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SOONERS AID IN NEW FAMILY HOME OU students provide 90 percent of the labor MEGAN MORGAN The Oklahoma Daily

At a dedication ceremony Saturday, Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity gave Joseph Johnson and his 6-year-old son, JoJo, the keys to their new home. The house, on Himes Street in Norman, was a project of OU’s Greek community. Executive Director of Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity Jana


JoJo Johnson, 6, gets ready to open the door to his new bedroom Saturday afternoon. The Johnson family was forced to move into substandard housing when, JoJo, who suffers from Down Syndrome, was diagnosed with leukemia.

Castleberry said it was the help from OU students that made the project possible. “OU students provided about 90 percent of the labor on this project,” Castleberry said. Students built the house on Fridays and Saturdays during the spring semester, she said. “We want to thank the students. They hatched the idea, did the fund raising and organized the volunteers,” she said. Students started raising money in 2008, and earned about $40,000 for the project. Construction manager Josh Carson, construction science senior, worked on the planning, scheduling, on-site volunteer coordination and obtained materials for the home. “It’s definitely been an eyeopener,” Carson said about the project. “I come from a background in commercial construction, so this was totally different.” Carson said that Habitat for Humanity was a “great organization to be involved with”, and he will also be the construction manager for Habitat’s next house in the area. Castleberry said that the construction of the house was different than any other so far. “This is the first house to be built with this level of energy efficiency,” Castleberry said. Kathryn Frazier, Habitat Board of Directors president, also noted the organization’s new direction. “This house is very reflective of us moving forward,” Frazier said. Frazier also talked about Johnson before giving him the keys


Joseph Johnson (center, in red) stands outside his new home Saturday afternoon with friends, family and members of OU’s Habitat for Humanity. OU students contributed a majority of the labor for the family’s home. to his new home. “Joseph, I’ve been on the board for five years, and you’re my favorite,” she said. “I hope that you will be a special banner for us in this community.” Johnson’s son, JoJo, has Down Syndrome, and when JoJo was diagnosed with leukemia, the family was forced to move into substandard housing. Johnson said he applied for Habitat for Humanity “on a fluke” and was “shocked” when he discovered he had been chosen. “I really didn’t think it was going to happen,” Johnson said.

Johnson helped complete the Habitat’s previous house on Eufaula Street before working on his own. Johnson said it is difficult to gauge JoJo’s reaction. “He seems to be excited, but we don’t know if he understands the concept,” Johnson said. JoJo’s will conclude his chemotherapy treatment in August, Johnson said . “I’m at a loss for words,” Johnson said. “And for those of you who know me, you know that’s rare.” Board member Mark Cox was on the construction committee and

this was the third house he’s been associated with, he said. “It’s a joyous occasion — we see a family that was in substandard housing move to a home to raise and nurture a child,” Cox said. The next Cleveland County Habitat for Humanity project, begins Aug. 15, and volunteers are always needed and welcome, Cox said. “It’s amazing how much can get done with volunteers,” he said. Those interested in volunteering can call the Habitat office at 3607868 or visit its Web site at www.

Post-9/11 GI Bill to cross generations CHARLES WARD The Oklahoma Daily

The Post-9/11 GI Bill may help several OU students pay for school, as it includes a provision which allows service members to transfer their education benefits to their dependent children, husbands or wives. “This has been one of the most requested benefits from our field and fleet, for some time,” said Eileen Lainez, Department of Defense spokeswoman. “From family advocacy groups, people have been asking for this for a long time.” The program is designed to benefit current active-duty, or selected reserve, military personnel and encourages service members to remain in the military at least four additional years. To be eligible to pass benefits on, a service member must have six years of service on or after Aug. 1, and agree to serve at least four more years. At least 90 days of those six years of active service must be after Sept. 11, 2001 for eligibility. In order to receive a 100 percent tuition and fee reimbursement, he or she must have three years of post-9/11 service. Lainez said the additional service commitment runs concurrently with any remaining obligation a service member may have. For example, a service member with two years remaining on his or her commitment would only extend that obligation for four total years, not six. Service members who can’t add four years to their service because of military policy would be eligible if they have given 10 years of service, including the minimum post-9/11 duty. Additionally, those planning to retire between Aug. 1, 2009 and Aug. 1, 2013 will not have to offer additional service, but must give at least 20 years of service. Although benefit transfers can’t occur until Aug. 1, members of the military that are interested in determining eligibility or beginning the application process can do so now by visiting Patricia Ingram, veterans student


