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Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side San Diego’s Guide to


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ATA G O N Z A L E Z Meet the first Cuban/American family, who have used their talent and experience to set the standard for quality products in the marijuana industry.



Valley Greens OPEn EVERyDAy 8am-MIDnIGhT

GRAND OPENING SPECIAL PRiVATe ReSeRVe OunCe $220 ($320 value)

Happy Hour All Day

PRiVATe ReSeRVe $10/ G 9-11 am and 9-11 pm eXCLuSiVe SHeLF $12/G 20% OFF ALL DRinKS

(reg. $12)

(reg. $15)

Must be 18+ with valid CA ID & Original Doctors Recommendation. Offers Cannot Be Combined.

619-504-5715 740 Grand Ave, Spring Valley, CA 91977


s l a e D T n e I T a P e M I T T s r Fire Pure

Brass Knuckles

1 gram for



1/2g 25 $

Reg. $380

1/2g $35 Full Gram $50 40 and $60 value




Reg. $8. Limit 5.

Reg. $13. Limit 3.

(FTP. Limit 3. $25 Value)

Private Reserve OZ

Top Shelf

Private Reserve


($45 value)








Exclusive Reserve OZ

500mg vape

Reg. $320


15 2 FOR 25

Stick $ $


Goodie Bags with Minimum $40 Donation

5 Gram 1/8 from $60 our Exclusive Shelf Reg. $80 Donate For 2 Edibles Receive 3 for FREE

5 FREE Joints FREE DABS Of Golden Shatter All Cartridges Or Wax! $5 *with Minimum $20 Donation


Presidential, Vital and Cavi Cones



Limit 2

DA ILY DE A LS MUNCHIE MONDAY Buy 2 get 1 free on any edible or drinkable TWOSDAY TUESDAY 2 grams of any flower strain (EXCLUDING URBN LEGENDS) for $20 AND/OR buy 2 of any pre-roll get 1 free WAX WEDNESDAY 20% Off All concentrates and cartridges THERAPEUTIC THURSDAY 20% off All topicals, tinctures, salves, sprays, etc ... FREEBIE FRIDAY Get freebies of newly released strains & products with every purchase BADDERDAY SATURDAY Buy 2 get 1 Free on any 1/2 gram of URBN EXTRCTS badder, crumble, or shatter SUPER SIZE IT! SUNDAY 4 gram 8ths on all strains (EXCLUDING URBN LEGENDS) *DEALS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE *CAN NOT COMBINE MULTIPLE DISCOUNTS

1028 buenos ave. —san diego, ca

O pen Daily : 7am-9pm


for first time patients with $ 50 0 0 purchase

Dawn Patrol-15% Off 7am to 9am Everyday

Student, Military, and Medicare Discounts

Happy Hour-15% Off 7pm to 9pm Everyday


6 19-2 7 5 -2 2 3 5

u rbn lea BUY SAFE. BUY LEGAL.



©2017 Urbn Leaf. All rights reserved. We operate in full compliance with The Compassionate Use Act of 1996, Health & Safety code sections 11362.5,11362.7,11362.775,AB-266, AB-243 and SB-643. Conditional Use Permit No.1605038

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


We do


San Diego’s Newest Fully Licensed Dispensary

Daily SpecialS

caSe of the MonDayS Bundle of Discounted Products

TaSty tueSDay Buy One, Get One 1/2 Off...ALL Edibles Wax WeDneSDay $5 Off ALL Concentrates  thirSty thurSDay All Infused Drinks at Discounted Donations  happy friDay ALL DAY HAPPY HOUR!! 8863 BalBoa ave • Ste e • san diego, Ca 92123 • 619-606-2172 6


OG Special $20 eighths | $125oz Lab TesTed 25% 7 Grams Shatter $100 Lab TesTed 83%

Happy HOuR: Daily 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm 5 gram 1/8’s on aLL FLowers

Lab TesTed sTrains aT 30%



pR GRamS

FTP Special 10G limit



pR GRamS

FTP Special 10G limit




14G pR



for 14G


all transactions subject to Ca state sales Tax

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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Other Services DELIVERY SERVICES................................................... 57 SMOKE SHOPS ............................................................ 63 EVALUATION DOCTORS .............................................. 65 WORLD-WIDE WEED PAGE 46

News & Features KRYSTAL KURE .................................................................... 14 REGGAE MUSIC CHANNEL NOW STREAMING ON TV ....... 22 BUD TRADER ........................................................................ 26 COVER STORY: GFARMALABS HISTORY ............................ 32 THE 420 HONEY ................................................................... 36 THE BUZZ: EVENT CALENDAR ............................................ 40 MELLOEX LIQUID CO2 EXTRACTOR FOR BOTANICALS.........42 ABRACADABS CUP AWARDS............................................... 44 MARIJUANA LAWS AROUND THE GLOBE ........................... 46 STONER STORIES ................................................................ 53


POINT LOMA APPRECIATION DAY ...................................... 58


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San Diego’S #1 rateD DiSpenSary Store front 8am-9pm mon-Sun | expreSS Delivery Hotline: 619-841-2045 Happy Hour 8am-11am $5 off Top Shelf and Private Reserve Grams

Text Harbor123 to 619-330-7575 to join our vip text blast for our weekly specials 24-HOUR SECURITY ATM ON-SITE

San Diego City Approved Medical Marijuana Dispensary



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2405 e Harbor dr. San diego, Ca 92113

1 Mile South of the SD Convention Center @harborcollectivesandiego

Get your reccomendtion immediately online at Enter code: harbor1 for discount

veterans, Disabled & Senior (65+)

10% off entire order

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


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C o m i n!g S oo n

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


818-276-1301 12



grand opening in chula vista! Now open UNTIL 2AM!

