mrs. Carl Kempf, Mr. & Mary Nolan, Mr. & Mrs. M. Emily Silva, Isabel Silva. Mrs. Leo Kent; Mr. & Mrs. ,R. Pugliesi, Helen Derby. John Silva Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Kent, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Kent William $20 Simonson, Simpson Christopher Brophy, Clement Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. King, Spring Co., Mrs. Paill Smith, Mr. Mr. S. Henry Kingston, Mrs. J. Coughlin,. Mr. & Mrs. James & Mrs. Maurice Spillane. Fitzgibbons, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Sarah J. Kingston. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Spurr, Mr. Giordano; Alice Harvey. .' Mrs. Walter Klein, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Willia,n Stoddard, Mr. Catherine Harvey, Grace Har- . Edward Kron, Mr. & Mrs. Leon & Mrs. J; C. Sullivan, Mr. &; vey, Mary Harvey, Mr. & Mrs. LaMontagne, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mrs. John Sullivan, Katherine James Healey, Kathryn Healey. Leary, Mr. & Mrs. James Leary. Sullivan. Mr. &' Mrs. Domenic Ingemi, Mr. ,& Mrs. Paul J. Legare, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Sullivan, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lenney, Mr. & Mrs. Martyn Lincoln, Mr. & & Mrs. Francis A. Sweet, Mr. & & Mrs. Lawrence A. Lyons, Mr. , Mrs. Joseph Lindsay, Mr. '& Mrs. Mrs. Joseph Tracey, Rosella & Mrs. Stephen Nolan Sr., Mr. Daniel Linehan, Mary K. Line­ Travers, Mr. & Mrs. Irving Vose & Mrs. Hugh J. O'Brien Jr., Mrs. han. III. William Totty. Edward Lomer Jr., Thomas William Walsh, Mary Watt, Long, Eileen Lordan, Mrs. Anna Edward Welch Sr., Mr. & Mrs. $15 Mr. & Mrs. Ross J. Bridge, C. Loud, Mr. & Mrs. George Edward Welch Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Francis White. Mr. & Mrs. George A. Carter Jr., Lowndes. Mr~ & Mrs. Vincent Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Wilde, Miss Marguerite Carter, Dr. A. Ric h a r d Daigle, Margaret Louis A. Lyne, Mary G. Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Willis, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Archibald McCann. '& Mrs. Fremont Wood, Mr. & Healey. Mr. & Mrs. Ignatius J. McCann, Mrs. Robert Wooster. Mr. & Mrs. R. Kelley, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Charles McCarthy Jr. Mrs. Francis LeRoy, Mr. & ,Mr. & Mrs. John McEntee, Mar­ Mrs. Leo Schl~icher. . garet McEntee, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Center Aids Church $12 McEvoy, Mr. & Mrs. Leo D. Mc­ , Betty:..Jean· Shoppe, Mr. & Behind Iron Curtain Evoy Jr. Mrs. Daniel Desmond, Vincent L. STORRINGTON (NC) - The ,Mrs William McGranachan, Mr Galvin, Mr. & Mrs. James Jones, . & Mrs. R. McLaughlin, Catherine Norbertine Fathers have opened Mr. & Mrs: B. Pietrowski. ~ national center at Our Lady ,Helen M. Sprague, -Mr. & Mrs. McMenamy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles of England priory here to help , McMenamy, Mrs. Frank Mc­ John Wallent. the Church behind the Iron Cur­ Menamy. $10 Mr. & Mrs. A. McNamara, Mr. 'tain. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Abreu, & Mrs. Francis McNamara, Mr. The' center, collects money, Anthony Alho, Mr. & Mrs. John clothing, food, medical supplies & Mrs. Richard McNamara,.Rob­ Barry, Mr. & Mrs. Donald ert MacDonald, Bertha MacGaf­ . and books to send to priests in Beaucaire, Mr. & Mrs. Charles figan. Iron Curtain countries. Begin. . The English center works with Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Macuch, Mr. & Mrs. R. Bergeron, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. David Magner, Mr. an interriational center at a Nor. Dorothy Berry & "Mrs. Sophie & Mrs. Thomas Maliff, Mr. & . bertine monastery in Tongerloo, Keith, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar H. Mrs. Bernard Manning, Mr. &; ",Belgium.. Biechele, Mr. & Mrs. Alan Lee Blackwell, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bono Jr. Katherine Brophy, Margaret H. Brophy, Abbie Buckley, Mr. & Mrs. George Buckley, Mr. & Mrs. W. Buchtman. Mr. James H. Buckley, Mr. &

Mrs. Joseph Buckley, Josephine

Buckley, Mary H. Buckley, Francis Burns. Mr. & Mrs. James K. Burns, Mr. & Mrs. J. H. Cadegan, Wil­ liam Cahill, Marietta Canall, Thomas Canan. , Mr. & Mrs. Carl Chace, Mr. & Mrs. Herve Charron, Mr. & Mrs. R. F. Clifford, Mr. & Mrs.

Francis Coleman, Elizabeth


Mr.' & Mrs. Joseph Conceison,

Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Conceison,

James Condon, Mr. & Mrs.

"Smother" Mother with Attention, James S. Conner, Bart Conroy.

Helen Conroy, Joseph Correia,

affection and remembrance in J. Frank Conley, Mr. & Mrs. Al­

your prayers on Her Day, all year longl bert Corte, Mrs. Daniel J. Cos­


'Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cotter,

Elizabeth Coughlin, Dorothy

Craig, Mrs. Franklin Craig, Mrs.


Ralph' Craig. Winifred Cunningham, Mr. &

Mrs. Albert Dacey, John L.

Dailey, Mrs. Mildred Deady, Mr.

& Mrs. Lester Delaney. .

Mr. & Mrs. ,John. Delgado, Mary Delgado, Mr. & Mrs.

Thomas C. Denesha, Mr. & Mrs.

John DePaul, Mr. & Mrs. A. De­


Catherine Q. Dineen, Jose­

BANK" phine H. Dineen, Margaret E.

Dineen, Mrs. Helen Doherty,

Mr. & Mrs. James Doherty.

DOWNTOWN FALL RIVER Mr. & Mrs. J. Donnelly, Mrs.

Ralph Dorgan, Donna Dotn, Mr.

& Mrs. William Dorn, Mrs. li:d,.-


THE At'!r",)R-Dio~~se of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963

New Bedford ST.- KILIAN




$150 Children of Holy Name School

$100 Dr. & Mrs. Peter



$75 Dr. & Mrs. John B. O'Toole Jr.

$50 Rev. Henry T. Munroe Anonymous . Lillian T. Cole Mary A. Cole Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fonseca William F. Houlihan Sr. Dr. Ambrose F. Finnell


John Sheehan


Francis Kennedy


Arthur D. Bancroft Sr., Stan­ ley Baron Orner Bellenoit, Mrs. Eleanor 'Benac & Family, Charles Bramwell. Thomas F. Cawley, Guido · Coucci Gertrude & Loretta Daley,' Wilbert. Divis, Edward Duggan. Mr. & Mrs. John J. Gibbons Jr., James Harrington, Philip . LeCompte, Mr. & Mrs. James W. '\ Leith Edwin Livingstone Sr. Mr~. Alexander Maino, Hugh 'J. Murray, Mrs. John P. O'Leary & Family, Dr. Walter J. O'Neil, · Mrs. Mary Phelan. . George Rogers, James Wilson Jr.

$20 Stephen Cavanaugh, Mr.. & ... Mrs. Richard A. Cole, Mr. & Mrs. Charles W. Deasy, Hugh T. Earley, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore .Fredette. . Peter J. Giammalvo, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Gorman, Leo Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis . Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy M~n­ ning. Joseph F. Marshall, Joseph A. Norris Sr., Mary L. Phelan, John · Rapoza, William Reilly. . Mr. & Mrs. Joseph L. Rita, Mrs. Herman Saunders, Grace, 'Theresa, & Frank Sheehan; Joan "Sheehan, Nathaniel B. Stewart. Eugene Sullivan" Bernard · Swansey, George E. Swansey Jr., Mrs. John A. Thomas, Mrs; Stan­ ley Walsh. _ Mrs. Mary Wilson



Clarence Adshead, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur ,Bancroft Jr., Martin P. Barry, Edward F. Bruce, Mrs. · Catherine Carney. . . Maurice 'DoWney; Mr. & Mrs. Eric .R. Erickson, Mrs. Ellen T. ,Finnerty & I{athleen, John J. · Flanagan, James Foley. Lawrence Harney Sr., Maurice Harrington, . Corneliu$ & Mar­ garet Howrihan, Edmund F.& .John Kenney, Thomas McEntee. Helen McIntyre, Mrs.' John O'Brien' Mr's. John O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. 'Fred' Osuch, Mr. & Mrs. Emile J. Reale. , Clinton Rilrimer Family, Har­ r- old D. P. Ryan, Hugh J. Sllana­ han Jr., Mrs. Knut Vikre, J;>r. Edward Welch.

$12 Mr. & Mrs. Walter Carter,In memory of Thomas Dury, Mr. & Mn. Anthony Edwerd, Francis K wai tkowski.

$10 In memory of Edith S. Alcarez, Gilbert. Andrade, Anonymous, Mrs. William Atchison, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond M. Atwood. Patricia Bancroft, Mrs. Amelia Bariteau, Stanley Baron Jr. Mrs. Mrs. Monica Barron, Jeremiah Barry. Mr. & Mrs. Prior Bassett, Roger Beauregard, Arthur Bell~­ veau, Eric Besso, Helmuth Bon­ n~,


Frank Botellio, L. William Bouchard, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Bourbeau, Maurice Bourque, Mr. & Mrs. Irving Briden. Mrs. George Brightman, Mr$. Wilfred Bri~ley, David Bruce, Edward Bruce, Walter Bruce. Barbara Bures, Frank Bures, Lawrence Burns Jr., Gordon Burt, Francis Byers. William J. Carter Sr., Joseph Cazemiro; William Chaput, Leonard Chmel, Mrs. Helen K . •Kole. r Leo Cole, Mrs. Melvin Con­ nick, John Considine, M. Francis Considine, Arthur Cormier. Frank CorreaL Frank Costa,

Gilbert Costa, Joseph Cotter, Clifford Crowley. In memory of John F. & Cath­ erine Daley, Alice M. Davis, Hazel E. Davis, William Demsky, Alice Dorgan. Anna Dorgan, Mary Downey, Stephen P. Downey, Mr. & Mrs. Oliva Doyle, Helen F. Driscoll. Mrs. Annie Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. John Ezemoli, Peter Farly, Ray­ 'llond Feeney, Hugh Finnerty. Daniel Flanagan, James Flan­ ,agan, John Flood, The Foley Family, Genevieve )iI'oley. Albert J. Foutter:, Stephen Francis, Albert Frates, George · Galipeau, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond , Garnette. Anthony Gianetto, Elmer Gif­ 150 YEARS: This year ford Joao Gomes, Stanley Gor­ marks the 150th anniversary czyca, Anthony Govoni. Frederick G r e e r, Edward of the birth of Frederic Oza­ Griffith, Patrick Griffith, Fran­ nam, founder of the world­ cis Harding, Lawrence Harney, wide St. Vincent De Paul Jr. Society. The French layman, Mary-Jo Harney, Anna M. Harrington, Gerald Harrington, born in 1813, founded - the Society in 1833 in Paris. To­ · John Harrington, Marie Har­ rington. day, the St. Vincent De Paul Mrs. Mary Harrington, Wini­ Society is the largest single fred Harrington, George Higham, charitable organization in Charles Hines, William Howard. the world. NC Photo. Gino Iacoponi, Thomas Joseph, Frank Kalish, Mrs. Margaret Kenney, Maureen Kennedy. Charles Keyes, John Kogut, ST. JOSEPH'S

Ernest L'Abbe, Edmond La­ . $275

, rocque, Frank E. Leilhey. Rev. Edwin J. Loew

Joseph Leclair, Stephen Led­ , $50

well, Mr. & Mrs. Christopher Margaret Langton

Lepage, William Lervis, Mr. & . $30 Mrs. Arthur Lincoln. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mayo Joseph Logan Jr., Mr. &: Mrs. $25 Hormidas Marcotte, Mr. J. Jo­ Mr. & Mrs. Emil Tietje seph Marshall, Manuel Martinez, $20 Lawrence McGrath. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Archambault, Edith McIntyre, Manuel Mello, Effenberger & Elliot Family, A Mr. '&; Mrs. Armand Messier,. Friend" n. 9. McComisky. · John Mills, Damase Moreau. . $15 . Allan. MVriarty, Thomas C. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Beliveau, Moriarty Jr., Nicola Morra, Roc­ Mr; & Mrs. George Ferris, Mrs. co Morra,' Gerald Morrissey Sr. , Gerald A. Morrissey Jr.. Arthur Kay. $10 Thomas Muldoon, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Bette, Mr. Anthony Mulroy, Constantine &; Mrs. Raymond Branda, Mrs. Murnin, Keif Murphy. De6linda Eldredge, Norman Roderick Murray, Russell Nel­ Gringrass,Mr. & Mrs. William 'son, Jean Nolan, Joseph A: Nor­ MeNeece. ris Jr. Mrs. Jennie O'Brien. Mrs. Bernard O'Connor, Mr. & Fa u I O'Brien, William J. O'Brien, Gertrude' O'Donnell, Mrs. Leo Parent, Mrs. Laura Reardon, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Rog­ Thomas O'DOqnell, Harold Pal­ ,era, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Rose. latroni. Mrs. Doris Palmieri, Elmer . Paul; Joseph Paul Sr., Antone Perry Jr., Joseph Perry. Mrs. Clyde' Powers, Hel~m Quinlan, Saran 'Reynolds, James A: Rice, Mrs. Louise Riley. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Roderick, Elizabeth' Roche, Mrs.' Jeanne Rock, Mrs. Charles Rogers; Mrs. ..Frances Rose. . Ronald Ruell, Mrs. Grace' Salt & Mr. & Mrs. D. Lafond, F: Eli­ ,nor Severson, Mark Sevigney, Mrs. George Sharp. Daniel Sheehan,' Manuel S. Silva, Everett Singlieton, An­ thony Smith. . Francis S. Smith, Clifford J. Snell; Clifford H. Snell, Ernest Souza, Joseph Souza. Anthony Squillacioti, Mr. & Mrs. Alexis St. Onge, Francis Sullivan, Alfred W. Sylvia, John A. Sylvia. Lawrence Sylvia, Robert Tap­ per, Leon J. Tavano, Jacob Teser, · Mrs. Helen Thrasher. Laurent Trahan, George Val­ liere, Bernard Vercellone, Hen­ riqUe Vicente, Jeremiah Wade. Mr. & Mrs. Norris Walecka, Mrs. Anna Walsh, George Walk­ er, Charles Weaver, Mr. & Mrs. Charles A. Westgate. Whitmer & Adams Family, : Lyman Wilbur, Harold Williams, Mr.·& Mrs.. Raymond Williams, James. ·Wilson. . The Misses Yates, Joseph Pick your favorite fla­ Zanelli.. vor ,', • lemon, orange,

Woods Hole



Have You Had An Accident Recently? I Whether the damage involved an automobile or a truck the place to call for price and workmanship i.

$75 Albino Silva

$60 Rev. Wm. E. Farlano

$30 Ernest Kobza

$25 Hervey Carn Nicholas Nicholas

, $20

Adrien C. Bolduc Mary Sullivan John Golenski Joseph Masse

$15 Patrick Hurley OrvaJ Lagelier Isabel Fitzgerald Peter Gadzik

$12 Walter Ford



Rose Harris, William Higgins, Irene'MagUire, Wilfred Fauteux, NancyFauteux. James Dewhurst, James Mello, Maurice Magnant, Theresa Sul­ yma, Roland Menard. Charlotte Bolduc, Manuel Dias, Norman Berube, Dufresne, Gabriel Holmes. Simon -Palmieri, Eilio Martin, Joseph Poirier, George Richard, Mr. & Mrs. Camara. Charles Ponte, Paul Dagesse, Mary Ford, Joseph Landry, Theresa Davis. Rosa Myers, Benjamin Bar. reiro, James Bento, Elaine Fer­ reira, Herve Girouard. Maurice Pelland, Evelyn Chi­ eppa, Dorothy Ferreira, Claire DO!lth, Louis Texeira. Romeo Rocheleau, Lionel Ri­ oux, Allen Bentley, Louis Bel­ lotti; Roland Bonneau. ­ Blanche Bonneau, Louis Mag­ nant, Kenneth Vierira, Mary Pfaffenzella, Henry Bernard. Manuel Allemao, Catherine Tillotson, Arthur Lemos.

George Fortin, Wright Walker, Leon Sirois, Manuel Pires' Kilian Taylor. Herbert Carter, William Bar­ ton, Conrad Pelletier, Janet Hardman, Victor Chausse Sr. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Joseph Bernier, William Ma­ honey, 'Roger Sansoucy, Christo. $50 pher McNulty, Wilfred Jarry. Rev. Manuel M. Resendes. Jeremiah Regan, Frank Silva, $25 Thomas Townley, Normand Fili­ Mr. Albertino J. Barros. ault, John Silva. $15 John Murphy, Leah Silva, Mr. William Fornaciari &; Donat Gauthier, Olivia Pacheco, Family, Mr. Richard Parsons. John Donriewald, Dorothy Ma­ .$10 honey. . Dolores Nunes Alves, Mar­ Edward Kolaczewski, Guido tinho Alves, Arnold Camara, DiBalsi, Catherine Murdock, Daniel P. Cordeiro, Alfredo E. . Margaret E. Boucher, Yvonne Carreiro. Blais. Francisco Correia, Anthony Joseph Bernier, Dorothy Gibbs De Costa, Frank Costa, Joseph Bernice Gibbs, Alfred Gibbs, - Costa, Alfred Dias. Albert Leeming. Libania Fernandes, Abel. Fi­ Allred Languirand, John Mc­ dalgo, George Fonseca, Maria Quade, John Shepard, Manuel Furtado, Antonio Gonsalves. Joseph, 'RusseiI Farley. Arthur Gonsalves, Manuel La­ Mary Augeri, Alfred Davig­ deira, Arthur Lima, Edward S. non, Thomas Gatheral, Jennie Leite, Maria' Macabelo. Haggerty, Raymond Riviere. George Marcelino, George Raymond Bolton, Cleophas Martins, Antone Medeiros, Man­ Bourgeoise, Joseph Mello, Jos­ .uel Medeiros, Donald Menezes. eph Medeiros, FranCis Martins. Gilbert Oliveira, Alfred Pelle­ Manuel Medeiros, Paul Rous­ .tier, Joseph Ponte, Manuel De · selle,. Irene Fernandes, Bradford ,ponte, Helen J. Roberts. Tripp, William Pires. Antonio Rodrigues Jr., Joseph . Armand Morin, Fred Lewis, Rodrigues, Joao Santos, Manuel Florence Correia, Lorraine Cos­ Sardinha, Arthur P. Silva. · ta, Leo ..Doyon. Hector Silva, Joseph Silva, Charles ,Barton, Raymond Doy. Manuel G .. Da Silva, Maria .on,Clyde Voter, Alfred Jeglin­ SolU'!ls, Seraphine Soares, ski, Donald Matthews. George Souza, William Trav. · Jose Canastra, Joseph Pollitt, ~$, Emely Vieira, Joseph F. Florenee Stensgaard, James Sul­ Almeida, Americo AzeVedo, livim, Joseph.. Carrier. .Ellwooq JYIunroe.


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New. Bedford

Thursday, May 9, 1963





Dr. & Mrs. Arihur Buckley



Rev. Rene G. Gauthier

Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Livingstone, Jr.

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Gaspard Lafleur Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lamoureux

$125 A Friend



Michael Austin The Joseph A. Burke Famn,. Mrs. Mary E. Foster A Friend Dr. & Mrs. James McKenna

Mrs. Dora Lafrance The Emile Berthiaume Family Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid Rousseau Mr. & Mrs. Donald Payette Anonymous



Dr. & Mrs. John J. Dunn Dr. & Mrs. William Muldoon

The Armand Landry Family Mr. & Mrs. Leo Cormier



In loving memory of Walter E. Collopy

Mr. & Mrs. Normand Brassard Dr. & Mrs. Philip E. Chartier Donald P. Lafleur

$50 Rev. William F. O'ConneP Anonymous /" Anonymous A Friend The Doherty Family Mr. & Mrs. T. Keating Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Lyons Ruth B. & Hope F. McFadden John N. Powell Dr. & Mrs. George F. Riley

$45 Mary & Winifred Keneally

$35 A Friend Mr. & Mrs. R. O'Neill

$30 In loving memory of our bro­ ther, John J. Gough Mr. & Mrs. Alexander PhiDips

$25 Anonymous, Anonymous, An­ onymous, Anonymous, Joseph Amaral Mr. & Mrs. W. Balderson, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beedem, Dr. & Mrs. Alfred Crowe, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Gonsalves, Dr. Francil Hinds. Marie Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. August Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Edward L. Ryan, Mrs. Edith Smith. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Bishop, Mr. & Mrs. Alan J. Campbell, Mrs. William S. Downey, Misses M. & A. Downey, Mrs. Sumner Ger­ sin.


THREE WIN SCHOLARSHIPS: From left, Judith Callahan, Mary Ann Ferreira Judith Bednarz, all scholarship-winning seniors at Mt. St. Mary's Academy Fan River: Miss Callahan is recipient of a four year scholarship to Stonehill College, where she will m~j?r in biology. Miss Ferreira will attend Pembroke College on a, grant covering full tUItion, room and board, and renewable yearly on meeting requirements. She has also been notified of high achievement in two other scholarship contests. Miss Bednarz has received a. ~esh~an sc~ola~ship, ~n~wable yearly, to. Northeastern University. She will also par­ tiCIpate m the mstItutIon s fIve year cooperative plan which will provide career training in the field of her choice. All girls are recipients of National Merit Letters of Commen­ dation, have been active in campus organizations at the Fall River academy. William C. Foley, Mr. & Mrs. James Galligan, Mr. & Mrs. James Hayden, Mrs. Jam~ Len­ non, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas J. Morris. Mr. & Mrs. George Oliver, The Sullivan Family.

$12 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Botelho, Mrs. Mary B. Foster, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hunt, Eleanor Jennings. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Driscoll, Mr. & Mrs. Emile Genest, Eliza­ beth Killigrew, Mr. & Mrs.. John Kling, Dora McCarthy. $11 Mrs. Eli W. Hawes


Mrs. Mary Ashley, Eltzabeth Aceino, Mr. & Mrs. William Barry, Almyra Brennan, Doro­ A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph thea Brennan. Mrs. Florence Brower, Mr. &: Kelleher, Mr. & Mrs. William Kearney, Mr. & Mrs. Edward K. Mrs. F~lix Bruce, Mr. Lennon' Burke & Family, Martin Butler, McIntyre, Mr. Meggison & Fam­ Nicholas Butler. ily. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cabral,­ Rosemary Moore, St. Lawrence Couples Club, James J. O'Brien Helena Cantwell, Mr. & Mrs. J. Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Myron Tripp, T. Connor, Mr. & Mrs. C. Con.' nors, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cure.. Mr. & Mrs. John Twee,die. Mrs. Germaine Dalen, Mr. &. $24 Mrs. William C. Davis, Mr. & Anonymous, Mr. & Mrs. Clay­ Mrs. E. Delisle, Mr. & Mrs. John ton Coleman, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ DeTerra, Mrs. Elizabeth Dooley. liam Souza.' Kathryn Doyle, Mr; & Mrs. $23 ; Louis L. Dumont, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. B. DePiio Arthur Durant, Mrs. Agnes Es­ $20 Mr. & Mrs. James Comiskey,' slinger, Miss A. Fennessey. . Mr. & Mrs. David Fernandez, Mr. & Mrs. E. Cormier, Anna Driscoll, Mary & Catherine John Finnell, .Mr & Mrs Thomall· Foye, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gamba· Duffy, Mrs. John Finni. '. Mrs. Emelia Halversen, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. D. Gioiosa. , Grace ,Gonsalves, ·Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Gerhardt Kober, Mrs. Annette Lowrie, Mr. & Mrs. F. Charles J. Gosselin, Mr. & Mrs. C. Mahoney, Mr.- & Mrs. Paul Raymond Gosselin, Mr. & Mrs. William Groebe, Mr. & Mrs. Marshall. Mr. & Mrs. John MurphY, The Joseph Griffin. Mr. & Mrs. Owen Hackett, Sullivan Family.