services coordinator at OU, encouraged military members to visit the Web site now to begin the process. She estimates that receiving eligibility confirmation from the Department of Defense could take 6-8 weeks. From there, the student receiving the transfer will need to apply for benefits with at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs Web site, Additionally, if the student has been processed by the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration, Ingram said that OU will not submit a bill to the VA until after the Sept. 4 add/drop deadline. “If a student is in an expensive class and they drop that class, and they add a lessexpensive one, they’ve already created an overpayment for that semester, and there is tons of paperwork, plus the student may have to pay that money back,” she said. Students that are waiting for the Department of Defense and VA to process their eligibility and enrollment shouldn’t panic when they begin receiving bills from OU, Ingram said. “I have spoken with the Bursar’s office, [Housing and Food Services] and Financial Aid,” she said. “They were all very agreeable to the fact that as long as we know that these students are in process [they won’t be penalized].” Ingram did say that students may see late fees on their bills, but as long as the benefits are still being processed, those fees will be removed upon request. All of that poses some hurdles for a student that wants to claim these benefits, but the payoff is significant. If the military member is eligible for full Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits, that allows him or her to pass three years of full in-state tuition and fees, a book stipend and, for a child receiving the benefit, a monthly housing allowance. In Norman, the housing allowance is $954 each month. Spouses are not eligible for the housing benefit. Go online to to read this article in its entirety and leave a comment..


A small weather worn sign hangs above the entrance to Brothers Eatery and Pub located on Buchanan Street.

Brothers pub welcomes

increased summer traffic AARON COLEN The Oklahoma Daily

Keith Allen, owner of Brothers Eatery and Pub, stands outside his business on a warm summer night during the middle of the week, watching over the line of a hundred or more people that inevitably develops between 10 p.m. and midnight. Allen said he personally wants to make sure that the only people who get in are those who won’t cause any trouble. “We try to make sure we’re only letting in people who know how to behave in public,” Allen said. “Some people think that since they’re from out of town that they don’t have to act right around here.” The fact that the owner is so involved at the late-night spot speaks to the overwhelming popularity of the pub, which peaks during Wednesday nights in June and July. “On Wednesday nights we usually get around three to four hundred people in here,” Allen said. Allen said the reason for the Wednesdaynight spike remains unknown. “It is just one of those things no one can explain,” Allen said. “The difference between Wednesday business in the summer and during the school year is like day and night. There is no comparison.” Allen said the phenomenon of the big Wednesday nights began about five years ago, and spread through word of mouth.


“It’s something that has become known state-wide, which is why we decided to start limiting it to those with college IDs,” he said. Kevin Brown, computer sciences junior, said he has heard a lot about Brothers even though he doesn’t live in Norman. “I know many people that frequent the Norman area, and they talk about it a lot,” Brown said. “I even heard about it from some co-workers of mine that live out of town.” Allen said students have fewer classes in the summer which lets them to go out more. “When the semester starts, full-time schedules mean that students aren’t going out on Wednesdays,” Allen said. Jarrod Yost, broadcast and electronic media junior, has worked at Brothers for the past eight months. He said the amount of space in the pub is good for large crowds. “There are plenty of rooms, and also the patio is open during the summer, so the environment is conducive to having a lot of people,” he said. Yost said the atmosphere is different during a normal school-year night. “We usually play classic rock which doesn’t draw such a huge crowd of college students,” Yost said. Allen said isn’t complaining about the mysterious mid-week increase in customers. “If I understood it, I would [collect] it and use it every single night, but I’m happy to be getting that kind of business, even if it is just one big night out of the week,” Allen said.

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

In response to Wednesday’s news story about re-assigning Traditions housing

Luke Atkinson, opinion editor • phone: 325-7630 • fax: 325-6051



OU Habitat taking the right step in giving We all know that housing is a necessity in America, yet there are many who are homeless. In fact, according to the Substance Ab u s e a n d Me nt a l He a l t h S e r v i c e s Administration, around 3.5 million will experience homelessness in any given year. What the OU chapter of Habitat for Humanity has done for local Joseph Johnson is a great gesture, but unfortunately a drop in the bucket for the many who need a place of residence. We’ll admit, this program of building homes is much better than being

“I don’t understand why they don’t run the apartments like APARTMENTS and not DORMS. Apartment complexes have been run for years by people who don’t even have what we consider basic education. It is just not that hard if you run them the way they were meant to be run. If they did regular

leases like every other student apartment complex they would have far less trouble.” - drawinfinity


chased down the oval by a guy dressed as Wolverine demanding money for the Shack-a-thon. We applaud the group and volunteers who became involved, but we need to be more aware of the problem and involve ourselves with the solution. OU’s Habitat for Humanity needs to involve more students by campaigning better to the university community. (An updated Web site would be a good first step). By receiving as much assistance as possible, we have a better chance at stamping out homelessness in Cleveland County and Oklahoma.

