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District gets off lightly in severe quake By TANYA WOOD and FRANKIE WEBB Horowhenua district was shaken but relatively unscathed by a magnitude 6.2 earthquake which struck just before 4pm on Monday. The quake was centred 15 kilometres east of Eketahuna. Manawatu, Wairarapa and Wellington took the main brunt but it was felt from Auckland to Invercargill. Koputaroa, Opiki and Tokomaru residents were without power until about 10pm. Many residents were left shaken, some claiming it was the worst they had felt. ‘‘The dog was nutting off and the cat was terrified,’’ Levin resident Liz Chapman

Manager of Foxton’s de Molen Windmill and Dutch Market Michael Feyen was pleased to report no damage. Owner of Foxton Trading Post Shane Parlato lost stock. ‘‘Mostly paintings and mirrors hanging on the wall,’’ he said. Riverside Country Radio 88.3FM based at Foxton Beach was on air as the quake hit. ‘‘Our DJ Katie had CDs falling all around her,’’ said Glenda Paul who operates the station. Horowhenua District Council emergency management co-ordinator Tony Thomas said the district ‘‘got off pretty lightly’’. Local fire and police services also reported no callouts as a result of the earthquake.

said. ‘‘I was holding on to the wall watching the side of the house moving.’’ Mangaore Village resident, Colin Greedus, 74, said his recliner chair was ‘‘jumping up and down’’ but he didn’t move from it. ‘‘It’s the most violent earthquake I’ve ever felt. The house was moving around, lots of things fell off the shelves.’’ Levin New World had just a few minor breakages, according to manager Matthew Rollinson. ‘‘We managed to trade throughout. Staff did a great job clearing up the mess and looking after the customers.’’ A few bottles of wine broke, some stock fell on the floor at Levin Write Price Levin, manager Carol Cappie said.

• • • • • • •


Arrest made after arson By


One arrest has been made after a Rugby Street house was set ablaze last week. Levin police said a 17-year-old Levin man had been arrested and charged with arson. He appeared in the Levin District Court on Friday and was released on bail. Detective Darcy Parke said police were now looking for another 17-year-old male alleged to have assisted in starting the fire. Mr Parke believes the second

youth is now in the Wellington area. He said information from the public greatly assisted the investigation. At about 11pm on Monday, Levin firefighters responded to multiple 111 calls reporting the house fire. Levin Volunteer Chief Fire Officer Lindsay Walker said when the fire crews arrived at the scene, the two-bedroom rental house was well alight. An initial inspection by fire safety investigator determined that the fire started in a bedroom and then spread to other parts of the house. It understood that neighbours heard suspicious noises coming from the house a short time before the fire.


FIRE INVESTIGATED: Detectives from Levin CIB at work during the arson investigation that led to the arrest of a 17-year-old man. Tenants moved out of the property abruptly on the afternoon of the fire. It is understood that police and noise

control had been called to the house on a regular basis. ■ Anyone who has information

about the fire are asked to contact Levin police 366-0500 or they can leave information on the confidential crime line 366-0528.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, January 22, 2014


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SUMMER SCENE: Kate Lang of Levin took this picture of the Makorokio Stream that runs from Lake Papaitonga into the ocean at Hokio Beach. She captured the shot late on an absolutely gorgeous summer afternoon. ■ Have you snapped a good pic lately of someone or something in Horowhenua? Or maybe you’ve taken a picture of Horowhenua people doing something somewhere else. If you have and you want to share it with our readers email it to us at Put Scene in Horowhenua in the subject line and give us some details about who or what is in the picture.


Thank you

Through your paper may I thank the Horowhenua District Council for their kind and prompt action when I rang on Tuesday. In Waitarere Beach, rubbish bags have to be out on the street by 7.30am on Mondays for collection. By Monday evening quite a number of the late bags were still out on the kerb. By Tuesday morning they were still there. With a week to go I was concerned about the wind and rain and straying dogs trashing the trash and spreading it around our streets. An extremely helpful and pleasant chap at the Horowhenua District Council agreed my concerns were valid.

By the end of Tuesday all the bags had gone. My Thanks to him and to the HDC for their very prompt action. Maybe the council could look at a way of reminding holiday residents of the 7.30am put out time. A VERY GRATEFUL WAITARERE BEACH RESIDENT

Wally’s claims

Your gardening correspondent Wally Richards (Chronicle 8/1/14) advises against the use of ‘‘sunscreens’’ in favour of coconut oil. Can we assume the Cancer Society shares his opinion ? Mr Richards also writes: ‘‘Scientists’ tell us that chemically grown produce

has only about 20 per cent of the goodness that [home grown] produce has’’. To those of us, whose circumstances prevent us from growing our weekly supply (quite an undertaking) of fruit and vegetables and rely on supermarket or non-organic produce, this is an alarming statement. Can Mr Richards please name these ‘‘scientists’’ and cite the peer reviewed and published research supporting this extraordinary statement? If not, Mr Richards’ article maybe regarded as a plain advertisement for the named products and good news for dermatologists and suppliers of supplementary minerals and vitamins. ROGER McCLEAVE Levin

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle


Police on the hunt for beehive bandits By TANYA WOOD Fifty beehives, each containing up to 30,000 bees, were stolen from a commercial apiary in Foxton last week. According to apiary owner, Gary Milne, the thieves were no amateurs. ‘‘This is not someone jumping a fence and stealing a hive. This is someone organised and who knows what they’re doing. Most people are scared of bees so I’m guessing they’re beekeepers.’’ Mr Milne reported the theft to police last Wednesday but the hives could have been taken anytime between then and the previous Saturday. ‘‘They’ve taken the hives they can move easily and sell easily. We actually had a buyer lined up for these hives, so I’m assuming the thieves targeted us because they’ve got a buyer.’’ All 50 hives would fit into a utility. The hives, which measure 40cm by 50cm by 25cm high, are a pale brown, mushroom colour. Each hive is worth $250. Mr Milne said the high price of manuka honey is driving a high demand for hives to be placed in manuka areas, and he was aware of thefts in other parts of the country but this was the first one in Horowhenua to his knowledge. National Beekeepers Association of New Zealand chief executive Daniel Paul confirmed it had heard anecdotal reports of thefts but the organisation did not keep a record. ‘‘It is concerning that there are these thefts, absolutely. Not only will it make beekeepers


INFORMATION NEEDED: Police are asking people to come forward with any information about a theft of 50 beehives, as pictured, from Foxton last week. more wary, and potentially cost more money to improve security, there could also be an impact on the bees themselves. Hives risk being exposed to pests and diseases if not looked after properly, and this will create a major problem for the industry.

The NZ honey market is worth $100 million a year, with some of the highest valued honeys in the world, largely due to manuka.’’ Mr Paul also highlighted the knock-on effect to the agri-sector where many crops are crosspollinated by bees. ‘‘We’ve put a

tentative value of the effect on this export business at $5 billion a year.’’ Commercial beekeepers need to ensure hives are registered and Mr Paul would be surprised if a reputable commercial beekeeper would take hives ‘‘off

New Shannon tower boosts mobile, broadband coverage Vodafone has switched on its newlybuilt cell site at Shannon providing improved mobile coverage and broadband options for residents and visitors to the area. The 25 metre monopole tower makes mobile coverage and wireless broadband available to over 470 households in the area for the first time. Another new tower is planned for Levin South in the next three years, jointly providing mobile coverage and wireless broadband for over 1500 homes and businesses. Vodafone will also upgrade two more of its existing four sites around Horowhenua, including at Tokomaru and Levin. Sites at Foxton and Levin Central have already been upgraded as

part of the Government’s Rural Broadband Initiative (RBI). Vodafone’s regional business development manager Simon Bailey says access to high-speed broadband makes a significant difference to the lives of rural New Zealanders, including the additional benefit of extended mobile coverage. ‘‘This is a massive benefit for rural areas like Horowhenua in dealing with emergencies, transport logistics, road safety and other real life circumstances previously hampered by limited coverage.’’ Customers can find out if the Vodafone SuperNet service will be available at their address by checking online at

the back of a truck’’. ■ Anyone with information regarding the theft should contact Senior Constable Chris Barclay at Foxton Police Station on (06) 363-6942 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555-111.

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Commercial trailers stolen Trailers valued at $18,000 have been stolen from Levin commercial premises in the past 14 days. Burglars prised a 2m high gate off its hinges to gain access to the Quin Roofing yard in Coventry St last Wednesday morning, taking two trailers worth about $6000 each. One trailer, a standard double axle galvanised wellside, belongs to RJ Roofing. The other wellside trailer, customised by Quin, is distinctive having higher sides and built using a heavy gauge metal. Burglars cut through the wire boundary fence at Anderson’s Outdoor Machinery in Hokio Beach Rd just after 3am on

Do you recognise this photo?

January 13, taking a tip trailer worth about $6000. It is used for transporting ride-on mowers. After peeling back the fence to get the trailer through, they then lifted a locked gate off its hinges to gain road access. Burglars also targeted Richards Engineering in Coventry St for a third time in two months. After breaking through an overhead skylight on January 12, a ladder was used to enter the building and $100 cash was taken from the till. In December, burglars smashed the front window on two separate occasions taking about $500 cash from the till each time. Bars have since been installed across the window.

‘Lowest of low’ steals collection box things that we don’t charge for but they are willing to drop a few dollars in the box,’’ he said. On Monday, while staff at See Hear on Oxford Street, Levin, were busy with customers, a person walked in and without being noticed picked up the collection box from the counter and walked out. The quality of life trained guide dogs give sight impaired men, women and young adults was of immeasurable value. ‘‘I personally think the person who stole the collection box, knowing what it was for, is just the lowest of the low,’’ he said.


PHOTO MYSTERY: Levin police are eager to find and return a wedding photo (pictured) to its owner. The photo, that has mum and Max written on the back, was found at a Salisbury Street house last week. The home owners took it to the Levin police station to see if they could locate the photo owners. The photo was taken by a Wellington photographer around the early 1970s.


