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Thursday August 27 2015 | Issue 664

Quake recalled: Devastating Sept quake remembered. — page 4.

On target: Ashley shooters selected for NZ.

Motor Torque: A feast of cars on show and at home.

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Compromise reached to protect rare birds By SHELLEY TOPP A compromise has been reached to protect the rare and endangered native bird species nesting in the braided Ashley­Rakahuri River bed. With the birds’ breeding season about to begin a plan was needed to discourage four­wheel drive vehicles and trail bikes from driving in the Ashley­Rakahuri riverbed, damaging nests and harming birds and their chicks. A move to restrict vehicle access from the beginning of September to the end of January was endorsed at a recent meeting between the Rangiora­based Ashley­Rakahuri Rivercare Group, Environment Canterbury (ECan) and the Combined 4WD Club. Entrances will be blocked off using a digger or concrete blocks on tracks leading into the river, but they will be restored in the summer so people can get to swimming holes. The Combined 4WD Club’s president, Nigel Bannan, supports restricting vehicles from driving in the river bed. ‘‘We are as keen as everyone else to see the birds prosper,’’ he says. ‘‘To this end, we are working with ECan to select other sites for us to use while the birds are in the riverbeds.’’ An Ashley­Rakahuri Rivercare Group spokesman, Geoff Swailes, said numbers of breeding birds were declining on most braided rivers, but not on the Ashley­ Rakahuri. ‘‘There is good evidence that this

Brothers . . . Kaiapoi brothers Bruce (left), Alan and Roy Adams have been recognised for 115 years of combined service to the PHOTO: SUPPLIED Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade.

Service milestone By DAVID HILL

Rare beauties . . . an endangered black­billed gull nesting with it’s young chick along the Ashley­Rakahuri River near Rangiora in North Canterbury. PHOTO: STEVE ATTWOOD.

improved situation is due to our predator trapping, and the reduction of disturbance by vehicles and people. ‘‘Hence the moves to maintain restricted access during the bird­ breeding season.’’ Signs notifying of restricted access will be put up alongside riverbed tracks by ECan’s Ashley­ Rakahuri Regional Park staff. It is hoped that this initiative to

restrict vehicle access in the Ashley Rakahuri riverbed can be replicated in other braided rivers throughout Canterbury. The province is considered a global ‘‘hot­spot’’ for braided rivers, which are rare in the rest of the world. This means that the native ecosystems they support are unique and deserve special attention.

Three Kaiapoi brothers have clocked up more than 100 years of service to their local fire brigade. Bruce, Alan and Roy Adams were recently made ‘‘gold members’’ of the Kaiapoi Volunteer Fire Brigade at a recent honours night, recognising a combined 115 years of service. Big brother Bruce was the first to join and completed 42 years service, while Alan completed 27 years ­ both serving as chief fire officer. Roy is still active and has completed 46 years service, holding the rank of senior fireman driver. ‘‘I think Bruce knocked around with friends who were members of the brigade, so he joined and then Alan joined a year or so later and I just

followed on,’’ Roy says. ‘‘It’s very enjoyable and it’s about the community service. It wasn’t planned that way (to do 46 years), but while the body’s good I’ll keep doing it.’’ Roy says there have been a number of changes in the last 46 years, with the brigade attending more motor vehicle accidents and medical call­ outs.When he joined there were only 80 call­outs a year. ‘‘Now we are doing 250­plus. In the last few years there has been a lot more medical stuff.’’ Roy believes such awards could become rare in the future. ‘‘The way volunteer organisations are today and the lifestyle, people don’t seem to hang round that long. People’s jobs keep changing, so they just can’t commit like they used to.’’

The local service that


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The News

Thursday August 27 2015


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Hatchlings raised by pupils

By DAVID HILL Kaikoura Suburban School students are learning to raise baby salmon. The school’s Kea class (years 2­3) has received an aquarium, water filter and equipment from the Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology to raise salmon hatchlings as part of Fish and Game North Canterbury’s fish in schools programme. The students are now learning as much as they can about salmon and getting advise from some ‘‘local mentors’’, before either salmon eggs or ‘‘alevin’’ (newly hatched salmon) arrive at the school, teacher Rebecca Macer says. ‘‘I’m quite passionate about protecting the environment, so I want to get the children involved in doing something in their local community. ‘‘If you get them involved at a young age, then hopefully they will learn to respect the environment and not over­ fish.’’ Once the baby salmon reach ‘‘smolt’’ stage, when they are about 5­10cm long, they will be released into Lyell Creek, which flows through the Kaikoura town centre. ‘‘It’s pretty exciting. The kids are really on board.’’ Kaikoura Suburban School’s baby

salmon will add to the fish which have been released in Lyell Creek by the Kaikoura Salmon Enhancement Society.


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A 42km journey for a hospital bed will help raise $100,000 for St John in North Canterbury to buy four new defibrillators. The Widows Sons Motorcycle Club will push the bed from Albert Street in Rangiora to the Christchurch Public Hospital and are seeking sponsors for the journey ­ a full marathon ­ through Rangiora, Woodend, Kaiapoi and Central Christchurch. It is hoped local businesses and individuals will back the September 26 venture to raise funds for the defibrillators which cost $25,000 each. One hundred percent of the funds

raised will benefit St John in North Canterbury ­ an area which covers Rangiora, Amberley and Cheviot and stretches south to Kaiapoi and Christchurch and west to Oxford. Sponsorship can be per kilometre completed or for completing the whole 26 miles. Businesses supporting the event can have their business name/logo on the headboard of the bed to publicise their support for St John and the community. A St John support vehicle will follow the team pushing the bed and there will be four rest­refuelling stations along the route to support the team, change crews and collection buckets.

Every wondered what sheep dogs talk about in their down time. No? Well you can find out by going to The Bitches Box, a comic show based on kiwi rural life which plays live at Hawarden and Cheviot next month. The show, which is familiar to some North Cantabrians who enjoyed the

show at Rotherham about 18 months ago, is being run by North Canterbury Vets in conjunction with Beef + Lamb and the Rural Support Trust North Canterbury. Amelia Guild and Emma Newborn present the very unique and hilarious take on farm life ­ a hearty romp around the kennels as they throw a spotlight on the farm’s closest working mates and


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give voice to the inner workings of the friends. The Bitches Box will play at the United Rugby Rooms at Hawarden on September 4 and the Cheviot Rugby Clubrooms on September 5. Tickets are available through the local North Canterbury Vet Clinic. Doors open at 7.15pm.


Reporters Amanda Bowes, David Hill, Shelley Topp

Classified Advertising Amanda Keys - amanda.keys@thenewsnc.co.nz Phone 03 313 7671

Sausages will be sizzled at each station. In supporting the funding of this equipment St John staff, many of whom are volunteers, and patients can access the latest version of this technology. It also allows the ‘‘trickle down’’ of equipment to other stations in the Canterbury region to allow them access to technology they do not have. A barbecue is being held outside Rangiora New World on Saturday, September 12 where a defibrillator will be on display along with details of the fundraising event. To make a donation go to give.everydayhero.com/nz/st­john­bed­ push.

Bitches Box returns to North Canterbury

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Last month 10,000 yearling salmon were released in Lyell Creek by the society, following on from 10,000 being released for the first time last year.

Hospital bed to help raise funds By ROBYN BRISTOW


Fish in schools . . . Kaikoura Suburban School students are excited about the prospect of PHOTO: SUPPLIED. growing baby salmon.

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Thursday August 27 2015

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Luxury . . . An artists impression of the European­inspired day spa being planned for the Chisholm ward in the former Queen Mary IMAGE: SUPPLIED. Hospital grounds at Hanmer Springs.

Chisholm proposal gets backing By ROBYN BRISTOW Hanmer Springs residents and the Hurunui District Council have thrown their support behind a $15 million proposal for a European­inspired day spa in the Chisholm ward at the former Queen Mary Hospital site. Sixty two people turned out at Tuesday night’s public meeting at The Heritage Hotel to hear the Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa (HSTPS) present its vision for the potential redevelopment of the building. There was strong support for the concept and the need to preserve the building in a commercially sound way for ratepayers. HSTPS chair Grant Lilly said the turnout represented eight percent of the population and reflected the significance of the project to Hanmer Springs. ‘‘We have a clear direction from the Hanmer Springs community present at this meeting that they want us to pursue the vision we have,’’ he said. Questions at the presentation focused on the process of selecting potential investors and the role of the owner, the Hurunui District Council, in the concept. Hurunui Mayor Winton Dalley believes the Chisholm Spa would be a major boost

for the district. ‘‘This will be the biggest single development to take place in the Hurunui district for many years and it sees a building that has sat unoccupied for 12 years put to good use in a way that respects its key heritage features,’’ he says. He is keen to get ratepayer feedback on the proposal at chisholmspa@hanmersprings.co.nz. The council has owned the hospital site with the Chisholm and Soldiers ward and the Nurses hostel on it since 2008. Since then attempts to occupy the buildings have failed. This included an attempt by Bayleys Real Estate to lease all or parts of the buildings in 2012. Mr Dalley says over half a million dollars has been spent on mothballing and maintaining the buildings since the council took over their ownership. ‘‘This plan will take a long time to come to fruition. The pools have to find a joint venture investor, finalise the concept and then it has to go through an approval process that will involve public consultation and liaison over the heritage elements. ‘‘They are beautiful buildings and it has been disappointing that until now no­one has come up with a solid plan to use them

­ despite Bayleys’ advertising offshore. ‘‘This plan gives us hope that we’ll see life and activity in the Queen Mary Hospital buildings once more,’’ says Mr Dalley. Thermal Pools and Spa general manager Graeme Abbot says turning the Chisholm ward, which was built in 1926 and has not been used since the hospital closed in 2003, would be a ‘‘major tourism drawcard’’. ‘‘We have fully scored the proposal, are excited by its potential and the opportunity to breathe new life into the Chisholm ward.’’ The spa design had not been finalised so there was opportunity for potential partners, the community and heritage advocates to work together on the details. ‘‘The important things to us are that this community asset is once again used and enjoyed and that our community benefits from its use,’’ he said. The pools returned $3 million a year to ratepayers and this dividend could increase as well as ensuring the Chisholm building was maintained and restored. ‘‘The Spa at the pools is now one of the busiest in New Zealand with an annual turnover of $1.5 million. We have no doubt Chisholm Spa will be equally successful,’’ said Mr Abbot.

Waimakariri youth sought to be MP Waimakariri youth are being challenged to step into the shoes of Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey. A Youth MP selection process was launched recently to give the opportunity for a young person to be selected to join 121 other Youth MPs at a Youth Parliament in Wellington next year. ‘‘This is a great opportunity for youth in the Waimakariri electorate to

participate in Parliament and the decision­making process. ‘‘Perhaps you’ve always been interested in politics and feel you could represent your community. Or perhaps you get really fired up about social issues. If you think this could be you, I want to hear from you,’’ says Mr Doocey. As a new MP, Doocey said working with his Youth MP would be a first ­ and he was looking forward to the

experience. Young people can email kaiapoi@parliament.govt.nz by October 1 saying why they would make a great MP. For more information, call (03) 3270514. Applicants have to be active in their community, be aged 16 to 18 on October 16, 2015, be able to attend Youth Parliament on July 19 and 20, 2016, and be able to commit to the Youth MP tenure from January 25 to July 25, 2016.

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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

Devastating quake remembered By DAVID HILL

Ph: 03 313 5563

On the Roundabout Cnr Percival & South Belt Rangiora

To view the paper online visit www.thenewsnc.co.nz

Quake damage . . . The twisted Mandeville Bridge over the Kaiapoi River after the devastating September 4, 2010, earthquake, with the former Mandeville Tavern in the background. The bridge has been repaired but the tavern was demolished and a new one FILE PHOTO. built. Shingleton from Kaiapoi High School. Food stalls will also be available and there will be a fireworks display at 7pm, sponsored by Rotary Neighbourhood, Steve Murphy Ltd, Blackwells Department Store and John Rhind Funeral Directors. ‘‘You Me We Us is so thankful to these sponsors for enabling the fireworks to be really spectacular,’’ Mrs Dunbar says. The letterbox sculpture was a Rubble Rouser project started in August 2013 when members came up with the idea of

using letterboxes from abandoned homes in Kaiapoi’s red zone to create an artwork. Permission was gained from the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority to recover the letterboxes. Local artist Mark Larsen, who is a member of the You Me We Us project, designed and constructed the sculpture, incorporating the letterboxes with street signs from the north­eastern red­zone. A number of sponsors supported the initial project and they will be included on a signboard to be unveiled on September 4.

HS award winning fundraiser By AMANDA BOWES The effervescent, fun loving and always on the go Debbie Moody from Hanmer Springs, has been voted the South Island Fundraiser of the Year at the 2015 Pride of New Zealand (PONZ) Awards. ‘‘I’m excited and delighted for Hanmer Springs,’’ says Debbs who was in Australia when the awards were announced. ‘‘My parents had gone to the awards ceremony in Christchurch and I never thought for a minute I would win the Fundraiser category. My mother rang me to say she was holding the trophy for the South Island Fundraiser of the Year which I had won!’’ In addition to being a St John Volunteer, Debbs has devoted her life to fundraising, or ‘‘fun­raising’’ as she calls it. Debbs says it is not only the big

organisations such as Pink Ribbon and Ronald McDonald House, but also smaller organisations that really need a boost. Community focused, she gets a high from raising money for those in need and is also passionate about encouraging children to raise funds to help others. Debbs takes care of Hanmer Events and likes to get as much of the community, including children, involved as possible. Organising mountain biking competitions and running events, all money made goes back to help community organisations. With her outgoing personality, she has been an avid supporter of, and has participated in the annual ‘‘Stars in their Eyes’’ community variety show, which puts about $10,000 back into Hanmer Springs. Nominations for the PONZ Awards were held earlier in the year and the South Island winners announced at an

Wheel Alignment


awards ceremony two weeks ago. The judging panel for the Regional Awards was made up of Silver Ferns netballer Maria Tutaia, Ecostore founder Malcolm Rands, Hospice CEO, Mary Schumacher, The Weekend Herald and Herald on Sunday editor Miriyana Alexander and The Hits announcer, Polly Gillespie. The National Award winners will be selected from the regional winners by another panel of judges, including TSB Bank CEO Keith Murphy, Mad Butcher founder, Sir Peter Leitch, basketball legend Dillon Boucher and NZME CEO Jane Hastings. Voting for the TSB Bank’s People’s Choice Awards started on August 17 and the winner from the public vote will be announced at the National Pride of New Zealand Awards on September 16. The winner will also receive $10,000 from TSB bank to go towards their chosen cause.

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Kaiapoi is set to remember the first Canterbury earthquake five years ago. The North Canterbury town was devastated when the 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck at around 4.30am on September 4, 2010, and the You Me We Us project is organising events to commemorate the day. A floral display will be set up on the Williams Street bridge and at the Ruataniwha Kaiapoi Civic Centre and library by Kaiapoi Garden Club from September 2 to 4, while the red zone letterbox sculpture is being re­unveiled at a site on the corner of Williams and Fuller Streets at 3.30pm on Friday, September 4. ‘‘We are thrilled that Mainpower is sponsoring the installation of the sculpture and that at last it has a permanent home,’’ says You Me We Us co­ ordinator Linda Dunbar. ‘‘The community has been generous, as usual, in supporting this event with the Kaiapoi Garden Club decorating the Kaiapoi bridge, a number of schools will be involved with performances from their kapa haka groups. ‘‘And we’ll move round to Trousselot Park at 5pm for some music and a firework display.’’ The sculpture unveiling will be followed by performances from kapa haka groups from Kaiapoi North, St Patrick’s Catholic, Kaiapoi Borough and Kaiapoi High Schools, and speeches from Kaiapoi Community Board chairwoman Robyn Wallace and Waimakariri Mayor David Ayers. Music will be provided at Trousselot Park by Tuomas Tuhaka and Jayden

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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

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Full-size hockey turf for Rangiora By SHELLEY TOPP It was smiles all round at the Rangiora Hockey Club headquarters last week after news that a site had been confirmed for a new, full­size artificial hockey turf in Rangiora. The new facility will be in Coldstream Road, next door to the MainPower Oval, home to the Canterbury Country Cricket Association, and just across the road from Maria Andrews Park, home to the Waimak United Football Club. The Waimakariri District Council committed funding for the project in 2012, and last week gave it the green light at a meeting of the Community and Recreation Committee, after the Coldstream Road site was confirmed. Rangiora Hockey Club secretary Cat Hannah said it was exciting news for the club and community. The water­based turf would allow competition­level games in Waimakariri. The council’s Greenspace portfolio holder, Robbie Brine, said the district was successful in the sport of hockey. ‘‘We are delighted to be able to support competition level games.’’ Coldstream Road was an ideal site for the new facility. ‘‘The location is right in the hub of other sporting facilities, so it will open up a whole lot of opportunities for the future,’’ he said.

Big smiles for exciting news . . . Members of the Rangiora Hockey Club last Saturday at the Coldstream Road site in Rangiora, which was last week approved for a new full­size PHOTO: JACKIE PLIMMER. artificial hockey turf The new turf facility will be the headquarters for hockey in the district, and is expected to be completed next June. Water­based hockey turfs were the preferred surface for competition­level hockey, Canterbury Hockey’s chief executive Rod Templeton said. ‘‘Having this type of turf in the

Waimakariri District will attract major tournaments to the region, and will cater for a large number of players in the district.’’ Previously, North Canterbury players had to travel to Christchurch for their games, he said. ‘‘It’s great to see the council investing in the ever­growing future of hockey.’’