End of radical conservatism may come soon America has recently seen the rise of a new type of contradiction: the radical conservative. This new spin on a familiar tale takes the form of ”Taxed Enough Already” parties, David Letterman protests and bouts of yelling during Sotomayor's nomination hearings. Never mind that the Princeton dictionary defines conservatism as a political orientation advocating “the preservation of the best in society and opposing radical change.” Believe it or not, conservatives haven’t always been like this. Before the hate-filled diatribes of Ann Coulter and before the advent of the ”birthers” (the creative folks who think that Barack Obama was born in Africa and thus should be invalidated as president), there was William F. Buckley. Buckley was the finest example of the last of a forgotten breed: the New England conservatives. Buckley enjoyed sailing, playing the harpsichord ELIJAH and above all discussing his conservative ideology in a thoughtful manner. His long running show on LAVICKY PBS, “Firing Line,” was characterized by polite debate during which guests were given the chance to answer questions in length (attention, Bill O'Reilly). It comes as no surprise that when Buckley died recently even prominent liberals voiced their admiration. But you don't have to limit yourself to television talk shows to see the decline in civility among conservatives in the last few decades. Just go back a few presidents. Ronald Reagan won two general election landslides not by

demonizing the opposing side or by calling liberals unpatriotic, but by appealing to America's greatness. His campaign slogan was, ”It's morning again in America.” Times change don’t they? Less than a year ago, some Republicans criticized Obama's campaign message of ”hope” as mere naiveté. These same people attacked Obama for wanting to meet with the foreign leaders of third-rate theocracies even though their hero brought the cold war to an end, partly because of a personal friendship with Mikhail Gorbachev. A further 16 years back in history yields another prominent example of the archetypal statesman. Most politically-savvy people know who Barry Goldwater is, but few know just how decent the man behind the glasses actually was. Goldwater was good friends with President Kennedy, and would routinely have long conversations in the oval office with the famous Democrat. During one of these occurrences, the two men agreed to travel around the country together while campaigning for the 1964 election should Goldwater win the Republican primary. Can you imagine John McCain and Barack Obama sharing a plane during the 2008 presidential campaign? I can’t either. Such was the state of politics before the rise of the radical right. It’s hard to pinpoint the beginning of this minority faction, but it is easy to pinpoint the end: Sarah Palin. Whereas Reagan was a unifier, Palin is a divider. Whereas



Rick Bryan, an All-American defensive end at Oklahoma who played his entire NFL career with the Atlanta Falcons, has died. He was 47. Bryan died Saturday night at his home in Coweta, according to the Wright Funeral Home. Former OU coach Barry Switzer says Bryan suffered congestive heart failure. Bryan was a three-time All-Big Eight selection and a two-time All-American. He holds the OU record for tackles by a lineman with 365. “No one outworked him,” Switzer said. “I just wish he had played on a national championship team. He had it all.” Bryan started for OU from 1981 to 1983 and was drafted ninth overall by the Falcons in 1984. He had 29 sacks over the next 10 seasons with the Falcons. He then retired to Coweta, where he owned a 1,000-acre farm. “As good a player as you could ever hope for,” Switzer said. “Tremendous leader on the field.”

The annual Big 12 Media Day began Monday in Dallas. Nebraska, Oklahoma State, Iowa State and Texas A&M kicked off the media extravaganza as the neighbors to the north (Oklahoma State) begin the 2009 campaign with the highest expectations of the Mike Gundy era. “I’m looking forward to the opener against Georgia. I’ve noticed the excitement just being around the team the last week and listening to the players coming down on the plane today,” Gundy told the media Monday afternoon. “We’re really excited about our new defensive coordinator Bill Young (an Oklahoma State alumnus). There’s a lot of excitement in on campus in Stillwater and to sum it up we’re looking forward to the upcoming season.” OU takes the podium Tuesday along with Big 12 schools Missouri, Baylor and Kansas. Wednesday will wrap up the get together before teams break-off to begin pre-season workouts. Texas head coach Mack Brown will meet with the media along with player and coach representatives from Kansas State, Texas Tech and Colorado.