The theft of a guide dog collection box from the counter of a Levin shop has angered staff. David O’Brien said he could not believe that someone would be so greedy that they would steal a collection box — the money inside, small as it may have been, helped so many people live a relatively normal life. Mr O’Brien said the collection box would have had at the most $50 in it, but the fact that someone has been low enough to steal it just blew him away. ‘‘The money has been collected from our customers, who come in and have small repairs done to their glasses,

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Medics perform for charity The doctors are coming out of the operating theatre and into the Regent on Broadway theatre to put on a musical variety show in aid of the Palmerston North Rescue Helicopter. Directed by Pat Snoxell and produced by cardiologist Dr Raffat Shameem and orthopaedic surgeon Dr Tim Love, Medics Make Music brings together a 60-strong cast of performers, including 18 medical specialists, practice nurses and surgical nurses who are all trained musicians and vocalists. Also performing, will be the cream of Palmerston North’s musical theatre entertainers from lead roles in recent Regent on Broadway productions such as Joseph (Douglas Ransom, Mike Whitton, Stephanie Harmsworth) and The Buddy Holly Story (Andrew Jamieson, Mike Whitton, Steve Jenkins, Dr Katrina Brougham, Dr Shameem). Other artists performing include the Manawatu Overtones, a female Kapa Haka performance, the Johnny McCormick sax quintet, Dean McKerras’ Flying High dance group, Auckland classical pianist, medical student Ben Booker, and many more. Musical direction is by Feilding practice nurse, Mary Bielski. One night only, Medics Make Music is on Sunday, March 2, 4pm, at the Regent



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(PG) 131 mins Drama/War (Contains violence)

THE RAILWAY MAN (M) 116 mins Biography/Drama (Contains violence)

A victim from World War II’s “Death Railway” sets out to find those responsible for his torture. A true story. Starring Colin Firth & Nicole Kidman.

Thurs 23 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Fri 24 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Sat 25 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Sun 26 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Mon 27 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Tues 28 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm, Wed 29 Jan 10.10am & 5.50pm


Fearless optimist Anna teams up with Kristoff in an epic journey, encountering Everest-like conditions, and a hilarious snowman named Olaf in a race to find Anna’s sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom in eternal winter. Wed 22 Jan 10.10am & 12.30pm, Thurs 23 Jan 12.40pm, Fri 24 Jan 12.40pm, Sat 25 Jan 12.40pm, Sun 26 Jan 12.40pm, Mon 27 Jan 12.40pm, Tues 28 Jan 12.40pm, Wed 29 Jan 12.40pm


See and feel what it was like when dinosaurs ruled the Earth, in a story where an underdog dino triumphs to become a hero for the ages. Wed 22 Jan 10am & 1pm, Thurs 23 Jan 10.30am, Fri 24 Jan 10.30am, Sat 25 Jan 10.30am, Sun 26 Jan 10.30am, Mon 27 Jan 1.10pm, Tues 28 Jan 1.10pm, Wed 29 Jan 10.30am


(M) 119 mins Action/Adventure/Fantasy (Contains violence)

AMERICAN HUSTLE (M) 138 mins Crime/Drama (Contains offensive language)

A con man, Irving Rosenfeld, along with his seductive British partner, Sydney Prosser, is forced to work for a wild FBI agent, Richie DiMaso. DiMaso pushes them into a world of Jersey powerbrokers and mafia. Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner.

Thurs 23 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Fri 24 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Sat 25 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Sun 26 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Mon 27 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Tues 28 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm, Wed 29 Jan 12.10pm, 3pm & 8.20pm


A band of samurai set out to avenge the death and dishonor of their master at the hands of a ruthless shogun. Wed 22 Jan 3pm & 5.40pm, Thurs 23 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Fri 24 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Sat 25 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Sun 26 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Mon 27 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Tues 28 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm, Wed 29 Jan 3.30pm & 8.40pm

THE HOBBIT: THE DESOLATION OF SMAUG (M) 161 mins Adventure/Drama/Fantasy (Contains violence)

The dwarves, along with Bilbo Baggins and Gandalf the Grey, continue their quest to reclaim Erebor, their homeland, from Smaug. Bilbo Baggins is in possession of a mysterious and magical ring. Final Week - Wed 22 Jan 2.20pm & 8.10pm, Thurs 23 Jan 3pm, Fri 24 Jan 3pm, Sat 25 Jan 3pm, Sun 26 Jan 3pm, Mon 27 Jan 3pm, Tues 28 Jan 3pm, Wed 29 Jan 3pm


(PG) 114 mins Adventure/Comedy/Drama (Contains violence, coarse language & sexual references)

A day-dreamer escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, he takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined. Starring Ben Stiller & Kristen Wiig. Final Session - Wed 22 Jan 3.10pm



Caravan & Motor homes $10.00 per day. Entry fee $10.00 per person each day. Bring a chair. Bring your own blankets, and sunscreen. Store holders $10.00 per day plus $10.00 to enter. Bring your own tents, gazeboes and chairs for your stall site. So come one and all for a full on 2 days music picnic Ho down with top entertainment from artist’s from around the regions.

THE WOLF OF WALL STREET (R18) 180 mins Biography/Comedy/Crime (Contains drug use, sex scenes & offensive language)

Based on the true story of Jordan Belfort, from his rise to a wealthy stockbroker living the high life to his fall involving crime, corruption and the federal government. Final Session - Wed 22 Jan 8pm

Camp site bookings and tickets. Are must please contact the organizer Francis P. Boyd Home: 06 3682878 Cell: 021 138 6544 or Email:

Sponsor by :


(G) 108 mins Animation/Adventure/Comedy

(PG) 87 mins Animation/Action/Family (Contains scary scenes)

on Broadway. Tickets are $35 for adults, $20 for children (13 years and under) and $32 per person for groups of 10-plus. Book through TicketDirect or at the Regent on Broadway box office. Sponsored by 14 local businesses, all proceeds from ticket sales will go to the rescue helicopter fund. The service provides essential emergency care and relies heavily on charity to keep it in the air.


While subjected to the horrors of World War II Germany, young Liesel finds solace by stealing books and sharing them with others. Under the stairs in her home, a Jewish refugee is being sheltered by her adoptive parents. Wed 22 Jan 10.20am, 5.30pm & 8.20pm, Thurs 23 Jan 12.50pm & 6pm, Fri 24 Jan 12.50pm & 6pm, Sat 25 Jan 12.50pm & 6pm, Sun 26 Jan 12.50pm & 6pm, Mon 27 Jan 10.30am & 6pm, Tues 28 Jan 10.30am & 6pm, Wed 29 Jan 12.50pm & 6pm



(M) 98 mins Drama (Contains offensive language & sexual references)

A world-weary political journalist picks up the story of a woman’s search for her son, who was taken away from her decades ago after she became pregnant and was forced to live in a convent.

Wed 22 Jan 12.10pm & 5.50pm, Thurs 23 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Fri 24 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Sat 25 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Sun 26 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Mon 27 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Tues 28 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm, Wed 29 Jan 10am, 6.10pm & 8.30pm

Your Boutique Cinema and Cafe experience 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin, Ph 366 0330

*free morning tea with ticket purchase Mon 27 Jan

10.00am Philomena (M), 10.10am The Railway Man (M), 10.30am The Book Thief (PG) Tues 28 Jan 10.00am Philomena (M), 10.10am The Railway Man (M), 10.30am The Book Thief (PG) Bring Baby Too Sorry no screening until after the school holidays 14-16 Salisbury Street, Levin. Ph 366 0330


Horowhenua Chronicle

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Help share Horowhenua history By FRANKIE WEBB


Anyone with a specific interest in early Horowhenua history could be in for a treat, and an opportunity to help the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. Volunteers are being sought to transcribe Adkin’s diaries to support the museum’s ‘Life 100 years ago’ World War I centenary project. George Leslie Adkin was born in Wellington on July 26 1888 to William George Adkin, a draper, and his wife Annie Denton. He was the first of seven children. In 1889 the Adkins secured 100 acres in the ballot for sections in the Levin village settlement, settling there a few years later. Leslie spent two years boarding at Wellington College from 1903 and developed an enthusiasm for photography and also collecting plants and rocks. On returning to the family farm in 1905, Adkin began keeping meticulous records of his work and diaries which he kept right up until his death in 1964. They are an account of farm, community and family life, and a record of his travels and scientific observations. Adkin made many expeditions into the Tararua Ranges and made the first recorded crossing from Levin to Masterton in 1909. He delivered a paper on Horowhenua lowlands to the Wellington Philosophical Society in 1910 after being introduced by his grandfather, George Denton. He married Elizabeth Maud Herd at Hastings on December 14, 1914 a year after taking over part of the family farm. The

TOGS ON: Leslie Adkin preparing for a dip in the Ohau River. COURTESY OF TE TAKERE

couple had two children, Nancy and Clyde. In the early 1920s Adkin became the acknowledged authority on the northern Tararuas. A series of near-

tragedies inspired him to produce a reliable tramping map, he was a founder of the LevinWaiopehu Tramping Club. In 1926 Adkin was asked to

provide photographs for Te Hekenga, an account of Maori life in Horowhenua. With the help of Maori he described and mapped hundreds of named Maori sites between the Manawatu and Otaki rivers. In 1948 Adkin wrote an account of the region’s place names which discussed the history of Maori occupation in New Zealand. In a dune belt, Adkin found evidence of very early inhabitants that had settled in 300-200 BC. This resulted in some controversy, Adkin remained researching the topic until succumbing to cancer in Wellington on May 21, 1964. He was survived by his wife and children, his daughter Nancy died four months later. The Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa houses nearly 7,000 of Adkin’s negatives, his diaries and Maori artefacts while the Alexander Turnbull Library holds his albums, manuscripts, maps and drawings. Te Takere Communications and Heritage co-ordinator Linda Fletcher is attending a pilot transcription workshop being held at Te Papa this week and hopes to set up online access for volunteers. For information contact

Passport system for Brits changes British nationals in New Zealand wanting to apply for a new passport will now need to to send applications to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the United Kingdom, instead of the regional processing hub in Wellington. Applicants will complete their passport application form and payment on line at https:/ / Then applicants will have to print and sign a declaration sheet to send with photographs and supporting documentation to Liverpool Application Processing Centre in the UK. Current passport processing times will remain the same according to British High Commissioner Vicki Treadell. Applicants renewing a passport should allow at least four weeks from the date the fee is taken providing all the correct documentation has been received. Anyone who applies up to nine months in advance will have unexpired validity added to their new passport. First time applicants or anyone replacing a lost or stolen passport should allow at least six weeks. The current passport helpline call charges will incur the cost of a call to the UK. British nationals who lack internet access or want advice are able to call the Customer Service Centre on +44 (0) 300 222-0000 or email Anyone needing to travel urgentlywhose normal passport is unavailable should contact their Consular Assistance team in New Zealand ph 04 924-2888. They may be able to issue an Emergency Travel Document.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Families enticed to scenic reserve with bears’ picnic


TRAVEL MATTERS - what’s happening in the industry with Pam Hardy


ñèµÌ °Á²Ã¹åÁÍîùÌÍ

åÇèèÅÃôÍë¹Íä Ì¿èÍ £U! FýôOIL Fè!OìÓý! ©ýýÏìýû ßÓìÖ Ã ðýÌÓL IÌIÈI!ìð §ÓCÓìUÌ ûôýCôUÈÈURÌI LÓðûÌU‰ OýýÏÓ!C Fè!OìÓý!ð

