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BishC)p to Ordain Eight Diocesan Priests at Cathedral Aprilo 2

.The ANCHOR A.n Anchor of the Soul, Sttr6,and Pirm-ST.

Eleven seminarians-eight for the Dioc'e~e and three Missionaries of LaSalette-wiII be ordained to the priesthood by the Most Reverend Bishop in St. Mary's Cathedral, Fall River, on Saturd~y morning. April 2, at 9 o'clock. Being ordained to the Diocesan priesthood for service in the Diocese of Fall ,River are Rev. Mr. Kenneth J. Delano of Taunton• Rev. Mr. Manuel P. Ferreira .... ,. r--.. ·.. ·· of Provincetown, Rev. Mr. Maurice R. Jeffrey of New Bedford, Rev. Mr. Louis J.


Fall River, Mass. Thursday, March 17, 1960 ....· 11 PRICE IOc VoL 4 , 1"1110. © 1960 The Anchor $4.00 per Year , Second Closs Moil Privileges Authorized at Fall River, Moss.

Vigeant Is to Head Charities Appeal


George Vigeant Sr., a member of th~ Sacred He~rt parish in New Bedford. will serve'as Lay Chairman of the 1960 Cathol'c Charities Appeal, the Most Rev~rend Bishop ann-ounced today. The prominent New Bedford, business---"'----------, . man and community leader ~' is president and "treasurer of, j the Old Colo,ny'Tra'nspo,rtaI tion Co., which operates a


large trucking concern that serves 'New York and New Jersey in addition to the entire New England area. Mr. Vigeant is' a native of New Bedford and was educat'ed, , in the parochial schools of that' city. Besides heading the transportation company, he is also treasurer of the Bay' State Realty and Advertising Corporation' of New Bedford. Prominent' Citizen· The Vigeant family consists of five married children, all residents of' New Bedford: George Jr., Romeo, Norman, Mrs. Rita Souza and Mrl!. 'Teresa Frennette. The, three,' sons are all affiliated with the Transportation Company. ' Every aspect of civic, religious, business and fraternal ac,'Tur.n to Page Eighteen

The annual vocation pro,. gram for the Diocese of Fall River ~iIl open tomorro~ with the beginning of a no-


Sacred Heart parish in North Attleboro today is lookingahead to the time when it will be the first. in the Diocese to accomplish complete family coverage, in ~ml~s for The Anchor. Assured of a 1960 parish circulation 50 per cent over and abbve its parish (Edmond'L.) . Dickinson," the quota, Rev, J os~ph S. Larue, North Attleboro pastor empha'pastor, predicts t~e day is sized. "Our parish sales have not far distant when the increased steadily each year. mailman will deliver a copy of That is a tribute to your news-

paper. Fr. Dickinson and myseIt ha ve both heard, the comment many times that The Anchor is 'not only an excellent pliblicaTurn to Page Eighteen

vena for guidance and the fostering of vocations to the religious life. The novena will end Sunday, March 27, and will be followed by a triduum of Masses for ,the same intention in Fall River, New Bedford and Taunton. In Fall River a Pontifical High Mass' will be celebrated at 10 Monday mor-ning, March 28, at Notre Dame' de Lourdes Church. All priests of the area and, students or' 'Prevost High SchQOI, and Dominican, JesusMary, Sacred Hearts and Mount' , St. Mary's Academies will attend. Rev.' John Cronin, St. Patrick's Church, Fall ,River, will preach and· the congregation will join ,in singing the Mass, with the Turn to Page Twelve


Bishops ,Attend New England Ceremonies

• ",lo

. Most Reverend James L. Connolly, D.D., Bishop of the, Diocese, and Most Rev. James J. Gerrard, D.D., V.G., REV. MR. JEFF'REY

Warch This List Groiv 1959 '1960 I~ocation Sales Sales Parish , Fall River 196 193 Blessed Sacrament Chatham 58 76 Holy Redeemer West Harwich 25 : 100 Holy Trinity· . 69 467 Immaculate Conception No. Easton' 105 108 Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Seekonk Fall River 603 60~ Sacred Heart 336 No. Attleboro' 245 Sacred Heart 106 Mattapoisett. 113 St. Anthony Fall River 254 .265 St. Jean Bapti~te Central Village 78 85 St. John the Baptist, Taunton 347 383 St. Joseph's Woods Hole 51 90 St. Joseph's Fairhaven 17 126 St. Mary's Seekonk 161 169 St. Mary's 207 Falmouth 208 St. Patrick So. Yarmouth 100 100 St. Pius Fall River· 126 127 St. Roch's Somerset 112 460 St. Thomas More


Pia'" Mass'es In Diocese

Three More Parish~s ~eport Quota Sales for The Anchor

this Diocesan newspaper ~ each and every family in his parish weekly. ' . "The credit for ,this splendid parish showing goes, to, !ather

Joseph of Provincetown, Rev. Mr. Roger D. LeDuc of New Bedford, Rev. Mr. Francis L. Mahoney of New Bedford, Rev. Mr. Lucio B. Phillipino of Taunton, and Rev. Mr. James R. Porter of Revere. Being ordained to the priest,hood as Missionaries of La Salette are Rev Mr. Daniel Charette, M,S. of Leominster, Rev. Mr. Adrien Francoeur, M.S. of Fall River, and Rev. Mr. Roger Moquin, M,S. of Manchester, N.H. Rev. Mr. Delano Rev. Mr. Kenneth J. Delano is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth J. Delano of 22 Ingell St., Taunton, and a, member of Sacred Heart Parish. He received his early education: 'in the' public schools of Taunton and is a graduate of Msgr. Coyle High School. He' then attended Our Lady of : Providence 'Seminary, ' Warwick Neck, R.I" for his' college course, and studied Philosophy and Theology at St. Mary'. Seminary; Baltimore. ' .Turn to Pllg~ E'ighteeft


Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese and pastor of' St. Lawrence Church, New Bedford, ,along with Rev. John H. Hackett, Assista,nt Chancellor and Bishop's Secretary, were present Tuesday morning' at the formal instaUa-' tion "eremonies in St. Jo~eph's Cathedral, Manchester, N. H., as Most Rev. Ernest J. Primeau became sixth Bishop of Manchester. Bish9P Primeau 'succeeds the late Most Rev. Matthew F. Brady. In,stalling prelate and speaker on the occasion was His Enii- nenee, Richard Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop of Boston. . Today ,both Bishop Connolly and Bishop Gerrard" and, Rt. Rev. Humberto . S. Medeiros, Chancellor of the Diocese, are at the consecration c~reinonies of Most Rev. Vincen' J. Hines, D.D.. former Chancellor of Hartford, as second, Bishop of, Norwich, Conn. Bishop Hines is being consecrated in St. ~atrick's Cathedral. Norwich, by Most Rev. Henry J. , Turn to Page, Twent,.




"Alt~,naO~dinary ,


Thurs. March 1'7, 1960

---Mautiac Urges Negro I~ission

Stresses Need For Vocations

, ALTOONA (NC)--ChristW eomment on religious v~ 'tions-"the harvest is greao\ but the laborers are few"-

ROME (NC) - France's noted Catholic author, Francois Mau'riac, said here that there is a need for "a black' apostolate lo show the Negro race that the Church is as black as it is white." Mr. Mauriae, a Nobel Prize winner, spoke at a conference here on relations between Africans and Europeans. Because of :E:urope's past history of colonialism in Africa, he said, "we are to the Africans those who took. So true is this that the occupi.ed countries took their name from the riches seized-The Gold' Coast, the Ivory Coast,' the Slave Coast." "What was worse, we took their spiritual independence, which is more important than political independence," he continued. , Mr. Mauriac said that not all relations betwE~en Europeans and Africans are negative. He noted that missionary efforts followed the first contacts with Africa, although he said that Christianity's means of bringing the Africans to God were not alwa)'tl the best.


bas seldom before "had such u . versal and such timely appli~ tion," according to Bishop Ho~ ard J. Carroll. The Bishop of Altoona-Jol'lneton has made a statement ill a pastoral letter directing triduume of prayer for' vocations in all ' schools of -the diocese. Bishop Carroll declared that only one priest will be ordained this yeai' for the Altoona-Johnston See. "We are not getting enough priests to replace those who are incapacitated or who are taken by death, 'much less to care for normal growth orJ to expand OUl' 'services' adequately," he said. The' BishOp pointed out that without' encnlgh religious vocations, C~tholics lack essential spiritual' opportunities, as we:Jl as educational facilities.

PERHAPS SOME YEARS FROM NOW: The young. lady at th~ right, uni~entified came up to the altar rail for a closer view of the i~vesbtu~e of .novlces ?f the Slste~s ~f St. Joseph of St. Augustine, who conduct schools and hOSPItals ill t~e DIocese of MlamL " 'Bishop Coleman F. Carroll of Miami officiated. NC Photo.


The following films are to be added' to the lists in their respective classifications: Unobj(lctionable for general' patronage: Conspiracy of Hearts (this excellent picture, which depicts the plight of a group of nuns in smuggling Jewish orphans out of detention camps in Nazi-occupied Italy, emphasizes love 'and fraternal charity); Great Day; Kidnapped; 13 Fighting Men; Toby Tyler; Would-Be , Gentleman. Unobjectio,nable for adults and adolescents: Time Machine. Objectionab:le in part for' all: Can.. Can (suggestive 'costuming, songs and situations); Female and the Flesh (suggestive costuming and situations); Wicked Go to 'Hell ,(suggestive costuming; insUfficient moral compensation)., ,,' " ,

Mass' Ordo

FRmAY~Friday of II Week of Lent. Simple. Violet. .Mass Proper; 'No Gloria; Second Collect St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Bishop, ConfesSoI' and Doctor of the Church; PrefaCe of Lent. SATURDAY~i. Joseph, Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Patron of the Universal Church, Confessor. 'Double of I Class. White. Mass Proper; Gloria; Second Collect Saturday of II WE~k of Lent; Creed;, Preface of St. Joseph..... SUNDAY-Ill Sunday of Lent. Double of I Class. Violet. Mass Proper; No Gloria; Creed; Preface of Lent. , MONDAY-St. Benedict, Abbot. Simple. White. ,Mass Proper; Gloria; Second Collect Monday. of III Week of Lent; Preface of Lent. TUESDAY-Tuesday of III Week of Lent. Simple. Violet. Mass Proper; No Gloria; Second Collect St. Isidore. Farmer and Confessor; Preface' 01. Lent. WEDNESDAY - Wednesday of III Week' of Lent. Simple. Violet. Mass Proper; No Gloria; Prefact! of LCnt. THURSDAy·....; Thursday of m Week of Lent. Simple.·Violet. Mass Propel'; No Gloria; Seeond Collect ~t. Gabriel, .Arc:bangel; Preface of Lent.



. ,....


:. :"-",


More Catholics Need More 'yoc,ations

Pop," Cites Church's Unterestin Africa,

rectory, In 1959 there were 52,- Catholic .population, for the efVATiCAN' CITY (NC)~Pope 689 priests and 38,105 semin- fects of the, increased Catholic John XXIII has told a group of arians, although the bulk of birthrate, in post-World War n African writers' and poets that these had to be drawn from years are only now beginning to the Church from its earliest dll¥1' " the,· relatl'vely small Catholic be felt iIi the lowest vocation has been interested in Africa. populations of, ,20 and, 30 years level, in me minor seminaries , '11 • fr and high school years. He teca ed an epIsode 0Ia ago, before .the great post_-war th 'N - 'Te t 'ment m' wh'ch the s a I In the OffI'cI'al Catholl'C DI'rec- ' e ew in-crease in number of Catholics. ', "'However, let us take a look Deacon Philip sellt by t.By comparisaon, in 1944 there tory for 1959 there were listed HIGh 'to was b tiz at the record. A study of the . t 6 162 1,307,66-- Baptl'sms '0'f 'infants, 0 yost ap e a perSOll were 37,749 prIess;, " h ' d th G 1t Q figures will show actually the brothers,' and ' 133,985 sIsters, . 4,083,860 pupl'ls l'n CathoII'C- ,ele-,- CoO: w 0 carrief Eth' e ospe 0 uema . vocation record is splendid, The and 20,816 seminarians in ~ total mentary schoolS, and 810,768 ~ndace'o', IOpla. . difficulty would, seem to arise Catholic population' of 23,419,- pupils' in Catholic high schools. The '~9pe ',sa~d that during bJI from the fact that the priests ,and :701 Catholics. In the same year ,Despite the 'fact, 'therefore,' years a's~ papal diplomat he had religious in' Service today were' there were 799,()96 Baptisms of that the vocations' were drawn often 'heard' missionarIes, and drawn from a Catholic populainfants, 2,052,88l! pupils' in from a much smaller Catholic others' sp~ak' ,of _Africa's 'literary tion only about one-half as large Catholic elementary schools, population" the' number of lilnd cultural organizations. a. as that th~y ,are 'expected to .. imd 409,798 pupils mCatholic 'those consecrated to the service' said AIr'ican history is' replete serve. schools. of God as priests, brothers, and with, gl~ries 'and magnificent Thus the Catholic PQPuluation In 1959 there were 52,689 sisters increased by 39 per cent enterprises of human dedicatklD was 20,523,053 in 1935, 2j.,406,-priests" 9,709 brothers,' and from 1944 to 1959, while the and C9ri~i~n charity. 507 in ,193!¥, and 23,42~,7o.1 as, '1,64,922 sisters, ,,;md 38,105 Sem-, total Catholic:, population in'. , :i late as 1944. 'From these numinarians"a~ost all drawn.' £rom, creased"by 68 pe,r cEm~, ," bers were drawn the vocations ihe" years' of ,relatively lower '.: W~en',the, full ~orce of ,ALLERSBERG (NC) _ U. So that today serve a ' Catholic , . , ... ' , ' " ,I'.lcrease of ~athohc ~Opo.latI~il,:; ~y authorities have sent a population twireas large-39,'Honor~ SInce. Wor~d War n IS felt m' letter of thanks to the parisJl 505,475 in 1959: ' ~ocpeatIQt~s't.ltthiS, notbtloo mutchthto 'priests of this ,small Bavariu ' And 'despite the 'relativelY'· .' , ., 0,.8. ,e pro em, ,a e, town for enabling Catholic Gh small numbers, the response has PARIS ,(NC~-Many pIlgr.un- 'least" Will not be so acute. , to g t to Sunday Mass during t>een terrific. There were,' for a,ges, celebratIons. and pubhca'''To the s~me 40,000,000 Cath-.. :rece:i·'manetivers., The 'prieBta tlOns are planned ill honor-of the 'olics of 1960 therefore 'who ":'d M "f th Idi . te xamp'le, 30,250, priests and 23,- 16th t .f the . troduc ' , .sal ass or e so ers In ..579 seminarians', in 1935, accord. ,cen en~ o. . In must' depend for spiritual min- large tents erected near here. lng to the Official Catholic Di- tion of monastIc life mto France istrations on the servants cd ' by' St.. ,Martin of Tours, the 'God drawn from Catholic pop- "..--~--------.., nation's patron. 'ulations 'only half as large St. Ma~in's co~unity .began, there are words of hope. • ~Iectrical as a hermItage at Llguge m 360, Help is on the way! Contracton A.D. About 11 years later he was,. LONDON (NC) Scottish Jesuits are to bE! made independ- chosen - Bishop of Tours, and , ent of their fellow Religi9us m served i.uitil his death in 397. NEW YORK (NC)-The Provi, The more than 4,000 churches England. " ' dedicated to St. Martin will be dence Visitor, newspaper of the A new Scottish vice-province the scene' of celebrations in his Providence diocese, has been of the Society of Jesus will soon honor. Of the 38,000 registered given a national award for its . be established with, a view to communities in France, 365 bear support of "fair housing. Tl:\e -the ultimate creation of a Scot- St, Martin"s name. Isolated ham- honor was one of 25 national 944'County St. tish province' independent of the , lets, bring the number to about brotherhood awards' made here New B.edford English province, which at pres- 500. " , by the National Conference 01. ent embraces Scotland. Christians and Jews. The first Jesuit novitiate in Scotland will be opened' near Brother Eudes, C.S.C.,' princiEdinburgh next year., Scottish pal of Monsignor Coyle High, Jesuits are expected to assume IN NEW BEDFORD -IT'S '.. full responsibility for the Jesuit School, ,Taunton, has announced that the registration for admitmission in British Guiana, which tance into the school with the has been one of the English Septemberclass . will be held province's two· majorresponsi- Sunday afternoon from 2 to 5. =G=E=O=" CHEVROLET bilities. The· other is Southern , All proSpective, students will Rhodesia.' 'bring. their last rePort cards FOR THE FINEST TRADE' EVER with them and will be given an Bless~s entranCe exQlllinatioD ofooe SUCCESSOR TO LOUGHLIN CHEVROLET hour duration. ,.! ~ks, Information' about the, schoo! Open' Every Evening 565 M1LtST. VATICAN CITY (NC)-P~pe WY7-9486 John blessed hundreds of, cars, and its courses may be ob~ained • • • • • • • • • • • • Y, • • • : during th4!iegiStration periOd.. buses' aDd 'fire trucks in St. Peter's square on the feast of 8t. • Frances' of Rome. IS Standing' at the window in his private 'stUdy, the P6peurg~d ; those gathered in the square below to di~cipline themselves ' and drive safely. After be blessed· the 'vehicles, the Pope was thanked by the blaring Of their horns.' ' '~' " The cry "Shortage of yocations" has caused panic in some parts of our nation. There is indeed a shortage of priests for · parishes, brothers 'for' teac h mg, and nuns for' te,aching and 'varl'ous charitable works.

"Army Tl1anks Priests, !ht!,. ' ,

,Make Plans to St Martin of Tours, '.

Jesuits to ES,tablish New Vice-Province'




Pa'per Get-sAward



Coyle' Registration


Holy Fa,ther, Cars, Buses, Tr..

•• •••• •• ••••••

Mar. 2O--St. Joseph, Norib , Dight~n. Espirito Santo, Fall River. Mar. 2'1 --' Our Lady oJ. Lourdes; Taunton. 8t. Boniface, ,. New. Bed, ford., I St. Peter; Sou'th Dighton. April3-:-St. Francis Xavier, Acuslmet.", _ Our Ludy of Perpetual, , Help, New Bedford.' St. James; Taunton. April 1~1t. Paul, Taunton. 8t. John the Baptist, Fall Ri,veJ·. ' , "

The shortagecrf vocations " not God's fault, he said, but rather reSultS from the faClt "that tlie seeds of vocatioDll which - He 'sows abundantly aU too often 'falf on ~orny 01' stoRr ground." , ..


the' Time for, 'CLAM, •






. ,.

,' • . •



.. ,


p,kg. ":, MacLEAN1S· SEA-'FOODS'


8eeODd-daas lZl8il privileges authOrized'

at Fall' River Miws, Publis.bed: eYer7 _ Thumdn, at -do, Highland Avenue; FaD River. Mass.. ii, the Cntbolle Pretjs of the Dioeese ofFal!. River, SubseriptiOJl 'price b.V Poa1iPldd ,56.00 J?ll1' 1 ' -


. .,


" ?,'.


r'" ·,...,,,:r;~·,,?


,., ';"--:








".'1 ',.

Zoning Measure Protects Catholic School Rights


Assures Liberty For Argentina's Catholic Schools

TRENTON (NC)-Legislation dealing with discriminatiory Z 0 n i n g ordinances, eourt testimony by clergymen and Jbscenity has been introduced in the New Jersey Legislature. T h r e e assemblymen nave Joined to introduce a measure which would make it illegal to display for sale books or magazines which portray on their cover a crime, nudity or seminudily. The standard would be this: If it would be unlawful for a person to perform the act shown or go about dressed in the manner portrayed, it would be unlawful to display the book or magazine for sale. However, sale of the book itself would not be banned if its contents are Dot obscene. The measure has been introduced as a companion to a coneurrent resolution which calls for the legislature to establish a Joint commission to study the. problems occasioned by printed obscenity. That proposal has passed the Assembly and awaits action in the Senate. The zoning measure also was introduc( l in the Assembly. It provides that "no planning or zoning ordinance ... governing the use of land (for schools) ahall . . . discriminate between public" and non-profit private day schools. Clergymen's Testimon,. Last year th~ State Supreme Court threw out a Saddle River, N.J., zoning law which prevented the establishment of a private echool there. Court testimony by clergymen fa covered in a bill introduced in the Senate setting up and clarifying rules concerning the giving of evidence. The act spells out the right of a clergyman to refuse to testify about information given him "in his profesaional capacity, or as a spiritual advisor in the course of the discipline or practice of the religious body to which he belongs."

BUENOS AIRES (NC) A Government official has assured Catholic educators here that Argentina's reestablished Catholic universh. . ties will not· be subject to anticleric;al attacks. The Undersecretary of State for Education, Mr. Salonia, told the Jesuit administrators of the University Qf the Saviour that the government will continue to guarantee ~reedom of study and teaching. His assurance, came during anticlerical campaigning in a 'congressional election and strong attacks against the role of the Churuch in national culture. The criticism of the Church was made by Prof. Risieri Frondizi, rector of the National State University here and a brother of }>resident Arturo Frondizi of Argentina. ,Both Catholic universities in Buenos Aires have been bombed, but neither sustained much property damage. Argentina's third Catholic university, at Cordoba, has been under anticlerical attack. All three Catholic universi- ties were opened after the fall of dictator Juan Peron in 1955. During his reign state universities monopolized higher education. Last year the government gave private universities faculties "to grant degrees in all field&.

GOING SOUTH: Leaving Washington next month for State Department assignment in Latin America are Mr. and Mrs. Robert Delaney with children, (left to right) Joseph, . 7; Carol, 1; Nancy, 5.

Cathedral Paris.h. Man Going' to El" SalvadorOn. State Department Assignm'ent

A native of St. Mary's Cathedral parish, Fall River, who has served 12 years with the State Department, has received word of assignment to .EISalvador. He is Robert Delaney, who with his wife, the former Mary Flynn, also of Fall River, and three· Plans Summer Tour children, will leave Washington for the Central American republic at the end of April.' Of Poland, Russia He was last in Fall River He has lectured throughout was a claims adjuster for the WASHINGTON (NC) A .during the summer to visit the country and is a contributor city. Catholic university professor his mother., Last March he to many' Catholic magazines. will conduct a' four-week tour addressed the Catholic Wom- Among his achievements has of Poland and the Soviet Union this Summer, the Catholic Travel Office has announced. I Urban H. Fleege, chairman of the education department at DePaul University, Chicago, will direct the tour, which will leave New York on Aug, 3 and return OR Aug. 31. Dr. Fleege ,spent six weeks in Russia, Latvia and Poland last year as a member of U. S. educators studying schools in the Soviet Union. The tourists will visit the Polish national shrine of Our Lady of Czestochowa, as well as the Polish. cities of Warsaw and Cracow. In the Soviet Union the group will visit Moscow, Leningrad, Tbilisi, Odessa, Kiev, and the Black Sea resorts of Sochi and Yalta.

Blame School Closing On EnroUment Drop DETROIT (NC) - Many students wept unashamedly in class when told of the decision to close St. Anne's High School, second oldest in Michigan. . The decision was made by Mother Marietta, school principal, and Father M. L. Lynch, C.S.B., pastor of St. Anne's church. The parish is the first founded in Michigan. The founder was a famed priest-statesman, Father Gabriel Richard, pioneer in the U. S. Catholic press and only Catholic priest to serve in the U. S. Congl·ess. The decision to close the high school was prompted by the decline in enrollment, which now stands at only 73 students. The students will be transferred to nearby St. Vincent de Paul High School next September. St. Anne's High School, opened in 1898, has been on the Michigan. state accredited list since 192'1.


Thurs. March 17, 1960

an's Club of this city on his newly-published book, "This is Com m u n i s t llungary." The book was also the subject of a panel discussion recently given by Mt. St. Mary Academy students for the Adult Education Forum meeting at the Fall River Public library. The book grew from Delaney's experiences in Austria at the time of the Hungarian revolution, when he was a representative of the Voice of America. , He has serverl in Rome as well as Austria. One son, Joseph, was born there and boasts a cardinal as godfather. Delaney~., who had a brilliant scholastic career at Coyle High School, ·Taunton, then at Dartmouth and Holy Cross Colleges, has been teaching English and political science at Catholic University in addition to his State Depal·tment duties. Valedictorian at Coyle and Holy Cross, he earned a master's degree in political science and English at Boston University, following it with a doctorate in the same subjects at Catholic University.

been completion of a 10 ·month course in political science at Harvard University in three months.

He is a commander in the Naval ReServe Officers Training Corps. His mother, Mrs. John J. Harrington, 74 Forest Street, is still resident in Fall River. His father, the late Atty. Joseph T. Delaney,

New Superintendent PROVIDENCE (NC) - Msgr. Arthur T. Geoghagen, assistant superipterident of Providence diocesan schools for six years, has been named superintendent, succeeding Msgr. John J. Kenny, pastor St. Brendan's church,' East Providence. The measure of a man is not the number of his servants but in the number of people whom he serves.

REYNOLDS-DEWALT William & Second Sts. New Bedford

Passionist Provincial To Tour Missions UNION CITY (NC) - Father Canisius Hazlet~, C.P., provincial of the Passionist Fathers in the. eastern United States, has 'left his headquarter:" here in New. Jersey for a tour of Passionist missions in the Philippines. Father Hazlett will also visit Hong Kong, Japan, India and the Middle E3st. He is scheduled to me~t with the Passionists' superior general in Rome and to visit American Passionists jn Austria.

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Judge Asks Aid

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of Fall Riv·er-Thurs. Mar. 17, 1960

For Poor Italians In North Africa

IThe Parish Parade Daily Adoration

OUR LADY OF LOURDES, WELLFLEET Four members of the Women's Guild will each make a 15 minute period of adoration daily during Lent, thus ensuring one hour's vigil each day of the holy season. All members are trying to attend daily Mass and receive the sacram,mts frequently. A ham and bean supper will be held today, St. Pafrick's .day. Other events on the calendar include a card party -in May, a supper in lune, a food sale in July, a penny social in August, a supper in Septembe:r and a card party in October.

