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School Crisis Present Stud~nt




New Bedford and Fall. River

One Entire Building Closes, Curtailment The present leasing of "classrooms in parochial schools by the public school system of the city of Fall River, and the problem facing the city of New Bedford in providing for the 250 pupils of that city's St. Kilian's School which closes next month point up the crisis in parochial school education now facing the communities of the area. . In addition, St. Louis de France School of Swansea has announced that it will close its sixth grade and arrangements for some students to enter the schools systems of Swansea and Somerset have already been made. Both diocesan and public school officials are aware that this may very well be but the beginning of a trend that will see a heavy burden of education shifting in ever-increasing percentages to the public school. system.




An Anchor of the Soul, Sure and Firm-St. Paul

PRICE 10c $4.00 per Year

Some Others In Fall River, public school administrators are contacting' various parochial schools to seek available classroom space for the Fall. The financial aspect is intensifed by the fact that the proposed new high school of that city will unquestionably have first claim on school-building funds, even though elementary school facilities are also at a straining point. The increasing immigration of families from the Azores has also confronted both Fall River and New Bedford with an influx of non-English speaking children who must be provided for educationally. Holy Trinity School in West Harwich has announced that it will 'begin class reduction in September, with no 7th or 8th grades. Furthermore, many parochial schools have seen Turn to, Page Thirteen

Early Appeal. Totals Are Most Pleasing First reports from the 111 parishes scattered throughout the diocese total $290,150, the Catholic Charities centrfll headquarters announced today. "It is heartening to see that the initial parish reports exceed those of last year," said Attorney James H. Smith of Falmouth who is the lay chairman of the cur· rent appeal. "In addition," said the Cape Cod lawyer enthused, "we have

realized good increases in the Special Gifts classification, indicating that a large number of parishes are headed for Honor Roll citations in 1969." The early returns, Chairman Smith observed, certainly prove that the 14,125 volunteer parish collectors made contacts with the faithful to whom they had been assigned. They rang the doorbells at 95,250 homes throughout the more than 1,1OO-square mile territory that the diocese encompasses.

Schedu'le CeD Workshops For Laity in Diocese A number of priests and laity have been designated to serve as coordinators for the Parent-Teacher workshops planned for several areas of the diocese in May. The CCD workshops will be held at the CCD Center, 446 Highland Avenue in Fall River, on Saturday, May 17 and at Stang High School, North Dartmouth, the same day. On Saturday, May 24, they will be held simultaneously at St. John the Evangelist School, Attleboro; Bishop Cassidy High School, Taunton and the St. Francis Xavier catechetical center, Hyannis. Mrs. Mary Fuller, Diocesan CCD Board president, will be the coordinator for the conferences on Christian Sex Education. The sessions are designed to provide guidelines for parents and teachers in organizing effective programs in their parishes. . Rev. Thomas Lopes of St. Anthony's parish. in East Falmouth, will coordinate the sessions on Penance which will be held for the parents and teachers of elementary students. Father Lopes is the Cape Cod area CCD co-director. Workshops on Confirmation are being led by Sister Martha Wordeman, OLVM, and Father John Smith, New Bedford area CCD co-director. The units are aimed at intermediate students for the sacrament.

"The generosity of the people was outstanding," Attort:\ey Smith declared, continuing: "The success of the kick-off

Returns Exceed 1968

is hopeful that the 1969 "appeal with a heart" will set another new-time record high. "It is far too early to tell but we are hoping," the lay appeal director asserted. "Parishes are holding special meetings on specified nights . during the remaining seven days of the Appeal in order that returns to the central headquarters might enable the mechanics of the Appeal to be kept up to date. Any delay in r.eturns halts all publicity procedures and a

backlog for a parish might result," Atty. Smith concluded. An innovation in reporting the leaders is being introduced this year. In the past, the 15 leading parishes were listed, regardless of the area. This year's plan is to divide the diocese into its five areas and list the five leading parishes in each section. The areas to be designated are: Cape Cod and Islands, Attleboro, Taunton, New Bedford and Fall River.

Expert in Social Services To Address Vincentians

meeting, which was attended by 800 laymen and women of the Fall River Vincentians are . Paul is well known for its good diocese, certainly emphasizes works among less fortunate the fact that the heart of the making plans to welcome people. Frequently the Vincentappeal pulsates in the individual delegates to the Fourth ians come in contact with public parishes." Northeastern Regional Con- agencies. To lead the discussion St. Stephen's parish in Attle- ference on May 23, 24, and 25, on the subject, "The Role of the boro and Our Lady of Angels in 1969. Several hundred members Society 'when dealing with PubFall River gained early recogni- will attend. lic Agencies", the committee has tion. They were the first two in obtained Walter Sullivan, who Leon Gauthier, secretary of has the knowledge and the exthe 1969 final count to gain the 'the Diocesan Central Council, distinction of 'going-over' their perience to qualify as an exyear earlier count on the first has already received more than pert in his field. day of the house-to-house appeal. 200 registrations representing Sullivan has been working in "And so we might complete many of the dioceses of New public welfare since August our work as quickly and effici- England and New York State. 1933. He worked as a social ently as possible, all volunteers The committee in charge of the worker on the street, a supershould plan to return their re- program is certain that the con- visor in Boston, a field repreceipts to their parish without de- ference will be a great success. sentative and appeal referee for The ~ociety of St. Vincent de the State Department of Public lay," said Attorney Smith who Welfare, a supervisor in the Brockton office, an aide in the Office of Field Operations and as an assistant regional administrator. Sister Mary James Hill, SUSC, Has worked with the retarded During his military service, .he Bishop James L. Connolly for 45 years in the Dio- chil"ren. was a psychiatric social worker announced today that 15 Teacher Sister Marie Claire Bedard, in the Chicago area with sercese. Marian Medals will be .Sister Mary Adrienne Higgins, SSJ. 50 years in the schools of vicemen who had breakdowns. awarded to individuals in- SUSC, Artist and art teacher- the Diocese. At the present time, he is asSister Marie Louise Paulhus, sistant regional administrator for volved in the field of education 40 years of service. SSJ. 45 years in schools. adult services in the New Bedthroughout the Diocese of Fall Sister Yvette Montplaisir, CSC, Sister Mary Ambrose Stanger, ford office. His duties cover the River. 20 years in Diocese. Supervisor O.P. 50 years of service. following programs: Aid to FamThe awards ceremony will take of community. Sister Mary Dalamatius Seguin, ilies With Dependent Children, place on Friday on Friday at Sister Mary Mercy, McAuliffe, Old Age Assistance, Disability Bishop Feehan High School, RSM. Teacher, librarian-:'Princi- O.P. Attist and art teacher. Brother Roger Millette, F.I.C. Assistance, Medical Assistance, Attleboro during the Diocesan. pal 'of Feehan. Principal of Prevost High School. General Relief. Teachers Association ConvenSister Mary Virginia Quinlan, Brother Henry Vanasse, F.I.C. His responsibility is to see tion. RSM. Teacher and administrator. Provincial of Brothers of Christ- that social services are renderThe medal recipients are: Sister M. ROse de Lima Clarke, ian School. ed and the policies of the deMother Ann Thomas Higgins, RSM, Teacher-administrator of Dr. Clement Maxwell. Educa- partment are complied with in SUSC, Provincial of Sisters of the St. Vincent's. tor, President of Diocesan the implementation of these proHoly Union. Sister Mary JoelCusty, RSM. Board. grams.

Rev; George Coleman is the coordinator for workshops on First Communion. Father Cole· man is CCD co-director for the Fall River area. . Sister Rose Angela, SUSC, of Cassidy High School faculty and Mrs. Rita Foley, catechetical consultant, are the coordinators for the sessions on "Light on Life," an innovate text book used with junior high CCD students. Father Kevin Tripp and Sister Alice O'Brien, OLVM, share coordinating responsibilities for the workshop sessions on the liturgy. Each coordinator is preparing Turn to Page Two


Marian Medal Recipients




Tti E ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River~Thurs.~ May 8,1969

Attleboro Area

New lDturrgic~~ Calendar /Reform

Effectftve @n






On January I, 1970 a new liturgical calendar will go into effect and will so arrange tl")~ celebrations of the liturgical year that emphasis will be given to Christ and to His pascal mystery. Pope Paul VI in a Motu Proprio entitled "Pascalis mysterii" wrote that the change will "have no other 'purpose than to permit the faithful to communicate in a more intense way, through faith, hope and love, in 'the whole mystery of Christ which * * * unfolds within the cycle of a year.''' The various seasons of the year will be characterized by the biblical readings assigned to each, for example, Isaiah during Advent, the Acts of the Apostles and the Gospel of St. John during Eastertide, the penitential and baptismal Gospels during Lent. Mass prayers will also emphasize the seasons. They have been increased so that each day of Advent, Lent and Eastertide will have' its' own ,proper prayer. Advent ' Advent will take the tone of joyous expectation. The first two weeks will emphasize Christ's final Advent while from Dec. 17 on, his Christmas coming will be emphasized.



MAY 19 Ambrose Lamarre, O.P., ' Dominican Priory, Fall Thomas Trainor, 1941, St. Louis, Fall River.

MAY 20 Rev. Antonio L. da Silvia 1952, 'Pastor, Our Lady of Health, Fall River. .

Approves Colleges 1111 Aid Program ALBANY (NC) -- The New York State Assembly gave final approval to a bill which would permit church'-related colleges to participate in a $15 million program that provides state aid to private institutions of higher " learning. ' The bill, which passed 88 to 43, now goes to Governor Nelson A. Rockefeller.


M?yl1-St. Mary'~, Hebronville." St. Patrick, Falmouth. Mt. St. Joseph,; AcadeII1Y, Fall River.' St. Casimir, New 'Bed~ "


ford. 18-Villa Fatima, Tau~ton. . ' Sacred Hearts Convent, f . Fall River. ' , Convent of the Sacred


BrewsterOur Lady of the Cape 1,254.00 Buzzards Bay---:St. Margaret 2,285.00 Falmouth-St. Patrick 1,539.50 HyannisSt. Francis Xavier 1,150.00 Nantucket, Our Lady of the Isle 3,174.00 OrleansSt. Joan of Arc 300.00 OstervilleAssumption 2,679.00


AcushnetSt. Francis Xavier


FairhavenSt. Joseph St. Mary Sacred Hearts

7,349.75 1,194.05 770.50

MattapoisettSt. Anthony


So. DartmouthSPEAKER: Rev. Patrick J. St. Mary 430.00 O'Malley of the Archdioce;;e of Chicago, president of the Westport-St. George 4,029.00 NFPC, will address the priests of the Diocese of Fall River and Fall River Area Taunton Area , invited represe'ntatives of DioTauntoncesan Pri'ests' Senates from' 'Fall RiverHoly Family 577.00 New England at a special asSt. Mary 7,446.00 817:00 Holy Rosary 1,106.00 · f Espirito Santo f sem bl y sc h e d u Ie d or t h IS a terHoly Cross 1,200.00 4,456.00 Immac. Conception noon at 2 at Bis h op Con no II y H o Iy N arne Our Lady of Lourdes 2,916.00 10,964.50 N ore' t 0 arne 280000 High School, Fall Rive.r. ,. Sacred Heart 4,088.00 Our Lady of Angels 8,658.32 1,566.00 St. Anthony Holy Rosary 2,330.00 St. Jacques, 3,896.00 477.00 635.00 Immac. Concl:?ption St. Joseph Sacred Heart 4,528.00 1,631.00 St. Mary 1,307.00 St. Anne St. Paul 3,284.00 St. Anthony of Desert 225.00 No. DightonSt. Anthony of Pad. 1,760.75 St. Jqseph 1,952.00 382.00 St. Elizabeth At~leboro Area No. Easton625.00 St. John the Baptist Immac. Conception 6,245.00 St. Mary, Seekonk $5,799.50 St. Joseph ' 3,607.00 2,277.00 St. Louis Mt. Carmel, Seekonk' 5,660.00 1,547.00 St. Ma~theVf ,St.' Stephen, Attleboro 4,705.00 . St. Michael 3,895.00 Holy Ghost, Attleboro' 4,049.00 ' St. Patrick 4,158.00 Continued from Page One Sacred Heart, 4,471.50 background and research materSS. Peter and Paul North Attleboro 2,755.00 St. Roch 2,563.00 ial to be used by the more than 1,709.00 30 workshop leaders who will St. Stanislaus Cape & Islands' .Area Santo Christo 1,464.75 give the actual s~ssions. Assonet-St. Bernard 1,483.00 All workshops will begin at 10 St. Patrick, Falmouth 4,539.50 in the morning, concluding a Central VillageOur Lady of the Isle, ' workshop service at 3 in the St. John Baptist 2,514.40 Nantucket 3,174.00 afternoon. All parents and teachNorth WestportAssumption, Osterville 2,679.00 Our Lady of Grace 3,036.00 ers are invited to attend. The St. Margar~t, St. Michael 1,512.00 • organizing committees will proBuzzards Bay 2,285.00 vide beverages for the noon Ocean Grovemeal. Participants are requested _ Our Lady of the Cape, to bring their own lunches. Brewster 1,254.00 SomersetSt. John of God 3,063.00 There is no registration fee for St. Thomas More 5,690.50 the sessions. Fall River Area Swansea. Holy Name, Fall River 10,964.50 Our Lady of Fatima 4,677.50 St. Dominic 3,295.00 Our Lady of the Angels St. Louis of France 3,856.00 Fall River . 8,658.32 Inc. Cathedral, Fall River 7,446.00 St. Thomas More, Funeral Service Somerset 5,690.50 Edward F. Carney . Our Lady, of Fatima, The Senate of Priests of the , Swansea '-4,67?50 549 County Street Diocese of Fall River will meet ,New Bedford 999-6222 on FridllY afternoon at 1:30 in New Bedford Area' , ,the' Catholic Memorial Home Serving the area since 1921 ip Fall River. St. L~wrence, New Bedford 7,592.49 St. 'Joseph, Fairhav~n 7,349.7!) St. James" , ' 'Ne"Y Bedford' '. ,,7,?67,00 111 Dartmouth St. 993-2921 St: Mary, New Bedford '5,367;00 NEW BEDFORD Poyant~ St.George, Westport 4,029.00 , Thomas "Timmy" Perry Thomas H. Perry. au'nton Area Hyannis William J. Perry 279. 8,arnstable Road . Immaculate Conception, , Funeral Directors and No.·Easton .. ·~;245.00 " ,775·0079 Registered Embalmers Immaculate Conception, .•••••••••••••• + ••••••• Taunton ' ,,4,456.00 Sacred Heart, Taunfon 4,088.00 St. Jacques, Taunton 3,896.00 3,284.00 St. Paul, Taunton

Mass' Ordo FRIDAY-St. Gregory .Nazianzen, Doctor of the Church. III Class. White. Mass Proper; Glory, (Epistle, "The just man * * *")

Michael C.- Austin

Senate Meeting



'Real Estate

Day of Pll'ayer



3,558.00 1,980.85 2,797.00 1,423.00 276.00 1,453.00 415.00 7,267.00 2,330.00 1,532.00 7,592.49 5,367.00 2,483.50

JCCD Workshops

MAY 17 . Mosf' Rev. Jaine·sE.' C!issidy, D.O., 1951, 3rd Bishop of Fall River 1934-51. '



New Bedford Holy Name Immac. Conception Sacred Heart St. Anne St. Boniface St. Francis of Assisi St. Hedwig St. James St. Joseph St. Kilian St. Lawrence 'St. Mary St. Theresa


MAY 16 Rev. William McDonald, S.S., 1941, St. Patrick, Falmouth. Rt. Rev. J. Joseph Sullivan, P.R."1960, Pastor, Sacred Heart, f.aII.River... . _ :. , /

. ...


New Bedford! Arrea

Leading Area


Rev. 1940, River. Rev. Pastor,

Attleboro$4,049.00 Holy Ghost 1,153.00 St. John 1,953.00 St. Joseph 973.00 St. Mark St. Mary (Seekonk) 5,799.50 4,705.00 St. Stephen 2,150.21 St. Tl)eresa North AtUeboro2,755.00 Sacred Heart , 5,503.00 St. Mary 2,171.00 Norton-St. Mary Seekonk-Mt. Carmel 5,660.00



.::~~~~v.e~~~ THE ANCHOR

Second, Class Postage Paid at Fall River, Mass, Published every Thursday at 410 Highland Avenue, Fall Rivnr. Mass. 02722 by the Catholic Press of thu Diocese of Fa II River. Subscription price by mail, postpaid $4.00 per year.

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Markey Monuments Ruth

Arranged for- Us. What we take for virtue is , 'often nothing, but an assemblage of different actions, and of different interests that fortune or our industry knows how to arrange. -La Rochefoucauld.

Reynolds Markey, Owner/Mgr.



