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See what students are saying the president should focus on in his first State of the Union address tonight, see page 5.

The OU women hitt the road to face Iowa State tonight,t, see page 6.

Dr. Drew is coming to OU, get the details on page 8.




WINTER WEATHER EXPECTED TO HIT NORMAN Strong winds, ice accumulations could cause power outages, health risks RICKY MARANON Assignment Editor

A severe winter storm is approaching the area. Substantial accumulations of freezing rain, ice and snow are expected throughout the state. “When people wake up Thursday morning, it will be mostly a rain event,” said Jenifer Bowen,

meteorologist at the Norman National Weather Center. “That afternoon, it should quickly switch over to freezing rain. Later, that should turn into snow and sleet.” Bowen said Norman should expect at least a quarter inch of ice and two to six inches of snow. Wind speeds are expected to be 25 to 30 miles per hour, with winds gusting up to 40 miles per hour, she said. “Power outages are more or less a possibility,” Bowen said. “If there are any heavy ice accumulations on power lines when these winds are blowing, power outages are likely.”

Bowen said different systems are coming together in the region that have caused the winter weather. “We have an upper-level system coming off the coast of southern California, along with arctic air dropping down from Canada,” Bowen said. She said in addition to those two weather events, moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will also enter the state. Bowen said the ground is a little warm, but the rain before the winter weather will help cool down area roads.

“The freezing precipitation will accumulate on any wet surfaces especially ground surfaces like roads,” Bowen said. “If you are going to travel, be sure you are prepared and have the necessary supplies in your vehicle.” Dianne Clay, OU Health Sciences Center spokeswoman, issued a warning about the dangers of cold weather Wednesday. “When temperatures dip below 40 degrees, Oklahomans should pay attention to more than snow forecasts and slippery streets to stay safe,” Clay stated in a press release. Clay stated ongoing research at the Health WEATHER CONTINUES ON PAGE 2


Dancers rehearse for the Young Choreographers Showcase on Tuesday evening in the Donald W. Reynolds Performing Arts Center. The performance starts Thursday evening. For a full preview of the event, check Thursday's edition of The Daily and also

VOLUNTEERS GEAR UP FOR Norman Music Festival LOCAL EXTREME MAKEOVER announces headliner Thousands apply to help tear down and rebuild a house in the metro area CAROLINE PERRYMAN Daily Staff Writer

“Extreme Makeover! Extreme Makeover!” Those words were shouted by an auditorium full of volunteers at the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition’s pep rally at 8 a.m. Tuesday at Journey Church in Norman. A B C ’s T V s h ow “ E x t re m e Makeover: Home Edition” will begin filming the rennovation of their 178th house Feb. 1. Volunteers will help tear down and rebuild a house in the Norman-Oklahoma City community in 106 hours. Ideal Homes was the company chosen to build the new house. “This is a community effort,” stated Todd Booze, Ideal Homes president of construction, in a press release. “In addition to the home we build for a deserving family, the entire metro area will benefit through the food and blood drives we are planning as part of this extraordinary week ... We hope that people from across the area will answer our call for support.”

And people did answer the call. In the first 24 hours, online volunteer sign-ups had more than 1,000 applications. Booze stated the Ideal Homes Web site was so overwhelmed they had to temporarily shut it down. When they reopened the Web site, 1,200 more applications were received within 48 hours. Conrad Ricketts, E xtreme Makeover executive producer, spoke at the pep rally. Ricketts said he not only wants as many volunteers as possible, but also wants people to show up with cans of food and their sleeves rolled up to donate blood. “You can watch this show and see the heart and soul of America,” Ricketts said. “Oklahoma is a great place to be. We couldn’t do what we do without all the people who stand up and make a difference.” Hundreds of people attended the rally. Among them were Oklahoma City Thunder cheerleaders and mascot, athletes, OU ROTC members and many other people from the community. Andre Hechinger, criminology sophomore, said there was a lot of energy in the room. Hechinger said he doesn’t regularly watch the TV show, but was EXTREME CONTINUES ON PAGE 2



Quick response on Facebook prompts event organizers to reveal band JOSHUA BOYDSTON Daily Staff Writer

The 2010 Norman Music Festival will be headlined by the indie band Dirty Projectors. Festival organizers announced Monday on Oklahoma City radio station 105.3 The Spy that once the Norman Music Festival Facebook page reached 3,000 fans, they would announce the main stage headliner.


The goal was reached in 18 hours and the announcement was made just before noon Tuesday. Dirty Projectors are a Brooklynbased band led by Dave Longstreth. The band has released several critically-acclaimed albums, but this year’s “Bitte Orca,” boosted by its single “Stillness Is The Move,” has the band seeing its first bit of commercial success. Norman Music Festival is free to the public and will be held April 24 and 25 in downtown Norman. For more information, visit


The Absolute's lead singer Phil Ross and bassist Winthrop Ellsworth perform on the Main Stage at the Norman Music Festival April 25, 2009. This was the first out-of-state show the Los Angeles-based band had performed. © 2009 OU PUBLICATIONS BOARD

Congress appoints new committee chairs TROY WEATHERFORD Day Staff Writer

T h e U O S A Undergraduate Student Congress voted in favor of putting two disputed constitutional amendments on the UOSA Spring 2010 General Election ballot instead of holding a special election. The Congress approved the last-minute agenda item concerning the UOSA Superior Court’s hearing on Monday, requiring an election date on ballot the amendments offered by Oklahoma Students for a Democratic Society to be set. Three members abstained from voting, while another two members voted “no.” thirty-one members voted in favor of the resolution to move the amendments to the upcoming general election. “We couldn’t work out scheduling with [the UOSA Graduate Student Senate]... UOSA CONTINUES ON PAGE 2

VOL. 95, NO. 86

2 Wednesday, January 27, 2010 Caitlin Harrison, managing editor • phone: 325-3666 • fax: 325-6051



we’ve spoken with GSS leaders, Continues from page 1 and they’ve agreed on holding the [ordered] election during the spring [general] election,” said UOSA Student Congress Vice Chairman Matthew Gress. Representative Shayna Daitch, humanities district, international securities studies and Judeo studies junior, said the method of the bill was “shady.” She also said there was a “lack of transparency,” and that the passage of the bill was “hasty.” The UOSA Superior Court heard arguments Monday that the UOSA legislative branch was too slow to act on the court’s ruling last November, which ordered two amendments that could dramatically reshape the legislative branch to be put up to a student vote. Student Congress also voted 34-1 in favor of appointing six members to committee

chair positions. The chair positions were decided by the Congress’ presiding officers. Gress said that the appointments were “special legislation that bypasses the normal processes.” For this reason, UOSA members could not amend the legislation. But one member stood alone in opposition to the appointments. “Why write a piece of legislation and present it to the body if we cannot amend it?” Daitch said. Daitch voted against the appointments after being denied the chance to ask questions to the new appointees. “I was really disappointed that we weren’t allowed to ask our chair applicants questions,” Daitch said. “They were able to stand up and talk about themselves, but we weren’t able to ask them questions and I just don’t feel right about that.” The chair appointees introduced themselves and described their qualifications and goals before the entire body that night.

Extreme Continues from page 1


Norman High School cheerleaders lead the crowd at Journey Church Tuesday morning as part of the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition rally.

touched by all the good it has done. He is planning to volunteer next week. “It just seems that getting a community to come together to work together if one of their members are down on their luck or need helping out is an awesome idea,” Hechinger said. “It’s really uplifting to see stuff like that because it’s not something you see very often, especially today.”