ST. MICHAEL'S, FALL RIVI~R ' The Council of Catholic . Women will sponsor a Cotton Ball from 8 to 12 Saturday night, April 23, in the school audito: rium, highlighted by crowning of the Cotton Ball Queen. Mrs. Irene Pereira is chairman and tickets. are available from all council members. Representatives will attend the district dialog Mass at St. Louis Church at 8 Tuesday night, April 26 and the Diocesan convention Saturday, May 14 at Bishop Stang High School.


ST. MARY'S, FAIRHAVEN A variety show, "The Belles of St. Mary's," will be produced at· 8 Tuesday night, April 26 a~ Fairhaven Town Hall, with proceeds to benefit the building fund. Benjamin Cabral Jr., is director, with Mrs. Ida DeRossi as general chairman, Tickets are available from all committee members or from the rectory. ESPIRITO SANTO, FALL RIVER The Holy N~me Society will hold a Father-SQn Communion breakfast following 9:15 Mass Sunday morning. March 27. All men and bo:~s of the ·parish are invited. HOLY NAME, FALL' RIVER A testimonial for Rev. James A. McCarthy, former curate, now stationed at St. William's Church, Fall River, will. be held at 3 Sundal' afternoon at the Catholic Community' Center, Franklin Street. Parishioners from high school age up are . invited to "ttend. ST. MARY'S, SOUTH DAltTMOUTH The Women's Guild will hold a dance Satuurday, April 30 at Stevenson's, North Dartmouth. ST. MARY'S, SEEKONK The 50th Annual Minstrel and . Variety Show to benefit St. Mary's Church at Cherry Hill, will be staged in the Peter Thacher School, Sunday with a matinee and evening performance. A casl: of approximately 100 will appear in the show under the direction of Jame,,; F. Cole, and many specialty acts will be featured. A cake sale, under the chairmanship of Mrs. Mary Lynch of the Guild i. scheduled for Sunday, March 21, following all the Masses.. Men of the Holy Name Society will sponsor a Ham Raffle in the parish hall on April 9. HOLY CROSS, FALL RIVElt The Young Ladies Sodality will hold a St. Patrick's Day meeting at 4 this Sunday afternoon in the parish- hall. /'

ST. GEORGE, \VtESTPORT The Women's Guild will hold a card parfy Saturday night, April 23. Mrs. Honore Vaillancourt is chairman. ST. ELIZABETH, FALL RIVER The Women's Guild will recei~e corporate communion at 8:15 Mass this Sunday morning and attend breakfast following. Mrs. Mildred Cantin and Miss Rose Machado are co-chairmen. ST. ANN, NEW BEDFORD Explorer, Boy Scout and Cub Scout units of Troop 16 /will. sponsor their first parents and sons communion .breakfast 'this... Sunday, following 8:30 Mass.. William J; Barnatt will be guest speaker. SACRED HEARTS, FAmBAvEN· A program at 7:30 this Sunday night in the church hall will benefit the parish fund. Adrian Desrosiers is chairman. IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, FALL RIVER The .Wom~'s Guild will hold a Communion breakfast Sunday, May 15. ST. STANISLAUS, FALL RIVER The \ P~rent - Teacher . and Alumni Association will hold a mystery ride Saturday, April 30. Mothers of first grade children will be hostesses at the next regular meeting. ~ SANTO CHRISTO, FALL RIVER The Council of Catholic Women will hold a penny sale at 7:30 Thursday night, April 21 intbe church basement. Mrs..~ Bazinet' is chairman. Next reguJar' meeting is set for Tuesday.,· April 12. ST. LAWRENCE, NEW BEDFORD The Couple's Cluub will hold a panel discussion at 8 this Sunday night at st. Mary's Church hall, South Dartmouth. Dr. William S. Downey, Dr. Arthur F. Buckley and Dr. Stanley J. Koezera will discuss "Parents, Children' and the Facts of Lite." The group will hol.d its semiannual corporate Communion at 9 o'clock Mass Sunday morning.. ST. PATRICK'S, "WAREHAM The Catholic Theatre Guild of New Bedford presented their own production, "An Easter Vigil", at the Lenten meeting of St. Patrick) 'Circle. Ellen Gaughin, the writer and producer, played the leading role. Mrs. .Joseph Moore, spiritual chairman of the Circle, was in charge of the arrangements of the, meeting that was open to all women of the area. ST. LOU,lS, FALL RIVER Members of the Confratemily of Christian Mothers are reminded that they may gain a plenary induigence by receiving the sacraments of penan<Je ~nd the Holy Eucharist this' weekend. The feast of St. Joseph' is among feasts thus privileged for tile confraternity. . ST. ANTHONY, TAUNTON The Holy Rosary Sodality will hold a Holy Hour at 7 Sunday night, March 20, to be followed by a meeting in the school hall 'at which Mrs. Peter Nolan: will ."preside. Plaits for activi ties for the remainder of the year be discussed.

ROME (NC) - A New York judge said here that he will ask Congress to pasll a law admitting to the U. So 5,000 Italian families now living in misE;!ry in Tunisia.. Juvenal Marchisio, judge 6l New York City's Domestic Relations Court, came here following • a trip to the newly independent nation of Tunisia in north Africa. , As national chairman of the American Committee on Italial1 Migration, Judge Marchisio had gone to Tunisia to investigate charges that the 60:000 Italians there are being uprooted by the government's nationalization program. He said he found that tho Tunisian government had forced ltallariS to sell their property in line with the program and that Italian families are "living I. horrible conditions to day, crowded into single rooms with,out water, light or sanitation." The New York judge reported OPEN Am PROCESSION: Archbishop Ambrogio Marthat the Tunisian government chioni, Papal Nuncio to Guatemala, carries the Blessed has taken over six Catholic Sacrame~t on ~ gilded chariot along a three-mile route on . churches in the country, as welt a Catholic home for the aged. the Avenue of the' Americas in Guatemala City to mark as He added that some Catholial the f~t aniliv~rsary of the American Eucharistic have given up the practice ol their Faith to obtain certaia Congress. NC ~hoto. advantages.


PrelatePra'ises Protesta nt Cha'plains NEW YORK .(NC) - His Eminence Francis Cardinal Spellman has praised the patriotism of Protestant chaplains he has met in his frequent and extensive visits to members of the United' Stares Armed Forces both here and abroad. The Archbishop of New York is: also head of the Military Ordinariate, which is the Diocese embracing all the Catholics in the U. S. Armed Forces. He spoke in a brief int«rrview here in which he was asked to comment on the; controversy caused by the circulation of two Air Force training manuals. The manuals linked communism with U. S. churches, and drew quick and vigorous protests from Protestant leaders. The Catholic Church was not involved. Loyalty'

Cardinal Spellman said: "My position as Military Vicar has given me many occaSIOns, extending over a long s'i:>an of years that goes back to. the beginning of .world War II,.of meeting and associating' with chaplains of the Protestant faith. During these many years of association, I have admired their dedicated loyalty to our, country and its principles. I would deeply deplore it if any unfair deductions from general accusations were interpreted to reflect in any way on their loyalty to our country or on the loyalty of the general body of the' .ministers whom they represent. N' ~ As Military Vicar of the Ca tbolic Military Ordinariate, the Cardinal has made ~umerous' visits to men and women in aU branches of the U:S. Armed Forces. He has made nine consecutive Christmastime vis it II which have taken him,round the world. -

:Cite Bishops will Students For Aid to Refugees

UPPSALA (NC) - The U. S. Bishops' relief agency is among ..• ' the most active welfare groups Sophomores Win Honor ,working \ on behalf ·of refugees in SW/'lden, a Catholic student group here reports. . Academicum Catholicum', a ST. MARY'S, velopment Tests and 10 juniors university student association, TAUNTON , _participated in the -qualifying noted in a study that the CathSeven sophomores have been Merit Scholarship Program. olic ·Relief Services-National accepted as 'probationary mem- BISHOP STANG, Catholic Welfare Council, worldbers of the lDebrabant Chapter NORTH DARTMOUTH wide relief agency of the U. S. of the National Honor Society. A St. Patrick's Day program Catholic bishops, has been inSpecial meetings are ·being held' to be presented at 8 tonight in .. strumental in the· resettlement for sophomore and junior candithe auditorium will benefit the and immigratir::l of thousands 01. -dates for sod~lity membership. school . activities fund. Irish Catholic refugees in Sweden. They will be accepted into the tenor Frank Ryan, Irish step Of the 26,000 Catholics iJl organization next Fall. dancers, a concertina choir and Sweden, 20,000 have' come frOID, Freshmen and sophomores Percy Brand, violinist, will be other European countries, mE>. took Nati<mal Educational De- among performen. QftheID as refu~

Spotlighting Our Schools '


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Mernber 01 St. Patrick's Parish in Wareham Leads Seniors at SacredHearts,Fairhaven

By Avis c. Roberts A nursing career is the goal of Claire Reinhardt, class president of the Class of 1960, 8acred Hearts Academy, Fairhaven. Claire, 17, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E. Rein_rdt of 18 Highl~nd Road. Wareham, has been accepted for entrance in September to Pitchburg State Teachers College. She's waiting to hear from another college, too. But If she goes to Fitchburg it will be fo~ a two-year course ill liberal arts followed by 1 ~ years' of nursing train-


Ing at Burbank Hospital, Fitchburg.

On completion of the fourpear course the Sacred Hearts ~nlor will be eligible for a B.S. degree. Miss Reinhardt, described by her teachers as a "very induskious student," says her duty as daBS president is "first, to give good example to all." She arranges money-raising projects tor the class yearbook and has been in charge of cake sales, a .tudent car wash venture and yariety shows at the school. History Her Favorite History is this senior's favorIte subject and her hobbies are playing the piano, swimming, tennis and bowling. She's also an honor student and consistent top mark getter, a member of Sacred Hearts Glee Club and sodality. Claire is a communicant of St. i»atrick's Church, Wareham. She started h~ schooling at Wareham Pilgrim Memorial School but entered Sacred Hearts Academy In 6th Grade.

Says Religion Test Unwise DES MOINES (NC)-Barrlng • Catholic from the U. S. presidency because of his religion. would be unwise, Gov. Herschel Loveless of Iowa has stated. He said in an address at the First Unitarian Church of Des Moines that the most crucial problem in U. S. government today is to persuade the bestqualified citizens to run for major office. '"If we eliminate a. substantial portion of our population from consideration for religious rea_ms," the Governor ,declared, "we have arbitrarily cut down our chances of selecting persons of. the highest qualifications," The Governor, a Methodist, added that "many thoughtful persons guided by reason rather than blind prejUdice, are pondering the question 'Would we Keept a Catholic president?' It He said: "I believe there are outstanding leaders of the Catholic Faith in both political parties who would serve with distinction and p~triotism as president. "It seems to me," he stated, "that by the time a man haa attained the position In pu~lic life where he Is.. seriously conIlidered for the highest office, his leadership and even his p0litical ethics may still be In question but his devotion to eountry has been adequately tested."

New Bedford Youth To ConduC't Panel The Youth Committee of the Ifew Bedford District Council of Catholic Women will sponsor an oPeD meeting Wednesday evening at St. James' Parish Hall at 8:15. Miss Mary E. Foley, District Chairman of Youth and Miss Mary Manning, Diocesan Chairman of Youth, have announced. that Maurice- Downey, athletic coach at Holy Family High School, New Bedford, will serve as moderator of the panel diseussing "Youths' Rights and Responsibilities". Members of the Holy Family Debating Club will be the panelists. Rt. Rev. Hugh A. Gallagher, DiBtrict moderator, will open the meeting with prayer. Miss ltathleen C. Roche, District president, has invited an women to attend the panel and Ule ahori ...."iaesa meetiol-

Remembers First Negro Cardinal For Energy, Thrift, FrietKIliness ROME (NC) - The CbW"Ch's first African Negro Cardinal is a calm and gentle man, energetic without waste motion and thrifty to tbepoint of frugality. This is the portrait of Cardmalelect Laurian Rugambwa painted by the rector of the college in Rome where be studied for three years. Father Francis Rosenbaum of the Divine Word Fathers remembers the six-foot-plus Bishop of Rutabo well, and with evident pride, For not only is the Bisbqp the first African Negro lo be made a Prince of the Church, but he is to be the first Cardinal from the alumni of St. Peter's· College, graduate house of studies for priests from mission territories. "Whenever he comes to Rome he visits us," Father Rosenbaum said. "He's an old friend, and the honor.that's come to him has made us very happy."

He said that when be told the !Rudent priests living at the col~ lege of Bishop, Rugambwa>s elevation to the College of. Cardmals, "they were tremendously He added: "Especially the Airicans. But everyone else was happy, too. The news that Africa, the Philippines and Japan are to have Cardinals is an important and wonJerful step forward for the missions." Father RO~f'"baum stood with his back to a magnificent view of St. Peter's Basilica as he spoke of the African priest who had lived at the college for three years and who has returned to Rome and the college three times since finishing his studies in 1951.

"He's the calm type, gentle yet energetic. But you don't see bis energy from the outside. What you see is a composed, tranquil person."

Papal Message, Church Bells' Open Mission for Montreal Catholics MONTREAL (NC) - A message from Pope John and the pealing of hundreds of church belis opened " I,.enten "grand· mission" for the 1,193,000 Catholics in this archdiocese. More than 5,000 persons assembled to hear Paul Emile Cardinal Leger, Archbishop of Montreal, open the mission by commissioning hundreds or speCIal preachers who then fanned out to the 252 parishes and missions here. Pope John's message concentrated on the Lenten retreat's theme, "God Is Our Father," The Pontiff said the wo~ld will find the road to true brotherhood and peace only by practicing love for family and neighbors.. "Now if God is our Father," he wrote, "it follows tha.t we are all brethren, whence it is that Our Lord· urges us, 'a second commandment like the first': love one another! Fraternal Love "Filial love is only true, in a family, when it is complemented by fraternal love and. this love made' known by acts. Such is the great law 0# love...• The Pope said he hoped this truth would enrich the souls of all participants In the mission

and through their prayers and zeal help ,-'al'ward Catholics find their way back to God. From the historic Notre Dame Church, Cardinal Leger spoke by radio to Montreal's Catholics. He spoke of modern man's hesitancy to enter the house of God. "My children,'" he said, "is your respect for sacred things lessened because they are embqdied in such poor beings as us? However, are we not at your service? Salvation at Stake "If at times we have reproached you, it is because the desire to save you was so great that the ardor. of our zeal may have caused you some pain. "Listen to us today, because your eternal salvation is at stake, and ask Our Lord to give liS the grace to better serve you. "The priest is the man of the sacraments and it is to Save you that he comes to you. Thus with loyalty and affection we invite you to take part in the grand mission of 1960.'"






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Tent City to Shelter 100,000 at Congress MUNICH (NC)-Europe's biggest tent city will rise here for t his Summer's International Eucharistic Congress. The canvass city near the' Munich-Oberwiesenfeld airfield will house 100,000 men. Accommodation for 50,000 young women is being prepared in schools in and around Munich. All this accommodation is in addition to that offered by hotels and private houses to pilgrims attending the congress. The Eucharistic congress takes place July 31 to Aug. 7.





.Weekly 'Caleridar '. Of' Feast Days


What· A Dollar.Buys·. '," "

TODAY-St. Patrick, BishopAny agency that functions in fifty-one countries and Confessor, Apostle of Ireland. toucheS the lives of forty million persons' is a considerable It is agreed generally that he force for good. When that agency ships overseas to these. was of Romano-Briton origiB countries in a single year more than a billion pounds of · and when 16 was taken captive to Ireland. Six years la ter be clothing and medicine and food with a value. of more than escaped and after his studiee one. hundred and fifteen million dollars; then the charity and consecration about 432 Be that is done is on a truly great scale. Bishop, he returned to Ireland . This was the record last year of the' Catholic Relief as a missioner. He established the Church on lasting foundaServices of the National Catholic Welfare Conference, the tions throughout the countr~ agency of the Bishops of the country. traveled extensively on' missio~ And the money to carryon this vast charitable project. of preaching, teaching, building -the greatest private relief program in the world-is conchurches, opening schools and tributed by the Catholics of the United States on Laetare making converts. He established the primatial See at Armagh .ia Sunday wheri they give to the' Bishops' Relief Fund. 444. He died about 461. A minimum of five million dollars is needed to maintain the agency's relief operations. That money multiplies far TOMORROW _ St. Cyril 011 beyond its figure because of the volunteer services of so Jerusalem, Bishop-Doctor. He many workers in the agency, because the priests and' was born about 315 near Jerusareligioul!. helping overseas are unsalaried, and be~ause',the lem, became a priest in 345 and was Patriarch of Jerusalem from government sells surplus food and medicine and other 350 until his death about 38'1. commodities to the CRS-NCWC at a reduced ra'te. He spent 17 years of his patriareSince its inception in 1942, the agency of the Bishops ate in exile. He was celebrated of the country has given almost a billion dollars in food for his instruction on Christiall and clothing and medicine to the needy of Europe, Latin doctrine, and addresses to cat&America, Asia, the Far East and Africa.,' . .~:~::::en:,~e~~:~o~a:fti:~. ~~:: And it is all done in the name of Christ, Who points out ' by Pope Leo XIIL y the e thh~t He Ih'S in. the hPer~on' ?f ted he nthakted, h hunhgr , tthh ST. ALPHONSUS LIGUORI-PATRON OF VOCATIONS SATURDAY _ St. Joseph. t Irsty, t e SIck, t e ImprIsOn , a w oever'el ps, e Spouse of the Blessed Mother least of' these is doing a service to Him. and Foster Father of Our Lord. From a cold business-like point of view, the dollarLittle is known of him, but he. or five or ten dollars-contributed to the Bishops' Relief ~ described in the Gospel of st. Collection on Laetare Sunday goes farther and buys more Matthew as "a just man." From the circumstance of his not bein, and help:; more persons than any charitable dollar given to I. By' Msgr. George G. Higgins mentioned in the history of tn. any other group for' any worthy purpose. Director, NCWC Social Action Department Passion; it is believed he diecl . .And from a spi'ritual viewpoint, the contribution is Paul Blan3hard, whose latest book, God and Man ~n before that time. Devotions to helping Christ in the bodies and souls of those who are in Washington, was critically reviewed in this column several bim as a saint date from the the greatest need. weeks ago, is almost obsessively preoccu.pied with' the al.; early ages. He .was proclaimed Patron of the Universal Churda leged gJ,'oWth and misuse of "church power" in the Uni~d by Pope Pius IX. ' 0 States. One almost gets the '. ' . '. . , "0' "t f· t " '. "t 'h"ld" th t ' 1 .' .. f' d' h' . Whtle Professorl'vllller (}oesnt SUNDAY-'l1lird Sunday Ia . " u~· crea ure com or s.are .~o as .Ie ,~ e S ,rugg e mwr~sslOn -rom rea mg IS' ,name Mr. BI~nshilrd, hisprovoc':' . Lent., G:enerally this date is, the for SurvIval. Indeed'. • • hIstory .contams many examples .. seemmgly endless flow of ative essay on the role of the feast oJ St. Archippus, ConfesSOL of the vietory' of austerity over inaferial abundance .•• We '. articles and books on this, churches 'in the 'social and polit- He lived in the first centur". know deep, down' in our hearts that we do not live by bread his favorite, subject, that ,he ical order is, in effect, a, r~ply".to and tradition, based on the word. alone. We know that th'e'cult of mediocrity'and the' :fe~r of 'thin~s the United States is in God an~ Man in: wasllIngto,n of St. Paul, lists him as the fir86 , ". . . , .' . . . proximate dan-. and to some of Mr. ,Blanshard s Bishop of Colossae. St. Paul reexcellencEl have no place .amon~ Ame~lca s' fmest. tradI~I~ns ger of becoming -, earlier. writings... lerred to him as "my feliow Takes Opposite V,ew .' •• No struggle, no vIctory, no VIctory, no crown, . nO a theocracy .in soldier" and mentioned him iii wilderness, no Moses; no cross; no Christ.'·" . . which church Mr. Blanshard thinks that the his epistle to the Colossiana-. It is most 'gratifying t6 be able to give the source le:i0ers (~spechurches have too ~uc~ pow~r (chap. 4, verse 17). " f' . . .•... . '. . . . CI ally the and that they are mlsusll}g thiS power to' the immin'enf peril of 'MO~DAY-St. Benedict, Abo that q.uotatIOn not a rehgIOus or a. mInIster but the. C t h i " " American Ambass~dor to Spain, John Davis Lodge. hie~archYo) ~il~ democracy. Professor 'Miller, '~t. He .wl;ls born of noble p~ , So long as' there are mtm who ,think sincerely and either rule or however, thinks that "the wari- ents in Norcia, central Italy, ami express simply such thoughts; then' this country is being r~'~n in the po-' ness with which.s~me Am:ric~ns 811 a boy was sent to Rome to represent(~ throughout the world nobis the prime exponent litIcal order. , c~nt~mp'late rehglqus~ocl~l ac~ attend public schools. Shocked '. . ' . . .' ... . "The pressure boniS no 100?-ger really JustIfied. , by the licentiousness of' tM · . of p~umbmg but m the true tr~dltIons ~f .self~dl;sclphne and on the ' gov':'... the.. moreimpor~nt pro!>lem students, 'he fled to the mou_ ~oral excellence, an~ freedom of ,the splrlt." ern men t by . here and now," he says; lies il1 tains of SUbiaco, where he slJb.,;. , The ,only disturbing aspect· is the fear that perhaps .chiir<,hes for. ' .'. the opposite. direction: not in the . sequently" estat>lished 12 mem-' .' these traditions and ideals' 'being honored more in the ' Sectarian. pri~ileg~,'" :Mr.. Bl~n';' 'pres.ence, but.' in the absen<:e; :ot .' ,8steries .for the'· many disciple. .' h b . . Ce' 'ta' th' . .t· " . "I ' shard w.rltes 10. hiS recent book, an mterest on the part of. the who came to him; In '529 be · h· h b reec t an m t e·o ser~ance.· ...r my; ..c: recen '~~yo a . "is f~r. str.onger thiul any preS-: religious. communities' in the left Subiaco and founded the ~andals~md~\lIJ, of,pleasure:gwmg f,a~IlI~Ies andap~al8 sUre on the churches'by'govern- ordering and refot;ming of soci: great Abbey at Monte CassinO; . -to. "rewarclYQurself" do not conjure-up a.nation.of,strong- ,·ment forco~formity.It can ~ ,~~y:ari~ t~(d~v..e l?pment ~f •. He i. known as the Patriar~ . muscled and strong-willed "individuals. 'And the nation is truly said that ·the :state is IIi CIVIC con.scu~nce. " .' ,flI.' Western 'monks. He died ... be" bl n k t d 'th'th' 'l't th" f4-,'th' ' f tabl· need of protection from. the . '~How important an (!vil,~"he. 543 before the altar inimediateJ'i. .' mg 8: , e e WI , e ~ppea o~ _ e. ~~ ~'" ,ec~m or ,e, church; not the church from the asks, "is' the~i!iuse of religious altere he. had ,received H9,w , . ~~epleasurabJe. No one would adv.o~tetljeabohshmentofitate." ' , ' , "})ower'rightnow?" His reply to COmmunioi&:" ·automobilE'.s and .electric \ :r'ange~ ·,a~d .~le\jsiQn sets~ ~ut . When Mr. Bllinshard first be- this question wili not I?e'to M;r: .' . ,~here must be some s~rt, o'f.'adi8cjplin~of the appet~~~8t gan to writ~about this subject Bl~nshard's ~~king. . _ .' . TUESDAy...:,; St. Isidore the , some sort of, a 8trengthe~ing ,.of. the· spirit; some pr.actice· ,some 10 years a~o., lie ~as gen-- .. h' It.~u~g~st,. Mr. !vlill~rte"~~s, ,Farmet; ConfesSor. He was bora , 'f If d . I d' h . . '. f . al' . d . h,,·t ed- erally handled wlth.kld gloves ,t a It IS. a very mmor.l m 1ft iii 'Madrid of poor paren'ts aDd . 0 t se -, em~ .~~ t rlvI,ng ,a ~r, mor. goo . t a s~rv byth:e .liberal press' and, often, th~ list. of problems ·co.nfro.nti,ng spent all his life working in the · as the foundation stones ,of thIS ~oun~ry-!, .,. '. :. by the Protestant' press. But he the. na~lOn. And in takmg I~ too fields. He was the husband Gi' Such an. appeal, made on a' national ~cale, IS never has since lost a' lot of ground sertou$ly we m~y ad~ ~o a ~0W; ~. Mary'de la Cabeza. It Watl IIeriously heeded. So' it remains for the individual to exercise 1D sophisticated Protestant cir- mU~h gr.eater eV~I: .qUletism, CO!!- .. said of him: "In life his hand the restraints and checks upon his own deairesand interestS cIes and, increasingly he finds fusl~nl;' and passlivlty ,' tl~t~ loss .od~ ",asever'on the plough; his heart . . '. _' . h'· 1£' th d f ' mora purpose n po I ICS an ever blessed with the thought of that make for moral mtegrlty and strength. Imse :on e . e enslve. even society"' ,'. ' ~od." He dl'ed in 1170 and w, .. .,.. in certam sectors of. the lIberal . The Church 18 WIse en()ugh to mak~ Lent the perIod of camp. . I Serlou.s Error canonized by Pope Gregory XV. annual retreat for all her children-to put before all the His latest book has beefl Profes~r Mi~ler is not comIn 1947 a decree of the Sacred ideal that comfort never made' for 'sanctity; and holiness of panned un~ercifuiIy in the New pletet~ sati~fied with the man~e:i' Congregation of Rites prorf·· th' esu It f 'se If d . 1 A d th Ch h k . York Post 'and The New Repub- In which the churches exerCise ~laimed him the patron of farmI e lSI the 'trh . d~ 'd 1- .entla.. n e urc, h~OWI~lfg lic, for example, and, to a lesser ~heir influence iiI the social and ers in the United States, He alllO h OW oa e m IVI ua IS 0 ImpOSe. penance on ImSe; extent in The Saturday Review. pol~tical order. He thinks they is venerated' as the patron GI steps in' with 'a mother.'s kindness and. firIil,ness and spells " Makes Blu.nder 8Ometim,es resort. to'. "the .s~ort';' bis' native Madrid. out during this season what is to be' done :, h N cuts of pressure and coercIOn on WEDNESDAY-SS. 'Victoria-, .' ' . '. '. ' '.. . It would appear that T e e;;v a few 'moral' issues .. ,.. . . Am.erlcans ,can .learn a lesson from the. Cathoh~s.. ln Repub.liC's rev~ew of God and "He regards this as a serious Frumentius and Companions. ·thelr' mldst----and the~e, must be'sure that· they are'hvmg 'Man· m Washmgton .took Mr.' error, ')jut it worries him con': Martyrs. St. Victorian was prothe lesson...,,;.;,that there are still those who live by the' belief Blanshatd completely. by sur- siderably less than the'· unwill:' consul in Africa. St. Frumentlue -"no struggle' no vict~ry' ~i~toiYno 'crown' 'no' prise and thre'Y him in~o ~ tizzy. 'ingness 'of soth of thechlll:~he~ ~nci their companions' W~ . . ' "". . .. ',,. ',' . .He was so upset about It.. that to teach their' members to en- wealthy merchants. They were '. Wllderness, no M()ses; no cross" no Chrll~t. . " he foolishly dashed off'anintem~ gage in' effective' social 'action.. 'killed in 484 at Adrumentum by· order of King Hunneric foW pe~ate, et-tu-Bruteprotest to t?e " "The' argument"againsC the .~ , editor of The New RepublIc. first' error" he warns . "should 'refusing " to 'subscribe to the This was a tactical blunder on not be put'so' as to inc:'rease the' · Arian . his, part, for it evoked an edi- second." . . The booklet in which 'Profe's- , Nevertheless, I admire ali Gi torial reply which; if anyt.hing, was even more critic!!!' of the . sor Miiler's essay appears' m- 'them very. sincerely f.or their book than was the original re- cludes articles on the same sub.. "intellectual, integrity. 'It see. . OFFiCiAL NEWSPAPER OF THE DiOCESE OF' FALL RIVER' view by Wil~iam .Clancy of the jeet"' by four other cons~ltantli :io ~ me they ,have ,performed it ·Publlshed wl!ekly by The Catholic Press of the Diocese of Fall River Churc~ I!ea,ce Union.' '.' to the Center for StUdy .0rDem:", · 'useful. service, in demonstratin, " . - '1'0 .,. . '\ " . Protestant ·c:!ipcism of Mr. . ocrab~ Institutions. . "that the, extremely complicated 4 H!ghla'nd Avenue . ' , . Blanshard's basic' thesis is 'also Example for Blanshard '. and highly controversial 'subjed fl::lIlRiver, Mass. O:Sborne.5-7151 markedly on the increase. A I disagree with many of' the their symposium-the ·role CIl PU.BLlSHER. 'j typical example is an essay by philosophical or the 0 log i ~a 1 ~e. ,churches in the social and Most· Rev; .James L Connolly; D~D.,·PhD.· . William Lee Miller of, the Yale pr.emises of ,all but one~ of. the' , political order--;ean pe discu~ 'GENEFtAL MANAGER ASST: GENERAL MANAGER Divil)Hy, . ,Sch901 .'entitled. ,The, ...contributors "to this symposium.' calmly and rationally by mea ,; , . . ' . ' Chur.c,h~ll ,a~d tne, J»ublic (Cen~ , I. also disagree with soine":'of the 'of good will.: ' . . . Rev. Dani~I,~. Sh~lIoo, M.A.,,_Re~: )()h'.' P~:l?ri~~,.ter ,for. t,~~. ~tU<lY f)~ J;>erno~r~~~e ... llPecific eonclusions'ar d recom-' ,' hope'that their examPle MANAGING EDITOR, . '.. _... '" . Instituti()ns," ',: Sa,nta ., Barl1l,U"1l, "D)elldfltions of all ,bu't' one or, 'in this regard not be co.,;. ,:;pletely lost on 'Mr: i3ianshard. : 'Hugh:' J•. Golde,,". , " ' Calif.).. , ~", o~ ihenv' , .' .. : . ,'.