Hurunui chefs remain in Masterchef contest Masterchef New Zealand contestants have been whittled down to 10 and the two Hurunui are among them. On Sunday night, contestants were split into two teams with each having to ‘‘open and name a restaurant’’ with one person from each team front of house. The teams then had to run a kitchen and create an entree, mains and dessert for a room full of diners that were well known in the food industry. Both Leo Fernandez (Waikari) and Richard Harris (Cheviot) were in the red team. While Leo was designated team captain, Richard soon became team leader, chivvying the chefs to get their food out and keep the team together. The three judges also had a table and both teams had to put their dishes up for scrutiny. Both teams received good reviews from the diners with the blue team ultimately scoring top points. However, as both teams did a really good job and there weren’t any catastrophes, there were no eliminations. On Monday night, contestants were faced with heads or tails ­ tongues, cheeks, tails (including crayfish) and a whole pig’s head.

The losing team had to choose for each other after judge, Al Brown, flipped a coin for heads or tails. Richard gave Leo an ox tongue to cook, while Richard scored the lamb cheeks. The blue team were able to choose what they wanted to cook.

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Richard whipped up a gourmet pie and despite not letting his pastry proof, created a dish that the judges described as a ‘‘great pie, bursting with flavour.’’ Leo’s ox tongue dish also got rave reviews from the judges, even though he had never cooked tongue before.




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Deadline Private Treaty Offers to be submitted by 4.00pm Friday, 25 September 2015

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To view the paper online visit www.thenewsnc.co.nz


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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

Representation review

Infrastructure progress in Kaikoura township Work on the Kaikoura civic building, library and museum continues and the roofing panel replacement should begin early September. Once this work is done the scaffolding can come off and external finishing can be completed. Much of the internal work has been finished. On Saturday August 15 I attended the cultural blessing of the Kaikoura hospital with members of the staff and Canterbury District Health Board representatives, along with community members and the local Rununga led by Brett Cowan. Staff and patients will soon migrate into the new building and deconstruction will begin of the existing hospital. Patients moving across to the new aged care units are in for a very pleasant surprise, the outlook from this facility is absolutely outstanding and the quality of accommodation is great. On Saturday evening I attended the emergency services social function at the memorial hall. This is a bi­annual event organised by locals Janice Dreaver, Don Wright of St Johns and Ian Walker from the fire brigade. This is another project driven by enthusiastic supporters of our emergency services and it is an opportunity for staff and volunteers to get together in a social setting and network and enjoy some downtime without the stress they often confront when they are on the job. This event is sponsored by the local business community which again is really appreciated. Our emergency service staff and

volunteers perform an outstanding role for the community and do it because they care. A highlight was the number of young men and woman who have put their hands up and joined the Coastguard, St Johns and fire brigade in the last few years. In 2013 a programme which begun as a one off in Rotorua was trialled here in Kaikoura. Youths from the high school signed into a six week programme of immersing themselves into these groups culminating in a full day emergency Scenario. Several of those students have now joined our emergency services and are fully involved. It is important that we do this again in the next year or two to cater for those coming through our school. To have this achievement on their curriculum vitae is another plus for them as they move into the workforce. The appointment of a new chief executive for the Kaikoura District Council is progressing well. The appointments subcommittee met on Friday, August 21 with Mike Stenhouse from Sheffield Recruitment which is handling the process. There has been strong enquiry from New Zealand and offshore for the role which was advertised through August. The process now is to work through the applications with a view to interviewing candidates, with an appointment likely to be made in October for a commencement date later this year.

Bridal event postponed The Oxford Bride­of­the­Year contest planned for November will now be held in April next year. The event is being organised to help the Ashley Gorge Reserve Advisory group raise money to help build the Reynolds Heritage pavilion at the reserve. A spokesperson says it has been decided to shift the event away from the busy Christmas­New Year period and hold it after the Easter break. It is hoped many will take the opportunity to take their bridal gowns out of storage and enjoy the chance to wear them one more time before sitting back and enjoying a parade of wedding frocks through the ages.

Dear Editor, I was intrigued to read the views attributed to the Waimakariri Mayor, David Ayers, in your issue of July 16. It would appear as though the council’s current proposal has been based on informal consultations with community and advisory boards, plus an information sheet and questionnaire sent to residents. Neither have any legal or valid statistical basis. The mayor’s reported comment that the two four­member wards centred, respectively, on Kaiapoi and Rangiora ‘‘meets with his goal of retaining the same representation of each of the district’s two main towns,’’ suggests that he has already has a closed mind on the ultimate outcome. This conclusion is reinforced by a comment included in official meeting notes of the Representation Review Working Party held on 27 January 2015 where he is reported as holding ‘‘strong views on the two urban centres maintaining an equal number of councillors.’’ Section 82 of the Local Government Act requires councillors to consider all views received ‘‘with an open mind’’ and give due consideration to them when it comes to make its decision. Perhaps it is time for Mayor Ayers to stand aside from the current review. Mayor Ayers’ comment that advisory boards are supposed to be appointed at a public meeting ‘‘but we’ve never had enough nominations’’ is not correct. My diary records that when boards ­ as distinct from the earlier advisory groups ­ were instituted in 2004, around 59 residents turned up to the Oxford­Eyre meeting and over 70 were present at the Woodend­Ashley election meeting. Yours, Alan McRobie, Rangiora.

Woodstacks Dear Editor, I was intrigued to see the photos of the woodstacks – as you called them, built by Philip Watts in the August 6 edition of the paper. The technique of stacking wood in a round stack is an old European tradition. In Germany they are called a Holz Miete which translates into a wood clamp. We used to use terms like a potato clamp, a pit or place where we stored potatoes for the winter. I can understand therefore where the German name comes from. They are sometimes called a Holz Hausen ­ wood house. I too have built a number of them. It is an extremely effective way of drying and storing the wood, for the wood dries much more quickly and is in most cases drier than wood which I have stored undercover in a shed. There is, of course, no limitation to the size and height to which you can stack wood in a Holz Miete as you can and have probably seen if you carry out an internet search on that term. However a three metre diameter stack represents a convenient reach in the centre for an average person and two metres is about all you can stack without having to resort to ladders and scaffold. Each of the large stacks represents about one winter’s supply for this house. Yours, Robert Loughnan. (Abridged ­ Editor)

Drought Dear Editor, Your headline Drought hits farmers pockets only scratches the surface of the full effects. Its impact is felt right through the community, even into school classrooms ­ stressed parents ­ stressed children. We are now 40 years on from the 72­73­74 ‘Big drought’ which turned the Waipara valley into a dustbowl ­ it’s on again. Ten years after that event the Treasury funded Glenmark Irrigation scheme became a reality which they truncated before completion because it did not meet their mystical ‘internal rate of return’. They’d never admit that by 1996 excise tax on Waipara wine collected would have built a new scheme ­ every year! The statement from Waipara farmer, Tony Whyte in ‘‘Glenmark­100 years on’’ says it all ­ from the filling of our dam in 1983 we have NEVER had another DRY season. It was/ is the catalyst for the now obvious wine industry i.e.diversification. Without the magic fertiliser ­ water ­ the Hurunui district is hamstrung on making progress. That is from Cheviot to Amberley. Some farmers have already spent $10 million and received ­ ZILCH! It is way past time for a big change in thinking, not just in this district but from the top ­ Mr Guy and friends take note. Other than the private money poured into dairy which has benefitted the nation ­ Government/people have invested nothing. Yours, John McCaskey, Waipara (abridged ­ Editor). Continued Page

Get Mor e at Harvey Norman Moorhouse Ave.


Moorhouse Ave Furniture & Bedding Super Store

More Lounge & Dining

More Beds & Manchester


Temporary entry via Pilgram Place

(If heading east down Moorhouse Ave.)

MOORHOUSE AVE Cnr. Moorhouse Ave. & Colombo St. (03) 367 7500 304776_CCC

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

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WOODEND NURSERIES LAST CHANCE BAREROOT TREE SALE Canterbury’s largest range of trees: 300+ deciduous trees and 275 fruit & edibles

Cruising . . . . Cars take part in a street parade during a Kaikoura Hop.

Last Chance to buy bareroot Trees.


Car show entries roll in By DAVID HILL Entries are rolling in for next month’s Kaikoura Hop. Organiser Doug O’Callahan says 400 to 500 cars have been registered to date for the car show on September 17 to 20, with the event on target to match last year’s record of 1400 entries. Registrations have been received for cars from Auckland to Invercargill. This year’s fifth annual event is the first where cars must be registered online prior to the event, with Mr O’Callahan initially expecting registrations to be down. ‘‘It’s about knowing that we are going to have x amount of cars, and how many people and how much parking space we need. Last year we had 649 cars registered before the event and we had another 700 trying to register on the day and it just doesn’t work.’’ People can register their cars online at www.kaikourahop.co.nz up until Thursday evening, September 17 and pay by internet banking (up to a week before registrations close) or by credit card. Once they are registered they will receive a sticker for their car window, which can be scanned by Hop volunteers. Mr O’Callahan says there is interest from clubs in Auckland and Taupo and

‘‘cobbers’’ had picked up some extra cars along the way. Mr O’Callahan says local police estimated there was an extra 6000 people in town for last year’s car show with as many as 1500 cars taking part. He says he understands accommodation has already been booked out for the weekend, with day trippers also likely to attend from Christchurch and North Canterbury. Kaikoura Hop begins with an informal get together at the Whaler Bar on Thursday, September 17. There will be a cruise to Waiau the next day for a shed visit and barbecue lunch, before returning to Kaikoura for cruises down the main street at 3pm and 6.30pm and a drive­in movie. The car show is at the Takahanga Domain on Saturday from 9am along with trade displays, air brush displays, vintage period cars, motorbikes and live music. Junior Miss Hop (girls up to age 14) and Miss Hop contests will also be held. The annual Rock ’n Roll Dance is also being planned on Saturday evening as a fundraiser for the Kaikoura Hospital. For more information go to www.kaikourahop.co.nz or contact Doug O’Callahan on 022­1863117 or kaikourahop@yahoo.co.nz.



From Page 6

Alcohol policy Dear Editor The law surrounding the Local Alcohol Policy (LAP) promises a healthier, safer community. It aims to reduce the harm of alcohol. But only as this applies to Liquor Licensing Regulations; while legal processes can make common sense thinking very difficult to achieve. Appeal a draft LAP and you will discover you can only discuss what has been written in the policy ­ nothing else. And you must produce evidence to add weight to an argument to change policy. Our appeal requests the Hurunui District Council have the same On Licence hours as the Waimakariri Council ­ that Hurunui On Licences close at 1am not 2am. We see consistency as reasonable. This prevents people travelling to keep drinking. It avoids the temptation to drink drive. It protects our licence holders from serving alcohol after 1am to unknown potentially intoxicated patrons. It prevents alcohol induced fights from breaking out between locals and new arrivals. Furthermore less alcohol consumed equals less harm to the drinker and to others. But we need evidence of harms caused by drinking after 1am at (or departing from) On Licences in the Hurunui. Please contact alcoholwisehurunui@gmail.com if you have STORIES to assist our case to reduce alcohol harm. Yours, L McGirr Alcohol Wise Hurunui

Q: How many movies are screening this week? (Hint: The answer can be found in this issue) Congratulations to last weeks winner Julie Smith.

New Season’s Climbers. Arriving in a week. Lots of varieties.

New Season’s


Seed Potatoes Many y Varieties


Simply email your contact details and the correct answer to: info@thenewsnc.co.nz

Bareroot 15% off fruit trees

Bursting with bud. Pink & white. Many grades available.

Hours: Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Saturday & Sunday 9am to 4pm. Keep up to date with our facebook site


Canterbury’s Fruit Tree & Edible Specialists

42 Chinnerys Rd, Woodend. Ph 03 312 7260

No rain checks, stock on hand only, specials do not apply to bulk discounted products, sorry no loyalty cards or NGIA gift vouchers accepted at sale time

Page 8

The News

Thursday August 27 2015


The Nor’Wester is about a seasonal, local and wild approach to food, where our regularly changing menus feature a wide selection of freshly prepared dishes. Each product is carefully selected either from our own farm or from suppliers we know and trust. All meals are prepared on the premises by our team of chefs.

Shellfish Everyone knows and loves New Zealand Greenlip Mussels but we also have one of the hidden secrets of the South Pacific – shellfish sustainably harvested off the East Coast of the South Island and Pegasus Bay by Cloudy Bay Clams. Diamond Shell, Frilly Venus, Storm Clams, and Tua Tua to name but a few.

Tea Party participants . . . Trevor Agnew (left), Joanna Preston and Carl Nixon.


Writers’ Tea-Party

Gate to Plate


Our own farm-raised Wiltshire Lamb, Angus Rose Veal and Red Deer Venison from “Mountain Meadows”, Amberley, processed to our specifications by Harris Meats in Cheviot.

The seventh Writers’ Tea­Party at Amberley next month will feature Carl Nixon, Joanna Preston and Trevor Agnew. The event, which is sponsored by the Friends of the Library and supported by funding from Hurunui Culture and Heritage, will be held in the Amberley Memorial Library on Sunday, September 13 from 2 to 4pm. Each of the guests will feature for about 25 minutes, reading from their work, talking about their writing life and entertaining the audience with an account of what has influenced them in their careers and what is their favourite reading. There will be time for questions and discussion followed by the now ‘‘famous’’ afternoon tea and a chance for writers and audience to socialise. Carl Nixon is well known for his novels, short stories and plays. His novels include ‘‘Rocking Horse Road’’

“Gate to Plate” is incomplete without “Nose to Tail”, so come prepared for interesting and unusual dishes. Game Meats Utilising one of New Zealand’s unique resources – wild shot Venison, Tahr, Goat and Pork – dependent on the weather in the high country of the South Island.

Enomatic Wine Machines Our new Enomatic Self-service Wine Machines allow the diner to choose from a taste, a half glass or a full glass from the 24 wines available by the glass to complement their choice from the menu. We offer a selection of local Waipara and New Zealand wines and a selection of international wines for comparison.

Join us at Nor’Wester for

GATE TO PLATE GAME MEATS SHELLFISH & a selection of wines by the glass to complement your meal OPEN 7 DAYS, EARLY TILL LATE Also a full range of delicious cabinet food available daily Phone (03) 314 9411 Main North Road, Amberley 7410 New Zealand www.norwestercafe.co.nz

(2008), ‘‘Settlers’ Creek’’ (2010) and ‘‘The Virgin and the Whale’’ a historical romance (2013). His collection of short stories ‘‘Fish ‘n’ Chip Shop Song’’ (2006) was shortlisted for the Commonwealth Writers’ prize in 2007. In the same year he won the Katherine Mansfield Short Story Prize. Australia­born Joanna Preston is a poet, editor, a freelance teacher of creative writing and a chicken keeper. Her 2009 collection of poetry, ‘‘The Summer King’’ won the inaugural Kathleen Grattan Prize and was published by the University of Otago Press. In 2010 it also won the prestigious Mary Gilmore Prize which is open to all Australian citizens. Trevor Agnew is freelance writer and researcher, well known for his weekly TV reviews in The Press which he began in 2001. For decades before that he was a television critic, working first of all for the NZ Listener and later for the Southland Times. A

Trial the world’s first tiny hearing aid that outperforms normal hearing* A new almost invisible German engineered hearing aid enables wearers to understand speech in difficult listening situations even better than those with normal hearing.* This world first advancement is a complete revolution in audiological engineering and delivers a perfect balance of rich, natural sound quality and audibility.

Completely disappears

WANTED: 15 people to trial new hearing aid technology. Call 356 2324 to book now. Please hurry – appointments are filling up fast. *Clinically proven - for full details visit www.siemens.com.au/hearing

Rangiora Hearing Clinic


82 Victoria St, Rangiora. Freephone: 0800 727 366 Greg Foote, MNZAS Audiologist

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

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Page 10

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

30 CHANCES TO of FreshChoice Gift Cards $30,000 in prizes to be given away!

Spend pend nd d $2 $ $20 $20 20 orr more tto o enter. ent nter. er. See See e iinstore nsttore or ffreshchoice.co.nz re esh hch hoice.co ice.co.nz ffor or te tterms er erm and conditions. Promotion runs 17th August to 6th September 2015.



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Fresh NZ Pork Shoulder Roast (Excludes Free Range)




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Speight’s Gold Medal Ale/ Summit 12 x 330ml Bottles




Shingle Peak/Kim Crawford First Pick 750ml (Excludes Pinot Noir/Reserve)

Prices apply from Thursday 27th August to Sunday 30th August 2015, or while stocks last. SVNCN2708

Trade not supplied. We reserve the right to limit quantities. All limits specified apply per customer per day. All prepared meals are serving suggestions only. Props not included. Certain products may not be available in all stores. Proprietary brands not for resale.

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Hass Avocados




Alpine Mild/Colby/Edam Cheese 1kg




Californian Red/Green/ Black Seedless Grapes

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FreshChoice Oxford

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$ 79 each

Whittaker’s Sharepack 12 Pack/Chocolate Block 250g

The News

New look . . . New relocatable buildings arriving at Kaikoura Primary School last week. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

Relocatables arrive By DAVID HILL Kaikoura Primary School is finally getting its much anticipated new classrooms. This first of 15 modules that will make up five new buildings arrived at the school last week, with more units expected to arrive at the school this week. Onsite works and a final internal refit will be completed before the new classrooms open in around six weeks. The new relocatable buildings will replace the school’s four classrooms, library and administration buildings as part of a

Ministry of Education pilot scheme to trial new transportable classrooms. The redevelopment is set to cost around $1.5 million and is a welcome boost to the 60­year­old school and its 80 students. With the oldest buildings dating back to the early 1950s, the flat roof design has deteriorated with high corrosion meaning the school’s maintenance bill was beginning to exceed the budget. As the buildings are designed to be transportable they can easily be moved or added to as the school roll grows, or be relocated to a new site should the school roll drop.