MOVE THAT BUS! The house reveal and “move that bus” day will be Feb. 7. A Facebook group has been set up to help with the canned food drive.

Web site For more information go to http://

CITY COUNCIL APPROVES PARK IMPROVEMENTS, SIDEWALKS The Norman City Council approved ballots Tuesday to improve Reeves Park for the Medieval Fair and allow additional sidewalks to be added to the Porter Avenue construction project. The city council agenda stated the park has needed renovations and electrical work since the Medieval Fair moved to Reeves Park from the OU Duck Pond six years ago. The fair will pay for the costs of restorations, which Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company estimates to be $8,723. The city council also approved a $14,575 contract increase in the Porter Avenue construction project. These extra funds will go toward adding sidewalks to Woodcrest Drive and Rock Creek Road. The city council honored City of Norman employees with more than 25 years of service to the city. Each recipient was given an award and recognized by the council. “I really enjoy this evening every year,” said Carol Dillingham, Ward 4 Councilwoman. “We are honoring city employees that most of us never see. We don’t get to know their names, we have no idea what they like to do, whether they have children or grandchildren, ride motorcycles, paint, cook, whatever. It’s such a wonderful opportunity to see the folks that have been with one employer for 25 years. That’s a long time. We must be doing something right here.” The city council also officially declared February 2010 Black History Month in the City of Norman. Casey Parvin/The Daily


Sciences Center has shown that Continues from page 1 ot enmc pe etrhaeture dips below 40 degrees, the body responds by constricting blood vessels to conserve heat in as quickly as 10 minutes after you go outside. “Your body senses cold temperatures and sends a message to your brain, which responds by shrinking blood vessels. This is very dangerous for people with hypertension and heart diseases. It can make the conditions more severe,” stated Zhongjie Sun, blood pressure expert at

the OU College of Medicine. “Exposing any part of your body to cold temperatures is enough to send your blood pressure up. It’s very difficult to completely avoid the effects of cold weather, but you should minimize exposure.”

WHAT YOU CAN DO -Stay indoors -Wear layers (a single layer, no matter how thick, doesn’t work) -Wear a hat -Wear gloves -Do not make sudden strong exertions if you have known

heart problems -High wind, snow and rain make matters worse Source: Dianne Clay, OU Health Sciences Center spokeswoman

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


OU RECEIVES ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY UPGRADES University’s recycling program, new energy-efficient buildings encourage students, faculty to persue a green lifestyle CASEY WILSON Daily Staff Writer

Various campus buildings received energy-efficient upgrades under a performance-based contract with Johnson Controls, said a spokeswoman for the OU Physical Plant. The upgrades have been in place for more than a year and will continue into this semester, said plant spokeswoman Amanda Hearn. “When that process is complete, we expect to see an annual

reduction in energy use equivalent to 415 single-family homes,” Hearn said. In addition, the university installed hand dryers in the bathrooms in Dale Hall as a pilot test. The hand dryers were suggested during a Faculty Senate meeting as a more environmentally sustainable option to paper towels, she said. Hearn said OU will survey students to find out if they prefer the dryers. Alex Patton, University College freshmen, said she prefers the hand dryers in the Dale Hall bathroom to paper towels. “It’s more environmentally friendly,” she said. “And it’s less stuff you actually have to touch in

the bathroom, too.” Hearn said once the survey is complete, the results will be examined and recommendations will be made. This semester, the university also will continue working on water conservation and heating as well as ventilation and air conditioning projects to improve the environmental sustainability of the campus, she said. Hearn said the university is participating in RecycleMania, a national recycling competition among universities which began this week. “We will be measuring all paper, plastic, aluminum and cardboard that the campus recycles during the remaining nine weeks of the

Entering students may face increased fees Incoming students may have to pay an additional $13 per credit hour if the OU Board of Regents approves a fee at its upcoming meeting. Students entering OU at either the Norman campus or the College of Law could face a new Academic Excellence fee. If approved, the money would go toward hiring and retaining faculty and also renovating and updating classrooms, according to the agenda. The regents also will consider a “modification” of the current Academic Excellence fee assessed to students who came to OU in the fall 2008 and 2009 semesters, though the meeting agenda does not specify what that modification will entail. Students in aviation courses or courses at the OU Health Sciences Center could face new fees as well. The regents also will consider the elimination or reduction of some class-specific fees. This week’s regents meetings have been canceled and will be rescheduled at a later date. -Charles Ward/The Daily


TODAY CHRISTIANS ON CAMPUS Christians on Campus will hold a Bible study from 12:30 to 1:15 p.m. in the Traditions Room of the Oklahoma Memorial Union. CAMPUS CRUSADE FOR CHRIST Campus Crusade for Christ will meet from 9 to 10 p.m. in the Santee Lounge on the fifth floor of the Oklahoma Memorial Stadium.

THURSDAY No events scheduled. Note: To post a campus event to be published in The Daily, click on the “Submit Event” tab underneath the calendar on All event postings are subject to approval of The Daily Editorial Board.

competition,” she said. During last year’s RecycleMania, the university recycled 14.2 pounds per person. Hearn said the university’s goal for this year is to recycle 18 pounds per person. Last semester, the university also organized a program called the Crimson and Green Commitment, in which OU challenged students, faculty and staff to commit to making environmentally-conscious decisions. For every commitment made, the university puts $2 toward its recycling program. The university received 1,500 commitments, she said. “So approximately $3,000 will go towards the recycling program this semester,” she said.

Hearn said there are many things students can choose to do to make the university more environmentally sustainable such as recycling plastic bottles, turning off lights when leaving a room, unplugging electric devices and appliances when they are not in use and using public transportation. “The thing about sustainably is that it’s a personal choice,” she said. “So it’s up to the student to make that choice.” Trevin Ray, health and exercise science junior, said OU does a great deal to aid students in being environmentally conscious. “They put out plenty of places where students can recycle if they’re willing to do it,” he said.

POLICE REPORTS The following is a list of arrests and citations, not convictions. The information given is compiled from the Norman and OU Police Departments. At times, the Cleveland County Sheriff’s Department and the Oklahoma City FBI will contribute to these reports. All those listed are innocent until proven guilty. MUNICIPAL WARRANT Mustafa Ali H. Alhaddad, 19, 700 E. Lindsey St., Monday POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA Justin Wade Campbell, 18, Nebraska Street, Monday COUNTY WARRANT Hugo Escobar Lopez, 23, 2600 W. Main St., Monday Suzanne Linda Brewer, 46, Felgar Street and Asp Avenue, Saturday Bryan L. Harrington, 49, South James Garner Avenue, Monday DISTURBING THE PEACE Lorena Moreno Gonzales, 42, 2230 Houston Ave., Sunday Amanda Ann Niccole Thompson, 23, 2230 Houston Ave., Sunday PUBLIC INTOXICATION Justin Leigh Summers, 34, 900 Asp