Mrs. Timothy Haggerty, Mr. &. $20

E. Vincent Brimley, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. James Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Herlihy, Mr. & Mrs'- L. Edward Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. Mich­ ael Griffiths, Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Higgins. Mrs. Catherine Holmes, Dr. & Hurley, Mr. & Mrs. James Kear­ Mrs. Robert Horan, Mr. & Mrs. ney. Mrs. Ernest King, Mr. & Mrs. William Kasper, Mrs. Margaret Herbert N. Rowson, Mae & Clara Kessell, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Kuc­ Smith, Monica and Constance zycki. Mr. & Mrs. Byron Lake Tim­ Zygiel. othy Lawler, Mr. '& Mrs. Gilbert $17 Lord, Francis Lynn, Mr. & Mrs.· Mr. & Mrs. Thomas SuDivan Joseph Mahoney. $15 Margaret Austin, Francis Gil­ . ;Louise' Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs.'­ lin, Angela J. Hayes, Alice &­ E. L. Manley, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Malone" Mr. & Mrs. Edward, Lillian Livesay. Mary McCusker, Mr. & Mrs. Manley, Mr. & Mrs.' Richard William Reed, Mr. & Mrs. A. Manning. Mr. & Mrs. Roy ¥ason, Mrs.­ Rousseau, Ellen A. Sullivan. Phi~omina Medeiros, Mr. &. Mrs· $15 Nellie Bedard, Gertrude R. EmIle J. Monfils, Mr. & Mrs.· Boyle, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Burke, Francis Muldoon, Mr. & Mrs.· Francis Murphy. Alice Cashman, A Friend. Mr. & - Mrs. Philip Murphy" Dr. & Mrs. Normand Gamache, Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Januesz, Mr. James Murray, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. George Kates, Mr. & Mrs. Philip Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Wm. Joseph R. Kiernan, Mr. & Mrs. Murray, Elizabeth McDonnell. Mr. & Mrs. Edward McCann, Robert McHugh. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. McGuire Mr. & Mrs. J. McQuillan, Mr. & Alice Murphy, Veronica O'Brien, Mrs. Charles Oliver, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Osborne, Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Oliver, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Olivera. George D. Rogers. Mr. & Mrs. George O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Saunders, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. George Mr. & Mrs. Ludger Paquette, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Perry, Mrs. Wezniak, Agnes White. Mr. & Mrs. E. T. Balboni, Mrs. Olga Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Adolphe Harriet Bessette, Mr. & Mrs. Plante. Mr. & Mrl'. George Ponte, Mrs. Arthur Buckley, Miss M. Con­ Philip Proctor, Dr. & Mrs. Raoul sidine, Ida Finnen.

Mr. & Mrs. Oliva Samoisette, Mr. & Mrs. Valmore Barabe, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Dumas, Mr. & Mrs. John Galuska, Mr. & Mrs. A. Robert. Mr. & Mrs. Jean B. Lapointe, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Forand, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Menard, Mr. & Mrs Walter Bolton, Mr. & Mrs. Con­ rad Silver. ,Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon COUf'­ noye, Mr. & Mrs. Sedjo Dutra,

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Caron, Mr.

McIntyre, Mildred McMullen, & Mrs. Manuel Rose, Mr. & Mrs:

Provost, Mrl & Mrs. Manuel Re­ Manuel Silvia. zendes, Mr. & Mrs. John Ryan. Mr. & Mrs. S. McNamara, Mr. &

Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lacha­

Mrs. James McQuade, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Ryan, Mr. pelle, Mr. ~ Mrs. John Jacques, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mello, Jean & Mrs. Herbert Silva, Albert Mr. & Mrs. Francis Cavanaugh, Smith, Joseph F. Southworth, Mevis, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Moore Mr. & Mrs. Roland Toyfair, Mrs. Fred Morang, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sullivan. Mr. & Mrs. George Dupuis. Grace B. Sullivan, Margaret Ralph Morris. Mr.. & Mrs. William Furtado, Sullivan, Mrs. Mary Stening, Mr. & Mrs. James Mosher, Mary Mr. & Mrs. Russell Turner, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Constantine Sylvia, Elizabeth Mosher, Mrs. Margaret & Mrs. William Gemme, The Joseph Toomey. Mulhearns, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gustave Gaudreau Family, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. William Tatro, Mundorf, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis .Albina Maddocks. Edward Trainor, Mr. & Mrs. Munroe. Mrs. Rita Monty, Mrs. Auray Sylvester Vercellone, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Francis Murray, Delorme, Mrs. Leo Rh"aume, Mrs. Joseph Veterino, The Wes- Mrs. Edward D. Murphy, Helen' Mrs. Alice Perry, Mrs. Beatrice siack Family. . Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. James Cormier. Mrs. James J. Whelan, The Neves, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Mrs. Laure Tessier, Raymond Wyer Family, Mrs. W. Yates, Nunes. Paul Monty, Antonia' Demers, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Ziemba. Mrs. ClementO'Bernier, Ray­ Arthur Desjardins, Alcide Des­ mond O'Connor, Mary Osborne, jardins. $10 Mrs. Helen Peers, Albert Per­ Leo Allen, Mrs. Theodore Am­ Carl Caron, George Desroch­ rier. bad·gis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Au­ ers, Macrine Landry, Wilhelmine odette, Nora Aylward, Mr. & Mrs. Mr., & Mrs. Armand Perry, Mr. Roy, Normand Barabe. James Aylward. & Mrs. Edward Piria, Mr. & Mrs. Marguerite Lefebvre, Emma Mr. & Mrs. Harold Barney, Ronald .Pomfret, Mr. & Mn. Cyr, Joseph Dutilly, William Julia Barry, Frances Burke, Mr. John W. Porte, Mr. & Mrs. J08­ Gamache, Rita Powers. & Mrs. Eric E. Besso, Mrs. Rob-' ept Porter. Cora Guillmette, FranCOM ert Bishop. Mr. & Mrs. Adrien~ Poulin, Beaudoin. Mr. & Mrs. William Bonneau, Mrs. H. Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. James Mr. ,& Mrs. Martin Bartley, Mrs. Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald' Judith Bolton, Mrs. Mary Breault Riding, R. Riley. Mr. & Mrs. Levis Roby, Clay­ Mrs. Nellie Br_own. featuring Eva Bamforth, Mr. & Mrs. ton Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Rutkowski, Mrs. C. E. Savoie, 'lfhe Gaslight Room" Francis Cairns, Mr. & Mrs.Dan­ iel Callaghan, Mrs. John Calnan, Mr. & Mrs.· Aldei Sawyer. Ideal for Communion Break­ - Donald Schell, Mr. & Mrs.' Stephen Carney. faltl. Organization Banquetl Donald ~iscento,' Mr. & Mrs. . ,Mr. & Mrs. William Carrado, '16 Acushnet Ave. Paul Servais, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred' Mr. & Mrs. Richard Carrier Mr Sevi·gny, Mr. & Mrs. Francis­ New Bedford & Mrs. Edward Cloutier, 'Mrs: Sheehan. . ~alJ WYman ~.1703 Alice' Collins, Mrs. Margaret Cul­ Mr.' & Mrs. Eugene Sheerin,' • • • • • hane; Mary Ellen Curry, Susan Duf-'_ Mr. & -Mrs. W. Shepard Mrs. fy, Mr., & Mrs. John Driesen,_ Katherine Sherman, Mrs. Marg­ YO'U? Agnes Driscoll, Mr.. & Mrs. Dan-_ aret Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Soares. . jel Driscoll. Mr~ & Mrs. Leo Soucy, A Helen ,A. DriscoJI, Mr. & Mrs. Fri~nd,Susanne Stager, Charles Ed~ard Doody, Mary Doyle, Mr.. & Mrs. John Duxbury, Mrs.' Sullivan, Eleanor Sullivan. Mark Sullivan, Mary Sullivan Katherine Edwards. _ Joseph V. Enos, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Judith Sykes, Mr. & Mrs: Edward C. Galligan, Mrs. Eliza-­ Hannibal Sylvia, Lillian Tablas. Mr. & Mrs. A. Teixeira, Mrs. beth Gifford, Mr. & Mrs. George Robert Thatcher, Mr. & Mrs. O. GoUlart, Genevieve Grace. Theberge, Mrs. Frances Thomas, Vincent Grace, Charles Gree­ Mr. & Mrs. Victor Turpin. der, Ann Griswald, Lillian Gris­ Mr. & Mrs. Donald Vancleft, wald,. The Halloran Family. Mrs. Marguerite Walsh, Margaret Mr; & Mrs. John Hartley, Jos­ ... A Franciscan Sister! eph Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Webster, Mr. & Mrs. John Whe­ GIVING YOURSELF to a Michael Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. lan, Mr. & MTs. Austin L.Whit­ tey. life completely dedicated to Thomas Healy, Mr. & Mrs. Am­ Mr. & Mrs. G. Wilbur, Eliza­ the salvation of souls . brose. Hogan. through prayer, work, sac­ Mr! & Mrs. R. Isabel, William beth Wilkinson, Mr. & Mrs. J. Edwards Williams, Mrs. John rifice and joy . . . by using Jeffri:es, Joyce Johnson, May­ Woodruff, A Friend. your talents as a Nurse, belle .Keefe, Carole Kelly. Laboratory and X-Ray Tech­ . Mrs. George Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. nician, Secretary, Account­ John Kennedy John Kenny, Mr. ant, Dietitian, Seamstress, & Mrl;' Leo Kenny, Mrs. Anthony Cook, as well as in other S. King. hospital departments and in Mrs. Aloyse -Koch, Mr. & Mrs.. a new extension of our Odee;Landry, Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Prescriptions called for work in the Catechetical and Langlois, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Le and delivered Social Service Fields Favor, Mr. & -Mrs. Arthur J. HEADQUARTERS FOR There Is No Greater Charity! LeveSque. DIETETIC SUPPLIES (Write---giving your age---to Edmund Luby, John Luby, Mr. 600 Cottage St. WY 4-7439 l7oeation Director, 767-30th Street. & Mrs. Frank Mahon, Mr. & Mrs. Rock [slano, [llinois. for further . ~ew Bedford ietails of thi., happy life.) William Maley, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ nold Manghan. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Manning, YOURS TO LOVE AND TO GIVE! Mi'. & Mrs. James Manning, Margaret Manning, Mr. & Mrs. the life of a DAUGHTER OF ST. PAUL. love God more, and give to louis knowledge and love of Charles Mattos, A Friend. God by serving Him in a Mission which uses the Mr. & Mrs. William MacFar­ "re.s, Radio. Motion Pictures and TV. to bring lane, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Mc­ Hi. Word to souls everywhere. Zealou. young Avoy, Mr. & Mrs. James Mc­ lirls. 14-23 vears intere.ted In this unique Carthy, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Mc­ ...,stolate may write to: Coy, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Mc­ REVEREND MOTHER SUPERIOR Donnell. DAUGHTERS' OF 51. PAUL Mr. & Mrs. James McGinnis 50 n. PAUL'S AVE. BOSTON 10. MASS. and Jean McGinnis, Mrs. Robert

M-K Restaurant


••• • •• •

What About'



erine Leclair. Mrs. Clara Lessard, Alice Le­ maire, Mr. & Mrs. O'Neil Le­ mire, Mr. &'Mrs: Emile Lestage, Mr. & Mrs. Arsene Levesque. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Levesque, Mr. & Mrs. H. Levesque, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Loranger, Mr. & Mrs. George Manny, Mr. & Mrs. lIar­ old Moffatt.

THE .' '-"""-Diocese of Fa'! R:"er-:hurs., May 9, 1963

non, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Machnik, l\'[r. & Mrs. Frank Gallant. l\1r. ST. ,TO<;1l<;PH & lVIrs. Victor Ch3rest.. l\'[r. & $200 Mrs. Armand Fre~ette. Mr. & Mrs ....",.nel Roy Misses Piche., ]\iIr. & r,'[rs. ~ohn Mr. & Mrs. Francis Sullivan. C,..,f"r JlIlr. P.1e~n--'~" ·!"-n"ni". Dr. & Mrs. Albert Hamel. Mr. & Mrs. ~oseph Piche. Mr. & $150 Mrs Luicri Fiano. Mr. & Mrs. Dominico Morra, ·Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Seguin. Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Glmneville,

Mr. Levi M!1ise, Antone Paiva, $100 Mr. & Mrs. Ger.ald Dionne. Mr.

Mr. & Mis. M. Paradis, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Dionne. & Mrs. Gilbert Harrel. Mrs.

Mrs. Eugene Paradis. $90 Philippe Paquette, Mr. & Mrs.

Jean R. Plante, Mr. & Mrs. Wilbr0d Dufour. . Mr. & Mrs. H. Couture. Gerard Poitras, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ .$75 Mr. & Mrs. George Sl~ght, liam Rego, Mr. & Mrs. Alpha' Rev. Louis R. Boivin. $50 Masseau F.amily, Mr. & Mrs, R. Ricard, Mr. & Mrs. Octave Rich. ard~ Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Janson. St. Gelais, Mr. & Mrs. Reger Aline Robidoux, The Servais Mr. & Mrs. Francois Bouchard. Varieur, Mr. & Mrs. Alphee FOil,·nier. Famil~, Mr. & Mrs. Dwight Se­ Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Deneault. Mr. & Mrs. Philip Methe. Mr. verino, Mr. & Mrs. Joseuh Slight, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Danse­ & Mrs. P. Letourneau, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. A. Tetreault. reau. Mrs. Arthur Duval, Mr. Francis 'Mrs. Malcolm' Tripp, Leda $30 Valois, Mrs. Agries Winsper, Mr. Mrs. Doria Marcotte & Family. W. Boyer, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Apdette. ,& Mrs. Thomas Woolley, Mi. & Mrs. Normand Albert. Mr. & Mrs. ~~rmand Boutin, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond, BouMrs. Edward Allen Mr. & Mr. Albert Roy, Mrs. Clara Ro- rassa, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Powell, '. SEAGOING CANDLESTICK: Father Edward J. Burke, Mrs. Roi:>ert BegnoChe, Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. ·C. Carpenter, Mr. & bida" Mrs. Lucille Allain, Mr. :Me • .....-d Lan 10' Mr & ,...... C.M., right, 'PrE!sidentof St. John's University, Jamaica, .Claire AJ:ttil, M;r. & Mrs. Fenelon &Mrs. Ernest Hodson. s. -"'LU"otO g 18, . ~'ll·S. N.Y., [s an interested iistener as R-ear Adm. Gor(\on'MeLin-' Bastille, Rita Belliveau. · . Mr. & ,Mrs. , :M;arceITrahan, Armand .c:yr, . Mr...~ Mrs. A.B~~neau, Mr. ~lr. & Mrs. Louis Vlludry,Mr. & j. . Mrs. Ar:t,hUr iBeaucaire, Mr.. & t~k, superintendent@f U.,~.!\1erchantMari.neAeademy, lk Mrs. Norm,ln Boulay, Mr.·& MTS. Louis 'Leblanc, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Clovis 'MazeroIle, Mrs.. Kmg''S Point, explains details of a-'silver candlestick the M,rs. Vi,ctC!r Boutin, ,Mr. &. Mrs. Philias Fortin,Mr. &: Mrs. Abel Leopold .Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs. Hebert, Mr. & 'Mrs. Joseph Bou­ Catholic altar in the memonai chapel. Father (Lt.,Olmdr.) Normand Chartier, Mr. & Mrs. l'ormand Ostiguy &; 'F.mily, Giles l\{QrriH, academy Catholic chaplain, holds the candle­ Wilfrid Couture. · Mr. ,c% ,Mrs. Albert'R~y,' Gre_chard. . , Mr. & Mrs. G. Bellefeuille, Mr. ~ .Mrs. Oscar' Dagenais,' stick that resembles a 10th century sailing. vessel. NC Photo. ~ Jl'aebe 'Insurance Agency, Inc., 'Miss Irene Sullivlln, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. R~er Denault, Joyce " Mr. & ]'drs. Adelard '~reault, A,lbert Bastarache, Mr. &. Mrs. Dias, Mr. & Mrs.- Arthur Dubay, Mrs. Joseph Allain, Mr. &: Mrs. &: Mrs. Joseph Jusseaume, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. _Hiliare TremlDlay, & Mrs. Roger Pelletier" Mrs. Mr. &, Mrs. Maurice Dunn . \Mil'. & Mrs. Arthur Seguin, Mr. Toussaint Girard, Mr. & Mrs. Ovila Ouimette,' Mr. & Mrs. Jeanne Levesque. . Mr. & Ml's. Leonard Dupont, • Mrs. L. Audette. '

Ovila Leblanc" Simeon Lafrance. $24 .

Mrs. SimonneRousseau, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Daigle, Mr,- Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dupre, Mr. Mr. Alexis Blais, Miss Dora & Mrs. Bruno Charbonneau. Mr. &: Mrs. Hebert, Mrs. & Mrs. Joseph Forgue, Mr. .&

Mr. & Mrs. Normand Parent. & Mrs. J. Lavoie, Miss Adina Paquin,Mi'. & Mrs. Emile He­ Diana Courtemanche, Mr. &: Mrs. Mrs. Raymond Forgue, Mrs.

bert, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Le­ 520 Piche, Larocque Family. Joseph Paquette, Mr. & Mrs. Clarinda Greene.

Mrs. Donat Labrie, Mr. & Mrs. Miss Gilbert Coderre, Mr.. & tendre, Mr. & Mr.s. Henri Fre­ Ever.est Flint. _ Mr. ~ Mrs. E. Lafrance, Mr.

George Cote, Mr. & Mrs. O. Vail­ Mrs. Donat Bourassa, Mr. &; Mrs. dette. & Mrs. B. Landreville, Mr. &

Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Marchand, Jarn:ourt, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Le­ ,Maxime LeBlanc, Mrs. Albertine JYLrs. Armand Lavoie. Mr. & Mrs.

SACRED HEART blanc, Gardner Family. B . Mr, & Mrs. Ernest M-enard, Mr. Mr. -& Mrs. W, Baillar­ . egm, R. Letourneau, Mr. & Mrs. Paul

M r. & Mrs. Henri Brouillette, geon. & Mrs. Roland Guay, Mr. &. Mrs. Letourneau.


~r. & Mrs. Maurice Robillare, Ovila Bolduc, Mrs.. Sylvio Le­ Mr. & Mrs. R. Levesque. Mr.

Mr. & Mrs. George Vincent.

Mr. & Mrs. J. H. _\rsenault, Mr. Mr. E. Bolduc, Mr. & Mrs. Comte. & Mrs. Alben Pelletier, Barbara

· & Mrs. Alfred Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Calnen, Mrs. Beatrice $50.~0 Mrs. Alexina Cormier, Mr. & A. 'Pelletier, Marie Plamondon, A. Bertrand & Family. Lafleur, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Mr. & Mrs. Normand Seguin. Mrs. Rene Dupont, ,Mr. & .Mrs. ,Mr. -& Mrs. R Rainville. ' $15 Chandonet" Misses Gauthier. . .$25.00 Marc Demanche, Mr. Ernest Oscar Richard & Family, Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. Alexandre Pha­ Mr. & Mrs. L. Galipeau, Mr. & Madec" Mr. '& Mrs.' Normand Dr. & Mrs. Jean Paul, Grenon, Mary Rogers, Mr; & Mrs. Henry

,.neuf, Mr. & Mrs.. Pius Allain, . Mrs. James Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. -Leonard Simmons, ,St. Pierre, Mr.' & Mrs. Roger

Mr. & Mrs. Etienne Yates, Mr. & Eugene L'Abbe, Mr·, & ,Mrs. E. Coderre. Mr. -& .Mrs. Armand Bernard, Rodolphe Paradis, Mr. & Mrs. '. Sauve, Mr.' & 'Mrs. Roland Mrs. Leo A .. Pelletier, Mr; & Coderre, Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Mr. & Mrs. Victor Racine, Mr. & Arthur DescheneS, Mr, & rvIrs. Seguin. Mrs. Archibald Spoor.. Goyette. Mr. & Mrs. William Siwik, Mr.

Mrs. Edgard Desjardin, Mr. & A. L.BQuchard.· Collard Family. Mr. & Mrs. Mr. Alfl'ed Beaulieu, Mr. & & Mrs. J. Tanguay, Mr. & Mrs.

,.Mrs. Ronald Langis, Mr. & ·Mrs. '$20.00 Joseph Leblanc,. Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ Mrs. Jean Boutin, :Mr. & Mrs. T. Arguin. Frank Kutis, Dr. ~ Mrs. John Raymond Trahan,' Mr. & Mrs. R.

mond Landry, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Francis Roberge, Mr. Edgard Violette, Mrs: Mildred Williams.

Mr. & Mrs. George Racine, Mr. T. Barrows. Dufresne, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Levasseur, Mi'ss 'Antoinette Ber­ & Mrs. George Michaud, Mrs. Gardner. geron.' " $1:5••' Yvonne Michaud, Mr. &' Mrs. ST. BONIFACE Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Mathieu, Mr. ~ Mrs: Mazil!le Maillet, Mr. & Mrs. Herve Bedard, Mr. Emile Saulnier, Mr. Alfred Petit. Mr. & .Mrs. Laurier Cormier, Mr. Asselin Family,Mr. & Mrs. A. & Mrs. .I. A.Jackson and daugh­ . Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rondeau, $25

&; Mrs. Alfred Lemaire, Mr. & Montminy, Leblanc Familyi Miss Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph' POUliot, Mr. ter-Joyce. Mrs. Roland Fortin. Rita Maranda. ' Fra~k & Lill~an Corre

$12.110 '$13 Mr~& ,Mrs. John Pomb~, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Deschenes, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Menard. $2' &: Mrs., A. Rioux, -Miss Dora Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poirier &. Mrs. Pierre Melanson, Levas­ $HI;OO Carl Stuebgen Babineau. It Mrs. Ber.naciett~ Duptlily. seur Family', Mr. & Mrs. Hubert Mr. & Mrs. Alcidas Mlain, $15 ,Mr. & Mr.s. Arthur Gregoire, & Mrs. Albert Audette, Donat $12 Levasseur, Mr." &: Mrs.. Edward John Freitas Mr. & Mrs. Robert Letendre, Mr. Mr. & Mr.s. Manuel Ahres, Mrs. Viera. . Audette, Mrs. Asa Auger, Mr. & Victor Palmieri Leontine Michaud, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs.. ,Albert Palmieri, . & Mrs. Alfred Patnaude, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Belisle. $12 Lecm Branchaud, Mr. &. Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. J9hn Gallagher, Mrs. _ Mr.s. ,J,oseph Desroches,' Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Roland ,Belisle, Mr. Tom & Mary Mool'e Mrs. Crl!orge Lelievre.

