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I’ve always been in love with OU and Norman. From campus landmarks to some of the few get-away destinations around town, this place has become my home. Not a second home, but my new home. It’ll be weird when I leave in May. It’ll be weird not to go hide in my favorite quiet spots on campus (pg. 5) or climb to the top of the Gaylord Family — Oklahoma Memorial Stadium for the amazing view (p. 11). (The view will be beyond spectacular in a few weeks when the trees finally bud.) This issue is dedicated to helping you find the iconic, memorable and quirky parts of campus and Norman. Go out and explore everything a Sooner should be exploring. Let us know what you end up adding to your bucket list.

Twenty-six things to see and do. We went through the whole alaphabet and assigned a campus icon to each (which was harder than you think). Seriously, though — we sat around and pondered for hours. These are places that we love and think make campus a better place. Our hope for this issue is that you use it to go around campus and really appreciate what OU has to offer. Our campus is beatuiful (OK, maybe not so much in the winter) and as students, we should appreciate it. Hell, we pay for it. Flip through and see if your favortie spot made it in the issue. If it didn’t take a photo and post it to our Facebook so other students can check it out, too.

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3 satircal relationship advice

the girl

the gay


the cynic

things to do i want to take my significant other somewhere romantic on campus. where should we go? My favorite place on campus has always been the fountains by the library. In the spring, the weeping willows are bright green and they flip the switch so the water comes back on. It’s the closest you can get to Pocahontas on campus. (Maybe you can find your John Smith there.) If you go after dark there are some nice lights in the fountain so you have some pretty spectacular mood lighting. Plus, if it isn’t cloudy you can see the stars. Between the trickling water and the concrete benches that wrap around the fountain, it is seriously the best place to sit in Norman. OK, so that’s my opinion, but I promise, it rocks!

i want to take my significant other somewhere romantic on campus. where should we go? Call me a rebel, but I think it would be fun to meet-up with your lover boy or girl under the Clocktower. Don’t fret about that whole notgraduating-in-four-years thing. Take a risk. Another alternative would be on the roof of Sarkeys. (Actually, I can speak from personal experience. Just don’t get caught.) If you like to play things safe, stick to somewhere cute and iconic like the Spoonholder on the North Oval. What’s not cute about that? Maybe some campus photographer will snap your photo and put it on full display in the Union. (I love that photo. Let’s go recreate that photo! Someone find me a boyfriend.)

where can i go in norman or on campus to meet new people? Go to the gym! Just kidding, whoever came up with that terrible advice should be murdered. No one wants to meet a potential friend or lover while dripping sweat. (Sorry, ladies, maybe you glisten, but I sweat!) For real though, join a group. I know I sound like your mom before she kissed you goodbye after move in, but the best way to find new friends is to immerse yourself in something you love. Odds are you’ll find people that get you, because they love that thing, too. Another fun idea is to try something new. Look at Firehouse Art Center they have some really cool art classes. Fill up your thermos with some wine ... I mean water, learn to throw a pot and smile. I am sure you can make a friend or two while you get your hands dirty.

where can i go in norman or on campus to meet new people? Well, I haven’t made a new friend since 2010. (I kid, I kid.) But really, let’s think this one through. Take up a (fun) extracurricular, gym class or something artsy around town. Singles hang around places like that, right? When I’m at the gym, I look around, and it’s like a meat market. Everything’s on display and you just see these guys walking around, looking for a dish that tickles their fancy. And, hey, at least if you meet someone at the gym, they’ve already seen you at your worst. It’s only up from there! If you’re just looking for friends, that’s easy: Talk to people in your classes. Just talk. Be brave. Make fun of your professor to strike up a conversation with that girl or guy who also has a One Direction notebook. Make movie plans or go crash a pool. Just have fun. (Don’t make me say YOLO, but ... you get the point.)