F T P Deals

$8/gram(*reg.real priVate reserVe! $13 all patients, ftp only, limit 7 grams) Krush 550ml cartridges - $14 (ftp, limit 4, reg. $20)

Free Oz OF shaKe

(w/ $30 min. Donation, ftp, may not combine)

$5/gram real tOp shelF! (ftp limit 7 grams, reg $8)

Every day returning patient deals &

$9 Or 2 FOr $15

Ounce specials as low as $80/oz

Wax and crumble as low as $20/gram

5 tOp shelF pre-rOlls - $20 O p e n d a i l y 8 am - 2 am Voted 619-481 -2863 best new collective! 1283 3rd Ave, Chula Vista, CA 91911 Stand alone building, next to burger king, plenty of parking!

must be 18+ with valid CA ID & original dosctor’s recommendation

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


Find us on weedmaps :)

Krystal Küre At first GlANCE,

it may be easy to overlook the subtle, yet fundamental meaning and conceptual thought that went into the brand’s name Krystal Kure. As the name implies- Krystal Kure was initially developed to take full advantage of all the medicinal facets associated with medical grade cannabis. In a recent interview with Raymond the CEO of Krystal Kure, we were given exclusive, personal insight to the company’s story that is an excellent portrayal of “Tragedy and Triumph.” This led to the research and development of one of the most potent, if not THE most potent vape/dab oil concentrate filtering processes available in the market today. “In November of 2016 my fiancé and I were in a very bad car accident,” he says, “We were both transported to the hospital in ambulances and all I could think about was her the whole time. When we arrived at the hospital, I learned from the doctor that she had sustained some type of neck injuries and that immediately caused me great concern for her safety and her well-being,” he adds. “They put her through the MRI machine and when the doctor came back, he said that he noticed something abnormal while analyzing her images.” He continues to add, “They found what they believed to be a Nodule and that they would need to conduct further testing.” Shortly after the nodule was discovered, biopsy complete and Raymond stated, “my whole life changed from that moment on. I cried… I cried more than I ever have as a man.” The Krystal Kure executive described himself as feeling ‘powerless’ and being unable to rationalize why something like this was happening so suddenly. The soon to be married couple then realized that they were confusing warning signs with less critical ailments. Early detection is a key component in preventing and effectively treating most types of cancers. As Raymond is discussing possible treatment options with said fiancé he states, “she told me she didn’t want any poisons in her body at all,” referring to the various treatment options. That meant that Raymond and his company were going to have to really get into gear developing a product that they would be able to standby as a healer - a “cure” of sorts. The process of refinement consists of a patent-pending filtering process that was designed and intended to produce the maximum amount of CBD extraction possible. “My fiancé began to gain her weight back and she began to return to her normal self. It was incredible.” Now here we are today; following the same process for making the highest quality THC available to the market. A product that takes countless hours of processing and refining to complete. Our concentrates are made from the highest-grade flowers and buds that one can get their hands on. We use the top strains that our patients love and we create a variety of different categories of cartridges. From our Berner Cookie hybrids to our Louis XIII Indica’s, the quality remains the best in the market. All Krystal Kure oils are 100% organic and then CO2 blasted. We don’t use solvents, PG, VEG or MCT oils like a lot of companies and our oil goes through the process of distillation which gives it the most clear and potent look and taste. We take pride in providing our patients with the cleanest concentrates, it has become our passion and our team of experts are doing their best to maintain that level of quality and consistency!



@whoispluggedin @dislexi_ Model: Photography:


vape and dab oil! Lab tested Organic 91% THC disTiLLaTe 323-781-6292 / @Krystalkure710 / find us on weedmaps Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side












10am-10pm- everyday • 693 El Cajon Blvd | El Cajon, Ca 92020 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side



blowout sales everyday! extensive selection! Great service!

First time Patients

$10 gram BeSt flower in the houSe


we deliver!

one gram oF Private reserve

833. Broadway • Suite C el Cajon, Ca 92020 • 619-328-3000

with minimum donation

top Shelf

Private reserve

$5 gram

$8 gram



exCluSive $10 gram

$20/g or

$100 7 gram Special

moonwalK Syrup 1000mg thC

$ 30

100mg sativa/hybrid/indica $8 t.K.o./recovery/CBd $15 Korova BlaCK Bar $35

g drinKS $8 each


500mg riCe KriSpy or 300 mg Sour Belt gummieS


presidentials $10


Cavi doobies g-StiKS $10 $10


we Carry live reSin!


$ 30

daB faCe

Solvent free diStillate

1 gram

KuShtown Soda $ 5 150mg thC


600mg thC Syrup

$ 20

mighty meds


Canna lean alpine

$30 500mg $50 gram


$15 500mg $30 gram

*excludes recovery

$30 emerald Cup Shatter/CrumBle/roSin all 1/2 grams excluding live reSin



punCh Shatter $30 full gram

CrumBle/Shatter C hatter

$ 15

full gram 833. Broadway • Suite C • el Cajon, Ca 92020 • 619-328-3000 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


hop on the 420 party bus! Consume on the bus, tour the City and have fun! Tours are $50 and run every Friday, Saturday and Sunday

reCreational marijuana tours starting in june 2017

Picking you the Gaslam up from p Pacific beacdistrict, h mission vall and ey

RESERVE YOUR SPOT ONLINE! uSe promo code: 420book To Save 10%

receive a gift bag including products from the industry’s top brands

www.Ri d eThaT 20



Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side




Adam Taylor of IRATION


In May, Resin Music is launching SURF ROOTS TV, the first ever 24-hour Reggae channel on television. The Surf Roots channel will be featured on streaming TV outlets including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick and Google Chromecast. This breakthrough will put Reggae and Reggae-Rock artists on the biggest possible platform, playing in bars, restaurants, venues, homes, dorm rooms, surf shops, dispensaries & more. SURF ROOTS TV will feature music videos, live concert performances, interviews, original programming and movies/documentaries. It’s like an MTV for Reggae! Surf Roots Radio has been the #1 Reggae station online for the past 5 years (according to Live365 and iTunes Radio), known for playing So Cal and Hawaii artists such as Slightly Stoopid, Rebelution, Iration, Dirty Heads, Sublime, Pepper, SOJA, Tribal Seeds, The Green, J Boog, Stick Figure & more, as well as international stars such as the Marleys, Steel Pulse, Chronixx, Protoje, Collie Buddz, and Katchafire. SURF ROOTS TV gives viewers a behind-the-scenes look at the artists, and today’s Reggae movement. Spreading good vibes 24 hours a day! SURF ROOTS TV will be marijuana friendly and a cannabis advocate, showing herb music videos, featuring segments on cannabis cooking, medical marijuana breakthroughs, and new product reports from Point Loma Patient Consumer Co-Op in San Diego, a sponsor of Surf Roots TV. SURF ROOTS TV TVwill be raising money for the bands/labels/publishers in the Reggae community through publishing royalties. Surf Roots has set up agreements with ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC to support music use licensing.