§ÓÈI!ðÓý!ðž ŸÇÇv Œ ÁÇÇw Œ ÁÇǧ ÈÈ

²è¿¹Í Ë»?6á?5B6 åÌ—ÃÌÍ Ë»?6?5#ßE

Anyone who knows me will know that I love travel. Not only do I love to travel myself I love helping my clients fulfill their dream holiday wish list. My daughter loves travel and gets excited at the very mention of the word, and it is not just overseas travel that excites her but even a weekend trip to Taupo, Queenstown or New Plymouth. We go into full planning mode and that is half the fun. Even domestic travel is exciting as I have found out tagging along after Moira as she is the epitome of the Energizer Bunny so our days are jammed packed with things to do. Planning and organization is essential and here at United Travel Levin this is what we are good at. The team here in the office have a wealth of knowledge not only about our own very beautiful New Zealand but the rest of the world as well due to our own personal travel experiences and we also have a vast range of experts on whom to call if required. From October to February is traditionally our busiest period. Not only do we have the Earlybird sales but we are currently enjoying a boom time with our Air New Zealand New Year Sale which runs through to 20 January. It is no coincidence that Kiwi’s love to travel, be it UK and Europe, South America, Asia, North America or Africa, our intrepid spirits have seen us exploring the world for decades and we are pretty good at it too!


guides families to explore and learn about the remarkable history, ecology ¯ piti. and geology of Te A Booklets and badges are free and can be collected from Te Manawa Museum, the Palmerston North i-SITE, the Woodville i-SITE or the Bridge Cafe. The activities are about exploring the outdoors, and most of them can be done anywhere in the Manawatu Gorge Scenic Reserve. The number of activities that children need to complete depends on their age. As for the physical requirements, parents will know what their children are capable of, but for very young children or those not used to the outdoors, it would probably be better to stick to the short 1km Manawatu Gorge Loop Track at the eastern end of the reserve, which is stroller-friendly. This is where the Kiwi Ranger Teddy Bears’ Picnic will be held on Friday. To be part of the fun, bring your favourite teddy bear with a packed lunch and drink to the Manawatu Gorge Track car park on Ballance Gorge Road by 10am. Wear comfortable walking shoes and protection from the weather. Parents will receive a voucher for a free coffee from Bridge Cafe, which they can enjoy during the picnic. Ms Stratford said families that were looking for something cheap and a little bit adventurous to do over the summer holidays will love the Manawatu Gorge Kiwi Ranger programme.

©ƒo ÁÄÇÇ¡w

Bears are not a typical sight among the trees of the Manawatu Gorge Scenic Reserve, but that’s what you will find if you venture into the woods on Friday. To celebrate and promote the new Te ¯ piti Manawatu Gorge Kiwi Ranger A programme (launched in September 2013), the Department of Conservation is holding a Kiwi Ranger Teddy Bears’ Picnic on the Manawatu Gorge Loop Track at the eastern end of the gorge. ‘‘We’re trying to encourage families, especially those with younger kids, to connect with nature and make the most of the fabulous destinations we’ve got right at our backdoor,’’ said Department of Conservation ranger Kelly Stratford. ‘‘A teddy bears’ picnic is a fun, safe way for children to take a peek at the wonders of the forest. ‘‘I hope it will appeal to a wide range of families.’’ This event is part of a summer campaign to encourage local families to get outdoors and discover some of the secrets of the Manawatu Gorge with the ¯ piti Manawatu Gorge Kiwi Ranger Te A programme. While the Manawatu Gorge is a popular recreation destination for runners and walkers, the programme aims to inspire those who might normally just drive through the gorge to stop and explore. Participants earn a collectable Kiwi Ranger badge by completing a booklet of interactive, nature-based activities that


So in the spirit of all that is good and exciting about travel I want to give all you intrepid travelers out there who are teetering on the edge of doing something really exciting this year, but haven’t quite made up your minds, an enticement to come see us here in the office. United Travel is holding a huge, 1 Day Only, In-store Expo on Saturday 1 February from 10am to 3pm. I am unable to reveal too many details because they are virtually kept under lock and key until the night before, but I can tell you that there will be amazing deals from flights, holiday packages, cruises and tours to Australia, South Pacific, USA, UK/Europe and our increasingly popular cruising and river cruising destinations. Our clients will tell you we take pride in assisting in whatever way we can to help make your holiday dreams and plans come together. For me it’s almost the next best thing to actually going myself and I do suffer travel envy just about every time. Give us a call or send us an email beforehand and let us know your thoughts about your upcoming holiday as I can assure you our phones will be running hot on the day and we don’t want you to miss out.

Dare I say it don’t forget 2015 its just 11 months away and we are already taking bookings. What’s coming up in Levin: Our first information evening of the year is on Tuesday 11th February at 5.30pm with Reece from AAT Kings and we really hope you can join us. Please call Sue today as seats are limited!



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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Freephone - LEVIN 0800 GARAGE (0800 427 243) SALES OFFICE AND DISPLAY


Ph: 06 368 7401 Fax: 06 368 1326 Email: Website: Call us about designing your next garage



• Single and Double Garages • Bach Shells • Garage Workshops • Sleepouts • Farm Buildings • Choice of Claddings • Kitsets available NZ Wide • FREE Quotes

TAKE THE LEAP: The second biggest jumping pillow in the country is enjoyed by holidaymakers at the Foxton Beach Holiday Park.

Jumping pillow a hit at Foxton Beach park By TANYA WOOD The jumping pillow at Foxton Beach Holiday Park has proved a big hit since it was installed in November last year. The 21m by 11m pillow is the second biggest in New Zealand and can accommodate up to 100 children at one time. Uwe Kroll, who owns and runs the park with wife Kordulla, said when the pillow was out of action one morning, there were 50 children waiting around

for it to be fixed. ‘‘I’ve seen adults using it too. It’s fantastic exercise and parents love it because it keeps the children busy for hours and wears them out.’’ Mr Kroll said the park had been very busy over Christmas and New Year, and many people said they had read about the jumping pillow on the park’s Facebook page. ‘‘It’s certainly not the only reason they’ve booked with us but it has been a factor and proven very popular.’’

Make Reevedon Retirement Village your new home… Are you looking for an independent lifestyle, with access to support as you need it? We now have one and two bedroom villas available at Reevedon Villas, situated close to Levin’s shopping centre. At Reevedon you’ll enjoy: • vibrant village life and companionship • safe and peaceful surroundings • an easy to maintain home, so you can focus on really enjoying yourself • an active and independent lifestyle. Reevedon Villas: 37 Salisbury Street, Levin

Next open home: 10am-11am, Friday 24th January 2013. We look forward to seeing you there! If you need transport to the open home, call us on (06) 366 0444 to arrange you free door-to-door pick up and drop off.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle

Residents try to avoid computer recycling cost By PETER FRANKLIN SeniorNet has been inundated with inquiries about taking old, unwanted computer monitors. Spokeswoman Clyde Dawson said SeniorNet had received a large number of calls from people who had been given or updated to a new tablet or iPad for Christmas, but were looking for an alternative to the transfer station to dispose of their unwanted computers. Mrs Dawson said, while SeniorNet did not have the facilities or resources to accept unwanted technology, she could

appreciate why people were calling them. She said the transfer station, operated by Midwest Disposals Ltd, charges $20 to recycle computers and monitors. At this point, it is the only place that operates this type of recycling programme in Horowhenua. The transfer station is still running the TV Takeback scheme and old TVs can be recycled at the Levin, Foxton and Shannon transfer station’s for a limited time at a subsidised price of $5. ‘‘It is the cost, being charged $20 for computers but television recycling is subsidised,’’ she said.

Building arts diversity The Horowhenua Creative Communities Committee is seeking nominations for new members. The committee meets at least twice each year to determine the outcomes of applications lodged under the Horowhenua Creative Communities Grant Scheme. Members include district councillors and community representatives from performing arts, fine arts, music and cultural arts backgrounds. At least two new members are being sought. Committee chair Councillor Victoria Kaye-Simmons welcomes all nominations. ‘‘It’s exciting to have new members join the team. Diversity of backgrounds in all forms of the arts is something we celebrate and are looking forward to building on,’’ Cr Kaye-Simmons said. Committee members serve for a fixed period of up to three years and may

Diversity of backgrounds in all forms of the arts is something we celebrate and are looking forward to building on.

committee chairwoman, Cr VICTORIA KAYE-SIMMONS

serve for only two consecutive periods. Nomination forms can be downloaded from the Horowhenua District Council website, and copies are available from the Council office at 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Nominations remain open until 5pm Friday 7 February.







Levin‘s lowest overall food prices.













Opening Hours: Sun - Mon 8am - 7pm, Tues - Sat 8am - 8pm Specials apply from Monday, 20th January to Sunday, 26th January 2014

We reserve the right to limit quantities - trade not supplied

All offers valid until Sunday 9th February 2014. Freephone 0800 733 030

COLOURPLUS LEVIN 310 Oxford Street (Opposite KFC) Levin Ph: 06 368 7133

“You can trust Colourplus”


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014



Show time in Horowhenua Thousands turned out for the annual AP&I show in Levin at the weekend. In brilliant weather, the big crowd enthusiastically welcomed back competitors in the woodchopping competition, an event that was missing from last year’s programme. Throughout the day, crowds wandered through the home industries pavilion, looked at vintage machinery, watched with interest the cattle judging and show jumping and let their hair down on the fairground rides.


FISHING FOR DUCKS: Lucy O’Brien, far left, with sisters, Ruby and Charlie, and cousin Bostyn were kept entertained by the ducks at the carnival.


CHOP, CHOP: Otaki axeman Hayden Rasmussen started the day’s competition with the standing 250mm block.


THIRD: Six-year-old Charlotte ParkerMercer from Palmerston North received a third placing for her miniature horse Drifter.


SWEET AND SOW: Everyone needs a little down time and this mother sow and piglets at the Animal Nursery were no exception.

LVN190114TWapi2014(7) LVN190114TWapi2014(10)

MACHINERY MATTERS: Members of the Horowhenua Vintage Machinery Club check the International M built in the early 1900s is going to fire up.

CHAMP: Michael Frederickson from Stratford leads his Ayrshire cow, Riggins Girl, who became the West District 2-year-old champion after accumulating enough points from winning the 2-year-old Allbreeds section at the AP&I Show.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Horowhenua Chronicle




Show time in Horowhenua


FUN TIMES: Family fun at the Horowhenua AP&I Show for Levin’s Charlotte Gray and Antonia Matangi.


STYLE: Former Levin rider Katherine Gillaly competed in the showjumping section. In years past Katherine (nee Van Tuyl) has won many champion and supreme titles in a number of sections.



AND THEY’RE OFF: Action in the 2014 woolly stakes, ever-popular with young and old the sheep races entertained the crowd during the day.

FAMILY PHOTO: Members of the Horn family gather to celebrate 100 years of their family’s cattle showing and involvement at the Horowhenua AP&I Show.


SETTING COURSE: National show hunter course builder, Levinbased Gail Goodwin, left, aided by Jayne Akers in preparation for the next class.