Ave., date unknown, also unlawfully consuming alcohol in public W.F. Zachary Ronald Cody, 19, 1500 Asp Ave., date unknown, also minor in possession of alcohol and possession of a fake license Adele Elizabeth Allensworth, 22, 407 W. Boyd St., Saturday, also outraging public decency James Michael Orear, 23, 407 W. Boyd St., Saturday Joshua Tyler Huff, 18, 200 E. Boyd St., Saturday Zachary Ryan McWhirter, 19, 200 E. Boyd St., Saturday Colby Landon Glasgow, 18, 200 E. Boyd St., Saturday Chase Aidan Goodnight, 18, 340 First St., Saturday Brett Williams Anderson, 23, 400 W. Boyd St., Sunday DRIVING UNDER THE INFLUENCE Devan Robert Patrick, 23, 800 Jenkins Ave., Friday John Wesley Russell, 22, 300 W. Boyd St., Saturday Thompson Tyler Sherman, 19, 200 E. Boyd St., Saturday Kyle Louis Smailey, 22, 300 W. Boyd St., Sunday Jonathan Ryan Jennings, 26, 600 Parrington Oval, Sunday, also transporting an open container OUTSTANDING WARRANT Zachary Clyde Keller, 26, Boyd Street and Asp Avenue, Friday


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Max Avery, opinion editor • phone: 325-7630 • fax: 325-6051

In response to Michael Pilcher’s column on authority and China’s authoritarian rule. YOU CAN COMMENT AT OUDAILY.COM

“The one-child law in China should be a world-wide mandate. With the population of the world approaching 7 Billion, and growing at an exponential rate, limiting families to one child would help reduce the growing strain on our ecosystem. Many botanists and biologists would contend earth is past carrying capacity already. We definitely don’t need Octomom and her 14 children to happen again.... -SCRTAGNT25


We must remember we are a nation at war Today the president will talk about a lot of issues. We’ll hear about the economy, health care and maybe some bailouts. But what should also be a major issue in the State of the Union is the fact we still have tens of thousands of American soldiers fighting wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. We can’t entirely fault the president for potentially forgetting about the wars. As Americans, we also seem to have forgotten about them; we’re too busy worrying about Haiti, the economy and health care to remember our wars.

These are worthy issues, but they aren’t the only ones. And as a nation, we have to remember the fact that we are at war. Iraq is doubly forgotten as we’re shifting our focus from Iraq to Afghanistan. Our military can concentrate on more than one place — we should be able to do the same. Whether or not you believe in the wars we’re fighting — or war in general — you cannot hold but the highest respect for our servicemen. These are people who are willing to leave their families


and risk their lives for our benefit. It’s difficult to treat that with anything but the highest respect. In much of Afghanistan, American soldiers are braving weather conditions similar to what we’ll soon be experiencing with the coming storm; but worse, they are also having to dodge bullets. Yet somehow these two wars and our soldiers will receive little attention. Let’s hope our commander in chief remembers the servicemen under his command; and if he doesn’t let’s remember our brave soldiers. Schuyler Crabtree is a public relations Senior.



Poor students should automatically be exempt from dorm requirements

From disaster to devastation: Asking the right questions

Oklahoma State Regent policy requires all single freshmen students under the age of 20 live in OU’s residence halls. Requiring students to live in the dorms for their first year is supposed to ease this difficult transition. Students who live on campus do not have to contend with driving to school every day. They do not have to manage monthly bills or groceries. They are in a secure building with their roommates chosen for them and an RA to talk to about any of their problems. With their MATT lives made easier and free of BRUENIG responsibilities students can focus on academic success. This sounds good until you consider how expensive living in the residence halls really is. The cheapest housing option is a Cate Center double which, combined with the mandatory meal plan, costs $6,900 for eight months - $860 per month. In Norman, there are apartment complexes which offer rooms with all utilities included for $315 dollars a month and one can live on $200 of groceries per month. So the dorms cost students $350 more per month than equivalent housing and food in Norman - $2,800 more for the eight months. The business leaders, doctors, bankers and attorneys who make up the Oklahoma Board of Regents may not see the problem with this. If you have the money to easily afford it, perhaps $2800 is worth the benefits provided by living in the dorms. However, poor students from poor families do not. This flat rate for living in the dorms has a large impact on poor students who necessarily have a lower ability to pay. The additional $2,800 students are forced to pay for a coddling service can cause a poor student to go into debt, require them to take on more hours at a job or maybe even prevent him or her from being able to afford to attend school at OU. Poor students should be exempt from the housing rule because of this disproportionate burden it puts on them. How can we determine which students are poor and therefore exempt? The simplest way is with Pell Grants. If a student receives a Pell Grant from the federal government, they

What the hell happened in Haiti; and more importantly, why? The answer is simply a major earthquake struck quite near the Haitian capital, killing tens, if not hundreds of thousands of Haitian citizens. But the International Monetary Fund and World Bank’s loans are the reasons that Haiti is so ill-equipped to deal with the aftermath. Immediate aid is of course necessary; however, the root of the tragedy lies in the why question. The best way to help Haiti now is through working with local relief efforts and donating money to organizations such as Partners in Health. It’s an organization with true Haitian causes at heart. They JOHN have been dedicated to bringing BEST health care, education and the eradication of poverty to Haiti. Medecins San Frontieres, or Doctors Without Borders, is another group that has had great history in helping Haiti and is doing an effective job of providing immediate relief. Haiti is no anomaly. What happened to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina and why? What happened in central China during the spring of 2008, and why were so many parents of the schoolchildren incredibly outraged? Systematic failures and inequalities within each of these nations have allowed such natural disasters to become devastation. The levees in New Orleans failed because they were designed incorrectly. The schools collapsed in China because contractors cut corners when building to pad their pockets. Haiti is, by most standards, the poorest nation in both North and South America. Eighty percent of its population lives in poverty. Haiti’s debt to the United States is about a fifth of its GDP. A country with such a high level of financial debt does not have the funds to construct buildings or build an infrastructure that would be prepared for such a disaster as last Tuesday’s earthquake. Also, any money Haiti does have for disaster relief and prevention will go to preparing for hurricanes. With a vast majority of its citizens living on only $2 a day, Haiti is in dire need of aid to keep the country and its citizens alive. This is an ever-present necessity. The largest donor of foreign aid to Haiti is the United States. But it should be noted the U.S. cut off

have demonstrated a certain level of need. Because the university already knows who does and does not receive Pell Grants, implementing a policy which allows those who do to get out of the housing requirement should not be too difficult. As rewarding as life in the dorms might be, not wasting $2,800 when you are already poor is even more rewarding. Housing & Food does allow people to request exemptions on a case-by-case basis, but does not have any set standards. When I called the Housing & Food office and asked about their exemption policy, I was told that I would need to file a request for an exemption which would require me to make a case for my economic hardship and could even require that my parents produce a statement about their financial situation; even then, there was no telling whether it would be approved. This is not an exemption program; this is an obnoxious policy that does not allow students to predict whether they will actually make it through the case-by-case exemption procedure. A legitimate program would have set standards and actively inform those who qualify about their ability to seek other housing. Continuing a policy that forces all freshmen students to live in the dorms regardless of their ability to pay only adds another burden to the plight of poor people in Oklahoma. They are funneled through worse schools, have no access to costly supplementary education, live in rougher areas and experience all the other difficulties and anxieties that go along with being poor in the US. Then after all of those burdens when a student makes the grades and works to get into the OU, the university tells them they can only attend if they can come up with $2,800 on extremely expensive housing. Some might argue that all students should have the ability to live off campus if they wish to do so. I will not argue against those people. However, regardless of where you stand on that position, I think — at the very least — we should all agree poor people should be able to utilize the more reasonably priced housing in Norman. Matt Bruenig is a philosophy junior.

