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Officials fear for programs

SGA president, Sooners fight for funds OU lobbyists meet with Oklahoma legislators

Gov. Fallin’s proposed fiscal plan could funding to higher education ALEX NIBLETT & MIKE BRESTOVANSKY Assistant Campus Editor & Campus Reporter

OU colleges are preparing to make some difficult choices following OU President David Boren’s announcement of OU’s impending budget allocations. If Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin’s 2014 executive budget proposal is approved, a university-wide 5-percent budget reallocation will take place, reducing OU faculty’s budgeted SEE BUDGET PAGE 2

KELLY ROGERS Campus Reporter @KellyRogersOU

O U s t u d e n t s t r av e l e d t o t h e Oklahoma State Capitol on Tuesday afternoon for Higher Education Day to speak with state legislators about increasing higher education funding. More than 50 students rode a charter bus to lobby at the Capitol with politicians about future budgets contributing to universities across the state. Among these students was Student

Government Association president Madeline Grunewald. She and other student lobbyists met with state legislators throughout the day and met in the Senate Chamber to promote higher education in Oklahoma. Grunewald spoke with Oklahoma Sen. Jim Halligan, R-Stillwater, who raised questions about in and outof-state tuition, home schooling and what the state’s rights are while regulating education. Halligan asked whether universities should grant in-state tuition costs to immigrant students and if Oklahoma should move to performance-based funding within the university.

“Education is becoming an industry, and that’s not what we want,” Grunewald said. “It all comes back to money.” Halligan spoke about the budget plans for university funding but said the plans are in preliminary stages. “We’re not even at the bottom of the first in a nine-inning game,” Halligan said, referring to the budget planning process. Higher Education Day came a week after Gov. Mary Fallin proposed a bill that would cut state funding to higher education by about $50 million. Kelly Rogers,


Campus includes gender-neutral restrooms OU offers safe options for everybody on campus to use KATE BERGUM • CAMPUS REPORTER Editor’s Note: Micah Wormley is a former Daily illustrator.


icah Wormley was only comfortable using two campus restrooms while she was transitioning. Wormley, who is transgender, relied upon the gender-neutral restrooms in Kaufman Hall and Gittinger Hall.


The Daily found 13 gender neutral restrooms located inside classroom buildings on campus. The Daily contacted Facilities Management for a complete list of non-gendered restrooms, but such documents don’t exist.

Wormley said she stumbled upon these bathrooms by accident and finding other non-gendered restrooms on campus is difficult. “I have been looking, and it’s a tough search,” said Wormley, professional writing and anthropology senior. There are 13 gender-neutral restrooms scattered throughout classroom buildings of the North and South ovals. These restrooms are made for single use and were found on various floors depending on the building. The Daily contacted Facilities Management for a complete list of non-gendered restrooms, but such documents don’t exist. Wormley, who now uses women’s restrooms almost exclusively, said she saw a comic strip that perfectly illustrated the challenges of finding a restroom during her transition. “Instead of a men’s restroom and a women’s restroom, it had a ‘get beat up restroom’ and a ‘get yelled at restroom,’ and that’s a fear that many trans people have, including myself at that point,” Wormley said. Gender-neutral restrooms can help students who are not comfortable defining themselves strictly in terms of male or female, said Tyler Tennant, president of OU’s GLBTF. “There’s a common misconception in regards to gender

and sex that people are simply one or the other, and that’s not the case and it should not be the end-all, be-all in regards to gender expression,” said Tennant, letters and mathematics junior, in an email. Wormley said she has been verbally confronted twice while using women’s restrooms. The first time was in Bizzell Memorial Library when a woman asked Wormley if she belonged in that restroom. “I responded by saying, ‘Well, look at this: My wallet is Vera Bradley. My underwear is Victoria’s Secret. I spend more on foundation than on food. I think I belong here,’” Wormley said. She also said someone confronted her in Gaylord Hall. Though people have only confronted her twice, Wormley said she sometimes gets stares and glares in restrooms. Though he said he could not speak for the entire campus, Tennant said that he thinks members of the GLBTF and other students would appreciate an increase of gender-neutral restrooms. Though some people on campus might not be receptive to the idea, hopefully they would keep open minds, Tennant said. “I’m also sure that there are some who might not be so open to the idea, but I think that OU is really special in that

Opinion: Facilities Management continues to work hard to keep Sooners safe from the elements. (Page 3)

our students genuinely care about their peers,” Tennant said. The best thing to do when looking at gender nonconformist issues is to research and ask questions, he said. While some people might not think gender-neutral restrooms would help a large group, a gender-neutral restroom is created for everyone, GLBTF adviser Meredith Worthen said. “It’s neutral. That’s the whole point,” said Worthen, sociology and women’s and gender studies professor. “Of course the population is big enough. Anyone can use them.” Furthermore, it is difficult to define who might be most affected by non-gendered restrooms, Worthen said. Students might be uncomfortable using gendered restrooms for a variety of reasons aside from being transgender or gender variant, Worthen said. Additionally, many transgender students are probably completely comfortable in gendered restrooms. “I think that it’s really much more complex than it sounds at the outset,” Worthen said. Gender-neutral restrooms would show equality,