— AP

SOONER FOOTBALL GAINS ANOTHER COMMITMENT IN COLVIN While only a little over a month away from beginning its 2009 campaign on the field Oklahoma received more excellent news from off the field Sunday evening. Owasso three-star defensive back Aaron Colvin committed to the Sooners over Oklahoma State, Tulsa and Missouri. The 6-foot, 180-pound Oklahoma native becomes the 19th player to commit to the Sooners (the fourth from the Sooner State) joining an impressive recruiting class that already includes offensive lineman Bronson Irwin (6-4, 322, Mustang), athlete Jarrett Lake (6-2, 205, Jenks) and athlete Julian Wilson (6-0, 172) who will be a senior at Moore’s Southmoore High School. Colvin is ranked as the nation’s No. 29 cornerback, according to

OU BASKETBALL ANNOUNCES CONFERENCE SCHEDULE The Big 12 Conference announced its men’s basketball schedule last week. Highlighting the Sooners’ schedule the conference opener on Jan. 9 at Baylor followed by the conference home opener against in-state rival Oklahoma State on Jan. 11. The Sooners finish regular season play March 6 when they host Texas A&M. Fifteen of Oklahoma’s 16 games are set for television, with nine of them airing on national networks and six on the regionally syndicated Big 12 Network. —Eddie Radosevich/The Daily

William F. Buckley was an astute thinker, Palin can’t name a magazine or newspaper she reads regularly. Whereas Barry Goldwater retired from the Senate universally respected by his Democrat and Republican colleagues, Palin is derided both by the Left and by a good chunk of the Right. Fortunately, the radical conservative minority in America is losing power fast and the most obvious proof is the election of one Barack Hussein Obama. Against all possible odds, including the color of his skin, the Muslim heritage of his father, the atheism of his mother, his middle name and his membership of a Black Nationalist church, Obama won the presidency of the United States of America. He didn’t become the 44th president because his liberal views mesh with the majority of America, he won because of his demeanor. Obama’s coolheadedness and composure are the stuff of legend, not seen since, at least, the presidency of Ronald Reagan. As the conservative columnist David Brooks writes in a recent article for the New York Times, ”we can all agree that [President Obama] exemplifies reticence, dispassion and the other traits associated with dignity.” I voted for McCain not because I wanted him to be president, but rather to help prevent a rout. If my vote had been the deciding factor in the election, I would have voted for Obama. The idea of putting an embarrassment like Sarah Palin within elk-hunting distance of the Oval Office is a terrifying prospect indeed. Elijah Lavicky is a finance senior.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009



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4 1 3 8 7 9 6 2 5

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to report illegal or unsafe drinking. All calls are anonymous. The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution.


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39 ___ out (barely manages) 40 “Sex and the City� first name 42 Computer programming language 44 Michelangelo masterpiece 45 “Could we get on with it?� 46 Be a sot 47 “Aloha� accompaniments 48 Clear square 49 Cut from the same cloth 50 Something golf pros teach 51 Jamaican fruit 52 Some make light of it 54 Beer barrel poker? 55 Ten Commandments beast


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Drink Responsibly.


store? 48 Monetary units of India 50 “Water,� “squirt� or “cap� ending 53 One who breaks new ground? 54 Assume control 56 Larger-thanlife 57 “Gentlemen Prefer Blondes� author Loos 58 Airtight tower 59 Come together nicely 60 Type of colony 61 Brief drive DOWN 1 It has a stem and a bowl 2 Object of devotion 3 Sheet 4 Fond du ___, Wisc. 5 “Location, location, location� business 6 TV pioneer Kovacs 7 Blake or Burns 8 Sword feature 9 Relay race section 10 Recipe phrase 11 De-ported? 12 Strike sharply 13 Not irrigated 18 “Captain Planet� element 22 Isn’t straight

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009


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Go online to read The Daily’s reviews of new releases from David Bowie and The Boom Bang.