& Mrs. J. BellefeuHle, Mr. & Armand Bergeron, Mr'. & Mrs. Albertine Robitaille, Mr. Ar­ $10 ,Alphonse Pelletier, Mr. & ·Mrs. mand Dash.aies, Mr. Roland " .Mr. &. Mrs. Lucien Beaulieu, Mrs. Romeo O. Bergeron, Mr. & Dennis, Cabral. Arthur 'FolCo, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Dube, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Berube, Mr. & Mrs. Andre Benoit. Briggs. .Annette LeBlanc $11 Mr. & .Mrs. Joseph Leblanc, Mrs. Leo Racine, Mr. & Mrs. F .. George iBlier. Thibault,Mr. & Mrs. E. England.

Mr. & Mrs. Leo Boucher, Crl!r­ Mrs. J!lseph Parent, 'Mi-. & Mr. & Mrs. Raoul Tetreault, Mr. HOLY ROSARY Mr. &: Mrs. Olivier Robillard" ard & Ruth Boudr~au,. Dora Mrs. Robert Pelletier, Families Maurice Charette, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs.. Marie Parent, Mr. & .Mrs. ~reau~t, Jeannette Canuel, Mrs.. Leclair &'Laporte.' Roland Carr.ier, Mr. & Mrs. Lau­ $200 Adelard Dube, 'Mr. & Mrs. Andre Lydia Carlaw. ' $10 rent Robert. Francis'can Fathers Champagne, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Mr. &. Mrs. Antonio Car1esi, Mr. & Mrs. Laurier Marcoux, Mr. &,gar GobeN, Mr. Quintin. $10 ' ~r.& Mrs. ~.ntonio Champagne, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Deshaies &. Mrs. Robert Vigeant, Mr. &

Raymond Gauvin, Laurinda Mrs. Albertine Boucher' !vIr Mrs., Bernadette Chiasson, Mrs. ·Mr. & Mrs. Eloi Caron,' Mr. &: Mrs. T. Leblanc, Mr. -& Mrs: Leo

Ernest &, Roger Davignon, Mr. 'Andrade, Doris & Lucille Cour­ Mrs. Manuel SoUza Almeida Fredette, Mrs. Anna' Bourgeois. & Mrs. Maurice Valois, Mr. noyer, Fred Tetreault, Pacifique i Family. " ,, . ,Mrs. Maria '~onin; Mr. &. Mrs. Mrs. Ligouri Girard, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. August DeMello. Thomasset. . Donald Ouellette, Mr.' & Mrs. Mr.. & Mrs. C. Desrosiers, Mrs., Mr. & Mts.. Ed1Dond Charette, . Henry Despres, Mr. & Mrs. Sam­ Albert' Thomasset, Pimentle Andre Fiano.. James Dickens, Mr. & Mrs. Ar-, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Guillotte !vIr uel Niquet, Mr.&- Mrs.. Crl!orge

Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Lamarre, Mand Dupre, Mr. & Mrs..George Family, Henry Daigle,' Ov,ide · Orner BranchaUd, Mr. & 'Mrs: Fredette, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene

, Tetreaull Mr. & Mrs. -Andre Marcotte Mr pUb~"Mr. 8? Mrs. Alfred Durand. Mario Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ Desaulnier. & Mrs"JosephCardoza,' & Mrs. Philip N .. F~ria, · 'mand Beaulieu. ' Mr. & MI'S. George Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. P. Trahan, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Louis Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. R. Bachand, Mr. & Mrs. .1VJI. ~ Mrs. W. Fichtenmayer,, Jean Dion. Mr~. Leda& Yvette Foisy, Mrs. Mrs. Charles Smith, Mr. & Mrs. . Mrs. Frank Br:aga, Mr. -& Mrs. , .. Mr. &: Mrs. RO,ger 'Fredette, EmIle Fournier, Mr. & Mrs. Ar­ J. Palardy, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Jodoin, Mr. Roland Todoia; thur Fredette. . ' , 'Vezina,· ~~, &. Mrs. ,'Crl!rard ])u­ Mr. & Mrs. ,E. Plaud, Mr.' & . Mr. -& Mrs: Roland Fournier MaintenanCe SupplieS 'To~a . Gregoir~, ~.& Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon' Poirier; mao\i. ;,,',:" . ',', Mrs. J.oseph Marchessault, Mr. SWJ5EP~Rs - SOApS' Mr. & Mrs. Albert Perusse, Mr. 'C,yprien Grenier, Mr.s.Dolores .Mr. & Mrs. Roger Gag~ier;, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Fortin, Mr.. & Mrs. & Mrs. Adrien Rouillier. Inman, Mr. & Mrs. Albert La­ , DISjNFECTANTS & Mrs. LUd~er Va.rieur, Mr. & ,Henri' Verville,' Mr. Wilbrod Mr. & Mrs. Jerome Doyon, Mr. . flamme, Mrs. ,:::harles Lafleur. Mrs. Geor,ge Benjamin,' Mr. & Brizard. FlItE IXtIHGUISHlRS' &: Mrf;. Roland Doucet, Mr. & Charles Lafleur, Rene La­ Mrs. A .. Renaud, Mr.: .Alphonse Mr.·& MY'S. Raymond Leclair, Mrs,. Maurice Fortin, Mr. &: Mrs. rrance, ,Yvonne Langlois, 'Claire !Dube. ,.' Mr. & Mrs;' William Onellette, PaUl A. Leroux, Mr. -& Mrs. Don­ . Langlois, Mr. Mrs. R.La­ Mr. Joseph Dansereau. Mr. Ar­ Mr. L. Pothier, Mr. &;. Mrs. ald Pelletier. rocque. thur Frechette, Mrs. Al~tGose- Adrien Goutier. ,Emile Lauzon, Mr. & Mrs, J. Mr. .& Mrs. Adelal'd Lemena­ 11.6 PURCHASE ST. !lin, Mr.. 'Raoul Mathieii, Mr..& Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pat­ ger, 'Mrs. Corinne Maranda, Mr. L. L~voie, .Mr. & ~rs. Homer HEW BEDFORD Mrs. Ernest Bourgeois. naude, Mr. & 'Mrs. Sylvio' LeHenri' Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. LeBeau, .Mr. At Mrs.. , Normand Mr. & Mrs. Normand blanc, Mr. & Mrs. ,Frank' GouWY 3-37'6 Joseph FoOurnier, Mr. & Mrs. Lebeau, William & Mrs.Cath­ Mr. & Mrs. Silva Davignon. Mr: lal'd,' Mr. ,& ':Mrs. Roger Grenon, Raymond Methot. & Mrs. AlphegeRobitaille Miss Mrs. Louis Fortin. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Chevalier '1ren~ Beique, Mr. &Mr~. Ar­ Mr. & Mrs. 'Hilaire Bedard mand ·Gendron. Mr. & Mrs. A. Touissaint, Mr. &: Mr. & Mrs. D. Bedard, Mr: &: Mrs. Anthony Plliva, Mr. &: Mrs. ON 'CAPE COD Miss 'I'hereseConlombe, Mr. & Ml·S. Arthur Gaudreau, Mr. & David Cardoza, Mr. & Mrs. ,Gor­ Mrs. ArmandPo"irier, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Rene Schwartz, Mr. & Mrs. don Barber. Normand Fredette, Mr. Philippe Joseph Savaria. Mr. & Mrs. Justin Perry. Mr. Pelletier, Miss Clarenda Picard. Mr. & Mrs. N. Hudon, Mr. & & Mrs. LaurierChoque1te, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Laplante, Mrs. Edouard Bertrand, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. ,Simon Languirand, Mrs. Leonard Poyant, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Albert Vigeant,Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Caron, 'Mr. & JosaphatRainville, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Arthur Caron, Mr. & Mrs. Edgar Fortier. ,Mrs. Romeo Landry, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marcoux. , Mr.. .& Mrs. G. Cl:;larbonneau, " Leo Paradis.

Mrs. Angelina Beaulieu, Mr. , Mr. & Mrs. S. Kocor, Mr. &. & Mrs. P. RainVille, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Leblanc, · Mrs. AtTIland Roy, Misses­ A. Magnan~, J.¥Lr. &.Mrs. A. Gaud.' JY[r. & 'Mrs. Ernest Marcotte, Mr. & Mrs. Leo R. Lebeau, 'Mr; & li~u, Mrs. Lea Lemaire &: Fam-' reau, Mr. & Mrs. H. Martin.

AMPlEP~aI(ING .­ , fly, Mr. &, Mrs.E'l'Tlest Fredette. Mr. & Mrs.R. L'He4reu.x, Mr. Mrs, Eugene -Lame. !\Jr.. ,~ ¥.n. ~~eb~rt, Mr. ., .Mr. & Mrs...R.' Mar.c~ D41Vic-. & ~s. GeW'~~ ~J.a,ise. J:\I!r" :.&






Mr. &. .,, , ..:t\iIr.







Somerset ST. 'PATRICK $400.00

Rev. Francis A. McCarthy.

$100.00 Mr. Harold J. Regan. Dr. & Mrs. Roland E. Chabol $50.00 Miss Doris Lafrance. Mr. & 'Mrs. John J. Burns. Mr. & Mrs. David M. Kilroy. Mr. Harold Meehan. $40.00

Mr. Roger Thibault.

Mr. Vincent J. Riley.


Mr. & Mrs. John Pires Jr.

Dr. Leonard N. Bilodeau.

Mr. Paul C. Tessier.

Mr. Angelo E. Flynn.

Mr. Jas. LanE!.

$25.00 Mr. Raymond Ouellette, Mr: & Mi's. Edmund F. Bagley, Mr. Stephen J. Biello Jr., Miss Alice 'C. Costello, Mrs. Wm. E. Potter. Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Kilgrew, Mr. Edward Moniz, Mrs. Geo. L. 'Goodf~llow, Mr. Charles J. Burke, Mr. Thomas J. Gracia. . Mr. Norman M. Simmons, Mr. Thomas F. Hussey, Mr. Richard A. Mello, Mr. Joseph H. Feitel. berg, Mrs. Charles J. Burke, Mr. ;Edward F. Blain Jr. $20.00 Mr. Dennis Pereira, Mr. John J. Ferry, Mr. & Mrs. James C. Noonan, Mrs. Grace Doolan" Miss Lillian I. Hadad. Mr. & Mrs. James M. Judge, Dr. Wm. H. Langfield, Mrs. Rob­ ert M. Johnston, Mr. Eugene Mur. phy, Mr. Carleton D. Boardman. . Mr. & Mrs. Dominick Ciarfar­ dini, Mrs. Lillian Reddy. $15.00 Mr. Robert P. Benevides, Mr.

Wm. Moran, Mr. Robert P. Bene.

vides, Mr. Albert A. Levesque,

Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Pytel:

Mr. &: Mrs. Paul E. Joly &: Family, Mr. Wm. H.,Barrar, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Tinsley, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Farrell, Mr. Robert Reagan, Mr. Geo G. Sylvia. $12.00

Mrs. Herbert Dickinson.


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Reis Jr., Mr. John W. Kinnane, Mr. Fran·' cis J. Mullins, Mr. Henry J. Henault, Mr. & Mrs. James E. Sullivan. Mrs. Robert B. Bond, Mr. Ar­ thur F. Cassidy, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholenus Reis, Mrs. Margaret Bearden, Mr. Alfred L. Farrell. Mr. Joseph O. E. Noel Jr., Dr. Albert E. Roy, Mrs. Francis Munro, Miss Ruth S. Munro, Mr. Oscar Wiedeman. , Miss Helen F. Murphy, Mr. Wm. T. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. James R. McGuinness, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mullaney, Mr. Ed­ ward Mello. Miss Veronica Apps, Mrs. Richard J. McNally, Mr. Richard J. McNally, Mr. Edward J. Leonard, Mr. Wm. C. Donahue. Mrs. John T. Dewhurst, Geo. W. Carpenter, Mr. Alfred G. Moitozo, Dr. Thomas Clark, Mr. Leo A. Bond. Mr. Louis Pavao, Mr. Marion Souza, Mrs. Annie Gonsalves, Mr. John DeCambra, Mr. Melvin J. 'lussell. Mr. Richard E. Wpitmore, Mr. Wilfred V. Grimes, Mr. Ray­ mond H. Bibeau, Mr. John B. Correa, Mrs. Alfred S. Rezendes. Mr. Alfred ReZendes, Mr. Frederick L. Mason Jr., Mr. Robert Enos, Mr. Raymond A. McConnell, Mrs. James Green­ wood. Mr. Norman L. O'Brien, Mr. &: Mrs. Armand A. Surette, Mr. Joseph Ferreira, Mr. Francis Charette, Mr. Joseph Benevides Sr. Mrs. Joseph Ferreira, Mrs. Joseph Ferreira, Mr. Raymond Wilding, Mr. Gordon A. Bielecki, Mr. Joseph M. Bargantine. Mr. Edward J. Ready, Mr. Joseph Malvey, Mrs. Irene M. Lowney, Mr. Oliver C. Perry Jr., Mr. Adelard J. Dragon. Mr. & Mrs.- Antone Soares, Mrs. Charles Fisher, Mr. Sylves­ ter Medeiros, Miss Margaret C. Lynch, Mrs. Edward P. Doucette. Mr. Edward P. Doucette, Mr. & Mrs. CorneliUs D. Sullivan, Mr. Lawrence A. Rodenbush Sr., Mr. Joseph R. Bargantine, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Daley. Mr. ·'Gerard Turcotte, Mr. Charles Lacerda, Mr. Manuel Silva, Mr. Maurice A ..Quirk, Mr.

Cbas. E. Riley. Mr. Edward H. O'Brien, Mr. &: Mrs. Wm. F. Shea, Mrs. Harold Latour, Mrs. Eric M. Brisbon, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Smith. Mr. Joseph F. Biastoff, Mr. & Mrs. Jas. Courcier, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony P. Sabatino, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Rapoza, Mr. Wilfred D. Talbot. Mr. Ellsworth ,W. Fountain,' Mr. John D. Cook, Mrs. Fraser Douthwright, Chas. A. Michaud, Mr. Jos. J. Pine. Mr. Pierino W. Latini, Mr. Michael J. Russo, Mr. Jos. J. Pine, Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Moran, Miss Lillian Henne~sey. Major c'lz; Mrs. Frank Pechulis, Mr. Manuel J. Ferreire Jr., Mr. Jas. E. Bradbury, Miss May E. Lynch, Mr. Edward Suspiro. Mr. Francis J. McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Lopes & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Sullivan, Mrs. Gurnard Cummings, Mr. Alfred F. Morris. Mr. Edward R. Silvia, Miss

Jane M. Keefe, Miss Emily G.

Keefe, Miss Louise M. Murphy,

Mrs. Mary Estrella.

Mr.' Louis Oliveira, Mrs. Eve­

lyn Carvalho, Mrs. Thomas R.

Murphy, Mr. Gordon W. Hag­

gerty, Mr. Ronald R. Hadad.

Mr. Frank Morris, Mr. Cyril Amarelo, Mr. Armand Forand, Mr. Daniel Ready, Mr. John J. Ready. '. Mr. George Lee~ Mr. &, Mrs. Robert Kuhner, Mr. A. Geo, Stukas, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Forest, Mr. Christopher Geary Jr. Mr. Frederick T. Ormston. ST. JOHN OF GOD $50 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Costa Jr. $30 Atty. & Mrs. Francis J. Car­ reiro. $25 Mr. & Mrs. John O. Soares, Mr. & Mrs. William Raposa Mr. & Mrs. George Correia Dr. & Mrs. Jesse Baptista Mr. & Mrs. Joseoh Botelho Larry's Atlantic 'Station ' Mr. & Mrs. John Veloza, Jr. $20 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph H. Camara $15 Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Sardinha Mr. & Mrs. Frank R. Borges Jr. $12 Mr. & Mrs. Leonel Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Maguire, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Velozo, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Lebel, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lapointe. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Machado" Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Furtado, Mr. & Mrs. George Rebello, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Reis, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Furtado. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sanson, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel O. Botelho, Mr. & Mrs. John Monteiro, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Manuel MoniZ, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Quental. Mr. & Mrs. John Coffey, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gouveia, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Michael, Mr. & Mrs. An­ tone Torres. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. John Bernard, Mrs. Mary Thomas, Mr. & Mrs.. Man­ uel Ferreira, Jr., Mrs. Mary Morris. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Flores, Mr. & Mrs. Henry VelozoMr. & Mrs. Henry Medeiros, Mr. &, Mrs. John Silvia. Mr. & Mrs. John Sebastiao, Mr. Alfred Montiero, Mr. &: Mrs'. Manuel Arruda, Mr. & Mrs. Zyg­ munt Ziobro, Mrs. Larana Ra':' mos & Family. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Travis, Mr. & Mrs. John Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph D. Lawrence, Mr. & Mrs. Raul Faria, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Faria, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gabriel Mr. & Mrs. Manuel C. Motta, Mr. & Mrs. James P. Malone, Mr., & Mrs. John Dankievitch, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arruda, Mr. & Mrs. John Oliveira. Mr. & Mrs. Antone FurtadO, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Tessier, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Arruda, Jr., Mr. Oliverino Suspiro. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred J. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. John Chellel, Mr. & Mrs: Manuel Miranda, Mr. & Mrs Antone Feno, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Antone Benevides, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. An~one Benevides, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel V. Arruda, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Raposa, Mr. & Mrs. Ignacio Andrade, Mr. & Mrs. Albert' Araujo. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Benevides, ,Mr. Antone Alemida,' Jr., Mr. &:

RECEIVES APPOINT­ MENT: Frater William J. Kelley, S.V.D., son of Mr. and Mrs. J. Spencer Kelley, Sr., St. Mary's parish, Mans­ field, will study theology at Divine Word Seminary, Bay St. Louis, Miss., this Sep­ tember. He will receive a bachelor's degree next month from Divine Word Seminary, Conesus, N.Y. A brother, Rev. Raymond H. Kelley, M.M. is a Maryknoll Mission­ er assigned to work among aborigines in the Diocese of Taichung, Formosa.

$10.00 Mrs. Carrie White, 'Mr. &: Mrs. Thomas Brennan, Helen Downey, Mrs. Elizabeth Markey, Mr. & Mrs. Mario Rego. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gingras,

Mrs. Evangelo Vangel, Mr. &

Mrs. Jose Carvalho, Mr. & Mrs. Osmond Gingras, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Wayner. Mr. & Mrs. Irene Huggins, Mr. & Mrs. Albert, Rebello, Mr. & Mrs. Albert McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. George Liberty, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Sheets. Mrs. Roscoe Barstow, Mrs. Sally LeQuerre, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ liam P. Miller, Mr. & Mrs. Oliver LaFrance, Mr..& Mrs. William Suzan Jr. Donald Farley, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ liam Suzan Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Dan­ iel Sullivan, Mrs. George Har­ rold. Mrs. Virginia Mahoney, Mrs. Lawrence Green, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kobak, Mr. & Mrs. James Moran. Mr. & Mrs. John Tarvis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Crowley, Mrs. Kenneth Tuttle Mr~ & Mrs. John L. Carlos, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeCosta. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Farley, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Costello, Mr. & Mrs. Leo . Libby. Mr. & Mrs. Murray DeCoffe, Mrs. Elizabeth Farwell, Dr. & Mrs. Charles Hutchings, John Callahan, Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Brito. Helen Callahan, Mr. & Mrs. 'John Nunes, Mrs. Elliot Roberts, Mr: & Mrs. Donat Couet, Dr. & Mrs. Stanley Mysliwy. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P., Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar St. Jacques, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Nunes, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Howrihan Mr. & Mrs. John Gibbons. ' Mr. & Mrs. James H. Gifford, Antone Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nunes.

THE ANCH0RThursday, May 9, 1963


mand Dupont, Donat Fortin, Al­ fred Samson.

Therese Bonneau, Mr. & Mrs.

Robert Ric]"18rds,. Mr. -& Mrs. Jules Cayer, Antoine Racine, Emile Camire. Wilfrid Langlois, Bernard Sas­ seville, Wilfried Lecuyer, Alex. andre Gonsalves, Albert Cah­ rette. Roland Lemieux, Adrien Angers. Raymond Millette,' Ed. ouard Girard. Roland Bel~D!~er. ArzeJia Roy. Josenh L"hine, Mrs. Rep."inald Crosby, Herve Al­ lain. Valmore Lauzon. Emilien Roy. Wilfrid L~l1zon, Ovila Therrien. Theodore Lan. gevin. Geor"e Girard. Armand ]\lr'lrlow. Henrv'Fec­ teau. Mme. Erlmond Bl"in .T°an. l1ette Blain, Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Baptiste. Leo C'lnut;pr. ,41h",.t T ~""~"e C'harles Gaudette Jr., Mr o , Om~ Heon. Anthony Silvia. Arthur F",.teau: Edgar T,"heau Jr.. Mr. & Mrs. Clovis Ff'~teau, Armand Duval, Francois Gosse. lin. Francis Gannon, Arth",.. Mun. roe; Lionel DeMars, Edouard LeBlanc, Roland Poirier. Joseph Morency, Nathan' E. ~ Adams, Armand Jeffrey. Paul 'Bernard, Mrs. Leo Houle. , Joseph E. Desjardins, Daniel Rego, Emile Preterre, Euclide Dalbec, Bernard Poyant. Paul Lan!!ln;~. Frank L?n"Tllbe, Joseph R. Bastarache, Henry Patenaude. Henrie Houde. Arthur Dagesse, Lucien Poi­ rier, Maurice Deshaie, Roger Fri.t'3ult, Rnger Roy. Albert Lamontagne, Ronald Silveria, Raymond Leger, Dean Medeiros, Valmore Poitras Jr. Walter Gev~ie, Oliva Jeffrey, Theodore Chicoine, Romeo Pic­ ard, Joseph L. Arsenault. Paul Landreville, Normand Charest, Arthur Frenette, James Price, James. A. Breault. Mrs. Annette Bonneau.