BIans har d.' L e G roun, d oSln9 Wleth Protestants, Lle.berals

. No S·t···rugg. Ie, .N', . V'·Iet ory,



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Ttf! ANCHOI-Oiocese"of Fan RiV«-Thun. Mar. 17, 1960 I C


The Gre~test Bake,ry ,Triumph of AU Time .


Perfect Whipped •



.Perfect Slices . J

Perfect Texture -·No .Holes


. . :.


is mo:st ~ina~i~g' '. •. the most· fabulous bakery triumph of all'ti""e-Gold Meda~ P«triect Whip~~ Brt!$ .


The Gold Medal Baking' Company has in- . . stalled the finest . ... ' the most ingenious' . ~ ~ . the most expensive baking equipment . known to ·the 'industry to'guarantee ape;,Jee:t loaf'of'breocJ every. tim~. . . GOld r& PerfeCt Whipped 'Br¢ad is no~ ·made: in small batches to insure a smooth, . even texty~ free '~f ~i~ hole$ ~nddou9hy , streaks... ",~ " \ :¥

The n~";p~s :retains the health-giving ' goodness. of, nature's golden' grains and produces a flavor unlike any loaf . of bread you~haveeve~tasted.:Try a loaf ' 'of GOld Medal, Bread tOday, an~,.see 'far ;

yourseit ' ,'. :' :"








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.Fe~"})<Tash~,the·· ·Difference'····











',Porish :' fo,.Share '"~

,.THE·f'~.c,HOR-:-Dioc~Se..9f'Fqll Riv~~~Thurs .•·,M'ciri '17/'1.960 .

,'Mqrian Award

SumimerHome :-Shou:ld' Reflect .Goo.d .Living It, Witnesses

,.BAySHORE (NC)-A TexM . pastor and his' parishioners will receive· th.e .1959 Pius" XU Marian Award for. promoting 4 B y Alice Bough Cahill. . ' consecration to the Immaculate When the world outside is .:blanketed with snow:and He'art of, M~ry. . Th~ award will be presented the whole East,ern, seaboard is shoveling out from March May' 9 in Bridge. City, Tex.' to storms, it's pleasant tOlgather 'round the: family' firep~ace '1 F.ather Herman J, Vincent, pas, , and plan for the summer; Your b~ach house ,may have no tor of St. Henry's Church there allure .for you 'today, but ,it1 'course ·the .secon i . d . . . . 'h and . to his .parishioners, It is '" " . one can ar'~the first time the award is being won t bE! Jong l?efore you I 'bor a' coat closet arid additional given to a group, rather than te be driving to the' shore "to. storage, " an individual. look things over," 80 let's . Now for the windo~s of this Announcement of the 1958 make a few plans 'now, . living room, Here's where ,we. award winners was made by , Sometimes it'Sdiscour'aging ~. say, "Be lavisl1." 'LOok for F. a the r Roger M, Charest, enter a house', ." .' . moderately price4' fabric' with· S,M:M,; director of the centel' ihat has been; 'a handsome print' ;uld lfyoiJ use operated here in New York by · ~tlosed fOil' the it lavishly for unlined. :drapes,' winter, but if you'll' be happy to what WILL TEACH'NURSING: Three Indian Carmeli-te nuns the Montfort Fathers to pro70U start mak": . 'character it gives 'to otherwise were arrtqng .37 stu(jent n'urs~s" 'capped at St: Bernard's mote .consecration to the Imma~ · Jog' plans now; , inexpensive furniture. Hospital,': Chic3.go.· They' will to-Kerala, India. to culate Heart' of Mary. . Father Charest said Father v ,.OU . can gaze ..If y.ou must a' sofa bed iri' '. '" " I· " ,. . ., .Pon your sum-. " 'this roei'm, you might' cover the . teach in ~ Jiative;nursing school. Sister .Creight<?J~,R.H.SJo. Vincent and his parishioners !.. lIle~ retr'7at pillows or bolsters (you 'cOuld . (left) director of St;Berna'i-d's School ,of, Nursing, con- were, ,seleCted for the 'honor ill with a get. a couple of' store:'boughi~ 'gratulates SistetTheodosia Mary, Sister Gilbert Mary and , recognition -of their "zeal" ia ,.ou.r eye, w i t h b ' o l s t e r s ) - with the drapery'rna": Sister -Ianuaria Mary.: 1'l'C Photo:'" ;" ' 'promoting the -movement both in their own .par ish "and 70ur mind: full terial. Yacht chairs are ' i n e x - ' . . . '. .throughout the East Texatl C)f all the ,wonbut are wonderflll at the.Bu·r·.e·· es Q' .area." : derful changes sliore and when covered with the • " )'ou are going to make to change same materia'l, can be right at it into tht~ prettiest,the most home in your living room. . '. ensu~. re Mary Newland to Speak comfortable and. thhe bmloskt hoe. Bunk Beds. WASHINqTON (NC)-T w 0 automobile, a washing machine, 'I pitab1e house on t e oc - a .. ,: . . ' . national undertakings of impor-- ,. or'a basement to its house? These At Fall River Breakfast he young folk~'m your family lace in which eyery membero.f tan.ce are a. bout to get, under. and similar'. ques.tions ~ill be P .Will probably vote fOl' b k Mary Reed Newland, author of the family will. be gla d .... enter - , .... " un '. way. The 18th Decennial Census.asked; Some 'might see these ail· several. books on the Christian tain., ' . beds, and' these are a great· belp of the Unfte'd States will be con- . discriminatory.' .. upbringing of children, will ·1 Background is the thing in . when rooms are s~aU and. must ducted·in April. The .President's' ,.' speak at the annual Communion n your summertime home. G.ive it .take care ,of two people. ()fte. '. ll-man.Commission on National. Atheistic Threat :breakfast of the Fall River Cath. I room a good background imd it you car pick the"e up very re,a-:-.. Goals is ,about ready to start the The issue was not settled on olic 'Woman's 'Club, scheduled 'ractically itself.... Take.' sonal?ly at army surplus .!ltores.: w".or·k a'ssI'gn'e'd to l't. these: objections,' it is true> One . 0 Sunday morning, April , for 9:45 P heart, my friends, good. pac,k:for the girls e in your house-: . It is regre.ttable ·that the ,1969 wonders, though, 'why some 3; at Hotel Mellen. ground is 21 matter of taste ancl ' hold, yo.1.I m.ight repaint -these' Census .of .Population 'will not .:.people raised. them' in certain i n - ' . ' judgment, not, Of. mo.ney... " .. beds !npastels,. ~hile ,the junior embrace the so.,called "religious" . stances and not in others. te~e~~r~:~llat~::ir:~BI~e::; , L1~ing' K~Di ' ' .. f;ireman in your hou'sehol~ mar question, It could' have been of .". The' ,President'" C~m~jssio.. Ch h Mr A th G ..... . . f ' '. 'b b'- want his red. If.sucp be the case, g' t' il " 't If d' 1 f' Natio I G i i g ged " . . urc . s. n ony eary 1• Il\.e most 0 .~s, you pro a Y make spreads of blue' and white' reav.a ue dBI se " ~n a so. 0 .. 011 , nil" O? s s en a_ .In. . and Mrs,"'James A, O'Brien Jr. L don't want to smk ·a small forbed t'k" ,. - 'til" d '. . "iG importance to the. President's.8D. Imp?rtant wo,rk. " are co-chairmen, Tickets are tune into re.decorati,:!g a' summer. m' "t h' ~c HIn~"g- .W.thI,. d r~P,es: ; .. com.mission ,which' is·attempting : ILis co~cerned ",Ith, outlInmg obta· '. 'bl . fr 11 'ttee· 'f" t 'd -. , a ,c ,. , . an ' . e . ~~~ "OIl ' - ' gg t· th' , . ' t ' 1" W. ha,t., .shou.·.·ld ..·.· . our., 'n,at,fo.n"al. . 'memlbnear's·.e om 8 .comml . place, so 1et. SIrs consl er .your. Ci . I ' " t' . ' d' M1 su es. IS .coun ry s. po lCles living room, Instead of. using ~J:U~o es,.. p~I.? ~?g :I:~ngs ~n_, andprogramsfOl' the next dee- .polIcles over a number of yean knotty' pine fOl" your ~aHs; YO\l poles,Jhe same flremani'ed~ _:: &de or more. .in.ihe fu'ture, But tliese p6iicies' . .._ .. . . I· . , . , ' One doesn't spend too -uch '. . .' '.'inust be' shap'ed in the light 01. · might. ,try ·ha.rdboard, .with. t , , d ' . th . ••• d :. FOI" '8. 'orief·time 'i.t wai world conditions, • . I glossy built,-in finish that simulm.e I~ .oors In " e s~mm~r an ,thought, that. this year's censul .' 'On. .·the world scene thic' . -, lates naturHl, birch,. even. .dowll for you 11t' 'might include a' question: "What ' , test threat -comes'· .:;. COlllI!.-L<9""Il'/JII • "D~ , g' tha,t -reason. 'd .•:.. ' " . .- country's: 'g'rea ~ g . .. il) the tillie!lt grail). . Ive ..~pme . consl era Ion. ,'" a,l' is YO~lrreligion?" The Census ' ".-....:.;, . ,This comes, needa C?rner for rel~xation~nd r~rea-. ,Bureau evenhlallyabandoned from a force ·that is avowed Ii JlO: staining,' painting,' nor . e~eR ~Ion outdoors, H~r~ I, a ?~etty the idea, however, citing' admi~-'atheistic and openly' anti-reli-' . I: waxing. Maybe using this just " and a,B espeCIally gOOd one 'istrativ'e' and fina·ncial. reasons. ' gion:' T!»" m:eetthis threat;' it BoWling & Skating if t fl in th would seem "'useful to' know'· I, on your firE~place wlil~ w.lll give ,yo\J can, grow . ,ow~rs '. e .. ; . The'-sugg''estioril'i' inClude this. . , .' " . , M,·II.·o·"n'.Dollar Ballroom " your living room a .new look, soIl by your pouse.attac~ ·.9n~ .' , .. " .. '. '. just. hO't" ~eligious this,couiItry , , . . 11 d ot shelves. to the side of the' house qu.estIon In f:he census brought is:' Th.e spitihial phase" of' 08;:;.'. ' prOVIded th~~ other wa 9' ~l n . or- garage and .put ,potted plantS ~me objections,' a.nd it is in'ter- tiona! '. defeilseis extrefueiy A V A I LAB LE I. be need attentIon, It may we .',' , esting 'to 'consider these·important. " .. , . . , For Your that most 01: the walls are win- o~, t.hem. '.' '. .... , . .. '.' " • TESTIMONIAL DINNERS clows and' the~ we'll take care Or You might brick-pave a._ . R,eligious Fre.edom r-~--'---------", · ef with new drapery' fabric. . corner beneath a. tree, WhiteSome 'people said the ·inclu• BANQUETS U you have space by the firewash the toolshed and· fence, and sion of the que 'tion in the head• FASHION SHOWS 0 ]place, we'd suggest th~t you ~se get color from potted plants ~nd. counting 'questionnaire would • ANNUAL DANCE PARTY . this same har~board to bUild the, upholstery on your. ~halrs.. infringe the constitutio'na1 guarPlumbing"';; ,",eating room-high cupboards. Make In lie~ of a tree, you mIght 'useantee .of freepom of 'religious For information call them .with two doors each, hav- an umbrell~ table, Here you can belief. OVM 35 Years ing the doors around the corner read and dme.' , 1 ' 1_ of' Satisfied ~ervic. Roland Gamache or '. th th . . . '. Others saId, the aw compe... from the' fireplace ra er an ,Plan now a summertime . d to all ques " Frank Collins , h " . ..' . - , "home. CI't'Izens. t 0 respon 806 NO. MAIN S:rREET· dIrectly mto t e rO,om, worthy of all the good livmg it t' k d in the decennial • WYman 9-6984 You can 'keep fIreplace logs witnesses. Ions as e 't' ld b ' g Fall River OS 5·7497 ia the lower section and all census. an d .1 wou. e wron manner of gear above. You'll be Woman Lord Mayor to fo~ce a perso~ to .a~sw~r a lucky if you can get 'one on each ~uestlOn about hIS relIgIouS, be- , side of the fireplace and 'of To Review Paraqe lie!s; that the census questionNEW YORK (Nt) _ Mrs. nalre was'already too long and Jane Dowdall, first woman Lord the "religious" question a'little Mayor of Cork in a hi~tory too personal; that citizens would which goes back to 1273;- has object to answering the "reliarrived here as Ireland's invited gious" , question; ,that the quesguest to review ,the traditionai tion would benefit religious St. Patrick's Day parade' along bodies almost exchisively and Fifth Avenue today. '.' therefor.e would' be discriminMrs, D~~dali wase1ectedLord Iltory.· .' . ". Mayor last June, She has been • The First Amendment to the member of the' National Semite Constitution ~y~"Congress shall . 'for nine years, Her late htisband . make rio law, re~pectirig anesalso was a senator. Visiting this . tablishment' of religious" and country for the first time, Lord 'that "C9 n gr ess, shall make no Mayor Dowdall at· a preSs con- law .. '. prohibiting the free exerCise'; of r,eligion.· It . would ference warned Americans' tG avoid the stereotyped' concept Seem that the proposed "teli. , ' q . of the, Irisb a people habitu- gious" ,question .. would have Spiced and tender..fille'd1 with fruit, studded ally surrounded by sharriroeks, touched the second provision leprechauns and ghost-haunted only indirectly and the first prow~th raisins and topped with a cross of-creamcast~es.. vision not at ,all. ed' icing '• •• our·traditic;:mal Hot Cross Buns Few Object - Father Burns. to Review The Census Bu~e~u ~as' 'will.; are perfeCt for all Lenten. meals! Try them toBooks' 'for Catholic Club ing to make it entirely optional morrow n.d a II' d Jfi ng LENT.' , Rev'-' Edward J, Burris, curate with a citizen whetheror Jl(}t he at St, Louis Church, Fall River, would answer the question, This PACKAGE will give the third in a series 01. would have taken care of the OF 'S . . MARCH 17: book reviews for the Fall River argument about compulsion, and BOSTON, Catholic Women's Club at' the it would seem. also to meet the BUNS ,Sister' Saint. Patritk is th.e Highland Avenue'.clubhouse· ~ .' argument !lbolitfndirect. bnonly English-speaJ(ing mem- 3 this' Sunday afternoon; '>p'ingem~nt upon, the "free exer~ B,olcers of ber of the 'Frenc~ Congre-, Father . Burns, .ordained ~ .' cise" ,of. religion ,in the First gati.on, of ~he Sist~rs Of the . 1954;" attended Duffetf High' ,Amendment, sin~ a pel;~n· , .Seven Dolor'" who operate the SchoQI stUdied for be free to agswer or not. ,.' ' h ·~1~ I t: L d' . hood~ at St. Meinrad.'! S~m.inary; ::fl trial run condu,ctedby the I . . ~eat ospLa. a; our .es•. , -Ind. ,and. St. Peter's Seminary" pensus.Burea· .. showed that rela.RIchard " Cardmal; CU('lhmg' . London, ;'Ont.He was awarded ,Uvely few per!l0n,!., Qbjected tit. ,,'." . " " ':.' , '.:'ifj sponSQting a· grand' con':' scholarships. for two·.Summ-ers 8I!llwering the ,question.. C>,.. ,I eert onhe,rfeastAay f() as a. ~r~d.~ate~tuC;lent:at Nott.""One ~.:tempted.tO·BSit: iI(j~ ' : ' '. . .' ..~., her hospiful.' which' cares for .·Da~.. U~lversl~Y:'· , . . . ' ·.ener~l .)S . . ~ benefit from . ..... ' . ".... . . " ' : . '. ',.' . ," , ·He ·.~ed, ~t' ~;' . Jo~ph" Q knOWing, ~w, ·many," TV; aDd: 'i.'f'''' y,..: ; .' 'G"'-. r· ,.;" ......:,', D' .' '. . ,';:~',20!,OOO .patIentsa;:ye~r! ,Np ..Chutc~(~f~ ',~~i~".:bef~,:~:;:'radio:.sets Jire i~,now, many".,.,,/ A .' .OI!,<~.. ,,~e!S~,.; .,,,~g ~nt. .:''!. ~PbQ~~<::''-t;,~·.~:,,::-,. .~:;:',:\:"I:, ..'::~~·.t:~'~i8;.·;:,~;·:";"">.~i',::liousea;'·~b~ther,a:~ill""'.U ~·""~~'i31·:M···"·$·";·."~'·_-~·A''>~Aii·',*'~"i$';;"' • • • •" _ ....... "


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By tit,·


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B"'R'-E".. D'.', All



Nagging Not Confined to Wife; Husbands Offend Too

TffE ANCHORThurs. March 11, 1960


. Chapel pesigners V,e for Awards

By Mary Tinley Daly Teapot tempest recently set a-boiling was occasioned by the London dateline statement of Dr. Kenneth ·C. Hutchins. He said the tongue of a nagging wife can literally be deadly to her husband. 0, Doctor! Your findings may be acientific, backed by years tensions," as the psychologists of research. but we imagine put it; "telling me off, and that's Mrs. Hutchins must have good," as the Head of the House 'been "rung up" by every- generously phrases it.

GLENDALE (NC)-A mission chapel architecture competition will be held in connection with the 21st annual North American Liturgical Week in August iR Pittsburgh. Father Patrick A. O'Donnell, 'awards chairman, has announced the contest is open to all al7chitects, architectural designers Nagging Husbands one she ever knew, and. also and students. Each contestant bave received correspondence Nagging wives, nagging hus. will be asked to submit a design fi"om all over bands-the term can be whipped for a Catholic mission chapel. the world. back and forth endlessly, and Here in this There are 98 communities in almost any remark construed as country, reper- ,. the United States with· populanagging. eussions have tions of 5,000 or more that have "Men are naggers too," says been long and no resident priest or Church, Dr, Winifred Overholser, superloud. Following Father O'Donnell said, and each intendent of St. Elizabeth's Hosday a story in of these localhies may conpital in Washington. "And why one of the largsidered as a posible site for women put up with them, I'll er metropolitan never know." LABOR LEADER SEES CARDINAL HONORED: St. construction of a mission chapel. dailies did a Perhaps, Drs. Hutchins and Peter's College, Jersey City, gave its 12th annual Rerum' .Details -and applications may be ~und-up of obtained from Father O'Donnell Overholser, because people are at Glenmary Home Missionero, wives - none "just people? In everyday family Novarum Award to His Eminence Richard Cardinal Cushing, Gl~ndale, Ohio. Of them nagsituations, each is free to speak Archbishop of Boston, who has notably related the principles gers, . y their his or her mind without fear-to of the Papal social encyclicals to labor-management The Spaeth Liturgical Awards own admission. A similar set of vent feelings and rely on the problems. Left to right: George Meany, president of the will be given as prizes in the interviews with husbands, all of cushion of deep affection to act competition. Named for Mr. and them requesting anonymity, as a foam-rubber insulator AFL-CIO; Cardinal Cushing, Archbishop Thomas A. Boland Mrs.. OttQ Spaeth of New York of Newark, and Father Peter A. Shanahan, president ()f brought forth loyal declarations: against remarks that might be City, the donors, the awards , St. Peter's College. (NC Photo). WDoes my wife nag? Never!" total $1,000 in cash prizes and made in moment.s of irritation. include gold, silver and bronze 'A couple of the husbands ~ Certainly curbs' should be put medals. The medals are named "Anonymous? You're sUre?" ~~preme OR the tongue when nagging befor Giacomo Cardinal Lercaro, dl.d admit that they: comes a habit, when there. are Archbishop of Bologna, Italy, 1) Tore out that section of the signs that the aforementioned who has personally encouraged paper and put it in a conspicuous cushion is wearing thin. When, PORTLAND ·(NC)-The' Ore- tuted a habeas corpus suit in place. (We hope this husband the Achilles heel is attacked toO gon· Supreme Court has ruled Circuit Court against Mother the competition. bad sense enough to put it in ~ often, there is definite danger~ that. SisterMa,ry John Therese Collette, convent superior, and Change Date mirror, not among the stack of Husbands and wives with any may remain in the convent of. the Sisters of .St. Mary. He lobs to be done.) . insight at all know that to' .pre- . the Sisters of St. Mary of Ore-. charged that his daughter, then The annual convention of the 2) Encircled the piece "and serve a marriage there must be gon at Bea'verton, despite objec.. . 19 and a postulant, had entered Diocesan Council of Catholic left it for her attention. It's such mutual respect, partner for part.- tions of her father. .. the convent as a result of coer- Women, 'originally slated for Saturday, May 7 has been regood propaganda." (This man is ner. And .respect cannot with';' The high court dismissed an cion and undue influence, and • believer - in - insurance, we'd stand a constant barrage of carp- . appeal from a Circuit Court was being restrained from leav- scheduled for Saturday, May 14 at Bishop Stang High School, lOy.) ing criticism. . ruling which also had held that. ing the convent. .' North Dartmouth, according to In all seriousness, Dr. Hutch~' . Remember Xanthippe -Mrs: the gitl could remain in 'the 'con- . announcement made by Mrs. jns' sta tement might· well be Sister 'Very Happy' Socrates - who lived 400 years ~nt.. The Supreme' Court' said read and considered by wives before. Christ? She has come that Sister Mary John Therese The' case was heard, two years John J. Mullaney, Council pres1Iniversally. It does carry, ~ down. through history as the now has reached the legal age ago. by Judge Glen Hieber of ident. pact. world's best-known nagger. of 21 and there can be no doubt Cir(:uit Court. He ruled. there Chinese Torture Maybe Xanthippe had ,some.;. . about her rights to remain in the . was no evidence of coercion, unFree Delivery 3 Times Dally . due influence or restraint being . According to Webster, nag thing to do with her husband's convent. The nun, who was ·used.He held that although she means "find fault" scold, p~terj becoming a philosopher, teacher Miller, is a convert to the Cath-: was a' minor' at the time, .Sister &Oet, irritate, annoy" - and, we of Plato and Xenophon. • •• But who wants to be a Xan- olic Faith. She joined the Church Mary 'John Therese was freed might add, bedevil. It's a form Complete Seledion of thippe? on her 18th birthday, Nov. 28, from parental control at the time' of Chinese torture - drip, drip MEA'S - GROCERIES 1956, while she was attending of her conversion to the Catholic of water, each inconsequential ill P'ROVISIONS itself but, over a period of time, Catholic Teachers Union· Holy Names College at Spokane, Faith when her father gave her Wash. 1 . a' choice between giving up her 249 Adams St., Fairhaven mounting to the utmost in frtl&- To M.eet in Belgiu", . When she entered the convent, Catholic religion Of' leaving WYman 4-6441 . tration. BRUGES (NC)-The World u· Face-savingly we may assert Union of Catholic Teachers will . her father, Ivan ~. Miller, insti- home. '" tbat perhaps other wives nag. hold its fourth international conbut we must "remind." In' the (lress here from Aug. 9 to 12. public press, had we been among _ljM;;*~Mtffif:if~;NiRi;!i1~iJ%#:Wl¥i*ji>~1$t&~Ji~f"i$~,:1i&.fbm: .rJ.';"~'."I~ii&;~i"$~{;.:.l2:i':.:~~;' :'. ~."';"""'''''''';:''_''''''' Delegates will discuss the role those interviewed, the response societies of teachers play in would have been the same as helping them become better. that of the other women: "Cer- teachers. PROTECT YOUR FAMILY'S PROTEIN LEVEL DURING LENT tainly I don;t nag!" . The congress will commemoBut privately ••• who keeps rate the 10th anniversary of the Ileiterating that, "it's silly to keep union's foundation in Rome. The bringing in twigs and branches World Union of Catholic Teachos kindling for the fireplace. ers consists of 79 teachers' Why do you drag the stuff across ganizations from 60 countries. the living rooni" rug and make mch a mess? Honor Nun "Must you always forget to OSLO (NC)-A nun h.atJ been buy shaving cream until late awarded the Norwegian Gold Saturday night? "Why don't you put the ham- Medal for Achievement from mer and pliers away when you King Olav V of Norway. Mother Augustine of tqe Sisters of St. &lnish a job?" Joseph, administrator of' St•. We're glad that 1he metropoli.Joseph's hospital in FredriktaR daily didn't interview us. How silly we'd feel. Moreover, stad, was honored for her 'successful direction of the howital we'd never again haVe the for the past 30 years. .. . _&nee to speak up, ~'re1ieving


Oregon Court Rules Nun May Remai"n in Convent







Name Hyannis Delegate 10 0 of I Convention'" Father McSwiney Circle, Hyannis Daughters of Isabella, will send Miss Lillian Shea, regent, as a delegate to the organization's national convention, to be beld in August in Kansas City. Future activities will include • post office sale in May and the collection of religious articles for the missions. Next regular meeting of the .lrcle is set for Tuesday, March 22. .