i want to take my significant other somewhere romantic on campus. where should we go? For the bros: Nothing gets a girl hotter than a little rule breaking. Sneak her into the upper deck of the stadium at midnight. (I’m told this is called an “upper decker.”) The place may be built for football, but you can still round the bases. And even if the 5-0 rousts you, Cesar — the OUPD dog — is always a big hit with the ladies. For the ladies: If he’s a manly, planes-trains-andautomobiles kind of guy, try Ozzie’s Diner at the Norman airport or a ride to Fort Worth on the “best little ride in town,” Amtrak’s Heartland Flyer. (I’m a frequent flyer of the Flyer.) where can i go in norman or on campus to meet new people? For the greeks: Your secret handshakes are the VIP wristbands of Norman society. Just send a few ambassadors with a boombox and a cheesy dance routine, and buses full of girls will magically appear at your date party. You don’t need advice from an old cynic, I was a young dog once. Go get ‘em, tiger. For the geeds: Well, shit. Uhh ... bars? Buy her a drink? Maybe sign up for a Zumba class? I’m stretching here. You don’t play W.O.W., do you? Damn. I’d say yoga, but trust me, there aren’t too many MILFs in the land of queso dip and okra. You know what, just slip and fall in the library and hope a hot nerd takes pity on you. God bless.

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this weekend 1.

what: ‘framing the west’ when: 7 p.m. thursday where: mary eddy and fred jones auditorium This public lecture will look at Timothy O’Sullivan’s 1860s photography from his journey into the American West. His speciality? Capturing the world in its unpicturesque state. No Instragram filters here. Contact for more.

the masquerade ball 2. what: when: 6:30 p.m. Friday where: molly shi boren ballroom Come touch up your dancing skills with a free lesson. (You probably haven’t danced since prom.) An hour later, pull out all the stops at the ball. Go ahead, get crunk. women’s tennis 3. what: when: 5 p.m. Friday where: headington tennis center Already off to a pretty good start, this team still needs us to serve up an enthusiastic crowd. (Also, the weather’s nice. Go play a few rounds with your friends.) hustle for habitat 5k 4. what: when: 9:15 a.m saturday where: south oval (in front of dale) Lace up your shoes and sweat out your hangover. Hey, it’s probably been a while since you were productive before noon on a Saturday.


what: ou ghost tour when: 7 p.m. saturday where: holmberg hall (northeast door) Boo! So ... heard any good ghoulish tales lately? Find some historical-based truth to the rumors. (See “T” on page 10.)

4 arts district

Start here

tucked away At the end of main street, stash sells eclectic gifts like this collection of colorful stones.

Just blocks north of Campus Corner you’ll find another space for nightlife, entertainment, shopping and eating out: the Norman Arts District. Nestled downtown, the arts district includes art galleries, like MAINSITE Contemporary Art; coffee shops, such as the popular study spot Gray Owl Coffee; boutique shops, like STASH; small niche businesses, like Guestroom Records; antique shops galore and bars a-plenty. There are enough restaurant options — from Thai to German to burger joints to brunch cafés — to satisfy any foodie. “There’s almost always something going on down here,” said Erinn Gavaghan, Norman Arts Council director. The Norman Arts Council puts on activities in the arts district throughout the year. Particularly popular is the Second Friday Circuit of Art from 6 to 9 p.m. the second Friday of each month, when you can check out and purchase local art and hear live music. “We just want to extend the invitation to OU students,” Gavaghan said. Other arts district activities include Norman Music Festival, May Fair Arts Festival, Sooner Theatre productions and Summer Breeze and Winter Winds concerts in the Performing Arts Studio. What are you waiting for, Sooners? Get out there.

big event Every year, it’s the same ole, same ole. The alarm clock rings way too early on a Saturday — this year on April 13 — and all you have to look forward to are blisters on your hands. However, it’s nice to give back to a community that students wreak havoc on the rest of the year. The deadline has passed to apply, but if you managed to sign up in time, tweet us your do-gooder photos.