Streaming TV is the alternative to cable TV and the future of television, where YOU choose what you want to watch and when you want to watch it. Like Netflix or Hulu, SURF ROOTS TV will be a free channel available on all devices. Blazing a fresh trail, Surf Roots will be the only Reggae channel of the 3,500+ channels on Roku. Streaming TV is where television is headed. Already more than half (52%) of U.S. homes have at least one TV connected and able to stream Internet video to their TVs. 49 million households have either an Internet-connected TV, a game console, streaming media player or an Internet-connected Blu-ray player, according to the latest ‘Connected Home Entertainment Report’. As streaming video content surges, U.S. connected household penetration has increased 14% year over year, with 6 million more homes than a year ago. And most households have more than one streaming-capable device, the average TV-connected household has hooked up 2.9 devices that could be used to watch Internet video.

To get involved with Surf Roots TV contact producers Dave Resin & Tim Gray. • (310) 308-4634

Jamaica’s RAGING FYAH 22




VISIT: CANNABISCLUB.TV @cannabisclubtv





855.763.2288 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side



Natural HealiNg center By: T.B.C

Located in the industrial district near central Escondido, this storefront is an opportunity that should not be passed up. The shop is simple and basic, in aesthetics as wells as demeanor, which can be captured as so: “Pride and Quality Come First” tHe DyNaMic DuO, Nick & Pearl Always a hard worker, Nick transitioned into the Green Industry about five years ago. His son gave him the push he needed to dedicate to the flower trade; now he is currently running a successful South-Bay delivery service, as well as a new storefront in Escondido.A genuine gentleman, Nick is a charismatic fellow who attends to the needs of his patients with the upmost generosity. Pearl, the manager, stated the following about his commitment to customer service:

P: [Nick] The way he works with these patients, especially our elderly patients; they love the one-on-one time we give them. They can come here and ask

questions about anything. A lot of them want to medicate, and they want this new information, but they don’t feel comfortable or know how to ask about it. They can come here, and they can look and ask questions. Starting as a patient within the green industry, Pearl started working with Nick about 5 years ago. An educated and real woman within the industry, Pearl takes the time to understand the needs of her patients, and genuinely takes interest in helping customer’s find the best product for them. Nick, said the following about he and Pearl. “Pearl is magic to me, [she and I] are a team.” Pearl and Nick, make an excellent duo. The reviews online for this storefront also capture their commitment to customer service, with the patient being first in mind. They are hard workers who want to make sure that patients are educated and informed about their purchases. To capture their service in one phrase: Real People with Real Good Herb.

TBC: What is your preferred method of smoking? N: “I like rolling joints. I’m old-schoolI don’t smoke blunts, I don’t smoke [out of] bongs, and I don’t smoke pipes. I roll my joints everyday.I use my orange Zig-Zag papers everyday. But I’m not a big smoker.”

P: “I love sativas. . . In the morning, I’ll have some sativa flower. In the afternoons, I prefer to medicate with teas. In the evenings, I tend to lean towards concentrates.”

TBC: What is the cannabis [movement] to you? N: “[Cannabis] is a medicine for everybody.” P: “Freedom to medicate—freedom to choose how to medicate. The quality of flower, concentrates, and other products at this storefront is phenomenal. However, the only way this can be proven is if you sample it yourself. So go to Escondido, and taste some dank. Then decide if you would go back.

N: “I want everyone to smoke what I smoke.”




Waxy Wednesdays Nug run Shatter 3g for $100 trim & Popcorn Nug Shatter 4g for $100 sundays live resin $ all top Shelf 45/g ounces for $260

Free PreRoll

When you bring in

The 420 Book

FTP get 5 grams for $45

Free Dabs

everyday deal

Mid-shelf ounce $150

open 7 Days A Week 10am to 10pm

Natural HealiNg center

1401 IndustrIal ave | escondIdo, ca 92029 | 619-483-8627 View Our Full Menu On Weedmaps!


Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


The World’s Largest Medical Marijuana Platform POST ADS FREE & BROWSE LOCAL ADS

Learn how BudTrader can grow your MMJ business. Call 1-800-547-6008 26


The Medical Marijuana Marketplace By Christina Smith For the states that have legalized marijuana for medicinal and recreational use, there is a free website and online community for users and industry insiders to exchange goods and services with each other locally., optimized for both mobile phones and desktops, is a classified ad platform for businesses and sellers in the legal cannabis industry to post ads for anything from the flower they sell to the jobs they need fulfilled. Visitors to the website can browse the ads that are conveniently organized into different sections so that they can easily find exactly what they are looking for:

• LATEST LISTINGS – organizes listings from all categories beginning with the most recent post • CITY – browse listings that are featured locally to the city you live in

• CANNABIS – features ads for flower strains, growing equipment, wholesale distributors, etc. • CBD – ads for cannabidiol (CBD) flower, oils, tinctures, edibles, pet products and wellness

• DISPENSARY – dispensaries and collectives post here to advertise their business and deals • DELIVERY – delivery services for users that like their products to come to them • CLONES – cultivators post ads here for strain-specific clones