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Urges Prelates To Help Settle Farm Strike

THI: ANCHORThurs., May 8,

3 1969

Insists Trustees Accept Report


One of the nation's top labor leaders has urged the country's Catholic bishops to

PHILADELPHIA (NC) - The president of Villanova University has pledged to resign unless the board of trustees accepts the conclusions of an l8-member committee appointed to study a proposed increase in tuition and room and board costs. No matters what side it takes, he will back it," said a spokesman for Father Robert J. Welsh, O.S.A., president of the university, which is operated by the Augustinian Fathers. The committee, comprising six students, six faculty members, three administrators, and three members of the board of trustees was formed by mutual agreement between the trustees and representatives of some 800 Villanova students who conducted a "sleep-in" in the administration building. The orderly demonstration followed an announcement that the trustees had approved increases in both tuition, and room and board costs by $200 starting next year. The current tuition is $1,600; room and board costs $1,000. The students requested a meeting with the trustees, at which time the committee was appointed. Its task is to reevaluat the cost increases and to report its findings as soon as possible tQ the board of trusteesSix Augustinians and five laymen.

help settle the long farm workers' strike. George Meany, president of the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industral Organizations, sent a telegram to Cardinal-designate John F. Dearden of Detroit, president of the United States Catholic Conference, exprestiing appreciation for the support the farm workers already have received !Tom the bishops. The bishops, at their recent meeting in Houston, adopted a strong statement sent ~o congressional leaders urging extension of the National Labor Relations Act to agriculture workers. The bishops observed: "The right to organize must be realistically vindicated." Meany praised the action and noted that labor wanted "an early end to the strike and a halt to. the boycott made necessary by the intransigence of the employers. Asks Honorable End We believe there is a possibility that third-party intervention with the grape growers could be of value in achieving a just BISHOP CONNOLLY ORDAINS' SEVEN: Front: Rev. Richard R. Gendreau, Fall River; Rev. peace in the grape fields," he Ronald J. Lagasse of Fall River, who will serve in the Oakland, Col. Diocese; Rev. Owen said. E. Smith of Attleboro. Rear: Gerard A. Charbo nneau of Freetown; Rev. Robert J. Corter of New "Recognition by the employers of the workers' fundamental Bedford; Bishop Connolly; Rev. John A. Gomes of New Bedford; Rev. Normand J. Boulet of rights to a union of their own New Bedford. Six of the newly ordained will serve in the Fall River Diocese. choosing and to' bargain collecPermanent Deacons tively would end the struggle," Meany added. Aid in East Berlin He urged the bishops to "use BERLIN (NC) - The weekly their good offices to persuade newspaper of the Berlin diocese, the grape growers to adopt a St., Hedwigsblatt, reported that sense of social responsibility and OTTAWA (NC)-A formula to laity of both sexes who could the great need for pre-marriage 45 permanent deacons are worktreat their employes as human speed-up, simplify and decen- serve as a notary, defender of preparation." The "less legalis- ing in the East Berlin section beings. I "We stand ready to meet at tralize legal procedures in the bond or promotor of justice. tic approach, with emphasis on of the See. A bilingual national tribunal, pastoral and personal needs is The paper said that 21 more any time in any place with any Church marriage courts is a tall group of farm owners you could order. Nevertheless, the Cana- probably located at Montreal, received by the Bishops as a laymen are scheduled to be orconvene for the purpose of dian Canon Law Society is urg- should be established to act as pastoral priority," Bishop Spence dained to the diaconate in the ' East Bedlin cathedral. achieving an honorable end to ing drastic changes aimed at a supreme court of appeal and said. the number of drastically reduce doing just that. this struggle," Meany said. The Canadian' Catholic Con- cases going to regional Grape pickers in Delano, ference of Bishops has accepted, tribunals and even to Rome, the Calif., have been on strike for three years. Their leader Cesar in principle, recommendations canonists feel. The Rota would Chavez, just recently backed contained in the society's eight- still be available to anyone who away from efforts to include page report. After. some revi- wanted to appeal to the Holy his union-United Farm Work- sions are made, it will be for- See tribunal. National consultors would be ers Organizing Commiteee, AFL- warded to Rome later this year appointed by the Vatican who CIO-under 路the National Labor for approval. The society believes the real 'would have the same status as Relations Act. problems affecting .the courts those residing in Rome. This stance came not only Preparation Need when the bishops responded in are the lack of trained personnel favor of the NLRA inclusion but and inadequate budgets. The Other changes would simplify . also when 79 members of Con- canonists also feel some pro- procedures in obtaining proof, gress, friendly to the union's cedures need streamlining. requiring fewer witnesses and National Tribunal struggle to organize farm workset out target periods for deciers, were preparing to introduce The system of regional tribu- sion, which would reduce the legislation to bring farm work- nals works well in Quebec and time lapse in an average case ers under the law. . the Maritimes provinces but not from between two and three as well in Ontario and the West, years to a period of six to nine largely because of distances ,in- months. Oratorical COll1t~st In effect, the report proposes volved, the society has found. It has recommended more tribunals easing the rules of evidence and Winners Chosen west of Quebec. . procedure, making it easier for WASHINGTON (NC)-John G. The report urges the bishops a court to reach moral certitude. Baugh, Dallas, Tex., and Mary to encourage 'many more persons Bishop Francis Spence, of the -...... Joan Quinn, Cleveland, both to study canon law - priests, military vicariate, explained high school seniors, emerged as' nuns, lay men and women. They "from a pastoral view, the report winners of the two-day national would be trained and employed takes into account difficulties oratorical contest of the Nation- experimentally, as civil lawyers which only become apparent al Catholic Youth Organization and defenders of the bond of after marriage. It also points up Federation here. matrimony. The society stressed Baugh, son of Mr.. and Mrs. ~he need for competent Catholic John E. Baugh, attends Jesuit Appoint Assislt'an'~ High School. Miss Quinn, ,daughGeneral Secretary ter of Mr. and Mrs. John B. Prelate Announces " FAMILY BANK FOR MANY MOMS" , . \ Quinn, is a student at Regina OTTAWA (NC)-Father Bernard Prince has been appointed High School. Each won a four" Schoo'l Closings year college tuition scholarship, BURLINGTON (NC) - Bishop assistant general secretary to the plus a trophy donat.ed by the Robert F. Joyce of Burlington Canadian路 Catholic Conference. Father Prince, who has, been Catholic War Veterans. announced that Central Catholic The two-day competition High School in St. Albans, in serving as the English-speaking brought together 40 youngsters, operation for only three years, secretary at the Apostolic Delespeaking on the topic, "The will close in June, and that St. gation, fills a vacancy left by Basic Value Shaping My Life." Mary's elementary school in the Father Everett J. MacNeil, who DOWNTOWN !FALL RIVER The fielo was cut down to six same city will also be shut was appointed English-speaking general secretary of CCC. finalists by panels of 15 judges. down. fiil II III1111II1111III111111111111111111111111II III III III III1111111111111111111111111III II111111II III III III III III III111111II III III 1I1111111111~

Request Martial Law Overhaul in Canada Canon law Society Fa'yors, Dra,sticChanges









THE ANCHOR-Diocese o(Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969

$peea@~ NQltDona~



G~fts. f~~~



$1500 Fa!: River Herald News $500 James F. Mooney, Jr. Ideal Laundry $300 Fall River Five Cents Savings Bank $25 General Cleaning Co. Jolicouer & Resmini Co., Inc. $200 Knights of Columbus Council New Bedford , . No. 86. Newport Finishing Corp. $2,000 Catholic Woman's Club Standard Times Publishing Co. , $150 $300 , Ann Dale Products Berkshire-Hathaway, Inc. $130 . American Press Fall River News Co., Inc. $250 $120 Catholic Women's Club of J. O. Neill 'Supply Co. , $110 New Bedford $150 Jay Vee's, Inc. , $100 Guisti Baking Co. $100 A Friend A Friend (2) Frank X. Perron Insurance Continental Screw Co. Peerless Laundry .Perry Funeral Home Stafford Furniture Co. $75 Radio Station WALE, General Plastering & Tile Co; Norbut Mfg. Co., Inc. $50 Ashworth Brothers, Inc. States Nitewear Co., Inc. Louis Hand, Inc.' Aerovox Corpora tion Motor Truck Sales, Inc. Ashley Ford Co. The Ski House Browne Pharmacy $75 Salvo Machinery Co. $30 $55 A Friend O'Neill's Tire ~Service, Inc. Sharkey's Tire & Rubber Co.. $50 Shuster Company . $26 Irven F. Goodman, Architect Harvey Prober, Inc. Dr. H. F. Riley A Friend $25 Fall River Knitting Mills,' Inc. Catholic Pharmacists Guild of . Valcourt Industrial Supply St. James Atty. John F. O'Donoghue Humphrey, Covil & Coleman, Gamache Trucking Co. Inc. Flynn's Package Store, Inc. Greater N.B. & Cape. Cod Ken-Lac Chemical Co. Labor Council AFL路CIO St. Patrick Women's Guild Bettencourt Pharmacy Edward Brayton Central Pharmacy Simon's Supply Co., Inc. Dr. Max Blum $35 Henry's Restaurant. Lions Automotive, Inc. Herman's Liquor Store High Point Paper Box Corp. H. M. C. Cutlery $30 Kay Jewelry Company Fall River Catholic Nurses Mathieu Pharmacy Guild Dr. Carl Persons' Arruda Grocery Co. Union Liquors Co.' J. Fred Beckett & Son Michael J. Austin Funeral Home Nelson R. Cherry Brenneke's Pies $25 Shelburne Shirt Co., Inc. A. B. Dick Products Irie'. ,. Salvo's Golden Foods L & S Concrete Co. Knights of Columbus - Wm. Paragon Travel Agency Stang Assembly Atty. Lincoln D. Brayton North Anleboro Quequechan Products Corp. $1,000 Feldman Furniture Co. John F. Smith Estate F. W.. Woolworth . $200 Tom Ellison, Inc. Nelson Gulski Joseph Borge & Sons, Inc. $150 Pilgrim Casket Co. McGowan Insurance Agency T. Elias Fuel Co. Thomas P. McConough CounWilbur's cil No. 330 K of C Fall River Sales & Supply Co., $100 Inc. . Doran & Johnson Mfg. Co. A. Soloff & Son, Inc. W. H. Riley & Son, Inc.. Albert G. Pierce Mrs. Elizabeth Croke Harold C. Nagle Insurance Mr. & Mrs. Leon Pini , Agency $75 Leonard's Pharmacy Hi-Lo Market W. Irving Peirce & Son $50 AI's Tire Shop Mason Box Co. Economy Body & Radiator Atty. Ronald A. Brais Works Manufacturers National Bank Esquire Package Store McNally's Package Store Liberty Loan & Realty Co., Sperry-Deblois, Inc. Inc. , $40 Somerset Motel No. Attleboro Foundry Co. Lee Burial Vault Corp.. Dr. Robert J. Wdch Fall River Floris,t Supply Co. $35 John P. Slade & Son Alice's Shop Albert Morawski Girls 'Take Over' $30 BUFFALO- (NC) -:- About 40 A. Lacasse & Sons women students of路 D'Youville $25 College took over the office of Michael A. Vigorito Dr. Paul G. Buchanan, a college Westcott Construction Co. vice-president, who had gone to Achtin Garage lunch. He returned an hour later Am's Park 'Motel, Inc.' to find his office decked out No. Attleboro Plumbing & with balloons, ribbons, coffee Heating Co. and cake. It was a surprise Red Rock Hill MlJtor Court birthday party.

Krew, Inc.

$200 St. Vincent de Paul Conference St. John Parish $125 Mr. & Mrs. James G. Heagney $100 L. G. Balfour Co. A Friend Leach & Garner Co. Swank, Inc. $50 . Zip's Package Store $40 Attleboro Printing & Embossing Co., 'Inc. . Pelletier Automotive Service' $35 Reynolds & Markman, Inc. $25 Ashley's Drug Store Foster Metal Products MacDonald Moving & Storage Co. Plastic Craft Novelty Willis Insurance Agency, Inc.

$1,100 Fernandes Super Markets $200 Rev. Leo M. Curry Rev.' James F. Kelley $100 \ LaSalett~ Shrine, Attleboro

TOP AIDE RE'SIGNS: Amleto Cardinal Cicognani, 86, has resigned as Papal Secretary of State" a post he had h~ld since 1961. He was appointed by Pope John XXIII. The cardinal here witnesses Pope Paul VI's signing of the now famous Encyclical Letter, On the Development of Peoples. NC Photo.

Specia I Gifts Taunton

VVe~~~rnes PW~$pect




GENEVA NC) - Dr. Carson Blake, general secretary of the World' Council of Churches, has cabled Pope Paul VI that the WCC will welcome. his visit during the Pope's stay in Geneva. . Pope Paul will visit Geneva in June for the 50th anniversary celebration of ihe International Labor Organization. The Pontiff expressed interest in visiting WCC headquarters during his stay and the WCC invitation is. in reply to this request. Dr. Blake's cable said: "Such a visit cannot but em路 phasize growing fellowship among Christians and On behalf of the officers of the World Council of Churches, I am happy to extend a fraternal invitation." wec was established 21 years ago with headquarters here. The late Augustin Cardinal Bea visited the council in February, 1965, in his capacity as head of the Vatican Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity.

$50 Sowiecki Funeral Home Drummond Printing Co. Babbitt & Simmons Orsi Brothers John Bright Shoe Store Holy Name Society, St. Joseph, No. Dighton Women's Guild, St. Joseph, No. Dighton B.P.O.E. No. 150 Elks $36 Rabbi Baruch Korff $35 Weir Pharmacy $30 -Casey & Sexton $27 Mazzone Bros. Lumber Yard , $25 Heritage Gift Shop Children of Mary Sodality, Holy Rosary G.. Bumila Welding & Cont. Co., Inc. Bacon Felt Co. Samuel .L. Poplack, M.D. Leahy's Liquor Store Plank & Hansen ,Mason Box Taunton Stove Co. Hanson & Co., Inc. Octagon Service Station

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Cape Cod $200 St. Vincent de Paul Conference Falmouth $150 Terrance Gables, Falmouth $100 Wood Lumber Co., Falmouth Mr. & Mrs. L. C. Antonellis, Falmouth Falmouth Diner $75 Shoreway Acres, Falmouth $50 Falmouth National Bank $35 Trade Winds, Falmouth $25 Falmouth Bank & Trust Fay's Falmouth Gas John's Liquor Store, Falmouth McDonald's Paint Store, Falmouth Wareham Savings Bank, Falmouth Harold L. Baker Co., Falmouth

Warmly A;"~D gratefully ,. we salute all Moms - for' they make the house ca home!

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$nOO Constant Poholek $55 Donald Pelletier $50 Rev. Robert F. Kirby Arthur Lorden Dr. & Mrs. John Chiarenza Philip DeLauri Roger Goulet Howard Bristow John Denis $43 Mrs. Manuel Carvalho,Daniel William Adair James McAndrews Luigi Pinacoli Raymond Brousseau $35 Joseph Brodeur $33 Lavallee Family Mary Sullivan $26 Edwin Nunes $25 Clifford Duclos, Alfred Vaz, Frederick Ellis, Joseph Rocha, Anthony DeMattos. Harry Quinter William Webster, Elzear Sicard, Robert Geddes, Arthur Standley. John Hayes, Jean Galligan, Rosalind Martelli, Joseph' Lojeck, Walter Kosinski. Merton Churchill, Manuel Castro, Jr., Frank Pistolese, William Fontaine, Guy DeTellis. Malcolm Bullard, Mrs. Parry Laird, Raymond Roy, Joseph Goyette, John Cloud, Madeline Turley. ST. JOSEPH:

$80 Miss Laura Deneault $50 Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Champagne Mrs. Alice Pelletier Mr. & Mrs. Armand Boucher $30 Mrs. William Weber Mr. & Mrs. Robert Edwards Mr. & Mrs. Francis Paul Mr. & Mrs. Roland Brochu $26 Mr. & Mrs. Jean Joyal $25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGee, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Castro, Mr. & Mrs. Conrad Maigret, Henry Pelletier, Miss Lelia Boudreau. Mr. & Mrs. Louis Perry, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Demers, Mrs. Homer Gaudreau, Mr. & Mrs. Pedro Alicea, Richard Boucher. ST. THERESA

$250 Rev. Gerard J. Chabot $100 Rev. Roger L. Gagne $60 Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Andrews $50 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Keane Mrs. Paul Bradley Mrs. Mary Grady $40 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gillan $38 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Iwuc $30 Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Moskalski $25 Mr. & Mrs. John Keane, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hebert, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cotter, Mr. & Mrs. Ederito Fachada, Mr. & Mrs. James Mann Mr. & Mrs. John Kenny, Mr. & Mrs. Robert St. Hilaire, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Tomlinson, Mr. & Mrs. Clifford Wallace

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Nantucket OUR LADY OF THE ISLE $l(~0

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I: L.............


"KEEP YOUR COOL": Roman Catholic and Protestant churchmen tour Nailor's Row in Bagside area of londonderry urging residents of the area, the center of recent disturbances, to "keep things cool." From left are Catholic Bishop Neil Farren of Derry: the Rt. Rev. Charles Tyndall, Anglican Bishop of Derry, and the Rev. George Morrison of the Methodist Church. NC Photo.

Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Flanagan $37 James E. Worth $35 Eunice Sjolund $30 Martin Foley Mrs. William Reith $25 Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Harris, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Stackpole, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund T. Pollard, Mr. & Mrs. George O'Neil, Marine Lumber Co. Herman Lehmann, Mr. & Mrs. John Mendonca, Ursula Holdgate, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Howard Laundry. . Albert Lavoie, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas McAuley, The Hamblin Family, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Towhill, Mr. & Mrs. John Santos, Sr. Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Charles G. Snow, Josephine Deacon, Mr. & Mrs. Maxwell Deacon, Mr. & Mrs. Adam Mastai. Mr. & Mrs. Byron Snow, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Fee, Mrs. Albert Brock, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Annis, Mr. & Mrs. Lester Simmons.



Assonet ST. BERNARD $200 Anonymous $120 Mr. & Mrs. Roderick D. Ferullo $100 Mr. & Mrs. Marianno Rezendes Sr. $75 Anonymous $52 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Gray $50 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Blake Mr. & Mrs. Edward Thompson $35 Mr. & Mrs. Henry Nadeau $30 . Mr. & Mrs. Fred E. Kelley Sr. Mary Lou Kelley $25 . Mr. & Mrs. Robert Barboza, Mr. & Mrs. John L. Brown, Mr. & Mrs. Benoit H. Charland, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Corey, Mr. & Mrs. John Donahue. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Simmons, Anonymous, Anonymous.


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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969

New Association h'D Buffalo Plans To Support Pope

. In It To ether

The Single Act

BUFFALO (NC) - Credo, a new association of "concerned Catholics" among the .laity and Religious of the

So often great plans and accomplishme~ts hinge upon the single actions of individuals. This is true in the present matter of the Catholic Charities Appeal. So much depends upon an individual worker who rings a doorbell and tIlen is willing to' return.


So much depends upon the individual contributor who decides in his own conscience whether or not to give, and whether to make his gift a token one or one involving sacrifice as well. So much depends upon so many individual actions. The individual acts are small and seemingly unimpor- _ tant. And yet when they are all put together they 'spell" 'added help for those in need-or curtailed service because not enough people care enough. Present indications are that many individuals do carethose who plan and those who work and those who contribute and all those many who give themselves- to the many agencies of help supported by the Appeal. A good beginning has' been made, thanks to many individuals. Many more individuals will-hopefully-carry on the Appeal to a new high in individual caring and giving and helping.

A Matter of Taste One of the elder statesmen of the American literary scene, Clifton Fadiman, can look back on many years as an essayist and critic and lecturer and editor'. In an' interview with The New York Times he had some comments to make on good taste and pointed out a present phenomenon-the sensual novel that has taken over the techniques of a d v e r t i s i n g . . , ..... He says, "Dickens and Tolstoy knew all about- sex, but you had to guess at it in their works. They never put it on the line." But the present practice is to spell it out in the open and to advertise it. ,


mooRlnq Rev. John F. Moore, St. Joseph's,


B.A., M.A., M.Ed.

Not Really So New

Bishop John Carroll路 would have a good chuckle for himself if he were living today. Bishop Carroll was the All this is done in the dubious name of "honesty" and founder of the American Church as we know it today. Some the end result is inevitably an exploitation of sex and a might disagree with the term "American Church" but that caricature of its undoubted role in the lives of people. The result is a distortion of '.. .honesty" and nothing serves . is exactly what Bishop Car- of the church 'in the United honesty so poorly as wrenching it out of focus and making roll would have it. As the States. those aspects of it that are valid a vehicle for poor taste, first American Bishop, he Vet, in the 1790's Bishop John expended his energies for his Carroll advocated that Bishops at best, and pornography, at worst. church and his country to lay

No wonder that the President of the United States 'a solid foundation for the people has viewed with alarm the use of the mails to solicit of God in these United States America. unsuspecting individuals, and especially minors, to become of Some ideas and practices he patrons of books and pictures that -exploit perversion and advocated for the church in its establishment are only now unsex and vice in all its many and disgusting forms. I


If people will not agree on the moral implications of such literary fare (?) there is no question but that it is doing great damage to the taste of the country. And an indication of civilization is supposed to be a reflnemene rather than a degrading of taste.

@rhe路 ANCHOR

der serious consideration. If he were only around to see us in action today. One of the more pertinent questions we are discussing presently in the American Church is the method of selecting Bishops of dioceses. There are many who view this discussion as a complete departure from the practice

in America should be selected by democratic processes. Rome agreed. And, his coadjutor was elected by the priests of his diocese. The continuation of this practice really never got off the ground, and, was finally revoked. Ano~her startling change for the American Church was the introduction of our native tongue into the sacred rites of the church. For some, this is still something to belittle, and, to be considered a precedent. Again,. not so.