Emmanuel Benefit Miss AnnMarie McMorrow, 28 Cedar Street, Taunton, is chairman of a program 10 -benefit Emmanuel College Alumnae 4ssociation at 8 Sunday night, March 20, at the college auditorium, Boston. Rev. Richard Powers and Dan l'errone will present a piano and enging program which will trace ehanges and progress in American musical comedy from the




SCHOOL Maintenance Supplies SWEEPERS - SOAPS' DISINFECTANTS FIRE EXTINGUISHERS' COTTAGE CHEESE CUTLETS - Combine 1 cup Hood Cottage CMese, 1 cup cracker crumbs, 2 eggs, ~ cup chopped celery, ~ cup chopped green pepper, ~ cup chopped onion, 31 cup chopped nuts, ~ teaspoon salt and a dash


pepper. Mix thoroughly. Shape into cutlets, cover with cracker crumbs and brown in shallow fat. Spooti piping hot prepared tomato sauce over cutlets and serve. . THAT EXTRA FLAVoR in meatless meals made with Hood Cottage Cheese comes from extra freShness. Fresher Flavor Hood Cottage Cheese is New England's fastest seller. So,it bas to be fresh when it'liJ sold. . M flOW BtoN or tbw

.• SEGUIN .• Truck Body BuilderS or Steel 944 ,County St.



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Ga. tt:~:~~T're;. !f-EVISIONI·"~t~!I¥..A~",P'l~':;',fflfW· nWR~

...•.' La.,.. CUf'd ' '(,f-!!Mi':J,



., .• Slnetl 'CUrd'

• ChI". -

it Plneapp"


7-7:30 PM

.. ,4J'!W../;!


Tt-:lE ANCH9R-Dio!=eslll oHCJI! River-Thurs. Mar. ·17,'19~O


N.ovelist Eli~abeth· Bowen's 'Tim·e in Rome' Enjoyable

Council ·to Hear Father. LaForge. On Re'location TOLEDO (NC) - Civie leaders and public officials of Toledo who are initiating an urban relocation program

By'Rt. Rev.' Msgr. ;John S. Kennedy .In A 'rime in Rome'. {Knopf. $4), the distinguished Irish novelist, Elizabeth Bo'wen has written an intensely · . . personal, almost impossible-to-categorize, bu~ nevertheless enjoy;able extende~ essay about the Eternal. City.. "This. book," she says, "is not e'.':en combs, 'on the effect ,of moon'my footnote to your guide- . light o.n the city, etc. book; it is my scribblings Disappointing Novel on the margins of mine. I Rome is the setting of much

involving some 100 Negro fam-

. Hies have been invited to hear a priest-authority. on racial problems.' Father John LaFarge, S.J., -will address a luncheon meet:' ing of, the Greater Toledo Cath.olic Interracial Council on ,March 28. The day .before Father LaFarge will speak at a meeting of representatives of' parish organizations. March is membership appeal month for the CIC here.

claim to be little help to anyon~of Bruce Marshall's new novel, else." The Dividend Lady (FJoughton Certainly she Mifflin. $3:50), a farrago which 'is little help to is disappointing and annoying. the person who One wonders why on earth Mr. wants instrucMarshall bothered to write or, tion as to sighthaving written it, consented to The urban renewal relation s.eeing, means its publication. A sketchy, . program involving the Negro of transportahodge-podge scenario, it can .families will get under way tion, places to only detract from his 'reputation. next month. A' larger number shop or dine, or . The harrator is James Chilof Negro· families will be inthe history of ders, 41, an accounta.nt with a v o l v e d in' Ii later p~oject. In the city. But London firm.' He' is dispatched 'T h PD' II speaer k a t .conjunction with the project~ FORUM : R ev. '!o books dispensto Italy to check on the f i n a n c e s ,LENTEN ' . '. . , n .C rISCO, .h I C . t.lJ~ CIC has .sent·a letter to pub':' ing such infor- . of· a film prod~cer who has in:.. Lenten ser.ies i.or teenagers at the. 'at 0 ic ommuility . lic officials and 'key persons hi Ilia t ion are ·ducedsome nuns to invest a Center, Fall River, chats with, '.left to right,.Pau. Martin, 'the pr<ijec1s r~uesting a policY' many~ Few in'deed, on the other large'sum in a picture presenting Bob Maucione arid Marguerite' Vellancio. .. . of rea:!. assurance in rehousing,' the life of· a saint:' , " . ' .. " . . ha' nd , are those 'as richlysug-,'· h f .not just pro. mises. :gestive of' the atmosp ere 0 M:uch time .has gone by since. . . ..' a place. ". the loan was made,.filming ·hasEc:luC~tOf. U·rge~; igio~ All Citizens Responsible · Miss Bowen prepared for .he~. not eyen started, imd -it lqoks as The CIC letter said: . '''':''l1e 'book by spending t~ree months· if.a fraud has. been perpetrated: C 00 'ptillcipal :responsibility rests 'jn Rome and by going over ~uc~ . .' Boring Chapters,.; . WASHINGTON .(NC) -; C~th- Luke \:v:;Irned. The product of a .with public: officials. But· the 'of the "city on' £,oot,.. · ".T~e '-'ia, In .' Rome, Childers " sees ihe 'olic high schools.are faiiing to ne~es~l!-rily elementary h.igh '. responsibility also'. embraces 'all Appia Antica'should not be'oducet, who reSorts to a"series... ·-prepare their students, "fQI: ~he schoo.l ap910getics course is oft~n.. citizens :-.home, owners,land~ 'elled a~y, 'way but' on foot{~' sl'!.e .. of tricks to deceive' him and stay facts of day-to-daY'living among 'shaken when' made' awat;e ot lords, neighbors 8i1d. real estate contends. "And inside Ro~~, I. ·prosecution. These':are mildly." their.. Protestant neighbors,':' a 'the complexity of some. apolo~ .. agents; compa,nies 'and associarepe'ai,~to '1?e anything"but ~~l~- amusing,' but suddenly-Ahe pro-.· Catholic theologian-educator has :.getical problems,· he continued. ,: tions.,' ing is. estran!(ement. ThIS IS ducer is killed' and' the' whole' stated.' . '. Brother Luke suggested that' .."1£ one is white, he may liv~ extremely good advice, but', o,f . t t · ; f Ch'ld ',. .'. ..' . ' . .' . instea'd" of the' traditional Church wherever he ho 'd' "n' ' t. to 'the' ·tour'ist,wh, ,0.' ...rna erc> ' . 1 ers '''mlsSlO~ IS .Brother Cele'stine Luke asso. .. " c oses, prov) 109 little pOl dropped' Wh t t' .. h' ' " history course,Catholic high .,only that he ·has the economic ' '!'do" .the city ·.'J,'n....a,·' . a .. con lnue~ IS ; IS ciate. profes~or o'f theology at. hools shoul'd l'ntroduce a' course' . . . . . mvolveme.nt WIth tW? yerrdif:.. .. Manhattan College~ New. York,. ability to pay ,the rental or purcouple of days, . ferent ItalIan young w~men; addressed' 250' seminarian"-deie- devoted to .studying the position ,chase price. . But ;hy should one want. to .. He 'h~s" been inv61ved w,ith' i~tes representing' 27 'religioul! of the Catholic Church in a plu,:, ,','The Catholic Interracial get to know Rome? Simply. f0l' women ill Rome before. Durmg·· communities at the second an,.. ralistic America. Council of Greater Toledo asks its monuments? The princip~l ,.,the w~r. he was' a? o.fficer.with·:n'ual Se'mir18rians~'Coriferenceo n ' Such a course would prepare that no greater. requirement· be reason is that the ci.ty exemplr. the Bntlsh Army and, when stli- Convert Work' .. the Catholic stu'dent for the re'; imposed on all those who are 1.0 fies and sums' up the ,develop,:, '. tioned· in the city by the Tiber, '. . . . .., ligious mentality ·,that underlies be displaced." m€mt of western civilization and pursued two English girls' .:sis": 'Speaking on "C9nversions and the moral' differences between '. Such a policy, said the CIC,. culture as does no Qther place ters;··who were·clerical aides' to the Catholic-High School," the Protestants and Catholics, he de'; will ease the problem, bolster on earth. And in a, spotty but a general. C~ristian Brother said that.preselared. . the community's sense of pride perceptive anc! eloquent way . Most of the book consists of ent-day. Catholic high sch~ol :Reality 01 Faith and honor, and' attest to the Miss Bowen suggests this. alternation of chapters which, courses, in apologetic.s, and Brother 'Luke urged that a. vitality of principles cherished Stre~$ Home' '.' respectively, recall the past and Church hIstory ,tend to. mls~epr~gene'rai ~ourse in dogmatic the- by Americans. . relate the ·present. It is. hard to sent Protestantlsm as It eXISts m oiog'y" rep'lace the traditional She ,dwells', for example, on sSY which' is. more ·boring. .' America today. . high. schoo~ course in apologetics. th e sacre d ness 0f, th e h 0 me as Cheap V'audevl'lle _ . . "Church history courses. taugh.,t established in' ancient.· Rome'. ChI' h' h h i t This course would emphasize , equl'v'alent had. been Ultimately Childe~s di~overs in a,t OlC, 19' se oo.s are no ihat Catholicism' is' not a mer~ ... .' describing Protestantism as our .,iven birth by any of the fore- a preference for one of the 'Ital- A ,. . lib . h Id.·t b t set of logical propositions bu,t a . m~rlca_n nelg ors 0 ,1,. . u, p:ersonal'encounter with God'an!!' going civilizations," she writes, .. ·ian young womeri,' and they e... reforrn;~rsBhetl~ lt~okr . ·a commitment to His Church;·the · "The Greeks had had nothing ,'travel north throlighitaly and ·as BOYS WANTED for. the of the kind: the ·:domus, the're-' finally to England wh'erehe :ce~ urles/ ago, :-.. 1'0 er, ~ e .. Brother, said. -' . '. " . . . saId. ApologetIcs courses glv.e Priesthood and Brotherhood. fore, provided one fir'm base for hopes that they may be the high school student.a falSe ~'If· a Catholic high school stuLack' of f.unds' NO. impediRome's 'sense of moral supe- marry. But .the past reasseru,. .. f" "t' t'h t' h "" . dent comes to feel the reality"of . sense the 0 ,secup y Fa'ith .a e ,aU::': can his Faith, h.e may' not be, able to· ment. riority. As for <1S,' .10 so f aran d'15 . 1 e If'10 t.. wo 'd"ff 1 erent ways; and proye ·Catholic. to for so 'long as home)s a concep~, at the close ~hild~rs,is1eftalone. ", cOmers.' 'by rea'son alone, 'he. out-argue.· an· atheist:college proWrite &0: rather than a container. for '.' ,This. is' .a 'decidedly ,flimsY:·· ,... " ., ' . ·fessor,. but he ,will' be' able' to P. .0. Box 5742 things and persons, we, continue" stOry,: ~enera.lly :incoherentan'd ~ddeq... appreciate,"explain'and' keep his' .to be in debt to the RoQ1ans." -:. simply. guttering out·at..the:e'iid: .' Complex.Problems,. Faith intelligently," Br9t1:U!r' Baltim~~ '8, Md• After giving consid~rable:at- .Jt is'a i>oor.~xcu§e'fQr the r.e- " intelligent· non::'Catholic Luke: concluded. tention to the r(~mains. of, classi- hearsa,! .0n.ce agl!-in, of the over- with training in philosophy' or' cal antiquity and a.summary of·falJliliar arid more thanslightlj 'bistoryoften 'call- .'answer' the the characterl;.and deeds 9fthe .~4ious. MarSliall :tricks, well arguments of a. Catholic high 'emperors,Miss Bowen"';" in a:as'~of the tastelesS; . compulsive-:/lChool'graduate of an apologetics Style som~times p~llucid, ,some- ,.seeming' ...rep~tition ,o.f vulgar course. because of the former's tilDes clotted _. alludes to the words arid quasi-obscenities. Nperior educa'tion; Brother Dark-Ages,glabces at the Mid-' .' 'One has'come to'expect such '., die Ages, touches on the.ltimais- a perfoHnimce in the Pot-boilers" Ordained at .. : 'II8nce, lingers over. Rome of... ~·which are' so numerous as com. LONDON' (NC) .-:.... F.rai:icis the nineteenth;, century, . and: . pared w!,th ~~rshall's' few'bOoks Greenan;' 72-year.;0Idr e tire'd throughout, sketches detail~, ()f ',~~ s~ture.. J3'ut one has 'oof-come' teacher, was .ordained , a' priest· .. Rome ;as' it is ,today. . . to, expect the ',liKes o.f a remark her~' and' appointed curate at The 'persons whom.'she-chooses 'to·the effect .thata ·'!lobster had Upton Park, East London. Fath~r to ,dwell' on are, iri ·,mostin:':j-(.'·:aulfered .like Christ before~i't wai Greenan "'completed his studiei . 8tance~,' not the . conventiollal" ,st\lck in the mayonnlJ.~e;". This' , "choices of 'writers ·..of' , popula~ ii cheap vaudeville withan~~ca,::·..' ~r :the prie~'te~ in .~~~e. :.:., / . boOks !on, Roine--Livia, wife· of .sionaL:shock, '" " , ,.

R'" .' . R I . evising. .e '. , C·oursesJn· " ChiHh S h i '_' at o.c Ig . s· ._., .


r-------------.. Trinitarian Fathers







.@,., . : _ . l:ss.o

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~:;~ if;~~eh::ej~::~e~~~~~~~'U~ionists:for'Ap'at~y

.: • ..J :

.. :

even~s, (Ir p~rsonalities; : U:>NO?N. (N~~ ':- CatholIc ?one,at ieast finds therri:provoc8·_.trad~ . .UDlOlPSts .~ave been '~~'"

t: periods,

,··tlye, and:.the outSt~mdirig'merit '~ured,f?t: th-;ir·ap.athY' iri:al~o)V-'


of her' .books. is in' the obiter. IJ;lg cpm~':I.nls,1.!l ',~ ;~~lDtl'~1 on.eAllIOCCUDpleteBoiler-Bufn'" I dicta-on"a' rain~' day. ·in Roine,'~ of....the, nl!tlOn l!",.~:werful ... Funace '-Unlts. Effielent. low,.cost ·be••jn,. Burner alld :.for example, on·the speCiat:quill~". ~nlon~~" . ~: .. ": ,; .... ~. . , : ' . ity 'of;~e·paintirigs·inthe cata~·. ,.. ,'fI1~_lJ!1ly;~r~( qll;ti~QaLCa~::fa~I:.~lll&leS aDdliervi~e .. :. .' obc newspaper; saId' that only S,anley' OJI COo, I.nco 'Takes .Pop·oll· Candle .aI;lQutT!p~rce~i of the.' 230,000 , 'taO'Mt. Pleasant Street ,To' S'o''r.d.on.oo .Shr.o'n·e.· . ..melJ).bers of the·Electrical·TradeS· New Be,dlord '. wy 3-Z68'7' Union" many, of. whom are I .VATIGAN CITY (NC)-Pope Catholics, voted in their recent '.John has· . given one of' the' important election. -Frank .Hax- . Many i:oiks do not know we candles he received on Candle- ell, member. of t.he Communist . mas Day. to world champion Party, defeated JQck Byrne, a have moved II. Our 'cyclist ,Andre Darrigade . for Scottish Catholic for the post of .delivery to a shr:ne on SardlOia.. General Secretary. . New L~cation . Ali outcry has resulted charg. ". The foul'-foot eandle, like all ,the ones the POPEl receiyed in a .ing ballot-rigging in the election IS ceremony on Candlemas Day, is for the ·key post in a union whose Pleasant & Union Streets a reminder tQ the faithful· to skilled members· hold strategic New Bedford .pray for the S(!cond 'Vatican jobs throughout British industry. Council's success. Mr.. Darrigade, The Universe, however, said,that ;a Frenchman, will take· it to the, little or no publicifY. was .given . . 1"'IlIIII. . shrine of Our Lady of Graces at to. the fact that the· alleged: con-: . .i , , . ..I Sassari .wlJen·he ,g,:>es to 5.ardinm, ,spiracy;,·;ns· ~P9sSj.~l~;·\O,Iily.,. be;; ,' .. 'LEA:r",ER G()()DSsi~ 1877 .;;'~~r a bi~ycl~ r~~c:- .. : _:.:..... ~~.:~~.a'~~~~,~~. ~;~~.:~~'" ~~.~.~~~~=!!=ii!=!1=!~~~~ , 't



C· USH I.. . IG'S·

< ...




Solution of 'Modern' Cross Requires Intelligent Action: By Most Rev. Robert J. Dwyer, D.O.,




Bishop 01 Reno

Sometime back iIi the early '20s we made the extraordinary discovery that civilization was in a state of crisis. The world was at the crossroads. Tomorrow's decisions were heavy with fate. With the enthusiasm of extreme you~h we made the phrase our own Yet the crisis remains. It is quite as though we had in- even more compelling for us vented it, and the gradual than it was for our fathers. alienation of family and Stated most baldly and most


THE ANCHORThurs. March 17, 1960


Design Center To Cut School Building Cost MANCHESTER (NC) A central office for planning and supervising the construction of Catholic schools in the Manchester area has been set up here in EI)gland. Bishop Andrew Beck, A.A., of Salford, which embraces Manchester and its environs, 'created the office to cut, costs of school construction. It will do away with arrangements on a parish level. :Bishop Beck, ,who is adviser on education to the English Hierarchy, said- his "clearmg house" is experiJ:nental. But he suggested tha't a similar center for the whole, country would save Catholics a great deal of money in construction costs. He pointed ou~ that a saving of only one per cent in the Catholic schools' building program for the next two years would amount to more than half a million dollars. Building Plans Catholics of England and 'Wales must build 108 schools during 1960-61 at an estimated cost of over $30,8QO,OOO, Bishop Beck said. In 1961-62 another 102 have to be built at an esU:' mated $26,000,000. If the full grant of 75 per c~nt toward the building is paid for by the government, the Catholic community will still have to raise over $14,OQO,000. Some of the Catholic schools are not expected to qualify for the gov:e'rnment grant. . ,The program will bring the total cost of the Church's school building effort since World War II to over $162,000,000. Up to 'last year the state provided about 50 per cent of the money for such 'schools in,the national education system. In 1959 the, 'grant was increased to 75 per cent for the building ~f all approved schools.

friends was doubtless due to our broadly, it is the decision beunseasonable and insufferable tween Christ and Anti-Christ. preaching of It is the crossroads where the this doctrine. It choice must be made between a was a good deal world in which man can live in later that we the freedom of the sons of God stumbled on and a world where he must liv'e the fact that the as the slave of the dialectic of term had bored materialism. our grandparMankind has stood at this ents and ttleir impasse for a very long time, fathers before two full centuries in 'fact, conthe m. The fused and wavering. - He, has world has lived been distracted by innumerable in crisis for so events wars and revolutions and IN NEW BEDFORD 1'00:' Whaling City youth are long that the succes~ive political convulsions.' attending a series of Lenten forums at Kennedy Center. memory of, man runneth not to He has been tempted this way the contrary. and that by conflicting pbilo- "Left to right, twin sisters Dianne and Susanne Auger, It was unthinkable, back in sophies and economic theories: 'James Dufficy, Maurice Bourque. those salad days, that the state His emotional response has been I of crisis could endure indefin- excited by every device in the itely. Crisis, after all"is supposeCi arsenal of propaganda. to be an event. It is the taking Fires Burnt Out 5 of a ,particular direction at tne ",' Small wonder, that he' -is NEW YORK (NC)-"I have to the Bishops' Relief Fund Apcrossroads. It is commitment to weary,' emotionally dI'ained; al':' seen the CRS-NCWC program peal.' The 14th annual appeal a decision. It is unendurable that 'most apathetic. ,This is the mood .' 'in operation in Singapore, Ma- campaign will' conducted, it should be ,prolonged bey,ond 'in which counsels of -despair are laya,' Vietnam, Korea, Hong 'generally, in parishes throughthe act of will which determines most readily listened to. Ex'ist- Kong and 'the Philippines and out the nation on Laetare Sunit. Otherwise, it is' no longer, entialism, for example,gro~nded have never seen any operation day, March '27. This year's goal crisis but simply the ,course of in despair, terrified of making in my. travels around the world is a minimum of five million hlstory. And if we had been told any decision, is not merely the to compare with it." dollars. ' ' ' in 1925 that the crisis would still offscour~n.g of the d~seased min.d The tribute came from a vetFormer Chaplain be upon' us in 1960 we would of Jean-Paul Sartre and, hIS eran missioner who called at the Father Bryson went to Japan have scoffed at the prciphetand coterie; it is an attempt to ra':'headquarfers of Catholic Relief as an army, chaplain during stoned h~. , Uonalize the contemporary Services _ National' Catholic ,World War II and has served as Emotion Cools Off ' ~ood of despondency. , . Welfare Conference' here. He is a missioner there since leaving Crisis is a word which evokes 'It is' a reflection of t~e 'mmd Father' A. W. Bryson, M.S.H., the Army. He is a nativ'e of Ausan emotional response. The ,that does not know whIch, way secretary-general of the National tralia and served in Sydney bething must be done; the whole to turn and has lost the will and Catholic Committee for Japan fore going to Japan. He has future of mankind, its hopes a~d--' even the desire to decide. The and 'founder ofthe Missionaries of been a priest for 27 years. fears, its temporal salvation or fires are -all burnt out. the Sacred Heart in that country. He was named secretary-genits ruin, hangs upon the decision. It is as though man hadc,ome "I would say that the great- 'eral of the National Catholic But emotion, given our human to some fanta'stic - road-Dlock, e~t need for relief is in Vietnam Committee in Japan-':the NCWC condition, cannot be long sus- with the traffic j.ammed up fo~ and Korea, and that without the of that country-five years ago. tained. It boils up to a pitch of miles along the hIghway. Th~re aid given by CRS-NCWC, I He is,in the United States studyintensity, then cools off. It is the initial tumult ,of h;onkmg cannot see how the people in ing the administrative work of Iltorms the heights, then re- horns and angry protest, men those countries would have sur- the NCWC and will return to lapses into the slough of indif- with red faces denouncing the vived," ,Father Bryson continued. ,Japans~ortly. ference. It is extremely diffi-. "highway department" the fed' ,,' " ' cult for men to support an, emo- era! and state governmellt, Com.Japanese Grateful FARMS : tional climacteric for any length munism the human' condition; , . At the ,time o~' Fqther ,Bry, 145 Washington St., Fairhaven of time. and Di~ine Providence. llOIl~s visit, Msgr. Edward E;. The fervor 'with which any They fall to quarreling among Swanstrom, CRS -:- NCWC ex.' BAR-B-Q ChiCk,ens ' • CUT-UP Chickens great cause is embraced is f61"; 'themselves maddened by, 'the 'ecutive director, r ~ceived a meslowed inevitably by disillusion- 'delay confused by the, conflict_ sage from M:ayor Kissen Koba,,:' • DAY OLD Eggs , 24-HOUR' WRECKER ment and disinterest. The cruing: o~inions as to its cause, iti yashi of Nagoya, Japan's third SERVICE' • CHICKEN Pies t:lde is prOclaimed and a million duration, its soJution, helpless in largest citY,expressinggratit\.lude • TURKEYS ". 15 HILLMAN STREET voices shout God' Wills It. A their impotence to do anything for aid given py the U. S. Bish-. • ROAST C.HI~~ENS NEW BEDFORD year after, or a month,' or even about it. - . - ops' ,worldwide ,relief' and reha• BAKED BEANS , ,WY 6·8343 a w~ek, and the voices have sUQCrisis II History bilitation agency, following the, (week-ends) sided to a murmur of discontent. Wh h d t d ·to Ise Baydyphoon·disaster in late " ot I th' at t ey are no 0 18 Se te b Th IS IS n a g oss on e par- remove the block' itself~ That . p ~r .. , able of Wolf, Wolf! The alarm would be to make a decision. So The InCIdents Il~r~sed ~he may be altogether genuine l the they put out the candle' and- agency's .widespread reh~f. achvCOME, IN SEE - and DRIVE wolf actually harrying the curse God. ' 'IUelli WhICh .are made',possible ~Y sheepfold. But if the wolf beThe parable is not exact. There the generOSIty of U.'S~ Cathohcs comes an institution, returning is no precise description' ava:il~he World's Most Beautifully Proportioned Carswith the regularity of death and' able for a general reaction to a at taxes, there comes a time when state of mind. But the whole the guardians slack off and treat point is' that the modern crisis, themselves''to a good night's rest. prolonged and exasperating, canInc. Crisis becqmes history. not be solved by the evocation crisis PrOIODl'ecl , 'of' emotion. Now if there is one thing clear' The impasse is too· complex, " "FUNERAl' SERVICE ,': " , FORD DEALERS fOR' OV£R 3,8 YEARS': ~ , in the penumbra 9f li~e it is that,' the element of time too exhaust- :;, the crisis of our civilization it '!'ing"the,decision too' ex()rbita~~;j "13486,P.~rchaseSt. :," ," ," NeW ~ford, Mass., 549 ,COUNty ST. riot climactic'but prolonged. It ii ,to be obedient., to', an impulse,','· no single event which changes: 'however 'Doble.: It" will onl1' NEW .BEDFORD,, MASS. the course of, our times, no !lingle .. "answer' t4 informed mind decision which deterlllines men' and' the deter~ined will, aid~ to follow one'arm of the cro16- and sustained by the grace of roads. , GOd. Crisis in our time is history. MARTIN~ It is, rather, a seri~s of events, ' . SCRAP ~E'iALS a multiplioation of decisions, ' Bishop Offers Mas~ WASTE PAPER ":"RAGS great and trUiing. The emotional 'I'n L'utheran Church Eeaction, so often invoked, be, , , , TiucKS~ AND iRAllERS FOR, oomes nullified by' repetition. ' BERLIN (NC) - A' Cath~lic ' " PAP~R 'DRIVES ' Mankind gets ',tired of crisis. Hc bishop. offered Requiem Mass iii CHURCHES;. SCOUl'S and wants to hear rio more of it. a Lutheran cathedral ,for Cath~ . CIVIC ORGANIZATIONS' , olics who died in a mine disaster 1080 Shawmut Avenue. · A t· in Zwickau. ' I Urges Ca th O.IC New ~Bedford WY 2-7828 cion Ahout:l,400 persons assisted Use Modern Ideas at the Mass, offered in the LutllTHE ROME (NC)-Lay members of eran cathedral by Bishop Otto Italian Catholic Action have Spuelbeck of Meissen. The ,White's Farm Dairy been urged to use modern, inter- Lutheran authorities placed the PLAN "'SPECIAL MILK esti'ng methods of giving cate- Zwickau cathedral at Bishop chism instruction to persons of Spuelbeck's disposal for the Sun:. From Our Own all ages. day Mass. 'Tested Herd'" Agostino Maltarello, president, The mine tragedy in which-l23 said his group will organize the persons perished, occurred at the . Acu'stinet, Mass. WY 3-4457 laity to conduct a mass program 3,300-foot level of the Karl Marx • Special Milk of instruction. However, he said colliery at Zwickau. Forty-nine • Homogenized Vito D Milk that only general instructions miners were known to be dead, and guidance will be provided to and many were ·injured.Rescue • Butterm'i1k . enable individuuals to exercise teams initially brought' out 5~ • Tropicana Orange Juice' freedom ih accomplishing the other miners, aUve, ,but had to • Coffee and Choc. Milk 'Pread ol Catholic i4eu' ill', ,fig-.t a large t1re five days ~ .•- Eggs ltal,y. ~ dialalt.ez-; .