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all aid to Haiti from 2001 until 2004 for political reasons. We abandoned the Haitian poor to punish the leaders of Haiti. These policies help create conditions that turn disaster into a catastrophe. Venezuela and Cuba are two nations who have given massive amounts of support to Haiti — without using aid as a political muscle to be flexed against Haiti as the International Monetary Fund and World Bank have done. Asking why allows us to discern patterns from the chaos of disaster. They give us the ability to predict, adapt and prepare. Why is Haiti, Latin America’s first independent nation, in poverty unjustifiably worse than its neighbors? Loans have crippled the nation since its independence. First, the French made Haiti pay for the freedom of former slaves, a debt which was not fully paid until after World War II. Haiti was forced by other western powers to take more loans to pay off past debts. And now the great and powerful World Bank and the fund have entered the picture. Their one-sided policies grow GDP, but prevent infrastructural development, adequate health care and make unionization near impossible. Haitian citizens whose lives were thrown into turmoil by the earthquake are the same people whose lives have been ruined by World Bank and International Monetary Fund policies. Just a few days ago, the fund offered to loan Haiti $100 million for disaster relief. A nice gesture? Not when one realizes impoverished Haiti is still indebted to the fund for $125 million. The money is given on the fund’s goals, not Haitian realities. Nothing new. A long-term solution — the solution to the why question — includes such efforts as a cancellation of Haiti’s crippling debt and intentional moves away from the fund and World Bank style loans. These loans demand that nations develop on the organizations’ terms. They do little good, but much harm. As Haiti’s neighbors have shown, Latin American countries can stand on their own two feet when the crushing weight is lifted from their shoulders. John Best is a biochemistry and Asian studies senior.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sooner Sampler »

“Hear him say he’s actually going to do something and what’s actually up with health care.” ADAM FALLON, PHYSICS SOPHOMORE

“About how he’s only been in office for one year and needs time and that things are in progress.” JONAS CLARK, HEALTH AND EXERCISE SCIENCE JUNIOR



“I really want to hear him talk about universal health care and why we keep digging ourselves further into debt.” ARLAND KNOS, UNIVERSITY COLLEGE SOPHOMORE

“What he thinks he’s accomplished in his first year, what he plans to do differently and if he thinks the election of a republican senator in Massachusetts will change society’s opinion.” JOSIE WAGNER, PSYCHOLOGY FRESHMAN

“(I want to hear about} education and the war in Iraq.” ASHLEY HENDERSON, HEALTH AND EXERCISE SCIENCE FRESHMAN

“A bipartisan compromise on health care and plans to get it through because I will get kicked off my parents’ (insurance) when I turn 25.” KATY BENGE, CHEMISTRY FRESHMAN

LOCAL COMPUTER COMPANY TO GENERATE NEW JOBS Initial positions not targeted at students but expansion creates potential for future job opportunities AUDREY HARRIS Daily Staff Reporter

A Norman computer company’s expansion will create about 75 new jobs, possibly opening doors for OU students in the future. Hitachi Computer Products will expand its facility by more than 200,000 square feet, according to a Hitachi press release. Gary Riggs, Hitachi spokesman, said the expansion will cost around $15 million. According to the release, Hitachi cited the Norman Economic Development Coalition and the State of Oklahoma as major factors in the expansion. Hitachi stated its support through the Oklahoma Economic Development Pooled

Finance Program made the project possible. “[Hitachi] told us the potential the program had and we were able to help them figure out how to do it using the programs that were available in the state,” said Don Wood, Norman Economic Development Coalition executive director. Wood said the majority of jobs created by the expansion will be in warehouse distribution. “There are college graduates working out of Hitachi in different areas and there may be jobs in the future targeted at college graduates,” Wood said. “I think the initial jobs probably wouldn’t be college graduate jobs but there is a potential that there will be some jobs in the future.” Bette Scott, Career Services director, said Hitachi regularly hires OU students — primarily computer science or engineering majors.


GET INVOLVED. HAVE SOME FUN. EAT [FREE] FOOD. NOTICE OF PUBLIC ACCESS During the Regular Meeting Of The University of Oklahoma PUBLICATIONS BOARD Friday at 12:30 p.m. Copeland Hall, Room 146

Students, staff, faculty and others in the community are invited to express their views concerning The Oklahoma Daily or Sooner yearbook to the Publications Board.

Hitachi’s president, George Wilson, was hired as a graduating student from OU. The company also tries to hire at least 3 interns in the technical field, Riggs said. Danielle Sherwood, mechanical engineering senior, said she has considered working for Hitachi. As a teacher’s assistant for an engineering orientation class, Sherwood took a group of freshmen to tour the company. “The students absolutely loved it,” Sherwood stated in an e-mail. “It gave them a greater insight to the real engineering world and what possible majors would best suit them for this field.” Sherwood said she thinks Hitachi is on the list of potential employers for every OU engineering student. “I’ve definitely considered it but, unfortunately, my career path is headed towards the oil and gas industry,” Sherwood said.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Aaron Colen, sports editor • phone: 325-7630 • fax: 325-6051



SOONERS HOPING TO RECOVER AT HOME Men’s basketball looks to extend home winning streak and reverse inconference troubles CLARK FOY Daily Staff Writer


Freshman guard Tommy Mason-Griffin (11) goes for the lay-up during the game against LouisianaMonroe on Nov. 17 in Norman.

Undergraduate Research Day 2010

OU Honors College

This is an annual event for undergraduate students to present their papers and creative works. Topics include the natural sciences, performance art, life sciences, business, engineering, social sciences, critical studies in ancient or modern literature, and the humanities. Prose and poetry submissions and other forms of creative activity are also encouraged. Each participant will have a 10-15 minute period for presentation.

A Call For Proposals

xWHEN? Saturday, March 27, 2010 xWHERE? OCCE Thurman J. White Forum Building 1704 Asp Ave xWHY PARTICIPATE? 3Gain valuable experience while presenting your work in a supportive environment. 3Participate in research and creative activity and build a more competitive resume. 3Demonstrate your excellent scholarship to OU’s academic community. 3Win cash prizes! Prizes are awarded to the best presentations in various categories.

Who Can Apply?

Deadline for submission is February 10, 2010

All undergraduate students at OU are eligible to apply. Students who have received Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program grants are required to present at some time before they leave OU. You need not be a member of the Honors College to participate. Apply online at honors/SRPD-application.html

Norman has not been a pleasant place for the Iowa State Cyclones men’s basketball team in the past, as they have lost six straight at the Lloyd Noble Center. Oklahoma (11-8, 2-3) may be coming off two hard road losses, but the team takes on an alternate personality at home, where they have won 10 consecutive games and 29 of their last 30. Sophomore Willie Warren is scheduled to return to the game after rolling his ankle in practice last week, rendering him out for Saturday’s loss at Texas Tech. While he has fallen out of the National Player of the Year watch-list, Warren continues to appear in most NBA mock drafts’ top 10 lists for this summer. Houston-native freshman Tommy MasonGriffin continues to make a name for himself in Norman. In the past four games, Mason-Griffin has played 162 out of a possible 165 minutes and is averaging 17.3 points, 4.5 boards and 3.5 assists, not to mention shooting .500 percent from the three-point arc. History could be made against the Cyclones if senior forward Tony Crocker can remain aggressive on the boards. The long-time Sooner with 85 consecutive starts needs just 10 rebounds to become the second Sooner ever to record 1,000 points, 500 rebounds and 150 three-pointers in a career. While Iowa State (12-7, 1-3) has struggled in the past against OU, their powerful frontcourt combo is one of the most potent in the Big 12 and can open up some opportunities to win. Preseason All-American Craig Brackins and senior Marquis Gilstrap lead the team, averaging a combined 31.1 points and 17.1 boards per game. In Big 12 play this season, Gilstrap himself is averaging a double-double with a

league-high 12.3 rebounds per contest. Last season the two teams faced just once in Ames, Iowa where the Sooners eventually pulled out a victory in the second half after being tied up at 33 at the half. Warren had 29 points, 6 boards and 5 assists in the contest, combining with Blake Griffin for 52 of Oklahoma’s 78 points. Warren ended up 9-for-18 from the field and 5-for-10 from 3-point range, while Griffin added a gamehigh 15 rebounds. Tip off is scheduled for 8 p.m. at the Lloyd Noble Center.