Sports: The men’s basketball team looks to build upon its win over Baylor tonight against Texas Tech. (Page 6)


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• Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Paighten Harkins, campus editor Alex Niblett, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDaily

BUDGET: Many programs likely to be negatively affected, professors say Continued from page 1 resources, such as technology in classrooms. While Alex Weintz, communications director in Fallin’s office, said higher education is a high priority of Fallin’s, Boren and various others across campus believe Fallin’s proposed higher education budget cut will be detrimental to the quality of OU’s education programs. “ This is a disaster in the making,” said George Richter-Addo, chairman of the department of chemistry and biochemistry, in an email. “It is very difficult to even begin to think of what else can be cut. We are alThe Associated Press ready stretched by the reducOklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin gestures as she speaks during her fourth State of the State address in tions that have occurred over Oklahoma City, Feb. 3. In Fallin’s proposed state budget, higher education would lose almost $50 million. the last 5 to 6 years.” Because of this proposed budget cut to higher education, OU President David Boren sent an email to Richter-Addo said the deans, directors and department heads warning them current funds may be redistributed.

science department has been able to maintain safety and provide instruction without significant loss in quality despite previous budget cuts, but any further reductions will pose laboratory safety and instructional issues for students. Fallin’s camp believes otherwise. “Mary Fallin thinks that we have great professors and great administrators, and they are talented people who can find ways to maintain a high level of quality at our universities with 5 percent less in state appropriations,” Weintz said. Boren said the almost $50 million re-allocation comes despite OU having already been subject to over $100 million in state budget cuts and fixed cost increases since 2008.

If the budget is approved, the university will either have to cut programs, faculty and staff, or increase tuition costs to accommodate the budget cut, Boren told The Daily. The higher education budget cut will also reduce the chances of faculty receiving pay increases, which last took place 3 years ago in 2011, said Nick Hathaway, OU vice president of executive affairs and administrative affairs. If Oklahoma’s legislature adopts Fallin’s 2014 budget proposal, Hathaway said the reallocation of OU’s budget could occur July 1.

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Equality: Texas university to make restrooms safer places for everyone Continued from page 1

AT A GLANCE Gender-Neutral Restrooms

whomever they may appeal to most, Worthen said. Of the 27 restrooms The Daily surveyed on campus, the “It seems like something that is a simple fix, having a genfollowing have gender-neutral restrooms: der neutral restroom, and if it could help people feel more comfortable or more safe or included or supported, why not?” • Burton Hall, second floor Worthen said. While OU has no plans to increase the number of gen• Carnegie Building, second floor (this building also holds der-neutral restrooms on campus right now, the University a designated nursing mothers room on the third floor) of Houston-Downtown’s Student Government Association • Carpenter Hall, basement floor unanimously passed a decision Jan. 10 that will create gender-neutral restrooms on their campus. • Chemistry Building Annex, second floor Kristopher Sharp, vice president of the University of Houston-Downtown’s SGA, headed the movement. • Gaylord Hall, third floor “We want to come up with a solution to make bathrooms safe spaces,” Sharp said. • George Lynn Cross Hall, first floor Sharp, the president of Safe Zone, his school’s GLBTQ student organization, said not all students feel comfortable using students with assistants or parents with children of the oppogendered restrooms. Because these students are paying the same tuition as other site gender, Sharp said. One pair of currently multi-stalled, gendered restrooms in students, Sharp said he felt that it was “abhorrent” that they every building will become gender neutral, Sharp said. were not getting to use the same amenities. If people are not comfortable using the gender-neutral Additionally, gender-neutral restrooms can be of use to

• Monnet Hall, third floor (this bathroom is labeled for people with disabilities, but it does not have designated genders) • Physical Sciences Center, seventh floor • Richards Hall, fourth floor • Sutton Hall, first floor • Gittinger Hall, first floor • Kaufman Hall, first floor

restrooms, gendered restrooms remain throughout campus. Creating gender-neutral restrooms only adds resources for students who have gone without, Sharp said. Kate Bergum,


rates as low as


+ S AV E $ 1 5 0 W I T H R E D U C E D F E E S

Private shuttle to campus. Short-term leases available. Private bed & bath available. Leather-style furniture. Washer & dryer. 24hr fitness center. Free tanning. Theater room. Sand volleyball & basketball courts. Swimming pool. All utilities included (electricity up to a cap).

apply online for fall 2014 2900 Oak Tree Ave | 405.292. 4044 Rates, fees, amenities and utilities included are subject to change. See office for details.

Attend a 2-hour Leadership Training Opportunity. Learn how to be an Active Bystander and step-in and speak-out against sexual misconduct. Food and goodie bags will be provided.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014 •



Kaitlyn Underwood, opinion editor Rachael Montgomery, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailyOpinion



Thanks, Facilities Management Comfort zones should break when abroad

Our View: OU’s Facilities

Management has done an excellent job keeping the campus safe and maintained for students, despite our recent bout with winter weather.