M issioner Asserts ' B- h IS OpS A ' gene)

Wid' Best Re I-Ie..f '0 rgonlzohon - · or oe'

' " i


ACE' Auto Body'






,'THE '60:' FORDS,


Michael, C. Austin





A. W.



Butter '



... • •



206, Union Street New Bedford

WY 5-7468 Dial


THE ANCHOR-Dioce5e of Fall River-Thurs. M~r. 1.7, 1960

Salted With Sacrifice

Adlvises' Husband Help Wife Organize ·Home Efficiently

God Love You By Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheett. D.O.

By Father John' L. Thomas, S. J.


,.. ,



1. ,

"Every vietim Jilustbe seasoned with salt." (Mark 9/48). This saying of Our Lord is a teld from ·the Old Testament: "Whatever sacrifice thou offerest is to be seasoned with salt." (LevU. 8/13) • The meaning is that a Christian does not offer meat, sueh as sheep and goats and builocks, as was done in the Old Testamen~; he offers himself. As St. Paul said: "Offer up your bodies as II living sacrifice, consecrated to God and worthy of Ris acceptancc" (Rom. 12/1). The salt here means sacrifice because there is in us a principle of corruption.

Sociology ·Prot.-St. Louis University'

What' can yoU do with a wife who doesn't'imow how .to run a home? We've been .marriedlO years and have five wl.lnderful children. Nothing gets done around the house. The kid's things are left where they threw them, meals are never on' time, us. We say they are wrong and we're always late for. every:.. ought to change. .thing. It's not's It would be better to say that Jazy-·but it seems hopeless.. they are different, inefficient, or

, .,

~ •


St. Peter, who heard Our LQrd speak these words, develops The training of the children don't get the job done well in the idea of sacrifice in his first Epistle, saying that if Christ Who bothers me because I don't want spite of their best efforts. If we was .sinless was salted with the fire of take this attitude, and, I gather some poor devil sacrifice, so we must be· salted with selffrom your letter that it is your stuck with the denial. "Christ's mortal nature, then, has own, we will find it much easier .same . problem ..been crucified, and you must offer YQurto deal with the problem. when he marselves with the .same .intention." The ChrisOF NOTED F AMn~ Y: 'tian ries one of my Avoid Chaos law of life is to' submit to the fiery daughters." _." . . As you state,. your wife isn't Irish-born Msgr. William cleansing. You have realazy, she just doesn't know' how Barry of Miami Beach, Fla;,' . '. .son to be disWe happen to 'live in 'a world where .to organize her efforts. Furtherwill mark the 50th anniverturbed on this selfishness and' love of tlie dollar is highly more, she's not easy to help. sary of his ordination today. last point, Bill, . Valued; our neighbors are leSs' inteJ:ested .She claims she's doing the best becausll you r in the idea that "Life is worth living" than she can; which is true-after a He is co-founder of a ~ollege;­ daughters will they are in the. idea that "Life is worth fashion-though she's really say- founder of a Catholic newsprobably tend having." We who hav.e been called to Christ ing that she's.doing the best she paper, and helped ,to estabto run the same cannot entwine our hearts with the Cruciknows how, rather than the best lish 'several parishes.. NC kind of home fied Lord unless we salt our prayers, our . . she can do. Photo. that their mother does. Unless Novenas, our assistance at Mass, ete•. with sacrifice. And 11 there If she's so hard to help, it's they have had special trainin?, were abetter place to send sacrlfioe~han to give It to the Bony most wives follow the domestic partly because shEl'- thinks her Father to help support 135,000 missionaries-we would recomway is as good as any other, and pattern learned in their' own mend it to you. Africa, Asia needs salt--oncl the' saU Is ,.our you are just trying to force .your o Dear Jesus - Son of the homes. If you think back· to the sacrifice; ideas on her. Hence, don't make .' Eternal . Father and Mary way )'our· wife .was' ra~sed, either a personal or moral issue Immaculate - grant to our" chances are you will understand boys' and girls - the gene-' GOD LOVE' YOU to Miss' D.F. for $50 "Our Lord bas been why she operates the 'way she 'of it. Help her to see that other young mothers face simpar probrosity of .heart to follow Th,.' verY good to me' in 1959. In add*ti9,n it? rna.Dy. other graces. and does today.· lems, yet manage to avoid chaos eall - ' and courage ·to overblessings, I have just received an in~ease in, salary. In order to To' digresS for a moment, I in the home through careful come all obstacles to their . express my gratittlde to the Sacred Heart for all He has given would like to point' out :that the planning, . vocation. ,. - ' me, I would like to give sai~ amount to the Society for the Propaessential, lasting effects of parGive to·parents - the fai~h, "gation of the Faith."':. tOJ.L.M. for $5 i'I gave up my aft'ernoofl .. ental training and eX'ample are Busy Every Min.ute ·.love and spirit of· sacrifice' -snackfor'one month. Here'is the' savings!" ... to ·J.L~ for $5' "I am not revealed primarily in the At this point, Bill, you'll probthat will· inspire them·' to" 'sixteen' years old and promised ·St._Jude thisamou~t if he granted · parental home. Rather,they. ably. be saying, "I've told her' ,offer their children for Thy a .special intention. I' h6p~ your good works are kept up in these .' appear when the children ·themthat a thousand times, and she' servi()e; cause· "larids that need so much." .. ; 'to Mrs. C,L. for $15 '''litis is half selves start to fulfill marital' and keeps insisting that she's differ.:. rejoice exceedingly, - when-' of 'my w~ekly pay check, Iil Thanksgiving for ·the J:riany graces I parental roles. ent and just has to do things . ever one of their children is . have 'received;"it is'for·the 'foreign missions." .. Repeat Pattern .her own way." called to the Religious Life. Parents are the first. models I :feel I that the reason you. Le~ Thy example .aDd that children observe. 'The way haven't been able to get through You should be color· conscious' when it is a, means of praying that of Thy Blessed' ~9t~er they r;riiinage the home comes to to her is that you have uncon;' for the 1;100,000,000 pagans throughout the. world. Let your eyes and 'Saint Joseph --: encourage be regarded as norma~ by their sciously implied that she's guilty both children and p~ren~~ ..:- . know what your hand is doing when. you say the Rosary. As your children who, in turn, tend to of some kind of moral fault, and hand moves 'along the 'beads of the World Mj,ssion Rosary, your .and may Thy grace sustain repeat the same pattern in their she's not ready to admit that. and 'guide them. Amen. eyes pick out the color of each decade and bring ~ your mind and marriage, not only because this . She'll argue that she's busy Imprimatur James L. Connoll,. prayers ·the pagans in the different mission lands. Enclose ·your is the only pattern they know every minute, that she~s knockMarch 1960 Bishop of Fall River request for a World MissioB Rosary with your sacrifice of $2 and but because they are accustomed ing herself out to keep the'famwe will send one to you. . Plenary indulgence. may be flo it and feel it is right. ily going. Why not concede that, gained, under usual condi-. In .other words, if mother' and then go over theday's'Work tions, if,above prayer is.recited '. Cut ouf this' column, phi your sacrifice to it and mail it to the doesn't get· up to prepare dad's with· her to see how' to 'save daily for entire month; indul- .. Most Rev. Ful. ton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for breakfast; if she never' has dintime and get things done more gence of seven years for eaeh aer on time, if she leaves the efficiently. recitation. (Raecolta .568) the Propagation of 'the Faith, 366 Fifth Avenue, New York 1, N. Y.•~ or your Diocesan Director, RT.REV. RAYMOND T. CONSIDINE, kitchen piled high with unYou'll probably find that she '368 North Main Street, Filll.River, Mass. .w ashed . dishes and the closet can't plan because,' she'doesn't · Cluttered up with soiled linen, distinguish essential, basic' jobs you can bet good money that Continued from Page 6ne sister will run her home in the from unimportant, ephemeraL· Proper sung by student!! of :~ same way, and brother will not ones. minican Academy. .' New Bedford be disturbed if his wife follows.. Needs ·Encouragement a siJllilar pattern.' . . At 10 Tuesday morning"M~rch If the phone rings· while' she's But what happens when sister preparing dinner, She drops 29, Solemn High Mass with con-' marries a man raised in a difeverything aI,ld chats for' an" gregatiorial singing and' the" ferent family environment? .hour. If she has togo shoppip.g, Proper by students of Sacred Well, Bill, then we have your take the children to the doctor, Hearts Academy, Fairhaven, will problem. If your wife had marbe celebrated at ·.Our Lady 01. or pick them up at school, she ried someone' from a family doesn't - plan her meals or her Mount Carmel Church, New · background similar to her own, work in advance, so if these Bedford. Rev. Edward Mitchell, they would 'probably have' lived tasks take longer than anticiSa~red Heart Church, Taunton, "happily ever after." pated, the household is in chaos. will preach and area priests, in The house would have been a addition to students of Holy It won't help much to blame mess and the meals' wouldn't be her. Sit down and show her how Family, St, Anthony, and Bishop on time, but everybody. con- she could have planned -it dif- Stang High Schools and Sacred' cerned:. would probably ·be rea- ferently. Start with little things flearts Academy, will be in atsonably'. healthy' and happy, tlilndance. ! and trairu her to look ahead. Wednesday morning's observthough not likely to ever. set Help her organize her day in .the worl.d on fire.. terms of the really important ance will be at 10 o'clock at '. Right Attitucle St. Mary's Church,Tauntonr' things. This all'adds to saying 'that With a little help and encour-, .' where Solemn HighM<1s8 witb. there are many different ways agement, she may learn there,. congregational singing will ,.also··· to manage a home. Some are are other ways of doing things. be offered with the Proper by obviously more efficient than . Remember, you're' married for St. Mary's High School students• others, though they all get the good; and any.. i.mprovement is Area priests and students Of job donl~after a fashion~and Coyle . and ·St. Mary's' .High a gain. consequently we must be slow' Schools will be present, in addito evaluate them in moral terms. Masses B.egin. Polish from tion to eighth grade students We may prefer some ways and Taunton, Attleboro .and dislike others,' but we must· Town's Centenary North Attleboro. avoid the tendency to chal'acKALISZ (Ner--The people of A special'prayer for vocatiON tetize some as morally right or Kalisz, oldest known' settlement will be recited after Masses ia wrong, . in Poland, began the'town's 18th churches during the novena peI have offered' these observa- centenary with Masses riod an.d daily. in. .all school. ,. .. tions, ~ill, because in dealing and all-night adoration 'of the A film, "T9 the Altar of God," with cases like your own, we aU Blessed· Sacrament. ., depicting life at St. Mary's . toO ...frequently impute. lUgral Posters on the doors~ of the Seminary, Baltimore, is aIsCi' '•. .' gUilt' to those who differ' hom local church, -founded" iii the available to sChoolS and other '., ~, USE~ early 13th century,1:lrged the groups, acco~ding to Rev. Joh&:" Get<"~nAUTO' Masse~: a.t ,Aorport· faithful to "start tlie: 14bilee J;' Hayes, Diocesan.' Director 01.' >. MUNICH (NC) ~ Priests at- celebrations of Kalisz's .'1800th Vocations, who is W, eharge o l A f RATS THAT Will MONeY tending Munich's International anniversary with God." Thou- the anriu'al observance. ," '. . g . :COti1pariSoM'aN.ClOnvincin , Come in and get .~ ·flgv.... . Eucharistic Congress this .Sum- sands of this town's 48,OOO.1'esi-

.Vocation Prayer

.Vocation Masses','





:Whethe" it's a NEW

... . .. .




CAR you- can






denj;s :to Meet _. Kalisz, situated in what i~'now PARIS (NC)-Delegates.from ,.. ~diocese has approved . t he erec.- central Poland, was flist men26 countries are· expectect tQ ..... ~n of an al4\r 'at' the' KLM ... tioned 'by: the geographer Pto- attend the sixth International" ,'. : ..... (Royal Dutch Airline's)' se!;tion' 'lemy 'in the' second century. It Congress of' Catholic Pharma~ . '. ' . . ' '" . .0If. the tE~rminal here. This will .. was situated at a convenientcists, to be held here begil:minii ' - OF' NEW BEDFORD " , '. ~'" lI\$ke.·.. it.. possible for pribsii/ t() :·crossing,.of the PtosrlaRiver ,,~~pt... 2...The theme. Is .,''The .. A. O'F'FICE" 'U":o''n:' . an'd' ft.-a·sant· ·Stree··...· ·::.'~_:fVI~ss:wiiiie·W:!litiIl,g.for.e arly on the illTl,c~n~ ;a~_" .$.mber Pharmaceutical Profession Serv-;., '.""',..,. ' ..':":'". o n , ;. lr",. ...... . .. .' . ;:·:.~i~h~;- ..o:,:;,;:,y;::'y.:- ." . .~adei.o~~,);:J-ll:·:::;;<\f:";'·;;:'; lng the Modern World." . I . . •• .': ;.~~~~~ . .N~O~R . . .r~:H~EN~. ~O~<-:-",'...12~90~~;~14l'~'~.s~h~~ettt·",·~A~v~,e~n~ue~."".~-.,.:.~.~:'~.~ .' mer will. be able to offer Mass" '.' .at the airport.· The Munich arch-





',~;~•.-";k",,,t:t"''''~';):''';'''''';'''' " .........,.~.~"",.~

;. '.'


.. ''-'


._ .•




Cardinal Godfrey Deplores Lower Moral Standards

·Native '·ott·St. ·Patrick·", 'Parish in'" :Fall River" ,Serve~ as Xaver;,an Brother in Louisville

THE ANCHOR-i' Thurs. March 17; 1960

Pontiff Sends Aid To Stricken City

"He was thinking of being a brother, but he hadn't decided where to go.' Then he

LONDO~ ,(NC)-Increas- met Brother Angelo; a Xaverian, and that made up his mind." Thus the mother of Owen

ing prosperity in Britain is resulting in' lower moral standards, according tOWil-



Few, Facts. Known. With' Ce.rtainty About Life, of Popular St. :Pat..ick


Thanks Bishop

Devotions to Start Tuesday at Chapel


of Decency Classifies Film Al

Sturtevant & Ho'ok


: BANK','


.. :.:.... ,.,' • ',' ". ".



VATICAN CITY (NC)-Pope John has sent a message of sympathy and an undisclosed sum of money to the people of Morocco, where two earthqua~es, a ,tidal wave and uncontrolled fires have razed the city ,of 'Agadir. Both the message and the funds for the city's 45,000 stricken were transmitted to Archbishop Amedee LeFevre; ,O.F.. M., of Rabat, to, be given to government authorities. Three Brothers of the Hosp'taller Order of st. John of God were among the team of doctor. and medical he~p .sent' from . Italy to Morocco·to aid victim. of the Agadir disaster. One of the Brothers is a doCtor and the other two are nurseS. Accompal1,ying them was a' sur'geon . from . the staff of the Ord~r~s hospita,l in Rome:'

Igna.tiu8 Melvin, now Brother Theodore; a.F.X., des.cribed .his entry. into the Xaverian community nearly 10 years ago. Brother Theodore, son of Mr. and Mrs. James P. 'Melvin, 138· Fenner' Street, Fall mers are spent as a camp counsellor. ., . Rivet, is a native of St. Patrick's parish. He 'attended' The Xaverians are more propthe parochial school and erly known as the Brothers of

liam Cardinal Godfrey. " The Archbishop of Westmin'-" ster called for a ban on immoral films, plays, shows, literature and advertisements. He said in a Coyle High School, Taunton,' " pastoral letter that some enter~ then w~ at Boston 'College two. tainment media are contributing years before entering the Xavel'considerably to the lowering of ian novitiate at Silver. Sp~ings, moral values, instead of uplifting Md. . . national life. , . Only J\S8ignmeD~ "Is the taste ,o~" our pe9ple He. compll:ted his really as low as some script- course at Cat~olic Vniversity, .writers, playwrights and com~- then was assigned. to Flaget High dians apparently ~lieve School, .Louisville, wiu~re he' be?" he asked.. teaches history. and. English...Jt. , "To say that a nation prospers' has been his only station means ihat things go well with throughout his yean ill' th~ .it generally," the Cardinal said. brotherh~ood. •. "Strictly speaking, we cannot ~rqther Theodor~ makes a . say that a nation prospers unless home .. visit ,y~arly,his moth~, all goes well,' both morally and 'sai~, spending two w«;!eks, wittt materially. Occasionally statis- . his family. He 18,a sports ,enth"-. tics are published from official sia~t" ' playin~ .'. bsaeball.and sources which shake our com- "whatever is in season" with the THEODORE, C.F.X. placency (by) showing that the boys at Flaget. Par.t of his Sum- BROTHER . " :. .standard of morality has not k e p t ' . "".. pace with the higher standard of material welfare." The Cardinal quoted statistics shQwing that in 1958 over 22,009 St.· Patrick has been one of the Eventually, the group reached divorces were granted in Eng- most popular saints for centuries, ~ civilization, prob'ably in GallI. land and Wales. Almost half but even today very little' is The 'order of events in St. were granted on grounds oJ. known with certainty about· hie Patrick's next years. are unclear. adultery. Most of the others were life. . " He spent them' in' Europe and it on chargcs of desertion and ·The patron' saint of Ireland, 'is widely held he studied under cruelty. . whose. feast will be. celebrated saintly'Bisnop Germanu!., at In the, year, 35,629 divorced today with fanfare in many PClrtB .Auxeree ,who later, consecrated men and women remarried, the of the· world, was the apostle i him a'bishop: and .urged him'to number of illegitimate births of Ireland and .Archbishop ot do missionary 'work 'ili Ireland. was over 36,000, or one in 20 of Armagh. ...' , . The succe~s of his ef'fort~ iB all births, and about the same ~e wa~ born about ·390 and converting th'e pagans in "the number of children were con- died somewhere around 460, but 'land where had been held'as ceived before marria;ebut born. exact dates in his life are dis- ,'& slave 'are common knowledge. after marriage. ' . puted by sch~larll and the two But the ide~ that it was simPly "These figures do not ten of letters he left the world are not . ' f f 1 tr· '. h '.' much help'. 11 series 0 pe~ce u lUmp s. ~s real moral prosperity,." Cardinal ' .' , wrong' He himself wrote that Godfrey stated. "Nor does the Patrick was a farm boy 1ft a .. f ' · · thO 12" t' , . were , oJ. B 't' . 'led b tb . no ewer., an Imes par t 1'1 am ru y e he d h' . ' . ' . . d' mountl' ng toll of the roads and Roinans but terrorizad by Irish', an.. IS compal)lO?S' seize the consequent depreciation, of , . #, and carrIed of'{ as captives" only the value of human life. Indus- pagan raiders .w'!enever. the freed by ari act of God.. . trial unrest frequently disturbl Roman. ralxed. their guard. . , " the life of the nation: and must Take.' Captive .' . . Narrow Escape; '.' be another cause 01. seriou. So~e 'time during. hi. early, ,Tradition tells of. one na~row anxiety.N ,,' teens, raiders swept through his 'escape which created a martyr. . neighborhood and carried young:' ~t. Patrick's devoted chariot Patrick and numerous others oU . driver, Odhran, is supposed, to to be used as slaves. . , "have :heard a rumor that the misJERUSALEU (NC) - T h. For about six years the youth 'sionary would be killed as he Hebrew University here has was held in bondage, tending hill rode along in the chariot's seat for D1 a 11 y than ked ;Bishop master's herds. He wrote that he 'of honor. ~ . Georges' Hakim of Acre for the prayed hard during these years, .Odhi'an, without telling of the gift of an ancient Persian manu- reporting: "In a single day, X 'plot, asked St. Patrlick to take script on the art of reading said as many., ilS ,8 hundred· the reins that day ard allow him character from facial character- prayers and at .night ,nearly all 10 rest in the seat usually occuistics. .The' llluminated manu- ·many...... , " ·pied by the saint. . script has been incor'porated in During his sleep one night, Scarcely. had they set out, than the university's collection. ef Patl'ick heard a voice tell him he II well-directed lance pierced the rare manuscripts. wall ready 'to return home and heart of the devoted chai'ioteer. that "your ship. is ready." He ShamroCk as Symbol escaped from his, master and St. Patrick's technique in. walked some 200 miles to.a ves- apreading the Faith was to call together the pagan leaders and The traditional. series of 13 sel ready to depart from Ireland. When he asked for free pasTuesdays in honor of St. An- "sage, he was jeered-and refused.' explain Christian teachings to thony , the Wonder-Worker, will , But then he said' a silent prayer them. Then he would'apP-l'oach begin Tuesday at Our Lady s the ordinary people. His lectures, tradition says Chapel, New Bedford. The series and the sailors mysterio13s1y changed their 'mind, inviting him. serves as a preparation for the exp 1ain the use of the shamrock Saint's Feast on June 13. aboard. a bright-green leaf with thre~ Getting to freedom was: not parts, as Irelalld's national sym.,. Devotions will be, conducted bol and as decoration of Irish-. every Tuesday after the 10 easy. After three days Of sailing, o'clock and 12:10 Masses, at 3 the ship landed~ but'in an unin-' men: on March 17. The is supposed ,to have in the afternoon, and at 5:16 habited place. All aboard waiked and 8 in the evening. 'The devo- for a month: At one time they pulled Ol)e of the leaves from the were without 1Qod, but' it .was ground to illustrate Christian tions will consist 01. a short sermon by Father· Celsus A.' supplied in a herd of wild pigs 'teaching on the Blessed Trinity. which. came;, out of .'nowhere Folan, O.F.M., on the life and followmg a prayer by St. Pat-· "irtues of St. Anthony, Benedic- rick. . tion of the Blessed 'Sacrament and veneration of the Saint'. L~gion relic. There will be IS broadcast Est. 1897 NEW YORK (NC)-The Na"7 each Tuesday evening· at 7:45 tional Legion' of Decency has over WSAR for those confined Builders Suppiies recommended the' movie "Conto their homes. 2343 Purchase Street' spiracy Apart" dealing with New Bedford nuns whci rescued' Jewish orphans from Nazis; WY 6-5661 Legion officials said the .film II the' sixth to be specifically recomm~nded by the organiza-·. tion in a drive to pro'!'ote good .. NJhe FClmily That movies. . Clasliifirig the film as AI, mol'- ' ~ PraysTog~ther '. ally unobjection!lble for general' ' Stays Together'" .. patronage, the legion sai,d: "This 'excellent .motion picture detailing the plight of a": 'THE '.: group of nuns in smuggling Jew'~ATIONAL. ish orphans out,' of detention camps in Nazi-occupied. Italy in 1943, emphasIZes, the commoa AUle~"';$~,~.b.~t~ bond! ·'of, lov~':and charl~y that· ", " ,,' .~~~~ ... ,'. ,,' mould link' 'aU men', Ol.aood


St.' Francis Xavier. Founded in 1839 in Belgium, their general motherhouse is in Rome. In the United Statas they are active in 11 Diocese's and Archdioce!les.