'Seems as if We Are Just Starting'

As early as 1887, Bishop John Carroll considered the unknown language of worship as the Published weekly by The Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River greatest obstacle to. the faith in the United States. As a mat410 Highland Avenue ter of fact, by 1810, Bishop CarFall River, Mass. 02722 675-7151 roll and his suffragan bishops signed an agreement to adminOFFICIAL NEWSPAPER OF THE DIOCESE OF FALL RIVER ister the sacraments in the vernacular. One wonders what BishPUBLISHER op . Carroll would think of our Most Rev. James L. Connolly, D.O., PhD. efforts today. We have seen the formation of ASST. GENERAL MANAGER . GENERAL MANAGER . a National Council of Bishops Rt. Rev. Daniel F. Shalloo, M.A. Rev. John P. Driscoll since the advent of Vatican II. MANAGING EDITOR This is not a new idea in this Hugh J. Golden, LL.B. country. Bishop Carroll desired ~leary Press-Fall River to govern the American Church

by consensus. He summoned a national synod in 1791 for this purpose and planned a national council in 1812 but, the American involvement in -war that year ended these great expectations. .. It seems fair to say that many ideas and notions that some find so startling today and even, in some cases, revolutionary, are really not so new after all when you consider the historical beginning of the Catholic Church in the United States. In a way, it is most tragic that we, as a church, were not able-for .var路ious \reasons-to

Buffalo diocese, was formed here to support Pope Paul VI and the bishops in "the current doctrinal crisis facing the Catholic Church." Robert J. Jacobi, Buffalo businessman and president of the new group, expressed hope Credo 路"would become a focal and vocal point for the faithful, silent majority of Catholics concerned with some recent developments in the Church." Organized at an invitation~ only meeting at Rosary Hill College, Credo, through Jacobi, issued a statement which cited some of the developments causing concern. Listed were: "Unauthorized litgurgical experiments, the unorthodox catechetical texts and and religious instruction in some Catholic schools and CCD classes, various scandals involving disobedience . to legitimate Church teaching and authority, the concern of many parents over sex education progams due to the very clinical approach without stressing moral principles and the infringement on their parental .rights in this extremely personal area, and finally the current campaign to -either drastically liberalize or completely abolish present abortion law." Plan General Meeting Credo's statement said its objectives include: to develop a richer spiritual life in its members, to support the truths of the Church and refute error, to unite itself with legitimate authority, and "to profess our religious assent of will and mind to the 'Credo of the People of God' proclaimed by Pope Paul VI." The release said the objectives were presented by Jacobi, who was chairman of the meeting. Jacobi said an "enthusiastic" audience of 60 persons attended the organizational meeting. He said a general meeting will be held in May. The meeting approved a telegram sent to Cardinal-designate John F. Dearden of Detroit, president of the National Conference of Catholic Bishops, which requested the U. S. bishops "to investigate liturgical excesses, examine orthodoxy of many' catechetical texts being used for religious instruction in Catholic schools and CCD classes'; also aberrant sex education programs developing in some dioceses."

Apt and Ready There is also an honest and necessary idleness whereby good men are made more apt and ready to do their labors and vocations whereunto they are called. -Northbrooke. build our structure on the foundation of Bishop John Carroll. However, if any think that we are doing so many new things in the church. today, it might be well for them to investigate the early history of the church in this country. You will learn that, in some things, we really haven't come a long way at all. In fact, it seems as if we are just starting.

THE ANCHOR':"hurs., May 8, 1969

The Parish Parade ST. HEDWIG, NEW BED!FORD Walter Szelag, chairman, has announced the senior choir of the parish will sponsor. its an02722. nual Mother's Day Communion ST. THERESE, breakfast for all mothers of the SO. ATILEBORO parish on Sunday morning folSister Maureen, RSM, of the lowing the 9 o'clock Mass. Rev. Nazareth Hall pre-vocational George Roskwitalski, pastor, will center, Fall River, addressed speak at the Mass. more than 150 members of the Gifts will be presented to all. Confraternity of Christian Moth- ' mothers at the affair and will be ers at the organization's annual brought to the homes of mothers Communion breAkfast. who were prevented from atSlides on the program being tending because of illness. May conducted were also shown. baskets will be awarded and the choir will offer a musical proHOLY NAME, gram. FALL RIVER A Night of Christian Joy is OUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION, planned for 7 to 11 Sunday OSTERVILLE Men, ladies and teenagers night, May 18 in the parish school. The program will include from the parish will serve' as talks, a filmstrip, Mass, music models at the fashion show and refreshments. Those inter- scheduled for Tuesday' night, ested in attending are asked to May 13 at East Bay Lodge. Co-chairmen . for the ticket register by Sunday, May II. Contemporary music will ,ac- committee are Mrs. Robert company the 5 o'clock Mass Shields, Mrs. Joseph Delaney and Mrs. Peter Fermino. Sunday evening, May II. The CYO will 'sponsor a car wash at the school from 10 to 4 on Saturday, May 10. O First Communion will be received at 9 o'clock Mass SaturMILWAUKEE (NC) -. Archday morning, May 10. Baseball practice will take bishop William E. Cousins of place at 3 this afternoon at the Milwaukee described this city'S Highland School for all juniors proposed new sewer service wishing to participate. Parochial charge nothing short of a pr(lpschool students will practice at erty tax which is a "cause for 3 on Tuesday afternoons, also at concern and alarm" for all tax the Highland School, and inter- exempt holdings. Father John P. Raynor, S.J., mediates are scheduled for 5 Sunday afternoons at North president of Marquette University, called the charge a "cripPark. pling and unfairly discriminatory tax," and Msgr. Edmund J. GoeST. JEAN BAPTISTE, bel, Milwaukee archdiocesan suFALL RIVER The Council of Catholic Women perintendent of schools, said it will meet at 7:30 Monday night, might mean the closing of many May 12 in the church hall. A parochial schools. "We'll join others in legal acbusiness session will be followed by a social hour with Mrs. Dan- tion on this thing," Msgr. Goeiel Costa and Mrs. Frederick bel stated. "It's discriminatory. Chlebek in charge of arrange-, There's no reason for it at all." Meanwhile Alderman John R. ments. 'Kalwitz introduced an amendOUR LADY OF ANGELS, ment in' the common council FALL RIVER that would exempt nonpublic and secondary A May Basket whist is planned elementary for 7:30 Saturday night: May 10 schools from the charge. Archbishop Cousins, in his by the Council of Catholic statement, said "concern and Women. Cars will be blessed in the alarm are not lessened when one church parking lot at 1:30 Sun- weighs the many implications of this overreaching search for day afternoon, May 18. increased tax revenue. "Perhaps more to the point," the archbishop continued, "is the President Stresses apparent scrapping of a principle Role of Religion as old as our country, tax ex' WASHINGTON (NC) - Presi- emption for those agencies aldent Richard M. Nixon said here ready making a definite contrithat he hopes more of America's bution to community welfare inyoung people will find in reli- dependent of tax support even gion an answer to today's "crisis for capital investment." of the spirit." Speaking informally after the Prelate to Address fourth in a series of interdenominational religious services in the Lay Carmelites East Room of the White House, CHICAGO (NC)-John CardiPresident Nixon said one of the nal Cody of Chicago will address' troubles of the country today is some 1,000 American and Canathat young people seem to think dian lay members of the Carmelreligion is for "old folks." He ite Order at the 18th National said religion is not considetred Conference of Lay Carmelites "in" and, therefore the younger and Scapular Confraternity generation does' not go to church. members here. "The Lay Carmelite in the There is too much emphasis· on the materialistic side of life /Modern Church" will be the among today's youth, President \ theme of this year's convention. Nixon said. Emphasis will be centered on the new constitutions which guide lay Carmelite chapters throughBenedictine Oblates out the U. S. and Canada. Lay Carmelites were founded Oblates of St. Benedict will hold a chapter meeting Saturday as an organization in the 13th afternoon, May 17 at Ports- century and formally approved mouth Priory, Rhode Island. The by Pope Nicholas V in 1452. program will begin at 4 o'clock There are some 30,000 members with a Mass, followed by a con- in over 150 chapters throughout ference anq dinner. Reservations the U. S. and Canada. Members may be made with the Priory from both the Chicago and New or with Mrs. Frank S. Moriarty York provinces are expected to attend the convention. at 617-672-1439. Publicity' chairmen of parish organizations are asked to submit news items for this column to The Anchor, P. O. Box 7, Fall River

.Archbish@1Jll Hs'ts °Sewer Cf}n@rge




ST. PATRiCK'S $159 Rev. John J. Regan $110

A RELAXED MOMENT: Msgr. Alberto Giovannetti, left, the Vatican's permanent observer at the United Nations, chats with Italy's Foreign Minister Giuseppe Medici during a lull in U. N. proceedings. NC Photo.

Seekonk MOUN1l' CARMElL $150 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weyker

$UOO 'Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Smith Mr. & Mrs. Fritz Ulmschneider

$SO Mr. & Mrs. William Morrissey $50 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. Berriman Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Brady Mr. & Mrs. Richard Fagan Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hill Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Pimental $45 Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Corrigan $40 Mrs. Louise Oakland $35 Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Arnold Mrs. Gladys Hendricks John Hendricks Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Olean Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Turner $31' Mr. & Mrs. Robert Carvalho $30 Mrs. James F. Mitchell Joseph J. Souza $26 Emily Medeiros $25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Anthony, Mr. & Mrs. Leon Breault, Helen E. Browning, Barbara Burns, 'Mr. & Mrs. Bernard J. Burns. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Byrne, Mrs. Louise Fallon, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Gamboa, Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Holland, Mr. & Mrs. Lloyd Jarvis. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Joost, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kaveny, Mr. & Mrs. John Langwell, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Leiter, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lyons. Mr. & Mrs. James McDonald, Mr. & Mrs. Everett McPhillips, Angela Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Cosmo D. Mirando, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mullen. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Oliveira, Mr. & Mrs. David Pitassi, Mr. &. ~s. Arthur Rourke, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Santos, Mr. & Mrs. John P. Searles. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sloane, Russell F. Thomas, Mr. & Mrs. Philip B. Toole, Mr. . & Mrs. Freeman Treacy, Mr. & Mrs John Unsworth, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Young. ; ST. MARY

$800 Attleboro Dyeing & Finishing Corp. S100 Rev. Cornelius J. Keliher • St. Vincent de Paul Society A Friend $75 Dr. & Mrs. Eugene Gaudet Mr. & Mrs. Henry Messier

$72 Dr. & Mrs. John Belsky $50 Holy Name Society St. Mary's, Women's Guild Mr. eo[. Mrs. David Blake Mr. & Mrs. B. A. Dzija Mr. & Mrs. James Egan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Hodge Mr. & Mrs. John Murphy Dr. & Mrs. Paul Shannon Mr. & Mrs. William J. Sitko & Nancy' E. Sitko $40 Helen Reilly $30 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Blake Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dufort Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Ferland Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Murray $28 Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Leduc $27 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Drainville

$26 Frank Barney $25 A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Arguin, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Bartek, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Baumgartel, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Begin. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Bienvenue, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Biron, Agnes Blake, William Blake, Mr. & Mrs. E. J. Blair. Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Bliss, Mr. & Mrs. George Casey, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Chandley, Anselm Doherty, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Emond Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Farrell, John Ferns Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James Finegan, The Fisk Family, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Giblin. Mr. & Mrs. Avila Grenier, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew 'Harney, Mr. & Mrs. John Harrington, Mr. & Mrs. Norman LeMere,' John Lynch. Vincent Lynch, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Marcoux, Mrs. Ralph Mathieu, Mr. & Mrs. Harold S. McCormi~k, Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McGovern. Mr. & Mrs. John P. McGuinness, Joseph Ostiguy, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Pinocci, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Ponteri, Mr. & Mrs. Russell J. Summer. . Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Thibert' Jr., Mr. &' Mrs. Thomas Toppin.

Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert J. Noonan $100 Mr. & Mrs. William B. Brennan Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Smith A Summer Visitor $50 In Memoriam In Memory of John Sh.ea. A Summer Parishioner Mrs. Max Cohen Mr, & Mrs. Albert Leonard Atty. & Mrs. Patrick McDonnell Loretta Doucette Mrs. Eileene M. Finnell $40 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph B. Miskell. Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Nestor Robidou Dr. & Mrs. Norman Starosta $35 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel P. Lopes $30 Gilbert Arruda Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Doherty Mr & Mrs Lawrence Kavanaugh Mr. & Mrs. John R. Martin Mrs. William Veary $25 Mr. & Mrs. John Ciummei, Mrs. Charlotte Ciummei, Edward Augustyniak, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Adams, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Goss. Mr. & Mrs. A. Kaspar Mr. & Mrs. James Q. Lyons, Mrs. H. J. LeFevre, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Studley, Mrs. Laurance E. Gibson. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morrison, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard O'Hayre, Mrs. Betram Haddon, Mr. & Mrs. Wallace T. Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Lopes. Mr. & Mrs. Myron J. Gaddis, Margaret Cassidy, Mrs. Robert Lloyd, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Horman. Mr. & Mrs. Edward C. Weil, Jr., Mrs. John DeMello, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Makely, Stanley Reeves Mr. & Mrs. Anthony C. Glista. . Mr. & Mrs. John Dunn, Mr. & Mrs. George Rubino.




34-44 Cohannet S~reet Taunton 1 822-6161

CORREIA & SONS ONE STOP SHOPPING CENTER • Television ~ Grocery • Appliances • Fruniture 104 Allen St., New Bedford


"Save With, Safety""




THE ANCH0R-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., Mr;'Y 8, 1969


Formal Planti:ngs 'Add Grace To City Environments By Joseph and Marilyn Roderick We have just returned from a trip to Washington via Great Neck, N.Y., and although we were too late to see the cherry trees in bloom we saw considerable as far as our own gardens are concerned. Let us start with Great Neck, which is one of those suburban towns whiCh have must admit was a very dimly lit restaurant that Melissa was mushroomed over the past very unsure of. Fishnets draped 30 'years in the New York the walls and every visible lightarea. The houses, which are very ing fixture was draped in a expensive, are packed together _ heavy gauze covering to. give as and the yards are small, most of much atmosphere as possible to the gardening is done by land- the rest of the Japanese decor. For a moment even I had misscapers and is rather pretty. The lawns are manicured and givings about the surroundings the grounds are set out for the and when JaSon began to whisonce-a-week visit of the land- per, "Daddy, where· are you, I FIRST WOMAN DOCTOR: Dr. (Mrs.) Elizabeth Abimbola scape gardener. Trees are im- . can't 'see you," I really had my Awoliyi ..receives the papal decoration Pro Ecclesia et Ponti~ice portant, all of the early flower- doubts about this place I had from Archbishop Luigi Bellotti, Papal Delegate to West Africa. ing trees such as dogwood, taken my famiiy for lunch. in Holy Cross Cathedral, Lagos, Nigeria. Dr: Awoliyi is said to cherry, plum, et<;., play a signiThis luncheon adventure into' ficant role in bringing color to the Orient took place during our be the first West African woman to qualify 'as a doctor. NC Photo. the gardens. Almost every prop-. Washington trip and I was relyerty has three or four flowering ing on Arthur Frommer's handy Buzzards Bay trees, an effusion of greens, a pocketbook Dollar Wise Guide small rock garden and .a few to Washington to· direct us to. ST. MARGARET flo~eri'lg shrubs. It is all very exactly the r:ight place for. lunch, $200 pretty but rather sterile, and The year' before we used his Rev. John G. Carroll few gardens reflect the tastes or guide to Montreal and, had $125 personalities of their owners. found it invaluable so I didn't Rev. Francis L. Mahoney think he was about to mislead Unique Delinquency $100 In Washington we were im- now. My faith' was' restored Ernest Deneault pressed ,with the formal plant- when our eyes became accus$50 ings which we saw at every tomed to the 9imly-lit interior In Memory of John Andrews turn. Again we were made and we could see that the aware_ of the beauty of large near-by tables were occupied by & Charles B. Silva Marcella McCoy beds of tulips,' all of a color, well-dressed workers from the Mr. & Mrs. William McCoy which can really impress the neighboring embassies. 'Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Joyce eye. The azaleas were in bloom Pretty' Good Place $35 and although we saw none of When the food came its deliMr. & Mrs. John Riha~ particuhir note, they were very cacy far outweighed the pause $30 pretty. caused by the dimness and .my Mrs. Flora Burns But the, dogwoods werEi' excit-; faith in Mr. From_mer's judgment Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Oliosi ing. As we drove through. the was' renewed. Even Melissa had • Mr. & Mrs. Frank Lopes town on our excursions we were to agree that this was a pretty Mr..& Mrs. Charles Lindberg constantly confronted with the good place to eat as she sipped Mr. & Mrs. Maurice R. Savage unique delicacy of the' dogwoods the last of the fragrant tea. The , Dorothy Pina in pinks and whites. Few trees meat was superb and the salad Brewster $25 can match the dogwood in ele- as refreshing as an"icy dip on a Mr. & Mrs. Earl Reynolds, Mr. gance and the climate of Wash- torrid day. Even lason managed OUR LADY OF THE CAPE a perfect to eat a bit and comment on & Mrs. Edwin Rose, Mr. & Mrs. ington is well ~uited $60 display of their flowers. how good it was and believe me, Richard Dobbins, Mr. & Mrs. Leo I have never been overly im- from my three year old" non- Fleming, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Norris ----' pressed by formal plantings be- eater, this is like a recommen- Gauvin $50 Mr. & Mrs. George Reid, Mr. & cause again I find them sterile dation from Duncan Hines. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Perkins and lacking in personality, but· With a great deal of asparagus Mrs. Joseph Andrews, Charles Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S. Kenfor city plantings they are su- in the market, this is a perfect Ehmann, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph ney perb. I remember going to Roger way to get your family to eat Bonvie, Mrs. Charles Cahoon $30 Mr. & Mrs. John Cummings, Williams Plifk as a boy and and enjoy it. Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Callahan Mr. & Mrs. Ed O'Melia, Ida Monbeing overwhelmed with the forFrancis B. Sweeney Chicken Asparagus Bake terio, Mr. & Mrs. Tony Viera, mal plantings there, and I admit $25 1 pound fresh asparagus to being a bit awestruck at what Mr, & Mrs. Philip Collyer, Mr. . 5 Tablespoons butter or mar- Buzzards Bay National Bank Mr. & Mrs. Donald M. Degan, & Mrs. Joseph Craffey, Mrs. I saw in Washington. garine In the Kitchen 5 Tablespoons all - purpose Hazel's Restaurant, Mr. & Mrs. Louis. Crocker, Mr. & Mrs. ArJames Reen, Mr. & Mrs. Armand thur Dickey, Mr. & Mrs. Walter . "Oh, I don't like it in here, flour . Bedard, Angelo's Market Dawley. why don't they put some lights 1 Y2 cups chicken broth Tiny Jim Restaurant, Mr: & Janet L. Drew, Mr. & Mrs. on?" queried Melissa. 1 six ounce can sliced mush. Mrs. Louis Fougere, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Kitchenka, Ellen A. We had just entered what I rooms 2 large chicken breasts, cook- Charles Ellis, Tucy's Florist and Strom, Mr. & Mrs. Leslie Usher, Garden Center, Mr.. & Mrs. Mr. &: Mrs. James White. I ed and sliced. Thomas Dunbury T"!,O Stu d ents W ·In . Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Pare, 1,4 cup dry bread crumbs Mr. & Mrs. A. Clayton Tucy, Margaret Blake. Journalism Awards 2 Tablespoons snipped parsley Mr. & Mrs. Eugene McCabe, Mr. 2 Tablespoons _ sfivered al& Mrs. Joseph Zlogar,-Mr. & SAN FRANCISCO (NC)-Two monds, toasted members of the younger genera2 Tablespoons 'butter or mar- Mrs. Sali Shaker, Mr. & Mrs. Columbo J. Cristofori tion, a collegian anda' high garine, melted. Mr. & Mrs. Anthony DeAngelo, school student were among 1) Cook the asparagus spears, American'sEconom'y King those honored by the Associa- covered in a small amount of Mr. & Mrs. Philip McEntee, Mrs: F"I' the Best Deal' Come To tion of Catholic Newsmen here boling water for 10 to 15 .min- Martha Monoghan, Mr. & Mrs. Charles'Fuller, Mr. & Mrs. Harry for outstanding journalism. utes and drain. . Broadway Rambler The $100 Tappe award for 2) Melt the. 5. tablespoons of Robbins INC. Mr. & Mrs. 1:hiro Zanis, Onset ?utstan.ding work'fiy a collegiate shortening and blend in the RAYNHAM, Mass. on Rt. 138 Cash Market, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest JournalIst was. presented. to. flour, stir one moment over heat; 768 BROADWAY Henry. Royal 9f the Contra Costa. add the chicken broth and cook Dechene, Lt. Col. & Mrs. V. E. CHARLES J. DUMAIS. Pres. Lindblom, Mrs. Veronica pye College Advocate for his mov- stirring until thickened. Add the Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Perry, Mr. ing report on the assassination mushrooms and a 'dash of p'ep. & Mrs. Eugene Lopes and funeral of Dr. Martin.Luther per. King, Jr., in April, 1968. 3) In a 9x13 baking dish place Mattapoise'U The $25 Tappe award for high the cooked chicken and drizzle school journalism was won by one half of the mushroom sauce. ST. ANTHONY Kathy Magetti; 16, of San Jose, . Arrange. the asparagus spears on Prescriptions called for $800 Calif., 'for her editorial' in the top of this and cover with the Mr. & Mrs. Paul Duchaine Presentation High School Clar- . remainder of the, sauce.: and delivered $300 ' ion appealing for consideration 4) Combine. the crumbs, parsLOFT Mr. & Mrs. Charles McGowen of good deeds performed by to- ley, almonds. and melted butter CHOCOLATES day's younger generation. It is and sprinkle on top of casserole. $100 600 Cottage St. 994-7439 Eugene F. Phelan t'!e first such award to. a high . Bake in·a 375 oven for 25 minNew Bedford Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Verdi school writer. utes.