It’s safe to say we are all sick and tired of this weather. It’s time for winter to pack its bags, hit the road and not look back. Waking up to negative windchills, slippery roads and an administration that doesn’t cancel classes doesn’t exactly put us in the best mood. However, we are immensely grateful for the well-kept Jessica Woods/The Daily campus we’ve been trudgAbove: Electrical engineering sophomore Quaylin Cleveland and University College freshman Esebe Masango make the cold walk ing to through these recent from their classes back to the residence halls last week after the bone-chilling temperatures. snow. Alex Niblett/The Daily We have a hard time dragging Right: A Facilities Management vehicle sits parked on the South Oval. OU’s Facilities Management ourselves out of bed just to salts all of the sidewalks on campus in an effort to keep ice from forming during last week’s weather. stand at the bus stop for a few minutes in this cold, let alone Facilities Management workers the snow day hopes of students, wake up at ungodly hours to Facilities Management has taken it have ensured every building on salt OU’s sidewalks, as Facilities all in stride. campus is well-heated, well-lit Management has been doing and supplied with running water, Through all the recent weather for us. despite temperatures that could — snow, freezing fog, temperaWe would like to thank OU’s tures in the teens, you name it — freeze water on contact and cause Facilities Management for the sturdiest of pipes to burst. Facilities Management has been doing its job so well in all types there to make sure campus is safe Although we really wouldn’t of weather — not just mind a snow day to snuggle for us to traverse. now but all year long. The Our View According to the Facilities in our blankets and drink hot is the majority Management website, Over the past coucocoa all day, we thank Facilities opinion of ple weeks, everyone Management for keeping our camits employees “are here The Daily’s has had to deal with to make campus a compus in good condition. eight-member weather forecasts And really, at the end of the day, fortable place to study, editorial board that have comicalwe are all here to attend the classes work, play or just visit.” ly yo-yoed between we pay so fabulously for, even if we We certainly have been predications of a half-foot of end up with frozen ears and noses more comfortable arriving to a snow to a light dusting from on the way. clean, safe and warm campus one hour to the next. Although this semester thanks to Facilities Comment on this at this has mercilessly toyed with Management.

Foreign affairs

US must resort to military action in Syria


our months after Opinion Columnist Russia and the U.S. reached an agreement to compel Bashar al-Assad to relinquish his chemical weapons arsenal, Syria has shipped out less than 5 percent of those arms, and the operation to Corbin Brown dismantle them is running six to eight weeks behind schedule. Needless to say, the Obama administration should never have trusted Bashar al-Assad, a ruthless dictator, and Vladimir Putin, a former KGB agent, to hold up their end of the agreement. Military force, not diplomacy, will ultimately decide this conflict. One may draw parallels between Neville Chamberlain’s pre-World War II appeasement policies and the Syrian chemical weapons deal. While the dictator of one nation continues his horrendous actions and threatens regional stability, the politician of another comes home, touting a diplomatic agreement between the two and the ostensible peace that is sure to follow. Chamberlain died in November 1940, when World War II was in its early stages and the U.S. was still infected by a nearly fatal strain of isolationism, so he was unable to observe many of the more grievous consequences of his appeasement policies. Chamberlain did live to see his so-called “peace for our time” get shredded by Wehrmacht’s guns. Of course, the war’s consequences are still being felt, just as the Syrian Civil War will be a source of misery for future generations. After nearly three years of fighting and over 130,000 deaths, we can make a reasonable prediction concerning the war’s outcome. Like every dictator preceding him, al-Assad will eventually lose his grip on power, whether through natural causes or a coup d’état. The opposition groups currently fighting Assad will follow the Libyan and Egyptian models for post-dictatorial revolutions and begin fighting each other. That group most willing to use brutality and intimidation will take control of the country. We only have to look to the Muslim Brotherhood’s takeover of Egypt, and Al-Qaeda’s

recent actions in Libya and Iraq, to ascertain the likelihood of this prediction. Perhaps the Obama administration will see its folly in trusting Assad and Putin. Neither leader has demonstrated any intent to act ethically or within the scope of international law. Assad uses chemical weapons on his own people. Putin, like the Soviet Premiers and Russian Tsars of old, imprisons those who dare threaten him politically. Rather than engaging in activities that could help Syrians topple Assad and establish a more democratic society, Obama has provided them nothing but empty words. The “red line” that he promised proved ephemeral. During his State of the Union, the president claimed, “American diplomacy, backed by the threat of force, is why Syria’s chemical weapons are being eliminated.” Russian Realpolitik, not American diplomacy, spurred the chemical weapons agreement. Putin needed to preserve an ally’s regime in the Middle East — for reasons both strategic and economic — and offered Obama a solution that would allow the latter to avoid another unpopular and costly war. Now that they’ve made a deal, we discover Assad isn’t as ready to give up his chemical weapons as previously indicated. Is anyone surprised by this revelation? A tyrant like Assad will use all available tools to protect himself from the opposition. Security is security, regardless of whether it comes in the form of anti-protest laws — in the case of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych — armored infantry or sarin gas. Obama’s obvious reluctance to use military force has prolonged the Syrian Civil War and provided Assad with the assurance that no matter how many innocents he gasses, the U.S. government will remain largely inactive. This disastrous lethargy will elicit similar responses from other authoritarians in the Middle East, including Iran’s president Hassan Rouhani. However politically unpopular it may be, military action in Syria is the lesser evil. A greater evil, namely, the loss of regional stability and the slaughtering of even more civilians, awaits us if we do not act. If Syria continues to stall in handing over its chemical weapons arsenal, only one viable solution will remain.