Area' Scouters Plan .Meeting

, . Catholic' awards· for Boy imd Girl Scouts will be explained at ·a.n Information ,Night to be held at 7, Sunday night, Mar<;h ,!-7 at .Sacred Heart Auditori,um, Liri.den and Pine Streets, Fall River. for all.' Catholic Scout leaders of the Diocese. . ~ccording to Owen T. P. McGowan, Diocesan lay chairman .of Catholic Scouting, require.ments will be explained for the PUNO (NC) )~The MaryknoD Parvuli Dei award for Cubs, Ad ,Fathers have built up an organAltare Dei for Boy Scouts, Pius ization of 1,950 cateC:!hists-mostXII for Explorers and the Mar-' ly Indians-to help make up for ian Award for Girl Scouts. the shortage of priests in this area of the Andes mounRefreshments will be served ,rem'ote ta~~ " . and there will be' no admission The Maryknoll Missioners whe charge. 'have been in charge of this area Reservations should be made since 1942, sa:' the key to, the' by' Thursday, March 24 with . catechetical program is the mis·area. Scout cha.irmen. They. i~-, sion .training school. . . cll1-de . Wlllter ,Wilcox, OSbor"e A recent innovati'on here waa ~-7094,' ;Fa}l River; Anthony the establishment of a catechl,!t-. Lima, WYman' 3-0745, New ,ical bookstore. It supplies CathB'edford; Francis Sheehan, WY- ~lic literature .printed in Que~man 6-8194, NE:w Bedford; John· chua and, Aymara ~ primitive rl'amigan, Van Dyke. 4-4003, ,Indian languages. still spoken by Taunto~; ,and, Jos.epb l\f!trphy, -8 majority of the' natives in thi.l· EDward 9-7154, Man s.f i e I d. area. ' 0 Murphy is' in charge of the Attlebor9 a.rea. . , .

Maryknoll Has 1,950 Catechists in 'Andes "


Three 'Theatres .H~ed · A'pp~~I, to Ban Film

. BUY ;"'TRY


· , ' CONCORD' (NC)-Three .New Hampshire theaters have responded Gov. Wesley Powell'i apPeal' for the st.ate's exl}ibi,tors to ban showing of the movie; "Jack, the Ripper." . Following the' Governor's statement her!,!, it was announced that two theaters had cal1,celed 'their' scheduled showings, and. ,that another theater had 'voluntarily' withdrawn the picture. William Loeb, publisher of the Manchester, Union-Leader, largest daily newspaper in New . Hampshire, was among the first to urge the New~Hampshiregovernor and Gov. Foster Furcolo of Massachusetss to prevent the showing of the film in their respective states. The National Legion ~f Decericy has placed this film in its Class B classHication-objectIonable in part for alL '



OLDSMOBILE Oldsmobile. Peugot • Renolt 67 Middle' Street, Fairhaven








: DEBROSSE OIL: ::H t0-1 ,:', ea Ing. 1 s· :- lorquicktle/W,,, ,t; ': .an'd Burners' : '.






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~ . . , 4",:··tHE ANCt{o~:"p.J~'~.:~~':Ri~7",;·,:M~;.:.·1'ti~6Q:".~··

.. \ "!Elevafion' ShOws ";; 'Pope's Concern

:-.H·ere's St· 'P6trick'$ Salad.·'\'· ":Plus ·Tasty·~~ntenDishes· " , ,


For Filipinos MANILA (NC) ~ President Carlos P. Garcia said the choice of the Archbishop .of' Manila for the Sacred

. By Joan Meadows.

.. ;' . .', . Bisnop' Sheen has sai~ tnat one of, the 'distinguishing · ~arks between man and' animals is that· only man is 'eapable of laughter. I would add another simile In reference . ·to this column. Animals never cook either! And .thereby '~angs a sad tale. Eyen'the /, TUNA CELERY SO~FLE '. f~odst . elx:pe~t pomde - mka~er ' 6 tablespoc;n.s quick-cooking . m s p annmg an . coo mg. tapioca , ' three meals a day can 80me-' ,...% teaspoon pepper


College 9f Cardinals is "a manifesta~on of the Holy .Father'. paternal <love for Filipino people." The Philippines President btsued a statement saying: "The elevation of Archbishop (Rufino) Santos - as the first Filipino cardinal should be aft occasion for national rejoicing and thanksgiving, It is a recognition of the prominent position the Philippines is occupying in the' Catholic world and a manifestation of the Holy Father'. ·patern·al love for the Filipino

1 cup diced celery I~can (7-ouncesl tuna fish. drained , and 1 to 2 tablespoons chopped pimicnto £laked . 3 egg whites 1% teaspoons salt, '1 tablesp~on grated onion " ? • 1% cups milk ' time,) ' . . I 3 egg. yolks ST. PATRICK'SlJ.AY SALAD '. Lent. With ~ts Directions: Co~bine quickif d:letary r~:lt:lccooking tapioca, Salt, pepper, people~ tlOns. provides onion, celery, and milk in saucethe . harassed pan. Place over medium heat "My family and. I join our b 0 m em a k e r .and cook until mixture comes to people in extending our hearty,. with still another culinary com- . a boil stirring cons'tantly. Regratitude to the Holy Father and "existentialism is not a philosST. LOUIS (NC)-"Existenplication. move from' heat and add tuna. the warmest felicitations to ophy but rather an attitude tialjsm has performed a service Yet why can't Lent, by. the fjl?h and pimiento. Allow to cool toward reality.' Kierkegaard Archbishop Santos. We also join to our eni of!. collectivism 'by · very fact of .its deep penitt:ntial slightly. while beating' eggs. Beat (19th century Danish. phi~oso­ one and all in prayerful wishes significance actually gain m.e~it eg:g whites until stiff. Beat egg stressing the importance of the for the continuous good health pher), its founder,' does not . individual," Sister Rita Marie for that homemaker who fmds' yolks until thick and lemonof the new Cardinal to enable reason . to God's existence. Bushman of· Fontbonne.. College her 'patience and ingen\lity. colored. Add.tapioca mixture' to him to shoulder. the added Rather,.he.encounters Him in the sorely tried by the many meat- '. egg yolks' and mix well. Fold stated here. burden reposed on him by our 'criSis of anguish and despair' by Sister Rita",Marie, director of ,less dishes'r into· egg whites. -Turn into 2~ Church." a passionate free choice." . the philosophy department at Not Gloomy 'rimr!. quart baking dish. Place in pan the Sisters of S1. Joseph's wom'LenUs n.o time for gloom, evert of hot water and bake in modthough it ill a penitential season, erate oven (350 degrees) 1 hour'· en's:college, spoke at the annual and meals should refl~ct that or until souffle' is firm. Make~ Aquinas Day seminar in honor , .of the 13th. century ,Catholic convictioQ. ' .' '" 6 generous' servings. .philosopher.. ..".. .. . ,A happy taste team, ·corned • : .. .• :, GUARDIAN OF TIIB. HOLl;FAMILY; .Iil '1."011 THBIK:. "Existentialism," she' said, · 'be~f and . cabbage, prepared .'. Sea Scallops M~rinara features KOMALA, ·INDIA .we .have 200 souls have. :returned .. slaw st~le with. green peppel'; tl!-o~ jet-propelled shellfish that "represents a welcome reaction Ca&holicism an!! Holy Mother Church. There to the notion that humanity is' ..!'1d.m,olded in unflav~red .gela- make their abode in cold Atlim:'" is DOC~~olic Chapel lD &hat area,. and tbe a· .shapeless; fa'celess. mass dn tin~.~ecom~s the c~isp-:~x~~r~:~ tiC waters. . This recipe, poor .Bishop has appealed ~ our ilo·J.7 I i'aiher .~yE:;r. of a two-layer salad 7, Tp~~ told, is popular. in New Bedford . which' the individual must be . fOf' help. ~~.OOO "Will 'bUild ~esl . ~haPd ~~ne? 'bel~f is' ,finely ~o.p~ where ·~.ost·on:he co,ur~Y::s S(;ai~ absorhed arid assimilated." . .and· two rooms lor &he missionary priest who . .. Sister" Rita Marie pointed out ·.mi . blendl~d WI.t~ m~y'onna~~, Jo,P vessels' maite port. Pesigned wiD, live with-&helie pObr People.,bc)"lOve · and~lso mol4ed:o,vlth un~laV:9re5': ~. ~tisfy robust, sea-s~arPen:ed. that existentialism . is' 'an' ap-" ~__ .. &he~, Fai&h· ardently•. Alit·little·gift 'lor iW. proach to life which' has~'been . gel~hn~; for' the bottom ~yer•. , a,ppetites,./u .. niak~ Ii heartY . . . _ ... .Ch!'pel. wilJ. begteatly IipPreCia~nd &be . ThIll \shces of bread cut wlth·a meal!" . ., .... accepted .by Christian and nOllH~ Fa~J'wiU be ,bles6i1lg :yoil most· abundantlt. ' . : .. Christian thinkers alike., <e80kie .cutter ma~e a st:wnrocli.: SEA SCALLOPS MARINARA. "However, under the influence' ·,trim for each serving. ', 2 medium 'onions, thinly sliced' .:. GOD"LC?VE~'A'CHEERFUL GIVER. ST. PATR.ICK'S,DAY.SALAD . 1 No. 303 can (I pound) tOmatoeil of atheistic thinkers· like Jean Paul Sartre, existentialism has SISTER DBNOITE· AND SISTER BASILB Cabbagc layer: 1 envelope . %. teaspoon sligar , . ...: 'become a philosophy of' gloom unflavored' gels"tino . ".1 .clove garlic ". ~. IN. LBBANON. novices .with the Soarlte Sis-· 2 tablespoons sugar " 1 pound. st;a scallops, quartered .. and doom, of the meaningless· of ters are. praying lor .good friends to' help' · I%. cups cold .water, dil'ided •. 1 package (8-ollnce). thin ..:. life," she said. "This preoccu;" them with the $150 needed for eaCh of &heir ' · % cup vinegar · . 8 p a g h c l t i , .cooked.· . . . , patIon with the individual' fruEjt",o Years·. oIvalninlr... Could YUU ,adopt . :% teaspoon Salt' . %. cup olive or salad o i l " either. one ,01 &hem . as. your daughter .ilL ·trated· in every venture reflects 2 tablespoons :lemon juice' '. ' 1 can (8·ounce) tomato saUee Chtist-sendIDg us &his sum in any .type 01 .the t~mper of an age estranged .2 tablesp9'1D8. :chopped. green %. teaspoon basil' .' ., PllYDien&-weekly 01' monthly,? Gocf will 'blesS from God and forgetful of man." pl;pper. '··2 anchovy fillets, diced ~L . . Sister' Rita Marie told·' the 2 cups finely shredded cabbage ' ..Salt and· pepper; to taste· Mix tog(~ther.gelatine, sugar ... % tea~poon oregano,· . . seminar that. Sartre's amorality EASTER GIFT . " end salt in saucepan. Add lh cup Grated ~armesan cheese' .... ,. ~. _finds a Counterpart in our juven.. T,Ht .P:eRJj'E~ EASTER CARD 'is· our-'GIFT 'of .the water. "Place over low "Cook o~l~ns a.nd garli~. In,.oil. ,ile delinquents, and his do..: . CA~ :wit~ th~.:special. HOLY 'LAND',SOUVENIIL 'lleat, stirring constantly, until 5: mi.nute~;.<iono~ bf0'fn ; ~m,oy.!!, you..please .pt;ilosoPhy, finds! exIt ~I~ tell J·o1;Jr ..friend . or: loved' one &bat .You -have : · gelatine' .is? diSflOlved. R~move ..•~rl~c: ~dd, to.matoes and, tor;na~ pr.ession:, in. the--, famous.· nonarranged,Jor, a ~!ssio~ary to sa)'· .Mass . for him, or ~~miheat;. stir j~ remaining ~ sauce, sll11.,?erJ hour; ~dd Il~rb~. ~ conformists, the beatniks. '..... her, orth~t.yo... have glv~n, sacred:arlicleto a'mfa-, '. ~p water,)~m.orijuiceand vine;:' anchovy ~tl~ets,sug~. and sea " "Strict1Yq speaking," !Ihe sta.ted, ., . ·. " _ ' sion ~~~I in. tl1ei~ name" S~ggested\arUl:le~ .. . _r. C.hill .until mixture :is the' scallops. Slltl,mer' 10 '. minutes .r!i~r:naclet .••..,~~ .\Mass· ,bell· ...: .$~.5,·IAIW .. , ••.••.•, $'1S . . ~nsi~.tency ()f." unbeaten egg . longer. Seils_on ,to taste ';With: ChaU~e , ~ : Sanetuuy lamp, .15 .StaUoos. 21. . .white Mix in green pep~r and and pep~~,:; Sene on ho! ci>Oked ~ " VATICAN. CITY (NC}-Arch: ~bbage:. tum ':into' 'an :8-iacti. spaghetti WIth grated : bishop Umberto 'Mozzoni,' ·AposUIIBMBB&'~ AND, TilE ~~~iONS 'IN ~~~ .~': Square pan; 'chiU.untiJ.. alm~ ~se. ~,serv~ngs;. . . tolic Nuncio' to ':Argentina, . bafi firm " : " , '~" ! .'. ,.' .• • e. ~ named 'papal .legate . to the ;OS~PH ~,OO)·'~EB~Ti~.a~ tie~~iiing C~~ed 'J>eef ;lay~:,:l ·~ftIope 8A~MON-N~q' , .. ceremonies' .in. May which will .their priestly studies ·at'st. Joseph'. Sem~ unflaYOl'c~ ,gelatine," " . . . . CASS.B~()I,.IC. , 'commemorate· Argentina's 150th .. ~ .ID'Indla. They both n~ $600 for their' ':.% cup .coM water., . , : J tablespooas butt« oianniverSary of indePendence. . six ·years Of. training. before .being orclaIDed' . · 2 tableSpoonS lemon' juice .; • ; . margarine" ,'" priests. Perhaps you might be able to iu:iopt" 1.4 cup'mil1<~ed onioit '.. , '. ~ cup'cliopPed'onion I.·· .. '.', one of, these lads as youi' priest. $100. each % teaspoOn salt '. 0 . '. %. cup chopped green' pepPea' . J'17~' is all that is ,needed to give God moth,K cup mayonnaise. or . . • (o~ u8e"2;tablespooas . COR~EIA ... priest-,'-yours! . . , .' . salad dr'l;SSing·. .: . dned sweet pepper) . . " . 'ONE STOP : .%. cup .C~Ollped sw~ pickle'. 4 ounces medium noodl~ cooked : 1 can (12 ounces) corned beef. .1 can condensed cream of .'. .cMONSIGNOR.KF;L~E.HER AND. fOOD. PACKAGES 'SHOPPING C::NTER ..J . . · finely cut" ,. mushroom soup " . 'f.he~ are close to on~. millionref~gees in '&he, Holy Land, and Sprinkle gelati~: oil cold 1 8·ounce 'Can Salmon .. M.0ns1~0..: Kdleh~r. Is~!»rking among them to 'relieve their • Television • 'Furniture ·"lNa.ter in Saucepan .to soften: %. cup ~rated process misery. W~ do hope that this good priest might be able.' &0 &,lve ·Place over low heat, stirrihg con:" : . Amer!canchelii!e ,''-' ,. A~pliances. ~. Grocer:r the nee~iest.a F90D PACKAGE FOR. EASTER. $'0. Will,place ·stantly, until, gelatine. is di" Melt. butter. ~dd ?mo~' .and one ~ hIS hands to !pve to th«; hunkrY and homeress. As tokeD 104 'Allen St•• 'New BedfOrd : · solved. Remove.from heat; ,add p~p~er, cook untIloOlon IS. ten· of, our gratitUde we shall send you a Rosal')' made" from' olive . ~,WYmaD 7-9354 . salt and lemon juice; cool. Grad- d~r, but no.t brown. < Combine ds IJ;l ~e Holy. ~aDd.Please remGlmber these PoOr' ~ouiB lD ;lIlaullr add to mayonnaise' chill . With noodles, sc;>up and undrained! your .chanty. ., . . ::1l1ntil finn: Unmold on. s~rving, ~a~on. ~urn mto a .lOx6x2-inch .. platter: To .serve cut ~ into' akmg Bake In a moder,;.. . OLA.~ ~ STRINGLESS ~;IFTS GIVE ENCOURAGEMENT' TO' OUR 'squares. Yield: '9 or' 10 ~ervings. a~ly hot .o~en, (400 degrees) '15 . HOLY, FATHER POPE JOHN XXIII. EMERGENCIES IN THE , '" '" "'. . .' .IJ.1Inutes.. Yle~d; 6 servings. : " MISSION WORK OF THE ·CHURCH CAN BE MET WHEN .. THERE IS 'rrO TIME TO MAKE AN APPEAL. .. . .'. Delightful Is-the w~rd for t'his I Tuna Celery Souffle that is de- . ,,' B. F.GOQDRIC·H, pist., . CASSOCKS FOR' OUR MISSIONARY P~IESTS.. We an : signed to please th~ Lenten- cook .COVINGTON (NC)-'-All nine . REC~PPIING .DONE h~ping tba.t we can'glve.a·cassock llS an Easter.Gift to ourmis-·· : It disproves the idea that .aU Catholic hospltals. in the Ken'DIN OUR OWN PLANT slonlU')' pnests. ManY of their' Bishops are pleading with us to : souffles tall because it is made tucky. Dioi:~Se. ~f, Coyjngtori 365 MAIN STREET . ·~elp &hem clothe-these Apostles of God. $25 will provide a eas· with quick cooking tapioca that ha~e been':, ac.credited, by.', tile . . 'fAIRHAVEN' ..' , , soek. ThiS Is eertafn4r'8 worthy Easter Gift in the name of. tile ~ .givesdt thc~ needed stability' to . J.omt ~O.~i~si~n OQ ·.Ac~e~ta-·'· ' . ·W.Y...m . ·an.'7.04,'SOl ' . " . Lord.' ' ,.' " '. . , :,star high .to.t~~ 1.ast bite... ~ _.' ".. ; bon of ~Q~P,I.~IS. :... _'"""_""""!'~_.;.. ", •


times, become .frustrat~ng, exasp~ratmg and dlscouragmg. (Ever' Wished you had a' one _ way ticket to Guinea a b o.u t supper

Existentialism. Has. Performed Big .Service for Individuial




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Papal L~g~te.N'am'ec"

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&: SONS.





.R. D . .·. . . S . TIRIE SERVICE'

B'" f' p'" . est or· atien'ts


__...;,:_•• FDonat~Almo~'t$4',OOO . I ::":'7 H. E::-L'~L'~.,-., ---..~:+".~,-~.-;,~.......;.;..;;;.~~.. .,;,,;;.-~. ,';."""......:. ~iTo Assist Refu'gee!s . S '" .:., . ,:,p.r~~juml~cAeating.'O·I'IS:··

: VIENNA (NC)-Austria's nai,tional Catholic charities or':ganization, Caritas, announced It ~as .giv!m almost $4j'OOO ,to. :assist Tibetan refugeeS" .communist repression. The funds to aid Tibetan re,fugees -were given to Catholic' '>.' Relief Service~National'CatholicWelfare Conference; 'world,;.,: .. :wide relief ag~cy of the U. S. Catholic Bishops; The agEdn~y' is .'~ .active among refugees. in"lndia·, and Pakistan. Almost au'the refugees ill:e non-Catholic.

from .

Famous'';'Reading'H~~D'COAL :NEW.· ·EN(;~ ... N~': COKE





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Charcoal Briquets , . Bag• • Coal -. Char I.'


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GLEN COAL & OIL CO., Inc. Successors to DAVID DUFF (;, SON

640 Poleasant Street


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see',the Infinite, pity pf·, this 'place, the mangled Umbo the devas~ted face, the inQocent sufferers,. is indeed a' harrowing ex.perlence'.' so .wrote.Stey'e~son of. Fathe'r Damien and 'hls lep." ers. Join tl\e LEP.ER· DOLLAR A.· MONTH. support till! DaIQJen. ~nst~tut~ .in_India;. ., , ... · .







CARDINAL SPELlMAN;' Prei..... · , .',


'., ....,........ 'HuoIIy.NCd1~i' .' , .". ,.. . ··se.'GII 'COMmuftieatfonl'tOe' .... . ,: ,; '.' :), ,.ICATHOUC'·N~EAST WELFARE ASSOCIA110N": . 480 lexi~ri Ave;: at '~th St·, ,.,. N';:' "y,'J..o.L' 1··. . 'N; ,y , .;. .~. '., ~:' ~. ~~:II~~,.. ! ;,.., --I ' •• fIW ~ .... f.'1 .•~ .. Io;. : I



THE ANCHOR"':'DioceseofFan Ri~er-Thurs. Mar. 11,'1960 . . . ' ",

" " . .


. DIOCESAN FIRST: Members of the Confraternity of Christian Doctrine unit of Holy Trinity Parish, West Harwich, attended the first retreat ever conducted by their organization in the Diocese. In left photo, Father Francis Regis, SS.CC., retreat master, bestows his 'blessing upon

Virginia to Curb Sa les on Sunday And Obscenity

retreatants at the close of the exercises. Right photo, Father Regis, discusses a problem with members following a conference. Left to right, Father Regis,' Arthur LaFrenier, Russell Collinge, Mrs. Charles Adams and Sister Dolores, D.L.V.M.

Parish in West Harwich Sponsors First CCD Retreat in History, 01 ,Diocese

Pontiff Praises Italian Association's Charity

By Russell Collinge RICHMOND (NC)-The "When God has something to tell His people, He speaks through His priests-they Virginia Assembly has passed and sent to Gov. J. Lind- ,are God's ~icrophone." With these words, in Holy Trinity Church in West Harwich o~ say Almond for signature Cape Cod, Father Francis Regis Kwiatkowski, 8S., CC." began the first conference of bills to curb the sale of. obscen- the first CCD Retreat in this Diocese. And for those who attended it seemed that God " ' ity and to restrict Sunday busi- had selected a particularly , Love. If we reject th,e place pre- examined and placed before us ness. fine and sensitive instru,pared for us it is by an act ,of • • . we know that no matter Meanwhile, a tie vote' delay. Senate committee action on a ment. As a mi~rophone, deliberate choice--we must con- whom we may deal with, we are doing something for, someone bill to' make it legal for physi- Father Regis brought words, demn ourselves.