HAPPY FAMILY: Natasha Hunt from Wellington enjoys patting Mikaela the alpaca while five-week-old baby, Ola, takes a drink from her mother.


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Travel Brokers for all your holiday bookings Whats on at Te Takere

Youth tune into radio station Te Takere’s youth radio station, Fusion FM 106.9, is currently broadcasting around a 5km radius from Te Takere, as well as streaming live to the world via the internet 24/7. The music selection is limited while we are in test mode and we are asking our youth to supply new content that they want to hear. Without any promotion, people have found it — and started listening too — and we have had phone calls from some of them saying how much they are enjoying. The official launch date for the radio station is February 5, and it will be marked by a concert at the Memorial Hall, featuring New Zealand hip/hop rap group Smashproof, followed by a VIP-only meet and greet concert at Te Takere. Tickets for the main concert are available at Te Takere for only $5 (or $10 at the door). The VIP-only tickets are $40 (or $50 at the door), and include a private performance, photo op with Smashproof, food and drink, and RJ’s licorice.

TOP 10 BOOKS New non-fiction The Ukulele Handbook by Gavin Pretor-Pinney and Tom Hodgkinson A Walk a Day: 365 Short Walks in New Zealand by Peter Janssen Stroke of Fate by Sophie Pascoe with Tony Smith Kicking the Habit: From Convent to Casualty in 1960s Liverpool by Eleanor Stewart The Great Adventure Ends: New Zealand and France on the Western Front A Changing Land: Sir Donald McLean’s Maraekakaho 1857 to Today by Alan Scarfe Bebe Gourmet: My Baby Recipe Book: 100 Easy Recipes for Raising Adventurous Eaters by Jenny Carenco Julie Biuso at Home Tractor Nation: Working the Land in New Zealand by John Wilson Wild About New Zealand: A Guide to Our National Parks by Gus Roxburgh

Get your tickets now at Te Takere to reserve your place, and avoid paying higher prices at the door (and possible disappointment if tickets are sold out).

We also now have the first ever free Youth Space app available for Android phones/tablets and iPhone/iPad. This app includes the Fusion FM radio player and will keep you informed of upcoming Te Takere Youth Space events. Now you can listen to your youth radio station anytime, anywhere. Download your copy now from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store — simply search for Te Takere. This week we are farewelling long-serving librarian Barbara Lucas. Barbara is a muchloved and valued member of Te Takere staff and we will miss the quiet and efficient way she has organised concerts, exhibitions and other events over the years. On her last afternoon this Friday Te Takere has music from 12.30pm to 4pm, featuring some of the musicians who have willingly answered Barbara’s invitation to entertain since Te Takere opening. Come and enjoy the music and say goodbye to Barbara.

WHAT’S ON AT TE TAKERE TED Talks: Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah: Award-winning teenage science in action. In 2011 three young women swept the top prizes of the first Google Science Fair. Lauren Hodge, Shree Bose and Naomi Shah describe their extraordinary projects — and their route to a passion for science. Two young scientists break down plastics with bacteria. Once it’s created, plastic (almost) never dies. While in 12th grade Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao went in search of a new bacteria to biodegrade. Open meeting room 12.30pm-1pm weekdays. Exhibition space: We are featuring an exhibition of beautiful watercolours by

Patricia White during January. Today History at home — from scrap metal to historic attraction: An illustrated talk by local historians and Horowhenua Vintage Car Club members Peter Nightingale and Tom Hayes on the history behind an old Maori flour mill which they have made a replica of from a few pieces of the mill machinery. Open meeting room, 7pm. Gold coin donation. Friday Lunchtime music inside Te Takere, Clive Williams on the piano. 12.30pm to 1.30pm followed by Concert in the Sun - Silvawood 2pm, Geoff and Teresa 2.30pm, Danny

Healy 3pm, Dave and Rhonda Clark 3.30pm, Ramon and Ria 4pm. Technology clinic for seniors: Presented by Seniornet, just bring along your digital device and the patient tutors from Seniornet will help you figure out any problems. 2pm-4pm Tuesday JP clinic: Kowhai Room, 11.30am-1.30pm. Wednesday January 29 Mobile Technology evening: Bring along your smartphone, tablet or eReader and get help with using it. We’ll look at Android and Apple apps, downloaded library ebooks and getting the best use of your gadget. 7pm-8.30pm, Te Takere main space.

Learn to paint: At the Art Society studio, 119 Bath Street, Levin, 6pm. Wednesday February 12 Learn to draw: At the Art Society studio, 119 Bath Street, Levin, 10am. Floral design with Noeline Shaw: Learn new and interesting ways to use plants and flowers to decorate your home, as well as revisit traditional design. 7pm, east lounge, Te Takere. Thursday February 13 Snappy CVs: Learn to build a CV selling yourself to your next employer. 10am, in the

exchange service so you don’t have to worry about a thing. As well as booking domestic and international flights the Visitor Information Centre can arrange accommodation, tours, buses, ferries and trains or even an excursion booking. Call in and see her or phone today — 366-0848 or 027 341 8678 — to make an appointment to discuss your travel dreams. Take advantage of the free travel club to keep up to date with special offers and promotions. Fill in the form below today and bring it into the Visitor Information Centre at Te Takere and you are automatically in the draw for $200 to go towards your first holiday.

Join our free travel club today and be in to WIN Simply fill in your details below and not only will we keep you up to date on current specials, but we will let you know when we have our informative travel evenings in our Open Meeting rooms, let you know about special promotions.

You will be in for the chance to win a $200 Travel Voucher to go towards your next travel holiday just by submitting your form to us at Te Takere. Name: ................................................................................................ Address: ............................................................................................ Phone: ............................................................................................... Email: ................................................................................................ List any areas of travel you are interested in: -

CHALKLE CLASSES Every Monday Tai Chi, 10am, Te Takere. Wednesday February 5 Learn to paint: Bring out the inner artist, working with an experienced artist who will be able to show you some of the tricks and tips to create that something special. At the Art Society studio, 119 Bath Street, Levin, 10am Monday February 10 Computer basics: How to use your computer including searching the internet for subjects that suit you. 10am in the education suite. Tuesday February 11

At Te Takere, New Zealand travel broker Colleen Tyree, manager of the Visitor Information Centre, wants to help you with your trip of a lifetime. She has been involved in the travel industry for more than 15 years and has the knowledge and experience from travelling extensively herself, as well as booking holidays for her clients, to help plan the perfect getaway. Travel is her passion. She wants to help you make your dreams a reality and make the consultation and booking process easy and enjoyable. Travel Brokers has access to great deals and has fantastic suppliers who are knowledgeable and helpful, she said. Colleen has travelled throughout New Zealand, Australia, the South Pacific and the rest of the world. ‘‘I particularly enjoy travelling to Europe as my grandmother is Italian and I still have family there to visit, but I also enjoy taking smaller trips to Australia and the South Pacific where I can enjoy time with my children,’’ she said. Colleen can take the stress out of your booking. She knows who to contact and can get up-to-date information on hotels so you don’t have to worry about making a wrong choice. Travel is supposed to be a fun time in your life and we want to maximise this, for you, your friends and your family. Colleen has recently been on a holiday with her family to the United States, and knows the benefits of having everything taken care of. Along with your tickets, itinerary and accommodation, Colleen can offer travel insurance and a foreign

education suite. Speaking in public using microphones: Learn what to do and not to do when using a microphone. 4.30pm-6.30pm Te Takere. Thursday, February 20 Build your own business website: Five-week course. 6-8pm, Education Suite, Te Takere. ■ For full details of the classes and to enrol, visit the chalkle w e b s i te ,, or talk to the friendly Te Takere staff.


p: 06 368 1953 m: 027 341 8678 e: TAANZ Approved Travel Broker for NZ Travel Brokers, 1 - 19 Fitzherbert Avenue, Palmerston North

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Fresh N NZ Beef Mince




Loose NZ Tomatoes



GEARING UP: Taking the big jump to international competition, Levin athlete Emma McKay is looking forward to competing in America later this year.

Levin athlete ready for international leap By PETER FRANKLIN Young Levin athlete Emma McKay is preparing to step into international competition for the first time. Emma, 17, has been selected to represent New Zealand in the 2014 California track and field tour. ‘‘I was so thrilled when I was told that I’d been selected for the tour. It will be a lot of work but experience will be fantastic,’’ she said. The long jump and triple jump are Emma’s preferred events, and she is looking forward to competing against her American peers. The tour is a chance for young up and coming track and field competitors to experience tough competition in a country that is so strong in international track and field events. While Emma is nervous, she is determined to give the best she has and to learn as much as she can during the tour. Emma says being selected is a great opportunity but it comes at a cost — she has to raise $3800 for the trip. The tour members will compete at a number of major events over a three-

SUPPORTERS Local businesses step up to support young athlete Emma McKay: Sports World Levin, Shears Cutting, Levin-Horowhenua Vets, Kapinua, Crighton’s ITM, Farmlands, Ken’s Keys, Levin Pet World, One to Rent, Tatana Contracting, Queen Street Dental Centre, Raewyn’s Cafe, Benjamin Moore Paints, Tattoo Fusion, Vickers Marketing, Sponge Kitchen and Utanganui Contracting. week time frame. The squad will compete at the Stanford invitational track and field meet, the American River College invitational, the Arcadia (high school) invitation, the Pomona-Pfitzer invitation and the Brian Clay invitation. Between training for the trip, Emma has been and continues to fundraise. She said so far she has been fortunate to get the support from a range of local businesses which she is really grateful for.

IN-HOME CHILDCARE a e Available Now For Children



orth Palmerston N 353 5303 Levin 368 0072


Arnotts Shapes or Plain Biscuits 160 - 250g (Excludes Roadies)

199 ea

Pascall Confectionery or TNCC Family Bag 140-200g

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Tip Top Trumpet, Jelly Tip, Jelly Tip Mini, Eskimo Pie, Fruju or Joy Bar 4-10 Pack

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Phone 0800 SPROUTS

e direct Or call our Sprouts offic 3 Palmerston North 353 530 Levin 368 0072



e one week freon dit

or $50 cre

new enrolments your account for

www sprouts .nznz ts.coco www.sprou


Offers valid from 22nd - 26th January 2014 in New World Levin only. Open 7am - 10pm, 7 days. While stocks last. We reserve the right to limit quantities. Terms and conditions apply.