WITH $100 TRADE IN* *Trade-in is for your old lawn mower in good overall condition.




WITH $100 TRADE IN* *Trade-in is for your old lawn mower in good overall condition.

Northwood Megastore Ph: 375 9999 Colombo St MegaStore Ph: 983 3000 Bush Inn Megastore, Riccarton Ph: 343 1300


Thursday August 27 2015

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Page 12

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

Hassall Trophy match returns By AMANDA BOWES The Writers’ Tea Party The tea party will be held on Sunday, September 13, from 2pm to 4pm in the Hurunui Memorial Library, Amberley. Guest performers: TV reviewer Trevor Agnew, performance poet Joanna Preson and novelist and playwright Carl Nixon. $2 per person, $5 per family ­ includes afternoon tea. Sponsored by Friends of Amberley Library and the Hurunui Community Arts Council. Busker Beat Rangiora Catch the foot­tapping, feel­good fun of the Busker Beat Rangiora Festival, in the Good Street walkway, every Saturday from September 5. A 7400 Upgrade promotion featuring popular buskers Lorenz Weston­ Salzer, Claire Buckley, and Phil Minton. From 11am. A gold­coin event for the buskers. Don’t be late. Citizens Advice North Canterbury Are you a tenant? Are you a landlord? Are you a boarder? Are you a flatmate? If you need any information please contact us. We can help with tenancy issues ­ rights and responsibilities, tenancy agreements, bonds, rents, and information on disputes and mediation. You can call in at the Trevor Inch Memorial Library in Rangiora, every week day from 9 am until 4.30 pm. You can phone us on 03 313 8822 6 free phone 0800 367 222 or email us on northcanterbury@cab.org.nz. Kaikoura Schoolyard Art and Craft Market The Art and Craft Market will be held on Saturday, October 3 from 9am to 4pm.Pre­ booked stalls selling New Products, Antiques, Collectables. For information contact Cherie 021 026 37557 or email pta@kaikoura.school.nz before Monday September 7. St John Cadets Rangiora St John Cadets will be celebrating their 75th Jubilee (1940­2015)on Saturday, September 26. Past members of

Rangiora Youth are welcome to attend. For further information and registration details contact the area secretary Tiffany Wafer on 033137799 or tiffany.wafer@stjohn.org.nz. Raising Poultry Naturally Visit the Sinclairs’ poultry set­up in Scargill and learn about feeding and housing your flock, breeding, egg production and healthcare. Sat August, 29 1.30 to 3.30pm. Cost: $10 or 2 time­bank credits. Register at tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or call 314 3406. Spanish Cuisine: Jesus Latorre, from Madrid, will show how to cook simple and tasty dishes from his culinary tradition on Saturday, September 5, from 1.30pm to 4.30pm in Amberley. Cost: $20 or three timebank credits, plus extra cost for ingredients. Register: tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or call (03) 3143406. Canterbury Aviation Brian Lockstone will talk about the pioneering beginnings and development of aviation in Canterbury and its place in the story of human flight on Thursday, September 10, at the Amberley Library from 6.15pm to 7.15pm. Cost $7 or one timebank credit. Register: tbhlearningexchange@gmail.com or call (03) 3143406. 106th Annual Scargill Spring Show The annual show will be held on Friday, September 18, in the Scargill Motunau Memorial Hall. All entries are free and can be entered between 8.30am and 10.15am. Public admission (adults $3 and children) is from 1pm. Classes include daffodils, tasty table arrangement, decorated cup cakes, sculpture, tapestry and homemade cheese. Plant stalls and raffle also available. Phone Bernadette (03) 3143816 for a show schedule and details.

Under a nor’west sky, Hurunui College and St Bede’s College battled it out for the Les Hassall Memorial Cup at the Hawarden Rugby grounds on Monday. Pupils, teachers and the public cheered on the two teams who played a fast game with St Bede’s College taking out the trophy 37­5. Gary Lennon, who donated the cup many years ago in memory of local rugby supporter Les Hassall, travelled from Christchurch with his wife to watch the game and said Hurunui put up a good fight. As Hurunui College didn’t have enough players to make up a team, Amuri Area school joined forces to create a combined Under 16 team. Gary said considering the team had been put together quickly they played an excellent game. ‘‘They tackled like demons and took all opportunities during the game,’’ he said. Not only was it a chance to see the cup played for again, but it was also a day where ‘‘old timers’’ past pupils and

Hassall Trophy . . . Hurunui College put in a good tackle for the ball against St Bede’s College. It was the first time in eight years the Les Hassall Memorial Trophy had been PHOTO: JEAN DURAND. played for. others involved with Hurunui rugby over the years met up, some who hadn’t seen each other for many years. Next year the match will be played at St Bede’s College.

High speed collision injuries A high speed collision near Amberley last Friday miraculously saw the occupants of both vehicles survive the crash, although several suffered injuries. A person who saw the crash unfold said it appeared a young driver heading north about kilometre outside of the township, lost control after veering into the grass verge. She over corrected and ended up

crossing into the south bound lane and into the path of a car. ‘‘The southbound car slammed into her,’’ said the Leithfield resident. She said while the driver of the southbound car suffered scratches, her front seat passenger had a badly fractured wrist and her rear seat passenger was also injured. The other driver was not injured.

Lost and found - Rangiora police The following property is reported as lost A purple MGP scooter with purple to the Rangiora Police ­ have you seen it? wheels.

THE HOME OF GOOD BAKING CHEESE ROUNDS 4 PACK K Generously topped with cheese, soft white rolls, perf rfect f for lunches.



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APRICOT SLICE A really fruity dessert slice, great with custard or ice cream.



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24/08/15 to 30/08/15


FROZEN MEALS Heat n’ eat meals in 7 delicious flavours from the classic macaroni cheese to an authentic butter chicken - it couldn’t be easier.


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24/08/15 to 30/08/15


$ 00


GLUTEN FREE R REE RA RANGE A E Slices, Biscuits, Breads, Pizza Bases,, Pies, Savouries and Desserts!


24/08/15 to 30/08/15

MILK Dairy Dale 2 litre varieties


$ 60


Images are serving suggestions only. Available while stocks last.

Open 7 days | 8 Convenient local locations Hornby • Barrington • Ferry Rd • Papanui • Riccarton • Upper Riccarton • New Brighton • Rangiora


The News

Thursday August 27 2015

Page 13

North Canterbury Dining Guide Welcome to the



All mains under $25

82 Victoria St, Rangiora (03) 313 7123 ext 2

Now in the Entertainment Book.

Father’s Day Weekend

September 5th and 6th Saturday night: David Gideon, solo classic rock guitarist/singer from 8pm Sunday: Father’s Day lunch and dinner – free beverage for Dads Book early so you don’t miss out

Family friendly. Happy, helpful staff. Denise and Mike McCutcheon

11 Old Main North Rd, Leithfield, North Canterbury

Phone (03) 314-7230


Fine dining . . . The Kaiapoi Club’s Riverview Restaurant offers a fine dining experience with PHOTO: KAIAPOI CLUB stunning views.

Restaurant proving popular The Kaiapoi Club’s refurbished Riverview Restaurant is proving to be popular. General manager Warren McFelin says business is starting to pick up for the upstairs restaurant, which re­opened late last year after being closed four years ago due to earthquake damage. ‘‘It was closed for so long it’s taken a bit of work to make people aware of it being open, but it’s starting to get some big bookings and some Saturdays we’re booked out.’’ The Riverview Restaurant re­opened with a reduced capacity, after a mutual decision between the Kaiapoi Club and its insurers to remove the quake damaged extension, which went across Raven Quay. Mr McFelin says the restaurant still has capacity to seat 80 to 90 diners, however bookings are recommended due to it’s growing popularity. ‘‘We have an excellent product, as people have verified in their overwhelmingly positive feedback. And the views are superb.’’ The restaurant offers a four­course buffet meal on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings for $27, with an early bird special available between 5.30pm and 6.30pm on Friday and Saturday evenings only for $24.90. The buffet meal is a labour of love for Steve and Bev Palaamo of Steve & Bev’s

Catering, which has previously catered meals at the Richmond Working Men’s Club in Christchurch and the Rangiora RSA. Mrs Palaamo says the four­course meal includes soup of the day, a selection of entree dishes, main dishes and desserts. Entrees include chicken, beef and rice dishes, fish goujons, wontons, samosas and mini spring rolls. For the main course, the carvery has a mouth­watering selection of ham, beef, pork and chicken. The vegetable bar has a selection of vegetable dishes and fries, and the salad bar has a range of six salads. The dessert bar will have you licking your lips with anticipation, with trifle, pavlova, cheesecake, fruit salad, mousse, jelly, chocolate log and a hot dessert, all topped off with cream. Tea and coffee is available to complete your meal. ‘‘It’s starting to get a real pick­up and there’s a few regulars coming back,’’ Mrs Palaamo says. ‘‘People have a lot of fun and we get to know them and we enjoy it.’’ The Riverview Restaurant is located upstairs in the Kaiapoi Club, 113 Raven Quay, Kaiapoi. To make a booking phone (03) 3277884, email kwmc@kaiapoiclub.co.nz or go to www.kaiapoiclub.co.nz. Kaiapoi Club membership costs just $30 a year.


4 Course Buffet $27.00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday

$10 Roast 12.00-2.30pm & 5pm-8.30pm Every Day

• Breakfast.......................................................Sat from 8.00am • Sunday Brunch................................................from 10.00am

including drinks with a meal only

Free Function area available Live Entertainment Thurs, Fri, Sat & Sun

‘Please Don’t Drink & Drive’ Pub van can pick you up & drop you home safe

18 Pokies T.A.B

37 High Street, Rangiora • Phone 310 7546 1605762


New Winter Menu • Takeaway Meals

Gold Card Holders 20% Discount

• Newly Redecorated Restaurant • Full New Menu available Tuesday to Sunday. Weekly Specials Great Takeaway Menu. Self-service TAB & Pokies

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful new restaurant. The views are amazing! Great Food | Great Value Great Venue Bookings Essential

Douglas Rd, Amberley. Ph 03 314 8202


Maadi Restaurant

Come and relax in our lovely outdoor garden

Eat in or Takeaway...

Vivace Coffee, Fish and Chips, Burgers, Fried Chicken, Sandwiches, Cakes, Sushi, Salads, Pies and more - all freshly made on the premises.

MAGPIES REST Cafe Licensed 7 Days a week 13 3 Hall Street, Cheviot Ph 03 319 8793 Carparks available at the side of our building.

Bring Dad in for Fathers Day and receive a Free Beverage on the day. (Conditions apply) • Super G old Lunch Specials – Tuesdays • Kids Din e Free – Tu esday Night • Free NP s PL Texas H old’em Pok Wednesday er N ig ht s .00 $100 Cas h to be won • 500gm Rump Ste ak Wednes • Free Qui days z Night Thu rsdays • Join our Members C lub

Open from 10am till late Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Snacks, Drinks

113 Raven Quay, Kaiapoi Ph 03 327 7884 www.kaiapoiclub.co.nz

Unit 3, 77 Hilton Street, Kaiapoi Phone (03) 327-3491 Email info@jagger.co.nz


Open: Thurs, Fri & Sun – Lunch & Dinner. Sat – Dinner only To make a booking call (03) 313 7123




A price to suit everybody. Everyone is welcome.

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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

The Sealy Posturepedic

EXQUISITE collection





At Harvey Norman we offer: • A Bedding Superstore at Moorhouse Avenue • Specialised Bedding staff • A comprehensive range of price points • Free delivery to anywhere in the South Island with any Sealy Posturepedic purchase over $2000 in the Bedding Department at Harvey Norman Moorhouse Ave.





We dream of refreshing sleep. We dream of luxurious and indulgent sleep. The Sealy Posturepedic EXQUISITE™ collection makes these dreams a reality. Sealy Posturepedic EXQUISITE™ combines precise engineering with stunning aesthetics. A dedicated team of Sealy engineers and designers have spent countless hours researching to create the latest collection. Featuring the unique ReST™ coil – providing true Responsive Support Technology to perfectly cradle your body. The Sealy Posturepedic EXQUISITE™ collection is contemporary and elegant, drawing inspiration from grand hotels and luxury cars.

SHOP with CONFIDENCE. Product offers are valid until 30/09/15.

Cnr. Moorhouse Ave. & Colombo St. (03) 367 7500

Shop online or mobile: harveynorman.co.nz Pick up in store or have it delivered.


Best temporary entry Pilgram Place (If heading east down Moorhouse) 309401_CCC


The News

Thursday August 27 2015

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Catch the beat . . . Claire Buckley, Phil Minton (centre), and Lorenz Weston­Salzer, will PHOTOS: SHELLEY TOPP busk in the Good Street walkway on September 5.

Birds and buskers part of Waimakariri WOW



For all your Foot Care Needs

Friday 28th August

Nat Dip Pod, SR Pod

Please ring to make an appointment Ph 327 4288

42 Charles Street, Kaiapoi



Adriel is a little home in the country offering dementia suffers the Spark of Life. The Amberley­based rest home is becoming recognised for its innovative care of those suffering from dementia through the Spark of Life programme which places emphasis on positive encouragement and unlocking thoughts and abilities that may have lain dormant for years. Rest home owner Mischeal McCormick says Spark of Life focuses on the wellbeing of the human spirit which when supported and managed can have significant value in improving the overall wellbeing of people with dementia. ‘‘It is about changing the way we think and about our expectations. It is really simple and goes along with my philosophy of keeping people independent as long as possible and letting them do what they can in life and encouraging them. ‘‘It is about how we communicate with people and bring out the positives in them,’’ says Mischeal who recently spoke at an auditors conference about the programme recently. She says the programme has helped Adriel to continually improve its certification, and talking at the conference reinforced the need to continue building on Spark of Life through her staff and with the residents. ‘‘Speaking at the conference brought

Unfinished Business

24 Canterbury St, Ashley 03 313 7644

it all back and confirmed we were doing the right thing and enthused me to get back on track and not just talk it but do more so all staff know exactly why we are using the programme. ‘‘We are a little home in the country but we are being recognised as being quite innovative. Spark of Life is our point of difference,’’ she says. ‘‘We want to celebrate that point of difference and break down barriers,’’ says Mischeal. The doors at the home were always open to visitors to pop in and have a chat with the residents or take them for a walk, do some baking, have a coffee or read to them. ‘‘We want to normalise everything and provide better care and different activities,’’ she says. Mischeal says involving residents in the community and the community in the home helps provide a stimulating environment and encouraged those caring for loved ones at home, on their own, to come in and have a chat and seek advice. The home opened its doors recently for ‘‘Cuppa with a Cause’’ inviting anyone to pop in for a morning or afternoon cuppa. Mischeal says it was a very successful day and showed people were now feeling OK about dropping in and also using the home as a resource to ask questions, ‘‘pick our brains’’ and learn about the little things that can make a ‘‘huge difference’’.

Think about those who have memory loss and associated problems . . .


Kaiapoi Podiatry Julia Home

Spark of Life helps focus on wellbeing

Country ry Home Values with Community Spirit Day Care

Men’s Club

Relax axed, Homely Cottage Gardens (and even a few animals)


Accommodation Available • Food Available • Courtesy Van Operating

Please call us today to find out how we can care for your loved ones. Phone Mischeal or Sharron: (03) 314 8326 36 Osborne Rd, Amberley


A photographic exhibition, featuring the endangered and rare birds of North Canterbury’s Ashley­Rakahuri River area opened in Rangiora last week. The work is on show in a new pop­up art gallery in the Gables Arcade in High Street. The photographs are the work of Steve Attwood, a photographer with a broad experience in journalism, public relations, community engagement and training ­ achieved over more than 40 years working in the communications industry. Steve is also a member of the Ashley­ Rakahuri Rivercare Group, a community group formed in 1999 with the aim of protecting the birds in their habitat, monitoring their breeding habits and promoting them to the public. ‘‘Nature photography inspires me to look at the world in fresh ways and different angles,’’ Steve said. The exhibition was organised by the 7400 Upgrade Group, who got together last year to try and bring some fun, energy and excitement back to High Street in Rangiora. It is part of the group’s Waimakariri Wow project to promote all the special things in the district that make it a great place to live in. Busker Beat Rangiora, a new event to be held every Saturday, from September 5, at 11am, in the Good Street walkway, has also been organised by the 7400 Upgrade Group. Busker Beat aims to provide space and regular Saturday timeslots for the many talented buskers in the Waimakariri district to perform their music and for people to stop and enjoy it. While the Rangiora New World supermarket provides a popular place for buskers to perform, with the significant foot traffic they need to earn a living, there is often not enough space for people to stop for a while and enjoy the music.