Item: God created the universe cial'ls to sterilize any married ideas, 'advice, and instruction person over 21 years ,of age who elearly tq his listenerS-:-with no' in a somewhat impersonal man-, asks for such an operation and blurred meanings,' no strident ner-"Let there be light!" ..'. notes, no distorted output. until He got to man. Here the has the consent of his spouse.' It' was explained that the ,impersonal vanishes. God took The anti-obscenity bill, oHering two avenues of prosecution, purpose of. the retreat .was to counsel-and said: "Let U. provides that in cases of sales of. regulate the past, solidify the make man to' Our own image flagrantly obscene literature the present, and make' arrangements and likeness." And God actually violator may be, p'rosecuted un- for the future. The best way to "made' man . . moulding him der Virginia's misdemeanor laws. accomplish this purpose was'to from slime and breathing an In other cases, any citizen ,. make yourself available. To say, immortai soul intO him. When' legal prosecutor can petition a in effect: "Here I am, Lord- one "makes" something there has court to rule on the obscenity 01. do with me what You like." to be a part of the maker in Father stressed the fact that whatever is made--so, truly,' we a publication. there is so much movement have within us a part of our Deslraates IteID8 'today that our lives becomt: maker .. God. If it is found to be obscene, wrapped up in the re~ tape of Item: Consider that Satan did notice is sent to those respon- everyday livillg. ,This was th,e not lie to Eve. She and A'dam sible for its publication. A court 'time to say, "I've had it!", and were taken in by a half-~ruth ean then prohibit its future sale withdraw for a little to think because they'had, no't'instructed in the state and' thereafter anyone selling it is presumed to about yourself -:.... ,iUld to ~hiilk themselve,s in the full meaning about God. To do and see eve'ry- of God's word~ Without true and have knowledge 'of its obscenity. thing 'in His lights: ", ' , ' 'full instruction jUdg~meilt win, The bill' to restrict Sunday . God Wants 'Perfeetloll be faultY-!ind th~s'is where ~he business prohibits the sale 01. Then Father went on' to con- CCD is hit. Children must' be Hunnecessary" items and / speGod. cifically mentions jeweiry, lUI- aider the CCO-"what you have educated in the, things eage, clothing, records, toy., to work' with, and the results of And education for the CeD housewares, sporting gooods, the work done.". He urged means teaching "'how to c~lfinto pets, cameras, building and gar- everyone, to re~emb'er that God play 'thepri~ciples necessary 14» has said: "00 My will and the make a valid and just choice in den supplies, fresh fruits and , fruits ,will be forthcoming."- a set of circumstances. At this Yegetables and fresh, frozen OC' and then he pulled the rug. out .Point Father ~gis remi~ded WI, salted meats, fiidi or poultry. from under the idea that you that you 'can't give what you Clarifies Law ' could just do a job and sit back don~t have--that the deeptU' The bill would permit gas sta- waiting for those fruits. Because, your feeling, the deeper your, tions, recreational facilities, and he pointed out, God wants per- knowledge, the greater your thea ters to stay open. It per- fection. Jesus said, "Be ye per- conviction, the better you will mits the sale of newspapers, fect as My Father is perfect." be able to help. And he added canned goods, sandwich meata, And He never softened that re- that you can't give the contents produce sold by the grower at q uirement. He didn't say "00 of yoUr cup-only the overflow. roadside stands and Virginia the best you can"-never did He Therefore it is up to us to fill mitigate the need and demand our cups to overflowing with hams. the knowledge of God. The bill is an attempt to clar- for perfection. And there, for a ify a law enacted in 17:79 which lot of us, goes that happy escape Item: What's your most presimply limited Sunday, business clause: Oh, well, He doesn't cious possession? Sure. Yourself~ 'to "necessity 01' 'charity." expect too much from me. In our That's why we take such good Through the years, It ,has pro- human pride we try to avoid care of " ourselves and are' so duced conflicting court decisions perfection-but we should all try busy making sure we get the on what is necessary :01' char; to say. with Our Lady, "He Who best of everything. But its all itable. ' is mighty has done great things right-God wants it that way. with me." ' He wants us to know that we are In his conferences, Father remarkable and special. We are, Regis ,covered a fairly large' after all, made in His image. area-from the reason for main- And once we realize this-still DUBLIN (NC)-Two,Mission- taining silence throughout the wanting ~e best for ourselvesary Sisters" of Our Lady of the day-so that God can speak to we shall not be satisfied with Holy Rosary of Killeshandra your heart-through informa- what the world has to offer. have won high honors for their tion and advice oil spiritual CCD Work Important work. They are Sistei' :M:. Cala- needs with their application, to 'Father Regis ended on the 118nctius Tyndall and I?ister M. the CCO-to blowing the dust note that Faith Comes through Bertilia. from some possibly-known-but- "hearing. Children must hear Sister Calasanctius,' a surgeoD not-thought-about theology., about God in order to underwho has spent five years work· Consideratioll8 stand. The job, of the ,CCD is to ing in Nigerian hospials, was Item: '. Like me, maybe you spread information~and to' this named a Member of the Royal never gave much thought to the end every bit -of work done by College 01. Obstetricians and fact that Heaven was made for Gynecologists - only the third aa. But DOt Hell. Hell' was 'every and any member ~S;'f Irish woman to be so honored. created' for the Devil and ,his equal importance. Some 0 e work may be dull, unglamorous, Sister K. Bertllla, ~ho Is ia angels-God never considered routine--but none of, it is' unNigeria, was awarded: a ,old a place of punishment for man. medal of the National Katel'mt¥ 'We were created for glo'ry- important. Hospital ill DubliD.' . destiDed to be objects of Eternal And 'Cb8rit)'! This virtUe was J


Award High Honors To Mission Sistfprs



that is great-as Christ i~ great. True, this first retreat lasted only one day-and a shor~ day at that. But a tremendous amount was accomplished. There was registration and coffee at Damien Hall-with a chance to look over'the numerous Catholic papers, books and magazines on display. And confession. And Mass. And the program inclu,ded lunch, Stations of the Cross, the Rosary, private devotions, and, of courne, the four cQnfer~nces from ,Father Francis Regis. The day ended, with' Benedic,tion of the Most.Bl~ssed Sacrament and 'indiyidual' blessings for all from Fa,the!:, Regis.. ' 'Certainly a worthwhile day-' andcred'it and thanks must go, . to the Board . of Holy Trinity" Conference' and to the members' who prePared the lunch. 'Pl\r-' ticular thanks to the Sisters who were the prime force behind the day and took on the ,extra work 'despite their full 'Catecheti'cal schedules in Harwich' an<t Chatham. So on behalf of ali' us lucky ones who collected all the . 'benefits, a special and heartfelt "thank you"-individually and collectively-to Sister Dolores, Superior; Sister James; Sister Callista; and Sister Mary Germaine.' , And a 'big "thanks" to' Our Lady of Victory Missionary Sisters for letting us have the~.

VATICAN CITY (NC) -The self-sacrifice of an Italian voluntary association that transports sick persons to the Lourdes shrine in France was praised here by Pope John. The Pope l18id that memben Of the National Italian Association for the Transportation 01. the Sick to Lourdes and to Itaiian Shrines. ar'e performing a Ilreat act of charity. , ,

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Dev~tions every, Tuesday ~t

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THE ANCHOR-Diocese oHalt River-Thurs. Mar. 17, 1960

This Timely Message Is Spol1sored By· Tlte Fol-

'owing Pub'ic ~pi';ted Individuals and Business: Concerns Located in G;reater Fall River

• Ann pale Products; Inc. Bradly Electric Supply Co. Cascade Drug Co. Enterprise Brewing Co. Globe Manufacturing Co. ~

Gold Medal Bread Hutchinson Oil Co. Inter'riational.Ladies GarIment Workers Union Mason Furniture S"ow,rooms -I

MacKenzie & Winslow, Inc.. -

Gerclld E. McNany Cc)ntractor Geolrge M. Montie '


PlyrTlouth Prinfring Co., Inc. SobiloH Brothers Stafi~ord



Fuel' Co., Inc; ~

Sterling Beverages, Inc. Stral,d Theatre

From . Alf Of


TextUie Workers Union of Alrnerica, AFL-CIO Yellc)w Cab


To All Of You·!


17 .

THE ANCHOR-Diocese of fatl River-Thurs. Mar. 17, 1960

NEWMAN CLUB: Bradford Durfee College students. Fall River, are among latest additions to thousands of Newman Club members throughout the nation. Left, officers plan Spring program. Left to right, Edwin Rogers, president; Judy Johnson, secretary; Rev. John H. Hackett, chaplain; Raymond Potter, vice-president; Antonio Pimental, treasurer. Center,

Trujillo Refuses Prelates' Pleas For Imprisoned CIUDAD TRUJILLO (NC) -Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo has indicated he will not grant aU the requests made by Catholic bishops here in the Dominican Republic on behalf of hundreds arrested for alleged treason. The Generalissimo, longtime ruler of this Caribbean nation, IBid in a letter to the bishops that he cannot "interfere in' the administration of justice." Be said, however, that be bad interceded for the release of all the women involved in the alleged plot against the TruijUo regime. He added that he had also asked the government to order prison authorities to parantee the personal safety of those jailed. . Official Letter . The Generalissimo's letter was written in answer to one the Dominican Bishops had sent to him, the text of which has not been made public. The bishops referred to their letter in the joint pastoral they issued on human rights in January, saying they had sent an "official letter to the highest authority in the country" seeking the avoidance of "excesses." But the joint pastoral, the first of a political nature issued by the Dominican Hierarchy here since the coming to power of the Generalissimo 30 years ago, did not explicitly mention either him or his brother, President Hector Trujillo. Nor did it mention the hunudreds of persons arrested for what the Trujillo regime called a "simple communist plot" against the state. The pastoral was made public shortly after the regime announced it had suppressed a conspiracy of priests and seminarians against the government.

Stamp Honors' Priest Executed by Nazis PARIS (NC) - France has honored one of its martyrs, Father Rene Bonpain, with a stamp bearing his portrait. Father Bonpain was shot by a German firing squad in 1943 for helping young Frenchmen escape from occupied France to join the Free French forces. He was 35 when be died. He was parish' priest in the village of Rosendael, near Dunkirk on the north coast of France. Rosendael was badly damaged in the German advance, 'and Father Bonpain distinguished himself by finding food and shelter for the homeless. He also arranged communications between his parishioners and their relatives in what was then unoccupied France. Before his execution, the young priest wrote his parents: "I have nothing to regret. I offer my life for the Church, for the Diocese, for France and especially for the parish of Roseildael."

Rev. Philip J. King, prof~ssor of Scripture and Hebrew at St. John's Seminary, Brighton, and Dr. Walter Conrad, faculty sponsor of Newman Club. Right, students listep. to Father King's discussion of the Bible and science. Left to right, Edward Whitty, John Donovan, Raymond Tavares.


Bradford Dur-lee Colleg'e Students, Fall River K of C Breakfast Clubs At Bishop S~ang Join TholtSands in Nation's A chemistry professor convinced that "the whole man" should be educated in colleges and universities is responsible for the organization of the campus Newman Club of Bradford Durfee College of Technology, Fall River. Tall and slow~spoken, Dr. Walter Conrad, who heads Bradford Durfee's chemistry department, says that secular colieges do not educate the whole man, that ceived two grants from the membership of both groups. the right answers in matters Petroleum Research Fund and is Also boasting an active Newof religion are not supplie(J. at present doing research on syn- man Club Is New Bedford InstiHe has been at the Fall River thetic lubricants, directing par- tute of Textiles and Technology. college since last September. Almost at once he noted the absence of a. Newman Club, canvassed student interest, then wrote to Bishop Connolly, asking permission to sponsor the organization, which provides for spiritual and intellectual growth of Catholic students and supplies opportunities for their social mingling. Named for the famous English convert, Cardinal Newman, such groups are active on nearly every non - Catholic campus. Bishop Connolly approved the formation of Bradford Durfee's unit and appointed Rev. John H. Hackett, episcopal secretary, as chaplain. The Bishop has been named an honorary member. The membership, about 50 men and women, attends First Friday Mass at S1. Mary's Cathedral in a body each month. In line with the aid of developing spiritually, they heard a jecture at this month's meeting on "The Bible and Science" by Rev. Philip J. King, professor of Scripture and Hebrew at St. John's seminary, Brighton.

ticular attention towards their potential use in missiles, aircraft, and Arctic equipment. Across the country, 475 Newman Clubs are affiliated with the national federation, and there are nearly 300 additional unaffiliated units with about 80,000 students forming the

The club there has been organized for several years with Anthony John, head of the mathematics department, as advisor and Rev. John F. Hogan as chaplain. Students in New Bedford meet twice monthly. The Fall River group has meetings once a month.

Spen.d Easter Week Visiting The Religious and Civic

Shrines of N~w

Considers GeneSis Father King laid emphasis on the Book of Genesis in his talk; slanted especially towards the young scientists at the technological institution. On college faculties, students may meet atheists and agnostics, said Dr. Conrad. It is important that they be armed with the Church's answers to problems and difficultietl. The Newman Club aims to supply these. In' Dr. Conrad, students have an eminent advisor. He has re-

Internuncio Blesses Formosa Seminary TAICHUNG (NC)-The Apos-

tolic Internuncio to China, Msgr. Giuseppe Caprio, has blessed Taichung's newly constructed Minor Seminary of the Holy Spirit here on Formosa. The seminary was built by Maryknoll Fathers of the Immaculate Heart. Students will take their secular studies at a .nearby high school of the Viatorian Fathers. There is room for 50 students in the seminary. Msgr. Caprio spoke of Taichung's need for missioners trained in the languages of the region: Mandarin, the two' Chinese dialects of Formosa, aodseveral aboriginal dialects. "We need native clergy to work with us now, and in sufficient numbers to release us when the time comes," he said. "Then we can continue the miSsionary work of the ChUrch elsewhere."

The first annual communion breakfast of the four Greater New Bedford Knights of C0lumbus Councils, including McMahon, Bishop Stang, S1. Isidore the Farmer and Damien wiD be held at 8 Sunday morning, April 10 at Bishop Stang High School, North Dartmouth. Bishop Connolly will celebrate Mass in the school chapel and be guest speaker at the breakfas1 to follow in the cafeteria. McMahon and Bishop Cassidy Fourth Degree Assemblies win act as honor guards. Reservations should be made with Catholic Activities chairmen of the respective councils 'by Wednesday April 6.

York and






Leave Easter Monday from New Bedford at 1 o'clock P.M. - Leave .Fan River at 1:30 P.M. Bus will pick up at Mid-Cape in Taunton and Attleboro if enough. reservation, from these areas are made. MONDAY: Sightseeing in New York. TUESDAY: Mass at Mother Cabrini Shrine. WEDNESDAY: Mass at St. Matthew's Cathedral, Washington. View the Archives Building, Smithsonian Institute, stopping at the Lincoln Memorial, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Lee Mansion and Iwo Jima Memorial. THURSDAY: Mass at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, followed by a tour of the Shrine. Visit the White House, Jefferson Memorial路and Washington Monument. Visit to Mt. Vernon. FRIDAY: Mass at the Franciscan Monastery and visit to cata~ombs. Drive through Catholic University Campus and along "Embassy Row". Visit to Smithsonian Institute.

SATURDAY: Mass at the Sacred Heart Shrine. Visit Tomb of Mother Seton at Emmitsburg. Proceed to New York and enjoy the boat ride around Manhattan island. SUNDAY: Leave New. York and arrive in Fall River Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock and in New Bedford at 3:30. RATE: $98.00 RATE INCLUDES: Transportation by chartered bUS, sightseeing as sp~cified, all tips, entrance fees and transfers of baggage. First class hotels, based on twin-bedded rooms (with bath where available). One piece of luggage permitted each passenger. NOT INCLUDED: MEALS OR LUNCHEONS MAKE YOUR RESERVATION AT ONCE. Inform us if you will have a roommate of your age.


NEW BEDFORD, MASS. Tel. Mr. Tweedie-WYman 3路1508

Refunds if cancellation is necessary



,,Denies' Charge Po ssion Play Anti-Semitic

'THE. ANCHOR-Diocese of ' Fall 'River-Thurs; 1960 .. . Mar.17'; .. .. ~...



,Diiocesan Ordinations April 2

ContiDlJled from Page One' the son of Mr. and Mrs. Lionel He will sing, his ,First Solemn B. LeDuc of 145 Central Ave., OBERAMMERGAU (NC) IVrass in Sacred Heart Church, New Bedford, and is 'a member Taunton, at 11 o'clock, Sunday of St. Joseph's Parish. He re-The director of this' Bamorning, April '3. Rev. Francis ceivedhis early education at varian village's famed 300McKeon, pastor of the Church, St. Joseph's School,- and made / _year-old Passion Play has will' be Assistant Priest, Rev. his high school and -:- college denied charges that it is antiFrancis B. Connors and Rev. course at Assumption College, 1', Semitic. Edward J. Mitchell, assistants at Assomption, Quebec, Canada. the Church, will be Deacon and He made his Major Seminary Georg Johann Lang said the Subde~con. Father McKeon will course at St. Mary's Seminary, tenor of the play is "not at aU . preach the sermon. Baltimore. offensive." Rev. Mr. Ferreira He will sing his First Solemn He replied to the charge of Rev. Mr. Manuel P. Ferreira Mass _in St. Joseph's Church, anti-Semitism made by Robert is the son of Mr. and Mrs. John New Bedford, at 11 o'clock, SunG. Davis, professor of English 'It Ferreira, 4 Race ~oad, Province- day morning, April 3. Assistant Columbia University in New town,' and is' a member of St. priest will be Rt. Rev. Louis E. York _City. The accusation was Peter. the Apostle Parish. He Prevost pastor of the Church. made in the March issue of . attended the Provincetown pub- Deacon will be Rev. Antoine Commentary, a magazine public schools and graduated"from C h a l' est, S.M., St: Bruno's lished by the American Jewish Provil)cetown High School.. . Church, Van Buren, .Maine, and Committee. He entered the U. S. Navy in Subdeacon will be Rev. Joseph 1948 and served on the aircraft A. Martineau of St.· Joseph's. Mr. Lang said here that Mr. carrier Midway. He was hon~ Pre'acher will be Rev.' Henri Davis' statement was obviously orably discharged from th~ ,Charest administrator of· Holy based on 'a misunderstanding, Service in 1951. \ Rosary Ghurch, New Bedford. possibly caused by the fact that Rev. Mr. Ferreira took his Rev. Mr. Mahoney he is not a Catholic. classical studies at St. Mary's Rev. Mr. Francis L. Mahoney He said that the Passion Play College, St. Mary, Kentucky; is the son of Mr. and Mrs. conscientiously keeps to a .ext and made his Major Seminary Francis C. Mahoney of 43 State that dates back three centuries I course in St._.Mary's Seminary, St., New Bedford, and is a memand was revised in 1860. The Baltimore. bel' of St. Lawrence Parish. ·He :1 play's text; Mr. Lang added, was "'·,1·! . He belongs to the. Provinc~- graduated from' Holy F~ily ;{;I examined again last year in cotown' Walter Welsh Council,' Grammar and High Schools and operation with Abbot Johanll<'s .1 Knights of Columbus. . took this college course at P~oviHoeck, O.S.B., of Ettal abbey in . Rev. Mr. Ferreira will sing' dence College. He studied PhiBLESSES HOSPITAL SI'I\E: Bishop'Walter P. Kellen- Germany. his First Solemn 'Mass hi St. losophy and Theology in St. berg of Rockville Centre, N. Y., is pictured duril1 g the cereMr. Davis had ch.a·rged that at Peter the Apostle Church, Prov- Mary's Seminary, ,Baltimore. He a time of growing anti-Semitism mony of blessing the site of the new $1,000,000 surgical incetown, at 10:30, Sunday morn- has a sister who is Sister Louise the Passion Play's "villains" ing, April 3. Assistant Priest at ~ Virginia of the Maryknoll Sis-' center, designed exclusively for heart disease, at St. Francis Anti-Christian Jews - are porthe Mass will be Rev. Leo J. ,tel's. , H,:ospital and Sanatorium, Rosly~; N. Y. NC Photo. trayed as "a despicable and Duart, pastor of the Church. ,He will sing his First Solemn guilty people." Deacon will be Rev. Francis M. ~ass in St. Lawrence Church, Coady of St. Joan of Arc ~ew Bedford, on Sunday moinChurch, Orleans, Subdeacon will iog at 11 o'clock, April 3. Most be Rev. L(luis J. Joseph. of the Rev. James J. Gerrard, D.D., Continued from Page One . VATICAN CITY (NC)-Vatinounce the date for Blessed Juan iame .ordination class, and V.G., pastor of St. Lawrence de Ribera's canonization, and the tion but it is one of the best preacher will be Rt. Rev. John Church, will attend. Assistant can circles report that Pope A; Silvia, pastor of St. John the priest will be Rev. John F. John may hold a consistory in date for the equivalent canoniza- Diocesan papers in the country." tion 'of Blessed Gregorio BarbaBaptist Church, New Bedford,. Hogan, Director of Catholic May to announce canonization Meanwhile, two other parishes rigo. '(Equivalent canonization have reported they have again and a former pastor of St.'Peter. ,Welfare Bureau in New Bed- ceremonies ·for two bishops. : Although there has been no is the simple declaration by the the Apostle ,Church. ' ford, Deacon will ,00 Rev. Jusachieved their quotas in weekly Rev. Mr. Jeffrey tin J. Quinn of St. La}Vrence's; official announcement, it is be- pope that a person is in heaven. home-delivered sales for The Rev. Mr. Maurice R. Jeffrey Subdeacon will be ,Rev. Bernard lieved that the canonization of, Proof. that the person performed Anchor. They are: Is the son of Mr.'and Mrs. Oliver F. Sullivan' of St. Mary's Blessed Juan de Ribera, Arch- mir~cles is not-.required.) " St. Anthony's parish, MattaBishop of Bergamo leffrey of '29 Ethel St., New Church,Norton. Rev. lohn J. bishop of Valencia, will take Poisett, Rev. Damien Veary, place on June 12. Miracles nee. Blessed Gregor-io Barbarigo 'Bedford, and is a member, of Murphy of St: Lawrence's will SS.CC., pastor. essary for his canonization were' was at one time Bishop of BerSt. Therese's Parish. He attended be Master of Ceremonies. Rev. St. Patrick's parish, Falmouth, garno, Pope John's home diocese.· Rev. James E. 'Gleason,' pastor. :St. Theresa's and, St. Joseph's John P. Driscoll of SS,'Peter and solemnly authenticated before . He was born at yenice in 16~5. Schools, and made his high Paul Church, Fall River, will the Pope last month., . ,Th~se three additions bring " It is expected that at the May At the age of 27 he was nl,lmed IIChool 'and cQllege courses' at' preach the sermon. . consistory the 'Pope will al1- ,Bishop of Bergamo, and six years the quota-claSs for 1960 thus far Assumption College L'AssompRev. Mr. Phillipino later he was made a cardinal. In 10 18. These' incre'w in parish lion,' Quebec,' Canada. He studied R~v. Mr, Lucio B. :phillipino ia 1664 he was transferred to the 'circulatio.!1 also ass u I' e the Philosophy and 'Theology in St. the sori of Mrs. Louis V. Phillil!1rgest circulation in the history See of Padua. Mary's Seminary Baltimore. pino and the late Mr. Phillipino , Continued from ,Page One Cardinal Barbarigo took part of this newspaper which is the , Rev. Mr. Jeffreywill"sing ·his' of 106 'Tremont St., Taunton. He larg'est weekly ,newspaper in First Solemn Mass in St. Ther:-' is a member of St. Joseph's tivity is encompassed in Mr. in five conclaves, including that Southeastern Massachusetts. Vigeant's activities. He is a which elected Blessed Innocent esa's Church, New Bedford, at Parish. He attended Ta'unton 10:30, Sunday morning, April 3. public. schools' and graduated charter member. of the Steering XI to the' papacy. He died June Assistant 'Ilriest will be Rev. from' Taunton High School in Committee ~f the Catholic Char- 8, 1697, and was beatified by William E. Collard pastor of the 1948 and received his B.S. de- ities Appeal, Commissioner of Pope Clement XIII in 1761. Blessed Gregorio Barbarigo is Church. Deacon will be Rev. gree in Biology from Providence the New Bedford Harbor ,and expected to be canonized on the Andre P. Jessaume of St. James College in 1952. He served in the Doe vel 0 p men t Commission, Church,' Taunton,' and Sub- Army and was hon~rably dis- Director of.the ,Ne\V Bedford Feast of the Ascension, May 26. deacon will be Rev". John V. charged in 1~54. He then United Fund, a member of the Magnani 'of St. Mary's Chl,1rch, 'worked as a research technician Order oiElks, life member of CITIES SERVICE LIMA (NC) - The Catholic South Dartmouth. Rev. Ray- at Massachusetts General Hos- the' Moose and many business " organizations. He held a special' University' of Peru has anDISTRIBUTORS mond B. Meyer, S.S., professor pital in' Boston. . at St Mary's Seminary, will Rev. Mr. Phillipino studied at appointment from the President nounced it will propose the preach. . the Theological Coilege of the of the United States during name of Dr Andres Belaunde Gasoline Rev. Mr. Joseph Catholic Vniversity of America World War, II as a consultant on current president of the United' transportati.on. Nations General Assembly and Rev. Mr. Louis J. Joseph is the in Washington. Fuel and R~nge Accepting Bishop Connolly's a member of the university facson of Mrs. Domingo Joseph and He will sing his First Solemn appointment, Mr. Vigeant said: ulty, for the Nobel Peace Prize. the lafl'l Mr. Joseph of 10 Alden Mass in St. Joseph's Church, "The honor of being the Lay St., Provincetown, and is a mem- Taunton, on Sunday morning, 11 bel' of St. Peter the Apostle o'clock, April 3. Assistant priest Chairman for the 1960 Catholic OIL BURNERS Parish. H~ at~ended Pro,,:,ince- will be Rev. Patrick H. Hurley, Charities Appeal humbles me. I town public schools and "nter- pastor. Deacon will be' Rev. . am deeply thankful to Bishop G. E'"BOILER BURNER UNITS rupted his high school education Armando A. Annunziato of St. Connolly for the confidence he has placed in me. I shall work when called to military service. Mary's Church, North Attleboro For prompt delivery JOSEPH M. F.'DONAGHY He served in the Army in the and Subdeacon will be Rev: to justify his confidence in owner/mgr. & Day & Night ServiCe European theater from 1943 to Amalio.. Greco, S.A.C., of St. naming me to tQis position of 142 Campbell St. honor. , 1946. Returning home he finished Philip Neri Church Newark Rural Bottled Gas Service "Growth in all age groups of his high school, graduating from N.J. ~reacher will b~ Rev. Jos~ New Bedford, Mas.. our population is placi!"1g, in" Provincetown High in 1947. eph L. Powers of St. Joseph's. 61 COttANNET ST. , WY man 9-6792 .creased demands on our instiHe then re-enlisted in.the Army Rev. Mr. Porter l TAUNTON HEADQUARTERS FOR and served in the European OcRev. Mr. James R. Porter is tutions and agencies of Charity. Attleboro - No. Attleboro Simply to c'are for this would cupation Army and in Korea. the son of Mr. and Mrs. William COLONIAL AND , Taunton He was honorably discharged in J. Porter of 46 Suffolk Ave., be a task. We cannot, however, TRADITIONAL FURNITURE August, 1951. Revere. He is a member of Im- limit our version to existing charitable outlets. Rev. Mr. Joseph took his col- maculate Conception Parish "In our love for our neighbor lege course in St. Mary's Col- Revere. He attended St. Mary'~ lege, St. Mary, Kentucky, and School in, East Boston and we must be constantly weighing of • •• studied Philosophy and Theology graduated from Boston \ Colle?'e the need for new. agencies to in St. Mary's Seminary, Balti- High School. He received his care for additional needs of the more. A.B. in Mathematics from Bos- people iil' our area. Charity He will sing his First Solemn ton College; He studied Theol- ,cannot stand still. To be reat Mass in. St. Peter the Apostle ogy in St. Mary's Seminary, charity, it must, always move" , ahead. I shall' unite my perChurch Provincetown, at 5 0'- Baltimore. clock, Sunday afternoon, April He' will sing his First Solemn sonal efforts with the thousands 3. Mass on Sunday morning at of committee members through'Assistant priest at the Mass 11:30, April 3, in Immaculate out the Diocese to insure that will-be Rev, Leo J. Duart, pas-- Conception ChurCh," Re~ere.As-­ . the movement is always fortor, Deacon will be Rev;. Fran:" sistant priest will .be ,Rt: Rev. ward." cis M. Coady of St. Joan ~f Are Patrick, J.O'Connell', pastor of' '. Church, Orleans, and Subdeacon the Church. peacon 'will, be Rev. ALBANY (NC)~Catholics of will be Rev.. Manuel P. Ferreira Paul F. McCarrick of St: Mary's of, ·the same' ordination class. Catl,ledral, Fail River; and Sub-' the Albany Diocese gave $337,-' Norton - No. Easton E. Bridgewater Preacher will be Very Rev. deacon will be Rev. Daniei .F. 497 in ,1959 -'to ·the Diocesan Carroll J. McHugh S:S., rector Dunn of St: Mary's Church, Society for, the Propagation of Randolph Plainville of St. Marl"s Seminary, Philos- Ayer,. Mass: The sermon will be the Faith. This was an increase ophy House, Baltimore~ preached by ·Rev. John 'J. Ma- ,of $9,523.41 over the figure for and th~ new Brockton East Shopping Plaza Rev. Mr. LeDuc guire of St. Angel'a. Church. 1958, according to the society's /, annual report. Rev. Mr. Roger D. LeDuc is Mattapan.