FAST FACTS A TALE OF TWO CITIES In their 11 wins, nine of which have been in Norman, the Sooners are holding opponents to .386 field goal and .307 3-point shooting. However, in their eight losses, foes have shot .488 from the field and .440 from behind the arc. Junior Cade Davis averages 11.3 points in wins, while just managing 4.1 in losses. Crocker follows suit with 14.8 points and eight rebounds in wins (excluding the Missouri game, where he was limited in minutes due to injury), while producing 10.6 points and six boards in losses.

YOUTH OF THE SOONER NATION Five hundred and fifty-eight of the team’s 1,410 points this season (40 percent) have been produced from the freshmen-trio of Mason Griffin (11.6 ppg), Tiny Gallon (10.9) and Steven Pledger (6.9). Mason-Griffin is currently fourth in the league with his 4.6 assists per game and third with his .442 percent from 3-point range, which would be the highest of any Sooner freshmen in history if he can maintain that mark.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010





struggled with as a team is turnovers, another thing head coach Sherri Coale’s team will need to OU women’s basketball is in improve. Ames, Iowa tonight to battle with Against Kansas, OU had only one of the Big 12 north’s stron- eight turnovers, but against gest programs, the Iowa State Missouri the Sooners totaled 23. Cyclones. Robinson attributed this imCyclones coach Bill Fennelly provement to better rhythm and has built a strong program at Iowa an overall patience that prevents State built around solid funda- careless turnovers. mentals and strong One thing the shooters. OU junior Sooners can be a n d p o i n t g u a r d “Ames is a hard place h a p p y a b o u t Danielle Robinson to play because their going into this said she is fully aware game is reboundsupport is so great.” of these strengths. ing. OU has been “I definitely think consistently outt h a t I o w a S t a t e SOONER JUNIOR GUARD rebounding opshoots the ball from DANIELLE ROBINSON ponents since the the perimeter well,” loss at Tennessee. Robinson said. “We just need OU will have to to keep reboundamp up their deing well and keep executing offenfense to put hands in the faces of sively,” Robinson said. Cyclones shooters and contest Numerous coaches have shots. touted the strength of the Big 12 “I think that we want to improve Conference this year, and just defense and get stops,” Robinson playing good basketball is somesaid. times not enough on the road. Robinson said against the “Ames is a hard place to play Sooners last game at home against because their support is so great,” Kansas, OU to often traded baskets Robinson said. with the Jayhawks. Tonight, OU OU will face the loud crowd of will not have that luxury of giving the Cyclones at 7 p.m. in Hilton Iowa State so many opportunities. Coliseum. O ne of the things OU has

PLAYER TO WATCH Junior Danielle Robinson is the leading scorer for the Sooners this season, and is second is steals for the season behind senior Amanda Thompson. She also leads the team in assists with 99 on the season and is shooting almost 50 percent from the field.


Oklahoma’s Carlee Roethlisberger (10) is fouled on the way to the basket by Kansas’ Danielle McCray (4) in the second half of a women’s NCAA college basketball game on Saturday, Jan. 23 in Norman. Oklahoma won 81-69.



Pombo’s shutout sets tone for sweep DAN HAYS Daily Staff Writer

Sophomore Goaltender Matt Pombo says he can crush pucks with his teeth. He did just that last weekend as OU swept a pair of games at No. 10 Rhode Island. Pombo chomped 49 pucks against RIU and has made 188 saves (31.3/gm) in his last six road starts, shutting out two ACHA top10 clubs along the way. Top-10 teams had their way with OU on the road last semester. Perhaps the Sooners are turning the corner. “You always want to play well like that.” Pombo said. “Once you start to get on a roll, and you’re confident in the team, more importantly the team and the coaches are confident in you. We feed off of each other,” New faces are also stepping up for OU. Freshman forward Craig Martin continued his hot streak with the first goal of Friday’s game. Martin has four goals in OU’s last four games; he only had two goals before catching fire. “We’ve just been trying to simplify everything,” Martin said. “We just need to start shooting more. That makes it easier for everybody else to score goals and get points.” Junior forward Blake Johnson and freshman forward Chad Hudson each scored their first goal of the year. Neither was with

OU for the first semester. Chris Perry, OU Hockey Communications Director, bills Hudson as the Sooners’ “new sniper”. Only five home games remain of a grueling regular season. Out of 28 games played, 19 have come against teams in the ACHA top 13. The four-game season series with No. 5 Liberty still looms on the schedule along with the second semester home-andhome with No. 13 Central Oklahoma. Sophomore forward Brad McCabe scored twice against RIU and is OU’s leading goal scorer with 17. He says he is confident in the team for the stretch run, playing their best hockey at the right time. “We’re trying to get a streak going, and win all (six) of these against Liberty and UCO.” Pombo says the team is all on the same page, and really starting to gel. “We’re all here to do one thing, and that’s to win Nationals” Pombo said. OU travels to Lynchburg, Va., to face No. 5 Liberty College for a pair of games this weekend. The Flames have a ton of firepower, including four 20-goal scorers. Freshman forward Brent Boschman leads with 29 goals, followed by senior forward Kyle Dodgeson, 24 goals. Liberty comes to Oklahoma City for the Sooners’ final home games Feb. 26 and 27.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Joshua Boydston, L&A editor • phone: 325-5189 • fax: 325-6051


What do you think about Dirty Projectors headlining the Norman Music Festival? Go vote on the L&A page at

SEX, DRUGS AND CERTIFIED ADDICTION PRACTICIONERS MTV and VH1’s Dr. Drew will address issues relevant to students in a Q&A session tonight.

