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4 ‘90s flashback 4 weekend ahead 5 drink specials 5 foodie: syrup 6 the girl, the gay and the cynic 6 shopping locally 7 travel: santa fe 8 cover: dancing with the stars 10 app of the week 11 men’s basketball cards 12 fashion: frumpy to fabulous 13 fitness: SPRING BREAK abs 14 music. movies. tv. 15 does it hit the spot?


hello contributors

Welcome to Escape! With a name like that, I should probably explain what we’re here for: We want to help you get ready for the weekend — a weekend where you can get away from the stress of college. Really. That’s our main mission and as the tag line on the cover says, we want you to smile, explore and relax this weekend and every weekend. This bi-weekly pub will give you some tips — from finding events to attend to staying at home on your couch. Whatever you do, have fun. Take time for you.

Fun. Vibrant Colors. Exciting photos. These were the main things that came to my mind when we started planning this first issue. We want to help kickstart your weekend early with an exciting magazine full of content that is designed to keep your interest. Take a load off and read the whole thing or flip to your favorite parts. Whatever you do, enjoy. This publication is for you and my goal is to capture what matters in your life, to capture your weekend. Be colorful.

bryan scott dugan, editor @bryscottd

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Katherine borgerding @katborgerding

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Alex Ewald @oualexewald

sydney mcferron @sydmcferron

The Oklahoma Daily Editor

on the cover contact us! Dancing with the Stars’ Joe Sangirardi and Lyndsee Mummey. photo by kingsley burns and evin morrison

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if i could turn back time

things to do 1.

what: baseball when: 6:30 p.m. Friday, march 1 where: l. dale mitchell park

Take me out to the ballgame. They just started, so cheer on the Sooners from the very beginning.


what: women’s basketball when: 7 p.m. saturday, march 2 where: lloyd noble center


photo: tamagotchi by evin morrison

Great ballers of fire! Watch Sherri Coale and her women tear up the court and send Kansas back to their wasteland. what: hairspray with hcsa when: 7 p.m. saturday, march 2 where: walker—adams mall

“Hairspray” and theater snacks. What more do you need? You’ll get to see Amanda Bynes before she went crazy.


what: falstaff when: 3 or 8 p.m. march 7-10 where: reynolds performing arts center

Expand your artistic horizons and pack your opera glasses. It’s adapted from Shakespeare but don’t let that stop you.


what: ‘lincoln’ when: 7 or 11 p.m. friday, march 8 where: the union’s meacham auditorium

Just in case you missed this Oscar fave, go see this DanielDay-Lewis-and-Sally-Field powerhouse.

don’t let it

die story | bryan scott dugan

In another effort to remind us that we’re ancient, Tamagotchi has been rehatched as an app. Those ubiquitous, little egg-shaped devices we all had as children have made the shift to the digital age with us, reviving the electronic pet craze of the 1990s. Sync Beatz, which has licensed Tamagotchi from Bandai, is branding the relaunch as “Tamagotchi L.i.f.e” with “L.i.f.e” standing for “love is fun everywhere.” Like in the original, Tamagotchi owners can care for their pets by pressing buttons that simulate feeding, disciplining and playing with

the funky-looking critter. After first releasing in Japan in 1996, Tamagotchi exploded onto the scene, entering our lives with similar force as Beanie Babies and Furbys. But now, vintage is everything. The app is currently only available for Android devices, but will be released for Apple products soon. Users have two viewing options: an old-school one with the same three little buttons and a modern version that utilizes the touchscreen innovations of the last decade. You can even play rock, paper, scissors with your pet on this latest release.



photo: syrup by sydney mcferron

The University of Oklahoma Libraries & OU Athletics invite you to participate in the

Books That Inspire:

Award-Winning Books and Authors

syrup, spice and everything nice review | sydney mcferron You’re starting your day off right if you begin with breakfast at the locally owned Syrup breakfast boutique. This cute breakfast joint on Main Street adds gourmet flair to classic breakfast dishes. The food looks so good you can’t help but Instagram it. (After all, isn’t that the ultimate test of a delicious dish?) Try the Crunchy French Toast to satisfy your sweet tooth. It’s breaded with corn flakes and served with syrup and freshly made whipped cream. Pair this with Syrup’s Guatemalan signature blend coffee or, if you’re really in need of a pick-me-up, try a cup of the spicy Ethiopian. Whether you try the stuffed frittata, sweet potato pancakes or the

deliciously fluffy waffle topped with strawberries, you will be a happy camper. “Syrup is my favorite place to go out for breakfast,” Syrup regular Andi Jamison said. “Their commitment to excellent and unique breakfast food has me and my friends always wanting more.” Anissa Burnley, a cook at Syrup, offers this tip: “Order half a crunchy French toast with your morning glory. It’s just enough sweet to satisfy.” Syrup serves a delicious, moderately priced breakfast. The portions are large and are made with love, care and fresh ingredients. Also, 100 percent of Syrup’s profits are given to missions around the world.

Students, faculty, staff, and members of the OU community: If you have been inspired by an award-winning book or author, please send a one-hundred word essay explaining how the book or author inspired you.

Please e-mail your essay, title of the book and name of the author, and a photograph of yourself to Tara Reynolds at by Monday, March 4, 2013.

signature drink musts Sometimes breaking out of the mold is necessary, especially when it comes to alcohol. Norman’s bars each have something special to offer, something only they do best. The next time you need a reason to get gussied up for a night on the town, consider hitting up these places.

drink: black velvet where: mcnellie’s abner ale house price: $6

drink: nicole cherry bomb where: the library price: $6

One of the bests here is a mixture of both beer and cider. Note: A bit pricey.

Think: A regular cherry bomb, but with a twist. It goes down easy, though.

drink: la linda malbec where: blu price: $29/bottle

A popular label in Argentina, this has a full, rich taste. Warning: Not for the faint of heart.

For more information, visit

relationship advice

the girl

the gay

the cynic

Stumbling upon

the It Piece story | Katherine Borgerding

Should I invite my significant other to spring break? This can be answered in one question: Will you have more fun on your own or with them? Spring Break is a chance to let loose, enjoy a week of freedom and get away from campus. If you worry that taking along your bf or gf will stifle that fun or make you feel stuck, then make plans to do separate things. There might be some hurt feelings, but that’s why the Internet and smartphones exist. Distance makes the heart grow fonder … right? Plus, there is nothing better than hitting the town with your best friends and being your own person for a few days.

Plan a safe ESCAPE. Safe, FREE, alternative transportation for OU STUDENTS Thursday-Saturday nights, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m. Questions or Concerns:

Pick up vouchers, Monday through Friday, Noon to 7 p.m. / OMU 181





Call because it’s wrong, it’s stupid, and OU students are so much better than that.

The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution. For accommodations on the basis of disability, call 325-3161.

How do you know when you have a cyber crush? If you start singing Taylor Swift songs because a guy or girl has been tagged in multiple Facebook photos with someone other than you, you probably have a cyber crush. If you’ve actually considered using the Poke feature, you probably have a cyber crush. If you’ve found this person’s Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr (and hell even LinkedIn), you probably have a cyber crush. What is this — middle school? Are we on AIM again? Close Facebook, get your butt up and go find this person. Confess your feelings and enjoy.

How do you know when you have a cyber crush? Get some wet wipes and clean those tongue marks off your computer screen. Here’s a simple formula: subtract the difference in your hotness scores. If it’s less than 3: Slick back your hair, grab your magic shoes and start shamelessly flirting. If it’s 3 to 5: Learn to settle. Maybe the apple of your eye has an awkward, bruised friend. If it’s more than 5: The Internet is a beautiful thing. Stick to lusting from afar. Just don’t make any hair dolls or plaster the walls of your basement bedroom with pictures. And chin up — someone will respond to your Craigslist ad soon.

Should I invite my significant other to spring break? No. Spring break is time for friends. Now, this doesn’t mean you have a free pass to be a floozy. It just means you need to go with friends, stay with friends and party with friends. If your significant other wants to go, just explain this is for fun. If your significant other happens to be a part of your circle of friends, please promise me you won’t stay glued to them the entire time. Go have fun! You’re in college and you probably won’t even remember his or her name a few years from now.