People on their way to the supermarket are generally rushing by with no time to stop, relax and listen, the group says. It’s hoped Busker Beat will attract people into High Street, and that the Good Street walkway will provide an ideal place for them to stop, relax, unwind and have some foot­tapping fun. Three popular buskers ­ Lorenz Weston­Salzer, Phil Minton and Claire Buckley ­ will perform at the first Busker Beat Rangiora festival in Good Street on Saturday, September 5. Phil classifies himself as a Canadian singer/songwriter, who performs an eclectic selection of traditional, folk, country, blues, and rock, songs, some that have seldom or never been heard, with the odd cover thrown in the mix. ‘‘It is music that is intended to be listened to and can be a bit eccentric at times,’’ he said. Claire moved to Rangiora as a toddler during the 1970s, attending local schools before escaping to Christchurch to study theatre. She chose to return to Rangiora and raise her son, and to be near his grandparents. She is a regular performer for the Rangiora Players theatrical group, and has been singing for many years in choirs and bands. Claire started busking this year after learning to play the guitar. Her repertoire reflects her broad musical tastes ranging from classics to contemporary, and includes a few original songs too. Lorenz is a classically­trained young violinist from Christchurch, now living in Woodend, who has been playing since aged 7. ‘‘I will be playing classical, some Romanian, Irish and folk music.’’ Catch their beat in Good Street.



Spark of Life . . . The Adriel team Sharron Cox (Manager), Mischeal McCormick (Registered Nurse/Owner), Rachel Vernon (Enrolled Nurse) helping spread the word PHOTO: SUPPLIED. about the Spark of Life programme.

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Thursday August 27 2015



with every On x Home!

A PERFECT FIT! A purpose-designed plan to suit your lifestyle - for LESS than a standard plan!

The management team of Onyx Homes are quite simply some of the best and most experienced people in the industry. It’s through this experience that Onyx Homes wants to bring to their customers a better standard of home that is often less than the standard-plan-built homes of their competitors. Onyx believe that everyone is unique, so why settle for a standardplan-home when you can have a purpose-designed plan to suit exactly your lifestyle and for less than a standard plan? A perfect fit! This is testament to our customers who have been amazed at the savings with Onyx, but also hadn’t realised their budget would allow for a such quality spec and design.

Just a few examples of custom designed homes for Onyx Homes clients

CHRISTCHURCH PH: 03 928 1505 EMAIL: info@onyxhomes.co.nz Request a FREE brochure at: www.onyxhomes.co.nz

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Top honours for local Guides

The Lions’ Den . . . Rangiora Community Garden manager Sandra Heerink (left) is congratulated by Rangiora Lions president Brian Attenborough at the opening of a new Top honours . . . Amberley girls Kayley Millar­Charles, Debra Barclay, Georgia Lindsay and PHOTO: DAVID HILL Chloe Ford have received the highest award in Girl Guides, the Aotearoa badge. shed. The girls had to take part in patrols, group activities, gain several specialised badges, carry out six hours of community service, complete challenges and run their own camp. The badges were presented to them recently. Three of the four are now continuing their Guiding through Rangers. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Garden shed provides refuge

Mrs Heerink says volunteers previously had access to a shelter with an old couch, A new shed is set to provide refuge for ‘‘which was okay in summer, not definitely volunteer gardeners on a cold day. not on a cold day’’. The Rangiora Community Garden ‘‘This new shed has doors and a window officially opened a brand new shed on and it’s warm. It’s not a men’s shed, it’s for Friday, August 14, which was made the ladies ­ it has flowers and china and a possible thanks to support from the cozy couch.’’ Rangiora Lions. She says the shed has been great project The garden, which is run by the Rangiora for creating friendships, with the bulk of Baptist Church’s Hope Community Trust, the work completed by garden volunteers provides a safe environment for people Glyn Mabbitt and Kerry Matthews, who are from all walks of life to come and share life new to the district, while 16­year­old Brock skills, including gardening skills. (surname withheld) ‘‘did a great job’’ with Garden manager Sandra Heerink says the landscaping. the new shed will provide a warm place on Rangiora Lions president Brian a cold day, a refuge for mum’s with kids and Attenborough says he is thrilled to see the a safe space for chaplaincy when required. completed shed. ‘‘We don’t want the weather to be a ‘‘It’s always good to see requests for reason for people not to come. A cold day is assistance like this come to fruition. The even more reason to go out when people Hope Community Trust came and made a are socially isolated. presentation to the Lions as guest speakers and from that this project was born. ‘‘We have a wide mix of people working here ­ all ages and all abilities. ‘‘We do some strange things at different It’s a garden for everybody in the times, but when the funds get used for such community and you don’t have to be a a fantastic project for such a fantastic gardener, because there’s lots to do.’’ cause, it makes it all worthwhile.’’ By DAVID HILL

Hella LED Trailer Lights


NZ-made Jockey Wheel


6 Red Wine Glasses


ID 18851

ID 18849

ID 18843

Adjustable Desk

Maintenance Officer Position Queenstown

A Werner Piano

Situation Vacant $15


ID 18834

ID 13756

ID 16651

Sea Eagle Inflatable Kayaks

Head Chef Required Wanaka

AIRE Pontoon Raft


Check With Seller

ID 13590

ID 18850


ID 18847

If you want more information about an item or to contact a seller, visit www.postanote.co.nz and search the ID 0815r2432-a

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Motor Torque

Advertising Feature

Family love affair with Volkswagen grows By SHELLEY TOPP When you have a collection of Volkswagens parked in the garage, what is the one thing you need? Another Volkswagen, of course. In 2008, Mark Leeburn, of Waikuku Beach, already owned four Volkswagens. But when a 1974 Kombi Campervan came on the market, in Nelson, he couldn’t resist buying another. ‘‘I always wanted one,’’ he said. ‘‘At the time I had a VW 1963 Ragtop

• Car Wash

Family favourite . . . Lisa Leeburn with her daughters Isabel, Megan and Apryl with their PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP. 1974 Volkswagen Kombi Campervan and their 1963 Ragtop Beetle.

• Workshop • LPG • Rental Cars • Barista Coffee 84 Beach Road Ph 319-5036 www.bp2go.co.nz


• Food & Beverages

Beetle, a 1954 Beetle, a 1965 Notchback, a 1970 Fastback and the Kombi was next on the list.’’ Mark and his wife Lisa, own Wee Kiwi Children’s Boutique in Rangiora, but they both also have other jobs. Mark works at Air New Zealand in Christchurch, and Lisa works for Devlins Real Estate, in Rangiora. They have three young daughters, Apryl, aged 3, Megan, aged 10, and Isabel, aged 11 and use their Kombi van for camping holidays, and VW rallies. They have also done a tour around the South Island in the van, and Mark sometimes uses it to travel to work, but it has poor fuel efficiency by modern standards. ‘‘A V8 would be cheaper,’’ Mark said.

However, the little Kombi Campervan is a big family favourite and always attracts attention wherever they go. ‘‘Everytime I take it out someone always stops me with a story about a VW, or a friend that has had one,’’ Mark said. That was one of the best things about owning an iconic vehicle like this, he said. ‘‘Everyone has a story about one, and they want to share it.’’ The Volkswagen Kombi Campervan was first launched in Germany during 1950. It was also known as the Volkswagen Type 2 bus, because it was the second type of vehicle made by Volkswagen. The Volkswagen Type 1 was first manufactured in 1938. It was a

Servicing Servicing Generations Generations of Local Local Families... Families...

Battery Mart 0800 24 50 24

When something’s worth protecting, it’s worth doing right. That’s why so many people choose Totalspan for garages, sheds, barns and other buildings. You can be sure of great quality, robust construction and incredible value for money. Our people will actually listen to what you want and customise your garage to suit your needs. If you’re looking to keep your car safe and secure, look no further than Totalspan.

We offer a wide range of customised solutions for you. Come and see the North Canterbury team


Phone (03) 310 0247 127 Main North Road northcanterbury@totalspan.co.nz


Starters, Alternators Diagnostics

Sam Moodie 700 Lineside Road

Airbags, ABS


Fuel Injection

021 270 0330 03 313 3040


compact two­door car, with a rear engine, and became popularly known as the Beetle. The Kombi Campervan was an improved, more versatile version of Volkswagen’s earlier Transporter which was an extension of the Plattenwaggen, the world’s first flat­deck truck. The Plattenwaggen was modelled on a Beetle but with a front flat deck and an open cab above the rear engine. The Plattenwaggen came into use after World War II, mainly for use as a utility vehicle around the Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg, Germany. However, it proved so useful around the factory it quickly became clear that the little truck had huge commercial potential. Subsequent design improvements included more powerful engines, enclosed cabs, with modern seats and headrests and led to the first prototype for the Volkswagen Kombi Campervan, which was a forerunner to the more luxurious Samba Micro bus, launched a year later, in April, 1951. The Volkswagen Kombi Campervan is recognised as one of the most popular vehicles of all time. However, new world­wide vehicle safety regulations, including air bags and anti­lock braking, introduced in January 2014, were unable to be incorporated in the Kombi design, and put an end to the 63­year production line of the iconic little vehicle. As a mark of respect for one of the world’s favourite vehicles, Volkswagen made a limited, final edition Kombi, of about 1200 vehicles, in their Brazilian factory in Sao Bernardo do Campo, with production ceasing on December 20, 2013. More than 10 million Kombi Campervans were manufactured since the 1950 launch date, with 1.5 million of those manufactured in Brazil from 1957.

Lubes Mechanical Repairs Cambelts Water Pumps WOF


OF W discount to Supercard holders

Stuart Huria Proprietor

Ph 327 6709

155 Williams St Kaiapoi 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri

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Motor Torque

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Advertising Feature

Rock’n’Wheels returning to Amberley Its hoped 500 sets of wheels will rock up to the fifth Rock‘n’Wheels meet at the Amberley Domain on Sunday, September 6. Everything from cars and bikes of all models and vintage and anything else on wheels is welcome to attend the fundraiser for the Amberley Girl Guides and to help send seven girls to a jamboree in Christchurch. Katrina Platt, the district organiser for Girl Guides, says in the first year of the meet 114 sets of wheels attended and it has steadily grown ever since. There will be entertainment, model aeroplanes, live music and a bouncy castle for the children. Parents and girls will once again be manning the food stalls with support from Brew Crew and Mr Whippy. Katrina says there is sites for swap meet stalls, craft stalls and general bargain stalls which are filling fast and a great selection of bargains for all. She says this year the meet is lucky to have a quarter mile dragster on display. ‘‘This car made its debut last season and won the modified street class. The car runs a small block chevy engine which has been upgraded for this season,’’ says Katrina. The car, which is called a rail because Rock’n’Wheels . . . Cars like this dragster will be rolling into the Amberley Domain on PHOTO: SUPPLIED Sunday, September 6. it is long and skinny with a six metre wheel base, ran a best time for the

Dismantling Falcons & 40 Series Landcruisers

Contact Robbie

03 312 5064


º Farmers º Lawnmowers º Buses º Contractors º Loaders º Trucks º Quads º 4x4 º Cars º Wheel Alignments Anywhere, Anytime - Waimakariri North - Cheviot - Hanmer Springs - Culverden - Amberley

Next to GVT Amberley, we have moved down the back at 82 Carters Road Culverden Branch Now Open at 20 Lyndon Street

North Canterbury Tyre Service Ltd

Phone: Greg 0800 274 911 or 027 491 1190 Office: 0800 473 478 Fax: 03 323 7264

- State-of-the-art 15 Metre Bake Oven - Full Paint & Panel Service - Fleet Vehicles a Speciality - Painting of Horse Trucks, and Horse Floats, Truck and Trailer Units, Diggers, Loaders, Tractors, Caravans, Motor Homes and Cars.

Autobody & Glass Repairs Ltd PANEL AND PAINT

116 Courtenay Dr, Kaiapoi PH: (03) 327-0171 www.autobodyrepairs.co.nz

Horsefloat, Repaired or Serviced? “See the specialists at your one stop shop”

• Approved Warranty Repairs, Serv rvicing, Tune Up’s, WOF, Wheel Alignments, Common Rail Diesel Diagnostic’s, Transmission Serv rvicing, Cooling System Checks & Maintenance, Compliance & Lapsed Registration’s on Vehicles & Motorbikes Full Mechanical Repairs On All Makes & Models – Petrol or Diesel

“No Job Too Big Or Small”

*We have a wide range of Castrol Agricultural Oils & Lubricants Available at Unbeatable Prices

(Courtrtesy Vehicles Available) 77 Ivory Street Rangiora. Phone 313 5802 www.autotechservices.co.nz Mon – Fri 8am – 5.30pm. Sat 8.30am – 12.30pm


24 hour service

If it stands still long enough we will paint it

HEADING INTO TOWN? Need your Vehicle, 4wd, Trailer &


Fully Mobile Tyre Service

Falcons n Cruisers

quarter mile of 10.3 seconds at 128mph. Also displaying his ‘‘fabulous’’ artwork this year is Dean from Imagination Unlimited. Registration for display cars is $10 a car and stall sites are available also for only $10 a site. The gates open at 8am with entry $5 per adult and a gold coin for children five years to 15 years. For more information check out Rocknwheelsmeet on Facebook or email rocknwheelsmeet@yahoo.com.




Your Car, Your Choice of Repairer

2015 OUTLANDER L 450cc $9,564 EX GST +

•F Fre ee Courtesy Cars • Any Insurance or Private Work • Helpful, Friendly, Professional Staff


•F Fas st Turnaround, with H High Quality Service

191E Ohoka Road, Kaiapoi. Ph/Fax (03) 327-7143 • Open 7.30am - 5.30pm Mon - Fri Saturday by appointment.


• Off Street Parking

Card Accepted Here

3-year Warranty TTI Rear Suspension Fuel Injected Robust Design Rotax 38hp Engine


Finance Available

Ph: 0800 641 146 • www.canamnc.co.nz 303 Flaxton Road Rangiora North Canterbury


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Celebrating ‘everyday people’ By SHELLEY TOPP A compelling photographic exhibition in the Rangiora Library’s Chamber Gallery portrays a unique group of New Zealanders. ‘‘Lifestylers’’ is the work of John Maillard who was born in rural England, but now lives in Tai Tapu. ‘‘The exhibition tells a story about a subject we take for granted,’’ he said. ‘‘It brings people together, it documents an important sub­culture. It celebrates everyday people and not self­promoting celebrities, media personalities and politicians, that is a common photographic subject.’’ John works at the Christchurch Polytech Institute of Technology, and also owns a small gallery, called Waihora, at Tai Tapu. The gallery is usually open at weekends, but closed at the moment because John and his wife, Annie, who features in ‘‘Lifestylers’’, are having earthquake repairs done to their home. ‘‘Photography is my meditation, my outlet for the things I see in the world, my translation and understanding of the things around me,’’ he said. ‘‘In photography, I can tell a story using images and transmit my spirit, soul and humanity in my work to share with whoever would like to look at my work.’’ His photographs have been exhibited nationwide and in the United Kingdom for more than two decades. He has also worked as a photographer in many countries, including Gambia in West Africa, the United States, and Europe. John has a deep interest in New Zealand’s landscape, both natural and man­ made. ‘‘I wanted to document the people who influence the landscape, and recognise their contribution to it,’’ he said. ‘‘Lifestylers are a special breed of people, who cross culture, race, and identity in New Zealand. They come from all walks of life, are rich and poor, but all are united by their love of the land.’’ He wanted to photograph lifestylers because he believes their numbers will dwindle as land becomes more expensive. ‘‘Lifestylers are a special part of New Zealand not found in other developed countries in Europe and similar places,’’ he said. However, he doesn’t believe the exhibition defines

We live in a less than perfect world, around us there is calamity, intolerance, suffering and pain. I wonder how this reality aligns with the claim that a perfect God created a perfect world within a universe where God is all knowing and all powerful? The shortest way to offer something of an explanation is to describe this world and our existence as humanity’s second chance. It can be for some a beautiful existence full of wonder and mystery and times of joy and love, while for others it is much less than this ideal. Right now in this district we are somewhere in­between. The original intention was for all creation to live in harmony, however when humans are given the option of choice there must of necessity be a choice for the less than perfect and unfortunately all of us reap the result of others’ poor choices. Because of humanity’s poor choosing, the history of their interaction with God is littered with second chances where God modifies the terms of engagement to accommodate an ongoing relational interaction with humankind. I pray that we are able to be this magnanimous with others. Rev John Hearne, Cheviot.

Languages important As international and trading links grow, particularly around Lifestylers . . . John Maillard’s photo of Renata and the Asia­Pacific region, Malkiat, lifestylers in his exhibition of the same name, at Kaikoura MP Stuart Smith says PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP. it’s important for our next the Chamber Gallery in Rangiora. generation to be able to lifestylers. It was just the ‘‘tip of the iceberg’’. He is communicate and work in different languages. hoping to photograph more lifestylers for a book he He was commenting on the plans to publish next year. John said he was grateful to have the opportunity Amuri Area School, Cheviot Area School, and Hurunui to show and share his work. ‘‘It is very hard to show work in this area, as most College, being part of a group of 24 schools given a total of galleries are private and you are expected to make $345,043 to enable more classes work that will sell,’’ he said. ‘‘ I have spent a lot of time trying to get my work in Japanese, Korean and shown, quite often I have been turned down, because Mandarin as part of the Asian Language Learning in Schools it is photography and therefore not art (something I fund. find bizarre).’’ The ‘‘Lifestylers’’ exhibition opened at the The schools are among 129 schools which received funding Chamber Gallery on Sunday, August 9, and will end on Friday, September 4. from the first round of the $10





Open 10am–5pm, 7 days HORNBY 409 Main South Road Over 50 stores

million contestable fund over three years to increase the provision of Asian languages in schools. ‘‘It’s great to see our local schools will be working together to enhance the way their students learn and develop their language skills. ‘‘We are a trading nation, so it’s important our future workforce have the opportunity to learn another language and understand another culture. There are also strong cognitive benefits to learning a second language,’’ says Mr Smith. The programmes will begin next year. Applications for the second funding round are now open until September 25.