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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Super Valentine’s day this year By PETER FRANKLIN Rugby fans start gearing up because it is only a month away from when Captain Hurricane leads the troops out for another crack at the Cantabrians. Horowhenua-Kapiti again will be hosting two of the most competitive teams in Super Rugby, the Wellington Hurricanes will face the Crusaders at Levin Domain in a preseason match on Valentine’s Day Friday, February 14. From both Super Rugby squads there is a total of 29 All Blacks (23 current), seven Maori All Blacks and four other international players that could be on the field. A very pleased Horowhenua-Kapiti Rugby Union chief executive Corey Kennett said the local union was grateful for the chance to host the Hurricanes and Crusaders again. Todd Blackadder’s Crusaders will be looking to make amends for their defeat last year, when the ’Canes walked away with a 38-17 win in bitterly cold conditions. Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett said there may not be too much Valentine’s love exchanged on the field. ‘‘We had a great time there last time. Some of our most loyal fans are stationed there, so to play our pre-season match in front of them will be exciting for everyone.’’ Hammett said. Hurricanes chief executive James Te


LEAD ROLE: Captain Hurricane will lead the team out to face their southern foe. Puni said he was blown away by the support the Horowhenua-Kapiti region showed the Hurricanes during their last visit to the district. ‘‘We had over 5000 people turn up in the


middle of a storm last June. That was great to see and we’re hoping for another big crowd at this game,’’ he said. Kickoff for the pre-season fixture is scheduled for 4pm. Tickets are $10 per adult.

Conviction costs NRL contract Former Foxton man and Warriors prop Russell Packer’s future in the game is in dire straits after being convicted of assault and sent to jail for two years. Packer’s lucrative contract with the Newcastle Knights was terminated after being handed a twoyear jail sentence for a drunken assault. The 24-year-old, who left the Warriors at the end of last season and signed on with the Knights, has been sentenced to two years behind bars for an assault that took place outside a Sydney hotel in November. The Knights senior management met with Packer prior to sentencing, confirming the club would take a hard line with the player and, in accordance with club’s conduct policy, terminated Packer’s contract.

TranzSkills has delivered training in the Levin, Palmerston North and Wellington Area’s since June 2008. This has mainly been for local (Levin) Clients, from school students wishing to obtain a Learners or Restricted Licence, or a local company wanting 4 or 5 employee’s to gain a full Class 2 Truck Licence. TranzSkills delivers training to clients who are already on courses with Te Kokiri, Trade & Commerce, HLC and Landbased Training. The courses that are coming up, are as follows:

Class 1 driver training: 29 Jan, Feb 5, 12, 19 & 26. Class 2, 3, 4 & 5 Training: Feb 3 & 4, 17 & 18, Mar 3 & 4, 17 & 18 Passenger Endorsement: Feb 3 & 6, Mar 3 & 6 OSH & Forklift: 21 Feb, Mar 7 & 21 MBHS: 1 & 15 Feb, Mar 1 & 15

2014 2014

We have courses for P (Passenger), D (Dangerous Goods), V (Vehicle Recovery), F (Forklift) and WTR (Wheels, Tracks & Rollers) Endorsements. We also deliver the OSH Certificate for Forklift Operators and Driver Training for Class 1 Licenses, Restricted and Full Licence tests. A new addition to our training credentials involves the ability to deliver the Motorcycle Basic Handling Skills Certificate Course, for anybody wishing to take the Class 6 (Motorcycle) Learner Licence test. TranzSkills can deliver training in our controlled training environments, or at a candidates place of work. For Course bookings or information, Phone: 0800 872 697, Email:, Text Mobile: 027 285 6844

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Hospitality Level 2

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Computing Level 2

Programme National Certificate in Employment Skills Level 1 National Certificate in Hospitality or Computing Level 2


Full-time, 39 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks








16-19 years of age


16-19 years of age


16-19 years of age

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Titles decided at Levin Bowling Club Over the past month Levin Bowling Club champions have been found in the singles and fours for both men and women. The singles events were both played in December, although with weather disruptions the women’s singles was not completed until the New Year. A field of nearly 30 players entered the men’s singles, qualifying rounds were played on both greens. By the end of the day 12 players had qualified for post-section play. The following day a further series of games determined the semifinalists. In the first semifinal, Shoota Ballinger had a hard game against John Adams before emerging the winner 21-16 and in the second game Martin Howse defeated club patron Ian Wenham 21-15. In a closely contested game, Howse took four points on an end. He had gone into the end leading 16-15. The next end saw Howse take another shot and the game. In the final, Ballinger proved too strong for Howse going on to win 21-10. It was Ballinger’s first singles title at the club. Ballinger

has been the club’s interclub singles player for a number of seasons. In the women’s singles eight players qualified for post section play but the play offs were delayed until early January. The winning semifinalists were the experienced Joan Hayward and Kapiti Coast junior rep player Diana McGill. Gusty winds over shadowed the final, but both players handled the windy conditions very well before McGill came out the winner 21-16 — her first club singles title. The mixed singles championship qualifying rounds also attracted a large field of players, again requiring the use of both greens. From this 12 players qualified for post-section play but once again weather conditions delayed the completion. On the weekend of January 11 and 12, the club held the men’s and women’s fours championships. With 56 players beginning the qualifying rounds on Saturday morning. Three women’s teams qualified for post section play. Margaret Griffin’s team drew


LOOKING GOOD: Summer’s here and with plenty of good bowling to be had members of the Levin Bowling Club are out in force, both during the week and weekends. PICTURE: NEVILLE TURNBULL the bye to go straight through to the final. Lodzia Wnek’s four took the victory over Dianne short’s team 18-11 in the semifinal which meant that Wnek played Griffin in the Sunday final. The gusting wind made it difficult at times but the match remained very close until the eighth end when at 8-6 Griffin’s team dropped seven which effectively put an end to the contest with Wnek’s four of Wnek (skip), Liz Galloway, Mary

Graphic Design and Fashion Design Taster week Do you have creative talent but not sure what to do with it? Get a taste of what you could achieve if you studied design fulltime. Spend a week exploring your study options to build your creative talent and launch your design career.


(& achieve a few level 2 credits if you are still sitting NCEA)

Judd and Diana McGill running out the winners at 25-9. The men’s semifinals were played on Sunday morning. In one match Ballinger’s four played Neville Turnbull’s team with Ballinger taking the game 17- 5. On another rink, Fred Adams team had a good win over Rob Cotter’s four when taking out the game 19-12. Once again strong wind prevailed for the afternoon final, with players having to be on top of their game.

2014 2014

Enrol Now for all 2014 courses Reserve your place today - - 06 358 0188




Full-time, 39 weeks



Overall the two teams won nearly the same number of ends but Ballinger was winning more shots than Adams and ran out the winner 16-7. Kapiti Coast interclub competitions begin on February 1-2 and 8-9. Levin has three men and two women teams entered. In the monthly Pennants competition the Levin fours are producing only mediocre results. Best placed are the women’s Division I team and men’s Division II both holding third position. The women’s Division II and men’s Division I teams are struggling in their competitions. Levin’s Rotary team went into the summer break leading their competition. The Kapiti Coast open women’s singles is being played this week, surprisingly it has only drawn a field of 10 players. Levin will be represented in this event by Dianne Short. It is much healthier in the Kapiti Coast Junior pairs competition, Being played this weekend. A total of 28 pairs have entered including four strong teams from the Levin club.


Monday 27 to Friday 31 January.

Programme National Certificate in Hospitality (Introductory Cookery) Level 2 National Certificate in Hospitality (Basic Cookery) Level 3 City and Guilds Certificate in Food Preparation and Cookery



Programme National Certificate in Health, Disability and Aged Support (Core Competencies) Level 3

Programme National Certificate in Security Level 2 National Certificate in Security (Site Security) Level 3


Full-time, 19 weeks


Full-time, 39 weeks




Palmerston North and Lower Hutt

In partnership with

In partnership with

• Residential care • Community care • Home based care

• Criminal Law • Managing suspects, violence and security incidents

• Body systems

• Interview techniques

• Manual handling

• Exclusive use of walkthrough metal detectors and screening equipment

• Personal care needs • First aid • Work experience • Code of Rights

• Self defence • First aid

• Cultural requirements

• Fire fighting

• Safe and secure environment

• Paid work experience

• Gym membership


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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

How to stop ants invading your house and garden Digging in WALLY RICHARDS

New Zealand has 11 known native ants yet there are many more that have found their way here to set up populations. We have an additional 29 ant imports most of which have arrived from Australia. The World Conservation Union lists the Argentine ant as one of the world’s

worst invasive species. The Argentine ant was originally established in Auckland in 1990, and is now a problem in an increasing number of towns and cities throughout New Zealand. From one urban area to another, Argentine ants hitches rides in freight, potted plants, rubbish, vehicles and other such goods. I have not come across this ant myself and from what I have heard from some gardeners I am very lucky. Each of you reading this will know whether you have an ant problem or whether you have some ants that go about their business outside without concerning you. The first problem is ants invading your home, especially in the kitchen where they are seeking food. I remember visiting my brother in Napier some years ago and being up early in the morning I made myself a cup of coffee. The taste of the coffee was really horrible and I found that ants had got into the sugar container (even though it had a lid on) and left their pheromone trails through the sugar. Over the years I have heard some incredible stories of home invasions by ants. People opening their wardrobe and moving the hanging clothes to find thousands of ants falling out. Light switches on the wall bursting into fire caused by electricity arcing across the dead bodies of ants. One ant problem gardeners often ask me about is ants climbing up into their plants such as citrus trees etc. If you see ants on plants then the reason is that there are sweet substances that attract them such as honeydew or nectar. Honey dew is the more common one and this is caused by pest insects such as aphids, scale, mealy bugs or thrips sucking/rasping on the plants foliage and then peeing out honeydew which turns to black sooty mould. Ants collect this sweet substance and take it

back to their nests. To stop the ants in the tree you need to firstly get rid of the insect pests causing the problem. A spray late in the day with Neem Tree Oil and Key Pyrethrum will knock back the pests. The spray should be for total coverage under and over the foliage followed up about a week later with another good spray of the same. The black sooty mold is not nice and it does effect the health of the tree as those leaves do not get energy from the sun because of the mould. There is a new product called Karbyon which comes in a 500 gram container. You simply take 50 grams and dissolve in 5 litres of water then spray the mix to run off over the foliage with sooty mould on. You leave it for 48 hours then hose off. This should wash off the mould unless its a very heavy layer and a further application maybe need to break down what is left. You can do either kill the pest insects first and then attack the mould or do the mould first and insects second. Do not mix Neem Oil etc with Karbyon. Karbyon is available from a number of on the ball garden centres or otherwise by mail order. I have recommended over the years a number of solutions for ant problems and here they are again. Ants coming into the kitchen simply set up one of those can things that hang on the wall and sprays every so many minutes a dose of pyrethrum. Ants sense the natural product and stop visiting as long as the can is working. When the can runs out of pyrethrum then about a week or two later ants will start to appear. If ants are in cupboards/pantries where the pyrethrum spray is not reaching then remove all the food and containers and spray the walls and shelves with X-it Ant. The product lasts for months affecting any ant/cock roach etc that

may come into contact with it. If you wash the cupboard after about 2-3 months you will need to reapply. Do not put food on the bare shelves, its low toxicity but not good in your diet. X-it Ant is not cheap at about $50 a container but still less cost than to have an exterminator come and use it. Also you should treat the ants outside and the cheap way to do this is to use either Borax to make up a powder bait or to use Granny Mins ant Bait for a liquid one. For Borax you measure an equal amount of Borax with icing sugar, mix the two together and place the bait outside where there is ant activity. If concerned about pets place the bait in a small glass jar and lay on its side, with a little sprinkling of bait from trail to jar. This is a good method to use anyway as rain will not wash your bait away. Granny Mins Ant Bait comes a jar that contains Borax and Boric Acid in equal amounts. You follow the recipe to add water, sugar and honey to the contents to make up just under a litre of liquid bait which can be used in bait stations as above. If your ants prefer protein then add either of the above to sloppy cat food and place safely in a bait station. These products are available in many garden centres and some Mitre 10 stores or by mail order. Outdoor areas of concrete, walls etc can be sprayed with X-it Ant and will effect ants and other pest insects that come in contact with it for a good period of time. On soil areas or container plants where ants are use Biforce granules which is the same pyrethrin as X-it Ant. These two are mainly available in stock and station agents or by Mail order. If you cant find just ask me. ■ For gardening problems ring me at 0800 466-464 (Palmerston North 357-0606) Email Web site