U boasts one Opinion Columnist in four of its students study abroad. It has erected a College of International Studies and attests to be a truly global school. But what does that mean? With an increasingly interconJohn Black nected world and hard economic times at home, students go abroad to give themselves the edge in a competitive job market. But for many students, the pursuit for personal growth may be sought in vain. Many study abroad programs amount to little more than glorified vacations, promising self-efficacy, personal growth, career skills and cross-cultural immersion, on top of a fun time. This is not to say that studying abroad is always useless. For many, it can be an invaluable experience that forms new connections and fosters a different perspective on the world. Simply going abroad is no guarantee of “personal growth.” That depends on the quality of the program. Too many American students will find themselves in the streets of Europe seeking out the nearest Starbucks or bar to exploit the lower drinking age and not experiencing any sort of increased cultural awareness. Nearly 54 percent of students studying abroad go to Europe. If a student was serious about learning a European “Students are language, going to a oversold on study European school and living with European stuabroad. There are dents, then it would be few academic an invaluable experience programs that incite in his or her education. However, most of OU’s more interest than study abroad offerings study abroad, and are in Europe, and few are taught in a language most who go agree other than English. that they’re “fun.” With a few exceptions, This probably isn’t I believe these programs offer no unique the best use of or particularly valuable time.” curriculum. Students are oversold on study abroad. There are few academic programs that incite more interest than study abroad, and most who go agree that they’re “fun.” This probably isn’t the best use of time. Unless students are studying a language at an advanced level or attending a university with a special academic program, they could probably do much more for themselves at home, take more advanced courses or get a job or an internship. Curtis S. Chin, former ambassador to the Asian Development Bank, wrote in The New York Times that studying abroad is “not essential to a good education or to helping one better understand the changing world we live in” and that it is often a “waste of time, or simply a good time, for an unfocused — and privileged — high school or university student.” OU is doing its part to remove the “abroad” from study abroad. In 2012 it began a $20 million project to restore a monastery in Arezzo, Italy, to build a satellite campus. OU faculty live and teach there, in English, and students can take advantage of such valuable programs as “Screenwriting in Italy,” “History of American Musical Theatre in Italy” and “Engineering in Italy.” All are introductory courses taught in English. President David Boren said the satellite campus was built because “many students seem to be apprehensive about going off to one of those universities and being treated more or less the same as any other student,” adding that parents can rest assured knowing their children are safe and supervised abroad. Those are the type of students who shouldn’t be studying abroad. Students in Arezzo go to an American school with other American students and spend their free time with American friends. A replica of the monastery on the Norman campus would be as beneficial to the students as this $20-million project. University officials are right to encourage students to study abroad, but they should do so for the right reasons. Students should only go abroad on programs that provide real opportunity for cultural exposure and academic advancement, such as the university’s Arabic Flagship study abroad program and not bar-hopping in Western countries. And when the students get back, their curriculum should be thoughtfully tailored so they can reflect and internalize what they learned. John Black is a University College freshman.

Corbin Brown is a University College freshman.

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• Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Tony Beaulieu, life & arts editor Luke Reynolds, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailyArts

Campus Corner

New policy, new frustrations CLASSIFIEDS

Minors not welcome after 11:30 p.m. Sara Pitts

Open until midnight, but underage patrons must leave by 11:30 p.m.

L&A Reporter @s_spitts

Underage students used to enjoy hanging out at Chimy’s restaurant and bar on Campus Corner at night while their older friends sipped drinks, but this is no longer an option after 11:30 p.m. At the beginning of this semester the restaurant implemented a curfew forcing underage customers to vacate the restaurant at 11:30 p.m. each night when the restaurant starts serving only alcohol, said Michael Luera, the restaurant’s general manager. Previously, underage customers could stay in Chimy’s after it turned into a bar if they came in before 11 p.m., but now they have to leave the restaurant at 11:30 p.m. even if they came in before that time. “We decided 11:30 was a good time to ask them to leave and a reasonable amount of time to finish their food or soda,� Luera said. Luera said he hopes the curfew will help diminish

For Sale

AT A GLANCE Chimy’s policy

Tony Ragle/The Daily

Chimy’s new rule bars people under 21 from entering the restaurant after 11:30 p.m.. Chimy’s began enforcing these curfews at the beginning of the semester.

the rampant underage drinking typical of college towns. It’s harder for Chimy’s employees to monitor underage customers when the bar gets busier at night, so implementing the curfew makes their jobs easier. “We have realized that it is not over packed throughout the night and there is less of a mess at the end of the night,� Chimy’s employee

Cody Schlegel said. A l t h o u g h C h i m y ’s i s working to keep a thriving business while battling underage drinking, some students feel it may be a bad business move because it will exclude a number of customers who use to come in to socialize with their older friends. “I think it’s a waste of their time to try and control

[underage drinking],� said sophomore business major Darcy Krisa. “I feel like they’d lose business because a lot of people that go there are underage.� Socialization outside of class and off campus is important in a college town, and Chimy’s used to be one of the few bars on Campus Corner where underage students could socialize with their older friends, said political philosophy sophomore Claire Jones. “Enforcing this rule leaves students upset, loses Chimy’s money and [loses] their achieved positive reputation from OU students,� Jones said.