Expect to Announce Canonization Subscriptions At Consistory to be' Held in May

Appeal Head


Nobel Prize

, r.,



Furniture Store


The sign,

Miss10n .Aid







friars ,Engage Uto'h ,State



lhurs. Mcirch H, 1960 N.I.T.-Feature


Celtics Cha rity Game Results In $5,000 Gift

By Jack Kineavy

Providence College faces another severe test tonight in Madison SqIJare Garden wh~n they go against talented Utah State, the toast of the Skyline Conference, in the semi.finals of the National Invitation Tourney. The uns~eded Friar~ serious scorer. Green, t~ younger tIt 1e consIderatIon after brother of lhe Red Sox' Pumpsie, posting twin victories over was 'a unanimous selection for Memphis State and the All-Skyline honors. He is the

MANCHESTER (NC) ,The world champion Boston Celties, who came here for an, exhibition basketball game at the request of a nun, drew it' $5,000 gate that was turned over to the Sisters 00 Mercy convent building fund. The State Armory was packed for the game. The Celtics' squad was divided into two teams-one led by Bob Cousy. His team won, 94 to 74. Sister Mary Georgina, who "dJ;'eamed up" and arranged for the game, was presented with the $5,000 purse during half-time ceremonies by D. Ray Blanchard of the' sponsoring Manchester Council 92, Knights of ColumbuB. Sister Mary Georgina, who knows' little' about basketball, read about the sensational Celtics in newspapers. Through Boston Mayor John F. Collins, she got in touch with Cousy and arranged ,for the game. The Celtics agreed to bring thek entire squad to Manchester for t~e be~efit lilame.

highly regarded St. Louis Blllikens. In the event P.C. prevails tonight, it is highly probable that the y , 11 have the opportunity to renew old acquaintances in the tit 1e contest Saturday afternoon. No less than three of the quarterfinalists - top seeded Bradley, St.' John's and St. Bonaventure ~ were met by the Friars during the course of the season.

first sophomore to top 500 points in a season in the history of Utah State and is particularly strong off the boards. Another sophomore whose tourney performance-albeit in a losing cause-more than lived up to advance notices was Holy Cross' phenomenal Jack Foley. The "Shot" hit on 16 out of 22 from the floor en route to a game high total of 36 points, as the Cross bowed to St. Bonaventure 91-84, in a quarterfinal contest. This despite the close "'. guarding of the Bonnies who DOES A SLIDER CURVE!: Just before reporting to, double teamed Foley throughout Spring training camp, Jim, Bunning, Detroit Tiger pitcher" most of the afternoon. Also in called on hin old teacher, _Father Edward A. Bradley, S.J., the Crusader lineup was Al , Attar, former Durfee High great. at Xavier University, Cincinnati. Jim, a 1953 graduate of d The return to form of g u a r . . f h' "l'd H John Egan, hobbled most of the Scholastic Awards Xavier, asked Father for an analYSIS 0 IS new s I er season by a knee injury, haa On. the scholastic a.wards front, pitcll. (NC Photos). given Providence partisans every Martm. Gomes of. BrIstol County reason to believe that this may champIon Vocational and Paul be the Friars' year. Captain Len Bernard of Fairhaven were honWilkens, P. C.'s All-American o~ed .by tP.e Southeastern Mass. forward earried' the' team DIStrl~t· Board of Basketball against' a surprisingly strong Offici\lls last Sunday. G o m e s ' , By John Corriga.. ' Memphis State quintet; Center was selected the area's most valWell, Providence ,College ,rolled over'St. Louis in the BROOKLYN (NC) Tom Jim Hadnot after a so-so per- uable player, Bernard, the most NIT down in New York last Saturday, and it now looks as Stith of St. Bonaventure Uniformance i~ the preliminary sportsmanlike. The board awards if they might just battle all the way to the finals. Tonight versity'and Bob Williams of St. round came up with a tremen- committee comprised Walter they take on a Utah State club which burned up, the West 'Joseph's College, Collegeville, dous ~ffort in the St. Louis tilt, Leary, John Langlois, Paul McInd., were named major and while patron Bill Russell ner- Cormack and Bob Hathaway. all year long and came East of Boston College has been re- small college players of the year vously viewed the proceedingo The following slate of officers to look bad while downing hired for an additional two respectively on the Tablet's 11th in the stands. was elected to serve during the Villanova. New England years. This is a fine vote of con- annual Catholic college .AllAr N tabl '60·'61 season: John Langlois, will have to pin all its hopes fidence in a fine man. The for- America basketball team. ea 0 es New Bedford, presl'dent,' Al ' G get ta thO Also named' t.o the Brookly,n on the Friars, though, as the ,mer eor own s r IS season With Holy Cross also in the Nunes, Taunton, vice president; Crusaders of Holy Cross dropped suffered through perhaps the diocesan paper's major Catholic Garden on Saturday, th ere were John Needs, 'secretary-treasurer" worst 'collectl'on of uncontroll All-America were: Tony Jack-' their tourney opener to 51. Bona number of basketball buffs and Ben Wilson, official inter- aventure's Stith brothers, despite able ,and 'unlucky happenings son, St. John's University here; from this area in New York Sat- preter; Awarded life ' memberan outstanding performance by to be inflicted 'on any c6ach in' Tom 'Meschery, St. Mary's urday. Crusader rooters on hand ships in the organization were Jack' ',The Shot'" Foley, }Vho recent years-players flun~ed (Calif.) College; Dave De BUBincluded John O'Brien" Coyle Jim Burns, veteran Coyle coach ,threw in 36' points. out, others got hur~, o~e~lght schere, Detroit University,' and coach, and his wife Jean, a,lso, and Attorney John Lee of AttIe' , several came up WIth mdlges- Len Wilketis, 'Providence ColJohn J. Harrington and Joe boro, former president. Featured 'In the-' St. Louis game,. Bill "tion, and s6 .on. Nonetheiess, lege. " Hathaway of the DUrfee}aculty. sJ;leaker at the' luncheon was' Russell's protege, huge JImmy, "Dino's team came up with some Bob- Cillih~m of Detroit was Familiar figures among the Judge Edward Lee, presiding 'Hadnot, starred along, with excellent performances, "throw- named major Catholic college thousands of 'Providence College justice of th e Fourth District teammates' Johnny Egan and ing scares into both Holy Cross 'coach of' the year and Tom fans were 'Nick Cariglia, Warren Court,in Attleboro.' Lenny Wilkins. Providence was, and Providence' College along Niland 'of' Le Moyne College, mentor; Tom Bur~s,' ~arril1,gton' .,A unanimous choice for the a 4-point favorite in New York the way. ' Syracuse, N. Y., was named smal1 pilot an~ Ed ,Haponjk, ~x Friar Hockamock League' All- Star tShhortlhY thbefOB~ell'kg~me time,. ad1The Boston College track'team college oo8cn'ofthe year. grid great now, pri,ncipal, of ,team selected by the circuit's oug e l l ms were th lr II d - ff ' t h " ' , d d' 'th ," A t pu e 0 a ra, er surprIsmg, South ,'Elementary School in' coaches; was Phil Carlino, Ransee e ,lD,' e pa lrlD g s. 'd gre~k ,\ipset 'on Saturday last, in cop- , Somerset. ', " dolph'siine all-round athlete. A many. uncomml t te d SI ewa '. pi,ng the Greater Boston track The Coyle High squad which four-hitter ma~, Carlino Is the' , 'alum~1 ,.in Gotham remember - championship, held at Tufts' last night played Needham in only repeater m. the team. R&D- the show put on by the ,University. Senior Bob O'Leary the Class A finals of the Bay S?nke~, co-cap~alD o~ the c?am-, Dommlcans .last March, as t~ey __ of Milton won both the mile (in State Tourney at Bridgewater plonshlp MansfIeld Hl~h qumtet, 'kept on ~ommg back ~nd pla~mg 4:27:4) and the' two mile State Teachers College will be was also awarded fIrst team, over theIr heads to ~lght .uP mto - (10:02:8); and he ran second on ts t th NIT windup Satur- status. Charles McMenamy and the t?P ,~racket~. SentImental the one mile relay team which ~;s a:tern~on. The Warriors John Smith, Oliver Ames' stal- fav~>rltes., sometimes can offer also took first place. World rechave a Friday night date in the warts were named to second' their part~san\a good deal more ord high jumper John Thomas' C·t . t All St r team berts. than sentImen. to cheer for... 'of Boston Univers~ty was pretty Big b' I Y ah~ahmstheayn defe-atead The field for the 23rd Eastern whence the apparently u~or- bushed after flying in from com me w lC , State C th r I 't t· thodox odds. The game tomght. . 60-47 in a pre-season exhibition s a o lC nVI a IOn Tour- _ ought to be a really fine' one', ChIcago and a party wlt.h Jes,se ,. ney was completed late last 0 f 01 game 10 Taunton. week when bids were accepted should the Friars win there's wens, ormer ymplc star, The man that P.C. will have by DeMatha High of HyattSVille, no telling how' many days the a?d after winningthe3hi~hjump to stop tonight Is Cornell Green, Md., St. Peter's Prep, Jersey, boys will have off WIth a meager 6 ft., 3 y." m. leap, Utah's 6-4 sophomore forw?~d City, N. J. and St. Helena High Hadnot Celti~ Bound ~~m~~\~~~~'.'" from the hurdling and the team's most prohflc of New York City. ,Already in It's not too generally known, Maybe by next Thursday, the the fold were defending cham- but P.C. has become the school- sun will'have depreciated some pion Carroll High of Washington, ing ground for most of the boys of this wretched snow, and we D. C.; DeLaSalle, Newport; All the Boston Celtics are grooming might be able to dig up some. Hallows High, New York City; for pro ball. Jim Hadnot is one baseball news besides the conWASHINGTON (NC) ~ The Trenton Catholic and St. of them-his choice having been stant chatter from sun-tanned basketball 'team of Archbishop Michael's of Union City, N. J. made at the suggestion of Russports writers following the Carroll High School here won its Tourney Deadline sell. The word is curreqtly trials and tribulations of (a) Ted, 48th straight game and captured Continuing along the tourna- around New England basketball Williams and (b) the Boston the city championship by defeat- ment cycle, Rev. Walter SUllivan, circles that Bob Cousy is also Red SoX-in the order named. ing Spingarn, public high school Director Fall River CYO, an- directing promising young hoopchampion, 69 to 54. nounces that tomorrow, Friday, sters to Providence. It's quite a The game was played before March 18, is the deadline for tribute to Coacn Joe Mullaney, some 10,500 persons, largest filing applications for the Annual and has been known to raise fecituring crowd ever to witness a high CYO Easter Tourney which will some eyebrows, especially since school basketball game in this get underway on March '25. Coosy is a HolyCross graduate, IIfhe Gaslight Rooml l area. Carroll high school pre- Staged last year for the first But Mullaney is, too. Ideal for Communion Breakviously won the Catholic League time, the competition again has Meanwhile, Roy Leenig's havfasts, OrgimizatioD BanqueUl AT ALL STORES championship. It had won both met with enthusiastic response ing troubles with some of the 386 Acushnet Ave., Jf ,oil{ store it temporar· titles last year and will defel'ld throughout the Diocese and bids students at the Cross. Awfully ily out, be sure to have him New Bedford championships, also won last fair to become' an annual affair. unhappy with him, the boys are order it for you. year, in the Knights of ColumWYma.. 2-1703 reported to be pushing for hill bus Invitational Tournament repla~ment. However, students here this weekend and in the as a general rule are pretty Eastern States Catholic Tournar-e g u 1 a r I y dissatisfied with A LOA' 0' MONK'S MfAD. ment at Newport, R. L, March THURLES (NC) - Ireland's coaching-especially when a .,eN INOUGH '70 8. A ••• 25 to 27. church and state officials were mentor happens to 'lose a, game Carron has not lost a game present' in, the cathedral here or tWo en route to the end of since JanuarY,1959. Among its for the co-nsecration of Archthe season:.'. Leenig lost half a , victims this season have been bishop Thomas Morris of Cashel dozen (out of twenty-eight).' " But even students change their the freshman teams of George- and Emly. l1ac Trappile 'mookt whodcvclopecl 'cbla cIc1Icioae ,IDol _ 00 meat, /ish• • town, Maryland (twice), George John Cardinal D'Alton, Arch- focus with the advent of Spring e88". Buadb chc bachbooc of rbck Washington and Villanova (Pa.) bishop of Armagh, was the con- -pretty soon, they'll ,be yowling limplc dIec. OaJ)' die 6acA iaB-licaa unIversities and the U. S. Naval secrator. Also present were after tbebaseball 'team's failure ... IIICd. Tnppim have bcco ........ Academy Plebes. The Carroll President Eamon de Valera, to come up with no hit games. , ' r. dick homc-madc bread IW 300 ycUI. team is coached by Robert L Premier Sean Lemass and ArchBe Rehires Martin Dwyer. The school is conducted bishop John McQuaid of Dublin. A more cheerful note regard- ' ' by the Augustinian Fathers f01" Pope John sent a pectoral the Washington archdiocese. ing coaches is that Dino Martin cross as a &1ft.

All New England Awaits Tonight's Pro,vidence College-Utah Clash ' Name Wilkens On First Team


Catholic Hoop Team Wins 48th iStraight

M-K Restaurant

Favorite Family Remedy. Since 1920


Prelate Consecrates Archbishop Morr,is .




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.. 20

Speaker Asserts 'Love of Neighbor IsCatholic Duty


Thurs. March 17, 1960



! Men o~ DliJ~~gn

! Strong' in F@ath 1 ' . Reminiscent of the now :; SIlent harp that once sang } thr~)Ugh Tara's halls is the, Dublin ',section of Somerset ~n' thi~ St. Patrick's' Day. A f,~ thriving, Irish. community in th,e mid-nineteenth century, "Dublin" is deserted of the pioneer 'Hibernian families that labored in its iron works. "A History of Somerset" by William A. Hart relates that the' first Irish cam~ to work at the Mount Hope Iron Works about 1853, The works were established by, Job Leonard. Although he .was not a Catholic; chance had it that it was his Highland Avenue estate in Fall River that ' was later purchased by the Dio-, cese for the Bishop's residence. Still visible on its plate glass front doors are large etched


"L's:' _ strong in Faith .Strong in their faith, the first r~sidents of Dublin thought, nothing of walking into Fall River to attend Mass at St. Maryis CathedraL Mass' was sporadically off~red 'in Somerset ,home(i, then at a I'! o~d music hall, ERIN GO BRAGH: Joanne Greene, Grade Six, and PatriCk'Sean Linnehan, Grade' :but tl1esons,of St. Patrick wo~ld , 'One, are two of St. Patrick's School pupils participating in the Parish's annual Hibetnian. not long stand for such a state '.. M ' " , of affairs. sE-0w. Everyone IS IrIsh o,n arch 17th! "' , " , ' .

,i;~~t~~~,-:~~~~e~. ::~e~~~~~;',",Coileens .and' Lads of ·St. :',l)atri(jks',s~: F fiZZ-River .~~.~,~:t~~i~~:i~~~e.b~r~~b~~J.~c~~~f ; :". :- 'S' ure" T" h'e'y''lz Stea' l Yo'u'r .Hea::r' t' ,~A''way , tery Somerset, .the first of, , . . . .~.


, I

fo~r ,ch.ur~hes. named 'for ~he ~,

'.. , '


' . , , . ' By,Patricia McGowan, ','

s~~~?t~~;>I~i~~t;' ~rrio'f)h~:' .""',:, Prob~,blr nowhere in, the

, I

. '~',; , , . :




. ALBANY (NC)'-Catholies must avoid becoming religious "introverts" who fail in their duty to love their neighbor, a theologian warned a laymen's group here. . "There' never has been a time iit history when one's love could stop with 'God," Father Edgar Holden, O.F.M. Conv., told the Albany F,irst Friday Club. Father Holden, theology professor at St. Anthony-on-Hudson Seminary, Rensselaer, N. Y., said a "Catholic introvert" may be a person who prays daily, receives the sacraments regularly and supports the Church.' He added: "He may even be looked upon ,by some as an ideal Catholic. But is he? We think not. One whose vision is so myopic that he is unable to see Christ in his neighbor, is not unlike the, three monkeys who see nothing, hear nothing and do nothing." Father Holden warned Catholics not· to "smile patronizingly" at the emphasis some religious groups give to "brotherhood." Learn From Others . "Brotherhood is not religion, to b,~ sure," he said. "But· docs t~at excuse JlS from.being brotherly? 'Should not'love for anoihe'rbe a natural byproduct of: a. true Christlike spirit?" 'He urged Catholics' to profit f~om ,the "good example of nonCatholic neighbors." : :' 'is so Inuch'. we ~an learn,:fr:om others without in any sense compromising our own beli'Eifs," he' said: "Wouldn't we do well, for example,' to emulate the zealous ,arid' thoughtful practice of, Il?any, Prote~ant. groups ,,:ho ,seek ou(a ne~ neighbor of ,their own denomination, welcome him tc? the area, offer him and his family a ride to church and invite the 'newcomers' in~ their circle of friends?" "Our times call for kind 'people," Father Holden comn-iented. "Our lives as Christians only ~ke on meaning if they include a sense of dedication to othel·s."

Diocese or,. fort hat Il1at:er:' i~ the' q?mfuoniea!t~; iido~~r's : green feast welcomed more eagerly than a t S~. PatrIck s parIsh, Fall RIver. A-tiptoe with excitement are the 400 colleens and ·lads in the, parochia,I ~choo.I. For the past ,six, weeks their heads,have been full of Irish tunes; their fe~t whirlink in ,jigs and'step-', dances The occasion' The ' " , " , - .. ' , ' . ' ..- . , . " , " :" ", ' the theme "Hands Across" 'the. espeCially to smg at St. PatrIck's. flft~ annual presentatIo~ of" sea," the production will His ~omi1,1g, w.ill ,be' especially theIr mammoth St. PatrIck's ture groups of ,"Americans'.' and welcome to one Fall Riverite, his II. ' , , '' ' _ variety show, Under the di.:.· "Irishmen," telling each other ~ ,~ousi~,John Burke, employed' 'Olhcr early-comers to. Somer-:' rection 'of Re'v. John J. Delany: .in' song and dance of the beau- ..a~' Blsh0Il. Connolly's residence. , set are a rollca,ll of Irishnames:' the 'Sisters of Mercy staffing the ties of their two countries;, Th,e yearly' programs ~r~ good the Collins, the Brennans, Cos- parochial school and the' DoAdded, attraction will, be Ed-, for the young partiCIpants, tellos, Hollihans, Rileys, SuUi- minicans at St. John's Day mund Browne, Irish, tenor, who n O'tel:l . F~ther, Dela~y; ,who' vans, McShanes, Flimagans, Mc':' Nursery also in the parish, the has come from the Emerald Isle, tetme~ them ":'I g!'eat means of G~il'es a nd many m,any more. children' have 'devoted hours ,of' educ?bon,;" brm?mg, O!1t chil,College Gets Grant 'Irish traditions were preserved recess and, after-school time to St. Ambrose College dren s' pOise and mdependence. JERSEY CITY (NC) - The in Dllblin, with Gaelic spoken the ,rehearsal and' polishing of Abandons Football, 'A?d they're ~onderful for t~e as freely as English in homes and their production. " aYl;lience, ,who II have .thelr Seton, Hall college of medicine at the iron works. Children ' DAVENPORT (NC)-Another' hearts Iltolen by as charmmga and dentistry· here has been grcw up on tales of banshees, "Everyone Helps _ Catholic college has aban<,loned' gro~p of y~ungsters as ' awarded a $17,700 grant by the leprechauns and wee, p'eople, .Not only ha~e F~ther. Del~ny, football because of the high cost you d ever WIsh to see. ' National' Science Foimdation. and'Irish dances were a popular Sisters and: c~lll~ren ,been acbv~., of athletics. ' The grant will sUPRort ba~Hc , ,research being carried on under evening recreation. " ' A; .devoted group ofWome? ~, 'St. Ambrose College her~: ~n, High, point of the' year was, of quild mem~ers.hav~, b~en .s~IP-, Iowa has dropped the sport -in the direction of Prof. Katherine " Continue~from Page ,One .course, St. Patrick's. day; There plI~gand,~btchingsmc~ Christ which it· fielded teams for 50' Lewis of the biochemistry ~de­ was, no school, for everyone was mas" creatmg hun~r~<ls of fluf y y~ars, Msgr. William Collins" O'Brien, Archbishop of Hartford.' . partment. either .in a parade.or watching dresses ;forthe glrls'a~~ perky the college's president,said. The' Speaker, is'Rt.'Rev. John J. ,Ken-' n~dy; editor. ,of the .Hartford ' one: All agreed with thelirie of vests for the boys. announcement was' a' surprise, and columnist for' a poem' written by two of Som'Reward for everyone, ,will but Msgt:. Collins said .the deci- Transcript NO J08TOO 110 " T;ne~ Anchor. ' ' , erset'slrish colleens: "There's come this weekend, and ,Mon- sfon came after.a' 'four-year,~ .Bishop' Hines' succeeds MOst NONE 'TOO SMAll, no such place as Dublin in all the day and Tuesday nights;' when' study of college athletics. ' . U. S: A." , the show' 'wili be offered' to He sa"id that increa~ing costs Rev. Bern~rd. J. Flanagan, D.D., ; parish,ioners .an.d 'fi'iEmds; With and declining attendance at the, ~ho was transferred to' the games prompted the action. S( Dio~ese of Worcester. Army Pe'rsonnel Aid' Ambrose the second Catholic 32.Make Dean's List" coilege in isIowa World Refugee Year to drop football . PRINTERS SEOUL, (NC) -U.S. troops., At Stonehill ColI~ge this year. Loras College in Duand civilian personnel 'in KOrE~a Mala Offlee aDd PI. . ; A totai of 32 students from the buque annouunced in january. , have donated $1,153' to ' the Biocese are among 84 named to t~at it was abandoning the sport. LOWElL. MASS. World Refugee Year the Dean's List at Stonehill TelepboDe LoweDMsgr. (Col.) James 'B. Murphy ,College.' They, include' 10 from' In Carbonated Easter Monday Ball I .. ',' Beverage. ' of Boston, chaplain of the Eighth Fall River" seven from ,Taunton, GL 8-6SU aDCI GL 1-1500 McMahon "Assembly, Fourth ----=~. Army, presented a check for' that ,four from Somerset, two each . . ' Distributed by' D'egree' Knights of' Columpus, : amount to Msgr. George M. from New Bedford, North Carroll, M.M., executive director Easton, and Sout" Easton, and' will-hold its annual Easter'M«;m-' Aaxllla..,. PlaDta in Korea of the Catholic;, Relief (ine, each from North Dartmouth" day ball from 9 to 1 April 18' at BOSTON Services, - ,National Catholic Oak' Bluffs, Vineyard, Haven, New Bedford 'Country Club. ' B'everage Co. OCEANPORT, N. J. Welfare Conference, and to the Attleboro and East Taunton. 331 Nash Rd., New Bedford Rev. Hallan Shorrock, e~ecutive , PAWTUCKET, 'I. L WYman 7-9937 ' IT~S All RIGHT, TO . director of, the Korean Church Fall River',K of CWorld Service. SHOP AROUND FOR. CRS-NCWC is the worldwide Sponsors Cana SOME THINGS" BUT relief agency of the'U. S. CathThe third in a series of Cana olic Bish4)ps. ' CJnferences' under ihe sponsorof tbe.Knights qf Columbus, Eucharistic, Congress ship Council 86, Fall River, wHl be 202..,206 Rock Street Needs Volunteers, given Wednesday ,iiightat 8 in ,Fall River MUNICH '(NC)'~ Organizers the Council HalL ' We of MUl')ich's forthcoming InterBro'tber Knights an'd" 'th'eir national 'Eucharistic ,Congress wives are irivited to':attend-this COMPLETE have called for 10,000 volunteers conference.' the ~.title of which is' RE'NT AL WORK UNIFORMS to help them prepare for the' "The Relationship between Parmeeting. ents and Adolescents." Clergy S.HOP TOWEL,S: Carpenters, plumbers,elec- members o!-, the Family Li~e. Also Reclaim Industrial Glove., tricians, 'typists, cooks, interBureau under the direction, of pretEirs and many other types ~f Rev. Raymond W. McCarthy, workers are needed. will be the panel .leaders. A Members of the Catholic Kol':' question and answer period will ping Sodety, which provides follow. ' homes and spiritual contacts for , Arrangements are under the young working men, will come \ Successor to from 'Germany, Austria and direction of Council Catholic New England Overa,lI & Supply Co. . Action Chairman; NormanQ L. Switzerland to help' prepare for 20 Howard, New Bedford the Congress, which opens July Charland and Conference ChairPhone' WY 9-6424 C?r WY 9-6425 31, , man PaulA. Dumais. .' ,', very Jlrst Irishman to arrive in' ~hicrset was,·John Lynch. 'His ,Jj~~e is still familiar ~o resi-, d~nts ~ecause.. the town s ,John' , arid James Lynch VFW Post,' is named for his great-great.;grand-: sons' bo~h heroes of World" War


Bishops Attend



Rodman Club





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parishinNewBedford.willserve'asLayChairmanofthe 1960Cathol'cCharitiesAppeal,theMost Rev~rend Bishop ann-ounced today. The prominent New Bedf...


parishinNewBedford.willserve'asLayChairmanofthe 1960Cathol'cCharitiesAppeal,theMost Rev~rend Bishop ann-ounced today. The prominent New Bedf...