Pottery Club

ADULT CLASSES TERM ONE 2014 MONDAYS 7PM-9PM. ADVANCED WHEEL Tutor: Jennifer Turnbull. Cost: $100. 6 places. This is a class for those who want to improve their throwing skills and includes a session on glazing. TUESDAYS 7PM-9PM. BEGINNERS WHEEL Tutor: Jennifer Turnbull. Cost: $100. 6 places. This is a class for those who want to get started and learn the basics. WEDNESDAYS 7PM-9PM. HAND BUILDING Tutor: Beryl Rowe. Cost: $48. 12 places. Includes an opportunity to make pots for a raku firing and an introduction to the wheel. THURSDAYS 7PM -9PM. SCULPTURE AND GARDEN ART Tutor: Jenny Daysh. Cost $80. 12 places. Hand building and wheel. FRIDAYS 9.30AM-12.30PM. Tutor: Margaret Hunt. Cost: $120. 12 places. Hand building and wheel. This class uses a range of clays and explores a variety of techniques. Classes run for 8 weeks and will commence the week beginning 10th February. All classes, except the Monday class are suitable for beginners. Payment is required upon enrolment. Materials and firing costs are additional. Enquiries and enrolment to: Margaret Hunt Ph: 06 3648053 or email:

Creative Arts (ages 8 - 18) Supported by Creative Communities NZ. Tutor: Paula Archibald. Mondays 3.30-5pm: 8 weeks. 12 places. Cost $70 per student (or two payments of $35). Includes firing and all materials. Payment with enrolment please. Programme will include hand building with clay, an introduction to the wheel and working with colour on white clay. To enrol: contact Margaret Hunt Ph:06 364 8053 or

Creating in Clay (ages 8 - 18) Supported by Creative Communities NZ. Tutor: Paula Archibald. Thursday 13th March 9am-3pm: 1 day workshop. 12 places. Cost: $35 per student. Includes all materials and firing. To be paid on enrolment. Workshops are run once term. Each workshop is different; each workshop includes time on the wheel. To enrol: contact Margaret Hunt Ph:06 364 8053 or

9483494AA 9163542AA

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Horowhenua Chronicle



The best test is the test of time B G Buck Ltd, your well known electrical contractors, have expanded to offer a further service into the field of commercial refrigeration. Manager Barrie Buck says over


B.G. Buck Ltd


Industrial - Domestic - Commerical Commercial Refrigeration

• Accredited Heat Pump Suppliers & Installers • Home Ventilation Systems • Inspections • Caravan Certificates • Town & Rural • Pumps, Motors 2 Sheffield Street, Levin • Generators Ph: 367 9086 Email:

SERVICING THE HOROWHENUA FOR OVER 50 YEARS The best test is the test of time!

the 50-plus years in business this has always been an area of interest but has been too busy within the electrical side of the business to fully commit into other areas. Being involved with the supply, installation and servicing of a number of manufacturers’ of heat pumps and with the extra staff who have the expertise in commercial refrigeration, it makes good business sense to run these together. Barrie points out that their extra advantages are of having a fully equipped workshop, the ability to manufacture their own control equipment to each client’s own requirements and to fully install. So B G Buck Ltd is really a one-stop shop from advice, manufacture to installation. Barrie also points out the company’s policy on training and keeping ahead of this ever changing industry of products and technology together with their staff’s dedication and enthusiasm to our clients needs and offer a full back up and breakdown service 24/7. If it’s electrical contact the best that time has proved.



DIESEL SERVICES • Commercial & rental property cleans • Regular or one-off spring cleaning • Move in/out cleans, sanitise cleans • Full carpet, window & oven cleans • Security checked and fully insured • Free/online quotes, local operator • Franchise opportunities available

0800 803 200



Full Diesel repairs & Maintenance TRANSPORT & GENERAL ENGINEERING


06 368 2037 06 368 1591 Mobile Ian 021 532 995 Ken 021 246 8202



Small Equipment & Ride On Mower Servicing



TILER All Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Installation • Walls • Floors • Splashbacks • Showers/Wetfloors also Hardwood & Laminate

Ph. 027 777 0337 or 06 368 0027

108 Oxford Street, Levin. Ph: 06 367 9951




Gary Drew’s Cleaning Services Guaranteed to beat any existing commercial quote!

! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Commercial/Domestic Carpets Offices & Shops Upholstery/Cars Windows Rentals Ovens Chimney Sweeping

Gary: 027 764 4173



James Petrie

E: M: 022 329 1783 | P: 06 363 8170


Horowhenua Chronicle

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Top five drives of 2013 By COLIN SMITH In a happy coincidence the car I liked the most during 2013 was also the one I drove the furthest. BMW’s xDrive-branded all-wheel-drive variant of the 3 Series Touring is my favourite new car of 2013. And I liked the entry level 320d xDrive Touring model the most. Sure the 3.0-litre, six-cylinder 330d has greater performance, but just as the 320d is the star of the 3 Series sedan lineup, the fourcylinder diesel — with respectable but not remarkable output figures — brings a balance to the 3 Series, an eagerness to punch above its weight and impressive fuel economy. The early winter 3 Series xDrive Touring media launch drive programme was the longest and most diverse of the year with a run from Auckland to Napier via National Park, night time King Country highways, narrow gravel roads near Taihape and the Gentle Annie run into Hawke’s Bay. With that run completed I drove a 320d version home to Tauranga and then revisited the car later in the year with a Taupo to Tauranga run at the conclusion of November’s X5 press launch. It seemed that wherever I went in an xDrive some challenging weather followed IMPRESSIVE: Challenging weather was the me. It was the perfect showcase for an perfect showcase for the advanced alladvanced all-wheel-drive system that further wheel-drive system of the BMW 320d broadens the skillset of the 3 Series and xDrive Touring. makes it a comfortable, effortless and confident car on a wide variety of roads with the added flexibility of the wagon configuration. Also making my shortlist of Top Five Drives for 2013 are the new Range Rover, the multi award-winning Volkswagen Golf, the Kia Cerato and Holden’s new VF Commodore. In all cases these are new cars that deliver a significant step forward over their predecessors. With the Mark VII Golf the premium hatchback becomes a lot more accessible. changes benefit the Range Rover is the new Unmistakable styling evolution, efficient entry level TD V6 engine model that brings a engines and transmissions along with new level of fuel efficiency but effectively no another step in finish quality are hallmarks compromise in performance over the of the new Golf but the big news is how much previous generation V8 diesel. more you get in terms of appointments and The Holden Commodore has made technology — for less money. headlines all year — starting with the The Golf provides the springboard for anticipation surrounding the arrival of the Volkswagen to move beyond premium and to VF, then the realisation that it’s a greatly compete in the mainstream of the Kiwi transformed car and most recently the news market. Sales figures suggest the recipe is that it’s game-over for the large Australian working. car when There was a time production ceases in when the only reason 2017. for buying a Kia was All sorts of the price. That has reasons — political BMW 320d xDrive Touring changed very rapidly and economic — VW Golf Mark VII and the Korean have been trotted Holden Commodore VF marque barely out for the demise of Range Rover pauses to catch its car manufacturing Kia Cerato breath these days in Australia. The before delivering bottom line is that another new car with stand-out styling, high Australians are buying fewer Australian equipment levels, competitive powertrains cars and the export opportunities for Aussie and decent driving dynamics. cars are limited. The newest of these is the Cerato which In spite of the impending death sentence nails the small-medium market with eyethe Commodore is a greatly improved car. catching design, appealing equipment levels The appeal of big, comfortable, rearand a proper six-speed automatic wheel-drive Aussie sedan or wagon transmission. And for drivers seeking a bit continues but it’s the little things that count more performance the flagship model has a in the VF — the electric handbrake and 2.0-litre direct injection engine. relocated electric window switches opening The hatch is slightly more practical than up space on the centre console, the much the sleek sedan because it offers a crucial higher quality interior finishes and a very extra few millimetres for rear seat convincing adoption of electric power headroom. steering that makes the car steer quicker It might be the most expensive car on my but with less effort and more consistent shortlist but if any vehicle signals the feedback than a lot of much more expensive ‘‘weigh’’ forward for car design it’s the new cars. Range Rover. A few other cars made a longer initial list Shifting to aluminium construction has but were eliminated from my top five. seen up to 400kg has been shed by the big They included the neatly packaged, well Rangie. equipped and agile Subaru Forester, which Driving dynamics and fuel efficiency remains as impressive as ever away from benefit greatly from the weight loss, yet the the beaten track and significantly better on Range Rover retains its feel of luxury the highway — and my two favourite substance, majestic air suspended ride performance cars of 2013. quality and adds markedly improved agility The Ford Focus ST and the BMW M135i to its skills. are a marked contrast to each other. The And a substantially reduced number of Focus shows off just how convincing a highswitches in the cabin makes it a more powered front-wheel-drive car can be and intuitive and welcoming experience. the little BMW why rear-wheel-drive is such The best example of how much the a compelling driving experience.


>> localclassifieds >> sayit. sell it. buyit.

ADVERTISING (06) 368 5109 Employment Vacancies POSITION Medical Receptionist (Part-time) We seek an outstanding front person for our busy medical practice. The applicant will need to have excellent attention to detail, computer literacy, organisational and personal skills. A background in medical reception or busy customer service would be an advantage. The position is 3 days part time (14.25 hrs/ week), but will increase to 24 hrs when covering staff leave. Flexibility of working hours is essential to the role. Please forward your CV either by email (preferred) or post to:

Practice Manager Masonic Medical Centre PO Box 243, Levin 5540 Applications close 31 January 2014. All applicants will be responded to after this date. ƒ^ ;²Ï Þº[ f±¿[º[»¿[M f± /²ºlf±_ Þ¿ p²Ï±K[¼ ³n[Þ»[ »Ï#°f¿ ;²Ïº q- ¿² ŒfK²nÞ ‹Þ±Ñfnn[ #; <>¿` „Þ±Ð

”@ 1@AC,Bm šœ ”,A @7??”?A iš¢˜TX’šžTz\–g`n’Tš–

Landscape Garden & Turf


TREE work, removal, stump grinding, branch mulching, fences, decks, building maintenance. BJ’s Building & Property Maintenance 027 249 2575 or 368 7895.