Should I invite my significant other to Spring Break? Variety is the spice of life, and some poor swimsuit designer spent many late nights and cigarettes making those co-eds’ asses pop. So unless your “significant” is also your wingman, ditch her.

Experienced Sexual Assault? There is Help.


OU’s Sexual Assault Response Team


7 days a week, 24 hours a day

photos: local shopping by kingsley burns; illustrations by evin morrison

I am going to tell you where to find that statement piece, the one outfit-defining item that lets you, maybe not stand out from a crowd, but at least look original and stylish. And if we are being honest, that’s what we really want anyway. If you are a girl, leave the comfort of Campus Corner shopping and head down Main Street way to find that perfect outfit. Norman doesn’t offer much by way of good vintage shopping, but what resides in Anty Shanty on Main Street is ripe for the picking. Vintage adds dimension and flare to any outfit for any occasion. Because of the cyclical nature of fashion, many times you can find that piece you have been hunting for in retail stores. Popping on a scarf or pair of roughedup leather boots is a sure-fire way to keep your style fresh and interesting, although not always without the cost. Shopping vintage doesn’t guarantee a good deal, but it does ensure your individuality. For the guys, you are in luck. Threads Menswear is small but houses many great gems that would fit into many manly wardrobes. Pick out anything from a bright bow-tie to stylish Oxfords. Either way, whatever your style, Threads may just be your go-to weekend-wear emporium. But don’t take my word for it, go see for yourself.

How do you know when you have a cyber crush? Ever walked down the hall and seen the person who makes your heart (or something else) flutter? You know everything about them — which photo makes them look the hottest and whom they talk to most — but they have never said a word to you. Oh wait … they barely know your name. You are pathetic. These are the sure signs of cyber crush. It is weird that you know so much about them without having any real interaction. Put on some pants and go have a real conversation with this person.

contact us! Send us questions that could appear in the next issue. email: twitter: @EscapeGGC

Be aware. Show you care.

Keeping OU safe our _ is your job. OU’s Behavior Intervention Team

405.325.7700 / If a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else or is incapable of caring for themselves, CALL 911.

...a message from Student Affairs


destination: santa fe

left to right: laney ellisor, jp brammer and amanda ramirez

story & photo | laney ellisor

Sometimes a 7-hour drive takes you to a world entirely unlike your own. Sometimes a 4-day road trip makes friends of classmates. The four of us had finished our first novels — a requirement of our professional writing major — and wanted to celebrate. We also knew that to be good writers, we needed to experience, to live. How better than a road trip to Santa Fe? We left Norman early on a Tuesday morning, the week before the spring semester began. The drive was not without proverbial sing-along

sessions or games to pass the snow-capped mountains, time. We stopped for lunch and in the other were endless adobe homes and in Amarillo at the Big Texan miles evergreens. I felt energized Steak Ranch, where we from norman by the new landscape and watched a man try (and fail) its climate, both so different to eat a 72-ounce steak in an hour. Yeehaw! from home. My friends — Scott, Amanda The sky was dark by the time we reached our casita, but I knew already and JP as our leader — and I hiked that Santa Fe was beautiful. The down Artist Road to Santa Fe Plaza. stars seemed close enough to touch We had a traditional Southwestern from my second-story balcony, and lunch at Tia Sophia’s, where the luminarias sparkled atop every adobe chilies were spicy and the sopapillas building in sight. were complimentary. We spent the The next morning, I was not rest of the afternoon visiting historic disappointed. In one direction were sites, including the Georgia O’Keeffe