$360 Mr. & Mrs. Wilson W. Curtis $300 \ Very Rev. William A. Galvin $200 Mr. &Mrs. Harold Higgins $100 Mr. & Mrs. J. David Connell $65 Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Swales $60 Mr. & Mrs. Robert P. Laflamme $55 Mrs. Ernest L. Wood $50 Mr. & Mrs. Louis F. Fayan Mr. & Mrs. J. Edward Lajoie Mr. & Mrs. John A. Sullivan $35 Mr. & Mrs. Russell B.. Cochrane . Mr. & Mrs. Donald F. McCaffrey. $:j,O-

Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Bryda Mr. & Mrs. Charles Chorlton Grace P. Holden Mr. & Mrs. James J. Johnson Mona C. Kennedy Mrs. Donald L. MacDonald Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Swales, Jr. Dr. & Mrs. Euclide .H. Ver.Mette. Mr. & Mrs. James J. Vickers $25 Mrs. Mary H. Archambault, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard E. Boardman, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Branco, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Crook, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. DeNardo. Mrs. M. Francis Donovan, Mr. & Mrs. Henry A. Harrison, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Hazel, Mr. & Mrs. Peter J. Hoss, Mr; & Mrs. Harold K. Hudner. Mr. & ~rs. Charles Kenyon, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Luongo, Mr. & Mrs. Robert F. McConnell, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. McDonald, Mrs. Joseph E. McGuigan. Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. McNerney, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur J. McLear, Mr. & Mrs. Andre G. Michaud, Mr. & Mrs. John W. Moran, Mr. & Mrs. Leonard J. O'Neil. Mr. & Mrs. John M. Powers, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Sweeney, Mr. & Mrs. Edmour Thibault, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur F. Turcotte.

Felicity of Life The true felicity of life is to be free from anxieties and perturbations; to understand and do our duties to God and man, and to enjoy the present without any serious dependence on the future. -Seneca.





WYman 3-6592


" ~.

f., quickdeO"",1 ~~~ HEATING OIL

THE ANCHORThurs., May 8,

Marilyn Enumerates. Woes Of Traveling Families

9 1969




'By Marilyn Roderick

$125 Mrs. Joseph F. Foley, Sr. $100 Mrs. John E. Connol1y A Friend Mr & Mrs Charles W. Latham Miss Dolores Burns $75 Rev. Wil1iam J. Shovelton $50 A Friend Mr. & Mrs. John Boynton matching jackets, or. matching Mr. & Mrs. Hugh J. Maguire coats, are the answer to a: tourMr. & Mrs. Vincent A. Coady ist's dream; if the sun shines, Dr. Bernard Mangione whip off the topping and if it Mr. & Mrs. James F. Nicohides behind a cloud you can letti cover up-prettily. Mr. Thomas McCann Stockings are another item Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. MolJolick that you can't have enough of. $48 when traveling, especially when Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. McCann a three-year-older is climbing $40 all over you, snagging' the ones Mr. George Hopkins you're wearing. Socks (the 'ones $35 that belong to the younger memBarbara & Margaret Dunn bers of the family) also need to $30 81SHOP CONNOLLY AT DCCW CONVENTION: Principals be packed in abundance because Mr. & Mrs. Paul Daley at the DCCW convention held last Saturday at Stong High they have the most mysterious Mr. & Mrs. Earl Heron way of disappearing when you were: Miss Kathleen C. Roche of New Bedford, outgoing presMr. Edwin Doolan . reach your destination. That is, ident; Bishop Connolly; Mrs. Edward J. Fitzgerald, guest· $25 one of each pair disappears and speake'r; Mrs. Charles M. Landry of Seekonk, newly named Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hague, you're .Ieft with the most frus- . president. Mrs. Henry T. Munroe, Mr. & trating of items-an unmatched Mrs. William T. Archard, Mr. sock. & Mrs. Frederick Badwey, Helen Ce~tral Village Osterville Can't Do It & Margaret Connors. Mr. & Mrs. John Flanagan, ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST All in all, when you're travelOUR LADY OF ASSUMPTION Mr. & Mrs. Joseph F. Foley, Jr., o ing with children you need extra $200 Daniel J. Hatton, Mr. & Mrs. $300 clothes, disposable clothes, or an Rev. John F. Hogan Joseph·D. Hopkins, Mr. & Mrs. Rev. James F. Kenney extra empty suitcase for the $120 Jl?seph Langfield. piles of dirty clothes. Also a $100 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Yocum Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Marchand, word to those of us, myself inRev. Hugh J. Munro $100 . Mr. & Mrs. Cletus J. Monahan, cluded, who want themselves Mr. & Mrs. Charles Desmarais Dr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Baldwin Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert J. Nadeau, and their youngsters to look imMr. & Mrs. Thomas Powers Mr. & Mrs. Casimire Bartkie- Mr. & Mrs. Christian Ramstedt, peccable when traveling - relax $75 Wicz Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Santoro. -this is an impossible task and Mr. & Mrs. John Shields $50 Mrs. Daniel F. Shalloo, Mr. one that will take more of your' Mr. & Mrs. John Costa $50 Paul Sullivan, Mr. Frederick J. time than you could imagine. Mr. & Mrs. Antone DeCosta Mr. & Mrs. Philip Boudreau Wilding, The Roderick and JackEnjoy the sights, just don't ,Mrs. Raymond Williams Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Cal1ahan, son. Families, Mr. & Mrs. Thomwear anything in poor taste II $35 as Burns. (such as mini-skirts in the White Mr. & Mrs. Frederick W. Best Mr. & Mrs. J. Norman FitzgerMr. & Mrs. James Crivaro. Bouse or curlers to the Capitol) ald $30 Mr. &. Mrs. Gerard A. LaLiberte and you'll find both your nerves, Mr. & Mrs. David L. Buckley, Margaret Sheehan and the children's holding up Jr. $30 Superior Man much better. Dr. Fred Woluck Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cammett The superior man is he who Mrs. Isabelle Sandberg Mrs. Andrew O'Brien develops, in harmonious propor$25 Leaders to Coordinate Mr. & Mrs. Howard Rhodin Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Hal1oran, tions, his moral, intellectual and . -Jerold. $25 Elsie C. & Elsie Travers, Miss physical natl,lre. Youth Decency Rally Mr. & Mrs. Victor Adams, Mr. Patricia Clancy, Mr. & Mrs. SEATTLE (NC) - The Seattle Bernard T. Kel1y, Dr. & Mrs. City Council has endorsed a pro- & Mrs. Francis Butler, Mr. & Byron Ford posal for a youth decency rally Mrs. Charles Cassidy, Mr. & Mrs. Miss Florence I. Bessette, Mr. at the Seattle .Center Stadium Edward Crosby, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cross, Jr. & Mrs. Manuel Raposa, Jr., Mr. this Spring or early Summer. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Curley, &; Mrs. Lawrence Dolan, Mr. & John F. Gordon, member of the BANKING Seattle Human Rights Commis- Mrs. Carl Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Mrs. Charles Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Driscol1, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel B. Souza. sion, proposed' the rally, citing SERVICE Mr. & Mrs. John E. Brady, one sponsored by the Catholic Wesley Durant, Mrs. Leo M. Flaherty. Mr. & Mrs. George T. Leach, Youth Organization in Miami Mr. & Mrs. A. J. Matllis, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Maher· for Bristl'o~ County recently. & Mrs. Edward Murray, Mr. & Mayor Floyd Miller named Mrs. William Ormsby, Mr. & Gordon; Edward S. Spangler, the Mrs. John Reilly, Dr. & Mrs. ELECTRICAL mayor's youth coordinator, and John Shea ~. Contractors Ed Devine, assistant for public Mr. & Mrs. James Shields, Mr. affairs, as coordinators of the & Mrs. Robert Shields, Mr. & project which will be planned Mrs. Sherwood Tondorf primarily by Seattle youth, including representatives of the TAUN10N, MASS. ·'CYO. Adult participation will be Westport advisory, organizational and THE BANK ON ST. GEORGE promotional.

Every time we return from a trip I vow to learn to pack better the next time, but then next time rolls around and I make almost all the same errors again. One problem I'm confronted with is that when I do think about a trip long in advance it never Knits, of course, are the lifeseems to work out; we either saver for the traveler, they pack have a blizzard or someone well and unpack looking even comes down with beri-beri. better. For women, knits with Trips seem to work out much better when we don't do too much advance planning - of course the result of this is that we end up forgetting lit tie items like toot,,brushes, matching socks, etc. On our most recent trip I was at least able to congratulate myself on the fact that I brought enough warm clothing to ward off the chilly (50°) winds blowing off the Potomac. I was amazed that so many tOUl:ists had only packed light sweaters and jackets and ended up viewing the sights with a continued case of goose-bumps. Many of these underdressed groups appeared to be irolTi southern high schools and had probably left home during a 90 degree ileat wave - but there were no signs ot such weather in D. C. Certainly it is a nuisance to carry extra wraps, but when they are needed their value far outweighs their inconvenience. Chilly Nights . Even warm night-clothes were needed in the hotel, for most area accommodations shut their heat off April first no matter what the weatherman has in store, and it's difficult enough sleeping in a strange bed withuut freezing in one. We did manage to get a small electric heater and some 'extra blankets sent up to the room but I heard many other guests complaining that they were not so fortunate. Along with sufficient heat, hotels could help the traveling tamily by providing a few dryers and washers. What a boon this would be for parents with small children (who manage to go through all their clean outfits in less time than you took to pack them).

Start Massachusetts Project Equality BOSTON (NC) - Ten major Massachusetts religious bodies have joined to c.ommit their multi-million dollar purchasing strength to Project Equality, a nationwide interfaith program to utilize the 'economic power of religious institutions to end employment discrimination. Participants in the project, 17th in the nation, include the Boston archdiocese; the dioceses of Fall River, Springfield and Worcester; the Jewish Community Council of Metropolitan Boston; the Massachusetts Bay District of Unitarian-Universalist Churches; Massachusetts Conference, United Church of Christ; Mount Toby ,'Monthly Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends; New England Synod, Lutheran Church in America, and the United Methodist Church.



$300 Rev. Lorenzo H. Morais Permit Silent Prayer $250 In Public Schools Mr. George Considine SPRINGFIELD (NC) - Gov. $100 Richard B. Ogilvie signed into Rev. Richard L. Chretien law a bill permitting a daily moment of silent prayer in pub$50 lic schools. St. George Women's Guild The bil1, sponsored by Sen. $35 John Lanigan of Chicago, came Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Wilcox after a U. S. Supreme Court rul$25 ing against recitation of any officially designated school prayer Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bono, Mr. in the public schools. & Mrs. Edmund Kel1ey, Mr. & The new Illinois law is not Mrs. Stanley Babiec, Mr. & Mrs. mandatory, either for the schools George E. Breault Mr. & Mrs. . or for the students. It merely Peter Vieira. Mr. & Mrs. Roland P. McGee, allows a teacher to set aside a moment for silent prayer or' Miss Claire Magnant, Mrs. Eveline Magnant. meditation each day.

Bristol County Trust Company

'c:,~ ~

944 County St. New Bedford




Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

STONEHILL COLLEGE Summer Session Evening Classes JUNE 23 - AUG. 1 -

6:30 - 9:15

UNDERGRADUATE COURSES Liberal Arts • Bus. Admin. • Write: Director of Summer Session


STONEHILL COLLEGE N. Easton, Mass. 02356 -

Tel. 238-2052 - 696-0400




New Bedford

Thurs., May 8, 1969



$400 Rev. James A. McCarthy

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kinnane Mr. & Mrs. Manllel Travers

$55 Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hastings

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Norman E. Ashley

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Lawlor


Mr. & Mrs. Philip Griffin

$31 Julia Rose Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mehlmann

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Ryan Mr. & Mrs. Edouard Lacroix


Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Bourne, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marum, Mr. & Mrs.' Herbert Rego, Mr. & Mrs. Albert-Rousseau, Mrs. Malcolm McLeod.. Mr. & Mrs. John Mello,' Mr. & Mrs. Thomas C. Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Barboza, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Myles, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Cavanaugh. Clement Family, Mr. & Mrs. William F. Johannis, Mr. & Mrs. Albert M. Couro, Mr. & Mrs. Craig Mulligan, Jean Berard. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Martelly, Janet Barbelle, Mrs. Lillian Barbelle, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Souza.

$300 In Memory of Joseph F. Dufour by his wife and son.

$200 Rt. Rev. ArtlJur G. Dupuis

$185 Dr. Raymond A. Dionne

$50 Mr. & Mrs. Andre Carrier Mr. & Mrs. Francis McCurdy

$40 Mr. & Mrs. Armand Francoeur

$36 Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Paquette


Mrs. Orner Trudeau

$26 Mr. & Mrs. George R. Levesque

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Menard, Mr. & Mrs. George Boule, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Plante, Mr. & Mrs. Emile Cote, Mr. & Mrs. Pierre Picard. The Bourassa Family, Mr. & Mrs. Francis R. Lussier, Mr. & Mrs. Herman W. Lapointe, Jr. ST. JOHN OF GOD

$250 Rt. Rev. August L. Furtad<)

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Borge

$75 Rev. John J. Oliveira

$50 Mr. & Mrs. John Velozo, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Frank Borges, Jr.

$25 Alfred & Anne Monteiro, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mullaly, Mr. & Mrs. Zygmunt Ziobro, Mr. & Mrs. Leonel Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph N. Camara. Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Michael, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel C. Motta.

New Bedford ST. ANNE

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Umberto Cruz, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Fontaine, Mr. & Mrs. Aldei LaFrance, Lemlin's Hardware, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Morency. • Mr. & Mrs. Arthur E. Powell, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Raphael, Saint Anne Credit Union, Mr. & Mrs. Harry Sears, Mr. & Mrs. John R. Sylvia, Jr.

$60 Dr. & Mrs. David F. Gouveia

.. $120 .


Mr. George Rogers

Mr. & Mrs. James P. Silvia



Dr. & Mrs. John B. O'Toole, Jr.

Mr. & Mrs. Frank V. Phillipe



Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Marshall



Mr. & Mrs. Frank Cabral, Jr.



Miss Joan Sheehan

Mr. & Mrs. Edward S. Franco, Mr. & Mrs. Albert G. Moitoza, Mr. & Mrs. August Varella, Mr. & Mrs. James O'Gara, Barbara Peterson

$35 Anonymous Mrs. John V. O'Neil


$30 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Finnerty

$25 Mr. & Mrs. Martin Barry, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Bramwell, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Cabral, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Walter .Carter, Mr. & Mrs.· Edward Casey. Mr. & Mrs. James Flanagan, Mr. & Mrs. Peter Giammalvo, Mrs. Harold Guthrie, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kramer, Mr. & Mrs. James W. Leith. Mr. & Mrs. William Pendergrast, Miss Anna M. Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rita, Mr. & Mrs. John Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Mark Sevigney. .

$100 '$50

$500 Rt. Rev. Francis E. McKeon



Mrs. Mary Penler Mrs. Milton Taylor Mrs. Marguerite Macey Mr. & Mrs. John Sullivan & Mark

$30 Mr. & Mrs. Leo Robida

$26 Mr. & Mrs. John D. Sylvia

The Misses Reilly Mr. & Mrs. John Monaghan Mr. & Mrs. Real Samson

BISHOP OF DULUTH: Bishop Paul F. Anderson, 52, left a native of Roslindale. Mass., who has been coadjutor with right of succession to -Bishop Francis.J. Schenk of Duluth, right, has become Bishop of Duluth upon -the acceptance by Pope Paul VI of the resignation of Bishop Schenk. NC Photo.




Anibal Antunes, Manuel Cam· ara, Frank Duarte, Lawrence Fontes, Jesse Linhares. . Andrew Marshall, William Martin, Arthur Noia, Peter Nolan Francis Pacheco. Francis Rego, James T. Thom-. as, Anna Vankirk.

$75 Rev. Ernest E. Blais

$50 Rock Funeral Home Mr. &. Mrs. Andre Fournier Dr. & Mrs. Arthur Motta Anonymous

$28.50 Mr. & Mrs. Laurier R. Dumas & Family



$30 Rose O'Donnell Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy & Family Mr. & Mrs. James Cooke Mr. & Mrs. Francis Andrews Mr. & Mrs. George Maitoza


Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Lemieux Mr. -& Mrs. Louis Fleury

$35 Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Reams Anna Maguire


$250 $120

Mr. & Mrs. John Nicolaci



Rev. William E. Collard




Rev. Antonio C. Tavares'

In Memory of Msgr. Leonard J. Daley by the Misses -Loretta and Gertrude Daley







Rev. Edward A. Oliveira



$100 . Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Desrosiers

Mr. & Mrs. James McCrohan, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Duarte, Mr. a & Mrs. Lidoino. Severino, Allan Fitzgerald, Gertrude McBreen. Mrs. Luke McBreen, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Correia, The Welch Family, Mr. & Mrs. William An. drade, Mr. & Mrs. Amato Biondi. Elizabeth Brady, Helen Brady, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Cayer, Marion Chadwick, Mr. & Mrs. John Curley. Mrs. Mynette Dewhurst, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Feeney,' Mr. & Mrs. William Gallagher, Charles Goldrick, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Hanna. Mary Kennedy, James Kevican, Mr. & Mrs. David Longton, Eileen MacCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. William MacLean. . Margaret McCarthy, Mary McCarthy, Mr. & Mrs. Robert McClellan, Edward Matteson, Rita O'Donnell.Mr. & Mrs.. Theodore Peters, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Peyton, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Roberts, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Ross, Mr. & Mrs. Albert E. Scully. Mr.' & Mrs. Vincent Scully, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Soitos, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Torres, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Torres, Mr. & Mrs. .John Tripp, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Varden, Mr. & Mrs.' George White.