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North Canty landscape presents challenges By AMANDA BOWES With its varied terrain ­ from coast to plains, hills to mountains, North Canterbury presents challenges for spraying contractors throughout the district. Luckily there are contractors for all

Aerial Agricultural Services

Operating Canterbury-wide Phone: 03 310 6815 0800 929 246 Steve 027 243 5474 Matt 027 688 6922 www.way2go.co.nz

1380895-v -v

Gift Vouchers available Services we provide: Brushweed/Crop-spraying Solid/Fine Particle Fertiliser Application General Lifting - Tanks/Fencelines Mustering Fire-lighting/fighting Wilding Pine Control Aerial Photography/Scenic Flights Charter - Fishing/Hunting Flight Training 8-wheeler Flatdeck/Hiab with 5-tonne lift

Aerial spraying . . . September to May is a busy time of year for North Canterbury contractors, especially after Christmas. types of work and all types of terrain, who have the machinery and equipment that will virtually get everywhere. For the mountainous areas and river gorges, helicopters have proved invaluable over the years for spraying hard to reach areas. Weeds like gorse and broom can be a real problem in steep or high country


areas and often helicopters are used to spray the unwanted plants. Not only can the helicopters get to higher areas, they can spray out areas where there isn’t much room to move, meaning a good coverage. Way To Go Helicopters, Christchurch Helicopters and Alpine Springs Helicopters have pilots and gear to

tackle the most gnarly areas and are used in forestry management as well as getting rid of weeds, pests and unwanted fungi. Mandy Smart from WayToGo, says September to May is their busy time and particularly after Christmas. Because using a helicopter is not cheap, they try to tee up several farms in one area to make it economical. The pilot will stay in the area until all the properties are done. For gentler hill country, spraying contractors might use hand guns. With the spray tank on the back of a truck and one or two reels of hose, the operator can walk out the hose and get into gully areas and on slopes that the truck or tractor can’t get to. The hand guns are also good for spraying areas like culverts, roadsides and other tight spaces. To protect valuable crops, many spraying companies employ the use of remote controlled vehicles which have a high ground clearance. The self­propelled sprayers are entirely run by a computer and are used on row crops to minimise crop damage. Andrew Hide says while they are fairly common now, when Hide Spraying bought its first one about 18 years ago they were an unusual sight. From self­propelled sprayers to truck mounted boom sprayers, technology has advanced in leaps and bounds over the past few years. Spraying, whether chemicals or liquid fertilisers, is as much a science as an art and with GPS and computer controlled applicators, modern spraying ensures minimal wastage and extremely accurate dispersal of the sprayed product.

Alpine Springs Helicopters has recently purchased an R44 Raven2 helicopter and can now o er a large range of agricultural operations.

For more information on services available and pricing, please contact Mike Geen: (027) 227 9872 • mgeen1@gmail.com

0115v1001 0115 v1001-11

Including: • All weed-control spraying • Spot spraying • Crop-spraying/topdressing • Forestry spraying/topdressing • Fertilizer application • Seeding/re-grassing • General lifting work • Fire-fighting/stand-by • Pest control

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Thursday August 27 2015

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Contractors praying for nice, warm spring Timing is everything when it comes to growing crops, vegetables or pasture so spraying contractors are constantly aware there may only be a short timeframe to get the jobs done. Added to that is the need for still days with little wind and the pressure can really build. For contractors that provide helicopter spraying, getting that still


Amuri Spraying Ltd

F or a ll y our P rogibb, L iquid u rea a nd G eneral For all your Progibb, Liquid urea and General s praying rrequirements. equirements. spraying Busy times . . . North Canterbury spraying contractors are hoping for another busy season despite the recent drought and low FILE PHOTO dairy prices. and contractors alike with the stop­start nature of this year’s early spring.

• 2x 2x Self Self Propelled Propelled 24m 24m • 3x 3x Landcruisers Landcruisers 15m 15m 1635135

With spring approaching and the hope for a favourable season ahead, spraying contractors around North Canterbury are gearing up for busy times. While winter is traditionally a quiet time for all types of spraying, whether it be chemical or fertiliser, it is also a chance for contractors to carry out maintenance on their vehicles, spray gear and attend to any equipment that might need replacing before spring. Andrew Hide, from Hide Spraying, says work is staring to pick up now but they have kept chugging along during winter with jobs like spraying out weeds from lucerne and other crops that need attention during the colder months. After a dry spring, summer and autumn for most areas of North Canterbury, the colder than usual temperatures haven’t helped in the last few weeks. While there has been some sporadic growth, with some warmer temperatures, it has been slowed by continuing frosty days. This can make it frustrating for farmers

Locally Locally Owned Owned and and Operated Operated Richard Richard Cater Cater 0274 0274 420 420 187 187 Aly Aly Youngman Youngman 027 027 583 583 2007 2 00 7

Douglas Douglas Farm Farm Contracting Contracting Limited Limited

Spraying safety paramount should be the holder of either a Registered Chemical Applicator accreditation or the holder of a Basic Chemical Applicator accreditation, or the holder of a Basic Chemical Applicator (or equivalent) operating under the immediate and direct supervision of the holder of a Registered Chemical Applicator’’. RCNZ introduced the programme as an alternative chemical applicator accreditation to meet the needs of the agricultural industry and RCNZ members. The accreditations are personal ones and held by an individual.

Established 1947

or Graham

027 437 2006 or 03 313 5278 027 433 3786 or 03 313 7723



Ph Andre w

Locally Loccaalllly owned Lo own ow need and and operated an opeerrrat ope op atedd with at ated wit ith excellent exce ex exce cellen llen ll ent knowledge ent know know kn owle ledg dge off chemicals ch heem miiica cals ca alss and and nd terrain. teerrrra rain rain ra in. in. For Foor all F aalll enquiries enqu en nqu quir irie ies and and scheduled an sscche ch heedu duled lleed work work wo rk

Phone Phone Sam Sam Douglas Douglas on on 027 027 629 629 9179 9179 or or 03 03 314 314 7676 7676

• Gorse and Broom • Matag gouri • Pre-cultivation • Musterring • Firefighting • Lifting g • Topdressing/Seeding • Urea-sspreading • Flight Training

Engineering and Hire Ltd



A Division of John Appleby Engineering and Hire Ltd

Local knowledge and experience provviding a cost-effective professional servicce Deferred payment finance options avaiilable

Agents for


Registered Chemical Applicators

• Two Tw T wo GPS wo GP G P PS S equipped equi eq uipp pped ed spray sp prraayy trucks. tru rucck ks. s. • Three Thre Thr Th ree handgun haand dggu un and aan nd mistmiist m st- blower stbllow b ower er trucks trru uck cks equipped cks equi eq uip pp ped ed with wit ith automatic aau uttoooma mati ma tic reels, rreeeells, s, operated oper op eraatted ted ed by by experienced eexxpe peri eri rieen ncceed and and qualified an qu q ualif alif al ifie fiieed applicators. app ap ppl pliccat atoorrs ator rs. s. • Applicator Appl Ap plic iccat ator at ator or of of liquid liq li liqu qu uid id fertiliser, feerrti tiili lisseer, li r, Pro Pro ro Gibb Gib ibb and ibb and all an aalll other ootther heer specialised h spec sp ecia ialise iali lisseed chemicals. li chem ch emic ical cal als. s.

Aerial Spraying & Sowing

For All Your Spraying, Sp pray ying g, Sheep p Dipping Dipping & Fertiliser Fer tiliser Requirements Requirements

Hide Spraying Ltd

‘Fully ‘Fully Registered Registered Chemical Chemical Applicator’ Applicator’


Safety of operator, public and environment, when spraying agricultural chemicals is of the utmost importance and Rural Contractors New Zealand (RCNZ) is an organisation that is hot on safety requirements. It is the only national association and a leading advocate for all types of rural contractors throughout New Zealand and represents the interests of all contractors. For spraying contractors and other agricultural chemical applicators, RCNZ have a chemical applicator programme that ensures safety of ‘‘crop, operator, environment and public’’. There are two levels available through RCNZ, one a Basic Chemical Applicator accreditation and the other a Registered Chemical Applicator accreditation. As part of their work with agricultural sprayers, RCNZ monitors local and central government policies, plans and procedures on behalf of its members. Part of its philosophy around the safe application of agricultural chemicals is promoting a policy to central government, councils and industry associations. The policy states: ‘‘Any person applying agri­chemicals in a public place or on private property for hire or reward

weather is also vital, not only do they not want any spray drift, but flying in mountainous areas can provide its own challenges like coping with vagaries like down drafts and thermals. What ever the terrain, type of spraying, or type of farm, contractors and farmers alike are praying for a kind spring that will help everyone get back on their feet.

6 O’Carrols Rd, Hawarden Ph 314-4157 or ah 314-4143

Contact: DOUGAL MONK 0275 3144 06 / 03 359 0470 • 0800 FLYHELI

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Thursday August 27 2015



Servicing Canterbury for over 30 years in the same location 2004 FORD COURIER 2WD UTE








X/Cab Wellside, 5spd manual, airbags, alloys, canopy, NZ new, towbar

Auto, canopy, diesel,ABS brakes, air bags, air cond, turbo, alloys, NZ new, parking sensors, running boards, towbar, tuff deck

D/Cab Ute, 5spd manual, diesel, alloys, c/lock, nudgebar, NZ new, towbar

Auto,ABS, air cond, alloys, EFI, NZ new, p/steer, radio

2014 HYUNDAI IX35 Elite AWD







Auto, 4x4,ABS brakes, low kms, air cond, alloys, CD, EFI, NZ new, parking sensors, reversing camera, roof rails, towbar, leather seats



7 seater,AWD, NZ new, leather, auto,ABS brakes, airbags, alloys, remote locking, sunroof, towbar




6spd manual, hard lid, spoiler,ABS, airbags, alloys, leather seats, NZ new, towbar

S/Cab flatdeck Ute,good kms,5spd manual, dropsides,NZnew,p/steer,towbar

4WD Flatdeck Ute, 5spd manual, turbo/diesel, bullbars, dropsides, NZ new







2.0 turbo diesel, NZ new, one owner, low kms, ABS, airbags, air cond, alloys, CD, leather seats, roof racks, sunroof, towbar, remote locking

3.8 auto, 1 owner, 7 seats,ABS, airbags, alloys, EFI, leather seats, NZ new, roof rails, running boards, sunroof

Flatdeck, NZ new, 5 speed manual, diesel, airbags, dropsides, CD, p/steering, towbar, turbo







D/Cab flatdeck, 5spd manual, turbo, diesel, bullbars,ABS, alloys, NZ new, towbar, running boards, remote lock

3.2 turbo / diesel, auto,ABS brakes, NZ new, alloys, air cond, c/lock, intercooler, remote lock, one owner, roof rails, towbar

2.3 turbo diesel, 4WD, auto,ABS, airbags, air cond, alloys, NZ new, p/steer, remote locking, reversing camera




2008 TOYOTA RAV 2.4




7 seater, 4WD, auto,ABS brakes, air bags, air cond, alloys, c/lock, EFI, NZ new, p/steer


Van, high roof, NZ new, 5 speed manual, air cond, stereo/CD, intercooler, p/steering, towbar, turbo, one owner

V6 auto, 5dr,ABS, air cond, alloys, leather seats, NZ new, reversing camera, roof rails

Xtracab flatdeck, diesel Ute, 5spd manual, 2dr, NZ new, EFI towbar

NZ new, alloys, spoiler, auto, 5 door,ABS brakes, airbags, air cond, remote locking, EFI, CD

2 Year mechanical warranty included at advertised price! FREE South Island wide delivery!

97 Main South Rd, Sockburn, Christchurch (Corner Watts and Main South Road)

Ph (03) 348 7761 anytime, open 7 days www.canterburycars4x4.co.nz

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The News

Community backs Kaikoura show By DAVID HILL The future of the Kaikoura Agricultural and Pastoral Show is more secure thanks to community support. Just two months ago, the Kaikoura A&P Association was facing the prospect next February’s annual show could be the last. However a new committee was elected at last month’s annual meeting, following a public meeting in June, giving the annual show new lease of life. ‘‘We are looking pretty good at the moment. We’ve had more people who have stepped up and said ‘how can we help’,’’ newly elected president Terri Chalmers says. ‘‘It was getting to a stage for those of us who had been running the show, that it was ‘same old, same old’, so we needed to get some fresh people on to the committee and helping out.’’ Mrs Chalmers says she expects the show to evolve into more of ‘‘a community show’’, rather than a traditional rural show. While Mrs Chalmers has accepted the role of president, replacing Debbie Collins who stepped down after completing a two­year term, Melissa Knowles has been appointed as the new

Community show . . . The Kaikoura community is getting in behind FILE PHOTO the annual Kaikoura A&P Show. secretary and Sarah Collins was re­elected as treasurer. New committee members and new section convenors have also been found, along with ‘‘other people who have put their hand up to help at working bees and on the day’’, Mrs Chalmers says. However,

the committee is still looking for ‘‘a keen person’’ to take on the role of vice­president. Next year’s show will be held on Saturday, February 27. However, Mrs Chalmers says a concern is the timing of the annual ‘‘Horse of the

Peter Crean Recently acknowledged at the PGG Wrightson Real Estate Awards 2015

Year’’ show, which begins in Hastings three days later, an earlier date than usual. ‘‘It means some of our stalwarts in the horse section will be going to that, so we need to find some other people to run that section on the day and not everybody is comfortable working with horses.’’ In the meantime, the committee is starting to think about the theme for next year’s show. Mrs Chalmers says she has been a competitor at the show since she was little and has previously served as secretary for 10 years. She is also vice­chairwoman of the Kaikoura Pony Club. She follows in the footsteps of her grandfather who was a previous president, while her parents have been involved in the show for a number of years, with her mother still competing in the handcrafts section. Her niece has also been involved in the show, and ‘‘was a great help when I was show secretary’’. ‘‘We have have been trying to get the next generation coming through. Even if it is just small jobs, they are still learning. ‘‘It’s great to know that we have got new support coming through.’’

Thursday August 27 2015

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Contracting Ltdd Book in now for:

- Medium square baling with on board weigh system & moisture meter - Wrapping to suit your requirements - Trading of hay, baleage & straw. - Cultivation & Drilling

Phone 314-3595 David 0274 337 004 Ben 0276 775 882

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Rural Agent in the South Island

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Rural Agent in New Zealand


Single Sale in New Zealand • Extensive experience with a strong history of proven results throughout Canterbury • Outstanding local knowledge and commitment to rural sales • With a rural background and a thorough understanding of the current market conditions, Peter welcomes your call, in confidence, to discuss your future buying and selling requirements

Peter Crean M 027 434 4002 B 03 341 4315


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Thursday August 27 2015

Rural Life

www.jj.co.nz 03 344 5645


Rural firms helping farmers Communities rise to adversity Ten North Canterbury farmers affected by drought will have help turning their bare brown paddocks green again this spring under a unique new initiative. Led by South Canterbury based Duncan Ag, Project North Canterbury will provide each farmer with free advice, soil testing, fertiliser, seed, spraying and drilling to renovate five hectares with new pasture for each farmer so they can start growing grass again as soon as possible. The unique offer is the result of five New Zealand­owned rural companies joining forces to give both short term and long term support for those affected by unprecedented drought conditions in North Canterbury over the past several months. The North Canterbury Drought Relief Committee selected the farmers through a ‘nominate your neighbour’ process, says Craig McIsaac from no­till machinery specialist Duncan Ag. ‘‘Soil Matters is providing the soil testing and recommendations, Viafos the

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fertiliser, Specialty Seeds the seeds, DJ & AM Harrison alongside NuFarm any spraying requirements and we will pay for the contractor and provide a Duncan seed drill so there is no wear and tear on the contractor’s machine,’’ he says. All the companies involved wanted to do something practical for the North Canterbury farming community, and banding together to restore dead paddocks was seen as a way to help make a real difference.


It is in times of adversity that the real strengths of rural communities become apparent. As farmers in North Canterbury struggle with drought, we have seen a number of community and industry­led initiatives come into play from drought shouts, field days, mental­ health awareness events and the storing and distribution of donated stock feed. One group of enterprising farmers’ wives have even banded together to form a tailing gang and are offering their services free of ❛We’ll be tackling the situation charge to those affected by drought. At a recent Farming through Drought as soon as conditions permit❜ field day, North Cantebury Rural Support Trust chairman Doug Archbold pointed out that it was the farmers who didn’t attend ‘‘We all share a similar focus on the importance of looking after farm soils and these events, who were reluctant to leave the farm, that were cause for most concern. pastures as well as supporting long­term It is important we all stay in touch with farm productivity. our neighbours and take the time to pay a ‘‘We want the results of Project North visit to those in the community who may not Canterbury to continue benefiting these have been seen for a while. farms in future seasons, not just this Spring is always a challenging time and spring. ‘‘Having said that, we also recognise the farmers should not be afraid to seek help if they need it. There is still donated feed urgent and immediate need for feed, so available and a number of support we’ll be tackling the situation as soon as mechanisms in place to help farming conditions permit.’’ families with anything from animal health Two key benefits of no­till paddock renewal in this context are preserving soil advice to financial assistance. Looking ahead farmers are going to be moisture and rapid plant establishment, faced with re­building capital stock and both the fertiliser and seed numbers and renewing drought­damaged recommendations will also be aimed at future­proofing the paddocks in question. pastures. One initiative I am involved in is setting The project got under way on August 11 up a monthly pasture growth monitoring and will continue through until mid­ service in conjunction with Farmax, a September, starting with soil testing and pasture monitoring and data collection and fertiliser advice.