CAC Concert series Leesa Allmond, Concert Series chairwoman and advertising senior, said her organization’s whole goal is to nab popular bands. Allmond said her exec members are already working to book bands for the fall and organize the show at the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art in October. (Last September’s featured the Walkmen.) Stay tuned for the Concert Series’ plans for April, Allmond said. The “Secret Show” intends to give students a “must-stay” weekend by bringing a huge artist for a campus show. Here’s hoping it’s Beyoncé!



fountain Jumping Ever wanted to jump in a fountain? Compiled in this list are three to pick from, organized by your personality.

photos: governor boren: courtesy / school spirit: sooner yearbook archives / boren now: ou daily archives

david l. boren President Boren took office at OU on Nov. 17, 1994. As of next year, he will have served as president for 20 years, adding to a legacy that already includes an Oklahoma governorship and a stint as a U.S. senator. Follow along on the journey:

Personality Type: The Athlete Fountain: The Reflecting Pool Location: In front of oklahoma Memorial Stadium If you enjoy hitting the pavement in a new pair of running shoes, consider yourself a jock and have ESPN updates sent to your phone, this fountain is for you. Not only do you get to admire the stadium as you wade through the water, but if you get an itch to burn some calories you can swim a few laps. Personality Type: The Outgoing One Fountain: South Oval Location: I think you can figure this out. You are the person walking around campus in the lime green shirt and the hot pink hat. Everyone in your 2 p.m. lecture can hear you coming before they see you, even in your fluorescent get-up. The world is your stage and its inhabitants

the governor years on jan. 1, 1975, boren was inaugurated as oklahoma’s 21st governor.

are supposed to be watching, listening and admiring you at all times. Grab a beach towel and your so-obnoxious-it’scute bathing suit and make a splash in the fountain in the center of the South Oval. I suggest around 12:20 p.m. Believe me, you will have a crowd. Personality Type: The Naturalist Fountain: The Rock Fountain Location: Sandwiched in between Carpenter Hall and the Visitor Center Made up of one rock from each county in Oklahoma, this fountain is as natural as it comes. No need to worry about it not being organic, you can’t get more organic than a rock. The scenery around you will appeal to your personality as well, consisting of greenery and lots of shade provided by the many large trees surrounding the area. This fountain is also one of the deepest on campus. Be careful with this fountain, check if a tour group is around the Visitor Center. There is nothing more shocking than seeing a random stranger stripping down to their swimsuit next to a fountain. Don’t subject the poor high schoolers to that.

school spirit during his reign at ou, boren has taught, revamped campus and been heavily involved.

boren now continuing his legacy, boren serves on president barack obama’s intelligence advisory board. over the summer, boren will launch the scholars walk, an iniaitive for which he has advocated.

escape on campus Things get hectic sometimes. Sometimes you just want to get away, but you’re usually stuck on campus and can’t get too far. Here are some of our favorite places to hide out: • Bottom floor of Sarkeys Energy Center. • Upper deck of the football stadium. (Be sneaky about it.) • Children’s literature section of Bizzell. (No one ever goes there. Ever.) • The Passion Pit. (Just close your eyes and pretend no one’s around.) • An empty lecture hall in Nielsen Hall. (It helps put things into perspective.)

*Take Boren up on his long-standing offer: Show up at his office, ready to talk.



greek traditions Sooner Scandals is one of the longest running traditions on campus. Although it is not open only for members of the greek community, the sororities and fraternities have a long reign of dominating the competition. The theme for the 70th anniversary of Campus Activity Council-sponsored event is ‘We Didn’t Start the Fire.’ The event will take place over Mom’s Weekend, running from April 4-6.

Belt it the Alpha Phi and Delta Upsilon performed “Beetlejuice” during the dress rehearsal for Sooner Scandals 2012.

Questions or Concerns:

Pick up vouchers, Monday through Friday, Noon to 7 p.m. / OMU 181

Some of the best food is right in front of your nose. Take a step off the beaten path and check out these yummy Norman gems.