BOWEN THERAPIST Natural effective treatment of problem back, neck, arm, RSI, shoulder, sciatica, sport and body pain, etc. Phone 368 6525 021 0234 8009 Alan Hay 111 Ryder Cres Levin 12 noon - 8pm daily Monday - Sunday


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To Let

Horowhenua Chronicle

Motorcycles For Sale & Wanted

To Let

3 bdrm near new t/house, all mod cons, suit mature person/s, $270p/w. Phone 367 9934 or 027 4400 685.

KENT St, 4 bdrm 2 storey t/house, close to town, 1984 Honda Nifty 50 runs c/port + i/a gge, carpets, well, new rego, $550 ono. wdburner, drapes, partly Phone 06 368 0806. LEVIN 2 bdrm, gge, fenced easy care section, fenced, refs req’d, no pets, $305p/w, 3 wks $200p/w. Phn 06 329 1938. bond req’d, avail 5th Feb. Phone 027 279 3605. Ph: 06 368 5109 LEVIN s/e, 2bdrm, shed, fenced, l/t, $180p/w. Phn WINCHESTER St, 3bdrm, Fax: 06 368 2366 new paint, carpet, kit027 249 3367. chen, dble gge, $260p/w incs w/b. Phn 0272458008. Firewood


Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366

Public Notices YOGA-NUA


Property Wanted

DRY DRY DRY firewood. PYO from $20 pick up. LEASE land wanted, any Mac, Gum, Pine, Douglas size considered. Phone Fir, 28 Tararua Road, 368 2965 a/hrs. Levin - in big glasshouse. 0274 A Grade.

To Let

Wanted to Buy or Exchange


6:00pm 30th January 2014 FRC Clubrooms Easton Park Agenda Election of officers Financial Report

Classes in Levin: Mon 5:30pm Tues 6:00pm Fri 11:00am (Gentle) & Foxton: Wed 6:00pm Ph Annmarie 367 3753


FamilyNotices Anniversaries

Diamond Wedding

TO the gentleman who handed in the wallet Sunday at Levin New World, our sincere thanks.

BUYING now. Legacy Antiques, Shannon. Phone 362 7117.


LEVIN (ph 06 366 0666)

Rent P/W

1 Bedroom

2D Bledisloe St $145 8/44 Cambridge St ............................................................$150

2 Bedroom

3/6 Roosevelt St $150 3/22 MacArthur St.............................................................$155 5/22 MacArthur St.............................................................$155 19 Hannan St .....................................................................$190 50A Highbury Dr ................................................................$210 619 Queen St .....................................................................$230

OLD GOLD JEWELLERY ✴ Diamond rings ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴ ✴

Bangles Bracelets Chains Watches Broken Jewellery

Anything considered BRENMUHLS JEWELLERS

169 Oxford St, Levin

3 Bedroom

11 Mahoe St $140 36 Strathmore....................................................................$200 77 Bartholomew Rd ...........................................................$220 15 Burn St..........................................................................$265 3 Glen St ............................................................................$350

5 Bedroom 574 Queen St


WAIKANAE (ph 04 974 6592) 3 Bedroom + Studio

185 Te Moana Rd ...............................................................$485

FOXTON (ph 06 363 0030) 2 Bedroom

49 Cook St .........................................................................$125 1/2 Main St ........................................................................$130 73B Main St .......................................................................$135 8 Herrington St...................................................................$140 47B Cook St .......................................................................$165

3 Bedroom

Brian’s parents were glad he finally found a house to rent at the age of 40 >> localclassifieds >> say it. sell it. buy it.

41 Johnston St...................................................................$185 14 Hall St ...........................................................................$225

Public Notices


Public Notice of application for On Licence Sections 101, Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012

2 Bedroom

26A Hennessey St..............................................................$145

3 Bedroom

4A Shortt St .......................................................................$190


11 Raunui St.......................................................................$160

3 Bedrooms

31 Hunia Tce ......................................................................$230

WAITARERE BEACH 3 Bedrooms 107 Rua Ave.......................................................................$340

OROUA DOWNS 3 Bedrooms

1322 SH1 ...........................................................................$230


★★★ Motor Parts & Accessories

WANTED CARS &TRUCKS $300 - $5000


$100 - $3000 CARS

We buy any trucks Big or Small

0800 313 717 No Rego - No WOF - De Registered Damaged - Dead or Alive * Don’t worry WE BUY IT! All Makes & Models

We pay minimum $500 - $5000 for Toyota Hiace, Hilux, Landcruiser, Surf, Townace, LiteAce. * Selected Items FREE REMOVALS

24/7 Same Day Next Day

* Conditions apply (Selected items only)

The Manny 2014 Ltd (Trading as The Manawatu Hotel), Avenue Road, Foxton has made application to the District Licensing Committee at Horowhenua for the issue of an On Licence in respect of the premises situated at Avenue Road, Foxton. The general nature of business conducted under the licence is Hotel. The days on which and the hours during which alcohol is intended to be sold under the licence are: Sun 11am - 10pm, Mon 11am - 1am, Tues - Sat 10am - 1am. The application may be inspected during ordinary office hours at the office of the Horowhenua District Licensing Committee at 126 Oxford Street, Levin. Any person who is entitled to object and who wishes to object to the issue of the licence may, not later than 15 working days after the date of publication of this notice, file a notice in writing of the objection with the Secretary of the District Licensing Committee at Private Bag 4002, Levin 5540. No objection to the issue of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in Section 105(1) of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. No objection to the renewal of a licence may be made in relation to a matter other than a matter specified in Section 131 of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012. This is the first publication of this notice.

Levin RSA

Open for all generations TONIGHT MEMBERS DRAW - $1300.00 RAFFLES - DOOR DRAW - QUIZ


Rzepecky - Easton Raymond & Janet married on

23rd January 1954

at St Johns Methodist Church, Levin.

Congratulations and Best Wishes from Family and Friends

Poppies Restaurant Lunch: Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 11.30am Friday and Saturday Buffet Dinner from 5.30pm We extend a very warm welcome to our members, your guests and visitors from affiliated clubs.

CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING DEADLINE For Friday 7th February will be 10:00am Wednesday 5th February Our office will be closed on Thursday 6th February (Public Holiday)

AFTER SCHOOL ACTIVITIES programme/lesson/ Do you run an ‘After School’ program region? If so class for the young people of our re we would love to hear from you as we are publishing a feature on Friday 31st January, 2014 to pro promote what is available to ou our children/ te teenagers to be involved in during the school th terms this te This feature year. Th especially be will esp useful to those new families who fami have moved ha district over the to the distr holiday period.

Please contact one of the Sales Team at the Horowhenua Chronicle Phone 368 5109


TO PLACE AN AD Ph: 06 368 5109 Fax: 06 368 2366


BIGNAL, STIRLING, Ngaire Margaret. Raymond (Ray). Peacefully on Monday Of Levin. Peacefully January 20, 2014, at on January 16, 2014, at Aria Gardens. Dearly the Horowhenua beloved wife of the late Health Centre, Levin. Noel. Treasured Much loved husband mother and mother-in- and soulmate of Pat. law of Lorraine and Loving dad of Diane the late Kevin Jones, and Ashley Gore, and Julie and Bruce Chris and Debbie, Miller. Dearly loved Neville, and Lynda. nana of Wayne and Loved grandad of Rochelle, Vaughan Jason, Darryl, Izzy, and Tania and great Hayden and Jess, grandmother of Noah, Shivann and Mike, Ryan and Cate. Kelsey, and Ruby and A service will be held at great grandad to his 3 the North Harbour great grandchildren. Chapel of Dil’s Loving uncle to all his Funeral Services, 185 nieces and nephews. Schnapper Rock Road, Messages C/- 284 Albany on Thursday Oxford Street, January 23, at 3:30pm, Levin.5510 followed by private A farewell service for cremation. Ray has been held. Dil’s Funeral Services (09) 415 8720 FDANZ

Harvey Bowler Funerals Levin and Otaki FDANZ Locally owned

PEARSON, In Memoriam Gerald Lawrence. ANDERSON, Passed away Myra Lucy (Lucy). peacefully in his sleep 21~01~2013 at Madison Life Care, Levin, on January 20, Mum, one year since 2014 aged 73years. you left us, miss you Dearly loved partner everyday. Love you of Denise for 33 years. always. Loved Father of Graeme, Lynne, John Sandra, Andrew, and families. Craig, Leanne and Jamie. Adored WAHO, Grandad of his 9 Trish. grandchildren and his Things we feel most sister Georgia. He will deeply be deeply missed by all Are the hardest things of us. to say A celebration of Dearest Mum we loved Gerald’s life will be you held at The Funeral In a very special way. Home, 545 Queen If we could have one Street East, Levin, on lifetime wish Friday January 24, One dream that could 2014, at 1:00pm. come true We’d pray to God with all our heart For yesterday and you. Lots of love your kids, moko’s and Al. xoxo

Funeral Directors


Horowhenua Chronicle

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One stop maintenance team • All work guaranteed & fully insured


• Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations • Decks & Fences • Driveways & Landscaping • Roof & Spouting Repairs • Insurance Claims

• All Construction – New Homes, Farm Buildings, Alterations, Joinery Repairs Phone: Mike 027 505 5877 LBP 103386 or Dean 027 496 6461 CBANZ MN02660

or Office: 367 0791

If you would like to advertise in the

Trade Professionals Please telephone

(06) 368 5109 COMPUTER SALES & SERVICE Personal Service You Can Rely On


Ph: (06) 367 9875 Mb: 027 223 4190

Workshop Repairs & Upgrades

Onsite Call Outs

. Plumbing . Gasfitting . • Residential • Wetbacks • Commercial • Woodburners • Solar Hot Water Systems

. Roofing . • New & Re-roofing • P. V. C & Coloursteel Spouting • Longrun Coloursteel

• Sheetmetal Work • Repairs & Maintenance • Flashing Fabrication • Sheetmetal Work

027 243 6451 - 06 362 6595 - Horowhenua


(06) 367 0004 CLOCK REPAIRS Restoration of Old Timepieces

Ph: 06 368 6483 027 288 0111

Pickup and delivery service

New or ReRoof..