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film review

‘Robocop:’ tasteless, yet worth watching


y palms were sweaty. My heart was racing. I was smiling. It was not Valentine’s Day. I was not on a hot date. I was by myself. I was in an IMAX movie theater. I was watching “RoboCop.� Going into the movie, I expected nothing less than a tacky remake of the 1987 classic. What I left with was

Assistant L&A Editor

Luke Reynolds @lukedreynolds



An award-winning musical comedy full of every clichĂŠ, gag and gimmick from musicals of the 1920s jazz-age.

a new appreciation for the modernization of films that can only be improved by newfangled filming techniques and the fact that not all of the technology they use is from the distant future. (Drones? In the Middle East? And a crime-ridden Detroit? I thought the movie was supposed to be set in 2028.) Regardless, the new “RoboCop� is good. The new “RoboCop� is intense. The new “RoboCop� is ridiculous. And it doesn’t try to be anything it isn’t. When a film starts out

with Samuel L. Jackson hosting what is no less than a futuristic Fox News, you know you’re in for a ride. At first, I couldn’t tell if the director intended for Jackson’s role to be a nice comic relief or if they were actually trying to make Jackson take on a serious role. It didn’t take long to find out that his role is absolutely and wholly a giant piece of satire. What a glorious realization that was. I went from laughing out of absurdity

By Bernice Bede Osol

Copyright 2014, Newspaper Enterprise Assn.


Make a point to spend time with friends and relatives in the coming months. Plan a trip, but consider your overhead as well as hidden costs before you make a commitment. You will make an impression if you learn new skills and concentrate on your work. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -Refrain from sharing your secrets. Organize personal paperwork or deal with unfinished projects to put an accomplished feel on the day. Relaxation in the evening will be rewarding.

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Monday- Very Easy Tuesday-Easy Wednesday- Easy Thursday- Medium Friday - Hard

Instructions: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.

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Come celebrate with us in our romantic atmosphere!

PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Devote time to your favorite hobby or one of your many talents. Someone who comes from a very different background will inspire you. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -- Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t damage your reputation by revealing secret information. In order to avoid a problem with your friends or relatives, be very careful what you say to whom. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- A change of scenery will go a long way toward reducing your stress. Avoid people and situations that are getting you down, and plan a pleasurable outing with friends or family. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Reflect on your past and think about what you want and need out of life to begin the process of making your dreams come true. No one else can do this for you. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -- Keep your anger at bay. You risk overreacting if you take constructive criticism too seriously.

Find an enjoyable activity that will help you stay calm and out of trouble. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Speak up if you feel someone is withholding important information from you. Getting all the facts and asking the right questions could have a positive effect on your future. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- Do something physical to relieve your boredom. Rather than dwell on your problems, check out your community for activities that interest you. You will be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- You may feel disappointed with the way your life is going. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let your fears prevent you from reaching your goals. Take positive steps to make personal improvements. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Today will be a success if you devote your energy and enthusiasm to a cause you believe in. You will make new friends with your pleasant attitude and desire to help. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Attend to unfinished business. You must sort through personal documents carefully in order to avoid a costly mistake. If you offer assistance to someone who needs it, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll receive similar treatment. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -Those who love you deserve your attention. If something is seriously bothering you, now is the time to clear it up. Problems will continue to grow if you neglect them.

Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker February 12, 2014

ACROSS 1 Awry 6 Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s held for questioning 10 Funeral flames 14 Sweeten the deal 15 Pearl Harbor locale 16 Jet giant 17 Like many an embarrassing flub 18 Traitors 20 Doglike facial feature 22 Slimy and serpentine 23 Turf-covered 24 Invoice word 25 Tavern 28 Kidneyrelated 31 Green stuff on copper 33 Kind of chair 36 It grows when fertilized 38 â&#x20AC;&#x153;The Prince and the Pauperâ&#x20AC;? author 39 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Nay!â&#x20AC;? sayer 40 A Day in Hollywood 42 Let ___ a secret 43 Jackâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s adversary 45 Nerd kin 46 Male heirs 47 Asylum seeker 49 Gave everyone a hand 2/12

51 Bled, as colors 52 ___ and outs (particulars) 54 Metrical feet 57 Payment for labor 58 Immortal 60 Spinning toy 64 Jousterâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s armful 65 Himalayan mystery 66 Peaceful pause 67 Problem for a grain farmer 68 â&#x20AC;&#x153;Whileâ&#x20AC;? beginning 69 Where to get a hoagie 70 They are smoky and foggy DOWN 1 Resting on 2 Eatery stack 3 Insect phase 4 Alternative to hanging clothes on a line 5 Walked 6 Bag or board lead-in 7 ___ Claire, Wisc. 8 Tear in little pieces 9 Auto garage job 10 Tactic 11 Vocal support 12 Turn informer