$50 . Mr. & Mrs. Adrien Angers, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Boisvert, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Roland Dumas, Mr. . Mr. & Mrs. Manson Bradford & Mrs. Albert Pepin, Mr. & Mrs. The Thomas B. Flangheddy Roland Provencher, Mr. & Mrs. & Mrs. Theodore Frechette, Mr.' Family & Mrs. Jean-Louis LeBlanc, Mr. Theodore Ziemba, Mrs. Clotilde The Keliher Family • & Mrs. Antonio Lemieux. Dalbec. , Dr.. Clement C. Maxwell . Mr. & Mrs. Laurent Parent, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Souza, Mr. Mr. & Mrs. Henry Wojtkunski & Mrs. David Costa, Mr. & Mrs. Mr. & Mrs. 'Ovila Rock. $45 William E. Constant, Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Kelly ST. HEDWIG'S Gaston DeBrosse, Mr. & Mrs. $40 Thomas McKenna. $100 Mr. & Mrs. William Desrosiers Joseph Rezendes & Family, Franciscan Fathers, OFM John & Elizabeth Doyle Henry Fortier, Mr. & Mrs. Gil- Conv. $30 bert Costa, Mr. & Mrs.' John .$25 Mr. & Mrs. John P. Delaney Hughes, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur DesStanley Szulik, Albert J. A. Alice Doherty .roches. Daley, Raymond LeBlanc, EdMr. & Mrs. William Fagan Mrs. Rose Harris, Mr. & Mrs. win Okolski, John Robak. Mr. & Mrs. Charles L. KingsJohn Dexter. bury. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION' Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Taylor SACRED HEART $75 $25 $100 Rev. Americo DaS. Martins Dr. & Mrs. Armand Bolino, Mr. . $50 Mr. & Mrs. Normand Sequin & Mrs. Raymond Corey, Mr. & $60 . Dr. & Mrs. David Costa Mrs. ·Earl Craft, Mr. & Mrs. FranMr. & Mrs. Leonard Simmons $25 cis Connors, Mrs. John Dondero,.. $50 Mrs. Maria Alves, Holy Name John P. Flaherty, The Friary Mr. & Mrs. Henry Daigle Society, Mr. & Mrs. Abel Fidal- Family, Ella Gilroy, Mr. & .Mrs. Dr. & Mrs. Jean Paul Grenon go, Mr.. & Mrs. William McCar- John Haggerty, Mr. & Mrs. An$45 ! thy, Mr. & Mrs. Euclid Cabral, drew Isaacsen. Mr. & Mrs. Orner Tardi Dr. & Mrs. Manuel Camacha. Mr. & Mrs. LEion Landry, Mr. $35 & Mrs. Patrick McDermott, Mr. Dr. & Mrs. Philip Chartier & Mrs. James .Mahoney, Mr. & ST. BONIFACE $31 Mrs. Amand Mello, Mrs. John $35 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Dechenes Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Sylvia Meunier. SH~lL $30 " $25 Mr. & Mrs. Richard Paulson, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lariviere Mr. & Mrs. Silvio C. Piesco, John Freitas Mr. &. Mrs. Jean R. Plante HEAT~NG Marie Power, Mary Power, RichMr. & Mrs. Roland Sequin ard Power. $25 l!)D~ fhlt@lfi} Mr. & Mrs. Richard Rebello, South • Sea Str.eets Mrs. J. Herve Bedard, Mr. & .Mr. & Mrs. George Sherry, Mr. ST. JOSEPH Mrs. Gerard Charbonneau, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph P. Silvia, Jr., Leo Hyannis Tel. .49·81 $500 & Mrs. Francis O. Grenon, Mr. & Mary Walsh. Rt. Rev. Bernard J. Fenton & Mrs. Frank Kutis, Mr. & Mrs.. $100 Hervey Levesque. ~l1l11l11l1l11l11l11l11l11l11l11l11l1l11ll11l11l11l11l1l11l11l11l11l1l1l11l1l1l11l1l1l11l1l11l1l11l11l1l1l11l1l1l1nlllllllllllllllllllIIIUla Mr. & Mrs. James E. Williams Mr. & Mrs.. Roger Menard, Mr. $25 & Mrs.' Rodolphe Paradis. = == Day == Mr. & Mrs. Walter Boulay, Mr. § § & Mrs. William Callahan; Mr. & ST. FRANCIS OF ASSlSI Mrs. Joseph Coelho, Mr. & Mrs. § § $750 Oliver Collard, Mr. & Mrs. Fran· Rev. Alfred R. Forni cis L. Conaty. . § § .0 $50 Mr. & Mrs. William Drum== While They Last == Mr. & Mrs. P. Nicolacci mond, Leo Dliffy, Mr. & Mrs. $25 George L. Gray, Mr. & Mrs. RoMr. Rose Alves, Mr. & Mrs. ber.t Dutra, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Louis Bono, Mr. & Mrs. Domenic Neville. Catalano, Catechism Classes, Anita Sabourin, Mrs. Raymond Ghilardi Family, Mrs. Carmela Simmons, Mr. & Mrs. Franklyn DiStefano. Weeks.




= Mofher's


= =




89c lb.


Tel. 997.93581


AI Taunton ST. PAUL

$600 Rt. Rev..Joseph C. Canty $50 Raymond DiResto Mr. & Mrs. John Connors Mr. & Mrs. Wesley Grandmont $35 Mrs. Francis J. Tummon $30 Joseph Giannini Olivia Giannini $25 Mr. & Mrs. John Dickinson, Eleanor Dwyer, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Tosti Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Alyre Cormier, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Witschey. Robert & Vivian Couto, Mr. & Mrs. Chester Jackman, Mr. & Mrs. Waldo Witherell, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Shumway, Mr. & Mrs. Leo A. Leroux. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Reilly, Mr. & Mrs. Charles F. Welch, Mr.. & Mrs. Edward Castle, Mr. & Mrs. John Botellio, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Emond. Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Seekell, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Labrie, Mr. & Mrs. Homer Simmons, Fank Casella, Dominic Casella. Mr. & Mrs. John Steen, F. Vernon Harrica. ST. JACQUES

$300 Rt. Rev. Alfred J. Gendreau $100 Rev. Daniel A. Gamache Laureat & Francis Guay Rev. Andre P. Jussaume $75 Matthew Bury $50 Arthur Dowd Roland Pelletier Edna Riley . $35 Maurice Riendeau Sr. $30 Roland Auclair Maurice ~arocque Raymond Nolin Henry Perra Jr. $25 Bilodeau Family, Gerard Bonenfant, Armand Desautels & Family, Rolophe Dusseault, Mrs. Leona Dwyer. Mrs. Loretta Foley, Clairina Hamel, Normand Hamel, Laura Jarry, George MadOr. Alfred Marrotte & Family, Eva Nolin, Henri Patenaude, Henri Vailancourt & Family.


$31 Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Antonsen Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Oliveira Mr. Joseph Col1ins $30 Mr. & Mrs. Lucio Oliveira Mr. & Mrs. Henry Fortin Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Leclair Mr. & Mrs. Armand Marien Mr. & Mrs. August J. Gonsalves Mr. & Mrs. John F. Dwyer Mr. Edwin Stiles Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Marnik Mr. & Mrs. Donald Tucker Mr. & Mrs. 'Dennis Hogan Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Saladino $27 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Benac Mr. & Mrs. Anson W. Paine Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Vincent $26 Mr: & Mrs. Rene Vezina Miss Gertrude Stiles Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Lopes $25 Mr. & Mrs. Edward A. Tucker, Mr. & Mrs. Clyde Voter, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Barton, Mr. & Mrs. Donald Spooner, Mr. Ernest Gould. Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Burke, Mr. & Mrs. Ernest Bouley, Mr. & Mrs. Edward B. Loughlin, Mr.. & Mrs. William Machado, Mrs. Lucinda Rogers. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin J. McQuillan, Mr. & Mrs. James P. Honohan, Mr. & Mrs. Victor Brunette, Mrs. Frederick Best, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Faria. Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Doyle, Mr. Patrick Nicolaci, Mr. & Mrs. Walter D. Smith, Mr. David Wade, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Pittle. Mrs. John L. Worley, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew D. Pifko, Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas F. Tangney, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Murray, Mr. Frederick Paine. Mr. & Mrs. Richard Nerbonne, Mr. & Mrs. Clementino Medeiros~ Mr. Alexander Perry, Mrs. Carmen Muldoon, Margaret A. Manghan. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J~ Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. John Gorman, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Robinson, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Walter Silveira. Mr. & Mrs. Harry Young, Mr. & Mrs. Edwin W. Allard, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fernandez, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Joseph, Alice Perry. Mr. Jeremiah Roza, A Friend, Mrs. Edward Silva, Mr. & Mrs. Earl Silva Mr. & Mrs. Earl Chandler, Mr & Mrs. John J. Walsh. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. Teotonio Corvelo, Mr. & Mrs. Everett J. Barrow, Mr. & Mrs. Lionel J. Dulude, Martha Bisaillon. Mr. & Mrs. William Barlett, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Nunes.

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THE ANCHORThurs., May 8, 1969

\1, ~




Society to Move Theology School CARTHAGENA (NC) - The Society of the Precious Blood voted to discontinue its school of theology at St. Charles seminary here in Ohio and to provide other arrangements for its theology students on university campuses in urban centers. The l08-year-old seminary, a landmark of Catholicism in the Midwest, will continue to serve the society as a center of reo ligious activit.y - "ordinations, funerals, renewal meetings, gatherings for great feasts of the community."

OPEN LINE: Inauguration of a 24-hour-a-day open teletype line between the NC News Service office in Rome and the headquarters in Washington, D.C., was witnessed by Edward A. Gallagher, president of Western Union International, which provides facilities; John Cardinal Carberry of St. Louis, who blessed the equipment; and Floyd Anderson, director of NC News Service.

Pope Says Wars, Wounds to Peace VATICAN CITY (NC) - Pope Paul VI referred to wars being fought in Nigeria, ,the Middle East and Vietnam as "three atrocious wounds" to the very peace that Christ bestowed on the world after his resurrection. During his Sunday talk to a crowd gathered' in St. Peter's Square, . the Pope recalled Christ's words: "Peace, peace be with you." He said that the word "peace" is Christ's word "and we, will repeat and repeat it often because there is always need for peace."

The Pope declared, "We are all still suffering from the three atrocious wounds which make it (pellce) bleed in the body of mankind: in Africa, in Palestine, in the Far East." The Pope also expressed his distress over the civil disturbances in Italy, where recent violent demonstrations broke out in Florence and the industrial cities of Turin and Milan. "Just as Christ is our Easter, so he is our peace; that peace the world seeks and does not find, that it promises and does not give."

Father John E. Byrne, Cincinnati provincial, who presided over the chapter session, said "an upgraded, different type of novitiate program" would be substituted after discussion of the program is continued at the general chapter of the society, to be held next September at Rome. Commenting on the move of the school of theology from the Carthagena seminary, Father Byrne said: "This action was taken with a great deal of reluctance. The chapter decided, in effect, that the times dictate a move to an urban area. "It was the chapter's feeling that educational opportunities for our future priests will be greater in urban centers, where university campuses provide the background for dialogues, for practical application of theories, for an interchange of ideas not possible at 51.. Charles seminary. The isolated seminary is out of place in 1969."


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Deplores Arguing Over Authority

THE ANCHORThurs., May 8, 1969

MILWAUKEE (NC)-A theo- who was chief. "And if you recalJ the Lord's logian said here that arguing over who has authority is un- answer, He did not say, 'Well, Christian-and added that this we'll settle that right now. Peter, is what modern Scripture re- you be the first. James and John, you be Peter's right hand men. , search discloses. ,Father Quentin Quesnell, S.J., The rest of you 12 will be next Marquette University theologian, in rank, and everyone who said the most Scripture tells comes later will be under one or about authority is to stop worry- other of you,''' he stated. -Instead, Father Quesnell said, ing about it and get' on with the Christ brought a child to them business of being-a ChrIstian. Lecturing on "Authority for and said, "Whoever becomes Authority" in the opening of the smalJ like this child, he is first university's traditional series of ,among you." "He tells them to forget about Aquinas lectures on philosophy. Father QuesnelJ said the way their authority hang-ups," Father' modern Christians argue about Quesnell said. "The one thing where authority rests is "suspi- they should definitely not be ciously familiar." He said it re- bothered about as Christians is minded him of the concerns just what bothered -them mostamong' Christ's disciples as to who is first.",

Says Communism More Tolerant Of Catholicism BONN (NC) - The international communist movement has become "much more tolerant" of the Catholic Church 'arid of religion in general, a leading Yugoslovian communist said in Belgrade, the Yugoslavian capital. KNA, the German Catholic, news agency, reported that Krste Crvenkovski, president of the central committee of the' Communist party of the Macedonia region of Yugoslavia; said that this change in communist views has been caused by the "far-reaching progress" made by the Catholic Church with regard to various social problems. In an interview with the Yugoslav "Encyclopaedia'," the Macedonian communist leader ,also said that. faith and atheism are coming more and more" to be in the "intimate sphere" 'of each individual person. No one has the right to interfere in this 'sphere, he said. Ctvenkovski concluded his interview by stating that, in spite of 'the good relations existing between Church and state in Yugoslavia at present,' neither the-Yugoslav government nor, the Communist party will permit "certain circles" to misuse Church organizations or religion for "anticsociali,st" activities.


A MOM" -OR DAD HEAD BLACK CLERGY: Officers' elected by :the National Black Clergy Caucus incl'ude· as president, Father Donald M. Clark .0fDetroit ~nd, left;· Mariani~it 'Brother Joseph Davis of Dayton, Ohio, vice~presidel'\t. At this press conference in New' Orleans, Father Clark stressed the goal of a national center, composed o,f Religious men and women ~nd lay people; to' transfer leadership and decision-making power into the black community. NC Photo. I',

Brothers' Delay,' School Decision

Prelate Affirms Celibacy Law

NEW YORK (NC)-;-A chapter meeting of the New York province of the Brothers of the Chris. tian Schools has' delayed to at BROOKLYN (NC) - Bishop least, September any decision on Francis ,1. Mugavero of Brooklyn withdrawing personnelfrom high ha's affirmed" the Church's law schools' whiCh' it s(affs iii: the of celibacy, reminding a :group New York-New Jersey area. of diocesan priests who recently Responsibility for a decision declared they consider themon personnel will be turned over selves free to marry.that the law to an associate provincial to be is still binding. elected by members of the Christian Brothers. . Bishop Mugavero, in a pastoral The decision to divide some of letter read at all Masses in the 228 parishes of the diocese, made it clear that while he does not oppose "open discussion" on Approves St(!]h~ Aid' the issue, he nevertheless "must T@ Private S«:hools correct any error that holds that OSLO (NC)-In a historic dethis law is no longer valid." . cision the Norwegian parliament The bishop declared: "The law has approved the provision of still stands, and I remind all of ~tate funds for private schools, the obedience that must be given mcluding Catholic institutions. ' to it." Under the new·grants the govThirty-one priests of the dio- ernment will provide funds for cese signed a statement assert- the private schools to between ing they "consider marriage a 70 and 100 per cent of the real option for ourselves." The' school's operating costs. group held a press conference to say that while none has any immediate plans to marry, they are "setting themselves against the directives of the Pope and the bishops' on the question of celibacy." The priests said they have taken this step because they feel CITIES SERVICE compulsory celibacy has created DISTRIBUTORS a crisis for many priests. They added that the celibacy rule "we Gasoline once embraced as a permanent condition" is now open to Fuel and Ran,ge change.

the responsibility for governing the province was made at the chapter meeting. While the provincial will have overall responsibility, he will be assisted by two elected associates, one for high schoolslihd oiie for grammar schools, welfare institutions and province missions in East AfriCa. Election of the associates is' expected to be compl'eted in about two weeks. The high school associate provincial is tei organize a council to study the continuation of staffing 'functions at all schools in the province.



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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969








l., ~


I\';)'\ ~;


~~'\ ;; ~




DIOCESAN WO~EN MEET AT STAMG HIGH: Mrs. Gilbert Perry of Somerset, Mrs. John Brady of Taunton and Mr~. G. Russell Robinson of ~ttleb~ro wait in line to register for the 16th Annual Conventi.on of the Fall River DIocesan Council of Catholic Women, Studying the day's schedule are: Mrs. James H. Quirk Diocesan vice-president from the Cape Cod Area; Rt. Rev. John J.

Catholic Schools Chief Adversary Defeatism DAYTON (NC)-Catholic schools are threatened not only by a financial crisis, but by a "defeatist attitude and the give-up mentality" of many ,educators, sociologists and "arm· chair criti<;s,'-' Theodore N. Staudt, executive director of the Ohio Catholic Conference, said here. "These prophets of gloom and doom have had their day and their say," he declared. Staudt, speaking at the University of Dayton under the auspices of the Catholic Federation of Parent·Teacher Associations of the Dayton area, indicated the ultimate answer to 'the school problem lies in the enthusiasm of parents for the Catholic school system. He urged parents to enlist in the "counterattack" against defeatism. "If people like yourself in each community in the state of Ohio will become properly dedicated, motiviated and enthusiastic, our children will receive the assist· ance necessary from government to continue and strengthen our schools," Staudt said. The Church in Ohio is determined and committed to maintaining the Catholic schools systcm and the bishops have given no thought to the word "abandon" in relation to Catholic ~chools, he said. Staudt cited the contributions Catholic schools make to the family community and the genrral welfare, to renewal in the Church and to reducing the cost 'of public education,

Patient Wealk On the whole, it is patience which makes the final difference between those who succeed or fail in all things. All the greatest people have it in an infinite degree, and among the less, the patient weak oncs always conquer the impatient strong. , -Ruskin.

Hayes, New Bedford moderator; Mrs. John J. M~loney of War~ham, g~neral chairman for the convention; Mrs. Herve Cummmgs of Fall River, re.glstrar. Mrs. Daniel R. O'Neil, national director of the N.C.C.W. of the province of Boston meets Bishop Gerrard at the opening session.