• CONCENTRATES – oils, vape pens, shatter, wax, crumble, dabs, and other concentrates

• EDIBLES – medicated munchies, oils, butters etc. for users that like to ingest their cannabis

• EQUIPMENT – cultivation equipment like hydroponics, lighting, plant nutrition, trimmers, etc • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY – businesses and growers that seek investors, clients and workers • JOBS – employment postings for available jobs and job-seekers in the cannabis industry • MMJ DOCTOR – find a marijuana doctor near you and get your cannabis card • REAL ESTATE – properties with large acreage for industrial cultivation

• RESUME – post resumes for jobs so that employers can find your relevant work experience • RIPPERS – expose and warn others about people in cannabis who have ripped you off • SEEDS – strain-specific cannabis seeds for sale

• SERVICES – ads for people offering their work services or in need of partners • TRADE – trading and bartering goods for goods or goods for services

• WANTED – postings and “wanted ads” for people looking for goods or services BudTrader has been around since 2008 but had to keep a pretty low profile due to federal restrictions. Now that legalization laws are sweeping the nation they have gone from 50,000 registered users to an impressive 650,000 registered users and growing (pun intended). Visit the website to browse listings or post ads for the cannabis industry. It’s completely free, it’s easy to get started, and it’s fun to see all of the business opportunities out there. Enjoy!

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side



$5 GRAMS ALL d dAy EVERy dAy dA Ay y

Happy Hour all day!

2 Grams for $25

FTp dEalS 5G’s Top Shelf for $45

Private Reserve

5G’s Mid Shelf for $35

$10 Top Shelf $8 Mid Shelf $5 Bottom

5G’s Bottom Shelf for $25 Buy 1 GET 1 HalF oFF Edibles, Wax, Vape Pens

all 4 Gram 1/8ths on Private•toP•mid•bottom FREE

True HumboldT Humbold Buy 8 8th get 8th free

STrAINS lIKe GIrl SCouT CooKIe, GorIllA llA ACK, Glue, FlYTrAP oG, CANdYlANd, GreeN CrACK, blue dreAm ANd mANY more!

Present the 420 Book for a free

Issue 16 | May 2017 San Diego Edition


tHE #1 pREMiUM cannaBiS DiREctoRY MaGaZinE



Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side San Diego’s Guide to

DiSpEn SaRiES DoctoRS and

by neighborhoo d

page 9 & 66

page 18

page 57

½G of shatter, 250mG vaPe Meet the first cuban/a cuban/ame uban/american uban/ rican family, who have used their talent and to set the standard for experience quality products in the marijuana industry.

cartridGe or toP shelf Gram with min. $30 donation

CheCk Weedmaps for daily deals on ConCentrates, vapes, and edibles

7140 University ave. suite 420 la mesa, ca 91942 | 619-415-3405 Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


MIRAMAR Mankind Cooperative has pioneered a new model of medical cannabis dispensaries, designed to empower patients with the knowledge and access kn needed to make sure that you get exactly the right medicine. Unlike other dispensaries Unli where the medicine is behind a counter or under lock-and-key, all of our medicine is available for you, the patient, to look through and choose exactly what you want at your own pace, with or without the support of our cannabis consultants. We invite you to visit Mankind for a new kind of dispensary experience.

Open Everyday 9am-9pm




‘Mankind’ Special Gift!!

to (760) 670-3130 for a

New Patient Specials

Buy 3 Edibles Get 1 Free

Free Vape Cartridge

*free edible of equal or lesser value

*free cartridge on select brands,(up to $25), with minimum $50 order

Free Top-Shelf Free Eighth Gram

*$50 minimum order

*$50 minimum order

*new patients get to choose any one of the above specials on their first visit but can not combine multiple specials or discounts

Patient Loyalty Program ADA Accessible ATM Onsite We Accept Credit Cards

10% Off Seniors 55+, Veterans, Diability *can't be combined with other discounts or specials

7128 Miramar Rd. Suite 10 (upstairs) San Diego CA 92121 (858) 247-0953

Where the grass is ALWAYS GREENER on the other side


Ata & Nicole Gonzalez are both Cuban-Americans

from Miami. The couple moved to California in 2009 to follow their vision and dreams together. They both believed that a regulated cannabis marketplace was near and California would be at the epicenter of a movement that would grow rapidly, state by state and eventually encompass all of the United States and even further, the world. Their roots and culture mirrored one another and that similarity stemmed from a tiny island located in the Caribbean, ninety miles from the shores of Key West. Both being Cuban and having similar upbringings that were surrounded by elders who would teach the children a tremendous amount of tradition. The old generation knew the children would grow up in America and would not experience being raised on the island. The Gonzalez’s and many others who understand the unique culture in South Florida, know that cigars and Cuban coffee go hand in hand. Not to mention a good game of dominoes at Jose Marti Park in Little Havana or at a family gathering at abuelos house on Friday night. Ata & Nicole’s generation were not lucky enough to know the island of Cuba but they did know Cuba through the stories that family members, parents and grandparents would share. It’s a tradition that every Cuban child that was raised in Miami can tell you was passed onto them. Cubans are an extremely proud race and that passion is an emotion shared by every household in Miami. The old generation spoke plenty about the island, its beaches, cross streets and small towns. Yet due to the 32


communist regime of Fidel Castro, all Ata & Nicole carry in their minds are stories. Due to a respect for their parents and grandparents and like most Cubans from their generation, the couple have yet to step foot on the rich soil that their ancestors called home. Prior to communism destroying much of Cuba’s rich agricultural fields, businesses and thriving nightlife, Fidel’s lack of care also destroyed its most recognized crops by not properly taking care of the land. Those same plantations used to flourish with farmers cultivating the world’s best tobacco leaves, sugar canes and exotic fruits which are native to the Caribbean and specifically to the beautiful Island of Cuba. Not long after Fidel became President, did he begin taking over the country. He began by seizing all the utilities of the island, all minor and major companies, businesses, all agriculture lands and homes.  Many of the same people who helped him attain power and lead the country, were the wealthy and/or the owners of those same companies he was seizing. This was the first signal to many Cubans that communism would be the future of the country. The exile of women, children and men began... into the United States and spanned across the world. The wealthy families found a way to exile the island during 1959 and 1960. Everyone was forced to leave everything behind; picture albums were left to relatives to hopefully retrieve them at a later date. The same with money and everything else that could have been attained through prior generations. One of the first groups to exile in 1961 were Pedro & America Martin along with their three children.  The men first worried about getting the women and children out of Cuba.