Mrs. Paul Pimental, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Arruda. Mr. & Mrs. Frank A. Nunes, Jr., Mr. David Botelho; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Perry, Mr. &: Mrs. Joseph Rocha, Mr. & Mrs. Jo­ ST. FRANCIS OF ASSISI seph C. Borge. ST. THERESA Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Moraes, $300 Mrs. Mary Saraiva, Miss Laura Rev. Alfred R. li'orni $100 Saraiva, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Faria $25 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Duchaine Mr. John Viveiros. ' Mr. &: Mrs. Benny Diara $50 , Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gagnon, St. Vincent de Paul Society Rev. Clement F. Dufour' Mr. Ernest Teves, Mr. & Mrs. $20 Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lemieux Louis Cabral, Mr. & Mrs. John Catechism ClasseS:-St. Fran­ $30 DeSouto, Mr. & Mrs. Gil Affonso cis of Assisi Mr. & Mrs. Roger Renaud , Mr. & Mrs. Charles Borges, League of 81. Francis of Assisi $25 Mr. & Mrs. Julio Luciano, Mr. $15 Odette Spadafora & Mrs. Frank Medeiros, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bono Dr. & Mrs. Hector Roy Mrs. Edward Saraiva, Mr. & Mrs. $14 Mr. & Mrs. Louis Fleury Daniel Benevides. Mr. & Mrs. Ferdinand Baccelli Cecile Boubreau Mr. & Mrs. George Amaral, $10 $20 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Silvia, Mr. Vincenza 'Camaioni, Mr. & Mrs Gerard,J. Richard & Mrs. Manuel Velozo, Mr. & Frank Figazola, Dr. & Mrs. Jos­ Adelard Giguere Mrs. Antone R. Costa Mr & eph N. Finni, Rose M. Funaro, Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Bellefeuille Mrs. Victor Soares. ' . Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Gagliardi Mr. & Mrs. Raoul LeBlanc Mr. & Mrs. Edward Raposa, Anastasia George, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Carrier Mr. & Mrs. John Montiero, Mr. Leo Grande, Mr. & Mrs. Ted $15 & Mrs. Raymond Machado, Mr. Kielbasa, Mrs. Albert Lima, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Lussier Roland Bernardo, Mr. & Mrs. &. Mrs. Robert J. Morelli. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfrid Hotte Jesse F. Bernardo. Mr. & Mrs. Rocco A. Morra, $10 , Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Travers Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ohnesorge, . George Chapdelaine, Mrs. Er­ Mr. & Mrs. James Rebello. Mr: Mr. & Mrs. Adelard Paradis. Mr. nest Chapdelaine, Mr. &: Mrs. & Mrs. Alva Viveiros:Mr. &: Mrs. & Mrs. Nunzio Raffa, M,r. & Mrs. -< Robert Poulin, Roger Daviault, George Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ Vietor Rea1e. Joseph Goyette. ward S. Machado. Mr. &: Mrs.. -Mr. & Mrs. Frank Regis, Mar­ Larry Lacourse, Laurier Du­ Sylvester Vilela.' . gherita Regis, Mr. & Mrs. Salva­ mas, Armad Morency, Gaston tore Salvati, Mr. & Mrs. John D. Loranger, Joseph Albert Langis. 'Silvia~ Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas ,Raymond Thomasset,' Mr. & Scarpitti. Mrs. George Dufault, Louis A. Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Vancini, ST. ANTHONY Roy, Alfred Loranger, Archibald Giacinta Vercellone. Cadieux. $250.00 Stanley Zalenski, ~eter Duff,

Mr. &: Mrs. Charles McGowan. Roland Gaouette, Laurier La­

$150.00 coste, Mrs. Florence Paquin.

Mr.. & Mrs. David Haley. George Nolan, Mrs. Albert

Montmarquette, Roger Duval,

$100.00 Leo Guillotte, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­

Erne~t Denault. ward S. Roderick.

Eugene Phelan. Antoinette Savoie, Valmore

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Verdi. Gonneville, Mr. & Mrs. Bruno

$50.00 Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Curran &: Stals, Wilfrid· Leclair, Mrs.

Southeastern Massachusetts'

Yvonne Desrosiers.

M. J. Curran Trucking Largest Independent Chain

Antonio Lemieux, Francois

Louis Dupre.

Henner, A 1 f red Lemieux

Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy.

Adolphe Lemonde, Ovila Rock:

$29.00 Normand Lajoie, Mr. & Mrs. We Give Gold Bond Stamps' William Keane. Joseph Mandeville, Joseph Ar. $25.00 Mr. & Mrs. Norman Kelley, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Linhares, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Pimental, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ponti, Village Drug Store. The Specialized Job of a Cooperative Banlc

$20.00 James Downey, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Manning, Mr. & Mrs. William Corey, Mr. & Mrs. VA 4-4084 Joseph Farley, Mr. & Mrs. Ro­ meo Bedard. WINTHROP STREET - TAUNTON


Mr. & Mrs. Eward Perrault. Where it PAYS to get together

$15.00 Mr. & Mrs. John McCue.,

New Bedford





Serving the Saver

and Home Owner




Ocean Grove

THE ANCHOR-Diocese ofFall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963




Rev. James F. McDermott


Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Lajoie Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. Riley

$50 Mr. Dr. Mr. Mr. &

& Mrs. Mason Cleveland & Mrs. Raphael P. Fox & Mrs. Hugh J. Maguire

Mrs. Raymond F. Sweeney

$40 Mr. & Mrs. John Bigonette Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Fayan

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. La­ flamme, Mr. & Mrs.' Herve S. Robert. .

$29.50 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard E, Board­

man. $29

Mr. & Mrs. Leon J. Menard

25 Mr. Mr. & Mr. & Mr. & Mr. &

Mrs. Harold Hudner, Mrs. George W. Welsh,

Mrs. John M. Powers, Mrs. Malcolm R. Melvin, Mrs. Arthur J. McLear.


$20 Mrs. Donald L. MacDonald, Kathleen A. Kennedy, Mona C. Kennedy, Anne V. Fayan, Mr. & Mrs. Leonel V. Garganta. Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. McCaf­ frey, Mr. & Mrs. Harold F. Du­ soe & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Paul V. Stevens.

$15 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Albert, Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. St. George, Mr. Joseph L. Morissette, Mr. William E. Nugent, Mr. & Mrs. Fernand Fournier, Grace P. Hol­ den.



Mr. & Mrs. John J. Desmond, Mr. & Mrs. Charles West, Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Hoss, Mr. & Mrs. William T. Rogers, M~. Louise Fox. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lavoie, Mr. & Mrs. William l1. Reynolds, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert P. Vieira, Mr. & Mrs. Herve J. Lapointe, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Senay. Mr. & Mrs. John E. Scanlon, Mr. & Mrs. Michae~ Kearns, Mr. Richard J. O'Brien,' Mr. Henry Botelho, Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Fox. Mr. & Mrs. Roger Michaud, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Hetherson, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Cabral, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Cripps, Mr. • Mrs. Edward J. Bryda. Mr. & Mrs. Jean N. Rousseau, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond R. Kardosz, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Mullen, Mr. . • , Mrs. Herbert E. Chace. Mr. & Mrs. Delbert Thurston, Mr. & Mrs. Paul F. Monahan, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas A. DeMarco, Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Ashworth, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Wood. "; Mr. & Mrs. John W. Moran, :Mr. & Mrs. Antone Saraiva Jr., Mr. • Mrs. Albert R. Mullensky, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Gonsalves. Ruth Mercer. Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Harring­ ton, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred T. Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Augustus J. Simcoe, Mr. & Mrs. George C. Penrose, Mrs. Pataience Gray. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond L. Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. James T. Hodkinson, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond H. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mullen. Mr. • Mrs. Peter Gelewski, Mrs. Frank B. Greene, Mr. • Mr:s. George Chapman, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Henry, Mrs. Rus­ sell Wilkinson. Anna M. Noble, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Patenaude, Mr. • Mrs. Robert L. Jackson, Mr. Thomas Curtain. Mr. & Mrs. Frederick B. Faz­ zine, Virginia Morissette, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad P Fortier, Mr & Mrs. Leonard J. O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Turcotte. Mr. & Mrs. Oliver S. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. J. Frank Kenney, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis F. Longshaw, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Guerriero, Mr. &: Mrs. Raymond G. Thurston. Mr. Charles Borge, Mr. & Mrs. Albert I. Picard, Mr. & Mrs. John Bernard, Jr., Mrs. Edward F. Kret, Mr. &: Mrs. William R. Flynn. Mrs. John W. Thompson, Mr. • Mrs. Alfred Zel'vais, Mr. • Mrs. Edward' F. Kershaw, Mr. &


Mrs. Hugo D. Perron, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DePaola. Mr. & Mrs. Andre Michaud,

Mr. & Mrs~ Joseph Correa, Mrs.

Elizabeth A. Sullivan, Helen A.

Reagan, Mr. & Mrs. James Cross­


Mr. & Mrs. W. Francis Dono­ van, Patricia Donovan, Mr. & Mrs. Raoul Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. Everett J. Haskell. Mr. & Mrs. Ambrose A. Pow­ ers, Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Harri­ son. Mr. & Mrs. Christian Ram­

stedt, Henry R. Sullivan, Mr. &

Mrs. Aloysius J. Gabriel.

Mr. & Mrs. James E. Conroy, Mrs. Joseph' E. McGuigan, Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. McNerney.

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Faria.

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Borge.

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Williams.


$30 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Brophy.

$25 Mr. & Mrs. James B. Murphy, Mrs. Annette Lacroix.

$12 Mr. & Mrs. Raoul Desruiss­ eaux, Mr. George Jenkinson.



$200 rtev. Arthur G. Dupuis.

$125 Dr. & Mrs. Raymond Dionne

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dufour


Rev. Ernest E. Blais

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Andre Carrier Dr. & Mrs. Robert Dufour Mr. & Mrs. Orner Trudeau Sacred Heart League Ladies of Ste. Anne Sodality

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Albert J. Michaud



Mr. & Mrs. Helidore Leclaire, Mr. & Mrs. Leonel Paquette, Mr. • Mrs. Edward Plante.

$15 Mr. & Mrs. Francois Tremblay, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Levesque.

RELIGION AND SCIENCE: Father John Mahony checks the count of gamma ray emissions at the University of California's radiation laboratory in Berkeley while grad­ uate students' advisor, Dr. Samuel Markowitz, looks on. The two men have developed a method of easily measuring lighter elements, such as nitrogen, in a concentratioJi' as low as one ten-trillionth of an ounce. NC Photo.

$10 Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Belanger, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Lapointe Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Leo Rochefort.



Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Pettine.


Mr. &: Mrs. Thomas J. Lawlor, Mr. & Mrs. James C. Murphy.


Mr. & Mrs. F. X. Auclair, Mr. A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel & Mrs. Eugene Belanger, Miss Carberry, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Dorothee Belanger, Mr. Joseph Lenon, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Mat­ Belanger, Miss Muriel Belanger. hias, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bourne. Mr. & Mrs. Leandre Berard Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hastings, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Bedard, Mr. C.Y.O. & Mrs. Henri Berthiaume, Mr. & $20 Mrs. Alcide B'erube, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. William F. Johan­ Normand Bibeau. nis, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kin­ Mr. & Mrs. Elphege Blanchette nane, Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Mr. & Mrs. Emile Boilard, Mr. & Ashley, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Cav­ Mrs. Raymond Boulanger, Mr. & anaugh. Mrs. Richard Boulanger, Mr. & $15 Mrs. Paul Boyer. Mr. & Mrs. John Cooney Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carpenter, $10 Mr. Raymond Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Clairette Piette & Family Leo Caouette, Mr. Arthur Cote, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Boucher, Mr. Mr. Edmond Cote. Mr. & Mrs. George Cote, Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm McLeod, Mr. • Mrs. Norman Caron, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Rene Coulombe, Mr. & . Mrs. Albert Couture, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Perates. Mr. & Mrs. Olgario Phillips, Leo Cumminge, Mr. & Mrs. Arm­ Mr. & Mrs. John Mello, Mr. & and Dansereau. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Desjardins, Mrs. Edward Piela, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Desrochers, Edmund Ward, Mr. & Mrs. Hec­ Mr. & Mrs. William Dickinson, tor Berard. Mr. & Mrs. Jean Berard, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Edouard Emond, Mr. .& Mrs. Stephen Stasiowski, Mrs. & Mrs. William Fletcher. ' Mr. & .Mrs. Normand Fortin, Florence Borden, Mr. &: Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Armand Francoeur, George Hlirrington, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Francoeur, Mr. 'John Doyle. Mr. & Mrs Jesse Cook, Mr. &: & Mrs. Richard Gauvin, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Wagner, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Roland Goddu Mr. & Mrs. Owen Griffin, Mr. Wilfred Courville, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Coffey Mr. & Mrs. Harry Normand Hill, Miss Excede Jut­ ras, . Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lapointe, Johnson. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Soares, Mr. & Mrs. George R. Levesque. Mr. & Mrg. Giles Levesque, Louis Chabot, Mr. & Mrs. Hector Mr. & Mrs. Roland Levesque, Lapointe, Mr. & Mrs. Edward W. Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lincourt. Mr. Staples. & Mrs. Francis Lussier, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Cassian Gillet, Mrs. Emile Mathieu. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Mathieu, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E: Cousineau, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Dube, Mr. & & Mrs. Ovila Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs Mrs. Antone Santana, Mr., &: Mrs. Alphonse Mendoza, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Sylvia. Ronald Messier, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ Mr. & Mrs. Mario Paradiso, liam Martel, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. William O'Neil, Mr. • Mrs. John L. Cabral Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Olivier Ouellette, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dias, Michael McMahon, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mr. & Mrs. Orner Parker. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Poirier, Mr. & Mrs. Calisto. Mr. & Mrs. Steven Fricker, Benoit Pratt. Mr. & Mrs. Elphege Renaud, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Charron, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph E:. Roppe, Mr. & Mrs. William Rychwicki, Mr.

& Mrs. Eliot Burrows, Mrs.

& Mrs. Roger Rousseau. Mr. & Gladys Urban.

Mrs. Hyacinthe Saulnier, Mr. & Jane Borden, Mrs. Catherine

Mrs. Manuel Souza. Mr. & Mrs. Louis St. Laurent, Heald, Mr. & l\;lrs. Frank DeMeo

Mr. Henri Thibault, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Gendreau, Mr.

& Mrs. Robert Berard.

Leopold Tremblay, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Eldred Rose, Mr.

Edmond Tremblay. . & Mrs. Robert LaChance, Mrs.

Mary C. Lenon, Mrs. Gertrude

ST. DOMINIC Cain, Mr. &: Mrs. James Murphy.

Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bedard,

$100 Mr. & Mrs. John Garin, Mr. &

Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Doyle $50 ·Mrs. Daniel Elmeda, Mr. & Mrs.

James McMahon, Mr. • Mrs. Charles Macedo, Mr. &: Mrs. John

John Giblin, Thomas C. Murphy, McCarthy. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Rousseau,

St. Vincent de Paul Society,. Women's Guild, A Friend. Mr. & Mrs. Francia Salamon.


$100 Rev. John P. Cronin Mr. & Mrs. Marianno Rezendes Sr.

$'75 A. Gertrude Gould.

$60 Mrs. Elizabeth Ogden

$35' Mr. • Mrs. Adrian Bolduc & Family

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Blake, Marguerite Gould

$25 Mr. & Mrs. John L. Brown, Sr. McHale Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Simons

$20 Mr. • Mrs. Joseph Carroll, Mr. &; Mrs. Benoit Charland, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. John Letts, Mr. & Mrs. T. A. Matthews, Mr. & ,Mrs. Marianna Rezendes.


Mr. & Mrs. Norman Beausoleil, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Bedard, Mr. & Mrs. Hervey' Benoit, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Benoit, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bernardo. Mr. & Mrs. AlbertP. Breault, Mr. & Mrs. David Britto, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Carpenter, Mr. & Mrs. Albini Chabot, Mr. • Mrs. Edward Creamer. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Desrosiers, Mr. & Mrs. George Devine, Mr. & Mrs. John Duclos, Mr. Wil­ liam Dussault ~ Son, Mr. &; Mrs. Wilfred Duquette. Mr. & Mrs. John Farias, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gardella, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Giblin Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Edward Goyette, Mr. • Mrs. Leo Grenier.. Mr. & Mrs. John Hargraves, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hargraves, Mr. & Mrs. Honore Lachance, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Lamontagne, Mr. & Mrs. Adrien Lapointe. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Larner, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lagault, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Leiter, Mr. & Mrs. Camille Levesque, Mr. & Mrs. Leo McCoomb. Mr. • Mrs. Milton Machado, Mr. &; Mrs. William Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Malone, Mr. &: Mrs. Edward Martin, Mr. • Mrs. Manuel Medeiros. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Miga, Mr. &; Mrs. Edgar Morin, Misses Lil­ lian & Claire Morisette, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Nadeau, Mr. • Mrs. Norman Neveu. Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Noonan, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Onorato, Mr. & Mrs. William Pelletier, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Petrosso. Mr. & Mrs. Theo Picard, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Pineault, Mr. & Mrs. Elisee Pineault, Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Pineau, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pineau. Mr. & Mrs. Leo Pineault, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Pontifice, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Prevost, Mr.. & Mrs. Francis Remy, Mr. & Mrs. An­ drew Rusnock. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Sault, Mr. & Mrs. John Seguin, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Smith, Mr. • Mrs. Paul Tobin, Mr. • Mrs. Charles­ Viens, Mr. & Mrs.. Edward Wright.


Mr. & Mrs. William Borges Helena V. Gould

$10 Mrs. Edward Adams, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barboza, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Benevides, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Borges, Mr. & Mrs. John Brown, Jr. Mr. • Mrs. Joseph Callaghan, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Dawson, Mr. &: Mrs. John W. Donahue, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Jose. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Lowe, Miss Mary _Lowe, Mr. & Mrs. Mari­ anno Motta, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Nacaula, Mrs. Margaret Neville. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Parent, Mr. &: Mrs. Kenneth' Rezendes, Mr. & Mrs. Albert F. Robert, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Roussell, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sansone. Mr. &; Mrs. William Simmons, Mr. &; Mrs. Charles Sullivan, Mr. &: Mrs. Alfred St. Yves, Mr. • Mrs. Eugene Timberlake.



• Television • Furniture • Appliance. • Groeer,. 10. Allen St.. New Bedlor. WYman 1-915.

.SEGUIN. , Truck Body 8uilden Aluminum or Steel

944 County St.


Wy 2-6611

IT'S DAFFODIL TIME AGAIN AT GUlF HILL! Bring the family to see these delightful blooms and treat them this Sunday 10 our delicious ice cream and dairy products and, oh yes ••• Watch the cows being milked at 4. Order from Your Routemaa _ Call WYman 1-56tl

GULF HILL DAIRY South Dartmouth, Mass. Dial WY 8-5691


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963





('('Whatsoever you do for these, My little ones,

you do unto Me"






These children are exceptional, not only because they require exceptional care and kindness, but also because . they are the source of exceptiona·1 graces for those who ca re for them• ~






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Sterling Beverages, Inc.

Textile Workers Union of America; AFL-CIO



Oak Bluffs

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963


Fall River ST. MARY

$100 Margaret Lahey $75 Rev. Walter A. Sullivan Rev. Paul F. McCarrick Mr. & Mrs. George P. Hurley $50

Ernest Kilroy

$30 The Lavagnino Family $25 In memory of John S. & Alice V. Moran, John Rogan, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Callaghan, Mrs. Katherine Brahy, Helen Joy. Eileen A. & Gertrude A. Sul­ livan, Mr. & Mrs. John McGinn, The Coyne Family, Mr. & Mrs. John Vogel, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ryan. $20 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Magriby, Leo O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Ter­ rance J. Lomax Jr., Mr. & Mrs. George Sutherland, Mr. & Mrs. William Blythe, Mary Murphy.

$15 •

Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Ryan, Irene Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Smith, Claire O'Toole. .~ In Memory of Patrick Smith. Mrs. Stephen O'Toole, Dorothy Kirby, Mrs. Angela Wingate, Mr. & Mrs. George Boitano, Mrs.. Juliette Crawford. Mr. & Mrs. George Booth, Mr. &; Mrs. Manuel Estrella, Mrs. Margaret Duffy, Mr. & Mrs. James Frank. $14 Mr. & Mrs. John Hearne, & Cecilia $12 Mr. & Mrs. Hadley Lackey James Wingate


Daniel Shea, Eleanor Shea, Mrs. Daniel Shea. Mrs. Frank W. Hanley, Mr. & Mrs. John Viera, In memory of David Cusick, Mr. & Mrs. Rene J. Lariviere, Mrs. Mar­ garet O'Connor. Mr. & Mrs. Harold Nagle, Stanley Golembeski, Hillard Nagle.

ST. MATIDEU $200 Rev. Henri Charest $50 Rev. Thomas E. Morrissey Dr. & Mrs. Orner Boivin $30 Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Dionne Ida & Valeda Leboeuf $25 Dr. & Mrs. Roland Chouinard Dr. & Mrs. Paul Lambert Edgar Poisson . $15 Marie Auclair $10 . Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bernier, Mr. & Mrs. Octave Berube, Mr. & Mr~. Arthur Bienvenue, Mrs. George Bolusky, Mr. & Mrs. John Cabeceiras. M. Alma Canuel, ,Alphonse Cote, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel DeCam­ bra, Mr. & Mrs. Gedeon Dufour, Mr. &. Mrs. Roger Dufour. Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Dugal, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Frechette, Mrs. Thomas Guay & Germaine GUllY, Mr. & Mrs. Orner Jean, Mrs. Joseph Lamoureux & Sons. , Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Lapre, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Leary, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Leblanc, Lucie & Denis Lemaire, Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Lussier. Alphonse Mailloux, Albia. & Anita Marcoux, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ liam Nadeau, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Otis, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Ouel­ lette & Mariette Ouellette. . Hector Ouellette,' Mrs. Eme­ rilda Parent" Graci~' Parenteau, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pigeon, Mr. & Mrs. Rayn:lOlld Poisson. Mr. & Mrs. Ulric'Quintin, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph ~ivard, Mrs. Donat Roussel, Mr. & Mrs. Camille Whitehead.

Mary J. Crawford, Thomas Harrington, Mrs. Lillian Green, Margaret Riley, Mrs. Catherine McGreavey. Mr. & Mr,s. John, Perry, Mr. &: Mrs. Manuel Carvalho, Mrs. Thomas Wilkinson,' Mr. & Mrs. C h a r I e s Magriby, Mary C. Grandfield. . Mary Jane Wheatley, Ray­

mond Kilroy, Margaret Ken-'

OUR LADY OF HEALTH nedy, Thomas Kennedy, Matthew

Kilroy.· $50 Mrs. Catherine Butler, Mary Rev. George J. SQusa Sullivan, In memory of Sarah $30 A. Barret, Mrs. Ellen Hawkins, A Friend

Mr. & Mrs. Henry Hawthorne. $25

Thomas Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. John Oliveira Jonathan Munroe, Mr. & Mrs. Delia Pacheco John Soares, The Falvey Family, $20 Agnes Daley. Mr. & Mrs. Antone Ferreira, Ruth Kirby, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mello, MI'. & Frederick Morrissey, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Louis Pavao, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Myles, Thomas J. Walsh, Francisco C. Silvia. Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Taylor Jr. $15 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Freitas Mr. & Mrs. Rosario Marchese, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Regan, Mrs. $10 Agnes Tanguay, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Ildeberto Almeida, Frank Cavanagh, Mr. & Mrs. Irene Almeida, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gamble. Joseph Almeida, Margarida Al­ Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Dennis, meida, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Alvenaz.

St. & Family, Leonora Estrella. Mr. & Mrs. Jose Alves, Mr.

Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Ferrance, Mr. & Mrs. Jose Antunes, Mr. & Mrs.

~ Mrs. George Dussault, Mrs. John Santos Arruda Jr., Mr. &

Henry Thomas. Mrs. Antone Barreto, Mr. & Mrs.

In memory of Charles Con­ Charles Bigelow. nors, James Massey, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Joao Borges, Mr. J'ohn Duggan, Mr. &', Mrs. ,& Mrs. John Braga, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cavanagh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bulhoes, Alfonso Cabral, Robert E. Mitchell. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Cabral. Patrick Flynn,Theresa Flynn, .Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Cabral, MI:s. Mary Borkman, Mrs. Agnes Maria E.S. Cabral, Mr. & Mrs. O'Neil, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Manuel R. Camara, Mr. &·.Mrs. Biello & Family. ' . . Manuel M. Carreiro, Mr. & Mrs. . Rose E. & Margaret Welch, Arthur Carvalho. Emma F. Worsley, Mr, & Mrs. Evangeline L. Caudell, Mr. & Joseph W. Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Dennis Cordeiro, Manuel H 0 w·a r d Moriarty" Mrs. M. Corte, Mr. & Mrs. Joao Corveloj Keating. Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Costa.. Mar y Grourke, And r e w Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Costil, Mr. Sutherland, Mr. & Mrs. J'ohn & Mrs. James Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Dutra, Rose Rogan, Mrs. Edward Albert Couto, Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan. Armand Desmarais, Mr..& Mrs. Nancy Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. David Faria. John Camara, Mr. & Mrs. Nor­ Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Faria, bert Carvalho, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ Florinda Figueira, Mr. & Mrs. ward Betty, Anna Connerton. Albert Fournier, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald .Eagan, Mr. Paul Gaudreau, Mr. & Mrs. Luiz & Mrs. Edward Gahan, James Gomes. Dacey, Mary P. Considine, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. J<lseph Gonsalves, & Mrs. Warren Dwelly. Mr. & Mrs. John Jorge, Mr. & John Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ ,Mrs. Roland Lavoie, A Friend, mond Clemmey, Mrs. Louise Mr. & Mrs. Seraphim Machado. Ponton, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Marques, O'Neil, Edward Blythe. Mr. & Mrs. Francisco Raposo Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Demp­ Marques, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas aey, Mr. & Mrs. John A. Curran, McHugh, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nellie Sullivan, Mr. &. Mrs. Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Louis -fenry Messier, Mr. & Mrs. Medeiros. ~oseph McGrady. Mr. & Mrs. John C. Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. William Collins, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Medeiros, ~tanleJl' Kret, Margaret Hurley, Manuel Medeiros Jr., Mr. & Mrs. lftary' Hurley, Janice Hurley. Alfred Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Ruth Hurley, Mary T. Hurley, Mello•.