Par.ochial School Crisis Present In Area -

Suggests Ministers As CFM Chaplains

could not continue beyond next school will surely go up to more Continued from Page One BUFFALO (NC) - Father Edthan $55,000.00, with at least year. a reduction in the numbers of ward M. Kohler, assistant natwo more lay teachers to emSt. Kilial)'s has a long history grades that it contains. Many of living with debt. It took so ploy, and as few as four teach c tional chaplain of the Christian schools which a few years ago long to rise out of it from the ing Sisters of. Mercy. That Family Movement, 'suggested had double rooms for each Thirties to the late Fifties that would mean adding to the debt that its units might explore the grade have been reduced to I'm sure most of you would not of the parish $25,000.00 more possibilities of seeking Protessingle grades. like to live over the experience. than what was added this year, tant ministers as chaplains. Even though the parochial This year, to support staff and therefore, $40,000.00. He spoke to a convocation of schools can educate a pupil for maintenance your pastor will No thought should be given the Buffalo Federation of CFM at least one-fourth the amount have spent over $38;000.00, and to hoped-for federal or state here. In making his suggestion, of money spent by the public have to borrow $15,000.00. Less subsidy. It simply ~s not in the Father Kohler noted the growing school system, costs in parochial than one sixth of the families making. RealistiCally, we must ecumenical thrust of CFM. education are spiralling due to of the' parish have children in consent to close St. Kilian's He also suggested the possirising costs in educational sup- the school. Why, I cannot say. School this June, and turn it plies and overhead, the decrease The accommodations are far over to Religious instruction bility of nuns, Brothers, ex-nuns, in vocations to the religious life from full, even with 88 pupils classes for all the children of ex-priests, being considered to assist in fostering the spiritual and the shift of some religious from outside the parish for the parish. life of CFM groups. He predicted from educational work to other whose education an average of I write this with deep regret. that resignations from the priestfields, the necessity of hiring' $85.00 per child is paid. Yours is the first large school lay teachers for parochial schools Next year's expenses for the to be closed in this diocese. hood will make it increasingly difficulty for CFM units to obat salaries comparable to those There are bound to be others tain priest-chaplains during the paid public school teachers. closed, and soon. The fact that next 10 years. Since parochial schools fulfill we have functioning very well the public purpose of education, a Confraternity of Christian it has been thought that some Doctrine programme in the Dioform of aid-either from the ...... cese shoul.d guarantee p~r~nts NEWY YORK (NC) Three State or Federal government.. amon si n- that the vital work of religIOUS would be forthcoming. Time is Catholic bishops are .g g instruction will not be overlookrunning out as. far as waiting ers of a statement opposmg co~- ed As for the other stuaies on Aluminum or Steel 'on of the proposed antl. for this aid is concerned and structl 944 County Street .. .. m the elementary level, you are the immediate prospect of bor- ballistic missile syste : fortunate that you live in a NIEW BEDFORD, MASS. rowing money to postpone for The s~atement.~as Issued ~y community so well provided 992·6618 a year or two what may be the the NatIOnal ReligIOUS Commlt- with schools for the general tee Opposing ABM at a press public. ' inevitable closing of some parochial schools no longer seems conference here. Among the Believe me with every defeasible to some parishes. ·signers were Auxiliary Bishop voted good w'ish, This is the fact with the. clos- John J Dougherty of Newark, S· I ' Ch' t .- . H II U . mcere y 10 flS , ing of the 58-year old St. Kil- president .o~ Seto~ a nlverJAMES L. CONNOLLY ian's School in New Bedford. sity; AUXiliary Bls~op Thom~s Bishop of Fall River After much discussion with par- Gumbleton of DetrOit, and AUXilishioners and in view of the fi- iary Bishop James P. Shannon of nancial pressure on tl1is inner- St. Paul and Minneapolis. city parish, the Diocesan Board The committee statement said': of Education proposed to the "We imequivocally oppose Most Reverend Bishop and to construction of the ABM '" ':' '" Diocesan Superintendent of We call upon church and civic Schools Rcv. Patrick J. O'Neill, groups to examine thoroughly Ed. D., that the school be closed. the moral issues involved in the . The Bishop's letter to the par- , ABM and then to make known ishioners of St. Kilian's Parish their beliefs." fOllows: The religious leaders said they To the Congregation of St. Kili- were "distressed by the arguan's Church, New Bedford: ments for a missile system used Beloved in Christ: by our administration and miliYou are all aware of the fact tary which seem designed to exthat your parish school has been ploit the natural fears and conSpecial Arrall'1gemen~s for School Groups under - much discussion, by the 'fusions of our people and which Diocesan Board of Education. appeal to a narrow nationalism FOR DETAILS, CALB. MANAGER There has certainly been gener- at a time when world concern 636-2744 or 999-6984 al agrccment that the school should be evidenced."

Three Prelates Oppose ABM





THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969


Are ~res®rtltf Need$ In latin Amerrm~a? By Barbara Ward

If anything were needed to underline the importance of Pope Paul's initiative in setting up the Fund for the Progress of Peoples in the Inter-American Development Bank (the IDB), it is provided by the publication, a few days after the announcement But the process of _making of the Fund, of the IDB's these goods - consumer goo.ds,· own report on conditions in household needs, bicycles, sewLatin America. The language ing machines, electrical appli-



of this report, produced by the Bank's Social 'Progress Trust Fund, is sober and factual. It .gives the statistics. It quotes 0. u m b El r's and percentages. It projects trends to the 1980s. It bears all but a minimum of di. rect comment: But the implications - which . give the reasons for the Pope's action and exp ain the urgency of his concerncannot be minimized. They point to one thing ahead""':" a time of turbulence and bitter social unrest 'in most parts' of Latin America. Causes of Unrest , The underlying problems have been looked at in this column before. But it is worthwhile to quote the latest facts to illustrate the root causes of likely disaster. A population growing on the average of nearly three per cent a year will increase by over 10Q million in the next 10 years. These are a formidable num· bel' for a still underdeveloped' continent to feed, educate, shelter and employ-the basic human requirements. But in addition, this mass of humanity250 million of them today is in the midst ofa vast upheaval of internal migration. In Latin America, over the last 20 years, the cities have grown !'00re rapidly than in any other part of the world -although Africa has been catching up recently. In 1920· there were 13 million people in the urban areas (out of a total population of 90 millions)" By 1960, their numbers had multiplied by five while population in general had rather more than doubled. Within that figure, well over half had moved to the biggest cities of allcoastal monsters, Rio-Buenos Aires, Caracas ....,.. which have grown seven times during the last 40 years. But the migrants have· come not so much because the city looks good but because the stagnant feudal, oppressed and poverty-stricken countryside is appalling. The. working section 'of the population has grown bysome 34 million since.1 B25. But only 12 million new jobs have been created on the land. Sooner than cling on at starvation wages, the multitudes have moved on to the cities-not attracted by urban opportunity so much as repelled by rural collapse, Getting Over Hump And what do they find? Only the likelihood of renewed misery and worklessness in the new setting. The reasons are rooted in the present phase of industrialization in Latin America. For over 20 years, the chief emphasis in industry has b.een upon import-substitution - making a' wide range of goOds that used to be imported from, America 'and' Europe.

ances - demands in its first stages further extra imports of machinery, spare parts and semimanufactured goods of all kinds. By a paradox; the first stages of import-substitution require more' imports, not less. .And this is the critical problem. How can Latin America acquire enough foreign exchange to' buy these extra imports? Its own agriculture is relatively' stagnant. Food' production does not keep up with the' growth of population. So food imports are actually rising, eating up ·scarce foreign exctJange. Its exports are mainly primary products - coffee, cocoa, meat, cqpper,_ tin-whose prices either fluctuate wildly or tend to fall. It cannot jump all the tariffs and protective barriers America and Europe raise against imported manufactured goods, . The internal Latin American market is fragmented and restricted among a score of competing nations. The end result of all this is a chronic shortage of foreign exchange and not enough essential imports to expand local industry. The end result for the worker in the urBan slum is' a lack of industrial jobs and the high risk of unemployment. First Needs There are strategies. for deal.' ing with these festering 'causes of discontent. Land reform coupled with more productive farming on the land is one - to this' end the first million dollars of' the Pope's Fund will be devoted. . More stable primary prices and better access to Atlantic markets make up another - which explains the strong emphasis on more equitable commercial opportunities in the encyclical, Populorum Progressio. The Latin Americans themselves can do more to breathe life into their own proposeCi. continent-wide Common Market. Above all, the wealthy Atlantic nations whose annual increase in wealth equals the entire national income of Latin America, can renew their willingness to share their abundance more generously-through such programs as the Alliance for Progress -.with Latin America's despairing poo~ What U. S. Can Do Such aid means help to family life in the encouragement of stable families. It means, as a corrollary, help to desperately needed housing. It means aid to education and the esssential skills of· modern employmentone third of Latin America is illiterate, only 10 per cent of the children are in secondary school. It means aid \ to farm productivity, to the transport ancl power needed for industrial growth. These are the urgencies behind the Pope's appeal and example. Will they be heeded in time? <T..

[Sest, lOlUil<dlWOli'$ill'

A man's wisdom is 'his best frien'd; folly his worst enerriy: -Temple. ,



Meet Pu,:"ophi



Pumaphi wants to be catechist. He is. a young man from , northern Sudan ·who has been a Christian for only a short time. Generous and enthusiastic, he now wants to make a full-time commitment to the Church, and to share with his fellow tribesmen the joy he has found in his Faith.

HEADS COMMISSION: Franjo Cardinal Seper, former archSo Pumapl'ii will soon go to the training school in Khartoum bishop of Zagreb, Yugoslavia, has been named by Pope Paul where he will take' a two-year's course in catechetics. There he VI to be pres'ident of the new 'will receive instruction in Arabic in such subjects as catechism, Central Theological Commission , liturgy, sacred music, and the. elements of pastoral theology; as of the Church. He is prefect of well as a full. course in practice teaching. the Doctrinal Congregation. NC After the two-year course Pumaphi will be assigned to a Photo. parish for. a year of probation, either helping a priest or in a center where there is no resident priest.



. [lJ~t~ Obl~~fra'\7'®~


- BUFFALO (NC)-An association of laymen and priests called "Credo" has peen formed here to "become a focal and vocal point for the faithful, silent majority of Catholics concerned" with "the current doctrinal crisis facing the Catholic Church." The group's formation at an invitation-only meeting of 60 persons comes at a time of ,proliferation of liberal groups in the diocese of Buffalo. The last year has seen the . formation of an independent priests' association, an independent social action group callEI'd Indep~ndent Catholic Action Now (I CAN) and the formation of a third group called "Vox Populi," .which came to being during the dissent over Pope Paul's condemnation of artificial birth control. "Credo" listed as its objectives the development of richer spiritual life among its members, the promotion of Church truth and the refutation of error, implementation of "authentic re'newal of the Church," and support of the pope and bishops. The group also listed among its special concerns unauthorized liturgical experimentation, unorthodox catechetical texts and religious instructions, disobedience to Church teaching and authority,' "aberrant" sex education and drives to relax or abolish ;:ibortion laws. '

In those places .where there is no resident priest, the catechist, usually living in a Church-owned house, teaches catechism to children and adults, holds a prayer-service on Sundays, with readings from the Scripture and, when necessary, administers baptism, assists the dying, and says the funeral prayers. The priest normally comes to such centers once a month to celebrate Mass, administer the sacraments and confer with the catechist. After the trial year, Pumaphi will return to the training center and make a promise to devote his life to the service of the Gospel. The Church will then present him with a Bible and a crucifix, and will confer on him the "canonical mission", which will entitle him to teach the Christian religion officially. Pumaphi will then be appointed to a center and the d~ocesan authorities will provide him with a fitting standard of living. Today, the role of the catechist is becoming more and more vital to the growth and support of ·the People of God. In the absence of a sufficient number of missionaries and local priests, catechists ha~e accepted increased responsibility within the Church. Pumaphi, and. other catechists like him, teach - and preach the Good News of salvation, sharing the joys of their Faith with those about them. The work is great, but so is the need. Your support is necessary if the training of these generous young catechists is to con· tinue. $250 will provide one year's training. Send your giftla!ge or small - TODAY! SALVATION AND- SERVICE are the work of The Society f,or the Propagation of the Faith. Please cut -out this column and send your' offeting to Right Reverend Edward T. O'Meara, National Director, 366 'Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y., 10001, or directly to your local Diocesan Director, The Rt. Rev. Msgr. Ray. mond T. Considine, 368 North Main Street, Fall River, Massachusetts Q2720.


5 V2 %

Minimum Deposit $1,000.00



New Abom-tool'il The Flordia House of Representatives has passed a relaxed abortion-law by a vote of 64 to 50. The bill provides for abortion when the life or physical health of a mother is endange~ed by continuation of the pregnancy, when there is a serious risk that the child will be physically or mentally impaired and when the pregnancy is the result of rape or incest.' The bill has no . residency requirement.


Maximum Deposit $30,000.00

Interest Earned from Day of Deposit and Payable at Maturity.

florida Scions



IN MULTIPLES OF $200.00 UP TO $30,000.00 Interest Compounded and Paid Quarterly NO NOTICE REQUIRED FOR WITHDRAWALS All Deposits are Insured in Full A.lthough Alterations are not complete we invite you to visit our new Bank facilities at 41 Taunton Green


H@~~ili~ (@~ Over 35 Years of Satisfied Service Reg. Mqster Plumber 7023 JOSEPH RAPOSA,- JR. 806, NO. MAIN STRI:IET / .FallRiver .675-7497

Main Office: 41

Taunton Green

Taunton cooperative bank Branch Office: 1400 Fall River Ave., Seek~nk ~~







$125 Mr. & Mrs; John MacNeil $100 Fr. Callahan Council, Knights of Columbus Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Pappi Mrs. Mary Stott $75 Claude Ellis $50 Dr. & Mrs. Joseph Moore Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Robbins Mr. & Mrs. Fred Kuppens Mr. & Mrs. Robert Kiernan Dr. & Mrs. Larry Seidl Mrs. Helen McGlashan Isabelle Cummings Mr. & Mrs. John McLaughlin $35 Mr. & Mrs. Leo St. John Mr. & Mrs. Frank Krystolfolski $30 Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Francis Mr. & Mrs. Hulot Haden $27 Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Semedo $26 Mr. & Mrs. Miguel Campinha $25 Mrs. vtedio Pederzani, Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Atwood, Mr. & Mrs. Milton Laycock, Mr. & Mrs. Ray Croeker, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Zens Mr. &: Mrs. Edmund Valley, Claire Colleret, Mrs. Agnes Francis, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Prada, Mr. & Mrs. John Alden Mrs. Joseph Card, Mrs. F. M. Mead, Mr. & Mrs. Agneus Veiga, Laura Vecchi, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Rose Mr. & Mrs. John Maloney, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Yeager, Philip Yeager, Mr. & Mrs. William Nolan, Mr. & Mrs Charles E. Precourt Frances Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. James Conroy, Mr & Mrs George St. John, Mr. & Mrs. Frederick Maynard, John Lowney Mr. & Mrs. Timothy Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. John Zorn, Desmond Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. Delmo Pezzoli, Mr. & Mrs. Nelson Stephens Mr. & Mrs. William Henry

Fa~~ ~~V~li' ST. WHn..UAM

$125 Rev. Edward J. Burns James Fitzgerald Family $100 Gertrude V. Kennedy $50 Mary M. Donovan &. Helen L. Donovan Boodry Family $35 Mr. & Mrs. Francis Gauthier Margaret O'Grady . ' $30 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur P. Correira Mr. & Mrs. John Maitoza Francis Delahanty $27 Mr. & Mrs. Roland Talbot $25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sullivan, Mae Riley, Mrs. Mary Simmons, Mrs. Howard Worthington, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Oliveira Christopher Lake Jr., Mr. & Mrs, Fred Chlebek, Mr. & Mrs. Alcide Talbot, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Fisette, Anna May Kenyon The Rounds Family, Edward Breault, William Crowley, John A. Diskin, Henry Raposa Mr. & Mrs. John Kane, James Doucet, Thomas Eccles, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore W. Turek, Genevieve Connelly William Bradbury, Mr. & Mrs. William Sewell, William Bradbury Sr., Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Santos, Mr. & Mrs Louis Viveiros

Great and Good In life we shall find many men that are great, and some that are good, but very few men that are both great and good. -Colton.

THE ANCHOR~ Thurs., May 8, 1969

$200 Dr. Roger E. Cadieux $150 Dr. Roland E. Chabot $100 . St. Patrick's Conference, Society of St. Vincent de Paul Harold J. Regan . $51 Mr. & Mrs. Angelo E. Flynn $50 Mr. & Mrs. John' Pires Jr., Edmund F. Bagley Edward Pettine H. Leo Creamer Carlton D. Boardman Richard J. McNally $45 . Joseph Matthews Joseph H. Feitelberg $30 Town & Country Realty Co. Edward J. Blaine Jr. David Dunne $26 Mr. & Mrs. Saul Strein $25 Arthur F. Cassidy, Richard A. Mello, Cyril Amarelo, Edward J. DESERTERS IN SWEDEN: In the headquarters of the AmeriLeonard, James Courcier can Deserters Committee in Stockholm one will find a library, William V. Mahoney Jr., John an editorial desk, some revolutionary posters-and homesickness. M. Canto, Edward Casper, Mr. & Mrs. Edward J. Kelly, Louise M. A leader of the committee said that Sweden is not the heaven . for 200 deserters that many an American believes; many of Murphy Helen & Lillian Reddy, Mat-' them are depressed over their self-imposed exile and are longthew Murphy, Leo A. Bond, Mrs. ing to return home. NC Photo. Leonard N. Bilodeau, Mary E. Judge Francis J. Kilgrew, Mrs. James E. Sullivan, Joseph Tinsley, Mrs. Frank Souza, Vincent J. Riley Maurice A. Quirk, Frederick Storch, Mr. ~ Mrs. James M. Judge, Alfred G. Moitozo, Stephen J. Biello Jr. George W. Crombie, Thomas J. Daley, Norman M. Simmons, Eugene MurphY, Louise Coleman, Fernand C. E. Auclair


Negroes Br·e@Jk Race Sa rrier ST. LOUIS (NC}-Two negroes associated with :the \National Council of Catholic Men convention here broke a racial barrier as they became the first blacks to attend a social event in one of St. Louis' exclusive country clubs. The Bogy Club, a private membership club, was the scene for a reception for Maurice Cardinal Roy of Quebec, main speaker at the NCCM convention. The reception was sponsored by G. Duncan Bauman, publisher of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat. He invited NCCM officials and prominent St. Louis citizens to greet the cardinal. Among the invited guests were Dr. Eugene Perry of Houston, Tex., NCCM treasurer, and A. Donald Gourgeis of St. Louis, who is executive director of the Illinois Governor's Office for Human Resources and who was keynote speaker at the NCCM .convention. Both are negroes.


Reason at Work What is virtue? Reason in -de Chenier. practice.




Norton ST. MARY

$100 St. Vincent de Paul Society $50 Mr. & Mrs. Jose Fernandes Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fernandes Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Fonseca $25 Mr. & Mrs. Charles Blomer, Mr & Mrs. James Carney, Mr. & Mrs William Flaherty, Mr. George Sabourin, Mr. & Mrs. Charles Wickland Mr. & Mrs. Felix Yarusites, George Yelle'


..... I


Of Tax Exempto@Wl}


NEW YORK (NC) - The National Council of Churches of Christ in the U. S.A. and the United States Catholic Conference have approved a joint statement recommending that Congress eliminate the special exemptions of churches from taxation of unrelated business income. The joint statement endorsed two proposals for tax reform which affect churches. One would eliminate the historic church exemption from taxation of unrelated active commercial activities. The. second would eliminate a potential abuse from the use of debt financing to acquire commercial income prop. erty. The Protestant and Roman Catholic organizations made their recommendations to the Ways and Means Committee of the House of Representatives which is considering changes in the tax laws. The statement was approved by the NCC general board meeting in New York and approved by the USCC administrative board.

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THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969






DAY! MAY 11~~

Mom always remembers you . . . . is always there ,/ to offer comfort and encouragement. Show her you appreciate her devotion . . . . show her you care this SundaY,Mother's Day.