13 RNâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s posts 19 Athleticshoe point 21 Bishopsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; meeting 25 Horowitzâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s instrument 26 Word with â&#x20AC;&#x153;jackâ&#x20AC;? or â&#x20AC;&#x153;labelâ&#x20AC;? 27 Wedding proclamation 29 State under oath 30 Sensational, tabloid-style 32 Force me 33 Like some beavers 34 The Jungian inner self 35 Wood finish 37 Gesturing performer 41 Site of plain rain 44 Legal proceeding

48 Decorate with gold leaf 50 Soup kitchen needs 53 Continue without interruption 55 Church fund-raiser 56 In disguise (abbr.) 57 Habeas corpus, for one 58 Unsightly fruit? 59 Receives 60 Fourth of July? 61 That woman 62 Belonging to that thing 63 Not healthy



Š 2014 Universal Uclick

GETTING DIZZY By Nelson Vettering


Wednesday, February 12, 2014 •


Action: Franchise reboot doesn’t disappoint Continued from page 1

“Robocop” is two hours long. If you are not interested in tasteless action movies, then I highly suggest you see “Endless Love” or something like that on V-day. But, for those of you who enjoy heart-racing, ass-kicking, continuous action, I suggest you see “Robocop.” If you liked the ’87 version, you’ll like this one. I give “Robocop” four out of five stars. (Judge me for it.)

to laughing because of comic genius. Every time Jackson was on screen, he used the same tone used to echo one of his most famous phrases, “I have had it with these motherf***** snakes on this motherf**** plane!” (At one point in “Robocop” he says a line using nearly the same words sans snakes, add robots. Like I said — glorious.) Luke Reynolds is a University College freshman. Jackson’s role was integral but not the most important. Our protagonist, Detective Alex Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), does a pretty swell job of being a man inside a robot — or a robot inside a man, we never really learn which is real — and takes home the prize for most interesting. His cold, steely facial features provide the perfect aesthetic for when he loses his emotions and becomes a robot. Other than that, he didn’t have to do much acting. The rest of the characters were not all that special to me. Murphy’s wife (Abbie Cornish) possessed all of the qualities you would expect of the wife in a ridiculous action flick — hot blond, nice body, etc. Gary Oldman, as spring the doctor who created Robocop, does a decent job of shoes playing hero to save Murphy from death, first after the accident and again when our antagonist, Raymond Sellars fall shoes & (Michael Keaton), tries to decommission him. My qualms with the movie are few. Although it took an hour to finally get Robocop in the suit and kicking ass, it was well worth it. It did seem like a lot of unnecessary back story though — cut to the chase, please. I would have liked a little bit more of “Robocop” in action in Detroit as the ’87 version had, but I’ll take what I can get.




on sale!

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Lovelines Happy Valentine’s Day to the awesome men of Sig Ep. You truly light up my life. Hugs for all! Stefani Eyocko - If I’ve ever met a dynamic person, it’s you. You’re beautiful, intelligent, and you truly inspire me to be the best woman that I can be. Thank you for that and know that if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, I have two! much love, Yaya <3 Rodney Glenn - To say that the last year we’ve spent together is amazing is a massive understatement. You’ve shown me so much about the world and so much about myself. I wish the word ‘love’ had infinite letters to describe the love we share. Happy Birthday, Valentine’s Day, and one year anniversary. I looooovveeee You! :) - love, your sugar plum, Ayanna Hey Valentine, if you were a transformer, you’d be Optimus Fine! XoXo -Anonymous Mr. Tyler, Happy Valentine’s Day Fiancé! Here’s to another great year together and forever more! Can’t wait to be your wife this year and become your forever Valentine! Love you! Love, The Future Mrs Kendal, Happy Valentine’s Day to the most creative lady I know!! Hope it is a fabulous one! Love, Nicole I messed up so bad I’m a huge jerk I’m worse than Miley Cyrus attempting to twerk Mistakes that I made more than a few I’m a bigger loser than OSU You’re better than me You’re incredibly hot I’m about as ugly as Perkins’ jump shot I wont ask forgiveness Just wanted to say Baby, I still love you Happy Valentines Day Your stupid ex-boyfriend, Ricky Dear Sochi Winter Olympics, I’ll be -- how you say -- ‘Hot. Cool. Yours.’ this Valentine’s Day. Love, Your heart’s Olympian To the ladies of Alpha Gam, Sending you happy thoughts. You girls are great! Love, D&T AD1Thanks for still being here for me. Love, AD2 This is amazing. Stay positive. - Lil B Keep on rockin’ [m]!