Pedro did just that, sending America alone with their three children to Jamaica. Mr. Martin went to Detroit to work for RG Dun Cigar Company. These American contacts were family connections that were passed on to Pedro. He was not the principal who started the family involvement of working around the tobacco leaf. The tradition of master tobacco blenders actually started with America’s father, whom she refers to as “Papa.” Miguel Arias is the patriarch of the family and the man who took Pedro under his wing and taught everything about tobacco to the young man. It would be Pedro that continued the tradition and passed down the torch to two more generations. Before leaving the island, Pedro made a call to friends of the family in the United States. They were not only friends of Miguel Arias but were also great clients who had been buying tobacco from the family for many years. These friends owned a company called RG Dun Cigar Company and after hearing Pedro’s desperate request for a job in the States, they immediately gave him a job. Six months after America Martin and her three children arrived in Jamaica, Pedro was finally able to bring them to Detroit. The family would live together in Detroit for another four years. Eventually Michigan became too cold for this Cuban family who was used to a Caribbean climate that was nowhere near Michigan’s extreme winters. Pedro and America went in search of tropical weather which they found in South Florida. I am certain that most Cubans made Miami their home due to the similarities in weather and the fact that Spanish was the predominant language spoken in town. Twenty-three years after starting with the RG Dun Cigar Company, Pedro was fifty-eight years old. He had been wrestling with the idea of launching his own start-up wholesale tobacco company. He did just that and named it, Martin Tobacco. This division of his company would only broker leaves from the farms of several countries for use by the biggest cigar brand manufacturers in the world. Pedro was a well sought after master blender, he was known to find you the leaves that attained the specific flavor profiles his clients envisioned.  Simultaneously, Pedro launched Tropical Tobacco to be the division of his company that created retail branded cigar sticks. This division owned several cigar brands like Don Juan, Casa Martin, V Centennial, Lempira & Cacique. Those were just a few of the many brands that made Tropical Tobacco a success. He picked Miami to continue being his hometown and the company’s headquarters. It was in that building that Nicole first witnessed cigar brands being developed. Without quite realizing the wealth of knowledge that a young Nicole was sponging, the experience was second to none and encompassed everything from art work being designed to brand specific packaging and boxing being developed. At the warehouse, she also witnessed the shipping of product to retailers throughout the country.  At a young age, Nicole began recognizing the skills that others possessed all around her. She would ask herself what did her mother possess to become one of the greatest salespeople in a male driven business. The tobacco industry is a very masculine marketplace and a very small number of women are able to succeed in its environment. Nicole walked away with some amazing and great qualities that made her mother successful, including an amazing work ethic dispute.  By the age of sixteen, shadowing her mother, Nicole was sent on the road to learn how to close a cigar sale by the age of sixteen. She was then cross trained to master as many aspects of the business as possible - which included making the calls to collect past due receivables. In Pedro’s mind, he was breeding the next two generations of woman to succeed in the cigar industry but unbeknown to anyone, Nicole was in training to become co-founder of a very similar company but cannabis would be her leaf. As nobody realized what her future would be yet, her grandfather continued putting her in front of every area of his business. Nicole would witness the tobacco industry boom in the 1990’s and witnessed how Pedro successfully structured his company to be sold.

Pedro Martin retired comfortably after the sale of his business and most importantly - he groomed two generations of women to continue the family tradition. Pedro Martin passed in 2010 at the age of 89. America Martin who is Nicole’s grandmother and the reason their family specialized in the tobacco industry, is still alive and looks amazing at the young age of 87. Nicole’s mother, Maria Martin, went on to become a National Sales Manager for Camacho Cigars. This was something Nicole also witnessed. Within seven years this company was able to structure itself and become an attractive acquisition for Davidoff. Camacho sold for an undisclosed amount of money but it is rumored to have been over the 50 million mark and just under 100 million. Little did Pedro know that tobacco and cannabis had an extremely similar parallel. To make this industry come out from the shadows of the underground has taken an endless number of names and families. These Californians have been cultivating cannabis at least two or three generations and they do not want to be lesser than the guys coming in with millions. The industry in those foothills is different!  Regardless, Nicole does not take no for an answer, she stays persistent and strong headed to get your business and then brings in a team to help upkeep the relationship with that particular store.  It would be Pedro’s granddaughter, Nicole, that would first notice the similarities between the tobacco and the cannabis leaf. Together with her husband Ata, they launched one of

The G Farma Brands story is unique

The first Cuban/American family to use their talent and experience as entrepreneurs to become involved in the legal marijuana industry.

The first Cuban/American family of fifth generation, master Cuban tobacco blenders to become involved in the legal marijuana industry. G FarmaBrands was the first cannabis brand to launch with a full array of marijuana products. Edibles, cannabis flower in the form of pre-rolls and cannabis vape oil. The Gonzalez’s set the standard for what today you see has become the model. The Gonzalez’s were the first Cannabis Family to make such a powerful statement. Just like their past generations of Cuban tobacco master blenders, Ata & Nicole created a cannabis brand while simultaneously giving birth and creating a family of five children. Today their ages range from the oldest being nine and the others being six, five, four and three years old. One of the first cannabis brands to implement regular market packaging for their marijuana products. One of the first cannabis companies to start creating brand loyalty with their consumers by offering consistency, quality and superb customer service.