Cheers to local bands stealing the show. Sure, Cool Kids, Ra Ra Riot and Gogol Bordello were all pretty great Saturday, but upon leaving Dfest in Tulsa, the shows that truly stick out in my mind were those from hometown bands like Pretty Black Chains, The Boom Bang, Mayola and Native Lights. Watching great, fun and energetic sets from local bands is just so much more rewarding to me as an Okie, and I’m simply ecstatic at the prospect of Oklahoma’s music scene exploding in the near future.

sheer power of will pushed these bands head and shoulders above the other, more veteran acts.


Cheers to Gogol Bordello and Gil Mantera’s Party Dream for bringing the crazy. Just like a dysfunctional, intoxicated uncle, it was impossible not to love them.


Jeers to Dfest sound techs for numerous technical difficulties. A few mishaps are inevitable, but nearly every headliner I saw suffered JEERS through at least one major obstacle Jeers to the Poseidon Stage. with their sound. Granted, I only ventured over A poorly executed sound check there to see Delta Spirit and Cake, but cut Delta Spirit’s set nearly in half. I can’t help but think the Poseidon The Knux had to rap over a barely Stage sort of fell flat this year. audible beat with their closing numI’m sure Other Lives and The ber, “Bang! Bang!” and the signature Uglysuit put on great shows, but guitar line was completely cut out. the headliners this year just really JOSHUA Wes Miles of Ra Ra Riot had to didn’t do it for me. I was hoping for BOYDSTON deal with his vocals cutting out at that one (or two) great, big, current the beginning of the show as well, bands (like Kings of Leon or Spoon) to really push Dfest into an upper echelon of and God knows how many more troubles music festivals, but I just felt the festival sort other main stage acts had to deal with. of stalled this year in terms of national acts.



Cheers to the Electric Circus Stage for being the place to be this year. Sets from Hush Hush Commotion, The Boom Bang, The Burning Hotels, Pretty Black Chains, Here Is There and Mayola were seriously some of my favorites of the whole festival. These emerging acts were wide-eyed and hungry, and with that infectious desire,

Cheers to Fiawna Forté and The Boom Bang for making lemons into lemonade on Saturday night. These bands suffered through issues with sound too, but Forté yelling at the top of her lungs in the rain and The Boom Bang singer, James Smith, jumping into the crowd and shouting with all his might made for two of the best moments of the whole festival.


A crowd gathers in front of the Triton Stage Saturday during a performance by The Cool Kids at Dfest in Tulsa.


Jeers to scheduling slip-ups. I’m still a little irked that two of the bands I was most excited to see, Ra Ra Riot and Mates of State, were scheduled at the same time. This is almost forgivable, until you realize that Blue October and Metro Station were also scheduled for basically the same time later that evening. It seems like a simple switch of Mates of State and Metro Station’s timeslots would have benefited everyone involved, but maybe there is more to this that I am unaware of.


Cheers to Dfest organizers for another

great music festival. Sure, there were a few issues here and there, but man, was it fun. The great thing about Dfest is revealed with its full name, Diversafest. With so many acts of every conceivable genre, with different levels of popularity and exposure, and from all across the country (and world), you might not have liked every band on the bill, but there was definitely something for everyone at every hour. Dfest brought a diverse community of music lovers together for a phenomenal time, and I’m already counting down to next year. Joshua Boydston is a psychology sophomore.

Inexplicable plot twists and too many metaphors sink ‘The Angel’s Game’ Check out this sentence from C the best-selling “The Angel’s Game” by arlos Ruiz Zafón: “I went through the front door feeling as if I was entering the jaws of a being made of stone and shadow and ascended the wide stairMEGAN MORGAN case, penetrating the bowels of this creature; when I opened the door of the main floor, the long corridor that faded into darkness seemed, for the first time, like the antechamber of a poisoned and distrustful mind.” Now add a string of these metaphor-heavy, exaggeratedly gothic sentences together until they compose a book. Make them weave an

intricate plot with twists and turns that come out of nowhere and you’ve got “The Angel’s Game.” “The Angel’s Game,” released in mid-June, takes the concept of purple prose to a higher level, making the book tiresome instead of atmospheric, which is what Zafón seems to be striving for. Set in Barcelona in the 1920s, “The Angel’s Game” tells the story of a young writer named David Martin. Martin begins writing for a newspaper before churning out sensationalist “penny dreadfuls” about the underworld of Barcelona called “City of the Damned.” Flashbacks of Martin’s troubled childhood are injected intermittently. One-hundred fifty pages later comes the main storyline, however. Martin literally makes a lucrative book deal with the devil, receiving