TOUCH OF HOME: Princess Beatrix of the Nether­ lands views an original Van l;>yke painting with Father Edward B. Bunn, 8.J., president of Georgetown University, Washington. The, painting is that of Father Jean Baptiste Van Besthoven, 8.J., who was rector of, a Jesuit college at Antwerp. NC Photo.

$200. Very Rev. James E. McManoa $50 Rev. John A. Perry Mrs. Rose M. Peardon $25 Eldridge & White Insura~ John Thomas Healy· $20 Mr. & Mrs. William Norton $15 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Billings, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Downs, Anna Oliver $10 James T. Alley, Mr. & Mrs. William R. Amaral, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Coutinho, Mr. & Mrs. John De Bettencourt, Jr., Mrs. Lillian DeMonte. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Meredith Fisher, Holy Ghost Society, Irene's Restaurant Mrs. Mary B. O'Brien. Joseph Nunes, Mr. & Mrs. An­ thony Rebello Mrs. Everett Robie J. Howard Serror, Isabelle Ser­ ror. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Simmons, Mrs. Elizabeth Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Wilson J. Thomas. EDGARTOWN ST. ELIZABETH'S $25 Mr. & Mrs: Donald Berube Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Doyle, Mr. Mrs. Ellsworth Fisher,. $20 .Mr. & Mrs. George Lane, Ed­ WIn Lopes, Margaret & Mary Medeiros. $15 Patricia Brown, ~eresa Brown' Mr. & Mrs. William Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Frank G., Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert C. Mercier, Jr: Mr. & Mrs. John O'Neil, George T. Silva., . $10 Mr. & Mrs. John 'Bauer, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Belisle, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Delaney. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Bettencourt Mr. & Mrs. Et:ne~t Campos. ' Dukes County, Savings Bank, Mr. & Mrs. Stuart Fuller, Mrs. Axel Hoglund, Mrs. Olive Jack­ son, Mr & Mrs C,harles Medeiros. Mr. & Mrs. John F: Madeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mello, Mary D. Mello in memory of Father Neenan, Mr. & Mrs. Herbert Mercier, Sr., Mildred Mercier. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Metell, Mrs. Isaac Norton, Mrs. Philip J. Nor­ ton, Miss Laura & Mrs. Mary Paul, Mr. & Mrs. Albert K. Sylvia, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Thomas Jr. Mrs. Evelina Waterman, Dr. & Mrs. William Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. Freeman Willoughby George Willoughby. , '.


ST. ANNE Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Mello, Mr. Joseph Mello Sr., Mr. & Mrs. . $50 Manuel Miranda, Mr. & Mrs., NormandH.lJoule Mr.·&; Mrs. Joseph Morais, Mr. & Mrs. An­ '$25 . tone Pacheco. ' Mr. & Mrs. Joao Penacho, Mr. Mrs. Anne Marie St. Denis $20 & Mrs. Louis Pereira, Mr. & Mrs, Anonymous, .Mr. Alfred Ber­ Manuel Pereira, Antonio Per"'; nard, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Olivier reira. John Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Carl~ Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Paquette. $15 Pestana, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio T. Mr. Joseph. Paquet PImentel, Mr. & Mrs~ Manuel $10 Pitta, Hortense Pontes. Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Albernaz, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Prenda, Charles Raposa, Elizabeth ~ego, Miss ,Elisa Arpin, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. William Reis, Mr. Joseph A. Beauchesne, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Beaulieu, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Maximine Saraiva. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Silvia, Mr. Edward Berube. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Bolduc, & Mrs. Francisco Silvia, Monica Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. William Mr. & Mrs. Louis Bouchard & Silvia, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Silva. Flora, Mrs. Helene Boucher & Mr. & Mrs. Edward Souza, Mr. Family, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Boucher, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard & Mrs. Lidgo Souza, John Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souz~, Pat­ . Canuel. Lucette Cardinal, Mr. & Mrs. ricia Souza. Arthur Travassos, Mr. & Mrs. Herve Charest, Mrs. Aurore M. Jordan Travassos,' Mr. & Mrs. Clement, Mr. & Mrs. Omer Antone Ventura, Alberto Vieir-a. Courville, Mr. & Mrs. George Desrosiers. Mrs. Alice DeVillers, Mrs. BLESSED SACRAMENT Loretta Drewniak, Mrs. Rhea $200

Fournier, Mrs. Aurelie Fran­ coeur, Mr. & Mrs. Emilien Rev. Alfred Gendreau

Gagne. $100 Lucille G aut hie r, Robert Rev. Roland Boule Gauthier, Robert Gauthier, Mrs. Mrs.' Wilbrod Hamel Cora Giroux, Mr. & Mrs. Paul $55 Hamel, Mr. & Mrs. Andre

Richard Hamel Lacroix.

A & W Root Beer Drive-In Mr. & Mrs. Henri J. Lambert,

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Oliva Laprise,

George J. Medeiros Anonymous, Mrs. Marie Lebeau,

$20 Mrs. Arthur G. Lecours.


Adrien Guay Mr. & Mrs. George Ledoux,

DISTRIBUTORS $15 Mrs. Eva Letendre, Mr. & Mrs.

Rene Garant .Albert. Letourneau, J os e p h

Louis P. Ste.. Marie Gasoline Lizotte, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mali-

$12 'cia. . Maurice O. Duval Fuel and Rang.' Mrs. Blanche Masse, Mr. & $10 Mrs. Emile Matton, Ruth S. Mc­

Roger Lauzon, LeopOld Col­ lard, Henri DeGagne, Albert H. Hugh, Mr. & Mrs. Andre Mes­

sier,' Mrs. Octavie Morin.

Beaudoin, Napoleon Lussier. . OIL BURNERS Mr. & Mrs. John Morro, Adele

William Beaucl1esne, Normand . Ouellette, Mrs. Cecile Parent, Garon, Joseph Beaulieu, Ed­ G. I. lOll. . BURN.R UNITS Mr. & Mrs. Louis Pelletier, Mr.

ward Langlais, Madeleine Bois­ & Mrs. Larry Prezalar.

vert. For prompt d.llvery 'Mr. & Mrs. Alexandre Ray­

Donalda Marcoux, Frederick mond, Mr. & Mrs. Francois

" Day " Night Service Poirier, 'Thomas J. Williamson Family, Leo Paul Beaudoin, Robidoux, Orner Ross, Mr. &

Ivral' Iotttect .0.. Servi.

Mrs. Hor:midas .St. Pierre, Mrs.

Roberl Chasse. Lionel Desrochers, Philodore Rosa Smith.

" COHANND IT. Mr. & Mrs. Bernard G.

Galland, Yvonne & Irene Michel, TAUNTON

Theroux, Bernadette Thibault,

Joseph E. Rondeau, The Lafer­ Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Tremblay,

AttI.boro ..,. No. Attl.b.... riere Family. Taunton Ernest LaRue, Antoine Ferzan, ,Francis Verville, Mr. & Mrs. Carmen Zinni. Oscar Martel, Stanislas Kar­ nasiewicz, Octave Jusseaume. ~ Henhi U. Joannes, Arthur St. Laurent, Joseph Demers, Al­ bert J. Beaudoin, Daniel Pa­ quette. Wilfrid Dumont, Lionel Beau­ doin, The E d 0 u a r d Brault Family, Leon Cote, Henri Daigle. AFTERNOON (3-5» EVENING (6-8) : Marie-Louise RemY,Wilfrid : Leveille, Yvonne Gagnon, Ger­ ard Fournier, Rober-t Goulet. Lucienne Levasseur, Charles Bacon, Henri St. Pierre, Albert : 2860 NORTH MAIN STREET :

Barre, Philibert Rondeau. • FAll RIVER, MASS. •

Maurice Brault, Philippe Le­




5 P~e.Primary' Registration 5







• :

• • ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••


K. 'Donnelly, Mr. & 'Mrs. Wil­ THE ANCHOR-Diocese ofFal! River-Thurs., May 9, 196~ lia:rn King, Helen O'Neil. . HOLY N~E Mary V. O!Neil, Edna J. Mur­ Larrivee, Julio Joaquim. ray, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Shea, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Chippendale, $200 Mr. & Mrs.. Frank Sledziewski, Mrs. Irene Lavoie; Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Gauthier,

Dr•.&. Mrs. Harry Powers Mr. & Mrs. Albert Durand, _Mr, Herman Mello. Mrs. Wesley Koehler, Mr. & Mrs.

& Mrs. John Donald, Mr. & Mrs. $150 Marie Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Deschenes, Mary O'Neil.

J. Edwar.d :fitzgerald, Mr. & Dr. & Mrs. Richard Donovan Robert Reid, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Mrs. Catherine Martin, Mrs.

Mrs. Michael Biszko. Howard Worthington, Mrs. Ray­

Messier, Mr. &. Mrs. Stanley $125 mond Healy, Mr. &. Mrs. John

Mikolazyk, Mr.. & Mrs. Orville Mr. & Mrs. James McCarthy, Atty. &. Mrs. Hugh J. Golden Messier. . Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Demers,. Mr. Barboza,. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred $100 Mr. & Mrs. A. D'Ambrosio, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gallant, James Furnas. Mrs. Beatrice H. Mullaney . & Mrs. Gerard Fortin, Mr. & Mrs. William Hinchcliffe, Mr•

McKenna,. Mr. & Mrs. John W.· Patrick Phelan & Mrs. Benjamin Barandas,

Frain. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Phelan Mrs. Joseph Shelley, Mr. & Mrs. John F. McMahon, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Hnda McGraw, The MaIStephen R. Crawford,. Mr. &. Mrs.

Margaret G. Dillon loy Family, Mr. & Mrs. James Stanley Michalewich, Mrs.

In memory of Atty. James H. Thomas DiNucci. Donald Lamond. The Rogers Family, Mr. &. Nichols, Mr. & Mrs. Walter

Kenyon Mrs. James Conlin, Mr. & Mrs. Pierce, Mr.' & Mrs. Edmond Mr. & Mrs. Paul Kaegel, Mr.

Dr. &. Mrs. Paul P. Dunn Moreau. & Mrs. John Bates, Mr. & Mrs.

Hugh F. Reilly Jr., Angus Maureen O'Rourke William Rego, Mr. &. Mrs. Jesse

Bailey Sr., Mr. & Mrs. James K. Mrs. Michael E. O'Rourke Mrs. Manuel Albernaz, Walter Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Arthuc

Marum. Dr. &. Mrs. John F. Dunn Krupa, Mr. &. Mrs. Warren TreCaouette.

Mr. Be Mrs. J. J. Donnelly Jr., holme, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Burns,

$75 Mr. &; Mrs. Thomas Norton, John E. Kane Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Gagnon,

Rev. Edmun:i T. Delaney Mrs. Emile Viens, Mrs. Robert

Lawrence J. Hussey Jr., Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. John Malgieri, Mr. Partridge, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund

Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Shea Mrs. J. J. Drislan, Mr. & Mrs $10 & Mrs. Donald Kelly, Alice F. Gosciminski, Mr. & Mrs. David

Frederick Zebrasky. CAN ADA OFFICIAL: Crowley, William D. Crowley,

May A. Leary In Memory of Mary . Shay Mr. & Mrs... Randall Thurston. Doyle.

$50 Fagan, Mary C. C&nnors, Ih:. &; Paul J. Marlinr Canada's . Elizabeth &. CaJI'oline KorzeneMr. & Mrs. George H. Aude~,

Mr. & Mrs. Emilio Dispirito Mrs. Bernard Cronan, Mr. &: former Minister of National Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Martini, Mr.

The McDonald Family ski, Mr. & MrS'. Joseph Golenr & Mrs. A. Levesque Jr.• Mr. &;

Mrs. Elmer stafford Jr., Mr. &. Health' and Welfare, has Mr. & Mrs. Henry F. Shea Mr. Charles Richards-, William Mrs. John Martini, Mr. & Mrs.

Mrs•. Elmel!" Stafford Sr. been appointed Secretary of Mrs. Anthony Keramis Burrows, Miss Rose Lopes. . Arthur :Bffilchard.

Madeline L. Casey, Mary C. State fOF External Affairs.. Dr. Margaret S. Doherty Mr. & Mrs. Roland Thibault, Elizabeth Ann Toupin, Mr. "'.

Casey, Michael Tucker, Mr. &. Dr. & Mrs. Eugene F. O'Rior­ A Catholicr he received the Mr. & Mrs. Otis K. Birdsong, Mrs. ~omas Moore, Mr. & Mn.

Mrs. Raoul T. Gagnon, Mr. & dan 1956 C h rig: t i an Culture Mr, &. Mrs.. Frank Krauzyk, John Norman Thran, Mr. & Thoma.

Mrs. Vincent Johnson. 540 DeNardo, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Booth, Mrs.. Edward Babingto~

Joseph D. Rigby, Mr. & Mr~ Award Medal from Assump­ Cafferty. Mrs. W. Arthur Leary George W. Rigby, Gertrude M. tion College Ontario. NC . Mr.. & Mrs•. Walter Aubrey, . r $35 Mr.. & . Mrs. Alcide Talbot, Mrs:. Aloysius Eccles, Mr. & Mrs: C Hurley, Mrs. Mary E. Touhey, Mr. & Mrs. John T'. Crowley Photo. Mr. & Mis. Robert' Sullivan, Fred Chlebek, Mrs. Antone, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Golen. Dr. & Mrs. WaIter Conrad Mr. &. Mrs.' James Campbell, Braga, Mr. &. Mt's. John Golden.' J:ohn l\":eilan, Mrs. John Neilan, Mr. & Mrs.' Louis Sll1ialek, Mr. . 530' Margaret Hession, Mr.· &. Mrs. . rocatella r Angelo Ricci, Mr. &: & Mrs. John Hodnett. Mr. & MrS'. ciar~nce Harney,'

Mr. & Mrs. Everett Crowley Francis Crosson; Mr:' & .. Mrs. Mrs; Armand Rousseau.· '" Mr. & Mrs.. Mendonca, M7.

",$25 Bernard SuHivan. Lewis Sarti, Alphonse Saulino, 'Gertrude ·v. Kennedy, Mr·. &. & Mrs. Fred Malone, Mr. &. Mrs. Mr. &. Mrs. Fred Czerwonka, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Dube, Jo­ Mr.. & Mrs. Virr~ent Schieri, Mr. Mrs. James Downey, Mr. & Mrs. JohnJ.Kuttner, Mr. & MPs. ... Mildred V. Carroll, Mr. &~ Mrs: sephine M; Greeley,-· Mrs. Wil­ & Mrs. William Seneca, Mr. & Raymond Holenr Clinton Belker. Frank J. Mellen; John' Keating, Gertrude & Alice . liam J. Aylward, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs.' Micj!raet Siscilia. Mrs.. Mal,"garet Gj;iffin. & Family. Mr. & Mrs. George Alves. Mr.

Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Herve Ber- .. Henry Leary, Mr.. :& Mrs. Wil­ . Ros~ & Eda Sisca, Florence. Anonymous, Mrs. Florence &. Mrs. ;I;ouJ:S,Perreira. Mr. &

del". . . . . . .. liam· Clealre~ Spear, Mr. & Mrs. AchilIe Sper-:­ May, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony ViMrs. Gerald St. Hilaire, Mr. ,..

Margaret E. Shea, In memory Mr. & Mr~ James H. Pimen­ duti, Richard Sperduti, Mr. & . veiros. Maurice H. Bedard, Mrs.. Mrs. Paul H. Martin, Edmond P. of Catherine Connors, Chester tal, Mr. & ·Mrs: Benjamin Troia; Mrs.. Frank S.tetkiewi~.. Lee Gibbons. Talbqt. . .' . ' Nuttal Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Ch~ster Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Geary, Mr. Mr. &. ~-lIS. David Stone, Mr. Mr.: & Mrs. I:'eter D'Ardgo, Mr. &. Mrs. 'James- Brickhlil,

Nuttal, LiHian Hart. . . & Mrs. Rogel'" Tache, MJr:'& Mrs. & Mrs. ,Ralph. . StrOllO, Alfred, .. Mr:,. &:. Mrs..St!\nley Dre:wniak,.. Mrs. Raymond Fisher, Mr. '"

Maty E. Hart, Mrs. Jghn' J. James E. Burke. . Tamborella,. Mary Agnes Weyth, Mrs.. Helen. Keefe, Mrs... John . Mrs... Roland Guilmette, Mr. •

Partridge, Miss Gertrude Kelly Mr;& Mrs: Herbert Reid~ Mrs. White's: ESi>9' Serviee Station. Potts, M•. &. Mrs. Donald Hinch- - Mrs. J05ep.h Martlne;i1u.

& family; Mrs. John J. Hogan & John H.' Byington. Mr.. & Mrs. Michael Casilli:, Anna Ciar­ liffe.

Katherine Hoglm. Adelino Flores, Mrs. M. A. Con-­ pella,. Marietta Colucci Family, Mr. &.Mrs. Bert Galford, Mr: .~. "'i,."",,·~ Mrs. G: Richard Duffy, Mr.' &. Defy, Mr. & MrS':' Edward: H. Mr. &. Mrs. Manuel-. Medeiros, & Mrs. Norman Bolger, Mr. &. ' .." Mrs. John E. ConnoUy, Cather­ M<.'rro,w. Clement Occhiuti, Mr" & Mrs. Mrs. Fred Dunn Jr.,·Mr. & Mrs. ~ ine P. Harrin~ton, Genevieve. A. Mr. & MrS'. John Conlon,. Mr. , Anthony. Paiva. Leonard . Smith, Mr. &. Mrs. .. ""'Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. M: F. &. Mrs. Maurice F; King,. Mr~ & Richard Neubauer: .. . ; " .'. . CO. . .' ~ FitZgerald. Mrs. Anthony .Aamaral, Mr. & MF. &. .Mrs. Albert Williams, ~ 'ST. Wn..LIAM MrS. Joseph LaCroix, Mr. &: Mrs. James Harrington, Mr. &. Mr. &. Mrs. Leo La'pointe, Mrs;' \ . ·1 S ,

Mrs. Edward p. 'O'Connell Mrs. Francis McHenry. $40 . $2. Marie Oliveira, Mr. &. M r s . ' . M];s. Mr. & Mrs.. Timothy .1, Mur... Margaret Boodry & Joseph Pacheeo·, Gilda Pacheco. \ . Mrs. John Orpen, Edward' F. phy. Mr. & . Mrs. Armando An_ Family Mr. &. Mrs. William Hurley, Fitzgerald; Margarei H. Powers; drade, Joseph Carey, Mr. & $25 Mr. &. Mrs. Ro.ger·Perreault, Mr. ~ 365 NORTH. FRONT STRIEEI'~... Mr. & Mrs.' William Renaud, Mr. Mrs. Francis· Carey, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Robert B1!rry, Mr:. & Mrs. .. ~. Mrs. Margaret Borden, Mar­ & Mrs. Robert J. Griffin, Mabel Walker Warrener, Marcella War... garet O'Grady, Mae Riley, Mr. Harry Kershaw, Mr. & Mrs. I NEW BEDFORD . ~Ioran. . rener. Rocco Iadicola. ... & Mrs. Frands Gauthier, Mr. & $15

Mr. &: Mrs. Norman Jean, Mr." WYman 2-553-4 Mrs. Harry Wood. Mrs. Walter FaUon, Mona M.

Mr. &- Mrs. John Maitoza, HOI.Y Rfl~AJtY &: Mrs. John Cantwell, Anna ,",,,,.,,,-,""

Shea, Elizabeth Neilan, Hilda

Katherine Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. May Kenyon, Mr. & Mrs. Valen­

Phillips, Emma Connors. $200 Horace Hall, Mary M. Donovan tine Palmer, Mrs. Marie A. Le­

The Mahoney, Mr. & Mrs. Rev. Joseph R. Pannoni Roy.

& Helen L. Donovan, Mr. &. Mrs. John Halligan, Mr. &. Mrs. $100 Roland 'Falbot. Mr, & Mrs. Richard Desrosiers"

James E. Mullins &. family, Mr.

Mr. & Mrs'.' 'Charles Mc­ John W. VaJI''''''ese . Mr. & Mrs. Claude Myers, Mary

&. Mrs. William T. Manning III,

Closkey, John '.1. Honan, Chris­ Burrows, Mr. & Mrs. John Viana,

575 Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Tokarz. topher Lake Jr., James Doucet. Mr. &. Mrs. Julien Lafontaine..