America’s first nationally branded cannabis companies, G FarmaBrands. It all started with Nicole spending her childhood attached to her grandfather and his business. Whether it was the farms in the Dominican Republic or the factories filled with men and women rolling his cigars, Nicole got an opportunity to experience what tobacco cultivation and production was like. When the couple noticed the cannabis industry, Nicole felt at home.

continued on page 34

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continued on page 33 The 420 Book: Please introduce yourself. Ata: My name is Ata Gonzalez, founder of G FarmaBrands. Tell us about your relationship with cannabis. Ata: My relationship with cannabis started about twenty-five years ago, and I have been married to Mary Jane ever since... What type of cannabis do you prefer: Sativa, Indica or Hybrid? Ata: I prefer consuming a Sativa in the day, a Hybrid in the afternoon and an Indica in the evening. Whether I am vaping a Liquid Gold Vape Pen or I am smoking a G Stik, I always follow that order. In what other ways do you incorporate cannabis into your life? Ata: Cannabis surrounds and consumes my life from the moment that I open my eyes until I close them at night. It is my passion and my business! How lucky am I? What was the first product you released? Ata: G FarmaBrands was the first cannabis brand to launch with an array of marijuana products. This was done to offer their consumers more choices in how to consume or ingest the desired marijuana. Their first products launched were: •Blunt tip syringes filled with Liquid Gold Extracts which was their CO2 cannabis vape oil brand. •Liquid Gold Vape Pens that came in a variety of ten different colors vape pens. •Liquid Gold Chocolate Mint Truffles was their first place edible at the 2014 Los Angeles Cannabis Cup.   •G Stiks are pre-rolled cannabis cones created in the spirit of the cigar industry. Beginning with its aluminum tube packaging for the cannabis come to Ata & Nicole utilizing their experience coming from their background with blending tobacco leaves. The potent cannabis cone was blended from a combination of only seven cannabis strains cultivated by G FarmaLabs. They come in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid blends and then are sprinkled with Keif and smothered with a special blend of Liquid Gold Extracts Co2 cannabis oil.  Today G FarmaLabs produces an array of product offerings such as: •Chocolate bars in Milk, Dark & White Chocolate •Sixteen chocolate bar flavors •Four seasonal chocolate bar flavors  •Four chocolate truffles flavors •White Chocolate Hearts •Dark Chocolate Hearts •Milk Chocolate Hearts •100% raw honey •Cheery cordials •Liquid Gold Vape Pens (10 colors) •Indica NUG Run Vape Oil Syringes •Sativa NUG Run Vape Oil Syringes •Hybrid NUG Run Vape Oil Syringes •Indica PURE Vape Oil Syringes  •Sativa PURE Vape Oil Syringes •Hybrid PURE Vape Oil Syringes  •Indica NUG Run Tanks •Sativa NUG Run Tanks •Hybrid NUG Run Tanks •Indica PURE Vape Tanks •Sativa PURE Vape Tanks •Hybrid PURE Vape Tanks •Indica G Stiks •Sativa G Stiks •Hybrid G Stiks •G Lemonades Original •G Lemonades Strawberry •G Lemonades Pink

Will the brand dive more into the edibles category? Ata: G FarmaLabs is formulating and planning to launch an array of edible products into the market following the convenient store model by 2018. What are your thoughts on regulation standards to make sure brands are being true about their level of potencies advertised? Regulations are key to a regulated cannabis market properly functioning. Without the regulators setting standards for potency, pesticides and mold, the California marketplace will not mature. G FarmaLabs embraces a true track and trace seed to sale system. The brand also operates in Washington State where regulations are in place and everything is tracked by the gram. Prevents theft and diversion which is what California needs. We are ready for such a system in place in order for  the territory to mature and excel. How is rapper The Game related to the brand? Ata: The Game is a Brand Ambassador for the G Stiks and the G Lemonades Brand. Tell us more about this farm you are building to be the nation’s largest commercial farm? Ata: G FarmaPark will be located in Desert Hot Springs and it encompasses about 60,000sf of fully automatic, Next Generation, Light Deprivation Greenhouses along with over 40,000sf of processing and manufacturing. Hot kitchen to bake, chocolate kitchen, state of the art science lab, extraction rooms, production and packaging rooms. What cultural message do you aim to convey with your G Farma Labs? Ata: G FarmaBrands promotes responsible consumption to our consumers and staff. What are your future goals in the industry and culture? Ata: My personal future goals for the company when I am consulting for them is to make sure they continue having great luck, blessings from above and great entrepreneurial experience. The founder’s goal is to make G FarmaBrands a multi-billion-dollar company. Not for the money, but for the art of building an American-born Iconic brand. What are your personal thoughts on legalization in America and how do you foresee it affecting G Farma Labs, cannabis culture and your state of California Ata: Legalization in America has exploded and it will continue to grow as more and more states see the multiple levels of good it is doing everywhere it has been regulated. Financially the states are benefitting, consumers in regulated markets are seeing a more potent and cleaner flower which is key to smoking less. In California, everyone needs to play it by ear, no switch will be flipped January 1, 2018 that is going to magically correct the industry. I believe it will take longer than expected by many. What do you want G Farma Labs to be known for? Ata: Quality, Consistency & Customer Service.