Phil Smith. analysis service. Using data collected from selected, strategically placed farms throughout North Canterbury, Beef + Lamb New Zealand will be able to provide farmers with information that will help them understand their pasture recovery and production. This will allow them to make informed short and long­term management decisions throughout the drought recovery process and beyond. The data will be collated by Farmax and Beef + Lamb New Zealand will make this available to all sheep and beef farmers every month. We are planning to have this service up and running by the end of the year. In the meantime I would urge farmers to make use of the number of resources freely available to help them get through the next few months. As your local director on the Board of Beef + Lamb New Zealand I am always available to discuss any issues with sheep and beef farmers. Contact Phil Smith on 027­2227927 or email balmoral@amuri.net.

Get ready for spring seeding with a quality second hand drill Come and talk to us today about our range of quality new and used equipment.

(Sample photo)

Duncan Mk2 Renovator 19 Run, Twin Box Disc Openers $19,000 +GST

Duncan Mk3 Renovator

23 Run, Hyd Disc Openers, Hyd D/Bar, Dual Box $30,000 +GST

Duncan Mk3 Renovator

Irtem ID300 Seeder

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$5,000 +GST

19 Run, Disc Openers

Suffolk Coulters, Peg Feed

For more information, or to view any of our drills, contact: Ashburton 03 307 8027 Leeston 03 324 3791 Amberley 03 314 9055 Timaru 03 688 2179

www.cochranes.co.nz (Sample photo)

KRM Sola 799

3 Point Linkage, 6m Hoe Coulters, Finishing Harrows, Row Markers $35,000 +GST

Duncan Enviro Multiseeder 21 Row, Triple Disc, Press Wheels $32,000 +GST

Aitchison 3122CT

Pottinger C6

22 Run, Chisel Coulters, Hyd Disc Openers $27,000 +GST

6m Cultivating Disc Seed Drill, row markers $120,000 +GST


your farm machinery specialist

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Was $3499




3 sseater with 2 in-built recliners + 2 recliner chairs Cushions, rug and accessories not included.

Riccarton Megastore, 179 Blenheim Rd. Ph 341 3196 • OPEN 7 DAYS • www.bigsave.co.nz

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Thursday August 27 2015

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Shooters make NZ teams Sports teams and results By SHELLEY TOPP Three Ashley Smallbore Rifle Association members have been selected to shoot for New Zealand. ‘‘This is an extremely pleasing result for the association,’’ spokesman Ross McQueen said. The association consists of three smallbore rifle clubs, including Rangiora, Amberley and West Eyreton. ‘‘It’s only a small association with 35 competing members,18 in the Rangiora Club,’’ Ross said. A team of six travelled to Wanganui earlier this month to take part in the North versus South Inter­Island competition for a chance to represent New Zealand. ‘‘For Ashley, to get three in the New Zealand team was pretty amazing,’’ Ross said. This was because the standard of competition was particularly high in the North Island. Robert Dalzell, James Brydon and Tania Boerlage were all selected for the New Zealand squad, with Robert making the NZ Veterans’ team, James selected for the NZ juniors, and Tania making the NZ women’s and NZ open teams. All three were excited to be selected to represent New Zealand and said wearing the silver fern was special. Robert said the challenge of smallbore rifle shooting appealed to him, and also the friendliness of the people involved. He also enjoyed mentoring younger members of the club. It was rewarding when young people came to the club, who didn’t know anything about the sport, and watching them develop into talented, motivated sportspeople. Tania agreed. ‘‘I like the camaraderie. It really makes it. We are like one big family,’’ she said. There was also ‘‘no handicap to being a woman’’ in smallbore rifle shooting. Ross said smallbore rifle shooting was a precision sport, but age, weight or gender were not barriers, and it could be a lifelong participation. The youngest member of the club to date has been aged 12 and the oldest 84. ‘‘Everybody helps each other too and that’s really beneficial,’’ Tania said. ‘‘We always make sure we make time to have fun.’’ James said he enjoyed the social side of the sport, and the fact that they all had ‘‘plenty of laughs’’. Smallbore rifle target shooting can be an indoor or outdoor sport. Winter shooting is done inside. The shooter lies on the ground and shoots at a paper or cardboard target, 20 yards away (18 metres), using a .22 calibre, single­shot

Manual, 2WD/ 4WD with a front diff lock that helps this model crawl out from nearly anywhere. Hassle free cold weather starting with fuel-injection & improved carrying & towing capacity

The following players have been named in the 2015 Canterbury Country under 16 squad: Isaac Roth (Woodend/CBHS 2nd XV), Adam Reid (Cheviot/Woodend/CBHS 1st XV), Tom Hoskin (Prebbleton/St Thomas 1st XV), Sam Alsop (Prebbleton/CBHS), Joseph Aldrich­Williams (Lincoln HS 1st XV), Duncan Finlayson (Lincoln 1st XV), Jackson Ogle (Woodend/CBHS 2nd XV), Bill Le Pine (Hurunui/CBHS 2nd XV), Simon Lancaster (Lincoln HS 1st XV), Jacob Pepper­Edwards (Rangiora HS 1st XV), Will Wroe (Waihora), William Blyth (Waihora/STAC), Cory McKay (Lincoln HS 1st XV), Mark Rankin (Woodend), George Blyth (Ashley), Ben Foster (Oxford), Korbyn Gray (Rangiora HS), Joseph Sainsbury (Saracens/St Bedes), Henry Bates (Waihora/STAC), Josh Davidson (Rolleston), Jesse Bowring (Oxford), Hayden Vallance (Lincoln HS 1st XV), Joseph Benny (Malvern/CBHS U16), Logan Crofts (Prebbleton), Ben Millar (Malvern), Bailey Hern (Kaiapoi/Shirley BHS) and Vaysion Kara (Kaiapoi). The following have been named in the under 18 squad: Aaron Watson (Lincoln Uni/Malvern), Adrian Els (St Thomas/Southbridge), Antonio Shelfoon (Lincoln HS 1st XV) Connor Imeson (Lincoln Uni/ Southbridge), Declan McCormick (St Bedes/Ohoka), Delane Duke (St Thomas/Waihora), George Mirfin (STAC/Springston), Jordy Smith (STAC/Saracens), Jarod Adams (Dunsandel), Kit Hutchison (Christ’s College/Banks Peninsula), Sam Cottam (Lincoln HS/ New Zealand representative shooters . . Springston), Cam Powell (Lincoln HS/Springston), . James Brydon, left, Tania Boerlage, and Elliot Smith (STAC/Saracens), Gerard Evans (St Robert Dalzell, at the Rangiora Smallbore Bede’s/Ohoka), Harry Kirk (St Thomas/Waihora), PHOTO: SHELLEY TOPP Harry Murray (STAC/Saracens), Jack Griffiths Rifle Club rooms last week. (STAC), Luke Palmer (Southbridge), Sam England (St Bedes/Ohoka), Shaun Harrington (Springston) and target rifle. Tom Ziolo (St Bedes/Ohoka). One forward and one Outdoor shooting takes place during back to be added. the warmer months, over a longer Amberley Smallbore Rifle results:

distance but using the same type of rifle. The Rangiora Smallbore Rifle Club shoots indoors so their season is coming to an end. The selection of Robert, James and Tania to represent New Zealand provided an exciting end to the season this year. However, they had an exciting time last year too, winning the most prestigious event in the first division South Island smallbore rifle competition, the Andrew Faulkner Shield, plus the second division equivalent, the Lindsay Smith Memorial Trophy. Their club headquarters is close to Rangiora High School. Ross said the club had an extremely talented Rangiora High School team, including Mathew Little, who won the Rangiora High School Smallbore Rifle Club Trophy for Excellence last year. ‘‘It’s the kind of team every coach dreams about,’’ he said. The school’s curriculum includes smallbore rifle shooting. ‘‘It is one of the few schools that does and it really is a big advantage,’’ Ross said. The school’s support and involvement, plus support from parents, had been very helpful to the club. The Ashley Smallbore Rifle Association’s aim is to teach firearms safety, and enjoyment of participating in smallbore target shooting at all levels, compete in winter tournaments, team shoots, regional championships and representative competitions.

August 17: C.Griffin 99.5, G.Wright 97.4, D.Evans 97.4, M.Criglington 96.6, K.Brown 96.3, R.Harper 94.3, C.Rhodes 94.1, T.Devine 92.2, Grace Russell 92.1, G.Evans 91.2, M.Bradley 89.1, B.Beaton 86.1, B.Devine 85.0, J.Bradley 84.1, C.Bradley 81.0, M.Palmer 80.1, J.Beaton 76.0, A.Evans 53.0. Ashley Smallbore Rifle Association results: Final round of Travel Teams and Tiverton Cup: Travel Teams: Division one: West Eyreton 770.44 (3) 40 points, Rangiora 785.48 (5) 37 points, Amberley 772.36 (4) 31 points. Division two: Rangiora 289.18 (4) 40 points, West Eyreton 292.18 (5) 31 points, Amberley 193.10 (0) 22 points. Highest Individual scores final round: Division one: R.Dalzell 197.14, C.Griffin 195.11, Tania Boerlage 195.10, K.Brown 194.8, B.Lunn 192.7. Division two: M.Little 97.4, Kate Campbell 95.4, P.Widdowson 94.4, C.Rhodes 94.2. Tiverton Cup results: R.Dalzell 982.52, C.Griffin 980.46, P.Boerlage 972.50, C.Kershaw 968.46, K.Brown 967.40, J.Briden 963.37, A.Brosnan 960.32, M.Little 958.33, B.Lunn 957.39, S.Vincent 952.30, Amy Young 945.31, P.Widdowson 940.25, C.Rhodes 928.26, M.Criglington 927.33, Georgia Rhodes 919.20, S.Kershaw 910.15. Rangiora Bridge Club results: Saturday Afternoon Individual Pairs: North/South: Ann Harding / Roger Harding 1. East/West: Dawn Simpson / Gaynor Hurford 1. Monday Afternoon Rata Pairs: N/S: Selwyn Green / Pat Green 1, Judith Driver / Jan Roose 2, Joyce Gray / Beverley Brain 3. E/W: Janice Pickering / Kareen McKay 1, Brian Stewart / Bruce Glenday 2, Jill Amer / Judith Calder and Dawn Simpson / Suzette McIlroy equal 3. Wednesday Evening Plate Pairs: N/S: Peter Van Leeuwen / Dave Putt 1, Jenny Shore / Dawn Simpson 2, Andrew Findlay / Dave Tocker 3. E/W: Tony Biddington / Ian Brash 1, Marion Lomax / Nikki Kutyn 2, Derek Wilson / Glenda Frapwell 3.

CANTERBURY HEAVY HAULAGE • Permitted and licensed for over-dimension loads • Piloting • Transporters • Bottom Dumper • Hiab and Container Truck • B-Train Curtainsider • Log Trucks

MECHANICAL • Earthmoving • Agricultural • Road Transport • Forestry

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Thursday August 27 2015

Learner LegaL #HDSTREET



35 Manchester Street, Christchurch rollingthunder.co.nz P: 03 366 0129 H-D 2015. Harley, Harley-Davidson and the Bar & Shield logo are among the trademarks of H-D U.S.A., LLC. Overseas model shown.

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Thursday August 27 2015

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Hanmer wins Hurunui netball

Winning team . . . The Rangiora division two women’s hockey team celebrates after PHOTO: SHANNAN SCOTT ­ THE WEDDING COLLECTIVE winning its final at the weekend.

Rangiora women win hockey The Rangiora division two women’s hockey team has won its division in a hard fought final with Harewood. Kate Harrison scored in the first half and soon after Jan McDonald scored from a penalty corner. The team then played a very tight defensive second half to take the title. Player­coach Janelle McKellow was ecstatic with the win. ‘‘I am so proud of my team, especially my younger players, they were inspirational. The win has completed a season where we have grown as a team,’’ she said. The division women’s one team finished third as did the under 18 division one and division two teams.

Results: Women: division 1: Rangiora Evergreens 2 HSOB 1. Goals: Craig Sutherland and Katrina Wang. Division 2: Rangiora 2 Harewood 0. Goals: Kate Harrison and Jan McDonald. Player­of­the­day: Anneka Calder. Under 18 division 1: Rangiora 3 Southern 0. Goals: Kalyn Thomas and Sam Knight (2). Under 18 division 2: Rangiora 2 Hornby 0. Goals: Maddie Dunn and Hayley McKellow. Player­of­the­day: Coach Ange Cooke.

Kwik Sticks Gold: Rangiora 1 Southern 0. Goal: Katie McBride. Player­of­the­day: Hayley McKellow. Kwik Sticks Green: Rangiora 0 Marist 2. Player­of­the­day: Holly Prickett. Kwik Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 1 HSOB 4. Player­of­the­ day: Amy Fowler. Kiwi Sticks division 3: Rangiora 3 Carlton 3. Goals: Catlin Baker (2) and Kaylee McDonald. Player­of­the­day: Amelia Green. Kiwi Sticks division 4: Rangiora 3 Selwyn House 1. Goals: Lily Webb (2) and Lucy Moffatt. Mini Sticks division 2: Rangiora 3 Carlton 5. Goals: Alice McDonald (2) and Evie Leeson. Player­of­the­day: Payton Edmunson. Mini Sticks division 8: Rangiora 15 Southern 0. Goals: Sophie Ward­Martin (4), Molly Ginnever (3), Keeley­Mae Attril (2), Grace Dodson (2), Mia Montgomery (2) and Ella Barnes (2). Player­of­the­day: Sophie Ward­Martin. Men: Division 2: Rangiora 4 Harewood 3. Division 3: Rangiora 0 Harewood 2. Under 18: Rangiora 1 Christ College 3. Goal: Dominic Cleary. Kwik Sticks 11­a­side: Rangiora 11 Cathedral Grammar 0. Goals: Justin Meyer 4, Ty Grabowski 2, Giles Witt 2, Patrick Green 2, Romah Chorley. Player­of­the­day: Patrick Green. Kwik Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 1 Medbury 2. Kiwi Sticks 6­a­side: Rangiora 0 St Michaels 1. Player­of­ the­day: Coach Daniel McBride. Mini Sticks: Rangiora 6 St Marks 3. Goals: Thomas van der Heiden 4, Jaren Blanchett and Danny Webb.

A crisp winter morning gave way to a day full of sunshine and competition at the Hurunui Netball Centre finals in Cheviot on Saturday, August 22. Beginning at 9.30am the day was kick started by the senior C final in which Hawarden S and Cheviot B battled it out for the title. Dominating throughout, Hawarden S came out strong. While Cheviot kept the score close in the first half, Hawarden’s shooting ability won the game. Having met several times throughout the season, the primary A final saw Culverden PA and Cheviot PA once again undertake a close, nail biting game. Drawing a large crowd, the young players remained cool under pressure, with Cheviot’s Maeya Crown helping her team to victory with exceptional shooting. Despite outstanding court defence from both sides, Cheviot managed to secure its first win over Culverden and claim the primary A trophy. Emotions were running high in the senior B final with Waikari and Culverden B providing supporters with another close game. Despite only three points between the teams at half time, Culverden’s agility and strong goal defence ensured victory. The day concluded with the senior A final between Hanmer and Cheviot. Drawing crowds from across Hurunui, it was a battle from start to finish with Hanmer slightly ahead throughout. Minor errors let Cheviot down and gave Hanmer the opportunity it needed to stretch its lead and take out the match with a seven­goal difference. Evident in its on court and off court actions, both should be credited for the close­knit

Shooting circle . . . Hanmer Springs goal keep Kimberley Gibson attempts to stop Cheviot goal attack Emma Maxwell from scoring, while goal defence Melonie Bollinger (Hanmer Springs) and goal shoot Julia Maxwell (Cheviot) watch on. PHOTO: SUPPLIED nature of the teams, the passion and technical ability. A disappointing result for the hosting club, but a well deserved win for Hanmer which came complete with enthusiastic cheerleaders in the form of its primary C team. Results:

Senior A: Hanmer A 30 Cheviot A 23, Hawarden A 30 Waiau A 29, Culverden A 37 Cheviot S 31. Senior B: Culverden B 39 Waikari 31, Hawarden B 26 Waiau S 17. Senior C: Hawarden S 38 Cheviot B 26, Waiau C 28 Hawarden C 27. Primary A: Cheviot PA 31 Culverden PA 24, Hawarden D 14 Waiau PA 7. Primary B: Glenmark PA 34 Hawarden PA 20, Waiau PB 22 Waiau PC 7. Primary C: Hawarden PB 15 Culverden PB 8, Cheviot PC 15 Hanmer 6.