Museum, the Cathedral Basilica of Saint Frances of Assisi and Loretto Chapel, known for its Miraculous Staircase, which was built without visible support and using wooden pegs instead of nails. We had dinner at Café Pascual’s, named after the folk saint of Mexican kitchens and cooks. The pueblo-style adobe building was a work of art in itself. Its walls were lined with handpainted tiles and murals. The next day we explored the myriad shops downtown, where I bought a New Mexican chili pepper rista, a vintage Antônio Carlos Jobim record and everything featuring the Virgin of Guadalupe I could get my hands on, even a pair of socks. As a student of Latin American studies and Spanish, I love anything related to Our Lady of Guadalupe. Santa Fe is filled with depictions of her and is home to the Santuario de Guadalupe, the oldest shrine to Mexico’s patron saint in the United States. JP again led us to fantastic food and drinks, that night at The Pink Adobe and its Dragon Room Lounge, where trees grow through the roof. The locals we met there recommended we head to The Matador afterward, and they were not wrong. The (literally) underground bar was dark and smoky and provided a window into authentic Santa Fe nightlife. Friday came entirely too fast. We drove through Canyon Road — the art district — on our way out of town, pretending for a few more minutes Santa Fe was home.

Lease your next duplex, townhome, apartment or house from our great list of affordable properties!

Many of our locations are close to campus! 2241 W. Lindsey St. Suite 500 Norman, Oklahoma 73069


We are Pre-Leasing now at several locations! Check out our website for available property listings!

meet you on the

floor story | bryan scott dugan photo | Evin Morrison


duo and a half pace around the South Oval, waiting for one more person to complete their gathering. These are two dancers and two on-campus personalities who are a part of Union Programming Board’s inaugural Dancing with the Stars event. The solo dancer for the time being — Angel Ochoa, international and area studies senior — frantically sends text after text to his partner, Vicky Vargas, CAC chair and human relations senior. She’s MIA.

left to right: lyndsee mummey, joe sangirardi, angel ochoa and vicky vargas

Continued on the next page

10 Continued from page 9 As the group awaits Vicky’s arrival, the playful, competitive jabs take off and there’s plenty of sass to go around. Joe Sangirardi, SGA president and letters senior, and Lyndsee Mummey, public relations junior, find a home in front of the camera while Angel hangs around, the three exchanging yo u ’re - g o i n g d ow n - o n - t h e dance-floor comments and each showing off some of the moves they’ve been practicing. (Joe and Lyndsee tease a little of their gyrating choreog raphy - angel ochoa for their freestyle dance or as Lyndsee calls it, “the shake and mix.”) In between shots, Joe recuperates from inhaling a little too much smoke from the sparklers used in the cover photo as Lyndsee and Angel tease him for being a diva. As the shoot moves to a different location, Vicky finally shows up, jumps right into place and strikes a pose with the group. In that moment, it’s easy to see this is a tight-knit group — even suggesting among themselves to form a “super group” — ready to fight one another in a ballroom brawl on Friday night for the top prize. With hours of practice behind them and the March 1 dance-off approaching, are these two duos ready? Two weeks ago, it seemed a little shaky. When asked if they were prepared to perform their routines, the foursome burst into booming laughter. Joe and Vicky, as Dancing with the Stars’ celebrity contestants, chime in before their “professional” dancing counterparts. “Practice is coming along …,” Joe

We’ll be ready, will you?

says, changing into a playfully serious tone. “But we’ll be ready,” Vicky quickly follows up. Lyndsee and Angel share slightly nervous glances, but join in on the conversation to support their partners. “We’ll be ready, will you?” Angel retorts. “Are you kidding me?” Lyndsee says before Joe jumps back in, “We were born ready.” All friendly competition aside, Angel describes the energy surrounding the event as a good time, looking past being crowned the champions and focusing more on enjoying the time spent on preparing for the night. “When we’re dancing sometimes it’s just crazy. I just love the energy and I feel like it’s not even a competition,” Angel says. “We’re just having fun, and I think we’ve definitely been able to see that throughout all of the competitors as well. Everyone’s just having fun and it’s not where everyone is down each other’s throats to win.” When rehearsals first started about a month ago, it was theatrical from day one. A little drama mixed with a whole

The Line


Jessie Le and David Postic the make-a-Wish foundation

lot of fun. A little challenging to learn the choreography put together by their partners, but still something they all wanted to be a part of. Joe’s first rehearsal with Lyndsee came with an “Oh, shit!” moment, he says. “I was like, this is going to get really … intense,” Joe says. They’ve powered through the difficulties, though, Lyndsee says, and having Joe there during the tough moments is a morale booster for her. His contagious personality makes working with Joe easy while going over difficult moves. Vicky and Angel express similar emotions. “The most fun comes when we spend an hour going over one move to get it into my muscle memory. We have so much fun during that time. An hour of practice will go by and it doesn’t feel like it,” Vicky says. Dancing with the Stars kicks off at 7 p.m. on Friday in the Union’s Meacham Auditorium, where 10 couples will compete to be crowned ballroom royalty and win a cash prize for a charity of their choice.