Chemical Dependency Program Treatment Center at Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, Calif., a staff member at Huntington Memorial Hospital, GEORGIA BASORE private practitioner, and as if that doesn’t keep his Daily Staff Writer schedule booked, a clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Southern California School of Sex. Drugs. Parents. Medicine. Three words that college students will contend This is as real as it gets. with during their university years. Luckily, Dr. “We are pleased to invite him to speak in the Drew Pinsky will speak at OU this evening to help Union as part of our Campus answer questions concerning Activities Council Speaker these ever-lingering topics. Series,” said Matt Cox, head Pinsky (also known as Dr. of the CAC Speaker’s Bureau, Drew) is a nationally recogwho helped bring the celebnized television and radio rity doctor to Norman. Who: Dr. Drew Pinsky personality. He is known for When asked about the What: Q&A session, 8 p.m. his syndicated radio show help Pinsky could provide, Book signing, 9 p.m. “Loveline” and has recently Cox said, “we could probskyrocketed in popularity Where: Oklahoma Memorial ably use it.” due to his increasing televiSophomore Ky Humble Union’s Molly Shi Boren Ballroom sion appearances. said the most important Pinsky has hosted sevtopic that Pinsky should diseral of his own advice and cuss is the “health risks of counseling shows including, medications such as Adderall that is so promi“Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew,” “Sober House,” nent in colleges.” “Strictly Dr. Drew” and the predictably titled But here, far away from the land of California spin-off shows “Strictly Sex with Dr. Drew” and celebrities, OU is an important destination for “Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew.” Pinsky, important enough for Pinsky to “tweet” All of his Hollywood glitz and glamour is good Tuesday about his coming visit. and well, but Pinsky has the credentials to back So get ready to see the doctor tonight at the up his advice. Union. But don’t worry, there’s no shot with this He is a board-certified doctor in addiction appointment. medicine that practices well beyond the media spotlight. He also is the service director of the Dr. Drew will speak at 8 tonight at the Oklahoma Memorial Union’s Molly Shi Boren Ballroom.



The finale of what has been called the most insanely written and drawn debunking of the superhero myth promises to start off with a bang. Hit-Girl and Kick-Ass are stuck in a building full of mobsters practically begging to be murdered, and the duo both have their personal vendettas against them. Hit-Girl is avenging the death of her father, Big Daddy—if you were waiting to watch the movie, sorry, he dies—and Kick-Ass can’t wait to get his hands on the mobsters that tortured OSI him, especially Red-Mist AKEN’OVA for his betrayal. For those yet to read “Kick-Ass” or see the trailer for the movie that comes out in April, it’s about a New York teenager that decides to try out the superhero thing without any powers whatsoever. I would call this book a cautionary tale for any-


B!qsftdsjqujpo!xjui!tjef!fggfdut! !zpv!xbou/! Blueberries and red beans are powerful remedies against cancer. Research shows that fruits, vegetables, and other low-fat vegetarian foods may help prevent cancer and improve survival rates. A plant-based diet can also help lower cholesterol. For a free nutrition booklet with cancer fighting recipes, call toll-free 1-866-906-WELL or visit


one who has ever thought of becoming a superhero because so far, the only thing our hero has felt consistently is pain. The violence in Kick-Ass might be a tad too extreme to the point of self-parody but the story of Kick-Ass — the most pathetic teenagers in the mediums history — is what keeps me reading it. I don’t consider myself a masochist but I just love to see Dave Lizewski’s Kick-Ass get tortured for his naivety in each issue. The stuff writer Mark Millar comes with is just gold. After the death of a very pivotal character — not to mention a big secret revealed — he leaves readers guessing who else’s number is up. If my meticulous dissection of the book isn’t enough for you to start reading this series just remember, it’s going to be a movie! You can be the guy in the theater who complains about the movie not being faithful to the source material, who doesn’t like that? All joking aside, this is a fun book that you should be reading. Osi Aken’Ova is a film and video studies senior.

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LARON CHAPMAN Daily Staff Reporter

From sweeping science-fiction epics to visceral war dramas, the year 2009 yielded a plethora of films that could be branded as certified aesthetic wonders. However, as one masterful year of cinema concludes and

another commences, avid movie-goers establish a whole new set of expectations for the year 2010. On first sight, the list of films scheduled for this year may appear slightly underwhelming, with a heavy concentration of interminable franchises. Though, in all fairness, several of the films planned for this year are sequels of “quality” films that actually warrant

audience anticipation. From robotic superheroes to dreamy vampires, the year 2010 promises not to be void of entertainment, providing viewers with an adequate balance of the familiar and the beloved. The following is a list of anticipated films that cannot be missed, should be seen with apprehension or avoided all together.


“HARRY POTTER AND “IRON MAN 2” “TRON LEGACY” “SHUTTER ISLAND” “TOY STORY 3” THE DEATHLY HALLOWS” (JON FAVREAU) (JOSEPH KOSINSKI) (MARTIN SCORSESE) (LEE UNKRICH) (DAVID YATES) Robert Downey Jr. is well into his If moviegoers’ craving for action Scorsese’s adaptation of Dennis In the third installment to one

The infamous duo (Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter) reunites on the silver screen, breathing new life into author Lewis Carroll’s classic characters, the mysterious Mad Hatter and the enraged Red Queen. Those already enthralled by the gothic whimsy of Burton’s earlier films should prepare for yet another trippy adventure inspired by the cherished children’s novels.

Bloody Hell! After nine years, we have finally reached the last chapter of J.K. Rowling’s engrossing children’s fantasy. Well, almost. The last chapter, split into two feature films, is sure to pack a wallop as Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) and friends Ron and Hermione (Rupert Grint and Emma Watson) prepare for the final showdown with the always menacing Lord Voldemort (Ralph Fiennes).

Opening March 5

Nov. 19

prime as an actor, reprising his role as motor-mouth billionaire industrialist Tony Stark (a.k.a. Iron Man). This time, Iron Man has a bone to pick with angry Oscar nominee Mickey Rourke, embodying his Russian archnemesis Whiplash. May 7

was not satisfied from all the anticipated “Iron Man” sequel promises, they are sure to be intrigued by the follow-up to Steven Lisberger’s groundbreaking 1982 sci-fi thriller “Tron.” This year’s “Crazy Heart” Oscar hopeful Jeff Bridges returns as the brilliant video game designer Kevin Flynn trapped in a cyber universe alongside his tech-savvy son Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) for an adventure to remember.

Lehane’s dark and twisted novel about a sinister mental institution, isolated on Boston’s outer harbor, is guaranteed to send chills down the spines of even the most hardcore horror buffs. U.S. marshall Teddy Daniels (Leonardo Dicaprio) embarks on perilous investigation of the asylum to expose its buried secrets.

of Pixar’s crowning achievements, Woody (Tom Hanks), Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and the rest of the Toys “R” Us gang fear becoming obsolete as their long time owner Andy heads off to college. You can always count on Pixar, as they never disappoint. June 18

Feb. 19

Dec. 17








In what promises to be the best of the 48 (ok, so there are not that many) installments in this classic horror franchise, Jackie Earle Hayley (Watchmen) replaces once-faithful Robert Englund as the iconic horror menace Freddy Krueger. Now, Haley can suit up in Freddy’s tattered Christmas sweater, grimy fedora, and rusted razor claws, but can he outmatch Englund’s eerie genius? It may be worth a trip to the multiplex to find out.

The previous two entries in the uninspiring “Shrek” series lacked the relentless comic energy of the ingenious first film. Audiences can only hope that Shrek (Mike Myers), Donkey (Eddie Murphy) and Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz) provide enough charm and wit, complete with cheeky pop-culture references, to make this fourth and final escapade a trip worth taking.

Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte (Kristin Davis), Samantha (Kim Cattrall) and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) are back for another titillating exercise in fashion, romance and unabashed superficiality. While the film’s 2008 predecessor garnered a few laughs, the show’s irreverent wit and edge is rapidly losing steam. The fabulous foursome has endured their fair share of midlife crises and it is time they return home to the Big Apple while they still have some dignity.