If you would like to advertise in the

Call Bryce Rose on 0272 232 927 Freephone 0508 589 145


Trade Professionals Please telephone

Free Quote & Measure

Additions Alterations Domestic Maintenance Carports & Garaging Labour only Housing Fences & Decks

• Up to 4 Litres of New quality engine Oil • New Standard Oil Filter • All Other fluids Checked, topped up • Tyre Pressures Checked • Lube, grease where applicable • General check tyres, air filter, lights, wipers belts etc.


Value oil change, north service lane behind Tom Lancaster Cars + Rentals


Cell: 021 481 532

318 Oxford St, Levin | Ph : 06 367 9555

Home: 368 2821

Ask for Leighton

TOPLINE FENCING When experience counts


(06) 368 5109

Farm • Residential • Security Post Ramming • Retaining Walls

All work carried our to WOF/COF standards

292 Oxford Street, Levin SALES

Servicing Kapiti/Horowhenua since 1993

All Longrun profiles, colour, zinc, galv Metal Tile, Fascia & Gutter Systems Installed or Supplied

For all your Building Needs


Mon -Fri 8.30 -5.30pm Sat 9.00 -1.00pm

Qualified Horologist




Trevor Dellow

Michael Laing



All styles of Fencing and Gates

100% nationwide guarantee

We work for all the insurance companies Locally owned and operated by: 5A Durham St, Levin. Ph 06 367 0557 The Windscreen Repair Experts

SECURE T PLUS (LTD) 25 Main Rd South (next to Placemakers)


96,! 1)42"1/ 5)( :6,!/ "8/.2::)* %"8*6( /.2#/3 ("8*6( ,2.,$ 1)42"1/ +:"*"8& *661 :6,!/ 0 ($)):/ 1)4:2,)* +),-1".# *661/ 0 7#/,1))8/

Locally owned and operated Registered Locksmiths with 22 years experience.

Phone 06 368 7172 Mob 021 766 438

CONTRACTOR Mini Loader, Digger, Roller & Truck Hire • 10 tonne excavator • 3 tonne excavator • 3 tonne loader • Associated equipment for debris cleanup • Appropriate safety gear

ALL available for hire, or call the experts


Dennis Robinson

Ph/Fax (06) 368 9536 LTD Mob (027) 567 8912


Horowhenua Home & Property Maintenance

New - Repairs - Advice Solutions - Quotes

PHONE BRIAN JONES 0274 549 573, A/H 06 368 9849 Email:

If you would like to advertise in the

Trade Professionals Please telephone


Open Saturday 9am-5pm; Sunday 10am-4pm; Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm

FREE DELIVERY(conditions apply) 315 Oxford Street, Levin • Phone: (06) 368 1170 • Fax: (06) 368 1169 Email:

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Horowhenua Chronicle


Action guaranteed at sidecar champs By PETER FRANKLIN Saturday night at Robertson Holden International Speedway will not be for the fainthearted as the race meeting will feature some of the most hair-raising racing ever witnessed as 26 of the country’s best sidecar outfits put it all on the line in the AFC Motorcycles North Island Sidecar Championship. Speedway sidecar racing is strictly for the brave — men and women who live for the pure adrenaline rush of super-close racing, where the smallest mistake by the rider or passenger can have disastrous consequences. Trying to get the edge on the field at speeds of more than 100kmh, swingers throw their bodies across the outfit, their head and upper body only millimetres above the track surface, allowing the rider to get the maximum amount of balance as they throw the outfit sideways at full throttle around the turns. Current North Island champions, Gisborne brothers Deane Miller and Rob Miller, return to Palmerston North and are determined to keep the title. However, they will have to fight off the challenges from NZ2 Richard Horne and Alistair Horne, and NZ1 Paul Humphrey and Ben Franklin who took second and third places respectively in the title race last season. Track manager Bryan Pukowski said for fans the racing would be ‘‘full-on’’. He said when you get as many highly-rated outfits on the track, there was no margin for error — one mistake and you could be out of contention. The lineup is: 1nzp Paul Humphrey - Ben Franklin, 2nzp Richard Horne Alastair Horne, 4k David Gannon Raymond George, 5p Kieran Payne - Stu Elston, 6a Peter Adams and Jayson Hira, 8a Dave Jarden - Aaron Anderson, 9g Deane Miller - Rob Miller (North Island Sidecar Champions) 10a Kyle Anderson - Daryl Pearce, 11a


TITLE BID: Can the reigning NZ champs Paul Humphrey, left, and passenger Ben Franklin better their third place in last season’s North Island title? They both have put a lot of laps in around the Palmerston North track and must be the odds on home track favourites going into the title battle, but things can change quickly on the dirt oval. PICTURE: SQUARE PHOTOGRAPHY Chris Jennings - Cameron Giddy, 14a Jamie Moohan - Stephen Thomassen, 15p Alex Scott - Cruz Ashcroft, 17g Barry Irvine - Callum Innes, 21a Glen Murray - Ann

Plummer, 21b Andrew McNamara Tim Beaver, 22b Troy Devery Peter Steigenberger, 42p Steve King - Sam Carter, 43a Steve Krynicki-Emma Murray, 46a

Russell Stuart - Andrew Parker, 51b Kim Johnston - Kerry Johnston, 56g Clive Ireland Kerwin Arnaboldi, 62b Nick Jensen - Phil Winter, 62v Craig Scott -

Amelia Stanley, 69v Jason Rees Aaron Rose, 71a Tim Plummer Sian Plummer, 96p Mark Whye Jacob Cooper, 97p Mike Zachan Tony Carter.


NORTH ISLAND SIDECAR CHAMPS/ MANAWATU YOUTH MINISTOCK CHAMPS/ STOCKCARS Saturday 25th January 2014 - 6pm Start Arena Manawatu, Palmerston North


Horowhenua Chronicle

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Horowhenua Chronicle

Abby shines with national title By FRANKIE WEBB When Sir Mark Todd won back-toback Olympic gold medals Horowhenua equestrian Abby Long wasn’t even born. The 17-year-old and her 14-yearold mount BMW Advokaat (Hugo) are following in Todd’s footsteps taking a national title at New Zealand’s biggest horse trial competition in Puhunui, Auckland last month. Competing against the cream of the international eventing community, Long left behind former Olympian Matthew Grayling who was only two placings behind her going into the crosscountry phase. ‘‘This is where our future Olympians come from,’’ Equestrian Sport New Zealand High performance operations manager Warwick Allan told Horowhenua Chronicle. ‘‘This is top level competition.’’ Long rode at 1 Star level, but much of the crosscountry course took in parts of the (highest) 3 Star track. She and Hugo blitzed the dressage phase scoring 74.5 per cent. ‘‘Being in the lead going into the crosscountry meant the pressure was on us,’’ Long said. The crosscounty course was tough and the second-placed rider was only two points behind. A rail in the showjumping would have cost Long the title but she knew Hugo wasn’t about to let her down, and he didn’t. ‘‘He felt in a winning mood, he answered every question I asked of him,’’ said a very proud Long. The future certainly looks bright for the combination, and Long’s second mount Sir Lionel Las Vegas gained a 12th placing in a lesser class at Puhunui shows there’s more to come from this young rider.



HUGE THRILL: Abby Long describes riding a lap of honour at the prestigious Puhunui Three Day event one of the biggest thrills in her riding career after she rode BMW Advokaat into first place. Long is currently in third place on the National Junior Rider Eventing Table riding Hugo and fifth on Lionel. Her goal is to compete in the NZ Junior Rider One Day Eventing Championships in Rotorua next month and in May to enter the International 1 Star event at the National Three Day event at Taupo. ‘‘We are aiming for a top-10 finish in Taupo. If the rest of this season goes well I aim to do our first 2 Star competition next year.’’ Recent form would certainly indicate she’s well on track to achieve her dream to compete for New Zealand. LVN120113SPLhugo2

ON COURSE: Abby Long and BMW Advokaat on their winning way in the crosscountry at Puhunui. PICTURES: JAN SUTHERLAND

Abigail (Abby) Long, 17, is a Year 13 student at Nga Tawa School, lives in Manakau and hopes to study Veterinary Science at Massey University next year. Abby has represented Horowhenua and Manawatu West Coast Pony Club at national level over the past four years in eventing and dressage. Father Clive did ride when he was a child. Abby’s first exposure to horses came when she was 7 at a local cafe which had clydesdales for patting. Every visit she became more interested in the horses and developed a passion to ride. She started riding lessons at 8 and wasn’t allowed her own pony until she was 10. Abby trains with Frankie Webb for dressage and Andrew Scott for show jumping. Future goals are to successfully finish off this season gaining some good top-10 finishes at major events, to move to 2 Star next season on BMW Advokaat (Hugo) and also eventually Sir Lionel Las Vegas (Lionel) and train a young horse up to 3 Star with a long-term goal to represent New Zealand at Olympic level. Abby acknowledges the sacrifices made by parents Pamela and Clive in supporting her riding career and said much credit must go to them.



Cricket results Horowhenua - Kapiti C r i c k et As s o c i at i o n results from last weekend:

Senior Reps: Hawkes Bay 208 all out in 55 overs (A. Patel 54, J. Smith 48, M Bacon 7-71, E. Thompson 2-54) and 181-7 Declared in 40 overs (S. Langridge 54, M. Edmundson 30, D. Sanson 3-59, M. Bacon 2-57) beat HMC Horowhenua Kapiti 157 all out in 66 overs (A. Pine 49, M. Jones 33, A. Patel 4-48, L Rukuwai 3-28) and 148 all out off 52 overs (D. Sanson 42, E. Thompson 38, B. Jackett 4-19, A, Patel 3-28) lost outright by runs. A Grade T20 Round One: Weraroa Cricket Club 123-6 off 20 overs (M de Vries 28, C McAleese 32, R Franks 3-11) beat Kapiti Old Boys Cricket Club 114-6 off 20 overs (M Harrison 35) by 9 runs. Paraparaumu Cricket Club 95 all out (J O’Brien 3-9) lost to LOBCC 99-8 off 19.1 overs by 2 wickets. A Grade T20 Round Two: Levin Old Boys Cricket Club 105-9 off 20 overs (D Parker 27) lost to Weraroa 107-4 off 18.5 overs (M de Vries 25) by 6 wickets. KOBCC 175-4 off 20 overs (M. Patterson 98, J. Smith 29) beat Paraparaumu 141-8 off 20 overs (J. Griffith 38, B. Finn 37, D. Schlup 2-17, R. Franks 2-30) by 34 runs. Presidents: Otaki Sports Club 218-9 off 40 overs beat Waikanae 97 all out by 121 runs. KOBCC Gold 74 all out (M Steinbaurer 27, J Ringrose 3-21, P Tessier 3-21) lost to Paraparaumu CC 75-0 off 14.3 overs (J Gordon 46*) by 10 wickets. Weraroa 88 all out lost to LOBCC 89-2 off 12.3 overs (P Pinfold 29) by 8 wickets

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Horowhenua Chronicle

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Horowhenua Chronicle 22-01-14  

Horowhenua Chronicle 22-01-14