11I111111I111I111I11I111I111I111111I11I11I11I111I1111I11I11I11I11I11I11I111I11I11I11I11I11I111111I111I11I11I11I111111I11I11.111111111111III III III III III III11I1111111111II III III III III II11I1111lIIill III III III II ill III11I1111I11I11I1111IIII11I11IIII III1111I1111I11III11I11III11I1111I11111111III11I11III1I1111111illllll111111I11I1111111111111111I1111I11111111I1111I11III II1111 '---

(C:(OJpe Cod 芦Jlfnldl 'iflhJe

r his

Message . Sponsored by the FolloYfing Indoviduals cgnd Business Concerns In The Diocese of FoOl River









New Bedford














$500 A Friend

$410 Mr. & Mrs. Philip Hemingway Sr. $250 Rt. Rev. Hugh A. Gallagher $125 Rev. Edward C. Duffy $100 Rev. Thomas E. O'Dea Rev. John J. Smith Mr. & Mrs. Louis Coholan Dr. & Mrs. Joseph, Manley Mr. & Mrs. Francis O. Quinn Dr. &, Mrs. James M. Quinn $75 A Friend A Friend' $60 Mr. & Mrs. Michael Crowley Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Dwyer Mr. &-Mrs. William Hendricks $50 Mr. & Mrs. John Callanan Mrs. Mark M. Duff Mr. & Mrs. James L. Giblin Hurley Family A Friend Mrs. Evie Perry Mary M. Walsh $40

Agnes Tiernan $35 Brig. Gen. & Mrs. L. B. Markey $31 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph O'Brien Mr. & Mrs. William J. Souza $30 Mr. & Mrs. William E. G. Batty Joseph & William Cawley Mr. & Mrs. Paul T. Hart Mrs. Alice Lowney Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Macedo Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Maguire Mr. & Mrs. Sylvester A. Mitchell Catherine Swansey Mr. & Mrs. William Whalen Mr. & Mrs. James A. Worden $27 Margaret T. Walsh $25 Mr. & Mrs. George Avila, Mrs. Clifford Bates, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Berry, Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bosse, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Cawley. Mr. & Mrs. Robert Clark, Charles B. Clavin, Thomas & Janet R. Connelly, Mr. & Mrs. George Correia, Mr. & Mrs. William Damos. Ellen Gaughan, Mr. & Mrs. James Hampson & Marie T. Hampson, Mr. & Mrs. William Hill, Mr. & Mrs. Francis, S. Holt, Mr. & Mrs. Michael Hummel. In Memory of Armand Langis, Mrs. Grace R. Lardner Mr. & Mrs. Gerald P. Lewis, Mr. & Mrs. John M. Mahoney; Mr. & Mrs. Francis J. Manning. Mr. & Mrs. Matthew McAvoy, Kathleen McLaughlin, Mr. & Mrs. James P. Mullin Jr., William O'Malley, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Pariseau. Loretta E. Phaneuf, Mary E. Phaneuf, Mr. & Mrs. Paul Santos,. Clifton Sullivan, Patricia Sulhvan. , I William Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. John Sylvia, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Towers, Helen Walsh, The James Walsh Family. Sylvester Walsh, Mr. & Mrs. George Williams, Mary T. Winsper, Mr. & Mrs. Adam Zych. ST. KILIAN

$225 St. Vincent de Paul Society $100 Catherine-Louise Finnell $30 Alfred Languirand Mary Augeri $25 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Masse, Albert Leeming, Raymond Mahoney.

NEW PREFECT: John Cardinal Wright, formerly bishop of Pittsburgh, has been named by Pope Paul VI to be prefect of the Congregation for the Clergy. The former prefect of this congregation, Jean Cardinal Villot, has been named Papal Secretary of State. NC Photo. ST. JOSEPH

$700 Rt. Rev. Louis E. Prevost $n25 Rev. Louis R. Boivin Rev. Roland Bousquet $75 Mr. & Mrs. Maurice Danse-' reau $50 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Janson $30 Mr. & Mrs. Henri Gardner Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Yates $25 Lucille Allain, Mr. & Mrs. Pius Allain, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Barber, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beliveau, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Braga. Mr. '& Mrs. Luigi Fiano & Family, Mr. & Mrs. P. Jodoin, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Leblanc, Mr. & Mrs. Marcel Trahan, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Weaver. ST. LAWRENCIE $200 Mr. & Mrs. E. Livington $175 A Friend $125 Mr. & Mrs. Paul McCabe $100 Dr. & Mrs. Geo. F. Riley Dr. & Mrs. William Muldoon A Friend $75 Rev. Justin J. Quinn Mary & Winifred Keneally In Memory of Walter E. Collopy $70 The Misses Downey $60 Dr. & Mrs. James Hayden Mr. & Mrs. Alan F. Campbell $51 John Powell $50 Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Weaver Mr. & Mrs. John Tierney James J. O'Brieh Mr. & Mrs. Charles Morse Gertrude & Mary ·tleason Neil C. Fitzgerald Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Davis A Friend Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Beedem $45 Margaret, Ann & Helen ,Gleason $40 Mary C. Halloran Anna Driscoll $36 Monica & Constance Zygiel $35 Mr. & Mrs. Myron Tripp Mrs. Raymond Markey Margaret Goggin Mary & Ann Downey $30 Mr. & Mrs. Albert Wobecky Mr. & Mrs. Paul Malone ' Marie Mahoney Dr. & Mrs. James Mohoney

Mr. & Mrs. Harry Hunt Mr. & Mrs. John Fletcher Mrs. William S. Downey $27 Mr. & 'Mrs. Charles Burke $25 Mr. & Mrs. Donald Van Cleft, Charles Balboni, Mr. & Mrs. Jeremiah Barry, Nellie Bedard, Mrs. Florence Brower'. Frances A. Burke, Mr. & Mrs. W. Kenneth Burke, A Friend, A Friend, Dr. & Mrs. A. B. Crowe. Laura C. Culhane, Dorothy Curry, Helen Driscoll, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Duffy, Mrs. James Galligan. . Mr. & Mrs. Edward Hill, Mrs. George V. Kelly, Mrs. Anthony S. King, Mr. & Mrs. William H. King, Mrs. Frances A. Koch. Mr. & Mrs. Edward Lopes, Mr. & Mrs. M. Louro, Mrs. Annette Lowrie, Mrs. Maurice Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Manghan. John Murphy, Mr. & Mrs. John Newby, Mr. & Mrs. C. Oliver, . Veronica O'Brien, Mr. & Mrs. George Oliver. Mrs. Helen Sullivan, Mrs. Lois Sullivan, Margaret E. Sullivan, Mrs. Edith Thatcher, Mr. & Mrs. John F. Treadup, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Tynan.


$250 Rev. John J. Casey $125 Mr. & Mrs. John B. Parkes $100 Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Lenney Kathryn Healey A Friend $93 Vincent Galvin $75 Rev. John J. Steakem $70 Mary Buckley $50 Edward Coughlin Mr. & Mrs. Walter Gallagher Mr. & Mrs. Albert Giordano Harvey's Market Charles Harvey Mr. & Mrs. Francis Mullin Dr. & Mrs. Vincent P. Wright Raymond Daly Margaret Healey Mrs. Charles McCarthy Sr. A Friend $40 Mr. & Mrs. James Simonson $30 Mrs. William Earle Mrs. Isabelle Somerville $25 Marietta Canan, Mr. & Mrs. George A. Carter Jr., Mr. & Mrs. , Carl Chace, Mr. & Mrs. Richard Chassey, Mr. & Mrs. Clement J. Coughlin. Elizabeth Coughlin, Mr. & Mrs. Harold Daly, Mr. & Mrs. Charles DeFeo, Mary Delgado, Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Desmond. Mr. & Mrs. James Doherty, Mary-Jo Farrell, Marion Geldart, Mr. & Mrs. John Graca Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William Griffiths. Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius J. Harvey Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Warren HOpgood, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Kavanaugh, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Kelly, Albert E. LaRosee. Mary K. Linehan, Anna C. Loud, Mr. & Mrs. William Lupica, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence A. Lyons, Mr. & Mrs. Francis MaMr. & Mrs. John Marshall, Dr. & Mrs. James F. McCc;>Urt, Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Murray Jr., MI:. & Mrs. William O'Connell, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph A. Palano. Mr. & Mrs. John Reardon, Mr. & Mrs. Alvaro M. Souza, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Gosselin, Mrs. Michael Harkins, Alice Harvey. Anna Harvey, Catherine Harvey, Grace Harvey, Mary Harvey, Mr. & Mrs. James D. Mullen, Sr. A Friend, A Friend.

THE ANCHORThurs., May 8, 1969



FIRST IN HALF CENTURY: Jean Cardinal Villot of France, who has been named by Pope Paul VI to succeed Amleto Cardinal Cicognani as Papal Secr~tary of State. He is the first nonItalian to hold this office since 1914. NC Photo.

ST. !FRANCIS XAVIER $50 Mr. & Mrs. .John Santos . $31 Mr. & Mrs. Rene Racine $30 Mr. & Mrs. Roland J. LaBossiere. $27 Mr. & Mrs. James M. Haworth $25 Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Barrette, Mr. ,& Mrs. Richard H. Barry, Leo, Yvonne & Violet Boucher, Mr. & Mrs. Leo N. Coons, Mr. & Mrs. Oscar J. Cormier. Noel Goulet, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur H. Gronlund, Mr. & Mrs. John Gwozdz Jr., Bella LePage, Mr. & Mrs. George F. Liarikos Jr. Joseph L. Normand, Mr. & Mrs Ronald Pimental, Mr. & Mrs. Leo Ricard, Mr. & Mrs. Bernard Rossi Mr. & Mrs. Theodore J. Schick, Mr. & Mrs. William J. Veary

Ocean Grove

ST. MICHAEL $225 A Friend Name Cardinal Papal $60 Secretary of State Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Brophy $40 VATICAN CITY (NC)-Jean Mr. & Mrs. George Bedard Cardinal Villot 'of France has' Dr. & Mrs. Joseph C. McGuill been named Papal Secretary of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Ripanti State to succeed Amleto CardiMr. & Mrs. Raymond Pettine nal Cicognani, who resigned $30 from that increasingly imporMr. & Mrs. Caesar Paiva tant post which holds a com$25 manding position over almost Mr. & Mrs. Robert Canuel, Mr. all fields of Church affairs. :Cardinal Villot was prefect of & Mrs. Philip McHugh, Mr. & the Congregation for the Clergy Mrs. Robert Mailloux, Ernest J. at the time of this appointment. Pineault, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Cardinal Cicognani, who is 86, Rodth Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Sevigney, was named secretary of state at the age of 78 in 1961 by Pope Mr. & Mrs. James Travis John XXIII. Before that he had been active in the Roman Curia, Stay With It the Church's central administraSome men want to get quick tive office, and had lived in the results, or they lose interest. United States for a qUarter- Others plan far ahead, move forcentury as Apostolic Delegate. ward slowly, and stick doggedly at the job regardless of delays and hard luck. N~rth Westport -Feather. OUR LADY OF GRACIE

$100 Mr. & Mrs. Adrien Picard $50 Mr. & Mrs. William Wilson $35 Lena St. Pierre $30 O. Dumont & Son-Jewelers Westport Electric $25 Mr. & Mrs. Ranald Arntz, Mr. & Mrs. Armand Boudria, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Chrupcala, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Faria, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Lavoie Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Nanni, Mr. & Mrs. Norman Sasseville

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• 'It






•i •






THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 196,9

$1,200 Rt. Rev. Anthony M. Gomes $500 Dr. Henry C" Lincoln $125 St. Vincent de Paul Society $100' Rev. Ronald Sylvia George Tonelli . Holy Name Society $95 Rev. George J. Souza $75 Holy Name Sodality '$50 , Manuel Correia Robert Correia Patricia A. Cabral Mrs. Maria Mello , $35 t Council of Catholic Youth Knights of the Altar Children of Mary Sodality Manuel Raymond , $32 , Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Souza $30 Miss Mary Simas Raymond Paiva Arthur Rego Antonio Ribeiro, Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Joseph M. Theodore ' Alfred Mello Henry Camara $25 Leonel Rodrigues, Mr. & Mrs. Raymorid'Hryciw, Norman Frenette, Edward Teves, Alfred Coray. Caetano 'Furtado, Mello Family, Carl Frederick, Enos Souza, Manuel Aguiar. Miss Mary Raposa, Manuel Correira, Manuel Velho, Gerald Cardelli, Mrs. Filisbina Medeiros. Joseph Silvia, Julius Rodrigues )\'Ianuel Souza, John M. Arruda, Arthur Silvia, John' J. Souza, Manuel Magano, jordan Cabral, Mis,s Natalie Martin. Daniel C. Medeiros, john Medeiros, Jr., Alfred A'lmeida, Furtado Family, Arthur Furtado. Antone Michaels, Tobias Monte, Francisco Cama{a, Francis Fitta, Mr. & Mrs. John G. Story. George Silva, Manuel 'Faria, Mrs. Mary Goulet, Christiano Pacheco, Francisco Maurisso. ' Richard \pavao, Fernando Martins, Miss' Mary Laureano, Philip Costa, Richard Couto SS.PETER' AND PA.UL

$60 Mr. & Mrs. Walter J. P. Gosciminski $50 A Friend $40 In memory of pilUl & Frances Drzal-by Misses Jean & Anne & Mr. Edward Drzal $30 , Mr. & Mrs., Walter Deda Mr. &, Mrs. Walter Kocon $25 Mr. & Mrs. Hfilnry Paruch, A Friend, Mr. & Mrs. Walter WOJ- ' cik, Atty. & Mrs. Daniel Sulli-, van, Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Wojnar Mr. & Mrs. Walter Soczek, Mr. & Mrs. William Wolowiec ST. MARY'S CATHEDRAL

$400 Rt. Rev. Robert L. Stanton $200 Dr. & Mrs. Frederick Sullivan' $150 ' Rev. Paul F. McCarrick

$50 Mr. -& Mrs. Lawrence Coyle' James F. Diskin $45 Claire O'Toole $40 The Hayes Family $35 Helen Joy Janice Hurley ,Frank Duffy , Mr. & 'Mrs. Francis Fennessey In Memory of John and Alice Moran' ",$30 Mr. & Mrs. 'James' Coyne and Family , $25 Mr. & Mrs. Robert Jackson, Walter Torphy, Mr. & Mrs. An'thony Biello & Family, Richard Sullivan, Kathryn Dailey. I Gertrude Sullivan, Eileen A. Sullivan, Daniel Shea, RiIth Hurley, Mary T. Hurley. ,Margaret G. Diskin, Mr. & Mrs. James A. Robinson Jr., Mr. & Mrs. James A. O'Brien Jr., Angela Cyr, Mr.' & Mrs. George Sutherland. Rose & John Rogan, Mrs. Angela Win~ate, Dorothy Kirpy. HOLY ROSARY

$250 Rt. Rev. Joseph R. '. Pannoni $130 Mrs. Angelo Ricci '$100 Rev. Vincent F. Diaferio John W. Varanese $50 Mr. & Mrs. Dennfs Toomey Mr. & Mrs. Frank Mazzoni , ,$25 Edith S. Flanagari ' Mr. & Mrs. Ernest DiGiammo Mr. & Mrs. Frank,Stetkiewicz Mrs. Pilerla Ventura

" $400 Rev. David A.' O'Brien $100 , Rev. John P. Driscoll In Memory of Rt. Rev. Francis P. Connelly, P.A. $75, . Mrs. Thomas H. Cahill Sr., Thomas H.Cahill Jr., Mr. & Mrs. William Murphy Catherine A., Helen C.:S~ &

Views lGJIymefl1l's

Daniel Lynch $50

hi Toda}ls Church,



$250 Rev. Luiz G. Mendonca / $200 Rev. Joseph Oliveira $125 Dr. & Mrs. Gilbert Vincent $100 Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Oliveira $60 Beatrice Capeto $50 Mr. & Mrs. Gerald H. Silvia Atty. & Mrs. Manuel M. Rezendes Clemente Arruda $32 Cecilia C. Oliveira & Mother $31 Belmira Tavares $30 Arthur Machado Antone Souza & Family Francis Lennon eol. Family . $25 , Anonymous, Antonio -Oliveira, Albert, Capeto, Mr. & Mrs. I:EVELOPMENT OF PEOPLES: Pope Paul VI greeted United Miguel S. Aguiar & Family, Mr. Notions Secretory-General U T,hant as the latter prese!"ted the & Mrs. Arnold Martin & Family. Mr. & Mrs. Leonardo Cabeadministrative' heads of all UN agencies and offices, meeting in Rome to coordinate plans for the Second Un1ted Notions ceiras, Mr. & Mrs. Belisario A. Development Decode. U Thant echoed the Pontiff's theme that Almeida, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred Rocha & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Gileconomic development is merely a ,means to human developbert Coroa, Isabel Capeto. ment, and thanked the Pope "for repeatedly colling attention' Mr. & Mrs. Donald Grogan, to the plight of humanity's leaS fortunate two-thirds." NC Photo. Mr. & Mrs. Angelo Stavros, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Rosa, Mr. & Mrs. SANTO CHRISTO August P. Curt, Anonymous. ST. JOSEPH'S Mr. & Mrs. Joao Aguiar, Mr. $100 $75 Rev. William F.. O'Neill & Mrs. Manuel L. Carreiro, Mr. Rev. Daniel L. Freitas Dr. Ramsis G. Elias & Mrs. Joseph Rego Sr., Mr. ,& $35 In Memory of. Mary L. HarMrs. Robert E. Cray, Mr. & Mrs. Manuel S. Martins Manuel S. Medeiros' & Family. rington , $30 Dr. & Mrs. Lcuis E. Kroger Mr. & Mrs. Gilbert Mello & Rev. Ernesto L. R. Borges Capt. & Mrs. Joseph O'Connell· Family, Mr. & Mrs. Alvin S. $25 $75 An'tone Souza, Joseph Souza, Rego. The Misses Foley Louis S. Machado, Joseph V. \ Joseph O'Connell Medeiros, Alvaro Rego Jr. ST. ROCH $60 $500 Leroy, Borden Kt. Rev. Reginald M. Barrette ST. LOUIS $50 $220 $100 Mrs. John L. Clemmey Anonymous St.Louis Women's Guild Douglas Law $125 / St. Louis Conf., St. Vincent de Mrs. Richard Lown Mr. & Mrs. R6main Saulnier Paul Society, John L. Mercer In Memory of Peter A. Lee, Jr. $50 Katherine Sullivan 'Mr. & Mrs. Antonio Coutu In Memory of John J. & FlorMrs. Mary Walker ence Philbin ' Mr. & Mrs. Roger Valcourt $30 Mr. & Mrs. William F. Whalen, $40 The Charles Murphy Family Jr. . The Pierre T. Crispo Family $25 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Soares $50 The Clarence Banks Family, In Memory of Rev. Francis R. $35 Frances Brough, John J. Chris- Connerton, S.S. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Cote topher, Mr. & Mrs. James Con$30 $30 sidine Jr., Mrs. Arthur E. Cote. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Britland Irene ,Levasseur Eunice Dion, Francis W. Dor- $25 ' Mr. & Mrs. Norman Levesque sey, Mr. &Mrs. James Downey, , $25 Thomas Conroy, Edmund CouMrs. Thomas H. Duffy, Mrs. Wal- to, Clinton B. & Evelyn Creigh, Mr. & Mrs. Henri Berube, Mr~ lace Fairbanks. ' Margaret Doran, Rita Doran'. & Mrs. Donald Do,mingue, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Marcellus Feeney, Thomas Doran, Dr. & Mrs. Mrs. Raymond Levitre, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Edward D. Fitzgerald, George Horan, Edward McAn- 'Mrs. Alban McCallum, Mrs. JosRobert Gagnon, William Gau- drew, Mr. & Mrs. John Maher, eph Medeiros, Anonymous. dreau, Leo Griffin. Hilda Myles. . Jane Haran, Julia Harringto'n, Mr. & Mrs. Jesse Oliveira, Thomas Higginson Sr., James Irene Reynolds, In' Memory of Lenaghan, Johri F. Mahoney. Mr. & Mrs. Michael Tobin, Ann Julia Mahoney, Helen McAvoy, Tuttle, James Whalon, Mr. & Charles McClimans, Margaret Mrs. Robert White. McCloskey, Daniel O'Connell. Mildred Powers, James D. SalST. MATTHEW vo, Timothy Thompson, Mr. & 245 MAIN STREET Mr~. Bernard G. Tomlinson. $200 FALMOUTH - 548-1918 Rev. Lucien Jusseaume $100 ARM~ND ORTINS, Prop. /' ESPIR1TO' SANTO Rev. Thomas E. Morrissey $100 Dr. & Mrs. Orner Boivin, Rev. Luis A. Cordoso $35 $26 . Edgar Poisson Mr. '& Mrs. Roger Toni Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Poisson NEW RATES!! $25 ST. ANNE Mr.' & Mrs.' John Cabeceiras, $100 . , Regular Savi~gs 5% Mr. & Mrs. George Cummings, St. Anne's Conference of the' Mrs. Doris Fiola, Mrs. Leopold 90 Day Notice 5 V2 % St,. Vincent de Paul SoCiety' Frechette.' " $50 . Mr. & Mrs. Paul Lapointe, A Systematic 6% Mr. & Mrs. Normand H. Boule Parishioner, Mr,' & Mrs. Philip , $35, 3 >Daily Interest; 4 ;4% Vaillancourt & Family: Cecile Sutton $30 ~Term Certific~te 5 % Mrs. Dora Gauthier Mr. & Mrs. Normand Chapde~ ' , laine