Properties for sale throughout North Canterbury N O RT H C A N T E R B U RY

This week’s open homes in North Canterbury Thursday August 27th Rangiora

32 Kingsbury Avenue 26 Ashview Place 64 Oakgrove Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

4.30pm 5.15pm

4 Ensors Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir

Saturday August 29th Casebrook

16 Ballybrook Place, Glasnevin Estate Waimak Real Estate

11.45am 11.45am 1.15pm 2.30pm

6B Evans Place 5 Williams Street 46 Sovereign Boulevard 17 Tuhoe Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.15pm 2.45pm

5 Kowai Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm

36 Kahuraki Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.45pm 3.00pm 3.30pm

26 Ashview Place 64 Oakgrove Drive 17 Fairview Bairs

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.00am 12.00pm

8 Stilt Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.15pm 12.30pm 1.45pm 3.00pm

Leithfield Beach Pegasus



Sunday August 30th Amberley

12.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 2.00pm

12.30pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 1.30pm 3.00pm

5a Gilbert Street 75 Willowside Place Conway Country Sections 27 Morris Road 138 Carters Road

1.15pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 3.00pm

14 Broger Place Harcourts Twiss Keir 16 Ballybrook Place, Glasnevin Estate Waimak Real Estate

3.00pm 3.30pm

218 Swannanoa Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.00pm 12.45pm

6 Brigham Drive

Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.45am 11.45am 12.00pm 12.00pm 12.45pm 1.15pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 2.15pm 3.00pm

6B Evans Place 5 Williams Street 1B/548 Williams Street 93A Otaki Steet 16 Lillian Street 24 Lillian Street 46 Sovereign Boulevard 14 Toa Street 50 Sterling Crescent 2 Tapautu Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

2.15pm 2.45pm

5 Kowai Street

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm 3.00pm 3.45pm

34 Hodgsons Road 12 Makerikeri Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir


Hallswell Kaiapoi

2.00pm 3.00pm


34 Willowside Place


12.00pm 12.30pm 1.00pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.45pm

Waikuku Beach

2.15pm 3.00pm

Farmlands Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.15pm 12.30pm 12.45pm 12.30pm 1.15pm 1.45pm 1.45pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 4.00pm

Leithfield Beach Loburn


12.00pm 12.30pm


20 Pinewood Close

Farmlands Real Estate

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 1.30pm 2.00pm 2.30pm 3.30pm 4.00pm

33 Tristram Road 54 Warwick Road 755 Main Drain Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

10.00am 10.30am 11.00am 11.30am 1.00pm 1.45pm

7 Transport Lane 36 Church Street 753 Depot Road

Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Farmlands Real Estate


2.00pm 3.00pm 2.30pm 3.00pm

122 Main Street 645 Bay Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.00am 11.30am 12.00pm 1.00pm

11.30am 12.15pm 12.30pm 1.30pm

84 Pegasus Boulevard 55 Kawari Drive 3 Kuta Street 36 Kahuraki kDrive

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.30pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.00pm 1.15pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 2.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 3.00pm 4.00pm

1.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 4.00pm 1.30pm 1.45pm 1.45pm 2.30pm 2.30pm 2.45pm 3.30pm 3.30pm 3.45pm 4.30pm

9 Hassall Street 32 Kingsbury Avenue 26 Ashview Place 99 Ashley Street Elm Green Sub Division 20 Milesbrook Close 15 Cedar Place 64 Belmont Avenue 11 Churchill Drive 29 Tripoli Street 64 Oakgrove Drive 87B Newnham Street 17 Fairview Bairs 19 Palmview Drive 6 Pimlico Place

Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Farmlands Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Waimak Real Estate Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

11.00am 12.00pm

8 Stilt Lane

Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.00pm 12.30pm

50 Diamond Avenue

Harcourts Twiss Keir

1.00pm 2.00pm 2.45pm 3.30pm

448 N0.10 Road 1494 Tram Road

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir

12.00pm 12.45pm 1.00pm 1.45pm 2.00pm 2.45pm

47 Park Terrace 11 Queens Avenue 4 Ensors Place

Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir Harcourts Twiss Keir



Southshore Spreydon


Waikuku Beach

Page 30

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

For Sale


Rangiora | 99 Ashley Street 697m


Sunny Home. Sunny, comfortable, well maintained home,170m2 (built 1993). Three double bedrooms, open-plan kitchen/dining/ living, separate lounge and laundry, family sized bathroom, separate toilet. Log fire with wetback, heat pump, nite store, very warm sunny house, double internal access garage. Established 697m2, nicely laid out easy-care section, vege garden, back part of section fenced for a dog. Easy walk to Rangiora’s CBD and shops. Located in the western side of town. Handy to the A&P Showgrounds. LIM and Vendor’s building report available. | Property ID RA1641

1,108m - 1,289m 2


Auction. The accountant has advised all sections must be sold now. The vendor’s instructions are that bidding will begin at $99,000 and be sold to the highest bidder for number 69, 77, 79, 81, 83 Willowside Place. These sections range in size from 1,108m2 to 1,289m2. Build your dream home and enjoy the relaxed lifestyle that is on offer in Amberley. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity. Auction to be held at the Amberley Rugby Club Rooms, Douglas Road. | Property ID AM1010

James Murray 027 436 8103

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

4 Hectares

Open Home

Sunday 1.00 to 2.00pm


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425


Amberley | Willowside Place

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Huge Family Home On 4 Hectares. Use your imagination as to what this amazing 947m2 home could be used for. The possibilities are endless - run your business from home, small conferences or a B&B. Formal lounge, formal dining room, TV room, library, four bathrooms and storage galore. Three car, internal access garaging. Beautiful views of the mountains, the flow of city lights and the rural vista. | Property ID RA1632

At 75 Willowside Place Sunday 1.00 to 2.00pm

Contact Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119


By appointment


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

1,000m - 2,023m

By negotiation

Exciting Commercial Land Development. Ignore Previous Pricing - Invest in this fast growing region, great access, no commute worries here. Adjacent to SH1, reticulated Council water, Council sewerage, three phase electricity. Suit agri-business, retail storage, light industry, professional offices, cafe and medical facilities. Situated between Courage and Pound Roads. A major national rural servicing company have already established their business in the development. Vendor motivated to sell Stage One now. Stages 2 and 3 to follow. 14 sections in total. | Property ID RA1635



Agent On Site

$1,352,000 including GST (if any)


Amberley | Courage Road

2pm, Saturday 12 September 2015

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718


Fernside | 325 Mairaki Road

Over $438,000 to be presented on or before 4 September 2015

Emily Newell 027 472 0409


Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

By appointment


Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425 Malcolm McNaughton 027 297 4297

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

The News

Thursday August 27 2015

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For Sale Open Home








753 Depot Road Oxford

6 Leithfield Road 1,127m2

Emily Newell 027 472 0409 Maurice Newell 027 240 1718 Open Home Sunday 1.00 to 1.45pm. On four hectares, three bedroom home, master with en suite and walk-in wardrobe, spacious open-plan living area which flows out to patio entertainment area and double internal access garage. Double glazed with triple glazing on some windows. Combined with features such as extra ceiling insulation, DVS, a wood burner and underfloor heating in the tiled areas, it would be toasty and warm even on the coldest winter days. | Property ID RA1642

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Village Home. Tidy Fraemohs home, spacious living areas include dining, family room and lounge heated by an efficient log burner with wetback. The kitchen has good work surfaces, gas hob and electric oven, dishwasher. Three bedrooms, the master with en suite. Fenced, singe garage plus carport, a carport and two secure sheds for storing your toys. Located close to an excellent primary school; an easy walk to the local pub for a meal or a drink. | Property ID AM1021





By negotiation




222 High Street 4 Hectares

101A Horndon Street 5,696m2

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Kerin Pitkethley 027 698 7453

Emily Newell 027 472 0409 Your New Home. The house has been tastefully designed with large spaces and easy access outdoors. The kitchen area is full of light and functionality, while the bedroom and living areas are decorated in calm colours. Double garage with sleepout, 500m2 shed, cattle yards and 4-bay implement shed. Separated into five paddocks plus an orchard that produces juicy apples, pears, walnuts and hazlenuts. providing the owner with a beautiful lifestyle for generations to come | Property ID RA1634

A Spacious Family Home With A Difference. Low-maintenance American barn-style home with three bedrooms plus study, or fourth bedroom. Master with walk-in wardrobe and en suite upstairs. Open-plan lounge/dining with log fire, walk-in pantry and good storage throughout. Double internal access garage plus 2-bay shed (one bay enclosed). Easy-care landscaped gardens. Sited on a generous 5,696m2 rear section and is handy to all of Darfield’s facilities or commute to Christchurch. | Property ID DA1649


Final Reminder

Dunsandel-Hororata Road Dunsandel

57 Churchill Street 717m2

Deadline Sale


Closing 1pm, Thursday 3 September 2015




Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Matt Collier 027 205 6626 Kurt Snook 027 256 0449


Quality Dairy Business - 373 Hectares. Aesthetically pleasing property approximately 35 minutes from Christchurch. The farm has a mix of soils, excellent groundwater consents and pivot irrigation over the majority of the property, all forming the basis for strong pasture production. Simple and carefully planned layout allows for efficient pasture and farm management. 516,000kgMS for 2014-2015 season from 1,250 cows through 54 bail rotary shed. Owners homestead plus four staff homes. | Property ID DA1647

Looking For Seaviews? Two story, five bedroom home plus a self-contained sleep-out. The jewel in the crown is the large purpose-built deck upstairs providing sun and views over the Pacific Ocean, down over the wharf, with the mountains in the distance. The open-plan living area is downstairs, heated by log burner on wetback. Set on an established section, within walking distance to town. | Property ID TU10604


St Arnaud

Howard Valley Road 466.9 Hectares

Blind River Loop Road 8.5 Hectares Price


By negotiation

$4,000,000 plus GST (if any)



Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Seddon Special. Handy-sized lifestyle block at an affordable price within a 25 minute drive from Blenheim via State Highway 1. Modern two bedroom ‘Habode’ home with woodburner. Solar power only. Some completion work required for code compliance. 3-bay shed, chook house with run and pig stye. Sloping land provides a good opportunity to enter the vineyard industry underpinned by shares in the Blind River Irrigation Scheme. Domestic water is sourced from the Birch Scheme. | Property ID BL1142

James Murray 027 436 8103

Jenny Rouse 027 314 6119

Malcolm Garvan 027 231 4425

Maurice Newell 027 240 1718

Porika Hills. This property offers discerning buyers options; grazing sheep and beef cattle, dairy grazing as run-off, or finishing unit. 375 hectares effective approximately, subdivided into 50-60 paddocks, including 18 or so deer fenced paddocks. Contour is a mix of heavy flats, rolling downs with smaller amount of medium to steep land. Five bedroom home, good range of ancillary buildings and air strip. Stock and domestic water from natural spring, bore, natural springs and creeks. | Property ID BL1150

Emily Newell 027 472 0409

Barry Keys 027 434 7689

Kathy Thompson 021 229 0600

Allan Gifford 027 226 2379

Chris Abbott 027 435 2872

0800 200 600 | farmlandsrealestate.co.nz

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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

New fishing season opens By DAVID HILL Norm Symons remembers catching his first big fish. The Kaiapoi 81­year­old was just 10 when he caught his first salmon and he has been fishing ever since. ‘‘Once you’ve hooked one, you’re hooked.’’ Norm’s biggest salmon weighed in at 38 pounds, back in the 1970s. He goes fishing in Waimakariri River throughout the summer months and always keeps an old rod and reel in the car, so he is always ready to catch the big one. He taught his wife Cathy to fish just after the first earthquakes and she quickly caught the salmon bug. Two Ping pong . . . Action from the North Canterbury table tennis championships. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED seasons ago she ‘‘out­fished’’ Norm, catching three salmon in the Waimakariri River and last year won a trophy for her efforts. ‘‘We have a competition going between us ­ it’s a lot of fun,’’ Cathy says. New season fishing licences are now on sale and Norm says the licences are The North Canterbury Table Tennis display to complete a hat trick and win championships were very competitive all three veteran titles he entered in. well worth the price. Graeme reversed last year’s singles ‘‘You’ve only got to catch one salmon with many matches going down to the and you’ve paid for your licence fee. wire. result beating Ross in the final. He then New and existing players from teamed up with Ross to win the veteran ‘‘Sure fishing can be costly. You can Clarkville, Oxford and Woodend showed men’s doubles. pretty much guarantee you will lose at least two lures during the season. If you their strengths with Michael Sumner Sharyn Bright won the veteran (Clarkville), the top seed winning the women’s singles title for the second don’t lose any, you’ve had a good season. open men’s singles title for the second consecutive year and then paired up with ‘‘But you can’t catch a fish if you’re consecutive year. Graeme Ripley to win the veteran mixed standing on the bank talking. You’ve got He fended off the challenge of Glenn doubles. to have your line in the water.’’ Karen Kelly and Colleen Hills both put Waimakariri i­Site manager Gwen Ross (Oxford), his opponent last year Creek says there are some changes to the on an outstanding performance when also, in a four match victory. Michael Sumner and team mate they teamed up to clinch the veteran new season licences, as Fish and Game Michael Bonner (Clarkville) also won the women’s doubles title in a nail biting five New Zealand has ‘‘listened to what people want’’. open men’s doubles title for the second match final. consecutive year. Eagle also managed to retain the A New licenses include the loyal senior They teamed up and played an reserve grade singles title for the seventh licence (LSL) and the local area licence (LAL). The LSL is for those aged 65 and outstanding match to beat father and son consecutive year beating Michael duo Graeme and Grant Ripley Bonner in the final. over who have held a licence for five Bonner then got his revenge teaming consecutive years or more and costs $105 (Woodend). Georgina Eagle (Oxford) successfully up with Clarkville team mate Darryl Hills instead of the normal full season price of (Clarkville) to take the A reserve doubles retained the Open Women’s singles title for the fifth consecutive year and then title for the second consecutive year teamed up with Glenn Ross to win the beating Eagle and team mate Richard open mixed doubles title for the second Mason (Oxford) in the final. consecutive year in a repeat of last year’s Oxford newcomer Paul Borham ‘‘Robust discussions’’ were a key part of a final narrowly beating top seed Michael showed his determination to win the B Sumner and Colleen Hills (Clarkville) in grade singles title narrowly beating top Small Business Conversation Cafe ´ held seed Keith Turner (Clarkville) in a last week between business owners and four matches. Sharyn Bright (Clarkville) teamed up classic down to the wire final. economic development stakeholders, with Oxford newcomer Karen Kelly to Borham then teamed up with team Waimakariri MP Matt Doocey says. At the event held on Monday, August win the open women’s doubles in a four mate Joe Boulton (Oxford) for the pair to 17, in Kaiapoi, representatives from match final. put on an outstanding performance and Graeme Ripley put on a polished win the B Grade Doubles title. Enterprise North Canterbury (ENC), the

Table tennis action

Fishing season . . . Cathy and Norm Symons, of Kaiapoi, chat to Waimakariri i­Site manager Gwen Creek about the new PHOTO: DAVID HILL season fishing licences. $124. Those who only want to fish in North Canterbury and not venture elsewhere, can purchase an LAL for $99. One­day licences can be purchased for $20, while three­day licences cost $45 and a new nine­day licence costs $87. Families can either purchase junior licences for the kids for $25 each or a family licence for $161 (two adults and up to four children). New season fishing licences can be purchased online at www.fishandgame.org.nz. However, those who prefer not to play on online, can visit the Waimakariri i­Site in the Old Railway Station, Charles Street, Kaiapoi, or your local fishing or sports shop.

Minister meets businesses

Pink Ribbon afternoon tea

Students learn about cultures

Chimney Cleaning



ABEL & Prestige Chimney Cleaning. Nth Cant. Owned and operated. Professional guaranteed service. All firebox repairs. Ph Ken & Trish 312 5764.

DISMANTLING and buying all models of Falcons now. Please phone 03 3125 064 .



A Lady Paperhanger and Painter, all work guaran­ teed, free quotes. Phone Carol 027 435 9165 or 03 3127 327. TWEED Decorating for your painting and wallpapering needs, interior or exterior. Based in Hawarden covering the Hurunui area. Call Phil on 027 558 9333 or 03 314 4110. NORTH Canterbury Painters. Reg Tradesman. Interior, exterior painting. Free quotes. Covering North Canterbury, Oxford, Kaiapoi, Rangiora, Amber­ ley. Phone Robin Driver 03 327 7899 or 027 432 3520. PAINTER Top quality work. No job too big or small. We stand by Canter­ bury. Call Wayne 027 274 3541.

CASH 4 CARS and 4WD'S Phone Automotive Parts 03 313 7216

Pink Ribbon . . . Rangiora Newcomers raised over $700 at a Pink Ribbon Afternoon Tea. Over 40 attended the afternoon which included a quiz, a Guess the Weight of a cake and guess the number of lollies in jar. Pink ribbon items were sold following the afternoon tea taking the total raised to $717. 90. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

International week . . . Rangiora New Life School students got dressed up for international languages week last week. Rangiora New Life School students got a taste of overseas cultures last week. The school held an international languages week last week with students attending workshops about the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, France, Spain and Germany. They completed some challenges, including making some canvas blocks about France and Spain, origami and waffles and made some PHOTO: SUPPLIED yummy German sausages.

Elite ­ business networking group, Rangiora Promotions, Kaiapoi Promotion Association, Waimakariri District Council and local business owners and operators met with Minister for Small Business Craig Foss. Doocey said the conversation cafe ´ would be the first in a series.

AUTO & MARINE UPHOLSTERY Cloth and vinyl seats repaired / recovered. Ute seats / Tractor seats, Ute / Boat covers repaired / r eplaced. Boat / Caravan squabs and cushions, 2 and 4 wheel bike seats, Floor mats / carpet replacements etc. Heavy machinery covers, Tramp mat repairs / replacements. Same day service by qualified tradesman. Ph Robbie Boyd 027 424 1876


Pride & Quality Painting & Decorating Services

20 yrs exp, fast and friendly service. For all your painting needs, phone: Martin 310 6187 or 021 128 9867

Commercial & Domestic Ph Steve Waghorn Builder 03 327 9522 Licenced Builder

Concrete Services AFFORDABLE concrete cutting with quality and removal work. Free quotes. No job too small. Ph 027 442 2219, Fax 03 359 6052 or A/H 03 359 4605.