Old Town Gyros on Porter Avenue offers authentic and fresh Mediterranean food. They even make their own Tzatiziki sauce (a tangy cucumber dip) from scratch. Most places cheat and use store bought yogurt. Customers flock to their gyros and kabobs, but Old Town likes to add a lot of variety to the menu with the ghormeh sabzi, a steamy beef stew with basmati rice. “Its small and hidden location gives you a mix of customers from students to locals on the their lunch break. I always leave stuffed,” said English junior Taylor Milligan. Thai Kum Koon on Lindsey Street is the tops. Authentic, fresh and oh-so cheap, this restaurant has several long-standing regulars. Try the Pad Thai or the spicy Evil Jungle Chicken — you can’t go wrong. “Delicious and stinkin’ cheap,” said Frederick Wagner, electrical and computer engineering graduate student. “Best General Tso’s chicken I’ve ever had. Go there.” Take note of the lunch buffet. (It’s best for those of us who are poor college kids.) Just so you know, service is slow, but just think of it as delayed gratification or something. Top it all off with one of their cream based Thai teas, and you’ll be hooked. Taste of India on 12th Street is an exotic treat. If you don’t have the stomach for spicy food, don’t worry. There are mild curries and sauces. Try the Chicken Saagwala if you can’t take the heat. However, for those who like it hot, try the Chicken Vindaloo. “I was terrified because I don’t like spicy food, and I don’t stray too far from American cuisine. But I really liked the Naan. It’s like an Indian Quesadilla,” said psychology junior Hailey Wilson. The price range is a little high — around $10 a plate.

Plan a safe ESCAPE. Safe, FREE, alternative transportation for OU STUDENTS Thursday-Saturday nights, 10 p.m. to 3 a.m.

hole in the walls





Call because it’s wrong, it’s stupid, and OU students are so much better than that.

The University of Oklahoma is an Equal Opportunity Institution. For accommodations on the basis of disability, call 325-3161.

Experienced Sexual Assault? There is Help.


OU’s Sexual Assault Response Team


7 days a week, 24 hours a day

Be aware. Show you care.

Keeping OU safe our _ is your job. OU’s Behavior Intervention Team

405.325.7700 / If a person is an immediate threat to themselves or someone else or is incapable of caring for themselves, CALL 911.

...a message from Student Affairs

7 so supreme the dick bell courtroom was designed to mirror that of the u.s. supreme court bench.

interfraternity council

juris doctorate You may know the OU College of Law regularly is named a Best Value Law School by the National Jurist, but did you know its Dick Bell Courtroom has hosted real-life appellate and civil trials? Individual PV monitors allow jury members to view evidence presented by an attorney, said Evelyn Holzer, director of public affairs for OU College of Law. And a viewing room in the back allows students to observe and discuss cases while they’re in progress without disturbing the proceedings, Holzer said. The courtroom was added as part of a $19-million renovation project to the OU Law Center, according to OU Law’s website. It seats 250, and its seats originally belonged to Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Perhaps coolest of all, the Dick Bell Courtroom bench was designed to replicate the U.S. Supreme Court Bench. Add this to your bucket list. It’s a rare one your friends probably won’t ever see.

OU’s IFC wouldn’t run as smoothly if it weren’t for its executive committee, tasked with recruiting men, keeping up with bylaws and finances, and bridging the gap between other greek life and other organizations. “We’ve really worked to try to make IFC more relevant on campus and to more aspects other than just the greek community,” said Drew Knox, IFC president and marketing and entrepreneurship junior. In the future, IFC plans to co-program more events with non-greek organizations like Summer Session, Campus Activities Council and Union Programming Board. Look for some of these upcoming events on their Facebook or get involved with a greek organization.

karaoking This is basically a rite of passage during a night of debauchery (e.g. Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday ... eh, any day of the week, really). You can try out your singing chops, or lack there of, at O’Connell’s on Campus Corner or Bison Witches on Main Street. Start out with something like “Party in the U.S.A.”