308B, Happy Valentine’s Day Bestie! Through all the bass thumping, house building, and party hopping we have had another fun year! So glad you are my friend and I look forward to an adventure of a year! Cheers to 2014 and us! Love, 308A D Rob, Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you have the best Valentine’s Day! Cheers to our big graduation year! By the way, love the meat platter. Love, Nicole Toasted Ravs, Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope you choose Vandy so we can be forever in the same city! And we can celebrate Valentine’s Day together forever! <3 Love, The Nashville Lady #Prince, Happy Valentine’s Day and Happy anniversary to us! Love you always and forever. #Princess My dearest Veronica, you are my favorite Sooner and I’m so blessed to be your husband! Thank you for being so loving and caring and supportive. You are the best and I love you so much. To Christina So, if you are my Sister-In-Law now, what happens if your Ginger marries my Ginger??? Thanks for fighting the Mommy battles with me. Love, Your Ginger in Law Hey sweetie, happy love day! 8 years and counting :) Moo! Love Alexa. To my valentine Garrett A., I could never tell you this to your face, but you are the sweetest guy I have ever met and I just can’t keep my feelings for you a secret anymore. You are the most beautiful man I have ever seen. You have the kindest blue eyes that resemble sparkling sapphires and your hair shines like a million threads of pure gold with scents of pure farm grown honey. I get the best feeling in the world when you smile at me because I know that even for a second I have crossed your mind. Every morning when I wake up, you’re the first thing I think about. I hope you read this and smile because I know my feelings for you are real. -Your Secret Admirer To ‘ma fille,’ Who would I have thought I would ever hold someone so beautiful? Every day I wake up and fall deeper into love with you. You are the most amazing woman that I have ever met. Every moment I have with you is a moment to be loved and cherished. Here’s to many more St. Valentine’s Days; I hope you’ll ‘Be Mine’ forever. Always and truly yours, Derek

An Ode to My Sisters The luck I have in my wonderful friends So much love and laughter, till the end Mortimer the fierce Loves through laughter and tears Birdie the gentle and sweet Believes the best of all she meets She may not have a belly button, our Swiss But she really is just most delightful Miss Our Abs may live outside Norman But with her pearls she comes a’stormin Our beloved Shorts, so so far away Soon she will be back home to stay Never again will we let her go And we will party and sleep on the garage floor. My heart forever, My love for always You will have to put up with me for all of my days. --The Tallest One of You All Anthony Meleco, do you want to build a snowman? Dr. Millie Godmother, Mother Superior to international students and alumni from around the globe. You’re their Valentine!! tu esposa Bill Sweetie pie o’ mine Adore you all the time There is not obstacle for you I would not climb As to love you is just devine (I’ll save your half of the frassasass for the day of love!) Dearest Muggle, We go together like the Weasley twins and mischief. I Siriusly love you, so let’s get a butterbeer sometime. - You-Know-Who Dearest Derek, You know how I feel. Love, Taylor P.S. But incase you don’t, here you go... Thank you for always supporting me through everything. I don’t know what I would have done this past year without you in my life. You make me smile and laugh like I never have before. It has been so exciting to plan life with you after graduation in May. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for us. You are not only an excellent boyfriend, but more importantly my best friend. I love you. To my [m] advertising family, I can’t believe this is my last semester... YIKES. Thank you for all the laughs and memories. I certainly will never forget this place. Also to Anne, you are the best boss I could have ever asked for. Please join me in the real world! I have been too spoiled with a boss like you. Thank you for being more than just an adviser and director, but also a wonderful friend. -Taylor JeannieThanks for being YOU!

Honeybee, I love you so much. I’m so lucky to have you in my life. Your Honeysuckle “I wish I could bake a cake filled with rainbows and smiles and everyone would eat and be in love. “ “Sometimes finding happiness takes more strength to leave mountains unmoved, oceans left calm, sometimes it means to walk the opposite way!” If it weren’t for you, Christina-LaurenElisa-Johnnie Margaret- AmandaAbby-Erin I’d be a piping hot mess, I’m swearin’ My sisters, my friends All of my days I’ll spend Wondering how I got lucky enough to have you by my side You make me smile, my heart swell with pride So here is your poem no “violets are blue” Just your tall friend, giving her heart to you. And wine. Love, Me “Kelly Rogers: I want to wrap myself in that red hair like a snuggie.” “Emma Hamblen: there’s no layout pretty than your face, girl.” “Blayklee Buchanan: Girl- you sophisticated. Let me show you a good time.” “Alex Niblett: Just a nibble, girl. That’s all I want.” “Julia Nelson: Put me on the gymnastics beat girl, I’ll show you flexible.” “Paighten Harkins: I have some breaking news for you, girl: GIRL MAKES BOY ALL HOT AND BOTHERED.” For real though: “Mom- you’re the only love I need in my life.” Floral Fam, You are the bees knees. Even if I don’t see y’all much, I still love you lots! Have a great day! Love, The oldest Floral Fam member (Your ggbig or g-big or big) Nicolio, Roses are red, violets are blue College would not be the same without you Thanks for the laughs and for putting up with my sass You are a great friend that will make a beautiful bride with class! I can’t wait to be a part of your day, it will definitely be a memory that will always stay... I especially hope I catch the bouquet! Love, Taylor I love you so much Morgan Rae! Can’t wait to see you. Love, Cooper. To Nicole G., I just wanted to let you know: I think you’re great. In fact, I’m pretty sure that’s what the ‘G’ in your surname stands for. You’ll have to hold off on getting married until I can find a synonym that starts with ‘J.’ -The other back wheel on the tricycle


• Wednesday, February 12, 2013


Julia Nelson, sports editor Joe Mussatto, assistant editor • phone: 405-325-3666 • Twitter: @OUDailySports