What are the new 2017 releases? Indica G Stiks Naturals Sativa G Stiks Naturals

Three fruit flavored infused G Stiks

G NUGS Pre-Rolls Over 50 strain specific

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G NUGS Over 50 strains of branded flower

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Lil G NUGS Over 50 strains of small NUGS Liquid Gold Dab CO2 Oil


4th Annual


Jesse Ventura

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GABRIELLA Gabriella is 24 yrs. old from Bronx, NY. She currently lives in Tampa, FL Measurements: Bust-34D, Height-5’1” @_gabriellaamor How did you get your start in modeling? I never really thought about modeling until one of my photographer friends told me I should model for my online boutique retail store. What is your retail store? Women’s online clothing boutique which also includes men’s clothes, jewelry, sportwear and more. Check it out at What do you do to stay in shape? I just watch what I eat and I work out whenever I have time. Let’s just say I have a good metabolism. What do you like to do in your free time? I live in Florida so I love to lay out by the pools, hang out with my girlfriends and do girl stuff – get my nails done, go shopping, etc. I also love going out to eat and cooking too - I am a food connoisseur. What did you want to be when you were growing up? When I was little I wanted to be a veterinarian – I love animals. What do you miss most about being a kid? Everything - No responsibilities and not having to pay bills. What type of music artists do you listen to? Drake, Post Malone, Tory Lanez Do you have any pets? Yes, I have four dogs – 2 Pit bulls and 2 Shar Peis. What’s the last thing you watched on TV and why did you watch it? I am obsessed with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I just love their style. They basically came from nothing and now they are the most successful people in the world. They built an empire and I admire them for that. Favorite re-run? I love all the old episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What were you like in high school? I hated school – I honestly don’t know how I made it through but I graduated. I never wanted to go to school but I always wanted to start my own business -which is what I am doing now. Who is your celebrity lookalike? Megan Fox and Kylie Jenner. If you could meet anyone in the world – living or dead – who would it be? Leonardo DiCaprio. He has been my crush since I was 2 years old. I used to have posters of him all over my room. What chore do you absolutely HATE doing? Everything - haha. I hate dusting. What is the nerdiest thing about you? I am super goofy most of the time. I am always making jokes and being sarcastic. I am really clumsy too. What is your preferred method of medicating? Definitely not dabs – I tried it once and almost went to the hospital. I just like pre-rolls and blunts – but I hate to roll them haha. Photos by:



@yesishootmodels/Anthony “Skitz” Wright

the 420 HONEY





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In last month’ s edition of The 420 Book, Alegre Science ( introduced the melloeX liquid CO2 extractor for botanicals. This revolutionary system is the perfect solution for those in search of a natural extraction method which preserves the activity of the concentrates. We’ve documented the ability of the melloeX using a technique called gas chromatography (GC) and in this month’s edition of The 420 Book, we’re excited to show the proof. What we claim is the melloeX preserves more terpenes for flavor and fragrance while preserving recovery of what we termed, labile compounds. Natural flavor and fragrance components are volatile and have low boiling points. Once you heat an oil mixture above the boiling point, you lose key components. This is what happens with supercritical fluid (SFC) extraction, which works at higher temperatures, so the resulting oil has to have these components added post-extraction to satisfy user’s expectations. With the melloeX, this doesn’t happen, so the profile of oils is completely natural. Another benefit of the liquid phase CO2 extractor is the low working temperature preserves labile compounds (also known as acids, which break down at SFC working temperatures). The acid compounds are reported to have analgesic benefits for pain relief. The GC results are shown in the figure to the right. The red trace is the first extraction and the green trace is the fourth extraction. Each extraction takes 2 hours and results in about 15% yield for the four extractions. The results for the two intermediate extractions are not shown. The peaks at lower retention times ( < 18 minutes) are monoterpenes, sesquiterpenes, and diterpenes while the peaks at higher retention times (> 18 minutes) are the actives. The first extraction gives oils and some actives while later extractions are mostly actives. This analysis reveals the selectivity of the melloeX. How can anyone whose interested see this technology? We are going to provide free demonstrations throughout Southern California, those who are interested should contact us.



Perfecting Botanical Extraction

INTRODUCING THE The world’ s only portable, bench top liquid CO2 oil extractor. SAFE

• Aerospace grade stainless steel • No flammable solvents • Engineered to 4x pressure standards


• Labile compounds are preserved for maximum benefit • Highest recovery of fragrance and flavor (terpenes) for unbelievable quality • Sub-critical liquid doesn’ t extract waxes




• Passive device uses natural convection

• Self Contained apparatus

• Reusable, sealable storage containers

• No loud pumps or motors

• No Solvent waste

• Collect similar cuts in one container

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1st Place • Punch Extracts w/ Four Father Farms Extreme Creme 2nd Place • Natures Labs - Spacewalker 3rd Place • DTPC - Neighborhood Watch

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When Canada became only the second country in the world to take definitive steps towards legalizing recreational marijuana, it seemed like a good idea to take a quick survey of worldwide weed rules. With that said, here’s a few of the highlights from the rights your fellow smokers enjoy in other places outside the USA.

Our neighbors to the north have always seemed pleasant enough, but new legislation introduced by Pass me the pipe, eh? No wonder there’s an increasing number of Americans who want to live in The Great White North. Recently, the Canadian parliament introduced The Cantheir globetrotting leader Justin nabis Act, which will allow people who are 18 years of age and older to purchase and possess recreational marijuana. Trudeau is designed to blow the However, those of us in California who are watching the recreational marijuana laws unfold here are blowing smoke rings of caution to our friends on the other side the border. Unfortunately, it looks like our Canadian neighbors have followed our happy meter off the dial in a cloud ofexample after Proposition 64 passed and hit the same kind of government potholes along what they thought would be a smooth easy ride. of smoke. Marijuana smoke that is. Consider the fact that Trudeau has left the provinces which are like our states to hash out individual systems to raise or lower the minimum wage and implement retail systems. Translation? Canada’s new lofty pot laws could veer off the path and wind up in the same kind of government inspired ditch that was recently reported in the Los Angeles times. The Brown administration is drawing a backlash from lawmakers and police chiefs who don’t like current pot proposals put on the table and they might not win the necessary two-thirds vote of the Legislature. Hey Canada. Cup a hand around your ear and face south. That noise you hear is the wheels of the Proposition 64 bus spinning in the legislative dirt. Try to avoid that. While we all know that keeping the police off your back means inviting the government along for the ride, there are some other weed laws around the world that serve as pretty good examples of how Big Brother keeps creeping in.