The nightmarish allure present in the original “Twilight” was left for dead in the lackluster “New Moon” sequel. Who will the love-struck Bella Swan (Kirsten Stewart) choose as her hunky supernatural lover? This is a question on literally no one’s mind, considering the cult following of book series. Those who choose to avoid the third installment will be of a small minority. But let’s face it — it is not author Stephenie Meyer’s romantic narrative that has been sizzling on the big screen (i.e. Edward and Jacob). With cheap appeal like that, viewers are better off picking up this month’s issue of Cosmopolitan.

May 21

May 28

April 30

June 30



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C Transportation

Quotations Anytime Foreign Students Welcomed Jim Holmes Insurance, 321-4664

Employment HELP WANTED PART-TIME LEASING AGENT Needed for MWF and every third Saturday. Can be exible thru the week. Saturdays mandatory. $8/hr. Call 405-360-7744


Payment is required at the time the ad is placed. Credit cards, cash, money orders or local checks accepted.


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s r


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CLASS MONITORS WANTED!!! Available positions in the OU Athletics Department!!! Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Post-graduate applicants only!!! Hiring for Spring 2010. Call 325-8453 for more info!!! ENGLISH TUTORS WANTED!!! Available positions in the OU Athletics Department!!! Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Post-graduate applicants only!!! Hiring for Spring 2010. Call (405) 3258376 for more info!!! Bartending! Up to $300/day. No exp nec. Training provided. 1-800-965-6520 x133. TUTORS WANTED!!! Available positions in the OU Athletics department!!! Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Post-graduate applicants only!!! MATH - All Levels!!! Hiring for Spring 2010. Call 325-0554 for more info!!! STUDENTPAYOUTS.COM Paid survey takers needed in Norman 100% FREE to join. Click on Surveys. Sandy Beaches needing 2 Nail Techs @ OU dorm location ASAP! Call 364-7344 or visit

Autographs Sports bar, located inside Riverwind Casino in Norman, OK, currently has COOK, SERVER, HOST and KITCHEN MANAGER positions available. Please apply in person at Traditions Spirits Corporate OfďŹ ce. Directions: Follow Highway 9 West past Riverwind Casino, travel 2 miles, turn right on Pennsylvania, take an immediate left onto the service road 2813 SE 44th Norman, OK 405-392-4550, or online at TUTORS WANTED!!! Available positions in the OU Athletics Department!!! Junior, Senior, Graduate, and Post-graduate applicants only!!! ALL SUBJECTS!!! Hiring for Spring 2010. Call (405) 3254828 for more info!!! MISAL OF INDIA BISTRO Now accepting applications for waitstaff. Apply in person at 580 Ed Noble Pkwy, across from Barnes & Noble, 579-5600. NOW HIRING for the Darkhorse Grille & Icehouse, Newcastle! Hiring all positions! Apply in person, 3-6pm, M-F. Phone 3874505


PAID EGG DONORS up to 9 donations, + Exps, non-smokers, Ages 19-29, SAT>1100/ACT>24/GPA>3.00 Contact:

J Housing Rentals

1 bdr furnished apt near campus, $425 + electric, $200 deposit, no pets - 886-6709

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515 S Ponca: 3bd, 2.5ba. CH/A, W/D hookups, gas FP, close to OU. $850/mo + deposit. 825 Miller: 2bd, 1ba, near OU. CH/A, W/D hookups, hardwood oors. $650/mo + deposit. Norman Campus Properties 305 S Peters 329-1922

ROOMMATES WANTED Take over this lease at THE COTTAGES OF NORMAN! $450, all bills paid, 3 F roommates, avail Feb 1st. 903-821-4257


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1 2

4 5 1 9


4 1 6 5 8 5 7 9 3 2 1 3 9 6


8 3

3 6 7 8

Previous Solution 6 3 8 1 2 4 5 9 7

1 5 7 8 3 9 6 4 2

9 2 4 7 5 6 1 3 8

2 9 5 6 8 3 4 7 1

8 6 1 4 7 2 3 5 9

7 4 3 9 1 5 2 8 6

5 8 2 3 6 7 9 1 4

3 1 9 2 4 8 7 6 5

4 7 6 5 9 1 8 2 3

Monday- Very Easy Tuesday-Easy Wednesday- Easy Thursday- Medium Friday - Hard

Instructions: Fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every 3x3 box contains the digits 1 through 9. That means that no number is repeated in any row, column or box.


Universal Crossword Edited by Timothy E. Parker January 27, 2010

HOROSCOPE By Bernice Bede Osol

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Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2010 AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) -- Owing to a twinge of jealously, it might be difficult for you to give deserved praise to someone with whom you’re closely involved. Don’t be petty. PISCES (Feb. 20-March 20) -- Be careful not to play the puppet role for someone who knows how to pull your strings. Stand up to this person, and let him or her know that you can’t be pushed around. ARIES (March 21-April 19) -Don’t ruin a perfectly good day by getting into a dispute with your special someone. It’s one of those days when disagreements could get magnified out of proportion and play havoc with your life. TAURUS (April 20-May 20) -- You’ll be creating additional trouble if you don’t attend to some tasks that require immediate attention. Unless you do so, you’ll end up tripping over your own baggage all day long. GEMINI (May 21-June 20) -- Even though your financial prospects look good down the line, if you are extravagant and charge too much on your credit cards, growth will stagnate for a long time. CANCER (June 21-July 22) -You’re usually a self-starter. But unless you first get organized, it is unlikely anything of importance will get done. Return to form, and use your smarts.

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5 9 7 4

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$400, bills paid, efďŹ ciency LOFT apartments, downtown over Mister Robert Furniture, 109 E Main, ďŹ re sprinkler, no pets, smoke-free. Inquire store ofďŹ ce.

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J Housing Rentals


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J Housing Rentals



LEO (July 23-Aug. 22) -- Usually you’re smart enough to know what can be told to others and what should be kept quiet. You might have difficulty sifting out private reports from gossip and tittle-tattle and then talk too much. VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) -- It’s rarely a good day to mix business and pleasure with friends. The two could easily get confused, and each may unwittingly hurt the other in ways never intended. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23) -- Success could be elusive if you make a quick exit when it looks as if things are getting overheated. Don’t run away from the stove just because the kitchen gets a little too hot for your liking. SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 22) -- Be careful not to create problems where none exist, making things harder on yourself than need be. Follow the path of least resistance at all times. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 23-Dec. 21) -- Unless you are careful with the belongings of another, it may be said that you treat the possessions of others with indifference. Go out of your way to take care of what’s not yours. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) -- Unless associates are in complete accord with your plans, you aren’t likely to do anything to assist them, which, of course, is your choice. But you won’t be popular.