Angel Ochoa and Vicky Vargas

Soonerthon — Children s Miracle Network

Sara Kim and Boomer (Tonya Kiper) Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma

Lisa Schaefer and Sonny Galyon Community After-School Program in Norman

Kelsey Martyn-Farewell and Zac Stevens Camp Crimson Scholarship Fund

Lyndsee Mummey and Joe Sangirardi J.D. McCarty Center

John Gramlich and Kari Dawkins Sooners Helping Sooners

Henry Neeman and Maggie Cannon Ronald McDonald House/Full Circle Life Enrichment Center

Jacqueline Bello and Elvie Ellis

Whitney Nelms and Kelly Damphousse


OU s Peggy and Charles Stephenson Cancer Center

APP of the week app: vine price: free device: iphone only for now rating: 4 of 5 stars


If you are wondering what the homemade GIFlike video clips scattered through your Twitter feed are all about, you’ve come to the right place. Vine, owned and designed primarily for Twitter, allows users to make and post 6-second video clips. Unlike other popular video-sharing apps, Vine allows users to shoot multiple short clips to make up the 6-second video. Making a Vine is easy and requires no editing. The user simply holds a finger to the screen and the app will start capturing video. To stop and make a cut, lift the finger and start again when you are ready for the next cut. Vine hit the app store back in January but was acquired by Twitter in October. The app’s interface is organized much like Instagram and feels a little like SnapChat, just without all the Hipster-izing filters and nudity. Oh, darn.

review | katherine borgerding


cut out and collect

men’s basketball We sifted through the men’s basketball roster to find the best of the best. Here are the most interesting Sooners on the court. Seriously, cut these things out and collect them. Next issue we’ll highlight another sport.



Clark Leads the sooners’ shooting percentage (50.8)

#4 andrew

photos: ryan phillips

fitzgerald Fitzgerald, a 4-year player, provides valuable minutes off the bench





#24 osby leads the sooners in scoring (14.2 ppg) and blocks (0.9 bpg)

pledger #2

pledger is fifth in the big 12 in 3-pointers (51) and is the big 12’s leading returning scorer


Flipping your

Style COLUMN | evin morrison

the fix for men The Symptoms: Sweatpants, T-shirt, sweatshirt and tennis shoes The Cure: Spring is almost over, but there are likely still a few weeks of cold weather left. So instead of that hoodie you have been living in all winter, here’s your chance to try out a sweater. Yes, I said it: a sweater! Try a pullover with a zipper on the neck. It will fit and feel just like a sweatshirt but will look so much more polished. I am not at all against men wearing tennis shoes as long as they are clean. Keep an old pair for working out and save the new pair for going out. If you really want to flip your look, try a pair of leather slip-ons like a Sperry or a loafer. Nothing makes me swoon faster than a man in good shoes.

A pair of jeans that fits right is just as comfortable as a pair of sweatpants (and a hell of a lot more appropriate for venturing out into the world).