World Weed Laws



By Rob Starr



That’s not a typo. In 2014, this country placed itself at the head of the class becoming the first nation to legalize marijuana use for recreational purposes. Of course there is an upside and downside to smoking weed in that small South American place. What’s cool is the fact the country allows people to set up smoking clubs for 15 to 45 people to share their love of pot with others who feel the same way. These cooperatives can grow up to 99 plants of the leafy green stuff. On the other side of that coin, while you can buy up to 40 grams ( 1.4 ounces) of pot from approved pharmacies on a monthly basis, you still need to register with the government so they can track your consumption. All this kind of makes you wonder whether Uruguay’s pot laws might take you back to that certain paranoid place where you were always looking for a new spot to hide your stash from your parents, but on a larger scale.

TheAhh,Netherlands Amsterdam. For those of us that love to smoke the leafy green substance that’s the name that flows off the tongue with an almost religious reference. The place is a well-known destination for pot smokers who want to enjoy some weed in a liberal culture, but once again, you add in some government intervention and not everything is as it seems. Here’s the catch. While small amounts of marijuana are legal to possess there (5 g or just under an ounce) it’s illegal to cultivate weed in The Netherlands. Sounds a lot like the tug-of-weed-war we go through here in the U.S. between the states and the Federal government.

United States

To be fair, there are some marijuana laws here in the United States that broadly legalize smoke in 26 states and the District of Columbia. Nevada, Maine, Massachusetts and California all have measures allowing for recreational use of Mary Jane. The laws vary from state to state, and even the states that allow medical marijuana have a different set of definitions for the conditions that will allow people to use weed there. These are just some of the blunt facts around the mind trip that starts when legislators get involved with trying to bring our favorite herb into the mainstream. It’s probably best if you try not to think about what the governments are doing after you’ve enjoyed some of your special blend. There’s really no need for that kind of buzz kill.


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California cannabis regulations are complicated, cumbersome and constantly changing. Our industry experts unravel the compliance process and give you the tools you need to grow and protect your business.

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Wacky Weed


By: Rob Starr

A FRIEND WITH WEED IS A FRIEND INDEED Bill Murray once said he thought it was ironic that the most dangerous thing about weed was getting caught with it. Even the biggest business types like Richard Branson sing the praises of Mary Jane. “The work that could be done with the taxes from legal marijuana could have an incredible positive impact.” Besides all that, it’s fun to smoke pot. It relieves tension and opens up a new world of possibilities and adventures to stoners. Sometimes they even do, think and say things that seem perfectly fine and natural at the time but are a little beyond the pale for everybody who’s watching, reading and listening to them. That said, here’s a few stoner stories and wacky weed tales we can relate to, even though that’s not necessarily a good sign.

ANIMALS ARE PEOPLE TOO Stoners really love animals. In fact, most everybody really loves their cat or dog but being high can give you some incredible insights into alternate universes including the experiences of your favorite nonhuman friend. Some of the best places to find great animal|stoner stories is online in the forms where people share their experiences with pets. Take the anonymous poster who wrote that they cried because they realized their pet snake was only a face with a tail and nothing more. Or, the smoker who decided that they felt bad because their cat didn’t have a mother so they licked its head for hours on end while they were high.

WHEN A GAME OF TUG OF WAR LEADS TO JAIL One of the best stories about a relationship between man and his best friend gone horribly wrong is set in Dalles, Oregon. Even though the story happened way back in 2011, it should serve as a warning about what you let your dog play with. It seems that Joel Dobrin was pulled over with his dog in the cab of his pickup truck by the local police. While the copper was approaching the truck for what was a routine traffic stop the officer noticed a sock thrown out of the passenger side window that was later found to contain hash and marijuana. It seems that when Dobrin noticed he was being pulled over, he attempted to hide his stash in a sock and his dog thought he’d given the green light to play tug-of-war. Long story short. The dog won and flipped the sock out of the window into the waiting hands of the police.

STONER CONFESSIONS Insights into the meaning of life and other such revelations might be the promise of weed, but what stoners think is often only profound to the person in the altered state. Here’s a few examples of big thinking from bent minds: Tin foil hats are one of the things you might want to avoid after reading what stoners think. Take the one online smoker who became convinced that these hats were actually the aliens themselves and not protection from alien thought control. Some stoner confessions are a little deeper. One even wondered how shocked the very first caterpillar was when it sprouted wings and turned into a butterfly. Some of the people that like to get high turn their attention to literary matters. For example, someone pondered why there is a d the word fridge but not in refrigerator. There’s nothing like good tunes to supply the wave your high thinking rides along on. That’s why the last word is really a musical note in the form of the two greatest stoner songs of all time courtesy of Rolling Stone magazine. Number two goes to Peter Tosh and Legalize It. Happy to say we’re well on the way, Peter. Number one should be no surprise in Bob Marley and Kaya. It’s a great tune about getting stoned on a rainy day. Real thought provoking and inspiring stuff, with or without a tin foil hat.

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another PLPCC



Reggae Legend Don Carlo’s and PLPCC owner Adam Knopf

With Special Guest UFC’s Diaz Brothers and Reggae Artist the lovely Hirie, it was another event to remember. Performances by Spawn Breezie, The Late Ones, Gonzo, The Low Tops, and DJ Greyboy kept the house rocking while vendors including Flavrx, Kurvana, Speakeasy, Budda’s Best and many others educated the attendees of the health benefits patients could receive by trying their Medical Marijuana products. Be on the lookout for PLPCC’s next Patient Appreciation Day, visit for more info!

Hawaiian Reggae Artist Spawn Breezie w/ PLPCC General Manager Heidi Rising

The Diaz Brothers and Crew with PLPCC Owner Adam Knopf

(Left and right) Hirie w/ the Diaz Brothers

Nate Diaz visiting the Local Sesh Booth

Hirie, DJ Cwitch and DJ Greyboy




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The 420 Book • SD • May 2017  
The 420 Book • SD • May 2017  

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