Rev. Vincent F. Diaferio Nancy Carroll, Mary A. Dolan, 'New Engfand's Pt'ayground $%0 Mr. &. Mrs. Edward Breault, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hammond, $5~ l\irs. Louis Greenberg, Mr. &. Thomas McGillick, Mrs. Mar­ Julia T. Harrin~ton, Mary K. & Delia's Auto> Driving School Mrs. John Murphy, Mr. &: Mrs. garet Townsend, Mrs. A .. Frede­ Elizabeth Guiney. 17..5 i .Tohn Kane. Mr. & Mrs. John Kirkman, rick & Mrs. Manso, John E . Men's Canfraternity of the' Murphy Jr. Mrs. Edmund C. Sunderland. $.1$ Rosary. Mrs. Bertha. SoUza, Mr. &. Mrs. William Lake, Mr. & Mrs. S12 Holy Rosary C.Y.O. Walter Janick & Henry F. Lord, Michael· O'Connell, David Tal­ Mr. &. Mrs. Francis X. Good­ Mr: &. Mrs: Frank· Mazzoni bot, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Viveiros, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Rid~, Mr. & win, Mr. &. Mrs, Rene Beaulieu, . ~ Mrs. Leo Hayes, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ Mr: & Mrs. Arthur Paradis. MT. & Mrs. J. J. Sullivan. Mr: & Mrs" Ernest D'Ambrosie liam. McPartland. Mrs- Paul HeYWOOd, Mr. k 51ft $15. Mrs: Paul Plante; Grace Flana­ Mrs. Lillian ReaJ."don~ Mr. -Ie Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Allenburg, Ralph Sasso Family g-an, Mr: & . Mrs. Herbert Boff, Mrs. Arthur Doucet, Genevieve Ruth &. Louise W:ilcn, Mr. &. Mrs'. PlIena "Ventur.a, Connelly. . Mr: . &: Mrs. Thomas Comiskey~ Mrs. Charles .Roberts. Mr. &: Family, MrS'.. Edwar~ Mrs. Lawrence Maturo, . James FNr~iuele $U $ .... D. a Bibbons.. . -Frank CClrgina" Henry Ra;Jjl6Sa. H. Martin. . 51i~ $11 . Vincent M. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Mr. &. l.\Itr's.. ~"'''miS' Toomey Susan .. FitzgeJraldr Elizabeth Catherine .Hoefling, Bernal'd . $-1• . - ' Sweeney Jr., Mrs.' james' Nolan, Fitzg€ll"alcj,' Fra~ Delahanty, Mr. '&, MrS'. Ftank Baceari, Ruth Delahanty, MIt. &. Mrs-. Mrs. William J. Webb. ~!!!~~ Carmi A. Belmont. The BelrllOnt n a Malone, Bernad'ette Chester Lupachini. Famfly,· Josephine . Bernard'; fREE/KIT'SHlI ,. FlIo.;;'" .:. W.alsh Mr. & Mrs. Pierre WilLiam Ryder, Mrs. Lucy Broun~, Mr. .& Mrs. Marlin J. Charles Bevilacnua FamHy. Hughes,. Mr. . &; MlI's. JOI>eph . lm~S , IIfomait t lIIIlt __ Mr. &; Mrs.' C~ge Bradbmy, Mt;Donald, Mr. & Mrs.· Walter Ba:Jrabe, . .John A. Diskin, Mr. &I MI'. &. Mrs.. Robanril Cal'fo.l'Pt. v .... French. Mrs. N.3>O J=lbek. Mr: &. Mrs;' Thomas· Leonard. &·Mrs. Louis Caruso. Geer&e MI!. & MJrs. Jjo.nn Mc-Marnm. Signeti-. •. _ Chatmon, Mr. &.Mrs. John COIT­ Mr. &. Mrs. Vito Telesca, Mrs. MarMJret CahiH, John Cahill, farti. Frank Patenaude, Mrs. Cl1arles Mr.&. Mrs. E;llwmod Rounds, Mr. Ernest .Il . Viola Cor-!!ino. MJi. E. Brady, Anna Sullivan. &: J\IlJrs, Jfames l'JIa:Knight.. , &: Mn,. ;rohn D'Adamo, Mr. & Thomas Sullivan, Mr... & Mrs. Mr. & MJrS. J.ohn, Mrs-. p ri<:1I: ·P:'ll?"ata, Warr!"n Mrs. Freo Joseph E. Theperg~,. Mr. & Mrs. H::-Ien COrY &: Family, Mr.. & • .Citt .,..,_. .: William C. Furze, John A. Dearden,' Mr.. & Mrs. Antonio Mirs_ Al!llert S~eel,. Mr. &: Mrs. • • • • • • • • • • • • • •'• • Ilt.~ • • • • • • • • • DiRuzza. Reder, T. Gertrude Flanagan. An~:Jne Costa, ~I[J::. &. MJrS. Joseph Acnuilino ·DiS9i ·rit0 Family, Rego. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sheehan, Mr. &. Mrs:. Delheri Frank. Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Frank Coffey, Mrs­ The MeJrQ·la Family, Mr. It ECun the highest on' re9"lor &. Mrs. Carlton Gagnon. Mr. &. RaJ' m 0 n d Brocklehurst, A Mrs.. Geoorge. N:;wille·. Mrs. Ade­ savi·n. . withecKh account insured Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Keigher Mrs. Americo Gasperini, Hate lard BalTiault, ll.1"rs_ John Smith, Gianotti. by an agency of the Gevt. CUlRENr Ii; family. Tlli.omas Ecdes. Loreto Daley, Mr. &: Mrs. Italian Arnerienn I War Vet­ MJrs..James: !':'!cKnight, Mr.. k RATE:. Eugene J. Ivers, Mr. & Mrs. Al­ erans,. Fall River Post 10, James Mrs. Daniell Hu~s, Mn. Wil.,. . ~ .over $24~OOO~OOO fred Bea~lieu, Marion Foley. LaCava, Gilbert Machado, Ae­ Ham M"1·ss.. Mir~.&. MIrS. Armand Daniel Foley. £luilino Masciarelli, Dominic Deslauriers. Mr.. &. Mrs.' Frank Genevieve C. Duffy, Mr. " MasciareIH. RC~Q. Mrs. Thomas Shea, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mr~ Raymond M. Mc­ Stanley Coter James A. Quinn, P. Hel1IY Desmond, Mr. &. M,:s. Mr. &. ]M:~.F·l"lmk Correia, Mr•. Guire. Carl .Mello Family, An.­ William E. Harrington, MrS. thony Panneni, Nicholas Pannoni L€JUlS Brosseau. MES. MaIClillrn Willam H. Connelly. . 'HOME" OFFICE .\ North Mci.. ·St.,cor. Bedford • O~ Fri: Eve ,.' Josephine·& Mario PaJ!"~. Ratte. 1I!f:iry M. Quinn.. Mr. & ·Mr. & Mrs. George Duffy, Mr. Mr. &. Mrs. Raymond Parise, l\:1Fs. James ~u.!l:van, MI.". &. MIiS. SOMERSE.l OFfIC£ 149 GAR. .Hig_-'4'.ReuIe • • Mrs. Milton Bead. LawreD'-'C James PatFieelli, Michele Piet- Raymond Murj,.:Ly, .l\d.E's. Mary . . . . .·.. I i . II·.·••••••••••••.•••••• ~ ••••_ ••

Fall River

'DEBROSSE OlL Heating ..


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4" 01 70.




Carnegie School Survey Seeking Parental View

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9; 1963

Attleboro ST. THERESA $450 Rev. Gerard J. Chabot $100 Rev. Roger L. Gagne , Walter Downarowicz Raymond Gravel $50 Dr. Lino Tiberi , James Dwyer $30 Joseph Iwuc 'John Plath $25 Louis McBride, Walter Delude, Manlio Frova, Jack Hagopian, Mrs. Irene Campbell. $20 John Bourque ,Edward Duclos Anthony Moskals~i $15 . Patrick Byrnes . Peter McAweeney , Oscar Bourgette $10 Mors. Rob e r t Southworth, Henri Morin, Robert Foss, Pat­ r.ick Fanning, Stephen Vincent. Arthur Duhamel, Ola Moss, Eugene J 0 u b e r t, Clovis Gauthier, Jean Blanchard. ~.J Richard Crook, John O'Con­ nor, William Bolka, Robert Biziak, Imelda Boardman. Thomas Kelley, Walter Kloc, Henri Rivard, Robert Laliberte, John Drew. 'Anna Gavlik, Robert Foley, Michael Hanewich, irene Pitas, Ernest Fiola. ' George LagasSe, Mrs. ValIDore Lalontaine, Ida' Gavlik, Ray­ mond Blais, George Erban. Mary JohnsW1, Joseph B~u­ ohard, - Marguerite , Bilodeall, Mrs. Minnie Forest, Mrs. Gearhe st. Laurent. .Arthur Glode, Alfred Gervais, Mack Vogt, Alfred Strack, Gerard L e e . , " Mildred Kelly, Gerald BrUlon. Gerald Brogan, Dominique Tur­ cotte, Mrs. Henry Duffy. Raymond V a c h o.n, ,Francios Bouchard Armand Moreau, James L;llier, Edward Messier. Ralph Roberge, John Tomei, George Stewart, Robert Hannaway, F.;dward Thibeault. . William Boyle, Flora Bonm, Ernest Major, Harold ·Laushway, Elmer Bulter. .. Phillippe Dubuc, Julia Toper, Lionel Paquin, Henry Lamon­ tagne, Michael Osienski. .. Maurice Boisse, Robert Mlbk, Lionel Mandeville, George Gula, Paul Brown. Warren Kohler, Bernard Nabach Leona B e a u sol e iI, George 'Duquette, Rene Therrien. Thomas Hull, Maurice Deg.. marais, Jasper Lumbra, Louis Normand, Ronald Couchon. ,Ambrose Corrigan, Edward Connolly, Lawrence D a vis, _ Timothy O'Hare, Raymond Fer­ rara. Theodore Ethier, John Rode­ ">='- rick, John McNamara, Fred Kapinos, Albert Boudreau. Oscar Paquin, Raymond To~­ Unson Donat Labonte, Vincent Brenn~n, Joseph Gawlik. Alfred Danko, Albert Poholek, John Tannock, Everett Rollin­ son, Paul Derois. - John, Keane, Gerald Keane, Andrew Brady, Mrs. 'Bridget Corbett Charles Thomaszewski. Herb~rt Irving, Albert Irving, Thomas Fenton, Eugene Laval­ Donald Cummings,'" William G ani g a n, Roland Lucier, Frederick Habershaw.


ST. JOSEPH $50 '

Rev. Rene R. Levesque Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeaVergnes Laura Deneault Mr. & Mrs. Herbert LavigueUT Mr. '& Mrs. Joseph Pelletier $35 Doris Levasseur $30 Lelia, Agnella, & Eva Boud­ 1'e3U

$25 . Mr. & Mrs. Adrian Antaya, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Boucher, Mr. & Mrs. Roland Brochu, Mr. , & Mrs. Robert Edwards, Mr. & Mrs. Jean Duphily. . $20 -'" Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Mullins, , Mr. & Mrs. Rene Dubuc, Mr. & ". Mrs. Cyril Cote. , $15 Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Maigret, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Castro.

$12 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGee


Mrs. Ephrem Bachand, Mr. & SAN FRANCISCO (NC) Mrs. Denis Boisclair, Mr. & The nationwide Carnegie Mrs. Wilfred St. Onge, Mr. &

study of Catholic education

Mrs. Mark Mercier, Mr. & Mrs.

Julien Forget.

will seek information on at­ Me. & Mrs. Louis Perry, Mr. titudes of parents and students & Mrs. Alfred Pellissey, Mr. & both in and '·out of Catholic

Mrs. George Brouillette, Mr. &


Mrs. Ernest Blais, Mrs: Marie

The opinion will be sought in Dolan. the second part of the sUFey, Mr. & Mrs. Origene Lallier & according to Reginald A. Neu­

Family, Mr. & Mrs. Francis

wien, CO-director of the study Tondreau, Mr. & Mrs. Leon financed by the Carnegie Cor­ Paille, Mr. & Mre. Emile Cor­ poration of New York and con­ beil, Mrs. John Linkamper., ducted by Notre Dame Univer­

Mr. & Mrs. Melvin Smith, Mr.


& Mrs. George Blade, Mr. &

Neuwein said the first part of

Mrs. Armand Desmarais, Mrs.

the study, currently being tabu­

Rosalda Chagnon, Mr. & Mrs.

lated, will be a broad picture of Wilfred St. Jean. Catholic education's size and Mr. & Mrs. Frank Boivin, Mr. quality.

& Mrs. Hector Dubuc, Mr.

School Attitude Joseph Denis, Mr. & Mrs. Romeo The intensive studies sche­ Proulx, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Vad­ VATICAN EXPERT IN WASHINGTON: Following duled for the second part, he nais.' reported, will include interviews Mr. & Mrs. Legere Turcotte, his lecture to more than 3,000 persons at Georgetown with parents of first, sixth and Mr. & Mrs. Henri Paradise, Mr. University, Father Hans Kung, S.J., right, met with a eighth grade pupils on the goals & Mrs. Rene Melanson, Mrs. group of non-Catholic clergymen from the Washington they have in mind by providing William Weber, Mr. & Mrs. area, among them Rt. Rev. Angus Dun, retired Episcopal their children as Catholic educa­ Charles Devaney. tion. Bishop of Washington. NC Photo. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Archam­ In addition, parents of Catho­ bault, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Le­ lic children enrolled in public J. N. A. 'Levesque, Leo Bro­ mire, Mrs. Lorraine Higginoo­ schools will be asked why they deur, Achille Comeau, G. & D. tham, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pre­ did not choose a Catholic school NOTRE 'DAME Couture, The Misses Rioux. cOurt, Mr. & Mrs. Normand education for their children. Henry Demers, Maria Raiche, $500 Student thinking also will be Vincent. The G end rea u _ Beauchesne Rt. Rev. Alfred J. B1>nneaU part of the stUdy. Eighth gr-ade Mrs. Jean-Baptiste Jolicoeur, Family, Raymond Roy, Roland $75 pupils and high school senior Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Michel, Mr. Roy. Rev. Roger P. Poirier will be asked to take a three­ & Mrs. Gerard Fontneau, Mr. & Diana Jusseaume, Louis Le-' $60 part test on their attitudes Mrs. James Fyfe, Louisa Denis. vesque, Fernand Lavoie Sr., toward school, he revealed. Rev. Bernard Lavoie Lucille L. Vose, Mr. & Mrs. Roland O. Bisson, Agathe Men;' $50 , Rudolphe Boucher, Mr.. & Mrs. Dr. William Boudreau Family ard. John Baptiste Labbe . & Ray­ Dr. Adelard Demer~ William 'H. Maynard,' Vic~or Annie Raiche, Edward QuiD mond, Mrs. Emile'Saoourin,Mr. $30 Martel, Adelard Michaud, Aime Jr. H. A\bert Turgeon, Romeo Peter Godfrey. ' The Chretien - Longchamp. Lafleur, Joseph A. Laliberte. Levesque, Normand Noiseux. .. Mr. & Mrs. Armand Fisher, Fa mil y, Armand Dallaire, Aime Durette, Alcide Choui­ Leopold Baraby, Norman Gau­

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lepage, Mr. George Migneault. nard, Eugenie Bernier, Ernest dreau, R-de-L Francoeur, Clem­

& Mrs. George Hamel, Mr; & $28 Gaudreau, Joseph A. Fournier.' ent Surprenant, Rose Bisaillon.

Mrs. Samuel Pino, Mr. & Mrs. The Tremblay _ Clairmont David Larocque, Wilfrid Bel­ Arthur Charette, Arthur Du­ J.O. Paulus. . Family anger, Anna Dube, Leodore mont, Armand Boudria, Robert Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Bolton, $25 Salois, Maurice Raiche. Berube, Robert Lamarre. Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Rose, Mr. & Roland Desmarais, Octave O. Charles Levesque, The Misses Gerard Lussier, Victor Dupuis, Mrs. James Desrochers, Mrs. Desmarais, Paul A. Courchaine, Masse, The Robillard Family, G era r d 'Dufault, Fernand Lina Cloutier, Mr. & Mrs. Adrien Henry Ouellette, J. Omer Leves­ Emile Dozois, B. & Y. Fontaine. Rheaume, Romeo Parent. Geoffroy. que. The Chouinard - Dec 0 sse Ernest Brisson, Amelia Men­ Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Touzin, Normand L. Durette, Mr. & Family, Orner Lavoie, Rosario ard, Cecile Moquin, Maurice Cyr, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Hebert, Mr. Mrs. Milton Fuller. Gagnon, Antoine Bernier, Nor­ Pierre Morrissette. & Mrs. Arthur Dubuc, Mr. & $22 mand Coderre. Don. R. Levesque, Robert Mrs. Eugene Proulx, Mr. & Mrs. Hormidas Dupuis Nap 0 leo n Bolduc, Egidio Sicard, Oscar Maynard Jr., Normand Meunier. $20 Roderick, Charles E. Lavoie, Emilien Gelinas, Frs. Blanchette. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Paradise, The Jolicoeur-Brault Family, Raoul Masse, Edward M. Lam­ Ernest Deschenes, E I z ear Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Bastille, Mr. Edmond Rheaume, Ant 0 n i 0 bert, Wilfrid Duquette. Rioux, Wilfrid Dube, Armel & Mrs. Francois Rioux,' Mr. Lagasse, Ferdinand Francoeur, Thomas Mellen, Alban Chouin. Guay, The Levesque-Crane Fam­ Gaetan -Collette, Mrs. Edward Francis Mulrooney. ard, Germaine Desrosiers, Rene ily. Gaudreau. $15 Bernier, Jos. H. Valiquette. Georges Gagne, Albert Du. Mr. & Mrs: Raymond Brassard, M.-A. Clement, Romeo Leves­ Arthur Larrivee Family, Leo faUlt, Geo. E. Isabel, J. C. Roland Mr. & Mrs. Louis Labelle, Albert . que, Helena Chace, Paul Dumais. G. Grenier, Joseph Springer, Dionne, Leonard Mercier. Labelle, Aline Duteau, Mr. & Normand Belanger. Art h u r DeMille, Richard Marcel Goyette, Rosario Martel. Mrs. Frank Frazer. The Misses Rousseau, The Aurore Dumont, Luc Dumont, Levesque. Mr. & Mrs. Albert Raymond, Horace Cournoyer Family, The Wilfrid Garant, Lucien Roy, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Fonrouge, Mr. Pouliot-Frascatore Family. Hector Clement. Mrs. Lawrence Rossi, Mr. & $12 John Domingos, Ray. Morris­ Mrs. Donald Paille, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Heon, Normand Paul, sett, Ernest Boas, Rose Lavigne, Ernest Charlebois. J.-B. O. Levesque, Leo Larocque, Narmand Deschenes. Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Deshaies, Leo Phenix. FOR YOUNG WOMEN

Antoine Garand, The Marches­

Mrs. Rosanna Bongiorno, Mr. & Normand Clement, G era r d sault-Dube Family, Ray. Arse­

196 Whippl. St.~ Fan River

Mrs. Richard AUdette, Mr. & Roussel, Alfred Dube. nault, Joseph Froment, Adrien Conducted .by Franciscan

Mrs. Roger Achin, Lorraine $11 Chagnon. Missionaries of Mary

Tremblay. . Adelard Fournier Edward Berard, The Duchaine. ROOMS - MEALS

Mr. William Gingras, Mr. & $10 Chabot Family, Roland Gen. OVERNIGHT HOSPITALITY

Mrs. Felix Desmarais, Mr. & Alp ho nse Dorais, Romeo dreau, Albert Guerette, John' Inquire OS 3-2892

Mrs. John McKay, Mr. Mrs. DeSautels, Rosario Couture, Leo­ McMillan. Joseph Rosario Fredette" Mr. & pold Corriveau, The CanuelDonald Maynard, William Bar. Mrs. Antonio Renaud. Lajeunesse Family. , aby, R-Alma - Como, Ademord DRY CLEANING

Donald DesVergnes, Lou i s Euclide Boyer, Edgar Boucher, Allard, Yvette Caouette. and

DesVergnes, Mr. & Mrs. Philippe Elaine Bazemore, Oscar Bar­ Oiivier Ouellette, Maurice FUR STORAGE

Dugas, Mr. & Mrs. James Lathi­ nabe, Roger Fournier. Mathieu, The :::..eo Nadeau Fam­ gee, Mr. & Mrs. Ovila Tondreau. The Glaude-Barbelle Family, ily, Charles Lussier, John Fusco. Mrs. Robert Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Hubert, Albert D. Roy, Ernest Teasdale, Richard' Per. Albert ,Mousseau, Mr. Joseph Normand Dumont, Alfred Vin­ ry, Leona Allard, Normand Ber­ Gagne, Alice & Doris Thibeault, celette. ube, Rem Couture. Mr. & Mrs. John Caponigro.", Rita M. Langis, Elzear Landry, Ar~and Dupont, George Ga. 34-44 Cohannet Street Mr. Frank .Hutchinson & Emilie Castonguay, The. Durkin';' mache, Thomas Dufresnes J-B Taunton VA 2-6161 Eunice, Jeannette Dupuis, Made­ Ferland Family, Leon O. Lavoie. Morrissette, M-Luce Morri~ette. line Redmund, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ Raymond Harrison, Nathalias

ward Landry, Mr. & Mrs. John Bernier, Agnes Nicolau, Albert OC ~'. Gibbs. Lachance, Charles Larrivee.

Mr. & Mors. Eugene Torancinta, Lucien Rousseau, Edmour R.

Mrs. Edmie Lanoie, Mrs. Edward Poirier, Annette Phenix, Alfred I Peck, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Todd, Renaud, Albert St. Amand. Mr. & Mrs. Omer, Gaudreau. Gerard Duquette, Cam ill e


Mr. & Mrs. Leopold Turcotte, ,Tremblay, Ern est Jolicoeur,

Mr. & Mrs. Fraacis Guillette, Raymond Levesque, Robert P.

. Mr. Mrs. William Perry, Mr. & Cote.

Mrs. Francis Tetr~ault, Mr. & Anna Lafrance, Damase Fiola,

Mrs. Leonide Gaulin. Louis O. Bernard, Denise Belan­

Mr. & Mrs. Adehlrd Pelletier, ger, Alice Brodeur.

Mr.' & Mrs. Adelard Turgeon, Anselme Boucher, Jeannette

Mr. & Mrs. Roland Provost, Mr. O'Brien, Elie Godbout, Olive

JAMES H. ~OLLlNS, C.E., Pres.

& Mrs. Raymond Dion, Mr. & Desmarais, 'Angelina Jean.

Mrs. Ernest DesVergnes. Albert Petit, Armand, Cadrin,

Registered Civil and Structural Engineer Mrs. Marie Fontneau, Diane Ernest Longchamps, Rene Member National Society Professional Engineers Isabelle, Mrs. Harvey Davignon, Monast, Normand Desrosiers.' Mr. & Mrs. ~ewis Nye, Mr. & Romeo Doucette, Yvonne val­ FRANCIS L COLliNS, JR., Treas. Mrs. John Fougere. lee, Walter Theriault, Alfred T. I . THOMAS K. COLLINS, SeC-y. Mrs. Homer Gaudreau, Mr. & Bouchard, Normand Lafrance. Mrs. Roger Samson, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Dussault, Albert Parent ACADEMY BUILDING FALL RIVER, Roger Ritchotte, Mr. & Mrll. Roger Ouellette, Auguste Roy,

George Juaire. Robert Landry.

Fall River

St. Francis




.== ==========================








l THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fan ~!v~-:-Thurs., May 9, 1963

SPANISH PROGRAM: Students at Sacred Hearts Academy, Fall River, stage gay Spanish program including songs, dances and realistic , bull fight. Left, Gale Hicks, with guitar, and Carol Ann Mosteiro, on knees, plead for favor of coquettish Barbara Chase. Center" Susan D'Andrea and


$500 Rev. Felix S. Childs $135 Dr. & Mrs. Daniel Moone., $125 ' Dr. & Mrs. Robert S. Hackett $100 .

Margaret M. Sullivan '

Mrs. Howard P. Adams

.' Dr. Earle E. Hussey

Mrs. Rose E. Sullivan

Sacred Heart Conference

Society of St. Vincent de Paul. $75 Rev. William J. Shovelton Rev. John J., Regan Quinlan F. Leary $60 Margaret, Mary C. & Frances Cummings $50 Rev. James F. Buckley, Mr. & Mrs. Dick H. Cutting, In memory of John & Margaret McDermott by Rose & Madeline McDermott, Frances C. :Shaugh­ nessy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles E. Sevigny. Mr. & Mrs. William R. Har­ graves" Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Murphy, Charles P. Ryan, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Steele. $40 Mr. & Mrs. John J. Tuite

Barbara Vincent trip light fantastic, Spanish style. Right, "Jack and Jackie Kennedy," Jean McGrady and, Patricia Daley, admire techniques of matador Susanne Lacombe and picador Elisabeth Habib. Production was staged by Sister Carmen Joseph, S.U.S.C.