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9 landmarks Of course, you have to take your photo with all of these well-known mainstays.

ruf/neks ovals seed sower This 12-foot bronze sculpture stands in honor of OU’s first president, David Ross Boyd, who planted many of the trees around campus. You also can find the depiction on the official OU seal.

madison mooring Gymnast Madison Mooring has consistently hit her stride with a 9.9 career high her freshman and sophomore years. As a multidisciplinary junior, Mooring continues to balance her workout routines with coursework to maintain success on the mat. To physically prepare for her meets, Mooring said she spends 20 hours a week practicing. Competition days, she preps herself aesthetically, spending extra time lining her eyes, layering on make-up and sprucing up her hair. Mooring competes in beam, vault and floor, bringing in season bests and career highs all in the 9.85-9.9 range. And she has already set NCAA records and raked in awards. With all this achievement comes stress, however.

e.t. dunlap clock tower The iconic clock tower, named for former Higher Education Chancellor E.T. Dunlap, stands on Library Plaza, next to Bizzell Memorial Library. Legends hold that students who walk under the tower won’t graduate.

Mooring said she generally deals well with her packed schedule, but she does need a breather every now and then. If stress starts to overwhelm her, Mooring says she hits Twitter, whips out the nail polish and paints on subtle colors that don’t interfere with team rules against crazy designs. And on the rare occasion she happens to have a competition-free weekend, she said she enjoys spending time with the family or stocking up on dresses she admires but hardly has the time to wear To ensure success, Mooring remains focused. “You can’t be out of your mental state,” Mooring said. The next women’s gymnastics meet in Norman will be the NCAA Regionals on Saturday, April 6.

the spoon holder This sculpture was a gift of the Class of 1910 and can be found in the middle of Parrington Oval. But be careful! If you kiss your significant other there, you may be destined to marry.

north oval It’s a little more peaceful on the north side. Fewer students and prettier buildings that fit with OU’s Cherokee Gothic style.

south oval This is basically the hub of student activity. There’s always an annoying person handing out fliers or cute guys playing Frisbee. Organize a picnic here with your friends.

queen: miss oklahoma USA Lauren Lundeen, modern dance and human relations junior, won the title of Miss Oklahoma USA in 2011. A few years ago, Lundeen said she never would have thought she would be competing in pageants. She used to be shy, but the pageant world has helped her overcome her fears. “I wouldn’t change any of it,” Lundeen said. “It’s made me who I am.” for the complete story on lauren laundeen, order a copy of sooner 2013. call 325-3668 or stop by copeland hall room 122.

photo: sooner yearbook

national weather center Facing Highway 9 at the farthest southern tip of campus sits the National Weather Center. The building is a college, major research program and national forecast office all in one. Founded in 2006, the National Weather Center houses the Storm Prediction Center that issues all warnings and watches for severe weather around the United States. “The coolest thing about the weather center is how it came about, it is really a huge conglomerate of academics and weather prediction departments,” said PR manager Melissa Bird.

ponies Sooner fans aren’t the only ones feeling the excitement of a Saturday football showdown. OU’s ponies Boomer, 7, and Sooner, 8, have been getting more restless this year, too, Ruf/Nek member Alex McKitrick said. Whenever OU scores a touchdown, the female Welsh ponies dash up and down Owens Field on their gameday victory lap, towing the Sooner Schooner packed with Ruf/Nek students.

After two years in the Ruf/ Nek athletic support team, standing on the field during an OU football game is still an indescribable experience for member Alex McKitrick. “You can feel the energy of the crowd when you’re in it, but when you’re on the field ... you can directly feel the energy and excitement,” said McKitrick, zoology junior. The 16 Ruf/Neks are responsible during football games for running the flag, shooting the guns, driving, running beside and hanging upside down from the Sooner Schooner. The Ruf/Neks also appear at basketball games, where they run the flag around Lloyd Noble Center, as well as any other sports events. Applications for the 2013-14 programs of Ruf/ Nek and Ruf/Nek Lil Sis, who support the Ruf/Nek members and ride in the Schooner, are due by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

“When the guns go off and the crowd gets excited, the ponies can sense it. They want to run,” McKitrick said. Sooner especially has been kind of a pain in the butt — literally, he said. “We’ll have to stand in front of them before they run, and they’ll nip at us to get out of the way,” he said. The ponies used to live on a ranch in Sapulpa, but they are now owned by the university and have been moved to an undisclosed location closer to campus, Spirit Coordinator Kip Sanders said.