Equestrian HORSE Grazing available. Leithfield. 800m Track. Stables & range of paddocks. Call Cath 021 0236 1099 to discuss your needs.

For Sale NO bees? Rent a beehive. Fully managed by regis­ tered bee keepers. You get pollination plus honey. Phone 027 657 2007.

The News

Amberley Domain. Saturday September 5th at 1.30pm A warm welcome awaits you all, whatever your age. Come and enjoy lawn bowling. We have the equipment. All we need is you!! Contact Graham Shaw: grahampat@clear.net.nz

MOTHERS SUPPORTING MOTHERS A free, independent, confidential, non-judgemental service for mothers of babies / young children, and pregnant women. Group sessions every Friday in Rangiora, 10am to 12pm, War Memorial Hall and first Friday of each month in Kaiapoi, 1pm to 2.45pm, Kaiapoi Plunket rooms. For further information contact Chris 03 3129 787 or Frances 027 651 4854, or visit our website www.motherssupportingmothers.org.nz 1629639

Budgeting Services North Canterbury Inc. Notice of AGM 2015 Wednesday 16 September, 7pm War Memorial Hall 1 Albert Street, Rangiora Please RSVP for catering purposes


03 313 3503 servicemanager@bsnc.org.nz

OXFORD A& P ASSOCIATION ANNUAL SHOW Applications are now invited for Food Tendered, Trade and Art / Craft Sites at our 111th Annual Show on Saturday 2nd April 2016. Food Site Tenders close 1st November 2015. Application forms are available from Christine Roberts, P: 03 312 4116. E: secretary@oxfordapshow.co.nz W: oxfordapshow.co.nz 1633857

Public Notices

PUBLIC NOTICE SALE AND SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL ACT 2012 Section 101 Waiau Bowling Club Incoporated has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the grant of the Club Licence in respect of the premises situated at 9 Parnassus Street, Waiau, Hurunui district known as Waiau Bowling Club Incorporated. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Sports Club. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: Monday to Sunday – 11am to 9.00pm, not exceeding 40 hours in any week. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee at 66 Carters Road. Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Hurunui District licensing Committee, P O Box 13, Amberley. No objection to the issue of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in section 105(1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

Situations Vacant Situations Vacant

PUBLIC NOTICE SALE AND SUPPLY OF ALCOHOL ACT 2012 Section 101 Cartre 63 Holdings Limited has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Amberley for the renewal of the On Licence in respect of the premises situated at 2 Highfield Street, Culverden, Hurunui district known as The Red Post Cafe. The general nature of the business conducted under the licence is that of a Cafe. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is sold under the licence are: 7am to 1am the following day. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee at 66 Carters Road, Amberley. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the grant of the application may, not later than 15 working days after the date of the first publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the Hurunui District Licensing Committee, P O Box 13, Amberley This is the only publication of this notice


Engineering Fabrication

Rotherham Showgrounds, 10am – 12 noon


$30 New measure $20 Re measure $75 lost or no card Phone Jan 03 314 8192

Full range of black, primed & galv. Products: pipe, box, channel, angle & flat, pay for what you need. Trade & retail sales.Open Mon-Fri 8.00-4.30pm, Sat 8.00-12.00pm.

STEEL CANTERBURY LTD 6 Cable St, Sockburn P 943 6525 F 943 6527 sales@steelcanterbury.co.nz

Landscaping CLAIRVOYANT medium, clear accurate readings with Holly. Phone 03 314 9073.

TOP SOIL, screened and unscreened at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Open 7 days. Phone 03 312 2003.

SUMMERFIELD Fencing Ltd in your area now. Lifestyle or farm, sheep, cattle, horse, all types of animals. Fences, yards, sheds, arenas, shelters, runs. 27 years contract fencing. John is available to help with your design and planning. Ph Carol or John on 03 312 4747.


• Must be 11 years or older • Earn extra cash while staying fit • Must be enthusiastic, honest and reliable • Distributing The News / Flyers to residential letterboxes

Phone 03 314 8335 for more details or email info@thenewsnc.co.nz • Please include your address, suburb and contact details


Rangiora CBD Approx 96sq metres High visibility High profile Call Tony Quayle 027 611 6161

S.T.O.L.A Tradesman Painting stolatradesmanpainting @gmail.com 16004147 • Subdivisions • Hot Chip Sealing • Horse Arenas • Driveways • Shingle Supplies

Darwin Earthworks Ltd Rangiora Ph Rob McAlister 027 434 0315 A H 03 313 2276

Phone 027 711 3637

Trades TILING J.A.S Tiling Services Ltd. Professional, prompt, friendly service. For all your tiling needs, kitchens, bathrooms, splashbacks, hearths, entranceways. Ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, stone veneer, slate. Please phone Andy or Jo 027 322 7191, 03 310 7640 or email andy@jas­tiling.nz.

DRAINLAYER AVAILABLE Phone Glen 027 531 0614 Tree Services

BRIAN’S Tree Services. Tree felling, topping, shaping, firewood cut, rub­ bish removed, stump grind­ ing, branch chipping. GLASS and Glazing. Got a Affordable rates. Phone 03 broken glass window? 327 5505 or 021 124 4894. Insurance Work, Pet Doors, Mirrors, Retro Refits, NORTH Canterbury Tree Single / Double Glazing, Care. Specialising in big Splashbacks, Fire Glass. trees in small spaces, long Call your local Glazier term tree plans, advisory Mark on 03 312 3253 or service, fully insured. Free 027 242 6368. Shelley’s quotes, prompt service. Glass and Glazing. 32 years Phone Mike Gilbert 0800 in the Glass Industry. Oper­ 873 336. ating in North Canterbury. STUMP REMOVAL Ser­ DRESSMAKING. Alter­ vicing North Canterbury ations, and dressmaking for prompt professional ser­ from $10. Hems to wed­ vice. Phone Tim 0800 178 ding dresses. Free quotes. 867. Ph Bianca 027 345 8900 or 03 313 8528.


Free Quotes 027 2299 454

PROPERTY MAINTEN­ ANCE. Lawns, gardens, hedges, chainsaw work, Wanted pruning, painting and minor home alterations. FORESTRY Export logs TOWN AND COUNTRY. and firewood logs wanted. Phone Mike 03 313 0261. Blue gum / oregon / macro­ SCREEN PRINTING. carpa / pine plantations / For all your printing forestry blocks / land clear­ requirements. T­shirts, ing / stumps out / 20 tonne Hoodies, Hi­Vis vests and excavator / removal dan­ polos, Overalls, Caps etc. gerous trees / dangerous Please phone Heather 03 wind blown / storm 313 0261 or email damaged. Free quote. Ph or heather.norstar@gmail.com. text 027 956 1642.

Open Monday - Sunday 9am - 5pm

BARKS, Composts, Pea Straw & much more at Woodend Landscape Supplies. Delivery & cour­ tesy trailers available. Open 7 days. Ph 03 312 2003.

Ph Chris 027 365 5818

Private blocks wanted for fur trapping access by experienced trapper.

LOG SPLITTER Man with a Log Splitter, Chain­ saw. Available can cut, split large or small trees. Phone 022 6189 742.

Deal direct with grower and Save 30%-50% off normal retail prices

Old - New Domestic - Commercial No job too small Reliable and Professional Tradesman


STAINWORKS & Paint­ ing. All surfaces, fence and deck coatings. Incl exterior & interior painting. No job too big or small. Phone 027 245 5149.


Natives Exotics Hedging Landscape and Japanese Maples 1029 Tram Rd Ohoka No eftpos Est 1974

To Let TWO BEDROOM house in Waikari, rural outlook, close to amenities. Freshly painted and carpeted. Not suitable for young children. Suit semi­retired or profes­ sional couple. Phone A/H 03 314 4288.



Class 1, Own Transport Pass Drug test Civil, Industrial. Please call Murray on 021 921 981 Coverstaff


STEEL cut to length




Health & Beauty


NORTHEND FENCING LTD is in your area. For all fencing requirements eg; dairy conversions, vineyards, deer fencing, lifestyle blocks, post and rail, quality workmanship guaranteed, competitive rates. Phone Mike 027 313 1872.


HOMEOPATHY Do you suffer from Migranes, Hayfever, or a lingering cough? Maybe a natural approach with a Homeopathic remedy will help. Phone Jennifer Mackinder (Dip.Hom) 03 314 8046.

MAKKS Roast & Chinese. Lunch from $5, 11­3pm. Dinner Buffet from $9, Firewood 5­8pm. Call today for LOG Burner Installer. weekly specials. 03 313 Member of the NZHHA. 9119. 90 High St, Rangi­ Can also supply log burners ora. and flue kits. Quality work­ manship. Telephone Paul 027 241 1572. Gardening


Garage Sales WOODEND / Tuahiwi 109 Te Pouapatuki Road. Sat 29th Aug & Sun 30th Aug, 10am ­ 4pm. House­ hold Goods, Gardening Tools, Tools, etc.


Amberley Bowling Club Opening Day

Public Notices

OUR Clients are busy again and we are looking for more Staff. Check out www.jaderesourcing.co.nz or come in & register with us between 9am ­ 4pm, 66 Ohoka Rd, Kaiapoi. Phone 03 327 0656.

Massage Therapy

Sports, Injuries, Trigger Point, Relaxation, Deep Tissue

Hire TEMPORARY Fencing. New hire business based in Amberley, servicing all trades in North Canterbury. Ph 0274 304 348.


Public Notices

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Public Notices

Thursday August 27 2015

The News

Thursday August 27 2015





Ring Mark 027 229 7310 for a free quote www.longsilver construction.com • Licensed Building Practitioner • Registered Master Builder

Builder Semi–retired Builder Trade Qualified and LBP


Carrying out all types of carpentry work & repairs in North Canterburyy. Totally honest & reliable. All building work considered. Free quotes – guaranteed workmanship. PH Steve 03 920 3081 or 027 433 9140



For all of your Trades and Classified enquiries, please contact Amanda at The News on 03 313 2840


Wastewater Septic Tanks Treatment Plants Drainage Irrigation

•Small Family Business • Qualified Tradesman • 30 + Years Experience • Painting • Wallpapering • Waterblasting • Roof Coating • Tidy Workers • No Time Wasted • Reasonable Rates • Free Quotes

Ph: 03 928 3537 Wayne 021 731 817 Lyn 021 207 4499 waylyn2@scorch.co.nz



Registered Clinical Dental Techncian

Phone (03) 313-9192 38a Ashley Street, Rangiora



For a/h repairs phone (03) 310-3044 Electrician

Allan Pethig For all your electrical needs. Residential & Commercial Phone 03 313 7144 027 432 1534 Fax 03 313 2144 rgrantelectrical@gmail.com m PO Box 69, Rangiora


Canterbury Homekill prides itself in offering a professional, honest service throughout Canterbury

Repairs & Upgrades Virus & Malware Removal Checkup to Increase Speed Home & Business Onsite Visits Prompt Professional Service

“If it’s broke, let’s fix it”

Tyre Services Ltd



Bruce Evans 131 Ohoka Road Kaiapoi p. 03 327 3111 m. 021 293 6331

For Vehicle Servicing phone Allan

23 High Street Rangiora 03 313 6096


Computer Repairs

Driveways Landscaping Retaining Walls Earthworks Foundations


03 314 7640 info@sasl.co.nz 5 Beach Rd, Amberley


Wilson Decorators Ltd

WOF $35


Call Ben Shore for a free consultation on your tax and accounting needs.

Civil and Drainage


Page 34

(03) 313 4771 www.canterburyhomekill.co.nz

STEVE SCOTT 0274 339 578 scottexcavation@hotmail.co.nz









Oxford Butchery Bevan and Shane Frahm

We can arrange to have your stock killed. Sheep, beef and pigs: process into portion packs and smallgoods and label to your requirements.



Number one old-fashioned bacon & ham curing. A/H 312 4219 or 312 4709

Ph 312 4205 Oxford

Specialise in: Soffut (Early Entry Saw) House & Factory Floor Slabs All Aspects of Ground Sawing, Floor Grinding, Wall Cutting/ Core Drilling – Up to 600mm diameter Residential & Commercial

• Decorative Cutting • Inyard Cutting & Drilling • Fumeless Hydraulic Equipment

Graeme Gosney 0274 971 683 Phone 03 327 8341 Fax 03 327 8343 Email: goscut@xtra.co.nz

GEOFF ROGERS 021 640 748 or 03 317 8028 www.highcountryfencing.co.nz


• Rural & Residential Fencing • Cattle & Sheep Yards • Pole Shed Builds

Free quotes (will travel)

• Specialist bulldozer and side mounted post driver • FCANZ Accredited Contractor


We can arrange to kill and process your Beef, Pork, Lamb, Venison and Game Meat NOW! Open Saturday Mornings Phone (03) 327 8219 A/H 027 306 3874

• All Farm Fencing • High or Down Country • Dairy conversions • Subdivisions • Post & rail fencing • Yard building • Security • Explosive license



Dairy Conversion Specialist


Ph Alex 0274 059 503 email storer.alex.pegs@gmail.com

The News


Thursday August 27 2015

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Picture Framing

Painters / Decorators





“Fine Arts Guild Commended Framer”

Providing custom framing for all artwork including needlework and memorabilia 6 MAIN NORTH ROAD, PAPANUI By the SBS Bank - Parking at rear

PHONE 352 7594

artworkspapanui@xtra.co.nz www.artworkspictureframing.co.nz 1575771

Landscape Design


Phone 027 6266 6566


Landscape Architect available for Professional Garden Design




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• Car Bodies • Scrap Steel • Specialists in Farm Machinery • All non Ferrous

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The News

Thursday August 27 2015

Rangiora & Kaiapoi Toyota


Lease $89+GST per week!

Lease off ffer based on a 20-month/30,000km term on a Non-maintained Operating Lease

2011 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER 2012 TOYOTA YARIS 2009 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX F/DECK 70 SERIES 1300cc, auto, just 52,000km and in lovely 3.0 t/diesel, leather, 7-seater, very tidy

4.5 V8 diesel, 5-spd, High Country pack. Very sought-after

condition. Great value.


1.5, auto, alloys, very smart looker, just 34,000km

Now $34,995


Now $51,995


12-seater, 3.0 t/diesel auto, low kms

Now $14,995


2.5 AWD, auto, low kms, silver

Now $35,995


*Offer ends 30 November 2015 (or while stocks last). The advertised 2.9% (pa) finance rate is available on any new current generation Hilux that is purchased and delivered between 1 July 2015 and 30 November 2015 from participating Authorised Toyota Dealers in New Zealand. The advertised 2.9% (pa) fixed finance rate is only available on a ‘Classic Finance Loan’ through Toyota Financial Services with a minimum of 10% deposit for terms up to 36 months. Offer is subject to Toyota Financial Services normal lending criteria. Up to $350 establishment fee is payable. For full terms and conditions, visit our website: www.toyota.co.nz

QUALITY USED VEHICLE SELECTION 2013 TOYOTA HIGHLANDER LTD; just 44,000km, stunning in silver with leather trim.........................$48,995 2014 HILUX SR5 D/CAB 4WD, 3.0 turbo diesel, ex-demonstrator, 7,000km ....................................... $47,995 2010 TOYOTA HILUX SR5

5-speed, 3.0 t/diesel, canopy, alarmed, 124,000km



Stunning 7-seater, very highly spec’d, Crisp Silver Pearl. Just 13,000km Was $51,995

Now $47,995


2012 TOYOTA COROLLA GX H/B, 1800, auto, stunning in Wildfire, 34,000km.................................... $17,995

Now $35,995

2009-2014 TOYOTA HILUX S/CAB, E/CAB, D/CAB 2WDS. Enquire today!................................ From $19,995

3.0 t/diesel, t/bar, very tidy truck

Was $36,995

2010 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO VX, 3.0 t/diesel, 7 seats, leather.............................................. $54,995 2005 TOYOTA AVENSIS, 2.0L auto, very well optioned, Lustre Pearl ...................................................$11,995 2012 TOYOTA LANDCRUISER PRADO, 7-seater GX, 3.0 t/diesel, auto, low km .................................. $49,995 2010 TOYOTA HILUX 2WD D/C, 2.7L, 5-speed ................................................................................... $19,995

2014 TOYOTA YARIS (new shape)


1300cc, auto, safe and so economical! Stunning colour

3.0 t/diesel, 5-speed, tonneau, bullbar






3 to choose from, highly spec’d low-km examples, be quick.

2008 TOYOTA DYNA VAN, 4.0 diesel, 5-speed, 2.0-tonne capacity..................................................... $22,995


Finance & Insurance Available Rangiora: Percival St Ph 03 313 8186 any time • Kaiapoi: 86 Williams St Ph 03 327 9005

(Kaiapoi After Hours: John Mellor 027 478 7685) www.rangiora.toyota.co.nz • • www.kaiapoi.toyota.co.nz John Glubb 027 432 1610 • Dale Clark 027 424 1422 • Robin Illingworth 027 435 5105 • Ben Wood 027 566 0013

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The News North Canterbury 27-08-15  

The News North Canterbury 27-08-15

The News North Canterbury 27-08-15  

The News North Canterbury 27-08-15

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