"Kennedys' Help Cem~nt Latin-American Bonds At Gay, Spanish Program' in Fall River By Patricia McGowan Without benefit of 'headlines, the "Kennedy fainily" slipped into Fall River last week. They were here 'to attend a bull figh t at Sacred Hearts Academy as part of' a tribute to Pan-American friendship. Otherwise known as Jean MacGrady and Patricia Daley of the SHA student body, the Kennedys drew loud applause from the bull fight audience. Particularly strik­ ing was Jackie, complete bull costumes that pranced , Parents, together with guests realistically around the stage. from Bishop Cassidy' High -with bouffant 'hairdo al1d Mothers aided, too, stitching up School in Taunton enjoyed a sleekly tailored suit. serapes, boleros, full dancing repeat performance the fol­ It was all part of a program 'presented . by Sister Carmen Joseph's Spanish classes at the academy. With only two weeks of rehearsal, students offered a Spanish comedy, a delightful patio scene COIn pIe t e with pleading suitors and disdaindul senoritas, and the hilarious bull fight. Drawing on "recollections of my youth," Puerto Rican-born Sister Carmen Joseph coached the SHA girls in gay Spanish songs and dances, and also dedi­ cated her recreation periods for the past few weeks to the making of over 500 bright crepe paper r.oses to twine around the realistic trellises used in the patio scene. ' Much Cooperation Not only that, confided stu­ .dents, but Sister made one of the


skirts and other Spanish items of dress. Non-Spanish class members of the SHA student body formed an enthusiastic audience for the production and joined ,with gusto in the singing of a Pan­ American song to open the pro­ gram and "God Bless America" to end it.

lowing day.

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin Smith, Grace A. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Eddy Kaufman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert G. Boylan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Caron. Mary & Angela Cummings, Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Beaupre, Mary Jenkins, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Amaral, Kathleen Gal­ & Mrs. Edward Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Wilson, Mary T. lery. Wilson. Mrs. Ellen O'Toole, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Durand, Abel Marceline, Mary E. Sulli­ Mr. & Mrs. Omer Petit, Mr. & van, Mrs. Sarah Sullivan, Mr. Mrs. James Rapoza, Mr. & Mrs. ,& Mrs. James L.Cote: Milford Mitchell, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas K. Bowler, Manuel Borges. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond W. Audet, $35 Murtaugh & Leo J. Fox, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Regan, Mr. & Miss Catherine Furze, Dorothy Mrs. Ovila Fortin, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Stanley Owsney, Mr. & &: Regina Higgins. Stephen J. Kozak, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Amato Polselli. $30' Hobert F. Smith Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. James,H. Walsh & Nancy James V. Kennedy. Mary E. Edward' M. Casper. Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph & Louise Ryan, Kathryn & Lil­ Golden, Mr. &: Mrs. Frank La­ June Ann Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. lian Madden Mr. & Mrs. James Mrs. John S. Burns, Mr. & Mrs. 'Bossiere, In memory of Mary L Thomas Fernandes, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Beland. ' H. Sullivan, 'Mr. & Mrs. Francis William, Worsley, Mr. & Mrs. Kirkman, John J. Desmond.' Miss E. Louise Beattie, Mr. & E. Sullivan. Mr. & Mrs. William H.Kirk­ Mrs. William Mercier, Mr. & Henry Belleville, Mrs. Douglas $25 man, Ruth p. Brown, Mrs.

Mr. & Mrs. J. Joseph Welch, Mrs. William Whitehead, Grace Chapman: Grace Lambert, Mr. &. Mrs. Mrs~ Eileen Christie; Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. John F. Moran, L. Martin, Mary H;C: Flynn: Margaret Desmond, Mildred & Mrs. Edward F. McGrady, Mr. Gerard Thibault, Mrs. Julia Frederick J. Harrington, Mr. & Beattie. Mrs. John C. Torpey, Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Harrington, Edward' J. & Mrs. Thomas E. McVey, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nedder­ Fay. & Mrs: Everett Silva, Mr. & 'Mrs. Charles Mitchell. , man, In' memory of Daniel J. Jean P. Auger. . Mrs. James M. Farrar, Mr. &: $15 , Mr. & Mrs. Harold Creamer, Martin by Mrs. Daniel J. Martin, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Haggerty, Mrs. Daniel T. Cooney, In :memory of John & Margaret Mr. & Mrs. John Shay,· Mr. & David Creamer, Mr. & 'Mrs. In memory of John, Mary' & 'Smith by Mabel Smith, Mary V. 1\([rs.. Edmund Mitchell, Mr. & Frank J. McCann, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Downey by Ann '& Alfred R. M e d e i r 0 s, Anne Elizabeth Downey, In memory of '& Anna G. McCarty, ,Mr. &. Mrs. 'Mrs. Francis Regan, 'Mrs; Leo Thomas L. & Thomas H. Flynn Packer. " 'John H. Springer & Mrs. Mary Canuel. William F. White Sr., William by Mrs. Catherine Flynn, Jeanne . Mr. & Mrs. Charles Santos, E. Larrabee. Annie E. &: Mary E. Quirk, Leonard Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. F. White Jr" Mr. & Mrs. Ch,arIes Gagne. Francis Hurley, Mr. & Mrs. T. John J. Sullivan, Charles F. Kelly, Mrs. Helena May, Letitia John C. O'Neill, Catherine . Arthur - McCann, Mr. & MJ;s. 'Curtis, Kathryn Doherty. O'Neill, John T. O'Neill, Mr. A. Lynch. Dennis C. Hurley, MI'. & Mrs. Timothy Shea, Mary C. Daley, , Mr. & Mrs. Louis Branco, Mr. & Mrs. William Pelton, Elizabeth Grace A. Daley, Margaret E. & Mrs., John Kiiroy, Donald L. Leonard. ,ChUtles BOOins. Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey E., Sullivan, Coleman, Julietta C. Delahanty. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund E. William Beaulieu, Mi. & Mrs.

'Margaret J. Degnan, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Burke, O'Conriell, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Wilfred Beaulieu, Oliva' A. Pel­ "'.' Clarence Banks, Miss Hannah G. Elaine M. Banks, The Norton Bramorski. ,letier, Mrs. Lillian M. Shea, ' ,Connors, Michael J. Grace Jr. Family, Margaret M. Dunn, Mr. , Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Stone, Mr. ;Frances' Harrington. MI'. & Mrs. William 'F. Lyons, James L. Connor, Kathryn V. & Mrs. John Burke, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. John S. Donn~lIy" Mr. '& Margaret M. Whalen, Mr. & John M. Leonard. & Mrs. Arthur Borges, Mr. & Jr., Elizabeth M. Crowley, Gene­

Mrs. Raymond Gallagher, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Payer, Mr. &: Mrs. vieve Murray, Miss Madeline , $12 , Mr. ,& Mrs. Benjamin Stafford, Matthew A. Shea Sr. Mrs. William J. Sullivan, Cathe­ ' Connors, Mr. & Mrs. Frank' J. ' ' rine E. Roberts, Jane G. Brode­ Charles V. Porta, Edgar T. For­ Mr. &, Mrs. Edward Rogan &: Halligan. rick. tin. Catherine R 0 g a n, Mary E. Mr. & Mrs. Francis Curtin, Mr. $20 . $10 Mason, Mary, Leonora &; Mar­ & Mrs. Gerald Lawton, Mr. '& Mr. & Mrs. Francis, Waring, Mr. & Mrs. Alban A. Correia, garet Donovan, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Norman Burrows, Mr. &; George L. O'Brien Jr. Eleanor R. Mr. &: Mrs. Patrick Delaney, Mr. George E. Keavy, Laura M. Mrs. Daniel Kelly, Mr. & Mrs. Mullaney, James P.Murphy; Mr. &: Mrs. Dennis Sullivan. Mr. &: Sullivan. ' Dwight Miller. &: Mrs. John J. Roberts. Mrs. Francis J. Hearn, Mr. & Mrs. Alice Sullivan, Mrs. Timothy Sullivan, John J. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick J: Hurley, Mrs. Charles E. Curtis. Cat her i n e McCarthy, Mn. Sullivan, Mrs. Helen Nilson, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Taylor, Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Beaulieu, Joseph Akers, Mr. & Mrs. Bnmo Fernando T. Furtado. Mr. " lin. Gertrude & Grace James. Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Michael Powers, Mr. AntoneW. Marjorie Smitb, Manuel 'l'arvara. _ t ...


!\frs. Margaret Cripps, Jacque­ line J. Porta, Elizabeth & Agnes Coyle, Sarah C. Halligan, Mary Breslin. Mr. & Mrs. James Johnson, Grace M. Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. John T. Hunt, Miss Mary Shea, Jo4ft ,}J. Connors Jr. Daniel Roach, Miss Elizabe~h Roach, Mr. & Mrs. Frank A.. Connolly, Mr. & Mrs. William

J. Desmond, Mr. & Mrs. John F.

Lyons Sr. .

Louise E. Banks, Mrs, Edward

Fogarty, Leo E. Fogarty, Mr.

& Mrs. Walter J. Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Harrington. Miss Margaret Kilroy, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Gosciminiski, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Leo P. Smith, Elizabeth Owens. Miss Ruth V. Henry, Mr. & Mrs. Owen O'Shaughnessey, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Doran, The Doran Family, Helen F. Loftus. M.a r gar e t F. Lenaghan, Charles A. Duffy. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Duffy, Thomas F. Loft~ Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin C. Sher­ man. Miss Honor Connor, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. Vogel, Mrs. Mary A. Leary, James W. Keavy J.r., Genevieve & Mary Skarn­ mels. James & Winifred MC­ Donough, Miss Catherine A.. Boylan, Mr. & Mrs. Michtel P.· Hickey Madeline K. Glavin, ~ & Mrs. Leonard W. Mayo. Mrs. Mary M. Crahan, Mr. It . Mrs. Robert Harrington, Mr. ~ Mrs. Francis Harrington, Mr. &; Mrs. Harold Wilson, Mr. & Mr.. George Trainor.

Mr. & Mrs. Michael F. Sul­

livan, Mr. & Mrs. George

Tourgee, Edward J. O'Comiell, Mr. & Mrs. John J. Dunn,' III memory of Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Halligan.

Mrs. Alive M. Duggan & Alice

Duggan, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Burgmyer, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Pavao, Mr.a& Mrs. John Fox. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas RobertS, Mr. & Mrs. James Leary, Mr. &; Mrs. William B. Norton, Mr. John F. Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DaRocha. . Joseph M. Reilly, Ella F. &; Anna L. Desmond,M. Alina

Keavy, William Black, Agnes

Black. "

Donald Black, Mr. & Mrs.

Leonard SUllivan, Mr. & Mrs.

James F. Brady, Mrs. Estelle


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Fall 1Iv...



THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963


$600 ward Sullivan & Mrs. Agnes Maurer, William Coughlin. Leo Sullivan, Gilbert Ferreira, ST. JOSEPH Alfred Machado, Gertrude Sul­ $500 livan, Thomas Sullivan. Rev. George E. Sullivan Daniel Metto, Walter ,Stet­

$100 kiewicz, Henry Bernardo, Frede­

Mrs. John L. Clemmey rick Ralph, Mrs. Bradford Dur­


$75 Mrs. John Fitzgerald, Thomas Rev. James W. Clark

Nugent, Francis Murray, Charles $50 Murphy, Thomas Griffin. Mr. & Mrs. William Hurll, Edward 'Tavares, Raymond Frank M. Silvia Jr., The Misses Fletcher, Edward Desmarais, Foley, Mr. & Mrs. Cyril Marcille, Normand Levesque, Thomas Mrs. Mary Walker. ,Corey. $35 Mrs. Philip D. Lawton, Helen Mary L. & Catherine T. Har­ Connors Maurice Dionne, Mrs, rington Lucy Pidhorocki, E' ran cis $30 Maurer. Mr. & Mrs. Leroy Borden Mr. & Mrs. Paul Andrade, J ames Curtis Raymond Robitaille, Mr. & Mrs. $25 Richard Wiley, Mrs. Rose Wills, Mrs. Margaret Casey, Jane Charles Booth. Haran, Mr. & Mrs. William Gilbert Cabral, Gill Family,' Doran, Julia Mahoney, The Louis Lopes, Joseph Baker, Maher Family. Joseph Caron. Elaine's Flower Shop, William Dorthy Jeff, Mrs. Vincent Gaudreau, Lawrence Cabeceiras, Calio, John Connor, John Shea, Dorsey LandsC'ape & Tree Co. Gerald Hanley. $20 Mr, & Mrs. Joseph Boyd, Orner Mary R. & Frances P. Shay, Fortin, William LeBlanc, Roger ,Frederick Sherry, Mr. & Mrs. Petit, Henry Merc,ier. Marcellus Feeney, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Hannafin, Mrs. Frank­ .-7James Downey, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ lin Fairhurst, Arthur Loven­ ward D. Fitzgerald. bury, R. Roland Robitaille, John Clement Dowling, Mr. & Mrs. Mahoney. Richard Synott, Gerald Kelly, Mrs. Mary Conboy, Thomas Donald Vacchi, Mr. & Mrs. Con boy, William Guilmette, Jos'eph Payton, Mrs. Alma Bur­ Eleanor Brady, Thomas Mc­ rill & Mrs. Yvonne Griffin. Donald. ' $15 , Theresa McDonald, Patrick Mrs., Thomas Monaghan, Sr.• McGowan, Paul Boulay, Robert Douglas C.Law, Mil d red, Kent, ,Manuel Arruda. 'Powers, Mrs. Edward Carey. A I b e r t Michaud, Bertrand :Mary Sullivan. " Babin, Angelina Hutzol, John Peter Hodnett, Mr. &: Mrs. Rebello, Gerald Lachance. John J. Moloney Manuel Felix, Joseph Studniarz, Judith Bene­ Paul Miozza. 'vides, Mary Dowling, Anrie . $12 Dowling" Sylvio Legasse. Michael ,Dolan &: ~amjl.r. . .Joseph Niedjalik, Mrs. Walter Manuel Tavares, Joseph Ken­ 'Gander, Joseph' Medeiros, Mrs. '.edy. ' , Raymond Gregory, Anthone L. $10 , Medeiros. Mic~ael ~c~ally, ,L u e ian \) Mrs. Dorothy Magee, Maurice 'Senra, Frank ~ustin. Willia!D Berube, Mrs. Joseph Curt, Mr. Perkins, Ger~rU,de McMullen., :&:. Mrs., Louis C. Medeiros, Heloise McMullen Mrs. Mary , Joseph' C. Payton Jr. Patenaude, Ruth Quinn, Gerald , John Lynch, Joseph Cayton, Dowling, Arthur McAndr,ew. . Mrs. William Higson, James Evelyn Fin g lis, EI~zabeth Lenaghan, Vincent Dowling, Eagen, Marjorie Eagan,' ,James ·Mrs; Mary &: Donald 'Martin. V. Perkins, Joseph Burro,ws.. '

, Mrs. Hamiah'Duffy, Armand

ST. PETER AND PAUL Couto, James Mendonca; Mar­ $1,000 ',aret Dwyer; Mary Dwyer. ' " Rev. David A. O'Brien Lou i s e O'Brien, . Agnes O'Brien, Joseph Thomas. Arthur $100 ,Buckley,' MrS. Auguslll Good­ Rev. Johnr. Andrews man. In memory of Rt. Rev. MOIl­ . Mrs: Agnes Whitehead &: Mrs. ,Iignor John J. Kelly Irene Chamberlain, James qa,vi-:­ $75 , ,gan, John W. Duffy. Mrs. Gert:­ Rev. John P. DriScoll rude Powers. ' $50 , James P. 'Hickey, John Mc­ Mr. &: Mrs. Francis Lowney -Govern, Edward Cullen,' Mrs: & In memory ofRt. ~tev. Mon­ Mr. B. 'G. Tomlinson, Mr. &:'MrS. 'signor JohnJ. Kelly,

,Charles' Wills. ' $40

John Fahey, John Medeiros. Margaret Constantine

Margaret Turner, Paul, Suneson. $30

'Eva Suneson. Marion & Anne. O'Hearn

Mrs. Robert Turner" Arthur Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Tyrrelt $25 ' eote, E mil y O'Brien,' Mary "O'Brien, Daniel R. Foley. ' Katherine Harrington, Mr. &: Frances Brough, Eunice Dion, Mrs. Thomas Farren, Mr. & Mrs. ,Stephen Gar dell a, Elizabeth George A. Morgan, Mr.' &: Mrs. Flaherty, Stephen Clynes. 'Lawrence Lynch, Mrs. Helen , John O'Day, Owen McGowan, Burke. ' James W i leo x, Mrs. Frank , Mr. & Mrs. Jerome :ro}ey, The Brady, Joseph Welch. Thomas H. Cahill Family. Mrs. Wallace Fairbanks. Mr. &: $20 Mrs. Edward Monarch,' William Mr. & Mrs. Ernest A. Hasprey, Steele, Edward Maher Jr. Wil­ Mr. & Mrs. John Falvey, Mr. & liam Nugent. Mrs. Fred R.Dolan, Mary Tyr­ Edward Leary, Joseph Accet­ rell. tullo, Norman Lizotte. Thomas $15 Hannafin, Luther Cunningham. The Frechette Fainily, Mr. &: Mrs. Monica Walmsley, Mrs. Mrs. William Garvey, Mr. &: Anne Powers, Walter Nichipur, Mrs. Stanley Janick, Mr. & Mrs. Ann Cleary, Mrs. Mary Lennon. Thomas Booth, Sr. Anne Borden, Mrs. Flore,nce $10 ,Austin, Mary Lennon, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. William Heffernan, Mrs. James Shaughnessey, Al­ Mrs. Pauline Sarna, Mr. & Mrs. bert Shovelton. Roland Boivin, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel McCarthy, Mr. &: Mrs. Leopold Giroux, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Sullivan Robert Gagnon, David Pacheco. Frank Doherty, Albert Cum­ Mrs. Deolinda Wilson, Mr. at mings. Mrs. James McKane, Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy, Anna Sullivan, Ruth McArdle, Elizabeth Mc­ Ardle, John Hughes, Mrs. John Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anctil. Beekman, William Kerrigan. ' Cornelius J. Sullivan, Mr,. &: William Place, ¥rs. Lewis Mrs. James Caldina., P~tricia

Brownell, Thomas Travis, Mrs. Carey, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond J.

John Donovan, Mary Giblin. Moquin, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur

Fred W olstencroft, Timothy Smith.

Thompson, Richard Thompson, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Mattos, Catherine & Anne Coughlin, Mr. & Mrs. John Wilding, Mr. & Mrs. George Bernard, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Dennis Sullivan. 'H Dennis Sullivan, Jose Borges, Edward Tyrrell, Tyrrell. Julia Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. James Moran, Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Harrington, Margaret Joseph McGuill, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ McCloskey. liam Donovan, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ Mr. & Mrs. Wilmer Zinser, Mr. ,Ham Molloy, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel

John Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Ed- Alvarnaz, Mary Tansey.

Rev. Anthony lV•. Gomes

Fall River

$500 Dr. & Mrs. Henry C. Lincoln

$40 Mrs. Marie Mello

$25 St. Vincent de Paul Society, Knights of The Altar, Council of Catholic Youth, Council of Catholic Women,Holy Name Society. Mrs; Julia Simas, George Ton­ elli, Joseph Velozo, Manuel Hilario, Joseph M. Theodore.

$15 Edward Teves


, BiRTHDAY COMMUNION: One - hu~dred - yea~ - old John Joseph Sullivan receives Holy Commumon from BIShop Patrick Shanley, O.C.D., on his bi~thd~y i~ the ch~pel at Villa Maria Home for the Aged III MIamI, Fla. HIS .son~ Daniel P. Sullivan, center, director of the Greater MIamI Crime Commission, serv'es the Mass. NC Photo. Mr. &: Mrs. James Garvey, Mr. &:' Mrs. 'James Donnelly, Wini­ fred Hasprey, Mr. &: Mrs: Frank O'Hearn; Mr. &: Mrs. Stephen Moore. , William Lowney, 'Isabel Mc;' Millan, Mrs. Mae Higgins, Wil':' Ham Farren, Mr. &: Mrs. Leo Rioux. . Mr. & Mrs. James Riley, ~nne M. Murray, Alice, M. Murray. 'Alice G. Stanton, William Lau­ zon, Mary C. Kelly. ' Mr. &: Mrlll. James Humphreys, ·Mr. & Mrs. George A. Bishop 'Jr.,.Mr. & Mrs. ,William Tansey, :Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Loftus., ' ST ROCH

$125 ' Anonymous


&: Mrs,' :Mauri~' Ouellette.

,Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P~quette, &:Mt:s, Art~nir Pell~tier, Oliva Pelletier, Mr,. &:' Mrs. Aiine Picard, Robert Picard; Mr. & Mrs'. Theo Picard Jr:, Mr. & Mrs. Paul, Pineault, ,Mr. &: Mrs.' Normand Potvin, ~~, &: Mrs. Roland Proulx ok ~aIilily, Mrs. James Read: . Mr. &,' Mrs. Roland Renaud, William Reney, 'Mr. & Mrs. :To., ,seph Richard, ~r!l. Hec,tor Ren­ aud,Mr. &: Mrs. Aime St. Amand. St. Roch's Men's Guild, Amedee Scott' Florence Soares,' Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Soares, Mrs. Loretta Vaillancourt., " , Mr. &: Mrs. Alex Vezina, Mr. at Mrs. Erne~t Vi~lette.




Rev. Reginald M. Barrette




Mr. &: Mrs. Thomas Cote ' Mr. &: Mrs. Antonio Coutu Mr. &: Mrs. G!lbert Guimond

$25 Mr. &: Mrs. Rogel" Valcourt

$20 Mr. &: Mrs. Donat Ferron ' Mr. & Mrs. Herve Lamaire Mr. &: Mrs'. Norman Levesque


M~. & Mrs. Adrie~6~elle~e,Mr.

Manuel Medeiros, Medeiros Family Julius Rodrigues, Miss Maria Cabral, Furtado Family. Antonio Mello, Raymond V. Medeiros, Manuel A. Faria, John Aguiar, Joseph Pacheco. Manuel Velho Herman Botel. hOi Joseph Branco, Deodarto Ricardo, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Souza. Arthur Pacheco Jr., Joseph Costa Antonio Martins, Law­ rence' Benvides, Antone Pin­ heiro. Mrs. Clematina Trubiano, An­ tone Isidore, Arthur ,Silvia. Henry Rego, Francisco Farias. Francisco Maurisso, Arsenio Barreira, Manuel Perreira Jr. & Family, Caetano Furtado, Man­ uel Aguiar. , A Friend, Edward Sousa, Michael Martin, James Arruda, Manuel Magano. Joaquim Costa, Mr. Julio'Me­ deiros Robert Correia, Manuel Medei~os, Manuel Mello. Antone Michaels, Alfred F. Almeida, Rocha Family, Mi'. Manuel Souza, Mariano Thomas'. , Mrs. Mary Arruda, Mrs.Jacin­ ta Pimental, Henry Camara, Manuel Ferreira, Antone Moniz. William Moniz, Miss Mary Ra;. poza, ·Manuel 'Corr~ia, John Souza, Raymond HrYClw. Francisco Cabeceiras, Missel Constance &: Helen Rapoza, Mrs. Elvira PachecO, 'Manuel Correia, 'Manuel Silvia. ' ' , Arthur Rego, Manuel Rego, John Enos, Manuel Carreiro; A~ fred Mello. " Miss Dorothy Rodrigues, Wi~ , 1Iam'Rego, Mrs. Albertina Mello, 'Joseph Ferreira;' Tobias Monte, Ernest R~ Barreira, ' ;


Mr. & Mrs. Romeo Charest

$12 Famille du Dr'. Pierre Crispo

$10 M. Raymond Bergevin, Mme. Lucie Boisseau, Mr. & Mrs. Emile Cousineau, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Desaulniers. Mrs. Robert Desmond, Mr. &: Mrs. Leonel Desrosiers, Mr. & ,Mrs, Donald Domingue, Mrs. Anna Dumond, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Duquette. , Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. Julien Gamache, Mr. & Mrs. Herve Lagasse, Mr. & Mrs. LeonelLavoie, Irene Levasseur. Mr. &: Mrs. Pierre Levasseur, ,Mr. & Mrs.' Raymond Levitre, Mr. ~ Mrs. Thomas Maltais, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Melanson, Albert Michaud. Philip Moquin, Mr. & Mrs.