Joseph Conaty , ST. LOUIS (NC)-Change, reMr. & 'Mrs. Norman ROlisseau newal and adaptation-'were pic$35 tured as forllling the' philosophy, Mr. &' Mrs. Edwmund Crowell ,guiding men', in the, ,Church by , '" Bishop Ernest L. Unterkoefler of $31 Charleston, 'S;C.,' ,,, '::" Mr. & Mrs. ,CharlesJo~rres ", Spealdng ~to' delegaie~,:af the ;:, ,'$30 ' ."': National': C6un,~il ,~:of~ :Ca.tholic Teresa Foster ' .-; " Men, qmven.tio'n::'-here;'.~,Bi~hop. Anne":& Marion O'Hearn' Unterkoefler " said that' '''iri a Mr. ~Mrs. Thomas Slater .. serious effor-i tot:o~ercome 'for, , • >: $26, malism, some' have -become' adMr., eo< Mrs. Ge9rge A:' Morgan dieted', to contil}uQus '. change : $25, without a ,reasonable: -preservaMr. & Mrs .. Ralph Craddock, tion of elements of truth '" and William Daley & 'Mary Esther, . goodness, as i,ntegr~(: .elements $25' . '. Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Farren, Far-, 'of tDe change; Dr. &' Mrs. Alphone Poirier" ren Family, Mrs. Ernest ,A. Has~ "Now we' can; point, to vari- Loretta Fillion , prey. aples in living as a Catholic, in Mr. & Mrs. Edward Kelly, bei~g' fashioned 'into a ChristST. ANTHONY OF PADUA Constance Lynch,' John' Ma- like person," he said, adding, "at ,', $25 honey, Mr. & Mrs. Willi,am F. the founda,tion is a; unity in Shea. .. Christ, a oneness, in faith and Manuel Medeiros, Mr. & Mrs; love." Emery Gomes & Sons

ORTINS Photo Sup'ply

% Bass River Savings B"ank

,Norri$ H. Tripp SHEET METAL

J. TESER, Prop. 'RESiDENTIAL INDUSTRIAL COMMERCIAL 253 Cedar St., New Bedford 993-3222


THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall River-Thurs., May 8, 1969


............. :~I Real Cliff Hanger Going-On In Hockomock Diamond Loop North Attleboro and Mansfield~ locked-up in a four way deadlock for fourth place, are waging a determined battle for the two Hockomock League invitations to the Eastern Mass. title tourney. Coach Bob Guthrie's Red Paul Tetrault, a jack of all Rocketeers and Coach Jack trades, and Bob Ward, center Dunn's Green Hornets are fielder, have been the shining only one game off the pace stars at North Attleboro while of the three front runners- Bob Souza, senior first sacker, and Bob Monville, graduating pitcher, have been the bright lights at Mansfield. Tetrault, as classy a shortstop as there is in these parts, has also helped out on the mound for the North aggregation. Also pleasing to Coach Guthrie is the fact that Ward is only a Sophomore while Tetrault has one more year left in athletic competition. While they would much prefer to have achieved a first half record a little better than has been realized, both Guthrie and Dunn are fairly well pleased with the showings of their teams. Before the start of the season, Guthrie noted that speed and defense were his team's principal attributes. Both have been manifested on several occasions and account for the closeness of his team's place in the. stan~ling at the second half beginning.

Another Close Bristol County Race I

Dunn, before the curtain raiser, to its knitting to preserve a oneindicated he needed steady and game bulge in the Narragansett dependable talent to augment competition. Undefeated New Bedford looks the nucleus of three Seniors around whom he has molded like a 'shoe-iri' for one of the two the Hornets. Like Guthrie, he BCL invitations to the Eastern has come up with sufficient tal- Mass. tournament with the inent to stay in the thick of the siders predicting that Dul-fee race in which he finished second will pick-up the other bid. But, last season. Dunn, with six new- the Fall River enthusiasts are not comers in the lineup, has stead- in complete agreement, believied his forces into a challenging ing that their favorites will forge position for the run to the wire. into a pace-setting tie with the It would appear that a little Whalers today when the arch realigning is probable in the rivals meet head-on at Alumni Hockomock before the end of Field in the See City today. It's the week. Mansfield has a prob- Durfee all-the..way for the Fall lem on its hands today when it River boosters who expect to see their club on top rung when the collide~ with King Philip while Foxboro tangles with. Oliver curtain finally falls. Somerset is in the midst of Ames at North Easton. Tomorrow night, under the what may well be its toughest lights at Community Field in weeks of. the Spring season. North Attleboro, two of the four , Sporting the only undefeated in the fourth place tie will meet league record this week, Coach when North Attleboro entertains ·i Jim S~llivan's proteges must dipose 'Of three real threats to Franklin. But, the Hockomock is not' stay out. front in the Narry. The ·the only area schoolby loop edition of .this diocesan newswith a close race in progress. paper was being printed yesterNew Bedford is leading Durfee day afternoon when Somerset of Fall River by a one-half game was meeting Westport' which margin in the Bristol County was billed as the 'team-to-beat' league while Somerset must tend befdre the s~ason's first pitch.

Narry Arch Rivals Clash Tom,orrow And, tomorrow the Sullivan clan vies with a traditional old foe when it travels to Swansea to tangle with Case which seems to be going no place in particular. This fact worries Sullivan more than anything else. The opposition will be loose while too much tension could be costly for the Swansea invaders. SUICIDE SQUEEZE:-Hats off to New Bedford Vocational which is doing an excellent job

Jaime' Gonda/phi of Sagamore

Bo,""doin Scholar Athlete Former Bourne High HO'nor St udent, Captain

Norton High Coach

Canton, Foxboro and Stoughton. The leaders are 5-3 in their eight outings while two clubs on the northern boundry line of the diocese are knotted with Franklin and Sharon with 4-4 records. Oliver Ames of North Easton probably is the only club out of the running in the early stages of the second half. Seventh-place King Philip Regional of Wrentham is only two games back of the leaders with a 3-5 mark. Hence, it is conceivable that eight of the nine Hockomock circuit clubs will be mailing in their entry blanks next week for a place in the State Class B competition albeit the final standing outcome is a real mystery at this stage. But, a team which does not file, whether the ultimate winner. or not, is ineligible for the eastern regional.


in the BCL. Lodged in third place, the Whaling City Artisans have far surpassed all expectations. « « * Bob Souza who is doing so well this Spring at Mansfield is a brotlfer of Jack Souza who is now at the United States Military Academy at West Point. * * * Durfee-before this column went to press-had amassed a skein of 35 scoreless innings whiCh speaks well for its pitching staff and buoys the

By Luke Sims

Physically speaking, Jaime B. Gandolphi is not big! Yet from an athletic standpoint, the Sagamore native is immense. The son 'of Mr. and Mrs. Andrew P. Gandolphi of 738 Sandwich Road, Jaime is presently a freshman at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine where he enrolled after four excellent years, both athletically and academically, at Bourne High School. A standout performer in both football and baseball, Gandolphi showed his prowess in the classroom by being named to the National Honor Society throughout his four years at the Cape institution. So impressed was the Maine College that it awarded young Gandolphi a full athletic/academic scholarship. Jaime was listed as a halfback on the Polar Bears' freshman football roster but a minor knee inj~ry sidelined the mighty-mite for most of the campaign. Despite the inactive period, Coach Fred Harlow was high in his praise of the former Bourne ace. "Jaime may be small, but he's extremely quick and is an excellent runner. I'm looking forward to bigger and better things from him next season when he moves to the varsity. Gandolphi's fine but curtailed freshman campaign. follow,ed closely on the heels of a. brilliant senior year in which he was named to the Capeway- Conference All-Star football team, was the All-Cape winner in the field of athletics and was named

Approve Tentat'ive Text Translations LONDON (NC) - Representatives of the major Christian churches of the English-speaking world have agreed to tentative translations of the Our Father, the Apostles' and Nicene Creeds, the Gloria and the Sanctus. The International Committee on English Texts (ICET) has discussed and studied such common texts for several years. The recent ICET meeting here was the culmination of the work done by ad' hoc groups in Australia, Great Britain, the United· States and else'Yhere. ."U,lUUU,,"'llllltun1lU'''lllll1>tIlI''llrilll'II'"Ill!ll1lllI11I1IIlIUIIll'"ln11111111111"1111111111

hopes of Coach Joe (Skip) Lewis as his club starts the second half chase . to the flag.' « :;: :;: The Bomback brothers, Mark and Herman, have joined with Charley Drummell to compile the excellent Durfee pitching mark. >/< " * The Eastern Mass. tourney gets underway on May 30 (which used to be a holiday in this Commonwealth). :~ ::: " The Class A opening round will pit the BCL . victor against the Bay State loop runner-up with the second place BCL finisher facing the Bay State champs. * * * The Narry and Hockomock clubs will be competing in the regional Class B competition. The Narry titlist will oppose the Old Colony (Boston South Shore) second place club with Narry runner-up clashing with the Old Colony pennant team. * :;: ,~ The two top Hockomock clubs will meet the two best of the South Shore circuit.


Bourne's Most Valuable football performer. . On the diamond, Jaime was equally as impressive. During his senior .year in which he captained the Canalmen, Gandolphi was among the Capeway's leading hitters and was named to several All-Conference teams. Fast afoot and the possessor of an excellent throwing arm, Jaime was described as an infielder with fine range and dexterity. As a member of the Bowdoin freshman squad, "Gandy". is listed as a shortstop and second baseman. Jaime is the younger of two Gandolphi children and the second athlete in the family. His older brother Bob is a sophomore at the University of Maine

where he, too, is listed on the baseball roster. The Gandolphis are members of. St. Theresa's Parish in Sagamore. Jaime's athletic career was publicized throughout the Cape ':' :;: ':' and rightly so. His fine work in the classroom, however, was virtually confined to the high school. In addition to being a fouryear honor student, Jaime was the president of his freshman and senior classes and vicepresident in his junior year. In his senior year he was a delegate to the State House on Government Day and was later selected as a representative to Boy's State Summer. During the Summer months, Gandolphi worked with his father as a tug operator on a dredge and is expected to return to his position in June. Besides football and baseball, Gandolphi enjoys all water sports and favors reading a good book from time to time.

Actor to Become Dominican Brother LOS ANGELES (NC)·- Actor Kevin Kelly, who used to be in the "Sgt. Bilko" television show, will now be plain Brother Christopher in real life. On, May 15 he will make his solemn profession of vows as a Dominican at a concelebrated Mass in St. John Vianney chapel here. For the past three years he has been on the English department faculty at Daniel Murphy High School, conducted here by the Dominicans. After his profession, he will become director of Brothers' vocations for the West Coast Dominican province.






THE ANCHORThurs., May .8, 1969



..:.,."o:. ,!4'••

Rt. Rev. Raymond P. Kelly, Mrs. W. Arthur Leary Dorothy C. Sullivan $50 FaB River Mrs. John .& Katherine L. SACRED HEART Hogan M. Cecilia Sheahan & Margaret . $110 P. Kelliher Quinlan F. Leary Gertrude & Alice Lynch $100 Dr. &. Mrs. Roger L. LeMaire In memory of John & Mar: Mrs. Thomas Tansey. garet Smith The Kenney Family Thomas A. Synnott Hilda Phillips In memory of Margaret E. The Neilan Family Hammill, Mary M. Harrington, Joseph Phelan Ann F. Clancy, William H. SulWilliam F. & Shirley A. O'Neil livan Sacred Heart Conference of. In Memory of Gladys L. O'Neil Mr. & Mrs. Everett G. Crowley St. Vincent de Paul Society Dr.,& Mrs. Alfred J. Roy Deceased benefactors of St. Mr. & Mrs. James Kelley, Jr. Vinvcent de Paul Society, Sacred pl'. & Mrs. Owen O'Riordan Heart Conference. Catharine Furze John B. Cummings Mona M. Shea Sacred Heart Women's Guild Francis Devine Mrs. Katherine Adams Mr. & Mrs. James Davitt Mrs. Charles E. Sevigney Mr. & Mrs. Joseph, Eugene . $60 Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F. Murphy Paquet $45 Jr. Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Lynch Mr. Mrs. John J. Tuite Mildred V. Carroll $50 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. Burk'e Mrs. Ruth Cutting $40 Margaret R. Sullivan Mary & Catherine Lysaght Dorothy A. & Regina M. HigMr. & Mrs. James' H. Hudner gins. $35 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas F. ConMary V. O'Neil nors Mr. & Mrs. HeFve Bernier Mr. & Mrs. H. Frank Reilly $30 Mr. & Mrs. Dennis C. Hurley Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Dion Laura M. Sullivan The Mahoney Family Grace L. Martin Clarence Bonner . Mary E. Quirk Thomas Sullivan . $45 Mrs. James E. Sullivan & Grace Margaret & Thomas Tolan Mr.. & Mrs. Chester Nuttall $40 Mr. & Mrs. P. Henry Desmond Mr. & Mrs. Horace Hall John W. Cummings The Daley Family Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Keefe James L. Connor $25 $35 Frederick Torphy, James J. Walter H. White' Higgins, Antonio Luongo, John Mary Flynn Keating, Mr. & Mrs. Alfred A. Jane G. Broderick Dube. Mr. & Mrs. Fred Demetrius Helena Kelley; Elizabeth and James, Florence f-i Catherine Emma Connors, Marion Kane, Kennedy . Marguerite Bonner, Mr. & Mrs. $30 !1aymond Cheney. ' Raymond C. Gallagher Elinore Kennedy, Mr. & Mrs. Edward F. Daley Henry J. Lemerise, Kathleen McCharles V. Porta Intyre, Mrs. Walter Fallon, Mr. & Mr. & Mrs. Daniel F._ Duffy Mrs. John. Kirkman .. Charles A. Duffy Mr. & Mrs. Raymond McMul-' $26 len, Anne Kelley & Mary, GertHannah G. Connors rude Kelly, Marion L. Torphy, , $25 Mr. & Mrs. Leonard O'Neil, . Geprge Rigby. Mary Hurley, Genevieve A. In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Carvalho & Mr. & Mrs. Antone Harrington, Catherine P. Har-' . Pacheco Sr., Mr. & Mrs. J. Jo- rington, In memory of Christoseph Welch, Mrs.' John C. Tor- pher Clark,Mrs. John Partridge. Mr. & Mrs. James K. Marum, pey, Dr. Francis Dwyer. The Misses Donovan, Mr. to< «I Mrs. William Fitzler, Helen P. Leary, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Waring, William C. Chippendale. In Memory Of Herman J. Springer, Mr. & Mrs. John H. Springer & Mrs. Mary E. Larrabee, Mr. & Mrs. James H. Sullivan Sr., Mr. & Mrs. William H. Mercier. Mr. & Mrs. James DeMello, Mrs. Monica. Walmsley, Joseph M. 'Reilly, Nancy Walsh, MarEaret Desmond. , Sarah C. Halligan, Charles F. Curtis, Edward J. Delaney, Mr. & Mrs. George McCoomb.



............. .... -~::-





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BROTHERHOOD MOVEMlENT: In Fresno, California,. this momument with a tablet at its base depicts the late Episcopal Dean James M. Malloch of St. James' Cathedral, the late Msgr. James G. Dowling of St. Therese's Church and Rabbi D.avid Greenberg of Temple Beth Israel, members of a pioneer interfaith project·, "Forum of Better Understanding," a radio program that expanded into a multiplicity of civic activities. NC Photo Mr. & Mrs. Nicholas Hurst, Marie A. Murphy, Mr.. & Mrs. Fernand Donnoyer, Mrs. Fred Brissette. Ursula Riley, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Delancy, Mr. & Mrs. William Moran & Family, Margaret Hession, Mrs. William H. Sherry. Grace Cuttle, Margaret Lahey,' Mr. & Mrs. Bernard F. Sullivan, Edward F. Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Antone Almeida . Mr. & Mrs. John J. Harrington, Mrs. Roaul T. Gagnon, Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Gladu, Mr. & Mrs. Thaddeus Golitz, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph- Cummings. The Nash Family, Mr. & Mrs. Herman Mello, Mr. & Mrs. Wil-

liam F. Keating, Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Joseph McGuill, Mr. & Mrs. Norman J. Roy. Mrs. Theresa Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Lapre, Mr. & Mrs. John Azavedo, Mr. & Mrs. Robcrt F. Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Harold J. Dusoe. ' Gertrude L. Mercier, Mr. & Mrs. James Pedder, Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Wheeler, Mr. & Mrs. Francis Carey, Mr. & Mrs. Edward Nicoletti. Mr. & Mrs. Lionel, Braz & Family, Mr. & Mrs. Rene Beaulieu, Mr. & Mrs. William Renaud, Mr. & Mrs. James H. Pimental, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Danis:--

$1000 Rev. John 1;:. Boyd $100 Rev. James P. Dalzell $85 Mrs. John A. Coady & Family , $50 Mr. & Mrs. Manuel Medeiros Geraldine Harrington Mary Sweeney In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Thomas H. Spellman $30 Mary Noon Mr. & Mrs. Edward DeCiccio Alida Hart $28 In Memory of James E. Shea $26 In Memory of Manuel Rosa Jr. $25 Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Delzenero, Elizabeth -Barlow, In Memory of Timothy & Annie Holland, In Memory of Joseph Nicoletti, Mr. &" Mrs. Henry Buckley. Mr. & Mrs. James Judge, Caroline Wilcox, Annie Wilcox, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Biszko, Mr. & Mrs. Martin Delahanty. Mary E. Kilroy, Abbie Kilroy, Helen & Mildred Sullivan, Mr. & Mrs. John Diogenes, In Memory of Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Foran. Dr. & Mrs. Hilary F. White, John O'Brien, Mr. t~ Mrs. William T. Donnelly, Mrs. Maude Grick, Margaret Cusack. Helen Cusack, Ann Cusack, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore Blouin, Mr. & Mrs. James Fitzgerald, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Guidotti. . Mr. & Mrs. Antone Daponte, Mr. & Mrs. Louis Viveiros Jr., Mr. & Mrs. Louis J. Viveiros, Mr. & Mrs. Raymond Barrette, Mr. to:. Mrs. John Fitzler. Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Sincoski, Mr. & Mrs. Frank Labccki, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Fletcher, Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Murray, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Cahill. Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Garrity, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Barresi, Mr. t: Mrs. Henry Urban. Rt,

Highest Character The highest of characters' is his who is as ready to pardon the moral errors of mankind as if he were every day guilty of them himself; and as cautious of committing a fault as if he never forgave one.


love' y@u, Momm

NAME $400 Margaret G. Dillon $250 William A. Torphy Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Phaneuf .$200 Patrick Phelan Dr. & Mrs. John Dunn

•• . um~1D -


-., - :. :. - .-· E '.'


In memory of Ellen Phelan $130 Maureen O'Rourke $110 Mr. & Mrs. John Burke $100 Rose E. McDonald Mrs. Michael E. O'Rourke Mr. & Mrs. William Hargraves Mr. & Mrs. Caesar Fortunato $80 Thomas Hudner


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Happy Mother s 6

Fall River


Building Closes, Curtailment One Entire . BishopJames L. Connolly announced today that 15 Marian Medals will be awarded to individuals in- F...


Building Closes, Curtailment One Entire . BishopJames L. Connolly announced today that 15 Marian Medals will be awarded to individuals in- F...