Player comes out, Sooners must remain change imminent focused against Raiders L Sports Columnist

Demetrius Kearney


he Sooners are looking to build upon their recent win against Baylor, as they prepare for their second meeting with the Texas Tech Red Raiders at 7 tonight at Lloyd Noble Center. Oklahoma (18-6, 7-4) bounced back from a pair of road losses in explosive fashion. Unleashing an offensive arsenal and crushing the Baylor Bears 88-72, the Sooners re-established themselves as serious contenders in the Big 12. The Red Raiders (12-11, 4-6) have struggled to remain consistent this season. Coming off of an upset victory over Oklahoma State, Texas Tech will look to spoil the Sooners’ hopes when they arrive in Norman. The Sooners have only suffered one home loss since conference play began early January. They have already won against the Red Raiders in their Jan. 25 matchup in Lubbock, where the Sooners left with a 74-65 victory. Sophomore guard Buddy Hield, who scored 18 points in that victory, has been a consistent offensive weapon for the Sooners throughout conference play. Hield is averaging a team-high 17 points per game and is shooting better than 46 percent from the field. Hield’s impact has especially been felt from beyond the three-point line. He has a season average of close to 40 percent from beyond the arc. However in his last three games, Hield is shooting 54 percent from three, giving the Sooners a boost offensively. Senior forward Cameron Clark has struggled in conference play this season and accompanies Hield as

Jacqueline Eby/The Daily

Sophomore forward Ryan Spangler smacks the ball during tip-off against Baylor on Saturday night at Lloyd Noble Center. The Sooners beat the Bears 88-72.

another viable offensive weapon. He was able to bounce back from his struggles with a much needed 16point performance against Baylor. This season, Clark has proved he can consistently be an aggressive scorer for the Sooners. He scored 17 points in their first meeting against Texas Tech and hopes for a repeat performance in their upcoming meeting. The Sooners will also look to sophomore forward Ryan Spangler, who has been an absolute monster in conference play. The Blanchard,

PLAYER PROFILE Buddy Hield Year: Sophomore Position: Guard Statistics: Averaging 32.4 points, 46.3% shooting, 4.5 rebounds per game this season.

Okla., native has proven to be one of the most important players on this team, averaging 10.6 points and

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grabbing 10 rebounds per game. Spangler was relatively quiet in their last game against the Bears failing to score a single point for the first time this season while only recording six rebounds and dishing out five assists. However, Spangler’s hustle and aggressive style of play has proven to be a difference maker for the Sooners down the stretch and will be needed if they wish to defeat a determined Red Raider squad. Demetrius Kearney is a political science senior.

ast month, a boy Sports Columnist named Michael Morones was found hanging in his room after reportedly being called gay by his peers. Fortunately, he survived the suicide attempt, but he may have permanent Wes Carter brain damage from the incident. I don’t know if Michael Morones is gay or not, and he may not either — He is 11 years old. Less than a month later, another Michael is making headlines for announcing he is gay. Sunday, in separate interviews with ESPN and the New York Times, NFL draft prospect Michael Sam told the world that he is a “proud gay man.” Quickly, sports and news shows alike called former NFL players and coaches to discuss whether or not the NFL is ready for an openly gay player. Also discussed was the likelihood of Sam being drafted because of his playing ability and accomplishments on the field regardless of his sexuality. The NFL hopeful is the current SEC co-defensive player of the year and notched 11.5 sacks last season. He was the defensive anchor of a Missouri Tiger football team that stunned the college football world by beating SEC powers Georgia, Florida and Texas A&M, finishing the regular season 11-1 and earning the school its first SEC Championship Game appearance. Sam, a projected third or fourth round pick by most sports media outlets, is not the first professional athlete from the majors to announce he is gay. Last year former NBA player and roster hopeful Jason Collins came out. However, since Collins has yet to be signed by a team since his announcement, Sam is on track to be the first openly gay, active athlete in a major sport. I don’t know if this announcement will affect Sam’s draft stock. I could see it going down because, owners, especially those with a large fan base in the South, may decide not to draft Sam in an effort to keep their fan base. However, it could also increase. I think teams who live in places that have a more accepting fan base may move up to draft the man. Taking a stand to draft a gay athlete may help sign players who are secretly gay or come out in the future. I do know that the NFL is a business, and NFL owners are stubborn. For proof of this, look at NFL contracts compared to Major League Baseball and the NBA. The NFL front office will most certainly use Michael Sam as a badge of equality and tolerance. For a league that thrives on diversity and opening doors to new markets — looking at you, London — a chance to be the first major sport to have a gay athlete on the field could equate to more viewers and sponsors. What if that wasn’t the case though? What if nobody cared that Michael Sam is gay? What if, upon hearing this, the New York Times and ESPN passed on the interview because as a society we no longer cared about somebody’s sexuality? What if Michael Morones grew up in a world where Michael Sam was one of many gay athletes? A world where children are taught to celebrate the differences of their peers rather than criticize them? A world where people didn’t think twice about hearing whether someone is gay or straight. Where gay role models that break stereotypical barriers, such as Sam, are plentiful? Better yet, what if Morones’ bullies grew up in that world? Wes Carter is a public relations junior.

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