Ernest Morrissette &: Family, Mr.

& Mrs. Raymond Normandin,

$500 Rt. Rev. Humberto . .' .S. Medel,­ . .,


$100 Rev. Joseph Oliyeira Society of: St. Vincent de Paul Dr. Gilbert Vincent

$50 Miss Beatrice Capeto

$35 Miss Belmira Tavares

$20 Antone Souza

$16 Manuel S. Medeiros

$15 .Joseph Therrien

$25 Mi'. &: Mrs. Manuel'H. Camara, , Jr.. Angie's Fashions. '


Michael 'Brett, ~r. ~ Mr~., 'j) ani e I Medei...os, ~vangeline" Leite, Mr. & Mrs. Christian cia " Silva, Manuel Neves. ' , , Mr. &: Mrs. Frank B. Silvia, Mr. &: Mrs. Robert B. Sousa, Mr. '& Mrs. John Vincent, Jr., Hazel Medeiros, Mr. &: Mrs. Tiargo B. Silvia. 'Mr. and Mrs. Antone Camara, Mr. &: Mrs. Michael Franco. Manuel Domingos, Antonio Jose Viveiros, Orlando Conforti. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Cabral. Mr. &: Mrs. Jose P. Carreiro, Manuel Gomes.





South e Sea St••


Tel. HY I'




SERVING ITALIAN FOODS Sylvester Vercellone Prop.

$300 Rev. Laureano C. dos Reis

, $10

A Friend,Joao D. Aguiar, An­ 'tonio V. Anselmo, Isabel Capeto, Henry Cardoza. Manuel Car d 0 z a, Edward Costa, Francis Curt, .John De Costa, Albert Domingos. Walter Dyl, Gilbert Feijo, Jacinto Flores, Antonio Franco, George Governo. Donald G r 0 g a n, Baltazar 'Machado, Joseph Machado, Pat­ ricia Machado, Maria Medeiros. Antonio' 0 I i v e ira, Manuel Ray m 0 n d, Angelo Stavros, Manuel Tavares, Joseph Tavares, Alice Weems.






Taunton, Mass. AMERICAN VA 2-2282

'Our Heating Oils Make

~III~ Warm Fr;ends~

Catholic School

THf ANCHOR-Diocese of Fan River-Thurs., May', 1963


Drops Boxing SCRAl",TON (NC) - In 1M wake of boxing's latest tragedy St. Michael's School for Boys in suburban Hoban Heights hall dropped the sport trom its ath­ letic program. A member of the school's box­ ing squad was involved in a match which took the life of Anny Private Francisco Velas­ quez-the fifth boxer to die within a year from injuries sus­ tained in the ring. Father Joseph T. Conboy, the school's moderator of sports, an­ nounced the school's decision to drop boxing. The student in­ volved in the fatal match is Earl Johnson, who is reported to have' said he will never 'box again. In Charity Bout The student and Army private were paired in a match on a card staged at the Carbondale Catho­ lic Youth Center. The program was arranged under the auspices of the Friends of Boxing for the benefit of the Crippled Chil­ dren's Fund. Velasquez, a native of Puerto Rico who was stationed at the U. S. Army Signal Corps base at Tobyahanna, Pa., was knocked out in the second round 'of his match with Johnson. Velasquez died a half-hour later. The tragedy touChed off an investigation by Pennsylvania boxing officials. state Athletic Commissioned James (Sleepy Jim) Crowley, remembered.aIl one of Notre DarIle$ "four horse­ me"," of football fame, spent '. 'day here gathering facts and in· formation. He said he will make a report to William Scranton ~f Pennsylvania. '

WORCESTER HONORS BOB: Most Rev. Bernard J. Flanagan, left, Bishop of Worcester, was celebrant of a Mass during the city's ceremonies honoring Bob Cousy, Boston Celtics basket~all star, Mrs. Cousy is at right. Father

Edward C. Duffy, second left, New Bedford eyO director and longtime friend of the guest of honor, was Chaplain to Bishop Flanagan. ~ob Cousy retires after 13 years as "Mr. Basketball:' ,

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Fontaine, $%0 Savoie, Mrs. Sylvia Bagration. Mr. &' Mrs. Lionel Cadieu'x, Mrs. Joseph -Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs.. Edward Campbell, Clarence Henry Lajeunesse, Arthur Kern, , The Th 0 rna s F. Heaney Charles Bevilacqua, Mrs. Elmer Family, Mr. & Mrs. Henry J. Simister, Mr. & Mrs. Normand Henry Ethier, Emil Bastille. Broadbent, In, ,memory .ot Mr. Kitchen, Margaret & Peter Sul­ Coulombe, Henri Tessi~, Joseph Owen Lile, Mr. & Mrs. 'How- ' & Mrs.' John Harrington, Mr. & ar ':ote,' Rene Salvas, Robert' livan, Mr. &; Mrs. Fred J. Mc­ , Vital Jr. ,Mrs. Warren' Wordell, ,Miss- ' Nally, Teresa 'Hetu. Eugenia Coffey" Mrs. Peter· McCarthy, Walter Cosgro~e. . Mabel Simonetti; Miss Jane' kset>h 'Roderick, Mr. & Mrs. ' Yeamap, Mr. & Mrs. James Cle-' Mrs. Annie Tayl!:!r, Mr'. & Mrs:' Harrington. Edward Riley, Mr. & Mr.~, ment, Estelle Roach, Elizabeth Joseph Markland, ~ntone C,ar­ Mr. & Mrs. John Cassidy, In Joseph Santos. Mitcheil, Albert Kern; Antone reirtl, Mr: &. Mrs.~ier Piryault,' memory, of Mr.'&Mrs. Patrick Cabral, Raymond Burke, Mr.. & Ly(jia RiOux. $15 River Garrity, Miss Mary E, Ryder, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. William F. Labos'~' . Kathleen inood,. 'Lawren~' 'Mrs: ' Art Ii u r.. Benson John· & Mrs. Robert White, Mr. & Mrs. ST. LOUIS Curry. siere, Roland Cote;, Mrs. John, . T~lJ:iot, James, S. Ben.t.iey, John Edmund Couto. John Knowles; Mrs. John COll- BI~~, 1,fis. Margaret Wiles, M.!·ll. $350' David ,Grace,Mr;& Mrs.. Gaspar; Mr. & Mrs. JohJ:1 F. boy. &.. Family-,- . Mrs'.. Wright:· 'Nellie Zwick. . " Mooney. napiel F.. Sballoo, JoSeph. Miranda; . Mr.. & Mrs. ,'. . Mary' Whitehead, Mrs. Clar­ T~ner,. Nancy Turner, Faith' .Mr.' & .Mrs~ Robert Wilkey, Lawrence Silva, Mr. & Mrs. ence P. Sullivan, In memory of' , $100 . , ZICC~~I. . Mrs. Clifton Jones, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Moniz, Catherine O'Neil. Manuel &. Daniel Pimental. ~"&; Mrs. William F. Whalen WIlham MIt c hell, Edward OvilaPichette, Wilfred Demers, Mrs. Lincoln .Medeir<lS, Gert­ Jr. :, Gazarro, Mrs. Edward Frazer,' Ml'.. & MJ;s. Arthur Thibodeau. , $12. , , ',' . rude O'Neil; Ronald Botelho, Mr. $75 Alice Guinen, Ernesf, Guinen, H~ctor Deslauriers, Tho mas Mr. & Mrs. Michael Marrone, , Arthur Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Peter' ' Rev. Edward J. Burns Anthony Medeiros, ;Mrs. John PIckup. . ' . Wilfred Thibault .William H. Chaves.. Deim, Elizabeth Ferraro, Flor­ $25 . Fernando Motta, Mrs: Cathe- Neilan Sr. &; Fa~ily.,Francis~ Mr. & Mrs. John Machado, Mr: ance Sullivan. TheConnerton Family, Mr.·1t rifle McCann, Mr. & Mr~. Theo- Tavares, Raymond Her.o.ux. :& Mrs. Francis Gallego, Mr. & ,',' '$:10 . Mrs. John Maher; James Whalon' , Mrs; 'Andre Desrosiers Jr., Mr. dore Cabral, Lucr A. SmIth, Mrs. Edward .,Sheehan,. Man u e 1 Thomas McCann, Gertrude O'­ Irene Gillet, Mr. & )ill's. Robe~ E. T~eroux,. , " ,Leitao, Wilham Mello. ' . & Mrs. Daniel Vincent.. Mr. &' PhIlIp Stazzone, Mr. & Mrs. ' ' ManueIPeixot9,:ROse p<>her:ty Neil, Mr. & Mrs. William O'Neil, Mrs. Lawrence'Moniz; Fernand Boudria, Mrs. Rhea John Latulippe, CharIes Ney. Mr. & Mrs. William P. Lynch, Mr. & ,Mrs. Joseph Costa, Mr. Reilly, Mr; .k Mrs. ThOmas For­ Joseph T. Conroy: Mary Ney, Mrs. Lawrence Mc­ &; Mrs. John Blackburn, Mr. & Dr. &' Mrs. George Horan Cormick, Antone Vieira, Emil tin, 'Walter Quinn. Mrs; 'Joseph O'Brien,' Mr. & ,Fuller, Comet Gas ,Company. Joseph Ben e'v ide s, James Mrs. Marion F. Murphy, A FrieneL Mrs. Edmund Madore. ,Mr. ,&. , James Britland Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Leandro, Andrew Cook, Mr. & $20Mrs. Douglas Leeman. , Mr. &; Mrs. Orient Laplante, Norman Lamontagne, JosePh Mrs.W ill i a m Thistlewaite, Anthony DeMeo, Mr. & Mrs. Silvia,' Mr. & Mrs. ..Manuel Char'~" Devaney. In Memory of Mr. _ Mrs. Michael 'M.anuel Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Pacheco, Clare SUllivan. Louis 'Gizzi, Carl Gizzi,' Mis.

Tobin" Susan McMahon., ~ PHARMACY Mario Lacava, Donald Quin." Clara· Souza, Mrs. Dolores Can­ Mr. • Mrs. Thomas Britland Manuel S~raiva, Mr. &; Mrs. Joseph Furtado. lan, Jqhn Flanagan, Mr. ,ok Mrs. gello; Mr. ,& Mrs. Thomas Mc-·· $15 ' Mr. & Mrs. Oonald .Bollin, Manuel. L. POntes, Eileen" Mc­ Henry. Mr. & Mrs. 'Herman Mello, • Hearing Aid Co. Mrs. Mary Cantwell, Marion Robert Boyle, June ',' Camara, Nally. Fahey, Peter Cantwell, Margar-et Mr. & Mrs. John Phelan; Mr. & Joseph Carreiro, John ..Theri­ • Surgical Appliance Co. Mrs. Norman' Pain, Mrs. Helen ault, Frank Morango, Mrs. Mar­ ,Johnson. Ford. garet Cobery, JQSeph Sullivan. Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred St. Michel, ',' tnneA. Shea, Prop. Irene stratton,' George & Creigh F,amily. William Carboy, po n aId William Apps, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ Munro, James McMah<ln, Andre $12 ~cavating Mr. & Mrs. Joseph' Domingos. mond Black, Mr. & Mrs. Clayton Bond; ThomaS Whiting: . 202 - 206 ROCK STREET Contractors

Leighow, Catherin~ Horan. Thomas C Ie m m e y, Lomer " $10 Mrs. Bridget McDonald, Mr. & Lapointe, Patrick Nataly, Mrs.

Mrs. Marie Ward, Mr., & Mrs. FALL, RIVER, MASS. 9 CROSS ST., FAIRHAVEN Normand C. Oliver, Edward J. Mrs. John Cronin, ,Mr. & Mrs. Clara W hit e h e a d, Thomu

OSborne 5-7829 - 3-0037 Holland, Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred' Frank Raposa, Mrs. Mar y Brown'.

WYman 2-4862 Bianchi. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Campbell,

DeSruislleaux, Friend. Mr, & Mrs. Joseph M. Wrobleski,

Mr. & Mrs. Elton Borden, Mrs~ Joseph Botelho, Francks Clarke, George Thomas, Edward Hen­ ~ ~ IMMACULATE CONCEPTION Mary V. Clarke, Friend. nessey, Frank Loftus. ;' $750 Roland Lafrance, Leo Burns; Mrs. John A. Brown, Alice Rev. Edward Dowling Mary Arruda; Mrs. Hector Fahey, Catherine Goff, Hilda Myles, Mrs. Lloyd King'. $100 : . ' Lowest prices anywhere : Everett Phillips, Mrs. Mary Rev, Robert L. Stanton Phillips, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Rev. Paul F. Conoolly we McCann, Mayor & Mrs. John M. $50 Arruda, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Thomas J. Fleming Hargraves. AHhur JansolT, Reg. Pharm. Genevieve Hennessey John & Irene Powers, Louis Mrs. Henry J'. Duffy DIABETIC· AND SICK ROOM Russell, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel $30 . SUPPLIES Cordeiro Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph James Gillet 204 ASHLEY BOULEVARD Fitzsimmons, Mr. & Mrs. John $25 • 118 COUNTY STREET - SOMERSET • New Bedford Rowe. ' Fall River, Catholic Nurses' WY 3-8405 . Mr. & Mrs. William Ward, Mr. Guild, Leonel Paiva, Florence' ~ & Mrs. Leonel Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Lynch. Leonard Flores, Thomas Con­ $24 roy, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Kelly. John J. Barrett • A FAMILY TREAT • William Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leite, Edgar Thibault, • BAR-B-Q CHICKENS : Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Padden, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Adam. Mr. & Mrs. William Johnson, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McCarthy, AND .' FARMS • .l45 Washington St.. Fairhaven: Mr. & Mrs. John Leary, Mrs. Catherine M. Hill, Mr. & Mrs. • Just off Route 6 • James Conroy. • WY 7-9336 • Mr. & Mrs. George Crosson, • GENERAL TIRES • DELCO BAnERIES l\frs. Ruth Bogan, Mr. & Mrs. Al­ • Watch for Si'NI 248 MAIN ST. WAREHAM • PERFECT CIRCLE RINGS

fred McNally, Mr. & Mrs. Frank While out for a Drive : StoD at this Delightful Spot Dussault, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen FAll RIVER - NEW BEI)FORD - HYANNIS ..:. NEWPORT

DIAL 295-1150 Magill









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JANSON'S Pharmacy



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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 9, 1963

DIOCESAN COUNCIL OF CATHOLIC WOMEN MEET ON CAPE: Left photo: Rt. Rev. Leonard J. Daley, pastor of St. Francis Xavier, Hyannis, addresses DCCW members at Barnastable High School. Center photo: left to right; Ml·S. Gilbert J. Noonan of Falmouth, past president;

Fall River ST. PATRICK $1,000 ·Rev. John E. Boyd $100 Rev. Raymond W. McCarthy

$75 Rev. Adalbert A. Szklanny Rev. James E. Murphy

$50 Samuel Priestly, Mrs. John Coady and Family, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keefe, Miss Geraldine Hanington. $40 Mr. & Mrs. George D. Hickey, Jr.



Sheila Higgins, Mr. & Mrs. Edward G. DeCiccio, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pinsonneault. . $25 Mr. & Mrs. John Bevilacqua, MI'. & Mrs. Louis P. Moore, Alida Hart, Dr. & Mrs. Hilary White, Mary Noon. Mrs. JohnL. Sweeney, In memory of Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Foran. $20.00 Mr. and Mrs. Leo Callahan, Edward Sullivan, Joseph Har­ rington, Mr. and Mrs. John Mor­ gan, Jr., Mr. and Mrs. William Donnelly. MI'. and Mrs. Alvin Connors, MI'. and Mrs. John Blake.



Mr. & Mrs. John Marshall, Edward Healy, Mr. & Mrs. Ed­ ward Haponik, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ liam Pizio and Family, Sarah Spellman. Mr. & Mrs: Roy Murray, Mr. &: Mrs. Julius Rackowski and So'ns, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Rich­

ard, Adrian J. Hughes and



Mr; & Mrs. Matthew Bonale­

wicz, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Brum,

Mr. & Mrs. Louis Shea, Jr., Mr.

&: Mrs. Vincent Mannion.

$10 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Souza, Mr.

&: Mrs. George Lynn, Mr. & Mrs.

Howard Duperre, Mr. & Mrs.

Norman Laurianno, Mr. & -Mrs.

Joseph Pavao. Mr. & Mrs. Americo Gazzero,

Mr. & Mrs. Lester Ball, William

Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest

Paquette, Mr. & Mrs. David

Bal'low. ;'

Mr. & Mrs. George Donnelly,

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph DeMello, Mr.

& Mrs. Norman Fontaine, Mr. &

Mrs. Manuel Ferreira, Mr. &

Mrs. Joseph Costa.

Lorraine Bernier, Mr. & Mrs. Edward McDonald, Mr. & Mrs.

Paul Berube, Mr. & Mrs. Roy

Robinson, John J. Williams.

John A. Williams. Mrs. Kathryn Marzilli, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Monast, Mrs. Irene De­

Villers, Mr. & Mrs. Het'bert Fontaine.

Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Donnelly, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Morris, Mr.

& Mrs. Leon Labrie, Mr. & Mrs.

David Mailloux, Mr. & Mrs. John


Mr. & Mrs. Sidney Garren,

Mr. & Mrs. Brian McCann, Mr.

& Mrs. Alfred Menard, Thomas J. Whipp, Mrs. A.Costello. Joseph Barboza, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Lavoie, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Konarski, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred De­ . Pippo, Mr. & MrS. Normand Coutu. Mrs. Kenneth Hunt, Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Bergeron, Mrs. Catherine Hardy, Mr. & Mrs. John McCarraher. Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Sullivan. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Patten, Mrs. Aurele Gamache, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Pawlik, Mr. & Mrs. Gerard Brodeau, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Corrigan. Mrs. Kathleen Wieser, Mrs. Helen Sullivan, Mrs. Mary Ward, Mrs. Mary Reagan; John Alves. Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Car­ vahlo; Stella Brabant, Mr. & Mrs. John J. O'Brien MI·s. Manuel Corey, Mr. & Mrs. Walter \ndrysik. Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Tyrrell, Mr. & Mrs. Murl Floyd, Mrs. Walter Breton, Mr. & Mrs. Carl Manchester, Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Costa. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Bishop, Mrs. Elizabeth. Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Massey, Jean Judge, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McMahon. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Pobzeznik, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent FaY,Pauline Johnsen, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Garant. Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Audet, M'l'. & Mrs. John Lowney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Forcier, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Daponte, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Halbardier. Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cusick, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Fillippi, Mr. & Mrs. John Darcy, Mr. & Mrs.

Bishop Connolly; Mrs. Aristides Andrade of Taunton; newly. elected president; Very Rev. Thomas F. Walsh, Diocesan Moderator of the DCCW. ,Right photo: Larry G. Newman of Hyannisport delivers main address to more than 500 women.

Vanasse, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Douglas Poissant, Mr. & Mrs. Delahunt. Liberal Costa. Mrs. James Whalon, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mattos, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. John Mitchell, Mr. Mrs. Anthony Garside, Mr. & and Mrs. Leslie Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Ray m 0 n d Francoeur, Mrs. Manuel Silvia, Mr. & Mrs.. Joseph Flynn, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ John Farnworth. mond McGuill. Mr. & Mrs. John Jean, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. John Walsh, Mrs. Elmer Sherman, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Marcoux, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Charest, Mr. & Mrs. Ter­ Man u e I Luz, Elizabeth and rence Leary, Mr. & Mrs. William Catherine Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Greene. Thomas Shea. Mr. & Mrs. Horace Ferreira, Mr. & Mrs. 'Richard Buckley, Mr. & Mrs. Horace Trassos, Mr. Helen Buckley, Mrs. Annie & Mrs. Everett Benevides, Buckley, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Pratt, Robert Aspden, Mr. & Mrs. Wil­ Mr. & Mrs. Francis Clegg. liam Cowan. Elizabeth Barlow, Catherine Mr. & Mrs. William Rosa, Mil'. Connors, Eunice Edgett, Mr. & & Mrs. Robert Marier, In Mrs. Raymond Suart, Michael memory of Raymond McCann, Culkin. Lillian Gardula, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel D. Arruda, Joseph Drobyski. . Joseph Carroll, Mr. & Mrs. Ray­ Mr. & Mrs. John Kenyon, Mr. mond Morin, Margaret Cusack, Mr. & Mrs. John Shea. & Mrs. William Haley, Mrs. John Lage, Henry Augustine, Mr. & Mar gar e t Whalon, Joseph Mrs. Louis Fillippi. Whalon, William Whalon, Anna Mr. & Mrs. J·ames Fiddler, Whalon, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ronald Zmuda, Mr. & Mrs. An­ Curry. Mr. & Mrs. Peter Czapiga, Mr. thony Zmuda, Mr. & Mrs. John. & Mrs. Norman Cournoy~r, Sylvester, Virginis Murray. Leonard Bolger, King Philip Thomas Suart, Mr. & Mrs. Hector Coulombe, Mr. & Mrs. Settlement Women's Club, Mr. Norman Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. George Curry. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Bolger, Edward Littlefield, Mrs. Anne Mr. & Mrs. Henry Moss, William Herbst. Anne Griffin, Mr. & Mrs. O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Macek, Mr. & Mrs. William Joseph Griffin, Elizabeth Bar­ Conroy.. rett, Margaret Parker, Mary E. Mr. & Mrs. Alphege Rioux, Burke. John Fanning, Mrs. Margal'et Mr. & Mrs. Leo Ouellette, Napo­ Wimsett, Mr. & Mrs. William leon Marier, Mr, & Mrs. Louis Gasior, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Leary, LePage, Mr. & Mrs. Refino Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Pitera. Furtado and Family. Mr. & Mrs. Norman Desjar­ Mrs. Pauline Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Roger Ferron, Mrs. Mary dins, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Lord, Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas John Hopkins, Jane Hopkins,

Mr. & Mrs. Michael Kuszay. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Amore, James Pollard, Mr. & Mrs. John Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Piekielniak. Mr. & Mrs. Henry' P. Urban, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Massey, Rico DeNadal, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Delzenero, Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Moran. Mr. & Mrs. Warren Tache, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Danis, Mrs. Mary Mullaney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ribeiro, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cordeiro. Mr. & Mrs. Armand Joncas, Mrs, Ann Griffin, John Meadow­ croft, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Perron, Paul Nicoletti. Mr. & Mrs. James Nicoletti, Ella Holland, Mary Holland, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brady, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Buckley. Howard Thompson, Robert Reynolds, In memory of William J. Maloney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Crofton, Mary Joy. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Casey, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Donnelly, Margaret Donnelly, Mrs. Ellen Murphy, Mrs.,-Michael Onorato; Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Belanger, Mrs. Harold S. Nabb, Arline Heath, Mrs. Sophie Pasternak, Mr. & Mrs. Charles H. Peladeau. Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Abrams, Mary Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Mooney, Mr. & Mrs. William Riley. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Cry, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas. Harkin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Piela, Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan, Frlll1k Quirin. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sears, Mr. & Mrs. John Ferus, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murray.



• "I

love you, Mom



•• om-m ••

B. M.


Durfee Trust Co.

and a Happy






Ilall River


A call for more and better interaction between the theologian and the teacher was one of the telling points made this morning by Brother Bar...

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