Need help with your research? Ask Us! Online: Email: Phone: (405) 325-4142 IM Screen Name: OU Librarian


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Sounds When your brain just can’t handle any more cramming, Norman’s local music scene offers a safe haven. Opolis Although Opolis has made a few changes in its business structure, you can count on its unsettling, enlarged cat photos and glimmering disco ball to stay the same. Opolis recently closed its doors to the younger college crowd in favor of revamping the atmosphere as a 21-plus venue. Now all that stands between you, indie rock tunes and a PBR served up by the door is a quick ID check and a ticket taker. Once you fork over the small entrance fee, a green bracelet becomes your all-access pass to this one-of-akind venue. “The fact that you can drink now brings more people here,” said Charles Whetstone, a Norman resident and drummer for The Boom Bang. And the best part is, just because the music stops before midnight doesn’t mean the party has to change locations. Opolis keeps its doors open to the 21-plus, indie rock lovers until 2 a.m. Just enough time to party harder or sober up for the drive home.

Tales from campus Jeff Provine has spent the last few years researching the haunted stories from around campus. After digging through microfilm and interviewing people around campus, this is what he’s found. Ellison Hall Rumor has it that back in the day a young boy was roller skating along Elm Street when he was struck by a car. The boy was rushed to Ellison, which was the campus infirmary. The boy died during surgery and apparently has never left. Faculty in the building have reported hearing wheels skating up and down the hall. Plus, the basement was used as a morgue . . . so that’s creepy.

Who: Depth and Current Blackstone rangers Prix Teen When: 8 p.m. Tonight Cost: $5

Who: Tone Def Parade When: 8 p.m. tomorrow Cost: Free

Who: Merchandise Sundress When: 8 p.m saturday, April 6 Cost: $10

Bizzell Library According to Provine, no one has ever died in the library. What about the girl who fell through the stacks? Unless the University covered it up, it never happened. If you still believe the building has a weird vibe, Provine says there is a possibility of traveling spirits that choose to be there. Jim Thorpe Muticultural center This building used to be the Tri Delta house and then was a boarding house. Provine’s research shows that in the 1970s a man reported being choked by a ghost. An exorcism took place in the building to rid it of any evil spirits. Apparently it worked, because there haven’t been any stories in the building since.

11 underground The underground tunnel system at OU is more than mere folklore. OU has a network of underground steam tunnels, including a network that connects various buildings on campus. In fall 2005, two OU students broke into the underground tunnel system through a manhole cover in the 1100

Asp Avenue block, according to a court affidavit. They entered Richards Hall and stole a glass vial before their arrest. So, before you go hunting for entrances to cross this item off your pregraduation bucket list, know that students caught in the tunnels have been rumored to face suspension, expulsion or even arrest.

view Climb to the top of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium for a breathtaking view. You’ll see campus and Norman from this eagle’s nest, letting you finally see how everything connects. It’s a nice place to collect your thoughts.


western history collection

Mex the Dog reined as top dog, canine cheerleader and mascot at football and baseball games from 1915 until his death in 1928. “He was the pride of the university at that time,” says Bobby Nash, Ruf/Neks president. Rumor has it that Mex rests in peace beneath Gaylord Family — Oklahoma Memorial Stadium. Yet no one can definitively prove that Mex’s casket was ever buried beneath the stadium. And if so, no one knows where. Regardless, it seems highly unlikely he’s still under the stadium today, considering stadium expansions and installment of artificial turf, said Brent Clark, Sooner Century author.

Always Great Burgers, Good Times and Cold Suds!’