ACROSS 1 VIP of Arabia 5 They may be calculated 10 Poorly lit 14 Chip’s chum, in cartoons 15 BlackBerry messages 16 Where to put one’s dough 17 A month of Sundays 18 ___ Gras 19 Hearts and minds can do it 20 Bar 23 Reducedcalorie beers 24 Saints’ radiant circles 25 Better half 28 “Away in a Manger,� for one 30 Came to rest on a wire, e.g. 31 Instruction book 33 Abbr. on Topps cards 36 Bar 40 Where boars board 41 Some reunion attendees 42 Stage accessory 43 Breeds, so to speak 44 They’re not on the level 46 ___ profundo

(very low voice) 49 Windshield cleaner 51 Bar 57 Bullet accompanier 58 Clean, as a flash drive 59 Dental school exam? 60 Four-point H, e.g. 61 Provider of some fall color 62 Rolls of bills 63 C-section “souvenir� 64 Get back to even 65 Eye-closing problem DOWN 1 Certain cheese 2 O. Henry’s gift givers 3 Holly plant 4 Determined 5 Universal device? 6 Corporate concern 7 Garments worn by the Ganges 8 Goats’ progeny 9 Small opening 10 Like a fish’s main fin 11 “... but to no ___� 12 Folio page 13 Croucher’s sore spots

21 Fleur-de___ (Quebec symbol) 22 Like organza or chiffon 25 Drains of energy 26 It may thicken 27 Like potato chips 28 Lousy eggs? 29 Commendatory composition 31 Big biceps, familiarly 32 Absolute (Abbr.) 33 Come by honestly 34 Comic who kills 35 Audio plug-ins 37 Reason for some medals 38 Web-footed

39 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 52 53 54 55 56

northern diver Common songbirds Chemically related compound Globe or ball Moldovan money Prepares a fishing line It has storage floorage? Burial stone Marshal Earp Japanese immigrant Almost upon us Irish language “Doggone it!� Connie Chatterley’s title “Do it, or ___!�


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010


KICKIN’ IT WITH LUKE SKYWALKER There’s no film series that’s as popular as “Star Wars.” Not just the originals from the ’70s but even the abysmal Episodes I, II and III. “Star Wars” isn’t just famous because of the movies, but also because its merchandising capabilities. There is a “Star Wars” everything: clothing, watches, toys, video games, furniture and the list goes on. As with all things that are too familiar, “Star Wars” merchandising has been stale and monotonous as of late. Introduced late November last year are “Star Wars” shoes. I don’t mean the plastic looking things had when you were in kindergarten that lit up, I’m talking about official adidas “Star Wars” shoes. According to the official “Star Wars” website, these shoes are just from the OSI first season of a bigger collection and the AKEN’OVA shoes collection will be divided into three packs; the Character pack, the Vehicles pack and the Direct pack. The Vehicle pack as its name suggests, features shoes that are inspired by the vehicles in the original “Star Wars” films. While the Character and Direct pack will feature shoes and apparel influenced by important characters in the original film. In the vehicle pack, there’s a Stan Smith Millennium Falcon tennis shoe, a Nizza Hi Hi-Top Tie fighter, a Super Star Death star, a Forum Mid AT-AT and a Samba X-Wing. In both the character and direct packs, adidas has Skywalker Hi-tops, Princess Leia Game Mid, Superskate Mid Stormtroopers, and ZX 8000 Darth Vader, ZX 700 Boat Yodas and the Micropacer. These shoes aren’t just normal adidas shoes with a “Star Wars” logo slapped on them, they feature key characteristics about the they represent. For example, the Nizza Hi-Top Tie Fighters are black and grey with the Tie Fighter wing design that stretches from the back of the shoe to it’s mid-point. While the ZX 700 Yodas not only feature the color scheme of his outfit but also have that rugged look that mirrors his shabby appearance. Although I love all the shoes in the collection, my personal favorites are the Skywalker Hi-Tops and the


A glimpse of the limited-edition Star Wars sneakers that were released in December. Micropacers. The Skywalker Hi-Tops are designed like the Rebel Flight Suit Luke donned in the original, complete with the overpowering orange color scheme. It’s hard to find a pair of Hi-Tops that I look good in, but these are just calling out to me. Star Wars purists need not worry about their kicks screaming “Star Wars nerd” because the designs range from very subtle to painfully obvious. So if you are worried about being spotted, just get a pair that suits your interest. The prices range of the shoes is pretty realistic for limited edition sneakers, the shoes range from $80 to $150-not including the Micropacers which shouldn’t bother true “Star Wars” fans. As expected, most of the shoes are sold out on the official adidas Web site, ever since the shoes we are available to pre-order in late December. It hasn’t been

clear whether adidas is planning on restocking the shoes, but I wouldn’t advise anyone to get them on ebay unless they are willing to part with a few hundred dollars. I must admit, I’m tempted to bid on those Skywalkers anytime I find myself on the site. It’s safe to say that adidas “Star Wars” line is the most genius thing the company has come up with in a long time. Not only do they put time and effort into these shoes, but also they respect both fans of the films and tennis shoe aficionados alike leaving us with a product that might make up for the last “Star Wars” films. That’s right, it’s been more than a decade and I’m still calling out “The Phantom Menace.” Osi Aken’Ova is a film and video studies senior.

Should you ever crash diet after a holiday food splurge? If you’ve been to the gym in the last week, you’ve seen it. There are crowds of people flooding the facilities; all hot and bothered because they ate (or drank) t o o mu c h over winter break. A n d I’ l l bet all the money in the GEORGIA western hemiBASORE sphere that if t h e i r e x e rc i s e pattern is becoming a little more extreme, then their eating habits are falling into a similar pattern. In fact, many of these accused gym members

are participating in “crash diets” to defeat those post-pumpkin pie blues. And regrettably, these dieters may be biting off a lot more than they can chew. Crash dieting is defined as drastically lowering caloric intake. According to Sarah C. Couch, an associate professor from the University of Cincinnati, seriously lowering calories can severely keep our bodies from burning unwanted fat. The human body is a pretty smart cookie, and if it doesn’t get what it needs, it will adapt. Couch explains that the body goes into a starvation mode when it consumes less than a certain number of calories. The body protects ugly fat stores and eats lean muscle tissue to

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become more efficient at storing energy. This process leads to the greatest hot bod enemy: loss of muscle. Gradudate student Dillon Beake, who holds a degree in kinesiology from San Diego State University, explains that metabolic rate is the speed at which the body burn calories. Part of your metabolic rate is directly correlated to your amount of muscle mass. The less muscle mass stored yields fewer calories burned. This is quite helpful in famine, yet horrible in the age of

readily available big macs. Will eating nothing but grilled chicken breast or cabbage soup for the rest of your days really end all your dietary qualms? Unfortunately, the answer is no. In reality these habits can have the opposite effect. It is imperative to keep a nutritionally balanced diet. Trust me, I’m a doctor. Georgia Basore is a communication junior

Don’t Miss the Chance to Nominate an OU Professor, Staff Member or Student for a $20,000 prize! All undergraduate, graduate and professional students as well as full-time faculty and staff members on OU’s Norman, Oklahoma City and Tulsa campuses are eligible to be nominated for the $20,000 Otis Sullivant Award. Only members of the OU community are eligible to be considered for the prize. The award is funded by a $500,000 endowment established by Edith Kinney Gaylord of Oklahoma City shortly before her death in 2001. It is named in honor of the late Otis Sullivant, the chief political writer for the Daily Oklahoman who for 40 years was one of the state’s most influential journalists. Nominees should exhibit intuitiveness, instant comprehension and empathy, be observant and interpret from their experience. The benefit to society and the broader community, which comes from the nominee’s insight, also will be considered. Nominations for the Sullivant Award may be made by calling Sherry Evans at the President’s Office at 325-3916, writing to Evans at the Office of the President, 660 Parrington Oval, Room 110, Norman, OK 73019-0390, or by picking up forms at the President’s Office. Applications must be submitted no later than 5 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 16. The University of Oklahoma is an equal opportunity institution.


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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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