a huge amount of money and the cure for his fatal brain cancer (which, strangely, is barely referred to). And while this twist could have been interesting, Martin’s naivety during the process is frustrating. “The Angel’s Game” plods on,

introducing more and more minor characters as it progresses. It is sometimes difficult to distinguish between characters because it seems that all of them have the same sarcastic personality. While this formula sometimes makes for humorous dialogue, the constant sarcasm and bitterness also gets tiresome. The romantic subplot also has its problems. The narrator’s love interest, Cristina, is never shown to have any redeeming qualities, nor is given much of a personality. And seeing that Martin appears to forget about her for long stretches of pages at a time, his so-called obsession with her feels forced. But the book is still a best-seller, right? It can’t be all bad, can it? OK, there might be a few reasons for the book’s success. “The Angel’s Game” is the second installment of

Zafón’s gothic Barcelona world. The first, “The Shadow of the Wind,” was also a best-seller. While “The Angel’s Game” is not a sequel or prequel, but merely a supplement, some of its popularity could be gleaned from this previous work. The premise of “The Angel’s Game” is also, admittedly, an interesting one. If the book was perhaps severely cut down and trimmed up, it could have been saved. Sadly, the book’s foundation gets overshadowed by the ornate descriptions, overly obscure plot and uninteresting large cast of characters. And all this, oddly, from “one of the world’s most read and bestloved writers,” claims Zafón’s biography on the back flap. Megan Morgan is a professional writing senior.


HUSH HUSH, COMMOTION “IN CONTROL” SELF-RELEASED RELEASE: AUG. 11 Hush Hush, Commotion sure does seem to have grown a lot for being such a young band. Already well known across the state for their bubbly, infectious rock tunes, HH,C appears to be poised to make an even bigger splash across the country

with its newest release, “In Control,” that has already charted on in pre-sale. What makes me happy for the guys though, is how much “In Control” sounds like a product the band is truly proud of, and rightfully so. HH,C branches out farther from its debut album, “It Could Happen,” and has written some songs that sound beyond its years. It certainly is playing with its sound, dissatisfied with the idea of lingering in its same old sound — the mark of a good band. Sometimes I find that a band of this sort ventures a little too far from that sound that garnered it fans in the first place, but I can happily

state that Hush Hush balanced the perfect amount of the new and old with “In Control.” With “War of Words” and “Dead Wrong,” that signature catchiness is left intact. The album literally creaks to a start with “War of Words” before launching into a retro, summery tune that feels nice and warm. The beaming keyboards and nearly Southern rodeo bass groove in the chorus are brilliant touches, and the group vocals are a sort of testament to how impossible it is to not sing along to its songs. “Dead Wrong” is good ol’ HH,C fun over a punchy, polished beat. Even more exciting to me though are the sort of departures for Hush Hush.

The boys seem to have been listening to a bit of Kings of Leon, because there is a sort of down-home, Southern element to the other tracks of “In Control.” The biggest leap is “Make Me Shine,” and the payoff is huge. The shimmering acoustic guitar and twinkling tambourine add up to an extraordinarily gorgeous and fun song. HH,C really does seem to be in control of things with this new release. The band seems to shed any expectation of what it should sound like, and is instead simply playing on its own terms. With “In Control” as a strong indication, its terms are sounding pretty damn good in my ears. Joshua Boydston/The Daily

VARIOUS ARTISTS “FUNNY PEOPLE” CONCORD RECORDS RELEASE: JULY 28 Promotional material for Judd Apatow's upcoming "Funny People" seems to suggest the quieter, more dramatic side of Adam Sandler we've seen in films like "Punch-Drunk Love.” That's a good look

for Sandler, and maybe, just maybe, he's starting to grow up for real. T h e " Fu n n y P e o p l e" soundtrack features Sandler singing on two of its 14 tracks, and his cover of John Lennon's "Real Love” is actually rather impressive. Sandler doesn't have the greatest voice, but his earnestness is unmistakable, and the song fits well alongside offerings from Paul McCartney, James Taylor, Wilco, Lennon and Jason Schwartzman's solo project, Coconut Records. They all come together to create a mellow, well-paced album that portends well for Apatow's latest, at least as far as the music goes. Dusty Somers/The Daily

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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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