GLOW BOWL Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nightsts

550 24th Ave. NW, Norman 405.360.3634


photo: mex the dogt: sooner yearbook archives

x marks the spot

Housed on the third floor of Monet Hall, featuring that famous green owl on OU’s North Oval, is the Western History Collection. “Its purpose is to enhance the University Libraries’ general collection on the history of the American West …,” according to OU Libraries’ website. Between beautiful twin stained-glass windows and an arched ceiling, the collection houses historical documentation of westward expansion and Native American life. But with it’s “Beauty and the Beast” feel, the Western History Collection would make for an interesting study spot.

13 (turn the page and keep reading)

In a land far far away....

Well actually, less than 2 miles away!

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zack hedrick youth From their arrival on campus, some freshmen take longer than others to grasp the ropes of college life. “I think coming in … they’re a blank slate most of the time, so it’s just a learning process for them,” said Lillian Miller, director of freshman programs. Miller says freshmen straight out of high school tend to struggle with academic expectations, but resources like the writing center help make the transition smoother. Before freshman year comes to an end, freshies should try out a few organizations to find their niche and blow off steam that comes with juggling college exams, essays and jobs.

After leading the Pride of Oklahoma for two years as drum major, journalism senior Zack Hedrick officially hung up his hat and passed the baton. Here, he talks about the experience and what it’s like to leave it behind. Q: How did you get to be drum major? A: There are skills auditions and everybody gets one vote. The votes get sealed, so I guess it’s like the Oscars in February when they find out who it is. Q: What was it like to step down as drum major? A: Well even though my last act was at the Cotton Bowl, although the game didn’t turn out like any of us in the Pride wanted it to, it didn’t really hit me then that I was done. I think next fall, when football season is starting up again it will be weird not doing this, since I have been doing this since my freshmen year of high school. There hasn’t been a real passing of the baton really. I have wanted Logan, the new drum major, to experience it all for himself. Q: What is your favorite memory from your two years as drum major? A: The thing that I am going to miss the most is our pregame concert for any home game, where we are unveiling the Pride essentially. A lot of people’s favorite memory, mine too, is the Bedlam game this past year.

15 pop culture

did it hit the

spot? bryan scott dugan | words Each issue, we take a look back at the pop culture moments that made us gasp, cry and scream. Here’s how this works: The closer something is to that little blue dot to the right of this paragraph, the more we liked it. The farther away, the more it sucked.

‘the croods’ opens big With Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds, what did you expect? This took in $44.7 million this past weekend.

mr. feeny returns! The lovable (but crochety) neighboor and teacher is back for the “Boy Meets World” sequel!

liam and miley reunite ... again jon hamm told to put on underwear “Mad Men” execs asked their lead to stop going commando. Jon, put on bottoms, but take off the shirt.

Just call it quits, guys. We can’t keep up with your on-again/off-again mind games.

gosling taking a break from acting Can’t. *gasp* Breathe. Come back to us, Ryan!

aguilera’s ‘the voice’ premiere look

dylan o’brien to guest on ‘new girl’

Christina unveiled a whole new look for a season she’s not even judging. Simply beautiful.

It’s been revealed that the “Teen Wolf ” heart throb will play Jess’s prom date in an upcoming episode. Stay tuned.

photos: the croods: ap / mr. feeny: courtesy of buena vista / christina: ap / dylan o’brien: courtesy of mtv / jon hamm: ap / liam and miley: ap / ryan gosling: ap


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Places To Live In Norman!! BRAN


405-310-3330 | 3701 24th Ave. SE Affordable 1 & 2 BR Apts w/FREE Amenities + Golf!! Resident Golf Privileges • Free Tanning • Fitness Center • Business Center Swimming Pool • Whirlpool & Sauna • Game Room with Billiards Full-Size Washer & Dryer • All Major Appliances • Beautiful Golf Course Views* Executive Suites Available • On-Site Management • Open 7 Days a Week *select units

405-321-3430 | 3927 24th Ave. SE Visit Us Online @ Professionally Managed by Lindsey Management Co., Inc.

Escape, March 28, 2013  

Escape, Thursday, March 28, 2013