“I’m going to look sloppy today,” said no one, ever. I know how easy it is to roll out of bed 30 minutes before class and throw on a pair of sweats and the world’s comfiest cotton tee. Top it all off with a cozy sweatshirt, and you are ready to face the world, right? Well, not quite. Ladies and gentlemen: sweatpants, leggings, baggy T-shirts and oversized sweatshirts need to be saved for the gym. I walk around the South Oval every day, and I am amazed by what I see. Throw in the occasional pajama pants and slippers, and I spiral into a deep state of fashion depression. Don’t get me wrong, you can’t walk around every day in a dress and heels, but I truly think we can do better.

the fix for women The Symptoms: Leggings, oversized T-shirt and boots The Cure: Oversized tees? I never saw this look before I came to OU – are we all trying to look five sizes bigger than we actually are? I don’t get it. Step it up ladies, you are gorgeous, so show it off ! As for the leggings, I wear them (actually I have a whole drawer of them), but let’s be honest, they belong under something. Pairing them with a XL tee? You just aren’t trying. If you are willing to leave the leggings at home, try a skinny jean. The boots, oh lord, the boots. I have to admit, I am an addict. But with spring right around the corner, there is little reason to talk about boots you are about to retire until next fall. However, if there are deep scuffs on the toe, it’s time to upgrade. With boot season almost over, just close your eyes and toss them, then go buy a new pair on sale.

13 1. the plank sets: 3 duration for each rep: 1 minute

4. the crossfit crunch sets: 4 Reps: 25

The key is to keep your back straight and abs engaged. The line from your head to knees should be straight.


Put the bottoms of your feet together and place your hands at your sides. Do a complete situp and touch the floor in front of your feet. The trick? Keep your feet together the whole time.

a quick

tune up story and illustrations | evin morrison We know it’s too late to expect a miracle for spring break, but here are a few exercises that might help tighten those trouble areas. 2. mason twists sets: 3 Reps: 50

Balance on your butt and lift your feet slightly into the air. Clasp your hands together and twist your torso to touch the floor on each side of you. Two touches equals one rep. step 1:

3. bicycles sets: 5 Reps: 10

step 2:

Lie on your back with your hands behind your head. Lift your right leg six inches off the floor and bend your left knee toward your chest. Bend upward so your knee meets your elbow. Hold for 10 seconds. Do both sides.

step 1:

step 2:




‘The Messenger’ by Johnny Marr

‘A Good Day to Die Hard’

‘Happy Endings’

While Morrissey is off canceling shows and being sick all the time – oh, and not releasing any new music – his former Smiths bro is here to save the day with his debut album. Apparently, Marr was too busy producing music and being British to record his own solo music until now.

The ultimate 2013 movie to pregame for. Explosions in action movies are also one of my favorites. Bruce Willis is basically a god in ‘Murica. At least an icon. He keeps getting himself into these silly situations, like terrorist attacks and high-stakes hostage situations – and he always wins. He’s so ridiculous.

This show is basically ah-mah-zing. I still don’t get why people aren’t watching it. The cast is brilliant, and the writing is as delicious as night cheese. Maybe it’s the name … that would be unfortunate for the rest of you TV comedy snobs still trying to accept that HIMYM is long gone and 30 Rock isn’t a thing anymore.

$9.99, Amazon & iTunes

Showing at the Moore Warren IMAX

Tuesdays at 8 p.m., ABC



couch Potato COLUMN | Alex Ewald

Our resident Negative Nancy hypes these CDs, films and TV shows. He’ll judge you if you don’t agree. more online @

photos: ivy winters: courtesy/ gaga, jon snow, jt by ap/ wolverine: courtesy/ collison: wikimedia commons

15 pop culture

did it hit the


Thanks to the film’s Twitter feed for the latest glimpse at Hugh Jackman’s gorgeous face.

ivy winters

story | bryan scott dugan Each issue, we take a look back at the pop culture moments that made us gasp, cry and scream. Here’s how this works: The closer something is to that little blue dot to the right of this paragraph, the more we liked it. The farther away, the more it sucked.

gaga’s hip surgery

the new wolverine

If you’re not watching her on “Rupaul’s Drag Race,” don’t talk to me.

nick collison’s instagram Start following him. Pronto. He’s sassy, and we want him to be our dad.

justin timberlake hosting ‘snl’ again On March 9, JT returns. Eh. His song sucks, and he didn’t do so great last time.

‘game of thrones’ facebook game

Oh, Gaga. The beginning of the end is near. Retire to Boca.

the harlem shake This trend needs to die. Except when the cast of “Happy Endings” does it.

We’re hoping Jon Snow outweighs the annoyance of another game on Facebook.

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